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Ellie illllrgaphnnr The Art and Craft Club This club directed by Miss Mary Hornaday was organized to create a greater interest in art. Tooling leather and designing of scenery have been the main activities. A large part of the operetta scenery was made by members of this club. William Moore and Percy Miller were chosen to take operetta posters to the various schools of the county in order that they might see what other art students were doing. It is interesting to note that so many students are cooperating in bringing the best in art be- fore the public. The members are: Front row, left to right-Early Tosti, Miller. Middle row, left to right-Hansen, Moore. Back row, left to right-Thompson, Miss Hornaday, Maudlin. Fish and Game Club This organization is a junior branch of the Eel River Valley Fish and Game club. The purpose of the club is to see that the Fish and Game Laws are carried out and to promote harmony between the ranchers and sportsmen and to help the conservation of forests and streams and the pro- pagation of fish and game. Several field trips were taken by the club. A program along the lines of fish and game was also given before the Student Body. The members are: Front row, left to right-Peterson, W. Wood- cock, Hanna, Perenin, and Nielson. Back row, left to right-M. Wood- cock, Hauck, Buxton, Jones, Baldry, and Mr. Stenback. Qutdoor Club The Outdoor 'Club has been one of the most active in the school. The members are interested in hiking, botany, bird lore, tree study, first aid and life saving. Collections of flowers were kept and at the end of the year the best pages of each book were taken to make one large book. Pins, emblematic of their nature study, were selected for the club. The club is planning to hold a wild flower show next year. The members are: Front row, left to right-Bianchi, Rhoades, Lowrey, Perrott, Mossi, Farm- er, Haapala. Back row, left to right-Wilburn, Thomas, Robinson, Rut- ledge, Gianoni, Kjer, Miss Schwab. Page Eighty .1 Uhr fllllvgaphnnv il 'F' 1 1.43 X The members of these clubs are identified on the opposite page. Page Eighty-one The Arletta Travis ...... Helge Paulson ...... Maxine Belloni ...,., Lucinda Hinds ...... Bernice Wood ..,.... Uhr illllegaphnnv 1929 Megaphone Staff Arabell McKee ......,. Eleanor Hinds ........i.... Dorothy McGovern Wilson Woodcock ........ Helen Hawks ..........,,.,.....,.... Lillie Hansen ........,,,..,..,.,.,..i.., Leo Gallagher-Bruno Trione ,..,. Guy Maxwell .......,..... ............ Dorothy Gould ..... William Moore ....... Velma Chase ...... Donald Scott ...,............... ................ Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Assistant Editor .. Assistant Manager Senior Class Junior Class Sophomore Class Freshman Class Organizations Society-Music-Drama Girls Athletics Boys Athletics .....-..............-Jokes Art Advertising Circulation Manager The progress of Transportation in Humboldt County was the theme of the 1929 Megaphone. How well this was carried out the readers can judge for themselves. Much time and thought has gone into the making of this year's annual, and the staff feels that the result will fully pay for the effort. In conclusion the staff extends its thanks to all who have taken any part in preparing this year's annual for the press. The literary work was under the supervision of Miss Louise Blakeg the art work under the direction of Miss Mary Hornadayg and the financial department under Mr. Fred Kelly. Much credit is due the following students for the original linoleum cuts: William Moore, Lillie Hansen, Florence Wilburn, Dorothy Gould, Mae Scheppler, Percy Miller, and Woodrow Thompson. The cover was designed by Carmen Davenport. The staff of the Megaphone is grateful to Dorothy Grigsby, Dorothy Coakley, Cecil Cox, Ronald Chase, Mary Friedenbach, Helen Cottrell and Peter Petersen for their cooperation. Page Eighty-two Uhr fllirgaphnnv EG PHO E STAFF , A .ff P ' z.L . -QL.. . 1 J-M . 5 vs ,,, -A 4 5 ' J:.:.., . ,. 4 is I 0 1 . -.,:- wi' ' P - .zz ,IQ S' 1 , f K4 2 '3 ,, x- ml j in fl s 3 i i xx. H. ' ,fx ' Q ..,..,.,.,. , 4 ii ff- 11.1 '- ' 'I 1 A f 5 ..,,4 .iii 7 I in Travis' L. Hinds Miss Hornaday Mr. Kelly Pazulson ssfgiifll McKee E. Hinds McGovern ggfsnglake Hansen Gallagher Hawks Woodcock Maxwell Swett Gould Moore Chase Scott Page Eighty-three Uhr illlvgaplinne Front row, left to right-Anderson, Cooper Gould, Gianoni, Swett, Travis, Cir- by, Lipscomb, Souza, Clinton Gould, Bravo. Middle row, left to right-E. Cook, K. Brown, Richard Walden, Hansen, Goble, Erickson, Chase, E. Brown, Pedrazzini, Bruga. Back row, left to right-C. Cook, Robert Walden, Nenieth, Curren, Childs, Wil- son, Bushnell, Berry, Mr. Jenner. Cfficers Lester Swett ...... ....................... . -. ............... President Barton Travis ...,.,. ................. ........... V i ce President Vernon Cirby ..... ......,...... ,..... S e cretary-treasurer Frank Gianoni ,..,.....,.,...............................,.,....,..... Yell Leader Vocational Agriculture The Agriculture Department under the leadership of Mr. George Jen- ner has increased in enrollment this year from 21 to 33 members. The department Works as a club and is primarily interested in the study of modern farming and the cooperation of the farmers., The students have participated in many activities. First place was taken in the Booth Exhibit at the Humboldt Fair. The Poultry Show sponsored by the Junior Farm 'Center was the largest ever held here, and netted 3261. At this time a one-act play, "Ding-a-ling," coached by Miss Louise Blake was put on by the boys. This spring found the members busy with their field Work. Several hundred chicldens were incubated, brooded and sold as a club project. The Farm Mechanics department under the leadership of Mr. Robert Look has made big strides this year. They have new quarters for their Work and more equipment. The boys built the body on the Agricultural bus, and have completed a modern brooder house for the school. Page Eighty-four ' Ellie zllllvgaphnne X1" .- "A Nautical Knot" Principals Helen Cottrell ,.,... ,.........,...,.... .,e..,......... J i ilia Bernice Wood ...... ...,..,o.......o N ance Lewis Santarini .,.ooo A..,. l Barnabas Lee Stanley Bowers ....,,.... ., Joe Stout Milton Lozensky ...,..,.,.i . ,.o..,.ooio,.... .o....,... . . .,... Bill Salt Audron Paine ...,.... 1 I .... .,,....... J im Spray Arthur Larsen ....,. i Sailors ....... ..... N ed Bluff William iviai-tmez . l .......,,, Jack B1-ace Home Gerd J Ba1'HS11HP001e Der Octavia Feuis .o.. Girls ..l,oi.......i........,. Daisy Janice Kjer .,,....,.... l ..... . .... ,....,,..., D ora "A Nautical Knot" a two-act operetta was given under the direction of the music department March 8 and 9. More than 100 students were in the cast. Barnstapoole girls and towns people were represented by the Girls Glee Club, and the sailors by the Boys Glee Clulo. The art class, dancing class, and clothing class aided a great deal in making this a success both dramatically and financially. The special orchestra played for the audience between acts. Ione Wescott and Zelma Burnside Were accompanists for the operetta. Miss Dorothy Dale was the director. Miss Mary Hornaday, Miss Helen Ford and Miss Carol Chapman all helped in making this operetta a success. Page Eighty-five Uhr :mrgaphnnr Front row, left to right-Nemeth, Paine, Gulliksen, Jones, Eisner, Gill, Miss Dale. Middle row, left to right-Anderson, Wood, Bowers, Ellis Brown, Petersen, Edwin Brown, Santarini, O'Rourke. Back row, left to right-Dixon, Hedley, Russel Thompson, Larson, Alexander. Boys' Glee Club With an enrollment of twenty-nine members, the Boys' Glee Club has done fine work under the direction of Miss Dorothy Dale, instructor. Besides singing at the Poultry Show last fall, the boys took an active part in the operetta, "A Nautical Knot," where they appeared as "gobs" in ship-shape style. They also sang at the Musical Festival at the Hum- boldt State Teachers College in Arcata, bringing credit to the school. This year, with an increase of thirteen members, the club has been able to do more difficult part singing. It is gratifying to note the in- creased interest shown by the boys, most of whom are outstanding in other activities. A new plan has been formulated whereby musical awards will be made for active mernbership in the organization. Part singing has not been limited to the glee clubs. All of the voices of the student body were tested and divided into soprano, alto, tenor and bass sections. The mixed chorus, consisting of Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs, led the student body in the singing of 'Christmas carols in parts. Page Eighty-six Uhr illllegaphnnv eo Q s Q fs' at-F: swam uf W R . X . . ' " J , . . K . - ' - , 5 Q K V . K . 15. .V . X 1 ' , sa. 'T 55. 4' . 1 Front row, left to right-Holmes, Cross, Bruga, Cirby, Dinsmore, Shields, Bartlett, Reback, Wise, Williams. Middle row, left to right-F. Wilburn, H. Wilburn, Chapman, Betger, M. Wil- burn, Bianchi, Brorsen, Heckman, Barti, Watson. Back row, left to right-Smith, Chandler, Kjer, Y. Thompson, Baxter, McMillan, Martin, Stephenson, Wood, H. Thompson, Hopper, Miss Hornaday. Girls' Glee Club The Girls, Glee Club under the direction of Miss Mary Hornaday has had a very successful year. Miss Hornaday, the art teacher, cannot only blend colors but has proven her ability to blend voices as well. The greater number of girls enrolled Were freshmen who had little or no training in part singing. Although difficult at first, good second so- prano and alto sections were developed. The newly adopted uniforms have added much to the appearance of the club. The glee club took part in many programs including the Fresh- men Reception, the Poultry Show, the Girls Hi Jinks, the operetta, "A Nautical Knot," the Baccalaureate Service and the Music Festival. With Nora Hopper as president, Wilma Chapman and Myrtle Dins- more as librarians, the cooperation and application of this group has been excellent. From the glee club nine or ten voices were selected to sing in a special chorus which practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the advisory period. The girls learned numerous three and four part songs, singing them in several programs. They also took part in the Christmas play. Page Eighty-seven Uhr illllvgaphnnr 5? ' ,' :l:"' n i ' p xi? I X l A -R arg i lr 3, .., '- " X Front row, left to right-Langin, Packer, Smith, Aldrich, Reback, Haapala, Tosti, Shields, Carlisle. Back row, left to right-Davenport, Curren, Santarini, Gallagher, Ingram, Windbigler, Evans, Childs, Walden, Miss Hornaday. Elementary Orchestra The Elementary Orchestra under the leadership of Miss Mary Horna- day has won many comments upon its ability to amuse its listeners, as well as to provide good entertainment. A wide variety of music is studied, but the spirited type seems to be the favorite with this group. We are happy to state that the music does not sound so much like a Tin Pan Brigade as it did the first of the year fthe instructor is not the only one who thinks sol. Improvement has been made to the extent that several public performances have been given before the student body and the Onward Odd Fellows Lodge. This ensemble is an added feature this year which enables the begin- ner to obtain a thorough foundation before gaining entrance to the Ad- vanced Orchest1'a. It is hoped that every member of the Elementary Or- chestra will go out for second year orchestra next year. This would greatly aid the Advanced Orchestra as the members would be better pre- pared to take up more difficult workg. This is the first year that there has been enough students interested in orchestral work to have two or- chestras. It is hoped that the students will keep up this interest. Page Eighty-eight Uhr Qllvgaphnnv Q si- : u..f ,.1.... Q l r 4 i fi 53+ v. 'i of , 'VE Front row, left to right-Gow, Docili, Linser, Burnside, Williams, Beaudette, Rasmussen, Look, Holt. Middle row, left to right-Miss Dale, Holman, Nicholsen, Osborne, V. Woods, Dinsmore, Thompson, Cottrell, Dixon, Bender. Back row, left to right-Brown, McCloskey, B. Woods, Nielsen, Gallagher, Linser. Advanced Qrchestra The Advanced Orchestra of the Fortuna Union High School is an or- ganization of which the Student Body and city of Fortuna may well be proud. This group is composed of about thirty experienced players who have practiced many months under the leadership of their instructor, Miss Dor- othy Dale. Most of this time has been spent on the classics, including works of Beethoven, Schubert, Tchaikowsky, and Brahms. Whenever programs have been given, they have brought forth much praise and fa- vorable comment. During the year, the orchestra has furnished music for the school plays, the Poultry Show, the Redwood Caravan Luncheon, the Commence- ment Program, the Baccalaureate Service and other functions including the Operetta, "Nautical Knot," the Music-Drama Festival held at Eureka and the Music Festival at the Humboldt State Teachers College in Arcata. An appreciation of the honor of participating in the Advanced Orches- tra is to be shown, for the first time, by the awarding of a music letter "F" to those who have been members for two years and a star for each ad- ditional year. Page Eighty-nine El .. E1 Q EI Tho Mogophono T929 ma ma fffassomx Published hy The Student Body of the Fontnnol Union High School Fontnno, California ARM-ZTTA TRAVIS, Editor HIEILGJE PAUJLSON, Manager n nun: El El EJ E! Uhr Qliegaphnnv Front row, left to right-Holt, Bender, Webster, Dinsmore, Mengali, Lewis, Nielsen, Davenport, Ammer. Back row, left to right-Walden, Linser, Anderson, Curren, Miss Dale, McClos- V key, Windbigler, Paine, Gallagher. School Band Students of the Fortuna Union High School have heard the uncanny shrieks, blasts, and bangs coming from the auditorium and have, no doubt, wondered who or what was being tortured. At least the members of the Art and Physics departments have survived the tortues. Let us explain. This year a band was organized in the school, and despite the fact that most of the members are beginners on their respective instruments, the band, which is composed of boys only, has made a great deal of pro- gress. After several months of practice under the leadership of Miss Dorothy Dale, it has reached a place where it can make a creditable ap- pearance in public. The band's debut was made at the Ferndale vs. Fortuna basketball game. It also played during the Eureka vs. Fortuna basketball game on the home court and it has also played for the student body on several oc- casions. Since many are taking advantage of the opportunity to receive instruction on the various instruments, we expect this organization to make rapid strides in the future. Page Ninety E112 illllrgaphnnv Left to right-Miller, Hawks, Thompson, Wescott, Martinez, Hedley, Barsanti, Bryant, Look, Bowers. "Adam and Eva" William Martinez ...,..,..,........,.....o........e......... ...,, J ames King Verda Wescott ....,..... .,.....,..,.,... C orinthia Angelo Barsanti .,,,..., i..,.. C linton DeWitt Una Bryant ........,.,.. ..,......, J ulia DeWitt Helen Hawks ,...- e..................,. E Va King Clarice Look ........ ...... A unt Abby Rocker Percy Miller ...,..... ..... D r. Jack Delameter Robert Hedley ......,.... ...,........ H orace Pilgrim Stanley Bowers ....,....,...,.,..,....,......................,..... Adam Smith Woodrow Thompson ..............,............, Lord Andrew Gordon The student body presented "Adam and Eva," a three act comedy by Guy Bolton and George Middleton, November 23. The play was one of the biggest successes, both financially and dramatically that has ever been produced by the students of the Fortuna Union High School. Miss Helen Ford, dramatics coach, carefully chose the cast. Due to the sudden illness of Miss Ford, Mrs. Ruth Beck coached the play. The plot of the play concerned a very wealthy man and his parasite family. He lost money in a big drop in the rubber market, and the way in which his family overcame the sudden difficulties proved very interest- ing. A good love story was woven into the play and there Were many comedy spots. Page Ninety-one Uhr Qlllrgaphnnv Left to right-Burnside, Friedenbach, Hunter, Bowers, Chase, Macliinny, Hedley, Coakley. "Under Twenty" Rudolph Kaski ..,......,..............,,................. ...,. M r. Farnum Gertrude Hunter ....e..... ......... M FS. Farnum Mary Friedenbach ........ ....,.. G race Farnum Velma Chase ,,.,.,,,..,,,, ...,.............,.. P eeks Farnum Dorothy Coakley ....... .,.,,.,,............ R annie, the nurse Robert Hedley .,.,..., ....... B ill Boyd, the watchman Truman Burnside ...... ..............,... T ed Rutherford Stanley Bowers ........,,l.....,...,,.,.... , ....................... Donald Brown Edna MacKinny ,.......,.......... . .....,.. Diana Edgerton, the vamp "Under Twenty," a three act comedy by L. Westervelt and John 'Cle- ments, was cleverly presented by the senior class on the evening of April 19. Miss Helen Ford directed the play. The heroine of this comedy is a most lovable personality, a charming miss of seventeen, who takes it upon herself to save the family fortunes by marrying off her sister to a handsome man from the west. She is a movie fan and regulates all her deeds by asking herself, "What would Mary Pickford do now ?" She managed to keep the entire family in an exciting turmoil for al- most two hours, only to discover in the end that she is really in love with the westerner. She achieves all her aims, however, and in the end makes everybody happy in her fascinating way. Page Ninety-two "Satin" -,.. -----. 3, ' - - Along natures great highways our buses do run Which bring us to high school, where we learn and have fun I p qi. Sgvf x Fx ,. . ..,H4 .tow f 'mi "-,x-1 ,I A f V .LL , -'Ir ..b. .-I 4, ,.. LZ' . -55,574 , ',, . ,A-"' :fly . ,,,v,,' eil . W . 