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Fortuna Union High School - Megaphone Yearbook (Fortuna, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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Y .Rf- :,' '-zqswaigi -m y vw , '1"Cv:r.,-:1f. ff? 4 4' . '- I , " , ,. is 1 5 1: , , --" A L 5 . ' f , A - - E -.'.4w - -, -, . I" i Q . 5 ' 1 il up 151. Qs Q4 ro 1 1 , A 5 2 n -f n 'N f Ay -4 A , NAI -s ,W ' 1. 1' 3 X T 'sf - , 'w 41,1 ' , 'w 1 A ,,,.--v""" if A M Q, +.:.w"-"ww f M '91 , F J ': , "LV "L, ,HM n A fm, .5 w' , -. 1 - y, 1 ' ' A 5 "' 5 ., E, r ' --Mws-894-w2v'E1f"b'ndffg'-3:5St,tf'tv W--"1"' "' ' . - ,, K., A " 3 '-V9 3 1 . ' 1 x 4. .Y '59, I 4 ' w Qt K-... 3 . 5 L '? if A , .1 u i . ., , -. 5. 1. ., " - x 1-, . 'n "fm-' , ,. 4 QL v - 'a .,v .V W Y. x .Ag 1 .AL :Why 15, W. ,,..-'ek' ' L-' , ii . ' 3 ,,, , ,JA , Lgzfbfzw ' . , r 1. J 5 if irfb il? ,I h , .A , E 1 E gi A XT' A 1 s x x v 'Qs' k5'lu.2y X an ,, 5. ' wa V. .jf ' -'Q ' I .xofif ,H ' .fy "'-"Q, ' ' 'V-frrivf .Y 43' ' 3-si, vw .affirm ,r- V 5 1 "' ' r ,L .YJ 4 M 44' . N, JZ -ws W3 A " -.5 vt H ' . .- , a- :I .h . Ee . if . vlzli.-1,-e4.:Q4rm-+"' Q' "2 L . .qi -'T A ' A .f--" - ' 1 1 ul Sr , 1. 'F'- . . I -rn ,rff " ' I l 5 Z - , 5- , , 1-5.51. Q -x wx th . v -.Q-'--gsm . , . ,J . ,L q ' '. A fm 'Q ' 5- L- "' 'PWR' .f , V ' ' - X J. -as ' 4- 4 "wi" . 'R 415, -'Q ., ,f I 515 Vmfgghqsgfx ' Wk W 1 - . If " 1 ' 3 A . h . , ' ' xg ,, ' . '4 ,L 1 S - ' ' -3 ' ' , .,:"fv, , I 2 . Y J . V Y A -3 or 9 " Q J ' " 521 .' -f . A v-L .V A - o U M D "'s3.,. fig: U . 'W ,, , I W ' - , 45 f 'A-, . .. 4 1 ' lik: S 11' 'B I gf' S 15 , . x -Eh 1 D-wi? , 4 Jqjz' Q 1 .. .QQ v ' , 1 . Q Q . In -1 -1 .ji 1,51 P. .aff . F A l'q,,x ww ' " ' . il. 'Ui ,, - 4 .4 . , . mag:- j , '15 ' nfl..- Y. , - 5 ' 1 f...+' -' ., 5,4 , ,'-,.iju:'1'.,' , " I ig' .' M. f ' A ,. Y - , E, L , . X I 1, - ,.a5l1,- '- -4 fi' 1 1 -U. A -1 M4 ,ix 3. yi , Q ' " IST'--3, .Jimi I , .-,,f,- . '16,-1 ,, ""'1v.'ft'? Q :,.'v5Y':,'..51.1,.'.1. ,v." ,C .' , M. ' Q5 fra, " w, .,'- .,,w L" .t :ray L . ,. lu 1 , w ' .vm Q, f .- ,xm . ...xivt v i r 'V Wx , 4 v' 'A 1 J fN fa , i- -15 ,-f...-,- as x v wtf 1Ql4,lQ Q' A Ag, lx ' wr. ' 2 1 1 Lv ,L 1 ,,,A.,. 27. Q. My 1 4- wg g" fgiw-Q.. A, . .-. 1-X 3.1 if - 3 '.. 5 I1 , F, .' je ,Q . NY E iii -ilk!! on . ,xy . . mi J: K ... , - . ,Fig .9-lr ' -eq.: , , W. i AEE! 'Li . .,,. .. . ,. ,,. ,J f., ., ,A ' A 4 - s 5' ' ug ,lk Sri' it , .J f, In 4 4 -1, 3, U, , 'Q' if iw, .,Llf' I. 9 1, J ' K I gin! ,fiufgg .A . ,, .4 . 1 - ,, A L 'TN Y-236 ' , '14 - V A , ,Jef ',1 w ,li : "jf .5 .1v.- L, V,-L 7 'El ' lzff 'S -A "' -'1 - .1',,1:!"y Pg fuzz: . ' 1 Tj:-1 if lik "Q: - j ...X--, -'15, .gif - "mlg'7'7-E:!!, .QL : 3 ' ?'i"w?5'1 A-1311 EA:-, Ei 5 'fi-eqff ' ,f+IEftzf-.x- 4. - ff f-'ijt' ing! Vi, Ht, lifkvi . 49-gr J 51123 3 1i'jI',i , , Ah ,,. ,I 1 ,f ' R" 1' ,, . -' ,11,g"W'1' nn, I-.,,,. A ,ug-,.-up mv, 1 J: H !'.'4 :'.'L -4 .33 1 ,H x Q . 1 ix M 'Mfg Q -133-gg' .'i'12'f' 'A fb -..i,:1g-4 'f 1 f:f?f!y.f1- 42 -1 L+' ,, '21 lf' - :fx-:5z!',v.'. :op 1 ,- X, 1 1- A k - ... .Y T- -I ' Nl' . . 'a ".. ' 11 ,315 ,,u,.,.- .N i' ,J .,. -'wj , i IN.-I '' .-s . -,Jn . A 5 ,,.f' "f':r'5 Q :1'v15., , -'wil-in "f+gf.31 ' if . , I hu.. 1, , , Y ..-H. .M -355941. L 1 .,. .1 -9' ,r. W,-. If v .4 , 1 ev. 9 5 5 MEGAPHCNE Fortuna Union High School Fortuna, California OPERATION FUTURE We marvel at The skill and courage of pilots who fly Their ships with unerring ac- curacy to some distant outpost. Their skill is dependent on knowledge gained through long hours of study. We are learning Through The patient and untiring efforts of our Teachers how to chart our course. When we Take off on that haz- ardous flight "Operation Future" we will need all the knowledge we can possibly acquire. The magic and ioy of youth are ours. With ambitions and hope we are starting our flight. We look to the future with faith in ourselves, in our country, in humanity, and in God. We take off, knowing not what may await us, but with These well-founded faiths we cannot fail. T955 MEGAPHONE ADMINIVSTRATION AND FACULTY STUDENT GOVERNMENT CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS SPORTS 'iii munuukwbbll- I 1Yi 4 jg' XM, Q ADMINISTRA Tl0N AND FACULTY I IW 5 X R Q OUR SUPERINTENDENT To our superintendent and principal, Mr. George J. Badura, who has guided and trusted us throughout each year, we would like to express our appreciation. As men and women we will always remember and be thankful for the educational opportunities given us as students of Fortuna Union High School. MR. GEORGE J. BADURA The Board of Trustees of the' Fortuna Union High School District is the legal governing body of our high school. The members are elected for a period of three years from the district at large, but there is an un- written agreement that all sections of the High School District shall be represented on the Board, therefore the electors have selected an excellent board which is composed of one member who resides in Loleta, one in Fortuna, one in Hydesville, one in Rohnerville, and one in Scotia. Even though these trustees live in differ- ent areas, they individually represent the entire school district and are interested in the welfare of every child who lives in the High School District. These trustees serve without pay and devote many hours of their time to problems concerning education. They should receive the appreciation of all and the congratulations of those who are interested in excellent schools, for the wonderful opportunity that they have made avail- able to the youth of this community. MRS. LOGAN ROONEY MR, JOE H. DUNGAN MR. HENRY W. PERROTT OUR TRUSTEES MR. ELMER P. MCKENZIE MR. EVERETT G. BECK President Secretary WINNIE EISAN ALICE CHARLTON war-K 4'1" ww I 'N--I ni. Always on the iob, Mr. Stenback is one of the vital factors in this school's success. He helps the office girls, training them for future careers. He takes care of the financial end of the high school's business and helps keep everything running smoothly. He solves many problems for teachers, students and even for graduates. MR. RAYMOND STENBACK OFFICE STAFF AND LIBRARIANS CONNIE ASHBURN CAROL LEECH PAT MOSBARGER This year's office staff has been doing its best to keep the office running smoothly and efficiently. They're doing a swell job! Besides office work, the staff is always ready and willing to help students solve their many problems. Something new has been added! We now have two librarians on the staff who, inci- dentally, know that library backwards and forwards, even right-side-up and apgs-dn UMOP If you need any help they'll be glad to oblige. OUR VICE PRINCIPAL OUR FACULTY ELIZABETH CHARLES ABRAHAM ALEXANDER English U. S. History Dramatics DONALD BREWER NORMAN BURHANS HELEN CROZIER ROBERT DAMON RICHARD DAVIS Instrumental Biology General Math Boys' Physical Forestry Music General Science Geometry Education General Math Algebra General Science ANNETTE HYDEN FRED JABUSCH SHIRLEY JACOBSON LEO KEECHI FLORENCE KENWORTHY Girls' Physical General Shop Typing . English Home Economics Education Mechanical Vocal Music Spanish Drawing Woodworking EVA MARIE NEWTON ROBERT ORR AUGUSTA REID LEONARD REYNOLDS JERRY SCHROEDER Bookkeeping Drivers Training Dean of Girls Algebra Commercial Math Boys' Physical French Physics General Math EdUCBflOf1 Senior Problems Geometry Boys' Physical Spanish Education P ff I QM UW! I e. el .1159 A E. ...1 N , - WALLACE ANDERSON RUSSELL BERG y ' Directed Reading Mechanical Drawing I English Farm Mechanics I!! X Q Q Shop Math 1 General Shop ' i l HESTER DEARDORFF GEORGE GIRDLER ROBERT HARDENBROOK DEANE HEALEY CLIFFORD HERMAN Girls' Physical Orientation Dean of Boys Public Speaking Driver Training Education English Orientation VlSUal Aids Newgwriting General Science World History LESLIE LARSON WAYNE LEACH THEODORE LIPPERT ROY MAKHOLM l-EIGH MANLEY Art Driver Training General Shop