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Fosdick Masten Park High School - Chronicle Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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'Y ' 3, 5 -5' - " ' 5,42 L- ,:.g+55g, 5.55 .. Ff!',' ' .ry fain' .5 3- iyiz' "2 1. J. , iii? 'N-1 QQ. .11 . - .bg- if., 2:5 ng, , r X, La -. .FV 5-...Q .fir .A,. y' .-14. .5 N 4. . , :JA . ai, il - K- 'Qf ,. .3 ,. ,A . .. , -v ' .J uf' , - p- -1 -rip. .. A1 Fl. J .ef ,,.l ' zz' L 5 I f - -sign rx.. 4 1 X" .iib w , 21-1-v ga, Ii... :Q-V ff: .. 5' , X :gf-MIN 4. I. I .Agn YA- r. , E? Lwfomicle 1945 lgublislzecl by the Stzfclents of f?osclicle-mustcz1 Uc 11f1Q High School B 1 1ffu fo . Hen' York Volumuxx. Nz z ,,g,..1. . , f-fr f ig.. Looking Forward Beyond This TiTanic conTlicT lies a beTTer, more ToleranT world. Several million out our men are parTicipaTing in The biggesT gamble They have ever known - wiTh IiTe and limb as The TorTeiTs, and The chance oT a decenT world as The prize. On The parT of The UniTed NfaTions, There has been a consTanT eHorT, a deTermined spiriT, and a uniTied purpose To accomplish a righTeous peace. l-lere aT Fosdick-'Iv1asTen, There is no deviaTion Trom The purpose aT hand. Our Alma lvlaTer has given us The Tools oT democracy. our unshakable belieuf in Hue principles oT equaliTy and iusTice, and a sincere love oT humaniTy. To win The kind oT world we wanT requires sTudy, discussion, and diligence over a period oT years. Upon us leans The heavy burden oT winning an ulTimaTe vicTory and a permanenT, imparTial peace. IT we are noT To Tail in our obligaTions, we musT TirsT TIT ourselves To cope wiTh The problems which will ineviTably conTronT us. EducaTion has faced This challenge and has meT iT squarely. We need no exTerior Torce To sTimulaTe our paTrioTic eTTorTs, Tor The supreme sacriTice of our boys shames The very ThoughT of relaxing our endeavors. Above all, we are working Tor vicTory, ThaT prime incenTive behind our purchase out bonds and sTamps. The combined eTTorTs oT an enThusiasTic American people are succeeding in placing our naTion on The road To vicTory. We hereby pledge our sacred honor as a guaranTee To The peoples oT The world, ThaT The sweeT bells out liberTy will soon herald a new era oT universal peace and broTherhood. 5 C9 ' olirolzme szozriii oimtelii-zu To The memory oT Caroline Zorn CanTelin, a Teacher aT Fosdick-MasTen Trom SepTember l9I9 unTil June I944. The inspiraTion oT her quieT modesTy and pleasanT disposi- Tion will long remain wiTh Those who worked wiTh her. l-ler happiness as a moTher was reTlecTed in her personal inTeresT in individual pupils, many of whom have expressed appreciaTion oT her kindliness and inTeresT. Always devoTed To duTy, uncomplaining in The Tace oT Trouble, she was noT one To seek recogniTion or praise. Members oT The Chronicle sTaTT regreT +ha+ no recenT phoTo- graph oT Mrs. CanTelin is available Tor publicaTion. lfred 5. c eellvacli "And remember, win or lose, play a clean game." These words express The creed of The laTe "Allie" Seelbach. ThroughouT his enTire career as an aThleTic leader he endeavored To insTill in American youTh The necessiTy Tor Tair play. From The Time he enTered Fosdick in l92O as insTrucTor of physical educaTion unfil his deparTure in I942, Mr. Seelbach served in varied capaciTies. WheTher coaching The baskeTball squad or The Track and cross counTry Teams, he represenTed The ideal in leadership. Many of our besT Teams were Trained and developed under his supervision and. sTrengThened by his inspiraTion and conTiclence, were led To vicTory. On Ten diTTerenT occasions The Yale Cup was awarded To baskeTball Teams which he coached. This cherished Trophy remained in our school for six consecuTive years, from l928 To I933. Under Mr. Seelbach's direcTion Fosdick Twice earned The cross counTry award, The Track Team received The Scalp and Blade award on Three occasions, and The Tennis Team Twice won The Clark Trophy. 6 Noi only was Mr. Seelbach successful a+ Fosdiclc. buf in his len years as baslcefball coach af Canisius College he developed leams lhal arlracied nalional recognirion. To honor his aciivify in baske-Tball coaching, a Seelbach Memorial Trophy will be awarded annually +o ihe besl' college 'ream in upper New York Srale. His abilily as physical direcior and sporis leader prompied Mr. Seelbach's appoinfmenl in l942 as Co-ordinalor of Physical Fifness for Jrhe New York Siafe War Council. In 'rhis capacify, he planned and direcled helpful programs for schools and war planis. His in+eres+s were many-sided1 one of his grealesl pleasures was music. l'le was well-known in Buffalo as a member of lhe Ceniury Orchesfra and was an accom- plished player of saxophone and violin. Mr. Seelloach's unlimely passing in I944 was a grave loss To our school and +o 'the communify a+ large, and caused deep sorrow +o 'rhose wiih whom he associafed. The inspiralion of his characier and example in +he hearls of The young people +o whom he devofed his life will always be his finesr memorial. 7 I J Jilrflmiifia fjurnvll ly. leolnurts llriuciprll Z I 1 Ji? UML-1.7 Our Tlag bedeclced audiTorium reminds us oT The coming V-Day. The conTer- ence al YalTa has seT up a peace orqanizaTion baclced by The miliT'r mi hT T Th a y g o e UniTed NaTions. Temporary peace is cerTein, buT permanenT peace cannoT be main- Tained by Torce alone. IT musT exisT in The hearTs and minds oT men who prize iT above anyThing else. Through educaTion in The ways oT peace, TuTure generaTions musT esTablish in every naTion oT The world poliTical and economic sysTems which will provide d . . . . emocraTic principles oT governmenT and higher sTandards oT living This T' l . ina peace will Then endure because iT will become The eThical sTandard oT inTernaTional liTe. GARNETT F. ROBERTS 8 I! by L I ation lllillium l3lll'L'lI,7Ul'l fslssistnni llriucipnl The gold slar on our service flag is a daily reminder Thar many young men of Masren who have worlced and played in rhe shelrer of Hs walls only a very shorl lime ago have made rhe greal sacrifice +o ensure coniinuance of one oi 'rhe supremely imporranr lunclions of 'rrue democracy-educalion. Full acceprance of educalional opporlunily is rhe measure of The gralilude of lhe boys and girls of lhis generarion. An enlighlened, slraighr-fhinlcing young manhood is more imporranr +o iulure peace lhan complicared syslems of supergovernmenr. W. H. DAVENPORT 9 rucv flhlrkfu fjertrudu Tgyrens I3 IX mrozucr We Shall Wliss Them. 'llliss llllcz rlele Miss Grace D. Markle, a Vassar graduale, was a Lalin leacher who came lo Fosdick-Maslen Park in Seplember l922, and remained wilh us unlil January I945. She was a conscienlious, lailhlul, and devoled member ol lhe lacully, always ready lo assume responsibililies and lo assisl bolh colleagues and pupils. Her calm, quiel, and dignilied manner will long be remembered by many as a goal worlhy ol imilalion. One ol her hobbies was Red Cross knilling, which she did exlensively in spile ol her busy lile. She also gave volunleer lime and service lo olher war work during vacalion periods. Miss Markle plans lo relurn lo her childhood home al Wilson, New York, where she may enioy old lriends and well earned leisure. lll rs. lgyireu s When Gerlrude Dfilord Byrens leaves Fosdick-Maslen, a cerlain charm and graciousness will go wilh her. Sludenls will miss her English classes where her approach lo lileralure is always maslerly and sympalhelic, and lo grammar or lechnique, logical and syslemalic. Since her arrival as a lacully member in l9I l, leachers have admired her reparlee, sparkling wilh apl quolalions, which, if lrulh be lold, ollen send her more pedeslrian lisleners lo Barllell, l-loyl, or olher such sources. Always she has been alerl in recognizing lilerary lalenl, generous in encour- aging il. Her own library, ol considerable size, has been lreely used by apprecialive readers. Socially and inlelleclually she has been a slimulaling person al Fosdick-Maslen. May her years ol leisure be long and happy, rich wilh deserved rewards! lll r. ,lggromer Mr. Bromer, who laughl in lhe annex al School I7 lor lour years and came lo Fosdick-Maslen Park High School in Seplember l94O lo leach malhemalics, resigned in March l945, lo lake a posilion in lhe New York Cily school syslem. As a leacher Mr. Bromer was very capable, palienl and underslanding, and devoled much ol his lesiure lime lo promoling grealer knowledge by exlra luloring. Besides his leaching he look an unusual inleresl in lhe personal welfare of each ol his pupils as well as in all sludenl aclivilies. Sludenls and lacully members will miss Mr. Bromer's enlhusiasm and winning smile. The charm ol his personalily and his deep sense ol loyally have made a lasling impression on all who were associaled wilh him. fi 61 f pf piffff'-Zfb X 1 rg f f Kipp Q Homemaking, Modern Languages, physical Education Miss Siraub, Miss Graluau, Misf. Wiikes, Mrs. Cfwuqlwlin, Miss Maas Miss -Kmiq, Miss Nrifil Mi, Hfiri M.-, iiiipy English Department lsi: Miss Kinnius, Mis, Savnfqir, Miss Starr, Mis. Gibney, Mis. Byrons Qndi Mis. Lum, Miss Llinsrririrf Miss Pir-iirmn Q li ma Wi," 1 Cf'Zp"l'fl ' CL . Vxxl. ,' wi Art, Classicai Languages! Dramatics, Music, Library Mr, Gffiiii,-i, Miss O'Mf-ara, Miss ffriliiiiln, Miss Sf'-ivzvl, Miss Levi' ian, Mi, Mrifiinliif i??,c,Ql,j M A -4 Business Department Seated: Miss L, Gaily Miss Corcoran Miss Mfcfabu Sfandinrii Mr, Hcllrimici, Miss Phillips, Miss Swiliil, Miss M.Gail'1 I2 I'.lgJ-1.,,,4off"wa.K 104, cult Faculty members can iruly be counted among the "builders of the future whose responsibility is lomorrow's world," for il is their leaching and leadership which mould the minds of the young people in the classrooms. ln a time when the rhoughl of the nation is almost wholly concerned with the building of instrumenls of deslruciion, it is well that 'rhere are lhose whose prime interest is The building of character. The future hope of America rests with The youih ol Today: the fulfillment ol that hope depends on The insliiuiions which helped io build our country-the home and the school. Teachers share with parents the opportunity of guiding boys and girls toward the goal of a secure future for America. 3,87 ,K fr flii Q History Department Isl: Miss Dutiweiler, Mrs, Fraser Miss Delahunl, Miss Reed Zndf Mr. Hurley. Mr. Rowan Mathematics and Science lst: Miss Woodward. Miss Mc- Donald, Miss Terrasse, Miss Swannie Znd: Mr. Luskin, Mr. Smifh, Miss Thomas. Mr. Gersfen, Mr. Bremer. Mr. Sommer I3 .Q ...fa .s f"'x V x rw av"-v',. ' 4, ,34,.'Q:i'1ZQ.-4 -.-:-f..v.' 4 -'. - -A ... .1 -'gcgezzr v l:"g1":'l' 'V F ...P ?":f'af."'.-fi . 'iff' ii' . ,5.JTi.,.. A., A X. 4' . 1 I . .. ., limi".-' ,-nd. h I "' I: . 3 .ff ' ,1.--,.y:f.A... i. f ' ' ' , y 40,35 f-r.:,1:'-L'4Qqy-1?r? iq-1-. 2.1-6- 2+efaff.fss'if.a 1 t -pw: . ,. ,.., 5, 'f-'Q' Sr -.- 515.55 5:11 534 Q- -fs 41 1? A.g:.5g9"- -s -gf'--nr w.f"'f --V or 'fa mg.-1-4,'-"i.2-fsr f sw J. ,fr ,f N ...Q N ,+qi1.2..gaS,w--vim - -we e...e35 zf r-gal .. .555 -rz5?.f5gg 5 'U-1 1, v -. ' 9N:5'g al: I 'Mr 1 ,B 5"-r' 11" 'uw 5 Y' Q Al N. 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Crocoll Roy A. Vomscheidl Jack A. Newhouse rg, 'A if Roberl D. DeBon George W. Wolf John R. Sauer fin. .541 Arfhur P. Fischer Vincenl Rernbes Lawrence Chazen -fini' at I John Guldner Donald L. Slockwell Frederick L. Tharau is il -- "iff M: Roberl W. Hurley Roberf W. Kaye Bernard V. Baumgarlen John H. Jones, Jr. Henry Kraina Edwin J. Glinski fill ' ' . -'rv': 1' . 4 . . Y-fifni V ' gr Joseph M. Penny, Jr. William A. Slaudacher Pefer A. Smifh TZ 7 . we AFM ai. " Henry Pollard, Jr. Alberf All Marvin Millleman -v .qi U ' .1 Fred W. Schiliferle Slephen G. Andromidas Marvin H. Polin 'f"S"f. . 35' - "TE frm Henry A. Seiller Raymond A. Kelsey George H. Brayman vb 3 V- " 554- A " ,ri 'k"fz5.A - . Us - S,-.w . ' --,vw H -'ff.:2?" :aa -1" Zvi' ai -.1-ch-if . - .' . . . ,, . .,,d1-v- . patrfmgg. 'ff'-.'-Fwn , f-, ,. -1 - . , 4 qty- . 'nf J-1" 'f-a ,?+-ee" ,-1'f?14 5925? 'fffv 1:14--225-Q-ggi-' . , M5 S5 U?-I.-Six H5 . 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U A ' '-ml, ur Serisvicemem Those former Masfen pupils who are in fhe nafion's service are definifely numbered among fhe builders of fhe fufureg fheirs is a service fo God. fo counfry and 'ro humanify--one fhaf demands greaf personal sacrifice. For many of The smiling boys, who once strolled our corridors wifh fhe leisure fypical of youfh, fhaf sfroll has been quickened fo a marfial sfep, and The carefree smile replaced by a defermined expression. The myriad sfars in our service flag remind us consfanfly of fhose who have answered fheir counfry's call fo dufy in 'rhe Army, Navy, or Marines. lv1asfen's service men and women frequenfly refurn fo The school on fhe hill, bringing wifh fhem 'rales of rugged Training in fhe nafion's camps and of dufy overseas. Prinfed on page 99, from fhe guesf book in Room I04 are fhe names of fhe boys who "dropped in" during fhe presenf school year. They fondly recall fhe foofball games in fhe sfadium brighf wifh yellow and gold, fhe assemblies in which fhey applauded endlessly 'ro help shorfen classes, and The senior +eacher's face wreafhed in smiles as fhey presenfed her wifh a lovely pink orchid on Senior Day. Less forfunafe boys who are scaffered on The far-flung bafflefields also recall grafefully fheir days af Fosdickg fheir Ieffers keep us in close fouch wifh fhem. These boys are looking forward eagerly, yef solemnly, fo fhe day of vicforyg a few of fhe messages prinfed below, express fheir fervenf hopes and vivid impressions wriffen in Ieffers fo former feachers. . . . . behind fhose fervenf prayers lies +he realizafion fhaf only affer such accomplishmenfs are wroughf can we hope fo ioin our loved ones and renew fhe walks of life which we had faken for granfed .... May we face fhe fufure wifh fhoughf and undersfanding. Major Edward Cook, 54+h Evacuafion Hospifal The ordnance work is very inferesfing even fhough if is a frifle dangerous and complefely useless affer fhe war .... By now you are probably busy preparing a new issue of fhe Chronicle .... wifh all ifs hearfaches. sorrows, ioys, conferences, changes. I-low well I remember if! S Zfc Harold Kaiser, U.S.N.R. If may sound funny, buf before I gof info fhe army, fhe ,only fhing I drove was a bicycle. They fold me fo gef info a jeep, half-fruck, fruck, and fank, and drive fhem. Pvf. Aaron Goldfarb, A.R.T.C. I am iusf anofher goblef in Uncle Sam's navy .... This is 'rhe life .... if fakes me back fo my school days .... a class in airplane recognifion. AXS Jesse Goldbaum, U.S.N. For a good resf I would recommend New Guinea in peacefime .... We gef canned beef I4 fimes a week .... I am using a "K" rafion for a desk and siffing in abouf fwo inches of wafer. Cpl. AI Wifzig, U.S.A. A few girls from Masfen are also in fhe service of fheir counfry. One of fhem wrofe from France- We all would like fo ge? 'ro our desfinafion and gef our hospifal in working J - -....:.. ul.. LA-- i.,D'lI I-.D Irmmc. In naar- anvwav lnu+ we are nof Wx Fda 1' f FX. ,fx L f vw X vi XL " H Ofc II ff U rs of DL' HdCV'11IflCdfIOVT on Page lO7J I7 ff Affsff' fgp 111 11 4' 1' ll 1' If l lg O H ol S Oli ll T Cl lll L Realizing ThaT The challenge oT a beTTer TuTure is meT Through The eTTorTs OT The presenT, Fosdiclc-MasTen opened The STamps and Bonds drive in 0cTober wiTh The slogan, Every Home Room QOOXO. For The success oT This achievement The Federal Treasury awarded The school a Tramed reproducTion oT The Bill oT RighTs, To be hung in The TronT corridor. The goal Tor which sTudenTs and TaculTy loyally cooperaTed was S50,000, The cosT oT a Bell Kingcobra. CompeTiTion was lively ThroughouT The drive, aided by spiriTed campaigning in assembly and homerooms. Rooms IO6, 327, and 304 won high honors during The TirsT Term: Rooms IO6, ZIB, and 327 were leaders in The closing weeks oT The drive. Then The boys oT Room IO6 passed The rival Treshman rooms, winning The model airplane which had been consTrucTed by RoberT Toner. The climax was reached on March eighTh, when The Tinal sum needed To puT The school "over The Top" was raised: Sl2,000 on ThaT one day, and Two weeks ahead oT The deadline. This broughT The ToTal in sTamps and bonds To S53,99l, assuring evidence ThaT our school has well done iTs parT. In recogniTion oT This accomplishment a Bell AircraTT assembly program was presenTed, aT which a TesT piloT Told oT his experiences in Tlying, and answered sTudenTs' guesTions. Our plane, named Fearless Fosdiclc ll, was dedicaTed on April TourTh aT The Bell AircraTT CorporaTion. STudenTs who had been acTive in The drive were inviTed To wiTness The purchase: RoberT Toner, Ralph Halpern, KaTherine Fahrner, Deana ChrisTensen, Seymour Heclcer, FEATURED TN Tl-TE QUIZ PROGRAM I8 l Qeclimlioii o li U ii 1' l U s s laiosflicle ll lsr: Mr. E. C. Rust Jr., Jean l5raham,Mae Salmwitz, AniTa Difkds dario, MarqareT SeiberT, l.eaTrice Morris, Cap- Tain Harvey E. Sfein- berg, Miss O'Meara, CapTairr Nicolai LisTvin. Miss Slraub, Mr, Som n1ei'.Mr.WalTer Mazuriri Zndz Reber' Toner, Ralph Halpern, Seymour l-Tecker LeaTrice Morris, Jean Graham and AniTa D'Addario, They were accompanied by Miss O'Meara, who diligenTly managed The enTire drive, Miss STraub, who had charge oT homeroom publiciTy, and Mr. Sommer, who was The accounTanT oT sales. Pupils in The public speaking classes were helpTul during The campaign: each weelc They made announcemenTs oT The progress OT The sales, insTilling in The home- rooms The needed compeTiTion and rivalry Tor The success OT The ambiTious goal. A quiz program on March sevenTh was The impeTus Tor phenomenal bond and sTamp buying on The nexT day, The lasT oT The drive. The audience enjoyed The aTTempTs oT Those chosen To answer The guesTions. War STamps were The suiTable awards, which were given To all parTicipanTs, in order To underline The real purpose oT The enTerTainmenT. BOB SMITH Our eTTorTs in This viTal Taslc oT lending our dollars To our governmenT did noT diminish wiTh The aTTainmenT OT our largesT goal: conTinued cooperaTion broughT abouT ofher meriTorious records. The girls oT Room Il2 successfully raised Sl,500, The cosT OT a Tield ambulance. On The day Tollowing The close oT The drive, The bond sales were over Sl,OOO. These achievemenTs deserved a Tinal celebraTion, which was held on April II, when our own Bob SmiTh Trom WBEN enTe'rTained The pupils in The assembly. The records oT bond and sTamp buying are suTTicienT To iusTiTy The pride The school Teels. ln addiTion, Fosdiclc remains Tor The second year The biggesT buyer OT war sTamps among The high schools OT The ciTy. I9 ,- Wm. dyed' 'ff " , .f 'rf-tif? . ,'ka'a,' 5' ' .. , we. 41' xl.. V31 .Tr- ...I 1-. E 1 . JIT if Z '..31v. ' , .X . vx V. 