Fosdick Masten Park High School - Chronicle Yearbook (Buffalo, NY)

 - Class of 1940

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Fosdick Masten Park High School - Chronicle Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 92 of the 1940 volume:

Q X9 QQ mf? T II-JI E IIIIII E CONFIDENCE COLORS AND ENRICHES THE LIFE OF ANY AGE BELIEF IN ONE S RELIGION IN ONE S GOVERNMENT IN ONE S FELLOW MAN AND IN ONE S SELF IS ESSENTIAL TO A SENSE OF SECUR ITY THE SCHOOL IS OF INESTIMABLE VALUE IN IN STILLING CONFIDENCE IN YOUNG PEOPLE IT IS THERE THAT YOUTH FIRST FINDS HIMELF FIRST LEARNS OF HIS POTENTIALITIES AND BEGINS TO BELIEVE IN HIS CAPABILITIES THERE YOUTH LEARNS TO APPRECIATE THE WISDOM OF HIS GOVERN MENT HE LEAVES SCHOOL WITH A BEAUTIFULLY THE WORLD IN GENERAL SEEMS TO HAVE RE LEGATED ITS CONFIDENCE TO THE DIM SHADOWS OF SCHOOL DAY MEMORIES IT IS OUR HOPE THAT THE CLASS OF I940 IN LEAVING THE CLASSROOM BEHIND MAY NOT LEAVE BEHIND THE FAITH THEY ONCE HAD RATHER MAY THEY GO FORTH WITH COURAGE TO FACE LIFE S PROBLEMS POSSESSED OF A FAITH THAT LOOKS THROUGH DEATH IN ATTAINING THE YEARS THAT BRING THE PHILO SOPHIC MIND IDEALISTIC FAITH IN HIS FELLOW-MAN. ,ft THE NORTHWEST CORNER OF OUR ALMA MATER OUR PRINCIPAL DL DIICIQITIIOII FEELING THAT AS OUP LEADER ADVISER AND FRIEND YOU HAVE MORE THAN MERITED OUR COMPLETE CONFIDENCE IT IS TO YOU MR ROBERTS THAT WE THE CLASS OF l940 YOUR WISE COUNSEL AND HELPFUL ASSIST ANCE HAVE PROVED TO US THAT AS STUDENTS OF FOSDICK MASTEN PARK HIGH SCHOOL WE ARE VERY FORTUNATE IN HAVING A PRIN CIPAL SO UNDERSTANDING AND SYMPATHETIC INDEED THE INFLUENCE OF YOUR BENIGN GUID ANCE WILL CONTINUE TO SHAPE OUR LIVES LONG AFTER WE HAVE GONE FORTH FROM THESE WALLS WE HOPE THEREFORE THAT THIS SMALL TRIBUTE MAY SERVE AS A SYMBOL OF OUR APPRECIATION DEDICATE THIS ISSUE OF THE CHRONICLE. VQCCZULTY MR ROBERTS Prlnclpal Mvss Avery Muss u Mrs Byrens Mrs Canlelln Mass Colburn Mrs Miss Miss Miss Muss Corcoran Delahun+ Duclxson Dlefenbach Doney Mlss Mass Mass Mass Mass Mrs Mass Miss Mnss Driscoll Duschalc Du'Hweuler Faber Foley Fraser E Ga+l-1 M Ga+l1 Mr Gelger Mr Gers+en Mrs Gnbney Mass G-rabau Hawluns Heck Heclcmann He-llrlegel Mass Hollway Miss Howlell' Mr Hurley Mass Kea+Ing Miss Ylnnlus Mrs Kolbe Miss Krelg Levllan Mr Luebben Mr Luslun Mlss Mass Mnss Mnss Muss Muss Maass Marlcle McCabe McDonald Me+z Meyer Mr Muller Mass Mlss Muss Mass Mass Muss Mass Ml s Nea O Meara Phnllups Pnerman Reed Roberfson Ml Rovne Mr Rowen Mnss Ryan Mr Seelbach Miss Sml+l1 Mr Small: Muss Sfarr 2 . ' 'II . ' ' l Mr. . . . . 1 Mr. ' ' Mr. ' Mr. ' ' a are , I - - ' -. .- MR. , ' - ' ' . , . . X. . . . . . . s: ' , ' . 2 dz ' w , ' , iss B ll, Mi l l l Isl: I ini , I ' , ' l b ld. Zndz Ml R b rf n, Ml C Ib , Ml Smiflu. Muss Mass MISS Miss Mass LINDERMAN Vnce Prlncspal Slengel Mass Sfephen Slraub Mnss Muss Swannle Miss Swarlz Mass I f Mass Doney Mass Ryan n Mrss Ho lell Mnss Thomas M Slraub Terrasse Thomas Wnllces Woodward Zenner U SS Mss Kn us Mss Malls Muss Delen ac SS O 9 SO SS O Urn SS Isl: Miss Siarr, Miss Reed. Miss Delahunr, Mrs. Kolbe, Mrs. Gibney, Mrs. Fraser. 2nd: Miss Mefz, Mrs. Canielin, Miss Hollway. lf: Miss Swariz Miss Levilan Mrs. Corcoran Miss M. Gafh, Miss E. Gafh. Znd: Mrs. Rabe Miss Pierman. Our loyalfy 'ro our Alrna Maier. Maslen Parlc, resulfs from ihe conf: dence we have m you, our facully Your pahence and hard worlr have made Fosdrclr Masfen +he fine school 1'ha'r rl' IS During our years here you have been our consfanl' friends and invaluable assrs+an+s, nol' only In our sfudues bul' rn our exira curricular achvrhes and rn +he soluhon of personal problems A+ l'lm6S I+ may have seemed fhal' we did noi fully apprecrale fhe eFfor'rs you were malung rn our behalf buf lhls seeming laclc of appreclahon was merely momeniary rhoughilessness There has never been a hme when we haven+ realized fhal' our well being was your Farsi' consrderahon We wish now lo express our grahfude for your msiruchon, advice and lundness Miss Krerg Miss McCabe Miss Foley Miss Swannre Miss Neal n Miss Maass Mrs Byrens Mass Keahng Miss Phillips Miss Meyer Mr Hawluns M Gersfen Mr Hurley M Muller n Mr Rowen Mr Smllh Mr Heclr Mr Seelbach Mr Luskin Mr Rovner 5 1 . 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . - . . , . . . . . . . . . . . Ish . . I . I . ' . 2 d: . l I I . . I . .. . - r ,J , I 'M6,I yy ,,,,.,-4 A I J , Q s Isl: . ' , r. , . , r. K i ' ,, 1 A 2 d: . , . . . , . , 4 .L -' - .J at . I THE I939-40 SCHOOL YEAR BROUGHT WITH IT IMPROVEMENT IN CLASS ORGANIZATION A N D A STRONG CONFIDENCE IN STUDENT LEADERSHIP. ALL STUDENTS FROM FRESHMEN TO SENIORS WORKED FAITH- FULLY AND HARMONIOUSLY IN ROUNDING OUT A SUC- CESSFUL SCHOOL YEAR. IN ORDER TO BE ABLE TO PROMOTE A FULLER PRO- GRAM, THIS YEAR'S GRADUATING CLASS ELECTED ITS OFFICERS EARLIER THAN ANY OTHER CLASS IN THE RECENT HISTORY OF FOSDICK - MASTEN. ENTERTAIN- MENTS, DANCES AND PARTIES FIGURED AMONG THE LIGHTER FORMS OF ACTIVITY. THE SENIOR PROM WAS THE SOCIAL EVENT OF THE YEAR. EVERY GROUP JOINED IN MAKING THIS AFFAIR IN HONOR OF THE GRADUATES ONE OF THE FONDEST MEMORIES THAT THEY WILL TAKE WITH THEM FROM THESE WALLS. THE SENIORS ARE LEAVING MASTEN WITH RECOL- LECTIONS GAY AND SAD OF THE FOUR YEARS PAST. WITH GRADUATION A CHAPTER IS CLOSED. TIME IS ON THE MARCH AS JUNIOR, SOPHOMORE, AND FRESHMAN CLASSES ADVANCE ONE STEP NEARER THEIR GOAL. ART CLASS AT WORK CLVFQWSJSDKESB MILTON MANSFIELD 5 rf... Presnclenl VIRGINIA BURKARD Secrelary RICHARD JERRIS Treasurer THADDEUS MUSIAL -...Q Valedlclorlan DE LEO SMITH Salufaloruan Sn -A 1- 4' LEONARD D ADLER Dramahcs Orchesfra Band OLIVE E ALDRICH Pl Gamma Sigma A 'fp AN K ALLEN Honor Roll Sludenl Councnl Cheer -Q NORMA E AVRUNIN ALMETA L BAKER SOPHIE V BALCERZAK KARYOL E BALSER ROSALIE BARGMAN VIVIAN BARNES HOWARD BARTH CARL H BARTMANN IDA V BARTON leader Slgma Tlwefa Phu JAMES E ANDREWS Tennis Go WALLACE H ASHBERY Chronicle H-II Topics Band Scuence Club GERTRUDE M AUGUSTYNIAK S+ar Roll Honor Roll Baslrefball Volleyball Baseball Glee Club Beale Slar Roll Honor Roll Clmronucle Hull Topics Glee Club Baskelball Dremahcs Orclwesfra Band Cheerleader Glee Club ' i . N Q 'fa ' 3 M 1, I K 'r X K . . K , 1 fy . I igllali H' gn-5, , , ' . . . . ' . .. - , 13,2 Q I . . 'I' 2' A . ' If if 'A 3 . A J U' , Q - inf- 1 3 1: B I gg 5 ' . . . . . . . . . D l CDI? S '7 7'2" AUDREY F BATT BERNARD V BAUMGARTEN BETTY J BEACH RICHARD W BECKER BEATRICE BECKMAN H ALCINDA BELL JUNE MARIE BENZ BERNICE R BERGLUND LEROY C BERMEITINGER VIOLA M BARMEITINGER WILLIAM 6 BETZ WESLEY E BINGEMAN MARIAN C BLACKBURN IRENE P BLAS BETTE D BLOCK Honor Roll Bela Sigma Monulor Band Monslor Go Honor Roll Dramahcs Chorus Glee Club Honor Roll Tennis Hull Topucs Tenms Chronicle Glee Club Bashelball Glee Club Volleyball Baslrelball Baseball Badmlnlon Slar Roll Swlfnfnlng Glee Club Momlor lar Roll Honor Roll Capfamball Bela Slgma Glee C ul: Specnal Orcheslra Volleyball Baslefball Hlklflg Volleyball Tennis Honor Roll Chromcle Tennis Honor Roll Baseball Basiefball Home Economlcs Club N PHYLLIS KENNEDY Vice-Presidenl EVA JANOSI Poel OUINTIN RENNER Chuef Marshal JOHN WYPYCHOWSKI Assuslanl Marshal EUGENE ZYGAJ Assnslanl Marshal ,.fw'w-Zak 'lf' al 36' I fwfr All DORIS M. BLOOM ROSE BLUMAN ROSETTA S. BOLOT BENJAMIN BOOKBINDER FRANK E. BOOTH HERBERT A. BOSCH MAYME E BRAILSFORD BETTY M BREHM DORA BRODER OSMOND H BROWN ROBERT J BROWN IRENE C BRZYCKA ANNEC BUKOWSKA LOIS M BULLETT VIRGINIA M BURKARD Honor Roll . . . Chronicle Monifor . . . Chronicle Chronicle Slar Roll . . . Honor Roll . . . Monilor . . . Dramafics . . . Pi Gamma Sigma Honor Roll . . . Monilor . . . Chronicle Hill Topics Volleyball Ba lrelball Home Economics Club Slar Roll Honor Roll Hull Topics Dramahcs Special Chorus G ee C ub Orchesfra Band Tracl: fifuf 1 Monilor Glee Club Honor Roll Horseback Riding Dramahcs Senior Class Secrelary 1 GUY E CAMERON SYLVIA E CAMERON GEORGE T CANNON CAROL V CARPENTER ROBERT N CARPENTER FLORENCE G CARR WALTER E CARY Q AUDREY BUREASTER : Home Economics Club EDWARD J CAHILL Bashelball Honor Roll Glee Club Foolball Honor Roll Dramahcs Glee Club Rldinq Beslelball Junior Class Vice Presndenl Moniior Dramahcs Swimming Tennis Gof Chronicle Baslzefball Volleyball Baseball Tennis MOHITOY 1 V41 A Jr ,fu rf 'fi we is, 3 . 4 .O ,!, ' . ' . A I 1 f ... i in JOHN G DANHAUSER LEONA C DASZEWSKA ROBERT W DAVIS SYLVIA DAVIS JEWEL DIETSCHLER ANTHONY T DISPENZA LOREN O DOELMAN FLORENCE A DOJKA EVELYN M DOMBROWSKA PAUL CASSILLO GEORGE R CASTLE ANN M CHANDLER fff- lr! JOSEPH CHIRLIN HELEN CHRISTODOULOU CLAUDE D CLAPP JOHNETTA B CLAPP JEAN M CLAUSlUS MARY cocnmaoss 7LLuU7 Cf: ELLIOT J COHEN KENNETH A CRAWFORD M RY K CHNAN RUTH A CROWLEY JOSEPH E CUDECK Honor Roll Dramahcs Special Chorus Glee Club Swummung Della Rho Track Honor o Phulomalheon Monuror Lambda Socnefy Tenms Delia Gamma Track Alpha Sngma Iofa Band Swummlng Baclmlnfon Baskefball 'far o Deba+e HOHOT O volleyball Sfar Roll nl Toplcs G ee Club Honor Roll Volleyball Capfalnball Honor Roll Dramahcs Orchesfra Band MONITOF Baskefball Baseball Honor Roll Chromcle Foofball Track Basketball Badmmfon Specual Chorus Home Economlcs Club Slar Roll Honor Roll Chromcle Special Chorus Glee Club Track Cross Counfry Momfor Dramahcs Chromcle Hull Topucs Volleyball Badmlnfon Baskefball Baseball 1 -UQ -J .K,.,-35 .K . . I . ' 1 M if 1 ... . .. ' A , J. , :V 4 s R u . .. . . . ' ' A I R II . .. ' ... ... 4ff',,, .,'.4,2f5"4"""A., , ' ' - MEN: . I . . . . . . , v., N 6 JACK C. COOPER . . . . J , J .Trial ' . . vu- JA '5 A 'Pr . A , . . . . . . I -Y - fr ' - - f , Rs' 1 A f -0 R II V 5 . . 3 Q' vi NORMA E DOTSON SOLOMON D DOZORETZ JANE E DUNN ELIZABETH H EDMONDS MARGARET M ELLER REVA P ELSNER JEANNE EMANUEL EVELYN C ERNEST EDYTHE BERNICE EVANS RUTH P FARBER HELEFK4 FEGER JUNE E FELDMANN NORMA M FELTON HAROLD FINK Baslelball l'lo'1or Roll Honor Roll Slar Roll Honor Roll Hull Topacs Specual Chorus Gee Cub " Badmmfon Honor Roll Tennis W I Honor Roll Sfar Roll Honor Roll Basketball Volleyball Chronacle Hull Topncs Specnal Chorus Glee Club Baslzefball Volleyball Baslrelball Caplamball Hnlmg Baseball K 1 Honor Roll S ecual Chorus Gee P C ub Baslrefball Volleyball Hull Topics i YQ f 7' EILEEN M FISHER ROBERTJ FLIERL ROBERTW FLOOD ROBERT J FOSTER PEARL L FRANKE ALFRED FREDERIKSEN MARGUERITE D FREIER EDITH C FUHN BENJAMIN GAFTER af Baslelball Orchesfra Lambda Monnlor Hull Topics Dramahcs If 9 I f Volleyball Baseball Band Della Gamma Specual Chorus Gee C ub Basiefball Volleyball Home Economucs Club Sigma Gamma Phu Maslen Camera Club Specnal Chorus Glee Club e mmfon Bela Sngma Honor Roll Hull Topucs . 'L , . 4' 5 ' I I' .rf :1','4h,:'Y,gZl"r. " v""'f" ff fffi. 9. I ' "' A Q as 1- f A A I . . . ""P - I Il x I yy I I 1 f uf. af gl E RU H H. FAR ELL Honor Roll . . . Glee Club . . . Volleyball vi !""' 7 K ' . . . V6 'K . I ... ' .. . I ' C As V . ' 5 xt , rd y v , I If K ., 1 S - 1 f- ,I 'fl iff? II ' I 5.. .X A . - . ' I . . . GV: ELEANOR GANTZ ANNABELLE L GEARMAN DOROTHY S GOLDBERG GLORIA D GOLDBERG 4-1 BERNARD L GREEN DANIEL GREENBERG DAVID GREENBERG FAY GREENBERG SAMUEL GREENFIELD SAM J GULLO ESQ? HO J HAMILTON 44' 'J Chronlcle Hlll Toplcs DFGMBTICS Speclal Chorus Glee Club Tennls MOHITOF Dramahcs Debale Publlc Spealllng Track Publlc Speallng Honor Roll Hlll Toplcs Track Track kit Sfar Roll Hlll Toplcs DOROTHY MAY HAMMER BasIle+balI Monlfor Chronlcle Tennls Baskelball Honor Roll Chronlcle Volleyball Baskelball Baseball Volleyball JOHN J GALLAGHER JOSEPH GAMBACORTA MARY G GANNON MARION M GOLDFINGER HAZEL M GOODRICH FRANCES A GORALSKI MECISLAUS S GOSZTYLA SAMUEL GRANTHAM Honor Roll Speclal Chorus Glee Club Speclal Chorus Glee Club wlm mlng Home Economlcs Club Star Roll Honor Roll Basllelball Volleyball Baseball MOUIlOf Glee Club Honor Roll Glee Club Chronlcle Hlll Toplcs Basllelball Swlmmlng Volleyball Honor Roll Basiefball Baseball Swlmmlng CHARLOTTE GOZDOWIAK Honor Roll Baskefball WILLIAM F GRAHAM Foolball Track Orchesfra Glee Club Badmlnlon Volleyball Caplalnball Volleyball N CHARLES GRAMPP Honor Roll Monlfor Speclal Chorus Glee Club I ' ' ' . . . . . . s ' - ix A 3 V1 A 4, . . . I 3 y 1:21. I , f P14 'I A T, . . . J' ' ack.: .l ' ' 1 , T A ' 9 1 n .I .. u. . . Q.: lu l . if y ' y 'A A ,lf b 0 ' ' , .... . . . H3 3 I a Ti .9 2 'C 3 3 CH l ' A ' E Aj gA JA'-441400094-4.1-2 HELEN L. HANECKA Honor Roll . . . Glee Club RUTH F. HAPKE Honor Roll . . . Special Chorus . . . Glee Club . . . Orchesfra . . . Baslelball . . . Sigma Thela Phi THELMA A H RK Slar Roll Honor Roll VIVIAN A HARPER Hull Topics Special Chorus Gee C ub Basluelball DONALD J HAUSER Momfor L IRENE HELFMAN BETTY JANE HERR REVA J HESKIN DONALD R HETZEL ROBERT R HICKS JEAN M HILLMAN IL f SIGMUND HOFFMAN NORMAN H HOGG DOROTHY C HOLLS ANNE B HORRIG Honor Roll Sfar Rall Honor Roll Baseball Volleyball Home Economics Club Honor Roll Dramahcs Baskefball Volleyball Home Economncs Club Momlor Della Gamma Lambda Dramahcs Foolball Baseball Track Rrfle Club Sfar Roll Honor Roll Chronicle H-II Topics Tennus Swnmmmg Honor Roll Dramahcs Orchesfra Band Pl Gamma Sigma Slar Roll Honor Roll Dramahcs Honor Roll Dramahcs Special Chorus Glee Club Baslnefball Volleyball Dramahcs Specnal Chorus G ee BENJAMIN HOWELLS GERALD J HOWELLS VERA M HUDECEK JUNE L HURST JEANNETTE M ITALIANO BERNARD JACOBSON EVA M JANOSI RICHARD S JERRIS LOTTIE JEZIERSKA Sludenl Council Chronicle Tennls Momror Hull Topucs Foolball Tennns Swimming Bela Sngma Dramahcs Baskelball Volleyball Tennis Baseball Alpha Kappa Dramahcs Track Rufle Club Sfar Roll Chronucle Hull Topncs Dramahcs Orchestra Gurs HI Y Dramahcs Sensor Class Treasurer Alpha Sigma Iofa Honor Roll UM' y I l - T . AN Gb- .g.bbI- ...I ' u ...cri ers 'as-J y 2 1 S E. . . il " I . - I l ... l c ' 1. A 4 , - 1-II -0 36 DOROTHY T. JONES FAITH JONES WARREN G. JONES VIRGINIA D KALETTA VIRGINIA KALINOWSKA RUTH L KAM HILDA G KAMM EARL L KAMMERER ERIKA B KAPPLER HELEN J KAY JUNE 8 KEEM MARY CATHERINE KELLY I LL L VY! PEARL KESSLER FRED W KIEFER rac Delia Gamma Lambda JEAN M KILLIAN f4,4Ifw-1444 MARJORIE H KI NGER FLORENCE M KIRCHENSTEIN DOLORES E KLAUBER RUTH V KLEINFELDER MADGE E KLEINMEIER JAMES M KNIERY RUTH L KNOBLOCH Honor Roll Specual Chorus G ee C ub Badmmfon Baseball Baslzefball Honor Roll Cub Slar Roll Hull Top cs Honor Roll Tenms Home Economncs Honor Roll Chronucle Dramahcs PHYLLIS V KENNEDY DOROTHY M KERBER Chronlcle Baskelball Volleyball Baseball Baseball Foolball Beale Glee Club Chronicle Honor Roll Honor Roll Hull Topucs Bela Sngma HIII Toplcs Chronicle Home Economics Club Siar Roll Honor Roll Sfar Roll Honor Roll Honor o Special Chorus Baskefball mmg Volleyball Tenms I Kfr' Ljgfocf Sfudenf Council Speclal Chorus Senior Class Vlce Presldenf Shar Roll HIII Toplcs Shar Roll Honor Roll Glee Club Swim CARL J KNOLL JEAN E KOBERNUSS EDWARD S KOBYLINSKI ROMAN KOCIENCKI DOROTHY A KOMROW f VI' FLORENCE G KORNACKI ALICE L KOST DANIEL A KOWALSKI PEARL KRAMER K IRENE KRAWCZYK HARRY KRAWITZ BETTE M KREINHEDER EDNA F KRIEGER SALLY KRIETOR EDGAR W KUDLETS Dfdrnallcs Scrnbblers Sfar Roll Honor Roll Baslrelball Volleyball Dramahcs C ub Dramahcs C ub Slar