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,Q . ,-H-, ...YN :.,.,,. ,...,a..-:- H..-q... .,-., Y , Q,-, , ,,--, .f..--Vw .-,1,... .-.. Q-.. , . , . . ..,... -,..-k -1 fr -f,-rx,-,:f.-.16 -, .W .,.,. , ,.v wwf . IIX I llllll TQ37 my Megujvlwmw TIM Nfegaphone 1932 Qwxx SCH01 I 'Charlcr I Mcmb Nssouk STUDENT 150193 L FOYTIHICL Umon Hlgll Sdwol ffl u j rx D AX - 4 4 A , C , X'CDI,iME Q1X'AX'XI fx I --. cr pffl-VI., 3. QB Pzzlnlzihccl by Hu' uf Ill ' l 4 I I ' n A J" 3 Fu" I7 1, Cali mmm x DLCIILCITICD71 All N . . , W .xxxwgxx cfzlxxlxxxzxl xxx'xxxc'ixxlxax xxx' xxxlxxvzxtixxxx 1 Vx H xxxlx uw xx!' lf-' 'uxv Iirxxxx. ix: km-xxixxpf xxxUx lx xl x 3051! .Xlxfgxyxxxxxzxxx EIEV- M-L-xx xxxwxivzxtul xx 1-It f1'xl1?l1AX'2lw2l Iix-c'x'vz:liwxx:x1 l'1ix'EII.liZl4l lxx 'W 'xxx xxx I,t'i'!'l'IlUllll. xxxridx xxxxwxxlf- "'l'lxx' x'xxi'x'xv' xx xx x xx xxxxx xxxxx! lxxxxl' 'VL Y,',lfo, .. A' IAIILIII. K 1 x L - -1 lf1:77T X, V. ,wx 122 11' W, Mlm x N 1rr,1R'1 fx.vAMH1 121-7 f Xll' "' N -l1Z.'F1-'lwlz 'xiii www pL"'l'lz Xlwlm-I Xk 1w?+w1s,1?..lNf.1?wi'111-+p'+w1111111. Aim' lI1:nUfXlF1 fwlwl' '21.' 1' Hum ' f f X' f lv 1'-NX lllfxil QM xqwllw in Max ui A U T':,- W "' H11 CQNTENTS 7 VV mere VVL L11 L 10 VVL ATL U13 YVVL Laugh Hue VR Buy W 1 2 W2 VVY P Q XfVY1c1t VVQ Do VV l P A fy' 1 ,Q , Q , v IE 4-M 441 W N SVVIITIIHIHQ A Canoeing -Q if Anim W WELQQWH W Racmg " - ' W W ' V -LJ '--,,1....f , , 1,...,. g,.QI-4 lM,:,4 ,4..L,:, . ' W' MEAL ' 47Nr"'1EW ' 'n 4P'2,,, lfwew' ,fi ,"- . 5,- ' fs T3 453 9+ 2 l. wmwwuim Qi -inni- llbhlllg 4 Administration Oth' High School There's a peaceful sheltered valley 'Mid the foothills tow'ring high Gi And a little brown school house With a river running by, Where the shim'ring sheen Of the redwoods' green Lift their feathlry tops to the sky." Calm, serene, poised, our School stands in the midst of this wonderful setting, dedicated to the principle of providing that training which will best fit each individual to meet the responsibilities of life to the fullest extent. The majesty of these rolling hills, streams, mountains, and towering redwoods furnishes the inspiration that results in high standards of ac- complishment. Many active citizens of this community, state, and nation are num- bered among the graduates from this school. We are proud of their ac- complishments and achievements, but our school looks to the future-not the past, and confidently moves forward, ever striving to fulfill the sacred obligation imposed upon it by those who have given it their support and trust. May we ever be worthy of this trust. - G. J. lladura. Page Fifteen Leslie Anderson Cornniercifll Thyrn Alving' .lournzxlisni English Elizabeth Hourhill Home Economics C':il'1-tewia John llowersox Science Helen Crozier Martha-inutics Robert Damon Pliysicul Education Page Sixteen Administration Bernice lleaber Office Secretary Ruth Beck Speech Arts Zehna Burnside Librarian Dorothy Dale Music Marie East Social Science Administration Areta Everson Commercial Constance Hendrickson Home Economics Theodore Lippert Industrial Arts Violet Sliulsen English Latin Lyle Smith Agriculture Gladys Thorson Physical Education Jessie Godfrey Social Science English Fred J zmbusch Industrial Arts George Jenner Agriculture Lorene Lewis English Modern Language Raymond Stenback Commercial Mary Wilcox Music Art Page Seventeen Administration A .9 5 5 7' Q A, X, , .A.. A is . Q' A 4 . Q Y G , 1 N' 1:- Klr. J. T. Iltaber Mr. F. P. N'-well Mr. J. J. Mc'C'loskey Mr. F. W. lh-nfler Mr. K. I.. Gilson Trustees Chapter IV, Article H, of the State School Code specifies: "In every union or joint high school district, the high school board shall be coni- posed of five members who shall be elected from thc high school districts at large for the term of three years." These men serve without pay or remuneration of any kind. Each rneinber must attend at least twelve regularly scheduled monthly meet- ings each year and as many special meetings as the president sees fit to call. Thus these men give freely of their valuable time and effort in an attempt to build up a school that oilers the greatest opportunity to both children and adults. lt is through the sell' sacrificing interest, and keen vision of these worthy citizens that the lfortuna l'nion High School has been able to reach such a high plane of elliciency and service to all. The faculty of the school, students of the student body, and patrons of this community owe a debt ol' gratitude to these men who have done so much for the school. Let them know that you also appreciate their efforts in your behalf. Page liightc-cn Administration G Mr. Badura Miss East Mr. Stenback Miss Hendrickson Mr. Damon Executive Council The Executive Council, a group of four faculty members and Principal G. J. Badura, is the main administrative body in the school. Its duties are many and varied, for upon the Facility Executive Council rests the responsibility of all school enterprises. The members of the council are: Mr. G. J. lladura, Chairmang Mr. R. Il. Stenback, vice principalg Miss Marie East, Dean of Girlsg Mr. Robert Damon, Dean of Boysg and Miss Constance Hendrickson, Girls' League Adviser. Cooperating with the principal and the Advisory Board, the council decides upon proposed changes in the Student Body Constitution, the awarding of activity points, and changes in the course of study. Often problems of student discipline are brought before the council for decision. Any student has the right to appear before the council to voice any griev- ance he might have. The advisory work, which is studied exclusively at the Fortuna High School, is supervised by two members of the council, Miss East and M1'. Stenback. With the welfare of the student body always in mind, the Executive Council is doing everything in its power to make the school career of each student a benefit to him in the future. - Eleanor Ritola. Page Nineteen Administration Clinton Gould, Kathryn Coke, Wilson Bclloni, Lena Docili, Dorothy McGovern, Pt-ter Matthieseu, Marjory Fulmor, Fred Saling, Edith Reback. Student lfxccutziqvc Council Student Body President .,..Vo. o,,,.. C linton Gould Girls' League President .,.,,,e oeoo,i.e K athryn Coke Boys' League President ,, L ee..,,,..l Wilson Belloni G. A. A. President rr.rrr...,o, rr....,r....,,,... I ,ena Docili Fourth Year President .,rrrrr, eee,,,, D orothy McGovern Third Year President ,r,r..,, eee,,ssses B Iarjory Fulmor Second Year President r,.,,.,, .iii, P eter Matthiesen First Year President iiis L. iis......,,.. Fred Saling Appointed at Large ..,,i... ..e... .,..,,,.. E dith Reback The Student Executive Council is representative of the entire student body since its members are chosen from all four classes. For this reason it is able to offer the unbiased opinion oil the whole student body in all matters brought before it. The Student Executive Council has been a part of the administration for three years. It has been so successful it will probably be continued in the future. Important matters of the school, such as the advisability of securing accident insurance for the students, are discussed and decided upon. The members of the council are the student body president, presidents of each league, the presidents of the classes, the president of the G. A. A., and one member appointed at large. - Eleanor Ritola. Page Twenty Classes ., i Georgia Quigley Thoret Griesback Kenneth Samuelson Boris Belushin Bernice Thomas ' 1 Pufth Year Class President ,o......,o... . .........,.. Georgia Quigley Vice President .. .... .. o,.. Kenneth Samuelson Secretary ............,.eeeo.., o..le,. T h oret Griesback Treasurer .....l,......,..,oo.eooo ,,.... eo,..,.,,. B o ris Belushin Advisory Board Member ....,.. e,,e.l,.,.,.......oo,o....., B ernice Thomas When we entered the Fortuna High School in 1927, we were shy and bewildered. The Freshman Reception was our first big event, and is re- membered by everyone. We show ed up pretty well in athletics. Elloise Chase, as p1'esident, guided us through our first year. Victor Weisel was our president during our Sophomore year. We be- gan to feel just a little more grown up, as again we showed our skill in athletics and scholarship. Our girls won the championships in soccer, basketball and volley ball. A few boys were on the school teams. Our Junior year found us on the home st1'etch and nearing our goal. We were unfortunate in losing a few of our students on the way. Some d1'opped out and several transferred to other schools. Last year we elected Buford Shreeve to fill the president's chair. Now, for the first time in the history of the school, we have an organ- ized fifth year class with an adviser, Mr. John Bowersox. There we1'e eighteen students registered in this class, which consists of post graduates and fifth year students. We were glad to welcome Mary Gusmeroli, '30, William East, '30, and Elmer Cirby, '28, in the spring semester. - Virginia Early. Page Twenty-one Vernon Cirby Fortuna X'1l'glIl1lil ltillb K Ldlth Jams Rohmlvvillcr f.K Page Twcuty-two Classes llarold Early Lolvtzx Inez FZIVINCI' Holmcns M210 Stowcrs llolmorvillv Classes . ,- , . 2 g lk . Dorothy McGovern Yetieve Thompson Terry Myers Rodney Petersen Vivian McLean Fourth Year Class President,.ss s,s.. . Dorothy McGovern Vice President .... .. ,,,s,....sss, ..Terry Myers Secretary,eee c . ...,., Yetieve Thompson Treasurer o.....oeo,,...,weooe eoe,,..., ,,.ooo I I odney Petersen Advisory Board Member eo,,.,s .,...s, V 'ivian McLean In August 1928, one hundred and thirty freshmen entered the Fortuna High School. The school seenfed very well pleased with our presence and gave us a reception soon after our arrival. When the first layer of green was rubbed otf we showed how well we fitted into the routine of the school by winning the Girls' Honor Cup. We were glad to be rated as second year students the next term. It was a grand feeling to think that now there were others in the school greener than we. Several of our members won places on the various ath- letic teams and eight were on the Honor Roll. Last year we put pep into everything that we attempted to do, and we did a good many things. The most remarkable thing, however, was our success in barely nosing out the seniors in the Megaphone sale. For the first time in five years a Junior class won the holiday. This, our last year, has been by far the most active for us. More of our members made athletic teams, and we furnished stars for the school plays as well as our own play. "Peg o' My Heart," which was presented February 19, 1932. M- Dorothy McGovern. Page Twenty-tlwee Zella Aldrich Just up to Anything. Has a Smile for everyone. A mighty nice Girl. Arthur Ammer Plenty good with The Cornet. Not Much time for Study - but it Really doesn't matter. Goldie Baxter Much admired. A jolly girl and A real friend. Hopes to 5.50 To U. C. Adele Bianchi Sweet, likeable, And a great girl. Remembered for Her cheerful and Sunny visage. Ethel lloehne Not temperamen- tal. H a 'n d V at every thing: Likes to read. lndustrious, and Very brainyy Page Twenty-four 333.15 ,rf Classes Hazel Alsop Always prepares Her tedious Lessons. Demure Nice. Louise Barti Cheerful, Helpful. Says What she thinks, But is well- Liked, anyway. Donald Berry Never bothers About anything or Anyone. Ambitious And well-liked By all. Winif 1'ed Bisconer Love to have Winifred around. But when she is We are hardly Aware of it. V an Branstetter Cheerful, happy. Right there when it Comes time for t'Seeing: Nellie Home." A great guy. Classes Fred Bravo Yep! He's a swell guy- Inquisitive. Very thorough. Not so bad in Any of his work. Rhea Bullock Quite the Romeo. He Never misses A dance. Jolly good friend. Ernest Carter Usually is a very Shy person for one His sex, but people Who are acquaint- ed with Him know better. Donald Chase Quite a Sportsman. A good hunter and Fisherman. A nice fellow And lots of fun. Kathryn Coke A good mixer. Taking care of Girls' League was A duty of hers. Has many friends. S , 1 Grace Bronson Our assembly pian- ist. Yep, she was "Ethel" in the Senior play. A nice kid. Edward Bushnell Hasn't any Definite plans for The future. Seems to take more Interest in Ag. Than anything else. A Marian Chandler Has a craving For dancing. Good at Basketball and Other sports. Kenneth Clark There have been Many successful People in the world. We hope Kenneth May be one. Everett Cottrell Best ever at Basketball. Leaves A great big laugh Wherever he goes. One of the best of fellows. Page Twenty-five Ernest Curren If he always Retains his ability To ask questions, He should make a Prosperous lawyer. Ernest Docili A star at tennis. Ever hear him raw- About Stani'or4l'? We have to forgive This weakness. Chester Edson Chet is one of the Best-liked Fellows, Especially with The opposite sex. barbara Ellis A little stranger Whom we have Eagerly adopted. Sorry she did Not come sooner. lilanche Evans One of our Friendliest of Friends. Get Acquainted with Her and see. Page Twenty-six Classes Maurice Curren Sergeant-at-arms For the class. Not Much for the fair Sex. We admit He's a nice fellow. Carmellena Docili Did lots for the G.A.A. as president ls interc-steel in Commercial Subjects. llartlett Eisner He's a real Guy and lots Of fun. Remember Him as Jarvis In the Senior Play? Stillman Erickson According to his Book of laws, There is nothing Like taking Life easy. Mary Farmer Quite good at Arguing. Always Doing' shorthand. Good at hockey And other sports. Classes Gordon France Can be found on The tennis courts At almost any Time. Quite the "Cub Reporter," too. Leonard Gill Ready for Anything at Anytime. Likes Tennis and Basketball. Clinton Gould Won State recog- nition by rating First in California Farmer degree of the F. F. A. Quite able to Conduct S. B. meetings. Rosabel Happ We are glad to have Such a person in Our class. She is A sweet but very Quiet girl. Astor Hansen Someone will get A good business Man here. A Beau Brummell In disguise. Arthur Garcelon Hard to get Acquainted with But a good friend After you know him. Ask the boys! Carl Godec Nothing has a Claim on him, Nor he on any- thing. Can he play The piano? Frieda Gouthier Lots of fun, And witty. Can do her part As she showed In the Dance Drama. Aina Haapala Jolly. Optimistic. Of course, she Is a great class Booster and Friend. 3 Carl Harvey Plays the guitar. Chuck full of Knowledge. Ambitious. Manages to learn His long' lessons. Page Twenty-seven Kathryn Hawks Has a yen for Swimming. From The outlook now She is to be "A Modern Busi- ness Woman." Leona Hill If there should be A law against Being jolly, she Would always be il Law-breaker. George Johnson The time has come When we must say Goodbyeg we also Say good luck, for George deserves it. hsther Lan gin Giggling and gay, Yet we love her All the more. Really enthusiastic About drama. l ,en Larson We shall always Remember him as A faithful pursuer Of his studies, and A congenial Class-mate. Page Twenty-eight Classes Ruby Heckman Cheerful always. Motto is "Love me, Love my Kat." Class song leader For three years. Ruth Jenkin New from Crescent City this year, and We say we like her. Hope she likes us, too. Always sweet. Alva Jones Jokes a lot. Never very noisy. Sort of doubtful About the future. No one knows. Arthur Larson Started us off with A bang' when we Were freshmen. Now is President of The Excalibur Cluh. Randolph Lipscomb linjoys sleeping. Thinks svhool is L'ninteresting'. liven so e- We'll miss him. Classes Richard Lipscomb In the class-room He seems quiet. But out of class we Really learn his True personality. Fred Malloy His chief thought In class is, "Don't talk so Loud, then I Can sleep." Olindo Martinelli Baseball Comes first of all With Lindy. Knows what's ' iis--- Wrong with cars. Dorothy McGovern We can't say Enough about Dot's personality And leading ability. She surpasses all. Marjorie Miller We are sure she ls a very friendly Person for she Shows it by Speaking to every- one. . I Evelyn Lowrey There are two outstanding Features possessed By this happy Little Senior. Good Dancing ability and a sunny smile. Robert Malone Really serious About his studies. A's in physics, chemistry and Math. Everyone Expects lots from him. Stanley Maxwell Just into mischief All the time. Studies hard when It is necessary. Everyone likes him. Vivian McLean No program Complete unless She sings, and Does she know her "Loves" at tennis! Sophia Mizulo Everyone likes her Sunny disposition. No one ever misses The chance to tease her. She always has a ready answer. Page Twenty-nine Raymond Monroy Really took the Honors in Spanish. Everyone wants Him to write a line Or two and sign his name. V ada Moore Understands her shorthand. Probably will ao to Some Business college. ls ready to smile At any time. Terry Myers He is thought Of as an excellent Athlete-yet he's Most enthusiastic About music, too. Vernon Nicholson Makes his trombone "hoot" With the drums. lndienantly defies The friendly Nods of girls. Ruby Pedrazzini Recognized because of Her cheerful and sunny ways. ls known as A cheerful as well As a good athlete. Lorraine Petersen A new student. Home Econ. was a Favorite subject. She was always Quiet around the school. Page Thirty Classes Mary Mosehini Always