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,, . A V v : ., . X X Q AV ' . 1, . 1 . - .5 fqfgg.. , Y ,, :Sv -'.'. ' 1.- Q 1 . - 1 - 4. 1ffQf.."Q . -uf . -L' ' ww. -:"':2f'f-. 2 w sw rg ' - - ,, ., V, -rf... . .,Vs....3-'--- RP" '22-+ ' - Q' n -.4 . - . - K ' Y V '1 A i , ' ww , i.,,., -. . -Q - Q- ki x- . - Hi .5 ' ' g" ' 53'-. ., .V it ' Q. - .2 f. . ix - V .1, -in Q- . t -1 . 1.41. nf Milf... - V' al LL- ' x ,.,, .,,v V..V,Nf . - ,V . , , 5... .S .ZW :V W . J., - 1 - " -. 5:-LgF"L . "' sfllgni ."' MQ., Q. 'Q -' fin .' s 1. . NN , ,.,,,a.. . . . - 11.31 N . . N ,H .ig 2 .-s A -- . .-Q ,V .. X V . . lfx' 1' -' J..-:ef - , -gL"1-ff. "5 .. V., .5 :T ...M ' .iw V,-.44 V 94 - 4 :fu-1'gI I Y . 'iv- -. V. : ., Q : . 1 - .- J . . fo t, "l'.':' , V .A-1 I .- ,1.V X 'L ig ., FEW. .Ji -L 1' i7'-. -- I .," Vai- - . V .fl - ,. .,.,f-'df 1 3" B. 'fgl-"Q, .gii-Q,-' 'K gyfju ' -A -vw . ' '.1 .,. HK . .V I if. ' ff. X .3L,.. 5.5 V135 W", 1' . ..K. .fx . X c f...-w ,.. .... xg --'- Lv: --2 . A Y , . ., LQ. ,, .. .huh .. -. 13" ' ga. I- .- ,rw ' ff ..- . fl ' 'W' '- .-.HQ A .gg , I ' M . V .-,Vip v-V f Q.:-. aw-13,1 i H' V. AVN., ' W V-f J- .J ,. .V -g . 1. ffl?- f - ' ' ,- Au ' - , , xv :QUKPL V - . . -5 X' ...QV ':ws'1'L'. f 'T' , ' ' 125:24 2:1143 . x -A -. .,.:,..-351 . Vw 14- w ' V.-"XV-.2--J'w'+7 :J-Q 4 .. - ' - if r 4- - 7: .L+-. . gi in .4...,-,,.,- ..,..ff-,-WLM...-:,.,,.,g, g ' V . - ...c-:se -f ' 23,221 ' ,.'f12Z,!E' -'-'.-r..:e7f E. 5, -g.. 1 ' - -' - -LEM ri . zfiif-4.-. ' e - .- . 1: " ' -' -. Thi' if 1 S . . 5... JV. V-.Q -WAV,-7,-'.Yf:"7g.-I ax- Sgr:-,ag-. 11 .Q . - ' -vi 1f1VF5-' '. , ' - ' fix '- :,m.f::.f rv V152 -21 Vi., .- -x.' ---51 .A - ,.-7 g ,Vt--.'. .,,Vy.. V5--F.:.5,,, , . 'I ,N . . .fy-,la . .X n w NF Q. :-. w .mt ., 1 , x J vga ' , - - .. ,fn 13.17. A t . - - , ,pt-.57,g.r. g '..'fx.w5:e'f,Ki .' 92'1'm fn ,433 A ,I ". Yi .' 72 fi' .5 r. H Vi Tn. k 5? 6 'uk 1 "2,.Qs.,g ' 1 Rx al,-K " fi, A A35 V . . - - VQSQ. 1 4- . 1. l iiflef f U,4. l. 1 Q lQ,gV .W :-- fb kg V 4.531 V U , M . j' 1- v tix ,Q 1 his P 1 R37 , ,. ,, ,,., .M Q' if iiffyr? we ,S . -. ',,f4571L Qi 'isa 3 , 412 v ff -f Q 'fif' fm 411, He' 223' , H ' 1 ,If i S .wing Jia .,, :Jw ,. 4-5 . f' , ., 'F-554, . W 1 11 f Q qv ' rs' 1: 7 'SE ' Q, --1 , i . V .fe ,sg x V. xv vw , f A wri- .: -, . -- A 'nfl 'ff nw. Ez- . md2" 1. - :- . 1: .K ,,'. ' f T' f ,. 2' af F Ap V f. ,gy I ,. 4 kiwi. iv '41 'A 5, ggjaig, V ' .gy 4.0 Q - ' "ii "2 1 2 ' G fab-QV 'fx ' 9 Z ' .T M 4 . 5 'F ' 'LL T ? M fi? Q1 E , f M , Q 2 i r. ' 5 ,Q ' " Af Z , gr, - s 'V A , W ,ex -2. , , .1 Q -+ L 1A Q x av, x it S v 'E is ' '12 Qs 5 Y .f S' r M' , F HL 1 5' M, wg A if ,, Z . 4' 1 v x fe13':-Off ' 1 . f ' A sw L 2. ' .L 1, M .,-W? f . qw , ,L-fzfer 31 , Y- 'L 5' . f-n " .2 ' 'x 'sf T ' VT,-5. ,uf ,1':-...vw . Q- ' J, ' 'W' .zz : ff ,N K: - W 4 wb . - ,L 11 ' . '- is 1 ,4,,, X . eq I s .fir-. X L 0 f A ' 31" ., QQ. 1 K. Q ' , Vg, -if . ' 1 2 ii-b 1 A21 - ' " f . ,fr f, yu . FL if g :M 1' if . I ' i' 7: -- 4 X ,asp 1 - K s' ?:?w 5 i +473 7 1. " jg Y, - f ' ,if f' er ri" . Q f ' "1 4' sr 4 X32 5 L - at .gg . K 2 V, -gy. g I Ak LQ S , , fiffif? f- ' f Q Q Q, , j' ?.""33, I ' " Tai' - ,gl :ii j 2 Ek .1 egg ry' jg X A 'Ext' U A ' gewg'1:', ' L V 33 : H5 1 'gif' 'V ' 3' 3 ' 4 ' 5 - Q 1 , W W ' ' umfiikv 1w- i ,K e . 4 ' ,-jig .-'iii ni?-C 'Hai t .:. .ag I 'ff 1 Q R' ,. 3 gy, :R ," , .1 ,-1. 4, A, , A ,f 1 1 ii iw , -f:::4i1 rx I I -X E ' . -iff: 2 - , ,5 'ff Qi gre 2' . R A . A EFJHR - 3 , W . F NXNKLAHOWYAHXNXY DEDTCATTON WE dedicate the eleventh issue of the Klahowyah to Mr. Laird, who for ive years has successfully been the Superintendent of Foster School. We know that there nevcr has been a superintendent who has so well befriended the students as a whole, and the students will always place him first on their list as a real and noble friend. During Mr. Laird's term with Foster School there has been a great deal accomplished, and we, the students, feel our debt to him is one we can never repay. Mr. Laird has proved a successful teacher for three years, and a superintendent for five years. The manual training shop was built and completed under the supervision of Mr. Laird. The Com' mercial Department has improved one hundred per cent in the last five years, and is now able to be classed with that of other schools. The biggest and best happening in the history of Foster-the gymnasium- we all know was the work of Mr. Laird and the High School boys. There have also been many improvements added on to the school. During Mr. Laird's administration Foster has won Valley League Championship in Basketball, Baseball and Debate. Second place in the Lower Snoqualmie League in Basketball and Declamation. So, all in all, there never has been a better or more noble man in Foster than Mr. Laird. Page Tl C ' KLAHOWYAHX-ax OUR BELCVED lPRllNClllPA.lL A FRIEND always but a chum for only a year. Miss Crane entered Foster September, 1927, and every one is saddened at the thought that she will not be back in September, 1928. Miss Crane, our beloved Principal, has accomplished many things for Foster. She started the year with high scholastic standards. She worked hard and willingly throughout the year. The Girls' Club was a huge success, having Miss Crane as Advisor. The Tennis Court was made possible and completed. So was the eleventh issue of the Klaf howyah under Miss Crane's loyal advising. It is not often that one works so hard and willingly as Miss Crane has done. We, the students sincerely hope Miss Crane has been pleased with us, and we thank her many times for the things she has done for Foster High School, for she has been our inspiring Principal and Friend. gc Four fx ' Q E ro S+ KLAHOWYAHXNNY HELEN MEYER ...,.. IRMA STOLL ....,.EE,.. CHARLES HCBLMES ....,,.. HAROLD JOHNSON ,....,.L WILMA RUSSEL ....L, DOROTHY KIZER .,L,..... JENETTE ROBILLARDJ ....LV VERA JERVIS ..,.L,..,.L.L, VJANDA VOSS ...... KITTY CARTNER L....L DELL KENNEY ..L,.L N ORMA NEAL ...,,.,...., GEORGE ROBTNSON ....... CATHERINE VJEBSTER ...,... LILLIAN A. D. CRANE ...... EDITORIAL STAFF ....,...EditorfinfCl'1ief ....,,Assistant Editor ..,.,.,.Business Manager ....,.Circulation Manager Editor Editor .,L.....Seni0r Representative .....,....funior Representative .,......Sophornore Representative .....,,.Freshrnan Representative ..M.....,...........t.....,Calendar ,.,L..,......Snapshots ,L,...Boys' Athletics .,L,..Girls' Athletics ......Faculty Pugu Fam' Q RLAHOWYAHN-ox? CUR FACULTY 1.11 P FRANK B. LAIRD. Superintendent LILLIAN A. D. CRANE, A.B., MA., Principal Kansas Teachers' College University of Washingtciii Manual Training English, History lVl.