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Fortuna Union High School - Megaphone Yearbook (Fortuna, CA) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Cover

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L Fourth Year Horoscope As We What They Hope Name Know them They Will Be What They Will Be Anderson ..... "Billie" ......,,, School Letter Man ...... School Letter Man Baxter .......... Bender .,...,.... Boyd ..,eeee.,..e. Brandt ,, Bruga ..e,r..... . Burnside ...,,. Cirby ...,,,.....e. Domenighinr' Chase eree .......v Earl5 '.... ....... Child .e.e,..,.fl.. Evans ..,..,o..s. Cirby ....,....... Goble ..e. .se.,.. Gulliksen ,,oor. Early ..e,....sYs. Hansen ..,reo.,, Grigsby Hinds .s.......... Holmes., .s... .. Hunter ..ese.eee . Lytle ............. Kohinka ..,..,. L Mizulo . .,r.... . ns as is 66 Florine' ...,.. A Second Pavlowa ....,. Elmer" ....,... Jazz King r,........,...... Frannien .,., A Wild Nell ...........,,...., Brandy" ,,... Sweet Young Thing "Joe" ............ Class Cheer Leader. "Abie" ,r,i H H Hank ..,,,..,, ' 91 H U Ella ..,,,.,,e.. "Skeesix" H Marian" ...... S6Je1,1,577!v-- Yvlll "Biami' ..,.,.,. is "Dort" ......,.. Ltsislinn--A-A.n t'Mel" ..,,., GL 7' SL H4 la is H 17 Star r,r,..,. . Fritz ,,...,... Harry" ,...... not .,.,,, ffff Eleanor".... Chick ",,, ,,,.i Lora" ,..,..... . "Billie ",, .,.... , Kinkyl' ..,... . Organist ..z,z.....,........,.... A Professor ......., rv,,... via greased pig contest Maybe Organ Grinder Big Shot on Girls' Archery Team Honor Graduate Official Ink Spiller Peanut Peddler Blue Law Advocate A Mechanic ......,. rrr,,,.. P resident of Boys' A Chemist ..,,.,,,, A Class Shiek ........,.,..i A Lecturer .,..,..... 0, Swiss Yodler .,.... Blues Singer ,,,,,,, ,,,,.,, Class Chewing Champion ,..... ..,,.r Criminal Lawyer .,...,ii.. A Married W oman.. Second Babe Ruth i,,..s., Cute Kid Driver of a Lizzy ........ Poetess ,...,..,..i..,,,,,, Married to S675,000z. A Noted Hunter .,,iee Shiek ,.,.,i,..,,,,, ,v,,,,,,, , Famous Diver ,,,,,,,, .Mounted Police .......,,,., . Layton e.,...... ."Peg" .ii.....g... Successful .........,.,i,,,. Moore ......z,..., Layton ...,.,i... Packer ..,.....,. Phillips .,,,,i... Samuelson iec, Sh reeve,,. "Bill" ..,,,,ii i,,, H ss H ca ' H Ken ..,.o.,,,., Asjgifyv-UVM Page Eighty-two Merne" ....,.. Kenneth "... Vincent".,... Commercial Artist ...,,.. Celebrity ee,..., .. A Genius i..,,. ,c,,,i, "Hubby" .e.....i...., Big Bad Bold Man .,.... Big League Catcher ,... Cosmetic Society Best Looker on Campus Second Rudy Valentino A1'ctic Explorer Big Tripe and Hide Man Why Singing Teachers Go Crazy Wrigley's Stoutest Supporter The Criminal It's Hard To Tell Head Bat Boy Texas Cowgirl Married to 33.000075 A Funeral Soloist Tried for Slander A Loving Wife Asphalt Arab Instructor in "Personal Magnetism Course" Publicity Director for Flapper's Ass't Theatre Janitress Coflin Designer Secretary of "No Club In Particular" Bell Hop Dog Catcher Name Fourth Year Horoscope As We Know them What They Hope They Will Be What They Will Be Sh reeve l.l...., Nielsen ..,...... as H Bozo .......,.. KK Mary" .Tl.l,.,. Camera Man. .,.e . A Reformer ,.e,ll. Thompson ,... "Bus" leo,.....,. Athletic Manager O'Connor... "Happy" .,.,... A Delegate .ee.,... Travis ,,..,,,, Quigley ...... an 17 Bart ,.....,.e. KL ' . J? Quigg .,...... Immaculate W. C. T. U.Leader Rasinussenuf'Bunny" .e,.... Public Speaker .i.A.e,... Rhoades "Norma" ...... Carefree ......e....eeeee........ Ross ........e...,, "Nan" .e.e.....e. ' Windbiglernf'Norvin"....., Malloy ..ii....,.e "Johnny" .eee, Stockton .,..... "Tillie" ...,. Stowers ....,... "Mae" .e.,.,e.,.. VVh1te ....,..e... . Wise ......,....., Holman ee...... " Stewart ,.ee.... 'L ,. RJ er .......,,..,.. Lierinan ...,... Steele ,,,..,,.. Moore ........,.i Tracy e.,..e.,, in "Whitey" ..... Ikey" .......,,. Second Buster Keaton Mermaid of 1950 F.U.H.S. Swimming Team Manager of Girls' Jack Team DeMolay Representative Class Valedictorian A Merry Widow Editor of Whiz Bang Member of F. U. H. S. Office Force Collegiate Star of Girls' Rifle Team Famous Violinist ......... Piccolo Player ............... Successful ...,,..,.,... Court Reporter ..r......rr. Executive .................. Sweet and Innocent ..... Olive" ......... Scientific Expernn enter ,.,........ Stewy' .,,,,,. Tap Dancer ............,...... "Skid" ........... Pianist ........., H 71 Stan .......... at H J! Ted ,......,.... an Thomas ........ "Bernice" .... Phillips ...... Hauck ........ Shank .....,...., Jones. ......,,,.. " Farmer A La ' H Fritz ......... Frank" ...,,,. Hart3"' ......,. A 4'Lindy" ....e.. Outstanding .................. Short and Plump ........,. Plumber Page turner for O1'chestra Champion Hair Puller A Famous Dancer in Paris Chief Flower Picker for Botany Class Organizer of Non-Petting Society Second Madame Cure' Member of the National Polo Team Wife of Jazz King Founder of Mars Singer in "Flea Club" Tall and Thin A Graduate .......... .....,... N Vater Boy for Swimming ,A Director .......... Mannequin ...,.,,,.......,.... Team A Famous Novelist Drum Carrier for Band A Giglio "Winifred" Mayor of Alton ............ "Herschel"..-Caruso ...,.......,............. - 1- M U Inez ........... 77 Edith ......,. Simmons ...... "J oe ............ Cook ...........,.. Maple ........... . t' Nulph ..........., " Quigley .....,.. H 57 "Georgia" Earl". .V..... . Ellen ......... Frannie" .... Big Business Woman.. Grand Opera Singer .... President of U. S.A .,,. Butter and Egg Man... U. S. Senator ................. A Talkie Crooner ......... Aviatrix ...,...,. ................ Member of Boys' Sewing Brigade An Evangelist Unobtrusive Soap Box Orator Ice Man An Old Maid Second Nancy Carroll Hitch Hiker Page Eighty-three Z, H .J V-1 .J fl J r: L l Weld llailke to See Mr. Smith, as the right mud guard on a football team. Mr. Jenner, d1'iving at 10 per. Miss Lewis, reducing. Mr. Badura, riding a steer. Miss Bourhill, in love with Mr. Tarpley. Esther Langin, without Henry Bender. Peaches and Cream curdle. Miss Godfrey, riding a mule. Miss East, riding a hobby horse. Miss Hornaday, doing the collegiate. Buss Belloni, fall in love. Mary Belli, dancing with Bob Shreeve. Eleanor Hinds, go out on a wild party. Leora Hunter, with straight black hair. Mr. Anderson, walking his baby back home. Mr. Stenback, playing tennis. Mrs. Beck, chewing gum. Miss Alving, chasing a chicken. Virginia Early, sober. Bernice Rasmussen, get to class on time. Miss Crozier and Mr. Lippert, doing the fang dango. Mr. Jabusch, a lion tamer. Miss Thorson, six feet, four inches tall. Adah Pace, smiling. The Bulletin Board, without Bun and Peg. Miss Shulsen, playing jacks. Miss Hendrickson, crashing the gate at a basket ball game. Mr. Bowersox, ice skating. Miss Everson, able to find her red purse. Lena Docili, without books in her arms. Selma Wise, when she isn't powdering. Astor Hansen, when he knows his shorthand. Doc Cottrell, without a tooth pick. Louise Barti, getting along with Mr. Anderson. Stanley L: Oh, what is so rare as a day in June '? Te1'ry M.: A Senior studying. Harlan C.: I'm having trouble with my eyes. Clyde S.: You'd have a lot more trouble without them. 121 PF 251 all Carl7Harvey: Mary, go up town and get Cecil's picture taken for her, W1 you . Page Eighty-four SWEET ca-:mx sMu.E Rae:-n? Newone , on-1 -YEAH- seems Bus Page Eighty-ive H ..l V-1 '1 .J fl J C X , 7 ,Q L V Jokes Miss Dale: Tl1ere's a big gap in the center of the stage. Verne Wood: There won't be a big gap there when Emylou gets where she belongs. Oificer fTo couple in parked autob: Don't you see the sign "Fine for Parking"? Henry H.: Yes, ofiicer, I see it, andll heartily agree with it. Art: There are several things I can count on. Ruby: Y eah, what are they '? Art: My fingers. Mr. Bowersox Cin Physics laboratory, cutting a piece of cork for Joe Siinmonsj Joe Simmons: It squeaks, doesn't it? Bob Newman: You'd squeak too, if you were being cut. Julielo: How many fellows bring you candy? Marian: All of them except you. Julielo: Well, bring some out, I'm hungry. Adele Bianchi fAt poultry showb: Oh, look at the funny ducks. What gives them those red things around their eyes? Elsie Anderson: I don't know. mustdlbe their t1'ade-mark, I guess. Orville Richmond: G'by, Otis, see you Sunday. Otis M.: Why, are you coming out to my place Sunday? , Orville: No, I'ni going to buy a funny paper. Emmett: I called on Maxine last night, and I wasn't inside the door when her mother asked me my intentions. Chet: That must have been embarrassing. Emmett: But that is not the worst of it. John M.: Pardon ine, but is that your baby Austin out there? Janice: Yes. John M.: Well, the ants are dragging it under the sidewalk. .1. 4 .,. Vivian McLean: Why are you so ne1'vous and pale? Air Mail Pilot: We have lost both our wings. Vivian: Well, never mind, we can get new ones when we land. Page Eighty-six GOING PLACE JOE ' TYPICAL DUDE. ADAH WATCHING If sf! FIREMANA -'51 I I A. 4 If ' I .. Q.. , wi Page Eighty-seven V-1 .J E1 -1 .J fl J r: Y if or L n Jokes Any farmer who cashes a milk or cream check and then uses the money to buy "oleo" should be ashamed to go home and look an old cow in the face. Lowell S. fleaving schoolj: Goodbye. 1,111 indebted to you for all I know. Prof. Jenner: Don't mention such a trifle. Harold E: Here comes the parade -your sister will miss it. Where is she? Nellie P.: She's waving her hair upstairs. Harold: Gosh, can't she afford a Hag? a1 1.1 21 Norvin W.: Oh, take oii' your hat. Joe Simmons: What hat '? Norvin W.: That hat youfre talking th1'ough. Singer: "And for Bonnie Annie Laurie I'd lay me down and die." Listener Qrisingbz "Is Miss Laurie in de audience ?" A' ec ::- :s Miss Dale: Do you know the motive in that Russian composition they are playing? Florene B. fIn Music Appreczjz By the sound, I would say it was revenge. sz zu pg: Miss Hornaday: If there are any absent whose names I have not called, let them speak up at this time. Selma Wise fin drug storel: I want some powder. Clerk: Face, gun, or bug? Selma : Face. Clerk : Scented 7 V Selma: No, I'll take it with me. Dick B.: What kind of ears has an engine 'Z Lyle W.: I don't know. Dick B.: Why, engineers, of course. "I have a keen sense ofbhumorf' Peggy Hall stated. "So I noticed," replied Audrey East, "When I saw you smiling at yourself in the dressing room mirror." Page Eighty-eight 2 SPECKS BASHFUL. BAD ,? SLEEPY KNOCK our! DAMES COLLEGIATE 816 F E Page Eighty-nin X X -1 ...I L. i .1 n J cz H .L I V Jokes Vilena Bryant: Who is the smallest man in history? Rose Gill: I'll bite. V. B.: A Roman soldier vrholwent to sleep on his watch. Esther: If I should die, what would you do? Henry: I'd almost go crazy. Esther: Would you look for another? Henry: No, I wouldn't go as crazy as all that. Chet E.: Do you know a man who shaves twenty times a day? Pete M.: No, no man can shave twenty times a day, his beard can- not grow that fast. Chet: But there is. Pete: VVho? Chet: A barber. Mr. Jabusch Cin woodwork shopj : What are you working on, Reed '! Reed: Not a thing, what do you Want me to Work on? Wilson Belloni: It's no use, Miss Dale, I can't kneel in these trous- ers. They won't give. Miss Dale: Maybe you can let them out. Chas. Hazleton: They might let him out. Miss Beaber: There's a salesman outside with a mustache. Mr. Badura: Tell him I'm in conference. Miss B.: I did, and he wants to know if you'll get out before he has a beard. Mr. llowersoxz Give me some of that prepared nonoaceticaidester of salicylic acid. Druggist: Do you mean aspirin? Mr. Bowersox: I never can think of that name. is :A -:- Miss Beaber: Go to Everson, and tell Miss Shorthand that Merle Stewart is Wanted in the office. Vlyl Carl T. fto coachlz What can I do to avoid falling arches? Coach D.: Get out of thedway. U In Leland P.: Have you read 'tFreckles"? Melvin H.: No, I have the brown kind. Page Ninety UGH WINDY TIES FOUL BIG GIRL WORK HOLDUP FEET FIRST 6RlNS .K Page Ninety-one f ff V-I .J E-1 .1 fl J I: The Megaphone 19331 voLUME xxv WE 5 .x x 5 'gfffassocmx Published by the STUDENT BODY of the Fomaha Union High School Fortuna, California In the reddish brown of autumn, TIIGTQYS 21 bounty, far from small, When Peace reaps a golden harvest And th61'G,S plenty for us all. 1'1- lL'l . : w . 1n4fvir N5 QW? s ' ' . A. . , M W , , ga . , 3 SF V 'dm' vijif-4uv:' A .QF f 'viii 4-4 ff! 23 2' fs as .f adsl if , A 2 s Q95 xifgg ,,,,w""-fag, if ti-pgls'19"' in -ami 5 'fm .1 K, ah . , 5 N Q, if T , ,, Q 'me' fQg,.f-F ,. ., . . A Q-Q ' W, .,-nil' T- , F A I V Pg ,L I I' QL A bf E 1 if . Jig? if E if I Si? 5 Ms I , X -., ,, 4H l""W4F3'R"" 'F 35' '53' 35 slr s l ! r v is 1.1 4" IL -1- --------.-i- -... .---- , ---,-..---,...-,,. Eoerybody Knows YQU CAN D0 BETTER AT o R G A N S FORTUNA BUT here is something about an important subject that every young person should know . . . Luck A modern wise man was asked if he believed in Luck. Here is his answer, and it's worth cutting out and pasting in your hat. "Do I believe in Luck? I should say I do! It's a wonderful force! I have watched the successful careers of too many lucky men to doubt its existence and its efficacy. You see some fellow reach out and grab an opportunity that the other fellows standing around have not realized was there. Having grabbed it, he hangs on to it with a grip that makes the jaws of a bulldog seem like a fairy touch. He calls into play his breath of Vision. He sees the possibilities of the situation, and has the ambition to desire them, and the Courage to tackle them. I-Ie intensifies his strong points, bolsters his weak points up, cultivates those personal qualities that cause other men to trust him, and to cooperate with him. He sows the seeds of sun- shine, of good cheer, of optimism, of unstinted kindness. He gives freely of what he has, both spiritual and physical things. He thinks a little harder and a little longer, straighterg works a little harder and a little longer, travels on his nerve and his enthusiasmg he gives such service as his best efforts permit. Keeps his head cool-his feet warm - his mind busy. He doesn't worry over trifles. Plans his work ahead, then sticks to it-rain or shine. He talks and acts like a winner, for he knows in time he will be one, and then- Luck does all the rest." 4. .....-- .. ----- V --------- ---- . I.-sq. Page Ninety-three M A -A. -1 ...I I I I I I I I I I I I , I fi fl I I 54 I I I I I I : -1 I .J I I I I I I I I I I I C I I I I I I I I I I 'l"'-""-vw- - '- ----- ul- ---- rm- - - .--.. 1 1 1 1 -..-,..... I 'i Bensonps MTHREJE IN owen Good Edits 4 Billiards f Taxi Q Phone 2 -J We Never- close For-tuna -i-rr-r- A+ - -- - -- - --hb - f-,L - .-,+ - -l+4 - 1-L - 1--- - -1- - -l 1 - -1- - llf- - -- 1 - 11- - 11-- ----- --ly - f-1- - A... - r -,- ,... -..L Charles H.: Having tire trouble? Miss Hendrickson: No. Just took off the tire to rest the rim. .g.,.-.r..-,,,,-,-r,....,,-rr.-H..-ll..-..rr..r,.....,...-.rr-....-r...-,..,-...,...l,.......-....-H.,-,,......rl-..,.,-. ,,-W,-.,,.-r.,.-rr.-m,- 4. l Sweaters, Hats, Caps Men's Shoes and Clothing I : Athletic Supplies, Golf Sundries I Smith SL McNeil f Fortuna .. -,W-.m...r,-..H-.....-,,..-.m.-r.,,-,.,.-W-.W-.W.-..rr-rr..-r,.-.,.,.....,,-rr,-rr.-..l.r-..1-rm-r - -,.- -W--...y -i- Mrs. Peterson fin cafeterial: Do you want a spoon? Bill M.: Yes, where shall we go? qw-,W-W...,,,-,u..,-,,-,,,,-H,-,.,,..m,-w..-r.,-m,-..,,-,...-,,,,-...,-,,..-,,,,-,,.,-...-,,..-....-,...-,.,.......- i.. ,-,...- 'S' Q I I A purchase from your jeweler is an investment in 1 E . permanent values. 1 i Fred Krieg , jeweler Fortuna I 1 l -I- -,,.-,, -N.-.,,,....,,-..,,-,,.,-.,r-,,,.-.,,,-rr..W...r.,,-.,,.-,W-..r.-....-..,,-,,.,-..,..-...,-,.,.-..,.-,..,-....-..,.-...r-...,,-...5. Miss Dale: Never mind your dance now, Vivian. I Want you to practice it tonight with your dress on. .,..,- rlll .--W.. ,,.l - r,., .-m.- vrrl -..,l,-, ---- r --1.-. ----- lm-ml-,!. ! l l . L r I . H . S m 1 t h r Insurance of All Kinds l L i Fortuna, California T +1 1. 1 ,1 1 1.1 E1 1-11-111 111111111 111--1 - 1 -41:11-mid Page Ninety-four NeWeII's Candy Shoppe Where Quality Is Paramcuut 023 Water Iees, Sherbets and Ice Cream se Yes, We I-Iave Eskimo Pies and Icy Pies, the New Cones g ...I - ,,.. l I Q 5 I .1 fl J 3 - 1 L I T111 ,111 1 -fww 11.111 wlll 1 lwwy 1 ,lly 1 1.., 1 11,. 1 lyyy 1:,.,1 yw.. 1 .111 1.1 yl.. 1 114. 1 1.1 1111 19,1 ,,,, 14,11 ,mi 1 1 i,,,,,.g . I I Your dollars will use more I cents when used Students Inn I at the Greetings 5 f 10' 15C S'tO1'c to 1931 Class - NOTHING OVER 49C E Opposite Post Office O- L- BHTHQS, PYOP- I Fortuna - Fortuna I I I + - ,..' -.,,,-..,,- ,,-. ...-..i-I...-l.I-I...-.,,.-...I-.-..-N.,-.II-....I-...-..,,,......,,-M..HI- -...,....q. George Hugo: Did you know false eyes were made of glass? Bill Notley: Sure, how could you see through them if they weren't'! I-II-my-W-,I-u,...,i,-u.-.l,--...,-..,,-i.....,..i.....f.. II.-,W-I.....I...-I.,-.......,,.,-u..-1.,-. Q, I I E. Dodge Company I Fortuna, California 2 Manufacturers and Dealers in S Redwood Lumber , I T House and Barn Specifications Furnished Promptly T Quality and Service Guaranteed A. F. Myers, Local Manager Phone 5-F-1-2 'i'-w-'w--vw-w.- iii. -M1'ii-in-111111111i1n,,--H,1Im1:m1m:1Im-1nu1mn1im-1wi1w:-in--nw-uun1:uui1wr--wI1wr-llvf' Olive: How did you find the weather while you were away? Eleanor: Just went outside and there it was. + -it-W- .,,, - ,,., -. .. ,,,, - ,,,, , ,,,, -, ,,,, , ,,,, - ,,,, 1 ,,,! , ,,., - ,,,, ,WQ ,,,, -N, ,,v, 1 ,,,, , ,,,N ,. , 1 ,, - .. , -M-,.+ I A I l 0 fw L Fortuna UIMIIIKW Garage i dw,-.V J Curry 8: Wahl, Proprietors Buick Automobiles General Auto Repairing 5 Fortuna, California L .!.,,-,,,-.,t- ,-n,-w-I.-H.,-I.,--It-W.-in-my-II--in-ItI-I,,.-w,--,I-wi-.W-wi.--,II--I...W-HI,--W... .Q- Lawyer: Had you complete command of yourself at the time 'Z Joe Dnngan: No, Eniylou was with me. .1.- tttt - -vll - -lft - l-ll - ll.l - llll - ..ll - l..i - ill, - ..,l - I... - ,lll - ...I - .ll. .. ..,l - li.. - lill - ..ll - t,.- - lll. - -ilt - --tl -1- ---- - --ii -H+ I I FORTUNA BAKERY The Home of Exceptional Breads and Pastries Special Attention Given to Lodges, Clubs, Banquets, Etc. Fortuna V California ll- IIII - - llit -Il-I- i-i .... l-l-l -I -l,-l- -l- - - I- - s - - - -l-.l. Page Ninety-six Qgffiii -1 .J 1 Q 5 1 3 71' J H fl ll 5 Prrntrngff That Reflects Good Taste Your Busrness lt ls Our Arm to Grve Every Order the Same Careful Attentlon All Work on fh1S Megaphone Turned Cut rn Qur Qfliee The Humboldt Beacon PAUL o JASPER P p Fortuna Callfornra 1 rrrl -P I I I I I . . I I I I I ' I j? h ' P t P I I on I . I I I I I I I I I I ' ' L I I I I I I -P I I 4- . ,ro. I C . . I I ' I I I I -1-- llll ------------- I -I-I-I --------- - 4- Page Ninety-eight -ri ------ E- - -1--i- - i-- - - 2- -l-i ----- i--i-1-- -- -1-----g 1 I Q ' 1 Q I Frreclenloaeh Bros S - l 1 Headquarters for High School I Supplies for Boys and Girls l i Tennis Shoes Girdles Skirts i Sweaters Pajamas Shirts 5 I Gym Trunks Hose Dresses Middies Material Shoes 5 l Sox Patterns Garter Belts A l 'i--w- r-r, -i-- rr.