Fosdick Masten Park High School - Chronicle Yearbook (Buffalo, NY)

 - Class of 1936

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Fosdick Masten Park High School - Chronicle Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 100 of the 1936 volume:

any M? M' , I, ,f , ,J f., iff' ' J ff LET! mi JMB D' MGC? ,. E ' . f,4' ff , - . y rf , . , . Iyuuf L WA, V, Q , f X . ,J ,W V+ I 1" J I V, l JM! ,EF yi ,J If k MQW Fjfj ff V ,L M an W Hr 1 JJ U q XX is Ky! rs, D SX '15 NYM ' xiii Us fwf f THE CHRONICLE 1936 X411-fa-1'-fl-' S - 3fYNO'-f2A?'l111 w ht 'Q'ht'p' ! ' ' 54. fTiLfpdw4H!53J! 'KH1 QLJuXZWhQLJ.n ' 'M 6 Qfl f,,.LZj.., E ' 1' " - X I t NI. ffl f FOSDICK-MASTEN PARK I-IIGI-I SCHOOL BUFFALO, NEW YORK VOLUME XXXVH TABLE OF CONTENTS SENIORS CLASSES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS ORGANIZATIONS FEATURES To Drusilla Sfengel and Car- roll E. Geiger in recognilion of +l1eir splendid work in fos- lering m u s i c appreciafion and developing +l'1e musical +alen+ in Fosdick-Mas+en, we, l'l'1e Class of I936, do dedi- ca're 'rhis volume. NIGHT AND DAY AT FOSDICK-MASTEN FACU LTY I. Chemislry Lab-Miss Elhel Swannie dem- onslrafing fo Sarah Slrauss 2. Boolc Room-Miss Frances Feuerbaclw 3. Miss Alice Eiss 4. Olilice-Miss Gladys Smilh and Miss Mar- garel Fraser 5. CHRONICLE Advisers-Mr. Lyle Brunner and Miss Dorolhy Dinsmore 6. Miss Agnes Foley 7. Consullalion-Miss Henriella Slraub, Miss Julia Cowles, and Miss Bessie Dullweiler 8. Miss Julia O'Meara inslrucling Lucille James 9. Mrs. Jean Fraser and Miss Jane Reed IO. New Teachers-Miss Eleanor Viclrery, Miss Helen Olson, and Miss Mildred Lee II. Mrs. Gerlrucle Byrens l2. Mr. Herman Elson leaching Sam Flanel I3. Luncheon-Miss Julia O'Meara, Miss Ade- laide Roberlson, Miss Rulh Consaul, and Miss Mary Neal I4. Miss Drusilla Slengel l5. Miss Lillian Melz lb. Mr. Carroll Geiger direcling llwe orcheslra I7. Mr. Howard Smillw page eiqlwl' CLASSES P !' r ,N JWD Our Fulure Slenogra phers Miss Clara McCabe demonslraling lhe Operafion of an Adding Machine Miss Doro+hy Dinsmore conducling an English Class Secfion of fhe School Orchesfra Slring Seclion of lhe School Orcheslra Perfecf Confenlmenll A Tesl on fhe Back Board! Slrilce up fhe Band! Boys' Gym Class-Wresfling Anolher Typing Class Using lhe Dicfaphone Fulure Housewives? Girls' Gym Class Arfisls al Work Fulure Chefs? Play Rehearsal page nine page 'len "WINTRY BOUGHS AGAINST A WINTRY SKY" Nofe: All idenfificafions read from leff fo righf. To idenfify The Senior picfures read from leff fo righf: I 3 2 -TJwa.f' ' 1 lkwxn--' I X I SENICRS page fwelve I I I THE CHRONICLE To the Class of l936 A favorife expression of some years ago was "The voice wifh fhe smile wins". This sfafemenf of fhe value of cheerfulness and good nafure-in fhe fones of fhe spoken word and in fhe fhoughf behind fhe words-has special significance for young people who have before fhem a life which fhey can make kindly, useful and suc- cessful if fhey will. So, wifh all fhe ofher good wishes for healfh, happiness and real success which l sincerely hope may come fo every member of fhis graduafing class, l frusf fhaf you will have fhaf poise of mind fo enable you fo rise above disappoinfmenfs, iealousies, or g crificisms and fo preserve a kindness of word and deed and a cheerfulness of spirif which nofhing can conquer. C. BROOKS HERSEY. C. Brooks Hersey, A.B., A.M. To the Class of l936 While we live in fhe presenf, we confinually plan for , V fhe fufure. This year of I936 wifnesses our nafion emerging from a long confinued economic depression which has affecfed every phase of ifs exisfence. In fhis awakened acfivify fhere are very posifive signs fhaf youfh will be needed fo acquire fhe fechniques and skills of an advancing indusfry. Perhaps your class has been forfunafe fo have been in school during years when many high school graduafes have been faced wifh fhe seeming uselessness of an educafion. l frusf fhaf fhis will nof be your experience, ' buf fhaf you may go ouf from our school eifher fo con- l finue fhe educafion which you have so well begun or fo l find a place in fhe world of frade and indusfry which will amply reward you for your services. Garneff F. Roberfs, B.S. Furfher, may fhe culfural value of your educafion be as fundamenfal fo you as ifs ufilify value and may you combine fhe fwo in such a way fhaf will make leisure a reward for accepfance of responsibilify rafher fhan freedom from if. G. F. ROBERTS. THE CHRONICLE SCHOOL-A SOLILOQUY A genile breeze frips fhru 'rhe leaves of 'I'he free-laden earfhg The lulling hymn of morning noises greefs +he rising sun: The rays serene, +hey venf 'lheir spleen upon fhe somber dark of nighi: A world of quief, now awake. A rusfle, 'lhen a siir is felf, The Clickefy-Clump of heel and foe, low murmurs of expecfanf voices, The movemeni' spreads un+il all aboui' is sound! A void of empiiness becomes alive wifhin. Whife marble is all-embracing. The shriek of 'roriured meial pierces everywhere: Tenacious iumulf assumes command once more, Time passes, and fhe realm of +hough+ is renf by hubbub, clash, clamor! Where silence reigned, bedlam holds sway! Then quief ..... af infervals, fhe piercing shriek, Once more +he rusfle, now, +oo, ihe sfir. The seas of knowledge cease fo flow, The Cliclrefy-Clump of heel and foe. And all is sfill. A genfle breeze frips ihru +he leaves of ihe free-laden earfhg The lulling hymn of evening noises is soff blended music: The void wi'rhin whi+e marbled walls conceals a bea+ing hearfg This hear+ 'l'ha1' bears, +his hearf +ha+ lives, This hear? fhaf draws me back. Anoiher day, is if nor io be? GILBERT R. BASS page rhirfeen page fourfeen YEARS WITHOUT END A VALEDICTORY FOR THE CLASS OF I936 A valedicfory is a farewell. To us, fhe graduafing class of l936, if means nof only a farewell 'lo our school, our feachers, and our friends, buf a farewell fo a life fhaf we shall never know again. On cerfain imporfanf days in fhe lives of all of us, fhere comes a fime when we are forced fo meef ourselves, face our accomplishmenfs and failures squarely, and look af fhe fufure unafraid. This Class Day marks fhaf day for us and fhis valedicfory, which bids goodby fo fhe pasf, musf herald fhe coming of fhe new as well. Four years ago we enfered fhis school as boys and girls: now we are ready fo leave if as men and women. The responsibilify of earning a living resfs upon our shoulders. To a large exfenf, fhese 'Four years have moulded our characfers and our lives. Whaf we are fo be depends upon whaf we have gained here. For some of us, fhis marks fhe conclusion of our formal educafion. For ofhers, if marks an impressive milesfone on a iourney fhaf will include more years of school work. Buf all of us owe fo Fosdick a deep debf of grafifude for fhe imporfanf parf if has played in our lives. lf is here, in fhis school, fhaf we have gained fhe equip- menf wifh which fo carry on. Buf fine as are fhe fools we are equipped wifh, if nof used and applied, fhe significance of fhe mere winning of fhem is losf. We, fhe class of I936, foday are faced wifh fhis vifal quesfion. Whaf kind of men and women do we wish fo meef fhirfy years from now? Some of us shall see ourselves as calm philosophers, who have found joy in serenify and whose quief eyes reveal fhaf we have escaped fhe foil of a feverish career. Joy, aside from ambifion and gain! Buf mosf of us shall meef-old men and women, sfill acfive, alerf, sfrained, exulfing in our few accom- plishmenfs ancl ever wishing fhaf we mighf have done more. By fhinking of whom we wanf fo see when we meef ourselves, we defermine whefher we wish fo fravel fasf or slowly. Those of us who fravel fasf-our life shall be invigorafing and acfive. We will gain fhe fhrill of accomplishmenf, or fhe equally sfrengfhening clisappoinfmenf of failure. Those of us who fravel slowly-for us fhe zesf of life will be less keen, buf fhe joy of living will be greafer. Buf no maffer how we fravel, whefher life be 'lense or calm, because of fhe influence of our school fo whom we pay 'lribufe foday, fhere are some fhings fhe faces of all of us will show. Because of our school, our feachers, and our friends, we musf show undersfanding, sympafhy, and a vifal inferesf in ofher men of all nafions and creeds. We will show characfer, fhe price of which, like fhaf of liberfy, is unceasing vigilence. Soon we meef for fhe lasf fime as fhe Class of I936. Thaf June graduafion day is no'l' far disfanf. And when we walk down fhe aisle wifh our diplomas fighfly clenched in our hands, we realize fhaf fhey do nof mean 'lhaf we have graduafed from high school alone: 'lhey mean fhaf we have affained fhe years, fhe knowledge, and fhe ambifion fo enfer fhe fireless world abouf us, fhe world whose desfiny we shall help fo shape. And on fhis Class Day fhere is one phrase l fhink we should recall fo mincl. For four years we have enfered fhis assembly and in one of our besf known songs have sung fhis phrase: "And pledge our devofion, fhrough years wifhouf end." And in fhaf single line is fhe whole significance of fhis valedicfory. For years wifhouf end fhe knowledge we have gained af Masfen and fhe associafions formed and fhe experiences accomplished, shall form a precious gem in fhe crown of a golden you'I'h. And in fhaf sense, fhere is no acfual good-by, for Masfen goes wifh us. Masfen and all fhaf if means lives in our lives for years wifhouf end. And cerfainly, our memory will linger in fhe halls and in fhe common herifage of our school. So in going fhe devious ways life holds before us, we fake Fosdick wifh us, and par'l' of us remains wifh if. HOWARD BEER THOMAS SMITH DOROTHY KATES Presiclenl' Vice-Presidenf kk 1 K 'T 'fs EILEEN TESSMANN ,ff :Rvws WUNDERRK-C Secre+ary ,ML Treasurer K GILBERT BASS HOWARD BEER Poei' Valediciorian ALBERT BOOKBINDER EDWARD GESE Chief Marshall Assis+an+ Marshall CASIMIR SLASKI Assisfani Marshall ISABELLE M. AHERN HARRY ALPER Honor Baseball Alpha Kappa Office Monifor Home Economics Club VICTOR ALECK Library Monifor Office Monifor Dramafics Sfar Roll Chronicle CHARLES ANDREW ROBERT C. ARBER JAMES ANNACCONE LEROY A ARCH MARJORY BAILEY Office Monifor Chorus Honor Roll Alpha lola Chi Track ROBERT M. BAER Office Monifor Honor Roll Baseball EVELYN M. BAMBERG JEAN M. BARTH Orchesfra Bela Sigma L- X' JOHN R. BARNARD 5' Hockey J ill . Foofball l I Science Club fi Honor Roll ff Rifle Club 6 RICHARD W. BARTSCH RUTH M. BASTIAN Cheer Leader Chorus Pi Kappa Lambda -H4 11 4 ., Dramafics n '15 .V 'Y ' B seball Manager v"""4!g:af!f , cience Club 'j V14 - , GILBERT R. BASS Debafe Team "Big Broadcas'l" Swimming Public Speaking Hill Topics HOWARD M. BECKER GERALDINE BEHM Alpha lofa Chi Dramafics HOWARD BEER Slar Roll All-High Oraforical Winner Debafe 3 Hill Topics My Delia Gamma Lambda ARLINE INEZ BEIER RUTH E. BENZ Chronicle Chorus Humane Posfer Prize EDNA BEISWANGER Horseback Riding EARL C. BERGENDAHL FLORENCE BlLlTZKl Dramafics Horseback Riding Sfar Roll LEO F. BERNBECK ".- J Baseball ' Baskefball Dramafics Public Speaking Siege Crew ELLEN BILLINGS DOROTHY E. BLOCK Afhlefics Honor Roll SfarRoll CDO-ff ,Hawk RUTH L. BINGEMAN 6 Siar Roll ' Aihlefics f Dramafics "Knave of Hear1s" .-'J' 7.1 RUTH A. BLUFF ALBERT BOOKBINDER Science Club ROBERT C. BOEKMAN Boys' Liferary Sociely Chronicle 1 J if GEORGE W. BRAWN ALBERT BROWNSTEIN Orchesfra ROBERT L. BRENNAN Hill Topics Dramalics Slar Roll Chronicle HILA M. BUELL JAMES P. BUTLER Special Chorus Swimming "Mikado" Baseball Chronicle "Big Broadcas+" Humane Posler Prize Spring Festival LEO BURKOT Band Orchesfra GEORGE CAFARELL MARY B. CASPER Hockey Honor Roll Baseball K Swimming "Big Broadcas'f" Office Monifor HELEN CAPLIN Honor Roll LESTER F. CHRETIEN ANITA F. CLARK Orchesfra Chorus Band Afhlelics Sigma Gamma Phi MARTHA M. CIESIELSKA Honor Roll JOSEPH COHEN IDA H. COOPER Baskelball "MllidCl0" Special Chorus Alhlefics Dramafics IDA CONNOCK Dramalics Alhlelics Public Speaking RITA J. COOPER JOHN T. COTTER Chorus Track Public Speaking Sfage Crew MARION L. COLE Afhlefics RITA B. DANIELS HAROLD COX HARRY F. CZUPRYNSKI CHARLES C. DAUCHER DOROTHY R. DEERING Barli Home Economics Club Sfar Roll X FLORENCE L. DAVIS 93 If fs Band ,J 1.4, ' Orchesfra 'CQ' Sfar Roll , Lf ' Library Monilor 1 ' "'x. .,... -i-.1 PHYLLIS H. DIENER "Misllefoe and Hollyberry" RUTH M. DOBMEIER Aihlefics PEARL F. DITTMAR 1 IIj,LUlf14 UM Y' ul rml X A 1 Chemislry Club Coslume Commiflee Dramafics MARJORIE C. DOHERTY EMILY C. DOMMER . Horsebaclc Riding Honor Roll "Mikado" Special Chorus Tennis Glee Club Dramafics Honor Roll HENRY DOMEDION Foofball Baseball -I ICHARLES DRAMAN FRANCES DRUCKEMILLER Office Monilor Afhlefics Band Orcheslra BYRON W. DROSENDAHL Hockey 'LAURETTA M. DUNCAN CATHERINE C. EBERT " "All ai' Sea" "Mikado" Solo Confesf "Rip Van 'Winlrle" Special Chorus ALMA DURINGER Alpha Kappa MATTIE E. ECHOLS Special Chorus HILDA H. EPSTEIN MAE ELSESSER Sfar Roll Honor Roll BERNICE L. ERMONIS Dramafics Honor Roll Public Spealzing RUTH FEDER Slar Roll Chronicle Orcheslra Freshman-Sophomore Debales Afhlefics RU BY FEARS Special Ch 0I'US Public Spealling Afhlefics EMMA M FELMET GERALDINE FISHER Afhlehcs Hill Topics -A HAROLD E FINKBEINER Cross Counlry JANE A. FLICKINGER Debaie Hill Topics Honor Roll f ADOLPH G FREIHEIT JACK FRIES Dramafics Sigma Thef i X a I K L If - I 5 - ROBERT B. FRANKLIN Swimming MARION R FOX F Horsebaclr Riding 02 Library MODIIOF Eclebfa Lilerary Sociely RAYMOND FREY Office MOHIIOF Cross Counfry DOROTHY FRYERS EDITH A. GATES Sfar Roll Freshman-Sophomore Debafes Chronicle "Big Broaden?" BETTY sAsseR ,ff - Home Economics Club UAV7 Jill-ffl Bug Broadcas+" , 'Q ,J 7' 1 W EUGENE E GATH IRMA A. GEIGLE Gof Glee Club Rifle Club Spring Feslival Chronicle FRANKLIN S GEBLEIN Library Monilor EVELYN GEORGE PHYLLIS L. GESSNER EDWARD C GESE Office Monlfor VITO A GIALLELLA CHARLES L. GONSER Swimming Track Library Monitor Dramalics Libra ry Momfor LAWRENCE P. GOLDBERG Q Clwemlsfry Club N J' ELEANOR E. GOTTHART DOROTHY MAE GRANTHAM Sigma Thefa Pi DOROTHY GRAEBER Special Chorus Chemis+ry Club SHELDON GREENBER6 DAVID GREENFIELD Cheer Leader Dramaiics WILLAH B. GREENE Special Chorus Glee Club "Golden Legend" ROBERT C. HAENSZEL JACK HANNAH Cross Couniry Baslseiball Baslreiball Track Office Monifor LORAINE M. HAMMER ' Aihlefics EVELYN J. HANSON LUCILLE A. HECTOR Honor Roll Chronicle Public Speaking Aihlelics L Jlflra NEYSA HAYMAN Library Monifor Chronicle Honor Roll SHIRLEY R. HELPER SOPHIE HERSCHFIELD A+hlefics Honor Roll Horseback Riding Chronicle Chorus Posier Prize Honor Roll WALTER HERR Track Library Monilor ALBERT W. HETTINGER GENEVIEVE M. HILLER Chorus Sigma Thela Pi A+hle+ics Chorus ELEANORE E. HILDENBRAND WARREN E. HINES CATHERINE B. HOELSCHER Foo+ball LAWRENCE L. HOCK Delia Gamma Lambda MILDRED HOFFMAN SARAH M. HOFFMAN Honor Roll Baslcelball NORMA HOFFMAN Hill Topics Honor Roll Arhlefics BETTY M. HOFSTADTER Alpha Kappa Honor Roll Dramalics Public Spealcing GLADYS E. HOLTON Special Chorus "AII ai Sea" "Golden Legend" Home Economics Club Afhleiics LORAINE C. HOLLFELDER Honor Roll TERESA HORVATIS THEODORE W. HOYLER Sfar Roll Sigma Gamma Phi A+hle+ics Orchesira Honor Roll Band Foolball EDWIN P. HOYLER Band . f , I VLASTA HUDECEK Sigma Thefa Pi Chronicle JOHN W. HUEBSCH MILDRED HUDYMKA Afhlefics Honor Roll MIRIAM R. JAcoss Donori-iv M. JAEGER Honor Roll Baskefball I, , , HAROLD JAECKLE ' jg I -9 Xa HMI, A LUCILLE P. JAMES MARY J. JENKINS Dramafics A+hIe+ics "Big BroadcasI"' Make-up Commiffee MICHAEL J. JANORA Baseball Hockey GRACE C. JENSEN JOSEPH J. JEZUWIT Bela Phi Gamma Traclr Cross Counfry Chorus CAROLYN T. JERRIS Chorus Afhlelics Orcheslra LOUISE JONES ELEANOR I. KAMINSKI Chorus Afhleiics REGINA S. KACZMAREK Glee Club DOROTHY E. KARKAU ELFRIEDA G. KARUTH Glee Club IDA C. KARNOFSKY Chorus Dramalics Public Speaking DOROTHY E. KATES CHESTER R. KLOESZ Debale Baseball Hill Topics Slar Roll Junior Vice-Presidenl' OFlice Monifor Beale "Big Broadc-ssl" Senior Vice-Presidenl Glee Club 1 DORIS M. KIDDER . mlm f-.'1-A-VN Home Economcs Club MILDRED C. KLOPF CHARLES G. KNOPF Slar Roll Office Monilor Keilh Willoughby Conlesl ALMA R. KLUMPP Slar Roll Marl: Twain Conlesl Chronicle RODERIC C. KOCH JACK H. KOLB EMILY G. KOEHLER Special Chorus "AII al Sea" "Golden Legend" Freshman-Sophomore Debales Volleyball GLENN R. KOLBE IRENE T. KREMPA Hi-Y Chorus Track Volleyball Cross Counfry Office Monilor BERNARD KONIKOFF Foolball Baslcelball ALFREDA J. KRESSE MARIAN M. KROECKER Slar Roll Honor Roll Dramalics Slar Roll Debale .f Chronicl,-f' 'J ROBERT KRIEGER jf Hockey Manager J l Foolball Slar Roll Monilor IRENE E. KUBERA ZOLMAN KUTCHEI Glee Club Special Chorus GEORGE W. KUHN Sigma Gamma Phi Cross Counlry Track Band LORRAINE V, LaLONGE ISADORE LANDER Beala Alhlelics HILDA E. LAMM Alpha Kappa Chemislry Club Honor Roll JAMES LAUGHLIN BLANCHE M. LE GRO Baseball Chorus A ll Q LOUIS LAZAR Slar Roll 'i, f chemashy Club ALICE M. LEHMAN RUTH E. LENHARDT Chorus MAGDALEN LEIDE Glee Club Honor Roll VIVIAN LEPP IRENE A. LIPSKA Honor Roll Glee Club Debale Dramafics KENNETH T. LILGA Chemislry Club Rifle Club Afhlefics HELEN LOCKER GERTRUDE M. LUSIAK Glee Club MARY LORD SYBIL R. LUX CONSTANCE F. McCLENTIC Afhlefics ELEANOR K. McCARRON Baslcefball Volleyball FRANCES T. MACKOWIAK ERMA S. MADAY Afhleiics Chorus HENRY A. MCNEAL LEONA N. MARKOWSKA KATHERINE R. MAUTE Aihlelics Sigma Theia Pi Honor Roll Glee Club BETTE B. MAUL Horsebaclr Riding Dramalics Alpha lo'ra Chi ARTHUR F. MAZIKOWSKI ELIZABETH J. MEADOWS Office Monifor Glee Club Tau Alpha Zefo Baskeiball Afhlelics 1 IX RAYMOND A. MAZUR .' " Tracl: li Chemislry Club .I . X 1 ROBERT A. MEEK EDWARD D. MEYER Track Oflice Moni+or JEANETTE L. M ETZGER Afhlelics ROBERT J. MEYER FLORENCE MICHALSKI Honor Roll "AlI al Sea" Chorus ANN J. MICHALAKES Alhlefics Glee Club Dramaiics ARNOLD A. MILLER CHARLOTTE MOLS Rifle Club Afhlefics Home Economics Club Monilor "AII al Sea" "Big Broadcasln JAMES G. MILLER Cross Counlry Track Chronicle BETTY ANN MOORE IRENE MURPHY Honor Roll Chorus MARCELLA MOYNIHAN Chorus ROBERT E. MURPHY SOPHIE NADOLSKA Baseball Tennis Swimming Public Speaking Chorus MARY MURZYNOWSKA Alhlelics Honor Roll ALICE J. NEEDHAM HERBERT J. NEWMAN Sigma Thela Pi Pi Kappa Lambda Alhlelics Dramalics Horseback Riding Public Speaking Slage Crew "Mislle'I'oe and Hollyberry RUTH NELSON Slar Roll Chronicle Special Chorus "The Golden Legend" Hill Topics JACK NEWHOUSE DOROTHY NYMAN Swimming HELEN M. NICHOLS Alhlefics ADELAIDE E. ORZULAK HELEN W. OSTROWSKI Swimming Mu Phi Gamma HAROLD F. H. OSTER Hill Topics Chronicle Sfar Roll DOROTHY E. OTTERMAN HAZEL H. PAEPKE Alpha lola Chi Honor Roll Dramafics RUTH M. PACHE Afhlelics FRANK S. PATTI EUGENE C. PALMER Library Monifor RAYMOND F. PASIERBOWICZ Cross Couniry Swimming Baseball ELIZABETH PATTERSON VIRGINIA E. PFEIFFER A+hIe+ics Honor Roll Chorus NORMA I. PENNER Home Economics Club JOHN E. PICKOP ALFREDA PLAWINSKA Swimming Chorus Band Orchesfra ELSIE L. PITZL Gamma Mu Kappa Honor Roll Afhlefics ADRIAN J. PLESKOW WALTER POLIKOLSKY Orchesfra Dramaiics Cheer Leader Debafe Office Moniior Public Speaking Honor RoII Chronicle PHILIP POHL MARTHA R. POLIZZE RITA RAMSTEIN A+hIeIics Alpha Iofa Chi Afhleiics NICHOLAS R. PRIORE FooIbaII Dramafics Public Speaking RICHARD L. RAUSCH MARY REINER Science Club Chronicle Delta Gamma Lambda FRIEDA RECHTMAN Honor Roll MARY A. REISS ROGER J. RIES Honor RoII Rifie Club DONALD C. RICE RUTH L. ROBERTS CATHERINE M. ROBISON Chorus BENJAMIN A. ROBINSON Traci: EDWARD G. ROBNETT CHARLES D. ROSS Dramafics Tennis Sfage Crew Baslcefball Honor Roll Sfar Roll Office Monifor NORMA B. ROGERS Glee Club "AII af Sea" ff'-fo-'.f,f.f...gJ 1 ' : ,.Y ' BELLA ROZANSKY EVNELYN A. SAHLEN Honor Roll LOIS J. RUTSTEIN Baslrellaall Volleyball BETTY SAUER GRACE SCHENAUER Chorus Honor Roll Afhlfeics FRANCES M. SCARPACE MARY A. SCHIMPF MARCELLE SCHLOSSER Honor Roll HELEN E. SCHLOSSER Honor Roll 'J r U uf GEORGE W. SCHMIDT DOROTHY F. SCHOCK Tracl: Honor Roll Afhlefics EDNA M. SCHMITT Glee Club Honor Roll ETHEL C. SCHOLLER CHARLES SCHUBAUER Alpha lola Chi Honor Roll CHARLOTTE W. SCHOTT Honor Roll REBECCA SCHULMAN RUBY G. SCHULTZ Hill Topics Honor Roll Honor Roll Sfar Roll Afhlefics RAYMOND SCHULTZ Omclice Monilor Honor Roll NORMA SCHUNK DORIS SCHWARTZ Dramalics Public Spealring S+ar Roll DORIS M. SCHURR Honor Roll Dramafics Special Chorus Afhleiics Chronicle FRANCES D. SCIBETTA BERNICE J. SEGGEL Afhleiics Chorus Alpha Kappa HELEN SEADER Chronicle RUTH M. SEITZ BERNICE L. SHAPIRO Afhlefics Sfar Roll Chronicle Beafa ROSE SHALWIT2 Dramafics Glee Club CLYDE W. SHOEMAKER GILBERTINE A. SIEDLER Orchesfra Afhleiics Spring Fesfival " SANFORD SIDELL Tennis Chemisfry Club Track ALICE T. SIEWIERSKA HANNA SITCOV Chorus Public Spealring "AII af Sea" JOSEPH P. SIMINI Library Moniior Band CASIMIR SLASKI BEVERLEY M. SMITH Glee Club Sigma Thefa Pi Siar Roll Baskefball "Mikado" Baseball "Aida" Volleyball HYMAN H. SLUTSKY Baskefball Swimming FRED SMITH RITA B. SMITH PETER A. SMITH Honor Roll Office Monifor THOMAS L. SMITH BESSIE SNYDER Pi Kappa Lambda Dramafics Junior Presideni' Public Speaking Monifor Senior Presideni' GUELDA SMITHERMAN Public Speaking Special Chorus "Big Broadcasf' "Golden Legend" "Mikado" GLADYS SOBEL EDABELLE STATLAND Dramaiics Honor Roll Aihlefics LOUISE SOERGEL EARL STEIGER RITA N. STOBNICKA Hoclrey Ch W Orchesfra "Alll-'ai Sea" ..-I-3 .,K 1 . ' - aswinv J. STELMACH y S'I'ar Roll . f 1- 'Z,f Honor Roll Q Debaie j!Jx Chronicle RUTH L. STOESSER LEO SUSMAN Afhlefics , ELSIE E. STUHLMILLER f Gamma Mu Kappa QAN, Honor Roll FLORENCE SWITEK DOROTHY O. TENCH Tennis A+hle+ics HARRIETT M. SZEN Sfar Roll Honor Roll Chronicle Special Chorus Spring Fesfival EILEEN R. TESSMANN FLORENCE M. A. THOMSON Accompanisf Alpha lofa Chi Orchesfra Dramalics Senior Secrefary 5 . 4'-Ak I s.:-F-2-fbi I Cv KATHLYN M. TH I ELSON Chorus -. li C. ' x.. EDWARD R. THURN ELMER TOBER Traci: VIVIAN TISDALE Freshman-Sophomore De bales Dramafics 9 FRANCES C. TRAMPERT JASON L. ULLMAN S Chronicle ' Glee Club mb BeHer Homes Posfer Prize Siage Crew g Humane Posier Prize Library Moniior ' DORA TROTSKY Glee Club X Afhlefics 'ZLV MARIAN R. ULRICK GEORGE W. VAN DERVEN Mark Twain Coniesf Chronicle Hill Topics Sfar Roll Band Special Chorus VlVlAN A. UMANSKY Public Speaking Dramaiics Swimming ' i RICHARD VAN DE WORP JEANNETTE VOELKLE Orcheslra Junior Secrefary Office Monilor Gamma Mu Kappa Honor Roll LEONARD J. VIZZI ' Track Basluefball V WI? GLADYS WAGNER GERTRUDE WARDA Orchesfra Chronicle Dramafics Baskefball Volleyball ELLA C. WALTER Alpha Kappa -'A Chorus A+hIe+ics MARGARET E. WASHKINS DOROTHY M. WEBE Afhlefics X Honor Roll W VERA WASSERMAN Dramaiics Aihleiics NORMA B. WEBER FLORENCE L. WECKERLY Dramaiics Public Speaking S+ar Roll BETTY C. WEBSTER Aihleiics LOUIS WEILL IRVING !. WEXLER Honor Roll Swimming I "Wild Nell of 'ills Plains" Baskefball Baseball i, DORIS M. WEISHAUPT 1 DONALD G. WHITE ARNELLA WILSON Arhleiics Home Economics Club MARTIN A. WICK Track Cross Couniry C. LAWRENCE WILSON IRENE J. WINKOWSISA 1 ' Swimming A+I1IeIics - ' ' ' Track 'I I Library Moniior W!! IJ" K Boys' Liierary Sociefy C K J , ARTHUR cs. WINGERTER f f Cross Couniry 4 . Hockey 1 ff f Chronicle Qj IX Rifle Club f Public Speaking WANDA S. WITCZAK CLARA WROBLEWSKA Afhleiics Sfar Roll RITA D. WOLF Orchesira Honor Roll 4 I,-cv-1 N. ,- IRVING WUNDER ALFRED G. ZEMBRZYCKI Cross Couniry-Manager Siage Crew Junior Treasurer Dramaiics Sfar Roll Public Speaking Clwemisiry Club Senior Treasurer THELMA MAE ZEIGER Baskefbell Library Moniior L, WMD W7 s .lu 1 I page flwirfy ANN ZEPLOWITZ SEYMORE ZIMBEL Deba+e Honor Roll Swimming Chemisfry Club PubIic Speaking ADDITIONAL SENIORS MABEL A. ABRAMS GERTRUDE H. LEIBLE JOSEPH A. BATTAGLIA LOUIS E. MELEGARI FLORENCE L. BAUMEISTER JEANETTE MILLER REVA BERLIN LOIS M. MISLIN ELORIE D. BOLL MILDRED S. MOBILIA RUTH BRAUNSTEIN ARTHUR F. NOBLE LAURA E. BURNS CHESTER A. NOWACKI BERNICE COHEN LILLIAN I. PAULE HOWARD E. CONRAD GENEVIEVE H. POPPER TERESA M. DEMPSEY LILLIAN B. ROBERTS MORRIS DICKMAN JANET B. SCHULTZ MILDRED M. DRESCHER BENJAMIN J. SEGAL MARGARET FANDL IVY L. SEIBOLD FRANK H. FENTY ESTELLE SHAPIRO ARTHUR FISCHER MYRON R. SHISLER LOUIS FRIEDMAN LUCILLE M. SIELSKI GEORGE J. GOLDSMITH VIOLET J. SMITH IRENE GOLDSTEIN EVELYN K. STAHLE DOROTHY E. HERRLE FRANCIS R. STERRY GEORGE HIRSCH ARTHUR W. THOMPSON DORIS G. IMHOF DOROTHY TINGLER RUSSEL G. JAKEL LENORA WALTER EDNA KAUFMAN JOSEPH G. WEBER MELLWOOD L. KEMNITZER MELVIN F. WILKE STEVEN J. KNAPIK BERNICE E. WUEST PEARL KONOVITZ MARY M. ZAGER THELMA H. LANG JAMES J. ZIER IRMGARD F. M. ZORN CTL! J. JUNIORS CHRONICLE Worlcers-Anne Warren Jeanelfe Selling, and Florence Hoffman Honor Roll S+udenis1Milc.lred Sioll, Eva Eflcin, Phyllis Herrick, Maclelaine Granfham, and Ruih Krauss Girls of 304 Music Sfudenfs-Phyllis Schupp, Wilma Simon, Richard McDonald, and Ramona Duszynslna Varsify Baslrefball Players-Nicholas Ami- gone, Donald Green, Roberi Dieisch, Carl Kohl, and Evereff Smi+h Needle Wielders-Helen Jacobs, An+oin- eHe Didio, Florence Hoffman, Thelma Wal- ser, and Johanna Horvafifs Dressmalrers-Virginia Allen, Marianne D'Angelo, Geraldine Gallagher, Dominica D'Angelo, Susan Brdeia, Rose Lippman, and Bernice Young "Big Shel" Gemmer Girls of 304 Honor Roll Sludenis-Eclilh Gould, Rufh Beclc, Doris Sisson, CharloHe Cherry Capfain Dehn of ihe Golf Team Honor Roll Sfuclenfs-Sam Flanel, Morris Rofhenlaerg, Franl: Bologna, ancl Melbourne Len+ Twins-Hilda and Ida BlaH page 'ihirfy-fwo SOPHOMORES Seamsiresses-F r i e d a Slriemer, Eslelle Givens, Eleanor Fosier, Lois Yehle, Lor- raine Dixon. 203's lnfer-Sfudyroom Baslrefball Team Honor Roll Sfudenfs-Lucille Kibler, Lor- raine Ballr, Alice Chmiel Track Aspiranfs Music Sfudenfs - Bernice Kohlbrenner, Raymond Baer, Mary Seefeldf, and Ralph Boersl CHRONICLE Workers-Joseph Siegel and Edward Johannes They Make Their Own Cloihes-Jane Sfill- man, Ger+rude Berlin, Jane Sadroga, Berfha Marlxi, and Clara Uicovifz Honor Roll Sludenls Boys of ZII Apparalus Leaders-Margarel Wilson, Vir- ginia Blaiz, Charloffe Kayser Music Sfudenf--Armis Hahm Honor Roll Sfudenls-Arihur Schunlr and Yale Meyers Almosf Twins-Jane and Regina Rebacz Music S+uden+s-Mariorie Fors+er and Dolores Whalley Honor Roll Siudenfs-Berlha Rude, Esfher Schatz, Arlene Block, Mildred Owens page ihiriy-fhree FRESHMEN SCHOOL I7 Charles L. Mache, Principal +hir+y-four FRESHMEN SCHOOL 39 Thomas McGreevy, Principal page fh Feder, Rulh H ........ Elkm, Eva S ....,.. . ,... . Groclen, Gerald D ....,.... Rolhenberg, Morris .. Davis, Florence L .A...,. Abrams, Lillian A .,.. ..... Krauss, Rurh Florence ....,. Gould, Edilh Maya.. Kafes, Dorolhy E ........... Herrick, Phyllis M ....... . Drozen, Rose Schulrz, Ruby Grace ..,,,.., Lenf, Melbourne Harry.. Klumpp, Alma R .,.,..,...... Schunk, Norma D ..,...,.,.... Quinn, Lillian E .,......, Gagliardo, Lena ...... Meek, Roberf A .,.,.,....,.,. . Gaufhier, Evelyn A ....,.... 'lr 'A' STAR ROLL I934-I935 'A' i' 97.524 .. 97.450 96.999 96.200 95.962 95.600 . ...,.... 95.500 95.450 94.777 94.575 . ........ 94.543 94.525 94.425 94.400 , ..,,.... 94.344 94.275 94.I75 . ........ 94.075 . ........ 94.062 Merkle, Roberl Aloysius. ...,..,, 94.062 Radzimski, Eugene H. ...... Hoffman, Elhel ,..... ..,.... Slafland, Edabelle .... Nelson, Rufh . ,... Sisson, Doris Eva .,..... Scheuer, John G .,..... Anzer, AnneHe S ..,..,. Cohen, Gerlrude ..,... Andres, Agnes M... ...., ,. Holmes, Gladys M ........... Abraham, Joseph ,.,....... Plachla, Wanda Harrier.. Beeler, Rufh Julia ......... .. Seilz, Rulh Marian ......,.. Bologna, Frank .........,...... Van Derven, George W. Sullivan, Rifa Marie ....,... Berlin, Reva ..,..,............., Zimmerman, Beulah E ..,.. Flanel, Sam I ..................... Zink, Belly M ................... Kalher, Marion Carol ...,.. Kroecker, Marian M .....,. Elsesser, Mae Palmer, Jean Sue ...... Becker, John J ........ FIRST TERM E+kln, Eva S ................. VAbrams, Lillian A .... Chmiel, Alice G ........, Rude, Beriha Feder, Rufh ............. Davis, Florence L ....... I'RoIhenberg, Morris ,...,. Herrick, Phyllis M. ........ Beck, Rufh C ......,.....,,. page 'Ihirfy-six . , ...,... 93.906 93.843 93.8I2 93.662 93.625 93.562 93.400 93.400 93.269 . ..,.,.,. 93.23I 93.225 93.I87 93.I75 93.I I8 93.090 93.075 92.950 92.78I 92.750 . ........ 92.737 . ........ 92.593 . ......., 92.500 . ........ 92.374 92.325 92.325 92.l8I Gese, Edward C ........... Meussling, Dorofhy R ....... Cofier, James J ....,...... Deering, Dorolhy R .,... Bursch, Ernesl ....,......... Goliber, Margarel B... Lazar, Louis ......,......,.... McCa r+hy, Margarel' M ....... Pleslrow, Adrian .,........ Slaslri, Sophie .............. Kurz, Dororhy Alfreda Treger, Kalherine ........ Hawkins, Marie K ........ Temple, Shirley R ......... Neureuler, Naomi E ..,.. Lechman, Genevieve ,. Kresse, Alfreda J .,.. ..... Thompson, Alice May.. Johnsfon, Edgar Allan... Koch, Rufh K .,.........,..,.. Hoffman, Eleanor A ...,. Osfer, Harold F. H ..... Meek, Vicfor ...,......... Bingeman, Ru+h L. ..... . Fryers, Dororhy W ....... Brennan, Roberl L. .... . Jacobson, Hilda E ....... Dubawsky, Leo E. ,..... . Koep'F, Lucille C ...,..,.,..... Moesl, Margarel C ........ Sloll, Mildred A ......,... Burckley, Vera Lillian. Moore, Mary B ...............,,., Klausman, Marion C ..... ..., Klopf, Mildred C .,.......... Weber, Norma B .,.........,... Jufzin, Hildegard M ......... Cofler, John T ...,............ Baer, Roberl M. ......,.. . Zaklikowska, Cecilia J .... Wunder, Irving ............ Raloff, Florence ....,.... Locher, Emma F. ......,. . Vogel, Rufh M ...,......... Wahl, Nila T. ..,..,,,.,...,. . Cherry, Cha rloHe M... HONOR ROLL 98.I25 97.IB7 97.050 96.950 96.9I2 96.687 96.450 96.062 95.900 Schunk, Arlhur , .... Burckley, Vera L .,..... Aleck, Vicfor .......... Schulrz, Ruby G ..,.... Seilz, Ruih M ...,..,. Nelson, Ruih . .,,,.. .. Gould, Edilh M ....,,...,. Klumpp, Alma R.. ,.,,...,. . Fryers, Doroihy W. ......... 'A' JANUARY. 92. I 00 92.095 92.093 92.075 92.064 92.000 92.000 9I .950 9 I .950 9 I .950 9 I .925 9 I .825 9 I .8 I2 9 I .800 9 I .78 I 9I .775 9 I .749 9 I .725 9 I .706 9 I .656 9 I .624 9 I .575 9 I .543 9 I .535 9 I .53 I 9 I .450 9 I .450 9 I .406 9 I .350 9 I .3 I 8 9I .243 9 I .225 9 I . I 75 9 I .I 56 9 I . I 25 9 I .I 00 9 I .0 I 8 90.8I2 90.695 90.687 90.675 90.550 90.400 90.400 90.350 90.275 I936 95.900 95.650 95.3 I2 95.300 95. I 00 95.062 94.900 94.650 94.500 x Kafes, Dorofhy E ......... Bloclr, Arlene N. ....., . Sisson, Doris E. .....,,.. . Sfafland, Edabelle .... Flanel, Samuel I ........ Beer, Howard L ....,.... Gese, Edward C. ......,. Cherry, CharIoHe M ..,..,.... . ,.... Osler, Harold F ....,.... Krauss, RuI'h F. ...,,.... . Meek, Robert A ....... Aaron, Marshall ...... Granfham, Madeleine Lepp, Vivian .,........,... Pleslrow, Adrian .,..... Ballr, Lorraine V. ,.,... . "J6L.f.ff ffff Dale, Charles T. ............ Kibler, Lucille R ........, Owens, Mildred M... Sfoll, Mildred ............ Schalz, Esfher ...,..,.... Flierl, Bernice D ..,..... Soehnlein, Anne C ..... Bingeman, Rulh L. .... Zimbel, Seymore ...... Reling, Mildred G ..... Hel er Shirle P 1 Y Lane, Sylvia L ....,.......,.. Daucher, Irene B. ....... , Gold, Aaron .....,........ Fliclringer, Jane A .......... ..,... Lenf, Melbourne H... Bologna, Franl: J .,..... McCarIhy, Margarel 'i4I.ff... Qfff Schunli, Norma D .........,.,.. ..,.... Schurr, Doris M. ............, ...... Sullivan, Rira M ..,,... While, Rufh E. .,.. . Krueger, Efhel ..... Dizak, Elhel G ...,..,. Lazar, Louis .....,..... Hari, Eileen J ....,...,.,. Ahern, Isabelle M ..... Deering, Dorofhy R... Blah, Virginia R ......... Merlzle, Roberf A .....,. Davis, Edi+h H ....,..... Lechman, Genevieve Levine, Irene D ..,.,.,., Frey, Jane R. ,............ . Tugg, Laurelia ................... ....., Halpern, M. William ,,..,.... Slaski, Casimir ........,, Jacobson, Hilda E ...,. Boolibinder, Alberf .. Hofsiadfer, Belly H... Pieri, Nina D ......,......., Grimm, Alberfa Groden, Sheldon R... Siuder, Marion A ....... Elsesser, Mae ..,........, Van Derven, George 'w.QfffI Qffff Herschiield, Sophie ........... . ,..., Reiss, Mary A. .,,...,..,.. Snifzer, Clara L ....... Rosenblalf, Evelyn ...... Kresse, Alfreda J. ..... . 94.500 94.450 94.450 94.375 94.350 94. I 50 94. I 50 94. I 25 94. I 20 94. I 00 94.050 94.000 94.000 94.000 94.000 93.950 93.950 93.950 93.950 93.937 93.850 93.8 I 2 93.800 93.687 93.650 93.600 93.562 93.562 93.400 93.400 93.250 93. I 50 93. I 00 93.050 93.050 92.937 92.900 92.900 92.833 92.750 92.700 92.650 92.600 92.562 92.550 92.450 92.400 92.300 92.300 92.275 92.250 92.200 92.200 92. I 00 92.062 92.050 92.050 92.000 92.000 92.000 9 I .900 9 I .850 9 I .750 9 I .745 9 I .737 9 I .688 9 I .687 Hiemenz, June E ....... Abraham, Joseph ...... Weinsiein, Esfher ,...,. Funk, Gladys E ..,....... Marianowslzy, Bella . sais..-Na+., Mildred r..Qf1Qf... ffff Arch, Leroy A ...... .............. .,... Massey, Raymond P .....,.... ..... Rupp, Eleanor C .,..,..... Cook, Virginia L. ,...,. .. Moore, Mary B ...,... Palmer, Jean S ....... Rohe, Rufh M... ..... Berlin, Reva ..,............. Lazarou, Anloineffe ..,.... ..... Ehman, Laura Mae-.. Leclue, Kaihleen .... ........., ..... Vollmer, Elizabefh M ..., Wunder, Irving .. ................. Zembrzyclri, Alfred G. ....... ..., . Bacol, Anna ,.............. ..... ..... Hawlrins, Mildred .,..., Koepf, Lucille C ........ . . Clarlc, Alvin C .......... ......... ..,., Goliber, Margarel B. .. Meyers, Yale ..............,., Beeler, Rufh J ............. Kosl, Rifa C ............. Ruesch, Viola E ....... Weill, Louis ....,.. Hayman, Neysa ......... , Qulrlx, May ....,...,...........,.. ..... Zimmerman, Beulah E ...,...... ..... Barnhar+, Jaclc R ................ ..... Ermonis, Bernice L. ...... . Miller, Alberl H ....... . Kellner, Loreffa J. .,......, Ciesielslca, Marfha M. ..,.. .,.. . Barnard, John R ............ lHayman, Eunice S ........ I Brennan, Roberf L ............ ..... Fellow, Margaref J ........,. ..... Umland, Carol M ........... Chapin, Harold ............... ..... Sufferby, Esfher M ........,....... ..... Groen, Liselofle E. G. ....... ..,. . Schuliz, Raymond ....... Berlin, Gerfrude ........... Plachia, Wanda H .....,...... ,.... Johannes, Edward J. .... .. Krieger, Roberl' P. J ........ ...,. Buell, Hula M ........,......,.. Klopf, Mildred C ....... Miller, Arnold A ......... Helrieri, Ann P ...,....... Anzer, AnneHe S .......... Farnham, John W .......... Ternolil, Helen .......... Chirlin, Lillian ....,..... Draman, Charles ..... Ambellan, Charles Hlffff iff bBoolcbinder, Rose R .......... ..... Casper, Ida ...,....,.......... Horvalis, Teresa J. ..,..., Bregger, Rufh M. ...... Andres, Agnes M ......, Knapp, Arlene C ....... 9I .650 9 I .600 9 I .600 9 I .562 9 I .550 9 I .550 9 I .500 9 I .500 9 I .500 9 I .450 9 I .450 9 I .450 9 I .450 9 I .350 9 I .3 I2 9 I .250 9 I .250 9 I . I 88 9 I .I 87 9 I . I B7 I50 9I I50 9 I . I 25 9 I .I I0 9 I . I 00 9 I .050 9 I .000 90.950 90.950 90.950 90.937 90.900 90.900 90.850 90.800 90.800 90.750 90.750 90.700 90.700 90.687 90.650 90.625 90.600 90.600 90.500 90.500 90.455 90.450 90.437 90.4I2 90.400 90.400 90.375 90.350 90.3 I 2 90.300 90.300 90.250 90.247 90. I 50 90.062 90.062 90.062 90.050 90.000 90.000 9I. page Ihirfy-seven page ihirfy-eighi OUR MASTEN Maslen, our Alma Mafer, We are wifh you. We're roofing for your colors, Masfenl We're proud of our school's name! Maslen shall ring +hrough all halls of fame. Oh! Masfen, your sons and daughfers speed youg We know +ha+ we shall always need you. Vic+'ry is ever our goal: l'I' falces a very high +oll, Every Hme fhe blue And yellow scores anew. Oh! Masfen, we are all for you! EILEEN TESSMANN RUTH BINGEMAN JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Presidenf . , , . ..,.. . .. , .. ,, John Roeder Vice-Presideni , T ,. Glenna Haier Secrefary A, , ..,. ..... .,.... J e an Palmer Treasurer . ..,,,, ,,Ouen+in Thompson SCHOOL ACTIVITIES I. IO4's Winning Baslrelball Team 2. Vincenl Rino being inferviewecl by Al Anscombe t 3. Preparing Lunch 4. Horsebacl: Riding 5. Public Spealring Class-Affer Dinner Speeches W y Q 6. Dancing in Ihe Gym 7. Three Girls on Horses 8. CHRONICLE Typisls-Irma Geigle, Har- rieff Szen, Mary Slelmach, and Alfreda Kresse 9. "Noi Quife Such a Goose"-Norman Radflre and Eunice Hayman IO. Beale Assembly-AI Anscombe and "Doc" Gallop Il. Mr. Elson wilh members of Ihe Chess Club I2. Visifing Ihe Nurse-Raymond Schulfz and Miss Sweeney I3. Rah! Rah! Rah!-Adrian Pleskow, Richard Barisch, and Sheldon Greenberg I4. Science Club-Josephine Morriss, Vicfor Aleck. Harold Osler, and Adrian Pleslcow IS. "Noi Quile Such a Goose"-Sheldon Greenberg and Vera Burclrley page 'forly SCHOOL ACTIVITIES I X . I Public Speaking Acfivily-Belly Goodman Ida Karnoffslly, and William Halpern Pi Kappa Lambda Assembly-Mr. Hersey, Capfain Mellen, and Richard Barlsch Accompanisls-Doris Scllurr and Eileen Tessmann Locker Life-Charlofle Mols "WiId Nell of Ilne Plains"-William Whelan and Ida Karnoffslly Arl Sludenfs Make-up Commillee and Slage Crew Miss Neal wilh Officers of Ihe Home Economics Club The Los+ Silk l-lar' Band al a Foolball Game aaaalaall an +he elfla' Gym Girls Playing Volleyball Coslume Commilfee for "WiId Nell of Ihe Plains" "Wild Nell of Ihe Plains"-Louis Weill, Ruby Fears, and Alfred Anscombe I ' " - I 0 Dancing in +l1e Gym page 'forly-one fff DRAMATICS The dramafic deparfmenf has experimenfed along several differenf lines fhis year. As a resulf, fheir work has been unusually enferfaining and has offered new opporfunifies for fhe sfudenfs and fhe audience. Miss Julia A. O'Meara, who is in charge of all dramafic acfivify, has aimed fhroughouf fhe year fo provide assemblies which would enferfain fhe sfudenf body and provide consfrucfive work in fhe drama for fhose faking parf. Various classes and groups presenfed a series of one-acl' plays wifh books in hand. Some of fhe oufsfanding ones were "The Unseen Hand", "ln fhe High Places", "Two Crooks and a Lady", and "The Grill". The eliminafion of memory work in fhe pro- ducfion made if possible fo presenf fhe play affer a brief inferval of pracfice. Ex- perience was concenfrafed on sfage and voice fechnique rafher fhan fhe memorizing. The classes were nof limifed fo fhis fype of work, however. ln bofh Armisfice assemblies, a dramafic war play, "The Enemy", was presenfed by an all male casf. Before fhe Chrisfmas vacafion, anofher group produced and presenfed a one-acf play, "Misflefoe and Hollyberry", which was provided wifh elaborafe scenery and cosfumes. One of fhe oufsfanding feafures of fhis year's work was "The Big Broadcasfn, an evening performance on December IZ. Variefy amafeur programs have been greefed wifh such enfhusiasm fhaf fhe incenfive was creafed for a public performance of fhe same fype. "The Big Broadcasf" was fhe resulf. The producfion, employing a public address sysfem, was a convenienf medium for pracfice in radio fechnique, one of fhe newer developmenfs in dramafic and public speaking classes. Heading fhe casf were a general chairman and fhree sfudenf announcers who infroduced fhe various parfs of 'rhe program. The enferfainers volunfeered fheir falenfs for fhe success of fhe program. The audiforium was filled fo capacify and fhe deparfmenf received 5250. An affernoon performance on S+. Pa+rick's Day was also successful. The program began wifh a one-acl' comedy, "No+ Quife Such a Goose", which presenfed in a humorous manner fhe problems of adolescenf love affairs. An effecfive seffing was designed and consfrucfed by dramafics sfudenfs. The cosfumes and make-up were supervised by sfudenf commiffees. The performance also included an old fashioned melodrama enfifled "Wild Nell of fhe Plains". Wifh fhe increased number of producfions, fhe make-up and cosfuming com- miffees worked overfime. The sfage crew found if necessary fo plan and arrange from one fo fhree differenf sefs every monfh. The cooperafion of fhese sfudenfs has enabled Miss O'Meara fo carry ouf her plans mosf beneficially. The acfivifies in dramafics fhis year have pleased fhe audience, and fhe sfudenfs parficipafing have gained poise and experience, a valuable assef in lafer life. page forfy-fwo Isf: Swiff, Krauss, Ermonis, Pleskow, Reger, May, Tess- mann, Beer, Lenf, Weegar, E. Hayman. Znd: Gasser, Duringer, Hiller, E. Plachfa, Bass, Todfenhagen. 3rd: Bingeman, Soergel, L. Forsfer, M. Forsfer, Lehner, Palmer, Holfon, Mols. 4fh: N e w h o u s e, Cafarell, Kloesz, L. Wilson, Kumpf, Sell- ing, B. Lang, Rino. 5+h: Bufler, S. Greenberg, Hal- pern. I. "Wild Nell of The Plains"- Glenna Haier and Frederick O'Neill 2. "Big Broadcasfn-Leo and Marge Forsier 3. "No+ Quife Such a Goose" -Sheldon Greenberg and Bernice Ermonis. Seafedz Berfha Rude: Jane Flickingerg Miss O'Meara, coach: Dorofhy Kafes. Sfanding: Melbourne Lenf, Gilberf Bass, Seymore Zimbel, Howard Beer, Milfon Gurvifz, Marvin Polin. l. Girls' Declamafion Confesf enfranf-Dorofhy Kafes. 2. Boys' Oraforical Confesf enfranf-Melbourne Lenf. 3. "Big Broadcasf" announcers -Halpern, Beer, Lenf and Bass . Y I . I 4 J. p Y V 1 J , , .Y DEBATE AND PUBLIC SPEAKING ln bofh infer-high and local public speaking and debafe acfivifies, Fosdick was unusually acfive fhis year. Represenfing fhe infer-high acfivifies, Masfen sfudenfs parficipafed in bofh fhe Girls' Declamafion and fhe Boys' Oraforical Confesfs. Dorofhy Kafes gave a dra- mafic reading af fhe confesf held af Hufchinson in November. Melbourne Lenf presenfed his original orafion, "A Youfh Looks af fhe World," in our own audiforium on April 30. In addifion fo fhese confesfs, a local Girls' Declamafion was held previous fo fhe infer-high confesf in November. Vera Burckley received firsf prize. The large affendance af "The Big Broadcasf" made possible fhe raising of funds fhaf will be used fo purchase and insfall an amplifying sysfem necessary fo 'leach radio fechnique. This will nof only aid in fhe presenfing of beffer assemblies, buf will also give pracfice fo sfudenfs inferesfed in radio as a vocafion. In debafe, Fosdick as usual enfered four feams in fhe infer-high compefifion, winning fwo mafches and losing fhe same number. In fhe fall series on fhe quesfion, "Resolved: Thaf fhe Unifed Sfafes nafionalize ifs munifion indusfry," fhe affirmafive was defeafed by Benneff and fhe negafive won over Easf. ln fhe spring series fhe quesfion was on fhe esfablishing of a sfafe medical sysfem. The Masfen affirmafive was defeafed by Technical, while fhe negafive was vicforious over Lafayeffe. lf is inferesfing fo nofe fhaf in all four debafes fhe negafive feams were vicforious. Bofh of fhis year's proposifions for debafe afforded unlimifed possibilifies for sfrong nega- five feams. In fhe Masfen-Lafayeffe debafe fhe Fosdick negafive presenfed a sfrong unified case and consisfenfly broke down fhe opposing case fo such a degree fhaf fhe ancienf rivals were defeafed wifhouf difficulfy. This year fhe assembly honoring fhe debafers was held in May and feafured selecfions emphasizing panfomime, dialecf, resonance and ofher represenfafive sfudies of fhe deparfmenf. Debafe awards are in fhe form of gold and silver pins. Gold pins are given sfudenfs parficipafing in fwo debafes, and silver pins are presenfed fo debafers who fake parf in one clebafe or are alfernafes in bofh. Dorofhy Kafes, Jane Flickinger, Howard Beer, Gilberf Bass, Melbourne Lenf, and Seymour Zimbel received gold pins. Silver awards were made fo Berfha Rude, Marvin Polin and Milfon Gurvifz. Mel- bourne Lenf was fhe only Junior who received a gold pin, buf fhere are five ofher sfudenfs of some experience who are prospecfs for nexf year's debafe feams. Anofher oufsfanding assembly program presenfed by fhe public speaking classes was fhe Rudyard Kipling Memorial Assembly in which incidenfs of fhe poef's life were dramafized, poems read, and original speeches presenfed. Miss Julia A. O'Meara was in charge of all public speaking and debafe acfivify during fhe year. page forfy-fhree 9 9 Van Tassel. Znd: E. Efkin, J. Flickinger, R Rifler, F. Schaefer, H. Beer C. Buchler, G. Van Derven, E George, B. Goodman. 3rd: V. Cullinan, J. Murphy N. Hoffman, P. Cohen, D Kafes, M. Dickman, G. Bass, R Berlin. f 6,11 Vg., 'Y f- f L .cwgif HILL TOPICS To sI'arI wifh a 'rhread Ihal someone else has leff is easy compared 'Io sI'ar+ing when Ihere is no Ihread a+ all. This has been Ihe accomplishmenr of Ihe presem' "HILL TOPICS" sfaff. Everyone in I'he school was offered Ihe opporI'uni+y of Irying for a posiI'ion on fhe s+aFf. The group Ihar succeeded in publishing Ihe paper had never had any previous "HlLL TOPICS" experience. The paper, Ihrough iI's several issues, +ried Io uni'Ie differenl' phases of school life, including music, public speaking, and sporls. The 'rrials and hardships have been many, buI' only Ihrough Ihe earnesf coopera- +ion of bo+h s+uden'Is and facully advisers did 'rhe paper succeed in a financial and liferary way. We look forward wilh anricipalion Io rhe furlher developmen+ of Ihe paper nexl year. Isf: A. Beier: G. Van Derven: H. Seaderg P. Cohen: R. Nel- son and H. Osler, managing ediiorsg A. Klumpp: R. Bren- nan: D. Kafes. Znd: J. Selling, N. Hayman, D. lmhof, H. Beer. J. Flickinger, H. Neuman, V. Hudecek, R. Seifz. 3rd: R. Feder, S. Herschlield, D. Fryers, D. Schurr, R. Boek- man, L. Heclor, A. Warren. 4Ih: A. Pleslrow, S. Greenberg, E. Gese, P. Weegar, A. Ans- combe, A. Wingerler, R. RiH'er. CHRONICLE Miss Pierman, are all Ihe ads in? The proofs are here, Mr. Seelbach! Oh, Mr. Byunner, where is +ha'I feafure arricle? Somebody ask Miss Colburn 'For 'Ihe picfure p afes. These were Ihe exclamafions heard in Ihe CHRONICLE office where work sI'arI'ed in February. Dozens of s+udenI's came 'I'o Ihe lirsl' meefing, and by eliminafion a slaff was finally chosen and assignmenrs made. Adver+isemen+s were soliciled, seniors and organizafions phofographed, arI'icles wriI'+en, and subscripfions Iaken. Then on May 22 a successful skafing parly and dance was sponsored by 'Ihe sralif. The s+aFl members worked hard on Ihese +asks unlil Ihe book which you are now reading was organized, senl +o +he prinler, and finally broughl' lo you. The s'raFF hopes you are enioying Ihis, Ihe Senior Year Book of '36l Isl: R. Schulman: Mr. Rovner: R. Brennan, managing ediforg Miss Dinsmoreg H. Osfer, man- a in edilorg Mr. Miller: R. Isl: Adrian Pleskow, Viclor Aleck, Richard Van de Worp, Raymond Schullz, Glenn Kolbe. Znd: Edward Meyer, Harry Al- per, Charles Knopf, Peler Smilh. 3rd: Leroy Arch, Charles Dra- man, Arthur Mazikowski, Ches- ler Kloesz, Roberl Haenszel. OFFICE MONITORS Sludenls may have been led 'ro believe lhal olilice monilors are performing a greal service lo lheir school. Aclually lhe school is giving lhe sludenl monilor a valuable educalion. Whal' opporlunilies 'lhis 'lype of work affordsl During his lerm of monilor duly, 'lhe office monilor learns 'ro operale 'lhe swilch- board, run errands, file accuralely, receive slrangers cordially, and properly direcl lhem around lhe building. Consequenlly, he soon develops lrails of alerlness, cour- lesy, aggressiveness, cordialily, and mosl' imporlanl' of all, reliabilily, all of which prove lhal he is well slarled on lhe road lo a successful career. This will be of greal value lo him long afler he has liorgollen his hislory, Lalin, and geomelry. The office monilors and lhe sludenls are graleful 'lor 'lhe experience and service. LIBRARY MONITORS Miss Levilan has sludenl monilors 'lo assisl her 'lhroughoul lhe day. Each period one library assislanl is responsible for recording lhe number of sludenls presenl and checking lheir allendance wilh l'he sludy room leachers. The olher is carelaker of lhe books. He musl' pu+ lhe books back in 'lheir proper places and make sure lhal none of lhe sludenls accidenlally leave wilh any of lhe library's properly. The 'former accomplishes his lask by having 'lhe sludenls wrile lheir names and sludy room numbers on special library slips. The la'H'er places a 'lable a+ lhe door and sees lhal' lhe sl'uder:'l's pul' 'llreir bopks onlil' beqhlhey leave. Thlen he collecl: Ihe books and 4ww. I f X Isl: Nlillon Gurvilzf Deane Cohen, Neysa Hayman, Marie Monfulelh, Viclor Aleck. Znd: John Murdock, Evelyn Bamberg, Doris lmhof, Eunice Hayman, Florence Davis, Arn- old Snyder. 