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,nu 2 .- 1 R E .ml ,c '.,i.,.f?b, 4.5 A QA ,Q A-4-Q - , . I V 5 - A - ' , , " :Qualify- -. ,Ag . ' .:f13'ff -'-v f ?i ms- , fi ww .4 - ' ' 15 '- f"--'f'HS'.-, ?1',l", 'Q5'41i'1?7 Y. h ,E 3: 1 K, .Y 1,5 ,. -L, .1-fl 4. L Li ki. nc, - , Q, 'Y 45 Q. . VS 57, ,QA Q, Q. ,. .- 1' LKZHLJ ' iff V1-"Qv'Lp':'fhiil2 figgviisff , 42 ' ', tu- '- ' . ' 1 if A "Kirk 1 4 ' . A - ' f -'.:-,spasm . '- ' . - -411 - , X . A x- M 5 X: Q X . xg I I J . 1 ,x 1 1 S l A N A . 1 - if . '::f- V- Q 1 r Sv f I x n " W AA, ,. . .. .,.,,.-,-.- 1, A ..a w if 'r, E 0 1 ' , I-gap 1 S- f 1 V. A gif-nil: b -4 -1 ,.. All-n... ...L 1. In-.A In-' g . 'E' rx :fx 'K f 1 l I If gkiigq fl ,lit ,ff 5 1 Q? ff - 650' Ywly' vfwgl 'XV - X , T e Vme r Wa e Bible College W udlslll Blvd MCIIVILXQEKII Vol h . gm ru -- . art Wa e, IN 46807 A , .10 C' Table of Contents Academics 1 9 Sports 29 Organizations 71 Christian Portraits 104 Service 53 Index 141 THE TREE GROWS TALL whether in forest or in city: It stands firm in the ground, never to be moved. The tree watches the time which it towers over and sees all that passes, both the good and the bad It becomes old, but it has weathered the rest. 5 r V T C5003-7.32K FTITTUFG FIANJ IH 51, Mfffh Love, 5' 11:00 . H1'STOF7 C1555 3,1 gn? Men come and gog And the paper can tell of that which it has seen, They rise and they fall, Of the times and the deaths, But the tree at its worst has outlasted all. Of the rise and the fall, The tree is cut down and molested in death, Of the cutting and rekindling. Its life from the ground severed at stump. Of the times of the men, The death is not, but that the tree be rekindled While it StO0d as 2 tree. In the making of the paper, to mention just one. as a quiet sentry of our time js. is ll X if-f Zuzfa. X fx This Book ls Dgnna Luftgn secretary, dorm supervisor, dean of women, director of de- partment of correspondence studies-25 years of cheerful service. We love you. 6 This Book Is Dediva ted To Robert Strubhar teacher, pastor, father, friend, chairman of department of pas- toral ministries. "Blessings on you, beloved." In Memorium . . . Jill Ziemer Uuly 23, 1962-October 16, 19813 We will deeply miss the warm smile and encouraging spirit of Jill. Her faith, courage, and tenderness strengthened us all. We thank God for allowing us to share a part of her brief but special ministry to our commu- nity. -Joe Rossi Academics ,,-. . I 1 .I ' 1. ',!,1,.- f"" X 1 ,ff ,.' , ,fix ,x Going For Accreditation X: Fort Wayne Bible College was notified in mid-January by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools that it was authorizing FWBC to begin the pro- cess Ieading to regional accreditation. If successful, ac- creditation would occur in March 1983. An Accredita- tion Task Force was appointed to initiate and coordinate the many procedures necessary to com- plete the accreditation process. Dick Baxter is Coordinator of the Self-Study. On the committee are Dr. Ted Nickel, Dr. Robert Hughes, and Miss Eunice Conrad. Basically, accreditation denotes that there has been an examination and evalct tion, usually by peers, and a determination made as to the quality of educational programs at the institution being examined especially with regard to their contributing to the achievement of the college's objectives. 10 :nk v s 'li m""'-- ':Eg,3gi.-ias-Yr,..,,m:-......, ,,::,t- - ui? ""b'2p- H un 'M u ' u 'lmxunn '-v.1,,s:1':,g.-"'. -I ns -12".:Qq::-5 ni .'m"" we-N ' . --"Lita -..' f"'u:g:nL':"7'."7A" A M Nh , '- .e.. ""'T- ui.. Hmmtw Lv., ., .sieafg ummm 'slugs ... 1: .,,:"1-tr.-1'-Tits-,v-..,,,, 1 gb: etffg-I., .Q ' ""-1-.222 E"51'45-"'-:.- "' "'a"4"-'Pa-M.. , nm... el'--AJ, E 5:7-.. "W-7"""T'Mi'-5-"J .. --. The faculty of the Bible Department fields ques- tions asked by students interested in letting Biblical truths shape their life style and world view. BELOW: Ron Scharfe, "a royal Canadian" appreciates the humor of the moment. RIGHT: Mr. Birkey clarifies a point after Greek class. BOTTOM: Dr. Weddle stands ready to share those interest- ing insights about Biblical Archeology. BOTTOM RIGHT: Dr. Wes obviously "collected" today. Biblical Studies N:- ., :IE ',.:' 24' f.-tyfrixli --. "To be, to know, to do." Encapsulized in these words is the philosophy of the Pastoral Ministries Depart- ment. The potential pastor is TO BE a man of God sensi- tive to God, a man of compassion, sensitive to man. He is TO KNOW the scriptures and the environment of his world. He is TO DO, that is, to develop skills and tech- niques, enabling him to discharge his responsibilities effectively and efficiently. Dr. Robert Strubhar, Chairman of the Department of Pastoral Minis- tries, retires this year after sixteen years as professor here. He is re- spected as a man of sterling charac- ter with a tender pastor's heart. He will be missed. Y Pastoral Ministries r I 1 W UPPER LEFT: Student pastors listen appreciatively to a fellow students preaching. MIDDLE: Jeff Pepple de- livers the message. ABOVE: Dr. Strubhar loves to teach. LEFT: The f open Bible in the upper room is sym- Q bolical. V L L, l li I I n P Q. I I :L ri' :if I E, tt ,rg I ti ,. i 7 r 13 1 P L My if fi? I Z4 Christian Education oevSf2'gi'P.va1 A x9 x6""x':it:. X' o+TT12.:w ,... . is l 1 , 1, '-e - . , ,pf V , 'lil Q I if f, f 635' if Majoring in Christian Education means there will be notebooks and files chock full of useable information to turn in. And there may be hectic times before the due dates. But these requirements are all a part of the pro- cess of learning not only to teach but to do so in an organized manner. Students learn not only the why's but as many how's as there is time for so that when they work in the local church or related organizations they have the materials and skills. I um li LEFT: Jo Manner relays some informa- tion to Shane Stark. MIDDLE LEFT: Dr. Ron Leigh rejoices over the publication of his book. FAR LEFT: JoJean Thomp- son gives attention to her father's lec- ture in CE 291. BOTTOM LEFT: Mrs. Carol Demond teaches the CE-of Chil- dren class. BELOW: Members of the camping class get some more bibliogra- phy for their notebooks from Dr. De- mond. 13 it ef 1 I? I ,A 1 f X vp I E 44.1 I A People involvement is important too while they are learning to communicate God's Word to all age groups. Thus there are opportunities for this. For example, leadership training is offered in wilderness camping in "an outdoor lab" in Wisconsin. And then, of course, there is that big senior project-the Mini-convention presented in the churches to help in the promotion of good teaching. Learning How To . . . 15 ABOVE: lra's ivories. TOP RIGHT: Mar- lene Everson accompanies Janet Pav- kov during voice lessons. RIGHT: Jeff and John Gerig watch the score very carefully. FAR RIGHT TOP: Chorale sings at home. MIDDLE RIGHT: Dana Collins demonstrates trombone. FAR RIGHT: Jay Platte, intensely himself. 16 f-In f 9 y 5 x...-cf ' 4 P ,L f ,eff Q - 1+ x-, " ' - f +- vniI 5' , G' Q, if 2 A f 7 fp, J .'q' s f 5 ' 5,7f1f5A 55- ' i V. ff gal K , xy' rf' f 2 ...,,... ...,............--n- ,,...........-...-4--. .......,..-.4 4 VV.. .v,......-,,,-.-4. 1.,.Q......2. Q----Q-...Ag ' 1 Y I X 2 : , . . E 3 . - fx . , ,1 ,. 'lg ,..,, , 5 1 5 xv- 5 .--Q :Ss Q., n - '5' 1 r Reco nizing a Few of the Many Cocurricular Who's Who American Bible Society Top 3 Seniors Ginger Loucks Tina Baker Don Sheehan Steve Schlatter Brian Baughman Neal Hauser Barb Black Top Junior Top Sophomore Top Freshman Tim Niccum Chris Brown Janna Schlatter 18 Robin Hoatson Thomas Kahawai Dennis Kesler Deb Springer Greg Tatum Marcus Warner Suzie Zimmerman Alpha Kappa 2 Semesters of 'A' Curt Alexander Gary Dilley Jackie Huggins Dave Hughes Merle Mangum Tim Niccum Craig Vincent Joe Jacobs Award- Karen Ummel Sermon Awards lst Curt Alexand 2nd Jackie Huggi Doug Palms Delta Epsilon Xi Tina Baker Barb Black Thomas Kahawai Deb Springer Marcus Warner With the explosive expansion of technology in the world today, opportunities for communicating Christ have also burgeoned. One such example is the field of Christian broadcasting. Not limited by national boarders, the radio waves permeate many countries whose governments are excluding missionary workers. Fort Wayne Bible College views this method of mass media with expectation in the broadcasting minor. 44" g5jj','S' RIGHT: Jim Dunlap types in directions to his brainy computer friend as Joan Ronde, Instructor Jim Tolbert, Sharon Meek, and John Gerig look on. MIDDLE RIGHT: "This is an asterisk," says Vicki Jacobs to Lori Zernack. FAR RIGHT: Verlin Stoller uses a little financial mag- ic to explain where the money goes. BOTTOM: Gil Diaz, Cheryl Kosrow, Joan Ronde, John Gerig, and Jim Dunlap check the book to see how to get the computer to do theology assignments. 20 Any place where people are employed has a need for trained business professionals. The Business Adminis- tration major at Fort Wayne Bible College recognizes this fact and prepares students to apply Christian prin- ciples, not only in the business world, but also in Chris- tian organizations where they serve. Students in this program study the methods involved in finance, mar- keting, and personnel management. They learn simple computer programming and gain a grasp of the funda- mentals of business law. Some ofthe students elect to take secretarial courses. This program has been evolv- ing this past year with anticipation of a strong, growing major. Not Just Kids' Stuff ln the Elementary Education major, students are pre- pared for teaching in Christian, public, and parochial elementary schools. Courses cover everything from the application of Piaget's theory in mathematics in- struction to the creation of stuffed owls from old gro- cery bags. El. Ed. majors write dozens of lesson plans, collect ideas for enjoyable learning experiences, and observe and teach children in the real classroom. Stu- dents in the two-year Early Childhood Education pro- gram do similar activities in preparation for teaching and supervising nursery schools. ln addition, some Ele- mentary Education majors elect a minor in Missions to qualify for missionary service. f 1 217' l Q 4: ABOVE: Even though the Elementary Educa- tion major is known to be difficult, apparently there is still time for relaxation. From left to right: David Spence, Sandy Carpenter, Deb Cooper, Mary Brandenberger, Evelyn John- son, Kelly Hall, Dave Gould, Kathy Walker, An- gie Stroup, and Tony Miller celebrate Miss Weddle's birthday. RIGHT: . .and then papa bear said to mama bear . . Dr. Nickel meets with Judy Cuckler. -"J E - .ij . rt' X- -:Q ABOVE: Ken Tucker and Don Bettinger sweat it out in the library. LEFT: Doris Grimes, Nancy Hodges, and Marty Wright let their fingers do the walking. Missions P' "Swiss As fundamental as the training of pastors is to the existence of the church, so also is the informing and equipping of those who will cross cultural barriers with the gospel message. Committing themselves to an ac- curate representation ofthe claims of Christ, students in the missions major reflect this concern. Top: Samuel asking Rev. Cartmel, "What do l do?"3 during Preregistration week. Above: Dave Howard accompanied by Arnold. Right: Mr. Howard presenting a global view of missions. DQ-Yet. i :Atl A, .ti .14 'tsmgft '-. xv H .