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-X Q :S xxx' HX" . , N w I I I 1 I I I 'I I I I 1 I I I II II ,I Ii 'I If 1 I I I I I A I I 'I I I 1 I Q agne 'N 11-F AVIV v ll 5 4,,M.Tr. ,--., -f--b., f,,V, My H+ I ..---an-. 'W' A'--.u....., Y K' x KX ,M f W 7! .JL- K- L" V "rg '41 1 If VA' 22? A New , 'fi I 1 .1 . ." y Vp, ' fy. - l LLL ff? 315 Lag fp ' fl, ? E.. x xg Y , , ,f lx A N mi ,T-.ig . 1 .I lf., 76 ba'-1 . 'gjp .' YQT.-w 'gas . ' 1 'va -, A 'N S- - .. '-C'-' '4 . ' f - X--N-.41 f, - ' -V-ns 'iw 2'7."i:1f'5" J , . '-'J -- 1 '-fl'-fix-4 7. - 'L-f.'.f"'N' Q10 ' ' -- in - -' ,gfliv A b f-:ifmff 'A - 47. . 1 vm . F X fff Y ' ' 5-1 " , I1 Y . 1 X 1 f H . V ,, , 1 Q ' ' 4'-.ff , I A' ' . Y , , , A :ml ?- -!,?d'... v Y 4 .ah -5 2 NA. - 'rl -AM,,,...--Q - 5 W 5 M42w3v5,.?i3.r..Q , ., - .. .., ,iw Qggg ' J' if--V ' , -- Q -1'f'. ,J-gggew f- "' J- ,, ' ' Q Qi' hz -gi n - 1 wg ' ' 1- --+--nf ll' - ' I f J-id , YQ, QL, ,T . ff i. in Apiic fs' -...a z .,f I Q .,,., , ,,,.......wN .kin yhf,-fxvaw-'. . ' .. ' ' ", ffl-' "- J' ':f, Lmf..--I--',4.Ihr'1v.C1bv?f'i . ,yur 3-Q.-an - v A J, ... -.'- .- .,, .--ff 'eg - "I x ""H v.- , ... ....N,4y4w-ff' - . .. . ,'.'vQl9Lan':."'7.' r -- . -: ,- v-.--In-JA-MX , J . , ,:u.,,, .,.,, 4 .har fn. N ,,, ,..-.yn ,sm L 1 ,--., , . . . .-. I ., .,,,,'-q. -.-U-,4 l I -,M,,. ..1"J , f ,l ' ' u' . ' .. V1-.. .- - . v. - f ..,"':- 1 'f gm.. ,1-A -L rr.: A, , 4.14 :fl m. f . ...g-, 9 ' -A , - 4, 'H - , 1... 1' ,, ,'5"1".,-rv -' 4.1 " 1 ' -,- , , . A -A , . bv, . V WL ,. ' " ,. 'N 4, ,- X ..,. , ,,.z, 3 s NN W :Nw -1 -N 1. , A ','.u.,M4,Uf.,1 ' 'V ,xv N f' +74 :qw ifirhirntinn lv 5. .5 B.C.'s Piece Cf The Rock Has B.C. bought into Prudential Life Insurance? Hardlyfbut it does have a 'piece ofthe rock' in the person of Dr. Gene Hovee. More than one co-worker has referred to him as being "solid as the Rock ofGibraltar." And well might he be, for he holds down one ofthe most important and difficult positions in our Bible College family, that of Director of Student Services. For three years now, Dr. Hovee has headed this department in' living up to its nameg being a service to students. He entered Student Services at a time of change. when it needed not only steadiness, but also leadership, organization, and spiritual guidance. He has provided this, and more, and for that we express our appreciation. To understand the contributions of Dr. Hovee, we must know more ofthe man himself. A second generation Norwegian, he grew up in Oregon. Following his gradua- tion from college and his marriage to the former Miss Jodi Sanders, Dr. Hovee pastored churches in California and Oregon. He moved to Illinois to study for his doc- torate, which he received from the University of Illinois in the field of Rhetoric and Public Address. Then in I967 hejoined the B.C. family, teaching Bible and Homiletics. Then, three years ago he accepted his present position in Student Services while continuing to teach one or two courses per semester. But there is much more to what Dr. Hovee has done than just this list of accomplishments. He is a man who has provided leadership by being an example. At work he often has opportunities to let his own spiritual life shine. His relationship with the Lord is not a tIashy one, not one likely to demand immediate recognition, but it shows through in practical ways as he meets with other college officials, his staff, and speaks to students. As one person said, "Dr. Hovee is probably the most secure person I have met." Dr. Hovee has another family besides that of the college, and to him his family comes first. This is seen by the fact that his family looks up to him as much or more than do his co-workers, and that is saying a lot. Mrs. Hovee is known to most of us, especially with her work in the cafeteria until this past year. Larry and Julie are both college students, Larry at Ball State and Julie here at B.C. Whenever possible the family does things together. Probably the most enjoyed is going water skiing together. something that Dr. and Mrs. Hovee are especially good at. Dr. Hovee's love and dedication to God certainly have been demonstrated to us as a college family. These can be seen in his personal life, in his own family, and in his continued service as Director of Student Services. Because of this it is especially fitting to dedicate this year- book to him . . . B.C.'s 'Piece of the Rockf Port VN axne Blble College . . . . ' ' The Clllilclal Bulletin Ol' I I l Year I' ,277 Q.lfxHll Wcllx ol Sugu Food Service xmlnlngex the Q..lltIlCl'ILi. brxnglng new :dem ld lmproxc the menucs. XX HK l Iln..llj. hceomex .4 reality lnsleud ul .1 1,lrc.lm lor lorl Wayne Bxhlc D follcyu .lun Shoulll. lhc lrogrum Ulrcellvr,-vpemleslhclllpcxlorlhcdullx pn fgrounx Cf Change 7 'fu'-HPQ-sw... , , 3 Rich Cook becomes the new Business Manager. l i i I f-1 fi? -Q ff fi 'TY . V- W, 1 ' i M QQ E Q J 5 i i H W jig,Qimp,HEyii1'fiffH:5 iii rj ,i f-V ' 5 , "-'W f f W , :mi 1'.j-we gre: -D .wigs L' - " A 'Q rw i -li-417 iff-fzff-'fn 'Li - PJ :4 ', fi i W WT ,T , Yfmn, :TYYTW ,1L-rxsjy ry: i F. V Jeff Ling, the new Director of Admissions. heads up uh: Ciic' 'nan' located in ine comer of third floor. 4 A ' I i f - I i i Vi ' Q a ' i ' r 9 E E , ij , Pi i i E v I 4 .TlP..!m ,.Q',,'-figs.: AT.. "fn I ',,:?,, .Q , I A , . i X , ,ff C' Joan Mayers moved from indent Services ic become .id- minisirative ,Assistant in the Coiiege ieizuions Depurimeni and Aiiumni Coordinnlor. And now, playing the lop ten songs ofthe week . . . "V Married Sludenls and Faculty light for the championship ll' the world gives you a lemon, make lemonade Those Were The Days Friend ' 1 - Q f"" I ' D Q X . f Suk C is Ground Round again? We Thought They'd Never End .sez-elif , M: ,- Nix - ,ss .as V , , , A we-gafwszfl -W 1 5, fm Q , , . 'J' if-9' 14- 5 i ' ' ' ' 5 i-Q95 - k, , ., ,F . Q' 55' R' Mark Spitz and Howard Cosell fighting. J This guy says he's from Pluto, We get all kinds ' ol' people here. he '44 f Q 5' :" if l a 1 V ? .te I smell something fishy around here. Need a nurse, anyone? Let's have a little teamwork around here, girls. Those seals in Chapel are hard. Yes, --,,..4-1' 2' 5' T 9f+:"E -17' e eg? X r K ' Double your pleasure, double your fun . . . - J pf' '. 6 .Q i"' ' - .,' , f Q - if - in Remember those family meals together. TEX 'a'2r Y x X .lusl having a good lime with the guys. Q fig 'fix fi Those Were The Da s V NN R.. ,fgi ,4X 3 -X w X. V 1 fx ,xx Y A-.K 53' rl-X 3357 .fi i fxi . v 4- x -at - 1 bi, .. 1 4? I.-L- ,Q f X2 ' 1 - 1 - N. X :fm 2: t ' iff! ' -' 1 , ' K X285-f QL.-NNN, Q., . f fggX:, - ..-- w -.-,,V,V- -wx , vm-,wm,1,f ,ca-L sf.. X' 2 3213: Bw- . 'V xx x X .. f -1 X 4, .-Q N W' ,:: X x NSR' The members ofthe Student Association Executive Committee are from Brubaker, vice-president of scholastic lifeg and Dr. Hovee, advisor. Not lelt to right: Dr. Hughes, advisorg Gary Fisher, vice-president of spiritual pictured is Tim Stair, vice president of social life. lileg Vicki Wright, secretaryg Tim Stephenson, president, Doane Student Association I Doug Kovatch Leslie Anderson Gary Fortney Merv Charles Don Kramer Rob Diamond Laura Hirschy George Paliotto Deb Lehman Cindy Hofbauer Tom West Becky Stansberry Mary Strubhar Debbie Robinson Peg Zbinden Judy Summers -Q1 P5524 W Ted Nickel is the advisor of the Student Education Association, Student ducation Association The officers of the Student Education Association are from left to right Diane Hooley, Evelyn Hadley, Judy Summers and Flossie Johnson. Student Missionary Fellowship Members ot the SMF executive committee are tront row troni Iett to right. Nlark Nlasterson, president: Becky Akers, puhlicitpg Cindy Hotbauer, literature chairmang back row: Sandy Buckles. prayer chairmang Patti Feightner. secretary: and Rick Hartsell. outreach chairman. Not pictured are Mr. Lartmel. adiisorg Jim Kobi. program chairman, and Geoll' Luhank. treasurer. The upcoming members ofthe new executive committee ol' 1976477 will be Tom West, Brian Brooke. and Gwen Lcltvianger, who have been in training sessions to prepare tor their new ollices, Spring Missions Go To Florida 1th Campus Crusade Last minute packing, Yvonne? i Barry Burnside becomes exchange student Barry Burnside, ajunior in pre-seminary studies from Sturgis, Michigan has gone to Jamaica Theological Seminary under the sponsorship of the Bible College through the Missions Department and under SMF, the Student Missionary Fellowship.While studyingin Jamaica, Barry will have some unique opportunities to live and share with students and faculty from all around the West Indies - Jamaicans, Haitians, and Guyanese. The' Seminary has a relatively small body of ap- proximately forty students, so Barry will be able to become well acquainted with his new fellow students and to learn how the West Indian thinks. Opportunities to minister in the churches of Jamaica through playing his guitar, sing- ing, and preaching the Word will allow Barry to share his testimony. by Mark Masterson R Give to Ceasar what is Ceasar's, and to God what is G0d's. - Matt. 22 .' 