Fortuna Union High School - Megaphone Yearbook (Fortuna, CA)

 - Class of 1952

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Fortuna Union High School - Megaphone Yearbook (Fortuna, CA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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" , .x -5' f g , - fy gp 9 Y K' rv X-KVM X? - , f Q f -Y 4 I if 1 . .V v f M Q - ff ,X 1" Q VB '-1 14 A, "Cf 4' X K A I X fl, af . lu" iv ruff- riif V C9241 'A I ' ' X' 'fl 1 'Zi K5 D if ij! af X, 'fx 1 ll! 4 , ' , 'Q ' ,f . K gt 17, X au A. M- ,7 ---, ,A of V 1, ..f-, f 1 K7 1' . , '- - X , 1 . - g 'Y ZX - ,l 11 X, 9 , mi' ,A X' -, , M aff --fkg,f n I .W x .E , f , bf , x 1 Q I xr- , f X ,ff X X "ff,f " A , "DIZ X A f A " . .Q f K Qhxfjfw p 1 s r f 4 V , V V 1,4 , VHA" ' 1' VU . , VV V V V. ' 'V V .,, . V. 1 V V ,FV 'V-','V,V.V .l .g - .. gf,-V-:'V V ,gt . V- ,V .V ,,..V, '1',V'V, 'fyqs .'3'r,y'.V L '. H "wx 2,111,1- '- V xl, ,.w3'1ffV31: -. 'ia V V ,fx K V .V,,.,V.,.,m5,?m w,1l,,,2vi,- .,,!.VV V,,,,,w:,VLV.- QA.EV,, 'j1fm','f,:g,'x?gVV'7HfVg,i, . ,,VfV'7X:kV::. 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' V"m,:,,V U vp V-1V.1-,fpff V V",-:1 V, -'Vw ' .KV 'A vu: .1-LV'VV.g2 NSN .,s:-"qw V. 1:1-Vi ,.1 ,WU ,a V " VV ',z::V' ' - f', -. . 1' f- . ., kwa FRFVIVE5'fig5?g'i5L7f"f'-32525 -e,5V','f5fa'1:?'VL-fm!2ffi2f!i'M'E V635 " f' .ViglVV2.Vc"53f" V ,' 'Qi X :V1'L'.:V' jf , V, Vg 71- L r5','.,:1a,V-an .L x"'V'y4g,s- x 5,3-4 -7 V-'fu ,Q V: VM V, 'Alf' :,.iJV,zicVq':g,g- 5 jx qu, ': .', L.V.VV,g'Q. .QV Lyn: up V?F,e,f,V'f.aV'.'yVf,.3ifVf2?4p1f7.Q:K-V-mf'VNV,'u1.VV,V,fsaKg?V?g5jfV1iViVg-V,V--- V "5Vg,5VgpV,eVf'VVgVV,, ' ' ' ' 'Q' ' D 2 sm,-QV-V Vi ,.,,.-gVV.w:'- -f.f.1V'V-: V: . .1 1' J ' eV u 'V V ,::,g V V my-V g,V:.'s.': - 'ZYSPT,-.5Lf11izfH'fTfg!i53f'-52!3'WgV4'Vr'VfV"-.9 'tffw gkQ'.1.V,fT1????3"'f1"'f'V.'' - " V l'1eVff'E2?fE17"?A4'1iQ" V ff gf' 7151 VV: ', V:-vifi . 'f'5?"C1:Y'?14W".,5?" 3525 :Eff ZH' 'k"iL!V QE" .2 34234 ""x"i"5Vi.1 -V Vr"'VV'LV-fV9"f"3 '-VVL' fl V47 V3-V ln- 'ff ' ' "N WV'-Wai' ' w"V'1' 'V V . 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V. , ,V .V, ' WV' jf. 1-,gf-g.'Vy-gg.. 1 ,i L1 . V . ,A V 14 . V-'VV:' 4 J V V 4 ! t.,V+7' A HAQ '1 Mgr..-VA V1.4 , V ,,,,Z3- , V ::"V3,V,,,, lx X X V! ,VS A V' M1141 X I wk? in My. . S. V V! pl ix V ,. 5, ,, N V , , Q . . , V , I , V Ur VV V .MJ .M 4 C V Vx, ' V'1V":fi'..V V -5.1 1. 1 ' 'iw' V V . , ' A K V-Mi ' 1 ' . 'f 'VV' , V , 1' V Va'.'V ' ,fx ,5 4 MLW Wfwmiff Www wwulilf f,,,1.,74 W W IW. QV 1 Q em ,X W nw w Q XY! ' yWWyWf M1N MSS Gy Q Mjmy W W QHQXLYTT j gy We by Xpwkliw N 'fiifgfx 5 go MW' W W M, Wwfq. WM WZ, R ssQIfi'5f CY Auqwwf ' .4 W Q x uno , 1 PUBLISHING COMPANY DALLAS X rexAs 'hyhz-nada uemsilnennvnnooxs ,.........--lk Wegfpfyiame GI? TUNA UNION HIGH SCH RTUNA, CALIFORN What You Are 150 Be, You Are Now Becoming New students entering our school find courses in which their special abilities are developed. They may enter many activities which tend to make them feel at home and here, too, is the beginning of friendships they will treasure in the future. . Through the course of their studies, students gain new ideas for their future along with the knowledge that prepares them for their vocation. The activities have shown the students how to prepare themselves for the time when they will become a part of the social life of their community, state and country. These activities have also given students a knowledge of the responsibilities they will meet in future years. Friendships have helped to influence many students into the course best fitted to them and the activities which they can enjoy to the fullest. Friendships made here at the Fortuna Union High School will be remembered and treasured in the distant future as the students go out into the world to do their part in making this a wonderful place to live. "What You Are to Be, You Are Now Becoming." These pictures show the pro- gress being made on the building of our new gym- nasium which we look for- ward to using next year. 3 745k of Ewtwta ,gg . un 5. 7wfW Zfawee 0 Quin Spam gay ' Sfddfd ?ecu!me4 Scion! 4' mi, X, V ,Q -Q by ,, n , IQZIH I I K. 7 T ,Q iz. , Xb uf. f 5,1- 523 . -- -1 5.2 f fieeeifw wi wgggfmgg :Swain f A ,, ag M Sh 5 S 5- fi? 1 52 k xv J. 152 K .. ,Q -K .Keir wwf-,Q . f Mez- , Y 3 ir! , ii 4 ,M ,M --575 32251, ,six -, 1 V M xi Af . Q , i ii' ,A ik' iw '52 f J fig: nf 'Wi . ' . wk Q Tfigzfx- Y' "ifjeH1x, -15z:i'f'. ' jf ff Am Q? jf ,, , fag, A A , 1 - , V' 1 Y X8 Q ' .wif-, w,:zAex,k- .-,ygyxi If L, ,W-y,..x. . K 5 zu Nga ' nfl,- f Q. 6, 2, . A u lf'l5f 3 Xe fifty his .:K',X.MiiskYlW 'X 7, " f.vf ..i7 '. f ' , ,Y sq ' 4 1 Z SYGIWEWM , , Q ' C Fu? FG , JWQNMNW ,f ,. N '-A X , XW 71, SMQZT , Qmixmnm ' f?-: ff' -1221 ww., if-if-if ,-,if.,...5f""' 1 uflm ' N-QL Jil WMIPEW! H1 im wax Q- own fa. os me moe, xo Qosw Q, Q m oqogoexcxb X 3924 N91 be KCQOQK cb em e emgoe, QW. 'ow OK QOQ, co goescxb e mx cox. Ko X916 e 4-We Q o oxe, -me xxoc.xQfrfQ4XQ 'OQQ x e em- o eosqgv QXQKK Mx x Kos e Qs numb xo X91 fzbovz, 'oem Quan fb mob X soc das m so mo eobo ok xoo 5 S75 M r 1S,E1m glider P 977, . MCK enz. le M r 3 Ev efreigitt G J' ' B eck M Mr' H Drs fn r ' L f ' H O y W - S52 EQOPGII I1 Ot omfgzft t vu L 7 Cffifku ,6.QE?Mam.J f bfi . m ' K fmw mL 5 .,,.. 1 ' -83096661 efm,Ps1wz:P..J gag 7fg,,,., ,7 ,d,A,W,J6:,m,,,, ZX Qgxvinx Wdldwzf 3 ' 9 E fr-,Q . . , ', h Prerzdent 'fr Vzce Prerzdenl . -"' I George Ibarreta Wanda Hansen f r V 7 B f 6 W Trefzrurer 7 B Song Leader Secretary Ida Gatlin Connie Gushaw .loan GUYU Yell Leader Director of B m A Attorney A ' Student Body 1 U ' L General Q ..,Q Affair: h ' 'e'A ag ' Pat Friedenbach Lillian Tamo Dick Gladder Zi Ll0f6 72 1 Court fudge -' :: ' ,.:i . V , f l First row, left to right: Lipscomb, Livermore, Santarini, Weygand, Ron Goble Elking, Gushaw, Ferguson, Kesser. Second row: jordan, Capeder, Tann, Bassett, Griffith, Mackley, Friedenbach, Murrish. Third row: Baxter, Parlato, Reid, Arman, Gunnerson, Moses, Barlow. L 0 U Z 1 - , .V wx-W , .. . .fm fr 1 , ,. ,, , , , ,V .,,a,g-mfaaeszrzeftr,'a,r,4t,f'--it V. LL, .. t First row, left to right: Lee, Gladden, Buckman. Second row: Hansen, Elking, Law, Pryer. Third row: Young, Martin, Larson, Ammer, Anderson, Sproul. Dirertor of ' L 1 iirsa Sofia! Affairf is - , ,Z Lynn Pryer Standardr Pat Johnson Dirertor of Girly' Albleticf Barbara Kinton Director 0 f Pat Mackley Dirertor of School Spiril Hazel Nunes Difffffll' of Fimznrial Affair: refzizffzizzf Direftor of Publix Informizlion 5-3 Harold Lutz , 3- ig. 'me ing, V.: . Q. Direrfor of Oriefzifzfion Bob Wotherspoon Direrlor of Boyf' Aibleliff if .ff 1 Sadie Cathey 'Dr' L 4 use ,K 2 , 3 qi 'tl Jin :Hi "---...,,gi:mN Wi- Q fi? f ,fx A, , Q23 aw JF"?.TJ, 11 .A f - X ,M , Q VV , ,i ai, .,.' if ' f S "-' ' A an A5 Ar 5.2, M an -ff' 2 ar x E553 . 4-mnfp ,MS 5 l -a-9 J' .E ,,,.-wr 5' Q V 2 ,, If Q 1 Left to right: Delbert Garce- 6 lon, Edgar Petersen, Doug- las Coleman. Geraldine Fielder Edith Morrison Frank Volpi Art Pryer Left to right: Robert Hardenbrook Leslie Larson, Gilbert McFadden, Robert Kitson, Earl Martin, Theodore Lippert Byron Wilson, Douglas Coleman. 56y NS -r Seuie 611155 Ofheers v-ay fn. il. 1 Prefident ......,...,... .,.....,...... R ICK KESSER Vice P1'e.fia'em? ...... ...... P AT FRIEDENBACH Secreiary ...,..,... , ...,....,...... SHIRLEY SWALL Tf'ea,r1n'e1' .A.., ,. ,...... ...... Sergeant-at-Army ..... .... Song Leader ......... . Yell Leader ..... Pianift ........ Advisor .. CHARLENE CARLSON JACK BOERGER PAT MACKLEY HARRIET HUBERT DIANA SANTARINI MISS CROZIER I WAYNE BAIRD Surely, our ladief' man. JOY BOEHM Got a problem? I'll folve it. LARRY BRAVO Af innocent af a new born babe. Ib A s EDWARD BAKER ROBERT J. BARTLETT Alwayf on lbe move, A new addition to our K .. JACK BOERGER Tbe firft balf of tbe barbel- ball twofome. BARRY BROWN Prefident of BBFSA Jfbool and very well liked. LUCILLE SOMMERVILLE BONNIKSON Merry, married Lurille. .i ' Yi I BOB BURLINGAME I'1'e had my fling, but wbaff next? PATRICIA BILSON The girl with tbe myfter- iouf airf. me ! ai' , if . lszkfmxr 1 ii' 1 1 TOMMY BOUTWELL y Tall, dark, and? Wfell, nal bad! Y l l R N l l 1 1 X 1 N BEVERLY BYKER Sufeetneu if tbe fpiee of life. ANNETTA CAMPBELL CHARLENE CARLSON SADIE CATI-IEY ARLENE CHAPLIN Her jolly .fnzile if .reen every- Charlene! W'here'J joann? An exception to the rule, Silenfe if contentment. where, hoth pretty and xntart. JOANN CLIFTON EsTI-IER CLONEY Charlene went thataway. I have other fifh to catch. GEROLIJ COBB Silent hat powerful. BEVERLY COLVIN MARIAN DAGGETT JULIA DAVIS Her wayx are an infpiration Love me little, love me A Jtill :mall voife. to all. alwayf. E I RITA LAVELY COLEMAN I Home to Jtay! W I . i ' 11 , I C' '. V. . I if Qi . , IIN E , LOUIS DAVIS Speerh if great but Jilenee if more powerful. I7 IDA GATLIN Gotta get goingg he'J getting away. RICHARD GLADDEN A little rnan with a great mind. DWIGHT GLASS Seen loann anywhere? e, Qgxg :fi I A zeigfifegfi iifgfw' K , ,. gqfg ,g.-:z-nge - if I fa,-, I . f K ek, ,k,.. I 7, 1: :fy ,, , I .1. , ,,, f- f, f T. A QA if 4' H1 I EH if QL E 3 an Q I e ifezbw :: f ff tv E , I 'E s T Aae t A f MURIEL FISHE Nire and friendly. JANICE FREY The girl with the merry heart. PATRICIA FRIEDENBACH The littleft angel? 132411. 1 ' 1,111 PATRICIA ELKING Our are on the heyf. WILLIAM ELLISON The Jilent type. CLARA FARNSWORTH Quiet hut full of the dirhenf, SHIRLEY DAVIS I am never merry when I hear Jweet mufic. RON DICKERSON The joker of the deck. BEVERLY DOYLE Angelx are Itill bright. LM.. RON GOBLE Our greal artor. JOAN GOWELL Af hwy af a hee. BETTY GURNSEY Hurrah, got it al loft. I CONNIE GUSHAW Our Meximzz jumping helm. JOAN GLIYN Our college med. CHARLES HALL I have lhe world on my Jhoulderr. I 4 Q I 5 WANDA HANSEN The girl uvizh all the ideaf. JAY HARLAN The man u'ilh the flaih hulh. DOLORES HARVEY Alufoyf .reen working. DORTHA HENIDRIX A little girl uilh a big Jmile. . DELORIS HERMAN Girl behind fhe office counter. DAROLD HOLMAN Silen! mon of FFA. HARRIET HUBERT The more lhe rrzerrier. JANICE HUNT I olmzyf hafe .ro mueh to do. GIZOROE IBARRETA The Second half of the hafleelhull lwofome. I CAROL JOHNSON jolly df ez hox of puppief. PATRICIA JOHNSON Ar! if long and life ii IWEEI. RUTH JOHNSON Laugh, and :he world laugh! wizh you. NERITA JORDAN Sweet and lovely. RICK KESSER The man uhoul Jchool. BOB KIMSEY The giant ahore gianlf. BARBARA KINTON Merrily, merrily, life if hu! o dream. JORAL LERWILL Oh,f I hate to .ree it go. ROSE LINSER Give me my dreams. 5 , Q Is - A E35-1 1, Qu, i Q QI had 'Vlfv-suv 1 GUY MOORE He tba! herb knowledge Ipeokxg I keep quiel. HAROLD MURRISH Life is jun one blind fomer' offer' anolber. HAZEL NUNES Ola, bow time doef fly. 4 DEL MCCUEN Hello, all you lucky people. LAVERNE MIDDLETON Good zbingf come in Imull pnrkagef. WANDA MILES D0n'l bolber meg Fm bury. i LOIS MARSHALL I lozfe everybody, every- body love: me. WALLACE MATTHEWS I Dont afk meg I don't know lbe anfwem. BILL MCBRIDE jun I0 ber name if Pal. Gilr- Q I :A , Q E Iv IL L 43+ rt. RONALD LOWE Let'.f be on our way. HAROLD R. LUTZ Mufie in the air. PATRICIA MACKLEY Her mzile if known for and wide. MARY OLIVER Life if wonderfulg let 111 wonder never eetzfe. KATHLEEN O'ROURKE Tlmt'J what laappem, DORIS PEDROTTI Our flair lzttle rhlekadee KAY PEDROTTI l am etuy to pleafe, gwe me a lmfketball. EDVIGE PERRA I wear a golden halo. LYNN PRYER 011, dear, my mtznnen are Jbowing. FLOYD REESE Come on, get on the ball. BEN SALYER Where are we meeting, boyf. DIANA SANTARINI Give me .rome song: to play. JIM SCHERMERHORN Hi! car if alwayf in the , auto Jlaop. GERALD SEVERSON IJ it real or if it ferry? water color. LARRY PHILIPSEN Dam, left my mmem at home. o 59' E Nr .4-rf' ,Il I . far ..:.,.,..... I..gI,M,,Q.,..L,.,,..I.,.Q,A.,..I...L.,L,,L,,..W A LL.. Yuv- ELLITA SI-IAFFER Now wa5n't that fanny. GLIINOA SHIELOS I have rnurh to dog don't hother me. HAROLD SIIIVELY IWhat moviex do I run off next. SALLY SUMMERFIELD SIMMONS Married life if l7Idflf'6?l0llJ'. ANN MARIIE SPRINOBORO lVo1'h if .meh a -joy. PATRICIA STILL Whirh way did they go? 'M' 4 uve. 'Q if MARVYN STOCKEL What would I do without Hazel? SHIRLEY SWALL Whaf.r gonna happen next? MARY TAYLOR Muft I be leafing Jo mon? EIJNA B. TOMPKINS Wfhatfr good in it anyway, lhat'J what I'd like to know. TERRY THOMPSON Firft rome fini Ieroed. PAUL VONAIDA How about that? X . L NANCY CORBETT WARDEN Our former FHA prexi- dent if now pulling her ahilitief to we. WILLIAM WARREN Give me .rome parm and l'll mahe a car. SAMUEL WENDT Woodwork if hi! Jperialty. ANTHONY WHEELER Oh, herh, I can't .reem lo gel anyplare. CLAUDIA WOOD College, here I come. BOB WOTHERSPOON Got any hot new! for lhe Hi-Spy? DON YAROER Life if Jo zediouf. MERVYN STOCKEL All-American boy. ANGELO BACCHETTI Pluto, head of school taxi .rervice for hoy.r. CALVIN BENTON Married many only haf- helhall could hring him hack. MARIE COX BORDON Our inxpired poet. LEON BOYD Jiggf, our mafter mech- anic. PATRICIA ERIKSSON Alwayr jolly. BETTY MAYE FRAZIER Alwayf with a Jmile. JERRY KARP A :harp lille guy. JERRY KOBLE ThiJ is when I came in. JOHN NELSON Il will never he the .fame again. DALE SMITH Thanh Heaven, the hell rang. EMMETT WILKINSON Thafx the way it goex. nv W, E lm, LE .aa .W f505tI.5'Y -it Ffvfcihrwxz Donna Abel 5 S a-J A a Q L ,. ' la waz QQ W Pete Applegate Ralph Aubrey Tom Bartlet Gloria Baxter Fred Bones William Bones Phyllis Borges Jack Bowman Troy Bramlett Marilyn Brown Christine Bucher Pamela Carter Donald Cate Joyce Christiansen William Clark Juanita Clark Vivian Cloney A25,kws,l..1,.. B 3 Marilyn Cook G- F3 x X -.1 Q. Noe... sq I4 if 13.1 la 1, S f un P 'Rf- sm 1' I f 7 1 1 ff is ,f f f I 'll xx X 5 X N K, v 4 H ,- jk 1-lv Alfred Dias Arlie Doers Dick Dorris Virginia English Fred Ericksen Richard Fauerback W0 8115 Y 7749? :Shawn Janice Cobb W ., Neff' , ii Wig? .ar D if .af ay' -za U3 0 Z1 '4 0 -1 O 2 um 75 0 , , -1 .- . E o ,. gg, 11 wa- Vl 0 -4.-'ffiivw ii- , X Elsie Damioli Glenn Danielson Edna Dell Cleta Echols Pat Flocchini Rosalie Goodwin l l . a l l l Dorene Franklin Shirley Frost 1 l l Carol Fuller Jackie Goe V .irfii 'ili l p rrnrrr .1 ,..r, - f - K Ak Vlkykiy M3 ktvk is V-Lh E, .L ,g V ,X of rrro .. nrrnr rf,lro i y s Vr-- ,- 4 r'.i jim Green jim Griffith Ruby Griffith jean Harper Gene Henderson Louis Herbert Bill Hight 1 John Hill Blayne Jenks Y-me Pin-f fi. F' Wesley Hixson Jean jones ff Delores Holberg Alice Holman Phyllis Ingram Rick jeans Bill Jordan Christina jordan joe Kernohan jack King Donna Martin Jo Ellyn Meador Judy Meng Danita Monschke B fe ,,,r, , 5 gy an 15 i Hx ii' HQ 'jg.'-- 5- - V . 52 T W2 ,ti I .Q M roat teitr Irene Mushkin Dale Musson 1 ' ' or VNOTCFUR Wffvmcxii' 1 525. A ,M Q ' Wit, KLM :,. f or f"" X f' 'Vffi' Larr Nelson Garth Nichols Y 0 1' g o ,4" , ,v : ,s " . lh-uf so . W 5' 3 fs f ' " B, x e , -- ' AS TIME ooiss BY 1 l i A f i vm xv Thelma Morin Pat Murphy asia? fur! mom summits Sandy N att Bob Neal . if - PM gi 2 ? M. 5 , 5, 3 1, 1 3 - f H , i fra--eczema 2 X f - L, Ei , 3, Bob Noble Huey Orsenico Joy Parlato Robert Partridge Sally Perrott Pat Phillip George Phillips Edward Powell Joan Pritchett Gloria Reese Janice Ried Bob Richmond Joan Riness S S , .Ay I tam- i ,,WM,,,..,'i??:."..a S f ,W hr .T'?f'2lf,? fi 4 it warg! Shirley Roberts WDTD HQ? AVMABH. Wanda Rowley U WPIDTD NOT AVAILABLY l l lCrayton Sauers 'lv- 'Q' 'C iw be 'V J t . raw . ., ii t -1. , A r Dorothy Ruiz 1 EET i mi' f A if- TP f m 5""7No Puoro Harold Schunernann X. A ,D r Q2 I S X l V- . - 1 ' Linda Roth A U Il A ,I N x A , v x I X U. S. HISTORY X' Kenneth Sanborn Anna Shields David Shively Bill Smith James Smith Bill Spain Gordan Stephens um 'H S iliiiii AVAILABLE i gr Joyce Stephens Phyllis Stephens jackie Straight Marietta Swarts Lillian Tamo Roy Taylor Frank Tehan Sue Thomas Kathleen Tompson Maureen Toole john Townsend Dave Truby ,V Q.. ia. ' ' Gwila Whitlow Luke Wildgrube is Cecil Wilkinson joan Williams Joanne Wilson Robert Woolley g 1 ,Q 195 are i aiiffz ' fi 1' lsis 3 . 