Fostoria High School - Red and Black Yearbook (Fostoria, OH)

 - Class of 1939

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Fostoria High School - Red and Black Yearbook (Fostoria, OH) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 136 of the 1939 volume:

J '... . if x 'J w A .1 v. .J :... H n I I. Lf r' I z'. -.. 4 r . . 'ITTEWE-:VTE-f?..'EQ'QTi1f'5ff'If - i?'lW"'!i'aQ'A's? H 95.Q?ii.L?5i'9.?i-.EEE--'g g5P?. ,i"g-1':r.?" ,y 43fg5Q.i','Figi? -A.1.i'-T-'5T'?.l'u.-i..-f- if' '2 3 I .,,'-QQ...-, . MQ' . arp yi' - .144 1 S-1. .,,. f 25.116-.1 " Ffh 'ff l - 542 ' w.l'9'9"-C5-'U' If "'-"'-'-if5f'7.'f. '. wwf 'Q-UW-' .':51P9W1A 'f'!'kf" --1 T D. f'-WF' .. '-' Jr. Q " '. . H-:fx-'.1"'l-'f .Um 'wt' iii---:HM - 'S'-if Jin ij'--"f?'r'--'K"' ' WL'Wi-"Q"5l'T.egf-:-'- ...-Q". '1..f..5.iz'.-'- mmf." 'T ' " -ul-'. f. -' "- !+h--'i5'P'L'T' iiyf-.111 -nth. .. .-- 'S' 'fi'-.' . " -FL. 1. 2 1-57 'A-'IV' 'if 55.23" W' .IQ2-.-. ' M.-. N .al ff? - ..E3f'fiL'S'. ".A""' f . ' .. - X-. 5,51 1 ..L:,..I f"3..E,.I.It- .-y.4Li.W..,f.!5?E...1ifg 5.TE1+dj:p ,n ' f...... 's'.B,' . l gw ggiagv wfgijj. -Nl . HJ .Wm . e5,i4.mQ3iEfi C. --4- ' .fL.'j..'j.y.k...'A. ful . ,321 -3 g1E,i.l.3.g'4Qr525f?. V Fa.. .2 .5 " " if " A'A"f.i1.EW'1gf'--' ,'LTEA5-gb' gd 4' '59 I1-"'.-'N-'i'f".'.-."..- A 1..-I-in l1.r'."2F .- .Q-... -F1- ' 'T K' . ,L LN 0 ' ' U 3Lh"'Q'.".f"7.!:-'.j'-:Q5?N3'-' jf 'Ll' Ui- 'f' 'W' L' ' LUN i14'i55GqQ...4 "m,f,,rig-Q.--'Q'fffM'9.fn 'jk 'qfwla 52' .' 5 3 .5-. ".Q"1....i . pf 114: , '... l j.. . MA ." "fy-. I .QQ 1 'L' 'ggi ,l'...'-.HH 5,1i",!jl-'.,H'4.lf'-1.'R"l"'f.E'3 ' - Q' jgspf ' .1 - -r " i1 . 1'. -'f-Tl'--FT 'E--'-'-'-."'+ UAE" 'xml' 'E 'V :Uv "M" W' 5 M--?. . '-A" - ' fi' -'IYWMI F "51fJ?5fDJuhP-5.fA Q'T1'f'." '.-'ffiagff Wf ' J 71' - -ji-gn rv' l'f3h":'V... l..l'.:..'f ..-'-. M' 4. .QT n',5gf5F.f - . J"'T!Q::'- ...Q ..-.N - '. .!1'7.'1:. ,, .I -L' wa'-'.....'..-"gr-.'-51, 'iff " 'rev-s ,V T- A.. ii Q.: . i. L p Iggmzisab .. -'rlbgpwm-i Af. Li! g ik 1. -'lngI k.... -- -jx ' 515.521 E-..E'i?.Q- .. .tu Hagifyl .. egg. Q --..L-. ,mn - 1.. 1. '. .. Hn.. -J. '... -.- .. e..r-,,- .A . ., l - , 1 V. . rv.. .,..,P'.-. 3'-... .. .Jw -. ,. .I .M EM-" .e . 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Q li k '- -Q' . w A 5 A' 1 'v Y ,QW 4' " W M :...: . . " 'E-. .5 . . 1 5' " " K - .V . f ' Sv S' W H K '1' W' ' . ' 'tif f fafa. v . - 2 .Q f sm.. . ii. W.. L' -' f ' . Y , ' . ff . i ' 'fs - . A f - - Qrsaw-' A - ya-' S ' I 1 1 W -, 1: - f ly u 'liif"v" " f 1 17" -a . . I.: , 5 ."-.qw ,W . wk if" . , , - .. Lrg. . k - M. ' H x - . Q 1,1551 L.: u. , QQ , . Q .. , .g I A V ,IL WL, -t ,- 'Rf . sw 3 . . .gi -I Q, Hp., ' ff ' N.. bm' 74" "" 5 V1 ,. ji 'X , A A Z if kk A . .- - , H is ,LZ , ,.. :?., L 3 M 1 K X 43. ' K ,kg If . ' . 4 ' . ' f A Nfw' 231, ,gd as f gy my? A , w J' ,A M " 1 INlHlllllIElIIlN.. There should be some tie that will bind one to his school after he leaves. Most people say their school days Were the happiest of their lifey therefore we have attempted to provide such a tie in making a year book Worthy of such a position in the hearts of the students. We have tried to create something that will please, something from which not only the graduating class but also the rest of the school may derive many hours of en- joyment the remainder of their lite. -Iames Solomon IHIIIEHIIIIN.. Every great bridge that is built, every great building that is erected costs dearly in human life and sacrifice. All things in this World have a price. The more desirable the goal, the greater is the cost. Each worthwhile thing must be dragged forth from the universe. We have spent twelve busy, happy years in school. We have lived Well during this short period. Even though at times we have seemed thoughtless and unappreciative, We have been con- scious of the silent hands that have been Working for us. To you who have made our education possible, to you who have made the sacrifice and paid the price, to you- OUR PARENTS" We dedicate this book, lHl HHHHH Ill lIllllIHlIHN This year the Board of Education again showed its deep concern for the welfare of the student body by undertaking the ex- tensive building program which is still being carried on. There are four new buildings being erected and additions are being made to the high school and other grade schools. This will make possible a more effective and beneficial program of education by eliminating the over-crowded conditions which existed in nearly all the buildings and laboratories. It will increase and en- large the number of vocational shops: also, the science laboratories will now be cap- able of holding all the students. Through the gracious help of this body of men, it was also made possible to pur- chase the orgatron. This beautiful instru- ment has given and will continue to' give enjoyment to the students of Fostoria High school and the public. The students and their parents must surely realize that the Board is deeply con- cerned With, and is organized to care for the affairs of this school. H. L. Zemer, president R. I. Carter, vice president: Hurry Leonard, clerk Floyd Kirmczmcm dnd D. D. Schldtter. H. L. FORD Ashland College, A.B. Ohio Stole, B.S. Ohio State, M.A. W. M. HAWK University of Cincinnati, A.B. University of Cincinnati, M.A. MISS MABEL I. BOURQUIN. B.S. University of Toledo "The first principle of education is not teaching, but love." fePestalozzi The Dean of Girls of Fostoria Senior High certainly lives up to this ancient quotation. Miss Bourquin has been tireless in her efforts to steer the girls along the right Way. PHS MISS VERA EGER, B.S. Bowling Green University Ohio State The heavy responsibility of shouldering the problems of six grades of girls had long rested on one person: but finally in 1938, Miss Eger was appointed dean of lunior High girls. Al- ready she has proved herself very qualified for this honor. The lunior High girls look to her and respect her advice. BYRON O. STEARNS, B.S. Ohio Northern Bowling Green Ohio State lust last year appointed lunior Dean of Boys, Mr. Stearns has proved himself to be Worthy of the task. His efficiency in deal- ing with the younger boys of the school has shown noticeable results in the two years he has been dean. l-le and Miss Eger are welcome additions to the school system and are greatly appreciated by the students. W. W. NIXON, M.A. Mount Union Wittenberg Ohio State The man whom many boys depend on for advice and encouragement in their various endeavors is a man who is little publicized but who deserves much recog- nition, Mr. Nixon, Senior Dean of Boys. He has displayed exceptional patience in dealing with the various problems of the boys. The entire student body appreciates his Work immensely. ibm , rl fx K .Q if ffm S! ,Mi if r P! www E 'S W fr vw ,wa W QR! ff Q film M M aww ,f,,,.ubm.,. Y x W . Q Miss Betty Barchus Mr. Secretary to Principal O. K. Caldwell. B.A. General Science Audubon Nitesak Adviser Findlay College Chio State Mrs. Mary Chamberlain Secretary to Superintendent Miss Helen Crafts. M.A. English Lambda Sigma Adviser Chio State Miss Virginia Crawford. B.A. History Senior Class Adviser National Honor Adviser Chio State University ot Wisconsin Wooster University Mr. David Davis. B.S. 7 and 8 Science Model Airplane Club Adviser Wittenberg Willmington Urbana University Mrs. Mildred Davis. B.S. English Girl Reserves Sponsor Bowling Green Battlecreek Mr. George Evans. B.S. Chemistry Senior Science Social Science Senior Class Adviser Bowling Green, Ohio State Mr. Wallace T. Fisher. B.S.. P.S.M. Vocal Music Director University of Cincinnati Miss Isabel Hunt. B.A. English Girl Reserves Sponsor Lake Erie, Ohio State Mrs. Mildred Mickey Hutchinson. B English Freshman Players Sponsor Oberlin, Columbia Mr. Normand Iones. B.S. Mathematics English Bowling Green, Wittenberg Miss Lucille Kanable. R.N. School Nurse Attendance Officer Findlay Hospital Cincinnati General Miss Agnes Kircher. MA. Art Art Club Adviser Wisconsin, Ohio State Mr. George Knepper. B.S. Commercial Iunior Class Adviser Accounting Department Head Bliss, Bowling Green Ohio Northern Mr. C. D. LaRue. B.A. History Social Problems Otterbein, Ohio State Bowling Green Mr. C. F. Leiter. M.A. English Public Speaking Debate Dramatics Omicron Lambda Adviser Findlay, Columbia University Mr. Stanley Lewis. B.S. Industrial Arts Asst. Football Coach Baseball Coach Miami University Miss Pearl McCauley, B. A. Latin Mathematics North Central, Ohio State Miss Donelda McDonald. B.S. Typing I and Il Shorthand II Business Principles Adviser Commercial Club Bowling Green Miss Katherine Marshall. 3.5. Home Economics Bache1or's Daze Sponsor Girls' Home Ec. Club Sponsor University of Tennessee, Kent Miss Wilma Miller. B.S. Physical Education G.A.A. Adviser Health Ohio State Mr. C. N. Nacci. B.S. in Iournalism. B.S. in Languages Ioumalism French Spanish Annual Adviser Journal Adviser Public Relations Ohio State, Wisconsin Mr. Iohn Rolies. B.S. Industrial Arts Basketball Coach Miami, Wittenberg Mr. Allen Sawdy. B.S. Health Physical Education Varsity Trainer Ypsilanti Miss Hannah Scott. B.S. Librarian Ohio State, University of Illinois Mr. E. E. Smith. MJL Instrumental Music Ohio State Mr. R. O. Smith. B.S. Typing Ir. Business Training Bus. Adviser for Annual Bowling Green Ohio State Miss Ina Sponsler. BA. English Commercial Ohio Wesleyan, T.B.U. Gregg College Miss Hazel Stubbins. B.S. Social Science Bowling Green, U. of Michigan U. of Colorado Miss Lucy Swingle. BA. Home Economics Home Economics Club Adviser Bachelors Daze Sponsor Wittenberg, Muskingum Mr. Dwight tlkel Trubey. B.S. Science Director of Athletics Football Coach Wittenberg Miss Oneita Whiteman. B.S. Social Science Bowling Green, Miami University New York University Mr. Norman Wicks. M.A. Mathematics Guidance Asst. Debate Coach Ohio University Mr. Charles Zumpht. B.S. Special Findlay College Bowling Green Vice Pres lack Zemer Pres.,-Bill Munsey B. Treas.-Joe Keyes G Treas lean Saliers Sec.+Mary E. Herbert l hold it truth with him who sings To one clear harp in divers tones That men may rise on stepping stones Of their dead selves to higher things. -Tennyson So another senior class is leaving Fostoria High. For four years these Walls have con- stituted their lives, their joys and sorrows. As they prepare for their grand exit, they realize that this building has harbored four unforgettable years of lasting friendships. Attractive personalities, rounded charac- ters, keen determination, and qualities of leadership are the results of these years at Fostoria High. As a parting thought, the seniors hope they have made this school a little better in return for the unrewarded gifts with which it has bettered them. CAROL ADAMS EUGENE BARNES IEANNETTE BEATT DOROTHY BOSTIC Y IUNIOR ALDRICH ALFR IOHN BARNES GLAD ERNESTINE YS BENNETT LEWIS BRINK IOHN BAKER ED BASINGER BOGGESE VIRGINIA BROOKOVER DALE BUCKINGI-IAM IULIAN BULLEY MARY BROWN IOHN BUCKINGHAM ISOBEL CARMICHAEL CAROLYN COPPUS ESTHER DAVIS IEANNETTA CONNOR BETTY CROWE FENTRESS DAYRINGER GLADYS DENNIS ALICE DINSMORE CLARA ELLEN DECKER ARCHIE DILLON D CATHERINE DOT THOMAS ANNA FOSTER EAN FREDERICK Y PHYLLIS ECHELBARGER WILLIAM DUFFIELD FEASEL MAXINE FORBESS SHIRLEY FISH HAROLD FRANKLIN MARY FRANK LESTER FHUTH BETTE GRAF MARIE GREENWOOD DON HALE CHARLES GREENFIELD ROBERT HAINES DWIGHT HALL ROBERT HANEY BETTY HARRIS PIERRE HAVER IUNE HARDING WARREN HARSHMAN MARY HERBERT ROBERT HOLDEN IAMES HOWARD MARY HITCHCOCK ROBERT I-IOUGHTON ROBERT HUNKER EDNA KARP DON KINNAMAN CLARENCE KNOX MAX IURRUS BETTY HUTCHINS IOE KEYES PHILIP KINT CLARA KIMBLE LOIS KNIGHT SARAH KNOX CHARLES LECOMTE GEORGE LOGSDON IOHN MANN HENRY LIND DOROTHY MADDEN ROSCOE MARSHALL IOE MILLER KATHRYN MOREL GERALD MIGHT BOB MOHR HELEN MORRISON BILL MOSIER IUNE MYERS BERNADINE MOSIER BILL MUNSEY LE ROY NICHOLS IAMES OGG FLORENCE NORRIS BETTY OHLS VIRGINIA PAINTER MARGARET OMLER PETE PARMENTER ION PETERS BETTY PETERS LEHR RANGLER IEAN READ AMY REINHARD BETTY RHOAD ROGER RIDGE VICTOR REYNOLDS BETTY RIDENOUR ARDETH ROTHENBUHLER IEAN SALIERS IEAN SAYRE IAMES ROWLES LA VONNE SAMPSON MARY IANICE SCHUH IAKE SHIFF BILL SHIFLET THELMA SCHULTZ SYLVIA SHIFF 'E' iw IOHN SHRIDER GLADA SMITH MADGE SMITH NOREEN SNOOK CARL SMITH LAW OREN SMITH CHARLES SMITH MABEL SMITH RENCE SMITH BURDETTE SN CARL SNYDER AVELY DEAN SNYDEH MILDRED SPITLER HELEN STEINHOUR IAMES SOLOMON ELLSWORTH STATLER PAULINE WAGNER DICK SWITZER SCOTT TARRIS NORMAN TRIBBY FLORENCE TALMADGE DOROTHY THOMPSON IAMES TSANTLES GAVITT ULSH BETTY WAGNER WANDP. TYSON DONNA VOLKMER 27 PAUL WARD MARION WETHERILI. EDDIE WENDEL GRAYDON WHITMAN DOROTHY WINELAND IOSEPHINE WHITMAN BESSIE WISE IACK ZEMER WILBUR WONDERS ETHEI. ZIMMERMAN ARTHUR ZUELZKE CAROL ADAMS Commercial Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3: Choir 2: Office 3, 4 HOWARD ALDRICH General Hi-Y 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3: Football 3, 4: Home Economics 3 IOHN FRANKLIN BAKER Commercial Chorus l, 2 EUGENE BARNES General Hi-Y 3, 4: Wrestling 2 IOHN BARNES General Hi-Y 4: Bachelor's Daze Club 4 ALFRED BASINGER General Basketball 2, 3: Home Economics 3: Wrestling 2, 3: I-li-Y 3, 4: Dramatics 4: Golf 3. IEANNETTE BEATTY Commercial Audubon Nitesak l, 2: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Choir 4: G. R. l, 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 GLADYS BENNETT Commercial Iackson High 1, 2, 3: Commercial Club 4: Home Economics 4 ERNESTINE BOGGESS Commercial Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2: Choir 2: Home Economics 2, 3: Commercial 4 DOROTHY BOSTIC Commercial Chorus 2, 3: Choir 2, 3: Glee Club 2, 3: Scriveners 3, 4: G. R. l, 2, 3, 4 LEWIS BRINK Commercial Hi-Y 4: Football 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Choir 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Bach- elor's Daze Club 2. , VIRGINIA BROOKOVER Commercial G.A.A. l: Freshman Players: Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. MARY BROWN Academic Fremont High l, 2, 3: Omicron Lambda 4: Girls' Basketball 4 DALE BUCKINGHAM General Orchestra 1: Band l, 2, 3, 4: Home Economics 4 IOHN BUCKINGHAM Academic Chorus 2: Glee Club 2: Hi-Y 4 IULIAN BULLEY Academic Choir 4: Boys' Glee Club 3, 4: Scriv- eners 3: Omicron Lambda 3, 4: Scholarship 2, 3, 4 ISOBEL CARMICHAEL Academic Freshman Players: Audubon Nitesak 2: Chorus l, 2, 3: Glee Club Z: G. R. l, 2, 3, 4: Lambda Sigma 3, 4: Omicron Lambda 2, 3, 4: Scriveners 2, 3, 4: Iournal Staff 3, 4: Annual Staff 4: Nurses Office 3, 4: Dramatics 4 IEANNETTA CONNOR Commercial Chorus 3: Choir 3: Girls' Glee Club 3: Girls' Basketball 3: Ioumal Staff 4: Omicron Lambda 3: Freshman Players: Audubon Nitesak 2: G. R. 1, 2, 3, 4: Commercial Club 4: Accounting 4 CAROLYN COPPUS Commercial Chorus Z, 3: Girls' Glee Club 2: Ac- counting 4: Choir 3: G. R. l, Z, 3, 4: Lambda Sigma 3: Commercial Club 4 BETTY CROWE Commercial Freshman Players: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: G. R. 