Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN)

 - Class of 1977

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f Y-2, A+, '5:":"X-f fm 11 'Z-N F34 X Y 'uv' 4, ,:.H"':fT'I!J ' in AG"!'WYmm, .LL 2 E z E Z Uv S v ,mx 1 - .A ff "V X . X. X ,. .Ny ' 5 ag, Q iq I-W . -x .. . 'X' 4 M' Age, M , We y x.-'.- 1 ' IF!-Y jf L fuk, X JW aff. if, GSK " gg? Q f fx ,- l V Q- X- 44' A 5.1 1. I- r,, '-T 1' wif ' 'S' '- 'a .X . X., ' -. W--,AMX ,V , vig N.,--tx "i'fli3xE.'Qiz-'FP "W If rf' 5 ' if f we:-J..xos.'.x::.N::Ab1:?.f.:12'a4:' 3 w 1 1 ' X X 'g3j::fs' f-'.waxf+rfsN X x x gm: wwfMex-gf:SS?S5iLI N xNY1.P's-,- 'X fl- I-': ki: -- --..,:rf.l, ,, :ffl- ff s.-fsgafmy - 'S John 15:5 "I am the vine. ye .ire the branches: He that nbideth in me and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit, for without Me ye can do nothing." ' RHF. pf:-'-kt ' K " AS"?'v-J ' .V .X-H 1 V - ' 4 K 355- . 5' V 1 , . ' Q ,li.-vv? 4, ,- Q: , Q '-:g l N- Q 11: fl 1' ' A ' Y Yi? N 3 X X is N EA K ' X :Sw ,N 2' rig? , X r 'R 'I 'S . , ' f55fQ5"'ffif,.ff, 1, U - wx. W g Qf -'fx W 4 ' H' , I-u , S- c-5, ff 4- 5? wx The close of another year. . . lt hardly seems or the Student Union was filled with weary possible that just a few days ago the chapel scholars relaxing from the pressures of the echoed with the harmony of four hundred day.And now. . .only silence and emptiness. students singing "Wonderful Grace of Jesus" EG Q . A s W N x ,F x v x v ..- x N., M., X xwww.-ww xwx Na+ .,,..m..,.,4.v.x-4 K 0 xx , .11.a-Qrrsrf:-is-.Qi Q V 0.91- n "'l1xax:f 11 '-'fbEbE3l I f ' :xx .123 :dag f I +2-:Queer K X vu'-:Y 1 six. 35353: 1 f:T'5i:k1?SR7SiE: , FKANXEQQN A-Liga Q-20455039 ,ggi N -i, . . 5 La "X X ww! 'v ,A ,,,.w, ' Q I dll- ? .., T ,, ge: I I Q0 v-.+,1 Po., 'in Bm-E nf 4552 95 'fi mg zu! -if i"1'-if -E 'Ju :Q I ,W-,,....,. ,.,Y ,.. , x I w - A W . 1 2 , U X M.: . ' 3.9, 4 ,I .4-Y vi ay 'xt-nf xi , JL P , ' ' .. .. , H555 w,-ge:x-140 3 5? fe- R, ' 'Jr H , ,fp .X fra . ,X-1 . urn-. . ..- vm i . E 1-l-,xg as N -. " ' -I . 'K X. . , ...Q . yu N... . .kg ' - V. .L .W ' 4 And in the beginning there were retreats and more retreats and more retreats. And there were meetings und more meetings and more meetings I ' 1 3 lt was a time for reacquaintanees and lun as well as for planning and praying'-all in preparation lor the new year. To returning students it was a reunion and to the new students it was the greeting: Welcome to Fort Wayne Bible College. Freshman: l. a beginnerg novice 2. a student in the ninth grade in high school, or one in the first year ol' college 3. a person in his first year at any enterprise. -probationer -frosh -see amateur ffm , 4- 1' w if J' 3 5 , 1 X ,S Y, I I 5: T X 55 xx V 5 " ,Q Q '2 r QF mfs w Q' R w, . 9M. S fig! "fM'sf' ,.,..,1-' . 'LBJ Dedication: A Very Special Lady She's energetic and delightful: she has a beautiful smile and a bubbling personality: she has a special love for her I.ord and for people. If we had to use one word to describe her. it would be "enthusiastic" The very special lady of whom we are speaking is Mrs, Char Binkley. Char graduated from Fort Wayne Bible College in l965 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and received her M.S. degree from Indiana ljniversity in Fort Wayne. She taught elementary school for six years in the Fort Wayne Community Schools and for one year in Dekalb County. In 1973 she joined the faculty here at Fort Wayne Bible College as professor of psychology and also began serving as Administrative Assistant to our College President. Dr. Timothy Warner. She is now an important part of WBCL Radio. where she serves as Director of Women's Programming. She is the hostess of the daily program. "Spectrum for the Homemakerf' a variety program featuring interviews. hints and tips. recipes. and inspirational thoughts. "Spectrum for the Homemaker" has proven a most popular program with the WBCL listeners. voted as the number one program during the last station survey. Char also is presently serving as banquet and conference speaker on topics relating to family life. personal relationships. and women's interests. A member of several local organizations. Char has served as President of the Indiana Minister's Wives Association for two years. Vice-Chairman of the Fort Wayne Christian Business and Professional Women. and Secretary of the Fort Wayne Education Association. Char was selected as the l972 Outstanding Educator of Fort Wayne. She has been listed in the I968 and I976 editions of Outstanding Young Women offlnierica. Char is the mother of two children, Angela and Andrew. and is the wife of Stephen Binkley. a Personal and Family Counselor at Markle Medical Center. Markle. Indiana. Char and her husband. Steve. present "Prescription for Family Harmony" seminars throughout the Midwest. www 1... A,,. .a. ..,k,. . -"P, .Mr All of this is more than enough proof that Char Binkley is quite a lady. However, along with all her responsibilities as wife, mother, teacher, speaker, and Director of Women's Programming with WBCL. she also took time to give of herselfas advisor forthe Class of l977. She served as advisor for them for two years. This would seem an insignificant position to some, but not to the seniors to whom she was a constant encouragement and delight. For her enthusiasm and self-giving, wc dedicate this book to her. . .along with "her" class, who will most appreciate this particular volume of The Vine, the Senior Class ol' 1977. Q a ' n x 5, -.-- ., ,M . - -P ,. W - ,. - X LW ,. 5 , 'Y .4 V - ,v 1, V , Wy. .sf mx - gl ff: ' 1 ' '.,, 'V , , '-I ' " " ' -QW' 1 v "in il S L-Q-. , . W W, ,- uv,, 1 Y . HN: ' lm vr Q- -U , V U., A "V " wg.: . H V .V ji.: M , ev .,,,v .5 :Phi vu , Xu 161'-', .fr Q 1 ' -il . 5, J H M uf uf 4" 'M 'f .v ' I, , W . 'cTx.v" ,. 1 . .yy .- '. " ,fm ff? ' IJ ' " F 1, 1. 1 ' 'V' 3 1 ,."vv'. 1 V A f ax- ,'t " o 'V M I, , V P O x HL V., N v .v. 7 -he-I lf: , S4 eff. r 'rf iffiizaaf 73. LL iam'--5 5551511 ll " 31:25:35 .j .zu A , 1-.4 4.3 ' .Q Administration f Faculty f Staff "mb, dmini tration Wesley R. Willis, Academic Dean N. . X -' Q f - ' N- L Gene H. Hovee, Dean of Students Richard P. Cook, Director of Business Affairs 535.5 - - u iness ffice -Q-.-,N Charles Belknap, Director of Financial Aids, Computer Services, Evelyn Schmidt' Head Bookkeeper' Carol Bulklee, Clerk-Cashier Not pictured: Vern Rupp, part-time clerk ' !'!N"-"N E fill? illllll 1 P55332- wf - X .3 ku. - , ,..,n, a E 5' N! - E55 - Qui -e.4f'l .3 an 'i" 'Hg " Marilyn Holloway, Secretary to Director of Busine Affairs. i Vicki Wright ,..,WWN-N Adelle Issac, Secretary to the Registrar. i,.s:.lgS3Ql.,I..1E.?'2'. H X . , 'H X 1 Gwenn Miller, Clerk-Cashier Registrafs Gffice mi Herald Welty, Registrar. ,l 5 Z im. x 'N , Zi' ........ "f 9 .V ' x ,tx Edie Barager, Secretary Carol Wolff, Secretary Above: Alida Willis, Secretary to the Director of College Relations. Left: Jeff Ling, Director of Admissions. Admissions Colle e Relation Larry Miller, Director of College Relations. Joan Mayers, Administrative Assistant Student Services ' ,0f QWl,:fWm: .......m-annie Barbara Coon, Dean of Women, Administrative Assistant. Mary Jenkins, Secretary Russell Rodgers, Dean of Men, Resident Advisor Schultz Hall. s P . u 4 ,U 4 in x 'O ' ...f-.A I., . ' 15-4, . . .-t. tint" R' if I . ffm .sq-I -v-3 X W. -- 3,-J - L. , . ..- . . Mp' - gumm- Seated: Lynette Folsom. Standingf Gwen Zeltwanger, resident advisor in Lexington. .sr- , ., ,, ' st., f x, ' , X S".f,a . , .Vx ' - , 5955-Eg -- .... h . ,. 4' lf" Q .V -1... g:Q,.,.- .,-X ..',. -K-1, Qgua. A' I -.. " " ' Q .x- AVN" ,Zvi . " f.Sf,g.,3,.f"?i:fi'vl'k tw,-. ', --fl?-,:,,L" 'A 'o-1 ' , ' e . e - . , lm- .K -- N Y ""J-gags? ,Q V ,s.,mf.iQd,,.,..., the-5 .A 53, Above: Kathy Roath, resident advisor in Bethany frightj. Below: Deborah Gerig, Secretary, and Neysa Costa, resident advisor in Lexington. l llI'SCS Left: Rachelg Jane Stoller, not pictured, Mailroom Print Shop Kay Schladdenhauffen, printer. Linda Taylor, typist. LaVera Sauder, Supervisor Mailing Department. Julie Alvis, Clerk Mailing Dept, J ' ,E .111 I Y-",..-v-1 2 1 l -r" Christian Service Department -www... Richard Baxter, Assistant Director of Christian Service Carole Lubbers, Secretary Above: Susan Londt, Secretary Left: Joy Gerig, Director, Professor Library Rose Ann Nickel, Director of Instructional Materials Center. Mr. t. . . W ..,..,..t ......t.....t...-.,..x.-.-n-s ,ai 4 ' Zffii A .Z Left: Naomi Wiederkehr, Assistant tothe Librarian. Below: Wava Bueschlen, Head Librarian, and Sandra Fennig, Library Secretary. "if Correspondence Studies Cyril Eicher, Director of Correspondence Studies. Barbara Arthurhults, Secretaryg Susan Smith, Secretaryg Donna Lutton, Assistant Director of Correspondence Studies. Qnot pictured: Ruth Dafoe Secretaryj O Bookstore Secretaries H- Ann Neuenschwander. Secretary to the President. vue w 0, it ,.. l ., ' x 1 Q o ei hx A W X ' -, if 'W I I ts X but ji A Q' i1 Above: Jamie Letham, Faculty Secretary. Right: Shirley Troutner, Secretary to Instructional Services Department. Not pictured: Becky Huntly, xv ! Carole Demond. Bookstore Manager Ruth Burns, Secretary to the Academic Dean. A K Y 5- 5.. fi, ff,- hysical Plant Left: Joe Johnson and Gary Temple. rf I Eddie Reynolds, Director. Ada Hausser Janice Snowdon, Switchboard Operator. s..Y The terrible winter kept Gary Temple busy. S I.. y Switch- Qf - i'4,, board S Housekeeping Betty Hurt-sellers, Supervisor of Housekeeping and Student Employment with members of her housekeeping crew. if ,uv Left: Gwen Shirley, cook. Above: Irene Cox, Head Cook. Cafeteria Carson Wells, Saga Food Service Director. Above: Fern Smith. cook. Left: Cleo QGinnyJ Harrison, Head Cook, WBCL I . 2 Debbie Pasko, Secretary Mike Heuberger, WBCL Manager. Not pictured: Jonathan Bulkley Char Binkley, Director of Women's Programing. Brad Grabill, Production Assistant ,Q-mug, xg. fs, -me N -r " G, if Bible Department I L' i i ' r' NN, ,,,,.... ,,...- Fofest W- We'-idle' Professor Wesley Gerig, Professor, Chairman of Division of Biblical Studies. Arlan Birkey, Assistant Professor of Greek and Bible 1 xx -, Ronald Schal-fe, Agggciate Professor of Bible Robert Strubhar, Associate Professor, Chairman of Department of Pastoral Ministries. Christian Education Wayne Widder, Chairman Department of Christian Education. -- ffl., Joseph B. Snider, Assistant Professor of Christian Education. Right: Daryl Cartmel, Chairman Department of Missions Far right: Donald Rickards, Professor of Missions. Music Debbie Doud, Secretary Music Dept. Jay Platte, Chairman Department of Music, and Shirley Platte, part-time instructor in music. HQ!! ,nv-A ,au James Loomis, Assistant Professor of Music. Ira Gerig, Professor of Music. Elementary ducation Jacquilyn Loomis, part-time instructor ' """---U..-. S Left: Ted Nickel, Chairman Department of Teacher Education. Above: Alice Joy Weddle, Associate Professor of Elementary Education. General Studies Ken Goldsmith, Instructor in Psychology. Grant Hoatson, Associate Professor, Director of Instructional Services. ..,..,... E Edith Ehlke, Professor of English. Above: Sonja Strahm, Instructor in English. Below: Don Klopfenstein, Assistant Professor,Correspondence Studies. Robert J. Hughes III, Associate Professor of Science, Chairman of Division. Eunice Conrad, Associate Professor. X . li: ' 1,- I Barbara Ferguson, Assistant Professor l y. r v l N:-'I-"' ::::::?2!2 S-1552: :::S??: N - , X Q . Stephen Morley, Instructor in Physical Education, Athletic Director, Coach in Men's Basketball. The Fund X NQNX fqxx X X X 'lx NX X We Q XQQX ANXWXY :W XX. XX X Xs, N XXAXXQXX X WV XX XXX XSQKSX X X 'N Xw. it 'gm N559 BQ X X tX X v XXX Amy WX XS. X SSX X Y" - w ' ' . f X X' " X . X X X. X ,. N X gm X .Q X' g X XX Qi Fi S X Sggggx X M y X TNXSXNX WX XXNVN NX tv X X XXX KN X N X XX,- X YQNXX xt? NQXQQXXX X Ax QQ' X X X X XXX? QXW fx XX! FY 2 X . . . i,.. X '-e-'-1'fi'l3:i'-is 'WSTTR7 'TTY "N '- 'X X' 'X ' i -', Y Tl' 'Q -. fRV..'53 " " '-. . W ..,X,. .gs . X., I, ., YX , .H l, .x ,- ,gi-'i?S.i1:N,.g""E' X OSH ' . L3 " " .vtvlcfsxx 12:1 X23 ' ' :-. .XXX .X QX.. f .- Vw .mf-frm. -Sys. '- X..+ - XX-X , X' X r -. ,, - XX .Q '- A Y - P54-1 A: X 'X 'X X iSk1N'fW -, N ' X, ':1C'-.x-g:- X -gkbxk k A .X . ,xg , ,Xgg-FX.,-1 '--gnc XX:-, ,s X X ,. Xvbftx-E -:qw X X. . 1 -.rX,,5 ,X ,. - -l .X C,--:QX .-N K--ojf. X ' XX- E51-fl' - N .RWP.f'Xiw-2-f-f:iXr:f",iCwvs'.'2 -X. 1. X- X illfbifwikfz 1 .. ' :fl 50. Cf?-' MX- f- -4- ,X-n.--.fQ1N.XX -.X- . .P if 'is-X--w.XwXfX--.XX--QQ ,-r eq -.X -xr., X 1 ,- 1 .5-ur.-Q -: x :, fx- - - ' 1 , . um.--15f.f,:. 1, -'-Xrfgsl-'eN-.:5,Xgf:,N-.Pg-,-, 'X.aX- .-1 L .. S- 35 EEQLQX' K ' ':Y:T?"',f'1- '- , z. ' ' ' 'iff iihifi-'I-EE'Q1.f,:lx'Lg-rSj',,i X X ,- X . .W - V N X P X M hx ' Q QX XX X A X N XQ Ax, N A XX X N XXQ' 'XX Qt X 1 OX ' x X V , , K 5 hy ical Education X lg' '. '. L1 ff., -- wwf-- 2 4 WTS' r.1:5jf .. sf- ' -ffl? K f-453 2 X ' , ' 972, -" - .1 ?' -NZ? QE-:ig f I ' w- f 'lill-'E'i'?-1"V. .. 