'i-IJEQ. i ' A ' A ' ' - ' s 5 V s 1 frg x '.-. X. .As 'W' K QXXRX L-ck' 1 NX X 3 F y 1 ' .- ,.,- . - .-.. x- ,fgd U A ilyf' : 4,:?f1VM M L, , , - M-h'f'j-..'.1 V u L ,Q The school program has been geared To The moTTo, Classes FirsT, since everyone was deTiniTely aware oT The handicap oT a shorTened currenT year. Because oT The inTanTile paralysis epidemic, classes did noT begin unTil OcTober TiTTh. A TurTher loss of six days during The TirsT Term was The direcT resulT of The severe winTer sTorms, and February TiTTh was declared a "Tuel holi- day." ConseguenTIy classes were longer, sTudy more inTense and concenTraTed, and The work accomplished day by day was all imporTanT. Indeed, boTh TaculTy and sTudenTs were noT sorry To see The semesTer end. To compensaTe Tor The loss oT Time during The TirsT Term, The EasTer vacaTion was curTailed by Three days. School closed on Wednesday, March 28, and reopened on Wednesday, April 4. Looking forward To posT-graduaTion acTiviTies de- manded by warTime needs, The seniors were enrolled in such courses as nuTriTion, home nursing, radio, and TirsT aid. WiTh The reporTs oT The deaTh on various baTTleTields of many oT our Tormer Fosdick-lv1asTen Park sTudenTs and Triends, has come This year a deep and sincere deTerminaTion ThaT The presenT classes, who are The builders of Tomorrow, will prove To The world ThaT "These dead shall noT have died in vain." GERALD HUTCHINSON -- Presidenl Jerry's friendly smile and alllable nalure have won him many lrionds al lzosdiclc- Maslen. Allhough much of his lime is devoled lo The News Lefler and Chronicle Circulalion Sfafl, he has parlicipaled in The school play and in baslcelball, and has mainlained a place on The Sfar Roll. PRISCILLA GRAY - Vice-presidenl This year Priscilla's greal fondness for dancing and lobogganing has been some- whaf curfailed by "demon" orlice praclice which has virfually forced her nose To 'rhe grindsfone. Her enfhusiams and scinlil- lalinq personalily are lypical of American qirlhood and have made Priscilla one of Mas+en's mosl popular girls. ANITA UADDARIO W Secrelary Dainly AniTa's elliciency and persever- ance, coupled wi+h an aclive sense of humor, have made her an oulslanding sludenl al Fosdiclc-Masfen. She has served on The Sfudenl Council and News Leller Slahf and is on 'rhe Slar Roll. Anifa is a sporls en+husiasl and 'ralces greal pride in her excellenl afhlefic record. NORMAN SMALL - Treasurer ln a brief address lo The senior class. Norm promised "an honesf adminislralionfl His diplomacy and delighlful sense of humor are characferislic. Alfhouqh Norm is well-known a+ Fosdiclc because of his high scholasfic achievemenl, he has shown marlced abilily in music and in 'rhe science of radio. F - I l i l , - . J J !l'T,IAxI. ik' , i44i L12 ll NORBERT ROSLYN ROBERT JOHN GAGERN MESCHES DAMM K-H K ULMIN Valr-di orian Pon 7 Chief Marshal ss l M rshal W I LEX! 2 f YP"l""" C-4dr-PFW 725 . 1 3 Isl aww 1 . 5 QA 14 1 Q, 1 3 .ll'l'tl,1..,l,f 2T.V,i,.i..x fig . 2 Q i Acker, Virginia . . General Diarnarics Amenr, Marion A ...... Fine Arls Slar Roll . . . Baskelball . . . Chronicle . . . Special Chorus . . . Gilee Club . 4 . Home Room Represenfarive Anderson, Donna Mae . . Home Economics Public Speaking . , . Dramafics . . . Hiking . . , Y. B. C. . . . Office Monilor Anlholzner, Marie T ..... Secrerarial Baskelball . . . Volley Ball . . , Baseball . , . Tennis Armour, Theresa A. . . . Secrelarial Glee Club Alhans, Marion . . General Bailey, June E .... . . General Dramalics . . . Special Chorus . . Home Room Repre- senlalive Baugher, Johanna lvl. . . . General Slar Roll . . . Honor Roll Bensching, Jean E. . . General fimming I erkowilz, Norman ..... Science Honor Roll . . , Glee Club . . .January Graduale rkun, Milchell M. . Science and Engineering Slar Roll . . . Honor Roll . . . Chronicle . . . Chess Team . . . Public Speaking Berman, Edirh ....... Arrs Srar Roll . . , Honor Roli . . . Y. B. C .... Library Monilor Berzon, Roberl ...... Science Honor Roll , . . Drarnalics . . , Public Speaking . , . Inframural Baskefball . , . Inframural Baseball . . . Chess Club Bialek, Theresa ...... Secrelarial Slar Roll . . . Honor Roll . . . Chronicle Bingham, Palricia J ...... General Slar Roll . . . Honor Roll , . 4 Chronicle . . . News Lerler . . . Baslcelball . . . Spanish Club Boelke, Hazeliean . . General Volleyball . . . Badminlon Bove, Bridger E. ...... Classical Honor Roll . . . Horne Room Represenfarive Brauch, Howard Fred .... Business Brerhauer, Herberr A. .... Science Glee Club . . . Special Chorus . , .Track . . . lnlramural Baskelball . . . Intramural Baseball . , . Avialion Club Bridenbaker, Charles H .... Engineering Swimming . . . Track . . . Cross Counlry . . . Baskelball . . . Cheerleader . . . lnframural Foolball Brodluehrer, Norman C. .... Business lnlramural Baskefball . . . Drarnalics . . . Track . . . Debafe . . . Slaqe Crew IL cLk..O'y 'l3'ryq4,,Y--Q if is .ii , KX Q2 'ra -. , 3 if is r i if V.: . , , Ti .f XL lf. l O Brown, Shirley C. . . . . . Secrelarial Honor Roll . . . Baskelball . . . Drarnalics . . . Office Monilor . . . Y. B. C ..., Chronicle Bucklelder, Mildred l. .... Secrerarial Badrninlon . . . Baseball . . , Hikinq . . . Volleyball . . . Library Monilor Burckley, Paul A. . . General Burwell, Jacqueline lvl. .... Secrelarial Srar Roll . . . Honor Carnuza, Helen . Roll . . . Chionicle . . . Baseball . . . Secrefarial Volleyball . . . Bowlinq . , . Dock Tennis . . . Baskefball . .. Y. B. C. Casliglia, Charmaine Make-up Commillee . Casriqlia, Phyllis Chronicle Cherrer, Jane S. . Male-urs Cornrnillee , Y. B. C. Childers, Evelyn L. Glee Club Cohen, Milzi . . . . . . General ..Y.B.C. . Business . . . . . General . . Diamalics . . . Chronicle . . . . Horne Economics . Secrelarial Honor Roll . . . Y. B. C. Cohn, Lillian L. . . . General Glee Club. . . Drarnafics Colberg, Joan L. . . . . . Secrelarial Sfar Roll . . . Honor Rall . . . News Lefler . . . Library Moniror . . . Red Cross Club . . . Chronicle Conley, Rira A. . Conrad, Rurh J. . . Home Economics . . . . . General Honor Roll . . . Horne Room Represenlalive . . . Make-up Cornrnirfee . . . Special Chorus . . . Public Speaking . . . Hikinq , .L 1 ' - -' F7 fbrntc I Cosfley, Qberr . . . T. eneral Foolball . . . Special Chorus . . . Drarnalics . . . Variefy Show. . .Track . . . Monifor Cox, Elaine H. . . . . . . General Baseball . . . Baskelball , . . Volleyball . . , Avialion Club Crillenden, Belly . . . . . Secrerarial Honor Roll . . . News Lelfer . . . Red Cross Club . , . Chronicle Curlis, Charles VV, Band ...Track Curler, Howard B. . General . . . . . Science Band . . . Orchesfra . . . Track . . , Cross Country D'Addario, Anila lvl. . . . . . Business Sfar Roll . . . Sludenf Council . . . Baskelball . . . Deck Tennis . . . Baseball . Damm, Roberf W. Sfar Roll , . . Band . . . News Lelrer . . . . . Science . . Dramalics . . Special Chorus . . . Cross Counlry . . . Horne Room Represenlalive D'Angelo, Richard ..... General B Foolball . . . Baslrefball . . . Baseball Davies, Alice R. . . . Home Economic 1 Del P 'o D l L. . . . B sine s oores u I is Demplle, Janice L. .... Secrelarialfi -BN Honor Roll Dramafics Baslrelball Chronicl Diclcey, Virginia E. ..... Secrelarial Chronicle . . . Special Chorus . . . Glee Club , . . Bowling . . . Volleyball . . . Riding -, Dodge, Dorolhy A. ...,.. lvlusic Q Sfar Roll . . , Honor Roll . . . Orchesfra , . . Band . . . A L Glee Club . . . Special Chorus Domroes, Phyllis lvl. .... Secrelarial Qi B Sfar Roll . , . Honor Roll . . . Chronicle . . . Volleyf ball . . . Office Monifor , 1 s A .1 A ' V 1 ' f , ' "- ' 'EB f Dou'ris, lvlargarel lvl. . . A . General , , Hiking . . M 1 Dralce, Jean lvl ..,. Science Honor Roll . . . Y. B. C. Duerr, Jean D. . . . Secrelarial Baslrefball . . . Volleyball Eagan, John R ....... General Inlramural Foofball . . . lnlramural Baseball . . . lnlrae mural Baslrelball . . . Moni+or Edwards, Anna L. . . . General Glee Club AJ ' ' I ,Af MQ L., rf'1,u.:fL-1.4.4-'ffv ' 2-X' ff ' ,351 -H J fi. " L . Eggerl, Dorolhy M. . , 'f..Lf . . Scieng Honor Roll , . . Baslcefball . . . Badrninfon . . . Volley- ball . . . Bowling . . . Declr Tennis Elenleldl, Elsie G .... General Business Honor Roll . . . Special Chorus Ellis, Dorolhy . . . General Ernsl, Beverly J ...... Secrelarial y Honor Roll . . . Baseball . . . Bowling , . . Baslrelball . il Ewers, Judy W. . . . . Secrelarial Q f Chronicle , v' If Q Fadel, Adeib J. . . General Business " , January Graduale i Favre, Elizabelh G. .... Secrelarial Swimming . . . Glee Club . , . Special Chorus . . . News Lelfer . . . Red Cross Club , Eechler, Dolores lvl ...... Business Special Chorus . , . Baslcefball . . , Volleyball . . , I Baseball Eeisl, Edward C. . . Business lvlonifor ,. . .1135 25 Al li il , gf sifzirill Ferraro, Vincenl F. .... Science Foolball . . . Baslcelball . . . Swimming . . . Trarlr . , . Slago Crew , . . Home Room Represenlfxlivu Fields, Charles . . . Business Monilor Flynn, Sally A. . . General Junior Class Secrelary Freedman, Bernice . . General Baslcelball . . . Volleyball French, Madaline . Home Economics January Graduale Froelich, Elaine L. . General Gagern, Norber C. . . .Il . Arls s+afROii...H asker Gellenlhien, Donald A. . . Business Public Spealrinq . . . Siar Roll . . , may . . Swim- 'ninq . . . Chronicle Geyer, George W ...... General Foolball . . . lnlrarnural Baslrelball . . . Avialion Club . -- , ,, Q . O ' 1' ' ' f . X 1.4 L . ,flfudcfb Girshman, Karl lvl. lg. ience and Engineerin Slar Roll . . . Honor all , . , Tennis . . . Orcheslra . , . lnlramural Baslcelball Goggins, Louise . ..,.. General Caleleria Monilor . . . Swimming . . . Volleylgall , A17 vi L1 'J Goldberg, Roberl - '. 'fl "'!Hpl'bi ' I' Gfeneral L D lnlramurjl Baslrelball V -Q-Ar',"i7 ' ZF' i ii Sl iff 4. Granl, Richard F. '. . f '44 . General Monilor . . . Chronicle . . . Dramalics . . . Slaqe Crew Gray, Priscilla M. ..... Business Dramalics . . . Y. B. C ..,. Junior Vice Presidenl . . . Orclice Monitor Green, Dorolhy A. . Classical l-lonor Roll Grimmer, Donald P. . Science and Engineering Foolball . . , Dramalics . . . Public Speaking Grossman, Joseph ..... Science Band . . . Orcheslia . . , Special Orcheslra . . . Public Spealrinq . . . Honor Roll , . . Malee-up Commillee Guenlher, Rulh M. .... Secrelarial Honor Roll . , . Sludenl Council , . . Y. B. C. Gust, Gloria . Secrelarial Baslcelball l-lahin, Genevieve . Secrelarial Chronicle l-lanzel, Lily .... Secrelarial Office Monifor . . . Chronicle 26 l - Harrman, Rila ...... Classical Honor Roll . . . Chronicle . . . Bowlinq . Hiking , . . Bookroorn lvloniior Hayes, Eileen M. ..... Secrelarial Chronicle . . . Band . . . Orchestra . . . Baskefball . . . Baseball Heinle, Rulh lvl ...... Secrelarial Chorus . . . Hikinq , , , Baseball . . . Baskeiball . . . Volleyball Heyer, Doroihy L .... Home Economics Glee Club . . . Special Chorus . . . Hiking , . . Baskef- ball . , , Oilice Moniior . . .Junior Red Cross Hickey, Rulh ...... Business Specical Chorus . . , Bowling . , . Volleyball . . . Baseball Hill, June lvl. . . . . . Science Glee Club Hinlon, Garfield , Science ?ublic Speaking Hock, Eleanor G. . . Business Hoeppner, Norma J ..... Secrelarial Siai Roll . . . Honor Roll . . . Junior Red Cross . . , Glee Club , . . Special Chorus . . . Bowling Hoffman, Gerald ...... Science Baskeiball . , . De-bale . . . Baseball . . . Honor Roll . . . Slaqe Crew . . . January Graduale Hoffman, Harold .... Science Baskefball . . . January Graduale Hogg, Dolores K. . . . General Glee Club . . . Spanish Club Hohenslein, Belly C. .... Arls Siar Roll . . . Honor Roll . . . Chronicle Hosang, Shirley l.. ..... General Glee Club . . ,Junior Red Cross . . . Bowling Hulchinson, Gerald C .... . Business Slar Roll . . . Dramalics . . , News Leller . . . Chronicle . ., lnlrarnural Baskelball . . . Horne Room Re-preseniafive Jackson, Mary B. . . . General Baskelball , , . Volleyball Jae er H. Jack . . . Science g , . . Foolball . . . Baskelball . . . Baseball . , . Band . . . Dramalics . . . News Lefler Jansen, Henry A. ..... General Cheerleader . . . lvlonilor . . . Chronicle Jeiiords, Jacqueline . Home Economics Johndahl, Gloria A. . Home Economics Johnson, Farrell P. . . . Business Slaqe Crew . . . Dramafics za' M fr x,5pi5,.,' f J . Q 1 f . ' 1144 ' """P": H. : Johnson, Gloria M ...... General Y. B. C ,.., Volleyball . . . Badminlon . . . Swimming . . . Cafereria Monifor w L Johnson, June L. . . General 4,1 Basketball Johnsion, Bersy J ...... Fine Arrs lsfff Baskerball . . . Baseball . . . Chronicle . . , Orchesira . .. Glee Club . . .Odds and Arrs Club Kalerra, Rurh N ...,. Secre+arial Sfar Roll , . . Swimming . . . Hiking . . .Volleyball . . . Badminlon . . . Y. B, C. Karell, Naralie . . General Karg, Shirley A. . . General . Z f sf X0 o.. Kaskel, Mannie ...... Science Slar Rall ...Honor Roll . . , Chronicle . . . Monilor ' Keane. Parricia June . . . Business Dramarics , . . Y, B. C. 'I' Kirkman, Hazel N. . . General Business Avialion Club I - vi . .Q Kleiman, Bernard ..,. Social Science Inrrarnural Baskefball . , . Dramalics . , . Public Speak- inq . . . Debale Klein, Jeannerre lvl. . . . General Glee Club i Kleinschmidr, Joyce C. . Home Economics Junior Red Cross Koch, Lorraine . . . . Secrelarial Girls Glee Club . . . Special Chorus . . . Bowling ' . Koch, Roberr G. ...... Business Q Inrramural Baskerball . . . Inlrarnural Baseball . . . Moniror If Kosinska, Florence . . . Business Service Monilor Kowalewski, Dororhy B. . General Bookkeeping Y. B. C. Kreinheder, Marilyn R. .... Science Sfar Roll . . . Honor Roll . . . Chronicle . . . Baskef- -" 1 ball ...Swimming ff Kreinik, Shirley R. . Secrefarial Bookroom Monifor Q' Q Kremer, Richard A. . . . Engineering '-'S , Krikorian, Margarer S ...... Arrs 'X 8 Honor Roll . . . Chronicle . . . Special Chorus . . . Hi-Y 5' Kriz, Dororhy C. . . . . Secrefarial Home Room Represenfafive . . , Glee Club . . . Y. B. C. . 3 ?"?S'4f 4,66 za A- Q"Qcv ,ff yya, ,aiu ltlhdvif ff-ef Krollman, Joyce D. . . . Home Economics Honor Roll . . . Junior Red Cross . . . Swimming Q Kruse, Belly .... . . General Orcheslra . Secrerarial -A Krurchiclr, Dororhy R. . Slar Roll . . . Honor Roll K Kulman, Sam . . .... Business .Q ' Band . . . Orcheslra . . . Special Orchesfra . . . lnfra- H, 4 mural Baslcelball by ,- . me xl . I i Kulovirs, Helene M ...... General 0 Iu. , V, Honor Roll . . , Chronicle . . . eiee club . . . speasi A Chorus . . . Bowling . . . Office Monilor Vrgk ' W -... -f,i,5,gs., X i 'i La Croix, Doris A. .... Science '.l. lrizi ' y sim Roni xl Y Launcler, Mariorie M. .... Secrerarial Glee Club . . . Special Chorus . . . Chess Club . . . Office Monilor , . . Caleleria Monilor Lawandus, John J ...... Genera! Track . . . Band . . . Debale . . . Drarnafics Lawlon, Joan . . . . Engineering Glee Club Lefrwich, Louise ....... Arls Honor Roll . . . Slar Roll . . . News Lefler . . . Glee Club . . . Special Chorus . . . Baslcelball Leible, Arlene M. .... General News Lefler . . . Chronicle Lerrrnan, Alberr . . . I . . . Science Slar Roll I , 602 Ifxgi- Jie. Lewis, June A. . . General Glee Club by Lindner, Calhlene .... Secrelarial Lirhqow, Virqinia M ..... Secrelarial Glee Club . . . Special Chorus . . . Y. B. C. L I o, F ences C. . . General Business arnag . . Public Speaking . . . Y. B. C .... Horne Roo presenlafive . . . Cheerleader , Jean ...... Secrelarial Slar Roll . . , Honor Roll . . . Chronicle . . . News Lerlei . . . Y. B. C. renz, Mary Louise .... General Honor Roll . . . Drarnalics . . . Debale , . If Malh, Dorolh H, . Business Y Slar Roll , . . Honor Roll Mallhias, Shirley M. ..... General 'R Bowling . . . Glee Club . . . Library Club McCormick, Gloria M .... General A Special Chorus . . . Volleyball 29 7 1 '23 'IH f VJ ' f .45 I McMahon, Mary Frances . . . . General Baslcelball . . . Glec Club . . . Baseball Meadow, Seymour . . . Science Slar Roll . . . Honor Roll Meissner, Waller . . . . . Science Tennis , . . Baslrerball . . 'anuary Graduale Mendelow, Joseph . Science and Engineering Chorus . . . Traci: . . . Chess Club Mesches, Roslyn .... . Fine Arrs Honor Roll . . . Chronicle , . . Glee Club . . , Special Chorus . , . Odds and Arls Club Meyer, Mariorie J. . . . Siar Roll . . .Chronicle . . , Moniior .. Special Chorus . . . Bowling Meyer, Rurh G ..... Special Chorus . . . Office Monilor . . Michalelc, Dolores l .... Srar Rall . , . Honor Roll . . . Library Monifor Milcolon, Clifford . . Science a Honor Roll , . . Band . . . Orcheslra . .. Momiian, Rose . . . . Secrerariai .Glee Club... . Secrelarial Red Cross , . . Chronicle . . . Glee Club . . . Junior . Bowling . Secrerarial Club . . . Ohfice nd Engineering Special Orchestra . Secrerarial Glee Club . . . Special Chorus , Baslcelball , . . Volleyball . , . Hi-Y Murdock, Jean M. . . Business Musialowslci, Eugenia J. . Science Nernirov, Sarah L ...... General eree Club , ,L , I ,V Noble, Gerald L. K'-5' . Sv. Arrs Srar Roll . , . Honor Roll . . . Spanish Club Norrhcolr, Chesrer F. . . . Business Norys, Theresa ...... Secrerarial Chronicle . . . Library Club , . . Qllife Monitor , , . Library Monilor Oakley, Edwa rd ..... . General Drarwralics . . . Debale . . . January Gradualn O'Brien, Edirh M. . . Business Baslerball OlBr'ien, Mary Ann . . . Business Special Chorus . . . Volleyball 0'Connor, Rira P. . . . Business Honor' Roll . . . Baslaelball O'Kraslca, Theresa B. . . . Secrelarial Srar Roll . . , Horror Roll . , , Junior ll..-d Cross . . Office Moniror . . . Public Spealing r ..- i Q swsihsx jodlxy J4a,id' rel - vfx' ' JQQJPFNS V 7 ff GH, Alberl C. Science Parlcer, May Jean . Science Slar Roll Palel, Benjamin . ..... Science Honor Rall . . . Glee Club . . .Special Chorus Phillips, Alvah H. ...,.. Science Orcheslra . , . lnlramural Foolball , . . lniramural Base- ball . . . Office Monifor Pielras, lrene T. . Business Pohl, Bernice . . Secrelarial Boolc Room Monifor Poirier, Rena B. Business Pozarny, Hanna . Secrelarial Swimming . . . Riding Prem, Dolores lvl. . . . Secrelarial Honor Rall . . , Baslcelball Proehl, Marion R. .... Secrelarial Sta: Roll . .. or Roll . . . Band . . . Baslcelball . .. Home Room R nlafve Race, Thelma lvl .... Fine Arie Chronicle . . . Public Spealcinq . . and rls Club Radford, William K . . s' , . sr . 