- -i- rrrr -ii-,i-i.-i,- Krxr -i.- rrrr - -.rr - rr.. -i-- Krr, -..,- rrv, -i.- Krrr - r-,. -.-ii-li--will--ii,--ill--ii--H-L Sympathetic Bystander' Van, why kl1'G11,t you on the team any longer? Van: I'm too young. ,ini ,v,, , ,,,, ,M-. .,,, 1, ,viwiu , zllml, 1, ,H 1 1,1 , T, T, .-1 T,,,,.H1,,,,T,,i, ,,,,,,x,,, 'Z' l I i 1 1 W e Congratulate You L l i Class of 1931 Q Hughes F Chevrolet Cor S Q - CHEQ-O I - . U T j Fortuna f Calif. '6On the Redwood Higlwuayu l - l l +- iiii --1-----i-i- --ll - f1-l - '-f1 - lll- - 'ill - f--l -- lll- - -Kll - '-'l - '--l - llll - -lll --- ---- lll- - -in-H+ Page Ninety-n' e X A V-1 .J E-1 .I fl J n: CONTENTS Exefctttziqve Ctttsstes Afctziqvzitzies Sports Lttttgflts Atflqvettisets 2 3 7 A , . L I YP An. wr .gnlmi 1111111111 -- 1 1Im1IIII- -111 I 111111 I- 1IHv- it I I I I I I I I soL's IIRIJIT MARKET I Meng Bms, I I . I I i Fresh Vegetables and Fruit General luerchandise Imported Canned Goods G1'0CQ1'ieS Telephone 11-W Phone 95 Fortuna Loleta California I I I 4' 1IIII1IIII1..II1,i .1IIII1III1.II,1 II..IIII1II:I1III.,MII-Iu.1,.II-.III-in1mi-III,1..II-Im-III,-.III-.III-In1IIII1IIII-IIII1..II-...QQ Miss Hornaday: Boys, come in a little late and I'll drown out your 110156. u?n1III-'II1--1III- -1 lwww --:I-- wiv- --I -- will -IIII-Im- -I1II1IIII-- 1 uivw -III-1 ilww Q- uvvw -IIII1IIII-:III-Im-:III1IIII-Im-Iwi .gg I I I QncIIIIIy Merchandise Connteons Sewviee I I I I I-Idnsen 6 I-Innzter Cow Inez, I I EIURNITIURE DEALERS I I I Phone 3-W Fortuna, Calif. I I +-I- ..,, -,..... lll, -. llll .. ..,, .. ,,.I - ,lll - ,,., - .lll -I.-. llll - .-., -II- ,,-. -n- ,.,. -,,..- .,,i .. ,.,. - ,,,. - ..,, -..,.-.,,,-.I,-...I-..I.-..I..-I4. Mr. Anderson: Potatoes are grown in what part of Europe, Janice 'I Janice Kjerz North America. 4...-....,-,,,.-.,I,..,,.,-,.,,-,.,,-,I.-.I,,..I,....,,I..,,..-.,,,-I,,.....,,..,..I-.,,,-......,,...........I..-,..,...,..-..,,...,.....I..-I..-,,.,-I...- 4. I ELECTRICAL Goons I tl Toasters, Perculators, WaHIe Irons I xg always useful and make 3 VIA QUALITY PRESENTS 5 i if L. L, Bryan Cot NI! I Hardware and Plumbing 5 .i. -I.-..,,-II...II...,,.,....,,.....,-,,I,-..,,..II..-..,,..I,,.-..,,-II..,.-I-,.,.-..,....,,......,,.-..I,-,,,....,,.,-..,.-...I-..,...,...-.,,.-..,,-I.i. Norma Rhoades: Mr. Anderson, does macaroni grow on trees? Mr. Anderson: Of course, and spaghetti is just dwarfed macaroni. .g..,-.II-,..,..,,,.-....-,...-,.......,... ...-...,-,,..-.,,,-I..-,W-,,..-.,,,-,,,,.....,..,,.,-.,,,-,..,-IW-..,,..,-I-,..,-....-....-,.,.-,,.,- I- I I I I L. Sf, E ns I All Kinds of Fresh Feed and Seed I Foot of Second St.- By N. W. P. Depot I Fortuna, California Phone 137 i---m-----s----- III, IIII IIII IIII III, ........ IIII ----nni IIII ,III IIII Page One Hundred 111.-1111-.11..-.111.-1...1l1,11-.1111un.- ,--.11.--.-,,.....--1-.l....111.-....1111vm.1,. '!' l You Wouldnyt Negleet Your Cette Why Negleet Yourself? I After all, we human beings j greatly resemble automobiles. l Parts wear out and give away. l The main dii'l'erence is that the pa1'ts I in a human being are not so easily replaced. That means then that we should take better care of ourselves than we do of our cars, w db db w Visit your physician frequently . . . Have a thorough physical examination at least once a year . . . Keep yourself fit. . . It is better to keep well than to have I to get well . . . You will find your physician thorough, kind and understanding. db db I Boquumfctnls Drug Store, lnef, Fortuna, California l 66We Aire in Business for Your Healthy? i i 'P Page One Hundred One K li V-1 ..l V-1 .J fl J r: i T' i fs, H V . +0 in Jw :HSmS5'fQ5SQWg 'TNQ 1 ig ' Eifzwie , 1 r ' -. , N . . I 'A K TA s aj 5 V? XM x QQ' A 8' " ,Mg .N -5, wi-K QA v xx W A ,h x ,S M-A , 'lyk ,'k?, K af lv" ' fi ":fj 's11 g 4 V ' T41 ' 5' 5 1 V VH? ' igxie ' fi Q 'V L "RNS fi A r - .. V' :Eli P+ x. ,, I ,, ff f ug, 'Q ,- 5 , f 551. 535.2 L i f ? RW I 3 1? -,,, 55 '-ex .. .ji -ax +,,. M E K Kam,- X N 1' " 4 . 1 H, ff,.:2: -f yf 1 I 1 fl -fb V 163 P ASQ ? Sw :X S 3,35 - 3 :N 4:3 X Q. . I fs 5 2 ,y I N fj j,.'i tx r f 1' - f I A gg ' . , ,f - f m ' x rl . 'f' 1 1 .X XSN W? :-'47 :4 'xl i X" "' A " L-L L lf ? Q55 - 3 L . : .3 f I ' - Q Y ,ff X A ,y Lagkg .We ,' , , av- " vig 5 1 , f' .x ,W shi .gfsn , . iv , ,1.,, X ' sl lf 3, X , , ' , "Q33!f i13 fr ' , ' Q ' . W1 ' X f " f A X ' 'H 2 , ff' , I r G X , 2 , . iff? 9 fx-Sp: .. X 13 . f g g . :if E x-4 .- my 5 - "yi, I. Q ,. 1 4 X R W IJ, ' - 'A', 4 1-IW, R QR Y H 2 W ia 'iv A-J K ,x ,l N , X X ff H23 'P ' ' E ' Y ff' - Q .3 Page Xt: One Hundred Two 1 1mI.- 1 1 1 1 111:11 1m.1 1 1 1m1.:iI1,..I11.-11.1111 1n...1Im...1mi1mI1,1 1uu1 ortuna Hardware SL Plumbing Co. Guns and Annnunition Fishing Tackle Tennis Rackets Baseball Goods HARDWARE and PLUMBING Phone 102 Fortuna 1mI1.m1mI1mI1I-1,1.111my1Im..Im..m.1.m.1mI1..n1:m1-W1I,..1,1..1W1..,1. I1 I1 -.m1.m1I. 1 1I,..1n Miss Bourhill: Where is your yellow slip? Dot Mc.: It's home being washed. 11m1mI1mI1..n14.1111.111W1Im1m11wI1mI1In11,u1n.1W..-N.-my-.,,..1.v11,01 1 1.1 11.1 1I,.,1 QUALITY MEATS Kettle Rende1'ed Lard Phone Main 28 Fortuna, Calif. -nu1nnI-liu1lni-nn She: I hope IIH1 not leaning on you too hard. He: Don't inention it. The pleasure is all mine. .-.In1m1mI-.Im1Im..Im1v,I1m11m1Im1Iw1I,u1m.1in1w1W.1nw1nn1fm1n..1n..-- 1 1 1 1.1,...1 Congratulations to the Class of 1931 Cruikshanlcs SL Erilcsen Exclusive Men's Store Frieda G. Cin his Austinb: Why, it's so dark! Johnny: We'1'e under a street car now, but we'll soon be out. 1nu1mi...m1.m..un1nn111111nu11111111111-iII1...I1W1mg-m.1w.1.Hi1.-,,1,.i.1I...1I4-.1 -111,1 1 1-.w.1m,1u 1:m1m-my11m1mi1ml1w--my-uu1nuI1un1m11...1m.1mI11m1my-W1Im11111--Iw..w1,w11111111141my-W1 If we please you, tell your friends . , if not, tell us. WHITE GROCERY A Home Owned Store Member NEIGHBORHOOD STORES Phone 153 Fortuna - ..,,,.-,,-,,..-.,,.-, .. - - - - - - .. - - - .. - -.- .. -.,..-I..-n...,,,,-mI-.,.I. Page One Hundred Thr 99 X A H ..l F I I I I I I I Fortuna Market I I I I I I ig I-1 -1 .1 I fl I : J I I I I r: T : 4. I I I I I I Z f K . L .ion-:nu-nn-:nun-unn1mnimn-.ll -111- l --um-mu-gunna-1uu1 -lm1lm -111 :minu 1111 nm- .gg l I Q l l N W ld Q Q O K Restaurant 6 GH 1 Oscar Halsebo Cleaners, Dyeurs, Hammers E E 941 C Street, Fortuna I Good Food Won sol-ved l Pl 188 i - l 10119 E l F01'fUl1El C21lif01'IWi21 We Call for and cleliver l l ! +- ooo. -- ooo. - ,o.f -o- ,oo. -lo-.o-.o.-o-H..-H..-oo-.W-of.-ol.-.o.-oo-....--o.-..o-...l-....-....-o..-r,.-...-o.-or-...p Mr. Bowersox: What must you have in order to test flour? Student ibriglrtlyj : You must have flour. 1 Rxixllflfff Nc EDITNJEWELERS' 2 fcflilafidicfls l X X I Ssvuwf 402 F Sf. SlNCE'? Eureka I -i-- --fo - 1-1t -l-1-r- o1-+ - t1-f - ttl- - tty- - -Vtt - 1--t - 1--- - bttl - --tt - '-'t - ttt- - tolv - --tl - --tt - --tt - --Lt - +1-- - tttt - t--L - t1:- - Qvwt - 4-'l - ,--t - 1-1o ----1- Mrs. Beck fin Public Speakingl: I have a mannerism. When I am thmking. I always turn my head to one srde. H. Tracy: Maybe you have more brams on that side. +..-o,...w..,..,-,..,-o.,-,,,.-,o-...,....,..-,,.....o...ol-,..,....,...o..-.oo-...l-oo-H..-H..-...l-..,.-oo-....-1.- - -.,,,-,it I s 1 I 1 i I 9 i i L 1 U S Hramholnlfs Umm Store Q T Eureka's Big Department Store interested in the 1 welfare and growth of this community. i 2 Y 'ff r K Z Use Humboldt Butter l l l I +- llzl --l-l --V-. --.- ..-. ---. ...V ---- --.,..-- o.. -V -... l,..-..,g. Page One Hundred Four Jokes George Blakemau: Where did those rocks come from? Mr. Lippert: The glaciers brought them down. George B.: But where are the glaciers? Mr. Lippert: 'I'hey've gone back after more rocks. Harvey P. was taking Victor I-I. through a new house he had built. "But," exclaimed Victor, "I notice you have not pasted the paper on the walls, but nailed it. VVhat is that for?" HOh, yes," responded Pat, "you see, We may not be living here always." as 4- 4 S Vincent Phillips was busily engaged with a spade in the mud beside his car when Stanley Lierman hailed him. "Stuck in the mud ?" he asked. Vincent: "Oh, no," cheerfully, Hmy engine died and I am digging a grave for it." 5: 25: He: My heart liames like a blazing fire. She: Don't be a fuel. sa gg "I'll have some Indian fried spudsf' "Don't you mean French fried? "Nope, I mean Indian." "What kind's that ?" "Scalloped" Q 21 R1 R- 2- Maxine on telephone Cdisguising her Voicel : Guess who this is? Emmett: It's m-um-Mary. Maxine Cfuriouslyl: Marylll? Emmett Cdisguising his voicebz Guess who this is. Sc NZ X Mary M. fafter returning from an automobile ride in the moonlightb : Thanks for the two rides, Chester. Chester Edson: What do you mean, the two rides, this is only the first one, isn't it? Mary: Yes, the first and the last ride with you. Stanley: Nellie, will you go to the show with me tonight? Nellie: Sure. Stanley: Good, I will meet you inside. as as '14 Q Miss Shulsen: What are all these periods, commas, question marks, dashes, etc., at the end of your paper, Francisco? Francisco: They're punctuation marks. Put 'em in to suit yourself. Page One Hundred Five X ff V-1 ..l V-1 .J fl r: If D Q ,, L V' As yr- fa- - M -it-1-it-1- -it-if-it-it-1-1-1-1-Wel-ri-l-l-l- - - -it-Q' : l A Practical Education Is What You Need and What You Must Have Q Write Us About It l l Opening Date, Monday, August 10, 1931 T I Eureka Business College l Principal I 4. -M-,,,.-,,N...H,-..,,-.,-.-4,,.-..,...l-l..,W-..,,....,-..,,,..-..,,....,,,.....,,..,.,.-,...-.N-....-...,-,l,..,,..-H.,-...g. Anderson: Do you think it right to buy an automobile on the in- stallment plan? Lippert: Sure, 16,000 people can't be wrong. 4...-....-,,..-,H,-..,,..,..,-,,,....l.,-,...-..,..-.,.,...........,,-i...-H..-H..-.,........-...,-....-.,..- .. - -.i- - - ..,.,,-,.5. 1 A E I I i I T i Northern California's Finest Department Store I Here Fortuna people will find an ideal place I I I to shop, to secure the very newest things at 1 modest prices, and a place to meet their 5 A friends. i Convenient Rest Room . . Telephone . . Free Stationery 1 i "S Sz ll" Green Stamp Headquarters 1 L I E 5th and G Streets Eureka, California l 1 I .5.ff.-.i,.-...,-...l-....-,,..-W.-.,,,-...,-.u.-..,,-..,.-N.-..,,..,,,.-..,,-mi-.,..-.W-....-....-....-.l..-,..,-..,i-.Hi-,..,-........,..-...g. Elsie A. fin punctuation exercisel 1 ln the shadows behind the fence. Miss Alving: Be careful there. hi' 1..,,....m1ml1un1un1mlinuinu1nn1nu-nuttin..-tmim.1my-.m.1m,1nn--mi-m4--nn-im-un-un-nu1nu1nm-amine? 1 To Get Anywhere, Requires ENERGY j i i i Pure Fresh Candy Produces Energy Eat More of It DELANJEYWS CANDY I W IS THE KIND L giqniymi 1 1 1 1 1 1 T ... .-.,nluz,nxnirvn1 Q , , 1 , 1 , 1 T --uni . -i- Page One Hundred Six ,?,,1.,mT .., -T ,,,,, i,,,,T,,,i 1 HTHHT, .1 ilulillniuhin 1 l. T,TTi1ii1 HHTIQ. 1 I I - 0 E lgmnklltn To Georgeson I Member American Institute of Architects T E T Aacnirrer Humboldt Standard Building, Sixth and G Streets Eureka, Calif. Phone 393 'i'1im-wu--w-wu-nu--w-ww-w-wn-m--mi-nu-m-- -vli -nu-1-1:1 iii. -my-un-uu-im-mi-um--un-.m-lm-nu-mi-uqw Frieda, you were entertaining' a man in the kitchen last night, were you not? That's for him to say, ma. I did my best. qu.-...I-fm-my-1...-u,....,.,-,,.,..H..-.Iit-W-H.,-w.-m,-1..i-,.,.-my-my-il..-. .. ...- - -, - - -.-H.,-6. I hr Itlumhnlht I intra Northwestern California's Leading Newspaper I I I Local and World News at the Breakfast Table L Associated Press Service l Commercial Printing I I I Wholesale Paper Department i Eureka, Calif. Phone 25 4.-,.,,...,.,...,..-,,.,-..,....-..,,..,.,...,.,,..,.,,-,...-....-,.,:......-,,,.-,,,....,,,-..,.-,...-,,.,-,,,,-..,,-,..- - -,- -..,.-...3. Bill Moore: Do you want to go for a walk tonight? Zelma: I didn't know you had a car. iw- "" - 'l" -f"l- l"' '- 'll' " "" - 'l" - 'l" -'I' "'l - "" - 'l" "l'l- "'l - l"' ' 'lll "A"' ' -I' ' "'- -I' -I-'IH--g I I I I Buster Brown Shoe Store , R. L. Hornbrook, Proprietor Where Style, Comfort and Economy meet I 617 Fifth Street Eureka, California 2 t 4-- iil. ---- t---H--- ---------- -----we Page One Hundred Seven X -Q ..l L fl El f f Congmzmiloutaons zto the Class of 19311 We appreclate hav1ng had the opportunlty of takmg the p1C tures for the 1931 Megaphone Freeman Art Co oi Good P ct 527 If S k HddE t t 'f"- "'a -:- -'f-1'-'-L-'-L-W - -'- - - - - - - - - - -1- -- - l L Q L L L E L L L L , L 9 ' T I CJ L L . . L . L L L L L fn: 1 IJ L L L P L L L L 1 T O L I Makers ' i ures " Phone 87 ' ree L Eure a, California " L L -1-.- LLL. -M:-N--N-,f- -w-L--u- - -L - - - L-,- - - - - - -- - - - - -p P O ght use - 11:111+m1mi14411im1ii.-.-lm-lm-.W...11 1..,,-,,,,- im... .. ...-....-i,..-ii..-im- .... .-mi--i. .- -W1 Q, l L Gundersenys Booztery I-,Og Cabin Bakery Everything' in Footwear Umorporatedb The Largest Shoe Shop in Humboldt County WHOLESALE 533 - 535 Fifth St. 621 Fifth Street Eureka California Eureka California l I ..,..,..,.,,-...i-..-,-,i.,..,,..-,..-...ii-.,...-,,.........-...,-.. .-.W-..i.-M.-.i,,-.i,,.....,-..H-...,..,.....,..,-,,.....,.....,,..-,i,.-..q. Teacher: Mary, why doesn't the lamb follow you to school nowadays 'Z Mary: What, with me driving 40 miles an hour? -nm..mi1mi1un1un1un1im1iin.-im1mi1nui1nu1vv1uiiu1im...un..mi--.,:i-111111.111mi-mi--mi1mi-iiii1iiii1iii41 omk of Eureka COMPLIMENTS Third and E Streets Eureka, California -...i-....-4...-.,......i..... ..i......,,-...i-.,.,-.ii.-i...-.W-...i-.....-....-1...-,.....M.-..,.-..N-...i-..,.-..,.-..,i- -...,-...y :Tm a father," cried young Jones as he burst into the oflice. "So's your old man," replied the boss. "Get back to work!" ,...-i..i-.,i-ii.,-in-i.ii-im-..,i-i,.i-ii..-w.-W--.ii-W-.....-.,.....,,.-...,.-,i..-.Hi-...i-.i..-..,i.....,,.-i...- -i., When in Eureka I LUNCHEON 1 at The Bon Bonnziere Candy Store -131 F Street Eureka, Calif. T - .,., -..... .... - ii.. - iii. - ii.. - .i.i - .iii - ,iii - ...i - iiii - .... - ,.i. - .,,: - ii., - i.i, - .i,, .. ..,. - ...i - ii.. - ii.. - i.., -i.-.i---,,.i-.z Dort: "Doc" has decided not to take a medical Course. Joe Simmons: The brave boy! Just think of the lives he's saved. ...ii-...,-,M-.ii-..,,-..,,-.ii-.......,.,,...,..,...,i..-.,..-.ii-..,........-....-i...-....-..,.-,...-i,,.-,,,.-ii-....-.,,.-.,,.-...,-iq. l I ARTHUR JCI-INSON'S The l l Leading T Bohmumsson Drug Co. Young Men's Clothier Teleuhone 624 T - T Second and F Streets T Corner Third and F Streets i Eureka California Eureka California i l , 1 1 1 .. 1 1 .. .. ..... .. 1 - -nu1uu-- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 141 1 1wi10i0 Page One Hundred Nine 'Z' yf .J , it . af, 1514 '1 ...I E EE l 1 l ll l l i '1 Dedication America says: "All war is an assault upon the stability of huinan society and should be suppressed in the connnon interest." The Government of the United States desires to see the institution of War abolished, therefore, we, as loyal citizens of the United States, dedicate this 1931 Megaphone to International Peace. IK ll ln f V . gf-Tgrgpfff' ,. if , " f.,,:-,4- N11. I 5 ', I li .Iizfflr ? 5- ' ' -3'-ie ' ,jf Q eg 7 Ir ee n s r E J-fn-,,g.eL T' 'l iz I , jgif,-r v ' -'f- I' liz -f ., l 3 ,f 'ft .' - 1 I , if viii-.. Vs- Lega l X 1' rf, I 'NI ifhg- I I WI: J fini! A iL 5g6iL4.2' fi lt e ,W sf , , in rf .twe- I 1, , . I A up, -4. KI VPUML , I Q I -E ff .yy Il K ,V L, tr' f-" " :ez 3' . -l JT- fr" Ii . sl If f ISM' N li.- ,f I I X Tj I " if-I 'I FII' J ' If rf G ' 1 ' I I ' 'F L 'I LG? 1 K' TF el 'Il n' FI if A Q ' 'rms If I wwf , 1. ,L as ty, L -4 X J J, lilac-FI U, J I-G , ' v. x 'J v x. sw i A, r 1 , 'fy ' "" Q 1 'wg I -1 1. C ,,.l W F f ----""" - ' f ' il 1. Recltvuootal for Durability LUMBER As lmportant as The New Home's Plans IN PLANNING your new home, give a seri- ous thought to the lumber that goes into it. Years of extra service depend upon Quality. For the supporting joists . . . the flooring . . . the trims . . . the doors - be sure to get the best. The added cost is soon forgotten in the longer service and greater satisfaction you will have. Let Us Help You Solve Your Building Problems We Cam Supply You with Anything in the Building Line The Pcctezihic Lumber Company Phone Scotia Scotia. California Retail Department 'e One Hundred Ten Tn, .iii -.I I I I I I I I I I I Q - ., I w I Q I i I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I L I I I I I I ,, I I I A I I I I I -P I I I I Z, V-1 .J l Q 5 l EI' 71 J r: As L -Inu-wi-'1 - -.-i-.-- ------- ,-..-.- ..t......,.-H..- ..... -...,-.5. I Xxx ' I I Humboldt County's Hospitality Center ff' ' Leo Lebenbaum, Prop. Allan Thompson, Res. Mgr. The EUREKA INN I I I L f COFFEE TAVERN - FOUNTAIN SERVICE I g I ' LUNCHEONS - TEAS - DANCE PARTIES - BRIDGE ' .k I I s i 4-.-...-.,.....,....,.-...,...,,.-..I......-..,.........,,.-...I--,...-.......I.-....-..,.-...-....-,,,,-..i.-. -. -.,.-.......,.- .-....-..,g Doc: Did you fill yoiu' date last night 'Z Julielo: Yeh! I guess so, she ate everything in sight. 4.....,..,-m....,,.-,.i.-....-t..-..,.-t..-.m..,......,,...,.........-...,-i.,...,......,,.-....-I...-,...-..........-.,.....i...., - - -W- ! WATERS C? ROSS I Holton Band Instruments g I Everything for the School Musician Expert Repairing 5 Prompt Mail Service 5 I 9155 Market Street s T San Francisco, California I 3. I Freshman in library: Please, W the Chemistry section? 'I' I I I Correct Lubrication I Washing, Greasing and Servicing g I . On request, I I We call for and deliver I I . . . I i Guy Brou2n's Etlttng Statton i T Phone 152 Fortuna T 4' : Q Z Fortuna, California 1 un-im-n.n1nn1nu 1nn1m..1n:..im1.nu1 un....m1.1m-nn-1i.i11.1ii1ml1..m-.i..,.-mi.-mi1W,1.UI1M1v.i1n1.1mI1.m1.. ould I find the American history i ,,1,m1,,..1,,,.1,,,,1,,,,1.m-.un1.m1,,,,1..,,1 1 1 1l..,..w.1m.1m,1 1 1 1 1,1 1 1 1 1 11,11 Beauty F 6 It is innate with most women, but it must be zealously guarded. "When you want to look your best, phone 69-W" Elaineys Beauty Shoppe 1.m1m.1im1un1nn1,,,,1inni1nn11,,,1m1nn1nu1,,,,1nn1mi1.m...m,1ym1m.1mI1m.1W.1inI14m1H,..-.,m1.m14,,.1.. Edith: Can you play on the piano? Goldie: No, my mother is afraid I'll fall off. if I I I I I 'I' n 'I' I I -1' .g...- iii, -..,.-H..-.W-,,..-,,,,-,...-it-,1,.-W-,,..-I..-,,..-,,,,-,...-.,,,.. ,,.. -,,,,..,...-,...-.- -.-. -I... .-,-,,,,-..!. I I I I 9 I 1 Gaincellon s Candy E aetory l 1 i 5 A. A. Garcelon, Proprietor i i 5 Manufacturers and Retail Choice Fruits Ice Cream, Fancy Bricks L Dealers in Confectionery, Always And Water Ices for Parties E : Ice Cream, Etc. On Hand A Specialty I I Q.- ,.ii ---- I --.. I I- .... .- -, -------- .- - - I- 1-.W-iq. Page One Hundred Twelve +-1-r--- -K- - -w-i- -I -r--i.-i,-t.-.- .- - - .- - - - .. .. .. - - -.,r-it L L l I t Scotia enerni Hospital Q L fe fe I l L 1 I I We have installed the very latest 1 XfRny Eqnipment i E All rooms and wards are light, sunny and completely furnished. - I We solicit patronage from the General Public. I i -5-- .l,, -..i-,.,.