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E. P. McKenzie, K. L. Gilson, R. O. Dickson, Dr. H. W. Comfort, P. M, Tann We are fortunate in havinq men such as these who make up our Board ot Trustees to quicle the affairs ot our school. Now more than ever, when changing conditions bring new problems which must be met and solved promptly and wisely, the constant interest and qood judgment of our trustees proves to be of inestimable value to the school. BOARD CDF TRUSTEES Leslie B. Anderson Social Studies Bookkeeping Iames A. Batchelor Social Studies Spanish Arthur Colwell Social Studies Mathematics Lionel Cross Agriculture Farm Mechanics Helen Crozier Mathematics Aretu Curry Shorthand Business English Robert Damon Boys' Athletics lean Gillette Home Economics English Ethel Hambey Girls' Athletics Oriel Isham Art Mechanical Drawing Lloyd Anderson Music, English Virqinia Black Home Economics Social Studies V awn- Mm. Dorothy Arnold Music Stephen Coleman Science, Stage Craft Fred Iobusch Woodworking I. Sidney Iohnson W X Verna Hunsaker Office Set,-ietgry Spring llieiiitf-.str-r X Agriculture Farm Mechanics Marie Lmser Library Theodore G. Lipper! Auto Mechanics FACULTY if-X 'J Yin George McKelvie Mary Margaret Roth Socigl Studies English, Drcimcrtics Gladys Shulsen Violet Shulsen English English, French STUDENT BODY OFFICERS ,ww President ------- Tony lbarreta Vice President - - Iarnes O'Brien H Secretary - - Theaetta Quick Treasurer - Beity Danielson Yell Leader - - Gloria Albiani Sergeant at Arms - - George Glass Sona Leader - - Blanche O'Leary Tony Ibctrreia X Iames O'Brien Theaeita Quick Betty Danielson Gloria Albiuni George Glass Blanche O'Leary A N T BOARD Roh- THE ADVISORY First row: Moore, Iohnston, Peterson, lbarreta, ner, Sutton, McWhorter, Marchetti. Second row: Waschau, Mudgett, Ferguson, Wilber, C. Suchanek, Giaomini, Baird, M. Suchanek, Peters SSH. Third row: Iohnson, Hardwick, Kemp, McConnell, Mr. McKelvie, Iohnson, Ieffers, Gregory. Absent: Bill Mahler, lames Littlefield. We can be truly proud of the way our student government has advanced from a poorly organized, unrepresentative body to an efficient organization in which every individual has a right to participate. Rewriting the constitution, preparing a budget, and taking charge of assemblies are just a few of the many activities the Advisory Board has engaged in. Although the Board has made mistakes, the members profited from these blunders, learning from experi- ence how to cope with difficult problems. The most important of student organizations, the ' that democracy is more Advisory Board is proving than a Word. STUDENT PGWE A SENIORS JUNIORS SGP!-IOMCDRES FRESHMEN CLAS X . 5 X w Q9 SES S E I George Glass Lewis Burcher Mcxrunell Iohnson Meta Johnson Alma Wendt Vera Turkovich Rae Ann Hardwick Ray Iohnson Miss Black SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ------ George Glass Vice President - - Lewis Burcher Secretary - - - Maranell Iohnson Treasurer - - - - - Vera Turkovich Advisory Board Member - Rae Ann Hardwick Sona Leader ----- Meta Iohnsen Yell Leader - - Alma Wendt Sergeant at Arms - - Ray Iohnson Faculty Adviser - - Miss Black l. Emma Allioli Why should I bother? Dick Beckwith Such a big little man. Virginia Bellotti Hear dem bells? Lois Benson Tell me more. Walter Boqnuda l-le has the gilt of gab. Truman Boler Now watch me! Richard Briggs l-low's the weather up in the stratosphere? Forrestine Brusie You hardly ever hear from her. Lewis Burcher That may be correct, but l dor1't believe it. Virginia Burgess Watch the birdie. Chester Chaney Quite a conversationalist. William Charlton All his praise is well earned. Virginia Cloney l-ler glances keep you guessing. Charles Coen Well girls, where do we go next? Roberta Crank Her smile comes straight from her heart. Rosellen Davis Vxfhere do all the navy pins come from? Blaine Dixon just a domesticated wolf. I oy Eglin Ioy is the word for her. Vic Exton The "Blond Bomber." Leland Fielden "Butch." Pauline Filby Aren't farmers swell? Ianet Fowler School is such an ordeal. Richard Fraser There's no such word as "can't." Edwin Giacomini l'm not blushingy it's natural. George Glass Twice the leader of the class of '42. Merle Haley Everyone goes for his crooked grin. Elva Hansen School's O. K. but-. Laurene Hansen She giggled and said nothing. Margaret Hansen Followed in her sister's footsteps. Virginia Hansen Intelligence personified. N , w 1 . 'Auf' ' - s , .5 fi -ir . , is ,- 1-lr,5,U,:f,! - ,:f,v:v55:f.fA r J " . I nu " K my 'V yy, J 1,1 -59? ' . ,!m,.ff-.v'i'rf?:.Q ', ,. 5? 13.3. 1 .yi 5, .ax u' I -1.-Hz: Jw., H '-1 . ' ' H iEf!t'i'1'm' !! ' . iii 'fiwfmhf -Mr . j' 5 ' 'zw I, .f v w '.,7f12:1J'f4-' 1 A A frm-wa ' .1 45 'web 1 ' 2" 1 ' ' ,5'f i'A'4A91 'f' 'X ' I , s 1 X 4 ' M ,, ,fy U , Vg.. af ,.Y 4 , T . wiLy xLk V, :Z ,Q',v"yv. gl ' ,AA I 7 T117 .fxnfff if ' - ' 33591 .w, 3 S, xx. in ' .AH ' , , ,QA ,. 4 f'l F in W 1' xv .. A I5 -M. 'i f 5. ,h "wk- ,, 1 J ' X , . 1 . 1 . - - , , V ELL-i .'