1, P' 1 1 'Sf v,,1.,nLivfk.,f in-01 Rausch, Erna lvl. ..... Pine Arls Honor Roll , . . Chronicle . . . Cheerleader . . . Odds and Ails Club Reqer, Rulh G .... . . General Glee Club , . . Special Chorus , . Library Club . , Library Monilor Reuss, Annelle l ..... . Secrelarial Honor Roll . . . Dramalics . . . Baskelball , . . Bowling . .. Y, B. C. A 'fff Robinson, Alvin . . . 5 .cs .i -U. X eneral J 1' G d U - - K V ff' UG? -r" Jr' X:-XX Robinson, Chrisfine . ' . . - N '. X' ,3.lvpGeneraI Dramalics . , , Variely Show Xi X J Rosenslein, Bernice .... Secrelarial Public Spealcinq . . . Bool Room Monilor . . . Y. B. C. Rylcerl, Dorismae . . . . General Glee Club . . . Special Chorus Saran, Irwin ....... Science lnlramural Baseball . . , lnlrarnural Baslcelball . . . lnlra- murul Poolball . . . Informal Debale Sauer, Hilda M. . . . . . General Bowling lux P 5' if'J.2.1f"7' I' lie-' ,, xi! Mil I ii l JAX.: ' THHY74 thi Scheclman, Mildred A. . . Secrelarial Office Monifcr . . . Wonder-Y-Club Schierlilz, Marion K. . . Honor Roll . . . Baskefball . . . Schmill, Irene C. G. . Volleyball Schnear, Shirley A. . Baskelball . . . Volleyball . . Schreiber, Belly M. . . . . . General Volleyball . . . Glee Club . . . Business . . Secrelarial Deck Tennis . . . Baseball . . . Business Honor Roll . . . Swimming . . .Chorus Schrorl, Belly Jane . . . Secrelarial Slar Roll . . . Honor Roll . . , Band . . . Volleyball . . . Junior Red Cross . . . Bowling Schubauer, Doris M. . Schuessler, Roberf R. . . . Business . . . General Glee Club. . . Monifor . , . Sfage Crew Schullz, Doris A. . . . Office Monifor , . . Hi-Y Science. Annelle Z. . Seiberl, Arline M. . Slar Roll . . . Honor Roll . . Chorus . . . Hiking Seidel, Helene L. . Sessler, Marcella . . Dramalics . . . Y. B. C. Shandraw, Dorofhy . Shapiro, Harold . . . . . . General . General . . . Secrelarial . Glee Club . . . Special General . . Secrefarial . Home Economics . . . Science Track . . . Boof: Room Monilor . . . Chess Club . . . Sherman, Leonore G. . . News Leiter . . . Dramalics . . . Simon, Myra A .... Slar Roll . . , Honor Roll . . Baskefball . . . Bowling Slawinski, Jane E. . . Honor Roll . . . Debafe . ,iiprfigi Sub- Q-.,,.'., ll QQ ,L1..f.1.. us.A.R. . . . Science Y. B. C. . . . Science Band . . . Orchestra . . . . . . General . Public Speaking . . . Chronicle . . . Cafeleria Monilor Small, Norman I. . . Science and Engineering Slar Roll . . . Honor Roll . . . Orchesfra . . . Special Orcheslra . . . Chronicle Snilzer, Mildred . . . . . . General Honor Roll . . . Drarnalics . . . Public Speaking . . , Debale Speier, Rulh ...... Secrelarial Slar Roll , , . Honor Rall . , . Red Cross Club fhfku-5 32 J ' 4 .fo sk Slellan, Carol J. ...... Science Honor Roll . . . Sludenl Council . . . Alhlelic Club . . . Spanish Club . . . Bowling . . . Deck Tennis Sleinharl, Seymour M. . . Science Monilor Slephan, Frederick S. . . Business Band . . . Chronicle Slephen, Belly .... Home Economics - askelball . . . Volleyball . . Baseball . . . Glee Club i - I 1 1, 1 4 4442 levenfon, lk? oro Y' ' 4. . . General Glee Club . . . Baskelball Slocklon, June lvl. . Science Volleyball . . . Swimming Slokes, Iclell .... . Secrelarial Special Chorus . . . Baskelball Slull, Marion ...... Secrelarial Baskelball Volle ball Bowlin . . . Baseball . . . . . . y . . . g Wonder Y Club Sullz, Bealrice E. . . General Business Sullon, Olis A ....... General Bancl . . . Swimming , . . Track . . . Inlramural Baskel- ball , . . Special Orcheslra . . . Cross Counlry Szperka, Alice M. . . . . Business Telewsky, Gerald ...... Music Bankd .b. . Orcheslra . . . Special Orcheslra . . lnlramural Bas el all fp? , ghhp-JB ,Av-+5 4-'-:I-I-fl EZ?-Hs!-n L v J- 'f. lp O-Q lg o fl KQ- Tierney, Dorolhy ..... Secrelarial Special Chorus . . . Red Cross Club Torbicki, Rila C. ...... General Chronicle . . . Library Monilor . . . Library Club Toulmin, John W. ..... , Science Honor Roll . . . Orcheslra . . . Chronicle . . . Special Orcheslra Turner, Keilh R ....... Science Swimming . . .Track . . . Foolball . . . Slage Crew . . . Dramalics Ulrich, Doris . . . General Van Dusen, Dolores l-l. . Secrelarial Y. B. C. Varley, Belly lvl. . . General Special Chorus Vickers, Don N ....... Science Band . . . Orcheslra . . . Baskelball . . . Special Orcheslra Wagner, Laura ...... General Debale . . . Public Speaking . . . Glee Club . . . Special Chorus . . . Y. B. C .... Chronicle I - flea' :jfx ...'r X. 1 I fi 7-.LA i . ATX ri. . fv- .,ls...l Heer, Edith Bennie, Helen l. ller, Earl A. Baslcin, Vivian G. Bird. Beverly J. W Fiqliole, Eranlc A, , Mary E. Foley, John J. er, Viclor Gannon, Richard . James Grabenslaliar, Franlc D. f if 1. 'Y buff cques. Janel A. il . 1 L ff 5 4. ,-fs-fp' ,C I :,fkf.,,.a N Walczak, Lorraine . i Walz, Bealrice . . l Weber, Eleanor M. Glee Club . . . Public Weiser, Helene H. . . . Secrerarial . . Home Economics Bowling . . . Red Cross Club . . . . . General Speaking . . . Chronicle . Science and Engineering Honor Roll . . , Wonder-Y-Club Weiss, Leonard A. . Science and Engineering I Band . . . Orchesira . . . Special Orchesfra . . . Special Chorus . . . Chronicle . . .Tennis . Welsh, Mary l .... . . General Wesling, Roberf O ...... Science Traclc . . . Cheerleader . . . Variefy Show . . . Home Room Represenfafive Wilberl, Mary Jane . . . . . General Sfar Rall . . . Honor Roll . . .Chronicle .. . Home Room Represenfalive . . . News Leller Wild, John H. . Williams, Merrill B. . . . . . Science Home Room Represenlafive . , . Junior Class Treasurer . . . Engineering Honor Roll . . . Eooiball . . . Tennis . . . Home Room Represenfafive Winfield, Hermena O. . General Baslreiball . . . Chronicle Wisniewslca, Belly K. Wolford, Frances M. . . General Science Honor Roll . . . Home Room Represenlafive . . . Glee Club . . .Special Chorus . . . Baskelball Woodyard, Margaref Special Chorus Wysoclc, Jeanne M. Zienlelc, Alice H. . Zimmerman, Lenore E. .17 Glee Club . . . Specia y, JC! llclrlitionrihc. ui ' .. T, Mulvey, Mary T. O'Donnell, Virginia W. Parlcin, Rulh Jean Payne. Rosa E. Perry, Dorofhy Reisman, David S. 34 . . . General . . Secrelarial Honor Roll . . . 0lTice Monilor Secrelarial . . Secrelarial l Chorus Ryan, Thomas J. Schmidt Roger W. Schupp, Frances Tanzer, Isabelle Warfs, Jack Weinslein, David Valeclictoify Today, Fellow-seniors, is a milesTone in our lives, Tor iT marks The culminaTion oT our high school liTe and heralds our enTrance inTo The world as men and women. WiThin These hallowed walls oT MasTen Park we have been prepared Tor sailing The sea oT life: as we now bid adieu To our Alma MaTer we realize how much we owe To our school Tor all iT has done Tor us. To you, Mr. RoberTs and Mr. DavenporT, we are deeply graTeTul. You have ever given Treely of your Time and eTTorT in guiding boTh as a group and as individuals. To you, dear members oT The TaculTy, we are especially indebTed. Upon you has resTed The burden oT imparTing knowledge. Our debT To you we can never Tully repay. YeT, as a small Token of a mosT sincere appreciaTion, we Tender you our assurance ThaT we shall so conducT ourselves in TuTure years, ThaT, when speaking of some Tormer MasTeniTe who has aTTained success, you may remark, wiTh pride, "ThaT person was a sTudenT oT mine when he was aTTending Fosdick-MasTen Park High School." And now we bequeaTh all righTs and privileges as seniors To The class of I946. Juniors of I945, sTrive diligenTly To uphold and mainTain The honor of our school wiTh The same characTerisTic zeal wiTh which we all defend The ConsTiTuTionl lT is educaTion rendered To The masses in insTiTuTions such as This which makes The difference beTween corrupT, dying ToTaliTarian regimes, under which Europe has been consTanTly bled, and a living, vibranT democracy in which we Treely speak, worship, and assemble. IT is up To us, as The TuTure leaders oT America, To seek zealously To proTecT our Torm oT governmenT, lesT scheming agiTaTors should succeced in Torcing upon us a mode of living conTrary To ThaT which our ToreTaThers soughT To guaranTee To Their posTeriTy by adopTing The ConsTiTuTion oT The UniTed STaTes oT America. The presenT world war has had a decidedly maTuring ehfecl' upon The class oT I945. As seniors we have seen men, only lasT year our fellow sTudenTs, now wearing The uniform of some branch of our armed forces, reTurn To visiT The school They love so well. CasualTy lisTs Trom The various war TheaTers have conTained The names oT alumni oT This school. They have made The supreme sacrifice on Toreign soil while defending The de-mocraTic way oT life so endeared To us all. ln looking ahead, we see ThaT shorTly some oT us will be side by side wiTh our predecessors, sTruggling To keep The candle oi freedom burning brighTly. Farewell, MasTen Park! We now musT leave Thee, buT The remembrance of good Times which we experienced here shall never Tade Trom our memories. AT a Time such as This our sTrongesT emoTions can besT be expressed in poeTry. During The Civil War, comparable To The presenT sanguinary conTlicT in ThaT Treedom of men was aT sTake, an immorTal song was born. Miss Julia Ward Howe Tound ThaT her senTimenTs could besT be expressed in These words: "Mine eyes hsve seen The glory of The coming oT The Lord: '.He is Trampling ouT The vinTage where The grapes of wraTh are sTor'd: 1 He haTh loqsld The TaTeTul lighTning of his Terrible swiTT sword: His TruTh is marching on." ' LeT us direcT our ThoughTs heavenward and implore God AlmighTy To granT us a speedy and righTeous peace ThaT all peace-loving men and women may devoTe Their Time and energies To The pursuiT oT happiness in a counTr'y guaranTeeing Them righTs which all men crave! NORBERT GAG-ERN 35 Fosolicle - lflflocsten She sfands A greaf orchard. And we 'rhe 'free and llow'rs wifhin her noble bounds. To spring from her greaf majesfy, Each of us a seed Planfed in her midsf For her 'ro nurfure a+ her breas+. To every seed enrolled in her greaf vasfness The heavens send 'rhe rain, 'rhe sun, The warmrh and lighf Tha+ she may nourish each, Thaf each may grow +o Hs coverf desfiny- Perhaps 'ro fower in lhe clouds. Or ye? fo grovel in 'rhe shadows of The dust Bu+ all +o sland In unify and s'rreng'rh, In wisdom and in righleousness, The symbols of her greafness and her magnifude. And so we sfand, Each a seed, Prepared +0 IIH our sfems And branches from wifhin her grounds To reach 'rhe sun, Or fower in fhe clouds, Or grovel in +he shadows of 'rhe dusl Henceforfh. To our own choosing, The symbols of her grealness and her magnilude. ROSLYN MESCH ES 36 unioifs The juniors also are Ioolcinq forward-presenrly Io 1heir senior year in high school, and more dis+an+Iy 'ro Ihe challenge of Ihe fuiure. To bring abouria Iulure of peace, Ihe juniors have been diligenl' bond and slamp salesmen and invesfors, cooperaring in Ihe major school proiecl, The purchase of a Bell Kingcobra. Roberf Toner, a junior of IO4, made Ihe model plane which was awarded 'ro Ihe homeroom purchasing Ihe largesf amounr in war bonds. The girls of Room II2 succeeded in an independenl underfalcingg Ihe money They raised from slamps and bonds was used Io pay for a field ambulance. In Ihe usual school acrivifies, iuniors were also ac'rive parrici- panfsg Jean Plummer and Jacqueline Defler in music, and Kafherine Fahrner, Adelia Juliano, Donald Peferson and Henry Criclen in dramarics. Making 'rhe All-High baslcefball Ieam, Roberl Klenlce broughf honor Io The school's a'rhIeIic record. 37 Officers Presidenf, James Scheueri Vice - President Kalherine Fahinerg Treasurer, Glenn Rausch: Secrefa ry, Sylvia Torre Honor IQUII Davis, Alvin H. Lenzner, Jacob S. , Scheuer, James . Sfern, Samuel T, Fahrner, Kafherine E. Salcowifz, Mae D. . Gerhold, Vivian D. Yee. Rose Marie Wilberf, Pafricia ,. Buscani, Marguerife Redsfone, Joseph M. Friedman, Mamie ,,,... Graf. Lois E. Carlisle, Pafricia. Koefh, June . . Schuessler, Belly Jacobs, Rufh C. Plummer, Jean L. Sadlxin, Esfher A. Schiller, Harvey . Slcurnmer, Phyllis, Doyle. Lawrence Fox, Mona. . Schaab. Lois K. , , Bull, Rufh, . , Inda, Hazel ,. ,. Torre, Sylvia . ,... . Davis, Fay Ann ,......... Herniman, Kaihleens. Yung. Rufh E ...... ,,......,.. Li Pira, Jeaneffe D .... Tober, Norma ....... Wolz, Eleanor .... ....... Kasper, Grace McConviIIe, Dorolhy Wa rd, Joseph ...............,.. Cicarell. Evelyn .............,. 99.75 97.80 97.80 97.00 96.80 95.75 95.60 95.60 95.50 95.20 95.00 94.60 94.50 94.00 92,80 92.80 92.75 92.75 92.75 92.75 92.75 92.40 92.20 9 I .70 9 I .50 9l.50 9 I .50 9I .40 9I .40 9I .25 9 I .00 9I .00 9I.00 90.40 90.40 90.25 90.00 'rig 'JJ n , i wr' -1-4 qH Flay f L,.1 QQ-.,f "1 'P' 'S' ',,, A af, + fi ' A M , ,L 5 ff: 5, 7 ,T .:,,i if , . .X V ., X, Q X' qw. ef ,. .. 1 Q Ns I W rv wg , R Q 6' ' 1 Y V 1 r " 9. Q! YUM ' Q' y uk I Isl: Pafly Hull, Belly Sclnuessler, Mae Salcowilz, Palricia Wilbert, Marquerile Buscani, Rose Marie Yee, Jean Plummer 7 lXUU1lI Qnd: Marnie Friedman, Gelelle Beclceirnan, Sarah Bevqer, Lois Qual, Sh iley Gailen, Phyllis Slmummer I 2 3 fd: Ka lwle l'le rn Jean Finlcelslein, Ellen Rasniclc, Geilvude Brudev, Els-anoi Wolz, Mona Fox, B s ae ' 4ll'i: mse, Norma Taber, Anne Dylcer, Vivian Gerlnold, Gram: lfasprfr, Sylvia Torre llouw enum I 2 3 I, Isl: A'iCe Derfman, Virginia Srnilln, Helen Berman, Elaine Rabinowilz, Yvonne Hunler, Arny Avrunin Lenore Pohl Qnd: Marqol Piosl, Tlielrna Torreano, Sylvia Feldman, Marie l-leinen, Joy l-leinian, iala 3rd: Delia Ber+a, Arlene Boolrbinder, Lucille Rug, Phyllis Elwrenberq, ' ' , D . - Rullw Rosner ' N Q1 GV G IQ In l Q x i , 4+l1: Blanche Gallaqlwer, Annie Billups, Kallileen Kinq, Amd y a , D 3,-li n, l . ulle ll P x ' V 1 39 ' K ll s Home ll'e0O1llS l23 II2 Isl: Dorollwy McConville, Evelyn A. Bald, Anne Mardigian, Fay Davis, Evelyn Wexler, Beverly Turley, Florence Yueclrsloclr Qnd: Leona Hiemem, Eileen Rall, Mary Swain, Lillian Brownslein, Helen Tranlrle, Eva Mae Gumins Erd: Norma Buckley, Rulh Yunq, Florence Delhloll, Edillw Liplalr, Verna Wells, Annelle Payne, Ella Wals 4ll1: Rullw Bull, Jean Moebius, Bernire Scllmill, Jacqueline Deller llmrw lQomn Isl: Belly Feuerslein, Audrey Ericlcson, June Aileen, Marion Collins, Donna Coons, Dorismae Dosler, Emma Clnrln Qnd: l-lildeqaf-de Herrnan, Maryann Eqer, Ella Gullwrie, Friecla Byrd, Dorollny Gulscliow, Joanne Timrns 3rcl: Jean Helm, Clara Evans, Nadene Kenclriclc, Dorollwy Hackney, Allene Brown, Diane Gallisdorler, Barbara Maberry 4ll1: Joan Haenlqes, Bessie Caranclas, Rachel Goun, Helen Andrew, Belly Jones, June Davis 40 -3 4 . , - I Ps, , ,'1lf".'4"' --l'1.' XLJ ',,f' . X ff ' Nl", lv." ' I I V Isl: lricia Crosier, Belly Grady, Geraldine Harvey, Belly Pasquale, Gloria Learn, Rulh Kinq UNH' Audrey Reulcaul IVQOUHI Znd: Jeanelle Le Pira, Sophia Parsell, Shirley Lindsay, Aclelia Juliano, Belly Keeley Belly Harrison Q 3rd: June Koelh, Joan La Joie, Cleda Jacobbi, Sylvia Zimmerman, Gloria Iachini, Audrey Leible I I Irene Ryan 4lh: Kalhleen Holmes, Evelyn McCrossan, Winilred Rall, Bealrice Kaulman, Audrey Kohler Isl: Eslher Sadlcin, Diane Schullz, Shirley Koller, Eleanor Ralslon, Mae Turqeon, Eslher Mazur, Evelyn Cicarell IYIOHIU Znd: Alice Slachowialc, Alice Schullz, Gladys Shumalcer, Roslyn Seidel, Eslher Schmidl, Bessie Sunshine D 3rd: Marion Schrull, Pauline Randazzo, Audrey Srnilh, Dorolhy Gales, Marquerile Paplce, Allene XOOIH Slroehlein, Bealrice Wiediger I I 2 4lh: Lois Schaab, Muriel Slarilcow, Dolores Reinhardl, Kalherine Fahrner Marqarel Se-iberl s 4I .Q ,QU Isl: Estelle Organelc, Belly 2nd: Jrwan Graf, J o a n is Kvc,-ifur, Helen Alexiou Beverly If u r I 1, Reber' Snell 3rd Marilyn Rogers, Har vny Resniclc, Ralph Hal I 5 pern, Julius Brodsky, Jrinas Golflried, Leis .I I me L O P fl O Il I O If 9 S Sophomore Hillloppers have proved lhemselves worlhy sons and daughlers ol Fosdiclc-Maslen. A sincere inleresl in lhor- ough preparalion lor lomorrowls world was evidenced by lheir scholaslic achievemenls. We are proud ol Those here piclured who lop lhe sophomore honor roll. ln addilion lo lheir inleresl in scholarship, sophomores have been ably represenled in exlra cur- ricular aclivilies. The boys ol IO6 aver- aged Sl l8.50 per capila in lhe bond sale, and won for lheir room lhe covered model airplane. Belly Alice Baer, June Fay and Isabelle Slelrlan revealed budding musical lalenf, while Irving Freedman, Grace King- man, Belly Ann Sally and Ann Dunham were oulslanding in dramalics. Fosdiclcs sophomores have shown lheir readiness lo assume responsibilily as lulure upper class- men, and evenlually as loyal American cilizens. Gral, Joan L. Resnilc, Harvey Scoll, R. H. Kurlz, Beverly Rogers, M. Alexiou, Helen Golllriecl, J. Boelcman, J. Baer, Belly A. Oehler, B. A. Bredslcy, Julius Lueblre, Lois Orqanelr, E. M. 42 97.20 96.60 96.00 95.25 95.20 95.00 94.60 93.80 93.75 93.60 93.40 93.00 92.60 llinirir Halpern, R. Kreiler, Joane Merlrling 5. M Biden, M. Lilvalx, Phyllis Bucher, R. M. Huber, E. S. Lapides, G. Weslerrnan, C. Ball, Margarel Freund, C. M. Devonshire, B. Gilin, Belly R, ellll 92.40 92.40 92.25 92.00 92.00 9I .80 9I .80 9I.80 9l .60 9I.40 9I .20 9l .00 9I.O0 Solwilzer, L. J. Mandel, Eslher Berger, Benny Burlehaller, M. Herman, L. Agen, M. A, Meyer, Beverly Caldwell, L. Smiley, B. A. Jerram, Joyce Schallner, R. Edinglon. L. Goorevich, M. 9I .00 9 I .00 90.80 90.75 90.75 90.60 90.60 90.40 90.40 90.20 90. I 6 90.00 90.00 1, Isf: John Hour, Benny Berqer, Millon Galembn, Edwin C, Reisiq, Johr Learn, Robeil Scarf, Charles only H. Hursi 1300111 ?nd: Vincenl Zire, David Scghuleland, Roberl Klurnp, Charles Lewis, Irwrn Elin Pnberl Garrow, James K. Dubiel, Saul Berlcofl fird: Edward J. Bassell, Harvey Resnik, Ralph Halpern, lzrederidr Nuessle, Jonas L. Gollfried, John Schuberl, Roberi Balrer 4rh: Jack Brown. Duane Waldenburq, Ray Selliq, Kennolh Naqel, Clillord Tremblay Robert Winzenrisgd. Leo Weclrerlef, Fred Surlon Isl: John Harmon, Marshall Srrauss, Wilfred Prevosl, Alan Lloyd, Harold Brady, Andy Liaros, y, Thomas Koehler D Znd: David Ellioll, Julius Brodsky, John Graziano, Sheldon Polalrofl, Norman Dobficlc, Jerome Redlo. Hrmiy Ar-mia eairireb, Roberf isomer 7 1 3rd: Kennelh lirevirninq, Kennelh Quesinherry, Harry Harris, Cornelius