Typing Chemistry Crafts Business English Metal Shop Shorthand General Science Mechanical Drawing Shorthand Vocational General Math English Auto Shop GLADYS SHULSEN VIOLET SHULSEN ROBERT SYVERTSON ROLAND WENTZEL MARY ZINSELMEIR English Vocabulary Civics Agriculture Home Economics Megaphone English I Boys' Physical Farm Mechanics Directed Reading Education U CAFETERIA STAFF Sue Thomas Blanche Knapp Gladys Woods, Manager l " 0 Jonas Koble CUSTODIANS Edgar Petersen Delbert Garcelon BUS DRIVERS Roland Wentzel Wayne Leach Dick Davis Ray Spencer Arf Pryer Charles Alexander Leslie Larson Larry Reynolds Roberl Hardenbrook Ted Lippert S T U s- Z N TG T o V T N E R N M E N T STUDENT BODY OFFICERS AND COUNCIL BOB NICHOLLS President DEAN H U BERT Vice President BETSY LIPPERT Secretary , g it PATTY McKAY Treasurer BR UCE HOOP ES Sergeant-at-Arms PAT CASTON Yell Leader I DORIS CHANDLER Song Leader The student body officers, with the council, enforce and keep up-to-date the school constitution. This council type of government is a change from the bi- cameral government that has been used previously. This type is much better in that it is more efficient and provides better representation. The council generally meets twice a month and consists of a representative from each advisory and the student body president, secretary, treasurer and sergeant-at-arms. First row, left to right: Mr. Healey, Dunham, Tupper, Molles, Stewart, Witters, Salazar, Thomson. Second row: Wallen, Durant, Patmore, Liv- ely, Holt, Nelson, Kimzey, Rula- paugh. Third row: Bertsch, Norris, Mell, Naill, Daggett, Anderson Hagebusch, Gunnerson, Ferguson, Glines. Fourth row: Rovai, Chris- tiansen, Bartlett, Pritchett, Nicholls, Berti. . AND DIRECTORS CHARLES ANDRAIN Director of Student Body Affairs JACQUES MCLEOD Director of Financial Affairs JOANNE ANDERSON Director of School Affairs RON ANDERSON Director of School Spirit SANDRA POE Director of Public information n I , 'ZX . HWKFY ous student body duties as indicated by their titles. They are responsible for the planning and carrying out of the numerous school activities. ARMAN GUNNERSON Director of Boys' Athletics JUDY FERGUSON Director of Girls' Athletics FRANCIS OLSON Director of Orientation JOHN BROWN Director of Standards The student body directors have charge of the vari- rw we U' 3751? l Ax Q 'wg CLASSES First row, left to right: Jacquie McLeod, yell leader, June Ferguson, pianistg Phil Branstetter, presidentg Sandra Poe, secretary. Back row: Ron Barkley, Song leaclery Bruce Hoopes, sergeant-atfarmsg Andy Bowlds, treasurery Jim Daggett, vice presidentg Mr. Jabusch, advisor. Below are HJ The seniors' choice of occupation and Q25 our comment. Jo ANNE ANDERSON Private secretary to John D. Rockefeller Secretary to Francis, the Talking mule. Ci-IARLENE BACCHETTI Secretary Secretary to Rock Hudson KEN ANDERSON RON ANDERSON CHARLES ANDRAIN Take life as it comes Lawyer College professor WhaT'S Wrong With the SBTUV- Sideshow barker for Barnum College of Musical Knowledge? day Evening Post? and Bailey LOYCE BAIRD RON BARKLEY GARY BARLOVV Office work Architect Draftsman Secretary to Arthur Murray Designing a sixth side on the Planning a new Ronnerville bus Pentagon with caged-in seats MARJORIE BLIVEN Physical therapist She's pulling someOne's REOLA BOWEN Sharpshooter Annie Oakley Il GUINEVERE BARTLETT She: Famous Hollywood de- signer We: Costume designer for Terry Moore JERRY BATTEN Jazz musician Percussionist for Ray Anthony's Dragnet GLORIA BENSON Secretary to Ike Secretary to Cecil B, DeMille DIANE BETTS Primary teacher Governess for Dennis the Men- ace EDNA MAE BORGES Bookkeeper or typist leg The fastest thing on keys ANDREW BOWLDS Civil engineer Courteous U. S. Secretary of the Treasury PHIL BRANSTETTER Rancher Mascot for the "Red Heads 11 JOYCE BRASHEAR Indianapolis hot rod driver The fastest pit worker yer FLORA BRAZIL Secretary Taking over Walter Winchell's iob DAVID BRAZIER Army bound The second 5-star general to become President ii ,MEJ . BARBARA BRONSON She: Business woman We: Manager of Montgomery Ward's JOHN BROWN Businessman Scriptman for Groucho Marx JACK BRYAN Director of Photography for Twentieth Century Fox Photographer for Esquire calen- dars DUANE BuRoEss Service Bellhop at the Pickwick Hotel DAVID CATHEY DORAIN BYKER Secretary Creamery worker h b d Writing lyrics to Moonlight Occupahon Us an Sonata NORMA CARNEY Housewife She already is HENRY CIRBY Dairy rancher Radio Repairman ANN CLAUSSEN Surgical nurse Tennis coach NADINE Cosa Welfare worker Editor of a women's magazine DORIS CHANDLER Beautician Hairdresser for Audrey Hepburn LORRAINE CHARNSTROM Business manager Singing duets with Rosemary Clooney ROBERT COLBURN He: Mechanic We: Editor of Popular Me- chanics VERNE COONEY Engineer Build bridge Cskywayl from Fortuna to San Francisco Lois COONS Western singer on radio and TV Western Union messenger de- livering singing telegrams ' Y 231' FRED COVINGTON Floor walker In other words, a father? DAVID CULBERTSON Navy Admiral of the first U. S. space fleet EARLENE DAvIs Secretary Designer for Marlene Dietrich rm., P , JIM DAGGETT Teacher or Navy Professor of higher Humboldt State math DIANE DEVEREUX Private secretary English professor at University of Mexico .lOYCE DIAS Office work Secretary for the SPCA DJ I BILL DUNN Cattle rancher Understudy to Hopalong Cas sidy PATRICIA EARLY Art teacher Making wallets for l. Magnin's ESTHER ECHOLS Physical therapist Giving violin recitals in Holly- wood Bowl FRED ELLIOTT He: Antigue dealer We: Professor of biology at Cal Medical School DONNA FIELDEN Housewife With gadgets and frills ARMAN GUNNERSON Electrician The only blond on the Harlem Clowns JAMES EPPERSON JUDY FERGUSON JUNE FERGUSON Engineering Public accountant Surgical nurse Designing a successful square The only flutist Ray Anthony A real cut-Up wheel ever uses MARVIN FRANKLIN GERALDINE GATLIN SHARON GREGORY Hefmil Elementary teacher PE teacher M60 about town Governess to President's chil- Saleswoman for runproof nylons dren KARL HAGEBUSCH FRANCIS HARMON TOM HARPER Engineering Truck driver Business or engineering Gangster actor in Badge 714 Elevator Operator in the Statue Men's model in "Seventeen" of Liberty L . i r fi, ,T WILLARD HARROD CAROL HART He: Navy Bookkeeper We: Inventor of five different Running a Comptometer on Wall ways to cook navy beans Street BILL HENRY Air Force Carving puppets for and Judy show BRUCE HOOPES PG and E worker What a shock! BENNIE HENSON Mechanic his Punch Nut and bolt iuggler DEAN H u B E RT Automobile businessman Traveling salesman for Camp- bell's Soup 2 RONALD HARvILLE History teacher or football coach One of Queen Elizabeth's Coachrnen LEROY HIxsON Shop work Writer of books for children PATRICIA HUGH LOCK Nurse Florence Nightingale Nina' 5 GEORGE HEAD Rancher Famous manufacturer of ani- mal crackers DOROTHY HOLMAN Bank Secretary Secretary to the President of the First National Bank in Washington D. C. DONALD JAQuEs Barber Bringing back the barber shop quartet V W V ' . ' I 'T' Q 5, U "mn 3 9 . JACK LAWRENCE WiLLiAM LEEP Chiropractor Lawyer Ouclw, quit twisting my arm! In 1995: Senator William B. Leep BILL JOHNSON Service Jet test pilot CAROL KIMZEY Air line hostess Favorife hostess for Pan Ameri- can Airlines Bos KNAPP Car hop Traveler DARLENE LENNON Housewife Designer of iewelry "Darlene's Dangles" ARTHUR LILLUND Timber cruiser Drive a wooden Cadillac called ERNEST JONES He: Going to Sing Sing We: Transfer, as warden to San Quentin GRACE KINDRED Psychiatrist Renowned aerialist-tight rope walker RUSSELL LAusTRuP Service He'll be sending home his pay EDWINA LEvvis Beautician or hair stylist Helena Rubenstein's assistant BETSY LIPPERT Nurse or housewife Supervisor of Mayo Clinic HARRIET Jo MARSH Atomic scientist Editor of Oxford's yearbook TED MAXWELL Butcher Surgeon MARGARET MCCAUSLAND Service or office work Margie in "My Little Margie" GEORGE