?. K' Grover Loika Everyone's pal. Iean MacMillan l Just can't keep my boy friends. Geraldine Martin Always Emma and Ierry. Helen Maudlin Ere lack comes home again. Walter McCall Little guys do the darndest things. Betty McKee 'She's probably quite sane. Albert Mela I-Ie's got a mind of his own. Angelina Merga She deserves the best. Tony Miranda His favorite pastime- teasing. Barbara Moore Her eyes speak the unspoken. Elinore Mudgett Moth or butterfly? Naomi Nelson We like what we see. Don't you? Tom Newland Did you ever hear him make a trade? Lily Nielsen You don't have to be noisy to be noticed. lames O'Brien I Want to hear my records? .5--U Rae Ann Hardwick The cream of this year's crop. Annabelle Holstein She brought Hawaii closer. Tony Ibarreta l-le's worth his weight in rubber. Melvin Iohnsen lt he ever gets his fingers in politics, look out. Meta Iohnsen She yields to her impulses. Maranell Iohnson Her main interest is in the Navy. Raymond Iohnson Little Iohn. Alice Iohnston Her simple charm holds us all. Wallace Johnston Whats that got to do with it? Sidney lones Please don't bother me. Ben Kemp Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in. Shirley Kiphart She takes everything in her stride. Camille Lamson Try and concentrate when she's around. Audrey Larson lt takes willingness and determination. Lucille Leonard Don't get me rattled. Reed Smith "Shall l speak now, or shall l hear more?" Robert Smith His sincerity puts us all to shame. Ruth Stover A cheery smile and hello for everyone. Virginia Sutherland Her laugh still echoes. Colin Town Such a busy little mind. Vera Turkovich Little said, much done. Kennith Vail ldon't carey Ihat's what I think. Charlotte Walker Why let it worry you? Betty Walter A real business woman. Charles Walter My but he takes himself seriously. Louise Waschau Nobody puts anything over on Louise. Alma Wendt Carrots, the athlete. Beverly Wilber One in a million. Iune Wills Her clrawl will entrance you. Bob Winkler Ferncla1e's qift to Fortuna. Blanche O'Leary First two traffic rules: Stop and Look Irene Olesen 'Wltat a little sy' itfire! Veryle O'Neil The fashion page has iicluir on her . Wilma Pentin Sophistication plus. Lilia Perra Parlez-vous francais? Lois Petersen The winnina smile, Wesley Petersen ' 'e wonder how n'tu:h he does l-znow, Iohn Polach He lifts our school above f institution, Margaret Price Now leave me out ot this. Theaetta Quick "Ah Romeo! Wherefore ar thou Romeo?" Carmen Rebello Vxlhat's this about Arcata? Mary Rebello The artist's touch. Bert Rhoades lain't saying, but l'm thinking Feryl Shreeve Oh, l qot some ideas, Emma Smith Did l have fun! No picture Alice Harris George McConnell Francis Godec Audrey Hansen Ruby Merqa Ben McWhorter Mr. McKelvie Marian Iversen Barbara Lindblom Wallie Cheeseman IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ---- George McConnell Vice President - - Francis Godec Secretary - - Audrey Hansen Treasurer ---- Ruby Merqa Advisory Board Member - Ben McWhorter Sergeant at Arms - - Wallie Cheeseman Song Leader - Barbara Lindblom Yell Leader - - - Marian lversen Faculty Adviser - - Mr. Mclielvie Norma Crane Mariorie Crouse Robert Damm Elsie Mae Adams Rose Aionso Gloria Albiani Betty Danielson Dorothy Davis Charles Farmer Ray Anzini Dorothy Baird Robert Baird Ruth Farrar Iris Garcelon Frances Giacomini Paul Barnes William Barnwell Meredith Beck Francis Godec Irene Goodner Iames Graham Paul Benson Donald Black Jack Blair Gerald Griitith Iosephine Guqlielmina Audrey Hansen Kenneth Boesen Myrtle Bower Iohn Charlton Mary Hansen Christina Helt Ioe Heney Wallie Cheeseman Frances Cloney Robert Coleman Pat Hepworth Lawrence Hescock Virginia Hill Jeanne Connick Ernest Coons Iennie Cox G'- it! 1 "f 6 rs. Q - .261 X" fu. 'KW ' "5 '?il.T'N ' ' gp '95 we ' Q Q L. B - ' .1 in ,, ., , ZI, ,,,.. , , ,. . - , -' '5-5751" . 'N . -A ' V 3 First row: Gladys Hixson. Lois Hough, Marian Iversen, Willard lversen, Anson Iames, Robert Iarvis Harry Iensen. Second row: Colleen Iunker. Meredith Keesey, Charlotte Kile. Merlyn Langdon, Robert Lemmer, Bill Lirna Barbara Lindblom. Third row: Raymond Lucas, Carl Marchetti, Gecrqe McConnell. Cathel McNauqhton. Ben McWhorter Frances McWhorter, Herbert Mead. First row: Alice Mela, Ruby Merqa. Geraldine Metcalf. Shirley Michaels. Eugene Miller, Helen Millios. Olivia Miranda. Second row: Gene Mitchell, Anne Mudqett, Ierry Mullen, Gertrude Murray, Lesley Nielsen, George Peck. Beverlee Pentin. Third row: Mildred Porter, Beulah Pulver, Larry Benner, Ioseph Rocha, Myrtle Rogers. Royal Rose. Dickson Shaffer. 1 -P1 No picture Mariorie Nickols Ioyce Simmons Eugene Willburn Dalton Windbigler Stan Snider Carol Mae Stenb ack Kenneth Stinson Frank Stone Mary Suchanek Wesley Sutton Iustine Swift Lino Tamo Betty Thomas Lois Thomson Ruth Tompkins Glenda Valdes Berk Van Clecrve Lenora Wagner llburn George Wi Don Williams Gloria Winemiller Thais Wood SGP!