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They gave unselfishly of their time and efforts to the creation of this annual, without their patience and industry, it probably would never have become a reality. MISS KATHLEEN STACK NLY now, as we look back over all they've done, do we realize how indispensable they were. Working side by side, we came to think of them not only as teachers and advisers, but good friends as well. Rolling up their sleeves with us, they pitched in willinglyg our objectives became theirs, too. To them, with all our respect, affection, and thanks, do we dedicate this Yearbook. MR. GOMER WILLIAMS N that same school year 1951 - 1952, the Class of 1954 traveled diagonally fas the crow fliesj from Room 15 to the Home "Ee" Room to pick up the other adviser, diminutive Miss Jeanne Stapleton. She, too, through three years of calm and storm, has encouraged and directed us to satisfying experiences in class activities. This other half of the page, we dedi- cate to her as a symbol of our high esteem of her friendship, service, and patience. MISS JEANNE STAPLETON Advisers N the process of organization during the school year 1951 - 1952, our class caught Mr. Ralph Gramley, between issues of the Red and White, off guard and initiated him as one of our advisers. Through three years of storm and calm, he has counselled us wisely and guided us successfully. This half page, we dedicate to him as a token of our sincere appreciation of his patience, service, and friendship. MR. RALPH GRAMLEY In Memoriam C 1 JAMES HANNIGAN N these words of tribute the Class of 1954 honors the memory of Mr. James Hanni- gan, who died on February 9, 1954, at his home, 6 Englewood Terrace, Forty Fort, after several months of illness. Mr. Hannigan was in his third term as member of the Forty Fort School Board, for he attended his first official meeting in December 1939. He was made Vice President of the Board in 1942.. Two years later, he was elevated to the presidency, the duties of which he capably and faithfully performed from 1944 to 1949. Too,he served as Chairman of the Supply Committee from 1944 to 1954. At the time of his death, he was also a mem- ber of the Instruction and Property Committees. The October, 1953 Board meeting, the end, was the official close to thirteen years of faithful attendance and conscientious service in behalf of the boys and girls of our school district. last for him to att The members of the Class of 1954 dedicate this page of their yearbook in sincere appreciation and in respectful memory of Mr. James Hannigan. 6 Board of E ducafion " wi., I Mr. Bruce G. Blackman " Mr. Miller S. Frederick Member Member Mr. Charles D. Lemmond President Y A X A N . ' K A3 Vi. - f l , A u ,f , 1 0 l - . I l A 3355! Mr. William E. Griffith Mr. Frank R. Wallace Vice President Member L Mr. Sterling A. Wagner Member ML james pu Han-is Mr. Stanley K. Walbom Mr. Herman E. Plieskatt Solicitor Architect Secretary MR. FRANK W. WALP Supervising Principal Your high school days are over, and you are about to enter upon a different road of life. This road will not always be easy, but I hope the knowledge and ideals you have acquired will serve toqbetter carry you through life's journey. My sincere congratulations to you upon your achievements as members of the Class of 1954. X. Q. UNA CA. Adminisfrafion Graduates, You are no longer active students of Forty Fort High School. However, I hope you will always be bound to your school in spirit, especially in the recollection of the lessons learned here. May all your dreams become realities. 471w.w..4,., MR. L. C. BUBECK Principal Deparfmem' SCIENCE PAUL P. L. BRONG Heads WILLARD I. DAVIES Bloomsburg State Teachers Bucknell University New York University LANGUAGE DOROTHY E. PETTEBONE Goucher College University of Colorado Pennsylvania State Uni- versity Franklin 8r Marshall University of Pennsyl- vama New York University ART EDNA MAURER DONALD HERROLD Susquehanna University Bucknell University ENGLISH Bloomsburg State Teachers Columbia University SOCIAL SCIENCE GOMER J. WILLIAMS Williams College New York University Bowling Green State Teachers' College Pennsylvania State University 9 LORRAINE H. RICE College Misericordia Pennsylvania State Uni- versity F aculfy JANE M. BAHR GARNET E. BENNER WILLIAM J, BROWN English Health Industrial Arts Art Physical Education I? :sa B. els J Us . L :G ix.. -- ,x .1 MARY E, BROWER MARY JANE DEWEY BOYD L, EARL Languages Vocal Music Mathematics MADGE R. FELKER RALPH GRAMLEY MARGARET A. HANDLONG Commercial Subjects History Art English Sabbatical Leave '53-'54 10 A NNA 1 ONE S Guidance Mathematics E DWA RD I. MULHERN F aculfy ' PAUL KRAYER JOHN MORRIS Health Geography Physical Education HELEN S. NOACK REESE E. PELTON English Librarian Instrumental Music Speech RUTH K, PETTEBONE KATHLEEN STACK IEANNE STAPLETON JAMES STELTZER Nursing Science Home Economics Social Studies 11 E an MNT' W i 'S' Suu: wmzss :sc ""'w"1""' Mm Class Leaders JEROME JOSEPH OLEXA President of the Senior Class As president of our senior class, Jerry proved himself an able parliamentarian. He successfully smoothed over the rough spots in our class meetings and was ever willing to lend a helping hand. Because of his natural ability as an artist, Jerry contributed much to the success of the Junior Prom decorations and the Christmas decorations inhis home- rooms. He may have been the shortest team member, but his springy leaps on the basketball court added many extra points and thrills. A talent of Jerry's that remained latent until his junior year expressed itself as "Father" in the junior play. The blustering "O'Hara" in the senior play gave him another opportunity to show his dramatic ability. He proved his versatility by capably serving as Busi- ness Manager on the RED AND WHITE this year. His friendliness and easygoing manner will gain him many friends . FRANK RICHARD KREN President of the Student Council With his pleasing personality and great popularity, Frank Kren has won many laurels. His classmates honored him with the position of class vice president in tenth grade. By popular acclaim he was named "Mr Touchdown" at the annual dance in his senior year. several other positions in the well experienced to be presi- year he was recording secre- was vice president. As a re- sult of his experience as registrar in the state con- vention, he was sent as a delegate to the national con- vention in Portland, Oregon. Because Frank held Student Council, he was dent. ln his sophomore tary, and as a junior he Active in athletics in senior high school, Frankwas successful in three sports: football, wrestling, and track. As an All-Conferencebackin 1952 and co-cap- tain of his team in l953,he was an outstanding football player. He was selected a member of the All-Star Team of the West Side Football Conference in 1953. In track he placed first in the District pole vault event two successive years, first in the Regional Junior Olym pics, and third in the State. Additional extra-curricular activities by Frank re- vealed him as freshman winner of the Junior Declama- tion Contest and as a member of the Junior Class All- School Production. 14 Charles David Abenmoha llAbell Conductor on the Abemobile .... wrestling champ .... ready with a grin .... Key Club secretary .... terp- sichorean Gloria Mae Andress llG1orIl Innocence and freckles .... peppy cheerleader .... able president of Y-Teens .... winsome .... swoons over Hamish Menzies o -:.l.3:gaQ:.5,,f-2 ' K-2-1 , 4. NF , 113 Henriette Abenmoha "Henriette" Accent on the French .... eloquent Joseph peter Ackourey eyes .... '54's latest addition .... ll II Joe amiable "amie"...."America is Wonderful!" Football fame .... virile .... "Beauti ful Brown Eyes" .... lots of fun .... ESQUIRE clothes -A -J Laura Phillipine Battenbe rg llphiilll ' - it Flashing flute .... Sunny smile .... Barbara Ann Boston THE FORT literary staff .... frills uBarbu and flowers .... dramatic interests Ambition's delight .... ardent read- er .... "Food?