MARTIN Gardener at Laribee Lodge Manufacturer of bigger and better firecrackers ANDREW NlCBR,IDE Rancher Butler to Charles Addams GAYLE MCCOLLEY Missionary Conductor of COP's a cappelli Choir i GLENN LIVELY Football coach choir Coach for Humboldt's pro foot- ball team: Lively's Loggers Lois LucAs Housewife Housewife RALPH Locicwooo Navy, then author Following in Jack London':s footsteps JOYCE MAiRE Housewife Will take Mayer's place: Metro Goldwyn Maire MA" ..,, .wg V , X 7 MERLE MCCORMICK BEVERLY MCCREARY Airplane stewardess Live with parents until forty Maiorette for Navy Band fivey then get married Is he that young, Bev? PATTY MC KAY She: Stenographer for lawyer We: Recorder for mouthpiece JACQUIE MCLEOD Elementary teacher One tall student and a few little ones JON MELL Louie Armstrong II Others will aspire to be Jon Mell ll HOwARD NELSON Store business . . , And Storing Some green Stuff, we hope ROBERT NICHOLLS Coaching Head dramatics Coach at MGM DOUGLAS OBER Service . . . with a smile. Selling Col- gates MARY MOE Primary teacher or iournalist She will take over Hedda Hop- per's iob JUDY MORRISON Housewife Announcer on Feminine Fancies JACK MURRAY Electrical or mechanical engin- Bef Watch his crazy three-wheeled racer go! FRANCIS OLSON College professor or basketball coach The new Professor McNutley JAMES OSBORN Radiotrician and teletrician A double hook-up WiLLOw OwENS Head usherette at Paramount Ushering for Kiddie Matinees V . Doi.oRes PiTTs Beautician Will help Marilyn keep her glamor SANDRA POE Secretary To the secretary of the Secre- tary of the Navy RODNEY Reeves Teacher of vocal music ...At Mills College VERNA PATTON She: Dental nursing We: Will hold Bob Wagner's hand when he has his teeth fixed EDWARD PEASE Big business administrator Future Liberace JOANN PETTY Private secretary to the Presi- dent President of Cal Tech Y I DAVID RussEi.i. Engineer Einstein's test tube watcher ESPERANZA SALAZAR Work for NWP Will she take off some o curves, maybe? PAUL SCHEEL Forestry surveyor Just looking them over! f the 'if EDWARD RIGBY Nuclear chemist Will invent a defense against all bombs TOM RovAi Traveling salesman Will be shipwrecked in a Ford but will survive JANET Rowi.EY Speech therapist Headlines: Donald Duck Can Now Be Understood . . . Diction Perfect f I GEORGE SousA Dairy work lce cream sampler VELDON SMITH Farmer Basketball referee MYRTICE STROBRID Get married Marriage counselor LEE STUCK Government work Head chef in the White H SANDRA SWANSON Dentist or mortician Sponsor a cemetery for teeth VlvlAN SWARTZ Bookkeeper Singer at the Stork Club GE ouse defunct GAYLE SCOTT Yell queen for Yale Testing Yale locks VESTEL SHELTON Dairy man Hauling Little Larry Logger's milk cans GENE SHIELDS Navy Roving Casanova MAURICE Si-iuLTz Design iazz record albums New editor of MAD MILLY SPRINGBORG Play sax in .Jazz band Play bass viol for Boston Pops MARY STEWART Secretary or accountant Singer at the "Met" BARBARA THOMAS Secretary But not for long! BOB THOMAS Game warden Dear keeper? NORMAN WARD Navy, then diesel mechanic Give the gob a gob of grease SHARON WEYOAND Business education Business NEEDS it? DEK WIDENER State Board Of Equalization Agent Manager Of BenbOw's MARY WILKINSON Ambassador to Italy But she wO1't "do as the RO- mans do" "S" I A nw ,Ulf Y ,.:,'. 1 .'. , .. 1.54 '65 l mam -1, ,N X DARLENE THORNTON Housewife ln the dough ROBERT TOLER Law enforcement work The cop on the corner ROBERT TOMASINI PE or math teacher Massseur at Turkish hath DONALD VIEOAS Coffee connoisseur Taking bubble count for ginger ale bottlers IRENE WOODS Elementary teacher Star in movie called "I'm ing Double!" PAULINE WOODS School teacher Co-star in same movie See JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS First row, left to right: Mariy Swall, secre- tary, Peggy Brown, yell leader, Richard Barsanti, President, Mary Molles, Treasurer. Second row: Raymond Griffith, song lea- der, Owen Norris, pianist, Miss G. Shul- sen, advisor. Third row: Larry Westlake, vice president, Don Robinson, sergeant- at-arms. CLASS OF 1956 NN MNXOR PRO Corinne Aldrich Beverly Anderson James Anderson Siegfried Arendt Pauline Art' Robert Ashe Delbert Babcocf Don Babcock Manuel Bernardo Gordon Bertsch Sharon Bertsch Marie Bethea uklin Bills Je ry Blankenship ' 'mice Blankenship .tty Boerger oyeTT lfield .ia Braga k Bramble 3 '? Karen Backlund Johnny Barlow Earl Barnes Richard Barsanti James Batten Arline Beaudefte Carol Benoit Roger Berg 'NU , nv- V4 5 Qiwb if FT 3 EB-I S. fs? , f 5 :M M . 5 4 N' W r LW , Em 114+- X , - is.,-i - ew 4 'Q Y -AH. S!! K . 11.3, f v fr- ville S 4. eri ' ,A loy 2 'i rx 6 5. ,J i 5 'il v 5 r Gary Hunsaker Harry Innocenli Jerry Ireland John Ireland Gary Jacobsen Pauline Jacobson Faye James Emily Jenkins Roy Hendrickson Sally Hetzel Charles Hinchcliff Loretta Holberg ' Gene Houston Nina Joy Hoopes Diane Horton Chuck Hudson Judy Hudson Uh-nf Sharon Reynvaan Kennedy Kenneth Kindred Linda Meng Park Merrill Marvin Krader Shirley Krick Jean Lampley Dorothy Loveland Patti Maki George McCombs Sybil Jones Bob Johnson John Johnson Kay Karwacki Diana Lark Larry McManama Luella Millard Erlene Miller Jack Millsap Mary Molles :Ac i 'i Beverly Olesen Raynor Gerald Olesen Dennis Oman Janice Oman John Pancoast William Pattison Nancy Perrett Phyllis Petersen Malcolm Niles Wendell Nix Owen Norris Eugene Phares Kay Price Norma Price Darrell Mortensen Peter Munchheimer George Nelson George Niles Noriene Rasor Curt Reese Robert Reynolds Joanne Rienks Deanne Ripple Norma Robertson Don Robinson Kay Robinson Bettie Stewart Elizabeth Still Anna Svendsen Ray Svendsen Patricia Robinson Ralph Robison Marjorie Russell Michael Snell Eugenia Stevenson Jimmie Stevenson Clara Voigt Reyrvaan Joyce Sanborn Thomas Schultz Beverly Scott William Sheppard Warren Shields Bob Smith Roger Smith 5 fl N M1 X few 'I :S-gy.. V. X255 .is . ,. .Q H .F zzz . . - -ITS W Ff?5?.:5, 43 ' I ' Q... - f' , uv "5 f My " ' A M- M- t-I-:ra Q .. .S ::A,, , .., 1 is X vu ' f .i z WM' --fl' msffi ,, .lg f N Q-an ffm' , A . : 'ffm x : ,si .a -Q , ,. ., , ...W i n . :14 Q., L51 Fife 1 J 1 , 1 ..!f W V -- . , .v .R W Q , 8 ., , 59. 1. K, . " 'fi Ifffgi vw ' ,si . ,gifs ,ws ,,g,5,'., Q?. . .1 ,NL f 'M 5, N? f- S , :i ff I 6 1 'fag ,iqmsy .. .,,. ..,... .3 gdgw 'il -Q, 1 ky X I, 'Ns 'Y E ' X .Q 55 . X, P 1. f. ,zmzsg-1, V - ' 1. Q ' f f Tfhifv' 125:3- A " V 1TEk':i,-' MW 'L M WWF N .4 1 .1 4 ,- - 5 0 W -- S., fp, K W fwxzffwimf sa, x M 4 .HM fi Mitchael Davis Leslie Detrick Rita Draper Rosalie Duclo Sue Ann East Beverly Eble James Elliott Katherine Elliott Robert Elliott Joezelle Emmons Loie Kay Ericcsen Charles Farar Dale Fielder Patrick Finney Tina Mae Franciolli Barbara Freeman Jay Gamble Gerald Garcelon Lorrene Garcelon Jeanie Giacopazzi Glenn Gilbert Billy Gillette Catherine Giurlani Sharon Green Joe Gulliksen Paula Gundlach Mike Hagood Verla Hamner, Harlo Hansen Carole Harrison 1' Y Wh ,Q l Tressie Hendrix Ardis Hill Mary Hinton Jennie Holt Lavonne Homyer Bonnie Hoopes Bobbie Huffman Ted Hulbert Phyllis Ingraham Avonne Jenkins Bonnie Jenkins Virginia Jenkins Erling Jensen Harold Johansen Edwin Jones Josephine Kalisla Barbara Karwaski Thomas Kelley Mack Kemp Leon Kimball Janice Harvesion Jimmy Harvesfon Donna Haughn Betty Hayes James Heflin Q f 155 ww 3 rgw 'HSWFMY-S"l'f ' 1 is if Q , f,-- . .sa sag. as mf, -. Vial f W '4 '-M ' ii. r e x, 15 . QQ 5, az 'Nw , V 'w:,gfv Agaf?5S'5 ' -.". i., Uz1w f'fffr" - , www 'J ' V A Y- . rw -wgisss fa .J iam 3, ma y wif -figs, ri 22' - ' ,gzz:5 ,,L ' x:.+Lsfiir1 - - Q- ,. .. Jes'-::i!?EEi'Es,: '- 'F' Ya: SZ e?',Sf' .wiS1,iii4q'p: ',Y-yirsiiggigrizigzgrix Darrell Kohler Don Krader Ellen Kuykendall Darlene La Beck Clarence Lake Shirley Lampley David Lance Kenneth Land lly Lay ? ex! fi 'N J Q William Landergen I 1-gr-ff Bl ' yi ,s is . i .. Q 1 Q X X ss, I R ' t s L . s L .. Rc gunna! W h as . s 'S L 'Xi 'hi . G- ""'sD" ' Ken neth Led better William Lillund Mona Lissner Sybil Lively Dale Lucas - .ax-. , ' . Q s. NU' tg be as bl c X Qft 5 nx af uw- l I .1 4 . S 5.'fiLX'i 2 if, , N 4 I . ' Q . 