Roll Honor Roll Honor o Honor o Baskelball Volleyball Honor Roll Band Honor o Honor Roll SPeCI0l CLIOTUS Specual Chorus Honor Roll Glee Club Dramahcs Glee Club Baskelball Horseback Rldmg Slar Roll Honor Roll Chronicle G ee G ee Topics Baseball Orchesira Swlmmnng Volleyball RALPH M KUSHNER SHIRLEY KUTNER EVELYN M LABIAK HELEN J LAGOWSKA LEWIS R LA LONG-E NORMA LANDGRAF L. LUCILLE LANZA SHIRLEY F. LAPIDES PHILIP B. LAUFER ill A 1 Honor Roll Track Mom'or Dramalncs Honor Roll Hull Toplcs Slar Roll Honor Roll Dramahcs Volleyball Baseball Basketball Orcheslra Band Baseball Alpha Sigma lola Baskelball Volleyball Hllung Tennis Dramafics . . . Glee Club . . . Gamma Mu Kappa Slar Roll . . . Honor Roll . . . Chronicle . . . Hill Topics . . . Dramafics . . . Scribblers Monlfor W .l ad 1' MAURICE MANOV MILTON C MANSFIELD ERNA A MARON JOHN F MAURER ROBERT X MAYERS DOROTHY Glee Club Baseball Track Sfudeni Councnl Momior Dramahcs Baslrelball Sensor Class Presrdenl Della Phu Della Honor Roll Clwronucle Baslrefball Swimming Volleyball .AL Momlor Honor Roll Caplamball Volleyball LILLIAN M LAWRENCE SULA MAE LAWRENCE RUTH M LEBERT CAROLINEM LENSING 1 c lp, 4 lk SAMUEL LETTMAN MAX LENEVITCH DANIEL H LEVINE MATTIE LEWIS NAOMI L LIEBL WILLIAM LOMBARDO GERTRUDE M LUDWIG PATRICIA E MacCLURE CORNELIA M MACK LL Basielball Srar Roll lar o II To s Track Monnfor Volleyball Baseball Honor Roll Clwromcle Dramahcs Cheerleader Pl Gamma Sigma Honor Roll Caplalnball Ba Icelball Volleyball Swlmmmg Band Honor Roll Tennus Baskelball Baseball Rrdlng Volleyball Hor eback ALEXAND RA MALACHOWS KA GLADYS C MAMMOSER far Roll far Roll Honor Roll Honor Roll iar Roll Honor Roll Baskefball Hllung Volleyball 42 Baskelball Swnmmung Baseball ELLEN L MCGRANAHAN BETTY LOU McKAY DORIS McKAY Befa Mu Chronicle Hull Topucs Baslrefbal Volleyball Swummlng Rrdmg Cub Honor Roll Clwromcle Gur s HI Y J'J SALLY J. McLEOD RITA M. McMAHON ELIZABETH McMINN JEAN L MQVICAR RUTH MEYERS STANLEY J MICHALAK MARYJ MICHEL DOROTHY A MILLER ELEANOR MILLER GORDON A MILLER JEANETTE H MILLER LILLIAN S MILLER LORRAINE M MILLER ' ' ' "Q,'!R?T-T'?f Honor Roll . . . Sfuclenl' Council . . . Dramalics . . . Band . . . Cheerleader . . . ' Beale Monilor . . . Dramalics . . . Glee Club . . . Swimming . . . Home Economics Club Honor Roll . . . Chronicle . . . Home Economics Club Baskefbell Volleyball Dramahcs Chronicle Dramahcs Band Baslrefball Baseball Scrnbblers Slar Roll Honor Roll Honor Roll MOHIIOY Slar Roll Honor Roll Specual Chorus Glee Club Dramaflcs Honor Roll Chronicle HIII Topics Dramahcs Swlmmnng LADISLAVA M MINKIEWICZ Sfar Roll Honor Ro Sludenl BERTHA M MOHR Council Dramahcs Baslrelbell Volleyball 4 iw I' EVELYN MOORE A64-xx' DOROTHY A MORROW I iff' ALICE E MURAWSKA CARLTON A MURBACH VIVIEN L MURPHY ADELINE MUSIAL F THADDEUS MUSIAL DOROTHY L MYRICK Nwxwgqew EUNICE M NAKATANT Honor Roll far o Honor Roll Honor Roll Honor Roll Chronlcle Honor Roll Hull Toplcs Momlor Glee Club Baslcefball Tennas Baseball Volleyball Honor Roll Dramahcs Debafe Scrnbblers Specnal Chorus Glee Club Rsdlng Club I 2 5- 8 V4- . . S..-, '....a-. .nn In 3 0 0 V A 2 Q ll I D C fi ,H fall K ,ll M , Y . s Ru... W -j,fl jf . ' - -' . 4 III ' M J! . 9 ' HAROLD J PHILPOT INEZ PICKENS DORIS E PLESKOW ELSIE M PONCE HOWARD G POWELL MARGARET POZARNY ARMAND A PRINCE EUGENE W PRZYBYL RICHARD R RACE Honor Roll Honor Roll Chromcle Hull Toplcs Specuel Chorus Glee Club Scrlbblers Honor Roll Chronicle Dramahcs Glee Club Scrubblers Baslrelball Monllor Bashlball Pu Gamma Glee Club Chronicle ESTHER E NEWMAN THELMA M NIEDERMEYER HELEN M NOELLER PATRICIA R O HARGAN EDITH R OLDFIELD VIRGINIA R OLIVER MARY JANE PACHE H BETTY PARKER LILLIAN I PERRY C PETSC IS M PEZOLD EUGENIA NAWOTKA Honor Roll Glee Club Volleyball Baskeiball Home Economncs Club PETER G NEENOS Tenms Cheerleader Junnor Class Treasurer Alpha Sugma lofa HYMAN NEMIROV Honor Roll PWM-P Glee Club Monntor Home Economncs Club Hull Topics Dramahcs Specual Chorus Glee Club Volleyball Slar Roll Honor Roll Alpha lofa Badmmlon Baskelball Volleyball Huknng Horsebaclx Rndnng Srar Roll Honor Roll Chronicle Hull Topucs Volleyball Palladuan Society Sfar Roll Honor Roll Swnmmmg Baslxefball Hakung Volleyball Honor Roll Sfudenf Councul Chronicle far Roll Sfar Roll Sfar Roll Honor Roll Monnlor Hull Topics Honor Roll Glee Club kk' Glee Club Orcheslra Volleyball Swummmg Slgma Cross Counfry . Track 1 N 5725. r l at . . . . 'L 4 . 8 as 8 . Ch. . . . . . . , k Y A . l - l . . . . .I .. MARY JANE ORCUTT ' . . . . . . EL . . . . ' . . . ' ' f A -3' . 'S , 3 6. LORRAINE E RADICE GORDON M RAMM LUCY C REBB GRANT N REINHOLD THOMAS A REJENT VINCENT REMBES MILLICENT M RENAULT OUINTIN E RENNER NORMA E REPPENHAGEN JACK C REUKAUF DAVID W REUSS SYBIL S RICHARDS ALICE ROBINSON EDWARD V ROEHM Baslxefball Volleyball Dramahcs Debafe Public Spealung Pu Kappa Lambda Glee Club Momfor Orcheslra Band Momfor Specual Chorus Glee Club 56. Honor Roll Momfor Special Chorus Glee Club Honor Roll Glee Club Honor Roll Glee Club Baslzeiball Chromcle Dramahcs YV? I Volleyball Baslxefball Swlmmung Tennns LEON ROSEN Monlfor Foo+baIl Gamma Sngma 2 FANNIE S ROSENGARDEN DOROTHY L ROSENHAHN GLENN A ROSSNEY GEORGE T RUFFLES LOUISE A RUNG WANDA H RYKACZEWSKA DOROTHY ETTA SAFFER ARNOLD I SAFT HELEN D SALLIS ru- ff' KMA Sier Roll Honor Roll Chronncle Hull Topncs Dramahcs Scrlbblers Honor Roll Hlnng Swrmmlng Baseball Honor Roll Honor Roll Momfor Specral Chorus Glee Club Monulor Baskelbell Star Roll Honor Roll Honor Roll Chronicle Dramahcs Glee Club Momfor Chromcle ' 3 .QA I I an my I. I M, I' ,J JI .K I ' - - ' ' ,-. 4.2 5? I I ff, I 3 If . I ,ll ,P . , W M MJT. , , SA 'Q . .9 T , ,if I-I 17 iff If I J ,I All 7, - , j. .. I P ,, . ,f I.. 7 , ,F , ... S, bv , . 4' .L ' . . . . . . Pi ' ' Elf- . fa 2 u ' P' Q 1- . lv C , . . . -I of ff I. ln' M pd ff MARIE A SENN MYRTLE C SERCU Volleyball PEARL F SESSLER Shar Roll Honor Roll Sfudenf Councnl Chronlcle Hull Topics Palladlan Soclely MURIEL Z SHAPIRO RUTH SHAPIRO Sfar Roll Honor Roll Chromcle Dramahcs Baskefball Scnbblers ARTHUR P SHETLER Honor Roll ALVERA R SHOURDS Honor Roll Chronucle Hall Topucs Glee Club Horseback Rldrng Volleyball ANNE SIDEL Honor Roll IRENE P SIERSZULSKA Sfar Roll Honor Roll Dramahcs Specnal Chorus Glee Club Honor Roll Clmronncle Hull Topucs Baseball Baslmefball Hnhng Slar Roll Honor Roll Caplaunball Glee Club Baslelball D OTHY SAN EUNICE SZHAEFER WILLIAM W. SCHARF GERALDINE J SCHENK E YNI CHER ER FLORENCE SCHINDLER '6- EDWARD F SCHLENKER ADELE M SCHLOSSER LUCILLE E SCHMIDT RHEA M SCHMUCKER BETTY M SCHUH FLORENCE R SCHUPP CATHERINE E SCOTT HARRY SCOTT STELLA W SCOTT Slar Roll . . . Honor Roll . . . Dramahcs . . . Home Economics Club Honor Roll . . . Glee Club Baslcefball Mo n+or Tenms Honor Roll Tenms Honor Roll Alpha lola C l Honor Roll Honor Roll Cub Hall Toplcs Baslrefball Baseball Swnmmrng Hull Topics Tennis Specual Chorus G ee Home Economucs Club Segma Thefa Pu Honor Roll Glee Club Baskefball Volleyball Baseball Swlmmung v-ai 'PF OO 1 . N ' A M 4' , . Q .La A U 3 y .5 ' -If . h' . I .. . . 13 ll' I I ' A . , ... I ...'.,. 5 VIOLET M SILVESTRINI DORIS H SINGER LEWIS W SINGER DE LEO SMITH LULU E SMITH MARGARET K SMITH SAMUEL SNITZER MARGARET SOUDEN GRACE SPENCE '54-f MILDRED H SPLAINE DOROTHY C SPOHN LORAINE C STADELMAN MARY M STEFFEN MARGARET M STELLEY GEORGE STEWART f I Honor Roll Chronncle Dramahcs Scnbblers Baseball Foolball Baskelball Slar Roll Chrorncle Hull Topucs Dramahcs Swimming Scrlbblers Basketball Baseball Monulor Baslnelball Horsebacl: Rndung Beale Honor Roll Clwronlcle Hall Topucs Dramallcs Baslrelball Sfar Roll Honor Roll Monnlor Chronncle H-II Toplcs Tennis Honor Roll af 1 We vi Chronicle HIII Topics Dramahcs Swlmmnng BETTY A STOCKMAN Honor Roll Baskelball Volleyball MILDRED A STOLL Slar Roll Honor Roll Debale Swlmmmg Baskelball Baseball BLANCHE J STUMPE Beala DOROTHYA STURM x KATHRYN M SUTTELL ALBINA G SZPERKA lar o Honor Roll FRANCIS W SZYMKOWIAK Special Chorus Baseball Honor Roll Clwronucle Hull Topics Glee Club Baskefball Hiking ETHEL TASMAN Monlfor Swimming Baskelball Baseball Tennus Hukmg DOLORES L TISDALE o I n p s x be Q . . . . A A . . . a p We . I- I n Q 1 . . - Q f' V F t Y ,v ' A 1 I X ' I .5 I If ll ' .5-A Q iq V L L X 4 S 1 I' ersrs, gf - 1 ,4 E Y V . I 1 ' I4 1 ' E 7, , a . a u . . ' fm' -0 A D v I ' . . . ' ' - -1, A fl f ff M 4 " - 4 Q Q SQ lx 2 - '-. l 'l A' K' EST, . 1 ' , s R u . . . il I V , . n . . " A . . . Slar Roll Chronicle Tennis S523 PHILIP E WILBUR JERHNARD L WILLIAMS DOROTHY I WILSON WILLIAM R WILSON REGINA M WINGERTER ELAINE WINOGRAD WILLIAM W WINSPEAR ADELINE S WLEKLINSKA GERARD M WOLF CHARLES R. TOM PSETI' JEAN K. TURNER ,Ll HERSHEL ULLMAN JUDITH ULLMAN ELAINE M ULRICH FLORENCE L VALENTINE ELBA VOGT MARGARET VOIT JAMES R WARD MARGARET A WEBER PHILIP A WEINTRAUB UNA D WELLS yin! THERESA J WHITE HAROLD E WICK Honor Roll Dramahcs Orcheslra Band Dramahcs Special Chorus G ee C ub Orcheslra Band Tracl: Slar Roll Honor Roll Honor Roll Monlfor .1 Honor Roll Chronicle Hull Topics Baslelball Baseball Volleyball Honor Roll Monnlor Glee Club Baslrelball Volleyball Swlmmnn Band Cross Counfry Traci: Q Edebla Honor Roll Baslrefball Baseball Volleyball Caplalnball Slar Roll Honor Roll Momior Swimming MILDRED A WIDGOFF ILA-' y Dramalics . . . Special Chorus . . . Glee Club . . Swimming Sfar Roll . . . . Baskefball . . . Baseball . . . Special Chorus . . . Glee Club . . . Orcheslra . . . Band . . . Science Cub Slar Roll Honor Roll Chronicle Hull Topics lar Roll Hull Topics Basllelball Slar Roll Bela Mu Sfar Roll Honor Roll MOHITOT Volleyball Honor Roll Hull Topics Special Chorus G ee C ub Volleyball Cheerleader Junior Class Presldenl Sigma Gamma Phu Sfar Roll Honor Roll Chronicle Hill Topics Palladlan Socuefy WWW ich. X ,J .3 I at ii ' ' Z 3 '3 ' ' 'V 'L V V I, - n q u n a u , 'S - : H ' fi 4' f , -. Sfirf 'I' ' l . . . , 4 a ' 4, . , ,.,..- ., . ,,, . , ,-. .,s--.,.-... ...-.. , W. iii, 1 1 ffl' " L I' A A . eff- J . fs , +1 v 'a f L ' pl- V - '9r:'f'm" . ' . . . ' . . . I ,xvv L V' , I . . . . . . . . . - j 'Ii A . ... ,J I A I 5-4 - , . 'ff R ' ' - X I 'WWI . . . . 3 x 45 I 1 a 4 1 u l n 1 1 I - 1 1 . - a n 1 u u L . I ' 3 A . MARJORIE J WURL Slar Roll Honor Roll Monulor Orchesfra JOHN WYPYCHOWSKI Honor Roll Baseball Hrkrng Swnmm ng Baslrelball Tennns BETTY A YUNKES Siar Roll Honor Roll Specaal Chorus Glee Club Baslreiball DORIS M ZANGERLE Badmunlon Shar Roll Honor Roll Special Chorus Glee Club Baslelball MABLE ALLEN ALFRED E ANSCOMBE LORRAINE J BAIER GERALDINE A BAKER MLLL7 I. swam RUTH D BARNETT BERNICE E BISHOP MARION K BOWEN SARAH JANE COTTRELL JAMES M CUMMINGS JOHN P DEERY ROBERT A. EIBLING WILLIAM EVERDING RAYMOND P. FESSLER ADELLE B. FLEISCHHAUER DANIEL FRIEDMAN GEORGE L. FRIEH HAROLD G. FRYMIRE ALVIN LINWOOD GARLAND ROSE E. GIMMEY EDITH G. GRUENAUER ROBERT P. HADERER IRENE M. HARRINGTON ERNESTINE HARRISON EMMA M. HASENSTAB A. BETTY HOEFLSCHWEIGER ROBERT M. HOPKINS ANNE B HORRIGAN YVONNE E JACOBSON NORMA A KLEIN ALFRED J LANGFELDER GEORGIA B LEWIS ROBERT L MATHIES NORMAN J McCLE' LAN JAMES A MCMAHON JANICE M MILLER KATHERINE T MONKELBAAN ROSE J. MUSSELL NORMAN NEWHOUSE CHARLES E. O'DONNELL PHILLIP E. PARKHURST CHESTER J. PAWLOWSKI HELEN M. PENTNEY PETER POLIKOLSKY DOLORES C. POTTEL AUDREY C. PRESSBURGER RICHARD RANSOM HELENE L. RIES JAMES C. ROBINSON JEANNE SEEREITER JESSIE E. SHELL FREDERICK D. STEEN SHELDON R. WRIGHT '5,ifq?f" FLORENCE C ZIELINSKA Honor Roll Ch on cle HIII Topncs DAVIDJ ZIMNIERMAN Spec al Chorus Glee Club in O hesira Ba d J, LESTER G ZIMMERMAN D mai cs Rfle Club I' Ang' K EUGENE J ZYGAJ Horor Roll Phoiog aphy Club THEIR KINGDOM A casI'Ie Iowers on a hull Hugh where Ihe wesf wlnds blow Round If a moal' of 'falfhful grounds Behund rl +he sunse+ glow A ruler rengns wu+hln nfs walls Upon a m:gh'ry Ihrone Designed In friendship, guidance, hope, Where hale wnII never roam A 'rhousand subleds FIII IIS halls, A fhousand youlhs or more, A 'thousand vonces buzz wufh glee Wlihln :Is walls and doors Thus cas+Ie no+ of former 'hmes Is unconquered sI'III 'roday For :Is honor slands unblemlshed Though cIefea+ may come Hrs way Yef Ihls casfe IS no forfress I+ doe no'r war for fame I3uI' gains es+eem and glory Through honesl spo+ and game Hs sublecls are noi soldiers, Hs ruler no'r a lung, Bu+ sI'udenIs and a mas'Ier Theur mlghfy vonces rang' Wnlh IoyaIIy, pride, devohon, These pupils make Ihenr mark In name of Iheur favo.n+e school, Theur casfle, Maslen Park EVA JANOSI mr" f Weiser ' 1,2 ' .5 I - 1 . ' A ah . I '- . ,. 4 . ... , . 'a , , " - - - 4 r ff , . ,lf , fa , I . ro I . . . H ', ' .rig ',-it :api f .'.::'-Q" ' I 1 1. 48 ' "1 I l I . - I I l , . w n u g s I p . I 3 ' '- I J :slr J U Il E Abrams I Ahlheum A Alexander S Andromldas D Ashbery K B clres J B nlrs F B +I H J Bel Icy P Bullman H Bo A Boguslawslu D Boolrbmder J Bouchard K Boyce R Brawn C Brown E Brown L Buyer C Campbell D Cary E CIIFOY1 H Clark M Cohen R Copeland P Corlglnano H Cornwell P Crocoll F Cudeclr E Curry C DAngeIo F Daumen H Davus M Davis J DeVu+a E Dewey G Due+z R Dlerz H Dodge E Donohue J Donahue E DOfOCIdh J Doyle W Elgenmann H Erhardf J Ernes+ G Fadel R Ford A Ganschow A G-lese J Goldrang L Greenlry R Gumm J Gudovnrz L Gurvnh. R Harrsfon C Halper W Helwug J Henesey W Herald W Herruck I Holleder A Kaszuba F Kaufman W Keller E Kovacs W Kramer H vy W ly ong N Lowlre A Lyfh S Mann W Mafhson E Maurer W Mayberger J Mayer H Meusslnng J Mlnc er Myers W Myers C Neubeclr R Neureuier A Newman W Nuce D Nnchols S Osborne L Owens J Parls: J Pal E r rzybl K zno nson A che H nan Rosner R es Sau r R Saxfon R Schmndi R Schmxrz S Schu man herman I on H unclear Sa er Sf or Se ac S e R Sfoddar G Sw: M a baclrman A Talboys D Taylor M Tsngler G Turner A Vogf S Wabmclr G Walls D Webb D Wesi W Wes? C Wesfran E WOZDIBK A Zanln N Zeus L ZIGTTWIBDSKI The m+ensl+y wr'rh whuch Ihe Jumor Class of I940 has underfalcen various achvlhes has Indeed made +he pasi' year a 'frulfful one The class was orgamzed early In March, a+ which hme 'rhe followmg offlcers were elecfed Rucharcl Henesey, presldenl, Eva Sfone, vuce presudenf, Carolme Lu+z, secrefary Alfred Ly+h freasurer Throughou+ +he year fhe Jumor Class has guven evudence of versa hll+y In every Held of school Iufe Among The names appearmg near I'he lop of 'rhe year s honor roll are Frances Alfman, Bernice Cohen Julian Ernesf Edward Maurer, Donald Nlchols, Julla SmlI'h Irvmg SI'a'rIer Sfephanle Szwalluewlcz, Alberl' Tallooys and ArI'hur Vogf Keen lnleresi' was evinced In publucahons, wl+h Ihe resuI+ Ihaf fhe IOIIOWIDQ became members of 'rhe Hull Topucs and Chromcle sfaffs Edward Abrams, Muldred Chmlel, Cynrhla Copeland, Cafherlne Kalser, CharIoH'e Plnss and Julla Smlfh In forensic achvnhes many Iunlors have proved fhemselves ou? s'randmg Leonard Gurvufz and Sidney Schulman show exceIIen'r promase as 'fufure Maslen debafers . , . ' , . , . ' , . , . a , . a , . ar e , . s , . ' , . I om. Le,'.L'Il,E.L',. I' ' , ',.' ff " "I-f F. , . , . , . , . , . ' , . ' , . , . , . ", . u, . P em, E.P , .Pu',H.Robi , .R , .Ro ,E. ,T. uffl ,J. e, . , . ' , . ', . I , G. S , . Sim , . S' ', E. Smifh, H. Smiih, I. I +I , A. einf fh, R. I Ib h, L. ii I, . d, . 