'iiayiff Sf. 15 -. V. s. -4 X X , i 7.1 -4, gV"X nv 4.1, . ' 1 5 y., lf P Left: Robert Henehen, Director ofthe Fund. Above: Secretaries, Arlene Schlater Leslie Ferguson, and Pam Woosley, Phyllis Miller. ln structor in Physi cal Education Coach in Wo men's Volleyball. if 'FVEFQW-'NWP'V" . Q 5 . S4 . UNDERCLASSM N jftfshlnfll Linda Abram Debora Ames Michael Amstutz John Anderson Juanita Baker Brooklyn, OH Lancaster, NY Berne, IN Fort Wayne, IN Union Lake, MI Mary Barbuti Gary Bower Sherry Bowles Terrie Brown Debby Buchanan St. Petersburg, FL Mansfield, OH Edon, OH Fairport, NY Stevensville, Ml i Wes 1 cf l I . 351 I ix-A 25' .1 ...u.. A' Tammy Byall Glenna Cairl Kevin Campbell Ruth Cole Janice Cranford Columbia City, IN Butler, IN Ft. Wayne, IN Apple Valley, MN Fort Wayne, IN if Nr Carol Culver Steve Davis Jeannette DeBoer Mike Dell Scott Duncan Berne, IN New Haven, IN Selkirk, Ontario Davisburg, MI Uniondale, IN 38 'T Dennrs Edrnger Carol Edwards Jerry Eldridge James Ellis Tom Ferguson Bluffton OH Battle Creek, MI Auburn IN Ft Wayne IN Ft Wayne IN 55,0 Geff Flsher Randy Fudge Randy Georgl Sara Gerlg Margarett Germaxn Middlebury IN Ft. Wayne, IN Ft Wayne IN Ft Wayne IN Toledo OH Russ Geyer Bill Gonzalez Beverly Gray Kenda Gressley Davrd Grogg Xenla OH Ft. Wayne, IN Dayton OH Columbla Cnty IN Auburn IN l Carlos Harris Ravenna, OH X e-,-Lila: 1 . Cl-W.. -,- .. , .X iv Daniel Hill Peggy Hodges Neumark, W. Germany Highland, CA Leisa Holman Barb Holtzclaw Augusta, ME Mooresville, IN Nita Hoppe Karen Hoverman Gary lnglese Chris Jacko Ted Johnson Loveland, OH VanWert, OH St. Petersburg, FL Cleveland, OH Bradenton, FL Donna Keifer Mike Kitchen Ellwood fSkipJ Kite Rochelle Knudsen Carole Kohli Celina, OH Columbia City, IN Pennsville, NJ New London, OH Pandora, OH A! 3 N-ai Ann Krenriek .lim Lee Mark Lee Michael Lehman Susan Leininger Loudonville, OH Pandora. OH Ft. Wayne, IN Pandora, OH Swanton, OH 'W -'tixiivf 'ii 2' 'wtf 2 es: ' --Nr , .-, 'fl,1-,ix'::":::-- .':-3:-1 ' -3355 .f5,v,-, - ,,4,li,:," W I Q-t AMWIX if '17 Timothy Lengerich Gary Linton Peggy Lundy Robert McKenna Douglas McKnight Berne, IN Ft. Wayne, IN DeGraff, OH Pittsburgh, PA Winchester, IN Karen Meyers Ft. Wayne, IN Duane Nayrocker Wabash, IN P Q Y .Ye .. Christine Morgan Lima, OH Kathy Nayrocker Wabash, IN ev' UV' , -Na Bradley Nussbaum Teresa Nussbaum Brenda Opefllandel' JOHI1 Pelto Jeffery Pepple Berne, IN Monroe, IN Auburn. IN Plymoth, Ml Ft. Wayne, IN if-r Lori Peters Geneva Poorman Joe Purdy Sandra Rash Tammy Renner Zion, IL Wauseon, OH Pandora, OH Decatur, IN Xenia, OH Nw-'I Rick Rigdon Laura Roberts Cindy Roberts Larry Rogers Debbie Ross Angola, IN Alexandria, IN Ft. Wayne, IN Waterloo, IN Walled Lake, MI Brenda Roush Deborah Rupp John Sehlak Melody Schwab Allen Shaw South Bend, IN Palmer, Alaska Lansing, MI Heath, OH Ft. Wayne, IN 5 -4 Richard Sievers Cheryl Sisson Jon Snyder Ft. Wayne, IN Woodburn, IN Cassopolis, MI 'T' 4 I 59' . 127 X l ti by A 2 V - ., 1,QS1'fK I Ellen Springer Lisa Sprunger Chrisis Stubelt Elkhart, IN Berne, IN St. Joseph, MI f . x -'ie Jewel Stutter Dean Stuckey Julie Sutherland Jill Taylor Terri Treadway Pontiac, MI Vencennes, IN Bluffton, IN Bluffton, IN Woodburn, IN ...I Jean Troup Renae Ward Ft. Wayne, IN Olean, NY -til lb S ,Nagy A' ask fx V 5 I M, V - J hula W 4 5- -A ft Gwen Warner Karen Warstler Debra Weber Ft. Wayne. IN Auburn, IN Edgerton, OH Q1-+-W.. . 3 . fl A H . 7?-6160 Mrk 31 4, A 5 Sandra Wehner Mark Whiticar Catherine Wight Sharon Wilson Cheryl Wolfe Pittsburgh, PA Toronto, Ontario Pittsburgh, PA Amherst, OH Terre Haute, IN 'St Keith Wong Carolyn Yoder Daniel Zimmerly Ft. Wayne, IN Medina, OH Bluffton, OH Nm- . 'RANK xv ae. l .sf Not Pictured Keith Adams Linda Adams Bradley Ball Daniel Binkley Henry Clark David Cook Timothy Cooke Wilhemina Dawson Leslie Diehr Gregory Foote Phyllis Gaunt Robert Gratcyk Barbara Harris Rebecca Hawkins William Hoch Marsha Hock Sherril Houser Becky Huntley David Kapaku Jonathan Kaufman Shane Leasier Richard Lindsey Kevin Lloyd Cheryl Mansfield Beth McColley Alan Miller Kenneth Miller Frank Monosmith Merle Moser, Jr. Thomas Pavko Diane Pond Ted Ruch Lawrence See Karen Scher Erin Sueyoshi Frank Tipton Julie Tyrie Frank Wiggin 45 S1:i1I1u111u1'f5f ill'- x 5' Sue Belella Teresa Berger Ellen Bixel Erie Bobilya Brian Brooke Sylvania, OH Mishawaka, IN Bluffton, OH Ft. Wayne, IN South Bend, IN Daniel Burkey . Marsha Byall Steve Cochran Melissa Dell John Dicamillo LaGrange, IN Columbia City, IN Decatur, IN Davisburg, MI Garfield Heights, OH Debra Dickerhoff Margaret Eash Ruth Elliott James Emig Donna Erikson Ft. Wayne, IN N. Liberty, IN Detroit, Ml Broadview Heights, OH South Holland, IL 50" if Dwight Fegley Joan Frederickson Beverly Free Stanley Gerig Bradley Gibson Van Wert, OH Mishawaka. IN Ft. Wayne, IN Kingston, Jamaica South Bend, IN dk Eff- 1 Norman Gifford Yvonne Grady Michael Guthrie Heather Hardy Steve Harrigan Wooster, OH Woodburn, IN Pittsburg, PA E, Rockway,-NY Ft. Wayne, IN Randy Haulk John Hetherington James Hostetler Kim Johnson Kathleen Kaufman Wadsworth, OH Ft, Wayne, IN Columbia City, IN Ft. Wayne, IN Watseka, IL 'T f 'I I K m....,.-sf K5 I .FQUF -ir -'s'.X..-gf : X .x ' ' i Rex Kiefer Sami El-Sharayheh Douglas Kovatch Debbie Lehman Ruth Lehman Bluffton, IN Zarka, Jordan Parma, OH Berne, IN Neuvo, CA Cindy Lieb Douglas Lightcap Richard Lindsey Gary Litwiller Shane Looper Defiance, OH Ft. Wayne, IN Ft. Wayne, IN Berne, IN Elyria, OH all lt, I . LQ William Logue Darlene Loueks Michael Lutz Ron Mann Janet Mast Ft. Wayne, IN Nappanee, IN Cleveland, OH Pipley, NY Osceola, IN , 55-M we ,pw joel MCCIUI-5 Karen McComb Joel McCormick Pekin, IL Hamilton, OH Dayton, OH "0 t N, .5 Qgsgtff' rg' h K ,.,., xx Michael Michaels Rich Mintchell Fremont, OH Ft. Wayne, IN Donna Moody Douglas Moyer Goshen, IN Capesterre, Guadeloupe Craig Nayrocker Wabash. IN Charlie Nelson Bluffton, IN .-.,::-if.- ..... e ,,.- ,,,..., ,W V Yi: S-. ' Film.. Kristine Neuenschwander Thomas Nevil Renae Oser Berne, IN Geneva, IN Ft. Wayne, IN Marie Parry Dana Ponchot Nancy Raney Forest Hill, MD Cincinati, OH Ft. Wayne, IN inert' f Christian Ranly Scott Raymond Tionie Razor Julia Reef Jackie Riggenbach Decatur. IN Columbus, OH Seminole, FL Berne, IN Long Bia, Indonesia ww' , nuff' Gary Ringenberg Joanne Rochling Woodburn, IN Woodburn, IN 1-to ff' 4 Y David Robbins Bruce Rocke Wanda Rodgers Diana Sellers Roberta Seek Antwerp, OH Flanagan, IL Dover, PA Denver, CO Hagerstown, MD nm' cf or" Rf ' 4' ...- Albert Schwartz Mark Schlatter Karen Slaughter Charles Smith Douglas Shively Berne, IN Leo, IN Berne, IN Pittsburgh, PA Churubusco, IN Richard Sommer Leslie Steingass Linda Stoltzfus Rachel Stout Glenn Tamagawa Washington, IL Defiance, OH Carmel, IN Peru, IN Kapaa, HI few, -vs J A W., V--r l Evelyn Tomlinson Mary Waddell Arletta Ware Rachel Weber Jeffery Wells Perkin, IL Pittsburgh, PA Detroit, MI Edgerton. OH Ridgeville Corners, OH I A ff -.....