-IOMORES SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President ------ Gerry Boutwell Vice President - - Ianice Petersen Secretary - - - Lillian Lindblom Treasurer ---- - Harriet Hansen Advisory Board Member - - Stanley Moore Song Leader ---- - Frances lohnson Yell Leader - - - Annie Bellurn Sergeant atlArrns - - Bill Mahler Facility Adviser - - Mr. Batchelor h- 1 K: i t X X N N Wx f ' X J l C fb FX. A A i Mffflig gl is N m 2 'Z ,. R SJ -L, - Ms... Mrs. Arnold's Advisory. First Row: Kelly, Cavanauqh, Swiit, lbcxrreta, Adorni, Lockwood, Skiiiinqton, Peck. Second Row: Gonzales, Sund, Mrs. Arnold, Dinsrnore, Petersen, l-lartness. Third Row: McWhorter, Strip' lin, Umland. Absent: Ben Fales, Gardner Monroe, Eu, gene Younqreen, Betty Brown, Howard Olesen. Mr. Batchelor's Advisory. First Row: Arnen, Geraldine Stone, Frances Johnson, Lindblorn, Brelle, Doers Harriet Hansen. Second Row: Bellurn, Marilyn Hansen, Boutwell, Rodney Stone, Owsley, Petersen, Catardi. Third Row: Mr. Batchelor, Truax, Finley, Willsie, Adorni, Harold Iohnson, Rimbey. Absent: Geno Bovai. . A- . . "il" Miss Crozier's Advisory. First Row: Brusie, Oqle, Francis, Scott, Ferguson, Cox, Blaney. Second Bow: Miss Crozier. Pollard, Thomsen, Smith, Fales, Moore, Iensen, Doo- laeqe. Absent: Lino Bacchetti, Thelma Coons, Tom Fraser, Betty lean Petersen, Ianice Taylor. P CD E S Mr. Damon's Advisory. First Row: Petersen, Quiqley, Gushaw, Wills, Baird, Farnsworth. Second Row: Lucas, D. Smith, Asplund, Iohansen, O. Smith, Dorris. Third Row: Mr. Damon, O'Rourke, Van Cleave, Hackney, Miller, McClunq. Absent: Douglas Short, Carol Cameron, lrene Guqlielrnina. SN ... A ... -. 7 - vga. ,x slid, Miss Gillette's Advisory. First Row: Wilkins, Willburn, Amen, Fielder, Adamson, Barnes, Nielsen, Bart- lett. Second Row: Miss Gillette. Third Row: Dagqett, Hill, Bock, Barnwell, Nixon, Overholt, Cappi Ghilarducci. Absent: Warren Duckett, Bill Mahler, Duillio Micheli, Howard Pollard, Darrell Robinson Douglas Spear. C FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President ----- Bill Correll Vice President - - Bolo Farrar Secretary - - Mary Ann Rooney Treasurer ---- Gloria Wilber Advisory Board Member - C. Sutton Serqeant at Arms - - Don Bryan Song Leader - Norma Townsend Yell Leader - - - Bill Forrest Faculty Adviser - Miss V. Shulsen l I F Fax .nan Qi A. . .. A A l Mr. ColWell's Advisory. First Row: Dunning, Nickels, Ghilarducci, Bellotti, McKenzie, MacMillan, Rogers, Silva. Second Row: Allen, Hayes, Aldrich, Mead, Davy, Cloney, Suchanek, Snyder. Third Row: Mr. Col- Well, Mouat, Cameron, Fassett, Killeen, Petersen, Langdon, Iohnson, Hansen. Absent: Bob Charles, Leroy Hull, Bennie Ojala, Ruth Ryan. .ir its if .. Fx .A Mr. Cross's Advisory, First Row: Brandt, Dawkins, Nichols, Fauerbczch, Baird, Iames. Second Row: Murray, Hohner, Reason, Hardie, Varnado, Cole. Third Row: Mr, Cross, Muir, Campbell, Miller, Kordash, Dunsinq. Absent: Iohneta McKeown. Miss l-lambeys Advisory. First Row: Natt, Manzi, Somerville, Anzini, Lamberson, Ieifers, Demello. Second Row: McWhorter, Graham, Vetter, I-Iescock, Forrest, Chase, Coleman, Miss I-larnbey. Third Row: Sallady, Matthiesen, Carothers, Younqreen, Elarn, Oqle, Reddick, Faeurbach. Absent: Freida Swain, Leroy Lauifer. Mr. Iohnson's Advisory. First How: lessen, Natt, Oliveira, Barnes, Gregory, Evers. Second Ftow: Chism Stedman, Schueler, Littlefield, l-lixson, Hurst, Colwell. Third Row: Kernohan, Fraser, Terry, Vtfaite, Ferrel Denney, Rothlin, Mr. Iohnson. Absent: Marilyn Zanotti, Bruce Matthiesen, A - L Miss V. Shulsen's Advisory. First Row: Lamson, Strock, Thomson, Rooney, Wilber, Townsend, Robinson McBroom, Finley, Afonso. Second Row: Kirkemo, Gerald Miller, Belli, Perra, Iohnson, Morrow, Pond Hoopes, Miss V. Shulsen. Third Row: Dorris, Wendt, Bryan, Icxcob Miller, Stenback, Correll, Nelson, Farrar McCall, Sutton. Absent: Clarence Fry, Ernest Griffith, Mary Rubira, Katherine Shaffer. C L U B S M U S I C PUBLICATIGNS SCHOLARSHIP ACTIVI SNA Angel of Mercy 552500 deposit on swimming tank. Basketball Banquet War Stamps lor Sale! The Midnight Oil Such an Intelligent Group! No Whistling Allowed 1 K ,f KK will-A KKK W E 5 MEGAPI-KCDKNKE STAFF Rae Ann Hardwick Editor Reed Smith Assistant Editor Louise Waschau Organizations Barbara Moore Ben Kemp Meredith Beck Business Manager Senior Editor Iunior Editor Betty Walter Alma Wendt Ray Lucas Snaps Editor Girls' Athletics Boys' Athletics We, the staff, have endeavored to make the l942 Megaphone a lasting symbol of your eventful years in Fortuna High School. A combination of our best ideas has produced this annual, the Mega- phone, which We hope will show not only Who goes to our school, but what we do in both our Work and play. The staff feels that if you enjoy the book, our efforts Will have been rewarded. Leslie Anderson Gladys Shulsen Raymond Stenback EXCALIBUR l l l i Excalibur, First Row M : iller, Walter, Mr. labusch. Second Row: Burcher, Robert Smith, Godec, Beckwith, Giacomini. Third Row: McWhorter, lbarreta, Polach, McConnell. Fourth Row: Lucas, Glass, lohnson. Fifth Row: Iohnston. Absent: Anson Iames, Reed Smith. Looking back over the year's activities, each member of Excalibur can feel satisfied that this has been an outstanding year in every Way. Playing host to the County Excalibur Convention was the most important under- taking ot the group. All ot the organizations activities were to further the ideals of service as expressed in its motto, "He who best serves others, best serves himself." OFFICERS Fall Spring President Tom Newland Reed Smith Vice-president George Glass Wallace Johnston Secretary Reed Smith Ben McWhorter Treasurer Ray Lucas Lewis Butcher Song Leader George McConnell Historian Adviser Wallace Iohnston Mr. Iabusch George McConnell W allace. Iohnston Girls' League Cabinet. First Row: Lillian Lindblorn, O'Neil, Carmen Bebello, Baird, Barbara Linzlblorn. Second Row: Walter, Iohnsen, Cloney, Mary Bebello, Nielsen. Third Row: Miss Gillette, Hznsen, Ouick, Maudlin, Davis. Absent: Vera Turkovich, GIRLS' AND BOYS' LEAGUES The most outstanding League activity enjoyed by the Fortuna Union High