--Let's go!" .... TV fan .... business staff of THE FORT 15 Virginia Anne Brehm Ililinnyll Active thespian .... hard worker .... craves pizza....seen with Bunn ....color guard....activity editor Marilyn Frances Carl "Peanuts" Short, blonde, petite .... co-editor of THE FORT .... super band pre si- dent .... sings like a lark .... bright cheery smile .... loves to dance of Red and White Carlton Conway HBIOWII Capable Key Club president .... dance band drummer .... litho- graph expert .... loves sports .... Conway 'n Al-comedians William Edward Corcoran ll "Money-man" of Student Council ....speedy steno....winning grin and friendly chuckle .... co-captain of football .... everybody's pal 16 A. Timothy Common llTirnll "Mad" scientist .... handsome ten- nis enthusiast .... photography edi- tor of THE FORT...pal of Les.... loves hunting ff v 1 Lola D. Davis llLoull Roller skating star .... loves ice cream .... top-notch basketball player .... commuter from Luzerne ....reams of stationery I 194 :rf NX .' .: 2- I ' :""5',, Q' Y Dale Everett DeRonde IIDBI-ell Happy-go-lucky fellow .... blue Ford .... wrestling champion.... ready wit .... boys' glee club and Hi-Y Madeleine Sheila Fishof llmaddyll Angelic face with sparkling blue eyes .... school publications spec- ialist .... Nittany Lion favorite .... versatile dancer Virginia Claire Downey uGinnynn "Hi do1l!" .... Irish eyes .... zippy rnajorette co-captain .... colorful art work .... full of fun Robert Richard Giadosh "Geedie" The Hi-Y pizza man .... totes Al's bass .... silent man....member of Key C1ub....Pete's Produce 17 George Robert Ellsworth llBobIl The quiet man .... Mr. Kent's as- sistant .... clever craftsman .... helpful and cooperative .... shop technician A ,A--ni Hilda Estelle Green "Hilda" Green eyes and gamin grin ,,,, art editor of THE FORT .... prolific letter writer .... expert actress ..., boundless imagination 5 3 Shirley Ann Hollis "Shir1" Thomas Bartley Heath Sparkling personality .... Miss ,,.I-Om., Jones' secretary .... artistic voice ....energetic worker....stunning Wavy black hair .... basketball Clothes asset....smi1ing friendlinessn.. trombone artist....neat dresser , it rs,,. ,,.L.. , ...V . Marian Jane Laines Y "Lainsey" Beautiful clothes .... bright red hair Janice Marie Kyttle , Hiya II personified .... drama n enthusiast .... pen pal Basketball star .... vim and vigor ....foot1ights performer....tum- bling wizard .... THE FORT typist 18 Donald M. L. Hosey "Hose" Football tackle .... keen sense of humor .... impressive eyes .... non- chalant walk .... plays cool pool ,Qtf Q lil Harry E. Lamoreaux " Pascrootchie" Mischievous grin .... wrestler on the rampage .... "Aw, cut it out" ....p1-ide in a crew cut....cute kid Carl Henry Lingertot llcarlll l Conway's companion .... Hi-Yveep Ir ma Jean Lloyd ....outdoor man....subdued manner HI,-mv' . .. .inveterate latecorner ix ee ee Mary Elizabeth Lukesh IlMarYll Reserved manner .... choral club soprano .... THE FORT art staff ....faithful basketball fan....cas- ual " Italian boy" Always a cheerful smile .... book- keeping whiz .... color guard .... staff member of school publica- tions .... efficient and willing work- er N Florence Theresa Marcinko "Flossie" Rollerdrome queen .... THE FORT typist .... sparks the basketball team .... likes the Dixiec rats .... "Hey, Jan!" 19 Roge r Vaughan Lloyd llRogll Scientific whiz kid .... guardian of the library's small-change box ....voracious mystery reader.... THE FORT literary staff .... "I'm here, Ann!" Ellen Thomasina Munley IIEUDII Sweet and shy .... promoter of girls' sports .... chic clothes .... rambles in her "Rambler".., our "Gus" John Franci s O'Conne11 llokell , Handsome Irishman in plaid shirts Kennetkmglleil Norms .... football season whiz .... Twin en Lakes' "slave" .... likeable chap with a winning smile ' Love that walk .... twinkling eyes John Jfgsevh 'Newcomb .... usher at the Forty Fort .... Newc practical printer .... hmm--bow- tie Elongated center .... junior class prexy .... seen with Olex .... clever cartoonist .... beau brummel 1 Roland Walter Pearson l "Pear" Richard's to the Richard Charles Pearson N nRichu art staff....mat contender .... crew cut .... swell guy Ronald A Olshefski Roland's twin .... artist of ability ,,1ion,, .... "Little Merchant" .... RED AND WHITE and Yearbook staffs .... Carefree crew cut....TI-IE FORT business editor .... easy-going en- thusiast .... Seniors' All School Play director .... his smile - c'est bon! swell guy Z0 Leslie E. Phillabaum llLesII Terrific guy .... basketball pro .... THE FORT photography editor ....dramatically "hep"....chemis- try intellect Thomas William Regan llJasll King of the square dance .... "soft- spoken" politician ,... "Maharajah" of sophomore year .... freckles and Levis .... able tackle and eque strian Gerald Thomas Praetorius ll Pre!! Likes girls, cars, girls .... cfo Martin's .... freckled face above a leather jacket .... car is like cham- pagne--of ancient vintage Margaret Ann Richards IIMagH Loyal typist .... American flag bearer .... THE FORT production chief .... auburn waves .... Student Council scribe 21 l ,.... Ann Marie Proleika llAmll The American girl .... sparkling blue eyes plus vivacious smile of THE telligence .... heart of gold Marilyn Lee Romischer lIRomill Sports a grin .... basketball champ ...."better late than never" dreamer with rosy cheeks .... tum- bling enthusiast Roy Ralph Rosenbaum llsparkll Tall, dark, and so-o-0 handsome ....avid Romeo .... perennial thespian f s 'Q Alison Beth Rubury llA1ill Lovable lass with personality plus ....TI-IE FORT literary editor.... spirited cheerleader .... loquacious with a friendly giggle Elizabeth Jane Somerville llJanel! Glowing brown eyes in a tranquil face .... RED AND WHITE co-editor ....f1ute tooter....busy as a bee.... "tops" in anyone's book Barbara Ann Sowerby "Barbara" Long blonde hair and blue-gray eyes .... sec retarially inclined .... sporty clothes .... choral, com- mercial and craft clubs ZZ Albert Edward Schrader HAI-ll Class clown .... master of the bass fiddle .... "Let's have a scrap drive!" .... unruly hair .... Al sez Darius Franklin Thomas llDarl1 Short, but terrific .... newcomer from Blakely .... Peg's "brud" .... gridiron ground-gainer .... ready wit .-F s X . Margaret Mary Thomas Ilpeggyfl Greetings from Blake1y.... THE Donald Earl Wilkinson FORT staff .... small, but cute .... H 2 1 A v- , r 5 it Don" dynamic dancer....commercia1 genius Big blond bruiser .... "Farmer Peggy Ann witsil dancing, where ?" .... spiffy dres- npegn ser .... ambling walk .... carS. Ca1'S, cars! Jacqueline Mae Wolfe "Jackie" "Ready? Let's go!" .... poodle cut ....REDAND WHITE co-edit0r.... extrovert...."five-foot two, eyes of blue" Z3 Melting brown eyes .... RED AND WHITE typist .... Florida via truck ...yearbook staff....ath1etic prow ess Marilyn Anita Zabus ky "Mair" Tall, blonde, lots of poise .... Eng- lish whiz .... TV model .... flashy green "O1ds" .... talented actress QXY555 5170? The The fMelody--"For All We Know", I Standards of our school will e er last Although our high school days have passed. classes we can't forget, parting we'll always regret. Thoughts of the prom and dances gay, Sporting events, the Senior Play, The The The The The The Our For The The knowledge that we have gained, honors and glories attained. time is here when we all must bid adieu. years have passed, and our high school d goals now we've reached-- teachers have aided. orchids to them the mem'ries we've traded. Good-by, farewell, this is difficult to say. ays are through. Our thanks to those who have helped us on life's way. friends we have made-- good times we can't forget-- Will live in our mem'ries yet Through all the years. CLASS SONG COMMITTEE Marilyn Zabusky Virginia Downey Madeleine Fishof Alison Rubury Ronald Olshefski Roy Rosenbaum 24 Marilyn Zabu s ky fu CLI I HE HX XXARQ G:9l'ei1,w- tfy' ' I ,X- G-Nki. P X 1 'gli-1 ' SQ-.xx , V Q 'K ka x JN September l95l,Station FORT-TV, Channel 54, was christened by Producers Jeanne Stapleton and Ralph Gramley. Leslie Philla- baum was chosen program director and had on his staff--FrankKren, assistant director, Marilyn Carl, script girlg and Gloria Andress, fi- nancial agent. Because it was fall Channel 54's headliner was "Sports Scenes," a show featuring the Flyers' weekly football game. Halfback Frank Kren and Center Joe Ackourey were often in focus on those nights. On February 1, Station FORT-TV introduced "Theater Play- house." As their first presentation the 54 Players--Phil Battenberg, Virginia Downey, Hilda Green, Marian Laines, Joe Ackourey, Tim Common, Tom Heath, Mike Hinebaugh, Ronnie Olshefski, and Tom Re gan--gave Command Performance. Marilyn Zabusky was associate director of this drama which kept the audience in suspense for a half hour. In the winter, "Sports Scenes" brought on camera Roy Rosenbaum, John Newcomb, Frank Kren, and John O'Connell on the basketball court and Roland Pearson, Harry Lamoreaux, and Bill Corcoran on the wrestling mat. After following Don Hosey, Joe Ackourey, Roy R0- senbaum, Frank Kren, and Bill Corcoranwith the camera's eye around the track, Channel 54 left the air for the summer. In September 1952, the cameras moved to Set Z. Program Direc- tor John Newcomb--with his assistant. Marilyn Carl, script girl, Jane Somervilleg and financial agent, Bill Corcoran, gatheredaround him--was setting the stage for the coming year's programs. The roving cameras again followed the Friday night footballgames where Joe Ackourey, Bill Corcoran, Frank Kren, Charles Abenmoha, Don Wilkinson, Don Hosey, and Tom Regan were often pinpointed by the lens. The Mr. Touchdown Dance, sponsored by Channel 54 on Novem- ber 15, received full coverage. As the season changed, "Sports Scenes' picked up basketball games with Carl Conway, Tom Heath, John New- comb, Jerry Olexa, Les Phillabaum, and Roy Rosenbaum, and wres- tling meets with Joe Ackourey, Bill Corcoran, Dale DeRonde, Frank Kren, Harry Lamoreaux, Roland Pearson, and Tom Regan participat- ing. Qgs -wg, , ""wli.41 N Ps.. vssih The staff decided to continue "Theater Playhouse," and on Janu- ary 30, 1953, presented a one-act comedy, Ever thin Nice. Jane Somerville and Hilda Green, the mischievous aug ters of Virginia Brehm, upset the otherwise calm household of their aunt and uncle, Marian Laines and John O'Connell. Margaret Richards and Frank Kren had the romantic roles in the production, and Phil Battenberg was associate director. LIE Little -lkg Laughed, with Marian Laines and Margaret Richards as associate directors, was in the spotlight on March 20. Phil Battenberg, the budding