Fosdick Masten Park High School - Chronicle Yearbook (Buffalo, NY)

 - Class of 1939

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Fosdick Masten Park High School - Chronicle Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 96 of the 1939 volume:

WWW THE YEARBOOK OF FOSDICK MASTEN PARK HIGH SCHOOL THE SENIOR CLASS BUFFALO, NEW YORK VOLUME XXXX PUBLISHED BY X X X S x X S X I NOK X xx x x BUFFALO HAS PLAYED AND IS NOW PLAYING AN IMPORTANT ROLE IN THE FURTHER DEVELOPMENT OF THE NIAGARA FRONTIER AND HAS MADE OUICK STRIDES IN THE PAST THREE OR FOUR YEARS THROUGHOUT THESE PAGES WE HAVE ENDEAVORED TO PORTRAY WHAT BUFFALO AND THIS LAKE ERIE REGION OFFER IN CIVIC BUILD INGS, EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES, ART, MUSIC, AND THE GENERAL DEVELOPMENT OF CULTURE. THE CLASS OF I'-739 HAS BEEN FORTUNATE IN RECEIVING THE PHY SICAL, MORAL, AND MENTAL TRAINING OFFERED DURING ITS FOUR YEARS AT FOSDICK-MASTEN PARK. SO ENRICHED, WE ARE NOW ABLE TO CONTINUE TO AVAIL OURSELVES OF THE DIVERSIFIED OPPORTUNI TIES BUFFALO OFFERS. I Q V ,, .gb Tsar -"' 'ff' U , ' :JI F fx 1 :An rgvkd 1 ' A. 'AJ-" "' j ' L Q10-'DIi""'v , L . 4 's 1 .mn u-f his 1? I " ' 'S 'F A " ' 2" 'J I 2 ii ,-xxx.: 3, 4 .LJ L xl ,, fir ' -2' 2- - 1 ,. "f T 'X--1 db , 'fa gf ' 'ff-"KK xx 'M' fi' ii x iam 2 is vs. 4 I P -f ' H it f K . aff' wi.. "fs -,IS ll 1 .K h 4:4 ,."1 xl " -x ' ' 1 i ' "' f nf 1 ""' Q ' W""1-3 ,. 5' 5 ' is " " F VW ,MW u,3? ,Q sq gwymg A H A 'I' 0, Q- d . cd 7 1:6 W v"V ' i " K ' J., fr. -fm - ' n 'YG ,. ' ' , Nhrrn' awww 1 y - ... ' ' Wff. W' 4 Q4 ' A .M mg :Qi . lf' 4 f ', -F V' , ,-- - , 3 fn it--zf - 3 1' 1 ' , . U' ' 1 I 'ff' ,wir ' 1 -,, , I r - , .. Z - 4 7 , il ,W ' ' ' I 1- "' TO YOU THE BOYS AND GIRLS WHO ARE LEAVING FOSDICK MASTEN PARK HIGH SCHOOL DEPARTING FROM A SCENE OF EXCITING INTER HIGH GAMES AND BAN NERS OF GAY DA N CES IN THE GYM NASIUM OF COLORFUL FESTIVALS AND PLAYS OF C LA S S PARTIES AND ELEC TIONS TO YOU GLANCING BACK FOND LY FOR A LAST LOOK AT THE FAMILIAR PICTURES AND PLAOUES ON THE WALLS AT THE FAMILIAR ASSEMBLY HALL AT TH: COR RIDORS IN WHICH YOU STROLLED TO YOU WHO ARE BIDDING AU REVOIR TO LOYAL FUN LOVING COMPANIONS TO UNDER STANDING FRIENDLY TEACHERS TO EARN EST CAPABLE PRINCIPALS WE FONDLY DEDI CATE THE CHRONICLE OF I939 IDE EI UI ICCIIII Il IQ I u I - 1 I - ' .- I I I F ' - . I I ll ll I - I - I I ' ' 1 - . ' n. dl QQELESA 44, X g xx. 9? fy. 7 11 'w :L AS THIS SCHOOL YEAR DRAWS TO A CLOSE, BOTH STUDENTS AND FACULTY OF FOSDICK-MASTEN PARK HIGH SCHOOL ARE SADDENED, INDEED, BY THE RESIG- NATION OF THEIR BELOVED FRIEND AND PRINCIPAL, C. BROOKS HERSEY. DURING HIS THIRTY-SEVEN YEARS OF SERVICE AT FOSDICK-MASTEN AS TEACHER, ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL, AND PRINCIPAL, MR. HERSEY HAS FIRMLY IMPLANTED HIMSELF AND HIS NOBLE IDEALS DEEP IN THE HEARTS OF MASTENITES. QUIET, UNASSUMING THOUGHTFULNESS, VAST GOOD HUMOR, HEARTY GOOD FELLOWSHIP, RE- TIRING MODESTY: ALL HAVE BEEN A PART OF THAT CAPABLE LEADER WHO HAS SO SUCCESSFULLY GUIDED MASTEN TO PROMINENT HEIGHTS. MR. HERSEY IS RETIRING MIDST THE CHEERS AND BEST WISHES OF THOSE WHOM HE HAS SERVED WITH UNSELFISHNESS AND DEVOTION. TO YOU, MR. HERSEY, FOSDICK-MASTEN WISHES A RESTFUL, JOYOUS RETIREMENT. MAY YOU SPEND YOUR LEISURE TIME READING AND TRAVELING AS HAS ALWAYS BEEN YOUR DESIRE. IN YOUR MOMENTS OF MEDITATION, THINK OF FOSDICK-MASTEN, MR. HERSEY, FOSDICK- MASTEN WILL ALWAYS BE THINKING OF YOU. Mnss Avery Mass u Mrs Byrens Mrs Canfelun Mlss Colburn Mlss Consaul Mrs Corcoran Mass Delahunf Miss Driscoll Mlss Duschaln Mass Durfweuler Mrs Erlrlula Mass Faber Mass Foley Mrs Fraser Mass E Ga+I1 Muss Grabau Mr Hawluns Mr Heck Mr Heclcmann Mr Hellruegel Mass Holloway Mass HowIe++ Mr Hurley Muss Dnckson Mass Dlefenbach Mass Dunsmore Mnss Doney Mass M Gafh Mr Genger Mr Gersfen Mrs Gubney Miss Keahng Mass Kmnlus Mass Krelg Mass Levrlan COMMITTEE MEETING Mass Doney Ms Erlnlula Mnss Puer MR Prmclpal man Miss Kreng Miss Swarrz Mass Siengel AFTER SCHOOL Mass McDonald Muss Nesper Mrs Byrens Mlss Holloway Mr Heck Mass Maass Mr Smnfh RENDEZVOUS Ml s Marlxle MISS Grabau Mlss Duefenbach Mass Colbu n M155 Phllllps Mass HowIeN BUSINESS TEACHERS Mr Heclrman Mnss Sfegan Mnss McCabe Mss Foley Mr Hellrnegel Fr 2 'BII ' .' I K Mr Leubben Mr Luskin Mass Maass Mass Markel Mass Maroney Mass McCabe Mass McDonald Muss Mefz Mass Nesper Muss O Meara Muss Phrlllps Mass Prerman Mass Reed Mrss Roberfson Mr Rovner Mr Rowen Mass S'l'arr Miss Sfeffan Mass Sfengel Mnss Sfephan Mnss Sfraub Mrss Swannne Mass Swarfz Muss Terrasse Mlss Meyer Mr Muller Mass Malls Muss Neal Mass Ryan Mr Seelbach Mass Smufh Mr Smnih Mlss Thomas Mass Wilkes Mass Woodward Muss Zenner 'WW MR ROBERTS Vuce Prmcapal -Q NUM G Z0 ADVISERS Mass Sfraub Miss Bull Mass OMea a Mr Hawluns Mr Geiger BADMINTON Mass Ryan Mass S+epl'1an Mass Levdan M Seelbach Mrs Corcoran Mass Reed Mr Gersfen Mass Swanme Mr Rowen JUST POSING Mass Fraser Muss Smnrh Mass E Gafh Mnss M Gaih Mr Huley Mass Woodward Mnss Kmmus Mr Muller Mass Wnllres ,IJ 1 RECREATION Mr Lusknn, Mnss Malls, Mrs Fraser. Mrs Gnbney, Mvss Dvnsmore, Mrss Roberison . , , 1 . , , ,gy . 1 'HW swans! rg l ' -4. Kam. ,,,, -f ' if-. ,,. f ,.,,,, - Igazzzw. ' K rr 'xx - ' Q Q, , ' A I ' g . . . , , ,, f Y 4 ' 1 I V . . 1 1 f ' Q' ' ' 'V 1 ' . . , , 4 f - . , , r. . - r . - , , ' Y I ' 1 . . , . r , ' , ' ' .' , . ' , . . , ' ,M .Q QM. x 0 1 L4 . Y, X" 1 A I Qzmmuw DURTNC THE PAST VEAR MDCH PRO SS HAS BEEN MADE TN CLASS ACTXVX E AT EOSDTCR THE PRESHMA CLASS D E R THE ETRST TXME TN SEVER L RS APLACE T POSDT RS HA LS T SENTOR JDNTOR SOPHOMORE ERESHM AN A S S ENTERT ATNME ERE ACHTEVEMENTS WHXCH OOL CAN WELL BE PROUD OSE COOPER TTON BETWEEN THE ME B R AC CLASSW AS EVTDENT CLTMA79 T O THESE EVENTS W AS THE ANND AL PROM AT THE CONSTST ORV TN HO R THE SENTORS AND S PPORTED OLEHEART DLV BV T E ENT E SCHOOL BODV THE CLASS EVE TS H AV THDS SET A RECORD DNPRECEDE TED EOSDTCR S HTST OR WT H GRADD ATTON TH SENTORS WXLL LEAVE POSDTCR, STXLL REMEMBER TNG AND LOVTN6 THE SCHOOL TRA T TTON. THE JDNXOR, SOPHOMORE AND PRESHMAN CLASSES WTLL MOVE TO- WARD THE PLACE OP HONOR f THE NO CLASS. MEMBERS HAVE OBLEMS DU ATT CLASS THE PR E ACE ORA THE SENTOR BEEN PREP ARED HERE EOR WHTCH THEV NOW C-BO EORTH TO MAV THEV BE SDCCESSPDLX GRE - TT S . N PODN , O A VEA . N C ' L . HE , . AND CL NTS W OE THE SCH . CL A M E S OEE H . - N . . NO OE , D WH E H TR . N E N TN I gl. T , E D . IX ,.s A i"5""'lss...Q. s"f+. -Q., J' df Nj' Lx., 'x xj-Qs if , Ax 3' 1.3.5 -F pf XX N. x RAYMOND STURM ROSEMARY RATHMAN LOIS WEBSTER RICHARD MARQUARDT Preslden+ H' Vlce Presldenf Secreiary Treasurer f AJ Yx XX I Ns X XXXQ N N N X QNX VIRGINIA B ADANICZAK VIRGINIA H ADLER ROBERT S ALEXANDER BasLeIbaII Baseball Gof Cheer Leader Jumor Class Presldenf LOUIS ANDROMIDAS-Sfar RoII Honor o Mondor Hull Topncs Chronncle PAULINE ANDROMIDAS LORAINE B ANGER Tennis Swlmmmg MARIE D ANGERMAN KENNETH ANGUS Monl+or Hull Toulcs CI1romcIe SOLLIE C APPLEBAUM HIII Toplcs Dramahcs Bug Broadcasf CI1ronlcIe ARLENE ARNDT Honor Roll CapIaunbaII Baseball ANNIE B BACH Honor RoII JANE H BACHMAN Sfar Roll Honor Rall Glee CIub LOWELL W BADGLEY RUTH C BALL Tenms Beafa REGINA G BARSUKIEWICZ Honor Roll Glee Club EUGENE V BATT Honor Roll Hull Topics Chronicle Swlmmnng RufIe Club DeI'a Gamma Lambda LORRAINE P BAUER Home Economucs CIub MARCELLA R BAUMGARTNER BasLeIbaII Baseball I 7 I ' f- . , . , A . . .. , ,. x-:rf of ks Q -xx fsfff wi: vi: 2 -. f . -Els :I --x:-Qi-wx -2 NX amy Algsggfgjox X XXSQ,.,,,kQsXi B X buxrox. IJ X X ixwr SVN A X Q was QNX in A sw My . I . , x , A 1 'H x L . ' I 1 5 ? BERNICE TABACKWAIN RICHARD VOSS Valedlcfonan Iuef Marshal Y x N v 5 QW X DORIS S BEER EDWARD T BEER Honor Roll Hull Topics Chronicle Swimming LILLIAN D BELKE RUTH V BELLER HOWARD C BERNER RUTH E BEYER Basketball Swimming WILLIAM -Honor Roll . . . . . . . . . CLARA S. BILLICK CATHERINE A. BILLMAN EDITH L. BISSONT2-Special Chorus JANE B. BITTERMAN-Slar Roll . . . . HENRIETTA M. BLAKE-Basketball Volleyball . . , Baseball WILLIAM A. BLASER-Oflice Monifor aff XQMAZI' EVELYN BLOOM-Sfar Roll . . . Honor Roll Chronicle . . . Pelladian Sociefy RALPH BOERST-Glee Club . . . Special Chorus . . . Alpha Sigma Iofa LORRAINE BOND-Slar Roll . . . Honor Roll Glee Club . . . Baslreiball . . . Baseball MONTY BOORIN-Glee Club . . . Special Chorus Tennis ..... DONALD G. BOOS-Foolball Hill Topics . . . Chronicle MINERVA E CHASWOOD Tennns Rndmg Volleyball ALBERT F CHAZEN MOHIIOF Special Chorus Trlal by Jury Gamma Sugma JOSEPH CHLEBOWY Honor Roll Chronicle JEAN H CHRISTENSON Baslcefball Volleyball Tenms Baseball EUGENIA E CHROSNIAK Honor Roll Glee Club MARION H CHROSTOWSKI VIRGINIA L CIELENCKI Glee Club DOREEN M CLANCY Honor Roll Home Economncs Club PHYLLIS B CLARK Slar Ro Honor Roll Special Chorus Glea Club Capfamball Baseball ALICE M BOSACK Glee Club Gamma Mu Kappa MARY T BOYE Volleyball CLAYTON F BREDL Specnal Chorus CLARALICE BRETHAUER Honor Roll Glee Club Specual Chorus Basielball Girls Hu Y NORMA E BROAD Hnlung Swlmmmg HELEN BROOKS Sfar Roll Honor Roll EVELYN T BROWN Honor Roll Monllor Horseback Riding Volleyball Hnkmg Home Economics Club MILDRED K BROWN Glee Club ROBERT BUCHOLTZ Glee Club Monnfor Swummung KATHERINE BURKE GERTRUDE L BUSCH DOROTHY L BUSER RUTH E CARTER Special Chorus Slgma Thefa Pl FRANCES Nl CASILLO Honor Roll H JEAN CASPER Honor Roll - LJ NWLL . - 4.. I y H - II.,. ' ROBERT A CLAUSS LUSYD E COFRAN Glen Club Baseball Baskelball BENJAMIN COHEN JANET H COHEN S+ar Roll Honor Roll Hull Topics Cl1ronlc'e JUDITH COHEN Glee Club MARGUERITE A COLE Momlor Glee Club Hiking Baskefball Alpha lofa Clu HELEN B COLEBROOK Glee Club Gamma Mu Kappa NORMAD CONNORS Hull Topics Chronicle Baslelball CHARLOTTE A COOK 64,3 SHIRLEY M COOKMAN Honor Roll CLARA COOPER Slar Roll Honor Roll Hill Topics Chronicle Palladnan Socnefy IRVING COOPERMAN Sfar Roll Orchesfra JOSEPH A COSTANZO Cross Counfry Track BLANCH M CROUSE Baseball CARMELA A CUTRONA l FRANCES R CZAJA Honor Roll Hill Topics Monitor Baseball Volleyball Caplamball RUTH F DALY PAUL U DANIEL Sfar Roll Honor Roll Hill Topics Clwronncle Pholograplwy Club DANIEL DANTIMO Bug Broad asl Band LOUISE H DAUCHER Honor Roll Baskelball Baseball Volleyball Hiking Tenms ELIZABETH R DE LA HAYE Sfar Roll Honor Roll Glee Club Special Chorus Pallacluan Socnely MONICA M DEMBOWSKA Honor Roll HI Topucs Chronicle FRED DESSERT Monrlor Cross Counfry Track EVELYN M DICK Honor Roll Basiefball Baseball Volleyball ' ..,.. .......... . l f l Baskelball . . . Volleyball. . . Swimming . . . Tennis . - . . . 'll KATHRYN C ELLROTT Honor Roll ROBERT L EMHOF NOREEN L EMSER Sfar Roll Honor Roll u Topncs Chronncle VERNA A ENSLIN Dramahcs Speclal Chorus Baseball Volleyball Swnmmnng AUDREY M ERNST Glee Club Orcheslra Capfalnball RITA M ESS-Shar Roll Honor Roll SARAH ETENGOFF Hull Topics Chronnc'e Baskefball Volleyball JAMES H FANNING Monvlor Cross Coun+ y EBEN T FARNHAM Honor Roll Debafe Band Orchesfra Phnlomafheon Socne+y NCRMA A DIETL SHIRLEY B DOBMEIER Honor Roll Hull Topics GERTRUDE L DOEING LYDIA M DOHN ARLENE B DONOVAN Swlmmmg DANIEL T DOODY Momfor LEONARD B DOSSINGER Momfor Hull Topics CHARLOTTE R DOSTER Sfar Roll Honor Roll Glee Club Baslrelball Baseball Swummnng EMILY R DRZEWUCKA Slar Roll Honor o Glee Club Baseball Baslmeiball RUTH A EBLING Honor Roll Chronlcle Hull Topics RUTH A ECKERT Glee Club Specual Chorus Baseball Hnlung Baskefball Home Economucs Club EUGENE EDERER EDWARD F EHRMAN Sfar Roll Honor Roll Debafe Phnlomafheon SOCIETY H-II Topics Chronicle ARLENE EICH JACOB EISENBERG Sfar Roll Honor Roll Glee Club Specual Chorus Tenms Pu Gamma Sugma .l - Rn X: f v JW - . -H f ... Q .n.a I . t W ...I-rn l RITA M FATH Honor o Hull Topics Baskefball Volleyball Gamma Mu Kappa NORMA L FEIND Honor Ro Cheer Leader VIRGINIA FEGER ANTHONY J FINCK Monulor Specnal Chorus P1 Kappa Lambda HELENE FINKELSTEIN Sfar Roll Honor Roll Baskelball Volleyball Swummnng Tennis ALLEN FISCHER Track Cross Counfry SWIfY1f1'lII'1g ALEXANDER S FISHER Dramahcs Band Orcheslra Track Alpha Slgma lola MOLLIE FREEDMAN Baslrefball Swnmmmg LORRAINE FREY EARL G FRIES RAYMOND C FRIES-Honor o Baseball Edebla Chronicle HELEN R FRITZ Swimming Volleyball Glee Club LEO FROHE Honor Roll Swummlng VIOLET GALEMBO Dramahcs Hull Topucs Chronlcle Band Orchesfra Baslrefball EDWARD H GALL Monllor JEANETTE J GARLAND Honor Roll Palladuan Socuefy LINWOOD GARLAND Edebla ROBERT C GEBER ALICE F GEBHARDT RUTH L GEBLEIN Honor Roll Hlkmg Swlmmung MILDRED E GERBER Hull Topics Specnal Chorus Orcheslra Baskelball Gamma Mu Kappa Home Economucs Club BLANCHE M GERLAND Glee Club Swnmmmg Volleyball Baslzelball Tennis Baseball HELEN B GINATSIS Hull Topncs Chronicle Special Chorus MURIEL M GLAESER Sfar Roll Honor Roll Hull Topics Chromcle Swummmg Tennis 3 Q 3' . - Rll... ' ' ' g -. ..... H 49 - l ..... Q h 3 U 4 - 5 A . . . f' el I 'i . A Z . 