4... I f-Xt is an . N, T 1. L- 1 ' Q . 'L' N s mi a eaa y ee , , R ss sc Delmar Middleton Robert Millsap Rick Moench Ann Monschke Ralph Moody 'rf Q32 W, 1 Diane Lyons Joan Malamphy Richard Malfatti Anthony Mann Arlon Mann Gary Martin James Martin Leroy Martinelli Clarence Matthews Cordane Matthews Jim Maxwell Larry McCaughan Dorane McColley Patrick McCullough Stephen McDonald ww - John Pritchett Byrline Pruitt Elaine Pullen Robert Pullen Gary Read Jack Reynolds Darrel Richardson Larry Richmond Joyce Rist A -x f fill Q in qw .4 """""'K ww yyct yyiyy i eleec awk MQW J ' i Q f P Daffe'Ridef1OUf c as c rl, , l i k K Lf, Darlene Mortensen Nancy Mozzetti Laura Myring Gary Naill Patricia Nelson Sharon Nichols Sherrill Nicholson Larry Nielsen Nell Norman Dale Olsen Sarah Olson Novey Lou O'Neil Marjorie Owens Betty Parsons Barbara Paulson Marilyn Pollard Carol Poston Eleanor Price Verna Price Jeanette Pritchett it 'ww is S sf f f Q as 4 aw", ' M FK' -. " +A 'MN of K ,.....s, 'W' Edgar Roberts Bill Robison John Russell Johannes Schleth 'N as f X Lawrence Schermerhorn is WW Ralphena Schultz Dick Scott Leona Seidner John Senestraw Don Setterlund Helen Shatter Tom Shelton Rick Silver Glynn Smith Janet Smith Lonnie Smith Maryalice Smith , Bill Solomon Ann Sorenson Bette Sta pp L lll l fss S sss L S.. 'Hi L t o ' ssrs isssi it is gt 1 livfifi " V, it , - if Jimmie Starr Errol Steen Ann Stewart Georgann Stewart Tom Strong Roy Stuck James Swarts Richard Teague Merle Ann Thayer Janneth Thomas F an li 5 4. L f T' 4 S 1 ., ,qw ,f :7 z?3ii'55 ' ' -fi: FORWARD TO '58 . s . , , I , X . Vg .. XT . gig f 45. 9 1 f If . I S' -at . .Sw R A 3 x s ir t we ..--""""'i First row, left to right: Peggy Lippert, Secretary: Leroy Eckardt, President Vicki McKay, Treasurer. Second row: Miss V. Shulsen, Advisory Harry Freeman Vice Presidenty Cecil Stephens, Sergeant-at-Armsp Mabel Freeman, Yell Leader. :'i f s A ' 'f 5 it . sy Q, 1. 5 3 Vuv- IA 5, sf ,, L. tk .zrr K 2' V 'ip :,L ' H, . A A ,ggi .N , .. - 5 Ll' Y -, I, .. 5 9 1 A i"'i r 6' .L p fr A ii' M L ii . .21 Q A E: x . Alam if U L ,X Andy Anderson Wesley Anderson David Ansley Stanley Argent Jimmy Ashe Patricia Aubrey Larry Bales Beverly Barnes Sybil Barnes Larry Beaman Gary Bendel Rosella Berry Gary Bianchi Andrea Billy Victor Billy Milo Bisconer Dale Blake Carol Blount James Booth Harlene Boots J S Wim ME ,X Fi- ' Llllzxf a, as 5 , ' ,wi i 5 C at ,, 'tx f Q . ep ,Z i mm 3 fide ia- l if 1 W '-,ff7, gy, Ml : J fs s an y P Q X X 1 if 'wg if gl 3, E 1 M QM -is Ea, W -Vw wi! 11' Don Burgess Bette Burnside Ann Byers Jean Byker James Campbell Wanda Carney Jo Ann Casacca Jeanne Cartwright Steven Cate Johnnie Chambers Jim Christensen Wendy Christensen Leroy Chqrch Gail Clark Henry Clark Richard Clark Robert Cotter Helen Cook Orbra Cook Cynthia Cottrell sw 4:1 , sz. In ,5 ,L -l .V -f., V 5 M QS, 53: W FRESHMEN Raymond Borges June Boswell Connie Bowen John Boyles James Brashear David Brekke Michael Brown Richard Brown George Bruch Joe Bruggman Janice Bryant Jeanette Bryant Kenneth Bryant Nancy Bryant David Buck it s - aw V- ,:5..i: pf 'lf sg, 3' J - P M ij "" s ' L - Yii fsi lif S f Sg gS3'i 5fSf ' -.fiifq . ,:, W, ,,,:: WK . t, W, ,sk , ,N,:,,,K:5E5'25:-- , .5 is X X 5 X J 'XL 52 L5 x Ke 1 L its L K K ,Q if lx J 'Haifa tl! M 'B Q f W fm , -es.,?9't. .:,:y4zs - Q C .t w C I iw 2 Q .ff X K e A , l S 5 -f 1 's X realm J ,. ,. J, v:', . 5,3 . ff ill is 111 i-1125122 , gg, ' B s , . C W +3 r -W "i- V 'flll 'lil ., ,L ,.,,, 1. .W ...-.ppl H fl is in Y4 .K ,sf 5 J - M 2 1'1" ..,:,: J: tfsfsm' ., , '5?2a.:'-f . ' 1 s 1 i q C 2 f 'Q 'ii at f 1 s , rv ,s Sa 33? Q 5 K l fl' me J K , Q7 :xml 'iitiiiliiv K, Barton Crews Gene Currier Melvin Currier Patricia Curtis Dee Anne Daetwiler Bill Davis Wayne Davis Donna Deeds Suzanne Dick Leonard Dougherty Patricia Doyle Harley Duclo Elizabeth Dunham Dorian Durant Michael Early i ,- 2, 1- wg 1 r 1 '91 Qi a te f ,X W m! is Jag, as Y' M S5 2 W? FRESHMEN Kathryn Echols Leroy Eckhardt Sue Epping Geraldine Evans Barbara Ferguson Jo Ann Ferguson Danny Feuillye Carol Fielden Sandra Finley Karen Fisher Loyal Fitch Floyd Flannery Beverly Fleischer Janice Forguson Barbara Foster Roger Fraser Harry Freeman Mabel Freeman Elizabeth Fritz Julianna Fritz Gary Fritzsche Dolores Hardie Patricia Harlan Donald Hayes Jim Hayes Ruby Heflin Donald Froehlich Roberta Froehlich Bill Gaboriault Alvin Garcia Kenneth Gatlin Jay Gatten Diane Genzoli Jimmie Glenn Nora Goodner Wendell Gray Billie Griffith Dorothy Gordon ,-wi imw ig- M12 501 4- X ga ir it nz ' 2552 , mx. ,si ,, u. .. -i 'fl M Ex iagf,.j2ygn' dw Q Q ,,.c5M::f' - :iw xg N. 'SHS f 4, 1 ,E if Ag lv? Q f QL if Kiln is a re qw' Q ii, 1 . mix . ,s it f Q s S Z1 3' wygf Q vig fr aj. 11 Q Sag S l i David Griffith Virginia Grubbs James Grundman Carol Gurnsey Gene Haase Archie Hamilton Cecile Hansen . G ,,'c 5, siiy- f -, Vkk' ,g'515gL.:A ki 'Mws t I. ' J ffiuilff Dale Hollenbeak Patricia Holt Wayne Horn Richard Houseworth Nadine Houston Dick Hudson Joel Hudson l , 7 George Hescock William Hixson Dale Hobgood Lorna Hogue Richard Holland Kathy Helms H egg? K F Q ,SX i aff' i 5, 4 .ff ' X V' 'W- V J . my gi-,is 2--iihlflfii 9' 5 Es ' A . Dorthy I-lulbert Lester Hunt Duane James -, ,, ..... ...... . - ' .Q Willa Jennings Jimmy Johnson Janet Johnson Nadine Johnson mi a, ,J:,4s,fl,i,, z ... A 4, ae' Veltha Johnson Clyde Jones Joanne Jones Melba Jordan Phyllis Jorgensen 1 '. il lp L A iilfifgwif J .:' . .g5i,:f:i if '--.- ' .-,W :'. .. ' 1. ' 5, e H -Zigi? A ,..,. , - ft A 'IE A i . 'hi , if-ff ' f . ' s X. g if 5 'it' A-if ,. , U : i i i X S ,Wigs sl' '- mfs: +P - is zsfsfgk-fgisfi, S, .Q h J., it x R C . 3 x . f f x 5 S QQ Q L N 4 , .wi C 551- - ' 1. I s- .1 MET? ' ,, ., ,. li' W L if is ith M, X' g f Peggy Lippert Larry Mack Leland Madson Rosalie Maire Harvey Maior Linda Malone Mirella Marca Varner McClure Patricia McCorkle Bob McCormick Robert McFarland Gerry McGovern Vicki McKay Sharon McKee Judy McLeod Royce McManama Carlo Millsap Doyle Monkres David Monschke Virgil Moon .1 l f? 221 r J .1-, if-,x,,-1-ig,- -,.k ..., . ..: .. I r,.. ,. ,Q ,,. .,,e 1, 'm I'-fi, . J 6 -W 35 X, rig J. is if fi, 3 EW? x. it f ' Mimi:-2, 12275521 1 ' ' S. L, .. .H2.,,.Q,, M fm xr. X H? X 14 rf ,G 'Q 38 N , X Rig .Hr , M v i,, U 1 as 7 ' WT 'A-f7T1'4H1-ii F' 93573 ' - 135 tgisgkgf,-i15f.,:ww' -- "M s,-fi gsesiggihj iii? , ,. ..,, . l:i:z,4.1,z,,:.., f, H1 .J 4 A ifigfgeqsyzsgl 'Sick ggi.-1,1-iiigi ' , V air Mffssqfmi. ' -sf 'fir f'l1gig2lS3ii' .. sigma gg 1 131 if gf: it we ' Carolyn Julius Wesley Justice Karla Ann Kaski Esther Kenney Helene Keown James Kernohan Jack Kimzey Wayne King Wendell King Betty Krader Roberta Krey Diane Langdon Gary Lawrence Joan Lee David Lewis gm t - L J 1 35 fri? Y fs sw S, E, 0 1 3 Q 5, 5 , asf- f J- Y 'T L mf Pricilla Morgan Jerry Murphy Michael Murray Blaine Nelson Lucille Nelson Jackie Neely John Nicholls Weldon Nix Rena Noonan Byron Nordgren Bonnie Nylander Billy Oatney Richard Ober George O'Brien Mary Orr . , , ,Ls .. gf 1, 'He ' si, , P ,, fatale L '1 2:45.11-:r':,f.s '1:4z :E-ws. f fjffffggf ' V435 --ffamfrf s , "xiii 5-3 rs 1.,:5E2,: 1 , ,saws 1, :V Leona Osborn Thomas Paine Arlene Parker Bobbie Parker Leroy Partridge Linda Patmore Nellann Pattison Henry Perrott Barbara Petersen Richard Pettit Robert Philip Robert Porter Wilbur Predmore Sharon Read Bob Remley Barton Reynolds Michael Rice M. P. Richardson John Roan Beverly Roberts . ,.S ,L . N,. 