psychology student, and John Newcomb, her gangling teen-aged brother, had as parents Ali- son Rubury and Jerome Olexa. On the night of May 2.3, the scene cut to gay Paris. There the staffs and associates of Channels 53 and 54 joined in dancing around a miniature Eiffel Tower. Next in the sport line-up were trackmen Joe Ackourey, Bill Cor- coran, Frank Kren, and Don Hosey. Channel 54's concluding produc- tion for the season was the state track meet at Penn State. The cam- eramen got a close-up of Roy Rosenbaum receiving a trophy for fifth place in the pole vault. As the cameras rolled September 1953 on Set 3, Script Girl Gloria Andress sat with pencil poised, Financial Agent John Newcomb poured over his accounts, Assistant Director, Marilyn Carl helped in any way she could, and Director Jerome Olexa yelled, "Rol1 'em!" With those words Channel 54 started on its most successful year. The same pro- ducers, Miss Jeanne Stapleton and Mr. Ralph Gramley, backed it as they had when it was televising with only 51 kilocycles. The station continued to present the football game of the week, featuring the same bill as the previous year, with the addition of John O'Connell and Darius Thomas. Program highlights that fall were the naming of Co-captains Frank Kren and Bill Corcoran and Center Joe Ackourey to the West Side Conference All-Star Team and the election of Frank as Mr. Touchdown of Channel 54. On October 17, FORT-TV sponsored a square dance which was well-received by the people affiliated with the station and their friends. For their dramatic productions of the season, "Theater Playhouse" presented a fast moving mystery-comedy in three acts, Home Sweet Homicide, and a powerful one-act drama, The Storm. In Home Sweet Homicide the fun-loving children--Hilda Green, Phil Battenberg, and Joe Shedlarski fan import from another station,--not only helped to solve a murder, but also succeeded in making wedding bells ring for their widowed mother, Virginia Brehm, and Roy Rosenbaum, a police lieutenant. Other roles were capably taken by Jerry Olexa, Marian Laines, Ronnie Olshefski, Marilyn Zabusky, and Les Phillabaum. ls, .fl 454' 5 5 s fi c M ' is . 5.3 t 'Q ,,Q.,g,ti . s ' . 1 W Q . ,sf I .2 3- .ff t M M :yi fl Ig wk?- ' f.-1.4. ,.,. 4 a K N 'N , D 1 kr L ii' L , , x Q t Ronnie Olshefski was associate director of The Storm. The cast of this drama consisted of Virginia Downey, Madeleine Fishof, Jane Somerville, Roy Rosenbaum, and Les Phillabaum. Channel 54 was pleased to receive the TV Award for the outstanding play and to have one of its associates, Les Phillabaum, receive honors for his vivid characterization of "The Hunter." This year "Sport Scenes" picked up John Newcomb, J'erryOlexa, Les Phillabaum, Roy Rosenbaum, Carl Conway, and Tom Heath on the basketballcourt, and Charles Abenmoha, Joe Ackourey, Bill Cor- coran, Dale DeRonde, Harry Lamoreaux, and Roland Pearson on the wrestling mat. During the rest periods the cameras switched to the cheerleaders--Jackie Wolfe, captain, Gloria Andress, and Alison Ru- bury--who were busy working up enthusiasm among the spectators. The favorite music program of Channel 54, the Band Concert, was given on May 7 and featured Phil Battenberg, Marilyn Carl, Jane Som- erville, Carl Conway, Tom Heath, and Al Schrader. The cameramen made sure that they got shots of Virginia Downey, captain of the ma- jorettes, and color guards Margaret Richards, Virginia Brehm, Mar- ian Laines, and Irma Lloyd as they participated in the concert. The FORT-TV GUIDE had a successful year under the editorship of Jane' Somerville and Jackie Wolfe. The station's almanac, THE FORT, was capably published by Marilyn Carl and Ann Marie Proleika. All legal decisions of the channel were taken to a council, which was headed by Frank Kren and included Margaret Richards and Bill Cor- coran. Off-screen activities were arranged by the Y-Teens and Hi-Y Clubs under the leadership of Gloria Andress and .Toe Ackourey. On May 15 the members of Channel 54 were honored at a dinner- dance given by Channel 55--the group scheduled to fill the empty spot on the screen when Channel 54 left the air. Among its last screencoverages were the Baccalaureate Sermon on June 6and Class Day on June 9. With the Commencement address by the Honorable Orlo M. Brees on June 11, Channel 54 signed off sta- tion FORT-TV and prepared to launchvaried programs in several sec tions of the country. Jacqueline Wolfe, Chairman Irma Lloyd Roger Lloyd Virginia Brehm Marian Laines Jane Somerville Leslie Phillabaum Z7 I CHANNEL '56 if 121774 II! 44'fW'W' 1 49' 14? U 9 NNEL 57 DIES WW W' fvef. '58 E17 '14017 mf 41' 44333 4:2 ,AIA 4.41314 Ml 914' I l First Row: C. Berretta, P. Rosenbaum, B. Leandri, M,L. Newcomb, G. ViPond, J. Gommer, S. Layton, M. Tretheway, B. Laverick, P. Forgatch. Second Row: J. Bubb, T. Skovronsky, M. Hughes, J. Gregory, W. Werner, J. Soltis, I. McAfee, L. Davis, D. Brown, C. Beach, S. Mould, H. Zabusky, S. Valenti, M. Llewellyn, L. Pucilowski, N. Rogers. Class of T955 OFFICERS ADVISERS President .... . . Robert Bubeck Vice President .... James McAfee Mrs. Helen Noack Secretary. . . . . Lenore Becker Treasurer . . . Louise Struthers Mr. Willard Davies First Row: J. Chaisscn, L. J. Davies, R. Arnold, P. Donnelly, I. Patera, M. Teufel, M. Mattern, M. Tretheway, L. Lupinsky, B. Ritter L. Struthers. Second Row: S. Bush, K. Karmilowicz, V. Yonkoski, R. Bubeck, W, Pickering, T. Boote, R. Glahn, S. Mould, E. Mar- gavage, G. Keiper, T. Smith, N. Dominick, E. Hayes, T. Drury, J. Saba, L. Becker, A. Cervenak, L. Oswald. 30 First Row: A. Loughney, R. Jayne, M. Swigert, E. Moyer, R. Rundle, M. A, Reid, S. Layton, S. Kupperman, V. Laines, E. Marley. Second Row: J. Ayers, R. Lewis, C. Brehm, R. King. J. Evans, D. Leam. D. Brace, S. Ligouri, T. Lane. Class of 1956 President .... . . .Robert Mack Vice President . . . Jane Wellhofer Secretary ...... Grace Corcoran Treasurer ...... Richard Rimple Q ADVISERS Miss Anna Jones Mr. Paul Krayer First Row: G. Corcoran, M. DaSilva, S. Bubble, S. Riefenstahl. P. Roarty, M. A, Griffith, D. Hosey, J. Kline. I. Senghaas, A. M, Marcinko. Second Row: E. Newcomb. R. Morgan. T. Craver, W. Miller, W. Thomas, E. Hurter, W. Bonham. N. Leshinski, R. Cain, R. Mack, B. Stoneham. Q First Row: J. Wellhofer, H. L. Vincent, J. Senghaas, D. DuRoss, J. Heydon, E. Gramley, J. Wasserott, S. Gray, B. Miller. J. Wright. Second Row- W Millard D. Thomas, J. Richie, D. Bowers, R. Shemo, R. Pavco, C. Spotts,.P. Murphy. Moyer. 31 C Chr'stman J McDonough S Fishof C Berry P Davis P Lewis First Row: S. Lukesh, H. Owens, J. Oldfield, J. Yanchek. Second Row: . 1 . . , . , . . . . . J. Gorman, D. Hartman, J. Hylton, E. Samuels, P. Rundle. Third Row: B. Sowden, M. Price, L. Johnson, D. Kelly, R. Bearley. J. Davitt, V. ' R. O'Connell, R. Dombrosky. I. Youngblood, M. Williams. Monte, J. Ford, J. Kren, J. Dean, H. Lewis, K. Lamoreaux, Class of 195 7 ROOM l Homeroom Teacher . . . . Mr. John Morris President ....... .... I ames Dean Vice President . . . Secretary ........ . .... Robert O'Connel1 . . Carol Christman Treasurer... .......JamesFord Student Council Representative James Dean . . . . ....... . . . .Joseph Kren ROOM 12 Homeroom Teacher . . . . .Mr. Edward Mulhern Gerald Patyk Presideut....... Vice President . . Secretary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Diane Barney . . .Thomas Lewis Treasurer ..... . ......... Ronald Jeffrey Student Council Representative Gerald Patyk , ,,,,,,,,,. , ,Betsy Roberts Sh dl k' J Van o H Harrison Second Row- B Roberts B Emmel G. Emershaw, L, J, Taylor, M,E.Craver,B. First Row: R. Jeffrey, J. e ars 1, . y , . . . . . . . French, B. Ackourey, A. Abenmoha, B. Prater, J. Thomas, D. Barney. Third Row: S. Williams, N. Carey, R. Jones, W. Foust, L. Burke, F. Hills, J. Patyk, J. Mitchell, A. Larko, W. Shaw. W. Wightman, T. Lewis, M. Jones, S. Marvin. 32 First Row: S. Sowden, W. Mitchell, L. Wagner. Second Row: M. Wallace, S, Coutts, B. Oldfield, M. Lewis, J. Lesser, T. Morris, C. Kopec, I. Litwin, C. Vincent. Third Row: I. MacGowan, B. Mekula, A, Price, W. Rees, W. Kane, K. Karmilowicz, M. Skopic. Absent: J. Albertson. First Row: R. Berretta, E. Derrick, W. Griffith. Second Row: M. Carl, E. Cragle, V. Davis, M. Davis, R. Morgan, R. Schalm, M. Hurtt, S. Layton, J. DuRoss. ThirdRow: J. Gower, M. Evans, M. Schultz, A. Eckhart, H. Williams, F. Austin, G. Wright, E. Gilmore, V. Watkins. Absent: L. Wilton. iirst Row: W. Schmauch, C. Howell, K. Hohn. Second Row: I. Valenti, E. Richards, . Mattern, P. Edmunds, R. Connolly, A. Steinbergh, I. Coughlin, J. Hallis, A. Mac- ,ean. Third Row: R. London, M. Joyce, W. Lupinsky, H. Miller, T. Pressman, S. vlltchell, R. I-leslop, M. Russin. Absent: F. Lamoreaux, W. Staley. 33 Class of 1958 ROOM 18 Homeroom Teacher Miss Dorothy Pettebone President ..... . .T. Lesser Vice President . . . .T. Morris Secretary . . . . . . . . .M. Lewis Treasurer ............. C. Kopec Student Council Representatives S. Sowden ............ T. Morris ROOM 7 Homeroom Teacher Miss Madge Felker President .... . . .J. Wright Vice President . . . . M. Carl Secretary . . . . . . . . J. DuRoss Treasurer ........... E. Detrick Student Council Representatives F. Austin ,,,,,,,,,,,, R. Morgan ROOM 17 Homeroom Teacher Mr. Boyd Earl President ..... . . R. Connolly Vice President . . . P. Edmunds Secretary .... . . . . . J. Mattern Treasurer . . . . . . .... A. Steinbergh Student Council Representatives E. Richards .......... P. Edmunds First Row: I. Richards, J. Yaglenski, I. Teufel, J. Bubb, C. Schmauch, M. Mangan. Second Row: B. Niewinski, B. Neale, I. Kohar, H. Hockenbury, J. Proleika, J. Newcomb, R. Hosey, J. Jenkins. Third Row: J. Miller, F. Hallis, E. Koneman, P. Hosey, T. Scott, J. Sentman, R. Dean, M. Garvey, M. Mohen, N. Hand, A. Howard. - 41 . M... Q . First Row: I. Parsons, J. Murphy. R. Austin, J. MacGowan, T. Saba, H. Ellsworth. Second Row: B. Carlson, B. Ellsworth, W. Space, W. Roberts, B. Downs, A. Goditus, V. Nerhood, P. Cawley. Third Row: F. Hylton, W. Keller, B. Andrews, G. Downs, T. Schwartz, S. Arnold, L. Lamoreaux, N. Pickering, I. Cheskiewicz, S. Wellhofer, W. Oswald. Absent: B. Urisko. First Row: R. Hohn, C. Howell, J. Lamoreaux, R. Andress. Second Row: B. Rundle, J. Yarrish, M. Sowden, K. Bolton, W. Glahn, C. Beerweiler, S. Crosby, K. Treacy. Third Row: R. Iarensky, T. Haefner, V. Ramsey, B. Dietz, S. Common, P. Keibler, I. Woolbert, I. Moffatt, R. Mercando. Absent: R. Meeker, D. Gray. 34 Class of 1959 ROOM 11 Homeroorn Teacher Miss Anna Jones President .... . . H. I-Iockenbury Vice President . . . . . J. Proleika Secretary ............. J. Kohar Treasurer ........... J. Newcomb Student Council Representatives H. Hockenbury .......... P. Hosey ROOM 2. Homeroom Teacher Miss Mary Brower President . . . . . . . .B. Downs Vice President . . . . W. Roberts Secretary . . . . . . . . . W. Space Treasurer. . . . ........ A. Goditus Student Council Representatives W. Roberts ............ R. Austin ROOM 5 Homeroom Teacher Miss Jane Bahr President ..... . . K. Bolton Vice President . . . . . D. Gray Secretary .... . . . . M. Sowden Treasurer ............. W. Glahn Student Council Representatives K. Bolton ............ M. Sowden 31 Q . Nia SX 3 .531 k k Q s,K, 5 'Z sf? S- 352 -ir f iam I Y- ,fggxk Q 1 ,C , Yj , 1... gf- if '.':'--f ' 4' ,Nunn H' ' 67? 5 7 1 , ,X .,, ' o Q ii Q 'V Q- , CY --A -0 N x.. Q 'ff is .Akai ' . 4 MQ if , -4 n DP. -,,a, A . '- Q -I ...Z L. x8 ll Qx N Qs XXX' xxx xxxxKY'5 X xx?-exx 5"' Ili' I l5"'Z' ll Q 7 'Il 4 W Wo 36 A A A HIEHLIEHTE F oofball ,g First Row: D. Thomas, T. Regan, I. Ackourey, I. 0'Connel1, W. Corcoran, F. Kren, D. Wilkinson, T. Heath, D. Hosey. Second Row: J. Soltis, S. Ligouri, T. Smith, R. Glalm, R. Rimple, T. Craver, L. Burke, R. King, R. Cain. Third Row: L. Davis, J. McAfee, W. Thomas, R. Pavco, W. Pickering, C. Beach, E. Hutter, H. Lewis. Fourth Row: R. Jones, R. Shemo, I. Mitchell, J. Davitt. SCORES Coaches F' F' 14 Sayre 33 Assistant Coach ..... Donald Herrold Coach ......... James Steltzer 6 Bloomsburg 0 M3l'138el'52 R- Gfomehki- H- Zabwky Assistant Coach ..... Paul Krayer T- DTUFY. R- M-HCR. I. Gregory. 6 Exeter 13 Westmoreland 31 Edwardsville 21 W-B Township 0 13 Wyoming 19 Shickshinny 13 West Pittston 36 West Wyoming O 38 Refurning Leffermen Forty Fort Flyers return seven letterman for 54 55 SCHSOH. Fxrst Row: J. McAfee, L. DBVIS, T. Smith. Second Row: J., T. Craver, W. Thomas, W. Pickering. 39 Co-Captain William Corcoran Co-Captain Frank Kren Left End Left Halfback West Side Conference 2nd Team West Side Conference lst Team Letterman 3,4 SUNDAY INDEPENDENT All-Stars 2nd Team Letterman 1,2, 3,4 NCE again Coaches Steltzer and Krayer led the football squad through a victorious season. With a record of seven wins, two losses, and one tie, our powerful team under the leadership of Co-cap- tains Kren and Corcoran had a great deal of spirit and determination. Joe Ackourey, Frank Kren, Bill Corcoran, John O'Connell, Tom Regan, Charles Abenmoha, Tom Heath, Darius Thomas, Donald Hosey, Don Wilkinson--the seniors on this peppy football team--will never forget their successful years as members of the squad. How can the team ever forget the inch deep dust at Westmoreland or the blizzard during the West Pittston game? In spite of all handicaps the Flyers placed second in the West Side Conference. 1 John 0'Connell Tackle Letterman 2, 4 Joseph Ackourey Center West Side Conference lst Team SUNDAY INDEPENDENT All-Stars 1st Team Letterman 2, 3,4 40 Charles Abenmoha Thomas Regan Tackle Tackle a, 4 3- 4 Donald Hosey Thomas Heath Tackle End 3,4 4 Darius Thomas Donald Wilkinson Halfback Tackle 4 3 4 41 m Cb Y First Row: D. DeRonde, D. Wilkinson, C. Abenmoha, W. Corcoran, T. Smith, T. Craver, R. Lewis, H. Lamoreaux, R. Rimple, I. Gregory, F Proleika. Second Row: H. Lewis, L. Burke, N. Leshinski, T. Common, J. Soltis, W. Thomas, R. King, V. Monte, J. Mitchell, R. Gromelski, R Mack. Third Row: W. Wightman, K. Lamoreaux, T. Drury, J. Vanyo, W. Miller, I. Ayers, G. Keiper, T. Boote, E. Hayes, H. Zabusky, Cus todian. A 5 +5 Ng. I Coach-James Steltzer Assistant Coach-Boyd Earl Wresfling NCE again, the Forty Fort Flyers have captured second place in Dis- trict 2. Although the thought was that we didn't have a winning team, the grapplers proved otherwise by coming through with 6 wins and only one loss in the conference league. Our senior wrestlers-Harry Lamoreaux, Dale De- Ronde, Bill Corcoran, Charles Aben- moha, Tim Common, Carl Lingertot, and Don Wilkinson-have done their best to make the 1954 seasona success. Backed by the strength of the underclass matmen and the competent leadership of coaches fMr. Steltzer and Mr. Earll, the Flyers were worthy of the support given by the student body. SCORES F. F. 10 Washington, N. J. 42 0 Mepham, L. I., N. Y. 36 31 Plymouth 19 19 Hughesville 28 29 G. A. R. 16 25 Nanticoke 16 34 Hanover 5 27 Coughlin 17 20 Williamsport Z7 3 Kingston 37 32 Meyers 16 PIAA District 2 Champion- -Terry Smith 42 Manager-William Wightman C ustodian- Howard Zabusky NF- ' gn iw ii. - swf Charles Abenmoha Harry Lamoreaux 154 120 Joe Ackourey 145 , ,500 Te, X www 'rs . 909 X35 133lmth Dick Rimple 112 127 43 Bob Lewis Senior Harry Lamoreaux 120 lbs. Co-Captain Dale DeRonde 103 lbs. IFR Lefformen f- - M.. .5 Roland Pearson 133 lbs. William Corcoran 145 lbs. Joseph Ackourey 138 lbs. Donald Wilkinson 185 lbs. 44 Charles Abenmoha 154 lbs. Co-Captain -' Y,- 'Qi W 4 , i l N, , r 2 8 w S , V, 1 , X x S Q f 1 A Q il K ia, xi! ' QQ Lg, First Row: H. Lamoreaux, S. Valenti, J. McAfee, I. Ackourey, F. Kren, L. Coursen, E. McLaughlin, R. Cain, W. Corcoran, D. Hosey, A. Balcomb, R. Rosenbaum. Second Row: Assistant Coach E. Mulhern, Manager H. Zabusky, R. King, R. Cain, W. Pickering, W. Werner, E. Hutter, T. Common D. Wilkinson, C. Beach, T. Heath, T. Smith, G. Keiper, E. Hayes, R. Rimple, E. Margavage, W. Wightman, S. Mould, Managers, Coachl. Steltzer Captains Rodney Cain, Edwin McLaughlin Track and Field COR the most part the track team made a good showing. Among the individuals who starred in athletic competition in regional schools were mem- bers of Forty Fort High School. Athletes who figured conspicuouslyamong the victors in the Olympic finals of the A.A.U. Junior Olympics were as follows: Frank Kren - pole vault, 3rdg Joseph Ackourey - 440 yard dash, 3rd, Lou Coursen - 100 yard dash, Zndg A1 Balcomb - 180 yard low hurdles, 4th. West Pittston gained a smashing victory over For- ty Fort. In the only tri-meet of the year, Forty Fort placed second. The Flyers took their first victory in a dual meet over Wyoming. Traveling the distance to Tunkhannock, they took their second straight win. For- ty Fort traveled to Scranton to take part in the district track meet and came home with eight trophies, finish- ing in third place in the meet. The results were: Rosenbaum - lst, pole vault McLaughlin - lst, 880 McLaughlin - Znd, 440 Balcornb - Znd, 180 yard low hurdles Corcoran - 3rd, shot put Cain - 3rd, ZZO Keiper - 3rd, javelin SCORES F. F. West Pittston 90 1f3 Z7 Zf3 Hanover 575 49 Plymouth 18, Wyoming 51 67 Tunkhannock 37 54 District 3rd place State Roy Rosenbaum-pole A vault, tie for 5th 48 Acfion ff 4 N ,gig , 'Q xf Frank Frank Skmfuuy climbs Pole Exhibiting the half twist on 3 M Bill B111 Peg-farming the ghgg Put Shot pl!! f0l'Ul in ECHO!! fhe ml Coursen smith 100 yard dash ' 180 yard low huxdles rack 49 .. X,-WX.: , Q- . N, ws wi is 'Q W Q X K Q x Ns ' k S if X Q Q 5 ' ?ii?'lW. ' M M -5 , 1 . .sf ' 1 tiki? - .K ,N f K uw? x gwm -fwgiexmf, -5 gf, iiflz ' liiiki Ti flifff- Eff W . . LM Q, ,Q K 1 L-ac :.1- V. m. V . . FA ' ' ' Y -'WJI' I - I. , :Epi Y?.35'Em-,,7559r:1'ifT-42-i'?'1If1wP:.2- 4... --..- . mul. ..'Qf--i'1!- - -11.-QL 'gwiva-Q-'-wr-'z M 'rzgf-i5V'i--1-'w:ifs2e' 'W 'wr -Q--V .,,... '51--.:g "-' " fw my,-P4-'.!Q-.-'tw V-'Q'-"iw -"'.'-' af-5.'.i-'aww '-f'fV5fA!":V'q.'.g-":V5iQI'51 " ' uw, . V-f'f-.f..r-w .1-1.1: f.Vgy..,' ras. Q3-.a4fVgg . 4553-FP -ik me .-fm,-,,.V.. ..-M 5-.yi-,gy-,R,..4.. qu"--Val ., .I 1- -fIif--- ff!-.f1V',.,g,.-..-..r'???-ifiq-f4,.'L1g. ,H '.'.+'!-72? I, 4 V111 BII1 ' gkmyiff-.6g,.'3'Vgf::'. -3-1:11.-.--,.. H-917125-c'i'g.:-5gfEIIVY3vI.f33r.Q-Zffiizli-3f'19g.g.ffg.If--Gt14.-'-spy.C . ",4,.,--.FIQ-L--qw I-'-'ff-II-I'-f:V.'1.-VYI,--.x V-- .-- . .- ' A -' .--Pf'.'- , .:. '-2 .'f"-- f.V V .- V--A ' - -' ."' ,. V- - -ez-"v .4 --, -' ",'s. .M I -ni.. . .II --1 - -1 '- I'--ui,---, . 'Neem s" :'f --i.5"fr.T." --3'-'Y !":?H.-.T--1.-9.1-it-.EM -Ei-Ii 'iff-fi7i:fMV. 135.4 .-354' . ff'--PQ --W'-"-'M-flffvf.--,mr-. v -5. . - -- - - -V - 'T-. '1' -:qv---9-3'-'-S --."!3'1-M-'Y-ff'-M5352-.w:1-'V-x.f"-Q.fg-fZ,':5-f.Ei.