317 -:Qu ff , hgh , 'lx fa' -.511 ' 5' ' 2155:-1 FS' Uhr fllllegaphnnv f jokes f On a mule we find two legs behind. And two we find before we stand behind Before we find what the two behind be for. Mr. Jenner: How is it you have written only ten lines on milk when the others in the class have done pages? Frank G.: I've done mine on condensed milk. :g :5: :ic 4- Carl Harvey: There are two things that keep you from being a good dancer. Wayne Jarvis: What are they? Carl: Your feet. 13: Q: :gr Scoop Petersen: I hope you are carrying out those ideas I wrote you about. Mr. Kelly fin journalism classhz Did you meet the boy with the Waste paper basket? Pete: Yes. Mr. Kelly: Well he was carrying out your ideas. Miss Ford: Have you done any public speaking? Truman: Well, I proposed to nine girls over the telephone in our section of the country once. 211 23 il Animals were being discussed in Mr. Kelly's class. He stated, "We will now name the lower type of animals beginning with Bob Hanna. :': ra :': :Q Great pains from little facheh-corns grow. -2 1: :gi ff Art Larsen: Gotta Sweetheart? De Russy: I did have. Art: Where is she now? De Russy: I put her back in circulation. :F Pk af 23 Ronald: My razor doesn't cut at all! Elloise: Why, Ronald, you don't mean to tell me that your beard is tougher than the linoleum. Kinny: I can't shoot my husband 'till we get out of Fortuna. Stan B: Aw, why not? Kinny: It's against the law to have a revolver here. Bus Thompson: Have ya' gotta pin? Bill Moore: Common, rolling, belaying, ten, safety, bar, stick, cotter, hair, hat, wrist, beauty, scarf, tie, or fraternity? Page N inety-three Uhr illlvgaphnne f jokes f Miss East: In which of his battles was King Gustavus Adolphus killed '? Henry Bender Qsleepilyb : I think it was the last one. :ii SF 214 P14 Miss Gatton: It gives me great pleasure to give you 98 in this ex- amination. Spigot: Make it 100 and thoroughly enjoy yourself. if 35 lil Pl! Mr. Kelly: Name some cereals. Percy Miller: Grapenuts. Ellen Maple: Mr. Kelly, do grapenuts come from grapefruit? James McCloskey: I am looking for a job that will pay me about five thousand per. Mr. Kegler: The rest of that word, James is P-E-R-H-A-P-S. :gf 4: :ga Lg: A equals Girl. B equals Boy. C equals Chaperone. A plus B plus C equals Hades. A plus B minus 'C equals Heaven. Mr. Stenback: It's astounding! One hundred per cent depreciation in value in one year. Miss Everson: What is it? Mr. Stenback: Automobile license plates. BIC :ll S4 ak Leonard Stillings: "What markings are there on your tennis ball ?" Dean Bowers: "Not yours, in red ink." Paloma Smith: Did you enjoy your hike out in the country? Zella Aldrich: No, we had to walk most of the way. When the Donkey saw the zebra He began to switch his tail :- "Well I never," was his comment, ."There's a mule that's been in jail." Miss Bowker: How do astronomers know when there is going to be an eclipse? Dorothy McGovern: Well I guess they can read the papers. Miss Blake: Use these three words in a single sentence: defeat, de- tail, defence. Jay Jones: De feet went over de fence before de tail. Page Ninety-four .X K v fr 2 X v , 5 iw X. ! 1 1 xx f ,, . f ' gf, fi P" 1 415 'S 4 M41 M NR'-.11 Xfvel xv S P Y' f sl, ' 4' Uhr illllrgaphnnr .15 QI! ' fx 'luhix Q, Y , , . I5 'gil A .-A' - "X 'ff .. -ff: ' 49 l A 3' "Senior Cutupsu Page N inety-five Elhr illllrguphunr f jokes f Dwight F.:fin elevatorJ "Fourth floor, please." Operator: "Here you are son." Dwight: "How dare you call me son, you are not my father." Operator: "Well I brought you up didn't I?" Pl: 21 if "I could die dancing," exclaimed Bruno as he walked all over Una's feet. "Maybe so," she agreed, Hbut we don't need to make a death pact out of it." Miss Ford Qto the boys who brought her some flowersb : Whe1'e did you get these? h Dwight F.: I got mine from Miss Hornaday's room and Joe Peremn got his from Miss Blake's. :gr .51 gg: It's the little things that count. For you can sit on a mountain but you can't sit on a tack. Francis P.: My uncle has addressed half the people in the United States. Dwight F.: He must be a wonderful orato1'. Francis: Oh, no, he mails catalogues for Sears and Roebuck. Notice on bulletin board: If the person who took my chemistry note- book, will return it before exams, no ,questions will go unanswered. Signed Cork O'Rourke. 224 2k IEC Gertrude M.: "Why is Mr. Badura looking for a cashier? He en- gaged one only a month ago." Arabell M.: "That's the one he's looking for." PF ii E1 Miss Dale: "Arthur, are you teaching that parrot to swear?" Arthur Larsen: "No, I'n'1 just telling him what not to say." Pk if :ls Epitaph: A statement that usually lies about the one who lies be- neath. ' Helge P.: May I have this dance? Wilma C.: No, I'm too danced out! Helge P. :You're not. You're just pleasingly plump. 121 '11 211 21 Mr. Kegler treading in chemistryj: Guess I'll jump a little. Ralph Buxton this own witty selfb : Why not skip '? Anna Holmes: Mother, I'm tired of looking such a kid. Couldn't I have shorter dresses now? Page Ninety Six I E112 illlrgaphnnv X15 ,. X Xiu' xx M BQ, 4 ,Q N W 153' 12' .5 . af- ' 3 X X , , ,,,,,, J.-. QM 35' -J 1 A Q ' 'w,q bf r i 'i 1. i J ,,f- "Junior Cutups" Page Ninety-seven i i Utdlet of Brooks Q I! Di o o Scenic Administration Classes Athletics Aetiqvzitzies Stttzite Adlsvettisements ' x -- ' 1 .A '. " ' r. - ,1.5',, Zsafkuiuwf' Uhr illllegaphnnv - jokes f Miss Dale fto bandjz After playing the Star Spangled Banner, you may all pass out. :if :ga :ge Wilson Woodcock read his poem to the English IV class: There was an old horse, And her name was Nellie, She stood in water, Up to her ankles. Miss Blake: But, Wilson, that is not a good poem. It doesn't rhyme! Wilson: Well, I can't help it. The water wasn't deep enough. 21 2? his Mr. Badura: "I've never paid a cent for repairs on this car." Mr. Stenback: "Yes that's what the man who repaired it for you told me." :g :I Lost: A silver plated comb by a boy with four teeth missing. Miss East: What do they call the instrument the French used for beheading ? Earl Tatman: The Gillette or something like that. 44 :gi qi Charles Beacom: "I have called to see about getting a job." Boss: "But I do all the work myself." Charles: "Perfect! When can I start ?" Irate Father: "What do you mean by bringing my daughter in at this late hour?" Ike Petersen: "Well I gotta be at work by seven." P14 :lf Ik She calls her friend Pilgrim because he makes so much progress. Pk 51 3 24 Velma Chase: If I grow up will I have a husband like papa? Her Mother: Yes, my dear. Velma: And if I don't will I be an old maid like Aunt Susan? Mother: Yes, you will. Velma: Well I am in a fix. Ik 24 if 21 Teacher: Recite the oath of office of the President of the United States. Rudolph Calvvays originalj: I hereby swear that I Will execute the President of the United States but will do my best to protect, defend, and preserve his constitution. :lc if if PF Bob Malone: How about a ride? Frieda P.: Are you going north? Bob: Yes I am. Frieda: Well, give my regards to the Eskimos. Page Ninety-eight Q , .,. 1 1- ' , A 1 "Ahun'Iin2ra" '-nk. ? ' X :mf I , .gr Ji .4 .12 s P1 1 -u--. X A ft 5 ,hr - s . k A , 'f ' v , , -yzff V 1' X ', ' 1 1 xx and tligbees once sole masters ofthe air , gHavQinoi1v compgtition with aqeroplanes iso fair. . A-, uir I h -, wif , ' ff -4 - ' its . Lxlffgf-, . : QF . , ,r-QA' ' Q -' '.-. - 1 f if . -. " 13. '5339 qv-2: A ' v.,: if 61: ug 'f - ' " .X fu 'ff f . " Egg 1-'ut-.'-1' 5" . Q' if' :Li " - Q' Q I.. --.4 L -f' . an ' . 9.1 M, qw- f ,X . - iq. f'-WQQQ' , v ,a .- ig si .A L 5- 32-.Q.,, 1 ' .f '- ' - 2: ,fix - A ff' w-'4' ' 1 ' -'Q .' 1 .w,,ggg5T'g U qjgffff K ng: 47 R , ' in-figs . Yi. lygxgif -, --,, - .5 ' .N 1' .,-: -ug-if ,, f,. . w, '1 1 .1 " A: w-an nes'-' ' '- f '-,Ps-15, 1: -.1 lg' -. ,q C. .. fa - U -" ' f - A .. , -fl , '- : ' ' 'ri "c' ZF, f" , .f-A' fx ., ' ' " ,M ' ',7a,+ ,4Wt'2 ff 9 -f - . 1 ff- -A 3 -,Q71 g 5 ' . , qi' 4, 1 - ,,,Q,. Q riivxffgl.-. , - 3 "0 ' 23 .,- -' 'X V, Q' Aj, L ' 'Q -I .vw .,f,- , ' f.. , ,A J, A9 IIN . 'S kips' xgitrjf' . ug ,rl -ll - V , ,cg ri-la' 1:31 . 2:i:Q'5F ' 4 . 4 -1. w . Y- . - , - .., -iq. - 'L 'P e , ' ' - - - K J-H f Q. new -.V I N, ,, . if -'11,-4'-:X 1' 7' W' 4 1- 'fiffi 'gif .fh U51 NVQKQ' - " Q J 'flag ' V: 2' --'Tea' K A MH ' E" TF' -:NMR L : ta .I .. .. , , p 1' - -73 S- V, - ,. ' . -3 ' max iw-g hw 511-11. " - -wx -1 fi- "' I'?"f.-14 -. , f . "-A M s Q x. , , P , R L u :Q-. K :. um- 1 " f'A' 1:5w?f 44- nfxv?-Q . H V . - .g-,yr 2 1' 'fvf,.f4Q':2',e1'1'3L 5 -7 A - . ,.L:" -.,., .,. " - .:'.. , V V Ji' 'Egg ' ' ffsf-1'. .. if ., , jf ,. , , 4 ' " 11-.if , . W V ,1-3 v nu wg- ' .Lv : 31-'mg -gb , : '-'tj Y t , it wg' ' ' - ' . . Jiimul F l f '5 . P 'ff1H+f ' , . X ' " J.-Mffcfv. ' . :,1Q7'2S If 1 ,ii kg, W ?'W?'afy- ,. w, ,L V-2152 . A. . Q: 55 , V , 4- , . - .,-1- , Si'-I-15' ' N" ' 'f' "ff: F, fi 1 "W ' gf., 1 , ,,!,.,--j , " ' A s iv, w , 1-' - -. 5. ' 419-, Nxfaff :Mia . - 3 ay , - 15' .+ rg., , Q, ' QQ " , gr - -,g,..'. rg: 1. " H. '-. f , K' X A ' 71' FK- , "' 5-Ea' - ' nd, , V ' 'as Z ,, .. fx- :' :,,-,,..'f -1-1 ,, 1 , I -'Agn x- x . ,- 'f,L.f 11,5-5:1 , ': A53 'f- ' VV 'ff' "' ffyi-if " ,f 1' 'ie' ' ,,-1'-if -4 'asf..11. Az.- " '-df ffl i , . ,E--gi-rl ,V ici - . ,. , , , 1165-w,4 ,.:' -:rg 4: 3-1 . -ff 1 5 . -rv. f 1 - . 7 Z f 2+ -11:61-2-A . W A .v,.. .AA , - -ff 2 f ' Lf! J" ' , 3 - A ' f - ' f 4 14 fi' ' 02-1: uf' "J - -F ' .f "'-3D-- r . a,,:,.:-- ' ,. ., 'yi' - - -,,, ...V K , '-v:fr'4'2"T- E ' -1-f J: -ffm. f. 529' 1 . .f.. Ag, 'N 3, . - .4n,,fv.v -A - . if f' , ,, . ,g H i'9F'f 'if' ,Q Q,-1-. A ,,.. --1...-f. "Ulf-' :V 1 . 'rf. ' , ,W-1" " ""' , '-.-'---:I vi, Q' I r ,gf in -A .4 'Cf rf-Las.-v 11 '19, U , '5 'L -' W ' '4i"'4f7e.f ' , ' -'if' '14 - , . , . 1. .. , , . qw H .Af .. , . . SWE . , fr Y '.J,,,,,. 323- ,x-,,.'r,, rj . ,Qi .3 . -1.21 1' . . i va. f U., 7' 'Ale 'Vx I-.5 1 I L ' ,Qing ' ' , , wr. 41. -1. x..j'j I., - Y- .--J1,f5:'.'- , - W 1. , A E".'3f- wg 'H .' . A , I -- 41 l qv ' " - mf- , ff' ' -"'-PM - ,W - 511. '. ,H Y EY? 'fi -3' ':f.., ' Sfffgifffff 33. 'we Uhr ililvgaphnnr E ..,........ E1 Friedenbach Bros. '23 Headquarters for Proper Clothes and Furnishings Luxite Hosiery for Men, Women and Children American Lady Corsets Gantner Mattern Sweaters and Bathing Suits Dependable lines of Shoes, Silk Underwear and Novelties of all kinds. '33 Fortuna, California E lun Innlnlnunnununnnnunlnlug Page N inety-nine lil fihv illilrgaphnnr gi-1-I-.1 miinIinnuummmmnmmmnu mmmmmmm nIinnnminIIninmnmmmnmnm n 5 -There is always-one best,-a lot of folk know- THEY CAN DO BETTER AT M QEEQUQF S 5 -And here is a friendly little tip to our young friends of the- Fortuna Union High School Compensation The law of Compensation is-you must pay for what you get, or you get what you pay for. You can't get away from nor violate this rule of compensation. It is not new, it is as old as creation itself. Centuries ago it was expressed this way: "Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap." Too many try to ignore this great rule, they try to get something for nothing. You may eat first and pay afterwards, or you may pay first and eat afterwards. You may play the butterflyg sip life's sweets and sow your wild oats now, but pay day will come and maybe you will be unable to pay. You may spend your income now and suffer want later on. You may work hard now and play as you go along. You may have happiness each day you liveg you can make life worth living if you work. Happiness is compensation for workg no work, no happiness. You may have what you want, but, you must pay for it. Millions cost happiness and often cost health too. The dinner is properly balanced when it has sweets as well as substan- tials. The sensible person finds the dinner is the better if the sweets come after the substantials. To violate the law of compensation is to eat the sweets first and then the substantials, and by this law the substantials do not taste good when they are eaten after the sweets. The man who procratinates is violating the law of compensation. When you see your duty attend to it at once. Page One Hundred .nun nnnnununnnnnnlluuuunnnuunnm nu ununnunnnunulnmnuzu Uhr illllvgaphnnv WATERS 6? ROSS The HUMSQ Holton Band Instruments Rodney Bums ' Everything for the I - School Musician '23 5 Expert Repairing - 5 Prompt Mail Service E Redwood Nonvclzty Co. 1155 Market Street Eureka, California San Francisco, Calif. Miss Gatton: Jerry, I want you to define ignorance. Jerry: It's when you don't know something and someone finds it out. ""'"'"""'"'""""""'""""""'"'"'"""'"'""''"'"''"'"'"'"''""'"""'"'"''""''"'""''"''''"''"'"'"'"""'"""""""""""" I3 McrcereEroSer Company GENERAL CGNTRACTGRS and ENGINEERS Znd. 8: Connnercial Streets Eureka, California .........................................................................................................................................................................HE! Pete Petersen: I would like to see something in new straw hats. Clerk: Try this one on and look in the mirror at your left. unnnunnumnunnnnunuunuxnnInunininIn1unmnnnmmmnuunnnrnnunnnunnnnnunmmmnnnnununnnmnmnnunmnnu To Get Anywhere Requires ENERGY Pure Fresh Candy Produces ENERGY Eat More of lt 'tif DELANEYQS CANDY IS THE KIND Page YOne Hundred-one El El Uhr illllvgaphnne WHY CERTAINJLY gl IllllllllllllIllI"'l""lIllllllllllIllllllllllllllll lnlll I ulnllunlunllllllxulullllul uuuuunnll I E E CREDIT? ,il-e1lT!! X' 0 andere "X X l f Z C CI:-IQ , X . X Riblrxwewrif sf X gffg' , NWI! Z 402 F Sf.. Eureka, EnnInnmmummunnunmmummmmunnnnummmnumnunnmunn nunnnnunlnunl1nunInlnun:anunnlnnnuuummunnn Frances Devoy in 'Chemistry Lab: Oh, Mr. Chlorine, will Kegler fr iodine from starch? ...lj G9 3 uunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnuunulnnnunuunnnnununuluuuuulxullulunsluuunxnllnulxulxnlll :I llllnl u xrlnlllllllllllll:lllnlllllllllllllrllllllllnllnnllllllu 1 lnllluluulnunnnunnllllnlllgllgllg E The Home of Muuorfldroolc Suits until Oqvercouts 5 Made for High School boys - Fifth at F st. Eureka ml llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllhlllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIlllllllIllllllIlllllillllllllllllllllllllIlllllllll IIIIIII IIIlllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 5 The modern girl would rather mend a felloW's Ways than his socks. 3 nunnunnnnnnnnnnzaunnunnnluunIuuulluluululuuululuunllullnlll:lln I llllllrllllIllllllllllullllllllllllIlllIlllllllllllllllIllllllllvllllllxlllllllllxllllllx ll llll I llvlllul lu Q A Practical Education ls What You Need - : and What You Must Have Write us about it Fall Term Opens Monday, August 5, 1929 Eureka Business College Kfmefw I 5 Principal I E Qlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I llllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllIIlllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll HIE Joe P.: "What would you advise me to read after graduation ?" Mr. Badura: "The 'help Wanted' column." 3 lllllllllllllllllllllll IIII IIlIIllIllll!l"lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll' E EIU' llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllll Illll I lllll I Illlllll I lllllllll 3 f The New Take a "Victor or Sonora I 1 .gg pgs Portable"i along when you go Nash on that outing. , Still leads the WOI'1d in Orthophonic Victor Records , M t 'C V l , - 0 01 ar a ue Mathews Mustc Go A' FULTON : and Stationery House E 7th Sz D Sts., Eureka, Phone 879 E 5 Eureka, 423 F St., phone 3003 Q E Illlll Illllllllllll IIIIIII IIIIIIIIII IllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII UIQ mlllllllllllll lllllllllllll Illllllllllll lllllllllllllllll lllllllll llll llllllllm Page One Hundred Two Uhr illllvgaphnnv 3 """"'""""""""""'"'"""""""""""'""" """""" 'E' E """"""""""'"""''"'"'"""""""""""""""""""""' Q Best Portraits . . Best Kodak Finishing ' Appfeclatmg au ' - your Endeavors. The Martin Studio 533-4th sf. Eureka USG Duck : Mail me your Films Eureka E1 ----'--------------------------------------------------------------'---------- El I5 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- lil Rodney Peterson: And did you know that two Scotch boys turned in their basketball suits because they couldn't shoot all the free shots. Elin...........................................................................................................,.............................................................. E1 E112 itlumhnlht Fliinva Northwestern California's Leading Newspaper Local and World News at Breakfast table Associated Press Service Commercial Printing Wholesale Paper Dept. E Eureka, Calif. Phone 25 :ii --------------------------I-----------------------------------------------------------------"----------f------------ ----------------ff----------i-'-- iii Billy M.: What are you thinking about? Angelo B.: Thanks for the compliment. El """""""'"""'""""""""""""""""""""'"'""""""'"'"'""""""""""""""' """"' E : When you think of rho following z Monarch Electric Ranges Keloinator Electric Refrigerators Radiola-Racliolas Col-arnbia Phonographs and Records Wiring of All Kinds Please think of us I Eureka Electric Company u 528-oth f Phone 2626 A lnnul unannnlnnuannununnunnnununmni Page One Hundred Three lil Uhr Hlvgaphnne El "'-""'1"' -'----'- Northern Californials Finest Dep't Store Fortuna people will find this store an ideal place to shop-a place to nieet your friends. A convenient rest rooin and telephone also free stationery. Z 5th and G St. Eureka, Calif. 5 -----------------------------------'-----L----------------------1K---'----------------,---i-----A------------K--.------'------.----1----------------.------------------------ ii "Walk this way," said the bow-legged floor walker to the knock-kneed custoiner. Fl lllllllllllllllllllll lrlllllllllulllllllllll I mg E1 I3-1InninnImmunnnnunnunnmmn- Page THE ll-l1EhEEEE iil1rh "Fourteen Hours Ahead." ., ........................H........................,.........:........................................... ............EI The Plumber: I've come to fix that old tub in the kitchen. Mary F.: Oh, inother, here's the doctor to see the cook. .nnnnnunnunmmnnnnunnunnnunnnmnunnununnnnnnunnnnnnnnunnnnnnunnnnnuun E The ART of Cooking is the Criterion of UL people? civilization Good Food exalts us like an inspiration. We select, combine and prepare all foods with due regard to full health value. Special Attention to Special Luncheons, and Dinner Parties. The EUREKA ll'NN . Meet and Chat in the Lounge E One Hundred Four Uhr illllrgaplrnnv E1 ....... ..................... ij Distinctive Printing Yonr Printing Reflects Upon Yonr Business Why Not the Best? It Costs No More U Small anal Large Orders Receirve Same Attention This Megaphone is tlte Protlnet Ulf Tlte Hnrnlroltlt Beacon PAUL G. JASPER, Proprietor 928 C Street Fortuna, California E El P OneHddF 7 -cw- Dedication mx - ' J ' 4 Q w'0 Hand! in hand with progress anal prosper- ity the dlefcvetoprnent of transportation eonttnf aes. Therefore, we dleoli-1 cate this 1929 Mega, phone to the transpor- tation of Hnmhotdlt County. igk Q 'At 1:. E119 illllrgaphnnv 'il '''''1'''"''''''"''"''''''"'""'"'"''"'"''"''"'"'"''"''"'"''"''"'"''"'"'"""'"''"'"'""'"'"'"""'""""""""""""' """"" 'E' BOOKSWJS One af Oar Specialties f Childreifs Books Late Fiction Bibles Dictionaries Technical Publications Ci. Oi. lLlNQCOlLN CO.. - 615 Fifth St. Eureka, Calif. 