School students was the annual Hi Iinx presented by both Leagues. Other attractions were a Spring Fashion Show and the motion picture, "Small Town Deb," sponsored by the Girls' League. Both groups enjoyed many iine speakers and special programs under the leadership oi Margaret Hansen and Iohn Polach. Boys' League Officers. First Row: Polach, Benson, McConnell. Second Row: Mr. Colwell, Lucas, McWhorteri The Girls' Athletic Association is an organization made up of girls who are active in school sports. Beverly Wilber, as president, led the group through many interesting and successful events. G.A,A. Cabinet. First Row: Adorni, Baird, Wendt, Second Row: lversen, Miss l-lambey, Wilber, Connick, Marilyn Hansen. Third Row: Davis, Margaret Hansen, Hardwick, Pentin, Catardi, Cloney, Albiani, Mary Hansen, Danielson, Lindhlom, Intramural Managers. First Row: Morrow, Ghilarducci, Overholt. Second Row: Rocha, Iohansen, McWhorter, Mr. Damon, Marchetti, Beckwith, Exton. Absent: Dickson Shaffer, Duilio Micheli. Owing to the difficulty of getting transportation for players to participate in inter- school games, intramural sports are becoming more popular. INTRAMURAL MANAGERS BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU, First Row: Holstein, Walker, Larson, Nelson, Maudlin, Allioli, Martin, Laurene Hansen, Eglin. Second Row: Mrs. Curry, O'Neii, Olesen, Elva Hansen, Moore, O'Leary, Walter, Burgess, Filby, Petersen. Third Row: Benson, Harris, Wilber, Ouiclc, Shreeve, lohnson, Polach, Pentin, Davis, Bellotti, Crank. Absent: Walter Bognuda. SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY "Scholarship tor Service" is the motto of the CSF and the members of the group have proved their understanding of this motto in the school and in community life as well. SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY. First Row: Hardwick, Perra, Swift, Marilyn Hansen, Waschau, Iames, lanice Petersen, Wilkins, Nielsen. Second Row: Graham, Amen, Cheryl Petersen, lbarreta, Scott, Mary Hansen, Larson, Colwell, McKenzie, MacMillan. Third Row: Miss V. Shulsen, Lillian Lindblom, Frances Iohnson, Betty Walter, Margaret Hansen, Danielson, Barbara Lindblom, Hough, Garcelon, Farrar, Beck, Skiitington. Fourth Row: Nickols, Meta lohnsen, McConnell, Smith, Charles Walter, Daggett, Sutton, Fassett, Davis. Absent: Virginia Hansen, Darrell Robinson, Reed Smith, Ray Lucas. FUTURE FARMERS Future Farmers. First Row: Stedman, Lirna, Loika, Roland Miller, Finley, Walter, Denney, Exton, Riinloey Hansen. Second Bow: Mr. Cross, Fielden, Chaney, Cwiacomini, Rocha, Eugene Miller, Nelson, Dinsmore Fraser, Mr. Iohnson. Third Row. Nielsen, Asplund, Truax, Barnwell, Daqqett, Hackney, Black, larvis, Will burn, Smith, Muir, Briqqs. Absent: Lino Baccheiti, Bill Barnwell, lohn Charlton, Ben Fales, Lee Fonville Merlyn Langdon, Douglas Spear. L , ia.. .L .nm CAMERA CLUB. First How: I-lescock, Bower, Burgess, A. lohnston, Walter, W. lohnston, Larson. Second Row: Boesen, Beckwith. Third Row: Metcalf, McConnell, Robinson, lohnsen, Mr. Anderson, O'Rourke, Harris. CAMERA CLUB MATHEMATICS CLUB Mathematics' Club. Front Row: McCall, Scott, Iensen, Boutwell, I. Petersen. Right side, top to bottom: H. Peter- son, Johnston, McConnell, Iohnsen. Left side, top to bot- tom: Miss Crozier, Moore, Crane, Barnes, Iames, Ab- sent: Meredith Keesey, Bill Mahler, Dickson Shaffer, Ken- neth Stinson, Colin Town, Eu- gene Youngreen. RIFLE CLUB First Row: L. Dorris, Schueler, Littlefield, Reason, Wendt, F. Dorris, Hixson. Second Row: Fraser, Iohnson, Stenback, Kernohan, Belli, Ogle, Mr. Lippert. Absent: Clarence Fry, Leroy Hull, Leroy Lautfer, Bennie Ojala, Wesley Petersen. FRENCH CLUB French Club. First Row: Hep- worth, Hough, Garcelon, lames. Second Row: Swift. Davis. Third Row: Miss V. Shulsen, Beck, Suchanek, Wills. Absent: Virginia Hansen. PHY-CHEM CLUB Phy-Chem Club. First Row: Suchanek, Beck, Garcelon, Nielsen, M. Hansen, lohnsen, V. Hansen, Sutherland. Sec ond Row: Mudqett, McCall, McWhorter, Barnes, Shaffer, Wills. Third Row: Mr. Cole- man, lames, lohnston, Mc- Connell. Absent: Alice Iohnz- ton, Melvin lohnsen, Ray Lu- cas, Elinore Mudqett, Colin Town, Louise Waschau. DRAMATICS CLUB Dramatics. First Row: L. McWhorter, lversen, Wilkins, Swift, Danielson, F. McWhorter. Second Row: Iunker, Snyder, Oqle, Adams. Third Row: Miss Roth, Valdes. Absent: Reed Smith, Blaine Dixon. COWBOY ORCHESTRA Cowboy Orchestra. First Row: Sushaw, Hansen, Allioli, Ghil- arducci, Oliveira. Second Row: Exton, Bartlett, Iohnson, Lockwood, Smith. Absent: Robert Baird, Marlin Fauer- bach, Iasper Hill. MEMAKERS Future Homemakers' Club. First Row: Catardi, Ghrlarducci, Wendt, Baird, Lamberson, Carmen Rebello Cox, Adorni, Connick. Second Row: Mary Rebello, Gregory, Willburn, Ferguson, Rogers, Miranda, Silva Stone, Demello, Olesen. Third Row: Miss Black, Adamson, Eglin, Perra, Hansen, Lindblom, Bellotti, Peter sen, Brelle, Miss Gillette, Absent: lacqueline Baird, Gladys Hixson, lean Strock, Ruth Tompkins. Iournalism and Cartoon Club. First Row: Ibarreta, Petersen, H. Hansen, Quigley, Albiani, lessen, Baird, Suchanek, Waschau, I. MacMillan, Stover, Miss lsham. Second Row: Cole, Graham, Marilyn Hansen, McKenzie, Hartness, Lindblom, Maudlin, Moore, Brandt, Michaels, Sutherland, Kiphart. Third Row: Snider, Iohnsen, Margaret