- . Ja Y itil. - 'N , fill? i ' t . T :' Qgfav , W -1 ' E.-::"1f1' 3. eg 1 - -.-pi.-':f A 'V ...J , 1l'C 5 2 " if A ,- ,,, V. . tx, Seldom seen but never to be forgotten are the Mis- sionary Nursing Students. One might say that their col- lege experience is a dual personality, that is, they must take a major in Bible, a minor in missions and also fulfill a diploma program in nurses' training. This requires the student to take his or her freshman year at B.C. in general studies and Bible, the next three years at Luth- eran Hospital School of Nursing, and then a final year in advanced studies in Bible and Missions. Missionary Nursing ., X 1 ij ,i S ' -fs, ,. M, .xx , 'A l l 'tx N .N , t I N. I ' .-. ...-Q Left: Pam Pasterick and Cathy Austin prac- ticing their bedside manner. Above: Janet Stedcke fulfilling her classroom require- ments for Missionary Nursing. 5 25 Correspondence Department The Correspondence Department meets a variety of people's needs. Not only students, teachers, and minis- ters make use of this service but also anyone in the general public who has a desire to take college credit courses by mail without a classroom schedule. lt also helps students to attain hours that they are unable to accomplish during the school year. ABOVE: Barbara pretends for the photogra- pher to make a drop-off with the finished pro- ject. RIGHT: Becky Deemer hard at work, pecking away. TOP RIGHT: Correspondence staff: Bill Gerig the new director, Donna Lutton retiring direc- tor, Barb Artherhults, Sharon Hull, and Nancy Huffman. .iff 1. 'r ff 1 1 uf Q Donna Lutton joined the FWBC staff in 1957 as secre- tary to the Dean of Students. Since that time she has served as Dean of Women, Assistant Director, and Di- rector of the Correspondence Department. In July Don- na retires to a new, exciting phase of life. Students and co-workers speak of her caring sensitivity and enjoy- able sense of humor, and expressed gratitude for her faithful commitment to the college. Choosing a career is one ofthe most important deci- sions a college student makes. Career Day is scheduled by the college to aid students by providing them with an opportunity to discuss openings with representatives of various Christian organizations. sus life I goulh guidance igh school ministries UPPER LEFT: Tina Baker and Brian Baugh- man: UPPER RIGHT: Brad Crist and Bob Mc- Kenna: ABOVE: Elaine Farran: RIGHT: Brent Adams. X x Q X X + x N 4x1-A,fw55Q 5P0rts W .N Falcon Soccer 'W' 5 1,30 Q. x H . If xx XX ', 9 s 'N' ' s -s E P I 3 L3 The 1981 Soccer season ended with a 5-7-1 record. Much of our strength came from Freshman players such as halfback Jim Hughes, who led the team in as- sists, and center forward Ray Hylton, who led the team in scoring. Our defense improved with each game. Senior full- back Steve Schlatter was voted MVP by his teammates. Junior fullback Hal Lehman was named Defensive Play- er of the year. While we did not win as often as we had expected, or should have, the team discovered that there is much to be learned in losing. Our number one objective as a team was to represent Christ out on the field whether in victory or defeat. That objective was often put to the test this year, but as Coach, l am proud of all these men-they passed the test. . . Coach Williams TOP LEFT: The Falcon Players included Cseat- edj Craig, Craig Vincent, Mark Vincent, John Hughes, Jim Hughes, Andre Sonnal, and Mark: Ckneelingj Darryl Brown, James Barnett, Steve Weitzel, Tony Miller, Kevin McCormick, Steve Schlatter, and Rhea Sprunger fstatisti- cianjg Cstandingb Jim Dunlap, Jon Burkey, Ray Hylton, Steve Sherman, Hal Lehman, Mark Mi- kel, Tim Hodge, and Coach Williams. BOTTOM LEFT: MVP Steve Schlatter readies for the attack. MIDDLE LEFT: Jim Hughes takes a break to ponder. LEFT: Coach Williams gives last minute in- struction. ABOVE: Ray Hylton-maneuver or miss? 31 -.I 1 J TOP LEFT: Andre uses his head the Haitian way. BOTTOM LEFT: The fan section looks on in suspense. ABOVE: Steve Weitzel dribbles down the field. TOP RIGHT: Steve Sherman shows no pity on the poor ball. BOTTOM RIGHT: Craig Vincent 2-steps past the opposition. To be able to play any sport in college was one of my hidden dreams. In fact it was so hidden that when the chance came to play, l almost had to be dragged out onto the field. Thanks to Coach Williams and a great bunch of guys, I was able to fulfill that dream and grow as a Christian. Athletics in high school were fun but not fulfilling. On the Bible College Soccer Team, I was able to balance competition and God's place in athletics. l'm sure many others can also praise the Lord for the great growth and fellowship they found while enjoying sports at B.C. l'll never forget it. . . . Stephen Schlatter 33 'I , W i if W ! 2 1 1 E 7 G 4 34 4 FAR LEFT: John Hughes: ABOVE CKneeIingJ Vicki Smith and Jean Ayabeg CSeatedj Jeanine Klay, Janna Schlatter, Jo Manner, Judy Cuckler, and Coach Kephart: CStandingJ Pam Postel, Cheryl Kosrow, Joan Ronde, Cindy Bos, and Cindy Irwing LEFT: The Lady Netters in Action. 35 As I look back on the season, I feel many emotions. I felt we had a really good year coming in third in our conference. l feel we were all learning to understand what it means to play TOTALLY for the Lord regardless of the outcome of the score. Our goal was to play volleyball drawing on our inner strength of Jesus Christ with our attention on Him, bringing unity amongst us. The total essence of our season has only one pur- pose-Glorifying God. Coach Kephart F., 2 36 for FAR LEFT: Cindy Bos and partner caught in pre-game warm-ups. BOTTOM LEFT: Janna Schlatter sets the ball to a waiting Joan Ronde. TOP MIDDLE LEFT: Cindy Irwin bumps the ball. LEFT: Coach Kephart divies out rewards on Awards Day. MIDDLE RIGHT: Cindy Irwin winds up for a spike. ABOVE: Joan Ronde dinks over the opposi- tion. 37 ABOVE: Falcons pause for prayer before tak- ing the court. RIGHT: Joe Doty soars toward the goal in the presence of his enemies. 38 Men 's Varsity Basketball The Falcons endured a somewhat disappointing year in 1981-82. The team was blessed with an abundance of talent but, according to Coach Morley, lacked the "mental toughness" to really be a winner. The season was not a total loss however. In a two-team tourney in Cincinatti, Ohio, the Falcons came away with two wins against two ofthe perenially winning teams in the Divi- sion, Cincinnati Bible and Kentucky Christian. The sea- son was also marked by fine individual performances, led by MVP Joe Doty and Honorary Captain Marcus Warner. The team is to be commended for their hard work, perserverence and fine attitudes displayed throughout the season. Congratulations Falcons. igcfeq' 7 42 P2 ' list ABOVE: The Falcons are Clineelingb Rhea Sprunger, Manager, Cstandingy John Pettit, Ken Tucker, Joe Doty, Ray Hylton, Greg Raher, Greg Prince, Marcus Warner, Hal Leh- man, and Kevin McCormick. MIDDLE LEFT: John Pettit rises above the competition for "2"g LEFT: Please, Joe! l'm on your team! 39 ABOVE: Marcus Warner gets "hacked" on the act: RIGHT: Ken Tucker sets 40 eye on the goal. Graduating Falcons They Will Be Missed iw., ,W , . .- .Q-'az f i rfff. 'F ,, 'E' 4. - L- JG:-f 9'PfTIeF"" " 1 s ' ' -' 'u"f"k 1 .-xi -: "T, "1 4 - 'N 'L . 553: ' fmfifi' ' , A ..fJ3"5+ " A I Washington Bible College Philadelphia Bible College Lancaster Bible College Circleville Bible College Bethel College Cincinnati Bible College Moody Bible College Kentucky Christian College Cincinnati Bible College Grand Rapids Bible College Concordia Lutheran College THEM 89 41 63 83 106 84 84 73 84 68 75 Cincinnati Bible College Michigan Christian College Grace Bible College Bethel College Great Lakes Bible College Grand Rapids Bible College Concordia Lutheran College Great Lakes Bible College Grace Bible College Michigan Christian College Moody Bible College e 3 . -3 . W. YN. rw ff' I dv 33' .av A ir P X Y 5 , 8 KTQ 'E Q wk S E WW: I . A 1 s Q 'T Falconettes: "For the glory of God ABOVE: Teresa Stuckey drives toward the basket. RIGHT: Cindy Bos-making the pass or losing control U3 44 "So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do He also gave us a great coach who encouraged us and it all for the glory of God." Cl Cor. 1O:31J I guess that can reminded us for whom and why we were playing. She sum up our purpose for playing this year. There were taught us a lot and we are going to miss her. Thanks, times when we were hurting and exhausted, and want- Coach. We love you. ing to quit, but we kept playing. Sure, we would have liked to win a few more games, but the Lord gave us . . . Lori Wilka other victories that will help us further down the road. team captain ABOVE: flst rowj Sharon Shaw, Jo Manner, Teresa Stuckey, Robin Tadseng C2nd rowj Pau- la Wehner, Jeanine Klay, Cindy Bosg 43rd rowj Kathy Witzig, Rita Grever, and Lori Wilka. LEFT: Kathy Witzig looks for escape from a desperate situation. 45 -1 More 0f The Falconettes X 7 x X X r f Q ' ,-L 1.-J K -- I9 TOP LEFT: Kathy Witzig faces off against the opposition: BOTTOM LEFT: Sharon Shaw drives in for a lay-upg ABOVE: Teresa Stuckey pulls up for the two footer. 1 -u-qi , ld WHFW Men 's In tramural Sports The Champions Football . . . The Marrieds Vollleyball . . . Unavailable Basketball . .. Noble House FAR LEFT: The tip: another game is underway: LEFT: Dave Gould lets a "punt" fly: MIDDLE LEFT: The combined wings of Douras and Givler prepare to do battle against the houses and off campus: BOTTOM LEFT: The "Champs": CKneelingJ Dave Hughes, Bill Fry, Rob Lucas, and Denny Collins: Cstandingj Dwight Weber, John Taylor, Doug Beutler, Dave Gould, Dan Coffey, Marcel Rydzinski, Butch Kahawai, and Adrian Halverstadt: BE- LOW: Stan Cushing makes a lay-up. 47 Volleyball Club Gives 1 41. i ABOVE: Lewis Bennet bumps for a set: RIGHT: John Gerig readies himself for a set: TOP FAR RIGHT: The members are flst rowj Brad Coo- per, Kirby Lantz, Bob Herman, Bob Vale: Not Pictured: Kevin Abott, Butch Kahawai, Steve Schlatter, and Tony Watkins. 42nd rowj John Gerig, Jeff Gerig, David Fansler, Mark Brink- man, and Lewis Bennet: FAR RIGHT BOTTOM: Mark Brinkman bumps as his team watches: MIDDLE RIGHT: Bob Herman rises for the oc- casion. 