3rd: Henry Jakubowski, Jason Ullman, Walfer Herr, John Griflin, Richard Barlsch, Eu- gene Reger, Waller Gubala. BAND Isl: Siegel, Van Tassel. 2nd: Plaskin, Daucher, Smilh Ulcovifz, Taylor, Quinlan, Ma- zur, Szwaikowski, Danner, Wax- man, Palmer. 3rd: Mr. Geiger, Becker G o r n y, Greenberg, Ulrich Holifer, Druckemiller, Wick Cohen, Hoffman, Thompson Pickop. 4fh: T. Hoyler, Resman, Mas?- man, Burkol, Pesla, Rosen, For- lenbaugh, D a v i s, George SchiFFerli, F. Woodward. 5fh: Karulh, Schroeder, Hage- man, Chrefien, J. Woodward McMahon, Mellinger, Kuhn McLaren, E. Hoyler, n v BAND AND ORCHESTRA Mr. Carroll Geiger, who wields +he balon for our school orchesfra, is repuled 'lo have one of lhe finesl' school orcheslras in 'lhe cily. The orcheslra, consisling of forfy-nine members, alfernafes wi+h 'rhe band playing for assembly programs. During our successful 'fall produclion, "The Big Broadcast" lhe orchesfra rendered several seleclions. lf again conlribuled numbers 'lo our Chrislmas program. The orcheslra also had a prominenl' parl' in +he Annual Spring Concerl, presenled on May Isl by fhe music deparlmenl of fhe school. Many weeks were spenl' in infensive preparalion for fhis produclion. On May 8+h, The school orcheslra compeled wilh o'I'her high school orcheslras on All-High Nighl. Lasl fall our band helped 'lo lend a collegiale air lo our foolball games by playing befween quarlers and afler each viclory. The marlial music of +he band has been a source of greal' enioymenf al many assemblies. Nol only have lhey played for marching, bul' lhey also have served as an accompanimenl for fhe group singing of +he school song. For fhe Spring Concerl' in May a special arrangemenl' of fhe seleclion "Milil'ary Escor+" was made for +he band. The band has rehearsed diligenlly and enfhusiaslically 'lwice each week wilh i+s able conduclor, Mr. Geiger. Many of The members of 'lhe band are also members of lhe orchesfra. In all, The band consisls of fiffy-four members. Mr. Geiger feels 'lha+ fhe gradualion of many compelenl' orcheslra and band members is a greal loss, bul he is confidenl +ha+ I936-I937 will produce new musical aspiranls. ORCH ESTRA Isl: Schroeder, Siegel, Van Tassel, Nowakowski. 2nd: Pieri, Hodan, Bamberg, Woicinski, Tessmann, Mr. Gei- ger, Kales, Davis, Wagner, Siedler, Bolm. 3rd: Wieiig, Schifferli, Cohen, Karulh, Becker, Chrefien, Hoff- man, Resman, Burkcf, Mc- Mahon. 4+h' Tor esson Hahn Wein - 9 . . ' +raub, Pleskow, Forlenba ugh, Taylor, Waxman, Woodward, Hoyler, Masfman, Benz. Slh: Adler, Rabinowifz, Oslach, Sinoracki, Kruse, Lee, Sfrauss, Smilh, Winzenried, Ulcovilz. SPECIAL CHORUS lsr: Smifherman, Graeber. Duncan, Tessmann, Miss Sien- gel, Schurr, Echols, Paule, E. Geor e g . Znd: Link, D. George, Koehler, Mlfchell, Van Derven, Robin son, Galanier, Rabiroff, H Allen, Holfon. 3rd: Schupp, Kohlbrenner, Rose, Young, Peeler, Dill Slrauss, Sfurm, Brueclmer. 4+h: Fears, Szen, Duszynslxa Janeclri, V. Allen, Dommer Buell, Nelson, Kubera, Simon. 5+h: Sallis, Baer, Tills, Boersi, McDonald, Gnann, Schuefze Bouie. GLEE CLUB AND CHORUS ' Jusi' as Music is recognized as one of Ihe ou+s+anding classics, so is Masien no+ed for her musical achievemenfs. This year, as in every oiher year, she has broughf forrh an abundance of musical Ialenr. Under I'he guidance of our able direcfor, Miss S+engel, Ihe Girls' Glee Club, Ihe Boys' Glee Club, Ihe Voice Class, and +he Special Chorus have accomplished a greai deal. Early in 'I'he 'fall Ihe Special Chorus made ifs firsl' appearance on Parenls' Nighi. A 'Few weelcs laier appeared I'he Armisfice Day Program. The Girls' Glee Club, which consisfs of aboui' one hundred and iiffy girls, gave a unique program in November, which showed Ihe fine resulis a large group can accomplish. They sang "The Bells of Aberdovy," which had a chime accompaniment This arrangemenf proved Io be very enferiaining and was well received by Ihe audience. AI I'he Chrisfmas Assembly fhe combined choruses again came Io I'he foreground Io add Io 'rhe enioymeni' of 'Ihe day. In Ihe absence of Miss S+engel, Mrs. Geiger very capably direcied +he program. A group from Ihe Voice Class look parf in Ihe play, singing several Chrisfmas carols. On December I7 Ihe Special Chorus, ai Elmwood Music Hall, Ioolc parf wi+h 'Ihe All-High Chorus in 'Ihe presenialion of Ihe "Golden Legend" under Ihe supervision of Mr. Breach. The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchesira accompanied ihe chorus, and several prominenr singers were soloisis. This performance was repeaied la+er in Ihe year. I x o BOYS' GLEE CLUB Isl: W. Young, J. Borlran, C Slaslxi, Miss Siengel, C. Kloesz W. Elgie, A. Bouie. 2nd: R. Baer, W. Halpern, R Fernan, T. Malrowslui, A. Gold A. Doruszewslri. 3rd: J. Siegel, W. ScoI+, A Anscombe, E. Pogorzala, H Chapin, E. Wiclr, R. Smifh. 4Ih: l. Uicoviiz, W. Wiechec J. Kofas, A. Oehler, R. Pasier: bowicz, L. Harringion, R Boersi, M. Geller. lst: Lepp, Sauer, Helper, Moyni han, Tcssmann, Miss Stengel Michalakes, Shalwitz, G e i g l e Maute, Trotsky. Znd: McVicar Thief, D'Angelo, Cullinan, Sztuk Sielski, Tugg, Kawczynska, Main Hurst. ?1rd: Gauthier, Gorman Burhanan, Fritz, Grambow, Amos M. Miller, Kelsey, Barton, War ren, Bludman. -ith: Kocik. Bar ber, Frailey, Farrell, Fleischman S i m m c n s. Stillman, Martina luhre, H. Miller. Sth: Koloch Bookbinder, Dobbins, Makarow ska. Puto, Kruszynska. Sieher Boehmkc, Ehman, Stallone, Mar erman, Pallas, Holm, Van Buren Merkel, Zgoda, Marki, Hart Coleman. Hawkins. 7th: Berk off. Mueller, Kuczkowska, Imler Lehner. Edwards. Fuchs, Kowal ski, Grahowski, Reiewski. A+ lhe beginning of lhe second lerm il' was decided by +he Special Chorus, +ha+ instead of having a Voice Class we would have a special group selected by Miss Srengel. ln February ihe girls of 'rhis group had an opporiunily lo display 'lheir +alen'l's by singing 'I'he "Recessional" in memory of Rudyard Kipling, fo whom one of our assemblies was dedicaied. The Chromalic Club paid us ils annual visi+ on February I9 and presented a varied and inferesiing group of selecrions. The parlicipanls consisted of a pianis'l, a vocalist, and a violinist. Thai same week a group of our own lalenf, which sludies music oulside of school, gave a sfudenl' recital. Those who 'look parl' were Armis Hahm, Alber+ Helrlinger, Mary Seefelf, Doris Schurr, Rulh Feder, and Rita Wolf, pianislsg Bernice Kolbrunner, vocalislg and Lester Crefien, lrombonislz During +he lirsl' week of April, several represeniarives from various colleges in and around Buffalo came 'lo Masren lo inform expeclanr graduates abou+ The courses ihar their inslilulions offered. To adcl variety l'o l'he program, l'he special group , gave ils in+erpre+a+ion of a medley of college runes. X J Each year fhe enlire nalion celebrales Nalional Music Week. This year Maslen presenled i+s Spring Concerf during 'lhis week. The Choruses look an impor+an+ parl' ' X in 'lhis celebralion. Among 'rhe numbers presenied were seleciions from "Aida," , "The Star," "By 'lhe Wa'l'ers of lhe Minne+onka," and Schuber+'s "Serenade." ' J N The year proved +o be verv successful, and a large number is expecled +o refurn, which Miss Slengel can use lo build a bigger and be'H'er chorus nexl' year. A J. l x f W V l lst: XV:-sr, Gorska, Bolm, Leide, Schulman, Schurr, Miss Stengel, Doherty, L u 5 i a k, Kaczmarek, Plawinska, Knospe, Hoctor. Znd: Paoleschi, Grinagu, B o c h e i m, Marks, Brdcja, K l e i n, Hoylcr, Stefano, XVagner, Lubkowska, Rataiczak. Zollitsch. Std: Volpe, Givens. Burhanan. Schmidt. Sin- del. Broom, Gerlach, Watkzlsier. Striemer, I. Rehacz, R. Rebacz, Wfasiclewska, Kornacki. -1 t h : Charlton. Arnold, Caban. R. Ber- lin, Zirnhcl, Salley, Becker, Barg- mann. Chrosniak, llalick, Lewis, Cielencki. Sth: Kost. Engler, Funk, R. Hoffman, Z c n n e r, XVt'lsh, Uuirk, lfnrshark, Sm-mlm-l. Knras. Koras. O'Brien. Doerner. 6th: G. Berlin. Schatz, Geyer, Dauchcr, Kunzelman, B i n k e r. Mooney, Truchlinska. Odozynska, Meadow. W. Hoffman. 7th: Bur- nasser, DcI.ollis. Levine. Davey, l Todtenhagen, Raffel, T u r n e r, Vollmcr. zella. 6th: jones, Gannon, Coop- DEAR OLD MASTEN PARK Words and Music Adapfed by Eileen Tessmann and Ruih Bingeman 94 Lil gli- '- if 551 f gi ffm ? Q fffiff W 95? 3, mf ,M A ijjf E-E-M M g iw -pn L was W5 page f page Iiffy Sepfember 9 20 25 Ocfober I I I6 I8 24 25 29 November 9 I3 I5 20 27 28 December 2 4 6 II I2 I3 I8 20 January 2 6 I3 I6-24 February 6 I3 I9 2I March 5 I7 25 26 3I April 3 8 2I 24 28 30 May I 6 7 8 I5 20 22 June 8 I0 I2 24 HI-LIGHTS OF I935-36 Back fo school Boys hold firs'I' assembly Girls' assembly Columbus Day program Firsf play, "Unseen Hand" Chevrolef mofion picfures Columbia Run, FMP fhird Firsf issue of HILL TOPICS Parenfs' Nighf Foofball game wifh Easf, fie 6-6 All-girl assembly Girls' Declamafion Confesf Mr. Morrison, Speaker: The Orienf Alumni lead foofball rally Thanksgiving game wifh Lafayeffe, FMP won 7-6 Celebrafion of vicfory over Lafayeffe Chevrolef mofion picfures Infer-high Debafes-FMP 9, Easf 6 Scholarship Recognifion Day-Dr. Harfwell, Speaker "Big Broadcasf" Afhlefic Leffer Day HILL TOPICS Chrisfmas play, "MisIIeI'oe and HoIIyberry" School reopens affer Chrisfmas vacafion Firsf baskefball game-FMP 3I, McKinley I4 Arf Exhibif Mid-year exams FMP swimming feam defeafs Grover Cleveland, 58-I6 FMP swimming feam defeafs Technical, 45-30 Chromafic Club Recifal Sfudenf recifal HILL TOPICS "Nof Ouife Such a Goose" and "Wild Nell of fhe Plains Dr. MacEachern, Speaker Infer-high Debafes-FMP 9, Lafayeffe 6 Final Senior Elecfion HILL TOPICS Buffalo Philharmonic Orchesfra Solo Voice Confesf Beafa Program-Doc Gallop Semi-final voice confesf for alfos Boys' Oraforical Confesf-Melbourne Lenf, 'Ihird Music Fesfival Marioneffe show FMP frack feam defeafs Lafayeffe and Grover Cleveland Presenfafion of debafe awards Firsf senior meefing Junior Day Presenfafion of CHRONICLE and HILL TOPICS awards CHRONICLE Class Day Lasf formal session Graduafion 1 " J., 14 ATHLETICS FOOTBALL Revenge seemed fo be fhe moffo of fhe Hill Toppers' compefifors lasf season when fhe Masfen eleven, minus fhe services of fhe Big Four, enfered info Harvard Cup compefifion, frying fo refain fhe cup for fhe second successive year. Opening fhe season on Ocfober l2fh againsf Benneff proved fo be a fough break, as Benneff had an experienced feam and one which furned ouf fo be champion- ship maferial. However, Benneff did nof score unfil fhe lasf quarfer and barely won fhe game, 6-0. Hufchinson was mef nexf af Seneca Field on Ocfober IB, which resulfed in a 7-0 defeaf for fhe Yellow and Blue. The fhird game, againsf Soufh Park on November 2nd, resulfed in a Soufh Park vicfory, I3-0. Alfhough our boys foughf courageously, fhey were oufplayed by a superior Soufh Park feam. ln fying Easf in our fourfh game, 6-6, Masfen played ifs besf game of fhe season fhus far in fhe campaign. In fhe fourfh quarfer, Capfain Bud Fischer broke loose on a wide end run fo fravel eighfy yards fo fhe goal line for Masfen's firsf score of fhe season and for ifs firsf poinf in fhe Harvard Cup race. The following week Masfen mef Seneca, wifh whom we shared fhe Harvard Cup lasf year. The baffle was fairly even unfil fhe lasf quarfer, when Seneca scored a fouchdown on a pass and fhen kicked fhe exfra poinf fo make fhe score Seneca 7, Masfen 0. On Thanksgiving Day we mef Lafayeffe in fhe final game of fhe season. Lafay- effe's impressive record made fhem slighf favorifes, buf our feam really showed whaf if could do when if gof sfarfed. In fhe very firsf quarfer Bud Fischer, afforded perfecf blocking, ran 64 yards for a fouchdown. Paul Sfone, playing his firsf varsify game, plunged over fhe line for fhe exfra and winning poinf. Lafayeffe finally gof sfarfed in fhe second quarfer and scored a fouchdown, buf missed fhe exfra poinf on a poorly execufed pass play. This ended fhe scoring for fhe day and Masfen had once again friumphed over ifs rival, 7-6. Alfhoughf fhe feam finished in ninfh place, Coach Crawford considered fhe season successful in fhaf we beaf Lafayeffe and moulded a 'Fine feam for I937. Nicholas Priore, veferan guard, was given a place in fhe firsf All-High feam. Bud Fischer, capfain and quarferback of fhe feam, and Henry Domedian were given honorable menfion. The ouflook for nexf year is exfremely brighf because fhis was fhe firsf season for mosf of fhe boys. The Chronicle exfends ifs sinceresf wishes fo fhe I937 eleven and deems fhe Harvard Cup nof unwelcome. page fiffy-fwo lsf: J. Roeder, C. Deahna, W. Whelan, N. Priore, Capfain Fischer, E. Klinck, G. Gemmer, H. Domedion. Znd: E. Nolfe, T. Hoyler, L. Forsfer, Thompson, F. Yuhl, R. Guzzo, G. Pleufhner. 3rd: Manager Rino, D. O'Don- nell, E. Schulfz, Mr. Heck, A. Delaney, N. DiRosa, J. Rafh- bun, Coach Crawford. I. The Masked Marvel-Cap- fain Bud Fischer 2. Ready, one, fwo-lef's gol 3. Limbering up lsf: Coach Seelbach, EvereH Smifh C I' Gr df' h , ap ann un :sc , Nicholas Amigone. Manager Diefsch. 2nd: Carl Kohl, Howard Irvin, Harold Finkbeiner, Joseph Cohen. I. Howard lrvin abou? Io sink a free throw 2. Final insfruciions before the game 3. Capiain W e sl e y Grund- fisch i BASKETBALL The Yale Cup seven ou+ of nine yearsl Six conseculive yearsl Tha'I's MasI'en's impressive record compiled under 'rhe able coaching of Mr. Seelbach. When you consider 'lhal Ihe baskelball Ieam musl face, in 'rhe duralion of a season, 'Iwelve scrapping reams, and usually musf, in order Io gain Ihe cup, win ai leasi 'Ien of Ihem, Ihis record is very commendable. This year, as usual, Masfen was picked as +he +eam 'Io win 'Phe cup. Despile a lack of height ihe boys won Iheir firsl' five games, clefeafing in order: Mc Kinley 28-I4g Burgard, who won Ihe resl' of ifs games 'For Ihe cup, 25-2I: Peckham, 32-2l: Seneca, 35-24: Soulh Park, 37-2l. Confidenl' of vic+ory 'Ihe Ieam +ravelled 'Io Benne'H' fo fry for i'Is eighfeenih con- secu+ive viclory. Resulisz Maslen 26, Bennell 3I. This was Mas'Ien's iirsl' loss in a year and a half. Slill in 'rhe 'l'igh'I', however, Maslen invaded Grover Cleveland's bandbox cour'l' where our quinlel' again came oul on Ihe shor'r end of a 2l-27 score. Undaunled, lhe Ieam soon regained i'I's winning slride fo beaf Technical, 32-28, and Lafayeife, our lime-honored rival, 36-27. Afler losing 'ro Riverside, II-22, +he Ieam, 'furiher handicapped by +he loss of i+s cenler, Jack Barnhar'I', was nosed our by Hulchinson by a foul shol' in ihe lasl' Ihree seconds of fhe play in a nip and 'Iuck baHle, 23-24, and by Easi, 24-27, +o end lhe season in a +ie for sixlh place wilh a record of seven Iriumphs and five losses. For his magnificeni' work as caplain and guard of +he Maslen quin+eI', Wesley Grundrisch received a guard posiiion on fhe Ihree All-High feams. In acldifion 'Io fhis, Ihe "Times," which appoinls a capfain for ifs seleclion, gave lhis honor Io Grundiisch. Wes held his opponen+s Io eighf field goals in fwelve games, and was also well up in 'lhe individual scoring lis'l', leading 'Ihe Masien hoopslers wi'l'h 97 poinls. Danny O'Donnell and Evererl Smilh, who were nexf in scoring and who played con- sis+en+ ball, received honorable menlion. The ofher boys who received Iheir maior leHers were: Manager Bob Dielsch, Nicholas Amigone, Jack Barnharl, Joseph Cohen, Harold Finkbeiner, Howard Irvin, and Carl Kohl. Alihough we failed Io win fhe Yale Cup, much credil is due Mr. Seelbach and fhe boys on 'Ihe squad who foughf every second from fhe beginning of fhe game lo +he closing whislle. Before each game, Coach Seelbach gave Ihe boys bul' one insfruclion, "ln vicfory or defeaf, play clean, be good sporfsmen, and