-L-'.iV-1-1-f-W "Wifi-S-g.!f"M ' af .L - 'A . -' - 3' ..V-' -. -.153 1 V' '. " -' 5- ,. --4 'V -- '. ' gV-':--:S.U-PV--:maxi-1 1-1-.+V xr. W-Ly V' 'V. .gk-I -41-459.-av.-f " -'rw "' VI: - " -"- - -u ..V". . - 1 .- -. . -V V. . :-. 1.3519 'xv----.a.'--'-'-' .-'de-' V2 -L0V'1-Ir'-321 -'-- 2--' .i ,MV ,-:af-V-.-.Vatu Q'P'Vf..,.V.: --,nz -.:.5:c-- " -- , - . -x , V- - , V" .- I. . . - -." " ' '-.'-' '-'.- .'. V' '.'-fx"FJ'-"-""-'f'.1Fi?:g2615-511-fL?ff11L1fif'---.1M.:-i'wLiV'-'3.' f'ffi'i"f' '2'-"iXV5AZ--WV'-E 1 " W ' ' 'E ' Yi .' ' Sei- ' 4 " V- 1' ' ' Af 1 .W .' f...-'-5,2-.--11.51 'gQt,v"- I3,,I:I,,. ..I'.--35.1 Ki- ..-:..'f--ggI.,g,r,-.V,'I1gI-my . .V,. . .I -V ,IQ . -. II :- V., -- ' ,' -- v.:..- .-J.-fa..-TS'-tf'g.,,'.-V--'IIEI-:hw-1. -F -. - " - V-175,-V Vw . . .. if - - - V. -V1--- V ', -- -. -. -I I , -I I. I. .,,-I.:---.IVIA-1 1--.-aV,. I -.-.- -.I .- - -1--I . -. . . -I ,Q .V -- - 4. ..'N:fI:-1.22.--:Q-'.'1f.'-27'-1.----f... ,-If 7'--'511-'-fu.. 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I..,II 5-251,-I -- 5 3.--S , I'-I-Lp' ",'13I I- if, .QI 1 - -'I If V 1- ' - I- .IV I -J'-5 255'-' '..,i-If jI,'IvI-:I-1 III--,- " ,' I ' " ,:gII-.1-II":II VV,-Xt-,gII'f'.I.'V--V.-'I -- gl-"II-... ,- ' 1 '--' 1.fI.2.,-',I--5:-.I,: .fgI.-'-- V Ivy, ..VI3I' I . V. ' ' 1 - I ' . - . - I ,. . ' III' II -- If T- .jz. ,I"V,j"I,g ' - , I, IIQI 1 . ' "' :I-,.-If - I,-1'-- - I-Ig-' 3 -gig: ' ' . - . " ' -.-+- V -V . f- ..21..,, -'v'--2:.-. 'gf' -'V - f'. ' - .I -. . +I.. 5. -,-'I' --z '5.3g -I V, .. . ,, 4 '. I-fw .If---IJ.-' - I Q. ' +I I. I 'I j I.. 152-I III- , .II-I.IIII VI .I I, I II I. I I 1 I ,I I- -F .V I I ,II ,,IIII..- ,I-II..I . I I . I :Ii :II.fI I. . II ,I I SIRI .II II I I I , I II I..I,I .I . I I-I, II I. I.II,I.IV. ' if-R"f.'.-' ' -" Ai'---'v':.'I" ', " -J. ,.':V.'- ' -I-lg'9.:." "' ' " '- I- j.5I-.I" -I I ' Ii: -','1- I Ili, .'II-. P4 .V s . I -I,IIIII . III., .. . I, IIIL. I. .I V . r . ., .. . .IIIII . , .AV 3..-IIILII. , - ' ,I - I V V. V , I.,I, . I "lv '-Va:,, -' N.. ' I, - ' I A , . . . -.. IVII .Ig I I I .:,'V--'In -... v --V .. f-- v . V . I. -V -2, Ir-aj--..I .VII I I I - . -- JV., --.. - I,I., V. First Row: K. Bolton, T. Morris, S. Sowden, H. Hockenbury, F. Austin, R. Morgan, R. Austin, J. Kren, S. Ligouri, R. Mack. Second Row: T. M Cal I. 0'Conne1l. Third Row: K. Karmllowicz, Regan, A, M, Proleika, M. Richards, R. Rundle, F. Kren, M, L, Newcomb, W. Corcoran, . r , M, F, Swigert, I. Wellhofer, I. Heydon, P. Edmunds, W. Werner, L. Davis, G. Patyk, I. Dean, T. Smith, M. Sowden, P. Hosey, M. Sowden, B. Roberts, J. Senghaas. Sfudem' Council NDER the leadership of President Frank Kren, the Student Council experienced a successful year. His report of his trip to the National Convention at Portland, Oregon, was one of the year's high- lights for the student body. The magazine project, after a slow start and a lagging campaign, ended in a blaze of glory, just short of last year's total. The profit made possible contributions to the yearbook and whirlpool-bath funds. Mary Lou Newcomb and Bob Mack, with Miss Stack, attended the State Con- vention at Pittsburgh. The lunch room was well managed by Student Council members, with the new plan of daily written reports proving very satisfactory. Another innovation was the suggestion box into the Council and the School. The All-School Play Production, which were dropped ideas for the good of F. Kren, M. Richards, M. L. Newcomb, R. Rundle, W. Corcoran OFFICERS President ....... '. . Frank Kren Vice President Ma ry Louise Newc omb C orresponding Sec reta ry Margaret Richards Rec ording Sec reta ry Ruth Ann Rundle Treasurer ..... William Corcoran sponsored by the Council, proved enjoyable and fi- nancially profitable. An outstanding accomplish- ment was the staging in the auditorium of a regu- lar Council meeting for the benefit of the whole student body. The use of committees in study- ing and solving prob- lems worked very well. The Student Council's record for 1953-54 is one of which the officers and representatives, as well as the student body, can be proud. This year- book, the Council's big project of the year, through its theme "Te1e- vision" is a "screen" version of the combined efforts of THE FORT Staff, Student Council officers and representa- tives from the Class of 1954, and faculty advis- ers of the Class and Council. 52 President Kren taking the Stu- dent body on his trip across the Frank surveying the Bad Land of South Dakota from a high point. Advisers: Miss Kath- leen Stack, Mr. Gomer, I. Williams United States 'F Wliig V ' 3,,11jfoHuxw,, x 5 'i1Px?v97lf531' f fa 7"!'J3?1w to er! VA 1 Q ' V if Senior Candidates -Marilyn Carl, Les Phillabaum, Outgoing president, Nancy Morris, presents John O' Connell and Jerry Olexa-for Student Counc il, Student Councilgavelto Frank Kren. Andy Larko casts his vote Roy Rosenbaum, John Newcomb under the watchful eyes of Wayne Foust registers at Jackie Wolfe's Jerry Olexa, Les Phi1labaum-- Rich Moyer. table' financiers for magazine campaign f - Atty. John Gallagher Roy Rosenbaum cheerfully Speaks at accepts intramural trophy Cil Install from Frank Kren. "Christmas in Many Lands"--Room 15's winning entry for Senior High at Christ- mas. Student Coun- O , , ation, utstanding salesmen in maga zine campaign smile prettily. -T" ,t,. I 'Old Fashioned Christmas"--Room l's winning- homeroom in Christmas decora tions for Junior High. Homeroom presidents, Darius Thomas and Carol Christman, accept prizes from Vice President Mary Lou Newcomb 53 JUNIOR HIGH EDITORS . J. Richards, W. Roberts, S. Coutts, Christman,tjS."Mitcliel1, S. Marvin' e an lie B. Ritter, M. Newcomb, M. Fishof, V. Brehm, S. Layton E. Gramley SOCIAL ASSISTANT MANAGER BUSINESS MANAGER A. Rubury, G. Andress, R. Arnold, S. I. Evans J. Olexa Riefenstahl EDITORS-IN-CHIEF Jane Somerville, Jackie Wolfe I' ' E PRODUCTION MANAGER M, Richards ART AND LITERARY STAFFS V. Downey, M. Laines, Richard Pearson, Roland Pearson TYPISTS First Row: W. Corcoran, I. Lloyd. ADVISERS Second Row: M. Mattern, P. Witsil, M. SPORTS Miss Lorraine Rice, Miss Edna Maurer, Romischer, L. Pucilowski, I. Patera L. Phillabaum, R. Bubeck Miss Madge Felker, Mr. Ralph Gramley 54 ,First Row:,M. Tlretheway, C., -Berretrg, L. Strutlreglrd. Andr-ess, M. 'Laines, M. Carl, M. Tretheway. Second Row: R. Amold. J. Bubb, J. Kyttle, M. Thomas, B. Leandriu, M. Richards, F. Marcinko, V. Brehm, B. Laverickl Ma Mattern, G. ViPond, S. Layton. I. Gommer, P. Wirsil, J. Wolfe. Third Row: L. Oswald, P. Rosenbaum, A. Rubury, A. Cervenak, B. Ritter, M. Romischer, I. Lloyd.. S. Bush, L. Becker, K. Karmilowicz, L. Pucilowski. Mary Tretheway, Louise Suuthers, Mae Tretheway, Marian Laines, Gloria Andress OFFICERS President ...... Gloria Andress Vice President . . .Marian Laines Secretary ..... Louise Struthers Treasurer ...... Mae Tretheway Inter-Club Council Representative Mary Tretheway Adviser. . . Miss Madge Felker ECAUSE the Y-Teens isthe onlyall- girl organization in the school, it holds a distinct place. Its members enjoy the work and recreation that go on within the club and within the Inter-Club Council --the coordinating group for the valley. Since it is primarily a service club, wor- thy causes are sponsored as practical projects by the members. GWUP Singing at Christmas First Row- R Gregory, W. Werner, J. Ackourey, C. Lingertot, R. Mack. Second Row : W. Miller, D. DeRonde, R. Lewis, R. Gromelski, T. Smith, RZ Bubeck, T. Drury, R. Rimple, R. Giadosh, R. Morgan, T. Craver, S. Valenti. Third Row: I. Evans, D. Thomas, R. Pearson, D. Brown, C. Beach, E. Margavage, E. Hutter, W. Thomas, D. Wilkinson, C. Conway, I. McAfee, R. Pearson, C. Abenmoha. A plaque in memory of "Prof" presented to Mr. Bubeck by President Ackourey. "Happy Birthday" from the Hi-Y, represented by T. Craver. Hi-Y D. Wilkinson, G. Praerorius, I. Ackourey N important club in our school is the Hi-Y under the capable leadership of its officers: Joseph Ac kourey, presidentg Carl Lingertot, first vice president, Donald Wilkin- son, second vice presidentg Gerald Praetorius, secretaryg William Wer - ner, treasurer, and Robert Mack, chaplain. Mr. Donald Herrold is the adviser, The Hi-Y has participated in many projects during the year, including the sale of pizza at foot- ball games, donation of a plaque in honor of Mr. Reese, the HayseedHop in March and the donation to the whirlpool-bath fund. With a total membership of 32, the club has all senior members. OFFICERS President ...... Joseph Ackourey First Vice President Carl Lingertot Second Vice President Donald Wilkinson Secretary ..... Gerald Praetorius Treasurer. . . . . William Werner Chaplain . . . ..... Robert Mack Adviser Mr. Donald Herrold t Seated: John Newcomb, Robert Giadosh, Joseph Ackourey, Carlton Conway, Donald Wilkinson, Darius Thomas, Charles Abenmoha. Standing: Simual Ligouri, Edward Hutter, Dwight Moyer, Roy Morgan. 1 OFFICERS President ....... Carlton Conway Vice President . . Joseph Ackourey Secretary .... Charles Abenmoha Treasurer ..... Donald Wilkinson Adviser. . . Mr. James Steltzer Key Club OHE Key Club, a senior high group for boys, is sponsored by the Forty Fort-Kingston Kiwanis Club. Its primary purposeis service to the school and the community. In the past year it has beenably guided by President Carlton Con- way under the watchful eye of Mr. Steltzer. Among the projects it completed were a donation to the whirlpool fund and programs which were made and distributed by its members at the more important games and meets. 