1 if- ... .5 ' ......Q l A ,I ZE- J' 2 .. '7 A 3 - ,, J, " - 'Jjlyj . s .. - is IJ V -' xxqd ' . - ... ' his 53 ELISE M. GREFF-Sfar Roll . . . Honor Roll , . . . . BETTY GREIG-Monifor . . . Baslrefball . ., Volley- ball . , .Tennis . . . Swimming . . . Baseball . . . . . RUTH GRIMM THERESA H. GRUCZA-Honor Roll . . . Glee Club . . . . . JOHN GRUNERT-Glee Club . , . . . ANNA J. GRZES-Honor Roll . . . Baseball . . Baskelball LEIGHTON GUYOTT-Glee Club ..-.... FRED HAENSZEL-Slar Roll . . . Monifor . Hill Topics . . . Chronicle . . . Cross Country . . . Philomalheon Liferary Sociefy ......,..., AUDREY HAGELSTEIN-Honor Roll . . . Glee Club EDWARD L. GODSON-Foolball ........... ELLEN P. GOERBING-Honor Roll . . . Baslzefball . . . Alpha Iofa Chi ..... RUTH A. GOFF- Band . . . Orchesfra . . . Baskefball . . . Volleyball . . . Baseball . . . Sigma Thefa Pi WILLIAM GOLD-Slar Roll . . . Debale .. Big Broad- casf . . . Publicafions . . . Scribblers . . . Special Chorus . .... MARTHA GOLDSAND-Honor Roll . . . Hill Topics . . . Chronicle . . . Glee Club . . JEAN GOLDSTEIN-Chronicle . . . Bend ALICE GOLINSKI-Baslrelball . . .Tennis . . .Volleyball .......ALEXANDERW.GONDEK....... ADELINE H. GONZALEZ EDWARD R. GOVOCS-Foofball .... Baseball .... ESTHER A. GRAD ..... WILLIAM G. GRAEBER MELVIN A. GRASS-Dramalics ..... Track ..... WILLIE MAE GRAY-Dramafics . . . Baslcelball . . . Volleyball ......... Baseball ......... WILBUR GREENLEES-Honor Roll . . . Monifor . . . Sfage Crew OLETA G HAGEMAN Baslefball Swimming olleybal' EDYTHE M HALLEN Gamma Mu Kappa RUTH D HAMILTON Basle+ball Volleyball Huhng Baseball SEPH HARLA SYLVlA F HARMAN Glee Club FANNIE HARRELL Baskelball Volleyball Baseball JOYCE E HARRINGTON Honor Roll Chromcle Posier Confesf Baskerball MARION HASSAN EDWARD G HAYES Honor Rall EVELYN L HEBERLING Honor Roll Special Chorus Glee Club Hull Topucs Chronncle CORA A HERRMANN THOMAS HICKEY ROBERT R HICKS Swnm mlng Foolball Baseball JACK E HILEMAN Cross Counlry Baslrelball Track MARY HOELSCHER RUTH F HOELSCHER NORMA R HOGG Baseball Capfamball Home Economncs Club NORMA M HOLLFELDER HARRY S HOLTYN Basketball ROBERT M HOPKINS THEODORE HORLENKO Swimming JAMES W HOUGH Foofball Alpha Tau Gamma PAUL HROMOWYK V ...... . - J ..... . - WILLIAM F. HERMAN-Honor Roll . . . Mcnilor Z JACK E KA' BFLEISCH Band Cross Counrry Track JAMES KAMP Honor Roll CALLIOPE KAPODISTRIA Honor Roll Swim 'mng Baslrefbanl EDITH KAPROVE Hor-or Roll HELEN KASKEL Slar Roll Honor Roll Debafe 'Iopucs Chronicle Orchesrra HELEN A KELLOGG Baslrefball GERTRUDE H KEMMLER Honor Roll Sfar Roll BEATRICE C KETTERER Honor Roll Glee Club ESTHER J KIPPHUT GRACE B HUBER Honor Roll Baseball Cap Ialnball WILLIAM M HUEBSCH Hono o MARGUERITE A HUGHES Honor o Glee Club Specsal Chorus JEAN P INGALLS Honor Roll Sfar Roll MARY JACKSON Glee Club Specual Cho us GRACE M JAEGER Band Speclal Chorus Bela Sigma FLORENCE E JAKUBCZAK Shar Roll Honor Roll Hull Toplcs ESTHER J JAKUBIK Tennis RUTH M JANTZEN Hull Topics Chronicle Tennns Baskeiba L2 RUTH M JERGE Honor Roll Monuior Baslcel a O REGINA JOHNSON Honor Roll Slar Roll Chronlcle Palladuan Soclefy CONSTANCE E JONES NORMA E JONES MELVIN KAHN Honor Debefe Dramahcs Publ cahons Scrlbblers Phllomafheon Lllerary Socuefy RII. .... . - I RII... ' fd' bII ..... . - Roll ..... JOHN I. KAISER-Slar Roll . . . 1 ,I H ' .I - I l'f,refZ ff- I 6.3, ...Hill RAYMOND E KISTOWSKI Momfor WILLIAM KLEINMAN Honor Roll Glee Club Track JANET L KLINCK Hull Topncs Chro-ncle Glee Club WILLIAM A KLOESZ Sfar Roll Honor Roll Special Chorus Orcheslra MILDRED G KLOSINSKI Hull Topucs Baslrefba RUTH C KOCH VIRGINIA L KOEHNLE Honor Roll DORISMAE KOHLER S+ar Roll Honor Roll Monnlor Baskefball Volleyball MILDRED F KOHLER Slar Roll Honor Roll Gamma Mu Kappa PHYLLIS J KOMOROWSKI Sfar Roll Baslcefball Volleyball Baseball Tennis EVELYN V KRASNER Honor Roll PHILIP KRAWITZ EDWARD N KRAYENVENGER Band SONIA C KREMPA Honor Roll Slar Roll A I Y CLAUDIA S KRESSE Honor Roll Baslelball Tennis MARY JANE KRUGER Sfar Roll Honor Roll Baslcelball ROBERT F KURTZ JANE M LANG Honor Roll Ba lrelball Baseball Swlmmnng Cheer eader Gnrls HIY DOROTHY E LASKE THELMA R LATHROP-Glee Club FLEUR I. LAURIEN JULIA LAZAR Honor Roll Baskelball LENORE LEACH Moulor Basketball Tennus Volleyball Cheerleader Gamma Mu Kappa fi-off - ' ' . .. ll . - . . . Honor Roll FLORENCE M. KOSCIANSKI-Swimming .... X I f ffl :I 1 - ,I l W FRANK LONG Sfar Roll Debaie Dramahcs Hall Topics Chronicle Phnlomalheon Llferary Soclefy DONALD C LOPP DOROTHYM LUBERSKA Glee Club Baseball Baskefball Volleyball Tenms Della Rho lRENE A LUDAESCHER Honor Roll Baskelball Chromcle FLORENCE LYSIAK Hll Toplcs JOHN R MACRITCHIE Baskelball CHESTER MALISZEWSKI Football RUSSELL G MANZ ANNETTE D MARCHAND Rnclnng Bela Sngma GERALD A LEARY Momlor G ee C ub Cross Country Gof JEAN E LEATHERBARROW Honor Roll I Topics Glee Club Specnal Chorus Band HELEN LECHMAN Honor Roll Sfar Roll Tenms CHARLES B LEE Honor Roll Hull Topucs Monlfor Glee Club Special Chorus EDWARD D LEE Orchesfra ELIZABETH LEE Dramahcs Band Basie? a Swammlng -49-f VOYLE J LEE Mondor Orchesfra DOROTHY LEIGHTY Honor Roll Hull Topncs Baslzefball Tennis WILBUR L LENINGTON WLM Hull Topics Chronicle MARGARET LEUMER THOMAS LlCKER JANE K LIEMBERNER Honor Roll Glee Club Basllefball ALICE R LOHANS-Honor Roll Baslrefball Volleyball Baseball Tennls FANNY P LONDON Honor Roll Hull Topics jqb Ax . - ' ........ I 1 . - ...Hu X ....u ' l .-. bH'.. .T ... ... ' ,3. " f HI if A A ' soPH1e I. LENZNER-Sfar Roll . . . Honor Roll . . . l ' " ' ....... l ..... Q h.. . ..-. l . . T' .fn l.. -f. ..-. JO' w ,W 3,+'.'r 2 Q. JENNIE S. MAREK-Honor Roll . . . Tennis . . . Swim- ming . . . Baskefball . . . Volleyball . . . Della Rho . . . . . RICHARD MAROUARDT-Monifor . . . Track . . . Cross Counlry ..... BETTY E. MARTIN- Chronicle . . . Swimming . . . Posler Conlesf WHEN JUNE C MATTHIES-Sfar Roll Honor Roll Special Chorus BETTY A MAUNZ Bad minion Alpha Iola Chi Girls Hi Y JOSEPH MAURER BETTY RUTH MAYBACK Honor Roll Riding GERTRUDE A MCANDREW Alpha lola I AULDEN MCCLELLAN Foolball Baseball Hockey LILLIAN MCCONVILLE Honor Roll Swimming WILLIAMT MCLAREN Band Orcheslra Baseball RIFIE Club ELLEN C McMULLEN Glee Club Special Chorus DOROTHY H MEER Debale Big Broadcasl Special Chorus WINIFRED J MERCER Glee Club ROBERT METZGER Foolball Baseball Della GammALambda X RUTH MEYER Honor Roll Ba lrefball Volleyball HILDEGARD A MILLER Baslrefball Baseball Caplalnball JANICE M MILLER Honor Roll Hill Topics Special Chorus Swimming Gamma Mu Kappa Home Economics Club MARILYN L MILLER Slar Roll Beale RUTH A MINSTERMAN Glee Club Riding PETER MIRAND Monnlor JAMES F MOHN Slar Roll Honor Roll Monulor I Soclely ROBERT W MOLS Band 1 Broaclcasf Orchesfra Swimming Junior W Topics Chronicle Philomalheon Lilerary X 9 Class Treasurer Sigma Gamma Phu Ch' ..... - . . . .. . Debale ..... ROBERT F. MILBRAND-Baseball if -K J, J' . . ,h.,,.,-, .. - U YI' .. . . ... X FX i .... . . 1 Q I Q '...i-ru l ' .... . - ...s' ANNIE M O BRIEN Honor Roll Glee Club Orcheslra HYMAN H OBSTEIN Honor o Hull Toplcs Momlor DOROTHY J OTT Glee Club Baslzelball Swummung GERALDINE F OTTO Special Chorus LOUISE F OWENS-Slar Roll Honor Roll STANLEY J PANEK Hull Topucs NORMA A PARR Sfar Roll Honor Roll Chron-cle Hull Topucs ARLENE G PATCHILL Honor Roll Dramahcs Chromcle Posler Conlesls Bashelball ELEANOR A PEASE Hull Topncs Chronucle Baslelball Baseball Swum mmg Hnhng RAYMOND MOMMERTZ KATHERINE T MONKELBAAN JEANNE MORGAN Special Chorus Sigma Thela Pl ANNA M MRUK Honor Roll Glee Club Basllefball Baseball BETSY D MUNRO Honor Roll Glee Club Gamma Mu Kappa LILLIAN L MURLIN Glee Club Swnmmlng Hllnng RAYMOND A MURRAY Chronicle EDWARD H NAGEL NEVA M NEAL Honor Roll Glee Club FATINA NEENOS MOHIYOT Hull Topncs Chromcle Special Chorus Alhlehcs BERTHA G NEVISCOURT Sfar Roll Honor o Basketball Volleyball Swnmmmg Hnkung ANNIE NIEDZIELSKI Slar Roll Honor Roll Orcheslra Swlmmlng Hlklhg HELEN M NOWAKOWSKA Shar Roll Honor o Honor Roll Hull Topics Chronicle Orcheslra WILLIAM OAKLEY Debale Edebfa I Rll... ' ' . - Rll .....KATHERINE E. NUNLEY-Star Roll... RII...' ' . ..- I ... ..- ' I l'o'wu -Q . ARTH U R C. PESCH-Band ............... CATHERINE E. PETER-Riding . . . Sigma Thefa Pi ..... IRENE E. PETERSON-Honor Roll . .. Monifor . . . Hill Topics . . . Chronicle . . Volleyball JANET PHILLIPS ..... MILDRED A. PHILLIPS . . . . . PASOUAL J. PICERNO L CATHERINE S. PILKEY-Sfar Roll .. . Honor Roll . . . Hill Topics . . . Chronicle . . . Home Economics Club ..... PETER POLIKOLSKY ...... MITCHEL B. POLIN-Big Broadcasl . . . Dramafics Hill Topics . . . Chronicle . .. Cross-Counlry . nl Nt. ,TA-a4J1 ', ff ff Q ' - f . 1,4 A 5 fn. L 'f .-, . xg! , , ELEANOR J. Poweas-Honor Ron . . . sag Broadcasf . . . Hill Topics . . . Chronicle .... . . . . . . ANNA M. PREM-Baslrefball .... LENORA F. PRESCOTT-Swimming JANICE R. PRESSBURGER-Volleyball . . . Baslnefball . . . Glee Club ....... DORIS V. PRESSING- Slar Roll . .. Honor Roll . . . Glee Club . . HENRY R. PRZYWOSKI-Honor Roll , U,fC ,f JEROME RABB-Monitor ...... .......... DOROTHY M. RADECKI-Honor Roll . . . Alpha Kappa ..... ROSALINE RAIKES-Big Broadcast . . . Dramalics . . . Chorus . . . Tennis RICHARD RANSOM ..... ROSEMARY RATHMAN- Sfar Roll . . . Sfudenf Council . . . Chronicle . . . Special Chorus . . . Orchesfra .... . . . ELEANORE RAUPP-Riding . . . Swimming THOMAS H. RAUSCH-Delia Gamma Lambda . . . JACK W. REEB-Dramafics . . . Monifor . . . Cheerleader ..... DOROTHY M. REICH-Alpha Kappa HARRY E SCHAMBER JOHN T SCHANIER 'Ir-ack DORIS K SCHEIDT JAMES E SCHMIDT Monufor Chronicle LOUISE M SCHMIDT SHIRLEYJ SCHNABEL Honor Roll r Broad casl Special Chorus Scrubblers LESTER SCHOCK Baseball Traclr CHESTER I. SCHRECK Beskelball T aclr Cross Counfry Edebla DOROTHY M SCHROEDER Honor Roll Riding Junior Vice Presndenf Bela Sigma RITA E. REID-Slar Roll . . . Hill Topics . . . Girls' Hi-Y . .. Baslrelball . . . Swimming , . . Baseball . . . . . ELI A. REINSTEIN-Honor Roll .......... CHRISTINE A. REJENT-Slar Roll , . . Honor Roll ANNA RETTER Sfar Roll Honor Ro PHYLLIS L REUKAUF Honor Roll RICHARD RIESTER Glee Club HARRY H ROBERTS Baseball Baslrelball Alpha Sigma Iola ROSEMARY W ROOK Chorus FLORENCE ROSEN Chronicle Chorus 'J 7!!r,fJf 7'!-gum. JAMES P ROWE P1 Kappa Lambda ALFREDA A RYNKOWSKA Glee Club Base a Baskefball Volleyball Swimming Hilung LEONORA A SAFFORD PHYLLIS M SALISBURY Honor Roll ORVILLE O SARLES Cross Counfry Track KATHRYN J SCHALL Honor Roll Baslrefball - Il..... I , Q ., . xi: - H. ri I f - bll... ' ' E I. :Q 8 I as F' Wh r I 2 . - .,.B'g - T' n.