managed to keep S. ll. minutes straight. Class President VVhcn we wi-re Sophomores. Our "Peg"', too. Emmett Newell Great on the liaskctball court. Likes a certain Junior Brunette, Only that's a secret VVe can't tell. Albert Pedrazzini Really interested in Ag. Always seen with Clinton. Has a System all his own. He'll be known. Leland Petersen Admits that social Problems are important ln their place. Great in Agricul- ture And farming. Rodney Petersen VYun lots ot' praise For his work as the Lawycr in "Pc-g' ol My Heart." Was Our class Treas- urer This year, too. Classes Beryl Roberts Quite the English- man in our class play. Just new to us this Year, but has taken His part in our Activities. Florena Rudlen Knowledge is her Long suit. She Prefers it to any foolishness. Really fond of Home Economics. Helen Scott Splendid in a play. Brainy-gets A's. Only her co- workers know How she worked 'l'o produce a good "Megaphone.,' Harold Smith Never blue. Never Worries either. Really an awful Tease, but he is Still a good kid. Paloma Smith One of our best students. Is interested in architecture. Always good on a Committee, and Has been on many. Edith Reback Had all of the girls Trembling if they Didn't wear their uniforms. Does Everything right. Never fails friends. J ulielo Rovai Of course, he will Be remembered for His exceptionally pretty hair. He received an Offer to "chuck" For Brooklyn. Mae Scheppler With a pencil she Sketches wonders. Dreams of an art studio. Never demands Attention, yet Somehow gets it. Ellanora Smith Cheerful athlete. Always in demand To play the piano. The leader of the "Blue Jays." S. B. treasurer, too. Jean Smith Clever at lots of things. Usually manages to get the Stude. Not heard around School but is Heard of. Georgia Soares "Small but mighty" Is an apt expression Which may well be Applied to this new girl From Palo Alto. Page Thirty-one Albert Stapp Ready for any history question. New to us From the southern Part of the State. He was accepted. Lowell Swett One of the littlest Big men around the school. An exceptionally Good basketball Player. Always remem- bered. Yetieve Thompson VVith a face as Pretty as her name, Yvtieve a desirable Companion and a Worth while friend. Eunice Watson Many wonder about Her future plans. Nobody knows definitely. There Arm- lots of things incidentally, That may happen. llah F. VVendt Has interests elsewhere Than in school. Always prepares her lessons Though. Everyone Likes her. Evelyn Williams Gm-ts a thrill out Ol' dancing. Nothing in Particular attracts Her attention at school. Page Thirty-two Classes Glenn Thompson Always quiet in the halls and the Class room. Even Though he is not Heard, he is Always present. Harvey Wagner Studies are his interest. He's not certain About his future. Has a good Clean record. Harry Webster Harry believes in 'fTootin,e' his own Horn." Don't Mistake us. He's our trumpet player. Albert VVillbu1'n Of course we know Heys bashful. Never Missed a woodwork class. ls not settled Concerning his future. Alden Wilson Never takes any Studies seriously. The outside work is not important. No one knows What his hobby is. Classes Marjory Fulmor Mary Notley Ernest Di Basilio Amy Anderson Victor Hutchinson Third! Year Class President i,ss.,s,s,.s,.,ss .........., N Iarjory Fulmor Vice President .e.,.... ...e..,, E rnest Di Basilio Secretary ......e......e,..,.....e... ........... lv Iary Notley Treasurer, .......... A my Anderson Advisory Board Member ...... ..,..... V ictor Hutchinson The Class of '33 completed its junior year successfully with Marjory Fulmor as president. During this year the class surpassed its former standing in scholastic and athletic events. Several members had promi- nent parts in the plays, and the girls were well represented in the "Rhythm Review." Boys of the class did their part on the various athletic teams. As in most organizations, dues were diflicult to collect. This was over- come in the end, and the class was free of debts at the end of the yea1'. The class held a picnic with the Senior class during the fall semester, and a beach party during the spring semester. These were the only social functions of the class. The meetings throughout the year were very peppy. Programs were given after the business was finished. The problem of preparing pro- grams was solved this year by a system whereby each advisory was 1'e- sponsible for a program. A spirit of competition was developed among the advisories, and a splendid program was always forthcoming. -William Notley. Page Thirty-three bfh Classes Q. A -A -as s 'Si h , Q ! 9 5 A Q, S- ' . , V x , 1 6 is . B. Alexander G. Alexander A. Anderson E. Anderson M. Ashburn D. Baxter M. Belli . 1 ' . " f , . ' ' M. ' V. t '. ' . gan' . IC. 'W D. ' ,. ' - z A. 7: .. 'z lcc D. -' z' Ii. ' W Brllonl R Bluo M Blennel L Buxton S BX d C C41llsO1l 'NI C 011111111 N1 C ox -X C1 ll P1510 Fhntx foul Bu ant Chlsm Du C 1110 Brvant Coke D1 Baslllo Classes ffm, if 4 f S P D1 on J Dungwn Iwppm R I'1c1dL11 F1tch G11 tl I G14 g G11e buk Gu mf1011 C Halls 11 Hixxlw Hu o 0 Hunt 1 HUtLl1lIlsOll 1...- AN-1 F1OCLhlY'll G11g by H wleton J mob an . -.1--ww ,,..,W., .xy W-, Z, ,L ,.., I W A ' 1 WP... W I 1 Ful 1101 G1 on H1 John O11 L '11111ty fi ' ,,-, G, 2 C- f ir .. 3 N "' 'gf Af- Q. cr 4 ' K N-1 1: A , .5 it M 1 1 V . .51 ' , 1+ .N G V 1 M A Q .1 Af , yn.. K I .I I C Q F 1' f- , , ' K V' r. V,- . ' gi' 1 . . 9 T. 'll . 1 E. u ' Q . 1 A. ' F. 1 ' ' ' M. 1' ' B. 'is' . H. "5 2' L. "' s ' E. ' IC. 1' ' . ' G6 M. C C. a' R. 'll G. g . . Q' V. "7 X. z' . J- ..-1 " '- v- Classes H Langdon Lx tle P T ozcn kv Lan 101 C Mahm 'Nlakl Matting .11 F Matthan Mdulil If Mckne WIcN1ug,hton M0016 O NIUIIJIVIX Myung J Nlchol on Xmhol Notlex W Notlfx O Connol -X Olsen Palme Pattel on P1 Q Fmtx 15- X Q .X W , 51 5- L . . 6- A . ' A G. j . U Z3 S N A. g' . - z A. . ' E. " A-5: .,' " D. ' '. G. A .'z 1' W. ' . .' ' j J. . .-" s H. 5 M. X j gf H. ' ' .. .' D. f' H. ' 's eg' ' 1" j-six Classes .3 Us IG. Peterson J. Pc-rry F. Pvtcrson M. Polach P. Pond 0. Richmond N. lloburts I.. Koss H. Svhlinkmzin M. Simmons .-X. Sun11nv1's A. Thomas J, Thompson W. Thompfon S. 'I'wns'l1--ll A. Vinum IZ. Wntqfrmznn I.. Willsin- Q' . ,rf li. llitolzx S111 IlSlM3l'l'j' 'I' L1CkU1' VVilliznns 0 Thirty-sQx'v Classes Peter Matthi-:sen Lois Hedley Delbert Maudlin Audrey East Addie Newland Second Year Class President ,...,7e,e,e, e,e,. P eter Matthiesen Vice President ..e,e ,e,.. D elbe1't Maudlin Secretary .,,..,eeee, I iois Hedley Treasurer e,r, ereee,,.e,.,.,e,e .,.,,e ,V.e, . . A udrey East Advisory Board Member... ,.Y,... o.oeoo..,ovo o.,ooooo..o A d die Newland As Sophomores, we again lived up to our t'peppy" reputation. On Sep- tember iifth we opened our social year with a swimming party at Scotia Bluffs. After swimming, the Foods committee served a light picnic lunch. A class motto and class colors were chosen this year. The colors were canary yellow and jade green, and the motto chosen was "We will be true to our word, our work. and our friends." A committee was appointed by the president to see that each Sophomore advisory had one ot' the mottoes. printed on yellow cardboard with green letters, posted in its 1'oo1n. At various class meetings during the year, interesting' talks were given to us by some ol' the business men oi' Fortuna. Mr. Bert Morgan told of his experiences in Europe, and Dr. li. G. liramar spoke of his medical duties in Peru. Because our class meetings were held in the morning advisory periods, instead of in the afternoons as in previous years, we were full of pep and ready to transact our business in a hurry. This gave more time for the program committee to present its attractions. The natural talent of our members made it possible for the committee to give us a splendid variety of tap dances, piano duets, readings, plays, and songs. - Leon Dungan. Page Thirty-eight Classes i X Z! ,vi 1- Back Row Johnson Patton Ev'1ns Wr1ght Hansen, Dlllon, Pace, Bruga, Boehne, Ieland, Jones, Mengah, Rova1, Coble C nter Row Mr L1ppert Jones, Barnes Martm, R1tol1 Hissert, Do1nen1gh1n1 Leog MCLQTH, Doc111 Carpe-111 Cook Herrmann Plummm, Phulfh 'Vhss Lew1s F1ont Row Fhom en Emckson Ientz McHenrx, Lee Hellard B"lLChCttl Yoder Reeves Normlle, Dunlap L1erman Bannlstez Thomson John on Back Row F1ost, Nuttel Owlev Nuttex Rudlen Johnson Hfmrwev Newlmd, Hoffmun Pace Corna 1'1 Spesext I+e1reI, Dun Cente1 Row N11 Qle, Pima Hulett Callson Bmgess Gawtte, Reed JIIYI I'11eder1b'1ch Hedlcx Cook Bun Ch1I'!1b01m,B'1Il01C Mus Codhex F1ontRow NIAIOIIC Yoda Ped1ott1 Shleeve hwan Thoznton qtexenso11 Gundllch Blend I1111h1n1 Shank -X hbum NI1tth1cson IL Row LoLo11sk1 L1 1101 S1111th C111 NI'1s1111 I1nglo1 Ent Hoppcl 111 H1016 Bum F1elde11 Stoukton BICIZI 1311011 Ruxge COIIYQI Row S1111th Icntf Puent B11c1 Petm on NICIXl1lL,ht Huffold Loxelll Pond 1 11 r1e111111l IKXSIII 1111111 01111141111 Jllx FQ11111 Nlnlxmfx xont R011 311 El I O1 Ponsonn Witt Nl Llflllll Xllllllll StC'f1Ill P10 1 Boulcn Jeuott Bildwm Runes Gmdlach Bullock Hmsu Plgc Thutx 11111 . - 4 .X , h - . swf I ,. V' N XX ' he . f 4 'N 1 , X Q A K . ,1 . ' 1 1 f fy 1 ' I 1 .' 1 . 9 1 - , 3 1 ' '1 4: ' 1 .-f1- C 1 fr 21. '. . V 1. , , 1 ', 1 . 1 1 L m. , 1 ' 1 1 1 ." 1 1 C 'D 1 X-1 5 -1 ' , , . , C, , 5 . 1 1 - ' - ' . 1. ., V 11 1 A .1 A -f 1 1 1 C .1 A P -.' -1 - 1 u 1 1 v '1. 1 , , gg., .. , - gan. -1 ss D. .1 . 1 . .111 . I , ,1 ' 1 1 1 -'1 Vx - 1 f 51 4 1 .1 . ,, , .. 1 1 . 1 1. . , , c .. c , . . 1 A. , . , ' , 1 ' . " . , . . . 1 1,-.. . 1 1 1 -1 L f K 1 C 1 1 5 C f 1 ', . s ' , .2 . ..1 1 , - 1 . . , . , . 1. . ,- Bc lx I L, 5 , , , 1 4. , 11 5, '4. , ' , D 5 I., CSY, , y .1 , ,. 2, .zhli . NS- . 1-Ml.. , 11 2, 2' , asa, ,fs , . " , ', 'z , , 1 ' -. Jr 1' Hrs' ' . .-- -1. . " 1 Me-w Sut,1 lull A ff P,l.. 1.15 . s . lr. 3 Y 7 Y I 7 Y . - 1 1. , 1' . . 11 . .1 ' " '. ' ' . F -I .gd.1, hh 1.1.15 . -I , 1 2 s, - 1. . , , . , lf, . 1 1 1 . . 1 1 1 .. , .:. , , L , 4 1, 1 , , 4 1 1. z "L'- '1' Classes Fred Saline' Audrey Swett Kenneth Conner Marjorie Rodenberger Nathalie Brenner First Year Class President ss..,,ssss..s ..,,.,.. . .Fred Saling Vice President ,.,,e,, .,,,. K enneth Conner Secretary .,,..,.,. .e,.ee eeee 7,.e.. . .,.7e,.e....., A u d rey Swett Treasurer ,eee,e.,. eeeee..,eeee,.e ..,Ye . R Iarjorie Rodenberger Advisory Board Member.. sss,......sss,sssssssss., sss,, N athalie Brenner I "What a Class! ' is what all the upperclassmen said as we entered the school. They are still saying' it, but with admiration now instead of scorn. VVe have shown them we are made of real stnii. Under the unusually good leadership of our class officers we have been one of the friendliest and most cooperative classes in school. We have taken an active part in all school activities. We have attended the games. dances, programs and are good boosters for the school. Three members oi' our class received bronze pins for being on every honor roll the first semester, and four of ns were members of the Scholar- ship Society. A number of us participated in the Dance Draina sponsored by the Girls' Athletic Association. We feel that the success of this performance depended a great deal upon our class. A few of our boys were on the basketball teams helping' us win the championships. They also showed a great deal of interest in soccer, tennis, baseball, and track. If this class keeps up its good work selling tickets for the plays and other activities, it will win the silver loving cup by a large majority oi' points every year. This is enough to make anybody say, "What a Class!" -d Elsie llansen. Page Forty Classes I .1 3, ll! Back Row Godfrey Bfurd Sandretto Gxrcelon Maple Bernard1 Thompson, Trlone Bendorf Umland Center Row M1 DTUIOH Moore Brenner Thomp sen Valentlne McWhorter Eppe Tracy Vxctora Town end Beabel Doolaege Chlsm Iverson Mlss Shulse-n Front Row Polach Bravo Rubsell Mc Naughton Flocchlm Thornton Hoyez Smlth Mlllel Lozensky Rumrlll Schepplel Back Row Zlentara Rltola Peter en Carlson IVISIIQHII Castro Schulel Roclen berger MLHenrv Wescott Shanafelt N1f.hO1N Center Row Mlss WIICOX Y Gardnel Peferbon Mr Anderson Mont Pow Davls Wendt Mlurer Pock Baldry Sanborn Mulphv H'1ll Pollard lx nwey Maki Back Row StIllwb8lI'W DAVIS Dunnme: PO1tCl Samuelson Pxrker HWHSCH Hes cock Wlgt0H NI0019 Long Bett Center Pow Mr Brclx SCIHJGICI Bxxant Mum, M utm Ollvelz Evanb Wa Lhlu COIPIYVWH Nllzulo St phen on Rube Bowles lVI1 s Clozler F1ontRow Ellls Connel Salmg Jonew Home Ian don W1 nel Ponk Jone Culbon Rowland Pnge Folty one ' , it l '- ,kk- 7 ' A I- 1 , 1' 4' . , - ., 1 L , - 1 , f ' 1 1 3 1 1 .1 1 1 - 1 . v' .f 1 1 1 ' 7 J 9 "7 Y! D 1 7 S I .7 . . , 1 1 y ' I - i 1 1 1 ' 7 ! ! 7 Y Y l Y T . 1 I 1 S 1 1 , .1 - 1 . .1 U ' 1 ' . 1 11 A 1 Y ' 7- 1 yi- 1 . , , . Lozensky, Del Sasso, Hoxle, hunter, Swett, Stowers, Ross, Wlllburn, Graham, 1 -1 T 1 v .1 1 1 1 - - VX i - 1 1 C 1 1 1 1 ' . ,1 C 1 . l 1 I J' 1 A ' - K I T l U71 I K1 , 1 .1 -1 1 2 1 4 J 1 'Q' '1 2 1 ' 12 1 I N1 5 A 2 1 4 'K 1 X y C S y , V if A S v ' ' 'T T1 '1 1 iv -Y 1 4 g" 1 22' '1 ' 1 S, 1 ' ' , ' S. 2 . ,, n -u W ll A Ill H W - Il ll ll Activities Seal Bearers Carl Harvey Helen Scott Edith Rebuck Paloma Smith School Honor Roll lFo14rth Year Edith llelmck llelen Scott' lintliryn Coke Lena Docili Carl ll'zu'vey Robert Malone Mary l,0l2lCl1 Third Year Nuomu Roberts Second Year Pnlolnzl Smith Eunice Watson Eleanor liitolzi Rowena Ammei' HOSQINZITY Friedenbacll Elidn Baldwin Garvin Goble La Von Barnes Marian Legg' :Nl2l1'Q,'211'9t Dinsmore Addie Newland Helen Ferrel William Thomsen First Year Esther llitolu Fred Sailing Althezl VVigton lhigv For lx Thi Activities -' f. i 'iwiiiafgff-f'T.A' Q -Wy., Wye. Hgpg ., 2 5 vi swf' . ai Sw L J iii? Q -1.-ei 1 Clinton Gould Mary Moschini Carl Harvey lflllanora Smith Charles Hazleton Student Body President .ii.ii.,iiiv,., ...ii,. C linton Gould Vice President ..eiii. ,,.ee....... C arl Harvey Secretary eee.e.ieie..e ..,,e . Mary Moschini Treasurer ..,...,,ee,. ..,ee e,.e . . Rllanora Smith Sergeant-at-Arms. ...,,,,. v....,,,...,,, . .eee,.e, C l iarles Hazleton The Student Rody of the High School sponsored several successful functions this year. The most outstanding were the Freshman Reception, Christmas Dance, and the Student Body Play. The Freshman Reception is an entertainment given annually by the Student Body of the High School to welcome all new students and faculty members. At this reception the Freshmen are given an opportunity to become acquainted with the other students. A program is also given by the "talent" of the school. Following the program, refreshments are served to the students attending. After this function comes the annual Student liody Play. The play given this year was "The Charm School." It was a big success, filling the auditorium to its capacity. Every year the Student Body gives a Christmas Dance, which is open to Fortuna students and alumni only. The gymnasium was used for this year's dance. It was attractively decorated with red and green crepe paper and green branches. A new feature, which may become a school tradition, was introduced by the Senior Class of 1932 when they purchased white gowns for gradu- ation. As this will decrease each student's graduating expenses, the Student Body expressed its approval by contributing one hundred dollars toward the purchase of the gowns. - Leon Dungan. Page Forty-four Activities l Back Row-E. Smith, H. Scott, M. Moschini, V. McLean, B. Thomas, Miss East, A. Newland, M. Polach, P. Smith, N. Brenner. Front Row-C. Harvey, W. Belloni, C. Gould, Mr. Stenback, V. Hutchinson, W. Notley. Advisory Board Elected from Classes Fifth Year ......,,. ............................................. I lernice Thomas Fourth Year ........ ...... . ............ Vivian McLean Third Year ....... .,..,... V ictor Hutchinson Second Year ..,.... . .......... Addie Newland First Year ........... ......A.....,........,........................ N athalie Brenner Elected f1'om Student Body Mary Polach Paloma Smith Helen Scott Wilson Belloni William Notley Faculty Advisers Mr. Stenback Miss East The Advisory Board of the school year 1931 - 1932 was composed of sixteen members, nine having the power to vote. Those excluded from voting were the president, secretary, vice president, and treasurer of the student body and the two faculty members appointed by the principal. The voting members were the five students elected from the student body and the representatives from the classes. Matters of importance to the Student Bodv are discussed by the Advis- ory Board. One of the most important matters brought before them this year was the question of starting an insurance policy whereby the students contributing would receive aid in case of injury. A committee was ap- pointed to investigate the matter. w- Virginia Early. Page Forty-five Actwvmes Back Row-- A. Anderson, P. Smith, O. Hunter, D. McGovern. Miss Hfn clrickson, D. Langrlois, L. Hill, E. Rcback. Front Row-H. Scott, V. McLean, E. Grove, K. Coke, M. Polach, ll. Heck man, B. Waterman. Khan Told Club President ......... ....t......., Kathryn Coke V ice President ..... .,..... D orothy McGovern Secretary ........... . ............. Mary Polach Treasurer ........... tt,..t........ Leona Hill Sergeant-at-Arms ,.,t.,...,t,7 ,,,, , .,,,,, ,.,.t , t.,,., ....,,,7 L Committee Chairmen Program .....,..,..t...ttt.,t ......t ,,,,,,,.tttt.,... ,.,t. .....7,,,..,t Emylou Grove Song Leader ............ Eleanor Dillon Paloma Smith House Beautiful ...,. .,,,, l Dorothy Coke Clean-up .............. ,......... 1 alelen Scott Hospitality ..... ........., S ophia Mizulo Cheer-up ....... .P ....... ........ R eulah Waterman Rest Room .....,. . ..........,..,... ...........,..,,.. I Jois Hedley Decoration .,.... ,Ruby Heckman, Orcele Hunter Finance ........,... ........ . , .,...... ............... D orothy Langlois Transportation ...,......,.,., ........ V ivian McLean Uniform Enforcement .,,... .... ...... ,,.... E d i th Reback Publicity ....,.. ........,... , . ......c.......,............,.............. Amy Anderson With over two hundred girls in the new blue and white uniforms four days a week, the Fortuna High School Girls' League was certainly a mode' of cooperation and sportsmanship this year. The Khan Tola Club is one organization that has something to do eveil minute. The Basket Social and the Pirates Party were given in conjunction with the Boys' League. The annual Mothers' Tea was different in that it was served at the 'tPedagogue Chateau." Page Forty-six Eleanor Ritola Activities Back Row-W. Notley, C. Godec, A. Larson, Mr. Damon, C. Harvey, R. Petersen. Front Row-E. Docili, C. Gould, R. Shreeve, J. Dungan, W. Belloni. Knights of the Blue and White President ....A.. . ........ . ......... Wilson Belloni Vice President ...... ....... W illiam Notley Secretary ..A........ .. ..... Rodney Petersen Treasurer ...... .. ........... Carl Godec Song Leader ....... .......... J oe Dungan Yell Leader .....,.................... .... ............................. R o bert Shreeve Committee Chairmen Fellowship ...,.., .....,........,,.............................,...... A rthur Larson Program ........ ......i .......... . .....i..,..... ...,,.... C a 1 'l Harvey Social ............i ..,..... . .........,....................................... C linton Gould Publicity ...,,................ ..,......... ....... .........i..... . ........... E 1 ' nest Docili "Be not simply good, but good for something." This motto, chosen by the Boys' League, of which every boy in the school is an active member, explains in just so many words the ideals of the organization. Such a splendid organization, composed solely of boys, has many op- portunities. Wilson Belloni, president this year, was not slow in showing the boys a few of them. The first social function of the spring semester was a "Double Hi- Jinks" held with the Girls' League on March 5. This was carried out in the form of a "Pirate Party." Next a "Father and Son Bust," which brought together the fathers and sons in the school, was held on March 23. The fact that the year was a successful one was largely due to the able leadership of the officers and the wonderful cooperation of the members. -- William Notley. Page Fort y-seven Actifvities Back Row-L. Barnes, W. Belloni, C. Harvey, G. Goble, F. Barsanti, W. Thomsen. Center Row-E. Reback, H. Sn'ith, H. Scott, H. Ferrel, A. Newland, M. Dinsmore, R. Friedenbar-h, E. Bcehne, li. Coke, D. Langlois. Front Row- E. Ritola, M. Legg, L. Docili, Miss Shulsen, P. Smith, M. Polach, A. Anderson. Scholarship Society First Semester Second Semester President ............. ...... L Iary Polach Paloma Smith Vice President. ................ Dorothy Langlois Edith Reback Secretary-Treasurer ........ Addie Newland Rosemary Friedenbach Is there such a thing as a serious club? We'll say so! Just look in at one of the bi-weekly luncheons of the Scholarship Society. Who are the world's twenty greatest men '? What can we do that will be of real service to the school? These are only two examples of the weighty problems dis- cussed by this gathering of the scholarly of the school. The twenty-five members of the society are kept very busy. There are lots of things easier to obtain than grade points, and it takes a lot of them to get one into the Scholarship Society. Scholarship students cooperate with their teachers, they are friendly with the principal, and, last but not least, they put in many a long even- ing over studies. Then, since membership demands activities, they t1'y to participate in as many as possible. They play on school teams, they take part in dramatics, and they hold offices in clubs, classes, and in the student body. They work on committees and usher at all school functions. In fact, the school just couldn't get along without them. Are they serious 'Z They ce1'tainly are! -- Elsie Hansen. Page Forty-eight Activities Back Row-Joe Dungan, C. Godec, W. Belloni, A. Hansen, C. Gould, H. Patterson, V. Nicholson, R. Buxton, C. Hazleton. ' Center Row-E. Newell, C. Edson, R. Malone, W. Notley, J. Myrlng, A. Langlois, T. Myers. Front Row-A. Larson, C. Carlson, li. Clark, C. Harvey, R. Petersen, E. Docili, B. Eisner. Excalibur Club First Semester Second Semester President .............. ........ C arl Harvey Arthur Larson Vice President .....,. ........, B artlett Eisner Carl Godec Secretary ....... . ........ Ernest Docili Charles Carlson Treasurer .............. .............. C linton Gould Chester Edson Corresponding Secretary. Richard Buxton "He who seeks to serve others, best serves himself." The boys who are members of this club try at all times to be faithful to this, their motto. This club is the only one of its kind in the school. It is sponso1'ed by the Fortuna Rotary Club and the Eureka Knights of the Round Table. It has no faculty adviser, and only Junior and Senior boys of high standards and good grades are eligible for membership, which is limited. The club holds a luncheon every Friday noon, and there are always several representatives of the Fortuna Rotary Club p1'esent. During this time a short program, which has been prepared by a member, is given. The club sends a delegate to the Rotarians' weekly luncheons and to the Excalibur clubs of the other high schools. This goes a long way towards producing a spirit of fellowship among the boys of the various high schools. - William Notley. Page Forty-nine Actidvities Helen Scott Wilson lielloni Orcelo Hunter Editor-in'Chief Business Manager Art Editor The l93Z Megaphone Stow Editor-in-Chiefs Assistant Editor s,sss,, Art Editor ..s,,sss ssss Assistant Art Editor Fifth Year Editor .s,..oooA Fourth Year Editor. ,,,, E Third Year Editorm Second Year Editor First Year Editor oooo E Girls' Sports Editors, Boys' Sports Editor A s Snap and Joke Editor Assistant Snap Editor Feature Editor so,,ss ,E ,, Music. Drama Editor ss,o so Art Adviser i.s...ooi.,i...ssoi Adviser ........,.,... . ,. Business Manager s Assistant Business Managerm Advertising Manager Advertising Manager iiisos, , Advertising Manager. .ss,,. .. Advertising Manager issoos, Circulation Manager Adviser issos.s..sos.s ...osos P154 Fifty .Helen Scott . ..,sss Eleanor Ritola sO1'Cele Hunter E,,YPaL1l Blend .Virginia Early . c,cDorothy McGovern .., ssi,XVilliz1111 Notley it . S, Alleon Dungan EcElsie Hansen Amy Anderson , ,Ernest Docili S si,s Arthur Larson Chester Edson A Edgar Epping' ooo,ssss Dorothy Coke s...... sMiss Mary Wilcox s,.i,,,AMiss Thyra Alving , Wilson llelloni A .sossoooo,., Lena Docih o,c,,.sMa1'y Moschini ,,.,,i,,,Cl2l1'3 Dillon s,s....GarVin Goble ,, A i.Astor Hansen llichard lluxton Mr. ll. H. Stenhack Activities . ,"'m'. W - w x ,. 6 5' 5: 'Q f , ' A 4, 1' P ,J if Megaphone Staff li. llitola IC. lipping' D. Coke G. Goble A. AllilC3l'SOIl li. Docili BI. Moschini A. Hzmsun Y. liurly Il. lluxtuu ll. McGoYw'11 W. Notlcy l'. Dillon I.. Dungzm l-I. llzulsl-I1 A. 14113011 l.. lion-ill Bliss Wilcox Mifs A-Xlvingr 311: Su-ulmn Ilxgw Fifty O1 I 'sy.. Activities A..-.,-,i..,...4Le..., . . .. .-4...A, . Back Row-- E. Hansen, A. Wigton, E. llitola, B. McWhorter, K. Bryant, L. Long, L. Betts, P. Hunter, E. Merga, E. Baldwin. Center Row-Miss Hendrickson, A. Anderson, R. Spesert, B. Thomas, E. Chism, A. Bianchi, E. Bean, B. Chism, Z. Stowers, Miss Bourhill. Front Row-N. Brenner, M. Bryant, D. Maurer, A. Martin, M. Petersen, F. Sutherland. Home Economics Club President ............ ........ A dele Bianchi Vice President .......... .......,.......... Edla Chism Secretary-Treasurer ........................................ Nathalie Brenner The Home Economics Club was organized November 13, 1981, with a membership of thirty-six girls. Miss Bourhill and Miss Hendrickson were asked to act as advisers to the club. Meetings were held twice a month in the Clothing room. At the first meeting, suggestions were made as to the type of wo1'k to be carried on by the club. Everyone was interested in interior deco- ration and individual home problems. Plans of homes were made and discussed by the members and their advisers. A series of field trips was planned to study home decoration. At one meeting the group went to the Pedagogue Chateau. On January 8, 1932, the members were again taken on an observation tour when they visited the American Legion building at Fortuna. Mrs. Paul Jasper told them about the plan of the building, and the various color schemes used, before she led them throught it. The trips proved educational as well as very interesting. Most of the meetings in the Spring semester were spent in sewing. Each girl was to bring her own work to the meeting. There she could get the advice and instruction of the advise1's. - Virginia Early. Page Fifty-two Activities Back Row-J. Godfrey, A. Summers, F. Flocchini, D. Berry, W. Moore, V. Ewan, W. Dougherty, C. Miller, W Johnson, E. Erickson, E. Vinum, E. Curren, L. Ross, P. Matthiesen, C. Gould, A. Stapp, E. Bushnell, V. Cirby. Center Row-D. Baxter, H. Langdon, M. Paine, W. Thomas, D. Garcelon, W. Russell, L. Langdon, N. Jacobsen, L. Maki, D. Flocchini, A. Bravo, J. Kinsey, D. Rumrill, E. Carlson, F. Thornton, J. Maple. Front Row-R. Pedrotti, M. Coleman, P. Gundlach, Mr. Jenner, D. Jewett, A. Wilson, L. Petersen, A. Pedrazzini, L. Swett, S.. Erickson, F. Bravo, A. Maki, Mr. Smith, K. Gundlach, V. Thornton, H. Porter. Future Farmers, Club President ............... ....... A lbert Pedrazzini Vice President ....... . ............. ,.-.Alan Maki Secreta1'y ........... ....... Stillman Erickson Treasurer ...... , .. ...... ...... ..... - . ............. . .. . ....... ...... I .eland Petersen In accordance with its size, this club was one of the most active or- ganizations in school. It sent judging teams to different parts of the county where they competed with other schools. Such contests are valu- able for the instruction obtained, and the interest aroused. All of the club members purchased Future Farmer pins, and some bought Future Farmer belts. Thus members of the organization may be recognized wherever they are. As the Future Farmers of America is a national club, they are interested in knowing each othe1'. A welcome com- mittee was appointed by the president to show visiting students a1'ound the school. A number of basketball games we1'e played by the club team. They played several games with Arcata. The Future Farmers were proud to have one of their membe1's, Clinton Gould, win the distinction of being the most outstanding boy in California project work. - Leon Dungan. Page Fifty-three Activities Q11 Top Row-W. Notley, D. McGovern, H. Scott, D. Coke. Center Row-W. Belloni, li. Reback, G. Baxter, li. Coke, C. Hazleton. Front Row-R. Malone, O. Hunter, P. Smith, Miss Crozier, M. Brenner, G. Bronson, P. Pond. Neo Pi President ............................. ....... W illiam Notley Vice President ...................... ...... D orothy Coke Secretary and Treasurer ...................................... Paloma Smith A committee consisting of Wilson Belloni, Dorothy McGovern, Paloma Smith, and Miss Crozier met to drav: up the Constitution of the Mathe- matics Club. The purpose of the club was to create an appreciation of the advantages to be derived from a meeting which would give an opportunity for the discussion of mathematical subjects of interest. The membership of the club was limited to students who had had at least Plane Geometry and Algebra I. Proposals for membership were to be in writing, submitted, and voted on at any regular meetingg a majority vote was necessary for election to membership. After much debate, "Neo Pi" was chosen for the name of the club. It means "New Pythagoreansf' The motto of this club was chosen from several selected mottoes-"Into the darkness we grope for knowledge". In keeping with this idea, the lives of such famous mathematicians as Lewis Carrol, Pythagoras and Thales were studied. Student talks were given about fallacies, puzzles and magic squares. Following the talks, different mathematical problems and their proofs were worked by the 1YlQIUb61'S of the club. - Leon Dungan. Page Fifty-four Activities Q 5 . i l Back Row-A. Olsen, A. Haapala, N. Roberts, Miss Godfrey, M. Huiford, S. Byard, M. Martin. Front Row-A. Anderson, F. Tucker, A. Cook. .ltmto Club President ........ ......... N aoma Roberts Secretary ............. ................... ....................... .......... A s t rid Olsen "Junto", the name of the High School Literary Club, is of Spanish derivation and was the name which Benjamin Franklin adopted for his club, the first literary organization in America. This club was composed of ten active members, each doing her part to promote an interest in literature and books. The following motto was chosen: "Next to acquiring good friends, the best acquisition is that of good books." With each member living up to this motto, much was ac- complished. Not a meeting passed that some knowledge about the literature of other nations was not acquired. Different types of literature were read and discussed during the meetings, and a scrapbook was made in which accounts of the literature from different countries were placed. This work was enjoyable as well as educational. Bi-monthly luncheons were held by the club members in the school dining room, to which four guests were invited each time. - Elsie Hansen. Page Fifty-five Activities 4 f" li ll X1 Back Row - M. Stefani, C. Thomsen, A. Hoyez, W. Lozensky, Mr. Lippert. L. Gill, G. France, R. Bendorf, VV. Thomsen, Yoder. Center Row-L. Frost, C. Dillon, G. Sores. Front Row-E. Dillon, M. Chandler, B. Alexander, R. Pedrazzini, M. Dins- more, B. Epps, M. Rodenberger. Tennis Climb President .........,... ........ C lara Dillon Vice President ...... .......... E leanor Dillon Secretary ......... ........ ll Tarian Chandler Treasurer .............,......,...........................,...i............. Carl Thomsen The Tennis Club was organized and supervised by Mr. Theodore Lippert. Any student interested in tennis was eligible to become a member of this club. The object of this club was to create an added interest in tennis, make a thorough study of the game, to improve individual games, to develop a better spirit of sportsmanship, to assist at all school tournaments, to keep all the school tennis courts in a clean condition, and see that all court rules were carried out. Meetings were held twice a month at which time different strokes were demonst1'ated by Coach Damon and other members for the less skilled students. Due to the abuse of privileges by some ol' the students, the club adopted the following rules which were a great aid to players on the courts: 1. All persons playing on the court should wear tennis or rubber- soled shoes. 2. Outsiders may not play tennis during school hours if students de- sire the use of the courts. 3. People must play doubles when the courts are crowded. - William Notley. Page Fifty-six Activities Back Row-L. Lentz, D. Maudlin, A. VVillburn, A. Garcelon, C. Lentz, H. Patterson, Mr. Badura, Mr. Stenback. Front Row-C. Mahan, L. Lee, J. Trionc, C. Harvey, B. Eisner, P. Blend. .lhwniovr Rifle Club President ................. ...... C arl Harvey Vice President ............ ...... C hester Lentz Secretary-Treasurer ..... ................. L ee Lentz Purchasing Agent ........................ ................... Delbert Maudlin The new Junior Rilie Club aroused a great deal of interest among the boys of the Fortuna High School this year. Mr. G. J. Badura and Mr. R. H. Stenback were the advisers of this club. The purpose of this organization was to teach the correct usage of firearms. In keeping with this aim, the following 1'u1es NV81'Q adopted: We, the members of the Junior Rifle Club, promise never to do the following: 1. Thoughtlessly point a gun at any human being under any circum- stances. 2. Handle a firearm without iirst examining it to make certain it is empty. 3. Load a firearm while a person is in front of me. 4. Engage in aiming and snapping the hammer except with the fire- arm pointed toward the target. 5. Shoot in the open without first taking every precaution for the safety of others. 6. To be unsportsmanlike when engaged in a contest of skill with firearms. 7. Lay aside a firearm without cleaning it. - Leon Dungan. Page Fifty-sex cr Actifvities Back Row-R. Fielden, V. Stansberry, F. Hassett, A. Pedrazzini, L. Docili, M. Moschini, A. East, M. Notley, L. Hill. Center Row-HB. Ellis, Langin, J. Perry, Miss Thorson, E. Gusnieroli, N. Pace, I. Williams, V. Bryant. Front Row-E. Docili, V. Early, M. Hawks, R. Heckman, F. Gouthier, V. McLean, Y. Thompson, E. Grove, H. O'Connor, M. McHenry. Dancing Club President ........ ........ If 'rieda Gouthier Secretary .......................................................... Yetieve Thompson The Dancing Club was one of the new clubs in school this year. It was sponsored by the Girls' Athletic Association. Frieda Gouthier, who was dancing manager of the Girls' Athletic Association, was elected Presi- dent of the club, with Yetieve Thompson as secretary. The club was organized to prepare for the "Rhythm Review" CDance Dramaj which was given April 1. In the Hrst semester the members spent their time organizing the different dances. By the first of January all the organizing was done and the 1'emainder of the time was spent prac- tising. The first act was the Cantata, "Three Springs," which was: "A story of three springs that rise high on the mountain side, under a willow tree. One is blue, one is white and one is gold. The dip of the willow branches bids each a fond farewell." The second act, or t'The Garden Frolic," con- sisted of many tumbling stunts and pyramids. "Holidays' Holiday", the last act, was a presentation of all the holidays of the year. "New Year" brought the program to a brilliant close. Miss Gladys Thorson was the capable director and instructor of the entire performance. -Virginia Early. Page Fifty-eight Activities Back Row-P. Lozensky, G. McNaughton, C. Carlson, V. Nicholson, R. Bux- ton, A. Ammer, B. Eisner. Front Row-O. Betts, K. Samuelson, V. Hutchinson, B. Waterman, L. Hedley, E. Smith, G. Goble, Miss Dale Music Club President ....... ......... A Vernon Nicholson Secretary ...... . ................ Lois Hedley Treasurer .................... . .... . .........., ........................ R ichard Buxton The Music Club was organized this year under the supervision of Miss Dorothy Dale, music instructor of the high school. Any student who had taken music lessons for at least two years on any instrument was eligible to this club. The purpose of the club was to enable the students to gain a Wider knowledge of music. This idea was carried out in the program of each meeting. After the business was iinished, the jazz orchestra, composed of club members, spent the remainder of the time in practice. The jazz orchestra was composed of Vernon Nicholson, tromboneg Beulah Waterman, drums: Ellanora Smith, pianistg Orville Betts, clarinet, George McNaughton, saxaphone. This orchestra furnished the music for the dances held after the South Fork and Del Norte basketball games. The orchestra also played for the "Pirates Party" given by the Boys' and Girls' Leagues, and for the noon dances held on Fridays. It was one of the most popular and also one of the peppiest clubs in the school. This was shown by the fact that they met for practice in the evenings at the homes of the different members. - VVilliam Notley. Page Fifty-nine Actifvities Members-D. Langlois, A. East, C. Cook, O. Jarvis, M. Fulmor, B. Giusti, L. Grigsby, R. Fielden, M. Ashburn, J. Mengali, F. Townsend, M. Downing, H. Ferrel, M. McLean, E. Gusmeroli, E. Williams, V. Moore, K. Mizulo, V. Tracy, E. Merga, B. Hoxie, R. Gill, E. Chism, J. Valentine, M. Dins- more, B. Epps, K. Bryant, V. Del Sasso, E. Burgess. E. Wright, A. Wescott, L. McKnight, L. Hedley, H. Gavette, C. Petersen, A. Martin, B. Mc- Whorter, P. Hunter, E. Evans, M. Rodenberger, B. Waterman, A. Pond, A. Pace, E. Cornaggia, Y. Thompson, B. Chism, R. Moore, V. Graham, K. Lozensky, G. Soares, A. Swett, R. Spesert, M. E. Parks, O. Mengali, R. Fielden, V. Bryant, B. Herrmann, R. Heckman, C. Gardner, Miss Wilcox. Girls' Glee Club President ..... .... .,................. . . .Yetieve Thompson Secretary ........ ....,........................... R uby Heckman Librarians ......... ....... J une Thompson, Elva Cornaggia Accompanist .....,........,..............................,.................. Lois Hedley There were more students in the Girls' Glee Club this year than ever before. The girls showed a lot of talent, and gave their instructor, Miss Mary Wilcox, a successful year. After Christmas, Miss Wilcox chose a double sextette. During the semester the sextette sang at the George Washington program and at the Baccalaureate services. The first sopranos were: Phyllis Hunter, Ina Hussey, Dorothy Langlois, and Beulah Waterman, second sopranos were: Edna Burgess, Lucille Grigsby, Frieda Hopper, and Ouida Jarvis, altos: Vilena Bryant, Marjory Fulnior, Ruby Heckman, and Ariel Pond. The Girls' Glee Club, as a body, sang twice for the public with the Boys' Glee Club - once at the Christmas program and again at the George Washington program. Alone, they sang for the first act of the "Rhythm Review", at the Public Schools' Week program, at the Music Festival in A1'C21t3, and several times for the student body assemblies. -Dorothy Coke. Page Sixty Activities HE: 'Y ,Q .i . Back Row-J. Dungan, S. Erickson, J. Rovai, G. McNaughton, 0. Martinelli, R. Lipscomb, W. Lozensky. Center Row-D. Maudlin, B. Belushin, K. Samuelson, J. Chambers, C. Gould, T. Myers. Front Row-A. Hansen, D. Smith, N. Jacobsen, Miss Dale, N. Eisner, R. Bullock, A. Langlois, F. Bravo. Boys' Glee Club President ....., .............................. T erry Myers Secretary ...... ...... S tillman Erickson Librarian .......... ...... K enneth Samuelson Accompanist ................................ ........................... N orma Eisner The success of the Boys' Glee Club was due, for the most part, to the capability of the director, Miss Dorothy Dale. The Glee Club's most important appearances were at the Christmas and George Washington programs when they sang with the Girls' Glee Club. They sang alone at the Dance Drama, for the Public Schools' Week program, at the Music Festival in Arcata, and several times for Tuesday morning assemblies. The Boys' Glee Club organized a double quartette this year for the first time. It was divided into two pa1'ts. The first one consisted of Joe Dungan, Terry Myers, George McNaughton and Raymond Allen. In the second group there were Stillman Erickson, Rhea Bullock, Kenneth Sam- uelson, and George Hugo. The accompanist for the qua1'tette was Edward Malone. The quartette was always in demand and therefore sang for quite a number of programs. Some of these were: The Night School Reception, the Box Social on Hallowe'en, the Christmas Program, the George Wash- ington Program, the Father and Son Bust, and the Music Festival. -Dorothy Coke. Page Sixty-one Actwmes Rick Row 'N P'1ce 'NI Dfile If Lan in S Twitchell P Iozenskx R Al n C azlcton C, 3 on L lobr-1+ H Web tei V Nicholson R R len I G10 Q R VN ltQ1l111l"l M I 1 ol'1 Centei Row V Hutchm on Bcixtci P Huntoi -X Haapalfi M Boehne x S nuslson l lcbicly H Hinsc O Ja H B111 win iont how I -Xlmlinh -X Newland WI Legg D Paine L Boehne Fiiedcnbdch N1 Notley, A I'1tch R -Xmm 1 Advanced Orchestra The high school Ady uiced Oichestrfi li id 'in exceptionally successful yeai undei the eflicient direction of Miss Dorothy Dale. Because e'1ch section of instruments w-is complete, it was possible foi the orchestizi to Dl'lj without pi mo ieconipininient for the first time since it has been org-inized. The orchestr-1 showed its populzuity this ye 11' by the number of times it w'1s isked to Dl'lY for the public. Durinf-' the ye 11' it fuinished music for the Student Lody Pl xy in October for the American Legion on Ar- niistice D my for the Cliristinfxs P1'Og'1"11ll in December foi the Senior Play ind the Geoige W-isliiiigtoii P1'0Q'1"'11H in Ieb1'u'1ry for the Dance Diama i11 April, the Music llstivil in Lurekfi -uid for li-iccil-iureite services ind Coinmenccnient in May. Some of the more diilicult pieces thit the orcliestia mastered were: Ballet Egyptien Luigini' Hirelle Overtuie, Gounod' lnteimezzo from L Ailesienne Suite No. l Lizetg and Lyric Suite by Lusch. The uniforms 'idopted by the 01ChGSi1'1 this ye uf were much more Cl'1bO1"1tO thfin usuil. Those of the girls consisted of white silk dresses with blue boleros while the boys woic white shirts blue sweaters and ties ind white corduroys. 7 -- Dorothy Coke. Page Sixty-two Activities Back Row-M. Rodenberger, W. Johnson, K. Gundlach, W. Murphy, E. Carlson, P. Gundlach, F. Thornton, H. Bowles, D. McNaughton, A. Pollard, A. Lozensky, D. Rumrill, C. Petersen, Miss Dale, R. Maurer. Front Row-L. Davis, R. Bendorf, J. Samuelson, A. Pond, E. Evans, V. Stans- berry, K. Baldry, M. Davis, B. Hoxie, V. Thornton, L. Langdon, F. Oxley. Elementary Band and Orchestra To think that a group of twenty-six students who knew nothing what- soever about music could compose an elementary band and orchestra seems an impossibility, but that is just what happened at school this year. It was the largest musical group of its type that Miss Dale ever directed, and took in a larger assortment of instruments than either the Advanced Orchestra or Band. The instruments included in this band and orchestra were: Two violins, one cello, two bass viols, three flutes, three clarinets, an oboe, a bassoon, two saxaphones, a tuba, sousaphone, t1'umpet, three trombones, two drums and a mellophone. Their enthusiasm made them one of the peppiest groups in school, and they showed their musical ability when they played for the Student Body in Assembly, and at the Freshmen Eighth Grade Party. After a year of band or orchestra in the elementary division, each student is promoted into either the Advanced Band or Advanced Orches- tra. With such a good showing of talent from the elementary section, both advanced groups have excellent possibilities for the coming year. -Dorothy Coke. Page Sixty-three Activities Back Row-A. Pond, Miss Dali-, A. Langlois, R. Allen, F. Barsanti, F. Flocchini, L. Lee, F. Mattson, A. Ammer, B. Roberts, C. Hellard, D. Baxter, N. Meisser. Front Row-C. Carlson, J. Perry, P. Lozensky, C. Hazleton, V. Nicholson, R. Buxton, E. Grove, R. Rudlen, F. Oxley. Band Although the band was increased by only two members since last year, it showed an unusual amount of improvement. The extent of the band's success may be shown in the fact that this year was the first time it ever played for a major dramatic production. At the presentation of the faculty play, "Skidding", the band was under the student di1'ection of Beulah Waterman. The band also showed its talent when it played at the basketball games which took place on the home court: for the Public Schools' Week Pro- gram, and at the Music Festival in which they joined the County Combined Band. This year was the iirst time the Fortuna High School Band par- ticipated in the combined numbers at the Festival. The prospects for next year's band are ve1'y good, and Miss Dorothy Dale, the director, hopes to make it bigger and better than ever. The band was composed of: Clarinets, Charles Carlson, Charles Hazle- ton, Paul Lozensky, Jeanice Perry, and Orville Betts, flute, Ariel Pond: piccolo, Arthur Langloisg C melody saxaphone, Francisco Barsantig tenor saxaphone, Raymond Allen, baritone saxaphone, George McNaughtong t1'umpets, Richard Buxton, Beryl Roberts, Arthur Ammer, Charles Hel- lardg mellophone, Emylou Grove, Frances Oxley, French horn, Roberta Rudleng trombone, Vernon Nicholson: sousaphone, Lief Lee, tuba, Fran- cisco Flocchinig drums, Delmor Baxter and Naomi Meisser. - Dorothy Coke. Page Sixty-four Activities .ev Standing- Miss Dale, Miss Crozier, Mr. Badura, Mr. Stenback, Mr. Anderson. Sitting-Miss Everson, Miss Godfrey, Mr. Bowersox, Miss Alving, Mr. Jabusch. Sktddlmg Aunt Milly ......... .,A.... .,.i..,. N I iss Everson Andy Ha1'dy ,..r......... ,r.A,..., B Ir. Stenback Mrs. Hardy .....A4.............. ....,... li Iiss Godfrey Judge James Hardy ...,.. .. rrrr.... Mr. Bowersox Grandpa Hardy .........,...,........ ....... N Ir. Jabusch Estelle Hardy Campbell ...,.... r,...... lv Iiss Dale Marion Hardy ....,..,.,..rrr...... ,. ..,..... Miss Alving Wayne Trenton, III ....r. ...,.r. 1V Ir. Anderson Mr. Stebbins ..,..o,,,......................,..........,......r..........,... Mr. Badura Myra Hardy Wilcox ..,,,.. . ,...................,,........,.......,... Miss Crozier Shrieks of laughter filled the school auditorium when the faculty pre- sented the hilariously funny three act farce, "Skidding", on November 13. Notwithstanding the fact that it was Friday, the 13th, no ill-luck befell the cast and the play was produced before a capacity crowd. As this play was put on solely by the facility members, all production assistance was supplied by them. Mrs. Ruth Heck was directorg Miss Gladys Thorson, assistant directorg Miss Mary Wilcox, stage managerg Miss Marie East, property managerg Miss Elizabeth Bourhill, costume managerg and Mr. Lyle Smith, business manager. Even the ushering was taken care of by the pedagogues. They were Mr. Theodore Lippert, Mr. Robert Damon, Miss Constance Hendrickson, Miss Lorene Lewis, Mr. George Jenner, Miss Zelma Burnside and Miss Violet Shulsen. -Dorothy Coke. Page Sixty-live Activities . ' . 4 5, 1.7- .WY Back How-A. Thomas, 111. Stansberry, E. Ritola, D. Jewett, M. Hawks, C. Gould, H. O'Connoi', J. Perry, 31. McHenry, J. Dungzan, G. Goble, A. Fitch. Front Row-H. Scott, W. Bclloni, E. Langin, F. Gouthier. The Charm School Austin Bevans ........... David Mackenzie ......, Homer Johns ............. Elise Benedotti .....,.... Understudy Cast Arthur Larson ..,,... Carl Godec ......,.... Ernest Curren .....,. Ruth Jenkin.. .,,.., .. Production Cast ......Wilson Belloni .....Allan Thomas ........Donald Jewett .,.,...t..... Helen Scott Miss Hays ................., Dorothy McGovern. ,, Eleanor Ritola Miss Curtis ...... ........ G race Lytle .............. ..Elneth Stansberry A George Boyd... .. .,.... .Joe Dungan 'li' J Jim Simpkins ...., Chester Edson ......... Garvin Goble W. Belloni H. Scott Page Sixty-six Ethel.. Alex... Lillian ....,, ,,.. . Madge Dotsie Tim Simpkins ...,. Terry Myers ,,.,,,. ..,, C linton Gould Sally Boyd ,,,..,,,,. Emylou Grove .... ..... . -Xrletta Fitch Muriel ................ Mai y Moschmi .,......... F. Gouthier Y. Thompson ............ H. O'Connor .,,.. ,..... 1 I. McHenry Kathryn Coke ..,. ...Esther Langin Mary Polach .......... Maxine Hawks Orcele Hunter .... .... J eanice Perry The successful four-act comedy, "The Charm School", was presented October 9, under the direction of Mrs. Ruth Beck. The students who assisted in the pro- duction of this play were: Dorothy Coke, student directorg Rodney Petersen, prop- erty managerg Delbert Maudlin, stage inanagerg Harold Early, electriciang Orcele Hunter, costume manager. - Dorothy Coke. Activities Back Row-M. Moschini, T. Myers, Y. Thompson, Michael, B. Eisner, G. Bronson, R. Malone. Front Row-D. McGovern, B. Roberts, R. Petersen. Peg O, My Heart Peg ,,,,.., ,,,.. ...,, o ..... M a ry Moschim J erry. ...,...........,....... . Ethel Chichester .....,, Christian Brent ......,Terry Myers .........Grace Bronson ...........ROb81't Malone Mrs. Chichester ...... ...... D orothy McGovern Alaric Chichester. ,.... ........,...... . is ....,........ Beryl Roberts Montgomery Hawks ...........,. e .,........ ...,,.. . .. ..... Rodney Petersen Jarvis ..,.... . .,.....,.,..., Bartlett Eisner Bennett ..... ,. ..C.,,,C Yetieve Thompson The Senior play, 'tPeg o' My Heart", was considered more than a success from a financial and quality standpoint, for, as Peg said, "Sure, there's nothing half so sweet in life as Love's young dream". "Peg o' My Heart" was presented by Mrs. Ruth Beck, directorg Helen Scott assistant director, Ellanora Smith property manager: Miss Elizabeth Bour- hill, costume managerg Mr. George Jen- ner, business manager, and Miss Mary Wilcox, stage manager. - Dorothy Coke. v y iry Moxrhini Terry Mya-rs Page Sixty-seven Activities Dance Drama The Rhythm Review was the most colorful performance presented dur- ing the year, for it included gay costumes, snappy dances and graceful ballets. The Girls' Athletic Association sponsored the program which was given on April 1, at the school auditorium. It consisted of three acts, with more than ninety girls participating, and Miss Gladys Thorson directing. Act I--"Three Springs." Virginia Early, Florence Hassett, Barbara Epps, Merwyn McHenry, Frieda Gou- thier, Yetieve Thompson, Viola Stansberry, Margaret Dinsmore, Jeanice Perry, Elanc- Bean, Esther Ritola, Althea Wigton, Elsie Hansen, Marjory Brenner, Nathalie Brenner, Mary Moschini. Act II-"The Garden Frolicf' Kathryn Coke, Elinora Nutter, Elberta Nutter, Katherine Bryant, Frances Oxley, Vilena Bryant, Betty McWhorter, Mildred Ritola, Clara Dillon, Pearl Willburn, Mary Polach, Henrietta O'Connor, Zella Aldrich, Hazel Alsop, Marjorie Rodenberger, Mary Gusmeroli. Act III-"The Holidays' Holiday." Seasons: Esther Langin, Elneth Stansberry, Maxine Hawks, Irene Williams, Valentine: Rita Fielden, Leona Hill, Lucille Grigsby, Audrey East, George Washing- ton: Ruby Heckman, Rosemary Friedenbach, St. Patrick: Rose Gill, Adah Pace, Ber- trice Alexander, Addie Newland, Easter: Lois Bird, Helen Krieg, April Fool: Henrietta O'Connor, May Day: Ruth Moore, Barbara Chism, Orcele Hunter, Mary McLean, Audrey Martin, Phyllis Hunter, Mary E. Parks, Edla Chism, Summer Begins: Emylou Grove, Frieda Hopper, Frieda Gouthier, Fourth of July: Emma Gusmeroli, La France Long, School Days: Mildred Simmons, Norma Eisner, Margaret Dinsmore, Audrey Swett, Melba Bryant, Helen Scott, Dorothy Langlois, Hallowe'en: Elsie Docili, Virginia Early, Audrey Thompson, Armistice: Kathryn Coke, Lena Docili, Vivian McLean, Grace Lytle, Mary Moschini, Jeanice Perry, Yetieve Thompson, Alice Pedrazzini, Thanksgiving: Nellie Pace, Maxine Maxwell, Christmas: Elberta Nutter, Elinora Nutter, New Year: Nathalie Brenner. -- Dorothy Coke. Page Sixty-eight Sports Baclli Rem-E. Ritola, Y. Thompson, S. Twitchell, E. Grove, A. Newland, . 