Hansen, Lamson, Skiffinqton, Porter, Winemiller, C, MacMillan, Colwell, Wilber, Merga, Cloney. Fourth Row: B. Farrar, Campbell, Umland, Ieffers, Gonzales, Cavanaugh, Townsend, Blair, Correll, Lucas, Carothers, Morrow. Absent: Annie Bellum, Walter Bognuda, Truman Boler, Ruth Farrar, Ernest Griffith, Irene Guqlielmina, lose-phine Guglielmina, Ben Kemp, Iohneta McKeown, Frank Rohner, Miss G. Shulsen, Darrell Smith, Bob Winkler. JGURNALISM AND CARTOGN Girls Glee Club First R SYMPHCNY Little Symphony Orchestra First R . ow: Crane, Nickols, Somerville, Lamson, Matthiesen, Moore, Mudqett Petersen, Williams. Second Row: Mrs. Arnold, Rogers, Graham, Davy, Carothers, Hill, Johnsen, Kiphart Crank. Third Row: Peck, leffers, Kordash, McCall, Hough, Skiffinqton, Lindblom, Iames, Hill. Fourth Row: Finley, Cox, Hansen, Beckwith, Morrow, Sund, O'Brien, Charles, Fransworth, Fassett, Fielder. Absent: Robert Baird, Dickson Shaffer, Ioan McKeown, Carol Mae Stenback, Thelma Co R Marilyn Zanotti. ons, uth Tompkins, IRLS' CLEE CLLLB . ow: Mrs. Arnold, McKee, Hansen, Nelson, Colwell, Stover, Swift, Camille Lamson, Michaels, Cole, Hartness. Second Row: Sutherland, Maudlin, Wilber, Coleman, Metcalf, Hough, Lindblom, Frances Iohnson, Eglin. Third Row: Maranell Iohnson, Winerniller, MacMillan, Petersen, Beck, Ioyce Lam- son McKenzie. Fourth Row: Bower, Moore, O'Leary, Cloney, Suchanek, Perra, Iohnsen, Giacomini, Crane Gregory. Absent: Irene Guqlielmina, Katherine Shaffer. I CI-ICIR l Lamson Swift Michaels, Stover, A Cappella Choir. First Row: Colwell, McKee, Wilber, Frances Iohnson, , , Linclblom, Maranell Iohnson. Second Bow: Beck, Crane, Miranda, Exton, Hoopes, O'Brien, Stanley Moore, Gregory, Eqlin. Third Row: Barbara Moore, MacMillan, Cloney, Burcher, G'Rourke, Charles, Lemmer, Iohnsen, Hough. Fourth Row: Mrs. Arnold, Perra, Bower, Iarnes, Peterson, Snider, Farrar, Williams, Suc- ' ' Lee Fonville, Betty lean Petersen, Ben Kemp. hanelc. Absent: Ernest Coons, Irene Guqlielmina, BAND l Wilber Elva Hansen Townsend, Marian lversen, lbar- Band. First Row: Brelle, Gushaw, Adorni, Bevery , , reta, MacMillan, Audrey Hansen, Glass, Willard lversen, Beckwith, Iames, Calwell, Uarda Chism, Porter, Alma Wendt, Albiani. Second Row: Rooney, Iunker, lanice Petersen, Forrest, Willburn, Bellum, Barnes, Rogers, Atonso, Blaney, Comelia Natt, Willsie, Littlefield, Blair, Hill, Gloria Wilber, Mr. Anderson. Third Row: Graham, Fielden, Rothlin, McCall, Kirkimo, Elsie Natt, Ferguson, Ruth Farrar, Finley, Baird, Rohner, Cheryl Petersen, Fraser, Emil Wendt. Fourth Row: Eugene Younqreen, Moore, Robert Farrar, Rose, Charles, James McWhorter, O'Brien, Crane, Bryan, Scott, Lois McWhorter, Sund, Melvin lohnsen, Snider. Absent: n Betty lean Petersen, Lee Fonville, Larry Renner, Merlyn Langdon, Gardner Monroe, Glenn Younqree , Virginia Hansen. L W B CD X I N G TRACIQTENNIS BASKETBALL INTRA-MURAL GIRLS' SPORTS ATI-ILET fffff R .,n44""' li Ill In X Let'er Rip Come and Get It tan -if ' if N-.K Don't Slip Now! The Budding Engineer Scrvinq Their Cars Sweei Harmony The Smiihy The Hot Shots SPCDRTS Inter-school and intramural sport activities at Fortuna I-ligh are greatly enjoyed by both boys and girls. Our players have earned a reputation tor earnest playing and good sportsmanship, win or lose. Our basketball teams made an exciting play for the championship this year, missing it by a narrow margin. ln honor ot the teams a banquet was given at the end ot the season. It was the tirst basketball banquet to be held at Fortuna High School, but let's hope that it will become an annual affair which will be enjoyed in the years to come. " UW Ygxxl Coach Damon Miss Harnbey jug 1942 ME CEAPI-ICD I-IEAVYWEIGI-IT Fortuna .,A.. .w 23 Fortuna .,,.,... 29 Fortuna .,....,, 4U Fortuna w....... 27 Fortuna ,.,,,,,r 37 t Fortuna ....w... 40 Fortuna ..,r,r,t 34 Class " HEAVYWEIGHT SCORES Hoopa Eureka Arcata Ferndale Arcata Del Norte Eureka A" Basketball. First Bow: Godec, Rocha, Petersen, Beckwith tlvlascotl, lbciretta, Cappi, Benner Second Row: Winkler, McConnell, Iohrison, Iohnsen, Mr. Damon. Absent: Bill Mahler. U ,Ani A ,. ,x X :2'Q:'f::vft", ft, x I-ws ' za: fl v yt-f ti N " 1 V1-'rt ------ ite!-H." gifs-i-",-35:-!:3t3'CS!fZK"'fVW'X 1" Xff!""fXf2' 1 fv f'-'.211:' - A WSWS f -1' u'1't1'f - : . 'A Q. . .S New t, ' A-tt: Class "B" Basketball, First Row: Correll, Stone, Tamo, G. Lucas, Hansen, Moore, Second Row: Mr. Damon, Glass, R. Lucas, Marchetti, Polach. Absent: Walter Boqnuda, Geno Rovai, Dalton Windbiqler, Bob Iarvis. LIGHTWEIGHT SCORES Fortuna v....... 61 Fortuna ,....... Fortuna Fortuna ,,,...o. Fortuna ...,.... 29 Fortuna Fortuna Fortuna ,o...... 3 U Hoopa ,.r.r,,r Eureka Arcata Ferndale Arcata ........ Del Norte Eureka Ferndale IGFI-ITWEIG T r l ww. maids Class "D" Basketball. First Row: Pollard Beckwith Kordash, Rohner. Second Row: Cloney Perra For rest, Wendt. Third Row: Lucas, Mr. Damon Hansen Class "C" Basketball. First Row: Tamo, Ghtlarducci. Second Row: Boutwell, Adorni, Bryan. Third Row: Stone, Mr. Damon, Moore. Absent: Walter Boqnuda, Dalton Windbialer. Fortuna Fortuna Fortuna ...... ...... Fortuna .............. Arcata Eureka Arcata Eureka l 2 Fortuna ...... ..... 1 9 l 8 Fortuna ...... ...... l 3 3 l Fortuna ..,... ...... 