57 M-. 5 t Musical Organlzahons NNUAL highlights of the Night Life A' ' ' ' music department in our Hay Lost Ho Down school include the band concert, football games, district band, and pep meetings. The orchestra ' 'and choral groups respond will- ingly on all occasions. Day or Annual Band Concert 1 V night in any season the music de- Annual Band Concert partment is on the Job. Horns Up! Ready? Play! There's Christmas in Our Hearts! Hail to the Varsity! Outstanding Band Members First Row: President ........ Marilyn Carl District Representative Paul Murphy Second Row: District Representative Jack Evans Vice President, District Represent- gf fa ative . . .... . . . . Dean Brown Di strict Repre sentative Albert Schrader ll ' Ladies and Gentlemen "The National Anthem Music, Maestro! And the Band Played On Band of America! 58 Precision Personified X QQSK' I we ., xg 3 6 . If af , 1sf Q3 5 fe1A'Nff,.xN'ATV-Q? "' , X ??b Sf1Q'XN .,.'a.ef'1 5+-1,,i'n', xgqv W' 5 4' lg mx? f2ff L'Q?AXXg . jigskj X I f N ' W fffxxxz TS: 'LF-if "AJ-M 5 5 w f4s+1' 5- 5 """ ""' ' "' m"" 'wfllfg '-' -' -U. I s als:-g . p .x....w-M v 'fl H I -ffm Jlw g u uf . f' ,-,,.l.-re . . - ' Q Q M Q "ll '-ll -'I' W H - rl- . ii.. aqua.. LU mn 4 and' Majoreffes Color Guard Co-Captain--Louise Strutheu Co-Captain--Virginia Downey Jackelyn Senghaas, Jeanne Senghaas, Ruth Rundle, Mae Tretheway, Mary Tretheway, Anna Cervenak DDING color to our band performances, the ma- jorettes always gave a splendid show of precision and timing. Led by our attractive co-captains Vir- ginia Downey and Louise Struthers, the girls worked out many intricate routines, contributing to our unusual half-time shows at football games. When featured in the band concert, they twirled with lights on their ba- tons while everything else was in darkness and the band furnished the music--a delightful spectacle. Leading the band down the field at every marching performance was the color guard--setting the pace for the rest of the band. It was especially important dur- ing the playing of the Star Spangled Banner, for it was they who carried the colors. 60 Irma Lloyd, Margaret Richards, Marian Laines, Virginia Brehm Captain--Jaclde Wolfe ' Alison Rubmy Gloria Andreas First Row: Ruth Amold, Carol Berretta, Judy Gommer. Second Row: Karen Karmilowicz, Lenore Becker, Mary Lou Newcomb Cheerleaders Wishful thinking! Must be good! what? Lenore Future Cheerleader? Taking 0ff'01' 1ook1n at? ' 8 An Dickie Jackie landzng ? 61 First Row: P. Thomas, G. Andress, S. Hollis, M. Lukesh, A. Rubury, E. Munley, M. Laines, J. Somerville, A. Proleika, B. Laverick, B. Leandri, P. Battenberg, J. Wolfe, V. Brehm, V. Downey. Second Row: L. Pucilowskl, I. Lloyd, K. Karmilowicz, M. Mattern, B. Stoneham, S. Gray, M. Swigert M. Llewellyn, N. Rogers, L. Oswald, M. Teufel, M. Hughes, S. Kupperman, M. Newcomb, J. Gommer. Third Row: P. Forgatch, G. ViPond, B. Miller, V. Laines, S. Layton, I. Wasserott, M. Reid, E. Newcomb, G. Corcoran, E. Gramley, S. Layton, L. Struthers, H. Vincent, P. Witsil, M. Romischer, P. Roarty, L. Becker, C. Berretta, I. Heydon. Director: Miss Mary Jane Dewey. Pianist: Miss Alison Rubury. SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL CHORAL CLUB JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL CHORAL CLUB Director-Miss Mary Dewey Pianist-Miss Betsy Roberts NE of the new additions to the music curriculum this year was the establishment of a Junior Chorus. Girls from grades seven, eight, and nine make up this junior chorus. The ain ur ose of the chorus is to rovide a good background m ' P P P and training in music for later participation in senior high cho- ral groups. Senior High Girls' Chorus giving Christmas program. 62 CHE efficient leadership of the popular Miss Mary Dewey has molded the girls' chorus into an in- spired organization. With balanced parts, new music, and interested girls, the group has enjoyed singing and the presenting of several out- standing programs. Choral Clubs Mixed Chorus Clockwise, First Row: M. Carl, I. Somervil1e,l. Lloyd, A. Proleika, M. Lalnes, P. Murphy, W. Werner, S. Valenti, D. Thomas, N. Dominick, M. Romischer, A. Rubury, V. Brehm, V. Downey. Second Row: S. Hollis, P. Forgatch, V. Lalnes, B. Laverlck, I. Chaisson, C. Lingertot, R. Rosenbaum, D. Brown, C. Conway, I. Evans, W. Bonham, D. Du Ross, S. Kupperman, I. Heydon, C. Berretta. Director: Miss Mary Dewey Pianist: Mlm Louise Struthers ' ' Y.. UR Mixed Chorus, under the very capable direction of Miss Mary Jane Dewey, meets to learn posers and the masters. Boys and girls alike join in harmonizing and singing the music of America. District Chorus Representatives Ann Marie Proleika and Virginia Downey 63 Seated,left to right: 1st Sopranos: Marilyn Carl, Shirley Hollis, Marian Laines. 2nd Sopranos: Jane Somerville, Ann Proleika, Virginia Brehm. Altos: Marleen Hughes, Virginia Downey, Carol Berretta. UR triple trio was organized in Novem- ber to perform for the annual Sports Banquet. It has also sung for the PTA and at the annual Christmas program. and sing the music of modern com- Recreational Acfivifies Don't worry--it's soft! Comin' in for a swim. b 4 i ! Swimming Pool-summer home to most. X have 5 vm'-1 , A ri L Up, up and away- Bottom's up! Steady! Time out! UR borough and its schools provide many facilities for rec- reation for the youth. Our swimming pool is the pride of all and a summer home to many. The tennis and basketball courts are used all year 'round--weather permitting. In school at the end of the year both boys and girls had a gym exhibition. The first warm weather finds a well-worn baseball diamond on Charleston, Charleston! Oak Field. There is little extra time that needs to be filled be- "-star in the center-" tween all our activities--winter and summer. W N1 K E '11 5 ' .V , K N hh: A Lrg - , Q The legs go by. Where's the ball? Batter up! Please go in! Time out for tennis. Yo, ho, heave ho! .Q i A ! 64 1- l! Q .. .a.w,,...,.,,...,r --.W . . , M. . , Cheerleaders exhibit skill. Majorettes take the floor Sneak peak at the gang. Line up for eats, kids! Opera comes to Forty Fort. Gay reunions in the gym. Gather 'round--punch and cookies! Faculty exhibits vocally. Must have been some joke! Ll Us .,.......-1-iQ ,,.....-Mn ---::I--"'- '-ff':::J- 'nf 5...-f' v . ,,,,,- ,FJ .M- f an-... --"""-'I 6 .ff Y N-f N i I Z lf' 5 fd 5 1 Lf g..mfy Q1 ,ff ,f lf Z! , , ff, ESTING on stage in a television studio, mem- bers of the class show that they can play as well as work together. ln extra-curricular activities we experienced educati some wonderful hours. They were a part of our on for which we received no grades. Once in our sophomore year and twice in our ddr of 3 junior and senior years the class of '54 put on amatic production. This required hours hard practice in which we worked together nd laughed together. In our junior year we started to think about a theme for our prom. Our thoughts took form in "An Evening in Paris." Once more we were joined in a spirit of co-operation as we spent hours de- signing and building. We recorded these events in words and pictures within one cov- er-our yearbook. The staff spent many nights compiling all these experiences. The result was These are the activities of the class of 19.34 ........... SY! 7 ,ff ,pf'.9f'f 1 ..,. . us- "F 4- -. J :A .axrgk A: :'g:,:-f ff' fe-ff-Q . ...d ss.-sf ff 'f'3:, ' if' ' skew' .. -- ' - for .V -'sas :fr ,M -V . s ,s f ,ff-"' 7,52 ggclsfggif , '11 I, " ,-"Z .f'f-if ' ir- ,-f' .1 "L 4 -,,....f- if 3 ..-pv"'1' sf' , . pe , ...M-' ,Za ' ' X52 of " f' f' jf ,A 1 X 'Q' A! . 4 L " f ,fe X A fl S ' ' if , f ' "" ' . jf, ' Z f Y I, gaze' f X if 2 X ,psf if ,iff ,X .1 ff if 'ff Z 7 Af ,ff the 1954 edition of THE FORT. ff ,161 . I ff' 'V' . ' I' ff If f f' 1 4 C , 1 fe f ff ff , ' N X g ff A -N., . -' , ,. . . 1 1 W , 1 ' I .1 The Fon' wa., ,L-JL-J W l co-EDITORS Ann Marie Proleika Marilyn Carl PRODUCTION STAFF ART STAFF PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Seated: S. Hollis, E. Munley, Co-editor, g M Seated: J. Newcomb. M. Lnkesh. CO' M. Richards: Co-editor, I. Lloydgl. Kyttle, I. I I M editor. R- Pearson: C0-editor. H- GIBCHI B. Sowerby. Standing: H. Lamoreaux, LJ l'-J V. Downey. Standing: I. Olexa. Wolfe, G. Andress, R. Pearson, Mxss Edna Maurer, Adviser. W. Corcoran, F. Marcinko, T. Regan, G. w Praetorius. Absent: P. Thomas. W Seated: Co-editor, T. Common:Co-editor, L. Phillabaum. Standing: R. Rosenbaum, T. Heath, Mr. Paul Brong, Ad- BUSINESS STAFF vim. LITERARY STAFF Seated: Co-editor, R. Olshefskia C0'ediI01'. I- Ackourey. Seated:M.Laines,Co-editor,A.Rubury:Co-editor,M.Fishof: Standing: M. Romischer, P. Witsil, B. Boston. M. Zabusky. Standing:V.Brehm,R.L1oyd,P.Battenburg. Ab- sent: A. Schraeder, Mlss Lorrame Rxce, Advtser. 68 Z 'bllvmc Sweat Jfamicidf' First Row: R. Connolly, J. Shedlarski, E. Griffith. Second Row: P. Witsil, G. Andress, M. Thomas, A. Rubury, P. Battenberg, J. Somerville, H. Green, J. Kyttle. Third Row: I. Wolfe, M. Zabusky, G. Praetorlus, R. Olshefski, T. Heath, T. Common, J. Newcomb, R. Rosenbaum, L. Phillabaum, J. Olexa, M. Laines, V. Brehm. On December 4 the spotlight fo- cused on the high school stage and the Senior Play. "Home SweetHomicide" was a delightful combination of real mystery and sheer comedy. What happened when three young children of a noted mystery writer turned out ' 2 R Q S 3 is A K Q Q t Q0 . r r, L s' 0 F5 5 5 'S' J L :-a-64. M X 'Y ,. b I r' :J q qg uf- XR 3' ' .. gd! .sf-tmp K ' g . N xt , sir,,..... 