9 , '.-l'A- ::" s-l if-'J X UE!-C035 'o.i ,. f ' 11' WK EF W4 ...-- k , f-iL W, , ,.-f ,L ,- -1, f .. l R lssll " '7':,'?f:.5f'5-7 -"ff -M it 55.2.4 'i f IfikimffgffigfgApZfff2f5'1?!,A-5 fy a-Sf:-'S' ww? - -:ga ffs:sg,51sg , 1f2f -, sz.: f-Zsffs, fsnw. Q:f.t,3.u:1fg?iff -P ff 124- ws.. -wa,-i1f,ff4fizs,zwfsgff L- fr--1 - f ff:-W . Clora Wright Jim McNaughten Annette Brashear 'Vi 3 4 'L' I " f'N 'S 0 K A if JUNIOR PROM Twaf the Night Before Chriitmaf f F 1 . I I Pauline Aldrich ' H f Lawrence Alfred lr ' as 2 f- Clinton Allen f,n, .,lL A - Y' Ronald Allen 4 A i l y ' A Annette Ammer " y L A Delores Anderson W I ' - V, Estelle Anderson i -- - Joanne Anderson -W ' i . -' - ' A - ' Louise Anderson ,, 3 K S 4 Z aw ' W. S a in sq " 4 K K t ew' v L H, '24 fy . M...-.. I Sea- M 2 fr 5 W .aa ei 6 if - i Ta If , f H I S: 3 " Sw P' ' Nancy Antongiovonni Barbara Arthur Dick Ashburn Russell Ashburn Faye Ashe Jean Badura Jerry Baker Jerrold Bartlett Betty Bassett i HG 9 A 1 " . 1 aio-Q t f f 3 W 1, '1 if ,f 3 , of W 'f L S Le! ww 'H- S fy X, at lr am, an-Q Seated from left to right: Nancy Antongiovonni, treasurerg Alaris Bidache, secretaryg Danny Thomas, presidentg Lois Hansen, vice presidentg Lynn Worswick,sergeant at arms. Standing: Lela Herbert, song leaderg Russell Berg, advisorg Pat Heney, yell leaderg Lola Cook, pianist. k. ef 'Hy , H P ff-igiewwfsrgsagyy. :fra me A 115-f2ii?asf5f?l5g?ifE2Sf 1' ,lf-:W M 2 A at ,,', r -5- vw '- "' H, K , i C s Q C a i 5- Q, N . 5 I .Mfaw 'f K 71 . grae- ff , . ,siii fw ' 7 - 5 . I Qin' v , 5 ,, A . I 3 ,yxy A VL,,A Lee Breshears Fred Briley Geraldine Bryant E r 5 . . "W - f ':Z?, I f l lf I . v C' E, , , ' ' '11, ne 4 1 Sena Capeder 1 Dale Carter 3 Bruce Cate l l l ls a QQ is M r t Y is C a if - ' jf ,F I p B . sv A V Q, l ussmmmmwns -k KBTW .- V 1 y Q gy .X ,xxx . 1 . H3331 if- 341 9 ' , X Xfx ,A , R N A . A - ' - U 5 ,IUC f ,si m iz Q . - 8 A K- 4 .:.f sa, 1Q,. ..,,..r ' ., r.,. A -,Lai . A U "' "' , 51 ' Y x ,Q f Z. fqi 2' if ik 1' Q ' Stephen Baxter james Bell Alaris Bidache Evelyn Bisconer Janice Blake Rochelle Boerger C, Glen Chandler Darlene Chaplin Martha Cisneros Barbara Timler John Coffey jerry Collings " C iw af , "' 'H j' ' A -. Mary Lou Bolduc A y Gloria Bonera B Larry Boyles A Darrell Branson Richard Brashear David Brazier Gary A. Cook Lola Cook Sidney Cox Robert F. Davis Wayne Deloach Tom Demello ' "-TH is ' y,'f V 1 4 1 1 3.5 , 'Q 5 2- , , if - aataa A A at 'Q FW' fzlzffawff DAN c Campbell Dewell Esther Dewell Larry Dickerson Kent Dix Ethel Dodson John Doyle Lon Duval Phillip Dwight Joyce Elder Richard Endicott Williarn Etheridge Ramona Evans il-nav ni. V HX fi ff I e vw I E 5 5, V: re-J, y ji ., v id on is s ' " E a X 1" V, Q ' 5 5, I fr-, i f Vernon Evans Benny Evenson Fred Farnsworth ,fir "wc ' .ff ' X , 415 A K - A A A -"i' -Cr ' Q "fr 2 , , W , l if-' .Q J 'cur -V, l ' A X Sidney Fauerbach 'f: '212 jim Ferguson is :A , E ff aw ag.. A ' frr 33" aasiii Fi 3 ii sy --. E ,Y 25a 5 C' a Him Lee Fielder Pat Fishe Geraldine Francis james Frasier jim Friendenbach Bennie Frost Sally Frost Katie 'Garrett Marjorie Gatlin Mervin Giacomini Doris Gladden Emily Glines Dolores Fielder .- - il - H ' E L . , vary ,,a A 1 -ri F .. l ri ' W w w, V Mgr l , 195' l I al, ' lg I Walter Godsey Ray Goodner Carol Granvall Larr Hansen Y Lois Hansen Cecil Gregory jimmy Guedmin Delores Harr Delia Heaton Lela Hebert Ann Hedley jay Jackson Stanley Houseworth james Higgins Pat Heney Bill james Frances jakes Inger Jensen Gary Kesser Corinne Iorgensen Kay Kindred Arlene Kittleson Q H lane Klaverweiden Dan Kradler Fred LaLone Warren Klobucar Robert Koble Betty Lang Rickie Lee Q33 E Alvina Loveland rf if 4 , M f WMM E lw l MMXMM M MlMlllMl M lill l MM WA N X iw M M ilk ill M Mg MQMQMXMN Maw W M U N lx .. 2 v ' M ,.Q , X M arijane Martin M M jon McBride X 6 X M y Mi b M GUY MCCUCU Q W lli M , Arthur Loveland Michael MacMillan Malcomb Larry Lester Mann Barbara Martin Robert McGahuey Pat McKay Robert McNeill M Maxine Mead A3 ,Mi l MM' M tM,MMfMMlM,X 1 M EEZ S M QM" 4f MMM NM-. MM ll f All l 4 will Bob Meng M.. L M MM-,Mile M M M M M 355, a M M My .WM M M F 'Mu A M f M it M M M Geraldine Moon ' ' il M 1 Truman Morris M M M My M cttw:-M X LVM NM M f , M J ' M V M Roberta Morris M, , Joanne Mosby MM Virginia Neely Patricia Nelson Philip Muse Douglas Ober Jimmie O'Neill Cheryl Orsenico Shirley Patton Muriel Pedrotti M . W' M 'bf 0542 N N MM" 'Ml" ' M. M A M M 5 W M MW vi M ll K, MM MKMMMM will K M in Wil? if if wk lt M Y M iw M Mi Milf MMM M1 VXWX ,M 4 ' M M ,M QHMMMXM tliw QM "' My MMM MMM WMMX M MMMM J' I X A W NM KM I M my f it M M MM tw .1 MMMMMMMMMM M Mx a N MM' M ,M i ' ,' ,Mllliillwll l rife 5 MM 7 'Q Q X Q 115' X ,425 , MW M M MF Ml w M A M George Miller Frances Miller we if M ' M M A 'S Y MM Y i M ,, M ll ' George Nelson K M Betty Noble " Richard Nunes MMM' M MM MM + MMM. M MMM M M in if MMS' Mi We un- MMV Q W Nm 1 M M W M A N ' my W M M .. MM MM-A l 'WW M MMMMMM M ' M MM M -iMTM'1llli A M MMMMMLM MMM M Zia! if 'W' . fmff rw, W' 'im - i 3:- Nora Petersen George Peterson Dick Ponts Norman Pritchett Raymon Reeves Nancy Ridenour Ruby Ritter V L p ,, 'EWR ii , Ml will l' 'W wif 'M V HW l li 1 U H M 'Nf l J ,f , my I' U W' J vw George Robinson Lawrence Rose jack Schmidt Gary Setterlund Richard Severson if ami H Don Sanborn Ed Sarginson Shirley Schelling 01 vows Bob Simmons Daisy Smith Kennith Stephens Bob Stevenson Gary Stewart janet Stewart Charles Still Dixie Story Verna Stout Gracie Strobridge Helen Swarts Barbara Summerfield Betty Shanahan Darlene Shields Joyce Shields ,- f uc Dixie Thompson Donna Thomsen Wesley Tommila Carol Sue Tann Marlene Thayer Danny Thomas Judy Waldner Frank Walker June Ward Wyian Woolley Lynn Worswick Dorothy Worthington ,K , i ia n Marlene Wright X' ,R , Winnie Young ' A John Zimmerman K i It , jx Q ,., Janyce Watkins 'fx ,N ' Joyce Watkins Ny, i,i, K A X X Julia Watson W Darlene Wendt Wilbur Widener Q Donald wiiiiams Edna Mae Tompkins Mary Tompkins Guy Tucker N l Ralph Svendsen Tig.. M ' Lola Swain '- Kathryn Swall J X Franklin Van Duzer Joyce Van Harpen Arthur Van Loon Lura Vanstory Anna Mae Verbick Warren Voigt 91? if JUZXIX Vire PreJidenl .. Seerelary ............ Tfeafurer ........... Sergeant-al-Armx Song Leader ...... Plum!! ............... Pafliamenlarimz Hiflorian ,,... ...... Reporter ........ Adzfifor ....,..,,,,.. Ad1'iI0f ....... ....,, enema! ny ,naflfzee First row, left to right: Poe, Treas- urer, V. Shulsen, Advisor, Bucher, Secretary, jackson, Yell Leader. Sec- ond row: Griffith, Song Leader, Andrain, Pianist, Tomasini, Presi- dent, Lively, Sergeant at Arms. First row, left to right: Brazil, Dias, Gray, Baird, Nolan. Second row: Pitts, McCausland, Betts, Strob- ridge, Fielden, McBride. Third row: Murray, Scheel, Knapp, Tom- mila, Gunnerson, Shrull. Fourth row: Coleman, Seidner, Cirby, Al- ford, Mr. Kitson. , . Qe First row, left to right: Livermore, Thomas, Maire, Wiggington, Wil- liams, Epperson, Head. Seeond row: Moore, McDonald, Kelley, Cooney Schroder, Lopez. Third row: And: erson, Lewis, Brown, Robinson, ja ques, Bowlds. Fourth row: Seidner Oak, Nicholls, Batten, G. Batten Mr. Givins. First row, left to right: Dunn, Bar kley, Laustrup, Lockwood, Binney, Allen. Second row: Shultz, Hoag len, Graham, Scholl, Pitts, Mell Miss Gore. Third row: Jones, Harp- er, Brown, Tucker, Hubert, Stuck Fourth row: Noonan, Martinson Franklin, Buckman, McCausland Nelson. First row, left to right: Beach, God- sey, Thornton, Cathey, Bucknell, Jensen, Pease. Second row: Nichols Marsh, Lewis, Rowley, Wilkinson, McGee. Third row: Andrain, john- son S rin