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Fortuna Union High School - Megaphone Yearbook (Fortuna, CA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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I 1 '. ff ff -f ,- ' 'fm'-f.-:fo -1:,,'?21 A ' 5 ,uflp -'fwa-A'ARE-inemali,-q9,'FF:12-Wzinhiistimuafm, " ' ' Maman mmwuumf :mm COPYRIGHT I94O EDITOR ELINOR BIRD ASSISTANT EDITOR HENRY FRANK IIII IIIEIIIIIIINI PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENT BODY OF FORTUNA UNION HIGH SCHOOL FORTUNA, CALIFORNIA I -it al I l l 1 1 llllllllllllll In today's world of conflict we should stop to consider how fortunate we are in that we are not a part of this turmoil and upheaval. Never has there been a more appropriate time for us to realize the effect of mutual dependence of countries desirous of preserving peace, as are North, South, and Central America. This spirit of cooperation among the Americas can best be fulfilled through a belief in the ideals which these countries hold in common. The elimination of suspicion and jealousy is one great step toward the founding of mutual understanding. Barriers of doubt and apprehension which often exist between powerful nations are lowered by neighborly trade negotia- tions, the foundation of Pan-Americanism. This is a fundamental step in the building of a permanent peace. We have chosen Pan-Americanism as the theme of our book' in the hope that the ideals of cooperation which are suggested by it will encourage and inspire those of us who are soon to assume in full the responsibilities and privileges of citizens of the United States of America. With this as the theme of our annual, the 1940 Megaphone is presented to you with the good wishes of the staff. - The Editor EUNHNWS . Classe oAkcHvHr 0 Athlet n Featur DEDIUHTED TU UUHSUUTHERI1 HEIGHBUHS 6 A X Af 2:15,- V X A Q :,vb. ..,. is A Av "W f Q' ' ,.::1:. A .55 gif ., if Af A Q? ' 5 ,, if .A ,.,:1.... 0 pf '1:1wi.i5 , , - -3' A ff 5' 3 gr 4 ,, as W Vg -W Q jj' 4 A M W A 4 was gg ,, I II4 .P M '- :,. ,,.,4, 1 ::51'Q-Ef5:51 5gAg,:':-:A , gf, 4 , g. 4 ,.,A A ,: , gg A Q 'LI ,.., ,, A : at ., A N 'QVAQ -zlzl 62 W - . 5 , - 2": , V AA . '-Wlay w if Z6 Q. A E' J A Q ' 'tl is g if :" il.-55 -mi. Q Q I W if 'f :': "" ' 1"' W X . A ei , A W fd W w.AAf1Ag,f'f Q .-: .Q . ,, A Af 2 ,AAI , Q gy E V I Q v ,1 . .,A14 A.. 'f : A A A " .,::4. .A...,: V A " A ., 'A ' gy m as 9 5 455155322 ':E5??':,25E::9 sf 7 1 1"-' ' zlz rw ' iw X ',' W F? ' ' A A , Q if ' 5 me Q fy' A M A Y 7 155 "'. 2 "-- 4 5 , A .... . , A . f 1' :,:' 53 Q .'-A A A gs. f Q V ,rg l an E 'V ' 2' f . 5 'far ' si 4 " -AM 52' EQ 'gs :EQ I X V Mui A, Q , .V.,4 ,,,, Z . g r ' sb' A . A 6' Q A A 153 A iff' jfieaw 45 H: V ? ..,, 4: 5?Q1Q- 5 fxfigf I " ag. 1.1.1 ,. - 1, zi. 5 A 3 'N Q 5 '? -5 .-..-" sf '- 4 g A 3 X, g 43536-I A - Mi: " ""' f' Q . ff -.,- : V hi? W W fb , 2 ,ll ' fi? 61' ,Af ' :. M 3' "". f ' f-'1' f fi . I . , ,.,, 2 A v? 0 A i ::': ' 2 'E W .": ESU W ..:V 5 :, . :xp :vl l.,. . . I1 V In Ai 2 A ' .iii ::,-. A I i:,' .E'.:': 5ig1::.'.:,.. 'JA ' A 55 33 :., . 12,4513 7 N '-:--.. " ' W .AL ., W' . . -1 A. A Aw' Q f M, -A-.- -'A' 1 A,, .:..: ':1" ",'-A'A A , , gg- g , ., i S JF JE: -.,- v--:v- :.A. ,:v. Q ,A A:-S8f,,,. ggi'?'Ag . , :5. Q: .... E ,A,' H: , :-: 5 ,,"' A ,,A: ,,.,,, .ff ' V 109,28- ' A , " f' AAAA . 3A-As , A' -:5:a15A53sa:521A:-EM, A - " .. ,. ,. --im: ': ':????sfzl2:z-s::5:.,. .. . .....,.. .A.A......A..A1A1:-:A.:A:A:AL:::.-- . . A, A ' '- .A+ - -:A:-:f " :W x ' Aummmoswwum 4ialSE.izW.x.L.x9ulv:-74mp,Q2rf1.,zOf4xgsng'azz'v:ll,mT.sia'2ss',l!f ' ' waxed'-l!rAsswm..mrr..:"fm. - , :sf 1- -cftlk-4"-' 'Q fs Sff-51 a M923 3- , ,. 4,-Q . E , ' 7 '1 "WS:-'L:XT1AlB'w.5 T,'fr1'12v-Qliuvmliw 2A1lll'B1TC1'5B1"Sv'ivS!:.5':-z1fz's3r:I4."::LCflfrme2.- 1 'f' ." . ' , 'QU " 2' 'FSI x ' ' ' 'f ' P 1 ' .. G. J. BADURA Principal if Another school year, rich in tradition, friendship, and achievement, is about to close. ln reflecting upon the activities ofthe year we cannot help expressing appreciation for the cooperative spirit that has prevailed throughout the year. We note with satisfaction the growing seriousness of purpose, the common pride in our school, and the willingness to support that which is for the best interest of all. We congratulate the members of the Megaphone staff upon their work. The desire to record the history ot the school year in word and picture is highly commendatory. We congratulate those individuals and organizations of the school whose unfailing loyalty has contributed to the success ot the yea r. To those students who leave us to take their place in the fields beyond high school, we wish good fortune. It is our hope that their high school days have served as a means of insuring happiness and security. G. J. Badura, Principal R. H. Stenback, Vice Principal 5.1 VIRGINIA BLACK Home Economics O. C. BROWN Agriculture, Farm Mechanics STEPHEN COLEMAN Science, English ARTHUR COLWELL Social Studies L. E. CROSS Agriculture, Farm HELEN CROZIER Mathematics varied are the LESLIE B. ANDERSON Social Studies, Bookkeeping LLOYD ANDERSON Music O JAMES A. BATCHELOR Social Studies, Guitar BERNICE BEABER Office Secretary Komen A'-dial' unc mon: 