27 Flossie Johnson David Sjoberg John Cornell Jana Habegger Marsha Rohrs Les Steingass Youth Conference Committee Chairman Assistant Chairman Treasurer Secretary Music Chairman Art Chairman Charles Fox Gwen Zeltwanger Laura Hirschy Joan Mayers Dr. Wes Gerig Joe Snider R91 Technical Chairman Publicity Chairman Program Chairman Advisor Advisor Advisor f f m f f y I I E74 ' 1 JJ X- , w Lf ij, ffm! 4 J ff , l li ffm I J And if l'm chosen as Youth Conference Chairman I promise IO.. Nana, l-'Iossle Johnson, chairman of Youth Conference. takes time to enjoy all the activities. .Q-- . "fs: r-siw' -13 21 gtk N fzrzg-Sf", ' , ,X , QM.: vig- L. - -Y ,, Q:-:ar Y shirt. Dr. Wes shows his loyalty to Youth Conference by wearing his T- U7 111 gg the Will' Jenny Thornton plans layouts. 54 i l STAFF EDITOR Pamela Healy COPY EDITOR Ruth Dafoe LAYOUT EDITOR Jenny Thornton LAYOUT Deb Kehl Gordon Smith Beth Armstrong TYPIST Guy Suzuki PHOTOGRAPHERS Sharon Smith Randy Castillo Curtis Collins Dwight Fegley Richard Herman Jenny Thornton WRITERS Merv Charles Todd Habegger ADVISORS Eunice Conrad Alice Joy Weddle +1 - X i .tg l Ny v Q1 'W fl V y o-'-"N 'K A H ' E . ff STAFF lx' - 1A ,w- fl Iflw EDITOR Terry Bovinet 'WATT v FEATURE Pam Wes: .- I ' 1 w Violet Miyasato I EDITORIAL Linda Taylor SPORTS Gary Ringenberg , Gretchen Keener Sue Deaton GENERAL INTEREST Bill Branks Dave Willis Becky Huntley PHOTOGRAPHERS Sharon Smith Randy Castillo Richard Herman TYPIST Donna Moody ARTIST Jim Chupp ADVISORS Eunice Conrad Larry Miller F WBC Missionary Nursing Students Attending The Lutheran Hospital School Of Nursing ludents attending are Grneser, Janejones. Deb 1 back row: Jud ed Linda Gries m i k I I I 4 Y 25 , -Y ,D ., ,wp . YQ. 1""'9?f'S'lLl '73 ' 45,1 11 ,4-.rp . . 1T"1"'2 :zeaf Members of the team from left to right are front row: Terry Lewis, Coach Kent Fishel, Mark Longcor, Ray Cross, and Tom B et Oorden Nickel Ste e Gerig, Gary Gilpin and Doug Stellen. Sh ly Back ro Gary Rlngenberg, Dale Acke man Larry Tennis An one? X wif "vox- Xxs L5 soo ww N xx XX N . Ml '.lxl'H"5S1 "" ' ' f f l l X -- - 'MK lla , Wt- xl :QW Q-ftfffflztfzt 4 ill 'all XXX 1 ' X l K l SNS Q Axle x Xxxb' ii N N 3. CXQXQXAN M ' , , W:-'-'--... -i. r 'MQ-+4-....,.--,s ., n -1 ' s Alun., i . . .- '!QutI'!X"u ' 1 v '4 tw in z t ,'-h.nt.,.s,. ll,.-..,"'- N"-m., ' " 5 x ukl1vM."5..N. lH!.":h.s5,s. .s.s- A , , . 'A i'Hg'u.v.t.l .I-...N "f.',""" ' fu", ,'.'2'u--u..uV5"Nu1.-,1 5""" --t "" 1 I ,. t . st. -i..-3,,,,,,,,,,3.u,: sus, . .- 1!u,,..m...4s.',,tH,Xx'h". Nxkxbsss Q. s . lu, .1-JlitfgyixbnysvfnhfifwhnlNl',.3,"Db""' s,u,."" it"NuXxs.g.w..wv--l.. "'-' Hu., "N l5lQg5 'Abi .955 -k ,X-ul,,,,,-,psvss...,.,' N-n svn., .D w i K l i til !AX'5',"'fQNtQnuuu....,h.""'--.vs.,,.:'' I-Hngllxves.not-.!suu.s.,....' t .s . ' - mst 5 ' ss on ...N-..,,""n'.tsH1Xv-1-nu.M 1' , alhlb.. . ..... .k'C A . lu- Mark Longcor prepares himself for the next ball. Rookie, Gary Ringenberg shows potential for future SUCCCSS. Below: Gary Gilpin listens intently as Coach Fishel gives him instructions. -WN Remaining undefeated for the second year in a row in their conference, the ten- nis team had an over-all record of ll-l. Larry Lewis and Gary Gilpin made the all conference team. Larry, B.C.'s number one man also tied for first place in the city. 0-.4 ' t N V I I V Q Y vie y . ,, ,1 Y, ,, ,,. - .,,.v.,.,l-,-- '- i i - - :.., ', -'-n L 4-As.. tJ1iLtV1tif,i1'E 1- , V, , Gigi A-La,x,s,g,, , . I L J. 'Aka R "I,-N .Lpx 1, l K' . 4 A '..'- '4 - - L. Nlcnihcrs ul' the iollcyhall team from left to right. Iirsl row cond rowg Gail Nussbaum, Becky Akers, Cindy Holbauer. Ddrlcnc King, Jenny Thornton, Dee Dee Dickerhoof, Deb Connie Webb, Becky Travis. Sue Wright. Julie Hovee, .lan lxchl, 'Nl.iry Slruhhur. Lind1iSIolIzlus. and Yvonne Grady. Se- Nlusl. and Couch Miller. irls 'ai-', :nhl 9 '4 u4'.' :"l -"-. 4 iimcrilniliim mdkcs .1 good Serve. olleyball Jan lips it over for a score. The Pit captures campus interest in Deep thought is part of the strategy. "Spread out and give me some room." Intramural program We can'l possibly lose with a plan like this. we The spettators see it all Victory! The 1975-76 edition ofthe Fighting Falcons didn't fulfill all of the team goals which they had set for this season. However, none ofthem are too disappointed. The reason: the Falcons captured the "big one"-a national championship QNCCAA, Division llj. Overcoming a slow start Q2-43, the Falcons con- quered their next three foes, and coasted into the Christ- mas break with more wins that losses. Returning to the hardwoods with great anticipation, the team won nine of their last thirteen regular season games, good enough for second place in the NCCAC. A disappointing third place finish in the NCCAC tournament caused the Falcons to grit their teeth in determination. "The big one"-the op- portunity to be the best Bible college basketball team in the nation-was at hand. The FWBC Falcons converted their ultimate dream into a super reality. The agonizing "strolls" through Foster Park, and the daily discipline of practice and preparation had certainly paid off. For the seniors, the "thrill of victory" will be a lasting satisfaction. For the rest, the privilege of being a champion will not be easily surrendered. By Todd Habegger iss- 'Qtr-' Q. stef-xxx AF. 'AGRI Year Of Change Left: Anyone's ball. Below: John Jones tries to recover the ball. E. 'n UGAR SBEAR I' OH W3 , 1,123 -Q 2953 'f' V :'f'1v:fiM A '1cfc267?ZZf'ZZ Q Hoosier Hysteria At B.C ' 4, ,rg-,g.fig41'-v1.19-gf ..':X!vi3i5i?f7fi Y: gfifnavv' J' 4 ,Ww""' Falcons Shoot For The Top QWWHRQ why! Q2 " L ' . Q -3 H 'wx Q4 Y N W X if ' S x r ,,Lq 2,: o .N , 1- 3 4., . v, - 1 , t + ': '7z."1't-t?-Exif .w'Z N-.--1 1. -rl" r F . fkiil : :far . . 1-vi' .wi QI :gg 4. I N Q xii, IVY? ' - X . -my -A ,- pry iff ,X ,135 H -1, , . , fi-M '. , . . . . xxx ' ', X ' i .vw wt t 1' .nf Q' 3? Raymond records stats after game. Glen, rookie manager. learns tricks of the trade Behind The Scenes ,- , IR, "zu- H- ' lvvffb' s. ti fd! has V Above: Steve, Todd, and John Listen. , ,-A Left: Coach Morley lectures. i Team Effort Puts Falcons On Top Concordia Sr. Indiana-Purdue Huntington l.U. Northwest St. Francis Bethel Lincoln Christian Great Lakes Bible Cincinnati Bible Michigan Christian Cincinnati Bible Grand Rapids Bible Grand Rapids Baptist Concordia Lutheran John Wesley Grand Rapids Bible Great Lakes Bible John Wesley Concordia Lutheran Michigan Christian Grand Rapids Baptist lndiana Tech Grand Rapids Baptist NCCAC Tournament Concordia Lutheran NCCAC Tournament Moody Bible Institute NCCAA Region ll Tournament Western Baptist NCCAA National Tournament Baptist Bible QPAJ NCCAA National Tournament l Q , X x l Vursnly cheerleaders are from left to right: Pam Schielke, Mary Strubhar. Cindy Graef, Jeanne Gerig, Gretchen Keener, and ltopj Deb Tru5dle. Cheerleaders ,I-M- Reserve cheerleaders are Linda Slollzfus, Sue Wright, and Sue Deaton. YI- .f xl . x ffm. HQ. -4 'Wi 1. 1 'rim , ,.,,n F if.: , . me My , 3. 'W 1 X f was 1 H63 s t 'fo I P x Sv- ll A in 1 A "'f ,nm-'V' X 1, , H P sig! lx fgik 9 Q .233 Its. .':0' ffl' .0 w, .-ni-I L' - Right to left: Karol Whitcher, Violet Miyasato, Peggy Zibenden, Sharon Brumbaugh, Judy Summers, Kathy Roath, Esther Lilly. Sharon Reigns s Homecoming Queen Sharon Brumbaugh, senior. from Arcola, In- diana, was crowned 1975 Homecoming Queen. Sharon, a music education major, performed in The Mikado and The Apostle and was a favorite vocalist on campus. Her court included Kathy Roath and Judy Summers, seniors, Violet Miyasato and Peggy Zibenden, juniors, Esther Lilly, sophomore: and Karol Whitcher, freshman. Above The Braun family lRachel Stout. Dana Ponchot, and Debbie XX hiict .mart the return of their captured family member. Jacob lclt Ponchot lloseph Braun! tries to console Doug lxottitcli lliudull Hubert Jacob Cfmies Home and Beaulfful Beulah Halle v-.ere two one act plays presented to the students. faculty, staff and friends first semester. Not only did the actors put in many hours but the directors also put in many hours. Charles Fox played a very important role as the main director of these two plays. Tim Patch assisted in the leadership, The plays were a total student produc- tion which provided a delightful evening ofenter- tainment for all who attended. Others involved in the production were: Bob Wido. stage manager: Steve Hostetter, sound: Les Steinglass, set con- struction: Becky Starbird, wardrobeg Linda Stoltz- Ius. propertiesi Evelyn Hadley, Kathy LaBree, Cindy Tucker, and .lulie Castle, make-upg John Armes and Randy Stansbery, stage crew. Jacob Comes Home Below. Debbie VN hite. Doug Kovatch and Esther Cox discuss Jacob Braun as they knew him before he was taken prisoner. ....i... A . ,' 1- YP v -af ' Eff' ' S-sas ' ,YU , . .