+--., . e-..-..-+,.T.,- . 6:1-,af 14- Karol Whitcher Debra L. White Terry White Thomas Wilson Wendy Wilson Cuyahoga Falls, OH Toledo, OH Heath, OH Cleveland, OH Zionsville, IN 1 ,sr ,f 1' 1 , 3 , NXXM I -.141 : S ei, st , 5 . 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Wayne, IN Cabusauqua, -PA Wabash, IN 'if sits , 'ff' RHI Doane Brubaker Stephen Chapman James Chupp Patricia Clawson Esther Cox New Paris, IN Richwood, OH Nappanee, IN Erie, PA Greenwood, IN -Q-rr Gary Culbertson Douglas Dafoe George Das Donald Deighton Alice Dekle Erie, PA Ft. Wayne, IN Bangladesh Parma, OH Detroit, MI Rob Diamond Eunice Duff Lea Ann Dunlap Jane Fader Gerald Fisher Hutchinson, KS Thomaston, ME Columbia City, IN Santa Barbara. CA Middlebury, IN Lynette Folsom Jeannie Gerig Kenton Gerig Cindy Graeff John Gregory Bedford, PA Ft. Wayne, IN Allentown, PA Zion, IL New London, OH g -9 1' 'fa- Cheryl Gunther Evelyn Hadley Kris Helm Douglas Hess Mark Hewett Covina, CA Palermo, NJ Decatur, IN Osceola, IN Somerville, ME .'.-4 c X'Nxf if Q if ,,,,, W .. 2 . V K Diane Hooley Juliann Hovee Sue Hughes Dennis Jackson Glenda King Ligonier, IN Ft. Wayne, IN Ft. Wayne, IN Palding, OH Charlotte, MI Donald Kinser Mark Krueger Ft. Wayne, IN Snover, MI . ,NNE NX. Kathy LaBree Dan Ledley Colleen Lee Esther Lilly Robert Mangus Augusta, ME Ft. Wayne, IN Zion, IL Orange Park, FL Cambridge City, IN Frank Martin Gay McMichael Ellie McVitte Jerry Miller Candance Mills Warwick, Rl Ft. Wayne, IN Ventura, CA Lafayette, IN Ft. Wayne, IN t Q . . X ' ' , ,-5x ,, W J .I R H ' Q -M XJ x fxux Q54 f -9 . 00' 4 .': ' .',:. ,K , ,. 1 4 , ,, ,1 N., , , 5 1 ef . .t, o 1 f -' Jeanne Mohr Rodney Mosiman Gordon Nickel Paulding, OH Newton, KS Ft. Wayne, IN ' ,,.,..N-f-' -"' ' ...NNW---Q Marie Oberg Dennis Patton Cathy Paules , Phelps, WS Ft. Wayne, IN York, PA ,- Q 'K Q fn, :at 31 5 S115 if ca ' ME, IL Nancy Porter Debra Redding Don Rondy Garnett Roper Keith Rupp Morenci, MI Ft. Wayne, IN Mansfield, OH Kingston, Jamacia Grover, IL 1 ' I I l v ln ,' 'x I' . . W Carolyn Salsburey Thomas Schatzer Jonathan Schlatter David Scholl Robert Sheetz Ft. Wayne, IN Bryan, OH Newton, KS Polo, IL Ft. Wayne, IN "TTB -sf' -...4 ,. .Q -5.4 - .A ,X a 11? if Gordon Smith William Stabler Glenda Stephenson Stephenson, Timothy Guy Suzuki Boise, ID Ft. Wayne, IN Ft. Wayne, IN Ft. Wayne, IN Honolulu, HI Sheri Toews Christopher Van Matre Jerel Wenger Deborah White Coon Rapids, MN Portland, IN Goshen, IN Rockland, ME 1' ., '-'v -1 V. 3 . .I Robert Wido Vicki Wright Alan Yerke Donna Young Cleveland, OH Buckhannon, WV Harper Woods, Ml Victor, IA Kathy Wilson Zionsville, IN Not Pictured Kerry Ambrose Jerry Buck Diane Bunker Keith Davis John Erdel Richard Herman George Hirsch Donald Kinser Reginald Koopman Dennis Laub Bruce Linhart Mark Longcor Michael Lutz Jay Marquart Richard Mintchell Teddy Ralston Ted Rapone Paul Smith Ruth Stoltzfus Issac Stout McArthur Wagstaff x --- Z Qi . , YF- August Faculty Retreat at International Friendship House. Winona Lake Student Adviser retreat at Wabash State Park New Students arrive on campus Orientation Week Registration September Spiritual Emphasis All School Picnic at McMillian Park Positive Side Concert Opening Convocation - Chapel Classes begin B.C. Bash- get together with Bethel College Cetober Harvest Banquet at the Heritage House Freshmen Class party November Aumni - Friends - Parents Day Choral Union presents "Go Tell Your World" - a musical Staley Lecture Series - Waldron Scott, lecture Bethel tournament - B.C. places 3rd THANKSGIVING BREAK , as gm., .?f'5. - x Q IW. "f 'K :" 'in 'Sf ?w."SZ? .. ' 3 ' 4 ld w.. - - "3 Nr .. . , .x . -New. M.. ....,,, H we M., , v .-,mv K Q 5' : A -W, -WN,-. g -, Q .3-a. N OVW? ,N N -.tiff Wx' , fqfi-1 Q - 'S . nn . 'u 'Mm " . -" li x- .5 H rx: . .. . if x f ' gr 35:5 I E- iii v Q --,M .nf ' .P x?N:tm5?'Q:2- 'fl a ' .g'1g,:+. Q' ' Q! x as N Qmlg-f. x S. ..,-.T fm .-,Q K A X -- , -.xg bw, gd- ,Q 14 , . X5 Q " -ng J .N 'fx'-Q, .. 6?-sn. x Q ww N 9692 c 'if N xx? QQ .., -21,3 -4'-. 'V' , .SQ 'xtsabd Q., if-4 4 .QNX --e.""s- 4 -ww init ...N RNN Q, fs ,- .s3.+a.A fm ,xx ,R dgxfg, 5 ,Qi gf 'igxf'x:,i 1 K -.Lg ' .Awe-sq K Rig 52+ I!! 2213-4 58ggE?g!HgiZl??5!s? HB ii! i' N QQ, :skis Y, 3 I ' 4 1 FH 15 P- in 1 i n 31 V1 i sh ai uf I W2 l il M il es f "The Lord blesses abundantly JL JMR October 22, 1976 7:30 P.M. HERITAGE HOUSE . . . praise Him with Irumpet 50und!" Top: Entertainment was provided by Bruce Heffner Right: A special presentation was given by the Beals' family. QP' I lg 5 , , Q K . , E r '. -Q ' fi L V Q A! J 2 I Q lv t 55' px nfl lax 'N ...W ffl -0 JV I ' p 3 fi 1 Is I "CZ- ' XWSPVQQ' 4 ' MQ 1' Q I ew, IW' , A A iq J M- ' , anime, - , , K1 - tba? . vw "r:" yi tx 1 nv' , . .-.N ,-fx :A- ' 7,8 8 17 20-23 8 l0- l2 l2 l3 14 I8-2l 24,31 I0 26 December Contemporary lssues - Prejudice Bloodmobile on campus Christman Program presented by Chorale, Choral Union, Positive Side, Kindred, and Certain Sound Final Exams Christmas Vacation - December 23 January I3 January Bill Pearce Concert WBCL Sharathon Registration Classes begin Cathy Barrow Concert for World Relief Spiritual Emphasis - Marlin C. Hardman, speaker Memory Ministries Seminar with Jerry Lucas February Junior English Exam Senior Bible Exam John Couch Concert N .- 69 X X J i .5 tw Y I ik . ' 5' . V x Y 9' - ' N, . , , N -- 'av .2 .. ,W ., X ..v- V xv' NY' -NP. , QM. ...VN in h QM ' , QM. .ff ' ' .. my , 5 1' 'K X Lf. "7" , f-aff! ,. .rffgf ' iz I f I . .v"- 'J 7, n iigf-?' LLL: "fri I A ,... . x ' X 5 , ft: V D517 fr. f PN ' ,S ,-5. 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F-'T' F U , 'I ' " N: its X A ie: A In Y -f I 1 si -. v 5, ,-Q, 5:45. fp, , , ff E y 1 - R 4 - -f"- ' S w. af Q, 'ya . .1 Qzfjiq , ,K X L1.44:,','s.. .K 'J Q Q F- 1. if - 5 ' '-.X Ag. 0 19 'mt-Q IFYJV' - 24 , . .f 5' A 2 1 - -"- ' 2. ' , w:,3f uf N "1 -, ' 1-,I .f ,X . -5" L 4. 4 . -4-J'q . ' 5 ,. . Yjlxyi 5. -1 1 ,G V... .ur 1. 'fn- . .V Q w " " T' " jifi 1' N, Q f '- - . 3 ' W If A, X 4-,Q -: Y. 'ta - X I Wi. , V4 , u J 1,3 .. .f' 1: 'lkrji' ', 7' ' . , , zpfffflq J2 "ix f' 3 Q YJKGT5, ' Q YEA' ' -. '15 . ' ' ' ", fl x 4 W 4 7 'mg 'gxffif ' i 'V , 'f V ,- 1 5- X '. . , 1 - X: fa . . - 'uv . -1 5 ' -gz. , 'W ' iv' 2, -f :,, 'K ' ff' A. ,f,,,Q.Q,f'f f - -- H ,,,,.y...l 4 , X M :rg W .Tags A, :M hz A . fin! 'ff .gifsk K f 1 ,AM Iv .X jgyg -1 W, 4.5! y ,gf -:,..,.., vm, 2 is L5 if 'iyfx .14 .' 3 '-,.x2:,, ,. X I3 , W 'Q 4 ' 27' V, 1 4 445 i ' Q I ' xi ' 7- f ' 1 ' V 'iii' Q ea, " Z ' V' 'Q' , A .,,,,T.,i.,,a., Jiigui, ..,,. ..