1 interests filled by this group GEORGE McKELVlE Social Studies, English EVELYN MURRAY Girls' Athletics GLADYS SHULSEN English, Newswriting VIOLET SHULSEN English, French ARETA CURRY Commercial Subiects DOROTHY DALE Music ROBERT E. DAMON Boys' Athletics ORIEL is:-IAM Mfg, Art, Mechanical Drawing FRED JABUSCH Woodworking SHIRLEY JONES English, Dramatics MARIE LINSER Library THEODORE G. LIPPERT Auto Mechanics MARGARET MAXWELL Home Economics Student Powers STUDENT BODY OFFICERS President ....... Frank Friedenbach Vice President . . . . Clair Jaehnig Secretary . , . . Mary Turkovich Treasurer . . . . Frances Montgomery Sergeant at Arms . . . . Bill Crider Song Leader . . . Nancy Crane Yell Leader . . Shirley Bartow STUDENT BODY This year the Student Body was carried through another successful year under the excellent leader- ship of Frank Friedenbach. As usual, the Student Body play was a big success under the capable direction of Miss Shirley Jones. The play, "You Can't Take lt With You", which was shown on the screen a few months ago, was pre- sented. The various committee chairmen, faculty advisers, and officers did their part in making this one of Fortuna's outstanding years. ADVISORY BOARD MEMBERS-First Row: Lu- cas, Correll, Schmidt, Bird, Polach. Second Row: Giacomini, Hosier, Montgomery, Belloni, Patter- son, Marks, Smith. i .. ., , f ,L .L-, ..,, ,., ...... , M... ,.,, J comes time for graduation SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ..... Vice President , Secretary . Treasurer . . . Sergeant at Arms . Song Leader . Yell Leader .... Advisory Board Member Faculty Adviser . . . . . . . . . . VictorSoares . . ClairJaehnig . Margaret Moore . Mary Turkovich . . Bob Oglesby . . Lois Nordeck Nedra Rodenberger . Pat Patterson . Mr. Batchelor Ili H1 Z O T Ch CA I'l'1 Z O Z U! U1 l'l'l Z 0 T VD V5 ITI Z O W Vi th Z Z Lu cn V3 Z Z Lu an Vi Z Z Ll-I VI th Z Z u.l V1 , . , ,. W . . , ,. L .L ,,,,, A...sZ...,-L,.Z ZWYZZZZ., Mggnpngngi . . . ll7 people AGNES AMEN Blessings on thee, little girl. FRED ALDRICH Quiet but quick. GRACE ALEXANDER ' One of those good and happy workers. i JASPER ANDERSON l'm that way about Junne, l JOHNNIE BARATTI World Series? Ask Johnnie! EUGENE BARNES He's been busy with Future Farmer plans HELEN BARTI "Tell me againg l don't get it." DORIS BARTLETT She loves her art. LOBERTA BARTLETT She's always busy. DOROTHY BENDEL i Duty calls, and she responds. GINO BENETTI "How's about you and me gettin' hitched?" ROSE MARIE BENSON It is the tranquil people who accomplish much. ELINOR BIRD We call her "Birdie"-ain't she "tweet?" DONALD BRAMWELL "And den da dame says to me-" ANDY BURGESS He leads the Burgesses. ED BURGESS Physical perfection is his aim. JAMES BURGESS The Old Southern Gentlemen type. ' ZELMA BURGESS The mildest manners and the gentlest heart. ' farewell to Fortuna High MELBA CESARETTI Her interests lie out of school. BERNEICE CHISM One of our basketball queens. FRANCES COLEMAN A charming smile for everyone. CAROLYN COMFORT A reckless driver, but she always has passengers. MARJORIE CORRELL Anything new in "doo dads?" NANCY CRANE The songbird of the campus. WILMA CRANK Don't be misled by her name. BILL CRIDER Basketball, baseball, and gals: his specialties. CLEMENT CROWLEY He'd raise the dead! ARTHUR DAIGAN What this school needs is football. CECIL DAVIS A regular Future Farmer HARLYN DEMELLO Stick around, we like your smile. LEROY DOUGHERTY Where does he get the scandal? MERLE DUNLAP The Gods did make my hair to curl. BILL EDGMON .lust another Charles Atlas lwith leopard skinl ROBERT EXTON Where will the band be without Bob and his bass? LORNE FORBES Good talkers are also good doers. LEO FRANCESCONI Romance runs in the family. FLOYD FRANK "Hold it-got it". ROBERT FRASER Who am I to be different? FRANK FRIEDENBACH He knows all the answers! after ci happy and exciting year JOE GIACOMINI Usually busy with school activities. MlRlAM GLINES She'll always keep the home fires burning. GENE GODFREY He could give Robert Taylor some helpful hints. MELVIN GOODALE "When do we eat?" CARROLL GORDON He keeps his brilliance to himself. DUNCAN GRAHAM He'll get a brainstorm any day now. FRANCES GRIESBACH A friend in need is a friend indeed. HELEN GRINSELL Why worry, we live but once. JAE GRUNERT Gad! Ain't it sensational! ERNEST HANSEN The shrewd business man. EVALENE HANSEN Ever see anyone busier? EVERETT HANSEN Dependability is his password. N . NORMA HANSEN A friend whose friendship is worthwhile. DOLORES HARDWICK But mercy she's determined. EDITH 'HATCH Hers is a happy heart. JEAN HAZLETON She speaks and acts just as she ought. ROBERT HARRIS The longest way home is the sweetest, nuffl THOMAS HAYDON Still waters run deep. HELENE HELT Quietness is a great virtue. ROSS HILL Big surprises come in small packages. STEPHEN HODGKINS Our own James Cagney. Q. sho illecl with glori E ous activity KENNETH HOSIER "I wish that I were all l think I am." VIRGINIA HOUGH She's quiet and studious. WALTER JACKSON "Deacon" to all you brothers and sisters. CLAIR JAEHNIG She who hath foresight will grabbeth me quick. LELAND JESSER A swell person when you get to know him. HAROLD JOHNSTON Just Harold and his Ford. ANNIE JORGENSEN One of those small and lively redheads. FRANK KEMP l beg you, please be informal. ROSEMARY KIPHART She does her own thinking. GWYNETH LANGDON Just leave it to Gwyneth. EMMA JANE LAUFFER She helps make the school more beautiful. THELMA LINK Well, I can dream, can't ll ALAN LUFKIN If it's news you want, find Alan. BEVIS MAHAN Hobbies: basketball and qirls. DAN MAPLE Calm and collected. RAYMOND MARKS Wherever Margaret goeth, there Ray goeth also. LYDIA MARTINELLI She's fun loving and sincere. BETTY JO MEREDITH Why, she's I7 if she's a day! ., , .. . ..