- .,,, - l..l - ll,, -,,,,- l,-, -.,r..,.i-,,i....r,.....,-.ri.-ri,....,.-,i,...r,-..r-i.,.-i,,,-..r-,.,,..u.g. Fred Moore Qto O. Martinellil: What would you do if you had a fist like that '? Olindo fatter close inspectionl: I would take it home and wash it. .g..,-,i.,- ,,,, -,,..- ii- it-ir,,.-.,,,-.,.,- 4, It was no rented room that inspired Howard Payne with the , sentiment of his immortal song, "Home, Sweet Home". It was the s I vision of a real home. a home that every member of the family might I I look unon as his or her own and recall with memories of genuine 2 affection. S l To own one's home is not so much of a problem today as it has l I been in years past. Rent receipts may be translated into title deeds. T Instead of being nomads, families may have walls that give them E permanent shelter. The best thing that any man can do for himself 5 1 and his family is to take the step toward owning his home. : Consult the Humboldt Nlilling Company for Building T 1 Suggestions and Information s I Fortuna, California Telephone 4. runvulnviuil 1xvvi1iu:--uix1unn1ii:iuuiliu-ii-I-1ivivmvlw-ni-:wi-1Iin-1nnluvnlnu-nui1-IIII1wavni1lnivulivun!l Western Tourist: Those Indians have a blood-curdling yell. Guide: Yes, ma'am, they're college graduates. +I-ii.-.,,,-,,..-...,-,..-.,,.-i...- ,,-,,,,-.,,i...v,,,..,,,-,,.,-.,,,-,i.,-W-.,,,-..i.-....-.,..-.,,.-...,-...-,..-.,.i-,.,- .-,i.,- 'Z' MIlERCERfI7RASlER COMPANY General Contractors and Engineers 1 I 2nd and Commercial Sts. Eureka, California - i ,!.-,,,,- ,- .... . - -. - - - .- .. ...,- -1... -i - -,i,.-H+ Page One Hundred Thirteen 2, as -1 -.J -1 .1 EZ L Jokes Miss Cod: Weren't you embarrassed at being frozen up in the same block of ice with Mr. Shad all winter? Miss Flounder: Yes, but it certainly made me solid with the old gentleman. Then there is the absent minded professor who stepped on his Wife and kissed the sta1'ter, patted his car on the neck and drove his children to school. 221 FS 255 Julielo: Somebody stole my car last night. Bus: What will you do now? Julielo: Pay up my debts. 5. 4: :gi Frosh: Why do you put powder on your face? Soph: To make me look pretty. Frosh: Then why doesn' ?. ' Carl Godec: What are you looking for? Doc: I'm looking' for what I lost. Carl: And what did you lose '? Doc: What I'm looking for. Miss East: What was the Emperor of Russia called? Dort: A Czar. Miss East: What was his wife called? Dort: A Czarina. Miss East: And what were his children called? Czardines. Dort : K. Packer fto Miss Dale in orchestral : I had th1'ee exams today and I received a hundred in all of them. Miss Dale: That sounds good. K. Packer: Yes, I got 50 in one, 20 in one, and 30 in the other. Mrs. Beck fin Public Speakingj : Why is it that a woman's Voice will not record well on a phonograph record? Hershel Shanks: Because usually a woman's voice is all worn out from overwork before she reaches woman-hood. Miss Alving: Paul, what's your father's occupation? Paul Pond: He's a worm's substitute. Miss Alving: What on earth is that? Paul: He bores holes in furniture for an antique dealer. Page One Hundred Fourteen 4.-Iiuni 1 1--I -I,-1-I --11 I -0- -. -111- I., --1- . ---1 Im- Q, l I Uhr itlumhnlhi Svtanimrh t I I I i E Fourteen Hours Ahead inI1,II,1,I,,1,.II-,,,I1...-III-...II.1IIII1Im,III.-.III1IvI,IIII1IIII,.III1III.-III,-.III-Im..WI.-i-I-. I.-4.24 1 1 I1.I..-.I+ -i- Garvin Goble: What's Greek for boiled water '? Shrimp: Zoop! +H- lvle - eel- - 'ee' -HI-I'-II- eeee --f-I- - - I- - 'eee - velf -I-1- -AAA ---- - - eev- - - -It-I -I-4.1. I 4 I 2 I 5 I Dayton Murray i S trang Bros. I I , Auto Top and Body Shop Smart Footwear T I '7 ' ' - i 5 'th and C' ELREIXA Phone 402 Exclusive Ladies' Footwear I Bodv Radiator and Fender 5 3 . 7 I E L Repairs Phone 1057 l L Plate Glass 521 Fifth St. Eureka, Calif. I . : I i 4- -I,,....,I-..,.- I.-I,.-,I,-..I-.,I-I,.-,.,..........,I...,,.,-,..,-.I,-.I,-...I-I..-II.....,,-.,..-,,I-.,,,....,.-I,,-,,,,-..I-II.-...g. "lt's not the school," sobhed the big fellow, "it's the principal of the thing." 'S' ,...II...-,II-I.,-I,,,-,,,-i.,-.I,,-.,..-I.,..,.,,-,,,,..,...-..,.-,I.-.I..... -,,.-I.,-III-III--I.-,...-,I,,-..I-III- E I , 5 I Hudson Essex I T Re e S G a 1' a g e Q i t I ' Service With a Smile Genelal Repaumb J. H. Brenner, Prop. L I I I S .' Pl 19 I Q PIO Den mme Scotia California L I t I 4.1-III-.II-.I.I-I...III.-III,-.III--II-I......,,...,.,,..I..-II.-..I-II-I......I.-,.I-I...-.,......I,......'-,...-....-I..I-.,......I.-....-...g. It takes a lot of patience and optimism to be a hitch-hiker on the road to success. ?lv,Iv-IIII1!IIIl IIII illu-1F11 'III T lIII T!lll"'l1IK'1llll'T'llI'T'UTUNTWl"'VUliIlll1-llII'iKIlITlIIITlIII11,IIIiIIII11!II1I'l'iIIl7vIAll1IIui,.!. L l I B C li S I i mrgess as tore T Groceries Notions Red Crown Gasoline and Oil for Your Auto . I i Magazines and Newspapers on Sale Rio Dell, Calif. Phone 9 1 1 -v-II- .. -I.-I... -.I-,. ..... .- - -I ..... I- -. .... -......I.5. Page One Hundred Fifteen X A -1 ...I f-1 .J fl EZ f L .i:n1:m-:-.- 1 -f:.-i 1---- - -Y:-i ---11- . -gii .1 1 1 1 L. A. PARKER i General Merchandise i Phone 5 Rio Dell, Calif. lx' ,-., ,H 1,,,,,,,,.1,,..,,,-W1ui-u.,1,m1.-u1H,.1.m1m,1.w-.,..,1uw.1im1wi1W.1,i,,1..i,,l,,,1i,i,1i 11 iii., Tarpley: What was the hardest work you ever did? Dutch: Landing this easy job here. .pi-.,,..,,,,-,..-,,.,-.m-,.,.--N-W,-,,..-,,,,..,-,,-,,.,-.,,,-....-,,,.-....-,...-,..-.. -,,,- .-i 1 2 5 i l I Redwood Amo 5 L 1 Body C? Fender Works Wreck Repairing Open Day and Night Radiators and Painting A. W. MacDonald, Prop- 5 I V n "It Pleases Us to Please You" Fomulla California l I 1 ---i:.-m.-im-m1mv-un1m...mim1vm-im-w11ulu1lul14nn1ml1uu1uniw1-.m-H..-mi1wiin- -, -im1u, "Vic" Hutchinson: All that I am I owe nu' mother. F. Malloy: Why don't you pay her 55.25 and square the account? ,5,,,,,,,,-,,,,-,,...H..-,, .. ..i......,,,-i......w-,..,-,1,.-,,.,-m.-.u,W..m..U.,-im..i.i.-,,.i..,,.,..,i,.-w-U,,-m...-W..-. 1 I . Q Scotia l ,-4 5 1 ,fSTANDARD L Shoe Shop 'L' .f , U CO. Joe Condesso, Prop. F to c' First Class Shoe Repairing 5 Eureka, California H0n95t P15095 T 1 P. o. Box 201 smug, Calif S. i 1--m,-.m-.w1i,,w..,-v-H-1-.m.-,..i-m.1.m.-im--m.-amino,,m-im-.:ii- -w-- - --im-m.-m.-mi- Miss Hendrickson: Exercise kills germs. Donald Jewett: How do you get them to exercise? ,IwiW1m,1m.1mi1.,ii1iH.fm1wi1uu-mi1m.1.m.-.N...-.fm1.m-uu1un1u..1.uv1.m-w.1,H-.mi -.-11-. -11. 1 Pork Scrfivziice Station A. W. Goble, Proprietor Service With a Smile I Phone 45-J Fortuna, Calif. 1 . Page One Hundred Sixteen 1 ml 4...-...i.. - .-X -. - - -ii-...,...,..,- ,,.. -ii.-W-M-...,-w,....,,-....-..,.-W-,i,- .. .. - - - -,..,- Q. l l T HTHE FRllENlDl.Y HOUSE' T offers Complete Service for the auto 1 sells b Chrysler, Plymouth, Cadillac 8a La Salle Cars l H50 Wh't T' ks dSl lBrsa E g and A Goddiichl Lgresan C wo umeb ei-ms. GREEN eo. Eureka S.- ,,.. -,,,-..,- ..,, -..- ,,.. .. .,,. - ,,,, - ,,,. - ,,., -..,-.,,- ,,,. -..,,-..,,.. ,,,, ..,i-.,,,.- ..,. - ,,,. - ,,,, - ..,, - ..., -,,,.-.,,.-m,-..,,-H..-...i. Astor Hansen ion bush: Why have those ducks red rims around their eyes? Eleanor Hinds: Maybe they stay up late at night. l i Parks Bro . i i I l T General Merchandise i I I 1 2 '33 i 1 l I l A 1 Phone 43-F-2 Alton, California T I .1q'1,.1,,-., 1 ,,,1 1 .,,, ..-,1,..-,ily-... .-., -1.-,.,1H.1w1.1,41w,1:i,.1 iiil 1i,.1..i1 ..4, -M1,ii-H1.-iii.-,,,i1.-it-H+ Bowersox: Why is a nautical mile longer than a land mile ? Dort: Because things swell in water. igngwl iiii 1iii1.u-11111111111-1-iv.: i,ii Tw- ":- i'm1'ii-wr--iiii-mimi iiii iiiiiii-nii1:i1--ri-vii-Qu-.imgi --wig, L L f i The Fortuna Adlquemnee T T Established in 1887 E Fortuna's Oldest and Best Newspaper We Do Commercial Printing i Geo. S. Graves, Editor and Proprietor Z I J ,5..,,,,,- ..,,-. .... H.- ,,,, - ..,, -,,... ,,ii -..i,- ,,.. - ,ii, - ..,, -i,.,-W,-.,,,-,.,- iii. - - --U-,ii-...Q Page One Hundred Seventeen X -1 -.J 51 -1 ...I fl C 1 V X2 L +H- ' r' -- ------- -- - -5 ----------- ----- - -H--g ! L l it L - l h. N 5 1 W r' I olole's i ' W Sy , ' I . , 'C is i 2 Ladies Ready-to-Wear . . fil l I First in the Latest i I - l i 2 Telephone 219 Fortuna, Calif. - i Individuality i 'FTWT IIWI T llll T llll T llll Ti IIP4 'i IIIN 'i VINW -" l'll T 1lII T IIWI T llli 1' XWNW -1lll'T Miss East: Hand nie that note. .. .. - - - -..l-..i.......-,...-.,,...i.....V..-...g M. Chandler: I'll write you one in a minute. This is for someone QUITIHI-.un1zu...vnziIHTHHTunTun,nu1.ll,,uH1nu11Hl else. - ,,.. - .,,, - ,... - .,.. - ..., -,- ,.-. -....-....- ..., - .... - ,.., - ..., - ..., - .... -1, l l C 0 l We l lt I Y 138 Sl lgg 37 UW' Qt z I l i RAY BREEDEN, Prop. - I Only State Inspected Meats Sold Here l Fortuna, Calif. Phone 189 s 4.-....-,..-....-....-...-,..-...-.........-...-,.........-....-...-...,- -. ...... ...,-....- -....- -.,..-...i. Don Jewett: Are you yawning? Otis: No, I'ni just giving the silent Indian war whoop. pf.-I-im-..w1wf-un-:mimi-+I..-mlim-un1im11m-nn1m1m-un1m-ui,-union-nm1-ui-mf-im-1m-nn- -mi-2, 2 RUMA BAKERY 2 G. Pinochi, Prop. E 4th and Commercial Sts. Under New Management Phone 569 Eureka, Calif. 1 l - ..-H..-...-,...-i..-...-..,-....-l.,.-.l,.-.i..-....-,...-....... I The Best of Service I E i T. C. BOLER, Prop. Representingslgcgikk Furniture : I 517 4th st. Eureka, Calif. i 'I'--my-. - - -i...-N.-.ii-...i-ly.,-.... ---- H..-ii..-.,... ' Page One Hundred Eighteen -..,...i.....H..-..i.-.. - ....,i-W.-............-.........,.-...5. PEACHES 8: CREAM STUDY LAPOLOMA SHORTY THE INN FLIRTS THE RETAKE Page One Hundred Nineteen yf F-1 .J V-1 .J fl J EZ 1'- Ln- 9- B E' L I V ,..--, . X kv 'x E5 v , AY' T -euzel in 'ei-".-Q f':""f . 33" , 4' .53 ss , -' ' ' A, -fig . ' fav...-, Lau.. MAYORS orrlcc Qgazvmgiggi ff, U smrn-A cusco "' - ." W ' " ' ..... MAYORS OFFICE 'SAN rmwcmsco Novcmbur Sth 19:0 Ltr. T-'illiun I. Moore, Editor-in-Claicf The Meuaphone, For-tuna Union High School, Fortuna, California. Fear IJ-. floors: Your cordial lfnztex- oi' thu Sth iz :gt nn amouncinfgt :Lat cz mzua-e iuacrican f citizens it is ytur aim to lv.: the world know of your curnust uoaim to have World Peace. There is an old adage entitled 'In Pima of Peace Prepare fox: Z.ur" which mi:-ht be well to chemo to "In Timo of Pcaco keep tho Pac: For L.tcx'nity". Thom: is no more. fitting :aessmja that I can think oi' to send you, and I buiiuvc upon cozsifieration this expru:-n,og my vie'-'zz on the subject. Tishinh XGU unc. ull tho members M A33 of The Aicgaphone success and wizh kindefnt vegan-us to all thc manners of the Fortuna Union High ' School,-bL.1iw me to be 4. , , 0 ,V If ,Very sincuxzggy yours, I, '- ,4', . , , if Wzf .ff L4""57"A f hhyor. 1 gfg L i lilll-in 1--- -11111--- 1 11-- .1ii.- 1. iliii uni in l i oore ll-lloitell and Store l i I Phone 26-W Rio Dell, California i l l 4- -...,.....,....,,-..,.-...,-..,.- ...N-.ii..,,,...ii-.,,.......i...i...-i,.-ii..-..i-..,,....i...-.W-..,,-H..-..i....,.-...,-..i-H..-..i.-...1. Otis Murphy: Hey, Van, have you got lots of school spirit? Yan B.: Gosh, yes. you should see the big "F" on my report card. .f.n...ii.-i,ii..i-,-.ii..- -...i-.,..-i,i.-iii.-.iii-.iii-1...-ii..-WTW,-....-....- ,... -ii..-i..-..ii-ii.-ii.-ii..-.i...-mi....iii..i..i.-Q. r E l i en, lLiI'l"l'l.,lE i Dr. Vernon L. Hunt Bndyy Fendm, and Twp i Orthodontist Works Automobile Painting i 3 : f Eureka Arcata Opposite Bank of America T 1 Phone 200 For-tuna, Calif. T - I -2- -.iii..ii.-..i,-.m.....i-...i-...i-...i-,,i-i.,-H...-....-i......ii-...i-...ii-...i-ii..-ii. -.,..-..i-..i....i....i-....-..i.-ii.-ii.-...y Emylou Grove lon buslz I wish you kids would all stop breathing, it's getting stuffy in here. .g.....i...-,,,.-,,....i,,-.ii-...,--,.,-.i.,-,...-ii.,-W.-..,,-.,.,-,...-,,,,.. ... ... - -i.... - - - ,-,..,- - .-.ii-4. 2 Fortuna High, we love thee. l For 'tis here we have the best instructors, I To help us in the preparation of our life's work. i The noon hour we hail with delightg 2 Z So to the Cafeteria we rush with all our might, 1 Where we are served Guernsey milk - I i Pure . . . Nutritious . . . Wholesome . . . By Fortuna's leading dairy. i VMCKREY GUERNSEY DAIRY i i Fortuna, California Phone 169-F-2 .i.- ,,.i -i,,.- ii.i -,,,.-ii-W.-ii..-.,.-...i-.i.,-,-i.-ii..-in..i.,,-,..i....,-.-H..-..,.......,......-.i..-,i.i..,i.,-W-,...-,i.,- -....-iq. Owner of wrecked Austin: Couldn't you see me coming? George Hugo: I thought it was a Hy on the windshield. q...-...,-i.....,...-i...-ii..-iii.-iii,-.iii-.W-....-i...-.i..-.ii.-.ii-.,...-ii..-ii....ii.,-iii.-ii..-..i,,-....-ii..-ii..-.i...- - -.ii-.!. l l l J iii 'l B li I i o in C. ecczif er i Dealer in I Hardware, Feeds, Groceries, Boots and Shoes, Dry Goods, Ladies' and Childrenis Shoes, and Ready Made Dresses General Merchandise i Phone is-J Hydesville, Calif. l l -i.-i,-,i.- ii,. - ..i. - ..i. - i... -...-. --,--V-. ---------- .... - mi-.ii-..i-...i-,ii-.. -....-mg. Page One Hundred Twenty Own Sewvziee Seutzisfies Um' Pwiees Right Om' Quality High CO5 K9 Bertairfs Laundry Scotia Q! .J 5 2 Ef- ,EQT X A L I A... 7 .!..1li-11-1,1 1. 111111-1 : -111-111i1 .1 1 1 1.1 l I Each year asiwe are called upon to financially assist the Students l in the compilation of the Megaphone, through subscription of ad- vertising' space, we find our stock of merchandise greatly enhanced by the addition of new items, both novel and staple, since the l previous 'fMeg'aphone" in every department. I Our Grocery Department is especially equipped to supply the requirements of every one. One glance at our display will convince you, and we hope to enlist. you as a regular customer. At your convenience, we invite you to visit our store. The Pacific Lumber Company I Scotia, California 4.--.., ,.....,....,,,....,,.-,,..-,,,.-,,,.-,,..-..l-.,,,-..,,-....-....-H..-..,.-W.-.,.,-H..-U.,.....,......-.,,....,,.-H..-....-H..-... They call her "Spoon" because she leaves them deeply stirred Was Harold's plan to thrash the editor carried out '? No, but Harold was. +511 'lll T l"l '1 "'l T l"l T 'l" T l"' TWT l"' T llll i 'll' T'll'T"llT 'lll 'i 'lll i llll i l"' T lll' T l"' V lll' T lll' 'W'll"'T'T i i T i Qur i Covers Were Manufactured i by i Weber f McCrem Company, lime. I 421 East Sixth Street I Los Angeles California l . 4--,,,,-, - l-.. - .-.. .... . ......... . ...... .. .. Page One Hundred Twenty-two .fan-lm ---1-1 ,1 1. .- -11,-I-I-1 -v 1-1----- 11 1 -ii-mv-,I4 I I E .,.... . .... W. IN, Z -.1 :xi - , ,.., 'A"" ' I ffaszvuraa l I :-:- 'as mam I e ef Q unnn E e 2 -t --555, , a.,.w..,...-...M-..:..,-f:1:Ei . . ' 5 Y -4 'Nw '?X'?3""?:5:f:T'-:U x"""'i'f""cIW IX when-ri '.-X-.fxrli-xoS:-L-'-'if-xc-Ivicfiox-yb"ik'k2K'A9SQbXi53'k " "-v-X'-':'-15'-12:1-I1I'II"1-'-.'4 ' . 'NF ., 555422 , .HF-if."I'i1"Iiwi1.1":'1.'I.'-':rZ'2'E'1'E' IN'fi'fff1?,r.':E'??h -' "" X ff"2-aww-x -- w x-wx " - 23: V . - -:v,X-iw:-1,:..:.-.-:,:,,,::-,-A-,--,1:a::,q14:.v-V ',:,::..::.'- 4. -+ . - , ,, -4..:.:,.--wh.,3:-:.,:,:,:,:::::1:R:::: ffl: K"V I ' ' " A ' ' '- '- .,,.,..,,,.mx.N,,r.M,a , .,..,.,. . NR .4 . , ,. , . ,,,,YY, ,, ,,,, ,,,, Y,,,,,Y,,,, ,,, . , . , .... s. I A Q - . J ' 5 '-"' vm-. :5::If:- - x ' - f 11 1-2-i- , E -' N. ,vi M11--'-112:-'ff :::::::' wiv fu-I+ fi ''f-+.:e:ss:s:z:z:a:z:s:::::::::::::e:5:z:s:s:ss:e:s:z:s:2:s:z:a:z:z:esz:s E 25RE7i595"'fi5"' -.7 -::f5I'I:"l , " ':1:5:7:3:. 'K " " 2'-2 -.'Q-HZ-:55:5Ii7S-3I-:I-.-:-I-ESWNQ:-12525 "e:-Igqzgl'-..,, ,-.'-:g'c3:5:5225212515:515251:Ig:555:Igr::g:::::::3::g:3:5:g:35::' I """' : I I I .. j , 3' gf' -, g YY'IEEEEEIEEEEEE32555555555EEE3EE5E5E5E5E5E5E5E5E5Ef25f 'fPTE:IfEfE:E5:f15E5:5:5E:iQ,Ei" af- -, f ' f' : . M,- ,-1.-' ,.,f4f:, L ,-55:-Q1 L...t, his .-11, , X ,i 5-:?:..'- 'C , . E I ft Q., HQI- 55,1 5 I. I E ,fi V 2,35 I 5 .Eff 'S X'-ia, 6-:fi A.i":el.-:1 255:'...,.-- -:. :.:.1's f :f1- s,t2,a::-15:,H -l.5--g-5I'- 5 I ' U 5, 1 f 5 I . v 3:53 ..,. .- E ,, fj hf f H I 5 - 'X,:g5-:Q:.,A: v " --- ' I ng ,, . , . . . . ,. .. , .. -N-xaxm-'lxNL,sf 5 Y Best wishes to Class of 1931 A T Phone 85 Fortuna I -1- ..,H,lm,1H,.1,1i, 11im-INTIIU1.W1W..i4,.1.m1ii.:T,,,,.1,p Tln,1.m.1.. i..,,1,T,-',..,,-,..i,,1Li ITWLiuxil,,,,1iyz,TiviiTf,+ Teacher: Arabia is said to have only one auto for every 70,000 people. John: But not even Art Larson can crowd that many in his Ford! oioxlrviluvmn-mul-lull:in:l,uT.m.-uni-.lmlnlu1vw..vir-mi,in.1uui-U41-rm-vm1uuTvm--ull-iiniluu-uv,-iyl,Tun-1111111111 4, l Scotia Barber Shop i l L. D. Hinds l i Scotia California I I 'Y' -P -..i,1..,,1,,,- -mlmv,im-Im.-mi...wi.-mi-mi.-..m..m1.m.-..-..4.v11mI...W...,,,....,,,,-w.-ni,-im-,,,l ,,1,,1,,,,,.,, Quizzz What did Paul Revere say at the end of his ride? Quipp: Whoa. TCCCCCCCCim'i"'"i"""""W? l eanrorrasroae I General Merchandise I Phone Carlotta Carlotta, California l I T - II.. ---.- .,Ii .. ,,i, - ii,, ---,---A ----- --I--as-----A- A-H+ 'Z' Page One Hundred Twenty-three -1 ...I -1 .J E ? .F-1' A ' L I L fe- -'-f --------- T ----------------- - 1--- - -1- Q Star Barber Shop I It Pays To Look Wen E. saiiady I Fortuna California wiv- --yu - 411- - wwxl - .-NN - -',. - ywxu - .-LN - ..,1 - .fN. - ww.. -u.- 1.., - iw,. - ,w,, - .-.1 - w,., - ..,. - .... - ..,1 - .... - .,,4 - ..'. - w,.. - .,,, - ..,N - ...X --W- Docili: I don't see how you tell the Nutter twins apart. Shrimp: That's easy. Roberta always blushes when we nieet. .5...-,,,,-,,.,-,i.....,,,-1...-...,-,., ...,W-,..,-.i,,-...i-m.-....-ii.......,-...i-,..,-W.....i,-.,..-....-,..,..,,..-.i ,-..,,-.,i.-,.,..-ii.- Breltels Garage Fortuna, California Phone 52-W l -Q- Service on All Cars Asker: What beeanie of your secretary? Teller: I married her and now she's my treasurer. ,5.,,....,,...,,..-.Hi-,...-,,,.-,..,-W-..,,-H..-.,,,-,,,.....i,..,,,.-U.,..,,.-...,...,,,-,.,,-ii..-,,,...,,..-,,,-.,,,- - - .... ...M- l l T Mowatoe Sweet Shoppe i Scotia, California T Fountain Drinks I Ice Cream and Sherbets to Take Home L Bricks Made To Order vi- -W-.iii-mi-i.,.-W-....-...,....H -..,.-W.-..i-W.-..i..,..,-,..i-,i..- .... .-im-.W-,...-.ily-..,,-...K-..,.-......,..,-,...-..i.- Shakespeare won't he thoroughly modernized until Romeo eroons Vagabond love song to Juliet throu,Q'h a inegaphone. -.. -H1 .1 .1 imi- l I 0 T Fortaaa Eleetrie Shop R. E. Perry, Prop. L. 8: H. Ranges Lyon Breeders Hotpoint Appliances Universal Milkers I G. E. Radios Fairbanks Pumps Q Telephone 25-W ! I -1--,..,.. ... -N -,,-i - - - .....- -W-.,..,-..,,-,.,i-.,,-..,,-,.- - - - - -,- - - -..H- Page One Hundred Twenty-four,v-mi 1 1mi-my1inn1uni-nu-im1un-- ,QQ 2+Efr:f,5k. 'Rss iss E3-En -. ziff 'L :5 'kt' '?i:. S -:-.::- ?S:f5 . 5 X l :F , li 132 , X in K X mx VE S 1 ' Q ,, . Q Q 1 : X Q , x GN P:-wx W y X x gm wx M , - :.g:s,y5NzQ wx ms. .bas 4 wiw Xxx, means sAN'ro THE STAFF NANNETTE MADCAP :M nu. 'rr-ne 1-:Ames some GYP '1 Page One Hundred Twenty-five Ll .1 fl J r: ff? Officers W. M. NELSON Xxx 'fiden A. S. MUPPHY Vice Preiident W. P. MCKFNZIE Ca:hie1' J. M. MCCALL Asst C3.hi61' The Fzmist Nwtzzmnml Bank ScCO?fZlnCll, Ccclzzfmnm D11ect01s . . W M Nelwm .,., b . a f-if f - A S lXId1DhX I E E Yodel I F W Beudeu r' " 3' M ' 'J ..,-BL.