9 25 Fortuna Absent: Leroy Hull. tl Il ll II Arcata Eureka Arcata Arcata TRACK Track. First Row: Rothlin, Bryon, Hohner, Kordcish, I-lcrnsen, Ghilorducci, Beckwith, Miller, Perro, Heney, Stone. Second Row: Haley, O'Brien, McColl, Coen, Winkler, Iohnson, Fossett, Correll, Blair, Snider, Terry, Mr. Damon. . . t ,V N' ell! tt l B G X I N G Boxing Team: Stone, Willburn, Exton, Iohnson, Reed Smith, Snider, Kenneth Smith. I M .--. 1. . . . . Nw ' - . we , S J ' C 1 53 eg +2 SX.:-. N LR N' T i .... e - Rims ,K., 'QS 'f.l'i U A ' if E ,W 1 U, .... - 5 ,- n ,,.x ru . X l TENNIS Tennis. First Row: Boler, Mel- vin Johnsen, Kemp, Winkler, Johnston, Miranda, Willsie, Urnland, C. Walter, Chase, R. Lucas, Polach. Second Row: Coach Damon, Dixon, Wilber, Albiani, Scott, Baird, Leonard, B. Walter, Meta lohnsen, Con- nick, Bellum, G. Lucas, Miss Hamlaey, WY' ' . .ae , . . intramural Chcmpz "A" League. First Row: Kemp, Moore, lohansen, lversen, Cappi, Briqqs. Absent: Charles Walter, Dalton Windbiqler, Bob Winkler. INTRAMURAL Intramural Champs "B" League. First Row: Littleiielil, I-leney, Tamo, McWhorter, Miller, Fassett. Second Row: Farrar, Lucas, Wendt, Sutton, Fauerbach. Absent: Tom Fra- ser, Clarence Fry, Bruce Matthiesen, Archie Waite. larvis, Marchetti, Polach, Miranda, Peck. Second Row: Lino Bacclietti, Bill Barnwell, Geno Rovai, Colin Town, Senior Basketball. First Row: Iohnsen, Smith, Waschau, Wendt, Rebello, Moore. Second Row: Miss Ham- bey, Walker, Walter, Harris, Hardwick, Price, Davis, Hansen. BASKETBALL Basketball history was made when the Senior Reds were again crowned victorious over the other teams. lt was a struggle to Win, tor all the other classes were right behind with close scores for nearly every game. GIRLS'SPORTS HOCKEY Hockey competition was strong this year. lt was quite a struggle for the Senior Reds to emerge victorious, but they were spurred on by the vigorous cheers of their team mates. Senior Hockey. First Row: Miss Hambey, MacMillan, Moore, Wendt, Waschau, Hansen. Second Row: Walker, Iohnsen, Hardwick, Quick, Davis, Price, Walter. G I R I. S ' S P CD R T S Their tricky plays and determination to Win played a great part in the Senior Reds winning the Volleyball championship. The Senior girls playing Aerial Dart put everything they had into their game and wound up with their names at the top. Imgqr, ,. ' ,. ' . t ifmg 3,3 VOLLEYBALL T an Senior Volleyball. First Row: lohnsen, Waschau, Miss Ham- bey, Wendt, Hansen. Second Row: Walter, Harris, Crank, Sutherland, Davis, Holstein. AERIAL DARTS Aerial Darts: Iohnsen, Han- sen, Walter, Leonard, Rekzello, Sutherland, Wendt, Waschau Seventeen cents, Miss l-lombey Cigarettes, sir? Calling Dr. KlLLclcirel Step Lively No SOL We Hope Ah, Rats! Zero Hour lunior Red Basketball Team La Cuccrrochcx Sophomore Red Hockey Te-om Hi-linx Two Bums Mimeoscope Artist S N A P S MAJORETTES YELL LEADERS SENIOR PLAY SENIOR CLASS WILL EATU X I Q E S Men County Pubiic Library 900 Webster Street PO Box 2270 Fbrt Wayne, IN 46801-2270 le First Bow: Wilber, O'Leary, Lamson. Second Row: Waschau, Maudlin, Cloney, Quick, McKee, Beckwith, Third Bow: Hansen, Meta lohnsen, Burcher, McCall, Giacomini. Fourth Row: lohnston, Mel Iohnsen, Haley, Dixon, Miss Roth. Absent: Reed Smith, Bob Winkler, Ben Kemp, Alice Iohnston, Kenneth Vail, Tony Ibarreta, lohn Polach. E I PLAY Karen Andre - - "THE NIGHT OF IANUABY l6TH" Defense Attorney Stevens - District Attorney Flint Prison Matron - - Bailifi - - - ludge Heath - Stevens' Secretary District Attorney Flint's Clerk at the Court Dr. Kirkland - - Mrs. lohn Hutchins Horner Van Fleet Elmer Sweeney - Nancy Lee Faulkner Magda Svenson - lohn Graham Whitfield lane Chandler - Sigurd lungquist Larry Regan - - Roberta Van Benselaer Stenographer - - Court Attendant Policemen - - - Director - - - Assistant Director - Secretary - Theaetta Quick - Reed Smith Melvin Iohnson Virginia Cloney Walter McCall Bob Winkler - Meta lohnsen - Betty McKee - Dick Beckwith - Ben Kemp Margaret Hansen Lewis Burcher - Kenneth Vail Camille Lamson Louise Waschau Ed Giacomini - Alice lohnston - Wallace lohnston - Blaine Dixon Blanche O'Leary - Helen Maudlin Merle Haley - Tony lbarreta, Iohn Polach - Miss Mary Margaret Roth Beverly Wilber YELL LEADERS AND MAJCDRETTES Vim, viqor and vitality typified our yell leaders and majorettes this year. Our trio of yell leaders, qaily decked out in their school colors, qave a display of acrobatic stunts and well timed yell leading which was fascinatiriq to watch. The triclciriess and peppiriess of the majorettes put the old zip into our band to make it one of the outstanding music organizations oi the year. Yell Leaders: Annie Bellum, Gloria Albiani, Barbara Lindblom. Mczjorettes: Pauline Gushczw, Alma Wendt, Melba Adorni, Gloria Albiccni. CLASS ILL l, Emma Allioli, leave my curly hair to Dorothy Blaney. l, Dick Beckwith, leave my cracks about George Glass to Bay Lucas. l, Virginia Bellotti, leave to make a happy home. l, Lois Benson, leave my blush to Mr. Mclielvie. l, Walter Bognuda, leave my basketball fame to Gene Lucas. l, Truman Boler, leave to see what makes the world go 'round. l, Richard Briggs, leave my height to limmie Chase. l, Eorrestine Brusie, leave my cowboy boots to Gerry Boutwell. l, Lewis Burcher, leave lames Graham to mix up Miss Both. l, Virginia Burgess, leave my snaps to posterity. l, Chester Chaney, leave my library card to lean Strock. l, William Charlton, left to don a uniform. l, Virginia Cloney, leave my jokes. fWe hope.l l, Boberta