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4: Art Club 4 ESTHER DAVIS Academic-Commercial Ashland l, 2 All School Play 4: Annual Staff 4: Journal Staff 4: Dramatics 4: G. R. 3, 4: Omicron Lambda 4: Girls' Basketball 4 FENTRESS DAYRINGER Commercial Freshman Players: Chorus l, 2, 3: Scholarship 2: Girl Reserves 2, 3: lournal Staff 4: Annual Staff CLARA ELLEN DECKARD General Chorus 1, 2: Modern Maids Z, 3, 4: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Girls' Basketball 2, 3 GLADYS DENNIS Commercial Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Choir l, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club l, 2, 3: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4: Freshman Players l: Audubon Nitesak 2: Commercial Club 4 ARCHIE DILLON Commercial Chorus l, 2: Annual Staff: Iournal Staff: Hi-Y 3, 4: Photography Club 4 ALICE DINSMORE Academic Scholarship l, 2, 3: Student Council 1: Ioumal Staff 4: Annual Staff: Ir. Class Play: All-School Play 3, 4: Dramatics 3, 4: Debate 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 4: Omicron Lambda 2, 3, 4: Lambda Sigma 2, 3: Freshman Players: Girls' Basketball l, 2: Na- tional Honor 4 CATHERINE DOTY Academic Basketball 1, 2, 3, 47 Modern Maids 1, 2, 3, 47 G. R. 3, 47 G.A.A. 3 WII.LIAM DUFFIELD Academic Hi-Y 3, 47 Chorus 47 Traffic Patrol 3, 47 Band l, 2, 3, 47 Pit Orchestra 47 Orchestra l,Z,3,47 Scholarship Team 1 PHYLLIS ECHELBARGER Academic All-School Play 37 Ir. Class Play7 Choir 17 Chorus 17 Glee Club 47 Ioumal Staff 47 Nurses Office 3, 47 Dramatics 37 Scriveners 3, 47 G. R. 1, 2, 3, 47 Audubon Nitesak l, 27 Freshman Players THOMAS FEASEL Academic Stage Manager for All-School Play 3, 47 Ir. Class Play7 Dramatics 47 Hi-Y 3, 47 Traffic 3, 4 SHIRLEY FISH Academic Annual Staff 47 lournal Staff 47 Dramatics 47 G. R. 3, 47 Lambda Sigma 37 Omicron Lambda 3, 47 Sullivan High, Chicago, Ill. l, 2 MAXINE FORBESS Commercial Chorus 1, 2, 3, 47 Choir 1, 2, 3, 47 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 47 Ioumal Staff 37 G. R. l, 2, 3, 47 Commercial Club 47 Freshman Players ANNA FOSTER General Basketball 1, 2, 3, 47 Glee Club 2, 3, 47 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 47 Choir 2, 3, 47 Annual Staff 4 MARY FRANK Commercial Glee Club 1, Z, 3, 47 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 47 Commercial Club 4 HAROLD FRANKLIN General Football Manager 1, 2, 3, 47 Basketball Manager 1, 27 All-School Play 47 Ir. Class Play7 Choir 3, 47 Glee Club 2, 3, 47 Chorus 2, 3, 47 Iournal Staff 47 Dramatics 47 Hi-Y 3, 47 Omicron Lambda 47 Bachelor's Daze Club 4 DEAN FREDERICK General Wrestling 17 Chorus 27 Glee Club Z7 Pyramid l, 2, 3 LESTER FRUTH Academic Football 2, 3, 47 Ir. Class Play7 Choir 3, 47 Glee Club 2, 3, 47 Chorus 2, 3, 47 Annual Staff 47 Student Council Z, 47 National Honor 47 Hi-Y 3, 47 Omicron Lambda 3, 47 Freshman Players BETTE GRAF Commercial All-School Play 47 Ioumal Staff 47 Dramatics 47 Annual Staff 47 G. R. 3, 47 Omicron Lambda 2, 3, 47 Loudon- ville, Ohio7 Sarasota, Florida CHARLES GREENFIELD Commercial Football 1, 3, 47 Hi-Y 3, 47 Pyramid 1, 2, 3, 47 Wrestling 1, 2, 37 Commer- cial Club 4 MARIE GREENWOOD Academic Scholarship 37 All-School Play 2, 37 Ir. Class Play7 Debate 27 Annual Staff 47 Iournal Staff 47 Dramatics 3, 47 Student Council 2, 47 National Honor 47 G. R. 1, 2, 3, 47 Lambda Sigma 37 Omicron Lambda 2, 3, 47 Audubon Nitesak l, 27 Freshman Players ROBERT HAINES General Annual Staff 47 Hi-Y 3, 47 Bachelor's Daze 3, 4 DON HALE General Chorus 2 DWIGHT HALL Academic-Commercial Scholarship 1, 27 Iournal Staff 37 Hi-Y 3, 47 Pyramid l, 2, 37 Audubon Nitesak l ROBERT HANEY Practical Wrestling 27 Chorus 27 Bachelor's Daze Club 4 IUNE HARDING Commercial G. R. 1, 27 Freshman Players BETTY HARRIS Commercial Tiffin High: Ir. Class Play7 Girl Re- serves 1, 2, 3, 47 Home Economics l, 27 Girls' Basketball l, 2, 3 WARREN HARSHMAN Academic Bachelor's Daze Club 4 PIERRE HAVER Academic-Commercial Scriveners 37 Band 1, 2, 3, 47 Orches- tra 47 Commercial Club 4 MARY HERBERT Academic Scholarship 1, 37 Ir. Class Play: Chorus l, 2, 3, 47 Glee Club 27 Choir 2, 3, 47 Annual Staff 47 Dramatics 47 Student Council l, 2, 47 Orchestra 37 Pit Orchestra 3, 47 National Honor 47 Freshman Players7 Lambda Sigma 2, 37 Omicron Lambda 2, 3, 47 G. R. 1, 2, 3, 4 MARY HITCHCOCK Academic-Commercial Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3: Glee Club 2: Annual Staff 4: Iournal Staff 4: Nurses Office 4: Freshman Players: G. R. l, 2, 3: Commercial Club 4 ROBERT HOLDEN Commercial Hi-Y 4 ROBERT HOUGHTON General Wrestling l, 3, 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Or- chestra l, Z, 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4 IAMES HOWARD Academic Football 2: Dramatics 4: Debate 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Golf 4: Omicron Lambda 4: Scriveners 3, 4: All-School Play 3, 4: Ir. Class Play ROBERT HUNKER General Baseball 2: All-School Play 2, 3, 4: Ir. Class Play: Chorus Z, 3, 4: Choir l, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club l, Z, 3, 4: Debate 3, 4: Dramatics 3, 4: Scriveners 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Boys' Choir Z, 3, 4: Omicron Lambda 2, 3, 4: Audubon Nitesak Z: Freshman Players: The Palette 4: Operetta 4 BETTY HUTCHINS Commercial Chorus 2, 3: Glee Club 2: Girl Re- serves l, 2, 3, 4: Commercial Club 4: Audubon Nitesak 2: Freshman Play- ers: Superintendent's Office 4 MAX IURRUS Commercial Basketball Z, 3: Home Ec. Club 3: Wrest1ing2 EDNA KARP Commercial Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club Z, 3, 4: Commercial Club 4 IOE KEYES Academic Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Wrestling l: All-School Play 2, 3, 4: Ir. Class Play: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Choir 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Debate 4: Annual Staff: Dramatics 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Omicron Lamb- da 2, 3, 4: Freshman Players: Student Council Z, 4: Cheerleaders 3, 4 CLARA KIMBALL Commercial Girls' Basketball 4: Commercial Club 4 DON KINNAMAN Commercial Choir l, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Choir l, 2: Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club l, 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: Art Club 4: Band 3, 4 PHILIP KINT General Scholarship l, 2: Annual Staff: Iournal Staff: Scriveners 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Fresh- man Players: Audubon Nitesak 2: Band 1, Z, 3, 4 LOIS KNIGHT Academic Toltenville High l, 2 All-School Play 4: Glee Club 4: Choir 4: Chorus 4: Debate 4: Dramatics 4: Omicron Lambda 4: Girl Reserves 3, 4 CLARENCE KNOX Commercial Boys' Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4: Choir Z, 3: Chorus l, 2, 3, 4 SARAH KNOX Commercial Chorus Z, 3, 4: Choir 2: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserves l: Home Ec. l: Omicron Lambda 2, 3: Annual Staff: lournal Staff 4: Commercial Club 4 CHARLES LE COMTE Academic Football 2, 3, 4: Wrestling 2, 3, 4: Ir. Class Play: Boys' Glee Club 3, 4: Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Dramatics 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Photography 4 HENRY LIND General Football l, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Wrestling l: Hi-Y 3 GEORGE LOGSDON General Wrestling 2, 3: Chorus 1, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Bachelor's Daze Club 4 DOROTHY MADDEN Commercial Girl Reserves 2, 4: Audubon Nitesak 2: Commercial Club 4: Girls' Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 IOHN MANN General Hi-Y 3, 4: Band l, 2, 3: Boys' Glee Club 4: Omicron Lambda 4 ROSCOE MARSHALL General Football 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Baseball 3 GERALD MIGHT Academic Hi-Y 3, 4 IOE MILLER General Band l, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 4: Photography 4: Freshman Players l: Dramatics 4 BOB MOI-IR Practical Bachelor's Daze Club 4: Wrestling l KATHRYN MOREL Commercial Choir 1, 2: Chorus 1, 2: Glee Club l, 2: G. R. 2, 3, 4: Freshman Players HELEN MORRISON General Chorus l, 2, 3: Glee Club 4 BERNADINE MOSIER Commercial Chorus 2: Glee Club Z: Choir Z: Audu- bon Nitesak 2: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 3: Library 3, 4: Commercial Club 4: loumal Staff 4 BILL MOSIER General BILL MUNSEY Academic Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2: Wrestling 1: I-li4Y 3, 4: Freshman Players 1: Audubon Nitesak 2: Na- tional Honor Society 4: Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4 IUNE MYERS Commercial G. R. Z, 3, 4: Basketball 3: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club Z, 3, 4: Choir 2, 3, 4: Iournal Staff 4: Annual Staff LE ROY NICHOLS Academic Ir. Class Play: Omicron Lambda 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Audubon Nitesak 1, 2: Freshman Players: Iournal Staff 4: Annual Staff 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Choir 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Scholarship 1, 2, 3: Boys' Choir 2, 3, 4 FLORENCE NORRIS Commercial Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 IAMES OGG General Chorus 2, 4: Boys' Glee Club 2, 4: Bachelor's Daze 4 BETTY OI'ILS Commercial Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Commercial Club 4 MARGARET OMLORH Commercial Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Commercial Club 4: G. R. l, 2: Freshman Players VIRGINIA PAINTER General Basketball 2, 3: Orchestra 2: Chorus 2: Nurses Office 3: Scriveners 3: G. R. l, 2, 3, 4: Freshman Players: Library 4 PETE PARMENTER Academic Bradford, Penn. 1, 2 Football 3, 4: Basketball 3: lr. Class Play: Dramatics 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Omicron Lambda 4 BETTY PETERS Commercial G. R. 3, 4: Commercial Club 4 ION PETERS Academic All-School Play 4: Choir 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club 3, 4: Annual Staff 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Omicron Lambda 4: Traffic Patrol 3, 4 LEHR RANGLER Van Lue 1 Academic Scriveners 3, 4: Radio Club 2, 3 IEAN READ Academic Findlay 1 Ann Arbor 2, 3 Annual Staff 4: Omicron Lambda 4 AMY REINHARD Commercial Iournal Staff 4 VICTOR REYNOLDS General Carey 1, Z BETTY RHOAD General Commercial Club 4: Accounting Department 4 BETTY RIDENOUR Commercial Girl Reserves 3, 4 ROGER RIDGE General Baseball 1: Annual Staff: Hi-Y 3, 4: Audubon Nitesak l: Traffic Patrol 3, 4: Band l, 2, 3, 4: Pit Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 ARDETH ROTHENBUHLER Commercial Choir 2, 3, 4: Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 2: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Freshman Players: Commercial Club 4 IAMES ROWLES Academic Boys' Glee Club l, 2, 3: Chorus 1, 2, 3: Annual Staff: Hi-Y 3, 4: Audubon Nitesak l IEAN SALIERS General All-School Play 2, 4: Ir. Class Play: Omicron Lambda 2, 3, 4: Lambda Sigma 3: Dramatics 3, 4: Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 4: Audubon Nitesak l, 2: Freshman Players: Ioumal Staff 3: Annual Staff: Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3: Choir 2, 3, 4: Glee Club Z, 3: G.A.A. 2: Girls' Basketball l,2,3g4: Scholarship l, 2, 3 LA VONNE SAMPSON Commercial Home Ec. 3: Commercial Club 4 IEANNE SAYRE Commercial Freshman Players: Audubon Nitesak l: Lambda Sigma 3, 4: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4: Ioumal Staff 3, 4 MARY IANICE SCHUH Commercial Lambda Sigma 3, 4: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4: Ioumal Staff 3, 4: Commercial Club 4 THELMA SCHULTZ Academic Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Omicron Lambda 3, 4: All-School Play 3, 4: Ir. Class Play: Ioumal Staff 1, 2: Annual Staff: Scriveners 3, 4: Chorus 1: Dramatics 3, 4 IAKE SHIFI-' Commercial Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Wrestling l: Annual Staff: Hi-Y 3, 4: Commercial Club 4: Traffic Patrol 4 SYLVIA SHIFF General Freshman Players: Audubon Nitesak 1, 2: Lambda Sigma 3: Omicron Lambda 2, 3, 4: Debate 2, 3: Drama- tics 3, 4: Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4: Iunior Class Play: Annual Staff: All- School Play 4 BILL SHIFLET General Scriveners 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club l, 2: Iournal Staff 4: Hi-Y 3, 4 IOHN SHRIDER General Football Z, 3, 4: Ir. Class Play: Hi-Y 3, 4: Chorus Z, 3, 4: Choir Z, 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club Z, 3, 4: Freshman Players: Boys' Choir 2, 3, 4: Wrestling 2, 3 CARL SMITH General Chorus l, 2, 3: Glee Club 2, 3 CHARLES SMITH. Ir. General Hi-Y 3: Football 3, 4: Basketball 3, 4: Home Ec. 3 GLADA SMITH Commercial Commercial Club 4: Home Ec. 2 LAWRENCE SMITH General Kentucky 1, 2: Football 3, 4 MABEL SMITH Academic Freshman Players: G. R. 1, Z, 3, 4: Lambda Sigma 4: Library Science 4: Audubon Nitesak 2: Annual Staff MADGE SMITH Academic Freshman Players: Audubon Nitesak 2: Omicron Lambda Z, 3: Chorus l, Z, 3, 4: Choir Z, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 2, 3: Lambda Sigma 3, 4: Iunior Class Play: Dramatics 3: The Palette 4: Annual Staff: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Operetta 4: Ioumal Staff 4 OREN SMITH Academic Boys' Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4 BURDETTE SNAVELY General Hi-Y 3: Home Ec. 3: Band and Or- chestra: Wrestling 3 NOREEN SNOOK General G. R. l, 2, 3, 4: Audubon Nitesak 2: Commercial Club 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Annual Staff 4: Iournal Staff: Chorus 2: Glee Club 2: Choir Z CARL SNYDER