48 ll Bumps" In 1982 Ps S J. ,,' .sk-1' -ds-' -Q w M VGC, 1 T 1 has 5 L A 36, .-M, -QQ 2 wsexwfb XJ ml I Fw X. X9 -dx BC , f .. K 1. 1 m s ' sr it WV!! -tl C .' Q., 1 . If 1 vf D P g f ai x Y x4 Sports A wards Basketball WOMEN'S lst Year-Cindy Bos Rita Grever Jeanine Klay Lanette McKeehan Teresa Stuckey Robin Tadsen Paula Wehner Cmgrj 2nd Year-Lori Wilka Field Goal M Leader-Lori Wilka Free Throw 'Mi Leader-Lori Wilka Rebound Leader-Rita Grever Most Improved Player-Rita Grever Most Valuable Player-Lori Wilka All Conference Team-Lori Wilka Rita Grever Co-Captains-Lori Wilka Rita Grever MEN'S: lst Year-Paul Baker Don Bettinger Joe Doty Ray Hylton Greg Rahrer Rhea Sprunger Cstat.J Bill Fry tmgr.J 2nd Year-Hal Lehman Kevin McCormick John Pettit Greg Prince Ken Tucker Marcus Warner Field Goal 'Mi Leader-Joe Doty Free Throw 'Vi Leader-Ken Tucker Rebound Leader-Ray Hylton Scoring Leader-Joe Doty Assist Leader-Marcus Warner Most Improved Player-Greg Prince Honorary Captain-Marcus Warner Most Valuable Player-Joe Doty SportsmanshipfHustle Award-Hal Lehman All Conference Team-Joe Doty Ray Hylton All District Team-Joe Doty 52 Soccer lst Year-Darryl Brown Jim Dunlap Jim Hughes Raynard Hylton Mark Vincent Rhea Sprunger 2nd Year-Tim Hodge John Hughes Hal Lehman Mark Mikel Tony Miller Steve Schlatter Steve Sherman Andre Sonnal Craig Vincent Steve Weitzel Best Offensive Player-Raynard Hylton Best Defensive Player-Hal Lehman Most Improved Player-Craig Vincent Most Valuable Player-Steve Schlatter All Conference Team: John Hughes-Honorable Mention Raynard Hylton-lst Team Jim Hughes-1st Team Steve Schlatter-lst Team Volleyball lst Year-Cindy Bos Judy Cuckler Cindy Irwin Jeanine Klay Cheryl Kosrow Joan Ronde Janna Schlatter Vicki Smith 2nd Year-Jean Ayabe Pam Postel 3rd Year-Jo Manner Best Server-Pam Postel Most Improved Player-Vicki Smith Most Valuable Player-Cindy Irwin Co-Captains-Jo Manner Pam Postel All Conference Team-Jo Manner Cindy Irwin All District Team-Jo Manner Cheerleaders 1st Year-Pam Cook Tina Gosser Sharon Slocum Lori Zernack 2nd Year-Beth Herring Karen McKenna Captain-Karen McKenna I I Christian Service I I ' , ' vx ,K k . -x ' L -s,,.,4 ' v 1 A' l. I I I I 2,6 'A Jf' Chris tlan, N S .fffff A7,., www XY ,If ff x.d ,-ix 4 l -'ss au, 4 f ,P il --' .L . f A uf 1' .. '. al' '. 1' A' Y 'P I' .. . 'A l x I J, 'K .f'. fxf "-I we X , - N-'wr Involves You and Me Committed to the task of learning about God's word and how it applies to our lives and the lives of oth- ers. Students in Service 1 Zig A b. L x V- .tl X N ABOVE: Monica Collins helps lead in an Awana Club in her church. LEFT: Bobby Vale spots for an acrobatic boy in Urban Youth Ventures. ry! le Students serving others is what Christian service is all about at Fort Wayne Bible College. Opportunities in many organizations are available to all students. Child Evangelism Fellowship, Awana Clubs, Urban Youth Ven- tures, and Campus Life Clubs are just a few of the larger groups offering service experience for BCers. Christian Service Performing groups are another popular option. l l X '- Beside all of the time that must be spent in studies, students are youth pastors, music ministers, club lead- ers, teachers, tutors, and even full time pastors in some cases. The Christian Service department provides a necessary application of what is learned in the class- room. ' YK' ' if- Z P ' -,Z K, . 1 lit' sh ig .X A , 36.7 Y it A. A Q Q Jiri . 4 P +,f.' - .- of X 7 'hrhf TN-1 Q' I ' -yt TOP LEFT: Beth Lay and Michele Stoddard help a boy with his dictionary at Black Lake Lodge for youth. ABOVE: Rodney Schuler greets Homer at his pastorate, a United Meth- odist Church in Decatur, Indiana. RIGHT: Dave Gould and Doug Beutler help pack First Mis- sionary Church's bus before the March Youth Retreat at Miracle Camp. f X A .fl 1 e X V 'A K D 57 ' Above: Dawn Stine and Darla Gagnon record- ing church and chapel attendance. Above Right: Pastor Booker J. Person, a Pastoral Ministries Major has a full time pastorate at Faith Tabernacle Fellowship Church in Fort Wayne. Below: Adam Newcomb, Mark Brink- man, Mark Vincent, Michele Stoddard, and Beth Lay try to help Diane Schlak, also a stu- dent, do a bench press at Blacklake Lodge, where they have a ministry. 58 Ministry by His Love 1 Q 5.3. ' l- an The ministry to people of all walks of life is one of the many challenging aspects of Christian Service at Fort Wayne Bible College. Through the love of Christ, Chris- tians are able to love others, no matter what the prob- lems or background of the person. Loving junior and senior high school young people who are facing peer pressures and family problems is the ministry of Cam- pus Life and Blacklake Lodge. Meeting the needs of these teens requires a unique atmosphere and unself- ish service. A small group of Pastoral Ministries majors serve in the capacity of full time or part time pastorates, leading congregations, youth activities and evening Bible stud- ies during the week. Each student pastor has to be dedicated to serving Christ because of the heavy re- sponsibilities of pastoring a church and attending col- lege at the same time. By giving time, energy, and love to young people and adults in congregations, student pastors have been able to lead many to a personal and meaningful relationship with the Lord. ...lg ,Q-.N A 1 FB-7' , . fsnxlf' i l Above: Doug Carroll and Kurt Schippers with the Campus Life club at East Side High in But- ler, Indiana. Left: Bryan Thompson leads Sun- day evening Bible study at his pastorate at Phenix United Methodist. l nv- 'A' 1 -1 59 Freedom Song: A Talent Returned ABOVE: Doug Hayes warms up the ivories just before a performance. RIGHT: the group, Freedom Song: Cleft to rightj Christine Fox, Steve Burkey, Doug Hayes, and Dan Cairl. Cathy Smidtz is not pictured. 60 5 1 . X. . .J-NJ ew Wm Oi f .-.R A " ' ,..5,, -, . , X-.V ,s xhs 1A"f'. ..f.' v ' 5,5 V E 't5"'f"1 : ' 1 sw 1:-.4 w e 2. AN? 9 Q1 fl, f X kj - i s :Q ,Q X h .. , 4 may Freedom Song is a five-member performing group which combines the vocal and instrumental talents of its members to honor and glorify God. The group con- sists of Steve Burkey, Cathy Smidtz, Doug Hayes, Chris Fox, and Dan Cairl. A spokesman from the group com- mented onthe choice of the group's name: "the reason we chose the name "Freedom Song" was that we be- lieve there are two kinds of freedom which people need to experience: a freedom from death and hell which all who ask Christ into their lives have, and a freedom in living which comes from following Christ's command- ments and will." The group's members have seen indi- viduals commit their lives to Christ and have learned to regard the concerns of others as more important than their own. ..a...- - --.---L 3 ,Vx f as ABOVE LEFT: Chris and the personal touch. 'Qgk ABOVE RIGHT: Not just performing: the group ministers in remembrance. LEFT: "When I grow up. . . " Cathy and a potential FWBC'er. Fi Q . 61 A IN-R FMEMBRANCE OF HIS Company To be a member of a Christian Service performing group is an exciting and strenuous adventure. HIS Com- pany is a seven-member traveling Christian drama troupe under the direction of Sonja Strahm. ln its week- end ministry to people of many denominations in the Tri-State area, Biblical principles come alive on stage in vivid portrayals. The repertoire this season consists of 5?""" , "V"'l' -me amazes A W- fl .a ,T wi agzggzrswmi xlls ABOVE: HIS Company of 1981-82: Gary Lin- inger, Julie Springer, Norm Nielssen, Cindy Nantz, Terry Diller, Angie Stroup, and Neil Herrberg. RIGHT: Neil and Angie set the back- drops up before the dramas Sunday morning. B 0 ! T l l l - 1 l 1 -.v"" " . F A i i n I two full-length dramas, dramalogues, and puppet pre- sentations. The name HIS Company is derived from the first let- ters of Honoring In Service and, ofcourse, also refers to the fact that the members belong to Jesus Christ and therefore are His Company. The year verse is ll Cor. 4:1. "Therefore seeing we have this ministry, as we have received mercy, we faint not." One of the most unusual Sundays was the one in which they presented five full-length dramas in three churches in 25 hours: "What Must I Do" three times and "Why me, Lord?" two times. The Drama troupe will present "The Rich Young Ruler" at Youth Conference. TOP LEFT: Sonja Strahm, faculty advisor, dis- cusses material and patterns with Cathy Smidtz for her costume in the summer troup. ABOVE: Norm Nielson helps unload costumes from the van before performance. RIGHT: The performance of "What Must I Do" in a Sunday evening service. 63 Jubilate has traveled many miles this year singing in Jesus Christ to a deeper commitment in serving Him," youth rallies, church services, fellowships, and ban- said one member of the group. quets throughout Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Creative interpretation, blending song and some dra- and Kentucky. "Our goal is to bring people to know ma, enhanced the appealof this groupinfresh commu- Christ through the help of the Holy Spirit, and to chal- nication with the audience. Rejoicing in song, Jubilate lenge those who have already committed their lives to led in worship. TOP LEFT: Youth and Food: The inseparable pair. ABOVE: Janet Pavkov setting up. RIGHT: Jubilate: ladies front to back: Laura Coffman, Peggy Bearss, Janet Pavkov: men: Pat Black, Doug Fowler, Brad Byerly, Rolin Mains. 64 "Jubilate!" ejoice and Sing ...xi li, So send I0 love -Ill. .rrli 'THC ABOVE: A little girl persuades daddy to ask Laura if the group could use another voice. LEFT: Peggy Bearss setting up BC information table. A Time To L Praise . . . ABOVE: Julie Springer sings during a chapel service. RIGHT: Twice a year the FWBC family is given the opportunity to partake of the Lord's Supper. 66 Chapel time at Fort Wayne Bible College is an oppor- tunity for the students and faculty to take a break from their classes and study time to assemble as a family for the purpose of learning how to live a life pleasing to God, as well as learning about the present conditions of our :J 3 J . ' Q Af.-N world and how we as Christians can, with God's help, have a positive effect upon the world. Chapel time also affords our college family with the opportunity to give praise and glory to God the Father. TOP: Students recapture the Last Sup- per in tableau. LEFT: David Gould deliv- ers a message during chapel second se- mester. ABOVE: Phil Paino visited campus during three chapels to give lectures on the cults today. si if 6 7 i Missions Greenhouse ',,..--"' "N"-'ii.. ,....--'j,,,.ee-cc :ffm W v',-, 4.7! Vt it i Z' ' . l V T - '-Uri: .i .1-1 at . X A i 'N , ,-1-i'l- ., Txih. i' if- .J 1 f 1 145. 'rftfi -134514.