in all ways be a creclil +o Masfen Park." The CHRONICLE exlends +o Caplain-elecl' Danny O'Donnell wishes for a cup- winning combinafion nexf year. page fifty-ihree SWIMMING This season Masfen's splashers, alfhough lacking fhe proper facilifies for pracfice, complefed one of fhe mosf successful seasons in years. The boys were able fo prac- fice only fwice weekly af School 3I. Whefher fhey won or Iosf, fhe boys displayed fhaf fine brand of sporfsmanship for which all Masfen feams are nofed. Capfain Bill Whelan, Myron Shisler, Jack Newhouse, and Jack Thedorf were undoubfedly Masfen's mosf consisfenf swimmers. Newhouse swam an average fime of fwo minufes and fwenfy seconds in fhe 200-yard free s'I'yIe. Thedorf's average in fhe 40-yard free sfyle was fwenfy and eighf-fenfhs seconds, and Capfain Whelan won fhree firsf places in fancy diving. Alfhough he was Iosf fo fhe feam mosf of fhe season because of illness, Myron Shisler won fwo firsfs and a second in fhe fhree meefs in which he swam. Had Shisler been able fo finish fhe season, Masfen's medley feam mighf easily have made fhe AII-High finals. In fheir firsf meef, fhe Fosdick mermen were defeafed by our arch rival, Lafayeffe, by fhe score of 42-33. In fhe nexf fwo meefs againsf Easf and Soufh Park, fhe Hillfoppers were beafen by scores of 49-26 and 47-28 respecfively. Nof unfil fheir fourfh meef did fhe Yellow and Blue break info fhe scoring column. Grover Cleveland was faken info camp by fhe overwhelming score of 58-I6. The feam won every firsf and all buf 'Iwo second places. In fhe following meef, Masfen once again fasfed vicfory when Technical was defeafed 45-30. Masfen won six firsf and fhree second places. In fhe Iasf of fhe dual meefs, Riverside defeafed Fosdick by fhe score of 45-30 in a hofly confesfed baffle. Capfain Bill WheIan's diving was fhe oufsfanding evenf of fhe meef, reaching nearly perfecf form in every dive. In fhe All-High meef, held af Benneff High School, Masfen finished in sevenfh place. Roberf Franklin was fhe only Masfen swimmer fo gef info fhe finals of fhe meef. He finished fourfh in fhe I00-yard backsfroke fo score our only fwo poinfs. This, coupled wifh fhe four poinfs for winning fwo dual meefs, gave us a fie for sevenfh place and ZVZ poinfs foward fhe Williams frophy. Bob Franklin, who swims fhe I00-yard backsfroke, and Seymore Zimbel, who swims fhe I00-yard freesfyle, are fhe only swimmers leaving +his year. This leaves almosf all of fhe regulars from which fo form nexf year's feam which may be fhe besf Masfen has ever had. The Chronicle wishes Capfain-elecf Jack Thedorf and his I937 squad success in nexf year's compefifion. page fiffy-four Isf: Myron Shisler, Capfain William Whelan, Jack Thedorf. 2nd: Maurice Freedman, Sey- more Zimbel, Roberf Franklin, Jack Charreffe, Jack New- house. I. Capfain Whelan abouf fo execufe one of his fancy dives 2. Newhouse and Thedorf af fhe sfarf of a race ' I 'I Ish Schneider, Roeder, Rafh- bun, Diefsch, Haenszel, Cap- fain Kuhn, Sarles, Whelan, Rapp, Jeffords, Scoff, Wier. Znd: Marfin, Koran, Reinhardf, Grass, Wingerfer, Gemmer, Thompson, Kohl, Smifh, Elgie, Ipslin, Sfeed, Bisone. 3rd: Schifferli, Ufcovifz, Miller, Schreck, Anscombe, Hoyler, Kamn, Dore, Robinson, Griffin, Sfoller, Rashin. 4Ih: Newhouse, Chapin, Broolr, Freedman, Aaron, Leach, Mar- quardf, McNamara, Aubrey, Posner, Pellow, Mr. Seelbach. 5I'h: W. Lesher, Kloesz, H. Lesher, McNeary, Cohen, Sfyne, Marlrey, Brown, Wilson. 1 I I. Johnny Reeder goes over fhe bar 2. Aspiring disfance runners 3. Capfain George Kuhn TRACK Compefifion for fhe I935 Scalp and Blade Trophy found Fosdiclr-Masfen's frack feam finishing in sixfh place wifh seven and a half poinfs scored in fhe All-High Traclt and Field Meef. This also added four poinfs fo our fofal in fhe Williams Cup sfanding. Those who garnered poinfs for Masfen in fhe meef were: Francis Brown, fhird place in fhe I20 yard high hurdles: Ted Sarles, fhird place in fhe one mile run: Richard Vrenna, fhird place in fhe 220-yard low hurdles: George Kuhn, fhird place in fhe 880 yard rung Charles Truss, fied for fourfh place in fhe running high iump. We also had several fiffh places in fhe fraclc evenfs: buf if was in fhe field evenfs fhaf fhe feam losf ouf, as we had no boys who were able fo compefe wifh fhe ofher schools. In fhe pole vaulf, shof puf, and iumps, Masfen could place only one man. Charles Truss, in fhe running high iump. This season, alfhough we do nof have permission fo pracfice in fhe l06fh armory, fhe feam is rapidly rounding info championship form. A surprising number of candi- dafes came ouf for fraclr fhis spring wifh a greaf number of fhem being lower class- men. These will form a large squad of experienced members for nexf year's fraclx feam even if fhey do nof gain a varsify lei-ter fhis year. Coach Allie Seelbach expecfs fo have a well-balanced feam falce fhe field in fhe preliminary and final meefs. Ouf- sfanding candidafes for posifions on fhe fraclc feam include: Capfain George Kuhn 440 yard rung Carl Kohl, 440 yard run: Joseph Schneider, 880 yard rung Evereff Smifh, 880 yard run: Ted Sarles, one mile run: Roberf Haenszel, one mile run: Roberf Jeffords, I00 yard sprinf and relay: John Wear, sprinfs and relay: Walfer Scoff, low hurdles: Melvin Grass, low hurdles, Gerald Gemmer, high and broad jumps: Quenfin Thomp- son, shof puf: Jaclc Rafhbun, pole vaulfg John Roeder, pole vaulf. We also have fwo promising freshmen, Donald Pellow and James Sfein, af School I7 who will run in 'Ihe sprinfs. On May 7, Fosdiclr fool: parf in ifs firsf friangular meef againsf Lafayeffe and Grover Cleveland. Affer fhis meef, we compefed wifh Easf and Riverside. In fhe lasf of our preliminary frack and field evenfs, on May 2l, Masfen opposed Hufchinson and Technical. This, foo, proved an inferesfing meef. Finally, on May 27, fhe frials were held for fhe All-High meef af Benneff, and fhen on May 28, fhe final Scalp and Blade Track and Field Meef foolr place fo defermine fhe fracl: champion for I936. page fiffy-fi ve Harold Dehn, Capfain Wesley Grundfisch, Ferdinand Thomas. GOLF Forel This 'Familiar ierm of fhe greens recalls Io Masfeniles +he deeds of Caplain Wes Grundfisch, Harold Dehn, Ferdinand Thomas, and James Schwarfz in I935 compe+i+ion 'For 'Ihe Depew Trophy. These men represen+ed Masfen in +he AII- High Medal Play Golf Tournamenl' af Grover Cleveland Park in Ocfober. They I'aIIied 89, 89, 90, and 97 respecfively, on a course Ihe par of which is 7I 'For eigh+een holes, fo give us +hree poinfs in fhe medal play and a lie for seven'I'h place in +he final cup sfandings. Earlier in +he season fhe oc'IeHe, including Eugene Ga'rh, Roberl' Krushel, John Schleiffer, and John Schwab, fell before Ihe sure sfrolcing of our opponenfs, LafayeH'e and Technical. Harold Dehn is +he capfain-eIec+ for ihe I936 golf season. Sealed: James Murphy, Theo- dore Sarles, Capfain George Kuhn, Carl Kohl, Roberf Jef- fords. Sfanding: Coach Seelbach, Thomas Marlin, Waller ScoH, Harold Finlrbeiner, Roberf Haenszel, Joseph Schneider, Manager Irving Wunder. CROSS-COU NTRY Coach Seelbach, alfhough handicapped by having only 'Iwo Ie+'I'ermen, moulded a powerful squad of harriers for I935 Columbia Cup compelifion. Masfen emerged vicforious in I'he +wo preliminary meefs, winning fhe firsl' againsl' Hulchinson and Grover Cleveland, and 'I'he second againsf Technical and EasI'. Ted Sarles broke records in bofh races. On Ocfober 24, fhe boys eniered I'he Columbia Run, favored +o win, buf fhe 'ream finished Ihird +o Eas+ and BenneH, alfhough Ted Sarles led The 'field home for 'Ihe Yellow and Blue. Ofher HiII+oppers finished as 'Fol- Iows: Capfain George Kuhn, I2: Carl Kohl, I8: Roberf Jeffords, 2I: Waller ScoH, 23: James Murphy, 34: Harold Marfin, 39: Joe Schneider, 58. The CHRONICLE wishes success Io Capfain-elecl' Joe Schneider and his I936 squad. Isl: Jack Mifchell, John Pru- noflo, Paul Cromwell. Znd: George Calarell, John Schleifer, Caplain John Roe- cler, Earl Sfeiger, Kennefh Cromwell. 3rd: Coach Heck, Norberl Dziarnowslci, Raymond Frey, John Barnard, Manager Roberl Krieger. HOCKEY Fosdick's hockey leam s'I'ar'Ied lhe I936 Michigan Cup series wilh only 'lhree relurning velerans. Led by Caplain Roeder, ihis year's sex'l'e'l' won Iwo, lied one, and losf six games 'lo lie for eighfh place. Burgard defealed Maslen in 'lhe inaugural, 3-I. In lhe nexl game, however, Maslen defeafed Hufchinson by fhe same score. Againsi 'lhe championship Bennell aggregalion, Masfen losl 6-Og buf againsl' Technical and Grover Cleveland, Cafarell lallied Iwo goals lo give Maslen a lie and a win respeclively. In lhe following encounlers, Masfen losl' +0 Soulh Park, 2-Ig Easl, I-0: Riverside, 3-Og and in 'lhe final game againsl' our old rival, Lafayefle, I-0. John Roeder was placed on 'lhe second All-High Team, and Cafarell received honorable menfion. Kennelh Cromwell is capfain for I937. TENNIS ' Ably coached by Allie Seelbach and Fred Schifferle, lhe previous year's cap+ain, our l935 'lennis 'ream gained +hird place. The leam was composed of l'he following boys-singles: Caplain Kayser, Gold- s'l'ein, and Ross: doubles: Waldow and McMahon, Zeiller and Garbarino. The compelifive season opened wifh Maslen conquering Riverside, 4 marches lo I. We fhen beal Lafayelle, 3-2. Agains+ Easl' and BenneH we Iosl' I-4, and also againsl' Grover Cleveland, 2-3. Afler This we won our remaining marches againsl' Souih Park, 3-2, Technical, 4-I, and Hulchinson, 5-0. Charles Ross received 'lhe lhircl singles posilion on fhe All-High leam for his 'line play. The I936 feam, led by Caplain Ross, McMahon, and Mifchell, singles: Siclell and MacFarIand, Miller and Woodley, doubles: hopes l'o conlinue Maslen's 'line fennis record. T. lsr: S. Flanel, J. McMahon, Caplain Ross, J. Mifchell, R. Frey. 2ncI: H. Schupp, Manager Smilh, M. Knilfel, G. Gould, R. Fernan, C. McFarlane, Mr. Seelbach, A. Richfan. 3rd: N. Miller, I. Silverstein, S. Sidell, S. Woodley, T. Beclrefl, E. Farnham, M. Shapiro. r X, BASEBALL The I935 baseball feam represenfing Fosdick-Masfen was composed largely of veferans, and fhe nine was considered a dangerous confender for fhe cup. Wifh such regulars as Capfain Fischer, ouffielder: Jim Fremming, All-High cafcherg Irving Chrisf- baum, firsf base: Wes Grundfisch, second base, Gordon Pleufhner, shorfsfopg and Paul Kunkel, fhird base: we needed only a pifcher fo replace Fred Sfuhlmiller, of no-hif, no-run fame. However, George Neuner, who originally played fhe ouffield, fook over fhe mound dufies in an efficienf manner. Opening fhe season againsf Lafayeffe, we gof off fo a flying sfarf by winning 7-3. ln fhe second game againsf Riverside, however, we absorbed a sound I0-I beafing. Masfen regained ifs winning ways again fo beaf Burgard in a close game, 6-5, and fhen buried Technical under a barrage of hifs fo score ll runs fo 5 for fhe opposifion. In fhe nexf fwo games, fhe nine scored shuf-oufs over Peckham, 2-0, and Benneff, I-0. George Neuner and Jim Fremming were baffery mafes for fhe Benneff game, and Neuner gave Fosdick a no-hif, no-run pifcher for ifs second successive year by duplicafing Fred Sfuhlmiller's feaf of fhe previous season. Backed up by fine defensive work, and well handled by Fremming, Neuner allowed very few balls fo be hif fo fhe ouffield. Affer beafing Seneca, 8-4, our chances for fhe Cornell Cup loomed exceedingly brighf, buf Soufh Park managed fo eke ouf a 2-3 friumph in a fine pifcher's duel. From fhen on, Masfen had fo win ifs lasf fwo games foilaveia chance for fhe cup and immediafely sef ouf fo do fhaf by blasfing ouf a I0-7 win over McKinley. Before fhe final game, Easf and Riverside were fied for firsf place, and Masfen had fo defeaf Easf fo force a fhree-way fie. The game was heralded as a baffle befween fwo no-hif, no-run pifchersg namely, George, Neuner and Bill Brenner of Easf. However, a leffhander sfarfed for Easf and fhe score was 3-I before Brenner replaced him. From fhen on each feam foughf evenly wifh Masfen winning 5-2 fo fie for fhe cup and gain 8 poinfs foward fhe Williams Trophy. In recognifion for fheir fine work, George Neuner and Jim Fremming were placed on fhe All-High firsf feam. This spring over fiffy candidafes, led by Capfain Grundfisch, furned ouf for fhe nafional pasfime. However, Capfain Wes Grundfisch was forced fo leave school, and Gordon Pleufhner, fhird baseman, was elecfed capfain in his place. The probable lineup includes: Hawn, firsf base, Amigone, second base, Bernbeck, shorfsfop: Pleufhner, fhird base: Turnbull, Bufler, Nolfe, and Schleifer in fhe ouffieldg Deahna, cafcherg Beaffy, Fremming, Fries, Kruse, and Pasfein, pifchers. page fiffy-eighf lsf: J. Turnbull, J. Bufler, H. Hahn, W. Grundfisch, B. Nolfe, C. Deahna, R. Frem- ming. 2nd: Manager Barfsch, N. Amigone, R. Murphy, J. Beaffy, Capfain Pleufhner, L. Bernbeck, J. Schleifer, Mr. Heck. 3rd: K. Elsie, G. Scherger, M. Siegfried, F. Kruse, C. Pasfein, J. Thedorf, R. Fries, R. Trendle. I. Baffer upl Jimmy Bufler ready 'ro fake a healfhy cuf 2. Gordie Pleufhner af fha hof corner 3. Clarence Deahna behind fhe plafe. WILLIAMS CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY STANDING SUMMARY I934-I935 Cross- Foo+- Swim- BasIIe+- Base- To+aI Piece Schools Golf Counfry IaaII Hockey ming ball Track Tennis ball Poinfs I 553+ 2V2 9 2V2 s 5 7 9 s 59 2 Benneff 8 6 4V2 9 6 5 8 3 58y2 3 Fosdick W2 7 9 3 2 9 7 I3 54V2 4 Lafaye'He 7 3 4If2 6V2 7 3 6 I 45 5 Technical W2 s W2 W2 3 2 2V2 2 4I 5 Hufchinson 2V2 4 W2 I a 5 I W2 38112 7 Riverside 4 5 I 5 4 5 ZVZ 8 37If2 8 Grover Cleveland I I 8 2 I 8 5 4If2 3IV2 9 SoufI'I Park 9 2 ZVZ 4 x I 4 6 30V2 x Did noi compe+e. WILLIAMS CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY STANDING SUMMARY I935-I936 Cross- Foo+- Swim- Baskef- Base- Tofai Place Schools Golf Counfry ball Hockey ming ball Track Tennis ball Poinfs I Benne'H 7V2 BVZ BV2 9 9 2V2 45 2 Easi' 5 8If2 7 5 6V2 7 39 3 Lafayeffe 4 5 5V2 6If2 6V2 7 34If2 4 Sou+h Park 7'f2 ZVZ BVZ 8 4V2 2'f2 33V2 5 Riverside 9 I 4 W2 4V2 4V2 29IA2 6 Hufchinson 2If2 4 ZV2 I 8 9 27 7 Technical 6 6 5If2 4 2V2 I 25 s Fosdick 2V2 7 I 2V2 M 4V2 20 9 Grover Cleveland I ZV2 2V2 2If2 I 7 I6If2 page fiffy-nine BLUE TEAM Sealed: Phyllis Herrick, Mary S+e'Fano, Belly Gasser. Standing: Miss Offe, Alberta Eckdahl, Anne Horvafis, Val- dese Peeler, Silencel A whisllel Then lhe girls' baskelball season had begun. The girls lurned ouf in surprising numbers for one of fheir favori+e spor+s. By ihe end of 'lhe season, lhe beginners were well advanced in fhe knowledge of lhe game. The sopho- mores, iuniors, and seniors were divided info leams in 'lheir own divisions wi+h a special color 'For idenfificalion. Towards The end of fhe season, 'lhese +hree divisions played each ofher, fhe juniors and seniors being vic+orious. Then 'lhese 'lwo +eams played, and lhe seniors were defeafed by decisive scores. From lhe iuniors and seniors, Miss OH'e and Miss Kreig, physical direclors, picked Yellow and Blue leams. The Yellow +eam, caplained by Eva Fears, included 'lhe following players: Gladys Hol+on, Alice Holm, Mary Feider, Eileen Sco++, Charlo'He Mols, Doris Schlosser, and Edilh Gould. The Blue Team, caplained by Mary Sfefano, was composed of fhe following players: Alberla Eckdahl, Valdese Peeler, Belly Gasser, Maurine Kurlz, lda Edwards, Phyllis Herrick, and Anne Horvafis. The games which followed were exciiing and led from one lhrill 'lo anolher. However, lhe Blue 'leam came oui' on lop wilh lhe winning scores of 2l +o I2 and 25 +o 22. High scorers were Gladys Hollon, Alberla Eckdahl, Mary S+efano and Eva Fears. As 'lhe season has drawn fo a close, we look forward again +o +he +ime when fhe nexl' season of baskelball will be ushered in. YELLOW TEAM Sealed: Doris Schlosser, Eva Fears, Alice Holm. Slanding: Eileen Scolf, Mary Feider, Charlofle Mols, Edilh Gould, Gladys Hol'l'on, Miss Kreig. SENIOR TEAM Isf L Hecfor D. Schurr, G. Haier G Holfon E. George, 2nd S Helper R. Sfoesser, R. Bmgeman Capfain Gasser, Capfam Schulfz A. Miclnalalxes, C Jerrls J Laslzer. 