Fiedrnond, John Hayes, Alberf 'X N Lung, Harold Herman, Roberl Endruschol J l 4+h: Gerald Hicks, Mario Garnbacorla, Willirwm Adams, Bernard Euqin, Lester Dean, Richard sf L' Paulisczalc, Alberf Clauss, Donald Brolz 43 lsl: lnoi Lyons, Esllrer Mandel, Ida Lcibelslnon, Clrarlolln Mann, Bornadinev Wrirrlwl, Rrwse Mesclres, I Clnarlf-an Slmdrirlc 7 IXUUIII Ynrlg Br-Hy Or,-lwler, rlanr-l Kaplan, Mary Wiqrqins, Kalir- Maloney, Ann Breirfrg Rasa llwompson, Gladys ilrrrrnerr, lNlw'r'r.r Meillwrs lid: Plryllis Knoll, Juan Graf, Barbara Lines, Eslelle Orqanclr, Norma Kimble, Rrrllr Wrrinslclin, Rullr Woblrifk frflr: Marilyn lurrrrs, Marian Jacnbs, Plwyllis Lilvalc, Loi? Lueblce, Carla l-larflarfrle, .loan Gralram Isl: Myrna Nieman, Beverly Moyer, Lorraine Nawollca, Caflwerine Sfeller, Marie Milbqrn, Marcia Srrrrllr, Br-ycrly Krrrll Ind: Slwirlrfy Slnnra Rila Tasman, Marqarof Miller, Geraldine Slneflcol, Joan Wiloll, Dorollry Sercu ljrvlnrvs llnnrnpsfirn, Rf-na Pr rrino 7 Xrd: Iva Krarnr:-r, Rullr Miniclr, Alice Sclwallner, Florence Pulal, Uorollry Roelwnor, Eval n Pa lm, Y P Rrnwrrraryr Sclrallnnr Mlm: Rrrllr Sflrau Permy Sffrinbrenner, Belly Swain, Bealrice Slornirpk, Isabella Slollan, Helene Sieqel, Mariorie Lavell 44 if I I Isl: Dolores Forsler, Marian Glaser, Evelyn Eqqerf, Frances Fricarro, Leona Eldred, Florence Duquin, Genevieve Herndon 7 Qnd: Rlneda Dasclwler, Geraldine Colnen, lfslelle Greenfield, Lois Golwilzer, Jean Daniels, Ann Guadaqno, Joanne Krielnei, Rullw Devoe iid: Josephine Guadnino, Alyce Deacy, Carol Freund, Marion Goorevicli, June Fay, Marian Gilelle, Lorraine Eddinqlon 4?l'i: Ellrieda l-loeler, Joyce Frcrnrn, G-loria Fisclner, Lorraine Herman, Belly Carricqan, Ann Dunham lsl: Rose Alernnan, Rena Black, Jean Bislnop, Spasia Anqeloll, Doris Berman, Belly Alice Baer. Rose Beecher ll , Ynd: Mary Ann Aqen, Eva Allenbaum, Pauline Appleby, Helen Alexiou, Annabelle Cohen, Anna OIIIL Bavam 7 XUOHI 3rd: Merqaref Ball, Jeanne Beekman, Marilyn Burlmlfer, Sylvia Bowman, Ailiss Barss, Ruin Beuclie, Doris Allen Mn: Lillian Caldwell, Noreen Ball, Alice Carnuza 45 ll Clava Sinn, C+wm'3lanc:i: Koniclis, Esllwm Solomon, Evelyn Tsalwampel, Clwarlolle Woslerman. .lfVl'1lI"llUr' luvm-v, Slvirloy lvlovlclinfq 3 IXUUHIS Qvwd: lrlillw W.ii:rv1-1 Mfivilyiw Gvefgnliold, l-lf,-lrn lylslcei, Lriismau Hail, Ann Haskins, Lenore Sullz. Bi-lly ljiliw Gf'vlvL1d"Sil1vval'l1 I l 2 3'-l: Mfivmvi-l lffvuplins, lvluviiil Kolwlfw, Mary Wildfi, Clwarlollha Bl,-il, Rulll Berwinq, Audrey Wliviiif-iliflw, Clmilwm- Hi-gs, Mavqavel Rollmmbillm, Kallwlecn OD0nm-ll, Dolores Sprinq Slwivlfw' Buvlr A ' it I 1 - - 4 5, . V.: Y I F ly 3' 1 1 , L- -Jr. llumu lxjuonzs QII 301-L 4'l1: Br-rmidmw Ur-ymns lil: Slwivlfzy ROll'TlJC'VVlflI, ll Nlf' lvlm if-iw. Ann l'lfw1q Fwd' B1-'ly liipliri Ji'-an Riflmids, Mar-qarol Landers, Uolmos Hasdmavw, Caroline- Valonline Bmbma Huff iid' Bw-inirv Hmyixlis, Diivis Wilson, Marian Mable, Slwivloy Clausius, Claim Mallwiebe, Luella limp:-v, Edillw l-llibf-r lwirfx Smlly Turley, Euqorvia Jnlmson, Shirley Krmwslvy, Marqarcl Hulcll 46 Ivvcnllwy Cvaifz, Virqinia Collins, Gloria Jtil-lE?lSUD, Doris Davis, Palricia ,il l Isl: Jean Schuberf, Grace Kinqman, Arlene Bufler, Jean Maedl, Viola Liaros, Rose Lopp Mariorie Biden NHQUOIH Znd: Jean Robinson, Jane? Lazar, Shirley Oliver, Nan Spinner, Lena Sardina, Marqarel Kelley Palsy Liddell, Jerelene Holley 3rd: Jean Kreiier, Colleen LeBlanc, Audrey Kibler, Rose Sunshine, Joan Schlia, Audrey Gronmeyer Joyce Jerram 4'rh: Alice Kaiser, Belly Ann Salley, Alice Bridges, Olga Yuzwalc Isl: Frank Cannon, Roberl Sanger, James Wiedemer, Franlc Schuliz, James Jehlerson, Donald Van Naller, Frank Tourour if I Znd: Jesse Johnson, Edwin Hahn, Richard Foqarly, David Eqqerf, lrvinq Salfzman, Frederick Johnson, Arihur Liaros, Andy Vranilc 7 Xrd: Eugene Odin, Salvaiore Romano, Allaerl Zeifler, Howard Sfilz, Max Weinslein, Frederick Laughlin, Thomas Swimp 4+h: John Brennan, Roberf Schreiber, Bernard Connelly, Gene Male, Michael McGuire 47 Radlca, Marilyn Ann lrfoii 0 if Roll Hardy, Herberf Rawls, Mildred Roberlson, Rhoda J. Hoeppner, RuTh Newbeclr, Pafricia A. Williams, Bernadine 98.6 97.2 97.2 96.5 96.0 96.0 cash 9 Hoffman, Lorraine Olson, Emma Sfolz. Marianne 95.6 95.0 95.0 llonor Roll Harris, Rulh F. Scholls, Lorene Pfeil, Marilyn Glaser, Pafricia Hermann, Joan A. Bosch, Paul Meehan, William R. Beckerman, Fda Kielcebusch, Gloria Heclrafhorne, Dolores Sylxes, Jane TF. Bamberg, Joan MieTh, Marion Sunshine, Selma L. Tulipane, Mary Jane Didio, Alva Jean Rosenberg, Eva l. Waegerle, Florence L. Kaslcel, Alberf Baeumler, George R. Lascari, Elaine Pullca, Roe P. Alf, Evelyn Karnofslry, Arrene Kloclre, Nancy Calos, Mabel , Mandel, Shirley Weinsfein, lrwin Kelley, BeTTy J. . Ullrich, Anna A. , ..,. .. Wells, Marie .. Sfilwell, Joanne . Bernhard. Melvin ...... Bundf, Carol Jean . Schneclc, Norma E. Abrams, Rila David, M. Carol 94.75 94.75 94.6 94.4 94.25 94.0 94.0 93.8 93.75 93.5 93.5 93.4 93.4 93.4 93.25 93.0 93.0 93.0 92,75 92.6 92.5 92.5 92.4 92.4 92.4 92.2 92.2 92.2 9l.8 9l,75 Seafed: Bernadine Williams, Marianne Sfolz, .Emma Olsen Sfandingz PaTricia Newbeclr, Pafricia Glaser, Mildred Rawls, Paul Bosch, Herberf Hardy, Joan Herman, Lorraine Hoffman, Rufh Harris, Rufh Hoeppner, Rhoda RoberTson, Lorene Schallc, Marilyn Pfeil The Freshmen have done Their parT in The common efforf of all pupils To bring The war To an end. ln The purchase of Bonds and Sfamps, The means by which all civilians can aid in This efforf, The Freshmen have cooperaTed wiTh The oTher classes in The school. WiTh The obiecf of helping To purchase a Kingcobra, The Freshmen were spurred To a record Bond and STamp buying. LeaTrice Morris of Room 327 and Sfanley Weiss of Room 2l8 ranlced high in The Freshman rooms. In school acfivifies, The freshmen also Tools Their place among The oTher classes. In music, Rhoda Roberfson, pianisT, and Jean Rudey, fluTisT, were acTive in band and glee club. The freshmen girls were an ouTsTanding group in aThleTics. Two freshmen boys made The varsify foofball squad, lheopholus Caldwell and Haslcell Singer. The following lisT proves Thaf freshmen can also be proud of The large number of Their class whose names appear on The honor roll. 9l 9I 9l 9I 9l 9I 9I 9l 75 6 5 .4 25 25 .2 0 Krohn, Donna J. .. .. Schusler, Joan ,. Wanamalcer, Diana M. McCarThy, CaTherine Lang, Caroline . ,..... . 9l.0 Veffer, Agnes A. 90.5 Floyd, Mildred A. . .. 90.0 91.0 Sirlcin, Nafaline ............ 90.4 Korovesis, Kafherine. 90.0 9l.0 Hoffenreich, Heinz 90.25 Parlrer, Pafricia A. 90.0 90.8 Ryan, Madelyn 90.25 Snyder, Arlene .. ...... .. 90.0 90.6 Ball, PaTricia ..... ........ 9 0.2 Zeis, Shirley L. . . 90.0 llniiw lemiiiis 309 Qll lsl: Alma Ke-lclwlin, Marion Slolz, Gloria Kieclcebusflw, Florence Lanq, Belly Jane Robb, Slwiiloy Maisliall, Frances Smilli Zntli Myille Rulli, Lcola Long, Marilyn Ann Radlfa, Belly Malia, 'aan Bfoad, Clara Mccarllny Bcfly Jane Hillum, Caroline Lanq Bid: Palricia Kowalski, Anna Scliieililz, Eva Rosvnberq, Dolores l-lariis, Callweiing- llwciimas, Maiion Saliscvn, Madalyn Orcull 4ll"i: Graco Smilli Doiollwy Meadows. Hairielwr Pawlalf, Daiaflwy Jolinson 5lln: Marion Mueller, Florence Sclnil-lman, Gloiia Scnwailz, Louise Silva-ibeiv-4 Pwliifiia Karili- lliiiiiu IQUIHIIS 309 302 lsl: Aclalo Bassi-ll, Wilma Downing, Maiyann Alessi, Doreen Wialsrwn, Jaan Bc-lg, Juni: Davis Mildred Floyd Ynd: Julia Gonsei, Doloias l-loclcallncine, Mavic Haas, Rose Gieiman, Joanna An-,tiry linno Cinsini .lauquvlvn Hale, Elliel Sclwiall lid: Bevcfily Holzman, Rzilln l-loeppner, Eileen Uiillcman, Pliyllis Weiss, Barham Clailf, Jamal Weiiclc, Eda Beclcuiaman Mn: Jane- Sykes Mabel Calos. Paliifgia 3all, Pal Pailei, Dolores lE'YlSEll, Glirlvs l'-liiflibniiior Lauvenc l-licls, Palricia Cherry I Slni Floail Baibaiaie, Glofia Carulheig, Qaoiqia Coflwanidcs, Annes Vellf-i, Pnrrifia Nmibf-fl Lois Clime. Lois Gassrnan 49 IIUHIU lclt llmrqlas Sr,l'rubf-rl Clillard Barr, Romer Tranl, Haslrell Sinner, Gnome Lino, lslavid Pinlrard Millfrn Slarilww QUUHI Prrrl' Clrrrrlrra Snrifv Clarrrnff- Lawrnncn, l-larry Jones Donald Bauer, Vidar Vila-llfr, Wrarrrr-n Polaslw, Glam, Brvwfr Carl Blrmrrw Q2 Kid: Pfrrrl Bfwsfln, l-larry Rulrrs John Robinson, Earl Ross, llreodoro Jnlwnson, Raymond Silber, Rrr lvard Ranlvlc-r 4llr: .lrisfeplw Storm Jarnres Norsem, Alfred Owens, Jcrorno Werlalowf, Cornelius Murrqcr, Sylveslcf l5inrbrrwr'il'r llrrrrrr' lfrmrrrs 2I8 206 Isl: ,liinrr-s Hbrrrs, Plnillip Ranrp, Lawrence Riboldazzi, fxlborl Kaslcel, Slanloy VVeiss, Rolwrf Rusl, G1'flll,llVf BLll'llVnll"l Ynvli Sidnrzy Eidrrson, Leonard Freed, James Dfxrcy, ,lfulwn Robinson, Jarnns Robinson, Daniel Mfiddr-n, William Muolnan, Edward Racoon lrd: Alvin Rrwsr-n, Gnrald Bonlidio, Gillinrerl Clneslcin, Morris Llllllfkli, Irwin Wrrinslein, Lawrence Lnrrlfrr, Eurqfrnrr Slrill 4fl'r1 Wfirdnffr Qunsinbnrry, Hr-rman Errqrel, Greqory Brown, Harold Grorrnbnrq, Jarnvs Kearney 50 llnrrrr' lQomrr IO2 Isl: Lewis La Palra, Jael: Gerbrachr, William Goefzrnan, Melvin Bernhard, Ralph Boolcbinder, Sam Pendolina, Joseph Dean 2nd: Jaclc Kelleher, Herman Sidel, Donald Fox, Herberl Hardy, David Reilz, Gerald Helper, Richard Hogan, Herschel Balsorn Jrd: Gerald Cohen, Harvey Pleslmow, Melvin Krasner, Thomas D'Anqelo, Denver Waldron, Byron Candy, Harry Wiseman 4lh: David Ruben, Refer Paulalcis, Harold Lombard, Gilberl Sparks llorrru leoorrrs 3oo 218 lsr: Andrew Johnson, Michael Locicero, Carlelon McClellan, James Mosher, Heinz Hollenreich, Roberr Miller, Bailey Lellwich Znd: Fred Murshel, Gil Simon, John Urnland, James Lewis, Donald Crosby, Andrew Wriqhf, Seymour Heclcer, Roberr Johnson 3rd: Lawrence Gagnon, Gordon Morrison, Alberl Schrnidr, Richard Lucas, Robert Siorms, Roberr Jones, Lee Draper 4rh: William Kirlcpalriclr, Harold Horwifz, Franlclin Smilh 5I llririir' leririiris 209 3Ol ei, Bornadine Williams, Norma lst: Belly Wise, Elaine Lasfari, Diane Wanamalcer, Freda Krern Wiifiriribldll, Juan l-lorlrler T l N W ll r, Berilienia Freeman, Ruin Yndi Berllia Kiafnei .lnanne Slilwell, palrida aycvr, ancy 6 6 Sirfrireii, .livin Seiriullskyq Allreda Sclvroer 3id: Marion Miolh. Jean Zilfgln, Rulli Wai'liniqei', Mildred Rawls, June Kanelos, Jane? Tinli, Arlene Snyder 4ll1: Arlene Zublcoll, Lorraine Holinian, Evelyn l'lall, Sally Swain Sin: Dnris Vossolez, Mildred Surol, Tnornasina Chrislensen. Joyce Kclwr, Lily Duly llrirrw leiiriiiis 3CDl 327 isl: Caialymin Baincll, Melvina Green, Sliirley Gillrnan, Rila Abrarns,Sl'1irley Mandifl, Laura Goldbaum. Mary Burfww Ynd: Cfallwiinri MqCarfl1y, Knilierine Sullivan, Anila Lillleboy, lsalbelle Mccullougli, Elzala Jrilwnwn, Flowering- Feqelnian, Diana Clirislensen, Lois Pies Bid: lilreiin Kar-ill, Elinor Meyers, Mary Gcbliard, Geraldine Krilielris, Dolores Bull, Evelyn All, Lilm-n lrlcilalroll 4ll'i: Miinirfi Ric-Q, Marie Wells, Mary Brown, Joan Srliusler, Marilyn Slanlen, Alice Ryler Sth: Jrinf- Dioluils, Jr-fin Berman, Zelda Davidson, Lealric: Morris., Lillian Frosl 52 Honra leoorizs 327 2Il Isl: Joan Feuerslein, Flora Dixon, Joan Barnberq, Shirley l-lopewell, llweresa Hill, Slwrrley lflalliqan. Violer Lullwrinqer Qnd: Rullw Noxon, Nancy Klocle, Mary Jenlrins, Marianna Newlon, Carol Dielenbafli, Dolores Riclnardson, Carol David, Clara Houl Xrdi Nalaline Sirlcin, Emma Olser, Palricia Saclcrnar, Marilynn Ploil, Pafricia Malone, Mar'orie Y l Douleas, Jean Brucler 4ll1: Lorcne Schalk. Joan l-lelnir, Parricia Slafer, June Gibb, Slrirley Lanq, Palricia Glaser Slim lrene Pressinq, Mary Marlin, Priscilla Gooiqins, Pliyllis Broclcrnan, Janelle Miller, Dorris Moclm llimw leoouis 302 309 Isl: Selma Sunslnine, Edith Haeberlo, Rurln Frilz, Jane-T Wilson, Mary Cannell, Shirley Zeis, Rhoda Roberrson Qnd: Arr:-ne Karnolslcy, June Dowall, Karlwerine Koroyesis, Joanne Fairway, Alva Didio, Marilyn Sunslwine, Rae Pullca, Adelaide Gralel Erdi Madalyn Ryan, Rurlw Voll, Mary Jane lulipane, Joann Granl, Mary Haque, Lena Gullo, Florence Waecgerle, Rulln Seiberl 4rl'r: Jeanne Flynn, Eleanor Smiley, Bernice Kulovils, Joanne l-lerrnann, Dorerlm Robinson, Carol Kirsils, Donna Krolinn, Doris Lanclqral Sllwi Anna Ulricln, Mary Runnes, Norma Sclineclc, Helen Reynolds, Florence Snilzer, Marqarel Dyer 53 uf' -.1 4: ,Q . . 7,52 '-'Q,Q.,34'5f"7"Q -.fn 1--If 'I 5":?w'+f j .-"5-"ef V , - -. ,- . . ,LA 'f.,- . ,f..-,.! 'sff 'Af -vu. 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Here aT Fosdiclc are developed in The indivi- dual Those qualiTies which have made America a leader among naTions. Leadership based upon Tair play and correcT judgment willingness To cooperaTe wiTh oThers when playing The game -These qualiTies are developed Through sporTs. The a+hle+e is alerT and perseveranT. "Try, Try again" is his moTTo. l-lis pracTice oT The Golden Rule embodies The very spiriT oT high school aThleTics. l-lis are characTerisTic American TraiTs -vigor, enThusiasm and Tolerance. Because deTiniTe scholasTic sTandards are re- quired oT all Team members, iT is wiTh sTrengTh oT mind and body ThaT The high school youTh Taces, wiTh a wholesome spiriT oT Tairness and cooperaTion, The world oT Tomorrow. ln The TuTure, as in The presenT, The winning combina- Tion will conTinue To be "a sound mind in a sound body." u af ,, The foolball season opened on Oclober sevenlh when l:osdick's leam vanquished Lalayelle. Allhough Lalayelle loughl valianlly, lheir 'ream was no march lor lhe Hilllopper eleven. The skill ol John McCord and Dick D'Angelo nelled lvlaslen lhe game, and lhe lwo exlra poinls were place- kicked by Vincenl Ferraro. One week laler, Maslen mel Riverside, buf losl lhe closely conlesled game. When Fosdick and Grover Cleveland came lo grips, Caplain Jules Licala and Jack Jaeger scored lhe louchdowns leading lo our viclory. On November elevenlh, lhe Maslen eleven played Hulchinson. Bolh leams employed all 'rheir skill and power, bul Fosdick seemed lo have 'foo much for lhe opponenl. Our 'rwo louchdowns were scored by Jack McCord. lvlaslen's real 'resl came on November eighleenlh when we mel The undelealed and unrivaled McKinley leam. The exciling game ended wilh a viclory lor McKinley, allhough Maslen scored lwice, on a Touchdown pass from Jack Jaeger lo Bill Emerson, and on a 'rhird-quarler louchdown by Jules Licala. For his line playing lhroughoul lhe season, Jules was named lo 'rhe All-High leam. Iioollvull ,ff+f- - 6 if , iw ff,ZLfg flew fwh W Isl: Richard D'Angelo, Harold Hamillon, Donald Grimmer, Newell Emerson, Jules Licala. caplain: Richard Ball, Jack Jaeger, Jack McCord, Sam Tulipane, Vincenl Ferraro. 2nd: John Helzinger, Warren Jamison, Geniro lodice, Henry Criden, Nalhaniel Robinson, Paul I Tuzzi, Howard Becker, Fred Krall, John Cunningham S C O R E S Fosdick I4 -- Lalayelle 0 Riverside 6 -- Fosdick O Fosdlck I2 - - Grover Cleveland 0 Fosdick I2 -- Hufchinson 0 McKinley 2l -- Fosdick I2 s 5' I J' ' cm 9 I 3rd: John Houl, Alberf Zeigler, George Geyer, Gary Hager, Julian Evans, Theopholus Caldwell, Paul La Palra, Fred Adams 4+h: Keifh Turner, manager: Lawrence Doyle, Willred Prevosl, Mr. Rowen 56 6 ross Cfllllllfll Isl: John Graziano, Fred Deca- fui, Charles Bridenbalcer. James Dubiel Znd: William Cruiclcshanlm, Hy- man Schehl, Ruperl Sanders, Mr. Heck Because of lhe shorlened Fall lerm, lhe cross counlry schedule had lo be modiliedy preliminary meels were nor held, bul all schools parlicipaled in The All-High runs, On Fosdiclcs able school leam, Fred Decalur and James Dubiel claimed lhe lop honors, winning Tirsl and second places respeclively. Olhers on lhe learn who received major lerlers were Charles Bridenbalcer, John Graziano and Don Uhlman. This year, Fosdiclc-Maslen's lrack leam was organized on April lourlh, under The compelenl coaching of Mr. Heclc. Fosdiclc is very forlunale in having oulslandinq leflermen running for lheir school. These swill harriers include Charles Bridenloaleer, Vincenl Ferraro, Kennelh Quesinlaerry, Olis 57' . x Sullon and William Wormley, who have previously proved lhemselves - l U L 'Q invaluable. Isl: T. Caldwell, l. Elin, I. Pollack, K. Quesinberry, C. Curlis, O. Sullon, caplaing C. Bridenbalcer, V. Ferraro, H. Schell, R, Foqarfy. N. Cohen 2nd: J. Kearney, J. Graziano, G. Kaqer, J. Dubiel, H, Herman, D. Healy, M. Tyler, W. Allen, C. Miller, R. Balmer 3rd: J. Evans, W. Wormley, G. Noble, D. Ferer, J, Mendelow, G. Cohen, R. Grampp, E, Male, D. Murschel 4lh: Mr. Heclr, W. Cruiclcshanlc, S, Romano, J. Brown, B. Evans, J. Dean, H. Lombard, R. Tranl Slh: P. Pavlalcis, 6. Morrison, H. Horwilz, H. Cufler, manager: L. Goqgins, V. Vilello 57 -ZA dwffficf, fi j.'45i"fjfn-'CMJ aim . T 'J l3flSl?L'll7flll ef?- 4:5134 f if 1f,.'. 74. X IsT: RoberT Klenlre, James McCarThy, Richard D'AnA qelo, capTaing Richard Ball, VincenT Ferraro Znd: Jack Jaeger, William Mosher, Saul Berlcohl, Rich- ard BundT 3rd: Don Vickers, manager: Donald BroTZ, Arfhur SiTcov. William Wormley, Mr, Heck The baslceTball season opened wiTh a Fosdiclc vicTory over KensingTon 25-2l. Our Thrilling game wiTh Seneca aT The 65Th Armory was losT, buT The score was close, 37-35. Top man during The Seneca game was Bob Klenke, who puT ThirTeen poinTs Through The hoops. Fosdiclcs Team came ouT on The shorT end of an exciTing game, Trailing BenneTT 3934, buT reTurning once again To our home courT, we handed Burgard a 44-33 deTeaT. T-luTchinson vanquished Fosdiclc 4l-32, while The Tollowing game wiTh EasT gave MasTen The vicTory. VenTuring To SouTh Parlc, The MasTen Team played The mosT Thrilling game oT The season. Since The score was sTiIl Tied aT The end oT The TirsT overTime period, The capTains of The opposing Teams agreed iThaT The Team To piiT in The TirsT loaslceT would loe The vicTor. Fosdiclcs Jim McCarThy did This, winning The game. During The Tollowing Three games, lvlasTen deTeaTed LaTayeTTe 48-35, Grover Cleveland 52-I5, and Tech 46-35. The Team losT The linal game againsT Riverside, buT Tied Riverside Tor The league's TourTh place. Fosdiclcls l945 Tennis Team was organized on April TourTh. PracTice sessions were f,TarTed in anTicipaTion oT an acTive Tennis season. Squad men parTicipaTing This year were Merrill Williams, Karl Girshman, David Schulefand, Leonard Weiss, and lrving SalT7man. 1 b . 