43 ,-K' lt' dir 4 uw? 1 s ' it tt . ss ' f ri iw gli af' .V. rg ' 'fl 9. ll' A' U' ' t R 1- ,sim We Joyce Simpson John Siniem Ferris Smith Linda Smith Stanley Smith Al Snyder Claire Snyder Sharon Snyder Kay Spesert Brenda Stevens Jean St. Clair Cecil Stephens Patty Stonefield Oscar Stout George Stradiota Allan Straight Frona Svendsen Dick Swartz Rachel Sweet Irene Terkelsen Q t -, ,. Q sl A S, ' it B C, .,.. .. ,,. up William Shields Phyllis Shively William Shreeve Leslie Shrull Reba Robertson Juanita Romisch Joyce Rosenlund Anne Rulapaugh Dan Sanders Robert Sartain Leroy Schermerhorn Eleanore Schleth Franklin Schmidt Billy Schlfielcl Beverly Scott Isobel Scott Michael Seeley Margaret Shanahan Beverly Shepherd Www 'sw Q W 7 A 7 7 W Stk 2 .N Q W' - , . Qld. . . its S Mary Lou Thayer Ted Thomas Ronald Thompkins Allyne Thompson Jim Thompson Larry Thompson Gail Thomsen Lane Thomsen Neal Thomsen Elsie Thomson Doris Tipler Faye Tuey Margie Tupper Wilburn Upton Marcella Verbich Margaret Veysey Wayne Veysey Q +1 Y ll I ' nl X 'R 1 iv an I K, .H v K , lg., was if W g a I 5 LQ? I A Bill Viggers l lzz ' T T A. Loretta Voigt ' 'X ' 2 6 x I 'U 4:3 A x 123 si k I 'M 2 v ' l Q' James Yost Darlene Zavalney Mary Vorhies Diann Waalkens Georgette Weeks Gary Welzbacker Floyd Wescott Donald Westlake Carolyn Weygand Troy Whitaker Charles Whitmire Marvine Wick Edward Williams Beverly Winsby Joyce Witters Barbara Wolford Delores Woodhurst First row, left to right: Dewey Davis, Loa Hill, Sylvia Garnett, Donald Foreman Second row: Allan Hills, Richard Coats, Lyle Rock. l. Steaks, on The hoof 2. F.F.A. King and Queen 3. Worried, George? 4. Mr. Malcolm, Teacher ORGANIZATIONS Secretary REOLA BOWEN Rest Room JOYCE BRASHEAR Welcome MARJY SWALL Decoration JENNIE HOLT Decoration JANET ROWLEY Health and Sunshine DIANE LYONS Corresponding Secretary DORAIN BYKER 1 i A GIRLS' LEAGUE The Girls' League, under the leadership of their president and advisor, have had a very successful year. They gave a Big and Little Sister party to ac- quaint the freshmen and new girls with the school. They also gave a Christmas party for all girls and sponsored a spring dance. They sent a Thanksgiving box of food to the T.B. ward in Eureka and also gave gifts to children in the T.B. ward. With the Boys' League they sponsored the annual Sadie Hawk- ins Day and dance. They have enjoyed a series of interesting speakers and have had other activities including a Lug Day and a Fashion Show. Advisory Board Member CAROL KIMZEY President ' 'I BARBARA BRONSON Vice President SHARON WEYGAND BIG AND LITTLE SISTER PARTY an .E TEX sci if A Treasurer DONNA FIELDEN Sergeant- at-Arms JACQUIE McLEOD Advisor MRS. REID Song Leader LORRAINE CHARNSTROM Publicity GAYLE SCOTT Scrapbook JUDY FERGUSON t President RON HARVILLE BOYS 'LEAGUE Secretary Sergeant-at-Arms RON BARKLEY FRANCIS OLSON Treasurer Decoration JON MELL RON ANDERSON Publicity Representative GARY BARLOW ARMAN GUNNERSON Welcome Advisor BOB TOMASINI MR. HARDENBROOK The Boys' League has initiated interesting proiects and meetings throughout the past year. They co- sponsored Sadie Hawkins Day and presented Christ- mas gifts and food to the aged. They presented the Humboldt State College tumbling team as a pro- gram for the boys and erected a blue and white sign by the boys' gym which contains the words "Fortuna High, Home of the Huskies." They made a bulletin board for the back of the trophy case in the lobby of the boys' gym. These activities have been made possible by the efforts of their presi- dent and vice president. ISADIE HAWKINS DAY Vice President DAVID RUSSELL ................Qg, CO FALL ,al-sw First row, left to right: Gundlach, Weygand, Schultz, Thomas, Hayes, Molles, Benoit, G. Arthur, Scott, Bronson, Lippert, Rowley, Horton. Second row: Cokley, lngraham, Miss V. Shulsen, Stewart Devereux, Salazar, McColley, Byker, Charnstrom, P. Arthur, Wilkinson, Giacopazzi. Third row: Cvarot, Stevenson, Marsh, Betts, Swartz, Robinson, Russell, McLeod, LaBeck. Fourth row: Pollard, Paulson Barnes, O'son, Hagebusch, Maxwell, Pease, Norris. Fifth row: Sp'ingb3rg, Barkley, Lockwood, Senestraro August, Russell. Sixth row: Niles, Thomsen, Andrain, Badura, Hulbert, Lillund, Shultz. Seventh row: Olesen Curtis, Bowers, McCullough. CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION Marsh, Hudson, Karwacki, Weygand, Stewart, B. Ferguson, McKay, Poe, Barnes, Ingraharn, Benoit, Molles. Second row: Mr. Davis, V. Shulsen, Hart, Bowen, Burnside, Cottrell, Maire, J. Byker, Jo'gensen, Coklef P. Arthur, Barkley, Judy Ferguson. Third row: Grundman, Thomsen, Petty, Early, G. Gatlin, M. Epping S. Epping, Kaski, B. Scott, Tupper, LaBack, Reeves, Lockwood, Badura, Anderson. Fourth row: Stevenson Fisher, Christensen, Zavalney, Evans, Springborg, G. Scott, Bronson, Charnstrorn, Rowley, Hagebusch Andrain. Fifth row: Hunt, Svendsen, Moe, P. Woods, l. Woods, D, Byker, B, Lippert, Betts, Devereux Curtis, Munchheirner, Predmore. Sixth row: P. Lippert, Goodner, June Ferguson, Salazar, Holt, McLeod, Paulson, S. Nichols, Norris, J. Nicholls. Seventh row: Hayes, Freeman, Sorensen, Patr'no'e, Hulbert, Bye's, Glines, Elliott, P. Curtis, Maki, Robinson, Olson. Eighth row: Russell, T. Hulbert, Niles, Olsesen, Jacobsen, Lillund, Westlake, K. Gatlin, McCullough, Bertsch, B. Nicholls, Pease, Davis. Absent: Backlund, Garot, lawrence. r 1 SPRING A l,A., lull-va 'han SCRIBES First row, left to right: Merle McCormick, Presi- dent, Nadine Cobb, Ink Spot Editor, Nadine Thomsen, Vice President. Second row: Ralph Lockwood, Treasurer, Fred Covington, Secretary. This year the Scribes Club put into effect a proiect which has long been under discussion: they rebound pocket books, thus holding the pages tirrn and keeping the books from falling apart. There is now a shelf in the library for these books and an exchange box. The Scribes Club also sends poems to the State Anthology twice a year and publishes the INK SPOT. First row, left to right: Karwacki, Claussen, Salazar, McCormick, Olson, Marsh, Thomsen, Barkley, Merrill, Shultz. Second row: Miss V. Shulsen, Epping, Cobb, Norris, Glines, Covington, Silver, Jones, Lockwood, Gatlin. INK SPOT "The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword." This is the motto of the hard working INK SPOT staff and they're doing a very good job of living up to this motto. There are many enioyable stories and poems in this year's INK SPOT. PARK MERRILL Illustrator NADINE THONISEN Asst, Editor and Judge RICHARD COATS NADINE COBB Illustrator Editor LARRY NIELSEN Illustrator ANN CLAUSSEN Typist and Judge RALPH LOCKWOOD Judge MERLE MCCORMICK Judge L 3 FRED coviNG1oN I 22:1 .kkr , K Judge 1 L- I I RON BARKLEY ' ' 3 - ,IQ F. -if Judge K P I we Lx ig gguz ,Q X ALICE GLINES Judge , i,,t, t -' f---It-mv -i,g.,,,mU. .I : 1, , , II. SARAH OLSON we K 1 W I It s i 3 ff V eight. 7 z . I. . Sgtfggggg kv-'1 we JUNE FERGUSON Assistant Editor EDD I E PEASE Business Manager First row, left to right: Price, Owens, O'Neil. Second row: Mr. Hardenbrook, Draper, Chandler, Morrison, Bowen, Third row: Ferguson, Swain, Vetter, Cathey, Scott, Coons. Fourth row: Moe, Bryan, Lay, Pease, Anderson, Hoopes, Hetzel. x Something new was added to the HI-SPY this year. A contest held to choose a new banner was won by Park Merrill. Also many new columns were featured. With the help of their advisor, Mr. Hardenbrook, the staff published an outstand- ing paper. + ' " " -A -r--ann'-11.1 -uf' ' i , E 1 ark l l l 4 ,N ff! t 46,7 M - -'V N. r. -v Z ,:'.f'j-.: ID: K 'l 7 Editor ' HI-SPY I se ALICE GLINES Associate Editor HARRIET JO MARSH Editor JOHN WELSH Junior Editor HARRY INNOCENTI Boys' Sports EUGENIA JACK BRYAN BILL LILLUND STEVENSON Photography Assistant Organizations Edifol' PI'lOiOgf6pi't6V MISS GLADYS SHULSEN Staff Advisor MR. RAYMOND STENBACK Financial Advisor MR. LESLIE LARSON Art Edvisor MILLY SPRINGBORG Senior Editor FRED COVINGTON Senior Editor COLLEEN DONOHO Junior Editor KAY KARWACKI Girls' Sports DAVID RUSSELL Organizations NANCY HAYES Organizations CAROL KIMZEY Business Manager MEGAPHONE STAFF We, The Megaphone staff of I955, wish to present to you our new annual. It has been made in The hope that in the