--an-,gn .,f,Qm...f,gf - ,- I ,f V. ,, ,,,.,, E. CD l'l1 Z T VD V3 I'l'I Z T U3 Vi I'l'1 Z T V! In I'l'l Z Z Vi VI Z Z ua cn V3 Z Z Lu cn V3 Z Z u.l Ill VD Z Z u.l in parties . . . dances . . .rallies DAVE MILLER I may do something sensational yet. WILLIAM MILLER Slow but sure. MARGARET MOORE There's never a dull moment when Mitzie is clowning. JOYCE MORAN Just call me "Sox". MILDRED MORRIS What a pretty blush. ELLEN MOSSI Let's go have some fun. MARIE NIELSEN A good girl will find a good boy. BETTY NOBLE A newcomer who made friends readily. LOIS NORDECK To know her is to love her. ROBERT OGLESBY Women haters fall hard-look out Bob! JUNNE OLDI-IAM Ohl Jasper, Oh! ORVAL OVERHOLT Only speaks when he has something to say. STANLEY PARKER Editor Parker of the Hi Spy. PEGGY PARTRIDGE The "cream" of the crop. PAT PATTERSON Silence reigned--and then came Pat. GERALDINE PERROTT Awards, friends, and Jerry. CARL RENNER Tall, dark, and Oh boy! JUNE ROBINSON "lf l could only tell what l knowl" me prions: iasketbcill games REY TOWNSEND akespeare was all right in his day. Y TURKOVICH 'his picture doesn't look a bit like me". 'RENCE VARNADO iriety is the spice of lite when it comes to 'ls JK VOLPI his dumb puns ye shall know him, IER WENDT candidate tor the "All American Redheads". I WILLIAMS ine but not forgotten A WORTHINGTON iu never see "peaches" without "cream". WOODCOCK Ionest, I don't bleach me hair." -l LUCAS WILSON e minds her own business. PHINE ZUMWALT st, but by no means least. .QQ 'Y and studies! NEDRA RODENBERGER "Why aren't they all like me?" LOIS SANBORN "I'll do it, but don't rush me!" MARJOREE SCI-IMIDT What's Midge got that the rest of us haven't? Vic! DARRELL SCHMIDT I like to wind my tongue up and l love to hear it go. LEROY SCOTT l don't care-l look like a student. WANDA SEMPLE Lucky man who gets her for his secretary. JOHNNIE SELLENS None can resist his smile. J. C. SIMMONS Mama, may I be a sheik? 1 victoia soAREs He's just a victim of circumstances. l-IAROLD STANLEY He iitterbugs his way around. GRETA SUND You never know what she's thinking. JOE THOMSON "Poems are made by fools like me". Junior Prom is highlight President . . Vice President . . Secretary. , Treasurer .... SergeantatArms. . Song Leader . . . Yell Leader .... Advisory Board Member Faculty Adviser . . . JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS . Jim Wigton . . Nilo Sei . Hilda Biasca Henry Frank . Bob Martin Marjorie Gould . Barbara Ball Kathryn Belloni Miss Crozier Q 11' W Y , W-, -,..,..,l,,. . .L.,.q-., lass activity nlE GAPl!0NE lin V .,.' ? NWA Y had 94'-1 'a 1' -p 1 -WI: I . 1 . 1 jx' rm? NUS VICO ALBIANI BOB ALEXANDER FRANCES ALLEN PHILLIP ARNEY HENRY BAIRD BARBARA BALL SHIRLEY BARTOW DARYLE BAXTER JUNE BEACH MARIAN BEDELL KATHRYN BELLONI TED BENSON JO ANN BERTAIN HILDA BIASCA MONA BITTENCURT CHESTER BOSCH CATHERINE BRANDT BETTY BREMER JACK CADLE JEAN CESARETTI INEZ CHILDERS ARDEN CONNICK BILL COOPER WESLEY CRAWFORD -fi' It 3 LUTHER CROSS ALDA DAVIS MARY JANE DINSMORE MARVIN DOCILI ROBERT DRAKE BILL DORSEY THEDA DUNGAN ANNIE DUSINA STANLEY EISNER EDWARD FERRARI ROBERT FLANNERY HENRY FRANK JANET FRASER KENNETH GARCELON MARJOR I E GOULD WESLEY GRAHAM 4 .Q x . ' Q-04' 'PF 5I" tvffif, S AV? I I CfJI I". I II I L'-F, A V 151. M I Y, 3 ,. I 5:7 9' T, m 5 J I J A.,-I lg 'I J , If 7 v , 1 -E - I ' 'Vg K f- ,. ,Q A I . : ,-mf' I.rng,e:- L- Z Ili L- Ch L- T U1 L- W UD VI 2 'H V1 Z H V! Z H IA Z -5 E6 PHO . . . Junlor I I G? I I Q I f T . I I ,- ' 1, M927 ,,,-1 ' , , - , , ,gI?3:jn K in K ,,,V, kv its ky , . if LN I 'lx 4 up 1 ' I 1 K 1, its J I 'I 33, f . 3' 5: IIII I ,. "" 1. ' , ' :- 'V--Q""' -.,. "::" mm,:' A , L, I ,,A X ,Q A jig 1 . I Ins' I 'I A " 2 V ., .. . :Z fr ,,,, A , 1.82 at ? .I 1 fxrr 6 I I, in s wf ...E I 6 If -1-M I . , I Avi- I I ' mmA if I ' f H Aff V , ,Am 6? 'S I ' GENE LIVINGSTON LAWRENCE LOVEALL DOLORES LUCAS JERRY LUCAS DONALD LUTHER GRANT MACKENZIE BOB MARTIN VIRGINIA MARTIN AGNES MATTHEWS ROBERT MCCLELLAND SHIRLEY MCCLURG FRANK MCDONALD JOE MENDES ELIO MICHELI JOE MIRANDA FRANCES MONTGOMERY RUTH MORRIS JIM MURRAY NITA MURRISH BEVERLY MYERS EVA MAE NEELY ' , , ,,,,. Q I BILL GREEN JESS GREGORY JAMES GRIESBACH LEONARD GRIFFITH ELMER GUGLIELMINA EILEEN GWIN ARTHUR HALL KENNETH HANSEN JEAN HARDWICK LULA MAE HAYES LOLA HULL PAUL HUNTER PHYLLIS INGRAHAM DELBERT JACKSON JIM JANSEN RICHARD JASPER BARBARA JESSER DORTHY JOHNSON ERIC JOHNSON MARJORIE KEMPER PEARL KENNEDY HAROLD KIRK DOROTHY LANE EDITH LESSLEY upport many school CURTIS SHURTER EDWARD SMITH WILDA SMITH RUBY ST. JOHN RUBY STILL LLOYD SUCHANEK JUNE THOMAS OLGA VOLPI PHYLLIS WAGGONER MARILYN