- . -- ff ' . .-iff? .ga , l , , U E . 'Qv""' . , . I ,..-.-.,- . .1 . X?-z::,.'., S. ,ggi ..:, - . -5 ,sa xl, ..- .s - 'A . , v 1' C J .-1? ,f,'f:. .. i , .- .-"k':i- .: "':'.-.. - - ' . ' V, . -4 q- , "g,:x3!?l . .. L Xe 5 XFX X 5 fx ' ii. 'gh k - 9- .- A '42 if xx A -- It ef : fx L 'rig E '. , 45, '-'sv N . '- 3. -ge -7- I 'ig 4 sa , 'gi iv V , -as . e 3 3 -i t 131' -fic -5: 7.1 '1 1.2 g l 3 ' ffl. Y A .RM - I .gif V' , . - ' . 5 k t X' N'-. a if I I f l i ' f -' U' ' Ahl- kxgf ygr Wt., ' A 4 ' if-1? 1 ' , ,N 5 .a lex! s. A . iggff '.-" I574. 'E-:SI'.. "Z Ii ,fs 23415, i:i"'fi- a-A.: Q4 If ll. 15? 'J . L+ ., - g 51- ,s-9. JZ' ea? fl ., V . A .1 X ,.,. -.1 , wi si, - ir, .w', - ie' 'A :ESP Q c . 1' "u fn- P ' - L 5, mga , . -J I A- 1: rut I3-51,5 . "' .. f. .issifrf' i f?:5iaQ:: fi ' , ' ,. , .. 'P-iafzis-12, fi, ' -:ik e -V Y w , X tm. .. f , af: The Apostle l'CslLisl.llI11ChupplundAgl'lppJ.ilGOl'Cl0I'l Smith! listen lo Puul's case. Members ol' the mixed quartet were Deb Burkeen, Marsha Rohrs, Tom Nevil, und Jim Chupp. The I hllfill lnnm handled props us well as singing many ol' the numbers. Julie Castle works hard to make John Cornell ready for the part of Luke. Cathy LaBree, not pictured, also worked on makeup. Mark depicts the emotions of the Apostle. CAST OF CHARACTERS Paul, the Apostle Mark Masterson Luke, the Physician John Cornell Slave Girl Patti Freightner Jailor Jim Emig Agabus Tim Andrus Festus Jim Chupp Agrippa Gordon Smith Soloist Sharon Brumbaugh Mixed Quartet Deb Burkeen, Marsha Rohrs Jim Chupp, Tom Nevil The Hora Performers Flossie Johnson Denise Feiser, Gay Douglas, Linda Taylor Tionie Razor. Esther Cox, Donna Erikson Verse Narrations Gary Litwiller Colleen Lee, Ron Mann, Kathy LaBree Esther Cox, Bill Adams, Kent Gerig Ch0rUS SOPRANOS: Sharon Brumbaugh, Deb Burkeen, Esther Cox, Denise Feiser, Flossie Johnson, Gay Douglas, Sue Hughes, Barb Schumacher, Mary Waddell, Connie Webb, Karol Witcher. ALTOS: Donna Erikson, Kathy LaBree, Colleen Lee, Darlene Loucks, Tionie Razor, Kendra Zuercher, Jana Habegger, Jan Mast, Linda Taylor, Marti Zimmerman. TENORS: Bill Adams, Brian Brooke, Curt Collins, Don Freeman, Phil Kress, Gordon Smith, Tim Andrus, Jim Emig, Gary Litwiller, Tom Nevil, Joe Woodward. BASS: Jim Chump, Kent Gerig, Norm Gifford, Dale Hamrick, Mark Master- son, Ralph Schaefer, Mike Guthrie, Ron Mann, Bruce Rocke, Mark Schlatter. Doing What They Do Best Reminisee With The Class f 19 6 The Junior Class presented an evening of Reminiscing tor the Senior Class at Goeglein's Reserve on April 23, 1976. Paulette Smith and Jeff Hoffman for a brief moment became Shari Belcher Uonesj and Larry Lewis on a park bench reminiscing over the years. Baby slides of the seniors along with a commentary on each opened the program. An alter-banquet party was held at the house of Harold Palmer. Above: Hannibal Frederick becomes Mark Twain. Below: Couples enjoy the line meal. ..Lunl nt: -Q 9 i - , E'-:rx 1. . ts. Q' QI5' S Roast portk satisfied the appetites of many. 4 ne, X Paulette Smith and Jeff Hoffman welcome everyone to the banquet. L , V ' ' 5... Then ten members of the Junior Class acted out a skit of the four years ofcollege experiences and future an- ticipations of what life would be like for the seniors. Last on the program, Mark Twain, Hannibal Frederick of Concordia Senior College, told the audience of the most hilarious story that he had ever heard. After the banquet the,homes of Gale Rickner and Harold Palmer were open to students who attended for relaxation. Regeneration and Free Spirit Come to . .B.C. Campus Free Spirit is a group of ten college-age young people who are dedicated Christian musicians. These group members give one year of time and talent to present concerts to high school and college campuses. civic groups, service clubs and appear on television and radio. B.C. was especially glad to have them appear on campus because former student, Gary Cline was a member of the group. Allegiance, the l976 Youth Conference was held the weekend of April 9, 10,1 1. The theme which Jack French challenged the attenders with was their allegiance to the Lord, the Lord's Word, the Lord's Work and the Lord's World. Jack French is the pastor of Yale Trinity Missionary Church in Yale, Michigan as well as an evangelist for the Missionary Church. He has served for five years as a missionary in Brazil. Mr. French is quite involved with youth activities such as camps, retreats and conventions. J ack French Speaker Of Allegiance l. 2 3. 4. S Mark Masterson leads one of the Perspective groups offered Saturday morning for the high schoolers. Two Perspective times were held where students could choose between eight options to attend. 6, 7. 8. Perspectives offered: Keys to Meaningful Devotions Living with Loneliness The Occult Knowing God's Will Effective Witnessing Accepting Myself Making Decisions Betwe and Wrong Coping with Depression. Y C '7 Lord ord ork en Right K by Dale Hamrick pe' B C55 V, U-lg We I-10uNl' pmpte J A 'Plflil - CDT? hope or 4 bl-whiff duet, Mba l is hold 'thus ifviis to be Selcteuw - JTH, Hg is ik, on - itl Lsjmnlb H1 is The HJPJLE 13.-51542 Ml LELEJ Lice and HUP 4 - h'U"U0"Vf'il1. He is +R! 'IT-idk, 'the 'Ruth -I-o 32+ .tour -.-X ell-"L,l,QJ7,l -, Soul -cr-fe " ". f I Flmlqe ali: itunes +0 gut MJ Amr- R-cu We HJ 9-le' J tl 19351 , I lovg -the -f'll ...milf anfi Milf. o-.MH l'l10l"i'rN all m1cf-aJ5fl'i:hx'UW' . . ' l fi +A Tb. -MA he ugqf H61 i 1 'MHA ff 3x Ttm Newrl narrates the story. The la. an- '- .,,. " 'J ll nn us Q V El 1 1 I 1 'N' 1 1 C 1 -an 1 3 1 1.1 V ::v F .., - KL 'U -Q 1 1 1 I it ml bn 1 1 1 2 U 'J PH - -me -Hu I 'C ll ufuhh- ll 9 F -onlne 1 1 Q-1.1.71 entertainment ' ,.i3 wx? Lhree small swine of low stature encounter the K r r r Ni rs ' ' 6' gn Q -1, Y 1 fm wolf. Left: Tim Patch and Tim Stair were the emcees of the Saturday X W Tr ips E Q 6 4 Night program. Below: Deb Kehl and Sonja Wood just linished a tough battle in speed skating competition of the olympics with Deb as winner. Below left: The Wiebke mob introduce themselves and their friend John ny Angel. Below: "And the winner ofthe Johnny Angel talent contest is. Y.C. 976 f 7 I ws 'J .Q ' 0 do -Q 'Q U1 Q .kk x + T Y.C. 7 6 V 5 CARSG Prepares Special Cakes For Special Gccasions This past year was a very special year for cakes. Car- son made cakes for special occasions which added a new dimension to holiday meals. By this means Carolyn Roussey, a cook and chief cake decorator, expressed her talent of decorating cakes. One of the most memorable cakes was the basketball cake which had the names of all the players and cheerleaders written on it. A special steak dinner accompanied the celebration of winning the NC- CAA championship. The student body expresses a special thanks to Carson and the cooks for the time and effort they have put in to make the meals attractive and special by ad- ding the decorated cakes. l l Jim Moore tries lo assure Sue Wright that she will not lose her linger. 4 The dating game couples included Donna Erikson, Ray Cross. Alice Kocian, Bruce Preston, Beth Rohrs, Chris Van Matre, Debbie France, and Bill Jones. Sadie Hawkins arty .J -f .M Spring anquet ith Doug ldham nd The Speer amily hnlerlainment during the banquet was provided by the men's quartet and Sharon Brumbaugh. i l I-.imily Reunion joined Doug Oldham as well as singing their own selections. .. 1 -I Doug Oldham, the main attraction ofthe concert sang many favorites. The Speer Family 1--54 I1 . The FWBC Women's Auxil- iary strives to meet the student and school needs. The women provide needed curtains for dorms, give scholarships, hold bazaars and meet the needs on campus which otherwise might not be met. The scholarships which are given are funded by membership dues. This year Jen- nifer Thornton, a junior in Ele- mentary Education and Donald Deighton. a sophomore in Pas- toral Ministries were awarded SIOO scholarships. They were pre- sented to the students by Mrs. Herbert Kiessling, the Scholar- ship Chairman, at the fall meet- ing. By this means the FWBC Women's Auxiliary is able to meet the needs of some students in a personal way. . ' L A .4 , 1,,c..