--. ..uu.n ' 'Qi Q A -J Q.lMn.,, RUTH I SCHROEDER Baskefball BEATRICE J SCHRUTT Baslefball Swnmrmrg DONALD A SCHULTZ VIOLA R SCHWARTZMEYER Bashelball Volley a Baseball Tenms FLORENCE E SCHWEICKERT Glee Club Special Chorus MILDRED SCHWEITZER Honor Roll Glee Club Special Chorus LUE L SCOTT Glee Club Special Chorus Chronucle Alpha Kappa Alpha MARY JANE SEIU Sfar Roll Honor Roll EDWARD P SEMANSCIN CARLTON F SENGBUSCH Sfar Roll Honor Roll Band MORRIS SHAFER Baslrefball THEODORE SHAPIRO Honor Roll ARITA C SHARP Honor Roll ANN M SHEA JOSEPH D SHEEHAN-Chronicle Tennus Q1 J ELMER H SHERMAN ROBERT G SHERMAN CARLETON R SHERO Sfar Roll Honor Roll Monvlor Track HELEN SICKLES ISADORE E SILVERSTEIN Hull Topics Chronlcle Tennns Baslrefball Pl Gamma Slgma ABRAHAM SITCOV Honor Roll Chronncle IRVING SLUTSKY Orchesfra DOROTHY K SMITH Honor Roll Baskelball EDNA MAE SMITH bll... ' ..... Glee Club . . . Special Chorus l F, r A - I xi-4" JEAN S STEWART Honor Roll PHYLLIS M STOCKWELL Glee Club ELIZABETH L STONE Glee Club BETTY JANE STRASNER Honor Roll Home Economics Club IRENE J STRUZYK Slar Ro Honor Roll Specual Chorus Baskefball Baseball Baclmlnlon RAYMOND C STURM Honor Roll Drarnahcs Bug Broadcasl Cheer Leader Momlo RUTH SUESSERMAN Band Orcheslra Chromcle CLARA SULTANIK Honor Roll Baslrelball Volleyball ARTHUR SZYMANSKI Honor Roll Glee Club Tenms Beslnefball 2+ C EUGENE F SMITH Bancl EVELYN SMITH Slar Roll Honor Roll ELLA SNETSKY Glee Club Speclal Chorus Swimming Baslcelball Volleyball ISADORE SNITZER Slar Roll Debale Scrlbblers Hull Topics Chromcle Gamma Sugma ROSALYN SNYDER LILLIAN SOFFUSEN Chromcle Chorus Basielball Tennis Baseball JOSEPH J SORCI THEODORE T STAUBER ELIZABETH D STEELE Rldung Basluef a Volleyball FLORENCE E STEELE Honor Roll Swnmmmg Home Economncs Club MARY A STENGEL Economics Club Baseball Volleyball BLANCHE E STEPHAN Glee Club RUTH A STERN Glee Club Specual Chorus GRACE L STEVENS Monllor HENRIETTA S STEVENS Honor Roll 4 7 1 f . , .LA .,- 1 -T' ., fi. Ln, - ' A,f,,,,,: f , I' X17 3 a T 1 . -.Q bll... 4 'V . - - ' . Slar Roll...Glee Club...Deba+e...Home 4 'a . - ...Hi-Y ll... ' RICHARD P SZYMANSKI Momfor GENEVIEVE H SZYNISZEWSKA Honor Roll BERNICE F TABACKMAN Sfar Roll Debaie Hull Topics Chronncle Scrlbblers Palladlan Socneiy MARY F TARAMASCO Dramafucs Baskefball Volleyball Bug Broadcasl' HELEN M TELLIER Honor Roll Baslrefball LEONARD A TEPLITSKY 1 Jlllfi' 1' EMIL THIELMAN Honor Roll Monnfor Tenms NORMA THUR Honor Roll ELEANOR F TILLS ANNA TORGESEN Orchesira Baslrefball MOHIIOF Bela Sigma ADALYN G TORNESELLA Glee Club Home Economics Club BERNICE L TRAPP Slar o Honor Roll Baskefball ESTHERT TREGER Sfar Roll Bug Broadcasf Scrlbblers FLORENCE TREGER Honor Roll Bag Broadcasf Band Orclwesfra ANNA TROJANOWSKI Basllefball Volleyball BETTYA TUCKER ALVIN L UHLMAN Momfor NORMAN J USCHOLD Honor Roll Band Orchesira ALVA J VAN TASSEL Dramahcs WESLEY VARNEY MODIIOT RICHARD M VOSS-Sfar Roll Chairman of Siudent Councul Dramahcs Tenms Chronicle Edebfa Lu+erary Socueiy DONALD S WACKER Momlor Plnofograplty Club GUNHILD WALLIN RUTH V WASHINGTON Sfar Roll Honor Ro Debafe Hull Topucs Chronncle Scrlbblers '10 ' . 'I LIJIJI I f ,f - -5. - Rll... Monifor . . . Hill Topics . . . Chronicle . . . I K-1 ' I '-"I 1. i ,V '. 5 ,T I DOMINIC BELLANCA MARY K BENZ WARREN W BLACKER HEDWIG C BUCHHOLZ DOROTHY R CHAMBERS JOSEPH CHODROW NORMAN J COOK TILLIE COOPERMAN WILMA DELMAR HARRY GALPIRIN ELIZABETH R GLASSER HERMAN E GOTTLIE8 JACK G GRABENSTATTER ARLEEN M GRAF MARY JANE GRIFFIN PEARL A OS MYRON J WATSON Foofbell Track RAYMOND C WEBER Alpha Tau Gemma LOIS M WEBSTER Honor Roll Dramahcs Cheerleader Swlmmmg VoIIeyboII MARION F WENTZEL Sfor Roll Honor o Glee Club Pelladlan Soclefy EDWARD WESTON Honor Roll Monlfor Special Cllorus CLARA A WIEDIGER Honor RoII MARJORIE M WIEGAND Sfer Roll Honor Roll FLORENCE WIERITSCH Honor Roll Beslcefbell Tenms Swlmmmg Chromcle Delia Rho BETTY M WILLS MELVIN WILSON CLARA K WIND Honor 0 MARION WINER Monlfor Baslefball CELIA WITCZAK Honor Roll Cheerleader Hull Topics Special Chorus Bug Broadcasf Della Rllo CHARLOTTE M WITKA OTCIIBSITG RAYMOND F WITKOWSKI WILLIAM W GRIFFIN ALFRED T GRUSZKA BEATRICE J HESS KENNETH H HOUGHTON JAMES J JACKSON WANDA S JANISZEWSKA ELIZABETH B JOHNSON THELMA L JORGENSEN FLORENCE E JOSLYN GERTRUDE M KOLOCH MELVIN A KRAFT JOHN C KUJAWA MARION K KUNZELMAN LOIS M LEBERMAN JAMES W. MACKIN MAUREEN MALARKEY ' I I . ' 1 R II ..... - NX xX ALICE A WOLBIER Siar Roll Honor Roll Orchesfra Huhng Volleyball ARTHUR WYGLONDALSKI Swimming Basleiball MAGDELENA A YAHRSTORFER Sfar Roll Honor Roll Hull Topics Chronicle Delia Rho X GERALDINE L YOUNG LILLIAN C YOUNG Honor Roll Bela Sugme DOROTHY ZAKRZEWSKI Honor Roll Gee Cub EUGENIA M ZAKRZEWSKA Star Roll Honor Roll FLORENCE ZAKRZEWSKA Star Roll Honor Roll Baseball MANUEL ZALOM EK MARION M ZEGLER Sfar Roll Honor Roll Chronlcle Baslzeiball Volleyball Baseball EVA ZEPLOWITZ Honor Roll Baskefball ROSE A ZIENTEK Baslrefball FLORENCE M ZIMA Honor Roll Tenms ROBERT ZIMMERMAN Foofball Hockey THADDEUS ZMIJEWSKI Honor Roll Momfor Glea Club EDWARD J MALONE HELEN R MARKS HELEN MAXIM JOSEPH J McCORMICK JOHN MEYER SHIRLEY E MILLARD FRANCES O NEWHOUSE HENRY NOWAKOWSKI DOROTHY M OsTROwsKY LTLLTAN M PHLIPOT DONALD L PORTER RAYMOND H PORTER JULIAN B POSNER RAYMOND A PRZYBYL LEON PURYEAR .LMER H REIMANN MARCUS E Rm: W jf 4 u'1.La4.a, LILLIAN SAFFER JOE D SAMPOGNARO MARJORY L SCHMELZER RICHARD H SCHWARTZOTT MAGNUS J SIEGFRIED GLORIA A STEFFAN MARGARET M STEGGS CHARLES H TAYLOR VIRGINIA J TONKING LAWRENCE F TREMBLAY MARION VOGT NORMAN K WALKER THEODORE WATROUS MARGARET M WEBER MARY E WOLF RUTH I YAHN RAYMOND J YOUNG l Hr- .,.., X I f fg s r u Sp n Sla elman V Toroslan Wurl R Wrngerler M Sou n D Srnilh M S+e ey Weber 2nd M Widgolii T While L 1g Sierszulslu F Zlelln slra W Winspear L Smllh A Szperka D Rosenhahn Sleffan J Ullman 3rd D Zimmerman R S+od r J Frangooles V vesfrune J Swiafek M Splaine E Zygal W Wilson D Fried man P Weinfraub The highligh+ of +he iunior class aclivilies was +he Junior Day Program over which Harold Wick, newly elecfed lunuor presiden+, presided. His fellow class officers were Carol Carpen+er, vice presidenl' Margarel' Bois, secrefary, Pefer Neenos, freasurer An amusing play enhfled The College Shclc was presen+ed The casi' included lumors ou+s'randmg in dramahcs Carol Carpenier, Jean Halnano, Florence Kirchens'rem Shirley Kufner, Shirley Lapides, umhn Renner, Mllfon Shrader Helen Traub Through lhe year 'fhe luniors were well represen+ed in many fields ln scholarship 'rhe highes+ rumor honor sfudenfs were Pearl Kessler, Ellen Pelschlce Pearl Sessler, De Leo Smllh Mildred Widgoff nos: I an 0 man l Harrmgfon Komrow P Kramer V Harper D McKay G Goldberg P Kessler Zn J McVrcar R Gimmey ae a Ig ews a Knrchenslein B Hoeflschwenger I ef ln ef Kafnfn 3r M GOSllYld G Howel s A Sa Y Ko ins I Hauser S Hoffman B Jacob son D Greenberg B Green H Fink - i : ' . 5 0 ll U ll l A q u I : . . . I . Q . . I . I I I ' I+: H,Tab, D. oh,L. d , . ' , M. de,l.-', .Ill,B. Ru:,l.' I , . I , M. dad, . , . Sil- 4 'I I ' I u A ' N i i Isl: E. Ja ', J. H'llm , I. H ff , . ' . D. dr . ' , . ' . V. K l H , F. I lr , F. L, M'll , IM. Kill' g , H. d: . , . l, . f, E. byl' lr', D. X Junlor gurls who have excelled in afhlehcs are Erneshne Harruson, Sally McLeod Sfella ScoH Be'H'y Sfoclcman Juniors who have been framing +o be on +he debafe reams nex+ year are Howard Barfh and George Slewarl' The band, orcheslra and chorus have fhenr shares of rumors who helped malze a success of +he school s musncal affaurs Among +he more prommenl' ones are Bealruce Beckman, Osmond Brown, Leona Dosznnska, Sigmund Hoffman, lrene Slerzulslca On +he Hull Topics and Chromcle sfaffs fhus year were Herberl' Bosch Dora Broder, Claude Clapp Vlvuan Harper Shirley Lapldes, Kafherane Ruclcrlegel Helen Traub Judlfh Ullman, Mildred Wldgoff lsr B Brehm H Chruslodou lou A Bulrowska G Conlon R Bluman C Carpenler A andler F Carr A ur masler H Farrell 2nd J Cleuslus J Clapp M Branlsford l Briycka R Bolal D Broder r rown Casllo Book under Fluerl E Cohen H Frymeuer J Chlrlm S Greenfield Isl E Fuhn D Goldberg N ern R Haplre Ho s e man A Gearman Fushe P Franlre H Goodrnch J Kllnan W Goez Herr P Kennedy J Kober nuss M Klemmeler J Keem V Hudecelr I Krawzyl: M Goldfinger F Greenberg Kalmowslra J Hallano Horrugan L Jezlerska T Harl: Wulson H Hamllfon Jacobson I I ' , . . I I I I I ' KI ' . . , D. Ill, J. F ld , . , E. I V, . , . . n 2nd: . i ' , . f, B. 3rd: D. Kerber, C. Gozdowlalr, V. ' , . ' ,A. D- . l V. I l. . I Y. Clh ,I . , . 'B - 3d: R. B , E. Cahill, P. 'l , B. b' , R. Mo r E Tasman R Shapiro D Smger OrcuH L Rebb D Pezold V Oliver B Sfoclrman 2nd R ZdWdlIk M Sercu M Michel A Murawsla H Lagowsxa V Murplwy V Harper D Moser D MYFICR S McLeod r G ner Race R Brown T Muslal L MIHRIEWICZ M Smnllu W Lombardo H Ullman N Nelsen J McMahon r er P nce Prclrens P OHargan D Ples w A e o u r ln e Old ue Pelsclwlre M Paclne n U Wells H Noe er Nowallra R Mussell N ep en agen H Penfney Reduce B Parlrer 3rd Q Renner L Puryear W lnspear G Rem old Wlosnnskn T Relenl V Olwer A Lyfln H Wnclr G Wolf Isl C Connors W Russ R Bargman M Blackburn O A rlch B Blsllop J Benz B Beckman N Avrunnn D Bloom JAen la G Augusfynualr E Troudl S Balcerzalr V Bermeuhnger B Berglund C Baslun 3rd H Barflw D Greenberg L Adler A Boguslawslu W Aslwbery W Bmgeman R Fosler J Gallagher C Bari mann D Frnedman W Cary B Baumgarlen Isl: E. Miller, B. l1, . , . ' , . ' , M. 3d:.M'll,R. ,. ,. ld' , . A . . , . Znd: . II , L. Bell, . Bl cz- kiewlcz, G. Balmer, E. Harrison, Isl: l. Poss , E. o , I. lro, .pressburlg r, A. O'R . E. V ld, E. Zd: . , . ll , E. , , , . R - p ln , . , L. W' l , .I l 'l1 ,I J. , - f ,,, r lsf E Maron S Laprdes S Kufner S Rnchards A Malachowska G Mammoser S Knefor C Lensmg E Krueger V Maclolun Zn M Lewis F Jones C Mack L Laurence N Land ref D Muller E Nairafom N Luebl P Macc re r L man Y fs Prz P Laufer J Mau L Ro en R Kushner M Manov A Langfelder M MansfTeld Isf K Crawford J Due+scl1ler R Devrs R Far er D Levine Kremheder A ner L Conners R Elblmg N Felfon n C rus Do Ima G as v ns vrs Coffrell r F Kornaclu J Gam a code R Haslun E Edmonds rawlfz Floo anecla L Daszewska Klauber H Feger Is? M Weber K Ruclruegel F Rosengarden F Thuer D Levine D Sager E Ulrlch C co++ D n er Sci-nmucker 2nd A Schlosser G Schenk Schmudi E Newman Robunson S ScoH F Schupp P Sessler 3rd W Jones E Schlen er Schrndler G Ruffes Teasdale G Rossney Schlager B Schuh J Ward L Adler dz . '. . , . , . , . q , . ' , . ', . ' . . lu , 3d: S. ef? , E. .udle , E. ybyl, . , . . er. 1 KV' I B. ' , L. d' , . 2 dz P. y , F. i , . Faehr, E. Dunn, M, Eller, A. K 2, B. E a , S. Da', S. 3 dz . ', . b - H. k -, R1 d, H1 H , . , D. S , . Za g le.. R. L. ' , . , A. . : . , . K , A F. ' , . I , D. ' , . , R. Isf: C. Didio, R. Delaney, N Ewald, A. Craig, F. Emerson B. Engel, J. Dillon, L. Cullen N. Dofson, J. Eglesfon. Zn : B. Coffer, C. D vis, J Dosfer F. Durchslag E. Daesch- l Drzewuclmi Davis R iffer R Pier: Dra e F Di Paolo 3rd J Doyle W Eigenmann r ardf Fi no a Davis W Aldrich P Cong liano H Dodge H Cornwall W Eckerf mf... ff " . f' M 'f M . ' AU " " JW" ' V Tl? .V,V f V ,V ff iw f MDW ICM Wifi' I li!! A C I if l ,ATT I 0 ll The leading social evenf of fhe year for fhe sophomores was a dance held May I7, in fheir honor. Affer a program presenfed by fhe dramafic sfudenfs, 'rhe sophomores adjourned fo fhe gym for dancing and refresh- menfs. This year's sophomores have been successful scholasfically as well as socially. Those fopping fhe long sophomore honor roll include: Alberf Talboys, Julia Smifh Cafherine Kaiser, Irving Ahlheim, Donald Nichols and Eleanor Grau ln forensic acfivifles, we find Richard Lazerson and Leonard Gurvifz During fhe pasf year, Edward Abrams, Julia Smlfh Sara Nord Mildred Chmiel, Roberf Bosch, Cafherine Kaiser, Norma Felfon Charloffe Pllss and Marie Fogarfy were acfive in school publicahons C Hoy er Hara A elss A Afwafer N arf Green H Hanlrs G Halligan n Kaiser Kloppen rg D Kurlr M Kender ee e e f er ar reene D Herniman Hoover J Kely 3rd C Halper R Henesey J Knnery J King W lxramer V Hart A Kaszuba M Hirsch L Greeniy R Hll y M Kenney Kasfner L Kaumeyer J Gealre I d a . ie., . , R. , . ' ' ' ' ' ' . Pfe' lm.. I I I ' V . , V . . . . ' H. Eh , F. 'gl'l, H. . . . . . . lsf: . l , M. , . H ' , . , . H - man, R. Hines, B. Hoclr, J. 2 d: C. ' , P. - bo , . , . , P. K lr, R. J il ,N. K l, F. G , . ' , M. , . l . R . . , 4 i , . ' ' 1 1 - , . ., . I . , . l. 4fh: L. Ja , . , A. I y B . OW 7- f , ' ff ' I ' ff fffwiff fr I J M Those who have made a name for 'rhemselves IH musuc include Mary Kenny, Jane MaHhues, Jane Simon, Dean Cary Manny Tabaclcman and Jullana Pfohl. OuI'sI'andlng in Ihe arI deparrmenl' are Orpha Deernng and Ernesl' Clfron Some of Ihe gurls parhcupahng un sporI's Include Shirley Mosler, Carolme LuI'z, Vlrguma and Mary Frangooles, Mmnle Suesserman, Rufh Schauf, Alma Heuss, Anna Kasfner, Elsie Lohans and Erneshne Harrlson Sophomore boys who show promise as fufure a'IhIe'rvc s'I'ars are Roberl' Mafhles, WlIIer'I' Lulley Charles Brown, Thomas Frufsch Guy herman, James Knlery Irvnng Ahlhelm, Chesfer Muller, Fred BarI'IeH' Charles Campbell, Wulllam Herruclc and Melvin Gangloff These many sI'ars, who shme un every held, are members of Ihe Sophomore Class of I939 lsr: E. Maichrzalr F. An rze jews a . Andres ows a, F Ameni, J. Adams, E. Abrams . Banks H. Albrighf, R. ar Ioszelr I Belhnn I. Angerman n Bea W Be 1 Bachran F Allman V Bene d J Bnelmeuer R Bavaro S Andromudas L Bermelflnger I Ahl erm r B M Bloom K aches G Brown A I meyer 4+h R Gramm R Henesy H Bloom S Barshier E Ales F Bar+Ie++ Isl E Caldwell M Clufheroe M Broolrs G Cleversley M Borlzowska B Cohen M Boyle Bundrock E Brodlra Cnelenclu J Bo e H Chassxn us y Bussen orfer lesa Camobell Chmuel M Burke B Cook R Boris M Golebroolx P Brown 3rd L Childers R Brawn E Brown B Brown J Campbell E Cohn M Cohen C Camp bell 4Ih F Booth D Bookbunder E Cnfron D Cary K Boyce R Brownley f X! ff 1:3 f' f X Z f f Z9 f C 4 IX . . . I V d ' ' ' In , I Ir In . - J , B ' " 2d:R. fy, . +,8 . ICI, .I '. ' , I . I I I S . I . . 