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 - Class of 1972

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WA Q Pu 1' 9 -4a THE umn Iowan 1972 . i 'N-an Y -- - Q, 'rx ' 1 we if -M sf ' ' " +57 , ll 1. l Q.. ' 9 "-lg, ' Fort Wayne Bible College Fort Wayne, Indiana ig? A.- ug.. -, x ggi- ,-L U .jywqea ,Me V- .. , 'X K l l xjf gqazzg ,.:gV,.pr- -F V -Q f 5 .4 A pg 5 '. ggi" 'yzff' ff aff. .- 5I.fVl" '.,:4 5 .1 -',':?Avf-n.,'W?4, -if .'- P' 2 132157: ' ' 55:"7f -x27::wnkn.g .. .V ,. Q ff.-,Q faffuy- '::ffimfe.1f,m aes. V , ,,,.Qh.,- :I ,-- f . V . -f f-ef ,Q f,gy,,'yfV-.f5pr4'., '.-- x. 77,53 y. V ' if-1 .1-V -1 ,EEL 2251. .. 45 -- 4 5 V- -' 41: -V -Tvs ,,, -. ' '..:f -.5 ff -:rug -1 a. ' f' -'f - gf. -.e f".fv'i A' W..,..,,..-,.-, ,V.+517dg,.,f. ,-.,,.,,:,VV,-ff:..-l..V....V.,Vaf45'-P .. ,-warn fX! :',f.?:'frf2.Hff311!fffvf :ay 1' , -.V fffni . AF f f - ,. fy ., , . ,,.af:f1 f - 5 :lf .-5-If 5.1.1. - -.1-ve' -, 'AGWHTF i!9?2fw-fa: .-Q ,M- r:.qi.,Vff:s2sf2::h?:v ' '2351 . 'if EI V' 5 7'1f"',-'Li'r:.'g, V,.-yfCM1a1,-,- -1 11.14?L?,ff lf f?-.1 fa ':- fiiiggzp- V 3.4 V, e'1?,sd,.,gEV: 'amz-'fm .ewnmfk - V fEJFf5'F5f?E'Ef.'f 1' -' ' ' fagp1we,Qr,:f",4!Qi1wsRV'z' , ' '1Va'fifJg:scg::zV " 4' 5,5- Siiil V . V 1 :.:fV"' Y 46 y...-' , 1- F .- - V, '2 . 1- . w 11,1 -1..:'wV-em.:-.-1.2.-'1,i2'fH'?5'4 , . 'N f -, V . -.1 V 1-fx-.un-.1,V.,V-fmlfff. .. . ,ni ' vga' Vf, 1 .1-P, flfiiiiififbr' vw .1 ,. 'wi mf. .1 '. L' . V :QP H vwfer-.w'w.ff-1'..2fff'2bE'V,':f'1"eV11V2-3gV1na:f+V:4J4-a. . ,' Q"-if ,. 1-,.. .. .wyjg Jgv 7-,:.'."fDz" :-.,-.a .1 ..-fvm-,.--j.:1,,1' ,Fifi-if.-H . 1. 2 5.43.13 . .1 -'Vf.,-.QTL mr flifev gbliehrj if-' 1? 5- ff . Q 5,-V T N .. . . , , C . . . .. . .1'5'g-La... . 25-i,.,,-j,C 'HV zz-xx. '- 1V .- " '. - -T3 ,' -14.2 V 'w"1"?E51 :4fJ?.L1?Y ' - 1 , Ewiesfi'-f z-1fa.12gfi.:E.e. V. V , . M3 ., VV.-ful?-. 1 .,a , :wk '- 5a,1x.f 1 'Q: :ii-". ct.-,-11.:f'af.,y' 'J-mf. ' ,V .. Viz .fy ..- -,ww13.9-..xggf.e:.g,g,s,.-,fgqwy,4:,iziqf mhz ,. ,, , -V Q 'W ' , v . 5 ,.-A:..,,. , -Q. -- 1 -. A- - 'Q--sewing, .. fa:-r. : . 3: 4 3 V Av V y- ,Q ,.-A.. . ,,, 'if I '. . , : ,, . ,r gg :u?1:1V?,5 g ag 3 tg : H V, f7j1.ff4-g,.,,4... f- , A 4, 'gg i5i5ifMf5F-Wjil V 3 1 E g Q95 ff-l.f4T..1"Q?:'5?f53.Fjg 1, .. M " .. - f -. V..V- rf: C'T"::-'iff .1., 1: ' 1 , J rw- ' .. VV-V3 f. bv Q 5-'gag-,fi'5W1U " Q'4"'5!"C6Cz,l?f ' awww .' ,if f-...wwf -w1-1w-o'-- --.- V Q.. 1'f'1:2fL--.fin-wf'.L nv2?SF59'461?Vw'5'f'i"'i',wv. .1 sw,-, .g fj'i':1 ,G-,ffefgm 3+ ,,,1. 