-sv '11 "' l i .if 9 .' , if 9' -U? 1 . K- 1 WBC Womenls uxiliary Takes Time To Get nvolved th Student Needs ,S ,-N , X 1 xx AR4 0 Q ,xx X 'A-X-.ff ff-X As -. X 41 '-'X X' X H X XX X XX ww X X X X X , X gxvof .Q. . 4.. ..L ... ',TX ' 'Q ' -,,, f L WBCL 90.3 mhz Stereo FM 50,000 watts The Sound Of Distinction ." wif' if' - Radio Comes 0 To FWBC Radio is not a new thing to Fort Wayne Bible College. During the early 1950's a radio program called "Sunrise Chapel" was heard around the world over . missionary shortwave radio HCJB. Later in 1956 "Crossroads" was broadcast over WOWO, Fort Wayne. It continued into the early l960's. In planning Witmer Hall, allowance was made for possible radio broadcasting in the building construction. Now those plans have become a reality as WBCL is on the air daily from six a.m. to midnight. WBCL is Fort Wayne's first and only non-commercial radio station. The programs are aimed for the total person, giving a variety of good music, news, public affairs, and educational features. The station can be heard up to 65 miles from Fort Wayne. In order to reach far distances the station has erected a braodcasting antenna attached to the tower of WCMX, Fort Wayne. Mike Heuberger, station manager, formerly worked in Waterloo, Iowa, managing KNWS AM 84 FM, owned and operated by Northwestern College. Mike Heuberger states, "The goal of WBCL is to broadcast programs that meet the spiritual, economic, educational, and social needs of each of the 400,000 people living in the listening area." and .Q ...4.- 1.1M- -Q I X v I Q J -4' V k I 1'- , . 's -- i 'M .- .. . F. , "L -1. Sheila Lamb Mike Sahr Ngaujah Johannesburg, South Africa Freelown, Sierra Leone Yea Kim Seoul, Korea Jacob Kakish Salt, Jordan Students From broad dd World Perspective This past year FWBC was privileged to have five students from abroad on campus. The students have come from the two continents of Africa and Asia, giving a different perspective on the things discussed in classes. This has added a new dimen- sion to classroom discussion, helping B.C. students to gain a world perspective. George Ashok Das Bogra, Bangledesh so if an nf, qi: ' Christmas urges men to give gifts to one another. Lighted trees are surrounded underneath by brightly decorated packages. But there is one gift not among the packages that man is given, God's in- expressable gift of His Son. 44 tual 'i1fe w T Q The World The Cults And The Gccult 1' Dr. Xlariin took a different cult each meeting. discussing the errors ol' the various groups and ways that students could deal with these problems. using the Scriptures us their main weapon, X4- V The Staley Lecture Series hosted Dr. Walter Martin. founder and director of the Christian Research Institute. Acknowledged as the outstanding evangelical authority on psuedo-Christian cults, Dr. Martin has debated some ofthe most controversial intellects concerning this subject. Dr. Martin warned students of the pitfalls of various cults. l l Lx D X we The Christian In The M odern f w ld X X " th UT I -f' -' 1 The January Spiritual Emphasis week was titled X IEVY xg f , "The Christian in the Modern World" by speaker j I, ii 'ty A A Ronald Susek. Mr. Susek works for Continental at x AA t Christian Crusades, Inc. He presently travels around p X Xi , i 1,- the United States, ministering to others by means of i T ll KI 1 l I Crusades and addresses on high school and college N j 1 ' J N campuses. He also makes appearances on radio and l Q . X television. Throughout the week, Mr. Susek guided t ' ' , N the students into evaluating their views of X ' I X -Q.- themselves, God and the world around them. tl Ill, ' K Aff, Meetings were held both mornings and evenings, ' L, I if finishing the week Friday morning with the Spiritual 4 1 , W' ' Emphasis Chapel. f fl- .K lik X I ' 1 "' 5 . S 0, non? gl in X X' '-Mfzz ' X64 xslt D ' L 'r5oii"i v X Wi' f sx X 5 x 1 T lb N xlgx tt . W, , 1 r Ti. T " " W R s X 1 T it Xxx ,X lx XV' l t l f i Throughout the year various faculty members are given opportunities to speak before the student body. Coach Morley speaks during the Basketball team chapel, U ' y . n . V , ,i-, :PA -5 ll be Llr Students. like Joe Jacobs. also had speak bv . X v :Q ifvzvl in chapel. .t Y .Li . Outside speakers, such as Dr. Clyde Taylor, widen the horizons of students, Singing plays an important part ofthe chapel programs. Jay Platte, Ira Gerig or stu- dent directors lead the sing- ing. iii 'Saks F' uhm. Musiual groups besides our own visit the cam pus The Sherwood Singers from World Vision were sponsored by SMF for an evening program. Various groups, including the Basketball team perform for the students. .if Alter chapel students have half an hour of B.C. time to do as they please. W X Ed Baird brings a message to fellow students in the Private Dining Room, using oppor tunities given him to express his faith and encourage others, Gne Bod a 4a-1 Students help one another in discussing problems, forming the body of Christ, Right Weekly reports are being filled out, checking chapel attendance, church attendance, and Christian service assignments. Music Scrap- Book 'F' 'V 'N xl. b, . f 'F' Q , XC., f"' l I-'WBC expresses her talent during recitals as above. Jana Habegger plays the organ. below left, Steve Gerlg sings and, below, Carolyn Salsburey plays the llute. Others who gave recitals during the year were Marsha Rohrs. Sharon Brumbaugh, Deb Ackerman, Clyde Hale, David Hamrick. and Dan Salsburey. f' Olixk .fx nhl? r CD3-Ci' 4?Nf5P LFAQIC r- gy f' 6,0 shi ON 2.47 V13-Ci' 57 0!tC'7 I -sf , f ' J J ns F fi' P.fL.'Q 2 i 2 2:35:26 5 fl .5 'Al ,Haj-' o by KV 1, v QL---n xg, "-' i nl A 11 s , a L1 IEESJTV p ch 'f A , .,,V,,.. . , . Nu 4M' if ' .'. if iw.. 3 Z has if -1 4 .f QA-0. .. 'W .g x '-W3 ' 5 ea!-. I I- CWQ-. L lr .S ,C Q' 1 -X9 21 F' , T L4 1' Q' -5. -fi f fl' ' ' 'W' 6, R. L,-'A .'if',H - .vu . 1 inf 'P- , e L, QL Q 42 x" Inv' 35ix'3:Q : A W. I -, x::,1'd-303: f f15e"""iQ C ' -. y . N I . K.: 1 Y 'vi A '. . 'S " 4 L - , ,qv Sopranos Sharon Brumbaugh Debbie Burkeen Esther Cox Denise Feiser Flossie Johnson Sharon Pauerson CHOR Altos Jana Habegger Jan Mast Marsha Rohrs Roberta Seek Becky Starbird Linda Taylor Marti Zimmerman LE Tenors Bill Adams Brian Brooke Curtis Collins Don Freeman Phil Kress Gordon Smith Basses .lim Chupp Kent Gerig Norman Gifford Dale Hamrick Mark Maslerson Ralph Schaefer Qing 7 , ." - f 73 E9'U'fi fa. ,Amy F' .A'V4- U 1 0. Q .f!" p: gk :A X ..q bV, h,35q Qhnxy- Q45 Q-,.9 :,.,--. g, 1 ' ,fix " K J. . .' i ai 0,.',-- 2 A:-'J-. 32 ' , . ., .. ZUFUQZQ f-.y"f,uJf- XC :N I. K, ' , .. - 14 gf ltr gy! "-x 4 X af' if ' 5Q,"l.v,3e3j 2' , Z' TAN o Y Yi ' K I l' .N N 1-. ef, i F J 4 , isa r', in l v'1,.'s.i,ij :S 4 ' V 1 N1 ? .- A-lli fa l R9 vi ii A U hwbf X 1 -1 , L-l I 5. -' gil " C' Na O A 5 0 no ' 'li ' 1' .ax I' S r 07 .l . X 'nv W' I y' My X. A " Q Pl I' A I' R ,N ,217 I l 537224 IZ l . 'vw-vw, Band members play during half-time at games. and MWWWQ-DMM The band added to the musical program at the Harvest Banquet. Members ofthe band front row from left to right are: Carolyn Salsburey, Dave Morgan, Kendra Zuercher, Bill Adams, and Dan Burkey. Third Carla Rupp, Barb Egle, Clifford Greth, Cathy Havens, Alice Dekle, and row: Robert Taylor, Gary Litwiller, Doug Lightcap. Paul Pohnert. Glenda Stephenson. Second row: Dave Hamrick, Pat Clawson, Judy Reginald Koopman. Back row: Cathy Conrad, Dr. Loomis, Rich Summers, Julia Reef, Don Kramer, Gerald Davis, Norman Gifford, Mintchell, and Bob Cooley. Christian Service ' IS I f 6 J 'v x It 319 f SI XMI Q! N' I , I' - ' g'.u.-f.- ,Q ' UQ, -p f -15-572' " ', f -' ...Q 1 xv Musical Groups X., Th h I I I Il 1 g B I Il gl K I b k , John Ix J II W Il R th L h d IJ II 3 Q Q 5 5 X 'F 5 2 X S Q S The members of Canticle are from left to right Dan Burkey Rachel Stout Deb Burkeen Jlm Emlg and Jeannie Hollenberg Canticle And New Perspective Minister To Others ith Music The New Perspective members are front row from left to right: Marcy Bogert Deb Lehman back row: Mark Krueger. Beth Armstrong and Bob Gratcyk. The Po itive Side Members of the Positive Side from left to right are: Ron Mann, Jerry Wenger, Dale Ackerman, Debi Ackerman, Joan Moser, Tom Nevil, Brad Gibson and Suzie Zimmerman. , '.,'-g'j...q.:-.-- Y. 'S :L SEEN' x 5 E-1397-'QL-Ny N M. . A 515: I Y rm 'X ' :E2?5:l -Q - . Cf rv- A' 5 I '- Sv Q '- . -Q, mrmswk-.Q A K ' , . ,rgyg R 334' I Mx 33:1 -r " -if'- '9"'M'W - - .w.:'?