bor Coons Morris i P g gi y i Patton. Fourth row: Kernohan, Col- burn, Henry, Daggett, Mr. Wentzel. a 7 vi-1. First row, left to right: Knox, Shields, Branstetter, Burgess, Klo- bucar, Griffith, McKay. Second row: Hixson, Swartz, Ferguson, Nickols, Rumrill, Morrison, Blake, Beleele. Third row: Toler, Jensen, Kimzey, Pflimlin, Bacchetti, Davis, Cathey. Fourth row: MacDougall, Lillund, Kaspar, Martin, Covington, Sproul, Mr. Wilson. First row, left to right: Weygand, Lennon, Bowen, Anderson, Scott, Hammerslet. Second row: Gibson, Owsley, May, Echols, Rogers, Bry- an, Mr. Damon. Third row: Moe, Curless, Coleman, Hughlock, Bart- lett, McCormick, Elliott. Fourth row: Madden, Rovai, Nelson, Har- ville, Rigby, Carr. O First row, left to right: Crile, Bron- son, Chandler, Poe, Bucher, Phelps, Adams, Gregory. Second row: Grif- fith, Tomasini, Straight, Noble, Fer- guson, Lippert, Cool, Maxwell. Third row: Kindred, Byker, Dever- eux, jackson, Silver, Russell, Mc- Leod, V. Shulsen. Fourth row: Showers, Moses, Livley, Smith, Hol- man, Benson. ' i First row, left to right: Swain, Ear- ly, Carney, Ward, Cobb, McColley Fields. Second row: Culbertson Brown, Barlow, Middleton, justice Miss Babler. Third row: Hunter Hamilton, Machado, Hughes, Gat lin. Fourth row: Scott, Allen, Law rence, Olson, Amen, Bliven. R MMIII Q55 SE Z? fp f S W O 5? idv' Q F I O VJ QV 73?b'!,Ei SA LE T I ffl QS K7 W fgiqgjg 0 KD W X9 WP Biff- Q5 KT X 7? Q53 W9 C9 Q6 Co Q io Q Sf riff Q? SY yf wx 1141111.- 6 c-M f 5f,8xeC,Q.x C islx efboc moo woo 526101851101 who BM 1 0101911101 . V Wt, O0X0xesYXfw1eq Oxgaifxmaixous 904 063 311+ aqixmaixons yy, Xmdxc, 0 951104 93041 Sm00e0v,, '2vew,e'xx'xs 0400 0000 fpqgfzlxo 'xo X036 040: N Q00 e,f1e0v,, fpcixfiqises, 000 dz-secs 0K -200 apex s5o00X gem. 'Yds qemsvasbeeo V00-sq 00e.,4fG0je.d'0001 'tqbilxoqa Q06 X0 Q00 400005 sc.0o0X QKKMS. 00000 Qmx 40050 oi Qiixs acixiqd 000 SQOOCX Q36 N005 'Oeeo 0000 60 00 5,gx.p2e,,,0v, Q00 000,05 0K 100s xNeg,0Q000e. Xx 'ms bees, fz. Q00 GRM SQ0-ng Oxg, 4,e.fw,Xe:is e000 480 Q00 Qoooggixx 0K 0002901 0,000 was K0 00400. 'SQQJSS 38? J 6 0 i , , ' ' lf , N , 9X310?.X?,af'5 Xfablfflxoq, LM 6059 Spam 6054 Svon W 0411 I 'be-1efM9+AY-es 0 ' Y f vimess a1mq,e1 X Y' FK M , 0 W V ,, MW -P nw x5s.X,.vme-00 EN An Mahsow xM.Y-.'5xe300Cl- Yknmxmk Mvkso-1 5' . . 0sxe39e010nxx X555 C1 .Smbseo Z I N1 SMX Nwism ' X00xceC3O'o M, X67 1' f agua Qbzez' s . Ak ,br BARBARA KINTON Sefgeanl-al-Armr if HARRIET HUBERT Sang Leader . ' I JOY BOEHM lyk V ' Prexidenl pam as 5 V ,iw Z Q99 A M N "" LOIS MARSHALL g V ice Prefident A BEVERLY BYKER Serreiafy A N PAT ELKING Treufufer . ,fm MRS. A. REID 4 Advifof First row, left to right: Elking, Mackley, B. Bylcer, Bonnikson, S. Swall, VU. Hansen, P. Frieden- bach, J. Cobb, Hunt, Harvey. Second row: Miss Babler, Kinton, Boehm, Perrott, Rowley, H. Hu- bert, Guyn, Christiansen, Gurnsey, S. Cathey, A. Marshall. Third row: Law, Bucher, Larson, Floc- chini. Reid, A. Springborg, Parlato, Toole, Wilson, D. Bisconer. ga1 '- I-'Ol 46 W Veil Ben Salyer Prefiderzl EN in 'gQ-vs- 'GJ . v.. If Del McCuen Vire Preridenl gay agua 120 ef . 2. L. 5 'Wi 'K'- ifrg., Aix if A jack Kmg Treruurer Glen Chandler S ecrelar y Rlck Kesser A A Song Leader jxm Ferguson S er geam-at-A rmx Mr. R. amon Advifor First row, left to right: Jenks, Bowman, Severson, Pryer, L. Davis, B. Noble, Bramlett. Second row: Mr. Jabusch, G. Cobb, Dick Glaclden, Goble, Lutz, R. Kesser, McClaskey. Fourth row: Philipsen Laursen, Bravo, Ibarreta, Tehan, Salyer. .Q-v F7 Under the ca able leadership of President Edvige Perra and Mrs. Rei as advisor, Semper Amici, an organization for students who are studying a foreign language, endeavors to create an interest in other countries. From the proceeds of their many activities they award an annual scholarship. The club is fortunate this year to have the added assistance of Miss Cresto. 48 First row, left to right: Mrs. Reid, L. Hansen, Perra, P. Frieden- bath, Goodwin, Spain, Francis, B. Martin, Tann, Weygand, Miss Cresto. Second row: Williams, Muse, G. Chandler, W. Hansen, Campbell, M. Pedrotti, Heney, Bucher, Shaffer, Andrain, Jorgensen! Third row: E. jones, Poe, Loveland, Morrison, M. Brown, Larson,l L. Cook, Young, j. Cobb, S. Cathey, Perrott, Lillund. Fifth rowzl Nolan, Moe, Parlato, Reid, Flocchini, Ammer, Wright, A. Spring-3 borg, Mackley, Waldner, Elking, Pryer. Sixth row: McLeod, Ben-5 son, C. Bacchetti, Wotherspoon, J. Friedenbach, King, Linser, P.. johnson, Boehm, Hunt, Stewart, Mann, Batten. l , i Y W First row, left to right: Fielder, Kimzey, Jenks, P, Friedenbach, W. Hansen, Shields, S. Swall, H. Hubert, Gushaw, Mackley. Second row: Glass, J. Ferguson, G. Cobb, Guyn, A. Springborg, Bon- nikson. R. johnson, Nunes, Edna B. Tompkins, Doyle. Third row: Bravo, B. LaLone, Philipsen, J. Friedenbach, B. Brown, R. Dickerson, R. Kesser, Ibarreta, Wotherspoon. Fourth row: Dorris, Nutt, G. Chandler, Salyer, McCuen, Mr. Givins, S. Cathey, Hunt. -17 gf Qu MMM First row, left to right: J. Watkins, R. Morris, Amen, Jorgensen. Second row: Tamo, Tann, Thorn ton, D. Martin. Third row: Wright, Ridenour, Phillip, P. Nelson, Mr. Wilson. ORCHESTRA First row, left to right: A. Bucher, D. Byker, J. Gowell, R. Morris. Second row: L. Philip- sen, E. Glines, C. Rimzey, D. Thornton, I. Anderson. Third row: P. Early, C. Silver, R. Barkley, M. Strobridge, D. Williams. Fourth row: D. Krader, C. Andrain, H. Marsh, J. Ferguson, D. Thomsen, G. Bryant. FUTURE FARMERS First row, left to right: G. Jensen, L. Coleman, P. Jensen, P. Branstetter, Rosalie Goodwin, G. Head, R. Laustrup, S. Swain, J. Griffith. Sec- ond row: Mr. Berg, R. Aubrey, R. Nunes, W. Voigt, F. Machado, F. Van Duzer, P. Dwight, C. Hughes, D. Dunn, Mr. Wentzel. Third row: J. Guedmin, D. Severson, j. Hill, B. Hight, G. Danielson, L. Nelson, D. Tommila. Fourth row: j. Covington, K. Hall, G. Moore, R. Lowe, G. Miller, G. Nelson, J. Hoaglin, L. Rose, G. Setterlund, S. MacDougall. Fifth row: J. Kernohan, A. Bacchetti, N. Madsen, D. Cur- rier, P. Murphy, L. Stuck, H. Cirby, D. Hol- man, R. Kernohan. Future Farmerf Fair Award "Kew 'xxhxkt Q- Ae? Y 26,109 ':3cXW1m'1 Mxffxafso Ts , 'Q ,f,.,,W. Y ram YVYQCYQ YXcN"i. YSL Rv SYN' -,XA BQ QNAQX' . V mga ww ,ma xv8.45'. LAQYST, Y tm SCYYGXOTQXI K qftv n X' x-A XAAX Q - - 63555. 3- XSQ gsili N ,g is ikxwq-a A wav 041 4 4 K. G XX ,,,fff-f'X! time Q xogjggg - -, Q , ,A 'ry xg -1251614131 0204 A Q all JJ-YZ all IU, o oz, 'Awe v A we-'5 am and MXX 'bg MKG in "on6s'5. 04' W 'ygxqlh WGA' 0 J' ,Rx 5,951 1, X Q5 'X K f, L Cook B Guer flsey J L. Pfyer, . ISS V , I . Shuls . Cn Cobb 1 B . MCBf1de' First row, left to right: Hunt, P. Friedenbach, D. Gladden. Second row: I. Jensen, Lang, Jorgensen, Heney. Third row: Harvey, W. Hansen, Bassett, J. Anderson, S. Cathey, J. Wilson. Fourth row: Roberts, Kinton, Guyn, Elking, Reid, Larson, Miss V. Shulsen. Fifth row: P, Johnson, Strobridge, Baxter, Parloto, V. Cloney, J. Harper, Waldner, Francis. Q PW: First row, left to right: Doyle, Daggett, Still, G. Shields, Gowell, Guernsey, Taylor, E. Tompkins Miss Gore. Second row: Somerville, Oliver, Carlson, Clifton, I. Gatlin, Gushaw, L. Marshall, Cole- man, M. Fishe, Byker, A. Springborg. Third row: Hall, A. Chaplin, S. Swall, S. Davis, E. Cloney Jordan, Summerfield, Nunes, Middleton, Yarger. .Q of E Viv' 'i' W"' .gr I k First row, left to right: Dick Gladden, L. Davis, Gray, Bucher, P. Friedenbach, Christiansen, S. Swall, Waldner, M. Pedrotti, Fran- cis, J. Cobb. Second row: Wfotherspoon, Wfood, Griffith, Bronson, Miss V. Shulsen, P. johnson, Nunes, M. Cook, L. Cook, L. Marsh- all, Jorgensen. Elking, Heney. Third row: Benson, Devereux, M. Springborg. J. Rowley, Marsh, Wfeygand, Glines, Lang, J. Wilson, H. Hubert, V. Cloney, Parlato, Guyn, Kinton. Fourth row: And- rain, Epperson, Barkley, Lockwood, Russell, Williams, Bowman, Clifton, Flocchini, S. Cathey, Harvey, Hunt. i X 21 S0139 W 1' First row, left to right: B. McBride, Salyer, Pryer, j. jones, J. Cobb. Second row: H. Hubert, Mackley, Dick Gladden, Jorgensen, Heney, M. Pedrotti, L. Cook, N. Cobb. Third row: P. John- son, Gurnsey, Guyn, Boehm, Thayer, Lockwood. 