-Lis 'ssl 'T ' ,MXN ' 5 ABOVE: Dr. Howard from World Evangelical ' Fellowship lectured on college students who made history in missions. TOP RIGHT: Miss f ' Gudaman stops to talk to Mary Pearman after ,' chapel. RIGHT: Clyde Taylor from World Relief with Dr. Bostrom. 4' kr .wg sw 5. . ft 68 Continually striving for contemporary missions- awareness, Fort Wayne Bible College provides ample opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to get in- volved in many facets of missions. Special speakers, mission board chairman, missionaries from every cor- ner ofthe world and from all walks of life visit the cam- pus to lecture or just chat with interested students. Trips to mission conventions like Urbana are sponsored by the Student Missionary Fellowship with efforts to help students find God's direction in their lives. Founder's Auditorium has been a spot for many famous , fag- . 3 i I l l missionaries as well as many fervent mission-minded people, challenging students to consider the wide fields of evangelism and Christian outreach for careers or for short term missions. Foreign exchange students from Haiti, Jamaica, Bermuda, South Africa, Bahamas, Eng- land, and India enrich the lives of many on campus as they share their vision of helping to spread the Gospel in their own country with students. Truly Fort Wayne Bible College is a greenhouse for those who wish to be exposed and grow in their vision for world evangelism. ABOVE: Mr. Hagelin with students preparing to share about Urbana in a special Spiritual Emphasis. LEFT: Leroy Eims converses with the men in Schultz Lounge. 69 " ... whatsoever ye do, do all to the glonyccgrtiogggl ABOVE: Deb Springer received the Music Scholarship presented to her by Dr. Ira Gerig. LEFT: Rudisill Boule- vard Band plays for the student body during chapel. BOlTOM: Laura Coffman and Pat Black sing duet during Jubilate chapel time. l 70 l I l I I ' Organlza trans The Family Circus WAGGONEFFS WING, BE'iHANY lst Floor West, Sit- ting: Mary Pearman, Julie Waggener CStudent Advi- sorj, Angie Pridmoreg Second row: Martha Shuke. Rhonda Lehman, Vicki Jones, Michele Stoddard. Lanette McKeehan3 Third row: Kathy Baker, Karen Ummel, Kim Myers, Joyce Varga, Janna Schlatter, Alyssa Johnson, Judy Cuckler, Evelyn Johnson. CUSHlNG'S WING, SCHULTZ 2nd Floor South, First row: Tony Watkins. Samuel Melo, Brad Crist: Second row: Mark Vincent, Ron Burnett, Dave Spence, John Prout, Phil Rowe, Joe Dotyg Third row: Brad Byerly, Stan Cushing fStudent Advisorl Fourth row: Randall Brown, Hal Lehman, Ninus Sorisho-Chamaki. 72 lir- I mayb . DOURAS' WING, SHULTZ lst Floor West, First row: Bobby Vale, Gil Diaz, Tim Niccumg Second row: Jay Miller, Chris Prentice, Rodney Schuler, Bill Tennyson, Third row: Chris Brown, Kevin Le- pley, Mark Douras CStudent Advisory, Myron Schwartz, Farrel Zurcher", Dan Miller", Dan Herr", Clay Stroup"'. LEE'S WING, LEXINGTON lst Floor South, First row: Nancy Hodges, Lisa Nantz, Patti Lee iStu- dent Advisory, Karen McKenna, Kathy Witzigg Second row: Rhea Sprunger, Terri Marlowe, Beth Louksg Third row: Jeanine Klay, Dawne Lugibihl, Deb Cooper, Sue Burke, Martha Boyer: Fourth row: Janie Paxton, Cindy Muller, Lee Harley, Sandy McCarthyg Cindy Irwin", Kris Keller", Lori Follas"', Laura Coffman", Pam Cook? NCB'- "g,-v US .J 73 GlVLER'S WING, SHULTZ lst Floor North, First row: lan Yorkston, Dean Selden, Chris Givler iStu- dent Advisory, Steve McFadden, Colon Rajaonari- vony, Doug Hayes, Second row: Arnold Hansrajh, Tommy Logan, Ralph Head, Mark Brinkman, Scott Liechty, Doug Palms, Burton Trott. R. SPRlNGER'S WING, BETHANY 2nd Floor West, First row: Julie Springer, Regina Springer iStu- dent Advisory Second row: Joy Ayabe, Judie Brown, Third row: Lois Johnson, Diana Cummins, Rose McMinn3 Fourth row: Robin Tadsen, Vicki Vincent, Teresa Stuckey, Anita Haagner, Ruth Er- del, Terri Liechtyg Fifth row: Diane Schlaek, Carol Swalm, Lori Wilka: Melodie Nelson? i limb 4... va... I l WlDMARK'S WING, LEXINGTON 2nd Floor, First row: Jan Nehrke, Betsy Way, Ann Smith, Sandy Carpenter, Cheryl Kosrow, Angie Widmark CStudent Advisory, Cindy Nantz, Brenda Sowers, Diane Ridley: Second row: Cheri Nearhood, Cheryl Cartwright, Tami Kneuss, Jane Yoder, Darla Gagnon, Diane Ingram, Marla Murray. M. SPRlNGER'SfLEHR'S WING, NOBLE HOUSE, First row: Jeff lsnogle, Mark Springer CStudent Advisor, first semesterb, Greg Tatum, Norm Nielsseng Second row: Steve Shaffer, Andre Sonnal, Greg Lehr CStudent Advi- sor, second semesterj, Greg Peck, Third row: Noel Iwai, Steve Weitzelg Adam Newcomb? Rhett Butler? 75 POSTEL'S WING, BETHANY Basement. First row: Lorraine McBride. Pam F'ostelQStuder1tAdvisorl, Dawn Chambers, Josie Krallmanz Second row: Marie Fancher, Jenny Hirschy, Jeanette Pavkov: Third row: Sharon Slocum, Vicki Smith: Deb Springer". Suzie Zimmerman? Kelly Hall", KESLER'S WING, SCHULTZ 1st Floor South. First row: Phil Harvey, Steve Schlatter: Second row: Phil Moser, Denny Kesler QStudent Advisory. Jeff Burger, Steve Burkey, Rich Morleyg Third row: Rick Collins, Doug Carroll, Jim Polly. Bob Weber: Kurt Schippers'. 76 RDAAN5 67 +296 8 SI'57Z',p 6 zouAnsl'57 'SX K 'EK .LJ ni' 45 KEHLER'S WING, SHULTZ 2nd Floor West, First row: Jon Burkey, Terry Diller, Tony Miller. Alan Steiner: Second row: Ron Tefft, Allen Rassi, John Cook, Lewis Bennett, Pat Black: Third row: Tim Breniser, Jeff Kehler fStudent Advisory, Paul Baker: Ken Shields", Jay Wenger", Terry Sordelet"'. COPELAND'S WING, LEXINGTON 1st Floor North First row: Deb Stuart, Diane Copeland CStudent Advisory, Dorrie Russell, Cindy Sauder: Second row: Marilee Little, Joyce Bilger, Sharyn Strorne, Evelyn Griffin, Sheila Gregory, Nancy Anderson, Lori Hebert, Third row: Kathy Bowls, Cindy Boss, Lori Sonnen- tag, Ginger Loucks, Tina Bakerg Cindy lrwin"', Linda Booker". 77 VINCENT'S WING, SHULTZ 2nd Floor North, First row: Craig Vincent fStudent Advisory, Greg Rawleyp Second row: Darryl Brown, Russ Harris, Doug Fowler, Dan Cairlp Third row: Ken Hogg, John Mabe, Brian Baughman, Scott Davis, Fourth row: Eric Stair- hime, Jim Dunlap, John Garrett, Duane Mabee, Lyn Loeweng Neil Herrberg"', Tim Hodge". ROSES WING, BETHANY 2nd Floor East, First row: Jean Ayabe, Carol Pebley, Peggy Bearssz Second row: Becky Sprow, Sharon Meekg Tina Throesch: Third row: Terri Fye, Theima Burgess, Brenda Boyer, Cathy Smidtz, Susie Rose CStudent Advisory Kim Ba- ker, Rita Grever, Sharon Davidson, Maureen Cowen. 78 N2 ' X ' W . 5- , 5 ,. i ' I 2 w Q' i V 2 r J 1' . 1 ' ' I 8 Ji 4 5 1 ri S F 1, i f ' 'M : 1 , , i x s:43V M J' V F' 'KQK3 -'A .1 vp, annoy-any-if wi-we E 'A 1 .i MEEK'S WING, LEXINGTON 2nd Floor South, First row: Kathy Lind- strom, Tina Priest: Second row: Nancy Eastman, Lorraine Meek iStu- dent Advisory, Nancy Dudley, Angie Hirschy, Martha Rupp, Kim Steiner, Diane Nayrockerg Third row: Joan Ronde, Mary Branden- berger, Carrie Perl, Karla Traxler, Becky Layg Elaine Farran"', Kim Young". WARNER'S WING, MEYER HOUSE, First row: Don Bettinger, Kevin McCormick, John Pettit, Ken Tucker, Fred Hoensch, James Barnett, Third row: Marcus Warner CStudent Advisory Dave Blue, John Hughes. 79 --'KL' 1'-14-Q N - 1. Q, A -vu -' 13 ' ff 5 '51 A Q . U NWA - F6 Q A P 5, ,4- E: A V "1 . 4 ' i n- 4" I ' A QQ Q f tv ' 5 . H, , 4 .,,. fx - N 5--fx ,,. J .2g,,k"f gs' N F' gli ' v mEff'f D1 1 N V N I Q if sw U 'Z 5 C A ' fN.Y-Fgffl Rt.-QU' jg Q 9 3 NK . xg x I 1 1 ..,. ..- .... N ' -QQ., 1 y - a ' .Vi ey U1 N " o -,N C, 0 X . , X 9 0 ff 3 Y S f!g! L f fsam v . Y J Q 6 sv - , lv.. f. ' f 5 . ,Q , , . x ' XJ if Si SN' . 1 ADL X pu sw? L, 4x LW HOATSON'S WING, BETHANY lst Floor East, First row: Paula Wehnerp Second row: Gayle Nolte, Bobbi Lay: Third row: Wanda Krider, Beth Lay: Fourth row: Robin Hoatson fStudent Advisory, Ruth Hill, Angie Stroup, Collie Hill. ROSSI'S WING. SHULTZ PIT, First row: Ray Hyl- ton, Mike Badgerow, Joe Crockett: Second row: Rollie Mains, Dave Gruber, Marty Wright, Kevin Sowersg Third row: Kevin Studebaker, Norrn Gif- ford, Benton Rhodes, Joe Rossi fStudent Advi- sorjg Fourth row: Joe Milakovic, Dave Webb, Don Sheehan, Jim Albarran, Dave Kalt, Jay Lininger, Steve Roussos, Paul Leedy". BOWER'S WING, LEXINGTON 2nd Floor North, First row: Kathy Thorsen, Lori Zernack, Becky Padgett, Sheryl Bower CStudent Advisory, Jodi Walter, Tina Gosserg Second row: Tracy Yeats, Beth Sterner, Jerriann Heiser, Sherri Brown, Shannon Houser, Bev Pede: Nadine Perkins", Lauren DeBoer"', Donna Gibbs", Teresa Nuss- baum". 81 , AI ha Ka a p Alpha Kappa and Student Education Association are S E A important student organizations providing information and fellowship for their members Top: Mr. Birkey "rules" over Greek club Christmas party festivities. Middle: The Alpha Kappa officers for the year: Tim Niccum CPresidentD: Joy Ayabe CSecretaryfTreasur- ery Craig Vincent CVice Presidentjp Mr. Arlan Birkey CAdvisorJ. Bottom: Student Education Association Officers: Susie Rose CPresidentDg Julie Waggoner CVice Presidentbp Dr. Ted Nick- el CAdvisorJ3 Beth Loucks CSecretaryJ: JoJean Thompson fTreasurerJ. Campus Leaders Freshman Class Officers President: Jeff Burger Vice President: Sue Burke Secretary: Nancy Hodges Treasurer: Bobbi Lay Advisor: Joan Mayers Sophomore Class Officers President: Jon Burkey Secretary: Lois Johnson Treasurer: Jeanine Klay Advisor: Dick Baxter Junior Class Officers President: Nancy Dudley Vice President: Ruth Hill Secretary: Cindy Irwin Treasurer: Norm Nielssen Advisor: Grant Hoatson Senior Class Officers President: Steve Shaffer Vice President: Deb Springer Secretary: Vicki Smith Treasurer: Tina Baker Advisor: Ron Scharfe S.M.F. Officers President: Arnold Hansrajh Program Chairman: Jerriann Heiser Secretary: Chris Brown Treasurer: Marla Murray Prayer Chairman: Phil Moser PublicityfOutreach: Collie Hill Advisors: Daryl Cartmel Kevin Hagelin Student Advisors: Men: Stan Cushing Mark Douras Chris Givler A Jeff:'Kehlerr Dennis Kesler Mark Springer Cfirst semesterj 1 ri Greg Lehr Qsecond semesterj Joe Rossi Craig Vincent Marcus Warner Women: Sheryl Bower Diane Copland Robin Hoatson Patti Lee Lorianne Meek Pam Postel Susie Rose Regina Springer Julie Waggoner Angie Widmark Alpha Kappa Officers President: Tim Niccum Vice President: Craig Vincent SecretaryfTreasurer: Joy Ayabe Advisor: Arlan Birkey S.E.A. Officers President: Susie Rose Vice President: Julie Waggoner Secretary: Beth Loucks Treasurer: JoJean Thompson Student Association Officers President: Ginger Loucks Vice President: Tony Miller SecretaryfTreasurer: Cathy Smidtz Spiritual Life: Tommy Logan Publicity: Martha Rupp Council Representative: Deb Cooper Advisors: Dave Fortriede Sonja Strahm Vine Officers i Editor: Tim Niccum Assistant Editor: Rhett Butler Business Manager: Paula Wehner Advisors: Eunice Conrad Alice Joy Weddle Q 2 3 if r Y 'W Student Association Student Association had a memorable and exciting year, as they were able to see firsthand how the Lord provides. When the year began, the committee didn't have the funds needed to sponsor the events which they had planned. But, through careful planning and strategy they held seventy events for the student body. With the money they raised, they bought practical items, such as the platforms used for special concerts, a mixer for the snack shop, and the carpeting for the second floor of Leightner. L-lu Above: Student Association Committee. Left to Right: Ginger Loucks fPresidentJg Martha Rupp CPublicityD: Deb Cooper CCouncil Repre- sentativejg Dave Fortriede fAdvisorJ: Cathy Smidtz CSecretaryfTreasurerD: Tony Miller Nice Presidentbg Tommy Logan CSpiritual Lifeb: Sonja Strahm CAdvisorD. Right: Cathy Smidtz trying out the new stereo system in the Upper Room. i QA J' ,1 ,f . Z 1 I 1 W.. ew. I X +P- ,..,.. - 67" V-.wwf -.