Academic Debate 4: l-li-Y 3, 4: Audubon Nitesak l, 2: Scriveners 3, 4: Scholarship l,2,3 DEAN SNYDER Academic Audubon Nitesak l, 2: Scriveners 3, 4: Ioumal Staff 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: National Honor 4: Scholarship 2, 3: Debate 3, 4 IAMES SOLOMON Academic Football Manager l, Z, 3, 4: Basketball Manager 1, 2, 3, 4: Scholarship l, 2, 3, 4: Ir. Class Play: Annual Staff: Journal Staff 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Audubon Nitesak 2: Freshman Players: National Honor 4: Student Council 3, 4: Photog- raphy 4: Pyramid l MILDRED SPITLER General Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 4: Audubon Nite- sak l, 2: Lambda Sigma 3, 4: Omicron Lambda 3: Freshman Players ELSWORTH STATLER Academic Freshman Players: Audubon Nitesak 1, Z: Hi-Y 3, 4: The Palette 4: Chorus, Choir 4: All-School Play 3, 4: Ir. Class Play: Annual Staff: Iournal 4 HELEN STEINHOUR Commercial Girl Reserves l, Z, 3, 4: Chorus 2: Glee Club Z: Ioumal Staff 3: Basket- ball 2, 4: Commercial Club PAULINE WAGNER Academic Glee Club 2, 3: Chorus 2, 3: Nurses 3: Ioumal Staff 3: Girl Reserves' l, 2, 3, 4: Omicron Lambda 3: Audubon Nitesak 1: Commercial Club 4 DICK SWITZER General Hi-Y 3, 4: Bachelors Daze 4: Basket- ball 2, 3: Band 1, 2, 3 FLORENCE TALMADGE Commercial Chorus l: Girl Reserves l, 3, 4 SCOTT TARRIS Commercial Wrestling 2 DOROTHY THOMPSON Commercial Freshman Players: Girl Reserves 3: Home Ec. 4: Glee Club 2, 3 NORMAN TRIBBEY General Basketball 2, 3: Wrestling l, 2, 3: Baseball 3 IAMES TSANTLES Academic Hi-Y 4: Omicron Lambda 4: Band l, 2, 3, 4 WANDA TYSON Academic Ir. Class Play: Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club Z, 3, 4: Choir 4: Girl Re- serves 1, 2, 3, 4: Modern Maids GAVITT ULSH Commercial Chorus 1, 2: Home Ec. 3 DONNA VOLKMER General Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4: Omicron Lambda 2, 3: Lambda Sigma 2, 3, 4: Freshman Players: Iournal Staff 3, 4: Annual Staff: Dramatics 3, 4: All- School Play 4: Iunior Class Play: Chorus 2, 3: Choir 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 2, 3: G.A.A. 2: Girls' Basketball 1, 2: Scholarship 2 BETTY WAGNER General Home Ec. 4 PAUL WARD Academic Wrestling 3: Boys' Glee Club 4: Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4 EDMUND WENDEI.. Ir. Academic Freshman Players: Audubon Nitesak 1, 2: Ir. Class Play: All-School Play 4: Basketball 3: Cheer Leader 4: Omi- cron Lambda 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Choir 2, 3, 4: Boys' Choir 2, 3: Circus 2, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Ioumal 3, 4: Debate 4: Annual Staff 4: Dramatics 4: Orchestra 1, 2: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Operetta 4 MARION WETHERILI. Academic Band l, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Pit Orchestra 4: Scriveners 3: Ioumal Staff 4: Freshman Players: Hi-Y 4 GRAYDON WHITMAN Academic Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Pyramid 1, 2, 3: Student Council l, 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: Audu- bon Nitesak 2: Scholarship l, 2 IOSEPHINE WHITMAN General Basketball 1, Z, 3, 4: Annual Staff 4: Journal Staff 4: G. R. 1, 2, 3, 4: Home Ec. 2, 3: G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 DOROTHY WINELAND Academic Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4: Pit Orchestra 4: Dramatics 3, 4: Scriveners 3, 4: Ir. Class Play: All- School Play 2, 3: Debate 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff 4: Iournal Staff 3, 4: Student Council 1, 3, 4: Freshman Players: G. R. l, 2, 3, 4: Lambda Sigma 3: Omicron Lambda 2, 3, 4: Audubon Nitesak l, 2: G.A.A. 2, 3, 4 BESSIE WISE General Choir l, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: G. R. 1, 2, 3, 4: Home Ec. 1, 2, 3, 4 WILBUR WONDERS General Wrestling l: Band l, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Pit Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff 4: Iournal Staff 4: Hi-Y 3, 4 IACK ZEMER Academic Basketball 1, 2: Ir. Class Play: All- School Play 4: Choir l, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Debate 2: Dramatics 3, 4: Omicron Lambda 2, 3, 4: Audubon Nitesak. 1, 2: Annual Staff 4: Freshman Players: National Honor 4: Student Couhcil l, 4: Traffic Patrol 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4:fPyra- mid 2 ETHEI. ZIMMERMAN Academic Lambda Sigma 2, 3, 4: Omicron Lamb- da 2, 3: Scholarship 1, 2, 3: Freshman Players: Annual Staff 4: Iournal Staff 4: Dramatics 4: Debate 2, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Scriveners 3, 4: G. R. 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball l, 2 ARTHUR ZUELZKE General Choir 3, 4: Chorus 3, 4: Band l, 2, 3, 4: Pit Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Boys' Glee Club 3, 4: Audubon Nitesak 1: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Drum Major 3, 4: Operetta 4 B Treas George Knepper Sec.-f-Coleen Burson Pres.-Clair Kisabeth G Treas Martha France V.'Pres.--Elaine Saliers After passing through the period of "green" Freshmen, and "cocky" Sopho- mores, the class of 1940 made a name for itself by carrying on the traditional activi- ties of the Iuniors in an excelled manner. Their Iunior dance, an informal and one of the most successful affairs of the kind in the past few years, was quickly followed by the "The Eyes of Tlaloc", the class play, which included some very fine characterizations. They were outstanding and successful in their ventures because of the tireless efforts of the members of the class. At the end of a successful year, they look forward with great anticipation to being the Seniors of Fostoria High School next year. Watch for the class with the blue and gray colors. JUIIIDRS First Row: Donelda Anqles', Marcella Arnold, Robert Bates, Alma Beck, Ruth Beeson, Betty Bishop. Second Row: Luberta Braman, Mariory Brickles, Marilyn Brombley, Douglas Brown, Donna Buck, Coleen Burson, Ruth Bersted, Marvin Canterbury. Third Row: Robert Carter, Carl Castret, Arthur Clark, Gay- lord Clark, Betty Clary, Ed Clinqer, Mary Io Coburn, Laura Cook. Fourth Row: Harry Craley, Lawrence Cramer, lane Culp, lane Davis, LeRoy Davis, Norman Deer, Norma Deerwester, Dorothy Deiter. Fifth Row: Devota Eqer, Don Estes, Phoeba Feosel, lack Fey, Eunice Flechtner, Kathryn Fortener. 'Withdrawn First Row: Martha France, Iunior Fry, Darlene Goebel, Paul- ine Gossard, Helen Grogg, Theo Groman. Second Row: Ieanne Hall, Herbert Hakes, George Herrig, Iunior Harrison, Marilyn Harter, Elota Hayiield, Betty Hendricks, Iohn Herrig. Third Row: Margaret Hill, Robert Hill, Hilda House, Beatrice Howard, leanne Hunt, Loyal ller, Anna Ruth Iohnson, Loretta Kiefer. Fourth Row: Georgia Kellums, Francis Kimble, Harry Kimble, Avis Kint, Howard Kirian, Rolda Kirk, Clair Kisabeth, George Knepper. Fifth How: Edwin Kuhn, Ioan Kuhlman, Floyd Lather, Charles Leonard, Anna Rose Lewis, Pauline Luman. JUIIIURS JIIIIIURS First Row: Betty Marshall, Edna McCullough, Tom McDonel, Roy McFadden, Betty Miller, Lois Miller. Second Row: Charles Mottram, lim Myers, Eileen Niday, Mildred Niswander, Iunior Nye, George Pappas, Robert Papenius, Clarence Payne. Third Row: Ioyce Pillsburq, Utah Piotter, Ioe Piotter, Betty Mae Price, Lillian Rader, Norma Rainey, Mervin Rose, Allen Russel. Fourth Row: Donavee Sahs, Elaine Saliers, Mary Samsel, Walter Saldausky, Kathryn Souder, Paul Schauder, Lois Schlosser, Maxine Schwab. Fifth Row: Forest Slater, Bill Smith, Dorothy Smith, Iunior Smith, Marvin Smith, Phyllis Smith. First Row: Gaylord Snavely, lean Soles, lean Stout, Norman Stout, Thelma Smith, Geraldine Stagger. Second Row: Richard Stark, Ruth Stateler, Carl Statler, Willard Summers, Lester Switzer, Betty Sipes', Margaret Tate, Gladys Zeller. Third Row: Rachel Young, Marie Yenser, Leah Mae Workley, Gertrude Whitta, Iune Welling, lack Thomas, lean Warner, Maxine Wank. Fourth Row: Virginia Tyler, Maxine Turner, Dorothy Trudel, Iune Anderson, Helen Bixler, l..aVonne Dillon, Malcolm Fouts, Cliff Fox. Fifth Row: Augusta l-laase, Anna Kodor, Mary Madden, Louis Manecke, Patty Miller, Paul Young. 'Withdrawn JUIIIORS 1.,.f La, 2 A ,. 1 ,,,, 1 - Q ww.. .L . s , -A. 'J' Rem ..s,. 1. Lu . 1 A -1-L , 1 m ' fs . ' ,J-. 'W f "" .5 SOPHOIIIDRES . . lanice Coppuse-440 lim Maurer4326 Wilbur Franklin---434 Evelyn Shirlc4'435 The Sophomores have conquered the start of the race, but have long paths to cover be- fore the goal is reached. For this reason, they could be called a name like "In-Between". Nevertheless, they are a vital part of the school's foundation. The Sophomore class began this year with dancing classes in the upper hall with Mr. Normand Tones as instructor. Then they enthusiastically planned their successful Sophomore party under the able guidance of Mr. C. D. LaRue. ln late winter, a candy sale was held in the upper hall. The year was climaxed by a matter of highest importance, the choice of the class colors: green and gray. The aim of the Sophomores in the future, as upper classmen, is to hold the banners of virtue and knowledge as high as those who went before them, and to be worthy of the fine school which they attend. SOPHDIIIORES . . First Row: Ianet Atwell, Charles Babb, Arthur Balsat, Wayne Basinger, Ioe Bates, Wayne Bennett, Donald Bercaw, Pauline Boday, Carl Biddle, Donald Boroughf, Robert Briggs. Second Row: Elsie Brink, Bob Brookover, Anna lane Brough, Charles Brough, Laura Brown, Philip Brubaker, lean Chandler, Richard Clark, Wanda Clark, Betty Cooper. Third Row: Florence Cooper, Florence Cooper, Denzil Coppler, Dale Coppus, Ianice Coppus, Anna Cox, Sylvia Creeger, Dorothy Decker, Doryce DeWalt, Dorotha Dreisbach, Dick Earl'. Fourth Row: Fred Echelbarger, Nannie Mae Evers, Ruth Finerd, Ruth Ann Flechtner, Bob Fast, Henry Florea, Robert Forbess, Mary France, Charles Franklin, Wilbur Franklin, Lowell French. Fifth Row: Donna Fruth, Mercedes Graber, Robert Greenlee, Frank Hampshire, Donna lean Harrison, Mary Hartley, Cora Hathaway, Adelbert Heinze, Martha Henline, Patricia Hicks. Sixth Row: lames Higley, lack Holden, Lloyd Holden, Royetta Hoffman, Ruth Hoffman, Iuanita Hyde, Ianet Iacobs, Grayce Mae Iones, Louise Iones, Duane Iurrus, Thomas Kabel. Seventh Row: Iames Kesler, William Kissel, Iames Kidd, Franklin Kirian, Ieanne Knepper, Betty Knight, Carl Lam- briqht, Dick Lapidos, Iack LeComte. 'Withdrawn 42 First Row: LaVonne Lee, Mary Lee, Raymond Lentz, Alex Lind, lack Lindsay, Lyra Longacre, ferry Lytle, Frank Mall, Bob Mann, Richard Mann, Ianet Mansfield, Second Row: Donald March, Fred Martin, lim Mauer, Levi McClellan', Bob Might, Phyllis Morris, Betty Mosier, Maria Munoz', Altha Newman, Vanda Iune Nichols, Herman Nierescher. Third Row: Eugene Patterson, Betty Rahrig, Warren Rainey, Marguerite Raymont, Wayne Reed, Gladys Reinhard, Iunior Reinhard, Verton Rhoad, Richard Ridenour, Rex Ridge, Paul Rupert. Fourth Row: Frank Saldausky, Dorothy Sauler, Evelyn Saxton, Helen Shultz, Maxine Segner, Marjorie Sheward, Mamie Shift, Evelyn Shirlc, Evelyn Shock, Doris Shuman, Betty Smith. Fifth Row: Harry Smith, Madge Smith, Kathryn Smith, Harry Smith, Frances Snavely, lean Snyder, Eugene Stall, Mar- garet Stevens, Betty Stoddard, Robert Stoudinger, Sybil Stiles. SOPHOIIIORES .. Sixth Row: Bob Surgeon, Iunior Thomas, Bernita Thomas, Ernest Thompson, Dorothy Turner, lean Wade, Kenneth Wagner, Carl Walker, Clifford Ward, Bessie Warstler, Edward Welling. Seventh Row: lean Wendel, Richard West, Charles Wilcox, Beatrice Woodruff, Alfred Woods, Harry Woodward, Kath- leen Yeager, Marie Zeller, Iacob Zuern. 'Withdrawn 43 Ralph Birdwhxstle 325 Margaret Hill-322 Bill McDaniel-320 James Timanus 321 'Wanda Geyer'-212 Glen Windsor!-439 The Freshmen of this year truly stood up to their code. They entered enthusiastically into the spirit ot extra-curricular activities by organizing weekly club periods in which each student did the things he liked best. Also, guided by class advisers and led by home-room presidents, they gave a successful party. They had representatives in the Student Council enabling them to know the motives for new suggestions, campaigns, etc. The class is best described by these words: "Character cannot be formed Without action." This ever-advancing energetic Freshman group will undoubtedly step into line and meet its everyday tasks with success in future years. Its extensive expansion of social work and athletics will enable the members to carry out their high ideals and sustain the spirit of F. H. S. throughout the coming year. FRESHIIIEII . . First Row: Howard Alae, Ray Alqe, Arlene Anderson, Bea- trice Anderson, Betty Anderson, Wilbur Anderson, Dwight Baker, Vernon Baker, Carl Barbour, Leona Barker, Con- stance Basehore, Lois Bates, Richard Bateson, Mary Ellen Bea. Second How: lack Beeson, Ralph Birdwhistell, Charles Bixler, Leta Bostic, Dale Bourie, Charles Brandeberry, Lauren Brandeberry, Donna Breidiaan, Dick Brubaker, Al Bul- kowski, Mary Io Bullock, Gloria Burger, Iohn Burqbacher, Bethea Bucher. Third Row: Deso Butler, Evelyn Butler, Ioe Calmes', Mildred Clark, Bill Clore, Bob Coe, Franklin Combs, Duane Coppus, Karl Cramer, Ellen Cramer, Edna Couch, Dick Crowe, Bill McDaniel, Evelyn Daugherty. Fourth Row: Miriam Davidson, Charles Davis, Mary Iane Davis, Harry Dawson, Audrey Deckard, Ronald Dible, Donal Dispennett, Bob Disney, Evelyn Dixon, Mary Dray, Senaido Duran, Don Olin, Don Etchin, Carl Evert'. Fifth Row: Alice lune Ford, Marie Freeman, Mary French, Ioe Fruth, Albert Gardner, Earl Gaskella, Wanda Geyer, Rosella Gibat, Iames Gockerman, Richard Goodale, Bob Gossard, lean Graf, Samuel Groqq, William Grooms. Sixth Row: Mabel Groves, Anna Greenfield, Leroy Haynes, Donna lean Hall, Kenneth Hanley, Willard Hay, Paul Hendricks, Margaret Hill, Iack Hilvers, Doris Holden, Bill House, Leroy Haynes, Marguerite Hunker, Mason Hunt. Seventh Row: Iune Iacoby, Doris Iohnson, Kathleen Groves, Gertrude Iones, I. C. Iohnson, Ioe Iones, Dorothy Keifer, Hope Kidd, Ruth Kimble, Mary Kinney, Bob Kirk. 