-er-vig? r. , "-Q: wfiiw .P 4 ' "9 Y- .1 Q ff.-X . f : F ,Y ' ' ,s sq ff' v- 2S2S.2.2S.2S 2S2S2S2S2S2S2S2S2S2S2S3 QQ H 3 Alpha Kappa Sermon Awards Co-curricular A ards lst place Jlm Taylor Merv Charles 2nd place Merv Charles Becky Stansbery W 3rd place Amy Phllllps Mlke Selbeck W Theodore Hzrschl Memorral 8 Laura Hirschy K Rebekah Hirschy X 3 , , H 3 Who s Who Among Student In Amerzcan g 3 Unzversztzes Ana' Colleges 12 3 Sharon Belcher Geoff Eubank M 3 Dina Kinnan Todd Habcgger W Kathy Roath John Jones 3 Judy Summers Mark Masterson W Becky Stansbery David Sjoberg Delta Epsilon Chl X Sharon Belcher John Jones X Geoff Eubank Mark Masterson ' Todd Habegger David Sjoberg g Judy Summers W 41 432323252 S2S2S?S2 Art And Audio-visuals Labs " M if ,mm -W , -' . X- :ffm 'Q .: .- - ,L f-'51, 'gfkfv g .12 ....,,,,' ,,fa.f-"law 31, ,F ,, ,. .. ' 'f"1':"35-59 f k- ,,:' " M W4 ggi, . xf ,1 H .,:-, .3,.'Fl, 1: M, " . ff ' iam - 2 -v:'::f11:z1-t . we ---- N' f .4 fff . lf, + , 1 1 A, V , 1 H' z-':2'2:ff.,4::'fz:1'S ?f+-. 'W f -we i-v"ff'?'rf:7fE'f'2' 9.1"-41,2 .4?g:+:5,,:f1-,'5f:'fy -4' 'f4.,'- "::.f35.1me:- 1 f .. 2 'TYR'"'G?k3E2f13f5Z35"'l5fi '3179' ,"'-Y "-,' ?f+.'Efr' ' ', 'L '41, ,'of25135:-Pay-31415-2'gg-cy? ,px ,Hg,-':r:':1:'11.r.r:'1:.':'-'55'I'" 1 ' f.: 1-W 4-.4119-., .ff QW' V. f ,Milfs -""-f:-..a1.- w- ,.,-f,-:f- s- -- 1 -'ffm-.. .. 21 wb ' " ,- 2 " '1":,f-'0 4 W' "?37"f6,9' Left: When all else fails, use the card catalogue. ,,,,.-v-' x,4s.,Q penny'-Ee: f f 1'-4-,M f xwq+, A' 'c 'V R 1 W Above: Studying together can develop some lasting relationships. ight n The Library M411-'Ev x A X. w -s. -i ' :ann 1211! 1' 'i X 11---Nl -vm. -nv' 4 1 ET' f-ef. , , I-'lossie Johnson makes use of the IMC materials. tiff: 5 he .tl . ,M .... M we ' M-W " 11111 zg,-ng-an Just one more theology question to go. Y . - rinally, pence and quiet. The funny papers give the day a little lift, right Dina? 'Z Q ,Q-'H nv, n 7 Q.. 54 1 uv- n e.. , 'V' N" ., , If ,Q :C F. Just one more mile to go girls. 1 x l "'t'3Jf " Alla tk M ' v w . , l 'f 'tl 0 ll 1 ', l. if A" 1,.'. 9' ff" V 532- .Q - F , ,' J, -g . 'J ,yy ,tw f ,, was l, NIV wa mf-- . 1 'Z-5 MQ, If A 1 . t .aww -A Basketball seems to be a favorite sport of most. I 5, Even faculty members get involved in the ' 'V intramural program. - it , ' 1 V lf "TV P ' X I 0 Physlcal Educatlon 1 'r N "W t FWBC 95 3 Student gy! fp Employment fwxll f 41m x 1 ,x W I n Q. 46 13 117A 1 ci!!! I t :Nl I x ' J x f If 1. I ' 1 , ,flu If Yi -ff' ix C 1 f "lr 0 r . A ' N12 L 4 ' " 2 " QU - t wwf 5 AN 5 W-sis 'ffl aaff-I in ,9?5u,'.s ,, z f ..-5' 1 4' Tigag' .fm Za 1 - KQV' ' FWBC student employment offers many job oppor- tunities to help students reduce their school bills. Mr. Betty Hurtsellers makes opportunities available to students by means of a bulletin board for off campusjobs as well as on campus jobs. Not only does this benefit the student but also FWBC, for the students maintain the campus. J.di,g.i V ,ix A T. . qwwfiag g rf Hwy, ranquility In Student Life Gary catches up on the latest news. K XV: 1 X Students take time to get to class. , :gil 1 ,'2..e1,-A-, t i X V- s' 1 i ml ami? .4 Students enjoy the peaceful lounges, 1 Q J , ,.,. u 4. Doing What We Do Best xl' fA. John watches Steve Ex his car. Training For Service And Service In Training i l, t I Miss Louise Kimmel directs training classes for those in Child Evangelism. Not only do students concentrate on academics at Fort Wayne Bible College, but also Christian ser- vice assignments which play an integral part of the total educational program offered. Assignments allow the students to put into practice the theory of the classroom. The assignments give students oppor- tunity to share their faith as they serve Christ. Positions available are: choir director, song leader, gospel teams, organists, pianists, Sunday school teachers, children's church workers, pastor or assis- tant pastor, and director of Christian education. Other positions are available at the Children's Home, City Rescue Mission, Salvation Army, State School, Life Line, Campus Crusade, Youth for Christ, Pioneer Girls, and Awana Clubs. Still other students teach Good News Clubs, work at the Evening Mis- sion, or are student advisors. Coaching classes are held throughout the year to help students with problems that they have encountered and offer new ideas on how to accomplish their task. gixs, ....,,M.,...a . X . ff 9 ' f 1 Q 1 ,1,,. 5.5115 is W S, ft is if 2-, ...z "l'Ti g 'J li ga -"" """l 'fi 1 7 V1 B.C. Time A favorite spot of some of the married students and their friends during B.C. time is at the bottom of the basement steps, where they con- verse with one another, munching on snacks. They can usually be found in this spot after each chapel, waiting for their ll:00 a.m. classes. Other students flock to the bookstore, checking out the latest books, records and supplies, as well as-picking up snack items. go. Q: ,xx Friends look forward to eating with one another. k if Q . a Qfl' 1-...L Bonnie-Draper enjoys her meal with Irtends Mealtime: A Welcomed Break : -n-ll" x Students choose from a variety of main dishes. h W Iounlam belng ln S? '55 Cho ,cw KU. W Tj jj Q Y ,--ww M-' J V 3 E155 CY eff a - 'Q. Hlzzg llllli 'Ill 511511 gnu: ggxlf' ,gil- pv 1 '.' zsifjz' gs fvgia' 'P' fi? ., pl' Rushing to the mailbox W Resting after recreation. Back to the dorm. VT i i s 1 z 1 1 Beautifying the bod. , ts, LM Getting down to business Mixing study and bull sessions. at last 4 fl H, Y 0 it "'.5-" 14 1 s-rg. ...hal Wesley R. Willis Academic Dean Associate Professor Chairman of Division of Professional Studies Timothy M. Warner President Professor X. . 1-'vw-www' . . ,..., .,,.. . ...4:,..... M-.LX ,MI . If x sw V , N' 'XA s :Ms- Dr. Jared F. Gerigg Professor and Chancellor 'WYANI Herald J. Weltyg Associate Professor, Registrar Khin J Jeffrey R. Ling Director of Admissions Adelle Isaac Secretary to the Registrar Registrar Diann Grandlienard Secretary in the Office of Admissions Dick l-'oust Admissions Counsellor Paulette Smith Automatic Typewriter Secretary BCL , -:NR Sm M Brad Grabill WBCL Production Assistant '33,- 1 12. X Eg Angela C. Fansler 5 ! Secretary to the Director ol College Relations we e 4 , .,d "'.r' , Larry L. Miller Director of College Relations L11'SCS fx X Xt U I Drocus Ringenberg ,N-M Xx 'e1'1ls8H!i '- Campus Nurse Q Janet Dubs. Campus Nurse 'Q i- J- Janel Bowman, Secretary to WBCL Manager and Mike Heuberger, WBCL Manager O College Relations A--fn 4 . - 'i .Ioan Mayers Administrative Assistant in College Relations, Alumni Coordinator il P' -. A '. 5255 Q2 'lf-1,,. nv. , fox' - I " '-" 1. ' V . . uf- x: Gene H. Hovee Associate Professor, Director of Student Services Barbara Coon Women's Adviser, Resident Adviser in Lexington Linda A. Griepsma, Resident Adviser in Bethany Hall EV EE I s i A .r xg ' E i 2 4 52 i wk Kzbwiex was A A' ."- - . 4, ,.er, ,,i, 1 e,.ie. e,e4 ,...i. ,....r,. , ...W '-'4,-- f,f"i ."'- '.4. 4 ".' f" .',' '..Q...f...,QQ1Q""""5"" .,.. Aj.'.x,:-:..:, -.., i::.l:1.'j,-.g'-.:'i:-into . .7 .Aww William P. Jones. Ill 1 Men's Adviser, Resident Adviser in Schultz Jeanette Mason Secretary in Student Services az2z::,:if2s..i,e,,i Student Services C ri tian Service ii 99 -E 4 . iv 9 ' 'Q 'sid l 1 ,...-- . r 1 A 1 ' ' . .an ' use .gl .L .4-1 R '55 U-.ffflfs ff ' Richard H. Baxter Janice L. Burke Joy M. Gerig Carole Lubbers Assistant Director of Christian Secreary, Christian Service Professorg Director of Christian Secretary, Christian Service Service Department Service Department Department Barbara Arthurhults Secretary, Correspondence Studies -,.,,,,MN., fw M ' :Q , - .,.. "1 ., rr.. 14 ,,..,.-W--.. ,M-..,-. E 'X Donna Lutton Assistant Director of Correspondence Studies 51 3 an-"' Debbie France Cyril H. Eicher Secretary, Correspondence Studies Professorg Director of Correspondence Studies Correspondence Studies 1? Pat Guth, Clerk-Typist Gene Williams Director of Fund, lnc. s R at Arlene Schlatter ' Robert Henschen Associate Director ofthe Fund, Inc. und Secretary to the Director of the Fund, Inc Special Representatives not pictured: Kent Van Wagner Joe Updegrove Tillman Amstutz .lim Larnard Susan Smith Secretary to Administrative Assistant Janice Wilcoxson, Switchboard Receptionist Jamie Lethan, Faculty Secretary L. 4.L S 4199 rAl.74 ll5BUN1l Jr' 5 ., 1 . ig, i , l l Ruth M. Burns Secretary to Academic Dean Secretaries Ann Neuenschwander Secretary to the President X - mi 3141. vm, , ,J it Richard P. Cook, Director of Business Affairs l E Charles H. Belknap Director of Financial Aids, Director of Computer Services Effie M. Snyder Clerk-Cashier Gwenn C. Miller Clerk-Cashier usiness .t ffice s ' ' -.