WAHL MARSHALL WASHBUR AUDREY TAYLOR IONA WENDT JIM WIGTON MARGARET WOOLDRIDGE LLOYD WRIGHT ANITA ZUMWALT activities RUBY NICHOLS CHARLES NORDECK BETTYCLARE NORQUIST BARBARA OCHOA JULIA O'CONNOR RUBY O'DOM EDMUND O'LEARY ROBERT OLIVEIRA DENZIL OVERHOLT GERDA PELK FRANCIS PENTIN ROSA PEREZ ELSIE PETERSON MARGARET PRYER DOROTHY PURDY JANET PURDY ROBERT RENNER MARJORIE RITOLA TONY ROCHA VERA ROLLINS LOUIS ROVAI RAY SANDLIN DON SAWYER NILO SEI They added feathers to the SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President .... Beverly Wilber Vice President . . . Walter Bognuda Secretary .... Theaetta Quick Treasurer . . . Rae Ann Hardwick Faculty Adviser . . . Miss Shulsen Sergeant at Arms . . James O'Brien Song Leader . . . Camille Lamson Yell Leader .... Tom Newland Advisory Board Member . Reed Smith First Row: Morris, Denney, Price, Allioli, Bumpus, Brusie, Harris, Rhoades. Second Row: Miss Black, Johnston, Miller, McKee, Walker, Johnson, Burgess, Loika, Fraser. Third Row: Garcelon, Caston, lbarreta, Johnson, Leonard, Cloney, Hansen, Jones, Vail. -SQ UGO MISS BLACK'S ADVISORY Sophomore Cop . . . iR. COLEMAN'S ADVISORY st Row: Waschau, Hansen, Rebello, Zimmerman, Nielsen, Jackson, Stover. Second Row: Walter, Crabtree, Walter, MacMillan, Burpee, Johnson, Kiphart, Giacornini, Winslow. Third Row: Boler, Karry, Fielden, Mr. Coleman. First Row: Shreeve, Larson, Winslow, Wendt, Rebello, Eglin, Tompkins, Mills. Second Row: Filby, Bellotti, Crank, Moseley, Hansen, O'Leary, Pentin. Third Row: Mr. Jabusch, Spencer, Johnson, Briggs, Kemp, Holm. Ul " MR. JABUSCH'S ADVISORY m:cAr,noN:: , S Hd S38 5 . Hd SEIU 5 . Hd SEIU 5 RES PH ' S RES PH ' S RES PH S 120 Sophomores this year MISS JONES' ADVISORY First Row: Macklin, Olesen, Brown, Perra, Hansen, Benson, Fowler, Cross. Second Row: McCall, Chaney, Kemp Johnston, Mudgett, Wheeler, Miranda, Tatman. Third Row: Chism, Evans, Simmons, Town, Polach, Miss Jonl First Row: O'Neil, Lamson, Cudney, Smith, Myers, Davis, Petersen, Simmons, Lively. Second Row: Haley, Exton, Hardwick, Wilber, Quick, Moore, Willburn, Biondini, Bognuda. Third Row: Smith, Stedman, Hunter, Micheli, Mack- lin, Newland, Glass, O'Brien, Smith, Miss Shulsen. A we an-W' 'IP' MISS G. SHUl.SEN'S ADVISORY Sf ' " S 7, .V ' ' f f ' '52 V . f .' ' U T MQ.,-'ff--7'5l??f"9f-5"1!. flmiffflrlz. I me W ,WN ,hh ,,,,,,.,,--S-..............................a reenlings do their share ESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS . YQ' is t Row: Albiani, Lindblom, Miranda, Hansen. Second Row: Cheeseman, Mattson, Miss Shulsen, Lucas, Bertain, -l' First Row: Langdon, Farrar, Tompkins, lversen, McWhorter, Guslwaw, Giacornini, Cloney, Tamo. Second Row: Bumpus, Stinson, Jeffers, Beck, Crane, Nelson, Suchanek, Peck. Third Row: Barnwell, Williams, Kibby, l-lescoclc, Anzine, Matthews, Godec. Fourth Row: Rose, Mead, Mr. Colwell, Rhoades, Turner. fgg' MR. COLWELL'S ADVISORY Lots of excitement on the fir First Row: Jarvis, Heney, Chriswell, Swift, Cox, Merga, Gushaw, Kirkman. Second Row: Griffith, McNaug Gladden, Hough, Hepworth, Murray, Alfonso, Wilber, Lane. Third Row: Renner, Mullins, Damrn, Mr, Cross, Nil Thornton, Barnes, Stone. MR. CROSS' ADVISORY MR. BROWN'S ADVIS First Row: Irwin, McGahuey, Guglielmina, Helt, James, Giacomini, Adams, Alexander, Baird. Second Row Nickols, l-lolberg, Brusie, Langworthy, Adorni. Third Row: Mitchell, Boesen, Mr, Brown, Morrison, Mille: ear Calendar MEG PHDNE ' Row: Windbigler, Sutherland, Millios, Pulver, Danielson, Muclgett, Burpee, Iversen. Second Row: Willburn, :lner, Mela, Pentin, Freil, Hill, Benson, Shaffer, Third Row: Graham, Coleman, Thomsen, Tompkins, Amen, Rocha, Miss Murray. SS MURRAY'S ADVISORY ' Of, MISS V. SHULSEN'S ADVISORY Row: Cheeseman, Baird, Garcelon, Thomson, Porter, Rogers, Tompkins, Miranda. Second Row: Brown, Lindblom, er, Hansen, Connick, I-lixson, Stenback, Davis, Winemiller. Third Row: Miss Shulsen, Hansen, Wagner, Simmons, Jn, Griffith, Zurnwalt, I-lagood. Fourth Row: Mattson, Lucas, McWhorter, Bertain, Minard, Chappell, McConnell. HS!!! ' N3 HSHHJ ' N3 H5385 - N3 HSE!! N3 PS A SN PS A SN APS ' SN PS A SN PS A SN Mncanloni: Yea' book if - Hmymsls'wHfaAvXm:xLmmmsMxsmf1wi-wgsm '1 W ' ' iilmtuzihidsimm ixiasevz 1 ' : ., ... : 72--X 2 .5 - 4 f, 4 -'C QT digg X51 g' --u-4 -- ,1- - K-1 ki-5 "' 'fi as is -Lx'-7' 1.2 ' I Q 'T QC- 1,,., f -It K "' 'fxiifklaic HUIVHIU , . , , ., , nm-.f , .-f.::.-I-Law 4 la , - S' 1 ' , " ffiw :v3"Q':c-+::79mrr!nvrf'nf,f'f . ' LIN," fi' "1 if if 'P , . f. . ig taff shows originality this year MEGAPHONE STAFF Editor . . . Assistant Editor . Senior Editor . Junior Editor . Girls' Athletics . Boys' Athletics . . Organizations Editor . . Snaps Editor . . . Sales Manager . Faculty Adviser . Financial Adviser . . Elinor Bird Henry Frank June Robinson . Bob Martin Beverly Wilber . . Nilo Sei . Geraldine Perrott . Floyd Frank Lorne Forbes Gladys Shulsen . Leslie B. Anderson The Megaphone Staff this year has worked long and hard racking their brains for new and original ideas so that they could give the students of Fortuna Union High School something different and outstanding to treasure over a period of years. If the students of Fortuna Union