years to come, when you look at it, happy memories of your school days will return. We have spent many happy hours working on it and hope you will also enioy many hours reading it. DRAMATICS CLUB Our Dramatics Club, whose purpose, besides enioying themselves and pro- viding enioyment for others, is to further the interest in dramatics, has been very active this year. They have taken part in the Drama Festival at Arcata and in the program at the Monday Club on Parents' Night. They have helped in the pro- duction of many plays throughout the year and have put on plays for assemblies. The Club also played a very important part in the Christmas Program and the Student Body Play. 1 lu. TU First row, left to right: C. Andrain, R. Schultz, B. Thomas, C. Hart, A. Claussen, M. Stewart, J. Viegas. Second row: Miss Abraham, D. Viegas, M. Wilkinson, C. Price, R. Reeves, R. Barsanti. Third row: B. Mc- Creary, O. Norris, S. Epping, E. Stevenson, F. Elliott, M. Springborg. Fourth row: A. Glines, G. Bartlett, F. Olsen, P. Robinson, J. Ferguson. av" --vm... in Top row, left to right: Mrs. Zinselmier, Kuykendall, Nichols, Froehlich, McCorkle. Second row: Verbich Hetzel, Bartlett, Price, Arthur. The forty-five members in F.H.A. had a very busy year. They held a candlelight installation of officers on Oct. 29 and on Nov. 5 through 7, Guinevere Bartlett, Verna Price, and Mrs.FZinselmeir, advisor, took a trip to the state convention at Asilomar. In January they had a slumber party and in March there was a Section l meeting at Ferndale. This was a ioint party with the F.F.A. In April they enjoyed a skating party. Officers for the year 1954-55 were president, G. Bartlett, vice president, S. Hetzell, treasurer, R. Froehlich, parliamentarian, R. Roberts, sergeant-at-arms, K. Fisher, song leader, V. Price, pianist, A. Byers, hostess, J. Viggers, historian, E. Kuydendall, reporter, G. Arthur. The girls in the home economics classes learn sewing, cooking, child care, color arrangement for the home, and other skills so that they will be able to manage their homes in harmony and happiness. First row left to right: John Pancoast, reporter, George Head, vice president, Phil Branstetter, President, Malcolm Niles secretary, Ralph Robison, treasurer. Back row: Mr. Berg, Mike Snell, sentinel, Mr. Wentzel. The Future Farmers of America, Chaper 47, is a branch of the nationwide agricultural organization open to all high school students taking Ag. Their ac- tivities include sponsoring an annual boxing tournament, F.F.A. Barn Dance, Student Body assembly, parent-son banquet, parliamentary procedure and public speaking contest, Christmas party with F.H.A., annual project tour, tractor field day, and Giacomini field day and participating in National Future Farmer Week with downtown displays, University of California Judging Day at Davis, state F.F.A. convention, ninth district fair at Eureka, Humboldt County Fair, and Eureka Kiwanis proiect competition. First row, left to right: Snell, Robison, Branstetter, Head, Niles, Pancoast. Second row: Hayes, Sousa, Laustrup, Welsh, Kindred, Clemmons, Roan, Crews, Mack, Hudson, Land, Wescott. Third row: Mr Wentzel, Elliott, Hagood, Holland, Scott, Dalton, R, Stuck, Starr, Seely, McCaughan, Moench, Kernohan Ober, Svendsen, S. Cate. Fourth row: Stephens, Leep, Harmon, Anderson, Dunn, Webb, Pullen, Roberts Anderson, Partridge, Duclo, Strong, Lewis. Fifth row: Swarts, Stuck, Martin, Cirby, Jacobsen, Blankenship Houston, M. Cate, Philip, Mr. Berg. I 1 i The Better Business Bureau, this year under the splendid leadership of Mr. Wayne Leach, has been completely reorganized. The purpose of the B.B.B. is to promote and develop a better outlook on busi- ness life and the business world. To be of greater service to the community is the goal of the B.B.B. E. SALAZAR Vice President ,Q . D. DEVEREUX A 'as' Secretary "Wi """ ff, 5 v. PATTON ' Treasurer F. covlNGToN ll L Sergeant-at-Arm S C. KIMSEY President ,lfa .QD The Junior Red Cross this year made Thanksgiving decorations for Visser's Rest Home. A week before Christmas they decorated a tree for the rest home and after Christmas removed it. First row: Weygand, Early, Echols, Secretary, Claussen, Vice President, Petty, Treasurer. Second row: Ferguson, Stevenson Marsh, President, Mr. Manley, Advisor, Brazil, Scott. Third row Anderson, Stewart, Glines. Decorating Christmas Tree at Visser's Rest Home This group also had the con- cessions at the Arcata game. The P.T.A. sponsored a dance after the Del Norte game and donated the money to the Junior 'Red Cross. INTERMEDIATE BAND First row, left to right: Read Hulbert, Solonflon, Shields Elliott. Second ,rowa Webb Roberts, Miller, Doyle, Lamp ley, McLeod, Durant, Osborn Harlan, Spesert. Third row Tompkins, Monschke, Pullen Hall, Thompson, Holt, Farar, T h o m s e n, Christiansen Fourth row: Fitch, Madsen Paine, Bryant, Shively, Fritz- sche, Mr. Brewer. Fifth row: Reynolds, Smith, McCormick, James, Pettit, Harveston, Sny- der. A4!,,,,.v' -,K 'LN L.,, 5 ix. . ,. ., .. ,,wL'q,.t't"i'-if '51' BEGINNING BAND First row, left to right: Hud son, Aubrey. Second row Ferguson, Krey, Mozzette Caston, Hansen. Third row Smith, Church, Evans, Hor ton, Hescock. Fourth row Lewis, McManama, Mr. Brew er. in N?' 1 , ,, 5 gi W s .YS .,...,......N.Q , , E rf . ' ' .ff NF H .f J x K, Q :if QE,-..1,? lS!Z,, I ,:5 . Q A. ??1Q'T? 1 Q3 i M., 3 S ,, My wb 'V' , :W Agp 5 f Ja KA , LJ M 71 .4 .1 ..... ..a- wh- f x fs , ' .N ,HX x.. 3 .sf .M .zf Ji. X , ...Nw f ... wg ml - e Q ' 'vi '. " 1 -sri. ,WRU ' ,ww ,' f "' V V, K, N N .g'gmQ13m.qwJ,,,g A 7 1. ,. ff? it 3 I fi N mf www - v A . - .,1. . q ,.,', f ,. , v I ' g,"'f, 'L -'nf Shi .- 11 A i Aw ,el m 5 ' ' -- 'H Q A A , f. - , M M ,X ,ML E , f,mgg,,LvgeQi5f?,seQygf24f:fw,.4 W r ,' h h . 1 1 Eff., x I- , M-xn.,"-X - .. P 1 W Q Q. - ef Q' if fx is gi.-x E Q,,4i,-Q Ex lk A Sf., Ll'?'?' 3' w R ,-.ff N.-3 '1 ,- .J -was -rf: QV , v- ! K ws? nth if ' "K z .V 1 .I-Q , ,5, rf TX X w sf , ' k ' X , 1 ,, 'W , .. 'iq gfik-+ 'W fm, W ' 'Q my wx ' uv ,.... - Q A A v "' 'fa I 'S S L' A iii! Eff' k W 'gnu 4 ' , . - IK ,Xxipfp . I gg W 0 '5 XX K- fl jx f Qing? ff - f n , , 'Q ' ev GJ in, ' ' W I 9 in 5 , N . r I , , L , ,, , . t ,,. fi - X I .A - fi J VL ,ww 4.uAQpWAm .. ,5ev .,4: N' ' V f . 1 -M .Q-N -W 'x Wf'f':?ffSN'mf i?f'f't, L1'.ksi1?iL,v "'7 ' ' 5? 4w?Tw"7W'ir -1i,f Bgamgf' A . -- ,K J 1 , " ' S 9,gif??ff:s!'QW?w-52 ., v13i'f5'??WE'+5i??wf'?f"fa,"'M T, - Q f- H ." 'zvwkiig J 4 4 N' 1. wx .Q X W ' W A 'ig.-, -+-:ffl ' Q' ,m 1- Q' Wie A CAPPELLA First row, left to right: Schultz, Molles, Parsons, G. Baird, Draper, L. Baird, J. Blankenship, McColIey, Petty, Swanson, Morrison, Poe. Second row: Woolcott, Betts, McLeod, Holt, Lippert, Lively, Maki, Anderson, Bethea, Nelson. Third row: Ferguson, P, Woods, D. Blankenship, Kimball, Henson, Griffith, Durant, Bertsch, Daggett, Byker, l. Woods. Fourth row: Johnson, Buhrman, Reeves, Anderson. Fifth row: Don Babcock, Del Babcock, Westlake, Rovai. The A Cappella members were very carefully chosen this year. The group is well balanced, and consists of forty-four members. They used real A Cappella music this year and handled it nicely. The Harmoneers or Boys' Double Quartet is a new organization composed of eight boys. They have good voices and blend well. They enjoy singing any type of song, but perhaps they like best to do Barber Shop Harmony. HARM ONEERS Left to right: Kimball, Hen- sen, Griffith, Bertsch, Reeves, J. Anderson, Buhrman, K. Anderson. Seated: Mrs. Jacobson. HARM ONETTES Lett to right: Benoit, Charn- strom, Devereux, Swartz, By- ker, McColley, GIRLS" GLEE First row, left to right: Winsby, Upp, Malone, Johnson, Scott, Weygand, Rosenlund, Hetlin, Neely, Donoho, Duclo, Bowen, Chairez, Green, Ferguson, Jenkins, Byker, M. L. Thayer. Second row: Fleischer, Gurnsey, Hoopes, Langdon, Ingraham, Terkelsen, Stewart, Nelson, Hamner, Emmons, Voigt, Toroni, Gossett, Ripple, Crile, Aubrey. Third