53 Wuxi? Eflffwmpki-ns, '-'i Patty --ikl McKay, W- me " left to right: Goodwin, L,1Qt.fNQjiter. 'L 'cond row: McLeod, Q1axk,-.1?2etty .... Cv.. lqsfi, Davis. Third row: Go- jxme Fergggsgn. Fourth row: ii'ii' Jael? if at gon, Taylor. Fifth roy: ,r.r -,,i,i, Sixth yii- Vfilliams. Seventh row: ,k,A ,. ,. ., ., . , , . First row, left to right: Santarini, D. Pedrotti, S. 'Swall, Guernsey, McAlister, Damioli, Still, Flocchini, Second row: R. Kesser, Gushaw, Elking, Srgayis, Borges, Campbell, Shaffer, McMartin, Harper. Third row: Glass, D. Cate, McCuen, McNaughtor1, Applegate, J. Smith. iflfoiirth' row: L. Davis, Moore, Rovai. Fifth ggcfefm ffafz l 5554! row: Philipsen, Lutz, Mann. 54 Wffeff N Mwwawfwf' Q 2 ? a . Z First row, left to right: Bucher Abare, Cisnero 5, Bowman, Boll Noble Teh , an. Second row: J. Friedenbach, McCla k s ey, Philip- sen, Gregory. Third row: Batten, Sanborn. 55 ,QW 5 4 Jw ww ,- , w ,qw ,M Www ' 1 'fm W, ff' " "'i""" ,MQQNN ,LH , Wm' , 'V '1. ' 1 fn f is " HV ' fl' M- f 179 b A I 4,-'ff +1 E: ' 5, Q 6,4 ' :vw r if 6565 Lois Hansen Maureen Toole Pat Friedenbach Under the Capable leadership of our yell leaders and song leaders, Fortuna Union High School has really come up with a lot of school spirit this year. We appreciate all the work they have put in by having pep rallies, assemblies, and cheering our football and bas- ketball teams on to victory. We all give them our thanks for doing a swell job. 'Q' V.-4 1 will Doris Pedrotti Pat Mackley .Q Sgr ., ., t.A. Q .K y Connie Gushaw 9 eff BETTY WANDA RON PAT LYNN DAQAMQWE QQPA RWWFXW DICK 170,477 MVA' UXWOIV MG!! SCHM -.... ,aresenis --- Our Lady of the Market Place, fChr-fsinusl CHARLOTTE Z LEE Sore:-ffy Sfsfer-s LENORA NlA7'7'lAIG-LY Sffll f-71:1-D7 GEORGE KAUFMAN Sunday Costs 5312. P2505 aJOSfPHffV14 NIGGLI Gr-gen Vglfty f5fudChf Body P15219 F'7?H NK DVA TTROAK The 191-lv-en'tw-es o-P 77m Sawyer- C Childrens' '771gaf,QD CHHl?4 0 7'7'E C'!f0RPflVfY!lV6 x D F """"""""""" """"""""" 'I : a ' I I I ' I l I n I AQQORTS' x J! L gg IW' 5122? i awww k , ., , ,Z I ,A .- X . S Q ,.,,j-qtje:6,f,.,g, ,W v A , . M, ,, 17 .. , wma I W 2 'V . . 1' I I ' 2 955-gig F J' Lib 'fx 'X A . A -fix .L t.f'e vyr , M jug, Rgstw . . V K ,Q ,f W ,J ' "' , 'J ggi, fins v O ,M V O f Q , 2 k Wdfofm ,cf " "Wx HOME SCORE FO RTU NA ....,,,.,,......,............... 1 3 FORTUNA ....., FORTUNA ...... FORTUNA ...,.. FORTUNA ....,. FORTUNA .,,,.. FORTUNA ,..... FORTUNA ...... FORTUNA ..,.. FORTUNA ..,,, .......24 ,..,..,21 .,...,.34 ......,28 .......53 .,.....13 .....,.26 .ni Jp- it VISITORS' SCORE ALUMNI .........,.,.....,.,......,... JAMBOREE QHOOPAD ,,.... WILLITS ........,...,....,............ FERNDALE ...... ...,. DEL NOR1 E ,,,,....I , ARCATA ...,,.,I .,,,, EUREKA .,,,. ,, UKIAH .,.,,,, , ASH LAND ..., , I-IOOPA ..,,,., ., First row: Gene Henderson, jim Friedenbach, Blayne Jenks, Glen Chandler, Sandy Natt. Second row: Frank Machado, Danny Thomas, jimmy Green, jack King, Russell Ashburn, Phil-Branstettcr, Third row: jack Murray, Guy Tucker, Bob Nickols, Arman Gunmerson, john Brown. FORTUNA FORTI 'NA FORTUNA FORTI TNA FORTUNA FORTUNA FORTI 'NA FORTVNA ...... FORTLINA FORTI 'NA FORTUNA FORTI lNA FORTI TNA FORTIJNA ...,.. ,,,,,,, FORTUNA FORTVNA LIGHTWEIGHTS 41 38 44 43 36 44 42 52 41 42 34 30 53 47 52 34 FORT BRAGG ...... ........ 4 2 VKIAH ....,.,....... ........ 4 4 LTKIAH ..r.... ..... 2 4 EUREKA .,...... ..... 2 4 FERNDALE ...... ........ 2 7 DEL NORTE .....,. ........ 3 8 ARCATA ...,,.,.,...... ,..,,.,,, 3 9 SOUTH FORK ..,.,,, ........ 3 2 FORT BRAGG ..... ,,,,.,,, 3 9 HOOPA ...., ...,..., ,,..,,,, 4 1 EUREKA ,.,,.... .....,.. 4 4 FERNDALE ......... ....,... 4 5 DEL NORTE ...,,.. .,,,,,,, 6 3 ARCATA .,,.,.......... ,.,.,,,,, 2 9 SOUTH FORK .,,..,, ,,,,,,,, 3 0 HOOPA ......,,.,,...........,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 59 ROBERT DAMON Comb i tim Sitting: George Ibarreta, Jack Boerger, Wayne Baird, Dick Dorris, Calvin Benton Standing: George Robinson, jim Ferguson, Troy Bramlett, Lee Fielder, Glenn Laursen jerry Batten, Michael McMillan, Lon Duval, jerry Baker, Darrell Branson, Marvyn Stockel. FORTUNA FORTUNA FORTUNA FORTUNA FORTUNA FORTUNA FORTUNA FORTUNA FORTLTNA FORTUNA FORTUNA FORTUNA FORTUNA FORTUNA FORTUNA FORTUNA ,.....,,.,,,.....,.,.,.,.,,.,. 74 HEAVYWEIGHTS Uzzdefeafed If TTEL41 -,-.-.LLLL51 TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS-Berkeley FORTUNA ............ 27 28 ,....................... ALBANY FORTUNA .,.......... 56 42 ....... ......... O ROVILLE FORTUN A ,........... 40 41 ........ ..,,.., M ONTEREY FORT BRAGG UKIAH ........... UKIAH .,...... EUREKA .,.... FERNDALE ..,.. DEL NORTE . ARCATA ........ SOUTH FORK FORT BRAGG HOOPA .......... EUREKA ......., FERNDALE .. DEL NORTE .. ARCATA ..,,.... SOUTH FORK HOOPA .......... GEORGE CRANDALL C oarla INTRAMURAL MANAGERS 9 r ff I .ggi First row, left to right: Blayne Jenks, Gary Stewart, Paul Vonada, Glen Chandler, Barry Brown. Second row: Guy Tucker, Rick Kesser, Pat Murphy, Ben Saly- er. Third row: Larry Hansen, jerry Severson, Del Mc- Cuen. Fourth row: Danny Thomas, Jim Green. Fifth row: jim Friedenbach. wwafaQ:mmew:aiW'.rizz-11s-m:sfiQv31g,:SWE?: t1it?4k,2- nmwzmvrf, . ,, , ,...,f.wfr,,2ii.y,- f.i?'.Eu,-L.,Wa2z:m.y11s-,z'.:i-m,::,,,-inUat.gmywmmyw,ahiwniy-,w,wW"WThD"WMDW" "C" TRACK "B" TRACK "A" TRACK Standing: Hubert, Kenton, Perrott, Elking, Hansen, Friedenbach, Swarts, Flocchini Bilson. Kneeling: Applegate, Taylor, Sanborn, Wotherspoon, Lutz, King, Jeans. q 1. Bob Noble Larry Philipson George Ibarreta l Bob I.aLone 66 jack Boerger Pat Murphy Tommy Botwell Calvm Benton Doug English Blayne Jenks Frank Macha Russell Ashburn Bill Smith Lee Feilder Glen Chandler Co Sims A Gush up Sergeant at Arm! 44 Phyllis Borges 'ff' 0'4" .atb S ' 'I 69.0.95 Qs r"N ,'l'0 5 A 5'l"" Q K 5'32'1' S. 95555505 f55Q5QO 4 x3QQ"'a ' ss63v'v'q N 5053? Q - I ' 53: 9 3 G x Aa Z Mass gable! ro' Law 2 .40 Q1 ,.wMQa,.KH:2wHwfvaYLemaPWM af mm 1 wg ss? many .ix gum ffm? 64771 5? 0114 a I fm, '15 'iff if Q4 if J ff, is ,QI 5 --oi v:.,, f .f i' ' ,Q? 'fA ,M 'Q al -SDK i MN 8 S N fx 'Y A x . 1 f 55 , 154 ,1 -1. 1' M 2 ?g: 1 1 'Wi I f .V , M F W NX Jb , , Seen 6Z7'OZl7Zd F.U.H.S nr l RX f - X Jw IM . Q X6 5 ff K W? .1 ' cjfwkx M Xgcg X YN Senior Will We, the graduating class of 1952, leave Fortuna Union High School to bestow upon some poor soul our higher learnings and do hereby declare this our last will and testa- ment, bequeathing such hereditaments as we possess. Firrt: to the freshmen we leave the path worn through the halls, hoping that they will enjoy their next three years at F.U.H.S. Second : to the sophomores we leave the honor of not being looked down upon as lower classmen. Third: to the junior class we leave our worn, but highly valued seats in the auditorium. Fourth: to the faculty we leave the job of teaching other young hopefuls all that we have failed to learn. I, Angelo Bacchetti, leave my curly hair to Gene Henderson. I, Wayne Baird, leave wishing my teachers better luck with students who fill my seat. I, Edward Baker, leave Fortuna High for as long as I can. I, Bob Bartlett, leave my Italian usage of words to Marie Abare. I, Calvin Benton, leave this time for good. I, Pat Bilson, leave in my fig green Cadillac, I, Joy Boehm, leave my sunny disposition to Mr. McFadden. I, jack Boerger, leave my clever drawings to some future cartoonist. I, Lucille Sommerville Bonnikson, give all my learnings back to F.U.H.S. to become a housewife for Norman. I, Marie Cox Borden, leave my quietness in the class room to Larry Dickerson. I, Tommy Boutwell, leave my height to Phil Branstetter. I, Leon