-, .M ,,,,,,,, ,,...,. . Q, :az :f, :als figs fw :wiv P' fx Yfqvcq V I , f f uf , V , X sm rx augur :s :gf Q0 ,4mNg. 0- "wt '11 ' 'K Rx . . "x xx , ,gf , 5 ,A ' .'? . V 1 - Y Uh f 4 ..,-'J .1 '7'3"" ,, no -,Q 1, A , , . 4114 X. A xx 'P NY -. , V -. Lv 5 C x 1 X lg .. 1 Y ' N ' ' .X , : . . . . . .XM 'R : . ,Q . , x Ag X ., V' .-N X. - 1 ,Q . N 5 x :, Jiri- , Nr, X X XX1tI,.qE-, ' A NA. idx ww' .. , . Qi, .. b - - f -, -xx ,x - ' x -av , JR.. -Y QW I N 4 1 e Ji 5 K 'N U IN- 1 k K :xxx X X , IA , K , xt W ' i . W , x . - . w, J . 3' yx - : , t at 1, X l 3. -. H.. . -A: '- - -. 3' 1 1- ' ' '- if gf! . sl K-I ku A- Q x i.: P ' . , -I' 'F . X51 I . fwp'f JH 5,w1wmffvl-x3'1N -' f-E , Q :FQ I-V-, -fir... QHSQEAN' me -Dfffi-'M-F -N - ,sf A wg --4. -' fr:-A -' -V ff. .k.sf.w-.yw :-- 1-925. 'Y 'f . -,Hz f Eff 'ff' 'f ' 3' N ff' nigx.. 'L' ffl - 1, , .gy f-V 1 . V f -as? ffl:-y . ' ., ,Q'-fvifi 2' ff-Zibfh 'SF A 'Ii 59- .' Q F", -5' 1 iff. N' I- . I: 3.1 ,V -, 'Q .:', W- ' -L ,I ,. -,f .X. ...J ,. 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MARCH NCCAA Basketball Final, Springfield, MO SPRING BREAK - Positive Side goes on tour out West - Chorale goes East on tour - Spring Missions goes to Florida FacultyfStaff Talent Show APRIL "Signs of Spring Search" - a scavenger hunt sponsored by Student Association 8: the Senior Class Athletic Banquet Undergraduate Record Exam - 7 am - I2 noon Youth Conference - theme - "INSIDE OUT" JuniorfSenior Banquet at the Lantern - entertainment by Larnell Harris Senior "Skip Day" - Greenville Village, Ml Freshmen Class Picnic MAY Honors Convocation FINAL EXAMS 10:30 am Baccalaureate 3:00 pm Commencement 1 E My 3-, I 2 fr- - ,,.e 1 I Signs Spring Search S -af 79 We Got Steered Right Right: Randy Castillo, chairman Joan Mayers tadviserj, Jerry Wenger Qstagej, Grant Hoatson fco-chairmanl, Randy Castillo fchairmanj, Don Deighton taclviserl, Joe Snyder ladviserl, Linda Taylor tprogramj, Jamie QIFCHSUFCFJ, Sian Gerig lpublicityl. Letham Qsecretaryj, Ellen Bixel fartj, Kenton Gerig, Youth Conference '77 'The Family Plan Worked! i - , ..l' E, - fs, - iiu',..- A Q .. . , W 83 Family Feud Upside Down Junior- Senior Banquet .il ,. 3 ...iv . U dim .,...v N 'U' image 'Yf"f-E ' '-'fl'-1 K- - Honeytree Concert l-loneytree in concert, sponsored by Student Association April 18, in Missionary Church Fellowship Hall. 'hi-1951... Y 4 ff aura-.f.., I xr . .i-.. .,- A . 4.-...- I .-.--4... pa.. xg, I!! X 144 , ilr r,-4 :NWI .,,, ,.., .. P . ,,...X, M ,L ,.. t --A..- 'wr-wif-'N i ' 91385 ,g s - - i g. s1Q'ti,2t-ff: . . S255-.tiff 1 ' w.,.f,, ' P'7'-' gr.-Nl: K , . ' --15"e5,r.aP.-.J+,x- -'- ' ,,.:5:if5iv sg. xv .- s I, , 3.f3,:.f: .Uv I 222115, Nfflisgft-12. A :fkoxsx-xubc, , , get-.axw eb - QQ'?"IfrfQi- Krieg 76:5 1' -"" me - ' str, -Frwj - X -3.51: -4 R --H llvf'-fa '- ff- 4-14 '91-ifgwN"Q3' - Q- 2' fi- -.P ' 1112? ' .. E ., +Qe'52"3,?9-V , . i?X3K"9'i"' Nfflifxi ' ""1j""?2.,, 'raw ss 3, fs. .--I --- , igmsxixisixwe , -:if If 5' -.1-.. .. i :fx .fmt .. -f.-f .5 Sexgkg Q I AX , , we 2:13 it - . . N - X, - ' xg: 1 is-xt,-i+-.,.v t, ' -w t. ,ml tw ..,- - l , ' . ' ."3,,' ' 3--u-H H,- f N FFR-fi be 1,5-pkg A ----P :.:12--asa-NN N --.. r i -e v. :1-4g'Q:+'.,,w,?s 3- 4 ' -f ' 35-NH "4 '51 .-gs " r-- t 'M-M. ': -U - . 1 5,533 4' f ,, L ' s x . I x U H 4 f L 1 it Vu - U I .Q . 1 5 A-4 v lag l lull! I l in Sadie awkinl HY The list hung in Founders as the girls placed their bids. Some dates were more popular than others. 4 I i l E l l l l l l is The sponsor: Mrs. Miller CWS. Gilbert 81 Glrthur Sullivan Q5 I' l Q -af' -, X nfl!! ' ' is ' '1 l 'Ag' Directed by -' jay'CD. CPlatte CFort Wayne Bible College Department of Music with the Concert Band Q7VIay 5.6 817 8:00pm Curtain Time Founders Memorial Auditorium Dick Deadeye adds his pessimistic remarks. l Spiffy choreography adds life to the musical. V 1 l 6 3 ,l l I I Cast of Characters Boatswain's Mate ....,......,.............................4.. Jim Emig Buttercup ..,........................................... Gay McMichael A Portsmouth Bumboat Woman Dick Deadeye .......................................... Gary Litwiller Able Seaman Ralph Rackstraw ...... ,....., T om Nevil Able Seaman Captain Corcoran ..............,............................ Jeff Wells Commander of H.M.S. Pinafore Josephine .....................,.................,........ Debbie Lehman The Captain's Daughter Sir Joseph Porter ..................................., Randy Grieser First Lord ofthe Admiralty Cousin Hebe .......................................... Flossie Johnson Sir Joseph's First Cousin Cousins, Sisters, and Aunts .........,.. Jeannette De Boer, Sue Hughes. Carolyn Salsburey, Deb Trusdle. Connie Webb, Kathy LaBree, Jo Moser, Nancy Porter, Melody Schwab, Karen Slaughter Sailors .................................................,....... Tim Andrus, Jay Marquart, Dan Burkey, Ron Mann, Tom SCl'l8lZeI', Jerry Wenger, Terry White Below: Cousin Hebe shows Sir Joseph some TLC gg . . ig ' Ralph confesses his love for the Captain's daughter. A quasi-enjoyable first meeting Pinafore Receives Excellent Review by Fort Wayne Critic m O I 1 N' .rry "A x .fr I 1 . 9 .X7 M , kk gf ic ' , -Q .I X' r 5 Ni 'TN I A x Tennis Team Top: Gary Gilpin, Mark Longcor, Gregg Ponshot, Tom Lengerick, Gordon Nickel, Gary Ringenberg Mr. Daryl Cartmel Qcoachj Bottom: Bob McKenna, Tom Stephens, imx. Roster Concordia Lutheran Great Lakes Michigan Christian GRSBM Grand Rapids Baptist John Wesley S 'K ' Z X833 FWBC 9 8 8 9 6 0 0 I 1 O 3 9 N' - SSN 2 aw , o , ., , . o' '. 9:,'.'. ,I . , -., 0,-.5 49 -. o . o'2'2ogQ. ," 'Q . . "ff V. . ' "'-2-.2 2.4 . , .,.,-Q v .. .,-. . . ,Q o . . ..., :9:4. 9.50, 0 4, Girls' Volleyball l P i 1 v I T i r 1 Z Bottom: J ill Taylor, Jenny Thornton, Barb Holtzclaw, Lori Peters, Deb Burkeent Yvonne Grady. Top: Coach Miller, Tionie Razor, Connie Webb, Ruth Cole! Julie Hovee, Suzie Zimmerman, Darlene King, Chris Morgan. l el 4 l Volleyball Games "'Great Lakes Grand Rapids Bible St. Francis St. Mary's Concordia Lutheran l.U.P.U. ":Tri State Huntington Anderson Indiana Tech 'John Wesley "'GRBM Bethel Conference Tourney ll! 'kindicates games won by FWBC Good Defense And Ball-handling akes For An Exciting Season - "if fs., -X Me,,,, svn. ,Mx , . --: .- , ' m.4.4..a.-:vrY2'- 2 v V ' ' , s 1 fsfaifzeaqhv ,lf ,.. X ..,,. - A - 4 e : 6 s 6 4 i ' 5 9 The team hung on throughout the season Again they got a shot at the Nat onal tltle Nw. it 3 5 7 15 . Q, ,- be b '5 -5, . , . m ' , Quai'-X1 ' H, A ' , Y H My-Y . A 'WW' M' "-Q., -+512- N' "f"'7Zr:5 F I 1 1 Ia ' -' "S-Q -P-- - -ff-""""" X JV, .S W was v x Fgyqg- . ,,,, um ,-.. -Agua.