0 , 3 d: J. anlrs, . , P ' - ' - Billman, C. Auslin, J. Belsky ' . B , . , . B'hI A. I , . , C. Znd: . yl , . ' , R. B h, K. d , I. C' I , D. y , M. ne For r B Cohen B Fradln M Frangooes J Gnrome B Freed L Leafherbarrow M Gebhardf C Gibb E Gau G M Gu R Pens? L Gonzalez M oss H Flfzsxmmons M Goffsleln B Golflleb V Frangooles C Hare oover raeber R erlel I For Ganschow M Fosfer R GulleHe L Gurvn+z R Freedman :nomar l " Is? L Snabon R Schauf W Rnngleben A Schell A Samp son R Ryan A SCIbEl'l6 M Rosenberg E Ryfer B Schnf 'ferle V Schu++a Salzman V Rosenhahn J Sn fnon 3 M Rose M Scherer D Sfone J Suesserrnan M Szy manslu M Suesserman Shorf T Schrankel lsf F MuFloleHo M Newman or B Noslr V Ne Oconnor Neeb Wnclr W Palmer R Meuss ang J Moser n Pfc 6 Wilcox Oren B Mllard J Ogl A Vogl B Orfner M Nenser L Meye E Obershelmer r Pr m R Neureu er agner Nnc os Wmlxler A Talboys T Ruflles C Newbeclm S Osborne ls+: L. Ga's, J. sfe, . , . ', . l , Znd: . r ,J. raf, . fh, . ', . , .Fl , 3rd: J. H , H G , . H , A. G'bb, R. d, A. Znd: M. Sanlrner, W. Sfufz, M. rd: . , . , . '-:A I 4 rr Y 7 Y ', . , B. S. N cl, . y, , eb. A. ' , J. , B. ' , . l . 2 dz J. hl, . ' , M. M , , 'l , . 'lvle. l 3 dz E. e , . f R. W , D. ' h I . N. A Robinson A Rm a Pfenffer I M Ro In son A z J Reesor Plnss M Ranger Zn D Race D Profzman Reukauf C Pnechouralr Rmn V Purdy 3rd A Zannn R Smgfrned Slnclaur M Tabackman I mon H WacI:er W Wesf E ScI1m1dI IsI E Warning G Wagner Szwalklewrcz E SoI:o ows I uerman Sumon Sfrauss M Wrllnams J Sfrofh ers B Wrfhers E Vesper 2nd V Speares B WoI1Ier+ E Zimmerman L Yerman 3rd B WelsmanIeI E Trap Iwagen S Walcox E Webb R Olnver S Webber N Zem brycha E Unger B Small IsI P Le y Moser Ma'rI nes Lewis E Lowrher S Marek Maciun C Lu+z I Lanes J Lmenberg L Les er Zn G Turner R Sfelbach L Sfeof R Saxfon E Magchrzak W Mayberger M MaHuIIre V Mann H Levy E Rosn r D Wnlson C Vacanh F Marhn H Mavus C Shoe em Lufz R Schmufz E Maurer C Roehner M Ludwng L Owns T' Q ,. 'L- :. v,S. I,J. lw',H. ,. , . , . ' , . , . e . 3rd:. ' ,. ',. ',. ',, I'-l',R Isf: . ' , . ' gl - .- v ben, M. Peel, R. Rekers, R. ' , R. P'erI, . b' - , . Pyf, . , C. ' . . . ' ly dz . , . , D. , . ' , A. '-I : . ' , . ' A , H, ' A. . , . Si- S. I ' ' , . I If A. Sf , I. ' , E. Isf R Gibson N Herman C Krueger M Koch L Kne er rvmm Krac Guenfher G Kendf M Foley H Kennedy M Hafhaway F Genfile 2nd D Knapp D Giegand Greene Gomez Ka odusfria J Holmes M ran D Huelz J Harf o ner M Greene Haenszel 3r E Galvin H Koc ems oelscher P Fro e Guenfher C Kuehn M Fnk P Gronmeyer B Kaiser Garrow M Half M Hoefle R Kessler C Kiffnnger lsf E Clifheroe B Dux ury Cross B Dixon M Barfelf U Barfelf R meler J Eddy D Deffman L Bauer 2nd W Becker F Fabuano C os H Bookbinder S El H Allison D Bridge J oul fous M Eiblmg A Donohue J Barbour E Erherf r A Dickey R Bosc Everff J Emser M Blllingsly rown Bern ar Bruce T Barfleff D Disfer W Blake ff , , f f f fly! f 02 fi, X f 14 X f 1 ff X 'Q if 7 f ,yy f W f ff Z f 1 Vfif fy Z f f f X f ff ,Ffa 'fcff ffffyf Again Masfen has freshmen. This year many firsf year pupils invaded Masfen, alfhough fhere are sfill a number of fhem af School I7 Af Chrlsfmas fume some of fhe feachers under Mr Hawkins and Miss Sfraub s dlrechon planned a Chrusfmas parfy fo which each freshman broughf a guff for some ofher boy or girl Dancing and games were enjoyed by all Some of fhe freshmen were sfudious and became Honor Roll pupils Among fhose wlfh highesf marks are Arlme Guenfher, Shirley Krachf Beffy Kaiser, Alan Brown, Roberf Bosch, Eugene Mafhues and William Shreder Some of fhe freshmen fried ouf for fhe band and orchesfra The ones who were successful are Ralph Kessler, Willard Becker, Thomas Barfleff Roberf Taylor, Jessie Holmes and Jeanne Coulfous . . I . . . . . . I ' . M. G ' , S. hf, A. B. , Di , Ki p . . I . Y l He l , . , . . B. H ld , . , C. dz . ' , . h . R. H , . h , P. , . , . i . . , . ' , F. 1 . ' , . b . F. , . ' , . Flynn, E. , . , . Dob- Bo , . 1' , . llis. 3 d: . ' , . h, M. A. BI I , B. I nh d, Hl , . , . ' l , f f J yy rr ,T my The freshman class has a large number of members nnferesfed In afhlehcs Among fhe boys are Wnllard Becker, Alan Brown, Roberf Croessman, Edmund Galvm, Paul Gronmeyer Douglas Knapp The gurls are Elsa Lohans, Beffy Duxbury, Marlorue Funk Kafherune Kapodlsfrla and Elsue Wellman There are also many freshmen who enfered fhe glee clubs and choruses and dld good work A few freshmen wenf ouf for Hull Topucs and Chromcle They are Beffy Kanser, Melvm Weber, Arlme Guenfher and Roberf Bosch The freshman class, fhe fursf an Masfen un years, can feel proud of nfs good work lsf M Snyder B Robunson N Wnffmer G Sfeves M Taylor E Volpe A Whufe D Werner B Welgand D Muller N Sullivan 2nd L Marlano A Saunders S Walfers E Wellman H Ry lr L Suffel D Spencer A Marola M Schuman C Scoff 3rd C Wand W Shreder E c aeffer R Taylor B V r ra ers Sfarr Sfelfermann lsf M Renfmeuer A Ludwlg Pearson M Lewns J 1 sana E Murphy K OBrien R Sebasflano R Loffel E Befhm V Persons 2nd B Hooker C Mnlburn E Landgraf R Labarf A Lau cherf R Laucherf C Mufchell B Paul E Lohans M Mcnkel been 3rd W Monks E Mafhes D Mnc aels H Radley F Lubu J Legler C Lang A Peck R Nason R Nnederpruem , . I e , . , . , . Weigand, R. Sfockich, A S h , . , . e - I, R. Rog , J. , H J. , . ' , . M's- FROM THE VERY BEGINNING OF TIME MAN HAS FELT THE URGE TO CREATE HIS MOODS IN TONES OF MUSIC AND ART TODAY THE CITY OF BUFFALO AFFORDS METROPOLI TAN OPPORTUNITIES TO ITS CITIZENS FOR THE ENJOYMENT OF CLASSICAL BEAUTY STUDENTS OF FOSDICK MASTEN PARK HIGH SCHOOL HAVE LEARNED TO APPRECIATE FINE MUSIC ORATORI CAL EXCELLENCE AND DRAMATIC ABILITY BY ACTING AS AUDIENCE AND BY TAKING PART IN CONCERTS ORA TORICAL CONTESTS AND SCHOOL PLAYS NOW THROUGH THE PHIL ANTHROPY OF EDWARD L KLEINHANS IN PROVIDING FOR THE KLEINHANS MUSIC HALL AT THE CIRCLE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS AND THE PEOPLE OF THIS CITY WILL BE IN A FINE POSI TION TO BROADEN THEIR CLASSICAL SCOPE BY ATTENDING THE OPERAS RECITALS AND DIFFERENT PAGEANTS WHICH WILL CONSTITUTE THE PRO GRAMS TO BE PRESENTED IN THE NOT TOO DISTANT FUTURE Z ' I . I - ' - 0 ' - . I I W if ,ff Q eff 2 X, X ff f ff Z f K ff f , Z Q ff ff if ff, , f 7 Q if af f f ff if 'SPEECH Sealed: Franlr Long, Shirley Schnabel, Esfher Treger, Helen Traub, John KaIser, Bernice Tabaclrman, Helen Kaslrel, Irene Sfruzylr, Rufh Washing- fon M'fchel Pol'n W'll'am Gold Sfand ng Le ghfon Guyoff George Mo se R cha d MacDonald Eben a nham d a d Wes on So I8 Applebaum Ed a d Eh man lsadore Sn fzer SCRIBBLERS The lnfensufy wnfh which dramafuc and forensic achvuhes were underfaken fhus year has sef Masfen a record whlch will be hard fo surpass The formahon of fhe Scrubblers Club whuch sponsored many programs gave fhus movemenf added Impefus Mnss Julia A O Meara feacher and dnrecfor sfarfed fhe club lasf year for fhe purpose of wrnfmg scrnpfs for assembly programs ln addnflon fo fhls work fhe club has prepared fhe S+ Pafruclrs Day Varlef Show nohces and campaigns for afhlehcs fhe Musuc Feshval and ofher evenfs Their excel enf work assures fhe Scrlbblers a permanenf place In Masfen s dramaflcs As evldence of fhe greaf dramaflcs lnferesf aroused new falenf has been recogmzed on fhe sfage as well as fhe famullar performance of fhe old froupers A qulclc revlew shows us George Morse as Miss Anfhra Clfe an her laugh provolung Imbeclllfy Wllllam Gold and Richard Lazerson as Professors ulz lnc and Lelghfon Guyoff fhe Irrepresslble announcer and sporfs commenfafor ln fhe Qulz Series Richard Lazerson and Wllllam Gold had fhe compefmg feams and fhe audlence as well unfymg menfal lrnofs The winners of fhe prelnmunarles were fhe sensors However fhey won from fhe sophomores only fo lose fo fhe posf graduafe feam The rogram for Armlshce Day feafured a play The Enemy The Dramafls Per sonae mc uded George Morse Mlfchel Polln Sollle Applebaum Paul Hoen and Walfer Muller The dramahc evenf of fhe year The Bug Broadcasf was one of fhe bnggesf suc cesses ever wlfnessed In our school A program of song dance muslc and hllarufy was arranged by fhe Scrlbblers Club and mfroduced by George Morse Mufchel Polln Sollle Applebaum and Wulllam Gold The Broadcasf was followed by dancmg In fhe gurls gym March however was fhe mosf achve monfh of fhe year Two plays and fhe Scrlbblers Varlefy Show were presenfed The fIrsf play The Unseen sfarred Carl Knoll Shnrley Lapldes and Dorofhy Meer In addlhon fo fhe Vane Show mfroduced by Helen Traub 'L- THE COLLEGE STICK Leff fo rghf Jeaneffe llalano M Ifon Mansfend Helen Taub Samuel Sn he George Sie arf Sh rley Lap des Wall am Leurne Robe f Fosfe Carol Ca penfe Mnlfon Shrade Sh rley Kufner , I I, II . I : I . r , I r , Fr , Ewr I , II' , wr r , I . f j4 I ' . ' ' .. . I X s ' .'. . . I -' . , - I I . . T' . , , . I , . . . - . . : Q . -: . I Y , . Q ' ' ' ' Al ll ' la ' ' ' I I I ' ll I ll ' I v ' . I . . I ' Q . . Y f .. . . . , . . . I I ' ' ll ll 9 ' I I I - fy . . II: ' I I I 1 I I 1 A. Vi. iv ' " M 1 'I I z I , I I', r , I r, w , I I , 'I r, r r, r r, I r, I . e +o ghf Scllae Applebau M 'rchel Pol Ed a d Harrs Georg Mose 2 Shlrley Schnabel and Lengh+on GuyoH fhe Scrubblers also siaged In +he assembly The Tomb of Khufu The casf conslsfecl of Mlfchel Polun Sollue Applebaum George Morse and Edward Harris The Junlor and Class Day programs proved successful For Junlor Day +he lunuors enacled a comedy The College Shck The Class Day program +he scrup+ of which was wrnffen by +he Scrlbblers fea+ured 'I'he unusual Life Goes +o School These programs were made more unfereshng by 'lhe sfage crew whlch IS an charge of slage sefhngs lnghhng and sound effecls Among +he members of 'lhe crew are Paul Cromwell Verna Enslln Wilbur Greenlees Rlchard MacDonald and Charles Taylor The +urnou+ for debale fhls year was surprusmg for alfhough few velerans re+urned 'ro fhe plalform ei' +here were enough underclassmen from whom +o recrulr 'reams for bo+h 'lerms For al +heur lnexperlence nf as ln+eres+mg +o nofe lhaf 'rhough +hey los+ 'lhelr deba+es our +eams came close +o wnnnmg ln 'I'he Hrsl' ferm debafe +he afflrmahve +eam debahng Rlverslde Hugh School dropped an 8-7 declslon whale +he negahve playmg hosl +o Grover Cleveland losf 9 6 They argued regardlng 'lhe adVIS6bllll'Y of lIIT1I'l'InQ 'lhe fenure of offuce of fhe Press clenf fo a single +erm of sux years The queshon for 'fhe sprung debafe was Resolved +ha+ Phsllppme undependence be mdefim+el posfponed Bolh fhe afflrmahve and +he negahve debahng Hufchmson and Soufh Par respechvely experuenced a 9 6 defeaf Al+hough Mas+en loses many ve+eran debarers lhns year nexf years ou+lool: us promusmg ln fhe Gurls and Boys Oralorncal Confesls Masfen was well represen+ed by Bermce Tabaclrman and Thomas Luclzer Af+er a very frulfful and busy year Mass O Meara us loolung forward +o anofher year of snmnlar achvnfy ,fi .1 THE TOMB OF KHUFU DEBATE Leff fo rughl John Kaiser, Wnlllam Gold, Be nice Tabaclzman, Helen Kaskel, lsado e Snlher, Eben Farnham, Muss OMeara Rlchard Lazerson, Frank Long, Rufh Washnnglon, Irene Slruzyk, Edward Ehrman, Leonard Gurvlfz A R T S - 1 - r l. ff ri : ' rn F 1 any W f s, 2 7 -Lf l r . - .4 ,, .L .7Vxt'LfT?'i,.ff-1 I f . . Z' . . I I I. . i . . . I . . Z . I . . . r . r . . Subyfanhaled by 'fhe 'fad +ha'l over several hundred sludenls parhcupaie an :ls 6C'l'lVl+l9S one can say +ha+ muslc Indeed ha+h charms wufhouf fear of any rebul? ln fhe 'fall fhe Glrls Glee Club Specnal Chorus and Or cheslra con+r1bu+ed much +o +he success of +he assembly pro grams Several days before fhe arrnval of good old Saml Nucl: 'lhe choral groups and orcheslra agaun made an appearance The hnghlrghl of The year however occurred when 'rhe musical orgamzahons presenfed fhe Annual Musuc Feshval Openung 'lhe program lhe orcheslra played fhe Feshval March by Mulacelc and Mozarls Cosu Fan Tulh Following 'fhe presenlahon of ihree colorful songs by +he Boys Glee Club a saxophone quar+e+ ORCHESTRA Kaslrel Janos: Boolrblnder Wxlluarns Levy Wnllra Slul sly Reynolds Lewus Wolbner Wes? Brown Tor eson V Lee E Lee Farnham Tre er Cooperman Resman Goldberg Ralhman Goff Adler Hora Krawdz Vogl Kloesz Deulsch Nue zuelslu Snmon M Genger Dmduo Davus Nunley Goelz Coulfous Dodge Holmes Mols Hoffman Chlrlln Neureuler Zimmerman Barlh Wuclr Fusher Wnlbur played Londonderry Alr and Saxophone Symphonelle and 'lhe Girls Glee Club gave +he canlala The Garden of Flowers lmmedualely pruor lo lhe Special Chorus presen+a+uon of Tales of 'lhe Vnenna Woods lhe orchesfra played The walfzes of lhe same name Hs members arrayed un 'rheur slrllung ew unnforms +he band brlllnanfl t J., Ja.