High School are pleased with the result, it will have been worth all this time and labor. A service Club . . . Girls' League FORTUNA EXCALI BUR CLUB "He who best serves others, best serves himself," is the motto of Fortuna's Excalibur Club. This year the club purchased Excalibur Club pins, the same kind as last year's, tor the new members. Woe to the member who lets a girl wear his pinl The Excalibur Club is sponsored by the Fortuna Rotary Club. The club has made several donations to the needy at Christmas time as well as performing other services throughout the year. First Row: Giacomini, Docili, Schmidt, Wigton, Frank, Hosier, Dougherty, Grunert. Second Row: Pond, Benetti, Friedenbach, Jaehnig, Marks, Parker, Woodcock, McDonald, Bartow. Third Row: Francesconi, Sei, Soares, Martin, Rovai, Hunter, Livingston, Overholt, Mr, Jabusch. :md the Hi-Spy . . . it Q: V First Row. Burnpus, Correll, Miss Black, Volpi, Semple. Second Row: Laufter, Jesser, Grinsell, Hansen, Moran, Bird. Third Row: Hardwick, Lucas, Bittencurt, Barti, Hansen, Meredith. HI-SPY STAFF , I S, Standing: Miss Shulsen, Docili, Benetti, Friedenbach, Ball, Hardwick. Seated: Daigan, Frank, Robinson, Parker, O'Brien, Waschau, Patterson, Varnado, Giacomini, Lutkin, Lessley, Thomson, Glines, Hardwick, Wigton, Martin, Sei. MI:cAPHoN.l.: 'U C T I' 0 -I Z V5 0 I' C T V1 O -I 4 -I l'l'l U1 VI LLI I- P I- U VI 1 3 .I U cn Z I- U .J 3 D D. . . . they go for Sports ond Leogu G. A. A. CABINET First Row: Myers, Chism, Hull, Mudgett, Wendt, Semple. Second Row: Hansen, Ball, Barti, Gould, Volpi, Walker. Third Row: Wilber, Quick, Grinsell, Still, Perez, Correll, Miss Murray. if ' BOYS' LEAGUE CAB I NET First Row: Clweeseman, McWhorter, Anzine, I-losier, Albiani. Second Row: Mela, Friedenbach, Hunter, Jaehnig, Varnado. Third Row: Oliveira, Giacomini, Martin, Mr. Damon. MEGBPHUN Activities, Film, and Drama CAMERA CLUB First Row: Miller, Griffith, Correll, Crane, Lauffer, Johnston, Link, Partridge, McCall, Tamo. Second Row: Heney Shaffer, Sernple, Crank, Moseley, Perrott, Barti, Patterson, Oliveira, lversen, Burgess. Third Row: O'Dom, Lindblom Taylor, Bartlett, Hansen, Simmons, Willburn, Robinson, Wahl, Dorsey. Fourth Row: Dinsmore, Hansen, Mudgett Johnston, Jasper, Woodcock, Hansen, Rocha, Frank. Fifth Row: Mr. Anderson, Johnson, Eisner, Francesconi, Jack- son, Exton, Barnes, Kirkman. DRAMATICS CLUB First Row: Merga, McKee, Lamson, Belloni, Morris, Waschau, Price. Second Row: Hardwick, Brandt, Alex- ander, Brusie, Jackson, Cloney, Cross. Third Row: Perra, Hardwick, Crane, Bendel, Bittencurt, Harris, Miss Jones. Fifth Row: Schmidt. naug- . . . Farmers, Secretaries, First Aider: FUTURE FARMERS , First Row: Giacornini, Burgess, Davis, Willburn, Langdon, Fraser, Anderson, Miller. Chaney, Crabtree, Maple. Second Row: Hansen, Rocha, Chaney, Gushaw, Zumwalt, Nielsen, Thornton, Murray, Spencer, Giacomini, Third Row: Lufkin, Briggs, Hagood, Renner, Miller, Fielden, Renner, Walter, Biondini, Renner, Burgess. Fourth Row: Barnes, Mendes, Kirk, Dernello, Loika, Crowley, Kemp, Mullen, Vail. Fifth Row: Fraser, Nickols, Mr. Cross, Barnwell, Exton, Miller, Holm, Mr. Brown. First Row: Nordeck, Cesaretti, Sund, Zumwalt, Robinson, Link, Semple, Partridge, Perrott, Second Row: Worthington Helt, Crank, Barti, Schmidt, Meredith, Hazleton, Moran, Grinsell. Third Row: Hansen, Alexander, Morris, Moore Hansen, Turkcvich, Sanborn, Noble, Fourth Row: Hansen, Epps, Francesconi, Sutton, Mrs. Curry. BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU ff 5C'10'f"S Mncnrnonn FIRST AID CLUB First Row: Griesbach, Nielsen, Griesbach, Rogers, Mossi, Jeffers, Coleman, Second Row: Pelk, Tompkins, Jesser, Burgess, Hillard, Hough. Third Row: Mr. Lippert, Williams, Parker, Still, Graham, Goodale, Gordon, Fourth Row: Burgess, Burgess, Ibarreta, Suchanek, Graham. First Row: Johnson, Belloni, Nordquist, Morris, Myers, Kemper, Baird, Farrar, Cross, Second Row: Pelk, Jesser, Lang- don, Hardwick, Turkovich, Harris, Davis, Bird, Hough, Hardwick. Third Row: Hardwick, Waschau, Schmidt, Hansen, Brandt, Robinson, Suchanek, Perrott, Miss Shulsen, Hansen. Fourth Row: Parker, Frank, Soares, Friedenbach, Cross, Wigton, Graham, Oliveira, Lucas. SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY 'U C W I' 0 -I Z CD D I- C W CA D -I 4 -I I'l'I U5 V1 LIJ I- D' I- U V1 1 3 .J U VI Z I- U -I Q D D. 'ery mood and purpose during the day -, f Q Q First Row: Perez, Fraser, Hazleton, Comfort, Biasca, Jaehnig, Overholt, Glass, Townsend, Patterson, Schmidt, Correll. Second Row: Sellens, McConnell, Hansen, Moore, Johnston, Pryer, Hardwick, Hansen, Quick, Wilber, Hansen, Marks, McDonald, Stanley. Third Row: Soares, Sei, Polach, Gregory, Suchanek, Mr. Anderson, Wahl, lbarreta, Crane, Eisner, Karry. Fourth Row: Hunter, Jasper, Garcelon, Kirk, Oliveira, Moran, Still, McCall, Renner, Haydon, Simmons, Epps. Fifth Row: Oglesby, Exton, O'Brien, Grunert, Jackson, Giacomini, Livingston. ADVANCED BAN D The band this year still puts out as many thrills as ever. lt has lived up to its reputation as a band of surprises in its many performances. Our first big event was playing for a football game between Chico and Humboldt State. We also participated