'IL . T - I I - ' I F F I . I I I D OME OOM O Ll xf -'UH Adams F Allman F Amen? l Andreskowska F Andrzelewska A Arch S Barrh C Baskin R Bavaro V Benedlcl M Blalner D Blah M Borkowskl J Boyle J Braun P Brown A Bundrock O Calbach L Carpenler H Chassln M Chmnel L Chrnsfenson en G Conlon B CoHer J Da gler C Dav1s O Deerung C Dlduo J osler F merson B ngel Ewa R e M Floss J Forsfer M Frangooles V Frangooles S Fuhn G Gandolph M Garry M Gebhardf L Gellenfhnen M Gessner C Gibb D Glaser A Gordon B GoHlleb D Greenberg E Guenrher G Hallugan C Hare A Harrus R Hunes B Hock M Hopper Hora H Januch L Jay C Kauser C Kemnurzer M Kender M Kenney D Kleine P Kloppenborg M Kreusch R Kulman M rzella J Mafrhles F Mevndl R Meusslung B Mnllard M Mulsom M Moran J Mosler S Mosler C Nawofka J Neeb Nee M Nenser B Nuce A OConnor M Oils W Palmer R PfenRer R Pier: C Pl s M Powell l Prosser H Prorzmann V Purdy A yrz G Radaells C au er on c In Ry M Sankn Schauf D Schenauer K Schlllferll A Sclbefla B Seel A Sheller J Sumon J Sferry E Sfone J Slrolher L Sfucler D Slukes M Suesserman S Szwalkrewrcz F Thuer V Torosuan E Trondle E Unger E Vesper I Weber S Weber B W6ISm6hl6l G Wilcox D Wilson B Wlfhers L Wolf A Lamn N Zembrzycka G Znolkowska Enrolled as orchesfra and band members are Damel Bookbmder, Harold Dodge Jane Forsfer, Lewss Greenky BeHy Jane Hora, Mary Kenney, Phyllls Levy and Wullnam Wesr, whale John Bouchard Orpha Deering, Maura Garry and Wllllam Kramer parllclpafe In choral work In 'I'he arl' depar+men+, Ernesl' Clrron Berry Gofflueb, and Donald Nuchols have dlsplayed unusual skull Franklin Dauman and Warren PoH's represenled fhe Jumor Class In foorball whale James Banks, Dean Cary Luke Owens, Charles Campbell and Wllllam Eckerl' Took parl' In Track evenrs The wor+h of +he Jumor Class has been proved by Roberr Neureuler, un golf Alfred Ly+h Lewus Greenky and Wulluam Herrick In swlmmmg lrvmg Ahlheum m fennls, and Frederick Kaufman and Wllberl' Lilly In baskelball This pas? season, rhe spo+llgh+ was focused on Ka+hleen Bussendorfer, Lorraine Chrusfenson, Mary and Vlrgmua Frangooles, Bealruce Freed, Grace Halllgan Shurley Mosler, Ru+h Schauf Sylvua Weber, and Dons Wnlson, who excel In gurls' sporfs . V H... W U R f '.l 'I - 3 -I ML flrf , ,ll I 2 A 1 n y 4 5 W A ' 4 1 6- J. , . , . , . , . ' , . , . , . ' , . , . ' , . , B.'CohI,.. ,' .' il ', . . ff . '.D ,le ,'.E' ,Nf lld, .Fmf D. Kurk, L. Kwiarkowska, M. Laucherf, M. Lawrence, L. Lealherbarrow, P. Levy, C. Luiz, E. Machin, E. McKay, B. Mannix, D. Markey, A. 6 , . ' , . ' , . ' , . ' , . ' , . , . ' , . , . , . , J. Pugh, . , . P , . ', . R , M. Ring , R. Robins , M. Rose, E. Ru k, F. Rud', R. an, . er, R. I I I I I : I . . . . . . . : I I Anqam Be E Brofhman R Borsi M Boyle R Bushy B Cannon C Cue cn B Cook L Cullen A DAddaruo E D aesc hler zslmmons B Freecl E Grau F Gre e H Han Hauser D Hernuman J Hnllebrand M Hoover C Hoyler B Kam A Kasfner L Kaumeyer A Kedzuerslca E Koepf Leuber H Lewus R Lubeclu Marek N Maffullce N Maue A McLeod v Memngef M ef E M0+ P echownalm D Race R Relre s A Robinson M Robinson ohrbaclr V Rosenhahn A Sc e V Schnmmer reuber V Schulfz B Shorl' A Slerman E Sfrauss Tummel E Tobe E Toepfer E Traphagen G Wagner N Wndznnslca HO O J Affrunh B Benz M Bobenrend E Brodlca M Broos B Brow1 K Bussendorfer D Campbell C Copeland R n J Gealze Ha .gs R Hanna N Harlma enss M ohnson A ohnslon N Karl D Knngman Kelly B Kelschenbach G Kolowslrl D Llplra E Malchrzalr A Mars D Mafuszelr F Muffoleifo M Newman E Ober eumer J Ognlvle Or ner Pee D Prohman Reulrauf E Rexford A Rmglehen E Ryler T Schranlmel Z a er R human B 1 cowslxy B ma Smni Smuls D Sfone W S+u+z M Szymanslu B Van Horn R Welsh N Winkler B Wohler+ D Young D Zummerman E Zummerman D Wagner l L. . ,:n, B. Bachran, J. Ban'.s, R. Barfoszelm, l. lhin, H M E R O O M 2 o 9 len lf, . , . a, . ' ' , . , H. FH ' , . , . , . en, . lrs, A. E. ' . . ', . ', S. , . , . k , . , . ' , D. ill , . z, L. l ' l ' ' ' ' 7 ' ' . ' ' l ' Davis, D. Drake, P. Ermonis, M. Fogarly, M. Fosler, M. Gan- B' R ' ' ' ' ll ll' ' ' R' no , . , J. s+'n , . h, . n, A Sch ' , . , . , . . , . , L. H . J J . J sh' , . ' ', B. + , M. l, . . , D Shf, . S , .S'+ , .S ll, J. 'h, G M E R o o M 2 o 2 A . 4 , t O L Andrzelewslia D Alwafer P Barlon J Blelmeler D Brun ner L Bussman l Cnesla A Cohen M Colebrook C Con nors A Craug R DeLamey M Dnclmman J Dnllon F Durch on vans a F N Fug Gaeber A Gravnus J Green M Halpern F Hanbury R Jen er P Keeler B Levensfeln E Levy I Lunes E Mc :ff P Mannmg M Nowak G Robinson H Rosenberg M Rosenberg Y Rosenberg M Scherer F Slufslry V Speares F Waclawelr F Zage Y Zwuclr J Adams E Ale N Appelbaum R Beary W Buerma M Bloom L C rders E Cohn J CraggeH W Esker? F F glrola T Frscus R Freedman M GangloH R Grlmmer R He fel M Hnrsch J Hoover S HOYWITI Hughes H Juhre W Kaehn W Keenan A Klepfel Kce ler I Krau W Kraus C Kunzelman R Loren Ludwug R u H Mavis R McGranahan A Mens Mendonsa C Maller J Mumrn E Murray A Peplnnslu J Poppenberg D Rolluns T Schell R Sendlbecl: E Sherman E Snlversfrnne W Sfaudacher C Slurhleun R Temple A Unger C Va cam E Vesper R Vane H Waclrer H ME ROOMIO6'-'SW . . h'l , . , . , . , . l ' , . ' , . , . , . ' . . r , . ' , . , . ' ,R. , . . . , . , . ,E. h , . ':, . , . , . .,M. ', . ' U " " "' h Liz. . ', . ,. 'l, R. , W. PoHs, A. Redwing, J. Regan, W. Rendell, C. Roehner, slag, B. Ear , E. E , L. Ew ld, B. radin, . le, H. ' I U ' ' , A I . I . - '+l,. ,. H H ME Room 3l4 SQDIWIQWQTQES Climaxing fhe social season for fhe second year sfudenfs was fheir annual Sophomore Class Day. The presenfafion of fhe dramafic group and dancing were fhe high-lighfs of an enioyable affernoon. The class of I942 has well earned fhe fifle, "sfudious sophomores." Some of fhe pupils found mosf offen on fhe honor roll are Allan Brown, Roberf Bosch, Beffy Kaiser, Arlene Guenfher, Shirley Krachf, Eugene Mafhies, Harold Chems, and William Shreder. Nof believing in neglecfing body for mind, many sophomores devofecl fheir leisure fime fo afhlefics. Foremosf among fhem are Paul Frohe Helmuf Sfelfermann Roberf Banfelman Alberf Tiffany Douglas Knapp Edward Welgand Fred Klein Willard Becker and Paul Gron- meyer Some of fhe girl afhlefes are Leona Andrez Marie Bell Dorofhy Campbell Jean Hufchlson Elsa Lohans Jacqueline Tremblay Alberfa Wilhazen Elsie Wellman and Margaref Herlan Forensic sophomores include Roberf Cline Jack Lippes Jesse Goldbaum and Roberf Shafer Some pupils who found fhelr mferesf was in fhe publlcafnons are Roberf Bosch Beffy Kaiser Melvin Weber Arlene Guenfher and William Shreder Among fhe musicians in fhe sophomore class are numbered Willard Becker Thomas Barfleff Ralph Kessler Jessie Holmes and Jeanne Coulfous Their vocallsfs include Allan Brown Dorofhy Bridge William Blake and Alan Peck Boys working on fhe sfage crew and public address sysfem are Jack Sfarr William Weunheimer Leonard Pleskow and William Shreder The general good qualifies and versafullfy of fhe sophomore class presages a brllllanf graduafmg class In fwo years M OOM AfMAl AA A kyM S C C b G IA G M d MH Hb + K Lv L I I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I I ' . . . ' . I , . I 0 I . I I 0 . I I I . I ' I I , . I . . . . . I . . . R i H. hler, . exion, . n- derson, M. Andres, M. usfin, S. Barfholomy, M. Bafer, E. Be- lens , . Bell, . Biffner, N. Brader, M. Brownson, D. Carey, H. larke, R. Cleveland, E. Clousfon, F. Cohen, J. ohen, D. Crosier, J. Cufh BFI, B. Davis, l. Efengoff, M. Evans, E. Gagnon, S. allagher, I. Gambino, R. Garfinke, .Gar- land, J. Genfner, M. oeckel, R. Goldsand, . Goodrich, M. Gua agnino, A. Hearn, R. Hecfor, J. Hergei, N. Hef- zinger, E. Hirsch, M. Hollfel- der, . omers, C. u er, J. Hu chison, N. Johannes, A. Johnsion, D. Kolber, H. oh- borg, F. Leising, R. lo d, C. K owe, G. Lowe, M. Lucas. O OO O OO H Alllson J Barbour B Bern hard E Beflnn H Bookblnder D Brudge B Dixon H Dobo Greene M Greene P Guen 'fb r M Half N Herman B Ho ner D Huelz M acl: S Kraclnl R Labarf A au erl J egler L Lewis R Loffel E Lobans B McCue A Manla M Mon L aan E Murphy B aul M UIFL P Resnuck H Ryfer Scl1raf+ D Spencer o :ch B Verrall E e man D Werner R Welfzel A Whale N Wnffmer A Bullalr S Clnndelewncz R Clnlebowy D Cneslalr N Curry J Dalwl H Domanslra A Draper M Edwards I Flanagan K Freeman K Grahm J Heulralh A Hlppele G Kewczynska S Ked znersku G Kluskowska L Kowalczyk M Kowalewskn V Kruznclu R Lang S Mrowlec A Musal M Nagel G Norman B ONenll H Pasfecku L Pahl H Polrrzywlra G Przepyslna l Reszefuclaa A Rogowslra A Ruff C Sclmllung D Scoff D Sneraclu C Snuda l. Soelwnlem A Sowlnslra E Srednnska R Sfaclwowlal D Shchf D Sfruslenska B Sfurgls J Szarowska T SIPOTLB E Tobalska S Urbanslra C Walwr E Weber M Wendel C Wes? A Wlechec J Wolclk H WOZYIIGL L Wrona D Wypych C Zalrrzewslra D Zalrrzewslra V Zummerman in-vw gum, OM OO C Afhnson L Feldi J Her L Herh B Huberl Jones R MacLeod R Mumm A Pedano R Pesch L Low B Polkowlfz S RBSDICR J Raszela M Redleun S Red em C Runc 6 Ronde D Rose Saneh L Sclaerger C Sellug W Sums R Sorger R Sfeffan H Sfeunberg M Sfeplwen M Slern C S+oH E Slubles F Thompson J Treger R Uh Weber F Weugand Weinberg W Welnheumer W Wes M Wnghl T Wilson W Zllllox, J Zclyb H M F 5 li C V il il C - R M 3 I h 'f l R M lin, S. Lllis, M., Flylnn, Bi Id , . , . J . . . . , .L - cl'1 , , L , L. ell, M. elb I, l, 1. P A. , . , R. Sf R' , . , . W ll- C C H E 205 R M gel, . l .I . I I , RS . ',v.Plesl lo, F, R l igl . 'I Rolf, . , . , E. E. ', '. -' ', Ji Dees R assuccl M Mawson F May ers M ergo I r M M o Ove A r Murlln F Qnaanek K ORC k V UI' 9 Pa i J P I pe ee LRwsA ey Rellsl 91 ose G Osen V 0 d e ec enn rm S 5P9r1ce M Slevg E ns Thompson M Torosnan H W alll L Ward M W k m drmc D Welsm d'1fel D Weiss B W es? J WI M A Wldh 9 y a Qen K Wnnans A Wobrock HOME ROOM Ludwnq E Marchani L Manano C Mnlburn M Muller J Mussana C Mak n chell K OBnen J Pearso M Renlmexer H P-udley B Robxnson S Roma Rudy H Run C M Sardlna A Schaeffer l Sclwell M Schmid? E S Schuman C Scot? G Steves N Sullwan rnan L Suilel M Taylor Y or nesella H Tremblay J Tremblay E olpe B eu gand HOME ROOM l Anderson Bauer E Barlelk U Ba E E Aylward C Boos H Bruce J Co D tous M Deery D mann R Dobmeuer Donohue B Duxbury Eublnng worih J Emser F Fab Fmln M Foley l EdyM gand M Gnrnm M wold A Guenllxer J H ur. M Hall-xaway B a l. Herlan J Holmes ser K Kapoduslrua Kendi H Kennedy ser J Knrclnmen M C Krueger C Ku! Landgraf o Oo l H M E J R M. M M I H , ' - ' v I E M L. R v . y U I ' - ay W CC B - - ii ' ' R .D. Sail P I ' ' - V ' MHS' ' orri: I. -4SchruH,E.5HkES'-al,.RHF yy -n.V, . ' ' ' , . ' ' -D-Schleidy L V' '-R E+ - . I . ' I I I I S .HT R ' ' ' . , ' - . . ' A nth, A. B. Hooker. D. Llpiak, A. Q V no, . . - Q. . , . ' . M. , . , . hu- . I , . , .T - , .V , .W '- 3x I ' , . I , . rle d , I. ' ' , E. ' , . , . 1 M. ' . . ,D. . - l , .4 . - .B. O F' QO if P Cone E Flllpow cz A Gauger l' Cever e A Co n M er L Mlgdal L Ml e L eY Q D me k A McCullough F McGraw H Revelas W R"19'e en H mnlfon D Aalmows d N Pedwmg J Reesor E Tressel J VO me' W n R a N II L Ra Ir1O"'lZ L Re B Slraflon J Su9S59'men S Y H O e 9 wmuellel' C Sole lIf!SK6 C Zwmbe R ska H Seuefs D Se' W er B W0 Pefl E Zle ugnn 1, A oesn hm? S W:lcoC Webb H W HOME ROOM anfelman T Barfleff W Becker W Balke R Bosclw A Brown W Carl s n H Chrusfenson J Col C Couch R Croess rn nn A Dfclzey D Drsfler E Erhardf P Frolve E Gal F Genhle A Gerace Gnbson P Gronmeyer Haenszel R Hoelscher essler D Knapp H Koc ems L Lane F Lubn W Marhn E Meflwes D c aels C Menders W Monlrs W Morrison L urpl1y R Nnederpruern Paladrno A Pallas A Pells J Prersacn R Reg W Slrrecler C Srnlfn Sfarr H Sfelferrnan G esper E Welgand A Wnlson C Wmd M Zum mer HOME ROOM PW L. Ascanazy H. Bagley A. arf olomew, J. Baslrin, E. B eman, E. Black A. Bou- ar , M. Bourdon, J. Bro- n D. Brown W. Candy . Cary, R. Cuden, a . ross, B. Dannauser, J. vis F. Deal B. DiMaio . w er J. Flynn . G ise, R. Gardner, M. Ger- an , W. Gese, A. G' , . Gilleffe B. Gllcks ein . oldbaurn, W. Gorman, G. Gouclvle, M. Hald . edley, W. Hornberger, W. ac son, B. Johns on R. un, H. Kemner, J. King, . irchrnyer, F. Klein, J. oerl, D. Kocln, R. ade, H. Leffwich, J. Lippes, J. Miller, W. Miller, E. Mur- plwy, N. Newman, R. Shafer, R. Wagner. FDESIWIIIWIEIW Because fhey evenfually become upper classmen, a lof depends upon fhe sfarf fhaf fhe fresh- men gef in fheir inifial year here af Fosdick-Masfen Park. . . The encouraging number of freshmen who make fhe honor roll is a criferion of fheir scholasfic abilify. Some of fhe oufsfanding pupils of fhis year are: June Hamilfon, Rufh Sangbush, Jean Mayer, Raymond Smifh, Roberf Weiss and Edifh Huber. Whenever fheir cooperafion has been requesfed for some school proiecf, fhe response from fhe freshman class has been excepfionally good. Their wholesome supporf of afhlefic acfivilies, dances, and ofher programs has sfamped fhem as frue Masfenifes. School I7 sfill has some of our freshman classes. Alfhough fhese pupils are nof in fhe same building wifh us, fhey are as acfive and cooperafive as fhe lower class groups here in Masfen Park. Afhlehcs again affracfed many of 'rhe frosh Badmunfon volleyball swimming and baskefball were fhe sporfs In which fhe girls parflclpafed Some girls prommenf in afhlehcs are Doris Haas Janef McLeod Mary Hackford and Mary Helbug Marlon Reger Dorofhy Schulfz and Jean Jones are also gym enfhusiasfs Freshman boys foo were acflve afhleflcally and some of fhem were so lnferesfed In fhe sporfs fhaf fhey came from School I7 'ro Masfen for prachce Numbered among fhe energefic afhlefes are Leroy Dickinson Earl Harris Ross Webb Roberf Cline and Earl Reeves Alice Lannen Mary Helbug Susan Irvin and Eleanor Link ldenhfued fhemselves wufh fhe school band Lasf December 'rhe freshman parfy sef a record affendance All defalls of fhe parfy and program showed 'rhaf fhe commlffee in charge of :fs preparahon had excellenl' fasfe and ludgmenf Even fhough some of fhe freshmen seem small in sfafure fhey are capable of making fhe Herculean efforfs necessary fo complefe The four years of hugh school successfully O OOM K H H In K I-PP M LW ' I I . . . . : . I I I . - . I ll ll 9 I I . I . : . . l 0 I I . I ' I I I , . I R W. Anker, J. Ashbery, R. Bar- ker, J. Basie, F. Baumeisfer, R. Beardsley, E. Beckwifh, J. Bon- caldo, C. Brawn, C. Brown, R. Connuck. S. Dispenza, C. I Duerr, J. Eiseman, R. Escoff, K. Feuerherm, A. Flack, J. Fox, J. Gambacorfa, . Gar- land, D. Geerharf, R. Gehl, L. Godson, C. Graziano, R. Haef- ner, E. Harris, . arris, E. Hang, J. Heinen, E. Heinfz- man, R. Hinz, J. Hirsc berger, J. Hoehn, E. Holmes, R. Horn, W. eeber, J. Keller, G. Knob- Iauch. R. Kressin, S. o , H. ager, J. Vacanfi, . aldron. .17 I tra f Q.'