-amen f K . ' 2" , .,,,,.,,,,.. .......q-uns- N d From the beginning to the end, the mighty Falcons fought hard on defense and tried to improve the offense. Y 1: , Q, . . sf 101 wil' E 7? X -Nt N ,. , A. . x xx. .X X ,gn My B xg? en ni' L' 'M V' A W 3' P. 'H ww., 5 ' -Q G ,1 AV sg A-if-X N y ? A y .gi,,. ,N,, MN s 6 Rf E a fy g X, N .E ' Alf 'f - AN' ? px 'Abb 'gm , ,V -. -Sk X-W.. X uf 1 lfazemwwf QNN F N x 3 xgzx Q X -,., gy Ss X iv 2 .A Z "fig, ..,, E x .. v, 33165 . 5' E, :-f2":Ss3q X , -Nqr:-, 1.55-5, - my-1: w N my-1 :a'5g::,zfs . 'lrff S:S'ii:'f: ff 1 SQ -. 3 , ' X wa ik.-. vu.. gary: xx, RJ-S 'Wm ww gi. WS. Y R+ X .. X f ':-.:wsr:f45 :Q X 0 N3:1::r1:N..,g:g N N X x N! Q X f Q Nc x X X N X ,. .gqawiiyf Y xx X ix Q x 'wwww wiS551"'l"5f"Tf-fm " -- , -NN. -- .- .W --f - 'V "-'f - .. 'Q - ,. , A- Q.. wg , Qhnu - D . ,, Mm ..-Q., - V1-S f sf-2 V - " s fi-QL Ifaiiixff-vs X- W . 'f-'1."QvS5. A ,- 2 f- ......w ,4 ., , f 1 5 : X-f '- ..g:: m:'--w3f':f4,- 211.- .. X. eaaug-QQ Qsw:--N xm Y X X " 5 4 -- Q1-R+1'ffiwS.mNN,. ,. : x-X. 4, , .fy xx.. , x - e S 3 , ,, A Mbzm-y '.-.- if 'Nf!??Y- 'S-25 ' N N 1 ,."' r--r.-. :glib ' - 'A . .ffm ' I Y . -Fr' 0 K" 'VT 'NW 'li W " - 6-Qw+'Af:' "X NV:-,.1.f::. 1 3 S 4 - - .w fl' , Q .,, h , X M ,xx fx. ,K kg , x, ' -NA' - - NY ,. --3. if 'L M -,,. -3 ' - ,AQ-lgqffrfiwfggiirl-xSfiCN -4 '1:"' 1 - frgw. k ' 'S' E 95 , X--x "F" , -'Q-J:-, X, 'E ' - . Q Q' Y , N ',,,- I my .vffzqfwl X xg . A ii , - ff- v4st'g:. MM- 1' , .-X 4,1 .L X , ,Q A, F mm- .mm A' K.: . x : . .,,4..,.,,y . .Qc H .. Q.. V r ' 'HM' N- . 6 ' '6 'ss . -: xx .. -viva:-f ..L.,. Q 'Q " .N X U H Q .,-, '55 .rx . tk M x Y -.X-fi, :. :!""v-zzl.-9 Wm Eagfgfvg ffffi' , wi, ..Q f':'5:6N '- " V L1 , . M .A+ .P ,. . f - , - xf+,.,,,,.1,,..N -...:.-35. W" 1 4 :. Q - - -. -g., . . , . , , - . -,,- M- -. ,. ur - 5"1'h-5.,.:f RN'-'P " - H .5 i xv :S an .W - .v , .J , "' ef 1 1 ' -, 'X mb Q f L, fig D l X D W it ,,., A ., 1. -- -.1 1 EST 4. F - , S- - x X 9- x V .9 5 . px g f . X' N - 3 X' 9 I-2 ' Fw. .......... i uxumn,,,N,v 1 I A 103 0 'Q i fs- XX T, xx Ng' Xg f',x,L - K XX 1NislkrfNSg1,,-2 X.x x -N. X W 'x X., 'f' 'x ff-L " - - K X 254125.-Q 'Q-Y fa. gi cu- il "'l'm-nm.,-,.,:, Q 5 W X x The Many Sides Of Coach Xi, b Q., I Fig x X X, xlsw c x X 5: lx' ' Q N 'x ,xi 1 -, ,, K ,. -' -jj ., ww, -. , -,X , xy 4,-QQ x xt 5 X 51- " "" i'5k. X, . iv 'nf 1. ' 'Sis .sb N .X .5 ,X iw .. .. sf., ,A :ggi X X -S Our 95 52 71 82 85 75 84 103 70 75 74 73 85 l07 72 78 7 63 60 65 123 90 72 80 72 68 57 80 The Record Score Opponent KOTJ COTJ KOTJ l. U.-Northwest Bethel College St. Francis Great Lakes Bible Cincinnati Bible Grand Rapids Baptist Michigan Christian Great Lakes Bible l.U.-P.U. Piedmont College Piedmont Bible College Concordia Lutheran Cincinnati Bible Grand Rapids Bible Bethel College Grand Rapids Baptist Michigan Christian l.U.-P.U. Concordia Lutheran Bethel College Grand Rapids Bible Indiana Tech Michigan Christian Grand Rapids Baptist Moody Bible NCCAA Maranatha Baptist NC Ba tist Bible PAD Finals P C Johnson Bible NCCAA Opp. Score 83 76 II3 7l 99 79 85 100 99 94 46 77 57 41 76 72 73 68 74 93 66 9l 77 83 57 CAA 61 70 83 x . 371- - 'T 'T , f' i- 'YWT' 1+ t. C ..,.:w1'ffl:sT-P.Pv,, is . X : "X .xv K x ,. A 45 5 X 5. ,. lv ,. 5' ' fx ' ' t t R: . ' v -X gt ' bfi . iii? ' -xxx , 4 2: 5-F5 ' 'fri-, 'I5ifY,f-Vg' NF, ' -434' it Xi W fa it B- X fee-55QQ'f-5 F" "wa Xfu: -Ifxwiifirfib H'-1" 1' R V- X- t -9 fx . , - xx v ' N-9 is 44 .4 . W- 8.8. X A ' -' 9 -. KN- sw '- t. - -f ft 9 9. ., .i., - N X533 L Y K 1 ,X i N -X Q l 1: . Q - 4 4 Q , Y "sm .s.- 35...- 39 . X Q t i R f f 0 ss. Intramurals Has A Year Of Growth I "i'-mn.'ZB'l1'1a:XAnB-Ar?l!hXW!ai3'ig 4 .An 'x Ke'- Left: "On your mark, get set, go!" Middle: Dcfensively is how to play against the married students. Bottom: Off campus guys attempt a score. 'WX Net Deb blocks as Jeanne prepares to shoot. y.. K A pep talk from Mrs. Miller. The game is basketball, not volleyball. lst yr. 2nd yr 3rd yr. 4th yr. lst yr. 2nd yr 3rd yr. 4th yr. lst yr. 2nd yr. - 3rd yr. - Sports Awards BASKETBALL Scott Duncan Brad Nussbaum Gary Ringenberg Rich Sommer John Schlak tmanagerj Dean Stuckey tmanagerb Frank Tipton tmanagerj Steve Cochran Joe Jacobs Scott Nearhood Keith Rupp David Rusk Bill Stabler Gordon Nickel Rod Mosiman tco-captain! Don Phillips leo-captain! Tim Lingerich Bob McKenna Scott Nearhood Mark Longcor Gary Ringenberg Tom Steffen Greg Ponchot Gordon Nickel Gary Gilpin Most valuable player Best Free Throw shooter Best Field Goal Persentage - Steve Cochran Leading Rebounder Leading Scorer Assist Leader - Gary Ringenberg Most Improved - Bill Stabler Best Defensive Playert lst sem. - Joe Jacobs 2nd sem. - Gary Ringenberg Named to NCCAA District 3 all-star squad Steve Cochran Dave Rusk TENNIS Most Improved - Mark Longcor Most Valuable - Gary Gilpin Greg Ponchot The Warner Award - Gary Gilpin VOLLEYBALL Ruth Cole Barb Holtzclaw Chris Morgan Lori Peters Jill Taylor Sue Zimmerman Debbie Luce lmanagerj Yvonne Grady Connie Webb Darlene King Deb Burkeen Julie Hovee Jenny Thornton tcaptainj Best Service Percentage Most Valuable Player - Jenny Thornton CHEERLEADERS lst yr. - Chris Morgan Tammy Renner Cheri Sisson Linda Stolzfus 2nd yr. - Gretchen Keener Cindy Graeff lcaptainl Special recognition - FAN OF THE YEAR - GARY FORTNEY Student Student Assocition Steering Committee President-Tim Leever Vice PrcsidentfTreasurer-Tom Wilson Secretary-Kathy LaBree Single Men RepresentativefDoug Kovatch Single Woman RcpresentativeeDebbie White Married Students Representative-Rick Voorhees Harvest Banquet Committee: Co-Chairmenelillie McVittiefNancy Stuckey Decorations!Dianc Bunker PublicityfTickets!Jenny Thornton Youth Conference Steering Committee Chairman-Randy Castillo Assistant Chairman-Kenton Gerig Secretary-Jamie Letham TreasurerfDon Deighton Advisers-J. Sniderf J. Mayersf G. Hoatson Student Publications The Vine EditorAJenny Thornton PhotographcrsfDwight FegleyfJeanne MohrfDan HilIfGary lnglesfjenny Thornton LayoutfGordon SmithfKathy WightfWendy Wilsonf Heather Hardy CopyeSandy Buckles Business ManagerfCathy Wight Adviserseliunice ConradfGrant Hoatson Campus Chronicle Editorsfpat ClawsonfBob Freye Assistant Editor-Lori Papazian Sports-Gary Ringcnberg Typist-Donna Moody AdviserfLarry Miller Alpha Kappa PresidentfDavid Boyce Vice President-Gary Gilpin Secretary-TreasurereLaura Hirschy AdvisereArIan Birkey Intramural Council FreshmenHJohn Andersonf Deb Buchanan SophomoresfDan Burkeyf Yvonne Grady JuniorseTom Schatzerf Jeanne Mohr Seniors-Steve Holbrookf