1 ,5..1:Q,g.q-419. I 11,-A.f:543..'g'f:-11-.xqglf Q J,.. - wx, ' 4:5 , r-- ,- .W .- -":"..,,fA ':fifffw,aaesrazmmgwgff .f f-f ef Q, , V- VJ- .. , .. ' .-..VV.3.',rH :M ::V-:-.1,..Q....,,n,m:-Q: 'gi' -I Qu- -3, 1311"-Vrilil , f -if-'-if-V GV 'Qifl .15'3HffSf?W5""'...-Vf Q1 -3---VV..T,,,1?f4'?i5f?1'f-f"195" "ici .M ,av .W , knwgriifggrl ..1a!,Z.L. Q' ..f-adv ..1n?355f3ga5g5gg:,2g.,v:.'fLL::g:,-Je I E 7. QL, V , I, ' "ff v ',ff"j'1j' '-Nmf-:VV,,-.-M.,,0"S..4,g,. , 5-' He. 4 , . , . ,, ffm iff Vw, V ,VH ...-V-:'1,,ea.,4-M-3 .,,,...-e- wzqf, "I ..,...Q.Vn-'-f+'j'2i'w, Q . - .. , 'T"' "W gg". -Q' f5,,53gg,,..4-M---V,.1,u-f-1 ' 2 A - 3551- L-L.,,4f,.+ q, -Q 5. .., mg. Lx 171017 fig -'4' - ,W..9K..,..,.........M:,V.,-.,:'f"""":'ff"-W'-1F"W""W?-vw-:'?EE1:E'5hfQ?Q:-H.gag. 1: vwf.. fi, . x - 5'-wf-.- VV.--V ff- . V ' 5' g u nnrnnvumm-uwsummwxrxmuvmrnm uu1nrmu-uw,numnmmauuuunm:m::mwnmnsuu-u ' ' ' Searching Thou hts ...E Ag. , g W ' 351-a11i,'f? dw' Watering the Seed . . . Gr0Wing Deeper X"1"fe-i Q'fAe' . . . pon This Rock The frozen aurora of the lamp posts dot the crisp winter night. The parking lot is quiet as the solitary Collegian trailer rests, Inside warm buildings stu- dents concentrate, talk, smile, scowl, listen and day dream. Here we learn to build. ?f1'5'313'75"-'5' f"' 'im' , aaa 14 f' 1-1215519251 5--!,E1?mm1h!iriii mi. ,f:'J.n' :m-fl . -9 . . -I K A 1 AU x' . 'X ff' if V 1 " '41 . 5 16 A ' 1 .., D ,i .. . If-'7 fe- A' -x z ' '-. iff 'xt N, --,Af , A,-fb .qlriff A, .,-,X ' 1 4 11. :Q I, fx' .. ' l . .vp 'Z v s- ' 'ai ' ix , 1 L . ' '49-.467 .--- 55 tr, K 'VT w . f f 9 - , lf 1 Sharing lives and experiences can bring the greatest happiness in all life for two people. Christ makes this happiness eternal. WHAT NNN Dedicated To A Man Building His Life On The Rock 3 A good cook enjoys his own food. Coming to Fort Wayne Bible College from the pastorate in San Antonio, Texas. Mr. Widder began his first year of teaching in I965. As time has elapsed, many student organizations and activities have profited from his advice: Youth Conference, Athletic Committee. Christian L'nion Club, Student Marriage Committee and the Ap- pearance Board. His teaching has been relevant from our freshman through senior years. Because of your exemplory life. both in and out of the classroom. we dedicate this l972 Light Tower to you. Campus Life 1 Q r"5,,.--1' 8 Um.. ,W I 44 F 'eel Waking up in time for a 7:30 class. Going to chapel. W...