-,... . 1 ,..,Y.....q.--X. E P lXICIx911Z1Q Page One Hundred Twenty-six ,fm ,,.. ,,,,.-,M-1,- ,-,-.-,,.- ,-h - 5- - - - - ,- - -.-, -,-1- Q - - 4, Q Q l . Q " T PM z l w w w - . 2 'if 1 2 .f. O O ' 'OO'O b " :F l 1 Q 9 ' l l l fm 1 up l l l l l 1 s 0 o l 0 0 0 l I l I L i xg ' l 1 1 ' L l ' . . l . . - I ' ' N 1 f if' A 5 5,- .-.,-M-, -, -.,,, -,.-.- -. sfo -nnxnnxlnn-nutnnui 1nnn1n1uu1uul1lu-- -nn-nn-ml-mlinn-lm.-nn.-nu-nn1n1n-uu1unn1m:-un-nn ofa H, W, Comfort, M, D, Bryan Building, Fortuna Phone Res. 148-J Office 148-W Ofiice Hours: 1-4 and 7-8 N-my11m1m11m..1ufl1.u.l1nn1ml1un..uu-un1uu- 350 E St., Eureka Bank of Italy Phone 14 Building Dr, Carl T, Wallace Physician 'Sz Surgeon Compliments of IL, Kramar, M, ID, Fortuna, California -- 1 1U..1nn11m1uu1ml1ml....mI.1m1 1 - Dr, H, H, Wiulcler Dentist Scotia California Dr, Milton D, Auclraiu Dentist Fortuna California Dr, C, A, McClasltey Dentist Fortuna California O-K Barher Shop Fortuna Best of Service - 1 1 1nn1un1nn1ml1m.1lm1lm1 1II.. C, W, Kerr Insurance Specialist, Bonds, Rep- resentative of the Guaranty Build- ing and Loan Association of San Jose, California. Loans and Investments Phone 163 Box 241 Fortuna, Calif. i .. B, B, Bartlett, Opt, D, S, P, Bartlett, Opt, D, Optometrists 529 F Street Eureka, Calif. -ml1lm...mI1lm1m.1 1 1.m1..,..-,m1..,,1,,,,- FUNERAL SERVICE Quiet, Dignified Supervision Hunter C? Wise -I 11.1.1 1 1 11m1m.-.m..-un-un-W1I- Marlon A. Worcester Fashion Shop Exclusive, but not expensive First Nat. Bank Bldg. Eureka A, R, Chaucller Texaco Petroleum Products Fortuna, Calif. Try your next till here ff 1am1nm1un1ml1nu1nu1mI1ml1un1un1.I ..- Fortuna Cash Grocery Fortuna, Calif. All Kinds of Groceries Next to Post Office ly..uu..un1nu1HII111.1111111,m1-m1.Im1wr.-rm-, Mathews Music House Beautiful and Artistic Gifts and Greeting Cards for the Graduates Victor Representatives 423 F Street Eureka, Calif. ' X .nm1ma1un1mI1lm1Im1m.11m1Im1Im1mI-rm - McClure 699 McfCreery Optometrists 333 F St., Near 4th Eureka i -mf1mr11111-.m-un-ml.-m.1nu1mr1nu1un1un- Irenegs Smart Shoppe Coats, Suits, Hats, and Dresses Moderate Prices Irene Hauek in the Eureka Inn Phone 780 - 853 m..1nm1un..m.1nn1Im1mr11m1uu1nn1nn1mv- 4. -....-...,-....- - -.-,.,.............,-,...-....-..I.-....-,,,.- ... - -...-....-....-........,.-........- .. -....-.,4. Page One Hundred Twenty-seven Q' '1 ...I I I I I . I I I I I I I I -A" si I If I W- . Rf' I ' I I I I I I I I 'I : .J , fl I I I I I I I I I I L2 I I I 4. I I I I I I I L L I Index it AUTO BODY and FENDER WORKS Ed. Little Body Wks., Fortuna Redwood Body Wks., Fortuna Dayton Murray, Eureka ....,... ARCHITECTS Franklin T. Georgeson, Eureka ......,......,......... ...... BAKERIES Fortuna Bakery, Fortuna ........ Log Cabin Bakery, Eureka .... Roma Bakery, Eureka ,.,,..,..... BANKS Bank of Eureka, Eureka ....,... Bank of America, Fortuna tdonationl .....,,,..,,,...,....,.... First National Bank, Scotia .... BARBERS and HAIRDRESSERS Elaine's Beauty Shop, Fortuna O. K. Barber Shop, Fortuna .... Palace Barber Shop, Fortuna Scotia Barber Shop, Scotia .... Star Barber Shop, Fortuna ..e, BUSINESS COLLEGES Eureka Bus. College, Eureka.. CONFECTIONERS Bon Bonniere, Eureka ......,..... Delaney Sz Young, Eureka .... Garcelon's Candy Factory, Fortuna ..........,..,........,,,....,.. Newell! Candy Shoppe, Fortuna ......................,....,.... Mowatoc Sweet Shoppe, Scotia Student? Inn, Fortuna ,...,..,.. CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERS Mercer Fraser Co., Eureka ..,. COVER MANUFACTURERS Weber-McCrea, Los Angeles.. DAIRIES Vickrey Guernsey, Rohnerville Page One Hundred Twenty-eight 120 116 115 107 90 109 118 100 126 112 127 118 123 124 106 109 106 112 05 12-I 96 113 122 120 o Advertisers DRUG STORES Bohmansson Drug Co., Eureka Bowman Drug Store, Fortuna DENTISTS Dr. Milton D. Andrain, Fo1'tuna ..............,......,,.,,,,.... Dr. Vernon L. Hunt, Eureka.. Dr. C. A. McClaskey, Fortuna Dr. H. H. Winkler, Scotia 109 101 127 120 127 127 DEPT. STORES, MERCHANDISE John T. Beaber, Hydesville .... Burfliess Cash Store, Rio Dell.. Carlotta Store, Carlotta .......... Daly Bros., Eureka ..............., Hll1klS, Eureka ,,.,.......,.......,,,,, Friedenbach Bros., Fortuna L. C. Morgan Co., Fortuna Meng Bros., Loleta .......... L. A. Parker, Rio Dell ........... . Parks Bros., Alton ................, , Scotia Merchandise, Scotia ELECTRIC SHOPS Fortuna Electric Shop, Fortuna .............,,,,.,,,,,, FUNERAL PARLORS Hunter ze Wise, Fortuna FURNITURE Standard Furniture Co., Eureka .................................. Hansen-Hunter Co., Fortuna.. Duck Bros., Eureka ......... ....... FRUITS and VEGETABLES Sol's Fruit Market, Fortuna .... FEEDS L. S. East, Fortuna ..... GROCERS Fortuna Cash Grocery, Fortuna ................................ White Grocery, Fortuna ........ 120 115 123 104 1011 99 03 100 116 117 122 124 127 116 100 118 100 100 127 103 Index to Advertisers GARAGES Sz SERVICE STATIONS Brelle's Garage, Fortuna ....,... Guy B1-own's, Fortuna ............ A. R. Chandler, Fortuna ,,,..... Fortuna Garage, Fortuna ...... Charles Green Co., Eureka .... Hughes Chevrolet Co., Fortuna ......................... ...,... Park Service Station, Fortuna Rees Garage, Rio Dell .........,.. Scotia Garage, Scotia ........,... HARDWARE and PLUMBING L. L. Bryan Co., Fortuna ...,,. Fortuna Hardware 81 Plumb- ing Co. ..............,,............,.. . HOSPITALS Scotia Hospital, Scotia ............ INSURANCE C. W. Kerr, Fortuna ..... ....,. J. H. Smith, Fortuna ..... JEWELERS Fred Krieg, Fortuna ..... Hollander's, Eureka .... ...... Schueler's, Fortuna .... ,..... LAIINDRIES and CLEANERS Bertain's Laundry, Scotia ...... Fortuna Laundry, Fortuna .... New Idea Cleaners, Fortuna ..., LUMBER MILLS E. J. Dodge Co., Fortuna ,....,.. Humboldt Milling Co., Fortuna ...,............................ The Pacific Lumber Co., Scotia ,.......................... ...... MEAT MARKETS Fortuna Market, Fortuna ...... Piggly Wiggly Market, Fortuna ............,..,................ MUSIC Mathews Music House, Eureka Waters Sz Ross, San Francisco 124 112 127 96 117 99 116 115 115 100 103 113 127 94 9-I 10-1 112 121 123 104 96 113 110 103 118 127 112 MEN'S CLOTHING and ATHLETIC SUPPLIES Cruikshanks Sz Eriksen, Fortuna ...........,.................... Arthur Johnson, Eureka ...,.... Smith K: McNeil, Fortuna ...... NOVELTY STORES Fifteen Cent Store, Fortuna.. OPTOMETRISTS Bartlett's, Eureka .....,..s.,,....., McClure Sz McCreery, Eureka PHYSICIANS Dr. H. W. Comfort, Fortuna .. Dr. L. G. Kramar, Fortuna ...... Dr. Carl T. Wallace, Eureka.. PRINTERS Fortuna Advance, Fortuna .... Humboldt Beacon, Fortuna .... Humboldt Standard, Eureka .... Humboldt Times, Eureka ......., PHOTOGRAPHERS Freeman Art Co., Eureka ........ RESTAURANTS and HOTELS Benson's Cafe, Fortuna .......... Eureka Inn, Eureka ................ Moore Hotel, Rio Dell ............ O. K. Restaurant, Fortuna ...... Star Hotel, Fortuna ................ SHOES Buster Brown Shoe Store, Eureka .................................. Gunderson's Bootery, Eureka Strang Bros., Eureka. ............ . SHOE REPAIR SHOP Scotia Shoe Shop, Scotia ........ WOMEN'S CLOTHING SHOP Irene's Smart Shoppe, Eureka Noble's, Fortuna .................... Worcester Shop, Eureka ........ 103 109 9-1 96 127 1-Uv 127 127 127 117 98 115 107 108 94 112 120 10-1 116 107 109 115 116 127 118 127 Page One Hundred Twenty-nine X g -4 ...I E-1 -1 ..-I C ,J P19 E Q ,.' fl THE SECRETARY OF THE INTERIOR WASHINGTON Jef 4 5 X fa 'E 3 E3 5 ES W dear Mr. Moore Thank you for your kind note Glad to hear of your plan in connection with tne 1931 High School mmol the usozvmm, of me union :ugh School I am inclooing a brief statement which you IDB! care to use. Very sincerely "To know all is to forgive all," -18 an old proverb - In the field of international relations the more we know .VL Q our neighbor, the less likely we are to come. into conflict with him We need to develop international understanding If we sncceed world peace will follow, X, ..l 2 9 F 1 2 , X if 1 7 N. o yi I 3 x . . ,lj - . QA , 'F - X S f - fl vi,-L .417 in I ' , 3 , 3 keg. Q N' 3 -dn '1 l Q i Awtfwgmphs Avuzmgurfczlphs N Y x 1 X l 9 5 I ...I V 'Z' .J fl J EZ V-1 L The Dawn of Peace It is the Dawn of Peace! The nations From East to West have heard a cry,- "Though all earth's blood-red generations By hate and slaughter climbed thus high Here - on this height - still to aspire, One only path remains untrod, One path of love and peace climbs higher! Make straight that highway for our God.' - Alfred Noyes Y! : fl Z u. 1 -a T Page One Hundred Thirty-two . K -1 'A ,, . ' - , ' YF , 4, . 4 ' ' I . ' . "" xv. if . ' N l I -,. L. g,"....,A 'tf' . L 'fn 'f'A' .A 1 '.'-. 'AJ'-N 2 3 , , ug 'S' k ,K 1 n ,, F Twp." . ,M 5' It 9 L' 7 Q V vi? ' :L 5 e 5 , . ' 1 - - . 1. Legs 1-.3', . My H+ '. -A - , I J i Q M' - A v 0' M L- i id' .fi nv 1:1 9. . Ab lf' t f PN -il I 0' D n viz"-J A ,fq ' 1 1.41 ,-uf 4 1 I I ,K . P. ai it . N21 Lv H. 53 O 4. v'-.- Z' .-1 -I y V U 9 - a L 0 w 'Q 1, Jr 'Q I 1 . -.JI f Airlin- ,.-we ,nv NS.: .gk . -41. V - ' 'UQ .-:ffl 1 .-::tv'1' ' - h , ,. -, xQ,x,1.j4,. ,S f X wx 7 ' "qw 5 " ' ' Z., ":j.9" . . if sf'-X l .I E, -If,1Qf"f,'v, fr, ' ' E 1, mx. V 5, it U - .- i T f.,- 'Nr pg gl., , Mhz, 'L-1 'wx Q 'Q':'f,Qji4?Q'-4.1-S: gQ.', l.,fs,.,-,':' ,-ff! -y,,f2: - 553: , -W f':.u',:cx: i ":'?i::E' Jqzilifj lk",-5 0 - iii '5'iH"21 -' Ffh- -Zwfjf: fl' " , .Q 4 if 8' -F . - A ..v1.,i-w.: Qs' ,E , .::-,.:'.ifIfj bi 1- -5':..i:,:.L'.-2 'Q - -' " ,' 1'-P. R -e In . .:' . Nh, 'Wx .F 5 . vw- :H : N., K- , --N W1 .I ,. , :t -' . ff.. . 'ix-Nr, , X -, .mf N. , -Q, f Q 'isgffia ,.,, 93335 .1 'SMB -4-.' , ig., P ex-4-.sf TAR, w gxx -s '- , x " 'YA 12.1 A , mx ual tx s s au' R ,gr ..'l,. . , 5.-vw m 6 Q. E. L. . , 1 .. N XXX!! .U YL JSJWW ..,,.....a-K 4. x 1-qu, ws vn- QI N. .I .a.vV-'FRY-LJ K ,5,q'A'3 .1-v 'Nha """"x s 'Ks Ni N 'X I- I-ali-N if-..L.?q,: Yi -x ...- 4...-.4 J U x -Q. N xx 4,,,,.f-2' H sq X N. X F4-mn aw: -f N H 'ekxvncqx 'N x.N!x A 141. 4 N , '-f 'f'1r'w'.'iS-fwrv 3gf""" . , . , A 1 11.11- , '.,:fz iff? .Ei Q 1 1: ' 'QW .4 'e'L, ., r1Q.,,,,..,. ..,..:, .l ' "" 'vs- 'Viih K JM - . .-..1-.g4f1:,-up . . 'wa 1. "K: "'e -NN' 1 .- -. "R v 1. x ' rf .rm .- l.- l --2-:milf-1 1 -"- -gif ':1'-fg:.q!'xJi- -1 fag Ka .. A xSx?a.f"" t. "-.'Se., .--.-. .1.-xfs'tf":- '-11'--:fr-i'iwQ:-' mv. 1 wwf-S ....f..-r.. 'W xt : .' we 1- .-PQ, ,,,.,, u 1 'Xl y., .HL 'B Q , . .-,,g. nr., ,,F!,l,.m , .. ,, ,. .,., A.,,,,1'wd 55. yf.,.J-3. M, .., . ,n .gf-q...,., gy-,,J.,,.:A7u.,,Q,,,.,A?.:?,'51:pl.V,I fl MN! I y- N . 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Q- V - f . , PBX 32.51 g4.NI'f'-5445 12- -1.1'Z12' aFM..1I'IA-riffziwf-:2lf'i:1i',2:212k":1'-ma' :1fYJ'f'f..!'fl5"?'.v59"?7pA .,f'-f.:...-31417 ,',:-v'f'1:.1'f- Mfr. l. 3 T' 1.-P' a: 1' 1.4.4a.'iLF2'-f'. ' -Y- an -w,,rpf!-Q-gdyigw.-24256 1 'Jn' nz-Nqr.A3-.-5if,.,.5A:-31.,.:3,,x.'5!Lrq . : 4,::m25',5Q.-: Nm -.1611 5' wgvm 3,v.i,. ..6lf.', -.:.,,' -441: 1..U.-Q..-155 . 1:12, 1,-'lug - '-,gf A .r."1L'j'.q,, F'hf'u1" "vI'!1f.15-:F mia-E: 'waiwwit F.-g':1i3'if1'I5L -1, -'ceq 5:12 H-.ff'7v-,935 211:-Liv' sw 'gg ' 'E H gf--.' iff 1""fT ,.f"j'1V---wil'-,,,1 ' ' - "vfq1,'i2bwQ-:gg?g2SriQgfff:2fgg',I-'gJf- Q- j15sji.s5.' if ?,-w:f:g'lfi:5jg?gs5t77-f4i:- -fitgfi 'P " l 'A'1f'21:i-g1fS' 5.1 .,,. .... , - 5, , A .. : -1--,T ,: -. '. wx- Q- u--am., .-1.2 3,--5 3,5-t--zil., Ex.: ,,j..4g:43.fm5N,g 'Q ": 1.3 ' ,YL ' H PQ f . M J 'L ww , Lx.: 'Iwi .Jw , N .M-wa , wr: 4'13l:?'ff'g' . 1 - W ' ' K' 1 .HN ,, .r-Cf' 5, ' ' JV: "f14iE'Q' ,. 2' 'Q-:ferL-.Lf-.v,f'-f': .2 nf: A 1 , , sl ,, -ldlqx ix' f X A ' gf-'f.2Lf,,:m'Q.f'.' 1' 'E '1"'tz:. r V f wifvf, ,I , , A .f, gg 44 'VI .U ' 1 1 ,. ' -" "C'4' ' , 1: ' H 'I' 5 '-.f'f"-'ff'-'f'3C.... ,'. .'w'46' "':" -'.'." rm-' " , W"-' 'az H-z", . .----r-' 'v M: :4:33,.': an-1. ::'14g.: .'..'-f 7, . W 5..-., ,, vm V. :'41y',4 -1 .. ,iq . 3.1 fu: "fysq ,-jj,-1g:f', 5,5-..1,-.-5, A 47 , 1 3 pnffglg- fy ig?-Q35 -'QA g::a:jf5',+?2g15igfI-:Ji 3.217-."', N 5:'-71:55 :Q 4 f HQ :g:?1if,,,ar .enf.-51g1f'j'f1-gfigiffzi 1 fig ' , H, ffl, ,I M4 f' f.+i'3e. '+I gznnmrmigg -sasafyageg wa Q '41, f - :f ' V v 7 Lf 'J-p , 9 ,-31 uy1-1-.!'-- T 'z...v.2Z:f' '.'-'PM ' ,K 1-' .'. ,A ,,,. I , F' . . zfm. K" . Q .. .- .uw ,'.gf. in .,, 1. .,., Sy., .QI gl.. 55: I A 1 I 1 W V f"l5.1.I"1i7 N 'tif 1 f fl 'ij'-N: ' ' ' H .. 9-rm ' N--' . f MILLS COLLEGE M L COLL GIF 0 C LFQRNI P 1 one J-musrv 19 2.21 Article prsnsred by Dr Aux-elia Henry Reinhardt for 'llsuaplmne' 1931 Fort-me Unian Him bcnool Annual International pence is a splendid onjective But li ze ell splendid minus, it will be won with dlffi culty You have only to realize the intelliuent efiort necessary to have s family group in hnpny sgxecznent, or to seep a class in High Scnool really friendly to the last nupll, to ax'-ive at the conclu ion that peace does not cone without effort For whole countries to be at nes: with each other will demand friendly thowjnt and effort, friendly co o eration and ea rlfice No one nntlan c nn have nll the raw nate isle, oil or cnnl, cctton or iron Fo one nation can have all t 18 gold lo one nation can exnect to nave all tne business, selling its fern products and its mwnu factured goods, witnout bu,inL, otnsx products and goods in fair e clmn e International mace will be Jossible to a rorld in which governments recognize 'mat thaw must share uossesslons with one another Human belnos need food., and clothin , sxelter and o mortunity to worn Hi-gn snhool students can set themselves no more interesting tae' tnan studying the subject that will heln them unlerstand how to live as individuals and as cltivens so that these tninbs may come to pass It is not enouvn to talk about international peace or to write abut it It is not enough to 'believe in inter- national pesce and to wisn for it All of us weve to be intelli- gent enouun to .mow how to bring it to Less Intex-nstlonal peace is a splenald objective what will the pupils of Fortuna Union Hign School dc to bring it to pass "B1es ed are tue peace-make:rs"l s ii: x el 'l A X ffgyigfg ' X ' sf X 5. Ns e.,.m.. ,. , , Ls Si, .T . - . Q I , ,, . 5 INTrIR!.Al'IONAL PLACE , , - -1 N A -2 ' n . f ., r x Y . . V 0 J: ' ' . ' V ? A- KW ogy X M om :sa 1 V - ei OTARY INTEQYNKFIONAL M oem .- as u Av' TAMPICO. MEXICO uhh'- RO ri x,x 'M TAKE INTlihN.XTIOXAL as Q lr li11imJ lleore. Editor, Ehs Megaphone, Fortuna Union Big: School, Tortxmn, California Dear lillism agreeable to your request of the 31st inet I offer tne following message Hay ovary student satisfy tha' inherent curiosity to mow more about the peoples and the problmzs of other countries Let than begin by pledging their word to encourage the develops-.ers of a broad international understanding based on the Golden Rule and may they have the courage to dmallonge those factors in our social life today which have any tendency to lessen the high ideals responsible for the amazing developnent of the great American Commonwealth Io should always strive to foster the finer human rslationsnios, lilling, yes eager to face our problems and responsibilieies with s genuine desire for o more intimate mmderstanding and a determination to seek only that solution which is based on truth and Justice Nhat could be more facinating to anyone 1 terse ed. in the pro motion of international understanding than to find everywhere, in every lend, the sane fine spirit of patriotism and loyalty the same cherished regard for the home, the same love of family, he sane desire to ness on to their loved ones every nassible advantage of civilization and culture, and to Yind everywhere the sane great dream - tho fervent prayer for the one thing sr' .bout which al' of these other blessings are as naught - - international oeace U' ehing you every success and with all and thouunts I rsnain, Very hols you. 3, ,1 I E Qutton mfr, . .,.. ,magma Q 1 .5 m 1 ' ef' 'W P ..',,.,.,, xo 5,1 1 .'31:'Fr153jr'fiyQ-yojqylgtdrf-'r 21,4 Q-MM.. 651:11-e v- , Q25 1' ' 3Iqf2,hgw:f,i'fiT."- f"?'f'- as. x W.-sg - ' wx ' - i X V 4 X? ' A -' ' ' , 'W Q' i?'T'i+i . ....r .. .:-T r X. A .,. .. . 17: , .' 4 1-su" H ' iz f. fv......,...f n, , .3 .amuse su . jf yr '5 10.5.134 1 f , "'-'lfii 'Q' f 'K ' , I f 3 'A lzfvffftu e C255 J '- J - , .., fl 1 H Q ME af ...Pl'..m..,...f off N .ca....r..Q Tmxpicc, Mexico, Nov. 29th 1930 r X . . . . . 1. " ' . .. r 5 . .H L - . - . 1: A. A. - ' 'f' , . 4, , W. , X I , , e 'r A. "1 Oh, Peace! With joy we thank thee For the steps that thou has built That lead us to the shrine, Where all may worship as they wilt , ,., . QQGUID I: ,o 4 , . 9 92 E I fd' w'-fu E 15:1 7-my x 1 2 F02 " iv ' -E 'ffwfw if Q 2 -1: fe, - 15 5z- ,U ,,-2: J- X J, ' an L fx gg V 3, .1 an U I W! ' ,J , ' A :F 3 :' 1' "A, I ' ' , A-- . 'Rf 3 f Q- EH frfdj A ' 5' P 2:2 - 4 IB ff 'sfif E X5 1 'fe Q' ' - -. ,hwy - 'X 53 w""1.Q - .. 4,,.f"' 'X , 2 in 0 "ZT- 4---- P 4EiE'illrn I l1 ' 17 I Y 4. ls -J!! ETP 5, . s. I ,f-Q 1.153 CD '-QI ,II :If I I" I HI" I . 'II NIJ ,. Ilrj ,,, .yr I, I .IMI I 'I' IEP, I III ,. I I, I 'fs II Ip?