69 U S ' ., A u at it ff he 315 3 'R' we VA . J N to be sleuths themselves, pre- sented an amusing entangle- ment. The climax was reached when these same three chil- dren tried to marry their widowed mother off to a handsome police de tective. At the end of the third act the curtain was brought down amid much applause and the evening was recorded "enjoyable" by all. N March 20, 1953, the class of 1954 presented a delightful three-act comedy,"The Little Dog Laughed," directed by Miss Margaret Handlong. Marian Laines and Margaret Richards were student directors. . Out of practice Poor Gus, Gus! Mother, please! Opening Night Charles gets a puppy. "What's out there, Horatio? Purge polka AURIE, just home from college, thought she should try her psychology tests on her family. This led to ahilar- ious outcome for both the actors and the audience. "Ulf ,Citric Dog 1Taughc'd" "Che Kommand Pedarmancf' T. Regan, M. Laines, M. Hinebaugh, J. Ackourey, T. Common R. Olshefski, H- GICCH. T- Heath. P- 3010115018 MAHARAJA1-i'S palace was the setting for "The Com- mand Performance" in 1952--a play with an unusual story. "Everything Nice" CWC mischievous girls cause a great deal of ex- citement when they take over town affairs in "Everything Nice"--an enjoyable comedy in 1953. V. Brehm, H. Green, M. Laines, J. 0'Conne11, I. Somer- ville, F. Kren, M. Richards "THE STORM" L. Phillabaum. J. Somerville, R. Rosenbaum V. Downey, L. Phillabaum, M. Fishof L. Phillabaum Mr. win Maguire C ITH terrific impact "The Storm" hit the audience in 1954. The outstanding drama of the evening, ll Il The Storm was the story of a man's fear arising from being hunted for an accidental crime. The outstanding actor of the evening was the hunter, Leslie Phillabaum. 71 "Evening In , 1 xii?-Y l Paris" First formal picture of the queen and her court: "Chickle" Some f0l' me. 100- Osbome, Patsy Reese, Neil Dadurka, Janice Amold, queen, HCHVCIUY l'6fl'6Sh1'DBI1IS SI iIlIeUI1iSSi0n Nancy Morris and Doug Brown. N May 23, 1953, the Class of 1954 honored the members of the Class of 1953 with the annual Junior-Senior Prom. Our theme was an enchanting "Evening in Paris." Class- mates and friends danced to the dreamy music of A1 Ander- son and his orchestra under a deep blue sky. Along the walls were sidewalk cafes. The spotlight fell on a replica of the Eiffel Tower while a miniature fountain played in the corner. At intermission Janice Arnold was crowned queen. She made a very beautiful picture dancing with her king, Neil Dadurka. Everyone enjoyed a lovely evening in gay Paris. Lovely to look at petite Standing by Mr. Gramley and Miss Miss Stapleton and escort Stapleton, class ad- Mr. Frank Mattern. visers 1 1 Q a "I dub thee, Janice Amold, queen of the , Master Builders' 'Anything l can get for you?" Frank Kren prom. " Junior Class President, John Newcomb, Rlchard Pearson' Tlmcommon' seems to whisper in Mary Lou Newcomb's and Janice Arnold Jerry Olexa, John Newcomb ear. ' and Roland Pearson. 72 1 Swing your partner! Oh, you caught me when I wasn't Madeleine interviews visi- lookingg tors from Finland and For- XTAOSS. ' Seniors ln fhe f Unmokmg of -x 1,4 Jerry, Roy, Les, J0hn-0ur Enthusiasm at the Senior "Hey, Mister, why can't we go down chemistry clowns. Square Da1lCe- into the mines?" Hilda emotes with a Monday morning speech. OH the railroad." Ronnie and Madeline exchange - a chemical smile. an'-.T-V37' . fllmn--X "I 've been working ef' i X's5QIr E Y 1 'fi if 'E f 1 if i a Double, double, toil and troubleg Jerry and Marilyn, Mr. Brong's "Brownies" at clean- Fire burn and cauldron bubble." ablg Officers. up time. 73 'wx if as 'R - , Q4 f G IN casa Q11 'X . , ,Je I-INGERTQT A " ' A I GEORGE K I, O1 I 6- b - f' " xy' " EZl.L.5uJoRTH K , ' ' .1 ' ' - I A hi SQ ' -. 7 Q, - ' L-ga-1 X , 15 - - : ' B ' K 'L- 'm . x. , A 'A 1 i! x A, ' ., ,gg 1 L . K " Il' '-ff, . : ' , ,f '13-41 Y ZW 4-. x- f- - 1,2 fa ,M Q ff- sv- W 4 .uf JN 1- - ,. ,L ggi.- - - -35 ' ' I 1 'NL' -If -T55 MARILYN " -:' W ...fill f - X X ' ' 'Q ' 'MR ROMISC 1 lm 4' will T-5: DONRTQ wk -:N -f MAR ga OD "E M WWSON 'aux V If c1 ,, I' I' 4 1 V- K ? v ,X X .XA W , It A I i J:-,Q 'E -Qugixx S Q QN X fu N ' 4 As- X 4' .. JANE NW P! Y N' S '- Y ff SOMERVQE V 1, w t ,U NR , 3 4 X Xi? ' W f J P ' , h sw f X 'HQX A ,fa ,S-' L x 5 1 C3 , 1 .7 , al '4 ng GERALD f I K Q, 3 1 1 'X . W '5 X 1 , , gy A -.-f 11- , f PFIAETORHJS 414 1' nf ' 1 . 1 mARY yf' -A "M" ---'--l'fp.V I Y, X 4 xx 1, 3 ""'fE ' XVWGINYA Ag' "im -X Q .K 11 -f' Q '- lr' , , HA "TL MW ' W 1 Q., f 'ii' 'RQONNEY fy 'V' fx ' ' 11' s., 5 V I 'L' V, ,nf x f ,ny ' ' -3, 12 'Q' ' "fr, A 5 - v-,Y UIQ 21 5 ff :WM I. X lg -Q A , A :: - 1'- QA r NM 1 'f 1' -X 1 gg , ' "iq L ' T- , M - Zi , , 2 ex xi 1, , H aa 75 XQ7 Q: Q, Q .DALE HARRY -- K s": 5H,p,,EY I V, .J .' 5 3-' DERQNDE LAMOREAUX fQ1':f3 . .':. H OLLIS ' A , WM . C' 33551 ! KENNETH X CDRCORAN F' '-- A +553 ,L . 5 if N I O 1 fl I-T Q ' I ' 1 A ' fy!! 1 -f . I' . i em "' S X l f' '- gal 1 . A W, D lxxg Nay: Q 43 3 - I4 PERRSON - . X E f---:lj "lg, ,, -. ' ', . 'Envy gb X W I ROY N 5 Q I -gf ROSENBAUM , f 3 f , A ' .+ w ,-f I f 1 i n , S xv , 1 170 Q .4 XX 1 ,sd-X I , 1' X MW, L., ll , 2 , . rf, "HQ 'f 1 f A i I - lm. xiii ! W 5. -2 :, ., Ng x .- 'S ' .,. .i:,',,,:"'A' . 5? Y k 5' we - -1 cfm urou ,,,, - '4 -, X 1 1 Uhr f W f , V jx X ,qxifiv -' CQNUJAY Q ,s , 1 f , ' -' fi - ' ' 'X xl . 1 vi .js LESLIE - x XX 3 ,Y , Q , --, fa :Ka 13 tux, Pruu.ABAum pix f, X ' ' ff - In wk Q iw, i' x I . 1 4-f f: -A , WT f-42 A L -1 ALBERT in jj Qzggfgm fb ' ,J JAZLVVWYV 5 439 -m- 4- -Q...-dl-1--..Z.!U WE . SCHRAEDER .- f ' WOLFE , . H- "ff -'W 21 V 'f 35,3 NXO W' ' 1 2 ., .'.4 A 1 e 6 '21 W 'NS f . . 6 ' . , -A, MADE4..6a NEVLLLS b , I , V 3 'L-3 . ,,,.,- ' "" ' swf '1 , A ' - .., ' '. . 1' , -41 H -V -"-1 ' x A-fx Xxx CDARW5 H..- PW ' M -zzz? V In ' ' THQMAS X 1 f f 1 - - , +. f- 1 1 T--, ' PHIL ' , ,U 'U M I, .. b . 5 U Y! 3, g. x ! M- Elf T. 1 BATTENBERG y . ALJ J I, N ' "' f ' 's ' " ' "' X f 1' 'fr C , . ,, . Drawn zcirl K' N LGLORIA MARHNN HARQESNMOHA . 57 f '- Amvness K CARL ' 1 , fj, f RIB,-'Rfp 74 x. r I sys Scif mzszsf ,asm Kilim? A i Y ACKOUREY W' L ,W , .gzffsiz Q 4 ' 'gif ' , . MSM QQQFZW HWY ' H 'F V Her? Q: Qi Ya, ?.vXX- -W N, W Q24 X Q if Ronnnv . I 5 ' E r L ?l 5 6 S E Nl "f"f5""' 313, mT'm 5 w Q . - K I ? :Q funn' , URS ff g3::::5Kl ' W' b i' 1 .-Jgffggi 51 fr, FRANK H ' , X 5:-"' fl: -f nw-1 - F7 M " ' Xu? M., Q if if-21 G - HEATH A in ,V . I, ' f A A ,, . EJ ' I ,fssfsv --Q-:""'f ,..,, , , A 'I TFP' 1 ' Y TRNET EJ af , 1 4 ' KYWLE 7 77 :RMA f buzamu p A ' A N' RJ l-0'-A y Lwvv 41 , sowekm' -, ' 1 yall vAvoS IJ 2.45 ,J c 'lil -'Z' 555- fr' Q-63.13 .4 if- -Y' -' 95111 - 'S' 5 ' f .fig -, an- " N 1 O 2: Rza if 'SGA eigim n 5 E f 'tj TOWN DONALD -L- Q f' Q S 3 mnaennm- OTONWU' HOSSY N, vm. l A 'ruormg -1 ' q rf-f Q i Tv' 'ff-:'1 ':.x -' Q v- A ' x .f f "- "'s -'5".'a9" Q? -NA ls r Hg -.,f,. . X 57 524: jji ,X al na-...Eli : ,ea , ,L W A ' 7 ' Bm, if, dz, my Q4 f S F WM fn 35 R ' E95 flikxh' 1 lu'-A ve N . ' ' Vw' X 0 :E X 'ii Y fr ,"' ff. , 4. A '77 annual!! . L1 A, 5 E N n- A HL Q ML. 1 kqtfj'-2!?E,,..lf, , , , .. Ref-AN Ni" MANAN Lnmss ANN vnasmm Q BREIIM V 'fr' 1 A ' PRDLSUCA -' - f x -:nf ,Q 'Q f SENIO ,,. Z:,,: mwn R S . -E 9 ' at GREEN ' A "f MARILYN lr' f ' znsuswr nsnanmm ,A BOSTON :.!Jo+f:r .G-. In I5 gg .,,, A 9 1 ggi, If... r xl 1 uitff Cf Ah." alfligz. 1 Q " ' , .f Off- v-xx. 5 I V . L 'Us 'ff 52.-4' 15? , 2 X .XX S -Lt , ' ' " X , ' - ' N 1 ', V25 X .QE ' I V i t , "' '5' - 1 A LLC I 1 ' ' .2 + 0 i :K ,A N. - Y f v-,U Y ' M' F V 1' E, , f ,, h 1? ' 4' X i M Tig.. A I ' 4 . X 5 -vi , A ' 7 " -xv gl !f, I 'UZ Trafjgn QP 75 I Beauties of 1954 , 1 v ' I is . it 4 Q j g, A iff!- ' if D'-ff' i .rw - Q V it . J-si f t .'.. V ,, -'un -V. 2, " ' g'Lf1?'f of A-tTg, ..1 RJ ' 429 it , Q . ,N f, aevvk-,w,..:.. ., A .21 ix Let's have some light on the subject! " 4, 4' gk X' A We'11 fight for our rights! -Y if -f' ..,, qos, H ,,, ifii-'QM ' V 1 Kat'-' - Living the good life! Oh, boy! This is Greatl This looks good! How's the water, Marilyn? ? Music Maestro, please! Jinny and Marilyn--Just Pals! 76 1 Sitting pretty! Girls, control yourselves! Hold it! Yum! Yum! Tak d I We're buddies! e a pow er. s Af - A41 i i X fi 1-.4 , , If' si 1 A good, old hen party. V 1 I "ak '? 5' ' E7 ox ,, 5 4 L "K Watch the birdie, girls! What a beautiful day! " 'vw-ui, 4 Ha11dit0vf-rr! Off to art class. 