-KRTHA Coic1e,A.B. University of Washington English, Commercial STINA PAUALSON, AB. MILURED GIBSON, B.A. University ol Vwfashington Washington State College English Commercial JAMES K. EDSON, B.S. Maclvlinnville College Science. Mathematics, Couch Pug: Six A C W9 fx ' K Lx ff G Exgllt xf XXxxXKLAHOWYAHNxxxx kXfKUs.'klklLt ,L QNEGU F cwewell 'Tis farewell that we bid you, Our friends at Foster School, Our classmates, chums, and teachers, That dear School of Golden Rule. We're sorry we are leaving, And our memories shall hold Thoughts of all those years of pleasure And our friendships true as gold. We shall hope the years a-coming To each one will always bring Countless joys, and sincere pleasures, Sweet as flowers in the spring. Now on Life's path we shall trod- We hope for you the smoothest road And your pick of cares and troubles Will always be the lightest load. Au revoir, adios, We are bidding you goodbye, Fellow students, chums, and teachers, Of that dear old Foster High. Y n SQ? KLAHOWYAHXr4x Roy JORGENSON "Pete" c Ts better to have loved and los: than never to have loved at all." Football '27, Class Play '26, '27, '28, Stu' dent Council '26, '27, '28, Student Body President '28, Class VicefPresident '25, '26, 27 Class President '28, Annual Staff '26, 27 Communicator Staff '27, Honor Society 76 Class Representative '2 5. NORMA NEAL "Blondie" 116111111 1 t clwr--I never shall bc." Class Play '27, '28, Baseball '25, Basketball 27 28, Typing Meets '27, '28, Student Council '26, '27, '28, Secretary and Treasf urer Student Body '28, Class Secretary and Treasurer '25, '27, Chairman Senior Ball 28 Honor Society '26, '27, '28, Orchesf tr 27, '28, Editor Communicator '28, Annual Stall' '28, Paper Staff '27, Oflice HAROLD FETTERS "See More" The uatch of his wit is always wound up," Class Play '26, '27, '28, Communicator Stall 27, '28, Orchestra '26, '27, '28, An' nual Stall '27, '28, VicefPresident Student dent Body '28, Yell Leader '28. HOZACK "Tot" To 11 w her is to love her." Class Secretary and Treasurer '27, '28, Basketball '26, Glee Club '28, Paper Stall 27 Class Play '27, '28. BOB BAKER "Bobby" Tx quality that makes the man, not the quantztyf' Football '27, '28, Basketball '26, '27, '28, Baseball '27, Communicator Staff '28, Class Play 26. '28, Operetta '28. CATHERINE WEBSTER "Speed" A 1 llv girl when you know her." Entered from Highline High '27, Class Rep, resentative '28, Class Play '27, '28, Base' a 25, '28, Basketball '25, '28, Volley B '75, '28. JOHN WILLIAMS "f0lmny" ag to learn and always ready to try." Football '27, Basketball '26, Class Play '27, 28 Baseball '27. Page Na 1 bf' KLAHOWYAHXNXY VIVIAN NORTH "Viv" "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance." Basketball '25, '26, '27, '28, Baseball '26, '27, '28, Class Play '26, '27, '28, Volley Ball '28, Glee Club '28. CHARLES TEAGUE "Chuck" "Never smile unlexs you have to." Entered from Bremerton High '26, Foot' ball '27, '28, Basketball '27, '28, Basket' ball '27, '28 lCapt.J, Class Representative '27, Baseball '28, IRMA STOLL "Shorty" "Success attends her." Class President '25, '26, Annual Staff '26, '27, '28, Basketball '27, Volley Ball '28, Honor Society '26, '27, '28, Glee Club '28, Treasurer Girls' Club, Communicator '27: Chairman of Carnival, Class Play '28, CHARLES HOLMES "Charlie" "The world is the way you take it." Baseball '26, '27, Capt. '28, Football '27g Class Play '27, '28g Annual Staff '28. ,IENETTE ROBILLARD "'Yanut" "Nat lang among ux, but one of the best." Entered from Falls City H. S. '27, Basket' ball '28, Class Play '28, Baseball '28, ALEX CALDER "Oscar" "When he has anything to say, he says it." Entered from Chafley Union H, S. '26, Basketball '28, Football '28, Communicator Stail' '27, Baseball '28, HELEN STEVENS "Helendy" "Measures, not men, have always been my mark." Class Play '28, Honor Society '26, '28, Volley Ball '28, Communicator Staff '27, '28, Office '28, Basketball '27, Glee Club '28, Typing Meets '27, '28. 3 rx " " 0 2 P. WALTER STEWART "Wadack" Ulndustriously he toiled." Entered from Y. M. C. A. '26g Baseball '26. '27: Football '26. THEODORE SCIBOR "Teddy" "W'hv should life all labor hcl" Baseball '28: Football '28: Orchestra '27 ETHEL SPRINGER A "Ed" "Gund nature is one of the best traits of human kind." Secretary and Treasurer Class '25g Honor Society '26. '27g Secretary and Treasurer Girls' Club '27: President Girls' Club '27: President Girls' Club '28: Paper Stal? '27: Class Play '27, '28: Class VicefPresident '28s Volley Ball '28. ELMER FORDELL "Blizz" Hu earnest efforts win reward, His hcart was in his deeds." Baseball '25, '26, '27, '28, Football '25, '26. VILLETTE JOHNSON "Let" "Fruwm were riot made for such as me." I Basketball '27: Class Play '26g Paper Stall '28g Chairman of Junior Prom '27, GEORGE ROBINSON "Punk" " 'Tlx what we thirllg and what wc do that rnakcs use what we arc." Baseball '25, '26, '27, '28g Basketball '26. '28: Football '25, '26, '27g Paper Stall '27, '28g Annual Staff '28. GENEVIEVE FORTIN "jimmy" "XV: ricver can replace a friend." Entered from Lincoln High, Seattle, '27: Class Play '26, Class President '26g Basef ball '25. ROY SMITH "Smitty" "A grave mari, yer a pleasure seeking one withal." Football '26, Basketball '26. YxxXKLAHOWYAHNxxxx Page Elever l' 6 KLAHOWYAHXi SENIGR BULLDOGS' ACTIVITIES cLAss OFFICERS President .............,... ........,..,.,......,., 1 .................. ..,...... R 0 Y JORGENSEN VicefPresiderit ....,... ....... E THEL SPRINGER Secretary and 'Treasurer ,........ BETH HOZACK Class Advisor ..,....... ...,... ....... .,.. ,... A........ M i s s C RANE The Senior Bulldogs were organized with a bang this year. They started right ing not a bit of time was wasted. Senior meeting was announced, and into Miss Crane's room poured a group of eager Seniors. It's a wonderful feeling to be a dignified Senior. After the election of officers and of our devoted advisor, we discussed various plans to raise money. Miss Crane sugf gested a Treasure Hunt. Somehow it appealed to all. So the Senior Bulldogs put on a Treasure Hunt. The aim of the Seniors was to put it over big, and they did. Work started immediately in the field, now our home of the Tennis Courts. Cans were buried, each numbered and with a corresponding numf bered package at the school. At the appointed hour the digging began. Dirt flew, shovels clanked, everybody with high hopes and mental visions of the prizes they hoped to win. It was a financial success, as well as furnishing fun for all. Next on the calendar was a feed. Seniors cofoperated one hundred per cent, so it was a success. Senior Girls' Surprise Mysterious gatherings in the halls! Subdued and undertoned voices! just what are those Senior girls up to? Nobody seems to know, and the boys don't seem to know, either. True, it is the night of the Girls' Club Masquerf ade. ThCf6,S Norma-she seems to be determined to talk to Miss Crane. She even suggested a nice little spin to Renton for decorations. Fortunately, Miss Crane accepted. Then the work began. When our advisor came back, a happy surprise awaited her on the stage. The table was all set and dinner was ready. The girls and their advisor had a jolly time at their surprise party. Was Miss Crane surprised? No, not much. Senior Feed again! Yum yum! Everybody hungry? You bet. Beans, salad, stew, chocolate, cake, pie. Feeds seem to be quite popular with the Seniors. Page Twelve KLAHOWYAHNKQX F Senior Ball A cheery snow scene greeted the guests that evening. The walls and bleachers were covered with evergreens, dotted with bits of cotton. Blue and white lights alternately flashed, giving the effect of Northern Lights. The orchestra pit was decorated as a snow cave. The punch booth was a real igloo, all covered with sparkling snow. The gym was transformed into