'Withdrawn 46 First Row: lvadell Knepper, lacqueline Knowles, Augusta Knox, Margaret Koons, Norman Koons, Rita Kresge, Harold Laiierty, Cloyce Lee, Lucille Lind, Betty Lord, Paul Loach, Florence Lynch, Lorrain Madden, Ioe Malony. Second Row: Wayne Manecke, Norman Marxen, Margaret McDonel, Orlo McKean, Ioan Merganthaler, Eugene Mi- chaux, Alice Mofiitt, Don Molter, Cora Moore, R. V. Myers', Leona Niswander, Vernon Newhouse, Henry Norris, Dick Miller. Third Row: Alice Opperman, Lloyd Painter, Katherine Pap- pas, Mike Pappas, Clarence Poston, Maxine Perkins, Wayne Picket, Paul Pingle, Helen Poorman, Mateel Preis, Dale Reed, Betty Ritter, Nedra Raubenolt, Leatha Rothen- buhler. Fourth Row: Dorothea Rowe, Patricia Ruhl, Gene Russel, Howard Russel, Alan Sampson, Myrtle Saxton, lean Schultz, Wilbur Schultz', Don Scott, Maurice Seiple, Bob Senn, Paul Settlage', LeRoy Shetfel, Ioy Shuman. Fifth Row: Dale Smith, Naomi Smith, Tommy Smith, lohn Snavely, Eldon Snyder, Georgianna Solomon, Hilda Solo- mon, Iosephine Spitler, Doris Stambaugh, Lois Steinhour, Wilma Stone, Donna Stout, Robert Strubble, lean Stubble- field. FRESHIIIEII . . Sixth Row: Dan Switzer, lim Timanus, Douglas Twells, Bob Wagner, Robert Wallace, Patsy Walsh, Margie Walters, George Ward, Donald Ward, Barbara Warner, Doris Weaks, Wendell Wells, Charles Woessner, Melvin Weth- erill. Seventh Row: Maxine Wilcox, Virginia Wilhelm, Bob Wil- liams, Carol Williams, Glen Windsor, Charles Woessner, Margaret Workley, Maurice Young, Ianice Zemer, Florence Zuelzke, loan Oyler. " Withdrawn 47 EIGHTH GRIIDE . . First Bow: William Allen, James Alley, John Alley, Helen Ander- son, Charles Atwell, Doris Babb, Raymond Boday, Robert Barrinqer, Lowell Barkley, Junior Basinger, Verna Below, Dale Bennett, Gene Bentz, Frances Beery, Edna Biddle, Harry Bostic, Lawrence Jones, Betty Bradner, Julia Carmichael, Barbara Carter. Second Row: Jeannette Castret, Milton Cardwell, Betty Church, John Chandler, Carter Clark, Ruth Clark, Dorothy Cline, Wil- liam Cline, Rudy Cohn, Irene Copley, Constance Coppus, Warren Coppus, Carolyn Corwin, Vandetta Cousins', Marilyn Covrett, Betty Cowdrick, Gerald Cox, Howard Cramer. Third Row: Virginia Creeger, Bertha Daniels, Duane Davis, Louis Davis, Carol Decker, William Decker, Richard Deer, Henry Deiter, Wayne Dennis, Eugene Dixon, Elenore Drenning, Marcella Emerine, Margaret Emerine, Vincent Emerine, Janet Fast, Donal Feisel, Richard Ferguson, Margie Finch, John Florea. Fourth Row: Virginia Fox, Joanne Friesner, Lenwood Freeman, Dolores Gallant, Jean Gardner, Donna Gibat, Martha Gibson, Mary Gibson, Lucy Gleason, Marcella Goebel, Virginia Good' ale, Mary Graves, Mae Graves, Betty Groves, Carl Harding, Suzanne Harris, Dale Harrison, Dorothea Hartley, Lucille Hartley. l Filth Row: Buddy Hay, Charles Heckathorn, Eugene Helms, Doris Higler, Mark Hill, Roger Hill, Jim Hilvers, Billy Hiser, Bob Horner, Mary Horner, Lois Houghton, James House, Frances Hunt, Robert Hutchins, Robert lmber, James Youngston, Milton Yoder, lola Keckler, Beverly Kiefer. Sixth Row: Hazel Kimble, Joe Kirk, Mary Ellen Slater, Donald Lambright, Yvonne Valenti, Mildred Lambright, Joyce Lam- bright, Esther Laney, Junior Lee, Virginia Lentz, Barbara Loe, Donna Lewis, Donna Lewis, Ida Lewis, Dorothy Lowery, Bertha Mall, Dorothy Manecke, Ivan Maurer, Donald McClung. Seventh Row: Dean McCullough, Paul Might, Beatrice Miller, Betty Miller, Margaret Milligan, Ellen Moyer, Jack Mompher, Vern Mompher, John Munger, Junior Munson, Clarence Myers, LeRoy Myers, Patricia Myers, Lita Nichols, June Niday, Bob Omler, Harold Potts, Joan Powell, Virgene Rahrig, Eighth Row: Mary Rais, Neil Rangeler, Wendell Refiner, Glenn Reinhard, Maxine Ruehle, Albert Rhoad, Calvin Roberts, Carl Rouse, Haydon Rowe, John Reinhard, Raymond Sauder, Mary Sayre, Wilbur Schaufelberger, Eugene Schultz, Nancy Shupe, James Shewardn Carl Shift, Helen Shrider, Maurice Fergusorf, Billy Sheridanf l Ninth Row: Clinton Smith, Don Smith, Madonna Smith, Paul Smith, Russell Smith, William Smith, Phyllis Smothers, Miriam Snavely, Welton Snavely, Beatrice Soles, Jean Sowers, Doreen Stipp, Dale Stoddard, Wilda Stone, Mary Stoiter, Sammy Thomas, George Thomasson. Tenth Row: Helen Wagner, Ethel Ward, Rudy Walters, Charles Warrington, James Whitman, Mary Wickert, Donald Widmer, Junior Wilcox, Marjorie Wilhelm, George Wilson, John Wol- farth, June Vilanderlin, David Weiker. 'Withdrawn 48 e " V 'V ,,.: V 4, , 3 1 , Q A1. W . . . , .-.: .. 1 , Q , , V. f . ,V - A L.., 1' if- ' "' i "'5, .- , 1,, , ' -, , , i is - ,gag ,- 1 LAAA E , . c , I ,.,. L, ' , - . ,. E A First Row: Sam Aurand, Caroline Baker, Donna Baker, Iack Baker, Marjorie Baker, Gus Balsat, Iohn Basehore, Melvin Bennett, Doris Berlinghoff, Betty Brant, Leta Brickles, Betty Brookman, Laura Brombley, Catherine Bulkowski, Alice Burk- hart, Ruth Burkhart, Mary Calhoun, Doris Carmichael, David Carter'. Second Row: Margaret Carter, Mary Caskie, Pauline Chilcote, Ivadine Cooper, Harold Dauterman, Deuane Davis, Iay Davis, Lucille Davis, Donna Deiter, Henry Delgado, Beatrice Delgado, Norma Echelbarger, Norman Echelbarger, Florence Emerine, Tim Enright, Walter Feisel, Virginia Fillhart, Robert Florea, Charles Ford. Third Row: Ruth Fry, Alice Foster, Coral Fouts, Harold France, Ioyce Frederick, Esther Gale, Betty Gossard, Alice Groqg, Martin Groman, Mildred Groman, Anna Haase, Emma Haase, Essie Hampshire, Earl Haynes, Charles Haney, Eugene Hall, Frederick Hanley, Marjory Hartsel, Mary Hartsel. Fourth Row: Nate Hatfield, Isabel Haynes, Clara Hayes, Paul Helms, Dale Hendricks, Ieanette Hevener, Mabel Hill, Eugene Hilvers, Paul Hiser, Eddie Hitchcock, Betty Holden, Ioan Hauser, Tom Houser, Marjory Hufford, Dora Humbert, Doris Humbert, Iim Hunter, Ioanne Huth, Leonard Iackson. Fifth Row: Helen Iohnson, Thelma Iones, Charles Ioseph, Clifford Keckler, Claude Keckler, Harold Keifer, Frank Kelly, Alden Kingery, Marilyn Knepper, Allen Knight, Billy Kurtz, Audrey Lambright, Patty Lanphear, Chester Layton, Alfred Scheid- hauer, Iim Libbey, Iunior Libbey, Dorothy Lind, Iune Lusk. Sixth Row: Iunior Lytle, Robert McDonald, Harold Manecke, Iane Martin, Margaret Martin, Betty Marxen, Robert McGahey, Betty Meng, Alice Millburn, Donald Miller, LaDonna Molter, Betty Moody, Iane Moots, Iunior Morel, Betty Morel, Lois Myers, Mary Morford, Ioan Needles, Lucille Newhouse. SEUEIITH GRIIDE . . Seventh Row: Edward Souder, Bob Niswander, Janet O'Brien, Colleen Opperman, Millicent Pastorius, Arlene Payne, lack Peck, Nadine Pennell, Edward Perkins, George Peyton, Clarence Picket, lrene Plott', Ann Prentice, Walter Reffner, Ioyce Rensch, Donna Rinehart, Howard Roby, Raymond Rout- son, Andrew Saldausky. Eighth Row: Rex Schwab, Geraldine Schultz, Io Ann Scott, Gerald Sendelbach, Howard Sendelbach, Donald Sherick, Alfred Scheidhauer, Bette Slater, Weslyn Snavely, Beatrice Snyder, Charles Snyder, Glenn Solomon, Forrest Wilson, Harry Stephen' son, Harold Struble, Ruby Talmadge, Charles Taylor. Ninth Row: Charles Wallace, Helen Warner, Junior Weiker, Virginia Welsch, Robert Went, Ruth Wetherill, Lea Belle Wyley, Marvelyn Williams, Bertha Wyley, Richard Slater, Forrest Wilson, Harvey Wolfarth, Iack Woodland. Tenth Row: Norman Thompson, Norman Thompson, Norman Tyson, Bobby Wagner, Warren Wunderlin, Eugene Yoder, Howard Young, Dorothy Zeller, 'Withdrawn 49 O 'fps 5 4 , f me -A ,, ,HW . .Q 'S - X I sf Q X r 6. . '. , 5 .X ml ,. L lxgm -3,2 gwgwwgb 45:5 'f Q 93 '3 '? 54 Q, Ns., mmf' Q-an U 1 N 'T se R - Z dm. 2 5 E Q 5 s 5 u s 1 2 s E S 2 P i I I I E 5 I E I I I 2 I i I S I a i E 5 3 E I I ! f . E 4 i a 2 5 5 1 f 2 s 4 4 Y 5 e 5 E 2 v 5 3 ANNUAL HEADS AND ADVISERS Mr. Smith lake Shift Mr. Nacci Bill Wonders lack Zerner Mr. l-losler lim Solornor loe Keyes As in years gone by, a group oi enter- prising personalities again shouldered the huge responsibility oi producing an annual that would meet the high standards set by previous publications ot the yearbook. One group was kept busy writing, an- other working with pictures, another get- ting ads, and still another group increasing the circulation. The last but probably most important unit was the group oi taculty advisers. Mr. Nacci, despite the fact that he probably had more varied duties than any other faculty member, gave constant- BUSINESS STAFF First Row: Isobel Carmichael, Donna Volkrner, Mildred Spitler, Esther Davis, Ieanette Beatty, Mabel Smith, Anna Foster. Second Row: Madge Smith, Roger Ridge, Gerald Might, Don Kinnaman, Carl Snyder, Graydon Whitnian, Iosephine Whitman. LITERARY STAFF First Row: Donna Volkmer, Eth- el Zimmerman, lean Saliers, Bette Graf, Mary Herbert, Thelma Schultz. Second Row: Dorothy Wine- land, Marie Greenwood, Shirley Fish, Alice Dinsrnore. Third Row: Eddie Wendel, Le Roy Nichols, Ellsworth Stateler, lames Rowles, Philip Kint, Lester Fruth. ly oi his time and energy. Mr. Hosler, now at Toledo, was a driving torce behind the annual for years and deserves much of the credit tor the fine annuals produced in the past. Mr. R. O. Smith smoothly stepped into his place the second semester. This school production, which means so much to the seniors, is a much greater task than it appears to the average student. lt is the duty of the editor to make up a dummy book, to decide What pictures to have, what size to make them, Where to put them, what to write, and where to place it in relation to the pictures. The business manager has charge oi all the money. He checks on the diiierent sources and pays all bills. The circula- tion manager has to sell the book to the students and the public. The advertising manager supervises the selling oi the ads. The l938-39 staff spent a great deal oi time on the yearbook and deserves the thanks oi everyone for this splendid pub- lication. Jlllllllllll STIIFF . Operating under an entirely new system, as an all-school activity with over 125 members on the staff, the Red and Black Journal, maintained a high standard of journalism throughout the year. The new efficient setup enabled the staff to produce eleven issues, instead of the usual eight, each one alive with the latest news, feature stories, and special columns. Action photographs were used for the first time this year to portray high spots in the daily school life. Original features such as "Guess Who", "lnquiring Re- porter", and "Little Known Facts About Alma Mater", not only became immensely popular throughout Fostoria High school but received many favorable comments from exchange schools and college papers throughout the state. The editorial policy this year aimed to give the students a newspaper which ap- proached college papers in literary excel- lence and page make-up. Knowing that appearance counts much in newspapers, painstaking care was taken to insure neat, well made-up pages, with good heads and head-lines. May the succeeding classes continue in the splendid newspaper Work that Mr. Nacci has introduced at Fostoria High. Dean Snyder ..... .... N ew: Editor Mr. Nacci .......... ......... A dviser Mary Janis Schuh .... . . .Circulation Mgr. Thelma Schultz .... lean Sayre ........ .... B usiness Mgr. Dorothy Wineland ......... Exchange Editor Bill Wonders ........... Stait Photographer Eddie Wendel .... . . . . .Feature Editor . . . . . . .Sports Editor First Row: Harold Potts, LeRoy Nichols, Philip Kint, Shirley Fish, Martha France, Harvey Wolfarth. Second Row: Mateel Preis, Donna Volkmer, Coleen Burson, Ethel Zimmerman, Elaine Saliers, Alice Dinsmore, Marie Greenwood, Janet Fast. Third Row: Willard Summers, Robert Hunker, Jean Stubblefield, Esther Davis, Bette Graf, June Myers, Mary Hitchcock, Noreen Snook, Sarah Knox, Lois Steinhour, Wilma Stone, William Shiflet, James Solomon. Fourth Row: Theo. Groman, Joan Kuhlrnan, Jane Davis, Anna Ruth Johnson, Dorothea Rowe, Lillian Rader, Maxine Turner, Iva- del Knepper, Mary France, Josephine Whitman, Josephine Spitler, Marion Weth- erill. First Row: Avis Kint, Betty Miller, Jeannetta Conner, Gertrude Whitta, Loretta Keifer. Second Row: Allan Sampson, Nancy Shupe, Phyllis Smothers, Patricia Myers, Margaret Milligan, Betty Church, Evelyn Saxton, Marjorie Sheward, James Kesler. Third Row: Joe Fruth, Janet Mansfield, Vanda June Nichols, Jean Wendel, Betty Knight, Barbara Loe, Ruth Ann Flechtner, Jeanne Knepper, Paul Ruppert, Dick Crowe. Fourth Row: Maxine Perkins, Jacqueline Knowles, Lorraine Madden, Dorothy Keifer, Donna Breidigan, Bethea Bucher, Joan Huston", Betty Mosier. Withdrawn n ,Mr K wx wsu. ,Q w is Q A 'Sf " 'fri ,MA . EDAN WWW M The BLA rr REWLFI6' Qian iiirifiezz in-iz ff 93:1 . es: at-115339311 Ling pwipaliw an sf an A033503 if ww L, Y: ,Qafsw an iaxaxggpxwz? 1 muff xgfrrx-35 fiwwrs ' xy' A fmrgmf F - A Eiitif fmm ew , i., wravwzig W tif :Mm R , g Tm miriam., gp Q- ' -:, fizgggiy :semi The was r " " -X K' 1,f9,g,.ifuilmw A -ly ' I fwfqz :'f.2:,s42fiLI2t1"3f' is "ba A , Y, vm' "U-ilxf bm. mam 7 ll t 'imrkmfi 35' X' fear ' 12135 N hw ,Axxf-lark, f ' L+ Jnbnfwrlxfxi 1 at am, Lows mv mftmimtvr Af-try, Sz, Pmnbx si, NW HUBQL '19 jffdfff AU ll Sf wi Vraim - xff.. FUD' lc? 5 sfhooi, Draft ATCET .N-.....,...,, JOURNAL If MBV fin' aoosxs nfixooi library me Sircie Iivmska 'lhrvc - !'i'2Lii bf7fQ!Lf' ax :vial 'Here they an BQ-oiusf Yoaxtii Harkn-:sa semi' W 5 cf. fl .fm ng- -4251 Ebb: A ri in P81513 yy i1H'?m?i?i!J!Cf.', inlsmwsi .mv X! rffiwui. LM-J :wifi-ra a wfmi g E 1 E x 2 2 Q EHS H434' 6 in ffl A 1f1u'fw:,a. wtexi a . 1011 eil ut hr' :Viz iam mx mf fl Q-film 11 xwxaay Yrs ' ' .xv 1 H..1::5zfr' zx fmmv -.Ku5iuz:'j-an Efffzi 14151 V-f'.x142s?iLs't wfriwe. 4. U I, 'x umm H 'M' 'firm f .Lx 4 Y T013 AT '!"hroug'n Bw-5 tu be Over A152652 heir! muh Que-raw-r. 4: 1 in ms: mxeimwzf 14 f.