in the opening of the Eureka bus lines, the annual Field Night, and the Music Festival, all of which were held in Eureka. The Music Jamboree was our biggest and most important program of the year. Our repertoire this year included many classics and the latest hits, some of which are: The First Norwegian Rhapsody, by Dr. F. M. Christiansen, Wagner's Rienzi, Morton Gould's Pavanne, Lady of Spain, by Tolchard Evans, and Indian Summer, by Victor Herbert. . . . Fortuna offers both voco LITTLE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA The Little Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Miss Dorothy Dale, has had a busy, successful year, lt consists of full instrumentation and has fifty-five members. The organization played selections between the acts for the Senior and Student Body plays, participated in the Christmas program, the Public Schools' Week program, Baccalaureate, and Commencement. The climax of the year was the Music Festival held in Eureka, where the symphony played with good musicianship the Andante from the "Surprise Symphony" by Haydn and the "Procession of the Sardar" by lpolitow-lvanow. First Row: Mudgett, McKee, Nordquist, Beach, Stenback, St. John, Hardwick, Burpee, Hardwick, Tompkins, Hough Glines. Second Row: Miss Dale, Goodner, Kemper, Bremer, Kiphart, Crank, Loveall, Myers, Bendel, Crane, Brandt, Pond, Oglesby, lrwin. Third Row: Langdon, Simmons, McClelland, Oliveira, Benson, Moseley, Gregory, Johnson, Ball Baird, Purdy, Correll, Suchanek. Fourth Row: Haley, Townsend, Flannery, Moore, O'Brien, Luther, Overholt McDonald, Comfort, Bertain, Hough, Patterson. 1 1 1 :nd instrumental music RESERVE BAND AND ORCHESTRA First Row: Beck, James, Rogers, Hixson, Gladden, Adams, Millios, Olesen, Jackson, Tompkins, Mudgett. Second Rowz Lindblom, Burpee, Davis, Winslow, Junker, Porter, lversen, Myers, Davis, Miranda, Stinson, Haydon. Third Row: Miss Dale, Boler, Drake, Miranda, Hansen, Graham, Amen, Mills, Boesen, Bertain, Mr. Anderson. Fourth Row: Coleman, Simmons, Johnson, Pentin, Rose, Williams, Crane, Renner, Flannery, Pentin, Mendes. First Row: Thomson, O'Connor, Zimmerman, Lessley, Davis, Farrar, Miss Dale, Sanborn, Lucas, lngraham, Thomson, Gushaw, Miranda, Stover. Second Row: Cudney, Underwood, Bumpus, O'Leary, Meredith, Johnsen, Cloney, Purdy, Kennedy, Perrott, Johnson, Murrish, Cross. Third Row: Eglin, Guglielmina, Petersen, Fowler, Gould, Townsend, Crane, Myers, Allen, Nordeck, Langdon, Pryer, Fourth Row: Waggoner, Petersen, McClurg, Hough, Nichols, Johnson, Still, Bittencurt, Pelk, Glines, MacMillan, Hayes, Neely, Suchanek. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB EGAPIIO E 'U C T I' -I Z U5 O I- C T CA O -I -I l'l'l Ili VD LLI I- l- V3 3 3 .I U Vi Z I- -I 1 D D. for community entertainment A CAPPELLA CHOIR First Row: Eglin, Myers, Nordeck, Kennedy, Miss Dale, MacMillan, Pryer, Davis, Farrar. Second Row: Hansen, Pelk, Langdon, Meredith, Johnson, Crane, Bittencurt, Townsend, O'l.eary, Herziger, Bumpus. Third Row: Gregory, Forbes, Mahan, Daigan, Marks, Grunert, Tatman, Bosch, Dorsey. Fourth Row: Lufkin, Haydon, Oglesby, Green, Kemp, Oliveira, Woodcock BOYS' GLEE CLU B First Row: Oglesby, Haydon, Oliveira, Daigan, Stanley, Benetti, Dorsey, Farrar, Sandlin, Burgess, Johnston, Cross, Grunert, Marks, Mr. Anderson. Second Rowi Macklin, Luther, Godfrey, Miller, Mahan, Green, Bosch, Dernello, Forbes, Tatrnan, Drake, Lane, Kemp, Woodcock, Lufkin. MEGAPIIONE HHHHIES Af 1'-14' 'F A 2'3" f e 'K ,I , In asketball our main sport January l2 January l9 January 26 January 27 February 2 February 9 February l6 February 23 March 9 . March l2 . March l5 . January l2 January l9 January 26 January 27 February 2 February 9 February l6 February 23 March 9 . March l2 . March l5 . HEAVYWEIGHTS Fortuna Eureka . Fortuna Arcata . Fortuna South Fork Fortuna l-loopa . Fortuna Del Norte Fortuna Ferndale Fortuna Eureka . Fortuna Arcata . Fortuna Del Norte Fortuna South Fork Fortuna Ferndale LIGHTWEIGHTS Fortuna Eureka . Fortuna Arcata . Fortuna South Fork Fortuna I-loopa . Fortuna Del Norte Fortuna Ferndale Fortuna Eureka . Fortuna Arcata . Fortuna Del Norte Fortuna South Fork Fortuna Ferndale Heavyweight team wins . I. I l-IEAVYVVEKSHT BASKETBALL With a veteran team the unlimiteds swept aside all opposition and captured the C. I. F. championship. They won all their games except two which were lost by close scores after a hard struggle. Frank Friedenbach, all county high scorer, earned a position on the all county first team for his second consecutive year, Bartow and Crider were placed on the second team. Standing: Jaehnig, Sei, Macklin, Livingston, Woodcock, Overholt, Johnson, Friedenbach, Crider, Bartow, Mahan, Benetti. Kneeling: Polach. -ha m PMS" ' P k Row: Stanley, Biondini, McClelland, Connick, Wright, Kemp, Eisner, Lucas. Front Row: Bognuda, Glass, Sandlin, Benson, Micheli, lbarreta, l-losier. LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETBALL With only a few veterans left the limiteds couldn't stand up under competition of other schools. Sickness of some of the players and lack of experience handicapped the team this season. Docili earned a position on the all county second team. We look forward to a championship team next year as there are many veterans returning. 