+ r 'AA 'I'HOME3U6 ROOM K. Barbarie, R. Bender, H. Bennie, J. Berns, R. Bessel, J. Bingeman, J. Blando, M. Bois, J. Boller, P. Brawn, G. Buch- holz, V. Calbaci, R. Dingeldey, D Domroes M DuPIanh R Esc enlauer H Gassler D rambow R Grarnlich razuano F Guarisco Haas M Haclrford R Haley Hammer M Helbig Hewilf G Hoch H Humlg Irvin H Johnslon B Jones nes G meier E Kroprnan L Krupnick A Lannen E Laucherl M Link Mayer J McLeod F Ml b rn M Miller C Nassos J OH N Pearson E Peffengill A Phillips H Phillips N adf M Reger B Rivers E us 74, ff D Scha er M Sc el "' uf fvfvffv' afffbffj A-eff' sebum D sehwmd a semen J Smifs E Sleffan L Sfeuer 1 w M uhr Sulle Swansom A Terryberry G Thompson J Vosseler B Wal fer M Walchus S Weber M Weirich N Wesner B Wilcox L Zambilo O OO V Albrighi C Anlrer R Baehr M Bauer D Bernslein S Binner D Bull A Charrelle F Clevers F e R Del Priore H Dowling D Draper G Edingfon P Ferer S Gafier N Garrow R Hornblass E Huber M win B Jones M Kingman Komm R La Marlina Lee C L Lindner E Maurer M McLean G McLeod A Nawoflra S Nussbaum D Pilarslra J Prall E Peischei I. Pun? M a nowdz D Rallies T Rai+hel D Ranney H Rafhmann G Reim err Robinson A Ruhl M Ryan M Sackmary R Sangbush A Schililerli T Schiiler H Sc or S Schuessler S Singer A Sohinlri I Speuer I Sfangs R Sfeinlrirchner B Siemen A Tefewslry U Tremblay G Walser M Weber G Wilken ual fffr"""j O O O J Adams D Bock R Cline A Coe K Cox A D1Maio C Hino K Hoelscher J ane Licaia C MCC el an Mc onald F Mann J Mas succi C Mahe C Marshall M Maybaclr E Melbourne M Morrison T Nafchuras W Nehrbass W Owens R Proehl Pundl Reeves B Rosen R Schwander A Schwarh J Schwellzer A Scubelfa S Sel in J Sherman R Smilh s L Tingler C Tofexis Truell R Vefier N Weaver R Webb Weirlch Weiss W Wilcox D Zeus ' In f f ,' 1 G , , ' , I. G ' , . ' , D. aj ' , J '-,Ji s. f ' f J. Jo , E. Klein, . Klein- Jf ,' f Q f 'il u , . ' , . , . . ' . f ' . 1.'l I R I - Ire, . , . ' , , R . t ! 6 1 1 A fr sell, . I ,t . h ll, D. A .. T - ' A iald, fs , Rf ' ii, ei R M H M E 3 U2 1-env-.Dli,'. .' . ii I D. Gebhard, P. Gessner, P, Goldberg, F. Goodman, J. Hamilion, S. Heller, C. Higgins, A. Hoidner, , ,. ,.if',. ,.' ,S. ,I -'D' I,Leis. Q' d,i.Rbi D.',.,.,. .. .."..'.-Hb. R M ' , . , . L . J. ' . . I I , J. D , . , . - I. FE. , . . I'.g. . V , . ' , D. Till, . ' , . ', A. . , H. " , R. MEMBERS OF THE CHRONICLE STAFF CONFER W! .P A I ., . v 1 94' IIJJ ,' fr! 1' X, . 'A 4 f XT IQ THE AMBITIOUS STUDENT DESIRES TO IDENTIFY HIM- SELF WITH VARIOUS EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES. IN MASTEN MANY FIELDS ARE OPEN, GIVING AMPLE OPPORTUNITY FOR SELF-EXPRESSION AND FOR BROADEN- ING ONE'S HORIZON. THE MUSIC LOVER JOINS A CHORAL OR INSTRUMENTAL GROUP, THE JOURNALIST, ARTIST AND WOULD-BE BUSINESS MAN, THE PUBLICA- TIONS STAFF, THE LOGICIAN, THE DEBATE TEAM, AND THE ACTOR, THE DRAMATIC CIRCLE. A CONSIDERABLE NUMBER OF BOYS AND GIRLS DEVOTE PART OF THEIR TIME DAILY SERVING AS MONI- TORS, THUS MAKING A SMOOTH-RUNNING ORGANIZA- TION POSSIBLE. ACTING IN THESE CAPACITIES, THE STUDENT BESIDES ENJOYING HIMSELF, DEVELOPS A HIGH DEGREE OF SELF- CONFIDENCE WHICH SHOULD SERVE HIM WELL IN THE DAYS THAT ARE TO COME. SPEEC A R T S B G BROADCAST ln debafe fhis year emphasis has been placed on fhe developmenf of fufure teams rafher fhan on fhis season's debafes. As a resulf, six experienced debafers will be prepared for nexf year's confesfs. Alfhough all fhe debafes ended in defeaf fhis year, individual feam members showed abilify. The fopics of fhe debafes were of general inferesf. ln fhe fall fhe quesfion debafed was: Resolved fhaf an exfension of consumer's cooperafives is beneficial fo fhe people of fhe Unifed Sfafes. The subiecf of fhe spring debafe was: Resolved fhaf a sales fax should be levied fhrough- ouf New York Sfafe. This year several debafers have faken parf in informal, non- decision debafes wifh sfudenfs of ofher schools. A senior debafer, Thaddeus Musial, represenfed Masfen in fhe Boys' Oraforical Confesf. The Scribblers, under fhe direcfion of Miss O'Meara, have become increasingly acfive in school affairs. As represenfafives of fhe dramafics classes, fhey have faken fhe lead in planning assembly programs. The mosf nofable of fhese included fhe discussion of fhe neufralify bill as carried on in fhe House and Senafe of fhe Unifed Sfafes. This was presenfed in celebrafion of Armisfice day. Ofher oufsfanding pro- grams were fhe Dr. l Q program commemorafing Washingfon's birfhday and fhe unique one-acf play "Submerged". A fense drama of acfion and suspense, "Digging up fhe Diff," was presenfed in fwo insfallmenfs by fhe dramafic classes. The proceeds were used fo help pay for a parfy fo which all sfudenfs who have parficipafed in dramafics or forensic acfivifies were invifed. These classes also produced fhe Class Day play. The sfage crew has been responsible for fhe smoofh working of all Masfen sfudenf producfions. Their dufies include managemenf of fhe audiforium and sfage lighfs care of fhe public speaking sysfem arrangemenf of scenery and care of fhe sfage properfles The capfain of fhis group of forgoffen men who worked behind fhe scenes fhe pasf year is Roberf Hicks Roberf Grimmer has been chosen fo lead nexf years crew Highlight of fhe years dramafics acfivlhes fhe Big Broadcasf of I940 was fhe resulf of fhe combined falenfs of many Masfenifes The program was divided info fhree parfs fo exhiblf fhe diversified abilifies of fhe performers The musical play Mood lndigo which was feafured was fhe original composifion of Carl Knoll The announcers for fhe program were Kennefh Crawford and Dorofhy Miller This annual enferfammenf aided in buying pins for awards sfage equipmenf and proper fles make up supplies and books fo add fo fhe dramaflcs library a e S cLeod D G een B ee e e ee n oo n e e no S Koc enc Alexander R Carpenfer A Marola K C a f d D MII C no ea us us I S erszu G W llnems B Beckman L Dasze ska Ochesla H Wck B Rosen E Adams E Sm fh W Mayberge J Holmes J Coulfous H Dodge I . I - . I . . l Sl' g 1 . M , . r , . L , M. K nn y, O. D ri g, B. B kbi d r, D. L vine, S. Rey Id , M. Powell, R. i ki, R. , . , . , . r w or , . i er, . K Il, W. G ry, J. Cla i , T. Musial, G. Howells, . i lska . i ' , . , . w . r r : . i , . , . , . i , - V. . , - . - - mi ii lsl Jesse Goldbaum Mcldred Neser Gordon Ramrn acl: Lrppes 2nd Louns Herfl Roberi Slwa fer Leonard Gurvlfz Thaddeus Musual Samuel Greenberg Rob er? Cline gnu - Z4 Z ii zu 1 1 1 mu an i -1 s 53-21 5 I 1 I Thaddeus Musnal Wnllnam Wemnhenmer Robert Grnmmer Mnlfon Mansfield Rober+ Hnclrs Jerry Mmclwer L onard Pleslrow William Slnreder Jacl: Slarr 2nd Gerald owells Lesler Zummerman S C R E N. 4 lsr Dorus Pleskow Margery Maller Thaddeus Musaal Shirley Lapudes Kennefh Crawford Del.eo Smrfh Doris Smnger 2nd Inez P1clre s Jack Luppes Charloffe Plnss Lenghlon Guyo+'r Doroilwy Muller Fannle Rosengarden Ruth Shapnro 3rd Anwamae Hogenmuller Norma Felion Arlene Mars Maurice Manov I G ' J e 2 . v 1 llJ "" 'lt sl 'ff gl i' ,..,,,,,,e,,,, G I A l if ll l fl l l G . 4 x 2 r, ' l 1 913. ip. B! 1. STAGE CREW 1 ef, f . A ' IBBL RS r 3 lg ' fu, - i ,, ' " AQ B lc X . .YA -,N -. I+ J Turner een P Kenne y I lerzulslra Muss fengel L Dasle S e M erry J Cleuslus B Beckman n O ro n er r Ha e Knlluan H Chess T Whle M San R Farber W Kramer man eem u ar an e man u E D Zange e E Ganh T Regenl non nc e er o s e e M Powe GI aser 5ih C Murbank C Gampp E Kobylunshl J McMahon E Cohen J Belslly R Koclen K1 W Wes? K Ca Tod O ERET A 6 '5 M OF THE CAST CR Sealed J Bouchard D Zimmerman Isl H Po ell R Haelner R Escolf W Blake F Lubl R Marcofl E Haug 2nd R Lorenz C Couch A Bro n H Dodge L Guyofl L Murphy 3 d W Befz W Lnlly L Childers R Copeland G Walls I Pund+ W O ens The FOSdlCk Maslen Parl: choral groups 'lhe larges+ an any local hugh school dud splendid work during fhe pasf year ln fhe vocal classes The sfudenfs receive mslruchon In voice culhvahon song presenfahon and correcf dlcflon Under The dlrechon of Muss Drusulla S'I'en gel 'I'he choral groups gave mferprefahons fha? bespoke genurne affechon for muslc of fhe finer fype A few days before school was closed for lhe mud year holldays +he fradlhonal Chrus+mas program was presenfed In our audlforuum As usual fhe musuc deparfmenf furnushed lhe enferfammenf for Thus gala occasuon The numbers Included In fhe Chrlsfmas program allhough dlfhculf were ably presenied A+ fhls fume lhe Glrls Glee Club sang Oh Holy Nlghf Here We Come A Carolnng and Slcrllan Chrlsfmas Song lhe Boys Glee Club Good Kung Wenceslaus Three Kmgs and Praise lo +he Lord fhe Girls Double Quar'I'e+ Ades+e Fndells The Volce Class Jesu Bambino and The Special Chorus A Day of Joyful Smglng and Nazareih When sprung arrived and +he 'hme came for decndmg upon maferual for Fosdlclc s annual musical feshval, realuzlng +ha+ fhe choral groups conlarned a large number of sololsls wn'fh voices of excepfional qualify, Mass Sfengel chose fhe Gllberl and Sullivan comlc opereffa, "All a+ Sea." Thus operefla confams +he mosi' popular of The Gnlberl' and Sullnvan melodies, sef +o an exfremely hnlarlous plof. sz . ,B.Gr ,'. d,.S' ,' S ,. wll, .G ,. ', 2.d: . B' W . w. Palm , J. Forsfe, R. pk , J. ' ' . . in. . 1 , . mf. 3rd: H.'UIl' . J. k . F. sch pp, P. ow-1 g , J. F ld , D. K fu, M. ner, . fl , -:nn R.'ezLQ1ang, M. Gan , D. My' k, M. Fri , D. H ll, P. Frank , H. L was, . n, D. I . . , . I' , . ' ., . . . , - , . - 5 ., . , . r w r . A M E H S B E R S X: V ,rl ' Ai . 5. 1 , U r- If R . X 1 I . u 0 ' If . il ' 4 Jiri., N ' ' I l 3' x N A ' I . . ' 'J -f T H E E W : . , . ' . : . w , . , . , . , . ', . , . . : . , . , . w, . , . , . . r: . , . ' , . ' , . , . , . , . w . ls'r: Helen D. Sallis, Rila DeLaney, Jane Forsler, Doris Haas, Belle Bloch, Alice Robinson, Belly Jones, Rulh Schauf, Mildred Greene. 2nd: Haffie Ry+er, Edifh Klein, Pearl R, Ferer, Minnie Rosenberg, R. Hornblass, E. Heisch, F Guarisco, D. Huelz. 3rd: A. Buflalr, M. Warniclr, A. Murlin, V. Moyer, G. Hack, H. Bennie, M. Williams, C. Hare. 4fh: Elaine Kropman, Alma M. Heiss, A. Scibelfa, E. Tober J. Woicilr, R. Sfolrich, E. Toepfer E. Preischel. 5'fh: D. Wilson, M. Kowalewslri, C. Sco'r+, B. N. Waller, A. Kedzierslra, R. Meussling, l. Barlon H. Wahl, H. Haneclra. ALL AT SEA M 4. S I . ' ' -v . 'f 1 l L - . Q - 4 1 ' RMA US D AUN J Berns J Hamilfon M Walc us O Deering P Levy D Pezold S lrvin F Amen n E Go an D Williams W Slufz E Thompson D Weiss D Schafer D Sa iola M Grimm T Laihrop 3rd A Reid P Schrulf E Shuman D OH D L Kolber F Organelr A Wlechec M Goo rich R Anderson R Cle eland E Clousfon E June Haslings Lansing A Dono ue M Eibing B Sfemen G Kleinmeuer B Dixon N M Helzinger Dosier C Kuehn L Kwiaflrowslra E Obersheimer M P Hollfelder P Manning E Murphy J McCargo P Guenlher M Andres The casf included Caplain Co coran John Bouchard LiHle Bulfercup Beafrice Beclc man Mermaid ueen Belle Block Mermaid Sololsf Orpha Deering Ralph David Zimmer man Dick Dead Eye Henry Landingham Sir Joseph Por+er Thomas Relenl Lord Chancellor Roberl Elbllng Police Sergeanl Ellio+ Cohen Josephine Leona Daszewslca Mabel Maura Garry Phyllis Jean Clausius Sfrephon William Kramer Pira+e King Osmond Brown Mikado Bernard Green Ko Ko Hershel Ullman Three Liffle Maids Jean Turner Phylis Kennedy and lrene Slerszulslra The Susie s Cousins and Aunls were Sevenlh Hour Girls of 'lhe Special Chorus Mermaids were +he flrsl Hour Girls Glee Club The Boys Glee Club performed lhe duhes of fhe Crew wi+h lhe Pirales and Po'icemen coming from 'fhe Special Chorus A grand finale which included 'rhe enhre choral group and 'rhe sololsfs broughl +he operefla +o a brlllianl' ending The accompanimenrs were excellenlly played by JeaneHe Miller wi+h lhe assislance of Phyllis Levy and Jane Forsler A nauhcal slage sefhng dazzling cosfumes and realishc malce up grea+ly enhanced +he beauly of fhe produchon M E l D S S I S T E R S , C O I N S , A N T s l S gg? Isl: . , . i , . h , . ' , . , . , . ' , , l. za: . W , . " , . , . , . ', . , . V- , . ' i 2 ' i . V ' V U I ' I I U U I U ' . . V I d . I 4+'h: F. i, .V nh' ,i . 'I' ' , i. n , , i ' ' , , ' , , , ' IJ, sin: ia..r5. wing, E. Tehama, sf Weber, P. s.,f+L,n, J. 'cohen c. iNassos, P. efmonis, J. wagm, I ' . Q ' . : . . . . I I - I. I . . - B A N D ! ms Ad ms L Ad A chaff L Ascanazy W Ashbery H Barfh T Bar1le++ B Baumgarlen W Beclxer J s y O Bro C ChIrIn Clarlr P Congluano R Crlden H Dodge Flood R Ford D FrIedman S u n J Gambacorfa R Gehl J Goldslern L Greenlry L Guyolf R Hamrllon M Hel bug S Hoffman L Jay W Keeber W Keller M Kenney A KlIpfel H KFBWITZ R Lade A Lannen L La Longe W Lom b r o E Lee P Levy M Mansfield J Ma++hIes M Maybach W Mayberger McLeod E Melbourne D MIller eureuler G Remhold D Rollns Sengbusch l SImon E SmI+h M Se G Sreves M Tabaclxman J Treger H Ullman E Wellman H WlCk P WIlbur J WIllIams D Zimmerman STUDENT COU NCIL Under fhe dIrec'rIon of Mr Carroll Ge ger Ihe band has developed In+o one of fhe besl hIgh school bands In fhe cI+y Profihng from recen+ rehearsa s and IHCTBBSIFIQ experIence 'rhe band has acqurred a beaufy of ione and In+erpre+a+Ion +ha+ compares favorably wI+h 'rhal of any band ever In Masfen l.Ik9 good musIcIans fhe players are ever ready +o obey lhe slIgh+es+ com mand of Mr GeIgers ba+on The band rose fo Irs grealesi heIgh+s af +he sprlng concerf Thelr con'rrIbu+Ion Included Slgmund Rombergs Deserf Song Seeds of Cadmus a 'fone poem by Harold Johnson and Repar+ee by DavId BenneH The rendI+Ion of +he laH'er prece fea'l'urIng a pnano solo by JeaneHe MIller marlred lhe Hrsl +Ime I+ was ever played In +hIs cI+y Several popular numbers are Included In 'rhe band s reper+oIre +hIs year among +hem are Morfon Gould s Pavane and Indlan Summer by VIc+or Herberl The S+uden+ Councnl has become a permanenl' organIzed unI+ of school lIfe Hs scope of ac+IvI hes has been wlde and fhe members have s'l'rIven +o carry our I+s purpose The Councul dIrec+ed +he sale of foofball and baslcelball +Iclce+s pIns and emblems 'Phe pro ceeds of whIch wen? In+o fhe a+hle+Ic fund Each home room represen+a+Ive In +he CouncIl acfed as chaIrman of hIs room malung announcemenls and falclng charge of hclcel sales A dance was conducled by +he Councll In honor of +he baslce+ball leam affer 'the wInnIng of fhe Yale Cup The members of The CouncIl +oolc an achve parf In organIzIng 'rhe SenIor Prom whIch was held on The nIgh+ of May +hIrd when merry Mas+enI+es +rIpped 'rhe lIgh'r fanfashc +o fhe s+raIns of fhe Cenfury orches+ra In fhe COHSISTOFY ballroom E. .da , J. a , . ler, . Alfs- ' ' . f I ' ' , . , . , . , ' ' ' ' I Bel I , .' Km, D. sry, J.. 