-:,::.X N N " 2 :fa 1 5 Sega I x A S , , H i' ' . H. .. ,.., Q X, 335515252 r ' i 'aff-"N" My' -, Q 1 tiara x Q M- sift, 'ft -:::.s-Sass. X it-s X 3g.MfJ1'x ':' . ' . P .1.:....:-as W-vi-l '- 1" r:-:zsnrszt-N - i .- 2 " sis.. 4-:genas::-i:::::::'e:-.:2- . , fewer-:w - - .r::::1-wifi. e .- ., t , .5s::::g5: , ' tw.,- Judy lzngle ' ' -H ., Secretary to the Director of Business Affairs We N ts" X . . . X 5. .tgffv X M :N M t. not pictured Vera RCPP. Part-time Clerk Evelyn R. Schmidt H ead Book keeper 4 'QL S 1. 1 9 0 5 l. s i1"."3x Cleo lGlnnyJ Harrison, Food Service Department Fern Smilh and Bob Gratcyk Qparl timel, Food Service -lglfim' ' Taking time out for lunch Carolyn Roussey, Food Service Department Gwen Shirley, Food Service Department Department Carson Wells, Saga Food Service Department hysical Plant And Housekeeping Betty Hurt-sellers, Supervisor of Housekeeping and Irene Cox. Food Service Department Joe Johnson and Gary Temple, Physical Plant l Student Employment , W ,,,.. Ada Hausser, Physical Plant Edison Reynolds, Director of Physical Plant x 3- -' . ,S 15-gun., .,. Sandra Fennig, Library Secretary 'i- N A .m i i. 4 1... Q .,a . , I'lGl1S Not pictured is Ronald Scharfe, Head Librarian, who took his sab- batical leave second semester. Left: Wava Bueschlen acts as Head Librarian second semester while Mr. Scharfe is on sabbatical leave. Below: Naomi Wiederkehr, is the Assistant to the Librarian. fl 221 tllfi ,fl Ye Mba ' Q 1 I o ' .fi " 4 Zim, , ' ,v Y if V 3. V -.W 1,3 pmt 5:5 ur' Rose Ann Nickel, Director of Instructional Materials Center Mailroom Kay Schladdenhauffen, Printer V - 3-cg, -i ev 'wtrz-me N X X , Ox. V. .. XA, f 'Qi Carol Demond, Bookstore Manager i LaVera Sauder, Supervisor - Mailing Department Julie Alvis, Clerk - Mailing Department 'S X DV 1 f BIBLE i 'Ti df 'WS 'A ax . Helen H, Wright Secretary to Director of Research and Guidance Wesley L. Gerig Professor, Chairman of Division of Biblical Studies Forest W, Weddle Professor, Director of Research and Guidance lx. Ronald C. Scharfe Associate Professor of Bible il , 4 , yr, f. ' 1 1 14' X1 . 2 J. Duane Beals Assistant Professor of Bible and Philosophy Arlan J. Birkey Assistant Professor of Greek and Bible ,. lv:-is Robert C. Strubhar Associate Professor, Chairman of Department of Pastorate Ministries if' 'f James P. Loomis Music Jay D, Platte Assistant Professor Chairman of Department of Music Ira A. Gerig Professor of Music fx Assistant Professor of 4' Music i Right: Shirley Platte Pllfl-lll11C Instructor in 'Xfusic not pictured Judy timndllcnard Javquelyn L. Al-Ill P.irl-time Instructor, Piano Partalime Instructor, Voice Samuel Gnagy Robert luylor Partalimc Instructor. Low Brass I'.irt-time lnslruutor, lrumpet .iii ...u urn". Debbie Doud and Sharon Borror, Secretaries of the Music Department .lacquilyn K. Loomis Part-time Instructor in Music lp-. ngiish - not pictured if I Janet Holloway . Part-time Instructor in English Milton J. Sinn Part-time Instructor in Speech X .1 Sonja Strahm 3,1 5 Huvrywwv if Part-time Instructor in English Ken Fishel Tennis Coach hysical . Q O Eunice J. Conrad , Associate Professor of English d u C n Edith Ehlke Professor of English l 5 I fi , . I X. f, ,2?,,V'1Vk,:-fl t 4 ,.,f,.4.. -. 1 ,.. t " Y' 1 '15, " , I s 5 1 Ei! I -St. '1 Phyllis Miller Stephen H. Morley Instructor in Women's Physical Education Instructor in Physical Education, Athletic Director Christian I 1 E,-'fl' .QQ Assistant Professor of Christian Education Joseph B. Snider Assistant Professor of Christian Education ducation Dale O. Ferrier I . Part-time Instructor in Christian Education .. 1 -,.l s if rA'4 fifii' X il? 1 1 4 1 s it t I - 1 Wayne A, Widder Associate Professor, Education X Chairman of Department of Christian Q, C -1 '1I A 14 Elementar ducation -59 -fa -,muh Ted D. Nickel 7- A Associate Professor, Chairman of Department of Teacher Education J ,,.-u-1- Alice Joy Weddle Assistant Professor of Elementary Education l. 'QW-1 if gyms!- Shirley A. Troutner Daryl W. Cartmel Secretary, Christian Education Department and Instructional Services Associate Professor, Chairman of Department of Missions General Studies Charlotte Binkley ,I Instructor al'-5' , Robert .lr Hughes III Associate Professor of Science Administrative Assistant Chairman of Division of General Studies Ken Ggldgmith Part-time Instructor in Psychology 3:5 Don W, Klopfenslein Assistant Professor Department of Correspondence Studies Grant C. Hoatson Associate Professor Joan Mayers Director of Instructional Services Associate Professor of Psychology Administrative Assistant of College not pictured Relations Department and Alumni Coordinator Carol Brown Part-time Instructor in Art Weldon O. Klopfenstein John W. Rayls Professor Emeritus Part-time Instructor in Sociology ,wif 44: "1 r. F4 'T ,454 lt was a windy but sunny day as the seniors walked from the library to Founders. 1. Commencement 19 6: The Torch Is Passed n When the Olympic Games were held in Berlin in 1936 the bearing of the torch was instituted. A torch was ignited in Olympia, Greece, the sight of the ancient games. It was carried by relays of runners through the intervening countries to the area of the games where the Olympic Flame was lit and continued to burn throughout the duration ofthe games. The runners keep a steady pace throughout the distance to the stadium, not stopping between the changing of runners but passing on the torch to a fresh runner while still keeping a steady pace. This process would go on till the last runner reached the stadium and ascended the steps to light the flame. ln the same way the seniors have been given the torch to carry in the relay, remaining steady in their pacing, not stopping as they go. The running hasjust begun for these fresh runners, to carry the torch of the Gospel to various parts of the world. The distance is long and the task demanding but these seniors have been equipped with power from on high to complete the relay. We Happil Receive Congratulation W Y 'X mxedidx SN! 1 f 3? ' l - 2 5' .3 -5 V gg-1:1 ye: - ' ' Q 'frb' X ' X 4 , X -,-QNX ,-,,: Y .,,,, , pw We Have A Long W To Run Class verse: 1 Corinthians 15:58 "Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain." Class colors: Red, White, and Blue f-My 1: " Class flower: White Rose H :'- i.. mints Senior class olxlicers are front row: Becky Stansbery, Kathy Russel, mid- dle row: Joan Foltz, Judy Summers. Mr. Birkey, back row: Dina Kin- nan, und Merv Charles. f .3- Rehcccu Ann Akers Lhurubuseo, IN BS, Biblical Studies T11 195 Dick E, Alejandro Robert S. Allen Edward M. Baird Fort Wayne. IN Bloomfield Hills, MI lrwin, PA B.A. Preseminary Studies B,S. Christian Studies B.S. Pastoral Ministries 3 Sharon K. Belcher David A. Boyce BruceA. Brumbalow Sharon K. Butcher Columbus, OH Rome, NY North Syracuse. NY Denver, lN B.S. Christian Education B.A. Pastoral Ministries B.A. Christian EducationfMissions B.S. Elementary EducationfMissions ,Q I. ,. 'Q""'2' if.. Mark Lynn Campbell Midland, Ml B.S. Christian Education l-g,f'-'- , -,R V, an . . ,. , ,' . , , 'N X William H. Campbell .-- Jupiter, FL BA. Pastoral Ministries John R. Cappelen George A. Cecil Mervin Charles Dale W. Clapper Winthrop, lL Fort Wayne, IN Lancaster, PA Fort Wayne, IN B.S. Christian Education B.S. Elementary Education B.A. Pastoral Ministries B.S. Pastoral Ministries l2 'fs ..,,,,, 7 ,ig o-if 'sd Michele Clymer PaulaJ,Cole John D.Cornell Bonnie Mae Draper Daienport, IA Grand Rapids. MI Auburn. IN Hyattsville, MD BS Elementary Education B,S. Missionary Nursing B.S. Elementary Education BS. Missionary Nursing els NX X .JVQJ -' J.1nctNaomi Dubs David C. Egan David Arthur Erdel Geoffrey L, Eubank Hanover, PA Louisville, KY Esmeruldas, Ecuador I-'ort Wayne, IN B S Nlissionary Nursing B.S. Elementary EducationfMissions B.A. Preseminary Studies BA, Preseminary Studies f x, , .S i 1 '- I 1 . ft I .loan Foltz Nancy E, I-'riedt Y Z I-ort Wayne. IN Decatur, IN B.S. Christian Education B.S. Elementary Education Ihcsc slccplcss nights are killing me. Stephen J. Gerig Todd W. Habegger Kingston, Jamaica Fort Wayne, IN B,S. Music Education B.A. Preseminary Studies Clyde Preston Hale. .Ir. David A. Hamrick Pamela Ann Healy William R. Henderson La Porte, IN Decatur. IN Morgantow n, IN Bad Axe. MI B.S, Music Education B.S. Music Education BA. Missions B.S. Christian Education Cathyrine A. Herdman Rhoda Faith Hobbs Larry Hobbs Findlay. OH Fort Wayne, IN Fort Wayne. IN B.S. Elementary Educati0nfMissi0nS B.S. Elementary Education BS. Elementary Education "Esau- nll"' -"I35!:l5537 ,, Vg ' ' ' Y is . 