Violet Miyasato Organizations Rho Delta Sigma President-Paulette Smith Vice President-Evelyn Hadley Secretary-Treasurer!Peggy Beck AdviserwJoe Snider Student Education Association Presidentfllarlene King Vice President-Kenton Gerig SecrctaryeJeanne Gerig Treasurer-Cindy Graeff AdvisereTed Nickel Student Missionary Fellowship PresidentfTom West Treasurer4Brian Brooke SecretaryfGwen Zeltwanger AdvisersfDaryl Cartmelf Don Ri Freshman Class Officers President-Mike Kitchen Vice PresidentfLarry Rodgers Secretary!Sharon Wilson TreasurerfTerri Treadway ChaplineDan Zimmerly Adviser-Phyllis Miller Sophomore Class Officers PresidenteBruce Rocke Vice PresidentfAlvin VanBumble Treasurer-Ellen Bixel SecretaryfRacheI Weber Adviser-Ted Nickel Junior Class Officers President-Jerry Wenger Vice President-Evelyn Hadley TreasurereJeanne Mohr Secretaryflisther Cox AdviserfBarbara Ferguson Senior Class Officers President-Jeff Hoffman Vice president-Gary Fortney Secretary-Peggy Beck TreasurereSharon Patterson Adviser-Char Binkley ckards -iw W 9 4 cz. . if gif' .,,.1.?-Qty, 1 N.-. -az ms'- , V -Tiff, '.-H' - ,app ' 1-l:!,,g f'2I:"34j-- 57? .- 1 1" STUDE 21:1 N. ,'1-".- , i 4 I I J iff. V ' aixif' ' QS- - 4 " 1-3+ o . P' f -. .55-' .P ' 41, Ti. N,- . ,:., , -.752 snr- B: , f :wa m -2: ., 53 :5 . 'Lg 'fic "AX - .ix . pcs: 1 ORGANIZATIGNS adball Team Jim Chupp. Guy Suzuki, Gary Fortney, Mike Hueberger, Ralph Driskel, Rob Diamond, Brad Grabill, Keith Davis lseatedj, and Carson Wells Knot picturedj. Student Advisors Don Rondy, Don Deighton, Gary Litwiller Nancy Raney, Karol Whitcher, Eunice Duff, Chris Van Malre, John Gregory, Rex Forbes, Colleen Lee. Mike Guthrie, Gwen Zeltwanger, Neysa Costa, Sandy Buckles, Barb Coon, Jenny Thornton, Esther Lilly, Kathy Roath, Russ Rodgers. Sea Student Education Association Oflicers: Left: Officers for 1976-77 Ueanne Gerig, secretaryg Darlene King, presidentg Cindy Graeff, treasurerg not pictured, Kent Gerig, vice presidentj. Below: New Officers for 1977-78 lEunice Duff, secretaryg Gordon Nickel, vice-presidentg Rachel Weber, treasurer: not pictured, Kent Gerig, presidentj. .S. Groups Certain Sound QQ 8, Q of V lei Bottom: Becky Hawkins, Skip Kite. Top: Stan Kesler, John Anderson, Ray Cross, Alice Dekle. Tom Pavkov, and Gary Gilpin. Kindred Bottom: Beth Rohrs. Jan Mast. Top: Bruce Rocke, Mark Whiticar, Jeannie Hollenberg, Mary Waddell, Gary Bower, and .lon Snyder. , I so ' ' ' 'JJ x POSITIVE Slde Bottom Tom Nevll Sue Belella Jeanne Gerlg Allen Shaw Middle Ruth Lehman Jeff Hoffman Kelth Wong Ellen Sprunger Top Rob Mangus Garry Cllne and Mike Amstutz Chorale Tenors: John Krin Bob Gratcyk Gary Litwiller Jay Marquart Jeff Wells Gordon Smith Sopranos: Gwen Warner Esther Cox Debbie Lehman Beth Armstrong Sharon Patterson Sue Hughes Sue Zimmerman Altos: Jane Stoller Jana Habbegger Sara Gerig Roberta Seele Glenna Caril Teresa Barger Basses: Jim Chupp Dan Burkey Kenton Gerig Jerry Wenger Ron Mann Terry White Right: Chorale posing with Senator Dan Quayle in Washington, D.C., during Spring Tour. X 3 'fi ,Q ' S ,X .4 . .X ' X J X ' "xc: R, X. ', N an ? .3 'N 1 . Q R , K: x x ' E -, 'Q . , . Wg v. X -, ' A S . X bi .. X 1 Q . 4-'f' I ' , .s J ts 3 .- X 'U s Q , 1 xl . 1 " X . Fl' 5 J FTM sa 5.-Q .ggi l P rw, -as N Q if New 9 N ,lx 'NJ Maj' N-af fix. X x . X I O l -...I The Band Distinguished Guests Highlight Chapels vo. Jerry Lucas ex basketball profes- sional explains his memory system .N si:-5' 2. .. Waldron Scott, Staley Lecture Series lecturer l 1 1 1 U Hansi fMaria Hirschmanj dares us to "dream big! ll x3 1 1 1 fs ff x if - ' i l 22, fx 'M Q !-vi: 1' 'Q H: .l . ,sw-5-2 1 3: + s x X I fm pf if 1.31, Nr ff:-'f1-55 f, , ,,.,L. ,IV : ,- .y -JV. . , 1',f.f,- 5' s ' .0153 'J A v,- lf, I 1,1 .v.,':f r".f,- 'f'1 1 , 1 , 111 .,. , ww.. i, Z.. Y! R fi, 'fl xg . .5 3gg2,,,, 2 J og. z ' .il-is V ,ix " " S A . . 1.-, 8 , . sv. ,, A Lf. f ' 3 igzx-353 i. giwf Elegy: 'I .Fx f I Q2 -. 31 l' 516-295 Q X5 wliifg, I., 1-QL' if Wa' 3? " -1:53 5-.E Q1-4' N! 1 ,r afiiezaxiwzi-fmzia, NF' 'Nh-'V 454 24,1 ,, W 'I Alvis, Richard A. Beck, Peggy A. Brumbaugh, Sharon A. Buckles, Sandra Kay Ft. Wayne, IN Archibold, OH Arcola, IN Huntertown, IN B.S. Christian Education B.S. Christian Education Bachelor of Music Education B.S. Missions Burkeen, Deborah Jo Burnside, Barry Lee Castillo, Randal Scott Charles. Laurel F. Rogers, AR Sturgis, Ml Puhi, HI VanWert, OH Bachelor of Music Education B.A. Pre-Seminary Studies B.S. Biblical Studies B.S. Christian Education V cu "El Cline. Garry Costa, Neysa J. Cross, Raymond E. Delta. OH Akron, OH New Paris, IN Bachelor of Music Education B.S. Missionary Nursing B.A. Christian Education Dafoe, Ruth Ann Ft, Wayne, IN B.A. Christian Education wf 2 V J? " EIT-721.225 H '127:13-4.-fF27':'W',1-T"V:-iii' '- --w, my-1,-1: fzfiz-rw ,1-1,.w:.r .wav-' -1. ' Y' A- -,.:11-in. A H '- , 'QZfE212EiE'I Friizffp. ' .""' ' ,1I'ZE111J'1:4ZQf,z,Z-:E 5' f ' , 1351 f H51 ' " - D , ? ,af , -xv . -R.Q..z , ,fijf '. 4 I ,..4x Ax ' V , . X' 5+ Dell, Scott A. Denton, Clyde Duckworth, Teresa Del Emig, Randolph W. Ft. Wayne, IN Benton Harbor, Ml Kapau, HI Broadview Heights, OH BS. Christian Education B.A. Pastoral Ministries B.A. Christian Education B.A. Christian Education Feightner, Patti D. Forbes, Rex G. Fortney, Gary A. Freye, Robert L. Piqua, OH Wabash, IN Convoy, OH Avon, N,Y, B.S. Elementary EducationfMissions B.A. Pre-Seminary Studies B.S. Christian Education BS, Christian Educaiign ' af 'ev lf v ew- P' 3 X N1 . N wxlxgx ' 'O xx SZ, - xvmwtww. W "'-af Gilpin, Gary L. Ft. Wayne, IN B.A. Pre-Seminary Studles B S Mus1cjChr1stnan Education Music Educatlon B S Pastoral Mlnlstrles Herman, Suzanne Kay I-Imchman M Ray Htrschy Laura Ann Hobbs Katherme Ann Geneva, IN Ft Wayne IN Berne lN Ft Wayne IN B.S. Elementary Educatron B S Pastoral Mmxstrles B A Chrlstran Educatxon B S Elementary Educatton ri. A Hobbs, Larry L. I-Ioffman, Jeffery A. Holbrook, Stephen M. Hollenberg, Jean E. Ft. Wayne, IN York, PA Norway, ME Ft. Wayne, IN B.S. Elementary Education B.A. Pre-Seminary Studies B.A. Pastoral Ministries Bachelor of Music Educaton Hostetter, Stephen M, Johnson, Florence L. Johnson, James Johnson, Jennifer H, Pittsburgh, PA Tokoyo, Japan Ft. Wayne, IN F1, Wayne, IN B.S. Christian Education B.S. Elementary Education B.S. Christian Education B.S. Elementary Education Kakish, JacobiM. Kesler, Stan Kistler, Stanley K. Lamkin. David W. Salt, Jordan Goshen, IN Yoder. IN BlUffl0f1, IN B.A. Christian EducationfMissions Bachelor of Music Education B.S. Pastoral Ministries B.S. Christian Education Ellll Leever, R. Timothy Letham, Jamie K. Bluffton, IN