3rd B Smnfh S Lux, R. Pache, A Eclcdahl J Dull, G. Radke, E Hanson R Smifh, T. Hor- 4fl1 M WOICIUSRI, V. Kessler, B Swlff I Cooper, M. Hud- ymka B Seggel M. Murczy- nowsha L Marhowslra. GIRLS' BASEBALL Almosf one hundred feminine afhlefes answered fhe cry fo "Play Ball!" 'fhis season. Mosf of fhe players had a year's experience, hence a fasfer and beffer game was played. The fwo senior feams, led by Capfains Beffy Gasser and Ruby Schulfz, sfarfed fhe annual series on May I9, wifh Ruby's feam winning 4-I. ln fhe nexf fwo games, Beffy Gasser's feam refaliafed by scores of I0-6 and 8-6. They also won fhe following game, 9-7. However, Ruby's feam fied fhe series af fhree apiece by scores of I5-0 and I7-7. Thus, on May I4, bofh feams needed fhe lasf game fo win fhe series. Ruby's feam confinued ifs winning sfreak fo slug ouf an 8-6 friumph and win fhe series, four vicfories fo fhree, for Beffy Gasser's feam. In fhis series, fhe feams were paced by Genevieve Hiller, sfar cafcher, and Beverly Smifh, pifcher, who lashed ouf nine hifs apiece. Emma Felmef, shorfsfopg Rufh Pache, second base: and Beafrice Swiff, fielder: each gained eighf hifs, while Marie Woicinski, shorfsfop: and Rifa Smifh, fielder, each hif seven. The fwo junior feams, capfained by Eva Fears and Mary Sfefano, ended in a fhree-all deadlock. Eva Fears' feam won fhe firsf fhree games by scores of 6-3, 7-4 and 9-7. Undaunfed, Mary Sfefano's feam rallied fo fake fhe nexf fhree games by scores of 9-7, 5-4, and 9-7 fo fie fhe series. The besf players from fhese fwo groups were fhen chosen fo represenf fhe seniors and iuniors. On May l3, fhe game was played wifh fhe seniors coming ouf fhe vicfors, 20-I 3. B. Goodman. N-' ham. JUNIOR TEAM Isf: M. Sfo Gra Leclri. E. McGrafh A Garcia R. Frey, N. Marlrs 2nd: E. Feeney J Wolen schlaeger, D. Weber Capfaln Fears, Capfaln Sfefano Hcrvafis, A. Wollenschlaeger 3rd: O. Schmldf E Rabnroff M. Allen, D Schlosser Kurfz, E. Scoff L Paoleschl l. Opel. J. Lewis 4fh: M. Gevirfzman E John son, C. Hoefle B Reid Gersf, I. La Ware M Millar E. Eflrin, J. Palmer M Granf !" J 1 yy -4 ' f . 4 A Isf: Marianne D'Angelo, Mary Marina, Florence Bilifzlri, Belly Maul, Madeline Gerber. Znd: Edna Beiswinger, Mildred Hoffman, Marian Fox, Mar- guerifa Gafh. 3rd: Marie Woianslza, Mariory Doherfy, Shirley Helper, Max- ine Helper, Rurh Sreinwachs. HORSEBACK RIDING i mefffvlsr. gal! The noveI+y of riding horses was innovaled af Mas'I'en Ihis year under +he lead- ership of Miss OH'e. A well re resenled group of Masfen girls eagerly indulged in fhis newly acquired privilege. The girls making ihe mosl' progress for 'Ihe iwo seasons were: Shirley Helper, Mariorie Doherfy, Florence Bilihki, Madeline Gerber, Rulh Sfeinwachs, and Marie Waicinslxi. On I'he ofher hand, Maxine Helper, Alice Need- ham, Marianne D'AngeIo, and Marguerile Ga'I'h can very 'I'ru+hfully boas'I', if Ihey wish Io, of fhe royal spills which 'rheir horses handed +hem, and which spills 'Ihey con- sequenrly had +o lake. This innovafion adds 'I'o 'Ihe many oppor+unil'ies offered l'o 'Ihe MasI'en girls, and we hope 'I'ha1' if will be possible for fhe girls +o again have 'Iheir "ups and downs" nex+ year. Isl: R. Propis, S. Temple, K Binder, M. Zboril, J. Hiemenz D. Miller, R. Bingeman. 2nd: I. LaMare, H. Marlrs, G Holfon, S. Mish, E. Gould, V Gerlach, L. Kellner, M. Krushel 3rd: B. Sauer, J. Kennedy, M Sioll, A. Horvaiis, D. Weber E. Edwards, L. Conroy. GIRLS SWIMMING Many of our Masfen mermaids foolc advanrage of fhe aliler school swimming classes al School No 3I Ihls year There were beglnnners and swimmers classes each Friday A+ Ihls hme fhe girls were aided by Iheir compelenr lns'I'ruc+or Miss Moore who did much in improving +he srrokes and speed of fhe girls The swimmers hope +o organize 'Ieams in Ihe near fulure A Sophomore and Senior meer will be arranged in which bofh reams will compere wllh one anorher Since Ihe Mas'I'en girls have been handicapped by Ihe lack of a swimming pool fhey deserve much credir 'For displaying Ihe +rue Masfen spurul by aHending each swimming class I . . Q , - . I . 1 . . . . - . . . . . A' I I I - . . - . , . . - . . - . - . 1 . Q . . . . I . . . -. . u r Isl: BeI+y Goodman, Emma Felmef, Marian Meyer, Alice Kaminslra, Belly Gasser, Gladys Holion, Rulh Bingeman. Znd: Evelyn George, Carol Slurm, Hilda Jacobson, Bea- frice Reid, Mary Millar, June Gray. 3rd: Mary Murzynowslra, Evelyn Rabiroff, Mariory Doherly, E I h el Hoffman, Florence Michalslri. GIRLS' TENNIS The coming of spring has again broughf MasI'en's sporlswomen ou'+ 'Io play Iennis Lasl fall a Iournamenl was begun wilh +hir'ry-one prospeclive slars, bul because of inclemenl' wealher il was poslponed +iIl 'Ihis spring. The eighl' girls highes+ in Ihe +ournamen+ receive from 25 +o I00 poinls, accord ing lo Iheir sfandings, fowards fheir alhlelic IeHer, wi'Ih 'Ihe champion receiving Ihe maximum number, I00. 25 poinls are awarded lo lhe girl who plays one singles sei' and one doubles sei' and who aHends all praclices. One may parlicipale in Ihis sporl wi'rhou+ any previous experience, as Miss Kreig and Miss OHe leach Ihe rudimenls of Iennis lo beginners. The lessons begin afler lhe ofher spring sporls are finished and include fennis Iheory and slrolxing. VOLLEYBALL The number of girls lurning oul' lhis year for lhe mosl' popular of spring sporls, volleyball, was by no means small. The capfains of fhe four iunior-senior volleyball 'reams were: Julia Dill, Bealrice Swifl, Gilberline Siedler, and Mary Murzynowslra. The players of Julia Dill's leam proved lheir supremacy by winning lhe maiorily of lhe games of lhe series. The four sophomore reams were caplained by: Irene Daucher, Sarah Mish, Rulh Sfeinwachs, and Josephine Kennedy. Sarah Mish's +eam proved lo be superior 'lo +he ofher sophomore reams, affer having los+ only one game. Julia Dill's junior-senior leam emerged as viclor from a series of 'Iwo games played belween her leam and +he viclorious sophomore leam of Sarah Mish. The scores were I5-5 and I5-I3. Q Isl: Ann Helxierl, Ann Troian- owslri, Caplain Sarah Mish, June Heimenz, Sophie Gra- bowslra. Znd: Audrey Dobbins, Grace Salley, Janef Szmanslri, Alice Holm, Ida Edwards. 3rd: Winifred Hoffman, Rulh Wroblewslra, Clara Kuczlxowslza, May Quirlr. sixf CALL TO YOUTH We sfood upon fhe moving ship Our faces foward fhe breeze Our arms enfwined Our hearfs aglow Youfh forward, ever forward! Greaf deeds are waifing fo be done Why do we farry here? Are we afraid, Shirk we fhe fask? Then hasfen, ever forwardl God sighs upon our fumbled hair Upon our flushed cheeks. Have you fhe courage? Our eyes glinf "yes" Then sfrive on, ever Forward! Our fasl: is greaf, for gaze around On all sides, devasfafion. The filfhy poor, The corrupf rich, Delay nof any longer! I We cry ouf "Don'+ fhe wrefched see The folly of degradafion? They are many, There is enough, Why do fhey sif so humbled?" The world is waifing for ifs youfh If calls wifh oufsfrefched arms. l hear a beaf Of framping feef. The youfh have answered They are coming!!! NORMA HOFFMAN ORGANIZATICNS ALPHA IOTA CHI SORORITY Alpha Iofa Chi Sororify was organized in l923 for fhe purpose of promofing fhe sfudy of fine arfs. The social funcfions of fhe sororify during fhe pasf year have been numerous. A dinner parfy af fhe Savarin Cafe began our fall acfivifies. We were hosfesses af a Chrisfmas "gel'-'l'ogefher" of fhe four chapfers af fhe King Arfhur Resfauranf. A farewell luncheon was given in honor of Frances McKinley af Laube's Old Spain. Our dance af fhe Dellwood Ballroom and our card parfy af fhe Coca-Cola Hall were huge successes. A spring formal is fo be held af fhe Alhambra and fhe dinner for fhe graduafes will be held af fhe Lovejoy Resfauranf. The members will spend fhree weeks af Angola fhis summer. lsf: Geraldine Behm, social chairman: Rifa Ramsfein, freas- urerq Dorofhy Offerman, presi- denfq Beffe Maul, secrefary: Efhel Scholler, vice-presidenf. Znd: Eileen Tessmann, Alice Schifferli, Mary Millar, Beffy Sorger, Virginia Allen. 3rd: Dolores Prisdell, Janice Mefzger, Mariorie Bailey, Bea- 'lrice Reid, Bernice Young. lsf: Alma Duringer, freasurer: Beffy Hofsfadfer, presidenfg Miss McCabe, adviser: Hilda Lamm, vice-presidenfg Bernice Seggel, secrefary. 2ncI: Isabelle Ahern: Alice Wilkg Ella Walfer, sergeanf-at arms: Anne Horvafis. ALPHA KAPPA SORORITY Alpha Kappa Sororify was organized in l92l for fhe purpose of promofing liferary and social acfivifies among fhe members. The social acfivifies fhis year began wifh a Rush Tea, followed by a successful card parfy. As in previous years, a Thanksgiving baskef was given 'lo a needy family. The annual pre-examinafion dance was given af fhe Dellwood Ballroom. A Spring Rush Parfy was followed by a formal inifiafion, including a luncheon af King Arfhur's Resfauranf and a fheafer parfy. In March a Bingo Parfy was given af fhe home of Ella Walfer. The girls infend fo spend fwo weeks af Long Beach fhis summer. The members of Alpha Kappa wish fo fhank Miss McCabe for her able assisfance during fhe pasf year. Isf: Gladys Ingalsbe, secre- fary: Glenna Haier, presidenfg Rufh Krauss, vice-presidenfg Rufh Seifz, freasurer. Znd: Jeanneffe Forfenbaughg Dorofhy Kafes, sergean'I'-af- arms: Mariorie Hausladen. 3rd: Marion Krushel, Lorraine LaLonge, Nina Pieri, Jean Palmer. BEATA LITERARY SOCIETY This year, as in fhe pasf 29 years, Beafa Sororify has fallen an acfive parf in school life. We opened our season wifh a dinner wifh fhe passive chapfers af Love- ioy's Resfauranf. Lafer we sponsored a successful card parfy af fhe General Elecfric Building. In May fhe sororify gave a dance af fhe Dellwood Ballroom. To honor fhe girls accepfed info fhe sororify in January, fhe members gave an inifiafion fea af fhe home of our presidenf, Glenna Haier, and lafer held a luncheon af Lorenzo's. The girls of fhe sororify sponsored fhe assembly of Friday, April 24. We have had a very successful year wifh enjoyable meefings and delighfful social evenfs. We are loolcing forward 'lo equally good fimes during 'lhe summer and nexf school year. BETA SIGMA SORORITY Befa Sigma Sororify was organized in l9l8 fo promofe friendship among fhe sfudenfs. The season was opened wifh a fall rush parfy, followed by fhe formal inifiafion. Successful acfivifies were fhe fall dance given af fhe Dellwood Ballroom, fhe bridge luncheon given af fhe Fro-Joy Ice Cream Planf and our annual pre-BenneH foofball rally. ln cooperafion wifh Edebfa Liferary Sociefy, fhe yearly New Year's Nigh+ dinner dance was held af fhe Hofel Sfafler ba lroom. A rush fea opened our second ferm's acfivifies wifh fhe formal inifiafion af 'lhe Alhambra. A closed dance was also given honoring Befa Sigma graduafes. Those admi'Hed fhis year were Dorofhy Pappas, Lois Quinlan, yMargaref Torgesson and Emma Vlasish. We wish fo fhanlc Miss Vickery for fhe able assisfance she has given during 'Ihe pasf year. ar. Seafed: Cleo Knarr, vice-presi- denfg Befh Hager, freasurer: Lorraine Zenner, presidenfg Jean Neiderprum, secrefary: Jean Barfh, sergeanf-af-arms. Sfanding: Emma Vlasich, Mar- garef Torgesson, Dorofhy Ting- ler, Dorofhy Pappas, Lois Quinlan. ls+: John Roeder, freasurer: Jack Fries, presidenf: Mr. Hell- riegel, adviser: Arlhur Noble: Jack Rafhbun. Znd: Kenneih Hines: Donald Green: Arfhur Delaney: Jack Niederpruem: Raymond Fries, sergeanr- af - arms: S a m u el Woodley. 3rd: Thomas McAuli'FFe: Ed- ward McDannell, vice-presi- denh William Coonly: Roberl Owens: Jack Gorman: Waller ScoH, secreiary. EDEBTA LITERARY SOCIETY Edebia Lirerary Socieiy was organized in l9l2 for +he promorion of debafing and public speaking. On November 29, fhe 'Fral'erni'fy inaugurafed Hs social ac+ivi+ies by holding a closed dance af ihe Lamp Posi' Lodge. A New Year's Nighl' dance was sponsored in cooperaiion wi'I'h Bela Sigma Sororiiy in 1'he Holel Sfafler ballroom. ll closed i+s successful year wifh a dance al' fhe Dellwood Ballroom on May firsf. Edebfa also conducied a foofball rally, and 'rhe Junior Declamafion Conresi' held in May. The sociefy is greaily indebfed io Mr. Hellriegel for The keen inferesr and fine cooperafion he has shown in +he pasl' year. Is+: Glenn Kolbe: William Drexler: Frederick Yule, vice- presidenf: Alvin Tills, presi- denf: Roberi Zier. 2nd: James Riley, sergeanf-ah arms: Roy Gnann, ireasurer: Louis Harwood: William Ul- rich, secrelary. HI-Y CLUB The purpose in founding 'rhe Fosdick-Masien Park Hi-Y Club was +o promoie clean spor+s and fair play. Since ifs beginning ihe club has held sfeadfasily +o ihese ideals in all phases of school life and has accomplished irs aims. The acfivifies of lhe club during 'ihe pas? year have been varied. One of 'ihe mosi' enioyable evenings during fhe season was fhe one on which fhe Club sponsored a co-ed swimming parfy a+ rhe Humboldi' Y. The organizaiion also held an open dance al' fhe Dellwood Ballroom in May. To close fheir acfiviiies of 'lhe year, 'ihe Hi-Y boys are planning a iwo weeks vacarion af a summer resort l i - N, Sealed: Herberl Newman: Thomas Smifh, secreiaryvlreas- urer: Richard Barfsch, presi- denlg Harold Blosah Roberl' Van Tassel. Slanding: James Murphy, Richard Copeland, Carlfon McFarlane, Norman Radlke. f 2 Y V f Pl KAPPA LAMBDA FRATERNITY Pi Kappa Lambda Fralernily enioyed a successful school year, which began in lhe fall wilh lhe mosl' evenfful inilialion of Herberl Newman and Richard Copeland. Following 'rhe cuslom, Pi Kappa Lambda sponsored ils annual celebrily assembly wilh Cap+ain Mellen rendering +he principal reminiscence. Pi Kappa Lambda Thanks 'rhe sfudenf body for ils supporf in making 'lhe March skaling parly a financial and social success. Pi Kappa Lambda awards each year a gold key +o 'lhe senior oulslanding in dramalics, public speaking and debale. Represenlalives 'From l'he 'fra'l'erni+y were noliceable on +he slage, lhe CHRON- ICLE and HILL TOPICS, lhe alhlelic leams, lhe cheer leading squad, in 'lhe orchesfra, and among fhe senior officers. Much appreciafion is due Miss Roberlson for her helpful services +o lhe fralernily. SIGMA GAMMA PHI FRATERNITY Sigma Gamma Phi was organized in Seplember, l93l, in order +o elevale young men morally, infelleclually, physically, and socially. Sigma Gamma Phi has been parficularly aclive in social ac+ivi+ies +his year. During 'l'he year fhey sponsored a skaling parly, a ra'FFle, and a dance, all of which were successful. Our sympalhy is exlended fo fhe parenls and relalives of Gordon Willard, one of our members who died This pasf year. The 'fra+erni+y is looking forward +o giving +he Weidrich Award. Poinls 'For +his award are given for sporls, music, scholas+ic slanding, and olher aclivilies in 'Ihe school. The person having the highesf lolal of poinfs will receive +he award. We hope 'l'ha+ lhe coming year will be 'lhe mosl' successful of +he fra+erni+y's hisfory. Sealed: Earl Hoffman: Lesler Chrefien, freasurer: George Kuhn, presidenl: John Palmer, vice-president Theodore Hoy- ler. Slandingz Roberl Preis: Leo Forsier: Roberf Forlenbaugh, secreiary. SIGMA THETA Pl SORORITY Sigma Thefa Pi Sororify has enioyed a mosf successful year. Among our acfivi- fies, fwo rush parfies were held af which fhe following girls were admiffed fo fhe sororifyz Grace Menge, Rufh Noble, Jean Morgan, Geraldine Schleifer and Janef Sindel. November 8, l935, we held an open dance af fhe Dellwood Ballroom which was followed by a raffle on December I9. Af fhe Humboldf "Y" we held a swim- ming parfy in February which wenf over wifh a big splash. On March 26, I936, we sponsored a Bingo Parfy and Dance, followed by fhe cusfomary formal inifiafion held af fhe Park Lane on March 30. Af presenf, plans are being made for a closed dance fo be held in fhe near fufure. Isf: Alice Needham, ser- geanf-af-armsg Eleanor Goff- hardf, 'rreasurerg Beverley Smifh, presidenfg Genevieve Hiller, secrefary: Jane Flick- inger, vice-presidenf. 2nd: Jean Morgan, Kafherine Manfi, Janef Sindel, Grace Minge. 