'si V: '-if Stephen Nl. Holbrook David L. James Dewey Stewart Johnson John W. Jones Norway. Nil: Van Buren. IN Bowling Grecn,0H Columbus.OH BA. Pri-tortil Ministries B.A,M1ssions BS. Christian l:ducationfMuslc B.A. Biblical Studies 'fl' I-of X 3 Janet Sue Jonker Thomas B. Jonker Deborah Lucille Kehl Yea Myung Kim l nrt VN tiync, lN Port Wayne, IN Ml, Lurrull. ll. Seoul, Korea B S llcrncntury lzducution BS. lilemcntury lzduculion B51 l'll'Ihl.li1I1l1iJUCLllIUll B.S. Missions K x,,:.,Aw ' -. PM-' ! L , .N - Mn.,-f sf 'N , . Dina Kinnan Cindi Kirkpatrick Stan Kistler James S. Kobi Indianapolis, IN Fort Wayne, IN Ossian, IN Harrisburg, PA B.A. Preseminary Studies B.S. Elementary Education B.S. Pastoral Ministries B.S. Missions Kenneth E, Lewis Larry D. Lewis Esther D, Lilly Ross A. Mahan Fort Wayne, IN Wichita, KS Orange Park. I'L Barrington, IL B.S. Pastoral Ministries B.S. Christian Education Associate oI'Arts B.S. Pastoral Ministries .5 ' o v . 4 . - 1' , r 4 Mark Daniel Masterson Kelly J. McMichael Fort Wayne, IN Thousand Oaks, CA B.A. Christian EducationfMissions B.S. Christian Education Y- f-4 Daniel A. McMillan Duane Nayrocker Michael S. Ngaujah Lonnie R, Norris Lionsbille, IN Wabash, IN Freetoiin. Sierra Leone Fort Wayne, IN BS Izlemcntury Education B.S, Biblical Studies BS, Biblical Studies B.S. Christian Education 23551111 if-I ,Qi-'X' .Effie A ' '31, -- . mil ,a-ag. anal Roxanne G. Ogden George F. Paliotto Washington. IL Strongsville, OH Associate ol' Arts B.A. Preseminary Studies t""'7 gm., Timothy L Patch Michael Pennington Amy D Phillips Dorcas li. Ringenberg Roscxille, Ml Niagara Pulls. NY Ogden. UBI Woodburn, IN B S K, hristiun Lducution BS Christian Iwduculion BA. Biblical Studies BS. Missionary Nursing Kathy Roath Marsha L. Rohrs James Lee Roth Carla J. Rupp Royal Oak, Ml Sturgis, MI Grabill. IN Bryan, OH B.S. Elementary Education B.S. MusicfChristian Education B.S. Elementary Education BA. Biblical Studies 2' Jw'-Q. Marilyn R. Rurup Kathryn M. Russell Rebecca A. Schwartz Michael Seibeck Lima, OH Liverpool, NY New Haven, IN Fort Wayne, IN B.S. Missionary Nursing B.S. Christian Education Associate ol'Arts B,A, Biblical Studies not pictured Dale -Xekcrman Iort XX ayne. IN 'xtssthgttild ull -Xrts Phillip Bayne Oiiasso, 'XII BS Christian Education Jaines R Brian Ieort XX .15 ne. IN BS Iglementary Education Igditin Doerr Jr. Loopershurg. P.-X B S Christian hducation Dennis Doud Iort XX ayne, IN B S Nluste Ldueatlon Nlyer Gibson Fort Wayne. IN BS Pastoral Ministries Esther D. Lilly Goshen. IN Associate oth Arts John Nlitchell Garret. IN BS, Pastoral Ministries Sharon Rucker Chillicothe. OH BS. Missionary Nursing Thomas Schindler IMI JJIIFIW- IN. Q I LorenS Shive David K Shoemaker B..-X Pastoral Ministries NN IIIIEJITI NI. Shoemaker Lhuruhuseo. IN B -X Pastoral Ministries Tamra J. Siemantel David F Sjoberg Sharon K Smith Coxington.KX Houlton MIL Jonesboro LO BS. Missions hlementarv hdueation B S Missions Becky Ann Stansbery I urust, UH H S t I1flNlllIIlIlLJUC8llOI'l Rebecca J. Starbird Stanley B Steiner Ralph David Stewart Thomuston,MI1 I ort Vlfavnt. IIN kendallville IN BS. C hristian lgdueationfMusie B S I astoral Ministries B A Prescminary Studies tv' Jeffrey R. Studebaker Judith K. Summers Allen G. Tomlinson Thomas VerHey Fort Wayne, IN Decatur, IN Pekin. IL Battle Creek, MI B.A. Christian Education B.S, Elementary Education B.A. Preseminary Studies B.S, Elementary Education Richard Voorhees William Jung Wall Donna J. Walter Phyllis Jean Warner Fort Wayne, IN Bluffton, IN Forest, OH Findlay, OH B.A. Preseminary Studies B.S. Biblical Studies B.S. Elementary Education B.S. Christian Education not pictured Edgar Shuck III Carnegie, PA B.S. Pastoral Ministries Edward Weirrick Martha Wright Ronald Kress Ossian, IN Fort Wayne, IN Fletcher, OH B.S. Pastoral Ministries B.S. Elementary Education B.S. Elementary Education Q - fiix - me if gg' T E385 J ' Ci Off W unioq-Omassvest icers Jeff Hoffman A Gvpen iiiwdanger P Shafsn Pgteigon A B Q Gary Fortney fi 332 lIIUUI'5 'YIIQR ' 1H'?3.T'k3f '7'i9?f do Y Debi Ackerman Bill Adams Rick Alvis Gay Anderson Peggy Beck Irortwayne, IN T ownville. PA Fort Wayne, IN McLean, VA Archbold, OH TL' dl'Ol"I fum bau h anice ur e Debbie Burkeen Barr Burnside RandyCastill Sh B g J B k y Arcola. IN Ravenna, OH Rogers. AR Sturgis, Ml P hi, Hl 41 ' Q' if " 'uf I w I V Tom Clenney Neysa Costa Ray Cross Gary Culbertson Douglas Dafoe Decatur, IN Akron, OH New Paris, IN Erie, PA Rochester, MI Q' 4' fbi- . Qjui I '51 I .V 95' ,32- aafifi- -,rf 'Ju-. Ruth Dafoe Gerald Davis Scott Dell Clyde Denton Dan Douglas Pontiac, Ml Lynn, IN Lima, OH Benton Harbor, Ml Akron, OH 'V' W ws. ,, 'Z 4 4 if , -1 A . , ,s : -F 4 1 f in Teresa Duckworth Darrell Eldridge Randolph Emig Patti Freightner Gerald Fisher Kapaa, HI Blackey, KY Broadview Heights, OH Piqua, OH Middlebury, IN W .. 2. 0. "f" -, . " UQ tn 'K in -t ' - " .I n. :.'. Rex Forbes Gary Fortney Donald Freeman Laurel Gerig David Getz Wabash, IN Convoy, OH Kankakee, IL Kingston, Jamaica Peoria, IL l 9 J , 5 4 1,-an .. v ,, "-L7 '-Alb' ' I -ji LA. ix? ugh Q1 YL H559 1-- 'O- Sf if v-" N-1 Gary Gilpin Clifford Greth Randy Grieser Fort Wayne, IN Honolulu, HI Pettisville. OH Jana Habegger Dale Hamrick Donna Hara Irorl Wayne, IN Decatur, IN Sl. Petersburg, FL 0' iv' 'x fy Q'--f Sv- Rick Harlscll Sue Herman Laura Hirschy Jellrey Hoffman Jean Hollenberg Smanlon, OH Berne. IN Berne, IN York, PA I-'orl Wayne, IN if x.,f Iimolhy Hopkins Reba Hossler Stephen Hoslcllcr I-Iossic Johnson Jennifer Johnson I .iycllu Ull I-orl Wayne. IN Pittsburgh. PA Tokyo. Japan Iwirl Wayne. IN U6 xv 1 Jacob Kakish Stan Kesler Reginald Koopman Sheila Lamb David Lamkin Salt, Jordan Goshen, IN Beloit, WI Johannesburg, South Africa Ossian, IN s.:-37 Tim Leever Jamie Letham Vivian Liechty Los Angeles, CA Pittsburgh, PA Berne, IN Bruce Linhart Carole Lubbers Minerva. OH South Bend, IN Ted Malone Francis Martin Barry McCune Izlcanor McVittie Phil Meade I-'ort Wayne, IN Warwick, RI Bluffton. IN Vcntura.CA Marcellus. Ml Jerry Miller Tom Miller Violet Miyasato Lafayette, IN Pittsburgh, PA Kapaa. HI I- '11 Ioan Moser Randy Oser Lorraine Papazian Sharon Patterson Don Phillips Berne, IN Fort Wayne, IN Fort Wayne, IN Dover, PA Zionsville, IN f Ls. 3? X, 'ee 6' E, Brenda Ponehot Gregory Ponchot Beth Rohrs David Rusk I-ort NN ayne, IN Fort Wayne. IN York, PA Bryan, OH , k ' . - ig 1.1, 41 Li 'WOW -.1 9' 'I' , Y -I ' , 5 'D "'- . . 'Y 1 t , 1, - Z, "IJ . x ii X I. ,xx '- A slr, Dan Salsburey Tom Schatzer Pam Schielke Joe Sherman leort Wayne, IN Bryan. OH St. Clair Shores. Ml Fort Wayne, IN Paulette Smith George Snyder Rawenna. OH Orelield. PA not pictured Larry Bowles Lstella Canales George Das Jerome Housworth Larry Howard lzarl Lord Jim Miller Marie Oberg Bill Reeder Verlin Stoller .lim Taylor Carolyn Salsburey I-iort Wayne, IN Gordon Smith Mountain Home, ID f 'fii at L. n- .54 John Stackman Tim Stair Louella Stansbery Tom Steffen Tim Stephenson Centerville, MI New Paris, IN Forest, OH Bluffton, IN Fort Wayne, IN I Q '14 I Ann Steury Nancy Stuckey Guy Suzuki Linda Taylor Jenny Thornton Berne, IN Berne, IN Honolulu, HI Ravenna, OH Honolulu, HI IS' 9 mv' 11 ,fvg Becky Travis Deb Trusdle James Vander Woude Andrell Ware Connie Webb Delta,OH Clyde, OH Fort Wayne, IN Detroit, Ml Denver, CO Thomas West Donna Young Peggy Zbinden Gwen Zeltwanger Marti Zimmerman Fort Myers, FL Victor, IA Lowell, IN Bremen, IN Archbold, OH f ,Sk ff' ' f Hz, . ., ,p , N 11111 nlllurfff Sophomore class officers: Gay Douglas, Cindy Hofbauer, Beth Armstrong Jerry Wenger, Rob Diamond, Denny Jackson, and Mr. Beals. -,ff ,rx Dale Ackerman Beth Armstrong Leslie Anderson Put Baldwin Eric Bobilya lrort Wayne, IN Coon Raplds, MN Pittsburgh, PA l-ort Wayne, lN Fort Wayne, IN Marcy Bogerl Terry Bovlnel Bull Brunks Duvc Bright Doane Brubaker 1 .lh.1s.luqu.A.l'fX Warren, IN Delrolt. Ml Morton, ll. New Purls, IN ,, A - My .. .ll 4" Diane Bunker Richard Burkhart Steve Chapman James Chupp Patricia Clawson Metea, IN Fort Wayne, IN Richwood, OH Nappanee, IN Erie. PA . I ,emi J-5' . , ' s 6 . 'I John Cochran Gwynne Colestock Robert Cooley Esther Cox Brenda Cutter Decatur, IN Unionville, MI Fort Wayne, IN Greenwood. IN Charlotte, Ml Keith Davis Don Deighton Alice Dekle Rob Diamond Annette Dill Fort Wayne, IN Parma, OH Detroit, Ml Hutchinson. KS St. Joseph. Ml Gay Douglas James Drake Eunice Dull' Syracuse, IN Elkhart, IN Thomaston. ME I mm J . ' , L tm' -IEP' VT' TQV' t ti : ya Lea Ann Dunlap John Erdel 'Ui' Jane Fader Denise I-'eiser Jeanne Gerig L olumbia City, IN Esmeraldas, Ecuador Santa Barbara. CA Mishawaka, IN Fort Wayne. IN I' N JL Da CL 5 N. -3, Y v. if 1'3" '21 ,, N sf K 'Q-il . X- x .