- 'S by 'Z' Top: Social spotlight on campus-Leightner. Left: Deb and Ginger take up the old carpet to prepare for the new. Above: "But Dave, I really wanted a hot fudge sundae, not an orange!" moans Sharon. Student Association Does It All For You! ABOVE: Cindy Mueller keeps Marty Wright up- right during one of the roller skating outings. RIGHT: Ginger Loucks, President of Student Association, heads for the Hollow to organize future plans. haunt. :J - 4. .761 ,S-, 5' fp : X' iw 421' - 'E , wi ,f In-" ft 0 'N I ' l f 4 I ABOVE: Terri, Evelyn, Darla, and Joe warm up with singing around the fire during the B.C. Roundup. LEFT: Dave Brubaker shares his minis- try with us during a special concert in the Hollow. He also sang in the Student Association Chapel. 87 N LV' ' e l ABOVE LEFT: Marty Wright, Kevin Sowers, and Mike Badgerow demonstrate their acting abili- tyC?J during Comicality Night. ABOVE RIGHT: Phil Rowe shows his enthusi- asm when presented with the trophy for sec- ond place in the pool tourney. RIGHT: Lauren to Janna, "Janna, you're sup- posed to bake the cookies not eat them!" x N- -Q' N' ,Y if .V - -fl . gm- ..I-ge 3 . U I Q .. s B 88 l Qx If Married Student Fellowship ABOVE: Merry Christmas from the Marrieds: Dave and Rebecca Schenker, Dave and Karol Hughes, Jo Manner, Denny and Monica Col- lins, Marian Williams, Dave and Dawn Gould, "Butch" and Jo Kahawai, Ron and Marki Smith, and "Ponch" Rydzinski. RIGHT: Co- ordination, the key to a good marriage. Karol and Dave Hughes participate in the egg race. 90 X , The Married Student Fellowship is a developing orga- nization made up of married students and their families. Believing in the growth of the total person, MSF has tried to focus on meeting the social, physical, and spiri- tual needs of its members. Two weekly Bible study! support groups have met these past two semesters for the wives led by Mrs. Naomi Bostrom and Mrs. Char Vincent. Periodic social events like the fantastic Christ- mas party at the home of Dean Denny and Marian Wil- liams and the relaxing evening at the Holidome really spiced up an otherwise tough winter. And let's not for- get to mention our intramural championship flag foot- ball team. We have to hand it to you guys, you're not getting older, you're getting bigger! ln the coming year, MSF is looking forward to more personal involvement with its members with more sup- port groups, and a greater emphasis on meeting the uniquely special needs of individual married couples. Whether a couple is newly married or very well estab- lished, MSF has something to offer. .sf 0-lun rlupf' any-3' nun ' QL ,en I an , ABOVE: The MSF officers: Butch Kahawai CSecretaryJ: Bill Fry qTreasurerJg Jo Manner CCo-Presidentb, Dave Hughes CCo-Presidentbg 42 ,Q Denny Williams CAdvisorJ. LEFT: Donna Wat- son and daughter enjoy the MSF's picnic at Foster Park. 91 Special Guests 92 Tom Netherton signing an album after an ex- citing concert. Above: Ann Kiemel visits with the audience after her encouraging talk. A New Beginning Jr. Sr. Banquet ,N 163 S 'NT N .,,. lf 3 it of Q1 ff Top: Dignitaries Table. Left to Right: The Hoatsons, Nancy Dudley, Steve Shaffer and the Scharfes. Mid- dle Left: Speaker's table. Left to Right: The Bostroms and the Sniders. Middle Right: Martha Rupp Roasts. Bottom Left: Our distinguished cast: Left to Right: Mr. Dunlap, Rev. Scharfe, Mr. Birkey, Dr. Weddle, Dr. Hoatson and Mr. Coffey. Bottom right: Marty and Maureen. 93 w "Ladies And Gentlemen, Boys a d Girls' Saga s Circus ls Un The XJ N., wwf 4 'I' X' x "' li Lf, X- lx. 23 Gr- 1 9 f "k' 'x1' 17, ,-.gx x X -1-95 X A. .407 ., Q., ta- X' F J' ' 4 'Vx 3' ,. ' i Ar, A ' xx . hwy lgzlwf . Q' "' ' 'M rm ' ', NL:--.. R. 1,1 A K . M X , fx, g 'x. jg, T, ,' .Y P'-.1 1 Xi 95 A Cherry on Top: Saga 's Specials g-4 fi .A I ABOVE: The Saga Food Service Staff consists of Cindy Jetrnore. Fern Smith, Irene Cox, Ibtesam Zawahri, Sandy Rhonemus CDirec- torj, Jane Sullivan. TOP RIGHT: Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds enjoy Christmas Banquet. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mikey Zawahri, a cute cowpoke. The cafeteria is an important part of the college stu- dent's life, not only for the obvious reason of eating but also for the fellowship that each is a part of while eating. The cafeteria also provides opportunities to meet and make new friends and enjoy the company of old friends. Topics of conversations range from the doctrines of Calvin and Arminius to the latest social events. Just being able to express your feelings and to relieve the tensions of the day makes the cafeteria seem like the dining room at home. -v fl P TOP: The great kitchen crew of S. Rhone- mus served up the food and also some I X C great entertainment the Saturday noon of Youth Conference. LEFT: Sam, Irene, and Jane are an impor- tant contribution to the food service staff. 97 Let Every Tongue Confess 13 X7 ,W ABOVE: Student Missionary Fellowship offi- cers, Csittingb Arnold Hansrajh-President, Phil Moser-Prayer Chairman, Chris Brown-Secretary, Collie Hill-Publicity Chairman, Cstandingl Marla Murray-Trea- surer, Daryl Cartmel-Faculty Advisor, Jer- riann Heiser-Program Chairman, Kevin Ha- gelin-Faculty Advisor. RIGHT: Reverend Seldon shares a new per- spective on willingness to serve Christ during the SMF Spiritual Emphasis Chapel. 98 The Student Missionary Fellowsbip includes all stu- dents ofthe college in a program to motivate, inform, and enlist their participation inthe mission of the Chris- tian Church. Finance is donated bythe students to such projects as assisting an exchange student from Jamaica to be at Fort Wayne Bible College for a year. They also assist some of their fellow students to have mission exper- ience in many parts ofthe world during summers. Var- ious projects have been initiated that have resulted in funds being supplied to relief and development pro- grams in the Third World. There has also been an out- reach to international students in our city. SMF has been a channel for student initiatives in world mission and a medium for international educa- tion. The Missions Department commends the students for what has been accomplished. The SMF Executive Committee has operated effectively and has learned much in administration. . . . Daryl Cartmel ABOVE: The last hour of the Planned Famine was spent partaking of the Emblems. LEFT: Famished participants eagerly await Communion. 99 l Youth Conference '82 TOP: Steering Committee: John Hughes, Treasurer: Julie Springer, Secretary: Steve Shaffer, Technical: Susie Zimmerman, Chair- man: Greg Lehr, Program: Wava Bueschlen, Advisor: Chris Brown, Publicity: Noel lwai, Art: Karen Ummel, Music: Jeff Gerig, Assistant Chairman: Marlene Everson, Advisor: Wes Gerig, Advisor. ABOVE: The backdrop created by Noel lwai. RIGHT: Youth Conference speak- er, Jim Mathis. TOP RIGHT: Four members of the eight-member theme-song group: Lauren DeBoer, Marcus Warner, Sherri Brown, and Jeff Isnogle. BOTTOM RIGHT: Pam Cook's Prince Charming, Marcus Warner. BOTTOM FAR RlGHT: Dr. Bostrom and cousins make the necessary announcements. 100 K pta F' A555 "Sift ff., 5 Youth Conference proved to be a valuable weekend for visiting high school students as well as the Bible College family. "Staking Your Claim," the theme, urged students to make their committment solely for the Lord. Jim Mathis, a pastor from Upland, Indiana, joined us for the weekend and deeply challenged the young peeple to stake every claim of their lives for the Lord. Many decisions were made and the results were well worth all the hard work and long hours which made Youth Conference a success. Many thanks go out to all the students of FWBC who put in extra time and effort to make it a memorable and a spiritually enlightening weekend for many. Sincerely, The Steering Committee of Youth Conference '81-'82 101 i l i l I ie: ,Li ,Si it , Q ' ' X - C, - .- 1 x - . TOP LEFT: The team leaders send off the bal- loons with high hopes into high winds. BOT- TOM FAR LEFT: .lefty Patrolman, Stevie-boy. and Joe Cool. BOTTOM LEFT: Arnold gets what he deserves after his contribution to Comicality. CENTER: John Gerig earns his wings. TOP: Kathy Baker and Mike Badgerow "serenade" each other. MIDDLE: The News Brothers, Steve Burkey and Steve Schlatter. BOTTOM: Gladys CCindy Jetmorey and Warren fTerry Sordeletj give a very detailed descrip- tion of what parents go through on their way to BC for Parents' Day. N x N -s.. 1 Far, Portraits i ! X W, , mtg., ' Q 12610:-" " ' - A Q, ' 1.-, A . x wg f r --' d-. 1. 1' 1, 5-5:-A fhf?'f-f1'1-- il, 2,119 ,.'1i,-v-V' fi' . --1-rf-' P ' f 5' ..-- -PS-2 1:-QL--ro - 4?l'Q'myh5' N:-nf A --- ,: ' -. fi: L ist 1,5--"."' gift'-L.::,,,1,'f. 'f 11.177 V-Qf? -LTQ 32,5-,.l".!": ,-. 'Viz-sg-gf: ' 3,5 Q. 4 Q -f rf -.- A A' f .f '- ---ig -,Q -1- . Q ' "Q xx- Sl:-:E3 - Y-,Qfg 'J' 1- -- '.4 . " Q -lr - Q ' ' dig .ik .A X A- 12521 -- ar 'W-'f'v""'3':-h '. ik' 'tx'-ig:-:A '-" X,,,-1.,,,NuL,- ' I.-1. Q S-1 - .- - . ,-'..-'- - ,Q N 34 5' 7" R1-N,!x . rf". IZ - in ' f, I N Q -0 -. ,,-rf "-- f "Vi: ' 7 Freshmen Peggy Sue Bearss Patrick Black Linda Booker Kathy Bowles Kathryn DiCamilIo Terry Diller Joe Doty James Dunlap X ll Freshman class officers: Jeff Burger QPresidentD, Sue Burke fVice-Pres.J, Nancy Hodges fSecretaryJ, Bobbi Lay CTreasur Freshmen John F. Elston Terrilynn Fye Tina Marie Gosser David Fansler Darla Gagnon Sheila Gregory Ralph Head Jenny Hirschy Diane Ingram Elaine Farran James A. Gehman Claude Hall, Jr. Robert Herman Anthony Hunter Alyssa L. Johnson Bill Fretz Donna Gibbs Lee Harle Daniel A. Herr Raynard Hylton Vicki Sue Jones 1 Bs- xdf' S ,I sf if , . ' V' ' I I, ,. v , me .. I , .. ,152 ' .f 1+ 4 f22:.21,, q as .5 .Q - I ,Q , in ' ' A . ,, :,. ni., 4 N ,y 'I' 2134 X 1 I' ' .u.'4v:1g'Q 9 ' ' wg: 1 'H ' H515 ,Q .f Fei ' f. .n g n. ."-.V .F ip , ,, ft.-xi Bs I -Q. 5? I r ,.5,y.eig lm ,f- tilll 'ALM ll .iflfff ff' ' +. . ' . ., c . -' ., 'I arf , yy E 'I ' ' I. A X . 