-..,,, 4 A Being with the faculty outside the classroom. t ,,,..., Running off to classes again. Afternoons, evenings -filled with work and study, 6 But, under the strain of campus activity Shines the One who makes life worth living. ,sv 2 X . N I 9 Students Assist in Governing Dormitor Life Y V Lexington Dorm: frow ll Ellen Beitler-President, Pam Miller, Linda Leightner Dorrni ltop to bottoml .lan Nickel. Sally Birky, Linda Perry, Mrs. Hazel Broom-Dorm Supervisor, Mary Griffin and Marty Buss. Roalh-President. Jill Boyd, and Miss Linda Mosier-Dorm Super- lrow2JArleneTolson,SueUrsiniandJan Arnholl. visor. nw.-' 10 Schultz Dorm: Bill Shady. Bob Ransom-President, Chuck Dunlap, Denny Magary, Stan Eash, Paul Nurmi, Denny Yoder, Gary Wilber and Max Wanner-Dorm Supervisor. gzmmmmm- .mmmmfw . i .. i J .4 i YL' Q. ,i- Z- S. ,Q i .. 2 Q if M ig' X- I :- lf' . 5, W , ' S7 . .Sli X Nw- 5 ' 4 '-. ,,'x.. it wa- 1 '-x Classes WYUn ' " W1tmer Lounge 7 I. -digg I t Q 4 f we .HF X' ,, , 51525, ! X T 't .ul gf ' his-lie!! X s ampus Korner '1.Il EKU-L... fx H W: 1 'ln-5" vr mirth 1 1 11 1: 1 1 I A 1 Ai:1:l11,a1I.1.,i: E 429 f J ,,,few5 ' Q 'vw 3? , gf ' " , It 1 I .V 1, ,G 'g A ' z, 3' 7 ' Snr! 0.5 1 '-1":1f ,.4, .im ' 5.0.7. in s I 1 42- ., x 5 ff ur 42 'A , H. 'Wi X -K , .- 3 Y .T -4-J . 9 ff-'E-'X fi Ns :W-W' sf- 1 'Bri 2 9 ! : '-X x I 54' S - va 'N 1 .vi on. X fx ...xx Athl C ti CS W .MM XXXQW ESQ ix x1 E ex N X . N - K 5 " -N f-- fz '04fQJ '4:?'2-1: 41, Jfdfziy' X 1 16 Wa rr ct 4,1- lg It Ll? ' 5 i L 5 t tif b Practicing long hours every day. Practicing with tired, aching bodies. Accepting victory with satisfaction. Accepting defeat knowing they tried their est. Hearing the spirited cheer of the crowd. Hearing the criticism of a determined coach Sharing the praise with their teammates. Giving the glory to the One who is the reason for it all . .. The Rock 1 Falcons Have Record Year 21-5 Action thrills the crowd. I 4' "az-' :.' z.-- -.asv -.- u'a..', Q.. N-..-.,.,.,.. ...-,-...M ........ . .. .,.,. . .1 . ., .. .. . .. . , , ,.- A I, .l.,, N, ,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,., , .N , , , , , " " " 1. ' ' I 44. .no 4 -A 1 lnnu- uw- ' 1 4 v ' ' 4 . . . 1 ,nv-ve.-H --- rr -1- --lv 1- ' -' 1' -vlnluur-av..v 1-r'1,l!r"' I' Y . ....1....,....... .,!. -....... . ' ' ' I' - M f - , Seasonfi . WE THEY fe ' MP2 .9 S, Q 9-94.51 ,,:.,, 4 I Lgcb, -1 Qi-3-' .53 -27522-L . '37 'IE "fi 5' ls ,,,Lf-ff- 2. , y',.1,..1iiiii25. 25.15. , Results l ' , M .75 73 fgisirfgiagan Chmuan l 22 .' 79 :ag , 73 53 LU,-Kokomo , 101 73 Semor ' ,522 ' - i 183 56 Lutheran Jr. 86 Messnah College Q' Y g,'...f,-511' , r f 96 1 OWOSSO r .M . so ' 2 78 1 Bethel , Q89 56 , Grace Bxbrle -X ' . ffrv " f - ' -79 Q 4-2 ' 53?