a beautiful ice cave, appearing very realistic. Good orchestra! Good crowd! Good time! The Ball was the best ever given in Foster. In the Big Carnival the Seniors put on a Minstrel Show as well as having four booths. Fountain The Senior Bulldogs wanted to leave something to the school, something that would be useful and would recall to the underfclassmen memories of that Class of '28. It was decided that a drinking fountain would fit a need. It was dedicated December 6th. After speeches of dedication and acceptance by Mr. Laird, Miss Crane and Roy jorgenson, the students formed in line, and every one drank from the new fountain, which we hope will prove useful and beneficial. The Senior Bulldogs started a Holly Sale. Miss Crane gladly donated the holly. After diligent efforts over one hundred wreaths were made and sold. The Seniors also took charge of the Christmas Program, putting on a little one'act play entitled "Holly Tree Inn." Senior Sneak? When? Where? Page Thirteen YQKLAHOWYAHXNX 9 fx " ' - o I P, ? Senior Play Now comes the biggest and best event of the year-the L'Whole Town's Talkingufwas the threefact farce chosen by the Seniors. Everyone was on hand for the tryfouts and the cast was chosen. CHARACTERS . Henry Simmons, Manufacturer ..r.......,........................... ........ H arold Fetters Harriet Simmons, His Wife ......... ......... E thel Springer Ethel Simmons, their Daughter ...,... ........ I enette Robillard Chester Binney, Simmons' partner ......... ........i J ohn Williams Letty Lythe, a Motion Picture Actress ..,... ........ N orrna Neal Donald Swift, a Motion Picture Director .... ,,,..,.. R oy Jorgensen Roger Shields, of Young Chicago Blood .,...... .......... C has. Holmes Lila Wilson, Friend of Ethel ......................... ............ I rma Stoll Sally Otis, Friend of Ethel .............,.., ..i..... Beth Hozack Annie, a Maid .................,.. .......... H elen Stevens Sadie Bloom ....,.... .,........ ........... ..,, .... ....... ........,..... V i v i a n North Taxi Driver .................................................,....,..........,.......................................... Bob Baker Mrs. Jackson and others-Catherine Webster, Roy Smith, Villctte Johnson, Elmer For' dell, Teddy Scibor THE PLCT Chet Binney, a man who does not understand women, is supposed to marry his employer's daughter, Ethel Simmons. The only fault Ethel can find with Chet is that he has not had enough love affairs. Mr. Simmons deter' mines that Chet shall marry his daughter, so they fake up a love affair with Letty Lythe, a motion picture queen. The town starts talking about this love affair. The many complications of the play kept the audience laughing. Letty Lythe becomes interested in a prize fighter. After a thrilling iight in the dark, of which Chet is victor, he wins his much wanted Ethel, and Letty wins her prize fighter. The Senior Class presented Miss Paulson with a lovely gift in appreciaf tion for coaching the Senior Play. Page Fomteen 5 6233 KLAHOWYAH K -E sis.,-5. .53 ':-.':g':-'K sz-1-" V-.Ei E'.."" I TEE' K ' 'Sn 'L ..." , .. , , , 4' , 'B ' ' - -E24 - 'E -'ffgizkf ' 1: 'gn 8' ggfgf f t.. T I 1: 2 , " g ggi? , if JM - , 4 Y -, A A 9- H , .rg - 'ff , F ' 1 3 P-41:31 ey 1. 042 rI'::.fff' 1 IQ., .. A 1 J- 3 052-5?WZi "'. 5.M'ag1?3S.z,, J gun - : , H . -.fl j55iE5'5Q'51. 5'-,:".M 2 V '11 .'ia2v1:W'W Q-ff f 3 2.12-1fQ21f'f , ' zfzzfiib :fig : 9 'S A... I ,xy L E1 'Q . x iffy ? is 53 593 . K '- ' - ' T7 ,wpglgi s cv ,W g?i1-,52 nf. ,F x I ' g, . " ' ., , ' ' 'n W 5. ' . r I '5 L. " ,, " , fi NZ 795123 '. f 1524 ' ,. A '43 ' A + , ' jf sw - 5 , 'V S' F f M W 5 , ,gr X S Q 5 fy Lffgfilvy , A . A41 0-mm H -1 f-Wy --fm A. Aw.. M, 1 V .... I TEENS .EQ-35 1 fa fi ,. B' W M fi . , I A W , ' . . 5, W4 N ,aw ,SY - ,Nm Ffa Har nw T551 Pugc Flftcrn Y KLAHONMYAHHXQX Y SENICR BULLDCG PRCPHECY In the dog pond are assembled twenty-two bull dogs. They look like veterans of this earth, well acquainted with joys, sorrows, ups and down of this earth. Together they are talking over old times. Now just remember that the dog pond is our Foster High. The occasion is an Alumni Assemblage and Banquet of the Senior Bulldogs of '28. Everybody is present, after ten long years of separation. Old school day memories are recalled, but what interests us now is the present. The past is gone-only memories linger. p Our opening speech is given by our Class Advisor, Miss Crane. She is still striving for high scholastic standards, and has brought Foster to the head of the list in high standards. just a word about the old Ford-it is still running. Three cheers are given for our peppy, ever ready, jolly, and best of Class Advisors. ' Then again we hear the voices of Pete, our Senior Class president. He has proven himself very efficient as a mechanical engineer, and has steady employment in his father's business. Beth Hozack is now a permanent resident of Kent. She has joined the organization known as "The Wielders of the Holy-rolling Pin." Norma Neal is editor of a New York society paper. She has made several trips abroad studying various phases of society life, getting pointers for her newspaper world. She is running in competition to George Robinson, who is editor of a 'LSporting News." Charles Holmes is leading an exciting life chasing rum runners on the briny deep. Our old friend, Ethel Springer, has risen to heights of fame in the business world. H. Seymour Fetters is a demonstrator for second handed and oneflunged Chevrolets. Helen Stevens is making announcements in the largest High School in Hongkong, China. Roy Smith is selling pop for Barnum Brothers Circus. Catherine Webster is the famous athletic coach. Villette johnson is proprietress of a beauty parlor. For bachelors only. john Williams is a professor of the French language at the College of Well Spoken Languages in Iceland. Page Sixteen KLAHOWYAHNNXX Irma Stoll is the president of a Women's Club in New York. Teddy Sciber has organized an orphan asylum for the poor and unforf tunate. He is really a very sympathetic and jolly old fellow to have around the asylum. Vivian North is now playing the mouth harp in Sousa's band. It really is sort of hard to hear her, but then, we all know she is there. Walt Stewart has inherited his father's electric shop and has turned out to be a ne'erfdofwell, He spends most of his time attending musical comedies and revues. Bob Baker has gotten right along in this old world. He is now a snappy salesman for the "NonfMeltable Ice Co." Alex Calder has inherited a great fortune from a deceased uncle and has built himself a wonderful golf course, where he plays golf continually. Elmer Fordell is earning a goodly living by printing posters for "Sears and Roebuck." Genevieve Fortin is now primary teacher at the North Pole. She says her experiences are simply thrilling with the dog teams, trained seals and icebergs. Charles Teague is President of the 1anitor's Union down the Congo River. jenette Robillard is now broadcasting Bedtime Stories over the radio, as her ability as a speaker is evidence that she is capable of holding this position. Announcers 1. K. R. signing off. Reason---lack of pencil lead and grey matter. Page Sewnlem XrxxXKLAHOWYAHv5xx P fiffif Y LAST WILL AND DOCUMENT OF THE BULLDCGS OF '28 We, the Senior Bulldogs of the class of Nineteen Hundred and Twenty' eight, of clear old Foster High, think it necessary, after deep consideration, to Will our possessions to those who are about to fill our places in the coming year. Therefore, let all men know, by this last legal document of the Senior Bulldogs. ARTICLE Ii We, the Senior Bulldogs, leave to the Junior Bulldogs our very dignifIed appearances, as well as the right of having Senior Sneak Day. To the Sophs-Our ambitious, peppy and ever cheerful dispositions. - To Frosh-Qur talent of passing each year successfully. ARTICLE II To our beloved Faculty, we will our undivided thanks for their ceascless, persistent and everlasting efforts in our behalf. ARTICLE III The Senior Bulldogs will the following property: I. H. Seymour Fetters wills his Chev to Les Layton. 