1 .g 1 1 , A 2a1...f-f:aJi-:- I If- LSEE:,Q:PE" .Q , Ai ' e 1 h A .'f-v,m--:- 3 '- , 1,, .,:?525.e.5,.. . . 'llieesiizif , A I I,-' 54 J- -z,?""2l "f-3115'- I, , ll I 106 RIGHT: Diane Ingram and Mark Vincent relax in the lounge between classes. FAR RIGHT: Eddie Reynolds points the way to China for Dean Seldon and Eric Stairhime. 'Y I Freshmen Kathy J. McCormick Tamara Kneuss Julie Kruizenga Scott J. Liechty Lyndon Loewen Lanette McKeehan Cheryl Kosrow Bobbi Lay Kathy Lindstrom Dawne J. Lugibihl Sharon Meek Josalie Krallman Kevin Lepley Marilee Little John Mabe Laurie Ann Messner is ' 'fc' , 'fix 1. ,Q rv I 5 i 2 Thomas Miller Loucinda Jane Mueller Kimberly Myers Jan Nehrke Janie Paxton fo ' if 1, I , f, J" for 1 aft- , X A K Q L. Af J if "M Freshmen Bev Pede Carrie Perl Chris Prentice John Prout Dixie E. Redding Greg Rahrer Diane Ridley Colin Rajaonarivony Joan M. Ronde Tom Rupp Dorie M. Russell Kurt Schippers Diane Schlak Janna L. Schlatter Myron Lynn Schwartz Dean R. Selden Sharon Slocum Ann Smith Peggy Smith Lorie L. Sonnentag Rhea Ann Sprunger Beth A. Sterner fc f' an 3 ti' K rg I0 A1 RIGHT: Kurt Schippers practices the Evelyn Wood Reading Method. FAR RIGHT: Jan Nerke, Joan Ronde, and Jana Schlatter saluting intramural football players. 108 6? .pf , -4 Nm. . 515' ' 1 rr fi .2 ,fr i tl' 0 L I xy il., Dawn Janys Stine Kim Stowell Sharyn Strome Deborah Stuart Teresa Stuckey Robin L. Tadsen Joycelyn Varga Tina Kay Throesch Mark Vincent Bobby Joe Vale Howard Walker Nui' Freshmen Anthony B. Watkins William Wheeler Betsy Way Jane Yoder Lon A Zemack Jaydon E. Wenger Kenneth Young Farrel L Zurcher fi x. Yi ' .Y . N t 9 P: 1' 445 f""'T i l fig. RIGHT: The Sophomore Class officers are: Jeanine Klay Qtreasurerb, Jon Burkey Cpresidentj, Dick Baxter Cadvisorb, and Lois Johnson fsecretaryj. 7 in V f K 'P A 1. Ari S Mt an 5 t K i 4 X 1 Antonia Amstutz Mike Badgerow Don Bettinger Darrell Bowditch Chris Brown Rhett Butler Nancy Anderson Kimberly S. Baker Joyce Bilger Brenda Boyer Darryl J. Brown Sandy Carpenter Jean Ayabe Lewis Bennett Cindy Bos Mary Brandenberger Jonathan Burkey Cheryl Cartwright Sophomores 9-'i : J ,IU V , IR I K H , , x .1 ' 1 ,MPS .aa- J Q - W - .J x -r W. . K. I,,f..5 1 l A x 4 x, R . X151 I I. I2 1 XG i Stephen L. Cox Christine R. Fox Joseph Crockett Betsy Fritcha Scott Joseph Davis Jeff Gerig Richard Fidler Rita Grever Doug Fowler David Gruber Q I .rf . P- -Q Alu ff I X ...air l. v li Kelly Hall Russell L. Harris Lori Hebert Nancy Hodges Fred Hoenzsch nf gr' D -1'-1' J -if 1 ' :rl r J Michele Hurst Wanda Kridel' Evelyn L. Johnson Lisabeth Lay Kris Keller Rhonda Lehman Steve Kishimoto Tommy Logan Jeanine Klay Lorraine McBride .6 ri! 'Q .X' q I Sandra McCarthy Samuel L. Melo Joe Milakovic Tony Miller Phil Moser Sophomores Cindy Nantz Cheri Lynn Mary Pearman Nearhood Nadine Perkins Pamela Postel Greg Prince Jeanette Pavkov Tammie Petro Angela Pridmore Allen Rassi Jr Agar- , IQ RIGHT: Don't shoot till you see the whites of their eyes. Russ Harris and Scott Davis guard- ing an important closet. FAR RIGHT: Neil Herr- berg, Chris Brown, and Cathy Walker take the morning brace after chapel. 112 Sophomore-s Alan D. Steiner Paula Wehner Kathleen Thorson Lori Wilka Brenda Kay Sowers Rebecca Sprow John Taylor Karen Ummel Dale Wilson lan R. Yorston David Spence Eric Stairhime Michele Stoddard Catherine Walker Traci Lee Yeats Janice A. Young . ' -D ' Q xv - ffm fx' 1 . X., 5 L l 5 hx .Y. , 'O J .5 . x 1 Brent Adams Timothy Breniser Eric C. Ball Sherri Brown Dan Calrl Debbie Clement Laura Coffman Pamela R Cook Polly Beer Brad Byerly Dawn Chambers Daniel R Coffey Rich Conrad Deb Cooper 1 A '- 63231. 0011 Junior Class Officers: Ruth Hill Nice-Pres.b, Cindy Irwin CSecretaryJ, Norm Nielssen CTrea- surerj, Nancy Dudley CPresidentJ, Dr. Hoatson CAdvisorJ. 114 Juniors Maureen Cowen Brad Crist Diana D. Cummins L. Lauren DeBoer Gil Ramon Diaz Nancy Dudley -. .zz tl' 'L N 5 . y 'A xgxiasaffff. Andrian Halverstadt Neil Herrberg Nancy Mae Eastman John Mark Garrett Arnold Hansrajh Beth Herring Lori Ann Follas William O. Fry Michael Gilbert Doug Hayes Collie Hill Chris Givler Ray Heidinger Tim Hodge LEFT: "Jeff Kehler, stop this thing. I want to get off!" 115 ' ,if 4 if 4 ,, , rf 'F ' .I sf J 1 X JW' A, t, . , fl ' A ' I " - M 4 T! , Jacqueline A. David E. Kalt Huggins Christine Karnes Jeff lsnogle Jeff Kehler Melody Jones Juniors MW vie. 7. EQ f .-1-'Pi . qi.. . ,,,. i If -:... . aft. sg - 11: 2 ' Hal Lehman William A. Lepley .lay R. Lininger ,f 1 ' ,L 'A Qw K. Y W fc 5 f v W9 ' -,J 3 ' A Lf. , .1 W ' 2 51. - i V , -ff. , . 0 f N. .E .ul Beth Louks Rose Marie McMinn Timothy J. Niccum Rolin Mains Lorraine Meek Norm Nielssen Joel K. McCormick Jay E. Miller Doug Palms Marla Murray Carol Pebley Melodie E. Nelson Greg Peck . gi Vo :ii f ,ji - 1 -1 V l Greg L. Rawley Martha Shuke Janet A. Stedcke Bill Tennyson Benton J. Rhoades Terrence Sordelet Loretta Stroup Bryan Thompson Susie Rose Mark Springer Carol Swalm Craig Vincent Rodney Schuler I--f LEFT: Camaraderie, FAR LEFT: Three future teachers, Susie Rose, Julie Waggoner, and Chris Karnes discuss the awards system with Mary Ethel Mengel, speaker for the Assertive Discipline Workshop sponsored by SEA. , bu a 7 5' , 4 ,QQHA f l L rr :U ,qg ,, f . --E: 'L "V-"' ' " xc E . w 1.5.3, ' Julie Waggener Calvin L, White Jodie Lynn Walter Angela Widmark Donna Watson Marty Wright Junior Curtis Alexander Laurie Bailey Sheryl Bower Diane Copeland Sharon Davidson Marie Fancher Harry Gates Norman Gifford Dave Gould Non-Graduating Seniors Evelyn Griffin Gregg Luginbill Rex Roth Robin Hoatson Duane Mabee Martha Rupp Dennis Kesler Ken Madison Steve Sherman Patty Lee Josephine Manner Kevin Sowers Ginger Loucks Tina Priest Angie Stroup 118 6' l..- it gi' ff i , .1 LA Allen Sudman JoJean Thompson Karla Traxler Vicki Vincent David Webb Q' K . fi f? Seniors Jim Albarran. B.S.. P.M. Chicago IL Joy Ayabe, B.A., Missions Nanakuli HI ' t' Tina Baker, B.S., C.E. Douglas L. Beutler, B.S.. C.E. David M. Blue, B.A., P.M. York PA Goshen IN Peoria IL Brian Baughman, B.S.. C.E. Barbara Black, B.S.. C.E. Stephen L. Burkey, B.S,, PM Fort Wayne IN Fort Wayne IN Howe IN I If -HI LEFT: Senior Class Officers. Steve Shaffer Cpresidentj, Tina Baker Csecretaryj, Vicki Smith Ctreasurerj, Mr. Scharfe Cadvisorj, Deb Springer CVice-Presidentj. 119 Seniors Chris A. Fulton, B.A., Pre-Sem. Huntington IN Clifford D. Greth, BS., P.M. Auburn IN Loren Claassen, B.A., C.E.! Missions D. Stanley Cushing, B.S., Chr. Ed. Neal Hauser, B-5-. Missions Berne IN Reynolds ND Gridley IL ' ff' -I , .fri J' 974 . ,R . Jerriann Heiser, B.S., C.E. Marion OH Sheila Kaye Hilty, B.S., Miss Nurs. Fort Wayne IN Angela J. Hirschy, B.S. Bib. Studies Berne IN 120 :-.'1..' - ll. -A ,- , ,, ,fx rf.. ,. -1, ',,e,.M 5. In f, f h ia :L W6 1 arg' ., 'Olaf' 3 'I 5 . , .Q ,A X . .F-, ggi 2 -, "af .,.:,1- "9 22255-ff-:fr::,c. ABOVE: A point in the making. Steve Roussos and Tina Priest make plans between classes. David J. Hughes, B.A., P.M. Annette M. Krueger, B.S., Ossian IN Missions Fort Wayne IN Thomas Kahawai, B.A., P.M. I Nankuli HI Jeff Kundert, B.S., P.M. Lima OH Mary Ann Kistler, B.S., Miss. Gregory R. Lehr, B.A., Bib. Nurs. Kirby Lantz, B.S., P.M. Becky Lay, B.S., Miss. Nurs. Studies Ludington MI Fort Wayne IN Delta OH Lancaster PA lx- 'S C0 fit f X 's' ' F . 7 . is 4 ,I .1 , wr . . , K - x ABOVE: Three of the king's men reenacting the Humpty-Dumpty tragedy: Ken Tucker, John Pettit, and Don Bettinger. 121 l i i l not pictured Gail N. Colgrove, B.S. Miss. Nurs., Kelvin L. N Diller, B.S. C.E., Daniel W. Harrigan, B.S. Missions, J. Lewis King, B.S., C.E., Scot Norris, B.A., Martin P. 4 McGrath, B.S., C.E. ,- 4? K' Harry E. Gates, B.S., C.E. Jim Marstaller, B.A., P.M. Livermore Falls, ME Kevin McCormick, B.S., C.E. Moline lL Karen McKenna, B.S., C.E. Pittsburgh PA 122 529' ' ffggi aj' 'ss .x+: ' GSK' 1 NQXQ. .- ..-txt. . N X I NNE .seissk ,:' N! : 1 1 .. ,I . W I ' 1 fijff iff P 1 r if . Mark Steven Mickel, B.A., Bib. Angel Vincente Ortiz, B.S., Bib. Studies Studies Nappanee, IN Guaynabo, Puerto Rico Diane Nayrocker, B.S., Missions! John Pettit, B.S., C.E, C.E. Moline IL Wabash IN Seniors College Year-Verse Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name. Bring an offer- ing and come before him: worship the Lord in the splen- dor of his holiness. I Chr. 16:29 'Sl I fl fi "1 C Senior Year-Verse I "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future." LEFT: Private Pizza Party: If you look close enough you can see Joe Rossi and Wanda Krider hiding and Jerriann Heiser and Jim Al- barran hiding them. FAR LEFT: Kevin McCor- mick has just been told he is lovable as he receives his second year award. Jer. 29:11 Pat Rice, B.S., Elementary Ed. Joseph C. Rossi, B.A., Bib. Steven B. Roussos, B.A., Missions Stephen D. Schlatter, B.S. C E Swanton OH Studies Pandora, OH Spencerville, IN Corning, NY Marcel D. Rydzinski, B.S., P.M. Thomas "Steven" Shaffer, B S Fort Wayne, IN C.E. Leo, IN Seniors 123 Seniors S'a':' S'e.-y ES '.' ss :"' kcre S:r1feI.BA..P.M. New I':'x NN Bore. Ha 11 ire : E:-se': S'ee'e' 5' Debo'a" N. Sorrger. BS.. Musrc :'e-Se- '. :x S' t' ES.. Ci. E:. Kgrn Stelner. B.S.. C.E. Ie :' N :e-I " L E -Cert. IN Fort Wayne. IN .- -.. - ',,,-- :Q Q Worship the Lord In the I:-eaufy of ffovness. Give io ine Lord True nerve. Bring an offering. En- te' H-5 presence. Know thai the Lord God 'eigns honor due HIS AEI powerful Senior Year-Verse "For I know the plans I have for you." declares the Lord. "plans to prosper you and not to harm you. plans to give you a hope and a future." Jer. 29:1 1 -5,.. :':v-: 1: st ::f.- :' t'e e':-': tc:-ct'e x- H - ,,.-, - ..,.41 e'::s' e''e"' t: t'e:s:- . .:,5 eg--eg, fn" - ---,.-.: - " ' - 'ff . ' - - '-1"".LT :es . '--V-: 1 :-ze :a-ses allggf 'rf +' ,He --1-.. f::- : ee- :g:v: ':a.'f I 1- rid' '- ' ----.-- :---- ,- ...,. 22' A' ' :"": 'ez' " --- -4: -41' "':."- -.. -' .fr --.. -- - ..:- F.-- - kbp.- :::' ':' -'e', .'.e:e' a': DA gf: .e's - fr: :MG - EU: '-e:e :-"e ' 2 nv- -'-eef -2-'e ce' e:"e :'ee-f. .EL 5 7 ,I 1 sf:- 'I Dwight Weber. BS.. MusiCfC.E. Fort Wayne. IN Steven E. Weitzel. B.A.. P.M. Fori Wayne. IN - fu.. Seniors Frederick J. Woodward. B.A.. P.M. Fort Wayne. IN Suzan Zimmerman, BS.. Missions ArChboId.OH 3 f If , .iv- ma' -lnili , 55 L- , ,K ! N Sb .