1 . Front Row-F. Gouthier, M. Moschini, V. McLean, Miss Thorson, L. Docili, E. Reback, B. Waterman, C. Dillon. G. A. A. Cabinet President .............,...... .......... L ena Docili Vice President ............ .... . .... Edith Reback Secretary-Treasurer- .......... ...... V ivian McLean Song and Cheer Leader. ....., ....... E mylou Grove Sergeant-at-Arms ........,.......... . .......,........ . ........... Sarah Twitchell Sport Managers Basketball ...,. ............................................... M ary Moschini Hockey ............... . . .................... ...... X 'etieve Thompson Volley Ball .....,.. ........., H elene Hansen Tennis .,........... ...,....... C lara Dillon Hiking ........ ............. A ddie Newland Baseball ...... ....... B eulah Waterman Tumbling ........ ........... K athryn Coke Dancing ...... ........ F rieda Gouthier Archery ,........ ................. R ose Gill Horseshoes ..... . ..........,..................,....................,..... Eleanor Ritola The number of members in the Girls' Athletic Association grows larger each year. If a girl wishes to become a member of the G. A. A., she must first earn fifty points in some athletic activity. This active organization sold candy and peanuts at every conference basketball game played in the Fortuna gymnasium. - Amy Anderson. Page Sixty-nine Sports in .Ah Back Rovs H Hcckman B Eyans B Llh L Rf-back G Bionson G Baxter M 'lhoi or Y Thompson L Hill E Lowrey L Docih F Gouthiei J Smith M Faimer lx Coke linecliner 1' Smith R P diazzini I Lan in D MCGONQIH H Scott H lilson M Nloschim V McLean L Baiti S Mizulo I Wendt Hockey Keen interest w-is shown in hockey Ly the lirge number of girls who turned out for this sport last fall. An exciting round robin was play ed olf. Although the gfimes were close the Seniois finally won. They were the champs of the school. The Sophomores took second placeg Juniors, third pl ice, and the freshmen came last. The play ers on the team winninw first place received one hundred and twenty-five pointsg second place one hundred and fifteen pointsg third pl ice, one hundred points. Each team elected its own ciptain. The following girls were chosen to head their te-uns: lfreshmen, l'irst 'lynn - l4 sther lxitol'1. l reshmen Second 'lcun - Elizwbeth Ross. Sophomore lirst Team- Aud1'ey E-lst. Sophomore, Second 'leam -l'v1u'g-u'et llinsmore. Junior First Team - Lucille Grigsby. Junioi Second Team V- Anna M uie Yinur . Senior First Teainh-Mary Moschini. Senior Second Tenn --- Ruby Heckmfin. At the end of the hockey se-ison, two honor teams were chosen. lhey were composed of the most outst inding pl iyers from all of the fiist and second hockey teams. Phe names of these players were announced it a hlnquet given in the school cafeteri 1. - Amy Anderson. Page Seventy Sports Standing - Y. Thompson, I. Wendt, E. Smith, R. Pedrazzini, S. Mizulo, E. Langin. Sitting-M. Miller, L. Barti, E. Lowrey, M. Farmer. Baseball Captains Senior ,,,,.,, .,................ ......... D o rothy Grigsby Junior .,,.,,,..,,.. .....,...... S ophia Mizulo Sophomore ....,.. ......... L ucille Grigsby Freshman ,,.,,,,.... .,.. ......... ,...... ..........,...................... F r i e da Hopper A large crowd of girls turned out for baseball from all four classes. Groups of girls could be seen practising for the baseball teams in every gym period during the spring season. All games were well played. The Freshmen had a very good team, but not good enough to take the championship in baseball from last year's Juniors who have won it for three consecutive years. The championship team players received twenty-five extra pointsg the Freshmen, with second place, received fifteen extra points. The players on each of the remaining two teams received one hundred athletic points. Baseball means a sport of action, and every girl has a desire to play this game or watch it being played. You stand on the side lines wishing all the time that you could knock home runs and catch flies. This shows the excitement that is in a game of baseball--you a1'e always on the move, and always interested in some part of the game. - Amy Anderson. Page Seventy-one L Sports Back Roxx A Beabel B Boehne P H111 -X Stcxeneon W Johneon In Watxon F Toxxnscnd R Moolc kneeling M Boehne I F10bt R G11 I W1111am Archery and Hmrseshoes A1Ch61X dlexx manxf mtelested gnls dllllllg 1tS selson The1e IS a th1111 m seemg y0u1 a11oxx h1t the bull s exe The fe It can onlx be lccom Those vxho d1d not make a hockev O1 .uchelv team had '1 ve1y good chance to make a holseshoe team The p1axe1s on thls team 19C61W9d ae manv pomts as xx e1e glxen f01 mv Othel SD01t Amx Andel son Q- J Waschau P Ivemen L Bur ess E 1VIatth1eQen I Farmu 1 Glag Rucllen B Nlchols L Bulgees A Haapala O Jd1XlS Pa,,e Sex entx txxo F , 1 Q LW 1 Yl . C ', X. A, 5- 1 , 4 . A v 1 , . X , V. 7 I .' , . ' ' , . ". . I ' - . , .. 4 ' N , . 1. , . S. - .uv - y 1 ' . ' . -' ' 2 . - ' 1' ' ' . . - , ' 'X v I - v . n V . K l C ' plished by much skill and practice. y ' L - 4 Q -AV C C - L v u .- v u 2 I u u l 1 . ' . , 1 ,,'. g , .,' , . .' H, . " ,up . , . 1 , . ' N , - . ' ' , . ' " 0' ' ?. 7 Sports 'B Q. Qi' Back Row-N. Meisser, E. Wright, R. Gill, W. Johnson, D. Langlois, L. Jarvis, R. Friedenbach. Front Row-A. Vinum, V. Bryant, M. Fulmor, Miss Thorson, A. Anderson, D. Maurer, S. Twitchell. Basketball and Volleyball This was a great year for basketball and volleyball. More girls were given a chance to play basketball as both first and second teams were chosen. Nearly one hundred girls took part in the volley ball games, which were played at noon before excited spectators. - Amy Anderson. H , ..t?f"'!T'Ff?'-.".!t"j? K. ...J i , ova 1 Back Row- I.. Harvey, N Meisser, l-I. Bean, N. liisnfr, li. VVrig:'ht, A. Pedraz- zini, F. Hassett, F. Oxlt-Y, I.. Hi-dh'-y, R. Gill. Front How- ll. Fielden, M. Polach, Y. lVl1'y2Ult, IC. Dillon, li. Grove, Miss Thorson, 5. Twitchell, M. Ashburn, A. Anderson, H. O'Connor li. Slansberry. Page Seventy-thre f Sports Mr. Damon, F. Bravo, I.. Gill, C. Lentz, W. Bc-lloni, P. Pond, G. France, V. Hutchinson, li. Docili, V. McLean, M. Dinsmore, E. Dillon, L. Docili, M. Chandler, H. O'Connor, li. Docili, C. Dillon, Miss Thorson. Tennis The Blue and White racquet wielders swept to victory in two tourna- ments played last fall against the Red and Green teams of the Eureka high school. Both events were staged on the Eureka courts. Lena Docili, invincible girls' singles champion, again conquered her opponents in impressive style. For three consecutive years, Lena Docili has held the county singles title. If she is again victorious in this yea1"s county tournament, she will have the distinction of holding the singles championship throughout her high school career. The girls' doubles team, composed of Clara Dillon and Marian Chandler, was victorious against their less experienced opponents. Victor Ilutchinson and Eleanor Dillon made up a mixed doubles team that could not be defeated. Although it met stiff opposition, this team, with excellent teamwork and playing ability, subdued its adversaries. Ernest Docili, playing boys' singles, Gordon France and Fred Bravo, boys' doubles, were not so fortunate as their more successful teammates and went down to defeat. Victorious over Eureka twice, and confident of defeating Arcata when they meet, Fortuna has an excellent chance to win the county tournament. -Ernest Docili. Page Seventy-four Sports t t 13 V i . Qu lil . I . A 0 -f , Basketball Dick Buxton did his part in breaking up plays. Vic Hutchinson, forward, had his shooting eye during most of the season. Lowell Swett was one of the best forwards in the county. Dick Ashburn, as forward, played an excellent game. Paul Lozensky, as guard, broke up the other teams' plays. Clinton Gould, center, played a whale of a game. Francisco Barsanti was an excellent guard. Wilson Belloni was one of the most formidable players in Humboldt county. A scrappy fighting guard was Chester Edson. Emmett Newell, as forward, was a hard man to guard. - Ernest Docili. 110 :D N L9 r 1 ll 5 NK x ' l -rf it 4 -5-E .sit X , Nix 'ffifflf 'lf ' X . J- ay, iii Page Sf:x'e1ity-five ' .t F' .gf FNB ...4FH., lt' ..-zgf .KF FF Bam-k Row-L. Gill, K. Conner, W. Dougherty, J. Trione, A. Sandretto, J. Barrote, G. Goble. ff... Sports Front Row- R. Buxton, F. Bravo, F. Barsanti, V. Hutchinson, L. Swett, C. Gould, W. Lozc-nsky, Mr. Damon. O O Ltmtted Basketball Fortuna 42 ........ ....... V s ....,.,. .......... F erndale Fortuna 51 ..... ....... V s ..... ........ S outh Fork Fortuna 16 ..... ......, V s ..... ............ E ureka Fortuna 34 ..... ....... X fs ..... .......... . Arcata Fortuna 32. ...... ....... X 's ..... ....... D el Norte Fortuna 2,1 ...., ......Y X fs ..... .......... I4 'erndale Fortuna ..... ....... X fs ..... ........ S outh Fork Fortuna 30 ooo.. ....... X fs ..... .... ., E L lreka Fortuna 35 ..... ....... X 's ..... .......... A rcata Fortuna 22 ..... ,. .....,. Vs ..... ....oo. D el Norte Fortuna 33 ......... .. .................. Vs .......... ........... ....o.oo.o.. E u reka An inspired Fortuna midget teani journeyed to Eureka on March 18 for the title playoff. liefore nearly a thousand excited fans they defeated lCureka's best, 33 to 30, in a brilliantly played game, to XX'in the Humboldt- Del Norte C. I. F. championship for the third consecutive year. Fortuna and Eureka defeated all opposing' teams, losing' one game apiece to each other, thus necessitating' an extra game to decide the championship. Three players, Swett, Could, and llarsanti, were chosen on the All- County team. Fortuna is proud of its great little team which all through the season displayed brilliant basketball and true sportsmanship. -Ernest Docili. Faeo Seventy-six Sports lids- A " Back Row-Mr. Damon, A. Lozensky, P. Lozensky, R. Ashburn, P. Matthie- sen, L. Lee. Front Row- E. Di Basilio, T. Myers, W. Belloni, E. Newell, C. Edson. Unlimited Basketball Fortuna 31 .....,...... ................... v s ..........r.......... r.....r... F erndale 10 Fortuna 23 ......... ...... v s ......... ., ..... South Fork 16 Fortuna 17 ......... ...... v s ....r.... ............ E ureka 31 Fortuna 30 ......... ...... v s ......... ............. A rcata 32 Fortuna 25 ......... ...... v s ......... ....r.. D el Norte 26 Fortuna 20 ......... ...... v s ......... ........ - .Ferndale 13 Fortuna 12 ,..,..... ...... v s ......... .. ..... South Fork 16 Fortuna 24 ......... ...... v s .......,, r........... E ureka 70 Fortuna 9 ,......., ...... v s .r,...,.. ......... A rcata 30 Fortuna 35 ......rrrr.. .....rr...r........ v s ...r,...,.u..rr...,,......... Del Norte 33 Favorites to Win the championship at the start of the season, our heavyweights started off with great success, but rapidly lost ground. Hopes for a championship team in the unlimited division faded into ob- livion. Led by Wilson Belloni, sensational forward and high point scorer of Humboldt county, Fortuna managed to finish in thi1'd place. Fortuna participated in ten games, and was able to win four. South Fork and Ferndale were both defeated twice. Arcata nosed us out in two exciting tilts, as did Del Norte. Our team was no match for the cham- pionship Eureka quintet which conquered us easily. - Ernest Docili. Page Seventy-sew ll ls..- .4 Sports 7' Back Row-A. Larson, A. Lczensky, P. Lozensky, J. Rovai, E. Newell, L. Nichols, Mr. Damon. Front Rowkl.. Swett, F. Bravo, J. Rnrrotc, IC. Di Basilio, O. Martinolli, A. Jones, A. Bravo. Fortuna 7 ...... Fortuna 2 .,.,,. Fortuna 15 ...... Fortuna 10 ...,.. 1 - Baseball VS. .. VS. VS. .. VS. Fortuna :J .......... ,. ........ .. vs. .... ...... ....... . . South Fork .......,Ferndale ,....Del Norte r,,......A1'C3t2l .,......Eureka O 0 5 7 Fortuna's baseball nine started the season with a smashing 7-O victory over South Fork on the home field. This year's squad was made up mostly of veterans of last year's nine. Many baseball aspirants went out for the team. After cutting, there we1'e several freshmen added to the squad, insuring good teams for the future. Julielo lsiovai, husky righthander, one oi' the best pitchers to ever work on the mound for Fortuna, was the mainstay of our team. On him were pinned our hopes for the first championship since 1928. Backing Rovai, was a fast infield comprised of A. Lozensky, lst base, J. Barotte, 2nd base, L. Swett, 3rd base, with P. Lozensky catching the curves and speed balls sent across the plate by Rovai. Our Hy chasers in the outfield were O. Martinelli, center field, A. Thomas, left field, and Jones, right field. The reserve pitching material was made up ol' two freshmen, L. Nichols and A. Bravo. Both are promising young hurlers and will add a great deal to next year's pitching staff. Hs Ernest Docili. Page Seventy-eight Sports .Xxx e '- . -V . . et. . Back Row-C. Mahan, R. Ashburn, A. Larson, R. Malone, F. Mattson, G. Gould, L. Gill, G. France, F. Barsanti, P. Pond, Mr. Damon. Front Row-R. B d f M. Stef ' R. M W. L .k l en or , ani, onroy, ozens y, H. Hu ett, A. Hoyez, D. McKinley, H. Schlinkman, D. Umland. lntrummral Athletics Introduced into the school for the first time this year, the intramural system of boys' athletics proved very successful. More than eighty-six per cent oi' the boys participated. The program was so varied that prac- tically every student registered in school had a chance to take pa1't in at least one form of sport. Some of the sports listed were: Touchball, speedball, basketball, golf. volley ball, tumbling, playground ball, horseshoes, baseball, track and field. All of the boys in school were divided into two groups. The A class were the mo1'e skilled players, while the B group was made up of the smaller athletes. They were at a loss when competing against their superior opponents. A large managerial staff, composed of two seniors, four juniors and eight sophomores, Was necessary to take care of the many details in run- ning off tournaments and keeping records. Each team also had a manager. The Eagles, under the management of Paul Pond, Won the champion- ship honors in the A division. The Reds, captained by John Chambers, were crowned champions of the B group. The aim and purpose of this system was to give eve1'y boy an op- portunity for the mental and physical benefits of competitive athletics. It proved so successful this year that it will probably be continued in the future. Every boy had a chance to show his physical prowess, and indi- vidual starring was thus discouraged. - Ernest Docili. Page Seventy-nin Sports I i ?'4' 5 Hack Row-F. Barsanti, L. Swett, E. Di Basilio, F, Bravo, J. Barr Mr. Damon. ote, Front Row-C. Mahan, P. Pond, C. Gould, G. Goble, D. Maudlin, O. Betts. Limited Track Event Record First Second Third 100 .............,., 10 ............... Pond .,,......,.,,. QFD Mahan ............ QFD Roberts ...... .... Q ED 440 ...,,,.......... 54.5 ....,,...... McMillan ........ QED Marple ......,. Q DND Conich ............ QED 120 l. h ......... 16.5 ,,,,,....... Huber .... .... ,,.. Q E D Stathakis ........ QAD Baker .... QAD 220 ................ 23.2 ............ Pond .............. QFD Croxby .,.... .... Q AD Boyce .............. QED Pole Vault .... 11' 55.2 Hadley ............ QED Gould ............ QFD Langlois .... QFD High Jump .... 5' -1 1,4 " Hadley ............ QED Hooven .... ...... Q AD Fraser ...... ...... Q AD Mattson .... QFD Shot Put ....... 45 '... ........... G ilardoni ........ QAD Anderson ........ QFD McLaughlin QAD Broad Jump..20' 134 Mahan ,.,. ,,., .... Q F D Hurd ............ QDND Langlois .... QFD Relay ........,,... 4 7.2 ..........,, Eureka Fortuna Arcata Although Fortuna smashed three county records, two by Paul Pond 212, who stepped off the century race in 10 flat, and the 220 yard dash in b Eureka won the Humboldt- Del Norte track and field meet with 33 1-6 points, while Fortuna placed second, scoring 29 5-6 points. Arcata, Del Norte and Ferndale placed in the order named. Fortuna's hopes for their ninth consecutive championship were blasted when Collis Mahan was defeated by Milton Huber of Eureka, in the 120 yard hurdles. Page Eighty - Ernest Docili. Sports Back Row-E. Di Basilio, A. Langlois, L. Lentz, J. Dungan, O. Martinelli, P. Lozensky, Mr. Damon. l Front Row - J. Myring, L. Dungan, E. Cottrell, W. Belloni, K. Clark, T. Myers. O C Unltmttcd Track Event Record First Second Third 880 ................ 2:03 ............ Daly ................ CEJ Fowler .......... fFeJ Hauck ............ Q FJ 100 ..............., 10.1 ............ Simpson ........ KEJ Kincaid .......... 1 EJ Spann ...... QDNJ 120 h. h ......., 16.9 ............ Koerner ...... Q DN J Hadley .......... Q A J Clark .............. QFJ 440 ..............., 52.6 ............ Myers ............ Q FJ Godec ............ Q FJ Malloy ............ QEJ 220 .....,,,,,,,.,.. 22.8 ..,......... Simpson ........ Q EJ Brightman .... fFeJ Maltagliati .... Q EJ 220 l. h ....,.. 25.9 ............ Lozensky ........ QFJ Hadley .......... QAJ Kincaid .......... Q EJ Mile Run ,.... 4.53.3 ......... Belloni ............ CFJ Wright .......... fFeJ Arvola ..,......... KEJ Pole Vault ..,.. 10' 6" .......... Domenighini uf FJ Kincaid .......... Q EJ Lentz ..... ...... Q FJ High Jump.. Shot Put ....... Broad J ump.. 5, 6., 39' S " 20' 61,2 Relay ............, Kistner .......... Q A J Minor ............ C EJ B ail e y ........ Q DNJ Del Norte .............. Redden ........ Q Fe J Brownlow ,,.. Q Fe J Spann ,,,,...... QDNJ Koerner ...... CDNJ Ferndale ...... Stuart .......... Robertson Spann ...,.. Fortuna ..fEJ ..fEJ KDNJ Eureka barely nosed out the Fortuna heavyweights in a brilliantly con- tested track and field meet, scoring' 38 points, while Fortuna scored 35 Si. Del Norte finished third with 26, Ferndale fourth, Arcata fifth, and South Fork sixth. The 880 yard 1'un was the greatest race of the day, with Daly of Eureka and Fowler of Ferndale staging a great battle. They collided at the finish line, but Daly managed to get across to establish a new record of 2:03 minutes. Ernest Docili. Page Eighty-one Features ,ba L fa mfkxlbldmddvmw 'Tam Left to Rlght Doldle 1932 E111 tO1 Babx Betty NIcGov Leon1 The mt-1ntLang1n . 0 Jarvis Z Can it be Palomal' Ruby Pedmzzini' ZJ..'SiOIl'1t9 iv' Scared Doc?' Kat Coke of 'xllpeople' S. B. President' S matter Albert 'Z' Little Thyra. Semen' Baby Pastures P'1A 'e I ighty-th SLITIHIIIIC Aldrich Alsop A111111111' llzlrti llzixtcr Berry l-Iiz1111-hi , . l11s1'o111f1' ll0l'lllll' ll1':111st1-UL li1'ZlV'! li1'o11so11 llullock llushnoll C'l11111dlcr Q':1rt1-1' l'l1:1s1- Vlurk Folio Uottrcll CLl1'l'l'I'l Cll1'1'L'I1 Docili Docili lidsoix l'iis111-1' l'l1'lK'li40ll l'iV21I'lS 1"z1r1111fr F1'21lll'0 Gz11'c11lo11 Gill Godcc Gould llflllllllld' llz1pp ll212lD?ll21 H11 11sc11 Harvey lluwks llk't'lilllLlll llill Jislllilll JOll1lSOll J0l1l'S Lz111gi11 lExprcssio11 Hi Wl1:1t's tllllt. Hot Dog! No foolin' 'Y Whci-1-'s Grace? Oh, QfXVZlll Good ll oss My word! 1A s111il1-I Who, 1111- '.' Ycs! S1-1111 Goldim,-'.' Hola! I du1111o HOI'SCfLlt'f' S1-11rcl1 1111-Y Kid No wo1111-113 l'ollcg'iz1t11 Y1-l1 li. O. l huyc 110 idcu At Stzmtord H1-llo, Pansy Just .1 chair of bowlim-s X 1-l1, I1111- tllll ' Oh, H1-:1y1-11sl O, l l'org'ot Humboldt Stlllldilllll Do you knows xYl'l2lfCll2l doi11 flUl'S1'S 'l'o 111y XVZIX ol t'21ll'l,ll21llUll l'1-1'l'cc1 Y Ul1, for Hf'ZlVt'IliS s:1k1 Hcllo-- Hoyl- l know that 11L1L'Sti0I1 Aw, gm-l My pal! lluttlyl You gals No! Cllll you? Ol1, is tl1z1t so Pago l'iiy'l1ty-four v Clloss Horoscope Nick1111111c Idiosyiwrnsy Zoll Hzizic Art Trixic Goldie D011 Dilly Win l'll.l'l1'l lllilllllj' l'il'1'fl li1'Ollllll lZh1-11 ltd Blllllilll l'il'Il4'Sl llflll li1'11 lilly Doc llcwcy llud l'l1'l1lC l,1-11:1 l'l1c-t ll:11't 'l'illi1- lllZllll'l1t Mary Gord Goosc Spi-cks f'z11'l1-tt:1 1'li11t lfritx llosim- Ai11z1 Nitz C z1rl lint Ilulmy Je-1111 l111p llutliln- Gcorgzc Alyu l':Stlll'1' H111' l11ug'l1 Sludious 11z1turc No l1o111c work Abrupt speech Cute ways Ca1l11111css Swcot voice lil2ll'lll'y ldllly lik1- lll2lllIN'l'5 llllllll'l'l'1'Ilt llvd l1:1ir Long tingcrs Nvcktics Lossoris 111 llu1111i11g' i11 halls QL1i1'tl111s4 Sll'IllQ'lll shootcr Posturc ll12lllllOl'lSlllS Good looks lZo111z111 IIOSU Plz1ti11u111 l1lo11dc His si11g'i11g Plonty good lio111z111ti1--ness llis11ositio11 lIlll0l'1'lll look Swi-1-t s111ilv Quick t1-111pc1' Ht-ight Curls Glussos lliltllvl' t:1ll Good disposition Sl1Ill'l'llllOUS words llzisvlnill star Violiuist Dancing! Musical ability H1-1' ways Houcsty Curly hair Dl'f'Z1llllIlf,Z' Shciky S11-Qpy Innocent cycs Features fOl1scssio11 Rcsumc Llxlllllll S21l'C2l4l.lL' VVork So-so Hz1yi11g' fun Optimist 'l'z1lki11g Nico 'l'1lli11g' St0l'lGr.AlVV2iY5 Smiling Music O. li. Sll0l'tllilllLl llusincss l"11ssi11g: Amuscd .lolfs A 1!L1li'tIJUl'S0ll llz111g'l1tc1's Ycllic Just Ll good kid Hogs Sl'l'llJl1S l'1z1111st llzmcing' Fisl1i11g' 'l'c1111is Studios H 1111ti11g: 'lll'1ll'li Los Aiigw-lcs Foolishncss Candy Jou1'11z1lis111 'l'111111is Sports Fords liilllfll z1t rztl11'l's' .lol-irfs Gus living' good SllOl'lll2lll1l Sport stories Skunks lll'lVlllQj2lL'i1l' Skiing Sllvvll M1-11 f'llt'Yl'0lL'fS Music 'l'olcphonir1g' Studying ll2lllL'lilQ,' liuy llo1's1-l1z1ck ridi rig f'1'osc1-11t City S1l2lIllSll lico 11o111ics lJl'21lllZil.lL'5 Our "l'llIl1t'll' Naughty lJz111g'c1'ous A good dauccr Not 11oisy l'1-ssimist l!:1sl11'ul liots of fun l'l2lIlllSOlllf:' A gfrziduatc Good workcr Good sport A star Wcll-liked "J:11'yis" Good follow Nic-A llllll quiot A typist Good at writ- ing wills S1-rious A kick liigg spl11sl1 A slick kid hiugly Atl1l11tIc Soloist Wicked liducutcd H11sz1goodti111- A pall C'ut1- W1-ll-liked A 1'ri1-11d .-All arguner Make-up applicr Features Surname Larson Larson Lipscomb Lipscomb Lowrey Malloy Malone Martinelli Maxwell McGovern McLean Miller Mizulo Monroy Moore Moschini Myers Newell Nicholson Pedrazzini Pedrazzini Petersen Petersen Petersen Reback Roberts Rovai Rudlen Scheppler Scott Smith Smith Smith Smith Soares Stapp Swett Thompson Thompson Wagnei' Watson Webster Wendt Willbu1'n Williams Wilson Expression Nerts Yes That's funny Lemme see Heck! Huh? Is Kat? Dad gum-mit As if I knew Hey, teach! Poop e doop My land! Quit it! What? I don't know That's funny IQ? Don't believe ' l'll see You know Darn it! Got your Econ? Yes Beep Do I report now? Oh! Oh! How a ya 1Hawaiij I don't know Oh, no! Why? O. li. Sure In Crescent City l'n1 busy Quiet, please Huh? No Pal! Yeh Good morning Heck! I'll see Hey, you guys! Darn it Oh, maybe Hello, kids it Class Horoscope Nickname Idiosyncrasy Art Ben Rand Rich Eve Fred Bob Lindy Stan McGov Viv Hic Sophia Ray Vada Mary Lee Flash Nm-well Verne Al Ped Lee Martha Pete Rusty Alaric Chuck Frena Mae Scotty Smithy Smitty Jeanie Pal Georgie Bert Tony Glenn Sis Dakota Eunice Harry llah Al Ev Alden Leading ability Baseball Smallness A worker Giggle Voice Slow humor Fast talking' Grin Talking Blarney Laughter Cooking ability Smile Timid Curls Athletic ability One woman man Trombone playing Quietness Giggle Cleverness Everything Reliability Shade of hair Monocle Pitching Never heard Quiet ways Ability Piano playing Obsession Starting thing Finishing things Biasca Girl Machine shop Jazz History IV Physics Studies Mischief Sailor Eureka Talking Fighting Writing Cooking Smiling Track Accidents Music Ag. Being merry Zell Cooking Keeping accounts Uniform enforcing Readings Marian Home Econ. Art Work Megaphone Referees Lessons prepared Econ. Good driver Smart Sportsmanship Congeniality Star lightweight Shyness Wit Lisps Her grins Resting Her man Horseback ridi ng Wistful Slow talking' Tearing' around Flowers Church Work Evelyn Plumbing Laughing Studies Pressing uniforms Ranching Housekeeping Giving gum Keeping house Not studying Resume Means well Quiet Not bad A man! Petite Quite a fellow Pretty smart A cut-up Convincing Leader Sweet kid Good natured Lady-like Dependable Wide awake Impressive Serious Basket ball Has changed Different Little fixcr Censored Domestic A brute! Efhcient A new kid Quite a hurler Domestic Artistic A worker Jazz queen He'll pass Timid Sweet Unobtrusivenes Bin' SUB' We like him Quite nice Collegiate Not bad Unique Monkey shiner Settled! Mechanic Married Sometimes wrong Page Eighty-five YY, 0 ,f. Q iii!! ii 'II' T i I e ' 1 A Left to Righit Page Eighty-six Physids faces Hockey "' 5 Thirsty X At noon Architects Pedagogrues Alma Mater Books Herb Hockey one ' 'A Scenes About School F ea tures F ea tures 1 1 13-vliqs' W E 2? le 1 MW gl Q?-2 5 gffg Left to Right: Snowbound Hang on, Beulah! Cold! Pop, Mom, Bob 4, Paloma ., Fun? New job for 5463 Mr. Tarpley iffl Another View Laid out More SHOW Snaps Page Eighty-seven Features lmportant Parts of the .llunior Autornolnle Gas t,ttot......t...,ttttt,,....oot...oo,,,.tt,oo7......,,...o,,o,,,,,,.ttoo..t,.,t,,,.toooooot,to.,,,.,,... Grace Lytle Crank oooooooooooo ,Aooo....oo A G e o,.o oo,,,,,...A F lorence Tucker Self-starter, , o,,,,oooo,,,ooo Y oY7,o G, oooo,t. ,,"Ellery" Hazleton Four Wheels fTiredJ is e eeMr. Jabusch, Miss Thorson, Miss Everson, Miss Hendrickson Extra Tires G ooo,oo Ellen Matthiesen, Mary Belli llrake tt,.ooo oorooov oooo7,,.,, ....orr ,,,,oooo L u c i lle Grigshy Exhaust ,torr, ttt, . .Eniylou Grove What ll Knofuf About Girls Astor llansen Why Students Go Crazy 1. Where's your tardy excuse '? 2. liet's have it quiet, please. 23. Close your hooks. ll The1'e yyill he an examination tomorroyy' on the last three chapters. sm. Please go to the otlice. if Anal Why Teachers Go Crazy 1. I hay'en't any pencil. 2. Shall yy'e fold our papers '? H5 0. Does it haye to lie in ink? -I We had a longer lesson than the other class. lm. Are the papers graded yet? Miss Everson: t'Why don't you marry 'f You seein to love children." Mr. Lippert: "Only other people'sf' Miss Everson: "Well, I can introduce you to a yyidoyy' yyith elevenf' pg: -5: lloiidm lpickino up L melon it in A exhiuitl Is this the ln st ipple you cin 1 use hue' N11 Jenner L uit nn eiino th it 01 ipe Delbert Nliudhn fhuyinf 1 cindy bub I yy uit 1 Hershey nut GIHCQ Iytle lit yyoik in Student s lnnl qu do you yy mt to ffet slapped" I 'ige Fighty-Q ight F ea tures Left to Rlght Pals The Y w GITIS Lookmg Down Ambltlon Perbonlfied Chet Flappers Studlous Mr Gadet Vlsltors from L C Snaps Page Elghtx nme Q 1 N SL ,I 'J ,. v 4 , l 2 L9 ' Features Famous Sayings by Famous People Miss Dale in assemblies: "I'd like to see the following people imme- diately after this meeting." Mi'. Ilowersoxz "Now, you see. this gas is so poisonousw- -l' Miss liast: "'s have it more quiet, please." Mrs. lleck: "All llll6S for the first act must be learned by Monday evening." Miss liversonz "Where's my roll book ?" sf iz 25: Kia U lmagzine Art Larson, being sent to the ollice? Miss Ileaber, chewing gain? Jean Smith, blushing? Mr. Badura, with a mustache? Miss Lewis, in a vertically-striped dress? M1's. Ileck, with braids Z' I". U. H. S. without its Lozenskfs, l'loeili's, or llitola's? Mr. Anderson, with a tooth pick in his month? La France Long, talking' in a whisper? Mr. Stenback, kissing a baby? Mr. Damon, wearing' a monacle? Miss Hendrickson, as a typing' teacher ? Miss Alvingy with her head shaved ? Mr. Jenner, reciting' poetry? Miss East, riding a bike? Miss Thorson, crying? Miss llourhill, playing' a harmonica? Miss Iiverson, making' a parachute Uiinnp? Miss Godfrey, hoeinpg corn? Mr. Smith, snoring? Miss Wilcox, strolling' leisurely ? Mr. Lippert, wearing' a derby? Mr. llowersox, with red hair? Miss Ilale, doing' a high dive? Mr. Jabuseh, talking' baby talk ? Miss Crozier, washing windows? or lloseinary I"riedenbaeh, yelling at the top ol' her voice? 1: af: - Q: Anal Diiol You Know That Mary Eleanor parks, or pearl will burn, or that Orville bets, or where Ilah went? Page Ninety Features Mdpmswm .-.-1-1-' :IEA ,t .L I . . w ,- L, I ,,....-- X U V . A A xifbb f Q52 , I 3 5?1:: KW 5,535 Left to Right: Harry Lauder 'Z Dressed Up Props Caught Whose Arm '? Punishment? Posing Hey, Teach! Miss Lewis Snaps Page Ninety-one L 1 'uv n IE - ll ' IE W IK ll ll Y .i 1 " H 1 . 4 Advertising T O 0 I O I 0 O O pg--- Q--- QQQQQQQQQ ooooqqqoooooooovoo ooo 0-90-0009 -oo Qoooooooo QQ-Q-QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ oo Newellllye Candy Shoppe Where Quality Is Paramarmr Water Kees, Sherberts and llee Cream 'I-GN QL In Q' Yes, We Harve Eskimo Pies and Ley Pies, the New Canes ------------------------ ------------- ------------------------------------------------,--------..4 O O 0 0 O O O 0 0 0 O O O O 0 0 0 0 E Page Ninety-three p000000000000000000Q A. ,.. 000-00000000000000 1 'T f00000000000000000000000000000000000000000 'Ti as UQ O Z E Sf '4 is O s: -: 00000000 000000000000000000 0000000 00000000000000000000 00 0000000000000000 00000000000000 0 000 00 0 00000 000000000 00 0000000000000000000000000000000000-00000000000000000000000 BENSONQS "Three ln One" Good Eats f Billiards f Taxi Phone 2-J We Nc-vor Close Fortuiia Country '?' " Miss Godfrey: "WliyI l hax'en't any man." 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 lElLl-ZC'l'RlCAl, GOODS Toasters, Perculators Waflle Irons always useful 7 and make quality presents L. L, Bryon Cor, Hardware and Plumbing Phone 125 Fortuna Harold Early: "l'm working for the yeast company now." Grace Bronson: HMM what a rising' position." We Congrotmllate You Class of l932 Hughes f Cheiuirollet Cot. '17 for 0 Fortuna - - Calif. "On the Redwood Highway" 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 000 0000 9 Q. Q N 'Q FT if z on O 4. -----------------.4 '2 p-1 "I M -i of 0 Q PT' IT f-f "V: 1'9- FD "2 TJ C' A .1 O BT' s.f Q Pi ,... UI Ili L7 O D.. "E "1 'TJ '4 13" A. 4-f 41 0 '4 O C- y p- TJ 3 g 'L' ,... c-F 5' O S FP 04 4,----------------- 0 L .----------------------------------------.4 UP sa.. e N 'i FY EI 3 GQ f----------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------1 ------- ------------- ----------------------- ---- ------ Our Best Wishes Are Yours Class of 11932 :gf Il! We are very happy to have had the opportunity of furnishing at part of your school supplies and equipment in Harclfufare Plurnlung anicl Wilson Sporting Goods Fortuna l-laralufare 6? Plurnlrlng Co, Fortuna Phone 102 Californiu ------------------------ ------------------------ --------- L------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------ooooooo04 ago Ninetv firm Features - A ' Page Ninety-six Luft to lught The Seasons Hallowcfen Valentlnes May Day February 22 Armlstlcc Rhythm Refmeaw Advertising r---O-' -'-""-""""" ""'f" """"""'-"-- -'--'--'-X E OH E 2 5 p 3 3 Fortnna Shoe Shop Q S S D. Sumlretto, Prop. 2 3 Mr. and Mrs. A. W. MacDonald E Shoeg Pe Wired .Ind 2 z Prolbs. : Bled ' tp' O Id 'I z : Hezldquurters for z J' e 0 1 el z Q lflel Rlver Flfahmg . 0 S Fortuna California z C Street Fortuna, Calif. E I 4 ................................ ............--..---.-.--- - 4 ln Physics: D i h U Mr. Bowersox: Now, you see: at sea the szulors gu1de then' slnps by a star." "Doc" Cottrell: "But what do they do when they get underneath the star '?" t 3 O ' O 0 3 D' o QQ 0 'f 3 S39 o ff : EL . z 3 z Q H- 2 rx O 2 E3 sn cn 3 S. 3 Q UU 3 as ff Q M IT g ' ro 5 cv 5 3 5 E 'D 2 O 2 r-Q-3 . '-A E xo , U-D O N 3 o 2 o ------------.l Crnzihshanhls Toggery Exclusiave ft O O O 0 O O 0 O O 0 I 0 0 0 O 0 O 0 O 0 O 0 O I 0 O O 0 O O 0 O O 0 I O I O 0 0 I 0 0 O 0 O 0 O 0 O 0 O O 0 0 O 0 0 L gm CE RQ 'BF rv-.."L' CP Eli UQ 29 :si ro H: VJ" CD CP FZ S'-: 'Jes is QQ. - mv Q: Ie 575 an 0:4 59 F' O 0 O O O O O O I 0 0 0 I 0 0 O I 0 O I 0 0 I 0 O O I O 0 O 0 0 O I 0 0 0 0 0 O O O 0 O O O O 0 O O I O I 0 0 O 0 QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ oqoooooeooooaooqooooool PARKS R0 ., General Merchandise -oo oo 0 2 o 3 2 9 3. 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Paul Mudgett 736, Mumxger Fortuna Stationers to the High School for Zio years 1 c 'Xlnz-ty-elglmt ---Oo 5 as Q N 'Q Y-Y EI 2 cm 00-0-0 -----------ooooooe0--0-000040000000000QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQA L-- DP sn. C N "E Q5 if : on :ati O 0 O E 0 O O O 0 O O 0 0 O O O O I 0 0 0 0 O I O 0 O 0 0 0 I 0 0 0 O O O I O E 0 I O O O 0 O 0 0 E cool 3, CD S ki U5 v P.. :Z Q-an 'Eg' 2- - -1 95. 5 :::"' T5 : pf QQ? PGS rw-,H I 114 w F? . O: i is W2 . 5 4. 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E25 oil QCD 'Qi :e .Qu 0 O 0 04 Fortuna Electric Shop 2 11. E. PERRY, P1-Op. g E Westiughouse -R9f1'ig91'?ttO1'S Thor Washers E g Hotpomt TApp11a11Ces L'niVe1'sz1l Milkers 2 2 G. E. R2ld1OS Fairbanks Pumps 3 E Telephone 25 - W S L.. .... .. -................. .. ........ .. .......... H V 2 OS.,- rd IN' h-4: o 4 'iw 0 :3'3w if 2 0 E. 0 5 5 22 UQ 'E A 2 E 3 0 ... Z, o F E. o fl :S O 'H UQ 2 , . CD o 3 o Q o : Q Q72 2 TT o o g 9 0 E 2 5 0 - 2 sf 2 55 2 +5 0 :- O rc 3 2 z Ez o M o 2 2 fm O ro O z o -------..-.. 3 1 When You Buy BUTTER Ask For CHALLENGE The Better Butter : Mzznufzxctured by the z 2 Humboldt Creamery Association 2 2 1'h0N0 F01'fUIl21 U4 F01'1lb1'i12Q'0, C2llifO1'l1l1L 2 I O O O 0 O 0 O O O 0 O 0 0 O O 0 O O O 0 O 0 0 0 O O O 0 0 5- "Cf .2 U'-'2 rn 71 : fc ff '4 5 35 it 0 0 O 0 O I O 0 0 O O 0 I 0 O 0 0 O 0 O O O 0 O 0 0 9 SH Q Q H Fi El 3 W 'Y 0 O 0 0 0 O I 0 0 i O 0 O 0 0 0 0 O O O 0 O O O 0 O 0 O 0 O O O O O 0 O O O O O 0 0 0 O O 0 0 O O O 0 O 0 O O 0 O 0 Q4 QQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQ Emrallsss Garage-a Service on All Cars ----- T 4 C "T H C H H N H CT N F H. H. C. "I H H Af H H- H HH H O H H FC QQ? lf' ,A ,H H ---.H. fo L- H E H H 55 V4 H I-I A H F H A H H H V" 'Un 5 u-I ,H. ,FP H Q.- H H H ,A -fp-4 Sd H. '4 2 O H Z 3' H 'C W 2:-r '4 3 c f 31,3 .H. H.H H H m : H A H H H, y.. '1 c 0-42 c H . 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Q C 2 Va Q6 Q H S, C n Hanssn-:Hunitsif Cs., Has., FURNITURE DEALERS : Phone 3 Forunug FaHf. 2 U C L..-.-H-...H-A..H-.-.H-.....H-..-H-....-...H-..-H-..-H-A..H-...H-..-H-.H..H.H-..-H-A.