Crank, leave many friends to miss me. l, Charles Coen, leave many maidenly hearts fluttering. l, Bosellen Davis, leave my home run record to Thelma Coons. on rift f i WW ,X L Our Champions Well, Tony! Efficiency l, Blaine Dixon, leave. -And am l lucky! I, Ioy Eglin, leave my love for a good time to Iennie Cox. l, Vic Exton, leave my chest expansion to Emil Wendt. l, Leland Fielden, leave to look for a few tires. SINIAPS Lois Demonstrates Third Dimension Si nous Lisions How much, Merle? Whachc doin' Beri? lust as Good cis New Ruby O'Too1e to You Watch Yer Manners, Kids Re-construction Period I, Pauline Filby, leave with a tear in my eye and a song in my heart. I, Ianet Fowler, leave my blond tresses to Dorothy Oliveira. I, Richard Fraser, leave a quiet corner unoccupied. I, Edwin Giacomini, leave to follow in my brother's footsteps. I, George Glass, leave my patented ear grip tor my pencil to Mr. Badura I, Merle Haley, leave my IOO yard dash speed to Bill Mahler. I, Elva Hansen, leave everyone guessing. l, Laurene Hansen, leave F. U. H. S. with one less Hansen. l, Margaret Hansen, leave the Girls' League in capable hands. Alaskan Interlude "Karen" Come, Papa What's Wrong, Ed? The Last Roundup Office Improvements I, Virginia Hansen, leave my dictionary to Ioe Rocha. I, Bae Ann Hardwick, leave the Megaphone dummy to Cheryl Petersen. I, Alice Harris, leave my bookkeeping books to Stan Snider. I, Annabelle Holstein, leave the flowers in my hair to Wallie Cheeseman I, Tony Ibarreta, leave Mr. Coleman in peace. I, Maranell lohnson, leave to wait for Frank. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 Three Guys and a Gal Tell It to the Iudqe I il?-l Rub-afdub-club Melvin Iohnsen, leave the Advisory Board minus a good business man. Meta Iohnsen, leave my ability to express myself clearly to Boyal Bose. Raymond Iohnson, leave my stature and hair to Carl Marchetti. Alice Iohnston, leave my quiet manner to Gloria Albiani. ,Wallace Iohnston, leave my descriptive phrases to Mr. Batchelor. Sidney Iones, leave my bashfulness to Melba Adorni. ,Ben Kemp, leave next year's editor to publish the Megaphone with- out me. Shirley Kiphart, leave tour years of happy memories. Camille Lamson, leave my boisterous manner to Paul Barnes. Audrey Larson, leave my shorthand books to Milton Willsie. Lucille Leonard, leave my tennis racket to the Woodwork boys. Grover Loika, leave F. U. H. S. minus a swell guy. , lean MacMillan, leave to revolutionize Humboldt State. , Geraldine Martin, leave my hair ribbons to Mrs. Curry. , Helen Maudlin, leave everyone Wondering. , Walter McCall, leave my teachers to recuperate. , Betty McKee, leave my ability to babble to Ianice Taylor. LASS WILL 5: Our Dears lt's Sprinq A -3' swf if ,.j,-35312, '-,, if i":+1+isM.. . I . A Girl? Ay Tank Ay Go Home, Now I, I I I I I I I I 1 Blanche O'Leary, leave my blue Irisheyes to Mr. Sten- back. A Irene Olesen, leave my temper to Frank Hohner. Veryle O'Neil, leave to see if I can help Truman, Wilma Pentin, leave my immaculate coiffure to Meredith Keesey. Lilia Perra, leave Miss Shulsen's French III class a little quieter. Lois Petersen, leave with a cheerful smile and a happy heart. Wesley Petersen, leave my quiet, judicious air to Ioyce Lamson. Iohn Polach, leave my corny stories for Georqe McCon- nell's use. Margaret Price, leave my cheerful disposition to Iustine Swift. Carmen Rebello, leave the Home Maker's Club minus an Al president. Theatta Quick, leave a place in the life of F. U, H. S. that will never be filled. Albert Mela, leave my curly locks to M. Iabusch. Angelina Merge, leave my ability to work hard to Archie Waite. Tony Miranda, leave my calm dis- position for Miss G. Shulsen to re- member me by. Barbara Moore, leave my poise to Larry Benner. Elinore Mudaett, leave my bugs, etc. to Suzanne McKenzie. ,Naomi Nelson, leave Ieannie Mc- Broorn to excite the boys in library. , Tom Newland, left to defend Amer- ica. ,Lily Nielsen, leave my composure to Myrtle Roqers. Iames O'Brien, leave my drums to Anson Iames. Our Turri's Coming I Guess Who CLASS ILL I, Mary Bebello, leave to dance my way throuqh lite. I, Bert Bhoades, leave my silent manner to Mary Ibarreta. I, Feryl Shreeve, leave tor-who knows: I don't. I, Emma Smith, leave to blaze a trail oi glory. I, Beed Smith, leave to catch up on my sleep. I, Robert Smith, leave my earnest sincerity to Miss Both. I, Ruth Stover, leave my curvacious drawinas to Ben McWhorter. I, Virginia Sutherland, leave my treasured tresses to Stanley Moore. I, Colin Town, leave someone else to try to cope with Miss Crozier's Triq. I, Vera Turkovich, leave the school minus another tall brunette. I, Kenneth Vail, leave my books to Norma Crane. I, Charlotte Walker, leave my super-duper pitch to Annie Bellum. I, Betty Walter, leave my conscientiousness to lack Stedman. I, Charles Walter, leave my studiousness to Stanley Daqaett. I, Louise Waschau, leave my caustic tonaue to Frances Giacomini. I, Alma Wendt, leave the senior yells still echoing in the auditorium. I, Beverly Wilber, leave to win more friends with my Ipana smile. I, Iune Wills, leave my sister Iane to cope with these wild F. U. H. S. students. I, Bob Winkler, leave for the nearest mechanics job. First Aid? I What, No Grub? Samson, Delilah, and Anti-aircraft You're Hard on 'Em, Tony! May We I-Ielp, Lily? Farewell to Thee AUTO MRAPI-l S G ww W I , v X, I, ' kv www .W MX f W M wa W M23 ' 1 I X m f f wwf Qig 'X 14 WW M0 pf A MW if .' f'f9' 'i,2 .. yy A V . rocx E ja Jygvppff Q2 QNX. Q GK, ,ia if :A ,.L 5 . ., ... V, 4 1 Y ,v Q.. X v....J x Xi , X, . x'X, s g, xx J J ,f .4 - .4 be ., 3 gigs YJ f . ' O 7 5 Q Q0 mi! ,ZLMJ 1A,L1Q,3. P AQW 5' If f A - . 