-Q 125 Associate of Arts 5 ' I Ron Burnett, Youth Ministry Jacci Lynn Oyer Chr Education St y Trucksville PA Fort Wayne IN u Lois Johnson, Biblical Studies Julia Springer Chr Counseling Richmond IN Brad Cooper Merl E. Mangum Vincent Dunbar Steven McFadden Janet Myers, Biblical Studies Regina S Springer Bib Studies John Gerig Kenneth Shields Wheeler Ml .gun SY' Associate of Arts not pictured Pauline Rose Beer, Chr. Couns., Lowell Eugene Burrus, P.M., Rita Marie Grever, Early Child., John Robert Kitchen, Lorraine Kay Meek, Bib. Stud- ies, Becky Padgett, Early Childhood, Ann Steury Tomlinson was 4 ff' I' 0"lr., ' I' . -. - A 'i I 57, Ri.. . , F-X if .rff :.1.l-XY" ,iff J Faculty and Staff Dick Baxter Wava Bueschlen Dana L. Collins Barbara Coon Carole Demond Assistant Director Director Assistant Professor Acting Dean Instructor Christian Service Library Music Student Services Christian Ed. Arlan Birkey Daryl Cartmel Eunice J. Conrad William A. Deans Sterling Dernond Associate Professor Chairman Associate Professor ASSiSfaf1T Prof. Chairman Greek and Bible Dept. of Missions English Christian Soc. Work Dept. Chr. Ed. Edith Ehlke Professor Correspondence Dept. Marlene Everson Assistant Prof. Music ij A Harvey R. Bostrom Professor President Dr. Weddle's students congratulate her on completing her dectorate with a special cake and all the trimmings. FAR RIGHT: Rev. Cartmel gets celebrated on his "Can- garoo" birthday. Joy Gerig Director Christian Service Wesley Gerig Chairman Div. Bib. Studies 1 fir .. ly . ' . X Donna Grabill Instructor Applied Music Bradley Grabill Instructor "Q, 'N ,Uv ' 114 - 'g 1 ,fi .1 Z? I l fri? .1 rv - l':5f.:1- . -,.-I 'I .ri- I f Doris J. Grimes Assistant Director Library Kevin Hagelin Instructor Christian Education Social Studies Faculty and Staff 128 Grant Hoatson Director Instructional Services Robert J. Hughes Professor Science and Bible Kathleen Kephart Instructor Physical Ed. Don Klopfenstein Assistant Prof. Correspondence Dept. l Ronald W. Leigh Associate Prof. Christian Education Sharon Ruth Linton Instructor Music 'li I fy Joan Mayers Associate Prof. Psychology Stephen H. Morely Assistant Prof. Physical Education . V I Wljli .Ji ' 5 fillff. Q, will A 'fwfr 1- X 'N V252 N W -ffnefufz mama 5 Ted D. Nickel Chairman Dept. Teacher Education Jay Platte Chairman Dept, Music I I 'I Ronald Scharfe Associate Prof. Bible Sonja S. Strahm Assistant Prof. English Q E 5 , . -2' , 4 . Robert Strubhar Chairman Dept. Patsoral Ministries Max D. Wanner Instructor Social Science Alice Joy Weddle Associate Prof. Elementary Ed. Faculty and Staff Forest W. Weddle Dennis A. Williams Instructor Dean of Men Marsha Wright Professor Bible Herald Welty Associate Prof. Instructor Registrar Music 129 Jeffrey Carlson Operations Manager Staff and Faculty B. Artherhults Sec.fReceptionist Linda Adams Correspondence Records Secretary Dept. Student Services Char Binkley Curtis Alexander WBCL Assist. Dir. WBCL Announcer Assist Prof. Psy. Janel Bowman Secretary Music Department Ruth Burns Sec. to Vice Pres. Academic Affairs Connie Clauss Scheduling Sec. Instructional Serv. Marsha Byall Ron L. Coffey Office Manager Resident Advisor WBCL Schultz Hall Lisa Calhoun Warren Crawfis Secretary Maintenance Worker Student Services Physical Plant 620' ,- l df F A1 A gf. A-" Q' A.. if 4.1 .fa 65 f f 1 1. " 1 Wx i Q93 QU ,t 'H Sherri Davis Public Relations Staff Writer Rebecca Jo Diemer Secretary Correspondence Dept. Howard Dunlap Dir. Church! Alumni Relations Ruth Dunlap Sec. Church! Alumni Relations 1 .ar -1 4 Nb 130 J' LEFT: Kay Kinser and Deb Springer discussing the nine to five routine. Marjorie Fredricks Sec. Development Deb Gerig Teacher Assistant Lisa Goodman Resident Advisor Bethany Dorm Ada Hausser Physical Plant Jan Hoffman Director Financial Aid Marjorie Holloway Word Porcessing Operator Sherril Houser NCR Operator! Bookkeeper 1 -1 - Q -I 1 .fi ,, F, . 3' if If Nancy Huffman Secretary Correspondence Dept. Vicki Jacobs Administrative Assistant to Pres. Staff and Faculty Robert Jones Director Public Relations Joanne Kingsbury Cashier! Bookkeeper Homer F. Kirchner Field Representative Lynn Koch Secretary Public Relations Deb Lehman Admissions Counselor Karen Leigh Secretary to the Faculty 7.5 ,' 1 QC F W' Q A iv- 'ffn ,2- n-ll' ' Lgwavz h 4 . I LEFT: ls the air very thin up there? Sharathon '82 goes over the top. Staff and Faculty Jeffrey Ling Director Admissions Gary Litwiller Assistant Director Admissions 1523 ' ,ga , ,Y ,il-' .lf y f? ' ' U C ,. l -: 3 fav Steve Manning WBCL Announcer Kay Morley, Secretary A, C. Neuenschwander, Secretary Christian Service Rose Ann Nickel Director lnstruc. Materials Center rw-F -I - 'ff . ft 11'r fs: I ffl 1 W , H ' I. f f .v to X " F J I l .3 4 Teresa Nussbaum Sec. to Director Business Affairs "Pat" Patterson Business Affairs Administrator .AL rf' ' Donald Postel Director Business Affairs Edison Reynolds Director Physical Plant Department QW n 4 V an .4 'v- -, t"'f-' 'f xr. . L: . b Air .I 1 be . - f ir ' -5. nv ,5 . . .v ' ,. 'T' xp 'M chu... .-.' wg ., -- '- 7-, we ' 'Lf 2 'VA ' ."' .Ar -1' . , ,. ' ' Ev N f ,, . ' I g s -11-r, -NH . '11 . .M ,aa A, . -1 - , ,, -- ' - sa' ,., ' V' , ina r A no X -1:11. :Cf , , L. 1.:4...:.- ,- - ' Sandy Rhonemus Director Saga Food Service Phil Richard WBCL News Director LaVera Sauder Supervisor Mailing Department K. Schladenhauffen Printer Arlene Schlatter Sec. to Director ofthe Library Evelyne Schmidt Head Bookkeeper Ruth Silvers Assist. Librarian Jon Skillman WBCL Program Dr. Deborah Stuckey Bookkeeper Teri Sueyoshi Switchboard Staff and Faculty John Sullivan Joseph Updegrove Keith Vincent Julie Weber Maintenance Worker Regional Director Vice President Secretary to Physical Plant Development Office of Development Dir. of Admissions James Tolbert Charlene Vincent Linda Waters Peg Zbinden Deb Zurcher Dev. Coordinator Special Assistant Word Processing Resident Advisor WBCL-Dir. of 81 Dir. Data Service Daily Walk Operator Lexington Dorm Special Events in 1' J' X 1 . 1' 1 l is-if -17-25 - V, Vx A J X :V ' 1 .I ef A l ABOVE: Student inteIligence's number one agent, Denny Williams, returns from an assignment incognito-or-Student Services personnel observing the arrival of Mike Wallace and the 60-Min- utes camera crew. FAR LEFT: Warren Crawfis prepares to go ice fishing on a "typical" winter day in Fort Wayne. IL..ff nticipation, Reflection, Farewell eye! Baccalaureate offered the Bible College family an op- portunity to join with the graduates in a special worship service of thanksgiving and challenge. Coach Steve Morley encouraged the seniors to become servants to those they are ministering to and to allow suffering to bring about a fuller commitment of their lives to God. In the spirit ofthe Apostle Paul, he closed with an exhorta- tion and loving farewell. For graduating seniors, commencement brought re- flection on God's faithfulness in the accomplishment of a sought-after goal and anticipation of exciting exper- iences yet to come. Dr. Abe Van Der Puy, chairman of the board of World Radio Missionary Fellowship, spoke of the abilities God has given us to do His work and asked, "Will you do it?" After receiving their degrees, the graduates greeted friends and relatives on Founder's lawn in the glorious sunshine of a perfect day. 41 i .ll 115'- 4 AA JN UPPER FAR LEFT: Lowell Burrus helps Pat Rice, a mother who persevered. LOWER FAR LEFT: Herald Welty presents degrees for the last time as registrar. UPPER MIDDLE LEFT: Coach Morley bids farewell to the graduates at baccalaureate. LOWER MIDDLE LEFT: Dr. Bostrom extends a hand of congratulations, LEFT: Dr. and Mrs. Weddle say Aloha to Butch Kahawai and his mother. ABOVE: Dr. Van Der Puy states, "You can! Will you?" 135 1 !3. Avoid spilling blood 24. how our union lives Cfhc News--Sentinel nv- ln lllwll XX an Sadat ilain In iairo Ks N 1 I , A rg:-nlim J ,, ., E Q Q g ...A - 4, A - l' lw-l . Zlllh "-'fe r .- R f ' 'S f 'ey I i - 3 . .K .""'l-. ' 'X - ' . 3 4 y NX -W x A 8 '- -r ' ' , 'Y i R98 3ll to sl llil s , , ,,, no .n ..,. ..,.,-.4 rv---4 . ,rv , ' ,.,,,,,,..,,-.,..,4 -. i ., , ..,M..f A L ., , - ' "- 5 n.- ,.. - .f .nu ...u . n.:-1 1 '- uve -1 r- '-' 4 ' " -H ' " FO fal I IS to states f' -y..M.4.........,...4...,,...1 inn.. .4....u...'- -Af - ' 9 Y.-K',MH .eq ll. .inn ..--4 .4-fain-1..1. A... n-1.4r1...f,n,,,.i , . , .,.,.,,.w--'f"""l""'- 4 ' ' 1 -A H I 5fhliy,5hnuayll.lil1 . , ,mv -M Hf-bels Op:-n l' :re DIS 1 ' fefk' ' asefln I I :mm , 4 ' 'H , - 5... mf. nun.-.. NMI- ,..........., . ....,. -.,. ....,.,.- .X . -..... -...... .' K ' -N - 1 fNllUll'crr' Y' W, wma Hoon ' 1 ' l'fm.l-m Anuurtmln J. 1, , p 1 J- Var., Q - was nwvuumntrll luflny It '14, uk , hpnonnbm-. 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I :sie QQ -' haul ti L HS. f Jgf I IU M A Nl 5 .l -1wf'- X ' . - xsvl 1 NN , x ' 1 . b V. 'rss X A , wx--,. If 'Q ' '- " . X- '13 Q, - e QA- W 5 "- .. ' X -'Y L., X 1 -ni. N A' , 'N 1 A Dream Come True On May 7, 1982 a dream came true. The new Rey- nolds Building, housing campus maintenance, was dedi- cated in honor of Edison Reynolds, the physical plant director who had the dream. This facility, which was funded and equipped by community contributions, ex- panded the work area and enhanced the efficiency and safety of the maintenance operation. At the dedication Eddie stated, "There isn't a day that goes by that I don't praise the Lord for this new building." 40 4 A Abbott, K, 49,105 Ackerman, M, 105 Adams, B, 28, 114 Albarran, J, 80, 119, 123 Alexander, C, 18, 118 Amstutz, A, 110 Anderson, N, 110, 77 Ayabe, J, 35, 52, 78, 110 Ayabe, Jo, 74, 82, 83. 119 Award, B, 26 B Badgerow, B, 80, 88, 103, 110 Bailey, L, 118 Baker, K, 72, 103 Baker, Ki, 78, 110 Baker, P, 43, 52, 77, 105 f Baker, T, 18, 28, 77, 83, 119 Ball, E, 114 Barnett, J, 80, 79, 105 Baughman, B, 18, 28, 78, 119 Bearss, P, 64, 65, 78, 105 Beer, P, 114, 126 Bennett, L, 48, 77, 110 Bettinger, D, 23, 52, 79, 110. 121 Beutler, D, 47, 57, 119 Bilger, J, 77, 110 Black, B, 18, 119 Black, P, 64, 70, 77, 105 Blue, D, 79, 119 Booker, L, 77, 105 Bos, C, 35, 36, 44, 45, 52, 110 Bowditch, D, 110 Bower, S, 80, 82, 118 Bowles, K, 77, 105 Boyer, B, 78, 110 Boyer, M, 73, 105 Brandenberger, M, 22, 79, 110 Breniser, T, 77, 114 Brinkman, M, 49, 58, 74, 105 Brown, C, 73, 83, 18, 98, 110. 110, 113 Brown, D, 30, 52, 78, 110 Brown, J, 74, 105 Brown, R, 72 Brown, S, 80, 101, 114 Burger, J, 76, 83, 102, 105 Burgess, T, 78, 105 Burke, S, 73, 83, 95, 105 Burke, S, 73, 83.95, 105 Burkey, J, 30, 77, 83, 11, 110 Burkey, S, 60, 61, 103, 119 Burnett, R, 72, 126 Burrus, L, 126, 134 Butler, R, 75, 83, 110 Byerly, B, 64, 72, 114 C Cairl, D, 60, 61, 78, 114 Carpenter, S, 22, 75, 110 Carroll, D, 59, 76, 105 Cartwright, C, 75, 110 Chambers, D, 76, 114 Christen, T, 105 Church, K, 120 Claassen, L, 113 Clement, D, 114 Coffey, D, 47, 117 Coffman, L, 64, 65, 70, 73, 89, 114 Colgrove, L, 64, 65, 70, 73, 89, 114 Colgrove, G, 112 Collins, D, 47,90 Collins, M, 56, 90 Collins, R, 76, 105 Conner, W, 105 Conrad, R, 114 Cook, J, 76, 105 Cook, P, 51, 52, 73, 101, 114 Cooper, B, 49, 126 Cooper, D, 22, 73, 83, 84, 85. 