2. Ethel Springer leaves her position and love shorthand to Evelyn Heacock. 3. Helen Stevens leaves her position of officer of lost and found articles to Harold johnson. 4. Roy Jorgensen leaves his duty as Student Body President to Donald Nelson. 5. Norma Neal leaves the A's to those who can use them. 6. Punk leaves his ability to tease the girls to Russel Stevens. 7. Catherine Webster wills her "Hop Queen" title to Wanda Vass. 8. Elmer leaves his slick black hair to Benny Schwartz. 9. Beth leaves her studious nature to Dit. IO. Vivian leaves her cheerful hafha heefhee to Sadomi. We, the Senior Bulldogs, subscribe our hand and seal to the above docuf ment this day of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and twentyfeight. BULLDOGS or '28, Page Eighteen fe ' O l be A E 9 KLAHOWYAH NNN i ii il H2 yi l 'TCL ij f 1 l . If Lf elleiniwre JUNIOR BULLDCGS Class 'YellgZip, Zam, Zue, Zine, lf9f2f9l Class Motto --,Be Square-fB2 Class C0lorsffBlue and Gold Class Flower-7-Yellow Rosebud President ......,..,,...Y,..,,.,..,...,.,..,,,..,...,Y.....,,,.,,.........,,, Y J .i,,..,.FRANK MILLER VicefPresident ,,..... ...,,,,,..., H ELEN Mmriaa Secretary '..,..,,, . ...,,....., RUTH YouNc:B13Ri. 'Treasurer ..... ...............,.,..,,,.,,... .....,, B L ANCI-in CALDWLLL Class Advisor.. .....,........,.....A,....,,,,..,,.,...,...,,,...,,,......s, Miss Grissom' Ruth Youngherg Harold Erickson Kathryn Patrick Clinton Heppenstall Marguerite Butterworth Magdalena Deuhle Blanch Caldwell Harold Fuller Frances Myers Wilma Russell Russell Stevens Henry Vaughn Neeltje Bakker Harriet Busch Evelyn Heaeock Williain Redling CLASS ROLL Leslie Lsiyten Dorothy Kizer Clara Hildner Vera Jervis Carl Ludwig Leslie Lingard Leslie Yeast Sadama Kato Helen Meyer Dell Kenney Frank Miller Harold Johnson George Thorndyke Edward Weleli Leone Layton Grace Heflinger Leon Maurer Tl 5 KLAHOWYAHNXXXXV IUNIOR BULLDOG IINX The junior Bulldogs started the year out with a bang and as they have always done, are still going strong. The class showed their stuff at the yearly Hifjinx. They had a very attracf tive booth decorated with their class colorsm- but then, they can't always win the prize. A large number of boys and girls turned out for athletics and represented the class in many of their games. They gave their best support in basketball, baseball and football. But watch them when they are Seniors! The junior Prom was a great event, given by the junior Bulldogs in April. It was their first big dance, and as everyone said, it surely nwent over big." The hall was decorated with Spring decorations and a very snappy orchestra furnished the music. Page Twrnl ' 3 . fxff ,. gl The Junior Gperetta, "Once in a Blue Moon," was one of the best enter' tainments ever given by the junior Bulldogs. There were many good charf acters in it. Ruth Youngberg had the lead, as Sylvia Montgomey, a modern girlg Evelyn Heacock, as Leatrice, was her peppy young sisterg Harriet Busch was Betty Morton, Sylvia's best friendg Leon Maurer, as Babbitt Morton, was a booster for his Old Home Town, Helen Meyers was Suzanne, our gay little French maid, who could never get along with "Ze Crazy Chinamanf' Frank Miller and Harold Fuller carried their parts successfully as Sir Percival Chetwood and Billy Ivlaxwell. The Operetta was decidedly diflferent because of the humorous parts, the singing and the serious parts in it, and was greatly enjoyed by all those who attended. We, the junior Class, have enjoyed this year together, and are looking forward to becoming Seniors, for as a class, we naturally wish our last year to be the greatest and most successful of our High School career. Page Twuvlry- Xxx,Xru.AHowvAl-NNN? fx ' O l Do ? miie KLAHOWYAHNQX Q 95 X s ay 4:2 4 115 . . oalliiorriiorg V! fl I N ff f f7'9'r'?f" W I - . V fffxvi 'PN C' Z4 1 N' l - lu 1 fix iii ,-.g lgfivii Class 'Yell--Sis boom! Sis boom! Sis boom! Bang! We belong to the Sophomore Gang. We are sturdy, we are tough. In 1930 we'll strut our stull. Class MottofDon't die on third! Class Colorse 'Purple and Gold. Class Flower --f- Creme Rose. President ...,..,.. Secretary ....... Treasurer, Advisor. jack Anderson Beatrice Brus james Denton Margaret Douglas Kylar Fox Chris Grifhth Ralph Holmes Rodney Learn Chester Miller Ben Schwartz Kiyoshi Uno Wanda Voss Kathryn Beck P c Twenty I CLASS OFFICERS SCHWARTZ CLASS ROLL Victor Brus LuwrenceDitlevscn Harold,Engstrom Grace Gott Grace Griffith Elmer Ives Ernest McConville Adelaide Roagers Tommy Scibor Tatsumi Uno Mildred Weigel Paul Myers ,,,..,...MARi2ARET D0Ur:LAs ...........,,.WANDA Voss Cori: Herbert Borger Wense Cornelius Gladys Douglas Melvin Fletcher Arthur Griffith Evelyn Hoilund Leora Kott Elsie Miller Ruth Roagers Irene Techler Tom Webster Nell Wishon Y XlxxXKLAHOWYAHXxxxx YXXXKLAHOWYAHXNX SOPHOMCRE BULLDOGS' DIARY The Sophomore Bulldogs have enjoyed a most successful year under the guidance of our worthy advisor, Miss Coke. We began the year with thirtyfsix eager bulldogs and ended with thirtyf eight still "rarin' to go." ' When we held our first class meeting, a few days after the opening of school, we elected oilicers and chose our advisor. Sophomore Bulldogs had two booths at the annual carnival. One was a pretty pink and green booth strung with Christmas tree lights, and the other was an icy, white igloo fthanks, Seniorsj, in which we sold ice cream and pop. We also had two side shows that weref-phewfefe! I'd hate to say. We presented our class play, "Who is She," Thursday, December 15, 1927, and February 24, 1928. It was a iine play in everyone's opinion. It was coached by the dramatic teacher, Miss Paulson. The play was one grand mix' up from start to hnish, but oh, of course everything turned out O. K. at the end. THE CAST Dr. Benjamin Bellows .......... Chris. Griffith Mrs. McEckron ...................... Wanda Voss Florence Bellows .................... Beatrice Brus Algernon Clawhammer ...... Melvin Fletcher Mrs. Joshia Tobin ...................... Leora Kott Simon Singleton ,...,.. ........... J ack Anderson Maggie Brady .,.... .......Margaret Douglas Augustus May ..,...... ........ H erbert Borger Dolly McEckron... ..,....Kathryn Beck Georgie Tobin ...... ............... E lmer Ives Three of our members were eligible for the honor Leora Kott, Victor Brus and Wanda Voss. We hope to have more repref sentatives in this society next year. society. They were This has been a promising year for the athletically inclined Bulldogs. The girls won both the interclass basket and volley ball championships. Grace Gott, Beatrice Brus, and Grace Grifiith earned letters in basketball. Chris Griilith, Kiyoshi Uno, james Denton and Lawrence Ditlevsen made the school football team. Several boys made the second team in basketball, and one lone Bulldog, commonly known as Dit, made the iirst team. just think! Next year we'll be upper classmen. Oh, boy! Page Twentyffom CLASS ROLL H 'Rf Oo KLAHOWYAHNAXY rrtrinnri rl 'Nfl 7' ' N X ., U gm -git... . 14 g v 411 f 4 dj Q 1. President ..,............... BULLDOG PUPS Class 'Yell-wFull of Pep! Full of Fun! 1931 Class F lower-White Rose Class Colors-Silver and Green Class MottoaDIG! CLASS CFFICERS LAWRENCE ANDERSON Treasurer ....... Vice-President ....,.,.,,......,. ROBERT FULLER Annual R. ..... Secretary ..,.,....... ........... E LSIE ANDERSON Class Advisor, ..., . Lawrence Lowell Ella Anderson Willis Gott Elsie Anderson Gerald Meehan Rosemary Lambert Robert Fuller Kitty Cartner Kenneth Fuller Donald Pollock Peggy Perrett Sylvia Morgan Ralph Taylor Joe Yeast Mary Uno Evelyn Vaughn Leland Hyde Cortinca Long Viola Bigelow Mary Rains Sadomi Kato Julia Deuble .. ....,., ROSEMARY LAMBERT .....,......KITTY CARTNER EDSON Gerald Lehan Florence Gusa George Sallee Arnold Kegley Betty Heppenstall Raymond Heppenstall Chester McConville Cathering Buck Dick McGill Eileen Blair Otto Miller Harold Cooper Cleo Sylte Bernard Schwartz "THE BULLDQG PUPS" The Bulldog Pups prove they're tough, They hght their battles thru and thru Though they play in any hallg They seldom lose a game, The Bulldog Pups sure do their stuff. But win or lose-Awhichever they do M- When they play basket hall. They take it just the same. "United they stand, divided they fall," Their motto is: "Never say die"- To win fairly and squarely. that's all, And to honor old Foster High. By KITTY CARTNER. Page 'Truentyffiw NKLAHOWYAHX L KLAHOWYAHNAX? PUP TRICKS The first trick that the Pups gave was the Frosh Mixer, September 23, 1927. Several musical selections were given, songs by the quartette, after which the Frosh Orchestra played for the dance. The next one was the three plays presented on November 4. These plays were as follows: "THE FLORIST SHOP" Eileen Blair ......... . .............. Maude Robert Fuller ....,. . Mary Rains ..... Peggy Pcrrett .... i.... ...... . Kenneth Fuller .,.. Dick McGill... Willis Gott ..... Jackson .......Miss Vv'ells "LEAVE IT .Mrs. Greenleigh ..Mr, Greenleigh ....................,Agent .................. Agent HENGAGED FOR A MONTH" Kitty Cartncr ........,... ....... S hirley Somers Robert Fuller.,. ...,.................Rodney Carew Rosemary Lambert ....,... .....,... M rs. Carew Elsie Anderson, ..............,. . ..................Hetty Ralph Taylor ....,...,,.,... ....... M r. Slovsky Bernard Schwartz ..,.... ....... A .v... H enry TO PHYLLISM julia Deuble ..... ,......... A gent Cleo Sylte .......... .i...,.. N eighbor Evelyn Vaughn ..... .i...... R oumanian Ella Anderson ......,......... Mrs. Butterworthy Catherine Buck .................... Mrs. Merrivale Otto Miller ................,. Percy Butterworthy The freshmen had a dinner at the school that evening. Miss Paulson, who coached the plays, was presented with a picture from the play casts. An unexpected but well earned trick was turned when Willis Gott led his Frosh basket shooters to victory by defeating the Seniors 2348, thereby win' ning the interclass championship . The girls' team was not so successful this year, but there is some very promising material in it for the future. At the Carnival, December 4, the Pups surprised everyone by winning two prizes, one for the prettiest Girl's Club Booth, and another for having taken in the most money. The Frosh were also represented at the Letterman's Banquet, February 29. Page Twcntyfs v ,S KLAHOWYAHXNX? Twent y-eight Our F Oster High Did you ever hear of Foster High? It's a school seldom talked about- Yet when anyone talks about an Afl team FOSTER is the name they all shout. There is Punk, Eric, Bliz, and Chuckg They play on Foster's first team- And when the games get started Those are the names that all the girls scream. There's a little girl called Frenchieg She's a flashy little brunette. She's everyone's friend and everyone's girl, The leader of the younger set. There is cute little Bob Baker, God's gift to all the girls, And with those flashing eyes He makes them all whirl. There's a certain girl in Fosterg A classy bright red head. She's got a smile that'll hold you a while And a wink that'll knock you dead. There's one English teacher in Foster-- She rides in a little Ford coupe- And when she looks at you during class Your brain does the loopfthefloop. Foster's just a little burg, Stuck up on a bluff. The people laugh because it's small-A But, boy! It sure knows its stuff. BILL RED1.1Nu M1595 Hag if GVLBIL 5 E5 'Hawk ,, H-M! H loudly 5,94 Pug-' Thin v KLAHOWYAHXNx ,S Q FCSTER GIRLS' CLUB President .......... ,....... , ............,.,A...,......w...,.,........ E T HEL SPRINGER VicefPresident .,................ ..,..... B LANCHE CALDWELL Secretary and Treasurer ..,.,......... ....,,,,,. ,,,,L,,,,.,,,,,,,, I R MA STOLL Advisor ......,......V.....w.....,....,.....,......,.,...,.....,v.,...,....,....,.,... Miss CRANE Club Motto-'United we stand, divided we fall. Club Flower-Y--Pink Rosebud Club Colors----Pink and White Girls' Club Creed I believe, as 11 High School Girl of Foster, I should be joyous, courageous and courteous, Faithful, considerate and just, Loyal and sincere in friendship, Too noble to speak ill of others, Willing to forgive and forget, Prompt and gracious in obedience, Ready to do all possible service, Quick to appreciate what is done for me, Respect my elders, True to the best that is within me that I may become a fine and worthy woman. Page 'fhirtyfrin IN " ' O f Po KLAHOWYAHNNXXY The Girls! Club School had been going on for about two weeks when the girls organized their club. The oflicers were elected and as their advisor the girls wisely chose Miss Crane, who showed from the start that the Girls' Club would be the best ever. Miss Crane told the girls that the year would be worthless unless they would choose a goal which they would strive to reach by the end of the year. The girls put their heads together and they thought and thought and then decided on a tennis court. This was their goal, they worked faithfully for it beginning in September. On the twentyfthird day of September the girls gathered at the school at nine o'clock fdon't think for a minute that they thought school was held on this lovely Saturdaye-they were off for a hikej. The girls hiked up to Seward Park which was twelve miles and it was twentyffour roundftrip fask Ethel or Gladysj. The girls surely enjoyed themselves, took a trip in a motor boat with Miss Crane playing captain, then Hamburgers, hot dogs, pop, ice cream. Oh, boy! What a life! The girls found out that one must do as Miss Crane says, "Work while you work and play while you play, and do both equally hard." So they gave a