-1 In . I I , ',rLI llw .I- I I I . I I III ' 'IIII III fI"' I III ' ' 'IIII YJ Il 'IIIIII ' I I IEHVIV I T .I I W ,I II MIN' 1 I '. v-, ww' 'II F I ,1 I II III III I' 'E 0' I ',IIII I' IMI II., I II. I-I I I .If I I I I I . I ,II I v I I II 'I II "I I I-'I Il IrlI lil' It ' I I li., Nfl , l I IH I I' I' I' I' ssl III' II II I 'IV Mr. J. T. Beaber Mr, F, P. Newell Mr. F. W. Bender Mr. F. W. Luther Mr. J. J. McCloskey Trustees As a result of the constant and careful guidance of the trustees, the Fortuna Union High School has kept its standards and ideals above the level of the average high school, and has become one of the most note- worthy schools in the state of California. These same t1'ustees, men who give their time and attention to the problems of the school and who Will- ingly serve without compensation, are thanked by all members of the high school student body, the high school district, and faculty, for their helpful cooperation. Through their interest in the welfare and problems of the school, the trustees have sponsored such movements as the purchasing of more prop- erty for the school, the construction and equipment of a mechanical draw- ing room, and the employment of a school librarian. Among the many improvements which have come as a result of the decisions of the trustees are, the furnishing of pencils and paper to the pupils and teachers, the construction of a new conference oiice for the principal, and the addition of technical drawing to the already extensive Curriculum. Page Eleven 2, fl ...I U-1 .1 fl n: V-1 'fl Y L v i i 1 l George J. Badura Principal THYRA ALVING University of California Journalism, English LESLIE ANDERSON Oregon State College Commercial BERNICE BEARER Office Secretary RUTH BECK University of Washington University of Oregon Speech, Arts ELIZABETH BOURHILL Oregon State College Home Economics JOHN BOWERSOX Oregon State College University of California Science HELEN CROZIER University of Montana University of Oregon Mathematics CECIL COX Librarian DOROTHY DALE College of Pacific Music ROBERT DAMON Oregon State College Physical Education E. MARIE EAST University of California Vniversity of Washington Social Science ARETA EVERSON Oregon State College University of Washington University of California Commercial Page Twelve rio Raymond H. Stenback Vice Principal Faculty JESSIE GODFREY University of California Social Science, English CONSTANCE HENDRICKSON Oregon State College University of California Home Economics MARY HORNADAY College of Pacific University of California Music, Art FRED JABUSCH Oregon State College University of California Industrial Arts GEORGE JENNER Oregon State College University of California Davis Agricultural College Agriculture LORENE LEWIS College of Pacific English, Modern Language THEODORE LIPPERT Oregon State College Industrial Arts VIOLET SHULSEN University of Idaho University of California English, Latin LYLE SMITH Oregon State College Davis Agricultural College Connnercial GLADYS THORSON Oregon State College Washington State College Physical Education Faculty Alving Anderson Beaber Beck Bowersox Bourhill Cox Crozier Dale Damon East Everson Godfrey Hendrickson Hornaday Jenner Jabusch Lewis Lippert Shulsen Smith Thorson Page Thirteen gy 9 ' P r 7 6 Mr. Badura Mr. Stenback Miss East Mr. Damon Miss Hornaday Faculty Executive Council It is the desire of the administration of the school that every student should receive the most thorough and careful consideration in all prob- lems and difficulties. This is one of the reasons Why the Faculty Execu- tive Council exists today. Any student has the right to appear before the Council to voice grievances or to appeal for special privileges which he may feel entitled to. There are times when five heads are better than one. For this reason there are several members, Miss M. East, M1'. R. Stenback, Miss M. Horna- day and Mr. R. Damon, who act in an advisory capacity to Mr. G. J. Badura. The Council is based on the plan used by large corporations: several mem- bers comprise an executive body for the solution of problems of adminis- tration, for deciding the more important policies, and for working out the difficulties of the organization. In addition to their duties as advisers, two members of the council, Miss East and Mr. Stenback, supervise all the programs which are studied by the advisory groups of the school. The programs comprise a course of study which is not taken up in regular high school classes. Although this executive body is but a few years old, the idea has proved so satisfactory that the Council has been continued. Page Fourteen Gullikscn Notley Goble Wood Moschini Burnside Bender Hinds Shreeve Student Executziqve Council Jorgen Gulliksen ,..A,...,..., .....d.,,,,, , ,,... S tudent Body President Buford Shreeve ,,.,... .... F ourth Year President Verne Wood ....r,, ........ T hird Year President William Notley ....,. .,.... S econd Year President Garvin Goble ...,.e,.. ,..... F irst Year President Zelma Burnside ..,..... .. .e,.,...,. G. A, A. President Eleanor Hinds ,.,r... rr,,,,,. G irls' League President Henry Bender .....,. ,..,,,. B oys' League President Mary Moschini .....e...i...e...,,.......,,, .e..............,. E lected at Large The Student Executive Council is based on much the same principles as the Faculty Executive Council. There are occasions when it is desirable to obtain the viewpoints of the students in matters of student problems. At such times the members of the Student Council meet to decide the poli- cies Which may Work fo1' or against a student, or a group of students. Because the members represent the student body and the four classes, they are able to voice definitely the opinions of the student body as a Whole. The Student Council is younger than the Faculty Council. It began to function last year, and has been just as successful. The members of this council are the presidents of the four classes, the president of each League, president of the G. A. A., president of the Student Body, and one member elected from the student body at large. Page Fifteen gf F-1 ..l C-1 -1 ..l fl J C A Day At Mr. Badura The Cafeteria Study Hall Typing' Students Bulletin Board Mechanical Drawing Art Room Draniatics Make-up 'r FOTZFMHUL Hi Machine Shop VVoodwo1'k In Public Speaking Chenlistry Clothing Class Outdoor Study Hall The Lib1'a1'y Ready for the 4 P. M. Bell ,Q Page Seventeen In every village and city, In the countries of every land, The lamp of learning' Is brightly burning: 'Twas lighted by Peace's own hand vfr : 7-'3 : -gun- 'ai 455 Ir Is If I 1 9 I 4 I 1 .-,,--V- -5' E, ALLEN co Nw P euc usnmv Y ' r -fy QS .jf il tj' ,J . ,, , 1 'G I' '24 3 ,ti c f.' 5 sg r ' f -5 ' -fi 4 -f L 3 1833 01226 3809 Q 117 : '-, 5375 if f 12 2 f X . ' fy J 4' ' h f X ,ju 1 if ey fi? 1 Q il X ,X X.. ,X XX 1.1 M, -Xi" 5 X .N , ,X , -I X , X .III X ,. X,-,H...X X ,X .i M, Xrngi -,XXVMXX ' X 3 X X . ' ' 4- X .:X' X ' X. XXX ,Q XM XX- " X':X X-X . X1 X 'N !,! X, N ., X,' XM X X ' ' X ' ' g ' X.X-, -X,.X XXV' XX. '. X1 ' X- XX XWIXV' , . X. ,XX -X ,X X X X ' X Pl' X . XX X,.,X ,., X X-1 .,,, X I, :V . , X' XX.XJI ','. 3 "tQX'lLPT,.', , fn, 1 '. 11,5 ' VIXXXQ ,X , 'XM ' ' X , X... TX,l'N I X ' X 'V K X Nj' MVV Shreeve Rasmussen Bender Burnside Hinds Fourth Year Class Buford Shreeve ,..............,.....K.,..............,.................., President Henry Bender ........... ...... V ice President Bernice Rasmussen ,.,.. ........,... S ecretary Zelma Burnside ...,..........,.,.,.......,.........,....,..,........,.... Treasurer Eleanor Hinds .....,...,..,......,...,....r. ..,..., ..........,,... A d visory Board August, 1927, saw the list of students of F. U. H. S. greatly increased by the enrollment of over one hundred freshmen, who were not as green as they looked. They soon recovered from an unnecessary feeling in the Auditorium, and realized that they were quite indispensible. As Sophomores they continued their excellent progress, and as Juniors, added more laurels to their reputation. Among the twenty-iive girls in the school selected to attend Play Day at Humboldt State Teachers College, there were ten from the Junior class. The year was ended with a Junior picnic at Gladvvood. Everyone ate, swam, played and had a glorious time. At last the high and mighty station has been acquired-they are Seniors, and no longer stand in awe of anyone. The talent of the class again came to light in the annual senior play, "The Intimate Strangers," which was a big success. They have penetrated the deep secrets of Chemistry, studied Long's English Literature, and at last are prepared to graduate from the school that has sheltered them for four years, giving them many joys and happy memories. Here's to the best class that ever was or will be-the Class ot' '31! Page Nineteen 2, L'-1 .J 51 -1 ..l fl C Z As ff 9 i l Page Twenty Edna Beaudette Post Graduate, 1930. William East Post Graduate, 1930. Guy Maxwell Post Graduate, 1930. Orvilla Wilson Post Graduate, 1930. William Anderson HYoung fellows will be young fellows." Fl01'91 e Baxter 1 "Our thoughts and our conduct are our own." Henry Bender "His very foot has music in it." Boris Belushin "Learned in all youthful sports and pastimes." Frances Boyd 'tSmiles are made for people like her." Anna Brandt "I have a laugh all my own." Josephine Bruga "Much is she worth." Zelma Burnside "ls there a task which she could not accomplish?" Marian Child "Gentle manners and quiet charm are always in vogue." Elloise Chase "A ripple of dimples that danc- ing, meet the curves of a perfect mouth." Earle Cook "Earnest and ever true." Vernon Cirby "The happy man has never learned to think." Annabel Cirby "Man delights me not." Fred Domenighini 1'Little in speech, but swift in ac- tionf' Harold Early L'God's gift to women." Virginia Early "Short but sweet." Page Twenty-one 2 '1 .J i -1 .J C W- h- V Page Twenty-two Gerald Evans "He is a wise man that speaks but little." Inez Farmer ' "As steady as the Rock of Gib- ralter." Harry Goble "I like girls immensely, but es- pecially just onef' Dorothy Grigsby "A friend to everyone and a friend of everyone." Jorgen Gulliksen "I never fuss, get fussed, or am fussedf' Melvin Hansen "Bashfu1ness can't keep a good man downf' Win Fred Hauck "I mean to play the game of life squarely." Eleanor Hinds "She speaks and acts just as one ought." Olive Holman "Slowly provoked, she easily for- gives." Helen Holmes "The mildest manners and the gentlest heart." Leora Hunter 'iHer charm could not easily be forgotten." Janice Kj er "Happiness seems made to be shared." Hazel Kohinka "As merry as the day is long." Edith Jones "Buicks and Nashes we have many, but I'l1 take a Chevvy if I have any." Margaret Layton "Man's not worth a moment's paing base, ungrateful, fickle, vain." Marion Layton "Through her expressive eyes, her soul distinctly spoke." Stanley Lierman "In iields of air, he'1l write his name." William Lytle "He sits high in everyone's heart." Ellen Maple "Duty calls, and she responds." John Malloy "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men." Page Twenty-three 1-ff' '1 .J -1 ...J fi C W L l Page Twenty-four John Mizulo "In simple manners, all the se- cret lies." William Moore 'tThere's nothing nicer than a girl, unless it's two, three, or four girls." Fred Moore HA friend to all." Mary Nielsen "Oh, but I hate dignity." Frances Cross Nulph "Everywhere she was accepted favorably." Helen O'Connor "Her very frowns are fairer far, than smiles of other maidens are." Kenneth Packer "None but himself can be his parallel." Frieda Phillips "But all know me to speak what I honestly feel." Vincent Phillips "Let every man enjoy his whimg what's he to me, or I to hl11l?,' Hadie Quigley 'tl'm in love with life " Georgia Quigley "As dainty as she is graceful." Bernice Rasmussen "Life is but one violin solo after another." Norma Rhoades "Independence now, and inde- pendence forever." Nannie Belle Ross "Thy modesty is a candle to thy merit." Kenneth Samuelson "Do not measure worth by size alone." Herschel Shank "Women delight me not." Clyde Shreeve "Did nothing in particular, but did it well." Buford Shreeve "Well, Napoleon wasn't large either." Joseph Simmons "Here is a philosopher for the future." Frank Steele "It is the tranquil people who ac- complish much." w w F i Page Twenty-five -1 ...I -1 .I fl C 7 Page Twenty-six L n Meryle Stewart "My cares are the least of my worries." Annabelle Stockton "To have friends is to be one." Mae Stowers "If all the world were wise, how lonesome I would be." Bernice Thomas 'EA wealth of fun lurks behind a serious eye." Russell Thompson "Enjoy thy youthg it will not stay." Barton Travis "Variety is the spice of life." Hartwell T1'acy "Woman is just one of nature's agreeable blunders." Harvey Wagner 'tAn admirer of all that is good." Blanche White "Why do girls worry so?" Norvin Windbigler "Now if I had studied harder." Selma Wise "Make 'em love, make 'em cry, and make 'em wait." Wood Coke Hill Scott Moschini Third Year Class Verne Wood ....,....,,....,,..,,,,.K.....,...............,.....,...,....... President Helen Scott ....... .... X Vice President Leona Hill ,......,.. .,....i.................... S ecretary Kathryn Coke ,...... ........,..,,................. T reasurer Mary Moschini ,,,..,...........,,.......,.......,, Advisory Board Member The Class of ,32 started the year off with a bang, by beating the sec- ond year class in speed-ball. They won the championship, and prepared for more victories. Although there was some difficulty in collecting dues, the second se- mester opened with all debts paid, and money in the treasury. In September the Fourth and Third year Classes united, and went on a picnic. Everyone had a good time, so all a1'e looking forward to making this an annual event. The Third Year class turned out one hundred per cent strong for the basketball games, and helped maintain the school's reputation for good sportsmanship. ' Page Twenty-seven ff fi -1 ...I f-1 .1 fl L: V-1 IFVFFM: -ff. 1, x-s ll-'IK' fn :TQ Q... 3,1 I 1'-.tu P09 Pu lmell o ' . frm i V l X . . li , v' A X - S J. , Z. .-Xlrlricll G v- G. Zz 1 - ' D L. , 'uw X Ii. l s - E Ii. C ku E Page 'l'wf:nly-cig'l1t Alexander Hffrry Hlnnstettel' Carter Cottrell QQ-Q. Alsop Bianchi Bravo Clark Curren A m m e 1' Bl5COI'lll61' E Bronson Chase Curren Barti Boelme Bullock Chandler Docili Docili Farmer Garcelon Godec Hawks Edson Felt Gianoni Haapala Heckman . Eisner Fielder . Gill R. Happ . Hill Erickson France Gouthier Hansen , Hixson B. Evans A. Gallagher C. Gould. C. Harvey G. Johnson. Page Twenty-nine 'af Z an V' R, :S Qi ia 'A . A Z O i W' P'1-f: A. Jones R. Lipscomb li. Nlzirtin S. Mizulo V. Nichol Tliirtjf SETI Lamgin Lowroy Maxwell M onro y Newman Larson B. Larson Lutjc R. Malone Mc-Loan D. McGovern Moore M. Moschini Newell R. Osburn Lipscomb Malloy Miller Myers Peclrazzini Re-back Scott Smith Webster R J. B L A Pedrazzini Rovai Smith Swett Willburn Peterson Rudlen Smith Thompson Williams Petersen Santarini Smith Thompson Wilson M. Scheppler J. Smith E. Watson V. Wood Page Thirty-one V 'Q ...I -1 .1 fl C X aff' O I , , L I An- Notlcy Polach Fulmor Patterson Coke Second Year Class William Notley ..K,... ..........K. P resident Marjorie Fulmor ,.,,. ...i,,, V ice President Mary Polach .......... . . ......., Secretary Harvie Patterson. ....., ,.,... , ........ T reasurer Dorothy Coke ...o.,.,... ..,,....,,.........,,..,., ........,...,. A d Viso1'y Board The class of '33 has just completed its second year under the leader- ship of President William Notley. Wilson Belloni led the class during the Freshman year. It was during this year that the girls of the class Won the honor cup. During the two years the sophomores have played an important part in school activities. They have been outstanding both scholastically and athletically. Several students are in the scholarship society and several have taken prominent parts in school plays. Many members of the class have been placed on the various athletic teams of the school. The sophomore girls Won the advance ticket sale for the Student Body play this year and received five hundred honor points. The boys were a close second losing first place by one ticket. The class meetings were peppy. After the business was finished, programs were given. They usually consisted of musical numbers, read- ings, and skits. Much unexpected talent was revealed through these pro- grams. Page Thirty-two Second Year Class Back row, left to right: Pond, McNaug'hton, Maki, Patterson, Langlois, Lozensky, Carlson, Durnford, Mahan, Cox, Thompson, Silva. Second row: Miss Everson, Twitchell, :lI3Ll1'01', Stansberry, Burns, Crabtree, Byartl, Miss Lewis. Third row: VVilliams, Waterman, Coke, Day, Ashburn, Fitch, Bren- ner, Perry, Del Carlo. Back row, left to right: Hazelton. Davis. Flocchini, Mattson, Mortensen, Coleman, Ross, Notley, Hugo, Buxton, Epping, Berlin. Myring, Baxter. Sec- ond row: Mr. Jabusch. Peterson, Belli, Giusti, Grigsby, Hunter, Simmons, Olson, Crabtree, Miss Hendrickson. Third row: O'Connor, Notley, Bryant, Fulmor, Grove, Thompson, Gusmeroli, Davis, Matthiesen, Anderson. Back row, left to right: Belloni, Kilgore, Hutchinson, Willsie, Murphy, Dun- gan, Kennison, Richmond, Mr. Lippert. Second row: Miss Thorson, Gragg, Ritola, Cox, Chxsm, Paine, Barnes, Fielden, Hayden, Hawks, Brambani. Third row: Anderson. Bryant, Lytle, Alexander, Lewis. Vinum, Nevin, Bravo, Polach. Page Thirty-three -1 ...I XT '1 .J fl C L Goble Pace Matthieson Shreeve Barsanti First Year Class Garvin Goble ...., .... ......,.... P resident Peter Matthieson ..,.... ...... V ice President Nellie Pace .,.,.....,...., .,...r.,.., S ecretary Robert Shreeve ..,,.,,. ..,......,.,.. T reasurer Francisco Barsanti ....,...........,...............,........... Advisory Board "Some more green freshmen to bother us," thought the upper class- men when the 1934 class entered Fortuna High School. But you should see them look appraisingly at us now, and this is the reason Why: The operetta, which is the largest event 01' the school year, has a first year girl for the leading part. Their dramatic talent has been shovvn in the student body play also, and in snappy advisory plays. They have made the upper classmen sit up and take notice. Several First Year boys were on the all-star basketball team, as well as on the school championship team. They have also been outstanding in tennis, soccer, baseball and track. Nine First Year students received a bronze honor pin for being on the honor roll all of the first semester. Six are in the Scholarship Society. No longer are they "green," They are doing their share in the big game of high school. If the First Year students keep up the good Work selling tickets, they have a splendid chance to win the silver loving cup. 'Come on Freshmen! Page Thirty-four First Year Class Top row, left to right: Bullock, Barsanti, Ponsonby, Rovai, Jones, Allen Copsey, Hansen, McHenry, Goble, Moschini, Hulett. Second row: Mr Damon, Barnes, Kennison, Gill, Cook, Fielden, Langdon, Newland, Barrote Hellard, Pedrotti, Miss Dale. Third row: Bowlsby, Hulforfl, Wigton, Mor tensen, Hassett, Jarvis, Allioli, Williams, Gianoni, Mclinight, Mengali, Mc- Intyre, Bisconer. Bottom row: Borden, Maudlin, Gundlach, Bacchetti Piola, Poe, Dungan, Lentz, Johnson, Blend. ' Top row, left to right: Pedrazzini, East, Ritola, Wright, Lee, Matthiesen Paine, Stone, Ashburn, Leland, Merga, Langlois. Second row: Mr. Smith Spesert, Petersen, Sprigler, Carpella, Hansen, Smith, Biasca, Evans, A. Pace N. Pace, Legg, Masini, Delaney, Miss Shulsen. Third row: Malone, Docili Rudlen, Loveall, Sutherland, Bruga, Meisser, Chappel, Nutter, Boehne, Cook, Hall, Ferraris. Bottom row: Shreeve, Bannister, Johnson, C. Thomsen, W. Thomsen, Jewett, Watson, Lozensky, Vinum. Top row, left to right: Hoffman, Paine, Myers, McKinley, Shank, Lentz, Reed, Stewart, Barnes, Ewan, Nutter. Second row: Mr. Anderson, Kennison, Herrmann, Domenighini, Dillon, McLea11, Eisner, Reed, Hopper, Cornaggia, Ammer, Baxter, Patton, Miss Hornaday. Third row: Church, Friedenbach, Stockton, Biasca, Hedley, B. Burgess, Parks, Jones, Bean, Owen. Bottom row: Chambers, Lierman, Gumllach, Baldwin, Normile, Stefani, Dougherty, Ingraham, Braga. Page Thirty-tive X ,275 ...I l 95 I '1 .J 3 QQ 5 'Q It was Peace that built up Our commerce and trade, Which bound us to friends, Far awayg And it's Peace that has made From the shiftless old toil, The industrial world of today 1? Q1 : w : '7x4iw:f T QF' F YF? 7' rt' .. . l ' gui .Lv '. Q 1113: ie? MH! s 5 N B any '31, haha- III III , I" I I I 'HSI I, III ,VJ 'I .9 I I ,II It. Ili 1 I I .ll W ' I I I.I I I I I IIIII I I I I I , I I9 II ' I I I I I 'I MII' III I I I ' I II , IIII ' II III II I IIIH III1I I III I1 I .I I X! 