-3f5l1aH P f .76 - 1 1 - Brblfr llfrifiz -5-E 1,3 ,- - 4 Q ,, -Q82 I Q -2-' ' 5-' s ?'S'efHOf 5,59 Q . W ...' Awfml ' 556:12 ,- fr , , Q72 A Lai: Crbil r 'fe , 'zine Lv - 2,23 H 79 bl Ir 2116555 " . .. 1,1 -5 ,ff S-1- P l us 1 ' ' j,-53' -gd.S!i..fs'A'4:-gg Lk . ,, , ' .-f . , i 155233 A 'saw .- 4,6 -'f "'92f - ' -f - "' 11'5l:',, mf?-'--B,n,,,.b4',1y?' , - A , A , ,fym-,, 5, '-'- 17 ' g V 'f Tr "" Six . , - - -.511 45 U Ei I f 39550 130 l 65 - Gf Q:g'jfifds saws: ga? ' 5.3 if-4 ,' rf , ' 31 45 - . Lutheran at , . -f-'UQ -lagqfgfgl 1- v I Y Sl vo Chnszxanr- 80 33 ' gil rozt Bible vfgri-5. -- -3:EgS'4TfJ5g-Sli , -, fKfmzr,Q. Q6 . 4ll l C flH - gSCmlH3Q :Lf 7 1 ' e ' ' ifig- . fa- fi." V V V Blble Y ' T ' if 33, 'K - - M,-3 L ,' - 1-g-aL?"N ' Q '19 92 Owofbo 'Christian 1 lay- K V NA: K W F X V U :ax V i v X -1 gg r 'L '. - t ' ga11 52ii55fq4-lazarwsaa 10. gh. ,wg ,... ,. J , ,.1.,v:K,'f:f" I-'25 ,gf . 5 r urge, 5 Q-.fw-L L.-, igxfg. '-Wf1'e4M?'h -gf ii? -S LSA in-11 gs. .- ,-. 9 1 W' 5 ' XE ' 1' fr ,V,73f:.3:f5gf1:s1,::fEf9.,3:.:-, -:1eV.,.,f,:: -D .fr - ggfffgsul-5 .1 , ' ,iffy jf a miga . Q i :Is-ii, Eiflirsmn Der ,. N, Em i l , -597 E - QS? F 'igi-gerfffc-5 :qi --lk.-e - XT 5i'1iY'f"'i- - ' is-T - sw ' ' X SS?- 172'Qfgl'r I rig f2'fv':1' 5033+ wk- ,. fl-gy' 25's 1 , FEM 1 -'N :. - ff f L -. - ' Q 'S'-v ' :fist m Reboniign Q ' Y .642 YM? .. If 1 xwrgv-gl' ' , r, :W .N AFA ikifsiiikfffarg-1 Qi I l S 7 fzadwentw-thrrcl I leld Gogh wi. 'ig' K ' Q Q l - fi Hn-G4 23-113f?"Fe15Z57f'i' S wfsssiz-.. 22 Y . -, T: ' ' .,-'XJ - -I . l N V, ,V x J 'f3Ll:Q":xg,,QN '. x,fng:1K"SI,-F. f - -. 4. frm-L,-:M:v - ' ,-13:33-ggg r-5:-1-ak2'fSfE.gPEf.":Q15.,5.nlL,rf -1' , l l3W'.f'-:EN-Ffh?-35ilifilfw-2: Qs -. -f , Y: ., ,. ,Al.,,g..,Qx.l-. 4.,,l.QXN,g SSE.. ': -.:- ,- -9 if1fs5f:fFig1j3: K 5, z -gf-of .aev,,.f Q , N N:-.D wg 4,9 ., l- 1-, NCP.. 500- - - -3 , - 1 ' Fighting Falcons Players: I, to r. Row l-Rupp, Frost. Strubhar, Haberkamp, Erdel, Reed, Lee Row 2-Coach Morley: Weyer, Mgrg Kerby, Mat thews,Campb-ell.lVlas0pust,Parks.Coz1ch Conrad, Another two for Kirby, w HJ -4 gmt, Captain Masopust Shoots! Aff it? lfi , ...-.N ... -,-.:.:,:.:.:.,., . .11,.. 'fr""' ' ' 'z:.':'f-'fa' '111"'f"4P 5 J"k:1-':l"'1' ll l w-'-Ml" -:':'1: 1'i'5"1'lil' -'4 -'-'1"l1iV5""l ' T-'41 1 l' li' 3' L-'ff-1 'U'-'1'l"'4' 'lti'-V73 L71-'52 47-1 Z" l , L! . s ' s . Masopust-our leading rebounder. Strubhar does it again. Frost sparks lhClCLiI'l1. Reach High! X .