- uh' SPECIAL CHORUS s McMullen Gmatsus Neenos Schweu kerl Turner Snefsky Slern Clarl: Schwevlzer Carle Rafhman Mallhles Brefhauer Wrlczak Muller Lealherbarrow Farber De La Haye Jaeger Haber Ing 2nd Jaclrson Morgan Gerber OHargan Beckman Bnssonh Clauslus Lee Green Zimmerman Shapnro Malone Daslew ga kFeldman Kennedy Zangerle Josey Gannon Slerzulska mc 3rd Galanler Keem Harper ScoH Enslln Deery DAngelo Symlrownalr Brown Eublmg Bredl Reynolds Mols Williams Weslon Kloesz Ullman Boorun Boersl GLEE CLUB Isl Obershesmer Off Klnnclr Murlnn Mercer R sen Sfoclrwell Lafhrop Go lanslra Dnewucia Gold sand Levy 2nd Davis Slrofher Jones Jacll Palmer Killian Wen gand Greene Gramm Mur phy Dosler Kuehn Drze wucka 3rd Franke Freuer Traub Mymclr Clapp Pleslrow Banks Garry Tasman, Block Powell SchaeFfer Slokuch 4+h Barron, Graeber, Za nun, Schranlcel, Kwnafkow ska Guenfher Flynn Duron Mafllulre Amen? Glaser Haneclra Resmclr Holls . y, .sv , Er V-4' ii 4 Jin ' X '. R A J U -1 - I ,+I I. .I I..- rl ' : 1' ' 'l . 'I fl 'lol C andler Brown Kalb BAND flensch Wnck Krayenvenger Wulbur Wnlluams Flsher Sengbusch Ashbery Taylor Flood Barlh Zimmerman Mawslleld Neureuler Mols Walker Klnplel Galembo Lealherbarrow Fruedman Remhold Barlell Belsky Corngluano Taylor Mayberger Kessler Greenky Becker Krawul1 Suesserman Kenney McLeod Golf Deulsch Lee Mallhnes Treger Goldslem Hoffman Guyoll Clark Goeh Dodge DAnllmo Smllh Farnham Chlrlln Tabackman Uschold concluded lhe program wulh a group of excellenl numbers lhe mosl oulslandmg ol which was perhaps a symphonic arrangemenl ol Slar Dusl During Nallonal Muslc Week on May 9 Fosduck Maslen played hosl lo lhe musical groups ol lhe duslrlcl grammar schools The lollowmg day a small ensemble logelher wulh lhe applied musuc sludenls gave an exlremely well receuved program af +he conclusuon ol which a musucal flag was presenled lo lhe school by lhe band and orcheslra ln lhe evemng Rulh Carler soprano Rosemary Ralhman Mr Gelger BOYS GLEE CLUB Isl E Malone J McMahon W Belz Meyer T Relenl J Be sky W Bla e Guyoll W Kramer E Kobylmskl S Gullo 2nd G Walls A Brown A Peck R Lorenz C Lang J Wlosnnskl F Lubu N Grampp A Gerace E Rosner R Malhles W Wesl mezzo soprano Celna Wllczak conlrallo and Bernard Green barnlone parlucnpaled sn lhe lnler Hugh Volce Conlesl Whalever be lheur reason for parllclpallon In musical aclnvn lues a greal many ol our sludenls musl feel ll IS cer lralmng IS given by Mlss Slengel and Mr Geiger A l l GLEE CLUB Isl Munro, Ernsl, Daly, Cohen, Muller, Garland, Maxum, Tonkmg. Aesla, Bus sendorler 2nd Sclbella, Reppen hagen, Kurk, Kender, Cole brook, L a b a r 'f, Forsler, Muck, Coller 3rd Boyle, Wnllnams Lau cherl, Hapke, Goelz, Davls, Pnckens, PfeulTer, O'Brnen. Conlon 4lh Herss, Sankner, Huelz, Whale, Hora h ' I n If .ll 'lainly worlhwhile, and realize whal excellenl 5 1. as 'f J.' ' , . , 'k,L. B CA IO The sensors and underclassmen on 'lhe publlcahons sfaFF can look back on 'rhe pasl year as one of greal' ac+nvn+y Throughoul 'rhns year Hull Toplcs has under gone several malor changes lnslead of 'rhe lradrhonal four pages an elghl page paper was Issued whuch mel wu+h greal acclaum As a resull Hull Topics now con lawns eughl pages fllled wvlh arhcles of wnde rangunj mleresl' Since 'lhe s+aFf was orgamzed early lh lhe year ll+'lle hme was losf and lhus Hull Toplcs was able 'lo pul oul' sux Issues lnsfead of +he usual four The slafl mem bers have 'rruly done a greal puece of work for Hull Toplcs as shll one of lhe leading school papers In Weslern New York V 7 For forly years Masfen has puf oul a Chronicle and has mamlamed a hugh siandard Mass Prerman and +he busmess s'faFf deserve much commendahon because lherr adverhsung campaign had such excellenl resulls When lhe lulerary and arl slaffs were organized lherr crnes for lypusls puclures and arfhcles assalled fhe ears of Mrss Colburn Mrs Erkkula and Miss Dmsmore The flrsl annual Press Banquel held lasl year proved +o be so successful lhal I+ was repealed agaun lhus year To all who have so wnllrngly supporled ihe year book Chronicle exlends :ls hearhesl lhanks The slaff has endeavored In producing lhns year book +0 gave lhe Sensor Class of I939 a fllhng loken of remembrance s Voss Bloom Schmrdl Zegler Johnson Kalser Coop er Treger Mohn Slruzyk Her fnan n Lyslak Jansen Pease Cldld Wlerllsch Lenlner Scoll Klrchensleln Parr Eb ln Harrmglcn Conners Emser Glaeser Sfengel Wnlka Pal chrll Cohen 4fh Rerd Owens Galembo Powers Washlnglon Muller Nunley Goldsand Bosch Dos slnger 5+h Panek Fellon Beer Lea lherbarrow Ludaescher Long Polnn Melzger s Ruckrnegel Muller ee nos Andromldas Pllkey Ball B Tabackman l Snrlzer Traub Angus Yahrslorler Zn Jenosl Nord Fogarly Taramasco Abrams Chmuel I er P :ss Lelghly S oc we 3 d Bergman Kauser UI man Wr gofl Gmalsus B r o d e r Fuhn Tasman Lapldes Bosch Ashbery S n ler Haenslel Ehrman M Ta backman Lazerson Sllversfem Wyglondalsk: Clapp Sfh Gold Wllcxak Kanser Zakrzewska Ralhman Radaelln Guenfher P U L l T N S . . ' . . . b Il: , , ' , 2 d: ' , , , l' g. I I I - 3rd: Elengolq, Kaskel, Marlin, lf: ' , ' , N - dz ', , M'll , ll, ' I, l k- ll. r: , ' , l .d V . .V 3 4lh: , , . S lf. l r l - - ' l . . Under Pop Fosdsclc fhe monufor sys+em was mau gura+ed here a+ Fosd1clrMas'ren and ever sunce a slal war+ crew of lads and lassues have assns+ed an varuous capacuhes ln lhe lnbrary popular sfudy hour relreal a group of momiors under Mass Nefhe Levn+an s and Muss Ade laude Roberlson s experi' durechon have rendered many services such as shelvmg and recording boolrs and assushng nn reference worlc ln order +o Improve +ne already fine servuce 'rhey have formed an orgamzahon lrnown as +he Phnlobnblon Socueiy whose membershup us reslrucfed +o lnbrary monulors ln +ha+ sancluary bel"l'er lcnown as lhe office fwo boys each peruod render and un answernng fhe felephone runnung errands and a++endmg 'ro fhe ihousand and one lhlngs lhal are cerfam fo occur +hroughou+ lhe day ls'r Irene Peferson Florence Thler Dorusmae Kohler Rlla Read Lenore Leach Evelyn Brown R u 'l h Jerge Francns Czala 2nd George Ruffles Hyman Obslenn Marlon Wmer Arlhur Voellrle BeHy Forde Wnlluam Klemman Alberf Chazen r C ares Lee Jerome Rabb Harold Frymener James Kamp Richard Slymanskl An fhony Fmclr Voyle Lee O Mass Helena Duschalr In charge of fhe sensor boys homerooms malres +he appom+men+s from her rooms basing her selecfnons upon +he mclnvudual boy s courlesy umhahve nn+egr:'ry and general appearance Even before school s+ar+s fhree are performing +heur frusl' deluvermg class record boolcs 'ro 'rhe 'teachers +hroughou+ 'rhe bunld :ng The oFFice mom+ors are under fhe supervnsuon of Miss Gladys Smufh Benefifs from +hus sys+em are 'rwofold lf renders +he hon smoo+hly Also 'lhe boys and gurls parhcnpahng gaun experience and develop fheur nnuhahve and fore sughl Isl Gerald Leary Louis An dromndas James Schmmdl Rob erf Alexander Richard Szyman slu 2nd John Schaner, Wnlluam Gold Fred Desserl Rnchard Marquardf, Ca rlion Shero Leonard Dossmger 3rd Alvin Uhlman Wllllam Herman, Wllllam Blaser, Wal llam Kloesz Fredernclc Haens zel f -,YM NITORS . , . . ' , school vifal services which help fowardslmalring ll' func- 3d: h l , THE COMPLETION OF THE BUFFALO CIVIC STADIUM HAS AT LONG LAST GIVEN BUFFALO A CLAIM TO ITS SHARE OF MAJOR SPORTS EVENTS THE NA TIONAL AAU TRACKMEET THE DUKE COLGATE FOOTBALL GAME AND SEVER AL PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL GAMES HAVE BEEN PARADED BEFORE THE EYES OF BUFFALONIANS EAGER TO GLIMPSE THE SATELLITES OF THE SPORTS WORLD BUT FALO HAS FAILED TO REALIZE THE OP PORTUNITIES THIS STADIUM PRESENTS TO LOCAL ATHLETES A TRACK ON A PAR WITH THE BEST IN THE COUNTRY IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR OUR DISTRICT RUNNERS LOCAL COL LEGES AND PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOLS HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO DISPLAY THEIR FOOTBALL PROWESS IN A STADIUM WHICH TEAMS OF THEIR CALIBER MERIT THROUGH THIS STADIUM NEW FACILITIES FOR TENNIS BASEBALL SWIMMING AND OTHER SPORTS HAVE BEEN OFFERED TO THE ATHLETES OF BUFFALO THE CIVIC STADIUM IS AN ANSWER TO THE NEEDS OF BUFFALO S ATHLETES THERE HAS BEEN AN OVERSIGHT.. BUF- QQ QW an ,X 5' "4 4" -v was i xx ,Q 25' yi, 5 ' " ' v, , ,.. f 1 fi., Q, ' f LV L7 ' 1 fx 5.8 if ,M if. 'i iv 1 f , 4' - .ff -4 1, 11. '15 -F ' f Q' if'fA 5SQ?" ..- 2 i..,b- 44+ .A ,. ff' - k a e H5144 ' u 1' ' r O Top Prcfure James Maclun Paul Cromwell Charles Taylor Lower Plcfure Edward Harris Magnus Slegfrled Carroll Slone Isf Roberi Metzger James Maclun Claude Clapp Paul Cromwell Roberl' Zimmerman Charles Taylor Marvnn Mlffleman 2nd Carroll Sfone Magnus Slegfrned Edward Harrrs Thomas Frrfsch 3rd Mr Crawford Mr Heclr Leon Rosen Ruchard Vme Andrew Alexander Francis Dwyer Donald Boos Aulden Mc Clellan Ralph Oberlnrcher Fosdrcl: Maslen s foo+ball season was undeed a successful one Ou+ of fhe Eve games played Masfen won fhree and los+ 'rwo Perhaps fhe greafesf of fhese con'fes+s was 'rhe Fosdacl: vs Tech ba'Hle All forms of foofball were dusplayed Bofh 'reams exhnbrfed hard lune plays brulllan+ forward passes long brolren Held runs and several pass mfercephons The firsi 'three peruods were scoreless Wllh only a few mlnufes remammg ln fhe 'fourfh quarler a no'l'hmg nofhlng deadlock appeared ummmenl Bu+ war+l Maslen s+ar+ed marchung down fhe Held Harrrs passed 'lo Slegfrred who galloped fo a louchdown Thus was fhe only score Maslen had loppled 'lhe highly fouled Tech aggregahon F oTBALLy'-' U' ln looking back over fhe baskefball season if can fruly be said fhaf Masfen enioyed a very successful campaign. Nof only did fhe feam finish a close fhird in fhe league lwon II-losf Zl buf fhey also conquered fheir fradifional rival, Lafayeffe. Whaf a game fhaf was! Wifh fhree minufes 'ro play, Masfen frailed 22-30. Suddenly fhe Hillfoppers hif fheir sfride. They sank shofs from all angles, lying fhe score 30-30 in fwo minufes of furious playing Af fhis poinf Lee Mafhies who had been fhe spearhead of fhe affack rose fo even greafer helghfs by sinking a field goal and adding a foul shof The final score was Ma fen 33 Lafayeffe 30 BASKETBALL af d d ard Ha s Ralph Oberkirc e Sfanding Lee Maffhnes Domnc Bellanca Elme Re mann Da id Snifze Mulfon Mansfied Isf Lee Mafhies Domini Bellanca Milfon Mansfield David Snifzer Elmer Relmann 2nd William Scharf Joseph Cudek Magnus Siegfried Roberf Alexander Edward Harris Mr Seelbach 3rd Ralph Oberknrcher Harry Roberfs Jack Hileman Daniel G een T1-mi . . . s - . 'QT SSEIEW fri, ihf. ' r ' , i 1 T f 1 , v' ' rl ' l . 'A 'r I I . .C V . U . U Y' . A ' , "w'5'. A L.. y J V, 9 ' . ..' ' ' 'T .. 1 vi, . f ,A-2 1 . TI -- . ' . '1 .. . I ' , . - 3 , Q ' X . , Leff fo rughf Charles Kunzelman Wllem Eckerf Allan Fsher Chesfe Muller Fred Dessef Orvulle Sales Wllam Wnspea Jaclu Kalbfleusch Coach Seelbach Joseph Cosfanzo CROSS COUNTRY GOLF Leff fo ughf Rucha d Becker, R o b e rf Alexander, Sheldon Groden, Gerald Leary The crack of a gun and eughfy rugged buf nervous unduvuduals seffle down fo fhe gruellung fhree mule race of fhe All Hugh Meef un Delaware Park Affer abouf ferr munufes un fhe mudsl' of greaf applause Cosfanzo of Masfen comes un suxfh Anofher sfurrung cheer goes up as four more Masfen boys Wunspear Sarles Kalbfleusch and Desserf brealr fhe fape 'lo finush hugh un fhe runnung Soon fhe remaunung Fosducl: harruers race home and fhe Yellow and Blue flnushes un fourfh place a glowung frubufe fo fhe coachung of Allue Seelbach The golf feam parfucupafed un several prelumunary 'lournamenfs wufh ofher Buffalo hugh schools before enferung fhe All Hugh Meef Alfhough fhese prelumunary meefs should have sharpened fheur game sfull our golfers fauled fo dusplay anywhere near champuonshup golf form ln fhe l938 All Hugh Meel' Fosduck finushed eughfh fhe order of fhe flnush for Masfen beung Bob Alexander Jerry Leary Sheldon Groden and Duck Becker Graduafuon wull leave several vacancues un fhe I939 varsufy These wull be fllled by lower class members The Chronucle exfends wushes for a successful l939 golf season fo Bob Alexander Capfaun of nexf years feam 2 .ll . I . r ', r, ' r, ll l r, . , - . ... . . . . . - D . . . . . I I ' .. . . I I I . . . . .. . , . . . . . . I I . .. . .. . . . . .. ' . . . . . , u . . . . . . - ' u I . . . ' I I . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 I , . r':' r lsf Wrnspear Campbell Bachus Desserf Frsher Marquardf Harrison Cary Eckerf Klelnman Cosfanxo Coach Seelbach 2nd Clapp Greenfield Casnllo Olnver Croessman Jacobson Granfham Kushner Brownley Gullo Schaner 3rd Sherman Berber Flgllola Deufsch Manov PoH's Cooper Banks Owens Drefz Race Barfleff Mullins 4fh Srmms Ward Obe lurcher Greenberg Brown Wafson Ball' Hacks Korzle Nagel Wufh +he adven'I' of sprung 'rraclc en+huslas+s of Fosdlclc Mas+en began fralnmg for fherr own parhcular evenl' On May 4+h fhe long perrods of lnfense preparahon were cllmaxed In 'lhe firsi' dual mee+ of fhe season Masfen agalns+ fhe very sirong ruval Benner? Hugh School Wlfh due regard for Benne++s recognized superuorlfy and for Mas+en s frue sporlsmanshlp 'rhe score 96-I2 rs hereby s+a+ed The followmg placed un 'rhelr specrflc evenl' Richard Marquard+ +ook second place an fhe l20 yard low hurdles Wrlllam Klelnman hed for +he second place rn fhe pole vaul+ and Joseph Cos+anzo look second place ln +he mule run Fleer Figures no longer slum fhe wafer for lhe swnmrmng season rs over and Fosduck Mas+en has lef+ nn n+s wake a pacr of vuc+orues coupled wu+h four defea+s Ted Horlenko backshoke ace capfured All Hugh honors again whule Bob Car penrer was a close fourrh rn 'lhe breas+s+roke compeflhon Capfaln Mrlce Borysoff deserves menhon 'loo as a consnsrenf wunner an rn+er hugh school meefs Close defea+s were suffered ai +he hands of Easi' and Kensangfon because +he feam unfor+una+ely lacked s+rong second sirrngers +o and +hese sfars Coach Maffern capable Mas+en menlor wlll have several good dependable boys as a nucleus for nexi year s +eam TRACK SWIMMING Isl Norman Newhouse Wnl nam Herrrck Clufford Edwards eo Frohe n Eugene Ba++ Fred Mai 'fern Alfred Lyfh Roberf Car pen+er Rober+ Mols Mrchael Borysoff, Theodore Horlenlro V l I 3 , K lv . I - I L . + + . 4, W . - 2 a. . - f I I . 0 V, Y , - '1 49 as 90 If Aulden McClellan Jack Flunl Ray Frues Elmer Reuman Rrchard Swarrzoff Dann I QC Green 2nd Rober+ Mefzger Louis l.aLonge Rober? Alexander Andrew Alexander D o n a I d Boos 3rd Reber? Mulbrand Harry Roberrs James Maclun James Kamrey Louns Cecchnnl 41h Carl Weshen Lewns Sun ger Coach Heclr Edward Godson Dommuc Bellanca Maslens baseball Ieam gol off +o a ra+her Inauspucuous sI'ar+ by dropplng I+s firsr fwo games The firsr was a +ough game Io lose for Duck SwarIzoH' allowed Emerson bul' one hI+ ye+ los+ 2 I The nex+ confesf wurh Seneca was lusr as close 8 6 ln fhenr 'rhurd game Mas+en defealed Techmcal I2 Il The men upon whom Fosdlclr depended are Renman second base Roberfs firsf base Cecchun calcher Green fhnrd base Frles leff Field Boos shorfsfop Mehger cen+er field Sanger rughl' Held and Swarfzolr pnrcher ln reserve were Flunl' Bellanca and McClellan As fhe Chronicle wen+ Io press Mas+ens 'rennus 'team had played only one mafch +ha+ wI+h KensIng+on on May Il Thai day saw a 30 mule breeze wa'H genfly across 'Ihe Lebrun courls II also saw FOSdICkS Iennls squad go down 'Io defear a+ Ihe hands of Kenslngfon by +he close margm of 3 2 KensIng+on won Ihe 'Ihree sungles ma+ches whsle Maslen was supreme In Ihe doubles Oufsfandnng In Ihls mafclr- were Jerry Howells and Jaclr Eisenberg who defea+ed 'rheur opponenrs 6-3 6 2 and Red Ahlheum and Monfy Boorm who also won 6-3 6-3 ls? Ruchard Voss Roberf Carpenfer Loren Doelman Jacob Ensenberg Pefer Neenos Monry Boorn I :ng Alhenm Gerald Ho els 2nd Harold Wlck Jack Nnederpreum James Andrews rf. f 1 II' I I I 'I T . U ' lx A Q' - K 1. fi . Sq! U -D Q I I ' e A M I f I I s o o n . 3 , ' I I T - I I I . I T ' I I ' ' ' 1 ' . : . I I I . I I I I I I : . : . ' - . . . . . I I ' ' . . . . . . . . . I . I ' I ll ll u l I -- I I I . . BADMINTON SWIMMING Isl row Luculle Snabon Olefa Hageman Aluce Lohans Rufa Reud Belly Gu-ueg Dorothy Lup ak Maruorue Funk Mary Frangooles Jean Kulluan 2nd row Vurgunua Frawgooles Anna Kaslner Jean Chrusfen sen Belly Wohlerr Anne Chandler L o u u s e Daucher Aluce Lohans Elsue Wellman 3rd row Bernuce Berglund Margaref Eller Dorus Zangerle Sarah Elengoff Jane Lang Irene Slruzylr Maruon Zegler Praclucally a dufferenl group of gurls from +hose usually unleresfed un sporfung acfuvuhes 'Iurned ou? for Ihe excuhng sporl' of badmun+on Because of fhe large number of gurls who wanled fo play doubles 'reams were chosen The Ieam of Marlon Zegler and Irene S+ruzyl: carrued off Ihe honors un Ihe Iournamenl' Aluce Lohans and Olefa Hageman were second whule Jane Lang and Ru'I'a Reud came un Ihurd The freshmen of School I7 challenged some of our players The upperclass gurls carrued back +o Maslen all bu+ one vuclory Badmunlon shows greaf promuse of be comung Mas+en s favoru+e and mos+ popular spor+ Maslens 'femunune aqualuc slars have compleled a very successful season of swummung al' School 3l s pool The annual un'I'er class swummung mee? was held May I9 Tuesday of Ihe nexl' weelr our gurls mel' Ihe swummers from Gurls Vocahonal Hugh School The followung caplauns and managers respechvely were chosen for each class freshmen Kalherune Kapodusfrua and Clarabelle Kruger sophomores Vurgunua Burlchardl and Amue McCul lough uumors Leona Daszewslra and Naomu Luebl and senuors Lulluan Murlun and Helen Frufz Much credul us due Muss Moore 'Ihe swummung uns+ruc+or who has helped I'he gurls umprove 'Iheur swummung Iechnuque and Iheur lufe saving melhods Isl Wuerulsch, Luberska, Rynlowska, Greug, Marelu, Frufz, Ganh, Dohn, Dosfer 2nd Teasdale, Glaeser, Marhn, Kapodusfrua, Krueger, Everlf, Nlarlrey Maciolun, Wagner, Munro, Bundroclu, Schell, Houclu, Savasia, Kennedy, Salusbury, Gerland, Beyer 3rd Falh, Leach, Muller, Sleggs, Fleuschauer, Snyder, Robunson, Daszewsia, Murlun, Donovan, Pease, Luebl Eller Keem, Rosenhahu, Smulh, Sfockwell, Conners, Mammoser, Schlosser ' ' u 4 f 1 - ,. u u . I . .. . , fu . 7 , 1 . . A x" ." T 5 I . I . I . - 1 u . u u u , . , . . . . . . . . , 4 . I . I .. . . . l . . .I . . . , . ' u . . . .. . u r ' u u u u . u u ASKE Gorasu D Maza arruson S C eo gerfer E Maron S Kruefor Yau B Weusmanfel Herlan W eklunslra Smufh A Baker 3rd W Goefz J Keem B Sfoclcm un Guenfher A Kasfner S Scoff Muss Sfephan s re Sfruzy e e a K Bussen d fe A Heuss 2nd M Fogarfy V Murphy Fee M Suesserman Moser D Wulson M Robun son A Scubeffa D Lube ska 3 d J Chrusfensen B Crouse P Komoro sl: Bla e W fczalr L Dauche J Lang A Lohans M ss Kreug B A L L Thus pasf season found fhe spoflughf focused o fhe mosf popular of gurls sporfs baslcefball Approx umafely fwo hundred gurls responded fo fhe cry Play Ball fhe begunners and freshmen soon becomung well advanced un fhe lcnowl edge of fhe game Organuzed feams of freshmen sophomores lunuors and senuors played wufhun fheur own class wufh prelumunary fryoufs decudung fhe class feams Towards fhe end of fhe season fhe four duvusuons played each ofher Capfauns selecfed by fheur feams were as follows senuors Marlon Zegler lunuors Sally McLeod sophomores Munnue Suesserman begunners and freshmen Elsa Lohans The exfraordunary passworlc of fhe senuor feam auded fhem un defeafung fhe fresh men and sophomores Bofh defeafed feams foughf valuanfly buf were forced fo yueld by decusuons of 20 6 and I2 6 respecfuvely The lunuors came ouf vucforuous un confesfs agaunsf fhe freshmen and sophomores by scores of 24-4 and 20 I2 The mosf excufung of all games was fhaf befween fhe lunuors and senuors Durung fhe firsf fhree quarfers of fhe game defensuve and offensuve plays were evenly mafched Neufher feam held a lead of more fhan fwo pounfs af any fume ln fhe fTnal quarfer fhe lunuors unleashed an offensuve affack whuch uhe senuors could nof sfop They fallued five baslcefs for fen pounfs whule fhe senuors managed fo score only fwo pounfs un fhe final quarfer The fTnal score was 20 I0 The speed and accurafe shoofung of Ernesfune Harruson and Lulu Smufh proved mosf froublesome fo fhe senuor players The uunuors had finally succeeded un overfhrowung a senuor feam affer a long and hard sfruggle A parfy was held un fhe gurls gym by fhe members of fhe four feams fo close fhe evenfful season B T ' - u ' T lsf: F. ll:', . , E. H ' , . M L d, E. Lohans, D. Miller, R. Win- 2nd: . , , ' , E, G , . ' , M. . A. I ' , L. d r1, M. F' lr,4 A. I fc B. G ig, I. lu, M. Z gl V, R. F fh, . - or r, . ' . B, r d, . , S. . - . , . I' . r : . ' , . , . w i, H. lu , C. 5 . . f, . . . , l ' . fi The volleyball season was heralded wuTh greaT V gusTo by Temunune aThleTes of Fosduclr ConTrary To expecTaTuons no class dusTuncTuons were drawn The gurls were duvuded unTo Two groups one assemblung Wednesdays The oTher meeTung on Mondays OL Each group was duvuded unTo a number of Teams and Theur respechve capfauns were chosen ATTer much unTer g oup compeTuTuon Two mauor Teams of The superuor players of each group were selecTed RuTa FaTh was chosen caplaun of The Monday Team The ruval Team seIecTed Aluce Lohans On Wednesday Aprul I9 The Two Teams clashed The Wednesday Team under The capable leadershup of Aluce Lohans mosT ably assusTed by BeH'y Greug was vuc Toruous nn The fTrsT game The hard huTTung and splendud cooperaTuon of The Wedne day group resuITed un a 2I 5 game In The second game The Monday Team rallued Led by RuTa FaTh They played a clear cuT and umpressuve game carryung away The honors wuTh The score 2I I5 In The Thurd and decusuve game boTh Teams exhubuTed Top Torm The Monday Team ToughT gallanTly buT gradually The pounTs puled up agaunsT uT I was a gloruous vucTory Tor The Wednesday group The score was 2I 9 Havung been vucToruous un Two oT The Three games scheduled The Team of Aluce Lohans was pro claumed The champuon gurls Team of MasTen Park On Fruday Aprul 2I Aluce Lohans led her champuonshup Team agaunsT The gurls of School No I7 In each of The Two games played our Team surpassed ThaT of School No I7 Superuor playung resulted un a dual vucTory for Masfen The scores w re I5 7 nd I7 LEYBALL I T Bussendorfer Sfocluman Mosler McLeod Fafh Web sfer SccTT M Suesserman Freed J Suesserman 2 n d NevuscourT Landgraf Ball LupTaIu Duxbury Leach son Souden OrcuTT Kulluan Rosenhahn r Bell Murphy V Nee Gonzalez Fabuano Kapodus Trua Farrell Braulsford Balmer Chrusfenson Wulczalu Komor owsu Luberslza Loans Sfoluuch Palmer 4+h O Connor J Neeb RyTer Haplre Keem ScubeTTa March and Franke MaTThues Funk Enslun Daucher WeusmanTeI Grey Davus Muller Wungerfer IsT ITaIuano Tasman S Weber aza M Weber Greu Lohans Feadler Feger Har? Gerland 2nd Frangooles Heuss Wlelu lunslua Goralsluu Pache Mam moser Helbrunger S yde Kreufor Holls Lagowslua Mun kuewucz Boye Grad 3r Frangooles C a r r DosTer J Dosler Schlosser Hare KasTner Herlan Wuer ufsch Marek Duck Whule B McKay Kruger KapodusTrua 4Th Krawczylu Zangerle Ruch ards Eller Crouse Kleunmeuer Guenlher Jay ZuenTeh Hage man, Pueru, Rynkowska, E Mc Kay, Gurome, STrauss e - a QIS. s : , Soffussen, Reid, Kohlelr, Harri- 3 dz , , , b , V' 'I la M , . , 'gl . ' , n r, dc , I C, STUDENTS OF FOSDICK MASTEN HAVE PROVED THEMSELVES TO BE FULLY AWARE THAT A FRIENDLY SPIRIT AND WHOLE HEARTED COOPERATION ARE THE ESSENCE OF A SUCCESSFUL SCHOOL OR COMMU NITY THEY HAVE FORMED CLUBS SORORI TIES AND FRATERNITIES WHICH HAVE NOT ONLY ENCOURAGED FRIENDSHIPS AND PROMOTED THE SOCIAL LIFE OF THE SCHOOL BUT WHICH HAVE ALSO CON TRIBUTED LAUDABLY TOWARD MAKING SCHOOL ACTIVITIES OF THE PAST YEAR SO SUCCESSFUL PARTICULARLY COMMEND ABLE IS THE ENTHUSIASTIC COOPERATION WHICH THE ORGANIZATIONS GAVE TO WARD MAKING MASTENS SENIOR PROM THE SWEEPING SUCCESS THAT IT WAS WE FEEL THAT IT IS A COMPARATIVELY SHORT STEP FROM ZEALOUS SUPPORT OF SCHOOL ACTIVITIES TO ACTIVE INTEREST IN THE AFFAIRS OF THE COMMUNITY AND ASM OF OUR STUDENTS WILL INCREASE TO INCLUDE THE SUPPORT OF THE COMMU NITY S CENTER OF ACTIVITIES BUFFALO S NEW CONVENTION HALL WKWIX O I - I I - O - u . V. I lqgry "pn I 4 III I, 7 fI,,I fwffIIIIf4 M +IIfII,I Im I 4 Iff I ,IjfIIf ,I If 'ff' II ' 'N' I4 Q I ,,,""f':f'I!,I4I'nQjM "lIII:MIMu ' WWI-Wfv'I"f L SO WE A R AIN HAT THE EN HUSI- I I I 'I I fPiI'VI"f,III W . 