- 4 ' Lfiwz. fin 56 SCRIUEIIERS . . First Row: Avis Kint, Ethel Zimmerman, Isobel Carmichael, Thelma Schultz. Second Row: Helen Bixler, Maxine Turn- er, Ioan Kuhlrnan, Marilyn Harter, Dorothy Wineland, Iean Hall, Theo Groman, Eunice Flechtner, Dorothy Bostic. Third Row: Philip Kint, Lehr Rangler, Dean Snyder, Bob Hunker, William Shiflet, Louis Manecke, George Knep- per, Iames Howard. LIIIIIBDII SIGIIIH First Row: Donna Volkmer, Mabel Smith, Ethel Zimmerman, Isobel Carmichael, Mildred Spitler. Second Row: Anna Rose Lewis, Elaine Saliers, Maxine Schwab, Coleen Bur- son, Martha France. Miss Helen Crafts Miss Mable Bourquin Neither fish, flesh, nor fowlp neither club nor class. What do they do? They write. The Scriveners club is a group of stu- dents with some creative promise Writing under the supervision of Miss Mabel Bour- quin. The club holds post-lunch meetings twice a month, in the Home Ec. laboratory. No business session is held because Scriven- ers is an informal group having only one officer, a secretary, who keeps a report of all meetings. The students contributions are read or placed on the board and freely criticized. At the end of the year all the contributions that have been accepted by the club are collected in a yearbook entitled "Gossamer Threads". "Without a love for books the richest man is poor." Lambda Sigma club chose this thought as its motto when it was founded several years ago. The club meets twice monthly to further its study of the mystery of literature. VV'hat is more fascinating than reading Kiplir1g's immortal "Gunga Din", delving into the wondrous literary reflections of the mystic Wm. Butler Yates and his world of "little people?" Ah, yes, there's gold to be found in literature. The main social events of this year were the club's May Day Fashion Tea in the school library and the gala party held to honor the senior members. These are pleasant associations which supplement graduation and leave happy memories of a full year. i 1 Y l 2 I 58 DEBIITE . . First Row: M. France, E. Zimmerman, A. Dinsmore, D. Wineland. Second Row: G. Knepper, C. Snyder, I. Keyes, E. Wendel. Mr. C. F. Leiter 0llllCR0ll LIIIIIBDFI First Row: I. Davis, B. Marshall, D. Buck, R. Bersted, D. V. Sahs, V. Tylor, M. Brown, K. Smith, I. Stout, E. Shirk, L. Kiefer, M. France, I. Wade, I. Mansfield, D. Decker, I. Wendel, V. Nichols, E. Saliers, M. France. Second Row: I. Kuhlman, D. Wineland, T. Shultz, I. Read, M. Herbert, M. Green- wood, A. Dinsmore, I. Carmichael, L. Knight, M. Stevens, B. Miller, S. Fish, K. Fortener, B. Graf, S. Shitf, E. Davis, I. Saliers, I. Hunt, C. Burson. Third Row: I. Zemer, I. Tsantles, I. Mann, I. Peters, L. Fruth, I. Bulley, P. Schauder, G. Knepper, E. Wendel, I. Keyes, B. Hunker, H. Franklin, I. Howard, P. Par- menter. SCIIUHIRSHIP . . English 9th: I. Spitler, P. Ruhl, B. Wamerg English 10th: R. Lentz, A. Cox, M. France: English llth: E. Saliers, D. Buck, L. Man- eckeg English 12th: M. Herbert, A. Dins- more, M. Greenwood: Algebra: D. Bourie, W. Clore, I. Shumang Latin I: M. Preis, W. Stone, W. Picket: Latin II: I. Coppus, E. Shirk, F. Mall: General Science: R. Bird- whistle, C. Poston, W. McDaniel: World History: E. Welling, I. Wendel, L. French: Plane Geometry: R. Fast, D. Lapidos, C. Ward: Biology: I. Maurer, I. Iacobs, H. Schultz: Physics: A. Lewis, W. Summers, I. Shriderg French I: L. Cramer, R. Kirk, I. Hunt: French II: I. Bulley, R. Hunker, l. Cannichaelg American History: L. Smith, B. Whitman, I. Solomon: Chemistry: C. Snyder, D. Snyder, I. Solomon, T. Feaselg Stenography II: H. Steinhour, I. Saliers, F. Dayringerp Typing I: V. Tyler, A. R. Iohnsong Bookkeeping I: M. France, C. Burson L. Manecke. Resolved: "That the United States should establish an alliance with Great Britain." With a large class, several experienced de- baters, and with this timely question, Mr. Leiter and his debaters had a most enjoy- able and profitable year. The first semester was spent in studying the resolution from every conceivable angle, while the second was used to apply that study in debates. The debate season was opened by the State League toumament in Findlay. Argu- ments and rebuttals were organized and reorganized until the Port Clinton Speech Convention on March ll. On March 31, the debate season, an unusually full one because of the timeliness of the question at issue came to a climax at the annual Heid- elberg Tournament in Tiffin. The dramatic club of the school is Omi- cron Lambda, which is organized under the able direction of Mr. C. F. Leiter. The purpose of this club is to read and present plays. Each member is expected to take part in some production during the year. The Omicron Lambda club sponsors the annual drama contest in which the various departments, who plan to participate, ex- hibit their talents for the drama. They initiated a new form of entertain- ment by giving a club party in the upper floor of the school where dancing and food Was enjoyed. With the help of Omicron Lambda, the students have become more conscious of dramatics in the school. The climax of the school year comes with the annual scholarship tests at Bowling Green and Tiffin. A month before the ap- pointed day in May, the scholastically- minded students of Fostoria High are seen with worried expressions and loaded down with books. Each student taking part in the tests achieves not only personal honor but honor for his school. This event proves to be an incentive to many students Who might otherwise take their actual school Work far too lightly. Not only are the academic students given an opportunity to take these com- petitive scholarship examinations, but the commercial students also compete in book- keeping, shorthand, and typing at Tiffin. This year due to the commendable and unfailing effort of the scholarship team, Fostoria High School's scholastic banner waved proudly high. Flll-SCH00l PHW . . First Row: Donna Buck, Kathryn Eortener, Thelma Schultz, Esther Davis, Betty Graf, Alice Dinsmore, Ruth Bersted, Ioan Kuhl- man, Ieanne Hunt, Martha France. Second Row: Ruth Ann Flechtner, Vir- ginia Tyler, Ioe Keyes, Eddie Wendel, Paul Schauder, lim Myers, George Knepper, Lois Knight. Third Row: Ioe Miller, Tom Kabel, lack Zemer, Les Fruth, Leroy Nichols. SEIIIUR H955 PLIW . . First Row: Ice Keyes, Dorothy Wineland, Thelma Schultz, lean Saliers, Donna Volk- mer, Isobel Carmichael, Alice Dinsmore, Bette Graf, Shirley Fish, Esther Davis, Le- roy Nichols. Second Row: Iack Zerner, Eddie Wendel, Gerald Might, Robert Hunker, Ethel Zim- merman, Marie Greenwood, Mary Herbert, Dean Fredericks, Les Fruth, Ion Peter, Charles Le Comte. Third Row: Ellsworth Stateler, Iim How- ard, Charles Greenfield, Dean Snyder, lake Shiff, Pete Parrnenter, Graydon Whitman, Paul Ward, Lehr Rangeler. JUNIOR CLRSS PLIW . . First Row: Lois Miller, Ieanne Hunt, Ioan Kuhlrnan, Donna Buck, Kathryn Fortener. Second Row: Gaylord Snavely, Clifford Fox, William Smith, Paul Schauder, Iarnes Myers, Ed Kuhn. INSECT COMEDY The all school play is given principally to offer opportunities to the best actors in Senior High to exercise their acting ability. The production of the lnsect Comedy this year proved to be a delightful experience for both the actors and the audience. The play on the surface was a true fan- tasy and the characters Were ridiculously insect-like: but the deep meaning of the play stood forth as a clever satire of Var- ious phases of our present life and civiliza- tion. Cooperation and dependability were the key-notes which determined the success of this play. Without these two elements a comedy of this type with so many charac- ters, could not hope to please the audience. The Seniors' contribution to the dramatic calendar of Fostoria High this year was "Iudgment Day" by Elmer Rice. It was Very aptly portrayed by an efficient cast and under the splendid direction of Mr. C. F. Leiter. The play itself is a powerful drama laid against a European political background in a country ruled by the iron hand of a dictator. The story concerns the trial of a man and a woman charged with an at- tempted assassination of the dictator. The entire action takes place in a courtroom, in an atmosphere of tenseness and excite- ment and reaches a very startling climax. The Iuniors displayed their flare for the drama on the stage of Fostoria High by presenting "The Eyes of Tlaloc." lt was an entertaining play packed with mystery and thrills and ably portrayed by talented members of the Iunior Class. The plot of the play was centered around the greedy Indian god "Tlaloc" and how he affected the lives of Nancy Howe, her uncle and others who eventually were drawn into the sinister web of the play. lntermingled in the weird plot was a ro- mantic interest that added to the play. Credit is due to Mr. Leiter for his direction, to the stage crew for sound and stage effects, and to the cast for its fine coopera- tion. 62 SEIIIOR HI-V . First Row: I. Peters, A. Basinqer, C. Le Comte, B. Munsey, I. Keyes, P. Parmenter, T. Feasel, I. Solomon, B. Snavely. Second Row: I. Rowles, I. Zemer, L. Fruth, I. Tsantles, I. Mann, I. Shiff, H. Franklin, P. Ward, E. Wendel, I. Buckingham, L. Brink, I. Barnes, D. Switzer. Third Row: I. Shrider, P. Kint, G. Might, A. Zuelzke, G. Whitman, R. Ridge, I. Aldrich, R. Holden, E. Statler, G. Logsdon, C. Greenfield. Fourth Row: L. Nichols, A. Dillon, W. Won- ders, W. Duffield, D. Kinnaman, C. Snyder, B. Hunker, I. Howard, R. Haines. JUIIIUR Ill-V . . First Row: L. Lather, H. Hakes, C. Statler. Second Row: E. Kuhn, I. Smith, I. Myers, R. Hill, C. Kisabeth, G. Snavely, P. Schauder, T. McDonel, C. Fox. Third Row: H. Kirian, L. Cramer, L. Switzer, A. Clark, A. Russell, G. Clark, I. Harrison, C. Mottram, B. Bates, M. Fouts. Mr. George Evans Hi-Y, the outstanding boys' club of the high school, started with a small group of eight in 1922 and has grown until its mem- bership now numbers 70 Iuniors and Sen- iors Who hold weekly noon luncheons on Wednesday to discuss important service projects and the problems of modern youth. Frequently, outstanding men in the com- munity, speak to the boys on vocational opportunities and other subjects very timely to boys of high school age. The outstanding project of this year was the "Sweetheart" Banquet, an annual for- mal affair. Two mixers were also held, one for the Senior High and one for the Iunior High boys. The Hi-Y and GR., following an annual custom, held impressive early morning Easter services during Holy Week. Also in conjunction with the G.R., the Hi-Y boys sold refreshments at football and basketball games and sponsored one of the basketball game dances. This year, a new custom-that of electing officers each semester-was inaugurated by the Hi-Y to give more boys an oppor- tunity to develop leadership, ability, and experience in conducting a group. The officers who served the first semester were: President, Iim Solomon: vice-presi- dent, Iack Zemery secretary, Dean Snyder: and treasurer, Iake Shiff. The officers for the second semester were: President, Graydon Whitman: vice-presi- dent, Gerald Might: secretary, Pete Par- mentery and treasurer, Iake Shiff. , ,W , ,, , Q uf v ,Am .b J, -, L. , , 64 SR. GIRL RESERUES First Row: B. Miller, P. Miller, P. Wagner, I. Car- michael, M. Herbert, M. Greenwood, A. Dins- more, S. Shiff, I. Saliers, M. Spitler, D. Volkmer, V. Tyler, M. Smith. Second Row: R. Young, A. Kint, K. Sauder, W. Tyson, N. Deerwester, C. Doty, I. Myers, A. Roth- enbuhler, H. Bixler, A. Lewis, I. Beatty, B. Peters, H. Steinhour, M. Turner, P. Feasel, L. Braman, C. Deckard, I. Whitman, P. Echelbarger. Third Row: I. Connor, M. Smith, G. Stagger, B. Clary, E. Niday, T. Groman, I. Stout, M. Forbess, E. Zimmerman, R. Kirk, I. Culp, C. Coppus, G. Dennis, S. Fish, B. Ridenour,-B. Crowe. Fourth Row: M. France, E. Saliers, C. Burson, I. Davis, B. Marshall, M. Arnold, D. Bostic, M. Harter, I. Welling, A. Iohnson, B. Hutchins, B. Graf. Fifth Row: I. Kuhlman, L. Knight, I, Hall, K. Morel, F. Talmadge, M. Wank, D. Wineland, K. Forte- ner, D. Buck. Mrs. Davis G. R. OFFICERS Sylvia Shiff, Marie Greenwood, Alice Dinsmore, Mary Herbert, Isobel Carmichael, Donna Volk- mer, Iean Saliers, Pauline Wagner, Mildred Spitler, Virginia Tyler. Miss Isabel Hun! JR. GIRL RESERUES First Row: D. Breidigan, I. Knepper, I. Iacoby, W. Geyer, I. Spitler, I. Huston", L. Rothenbuhler, A. Opperman, D. Stambough, I. Oyler, I. Coppus. Second Row: L. Bostic, R. Flechtner, C. Basehore, I. Mergenthaler, E. Saxton, M. Sheward, K. Smith, M. Stevens, M. Segner, B. Cooper, I. Atwell, P. Hicks, G. Berger, F. Lynch, B. Bucher. Third Row: D. Stout, H. Solomon, I. Stubblefield, M. Bullock, A. Anderson, R. Gibat, D. Rowe, B. Lord, N. Smith, S. Creeger, M. Raymont, D. Sauler, B. Stoddard, I. Mansfield, I. Wendel, M. Preis, I . Iacobs, M. Lee, A. Borough, M. Hill. Fourth Row: M. Clark, D. Iohnson, M. Walters, M. Davis, I. Graf, H. Fling, D. Harrison, M. France, R. Hoffman, G. Iones, L. Iones, V. Nichols. Fifth Row: R. Huffman, I. Zemer, A. Ford, B. Ander- son, W. Stone, D. Tumer, P. Ruhl, E. Brink, I. Knepper, I. Wade, E. Shirk. ' Withdrawn Under the able direction of Miss Isabel Hunt and Mrs. Mildred Davis, this out- standing girls' organization of Fostoria High School has just completed a most enjoy- able and profitable year. The G. R.'s lived up to their code of giving service by cooperating with Hi-Y in the maintenance of the hot dog stand at the football games. They brought cheer into the lives of Fostoria's shut-ins by singing Christmas carols and distributing valen- tines in the Old Folk's Home, the hospital, and the Convalescent Home. Each triangle made two scrap-books for the benefit of children in the hospital. In this proiect, the club gave each girl an opportunity to feel that she was doing something worthwhile. At Christmas, they gave service to the Welfare Department of the city by provid- ing books and toys for the needy convales- cent children. They also cooperated with Hi-Y in the annual Holy Week and Easter services. The club gave valuable service to its members by presenting helpful and con- structive advice on attaining poise and personality. The weighty problem of choosing a vocation was discussed and the program helped many to decide on their life's work. The club sponsored a mixer for the girls of the high school, thus aiding them in their social training. The White Triangle presented as a Christmas program a very cleverly written original pageant using the G. R. code as a fitting gift for the Christ Child. The Purple Triangle, with its unusual musical talent, presented a very beautiful and impressive Easter program with music as a theme. GIRLS' H0lllE ECOIl0IlllCS . . Miss Lucy Swinqle Miss Kathryn Marshall First Row: E. Saxton, M. Zeller, E. Niday I. Soles, B. Howard, M. Brombley, E Shock, L. Miller, E. l-laytield, B. Wise, D Stout, M. Saxton, B. Washler, D. Thomp- son, P. Hicks, I. Anderson, L. Braman. Second