- 1. I ,,,., ...- 1 C T I B iq... NN'--X LW . ..f. , No 'Y 'Nunn 1 The Wmners Clrele' Venture for Victory. 1 1 if 3 A a f . W, - -1 I f ww, 5 H- rv: 4' , 1' 1 ,wi X. . 13" . ,H-A H 1 Bench talk. Shooting true to form. . s , . I 5, YZ- 1 I .. ff' .fh . .. . - ,,.e:g. .,,. V. 4. .1-' J 5'5" 1 . .rr . ,. . , .. ., , . ..,,,. ... r'.J.2...... .,, . I . ...,. -.- .. .,,,... . . . , ...... - 1 - 'nom 1 LI -L - ,. ' " H ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' V ' 11 5. 1 A, . .. -N1 3-',:m'.,.,:1:,.1.,.4. ,f ,f-fl-V -f f - mf- ww -V -'-,- -w-'-wx 1.'r:'I .'.'.:,-it ' ' M' r' l Y-6' - 'A A 12,24 :lfi'Wls?3i'. .iw , . ' fr 'E1--?"U.-i-'.'dM-wf"I- They are never stumped! This year's cheerleading squad, led by Carla Painter, was as outstanding as the team itself. They have kept the fans going even when the game wasnt They have put in long hard hours of practice. They have shared in the thrill of victory and the disappointment of defeat. To all the cheerleaders we say: "Well done and thank you." Peek-A-Boo! I ' u M W? .0-...R The Spirit boosters. can i M861 Spirit from the sidelines, 25 Women's Recreational Association Officers: Patti Can- ner, Kathy Kirchenbauer, and Mary Griffin. Au: ?f'f if Q ,, t , Mx.-J f- at 5, . V' ' ' ., . , I A, f - Y , 1 I .N . M ,- 4 at 4. V E . ., 4 .-2 ' Lf , 13" If in X I 4 , 3 ' , , ' . V .M - 97 !.- 5 S i Xa f f i . . . ". ' 1 '54, 'z j, N1 , , 5 A - , . , - si .-z- - ., f, We A 1 i 4. 'Mr' 134. -w- , , ,114 ,g .. . , 4 t f EL' W ...youv- I , , PSR W, '-3 N V Q . -dr Activities and Organizations 1. 1 5 . 'fa v ,J ..--L+ J..-5 x -nm A I! 3 'lb' W- " A I 3 -f,i-JLJ Q , gi' f w i g M511 'Sf -V , 'X if ' A gfffgjfz, l qw --i 1 I 'fi Q U , 1. . A Vi .1 V 1 t . climb- , VZ" .J , "'i""j 1 Ei . 4' i I I. - . 1, 1 , Xl, I -'-fj'f",,i,,.i: t I , .4 N Q- To develop and use your talents. To give your services to an office ofa club To be honored by the student body. To feel a wanted part of a group. To enjoy activities and laugh with your heart This is abundant life with others upon the Rock. -X XX f'x -f V ff, Guests on Campus Spiritual Emphasis Week First semester Pastor Larry DeWitt came to us from Flint. Michigan. Dr. Roy Black- wood from Indianapolis spoke to the student body in second se- mesters week of spiritual preparation. z 2 it Wi 3 . Pastor Larry DeWitt Stahley Lecture Series Speaking on the topic, Science and the Scriptures-Contradictory or Complementary, Dr. John C. Whit- comb lectured March I4-I6 during chapel and evening programs. 