'I III I ,I wr' 'Q I I I , I I Iam II I I I If my II I, I 3- I. ..I IIIII I I I III , I I II I IIIIII I IIIIII I I IIIIIIIIII II1"III If 'N' II' If III' IIIIIIII' fIIII"II7 'IIII Il I 'I I MIIIIII IIIIIIIMIII I II Ilw I. I . I . ,II, I I I Seal Bearers Eleanor Hinds School Honor Roll Zelma Burnside Marian Child Annabel Cirby Ethel Boehne Kathryn Coke Lena Docili Ilah Fielder Amy Anderson Wilson Belloni La Von Barnes Harlan Copsey Fourth Year Jorgen Gulliksen Buford Shreeve Third Year Second Year First Year Rosemary Friedenbach Garvin Goble William Thomsen X , 7f Eleanor Hinds Leora Hunter John Mizulo Mary Nielsen Carl Harvey Edith Reback Helen Scott Paloma Smith Dorothy Coke Mary Polach Marian Legg Addie Newland Theodore Poe Carl Thomsen '1 Page Thirty-seven E-1 .J fl J C Gulliksen Hunter Mizulo Quigley Wood Student Body Jorgen Gulliksen .....Q,. ...,...,.... P resident John Mizulo .,...v... ...... V ice President Leora Hunter .. ..,. .........,.. S ecretary Hadie Quigley ....,, .e,....e.v,..., T reasurer Verne Wood ,.....,, . .,..e,,,,,,.,...,..,.,,....,......,,.....e. Sergeant-at-arms The student body has had a very successful year under President Jor- gen Gulliksen. During the fall term the Student Body play " The Millionaire" was given with wonderful results. In the spring, the annual operetta, "The Marriage of Nannettej' took place. This also proved very successful. Last year a new lettering system was adopted which has proved suc- cesful. Many students earned awards last year and this year. Through this system a sweater is given each year to the outstanding girl and the outstanding boy in the Fourth Year class. Last year's Winners were Cecil Cox and Frank Standley. Probably the most important element in our student body is the school spirit. This was especially shown during the basketball season, and was commented on by many outsiders. During the year, debates were held at student body meetings. These have proved successful and probably will be continued in the future. Page Thirty-eight Back row. left to right: Mr. Stenback, Hadie Quigley, Francisco Barsanti, Wilson, Belloni, Henry Bender, Jorgcn Gulliksen, John Mizulo, Verne Wood, Helen Scott, Miss East. Front row, left to right: Marian Child, Dorothy Coke, Kathryn Coke, Leora Hunter, Mary Moschini, Eleanor Hinds. Advisory Board Elected from Classes Eleanor Hinds .......t,................., .............,lt .... F 0 urtli ESRI' Mary Moschini ..,,. ttt. T hird Year Dorothy Coke ,,,.roit.... .,... S econd Year Francisco Barsanti ,,.ittt,,,ttt,..tttt..ittt................, .. First Yeal' Elected from Student Body at Large Marian Child Bernice Rasmussen Helen Scott Kathryn Coke Wilson Belloni Faculty Miss Marie East Mr. Raymond Stenback The Advisory Board consists of fifteen members in all. Only nine members have the right to vote. Those excluded from voting are: The president, secretary, vice-president, treasurer of Student Body and the two faculty members selected by the Principal. Each class has one rep- resentative. The other five are elected from the student body. The duties of the Advisory Board are to supervise all school affairs conducted under the auspices of the entire student body. The Advisory Board also has the right to pass all bills up to ten dollars. Sums over this amount must be passed by a majority vote of the student body. Page Thirty-nine Q' A -1 -.J L1 -1 .J 7 fl C V- , 7,2 L Back row, left to right: Dort Gulliksen, Garvin Goble, Le Von Barnes, Carl Harvey, Wilson Belloni, John Mizulo, Buford Shreeve, Carl Thomsen. Second row, left to right: Dorothy Coke, Helen Scott, Lena Docili, Zelma Burnside, Addie Newland, Rosf-mary Frieclenbach, Miss Shulsen. Thi1'd row, left to right: Kathryn Coke, Annabel Cirby, Ethel Boeline, Ella- nora Smith, Mary Polach, Marian Child, Leora Hunter. Fourth Row, left to right: Amy Anderson, Edith Reback, Paloma Smith, Jeanice Perry, Ma1'y Nielsen, Eleanor Hinds, Marian Legg. Scholarship Society First Semester Officers Second Semester Eleanor Hinds President Marian Child Carl Harvey Vice President Paloma Smith Bernice Rasmussen Sec.-Treasurer Dorothy Coke Who are these students who are leaving the classroom fifteen minutes before the bell rings for lunch '? Follow themg they are going toward the cafeteria. Why, of course, it is the day for the monthly luncheon of the Scholarship Society, Chapter 176 of the California Scholarship Federation. This is a large and Hourishing organization having twenty-eight alert and active members. All school activities, athletics, dramatics, music, commerce, find representatives in its membership, for these students are good,not only in their classes, where good work is required for entrance into the society, but in whatever tasks they undertake. Student body of- ficers. class officers, club officers, in fact, ollicials from all school organi- zations are found among themg for this society encourages leadership as well as scholarship. The fall semester was one of the outstanding periods in the history of the society. During' this term the president and the adviser of the Fortuna Chapter delivered the charter to and oiiiciated at the installation ceremony of the newly organized chapter of the C. S. F. in the Del Norte County High School at Crescent City. . Page Forty Back row, left to right: Terry Myers, Clinton Gould, Hartwell Tracy, Kenneth Samuelson, Joseph Simmons. Second row, left to right: Harry Goble, Bartlett Eisner, Carl Harvey, William East, Robert Malone, Arthur Larson, Vernon Nicholson, Melvin Hansen. Third row, left to right: Emmett Newell, Harold Early, Buford Shreeve. John Mizulo, William Lytle, Henry Bender, Jorgen Gulliksen, Ernest Docili, Astor Hansen. Excalibur Club First Semester Oiiice Second Semester William Lytle President Joseph Simmons Joseph Simmons Vice President Jorgen Gulliksen Buford Shreeve Secretary Arthur Larson John Mizulo Treasurer Henry Bender Carl Harvey Cor. Secretary Carl Harvey Though the Excalibur Club is the only club that has no adviser, it ranks as one of the highest organizations in school. To become a mem- ber one must be outstanding in scholastic and athletic activities. A boy is admitted to membership only on the recommendation of some member of the club. Regular meetings are held every Friday noon in the clothing room. An excellent program is always prepared. They have had talks by many prominent business men of the community. Each week a delegate from the club is chosen to attend the meeting ot' the Rotary Club. The purpose of the Excalibur Club is to develop a better feeling of friendship, and to cooperate with the business men in the work of Rotary International. The club also attempts to maintain and better its repu- tation as an honor club. Page Forty-one X, -1 .J -1 .J fl C f I FY, L I , x Back row. left to right: Lucille Boggs, Alma Lois Gallagher, Dorothy Coke, Zella Aldrich. Eleanor Hinds. Leora Hunter, Marian Child. Miss Hendrickson. Front row. left to right: Mary Polach. Kathryn Coke, Virginia Early, Lena Docili. Mary Moschini, Paloma Sniith. Edith Reback. Told Club Eleanor Hinds ,aa, ..,.......... P resident Virginia Early Vice President Kathryn Coke aaa. e.......,. S ecretary Lena Docili .a.e......a.. .a....... T reasurer Henrietta O'Connor Vv.te e..e, C heer Leader Miss C. Hendrickson .sss.,.s....,. ssss.,,,,,......,, A d viser The Khan Toia Club boasts of having' every girl in school as a meni- l'z6l': This year it has adopted a system of uniform dress, which will be carried out next year. niade a study of vocations for girls, given a Double Hi Jinks, sent representatives to Conventions, given a Mother's Tea and a beach party. presented a clever program for the Student Body, and secured League pins. The cabinet nienibers who have helped carry on the good work are: XV-elconie. Elloise Chase: I-louse Beautiful, Mary Moschinig Hospitality, Lucille lloggs: Social. Leora Hunter: Transportation, Zella Aldrich: Meni- lt-ershin. Edith Reback: Publicity, Dorothy Coke: Program, Helen O'Con- nor: Decoration, Paloma Smith: Finance, Virginia Early: Clean-up, Mallzui Child. Page Forty o is WV'X Back row, left to right: Wilson Belloni, Arthur Iarson, Verne Wood. Mr. Damon. Front row, left to right: Clinton Gould, William Lytle, Henry Bender. Yan Branstetter. Knights of the Blue cmd lfVliitc Henry Bender ee,. ,,.... ,..,e P 1 'esident Arthur Larson .re,e. ,eeee X 'ice President William Lytle eeeee,eee T reasurer Clinton Gould e,ee. .....e 3 'ell Leader Verne Wood ee...,.e. .. ...... Song Leader Robert E. Damon .......,..,,eee,.,,,,.....,eeeeeee,.... Faculty Adviser "One for all, and all for one." the motto adopted by the members of the basketball teams this year. is also the slogan of the Boys' League. Snappy programs with plenty of pep characterized the Boys' League meetings. A program was arranged for each meeting. At the games and rallies the boys gave real support with yells and songs. Parties were planned and carried out successfully. On Halloween night the Boys' League gave a return party for the Girls' League. The boys cooperated, and made the party one of the most successful ever held at the school. The annual Father's and Son's Bust was a great success with lots ot' new numbers and a good time tor everyone. Page Forty-three l -1 .J -1 .J EZ Editorial Staff VS lll1AI'11 ll.l0O16 Editoi S Helen Scott Assistant Editoi Doiothx G11 ebx Editoi Elefmoi Pltola. Assistant Alt Editol Zehna Bui nside Foul th Y931 Editol Te11x Mx els Thud Xeai Editoi I ichaid Buxton Second Yezu Ed1tO1 Vvllllllll Lx tle Boys Athletic Editoi Han N9llSQll Guls Athletic Ed1tO1 Huold Efulx Snap EdltO1 Henu Bendei Aesistant Snap Edlt01 Edith Peback Music Dlama Ed1to1 WINS M Hoinfzdax A1t AdVlS91 Whse "'. Alx in- ,,oooo.. .o,o. oo,V.,,,,,.owo,, . B o,.ooov.. oo,Voo,o.,.o,,oo,,.,.. A d V1se1 Scott Grigeby Burnside Myer: Buxton 'Hedley Lyt e Nfi :on Ear y Bender Reback Miss Ho:nada5 Page Forty-four il 9 7' '. 1 . rf' ff' L . . ' 9 B if W ...... .A ,Q -' - ty rg- lv -W Art ' . C 1 L' , VY--- -.A.i-- ' q ' 1 A' V. Af Univ U-HM , ' - Lois Hedley .....oo,,, ..... ,,,. F i rst Year Editor L ,Y ' -AVw,-- .-.iv- ', 7 ' ' , E 1 C i my 'iii --'--- ,Y----'--,A-. ' 1 ' L -Vi-.AivV. ,--r,--- 1 ' Y 1 ' 1 1 L . ' f j ..,. o,o.o., , o.oo ,..,,V. 1 ' ' 1 . M A 7. g . I I Y' An- T' D 3 l r lee l 1 Y Business Stuff l I Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Leora Hunter ....... ....... Elloise Chase .,s.... ., ,.,...,,..,..... Advertising Margaret Layton ...,.., .,,.,.. A dvertising Lena Docili ,.,.,,.,.,,,.. ...,,a t Advertising Wilson Belloni ,.,,. ..,.,.. A dvertising Carl Godec .,.,.-..,.i..,.,.,..,...,,.. . ..,.,,, .,.a...,... C irculation M1'. R. Stenback ...................................,.e...................... Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager Adviser The Megaphone staff takes this opportunity to thank those who have given their time and who have contributed valuable material to this book. They especially Wish to thank those who have sent letters con- cerning the theme of the book, "International Peace." The Nomad Pub- lishing Company has generously given permission to use the picture "The Christ of the Andes" for the frontispiece. There are also several students, not on the Megaphone staff, who deserve special recognition for their contributions and service. Ellanora Smith, typingg Eleanor Ritola, art workg and Blanche Evans, jokes. Hunter Godec Chase Layton Belloni Docili Wood Mr. Stenback Miss Alving Page Forty-five ,275 V-1 .J L1 -1 .I fl E7- f D ... L r Future Fomrmeirls Cllvwlm Back row, left to right: Davis, Flocchini, Berry, Baxter, Maki, Richmond Coleman. Johnson. Ewan, Erickson, Goble. Second row, left to right: Mr. Jenner, Mortenson, Langdon, Cirby, Ross Paine. Moore, Gundlach, Bravo, Wilson, Mr. Smith. Third row, left to right: Gundlach, Matthiesen, Pedrotti, Dougherty, Curren Gould, Swett, Pedrazzini, Jewett, Peterson, Cox. Fish and Game Cliwllv Back row, left to right: Eisner, Rovai, Mattson, Allen, Blend, Bisconner Lentz, Watson, Ashurn, Oshurn, Willburn, Stewart. Second row, left to right: Mr. Bowersox, Patterson, Malloy, Moore, Stone Harvey, Ferraris, William Thompson, McHenry, Carter, Johnson, Lierman Glenn Thompson, Mr, Stenback. Third row, left to rifzht: Hauck, Poe, Kennison, Steele, Mclntvre, Lierman, Malone, Cl'l3lHlJff1'S-,JII1g1'2.l'l2lY1l, Braga, Johnson. L Fourth row, left to right: Smith, Shank, Myring, Hulett, Kilgore, Richmond, R. Shreeve, C. Shreeve, Garcclon. Page Forty-six r N: E4 Footlights Climb Back row, left to right: McGovern, Maxwell, Wood, Hansen, Santarini, Lee, Notley, Hutchinson, Wilson, Durnford, Brambani, Wise. Second row, left to right: Miss Everson, Biasca, Polach, Merga, Giusti, Grigsby, Hayden, Smith, Kennison, Lewis, Fielden, Layton, Hopper, Pace, Early, Simmons. Third row, left to right: Layton, McLean, Heckman, Alexander, Hill, Wil- liams, Bryant, Reback, Wigton, Chappel, Phillips. Back row, left to right: Evans, Barsanti, Goble, Belushin, Dungan, Lentz, Barrotti, Myers, Chase, Domenighini, Moschini. Second row, left to right: Baxter, Del Carlo, Williams, Cirby, Pace, Cor- naggia, Gianoni, Olive Stockton, Annabelle Stockton, Mrs. Beck. Third row, left to right: Gusmeroli, Fitch, Ashburn, Paine, Hedley, McLean, Smith, Lytle, Barti, Sights, Biasca. Page Forty-seven Q' "1 .J -1 .J C Q ! 4 Om of Door Club uarvis, Lutje, Reed. Jones, Hughes, Brenner. Sutherlangl, Pedrazzini, Haa- 'Ja a, Anderson. Secon row: Owen, Xutter, Curpella, Peterson, Gragg, A.. Hutiorfl. Meisser. Cox, ,-l.TZflEl'FOI'1, Holnies. Martin, Bowlsby. Spesert, Freiden- ir- hac . Byard, Hixson, Miss Lewis. Fielden. Third row: Olson, Church, A nur'-r. aris, Donienighini, Alsop. Bryant, Stansberry. Jones, Amnier, Qisner. Smith, Bean, Sinin ons, Quigley, Langdon. Fourth row: Bullock, .ftef'ni. Baldwin. Barnes. Liyscomb. Shank, Paine. Mortensen, Normile, G 1 i i Jundlaeh, Jones, Ponsonljy, Melntyre. i 9 Home Decorator 5 Club Zan-li row. --'t to ri: : X 'ilson. Mlzulo, Smith, Boehne, Felt, Evans, Biscon- 5 ruess. Patton, Kohinka. Boyrl, Boggs. Second row: Matthiesen, Eason. Moore, Thomas, Chism. Kjer, Masini, Barnes, Bianchi, Miss Bourhill. Fi 'st row: Belli. Boehne, Loveall, Cook, Rudlen, Rhoailes, Nulph, Josephine Zruefa. Faiinf-r, Martha Bruga. aqe orzjc-eight ,li A L l yr C llgtuk row, left to right: Miss Godfrey, Ritola, Nutter, Wright, Langlois, I , l d h NI D P 1 N ez 1 I l t ht N v Iu VS i T is P F Tennis Climb Back row, left to right: Bannister, France, Larson, Thomsen, Gill, Clark, Myers, Lipscomb, Mahan. Second row, left to right: Coke, Crabtree, Tracy, Shreeve, Phillips, Copsey, Docili, Pond, Newell, Scott, Miss Crozier. Third row, left to right: Williams, Miller, Moschini. Burnside, Docili, Nielsen, Docili, Chandler, Dillon, Newland, Pedrazzini. Golf Climb Back row, left to right: Mr. Damon. Gulliksen, Maudlin, Malloy, Johnson, East, Hansen, Malone, Dungan, Hugo, Branstetcer, Berlin. Front row, left to right: Thomsen, O'Connor, Gill, White, Bravo, Allioli, Grove, Thompson, Moore. Page Forty-nine if 1 1 f A yn 'Ir- ss PUC .4 I XO Q- Mnsitc Club P: ik row, left to right: Buxton, Bender, Early, Samuelson, Lozensky, Piola S2conrl row, left to right: Bliss Dale. Petersen, Hansen, Vinum, Twitchell 3 'iI1lg'l'lf, Mengali, Burns, 'I'l1ompson, Perry, Miss East. Third row, left to right: 3lcXaug'l1ton, Herrmann, Burgess, Hassett, Waterman Not ey, Baxter, Mortensen, Carlson. Photography Club Puck row, left to right: Bullock, Edson, Kennison. Second row, left to right: Mr. Jabusch, Leland, Belloni, Petersen, Hansen Webster, Baxter, Delaney, Crabtree. ilrd ro v. left to l'l2'l'ltf Gallagher, Langin, Grigsby, Holman, Brandt, Ross East, Parks, Rudlen , g '- Fi ft 3' SQ? X :- P T 111 Q.3llQ'lOlS. Nicholsen, Hazleton. 4' v lcl l Tl' X PL. ff y ffl filler' Art Club Back row, left to right: Nevin, Ritola, Epping, Hunter, Hoffman. Front row, left to right: Mizulo. Legg, Coke, Scheppler, Child, Miss Horna- day, Moore. Reporters Club Back row, left to right: Godec, Larson, Cottrell, Miss Alving. Front row, left, to right: Lytle, Evans, Farmer, Silva. Truqvel Club Back row, left to right: Cook, Jones, Borden, Barnes, Monroy, Coleman, Curren, Willsie. Moore, Wagner. Second row, left to right: Mr. Lippert, Thompson, Hansen, Bronson, Smith, Gianoni, Fulmor, Martinelli, Alexander. Third row, left to right: Rasmussen, Hunter, Hindi, Quigley, Stowers, Happ, Chase. Page Fifty-one Z, -1 -.I -1 ...I fl C K' 'I I 1 1 H S 8 0 9 n ,aa V2 ,XI ,E iff. . 1, 5 2,4 Pl :isa 'n .2 s zfwfi ,aa 4 11 1 .X X V l Fx. ala' 5 N v 0- , v a- X, X a 1 . ZH -24'-S' 5 xg.. xx W 1 -F ' -sf '2.z.,?z E H X ., -aa, My ni .V Xrfix V ,, f H., tl f 1 X - .' "'fffma X , xx ,A swgva ' , ' 1 pri? ,W , 4 f, X, v f f f ll, 'Ii Z- f 1-x.. . X' " fo Wu! .W Avg.. 'Lg 14 1, Ay 'K 4 ' .4 I 5 -5' V ' my , Q . W 'J' W ,N 4 v .mm M. X iifbwfff A M -I t...N.,h.M.. ... f 1 if 'X' . if f -sri ' ig? . A- ff' .wi x -...G ' -- 'muy .M - - "' H f .. ' 4 . . - - . :,.-A fs -1.-'4.fs'1':l1 w"'.:LQ.' "-' ' .2 ': 'f M, fc Back row, left to right: Marian Layton, Hazel liohinka, Selma Wise, Doro- thy Coke, Mss Hornaday, Lena Brambani, Frances Boyd, Anna Brandt 7 Grace Bronson. Second row, left to right: Lucille Grigsby, Evelyn Williams, Zelma Burn- side, Lois Williams, Margaret Layton, Vivian McLean, Kathryn Hawks Mary Polach. 1 Tl ird row, left to right: Emylou Grove, Rosemary Bravo, Vilena Bryant, Orcele Hunter, Hazel Alsop, Beulah Waterman, Dorothy Grigsby, Edna Bur- g ss, Lois Hedley, Freda Gouthier, Althea Wigton, Sophia Mizulo. Fourth row, left to right: Jeanice Perry, Bernice Rasmussen, Elloise Chase, Grace Lytle, Virginia Early, Ruby Heckman, Florena Rudlen, Freda Mor- tensen, Cecelia Petersen. Gurlls Glee Club Vivian McLean .,........, L .... President Mary Polach, V. Early ..,... ,.,..,.....,..,..,.....,......,...,,. L 1b1'3l'1HHS "bigger and better than ever" might be a slangy way of stating the fact, but that expression gives to you in a few words a complete descrip- tion of the Girls' Glee Club this year. Voices of good quality have given the director, Miss Mary Hornaday, an opportunity to try out some of the more difficult numbers, with very satisfactory results. The girls did an outstanding piece of work at the Poultry Show held in October. They also sang for tl.e Christmas program held in the Audi- torium. In the spring the operetta, the annual music festival held at Ar- cata, and the baccalaureate service kept the girls busy practicing. With Vivian McLean as president, and Mary Polach and Virginia Early as li- brarians, all of the girls cooperated with the director. lt can be truthfully said that this is one of the best and most successful glee clubs that the school has ever produced. Page Fifty-two Back row, left to right: Francisco Barsanti, Terry Myers, Paul Lozensky, Astor Hansen, Stillman Erickson, Harry Goble, William Moore, Miss Dale, Leon Dungan, Arthur Langlois, Raymond Allen, Ernest Curren, Carl Harvey, George Mcfiaughton. Garvin Goble. Front row, left to right: Norvin Windbigler, George Hugo, Lewis Santarini, Van Branstetter, Joe Dungan. Boys? Gllee Climb Although the Boys' Glee Club is not as large this year as it was last year, its pep has increased. With Miss Dorothy Dale directing and Grace Bronson and Ellanora Smith as accompanists, the boys have made many successful performances. Their first activity was the Minstrel Show. Then they sang with the Girls' Glee Club at the Christmas program. In December they enter- tained the Masons. The whole Glee Club participated in the operetta, which was given in March. In May they went to Arcata to the music festival held in the Humboldt State Teachers' College. Their last pro- gram was at the school exhibit. A group selected from the boys' and girls' glee club sang at the dedi- cation of the Legion Memorial building. The boys' and girls' glee clubs have cooperated in all that they have undertaken. Page Fifty-three X 275 -1 ...I 1 .