5, To take a pessi1nist's View of it, roads are being made Wider just to make it harder for the pedestrian to cross thein. El....................,....................................................................................... El umm unnnun. Qur Covers Were Manufactured by WeherfMeCrea Company 421 E Sixth St. E Los Angeles California El.................................:..........................................................................,...............................................................43 Clinton Gould: I Wrote to the state department of "Ag" to find out how long cows should be inilked and they said, "The saine as short ones." gunnnnunnuImmunnunnnnumnnmnnnnunnunumunnnunmnunnnnnuunnnnunnnuumuummulunmunnuunuuununnnuu E When in Eureka JLUNCHJEUN at E The Bon Bonziere Candy Stare 431 FSt. Eureka, Calif. E lllullluuulululnnlnlnnlnluunuu lllulnnInlnnnuulnuuulunnuw Page One Hundred Six Uhr Qlllvgaphnnr El .. ...................................................................... ............ E We carry a complete line of High Grade Clothing, Furnishings and Shoes for Young Men A. M. Bistrin 2nd and E Sts. Eureka, Calif. Rena Bravo Cher car stalledb : Have you an extra plug, Bob '? Bob Hedley: No, but I have a cigar. E1 ""---'---------'--'---'--------'--'-----'------'---'-"-----'----'----'--'--'--''-'--''-------''--'"'---'--'--'--''-''--'-''--''-''-''--'"-'-"---'-"--'--"---- EI Bunk of Eureka COMPLIMENTS Third Sz E Streets Eu1'eka, Calif. E :uuuulnulllllnllnl In lllullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllnllllllullvlnulunuulunnnnnnnunnnanunnnuunnnnnnnnnunl.plllqll..l...........,...,, Ig! Just an error-His automobile bit a telephone pole. """""""""""""""'"'"'"'"""""""""'"""'"'"'""""""'"'"'"""""""""'"""""""""' """""""E Buster Brown Shoe Store z R. L. Hornbrook, Proprietor Where style, comfort and economy meet 617 Fifth Street Eureka, California E uunnunxznulnnunuulxunxllnllullullulllull :nun llllllllllllllr:llllllllllllslllllllllllllllllIlllllullllllrlllllulllllnlll I llllrnlllllllllnllllllllxlllllnnllaluununnn 5 Helen O'Connor: I tell you this is no longer a free country. Lottie Hayden: What have you been doing now? E lllllllllllllll llll I llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllll I llllllllllllllllllll lllllllll I IIE AUTOISTS COMPLETE SlERVlClE CHRYSLER - CADILLAC - EA GOODRICJI-ll riREs SALLE Chas. Green Co., EUREKA E The Friendly House E un nlunnnnuuuuuu xInIuInulInlulunluIunununununnnu 1nunnnnunlnmunln:nnlunnnnnnunnm Page One Hundred Seven E53 lil Uhr fllirgaphnnv lg!-nm-nu nn-mn mmm muumnn um Ininnnnmnn-umm mm Eureka Woolen Mills Incorporated Manufacturers I Fine Western Woolen Fabrics 5 Eureka, California Miss Schwab: Are you chewing gum? Mickey fabstractedlyjx No, I'n1 Roy McKay. El..........................,.......................................................................................................... ...... Slow Borlwer Shop For Good Service N E.. SALLADY Fortuna California Blessed is he that sitteth on a tack, for he will rise again. gg......................................................................................:................,..................................................... ...... Fon YOUR ' CABINET WOODWORK When Building a New Home Come to the E l-lllmlmollll Milling Company Phone 53 Fortuna Don: Vifhat do you say to a tramp in the park? Arla: I never speak to one. QI! lllllllllllllllllllll Ill llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllill lllll illll lllllla Q llll IIIIIII Illl I lllll llll Illllllllllllllllll I llll I llll Ill lllllllllll ljll When in Eureka ARTHUR JroHNsoN's and Want Drugs I and Drug Store Things Leadmg - Call on Young Men's Clothier ArKiNsoN fe Wooos Second and F St- ? 5th St. at G Also Kodaks E Eureka, California, Page One Hundred Eight nuInuannnnnuunnnnnnuuumnummununnulun:nunuuuuunnlunlInnnlnnnnunnnlunuuunInln1nxmuunxnuuululu E112 fllllvgaphnnr El ----'---'------'-----'---'--'--'--------'---''-'''-'--'--"'-'-"-f'-"'-" EI El -f---'------'-'----f--'-''"'---------"-''-'--''"-"-'-""-'-"""""' E Mrs. L. M. Smith Gladys Smith . FZLORIST . Phone 2146 Choice Narcissus Bulbs, Freosias 1 Lily of the Valley, Regal Lilies, Home-Bake-Rite lxias, Gladioli, Potted Plants, Cut Flowers and Floral Pieces a spec- ialty. Phone 22-F-13 Ferndale nunnnnnnuminnununnumunnuuumuunniunmunn Strictly Home Cooking and Baking 428-6th St. Eureka, Calif. nm E unumnumunnnnmun- inininmum:uululnmrlllllll Chris Hansen: May I have the next dance? Vivian McLean: I suppose so if you can find someone to dance w nunmininininaninmnummiinininmnin-nmnnumi For ERESH STEER EEEE HAMS and BACON Pziggly Wiggly Market Ray Breeden, Prop. Phone 189 nnluunuinnuaninninniuuunuuriniununnniininniininnnninun:-nnmmnnu Dog lost-Male setter, two black ears, one mixed. nun:nunuiinanIunmnunnnnuuumni:nminnnnuunsniuuumunnmnn Innuinnnnmnununun umm L. S.. EAST All kinds of Fresh Feed and Seed Foot of Second St-By N. W. P. Depot Fortuna, California Iunnllununnnuulnlunuununuunuunlunnnnuunlnnnnnnmnnnuununn ith Fortuna Phone 137 Miss East: What part of the lesson impressed you most? Frannie Devoy: The length. nunnnuannlnllunlnllnnu:nunununnunuununnuln Waffle llnn Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner Eureka California E unnn llllll ululul ll lllllllll null lllllll un lnnlul E Emu: Q Bnnnnn. nnnunnmnunuuunnnnnnunananmuunnumunn Roma Bakery G. Pinochi, Prop. Quality Bread Phone 569 4th 8: Commercial Sts. Eureka, Calif. urinmmm-nmmummmnnmnumnnmnnnnmumld E1 El Page One Hundred Nin G3 Li E1 Uhr ilillvgaphnne Ennnun umnnmnlulnunmuummunnlununInnulununnnnuuumnnnmnn : 1 : l Telling the World about the Redwood Highway Not only does Pickwick offer frequent schedules and low fares to all points along the Redwood Highway, Pacific Coast, and East, but it also boosts for the Red- wood Empire at every opportunity. Through nation- wide publicity and advertising, Pickwick tells people from coast to coast about the giant Redwoods Ctallest, oldest living thingsj, and of the many other charms of this region. Pickwick Stages Fortuna Address-Newell's Confectionery Telephone 8 : Eureka Address--415 Fourth St. S Telephone 422 E unnnunnunnnlIlllunnnunnlnlulnInunnnnnnlInInlnllnllulnnnun lnnun E Page One Hundred Ten Uhr fmlrgaphnnr ww , sv '45 ., , 'Q ',' .11 Q S 61 1.-., L S4 .4 f .,,. W1 Q? Q - . 5 i A fl 5 . A W X ztx N fling!! wks eq P OeHddE1 Efhv fililrgaphnnr M DPEDPZ- "WALLFLUXVERS" I sl ig -- O nnnnun Uhr Qllilvgaphnnv SCOUH Log Cabin Bakery 5 flncorporatedl E Arthur J. Hunting - President and Managel Fil-St Class shoe Repairing Joe Condesso, Prop. Honest Prices Q : 621 Fifth street P. O. Box 201 Scotia Calif. E E Eureka, California E Miss Ford: Why are you always late to this class? Elene R.: O, nothing the bell only rings before I get here. E' ------'--'--2------"-'---"--------------'------' 1 '-'-'-'--------i--"--'-----''--'-----'--'------------'--'---'----"'----''--'---"----------------- ----1---- 'si asf ND ak A ARD K QV ! Q ' 9 ' f eb QARNITURE Co 5th a H sts. Eurekai i H ................................................................................... ......... . ....... . ....... .................................. ...........E1 She: Why 'do you call those flappers cigars? Mickey: They're always going out. Each year as we are called upon to financially assist the students in the compilation of the Megaphone, through subscription of ad- vertising space, we find our stock of merchandise greatly en- hanced by the addition of new items, both novel and staple, since the previous "Megaphone" in every department. : Our grocery department is especially equipped to sup- ply the requirements of every one. One glance at our display will convince you and we hope to enlist you as a regular customer. At your convenience, we invite you to visit our store. The Pacific Lumber Company Scotia, Calif. Page One Hundred Thirteen EI Eflgr fllirgaphnnv mlm p l HHH of our Specialized Chevrolet Service GENUINE PARTS In all our service work we use genuine Chevrolet parts exclusively. From every standpoint this means greater satisfaction for the Chevrolet owner- for genuine Chevrolet parts not only fit perfectly, but wear better and do not injure the other parts with which they come in contact. FACTORY TRAINED MEN Our service work is done by capable and experienced mechanics who have been specially trained in Chev- rolet service schools. They have mastered every repair operation on a Chevrolet car-and are kept constantly informed as to the very latest and best methods. SPECIAL MACHINERY Our service shop is equipped throughout with the latest approved tools and machinery-designed under the direction of Chevrolet engineers. This special equipment enables our mechanics to perform every job expertly and promptly-and at the very minimum cost to the owner. FLAT RATE CHARGES Because of the uniform quality and efficiency of our service work, all our charges for parts and labor are based on a low flat-rate schedule. This system not only saves money for the Chevrolet owner-but enables him to know in advance what any job will cost. Hughes 6? Stevenson Phone 67 Fortuna, Calif QUALITY AT LOW COSI' Page One Hundred Fourteen Uhr fllllvgaphnnr ununmunn ununnmnnnnnnn nnnnnnmunuun Dr. Sidney F. Bartlett Optometrist With B. B. Bartlett 232 F St. Eureka Marion A. Worcester Fashion Shop Exclusive but not expensive First Nat. Bank Bldg., Eureka, Calif. nunnnnnnnnmunnunnunmumnununnnnnumnnuuu Potted Plants Bedding Stock Cut Flowers, Ornamentals, etc. EUREKAyS FLORIST M. H. Smith Funeral and Decorative work a Specialty 627 Fifth Street Phone 1481 Eureka, Calif. McClure 699 McCreery Optometrists At Star Hotel First Wed., each month 333 F St. near 4th Eureka, Calif. REO REO Reed 6? Fanning Automobiles and Trucks Sales and Service 4th gl C Streets Eureka, Calif. Photo Finishing, Developing Printing and Enlarging Enrelca Photo 6? Art Co. 535 G St. Eureka, Calif. ulnlulunlunuuu unnn nInnnunnlnnunnunnnuun Drs. Cain 69 Cain Chiropractic Physicians Fortuna -mm -u-mmm.. -III mmm.. -In nm-.IQ Dr, Milton D. Anolratn Dentist g Fortuna California 2 unumnnnunununununInunnunnmnnmunnnunnummu ' Christine Dinsrnore Dressmaking Apt. 5 Co-op. Bldg., Fortuna Dr., Thomas Fleming Dentist 5 Phone 21 Fortuna 5 :nullIllnunlulnnunulnlnululnluuulull'nllllunllulllnl I ll-l. W. Comfort, M. D. . Bryan Building, Fortuna E Phone Res. 148-J Office 143-W Office Hours 1-4 and 7-8 2 Dr. C., W. Beacorn Dentist - Phone 179 E C Street Fortuna Q Francis M. Bruner, M. D. Surgeon Residence 2nd Sz Main Sts. Phone 77 Office Hours 2-5 and Evenings l... A. Launer REAL ESTATE Fortuna Eureka 2 Dairy Farms and Stock Ranches Q Compliments of Victor Zampatti Attorney-at-law Bank of Italy Building g Eureka, California E Page One Hundred Fifteen 01112 fllllrgaphnne lln memory of those High School Students and Grondltaotles who howve passed to the Greo1tBeyond I wonder why we pity so Those who have died and gone alone, As if indeed We felt them wronged Of some sweet right that was their own. Beneath the grass, beneath the drift, Out in the storm, they often seem, Shut from the light of sun and star, Or in the sleep of some long dream. Why not think of them as they From all ignoble fret at rest, Learning new life, new joy, and all That makes the soul forever blest? Think of them, then, as those who go Upon delightful errands sped, Doing their share of mighty Work, With God, and glad, and never dead! Harriet Prescott Spofford. K 4 Uhr illllegaphnnv E.-I.-um.-. ------------E1 mum.-I... ...,..... E-I The Dr. Vernon L. Hunt Bohmunsson Drug Co. on 1 1: 1: : Telephone 624 : I mc on 15 1 C01-. Third Sz F sts. Eureka, Calif. Eureka A1-cm E1 Did you hear about the Scotchnian who gave his friend a homing pigeon for Christinas? ' EmnummnunnnuInImmunnnnunuuuunummnlnumnulnunnnnnnnmnunlnunnnmnnnn mmm E reetzings To the Clluss of 1929 P23 R Fortuna Laundr Phone 85 Fortuna EJ MH1'2,'31'9t L.: I think Helen is just as pretty as she can be. ' Ralph B.: Aren't most girls? EnIuummnnnnunnnnl unnnnununnunulnnnnnxnunnnnunnunnuuunlulunumnuluuununnnn lnnnnm undlersenps Bootery Everything in Footwear The Largest Shoe Shop in Humboldt County 533-535 Fifth St. Eureka, California Page One Hundred Sixteen Uhr illilvgaphunr Congratulations to the Class of 31929 We appreciate having had the opportunity of taking the pictures for the 1929 Megaphone WD In Freeman Art Co. Individuality in our Portrait Work Phone 87 527 F Street Eureka, 'California E P O Hundred Seve t C5112 fllllvgetphnnv Q ----'f,---- '-----'-- Q Q ----------- -'---'---------'--'------'1--------------------- ------- Complimentary to Dr, nkler ' The Fortuna High School. ' Dentist The White House 5 , , . ' 5th dz F sts. Scotia California 5 E k C H E V E E HTG 3., al . E I 2 Flap: I've just had my face lifted. Flapper: Nonsense! Who'd steal such a thing. 5 E. .lo Dodge Company Fortuna, California Manufacturers and Dealers in REDWOOD LUMBER House and Barn Specifications Furnished Promptly : Quality and Service Guaranteed J. A. Travis, Local Manager Phone 5-F-12 Q............................................................................................,......................,.................................................. She was one of the widest and best beloved women of this Valley. Eg............................................................................................................................................................................ The New L. Stl-l. Electric Range "Has lt" Everything you could wish for can now be had in some model of the L. Kz 5 H. Line. 5 They have Automatic Control, Enamel, Plain or in Colors. : Built in Kitchen Heaters, Cabinet and Built in types. For Complete Information Call Q Fortnna Electric Shop 2 R. E. Perry, Prop. Phone 25W Vernon C.: Was the dog you killed mad? Harry G.: Well, he Wasn't too pleased. El.I1.nnInnuInmIInmnninminunIn-mmInInnnInIHinnuInnnmnlmnmnnn-mum mmm.. Notllejy Bros. Service Station Gas and Oils Tires, Tubes and Accessories Fortuna, California Page One Hundred Eighteen Glhr illlvgaphnnr ,,,,,,,, ...........E1 5 - -Ai' WW' 1 - - la -- 1 r me ll sal' --Vf'f -L 1 L! rj fieig-5, 5:55:55 , n i , I I Lg-1 L i S-33552 QG AF ?-A? ' if I ' ,g lr - "R cl cl f D r b'l't " Lumber "' fggg As Important As ix H 'E The New I-lome's Plans . ' O Q X X lN PLANNING your new home, give a serious thought to the lumber that goes into it. Years of extra service depend upon Quality. 1.55: !,ff For the supporting joists, the flooring, the ' EEE trims, the doors-be sure to get the best. N, : The added cost is soon forgotten in the longer yet! service and greater satisfaction you will have. NW' ,X Let Us l-lelp You Solive Your Building "'.:55 ,Z Q ' I--6,51 Problems X We Can Supply You with Anything in the :f:EE:..: ' ' 01 ' Buildina Line. " 'i555i:ssas: ' T e ' f 1 o o PrClcClflC Lumber Company EJ. ff Scotia, Calif. Retail Dept. Phone Scotia E, Page One Hundred Nineteen Uhr fllllvgaphnnv E1......... ....... El Scotia General Hospital '33 We have just installed the very latest X-Ray Equipment All rooms and wards are light, sunny and completely furnished. We solicit patronage from the General Public. lj IlllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllIllllllIllllllII1IIIIIIIIIIlllIlIIIIIIlIIllIlllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIlllIIIIIIIIIIIllillllllllllllrllll I llllllllllu un: Edna MacKinny: I think I hear bu1'g'la1's. Are you awake? Her husband: No. El.......................................................................... ...... lFo1r 34 years lllnllmlllll-ill llllmHT1 I Humb 01 d tis E nslllhhaml Cwn Store s Vogue and Value . , an A ' ii ac. 1 'g 2 5 -5: . . . 21.11, .,,-I-,.:--'I . ,lrr 'gpm iizsftif 4 1':-b5e5 -- 'L--'L '-'P"' ,,.i i,.J,aJ-.aaaznr--mir'-1'f -3- In 2, T "M""L'4-Will "ka W 'QP' - ' ' 4, S R ..-N.,-,, -,ff- F 5111: l . E nnunnnlnmunnnn:nnnnunnnnunsnunnnulunnununnn1unnuluunnulnlnnnmnnmunnnnnnnnunnnnulnlu nun Russell T.: An awful lot of girls are stuck on me. Percy Miller: Yeh, they must be an awful lot. Ennunnun:numnumnnnnnnlnunmnunnuvnnnmmunnnnunnnnumnnmlmnnnmnnuun nun Scotia Barber Shop' L. D. Hinds ' s Scotia California Page One Hundred Twenty Uhr illirgaphnnv El ------ ------'--'-- El Officers: 4 A P V W. M. NELSON A ' President f'- 4 XJ .-. -:Z, , A A. S. MURPHY 5 r f Vice President 3, E. P. MCKENZIE 2 T: fa' ' P V i, L' I C ashi G 1. J. M. MCCALL nm.- .-- Ass't Cashier The First NcLztziccmcL1 Bunk Scotia, Calif. Directors: W. M. Nelson A. S. Murphy E. E. Yoder F. W. Bender E. P. McKenzie -' Lf . PM rW r M i 'e'rA ulnlnunnnAuulnnInunuuu1unnInInlnlnmuuuuuunnnm Page One Hundred Twenty-one Uhr fllilegaphnnr nmunmnnuunnnummunununmnunnumu muuuumm mnnunnnu Um' Sevrfzvzice Sccznztisfies Um' Prices Right Owr Quality High '23 BCI"EHiH,S Laundry Scotia Uhr Megaphone El HB smo FDEAR . l'LL snow You A O K Restaurant 'fo' I , ' UL Good Food Well Served. 1 ' if ft! i G Oscar Halsebo Fortuna, Calif. A - . Q 5 El ...................................... ..................................................................... ...-.................................-..---- "Coach" I Want to buy some balloon tires. Mr. Kelly: Go on, balloons don't need tires. E1 .......................................................................................................................... ............E1 When You Get Married Please Don't Forget HANSEINLHUNTER CO. Complete House Furnishings Fortuna California El .......................................n................................................................... ..............................yj We clean your dirty kids for a quarter. El ............E1 Sporting Goods Milk Shakes Kodaks Sz Films Gents Furnishings VV e have them all Fountain Pens SMITH 6? MCNEIL, Fortuna E um-nnuumnn--nnnnummmInmmummmnunmummnmmummunmmnmmmummnuun uunnnn-E The up-to-date girl does not cry, says a critic. No, look at the price of face powder. El ..................................................................... .... .13 El..................... ...... .......................... .... .................... El Rowley Bros. Labor-Flat Rate Grease, Oil, Accessories Phone 100 Fortuna U null uunlu nllnlnllulllunb E1.. sieourmo ooons : Gloves, Balls, Bats, Masks, Boxing, Gloves, Tennis Rackets, etc. : Toys in stock the year round. Kodak Films, Developing, Printing Fortuna Motorcycle Shop Fortuna, Calif. Phone 22-J E Page One Hundred Twenty-three unrunnxuunnuluuunnnn unuuunnmunnnlnnlnnfd lil Uhr illllvgaphunv E-num-n mmm - Bensonps Wl'HRElE llN ONlE'9 Goolcl Eats 4 Bzillziarlls Q Taxi - Phone 2-J We Never Close lil .unnmnnunnunnnnunnnnnnn1unnuunnnnnnnumummnununumnunuinnnmunnmmnuul Fortuna .. ........................ .. Wilson W.: Can you stand on your head? Bill Moore: No, its too hig 188 p ll fox-SPRING URY CLEA ING New lrclea Cleaners, Dyers, ll-llalzters 941 C Street, Fortuna Phone 188 J onn Prater, Mgr. We call for and deliver. nununlannnmnmunnnnu mm. Evelyn J.: Why don't you eat more? Wayne J.: Because it spoils my appetite. El........................................f.................................... 5 E1 Teach Your Dollars To Have More Cents E the Fortuna 5 - llO - ll5c Store E Nothing over 49c Page One Hundred Twenty-four annunuunnnunnumunnnnnnnunulununununulnnn ERNEST G, HAGMAN E Everything In Gent's Wear Fortuna, California E Star Hotel Bldg. Uhr frlllrgnphnnr El ---'--1---'-------- --'---'--------------------------'--'---'--1--' e e -'----'----' ----------- e If we please you tell your Friends if not tell us- X X Q E vvniri-3 onocienr ' 0ll ' Q A Home Owned Store : - Member Fortuna, California Neighborhood Stores El -----------------------'------'-----'-----'----------------------------' El E1 ---f---'------'---------'---------f- ------'f-' EI Miss Shulsen: Use "bewitches" in a sentence. Goldie B.: I'l1 bewitches in a minute. E1 ......................................................,.........,....................................................... ..........Eg STAR HUTEL Open Day and N ight A. W. MacDonald, Prop. Fortuna El -----------------------------I--I-----------------------------------------I----------------'----------------------------------'---------'------ ---------- ll: For sports wear Wooden gloves have already appeared. El '"'"""""""""""'""""'"""'""""'"''""""''""""'"'""""'""""""""""""""""'"""'"""""""""""" """"" E' Fortuna Hardware SL Plumbing Co. Guns 8: Annnunition Fishing Tackle Tennis Rackets Baseball Goods HARDWARE SL PLUMBING : Phone 102 Fortuna E, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,..,,,,.,,,,...,,,, .....,.......,.,,.,.,,,.,,,,,,,,, E, Esther: Let's drive in the park. Wood: Naw, let's park in the drive. E ImumnnnmnnnInInmmmnum-mnInnnmmulininnumInunnmmmmnnm-mumnnnnm mmm mmm' E fe PORTUNA BAKERY fa Exceptional Breads and Pastries Special Attention given to Fortuna Lodges, Clubs, Banquets, etc. California anunmnunuunnumn unummmnnuumunnuunuummnmmmnnunumnmun mnnunnnumunnununmmnil Page One Hundred Twenty-five '52, ww 1 X. .wk x 1 x .iff 4 - Ns N' "Ennis" x . '. ning '1"'.! ,1 h , USF- fwm. . .v,-,X QL-75. t . M ., . Y, , .. ' ' SH' . 9, A , , . -if ' . 2-'HM' 1' 'nh Q D ,s.?'r3,33"1 pg -' V ' ' "?'5'f:'Z4?i ju- h 14, f". 1 -N , 'ax ,-V , . -yi., V iQ2m-Frpfzfv 5- A 35:1 I' . l if 1 41 . .. , Q , . . The izackimiles dan-ied cargoes ' I fx, , Inthe days of pmneersg . .. ,:vrfq':s:.,-55 V , - . , A 4- From the loaded boats and schooners f.,e-. 'j-j 53? ' , A , , , z . gy W ffj ,Rf-1, - Q, .- To tshqghognes of modntameers. V ,J3LN,gg,ffLiv N 5 1 - Fii.-e,y.'1 H Y A V g ' . . , L h Q L F wi- ,' ' -Q -,E -Fggggf, W L . y , al..-a,.,Zi:f1" 1. , '- 4 XA ' sf" -V gm,-. . .,.:- . -w . -rg.:-Q. K ' ., . . f..-3 , .X Q, H' D V-A Q55-,Q 1' , Ag." - "'x' -5. ., fix ',i',.-S91-' 2 h . .X ' Tig, T53 J.. 53551 L 'J ' 'fx " 1, it f J- ' 3 -3:jf"g?,jj1 , .... j-. " H , -, FH ,Q-.4'pl,.,:- 4 - V.. A' 4, qY f.L5N-Q I gesgii-N V ,-,. V-in .Lg :Fila ir' 4-Q 5. 1 .X-ll' ,ff 'L '- .- , ' ,Z Sf.-F. "L we- E' '- xkfiif -,aa , 1. 12"-1.5Qf,I, Q '- f . ii . 55. 3. .V rg ff1i,v"Af3aL-ffcM- , WV-A1541 'F'-1:-355' '- '-x. J-..-+ -Yi' ,H "?-E1 'xgnlmlim ' 473: ' 1 -:'?.?',5Z!' L 132-ml:-5 K ' 6 '-.Y hggzff- 34 Yi 5 E' El EI Uhr fllllrgaphnnr Fortuna Cjarage BUICK MOTOR CARS ATWATER KENT and MAJUESTTC RADTOS Glenn Curry What's an operetta? A girl who works in a telephone office. The Ball Bearing Stanley Special Lawn Mowey is the one that will not push harder ' A-,Q 4 I V after use. The 14 in. Jr. Special is an exception-- al value for 31025. - L, L. BRYAN eo, nie-f"-""1 Everything for Lawn and Garden For sale: Dining' table and lady and 1nen's roller skates, cheap. Will N. Speegle 3rd and F Eureka, Cal. Everything for Men and Young Men We Feature Curlee Clothing nmunmnnnunnnunnunununnnunnnnnununnuuannuuununnunnn unmuuluunn nun Will you join me in a dish of soup? Nope. Not enough room for two in it. .......................................--.................................. E1 Q Rolmereuille Furniture Store Cooper SL Cooper, Props. Furniture, Carpets, Matting, Wall Paper, Draperies, Shades, Grocer- ies, Hardware, Tinware, Stoves, Pumps and Pipe, Paints and Oils Rohnerville Calif uunnnnumnunnn1nnnnnnuumuunnnmulnnxnnnulu - . New Rio Dell Shoe Shop E E Shoes Repaired While You Wait 5 All Work Guaranteed Dress and Work Men Shoes - - John Neves, Prop. E E P. O. Box 307 Scotia, Calif ge One Hundred Twenty-six U EI Ll Uhr flllvgaphunv El '-"' '--''--'---'-'---'--'--'---'--'--"--'--'f--'--'-2----"-''--'-"'-''--""---'--"--''--'-"-----f-'-'--"'-- "--"-" El Bargess Cash Store Groceries Notions Red Crown Gasoline 8: Oil for Your Auto. Magazines and Newspapers on sale. Rio Dell, Calif. Phone 9 lg ..,.......................................................................................................................... ...........................HEI Paul M.: Pardon ine for walking on your feet. Gertrude H.: Oh don't bother, I often walk on them inyself. E -.----mfm john T. Beaber Dealer in Hardware, Feeds, Groceries, Boots and Shoes, Dry Goods, Ladies' and Children's Shoes and Ready Made Dresses. General Merchandise Phone 6J Hydesville, Calif. E1 ............................................................................................. ..........m Billy M.: UC,1T10H, I'ni ready to eat." Bob H.: G'on I ani no cannibal. nnnnununm nnnnunmnunnnunmnnnumnunanmmnnnnnnnunu uunnn Rio Dell Garage Service with a Smile General Repairing' Acetylene Welding' Rio Dell Phone 19 E nun mnnnnnnImmun: :mum um numnnnumnuuuunununmnnnld Page One Hundred Twenty-seven E1 F1112 mvgaphnnr ei ---1-'--'-------- ----- ------'--' "--'---'------------------'--- fe --'--------'-'------'------'--'---- - -1---------------------'---'--'-'A'--' E1 H b , S First Class U eff S mm Shoe Repair Shop - GUS Hubert H 2 D. Sandretto, Prop. Q D d Men's and Boys' Gmcemes W G00 S : Work and Dress Shoes Car-lotta Calif. E Shoe lgepaiaing While ou ait li: ------------------------ - --I------'------------------------- - ----------------- in lil ----'----------'--------------------------------------------.------------ Q l Wonder Why they say, 'Ainen' and not 'Awomanj Joe? Because they sing hymns and not hers. Ennnnnnmmmmmnummnnnumnununnmm:nnnmnmnmuunnunnunnumnmmnnunnmnmmmumm mm E Phone 2879 Redfweed will George Gabriel, Prop. 416 Fifth Street Eureka, Calif. E1............................................................................................................... .....f................................. 3 Wife: Where have you been so late? Hubby: Stop me if y0u've heard this one. E.................................................................................................................... ....... El Parks Bros. General Merchandise Yi Phone 43-F-2 Alton, California E nnunununnunnnunnnnnIxlnlnlnnnunnnuulnnnnuu nun E Page One Hundred Twenty-eight Uhr Mvgnphunv Il Complete service on all makes of cars - Brelle's Garage Ford Motor Company Prodacts A. A. A. Official Mechanical Sewvtce Station Phone 52W Fortuna, California : InmInInIInunIninnuInInnlinImminunnnuIn1nummInunInnumn-nunn--ummm umm-umm Fred M.: Have you ever been osculated? Boris B.: Yes, once for typhoid. nununnnnnummunmnnunuananmunmunnnmnunuannummnnmmnnnu ,,,,.,,,,,, A purchase from your jeweler is an investment in permanent values. ' Fred Krieg n Jeweler Fortuna Blanche M.: Do you know Lincoln's Gettysburg address? Louise D.: No, I didn't even know he lived there. U ........l...g.l.l... nn lillllllllnlnllnnll nnunnnnn nuuunuunulluuun Q gum: nlllnllllsllllnllnllallllllnllllll unnu llullullnnulxll nun nlnllul U3 Agency for leading papers and 5 E Ice Cream Sodas 5 Magazines g E 'Candy 5 rorErA PHARMAcY GARCELONfS O. Helgestacl, prop. S CANDY STURE Drugs, stationery and notions M , Kodaks E - ' ag3.Z1I19S 2 Loleta Calif. Ffulfs Pastries E llllllrlllnlllllll lllllllllllrl I luring E u nnnnn tn nlnnunnllllullll ummm. .................... . ............ HE Page One Hundred Twenty-nine El Uhr Qillvgaphnnv m E1 Fontana Merchandising Co wfiaa aww Dealers in Groceries Hardware Crockery Dry Goods Gents Furnishings Shoes C23 We appreciate your trade nnnuumnnnunuumnImnnuuunumunnumuumnmmmmnnmunuuu POrIddTty Tllhv imlvgaphnnr NeWeH's Candy Sheppe Where Quality is Pemrelmenumlzt '23 Water Kees, Shevbezts and lee Cream F23 Yes We have Eskimo Pies and Colm Pies, the new cones n l I nlnnl nun nun Ellie Hlegaphnnv You Wouldn't neglect your car Why neglect yourself? fwb ' 'H 'fxqlff 1 A E9 After all, We human beings greatly resemble automobiles. Parts wear out and give away. The main difference is that the parts in a human being are not so easily replaced. That means then that we should take better care of ourselves than We do of our cars. '23 1,13 '22 Visit your physician frequently. Have a thorough physical examination at least once a year. Keep yourself fit. It is better to keep well than to have to get Well. You will find your physician thorough, kind and understanding. '23 '23 Bofuumomls Drug Store, lne, Fortuna, California 6KWe are in lmsiness for your healthy' . .. L, Page One Hundred Thirty-two Ellie illlvgaphnnv ''""''"'"''"''"'"''"'"'"""'"'''''"''"'"""""""""""" 5? 5' ""'''""':'"'"''"''""""""'""'''"'i:''"'"""""""'K""" E' TYPEWRWERS DONNEIL, JFOTU SHOP Sold Rented Repen-ed Lynwood Court Rental Rates to Students 3 1 Month 243.00 4 Months 3110.00 Office Equipment Co., 435 E Street Phone 408 Eureka lil Miss Everson fpreparing' for I run rapidly around the room 'Z Hudson Essex Scotia Garage J. H. Breimer, Prop. Opposite Federal Outfitting' Co. 5 E F St. Eureka ' portraits E Wr- specialize in Young' Ladies E 5 This studio is handling the Senior E Scrap Hook which will he very im- E portant later on in life. Q nunnuinnnnunuininmuunnininnunummmnmnnumnn I ni ' roll callb : Will everyone be seated while --EI El --------------,.-------------- ---.---..----------....-------------.--..--.-.. m Ready-to-Wear Clothes i for the entire Family at the RED STAR , CJLOTHTNG HUUSJE E Sggtia Calif, E E Ferndale, Calif. E Where th91'6,S a Will, there's relatives. El.......................................................................................................... .........E1 : Franklin T. Georgeson z Member American Institution of Architects ARCHITECT Humboldt Standard Building, Sixth and G Streets Eureka, Calif. Phone 393 E nnunuinummnnmmm:ininnnin:mmnuunnununnununnuniiniinnuanmuninnuiniininunannnnuummmunmnmunmmuum Heard during History IV exam: Pssst! Who won the French and Indian War, the French or the Indians? Eunin'mmm-inininunmmuinnniininmiininnninIinininiin-mmininmiiniminnninummmmmmmmnnnnm-mummmnnm Special Sunday Raivioili Dinners STATE CAFE - MERCHANTS, LUNCI-IES Wildwood California E Page One Hundred Thirty-three Ellie illllrgaphunv Index to Advertisers ARCHITECTS Franklin T. Georgeson, Eureka BAKERIES . Fortuna Bakery, Fortuna ..,..... Home-Bake-Rite, Eureka .,..,. Log Cabin Bakery, Eureka .... Roma Bakery, Eureka ...........- BANKS Bank of Eureka, Eureka ........ First National Bank of Scotia BARBERS and HAIRDRESSERS L. D. Hinds, Scotia ................ Star Barber Shop, Fortuna ..,. BUSINESS COLLEGES Eureka Bus. College, Eureka CONFECTIONERS Bon Boniere, Eureka ........,... Delaney and Young, Eureka Garcelons, Fortuna .,..........,... Newells Candy Shoppe, ......,... CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERS Mercer Fraser Co., Eureka .... DRESSMAKERS Christine Dinsmore, Fortuna Worcester Shop, Eureka ......., DENTISTS and PHYSICIANS Dr. Milton Andrain, Fortuna Dr. Francis Bruner, Fortuna Dr. C. W. Beacom, Fortuna .... - Drs. Cain and Cain, Fortuna Dr. H. W. Comfort, Fortuna Dr. T. Fleming, Fortuna ........ Dr. Vernon Hunt, Eureka .... Dr. W. W. Winkler, Scotia .... Page One Hundred Thirty-four 133 125 109 113 109 107 121 120 103 102 106 101 129 131 101 115 115 115 115 115 115 115 115 116 113 DEPT. STORES, MERCHANDISE Daly Bros., Eureka ................ 120 Smith and McNeil, Fortuna .... 123 Burgess Cash Store, Rio Dell 127 Gus Hubert, Carlotta .......,.,,, 128 Red Star Clothing, Ferndale 133 Cooper Sz Cooper, Rohnerville 126 Friedenbach Bros., Fortuna .... 99 Parks Bros., Alton ................ 128 Hink's and Sons, Eureka Scotia Merchandise, Scotia .... 113 John T. Beaber, Hydesville .... 127 The White House, Eureka .... 118 Fortuna Merchandise, Fortuna 130 L. C. Morgan, Fortuna .......... 100 104 DRUG STORES and HOSPITALS Atkinson and Woods, Eureka 108 Bowmans Drug Store, Fortuna 132 Loleta Pharmacy, Loleta ........ 129 Bohmansson Drug Co., Eureka 116 Scotia Hospital, Scotia ............ 120 ELECTRIC SHOPS Eureka Electric, Eureka ........ 103 Fortuna Electric Shop ............ 118 FLORISTS Mrs. L. M. Smith, Ferndale .... 109 Eureka's Florist, Eureka ........ 115 FURNITURE and HARDWARE Standard Furn. Co., Eureka 113 Hansen-Hunter Co., Fortuna 123 Duck Bros., Eureka ................ 103 Fortuna I-Iclw. Sz Plumbing Co. 125 L. L. Bryan Co., Fortuna ........ 126 GRO CERS and FEEDS L. S. East, Fortuna ................ 109 White Grocery, Fortuna ........ 125 Uhr fllllegaphnnr Index to Advertisers GARAGES, SERVICE STATIONS Charles Green Co., Eureka Rio Dell Garage, Rio Dell 107 127 Fortuna Garage, Fortuna ,,.... 126 Reed and Fanning, Eureka 115 G. A. Fulton, Eureka ,...,.,,,,,, 102 Brelle's Garaae, Fortuna ...,,,r. 129 Scotia Garage, Scotia ...., 133 Rowley Bros., Fortuna ......,,.. 123 Notley Bros., Fortuna ,,-,...l.,,, 118 Fortuna Motorcycle Shop 123 Hughes :Sz Stevenson, Fortuna 114 JEWELERS Schueler, Fortuna .... Hollanders, Eureka ,..... Fred Krieg, Fortuna .......... 125 102 129 LAUNDRIES and CLEANERS Bertain's Laundry, Scotia ..,. 122 New Idea Cleaners, Fortuna 124 Fortuna Laundry, Fortuna 116 LAWYERS Victor Zampatti, Eureka ,....... 115 'VIILLS Eureka Woolen Mills, Eureka 108 The Pacific Lumber Co., Scotia 119 E. J. Dodge Co., Fortuna ....,. 118 Humboldt Milling Co., Fortuna 108 NOVELTY STORES Stump House, Eureka .....,,.,... 101 C. O. Lincoln Co., Eureka ....., 106 Fifteen Cent Store, Fortuna .. 124 OPTOMETRISTS Sidney Bartlett, Eureka ...,.,,, 115 McClure Sz McCreery, Eureka 115 PRINTERS Humboldt Standard, Eureka 104 Humboldt Times, Eureka ........ 103 Humboldt Beacon, Fortuna 105 PHOTOGRAPHERS and ART CO. Martin Studio, Eureka Eureka Photo and Art C Donnel Studio, Eureka O. ,,.. Freeman Art Co., Eureka .,,... RESTAURANTS and HOTELS Eureka Inn, Eureka , ...... Henson? Cafe, Fortuna Star Hotel, Fortuna ,,,.,.,,,,.i,, O. K. Restaurant, Fortuna Redwood Grill, Eureka ....... c ,. Waffle Inn, Eureka ..........,,,... State Cafe, Wildwood ....,.....,. REALISTS L. A. Launer, Eureka, Fortuna STATIONERS and MUSIC Mathew's Music House, Eureka C. O. Lincoln Co., Eureka .... Waters ni Ross, San Francisco SHOES and MEN'S CLOTHING Buster Brown Shoe Store, Eureka ....,...................,..,.... A. M. Bistrin, Eureka Arthur Johnson, Eureka D. Sandretto, Fortuna Ernest Hagman, Fortuna Scotia Shoe Shop, Scotia New Rio Dell Shoe Shop, W. N. Speegle, Eureka The Toggery, Eureka ........,... Gunderson's Bootery, Eureka SCHOOL SUPPLIES Weber-McCrea, Los Angeles TRANSPORTATION Pickwick Stage System, Eureka 103 115 133 117 10-I 12-1 125 123 128 109 133 115 102 106 101 107 107 103 128 124 113 126 126 102 116 106 110 TYPEWRITER COMPANIES Office Equipment Co., Eureka 133 Page One Hundred Thirty-five 1 f ,N CMU .nf rw. dev J 1 HP' -rfu "iff '- -Pff. 2' Zn' ' f" . . T553 ly . 'A fr ..,-'.'Lgi - :r--r. ."f.flf' 12: .-H, .ill 35, .. rt 10. fv.,r' A. ,A QW. 1 .A ,'.- ix?" yr Page One Hundred Thirty-six Uhr iliivgaphnnv Autographs 1'lI""V'H" T .' 9 +L- Yin wi ' V 0 Uhr - rgaphunv Autographs I '43 4 yd A k .. 4 w-1 V ' W Y .- 'dial ML 'r gf! 4.- , ., A f fr", ET 1" -mv 7,5 - . +V. iw, v,- .4 , Jw .r,, J. -A s.. w.- ' L" My .--4 -5 iff? . ' '-,Ma U .Ak by :' " 1" if-L iff' .' f, ,EQ 6 " , ij" :,,'1,'-Lap' 1- J A 10'-'fyv' LW' ' 3? .' A' lx. '-rnfx' -I..-If '11 ' ' ' ".',L-. :uf .' z'51,,Q!.Jf..--. bun' 3 v f,."u-'tX:"if- - 'Q gang r:?I'Ivj j' . :Q 1, ' .uw '.1.',- .- . .H - x -' . 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'ca--y ' 0 - 1 :abs me - ' g -. . .W ggxlfx . wg -wirvfy' Y N . . xx ,. , . X WM X 'gil'-Afg NQJRHX' 5-x 'i'1g,C - K XWQY., X- wA5f,5:.a-.. ,, ' w ' .L . X .vw si ww. H I ,- N Page Six Ki ' ' ! ' !, Callformas Nat1ve Son Cflhv Mrgaphnnv "Homeseeke1's" Page Seven Uhr illlvgaphunr -v. K , .Lv Xa x w Page Eight In Days of Coach and Cart Efhv ffllvgaphnnr Natu1'e's Highway" Page N ine Efhv illilvgaphnne Page Ten Masterpieces of Invention -sl. -A , f 05 ' ' ,,,.-,N Ye, . .gf-er-'rg , 1 .. "Ahminiairatinn" v r , - lf. z. Y . -rf ff ,. 1' "-evY'.L.fQ-jx . Z: .A vl- , ff- Xurf: . lv if , Pi ' I' :If xg ' W Q 'gf1.5Eg.5 f ' - ' ' A " 'wx , ' veg?-,F ,Q WHL ,z 14 Q :ffm K I 5:-K-1 X . . -. , 7777? 1 : .'??'f-' V ' .I if 51" C. - X . . - :A " . 1 A 'A 195' '-fsfig: -. + :Q ,- -,Over mount:-un traufs -them -hardsh1ps grew ' MT ' 4 .fix . " , - J" jg - , Q55 gf- F1'o,V1-each the promlsed land of nches ever new. 'TH . Y- -- Psi. ...ifig W P :izlg V- ' Q A I' ' - 51' -E" , f- ' U '-if , l 7,55 - . ,mfg ' 'I--f1q+,-gfjag-4"'f'A'A' "Sf ' 5' 3.1, ' 1 J: ' X. 3ffE53.ff, V 7? ' iilmgii- - A '32 4., ,Q s e 1. 12---,-IQ," r--" ., ., - , xg- -,jg ,, , - . e - ' --fr-4-if-1: - ze gn .. wp. 1: ., ,,,.. . ,. .Y Q -,.,--V . - . ., ,L .. ,mx 5 . fi. 'P '-1: 1 ,g "TQ-' . fa --qw- : -rr, i4Q,:TQ'i"2' vii VZ? V X- ' - ,S 1f,:tQ,fg.1 E im? '-Q' ,T ' 'fi CQFQ. , .e1,f:12,'fti""f-ifiiff-f' : if 'txt . if -,- 4. ' . J- HH: ggi.-4 2 V .1-'lf?f'I55f'Y..Q ' 'le 5 5 . .. . . ., 'f. -W, -:. 1- ifggz, J: ' " '- 4 N -'- ggi- - in , . 1.-, -w-..C'-if --f-vu L z-f-Q :. -f . - -4-5 ., - 1 : - , -. . .... -.12 -Q-4.110 -1.-if-. QA, ' life N - A ' 1. '1Q'F"A'. ..A . ?"" 'W".65'l -M .,A A H 155' -Af " A - . -,4-1. - , 'E' , f..,Qf' A -ag,-,QA 4 " -V f-,..2'7w' , A A 91- .-., A 'N :-ALAN , .A.5i:gB..: , . ,A ' A -ff 51411 A , A A yr A . f wa, .'-" .-. 4..-1 4. iff, , A - 'A A .,.,,f5i::l,- in A .,M,f,1 KV ,gi-'j:. " A 'ff ",343?,52,, V , .vm A ,. f X, .. -..-.-.. -,. . -1, 7. wr. Elia'-"f-rx? '- A X' A 3 Ap ' . 4' ' " ' ' 1- : A A, , . V ,fF'1,A.-151 t .H 1 4 .ffhf-' 'S , I P Q "' Mn A :A if Af A - , A r A ' 1 . - , . ' .1+ALi:4. A 2 W 113--5 . i,g.,1' T- Aikifi A "+,v:'wJ- 1926 .1 i--'JN' '- A- .A A. ,AA A A, wi' -Eff V ,gn - : ' A- rg .g.4-:- V ,JR -1.--1. f-- .A ,Ag '15J9'?s35e1if'55 i M.-w .A..ff' f wi ' 1-ff ,qu , 1 -N vt, N W' f in' V Q j .A A ,, " - J-A - My-. r J. ffA,,Q" ,- 1- Q , X ' -f ' A ga-w 's'EfE 51?a.,,- Q 7 j1',4'49W1' , A Lffmz. AA 1 . -1 3 A-, A A . .A ,- I gg MAL' , -U -yy 4-'if 6 ' ,fp ,.?-.Wg wr Q A -A . ,WAV--4 1 r A ' 4 Tv! :Ffa-5 L . , A 1 A 5 f f2,,,. , p , A. ir f'3.,M' :az ' "Zigi ' ' '- ' Hg, 7. A V., , Cf. 1: gjyfq ' im, 14-ugifb -5-.?rA, -- . 3 gf ,.f,, . 