Boyd, leave my unlawful nickname "Jiggs" to Cecil Gregory. I, Larry Bravo, leave my football helmet to George Head. I, Barry Brown, leave with my "Class C" Broad jump record still in my possession. I, Bob Burlingame, leave Mr. Martin to run his chemistry class the Way he wants to run it. I, Beverly Byker, leave my terrific driving ability to Mrs. Kenworthy. I, Ann Cambell, leave my bodacious wink to Shirley Roberts. I, Charlene Carlson, leave to enjoy life. I, Sadie Cathey, leave my quiet manner to Pete Applegate. I, Arlene Chaplin, leave my typing ability to Alfred Dias. I, Joanne Clifton, leave Armonado's 51 yellow Mercury to Jack King. He needs it? I, Ester Cloney, leave my poodle-haired coat to Sally Perrott. . Senior Will Gerald Cobb, leave with my gold football still around my neck. Rita Lavely Coleman, leave Doug to tend to the buses alone. Beverly Colvin, leave my jolly disposition to Glenda Lipscomb. Nancy Corbett Warden, leave the F.H.A. with a new president. Marian Daggett, leave my brother to the school. Julia Davis, leave my shyness to Judy Morrison. Louis Davis, leave my hopped up Chevrolet pick-up to Blayne Jenks. Shirley Davis, leave the student books to the tax collector. Ron Dickerson, leave the faculty to rest at last. Beverly Doyle, leave with my ever loving friend, Janice. Pat Elking, leave my half of the Elking-Hubert duet to Pat Flocchini. Bob Ellison, leave my flashlight to Glenn Chandler to patrol the drive-in. Pat Eriksson, leave my purple sweaters to Sena Capeder. Clara Farnsworth, leave my place at the Carlotta dances to Carol Tann. Muriel Fishe, leave my peroxide streak to Maureen Toole. Betty May Frazier, leave nothing, I've been gone too long. Janice Frey, leave my unused geometry book to Bob LaLone. Pat Friedenbach, leave my collection of sweaters to Wanda Rowley. Ida Gatlin, leave my hair style to Sandy Natt. Dick Gladden, leave my place in scholarship to Charles Andrain. Dwight Glass, leave Joanne to walk the halls alone. Ron Goble, leave my manly physique to Doyle Currier. Joan Gowell, leave my sense of humor to Dorene Franklin. Betty Gurnsey, leave everyone in stitches as usual. Connie Gushaw, leave my ratio of managing to attend one class a day to Beverly Law Joan Guyn, leave my short wavy hair to Ardith Marshall. Charles Hall, leave with my mission accomplished, Wanda Hansen, leave for the big city in a big way. Jay Harlan, leave the student body camera to David Shively. Dolores Harvey, leave my place on the Megaphone staff to Janice Cobb. Dortha Hendrix, leave the office to carry on without my capable assistance. Deloris Herman, leave to continue my business career. Senior Will I, Darold Holman, leave my freckles to Barbara Livermore. I, Harriet Hubert, leave my half of the Elking-Hubert duet to Janice Reid. I, Janice Hunt, leave my ability to be in two places at once to Jackie Goe. I, George Ibarreta, leave my basketball talents to Mr. Kitson. I, Carol Johnson, leave my ticklishness to Tom Bartlett. I, Pat Johnson, leave my black hair to Christine Bucher. I, Ruth Johnson, leave my bicycle to Bob Richmond. I, Nerita Jordon, leave my restroom duties to Judy Meng. I, Jerry Karp, left for Lake County. I, Rick Kesser, leave my position as student body song leader to Frank Tehan. I, Bob Kimzey, leave my collection of paper rings from cigars to Gunner Jensen. I, Barbara Kinton, leave the G.A.A. to carry on without me. I, Jerry Koble, leave my offices in the F .F .A. to Don Cate. I, Joral Lerwill, leave my jetmobile to Jack Bowman. I, Rose Linser, leave my paint brushes to Elsie Damoli. I, Ronald Lowe, leave my bull, three cows, seven pigs and three horses to Ralph Aubrey. I, Harold Lutz, leave my way with women to Andy McBride. I, Pat Mackley, leave my dancing ability to Lillian Tamo. I, Lois Marshall, leave my position as vice president of the Girls' League to Ardith, if she wants it. I, Wallace Matthews, leave my glow socks to Guy Tucker. I, Bill McBride, leave Jon to take care of the three Pats. I, Del McCuen, leave my position of football captain to Johnny Brown. I, LaVerne Middleton, leave my size 3M shoes to Fred LaLone. I, Wanda Miles, leave my basketball talents to June Ward. I, Guy Moore, leave my place in the Ag room to Bill Hight. I, Harold Murrish, leave my record of 39 tardy slips unbeaten and untied. I, Hazel Nunes, leave my pretty black hair to Jeanne Larson. I, Mary Oliver, leave for good, never to come back again. I, Kathleen O'Rourke, leave my charming ways to Vivian Swartz. I, Doris Pedrotti, leave with the rest of the song leaders. Yo, Edvige Perra, estoy saliendo para la universidad. Senior Will Larry Philipsen, leave my curly hair to John Hill. Lynn Pryer, leave my swash-buckling self to Lee Fielder. Floyd Reese, leave my book of "How to Handle Harems" to Bill Clark. Ben Salyer, leave my backward ways to Dick Fauerback. Diane Santarini, leave my piano playing to Eddy Pease. jim Schermerhorn, leave myself to all the good looking girls at F.U.H.S. Gerald Severson, leave my painting ability to Mr. Larson to give to some art student. . Ellita Shaffer, leave the red-headed boys to the Eureka girls. Glenda Shields, leave my ping pong ability to Lela Hebert. Harold Shively, leave with no dents on our new car. Dale Smith, leave my many fand seldom usedj brains to the biology class. Ann Marie Springborg, leave French pronounciation to Milly. Pat Still, leave with the rest of the Up-River seniors. Marvyn Stockel, leave my 200 gauge shotgun to Dick Doris. Mervyn Stockel, leave my gaff hook to anyone who is fool enough to use it. struggling Sally Summerfield Simmons, leave with my fond memories of this high school. Shirly Swall, leave my baton twirling to Earlene Davis. Mary Taylor, leave my two classes a day to anyone who can get them. Edna Tompkins, leave my athletic letter to myself. I deserve it. Terry Thompson, leave my "Green Bomb" to George Peterson. Paul Vonado, leave my roller skates to hang on the wall. Sam Wendt, leave the saws for Mr. Jabusch to attend. Anthony Wheeler, leave my title "The Most Unlucky Boy" in the school to senico. Emmett Wilkinson, leave my pool cue to Johnny Griffith. Claudia Wood, leave my ability to do everything well to Leighton McClaskey. Bob Wotherspoon, leave my smooth way of talking to Ken Sanborn. Don Yarger, leave the Better Business Bureau to establish my own business. Kay Pedrotti, leave for the W. A. F. Bill Warren, leave the present to the past for the future. Eldon Nicks, leave my cowboy boots to Larry Malcomb. Malcomb Gray, leave my turtle neck sweater to Carolyn Cathey. Huey Or- Smio 611155 Ifraplzwy ANGELO BACCHETTI - Angelo began his future early by inventing a crystal ball which reaches far into the future and occasionally Ole Man Mose ap- pears to tell us what the crystal ball does not. With the aid of this crystal ball we were able to look into the future of the following seniors: WAYNE BAIRD-Wayne, after graduation, became vice president of a cabinet-making firm. It seems he had submitted a miraculous method of utilizing the firm's scrap lumber by making it into dominoes. ED BAKER-Ed is working for a printing company. He is in charge of the department which prints blank check slips for the high schools for the nation. Who ever thought that check slips would earn him a living. BOB BARTLETT-By employing the new "B" forma- tion, which includes a four man line, Bob has earned quite a reputation as football coach at Harvard Univer- Sity. CAL BENTON-Cal is now driving a taxi-cab for the Yellow Cab Co. Many a clay you may see him driv- ing his little yellow cab through the suburbs of lower Fortuna. PAT BILSON-We see Pat driving her 1960 lavender "Cad" convertible to Ciro's night club which she has just bought for S150,000. JOY BOEHM-We now see the famous painter Joy Boehm swooning as she paints portraits of famous movie stars. Tomorrow she will sketch