'I' ,' Hf ' ' ' ' R, ','.Fhf . .. . ' N , . ' . . i , C. , . ' , . ' , . I fn, f - - - - , Alfhou h I+ is onl a few ears old, 'rhe Council has, fhrou h +he unfirin eFfor+s of all concerned, 9 Y v 9 9 n if I I Q 3 E A . I V ' ' f 2 5 , , W , rf . A , fa -, , I , . -If v ' - - . . . T j ' M' ' ' - - I I: . , , hE , ' ,,... , A' A M. , R, , J. I' L ,t I 5 ,A I All , . " , . llvan. ' 4-V J ff! z J: J. , . I I, s. ' V lm IW I . . ' , . ' , - . ' , 'I . I . I , gsm X- 'I,1'f ' 3 dz F. KIICII-3 man, . Nuss- " ,I Lf: Q , . I , . . r - , 4fhI , T r, , A become an esfabhshed par+ of Masfens socIal I e Thls year Mr LInder man was facully advIser HIs ac'rIng In +hIs capaculy gave 'rhe s+udenfs an op por+unI+y fo become ac quaIn+ed wlfh +heIr new vIce prIncIpal s E Lohans J Hulc son Zegler Alexander en M WeIrIch N Sul n Donahue C Rnc Dspenza R GIbson H Gause M Mansfeld r n S baum A Red N Maffulie C Ka se B Orfner STUVQIS B Kalser t-,J-of ITI CH T The problem of maunfaunung a well balanced orchesTra aT MasTen Park has always been a consuderaTuon and Thus year was no excepfuon Weak sTrung and woodwund secfuons however dud noT prevenT Mr Geuger from presenTung The orchesfra un The celebrafed Halleluuah Chorus from Handel s Messuah on The Chrusfmas program A fine performance of Bach s cho ale fugue All Glory To God on Hugh and The SpuruT of YouTh overfure by Seredy Sordullo were The orchesTra s conTrubuTuons To The sprung concerT For The firsT Tume un The husTory of The school The members of The band and orchesTra have organized for The purpose oT creaTung a greaTer spuruT of Truendshup among uTs members The aums of The organuzafuon unclude publucuzung The orchesTra and band The followung hold offices un The organuzaTuon Harold Wuclc RoberT NeureuTer DoroThy Muller Glorua STeves RoberT Flood Joseph Churlun and Harold Dodge E Adams L Adler H Barfh J Basie D o bunde J Ch l H Ca J us R den H a C Dud Dodge R Flood G Goldbeg E Gowan apke E Janos ay H T1 R Lade L La Lon annen E Lee P us n W Maybe ger D Muller R eu reuTer W Nehrbass A Scubeffa E Smufh C Sengbusch M Tabaclumen J Treger A VogT J Weunberg W WesT H Wuclr P Wlbur A Wuldhagen J Wulluams AR Thus year To achueve an orderly enTrance unTo and deparTure from The auduforuum Muss O Meara has developed an efficuenfly organuzed sysTem of marshals Under Thus sysTem each home room has Two represenTaTuves appounTed by The home room Teachers To head Theur respecTuve groups For a long Tume MasTen has felT The need for such an organuzaTuon To relueve uTs facu Ty members of Teduous duTues and To guve Them added Tume for more umporTanT maTTers Then Too wuTh The advenT oT The double assembly program uT became umperafuve To change The old meThod sunce fiffy per cenT of The faculTy us engaged un Teachung durung each of The assemblues In adduTuon To lughfenung The Teachung burden The new arrangemenT has been beneficual To The boys and gurls The leaders have learned To conducT Themselves un a dugnufied manner whule The sTudenT body generally has culTuvaTed a respecT for The marshals and a feelung of prude un self imposed correcT conducT WuTh The cooperaTuon -ln' llll of The sTudenTs The mar 3' ALQ shals have conducTed The marchung un a quueT or derly fashuon The experu menf has proved To be anoTher successful venTure un sTudenT leadershup ow I D Brudge C o e la M Flynn D Kolber C Pl ss S Lapudes F Rosengar den T Schrankel V Burkard Cun L Leac Sfone S Kufner C Malusze sk A Arndf R Alexan er A Hauser G Faehr M Smufh L Gu.uyoTT Row3 J Sfarr J Luppes C Clapp K Crawford J Hoo er D HeT1eI W Shreder D Bellanca, J Howells, R Shafer Yu- V i y ' i ' '. ' I- Bo uu ' f, , iran, . u fu, . Coul- . . ' ' .. . ,,' . To , . Cri , . D vis, . ' io, H. uu - ll . . u r - I I I . r ' . . , H i .H H i i H R. H , B. Hora, S. lrvin, . i, ' ' . u . ' L. J , . Krawi , . , . ge, . . . . A. L , . , . Levy, H. Lew', M. - - - i Li u, . f , . ' , . N - concerTs and enlarging The music library. - . - . - u I I I I I I . . . l . . . I . ' . . I l 0 a I T I . - l T 1 ' ' 1 F Qi ' - R : . ' , . C p - nd, . , . , . i , . ' , . - Row B. I' e,l . h, E. . . , . ' w- i, . . . d u v , . , . , . PUBLICATIONS W A hbery C Kaiser Hamlllon C Clapp E Janos: Peskow D Smulh H Wick R Bargman Zn V Kalella J Kobernuss S Lapndes D McKay J Ham on M OrcuH D Sunger Wndgoff J Ullman R Glmmey Rewner D Nachos Godfinger J Mayer C Pls E Tasman D Bloom L Gellen Ihen B Green S Sm 1er 4h M Kleunmeler D Komrow K Balser B Berglund J Smulh ouden I s man L Muller F Rosengarden V Kalnnowslra Sc e L Gurvufz Saff A Schlosser B Green B McKay A Murawska H Clark F BarIIeI+ S Greenfield C Muller H Las'r year The slaff of Ihe Chronicle sel a precedenl dnfficull' Io emulafe when Ihey publrshed a year book 'lhal won second place In nfs class In Wesfern New York nnlerscholashc compehhon The I94O s+aFf of fhe Chronicle was quick fo accepl The challenge of Iasf years group and worked hard Io carry 'rhls years book Io new helgh+s One of I940s proudesl achlevemenls ns 'rhe selechon of a gay and I'ruIy subslanhal cover Io enclose The pages of 'Ihe Chronucle Wllh Mrss Ryan Iu+erary advlser Miss Colburn arl adviser and Muss Doney Mrs Corcoran and Mass McCabe business advlsers coordmahng 'rhe efforfs of The dlfferenf deparlmenls The slaff 'Funchoned smoo+hIy and efficrenlly Ever plnanl +o modern lrends +he I94O Hull Topics sfaff published four excellenl Issues of Ihe paper +ha+ were paper more a'r+rac+uve and easser 'ro read Anolher mnovahon was 'rhe publlshmg of ln+ervlews of C9l9bI'IlI8S of fhe slage and screen There was also a serues of ln+ervrews of sludenls here In Maslen who have nnfereshng hobbies Wrlh Mnss Plerman Mlss McCabe and Muss Doney achng as facully advlsers +he edl+ors reporlers busmess represenlahves and all who worked on The paper earned for Hull Topncs a place of dnshnchon among hugh school papers H Ham: on S Lap: es S Snurzer M Wudgofzf J UII n C Clapp D Broder Kanser H Bosch n reen anosn McKay E Abrams E Tasman Orculf L 1 r R a man are Pckens Johnston D Smllh H Kamm J Hamullon C Plrss M Sou en F Rosenga den N Fellon C Copelamd C Lensung M Creenan J HIII man D Komrow A Schlosser A Murawska V alnnow ka urvulz R Bosch As bery M Goldfinger Greenberg P Sessler J Srnulh A Reud H FII E Woz'11a rl elf H Clark D Taylor Luppes E Rosner A Fosfer I Ish. . s , . ' D. I I. 'f Id: ., I , . . Ia, J ' . 3rd: I , I' I,MI I , . , . Is. M. s ' ,' . Pickenl, 'J. Hill: 5Th: T. hvll, . ' , A. C R O N I C L E S T A F F as modern as 'Ihe Trylon and Perisphere. One of +he fealures was 'rhe sfreamlined column headings which made The HILLTOPICS STAFF Isl: . 'If I, . 'd . ni., , . ' ' , . ' ', c. 2 d:: 'BHG ,I E. J ', B. M. I I, . M'llIe ,I , B rg: 3rd:I D. C yi I. I I H. 4Ih: . I. . I , , I I , .IK I s . I Slhi L. G ' , . ,W. h , . . F. 6Th: L.. e , . I' k, F. Ba I , . , . , J. MONITORS lsr Fey Greenberg Syl na We ber Margarer Souden Louise Rung Doris Pezold 2nd Roberi Milbrand Arlene Ludwig Helen Chrisfodoulou Rose Bluman Bengarmn Bookbnn er 3rd James Donahue Raymond Fessler Chesfer Haenszel Wil lnam Mayberger Leon Rosen Ed ard Brown The monu+or sysfem af Maslen does much fo keep 'rhe school machine running smoo+hly ln 'lhe office fwo boys chosen for iheur dependabnlnfy willingness +o work and sense of responsubilufy are on du+y each hour The boys who make up fhe crew of office monliors mus+ be lacks of all 'lrades for In fhe course of The days work +hey may be called upon +0 do anyfhlng from ringing bells +o running errands Their rouhne duhes include preparahon and dlsfrubuhon of fhe absence llsls sorhng and delivering mail +o feachers filing cards and preparing nohces Volunfeer momfors serve fhe needs of amblhous Masfenlfes who spend +heur sludy hours in +he library The of 'I'he bullehn boards and help wllh reference work Among fhose who have worked in 'rhe library +hus year are Edu+h Blssonfz Joseph Cudeck Marpory Gessner Doro+hy Goldberg Paul Gronmeyer 'ames Mackm Edward Maurer Warren Morrison and Theodore Shapiro The bene'Fi+s of fhe monl+or sys+em are no+ enhrely one sided No+ only does +he school owe much of nfs effi caency +o lhe good work of fhe monuiors bu+ +hey 'rhemselves gam by 'rhe oppor+um+y 'ro exercise +he1r resou ce fulness mlhahve and 'foreslgh+ Carllon Murbach P up Laufer John Maurer Thomas Relenl Charles Grampp Robert Hicks Zn William Wilson Granl Reinhold Edward Wozmak Wes ley Blngeman John Wypychow sk: Milton Mansfield 3rd Richard Ransom Gerard Wolf Gerald Howells Daniel Greenberg Roberi Fosfer Rob erf Carpenfer Kenneih Craw l or iw .I I L l B R A R Y M O N l T O R S 0, gFl'li'l.CE .M.OlRIlTORS T i i i T- Isfyz y I, h'l' 9-r-Swvis 4 pa-sw so-Q S 30+ X!! C ATHLETICS CONTINUE TO BE THE FAVORITE EXTRA CURRICU LAR PASTIME OF HIGH SCHOOL AMERICA IN MASTEN PARK IN CREASING NUMBERS OF BOYS AND GIRLS ARE TAKING ADVAN TAGE OF THE OPPORTUNITY TO DEVELOP THEIR BODIES ALONG WITH THEIR MINDS PARTICIPA TION IN SPORTS IS VALUABLE NOT ONLY BECAUSE IT PROVIDES HEALTHFUL EXERCISE AND PLEAS ANT DIVERSION BUT ALSO BE CAUSE IT CREATES CONFIDENCE PLAY WITH WORLD CONDITIONS AS THEY ARE AMERICA CAN BE PROUD THAT THE BATTLES OF HER YOUTH ARE CONFINED TO THE GRIDIRON BASEBALL DIAMOND BASKETBALL AND TENNIS COURTS AS LONG AS SCHOOLS CON TINUE TO PRODUCE HEALTHY SPORTS LOVING C O N F I D E NT YOUTHS THE UNITED STATES NEED NOT FEAR A YOUTH PROBLEM IN THE SENSE THAT THE PHRASE IS USED ABROAD IN SPORTSMANSHIP AND FAIR inf The I939 40 basIre+baIl Eve was 'rhe mos? successful of our A+h'e+uc feams The Hullfoppers made an exceIIen+ record for Ihemselves by wunnung all fhurfeen of fheur games All Eve players of Fosduck s feam receuved All Hugh honors Roberf Alexander Joseph Cudeclc Lee Mafhues and MuI+on Mansfield were chosen for 'rhe All Hugh Ieams and Cap+aun Domunuc Bellanca receuved honorable menhon The loss of our fTrs+ feam wull be a hard blow +o Mr Seelbach who dud such a fine 'ob coachung Ihe boys Even fhough fne firsf +eam and some of fhe second feam are Ieavung fhe 'Fu+ure Ioolcs brughf for a nex+ year The boys on 'rhe second +eam played smoo+hIy +oge+her and wuII no doubf do well nexf year Because of an unexperuenced +eam and +he Iaclc of a swummung pool un The school Fosduclc dudnf have a foo successful swummung season Despu+e +hese handucaps co capfauns Alfred Ly+h and Wulluam Herruclc made a good showung for +he school +eam Ly+h scored un fhe All Hugh Meef and Herruclu capfured Hve Hrs? places un unduvudual mee+s f Isl' Manager Jaclu Kluofel Lee Mafhues Mull Mansfield Capl Dom Bellanca Bob Alexander Joe Cudeclu I1 Sumon 2nd Ben Polluo ufz Fred Kaul man John MacRufchue Harold Frymure Wulberf Lully Coach Seelbach 3rd Mauruce Hursch Mel Sie phen Leo Murphy Thomas Wu son Alberf Tuffany Sol Hor 'rz BASKETBALL SWIMMING Is+ Byron Lyfhe Wulluam Her ruclu Alfred Lyfh James Pop penberg Helmuf Sfelfermann n M Heclr Paul Fro e Edward Broww James Kung r eorge Sle ar? G eenluy erome Sch e fler Gera d Wolf mgr I . ,'. fxl g, -1 V' '5 X L g U , I I .Q ' f , I R Y - . , ,- . 15 The LJ "' rg, . -f , , " ' Q 1 ' ' X , ' u u I I To I , Q' Q, -fo A N , u M' 2.4 -f . . 2: ...W rf' ' B I A I uu - I, . . . I , ' , , u u . , . . 1 V' , - - , I - - . . I u ' ' ' : . . V - - wl . , . . . . . . u . . . . . . - n 1 - . : I ' ' . ' A ' ' -s 1 2 d: r. , h , i ' I U 1 f L T 3 dz G w , Lewis r , J WI , 1 . - , V u 1 4- V 5' . I, .. 4 u " fc ' . X a is X I .1 X . K -V ,1 . Isl Leon Rosen Claude Clapp Thomas Frulsch Capl James Mack n Andre Alexander F ancus D yer Frederuck Sleen 2nd Danuel Green Chesler Maluszewsku Raymond Slod dar Allred Lylh Ro erl Hucks Mullon Schrader Gerald Ho ells Warren Polls 3rd Mr Heck Fanklyn Dau men John Bouchard James Knuery Mr Cra lod Joseph Parusu Harold Robunson James Robunson Manager Sherman F O O T B A L L CROSS COUNTRY Isl Chesler Muller Fred Kleun Wulluam Wunspear Luke O ens Wull am Ecke l 2nd Mr A Seelbach James Banks All ed Allschall Robe l Banlelman Eugene Vesper The openung ol lhe I939 40 loolball season saw lhe Maslen loolball squad hard al work lryung lo develop a lirsl class leam for lhe openung game Despule lhe lwo week delay un begunnung pracluce and lhe loss ol some ol our varsuly men Sarge Heck gol lhe boys unlo splendud shape by plen ol work al blockung lacklung and scrummagung Allhough Fosduck won only one game and losl lour games lhe boys from lhe N llow and lhe Blue dusplayed line lighlung spurul un every game Maslens vuclory over Burgard was lhe mauor upsel un lhe League Even lhough Bennell Hugh School had lhe honor ol wunnung lhe Harvard Cup lhe Hulllop Boys were nol lorgollen Four Maslenules receuved All Hugh honors They were Caplaun James Mackun Thomas Frulsch Chesler Maluszewsku and Claude Clapp ln lhe annual All Hugh school race November second Luke Owens Wulluam Wunspear Fred Kleun Chesler Muller and Wulluam Eckerl llnushed well up un lhe held lor lhe Yellow and lhe Blue They scored I06 pounls guvung Fosduck lhurd place un lhe meel and compuled eughl pounls loward lhe Wulluams lrophy Thus was an excellenl showung by our leam .. M ., , . , , , ,,,,,,,,,,,,, uh I A U ' as . Y ' -F' 1- .- ,4 Nr , T V, ' -. , I I. O I- . oo I S- ' - -ua, ' ' wr I- , v ', .A 'I I P 'f , Ai. : , , ' - l , w , . . . . ' . ,, ,, T I W u I - . - +V . I . : ' , I I . -I - I d, b ' I I I W I ' ,O . . . . . I . . I . I F - ' ' I I . ' I . W r I s i 1 . . . , , , ru - uu uu - uu ' . I ' n I . 0 n 0 . I I - I I I I I I - u , . D - Q W, '. M . I - . . 5 . . . ' W I . 1 . ' l r . , '7 ,N 4? I ,., ,u X u r u F Q ' , ' . - , ' J' 'F l X f , '3- X X, . u . , VR 1 Y F.. -ai The sharp crack of ash meeflng horsehlde a baseball arcmg lazily un +he sun as if soars info fhe ouffield fhe shoufs of fhe husflung players on fhe diamond as fhey prepare for fhelr firsf bug game fhese are sure signs of sprung which bring wlfh if fhe Cornell Cup race Thus year s Masfen mne bolsfered by seven refurmng veferans looms as a serious confender for 'rhe Cornell Cup Fosdlck faces five sfrong feams as she goes Info acflon agaunsf Emerson Easf Soufh Park Seneca and Burgard Hugh Schools Agamsf 'Ihese feams fhe Masfen line up will be as follows firsf base Daniel Green fhnrd base Domlnlc Bellanca leff field Louis Singer cenfer field Roberf Mllbrand rughf field Joseph Cudeclc Behind fhe baf will be Andrew Alexander asslsfed by Carl Murphy whale Roberf Alexander and Chesfer Mallszewslu wall handle fhe hurling R Sfoddard J Cudech J Knlery R MI brand C Maluszewslu R Alexander D Green J MacRlfchne A Alexander D Bellanca L Singer L Owens 2nd C Wesfran C Tompseff W Bnerma M Heck L Murphy R Veffer H Ronan chores Several players who formerly wore fhe blue and gold of Masfen on 'rhe diamond have graduafed Info fhe ranks of professional baseball INTRA MURAL BASKETBALL I5 POU Is! Robe? Haefner John Vacanf Alf ed Alfschaff James Hnrschberge Robef Ba ker 2nd Roberf Escoff Kuff Feuerhe m Leon Wald on This League is composed of feams represenfmg fhe freshman and sophomore rooms Though fhe boys are small fhey usually display a brand of ball worfhy of varsufy fives Affer a close and doggedly foughf schedule 'Ihe boys from Room 3Ol emerged vncforious Leon Waldron was fhe hugh scorer of fhis dnvislon. BASKETBALL UNLIMITED Isf Roberf Mllbrand Chesfer Mallszewslr Ed ard Nagel Znd Ed ard Malone Henry Van Landingham The parfucapanfs In fhe Unlnmlfed League weigh over I35 pounds and usually comprise fhe besf players In fhe school oufslde of fhe varsufy feam This year 'Ihe posf graduafe boys from Room 303 complefely domlnafed fhe field and won fhe large frophy presenfed by fhe Edebfa Lnferary Soclefy Chesfer Maluszewslu was fhe hnghesf scoring player nn fhe League. r ' a , N I ,i l L' 'NN . I ,Xa f 1 A E A X ' fi ""' g . , , , , ' ' . Q B A s E B A L L .i .... i. . 