row. N. Goodner, Wick, Clark, Morgan, M. A. Thayer, McCormick, Swain, Price, Still, Harrison, Dunham, Wehe, Tompkins, Caston, Mrs. Jacobson. Fourth row: Krey, Pullen, Ericssen, Romisch, R. Goodner, Paulson, Dick, Stapp, Price, Loveland, Noah, Boyett, Briggs, Pritchett, Shaffer, Cook. The Girls' Glee is a group of seventy girls who like to sing. Their voices have very nice blending quality. The girls in this group wear white blouses and dark skirts when performing. Their accompanist is Patricia Nelson. The Harmonettes or Girls' Double Trio is a group of six girls who love to har- monize and have a lot of fun doing it. Some ot their songs are serious, some sentimental, and some full of fun. Our Choral groups made wonderful progress this year under the fine leadership of Mrs. Jacobson. if if Q f' -' u ffl my' 9 4' ,S , tink? 5519 Medi lk fwgjwk 2' ,,V, A ,- 5 5 L,mww?gPfQ X Q Mk f gw iii 5 5 Q. K 1 J QW !x r if vi,-in X 'gif ,,,,,, C Q A if , 1 B FQ QW 'Im -,ff Aw a . ,S .. f'f"ii.'g 7 5 1 F. M., ,, 5 R 1 ,X Q rr 3 ' o 5, A, 4 . Y 9 DANCE BAND Our Dance Band, in great demand, played music in the style of Glenn Miller, Woody Herman, Les Brown, Benny Goodman and Tommy Dorsey, as well as some driving Dixieland, Latin rhythm and pop tunes. TROMBONES-Gordon Bertch, Mr Brewer, Ralph Lockwood. RHYTHM-Lester Hunt, Jerry Batten, Milly Springborg, Bob Toler, Eddie Pease. SAXOPHONES-Pauline Arthur, Larry TRUMPETS-Charles Hinchcliff, Curt Richmond, Gerald Olesen, Owen Reese, Jon Mell. Ng,-fig, The Tri-Ette organization is one whose chief purpose is that of service to the school, county, and civic organi- zations. Eligibility for membership in Tri-Ettes, which is composed of Iunior and senior girls, is based on scholar- ship rating, athletic and activity points. The Tri-Ette members welcome new girls to our school, making them feel at home here, and are at the service of the school, in general. TRI-ETTES HTS? 'OW' left to right: Marsh, Rowley, Byker, P. Woods, I. Woods, Thornton. Second row: Weygand, Stewart, McCormick, Salazar, Watson. Third row: Lippert, Maki, Springborg, Molles. Fourth row: Bartlett, Ferguson, Benoit, McLeod. Fifth row: Wilkinson, Scott, Charnstrom. Sixth row: Jenkins, Bronson. Seventh row: Miss Hyden, Advisor. EXCALIB UR if' . First row, left to right: Dunn, Andrain, Hagebusch, Martin, G, Barlow, Harville, J, Barlow, Hinchcliff, Barsanti. Second row: Tornasini, Hubert, Cooney, Robinson, Niles, Olesen, Pancoast, McBride. Third row: Russell, Head, Westlake, Nicholls, Gunnerson. Last row: Kindred, Branstetter, Bowlds, Barkley, Olson, Mr. Wentzel, Absent: Harry lnnocenti, Ralph Robinson, John Ireland, Bob Witters, Rodney Reeves Gary Jacobsen. " 'im "" -1--u .-Q I. L The prime function of the Excalibur Club is service to the school. Its traditional activities are holding the auditorium doors open before an assembly and putting the seats up afterwards. The boys engage in various activities, such as sponsoring dances and dinners, and they perform service duties throughout the school such as keeping the campus clean. The Excalibur Club is patterned after and sponsored by the Fortuna Rotary Club. Pictured at the left is the Excalibur pin. First row, left to Eisan. Second row row: D. Russell, S Martin, Grundman. Weygand, Lipperi, Patrnore, Ingraham, Lockwood, Hulbert N CHARLES ANDRAI N President son, Freeman, Paulson, Hayes. Second row: Hugh lock, Echols, Bliven, Myring, Dick,Selazar, Stewart borg, Briggs, Smith, Thomas, Lively, Pullen, Gatlin, Garot, Hinton. .. !1vtx s , - , Fourth row: Curtis, Andrain, Richard, Worthey, Black, vx'xy4SAQAZ, 3 svxg Steen, Epperson, Robert Worthey. Fifth row: K. Gatlin, v N -Yjyilt X QQ Nielsen, Gillette, Lawrence, Barkley, Liniem. Sixth row: X Xvgvtvnt, X 'CV Q Lillund, Lance, Kemp, B. Millsap, J. Millsap, Jones. X XVA YAC. t F Q' I xl s'.v . g . ' .R 'Qt'- vX,4..Q S "Q'f.,f X x i 4"'Yy .- 4' Al .til 5 .f 'vxof ' '2'- .eg-.'E ' ' f , -tin xiii! 'flirt lu' L P A-6' '.. 1 , P W 'g!.l.g', First row, left to right: Predmore, Gossett, Early, Schultz, Perrett, K. Karwacki, B, Karwaski, Wilkin- McCollen, Weeks, Mrs. Reid. Third row: Spring- . . . G Pfesldeflf Vice President REOLA BOWEN VERNA PATTON The Clara Barton Nurses is a club consist- ing of girls who will be our future nurses of tomorrow and are under the leadership of Miss Deardorff. First row, left to right: H. Echols, E. Echols, Johnson, Bowen, Karwaski, Brazil. Second row. Early, Hetzel, Ferguson, Anderson, Lewis, Miss Deardorff. Third row: Hayes, Bliven, Dix McCormick, Patton, Lampley. LETTERMEN The Lettermen's Club, under the :supervision of Mr. Reynolds, is an organization composed of boys who have earned their block "F" athletic letter. This year the Lettermen worked with the Student Council in making a new athletic point system. ll'i ' A ii.ysys 1 T F. bi First row, left to right: Smith, Tomasini, Brown, Murray, Harville, Collver. Second row: Lively, Nicholls, Bowlds, Gunner- son, Barkley, Cooney. Third row: Mr. Reynolds, Advisor, Westlake, Innocenti, Anderson. Fourth row: Jones, Henry. First Semester President Second Semester President JOHN BROWN ARMAN GUNNERSON Y B I 0 L O G Y CLUB First row, left to right: Hayes, Echols, Larnpley, Eisan, Maki Second row: Elliott, Dix, Mc Cormick, Westlake. Third row Hagebusch, Munchheimer, Ol son. Fourth row: Cooney, Eth ridge, Rigby. Fifth row: Nelson Murray, Mr. Burhans, Collver. r l ,MJ RADIO CLUB First row, left to right: Mr. Manley, Marsh, Chairez, Benoit, Glines. Second Q55 ' row: Colburn, Munchheimer. 55 jo goin-M Third row: Millsap, Worthey, Voight. Fourth row: Hubert, Barkley. Ha Fu " v 1 i I ...-....-.- - I , Q will Las N0 . aa - ,M fdmrur Left to right: Nielsen, Merril, Shultz, Stapp, Garoi, Bowlds, Schermerhorn, Mrs, Larson, Maki, PHOTCGRAPHERS ,PM Leff to right: Welsh, Lillund, Bryan, Mr. Walpole, Mr. Manley. DRAMA TICS This year the Dramatics Department did a number of one-act plays. Shown here are some snaps from the Dear Departed, a hum- orous play which was pre- sented to the Student Body. The Student Body play this year was Ramshackle Inn, a comedy murder. This play was a take-ott on the run- of-the-mill murder myster- ies and did an excellent iob of poking fun at sleuths, villains, and timorous her- oines. The department did a good iob under the able supervision ot Miss Abra- ham. N X 0 N I of . - Y -lr 1' f fllllfliplfhl r 'T C .- --5 y 's s s - a I -i 5 1,-,., 1 "' T' T' 'T.f xl 3:2 - 4 QL! -. T lc if-1 Q SPOPRTS NSW PEP SQUAD OFFICERS First row, left to right: Darlene Thornton, Rally Committee Secretary, Diane Lyons, Treas- urer, Donna Fielden, Pep Squad Secretary, Ron Anderson, Chairman. Second row: Mr, Healey, Miss Deadorff, Advisors. RALLY cforvvviirreeerrrsr raw, left io right: Pat Caston, Gayle Scott, Judy Morrison, Peggy Cokley, Doris Chandler. Second row: Diana Lark, Judy Ferguson, Darlene Thornton Jeanie Giacopazzi, Gerry McGovern, Stan Smith, Third row: Pat Robinson, Joyce Witters, Novey O'Neil, Jean Byker, Sybil Lively. Fourth row: Arman Gunnerson, Roger Smith, Ron Ander- son, Gene Bowlds. PEP SQUA D my ,Fi PEP RALLY COMMITTEE ,fr--.v 51 R f-'QI 1 , fx .f A ,jgfliv-f -w Q' QQ ii-f4."k VN ' sr 'gf' af ,Ji s V x Q Q .vm V 'ifif i lx. 0 N . ,kv F I Q ' . 