701111 is iff' -ix ffifxx .W lvl' X11 1 U' i -X lsl: llivid Schuleland, Sheldon Polalcoll, Marvin Krasner Harvey Pleslcow, Harvey Rosnilv, Ray Silbai Qnd: Harvey Schiller, Ralph Halpern, Leonard Weiss, Merrill Williams, capTain, He-rbeiT BreThauer, mana- geig Harold Greenberg 3id: Mr. McKenzie, Karl Girshman, John Lawandus, Paul Hausle an 58 liciseliull IsT: Fred MaThewson, Richard BundT. Richard D'Angelo, James McCarThy, capTain, Jack Jaeger, Jaclc McCord, Jaclr Kelleher Znd: Milne McGuire, Ken Fremming, George Willcins, Sam Tulipane, Harold Hamillon, Richard Ball 3rd: Warren PoTash, MilTon Galembo, William Mosher, Alberf SchmidT, Gerald Bon- Tiglio 4+h: Franlc Cannon, Roy Levi- son, Clifzford Tremblay, Ken- neTh Nagel 5Th: Bernard Kleiman, man- ager: Alvah Phillips, Sey- mour Blumen, KeiTh Turner, Mr, Sommer America's TavoriTe ouTdoor sporT meriTs much aTTenTion among BuTTalo high schools. This year MasTen's baseball nine organized an eTTicienT Team on April 4 under Mr. l-leclcs direcTion. DiligenT pracTice was begun in preparaTion Tor The year's seven games, The TirsT of which opened The season on May 4. Fosdiclc- lvlasTen was TorTunaTe in sTarTing The presenT Team wiTh Tive members from The previous year's baseball squad. These are Richard D'Angelo, Jaclc Jaeger, James McCarThy, Richard BundT and Kennefh Fremming. As The Chronicle goes To press, baseball resulTs are noT available. A small buf enThusiasTic group OT girls braved The severe winTer weaTher To parTicipaTe in ice slcaTing, a sporT which is being oTTered Tor The TirsT Time This year. lvleeTing on Wednesdays and Fridays aT T-lumboldT Park, Mrs. Coughlin's ardenT amaTeurs made considerable progress, despiTe heavy snow, soTT ice, and a laTe sTarT. JaneTTe Miller displayed excepTional abiliTy as a Tigure slcaTer. ParTicipanTs are enTiTled To claim up To TiTTy poinTs crediT Toward an aThleTic award. ln The TuTure This enjoyable and healThTul ouTdoor acTiviTy will undoubTedly prove even more popular. I , , Sleuliug l IST: Pahicia Mclvlorrow, Emma Olson Elaine Lascari, CharloTTe Berlc, Olga Yuzwalr Znd: VioleT Lufhringer, JaneT Miller, BeTTy Swain, PaTricia Kaalre, Eva Al- Tenbaum, Beafrice SloTniclc, Fay Davis 59 N 0,1110 Ill Ul UN 5 . UHIOVQ I o Isl: Dorolhy Eqqerl, M a rio n Arnenl. Marion Slufl, Belsy Johnson, Anile D'Addario Znd: Myra Simon, June Johnson, Mary Swain, Louise Leil- wich, Jean Uuerr, Miss Kreig 3rd: Palricia Bingham, C a r ol Sfehlan, Elaine Cox, Marilyn Kreinheder, Eileen Hayes ln order beller lo lil lhemselves for The world of lomorrow by preparing physically as well as menlally and morally, girls of Fosdiclc-Maslen have plunged wholehearledly inlo gymnasium work and aller school sporls. Many of our girls are working oulside of school. Gymnasium worlc nol only ollers a pleasanf diversion from lhe sameness of lheir busy lives, bul gives Them The necessary exercise and physical slamina lo carry on al school and al work, They realize fha? The poise and grace allained by proper exercise are necessary allribules of womanhood. Under lhe splendid guidance of Miss Kreig and Mrs. Coughlin, and lhrough Their parlicipalion in such sporls as badminlon and bowling, The girls of Fosdiclc- Masren have learned lhe lrue meaning of cooperalion, leamworlc and sporlsmanship and have acquired inleresls which in laler life will prove bolh pleasurable and prolilable. Isl: Dolores Thomp- son, Marion Gill- elfe, Marqaref Mil' ler, Rose Lopp, Bealrice Slolniclc 2nd: Lorraine Edinq- lon, Charlofle Berk, Arliss Barss, Miss Kreig, Belly Swain, l Jean Graham, lnez Lyons 60 flzrlsi lgusleellmll Isl: Shirley Lindsay, Pauline Randazzo, Belly Harrison, lrene Ryan, Evelyn Bald Znd: Rose Mary Walker, Frieda Byrd, Belly Marshall 3rd: Audrey Rall, Edilh Liplak, Kalh- erine Fahrner, Kalh- leen King The opening ol lhe baskelball season lound high-spiriled and enlhusiaslic young alhleles in excellenl playing condilion aller lhe long Summer vacalion. Several praclice games enabled lhe beginners lo learn lhe lundamenlals ol lhis popular game and lhe velerans lo perlecl lheir slyle and lechnique. Aller exlensive lraining, leams were organized and compelilive games arranged. The seniors chose lor lheir caplain, Marion Slull, and lhe sophomores, Je-an Graham. Belly Harrison led lhe juniors, and Palricia Ball, lhe lreshmen. Baskelball proved lo be as lhrilling a game lor lhe girls as il is lor lhe boys. The excilemenl and keen sense ol compelirion inspired, broughl enioymenl lor all players. Because lhey regrelled lhe end ol baskelball aclivilies, lhe girls eagerly anlicipale an equally enjoyable season nexl year. Isl: Mary Ann Alessi, Edith Haberle, Pa- iricia Ball, Palricia Taylor, Jean Ser- nollsky Znd: Lois Fies, Mary Jane Jenkins, Carol Bundl, Marianne Slolz, Joan Bam- berg 3rd: Palricia Kowalski, Janel Miller, Rulh Se-iberl, Joan Heer, Helen Reynolds l bl lin cl zrr i rr l ri 11 Isl: Jea n Bruder. Hazeliean Boelko, Carol Slelfan, Dorolhy lfqgerl, Rose Lopp Yrid: Thelma Torre-ano, Charlorlr- Berk, Gerlrude Bruder. Sarah Nemirov, Bealrice Slolnick, Rurh Rosner. 3rd: Mary Jackson, Lois Fics, Hazel Turner, Edilh Huber, Kalhleeri Herniman. 4lh: Belly J. Schroll, Margarel Seiberl, Dolores Bull, Rulh Soi perl, Eileen Karelf, Palricia Binqham. Slh: Jean Fuller, Elaine Cox, Marion Sluhf This year, as in olher years, laadminlon proved ils popularily wilh an opening enrollmenl of sevenly-eighf eager and energelic girls. Armed wilh birds and rackels, They displayed such enlhusiasm al The praclice sessions on Mondays and Fridays, lhal before and aller school hours, as well as during class periods, The gymnasium preseriled a corislanl scene of swill-flying birds and agile players. No infer-class compelilion was held, loul malch games of doubles were played. Those who showed oulslanding skill were Mary Jackson, Palricia Bingham, Pafricia Kaake, Margarel Seiberl, Hazeliean Boelke, Carol Slellarr and Thelma Torreano. Because bowling can be enjoyed oulside school and requires individual skill and ehorl ralher lhan leamwork, an enlirely dililerenl group ol girls is alrracled lo lhis sporl. Twice a week Mrs. Coughliri accompanied an eyerfincreasing band of en' Surrirrrs - Sriplrrirrrorus lvflllylf -ff' 3 FHL Isl: Pfiyri lliiyis, Marian Glaser, Eileen Hayes, Jean Graham, Charleen Shadrich, Palricia McMorrow, Eva Alleribaum Yrrd: Carol Slrsllfin lrlriif-liieari Baelle, Dolores Hogg, Dorolhy Eqqerl, Mary Swain, Marion Proehl, Marion Schierlilx, Charlofle Berk Yrd: Rrfrrci Pr-irinfi, Br'-ily Sw.-min lnez Lyons, Bealrice Slolnick, Marqarel Miller, Rosemary Sfhahnf-r', Marion Gilleiie 4lh: Mariv Anlholmfir, Alicr' Bridges, Lorraine Edinglon, June Johnson, Peggy Sleinbruner, Rulh Minick, Lois Whifehead, Olga Yulwak Slhi Marion STUTT, Palrifia Bingham, Rulh Rosner, Miss Kreiq. Belly J. Schroll, Flairrrr Cox, Jean Fuller 62 w . ...E Ip o ii' l 1 ii, fl Isl: Florence Pulal, Kalherine Fahrner, Shirley l-losang, Norma Hoeppner, Rose Marie Yee 2nd: Dolores Thompson, Carol Slellan, Charlolle Mann, Rose Lopp, Dorolhy Eggerl, Belly Keeley 3rd: lrene Ryan, Edilh Huber Evelyn Bald, Winilred Rall, Audrey Rall 4lh: Mona Fox, Joan Tulell, Carol Freund, Jean Boelcman, Rulh Meyer, Mariorie Meyer 5lh: Marion Slull, Margarel Sei- l berl, Rulh Hiclrey, Alice Kaiser l lhusiasls lo Slrands Bowling Alleys. Charlolle Mann, Florence Pulal and Joan Tulell were lailhlul parlicipanls. The volleyball season opened immedialely aller lhe lasl baslcelball game wilh no lessening ol inleresl in lhis ever-popular sporl. The 'reams were caplained by Eileen Hayes ol lhe seniors, Jean Graham ol lhe sophomores, and Joan Bamberg, June Gibb, Palricia Ball and Jean Sernolilslry ol lhe lreshmen. loo lew juniors en- rolled lo permil lheir parlicipalion in inler-class games. ln lhe series belween lhe seniors and sophomores, lhe seniors were viclorious in lwo ol lhe lhree conlesls. Among lhe large group ol lreshmen, who displayed considerable slcill and learn- worlc, Evelyn All was oulslanding. i 3 Isl: Rila Abrams, Mary Alessi, Jean Sernollsky, Pauline Randazzo Palricia Ball Elaine Lascari Joan Bamber - - i Q Znd: Lorene Schallr, Emma Olson, Palricia Taylor, Carol Bundl, Joanne Auslin, Joanne Slilwell, Mary Jenlcins, Violel Lulhiinqer, Lois Pies, -Janelle Miller 3rd: Helen Reynolds, Geraldine Kuhelus, Calherine Thomas, Evelyn All, Melvina Green, Rulh Seiberl, Florence Schillman, Delores emi, Evelyn Bald 4lh: Belly Lou Herman, June Gibb, Edilh Haeberle, Jane Sylces, Nancy Kloclse, Eileen Karell, Berlha Kramer, Mary Marlin Slh: Palricia Kaalre, Kalhleen King, Audrey Ball, Kalherine Fahrner, Mrs. Coughlin, Lorraine Hollman, Irene Ryan. Winilred Rall. Belly Harrison 63 Irjllll 1llI1UI'S - lil'USllIIlUll fav ..W,u.N. I' 41334 1 f-. i t Q ., 'YW ,rzmiz 1. ' F.. IJ, , Qigflfrz lo , ff , is A r ,fxlgg 3, I gi, Wg' , -.1 'ZW r ParTicipaTion in varied exTra curricular acTivi- Ties is conducive To The promoTion oT Tellowship and good will. Weekly assembly programs Tend To uniTe The sTudenTs and To develop a sense oT school pride. Our band, orchesTra, and choral groups Tunc- Tion wiTh The speciTic purpose oT encouraging enioymenT oT all Types oT good music, boTh classi- cal and popular. The aTTempTs oT The music de- parTmenT To insTill a deeper undersTanding oT The culTure oT America and oT naTions Tar disTanT will prove invaluable in preparaTion Tor The coming peace. ThaT Teeling oT selT-assurance and poise so es- senTial To our American youTh is developed in The individual by Fosdiclc's dramaTics deparTmenT which in addiTion To encouraging The develop- menT oT laTenT TalenT. provides unique enTerTain- menT Tor all. RecenTly esTablished school clubs augmenT academic subiecTs, arouse inTeresT in currenT aTTairs, and assisT The seniors in preparing Tor The TuTure. The value oT school acTiviTies is selT-evidenT. They oTTer delighTTul diversion now, and Torm a sound baclcground Tor TuTure parTicipaTion in a Tull liTe by inTroducing To The sTudenT a varieTy oT inTeresTs which can be easily culTivaTed. ,mal NCREASED school spiriT, and a sTrong sense oT uniTy are encouraged aT Fosdick- IvlasTen by weekly assembly programs. l :tal Former sTudenTs, now in The armed Torces have presenTed TirsT-hand accounTs of condiTions "over There". Among These were Major T-larvey Bausch oT The Army Air Corps, who spoke oT his work in The SouTh PaciTic, and William Shreder oT The lvlerchanT Marine, who Told oT his Trips To Europe and The Near EasT. On ArmisTice Day, TribuTe was paid To Those Tormer sTudenTs who have made The su- preme sacriTice. A memorial plaque, The giTT oT The Class oT I944, was presenTed aT This Time. On IeTTer day, The presenTaTion OT major and squad leTTers Tor TooTball and cross counTry was Tollowed by a Talk by Mr. T'loTmeisTer, BuTialo's physical educaTion direcTor. Scholarship ljmolito MW THE CHALLENGE Chronicle STaTT members have received a challenge in The Torm oT a BuTTalo Evening News Trophy won by The l944 Chronicle as The besT prinTed yearbook issued by a member of The WesTern New York lnTerscholasTic Press AssociaTion. They hope To win in l945 and evenTually To gain permanenT possession of The cup. PicTured are Shirley Brown, Leonard Weiss, Norman Small, Gerald l-luTchinson and Marion AmenT. 66 was recognized on honor day when gold pins were awarded To Those sTudenTs who had aTTained an average oT 951, or above Tor The year I943-44. ln The ChrisTmas musical assembly, band, orchesTra, and choral groups parTici- paTed. Good fellowship was ever-presenT, as TradiTional ChrisTmas music oT many lands was TeaTured. Several programs were devoTed To The encouragemenT of STamp and Bond sales. The dramaTics deparTmenT, under Miss O'Meara's direcTion, presenTed slciTs giving concreTe rea- sons why The sTudenT body should supporT our naTion's war eTCTorT. A novel quiz program resulTed in record-breaking sales of STamps and Bonds. On March 2I, aTTer The presenTaTion oT The coveTed yearbook Trophy by Mr. PeugeoT oT The BuTTalo Evening News, delighTTul songs were ably presenTed by The Glee Club of The UniversiTy oT BuTTalo. Assemblies Teach The sTudenT ThaT enioymenT is aTTained only Through The eTTorTs oT many, and ThaT everyone musT share worlc and responsibiliTy. These are lessons To be masTered by every ciTizen oT a peaceful naTion in preparaTion Tor The world oT Tomorrow. 67 The band find orcTiesTra nril only bring pleasure To The whole 1,TudenT bodv. TJuT riTTord even grr'nTer T3eneTiTi. To Their members in The Training, enioymenT, and social conTacTs They provide. Under The able direcTion oT Mr. Geiger, These groups fiompTeTed er rnosT proTiTabTe season, The band. an is cusTornary, provided The musical porTion OT The weekly assembly programs. TTQ acTiviTies were climaxed aT The annual Spring ConcerT. Among The rrumheri, presenTed were The "OverTure Americana! and 'Belle oT The Ball", a livery 'eTecTiori oT Gay Ninehes Tavor-iTes. Especially noTaple was The polished perTormaricQCr OT "The TrumpeTersi by ri quarTeT wiTh band accompaniment Band and chorus uniTed in Cesar Franclcis "NaTion s Prayerf a moving and impressive Tinale. For The or'cghesTrn, This year was an acTive one. iiviariam, a Polish dance by Zamecnilc, and Lehars "Gold and Silver WalTz' were presenTed during inTermissions aT The school play, while "ChrisTmas FanTasy'l enlivened The ChrisTmas assembly, The Mlvloxicrin QverTurr- , The Tfinm-ay 'ln a Chinese Temple Gardenw, ChopsTiclrsi', and Gershwinis Tamilinr 'Man I Love' TenT a cosmopoTiTan air To The orchesTral porTion OT The Spring Concert The lyric 'Zigeunef' highTighTed The Class Day exercises. Mr. Geiger-. Two music assembliesii proved an inTeresTing and valuable inno vrrlirin. The vfiririux in',Trumc:nTi. were dvmonsTmTed, and Their roles in producing i Tini-,hed composihon were shown. Band, orchesTra. and a i,Tring quarTeT parTicipaTeo in Theme inTormcirivrv programs. 68 The Boys' Glee Club, a beginning group, has shown considerable progress dur- ing Ihe year, and has de- Iighled The sludenlr body wi'rh several enioyable pres- enlalions. A+ Chrisfmas lime, fhey gave an impressive medley which was enlhusi- asrically received. A+ Ihe Spring Concerl, Ihey sang "Song of The Inianrryf' "S'rou+hearIed Men", a nd "Boo+s'I, a srirring English march. The boys of This group show evidence of 'ralenl which will bring Ihem fulure pleasure and salisfac- lion. Il I1 cl Isf: J. Bamberg, A. Davis, O, Suffon, J. Lawandus. E. Hayes, A. Didio, V Bachelor, J. Rudey, R. Schaffner, A. Barss, A. Anderson, D. Dodge Znd: B. Boelcman, B. Schroff, I. Lyons, R. Lloyd, M. Milburn, B. Gallagher, G Telewslcy, R. King, D. Basfedo, B. Leifwich, C. Curfiss, M. Wells, J. Daniels V. Wells, J. Hall 3rd: L. Freed, M, Gambacorfi, E. Alfenbaum. -E. Davis, S. Weiss, H. Culler, R Damm, D. Viclfers, M. Miller, F. Slephan, D. Brofz, W. Prevosl, A. Kaslcel, M Herald, J. Schuberf, R. Baker 41h. D. Murschel, B. Williams, J. Locero, R. Bundf, R. Brown, J. Grossman, C Milcolon, J. Brown, J. Johnson, L. Weiss, L. Goggins, Mr. Geiger, A. Haskins Ljrclzesirri Isl: N. Small, I. Sfelsian, J. Toulrnin, S. Roihberger, B. Kurfz, J. Plummer, R. Roberison, L. Graf, J. Boekrnan, C. Freund Yndz D. Allen, M. Miller, K. Girshman, E. Paplce, B. Swain, B. Williams Henschle, V, Gerhold, B. Kruse, J. Redslone, V. Wells 3rd: V. Bachelor, O. Sulfon, E. Hayes, B. Gallagher, D, Dodge, G. Tefewslcy, R. King 4ih: D. Viclcers, H. Culler, L. Weiss, J. Grossman, C. Milcolon Sfanding: J. Rudey, J. Evans, R. Bundf, Mr. Geiger Boys glee Qlzilv Isl: J. Gerbrachf, G. Helper, J. Johnsfon, J. Lewis, P. Ramp, J. Dean, A. Kaslmel Znd: T. D'AngeIo. J. Johnson, J. Jefferson, R. Rusf, J. Robinson, G. Simon, VV. Goelzmann 3rd: J. Brown, A. Schmidf, P. Bosch, R. Pachler, H. Sidel, D. Murschel, J. Nocera 69 ,A. l luv' R. Siem'-n Q. lfincunnn, J. Auslin, W. Holly, R. Poberlsnn, M. Jcnluns, K. Sullivan, VV. lJr,wniniq, B. Kc-lly Yndz L. Smiley, N. Spinner, S. Halliqan, B. Holfum, N. Wrzller, J. Sernollslcy, V. Luflwrinfqer, K. Kurrrvefis, M. Haas, J. Gibb, J. Lazar. C. Mailniebo Kid: J. Horn. A. Srnirli, L. Sullz, J. Kreiler, D. Doslei, J, Day, E. Sclwrall. S, Lana, M. Orcurl, R. Beninq, J. Gralwam 4lli: ll. Vossrvler, A. Sflwroor. E. Meyers, A, Karnolslry, D. Ballr, D. Q'Mara, M. Radlaa, R. Hceppner, M. Fliryd, N. Klrvrlw, L. Golwilzer, M, Pros? Hilig G. Heller. M. Runner, A. Qrrxnrneyer, L. Waqrwer, S. Ramsey, S. l-lopc-well, C. Berlmliani, ll Owens, L. llavidov, D. Meadows, D. l-lunler, B. Herman, B, Salle-y. The Clnrislmas musical program of Fosdiclc-Masfen Parlc is lradilionally line. This year 'me choral groups, under Hue direcrion ol Miss Srenqel, ably rendered several carols represenlafive of our allied nalions. On February Zl, members of 'me Special Cliorus added +0 'rlwe parriolic rlieme ol lne assembly in llieir slirrinq version ol 'lllnis ls My Counlryf' Sludenls wha receive credir for privale inslruclion in flue music field, ably porfrayed llieir dislincrive lalenls in rlre sludenl recilals. Our annual Spring Concerl on April 27 was a leslive occasion for sludenrs and alumni who were eaqer ro near and appreciale The abililies of our excellenl musical lvl. l. CXl'rildr-rs. M. Swain, S, Garlen, L. Gomlins, R. Jarribs, ll. Relrilvardl, F, Byrd, 6, Jerlersvn Ci. Nunn Ynrig l. lwrrr-ann J. Karrlnn A, Julianfv, G. Harvey, R, Kind, J. Bislmp, S. Pnslw, S. Torre lx Rrirrd.a:z'ia. H. lnda lui: l. Wrrllrrrd J. l?ivbvrlswr1, l. Vlfeber, A. Sla-lwrwinls, ll. Mcconyillri, B, Gilrn, ll. Sliworvs n M. Llurlrlmllf-r M. lux, Ci. Leblanr 4llW: M Wiixfqins, M. QBrierr, H. Mc-ad, R. Beiirlwe, M. Krilrilr-r R. Perrim'-, L. lNl.avv.'ll,i, l. Aw-ivrur M. Aniiiv, W. Balm 'Ali B SN-plnr-n l. Jmgliswn, K. Kind, J. Miwebius, G. Kiislrer, S. lusley, lil. Grallisclmlvr .l. l'lol'n B. 'iiirrvin-rw, l. i'vV.1ls, B. Silwrnill nmrziffisiliiummln if lsr: C. BundT, M. Glaser, S. Neis, B. Rebb, A. LiTTleboy, B. Baer, J, Maiers J, Lioffi E. Lascari M nasia, B. cial, P. Dixon, E. Hsebeiie ' I ' IST Hom- flfi-lg' Znd: E. AIT, R. Pullca, B. Swain, D. Berman, M. Neirnan, M. Mcginness, I. McCullough, D. I-Iarris, E. Olson, J. STilwell, M. SmiTh, J. MacDowall ciivv 3rd: M. RuTh, I. Crosior, P. Parker. A. RyTer, D. HeclraThorne, A. Galelc, B. Kramer, D, ChrisTensen, cl G. Kielcebusch, J. Kanelos, M. Moshides 4Th: L. Morris, P. Appleby, L. I-loTIman, M. Landers, L. Schallc, P. Neubeclr, M. Hogue, E. Hall, P. Cherry, J. Kohr, C. I-laeberle, C. Kirisifs Slh: A. Ulrich, P, Knoll, A. VeTTer C. Thomas, B. KuloyiTs, F. SniTzer, H. Reynolds, T. ChrisTensen, N, Srhroclc, R. Sunshine groups. The TirsT and sixTh hour choruses esTablished The concerT Theme wiTh an eT'lecTive opening seIecTion, "On Wings of Song." Girls of The Third hour Glee Club sang well-chosen paTrioTic numbers ThaT were enioyed by all. The Special Chorus gave an experT perTormance in Their rendiTion oT Fred Waring's arrangemenT of The "BaTTle I-Iymn oT The Republicf' wiTh RoberT CosTley as Their soloisT. The highlighT oT The concerT was The Tinale, 'Panis Angelicusf' Ia prayer Tor our counTryI in which The combined choral groups accompanied by The orchesTra, displayed praiseworThy skill acquired Through inTensive Training during The year. 1 IST: V. Drclney, M. Launder, L. LeTTwich, J. Deller, Miss STengeI, J. Plummer, M. Krilrorian, V. 5 LiThqow, V. Srnilh 5 End: A. Seiberl, L. I'IarT, R. Momiian, H. KuloviTs, M. Woodyard, R, Mesches, S. Mafhias, M. AmenT, ,-.f , D. Heyer, L. Waqnfzi' M 3rd: D. Hailrney, J. Lawfcn, E. Elc-nIeldT, L. Koch, B. Vailey, G, McCormick, D. RylcerT, V. Wells, I. STokes w . 