1 Is+: . , . , . ' . . I- , ' ' ' , ' , D . ' : . , . , . ' , r. John McRi+chieg second base, James Knieryg shorf-sfop, Capfairi I - ' - - - - , B: , H M 'L I jB 'I I - ND lm -at Isl E Malhles C Campbell J Cooper J Banks R Vackus C DAngelo A Sheller Capf J Robin son R Croessman R Hanrslon R Kesser s ner R Race F Fgl-ala F Klenn R Ro E Nagel 2nd E Harris J Bouchard A Brown O Brown C Bro n J Flynn G Walls I Kraus W Wesl W Sums W Graham D Cary S Gullo J Lncala R Saxlon schafl' H We h W Kaehn R KI Taylor E Helnhman L Malhnes W Polls F Lubl H Leflwlch Wr+h 'lhe appearance of sprung a familiar slghl greeled lhe eyes of Maslemles as lhey Iefl school each day The grounds sur roundlng lhe school were alive wnlh ac+uvl+y as 'Irack aspzranfs 'framed faufhfully for 'rhe approaching +rack and held meels Under lhe wafchful eye of Coach Allle Seelbach Ihe +eam rounded lnlo excellenr shape and promlsed lo furnish shlif compehhon 'ro all rava s Fosducks 'leam rs led by Caplam James Robinson one of lasl years slellar performers Robvnson compeles In several evenls spe crallzlng an lhe 440 yard dash and 'rhe broad lump Olher promising members of 'rhe leam are Dean Cary hurdler Wllluam Graham and Warren Polls an 'Ihe pole vaull' Charles Camp bell sprmler Earle Harrls and Richard Halrsfon In Ihe shol' pul Jack Cooper Kennelh Backus Ralph Kushner and Fred Klein run mng lhe dlslances Especially pleasing 'ro Mr Seelbach us lhe encouraging number of lower classmen who are frying our for fhe I'eam They wall form a nucleus around which a slronger +eam may be bulll' nex+ year INTRA MURAL CROSS COUNTRY WINNERS I+ Alfred Allschafl Luke O ens Fred Klein 2nd James Banks Fred Barllelf Room II2s cross counlry 'leam came fhrough wllh flymg colors Luke Owens and Fred Klein 'hed for Ersl place In lhe gruelllng run Alfred Allschafl came nn fhnrd The boys pleased lheur home room feacher, Mlss Delahunl, by wlnnlng lhe cup The race uncovered some good prospecls for nex+ year's varsvly feam. BASKETBALL I35 POUND I I Warren Polls Chris DAngelo Carl Weslran 2nd Wulber Lnlly lr mg Ahlhelm Earl Harris Francls C deck Adding 'lo lhe collechon of cups won by lhe boys of Room II2 +he I35 pound class baske+balI leam won anolher frophy The fasf play and 'ream work of +he boys were an lmporlanf faclor ln 'lhelr successful campaigns Many of 'lhe boys are loo small for fhe varsnly 'leam and lhls ns lhelr only means of playlng organized baskelball. I s A514 qua A414 -.I 71 ' u 1, :H r V I , 1 T I " of I I l ,, . - . Q A , ,,:..m five.. 3"-r:,'..' M ,A ,-,,, . T, I , . I ,, . ' I, . . .' I - . . Ku h , . , . I ' , . ' , . gers, , , , , , I : . I ' , . , . , . . I l - I . w , . , . , . , . , ' ' ' ' ' ' 3rd: Mr.. Seelbach, J. McPherson, W. Keller, A. 0 0 . , ' All' , . iric , . , . ein, D. Z , 1 . "' in i If X 1 A .ff I ' . , F L I ,, I h I -X xl I K -11- s : , w , ' . 5 5 I I I 1 - z . y . I V. . U . I . U- The I939 40 season golf feam was led by Capfam Roberf Alexander Under has leadershup 'lhe boys from fhe feam confrlbufed fwo valuable polnfs 'Towards fhe wm nlng of fhe Wllllams frophy Because of fhe belafed opemng of school fhe prelumunary golf fournamenfs were nof held Only fwo of fhe Fosduck players who enfered fhe All Hugh Meef had had prevnous experience un unfer hugh school compeflflon The four Masfemfes who recenved fhelr malor leffer fhls year were Thomas Wllson Richard Becker Roberf Alexander and Edward B own The ofher 'l'wo players who were m compeflhon buf lusf ouf of fhe wmnlngs were Roberf Neureufer and James Andrews Nexf year wal be a very promusmg year for our golf feam because fhe malorlfy of 'Phe boys wlll be back under 'rhe leade shlp of Capfaun elecf Edward Brown When fhls yearbook wenf fo press fhe fennls season was lusf opening The fennns squad us unusually large fhls year compared wlfh 'rhaf of ofher years as new men from fhe freshman sophomore Iumor and senior classes have furned ouf for prac'hce and many of fhem show consuderable promise There are only fhree varslfy men back from lasf year They are Capfaln James Andrews Harold Wack and lrvung Ahlheum New boys who display good posslbnllfles are Edward Schlenker Granf Reinhold Alberf Tiffany Joseph Hoovcr Edward Welgand and Jack Treger Mosf of fhe boys have had experience nn handling a fennls rackef and fhey are now spending much of fhe season s p acflce sessions learning fo oufmaneuver fhenr opponenfs on fhe courfs A serious bud for fhe Park Club Cup has been enfered by 'rhe l940 hlllfop feam be f Alexander Edward Bro n Thomas Wulson Rnchard Becker lsf James Andrews, Edward Schlenker, Harold Wnck, lrvung Ahlhelm, Samuel Snlfzer 2nd Lelghfon Guyoff Granf Reunhold Edward Wengand Chauncey Neubeck Joseph Hoover. Alberf Tnffany Mr Seelbech B G O L F E Ro r I , - a 'T f T E N N l S The girls, who wenl' ou+ for swimming Ihis year, were said by Miss Moore Io have been a very en+husias+ic group. During Ihe year Ihe girls worked for Red Cross Swimming Cerfificaies. There are four grades of 'Ihese cerfificafes Ihe beginner's, 'Ihe in+ermediaIe's, fhe swimmer's, and fhe advan ed swimmers By +he hme a girl becomes an advanced swimmer she as able Io swim for I'hlr'Iy mlnu+es and Io do lunlor or senior life saving Leona Daszewska on of Mas+ens besf gurl swimmers has complefed all Ihese +esIs Olificers for Ihe ln'I'ercIass swimming Ieams are freshmen Mary Frances Hackford and Beffy Waller sophomores Harrlel Wahl and Kalherme Kapodlsfrla sensors Leona Daszewska and Irene Weber Because of Ihe Iarge number of freshmen who parhcipaled Ihls IS fhe firsl' year a freshman +eam was organized Afler a few prachce sessions Ihe gurls I940 badminI'on Iournamenf go+ under way April I5 Because of 'Ihe large number of gurls iurmng our for +his spor'I Ihree groups were formed The advanced players displayed fheur already acquired knowledge on Mondays The in+ermedla+es showed Ihelr skull on Wednesdays while Ihe beginners ba+Hed on Friday affernoons in Ihe gurls gym Leading In +he advanced group a+ Ihe beglnnmg of Ihe season was Ihe sisfer Ieam of Alice and Elsa Lohans Marie Bell and Leona Andrzelewska were aI' Ihe head of 'Ihe lnlermeduales while 'Ihe leaders of Ihe beginners were Margarel' Nowak and Florence Schupp The girls nn all classes displayed marvelous aglllfy and grace as Ihey moved abou? Ihe cour+ rerurnlng dlfficull shofs and aflemphng Io ou+wu+ Ihelr opponenfs IMM Sealed On Board E Barfelf A CharreH'e J Smlfs A Ter ryberry On Floor E Maron P Franke V Bermelhnger D osenhahn Walfers Smiih D Schulfz Siandnng J Boller D Maza F Goralska Miss Moore L Daszewska D Tlsdale U Bar fell E Wellman K eelung R Schauf J er e in B Hockford L Zamblfo BADMINTON H M J He angs Prelsc e c osser E Donahue Sc auf G Radaelll J eel C Luiz M Johnson M Peel 2nd L Andrzelewska B Bern hard E Wellman B Holdner A Holdner E Sfeflan M J Orcuff R Sleunknrchner M Relmeler M Schuman R Sangbush 3rd J Simon B Wohlerf M Hackford J Clapp Davis J Killian H Goodruch cVncar Keem Schupp o s Thompson H Lewus V Fran gooles D Luplak A Ludwig A Shefler R Glmmey 5'fh O Hageman A Lohans B Berglund M Frangooles K Winans J Genfner J Hari M Gramm J Hulchuson bfh A Chandler E Lohans J Kobernuss M Zegler D Zangerle M Eller M Nowak S Mosler P Franke SWIMMING BADMINTON S W I N C5 1' iii- R' ', 'B. .' Li 1' A ' , . I. , . ' i n ' : . , . H - 'Il gel, E. B ih' , M. ell, M. I - w Isl: D. aas, . . Ibig, , I. Sf , E. ' h I, A. I S hl , . , R. ' h . . ', . P . '+ I ,' . ', f . F. ' ' ,' I ,' ci ' J. M " , J. ' , FI , .. y ' Mhz D. H Il , M. Bell, G. A ' z , v I, . I ' A 'A ,I Thus year fhe baslcefball season progressed un a very rapud fashuon On November nunfh fhe Iunuors who had already begun brushung up on fhe fine pounfs of 'Ihe game were louned by fhe senuors and sophomores who were fhe besf represenfed classes By No vember fourfeenfh fhe freshmen had begun pracfusung and all fhe classes were represenfed un fhe gym The gurls pracfused faufhfully and defermunedly up fo December firsf when fhe class feams were chosen from among fhose who dusplayed 'rhe mosf abulufy Capfauns of fhe dufferenf class feams were as follows freshmen Elsue Wellman Margaref Irwun Maruan Reger and Grace Wullun sophomores Jean Hufchuson Marue Bell Harruef Wahl Elsa Lohans lunuors Lorraune Chrusfen son Mary Frangooles Shurley Mosler senuors Sally McLeod Alcunda Bell Ernesfune Harruson Helen Feger Dorofhy Maza Pearl Kramer Jean Kulluan and Lulu Smufh Shurley Mosler and Marue Bell s feams were undefeafed un class compefufuon A+ fhe end of fhe peruod of pracfuce 'Ihe real unferclass playung began The gurls un fhe final feams were chosen by fhe capfauns and Muss Kreug and Muss Sfephan These gurls were fhose who exhubufed abulufy and consfancy I fhe Hrsf game fhe brave buf slughfly unexperuenced freshmen managed fo obfaun 2 pounfs agaunsf fhe sophomores I8 In fhe uunuor freshman game fhe former agaun receuved 2 pounfs fo Iaffers I6 However when fhe begunners mel fhe Eenuors 'I'hey were complefely baffled by fhe swuffness and alerfness of fhe senuor cagers who scored I8 pounfs fo + eur 0 The uunuors and sophomores quufe evenly balanced scored I8 and I4 pounfs respecfuvely whule un fhe senuor sophomore game 'rhe score was 8 6 marlung a senuor vucfory Thus year fhe senuor feam showed fhe benehf of fhree or four years of good sound pracfusung They dusplayed remarkable sfyle un 'Iheur speed accuracy and alerfness Nafurally such a 'Ieam could do nolhung less fhan wun fhe school champuonshup If musf be saud for fhe ofher feams 'rhaf fhey exhubufed abulufy fo play faur and fake honor or defeaf They have gauned Icnowledge and fraunung fhaf wull be fhe basus upon whuch beH'er feams wull be organuzed nexf year RESHM If Else Wellman Frances Goralslcu Dorofhy Mara Sfella Scoff Helen Feger Alcunda Bell Mary Frances Haclrford 2nd Reguna W ngerler Vu an Harper Sally McLeod Helen Lago slua V vuen Murphy Mar g ref Ir n Jean K II an Dorof y Schu fz E nesf ne Harruson Eluzabefh Ba felf Ursula B felf Adelune Wlelulnska Lous Smufh SOPHOMORE Isl' Sylvua Weber Mary Fran gooles Elsa Lohans Jane Maf es Shurley Mosler ean Hufchuson June Genfner 2nd Dorus Reuluauf Anna Kasf ner Dorofhy Campbell Marue Bell Margaref Herlan Kafh ryn Wunans 3 d Alma He ss Leona d zeue slra Arlene Guenfhe Jean Ch usfenson Dorus W Ison ' , , , ' , ' ' - B A S K E T B A L L q u u 0 . Q . ' n.a ua - n I B B I T S E N I O R - F A N 3rd: ii , h I , r I ' , J U N I O R - I ' R S I fha ,I ' I , J I a 'S 'Q ' ? -I . AX 1 l . I ' It T x' ' u I r : i , An- L The gurls volleyball season opened fhe firsf weelc an March If was greefed mosf enfhusnashcally by 'rhe femmune afhlefes of Masfen and more fhan one hundred gurls furned ouf for fhe Hrs? pracflce They were duvuded mfo fwo groups fhe lower classmen playing on Tuesday affernoons whsle fhe seniors and rumors played every Thursday Under fhe coachmg of Mlss Sfephan physncal unsfrucfor pracfnce progressed rapldly The capfauns were elecfed and soon had 'fhelr respecfuve feams well organized Capfauns of fhe four sophomore freshman feams were June Genfner Margaref Herlan Elsa Lohans and Kafhryn Wnnans Plloflng fhe sensor lunror 'Ieams were Alcnnda Bell Helen Feger Alnce Lohans Sally McLeod Beffy Shorf and Irene Weber Vlcfornous In fhe sophomore freshman dlvlsnon was fhe feam under fhe capfamshlp of Kafhryn Wmans Engoylng an almosf perfecf season fhey had a record of five vucfornes ouf of fhe IX games played In second place was fhe feam pllofed by Elsa Lohans whach had four vlcforles and fwo losses A+ fhe head of fhe sux feams co wp sung fhe senior lunlor group was fhe feam capfalned by Sally McLeod wufh four vlcforles and only one defeaf Tled for second place IH fhaf dnvuslon were fhe feams led by Alclnda Bell and Irene Weber each havnng won fhree games and Iosf fwo Some of fhe more oufsfandlng players among fhe sophomores were Jean Hufchuson Ernesflne Gannon Mar garef Goodrich Margaref Herlan and Kafhryn Winans Excepfuonally fTne players In fhe upper classmens group were Shirley Mosler Kay Bussendorfer Helen Feger Beafrlce Freed Frances Goralslra Ernesflne Harrison Dorofhy Maza Vlvnen Murphy and Rufh Schauf However all fhe gurls pa flcnpafmg nn fhe sporf gave splendid performances and showed excellenf sporfsman shlp an fhe many hard foughf confesfs In fheur modesf accepfance of vncfory or cheerful afhfude 'foward defeaf fhey mef fhe challenge so frequenfly offered fhaf fhe members of fhe faurer sex are nol' apf fo dlsplay fhe same hugh degree of sporfsmanshup as IS evunced by our afhlehc heroes The record of fhe seniors and lumors proved how helpful fwo or fhree years of pracfuce can be whereupon 'fhe sophomores and freshmen are Ioolung forward fo a more successful season nexf year O K lla M J Orcu L MIHRIEWICZ M Frangooles I Weber H Feger L Dasie sl F Goralslu D Mala H Lagowska A Bell Maron M Souden D Rosen hahn R Wungerfer M Cree n M J Pac e G Marn moser V Schnndler 3rd L Jay S Mosler B erg Iund E Sfrauss R Schauf V Frangooles J McVucar A Lo hens J Kobernuss 4 H Chrlsfodoulou Schlosser M Rnnger V Mur phy D Wllson J Chnsfenson Ro enhahn A Ba er Keem A WISKIIHSKG 59h J Maffhues E Harrison S McLeod S Scoff D Zan gerle M Eller SOPHOMORE R E S H M If E Lohans J Szarowska S Mrowlec S Kedzne ska U Barfelf M Herlaw K Winans J Genfne J Zn R Sfoluch C Kuehn N Bader M Grimm S Blffner Peel L Andrzee slna e 3rd J Hufch son A Read M Ausfun E Wellman C Hare ans A Donahue Wahl D Schulfz 4+h A Guenfhe M F Haclr ford B Holdner D Haas L Srmfh M Goodrlch E Gag non E Barfelf VO LEYBALL U ' - S E N I O R - F J U N I R Isf: . il: n, . . ff, znas B.'SI1dr+, L. award, 5. na,I ...I1,I .I Z ',.B - y fhzl I. '. I ,A. v.' L I .Iz,JI F AN ld: . ',. I ', I 'iQ ,MZ an. M..Ev.,. ",Hf FOR MANY YEARS A NUMBER OF CLUBS SO RORITIES AND FRATERNITIES HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO THE SOCIAL LIFE OF MASTEN THE MEMBERS OF THESE SOCIETIES BESIDES CULTIVATING LASTING FRIENDSHIPS AND MUTUAL TRUST GAIN CONFI DENCE IN CONDUCTING THEIR VARIOUS PROJECTS THIS YEAR THESE ORGANIZATIONS HAVE MADE SEVERAL CONTRIBUTIONS TO MASTEN IN ORDER TO FOSTER GREATER INTEREST IN CROSS COUNTRY ONE FRATERNITY HELD AN ANNUAL ROOM WINNING THE EVENT TO ENCOURAGE ATTENDANCE AT A BASKETBALL GAME A SO RORITY SPONSORED A PRE GAME DANCE IN THE GYMNASIUM ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS WERE CON DUCTED BY DIFFERENT CLUBS IT IS TO THESE ORGANIZATIONS THAT WE DE VOTE THE NEXT FEW PAGES THAT OUR READERS MAY BECOME BETTER ACOUAINTED WITH THEM QQ CQPIII yff D SORORYN PRESXDENTS OF MASTEN FRP-TERNXTY AN ZH N00 5 - , ,. , N! F- O ALPHA IOTA CHI Alpha lo+a Chu was organuzed un Ihe year I922 for Ihe purpose of foslerung un+eres+ n and promohng +he s+udy of line arls One of Ihe oufsrandung assembly programs of 'Ihe sprung Ierm was sponsored by Ihe gurls of Alpha lola Chu A half hour of lugh+ en+er+aunmen+ consushng largely of +he renduhon of popular selecluons was presenfed by Bernue Sandler and hus orcheslra A full calendar of socual ac+uvuIues uncluded fall and sprung rush parfues followed by 'Formal dances for fhe pledges af fhe Parlu Lane The year I939 I940 has been an un+eresIung and busy one for 'rhe members of Ihus ac+uve socual group Isl' Edufh Oldheld socuel secrefary Muruel Newman Ireasurer June Adams presuclenl Vurgunua Beneducl vuce presudenf Rhea Schmucker secrefary 2nd Carmene Duduo Ru+h Feusf Norma Maflullre Jeanne Eddy 3rd Shurley BuHner Beverly Duxon Naomu Brader BEATA Beafa was founded as a lurerary socueiy un I907 by Muss Louuse Faber The aum of Ihe organuzaluon us Io encourage fruendshup and fauflr among Ihe members Every Chrus+mas Ihe gurls guve several baslrels of 'food 'Io needy famulues Each year on Junuor Day Beala presenrs a medal Io an oufsfandung uunuor gurl Beafa was one of 'rhe organuzaruons whuch con+rubu'Ied grea+ly Io Ihe success of Ihe Senuor Prom The sororufy sponsored several dances durung 'rhe wunfer monfhs Thus pasf year an enuoyable assembly program was presenied by Ihe gurls un apprecualuon of 'Ihe many fhungs +he school has helped +hem 'Io accomplush Blanche Slumpf secrefary Grace Faehr Ireasurer Sally McLeod presudenl Rufh Knobloch vuce presu den? Carolyn Lufz n Consfance Mulburn Marcella Deery Blanche Weber Nancy ORourl:e Maruorue Funk Calherune Nason 3r Muldred Chmuel Margaref Smufh Jean Hulchuson Karyol Balser Rose Pueru Rafe DeLaney . . . . . i u Isl: , 1 . 