feed the f1rst part of October and cleared up a nice sum towards the court. Then the Halloween party came, the biggest and best party of the year. The girls were masked, some as girls and some as boys. X In November the girls gave. another feed. "Tennis court is coming up!" The girls gave a program and dance for the High School before Thanksgiving vacation. Decembers--This was a busy month because of the Carnival. But the work was well awarded and the tennis court looks as if it isn't going to be a dream. Happy New Year! january--! Mr. Weather Man, have pity on the poor working girls, the rain and snow will never permit outside work. Kids' Party was a success even if some little girls cried all the time. In February the girls gave a Valentine Party. They surely had a good time matching hearts. March program consisted of outside speakers, Miss Neally and Mrs. Kane. They talked on posture and health. April at last, court will soon be finished fif weather doesn't change its mindj. Campus day and such. A great life! Sunny May and the May Fete. Everything looks rosy for the Girls' Club. Goal is won and the work is done. Mothers and Daughters' Banquet was very successful. ' No more teachers! June has come, the farewell picnics were most successful and some of the girls cried because vacation was so near. Thank you, Miss Crane. The Girls' Club spent a most happy and successful year. Page :TlllYlV'fIUI fx ' O 2 po MUSICAL DEPARTMENT Foster may well be proud of her musical ahility. The Musical Department has helped with almost every activity perlormed during the year, under their able leader. Miss Coke. The High School Orchestra has been very active this year, taking part in almost all activities, the biggest events being the Frosh Party, the Soph Party, the Teachers' Reception and the Armistice Day Assembly. The orchestra has also played at the diff ferent class plays and for the litney Dance at the Carnival. Outside of the regular orchestra we have many special orchestras. The Seniors showed their talent in their ability when they played at their class assembly byvhaving a Senior Qrchestra. The Freshmen showed their ability when they played at their annual Frosh Mixer. Then the last but not the least. is the Jazz Qrchestra. which consists of Traps and Drums. Saxophones. Trumpets and Piano and Violin. This orchestra showed its ustuifn at the Boys' Club Dance by playing some "red hot pieces," The Girls' Glee Club has been very earnest and has within it a girls' trio and a girls' quartet which have proved themselves worthy. The boys are to be proud of their double quartet and we hope they will continue to take an interest in the music. The big fete. May ll, was our Hnal showing and our real yearly musical. This concluded the results of our ehlorts and hard work for the year of 1928, Page lTl1i1ty,rlircc KLAHOWYAHXNXAY KLAHOWYAHXNXY HCNOR SOCIETY The Honor Society had a stand at the Carnival which was given at Foster this year. They sold purple and white shakers, purple and white felt Bulldogs and also numbers, It has been the aim of the Honor Society to get a Bronze Plaque. This plaque is to have the person's name on it who is highest in scholastics and activities during his four years of high school. The Honor Society is also going to get more library books for the library at school. The ofhcers for this year are: President ..,...........................,....... ,...... H AROLD FULLER VicefPresident ..........., ............ N QRMA NEAL Secretary and Treasurer ...,.,.. CLARA HILDNER Advisor .,i,........,,.,...... .........,..........,..,..........,................... Miss GIBSON Reporter .......,.........,.......,,.................,......,,.,........,,......,.................... WANDA Voss We have quite a big enrollment this year, most of them being juniors. Seniors: Norma Neal, Helen Stevens, Irma Stoll. juniors: Dorothy Kizer, Clara Hildner, Harold johnson, Frank Miller, Donald Nelson, Harold Fuller, Harriett Busch, Magdalena Deuble, Katherine Patrick, Wilma Russell. Sophomores: Wanda Voss, Leora Kott, Victor Brus. Page ThlTlX"ffflAT XxX,cm.AHowvAu-NNN 9 fx " ' Y Foster can well be proud of its Commercial Department, which this year turned out a County Champion for First Year Typing Students. Dorothy Kizer took honors in the first class at the King County Meet, held at Renton on April 7, 1928. Dorothy typed at the rate of 54.3 words per minute with only eight errors, which was .3 of a point higher than that of the State Cham' pion last year at the same meet. ' - Helen Stevens placed third in the advanced class with a rating of approxif mately 58 words a minute. Harriet Busch and Dorothy, as a team, took first honors for beginners, while Norma Neal and Helen placed third for advanced teams. The beginner's team also took first place in the S. V. I. A. contest held at Snoqualmie on March 31, 1928. Page Thirty-ji1.'c XXxxXKLAHOWYAH Y BASKETBALL Mr. I. K. Edson ,,,,, ,......,,,A C oach 7 Donald Nelson ...,..A...... ....,., C ente' 1. Robert Baker ,...,,,.. ,,,.... F orvvard Clinton Heppenstall .,,,,, ...,,., C uard 2. George Robinson .,,,.,,....,...,..,,,, Forward Charles Teague ...,,. ....... G uard 3, Leslie Yeast ,,...,,.........,.,,,.,.,,...... Forward Alex Calder ...,,..,. ....... G uard 4. Lawrence Ditlevsenn. .Center and Fwd. THE SEASON After the football togs were put in moth balls, Coach Edson issued the call for can' didates for the maple court, With all of last year's second team and four first team lettermen back. Foster's hopes for a winning team were very bright. Several practice games were arranged with other schools in which the Bulldogs came out on top. The league season opened at home with Richmond Beach. who fell before the local boys by a score of 28 to 18. The next two tilts were merely practice games for the home team, Redmond losing 30 to 19 and Kirkland taking a 38 to 17 beating. The Bulldogs struck a snag when they journeyed to Bothell, losing a hard fought game to the 1927 State Champions by an 18 to 13 score. The Bulldogs handed Bellevue a 31 to 18 drubbing in the next contest. Starting the second half of the season the Bulldogs dropped a 12 to 10 decision to Richmond Beach ,and with that game a tie for the title. Redmond. the next victim. was handed one on the button by the tune of 49 to 15 while Kirkland was not so easy. the local boys winning in an overftime period by a 20 to 18 score. Then came the Bothell game, Backed by confidence and some Hve hundred basket ball fans the greatest satisfaction of the season came when the Bulldogs handed the Bothell team a 14 to 12 lacing in one of the hardest fought and most exciting games seen on the local floor. As the Bothell team was the State Champion of 1927, this vic' tory meant very much to the Foster Team. In the Hnal game of the season the Bulldogs defeated Bellevue in a ragged game in the Bellevue cracker box by a 10 to 9 score. The end of the season found the Bulldogs riding in second place. The second team played in the same league as the Grst team and occupied second place when the season ended. As the second team consisted mostly of Freshmen. Fosf ter's future on the basket ball lloor is very promising. Ihigi' Tllirlvfsix fo ' KLAHOWYAHNXQX