Roy Rogers and Trigger. JACK BOERGER-jack and his famous basketball team, the Boerger Bucketeers, were forced to make a tour of Europe after running out of competition in the U. S. LUCILLE BONNIKSON-Lucille has her hands' full washing clothes, cooking three meals a day, and clean- ing house for her husband and four children. MARIE BORDEN-We see Marie Borden still taking care of hubby after graduating from Fortuna Union High School. fQuite a task, huh, Marie?j TOMMY BOUTWELL-His next door neighbor is suing for damages. It seems that a cat was wailing on the fence between the two homes when Sir Boutwell lowered his fowling piece of ponderous bore and fired. The result was a singed cat and huge holes in some of the wash. LEON BOYD-In ten years Leon will be looking at the modern vehicles and wondering if they are automo- biles. What a mechanic! LARRY BRAVO-We find Larry pushing on through the Florida Everglades looking for Black Bart, the Notorious Bootlegger. BARRY BROWN--Barry is now the proud owner of Brown's Diaper Company and it is known by everyone that "Brown's Diapers are cheaper by the dozen." BOB BURLINGAME-After a successful year of chem- istry from Mr. Martin, Bob began to do scientific re- search. Professor B. B. has recently perfected a method of splitting the uranium atom into five pieces, thereby making the atomic bomb more economical. BEVERLY BYKER-Beverly has given up her native California and gone to Florida to pose for grapefruit ads. ANN CAMPBELL-In the near future we see in the middle of the floor Miss Ann Campbell giving Fred Astaire dancing lessons. Ah yes, Ann is truly a great star. CHARLENE CARLSON - Looking into the crystal ball we see Charlene and her twelve children anxiously waiting for Everett to come home to dinner. SADIE CATHEY - Sadie is now the professor of mathematics at Harvard. ARLENE CHAPLIN-Arlene acquired a job as steno- grapher to a handsome, up-and-coming young lawyer. Her wages aren't too high, but as someone once said, "Money isn't everything! !" JOAN CLIFTON-Joan is spending her winters at Palm Springs as hat check girl in the night club which her husband, Armando, now owns. ESTER CLONEY-We find Ester strolling along old Broadway with her "poodle" coat and all the neigh- borhood dogs following close behind. GERALD COBB-We see Gerald far ahead of his time in construction engineering. RITA COLMAN-We see Rita busy trying to keep her twins separated from one another. If they ever lose their different colored ribbons on their heads, she will be lost. BEVERLY COLVIN-We see Beverly as head of the New York Police Department. She has all women on the force as she says they can do a better job. MARIAN DAGGETT-Marian becomes a beauteous star of television, but her friends back in Humboldt county still wait patiently for the day when they may see her program. ' JULIA DAVIS-We see Julia in Paris making gowns for the celebrities. Tomorrow she is fitting her latest creation to Denise Darcel. LOUIS DAVIS--Louie has recently bought out Horse Trader Ed's two big used car corrals in San Francisco. If you want a good deal on a used car be sure to see Horse Shoe Louie. "He's got 'em!" SHIRLEY DAVIS--Shirley has finally completed her secretarial course and is now employed at Hollywood as Clark Gable's private secretary. She receives and answers all his mail. How lucky can one get? RON DICKERSON--Ron has worked himself into the position of vice president of the Hollywood Dolls. Ron started at the bottom and gradually became vice president and is well on his way to the presidency. BEVERLY DOYLE-Beverly is now assistant to a photographer who takes pictures for tooth paste ads. It seems she keeps the tooth brushes straight. PAT ELKING-Poor Pat, that boy in the first row has been giving her a bad time. She is teaching kindergarten students at Fortuna Elementary School. She is now known as Miss Patricia Elking, school marm. WILLIAM ELLISON-For years Bill has cherished a dream of a completely new invention, and at last, at the ripe old age of 97 years, his dream has come true. He has invented the "Willymobile", an astounding contraption that can be used for travel on land, sea, and air. Congratulations, William. PAT ERICKSSON-Pat's high school French was so good she decided to go to France. She is now trying to talk her French husband into coming to America. CLARA FARNSWORTH-It took Clara only a short time to secure the position of head bookkeeper for the Rockfeller Institute. MURIEL FISI-IE-Four years from now we see Muriel in an executive's office taking shorthand at a rapid speed. BETTY MAYE FRAZIER-Betty is kept running with her fifteen children and has to keep calling roll to see if they're all home while her poor husband works hard all day to support them. JANICE FREY-Janice is now head of a chain of hat shops in Los Angeles. Their motto is, "Come to usg we can top you." PAT FRIEDENBACH-We see Pat modeling some of her latest swim suits at Miami Beach for some of the distinguished designers and buyers. IDA GATLIN-It is now 1954. Ida has attended Busi- ness College and is now sitting, Cno, not on her boss's lapj but at a private desk of her own. She is private secretary to General Dwight D. Eisenhower. DICK GLADDEN-We see Dick in his dark glasses and sun hat on the romantic beach of Waikiki. He has been appointed head life guard by Duke Hanolomoko. DWIGHT GLASS-Dwight worked his way up to be- ing one of the top drummers of the land. He is so enthusiastic, however, that his drums must be replaced after each performance. RON GOBLE-We see Ron swinging through the wild jungles of lower Los Angeles portraying the part of "Tarzan". JOAN GOWELL-Joan is now on a Board of Direct- ors for a new television show. We hear she really keeps them on their toes. MALCOLM GRAY-That smashing private detective has cleaned up five western cities as well as Chicago and New York. BETTY GURNSEY-We see Betty in the yard look- ing at her house with a big monogramed "M" on the fireplace. OH! OH, there she goes, little Don Jr. is crying and as we see Betty disappear behind the door, we can hear her saying, "Mommy's coming." CONNIE GUSHAW-Connie is the only girl yell lead- er at West Point. JOAN GUYN-Joan is busily fixing her make-up and hair for the next review in the Ziegfield Follies. CHARLES HALL-Once noted for curly hair around Fortuna he became a noted Public Accountant of Nome, Alaska. WANDA HANSEN - As we stroll through the grounds at Stanford University we see that most pop- ular couple, Wanda Hansen and-yes that's right- Gary Crosby. JAY HARLAN-Jay has fulfilled his fondest dream. He now photographs pin-up pictures for the boys over- seas. After viewing some of his work I know he must be very happy in his present occupation. DOLORES HARVEY-Dolores is the concert pianist in Hoboken. Her theme song is "Chopsticks." DORTHA HENDRIX-Two years from now we see Dortha taking dictation from one of the most promi- nent lawyers in Eureka. Where are you spending your 3400 a month Dortha? DELORIS HERMAN-Deloris is just recovering from the shock of the income tax she had to pay on her first million which, by the way, she made by inventing ice cream that won't melt. - DAROLD HOLMAN-Darold joined the navy soon af- ter graduation and now is known as Admiral Holman, Commander of the Pacific Fleet. HARRIET HUBERT-Harriet may be small, but her musical talent is so great that the demand for her con- cert piano playing leaves her little time to teach, as she had intended. - JANICE HUNT-We sat down to breakfast and pick- ed up the morning paper. There in blaring headlines: "Hollywood's latest discovery! Janice Hunt straight from the wild and woolly Pepperwood valley," etc. GEORGE IBARRETA-We see George coaching bas- ketball in South Africa. It surely is hot. CAROL JOHNSON-Carol is now head mistress of the Dr. Hartley's Reform School for boys, where she is doing a fine