1 , ' 3 . ' - '- 2 dz ' , , . ' , ' ' ' . ' . d: . . I . I - I I . .I . . BETA SIGMA Fruendshup among +he gurls of Maslen has been Bela Sugma s aum sunce 'rhe socuely was organuzed un I920 Sux pledges were acceplred by Bela Sugma sororuly a+ a 'Formal unu+ua+uon held al' 'rhe Ca'I'arac+ House un Nuagara Falls New Yorlc The gurls sponsored a Valenlune s Day Dance al lhe Dellwood Meehngs are held al regular unlervals a+ Ihe homes of 'rhe varuous members Bela Sugma supporled Ihe Senuor Prom un May Thus year 'Ihe members of Bela Sugma have conlunued +o uphold 'Ihe hugh sfandards maun+auned by +heur sororufy for 'Ihe pas+ 'lwenlry years I+ Rulh Kleunfelder Audrey Ball Ireasurer Rulh Kam presudenl June Hursl secrelary Belle Kam ser geanl af arms 2nd Lorraune Kaumeyer Irene Blas Janel Whule Thelma Schranluel Maruon Bowen Marlorne Gessner 3rd Annel Marchand Marue Homers Mary Coonly Ann Torgensen Shurley Nussbaum GAMMA MU KAPPA Gamma Mu Kappa was organuzed un I924 +o promole fruendshup among +he gurls of Maslen They chose rupplung wafers as rheur unsugnua +o denole an ever wudenung unleresl un earlh scuence and beauly Thus year Ihe members of Gamma Mu Kappa under Ihe guudance of Mr Rovner have laluen an acluve par+ un school Iufe Gamma Mu Kappa s program for fhe year Included an enrerfaunung assembly presenl'a'I'uon They also sponsored +he dance whuch preceded +he Maslen Technucal baslcelball game Besides +hus Ihe gurls conducled many pleasanl' socual even+s such as formal dances 'Ieas and rush parhes Isl Eva Slorue Lenore Leach Luculle Lanza Marue Fogarfy Sarah Nord 2nd Belly Morruson Moura Flynn Leona Lonluey Berry Kelschenbach Bernuce Hauclu Anna Kaslner Lorraune Wagner n a l 0 I 0 I ' . . . .. , . I I 57 ' . . : . ' 1 . u . - : I I I 1 I l ' ... . ., .... . . . , . I ' I u I 0 1 1 1 - , I I I ' 2 d E elyn Moo e Una Wells Ca ol Rau Anne Ho gan Ellen McG anahan Jeannefle lfalna1o leasurer ALPHA KAPPA Alpha Tau Gamma has long been recognized for +r1e parf If has falen an school achvlhes Mem be s of +he fra+ernl'ly have par flclpaled In and acqurred fhem selves wel In alhlehcs dramahcs and 'fhe o+her Helds of s+uden+ acflvrly Organlzed In l922 Alpha Tau has always had among Hrs members boys vho ure popular wnfh 'rheur fellow s+uden+s and who merl+ 'rhe respecl' of fhenr +eachers Alpha Tau Gamma doesnf be laeve ln neglechng 'rhe social side of hugh school and +h1s year spon sored a skahng parfy and acfed as fhe hosf a+ fwo dances Turner ireas Wlllam Eckef sec ALPHA TAU GAMMA DELTA GAMMA LAMBDA I + Roberf Flood freas James Donahue ce pres Franklyn Dauman p es Fred Kiefer ec Do ald Hefzel sg? a+ a ms Zn Jack Sfa Lo en Doelma Floyd Deal Ralph Kesse Alpha Kappa sororrly was or gamzed In I92I Meehngs are held weelnly al ihe homes of +he membe s A+ these meehngs sororr+y business IS dns CL ssed as well as school llfe an gen era In +he fall Alpha Kappa s soclal achvvhes began wufh a rush +ea +o bring new membe s mio +he so roru'ry Two well aHended card parhes lcepf 'lhe gurls busy during 'rhe fall and wln+er monfhs The members of Alpha Kappa plan +o spend 'rwo weeks of 'rhelr summer vacahon al Sunsef Beach l ean Cary sg+ a+ arms Jacl: Bronold ce pres Fences D yer pres Geor e 2nd Har y Da IS Kennefh Baclres Fed Barflefl Wlllam Kraus Harold Sunclanr Some +hlr+y fhree years ago a group of Masfen boys organized a fra'rernl+y +o sponsor +he Ideals of friendship leadership and spor+s manshlp among lhemselves and 'rheur schoolma+es All during l+s exlslence De la Gamma Lambda has been dISlII'1 gulshed by lhe hugh calnber of nfs members and fhe wise counsel of nfs faculfy advisers For lhe pas+ four years fhe members have been forfunale In having for fhelr adviser Mr Rowen Very popular among +he sfudenf body M Rowen has led +he fra+erm+y +o new helghfs during fhe 'hme he has sfood by fhe helm g . , . - . - 1. - - 7--V-I --Y'----1-H --1'--1-'P . n : v r, , r , rrl , r , 'I , r . ' . , . ri . ' 1 r 1 I r ' J r l , . . . . . ls: D , .- - 3 , vi - .1 r ' w , .g g . . , .7 i' r, . ' 1 r V. . r . I . ' '. I I - . . . I , . - , . . i , r. s: . -I ,Vl - 'I . V -I I . 5 .7 n , .- -r . dz rr, r n, , l r. - The creed ol lhe Hi-Y clubs ol Bullalo is lo creale, mainlain, and exlend high slandards ol Chrislian characler lhroughoul lhe schools aid lhe communily. The girls ol Maslen's Hi-Y have been especially aclive lhis year. l'1 February lhey look parl in a lofum discussion on Peace and War which was held al lhe Hum- boldl Y. M. C. A. In May, lhe Hi-Y groups look over lhe cily governmenl for a day. Eva Janosi represenled Mas- len's Hi-Y Club. The girls ol Mas- len's Hi-Y Club will always remem- ber I940 as a year ol achievemenl and pleasure. Qi A94 JSA... Isl: Dorolhy Oll, secrelaryg Doris McKay, vice-presidenlg Eva Janosi, presidenlg Jane McMahon, lreasurerg Rulh Pfeilifer. 2nd: Doris Wilson, Rulh Hines, Dorolhea Weiss, Shirley Mosler, Esme Clouslon. 3rd: Rulh Lang, Belly Weismanlel, Rila McMahon. GIRLS' HI-Y Isl: Irene Blas, Clarabelle Gibb, Jane Simon, Palricia Kloppenborg, Marjorie Killinger. Znd: Thelma Niedermeyer, Norma Johannes, Pearl Franke, Calherine Scoll. 3rd: Laurelle Sluder, Arlene Ludwig, Belly Jane Herr, Audrey Burmasler, Rulh Schreiber. The Palladian Lilerary Sociely was organized in I935 lo encour- age apprecialion ol lhe arls. This organizalion sludies a cliflerenl lype ol Iileralure each year. In lhe pasl live years lhe group has presenled many new books lo 'I he school library: among lhem, Max- well Anderson's "Knickerbocker HoIiday", and Roberl Sherwoocl's "Abe Lincoln in Iliinois". Miss Duschak is lhe laclilly ad- viser ol lhe Palladians. In lhe pasl season, lhe sociely, known lor lhe excellence ol ils assembly pro- grams, presenled Rabbi Fink, who spoke on "The Value ol Books". HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The purpose ol lhe Home Eco- nomics Club is lo learn all lhe ways in which a house can be lrans- formed inlo a cheery and livable home. This year lhe girls included in lheir program several field lrips lo inslilulions and induslries which are concerned in fields lhal are ol inleresl lo lhe club. Spring lound lhe club busy pre- paring lor a receplion where lheir molhers were lhe honored guesls. Housekeeping holds no lerror lor lhe members ol lhis club as lhey pul lo praclical use lhe lhings lhey learn. PALLADIAN LITERARY SOCIETY CL1-Q- . . 7- . Isl: Mildred Widgoll, vice-presidenlg Pearl Sessler, presidenlq Mary Jane Orcull, secrelary and lreasurer. Znd: Reva Rekers, Orpha Deering, Doris Wilson, Julia Smilh. 3rd: Bernice Cohen, Jane Braun, Marie Hoover, Calherine Kaiser. N IT Leon Rosen corres sec Sigmund HoFTman pres Benlamn Bookb nder ice pres 2nd Seymour Rasnnck sec Leonard Ascanazy Leonard Adler Armand Pr nce Treas RoberT Criden se g aT arms The Sigma Gamma Phu TraTern :Ty was organized To elevaTe young men morally advance Them lnTel lecTually improve Them physically and To unlTe :Ts members in a closer Teellng of broTherhood For The beneTiT of The musical organlzahon of MasTen a concerT was sponsored recenTly by The Tra TernlTy lTs members also held a dance and a skahng parTy Yearly The club presenTs The Weldrich Award To The mosT ouTsTandlng Weldrnch a broTher who died In The service oT his counTry during The World War Mr SmlTh is The TraTernlTy s Tac lTy adviser SIGMA GAMMA PHI IT RuTh Schreiber :ce presIdenT BeTTy Lee pres denT PaTrcia Kloppenborg secreTary 2nd LaureTTe Sfuder Jean Allen sergeanT aT arms Clarabelle Gibb RuTh Hapke Treasu e Els e Wellman 3rd Nafalne Sulli an CaTheu ne ScoTT Arlene Lud g Do oThy LrpTak One of MasTen's youngesT Tra- TerniTies is Pi Gamma Sigma, or ganlzed in I935 The oblechve of This orgamzahon is To promoTe good sporTsmanshup The members achieve This goal by conducT1ng an annual InTra Mural Cross Coun Try MeeT Room II2 was The I939 winner LaTe In The TirsT Term The TraTer nuTy presenTed an enTerTamung assembly program Jim Wells a well known sporTs announcer of Buffalo was The speaker Music was Turmshed by BerT Lockwood s Band The social program of The club included a swimming parTy a TheaTer parTy and a dance This year s acTlviTues will be culmmaTed by a summer Tormal Pl GAMMA SIGMA IsT Harold Wick p es denT Mr H Sm Th TaculTy ad user Ir ang Ahlhexm vice presldenT 2nd AIT ed Frederuksen sergeanT aTa 'ns RoberT NeureuTer Treasurer Theodore Schell secreTary SIGMA THETA PHI Since The Tounding oT Sigma TheTa Phu SororuTy in February l920 Three passive chapTers have been organized by 'Former members of The MasTen chapTe This year The achve and passive chapTers co operaTed To hold a Tormal dinner dance aT The Trap and Field Club Pledges were mviTed Tormally aT The Buffalo AThleTlc Club prep meeTlng was sponsored by The gurls To rally sTudenT supporT Tor The TooTball Team and To Tire The grndders wiTh ThaT well known MasTen spnrif ATTer a banner year The sororuTy is looking Torward To a pleasanT vacahon I - . . , , . . . s 1 , . .1 ' . .I I I I . V' - . I . . , . . ' .: . , I . -1 - , y . I ' 1 , l. . l . . . . . . I 'I ' 4 :. 9' I I .Ev I . i t . . M Q U, Q 1 - .. - v 'F , tr . ' g I U I 5 . 1 . , iunior boy in memory of Winfield ' I I I I , I .1 1 1 ' , r i 1 . . i , v' g v' ' , ' - ' . ' : r ' . - - rr z . I . 0 1 P I ' u ' . 7,7 I r. I , ' . A .. - .. s z ' . V' - ' I . I C I I , - ' . . r rg I . 1 ' Iv , I I wi , r I , - CHRONICLE STAFF Qwiai scnol 5, VO 4I Cliember sr 'K I 39 P Snssom June I94O GENERAL STAFF Edlfors Managing Edufors Claude Clapp Doris Pleslcow Luferary Ednfor DeLeo Smifh Arf Edlfor Eva Janosl Copy Edifor Cafherlne Kaiser Feafure Ednfors Rosalie Bargman Wallace Ashbery Acfuvihes Edufors Judufh Ullman Mildred Wudgoff Boys Sporfs Edlfor Harold Wuclc Girls Sporfs Ednfor Jean Kobernuss Organlzahons Edufor Shirley Lapudes Phofography Edlfors Mary Jane Orcuff Benlamm Howells STAFF MEMBERS Warren Jones Qumhn Renner Arnold Saff LITERARY Inez Psclcens Charloffe Pllss Julia Smlfh Bernard Green Elllof Cohen Harold Clark Sam Smfzer William Shreder Jean Mayer SNAPSHOTS Frank Boofh TYPISTS Virginia Kallnowslca Dorofhy Komrow Beffy Lou McKay Alice Murawslca Ellen Pefschlce Adele Schlosser Philip Wennfraub Edward Woznnalc BUSINESS STAFF Managers Adverfisung Manager Hope Hamslfon ADVERTISING June Hamulfon Chesfer Miller Caroline Lenslng Madge Klein meuer Samuel Greenfield Jean Hillman Roberf Bosch Shirley Lapldes PUBLICITY Leonard Gurvifz Fannie Rosengardew Ted Schell Karyol Balser Marlon Goldfinger Hope Hamulfon Inez Puclxens CIRCULATION Fred S Barfleff Bernice Berglund Doris Bloom Lorraine Gellen fhlen Beffy Lou Greene Jean Hillman Margaref Souden Efhel Tasman Samuel Greenfield r- 7' 4 -' -l-'T L. N '-" iw' ----- '91 TT WT ART: Rose Gimmey, Virginia Kaleffa, Doris McKay, Lillian Miller, Donald Nichols, SCIVEIIOOILZ L Il IE 'Z THIS SECTION GIVES IN AN INFORMAL WAY INTI MATE GLIMPSES OF OUR SCHOOL LIFE STUDENTS AT PLAY AND AT WORK STUDENTS IN GAY MOODS AND SERIOUS MOODS HAVE BEEN CAP TURED BY THE MAGIC EYE OF THE CAMERA AFTER NOONS SPENT HORSEBACK RIDING AND HIKING AT TFNDING SPORTS EVENTS AND INITIATING PLEDGES WILL THOSE STUDENTS WHO ACTIVELY SUPPORTED THEIR CHRONICLE BY SECURING ADVERTISEMENTS MAY LOOK WITH PRIDE AT OUR ADVERTISING SECTION IT IS A REAL TRIBUTE TO THEIR EARNEST EFFORT AND SUPERIOR SALESMANSHIP T H E Y HAVE DEVOTED COUNTLESS HOURS OF LEISURE TIME TO VISITING VARIOUS COM MERCIAL AND PROFESSIONAL ESTABLISHMENTS AND TO INTERVIEWING EXECUTIVES AND PROMINENT CITI ZENS IN THIS WAY HAVE THEY COME TO KNOW HOW TO APPROACH THEIR FELLOWMEN ON AN EQUAL BASIS AT THE SAME TIME BROADENING THEIR HORIZON AND HERE WE PAUSE TO TENDER A WORD OF APPRECIATION TO OUR ADVERTISERS WHOM THE BUSI NESS STAFF COULD APPROACH WITH A FEELING OF ASSURANCE THE STUDENTS HAD CONFIDENCE IN THE ADVERTISERS PRODUCT AND THE ADVERTISER IN A STUDENT PROJECT ALL BE RECALLED BY THE SIGHT OF THESE PICTURES. 49 ,f iff A gg il nn . is Il 11 2? ,rf D 'Y XLL 3 Fx SFXY: neu .Kano x s, say Uona A et-Le ted a ovsag 'cot ckavmmg stem Sc-:mov Vvom VAST Sc yo o 'ws eXec, Nr. e e vx u Mas wea osx, SON who 61 'co F Q 11 you ngXa .SPX xuxo JE? ,, fi, " A' g Q. -"x :IA '! 551 ' 1 " ' ' L ,, ':" 'g',,f"'2ff- ' " "A Xt '. , 7 s . V N ,..,,,, ' Hi F '-QL. ' ,, , . :g 6 7' I Qym., ,, . "Y OU O O W E S 'U u c, Xt 5" H 5 X xA X, 'Q s c e a ' 1 to 'n Nxa ' . F L p. 4 SALE SPECIAL NO FIRST PAYMENT REQUIRED up Io I YEAR TO PAY WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED In wrlhng 'For 5 YEARS SELECT YOUR COVERING ln your home co plfegopo oorf c af S34 Vo s Erees ocafelles, Moh s o e e s af re son p 'ces. expe'e oer 45 yeas' ' e us' 's o ass ofne oIrmn'. Open Thursday Friday 2 PIECES 4 a monI'h 0 We wnII QQII for and e Iver your suIIe 0 AI mfermors WII be reI3uuII wh new maferae S A cu Imorw com ec remade and recovered 0 AI woodwork reImshed Io ocx me new I-'es,er"f. Sawfday T" 9 P- M- MAIL rr-us c:ouPoN 5 7 5 or Phone CLeveIancI 80I0 HOUEEFILQLU, 575 Ma' . Please he e yo es ' o Fl No Charge for Park- am ing in Rear of Sion when making A pur- chase of SI or more. Address a f- ven'n LUMEN R I-IAWS CO Manufacturing Jewelers Speczalzsts m COLLEGE SCHOOL AND FRATERNITY JEWELRY gJ Tpl1 l 609 Root Building 86 West Chlppewa St Buffalo New York WA 843l We Examine Eyes and FH Glasses DR. GEORGE J. COOK, Op+ D OPTOMETRIST I, . Eyesighl' Specialis+ - Opfician f X.. JF X, Easy Terms rs. - P. V. CONNELL Opl' D. Associafe Now I87 Genesee S+. corner Elm Formerly Broadway near Michigan CL 3306 Ladies al' Diefrlchs lnc IZ98 Jeffe so A e Bllghl' s Prescrlphon Pharmacy For Parhcular People School Supplies Ice Cream Candy You Will Fund +he Lafesf S'l'yles al Lowesf Prices Mlchlgan Ave al Norlll S+ Charge Accoun+s Invn+ecl Es+ab I904 Phones GR 9779 9782 Phone GR 9403 Ph e WA 662 Seelbach s Furs REPAIRING REMODELING d STORAGE ELMER ALES CARTING af MOVING 80 Jeffe so A I U h 3 G 4 S Reasonable Ra+es Flrsf Class Work n n O ole a O Orly e e + e a ds f om school l225 N Y eff' gh+l e l Masfe p Lels gel ou IO Wh fs lhe IO e7 3 I GA I' Id KLEPFER BROTHERS INCORPORATED BUICK MOTOR CARS 565 I585 MAIN STREET KLEIN and KRUZICKI, INC CLASS RINLUS and FRATERNITY JEWELRY 3 I9 MAIN STREET I - CL I d 68I6 I Fresh Vegelables KLElNMEIER'S B. W. e. Fooo STORE Shurfine Fancy Foods Cold Cu'rs I57 Maslen Ave 6 AfI'ernoon Bowling I5c per game MILLER'S JEFFERSON BOWLING ACADEMY Free Ins'rruc'rion Wednesday Affernoons I297 Jefferson Ave Llncoln 9655 Combunahon Padlocks CL 2769 3 P- The Sale Loclc 6' Key Corp Loclcs and Keys Door Closers Aufo Keys Made from Number Safes Boughf Sold and Repalred 204 PEARL STREET Dellclous Exfra Qualify Excellenf Ice Cream Temphng Sandwuclwes Coffee and Mllkshalces NECTAR S 6II MAIN ST Opp Greaf Lakes Famous Over Nnghf SPORTS SUMMARY BASK ETBALL Yale Cup Series Won I3 Losf 0 W I Grover Cleveland on SouII1 Parl: Fosd clr Fosdnck Seneca Benneff Kensmglon McKinley Hufchnnson Burgard Technical Lalayeffe Ruversnde asl Emerson FOOTBALL Har ard Cup Sernes League II Losl Techmcal Burgard asf Seneca Soufll Parlr TENNIS CROSS COUNTRY Columbia Cup Sernes Trnangular Meefs Benneff Fosdnclr Kenssnglon Fosdnclz SouII1 Perl: I5 66 IQ3Q IQLI-O SWIMMING Syracuse Cup Sernes Won O Losi 6 Fos :ck 2I 54 Rnverslde Hulchun on South Parlr La'IayeHe asf Teclmnlcal BASEBALL AII Hugh Meef Rl ersnde Kensnngfon Soufh Park Fosduclr . GA. 598 - Q -I. 2 Q4 2 . . '14, .2 l ' , ozo - . V , . I 43 - 26 1 4 - I I " 48-25 ' 7-I4 ' 'I 30-42 'L II 33- I8 II 7- 6 II 24-5I " 43-28 I' 6- I3 E I' 22-52 " 54 - 28 I II 0 - I4 'I 22 - 53 E 'I 56 - 4I I 'I I2 - 39 II 30 - 45 ' I' 47 - 39 I II 49 - I6 II Sl - I3 I 'I 56 - 25 II 64 - 22 I I II 35 - 2I E ISr..wv1 nw! rvgwn rullwl Lfllfmml' I.S:'.I-I" If! wfcn Il'lIL'rI Cflxf I' 57 - 40 'II't'7II In FHM, 1. 