BASEBALL Charles Teague ....... ......... C atcher Leslie Layton .......... ....... P itcher Harold Cooper ........... .,..... P itcher Ray Heppenstall ..,.... ....,..... P itcher Harold Erickson .... ........,.... P itcher Donald Nelson ...,..., .,,..,,.. F irst Base Donald Pollock .......... ......r S econd Base Charles Holmes ..... . Elmer For-dell ....., .......Short Stop .......Third Base Alexander Calder ..... ..........,. L eft Field George Robinson... Kyoshi Uno ......... Leslie Yeast ......... .......,Center Field .......Right Field ...........Ut1l1ty Ralph Holmes ................................,... Utility With many experienced lettermen back and a good array of rookies under the skillful eye of Coach Laird, Foster is expected to put a winning baseball team on the Held. Many practice games were arranged with outside schools in which the Bulldogs gave a good account of themselves. The schedule of the 1928 league season is as follows: April 6 ....... April 13 ,...... April 20 ....... May 4 ....... Redmond .........Bellevue ....,....Kirkland ,.......,Bothell at Foster at Foster at Foster at Foster F. H. S. FOOTBALL SEASON "27" Foster's Hrst football turnout for the season '27 showed that the squad was com' posed of a few lettermen and some green but promising material for the other positions. Later on two of the lettermen had to drop turnout because of doctor's orders and class Work. Coach Laird handled the team very ably but the team was too inexperienced to win over its more experienced rivals. Mr. Davis assisted Mr. Laird for a week and during his stay he gave the team some valuable practice for which we thank him. The team did as well as could be expected and from the experience it gained We should have a good team for the next season as most of the men will be back again. Page Tliirtyfscl 1 o E P ' KLAHOWYAH Y GIRLS, ATHLETICS Foster Gym was the field of many hard fought basketball games and much excite' ment. The season was started with great pep, knowing that the girls were going to enter a league of interscholastic games. So immediately under Miss Gibsons coaching we .organized our class teams and played oif the interfclass games. Those making their class teams struggled for a position on the school team. The girls showed a great display of iight and spirit when they met Pacific City, their first opponent, December 14. This was Hrst a practice game, but just as the game was ending the tide turned in favor of Pacific City 1645. The league opened on the home floor. facing Richmond Beach, The game was dropped to Richmond Beach by a score of 1928. The score and schedule games were as follows: Foster 15 Richmond Beach ZS Foster 8fSilverdale 21 Foster 9-'Redmond 42 Foster 8-Redmond 30 Foster 10-Kirkland 46 Foster 17-Kirkland 56 Foster 25fFalls City 26 Foster 28-Silverdale 23 Foster 16-Bellevue 12 Foster 15-Falls City 9 Foster 22-Richmond Beach 36 Foster 7fBellevue 21 This was a successful season considering that the girls had not played basketball for two years. Those who received letters are: Vivian North, Grace Gott. Beatrice Brus. julia Deuhle, Ruth Youngherg. Dell Kenny, Norma Neal. Catherine Vw'ebster, Katherine Patrick. The girls had no opportunity to show their skill in volley ball as they did not play any interscholastic games. The Sophomores proved to be the volley ball champions. BASEBALL Baseball turnout was begun the latter part of March. The girls were coached by Mr. Edson. Much time and drill was given to the fundamentals and bunting. The girls will show their worth in their practice games. Pings Tlmlyfeiglit fxf f 0 f Do if YxxXKLAHOWYAHXxxw? SCHOOL CALENDAR Sept. 6sOh! Once more we travel back to dear F. H. S. School days. Sept. 13--Advisors and class officers were elected and now we are ready to go. Sept. 19-Girls' Club Organizationg new officers were e'ected and we are ready to start the year with a bang under the direction of Miss Crane. Sept. 22-"Teachers' Reception." A great deal of handfshaking as the parents met the teachers and the teachers met the parents of all their beloved students. Sept. 23-+"Oh there, Freshiesf' Freshman Mixer took place and all the Bull' dogs were present. The Alumni vs. Foster Bulldogs in first practice game. Sept. 27--Girls' Club feed for the Foster Bulldogs. Sept. 30-Oh! The day of the big Treasure Hunt. All the Bulldogs gathered around and dug for tin cans, instead of bones. OCTOBER Oct. 6-Algona vs. F. B. D. Oh, that mud. Oct. 7-First League game. Bothell vs. Bulldogs and carried away the score 21-O, but cheer up, Bulldogs, it won't be long now. Oct. S--Girls' Club Hike. They walked to Seward Park. Oh boy! Oct. 11-F. B. D. traveled to Algona. Oct. 14-Issaquah. Oct. 20-Girls' Club gave their second feed. Oct. 21-Bulldogs at Kirkland. Oct. 28-Girls' Club Hallowe'en Party. "Oh, those faces!" But a good time was enjoyed by all. Snoqualmie vs. Foster. But the Bulldogs held their own, 010. NOVEMBER Nov. 4iB0thell vs. F. B. D. and won with score of 2OfO. Freshman Play took place which proved to be a big success. Nov. 11-f-Armistice Day. A good program was put on by some skilled Bull' dogs of F. H. S., also B. D. played their last game with North Bend. Score 13fO. Nov. 18-Oh! Alas! The Senior Ball took place, Foster's Best Ball. Nov. 23-Thanksgiving program put on by Girls' Club. Nov. 2425-Thanksgiving Vacation, and did we eat? Well, you would think we had starved since last Thanksgiving. DECEMBER Dec. 2fCarnival-fOh, that noise, but a good time was had by all. Dec. 8sFoster vs. Highline in first basketball game, and hurrah, B. D.'s won Sfl! Dec. 10-F. B. D's. vs. Matson's was a good game. Dec. 14eF. B. D.'s played second game with Highline and again came out on top, 2Of19. Page Thinyfni YWKLAHOWYAHNNN F t Dec. l5vSophomores put on the play, 'iWho is She?" It proved to be very entertaining to all. Dec. 16W-F. B. D. vs. Snoqualmie and lost, 843, but the Bulldogs played hard. Dec. 22fF. B. D., both girls and boys, played Richmond Beach. Girls lost but the boys made up for it by winning. Dec. 23--Senior Christmas Tree and program-then!--Home, gang, Home! Isn't it a Grand and Glorious Feeling? Dec. 29-Y-fWashougal arrived and weren't we proud of our boys when they won for F. H. S.? JANUARY Jan. 5fGirls played Redmond. Score 960. Jan. 6--Boys played Redmond. Score 2Of29. jan. I2-Foster vs. Kirkland. Score 3849 favor of Kirkland, but the girls played hard. Jan. 13-Boys played Kirkland. Score 3847. Jan. 17-Boys played Bothell. Score 1843, Bothell's favor. jan. 19-Girls' Club Kids' Party and there sure are some cute little girls at F. H. S. Ask Blanche why the long dress? Foster vs. Bellevue. Score 3148. Jan, 2667-fFoster Bulldogs vs. Richmond Beach. Score 1240 Beach's favor. Boy! Boy! This will never do! FEBRUARY Feb. 2f3--Foster vs. Redmond. Feb. G7-Foster vs. Kirkland. Feb. 9fl0ffFoster B. D. vs. Bothell. Hard game but the score ended 14f1'l favor of-? Bulldogs. Hurrah! Feb. 14-Girls' Club St. Valentine Party. Games and music. Hurray! Feb. 17-Foster B. D. vs. Bellevue, 1Of9. MARCH March 23fJunior Cperetta, "Cnce in a Blue Moon." March 28-Declamation Contest held at Richmond Beach. Three Foster girls were represented, Helen Myer and Eileen Blair both