Pittsburgh, PA B.S. Pastoral Ministries B.S. Christian Education Liechty, Vivian Marie Lubbers, Carole E. Berne, IN South Bend, IN B.S. Elementary Education B.S. Christian Education McCune, Barry McGuire, Carol Meade, Phillip L. Miller, Thomas W. Bluffton. IN East Peoria, II. Ft. Wayne, IN Pittsburgh, PA B.S. Pre-Seminary Studies B.S. Missionary Nursing B.A. Biblical Studies B.S. Christian Education Miyasato, Violet H. Moser, .loan Kaye Muterspaugh, Timothy Oser, Randy L. Kapau, I-II Berne, IN Yoder, IN Ft. Wayne, IN B.S. Elementary Education B.S. Elementary Education B.S. Christian Education B.A. Biblical Studies Papazian, Lorraine M. Patterson, Sharon A. Phillips, Donald I. Jr. Roath, Kathy-.lean Ft. Wayne, IN Dover, PA Zionsville, IN Troy, MI B.S. Christian Education B.S. MusicfChristian Education B.S. Christian Education B.S. Elementry Education 1 Q ,' - " Yu , xii BS MusicfChnstian Education Bachelor of Music Education Rohrs, Elizabeth Salsburey, Daniel E. - I A A York, PA Ft. Wayne, IN -V V. ,V ' - "WJ gk-IB-j vie Seawell, Alva Schielke, Pam Ft. Wayne, IN St. Clair Shore, MI Bachelor of Music Education B.S. Christian Education Matthew 6:33 4'Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteous- ness, and all these things shall be added unto you." .,,,, Smith, Gene W. Ft. Wayne, IN B.S. Pastoral Ministries B.S. Pastoral Ministries Sherman, Joe R. Ft. Wayne, IN Snyder, R. George Steffens, Tom Stoller, Jane K. Stuckey, Nancy .Io Ft. Wayne, IN Bluffton, IN New Haven, IN Berne, IN B.A. Pre-Seminary Studies B.S. Pastoral Ministries B.S. Missionary Nursing B.S. Christian Education Taylor, Linda Rae Thornton, Jennifer Sueko Ravenna, OH Honolulu, Hl B.S. Elementary Education B.S. Elementary Education Travis, Rebecca J. Trusdale, Deborah L. Vander Woude, James S. Voorhees, Richard L. Delta, OH Clyde, OH Ft. Wayne, lN Ft, Wayne, IN B.S. Elementary Education B.A. Christian Education B.S. Pastoral Ministries B.A. Pre-Seminary Studies iff we-s Ware, Andrell Webb, Constance West, Tom Zbinden, Peggy L. Detroit, MI Denver, CO Ft. Myers, FL Lowell, lN B.S. Christian Education B.S. Elementary Education B.S. Missions B.S. Christian Education Z Zeltwanger, Gwen G. Wakarusa, IN B.S. Elementary EducationfMissions Not Pictured Larry D. Bowles Edon, OH B,A. Missions Darell Eldridge Sr. Cloverport, KY B.S. Pastoral Ministries David A. Getz Ft. Wayne, IN B.S. Christian Education Daniel L. Gray Ft. Wayne, IN B.S. Pastoral Ministries Randel D. Grieser Pettisville, OH B.S. Christian Education 81 Missions W. Rodney Henderson Bad Axe, MI B.S. Christian Education Jerome Houseworth Ft. Wayne, IN B.A. Preseminary Studies Dewey S. Johnson Ft. Wayne, IN B.S. Music 8L Christian Education Marlene Habegger Ft. Wayne, IN B.S. of Music Education Dale Hamrick Decatur, IN B.S. of Music Education Winston Kennedy Johannesburg, South Africa B.S. Missions Thomas R. VerHey Battle Creek, MI B.S. Elementary Education Martha Rosell Wright Ft. Wayne, IN B.S. Elementary Education ssociate O rts raduates Blxleff JOY D0UBla5 Gal' L- E le Barbara Hirschy, Rebekah L ' 8 , LaP0rlC, IN Syracuse, IN Gridleyy IL KCCHCF. GFCICIICH D- Kelley, Shonette L. Wills, Kim Ft. Wayne, IN Columbus, OH Union City, IN X Berne, IN Not Pictured Julie E. Castle Washington, IL John S. Nearhood Clyde, OH Brenda K. Poncho! New Haven, IN Timothy S. Stair Fl. Wayne, IN Louella S. Stansbery Forest, OH Leslie E. Steingass Defiance, OH Kimberly M. Wills Union City, IN Senior Skip- a On Thursday, April 28, at 5:30 A.M., approximately sixty seniors left FWBC enroute to Greenfield, Michigan, for what is known to all as Senior Skip Day. The seniors spent the day visiting the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. It was a chilly, windy day, but in spite of the somewhat gloomy weather, it turned out to be a great time of fun. The fellowsip was great, and it was a day that the seniors will long remember. We ll Remember Always . Graduation Day lt was a warm, sunny day '..,. a day of remembering for the class of 1977 ..., and especially a day of challenges Rev. Robert C. Strubhar was the Baccalaureate speaker, sharing that "God's Clouds Have Silver Liningsf' His challenge to the seniors was for them to trust in the sovereignty of God in the most adverse of circumstances. The Chorale added to the challenge by ministering in song. Their selections were "And This ls Love" and "My Eternal King." The Commencement speaker came to us from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois, where he is the chairman of the division ol Philosophy of Religion. Dr. Norman Geisler also gave a challenge. The seniors received their long-awaited diplomas, and they joined in singing the Alma Mater for the last time as students. Proud Parents Come From All Around To Attend Commencement O ur Closest Frien ds Will Be To the Senior class: We entered as "green" Freshmen, unknown to the upper classmen, to the faculty and staff, and to each other. We have finally reached the height of college achievement-graduation! We have experienced many "all nighters," T. P. raids and water-balloon fights. We shared many frustrations, tears, and joys. We've been told that the closest and dearest friends will be our college buddies-let's live up to that thought. We entered together and we leave together. Remember Skip Day! Remember the tears and lessons experienced. Continue to press on to the goal to win the prize of God's high calling through Jesus Christ our Lord! "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness The Editor Jenny Thornton Acknowledgements A thank you especially to Miss Eunice Conrad for all her time, effort, and patience in the production of this Yearbook. A special thanks also goes to Miss Sally Rudy who also put in a lot of time and effort. Sandy Buckles, Kathy Wight, and Gordon Smith spent much appreciated time working to compete this book. Thank you also to the photographers Dwight Fegley, Jeanne Mohr, Gary Ingles, and Daniel Hill. Jenny Thornton Editor .5 4 -nv '. N14 ' . p ,Al J' .l. 'fl' ' . 1. Q .5 -'1.UW'.1gN' Q -' ' 41- .J "wi . fl. bg +A' QI n . . '4- nx YI H i 1 4'.g5,1- .. in + 1 - .w, -v.. A' Q' Q rr Q Vw?-A I 4 41 rf! Q ' I .f"' . , , L .L , L uv. "I'.x v K. or' 1 " ,. .rl - I . lr , -G '1?'Ei L Ah- :rl ji:-ni s' -A a " , . Ng,-4 5 ' ' ,, A , N?-i 'A o ,xg v. .-4 -4 'hw s 'CI 4' .x . ,,. ,. , ,I r': 1151 4 5 'af 71' F D x Ei I K WALSWORTH Marceline, Mo., U.S.A F 1 r Y 1 ,.,s. - J wr a' v I AN. .f ' ,ww , , N- r f Y-2, A+, '5:":"X-f fm 11 'Z-N F34 X Y 'uv' 4, ,:.H"':fT'I!J ' in AG"!'WYmm, .LL 2 E z E Z

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