-J fl E 5 r 1 , Back row, left to right: Zelia Aldrich, Aina Haapala, Zelma Burnside, Charles Carlson, Kenneth Packer, Charles Hazleton, Margaret Layton, Verne Wood, Vernon Nicholsen, Myrtle Day, Olive Holman, Esther Langin, Harry Webster, Donald Berry, Beulah Waterman, Miss Dale. Front row, left to right: Victor Hutchinson, Addie Newland, Bernice Ras- mussen, Marian Legg, Grace Bronson, Ethel Boehne, Dorothy Paine, Henry Bender, Goldie Baxter. Mary Notley, Arletta Fitch, Edith Reback, Gerald Evans, Norvin NVindbigler. Adfivfcmccd Orchestra The addition of an oboe and a flute to the orchestra this year has succeeded in balancing the orchestra evenly. Whenever an occasion arises that demands music the orchestra is invariably selected. Tfnder the leadership of Miss Dorothy Dale, the orchestra has played for the Alumni play, the Poultry Show, the Student Body play, the dedi- cation of the Legion Memorial building, the Christmas program and the Operetta. In April it played at the Arcata High School, and at the Music Festival held at the Humboldt State Teachers' College in May. It also played at the school exhibit, the Baccalaureate services and at Com' mencement. This has been a very active year for the orchest1'a. The music has been of a modern type which has brought about added interest. The fact that the students have worked well together and have cooperated with their director accounts for much of their success. Page Fifty-four me 1. 4 ig Back row, left to right: Harold Early, George 1IcNaughton, Bartlett Eisner, Donald Berry, Edward Kilgore, Rodney Peterson, Francisco Flocchini, Olive Holman, Myrtle Day, Alma Gallagher, Emylou Grove. Front row, left to right: Miss Dale, Lewis Santarini, Paul Lozensky, Charles Hazleton, Charles Carlson, Henry Bender, Blanche White, Delmor Baxter, Richard Buxton, Kenneth Packer, Arthur Ammer, Vernon Nicholsen, Mar- garet Layton. Band The value of training students interested in music from their first year and on through school has been shown by the marked improvement in the band. Although the band is still young, it has been growing very rapidly. It is twice as large now as when it started two years ago. The band played at several basketball games and accompanied the students in singing at the games. It has also played in assembly, and at the Music Festival held at the Humboldt State Teachers' College in Arcata. Guided by Miss Dorothy Dale and with Henry Bender as president, the band has plenty of well-directed pep. If the statement, "what you are to be you are now becoming," is true, then the Fortuna Union High School band has a Very promising future. Page Fifty-live -1 -.l -1 .1 fl 5 The Megaphone 1931 hn- 7 L 'WTF ss fmsyg Back row, left to right: Miss Dale, Charles Hellard, Francisco Barsanti, Ray- mond Allen, Lief Lee, Arthur Langlois, Jeanice Perry. Myrtle Boehnc, Roberta Rudlen. Front row, left to right: Rosemary Friedenbach, Mildred Burns, Halbert Bald- win, Kenneth Samuelson, Lee Lentz, Brison Wilson, Charlotte Crabtree, Rowena Ammer, Helene Hansen, Ouida Jarvis, Nellie Pace. Elementary Orchestra Well aware of the fact that the elementary orchestra had two mem-- bers in it who had never played on an instrument before they started school, the students of the high school eagerly awaited the first ap- pearance of the orchestra. When the orchestra did make its "debut" one morning before assembly, it was found to have a good representation of instrumentsg violins, bass violins, saxophones, a clarinet, drums, piano, and a sousaphone. The nineteen members of the elementary orchestra foretell a bright future for the advanced orchestra. The object of the elementary orchestra is to teach students to play together. After a year in the elementary orchestra, the students are pro- moted to the advanced orchestra or to the band, where they prove the value of their Iirst year's training. Page Fifty-six Back rovv, left to right: Lewis Santarini, Paul Lozensky, Terry Myers, George Hugo, Carl Harvey, Astor Hansen. Leon Dungan, George McNaughton. Front row, left to right: Harry Goble, Garvin Goble, Stillman Erickson, Le- land Petersen, Arthur Langlois, Raymond Allen, Ernest Curren, Norvin Windbingler, Francisco Barsanti, Van Branstetter. Minstrel Show The most outstanding piece of work that the Boys' Glee Club has done since its organization, was the Minstrel Show given October 25, 1930, as the closing event of the annual Poultry Show. This is the first Min- strel Show to have been presented for several years at the high school. The name of the show was "Land 0' Cotton", by Kaser and Johnson. The boys did good work under the direction of Miss Dorothy Dale. The stage was decorated with jack--0-lanterns and corn stalks to rep- resent a field in the autumn of the year. The negroes had gathered to husk corn. While they husked they gave an impromptu program. The conversation consisted of jokes and riddles. The play on words was clever although sometimes the hidden meanings brought trouble. Then someone would come to the rescue by suggesting a song. When all the corn was husked the boys trouped oif singing and cracking jokes. Page Fifty-seven .L L. in .L Q L l I i Left to right: Althea Wigton, Hadie Quigley, Guy Maxwell, Helen Scott, Reback, Marian Layton, Wilson Belloni, Verne Wood, Jorgen Gul- The Mtlltonmtre First Cast Second Cast Guy Maxwell ,..oo ..,,.,,. G ideon Heath ..o... ......o. N Villiani Moore Helen Scott ...t, ...,.....l,, D orcas ,........ .. ........ Esthei' Langin Marian Layton ...,tt,., .r..l, B lanche Heath .... .,...ltt, L eora Hunter Althea Wigton ..,l.. t..,... B Ianchette Heath .ttt,. ...t......... N ancy Chappel Verne Wood .,,,.t ..,... J ohnny Heath ......,. ..... F rancisco Barsanti Hadie Quigley ..rttt t..., A unt Adeline Heath e..... ....,..r B lanche White Wilson Belloni ...ttt.... .t.,t.. R onald Heath .t,,..., .,...., B artlett Eisner Jorgen Gulliksen ...t.tttt ..., F red Lawlor tttt.t l.t..,., C hester Edson Edith Reback ,,,.tt. ...,,t L ottie Pringle . t,o.,,,.,,t t,t,.,.....,, B Iary Nielsen , ,,,, , H ,V nf- 7 wi A D U A complete understudy cast made -+l s two productions of the Student Body Play. "The Millionaire", possible. This 'i is the first time that there has been 5 fi a full understudy group ready to give ' a perforinance, Mrs. Ruth Beck di- rected both casts. The money derived ' from the play given by the second cast was donated to the Swinnning Tank i fund. f The plot concerns Gideon Heath, a ' supposedly wealthy man. His relatives spurn him when they learn that he is 4,4 poor. Through his troubles he finds haf i "' ' - - -1?-.ef his true friends, and all turns out well buy Maxwell Hvglen Scott In the end' Paar Fit'tj.'-eight ' v, i -'J Left to right: Virginia Early, Buford Shreeye, Henry Bender. Dorothy Grigsby, Eleanor Hinds, Leora Hunter, Russell Thompson, Hartwell Tracy. The llntzimfaite Strangers Station-master ,.rrrr.rr,.r.rr.......,,....i.. . ...............i..., Henry Bender William Ames .iee, .ee. R ussell Thompson Isabel Stuart .,,. ,..,,. L eora Hunter Florence ,,.....,,..e ee,... X firginia Early Johnnie White reeieeereeee ,e,e B uford Shreeyes Henry, the house-man ..rr.. .... H artwell Tracy Aunt Ellen .rr.. , ......r,r,...., ..r.,. E leanor Hinds Mattie, housekeeper e..,.eeroerr,Vee...r,,rr.,,,,, Dorothy Grigsby The Fourth Year Class of 1931 presented, on February 6. one of Booth Tarkington's most amusing three- act comedies called "The Initimate Strangers", under the direction of Mrs. Ruth Beck. The strangers, William Ames and Isabel, meet at an out-of-the-way rail- road station, where both of their trains are delayed. As they are compelled to remain there over night, they become quite intimate. Florence, Isabel's niece, tries to "in- trigue" Mr. Ames, but does not quite succeed, as he does not like girls of her type. Johnnie, Florence's friend, wish- ing to make her jealous, turns his at- tentions to Isabel. An amusing situa- tion is the result of the tangled affairs. fifi ,. FQ f ...ifT5F'F7 Hi A.A..L-,..A....wA.-.U - 4, Y if 5-R' t P , ' :' '- - NL u. . , K- 'L . P V f' 1 .V .4 ,f A , 1'f" ,g,.' , if : , Q. W, 1 , ..,-1 ff:-at +,.xiig'.- ' f -14,5 -9-5 M- wig - ,. 1- ' . 5, , -- 'f 4 -fwff . " ' ,. 1".. - .f"f5- 4 1 'f ' " 1,5 ig 7 fig ' U ' ' ' .4-Jwjf. . ' his I2 iff- N ' 1 A 5' x 552, , 1 , , in ' il 1 i .. .ga 51' fc . ' - 1 ,'fGfN-'tz:':1:-1 2? ,f R u ell Thompson Leora Hunter Page Fifty-nine -1 ...I -1 ...I EZ X W' Ojperetta Principals Balconie Dorothy Langlois, Verne Wood, William Moore, Emylou Grove 1 ck 1 xx left to right: Selma Wise, Harry Goble, Carl Harvey, Maimn Layton Russell Thompson, Terry Myers, Elloise Chase, Arthur Larson Xixxan McLean, Wilson Belloni, Lief Lee, Joe Dungan, Henry Hulett Chr ter Edson, Arthur Langlois, Ruby Heckman. F ont roxy, left to right: Jeanice Perry, Victor Hutchinson, Grace Lytle John Hizulo, Vilena Bryant, Dorothy Grifzsby, Virginia Early, Margaret Lax ton Allan Thomas, Beulah Waterman, Hazel Kohinka, Arthur Garcelon kinda Gouthier. Comtesse Heloise Wlfhe Marriage of Nannettew Cast of Characters '1 vonne .rr,rr,....rrr o,..rrrrrr,. Fiederic, Duc d'Antin .V.,,, Nladelon .rrr...,.....r..r...,.,. Hemi ....,,......, Hilarie .r,,,rrr,..r, Nlme. Zanobie srrr Nannette ,rrs,.. Fdmond ...,r, Roderique ,, Riptiste .,rs,r lean rr,..,,.rr,,, Reporello .... Zingfnra .... Rene .... lr mile ,,... X Vette r,,r,o Qusfinne ,rrVr, Emylou Grove Elloise Chase William Moore Vivian McLean Terry Myers Wilson Belloni Marian Layton Dorothy Langlois Russell Thompson Joe Dungan Henry Hulett Lief Lee Arthur Larson Hazel Kohinka Verne Wood Arthur Langlois Ruby Heckman Selma Wise . ' I' L ' f ffm' i L- " . 4 - 'sz la ' 'o ', C-V I , '15 ' 1. . . 7 1 i " T' 4, 2 C 1 J L I Page Sixty l Back row, left to right: Bernice Rasmussen, Paul Lozensky, Dorothy Coke, Norvin Windbigler, Astor Hansen, Anna Brandt, Frances Boyd, Leon Dungan. Front row, left to right: Freda Mortensen, Rosemary Bravo. Ruth Loyeall, Sophia Mizulo, Evelyn Williams, Mary Polach, Lois Frost, Francisco Barsanti, Orcele Hunter, George Hugo, George Mchlaughton, Lucille Grigsby, Elneth Stansberry, Garvin Goble, Hazel Alsop, Edna Burgess, Ernest Curren, Lois Hedley, Cecelia Petersen, Raymond Allen, Florena Rudlen. Marcel .ttc.ttc c...,tt..,.c .... H a rry Goble Pierre Parthenay . .te.... Carl Harvey Paulino, the peddler .c., tc..., C hester Edson Santo, the bear ..., A... ,..... X 7 irginia Early The Fortuna High School presented, on March 12 and 13, a three-act comic opera called "The Marriage of Nannetteu. Under the directions of Miss Dorothy Dale, Miss Mary Hornaday, Miss Gladys Thorson, Mrs. Ruth Beck, and Mr. John Bowersox, it was a great success. Many characteristic and elaborate costumes were worn by the cast. With the excellent stage setting and lighting effects, beautiful scenes were presented. The Boys' and Girls' Glee clubs made up the choruses of gypsies and villagers. The scenes took place in the courtyard of the Inn "L'Agneau D'Orr", Northe1'n France. The Duc d'Antin is to be married ffor the fourth timel to the Comtesse Heloise, who is supposedly so beautiful that she wea1's a veil to hide her beauty from men. She is stolen by bandits in the forest. but finally escapes in time to stop the Duc from marrying Nannette, who is unwillingly dressed to represent Countess Heloise. The Lady Heloise and the Duc are married: she lifts her veil-and behold! she is the ugliest woman the Duc has ever seen. As nothing matters then, he allows all the other lovers to be happily married. Page Sixty-one Q' '1 ...I fl R '1 .1 fl C- li an ir L I Buck row, left to right: Frank Standley, William East, Neal Barnes, Una Bryant, Angelo Barsanti, Earl Johnson. Front row, li-ft to right: Orvclla Wilson, Cecil Cox, Velma Moore, Stanley Bowers. The Doqver Rodd Mr. Latimer ,.,,. ..... E arl Johnson Eustacia .... oo,.,,,. Una Bryant Leonard ...,t S tanley Bowers Anne tttt, ..., C ecil Cox Nicholas .,rt V,.,. A ngelo Barsanti Dominic ,,tt. .....,..ttltltttt,t,,,.,ttttt,......,. N eal Barnes Servants ..tV .l,,. X William East and Frank Standley Maids ,tt,..............,,.....,.... Orvella Wilson and Velma Moore "The Dover Road" was presented by the Alumni of the Fortuna Union Iligh School, October 10, 1930. The net proceeds were donated to the Swimming Tank fund. Both the play and the performance were out- standing. The Student Body greatly appreciates the cooperation given by the Alumni in their interest shown in increasing the Swimming Tank fund. The play was skillfully directed by Mrs. Ruth Beck. The play is about a Mr. Latimer, who owns a house on the Dover lload. His hobby of detaining run-away couples brings about an amusing situation, a complicated plot, and an amazing conclusion. Page Sixty-two Night School Uver one thousand enrolled in evening school! this is the remarkable record which has been established in the Fortuna adult evening school and is, undoubtedly, the single and most outstanding achievement of the school for this year. Radical changes in both the social and economic conditions have taken place within the last few years. These changes have brought about dis- tinct reinterpretations concerning the needs and scope of the field of edu- cation. In turn, new agencies have had to be organized to meet these changed conditions. The adult evening school is the most active, and fore- most in national importance, of any of these agencies. Present day demands have shown that the old idea that education was only for the child of pre-earning age is no longer true. Today educa- tion must be a continuous process in order to keep up with the rapid and ever-changing conditions. Experiments have proved also that the learning age is not limited. In other words, it is quite as possible for the person of advanced years to learn new subjects and trades as it is tor the youth to master the same material. The organization of the adult evening classes in the Fortuna Union High School came as a result of a real demand being shown. Why the demand in this district? Perhaps comments of Mr. L. R. Alderman, Chief, Service Division. National Ofiice of Education, will throw some light on the subject as a whole. In part, he says, "Unemployment in all parts of the world is focusing attention upon every phase of the employ- ment problem. One of the first things noticed in any study of employ- ment is that unskilled labor is the first to be released and the last to be reemployed. The silver lining to the cloud is that adults can learn and, for the most part, are willing to learn: and experiment after experiment has shown that a man who is unskilled today need not be unskilled five or six months from now. The community or State which has the most un- skilled labor in proportion to its total population, other things being equal, is the poorest community or State, in fact, wealth rightly can be meas- ured by the skill or education of the population. Skill is the thing in our population that pays taxes and brings prosperity. The community that neglects to develop the abilities of its population is, from an economic point of view, shortsightedf' While the main object of the evening school work is to aid in solving the present-day economic questions, the c.ultural and aesthetic side of life has not been neglected. A wide variety of courses, ranging from music and crafts, domestic science, leadership. citizenship, languages, athletics and commercial subjects, to mechanics and agriculture, has been otfered. In keeping with the general trend of both business and education, Fortuna aims to keep its plant busy. A business organization that closed its doors at four in the afternoon and did not reopen until eight the next morning, could not be called the most efficient business. Education is the biggest business in the world today - why not make it etticient? Page Sixty-three 2,- -1 .J in -1 .I E?- dn Home is given by Peace, The fair Goddess, Who blessed it with children and joy She wants us to love and be Happy and ggay, And all hate and envy destroy. MW' : : wi 426 if 'r vi4U'9"V5"""V'41y . V """""'1n 'vehem- Jvv- Q :"Q,..,,,,J' 'vnu v- -v -, -"hm -ww "' 'vs-ex V. ... r 1 .mn 'ggumn-z'h:fw1-vlyrga --..,,,,..4n.rs4.v-.-, .,.,,..Q..,-fug,..Q -,Mapu veil! . g,.,,nxc:.v,.,.,,, .VN --"-2.-mu' -.r.fn.n-.,. sw..-.. A .af-y .- N-.- W ' ,L -11 f-.A --Q , , s -. Av ' . 'l 'WV za The Most Eiiecticue Synilaol of Peace in the World The Christ of the Andes Like great cats upon a fence, the hostile headlights of Andean trains used to glare upon each other, For one had clanibered up from the rich mines of Chile, And the other from the prosperous plains of the Argentine, And both nations were hot-blooded. llut on the utmost peak of the boundary line, The two countries set a nionuinent, And since the day when the wrap- pings were stripped from "The Christ of the Andes," Neither nation has violated the terms of the peace pact. mfr .I Q : QW? : 'ffyi 4.5 In I n , 14, ,,' HU" M '.!ffM' I ll-Pllllll II fm . i .P SQ S I , W Q ri H S f N -vas, .-,, . . ' " Qiig-fI.Q315Ifi1'f5:':7-f'1 . I., , f Jorgen Gulliksen H George Hugo U Lxolf was introduced into Humboldt county schools last year when South Fork and Fortuna played the first inter-school match. Since then two other schools have joined them, making four schools now interested in this sport This fall two matches were played b5 Fortuna golfers. The first was played with South Fork and the other with Eureka Playing South Folk on the course at Redwa3 our mashie uielders were able to Win by the slight margin of 3 matches to 2. Gulliksen had a low score of 89 In the match with Eureka play ed on the Humboldt Club course the Fortunans were decisively defeated. The Eurekans Won all five matches of the tourney gmgmqd wg. ,Fi 'f v 6 Joe Dun 'an John Mizulo Robert Malone Pa 'e Sixty-five 'W - . 7 7 . Y 1 n. C 7 C Y Y 7 X! Q - X exp EZ XXX fb X, . it f' 1' We , ,ww 3,5 5. , ,V ga 75 Y- S Fe. 'J 3 xv- .4 r Q 51 A , 1 N gs-xi , :lf 1: 'wif ' X ..-1 Q W - I l 'A I , ,VA ,. . 