Row: B. Price, W. Tyson, C. Base- hore, P. Smith, M. Yenser, N. Deerwester, D. Smith, I. Knowles, A. Brough, G. Solo- mon, K. Smith, B. Thomas, S. Creeger. Third Row: C. Doty, P. Gossard, M. Seqner B. Cooper, L. Rader, C. Deckard, M. Per- kins, K. Pappas, F. Snavely, D. Breidigan M. Bullock, P. Boday. I. Atwell. BUVS' HOIllE ECUIIDIIIICS . . First Row: Tarris, Rose, Barnes, Franklin, Switzer, Statler. Second Row: Harshman, Tribby, Brink, Logsdon, Nye, Manecke. Third Row: Haines, Ogg, Buckingham, Mohr, Leonard. STIIDEIIT C0llllCIl . . First Row: G. Knepper, E. Shirk, M. France E. Saliers, C. Burson, M. Herbert, Geyer, I. Solomon. Second Row: M. Hill, I. Coppus, I. Saliers, D. Wineland, M. Greenwood. Third Row: L. Fruth, I. Timanus, B. McDaniel, I. Keyes, W. Franklin, I. Mauer, R. Bird- whistle. Fourth Row: C. Kisabeth, I. Zemer, G. Windsor., B. Munsey. This was a successful year for the Mod- ern Maids under the leadership of Miss Swingle and Miss Marshall. They held demonstrations, discussions, several social affairs and money-making projects. An original idea this year was a scrapbook compiled by the girls and submitted to the Home Economics meeting in Columbus. ln their Mother's Day program on May 8th, the group presented a style review. An- other important occasion for them was the Annual Senior dinner. One used to smile when speaking of a group of boys taking instruction in cook- ing, but not any more. ln high schools throughout the country, Boys' Home Ec. classes are every bit as popular as Chem- istry or Algebra. Fostoria High School is one of the schools that can boast of a Boys' Home EC. club, more informally called the Bachelor's Daze. The boys sponsor candy sales that make the girls green with envy, and incidentally the candy is delicious. Much fun has been made of these "bach- elors" in their white aprons, but their desire for this club has proved to be a very sen- sible and practical one. The Student Council is composed of all home room presidents ot the seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth grades together with all the Iunior and Senior class officers. It also included the Hi-Y and G. R. Presi- dents plus two elective Senior members. This year as usual the council made it a point to do things which it thought would tend to better the school life of the Fostoria High students. It has been the annual duty of the Coun- cil to sponsor the Magazine Campaign. The money which is appropriated has always been used for some school need. ! F 68 FRESHIIIHII PLIWERS . . First Row: M. Dray, N. Smith, B. Bucher, M Milligan, M. Davis, I. Graf, I. Spitler, M Ruehle, B. Church, A. Anderson, B Anderson, E. Cramer, I.. Schultz, D. Lewis L. Stauffer, R. Clark, M. Berger. Second Row: A. Greenfield, D. Hall, K Groves, A. Ford, M. Price, W. Geyer, I Knepper, E. Gair, I. Copley, P. Ruhl, N Raubenolt, C. Opperman, B. Snyder, A Opperman, H. Iohnson, I. Friesner, D Stambaugh. Third Row: M. Davidson, M. Hill, L. Lind, P. Walhs, B. Warner, I. Iacoby, M. Bea R. Birdwhistle, V. Baker, M. Wetherill, C Rouse, R. Cohn, M. Seiple, C. Shift, D Harrison. IIUDUBUII IIITESFIH . . First Row: W. Alge, D. Lapidos, E. Welling G. Windsor, R. Fort, V. Baker, B. McDaniel. Second Row: B. Clore, I. Mergenthaler, L. Steinhour, I. Stubbleiield, I. Oyler, B Stoddard, M. Seiple. Mr. O. K. Coldwell Mrs. Mildred Hutchinson These striving young students, who have just begun their school careers as Fresh- men, have been building under the Watch- iul guidance of Mrs. Hutchinson, a solid foundation tor later membership in the Omicron Lambda. While increasing their knowledge in histrionics, they have at- tained many honors tor their splendid presentations. They have taken a very active part in the dramatic activities of the school and will go tar as members ot other organiza- tions. They have three more years in which to reach new heights and will surely give many worthwhile productions. These enterprising Freshmen and Sopho- mores made great progress in their quest tor every day scientific knowledge this year. Mr. Caldwell, their adviser, saw to it that they came to have a greater respect for nature by conducting nature studies, star studies and hikes in the open. These oppor- tunities made them more aware of the necessity of the complex objects about them which have as important a role in this universe as man does. It is the thought ot everyone that they continue in their Work and realize a large profit from it. Miss Virginia Crawford First Row: Iames Solomon, Lester Fruth, Alice Dinsmore, lack Zerner, Mary Herbert, Dean Snyder, Marie Greenwood, Bill Munsey. Second Row: Eunice Flechtner, Virginia Tyler, lean Saliers, Ethel Zimmerman, Donna Volkmer, Isobel Carmichael, Phyllis Echelbarger, Coleen Burson, Elaine Saliers, leanne Hunt, Dorothy Wineland. Third Row: Thomas Feasel, George Knepper, Ion Peter, Ice Keyes, lake Shiff, Carl Snyder, Graydon Whitman, LeRoy Nichols, Allan Russell. IIIITIUIIFIL HUIIUR SUCIETV . . The Fostoria chapter of the National Honor Society took another step forward this year and became an active society. As the name implies, this honorary organ- ization rewards a certain percent of the students of the Senior and lunior classes who possess the desired qualities of character, service, scholarship, and leader- ship. Membership the first semester is re- stricted to five per cent of the senior class. ln the second semester, an additional ten per cent of the Senior class and five per cent of the Iunior class are admitted. As was stated before, the society became an active one and undertook several pro- jects this year. These included the drawing up and publishing of ahandbook Cvery ben- eficial to new studentsl, the revision of the club constitution, the letters of congratula- tion written to all those students who at- tained high enough scholastic ratings to be on the honor roll, and last but not least, the impressive induction ceremony which ushered in the new members. lt was due to the capable direction and untiring efforts of Miss Crawford that this year, for the first tirne, the National Honor Society became an active organization. URGHII .. MAGAZINE CAMPAIGN This year's campaign started very slow- ly, but the competition at the end was so keen that it almost ended in a lunior and Senior class brawl. lf that spirit had pre- vailed from the start, the school would have made double the amount of money it did but the results were qood. lt was through the funds of the campaign that it was pos- sible to purchase a sound motion picture machine, a public address system, and this last year, the electric Orqatron organ. This campaign was beneficial to each individual student in the improvements that were made possible to the school. lt also developed qualities that Will make him successful in business. Left to Right: First How: D. Wineland, C. 1 Adams, A. Dinsmore, L. Nichols, D. Kinnaman, I. Zemer. Second Row: B. Lowe, A. Burkhart, I. Stubblefield, P. Hicks, N. Smith, K. Souder, Third Row: M. Clark, V. Welsh, V. Tyler, M. Harter, I. Warner, L. Miller, C. Burson, R. Ber- sted. Fourth Row: I. Rinehard, D. Bercaw, L. Painter, H. Russel, S. Stipp, D. Bru- baker. THE TRIIFFIC PFlTR0l . . George Knepper, Roger Ridge, Norman Stout, William Duffield, Tom Feasel, Ion Peter, Iaclc Zemer, lake Shiff. STUDEIIT IIURSES . . Sitting: Ioan Kuhlman, Phyllis Echelbarger, lane Davis, Mil- dred Spitler, Isobel Carmichael, Maxine Schwab. Standing: Helen Bixler, La Vonne Dillon, Georgia Kellums, lane Culp, Thelma Shultz, Theodocia Groman. THE COIIIIIIEREIHL CLUB . . First Row: Ieanetta Connor, Maxs ine Forbess, Betty Rhoads, lake Shift, Pierre Hover, La Vonne Sampson, Betty Ohls, Edna Karp. Second Row: Glada Smith, Sarah Knox, Betty Peters, Bernadine Mosier, Carolyn Coppus, Noreen Snook, Betty Hutchins, Margaret Omlor. Third Row: Gladys Dennis, Phyllis Echelbarger, Helen Steinhour, Charles Greenfield, Dorothy Madden, Ardeth Rothenbuhler, Clara Kimble, Mary Ianis Schuh. Miss Doneldcl McDonald Miss Lucille Kunable Several of Walter Winchell's famous orchids to these brave souls who protect our lives against menacing traffic as We leave school every noon and night! They brave the Wind, the rain, the snow, and most of all, the teacher's glances when they leave just as the next day's assignment is about to be given. The organization was founded a number of years ago under the auspices of the Fostoria Automobile club in order to pre- vent accidents at the intersections of High and Perry Streets and High and Main Streets. "Ouch! I cut my finger in Manual," says a Seventh grade boy as he holds up a somewhat dirty forefinger dripping with blood. l-le doesn't really have to Worry, how- ever, because one of the efficient student nurses Will soon fix it. Due to these capable young Women and the watchful eye of their adviser, Miss Kanable, many serious consequences have been avoided. All who have ever been suddenly taken ill in school realize what a valuable ser- vice these girls perform for Fostoria High School. They cope with emergencies at any time and place. The Commercial Club was reorganized again this fall. Its purpose is to study and discuss the problems of business facing students in school life and after graduation. Any senior in commercial classes is eligi- ble to join this club. The meetings, social and business, are entirely planned by the members of the club. They take field trips, hold meetings consisting of reports on various types of machines used in business offices, and read plays pertaining to business and ideal secretaries. V THE PHLETTE. . First Row: Loretta Kiefer, Iacqueline Knowles, Le- tha Rothenbuhler, Donna Stout. Second Row: Don Kinna- man, Gaylord Clark, Bob Hunker, Ellsworth State- ler. RCCDUHTIHG .. Ieanetta Connor, Betty Rhoads, Carolyn Coppus. Mr. G. D. Knepper HBBHRV STHFF First Row: Bernadine Mo- sier, Mabel Smith, Ieanne Hall, Betty Marshall. Second How: Phoeba Feasel, Rolda Kirk. Miss Hannah Scott The Palette is the art club of Fostoria High School and was founded through the efforts of Miss Agnes Kircher and the Senior High art students during the school term of 1938-39. The club meets every fourth Monday evening of each month. At the meetings discussions center around the lives and works of the master artists both old and modern. Field trips were taken to the Toledo Museum of Art and the Queen of the Holy Rosary Cathedral during the year to en- able the study ot the applications of art during Ancient, Medieval, and Modern times. The club's purpose is to promote art appreciation in the school and in the com- munity. It is hoped that the club will become larger next year and create a greater appreciation for art in Fostoria high. The Work in the Accounting Department is under the supervision of Mr. G. D. Knep- per. The duties of the accountants are to issue balance sheets at the end of each month, type checks, special statements for the separate organizations when they are requested to do so, do special typing, and keep an account of the transactions of all organizations and departments. Cne of the highest honors for a bookeep- ing student is to be selected as an account- ant. Quiet and unassuming are the girls who make up the library staff. They receive little recognition: nevertheless they go about doing their tasks with the utmost care. Filing books and magazines, helping students with reference material, these are the tasks of the library staff. Their supervisor, Miss Scott, is always willing to give her time to any student who may need it. IIIUSIC "Musicl soft charm of heav'n and earthy Whence dids't thou borrow thy auspicious birth? Or art thou of eternal date, Sire to thyself, thyself as old as Fate?" Music is the universal language "loved by some, known by all". Longfellow once said that singers were sent upon the earth to bring heav'n back to man. In saying this, he brought out the aptitude of a song in expressing the feeling of beauty. Wheth- er it be the quiet serene beauty of love or loneliness, or the gay, agile beauty of frivolity and mirth depends upon the song itself: but no matter what kind it is, song invariably expresses a distinct emotion. To appreciate life to its fullest extent, one naturally has to love song and know music either as a listener or as a singer. For those of the high school who wish to enjoy music as a singer does, the chorus, glee clubs, and choirs offer a wide oppor- tunity to do so. The activity of these groups is great. One of their outstanding achieve- ments this year was the operetta, "An Old Kentucky Garden". ln addition to this, they sang at festivals and gave several con- certs, the two outstanding ones being in collaboration with the other musical or- ganizations of the school: the band and orchestra. The latter offers opportunities for musical expression to those who prefer instrumental music which, as the vocal song, has magnetic powers of expression, either melancholic or gay. Peter Newell says: "She played upon her music box a fancy air by chance: And straightway all her polka-dots began a lively dance." This was a full year for the instrumental department, too. The band, playing its rou- tine marches and school songs during foot- ball season, had a busy fall: while the orchestra practiced many an extra hour in mastering the numbers for the State Or- chestra contest in the Spring. In addition to these two special activities they, as the vocal department members, gave several concerts during the year. I 5 5 s 4 i 1 5 5 2 , 1 I' Q 5 1 E z I 2 a i I K i I 5 n I BHHD PERSUHHEL.. Marion Wothorill .... . . . President Wilbur Wonders. . .Vice-President Edwin Kuhn ........... Secretary CLARINETS Arthur Zuelzke Willard Summers Lawrence Cramer Howard Myers William Clore Charles Koester Glenn Walker lack Lindsay Eugene Patterson Gaylord Clark ALTO CLARINET Emest Thompson BASSOONS T Edwin Kuhn Neil Rangler ALTO SAXOPHONES Mike Pappas Harold Daughterman TENOR SAXOPHONE Dale Harrison T BARITON E SAXOPHONE Ioseph Miller BASS SAXOPHONE Eugene Stahl CORNETS Rex Ridge Norman Marxen Iames Tsantles S Harry Woodard Charles Brough Robert Stzuble ROMBONES Marion Wetherill William McDaniels Norman Deer Donald Bercaw Donald Boroughf Leroy Sheifel UBAS lack Fey Don Kinnaman Dale Buckingham Iunior Fry Samuel Grogg Franklin Valenti Pierre Haver TRING BASSES Philip Brubaker Vemon Baker URCHESTRH PERSDHHEL Arthur Zuelzke ......... President George Knepper, Ir.. .V.