5 Y wk, it N -I .Si gr ,vig I 3 Q , 3 1 ', -'dm' .Al QHSNQ , ff ' J, . sf, J , ey, if P, .15 Y M? ffl, GIRLS ' SPORTS BASKETBALL SOFTBALL VOLLEYBALL TENNIS SHUFFLEBOARD .V ,R .. , HORSESHIOES 1.1-f-""' SOCIAL DANCING tb Ggw. 3 llrislde nl This year's Girls' Athletic Association was better than ever. The girls have attended several sports days at other' schools, including Arcata and Eureka High Schools, and Humboldt State College. The Annual Basketball Spread, in February, and the Girls vs, Lightweights, were the big events of the year. Fortuna High's GAA is truly an outstanding organization. OFFICERS First row, left to right: Peggy Brown, treasurer. Second row: Patti Maki, vice president, Miss Deardorff, advisor, Earline Davis, secretary. REPRESENTATIVES First row, left to right: Esperanza Salazar, Reola Bowen, Patty McKay, Doris Chandler. Second row: Pauline Woods, Edna Borges, Julia Wilson, Dorain Byker. First row, left to right: Perrotf, Crews, Barsanti, J. Barlow, Barkley, G. Barlow Hubert. Second row: Read, Hulbert, Mc Bride, Harville, Daggett, Wood, Smith, Mr Keechi. TENNIS First row, left to right: Christiansen, Maki Arthur, Gregory, Wilkinson, Thomsen. Se: ond row: Ferguson, Robinson, Anderson Backlund, Bronson, Miss Deardorff. This year's varsity, built around only a few returning veterans, had a rugged season, winning 2 out of 9 games. Al- though they were the underdogs, they went through the season with plenty of pep and vigor. They started off the sea- son by playing Ashland, this game they lost by a score ot 18 to 0, but they ended the season by beating Ferndale, the little three league champion, by the score of 6 to O, Next year's varsity will be looking forward to equaling the record of the powerful '53-'54 team. AND SNA PS SCORES Fortuna Fortuna Fortuna Fortuna Fortuna Fortuna Fortuna Fortuna Fortuna , , SCORES M, 0 Ashland , 7 Ukiah , ,O Del Norte ,, 6 Eureka , 6 Arcata ,I9 Del Norte , ,,,, 6 Eureka , 7 Arcata 6 Ferndale FR SH-S PH TE SFS. 99 ,Vi arcia, Toole G cCullough, Hansen, ebb, M yder W Sn Moody, rst row, left to right: Bruch, Fi son, Pritchett, Reynolds bi Ro ill, Na Rice, Westlake, Vi kardt, Kelley, Smith, Silve row: Ashburn, Ec nd Seco McCormick. ack Madsen, M ne, Gille Gabor ault, Partridge, lip w: Barrote, Schermerhorn, Ph rd ro Thi aggett, Wilson. an, D xson, Freem Hi urth row: Black, Feuillye, Coleman, Breklce, Fo SCORES , 3 ,- rte F. S. . No el 5 D ..2 ph Frosh-So O .V. J I'lUI'16 Fo 9 l Frosh-Soph MR. HERMAN 40 .V. J eka Eur . O Frosh-Soph MR. ORR l9 el Norte F. S. . 4 D l Frosh-Soph M 26 .V. J ndale Fer 7 Frosh4Soph A-,Q ffl 'U s: fU 'ri an .li c fC org BS W otba fo V9 O man-Sophom Fresh yea r first the This was Q. D 'O cu 3 o .C LD bs ID .C '9- they, gger than bi WSFS hat S T FD S6 T layed mp 63 ST thi ough , A fr fy 1:1 3 , N if i7 I at I , l . ffl ' E e th lTlOF8 n-Sopho fU E .C U7 KD L LL V7 FL fU GJ PN 4- X CU Z 115 .2 '+- 56- O -o- D O VY ID E fu O5 O 3 +- CD E C .E 3 l, ely wel TTI tre SX plete schedule. YTI CO ITIOFE pe to carry outa ho will fT'I 96 . T , , .lli ? U F r 'M , gf V-' " 'Z' f' iff? 'fiffid zl-52 N ,,,. ,T 1 I I - hz A .'-. in gf, . ' . E ,,,w-wx ' HW g aww ww QW ae NF x sf 5 1. lk wi. ij y ,- 733 Manager Manager 5? A K S f 5 gf Qfiixifgin Ng' w A s six K A Q Q jf F 435 , 3 K is X X ' 'r xiii I2 A wk .yr Q Jldta XFN., img J ,:., 1 ix 5 i n Lml -IXA - A.f.,, 5 A s E I . ,1 L Y 4725 4 MVK' Q ' ps? M ggi iDgN Ser!!-L gg s-.135 ' 1 5 Coach Coach : W' S ,W 5 3, i F M' af in J wPfqN'g 1 w + 1 is -- ig 2 4-ls? 'S K -fv is '1 " - l ffm gi V- 7 V11 4 a 3,32 WTZYJQEQ SCORES Fortuna LIGHTWEIGHTS Opponents 43 Grants Pass 50 611 Ashland , 42 26 Ukiah 3-4 49 Ferndale , 33 53 Eureka ,,,777 65 57 Arcata 59 A7 South Fork 7 , 1 I 38 Hoopa 5 , 39 58 Del Norte 49 39 Ferndale , ,E , 47 29 Ukiah , , , 33 62 Eureka ,, , 65 56 Arcata , 45 51 South Fork , 34 Ai Hoopa 5 43 50 Del Norte 7 ,, 52 "B" BASKETBALL The Iightvveights this year got off to a shaky start in the first half of the season but later in the second half Caught tire loy improving their league standings and giving Eureka a run for their money. SCORES Fortuna HEAVYWEIGHTS Opponents 43 Grants Pass .7.,,7a 7,,aa,,, 7 49 71 Ashland 7 ,7,a,a 58 58 Ukiah 7 7 77 . 32 53 Ferndale 7 7 77,,,, 47 40 Eureka 77 7 62 50 Arcata 7 ,,,,,, 37 68 South Fork 7 77 77 uu,u 77 42 77 Hoopa 7 7 7 77 48 50 Del Norte 7 u,,u 77 77 41 58 Ferndale ,,,, 61 53 Ukiah 7 7 33 50 Eureka 77 aa,, 44 50 Arcata ,,u,, 7 51 67 South Fork ,u,a 77 ,u,e 47 71 Hoopa ,,e,. eu,, 7 35 67 Del Norte 7 7 77 7 42 MA 7 7 BASKETBALL This year's heavyweight team went through a very successful season, fac- ing a rough league schedule and the lack of height. They worked very well under our new coach, Bob Orr. 'UL li ANDERSON ATWOOD BATTEN BERTI BADURA BROWN BUCHER CLEMMONS COACH DAMON BILL ROBISON '55 B's SMITH INNOCENTI MELL RALPH ROBISON WH-L5 SENESTRARO STEPHENS TUCKER BABCOCK CASACCA GUNNERSON JERRY IRELAND BATTEN JOHN IRELAND MARTENSEN MURRAY NICHOLLS COACH ORR ROBINSON OLSON ROVAI SMITH TOMASLNI VAN zeuf wssnmce COACH SCHROEDER First row, left to right: Thomsen, King, Bales, Eckardt, Hinchcliff, Wallen. Second row Ashburn, Bucher, Niles, Thomas, McCaughan, Upton, Senestraro. TRACK First row, left to right: Henry, Stephens, Barkley, Berti, Schmidt, Barrote, Bills. Second row: Silver, Christiansen, Barlow, Nix, Batten, Johnson, Clemrnons. Third row: Coleman, Badura, Atwood, August, Black, Will, Schermerhorn, Malfatti. First row, left to right: Mortensen, Freeman, Boyles, Lockwood, McCombs, Gunnerson. Second row: Olson, Robinson, Anderson, Kimball, Gillette. COACH SYVERTSON I Sgt gil JUNIOR VARSITY First row, left to right: J. Boyles, J. Collver, D. Setterlund, J. Pritchett, L. Burnside, M. Cate. Second row: W, Wilson, J. Dalton, G. Mccambs, L. Smith, T. Harville, D. Oman, Third row: Coach Schroeder, D. Coleman, D. Babcock, M. Snell, B. Bartlett, K, Christiansen, BASEBALL JIM ANDERSON KEN ANDERSON JERRY BATTIEN MANUEL BERNARDO JOHN BROWN GARTH CASACCA JOIE CLEMMONS HARRY INNOCENTI HAROLD JOHANSON GEORGE MCCOMBS PQHQII JACK MURRAY BOB NICHOLLS BUD SMITH- LONNIE SMITH BOB TOMASINI LARRY WESTLAKE This year's Junior Varsity had a very successful season, winning eleven games and losing only four. The highlight of the season was beating the Foresters, cham- pions in their league. 5 , . COACH DAMON 0, 04, lil 1 i -,N X QP v "C" BASKETBALL First row, left to right: Atwood, Anderson, Tucker, Batten, Berti. Second row: King, Eckardt, Nicholls, Shields, Tompkins, Griffith. These teams won four games out of four, beating Ferndale and South Fork twice. 3 SN so ..xX., Z V if-Q.-if .:.L wfgw .. rt: - . if iz X.-..', r X, S31 x.-k - Last year's Frosh picnic Oh, boy! Shoes for showering Never can tell what you'Il find in Boys' League Cabinet Be careful girls iT bites! Parents go back jo school Please Fieclens, don'T make faces Alice, don'T you like rabbits? Z ara? Tfffliglf s 38559255 SEM? the clark room l V-l-C-T-O-R-Y Jeanie washed Them all herself. IT vvenl around The corner, Colleen. How, Yvonne! Fortuna Eskirnos. Don'T help him with his homework. Junior Prom .Sfraighf from Dog Pafch. wiv.. ' ' : ff' 'L-,f',ii!j' f N :V . an x - ' X i , I " '-34 - w. . -f "ww , - if " :' -z 1 ' .- !' - A, , 'z - -. , ... .x,. 1, , , .4 U,-x fn. ' ,avg 4 E fa' . .9 .fi . ,..J5?.:n ., . , .Q , :ff If :' . ' -G ""1' ' -' " T . " JF' an ffff- ' --4 'x'f"1fX-A 'I 'ff , x 5.42 .A P . if +11 V +1 A . hi , -1. e - 'I kann, xii uw lil 3: PM - 5 1 x . 'yi N. A It , ex L 1 w r Y vw: in n" U 'X i V ' 54 -1 , J X I . J! W 1 . 1 . K W 0 . . W . lv! w, . J A ' 1 f i., B , , '.. s- Sf.. f ' 1. W - 3 -Em , . l ,. ' ' . 4-A W , L . . a .H 3 .- V .ggi , i 1. 715 1' ' ' ,f ' , 1. 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Suggestions in the Fortuna Union High School - Megaphone Yearbook (Fortuna, CA) collection:

Fortuna Union High School - Megaphone Yearbook (Fortuna, CA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Fortuna Union High School - Megaphone Yearbook (Fortuna, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Fortuna Union High School - Megaphone Yearbook (Fortuna, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Fortuna Union High School - Megaphone Yearbook (Fortuna, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Fortuna Union High School - Megaphone Yearbook (Fortuna, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Fortuna Union High School - Megaphone Yearbook (Fortuna, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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