'Il rl frvuy . .V . , . 60 3I 33 40 44 I06 60 DELLWOOD BALLROOM DELLWOOD LODGE in Buffalo M Hgh y II II ain i wa near Wi iamsvi e Winfer Season Sepfember Io May Summer Season May 'ro Sep+ember DeIigh'H5uI places of assembly for 'rhose who DANCE Personally conducI'ed by Mrs. Ar'Ihur Funk DELICIOUS CANDIES Say II Wifh FOWLER S CHOCOLATES 2 5 Good Things fo Ea+ ALBERT G FUZAK BETTER MEATS Monarch Finer Foods I339 J 20I5 Marching a Specially CHIPPEWA PANTS STORE is W ich pp TROUSERS SWEATERS For AII Occasions Special Deparlmenf for S'fuden+s WILHELM PRINT SHOP Publishing GENESEE HERALD N Fillmore Shopping Guide 6I6 G J Wafch and Jewelry Repairing HFINTZ and HOYLER MANUFACTURING JEWELERS zz w Ch pp d LAUNDRY BAG O WASH USERS SAVE MONEY W NTER LAUNDRY h s s I LA 60 MOHN 8: HUNTER LAUNDRY 266 G n see SI I I I Jefferson Avenue efferson Ave. GA, es i ewa Sfreef enesee aI efierson Nexl Io Graaf Lalres Theafre rv I in - A "Bag O' ash" is a new idea in Iaundry service. Pack a bag IuII of wash and if you can ge? more in, +haI's fine Ioo. The MOHN and HU a a special ra+e for a new "Bag O' Wash" 'thai fhe company is offering Io Ihe public. ' I ewa SIM 2nd Floor If you wanf 'lo save money on your Iaundry bill , ca! . 84 . CLeveIan 8544 e e . STELLER S BAKERY INC Combined Improved Almond Rings Kuchens and Rolls HOSPIEBIIZBIZIOD Special Prices Io SOCISIIGS an 80 BesI SIreeI Medical Attendance WE DELIVER GRan 45 Low RaIes No Group Necessary Ph WA 2625 8543 O19 Jos Meyer and Son nc Heahng and Venhlahng Engineers E Hardware and House Furnishings Sherwin Williams Palnf AgenI 567 69 Genesee SIreeI 407 HunImgIon Ave BuFIaIo N Y Ru 2 G-eI Iha ba 3 Malme II goo 4 JusI one o ng 7 Thlnlr you re smaI don c a? 8 W aI o 5? eo ere' I0 yce uI o II Whos cI1ee leader a ound Ile e7 I . I . d I 38 . , I . . I. n! . I II! . ' d. . big Phone PArk5'de happy family. 5. Hey! you're noI Ihe Ieacher. 6. Merrily we sIr II aio . . ' ' r, 'I I1 . l'1 , IW girl 9. H II , IIN . . Bic I bil I r Iwo lor is iI7I . ' r r r Over Fiffy Years' Service PETER YOUNG, lnc. Two Sfores 582 584 Genesee S+ SPARK'S DAIRY BONDED MILK CL 0287 Slfeel 3l5l 3l57 Barley Ave AM I2OO BUFFALO N GR 4337 ZGLLS FURRIERS Inc Everylhrng ln Furs ALFRED EUGENE THOMAS Phone Wasln 32l4 32l5 32l6 9 J F ADAMS, lnc 459 Waslungfon S'free+ Near Molwawk Sfreef , . Y. You will End in our slocl: +l1e besf and ' ' lafesf in bo+l1 domesfic and foreig made cameras: . Kodak, Leica, Confax. Exalrla, Robo? Maln S+ree+ Rollelflex, Rolleicorcl, Ar us, Dollina and many oflwersr Also, a flue assorfmenl of enlargers Fine Grain Developing and Prinfing HIT PARADE OF MASTEN School began IaI'e in INDIAN SUMMER and aII'hough aI' firsf iI' was iusi' SCHOOL DAYS IDazeI soon we were IN THE MOOD 'For work. AN APPLE FOR THE TEACHER did 'rhe Irick Io sI'ar'r every- 'rhing smoo'rhIy. When our ITTY BITTY POO'S wafer was unsanifary we were given an exI'ra vacafion. During a Iong winI'er we walked 'Io school WITH THE WIND AND THE RAIN in our hair. II' was A BLUE WORLD when our repori' cards were handed Io us and we vowed I'haI' we would CONCENTRATE ON YOU, dear school work! We also vowed Ihai' Ihere would be no more STARLIT HOURS Then when we were all singing WELCOME SWEET SPRING TIME and we +houghI' I'he APRIL SHOWERS had come we received a lol? by a sprlnghme WINTER WONDERLAND Mas+en s EASTER PARADE was sI'opped by STORMY WEATHER Finally we saw LILACS IN THE RAIN and welcomed I'he sound of fhe WOODPECKER S SONG We all wished we were ON A LITTLE STREET IN SINGA PORE or on 'rhe ISLE OF MAY when June exammahons came aIong Buf In splI'e of all our wishes Io be GONE WITH THE WIND sfayed and SAT RIGHT DOWN AND WROTE ourselves some ex amlnahons II was a HAP HAP HAPPY DAY when we Iearned Ihaf we were saying AUF WIEDERSEHEN 'ro Fosdlck Masfen 'For ano+her year As far as our Ieachers were concerned we could go 'ro TUX EDO JUNCTION The gradua+es who were bidding farewell Io Ihe ALMA MATER promised TO BE FAITHFUL and Io REMEMBER I'he 'Four happy years behmd +hem Some day Ihey wlII s+roII again THROUGH MEMORY LANE and THESE FOOLISH THINGS wlII remind 'rhem of YESTERDAY S+ dy SI' dy NI Algb . . . we IDEAL SCHEDULE FOR SENIORS FAVORITE SCHEDULE FOR FRESHMEN u I Greek I II Laiin I Gym III German: U nv English: Lunch V General Science LUUCIW I o a Bene: No Iunch-wasfe of I Res+ Period-during which a gum fesi is VI e ra held VII His+ory Social Meefing VIII Civics Vernor s Ginger Ale 754 Mann Srreef Dellcnously Duff Mello ed In Wood 4 Years MARILYN BOOTERY i356 Jefferson A enue Campus Sporfs Oxfords Complete Family Shoe Store Telephone GRanf 8749 Kohler Awning Co Service Plus Ouallfy l83 Masfen Avenue Buffalo N DECO RESTAURANT JEFFERSON AND UTICA A Meal or a Sandwich 24 Hour Servnce Manager Phal Bolcan GA 50oI Masfen Beaufy Shoppe All Lanes of Beaufy Culfure 256 Masfen Ave Open Monday Frrday Safurday Evenings R E Dougan Press PRINTING GRan 8942 I4I7 Mann Sfreef GArfIeId 784I 23I Masfen Sfreef BOILED HAMS Wm F Brandi' O D EYE RerRAcnoN 574 G ne ee Sfreef Near Jefferson For Prescru pflon Service Clarence N Reese PHA RMACIST GA 9549 908 Jefferson Vlslf THE STAMP HOUSE We Carry Everyfhmg for fhe Sfamp Collecfor 336 Andre S Bldg 35 Courl SI Buffalo N Y Gladys Downs Beaufy Salon Permanenf Wavlng A Speclaufy Wlfh Us Llncoln 9582 Buffalo N Open Monday Frlday Safurday Evenings W Sl9I 475 Elm S+ Dalsy Pofafo Chup Co Made Fresh Daily WAFFLE CHIPS and JULIENNES A SPECIALTY THE NEW BUSY BEE Delvclous Hugh Grade Home Made Candy and Ice Cream Luncheon Served Daily IZ47 Jefferson Ave 9927 YAHRSTORFER DAIRY l02 Herman Sfreef WA 2466 . . ' ' ' crenf , . Y. A . - f . Frank J. Wagner ' ' ' ' ' A. . , . Y. . en. Y ln Hair Sfyling Confesl' For Wesfern N. Y. Beaufy Schools Sfudenfs from ROBERTS Won All Four Prlzes' Train Yourself for A Career a+ Wesfern N Y s Leadung Beau+y School ROBERT S School of Beau'ry Culfure 640 MAIN STREET Enhre 3rd Floor Greyhound Bus Terminal WA 6765 Charles E. Roesch 8: Co., Inc. MEATS AND POULTRY IO Broadway Mariel W H Slevers 8: Son FLORIST Member Florlsfs Telegraph Delivery Assocnahon 330 Genesee CL 7800 780l ls she pre++y boys? 2 The magic num er 3 The eyes have li 4 Jus+ slaves fo fheur boolrs 5 Be sure sis sfraughf Ed 6 Pals 7 Make up Cornmlflee 8 Submerged Well almosf 9 Wafch ouf behind gurls' I0 Now malre nf loud' Il The Lasl Round up 1 I o . . . . . . . l ' I. " , " . ' b . . , T , , , ' - , ' ' 1 6 1 1 'T ,Q A l' 'A' 1 . -'ze l . . Q A., I, U X 1 I0 Y Summer Ranlc Genesee and Transnf Road Open Salurday May II+h G lil 1 f ?' rx-,.,, lf ! 4,2- r:QLEpg:p.aLE Tp Cnznc-A C0 Ll? 7 Dorolhy Lenzner Goldberg 28 Sophle Lenzner 39 Rnchard Schwarizoil' Danlel Allen Goldberg 53 Goldberg 56 RECOMMEND T ADE MAPK REI' CARBONATED BEVERAGES Jay, Z-ego-me yn-u. 5-ug. .9nAf!mmen For only SI200 you receive Twelve pruvafe lessons given by profes slonal feacher All necessary music Twelve weeks free use of a dependable sfrumenl for home prachce And nf ns so easy and so much fun io learn 'fo play our way aslr for more delalls PAY ONLY SI 00 A WEEK Thus offer applies +o Accordion Gulfar Trum pei Clarlnef Trombone Xylophone and many ofher lnsfrumenfs Denfon CoHier 8: Daniels mc 32 36 Cour+ Sfreef af Pearl FREE PARKING for cusiomers us provnded nn parkung lol' al rear of siore on PEARL STREET YOU LL DO BETTER AT STRATFORD Unlverslly Afmosphere lndlvldual lnslrucflon Free Employmenf Service Secrelarual and Accounfancy Courses I2 + I8 monfhs of Unuversuly Grade for Hugh School and College Gradua+es lnlensuve shorl courses 6 fo 8 monlhs Sfenography and Boolxlreepmg nncludmg +he operahon of Complornefers Dnclaphones Cal culalors Bnllmg and Bookkeeping Machunes Day and Evening Sessions Cafaloq free Phone CLeveland 7l28 or wrnle . Naghfs, Sundays, Holsdays Phone GArfld 0637 Linwood a nd Uhca . ' . L? .HI 3 ix. . ' 5 '39 will Q L. "MQ . 'Y - Scotts Alrdrorne Rlnk .M .fs n EvereH Franlxlln ang, ' tl l- ' ' a - l l 2- ' ' . O . . . O 3- in- , . . -. l ' l l in . . . . STRATFORD GRADUATE SCHOOL NEW CLASSES TO BE INSTALLED CLASS TEACHER MOTTO Arr of gum chewlng Mass Ryan My hear+ leaps up when I behold bugger beffer bubbles Slmg sho'r arhsfry Mass Zenner We always gel' our man How 'ro be 'rardy Muss Duschak Lazy bones sleeping m fhe sun Hugh explosives Muss Swannle Far up on a cloud 'rop Deep Shakespearnan fragedues Mr Rovner To be or nor +o be Drmklng founfam Iechnlque Mlss Faber In fhls H O I see before me7 Jam sesslon class Mrs Byrens Lei' s cur a rug Romance of Poefry Mr HeckmannL Amour Toulours LAmour THE GRADUATING CLASS OF I940 C firmly bellewng that It IS more blessed to gwe than to recewe I hereby bequea1'hs +o Fosdlck s worfhy under classmen fhe following Shor'r assemblies Sfudyroom seals for fardy pupils beI'ween 2 30 and 3 00 p m AII homework assugnmenfs Broken mllk boH'Ies In +he cafeferla Vusu+s from fhe I'ruan+ officer fhai' kind genfleman so soluclfous abou'r +he s'ra+e of one s heaI+h Locker combmahon padlocks exhublhng slgns of +emperamen+ af 8 39 a m Thar paperless pencll less eraserless friendly srudeni' 7I nn +he adloumng sea A place on fhe bench wu+h 'rhe scrub Ieam Prearranged vusufs +o fhe ofhce on specual occasions People who manrfesi' wasfed cross counfry abllufy rn reachlng cafeferla seafs Those who sfumble +hrough Spanish Iranslahons +hus nncurrlng 1'he bless mg of a wrlffen lesson on +he enhre class Bigger and beH'er memory passages abouf maleshcal roofs freHed wufh golden fire Names begunnmg wufh A so +ha+ +he owners may enloy box sears In any classroom Half dried lnkwells Window shades flappung ID +he summer breeze 6 The allurmg queshons on all fesfs I ' . 2 ' : : . . 3 ' . 4 . . .0 5 .. U . .. 6 I O . 0 ll I 3 7 . . I 0- ' I K. 0 ICO I'. 8 ' . 9 .. . . . IO . - .. . . . Il . I O I I I - I2 ' I ' ' ," I3 0 -. - ll ll - . I4 - ' ' ' . I5 ' ' ' . I ' ' . Kobler and Muller zzz GENESEE sr Jefferson Brllrard Academy L A scHoRs P P I2 Tables 4 w Malachowslu s Clofhes Shop Made fo Measure Clofhes Formal Clofhes Renfed HU b Idf 295 OP LYKE NU CLEANERS Pressrng Dyerng and Tallorrng 4 a I CUT FLOWERS Masfen Floral Shoppe GR 0623 M I The Gahwe Brofhers Agency INSURANCE Ch nag C 3I4I Frisch Bros Jewelers bl GENESEE sr WA 0794 WILLIAM THEISS M EATS J W 8 TI-IE I-IOUSE OF GOOD PRINTING extends a hearty handclasp to the IQLLO Graduating Class May Science lndustry Arts and Professions all benefit by your knowledge and wull to create and Improve J. M. Guenther Printing Co. WASHINGTON AT NORTH DIVISION STREET TELEPHONE WASHINGTON I 5 on 'zafu afrons TO THE CLASS OF IQLI-O Your graduafron from Fos dlclr Masfen rs fhe firsf mule sfone on your road fo suc cess Whefher you enfer col lege rn fhe Fall or fake your place In fhe busmess world you will find fhaf a smarf ap pearance rs a definrfe assef You re af your besf when you look your besfl Clofhes by Kleinhans is a rule followed by successful young men in every wall: of life. BUFFALO KLEINI-IAN Klernhans Corner Mann and Clrnfon S Come In and See Us , , . . . , ro . Buflalo's Mos? Complete Furnifure Sfore I I4 JGHGFSOH GI Oodlawn 2 Hour Service - We erafe Our Own Planl' -n Il 1 - H . ' . . . 255 ai ey Ave. m o 6 IO8I Broadway Buffalo, N. Y, Phone l'lUmb0ldf0l97 For Your Corsage See . . . 30I amber of Commerce I . . 296 as en Ave. Phone L. 85I efferson Ave. A. 5 Gusfav A. Frisch, Prop. - l . 1 1 ' T . I . . - I I 7 3 A LITTLE DOES A LOT For Mechanical Dlshwashmg Machines GREGORY K LAMM ALDREDS MUSIC HOUSE Music ancl Musical Insfrumenfs Phone WA 8380 69I Main Sfreel Deeb GuH'as EMBROIDERY SHOP All p W Ch pp DISTI' Mgr 5 O d 5 204 Terrace Phone Wash I260 9Th In l0C+I1' . . . 1 H G i ' Q E U N S E . Y R i E A . H L O L C D L E A School LeHering, Banners and Pennani Monograms U - N On S oriswear I 77 . a ew., CL. alas 5 N E G ' I. Team! feam! Ieam! 2. Some fun! 3. Tally-ho! 4. "Look aI ' ' uniforms." . ui oor girls. 6. afefy in numbers. 7. Jus+ Ik 2 - pulling Ieefhg isn'I if, kids? 8. Thai ubiquiious foofball I . e musicma ers. . a c . THE PHOTOGRAPHS IN THIS ANNUAL WERE MADE BY 214 00014 Pl-1oToeRAPI-IER Frames and Phofographs Phone WA 8363 637 Mann PARDON S DeIlca+essen Freezer Fresh Ice Cream Our SpeclaI+y Toys Nohons School Supplies Candles Good Magazines Cigars Smokers Supplies When You Say I+ Wn+h Flowers on Graduahon Day SAY IT WITH OURS Flowers By Ware Phone LAfayeHe 7896 Three Sfores 304 M A WUNDER FURNITURE Bedding Mfrs Renovafors and FurnlIure Dealers REASONABLE PRICES Fac+ory and Showroom Furnu+ure Sfore 806 Jefferson Ave 2963 Delaware Ave WA 844I RI 0747 or Delicious Home Made ICE CREAM RY HOEHN 81 STURM 253 E Uma S+ GA oo95 , , ' S+. I ll ll 248 High sf. Ll. 9758 260 Demare Ave. ain S+. HoIeI SI'aIIer ' F . . - T TOGRAP Oxovwvx, I P 5 I , 1,11 . V I 4 f P ,xi CX QXF , F ,, Q ,Q f X Virfi'

Suggestions in the Fosdick Masten Park High School - Chronicle Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) collection:

Fosdick Masten Park High School - Chronicle Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Page 1


Fosdick Masten Park High School - Chronicle Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Fosdick Masten Park High School - Chronicle Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Fosdick Masten Park High School - Chronicle Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Fosdick Masten Park High School - Chronicle Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Fosdick Masten Park High School - Chronicle Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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