5. ., M SQWQ J I if Wi iw N ,W x e f if QQ Exm- Qxq ,Q cn . , K 31 ' 6 YW B -Q, SKS "- H x :tgp NS hx c E N5 X S . s A xx -.Q-si. F O R E W O R D Once again storm clouds roll over America. Once again We must build our nation's mental and physical strength until it surpasses that ot all others. Since the War began, we of Fortuna Union High School have done What We could to help forward the defense program. ln addition to these duties, however, we have found time to keep up our spirits and to improve our health and our morale with varied leisure time activities. Recognizing the importance ot play in safeguarding the Well-being of a nation, We dedicate our book to recreation. We will Work hard--we will play hard-confident that soon the Stars and Stripes will again float in clear skies. MlHHIlHHNl -ff H , v 1 , w ef. egg-11 v 1' H' S H fry de un. lp. 4',g?F14i5"-1 QE. , ' ' L' QL? Vx" A, N QF, -' .ri ' .i'-I"1'f. '31 p. rggga an ,ff I':"1f:.Z 'f T .2 ".y,3'Y , .- ' V'f...'+, P' ' v I .x is , ,y 1 4' "fn 1. r '. .' He, 4,131 5, x -un. M. ,. . , '.. ,, 'Q ka 51' . I A +4 ,, ...WL- -.M ,L '.1-.- W .. ,- 4 ff. ,,,. Q 1 - .,-My ,- 1 I " 'U 5675 . 15 L' v 1 ' fs Q . Eva A I .11 " "' . N4 ,S-is 1 A - i . ' ,A . ' 1315. V Ay:-NH: 7 .'...f..y pg .jj-L'i'f' ' 7, - ' .- T"1.Z.fiEl,-.14',ia. K W . x2e:?q,:5-'- ' .,' --e -K uw ' L ' . , A?" ,.- 41- ?b,sLf,f'w x 'QA L 3.1 - ' gy' a'.z.:,l',. .1-'iz 'saw . 5 ,J-1, , U ,1 f - in if A . ' I 'O . .. '- w .Q1 " A-" 's . -'11 -, XQ ' 4 nh' 'AW K AV I. 4' XXV: 15 S N - L. L 54 'L .w 'E I Nm, P Y ., ' ' -Q' . 1: - .A . .I 35 I .5 v. ,lx A '. -,g P - gig" 35- x-Ri'-7-if ar s -' - .:.'I- ZZ, 's . ..'v. - Jaw? x WTI ' af? .:' L' pf QQQB1, S .i,f"g-gi' Q., 6. QW X.,- . NY ,FV H , ye- , 'juiiv' X Mfg Y'-,.:. , .4 LIS: l 1ii..l1k. 3 .Qi ' ,, ,,.,ae. as H Hx TS xl .U .VZ ,ge 1?-sg A 3555 I " qi 7: 2, E ."fss,,. ' ,H '.- . -4 , , "pil" . I 4. .- ...vffx f W - ., . gl- y ,gs new . ,'.:4f::?',f ' i ff y L- "1 ' ., Jig, 5 "gg:5,f , M ,J I j ' , 'Q , gf ' I 1 ' .1 gf! , X-M -AIUIIIII DW4 zIIII I qu IIIJIIIIAI 'lf WE'EE5'5'f,.' E"-'W ' ii'I'f1ifz'f-.le-Wie:-'-1 "mf .mi ,--'f 'I-N, ' ""1:fcq.sf4'zi'1:-f1---, -q:, --N -w-S., V - .' 'V -- - . ,.- -, , . -. - ,-4 g IA . ,,2'-'slr-I ':. H 'lm-, . -f1g!'..u'lkg,'551, .. ., f'V."!f' Iv sv J 3,,, HA- .'-cf--5--. f 'iv - -'H K-bf H..-,...--S XI usp ', -H. " ff'-wfff iv Tfiifni-41f:'!fi?33iiEa..17?g:'4"as5221... f2a7Srii1fS':2a.-:?'4iaf--- W:--.W-41-,.,.. P- ..T:fQ2f1f2ia?-.TTS-.. 1.-1-im.. TALK' af- .3732 .- . II, 3, 1v'f,!i'I, ' qpfiii'-251!,Elf f9E1"'14Zi'..,i iI'em'f'1 fi: '- ,.. I,qI"9?.'- ':','f-M5-af'...-'-gL.z,.- ff'--..,, .' -,..s.I- "" ":"f"'CQ""""f7"- ff 1' GT-'.fi'f" H521 'Tw f ",l U IIIII V Iliff ,W 1 E' IL IIii Lit influx 1:4 I w NAI 1 --- 1' H-J 'f-' ln ' """"":r'!I' 'guild lx mn fl- ' 'I-1 1 -421' ' ni. -1 Klum N. ' ,.,...r.:' ..: .. ""-' . ,:,:-- ':z:.':4,-"1 era: . -2,L","fHZ' Ig' ' II ,..':. ' ', ELS, I Ig,-wg" I " -I ' 'v. '-rQg'v- 4-IIZI I '+I I- I . " v ,. I x f I :' 1,-II, "gn, Frzaiiiil-H: ., ELI ' -gpg f.- ..'f-1-115i-wfiz. if'- 4 X ,5'ff2 "'1fif'1-af - Tm" -4,f.s:1fWMff1-52 'u5'75'f?5Q"1f-.TP--'- . Nw rfsw' .-.ff...'ff53f's?i., ff.i.:-Sim' . I 'S--Pi? fir ' '-fm 1. 3 'J -.:'f-mix.. "HP . - A --' " . 'Y' -.rf --.ffzit-1"--' W '1 - -f:ff1,1zf??51f?i!.-. QiEff:g-f5ggj,:3g1I .f.,-.f'.I.vII IPI QW- 3-Swag-f.I,5--.I'rf7'1.I-'T II-+93 II, ' WH Ev 'fa " 'wif' I," - " 1 -- i::!::::-awimi: -45,-NI ',:'.::!f:g:?:?f:5::': v. 3- - , S?-yI,f.,,Q.!4I Iv. , I . . . I . 'Tex - , .. III XI. ,I 1 X gl 'V 'X - N' -HQ- 1' Jw' , .A .-, rf.: , I' .. f-. '-'-'-::::r:: 2 2- ' 'u , ' ,, - '- '-.-mir J 14. J' ,1 2 '1 I--Q A, ,, ! fa uf.: " ' ,- I-qi ' --. I 1,1 .- I-I4 .1 5 .rj .I " . , f - 0 ip- '. II ', -' Izfy' II. II XI-.fur I II ,II f xii lx. I x I X IIIII I, I ,I KISIIIII I, -05 II ,LI II. ,,,, I 1 I lg. QI g I mx II I-NXRVQQK ,MEX Ix 421' if Ja. mr, a3I:a"'1'f RQ- HW'-fx? :L N f'SgI'w,IIIIIlII KH Es III..xr, ze.. I'13?.?fEf5f'f:I:?'?:m55:f'f Ifep..'f'f2f55i2Z?E54l.1:.' :ffl-::515f" -E ' ' -w-. Jw!" ' . Fwfflzli. Tl: 'E 5, , "-FT "'- '.'I - . ' '-,.v- " -.41 .-7,1 -'D A f - 1-- - - ' '. : 1-',',I w 1' Q Vu.-z: H 4' ,Ig -"P A 1: '--rt. 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Suggestions in the Fortuna Union High School - Megaphone Yearbook (Fortuna, CA) collection:

Fortuna Union High School - Megaphone Yearbook (Fortuna, CA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Fortuna Union High School - Megaphone Yearbook (Fortuna, CA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Fortuna Union High School - Megaphone Yearbook (Fortuna, CA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Fortuna Union High School - Megaphone Yearbook (Fortuna, CA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Fortuna Union High School - Megaphone Yearbook (Fortuna, CA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Fortuna Union High School - Megaphone Yearbook (Fortuna, CA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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