-H-.H-...H-..4 as Miss East fin llistom' IYJ: "When did CUILIIIIIHIS discovei' AITlLJl'iC2l'3 Chet Edson fvzigguelyj 3 "Well -- H, lie made his first voyzige in 1 169. PQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ-----------,--------Q--------------q ------- H H Q : H C. Q H 3, 3 H G Z. 2 3 HH 7 FI SZ rf C Q, "5 'T F r-P A 'l. ------- Franklin T, Gemgesrm ------- F1 : "1 C15 x' N H C111 QC :t E '-EC' ' c S M H : Z H H C E IQ 2? 14 H LT' 23 I fi H IL H 6 F3 A P-'I H c H H ft ca no ca ------- ARCHITECT 0- -Q TU T QE O X H t Q 0 m 0 0 CE 0 c 0 E O :Q 0 m 0 :L 0 O O O 0 0 0 O O O O O O O 0 O O O 0 0 0 0 0 0 O O 0 0 O 0 O 0 0 O 0 C C 0 O O 4 0 O I O 0 L 1. mg tis' Adnvevr XOOOOOOOOOOOOCOOOOO 0 Oil 0 OOO 000 O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOIO 000 O0 O 000 00 0000 00000009 0 OOO W H d I S om n W My M My R M bw 3 U w Q .Aw emu 'vig' S C ,MGWYWTI 0 my Q Gm M 25 SCM Gm P U 0 m W nm S 0 F . W Q Q U B N O H O P -:::v 4 I Page O Y - ne Hundred Two Left to Right: j Support Seemg Double 'Z MUAICIHHS Tiny More Twins? Comfortable Edgar Alyco Snaps Features x ,4 if ua, i 7 4. lb sn. Q N 'Q 2. 2. z cm f,-----------------..--------------- ------- 1 ,----- ....... - ...... - ..... -----------------, 0 I O O 0 0 oooooooooQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ oqoooooooooqooeoqooq-Q- N bl? 1 o e s i fs EW Laclies Ready-to-Wear fl ,, I , , l First With the Latest X Individualityi Tehphone 219 Fomunm Cuhi Aj! l QQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQ-- QQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQ Q Mary: t'Do you know Joe Dungam'?" Bill: "Yes, he's il logicul 21Cl1llHlHt2ll1C'Q of mine." Mary: "What do you mean, logical acqLu1intz11iCe'?" Bill: "We belong to the szune lodge." ---goo---oo-v0-0-9-1009--- -Q-ooooo.-QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQoooeooooo High Solnooil Students Cain Iind here just what they Want for school or dress wear. We cairry 21 complete line of Uniforms Shoes Tennis Shoes Underwear Dresses Hose Slips Frieolenhoeh Bros. Fortuna California ooo- ---------- QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQ----.-----------------o0 QQQQQQQQQQQQQ-QQQQQQQQQQQQQ Qoooqeoq 09-00-04 1- 04 5----------------------------------------- M E C I C i 5 M 3 Adfuertising r- '------------------' - ------'- --.-... - - ......--.- ..-. ---- - - 1 1 5 1 1 . . 3 1 1 A p111'c11z1se from your Jcwvlei' , b 1 . . . 1 1 1 IS 2111 111vest111e11t 111 11e1'111z1- 2 ann urfairs 1 1. , 1 : nent XAIUQ5 : "1!11x' y1'1111 115' 11111 Sack" 1 1 , 1 1 , . 1 0 1 4 . 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Q U 2 1 1 Salad 13011111 135 Tavern 1L1mc11 50 1 1 1 1 I The L1fW1lC1'1607Tl6TIC .35 2 1 1 3 1 5.- ................... .. ....... ........ ................ .. - -..--4 M11 .12l1JllSC11 icollectiiig' 11111-s 111 Ac1x'iso1'1'D : UA112111. is your ship 211111111 1'C2li1Y to dock?" 7 A112111 Maki: "It sank El long time Qxgof r -----"-'-"------'--'-'-'----""-' '-""-"----"""--- 1 , . z 2 E 1 ' 1 1 Students 111171 ' - - - 1 g E Sgotia Barber Shop 3 2 G1'11eti11g's 1 1 g 111 151:12 Class 2 11- 11- 1113115 1 0 1 , 1 z O, 11. 11:11111-s, Prop. 2 2 5 Fo1'tu11z1 z Sc-ntia i'z11iY'. z 9 1 1 ...-...-..--...........--... 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Aolqvertising p------------------ Q l 2 3 2 3 I 2 Nm. 3 , . : ,flluiaqu ' 2 l ,fri X1 ' i 0 "lv ' " 0 ' C Isla A 'L 0 0 pi -iq '01 t- Q l '11 'Hi' S l 9 "" 'nfl Air O 2 G lg 3 z 'Tl x ' Xi O v F11 o 3 2:0 A 3 g H Ci 25- ,,, r c F1 ,E X 4 S O 0 o Q Z o P95 ' E Z 5 5 T 0 2 5+ Fl 2 O Sf 3 Q ' 0 3 G P-: i "h H E kg 2 5 Q P- ., 'fx 3- 0-1 O O Q E, O 5 o -. O 2 3 4 2 S 'Q 2 C pi I 'E O 'Sq 0 o rr, E- , 0 le 4 0 Ds fb - 'Q o 2 Z 5' rn E30 gf E g O 9 0 4 i 5 O 2 O ' S Q 0 C ' 9 t '51 :' :Q :L 0 o gg 5 4 l 0 '1 O '4 O 0 3 Q: 'U O 0 lf- : 'F 0 2 3 i------------------l --1 ,-f z O 2 E-21 on-1 : 2 O t-rfj 5 TQ z of 4 Fm o CA P'jt'P 3 m3 o mp-5 0 3: 2 222 0 ri O H.. 4 E5 ogg' - . . :FST o 5-1 FD :Fi 'Kel 3 55 SAE. , -rm ..-. o 2" 0213 O . -:z. 3 se 024 .Nez 0 'Q , ws: o 5 . r-1 ' 6 9 2 3 Q Q r-4 9 rn O 1-4- Q 21 0 .1 0 rm -04 Q- -- -- g Buster Brown Sltoe Store g 2 li. l,. Hornbrook, Proprietor z g 0 E Where Style, Comfort and Economy meet 5 q 0 S 617 Fifth Street Eureka, Cz1lii'orniz1 E 9-- 5 -- ---------------------------------------------------------- A Freslmizm: "Wl1at's that lioy's name, Astor? Emy Lou: "No, DiS-2lSt01'.M 0 O I 0 O 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 O 0 3 O O O O O O O 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 O O 0 O O 0 9 0 O O 0 0 O 0 O O O O 0 O O O O 0 0 0 0 0 --.4 ---- --- I he illnrtunn Ahuanrv O z lflstzilmlisliml iii 1887 : O : Fortuiizfs Olmlc,-st :md Host Nuwspzipvi' : , . . . 0 i We Do Commercial Prmtmg' : O . . . 0 3 Geo. S. Grzxves, liclitor :uid P1'O1Jl'lL't01' 0 p-- 0 e 2 52' cf-f: C IQ: GBT. SUD 0 rv-xx 'il' o -' 0 :gt 353 ,,.. z 'Q :O wg -'-n "Qc-+0 -fm g - - O lr ' H O Ze: ' fr: z 5 o -ro Cm . f-+,.,. I 'sr-9 L 0 :E 3 5:0 FD 0 E1 ' iz! ,Z . 0 53 o Q 3 52 o O :O O O 4.-- 1 O O O O U I U 0 O 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 I 0 I 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O I 0 0 -4 ---- --- o 9 o 3 Goreellon 5 Connolly Factory 3 2 A. A. Garcelon, Proprietor z I O O 0 2 ll:1iiL1l'zu'tu1'vi's amd llvtziil Clioice Fruits lu' 6'r4-um, Fam:-5' llrivkf S Q llczxlers in COllfQt'tl0IlL'l'::', Always ziml Waite-r Ives for Pzirties 0 . Ice Cream, Etc. On Hand A Specialty 3 f--- L-- '15 E O : IC E Q ae ---------------------------------------------------------- Adfvertis ing 7 o o o o -- - ----- - -- - ----- ----- ------ ------- --------------- -------- --- --------------------------- ----- ----- Congratulationsff to the Class of 1932 We appreciate having had the opportunity of taking the pictures for the 1932 Megaphone Freeman Art Co. Makers of Good Pictures Phone 87 527 1" Street Eureka, California lOHliS ------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------Q Advertising P0 OOOOO OO OO00 00 ooooooo so ooooo 0 o.Q.. Q .... ---- ,....,,,,,,. ,,, I 7 I I I I g tar arf er Gp , ' S lb Sh ' I I : lt Pays To Look Wm-ll S I - . I I L. Sulluciy I I . 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UC? 1 I 2 3 z E : I 5 3 I 3 21 Q, 5 3 + - Q H 3 5 2 ? : : : L- ---------------l QQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ : z Y I , limmperllu-i1ne1' I g Dayton Murray 3 1 3 I A1110 Top :xml 130113 Shop I HZIVI, SIHIIIIIIQI' Sl AIZIVX : I I ' " . I 7111 :md C 1-:1'1:1-:NA Imm. 402 I Good Ufftlleb I I I I X 2 IZQJJM I:IlI!I2lIIJ4l'!IlIl1I I'1-mlvl' I E z IWIMHS 2 I" Stlvm, I"Il'Ii"l' Stl: : I I'1:111- Glass I4:u""kf1 l'z1li1'm'l1i.1 z 'X' ft A , H .. y fe: if .-I F6 ',li...f '35 'CN me ""-: EQ. gl' '-'IS - :E r--C L: -- Cf If' N, T.. 2 g I I '25 pI f-I I QI -I in '1I QI 50 I :'I -I 1 2 34 :I -I :-I f-:I gI 'NI .... 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A I Advertising rt eeooooooooeoa 000.-000000000000 .... 0---- .... .,--,,,,- ..,. -..T 3 '-say it with Flowers" 2 g Flowers for all Occasions 0 ' ' 3 Fu,...,.., Work 3 Spm33,, 3 Dickson Srllielcson 3 . s 0 3 H. MELDE, Florzst z GENERAL MUSE. 3 : Phone 389 - 518 F Street 3 T 1 I S . Member F. T. D. z ..oleta, California 0 z Opposite Rialto Theatre, Eureka : Has lCvei'ytliii1g' You Need for the g l Nursery near Sequoia Park z HOME and FARM 2 l We Give S. Kr H. Green Stamps z We solicit your patronage g 3 - 3 00 .aoooeoooooo 0 QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ 0 Q... 00000 QQQQQQQQQ. ---,,,,4 And there is the Scotchman who bought a ear because the clutch wr thrown in. fd T p0000000000000000000 00 00000000000000000000000000000000000001 000 000 The Bon Bonniere Candy Store 000000000 ,... U2 A. ,.4 000000000 Fine Place to Eat When in Eureka 3 Fine Candies Ice Cream Supreme 3 n o 3 o 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000004 Arletta Fitch: "How did you come to get those holes in your um- brella ?" Virginia Early: "I made them myself so I could see when it stopped ' ' J! ral n 1 n g. T0000000000-00000000 00 000000000000 000000 000000000000 00 0000001 9 0 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 p0 L0 iii-1-4 F5 C.: ECC THD :S HQ.- D-O ani: -e O-3 ' FI. is. ... OS 2-DPC Na: 04 E2 T . ...ST 0'2- :V 0 Q. 3 1 C 2 E 0 Z? 9 -1 0 'J c 1 O 'Z . W. O 0 0 O O O 0 O 0 0 O O O 0 O . .PARKER General Merchandise Phone 11 llio In-ll, Valif. --------------------.,.------------------------------------- 'T 0 O I O 0 O 0 O O 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 O O 0 O O I -0 .4 2 Agency for Leading Papers and 3 3 3 Magazines z z 3 3 O, K. Coffee Shop 3 0 0 3 Loleta Pharmacy 3 Haim 3 3 O. Helgestad, Prop. 2 3 0 o .- 1 . ,, 0 z Drugs. Kodaks and z Good Iood VX ell Sei wed S 2 Stationery 9 0 3 ' Fortuna C21lil'Ol'Illd z p00 O O O O O I 0 0 O O O O O O O O O I 0 0 0 0 O 00 'U 9-3 TQ C3 O I3 0 m E 5 Pi 2 'U 5. O : fo ... -----------0----------------------04 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 I UP sa. Q N 'Q FY EI as rn O C r-1 G O 4 f'D f-1 U3 5 r-1 FD 5 D Es Q3 Q f-r C v-1 fD Q- 2 0 O O O 0 0 04 5 Qi' TQ T Z 6 55 O- 3 4 Q 55 5 'ES Q 3 YZ PE 3 fu O -2 'U O -1 Q Fl fm A. ---------- ID P+ F1 2 U2 n- U3 H. M H- 5' UD H- 'TI FD FD n- ---------- . . 0 : Los Angeles California 3 0 0 0 0 l 0 1------..------------------------------------------....- ' 0004 Miss Dale fasking questions in the study of etiquettejz "At a party the boy should wait until the girl is served before starting to eat. When she is finished, take her plate to the kitchen." Dorn Yoder: "When do we eat ?" 9000000000000 00 00 000000 0000 00000000000000000000000000000000 000000000 0000000004 Fontana Meat Market 2 Best Wishes to the Graduates 2 0 o o 0 l Phone 28 Fortuna, California 3 00001 p000 o o 'Tb' 3-J: 'mi Zia 052 gm: U5 3 as 5 : Od.. 35 2 222 ofa: 005, Sas. one 352 32: '50 'Er-+ :flare o -K2 : , o 0 o o o o o o o o o o o 0 0 a o o o o 0 0 0 00001 000 ---------------------------------------------------------.4 2 J., H., Smith Q o o 2 Insurance - All Kinds 2 70000000 000000 Fortuna, California O O O O 0 0 O 0 O 0 O 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 O O 0 O O 6 O 0 O 0 0 O O O 0 0 O O F 3 UQ Q 2 3 2 Q : I 0 E a Sr 2 FD Q 2 5 3 2 O C O : be Addvertistug OOOOOOOQQOOQQQQOQQQQooooooooooooo oooooooo+ooooo0OO0OO1 0 3 O 3 o o 0 o 0 3 o o 2 rnnitnng-N 2 0 o 3 3 5 , 1 . That Reflects Good Taste E UTI E 3 o 0 o Your Busan ess g 3 3 o It Is Uur Aim To Give Eatery Order the 3 U Same Careful Attention 3 O 3 U 3 3 All Woxiq on this Megupllolre Turned 2 0 Out in Our Oilieo g 3 3 3 3 The Humboldt Beacon Paul Q Ja ptr froprzetor Fortuna Calz orma - H1 TN rec "W - x'- 32 CL S ro -: 3. 52. 3 UQ ----- ------------- ------- 1 0 O 0 O O O O 0 0 I O O O O O 0 0 O O O 0 1 0 0 0 I O 0 O O 0 I 0 0 0 0 0 O O O 0 0 0 0 O 0 O O O O O 9 O O O O O 0 ------------------------o4 DALYQS Hnmholdfs Own Store 1':lll'9k2l'S Big llepzlrtlxlent Store interested in the NYQH'ill'C and growth of this community. Qoog oo- I 2 - - 2 o 1' GW 5 6 2 z 0 . O o o o o 2 2 ' Use Humboldt Butter ' . 2 5----,,,,,,, ,,,, ,, .,.. --, ........ 0 QQQQQQQQQ ooo oooooo ooooooofl 2 Q. E- 5 CD TUV' F1 ,L ... ': 1-H30 in D-fu TJ 6193 'Ji f-g f-1 O : ff'-: :?:'i7: ,..... P 5 : O - F ' f-J Vg .. rc ww r ' U '3 r... fb Q- S '4 m H 2 c 2 35 5 ru U2 sr 9 51 if Q4 Ll :- fb -J Us .2 ' : 5 :L ... : I-4 -J pp cc 'T' C1 Q 2 E 5 Q- ,,: C? E o 0 V S! O E E 0 . -. Lv' 5 gp' l rv- E O ,-1 'E Q.. , e E 'H r Q z rr : T E on E H : W 2 U3 o rr : R3 E O E 3 E U 2 W E 5 : Q 5 General Contractors and Engineers fooooo lo : D- 2: : 2. Q o 5 Z 5 'E- C5 E. UD C+ D1 : fe FD Z' 2: Q .2 IZ F-41 o H I5 ... 2 L------ Miss Thorsoni "Now do vou know where bad 0'i1'1S fro?" - C C K. Hawks: "Oh yes, they go almost everywhere." ,,. ......................................................... Jenhlrn To eaber --------- Q --------o4 1 f: F' EE t-' 214 T77 IT1 '11 Z S? -2. U1 EL41, A4 ic re 1-Q wi. Z :ft e 934 is lf.,::, A no FD R4 VF .. VJ Z" -27 F11 :Q QE, i ffo T Z E -' 'LT 'T 3 --------- r O O 0 O 0 0 C O O O O O O O 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 O 0 O 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O O O 0 O O 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 O I 0 O O L 5-v-4 P 1: C : 0 PV-4 ...- c 3' ff 4 LT F1 Features We, the undersigned students of the Fortuna Union High School, be- ing of unsound mind and having poor judgment, do hereby declare, aflirm and publish this, our last will and testament. We herein appoint Miss lflast to be the sole administratrix and executrix of this our sacred will, and upon her do we rely to carry out its heart- breaking clauses with the same steadfastness oi' purpose that she exhibits in the conduction of her llistory IV classes. We, as individuals, do hereby make these personal bequeathments in the hope that they will be well received. I, Kathryn Coke, bequeath my Kissproof lipstick to Maxine Maxwell. 'tIt Satisfiesf' l, Julio Rovai, leave Marion Legg unattached. Ilow much am I of- fered 'Y l, Carl Thompson, do bequeath my Latin ll book to some bright stu- dent who is to take Latin next year. l hope he gets stung as badly as l did. I, Ronald Chase, leave the school countless pieces of Wrigley's Spear- 1nint. They are to be found on the bottom of chair arms. Cllonald keeps the Senior class merit system running like a stock exchange. It's al- ways tluctuatingj C I, Henrietta O'Connor, leave all my broad views of Journalism to the unhappy student who wishes to take up the journalistic side of life next year. l, Jeanice Perry, bequeath my Chemistry book to Charles Carlson in the hope that he may lg-e able to work out those 1 -forniulas. Also one clothes-pin for laboratory use next year. CGood luck, Charlesll I, Albert Stapp, will one shoe to Lonnie Davis. tOne shoe is enough for both of his feet.J The other shoe may be given to the person or per- sons who can fill it. SIZE: 13. l, Lois lletts, bequeath my smiles to Thoret Griesback. SMILE and the IIOYS SMlLl-I WITH YOU! l. Goldie llaxter, will llenry Ilulett to anyone who will take him off my hands. l, Freddy Bravo, will my freckles to ix-- vvAw heckf Who wants 'em'3 I, J. M. Iiowersox, leave as much concentrated sulphuric acid as any unhappy chemistry student may want. Given under my hand and seal this 20th day of May, in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and thirty-two. SIGNICIJ: ILODNEY' PETEHSEN, Notary Public. MY COMMISSION HXPIRES: May 27, 1932. WITNESSES: 1. Emma Gusmeroli. 2. Paul Lozensky. 3. John Tucker. Page Ono Hundred Fourteen 32 sa. Q N 'R 2. 22. z UQ 333331339 1 O 0 O 0 O O O O O O I O 0 0 0 O O O 0 0 O O 0 0 0 O O 0 O 0 0 O 0 0 O O O O 0 0 O 0 0 O O 0 O 0 O 0 0 0 I O 0 0 0 I --------.4 ANK CDF EUREKA 1 p--------- O . . :IH 053 25: H ..,.. oc: E 0:13 H gn: ZL- . :.. E z-fi 1 f'Dl.Q v--4 SZA1 UA 3-5 if ow pg ogi? ,D O'--Q 1-P :SZ-H fl ...I f"N :fs cs 353' L: ffl 'T' Sis F ooa '- UUQ5 P1 2 o I cj 8 4 0 0 -1-1 2 2' g E av 0 x , , 3 z '51 "6 o o 0 E 0 :. 9 2: 3 0 2 4 Loqoooogqq 0-0000009009Qooooooooooooaq QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ0-00-00 O 0 O , g O g The Adams Variety Store g B I Q z Mrs. Bertha Aflams z ya? g . - f" a 2 "l s ' 1 l ' : The storm where you buy tor less. z it 15 linlltlrllllfi nf? tv llglfuln' ,UL z : Candy, Svhool Supplies, Novelties, 9 It muht 70 LU' Dub 5 1'iu'UU'l' 3 Drx' Goods Kitchen L'tn,-nsils 0 , g . 1 , A A , ,, , I Harrlwarc, Glassware. g cvlhhn lou lhmt to look 2 I 9 your best, phone fi!!-VV" 0 2 "We Try to Please" 2 2 ' ' y - 1 W 1 M x Q z Nothing' ow-r -like 2 Elaine 5 Beamty '5hUl'J'L 2 1 A ' ----------------------------------------------------------.g s. lleard in American Lit.: "Monday we will take the life of O'llem'y. Geo. Hugo fdescrihing house: "The bedrooms would be upstairs with the girls facing toward the bay Iinished in black walnut." r ...-----.---.-.................. ......................... . 2 E l , ED. LITTLE g X 5 E Body, Fender and Top 2 I I E z Works E I : E Automobile Painting' 2 N D H I U 2 : Oppositc Hunk of Almwiw H 2 lioituna, C2ll1iOllll2l E iv Phone 200 Fortuna, Calif. S z 0 O 0 0 0 6 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 O 0 0 L 1 gg rf 0 :VEJ :W 'C' 4957 QSO ,I SQ-S IH 2 U1 0 3 . . Q it 0 z o 0 o : l FD 3 5. 5 U 4 ST C 'I 2 3 0 2 3 5 Q KD o 0 5? 3 2: 0 C+ 2 S . c 0 H Q O o f: 0 U1 ' c ' es 2 f. o fi o :. fb M 1 va O O O O l 0 0 O ------4 ll dl , 1 g Fortuna Garage g 0 g 3 g Curry 5: Wahl, l'roprietors 2 O 2 liuivk Automobiles Gem-"al Auto Ilr-pairing' : ' Fortuna. California : 0 0 L-- ...... - ........ - ..... - ..... - .... - ..... .... , ,.,.,,,, ,,,, , 4 Page One Hunrlrr-rl l"iI'tm-fi P no 6 PQ "S :+. 52. :s va 04 4 -----,----------- ooo-o----o--oooo-o-oo---o----o-o-oooooood Qoooooooooco .ooo ooooo ooooooooooo ooooooo--------- ..... ---ooo I I I 0 WATERS 6? ROSS I 0 x Correct z Holton Band Instruments z Wzxshiiigg Greusing and Servicing : Rumi and 0.1'f'h0SU'11 MUSIC g . I'Ivci'ylh1iiQ fQI'.IIN' , O11 rwiuesf, I School Musician z we cull for and deliver z Expert Rvlmiring 0 g Prompt Mail Service . Y r ' ' ' 2 guy SFllllng Sgatlon I H55 Market Street Ihone 103 Fortuna 2 San Frzxricisco, Culiforiiizx 0 A 5 ----- ---.-----------------------.---- - .----oo oo--oo.-.