41, V 'tl ' '-' A 1 w,Af,.,- A .A , rs :"55-5: I I A 1q?i.52,gif1i 'ELM ' - 'V' 5. ffA'gf7?ffT' :AAENJ '-1' -3 fr "x' 641.4 A rffgsjii A ,,,,i.kA - T. A .A-qu:-Ja"-f 1 r ,A'-' ,VAN , ' ' -rn A L,-sof',1.L' gr -,A '- ,. A. A ,,::A,'v'5 A A A, 'e. W Wt- .:, It-17' Y tw- Q--ff K -I 1 , , ,- .lv - J, . A, H -mv '- 'T A 'ZF-.',,?4. ' ff? ,df ' ""i' " .Ef v 5 , " T, , -1 -' .' t-'fx ' ff , ,.,.,- 1 1 ,. .1 ,,-'fx A "S-ii' Hz., , Ellyn illllrgaphnnr James Bryce, author of the "American Commonwealth," said, "Ameri- ca Will continue to keep on prospering and growing in greatness if its people will continue, first to take an interest in their fellow-citizens of every kind, and secondly, to place public good ahead of private gain." At no time, in the history of this school, do we find a graduating class better equipped or prepared for this responsibility, that rests upon every citizen of America. It is not only a responsibility, it is also an op- portunity and a challenge which the members of the class of '29 gladly accept. During their four years of high school work these young citizens have adhered to the motto: "If a task is once begun, never leave it till it's done. Be the labor great or small, do it Well or not at all." As they go from these halls of learning, erected by the effort of the people of this high school district and dedicated to the ideals of service they take this thought with them: "You may travel, no matter how fast or how far, You cannot escape it wherever you are. Some duty awaits you, some good you should do, There is something the World is expecting of you." G. J. Badura. Page Eleven Ghz Qlllvgaphunr Students of this school are given an exceptional- ly good opportunity to choose their subjects from 21 Wide range of courses. The course of study is divided into the following divisions: Col- lege P1'epa1'ato1'y, Gener- al, Home Economics, Coniinercial, Agricultur- al, and Industrial Arts. The last four are divided into a life 1J1'6p31'2ltO1'y and a college p1'epzu'a- tory. Uhr illlvgaiphnnr Time and effort have been no obstacle in maintaining a school plant that will meet the needs of every depart- ment. The student body group is an example of the assemblies held every Tuesday morning. At these assemblies, pro- grams are given by the various advisory groups. In this way every stu- dent in the school is giv- en an opportunity to participate in a program at least once a year. e Mrgaphnnr FU H Bernice Beaber, ig Office Secretary Louise May Blake, University of California Za' . , is ff I Q : . V. Harriet H. Bovvker, ii' I it iivi University of California . x V.: 5 --Q , 5 Carol M. Chapman, C 'K M 3.15. 'Z Oregon State College 'A X . 3 ,Le gT.w "a -f 5 Dorothy L. Dale, li.., Q'i 1 Li., . Yrs : A College Of Pacific A, ii ' . "X J Robert E. Damon, gg ' .yzoy ',b,A, . A, Oregon State College V 'X N '..-' ' t if: '-- i' E. Marie East, ,. i i - . 'X V K , iz.. jasg. .JY " 'fm xi i'w x s., I-. . '-1?:.':5:r!-'f , by fr ,-5 f 'iiiii ' I FACULTY University of California Areta Everson, Oregon State College Helen M. Ford, University of Redlands Alberta W. Gatton, University of California Page Fourteen . 'N Uhr Constance V. Hendrickson, Oregon State College Mary E. Hornaday, College of Pacific Fred M. Jabusch, Oregon State College George K. Jenner, Oregon State College John D. Kegler, Redfield College Fred A. Kelly, Oregon State College Robert E. Look, University of California Erma B. Schwab, University of California Violet L. Shulsen, University of Califo1'nia Raymond H. Stenback, Oregon State College I imegaphnnv FUHS X 1. 2 'if A vl FACULTY giiV'r'9EQ ' 3- ,i ggfxrs x Q-X f mf? l. I 'K 5. 3 V' er- 113' .V . 1-:M ' . , ' ' - ' A -W i' M Page Fifteen X 1 I I 1 1, .s " 3 v k N , - f. V --RK! ,i fflw Efhv fllllrgaphunr 1 r FUI-ls TPXUSTE ES i S p l Mr. Klass Mr. Newell Mr. Luther Mr. Beaber Mr. McCloskey Trustees As the curtain falls upon the 1928-29 school year, the students of this high school feel a great debt of gratitude to the trustees for their in- terest and cooperation. They have selected an able Principal and have provided a school plant and equipment of which the students can well be proud. The trustees have proved enthusiastic and cooperative repre- sentatives of the tax-payers. The present board is composed of the following members: Mr. H. Klass ......,..................... President.-. ...................... Scotia Mr. F. P..NeWell .. .,....,..., ,Secretary ....... ........ F ortuna Mr. F. W. Luther ....... . ......... . .......... ..........,..... A lton Mr. J. T. Beaber ........ ........ H ydesville Mr. J. J. McCloskey ................. - -.--....Loleta These men are elected at large from the Fortuna Union High School District which is composed of the following Grammar School Districts: Al- ton, McDiarmid, Rio Dell, Scotia, Shively, Pepperwood, Holmes, Hydesville, Cuddeback, Rohnerville, Banner, Loleta, and Fortuna. The taxpayers of this district are ably represented by these members of the school board. Page Sixteen F5112 illlrgaphnnr EXECUTI E CO U N Cl L Mr. Badura Mr. Stenback Mr. Damon Miss East Mr. Jenner ' The Executive Council The Executive Council is interested in the Life Guidance of the boys and girls of the Fortuna Union High School. In acting as an advisory board to the principal, it is sometimes necessary for the board to handle cases of school discipline which are submitted to it for a decision. The members are chosen for their particular training along the lines of Life Guidance. The membership includes: Mr. G. J. Badura, Principal, Mr. R. H. Stenback, Vice Principal, Miss M. East, Dean of Girls, Mr. R. Damon, Dean of Boysg and Mr. G. K. Jenner, Vocational Director. This Council assists the Principal from year to year in revising the course of study. Two members of the Council, Miss East and Mr. Sten- back, supervise the Work carried on in the advisories during the Advisory Period. The work carried on in the advisory groups this year dealt with such topics as: Office rules and regulations, merit system, report cards and grades, social usage, health, parliamentary law, music, how to use the library, choosing an occupation, and others of equal importance. ' if Page Seventeen x 44 , Uhr Hllvgaplynnr " THE LYRE " , .". , , R "PERPLExEn" ssul , MURDER W A-Q. sl' if +4 AMI' " LUDKIE Page Eighteen "Faculty Snaps" 'fw . Av . .mi A .-' V ' . , x 1: , h ,Q ew- -M .- .. ' .Z-n H ' N. 4' ,.. 1'-' . :, ':' ' 'L' ,.13:.g.Tmf- afygqf, ...L ' 4 .15 3 -. A I 1 ' 'l'. x J 4 1.2 IA. 11.58 v. ,R .. J ei . . ,, 4 ,e 'V-1 Q . - . . 3-,B+ ,,..: , w was -I :fir . .- x 211: . Gi-- , ' . K' wg. wi .,. - H 111- " Y A- ,CA . Ffa:-Q.-is . x - V' ? - 1-'52 fe,- 4w' K I fm' - . ' VL. 9 "W .Cn . ,,1,v,f, J'5?24,':-'Q' 1- N., -hiv ,Q - 1,55 -'R nw. Lg ,I V s . Jw- , ,-5" f gig-, fur" ,:f- , -!- J if 1 '5- vlf- 5:1 953. .DHQCKQ . ., PJ 'J . H.. - U 1 :N " .. is -mn. 3 . 1 ve . Q2 v ,:. .A ' ..,.. S N, 'JE-. "CBlaai1ru" :vo , - r- an E? '-,P x ' -QQ. Yi, -Edu.. sf-., . , X n fi X E . 4 4 I 1 - A ' n we-fjfer theWci'udeAo1d'1Iiountaip roads, - . Made by 'the pioneer 1 Q V j The staigeecoach carried passengers if ii 'g,TQ.C1t1QS far andjpear. I 5 ,, q e x 5-t.:-X 55- . Q. id--xfl' 3" V , he 5- -....,.a -, i . . A1-1 sg. sw. ,RYA 1 1" nm: Q- kwa. .-Sk '- 1:5535 .M r T -4- ik W' 540. Su.- , L, gl. 1 Q : -j I . x. i' V V EL' lf:-X J' 7' V, -3 , ' " ,cr-fag 1 U. . .l. .s . .Mui t I x ...hA .N . .r .v. , M. . ' 'Zyl' 'VP Lash, 5.1, r :. I A X .L 5 , me s W 5 1 -e:..-ev. n ' Q.. 'Ni-"' -. - +1 Q rg -.Sk xl ' ' f, , -f. K 1 .V V: N53-2 - S-.. - er' 35331 aff- . ,, A ' ' xy ' A i j ,. -K V, YY, 1 -.aiw S1 ' -51 ee fi.. 2- . flazgl. 5' 'f-'wif . , . . 'Ex'-. ,' L. - - ff , 52- ' ' ' 'xsgfg V ' .Y 2... ,,,,:.,, - x X Qi.,-45" , , 5-. s- .15 4, E E .LQ .Li 5. ' gu t., Iii- F. tg. 4- .- Fgtxiz 1 K' I' 'I f.,:.. 1' ' .Q My 4 V-3. , N- f V.,,,u. 1 -90' . H A f :H W, " ': -: f-1 ' 2 'f , Q gf. if ,f ' - , . ' .. :- N-A-FQ' - 5 A' SM-ssfsgeffer A M .J 1 J. .' "E . l -1- '9. .lv W, -H, . W 4.11, ,gm 4 .15 Qwivfx , - 3:4 X . u k?iAKj.a:vL-'.jiiL1g1-3 f .v. -if" .GE r .ci , .175 33" ,553-fl eff-:rx 5 i, ' ' 17.5. Q, ,"f JN! ' 1 i iw. 'Mw' ,1. H 'Hs il '-'cs :Zia 'K v"'s'7'i' J" ' . 11. qi. K1 1 1. , 1 " A"" ,z .- 1. , . X5 . . , , . .E , -ww--1 .3 Y 4,l:1"'y:.,1f',, ' 1 ' . 0' Q. ,gg " 1 g.fw9:Ff1Q. ' 1f1.1.1e u 1 Jw '. , A 1 1511.5 A QF' Uh, -9. f A32 ma: A ,1 11 ,, V ,1. ' .3'i!,3j:-QQ? ' "fl ,A A 1 1.. .V ,.4.. -7 1 Q A L11 - y.-1f .. Q TFWT' '5f2ff9m4.1 , W V ,.f1:.1.I- x 111: .' fr.- X1 ., , . ,1 -,1,,. -. . X -:Q-1.3.41 "W"'1N'Q 11 ' ..1F..2?peger4-. .1 ,yr . 9,511 1 . . I ,.qg1a3Ew '1 .Ex ' . - '-75,1 4 1 ' 11411, - ,151 V Y 'Fw " 1 .A H. A - ' ' . Q. 517 ...ik . gg. .- 1 A 1,51 Ill' in A -1L:a4Qu,Qg Q., ge 1 1 .-""'1'f '- " ow-g-' A,""f1 gl ,E A Q-ff'-'23 ' 1'-Q Q " 'imiff ji- "1 it Y ,L - -Q: egg 1,224 1' ' N 4 a- .1 gf 4 .7 'f' 'A 67: 11252 'Z' 'fr Qffr fy? .x ..I?j1?f':' 1 l-,: -1 ff, . .. ' qt, .1 Q --- , 'L-L.. H,-v'z,.f , .1 ,.1 g - ,. Q, , Q . 1 14, , 5: . 'fwfr 14:11 . 1-1 ' :V ' fa .lk .r In - Z, ..-2 ,. .1231 1 1 11 -5 f " - - 1' .. -A+ ' V -1 - M' ...T .., -, .. "f" 1 1' w: gfjir. sf ' H - '17 . 1 ,gg-44.-556 ffwf.. f .' - ,. . . .- h,.'!-, ..-25531 In J M . 1. "Wai"-x1.J, 1 ' -Y'--'JW 1-f1,1:.f'-'. 71 '. '. 7ff'Z11 " '- 1 . -iff v'f"' .af " V of A x1 1 2 2 1 't A - :Er 75.591, - 1 -fi -ff, ' . , 71 ' I 133. - , ., 1 ' .ky . .N 1, - A 1, e 9-1.722 -1? I A Auf: V I I I rw. , rn, f-.1 1- A 11 1-1 -'-.e .. . 31- 1 .11 . I 'n-.3 paw. ..".",b,. " 1' 'iv v 51, 1 1 '95 M wx IQ '7 f'-': q- la if' 1 .. .Q Ellis Blllrgaphnne Senior Class '29 Officers William Martinez ,.... ...... ., .. . ...... A...4,. ,..... P resident Margaret Nemes .i...r ,...,,.. V ice President Gertrude Hunter ....,. ......,.,,..., S ecretary Ve1'a Linser .............. .i........ ,,.....,.. T 1 'easurer Wilson Woodcock ,..i........ .is...,......., r.ii... .i.i..,.,.....,.. Y e l 1 Leader Velma Chase ....................,.,..,,.. ...... A dvisory Board Member William Morehouse registered at too late a date to have his picture in the book. The Seniors' Lament Oh, say is it true, That our four years are o'er That our work is complete, And We'll be here no more? Why, it seems like a dream, That We'll never again Be the "freshies," the "sophs," And the "upperc1assmen." Though We may attend college, And schools by the score, Still We'l1 miss those old days When We took History IV. Oh, the time was Well spent, We will say, with a sigh, Those days when we went To dear Fortuna High. Dorothy Coakley. '29 Page Nineteen Flhv megaphnnv FU HS I x ,fl l929 e Twenty Evelyn Anderson wills her height to Lois Gow. Deane Bowers wills his somber, serious countenance to Mary Niel- Sell. Stanley Bowers wills a pair of his dainty number "elevens" to Mary Tosti. Rena Bravo leaves her gift of gab to Frank and Rita Gianoni. Frances Breen bestows on Emma Felt her curling irons. Clara Burgess wills her Vampish ways to Leora Hunter. Chauncey Burnside wills his bold, Venturesome manner to Benny Larson. Truman Burnside wills his ability to blush to Bruce McCloskey as he is minus that quality. Uhr illllvgaphunr Anne 'Cate leaves all her 5's to Maxine Belloni's long list of them. Velma Chase leaves her reputation as a busybody to Alberta Hale. Dorothy Coakley Wills her freckle cream to John Malloy. Helen Cottrell leaves gum stuck on half the chairs in the buildings. Frances Cross Wills her big feet to Ken- neth Packer. Louis del 'Carlo leaves his best pair of pa- jamas to Grace Bronson. Carmen Davenport bequeaths her lipstick to Minerva Stephenson. Myrtle Dinsmore bestows on Mary Burton her numerous rouge com- pacts and beauty prepara- tions. l9'29 FU HS I j Page Twenty-one Uhr illllrgaphnne ff As 45 I I .4 ' , I 'A H - jifig ""' j ' i1 s '1-R52-f' i929 FU HS Dwight M 1 Wills all his playthings to Roy McKay. Mary Friedenbach bequeaths her fa V o r i t e book "The Three Bears" to Donald Scott. if ,Esther Genzoli P wills her long dresses to Inez Farmer. Dorothy Gould bequeaths her dislike of athletic men to Margaret Layton. Lillie Hansen Wills her giggles to Maxwell Howell. Robert Hedley wills his cigars to Archie Reed. Gladys Herrmann wills her inquisitive dispo- sition to the Executive i Council. Q Anna Holmes Wills her Wallflower dispo- sition to Frieda Phillips. Page Twenty-two Glhv Qlllvgaphnnv Nora Hopper leaves her shy and retiring manner to Lottie Hayden. Marjorie Hull leaves this school. Gertrude Hunter leaves he1' ability to direct plays to Miss Ford. Evelyn Jackson wills her ability to get 1's to Maxine Perrot. Wayne Jarvis . leaves hisfcorncob pipe to Carroll Osbo1'n. Rudolph Kaski leaves his bottle of "Gloco" to Henry Bender. Vera Linser leaves her boyish bob to Eleanor Hinds. Kenneth Lipscomb leaves his name on three- fourths of the school prop- erty. .ae Wg ' FUH ,Ag ., ,Qi 'x l929 3' . Page Twenty-three ' f,'x rf , 4 A . Us . 1 ,. ,4 -, 1 sr 1j1!i!ir.lh 5 M 4 A ,I 'fy 2 M , '-'5' lx, , my r-,M -1- ,, rig' 'i2'ASh . vj 'fgj I, - ' 1, 1 ,, 'u',!r, H if fl, Nm 31- , ,Q Ng, 11 M6535 f Hi 9 'XP' ,'m"'w -g 15.15.52 -4, .eg J A ., .11 'wir A' M- f f - ,- sr ' .v 'ff ' 1', -N.-155351 "MJ 'WljQL".P I , ' Ewraigf.-Il My ' ,X if 5, . 1 , . 4 . gg ,-. . ,M-fa, I3 I 1 J' , at illilegaphnnr N N gms if T S X N z . NXQXN R as 2 i X xi x S N X QS X X , X i gy-N Usual. ' L 'V s 'f:X,,'f': j ty-1:29 'A-' , , , , -1 ss-1-'-:s:f: ,-1 l.,:':::s-. -arf: .xx, , -' ' I FUH I Milton Lozensky wills all his merits to Leon- ard Stillings. a 'Clarice Look leaves her orchestra uni- form to anyone who can fill it William Martinez leaves his golden voice to Charles Beacom. James McCloskey leaves his leather coat .to Orvella, as she has it most of the time anyway. Edna MacKinny leaves her gym clothes to Wilma Chapman. Donald McGovern Wills his wig to Mr. Look. Paul Mengali leaves his harmonica to Mr. Badura. ' Percy Moore wills his dignity to Ralph Buxton. Page Twenty-four Uhr Qllvgaphnnr Margaret Nemes Wills her gum to Mr. Kelly. Darrell Newell leaves his great stature to Kenneth Knapp. David Nielsen Wills his quiet Ways to Mar- jorie Miller. Evelyn Packer wills her goggles to Helge Paulson. Audron Paine leaves his typing ability to Helen Hixon. Joe Perenin leaves his manly stride to William Moore. Francis Peterson wills his Way with the lad- ies to Russell Thompson. Peter Petersen wills his Kiddy-Kar to Howard Stone. If fl' .1929 FU HS 63 ,,,23:,w., 1, . ,- V . Page Twenty-Five Mrguphnne U Uhr ""' 1 Y :fit f t ac .1,' it ,. X Nix W , f X S ,Al .... Q , , ...I , K M Q . .... iyi. b ': : , :E at s. :' . E V: if 1" , E i jj V i 2 I X ay .lg ff m , f Elene Rasmussen wills her way of talking at the top of her voice to Ha- die Quigley. Austin Reynolds wills his eyebrow tweezers to Earl Tatinan. Elizabeth Robinson leaves Helen O'Connor her roller skates. Edwin Rowley wills his ability to play "Tiddly-Winks" to Guy Maxwell. Ada Soderrnan wills her bottle of "Blond- eX" to Selma Wise. Virginia Stewart wills her "reportorial" abil- ity to Donald Scott. Helen Stone bequeaths to Tracy Lozen- sky her poor health. Rosetta Sweet leaves her scholarly appear- ance to Bruno Trione. Page Twenty-six Ellie illlegaphnnr Lester Swett leaves Frieda to someone else's care. Arletta Travis Wills her position as editor of the "Megaphone" to any intellectual junior. Florence Wilburn leaves some torn up notes in the Wastepaper basket. Hazel Wilburn wills her love for Econom- ics to next year's students. They'll need it. Beatrice Wolford leaves her shorthand book for someone else to enjoy. Wilson Woodcock leaves his place on the foot- ball team to Percy Miller. Bernice Wood bequeaths her ability to reach school after the tar- dy bell rings to Marian Clild. Miss Ford Our class advisor. ' .-: M. as 'wx i' ,, Ss .Q "i 3 :ar ., tV'i , n X I 92 9 FUHS. al, ,l W izllggf f QI Page Twenty-seven Uhr illllrgaphune -- w' .iaiiiww ? - ' i x x xv, , 1 4-I I Ni' x K ""' ' as x X kg X3 igiif A Q ' 3 ff X Eg N fx X 2 . si 'li qqgggfxg K 'K X Rx QE 2 X 4 M 1 X Y E.wx Wi XX 4- .N -hk5?,Ffi3: ' 'u QH5' "sums" " ' ' U Q X H . 1j-Y aw X , ' 11 4-H X vk.: .T ' - Y, .wld FL Ill 'NEASTERN 225' Y rf 3, A N 'am , X A , . :Q 5 ig 3 M ET! Nh " .I sl ,, vUNHULY 5 MIKE IKE ,3 ,,A4,, WAHFEX - :,.,:.g--Q,-.-, . . N x.,-,.:.,..'- , , 1-.-.Eg ., 34,-. Q.-, -: : ' - Q . 'I r if 3 2 , L 1.-'rw ' . Qfvfzxigxv ln, at s 5 I N fx, N 'bg X I Y 3 Q A W A X A, ,:.,,..:. :,, Q ,. -.-11 --.-21:1 ,M iz "BLOKE5" 'Av-A.. fr my ' , V. e in --X 1 ,STE w W Y . .vw -' ,.. , , it x A fl ,"A , -91: .QvE, af- g5a, i'5j?,,34A:.1 'A A , 'SEXY ' i ' -W5 , ku ' . w'g - 'Q ,GQYRWW -+5 A , , . 4, , h .-.., ., - 1. : ,. 3.0 . v . .-.V :RN f .aa 1 5 4, b Q, N' I xl 4 K, 5 2,1 . 