job. PAT JOHNSON4Pat is trying to perfect a television set with smell as well as sound and color. RUTH JOHNSON-Ruth thoroughly enjoys her job as airline hostess. Could it be she has a pilot in every port? ! NERITA JORDAN-A famed child psychiatrist, Ner- ita succeeds in overcoming abnormal tendencies in ninty-eight out of one hundred of her small patients. The two remaining juveniles are her own. JERRY KARP-Jerry has a marshmallow farm in Flor- ida and grows candy canes on the side. RICK KESSER-Rick has recently acquired a job at the Arthur Murry dance studios. They say he simply stands in the show window and smiles for one hour each day, and the studio is swamped with feminine customers. BOB KIMZEY-Bob is working and living as he sees fit, leisurely. BARBARA KINTON-Barbara is the harrassed editor of the New York Tribune. JERRY KOBLE-Jerry has perfected a new method of preventing erosions while teaching at Davis. JORAL LERWILL-Joral will make a career of the air- force and order everybody around. ROSE LINSER-Rose is the decorator for Sak's 5th Avenue's windows. RONALD LOWE-Ronald becomes the owner of his own farm in Arizona. His samples of dried vegetables, which he sends to the Humboldt County Fair, always take a blue ribbon. HAROLD LUTZ-Harold has risen to fame overnight. He has surpassed Valentino and Ladd and is now look- ing for new fields to conquer in the movie world. PAT MACKLEY-As president of a well known radio network, Pat has become noted from coast to coast. She attributes her huge success to the experience she received while conducting "Fortuna High on the Air" over a local radio station. LOIS MARSHALL-Lois now owns a chain of theaters up and down the coast. Oh yes, Fortuna High gra- duates of "52" are admitted free any time to any of her theaters. Thank you, Lois. WALLACE MATTHEWS-Wallace is a hair stylist for the French poodles of the Rhode Island Socialites. BILL MCBRIDE-We see Bill has replaced Max Factor in Hollywood and we hear he can't keep his eyes off his work. DEL McCUEN-Del will be writing for a newspaper. Del will make his mark on civilization. LaVERNE MIDDLETON-We see LaVerne designing shoes for large feet. WANDA MILES-We see Wanda Miles in a cute little cottage with green shutters, fixing dinner for her happy family. GUY MOORE-Guy is the typical rancher, you know, a hundred thousand head of Herefords, half a dozen oil wells, and a different colored Cadillac for every day of the week. HAROLD MURRISH-Harold is now the proud owner of the Stork Club. ELDON NICKS-Because of the dry condition of his ranch in the south, Eldon became interested in ir- rigation. After financing Boulder Dam II you should see his ranch now. It is known as "Nick's Tropical Para- disc" and celebrities from all over the world come to acquire a tan under the palms. f HAZEL NUNES-Four years from now sees Hazel editor of the magazine, "Hazel's Trouble Guide." just pour out your troubles to Hazelg she will help you. She always does. MARY OLIVER-We see Mary's delightful smile along every highway in the U.S. She is the head model for Dr. Doodebugis Wearever Lipstick. KATHLEEN O'ROURKE-Kathleen is the very hard- working head matron at the Mayo Clinic. DORIS PEDROTTI-Doris enjoys her work as sales girl in a ladies' dress shop. With a little more experience she plans to take over the manager's job. KAY PEDROTTI-We find Kay watching for water in Death Valley. We are sure she will succeed. EDVIGE PERRA-Through our crystal ball we see Edvige interpreting foreign documents at the U. N. Yes, Edvige is doing quite well for herself. LARRY PHILIPSEN-When Larry can't be found behind his desk at the Philipsen Service Stations, Inc. headquarters at San Francisco, he is probably working out with the "49ers". He has just completed his fourth year as all conference end. LYNN PRYER-Lynn is starring in a current Broad- wav musical. He thought he should use his course in social studies which he took at H.S.C. so between shows he teaches "Problems of our Modern World" to the members of the cast. FLOYD REESE-The new executive of the Free Run Nylon Co. is very successful. Floyd now enjoys viewing from his office his models modeling his products. He can spot a run from a mile off. BEN SALYER-That ingenious young man has taken over the job of the man who pounds sawdust together to make Presto Logs. DIANA SANTARINI-There is a short pause, then the wild applause begins. This lasts for ten minutes. Maestro Santarini has just finished her Concerto in C Minor. She composed this herself. JIM SCHERMERHORN-jim is widely known as a deep sea fisherman. He has just completed a series of movies for M.G.M. explaining the finer points of the skillful sport. GERALD SEVERSON-We find jerry busy in his private art studio. Jerry is now a famous painter in Paris. His latest model is Leslie Carron. ELLITA SHAFFER -Ellita has become a promising young dress designer. Critics say her gowns are quite out-of-this-world, so Ellita is patiently waiting for an interplanet commerce to be established. GLENDA SHIELDS-We see Glenda as an efficient police woman who played a major part in the capture of the desperate killer, Two Finger Synder. HAROLD SHIVELY-For the fun of it Harold will become an amateur pilot with a little money on the side. SALLY SIMMONS-We see Sally fixing dinner for her husband and three children. DALE SMITH,-Dale has just returned from an ex- pedition into the darkest interior of Africa. He is now a well known archaeologist, as he has uncovered relics that may pave the way into the regions of the unknown. ANN MARIE SPRINGBORG-Ann became invaluable to her employer. She is the first secretary he ever had who knows her job, does it, and isn't continually jab- bering. PAT STILL--Pat has just won the title of National Wink Champion of the United States and Canada. MARVYN STOCKEL-Marvyn is on a hunting ex- pedition in darkest Africa. Connie is along as his wifeg he might be lost by now. MERVYN STOCKEL-Mervyn is now head of the largest Fish and Game department in the state. Gold- fish. SHIRLEY SWALL-Shirley is the very efficient con- fidential secretary to the president of the United States. MARY TAYLOR-Mary's high school shorthand really paid off, for she has been seen taking dictation from a handsome young lawyer, CSome job!j TERRY THOMPSON-This wonder of supersonic wheels drove to renown by surpassing Cobb's speed record at Bonneville Salt Flats. EDNA TOMPKINS-About ten years from now we can just see Edna and her husband on their very pros- perous cattle ranch. PAUL VONADA-Paul has become quite prosperous as a construction engineer. He has recently completed his latest project, a bridge connecting New York with Lon- don. One can now drive the distance in a few hours. NANCY WARDEN-Nancy is now the chief operator of a ski lift in Wyoming. BILL WARREN-We see Bill on his way to inspect the new super-sonic jet truck he has just designed. Bill is a busy man, president of the Warren toy truck busi- ness. He gets his ideas from his six little boys. SAM WENDT - Astronomy's Professor Wendt has been diligently working on a method of putting the big and little dipper to practical use. ANTHONY WHEELER-Then as we gaze we see an election. There it is clearing. It says Anthony Wheeler for Humboldt County Truant Officer. EMMETT WILKINSON - We see Emmett on the street corner, a very prosperous businessman, talking to the public. "Buy Professor Wilkinson's sure-cure for baldness." CLAUDIA WOOD-Claudia is sitting in the seat of Professor of Ancient History at Yale. Could this mean that she is his secretary? BOB WOTHERSPOON-A sensational sports writer, Bob plans to get a birds-eye view of the next Olympics with the aid of his glass-bottoned helicopter. DON YARGER-Don is going to be, according to Ole Man Mose, the railway conductor on the Dogpatch Un- limited.

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