-President Dorothy Wineland ..... .Secretary BASS CLARINET Philip Kint FLUTE-PICCOLO Wilbur Wonders Dick Lapidos Robert Houghton OBOE Robert Carter FIRST VIOLINS Ivadell Knepper Roger Ridge Dorothy Wineland Maxine Segner Marilyn Harter Margaret Stevens Donna Jean Harrison Ethel Zimmerman SECOND VIOLINS Arthur Zuelzke Ellen Cramer Patsy Walsh Florence Norris Miriam Snavely Donnavee Sahs George Pappas Rudolph Walters TRUMPETS SNQRE DRUMS Iames LeComte Qylord Snuvely Wendell Wells John SmVe1Y HORNS Robert Greenlee William Duffield BASS DRUM Melvin Wetherill Robert Fest Robert Bates TIMPANI Douglas Twells EUPHONIUMS Roger Ridge Iames Timanus Rudolph Walters VIOLAS Robert Houghton Ioseph Miller Ianet Iacobs Ieanne Wendell Ieanne Chandler Ieanne Stout CELLOS Virginia Tyler Ioyce Pillsburg Frances Snavely Iames Timanus STRING BASSES Iack Fey Betty Jeanne Cooper Philip Brubaker Leta Bostic Vernon Baker FLUTES Wilbur Wonders Dick Lapidos OBOE Robert Carter BA SSOONS Edwin Kuhn Neil Rangler George Knepper, Ir. STUDENT MANAGERS Robert Cockie Iunior Harrison Verton Rhoades CLARINETS Willard Summers Lawrence Cramer Vanda Nichols TRUMPETS Rex Ridge Norman Marxen Iames Tsantles HORNS Melvin Wetherill William Duffield Robert Bates Douglas Twells TROMBONES Marion Wetherill William McDaniels Norman Deer TUBA Pierre I-laver PERCUSSION George Knepper, Ir. Robert Fast Gaylord Snavely Iohn Snavely STUDENT MANAGERS Robert Cockie Iunior Harrison Verton Rhoades .fh- Q , U 'm sg yn gil' q,w.,M,, 2294 Ma 'fag 2 12 3 , ., wr fl, 2 E c.W5l':YK'N A L, Lf f 5 f Art Zuelzke E E. Smith W. T. Fisher When newspaper headlines proclaim first place for a Fostoria High instrumental or vocal group, people shake their heads and say: "Fostoria certainly is lucky to have so many talented people." Fostoria has no more "talented" people to begin with than any other school ot its size. What we do have are two men: Mr. E. E. Smith and Mr. W. T. Fisher who take these young people with "talent" and de- velop accomplished musicians. When Mr. Smith leads his band in public concerts, critics applaud. When Mr. Fisher directs his vocalists in the "Messiah", music lovers cheer lustily. When Art Zuelzke struts his stuff, across the gridiron in his spotless white uniform, deftly twirling his shining baton, girls' hearts come to atten- tion. Yes, Mr. Smith, Mr. Fisher, and the F.H.S. drum major bring out the best in every Fostoria High musician. PIT ORCHESTRH . . Virginia Tyler, lack Fey, Dorothy Wineland, Marilyn Harter Ivadel Knepper Roger Ridge Mary Herbert, Mr. E. E. Smith, Wilbur Summers, Arthur Zuelzke Wilbur Wonders Norman Marxen, Rex Ridge, George Knepper, Marion Wetherill William Duffield Music for the chapel programs, all-school and class plays, and many other school activities during the year is furnished by an up-and-coming organization of the school, the pit orchestra. The capable young people who make it up are chosen because of their special ability in playing a particular instrument. They have to work extra hours before and during school to "put the finishing touches" on their performances. As a result of their earnest toil, the popularity of their organi- zation has greatly increased. Martial music, light, and airy tunes have all been played equally Well to lighten the hearts and minds of the students and the visitors to the building. The Fostoria High School Pit Orchestra, under the capable and efficient direction of Mr. E. E. Smith, has done very fine Work in the past and will continue in the future to do Work which is equally as admirable. Fl EIlPPEllH CHOIR . . First Row: Martha France, lune Welling, Lucille Lind, Phyllis Third Row: Arthur Clark, Iulian Bulley, Lester Fruth, Wilbur Echelbarger, Maxine Forbess, Mary Herbert, Madge Smith, Betty Miller, Patty Miller, Donna Volkmer, lean Saliers, Ruth Bersted, Elota Hayfield, Bessie Wise, Leah Mae Workley, Ardeth Rothenbuhler, Gladys Dennis. Second Row: Wanda Tyson, Margaret Hill, lean Stout, Betty Franklin, Donald Bercaw, Philip Brubaker, Melvin Rose, Iohn Shrider, Robert Might, Gaylord Snavely, LeRoy Nichols, Don Estes, loe Keyes, loe Bates, lack LeComte, Eugene Patterson, Verton Rhoades. C151-ey' pumcig Hicks, Vfmdu Nichols' tune Myers' Iecm, Fourth Row: Ion Peter, Clair Kisabeth, Don Kinnaman, Gay- ette Beatty, Marjorie Sheward, loyce Pillsburg, Gladys Zeller, Margaret Stevens, lean l-lunt, Betty Cooper, Lois Knight, Lois Schlosser, Dorothy Smith. lord Clark, Robert Hunker, Harold Franklin, Don Boroughi, Edmund Wendel, Arthur Zuelzke, Lewis Brink, Iames Myers, lack Zemer, Paul Rupert. This makes the fourth consecutive year that the A Cappella Choir, under the direction of Wallace T. Fisher, has been organized. Through- out this time, it has participated in many musical activities and has attained much success as a vocal group. Among the choir's outstanding activities this year, was the "Messiah" which with the coop- eration oi the community chorus, was a splendid success. Much appreciation was shown by the audience in the acceptance oi this Work. The choir also proved its ability as a musical organ- ization in the State contest. When singing for a teachers' meeting in Toledo, the choir made several recordings of its music. These recordings will live on and the choir will never be iorgotteny for the echo oi their lovely voices still remains. 82 BOVS' Fl CIIPPELLR CHDIR .. First Row: Harold France, Harry Stephenson, Vernon New- house, Rudy Walters, Iohn Burgbacher, Carter Clark, Carl Rouse, Rudy Cohn, Wayne Picket, Martin Groman, Calvin T Roberts. Second Row: Nate Hatfield, Harvey Wolfarth, Harvey Bostic, Raymond Boday, Dale Harrison, Gene Newell, Harold Struble, Robert Wilcox, Ir., Russell Smith, Albert Rhoads, Don Scott, lay Davis, Caral Fouts. hird Row: Donald Bercaw, Alfred Woods, Phillip Brubaker, Mervin Rose, lohn Shrider, Arthur Clark, Robert Hunker, Gaylord Clark, Donald Boroughf, lim Myers, Arthur Zuelzke, Eugene Patterson, LeRoy Nichols, lack LeComte, Verton Rhoads, Ioe Bates. Among the vocal music organizations of the school, one is proud to have the Boys' A Cap- pella Choir. It shows that the school is improving in ability to appreciate good music. This group is made up of music-minded boys and any school that can boast of such a group should be congratulated. Football, basketball, etc. are forgotten when these boys begin to sing. For a group of boys to show such avid interest in music is indeed a compliment to the music department of the school. Every year these boys work hard and strive to rank high in vocal contests. May they always achieve the goal which they strive for! Bersted, Karp, Hayfield, Wise. IRLS' GLEE ClUB . . First Row: Hicks, Forbess, Echelbarger, Sheward, Frank, Pillsburg, France, Ray- rnont, Creeger, Shift, Workly, Cooper, Smith, Schlosser, Stevens. Second Row: P. Miller, B. Miller, France, Harter, Welling, Lee, Tumer, K. Smith, Myers, Nichols, Morrison, Amold, Beck, Third Row: Tyson, Hill, Cl ..y, Stout, Beatty, Niday, Zeller, Dieter, Wade, Shirk, Decker, Snavely, Fruth, Wendel, Knight, Eger. Pianist: Virginia Tyler. BUVS' GlEE CLUB . . First Row: Keyes, Wendel, Wetherill, Harri- son, Hakes, Fruth, Franklin, Mann, Le- Comte, Clark, Peter, Myers, Estes. Second Row: Rhoades, Bates, Le Comte, Bercaw, Brubaker, Ward, Bulley, Switzer, Zuelzke, Nichols, Mann. Third Row: Rupert, Patterson, French, Rose, Hunker, Boroughf, Franklin, Kinnaman, Reinhard, ller, Ward, Kidd, Brink, Zemer. Accompanist: lune Isabelle Myers. IIIIHED CHORUS First Row: Peter, Myers, Tyler, Mr. Fifth Row: Hicks, Arnold, Frank, Mor- Fisher. Second Row: Tyson, Herbert, France Welling, B. Miller, Bercaw, Bru- baker, Woods, Boroughf, Bates Myers, Rupert, Keyes, Dennis Schlosser, Rothenbuhler, Workley Knight, Trudel. Third Row: Clarey, Stout, P. Miller, Echelbarger, Forbess, LeComte, Reinhard, Rose, Hakes, Patterson Rhoades, Hayfield, Smith, Karp Chandler, Bogqess, Cooper. Fourth Row: Hill, Smith, Beatty, Sampson, Smith, Adams, Hunker, Wetherill, Harrison, Clark, French Brink, Wendel, Zuelzke, Price, Ohls Omlor, Eger, Dieter, Beck, Wise. 1 rison, Niday, Bishop, Marshall Fruth, Franklin, Smith, Coppus Mann, Kidd, Welling, Stevens: Harter, Fortener, Burson, Davis Hunt, France, Fruth. ' Sixth Row: Bersted, Creeger, Sheward Tumer, Huffman, Shirk, Ward Mann, Kisabeth, Logsdon, Franklin Switzer, Nichols, Estes, Pillsburg Zeller, Brink, Wade, Wendel, Mans: field, Decker, Lee, Smith, Volkmer, Beeson. Seventh Row: Nichols, Thomas, Smith Morris, Stoddard, Raymont, Lee Shrider, Clark, Duffield, Kinnaman Iler, Shauder, Bulley, Zemer, Cook Tumer, Stagger, Souder, Wank Sauler, Knepper, Flechtner, Shiff Saliers. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Is it the singing of birds? No, the Girls' Glee Club is practicing one of its beautiful and harmonious renditions of a group of songs. It isn't simply the fact that there are ex- cellent singers among them that makes these girls a success, but also the fact that they are Willing to put forth a persistent effort to attain success. The members of the Boys' Glee Club this year again earned their share of vocal honors. They proved themselves to be thoroughly in earnest in their singing. They took part in the operetta, "Kentucky Garden", sang for the Farmers' Institute, and on several other occasions were great- ly enjoyed by those who were fortunate enough to hear them. Mr. Fisher is justly proud of the voices of this group. The Mixed Chorus this year produced one of the outstanding chapters of the school's musical achievements. Under the able direction of Wallace T. Fisher, this chorus attained much recognition and provided enjoyment for many people. The organization very successfully presented a thrilling operetta "ln a Kentucky Garden" and inspiringly aided the community chorus in the interpretation of the great masterpiece, "The Messiah". Their rendi- tion of the Hallelujah Chorus will long be remembered by those who attended this spectacular performance. 85 --. af 1 1-'M w K . aww. . --- lf' f -wiv -Q "'u..., xs. F t First Row Coach Ike Trubey Charles Greenfield Iohn Third Row: Trainer Al Sawdy, Ir. Aldrich, Arthur Clark, Shrider Henry Lind Charles LeComte Alex Lind Assls Charles Ffflllklint Lewis Brink, AISH RUSS911, GC1Y1Ofd mm Cinch Stun Lewis Clark Bill Shitlet, Pete Parmenter, Clair Kisabeth, Faculty M anager W. W. Nixon, second Row Manager Don March Lloyd Holden Kaine Fourth Row: Manager Harold Franklin, Herbert Hakes, Lester Bennett Bob Mlqht Wilbur Fmnkhn Frank SG us Y Switzer, Elwood Chapman, Clitt Fox, Charles lrnber, Law- rence Smith, Roscoe Marshall, Lester Fruth, Graydon French D1Ck W6-St MGHGQGI ChCIFl9S MOltFG1'r1 Whitman, Bill Munsey, Manager lames Solomon, Undeteatedl Untiedl The Fostoria High Redmen completed one ot their most suc- cessful seasons since l92O by going through ten games without a defeat. Whip- ping most ot the big schools in the North- western and Central districts, they became rated as number two in the state by leading sports authorities. They scored 295 points to their opponents' 25 and they carried the ball a little over 2 miles throughout the games during the season. This season's success can be attributed to the boys' complete cooperation with the coaches. Fostoria had no outstanding stars, but did have 34 boys who wanted to play football and who didn't seem to have heard the Word defeat. Since Coach Trubey's arrival three years ago and Ass't Coach Lewis' coming a year later, football has been on the upward trend. This year their undefeated and un- tied team was classed as one of the best in the state. That is not all. What is more important yet, they help build up character and mind. Throughout the football and basketball season, these seven cheerleaders put pep and fire into both the team and the student body. During the cool nights of the football season the cheerleaders kept the student body on its feet, yelling for the team, un- mindful of the biting air. Coaches "Ike" Trubey and Stan Lewis Eddie Wendel, Senior Ed Kuhn, lunior 'Wanda Geyer, Freshman Ruth Beeson, Iunior loe Keyes, Senior lean Saliers, Senior Elaine Saliers, lunior i E N If A IIIHIIIIGERS Donald March lim Solomon Charles Mottram Dick Lapidos Harold Franklin LETTERIIIEII lt is these boys who do the many things unseen by the public that help a good football team be better. These fellows keep the suits in the best of condition. They oil shoes, tighten cleats, wash headgears, clean balls, and do a million and one other things that go into keeping a football team looking fit. Munsey, Bill, Billy .... .... Fruth, Lester, Les ......., Marshall, Roscoe, Ros ...... Whitman, Graydon, Whit.. Smith, Lawrence, Speed .... Aldrich, Howard, Iunior. . . Parmenter, Floyd, Pete ..... Le Comte, Charles, Chuck.. Lind, Henry, Heinie ...... Shrider, Iohn, Iohnny ...... Shitlet, William, Bill ........ . Quarterback . . . . . .l'lalfback- . . . . .Haliback- . . ..... Halfback- . . . . .Halfback- .......End . . .Tackle- . , . .Guard- . . .Center- . . . .Guard- . . .Tackle- Greenfield, Charles, Charlie ..... .... G uard- Smith, Charles, Iunior ...... Fox, Clifford, Cliff ......... lmber, Charles, Charlie .... Kisabeth, Clair, Stretch ..... Clark, Gaylord, Gay ..... Russell, Allen, Russ .... Lind, Alex, Alec ..... Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior . . . . . .End-Senior . . .I-lalfback-Iunior . . . .Fullback-Iunior . . . .Tackle-Iunior . . . . .Tackle-Iunior . . . . . . . . .Center-Iunior Guard-Sophomore The trainers have a very important role to play in producing good football teams. They see that a boy keeps himself in the peak of physical condition. They rub, swab, and bandage after every scrimmage. Before the games, they are lost in yards of tape that they finally manage to get on the players' bodies. Byron Stearns Mr. Nixon, as Senior High faculty man- ager, and Mr. Stearns, as Iunior High faculty manager, have done a great deal to further athletics in the school. They were always on hand to make certain that the game came off smoothly and should be congratulated on their very effective work. Top Row: Maurer, Stoddard, Alge, Munger, Atwell, Williams, Shuman, Haines, Rouse Delgado, Hutchins, Youngston. Second Row: Mr. Zumpft, Molter, Westner, Alley, Timanus, Barringer, Wagner, Smith, Emerine Tyson, Coach Milo Treese. Third Row: Gardner, Gockerman, Anderson, lmber, Alge, Russel, Birdwhistle, Coe Lee Hendericks, Mr. Stearns. Sitting: Enright, Bateson, Crow, Iohnson. JUIIIOR HIGH FO0TBHll . . Although they only played three games this year, the lr. High Football team gave notice to everyone that they know some- thing about the game. Most of their time was spent in learning the fundamentals ot football, so that when they reach the var- sity coach they will be prepared to go into the more scientific points, that usually make winning teams. Their season's record shows one win, one loss, and one tie. Besides playing these games they otten scrimmaged the varsity, and showed up quite well. IUNIOR HIGH COACHES These men were put in charge ot the lr. High Squad because they are well versed in the basic rules ot the game. They teach the boys the proper way to block and tackle and help them build up their bodies both mentally and physically. Although they get very little credit for it, they are usually the ones that start our champion- ship varsity teams on the right path. 'fi' M Coaches Milo Treece and Charles Zumpit First Row: Charles Smith, Roscoe Marshall, Henry Lind, lake Shift, Clair Kisabeth, Ioe Keyes, Franklin Kirian, Alex Lind, Bob Might, Charles lmber. Second Row: Coach Iohn Roltes, Harry Smith, Cliff Fox, Charles Franklin, lim Mauer, Wayne Bennett, Lloyd Holden, Wilbur Franklin, Robert Briggs. Faculty Manager W. W. Nixon. 5 Third Row: Managers Donald March, Dick Lapidos, Charles Mottram. BFISHETBFIH . . COACH ROLFES Mr. Roltes has made an im- posing record at Fostoria with his basketball teams. They have made an outstanding impression on the people ot the town by their "never say die" spirit which pulls them through many a game on the long end ot the score. Combining height and speed, this year's basketball team turned in a very creditable record by winning 10 games and reaching the finals of the district tournament. After playing their regular season of 16 games and winning only 7 games, the varsity boys entered the district tournament where they made a startling comeback by de- feating three strong teams before tasting defeat in the finals. As a reward for reach- ing the finals, they received a large trophy, and a silver belt buckle for each individual member. Hampered as usual by the small F.H.S. gym, the varsity met disastrous results when they played on the large floor of the opponents. However, they did show the Fostoria fighting spirit and didn't quit until the final gun sounded. ln twenty games, they rolled up 715 points for an average of 35 points, an excellent record for a high school team. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE F. H. S. 45 North Baltimore ....... . . 25 32 Toledo Vocational .... . . 22 25 Tiffin Columbian ..... . . 49 27 St. Wendelin ....... . . 26 35 Lima Central ..... . . 36 34 Findlay ........... . . 48 52 Upper Sandusky ..... . . 40 27 Fremont Ross ...... . . 42 37 Marion Harding .... . . 45 40 St. Wendelin ..... . . 24 50 Kenton ......... . . 48 26 Lima South ..... . . 31 31 Bowling Green . . . . . 32 47 ' 20 44 51 27 48 Willard ........ . . Port Clinton .............. Tiffin Ir. Order ............ DISTRICT TOURNAMENT St. Mary's ............... Celina . . . . . Findlay .... . . 715 705 39 19 52 Crestline ................ 39 26 25 19 35 K ff , Ni. . in 7. IT? W 1 'gf L N415 ' L , 'fx . VWZAWK 5 ,ji , ' A z - f 5 I . L Aw fl I A 1 I A gif? : , . , 3 A . A 1 .MJ ff L., W f hw' z 1. M' ,une 4 .Q-1 5 14 3 Y ' 1 Q I M X A? Q Q X 4 0, Q "g- f T95 f . A .- NS .f, R S Q L ,5 5 m,.x M . Wa,-V ' . 3 'Q 32, ss? fa. - . , 3 Q Roger Hill Lowell Barkley Nancy Shupe losephine Spitler Connie Basehore The lr. High cheerleaders are learning the trade from the bottom up. Carefully watch- ing the Varsity cheerleaders at the big games, they practice daily, When the Ir. High boys play a game, they get out and strut their stuff, and are they good! lumping and yelling, they put spirit in their schoolmates, That makes winning teams. lames Youngston, Albert Gardner, Ivan Maurer lr. High is the training ground for varsity managers. To earn a varsity letter, a man- ager must have a good knowledge of all the equipment the players wear and use. Few people realize it, but the teams can't get along without these boys. Not everyone can be a good manager. A few reliable boys are chos- en in the Ir. High years and are trained for varsity managers. - fill I First Row -Carl Rouse, Glenn Vtlindsor, Wilbur Anderson, Bob Barringer, Don Feisel, Manager Albert Gardner. Second Row-lunior Lee, Bob lmber, Eugene Russel, Dick Crow, Bill McDaniel, Bob Senn. Back Row 'Joy Shuman, Ivan Mauer, Dick Bateson, Iames Timanus, Dick Deer, Under the tutelage of Coach Normand lones, this year's lunior High basketball team turned in a very creditable showing. Winning five out of ten games, they showed great promise for future years. Congratulations to Coach lones on his first attempt at coaching. Fin! Row: Marie Zeller, Ieanne Hall, Eunice Flechtner, Theo Groman, Ruth Bersted, Maxine Wank, Lillian Rader, Ruth Beeson. Second Row: Norma Deerwester, Iose- phine Whitman, Ieanne Sayre, Betty Crow, Dorothy Wineland, Iean Stout, Mamie Shiff, Iane Culp, Avis Kint. Min Wilma Miller JllI'll0R G. Il. Pint Row: D. Carmichael, B. Moody, R. Fry, E. Biddle, B. Marxen, B. Holden, E. Hasse, B. Gossard, A. Foster, E. Gale, I. O'Brien, A. Groqq, I. Houser, E. Hampshire, D. Humbert, L. Davis, L. Rothenbuhler, M. Graves, N. Echel- barger. Second Rovi: P. Smothers, I. Fast, B. Meng, P. Chilcote, R. Talmadge, C. Bulkowski, D. Zeller, D. Reinhardt, M. Martin, D. Hiqley, W. Stone, B. Del- gado, I. Rensch, L. Newhouse, M. Thomas, D. I-iurnbert. Third Row: I. Lusk, L. Wyley, B. Wyley, C. Corwin, M. Snavely, V. Goodale, D. Burlinghoif, L. Brombley, I. Cooper, M. Pastorias, A. Burkhart, I. Sowers, D. Cline, M. Grornan, V. Welsch, D. Lind. GlRl5' BIISHETBHLL . . Sitting-Virginia Brookover, Betty Crow, Dorothy Wineiand. Standing-Dorothy Madden, Anna Fos- ter, Betty Peters, Esther Davis. The Senior Girls' Athletic Association, under the leadership of Miss Miller, has had a year filled to capacity. For the first time in its history, this organization spon- sored a play-day inviting many schools to attend. Another important project this year was the biennial circus which interests the whole student body. Aside from these, inter-class basketball and baseball touma- ments are held each year. The aim of the G. A. A. girls is to foster clean play and good sports. The Iunior Girls' Athletic Association composed of seventh, eighth, and ninth graders, had a most interesting and suc- cessful year under the leadership of Miss Miller. The activities of the year included hikes, play nights, and sports parties. The girls worked for their merit badges and pins by competing in different types of sports and contests. Like the older group of girls in Sr. G. A. A., these girls strive to be good sports and always honest in play. During the months of Ianuary and Feb- ruary, girls were seen dashing around the gym in multi-colored shorts. They were getting ready for the girls' basketball tour- nament sponsored by G. A. A. The final contest was played between two senior teams, whose captains were Mary Hitch- cock and Betty Crowe. The latter's team was victorious. SCH00l CIILEIIDIIR . . September 6-School opened. 9-First assembly, introduction of new teachers. 16-St. Wendelin vs. Fostoria. Night game. 23-Bucyrus vs. Fostoria. Night game. 27-Kiwanis entertained the men of the faculty: Virgil Havens, assembly speaker on Africa. 30-Piqua vs. Fostoria, there. Night game. October 4-Senior High Boys' Mixer. 7-Fremont vs. Fostoria. Night game. Historical movies, Mr. La Rue. 10-Annual pictures. 14-Assembly speaker, Dr. Frank Sayre, "Are You a Thorough- bred?" 14-Lima South, here. Night game. 18-Assembly, "Spotlight Sketches." 21-Ir. Order vs. Fostoria, there. Night game. 22-G. A. A. Play Day. 24-Mr. Leiter gave talk on trip to Europe. 25-Ir. High Boys' Mixer. 27-Willard vs. Fostoria, there. Night game. 28-Annual magazine subscription campaign started. November 3-Bowling Green vs. Fostoria. 7-Night school. ll-Assembly, Roxine Beard, soprano soloist: Mr. G. D. Knepper, speaker: Tiffin vs. Fostoria. 1,7-Assembly, Wm. Bale in "Dr. Iekyll and Mr. Hyde." 18-Grade Operetta. 24-Findlay vs. Fostoria. December 6-Football banquet, Coach Ernie Godfrey, speaker. 9-Opening basketball game, North Baltimore vs. Fostoria. ll-Christmas Vesper service, orchestra and choir. 16-Toledo Vocational vs. Fostoria, here. 18-"The Messiah." 19-Teachers' party at Wo1'nan's Club. 20-Tiffin Columbian vs. Fostoria, there. Z2-Christmas Assembly, Dramatics Dept. annual program: toot- ball players received gold tootballs. 23-Christmas vacation began. IUHUUTY 3-School reopened, St. Wendelin vs. Fostoria, there. 6-Lima Central vs. Fostoria, here. 10-Findlay vs. Fostoria, there. 12-13-Exams. 13-Upper Sandusky vs. Fostoria, here. 20-Assembly, amateur contest opened annual subscription cam- paign: Fremont vs. Fostoria, there. 21-Marion vs. Fostoria, there. 24-St. Wendelin vs. Fostoria, there. 26-William Burgette, local magician and entertainer. 27-Kenton vs. Fostoria, there. February l-Operetta, "Old Kentucky Garden." 5-Lima South vs. Fostoria, there. 8-Dorothy Fuldheirn. 9-Electric Orgatron dedicated. Mrs. Floyd Kinnarnan at the console. 10-Bowling Green vs. Fostoria, there. 14-Willard vs. Fostoria, here. 16-Russel Hooqerhyde, national archery champion. 17-Iunior class dance. 21-Port Clinton vs. Fostoria, there. 24-Ir. Order vs. Fostoria, here. March 3-Assembly, contest play, "The Dictator Visits His Mother." 7-Faculty-Senior game. 9-10--Gym circus. 16-Assembly, induction ceremony by National Honor Society Supt. H. L. Ford, speaker. 17-Ir. class play. 23-Assembly, Robert Zimmerman, deep sea diver. 30--Assembly, Bob Hanscome players in "Huckleberry Finn." April l-Senior scholarship day at Tiffin. 4+'One-act play contest. 5-Sprinq vacation began. ll-School reopened. 21-22-State orchestra and chorus contest at Columbus. 28-Hi-Y Sweetheart Banquet. MAY 5--Lambda Siqma Fashion Tea. 6-Bowling Green scholarship team. ll-12-Senior class play. 16-Freshman Players. 19-Senior class assembly, distribution of Annuals. 21-Baccalaureate. Z3-Ir.-Sr. Prom. 26-Commencement, Dr. Rice. 02 IIUTUGIHIPIIS HUTUGRIIPIIS iff if if "' MASTER "' if ir if 667, ffflflflfelft if ul' HAVE HELPED BUILD 'lr YOUR YEARBOOK ir ir Employing Master Craftsmen with many years ot specialized training . . . The Gray Printing Company possesses an enviable reputation tor producing the finest yearbooks . . .either by Letterpress or the distinctive Gray-Lith method. me snnv Pmnnns co. PIIUIIE '18 FUSTURIA. 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KRESGE COMPANY Compliments oi PASTIME BILLIARD PARLOR cmd BOWLING ALLEY 2 CUNNINGHAM'S A DRUG STORE SINCE 1888 A Good Place to Stop and Shop We Appreciate Your Patronage AND CONGRATULATE THE CLASS OF 1939 ELECTRICAL STORE BICYCLES lO5 Perry Street BERT'S RESTAURANT Special Plate Lunches, Sandwiches for Students and Teachers OPEN DAY AND NIGHT The Best in Food Try Our Sunday Dinners Compliments of MCARTHUR'S GROCERY Corner of Congratulations Perry and Elm Class of 1939 Ladies Wear Diamonds, Watches K E R R E Y ' S HELEN CHARLIE Exclusive but not expensive Charlie Will Charge It IOHN B. ROGERS PRODUCING CO. World's Largest Producers of Amateur Theatricals Pageants, Spectacles and Centennial Celebrations 5 l Compliments of SERVICE LAUNDRY MOSE LAMFROM CLOTHING COMPANY "DRESS BETTER AND YOU'LL FEEL BETTER" Vestments for Choir and Pulpit The C. E. Ward Company New London, Ohio GRADUATION CAPS AND GOWNS, BAND UNIFORMS, GOWNS FOR SCHOOL CHOIRS AND GLEE CLUBS Write for FREE Ccrtoloq s Compliments of MORRIS STORES c to 351.00 22 SERVING FOSTORIA 30 YEARS F RUTH HARDWARE CO. THE DRESS SHCP I..CId19S Dresses for All OCCUSIOHS Telephone 421 L. L. Lcrvery Prop. G o o D M E A L s LAVERY'S GRILL Cor Sandusky cmd Main Fostoria, Ohio Complimenis of THE FUSTURIII LUIIIBER 81 SUPPLV C0. Complete Line of Men's and Boys' CLOTHES AND FURNISHINGS ART'S CLOTHES SHOP 124 S. Mum sf. Compliments of I-INDLF' Cf LLEGE We Are Proud of Our Fostoria Students Shats ilonwai H297 EFIST HUBTH FIT POTTER If-URFIITHRE CCIIITPRII1 CLIFF 8: WALT BARBERS Our Aim - Your Satisfaction 107 Eost Center Street A. H. YONKER INSURANCE 26 Yecrrs of Service 108 Eost Center Phone 180 24 Compliments of THOIIIFIS D. IIIGLFIUGHLIII nnn nssounres ARCHITECTS FOR THE 1938-39 FCSTCRIA SCHOOL PROIECTS LIMA CHIC PATRONS Candyland Carl Smith Dr. Gebert Dr. E. C. Belt B. F. Kissell Glen Smith Iay Millinery Y. M. C. A. David Frankhart Fostoria Auto Club G. Hartnett, MD Daymude's Beauty Shop Bentz Barber Shop Mac's Barber Shop Babcock and Huss R. C. Guernsey The Preis Store Dr. I. N. Kiebel Dr. Iames Carter Eaton's Drug Store Em1a's Beauty Shop Edward's Dry Cleaning Hoyt Seed Company Dr. M. E. Seiple Timanus Hardware Store Mattingly Millinery Shop Buhl Motor Co. Leona Gross Beauty Shoppe Esther's Beauty Shop Art's Norge Appliance Store Originality is a quality of the imagination. lt is the abil- ity to take the usual elements of picture and story and present them to your student body in a new, different and interesting fashion. Our School Service organization has long been noted for its true originality in Year Book p annlng ,gg 111.4 . viz, 'Ly 1 1:'-'f 5 ,I . , JJ L, 1. .- Jurfg F' ,L . , H' .- -,f , ,"1QpL'x " 1 rw Q r ,- f-, . WJ J -"S --Iv, I ,', Q: :JEL V1 ,-:I- IF ,,.,. . . If , v -1. X , v' , -I -K .N . 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Suggestions in the Fostoria High School - Red and Black Yearbook (Fostoria, OH) collection:

Fostoria High School - Red and Black Yearbook (Fostoria, OH) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


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