77 Secretaries Miss Melba Thomas MiSS Ida Mewinger CYHE School District of Forty Fort Boroughis efficientlyand faithfully served by its two sec- retaries, Miss Messinger and Miss Thomas. We pay tribute to Miss Messinger, who has arduously earned the strategic position of mastery of all records, so essential to the smooth run- ning of a public school system, including budget, bids, supplies, pay roll, and personnel informa- tion. In the midst of a busy daily schedule, she is ever willing to answer a question or to do a favor. Miss Thomas, likewise, is daily confronted with many phone calls, absent and tardy slips, bulletin announcements, reminders to teachers, sorting of the mail, state attendance registers, and school correspondence. She, too, is never too busy to respond graciously to any request. For her pleasant, unruffled personality we express deep appreciation. The members of the Clas of 1954 thank Miss Messinger and Miss Thomas for their many acts of kind service. C usfodians Mr. William Beach, Mr. Edmund Kent Mr. Miles Lamoreaux CHE term "custodians" adequately describes the above well- known trio, for never did three men take greater care of a public trust than "Bill," "Doc," and "Mi1es." The building exte- rior and interior, reflects in its cleanliness, comfort, and cheer the daily care bestowed upon it by these faithful employees of the Forty Fort School District. Frequent are the occasions on which visitors from far and near express sincere compliments on the attractive appearance of our school plant. Teachers and pupils, alike, testify to the ever-ready, willing cooperation of their three custodians. For the many acts of helpfulness during their six years in the high school building the Class of 1954 says a heart- felt "thank-you." 78 S INDIVIDUALLY AND COLLECTIVELY THE CLASS OF I954 ACKNOWLEDGES WITH SINCERE GRATITUDE THE ENCOUR- AGEMENT OF PATRONS WHO HELPED TO MAKE POSSIBLE THIS "TELEVISION" EDITION OF THE YEARBOOK. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Abbott Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Joseph Ackourey Alec Alexander Howard Allen Russell Andress W.G. Arnold Joseph Atherholt George Ba lcomb William Barney Mr. Richard Bartlebaugh Miss Laura Battenberg Mr. and Mrs. William Beach Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bergen Mr. Bruce Blackman Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Bolton Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brong Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs . The Ginleys Mr. and Mrs. Mr . and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. William Vincent Garvey Peter Giadosh Clarence Gower David Gower Donald Gower Ralph Gramley Morris Green C.G. Griffith E.D. Griffith William Griffith George Hand Allen Handlong Al Healey Heath Mr. Donald Herrold Mr. Robert Heslop Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mi . Peter Machinist . V.G.I. Mackie . Wa ne S. Madden . anJMrs. John Marcinko . and Mrs. George W. Maschal . and Mrs. A. Masteller . and Mrs. William Melson ss Ida E. Messinger Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hess Mr. and Mrs. Paglianete Miss Mary E. Brower Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brown Joseph Bubble Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. L.C. Bubeck Reber Cain Merton Carl John J. Chwalek Frank Clark Cyril Clark W.C. Clark LaVerne Cole William Connolly Marshall Conway Mr. D.O. Coughlin Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Coursen John R. Coutts Mrs . Margaret Morris Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr John R. Mould J. B. Musgrave Bruce L. Myers Edward MacKavage D.A. McCarthy and Mrs . S.T. Heydon Mr. Atty. and Mrs. John H. Hibbard Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hills Miss Gertrude Hoffman Miss Katherine Hoffman Mrs. Kathryn Mr. and Mrs. Hollis Lawrence Hosey Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hosey Mr. and Mrs. Austin K . Howard Dr. R. G. Hunter . and Mrs. Ambrose McNelis Mr. and Mrs. Peter Nardelle Miss Naylor Mrs. Charlotte Nerhood Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Newcomb Mrs. Helen Noack Mr. and Mrs. Robert Norris Mi Mr Mi ss Vinnie Nygren . and Mrs. Pat Olexa ss Carol Ann Oliver Miss Debbie Husband Mr. and Mrs. Frank Husband Mr. and Mrs. F. Edward Hutter Mr. and Mrs. William Cresswell Mr. and Mrs. Harry Daster Mr. and Mrs. Bill Davis Mrs. E.AL. Davis Mr. Isaac E. Davis Mr. and Mrs. M.C. Davis Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mi Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. L. DeBarry Howard Decker W.R. Devens ss Mary Jane Dewey Leonard DiNlaria C.P. Dominick P.T. Drysick Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Miss Nlarleen Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Jacobs Louis Johnson Howard S. Jones Jones Richard H. Jones Ted Jones Richard R. Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Parsons A. E. Pearson G. E. Pearson Reese E. Pelton Douglas Peterson Miss Leann Kasmerski Mrs. Rose Kishbaugh Mr. and Mrs. B.C. Kline Mr. and Mrs. Russell Kluck Mr. and Mrs. Les S. Kopec Miss Helen Krachenfels Mr. and Mrs. Paul Russell Krayer Miss Dorothy E. Pettebone Mrs. Ruth K. Pettebone Mr. and Mrs. V.A. Phillabaum Mr. A.J. Pi Mr. Fred Pli Mrs. Edward ccone eskatt Proleika Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Proleika Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rough Mr. and Mrs. John W. Rees Mr. and Mrs. John Reid Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Earl Mrs. Rose Eddy Mr. and Mrs. Merle R. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Reed H. Elliot Mr. and Mrs. Charles Eldridge Mr. and Mrs. Hayden P. Evans Mrs. Sheldon Evans Mr. William E. Evans, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Eustice Miss Madge Felker Mr. Frank Figlock Mr. and Mrs. Claude Foust Mrs. Anna French Mrs. Helen Kren Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. E.H. Kyttle A.K. Laines Louis Lane Harry Leav Russell Lenker Richard Lerry Mrs. L.L. Line Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lingertot Mrs . Eva Lloyd Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Lloyd Sterle London 79 Mr. Charles Renard Miss Alice Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Miss Lorraine Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. A.G. Rhoads, Sr. H. Rice Richard E. Richards Edward Ringer George Roberts W.D. Roberts Theodore Rodgers William Romischer T. Warne Rubury George L. Ruckno Alfred Rundle Thomas Rundle Mr . and Mrs Mr . and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Saville Paul Schalm W.R. Schmauch Paul C. Schrader James F. Seibert Stephen M. Seman Charles Sgarlet Joseph L. Shemo Murray Sims lra Smith Dr. Joseph Smith, Opt. Mr. and Mrs. Phil Smith Mr. and Mrs. Milton Snyder Mr. Paul Somerville, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Somerville Mr. and Mrs. George Sowerby . and Mrs. Thomas Sowerby ss Kathleen Stack Mrs. Jane Starr Jim and Tom Steltzer Mr. W.C. Stiff Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Struthers Mr Mi Airport Sand 8. Gravel Company Andress Candy Company Avenue Pharmacy Ben Franklin Bird-Archer Company Bonnice 8. Sons Brockway Motor Company, Inc. Circle Cleaning and Dyeing Evans Florist of Wilkes-Barre Evans Home Furnishing Forty Fort Bakery Forty Fort Hi-Y Forty Fort Lumber Company, lnc. Forty Fort Pharmacy Mr. and Mrs. George Taylor, Sr. Mr. C.E. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Darius H. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Enoch H. Thomas, Miss Melba J. Thomas Miss Helen Thom son Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Frank W. Mrs. Lewis H. P Joseph Thompson Lewis Trotsk Edward Turnherger Ray W. Turner Joseph Urevitch Nlark Voitek R.B. Wall, Jr. Walp Waltersdorf, Jr. Mrs . Alice Weaver J Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr . and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Paul Werner Roy Whipple F. L. Whitesell Don Wilkinson Gomer J. Williams Hugh J. Williams L. Wilber Williams Mrs. Winston C. Williams . and Mrs. Geor e Witsil Business Friends L. C. Ha'rris Hugh B. Hughes, Funeral Director Lukesh 's Economy Market Melvin M. Myers, Builder Model Shoe Repair Penn State Seed Company Prichard Card 8- Gift Shop Joe Ryan's Service Station Mr Mr. and Mrs. Davie? Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. Johnson Wright Mr. and Mrs. John Yaglenski SS . and Mrs. Fred Yamrus . and Mrs. Leonard G. Yearick Mrs. Emma Young Sagenkahn's Paint 8. Hardware Store Somerville Construction Company Sordoni Construction Company Vincent M. Tate, Theatrical Equipment West Side Upholstering Company Wilkinson Agency Wyoming Valley Equipment Company Keystone Coca-Cola Bottling Compan Bill Kelly King Floral Company A.O. Yokum 8- Son This book printed by Velvatone, a special process of lithographic 80 printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. No other printing Erm is authorized to use the Velvatone method. xx' an-' . l M7 in 7. - .5 A I: ,. 6 hh A vw V v.,,4,,,,l m W' Q H 31" Q I .N ,in :vu ' W if Q' v :fb nf 0 AMW! if . -1ms"- 'fl Q-K: at t 0 !i,'Jif5 ae - X we ' .ffi ' 1 'Y ' ff' QW' N , I 'Y Q., A Q pd -in - v 5. ' I ta fm. 'K , .WY r ' 4' 1 miie? WT 8 -A I ' in --if "' J. C Jn" 5' JYWQ' fl' ivan H1 1 .tn " 'Q" 1- ,WT , ,SQ w Q s vi I gp ur ,A x ' Q xx? .q 5 wi in-Q 15 S O W.. xi UQ . krw ff, ' RW L ss Q ,, 1 mfg ' UA ' ,f,"1'Qa 1 v Q? :W Q56 W., a A 'I S.. . P' K if ir '4 f 'f'.-A .0 A , , - f , H 1, 1 x Wh 'Q nk si f f , P - , ' - N ,. wi I J M if I I f " f A M .kg in . i Q is I fm lm f f . . W . 1 ,Q as ' 4 . H Y? in g Q -- -,., gi f '. ' A ': : K K, sf. ', Smfsft ,A.,.V V 1 K in .,b F 'ffE,.., in W Wm ag Q Q! J x mx 8. is I if . . V . ' A ww QR 'V W w Q A . I W7 ' Q Q 9' Q 'L S! 1. . ww Q 6 !fi""' A Q wings :Q it as lim F. M. as X seq' Q N mn

Suggestions in the Forty Fort High School - Fort Yearbook (Forty Fort, PA) collection:

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