3rd: Mariorie Sfuder, Rufh Noble, Phyllis Schupp, Marie Wells, Vlasfa Hudecek. FRATERNITIES AND SORORITIES page sevenfy "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." Wifhouf diversion school life would be very dull indeed, and in Fosdick-Masfen we owe much fo fhe sororifies and frafernifies who sponsor fhese oufside parfies, open, for fhe mosf parf, fo fhe sfudenf body. The prominenf sororifies and frafernifies in fhe school have been organizing from I900 on up fhrough fhe years fo 'rhe presenf fime. Some have as fheir purpose fhe promofion of fhe sfudy of fine arfs, fhe promofion of school acfivifies, fhe encourage- menf of good sporfsmanship and fhe creafion of good fellowship among fheir mem- bers. Ofhers aim fo sfimulafe liferary inferesfs and friendship among sfudenfs, and fo mainfain fhe frue Masfen Park spirif in scholasfics and afhlefics. Sfill..ofher.s'were organized fo uphold fhe ideals of friendship, leadership, and sporfsmanship, and 'fo furfher debafe, public speaking, and scholarship. Throughouf fhe year fhe sororifies and frafernifies make much use of fhe Dellwood Ballroom and ScoH's Roller Rink. They have discovered fhe excellency of fhese halls for social parfies, and needless fo say, fhe acfivifies are usually very successful. Numerous resfauranfs fhroughouf fhe cify have been pafronized for formal and infor- mal luncheons and dinners given by fhe various groups. All fhe sororifies and frafernifies are fo be congrafulafed upon fhe fine coopera- 'Hon fhey have shown in fhe pasf years among fhemselves and fo fhe school. lf is Masfen Park's sinceresf hope fhaf fhey will confinue fo be groups beneficial fo fhe school. THE Cl-IRO-NICLE BroadcasT of NineTeen ThirTy-Six s e k I o P and w A k I c e ANNOUNCER: Good evening, Tolks. We are broadcasTing TonighT from The marble walled plaTTorm of sTaTion S-U-C-C-E-S-S aT Fosdick-MasTen Park High School in The hearT of BuTFalo. WhaT beauTy, whaT glamour, and whaT conveniences! On my righf, as I gaze dazingly, I see The mosT luxurious swimming pool lreservoirl, on my leTT, beau- TiTully smooTh, paved highways lNorTh STreeTl: in The TronT, shining green grass lcampusl. You can'T imagine, my Triends, whaT a peaceTul sighT iT is! Why, Through The sky-line composed oT The armory, noiseless sTreeT cars, and PWA chops, I hear birds singing. Ohl iT is caressing. I only wish my radio audience were here. Well, on wiTh The show-. MUSIC The Hersey Bars OrchesTra, under The direcTion of Mr. Geiger, has iusT played The opening number TeaTuring ThaT glamorous sTar oT The evening, Drusilla H. STengel, singing To all you sTudenTs, "My Time ls Your Time." Now, Tor The TirsT Time on The air, we presenT To you FalTer Windshield and his glass-breaking gossip. Here he is, Tolks--. "Good evening, Trans. ln looking over TonighT's paper, I see ThaT I. Larry Wilson resigned from The Boy ScouTs To go Girl ScouTing. 2. Harold Cox was a chemisT buT he is no more, Tor whaT he ThoughT was H,O was H:SO,,. 3. Jane Flickinger has sTocked up wiTh ITALIAN BALM To geT ThaT "Chap" oTT her hands. 4. Some smarT ALECK, who ThoughT he was a FISCHER, wenT Tishing and caughT a BASS. "l WUNDER," said he all WARREN ouT, "iT This Tish TasTes beTTer wiTh BEER," ANDREW from his pockeT a PITZL. 5. Miss Anne Ryan, ex-Teacher of F. M. P. H. S., boughT The Wiggly Gum Company and has had iT burned To The ground. 6. Nicholas Di Rosa won The world "grouching bouT" TiTle. 7. Joe BaTTaglia grew a mousTache To succeed Clark Gable as HoIlywood's mosT sensaTional male. 8. Morris Mills is noT one oT The Mills BroThers, much To our sorrow. 9. GiIberT Bass has been made ambassador To Russia and is kindly asked To sTay There. page se enTy Two I0. Harold Osfer, edilor of l'he BuFFalo Sour Chasm, is sewing senlence because he beli'Hled lhe sessions of Congress by saying lhey were uninieresling. Il. Pleslcow, Greenberg, and Barlsch, ex-F. M. P. H. S. ieer leaders, now hold posilions as barkers al Za+ler's worlh-no-more counler. l2. Bob Jefliords won a scholarship 'lo Sing Sing. However, he finds if dilificulf +o sing because he's always behind a few bars. I3. Bill Whelan nol only enjoys swimming, buf also has an ear and eye 'for music. lAufhor's explanalionlz Firsl' he wenf for Jane, lhe bass violinist lhen 'for Lois, lhe clarinel'is'l'. Who nexl? Kale Smilh? I4. Paul Weegar has secured a posilion over Uncle Ezra's Program1Give a fool on 'lhe Pauly, Weegar. -THAT'S ALL, FOLKS--- ANNOUNCER: Now we inferrupl lhis program fo give a lilrlle lesl' 'lo all our radio lisleners. The winner of +his conlesl will receive SI0,000 in cash. Jusl answer lhe 'Following simple quesfions. WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF I. Arlhur Fischer became a preacher in some Sunday School? 2. Vilo Giallelo became a rabbi? 3. Our gradualion piclures really came oul' good? 4. Ri'l'a Ramslein ale lunch? 5. Irving Wunder slopped fallcing? 6. Mr. Geiger weren'+ so +emperamen+aI? 7. Miss Slengel didn'+ have a ready smile? 8. The alhlelic budgel' were up +o par? 9. Allie Seelbach fool: a resl? IO. Mr. Luebben were nol' so sociable? WHO- I. Broke lhe camera al' Ben Swan's, when gradualion picfures were lalcen? lHow aboul' il, Charlie Andrew?l 2. ls +ha+ leacher lmalel wilh a voice 'rhal' penelrales all five floors of our building simullaneously? b 3. Are 'lhose Iwo senior boys, always seen logelher, who loolr enough alilxe lo be fwins and who have an endless smile on +heir lips? ANNOUNCER: Lasl' week six Maslen leachers won prizes in a conlesl' presenled over lhis s+a+ion. Following is a Iisl' of lhe prizes and winners: I. Airplane for Miss Pierman lalias Amelia Earhardll. 2. New Ford 'For Mr. Luebben. 3. Carlon of gum for Miss Swannie. 4. A magic wand for Miss Duschak lwhich by a wave of lhe hand can change naughly boys inlo good onesl. 5. A lwin sis+er 'For Miss O'Meara, lo aid her in her greal enlerprises. 6. A noiseless fypewriler for Miss Fraser, 'rhe office slenographer, for 'lhe bene- E+ of lhe office moni+ors. Now I wish lo presenl lo you, dear radio audience, lhal famous philosopher and adviser, 'lhe Choice of Experience. page sevenfy-lhree CHOICE OF EXPERIENCE: Good evening, radio fans. Tonigh+'s firsf IeHer is from a worried molher. She says 'I'ha'I her son, Glenn Kolbe, goes dancing al Ihe Dellwood every Friday nigh? and re+urns home wilh his eyes filled wiih Iears. My son, whal' I have lo say is meanl especially for your ears. D-E-L-L-W-O-O-D does noi spell B-A-N-K. Deposil your quarlers elsewhere. Do noi' Ihink Ihal' all girls fall for blonds. Forgel if noi fhal Ihe Dellwood is a hall for ballroom dancing, noi Ice dancing. Miss Florence Davis, affer reading your Iragic IeHer, I should advise you +o leave immedialely for Hollywood. Your Ialenl will be wasled elsewhere. Sheldon Greenberg, do no+ elope wi+h 'rhis Selling girl. Wai+ un'riI you are a college cheerleader. This will solve your financial problem. I shall close my program wilh a few words Io Alvin Tills. A few of your admirers have senf me money Io send you away Io I'he "Punk Operaiic AssociaI'ion." I suggesl' you leave immedialely. Good nigh+I ANNOUNCER: Now Ihe Hersey Bars Orcheslra goes inlo ils music, playing an all requesl' program. I. You Push I'he Firsl' Valve Down .,...... i T 2. I Play Fiddle for I'he Czar ...,,, . .. ilnnll 3. I'm a Dreamer. ,......,..,...,.,............., . 4. Take Me Our I'o lhe Ball Game ,.,..,.. 5. You Hil' Ihe Spol. ,. ..,.,,. ..,.,..,..... . 6. I Feel Like a Fealher in Ihe Breeze .,.,.... 7. Please Believe Me . ., .. . ,. 8. If I'm 'Ihe Presidenf .... . ....,,. ,..,.,..,.,,. , 9. I'm in I'he Money ,..,. . ........,. .. ,.,. ..,.,.,. . I0. Am I Gonna Have Trouble wifh You? ,...... II. Kiss Me ,.,. ., ........ ....... ...... .,.. . . . I2. Red Ties in Ihe Sunsef. . .......,. . ...,., I3. Way Down Upon Ihe Swannie River .,.. .,.. I4. You're All I Need, ,.... ,.......,........,.......,... . ANNOUNCER: Now we shall have some poelry. I saw a girl Ihe olher day Whose face was Ihe shade of hay: Her feel' were swollen: her voice was harsh. ..,.,Mr. Smilh .. .. .Adrian Pleskow .Harry Alperl .. .,,. ...Mr. Heck ...Eileen Tessman .Tubby Bronsfein . . Mr. Rovner ,. Gilberl' Bass . ..Irving Wunder ,. . .Mr.'Rober+s Herberf Newman .Howard Beer . Miss Swannie ..Gerry Gemmer Whar was wrong? Dancing wilh Dick Barisch. Good evening, ladies and genflemen. Our program comes Io a close wilh 'Ihe Hersey Bars Orcheslra playing ils Iheme song, "I'm SiHing High on a HiII'I'op." page sevenfy-four YOU NEEDN'T WORK HARD To place your name on the 1961 list of fail- ures. just do "Nothing Much" and it will be be put there for you. But, if you want it written among the names ofthe successful, you will have to clo the writing yourself. Thar task is not an easy one. You will need preparation. It will pay you to attend IIURSTS PRIVATE SCHOOL HURST BUILDING s HURON STREET AT FRANKLIN 0 THE ONLY BUSINESS SCHOOL IN BUFFALO THAT TEACHES BOTH SHORTHAND AND STENOTYPY COLLEGE GRADE COURES IN ACCOUNTANCY, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND SECRETARIAL SERVICE INTENSIVE SUMMER COURSE BEGINS JULY 6 REGULAR FALL SESSION OPENS TUESDAY SEPTEMBER s page sevenfy-five EEE:-.4.-:-. - . -35333 ' QSMWKW '55 M xt, .,,,Z 1,2 BUFFALONIAN GRADUATION ENSEMBLE l 5,995 T 4-pieces I X Coal, Vesl, Mafching Trousers X lf! and Whife Flannel Trousers Dress up for Gradualionl Look your smarfesf in a Bulifalonian Ensemble. Fine navy blue 3-piece Prep Suifs-plus a pair of while flannel frousers. The Suils are +ailored in s sporl'-backs. Sizes I4 fo 22. mari single and double-breaslecl models wilh Separale Spor'r Coa+ SIZ While Flannel Trousers 54.95 KLEINI-IANS Pre Sh P 0 P Kleinhans Corner Main and Clin+on MA- ' ' ' " A " ' - ' H H . mf., 4 , Q H , ,fl f --1+2 ' - - 1'1+ 4 - - - 2 2 f " A1 -'-" - Iikiiiiiiif' 3 -.-:mei-1:srs:5.fE5Q::155555:5is:5:s:f:i55sg5:::1:::I:rwfS?-,- ., 5 ' -:Q-,...,y.:12-:wr-r3?'1f "-' - - Jf- Fffflfi' f1fIiQf5i'ilf357ETiIfIfiilEiii!if5f3f-fIflf-f1f3flf551'53f352f-ifffififfiilfiffiifli' 9-? f . " '.-:2:CEf:5:f " lf'-fifi.f.Ig-,55"-i-ff-.-.1f'.'.'::-:': :25.52':. ' f-f-- . :2.':21.'frEr2ai:QQ'-'H' '1""4-r:.,:5:rs.-.s ' ' 'In f - . "-2:r-x'-'1:1'2:1--1-1mr-ff-2'r:'l1r11:rEr:,-1E1-r1rE-1:5:5,-:r:2s. - 2:-:-ara-n " 5553- ":. , ,iM. ..f4f-I ,,,,,.....-- HS... f 7 , -V V. , A TALE OF TWO PRETTIES Once upon a lime lmaybe lhis lerml lhere were lwo charming and ullerly delighl- ful girls here, lorlunalely, al Maslen. Now lhese lwo girls lmaybe Rulh Boekman and Rulh Bingemang lhough I doubl ill had more lhan one lhing in common, bul nol so lar as I know, more lhan one lhing nol in common. Ill you have lo re-read lhe loregoing senlence lo gel ils meaning, excuse me. l couldn'l lhink ol any simpler grouping of words wilhoul gelling inlo lhe lwo-bil class.l As you know, a quainl and allogelher commendable cuslom ol our school is lhal allernoons a girl should be escorled home or lhereabouls by a Fosdicker. lThis is irrelevanl: bul I've never walked Evelyn George lurlher lhan lhree blocks, and I doubl if you havell Our heroines ll have delinilely decided: lhey are nol R. B. 8: R. B.l followed lhis cuslom. Homeward bound, lhey slumbled along wilh one of us lmeaning you or mel. However, an especially observanl person IAI. Anscombe?l mighl have noled a slighl dissimilarily in lheir appearance. One lmaybe Arline Beier: lhough slill I doubl ill handed books lo her escorl lnol mel lo carry. The olher handed lhe lucky lnol youl one lshe mighl have been Dorolhy Ollerman, lhough l guess noll if anylhing lhe air. And so lremember lasl Seplember7l lime did ils duly. Came lhe dayl The day ol reckoning! THE DAYI And on lhal day slood our lwo girls lnol R. B. 8: R. B.l one wilh lhe olher. ll said our lwo girls, bul if you lake advanlage ol whal I said il's plagiarism.l Their cards were in respeclive hands. Eyes gleamed wilh excilemenl. Soon would lhey look al lhe place where you lnol necessarily youl look, and lhen would lhey know. Time dripped. The day resled. Ullimale disclosure approached on muffled wings. lThere's no use gelling exciledg I'm in lhe same box you are: lhe suspense is killing me. Besides, allhough I'm leading up lo a smashing climax, iusl one second belore il reveals ilsell I inlend lo quil.l Firsl, in lhe order which would be expecled, lhe lirsl one looked al her card lirsl. She was lhe one lnol Mary Honeychuckl who had done her homework. Do you lhink she passed? Skip il lhen. I don'l know eilher. And nexl, nexl, ah nexl, Joe Weber and Jane Flickinger, Bill Halpern and Bob McDougal, and lhe olher 'Four who boughl a copy, our heroine lmore mine lhan yoursl looked llhe slick way she lowered her lashes lo do lhe looking inclines me lo suspecl il was Lorraine Zenner: lhough perhaps il wasn'll al hers. I repeal lhe queslion: lremember, she dicln'l carry, by proxy even, any books homel do you lhink she passed? l'd appreciale some lhoughl on lhal. You see on whelher she passed or nol depends lhe decision of any possible crilics as lo whelher lhis lable has any moral or nol. - Thank you lwo much. -Lloyd Harringlon 'f I" V . 1' ,fi-,Fish iv, "l dx!! fjls-NVLLQX 7 LE . '-f, ' . nf page seventy se en , X YOUR DIPLOMA WILL ADMIT YOU TO THESE COLLEGE GRADE COURSES IN BUSINESS TRAINING Do you wanl Io be ready Io meel The call ol a responsible business posilion, now lhal prosperily is coming again? We predicl a shorlage of business-Trained young men wilhin The nexl Ihree years, and a slrong demand lor capable young women similarly prepared. Gradualion from Chovvn School is one ol Ihe linesl reler- ences Io give any employer. Business Adminislralion Accounlancy Execulive Secrelarial Senior Secre+ariaI YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED +o visif Ihis well-Imown school where many of wesfern New YorI:'s successful men and women received Iheir business Iraining. We shall be glad 'fo give you valuable informalion and helpful suggeslions, wifhoul obligafion. Q Nl Hmm Www l lg qv Q - - - I lifli lll'i f"ifi'l llihl llus III'-If i., ' I"i v me l i l" fi. L uw in OWII C 00 IISIIIQSS 734-750 Main SI: Buffalo, N Y p g ly-eighi A fact? gf 562, I- 3 , l ' . 1 A 'if . .v ii '-'- "EEz5E?5:E55:5. Vi f . X. 1 97 - . he f 5 1 I KX 3 as XX . if ix X lx Vi , g xl N' Q f x N P :Q X9 .lf X nt he X 9 an I A X , J.. Q . gg-'gs E.. fm., A 414 5834. A X - -51A,'.-lx-.Y :-:':-:-:-:-:-:-:-.- - -'vigPihififizfiiE-i151:fE55E5E2:-:HMiliiiifiiizk ' " X WHICH CAN SHE LEARN T0 PLAY 0 Avoid selecting a wrong "first instrument" for your child. Instead, let the free TALENT TEST help you choose accurately und wisely the type ol' instrument best suited for mastery. No more wasted hours and money! Now-simply, easily and pleasantly your vhild can be tested for musical up- tirnde. Best ol' ull this valuable Talent rating is FREE When you've seen the find- ings of this test, you will know which instrument is the right one for your son or daughter. Then buy on the handy "Lesson plus In- strument" plain which 4-osts only 351.25 per week. We invite- you to fall fur furlhv: rlvtaill on the Talent Test. WURLEEER Stamp Collectors THE STAMP HOUSE 35 Court St. 336 Andrews Bldg. Invite: You to Come In and Browse Around For Prescription Service Clarence N. Reese PHARMAcusr Ga. 9549 908 Jefferson Ave. Bart's Shoe Repair Shop 286 E. Ferry near Jefferson Ryan's Beauty Shoppe LATEST PERMANENT WAVING All Branches of Beauty Culture 473 Broadway Tel. Washington 052I We Deliver WA. 8833 Morrison's Pharmacy Ove: 28 Years Prescription Compounding ls Your Guarantee 294 Sycamore at Pratt Norwig's Confectionery 593 Best smear Buffalo. N. Y. Let Us Install Sheet Metal Work ot Anaconda Copper IT CANNOT RUST Umland Brothers, Inc. 068 Jefferson Ave. Ll. 8680 American Condensed Bluing Will Not Spot or Strealr page seventy-nine KAYSER FURNITURE CO. I 239-43 JeFFerson Avenue Cash or Credif FURNITURE - RUGS - STOVES REFRIGERATORS - RADIOS - WASHERS Phone, G-ar. I665 I I - Mann s Albano Thrnff Srores, Inc, . 