4Th: D. FechTer, M. Ma-yer, S. I-Iosang, R. Meyer, F. WoTToi'd, R. Conrad, D. Dodge, M. I-Toeppnei, R. Roger, R. Parlfin 5Th' B PuTel F Dec'uTui L VVri R arnfn I-I STiT1 J I-layes L Camp I-I EuleiT R Endruschal Y ..:...4,.vss,.D,,.',. .. ,'. .. I-T. Biufhauoi, R. CosTl0y C II5 Q I l Sfialrfd: Fiennes LciCirero, Gi-iald Hulchinson Annelle Rfiuss, Mildred Snilfrr, Fred Sulion, Janice I Dr will i 'i A K L NIU if fl, Beinaid Kleiman, Pafiicia Keane Slnndinri: Shiilify Brown, Mary Swain, Edwaid Onlfli-y, Donn.: Ardvlscwii Donald Giiintnei, Miss 5,7 Mi-Java, Donald Gellenihien Maslen's school play, an annual evenf, was presenled io enlhusiaslic audiences on November 29 and December I. This year, The Fosdiclc Players ohfered a comedy, "Cross My l-learlf' Under Miss O'Mearals capable direcfion, a smoofh and finished performance was aliained. Included in fhe line casl were Janice Dempfle, Bernard Kleiman, Palricia Keane, and Donald Gellenlhien, whose excellenl performances made lhe evenings memorable on Fosdiclcs aciivilies calendar. Noi only lhose behind lhe ioolliqhfs deserve praise: lhe slcillful malce-up commillee was headed by Rujrh Conrad and Jane Chelier. The siaqe crew was responsible for slage properlies, liqhiing, and The public address syslem. Manager Donald Killian was assisled by Vincenl Ferraro, Keilh Turner, Richard Ball and l-lenry Criden. The play was also a financial success. lhrouqh lhe ellorls of lhe business siafi, headed by Riia hlariman. llluleu-zip l UllIIlIlllL'L' S i'-i llf'dI Joseph Grossman, Don- ald Grimmer, Janice Dempfle. Ann Dunham, Donna Mae Andeison Siandino: Bei-maid Kleinman, Don- ald Gellenlhien, Jane Cheiier, Chaimaino Casliolia 72 we-s+f1 SeaTed: KaTherine Fahrner, RobeiT DOTTT, Shiiley GarTen, Donna Coons, Adelia Juliano, Harold T-T.1milTon Shandiniig Edith Liplak, .lames Scheuei Cleda Jarfwbbi. The highlighT oT The Junior Day program, on May 6, was The presenTaTion oT The play, 'His FirsT Shave." This comedy appealed To The sTudenTs, Tor iT depicTed The complicaTions which growing-up brings inTo The liTe oT a high school boy. The all-iunior casT TeaTured James Scheuer as a cynical sevenTe-en-year-old, Adelia Juliano playing The Troublesome "kid-sisTer," and KaTherine Fahrner, The sprighTly grandmoTher. The makefup commiTTee proved Their abiliTy To make These characTers seem realg The sTage crew again deserved crediT Tor a well-sTaged producTion. To conclude Their yearls acTiviTies on May 23, dramaTics and public speaking classes demonsTraTed various phases oT Their work. Original skiTs and radio "push- buTTon" numbers comprised parT oT The program, also, selecTions Trom Shakespeare-'s plays were inTerpreTed, The pupils who had conTribuTed To This and many oTher assembly programs during The year received Their awards, iiizmi liliiif Slrigc Myron Tyler, RudolT Esskuchen, Gerald Hicks, Donald Killian, VincenT Ferraro, Miss Qilvleara Seymour Bluman 73 MasTen sTudenTs are well acquainTed wiTh Those inconspicuous pupils who so eTlicienTly mainTain order in corridors and caTeTeria. These service moniTors devoTe several periods each weelc To The Thanlcless Taslc ol reminding sTudenTs ThaT rules musT he followed. IT is Their duTy To lceep eager groups oT gossipers Trom impeding TraT'Tic in The halls and To preserve order in The caTeTeria. lacTTully, TaiThTully, courTe- ously, They perTorm volunTarily a service essenTial To The eTTicienT TuncTioning oT The school. Members oT The Chronicle STaT'l appreciaTe The opporTuniTy oT exTolling The worlq OT The homeroom represenTaTives and gr'anTing Them The recogniTion They meriT. l'hroughouT The year These sTudenTs quieTly and meThodically aTTend To The business OT selling acTiviTy TiclceTs, collecTing Chrislmas, Red Cross, and Memorial Day Tunds, and endeavoring To promoTe Chronicle sales. The success OT a wholesome spiriT OT rivalry beTween homerooms is largely due To Their eTTorTs, Theirs is a Thanlcless yeT essenTial conTribuTion To The wellare oT The school. W burrrrr Isl: Philip Ramp, VincenT l Zilo, Joyce Fromrrr, Shirley l Ramsey, Ann Dunham, Don- l ald Killian. Donald Or'cuTT l Ynd: Gilson Schreiber, John Eagan, Charles Fields, Nor'- berl Gaqern, Alvah Phillips Morrill Williams, Farrell Johnson, RoberT Koch 3rd: T7 au l Hausle, Henry Cordc-s, Louise Goqqins, Rirhard FoqarTy, Kerrnelh Naqal, John Hess Isl: Briclqel Bove, Vivian Gerhrrld, Gerald T'luTchin- son, James Sheuer, Donald Gellenlhien, Palricia Bing- ham, Marion Proehl Ynd: Rifhard Ball, Benny Ber- ger, Kalherirre Fa h r' rr er , Margaret SeiborT, Roberl Lndrushal, Donald Basledo lrdi Murqarel Landers, Joan G-ral, Marquerile Kelly, Belly Oehler, Geraldine Kuhrflus 4lh: llerbvrl Hardy, Rulh f f 7' Hoeppner, Laura Goldbaunr, Alva Didio, STanley Weiss ,lo U O O U , , Lorene Schull: 74 Under The iurisdicTion oT Miss SmiTh and Mrs. Rabe, TwenTy moniTors conTribuTe Their unTiring eTTorTs To The business-like managemenT oT The oTTice. They begin The school day by assembling, checking, and Typing The absence lisTs. LaTer They Tile various records, run errands, and operaTe The swiTchboard. To perTorm Their duTies successTully, These assisTanTs musT be alerT, ThoughTTul, pleasanT, and TrusTworThy. The adminisTraTion always gladly recommends sTudenTs who have proved Themselves capable oTTice moniTors. Library and bookroom moniTors are oT real service To Fosdick-MasTen. Those who work in The library charge books, reTurn Them To The shelves, and disTribuTe library slips To The sTudy halls. Bookroom moniTors help wiTh The disTribuTion oT TexT- books, sTamp and number new books, and aT The end oT The year assisT in checking oTT reTurned books. By relinquishing valuable sTudy periods, These moniTors conTribuTe To The eTTicienT and orderly manner in which The library and bookroom are conducTed. ' UTS IST: Mariorie Launder, Pris- T cilla Gray, BeTTy CriTTenden 1 Marcelline Greer, R u T h Speiei, Louise Goqqins Phyllis CasTiglia Qnd: Miss SmiTl'1, BeTTy Harri- son, Jean RoberTson, Ther- esa O'K1'aska, Mildred Schedman, Mrs. Rabe 3rd: Marion STUTT, Rufh Meyer, Helene KuloviTs, Theresa Norys. DoroThy T-T e y e r , Helen Camuza, Beffy SchroTT, Lily Hanzel lsT: Mildred Buckfelder, Joan Colberq, JeaneTTe Li Pira, Virginia Dickey, Shirley MaTThias, Lois 6raT, EdiTh Berman Znd: Mr. Bromer, Audrey SmiTh, Eva Cummins, Han- nah Pozarny, Shirley Kreinik, Bernice Pohl, Bernice Ros- ensTein, Miss LeviTan 3rd: R a y Selliq, Rudolph Esskuchen, Peggy Rofhen- biller, Edith Lipfak, James Elbers, VincenT Zifo, Rufh Reger 111111 llllfl li1mlQ1'11o111 llloiiitors mf ewes Mi"e'- Joan LawTon, RoberT Grampp 75 1. irr l leL'll lruss flrrlr STandinq: Doris Moclc Carol Dielenbaith, Dm ruihy Hire, Miss Neal, .ludy hwers, llirloief. Michalelc, Phyllis Cas fiqlie, Miss Maass, Doi othy MeTh, Lois Gol- wiTzer SeaTed: BeaTrice Wali, M i l d i e d Bucldelder. Rilo O'Connor, Lois Gazsrnan, Mon ica Reece, Emma Olson Karhleen Holmer, Win' ilred Well, Marie An- Tholzrrer, M fi r or ic Launde. The Junior Red Cross Club sTrives To promoTe inTernaTional good will, by per! Torming services so viTally needed in These challenging war days. Young European children received Tive hundred boxes which were packed by This group. lniured veTerans have been remembered wiTh giTTs oT handmade aTghans, and oTher useful arTicles. Scrap boolcs broughl cheer To Those who are bedridden. Miss Maass and Miss Neal direcTed The imporTanT work ol The Red Cross Club. To TuTure engineers, maThemaTicians, or scienTisTs, The pursuiTs oT The Slide Rule Club are oT greaT imporTance. The members are TaughT The l'why" oT The slide rule by Their adviser, Mr, Bromerg They Then learn To operaTe iT by acTual pracTice. This knowledge will provide These "embryo" scienTisTs wiTh a good ToundaTion Tor TurTher sTudy in The highly developed Tields oi science. Mr. GersTen was adviser of This club aTTer Mr. Bromer leTT Tor his new posiTion. ll I I Sf-fired: John loulminj l-lowarrd.CuTler'gWMannieV Kaslcel,'pre'sidenTg hlarvey Schiller: Joseph K Il L L 7 is Mendelow, Jerome Shine, Lois Gini, Audrey SmrTh, EdrTh Lrplalr, Joan LawTon, seCreTary Slnndinrig Tlerburl Hardy, Joseph Mayo, Ralph Halpern, RoberT Grarnpp, Charles Miller, ClilTord Milcolon, Mr. Bremer, Leonard Wrfiss, Jonas Golllr if-d ik 76 Sclzolursliip lliiln SeaTed: B e T T y Hohen- sTein, Miss Kinnius, Helene Weisev', secre- lary Siandingz Marilyn Krein- heder, Marion Amenl, Jean Lorber, chair- man: Gerald STrong, AlberT LeTTman, MiTch- ell Beilmun, Roslyn Mes' i ches, Sylvia Torre The Scholarship Club, under The guidance oT Miss Kinnius, has been busy gaTherf ing inTormaTion abouT The various scholarships oTTered To high school seniors. The candidaTes sTudy careTully The guesTions on previous scholarship examinaTions To prepare Themselves Tor The currenT compeTiTions. The Tinancial advanTage oT various scholarships is also examined. MosT popular wiTh mosT club members are The STaTe and UniversiTy oT BuTTalo scholarships. The STagecraTT Club has been organized primarily To Teach slcill in The arT oT rnalcefup. The acTiviTies oT The group are also a posiTive inTluence in developing personaliTy and TosTering Triendships. Beginners who show slcill in applied malceup have an opporTuniTy oTi becoming idenTiTied wilh The dramaTics makeup comrniTTee. Miss Q'Meara was adviser oT This large and popular club: RuTh Conrad, and Jane CheTTer were sTudenT chairmen: and Frances Caramagno, The secreTary. T ' T lsT' E T-laeberle G Learn B. Holzman, G. SchwaiTz, Miss OMeara, l.. Schallr, R. Beuche bl11fl9Cl'Hll l lull 'ii Bi,ii.i+.',, K1r..i..., Zndz S. Weiss, R. DeVoe, B. SloTniclc, S. AngeloTT, M, SmiTh. A. SchulTz, B. Feuerslein, B. Turley. D. Coons, L, Gullo 3rd: W. PoTash, E. AlTenbaum, A. Dylcei, E. Mazur, M. Fox, T-T, l'lerrrnan, M. Swain, J, Kanelos, T. Arrnoui, A. Sfioehlein, F. lla 4Th: D. Schaab, S. Paslre, L, l'loTTman, B, Salley. T'l. Sauer, B. Swain, M, O'Brien, G. Mccorrniclc, K. King. J, Johnson 5Th: S. T-Tosanq, N. l-loeppner, l-T. Balsom, A, Rosen, D. SchulTz, A. Lloyd, S. BerlcoTT, F. Cararnagno, E. Mcffrosson I do . cm.. 77 ' -bffbja Vocrlllrzlls llrrh alod: Eda Beclrerman, Thelma iorreano, G 0 f e l l 0 Beclcerman, Miss Slraub, Marqarel Seiberl. Louise Silver berg, Mary Gebhard, Joan Feuerslein, Mary Jane Jcnlcins andinq: Ellen Rasniclr. Riln Abrams, Rose- mary Snhallner, Marie Milburn W i Poslwar vocalions conslilufe lhe sludy of a group of girls who meel wilh Miss Slraub each Wednesday. Their aim is lo go info lhe world of romorrow wilh a befrer idea of lhe posilions open To The girls wifh or wirhour a college educarion. Each ' member has been encouraged lo finish her basic high school educafion, which serves as a loundalion for her chosen vocalion in a special field. Gerelle Beclrerman was elecred presidenl and Margarel Seiberr, secrerary. Mr. Smirhs newly formed Radio Sfudy Club was esrablished wilh the specific purpose of reviewing, for lhose who desired To fry fhe Navy Eddy Tesr, lhe funda- menfals of eleclriciry and physics. Radio equiprnenl has been inlroduced lo lhe boys, and ils operalion has been explained. This inlormalion will prove valuable in pre- paring 'rhem for service in 'rhe armed forces of Jrheir nalion. i lerrrlio Slrrrlrj y rm, r l Leif lo righl: Norman Small, Harry Cohen, Mr. Smirh, Vincent Feriaro, Merrill Wil Iiams, Harold Shapiro, Ray Burncll, Ray Sellig 78 i Spanish flnh STanding: L o u is e LeTT- wich, Elaine Rabino- wiTz, Mrs. Ames, Ger- ald Noble, H e n r y Cordes June Hill, pres- idenT SeaTed: Dorofhy Green MasTen's Spanish Club was organized during Miss l-lowleTT's absence by Mrs. Ames Tor Those sTudenTs who are inTeresTed in learning more abouT Spain and Spanish America Than is TaughT in regular classes. The members carry on conversaTions: They Take parT in slciTs and singing--all in Spanish. In These inTormal and pleasanT acTiviTies, They obTain a pracTical knowledge oT The language. This TacT is especially valuable since our counTry loolcs Torward To having increased relaTions wiTh our SouTh American neighbors in The TuTure. A pleasanT hour is spenT by Those sTudenTs who belong To The Chess Club. Chess has broughT This enioymenT To players Tor cenTuries, The game having been a TavoriTe oT royalTy, from whom The prawns receive Their names. The Fosdiclc chess enThusiasTs someTimes have Triendly maTches wiTh players Trom oTher schools. Mr. Luslcin sponsors The weekly meeTing oT The Chess Club. LIIUSS I lllil ScaTod: Marian Jacobs, Marvin Krasner. Ger- ald Cohen, Roberl Doerner, George Baeurnler, PaTricia Kaalce Sfanding: Ruth Harris: Mr. Luslning Irvin Boeh- ringer, presidenT3 James D'Arcy 79 171- UNlL'LlIUH flulm -wc .l' I llczrs Lullcrf UPPER VICTURP ial: Br-Hy Lwu lxluvlvmrv, .lfmvwff ljfxy, llfxvlsrrmr-Dfds1f2l', Donald Killian, Willlam GOQf1mam,Virl0v Kolbfff Ynfl: Ummlrl MUlSfl1fJl, Mlllfm Gfalumbfu Mr. Robfrrls, Fwwlc Cannon. LOWER WCTURE 51-fxlrud: Lffflfilff Slwrrrvvmn, Pqlvlflff Blnfqlmm, Mm. Lum, Gelalfl Hulclwlrwson. mndinqg Br-Hy Crillumdcrw, Mary Jum' Wilbferl, Anile Dfiddario. Joan Colbovq, Arlrmo Lcllall, B1-fly F-aww, Jnfll .lm-fzffv, Miss Mffiabo, Jrffm Lovbov A nr-w flub has lbfwn lflrrrvd ln Fogdlfk Maslfm flwls yea , llvc dim ol 'rlwc Froluclifm Club l3 To lf-fsflw Us llllfrcrrw "wr'wlfJfHs llm ofmriplf-5 and opmafiorw nl n pvnif-Cllon machine. ln addillom, mnllon pl 'uw prfxgmws am pvcwlflvvfl lr' rvllwr flulls, lm OIdPv T0 aid visual f-duinlirw lm llwis Srilwcl. Thr' Pwfecllovw Club ls lmdw flvc supervlsluw of llvf: pvimipal, Mv. Robeffs. Vl-JO' Kolbcr is llwe clwaQ""51 and Dorismae Doslef, flue secrefavv. 'luv N1-ws lfelfev Club wok, .iv,4orw'-'ed li: lmep lmrvvf-v Mnslf-v11'f5 :ww lm llwlr :mmlw g vllmvvwd fxbwuf flu' gwlivlllfes ml llwiv Alum Mnlor, llwr- alml is UW-rw . lyg f:A-. wl rw-ws .xml irmlmrmnlrfn' lbw tlm- mvlavd mmf:-vial is T 1 lfum, llw rm-rubcrs imrl ll1E' lmully ndviscvs Nvws Lgllf-v l'1r!5-41lNE'VY clw f14- v lcv ' y, sevvlue asmzrwvm-rwlg lm wlnlqirw la' Ll mud nw -1 Tw llw lypfSl ' b , Mrs. Lum .md Miss Mi ful lmlrmkslclc lwwyg lm l l 5 luv :ls llrwlslwgf Cube-, mf plvasvd that llw ,away lvcvw hmwf. UO luln f',ef,,-, MY 'i-' 'l Lilcrrrrrr rrrrrl N N rr, . , Trfpirrgf bluffs llrlrurlrsrrrq rrrrcl , 3 . . lrrirrlrrlrnrz bluffs UPPER PlCTURE lsl: John Toulmin, Joan Gral, Marion Amenf, Norman Small, Mary Jane Wilbcrrl, Vivian Gerhiild, Alvin Davis Qndi Miss Dinsrnore, Mrs. Cribney, Belsy lohnslcn, Roslyn Mesches, Thelma Race Erna Rausch, Miss Swarlz, Miss Colburn Hrd: Marilyn Kreinheder, Joan Colberg, Phyllis Casliglia, Shirley Brown, Belly Crilrondrzn, Gerieviravif Hahn, Eleanor Weber 4lh: Roberl Darnm, Palricia Bingham, Margarel Krilcorian, Palricia Wilberl, Phyllis Urrrrrrrrf,-s, Br-My Hohenslein LOWER PICTURE Isl: Harry Cohen, Hermina Nllfiniield, l-lenry Cordes, Rila l-larlrnan, Leonard Wfeiss Virginia ljirlr-y Arlene Lerble Zrrdi Miss Levilan, Jane Slawinslci, Alice Schullz, Donald Gellenlhien, Gerald l-lulnhinsfrn, Lain Wagner, Rulh Meyer, Miss Corcoran 3'd: Jean Roberlson, EslherMa1ur,S'Jnia Paslre, Allene Slroehlein, Gelelle Beckerrrian Janiff- Dr-rrrpll Rila ilorbiclci 4rh: Pudoll Esskuchen. Henry Jansen Sheldon Kobrin, Andrew Liaros, Frederick Slfrohan, Rirgharrl Gr in Because rhe Chronicle won rhe championship among The year books ol I944 in rhe Weslern New York lnlerscholaslic cornpelilion, members of lhe Chronicle srail have eagerly accepled 'rhe challenge lor l945 and have high hopes ol capruring lhal honor again, By beginning worlr early in lhe iall, rhe lilerary srail succeeded in compiling mosl ol ils rrralerial before the Easier holidays, Meanwhile The arl slall was busy planning and designino the various pages of rhe Chronicle. As rho spring monlhs rolled around manuscripl copy was senl lo lhe lypisls who prepared il ' lhe prinler. Al aboul fhe same lime lhe adverrising and circulalion slalils began lheir work dverlisernonls and encouraging rhe sales ol The l945 Chronicle. 'BI ror of assembling a Qlwonicle Staff Vol. 46 June l945 Editors Ar'r Edi+or Liferary Ediior Assisfanf Lirerary Edi+ors Adverfising Edifor Assisianf Adverfising Edifor Marion Amenr Norman Small Alvin Davis Mary Jane Wilberr Virginia Dickey Leonard Weiss Staff lllleirizbei-'s Arr: Bersy Johnsron, Roslyn Mesches, Thelma Race, Erna Rausch Senior Picfuresz Roberf Damm, Phyllis Domroes Liferaryz Pafricia Bingham, Vivian Ger- hold. Joan Graf, Befry Hohensfein, Marilyn Kreinheder, Margerel Krilcor- ian, John Toulmin, Pafricia Wilberr Typisfsz Shirley Brown, Phyllis Casriglia, Jean Colberg, Berry Crirfenden, Genevieve Hahin, Eleanor Weber Adverfisingz Gefelle Beclcerman, Harry Cohen, Henry Cordes, Janice Demp- fle, Rudolph Esskuchen, Richard Granr, Rifa Harrman, Leona Hiemenz, Henry Jansen, Sheldon Kobrin, Arlene Leible, Andrew Liaros. Esfher Mazur, Sonia Paske, Jean Roberrson. Fred- erick Sfephan. Allene Sfroehlein, Rira Torbiclci, Hermina Winfield Circularionz Donald Gellenrhien, Gerald Hurchinson, Rufh Meyer, AliceSchulfz, Jane Slawinski, Laura Wagner Faculty Hdvisers Ar'r: Marie Colburn Typing: Agnes Swarfz Adverrising: Nellie Levifan Circulafion: Pauline Corcoran Liferary: Dorofhy Dinsmore. Alice Gibney Snapshorsz Mr. Geiger O 'fl- ' 1 v -.v-'14, u 'Q , K "1 A ' H A NM Sx X. ,-.I . MflO1 f zz Q ou 1f H 01 L Q 1fi.1. i WEDDINGS and ' GRADUATION BOUQUETS Our Specialty I CW ELLICOTT SQUARE FLOWER SHOP 301 MAIN STREET Twenfy Years of Experience in Floral Arranging Assures You II1e BEST We Will Gladly Make Home Appoin+men+s A+ Your Convenience Jusf CaII "The Square FIoris+" -- MAdison 3230 I ' Ir' Ive' IV-VIN -wX1L-saw .