5, .fly it TW , 1 ,,lQ.A, iff' . f 'I' f :fe I, I .313 nv Q Q 5 ' U 1 .. x 1 1 Q Rm: -af P 1' . - .ara ...f 14,-' XL , xii - f,g21s' - ' 'I S 15 " U f0.. CP Page Twenty-eight Uhr illlegaphnnr unior Class '30 Officers Gertrude lVIcKeown ..,.... ,......,, P resident Ralph Buxton .....,,...,.., ,..... V ice President Muriel Reynolds ,,,.,. .,,,.,... .,.....sss. S e cretary Bruno Trione ,...,.s.,. .....s,,s.....s,.s,....s..A,,...s T reasurer William East ........,.,.s.. .,...,,. A dvisory Board Member Woodrow Thompson .......s.....ssl . ....sss.sss..,.......,.,,,s.. Yell Leader Archie Reed and lone Wescott were transferred to the Junior class at too late a date to have their pictures taken. Clara Burgess was trans- ferred to the Senior class. The Juniors The Seniors are a good class And likewise, all the rest Are famous in a small way, But the Juniors are the best. They always win in everything They undertake to dog Above all, they are good sports, They're loyal and they're t1'ue. In sports they're represented By the best men in the gameg Their scholarship standing makes The other classes tame. Yes, the Juniors are the winners, Equals they have yet to meet Just come up against the Juniors And you will be badly beat! Cecil Cox. '30 Page Twenty-nine Flhr illllvgaphnnv FU HS it l93O Page Thirty Carmen Alward, "Chick" Agnes Anderson, "Aggie Arthur Baldry, "Art" Kenneth Barlow, "Ken" Verna Bartlett, "Skeeter" Edna Beaudette, "B1ondy Maxine Belloni, "Diddy" Angelo Barsanti, "Ang" Maxine Betger, "Macie" Esther Bianchi, "Este" ! Uhr illllvgaphnnv as " 'Charles Beacom, "Chas" B md' Q Evelyn Boehne, Eva I Una Bryant, "Passionate Fay" Ralph Buxton, "Buck" Mary Burton, "Tillie" Margaret Burgess, "Mugs" Mervyn Chambers, "Cheerful" Wilma Chapman, "Billy" Curtis Christensen, "Christy" Cecil Cox, "C. C." FU HS Page Thirty-one Uhr illllrgaphnne f w 'A me 3 iiiiwii. AIX, '. K ' 'Q i NJ P ,Vvx:,,,. ,.,. , 'V is Q .3559 If ' ,ni I9 3 O FU HS Frances Devoy, NF1'3Hlll6H Louise Diinmitt, "Lou" Wallace Dinsmore, "Wally" Evan Dixon, "Dick" William East, "Weary Willy Lois Gow, "Leash" Leo Gallagher, "Leo" Frank Gianoni, "Mike" G Mary Gusrneroli, "Gussy" Cooper Gould, "Coop" -if ' f , ' 512-1 . . f is g x f" " P 1-1 15:5 " V "'f-f:?f'f?iv:: lik" 1 6 5 ,- v :5 fi,-. z V lm 62 -' Page Thirty-two E112 Megaphone FU HS Thei-et Grieebeek, "Sheik" f 2 ., 41 f' Gerald Grinsell, "Jerry" Q ,, f , i L 49, Helen Hawks, "Hawkers" 5 1'A2 Ti .5 A :,, - fi "" ev ge , Lottie Hayden, "Pill" gil 5. H ' 4. e,e, fff AV'!., fat " A I A' "' Chris Hansen, "Tiny" i A .R f Lucinda Hinds, "Lucy" ,gif Mary Hine, "Mary Harriet" Alice Hoffman, "Allie" iff' Dale Ingram, "Rusty" Donna Ivancich, "Kerque" l93O Page Thirty-three Uhr illllvgaphnnr FUHS Sax -x X i K 3 dw I 6 X ws. .P , X X , Q A SQ :Q Q i -'A-cr M , .X - ms, w - fiiffkrfsifyx X ,ft ga: fi- ' EN ,gf Page Thirty-four Cedric Jasper, "Tip" Ellen Lasell, "EH" Donald Lewis, "Iky" Emmet Linser, "Si" Elizabeth Lytel, "Lizzie" Aldred Maudlin, "Skinny" Guy Maxwell, "Beau Brummeln Roy McKay, "Mickey" Arabell McKee, "Scoop" Gertrude McKeown, Gerty ann" Uhr illllrgaphnnr Bruce McCloskey, "Mac" Manly McCullough, "Chula" Flora Mengali, "Flop" Percy Miller, "Pere" Helen O'Conno1', "Happy" William Oliver, "Will" Eloy O'Rourke, "Cork" Carroll Osborne, "Skeezix" Blanche Patton, "Giggles" Helge Paulson, "Breezy" 42- r FU HS J L PM X fuk 5 P Q S of ', :fl - l93O Page Thirty-five Uhr illllvgaphnnr l930 FU HS I 9 i , 1. A- V, a B Y Ns XX 4 T 3 QE, Rx X Page Thirty-six Freida Phillips, "F1'itzy" Georgia Quigley, "Georgie Elvin Reback, "Romeo" 75 Muriel Reynolds, "Bunny Lennette Williams, "Lee" Annie Rovai, "Mar" Merle Rowe, "Babe" 77 Velma Rowe, "Val Donald Scott, "Don" Margaret Soderman, "Babe Uhr fllllrgaphnnr Frank Standley, "Pee Wee" Leonard Stillings, "Tuffy' Howard Stone, "Gus" Helen Thompson, "Brownie" Earl Tatman, "Peanuts" Alex Thomsen, "Tom" Mary Tosti, "Jeff" Woodrow Thompson, "Phid" Bruno Trione, "Spigot" Verda Wescott, "Topsy" , M y X ',--:,: ' -V '35 of I ,. zo: l93O FU HS . - ' ' ,. lv: 2 . In C 3 - i Age s ..,. . I V, .14-g, 4 af. ,:. Page Thirty-seven Uhr Qlllvgaphnnv l FU H5 l93O iff . ev . . w . fgl 1x qfvif' 'I' Reginald Miller, "Hia" Orvella Wilson, "Twink" Lawrence Windbigler, 'Vinegar Hit the Line Then hit the line Fortuna High Fortuna High Wins today. And We'll show the sons of our old High That the Blue and White holds sway. Then plunge down that field again to victory 01' die. And We'l1 give a good old cheer boys, As Fortuna teams go by.' Page Thirty-eight b :Lg Q , I Uhr Hiegaphnnr x ' u B . ' ,. If ,. ,ify I , :f ll X . ' ' A 1' .4255 "FLUNK 7" M' '. 4' N r .f , , ls 5 j r f glljf ia .5 SWEET.SI7"' .Q 4 eq, .5 I "fp , , ..... ,. .H , x, I . " " 1 fl I 5 x 1 4.--l"1E, V "YARN BABIES" 'M -,--wr "zREAn+H,o" ff'- Q Y ,v MM v A: - Q, gi .b Y ,T N a , V I i , lf .5 H WE STUDY " 9 C9 gr, 9 ' ww f- W i .. V 6 V' 6 1 Nlffjr ' .-,.' wi' ,"'V 12 ,. A "POPULAR + " Page Thirty-nine Ellie Hlegaplinnr Sophomore Class '31 Officers Victor Weisel ,..., ............. . ,.s..... ..,,....... P resident Tracy Lozensky .....,. ss.... V ice President Marion Layton ,.., ,.......e.....,..............., S ecretary Virginia Early .s,.. .........,...,........,.,,..,.,...... T reasurer J. C. Davenport . . .. .. Yell Leader Clst Semesterb Kenneth Packer l....,.. Yell Leader 62nd Sernesterj Eleanor Hinds ..,.lll .,.i... A dvisory Board Member The Sophomores Dear friends, We really are perplexed About this situation, We're one year passed the starting point, And two from graduation. When Freshmen We were treated fair Un the upper-classinen waysb But now since We are Sophomores The have left us in a daze. They have tried to Win from us in sports, But haven't beat us yet. And teachers have delayed us, too, With big eXa1n's and threats. But since We've gone this far along fAnd We have done our bestl Won't someone please grow kind enough To help us through the rest? - Dorothy Grigsby. '31 Page Forty 5 Uhr illllvgaphnnr Page Forty-one C5112 illrgaphnnv Freshmen Class '32 Qflicers Arthur Larson ...... ......................., ........... P 1 'esident Verne Wood ......,........., .,s,, V ice President Dorothy McGovern ,,or.... .,......................... S ecretary Goldie Baxter .....,s Helen Scott .,.,..r,. Chester Edson ....r. Page Forty-two Freshmen Come listen to us Freshmen, We're a class whom all admire We'll show the other students We can set the world on fire. And because they don't believe it We will say a word or two, That we are the hearty boosters Of Fortuna's "White and Blue." The Sophomores can't realize, Their best school days are past, And the Juniors always think, Treasurer ..QfffbiLiQig,LLi1Q,Q"i3LQQfd Mamba- Yell Leader That they're advancing pretty fast. And then there are the Seniors, Who think they're big and wise, They think they rule the high school, But we'll tell them otherwise. For soon now they will graduate And leave the "White and Blue." Then they'll go on to college Where they'll all be Freshmen, too. Ronald Chase. '32 Uhr Mvgaphnnr 'iii Page Forty-three Uhr flllrgaphnnr 9 ' -Q h xi Hz fz X V ,Tay . x u "'v R ' A VS 1 - 'HDRNPIPE f l , 'Q' . ' 43 fa fr: 5 i- -1 2 'xi N S: A.1W .,.,. X' ,A, y n ' X 'it Q 55" NMUSHH .A W SPO UMUSM wg ffm. gg . " w .X L" ".,' , . ,Q , A w 'Q Q ' if 59" N f ",A .v1'xQ i ' 0 1 n n BACKS Doss Hacxs ".' . '- x. -. xf--, "Frosh Snaps" Page Forty-four ,,,.w Uhr iilllvgaphnxw .3311-I df- Ax. T ' A i,A.V . J.- fw ., -Ng QWJYS sw. 3 ' y .f3,'W:k--A 1, f 7 .5 .V K -1 ,-'P fu 'v'--1. . V . fi' aeffqf 1 ., .,,, . 12Q1n , : :s ' :.'--. ,X J' ,iz . ' hy, L 1 H ..,' fl., ss D fl if- . ' - fl- , 7 : r . . AV. -3 I ' I 2 X 33, xl x .. . ' Q ,gn A Q 4 ff if lil' V 4-. :V W .lx 1 V I A .. 'L x 5 Q. 3 a9E'f "' I' ss ,, 1 ' ' STAR YW, X, fw? '- I I 'A -N wx 4- '1 W f Q., 5 'sf V Q Y f. xx. . Y' " ' ' ,3",e' -uw: 'f ' fs- 4111. 1.-9.3 f- 'ca , , A .'T - ' '.4- 1'-, i'-5"' '.--Si":IM'f.5 f - Cr' ,f :fs V ' ' .5.lfff52'z' . '. ?. '- Sl ll Gunn AP 4 9 , 631. hr 9 X, ? '-.- , ...,,:.:. Q , ilit 312554 pix--,iw . - . . 5.-1.1-5-' Q -.W Dr X li. fm gg J, t ly . ' ' A .Vp I J ill .' 'X -V 5 . me 5 t "' , Q L 1 'X 1? 'ZA 5 ' 3 . A ! V M.. .Z A. , gi ,Sf ' . 'f , as ' H X. . ,':4i 1y..' ,HARD ,A A 2 - - A . - e ' f , f . 4 fc X , 1 'Q an 4: , , 2 ,N WSMTQ f A. 'gi ig . 4 J .. I ' , 4 ' , 2 'j' I 1 ',.. ' :F 1 zz- :Ti rf"-... ' 5 5 ' , ., X: ' '41-M3 sf M 'H H 1 - f . . wx. " " " ' ..,.-,sm,vnff-fmr.. ' ' ' ' f- ' 5.2 ,. A wg V ' ff-,ff ,.,'1,.x1 ...Q . "- ' - - w in , ' Tizsft. ' -' .QWQuia.:---'r1'5.,4Cjsi+-"-Iam' -1.-'fav-5f':1'fr.-r?'1 :5'1.:.:v-13032 if N-,ru z' wg fa . - - , x ,YJ ,:,2 ''-,- :1g1,,g.Q"1xf5- 9 ..f.,. -. wz1.,.3,:+1fT-'-vQx- Q,x:5'aS .- , 4.- :.1,,v..,,g.-- ,zi . -4.1 .bgxfc-g-A-51: 55.3aE,'5..:,5c:f,,-,+g1::x.':-:JQWVyi,www,551,-.g.,,.1,.g,g9i.f-- X -., ak Y , . i:,y':g 4 'fe' ,73m.,g1.QfSfX-'-9f.5N1.-QQMQPY,.--fm,',y,f.:.,::x1.::c:.:xi.y-- zum.-.hmm-:.'fx x 41- i'Sophomore Snaps" Page Forty-five Uhr illllrgsmhnnr Alumni Class of '26 As the years roll by, Fortuna High has an added number of Alumni of which to be p1'oud. Since all the Alumni were featured in the 1925 Megaphone and the '28 class was just recently graduated, we are featuring only the classes of '26 and '2'7. Name Beabe1', Bernice Bald1'y, Lillian Branstetter, Clifton Barlow, Helen Conno1', Elmer Damm, Lillian Eglin, Marjorie Ewan, Gilbert Ely, Louise Early, Frances Evers, Charlotte Grinsell, Margaret Gill, Ethel Garcelon, Gladys Hammer, Marion Hoffman, Mabel Hoffman, Olga Hamilton, Sarah Haapala, Allan Hescock, Austin Hagman, Frank Harrison, Earl Johnston, Howard Klass, Prentiss Langlois, William Lane, Ado Larson, Eva Meng, Grant Morris, Wayne Morrison, Ruth Phillips, Merle Reese, Melvin Reynolds, Florence Roberts, Phyllis Spence, Clifton Spaulding, Evelyn Spaulding, Ruth Snodgrass, Grace Stockton, La Verne Stockton, Va Letta Thompson, James Willsie, Evelyn Wise, Helen Yuill, Myrtle Page Forty-six Residence Hydesville Fortuna Arcata Arcata Eureka San Jose Arcata San Luis Obispo Los Angeles Rio Dell Arcata Berkeley Hydesville Eureka Eureka San Francisco San Francisco Barber, Montana Fortuna Tacoma San Francisco Scotia Arcata Berkeley Scotia Fortuna Fortuna Loleta Rohnerville Santa Rosa San Jose Fortuna Fortuna Fortuna Scotia Eureka Scotia Arcata Arcata Shively Corvallis San Jose Eureka Scotia Occupation Office Secretary F. U. H. S. Graduate H. S. T. C. H. S. T. C. Employed Bank of Italy Employed Credit Ass'n. S. J. T. C. H. S. T. C. California Polytechnic California Christian College Mrs. E. C. H. Oliver H. S. T. C. Employed Telephone Co. At Home Mrs. Robert Shaw Bookkeeper Carson's Mill Stenographer Typist Teacher Employed Friedenbach Bros. Employed in Business Affiliated Col. of Pharmacy Employed T. P. L. Co. H. S. T. C. University of California Employed T. P. L. Co. Employed Fortuna Bake1'y Graduate H. S. T. C. Meng Bros. Store Employed on Farm Mrs. Leo Barndt At Home At Home Mrs. Peter De Bene Employed Bank of Italy Employed T. P. L. Co. Employed Western Union Mrs. William Langlois H. S. T. C. H. S. T. C. Mrs. M. C. F auerback Oregon State College S. J. T. C. Mrs. W. L. Shields Employed T. P. L. Co. Childs, Name Uhr Mrgnphnnv Alumni Class of ,Z7 Anderson, Harold Armstr Barnes, Baxter 7 Briggs, Bi'yant, ong, Mac Carrie John Doris Richard Burnside, Walter Robert Christensen, Bernard Clarke, Clarence Clendenen, Ernestine Clendenen, Andrew Degnan, Alice De Bene, Elene Dimmitt, Clara Downs, Margaret Eglin, Tom Fleming, Agnes Giacomini, Teresa Johnson, Alta Gragg, Oscar Hunte1', Ruth Goe, Julia Johnston, Richmond Langdon, Mildred Long, Edith Lozensky, Nellie Malin, Hazel Marshall, Ben McKeown, Eleanor McLeod, Bruce Monroe, George Oczkewecz, Tom Reback, Leonard Robertson, Doris Ross, Mattie Ross Gertha Rowley, Mary Sherman, Mabel Smith, Lois Smith, Barbara Stickles, Elaine Stockton, Jennie Swall, Donald Sweet, Lila Mae Thomas, Melvin Watson, Harriet Wittsche, John Residence Holmes Arcata San Mateo Fortuna Hydesville Fortuna Fortuna Red Crest Davis Los Angeles Arcata Arcata Arcata Rohnerville Fortuna Carlotta Scotia Eureka Arcata Fortuna Crescent City Eureka Eureka Arcata Eureka Arcata Arcata Scotia Oakland Fortuna Eureka Berkeley Davis San Francisco Fortuna Fortuna Hydesville Fortuna Berkeley Los Angeles Freshwater Stockton Blocksburg Eureka Arcata Fortuna San Francisco Occupation T. P. L. Co. Newman Camp H. S. T. C. Mrs. Lloyd Carter Employed on Farm Mrs Arnold Schielf Bryant Poultry Farm Grad. Cooke Electric School Proprietor of Service Station Student, University Farm University of SO. California H. S. T. C. H. S. T. C. H. S. T. C. Mrs. Elena Biagini Asst. in H. S. Cafeteria At Home Emp. T. P. L. Co. Mill Mrs. James Dilling H. S. T. C. Grad. Eureka Business Col. Employed in Lumber Camp Secretary for Marc Morrison Employed in Office Work H. S. T. C. Eureka Business College H. S. T. C. H. S. T. C. Deceased Employed T. P. L. Co. Mrs. John Wittsche Employed on Farm Auto Mechanic Employed P. G. Sz E. Co. Employed University Farm Training for Nurse Employed Fortuna Mdse. Co. Employed Friedenbach Bros. At Home Employed Humboldt Beacon Student Armstrongs College Mrs. Albert Cloney Mrs. Joe McNaughton Student College of Commerce Employed Lumber Camp Mrs. Robert McKeown H. S. T. C. Employed L. C. Morgan Co. Hotel Bookkeeper Page Forty-seven E112 illllrgaphnnr The Progress of Transportation Page F Orty-eight Father Time was thinking of travel, As he sat in an easy chairg There he fell asleep, and a vision Led him up a long, steep stair. On the first step he thought of rowing In a loaded Indian canoe, That was making its way to Fortuna, Our own town, young and true. For a time on the first step he lingered, Till the dipping of paddles had diedg On the next step he saw two companions As they trudged along, side by side. In this second step, the vision Showed the hardships and toil of days: It showed a mule and his master, And then it went, fading away. The next steps mingled together But the vision was still quite clear: Covered wagons, the horse and the Were next in the progress of years. Then Father Time saw a buggy Pulled o'er the road by a steed. Once more he drove to Fortuna, In a dream that was true, indeed. stage And then in his visions and fancies CAlmost at the top of the stairj He saw the people rejoicing, Without a worry or care. For now the folks of Fortuna Were riding in autos abroad: And before many years had passed them, Many more cars had been scored. By then he had climbed to the last step Of that long and eventful flightg He almost gasped in his dreaming The vision gave fo1'th such a sight. Among clouds and the clear blue sky, High over the town of Fortuna, Soared a bird, called an "aeroplane," The pride of the people's eyes. Dorothy Grigsby '31. coach swf. . P --Q. 'A +. nf ' , , 33" - ,, ,.,.,.f.-1 Y vu' X .,:.i , -,Lv . . 'xiii Y V: - . 2 ' .A , "' -V :L 6 ,. gyld-,,Q,4g,, 1 Y '7 3-' .ff " if-:" ,.K., Q.- - . A7117 W. .,-Aragfm gf fx Eff'-" " f ,tw -s U "AthIrtirs" f fig? 'fu- L , 'rf w . 1 . :,L,fg.,'4 V V1 ', 'fun 3 L, lv I ' -f 'Bill ., ..L.,7 ' . .1 Hi, f-H, :GNN ' ' f '.L',-k"- S ' , .., -- tr x . , -., ,N r 5. , ,v ,, -. , Q.. 5,7-. -f J- V - Hg' ',.,. i . -. . -Q- . .. , , , . . , , ,A 4uS,31f QV F ' . f' ' K f , V 'f:.':?"7s" 4 . '-:gf A 7 A' - Humboldt produgts' were camued 'go countnes afar t A' , .,-'Bycsiguge sailing boats tlgatcrosied thebar 'F gag' 'ijzfrf , if-f ,f . iq, fi?-f V A ' ' X 4, , .A F.. . A?'fl,r-a-', ' A , ... , , Q., :Kip - 4 f M .. - fra 1,4 .,..- 5, igg A , gm - ' s5, .w ,,qTv,.,,::ifggf5 ,351 - . P 5 : l I J. . QL: 35,5 . U V5 3 ll it 1: A M -If - f:41.,,,.--w4'f- -' - P3 ff 1 .L - .- -.-:..4:g.' -M: if-'Ty 1. Y,-.5 :i,f91:g 13:v,'T 127 I 3: .g .V I -- V J 1' ' 'S ' in -I 111 ', ,"-- ' Ja, f 7:53. 'FQ , ff V Q' D , 1 , ,ggi wa. , ' A ' .ff ., -1 fffmzi f L Q A . uw- " 31.- ":2Tf5j,4v f ' 4-2 - V - '-:XTZY2-ZW J Y- .15 . pgffg , l .- A ' fqssj . V .-,ra 2 m.. ' ' i'2g,:!Q1 1. 17- -,,-4.151-T , -:wma .. Q. ' aaa?-Q? J 43... , Mflx- -5 W ,. , , . ,.,,Z7.. rf H . ,J Kg. ,ff . i , Adj. I ,'47,,l, 'Jr . . , MSL- , K, A . '- .1 Y , L -1 1' ,ffm J'-QQ"- 'H '91-elk". ,' ,5,3f.f.z -1: -'-wwf, -, 24.1, -.n 5 ' ' 1 sq A"- , ' A -'J' 'Z-'X ' 3, W :xr , 11, I .,: ,L 2. ,f'..g, 2 . 1 ggssgl " W ' ,g...g,?i"' Z: 'lik 2.., cu -f 57" iflio' 4' Wu. ' -' -F"ww4f'1-- iw, . 6' ' b -' ' f ,im -V 5 , 3523- . wsfgifnilig . ' 'W' ,., -,J x- mgyw, a..,,,-1, 4, Ml J ' ,R V V ' H Q Mg"'f' 1 5'f23,fv.,' , 1 V. h F, ,j,pv,f - -. ff .V-we-f 1.1 fr 1 i S' :uf :F "' Uhr Hlivgaphnnv l i The development of a youth into a useful and successful citizen is in- fluenced in no small degree by his ability to turn down or to keep away from the many increasing pitfalls of what We call "modern times." The ever increasing development of modern machinery has thrust upon the active generation considerable leisure. What shall he do with this extra time? The knowledge, entertainment, and joy derived in game play while a student, should not stop with the issuance of a diploma. There is no better way of taking care of a part of this leisure time, than to choose at least one sport to be carried beyond school days. Real sport competition not only brings better health habits, but gives a higher type of associates, keeps the mind and the body clean and de- velops the ability, the inclination and the determination to do things. Mr. Damon. Page Forty-nine Uhr illlrgaphnnr s 5 5 Front row, left to right-Grinsell, Martinez, Oliver, Miller, Stillings, Gallagher, Hedley, Lowrey, Myers, Bachetti and Burnside. Middle row, left to right-Mizulo, Barnes, Rovai, Linser, J. McCloskey, Bowers, Martinelli, B. McCloskey, Buxton, Mengrali, and Mr. Damon. Back row, left to right-Barsanti, Clark, Santarini, Garcelon, Wilburn, Ander- son, Wilson, Peterson, Boyd, O'Rourke, and Kaski. Football H. C. l. L. Fortuna 12 ...... ...... V S ....... ....... . .Arcata 0 Fortuna 7 ...... ...... V s ....... .....o E ureka 33 Fortuna 25 ...... ...... V s ..,.... ,...... F erndale O Fortuna 19 ........ ....... V s. .,... ...... Ar cata 6 Fortuna O ...... ...,.. V s ,...... ,......,... E ureka 20 Fortuna 27 ...... ,,,.. ...... V s .,,.... ........ ..,,... F e r ndale 0 Fortuna went through a successful football season this year. The Blue and White won four of the six games played, taking second place in the H. C. I. L. They were defeated only by Eureka. Fortuna is looking forward to a very successful season next year The following lettermen will be eligible for the team: Backfield, Stillings, Buxton, Rovai, Garcelon, Myers, Lowrey, and Linser. On the line will be Bachetti and Oliver. With this material Fortuna hopes to Win the cham- pionship. Page Fifty Uhr imvgaphnne X . 1 'YS' WA . is 53. . .,,e:,::- , 139,-, , X . f-tv, is 'H y . .,.. . a . ,. A J ,,.-,,,,,. , - A' -'K jj rg Q Mr Y . sf N " . 6 sf 4 an ff w s A 51,4 X .- 1 fu' 7 V asf " in wfrf-,.,' '13-. x 31 Oliver Bachetti Miller Buxton Stillings Rovai Lozensky CCapt.J Hedley Gallagher Martinez Burnside Page Fifty-one 1 on 'ffrnwff' 45.5 -fwff Q 2 , lu 7- 1. ll' J :- xgff, f 'Iv' 1-.5541 Uhr fllllrgaphnnv Front Row, left to right-Standley, McKay, McGovern, Trione, Gulliksen and Thompson. Back row, left to right-f'Coach" Damon, Edson, Cirby, Barsanti, Tatman, Stillings, and Boyd. Limited Basketball Del Norte - Humboldt County League M Fortuna 23 ..t,.,.. . ,.,... . Fortuna 27 ........ ,....... Fortuna 27 Fortuna 21 Fortuna 21 Fortuna 34 Fortuna 23 -...,...Arcata 11 .-.....Eureka 28 .....,.Ferndale 10 .......Arcata 10 .......Eureka 17 .....,.Ferndale 13 Eureka 29 Fortuna had a very good midget team this yearg even though they did not win the county championship. At the end of the season Fortuna and Eureka were tied for the county championship, each having met de- feat at each other's hands. The playoff was held at the new Ferndale High School gymnasium as it was a neutral court. This game was fiercely contested throughout. At the end of the first half the score Was knotted at 12 all. Eureka forged ahead in the final period and came out on the long end of a 29 to 23 score. This gave Eureka the championship and the right to play Fort Bragg. Page Fifty-two Uhr illllrgaphnnr Left to right-Standley, McKay, Trione, Gulliksen, Tatman, Edson, Stillings, Cirby, and McGovern. Different Games Fortuna won both the Arcata games without much trouble this year. The first game was played on the Arcata court with Fortuna the victor by a 23 to 11 score. The Blue and White team also took the second game by a 21 to 10 count. The first game With Eurelda proved disastrous for Fortuna, Eureka winning the game by a 28 to 10 score. After Stillings and McGovern Went out on personals the team lost confidence. In the second game For- tuna came through to Win by a close score of 21 to 17. Eureka was lead- ing at half time but the Blue and White came back strong to forge ahead and take the game. Fortuna lost the play-off game to Eureka and there- by lost the championship. Eureka came back strong in the second half to Win by a score of 29 to 23. Fortuna annexed both games with Ferndale. The Ferndale teams were hard fighters but they were outclassed by the Blue and White team. The score of the first game was 27 to 10 with Fortuna on the long end. The second result was 34 to 13. Page Fifty-three Uhr fllllegaphunv Front row, left to right-Mengali, Lozensky, Kaski, and Burnside. Back row, left to right-Mizulo, Bowers, Miller, Grinsell, and "Coach" Damon. Unlimited Basketball Del Norte - Humboldt County League Fortuna 13 .,.,.,... ,.,......,....,. V s ,.....,. ...... A rcata 26 Fortuna 18 ....... ........ V s l....... .,.,...... E ureka 40 Fortuna 29 .....,. ,....,.. V s .,..,... ........... F erndale 9 Fortuna 10 .....,, ........ V s ........ ...... C rescent City 13 Fortuna 9 ..,..t. ......., V s ..,,..., .. .... ....... A rcata 21 Fortuna 4 ..,,... ......,, V s ........ .,........ E ureka 26 Fortuna 27 ..,,,.,...................,. Vs... ,,..............., ........., P 'erndale 7 b The unlimited team was not as fortunate as the limited team. At the start of the season the team had only one letterman from the preceding year. As a result they did not do so Well Winning only two of the seven games which were played. Crescent City was added to the league this year so this meant an ex- tra game for Fortuna. The Blue and White boys had the fighting spirit in eVery game but they were outclassed by several of the other schools which had many Veterans on their teams. ' Next year the heavyweight team will do its best to make up for this year and it will try hard to put out a championship team. Page Fifty-four C5112 illllvgaphnnv Left to right-Gianoni, Kaski, Oliver, Bowers, Lozensky, Grinsell, Burnside, Buxton, Mengali, and Mizulo. Unlimited Basketball Del Norte f Humboldt County Games The first game of the Del N orte-H. C. I. L. was played with Arcata on the Arcata floor. The Blue and White team put up a great fight but were outclassed by the more experienced Arcata players. The second game with Arcata also ended with Arcata on the long end of the score. The score of the first game was 26 to 13 and the second game 21 to 9. Fortuna also lost the two Eureka games. Eureka took the first game by a score of 40 to 18. They also won the second game by a 26 to 4 count. The Blue and White played only one game with Crescent City. This game was played on the Fortuna floor. The Crescent City team came out victor by a score of 13 to 10. The Fortuna team had more shots than the visitors but could not connect with the basket. Fortuna won their two games against the Ferndale team. The Blue and White team had an easy victory. The Fortuna boys played excellent basketball in both of these games resulting in the scores of 29 to 9 and 27 to 7. Page Fifty-five Uhr flllrgaphnne Front row, left to right-Lozensky, Paine, Rowley, Dixon, O'Rourke. Back row, left to right--Burnside, Miller, Mizulo, Grinsell, Griesback, and Mr. Damon. Unlimited Track The 1928 track meet was held at Ferndale. Arcata took first placeg Eureka, secondg Fortuna, third, and Ferndale, fourth. The two county records for the discus and the j avellin were broken. 880 yd. ....... Simpson ........ QED Wolford ..... QAD T. Burnside . QFoD 2:9.6 100 yd. ...... Massey .......... QED Howell ........ QFoD Perry ,............ QFD 10:6 120 H. H. .... Cooper ........... QAD Miller ......... QFoD Roberts ..... QED 17:6 220 yd. ....... Cooper ........... QAD Massey ....... QED Howell ........... QFoD 23:1 440 yd. ....... Simpson ........ QED Silva ........... QAD Dolf ............... QED 55:8 H .J. ,.,,........ Sullivan ......... QFD Rowley ,..,... QFoD C. Burnside QFoD 5'6" Silva ............. QAD Cannon ......... QED Discus ....,... Maxwell ........ QFoD Burnarn ...... QED Mizulo ....... QFO 116'7" 220 L. H. .... McNeil ........... QAD Miller ......... QFoD Bronson ........ QFoD 26:6 S, P, ,,,,,.,,.,., C. Burnside QFoD Talvola ....... QFoD Stayton ......... QAD 42'1Q' Javelin ,...,,.. Hemenover QFD Hash ........... QED Caviness ....... QED 159'4' Mile ,,,.,,,.,., Wolford .,.. QAD Tripp ......... QAD Yallaw .......... QED 5 P. V. .... .. ....... McNeil ....... QAD Hemenover QFD 10'4" Sullivan ...... QFD B. J, ,.,.,,..,... Cooper ........... QAD Perry .......... QFD McNeil .......... QAD 18'3W Relay .......... Arcata Eureka Fortuna Page Fifty-six Flhe iilllvgaphnnv Left to right-Thompson, Paulson, Balushin, Holt, Trione, Dominighini, and "Coach" Damon. Limited Track In one of the closest track meets in years Fortuna came through the 1928 season to take first place in the limited division. The meet was thrilling from start to finish. The scores Were: Fortuna 273 Eureka 255 Ferndale 243 Arcata 5. 100 yd. ........ Graham ,..,...... QFD Quigg ..... ED Parton ..,........ QAD 11:2 120 L. H. .... Paulson ,......,. QFoD Ambrosini ...QFD Montgomery QED 17 440 yd. ........ Oeschger ....... QFD Bell ............ QED Trione ........... QFoD 57:6 220 yd. ....... Quigg ............. QED Graham ...... QFD Paulson ......... QFoD 24:8 B. J. .......... Paulson ......... . QFoD Thompson QFoD Murrah .......... QED 17' H. J. ............ Thompson . .... QFoD Bell ......... QED 4'10" Bertleson QFD S. P. ........... Bell ............... QED Porter .......... QAD Dominighini . QFOD 42'6 EQ" P. V. ........... Dominighini ..QFoD Ambrosini QFD Cruz .............. QAD 8'10" Relay ...... Eureka Ferndale Fortuna 50:6 The track meet this year will be held at Eureka. Fortuna has sev- eral veterans left in each division. The boys started to get in shape early and-all have their hearts set at turning out a championship team. Page Fifty-seven Uhr frlllrgaphnnr Front row, left to right--Souza, Mengali, Lozensky, Travis, Stillings, McKay, Lowrey, and Gianoni. Back row, left to right-"Coach" Damon, Bowers, Martinelli, Rovai, Martinez, Godec, Mizulo, and Cook. Baseball Del Norte - Humboldt County League With the coming of Spring there comes the call of baseball. The Blue and White teams have always been successful in Baseball and the chances for a championship team this year were exceedingly bright. The 1929 season opened on March 16 at the Fortuna High School grounds, Fortuna meeting Arcata in the "lidlifter." The lettermen on the team from the preceding year Were: McKay, Lozensky, Mengali, Travis, Stil- lings, and Lovvrey. The lineup this year Was as follows: Souza, catcher 5 McKay, pitcher, Lozensky, first base, Mengali, second base, Martinelli, third baseg Travis, shortstopg Gianoni, left fieldg Lowrey, center fieldg' and Stillings, right field. The relief players Were: Rovai and Godec, pitchers 5 Barsanti, catcherg Larson and Mizulo, outfielders. Each member of the team played his best in order to maintain For- tuna's reputation in baseball. Page Fifty-eight Uhr illlegaphnnv Front row, left to right-Burnside, Docili, Anderson, Cottrell, and Miss Chapman. Back row, left to right-Trione, D. Bowers, Stillings, S. Bowers, and "Coach" Damon. Tennis The 1929 county tournament was held on the Fortuna Union High School courts. All of the Blue and White players practiced hard for this tournament so that they might be able to retain the championship which they won in 1928. The 1928 tournament was held at Arcata. The For- tuna players won three events: Boys singles, boys doubles, and mixed doubles. Arcata captured girls singles, and Eureka the girls doubles. The members of this yea1"s team were: Gi1'ls, Lena Docili, Helen Cot- trell, Zelma Burnside, and Mary Anderson, Boys: Deane Bowers, Bruno Trione, Stanley Bowers, and Leonard Stillings. Of these three, Helen Cottrell, Deane Bowers, and Bruno Trione were veterans, and all showed improvement and put up a good brand of tennis. The new players also played very good tennis. Each year tennis is becoming more popular at the Fortuna Union High School. During good weather the courts are always full of tennis fans. With the players taking an interest in the game, prospects for ten- nis teams in the future seem exceedingly bright. Page Fifty-nine Cifhr illlegaphnne lnterclass Athletics Besides .interscholastic Sports at the Fortuna Union High School, the four different classes compete among themselves to determine which are champions in each sport. The different interclass sports include basket- ball, baseball, track, and cross country. The class that Wins the cham- pionship in each of these sports receives one hundred points toward the honor cup. a Basketball Q The J unior Class Won the championship in basketball this year. All of the games were hard fought with no team having an easy time. The junior victors Were: Stillings, Miller, Tatman, Trione, Barsanti, Grinsell, and Linser. Cross Country The Cross Country is held each year during track season. The dis- tance to be run is two miles. There are twenty places. The one Who fin- ishes first gets twenty points, the second nineteen, etc. The class that gets the most number of points Wins first place and receives the hundred honor points. The 1928 Cross Country was Won by Milton Lozensky. Truman Burnside was second and Eloy O'Rourke finished third. Last year's Junior Class received the most points and Won first place. Track The 1928 interclass track meet was Won by last year's Sophomore Class. Each class had a limited and unlimited team together and the class which had the most points Won the meet. Baseball Interclass baseball is also a prominent sport. The Junior Class and the Freshman Class both Won their opening games. Both classes had good teams and it was not until after a hard game that the championship was decided in favor of last year's juniors. Page Sixty Uhr ilidegaphnnv Physical Education for Girls Looking into the future, educators realize that the average individual will have more and more time for recreational activity as each decade pass- es. This fact is just cause for an increased amount of thought and time given to the subject of Physical Education for our girls and boys of today. It is the major aim of every physical education instructor to give the high school boy or girl not only an opportunity to engage in healthful, enjoyable athletics, fbasketball, baseball, soccerj during his four years in school life, but also an opportunity to develop skill in some sport ften- nis, hiking, swimmingb which he Will be able to enjoy after graduation. The educationally sound physical education program must include health education. A pupil should be given the opportunity to form health habits as well as to know health habits. Applied hygiene will af- fect the personal health and happiness of the individual girl and her family. Looking into the future, she will be more able to build for herself a healthy, happy home, which is, after all, the highest ideal of any true and Worthy young girl. Miss Chapman Page Sixty-one , , ' 'fl-.W ., 'f I "'-. 9- 'T' E I 4 " '.,'l1!J-llll .vszae ini 1 z:.FYWf."' 'W ' Hz L ,v1'Xf:'.'-' Pmew' . . -5 1.4 ,f'!g,,,',' 15, f' 1, ,gm .-ily, ' J'-Z-' 4 H 1 ' . ' U ww Q 1 W Q: . w I Vkf, 14.46. t 5 V 'nl I 'sw .. 1 ' K' " E H' .:.v,4'! , ' . ., '?1r',' - Vr.S'?"'- G" Y, ' W Jw Af' l I U " .5529-V ' "4 IX Us w- V " ,4 X ,. If ., ,- 1 , . k N V' V" ,. 'L , ,W g 'Gm U FY 'U V , Y .Q r. . ,,, ,L Q F ... Yi, 9? " -r:..ifjQ.f2 , 1' 'KYI 5" ' X f- Q' 7 .' A . 'L A-"f'N'j,. , ,,5'V"' wl 'M A , :Q 'el' , VY, -u, . ' 2,541 X 1335- . A , -M 3, ,K , ff, - f ML" ' ' w4't,"4l'g5'qZ'f33 . . X 1,5 'A f.-,gf f L 1- ,.-5 fwl- ',,"31 - .,,i,,, vfL,' w ' 5 V 1. ,W W Ghz illirgaphnnr I' Front row, left to right-Nielsen, Layton, Stewart, Lozensky, Wise, Burnside, Rasmussen. Back row, left to right-Grigsby, Holmes, McMillan, Hunter, Quigley, Kohinka, Miss Chapman. Soccer Soccer, introduced in the Fortuna Union High School last season, was resumed with added interest this year. The sophomores proved that they had the best team by winning the championship for two successive years. A double round-robin of games was played and a great deal of skill and enthusiasm was Worked up by the teams. One hundred points toward the honor cup were given to the sophomores. An honor team was chosen from the four classes. These girls showed the most skill, sportsmanship, and leadership ability. They were: Donna Ivancich, right wing, Hadie Quigley, right inner 5 Lillie Hansen, center forward, Merle Stewart, left inner, Bernice Rasmussen, left Wing, Blanche McMillan, right halfbackg Tracy Lozensky, center halfback, Nora Hopper, left halfbackg Blanche Patton, right fullback, Hazel Kohinka, left fullback, and Esther Genzoli, goal keeper. Those deserving honorable mention were from the Freshman Class. They are Virgil Wilde, center halfbackg and Zella Aldrich, goal keeper. Page Sixty-two Uhr illllvgaphnnv Front row, left to right--Perrott, Layton, Burnside, Rasmussen. Back row, left to right-McMillan, Quigley, Miss Chapman, Lozensky, Kohinka. Basketball The sophomore girls Won the basketball championship but were close- ly followed by the juniors who took second place. The seniors took third place and the freshmen fou1'th. Next year the freshmen will have more experience and will probably place high in the series of interclass games. Many of the games showed a great deal of skill and were a big im- provement over last year, making competition keener. One hundred points toward the class honor cup are awarded to the class which wins the championship in any sport, and each girl on the team gets additional G. A. A. points. This draws the students to the gymnasium and makes one's ears ring from endless rooting during the game. A first and second team was selected from each class and a series of interclass games were played between the second teams. The two upper classes had to compromise, due to a shortage of players. However, they succeeded in winning the second team championship. After the double round-robin was completed all membe1's and man- agers of the sports of the season had a banquet. This created a great deal of interest and the players looked forward to that day with enthusiasm. Page Sixty-three Ulhv Qlllvgaphnne Sitting-Holman. Standing-Cirby, Stowers, Child, Miss Chapman, Brandt, Smith, Grigsby. Volley Ball Did someone say that volley ball was a slow game and too dead to have any fun? The sophomore girls do not think so because they actually had to be fast to win the volley ball championship. To tip the ball over the net at the right time, in the right direction, with the 1'ight amount of force requires skill that anyone unused to the game cannot easily master. The life of the game depends upon the number of times the ball is rallied. Sometimes it is picked up Within six inches of the floorg other times it is played back over the net before it touches the floor beyond the sidelines. Speed, accuracy, and team Work are necessary essentials in volley ball as much as in any other sport. Without them it could not be a game. In the championship standing the Sophomore Class took first placeg juniors secondg freshmen, third, and seniors, fourth. There was a very close competition between the juniors and sophomores, who almost tied. Page Sixty-four Uhr Qlllrgaphnnr ann:-nrmawi-euea,.w.q.-..,.,. . '17 Left to right-Mengali, Belloni, L. Hinds, E. Hinds, Reynolds, Soderman Anderson. Dancing Is dancing a major art, or just an inspiration to other artsg or is it a means of physical education? Dancing is an art full of educational op- portunities, and rich in inspiration for art and life. It is as old and as Widesp1'ead as the human race itself. The dance belongs to all people, since movement and rhythm are a part of every being. If education is life, and dancing is a part of educational life, it should be a part of the educational program. Here at school many girls are enrolled in dancing for the second year due to the joy they receive as well as to the development of poise, grace, re- laxation, music appreciation, and consequently, personality. Clog dancing and character dancing have their places in education as a means of ex- pression. The students put on varied programs in both natural dancing and clogging at special occasions throughout the year. Each girl in the above picture did a solo dance in the operetta pre- sented March 8 and 9, and contributed to the entertainment. The danc- ing class also played a part in the program sponsored by the Girls' League. Page Sixty-five Uhr illllvgaphnnr Front-Lozensky. Middle row, left to right, Perrott, McMillan, Grigsby. Back row, left to right-Kohinka, Quigley, Miss Chapman, Holmes, and Brandt. Baseball The freshmen girls won the interclass baseball championship for 1928, but the juniors 1'an them a close race. Strong competition prevailed throughout the season with the sophomores taking third place and the seniors fourth. The joy of an outdoor sport comes with the beginning of baseball sea- son-the joy of an open air activity in the spring sunshine. The smile on the athlete's sun-tanned face as she plays for "the good of the team" tells the story of a healthy game on the baseball diamond. Teamwork is an essential just as necessary in baseball as it is in any other sport, and individual play counts a great deal. Skill in catching, throwing, batting, judging the ball, and running must be accomplished by every player, and the better each player, the better the team. It is the duty of the captain to keep up the spirit of her team, which results in a more lively, peppy game. Each girl who plays on any first team is awarded 100 G. A. A. points. A substitute and a second team player is awarded a smaller number according to the percentage of games each has played. , Page Sixty-six Flhr illllvgaphnne -multi Q! . l , S07 Front row, left to right-Anderson, Hansen, Perrott, Kohinka, McMillan, Chap- man, Early, Rasmussen. Middle row, left to right-Stone, Hopper, Mengali, Hayden, O'Connor, Stewart, Alward, Rhoades. Back row, left to right-Cate, Mclieown, McKee, Gow, Lozensky, Gould, Ivan- cich, Hull, Bisconner, and Miss Chapman. Tumbling With the coming of tumbling season, one month before the spring sports begin, a different type of physical education takes place. Of course tumbling develops muscles and gives the tumbler a lot of exercise as well as bumps and bruises, but there is the development of initiative, perser- Verance, courage, and self-confidence. As a Whole, tumbling is a well worth While sport for the one doing the stunt as well as for the person Watching. It offers a good opportunity for something unusual in the line of entertainment. How can the students handle their bodies to do those unusual tricks? The answer is simple, "Practice makes perfect" and Without practice one can do nothing. To do a handstand combined with a flip on someone's knees needs practice and courage to try again after an awkard fall. How- ever, the first lesson to learn is "how to fall." The tu-mbling team and dancing class presented a program on the evening of May 15, which included a natural dance drama entitled "Hope," a tumbling performance, and a clogging drama. The program was spon- sored by the Khan Tola club and was their major event of the year. The program showed what really could be done in physical education classes and also provided entertainment for the public. Page Sixty-seven Uhr illllrgaphnnv Xf Front row, left to right-Bravo, McKee, Early, Hansen, McMillan, Hopper. Back row, left to right-Mclieown, Quigley, Holman, Mengali, Stone, Linser, Lozensky, Miss Murphy. Girls' Athletic Association The Girls Athletic Association is a group of girls who have earned 50 points by participating in at least one sport of the season. The G. A. A. endeavors to promote good health standards and the appreciation of out- door activities. It aims to interest every girl in athletics and make her a member of the association. The G. A. A. executive council consists of a president, vice president, secretary, cheer leader and the managers of each seasons sports. Any girl who has been an active member for one year is eligible to Wear the official G. A. A. pin. A letter "F" is awarded to each girl who earns 600 points by takfing part in interclass sports and hiking. Under the leadership of Miss Chap- man the organization has proved itself well worth while and has increased in size during the year. The senior girl who ranks the highest in the number of athletic points, leadership, sportsmanship, G. A. A. service, and character is awarded a white athletic sweater with an "F" on it. This is the goal that every G. A. A. girl strives to win. Page Sixty-eight u.AI'fiUi'fiPBn The logs are carried from wood covered hills In trains which take them quickly to the mills 1. wi mfvfk' K x, .1,., .