307 Easr Uhca SI. 239 High Sfreef I7O Sycamore Sireei CIRCULATING LIBRARY I SI? H. h S + A The Complefe Greefing Card Shop Ig hee Gif? Wrappings Baker's Boof Shop - BENJ' ETKIN' Prop' The Llberfy Thea'I'er I346 Jefferson Avenue I269 Jefferson Ave. CL eveland 68 I6 THE CITY ICE AND FUEL CO. KLEIN 81 KRUZICKI, IN Manufacfuring Jewelers CLASS RINGS C. 3I9 Main S+., Buffalo, N. Y page eighfy Broardi' Bros. Erie CounIy's Oldesf Olds Dealers 626 Genesee Sfreei CL. 0676 - CL. 0677 Chin's Chow Mein Delivered fo Your Home Hoi and Ready 'Io Serve 888 MAIN ST. GRANT 6400 The In'rernaI'ional Academy of Beauiy Culiure, Inc. Suife 34-Delaware Couri 232 Delaware Avenue CAREFUL, SINCERE AND PERSONAL IN- STRUCTION IN ALL BRANCHES OF BEAUTY CULTURE We invife your inspecfion of our school. IDay and Evening Classes, Wash. 59I4 This book was Prinfed by Manhardf-Alexander Inc. COMPLETE PRINTING SERVICE 33 E. HURON ST. A I wish fo commenf on Ihe splendid work done by Ihe business sfaff of The Chronicle O DAN ROSEN General Insurance I7 Courf Sfreei' Wa. 0288 T American Dinnerware and Sales Co. GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS I3II Jefferson Open Evenings Gar. 6I7I This Coupon Worih I0c Toward any 50c Purchase of Drugs or Cosmefics DexI'er Pharmacy I33I Jefferson Ave. Delivery Service Shoes in Despair-Lei' Us Repair Dan Dangelo I90 Easf Ferry OUICK SHOE REPAIRING Shoes Shined, Cleaned, Dyed Prices Reasonable All Worlr Saiisfacfory page eighf-one SHELF GROCERIES ICE CREAM Denny's Delicafessen 450 Dodge SI. com curs BEER AND sorr ommcs New and Second Hand Mofors, Generafors, Boughf, Sold and Exchanged Complefe Power Planfs Purchased JOHN FEDER Dealer in Elecfrical and Sfeam Machinery Machine Tools, Leafher Belfing Office-962 Jefferson Ave., Warehouse on fhe D. L. 8: W. R. R. Co. Foof of Hallsfead Ave., Easf Buffalo Phone, Garfield 27I5 DiBello Mofors, Inc. PONTIAC DEALERS 1275 MAIN Jefferson Dry Goods Sfore ass Jerrensow Avewue Try Our Ladies' Pure Silk Hose-Service or Chiffon af 39c a Pair. GIFTS FOR THE GRADUATE Member Florisfs' Telegraph Ass'n KRAMER FLORIST Ga. 2120 I 29I Jefferson Ave. J. S. MEYER QUALITY SHOES 442 William Cor. Morfimer KASS THE TAILOR Moffo "Once a Cuslomer, Always a CusIomer" I53 Easf Ferry, near Chesfer PARDON'S Home Made Ice Cream Our Specially TOYS - NOTIONS SCHOOL SUPPLIES - CANDIES GOOD MAGAZINES CIGARS - SMOKER'S SUPPLIES 'felt' CL. 5556 248 High Slreef Buffalo, N. Y. Ll. 9758 When Enferfaining - Serve STELLERS ALMOND RINGS 80 Besf Sf. We Deliver GRanf 9I48 page eighfy-fwo We Carry a Full Line of School Supplies Serving Buffalo Since I9I6 INSIST ON N. H. M. School Tablefs Disiribuied by N. H. MandeIkern's Sons -soo BROADWAY wA. osoI Wholesale Hosiery, Nofions, Sfaiionery SCHOOL SUPPLIES ICE CREAM Brown's DeIicaI'essen ss D .I s. THINGS we CAN oo WITHOUT 0 ge ' CANDY CAKE I Brush Hair Cufs Ililre Arnold I MiIIer'sI 2. Homework Headquarfers for CUPS, MEDALS, PRIZES, CLASS PINS 3. Jane Beer and Howard Flickinger 4. Mr. MiIIer's pufrid puns 5. 58 Minuie Classes 6. Fighfs aI' Dances 7. Raffle Tickeis 8. Joey Siegel's conceif 9. Scarlel' Nail Polish IO. Miss Swannie's Regenis books. T. 81 E. DICKINSON INC. BuFfaIo's Leading Jewelers review Giffs for The Graduafe 6I8-620 MAIN smear DIETRlCH'S, Inc. E. FROHMAN, Mgr. I293 Jefferson Avenue Bef. Easf Ufica and Laurel Sis. Everyfhing for Ihe Well-Dressed Woman COATS - DRESSES - MILLINERY HOSIERY - CORSETS - GLOVES - LINGERIE Charge Accounfs Inviled Green Sfamps Given and Redeemed Open Monday, Friday and Safurday Evenings Phone, GArfieId I 345 BU FFALO, N. Y. page eighfy-Ihree THE PHOTOGRAPHS IN THIS ANNUAL WERE MADE BY 672 LGCLW PI1o'rograpI1er 637 Main S+ree+, Buffalo FeaI'uring Ihe New Movie LigI'1I' Apparafus and Hs Effecfs in Modern Phoiography NEGATIVES KEPT IN FILES 5 YEARS FOR DUPLICATE COPIES 9 J. COHEN BAKERY Specializing in Rye Bread and Pumperniclcel I8-26 Slrauss Slreel near Broadway JE. 0287 Buy Qualify :: Cuslom-Buill Parkside l:lIlmOI'e B E D D I N G Renovaling Our Specially Besl' Worlcmanship Lowesl Prices PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL OF DANCE Bailey and Kensinglon Aves. Over Sl1ea's Tlwealre OPEN EVENINGS A. WUNDER MATTRESS CO. 806 Jefferson Ave. WA 844l Councilman George J. Young srvusi-i MILLINERY Anderson's Millinery Exclusive Bul No? Expensive l3l4 Jefferson Ave. Purelesl Milli, Cream and Dairy Producfs A. F. HOLMES Jerris Confeclionery DNRY sci-iooL sumlss Delicious Home Made Ice Cream UN. 3220 429 Kenmore Ave., near Englewood I38 Easi Ferry Shui RAUCH 8: STOECKL PRINTING CO., INC. Prinling of Every Descripfion On or aboul May lsl', we will move lo our new home, l20 'lo l30 Elmwood avenue, near Allen s+ree+. All 'l'l1e machinery and equipmenl of bolh plan+s, now al IO7 Easl' Eagle slreel and 567 Wasliinglon sfreel' will be loca'l'ed in lliis line, spacious building. The consolidalion of bolh planls, will: added equipmenl and experienced personnel, will enable us lo give even be+'ler service 'rhan herelofore. page elgl'1'ry five HOTEL MARKEEN Main af Ufica ug. Facililies for BANOUETS - DINNER DANCES, E'rc. Raies Reasona ble Phone Muegel Llncoln 8600 Managemenl' FOSER'S FLOWER SHOPS LONGER LASTING LUGGAGE V Wardrobe Trunks Suilcases Gladslone Bags Brief Cases Billfolds Leafher Novel+ies T Buffalo Leafher Goods Co. L. H. BEER, Presidenf 670-672 MAIN STREET SCOTT'S ROLLER RINK DOWNTOWN MAIN STREET l I 6I9 William SI. ll lk l877 Seneca S+. Flowers ScoH's Rinl: Caiers 'ro Privafe Parlies, Church Organizafions, Schools, Clubs, Lodges and 'FOI' OCCBSIOTIS Sororifies. Renfed for Evening or Special Occasions E. J. SCOTT, Manager CL 7I40 or GR 6l3O page eighly-six DELLWOOD BALLROOM DELLWOOD LODGE in Bu'FFalo Main Highway near Williamsville Winfer season Sep+ember fo May Summer Season May +o Sepfember Delighfful places of assembly for fhose who DANCE Personally conducfed by Arlhur J. Funk Did you know fhaf Wal+er ScoH' is one of +he youngesl' leH'er men in school? Did you know 'rhaf 'three-fourfhs of fhe boys af school wear Thom McAnn shoes? Did you know +ha+ one-half of +he dramafic classes fried oul' for work a+ WBNY? 'C fl ' . K f Garfield 8000 KLEPFER BROTHERS lncorporafed BUICK, CADILLAC and LA SALLE MOTOR CARS l565-l585 Main S+ree+ Buffalo, N. Y. page eighfy-seven Vinson Long TEACHER OF PIANO HIGH SCHOOL CREDIT GIVEN Sfudioz 229 Sfockbridge Ave. Phone: PA. 3807 Jefferson Billiard Academy L. A. Scharb, Prop. II TABLES l4I4 Jefferson al' Woodlawn DOLLARS HAVE MORE CENTS AT Kobler and Miller Co. 3l6-322 Genesee S+. Easy Parking Open Evenings Hours: 9 A.M. Io 5:30 P.M.. Mon. Xu Wed., 9 P.M. Oculisls' Prescripiions Filled Schwab Opfical Company DISPENSING OPTICIANS Broken Lenses Duplicaled wilhouf Prescripfions 898 Genesee S+., near Herman Buffalo, N. Y. Jefferson 3821-V i Y ii Vi Peler F. Schwab Dr. Percy L. Weegar Osfeopafhic Physician Wilhelm Prinl' Shop Commercial-Book-Sociely-Lodge PRINTING Publishers of THE GENESEE HERALD Phone, CL. 36I2 6I6 Genesee Slreef a+ Jelilerson Buy Your Graduafion Giff al' KeviH"s Jewelers 81 Oplicians Two Sfores Io Serve You 2I82 Seneca 3IB3 Baiey PERCY N. MACKS, Mgr. College Lunch I035 MAIN STREET A. Kohlbrenner, Prop. William R. Birch Jay T. Baer Pres. and Treas. Vice-Pres. and Sec'y. W H a SCHUELE 81 COMPANY FLORIST PGIHIS. Oils. V6Ff1ISl19S. BFUSIYGS Member Florisls' Telegraph Delivery Painfers' Supplies Window Glass Assn' GR 3374 I2-20 Summer Sfreel Genesee ' Privale Coachmen and Chauffeurs Benevolen+ Associa+ion Phone Lincoln 3547 ALBERT G. FUZAK BETTER MEATS Nexl Io General Eleclric Slore I339 Jefferson Ave. page eughfy eighf AH'ernoon Bowling I5c, excepi' Sai., Sun. and Holidays We Cafer Io Lady Bowlers and Privaie Par+ies Millers - Jefferson Bowling Academy l297 Jefferson Ave. LI. 9655 Busy Bee Confecrionery Delicious High Grade Home Made candy and Ice cream Luncheons Served Daily I3 I 4 Jefferson Gr. 9927 Living Room Suiles, Dining Room Suiles Bedroom Suiies Ranges - Rugs - Floor Covering EIec'I'rical Refrigeraiion - Radios "Furni+ure Malres 'rhe Home" Luiz Furni+ure Co. I48-I50 Easi Ferry Sfreef a+ Chesfer, Two Blocks Easf of Ball Park Harry G. Lu+z Phone, GArfieId 6632 Phone, Washingion I374-5 Coafs and Wraps N. L. Kaplan, Inc. FURRIERS Only Locaiion in Buffalo 403 Main Sfreef 528 Brisbane Bldg For Appoinimenis Call Ga. 9746 Communiry Beaury Shop MARION A. nnews All Branches of Beau'I'y Cullure I276 Jefferson Ave. Special Discounf Given Io Sfudenfs Cleveland 2551-2552 EDWARD J. ROSE Arhleiic and Sporfing Goods HIGH SCHOOL and COLLEGE OUTFITTERS 5 I -53 Genesee SIree+ BAND and ORCHESTRA of Fosdiclc-Masfen Parlr High School Exfend Congra'ruIa+ions TO THE GRADUATES page e ghiy nine page Fancy Baked Goods Try Our Famous Rye Bread Phone, Wash. 6425 A. MUEHLBAUER, Jr. BAKERY Cakes and Special Baked Goods for All Occasions 388 Genesee STree+, Opp. PraH Buffalo, N. Y. WlTCZAK'S GROCERY 7l5 Sycamore S+ree+ JEFFERSON OI76-R LI. 0779 9Il Jefferson Ave. Joe KauTz, Cusfom Tailor CLEANING . PRESSING . REPAIRING Suifs +o' measure S22 and up When You "Say H' WiTl1 Flowers" on Gracluafion Day "SAY IT WITH OURS" W Flowers by Wire Phone Lafayeffe 7896 THE RUTH BROTHERS Wa Where Gems and Gold Are Fairly Sold Oscar Wullenweber JEWELER and SILVERSMITH shingfon 3I75 55 E. Genese S+ Jim's Barber Shop E. Ferry mf Mssren Ask abouf our FREE LESSON PLAN wi+h The purchase of any insTrumenT made by :LG-'71 GUITAR -:- BANJO or MANDOLIN Complefe Ou'r'l'i+s from S l 6.50 'l' play The insfrumenfs The arTis'rs play-GIBSON Three Sh-,resz Represenfafives for Wenem New Yo DENTON, 304 MAIN STREET HOTEL STATLER 8K 260 DELAWARE AVE. DARQEL5 Music Cerner of weaem New York couRT STREET 6+ PEARL CHRONICLE STAFF Vol. 37 Rulh Acliviiies Edilor 4... Ari' Edilor ...... Copy Edilor ........ Spor+s Edifor .........,.,.. Pholography Edilor .... ,. Business Manager .,..,....,.... Girls' Circulaiion Manager .... Boys' Circulalion Manager ...... Assislanl Copy Edilor .,....,.,.. Assisfanf Business Manager ......,. 'Assislanf Circulation Managers gAIfred Anscombe R Rufh Feder Doris lmhof Assislanl' Phofography Edifors Dorolhy Fryers Edward Gese Viclor Aleclr MANAGING EDITORS June l936 Nelson Harold Osler ASSOCIATE EDITORS ASSISTANT EDITORS Assisranf Ari Edilors Arline Beier Hila Buell Neysa Hayman Sophie Herschlield Roberf Rifler Jeannelle Selling PUBLICITY MANAGERS .........Dorofl1y Kales ,..,4Frances Tramperf ...Alma Klumpp George Van Derven .....Ar+hur Wingerier ...,....,...,..Paul Cohen . ,,.,..... Helen Seader ...,...,...Joseph Siegel ,.....,.Rober+ Brennan ...,.,..Paul Weegar Adrian Pleshow STAFF MEMBERS Lilerary Slaff: Howard Beer, Rulh Bingeman, Jane Flickinger, Sheldon Greenberg, Lucille Heclor, Vlasla Hudecelr, James Miller, Herberf Newman, Elsie Pilzl, Doris Schurr, Rulh Seih, Thomas Smilh. Business Sfaff: William Halpern, Florence Hoffman, Theodore Hoyler, Edward Johannes, Paul Speyser, Wanda Wifczalr. Typisfsz Irma Geigle, Alfreda Kresse, Mary Slelmach, Harriei Szen, Anne Warren Phofogra phy: David Wagner. WAshingI'on 5882 . . . c n + William Thelss a a Dealer an AI Eiss Service Slalion sAusAeE . Mens . Pouunv ,582 Main S+ U 9896 85 I Jefferson Avenue page nmely one SCHOOL SUPPLIES ICE CREAM Brooks' DelicaI'essen Bes+ and Elm CL. 3544 Sycamore Cleaners Fmsr cLAss CLEANING and Remains CANDY CAKE 297 Sycamore We Call and Deliver FOUNTAIN SERVICE CANDY ICE CREAM u Wall and Jack s Meal' Marlcel' John J. Lyon '77 Riley Shed Jefferson Avenue, near Riley Corner Masien L. N. ElIsworI'I1 QUALITY FOOTWEAR I332 Jefferson Ave. WALTERS 8: PRITCHA RD Lin-Nor Pharmacy 35-37 NorII'1 a'I Linwood Clarence F. Walfers Mearl D. Prifchard Vulcan AspI1al'r Co. Inc. I2 Wesi Urica Sfreei' FLOORING and RESIDENCE ROOFING Holmes' Dairy 429 Kenmore HOME MADE ICE CREAM SHERBETS Complimenls of PETER ECKHERT FUNERAL HOME 28 I Genesee S+ree+ Buffalo, N. Y. CL.2II6 Paul J. Speyser, Funeral DirecI'or page ninely-Iwo From a iasfy bile fo a 'full course dinner STEINHARTS BuiTalo's Leading Kosher Delicaiessen Resiauranf 448 William Sfreef CL 9534 Leo Sauer Funeral Home 823 Genesee Sireei F. W. Adams, Day Calls, Cl. 2452 John Feder, Nighf Calls, De. 4l99, Fi. 3494, Li. 2607 Elecfric Power Equipmeni' Co. Inc. New and Rebuili' Elecfrical Machinery Elecirical Engineering Cons+ruc+ion and Moior Repairing Esiimafes Cheerfully Given 546 Michigan Ave. CHARMAIN BEAUTY SHOP Casmira Zalrrewslra, Proprieior 3I0 WALDEN Fi. 46II-W REICHLIN BROS. Complefe Tire and Baifery Service 605V2 Besi Sfreef Corner Fox FORD V-8 GR 3800 BUFFALO MOTORS lncorpora'I'ed v FORD CARS AND TRUCKS See Us For Thai Good Used Car V Sales and Service I245 MAIN STREET ai Norihampion J. EDWARD SMITH, PH. G. PRESCRDPTION DRUGGIST 834 Michigan Ave., Corner Burfon Buffalo, N. Y. Cleveland 6276 F. L. FINKBEINER MERCHANT TAILOR 230 Franklin S'rree+ Buffalo, N. Y. page eiy Three DELICIOUS CANDIES say It wa+h FowIer's Chocolates I2I5 Jefferson Ave. Buffalo, N. Y. THE COURTLAND PRESS Printing 224 Courtland Ave. Phone Fi. 604I Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. I. Ullman DAIRY PRODUCTS 447 William Street Philip Rosner's Sons Dealers in GROCERIES and PROVISIONS Fancy Butter, Eggs, Cheese, Etc. 25I Sycamore Street Corner Hickory GArtieId 9978-9979 Prescriptions A Specialty WoIcIman's Drug Store JOSEPH H. WOLDMAN, Prop. 9l9 Jefferson Ave. Corner High Hoehn 8: Sturm HYGRADE MILK AND CREAM 253 E. Utica St. Cottage Cheese Buttermilk Dario-Orange Dari-Rich S 5 SI9.95 This Automatic Troy given with the LANE AL GRAMZA EAST SIDE'S LARGEST JEWELER I I I8 Broadway Conn Band Instruments Parmount Banio Ludwig Drums Selmer IParisI Reed Instruments MCCLELLAN MUSIC Moth Prevention Week HOUSE CI1eSf - 1- BAND and ORCHESTRA INSTRUMENTS ot SUPREME QUALITY 732 Main Buffalo, N. Y. Huron at Washing! Sh. ety-four JE. OI76-R 7I5 SYCAMORE STREET Near Herman T E D ' S Ambricoal, Coal, Coke ancl Ice Sold by Ton or BusI'leI Prompf Delivery Proprielorz Thaddeus F. Wiiczalx SOL. LENZNER CORP. WATCH and JEWELRY REPAIRINQ 630-638 Genesee S+. Buffalo, N. Y. V Manufacfurers and Dis+ribu+ors of I CARBONATED BEVERAGES HEINTZ and HOYLER MANUFACTURING JEWELERS 22 W. Chippewa S+., Second Floor I I Phone CL. 24Il or CL. 2412 for Quick Service JAMES DI PASOUALE COLD SPRING SHOE SERVICE CL eveland 8544 I I 606 JeFferson Avenue GR- 7572 Class of 'I7 HAROLD L. HAGEN Opfician 24 Allen Sfreel Kolb Prinfing Company Ib! Mulberry Sfreei w. c. DAMBACH, une. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS ul-RICH at CO. 9142 MAIN STREET Manufaclurers of A - O - K OPEN ALL NIGHT METAL POLISHES Llncoln 7I75 363 E. Nor'II'l Si. I A FORMER STUDENT Class of 'I2 page nineiy-Evo I f . f 'J P ,jf ,112 Moi A 1 XX 6 ,f AUUOGRAPHS j ?g , I Y' 5 ., ,fm-of ' ff ' '- , 'lv A-Lil N f J- ' , pf b f I' ' my X , Qq "Mk if Q X B V in ' 11 , Y Q JJ' , f' A Q j tv! W I . 1 'f f"" W. W X .Eff , I K ,Q 1, O an ' K f L 0 O f L U ef., 1-, K ' xx A-s-g.'l'Zf,ue,b6 .5 Yap Z 1 7,41 'J ff ,PI F f ti-. , .. Q xv' -J 1 'f ' 1 ' i Q , fl! I' .F ,A 1 ,f""M , ' 5 - A 'X 3 I ff wr"-1 All Jr., M I . ' I M A Y ' O" f - ' 'K' W LX gf!-v9.f.xZ'L-7'. ' ,U .4-,Q Q Firsl' and Foremosl' Esfabllshed I9I2 T hefYeario'z Aclzoal or asnury cuurune V INCORPORATED Mme. Eleanor W. Naish, Managing Direcfor 70-86 Wesi' Chippewa Bulhlo Why Noi' Lei' Your Teachers Group Agenl' Help Solve Your Insurance Problems? The same service is available fo you and your friends on all 'Iypes of insurance . Auromobile-All Forms Burglary, Thefi' and Larceny Teachers' Occupafional Liabilify Teachers' Refiremeni Annuifies Personal Accideni' and Heallh All Forms of Life Insurance Fire and Lighining, Windsform and Fur Coaf. Personal Effecfs, and Travel Tornado Floafers All Kinds of Bonds TED E. BUERGER - Insurance Former Masien Parker 407 Huniingfon Avenue, Buffalo, N. Y. Tel. CL. 3324 Res., DE. 842l

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Fosdick Masten Park High School - Chronicle Yearbook (Buffalo, NY) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


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