winning second place. Elsie Anderson also competed. March 29-Boys play first practice game with Highline. March 30--Boys' Club gave a dance in the gym, the surplus to go toward the tennis court. A large crowd attended and with "Kokes' Red Hot Koals" for music, everyone had an enjoyable time. Mrs. Neally spoke to the girls on posture and health. APRIL April 2AGirls' Club started leveling tennis court cinders. April 6-Foster played Redmond in first league game and it was some game. April 11-Foster vs. Kirkland, good game, boys. April l2fl3eSpring vacation and oh! it felt good. Gave that "Spring Fever" a chance to cool off. Page Fmty KLAHOWYAHXXHX dx si l April 16-Back to school and ready to work hard because it won't be long until the final examinations. April 1849-Juniors are very busy. Why? Well, just wait and see. April 20-The big day and the big dance-Junior Prom. The boys played Richmond Beach. April 2425-The Seniors seem to be nervous over something. Wonder what all the excitement is about? MAY May l-May Fete. May 3i"The Whole Town's Talking," presented by the Senior Class, and the whole town sure did talk afterwards as it sure went over big. Foster played Bellevue in a wonderful game of baseball. May 4-Foster Bulldogs play Bothell. Mohters and Daughters' Banquet. May 11hTennis tournamentg first one ever held at Foster High and everyone was pretty much excited. May 18hVaudeville went over big! And how! May 20-Girls' Club Hike and some hiking they did. JUNE June 1-Girls' Club Farewell Picnic. HEPPENSTALLS GRCCERY For .Quality with Service, We are Prepared at All Times to Serve 'You with Fresh Meats, Perishables and Ice Cream From Our FRIGIDAIRE SYSTEM The Most Modern and Sanitary Refrigeration- With Prices that are Right GLendale 0029 FosrER STATION Page Fortyfnn SEE and SONS Dealers in ALL ic1NDs OF Building Material W Om Motto NSUDDEN SERVICE" .W PHGNE is RENTON - - WASHINGTON fx - I ' NKLAHOWYAHX Y june 3-Baccalaureate Services held for the Seniors. june 6-Senior Graduation. Oh, what will we do without them? June 8-Good-bye. No more teachers, no more books. hoo Teacher: "Will you be quiet for a bit?" Squab: "No, but I'll be quiet for two-bitsf' Y Y M1. Edson: "Name a car that starts with HT." Layton: 'You can't fool me, all cars start with gas." Y 1 Swede: "Don, don't eat that jello, tlon't you know it's mad fs?' Don: "Sure I do, that's why I get a big kick out of it." f 'f POEM FOUND IN DIT'S VEST POCKET I flunkecl last semester, I flunked the semester before: Teacher says if I flunk again I won't flunk any more. e out of horses A. W. FLESCH DEALER IN GENERAL MERCHANDISE fsaffes We Strive to Please Shir-S3 R.F.D. 5, Box 102 Phone GLendale 0143 RIVERTON, WASH. Page Fortyftlu t GOTT FUEL YARD Phone Residence GLENDALE 2107 Rel TUCKWILA, WASH. GYQ Before Buying 'Your WOGD and GGAL GET MY PRICES GL? If Building and Need Sand, Gravel and Cement GET MY BID ON THE IGB 6x2 If Tom' Road Needs Repairing A LGAD OR TWO GF Ginder or Road Gravel Win Do the fob I HAVE THEM Reasonable Thank You. F f NXBKLAHOWYAHXNX ' We Bob F.: 'iWhat do you think of my new shoes?" Frenchie: "Immense!" Y Y jenette: "Just think, Mother, a poor worm provided the silk for my dress. Her Mother: 'Tm shocked, Jenette, that you should speak so disrespect fully of your dear father." Y Y Teacher: "Name a collective noun." Slmzzie: "A vacuum cleaner." Y Y Alex: "The dime novel has gone. I wonder where it's gone to?" Pete: "It's gone up a dollar and ninety cents." Y Y V Chuck T.: "I saw a dog yesterday with hair on one side." . Betty: "Which side?" Chuck: "The outside, of course." Y Y Guide Con hunting tripl: "There is a leopard, shoot him on the spot. Norma Neal: "Be specific man, which spot?" as Renton and Grand Theatres --sus.-suxns-vs-ns uns-ns1rss:susens-nxaus---snnsfnsnosavs-ns-v sn Each year a few of our Foster friends leave to battle for higher honors. To the Graduatf ing Class of 1928, we wish all of you every possible success in the new world you must conquer. A Sincerely yours, B. W. FEY and E. J. FEY. RENTON AND GRAND THEATRES RENTON WASHINGTON Page Fonyffiv s t ILSON'S MODERN BUSINESS COLLEGE l0I5 M'AIN 2ND.AVE 3Ol6 Many Foster Graduates Have Found Success Through Wilson Training - - Y E S O C A N O U 5598, F swf :sfa1"11Lff1f -ka--femgil-1,,5foMiQ mqhn K M s ul Jak' I Y FLM l m g KLAHOWYAHX-Xxx ' We Seyrnour: "What's the difference between ammonia and pneumonia?" Vera: "I'l1bite." Seymour: "Why, ammonia comes in bottles and pneumonia comes in chests." 1 Y Bernard: "Say, where does ink come from?" Bermie: "Why, from incubators, dumbfbellg where do you suppose?" 1 1 Bill: "An awful accident up the street." Punk: "What happened?" Bill: "A car ran into a garage." Y Y Bob: "I don't know what to say about the peroxide blondes who made such a fuss at the tennis game." Dir: "Why not say 'the bleachers went wild'?" The annual is a great invention, The school gets all the fameg The printer gets the money, And the editor the blame. Oh, Frenchie! "SUCCESS" IN LIFE LIVE IN CLIMBING Anyone Can Slide WCLIIVIB UP" with a bank account at exp The First National Bank of Renton l'We'll Cofoperaten Page Fortyfsevc FCSTER MEAT MARKET Mk FRESH MEATS AND VEGETABLES ICE CREAM, CANDIES AND TOBACCCS CHAPMAN AND CHAPMAN GLendale 254OfRf2 FOSTER, WASH. We Deliver RIYERTCN FEED STCRE We Curvy a Full Line of HAY, GRAIN, FEED, FLCUR and POTATOES SPERRY'S BABY CHICK FEED in large or small quantities I emi E. J. MILLER, Prop. I A GLendale 15 3OfRf3 RIVERTON, WASH. Fortyfexght G. E. Hanson P. S. Store No. 64 Solicits High School Patroiiage 'W GROGERIES GAS AND GILS W Riverton Heights Phone GLenClale 21 14fRf2 Riverton Grocery and Market v. E. LINNELL, Prop. GL 205712 Riverton 442103+0- Staple aiid Fancy GRGGERIES GONFEGTIONARY FGUNTAIN DRINKS KGDAK FILMS Riverton Monette Shoe Shop Hardware First Class . SHOE REPAIRING RAWLINGS Gmigsagi ATHLETIC GOODS New Shoes aiicl Rubbers at the Right Prices 22525215 G. LARSEN Our Specialty Rawlings Athletic Goods are better than those usually sold as the best. 1420 Third Avenue SEATTLE, WASHINGTON P F Get the Habit of Eating at the Foster Lunch Room Ove We Give the Best of Service ofxo 'G MRS. MILLER, Prop. Phone GLendale 254411 I Route 9, Box 294 Phone GLendale 2115fRf5 A. H. Neilsen General Contractor G grllr A .. BRICK and PLASTERING SEATTLE, WASH. can Watkins Bill Hamer ewelry for ESTABLISHED 1.910 GENERAL TEAMING Contract Work r-S3536 WFS? GLendaIe 254ifRfl FOSTER, WASH. Diamonds-Watches Silverware For gifts of merit and quality we have reasonably priced GRUEN, WARWICK, ELGIN and ILLINOIS WATCHES in the latest styles and models. 222 Wells Street fNext to Grand Theatrej Phone 332 RENTON, WASH. Page Fifty . - - , V, ,lyk ,,,n vl., .. 2 ff I l QQHNUUA " Wie flryscrapers. are 5051 gllly? Wlygfgf' aldlcyf an arfflfed- W' are arcl717ect5 ofannzfalg. prepared as oulq 5pecioli5l5 can be, we help our sdmool friends lo mold ihc pilfolls emouniered in building unnuols lhni luiil endure as Uwe ireoburchuusc of ihehprecious I l memories. SCHOOL ANNUAL DEPARTMENT Herrznsvnu. Emznnvma Cv, Annsrs f. cnsnuvsns one MM 'eww SEATTLE 'R N 5 X5 KW NK W W fw M N N gl W Q.. 35555: ' . 1 Q1 1 ' -.

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