-If arms: Florence Mef1,vIce-presldenfi Erna Rausdw, D d I I M V :vw :Iv--nIwIII-fv sL2r'vIJry'Mi1vIonIJHPQIWI I I3 I'rIrw-I, Bm A" 'I ,1 ,AIM ITIS LIU! I BLIMIIN 5wIuw.1 Bowman, H6-Icn Mead If new l13II 1n'.L I f M 1 B II M , B fh I DI H 1 84 For Employer and Employee Contact That Counts E. K. BIXBY EMPLOYMENT SERVICE I25 ALLEN STREET LI. 3866 Positions Open tor Experienced Secretaries and Booklceepers - - also - - Opportunities tor Beginners GA. 3994--3995 ANDREW BERNER 81 SON FLORISTS 57 ALLEN STREET BUFFALO 2, N. Y. Telephone: Wfxshinqton 3677 M 5I5 MAIN STREET BUFFALO 3. Next to 20th Century Theatre Um BUSY BEE ' HOME OF LILY ICE CREAM AND CANDY ami? 8l"f :soo FILLMORE AVENUE TA. 9901 Rauf? LSZOIQ 569 DELAWARE AVENUE BUFFALO, N. Y. WAshinqton 5569 Watches -- Diamonds -- Silverware 3.61 J Qs... JEWELER GENESEE, COR. ELLICOTT BUFFALO, N. Y. HENRY F. CORDES Successor Established I883 , ? THE BELL HELICOPTER 14 new incf of HOUSANDS of flllflllllel Jew- onrlfale an t'IIff7lltliIll'lL' ruin-ei! in the new Bell Aircraft htlimpreri. 0110 retzrwz ii lf'1.ll the lvelicujrlur provider a kim! ul flfglwl ui' lure ir!- uuyr mughl. lu .1 lvtflit-f1fi1er', you -.- S-5 :EE -' .iss EE " In :S Q H need for them and which will find Y., it economical to buy helicopters for business purposes. For such uses, the cost of the helicopter will be of less importance than its utility. Low-priced helicopters will come -with mass production and fur- Ijell Aircraft helicopter has ' can go Jlftlfgfbl 1411 .md ilnicu, you tan hover, you mn go iidvimyi or f1ac'ktl'rJYfl'I. All lfnfie ffiirlltfi, irllfmi- lI,7lL' in .1 mflrenliuzml iliffflillltf, 11171 be June in .1 fleljwfflef irilb mately .md flftffijfllll cmzifnl. -...Ea , "5-N ,.. , Q ff - . ma -' a . Y . Q - xii. . tu Q. 'Ak on ther development. A ABOUT STABILITY . . . One o the most important characteristics ' of a helicopter is stability. 'Ih ' 'in Am! lfhll iirrufnlli lor' the qutfillrmi .. .. . ' il- , It ., A L f engineered stabilityvthrough thc use of a patented stabilizing bar ,- Tl ' 'sw v T IF 'FI ' Q1 1 r-- -'-si - S it ' A P , y X DI. v g is -...- ... .-c...1. ,A T' T , Q it K X V, X pal' THE QUESTION OF WHEN . . . It is hard to draw a line between enthusiasm for the helicopter and realistic thinking on when helicopters will be available. Bell Aircraft believes in the helicopter, believes in it as a practical aircraft, a safe aircraft, an aircraft with an important post-war future. We, too, are impressed by what it can do. In addition to its other advantages, for example, a helicopter doesn't need elaborate land- ing facilities and airports, and in "helicopter weather" with ceiling and visibility near zero, the helicopter can fly because of its ability to operate at low, safe speeds. But the fact remains that helicopters, of the kind we expect to market, are not available now. Aside from the requirements of war work, which at Bell Aircraft come ahead of everything else, a lot of developmental work remains to be done, And so it will be after the end of the warfsay, a year or more-wbefore Bell helicopters are available. But -Ahelicopters are coming. THE QUESTION OF COST . . . How much will a helicopter cost! That depends on the kind and size of helicopter built, the volume of production and many other things. The first Bell helicopters, however, will not be in the "low price car" field. which acts much like a gyroscope. WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH A HELICOPTER! Bell Aircraft feels that the heli- copter will develop through various stages. First, it will be used by industrial concerns that need it and can afford maintenance facilities and professional pilots. Second, the helicopter will get into other commercial channels when circumstances make ir possible to use them more widely. Third, and later on, the helicopter will be used by sportsmen pilots and others who want safe, dependable air travel regardless of terrain conditions and despite poor weather. And finally, helicopters will get into the general market. Bell Aircraft does not believe that the helicopter will compete with fixed-wing planes, but rather that it will open up a new and still untapped held of Hying, a new dimension of flight. AND IN CONCLUSION . . . We probably havent an- swered all your questions. But we have tried to tell generally how helicopters work, what they can be used forg and how we think about them. If you would like to know more, a booklet giving de- tails regarding the Bell helicopter will be mailed with- out obligation. Write the Bell Aircraft Corporation, This means that the first helicopters will probably be 1050 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo 7, New York. sold to commercial and industrial concerns which have a Buy ll".n' Builds .turf Speer! l'irfnr'i .S'f1ei'ii4lize1f nies' for the fvefirnpfw' ,ire mizflvi' tllld 1'.'r.1'iet1'. lim' C'.X'tIlllf1lC'.' 'N ' new , , f - ' b . I- ,-v. f , 2 ...H " V src'-sc. Qs.. E ,fi Q1 E -4,9 ...Jjw .M by 'rl If A N - Q v 6 , ,QM -H .... , . -rw . ,QL Q NH, Zbf, N 0.1 4-, r 4 ,,,- V ' v iv ,.-I - yi G is N .4 4' w . V S Q J . - - 1, - s -f -f . ' I I - ,,,, .1 , E W I ,WW if ' 's - - 4 f' .- 1' 'Wfal lll .f es rs 'ff fe rf- - 4 ' ln.--'sy' v-,twig -V4 Pr' v':,,w I X11 A "YF-Lsg- , ' " 'fi 'EH ff .. ,, 4. 'f -.-f-3,,,.M - my A . .:,J,M ,J S S Commuter urvko Foron fln control Pipe lino patrol Coon Guard rouuo work and diunhr rollof Alsn for geological survey work, crop dusting. short hauls for mali, short hauls for commercial cargoes, department store ru deliveries. fer-dr-r lines for commercial mr lines, rnining work wnert- the terrain makes access dillicult, laying cables and wires ptrsonal transport to :md from places which lack air terminal facilities, and many other uses. MEMTIER AIIICRAFT WAR I'RODllC'l'l0N COUNCII ,... EAST COAST. INC. Www ' X PACEMAKER OF AVIATION PROGRESS one ,mmol mmm- 86 A NIAGARA FRONTIER DIVISION llujfillo mid .wrlgilrrl Hills. ,Y Ii nlfnmirrirf--Armmirufv F1r.s!.lr! Profit llol Plum 'flu' Brll Hrlllrcfilrr ORDNANCE DIVISION BIl7'lf!Igf07I, VI. Flixvilrlr Gun Mount: and vllirr onlnrrnrr' mrrlfrmlr GYORGIR DIVISION Murirffn, Ga, B-29 Boring Sl1p!lf0ffV'fVS irrrrnlfru tP..'i9l mol Kiligrolvnz 113635-Fight J E R R Y M O O R E ALL KINDS OF Boxed Greeling Cards Sfore Af 32 CARLTON STREET BUFFALO 3. N .Y. Fool Healfh Means Befler Healfh For Your Enlire Syslem N E A L - F L E X Arch Supporls and Appliances Confribufe To Foo? Healfh By Appoinfmenf B25 JEFFERSON AVE. MA. 269I Phone: HU. 5767 Nolary Public Wifh Seal STATE REALTY CO. REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Houses, Lois, Farms -- Sold, Exchanged, Renfed Represenled by Marie A. Sullcowslci and Rudolph L. Szypajlo I45O BROADWAY BUFFALO I2, N. Y. Complimenfs of VINCENT V. MIKOLAJCZAK CHOICE MEATS STALL NO. I -- BROADWAY MARKET For Your Sororify or Fraf Prinfing K0l.B PRINTING C0. I6I MULBERRY STREET lin your neighborhoodl BONERS Chaucer wenf on an exhibilion of fhe Hundred W W Q Years' War with Ihe king. The Cells seflled in Whales, Shakespeare was buried in his home fown where he 37lO Commercial Pflnllng has remained ever since. gi' IE Dorofhy Lenzner I I Goldberg, '28 A' 'R Sophie Lenzner, '39 man Jack Lenzner, '46 Daniel Allen BI EF- Goldberg, '53 M0 Everelf Franklin L T -ill: N A L' -A . hp . .,I, .. E! Goldberg '56 RECOMMEND HUEEN' SPARKLING BEVERAGES DIETRICH FUNERAL SERVICE 'if 995 GENESEE STREET 25I8 BAILEY AVE. I6 MILLICENT AVE. Complimenls -- of -- .fd jrienc! 0 I A1446 MAIN TREET IN BUFFALO - DRESSES ' COATS - SUITS - SPORTSWEAR - ACCESSORIES Styled with young ideas. . .popular priced! N ' ' Yffi 'VNV ffzv Pc 'E fp?-E Q CJ 'T df' B' iv, SM vvfx ix f Hxw vmmij ,sjrzlmp W :rms im: kucl 1' HN 2 N N I M C U f P N U V C K A --vw'm.1v:, prvsi vu 1 xfvxim u rw, vim- wwshvni' "Nw lv-:rn-rx 'w-. '1 Cm-N 'wh ,lfwmw ,N my ,if-.arww .ummm mc1'1y ,ravi ri Y wwH.- P1111 W vw Ulf-fv! :fm Audvf Y H I. 88 George H. Cohn CompIimenTs OI The Buffalo General Hospital Beauty Shop . . .JQHIQLIM .. IOO HIGH STREET 628 BRISBANE BLDG. Ore KWMS You CAN TRUST us TO EXAMINE YOUR EYES AND MAKE YOUR GLASSES ii' ff? 791' Eorfy years of OpTome+ric Eye Examina+ions . Only Tirsf qualify lenses and frames used . . Reasonable Prices . . . Terms if desired. FAILING OPTICAL CO. Gray M. Failing Alberf T. I-Ieff Seih A. I-IaII I66 FRANKLIN ST., cor. Mohawk Member OArfieId 0882 Call Affer 5:00 o'CIocIc EIorisTs' Telegraph Delivery AssociaTion .jcamer jkridf John L. Kramer GREETING CARDS Sam Weiss Experl Embroidery on BOWLING SHIRTS - LADIES' DRESSES CHENILLE EMBLEMS - SUITS AND COATS SCHOOL LETTERS - CLUB EMBLTEMS I4I WINSLOW AVE. BUFFALO 8. N. Y Telephone: WAshingTon 9IO6 GIFTS 'W UA M! e 0l'L er MILLINERY SHOPPE I29I JEFFERSON AVENUE Come, MOHAWK AND WASHINGTON STS. BUFFALO, N. Y. BUFFALO, N. Y. unger' ,M,A1lA IIAI' CQZLU of ,gi4C'f'P.5.f NHC! gj10c!oZl4fv4 FOR MILLINERY OF DISTINCTION. i -, N , Y, V ,Y F, T J J y , yl rl , X l . ' i ,gi A i , K .. 'RQ Pl, fl! ' "WW 'v Y 1 I 1, QILU X un urs XX I!! li:--Af MILLINERYX oFo1sTlNCT:oN 1 1 - - V I , ,Af -r ll K' 'A lf' fl All ' .l ,X J I 1 y : -lr Cf I I K-:XXX xx 14' J, J Fd- k I X iv- l 599 MAIN ST. f l ,j y l y , I NFXT TO Mmrnolls A j l n ws V 'Q . X df-nl' llmolhy Km, sc-crclavy: Gloria Johnson, solqeanl-Qfrnrrny June Sfoflrlon. serqeanf-af-arms 1 Rulh Guunfhur, Jwnn Hchir, Mdrlannfg Slolz, Mavian Miolh, Shirley Slone, Sally luslcey, Jean Brown lgvuld lsli Mary Lou Lorem, lhaplnin' Rullw Kalolln, lreasurevq Sally Flynn, vice- prosidenlz Priscilla Gray, presi 2nd Ld: Umm: Galllsduvlwv, ,lv-an Mario Flynn Xlurw Gibb Euqwnlfm Johnson, Juno Kanolos, June Davis 4lh: Shllluy Knowslr-y Rull. Wflbvfurl 90 To you who have specialTy shop Tasfes and a limifed loudgeT iT will pay you To visif The meh! .Slap 526 DELAWARE AVE. Near Allen il? Sizes 9 To 24lf2 THE MARZIPAN HAUS 6:1 eevesge STREET T Hom MADE Delicious Candies CL. 8087 ERNST LANDES ooMMERCiAL PRINTING Reserved Ticlcei' Specialisf 363 GENESEE ST. BUFFALO, N. Y. ConsTanTly Keeping AT IT, Malces Perfecfion We've Been Furnishing Be+Ter Homes in Buffalo for 50 Years HOUSEHOLD BUSY BEE SWEETS ICE CREAM :-: HOME MADE CANDIES Lighf Luncheons +- I247 JEFFERSON AVE., Near Riley GR. 9847 CL. 9002 .ibiana Manly Sain 537 MAIN STREET "Horne of Polaire Cold Waves" and Specialisf in Exfreme l-lairsTyling Truly Yours . . . . Monogrammed Anklets Tho prlro includes three metal initials 497 Personalily plus . . . wl'1en you pul your par- licular par? ol +l1e alplwabel on your anlclesl Buy 'em in colors lo mafclw all your col- lons . . .wl1i're, yellow, l'lun+er's green, brown, liglif blue, pink, red, navy or beige! Tl1ey're mercerized collon, willi a cuff. And you lcnow ll'1ey'll never slray . . . because l'l'iey're fruly yours! Sizes SV? To I I. Hosiery, Hengerer's Sfree+ Floor qw W BEN X HC fp W' 'Q like Vi SQ H is ' U :1 ,Q 43111101 el. rf 1 Q mis EW! KK H XY N MEC 92 19 f MASTEN'S MOMENT MUSICALE Qfzfurlzc Ozealzons zzz Wowmf Thal Old Black Maqicw Chemislry Lab. Don? Fence Me ln" Room II3 Always" Homework One Meal Ball" Caleleria Luncheon The Same Old Slorym Room 206 Slrange Music' Orcheslra Rehearsal l'm Making Believe" Chocolale Milk CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF l9i45l Over ancl Over Againn ., , . Miss Sweeneyls Peppermlnl xgigfna CAI M0 l'II Be Seeing You l Al Lasl, New Liqhlsf ESTRGT Mawr Florence Buczko Dolores Rak So Lillle Time" The Easler Vacalion Anne Dyker Eleanore Smynfek Arlene Mazur Laura Wagner N lf . c . L E Y v when You L 2222 0987 2 is Need T 1 , 5 1 Furmfure E. L. KAZMIERCZAK .3 .312 4 FUNERAL DIRECTOR T-TQ' LlL ll ' Lady Alfendanf W' " ' 347 RFCRHAM STREET Buy af BUFFALO, N. Y. Kobler 61 Miller OUALITY HOME FURNISHINGS al Lower Prices Complimenirs . . . Liloeral Terms . . of a vvv ,?rie1fLc! 3I6-322 GENESEE STREET Peim Zfaanq, fue. 582-84 EAST GENESEE STREET Phone, CLevelancl 0287 BUFFALO, NEW YORK C . N-,1 F-1.1Hw1,viw, Hahvnvv, 5:-imfmy: Lois Scihaab, virw pmsidr-M: Kwvlym Qinml,-U, pvvsid 1 PMNNR5 Skuvwm-v fu-fasuvmi LOISVYVKIE' Havf ?r:dI Jum Mah-rx UW-vm'-, Hmvis, Advxin JuMrimry Uw1'fvvS RQ-frwhmdf Zhi Uvnimf' Lfw uw Aww- Hfuaiimf, IM-wnrm Cm-vw-, 94 Hula Ulu cllf nz IH u WAsI'ning+on 5635 Imporfers and Jobbers of DIAMONDS Premier Diamond Co., Inc. DIAMONDS - WATCHES - JEWELRY - GIFTS MAX GOLDBERG 7IO BRISBANE BUILDING BUFFALO, N. Y. WA. 7I23 Hours: 9 Io 5:30 - Mon., Fri. Io 9 P. M. WM. F. BRANDT, 0. D. EYE REFRACTION 6IO Genesee Sfreef, cor. Jefferson Buffalo, N. Y. JOEL'S MILLINERY BUFFALO'S LEADING HAT SHOP six' ik if 584 MAIN STREET WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLD IN STORE FOR YOU? Many Fine Opporrunifies in BEAUTY CULTURE Lovely Free Booiclei Avaiiabie AI ROBERTS SCHOOL OF BEAUTY CULTURE Wesrern New YorIc's Leading Beaufy School Ask Your Hairdresser! 609 MAIN STREET WAsI'1ing+on 6765 BUFFALO 3, N. Y. COLEGROVE'S LUNCHEONS AND DINNERS 9- GR. 9547 77 ALLEN ST Eb. mlllftlllif gi Co. I838 MAIN STREET Phone: LI. 4840 Killlllln-ll'1f'lll.5 fo mv CXALH of 1194-5 BUFFALO POPCORN COMPANY Wholesale ancl Retail FRESH POPCORN AND PEANUTS FOR PARTIES AND PICNICS 'ily J. LIAROS and SONS 458 GENESEE ST N . , . , , , lm" Jwzmm Bwrl 2' mg'-.lwlvll-1211:-15' lalrrl m llL.'l wx flxu-,ull-v'v' .lun-X Blallnw lfiv1lvvmfAx-lf-lv nf-frvlL1vy'elllrWv Allwrw lwfdullvf-' B N W y fAxvwfX1'-1, lr, v Ulu, llmwf-H. l1vl,u'1lllzll 'aww vlllr-v lfm ll1lll" lf l 96 Langiry Photo Service BUFFALO'S FINEST Phoio Finishing -- Coloring -- Enlarging IDENTIFICATION PHOTOGRAPHS For Commercial and Defense PIanIs Awarded I938 InIernaIionaI Trophy I I9 BROADWAY BUFFALO 3, N. Y. CL. 4944 -- If No Answer UN. 7307 Normandy Beauqf Shoppe EVELYN HARRIS, Prop. 9 I 3 JEFFERSON AVE. BUFFALO, N. Y. Llncoln I49O Open Monday and Friday Evenings RAYETTE COLD WAVE Congrafulafions Io Ihe Class of I945 MORRISON'S 442-444 MAIN ST. BUFFALO, N. Y. QW Cgzalfefancf I 320 MAIN STREET Buffalo, New York Where Skaiing Is AI IIs Besi In a Refined Aimosphere SPECIAL RATES TO PARTIES Open Every Evening Including Safurday and Sunday And Holiday Marinees The Sfafionery and Office Supply Sfore FRANK B. HOOLE 950 MAIN STREET Loose-Leaf and Bound Books for Every Office Greeiing Cards Have Thai Feminine Touch Wi'Ih HATS by iege 3 475 MAIN STREET . L. KAPLA s YUU . . . . . . First Choice Of Smart Hzglz School And College Girls! N. L. KAPLAN fur coals possess slarnina as well as youflwful good loolcs . . .every slyle has lhaf easy- +o-slip-inlo nonclwalance you lilce. Choose from a large seleclion of qualify fur coals including .... Slweared Beaver .... Grey Persian ....Leopard....Slcunlc....RaC- Coon .... Grey Kidslcin and many ollsers. . L. KAPLA Fu rriers COATS and WR.APS ONLY ONE LOCATION IN BUFFALO 528 BRISBANE BLDG. OVER KLEINHANS 403 MAIN STREET Phone: WA. I374-5-6 BUFFALO 3, N. Y. 98 R. Sandler's MANHATTAN RESTAURANT and DELICATESSEN 'The Home of Real Kosher Meals" 38I William Sfreel Corner Praii Sfreef WA. 9544 WA R D R O B E DRY CLEANERS 302 Easi Urica Sf. Buffalo, N. Y. Near Jefferson Avenue Complimenis . . . of . . . TAYLOR'S DELICATESSEN YONAN H. TRACHTMAN 8: SONS Besf Prices Paid for YOX'S DELICATESSEN Claire M. Yox, Prop. NEWSPAPERS . RASS and SCRAP IRON 263 Caffmn S+. CL. 9893 SCHOOL SUPPLIES CANDlES 397 S S . CL. 8 9l ycamme i 4 BAKED GOODS SOET DRINKS Complimenis ol CHARLES ZACHER WALTER'S RESTAURANT 482 Fillmore Avenue WA. 0235 maJfen3 Unafnrme ,lA5ifor5 Pic. Raymond J. Sfoddard, MC Pvf. Leonard Ascanazy. USA Sgr. Roberf A. Bauss, USA Pvf. David Herfz, USA AfC Irving G. Ahlheim, AAF Sgr. Edward J. Maurer,USA Pfc. Roberi H. Schinfzius. USA A.S. RolDerf.E. Barker, USN Ens. Edward Wm. Kraus, NAC Plc. Richard A. Schreclcengosl, USA AXC Carl E. Duerr, AAF AXC James F. Black, AAF FXO Leonard E. Godson. AAF Ens. Roberf G. Hughes, NAC Ens. James E. Andrews, NAC Sl:ifC Charles A. Joyce, USA Ch. Bos'n Wm. J. Shreder, MM Pfc. Melvin Balsam, AAF E.M.3fC Irving E. LaCroix, USN Wiki? Mai. Harvey C. Bauss, AAF F.lfc John O'Brien, USN S.2fC N. David Borlc, USN Pv+. Max Diamond, AAF Ph.M.2fC Harry Cohen, USN Pic. Roberl' Criden, USA lfL+. Donald E. Crawford, AAF S.2fc Jesse Goldbaum, USN SfSg+. Melvin R. Rosen, USA Pvt Richard L. Turley, USA Pvf. George R. Weber, USA 2nd L+. John A. Haller, AAF TfSg+. James A. Hess. USA Pvf. Norion Tabaclrman, USA PXO. Thomas Wilson, RCAF Pvt Joseph S. Selling, USA S.2fC Rober1'W. Frangooles, USN Pho+.M3fc Raymond P. Mumm, USN Lf. Roberi J. Marcoii, AAF P'Fc. Richard K. Cohen. USA E.M.3fc David R. Maihewson. USN Sgr. Ralph R. Oberkircher, USA E.M.3fc John K. Massucci. USN Pvl. Morfon M. Siegel. USA Pvf. Donald W. Geerharf, USA Pv'r. Richard A. Grimmer, USA S2fc Marcel A. Nicolas. USN Pv'r. Richard A. Miller, USA Pic. Louis Kriefor, AAF Pvr. Arfhur Redwing, USA Pic. Franli Figliala, MC Sgr. Lawrence E. Childers, USA Pv+. Frank Levin, USA Ord. SfSgf. Paul Gronmeyer, AAF Sgf. John C. Moebius, AAF Pvr. Alberf Mirand, USA S2fC Arfhur lnfraior. USNR H.A.2fc Jacob Wayne, USNR 99 Complimenrs of RAY HOELSCHER CHOICE MEATS POULTRY OSTROM 8: ROTH I45 Besi Slreer TEXACO GASOLINE and MOTOR OILS Phone' MA' 2867 TOWING - REPAIRING 36 WASHINGTON MARKET Complimenfs of Complimenfs of JOHN E. NORMANDALE PEECH'S DELICATESSEN GENERAL CONTRACTOR 601 EAST NORTH STREET NOWAK'S CCNFECTIONERY For Prescription Service SCHOOL SUPRLIES CANDY CLARENCE N. REESE ICE CREAM TOBACCO pHARMAC'ST 36Q Peckham Sffeef 9549 INigI1r Belll 908 Jefferson Ave Complimenfs . . . of . . . OSCAR'S BEVERAGES Afrer SCI1Ool Sfop al' . . . Pe1er's Resfauranf and Ice Cream Parlor SODAS LU NCI-IES lOO6 Main Sfreel GArfieId 9648 Complimenfs of JEFFERSON LIQUOR STORE ZADA I.. MINNISS 69 Allen Sfreel me JEFFERSON AVENUE GR- '257 CORSEUERE Complimenrs of M I L L E R I S MR AND MRS. WARDNER H. JONES EXPERT WATCH MAKERS FUNERAL HOMIE FIIIYTIOFS AVGFIUS NGGT Genesee 4I! Jefferson Avenue Bulzlalo, N. Y. l-lUmbOldT 8037 C It 1 CL. 7692 fn ITI S O POL an HENRY E. LEIBLE WHOLESALE and RETAIL K A T H S CHOICE MEATS AND POULTRY 265 WASHINGTON MARKET 37 Waslningron Marlref Buffalo, N Y Complimenfs of COmP"m"+S PFC. Louis KRIETOR ' ' ' of ' ' ' Sfafioned af A DREW FIELD. TAMPA. FLORIDA Buftalo's Greatest Entertainment Always in Healtlwlully Air-Conditioned HEA Tlwere's One Near YOUR Home ' 3 lst: Lorraine Edlrrqton, secretary' Dorothy Heyer' treasurer' fxrllne Seb t p cl t B tty C Fawn'-, vlco-preside-nl: Florrence Dethlolt Ynd: Patricia Malone. Norman Ball, Florence Willa, Ruth Seibert Xrd: Yvonne Hunter, Beverly Meyer, Rutlr Sternen, Marquerite Kelly I02 .jQep on, aging W En A anal .Siam 4 P IHI IHHII 'IIINI DELAWARE AT GATES CIRCLE Buy Wi+h Confidence--Eslablished Since I9I7 Phone, TA. 4835 JOSEPH MRUK J E W E L E R EXPERT WATCH, CLOCK and JEWELRY REPAIRING I326 Broadway Buffalo I2, N. Y. Oculisf lEye Physiciansl Prescripfions Filled Broken Lenses Duplicaled Arlificial Eyes Filled F'n'-ANK s." lisswmc 0PncAL Co. GUILD OPTICIANS 659 Main Sfreel, Buffalo, N. Y. Phone: Iv1Adison 0659 HARVEY P. FRANK PETER LESSWING Open Thursday Evening - Parking in Rear Complimenls . . . of . . . Herman E. Kolbe GENERAL INSURANCE '2 57 BURROUGHS DRIVE SNYDER Complimenfs of LANG'S BAKERY, lnc. CL. 9773 Complimenls of DREWS DELICATESSEN 529 FiLLMoRE AVE. WM. WECKERLE 8i SONS, Inc. Homogenized Vitamin D Milk 7716 XWUSI Nutritious Wlillc Morley Can Buy 'WL Llncoln 7400 1001 JEFFERSON AVE. ' Isl: Jack McCord, seiqeani-al-arn'S: Donald Grimmer, vice- msidenlq Henr Janse ljvllll DUNN preside:-nf: Glenn Rauscln, secrefmyq Georqe Geyer, ireasupiiei' Y Ynrlz Dunfild Jaqurfs, Tnornns Alien, Jolnn Houl, Donald l-lazelfon, Frank Sclwullz, Berneid Connolly lid: Alvali Pliillips, Clmrles Biidenbalcei, Fred Adams, Fred Suilon, Duane Wald0nbui'q Mhz James Sclwues, Albmf Zfzillei, Dominic Ferraro, Clwarles Wiedemci. IO4 K Cgongrafufafions To Ihe Class of 1945 Your graduafion from Fosdiclc- Masfen is Ihe firsf mile-slone on your road Io success. Whefher you enIer college in Ihe Fall, or 'rake your place in Ihe business world, you will find +ha+ a smar+ appearance is a definife asse'r. You're af your besf when you look your besrl Clolhes - by - Kleinhans is a rule followed by successful young men in every walk of life. LEINHAN S Kleinhans Corner Main 8: CIin+on Phone G-Rani' 2474 Res., GA. 7746 JACK GIBSON 81 SON GARAGE AND GENERAL REPAIRING 47 Easl' Ufica SI. Irearl Buffalo, New Yorlc Congrafulafions +0 . . . The Class of I945 TEXAS RED-I'IOTS 1399 JEFFERSON AVE. GA. 9734 Jansen Bros. Ilisfablished I863I ENGLISH and WESTERN SADDLERY and RIDING EQUIPMENT -0.