-4. .F HEY' Q 4, ,--.42 - v 4.-. u- Q ...., H ww, , - 5' A?s,i,,, . . ,i , . . 51. mf Q.,-Q 3-1 .. . nf Q , "-f .v ' . 'Mali .5 4 - . 1. f 6 'I - ' -, ' 'z 15 f 'J' - ' if". 'T V A ' K ' X" , , .2 ' . Lf - iw ' lvfji, f .A Y f. rvv' fee ,ff ' , ,JA -sl . - f '. . 1-3' tif". . l .KQ17 ' 11:3 ..'w.5' W Z arg., ,. I..,.M. ' " '.f3f'r'--I .L . . ' 123.134,-. , 1. '1 A T' - ..f,,.i., 435 .M ... ilk.. , , . -, .. ,1..,:, .- ii , iv 5715, 19.5 .' 5 - w,.,,.g. . 5,3 , . 'A ff A L 5 . ' x 2 ' '. 1fE:lL'f" .f 'X , 1-If V jx' ' N ,Q ,W . w :' " if 3 1' . ,-sq. .gy , . ,- ,J , ff-.fl '1 -Qs, . uf' N' '22 4:1 1 1,-II" ' - .A .3., , f ""f'5, f' ,,-- .Q .I-,-V" gf fwfyt 5.5 :1p.sq10:: Q . fa " .fjg1:,M'ss-.xg .1 4.92, ,.:,s5, " ' A ' x I - r-A - u F -. 1 35z:,.,'.i - I gg, ,- fg Y , A 5,59 4:3 .1515 P. 1-1 ' - f Z 1 ,,r' -5 "LZ: . bv 'f 'L F111 A ..ev2?gf" as ", af 1 .Q 1.54 4: ,F 32' --6-m:',L. 171-1"-1. 1 ff: 1.5925 Ellis fllllvgaphnnv STU D E T .. if sg xg J Wi Bowers Burnside Cottrell Rowe Buxton Student Body Stanley Bowers .,,....,......................,...........,............... President Truman Burnside ....,. ....... X 7ice President Helen Cottrell ...... ............ S ecretary , Velma Rowe ...,.,....,................................................... Treasurer Ralph Buxton ,.....,,.,,.......,,..,......,..,..,......,.,... Sergeant-at-arms Under Stanley Bowers the Student Body has had a Very successful year. Student government is benefiting the students a great deal as they learn to deal with the problems confronted. Programs are given every Tuesday morning in the auditorium. Usual- ly these programs are put on by the different advisory groups but some- times movies are shown. The Student Body play was given during the first semester and proved a big success. A play was also given at the school exhibit. Probably the greatest success of the year was the oper- etta, in which a third of the student body took part. Business problems of the Student Body have been few but the meet- ings have been full of pep. Although the athletic teams have been un- fortunate in securing championships, they were well supported. Student rallies were held from time to time. At various meetings during the year athletic emblems were awarded and speeches were made by members of the different teams. Several speakers were heard including Mrs. F. E. Raymond, who spoke on "Women in Business" and Miss Annette Fran- cisco, who spoke on Camp Fire work. Page Sixty-nine x ' 1 . ,'gElf.- ,ww . 44 - ASg.'m:x',6 ., .X,. ww., W5 ,-lw-. M, H K U W. .,,.,,, A f X 1 'il 'T LV "fr,-zf""'.v . .' wS"'u'gf'vlff'-Tf?1',: . 'fi'-Yfiff' " 1?,'Zfnf'f7"7" W' E Fwm . M! h 4f, ,y , ,, ,wwf , .,,-wmv,-,f.,.V.,1 1 -- fy .X m,,x,.,,, .-.- , ,. .., - ,wr-WA , ,,xL5::f,QSv lwgwf- ,,f1w:uQuw.v-wr,-Ku,-,w w Q1 X- , , 4 V f. QA ff-Q w.IQ,:bv'. flkww' " . 2w'f':,.-wif Yr H f'-wwf fl ff' W- my mm- P-wt w -wsnzw 21.1, 'W -Q-+fw.w-.www-: 1 'N A XrfX'Mwi?RkL512-Q,.4 ,'-'WN,5'1'q'1fm-5511"2 QF'-' 'rf-Aw-f"3f,1s.QQa:g5.:w1ff' . " - K.: r.nq.J5nP' -'F-52mN,v,jQy: 3jujl,'m , .. 1-. fn w X. X W3Q!i'51:s1f , , .M-if ' 'I W jx , ' ,f-fgfxyg ,yy ' 95 -pg.. J Q .,.m2.!'l -fu w ,K V K Qfiwn 'EMM 1::R94???rm5i5Wxx V, - 1 nf' ' , .. F'1f3'3flCA':Xf Je.-. :v,c:-iv "H -9 'W 'vi'3N52P"'- 1 - dr ' .L-sinkfiffwx-'XX w. V ' ' Y' 'J'ffi1v3Y!'v'H Y99h:f.?'2x1,ve,'3gm N J -Q . ,svn-rw'L -In :Z . Lv-4"-F . 1' YQ M-.rx-Wy-M 1 -6 mnxfwxn -M. ,,.. 4, ', A. Q, 3g:1'g-wx-15-592. wx . ,Q.,1,-Q A, .. , 3: J-wgiN2'Y5f'l.QfNi5M 11.1 , S 'X .Q3T,m'f'1.waryQj:571'q.,g:1ug?Z,'Wj.,'f iw., Y in 'N X-if 'A W' ,iam QQ 1:55 , eg 1awm,x,,. - . x rx -wa-I-Q,gw'5:51:Ar' , -M Aff if - -' H w- 2".3UP?,54i,-G rv f:i,lT'Vg .kwm:.,f-'w-u'.. - ?'1f1x:?3W'gv W' -'P 2 A A H' e2QWmsfsw?5wiwgxwHf'1 'wfvvwa- ff F' N wJmwawfi2ws:f ff -Q5 1 + ' 51331. ,Qyzjg .- . ' ' , ufZ,QR'n1fQE' 1 wA2gg21gmg.rg'E5 ' ' ' , ,H fgvf H ' Y , 442,53'ff5f1J"T2'l!i-1-v-hfgQ31EfqQ3lh"5' ,,. 'sg ' - ma-pgs. "1 ..-412. ' - " ' ' b ' 4:+1,f'g4mw' " -f Vail: ,f.9:'1 ,, . ff ' . .if A , Weis' , V. ,:T"' " . ' " ' .:+."J-'rA:"'-5' ' 19- safe ,- , Q ' " .41-H1 wx1v.+315?ildf52'ii3i5fHfi,71T'i+i1Sv2'7h""'we-w.'2fLn..:ii4i" 1 , . ,, ,, ' .Jul-.'g"3X1If-3ff9g11,a-Q'1Y4i1d"-1V-" "-,,1-qu" jf V V1-gat! Ayr- -,1.4LS,g-yfpr, ,. - Nw? Y-era ' -QA Q 5-qsvu. . . , K - f ff f - , ff.,,11w 1 gi Ms -4 A tts. V J: . .1.f'5,Lgfx4sLl' K F . , , ' -:Nr H- 5 ,,4bd31,::-44 , 5 .- 1 ix A5 1 - ' Ji . ,ff ., '-. ,. .nvh ." , ' . X my 1 ': - -.51 uf .1 QL - 4 an xl v N ,V L 9 -4 ,Q ww-., ,Lv , ' . U:blf"f"3k J ' sw, , .- , , .Lia Uhr illlegaphnne Front row, left to right-Mr. Stenback, Woodcock, Wood, Rowe, Gould, Miss Bagkasgow, left tc right-Cottrell, Perrott, McKee, Bowers, Burnside, Petersen, HS , Advisory Board Stanley Bowers ......,.. L ...... ...............................,.,........ P resident Truman Burnside ,....... ...., ...... V i ce President Helen Cottrell .,.,...... .....,........ S ecretary Velma Rowe .,,...... ...... ................. T r easurer Ralph Buxton .,,,.,,....,,,,,....,.,,........,..e.,..,...,, Sergeant-at-Arms Elected from Classes Velma 'Chase ..,..,.,........ ,. .............,,................... .....,. S enior William East .,.............................................. B......... J unior Eleanor Hinds ...........,..............,...................K........... Sophomore Helen Scott ....................,.......,................................... Freshmen Elected from Student Body at Large Wilson Woodcock Peter Petersen Dorothy Gould Arabell McKee Milton Lozensky Faculty Miss E. Marie East Mr. Raymond H. Stenback The Advisory Board is the governing' body of the Student Body and all matters of importance are taken up by it. Two changes have been made, Velma Chase taking Bernice Wood's place and Eleanor Hinds taking Maxine Perrott's. Page Seventy Ellie Qllllvgaphnnv Front row, left to right-L. Hinds, Boehne, Holman, Wood, Hine, Cate, E. Hinds. Back row, left to right-Reback, Beacom, Lytle, Belloni, Felt, Miss Gatton, Scott, Paulson. The Scholarship Society First Semester Office Second Semester Maxine Belloni ...... .,,.. P resident . ,..r..........,,... Lucinda Hinds Lucinda Hinds ,...,....... Vice President .r.......,,, Evelyn Boehne Eleanor Hinds ........ Secretary-treasurer ....,....... Cecil Cox Miss Alberta Gatton ........rrr..,,.,rr., . ,..,.......,.... Faculty Adviser Since it was first started in 1928, the Fortuna Union High School Scholarship Society has rapidly raised itself to one of the leading positions in the school. Its members have taken an active part in nearly all of the activities of the school. Members of the Society acted as ushers at the Student Body play, "Adam and Eva" in the first semester of the school year. The Society held a Christmas party on December 8, 1928, in which all the members took an active part. The new members were given a luncheon on Febru- ary 4, 1929, by the old members. Membership is based on scholastic attainment and merit rating. The Society held its luncheons on the first Thursday and its regular business sessions on the third Thursday of each month. There were sixteen mem- bers in the Society in the first semester and twenty-two the second semes- ter. The Society's adviser, Miss Alberta Gatton, Worked untiringly with the members throughout the year to promote the interests of the Society. Page Seventy-one Uhr illegaphnnr Front row, left to right-Thompson, Miller, Martinez, Woodcock. Back row, left to right-Mr. Jenner, Burnside, Gallagher. Knights of the Blue and White Officers Percy Miller .......... .,...,.......... ,..........,.. P r esident William Martinez .....,..,.,...., ..... . .. ....... Vice President Wilson Woodcock .,.........,.....,... .. .... .........,.,.. S ecretary Leo Gallagher, Ralph Buxton ....... .,....... T reasurer Frank Gianoni ,.......................... ......... Y ell Leader Evan Dixon ............... ...,.,,,.. S ong Leader Mr. Jenner .....................,....................,... ...... - ,- Faculty Adviser In 1927 the boys of the Fortuna Union High School organized what is known as the Knights of the Blue and White for the purpose of promoting athletics and of increasing fellowship among the boys. Since that time this organization has prospered and this year has been most successful. During the Fall semester the boys held a Father and Son "Bust," This was a jolly affair, nearly every boy brought his father. A pro- gram consisting of a basketball game, boxing, wrestling, tumbling, and singing was the chief entertainment. A number of speeches were given among which was a humorous one by Dr. A. W. Young. After the pro- gram refreshments were served while music was furnished by the "Ten Dark Horses." It is hoped that this Will be an annual affair. Page Seventy-two Uhr imlvgaphnnv Front row, left to right-Wescott, Phillips, Reynolds, Miss Bowker, Standley, Betger, Burton, O'Connor. Back row, left to right-Thompson, Buxton, Oliver, Stillings, Chambers, Dins- more, O' Rourke, Wilson. School Service Club Frank Standley ..... ..,,,......,,,. , , President Leonard Stillings ..,,, ........... V ice President Muriel Reynolds .,...,,,................. ..........,.. S ecretary-treasurer The School Service Club was formed in the fall of 1928 by Frank Standley and is regarded as one of the important clubs of the school. At the first meeting a constitution Was drawn up and later plans Were made for services to the school. During the football season the members of the club did all the selling of tickets on the field. This was formerly done by class representatives. A contest was sponsored by the club during the second semester to find out things that needed to be done for the school. A prize was given to the student Who listed the five best services. The club performed all of these. The club also sponsored a movie at the Fortuna Theatre in order to raise money. The purpose of the club is to boost the athletic teams, to create a better school spirit and to do all in its power to serve the school. Miss Bowker was selected as the adviser and it is her help which has made this club one of the best in the school. It is composed of Juniors only. Page Seventy-three Glhr illlvgaphnne Front row, left to right-Beacom, Reback, Paine, W. VVoodcock, Trione, East, M W d k. . oo coc Back row, left to right-Paulson, Scott, Martinez, McGovern, Burnside, Felt, Bowers. Excalibur Club First Semester Office Second Semester Wilson Woodcock .... President .........,.......... Milton Lozensky Truman Burnside .... Vice President .......,......,. Donald Scott Donald McGovern .... Secretary ..,...,.,... .....,.. E Van Dixon Milton Lozensky ...... Treasurer ......,............... Charles Beacom William East ......,..... Cor. Secretary .,.....,.. Wilson Woodcock "He Who seeks to serve others best serves himself" is the motto of the Fortuna Excalibur club which is sponsored by the Fortuna Rotary Club, and the Eureka Knights of the Round Table. This club has the distinc- tion of being the second club of its kind in the United States. This year Mr. A. W. Way of the Eureka Round Table, attended the Round Table convention at Washington, D. C. He told these delegates about the librcalibur club and they decided to sponsor clubs internationally. Soon there will be Excalibur clubs all over the United States. During the second semester each boy who had charge of the Weekly program attended the Rotary meeting of that Week. This contact with the successful business men helps the boys a great deal. Membership is limited to upper-classmen of high standing. Page Seventy-four Uhr fllllegaphnnr Front row, left to right-E. Hinds, L. Hunter, Hayden, Beaudette, Chase, Nemes, Hansen, Wood, Gould, L. Hinds. Back row, left to right-Reynolds, McKee, Miss Hendrickson, Friedenbach, Cot- trell, Belloni, Hopper, Linser, G. Hunter. Khan Tola Club Girls' League The officers of this organization to which all the girls in the high school belong are: Helen Cottrell ...., ....,....,.l. P resident Arabell McKee .... .,.,.. V ice President Maxine Belloni ......, ...............,.l,.,,.,.., S ecretary Edna Beaudette ....,... ...,......,....l..,......e....,.. T reasurer Gertrude McKeoWn ..........,..,....., Corresponding Secretary Margaret Nemes ............,.....,............................. Cheer Leader Miss Constance Hendrickson .......,..............,, Faculty Adviser Committees were appointed at the first of the year to carry out the Work of the club. A mother-daughter Hi-J inks was held in January, more than 200 persons attending. In May, the girls again entertained their mothers at a Spring tea. During the various athletic seasons the League gave "feeds" for the teams after the games. The girls have cooperated with the committee chairmen and officers in such a manner as to make this a successful year. Page Seventy-five E112 Megaphone Senawah Camp Fire Group The Fortuna High School Senawah Camp Fire girls took their place in the school with the beginning of the school year when they entered as freshmen students. The group was organized in November 1927 in the Fortuna Grammar School. The guardian, Mrs. George J. Badura, and assistant guardian, Mrs. George C. Sweet, have taken an active interest in the girls. This group of nine girls holds its meetings at the homes of the members. The girls have taken numerous hikes and have held several socials. The members are: Front row, left to right-P, Smith, B. Smith, Baxter, J. Smith. Back row, left to right-Langin, Hill, Al- drich, Heckman, Scott. Lamonte Camp Fire Group The purpose of the Lamonte Camp Fire group is to help the commu- nity and to send each member to a Camp Fire camp at least one week dur- ing vacation. The group has served the town in various Ways including the keeping of the plot east of Fortuna in good condition and the decorat- ing of the community tree at Christmas time. The members are: Front row, left to right-Linser, Gow, McKee, Alward, Wood, Ross, Child, White, Nielsen. Back row, left to right-Quigley, Gould, Minor, McKeown, L. Hunter, Bryant, Patton, G. Hunter, Chapman. Mrs. E. J. Hunter and Mrs. P. A. Hugo are the guardians. Fa-Ho-Cha Camp Fire Group The Fa-Ho-Cha Camp Fire group was organized in March, 1928. Mrs. Harry Marsh was selected as the guardian. Meetings are held every Mon- day night at the home of the guardian. All members belong to the Wood- gatherer's rank. A Valentine Tea was given in February. The members are also planning to give a program and a show at the Wi-Ne-Ma Theatre. Mrs. E. C. Grau is the assistant guardian. During the first term Dorothy McGovern was president and now the office is filled by Kathryn 'Coke. The members are: Front row, left, to right, Coke, Nemes, Thompson, Hine, McGovern, Bronson. Back row, left to right, Hawks, Cottrell, Moore, McLean, and Gouthier. Page Seventy-six ---.-.t ...........-...-,---.- Uhv illilvgaphnnv F Q 'U 'S + W The members of the Sehawah Camp Fire group, the La- monte Camp Fire group, and the Fa-Ho-Cha Camp Fire group are identified in the Write-ups on the opposite page. Page Seventy-seven Uhr illlrgaphunr Shorthand Club The Order of Gregg Artists was organized during the fall semester to encourage a more thorough study of the principles of Shorthand and the problems confronting those who expect to go into secretarial work. The life and experiences of outstanding' shorthand writers as Charles Lee Swen and John Gregg has also been made a part of the work of the club. The meetings have been interesting and instructive under the leadership of Wayne Jarvis. The members are: Front row, lef't to right-Wescott, Look, Wolford, Hull, Sweet, Coakley. Back row, left to right-Miss Ever- son, Jackson, Jarvis, Bryant, Williams. Music Club The "Ten Dark Horses from Nowhere" with their derby hats is pri- marily a "jazz" club. The students held practice meetings at the homes of the members and also at school. These meetings have greatly im- proved the technique of the players. The club's purpose is to promote practical experience in playing in public, in an orchestra. The club made its first appearance at the "Father and Son Bust" of the boys' league. The members are: Front row, left to right-Holt, Brown, Thompson, Bender, McCloskey. Back row, left to right-Morehouse, Dixon, Miss Dale, Cottrell, Linser, Anderson. Footlights Club The Footlights club was organized in November under the supervision of Mrs. Ruth Beck and is now under the direction of Miss Helen Ford. The purpose of the club is to furnish plays for the community and stu- dents. The members are: Front row, left to right-Devoy, D. McGovern, Anderson, Williams, Minor, K. Hawks, Moschini. Second row, left to right -Layton, Miss Ford, Nemes, Maple, MacKinny, Carter, H. Hawks, Thomp- son, McLean, Dinsmore, Davis, Stevenson. Third row, left to right-Hed- ley, Holt, Peterson, Trione, D. Bowers, Newell, Paine, McKay, Kaski. Back row, left to right-Wood, S. Bowers, Tatman, Barsanti, Donald McGovern, D. Boyd, Lozensky, Moore, Mengali, W. Boyd, Burnside. Page Seventy-eight

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