115 Copeland, D, 77, 83, 118 Cowen, M, 78.93, 115 Cox, S, 111 Crist, B, 28, 72, 115 Crockett, J, 80, 87, 111 Cuckler, J, 22, 35, 52, 72, 105 Cummins, D, 74, 115 Cushing, D, 47, 83, 72, 120 D Davidson, S, 78, 85, 118 Davis, S, 78, 111 DeBoer, L, 80, 88, 101, 115 Diaz, G, 21, 73, 115 DiCamillo, K, 105 Diller, K, 122 Diller, T, 62, 77, 94, 105 Dilley, G, 18 Doty, J, 38, 39, 43, 52, 72, 105 Douras, M, 73, 83 Dudley, N, 79, 83.93, 114, 115 Dunbar, V, 126 Dunlap, J, 20, 21, 30, 42, 78. 105 E Eastman, N, 79, 115 Elston, J, 106 Erdel, R, 74 F Fancher, M, 76, 118 Fansler, D, 49, 106 Farran, D, 28, 79, 106 Fidler, R, 111 Follas, L, 73, 115 Fowler, D, 64, 78, 19, 111 Fox, C, 60, 61, 111 Fretz, W, 106 Fritcha, B, 111 Fry, W, 47, 52, 115 Fulton, C, 120 Fye, T, 78, 87, 106 G Gagnon, D, 58, 75, 87, 106 Garrett, J, 78, 115 Gates, H, 118, 122 Gehman, J, 106 Gerig, Je, 16, 49, 100, 111 Gerig, Jo, 16, 21, 35, 48, 49. 103, 126 Gibbs, D, 80, 106 Gifford, N, 80, 118 Gilbert, M, 115 Givler, C, 74, 83, 115 Gosser, T, 50, 51, 52, 80, 106 Gould, D, 22, 47, 57, 67, 90. 118 Gregory, S, 77, 106 Greth, C, 120 Grever, R, 45, 52, 78, 111, 126 Griffin, C, 77, 86, 118 Gruber, D, 80, 111 H Haagner, A, 74 Hall, C, 106 Hall, K, 22, 76, 111 Halverstadt, A, 47, 115 Hansrajh, A, 24, 74, 83, 102. 98, 115 Harley, L, 73, 106 Harrigan, D, 122 Harris, R, 78, 111 Harvey, P, 76 Hauser, N, 18, 120 Hayes, B, 60.61, 74, 115 Head, R, 74, 106 Hebert, L, 77, 111 Heidinger, R, 115 Heiser, J, 80, 83.98, 120, 123, 125 Herman, R, 49, 106 Herr, C, 73, 106 Herrberg, N, 61, 78, 113, 115 Herring, B, 51, 52, 115 Hill, C, 81, 83, 98, 115 Hill, R, 83, 83, 114 Hilty, S, 120 Hirschy, A, 79, 120 Hirschy, J, 106, 76 Hoatson, R, 18, 81, 83, 118 Hodge, T, 30, 52, 78, 115 Hodges, N, 23, 83, 73, 105. 111 Hoenzsch, F, 79, 111 Hogg, K, 78 Houser, S, 80 Huggins, J, 18, 116 Hughes, D, 11, 18, 47, 90, 91. 121 Hughes, J, 52 Hughes, Jo, 30, 34, 52, 79, 100 Hunter, A, 106 Hylton, R, 30, 31, 39, 43, 52. 106 Hurst, M, 111 I Ingram, D, 75, 106 Irwin, C, 35, 36, 37, 52, 73, 77, 83, 114 lsnogle, J, 75, 101, 116, 133 Iwai, N, 75, 100 J Johnson, A, 72, 106 Johnson, E, 22, 72, 111 Student Index Neal Hauser-Sports Editor Miss Conrad, Miss Weddle-Advisors Jojean Thompson-Christian Service Jim Barnett-Photographer Jane Yoder-Academics 141 Student Index Kathy Witzig-Academics Rick Collins, Lanette Mckeehan, Cindy Mueller Rhett Butler-Assist. Editor Vine Staff Retreat 142 Johnson, L, 74, 83, 110, 126 Jones, M, 116 Jones, V, 72, 95, 106 K Kahawai, T, 18, 47, 49, 90, 91. 121, 135 Kalt, D, 80, 85, 116 Karnes, C, 116 Kehler, J, 77, 83, 116 Keller, K, 73, 111 Kesler, C, 18, 76, 83, 118 King, L, 122 Kishimoto, S, 111 Kistler, M, 24, 121 Kitchen, J, 126 Klay, J, 35, 45, 52, 73, 83, 110. 111 Kneuss, T, 75 Kosrow, C, 21, 35, 52, 75, 107 Krallman, J, 76. 107 Krider, W, 81, 111, 123 Krueger, A, 121 Kruizenga, J, 107 Kundert, J. 120 L Lam, K, 49, 121 Lay, B, 79, 121 Lay,L,57,5s,e1,111 Lay, R, 81, 83, 105, 107 Lee, P, 73, es, ua Leedy, P, 80 Lehman, H, 39, 42, 30, 52, 72, 116 Lehman, R, 72, 111 Lehr, G, 75, 83, 89, 100, 121 Lepley, K, 73 Liechty, S, 74, 107 Liechty, T, 72 Lindstrom, K, 79, 107 Lininger, J, 62, 80, 116 Little, M, 77, 107 Loewen, L, 78, 107 Logan, T, 74, 83, 84, 111 Loucks, G, 18, 77, 86, 83, 84. 85, 118 Loucks, B. 73, 82, 83, 116 Lucas, R, 47 Lugibihl, D, 107 Luganbin, G, 118 M McBride, L, 76, 89, 111 McCarthy, S, 73, 111 McCormick, J, 116 McCormick, K, 30, 39, 41, 52, 79, 122 McCormick, Ka, 107 McFadden, S, 74, 126 McGrath, M, 93, 122 McKenna, K, 51, 52, 73, 122 McKeehan, L, 52, 72, 107 McMinn, R, 74, 116 Mabe, J, 78, 107 Mabee, D, 78, 118 Madison, K, 118 Mains, R, 64, 80, 116 Mangum, M, 18, 126 Manner, J, 15, 35, 45, 52, 90, 91, 118 Marlowe, T, 107 Marstaller, J, 122 Meek, L, 79, 83, 116, 126 Meek, S, 107, 20, 78 Melo, S, 24, 111,72 Messner, L, 107 Mikel, M, 30, 52 Milakovic, J, 80, 102, 111 Miller, D, 73 Miller, J, 73, 116 Miller. T, 107 Miller, To, 30. 22, 52, 77, 83. 84, 111 Morley, R, 76 Moser, P, 76, 83, 98, 111 Mueller, L, 73, 86, 98, 111 Murray, M, 75, 98, 83, 116 Myers, J, 126 Myers, K, 72, 107 N Nantz, C, 62, 75, 112 Nantz, L, 73 Nayrocker, D, 75, 122 Nearhood, C, 75, 111 Nehrke, J, 75, 107 Nelson, M, 74, 116 Newcomb. A. 58, 75 Niccum, T, 18, 73, 83, 82, 116 Nielssen, N. 62. 63, 75, 83. 114, 116 Nolte. G, 81 Norris, O, 122 Ortiz, A, 122 Oyer, J, 126 P Padgett, R, 80, 126 Palms,D,11,18,74,116 Pebley, C, 78, 116 Pavkov, J, 16, 64, 76, 112 Paxton, J, 68, 72, 112 Pearman, M, 68, 72, 112 Peck, G, 75, 116 Pede, B, 80, 108 Pepple, J, 13 Perkins, N, 80. 112 Perl, C, 79, 108 Person, B, 58 Petro, T, 111 Pettit. J. 39, 41, 52, 79, 102, 121, 122 Polly, J, 76 Postel, P, 35, 52, 76, 83, 112 Prentice, C, 73, 108 Pridmore, A, 72, 112 Priest, T, 79, 118, 120 Prince, G, 39.42, 52, 112 Prout. J, 72, 108 R Rajaonarivony, C, 74, 108 Rahrer, G, 39, 52, 108 Rassi, A, 77, 112 Rawley, G, 78, 117 Redding, D, 108 Rhoades, B, 80, 117 Rice, P, 123, 134 Ridley, 75, 108 Ronde, J, 21, 20, 35, 36.37. 52, 108 Rose, S, 82, 83, 78, 117 Rossi. J. 80. 83, 123 Roth, R, 118 Roussos, S, 80, 120, 123 Rowe, P, 72, 88, 112 Rupp, M, 83, 84, 79, 93, 118 Rupp, T, 108 Russell, D, 77, 108 Rydzinski, M, 47, 90, 123 S Sauder, C, 77, 112 Schenker, D, 90 Schippers, K, 59, 76, 108 Schlak, D, 58, 74, 108 Schlatter, J, 18, 35, 36, 52, 72 89, 94, 108 Schlatter, S, 18, 30, 33, 49, 52 76, 101, 102, 103, 123 Schuler, R, 57, 73, 117 Schwartz, M, 73, 108 Selden, D, 74, 107, 108 Shaffer, T, 75, 83, 93, 100. 119, 123 Shaw, S, 45, 46, 124 Sheehan, K, 18.80, 124 Sherman, S, 30, 33, 52, 89. 118 Shields, K, 77, 117 Slocum, S, 50, 51, 52, 76, 108 Smidtz, C, 60, 61, 63. 83, 84. 78 Smith, A, 75, 108 Smith, P, 108 Smith, V, 35, 52, 76, 83, 119. 124 Sonnal, A, 30, 32, 52, 75, 124 Sonnentag, L, 77, 108 Sordelet, T, 77, 95, 103. 117 Sorisho-Chamaki, N, 72, 112 Sowers, B, 75, 113 Sowers, K, 80, 87, 89, 118 Spence, D, 22, 72, 113 Springer, D, 18, 76, 70, 83. 119, 124, 130 Springer, J, 62, 66, 74, 100. 126 Springer, M, 75, 83, 117 Springer, R, 74, 83, 126 Sprow, B, 78, 113 Sprunger, R, 30. 39, 52, 73. 108 Stairhime, E, 78, 107, 113 Stark, S, 15 Stedcke, J, 25, 117 Steiner, A, 77, 113 Steiner, K, 79, 124 Sterner, B, 80, 108 Stine, D, 58, 109 Stoddard, M, 57, 58, 72, 113 Stowell, K, 109 Strome, S, 77, 109 Stroup, A, 22, 62, 81, 118 Stroup, C, 73 Stroup, L, 117 Stuart, D, 77, 109 Stuckey, T, 44, 45, 46, 52, 74, 109 Studebaker, K, 80 Sudmann, A, 118 Swalm, C, 74, 117 T Tadsen, R, 45, 52, 74, 109 Tatum, G, 18, 75, 125 Taylor, J, 47, 113 Teft, R, 77 Tennyson, W, 73, 117 Thompson, B, 14, 82, 83, 118 Thorson, K, 80, 113 Throesch, T, 78, 109 Tops, W, 125 Traxler, K, 79, 118 Trott, B, 74 Tucker, K, 23, 39, 40, 52, 79, 121, 125 Tomlinson, A, 126 U Ummel, K, 18, 72, 100, 113 V Vale, R, 49, 56, 73, 94, 109 Varga, J, 72, 109 Vincent, C, 18, 30.33, 52, 82, 83, 78, 117 Vincent, M, 109, 58, 52, 30, 72 Vincent, V, 74, 118 W Walker, H, 109 Waggoner, J, 72, 82, 83, 117 Walker, C, 22, 113 Walter, J, 80, 117 Warner, M, 18, 39, 40, 52, 79, 83, 101, 125 Watkins, A, 109, 42, 79 Watson, D, 91, 117 Way, E, 75, 109 Webb, D, 80, 118 Weber, D, 47, 125 Weber, R, 76 Wehner, P, 45, 52, 81, 83, 113 Weitzel, S, 30, 32, 52, 75, 125 Wenger, J, 77, 109 Wheeler, W, 109 White, C, 117 Widmark, A, 75, 83, 117 Wilka, L, 45, 52, 74, 113 Wilson, D, 113 Witzig, K, 45, 46, 73 Woodard, R, 125 Wright, M, 23, 80, 86, 88. 89 Y Yeats, T, 80, 113 Yoder, E, 109, 75 Yorston, I, 74, 113 Young, J, 118 Young, Ke, 109 Young, Ki, 79 Z Zernack, L, 21, 50, 52, 51, 80, 109 Zimmerman, S, 18, 76, 125, 100 Zurcher, F, 73, 109 Faculty-Staff Index Adams, L, 130 Alexander, C, 130 Artherhults, B, 130, 27 Baxter, D, 127, 110, 10, 83 Binkley, C, 130, 131 Birkey, A, 127, 11, 82, 83, 93 Bostrom, H, 131, 127, 93, 94, 101,68,134,140 Bowman, J, 130 Bueschlen, W, 127, 100 Burns, R, 130 Byall, M, 130 Calhoun, L, 130, 133 Carlson, J, 130 Cartmel, D, 127, 129, 83, 24, 94 Clauss, C, 130 Coffey, R, 130, 133, 93 Collins, D, 127, 17 Conrad, E, 127, 10,83 Coon, B, 127 Crawfis, W, 130, 132 Cox, l, 96 Davis, S, 130 Deans, W, 127 Demond, C, 14, 127 Demond, S, 15, 27 Dunlap, H, 93, 130 Dunlap, R, 130 Ehlke, E, 127 Everson, M, 127, 100, 116 Fortriede, D, 83, 84 Gerig, Gerig, Gerig, Gerig. Gerig, B, 27 D, 131 I, 70, 16 J, 128 W,128,11,10O Goodman, L, 131 Grabil, B, 128 Grabil, D, 128 Grimes, D, 128, 23 Hagelin, K, 128, 83, 69, 98 Hausser, A, 131 Hoatson, G, 128, 114, 83, 93 Hoffman, J, 131 Holloway, M, 131 Houser, S, 131 Hughes, R, 128, 10 Hull, S, 27 Jacobs, V, 131, 21 Jetmore, C, 103, 96 Jones, R, 131 Kephart, K, 128, 35, 37 Kingsbury, J, 131 Kinser, K, 131 Kirchner, H, 131 Klopfenstein, D, 128 Koch, L, 131 Lehman, C, 131 Leigh, K, 131 Leigh, R, 128, 14 Ling, J, 132 Linton, S, 128 Litwiller, G, 132 Lutton, D, 6, 27 Manning, S, 132 Mayers, J, 129,83 Morley, K, 132 Morley, S, 134 Neuenschwander, C, 132 Nickel, R, 132 Nickel, T, 129, 10, 82, 22 Nussbaum, T, 132, 80 Patterson, P, 132 Platte, J, 129, 17 Postel, D, 132 Reynolds, E, 132, 107, 96, 140 Rhonemus, S, 132, 96 Richard, P, 132 Sauder, L, 132 Scharfe, R, 129, 119, 11, 83, 93 Schladenhautfen, K, 132 Schlatter, A, 132 Schmidt, E, 133 Silvers, R, 133 Skillman, J, 133 Smith, F, 96 Stoller, V, 21 Strahm, S, 62, 129, 83, 84 Strubhar, R, 129, 12, 13, 7 Stuckey, D, 133 Sullivan, Ja, 96 Sullivan, Jo, 133, 140 Sueyoshi, T, 133 Tolbert, J, 133, 20 Updegrove, J, 133 Vincent, C, 133 Vincent, K, 133 Wanner, M, 129 Waters, L, 133 Weber, J, 133 Weddle, A, 128, 83, 93, 22 Weddle, F, 129, 11, 135 Welty, H, 129, 134 Williams, D, 129, 92, 30, 31 Wright, M, 129 Zawahari, l, 96 Zurcher, D, 135 Paula Wehner-Business Manager Organizations Editor Joe Crockett Norm Gifford-Photographer Tim Niccum-Editor Staff-Fac Index 143 I 5' -F 1., A, J- -. i 'T ,F , Q.. llc.- Time, effort, concern,isacrifice, years of total involvement You have given freely to this publication You have demonstrated the true meaning of the word dedication We applaudgyoti, Miss Conrad 1' , ' 1Q Y, F . Vine Staff 1982 ' 1 ,A t . iff ' U 'rl V Eff E . -s ' - J. -.-A ww, 'A 4.1-I , '- -' f f'1L5"i"1- ,L. V ' "l Y SQ'-gag: . 'f'-2.3 - . H NP'-"wav, '--I-ah:-v1, , Y. . - if fa,-my-,:. '1f+-r-'.!fY-.:- -im, mu ,nu 2 .- 1 R E .ml ,c '.,i.,.f?b, 4.5 A QA ,Q A-4-Q - , . I V 5 - A - ' , , " :Qualify- -. ,Ag . ' .:f13'ff -'-v f ?i ms- , fi ww .4 - ' ' 15 '- f"--'f'HS'.-, ?1',l", 'Q5'41i'1?7 Y. h ,E 3: 1 K, .Y 1,5 ,. -L, .1-fl 4. L Li ki. nc, - , Q, 'Y 45 Q. . VS 57, ,QA Q, Q. ,. .- 1' LKZHLJ ' iff V1-"Qv'Lp':'fhiil2 figgviisff , 42 ' ', tu- '- ' . ' 1 if A "Kirk 1 4 ' . A - ' f -'.:-,spasm . '- ' . - -411 - , X . A x- M 5 X: Q X . xg I I J . 1 ,x 1 1 S l A N A . 1 - if . '::f- V- Q 1 r Sv f I x n " W AA, ,. . .. .,.,,.-,-.- 1, A ..a w if 'r, E 0 1 '

Suggestions in the Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) collection:

Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


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