- Fine Luggage and Lealher Goods ,oi II9- I2l BROADWAY BUFFALO 3, N. Y. GA. 3777 FREE ESTIMATES CHARLES KUSKE GENERAL CONTRACTOR Roofing - Remodeling - Siding and Hearing I5 WELKER ST. BUFFALO, N. Y. THE STORE FOR YOUNG MEN ALWAYS FIRST IN STYLE DAVID'S MEN'S SHOP I327 Jefferson Ave. Buffalo, N. Y. EA! maka Ifo me Cfaaa of 1945 LUMEN R. HAWS CO. wwe em ROOT BUILDING 86 W. CHIPPEWA ST WLZFLILKCICIIAPQPJ of M. P. gdduafej JQLUBAV A, 1945 It Will Pay You To Remember Us When ln Need Of That Diamond Ring WAshinqforI l805 RICHTAND F. SCHERER 8: SONS, Inc. FURRIER AND LADIES' TAILOR FURNITURE and RUSS GA- 5l59 68 Allen Slfeel I22-I26 E. Genesee Sfreef Buffalo, ...BuyBonds... DAN ROSEN INSURANCE and REAL ESTATE Prinfing . . . CL:-:veland 2065 ROSEN PRINTING CO. PRINTING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION 3l7 Genesee Building WA' 0288 Bugalol N. Y. 449 WILLIAM STREET BUFFALO. N Furnifure Choice Modern Furnilure A Appraising Bric-a-Brac ' FRESH AND SALT WATER FISH OF ALL HERMAN D- RUDD KINDS IN SEASON ANTIQUES 330-33l Washingfon Marlref GR. 3892 B9 Allen Sfreel' WA. 8036 Telephone: GRanf 9560 We Deliver Sam's Qualify Grocery 8: Meal' Marlcel' 292 Masfen Avenue, cor. Laurel Samuel Kafz, Prop. Buffalo, N. Y. Complimenfs of W. A. L. R. IDENTIFICATIONS FOR SNAPSHOTS PAGE I5 I. Edward Baumgarfner, Corporal U.S.A. 2. Hyman Nemirov, Privale U.S.A. 3. Donald Meyer, Flighl' Officer U.S.A. 4. David Reuss, Pfc. U.S.A. 5. Chesfer J. Sfroehlein, Coxswain U.S.N. 6. Adam Diclcey, Pfc. U.S.A. 7. Harry Chrisfensen, Flighf Officer U.S.A. 8. Jacob Heinen, T.fSergeanf U.S.A. 9. Douglas Knapp, Pfc. U.S.M.C.R. IO. Alfon Tower, Jr., Privafe U.S.A. ll. Benfamin Boolcbinder, Privafe U.S.A. l2. Gerhard Alfenbaum, Corporal U.S.A. I3. James Sherman, Pfc. U.S.A. I4. Norman Hilimon, Privafe U.S.A. I5. Raymond J. Hoelscher, U.S.A. I6. Harold Blosaf, Sergeanf U.S.A. I7. Leonard Ascanazy, Privafe U.S.A. I8. Edwin Prem, T.fSergeanf U.S.A. I9. Harry Liaros Slfc U.S.N. 20. Thomas R. Boberelc, Pfc. U.S.A. 2l. Richard Sfroehlein, Privafe U.S.M.C. 22. Paul Lipfali, AXT U.S.A. 23. Raymond Funnell, Serqeanf U.S.A. PAGE I7 I. Roberf Meyer, Maior U.S.A. 2. Herberf Schulefand, Yeoman 3d class U.S.N. 3. Marlin Maloney, Slfc U.S.N. 4. Guy Sherman, SQT. U.S.A. 5. Quinfin Renner, Corporal U.S.A. 6. Bernard Kurfz, Privafe U.S.M.C. 7. William Slaclc, Jr., M. Serqeanf U.S.A. 8. Melvin Gangloff, S3fc U.S.N. 9. Edward Sherman, S. Sergeanf U.S.A. IO. Richard Schulefand, Corporal U.S.A. Il. Roberf Krachf, Corporal U.S.A. I2. Melvin Singer, Pfc. U.S.A. I3. Arfhur Gillelfe, Privafe U.S.A. I4. Edward Krayenvenger, T.fSerqeanf U.S.M.C I5. Harry Davis. Corporal U.S.A. I6. Tom Rausch, T.f3 U.S.A. I7. Roberl' Proehl, .Slfc A.R.M., U.S.N. I8. William Conrad, Pfc. U.S.A. I9. John Mumm, Slfc U.S.N. 20. Harry Rausch, Capfain U.S.A. IH ongra Llufa fiona an Ea! fpwalwa to the Class of '45 SINCE IQOQ 45 77 Waafer Dry Cleaning and Laundering for Those who prefer' QUALITY I PLANT U44 JEFFERSON AVE. , ' in CQONVFNIFNT NHGHBORHOOD BRANCHES c I ' NJ' WI'Wf.1v'v M.uHu-wwn, -,n'w11fAlw1 41? .-wus' Mymn Tyluv, vlan-pn"-gidenfj RQ W1 l ff Q H I BNN' xvffsidwrwx' Gnswn SJMI-lbw. 5+-f ve,-Tmy' RLAAULI Esskufnlon, fneasm YM! Hfwmd 'SMH Iwiwln FV'-iw: P- Hn' LWHY' Nvwvmn B1-nwn Rwbw? G,1n-lf" I08 Complimenls of K. O. Dents KAR-BAKE CORP. I l59 JEFFERSON Complimenfs of MAISEL CLOTHING DEPT. Specializing In Junior Miss and Sfudenfs CIOIIIBS 7OI Fillmore Ave., near Broadway BUFFALO, N. Y. MASTER'S GARAGE AUTO REPAIR - ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES GA. 434I MA. ZI63 497 Fillmore Ave. Plants Flowers Novelties Z?6gAf3 ,QAarma,cg K2 Easf NorII1 SI. af Michigan FOSDICK-IvIASTEN'S FAVORITE ajfen, ISinCe I904I jklwlf NSZOIQIQQ 296 IVIASTEN AVE. GRanI 0623 '23 Sam AI'IIl1eim Irving "Red" AI'III1eim, Associafe Flowers For AII Occasions COME AND SEE WHY- Cornplefe Ouffillers For 'rlfie Enfire Family HECKER'S, Inc. BROADWAY AND GIBSON Opp. Broadway Markef Complimenls of William H. Prentice, K , Inc. GM, 61, 5 flfllwcll WOUQAIZJ Wall Papers-Decorations CORNICES HUllgl.llg.9-FIIIIG Furniture CHILDREN'S MOTIFS A SPECIALTY 759 SYCAMORE ST. ai Guilford CL' 7759 472 FRANKLIN ST. BUFFALO, N. Y Hum um lllzi I4 U ,T ,Y ll , l lsl: Kallwlsfon Raulw, lieasuici, Dolores Spring, piesidenlg Dolores Michalek, vice-preiiclenl Yndz Kalnlfffen Ollnnncll sevqgani-al-aimsg Ruin Rebrnann, svcreiaiy li b Incl in pnrluivl. Helen Mooney, Belly Druvy. Elimbeilv Traulwein Qi Qi mum Qrg Comphmenis of The Richter Periodical Co. DISTRIBUTORS AND PROMOTERS FOR THE LEADING PUBLISHERS OF AMERICA 567-57I MICHIGAN AVE. CL. 49:0 Congra'ruIa+ions . . . Io Ihe Class of I945 CONSTANTOU'S BAKERY 607 WEST AVENUE GA. 9885 JOSEPH LANKES, Inc. Whoiesale Dealers in VEAL, LAMB, BEEF and MUTTON II Washingion Markei WA. 2242 Keystone Cleaners 8m Furriers Fur Storage AII Garmenrs Insured Quaiiiy Work Guaranfeed We Operafe Our Own Plani 'Af For Cali and Delivery Phone, HU. 6277 726 WALDEN AVENUE BUFFALO, N. Y. Minneapolis-Honeywell Reg. Co. 45 Allen Sfreem' Buiifaio, N. Y. 'iff AUTOMATIC CONTROLS Exfensive lbmm Sound Library Enierfainrnenf Educaiional and Religious BUCHAN PICTURES 79 ALLEN STREET BUFFALO 2, N. Y. Moiion Picfure Proieciion Service 6ongrafufafion,5 anal Ralf IMAJAEJ fo flue FOSDICK-MASTEN CLASS OF 1945 proclucing flLi5 yea,rAooA if law Lean a loriuiige unc! fodzadure fo worL ll!l'tA f!Le Clzronici Ea!! ana! jjac14A24.fdc!ui5or5 ' 'CD RAUCH 8. STQECKL PRINTING co., Inc. 124 ELMWOOD AVENUE, lNear Allen Stl BUFFALO, NEW YORK PHONE, GARFIELD 6700 2 GEORGE, THE TAILOR Ladies' and Men's Simpson Suils Made lo Order Cleaning - Pressing - Repairing I76 CARLTON STREET Walch - Clock Repairing Jewelry - Oplical K E N ' S JEWELERS 2I56 I-2 Seneca. near Ziffel 93 Granf, near Breckenridge 640 Main, near Shea's Buffalo Il "Ken" Can"r Fix ll Throw If Away STEVE DUMAN QUALITY MEMS IO WASHINGTON MARKET LIEBERMAN'S FUR SHOP EXPERT FURRIER Remodeling - Repairing - Cleaning and Sforage I 43 I Jefferson Avenue Bulilalo, N. Y. GR. 6337 Phone: CL. 6l88 Originally Deeb Gulfas E. D. euTTAs co. ETHEI- MAY Manulaclurers of ANTIQUES FLAGS. BANNERS, PENNANTS, SCHOOL LETTERS Fell and Chenille Lelfers - Club Emblems 53 Allen Slfeel GR- 68Il 77 W. Chippewa Sl. Buflalo, N. Y. Gel Your Favorile Popular Records al 'rhe FRESH FRUIT d VEGETABLES JEF-wooo an ELECTRONIC SERVICE I4II Jefferson Ave. al Woodlawn Ave. COLD CUTS and BEER - - CANDY and TOBACCO 440 Genesee S+. WA. 9290 SENIOR PARTY - April I8 A. RECREATION COMMITTEES: Priscilla B. DECORATING-Anila D'Addario Gray, Norman Small I. Dancing Louise Goggins Roberl Cosfly Roberl Wesling June Bailey 2. Relreshmenls Vincenl Ferraro Roberl Koch June Slocklon Louise Lellwich Dorolhy Green 3. Games Pafricia Bingham Donald Gellenlhien Farrell Johnson Arline Seiberl C.A John Toulmin Be+sy Johnslon Dorolhy Shandraw Edward Feisl' Gloria Johndahl Mary Jane Wilberl DVERTISING-Gerald Hulchinson Marion Amenf Virginia Dickey Dick D'Angelo ACCIDENT INSURANCE FOR STUDENTS Pays lndemnifies for lniuries and Pays All I-lospilal, Nurse and Physician Expenses Up Io 5500.00 0 LOW SEMI - ANNUAL COST Girls Y 57.50 Boys - 59.00 0 Ted E. Buerger 407 HUNTINGTON AVENUE Specializing in School Insurance Problems Kummer's Bread or Satisfaction 6 AT YOUR GROCER OR DELICATESSEN -6 JN, -1' A, XJ cxi .Isl V. Isl: Belly Boy Cha lain: Dorn Schullz, vice-presidcnlg Doris Ulrich, presidenlg Mary Frances I as . e, p 5 l ' M:,Mnhrin, sfacielar 5 Rose Morrfiam, re ure: r: r-ii :lIVf"', 'ii Emsim, v- y Gm , dlfdl ii orian, a sy Liddell J Lawlon c I v i Y I J y II y I' I C, B II dy M 4 el K lr P I Id: Mary Ann LIIVI, B -Ily Alifw Bar-Ai, Lufille RUVI, Gladys I-liishlnelfleflg Oan II4 WAshing+on 6600 La r ry Ros s Successor io GOTTLIEB DRY CLEANERS Cleaners of Disfincfionl HUNT REALTORS 4Io-4I2 BRISBANE BUILDING Homes -- Farms -- Business Opporiunifies WA. 5943 SUTOR'S CAMERA STORE 0 . . . We Call For and Deliver . 256 MAIN ST- O Walfer A. Sufor CAMERA SUPPLIES 462 GENESEE STREET Fine Developing, Prinling and Enlarging WA. 6600 ' Phone: WA. 0l35 Phone: WA. l54I Res. HU. 6260 KLEINMEIERQS John G. Leible WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Choice Meats and Poultry We Cure and Smoke All Our Own Mears Home Boiled Hams Our Specialfy '23 I3 WASHINGTON MARKET BUFFALO, N. Y. B. w. G. Fooo stone Shurfine Qualify Foods Choice Fresh Vege+ables and Eruifs Candies - Cigarelfes - School Supplies MEATS l57 MASTEN AVE. GA. 5986 Complimen+s . . . of . . . ZZ 23. CZ. Compliments ot Red 81 White Super Market Step11an's Bakery for Quality Baker! Coolls Birthday and Wedding Cakes Made to Order . is ' Groceries ' Vegetables We Deliver ' Meats if 1340 Jrrrsiason Avis. II7 NORTHAMPTON Cor. Michigan GA' 7750 1111111 ist: Ruth Yunfz' Beverly Ernst, secretary? Betsy Jolnnston, prosndunti Mym S president- Mavrlyn Kvmnhcder, treasurer ?n11CA11f'm- Stv1whI11n, Loiswae Hart, Lois Graf, Anne Haskins 1i11'.1f'11n Gi.11,R nth Rmnm, Ln1y Hanzo1,Jrwan Colborq. Mavfelia Sessier Il6 Pl'1one, TA. 4092 Niqlifs, Sundays, Holidays UN. ZTI9, HU. S640 Kooler Keg Service Anchor Refrigeration Service Eaciory Auilworized KELVINATOR AND LEONARD SERVICE IOZ4 E. Genesee Sfreei Buffalo I I, N. Y. Complimenfs of HARWICK'S DELICATESSEN iff 588 HIGH STREET GRanf 944i Jos. Umanslcy, Prop. BASKET PRODUCE MARKET FANCY ERUITS AND VEGETABLES Eruii Baslceis Our Specially I357 JEFFERSON AVE. BUY WAR BONDS JOHN HENRICH CO. Specializing in Home Appliances Since I867 422-426 WILLIAM STREET CAVANAUGH'S BAKERY 678 GENESEE STREET 4- CL. 2969 Complimenfs . . . of . . . .kifowarcf Jenningd MEATS 22 WASHINGTON MARKET Complimenis of sklagjefnif pAaJ"l'l'LaC7 HANS UNFRIED Compleie Line PHOTOGRAPH IC SUPPLIES Srill and Movie Cameras -- Films -- Proieciors Papers -- Dark Room Equipmenr vvv Special Repair Deparfmeni CAMERAS 563 BEST STREET Compur and Compound Sliufiers GR' 9593 7I GENESEE ST. WAsl'1ing+on 3518 Bm 5 PHOTOGRAPHER FRAMES AND PHOTOGRAPHS PHONE, WA. 8363 637 MAIN ST. ALDRED MUSIC HOUSE Music AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS -WA. 3380- b9I Main Sfreef Buffalo. N. Y. CHARLES BIEBER CUSTOM TAILOR Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing 400 -Easf Ufica SI. Buffalo. Complimenfs of . . . ALICE BEAUTY SHOP 707 GENES-EE STREET BUFFALO, N. Y. MAdison 2447 THE BUS FLORIST FLORAL DESIGNS For All Occasions Main and Tupper Srs. Buffalo 2. Phone, GRan+ 9698 JOHN ANDERSON DELICATESSEN Shell Groceries Cold Culs Magazines School Supplies IbS Maslen Ave., Cor. Soulhamplon Gel Your Groceries and Vegefables al MRS. BUSALACCHI Corner Sfore af 604 WEST AVENUE GR. 969i R. J. BECK I-IAMS. COLD CUTS, SMOKED MEATS FRESH PORK ASSORTED CHEESES 33 Washinglon Marker Conqralulalions To Ihe I94-S Graduafes THE CHILDRENS SHOE STORE "FOR TOTS AND 'TEENSH I338 Jefferson Avenue Feafuring Golly Wogs for 'Teens BRIDGE'S BEAUTY STUDIO HENRY ERTL FOR BEST SATISFACTION CLEANING :-: PRESSING Lei' Us Siyle Your Hair TAILORING 2I6 Easf Ferry, Buffalo LI. 98I2 593 Besf Sfreef GArfieId 8205 CHARLIE'S MARKET CHOICE MEATS and FRESH DRESSIED POULTRY We Deliver Phone, GR. 53I8 Phone, EL. 0604 265 High S1. 195 High S+. Phone, WA. I4-08 The House of Fine Diamonds B E R T F I S C H E R WATCHES AND JEWELRY 372 Genesee Sfreef Buffalo, N. Y. Compiimenfs of BUFFALO CHIPPEWA PANTS STORE Panfs Made IO Measure for Boys and Girls AII Sfyles and AII Prices I5 W, CHIPPEWA BUFFALO, N. Y. GENESEE PICTURE FRAME COMPANY I52-I54 E. GENESEE STREET BUFFALO, N. Y. DOMESTIC DRY CLEANERS "We Aim Io Please" 886 Jefferson Avenue BuI5IaIo Complimenis . . . GRANTS CANDIES 1225 JEFFERSON AVE. SHADYLEAF FOOD MARKET Specializing in Guaranfeed Fresh Counfry Eggs HUmboId+ 7 I 83 80 auel' We DeIiver -- Open Evenings BIII Freund and LyIer R. Gifford FUNERAL DIRECTOR Phone: LIncoIn 9753 2 IZI7 JEFFERSON 6+ KINGSLEY 82S Genesee STreeT BuFfaIo, N. Y. Na+ionaIIy Adverfised Complimenfs of a F R I If N D I .gn Mer1's Wear AI' E' L wE1NTRAuB's ' S, MEN'S SHOP 46I WILLIAM Cor. Jefferson MARBOLO SHIRTS "3 V - MEGREQ-OR SPORT WEAR 1, ,-,.1 To the Graduating Class of 1945 HICKOK BELTS A SUSPENDERS -, :lit MELTON . ADAM . DISNEY HATS J, n. WEMBLY T1.ES ' , Open Evenings TiII 9:00 N Il Seames Buffalo Catering Company Spa no's Restaurants OUR CATERING SERVICE ii, known from COAST TO COAST COMBINATION BREAKFASTS No job lon lurgv COMPLETE NOONDAY LUNCHEONS Norm Inn small DELICIOUS DINNERS W0 svrvv llwm all IO OR I0,000 PEOPLE 'Q Q 'fi' Xi? 75? ,Sv ll m 0,5 xgllflfl-L'l? is Ihe Iceynofc oi our success We have Ihe repufafion and expe i c 64375 MAIN ST- LQI us esfimafe on Ihe.cosf your nexI parI . 42-44 W. CHIPPEWA ST. I77 I-Iigh Sfreef 0, Telephone BUFFALO, N. Y. Bufialo 4, N. Y, ' OArTieId 4450 Q ' c ' ' IJ: Of-mqff Conshinfou, Vincenf Fswiaio, Richard G-ranI k II L IH II II Ynd: Jwhn I-Iayes, James Dubiel, Janie-s FavivII, Donald Killian, James Mofefo .Ifihn Gfvnli.-inci SVG: Munir GHIYILDCICOIIU, IvIcxv1'eI Nichohas, Rirhavd IvIiIIm' Q f no MILLER'S SERVICE STATION Lubricafion Specialisf Woodlawn af Jefferson Ave. Phone: GA. 9843 Buffalo, N. Y. Queen City Clothing Co. Clofhes for Ihe Whole Family 505 MAIN ST. BUFFALO 3, N. Y. Complimenis of Roesch Meats 81 Poultry ?AlblfgAl'L ga MQMH 655 GENESEE STREET BUFFALO II, N. Y. CHRYSLER -- PLYMOUTH Direcl' Faciory Dealers -- Sales and Service Phone: WAshing'ron 2327 DI FALCO RESTAURANT I I8 GOODELL STREET Spagheifi As You Like II Full Course American and Ifaiian Dinners IAIso A Ia Cariel All Dishes Prepared 'ro Order Pleasanl Surroundings -- Fine Food Prompf Service Complimenls of STADIUM LUNCH i045 JEFFERSON AVE. Open Daily 5 P. M. Io 3 A. M. CL. 9753 LAUNDRY MOHN 8i HUNTER gil,-ffwg ,ibefCafme,L 266 E. GENESEE sr. LA. 8460 ROUGH DRY OA. 2I45 546 HIGH STREET I8 lbs. for SI.85 -- 9c Ib. addifional 9c for each shir+ finished Wearing Apparel Fluifed Ready Io Wear 0 Sheers - Table Clofhs - Towels Beaufifully Ironed FLOWERS FROM Iliff I , 312245149 358 DELA ARE AVENUE, PHQNE Cl. i090 vsuen, LAST LONGER MARY L. TURNER Cuslorn Made and Ready-lofWear l-lals RI ALLEN ST. GR. 0728 F. E. SANTERCOLE CUSTOM TAILOR ...Im . .. MENS and LADIES' CLOTHES 7lH Genesee Slreef Buffalo, N. Y. Conqralulafions fn I945 Graduales R 0 - B E R T ' S CREDIT JEWELERS and OFTICIANS I352 JEFFERSON AVENUE lin Apollo Theafre Buildinql Jaclc Goldman CI555 '28 1616 VJFEHOISFUFI al Norfhland Ave. SWEENEY'S PHARMACY C. J. Sweeney, Ph4G. Buffalo. N. Y. ALL IN THE POINT OF VIEW Boys chew gum and girls chew gum And Ieachers do reqrel il Buf maybe leachers would chew gum Il 'rhey could only gel il. Freshmen chew and seniors chew- How noisily 'they do ill Perhaps +hey'd slop if fhey could see Their laces when lhey do if. Complimenls of A FRIEND Io fhe Graduating Class of 1945 I22 We Deliver Phone: GR. I67O ALLEN MASSAGE STUDlO Cold Spring Fruit Market 494 FRANKLIN ST. HBANANAS OUR SPECIALTY" Corner Allen 273 E. Ferry St., Cor. Jefferson GA' 2595 Buffalo, N. Y. I BIIHBIU optlfil CO. COMPLETE FLOWER SERVICE Utica Flower Shop UTICA STREET at ELMWOOD AVENUE GR. 538I 'Tay See clearly and Ioolc your best. Both are easy with smart, inconspicuous glasses from Buffalo Optical Company wlwose quality has been a national standard for 50 years. '559 MAIN ST., near Huron SI. 297 MAIN ST., Ellicot Square 2830 DELAWARE AVE., Kenmore '309O BAILEY AVE., near Kensington 'Open Thursday Evenings Open Evenings and Sundays jjlre gvcfifom of fire Cgzwonicgz aploreciafe me cooloerafion o QUEEN CITY PHOTO ENGRAVIN6 COMPANY . . . PHOTO ENGRAVERS RAUCI-I AND STOECKL ........ .... P RINTERS BEN SWAN ....... . . PI-IOTOGRAPI-IER ROCHESTER BOOK BINDERY . . . . . BINDERS I23 EY Jqutogwzphs 1 AM' ZIZZLMMW Yiwu JJWWVLQJZLA2 4 ww x ? 912211 gi Q QL M MBS ey Jiffy WN .4 K. p,,fwi,fii5fM-,L NAU xddmazmw iv gk xfx' 'Jaya V. QW' X Q ,mx as Y.: sox D dbg! VGfo3?dy fwlfiiw' MQMJWWZWW ' JV A 1,+f 'QU 9 fl 4 JDWW5 'f V3 W ' OW W WW jff W WM W, QM awww J-f z. X K .mu L X . 'x .' y' wyfil M a l- -f-'fxl lg, 135' F. fl .A L J ff wif' Eff' , Q " am' ...vw rf fl, , if . f . f " lf' Hffrvi . if' 112, 2' ,1 L, .l , rlffavi- F. 'J " 1 .gif . 'Y By ,Z T NLP? . 49.- , F1 ' L1 as f .N P -M' ,in in' - m , - 1 M ,W x 11-6 V ,L .J 'C 1 ,., . ' ' Aff .. .- +-5 bc. , --, I rn ii'Q'5 g,... g:,?g4 t .4i.-...-U ,L 1 ...- , '?i WH-, 51 J., . ui -x --.HW 'Hi -.amf.lAa':15ll- lsir"'-.ISL SA- ',- nit ' :FL ,DVFI1 .uwl-wE r1.:2'n,m1l:ll, ' .

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