11VHl3NSV9 NDVHL' TTVHHSVH SINNHL :TENNIS BASEBALL CK RA 'T LL BA ET SK BA EG PHDNE athletics plc C" BASKETBALL Mitchel, Glass, Ibarrefa, Pcntin, Docili, McNaughton, Wigton, Hosler, Rocha. Front Row: Jarvis, Polach, Benner, Berfasn, Lucas. Back Row: Benson, McWhorter, Griesback, Wlndbngler, McCall, Alexander, Sutton. "D" BASKETBALL :i big part in the year's activities HAHTRACK , ,. ,-...4-.. N, '.- U,,, l First Row: Micheli, Exton, Bartow, Friedenbach, Mahan, Burgess, Davis, Hall, Giacomini. Second Row: Barnes, New- land, Dixon, Woodcock, Kemp, Crider, Livingston, Overholt, Burgess, Macklin. First Row: Eisner, Crabtree, Connick, Smith, Pentin, Rocha, Keesey, Tatman, Hagood, Drake. Second Row: Mitchell, Anzine, McWhorter, Bertain, Caston, McCall, Polach, Jarvis, Baird, O'Brien, Griesbach. Third Row: Lucas, Sandlin, Wigton, Alexander, Reriner, Miller, Kirkrnan, Glass, l-losier. , ,,....., ...i-.. ' HE'TRACK Tennis, Baseball and Girls' Spor Wgfii ' . B ""' i 'f , V LI Baird, Johnson, Jackson, Mullens, Benetti, Mahan, Crowley, Burgess, Miller, Anderson, Jesser, Burgess, Bartlett, Macklin, Barti, Gould, Rodenberger, Moran, Sellens, Eisner, McClelland, Sandlin, Simmons, Sei, Jaehnig, Hunter. First Row: Giacomini, Micheli, Martin, Rovai, Crider, Albiani, Docili, Baratti. Second Row: Gushaw, Mela, Sawyer, Jackson, Francesconi, Godfrey, Benetti, Farmer, Sellens. in A-V-H M . l BASEBALL iccupy a prominent position AMPION BASKETBALL tRow: Moran, Sempie, Hansen, Bird, Wendt. Second Row: Bendel, Barti, Rodenberger, Hardwick, Patterson, Chism First Row: Kneeling, Wendt, Standing, Morris, Hull, Belloni, Pryer. Second Row: Standing, Hardwick, Ball, Myers, Bertain, Volpi, Mathews, Kemper. Third Row: Dungan, Perez, Still, Dinsrnore, Gould, Brandt, Wahl. GIRLS' HOCKEY MEGAPHONE K I VI 72 rl1 -I ou I' I' -I W O 71 T I'l'I I" I" -I rn Z Z lf! VI I- M D D- AC ua I U Z O I P- I.l.I 2 U I 5 V3 -I M in our curriculum First Row: Robinson, Link, Partridge. Second Row: Lauffer, Worthington. GIRLS' ARCHERY AERIAL DARTS First Row: Gould, Comfort, Biasca, Semplc, Wendt, Rebello, Albiani, Partridge, Chism. Seconc Row: Miss Murray, Bendcl, Hardwick, Still, Gwin, Worthington, Hansen, Hardwick, Davis. m:GAPnoN:: g HHHHHS 12 N Qi "-12-XS nw HW3s'5ffrff0rw'f3'1aflMwmx'f4'st'Fa!eK: 1K f417:vwv'w.' 'W "ft r:'4"":""' Mfr Y ' iw 1' 1- ' 1 , v SENIOR WlLL Grace Alexander, leave my readiness to cooperate to Bob Drake. Freddie Aldrich, leave, thank goodness! Agnes Amen, have left to keep house for my husband. Jasper Anderson, leave to raise potatoes. Jchnnie Baratti, leave my operatic ability to Ruth Stover. Eugene Barnes, leave, because they won't let me stay any longer. Helen Barti, leave my wagging tongue to Mari Gould. Doris Bartlett, leave my artistic temperament to Dolly Lucas. Loberta Bartlett, leave to become a nurse. Dorothy Bendel, leave my position on the basketball court to Helen Maudlin Gino Benetti, leave Eileen Gwin, to my regret. Rose Marie Benson leave my quiet manners to Barbara Ball. Elinor Bird, leave my blood-curdling screams to Anita Zumwalt. Donald Bramwell, leave my slang tor Mr. Les Anderson to figure out. Andrew Burgess, leave for Zenia. Ed Burgess, leave my muscles to Mr. Batchelor. James Burgess, leave guitar to Bill Dorsey. Zelma Burgess, leave the school with only one Burgess to carry on. Melba Cesaretti, leave to join Alvin. Berneice Chism, leave my ability to play basketball to Francis Pentin. Frances Coleman, leave my long braids to Gerda Pelk. Carolyn Comfort, leave to weep "Ol-l NEVERMORE " Marjorie Correll, leave my blue fingernails, feathers and chore boys to Jo Ann Bertain. Nancy Crane, leave my cultivated larynx to my sister. Wilma Crank, leave my divine height to Alice Burpee. Bill Crider, leave to play bigger and better baseball. Clement Crowley, leave my prominent place in the F.F.A, to Ray Sandlin. Arthur Daigan, leave my "just like new" cords to stand alone. Cecil Davis, leave my wavy locks to Bunnie O'Brien. Harlyn Dernello, leave my come-hither smile to Luther Cross. Leroy Dougherty, leave the blondes, brunettes, and redheads in a whirl. Mrle Dunlap, leave my short skirts to Ruth Morris. Bill Edgmon, leave my renditions of Shakespeare to Marshall Washburn. Robert Exton, leave my twinkling toes to Bob Alexander. Lorne Forbes, leave my long-winded orations and salesmanship to Robert Oliveira. Leo Francesconi, leave the "babes"-doggone! Floyd Frank, leave my ability to "raise the class average everytime" to Carol Mae Srenback I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, 1 1 Robert Fraser, leave my red hair and freckles to Don Mills. Frank Fridenbach, leave my ability to get stuck and alibi my way out to Nilo Sei. Joe Giacomini, leave my prominent place in school activities to Jimmy Wigton. Miriam Glines, leave my keen sense of responsibility to Alda Davis. Gene Godfrey, leave my ambition and love-light to Frank MacDonald. Melvin Goodale, leave my Hollywood waistline to Alice Harris. Carroll Gordon, leave my Barrymore profile to Elmer Mattson. Duncan Graham, leave my well-trained hair to Reed Smith. Frances