'I1"I'I:IpIffII I I,qI:f1ef-n,W, f ' , 5 III" wfzfy "" , I u ' - -I7 !WW iw'-It ' I "" 'f ,I 1' '1 ' Wfffwfw' 'I ' I I I " ,f I ' I-, ' ..- 'gy :fI,,I'yI,,wVh M f,f Qh,WfzH?ywI -,,. .l4 W " . I 5, " "un 'lf f 9 ii. xxXXf5 ,,, fy ,lf ,,5 , f, f N ' 7117! WW ,fm ,, y,iA5fn',:,gH f QW " W ,,fff6"MMf Wy W 'IM f "ft ' 7 ' 'W 'f'W"f ,f,:Uv'5f, X f A f WW, M ffm, fm 'ff ww f nf, ' rw ', V, Nm fffw I w fyfyfczy ,VJ f vw , ' f' f'9l,,g,"f,'fyQ,Q If' 1, I '5',"'n oh, ,W ' WWI7' f ' ALPHA IOTA CHI ALPHA KAPPA Isf Ellen Goerbmg 'lreasurer Belly Maunz secrefary Gerfrude McAndrews presudenf Edn+h Oldfield soclal secreiary Marguerlfe Cole 2nd Vnrgmua Wllluams Muriel Newman Vnrgmua Beneducf Jeanne Degler 3rd June Adams Rhea Schmuclrer Norma Maflulke I4 Is? Doroihy Radeclu vnce presudenl Ednfh Banile JeanneHe Halnano presudenl Audrey Pressburger Dorofhy Reach secreiary 2nd Doroihy Chambers Rosemary llallano Norma Klenn ireasurer I f Wlluam Donahue secrefary Lewns LaLonge presldenf Ralph Beers? vnce presldenf 2nd Alexander Fnsher Paul asnllo Rnchar Jerrns sergean? ai arms Harry Roberfs freasurer Joseph Siegel Edward Johannes ALPHA SIGMA IOTA 3 4 1 3 lr . ' 4 9 K --5 . I gf! 4 M y,, 4 6 P l H A 5 v ' l l sz I' . 7 ' . ' 1 .'- ' - : , ' . C', ' d ', -- : t I ALPHA TAU GAMMA If James Hough vuce presldenl Richard MacDonald presrdenf Raymond Weber secrelary 2nd John Bronold George Turner Edward Kelly sergeanf af arms Francus Dwyer 'rreasurer Elmo Roll Wnllnam Eclrerf BEATA I+ Mary Benz vnce pres1den+ Rulh Knoblocl: freasurer Ruih Ball presndenf Karyol Balser secre Iary Beffy Hoeflschweuger sergean a+ arms Boas 3rd Marilyn Muller Margaref Smllh Grace Faehr Calherme Nason Blanche Weber Nancy ORourlre Mildred Chmlel BETA SIGMA Isl Mary Jane Grnmn Ruth Meyer secrefary Dorolhy Schroeder pre ndenr Llluan Young vnce presldenf Marlon Bowen 2nd Audrey Bai? Ann Torgensen Marguerufe Freuer Thelma Schrawlrle Annelfe Marchand Rufh Kam Marlorne Gessner 3rd June Hursi Helen Kellogg Belle Kam Crace Jaeger S 1 , ' - ' 2 ' , ' 1 , . S 2 . ' - ' 1 . : . ' 1 . - 2nd: Sally McLeod, Carolyn Lufz, Rila DeLaney, Rose Pieri, Blanche Sfumpf, Helen Farrel, Margaret I DELTA GAMMA I LAMBDA Isfz Melvin Kraff, Eugene Bali, Thomas Rausch. 2nd: Roberi Flood, Roberi Mefzger, Loren Doelrnan, James Donahue. 3rd: Donald Hefzel, Arfhur Voellzle, Franklyn Daumen, Roberi Shorf. DELTA PHI DELTA I I Rnchard Schwar+zoH vuce preslden+ Magnus Sxegfrled pre ldenf Roberf Alexander treasurer 2nd George Robson Edward Harrus secrefary MlIIon Mansfield Richard Szymanskl sergeani af arms Arihur Szymanslu DELTA RHO -4 .4 JIS lsf Jennie Merrell secrefary and freasurer Nafhalae Zembrzyclra vece presndenf Mass McCabe Florence Wnerufsch presndenf Magdalena Yahrsiorfer sergeanf af arms 2nd Irene Wnerufsch Leona Daszewslra Geneve e Zuollrowslna Celna Wuiczaln Alyce Pafalon Doro9hy Luberslra Doroihy Schenauer S: . I . - . I . . I S. : V ' 9 r 0 ' , ' 0 " Y 2 X .52 - f Z l . ' J '- I Q I . x , . I X--'-' , - ' Inf I ' ' . I 5' ' . ' ' I . GAMMA MU KAPPA lsr Mnldred Gerber vrce presrdenr AI secrefary Muldred Kohler sergeanf af arms 2nd Helen Colebrook Marne Fogarfy E a 55 1.9 uf Bosack Ireasurer Rafe Fa'rI1 presrdeni Betsy Munro Sfone Jannce MlIIer Lenore Leach LucnIIe Lanza 3rd RuII'1 Graham Sara Nord Edyflwe I"IaIIen Juliana PfoI'1I Vrrglnla Burkard GIRLS HI Y 4 I - :I ' ' A' I3 4 . I , . if 6,' , J Q ' 0 .. i A J N 4 . .X ,J K v Y ,. 1 ' . ' r ' : I'ce I : ' . ' : . 5 I I I V I I l I I D - I ISI: Dona Crowley, Ireasurerg Frances Newlwouse, vice-presidenh Lois Webs+er, presidenfg Jane I : . 2 ' . . . v '. In A 5 Q S b L If I L, , : ' , . 1 . ' : ' ' . ' I ' I I I - I ' I l I . I I I . ' ' . . l I I ' Lang secrefary Jean GaeIrI 2nd Dons McKay Jane McMahon Elrzabeih SIone BeI+y Maunz 3rd Claraluce Brefhauer Leona Carpen+er Dorofhy OH E a Janos: L L :JN Is? Clarabelle Grbb Norma Hogg freasurer Beffy Sfrasner presudenf Mnss Olive Neal Lorraune Bauer vlce presldenf Ruih EcIrerI secreiary Ida Hoffman 2nd Cafherrne Scoff Rlfa McMaI'1on Mildred Gerber Ella Sneisky Eleanor Ganh Pafrrcua Kloppen borg Rose Mussell Hllda Kamm 3rd Adalyn Tornesella Marlorle KlIInnger Cafherlne PuIIrey Pearl Franke Jane Srmon Irene Blasz hewlcz Audrey Burmasfer Mary Sfengel Eugenra Nowo+Ira HOME ECONOMICS CLUB PI GAMMA SIGMA 2nd Jacob Eisenberg Sugmund Hogman Leonard Adler Marvin Mniileman AlberiCl'1azen Armand Prnnce Leon Rosen secreiary AUTOGRAPHS Ish lsadore Silvershain, vice-president lsadore Snifzer, presidenfg Daniel Levine, ireasurer. SIGMA THETA PHI Isf Kafhernne Pefer ireasurer Kafherme ScoH vice presldeni Jeanne Morgan presldenf Marlon Kunzelman secreiary Rufh Goff serganf af arms 2nd Vnola Prescofi Mary Cafhernne Sullivan Pafrlcla Kloppenborg Jean Allen Rufla Schreiber Rufh Carfer 3rd Elnzabefh Lee Ru'll1 Haplre AUTOGRAPHS EVERY HUMAN PROJECT MUST HAVE BEHIND IT SOME GUIDING FORCE TO STEER IT IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. BUFFALO LOOKS TO ITS CITY HALL FOR THIS GUIDANCE. FROM THIS BUILDING THE AF- FAIRS OF THE CITY ARE DIRECTED. MASTEN PARK'S GOVERNING INFLUENCE CAN BE TRACED TO THE MEMBERS OF THE FACULTY AND, IN PART, TO THE NEW STUDENT COUNCIL. THE CHRONICLE, TOO, MUST ANSWER TO THE HANDS ON THE REINS. THE DICTATING FACTORS IN THIS CASE ARE THE ADVERTISERS AND THE STU- DENT BODY, FOR TOGETHER, THEY CONTRIBUTE THE FINANCIAL FUEL WHICH MAKES THE CREA- TION OF A YEARBOOK POSSIBLE. THEN TOO, THE STUDENTS, WITH THEIR DIVERSIFIED INTERESTS, PRO- VIDE THE MATERIAL FROM WHICH THE CHRONICLE IS FASHIONED. if 3 f X , t 556 fiifiiiii, 1 v qw' 'ffl'--'I ' ' lx Y QNfu ,1V" Yuba "a '.L ,., 1 'f "' . a x ii i E wi E in l , gigiq l 1-LJ-: -- l ffm fag' 'gf ' ' Tl F , I -.1." .. . m u ' 1 f 1 liinnpislplj iiiiihiiihih, iliiihinlill iaaiiiiiiiil ihiliiiiiiiil ,.uaniuiansah ' h.in5us.L.n.Le.LIJg Q ga nj 51? if ,wi A3 ..,. ....,.. qnn-. STUDENT The new sfudenf councul experlenced a very successful year Hs members Include COUNCIL ls+ row R Fafh P Cromwell M Robinson R Rafhman R Voss R Barne++ H Wick B Dixon 2nd row S Nord M Fogarfy D Muller R Lazerson F Bar+leH M Boss M Deery 3rd row B Howells J Donohue V Burkhard+ L Mmklewncz C Kauser A Talboys M Chmlel B Parker R Henesey The s+uden+ councll was responsuble for +he remarkable success of +he annual prom YOU LL DO BETTER AT STRATFORD Um ersnfy Almosphere lndnvudual lnslruchon Free Employmenf Servvce Secrefarual and Accouniancy Courses I2 f I8 monlhs of Umversufy Grade for Hugh School and College Gradueies lniensuve shorf courses 6 +o 8 monfhs Sfenography and Bookkeepung nncludmg fhe operahon of Compiomefers Dncfaphones Cal culafors Bnllmg and Bookkeepung Machines Day and E emng Sessnons Cafelog free Phone me Wd W8 O' ' 'fe Scott s Alrdrome Rink Summer Rmk Nghfs Sundays Holidays Phone GArf1d 0637 Genesee and Transul' Road STRATFORD GRADUATE scHooL OPM' 56+ Mav ZW' Ln ood and Ui' ca l l . iq 3. rf" .. 49 f l I ' o .. . 1 A I ' 4 yur. f '. . , . 0 O On May fiffh 'rhe second annual prom In honor of 'rhe members of 'the senIor THE PROM class was held In +he Buffalo ConsIs+ory ballroom The muslc was furmshed by AllIe Seelbach and hIs Twen'fIe+h Cen+ury orchesfra AmId much specfacle Roberf Mols and Grace Jaeger were crowned KIng and ueen of +he prom The pIc+ures above show fhe dancers as fhey enloyed +he musIc and as 'r ey The evenr was a socIal as well as a financIal success THIS BOOK BOUND WITH PLASTIC BINDING STANDARD MFG 81 COLOR CARD CG lO2 Gelsfon Sfreei' Buffa o N Y Phone GA 7263 MANHHRDT ALEXANDER INC n 4 Iffze e l l 0 Q . . I . . . h foolc parf in fhe Grand March which climaxed +he corona+ion. by l , . . Q 9 O '7ayJe,fme4,m Am, GHQMMJ-4661! Bon Voyage Baslcefs only SIZOO you ece e e so s e by a poes Impor'recI Cheeses n +ea All necessa y mu e s se of a d pe d Fme Foods s menlf epa iso s an nice PAY ONLY SI 00 A WEEK s oFf r appl s o co o a S e Cla To boeXyIop eandma o e nsl e is ERLANGER THEATRE BLDG Denfon Co+'ner 8: Daniels WA 675l NC f I WH-I-'ELM pRINT SH0p GENESEE ROLLER RINK 644 Genesee near JeFFerson Publlslwlng GENESEE HERALD N Fillmore Shopping Guide Open every evenmg affer 6I6 Genesee af Jefferson one O CIOCII on Sunday . gl For . r iv I--Tw Ive privale les n giv n r I - sio al cher. 2- r sic. . 3-Tw Ive weelr free u e n able in- fru or Iwom r clice. And i I s ea y- cl so much fu I arn Io play our way - asl: for more delails. Thi e ie I Ac rdi n, Gull r, Trum- 1 p I, rinel, r m n , Iwon ny II1 r I rum n I . Cour S reel al PearI u I We acknowledge our gratitude to the tollowmg honorary patrons who have lent their assistance In promoting this clvlc enterprise Mrs Gertrude D Byrens Dr SamuelP Capen Mr John Cappeller The Rev Mr George W Cooke Mr and Mrs Jacob Cooper Miss Irene Delahunt Miss M E Dretenbach Mass Helena L Duschalc Dr E G Froeber Mr Carroll C Geiger Mass Loretta M Greenough Mr. C. Brooks Hersey Mr. Wardner H. Jones Mr. August Kaiser Miss Charlotte Kinnius Mr Robert Kushner Mr David Lawrence Mr Harold R Lindgren Dr FrankH Long Mr M N Mann Dr Ray L Marchand Miss Dorothea McDonald Mr RoyB Muller Mr GarnettF Roberts Miss Anne Ryan Dr I L Scruggs Mr. Leo Sauer Mr. Howard C. Smith Miss Genevieve Stettan Miss Ethel O. Swannie Mr. William Theiss Masten's Chronicle Mr. Louis Chertott The Rev. Mr. H. H. Lohans 7' NIV? y'g'Kfvg'S'c' ,ga-Q? waxes ,Egx 'Q We if CONGRATULATIONS to the Class ol 39 You may well be proud of your Fosdlclc Masfen diploma H' represenls a worfhwlmle achlevemenf, a long sfep forward on your road +o success Whefher you conhnue your educahon a+ college, or choose a career an flue busuness world you will find +l1a+ success usually comes +o +l1ose who ma+cl1 fhelr ablllfy wl1'l1 a smarl' appearance Clolhes by Klelnhans IS a good rule fo 'Follow f? Klemhans Corner Mann and Clmfon Wafch and Jewelry Repalrmg CHIPPEWA PANTS STORE I5 Wes? Ch ppe a Sf eel TROUSERS SWEATERS HEINTZ and HOYLER MANUFACTURING JEWELERS 22 W Ch ppe Sl 2nd oo Specual Depar+men+ for S+udenfs Nerf fo G eel Lakes Tlweaf e CLe eland 8544 Affernoon Bowling l5c per game Miller's Jefferson GROTKE'S FOOD MARKET MEATS GROCERIES Bowling Academy FRUHS Free Insfruchon Wednesday Affernoons V VEGETABLES 1 -':3f- A 'fi yT:f:f.5:f:g:g5'?. 7E5E5Eggg:'5'f7,fSf' . . . - - q -M, I 'A ' ...,. - . - ,,'I"'I' ".I"""-1 25' 3' -C:!E"'2:f:2f- -I ,f'3:3tf"f:i:A'C:?:3? 'V .7 137251:--. sg -zgsg5gs5z..f:ss5s:a,.'sgi,ggs51?sEs'fgsgsgs:1g:,. :fra 5:5 2-:-w:I:1:i': 1:'-:-:-".-:2:l:-.-S:2:k5.hir?" --I-I-I-Il e :-:-'- -.-.g.:.-.-.. .5:,::::::- Q.-.2-'-.H .5:::-"3 ,, . 2555 ,'Sfsf'.,:5SE5Eg5fE:fff"i-5:551g:5fSf"" Ai::::::152,,, . . . :gn ' :,1,ggg5','-.v:-,g.- - I ,.,:g,9:s,.,::' 314:51 .:Qf.'.-5:1SiSr5'7'f:-Ejlfnq Wzvfgg- ' .NV ,-fl'-'-1+ 4. :aff ew w- -- rsfx ::2.2..:hA 'Y'-5:1-5-':j-" ' " " -'fza-' f:2:f fi fm -::f:11:f ' ' ,::q:5::::Q. 2:15-1, .- -zu.-..:35:-.Qxgr of :::5: :IS:5:2:5:1:-1 f:'2E5f15IfI3'f'E:5'-.X -S":1H? gl.-: , , H: :REQ-:Plz 8gQ:g:w--1-.-"agr?Q.g.::,: . 1 . 5q.j.'w -'-:-':f:'.' .,5:1-1 .' . I 555: ' Y 1 i 2515 : I -75' if 5 F I , I T sid 1 , 15 5522535 5 .55 ' ' ' ' 5 . 155' 555555 5 'fs - " ' I: f iii' 35121 5 ' S . 'IE5' 5251515 Q 5 1:1 i 515251121 2 ' ' -3:g:5E5Eg 5 . T T ff f 35: 4 rf +E5E5E5Ef'? si: -1 ifiiiffz' 55 .3512 ...fin 9 2:.'5:!.g. - ll "5 4 . ff h A "Pl:-g.,k5"? . . . 'Wiv es . -5 4 I w r . i wa ., FI r f' Y V IZ97 Jefferson A e. Llncol 9655 787 Genesee SO. HU 0787 THE PHOTOGRAPHS IN THIS ANNUAL WERE MADE BY 6721 LGICVYZ PI-IOTOGRAPI-IER 637 MAIN STREET Feafurung Ihe new MOVIE LIgh'r Apparafus and IIS eFfec+s In Modern Pho+ograpI1y NEGATIVES KEPT IN FILES 5 YEARS FOR COPIES SPORTS SUMMARY I938 39 BASKETBALL YaIe Cup Serles Won II Los 2 FosdIck Benne'fI Lafayeffe 24 HuIcI'IInson Burgard asf McKInIey Sou+h Park Emerson Grover Cleveland Lafayefie Seneca Kensmgfon Technlcal Benneff RIversIde TrIanguIar Meefs Fosduclx Fosdnck FOOTBALL Harvard Cup Serles Los 2 SouII'1 Park Won 3 FosdIcIr I2 Seneca Easf Technucal Burgard SWIMMING Syracuse Cup Serles Won 2 Los? 4 RIVETSICJE Benneff Kensungion Technlcal Huichmson CROSS COUNTRY CoIumbIa Cup Serxes BASEBALL orneII Cup Serues Won Los? 2 Incomple Eos ICk I 2 Emerson I8 Seneca II Technlcal 2 Easf I Burgard TENNIS ark CIub Cup Serues Won 3 Los+ 3 Incomple Lafayeffe Rwersnde asf Soufh Park Technecal All Hngh Meei I fe RIVSYSIUE BenneII Lafayeffe TecI1nIcaI Fosduck asf . ' C ' - I 3 - I e - I ' - 2 d' - ' 26 - 35 ' " 7 - I2 ' 6 - " 25-23 " 0- 6 " I2- ' " 39-22E 6-0 ' 4- ., 35 F I8 . I5 - 0 2 - ' 36 - 24 " 43 - 3I " 34 - 36 ' PI ' " 33 - 30 - - I " 33 - 27 Fosdiclr 35 - 40 Easf Fosdick 2 - 3 Kensingfon .. 