-- - - M. llremier: "1lzirVie sent me his picture." Nathalie: "How does it look Y" AI211'.I01'ICI "I dou't know. I liziveirt had it developed yet." Y 9"'0O00O QOOQ oooooooooooooooooo o ooooooooooooooooo ooooooo l C O O 0 0 I S Q G ll H O I g colcnei. enero, ospnltei 0 O z if 9 Y S w qw e . I O 3 g Wo have iiiftlllofl the very latest 0 I 0 O 3 EX-Ray Equnpment 0 0 0 2 All rooms and wurnl4 urn- lighi, sunny limi complete-ly furiiisliml 0 O E We solicit 1I2ltl'0Il2lQ'Q l'roih the Geiieiul Public O 0 0 fo I O 0 0 O I O 0 O O 0 I 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ing 'Peg 0' My IIez11't'.,' oooooo-oo--ooooooo PU P I Q 0 Q O I 2 z II' O E O 2' O Z' 0 Q I -H z Z? I Z, O ru 0 2 O " O O O 0 O O 9 O 0 0 I O I ------ f-o oo --oo-oooo---oooooooooooooo-ooo------o----ooo-o ooooo P RK SERVICE STATIC A. VV. Goble, l'roprietor Service with Zl Smile Pliom- -15-.I I'0"'l.lll'1 i"1lil' L. i, 1 . -------------------------oo oo- --oo-o---oo---o-o---o----oo Q v-1 ,-. ED U3 I-4 NJ 'AS ..- FD ,- ,-. ... P-1 ID KD .-- h-J ,-. C "1 C ,- 2 M M ... ,-J i-7 fl FD f-+ .... H ..J UQ v pi H-4 C ,-. D.. ...- P-f FC ,.. ,- "1 1-v 1-r Z 'T C 7 FC H. .- 1-+ CL .-. ... ..f in .-. H .-f 7? L -ooo Lo Advertising 'z oo Qgoooo oo oooooa ooooeoq 0 Q- -oo ooo 0-00 -Q ooo oo po-- I ooooooooqoe ooooooooooooo 0oooooooooooooooogooqpeoo oo ooo... 138 qqqooooooooooooooooo o-Q f ' ":f ' 'A t , 5 l ' X 'Q 1.5-J ' - , ' .Al q -Q 113 5-L ,A 4513 - Q T ' '- . ....... - 'WW y ! we . ,, y New N, 1 . - - 1 , ,, M : ',f"'i W ' , -,f f ,Q t iff.-,..i"'12f:, , I' : ""-' Q ' -' X 0 ,W QL, Willliiiz X-,Z,XN Q0 MZ.. ,Xa if -nf" ' M . 24. 3- S5 ooooo oo -goo QQQQQQQQQ 0 I O I E O O O O O O 0 0 O O O 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 O O O O 0 O I I O O O 0 O O 0 O O O 0 O I 0 O O I O O O l 1 r - -.v--M ' ,,-' 1.1, Ii, ifaff-' .. ' iisil i EM" u--i l ':': 2,54 A A ' it il ' 1 'v,AA 2 X Q, ' :LQ X tx a ,XX 'I f 9 il Y l HU in vi F T' in 1 Gs, fi ' ,5 W Redwood for Durability LUIMI ER As llmportant as The New Homels Pllansf IN PLANNING your new home, give a serious thought to the lumber that goes into it. Years of extra service depend upon Quality. For the supporting joists . . . the flooring . . . the trims . . . the doors - be :sure to get the best. The added cost is soon forgotten in the lonyrer service and greater satisfaction you will have. Let Us Help You Solve Your Building Problems We Can Supply You with Anything in the Building Line The Paeijiie Lumber Company Phone Scotia Scotia, California Retail Department Page One Hundred Seventeen Epi 5 i Page One Hundred Eighteen Features Left to Right : Stage Crew Julio Make-up Artists Songster Velly Nice "Loving Lunatics" H6HilFiCkS0H7S Program Aggies At Programs ' Db 2 sn. ' 2 ' sr 2 2. Q 2. O 3 0 UQ 0 o o o o 0 o 0 a o o 0 o o s 0 0 0 0 o o 0 0 0 o 0 Q 0 U 0 0 0 0 o 0 o 0 0 o o 0 o o 0 s o o o 0 4 2 2 2 4 - - Mr 4 2 S 2 0 0 I Volume sales to our customers are desirable. 2 l However, we do not wish to concentrate on 2 2 volume buyers entirely and pass up the small 2 l buyer. Some day many of them will, through E l courtesy and honesty in our merclrandising, Q : grow to be volume and steady buyers. E z Our store at Scotia is entirely on "cash and S g carry" basis and all, big or small, buyers are g 2 welcome. z 0-000--00--0 -0-0------- Tlac Pacific Lumber Company Mercantile Department fl p-00- Q0 f-:O mags Jiemrl sim' i ':'C": l H'-:fj. L Qfiio y .--:Tl ' 5 O UQ '30 1: 'i Q 51g Gigs A .- :Go '4 70 sz Q iil " f-40 C: Q... ,1 i is sg 4 1 24:0 i U1 '-350 -QCP. El C90 '73 Q-O OO or gl 20 52 0 O0 H.. 50 "0 'Do 2: l ... 93 'tl Zh--- 0 O 0 0 O 0 0 0 O 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 O O O 0 E 0 O E O O 0 O O 0 I 0 O O 0 9 0 O 0 O 0 0 00-0- 0-- 9 U 0 C 0 U U 04 , Fortuna Majestic Shop 5 E FRED W. snocii E E Radios :fr Refrigerators l ----- 5 6 D' O :1 ro P-4 o co 5 ----- Y o 0 'rio on :o so :Lo :rl v-Y o we so c-o :o Q: .00 El 5:0 xo E" nl me el go yr! .., 0 0 o 0 o 0 0 o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o o o o o U11 T2 mm QCD w-. gm 2:1 if NCD CDN Q.: L-PE :r-I. wr 1-1: 52. w':: A: 2'9- G 'DE -bhd ,TE V-J ESL. .. EES ,,,"? .-: EP -'JS 92' II O o z W 1 0 0 0 I 0 O O O 0 O O O 0 O O 0 O 0 O O 0 O O 0 0 O 0 O O 0 0 O O 0 0 I 0 O 0 0 O O 0 O O 0 0 0 0 O C O O 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 g 0 .. L -0----0 0-0-0- FORTUNA AKERY 0 0 O . . 3 Exceptional Bread and Pastries E l Special Attention Given to 2 2 Lodges, Clubs, Banquets, Etc. 2 z Fortuna f'alif'oruiv1 : ft O O 0 O O O 0 O 0 0 O O O 0 0 0 O I I 0 O 0 0 0 O 0 O O O 0 0 C I O O O 0 0 O 0 O O 0 0 0 0 0 0 O O O O O 0 O U l Pugi- Ono Huumlrf-ml Nineteen oo-.-QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ-Q Advertising V' ,Qo-Q-Q-Q--..-------------------- 0 0 ,, . . . l . lhe Milk usa-cl in the Cafeteria of the Fortuna High School is like 0 g thi- lirlucational Institution using' it, in that it is equals-il Ivy few anal z . ranks at the top of the dairy business and the tezivhiiig profession. : 8 l,c-t lhe Guernsey Dairy Serve You as it : z doin- other l-'ailing citiz--ns .ind lxusinessc-s 2 2 Gun-riisrly Dairy. Fortuna's lexcling' milk supply 3 0 2 MARGUERITE L. VICKREY 2 I Phone 1629192 . 0 0 LNM------------------------------------,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,g Art Larson wants to know who took tile llells of St. lNIary's. r"--"'--'-----------------------------,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Q 1 'V 0 U 0 0 l l'nnls rwoocl 'l'V "' ' ' l A -pi-xxiiter Agn-nc5 0 5 L, S. Bon , , 0 . Xl.lI s of Q 0 4 O ' ni in 14 ' ' W A Brown ' - - 0 O 2 L1'9Sl1 Deed zllld Seed g lie-ntals - llc-pairs - Ribbons g z Foot of liigzhth Street 0 0 : ily the X. W. P. Depot 2 Portables 2 , 0 g vi Plmm, 137 z Corner -lth and F Streets 0 9 rortuna California g Phone 44529 Eureka, Calif. 3 i..-------------..--------.,-,,g---,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 3 Debbierfin Stagecraftb: "Let's get some sky hooks." Miss Wilcox: "How much do they cost?" Y"""""0-00000-v---ooo-o------------------------,---.--- 0 "1 Q O ' 3 g E. .lo Dodge Company 3 : Fortuna, California : 0 3 lll1lYlllil2iCll'.l1'Cl'S and Dealers in z z REDWOOD LUMBER 2 I z House and Barn Spf-cifieatioiis Furnisheil Promptly 0 : Quality aiifl Sr-1'vic.i GLI2ll'2llll1'l'1l 3 0 .-X. F. lllxwrs, Loral Nlaiiagvr phom. gefql,-J . o ' ' ' L-----------------------------------------.---,-,,,,,,,,,,,,i Some people get the name of Arch because they always need support. f'-"-'---'---------'--- ---- ------------------------------- O Q I f DLWW5 BQUWN Simi? l Palace Banrher Shop l 0 l.i1fll1'S' llaireultine' 3 fl- Q- VUIM, Pl, 9 Finu'L-i' Waving Q ' ' l ' Up' : z lin-i'y llranc-li ol' llwauty Cultura l VM- ll:-Lai' 'I'onirs, Cr:-ams, Lotions, g z Phono TT F01-tuml S Shampoos, Soaps, Etc: z 9 Ifllinontm- Apartments 4- -,-x v I , ,M A H 2 Evenings by Appointment z l.llnn nt Szixies lluamount 2 2 2 Int . Autoniolnli . Lili- Q 2 Joe Comf-sso, P1-op. 2 Harbers Insurance Agency 2 2 First Class Shoe Repairing 2 P3'0U'1'U011 - Sftl'Vl4'9 2 0 Honmt Pri . N 9 H. lf. Harbors - Ferndale . : ' U' 0 Phone 75F12 Q P. O. Rox 201 Scotia, Falit. 0 Otto H. Harbors - Fortuna 2 1 9 Phone 211-W . ------------------------------------------------------....4 "U sw 71? YD O : FD II c :s Q. '1 O ca. 'H 5: 0 : F? '4 Features .- 1'-.Q ,A M, ii ,J . ,Qin ,Q 55 ff 'X 'ni -3 r- wr A v ,fi . ,k-v . fi mg: ,V Q. miiffiw, S Q ,1- A Left to Right: Miss Dale Triplets Slicker V Stars C. S. F. Delegates Murderer Snowball Frosh - . Another Buck Scenes About Sclwol Page One Hundred Twenty-one Advertising 1 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 O O O O O O O O 0 0 0 0 O 0 O 0 O I O 0 0 O O 0 9 O 0 0 O O O O 0 O O O 0 0 Q O U O Hj f -------- ------ , ,- E Q 'V T ------- -------- X p----------------------, 1 Q H. Q Q .......... ,. ,,,, ,,,- 0 P .. Ill 0 Q 3 2555! C, 2 33:22 1 g Q-:za-:S ff 0252. H- Q.. H- . ff -- 0 .. Q ....- Q 0 r:':,-4. V : Q Q Q 2 Q Q 3 'iz 7: 'Q Q : :Q 34 Q I2 .. 'LJ Z- f: 3-4 Q 2 2 32255 35' 3 5 522403 1- C.. -1,3 'J ' v Q 1 ,,. .-1"' 3 37- . S 'E' '4 U3 U2 : 750 ' .5-Z E9 -: f- '-1 2 ,AC : A 031' .. Q f: u 1 ' 71 ' 0 "f -5 Q 2 2 Ffwrf-7 Q74 fz, U, 7 10,15-ago ga O :.f 1 -, ff lm? -' Q .-. 5 2 ' "f 0 -' : 0 A A 5 -- C Q 5 ,.. 3- f: Om ' Q 2 I R ,jf 0 Q 4 T- 5 Q I ,-+ "'. ,.J : "' O ,T T' Q Ll F1 .4 Q 3,5'Q'-"Q: E"f-D 7 F500 Q-Q FD FQ? 2 0 '3 L H Q3 Q4-Q., 1, Q UD Q 21 Qm' ,QQ KD 5 9 F : 2-1-, r'f Q , ' -1 4' "' 0 Q f-QA Q f :-3 ,. ,... L, A l U1 5 ,f ... Q w ' , ...Q 3:10:54 :Q 1: 'QQC if S Q5 :.32f ,ei TQQ 5 fro- 3, -J oz. .:WQ,'I5 ,"" 2' A 527504-Q UQ 5 gsfi'-:ww 'HJC .I 2-"a'Ei?Q w : : 0 'f - ' 1 Q f: ' 1. '-' A bf H. 9 .-Q Q V- 'T :If-"r'fQ'f3 ':""'t 'c'C't-D '10 r-r 'ffm SAZZI-?:QO Q-E 1.2 '1::'a'1Q O H Q 5' 1 ' " 0 QS' Q J-4 lc V' y ,Q 3 g' 'I 0 A ny Q -I +4 1- CZ: r-r Q Q.: T. L Q fb t P-Q A . Q--I Q .1?4-46,14 v It 7 5, ? P-4 .H Z Q . I Z ,1 CD . N t J . : F-N -' ' Q-J 0.."' 'Q ' 1 A ' C 0 'I Q 0 4 iii 2 'Z .... Q3'1Q TQ 5 1-+ -3 0 -- Q Pi' 1i?5'm Qz5.v5Q I..:'5Q Q 519 2 -- Q :L-1 Q'fq :L F. .. 3, 0 -, Q CD 'P+ Q H A f-P ,CD ,,. 0 .. Q , rig Q Q . ff W: C J 0-lv V Q : 0 U1 -:Q 4 A -5 QI Q. If Q Q Q-1' 0 I ' 3 C 'C 2 '-' Q ' fn 2 'D A' ' Q Q . QS Q -F V . f: L Q f ...Q 9:4 UD .Z 'NI U Q Q . 5 'HT 'j -. CD . ' j-- A . "1 g . r Q Qm L 2 Q Q 3 Q Q P: +- 5 Q 9 1 EEL 0 SO E 2 Q 3 Q 3 5 5 0 Q 52 1: :T .E df Q A- : 0 A 5 L29 Q 12 11: 05 f-Q Q II 0 :f fb IRQ Q 5' c ,- : Q-x QQ .Q Q 54 Q Q .4 H Q C 'Z T: 3 ' 3 Q CJ Q Q 5 Q Q O Q IN-3 2 E Q I3 Q 2 Q 2 z f' 2 2 : 'U U 2. 2 3 5 Q iq 3 2 ' Q fr: L Q Q A-------------- 4 1 0 Q ----- f .------------------. 1 ------------------------------4 Q QQQQQQQQQ oooooooooooooooooooqoo Advertising Dr. Vernon L. Hunt Orthodontist eku Arcata ooooqooooooooqooooooo Q Bertsch Barber Shop Quality Sr-rvice Mr. Walters, Prop. -tu California oooooo ooo oooqe QQQQQQQQ Charlton's Garage and Machine Shop Opposite Creamery Lolotzt California --------------..------ A. R. Chandler Texaco Petroleum Products Fortuna, Calif. 'Fry your next fill horo Dr. Milton D. Andrain Dentist Fortuna California O-K Barber Shop Fortuna Best of Service oooooooooqooooooooqqg Q B. B. Bartlett, Opt. D. S. P. Bartlett, Opt. D. Optometrists W F Strwot Eureka, Calif. Dr. H. Winkler Dentist Scotia California .... ........ .... ...... 32 sn. Q N "2 14 EI :s fm ----.' O 0 O O 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 O O 0 0 0 O O O 0 O 0 0 I O O 0 0 0 0 O 0 O 0 O O O O O O 0 0 O 0 0 O O O O 0 0 I 0 O C 5 ----4 Z? rw CT Ch 'L .CL CD ro P1 S. m ro UD f'f Q-D Q. O D 3 2 2 A. 31. Hrxxsrxx 0 E Tires S: 'Fire Repairing' Batteries K I:2lU.01'j' Cll2l1'gIil1jl' E E Automobile Accessories - Greasing' E : Try Our Quick Lunches 0 2: 0:51 QTE- 0382 ,-- .-1.4-v :Z N 0 0. .0 0,1 Q0 0-..,-1. 02.20 0 ,0 CZ O 01 0-'0 0-30 .3 fb. 0: TO :fx Q 10 02.10 .-1.0-J. 02 30 t"r-S lf: A0 207 S2 01.40 I 02 0 Z0 0 2.0 2 1: 0 10 0 H0 2 '33 0 ,0 0 50 A 0 50 3 '02 .. 2 E2 0 50 0 0 0 ::0 0 .- 0 00 ---4 xy-- ft 0 0 0 0 0 O I 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ,611 'f , 2 2 995249 X , 9 R , 0 P fn ff ' 0 c. f ' ' ' W U N ITURE ' 0 Q-figfffefrfe' : f X ' ' 5 f' V 2 z W I':Ul'Okl1, Czxliforniu 0 0 0 - -.-....-.. --- .............. --- ...... ----------- ..... ------0 Mr. McGovern: 'LWhich is worse. to be lovesick or sez1sick'?" Dot: "Welle-, I'Ve never been seasickf' fm"'""""""""""""I ?"""'""""""""'E 0 ' - I 10 0.- 'f ' 0 0 U jeg ' uso 'If' f 0 . V .30 ,jmff ge wg, 3 ig 0 JL C, Penney Co.. g 2 1 6l?OI , n f ",f3n1w' :'I.s2eq5ii, 450 z W A 0 . 3, Uy,:w,X sg Q55 i 2 . 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Q fff N ,. . , Q U 0. .... -------------------- ..... .1 !.-------------,-,,,,,,,, .1 Page Onc Hundred Twenty-four Features Fa Q E E 5 Left to Right: Mac and Emmett More n Pals Contented Whatvta Man Just Friends Permanent Hazleton Dally Snaps Page One Hundred Twenty-five AUTO RODY Sz FENDER VVORKS: Ed Little Body VVorks, Fortuna 115 Dayton Murray, Eureka ....,... 108 ARt'Hl'l'EC'1'S: Franklin 'I'. Georaeson, Eureka 100 R.-XRERIES: Fortuna Bakery, Fortuna ,,o.,, 110 Log: Cabin Bakery, Eureka ,,,. 108 Roma Bakery, Eureka ...,,,...,,, 123 BANKS: Bank of Eureka, Eureka .......7,, 115 HA RRERS AND HAIRDRESSERS: Rertseh Rarher Shop, Loleta 123 Davies Beauty Shop, Fortuna 120 Elaine-'s lieauty Shoppe, Fortuna O. li. Barber Shop, Fortuna .,.. 123 Palace Rarbf-r Shop, Fortuna 120 Scotia Barber Shop, Scotia .... 104 Star Barber Shop, Fortuna ..,. 108 RFSINESS COLLEGES: Eureka Business College, Eureka Heald College, San Francisco 10-J l'ONFEC'TIONERS: lion llonniere Tandy Store, l'1lll'l'li2l .. ,,,, .. ,,,, ,,,,,,,, . ,, 110 Delaney 8: Young, Eureka ,,,, 10N Gareelon's f'andy Faetory, Fortuna ,,,,..,.....,,,,,,.......,,,..., 1043 Newe1l's Candy Shoppe, Fortuna S13 Students lnn, Fortuna ,,,,,,,,,,,, 104 C'ONSTR1fC'1'1ON ENGINEERS: Mercer Fraser Co., Eureka, .... 113 F RE.-X M ERY: Huniholdt Creamery Association Fer11brimlg,:e , ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,, S751 Page One Hundred Twenty-six i 3 L fb be fi Q L S fm sz fi? an fm se Us oooooopooQooooeooooooooqqoaqoooooo-nvooooooooQ--oooooooooooooqooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, Adovertisin g COYLRS AND ENGR.-XVERS: Metropolitan Engraving Co., Los Angeles ,,,,,,,,,,,,,A AVV,,,A,A- VVel1er-McCrea Co., Los Angelc D.-XIRIESZ V1Cli1'ey, Rohnerville ,,,,,, A,.A,, DRUG STORES: Ilowm:1n's Drug Store, Fortungi Loleta Pharmacy, Loleta ,,,,,,,, DENTISTS: Dr. Milton Andrain, Fortuna Dr. Vernon L. Hunt, Eureka Dr. C. A. McClaskey, Fortuna Dr. H. H. Winkler, Seotia .... 12-1 -4 111 120 TPS 110 123 123 1'1" 123 DEPT, STORES, MERCHANDISE: John T. Heaher, Hydesville Burgess Cash Store, Rio Dell Daly Bros., Eureka ..,,............, . Dickson Sz Diekson, Loleta .... Parks Bros., Alton ,........,, . Hinks, Eureka .,..,,,,..,,,,......,.,,,. Fri.-denbaeh Bros., Fortuna L. C. Morgan Co., Fortuna l.,, Meng' Bros., Loleta .,,,...,,,.,..,, L. A. Parker, Rio Dell ........... . J. C. Penny Co., Eureka .. . , Scotia Merchandise, Scotia .. E1.Ef"1'Rlf' SHOPS: 113 100 113 110 SIT E181 103 122 108 110 121 1111 4 1 Fortuna Eleetrie Shop, Fortuna .H FLORlS'l'S: H. Melde, Eureka ,...... ..,,. FUNERAL PARLORS: 110 Hunter 8: Wise, Fortuna ......., 12,1 FL'RN1TL'RE: Hans--n-Hunter Fo., Fortuna 100 S12ll?fl211'I1 Furniture Vo., Eureka 121 Advertising F E E Il S : ,,, , . ,. I.. S. Last, Ioituna .V,.. ..... . 1 GIIOCEIQS: 20 Fortuna Cash Grocery,Fortuna 123 White Grocery, Fortuna ,,,,,,,,,. tif? GARAGES Sz SERVICE STATIONS: Br:-lle's Garage. Fortuna .,,,.... Guy Brown! Filling' Station, Fortuna ,,,,,,......,,.. ...,,,,,,.,,.... A. R. Chandler, Fortuna ..,,....,, Ch'1rIton's Garage 8: Machine Shop, Loleta ,...,.....v..,,.,....... Fortuna Garage, Fortuna .,.... 100 1145 123 123 115 A. III. Hanson Richfield Station, Fortuna ,.,,.............,,,............ . Hughes Chevrolet Co., Fortuna Park Service Station, Fortuna HARDWARE Sz PLUMBING : 124 04 1113 Fortuna Hardware gl Plumbing Co., ...,..,,...........,,,..........,,,,.... L. L. Bryan, Co., Fortuna .....,, , HOSPITALS: Scotia General Hospital, Scotia INSFIIANCE: Harhcrs Insurance Agency, Fortuna ...,...,....,....... ............ C. W. Kerr, Fortuna .,... ...,,. J. H. Smith, Fortuna ..... ...... JEWELERS: Fred Krieg, Fortuna ..... ..,... Hollander's, Eureka ..... ...., Schueler's, Fortuna ..,,, ...,. LALNDRIES AND CLEANERS: I3e1tain's Laundry, Scotia ...... Fortuna Laundry, Fortuna ..,. LUMIZER MILLS: E. J. Dodge, Co., Fortuna ...... The Pacific Lumber Co., Scotia 05 EDJ. 1113 120 123 111 104 10-1 115 101 122 120 117 but 3 ell fb X fi' Q ? fl- Q fb Ei 2. cm fb as va Qqooooo QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ ooooooo ooaoooooooooqqpqqogoo Q. .Q QQQQQQQQQQQQQ-o-----oo-oo--o-----.-Q MEAT MARKETS: Fortuna Meat Market, Fortuna MEN'S CLOTHING: Cruikshank's Toggcry, Fortuna Arthur Johnson, Eureka ........ NOVELTY STOKES: Adams Variety Store, Fortuna OPTOMETRISTS: Bartlett's, Eureka ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,..,,. McClure Sz McCreery, Eureka PHYSICIANS: Dr. H. VV. Comfort, Fortuna ...... Dr. L. G. Kramar, Fortuna ....,. PRINTERS: Fortuna Advance, Fortuna .,.. Humboldt Beacon, Fortuna .,.. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Freeman Art Co., Eureka ....,... RADIOS: 111 SP7 108 115 123 123 123 123 106 112 107 Fortuna Majestic Shop, Fortuna IlESTAL'lZAN'I'S Sz HOTELS: Bc-nson's Cafe, Fortuna ...,, The Ark, Fortuna ..........., I"Illll'Ix2l Inn, Eureka , ,,,,,,, Star Hotel, Fortuna ....,.,,,, O. Ii. Coffee Shop, Fortuna .... MUSIC: Waters Kr Ross, San Francisco SHOES: Buster Brown Shoe Store, Eureka ,,,,..,.-,,, ,,,.,,,,,-,',,',A,- SHOE REPAIR SHOPS: 110 Sb-1 104 104 97 110 1115 106 Fortuna Shoe Shop, Fortuna ..,. SVT Scotia Shoe Shop, Scotia ...1,... TYPEWIIITEIZS: Office Equipment Co., Eureka Ifnderwood Typewriter Co., Iuureka ...,.,..,..r.r,,,,,,,l,..,.,.,,,,, WOMENS CLOTHING SHOPS: Noblc's, Fortuna ,,,,,.,,,,..,:,,,,,,.. 120 1063 120 103 Page One Hundred Twenty-st-Ve.': T Autographs went x' Q wht Azuzztfogmzphs Pugw' Om- Hu 1111104 X i I INIS 1gSSP52" - ' ---'.2S7i1:s1r-1..-,. ,Aff-1 ilzffzkli.-2'i1f:f L1-:ir , 'f?r.J?iinpL.i: ,-'.if,,gf gis5:-1, 2 . xii, ,, ..q:.. 1 A . , . - , guy,-x 5-TE--f, ,-A

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