'TffQf2f4f'E25six '-.:1fjg,3 f , L .,4.,.g,.:r1,g' ff 1 111. fa:-f- : ' - , 4 -slswmsii'-:i'1i'T?Z-.ifQ--if5.'.vNg:.itf"'l" ' W .,,, s... .-Sfff-3v4f3Aifr52:f?'sb-L . bfsfi'-f4?i'J-E-:'Ef Was, 1 Fifi . - -v Zfxrivgwff,1Q'yfg.'-f.-gee? ,L . ' "-.e-geg,,,-315 '1:'.-fy.-gy: - , "urge V-:::1'.3g'..F.'?' ., ' Ii"-'e'1f'.1L:. . A K ,M-alfa!-ian-.saw M , -H se--g,,s---43 , I V he V 1.-.-Q, 1 S .1 D 6 K P Q as ew 'Q' 4 Q L i n J' A if ttf 'X I 5 si f im! 'Ill Left to right: Bob Newman, Earl Cox, Donald Berry, George Hugo, Frank Mattson, Terry Myers, Lowell Swett, Harlan Copsey, Lyle Willsie. lntrnlfmtarolll Baseball The opening sports event of the 1930-31 school year was intramural baseball. Precedence was given to baseball because it was thought that such contests would be a good form of practice. Elimination contests were played, with the Gray Fog, representing the second period gym class, emerging champs. The Gray Fog defeated the New York Yankees and the Invincible Terrors, while their finalist opponents, the Pirates, defeated the tifth and eighth period teams. The first game of the finals ended in a 2-2 deadlock. In the play-off, the Gray Fog won by a 7 to 2 score. After the championship game the captains of the teams selected the best players on their team. From those picked, an all-school baseball team was named. Those selected for positions on this team were: Julielo Rovai, pitcherg Paul Lozensky, catcherg Carl Godec, first baseg Joe Silva, second base, Olindo Martinelli, third baseg Ernest Di Basilio, shortstopg Emmett Newell, left field, Joe Barotte, center fieldg Benny Larson, right field. Page Sixty-fix Back row, left to right: Bob Newman, Wesley Johnson, Earl Petersen, Donald Berry, Mr. Damon. First row, left to right: Frank Mattson, Lowell Swett, Lyle Willsie, Terry Myers, Earl Cox, George Hugo. Touch Ball Squad After winning the intramural baseball championship, the second period gym class won its second championship by defeating all its oppon- ents in the touchball elimination contests. They defeated their finalist rivals, the sixth period, 24-6. Myers and Swett played outstanding ball for the Winners, while Cot- trell, Gulliksen and Martinelli played best for the losers. Martinelli made the feature play of the game, running 95 yards for the sixth period's only score. Touchball, which is similar in many respects to football, is being played in place of the latter since football has been banned. The main difference between these two sports is that tackling is not allowed in touchball as in football. This change does not slow up the game to a great extent, but it gives all the advantages of a football game with the elimination of possible injuries. Touchball was a favo1'ite sport during the noon contests. Page Sixty-seven X V-1 .J E1 -1 ..l fl C X fi 4 Back row, left to right: Mr. Damon, Francisco Barsanti, Garvin Goble, Allan Thomas, Leon Dungan, Peter Mattliieson, Ernest Di Basilio, Lief Lee. Front row, left to right: Vernon Cirby, Chester Edson, Emmett Newell Verne Wood, Wilson Belloni, Jorgen Gulliksen, Clinton Gould. Fortuna Fortuna Fortuna Fortuna Fortuna Fortuna Fortuna Fortuna S If , Page Sixty-eight 0 20 8-1 41 16 -10 13 24 36 3. Unlimited Bfacslketlmll ....A..VS ....,,,VS 1 fl . rl 7 ,P E :P A Q O L 1 Fortuna 12 ,..... ,.,,.,, V s - 51 L M X Eureka 18 Ferndale 9 Arcata 21 Eureka 9 Ferndale 11 Del Norte 2 Arcata 21 Del Norte 11 Santa Rosa 22 xv 1 .Y it i 5 in 'W eff' I x Back row, left to right: Mr. Damon, Kenneth Clark, Paul Lozensky, Chester Lentz, Rodney Peterson, Lee Lentz, Brison Wilson. Front row, left to right: Harry Goble, Terry Myers, John Mizulo, Melvin Hansen, Everett Cottrell, Carl Godec. Fortuna Fortuna Fortuna Fortuna Fortuna Fortuna Fortuna Fortuna Unlimited Bulslseztlbtulll Ferndale Eureka 26 18 Arcata 15 Eureka 19 Ferndale 28 Del Norte 21 Arcata 21 Del Norte 36 ' K ., :SQ r x. ,Z - 13 me -"ici 1. 9 .,.. -- E , , iiast' -1 "" ifffmruvu ' 5 , ggfffiff 'fl' ' 'I N' qw- - 'A" ' N - .c " 'f x Q4 Page Sixty-nine V W ...I -1 .J fl C :E e 1 m 3' ,. if u. G, if fi fi 52? ' y wr Q , A ..,. 4. 563' ' ffl of 2 1' J Q , W 1 - 34' Q .1 .,.f. fwfz ,SIN- xml ' -A . -I .- ,Jr ' ',: ' 1 X x . Q, t X' 'A'- 1- .15 ,,,,, 4. 'Us V' it .,.' f' A.,'4. 'M i . X if -4 -rw X v. ., X ., M x N. ' ur" X .Q . . Q , 1 'iq A , 2 , ' -. ' ei V ' o - , t v ...Q ii . A ' 1' 'ee at : 1 ,.v 1 K I . xx. X. .5 A Ji v ' ,. ,. 1 . .F 1 . - f,::,':f . .ts 5 W A V av 11 S51 w ., IM g.f.rE:."' 'R . -. 2,-sn'r:L.':'.z.1..':m...r1.2:'.e.s:.-to -1--A ' -.s . . . ::...1.. .' fin- A W i - HL ,E -,K - xr A ' " .'T' " - . ' . - -, A gl .4 ' P. . A ,K 2 ,,,,,- Q-- " his ' -f l P f at : 'I 1: .- I 1 ff I f F it 1, 'N 2 ,fn - ' , ax' . X52 , J v .5 ' I Q' 3 'Q . Q is f if 1 ' K Q f ' f , , , sf ,,, K: 4 X tg y . ,X 1 x, K 4 Back row, left to right: Mr. Damon, Earl Cox, John Myring, Brison Wilson, Fred Domenighini, William Notley, Richard Lipscomb, Arthur Langlois. Front row, left to right: Wilson Belloni, Clinton Gould, Terry Myers, Kenneth Clark, Joe Silva, Collis Mahan. Limited Truck In Winning the Humboldt-Del Norte County track meet for the eighth consecutive time, the Fortuna lightweights literally Walked away with the meet. Fortuna took seven first places, Eureka, Arcata and Fern- dale each took one nrst. Event Record First Second Third 100 ..........,..., 10.9 ......,....... Myers .......... QF? Oak ................ CA? Trione ............ -140 ........,,..... 55.8 .............. Oeschger ...... fFel Souza ...... IF? Brown ........ Shot put ,...... -13' 21z" ----,.. Belloni .......... CFD Clark ..,, .......... QFJ Myers .... 120 l. h ........ 16.1 .............. Clark ............ QFJ Seidell ............ QAJ Belloni ,.........., Pole Vault .... 10' 7551" ....,. Dome-nghini QFD Gould .............. KF! Hadley ....... . 220 ............... 22.8 .............. Oak .............. IA! Trione .... QF! Chamberlain High jump .... 5' 525 ........... Hemenway QE! Harton ............ CA? Fraser ............ Broad Jump 20' 1" .......... Myers .......... QFJ Hemenway QEJ Chamberlain Relay '... ......... 4 7 ...............,.. Fortuna Eureka Arcata Page Seventy KF? fAl 1FJ QFJ CEJ QAJ QA? QAJ Back row, left to right: Mr. Damon. Paul Lozensky, Carl Godec, John Mizulo, Russell Thompson. Front row, left to right: Wilson Belloni, Verne Wood, Terry Myers, Olindo Martinelli, Lewis Santarini. Unlimited Track " Fortuna heavyweight tracksters were able to win second place in the Humboldt - Del Norte track meet in Eureka last spring. Eureka won the meet by garnering' 5212 points. Del Norte was third, Arcata was fourth, and Ferndale fifth. Event Record First Second Third S80 .............,.. 100 .......,....... 120 h. h .....,, 440 .............., 220 ............... 220 l. h .....,.. Mile run .,..... Pole Vault... Discus .......... - High jump... Shot put ...... ' Broad jump Javelin .......... Relay ............ 2:06 ..........,... 10.12 ............ 18.13 ............ 0 50.19 ............ 23.11... 26.14... 4:oo.2 ........... 10 ...... 1041! ....,.... . 51 Qu 36' 11" 19' 10" 151' 912 " ..... 1:36.4 .... ...... Fowler Quigg . Hadley Koerner Quigg - Johnson Wolford Gould .......... Godec , Floyd ,......... Hash Bailey .......... Hash Eureka LFG? LE? LA? LCC? LE? LE? ........L.-x? LF? LF? LCC? LE? LCC? LE? Wolford Spann .... ...... LA? LCC? Johnson ........ LE? Spann LCC? Murray ........ LE? Nash .............. LE? Lozensky LF? Redden . LFe? Timmons Gould ............ Moore .......... LA? LF? LCC? Grinsell ........ LF? Bleything Arcata LE? Daly .............. Martinelli G1'1nsell ........ Downing' Martinelli Berneburg ,. O'Rourke Tatman . Moore .......... Kistner ,....... Lowrey Murray . Spann .......... Fortuna LE? LF? LF? LA? LF? LCC? LF? LF? LCC? LA? .LF? LE? LCC? Page Seventy-one 321 '1 ...I V-1 .J c: T l E I Back row, left to right: Mr. Damon, Harry Goble, Dort Gulliksen, Benny Larson, Olindo Martinelli, Ernest Di Basilio, Lewis Santarini, Kenneth Clark. Front row, left to right: Joe Barrotti, Joe Silva, Julielo Rovai, Emmett Newell, Paul Lozensky, Wilson Belloni, Terry Myers. Baseball With only two members of the 1930 baseball team back in uniforms this year, Coach R. E. Damon had to build up a practically new team. However, with the additional practice gained in the fall, a team as for- midable as those of previous years was turned out. i Although the team was weaker in several places than last year, it gained strength in several departments. .Iulielo Rovai, who pitched last year, was greatly improved in both control and speed. Godec and Santarini were the other hurlers on the squad. Joe Silva, second base, and Julielo Rovai pitcher, were the two vet- erans on the team. Gulliksen and Lozensky alternated as catchersg Belloni played first, Di Basilio. shortstopg Barotti, third. The outfielders were: Newell, Lar- son, Moschini and Thompson. Only two members of the team graduate this year, leaving a very brilliant outlook for next year's nine. Gulliksen and Thompson are the two who are playing their last year. Page Seventy-two Left to right: Mr. Damon, Melvin Hansen, John Mizulo, Leonard Gill, Gordon France, Margaret Layton, Mary Moschini, Zelma Burnside, Vivian McLean, Lena Docili, Marian Chandler, Clara Dillon, Elsie Docili, William Lytle, Ernest Docili, Victor Hutchinson, Jorgen Gulliksen, Miss Thorson. Tennis Two fall tennis matches were played by Fortuna netsters here this year, one with Arcata and one with Eureka. Both the first and second teams played. The County tournament was played in the spring, on the Arcata High School courts. The girls played the most consistent tennis, and those on the first team Won all of their matches. They were largely responsible for our victory over Eureka. They also won the only two victories we gained over Arcata. Lena Docili, Humboldt county girls' champ, has carried off the singles title for the last two years. The girls doubles combination, Marian Chandler and Clara Dillon, played good tennis and defeated all their opponents. Vivian McLean and Victor Hutchinson played mixed doubles. Ernest Docili, Humboldt County junior singles champion, played singles. Leonard Gill and Gordon France alternated with Dort Gulliksen and Melvin Hansen in the boys' doubles matches. Neither of these combina- tions Was able to defeat its opponents, howeve1'. Page Seventy-three Shih , 1, 1- y f,,,C!i'F:L?"?T?f?TE iif-'f'Tg'1H'Fif1f:31, zowwrznfavf-W. gfpgfwf-, , rv-, ,- f If W ' ' .-'JW Hull iff- ' fi' '37 Mi'm,:'g' 2591 P."-Q iw V ' '- ' 7,,,,.f."+f.r 1 .,-A'- sf' 1, wr 1 :- 4 Q, ,Ja 22,3 . , V1-X, iw, ,QQ f ' M. YP. 'mf' .J 5, X L .I Q -K' , ' f -f 1.22. L: 4 afar, '53, "Wu ,rg , ff . ' wi L . .. ,W A-5 L L 11-V . ,. W ,- 1 ns Lv- ' 5-wx ',c '. 'ei ,QV M? YH , J ,tl M!-X V ig!" 2 -.: ,fx . KL:-QQ ' Y--an 911, 5-, ia f.tQ.41s ,L . 4 4, x, L G. A. A. Cabinet Back row, left to right: Dorothy McGovern, Mary Polach, Elloise Chase, Miss Thorson, Lena Docili, Zelma Burnside, Mary Nielsen. Front row, left to right: Hadie Quigley, Frieda Gouthier, Eleanor Hinds, Leora Hunter, Mary Moschini, Amy Anderson, Bernice Rasmussen. Girls' Athletic Association U Zelma Burnside .......e,.ee.,e.. ...,.,................e.......e....,........ P resident Lena Docili ...... Mary Polach ,,,,,,, Helen O'Connor ,.,e Leora Hunter Amy Anderson ,.,.... .i... B asketball Volley Ball Baseball Horse Shoes ........Dancing Hiking ,. Vice President Secretary Cheer Leader Hockey Dorothy McGovern .... Hadie Quigley ..... . Mary Nielsen ,e,,. Eleanor Hinds .... Elloise Chase e,e,.. .,e, Mary Moschini ..e.eeeeee, .,., T ennis Bernice Rasmussen ee,,e . Archery Frieda Gouthier .. .. .....,.,,.,e.....e e,e...e..e..e,.,..iee,e,ee..,e,... T umbling The G. A. Af? No, it isn't a dull club where nothing is accomplished. lt is the Girls' Athletic Association of Fo1'tuna High, where you can find more interesting things to do in a minute than in any other organization in school. At the beginning of the year a swimming party was held, with all of the new girls in school as guests. This was to show them what the G. A. A. was like. As a result, the club is one of the largest and hnest in school. How do these girls get the money to have such fun? This year they sold hot dogs and candy at the inter-school basketball games! Page Seventy-four Hockey Team Left to right: Hazel Kohinka, Helen Holmes, Anna Brandt, Hadie Quigley, Frances Boyd, Marian Child, Leora Hunter, Merle Stewart, Blanche White, Margaret Layton, Zehna Burnside, Dorothy Grigsby, Bernice Rasmussen, Annabel Cirby, Mary Nielsen, Elloisc Chase, Inez Farmer, Miss Thorson. Hockey . fl 'On you forwards! On you forwards! Dribble down that line. Fullbacks pass it to the half-backs, Make a goal next time. Rah! Rah! Rah! Fullbacks tackle, half-backs battle, They can't find a hole. Forwards, down that field And make another goal!" Ground Sticks! Hit! That means the lure of hockey, the king of fall sports! Have you ever played this game? If you haven't, you have missed the thrill of one of the best games going, but if you have, then you know what it is all about. The most exciting and interesting game of the whole season was played last fall, with the Juniors and Seniors alternately sending the ball over the goal line. What was the outcome? The Seniors won, thus cinch- ing the school championship. They are on to the game all right! They have scored the championship in the soccer and hockey Round- Robins throughout their entire high school career! ' Page Seventy-five HQ Ur Back row, left to right: Dorothy Grigsby, Hadie Quigley, Miss Thorson, Merle Stewart, Leora Hunter. Front row, left to right: Bernice Rasmussen, Elloise Chase, Margaret Layton, Zelma Burnside, Hazel Kohinka. Basketball Goal! Two points! Tie Score! That's the excitement of basketball - the sport of sports. This year the Juniors and Seniors played off the championship as a preliminary to the boys' interschool games. The Seniors again scored the first place, making themselves Victorious for the last two years! Archery There is a thrill in the twang' ot' the string as the arrow speeds on its way towards the target. Thirty-five girls took part in the archery tournament which was held in the fall with hockey. The season over, a jolly luncheon was enjoyed by all who participated in these two sports. 'T""""'7"'T'1.'3 xi - w 1 bv 'T""i7i'Z':5TW: 'f"f'4'?T'T"T7?"'-N . N"'F'77t'f'Y3N:. - ' ' '71 fU'TT'T3l uf- I 'f:-:nf.1- 'wil-v't"0-:f::Y.i.-f K--'-.11-'-nfs:-1" mt.: szkvirvfim . N- f.-.f4-e-N'.-- assi g..:. gs-gf-my 2 Ev-nksgjf ':SiimL-M-225-x1 ' 143:25 Essay .V W me nw ' f . T 5 5 E . 0 f' X. I ,,,. ' 1 -. . - - -2' " VS ' 'L l' ' ,ggi pu 'Ye .. . p ,X pa ., . Q , . T " is 'li' iii , 3 ' is 3 r. 4 N I ef 5 Q Zn' N l I 5 K 4 923, 5 ix ' X N Q ' Q s X l' vi 1 Q L- 1 ., x 4 X X Y X .- 4. nb .iz-as ' fvf .' .Q fe," ,-2 tif:-Q ,-f 3,35 M. .-,g3,.. v,..3,.El .Zu I 1.3. ,, , ., 55 . . --11 ,,.1 QL r is vs- ar. 21' - 1-I , - ffm I - :-s-ms.: ., X avr N531 f , "Few , Y Y'-if-'Z 1 -' 'iifiirf -F' -JfTE'f'?,S , . 4 523- l - .. - - f" ffffi ff." "7 733'-Qfff' 'f 5 5"f'-iw V ' .. , , 4 '. "Q zz' QS7' .j ' ji . -.. .Q Left to right: Elsie Anderson, Arletta Fitch, Eunice Watson, Bernice Rasmussen, Nannie Belle Ross, Rose Gill. Page Seventy-six Fil 1 f ' L l 4- if , J ' 1 U l Q l Back row, left to right: Ulice Langdon, Sophia Mizulo, Marian Child, Anna Brandt, Florene Baxter, Dorothy McGovern. Miss Thorson. Front row, left to right: Edith Reback, Mary Nielsen, Hazel Alsop, Einylou Grove, Annabel Cirby. Volleyball There's no chance to go to sleep in volleyball! You toes every second of the time or you will not be ready ball back across the net when it coines your way. Why Dance? We dance for love of niovenient swift, For joys we feel in outstretched arins, For sheer abandon as we lift Our bodies, soaring on and on. 'A U ' ' I ,l,f E , 1.5.5 .V ' 1 ,as il .',v ,,., ' 5 ,, ,,,,, ,ld , rx 1 e if , I .. R ' Q 1 ' , . ,Q -1 5 S W 9 I 1' , A f 'f W 2 i . lf ,f Yerba -,.f,, vf- -- 1, - N5 V , K-: ' 9 A iv .151-: . I ff . , I U' ,, ff"W+'f.f:'v if ,fa f Yfigfwf-"- ' ' -- ,- .V -Q' , Tj ' H" 'M fa Q Q , N WP fggf' , , L11 , ,Wi-,m ' - , 1'-:xzg .. Mm . . Dance Left to right: Leora Hunter, Esther Langin, Eleanor Hinds, Virginia Early. must be on your to Hwhang the Page Sev enty-seven ff' nn. -1 ...I -1 Y 9 l J C ir L ! vr- Jh- Back row, left to right: Frieda Hopper, Hadie Quigley, Merle Stewart, Anna Brandt, Hazel liohinka. Front row, left to right: Dorothy Grigsby, Beulah Waterman, Marjorie Miller, Marjory Brenner, Miss Thorson. Baseball Batter up-play ball, and then the fun begins! Nine determined players trying to outwit nine equally determined opponents creates a situ- ation full of surprises hand thrills. Like this: The bases are filled! Score is 3-1 in favor of the team in the Held. It is the last half of the seventh inning, and the rooters are encouraging, "A home run, knock 'em in!" How would you like to be the one to hit in your teammates and save the honor of your class '? Every girl in F. U. H. S. gets this opportunity! Baseball demands all of your skill in throwing and running, and all of your craftiness in stealing bases. Speed in thought and action com- bined with accuracy and team work keeps the game at a "tip top' pace. "Play fair and yyin', is the slogan. The different class teams practiced faithfully and looked forward eagerly to the interclass series. The diamond was constantly in use. There may have been a little rain, but who cared about that! The large number of girls who came out this year justified the title baseball has been given-"The Great American Game"! Page Seventy-eight -1 -.J 1 9 5 1 3 71' J '31 3 S! The things that hold our world up Are laughs and jokes and grinsg So leave the grumps Without the door, But let the laughter in! lim? f .- 4-n . ,gm x N. , ,W ,, V H, A . . 54, J Qgimy , ., , - , W . Mx Y , , o '1 1 V, R, I ' leafs? 1 141 1, 11.11.141 1 T '1 I 11'3 U" 1' I, I 1' .ff 5, I1 1 1 li -11 1i1 1 1 W' ,121 11 1 W1 1 1 1 1 1 4 - 1 4 gf IVE' 1,111 I 11, 1'51 fl U, X ,1 1 2 '1 1111 X11 f ,Jf'e1, 1 1'.V.".""1N 7f1'1" 1. '11 W IA 12,4111 gf. 1'i5'.11H1'! hill' '1 11 41111111 1 1 V ,I 1I41.. N91 11. 1" 1 1 '1 1 ' 1211- ' 1 ' .-1' A . 1 , 1 , ' 4 1' I , 'A 1" 1 Q 111 1. ',1,1" 3 I 1 W, I . I, A'11 1 Q. A 1 ,:1 1i, 1 ,I - ' ,1 - 112 I 1 1 ul' 1 1151 1 ':, 11? , 1 I HI A 1',1- 1 11, 11 I 1 ' 1 1 1 fzj 1 ' 'Zu W. J: , 1 'V' 1 1' 1 S 5 1 ' '1 1 1 1 1 f I, 1.1. I 1,1 1 ii.:-: 11 1 1 1 11 J 'N 111 1 11' '111 1 1 W , 1, , 1 11 1 1 1 1 '1'. V1' 1 . 'IM' .AF 11 l 1, ,11 1 1' 1, it Wa W W l5'1i -I 1 1 L! JWLL1 11.1 11 I, lil 11,1 ll 11 W' U up Wlxiyw 1 ,, 1 , '1', 1.f,,'1!. W , 1 1 J 1 1 1 iw 1 g'1x?1:r, .1 -IJ! 11- A101 11? 5311- Nl A, ," WI Q 'M' I" 111 Q1 .!. 111,qx1.15j1,: f!,1111'1 11 11 11, ' 1 '1'l1'Y?1'1 114' ,I 1 1 1 4111 :-1, 11 11 X! 1 M111 1 - . 111111 51511 1'f ' . H' ' 1'!!,1"1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 11 rl 11. ij, 1 - .11 1 I 111 1,551 11' 5 . 1 1 14 1 lf-I 1 1 11111, Ml:

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