38 - 20 . " 32 - 43 ' ' 'I 2 - 3 ,I 35 32 , " 28-47 " 4- I ' ' - " 33 - 42 ' " o - 5 E 45-25 " 40-35 ' 'I 4- I ' 36-24 ' ' " 33-37 ' " 3- 2 ' 25 54 66 ea 79 84 93 ' E 47 SI TED E BU ERGER INSURANCE 4 LIFE ANNUITIES AUTOMOBILE HOSPITALIZATION F RE ACCIDENT ILLNESS Add ess H U NTI NGTON BUFFALO PA In de B42I AV Lnlyan Dress Sfuduo J ff S d GAF ld 9845 L N ELLSWORTH Excwsive FooTwEAR GA 5757 O O h his sfeed he o e 5 Rdng Clb I335 e erson Ave. Dre ses. Lingerie, Hosiery, Accessor' , Dressmaking an Alferafions . Y le I . . I332 Jefferson Avenue r 07 E. Phone r si I. "They shall have music . . . " 2. Sidelines. 3. n y ."nerwi s rd...".ii u THE NEW BUSY BEE Dellcsous Hugh Grade Home Made Candy and lce Cream Luncheon Served Dauly I247 JelTe son A e 9927 DELICIOUS CANDIES Say ll' Wlfh Fowler s Chocolales 5 Jel'Te son A e Hoover Rug Cleaners 2 T o S+ ee? Pho e GA Feld 225l Good Thmgs fo Eal' ALBERT G FUZAK amen MEATS Monarch Fmer Foods 4 Sc bblers confe 5 Sanfa and Be+a Srg 6 Drum mago ln? 'lege so A e GA Zols 7 Reco cl b ealrer Ho lenlro I ' l2l r v nue r v . GR. 44 lm n r n ru ' I . I. Make-up crew. 2. Publications dance. 3. Sanla's helpers. . . . r n v . . ru r. . . . - r. . " r - r " r . Prescnphons and Drugs The Lowesf PrIces Roberfs Drug Sfores SEE US FIRST 536 Broadway 467 WIIlIam WA 9568 WA 8854 or PrescrIp+Ion ServIce Clarence N Reese RHARMAcIsT 9549 908 Jefferson MIlIers Food Marlcel' 638 640 WILLIAM W 0425 We Delwer Wesfbroolc s Garage 209 HICROTY GENERAL AUTO REPAIR OILS AND ACCESSORIES RADIO SERVICE CL 2672 Omce 0 3I Krempa Brofhers MEAT MARKET GROCERIES FRUITS VEGETABLES 73 LewIs S+reeI Jefferson BIllIard Academy L A Schorb Prop I2 TABLES l4I4 Jefferson al Woodlawn Sherman T Plllcey couNcILMAN or THE MASTEN DISTRICT GA Feld 784 Frank J. Wagner 23l Masfen Sfreel BOILED HAMS SS I"loehn 8: Sfurm For DEIICIOUS Home Made ICE CREAM Uhca SI 0095 The Buffalo PrIn+ery REAL ART PRINTING ADVERTISING SPECIALTIES Personal affenhon gIven all orders J R GARRETT Proprlelor Phone WAshIngIon IIO9 I38 WIIIIGITI Maln Uhca Bowllng Academy I0 Wesi Uhca SIree+ MRS J BIRTCH Prop GAr'I'ield 7096 Cunnlngham Beaufy Shop ALL LINES OF BEAUTY CULTURE I395 MaIn Slreef nexl Io Marlreen Hoiel Gladys Downs Beaufy Culfure PERMANENT WAVING A SPECIALTY WITH US Llncoln 9582 Buffalo N Open Monday FrIday Saiurday EvenIngs VIc+ory Mufual LITE Ins Co NINDE DAVIS 530 Wlllldm SI Buffalo Ofhce CL 297I Deeb Gu'r+as EMBROIDERY sHoP For leHerIng and monograms on all sporlswear W Cl'IIppewa 8 Congratulahons to the Class ol '39 af . .. 253E. ' . GA GA ' .. Sy . I . - . . A ' .. . . I - CL I -R. ' ' , .Y. 77 . ' cI.6Ia fl I DIARY DATES MINNIE A MASTENITE SEPT 8 Dear Duary School began My hand us weary from sugnung my name Iasi name Hrsf on abou+ a muIIuon dufferen blanks Munnue SEPT 28 Dear Duary Trued our The new assembly sysfem Boyl Am goung +o muss fhai' sfudy peruod Munnue NOV 23 Dear Duary The Band members wore Iheur brand new unu forms af Ihe Thanksguvung assembly They Iook grea+I Munnue NOV 25 Dear Duary Somefhung new and dufferenf Gurl cheerleaders Munnue NOV 30 Dear Duary The new S+udenI' Councul held ufs Hrs? meehng foday Duck Voss us chaurman Munnue DEC 8 Dear Duary The Bug Broadcasfl Masfen s enferlaunmeni' hugh Iugh+ Worrh 'Iwuce Ihe pruce Munnue DEC 23 Dear Duary Chrusfmas vacafuon beguns Ioday No homework for awhule Munnue JAN II Dear Duary Scholarshup Recognuhon Day Bernuce Tabackman Reguna Johnson Rosemary Rafhman Helen Kaskel John Kauser and Isadore Snufzer receuved puns for afiaunung averages of 95 or above for 'rwo whole years Gosh' Munnue JA I6 Dear Duary The mud year exams slarfed 'roday I m bufung my fingernaulsl Munnue JAN 20 Dear Duary I was unfroduced +o Ihose AII Hugh foo'IbaII sfars Paul Cromwell and Ed Harrus 'Ioday Be s+uII my hear+I Munnue MAR 28 Dear Duary Hull Topucs came ou+ Ioday wuI'h a pucI'ure of Ihaf smoolh Mull MansfTeId Maslen s AII Hugh bas ke+baII cenier Mlnnle MAR 30 Dear Duary The AII Hugh Swummung mee+ was held foday Mas+ens AII Hugh merman us Ted Horlenko Ihe record breakung backs'Iroke s+ar Munnue APRIL 5 Dear Duary Easfer vacaruon Thank heaven for vacafuons Munnue APR L I7 Dear Duary The day of Masfens Musuc Feshval Real musuc Munnue MAY 5 Dear Duary Bugges'I' even? of +he year fhe Senuor Prom never forge? ul Munnue JUNE I5 Dear Duary Class day +he day of glory for Ihe Senuor officers Munnue JUNE I6 Dear Duary Funal exams ld befrer nof faul Yhesel Munnue JUNE 23 Dear Duary Graduahon The nughi' Ive been wauhng for Munnue N. or . f . .. t y . . . + ' I l ' ' . I I I . I. I . Gymnasfic gals. l 0 Trouble is fhey have an ending. n . I . I . . ' - ' - - . u'uu YAHRSTORFER DAIRY l02 HERMAN STREET WA 2466 EAT AT THE PINE GROVE JusI' 'I'he pIace for a snack IChpp MEMBER FLORISTS TELEGRAPH ASSOCIATION KRAMER FLORIST The HEUBUSCH COMPANY GOOD CANDY ALWAYS 656 C-3 SI I CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I 9 3 9 PETER YOUNG, Inc. The Sfore 'for Men 8: Young Men 582 G ALDRED MUSIC HOUSE MUSIC and MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS WA ssso 69 M PARDON S Freezer Fresh Ice Cream Our Specnalfy Toys Nohons School Supplies Candles Good Magaznnes Cigars Smokers Supplles CL 2769 The Safe Lock 8: Key Corp n Locks and Keys Door closefs AUTO KEYS MADE FROM NUMBER safes Boughf sold and Repanred 204 PEA RL STREET enesee SI. 3I5I BaiIey Ave. Phone I ein Sfreei Main a I ewa I T , . 2l20 I29I Jefferson Ave. 248 High Sfreei LI 9758 Combinafion Padlocks ., -4 QI 5 21 I O I Manufaciurers of T - enesee 'le . KLEIN and KRUZICKI INC CLASS RINGS and FRATERNITY JEWELRY 3I9 MAIN STREET CL I d 68I6 I For Your Corsages ee E A MUCHOW FLORIST Allen Sfreef GArIIeId 3994 Greenhouses Clarence Phone 265 LAUNDRY BAG O WASH USERS SAVE MONEY ag O Wash a new Idea Iaund y servuce Pack a bag full of wash and If you can gel more In lhafs fine foo The MOHN and HUNTER LAUNDRY has a special raie for a new Bag O Wash' Ihal Ihe company offerng Io fhe public If you wanf fo save money on your laundry b Is call LA 0 ACCOUNTING z -4 ef SIS a Monfh Busmess Adm1nls+rahon Sfenographuc I Sr" Secrefarual Accounfmg Secrefa nal Courses HILL SCHOOL OF BUSINESS GA 9729 5 Wesf Ufica al Main Duefruch s Inc SMART NEW FASHIONS AT LESS BUDGET PLAN -- NO CARRYING CHARGE l298 Jefferson GA I345 I, Freshman parly. 2. "Whaf'II I gel?" 3. La Chanleuse. 4. "Xmas comes but once a year . . . " 5. "May you soon leave Perrys- burg, Mariorief' 6. Back view. 7. Posier Malling. 8, Queen Grace. 9. "They also serve . . . " ini ' Doroihy Lenzner ' Goldberg, '28 7 in Sophie Lenzner, '39 -. 1 2 Daniel Allen " ' Goldberg, '53 in . Q: Evereff Franklin B 6 PN Goldberg, '56 v " f IE 1' I i l I gi ' I K 'If l RECOMMEND l EEN' CARBONATED BEVERAGES When You "Say ll' Wiih Flowers" on Gradualion Day "SAY IT WITH OURS" QW FLOWERS BY WIRE Phone LAfayeHe 7896 THREE STORES: 260 Delaware Ave. 304 Main Sfreel Holel Sfaller You will enioy lhe friendly almosphere al Cas+le's Milk Bar 624 Main S+., Buffalo lnear Shea's Bulifalol Creamy Milk Shakes, Sodas, Sundaes, Sandwiches, Lunches, Hol PIa+es, Wheel' Cakes Waffles and Hof Drinks A clean, wholesome, inexpensive place for all members of lhe family. l And this for you." 2. Maslen beef Easfl 3. Fosdicks Arhl e 4. ln "Big Broadcaslu. 5. Dillo. 6. Slage crew. 7 ag on down! A. WUNDER FURNITURE Low Overhead - Low Prices BC Ol' 8 OWYOOTTTZ Ufn. ure S I' I 806 JEFFERSON AVE 2963 DELAWARE AVE WA 844I Rl 47 W. H. SIEVER 81 SON FLORIST Member Florisfs Telegraph Delivery Associafion e e 7800 78OI BERNIE BERGMAN I439 Main Sfreel Ra+hslceller for Privale Banquefs ancl Bridge Parhes KODAKS LEICA CONTAX ARGUS MINIATURE CAMERAS Fine Grain Developing and Prinhng Lnsfen +o Camera Program Over W G R Every Sunday a+ 3 30 P M J F Adams Inc 459 Wash gio Sl DELLWOOD BALLROOM Winfer Season seg-+e,mber +o May J DELLWOOD LODGE Summer season May +Xo,gZrp1leli'i3ber Delighfful places of assembly for ihose who DANCE Personally conducfed by Mrs Arfhur Funk F l y Sh F if foe . . O7 330 Gen s e CL - . . , . in n , near Mohawk in u al ' Main Highway near ii vi 96 LONGER LASTING LUGGAGE STRAND RECREATION I' orgamzahons If wrufe for special prlces TWENTY FIVE Buffalo Lea'rI1er Goods Co BOWLING ALLEYS 670672 M WA In gl 85 g CHARLES JANosl E A EISLE co :Nc F'Of'Sf Class Rmgs Pms Fra+ermI'y Jewelry de5'9n'n9 5 5PeC'aII'Y cul flowers an planls 2I0 F GAF Id 4225 I4IOJ H I02I Main SI. LI. I3 Wardrobe Trunks Sui+cases Glads one Bags I , Brief Cases Bil olds Leafher NoveI+ie U L. H. Beer, Presidenl - ain Sfreel' s In on 54 Tele raplw Delivery Service I d ranlclin S+reeI' r le e erson Congrafulahonsi Busy Bee Home MADE cfrnouss East Ferry and JeFferson R E Dougan Press PRINTING GRanI 8942 I4I7 Mann SIreeI AI Elss SERVICE STATION I582 Mann SIreeI Phone LI 9896 C Elch STUDEBAKER Genesee SI FIynn s GrlII CarI+on and Jefferson Sfreefs FISH FRY EVERY NITE I mend mosf everyihlng bu+ a persons ways T O Y S E S Waggoner The Tram Man ELECTRIC TRAINS REPAIRED BrcycIes Keys I376 Jefferson Ave Phone WA 8662 Seelbach s Furs REPAIRING REMODELING and STORAGE 804 Jefferson Avenue Nucks Barber Shop LADIES and CHILDRENS HAIR BOBBING I655 Mann Sfreer FeIlx J IVIIOdUCkI INSURANCE 967 Sycamore SI Telephone TA I0l3 when You rhmr of rn,..f.f.ce go Io Mroaucnr Phone WA 2625 8543 Jos Meyer and Son, Inc Heahng and Venhlahng Engmeers R D W A R 567 69 Genesee SIree+ LyI'h ChevroIe'r, Inc II59 Jefferson Ave SALES and SERVICE MEAT MARKET Fruufs Vegefables Groceries 993 Sycamore Sfreei Horwr+z Pharmacy Mann cor E U ca TRY HORWITZ FIRST Holder Brofhers CLEANING AND REPAIRING SHOP 427 Wlllam S1 WA 953I Gar+Ier s Groceries Phone GA 2I4S 546 Hugh Sfreef Wm F Brandi, O D EYE REFRACTION 574 Genesee Sfreei near Jefferson HA e ' ' 'Ir' M. Karas 626 . . . I38l ', . . Ii I O I ' I VOL 40 Managlng Edufors Lllerary Edn+or Ar'l' Edlfor Copy Edllor Fea+ure Edllor Ac'l'lvl'hes Edlfor Boys Sporfs Edalor Gnrls Sporfs Ednlor Organuzahon Edulor Pholography Edu+ors CHRONICLE STAFF Quan scng, 5 Mem ber ' 8 P055 ASSOCINXQI GENERAL STAFF Edlfors STAFF MEMBERS June I939 Bermce Tabacluman John Kaiser Clara Cooper Evelyn Bloom lsadore Smfzer Wnlluam Herman Louns Andromldas Ruchard Voss lrene Slruzylr Reguna Johnson Marlon Zegler James Schmulf ART Joyce Harrmgfon BeH'y Marhn Arlene Pafchull LITERARY Wallace Ashbery Edward Beer Roberf Bosch Wnlllam Gold Mar+ha Goldsand Frederlclc Haenszel Cafherme Kaiser Gerald Leary Rosemary Rafhman Judrlh Ullman Richard Voss Edward Weslon SNAPSHOTS Jaclx Muller TYPISTS Donald Boos Rufh Eblmg Raymond Frnes Rulh Janhen Norma Parr Esfher Treger Florence Wuerulsch BUSINESS STAFF Managers Adverflslrg Manager Sophle Lenzner Clrculahon Manager James Mohn Publucufy Manager Helen Kaslcel ADVERTISING Roberl' Bosch Janel Cohen Helen Glna'I'sus lrene Ludaescher Roberi' Mehger Loulse Owens Lue ScoH CharloHe Wnflza PUBLICITY Sollue Applebaum Vaolel Galembo Rula Reid Eleanor Powers Mnfchel Polln Rulh Washlnglon CIRCULATION Doro+hy Miller Be'Hy Parker Dorns Pressmg Mary S+engeI Phyllns Sfoclnwell Mary Taramasco Florence Zalurzewslca The CHRONICLE wnshes Io Ihanlx The BUFFALO TIMES and also Ihe Sladlum Board Green and James archalecfs for 'rhe Convenhon Hall +he Klelnhans Founda hon and fhe BUFFALO EVENING NEWS for Iheur many lundnesses CU LLITAN ICE COMPANY -TT. 5 4, . '93 -39 I I . , F GA F Id 8000 KLEPFER BROTHERS Incorporated BUICK MOTOR CARS I565 l585 MAIN STREET 190,61 AUTOGRAPHS A . f , 4 CQX, K5-'4', Ll, . 4L!L,fAi'nQ, AA fl -f xvf 4,4JK x.-AJ

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Fosdick Masten Park High School - Chronicle Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Fosdick Masten Park High School - Chronicle Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Fosdick Masten Park High School - Chronicle Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Fosdick Masten Park High School - Chronicle Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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