Griesbach, leave my boldness to Walter McCall, Helen Grinsell, leave my dancing feet and carefree heart to Marjorie Kemper. Jay Grunert, leave my joke book H920 editionl and fishing rod to Jean Hardwick, Ernie Hansen, leave my persistence to Bob Martin. Evalene Hansen, leave Mrs. Curry's records for somebody else to keep. Everett Hansen, leave with my twin, Evalene. Norma Hansen, leave my place in Mr. Badura's heart to Tom Newland. Dolores Hardwick, leave my agreeable nature and my lack of intellectual foresig McNaughton. Edith Hatch, leave to make a home for Jimmy. Jean Hazleton, leave my shyness and 'good looks to Frances Allen. Robert Harris, leave my soutl'1'n accent to Meta Johnson. Thomas Haydon, leave my baritone and my fiddle to Bessie Miller. ht to Cathel MEGAPI-IONE I, I, I, I, I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I, I, I, I, I, I I I I I I I I I I, I, I, Helene Helt, leave my ready blush to Wilm Ross Hill, leave, to my astonishment. Steve Hodgkins, leave for the summer. Kenny Hosier, leave Phyllis still wondering. Virginia Hough, leave to read a book. Walter Jackson, leave the classrooms still echoing with laughter. Clair Jaehnig, leave my bashful charm and athletic accomplishments Leland Jesser, leave my conversational ability to Rodney Smith. Harold Johnston, leave my sister, Alice, at the mercy of Henry Frank. Annie Jorgensen, leave my cheerful nature to Elsie Mae Adams. Frank Kemp, leave my place on the lightweight team to Ray Johnson Rosemary Kiphart, leave my library books to Myrtle Rogers. Gywneth Langdon, leave school, but not Doris. Emma Jane Lauffer, leave the apartment to Pat H. to have all to herself. Thelma Link, leave my one track mind to Bev Myers. Alan Lufkin, leave my stilts to Tony Miranda, Bevis Mahan, leave to devote more time to Athol Edra. Dan Maple, leave F.U.H,S. with no regrets. Raymond Marks, leave, only to return Ito Margaretl . Lydia Martinelli, leave my hair-do's to Justine Swift. Betty Jo Meredith, leave my sisters to carry on. Dave Miller, leave my green sweater to "Coach", William Miller, leave all the girls broken hearted. Margaret Moore, leave my high school heart throbs for new conquests. Joyce Moran, leave my fancy socks to Lloyd Anderson. Mildred Morris, leave my struggle with shorthand to Theaetta Quick. Ellen Mossi, leave my height to Ruth Vail. Marie Nielsen, leave my knitting to Helen Maudlin. Betty Noble, leave my blue sweater. Lois Nordeck, leave my sweet voice in the memory of many. Robert Oglesby, leave my cheerful nature and ready smile to Jimmy Jansen. Junne Oldham, leave with Jasper. Orval Overholt, leave to find some excitement. Stanley Parker, leave the editorship of the Hi-Spy to some other brain. Peggy Partridge, leave to spend more time-with Oakie. Pat Patterson, leave the office empty. Geraldine Perrott, leave to find more goals to conquer. Carl Renner, leave my tennis racket to Barbara Ochoa. a Pentin. to Walter Bognuda. , June Robinson, leave the Hi-Spy staff minus a sunbeam. Nedra Rodenberger, leave the school minus another good student. Lois Sanborn, leave to relax. Marioree Schmidt, leave a trail of broken hearts. Darrell Schmidt, leave my duck-like loquaciousness to Inez Childers. Leroy Scott, leave school in my T model Ford. Wanda Semple, leave to slave in some office. Johnnie Sellens, leave my lpana smile to Harold Kirk. J. C. Simmons, leave my little red bug and my book of telephone numbers to Marvin Docili Victor Soares, leave my cornet to Gabriel. Harold Stanley, leave to join the Navy. Greta Sund, leave my baby blue stare to Betty Thompson. Joe Thomson, leave somebody else the ad-lib for the Hi-Spy. Audrey Townsend, leave my readings to Marian lversen. Mary Turkovich, leave Mr. Badura without a personal secretary. Lawrence Varnado, leave my ability to get into trouble to Johnnie Frank Volpi, leave my absence excuses to Rae Ann Hardwick. Esther Wendt, leave my sisters to carry on for the basketball team. Jean Williams, have left. Viola Worthington, leave my poise to Mabel Brown. Don Woodcock, leave the chemistry room smoldering. Ruth Lucas Wilson, leave my maiden name behind me. Josephine Zumwalt, leave. Polach. X' .. "' -a:simnL:k.x1L::.nef::L.r:m.n,f7 2.:x1:s.13QAunii..B15b :lL.Lu.mln f.zul5!' ' :xmif.::L41rr:n.l!f.'rn!:.:51m.':sIf 2, mv, , - WL ., fQQ'Www1ffmi:?jZ'if- X, WWW Mgliifjgv A15 awf- My 3 ,WM 24' QWWW Kimi QV W i,',G,X,,,. ...Vt .Q -Xi, ' by Lxgwhw' my dia,-Zlmqdw ii' E S g Q W JW g sf Q , , .u 4 4, ,- ' gr: vA 1 1 V . f, ,a .I .. ,L ,vc JA I Y X, ., Q xv MF' rg A F, , 533 J L- :F QL ' 1' K IA x A : .. ,L . , , if 3, l rv . ,uf . .Nr ,I uf, al.. . , . A 31, . V ' fl: ' ' ff. . Y K ,W . , ,. ' NL I , ,Lt w , , up V' , ,. . , ' ' V 7,3 ' '- -2' :',-fT3'1izs?M.z7ilvi.""ifffEw ev '-rrwaqkvs'-1-w2s?llfaQvwi'1mirlf: ' , .L new I" fwbvw, .fliww -1'tf2a'4xv.'1'x'kaSsa'a-WV X-av 97' ""eW' H' r"f"G ' ' V .1 ,L -. A , w ':f:'a1:f1'L:L.'!'s'f:..s+rm:ai-vw'1- ' M 41 "im:iJAa.ww',nL':1'S:s'sH.L.:-122.-T':.1Qfrx'f:2m ' I1 1. w ,- i :A 1- ,fr , ix , .- 1. n .4 P 51 .U 'r 1 1 y 451 .3 X N r 4 v 3, nv-fnnn-235 Wi?-:!'k?'!ll?5?!i' 'P'!"12'F"'?f??W1"f'P"'m'?'1j, 'fg:31f.a. ""' A"

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