- we v 1 ' Kenton Clerig Cynthia Graell' John Gregory Cheryl Gunther Jane Habegger Mlentrm ri. PA Zion. IL New London, OH Covina, CA Berne, IN 'Lx Evelyn Hadley Judy Hamrick Heather Hardy Palermo, NJ Decatur, IN East Rockaway, NY in if T' , Q Q b ' V ,441 , V if Q' 2' A Deb Harris Kris Helm Richard Herman I-orl VN aync, IN Decatur, IN Livonia, MI Mark Hewett George Hirsch Somerville, ME Fremont, IN ACA, e E Cindy Hofbauer Diane Hooley Juli Hovee Sue Hughes Dennis Jackson Morton, IL Ligonier, IN Fort Wayne, IN I-'ort Wayne, IN Paulding, OH 12 ,Os I ""1 H, 3... Darlene King Alice Kocian Mark Krueger Kathy LaBree Dennis Laub Charlotte, Ml Berea, OH Snover, Ml Augusta, ME Grabill, IN .Q Dan Ledley Colleen Lee Mark Longcor Robert Mangus Jay Marquart Santa Fe, OH Zion, IL Millersburg, IN Cambridge City, IN Bluffton, OH -1- .Z K X 'Pg I Edward Nlaurrze Mark Maynard Form XX ayne. IN Ravenna, OH I.. F -A -I S ur ,x9 3 1 I I nappy, -X X I - L..."" A ix if? I N ix... 1 uml y x Sully Muller Candace Mllls Richard Mintchell Leo, IN Fort Wayne, IN Jackson Center, OH 7 "' 3 Gov i S-f X Jeanne Mohr Jim Moore Rodney Mosiman John Nearhood Gordon Nickel Paulding, OH San Jose. CA Newton, KS Clyde, OH Fort Wayne, IN 'B on T Civ' 'WN Y! C ulhy Paules Julia Peterson Rnchard Packard Paul Pohnerl Teddy Ralston N -uk. I'-X Duluth. MN Auburn. IIN Vwcxllund. MI West Unlon. OH Beth Ray Deborah Robinson Fort Wayne, IN Ravenna, OH "-fave I Keith Robinson Fort Wayne, IN M 'iu...f' gui onald Rondy Keith Rupp anslield, OH Groveland, IL Q7 Mary Savage Thomas Schatzer Jonathan Schlatter David Scholl Diana Sellers Chesterland, OH Bryan, OH Newton, KS Polo, IL Denver, CO , ard Gene Smith Paul Smith William Slabler Leslie Sieingass Glenda Stephenson Allentown, PA Leipsic, OH Fort Wayne, IN Deliance. OH Fort Wayne. IN N.-, , Ruth Slollzfus Isaac Stout Sheri Toexxs Carmel, IN Peru, IN Coon Rapids. MN vt. Y 'wa li in I . Christopher Van Matre McArthur Wagstaff .lerel Wenger Pamela West Debra White Portland. IN Fort Wayne, IN Goshen, IN Fort Wayne, IN Rockland, ME A may ,lf ,M B 4 L., Robert Vhdo Kim Wills Deborah Williams Parma. OH Union City. IN Homeu ood. IL not pictured Kerry Ambrose Brian Arbuckle Michael Breedlove Daryl Burks Izlsita Canales Gregory Cowan William Dewitt I' 1' ' n .N 19' Kathy Wilson Zionsxille, IN Darrel Nelson Harvey Osborne Theodore Rapone Debra Redding John Smythers Keith Spaulding Stephen Vachon 'b'3 Vicki Wright Buckhannon, WV Alan Yerke Harper Woods, MI .ici-1, L j,rf5fI1111fn g Freshman class officers are front row left to right: Stan Gerig, Mrs. Miller, Mary Strubhar. Deb Lehman, Don Kramer. Back row: Doug Kovalch, Karen Mansfield, Bruce Roche, and Tom Nevill. Timothy Andrus John Armes Jeffrey Askew Gary Aupperle Bonnie Beard Chicago, IL Greenwood, IN Saginaw, Ml Fraser, Ml Wellsborn, PA Sue Belella Ellen Bixel Joy Bixler Diane Bliese Mark Bowers Sylvania, Ol-I Bluffton, OH Laport, IN Indianapolis, IN Fort Wayne, IN I47 Q' 4-:Q Q sf ,sl Brian Brooke Daniel Burkey Candy Cantrell Julie Castle Cynthia Cochran South Bend, IN LaGrange, IN Greenville, OH Washington, IL Decatur, IN T7 55-av Sue Dealon John DiCamillo Dee Dee Dickerhool' Margaret Eash Barb Egle lfort NN ayne. IN Garfield Heights, OH Fort Wayne, IN North Liberty, IN Gridley, IL 'O -,.-9 L-I Lori Ehresman Debby Eichorn Jim Emig Donna Iirikson Woodburn, IN Sturgis, Ml Broadview Heights, OH South Holland, IL 1A Dwight Iegley Carol Findlay Lynette Folsom Vanvwcrt, OH Caro, MI Bedford, PA 'W' sq-w...s.. .loan Frederickson Beverly Free Stan Gerig Brad Gibson Norman Gifford Mishawaka, IN Fort Wayne, IN Kingston, Jamaica South Bend, IN Wooster, O'-I 'G' is-r """""' M' m fe i I , X53 xl Yvonne Grady Bob Gratcyk Michael Guthrie Daniel Harrigan Stephen Harrigan Woodburn, IN Parma, OH Pittsburgh, PA Fort Wayne, IN I-'ort Wayne, IN Debbie Hatton Kathy Havens Rebekah Hirschy Cynthia Huffman Joe Jacobs Cleveland. OH Osceola, IN Berne, IN Elkhart, IN Greenwich, OH Kim Johnson Gretchen Keener David Keifer Shonette Kelley Rex Kiefer Churabusco. IN Fort Wayne, IN Piqua, OH Columbus. OH Bluffton. IN l5ll Donald Klnser Denise Kneubuhler Douglas Kovalch Fort Wayne, IN Woodburn, IN Parma, OH "V if Donald Kramer Phil Kress John Krinn Cleveland, OH Fletcher, OH Fort Wayne, IN , x ' 0, fg Y., 7 ff' 1 .t lg J 3 ' - 4 l Ken Lambert Shane Leazier Debbie Lehman Ruth Lehman Doug Lighlcap Cleveland, OH Forl Wayne, IN Berne, IN Neuvo, CA I-'ort Wayne, IN I 'Sf' l it-Z .-' 9 5 . Gary Luwuller Shayne Looper Darlene Loucks Alun Lyda Ronald Mann Berne. IN Elyrru, OH Nappanee, IN leorl Wayne, IN Ripley, NY 'V My 'ISYS' uw- f.-0' -st., ,. K Karen Mansfield Jan Mast Joel McClure John McRobbie Donna Moody Fort Wayne, IN Osceola, IN Pekin, IL Ravenna, OH Goshen, IN Robyn Moore Craig Nayrocker Kristine Neuenschwander Tom Nevil Kay Nusbaum Berne, IN Wabash, IN Berne, IN Geneva, IN Wapakaneta, OH Ki Ox 'Nt' '9' "F-fe 'lv-sf M ' sa Gail Nussbaum Renae Oser Dana Ponchot Bruce Preston Nancy Raney Strongsville, OH Fort Wayne, IN Cinncinati, OH Cleveland, OH Fort Wayne, IN 4? 4 I Chris Ranly Decatur, IN I x " 'Q , 'f .tw - .fi Scott Raymond Tionie Razor Julia Reef Ann Reichenbaeh Larry Rempe Columbus, OH Semtnole. I-'L Berne, IN Bluffton, OH New Castle, IN No ,sf, 1 4 . o K-E11-. x.. ' Jackue Rrggenbach Gary Rlngenberg Bruce Rocke Wanda Rodgers Joanne Roehling Long Bra. Indonesla Woodburn, IN Flanagan, IL Dover, PA Woodburn, IN ? 2 it-' i Mark Schlatter Leo, IN Barbara Schumacher Albert Schwartz Roberta Seek Doug Shively Pandora, OH Berne, IN Hagerstown, MD Churubusco, IN 50' its' fllilfllil Smith l'lltsl'1urgh,l'A ,-,-I Rteh Sommer Randal Stansbery Lrnda Stoltzfus Rachel Stout Wash1ngIon.lL I-nresl, OH Carmel. IN Peru, IN - ,p......1, ', 4-4 2 I. ,-"-Tig'-wps'5f"' , -'V 1' I .-. - ', 'QQJN' up L" ' Z ,Q f '. , Iliff, - ' -. U ',,.jffp,,k..f 1 , J ",-'Ar','4-1':'f'q"g44a'f4i-'f 3. f il ff? ' " ' 1 T ,.,: f A rv ,I - s ., was -,., . , .J ax., .1 - - . A - Ag if . f imifgsgfg-' 4. ,, I. '-. o1,,kgv vwkfgw . , ,,f:gqs-4.g,,,,,..., N 1, l , r ., 31,157 R . r. -3 1: --' r-- 1 . . .,.Z,LAfly3. . ,,, I 2:3.:2'T5lw - fixaiifnm .-diagram - 1 - :' Andy Stricker Mary Strubhar Johnny Tackett Glen Tamagawa Evelyn Tomlinson Evansville, IN Fort Wayne, IN Ashland, OH Kapaa, HI Pekin, IL Cindy Tucker Alvin Van Bumble Christine Vander Woude Mary Waddell Kathleen Ward Valparaiso, IN Strongsville, OH Lansing, IL Pittsburgh, PA Fort Wayne, IN Aflella WHFC Rachel Weber Jeffrey Wells Karol Whitcher Debra White DCll'0il. Ml EdgCl'l0l1. OH Riclgeville Corners, OH Cuyahoga Falls, OH Toledo, OH 1 'N Y.,-,X 1 Dave Willis Tom Wilson Wendy Wilson Sonja Wood Sue Wright Mooresville, NJ Cleveland, OH Zionsville, lN Fort Wayne. IN Oregon OH Susie Zimmerman Kendra Zuercher Archbold. OH Berne, IN not pictured Darrell Boyer Curtis Collins John Cowan Cynthia Davis David Dye Jeri Evans Debra Gahring Cheryl Gasser Ruth Gates Pamela Goding Densie Hall Carl Hazel John Hetherington Cheryl Kennedy Donald Kidd Robert Lindsay Richard Lindsey William Logue Special Students Daisy Bailey Charlotte Best Janet Gafl' David Glass Asbury Glover Lynn Goldsmith Pamela Graham Mary Hamilton Leon Hardnett Charles Howard Roger Marzuola Karen McComb Allen Miller Malinda Miracle Ruth Reinhard David Robbins Ralph Schaeffer Thomas Shaffer Floyd Simmons Larry Slater Prissy Snowdon Kathleen Stover Dean Unsicker Teresa Ward Karen Wilson Joseph Woodard Richard Woolever Norma Messenger James Moser Nancy Newport Barbara Rager Susan Reed Keith Stille Barbara Tabron Thomas Tkachuk James Walker With each year comes change. For FWBC this has been a year of change, especially in the Ad- ministrative department. Also the Bicentennial celebration has brought along changes. We too ex- perience changes in our own lives as we allow ourselves to grow in Christ. His Word tells us, "And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being changed into his likeness from one degree of glory to another: for this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit." 2 Cor. 3.18 Autographs WALSWORTH Marceline, Mo- l',S,A. 1. b A -A. -4. a- QU' 3 br? "1 I . J -u il U ,IQ . 4 'Q I O U I . L :Q ' - 11' we 1' A 5 O 'ny , Q! ,lx K lr a ' 'll - n fw- ..L hz, Q-. . K, Iwi- I' ' . 1 , 11 4 5 pq" I' I -1 I., lug. , - fx-slazfynigqqg ' kr Jn A 'X ' 'UO I .N V Rib I -X Q :S xxx' HX" . , N

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Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


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