'mf Ralph Carmichael. perhaps the most prolific composer of con- temporary Christian music, pre- NA7 - sented an all day workshop on DI'--101111 h1tC0mb, D "Directions in Contemporary Church iii Music" on May 27. f iff , 11 1 31 ,,'f st 245. Z , , f,4 .fr Mr. Ralph Carmichael si' .. . 1 I , :A 1 - - James Oliver Buswell IV - Violinist COLLEGE - COMMUNITY ARTIST SERIES ' E FORT WAYNE BIBLE COLL GE HENRY SCOTT lHumorist 84 Concert PianistI - Single Admission ------- S 2.00 Season Ticket --------- - S 5.00 1971 College - Community Artist Series COLLEGE - COMMUNITY ARTIST SERIES FORT WAYNE BIBLE COLLEGE NOV. JERRY FBANICS and the Single Admission ----'-- S 2.00 Season Ticket -f-- ----- S 5.00 1971 :,,,...5g AL.:,.,l ,VQL M .LA magg ie ' ,C M..- .. .. -, . . Air Force Logistics Command Band 41- . ,-':'zJii51' ' Homecoming - arentas Weekend 1972 15' I 'UAV' " V .i m Annu, .,,,,,. ,,.. ,.,.,.,. N WZ., My A V W .V ' 'Z ffi L4 4 -nf 7 The Queen and her court: fback rowl Senior. Ellen Beitler escorted by Wayne Kingg Queen Judy Seawell escorted by Steve Sommers: ifront rowj lrexhman. Cathy Painter escorted by Brud Pontiusg Junior. Kathy Lee escorted by Tim Erdel1 Junior, Lawanda Windom escorted by' Clarence Reed: and Sophomore. Sue Betgle escorted by Tom Adomat, Gb lru created the coronutton atmosphere with hlxmuxtcontheorgan. J '95 1 , a 'u Q ff 1. l xo. 15 5.3, N I ,yo y xi" '1 86167 nf all aiuts j 4 ..--4, ,xg SYNOPSIS OF PLAY: Although reared by his atheistic uncle not to believe in the Christian faith, for some unknown reason, Andrew Connington begins to visit churches. Being logical and disliking apathy, he decides to become a minister, much to his uncle's displeasure, to improve the "illog- ical, anemic preaching he is hearing." The conflict of the play is his inability to cope with the problems that confront him as an unconverted minister of the .elite Shorn- cliffe Church. JW'-F Character Russ Person .,... Andrew Connington . . . . Sonya Long ....A Phyl Stevens ,..., George Mansel . . . Mrs. Jerome Garfield Mary' Jane Garfield . Jerry Garfield. Jr. . Dr. Gamble .,.. Mrs. Harold . . A Nurse ..... Rev. Stevenson . . Cecile Lourence . . by D. LEO PIPPI Actor . . Don Spatz Dennis Tvlagary . Sheryl Egle . Nancy Dyke Xirginia Black . Sally Birky , . . . Pam Miller . Jim Hulbert . Steve Gilpin . . Brenda Warstler , . . Nancy Dyke . . . . Garry Cline . Nlarsha Hainline l Service with a smile. Cafeteria Capers The cafeteria was the scene of some unusual sights thia yearr Mrs. Jodi Hovee with the help of the Cafeteria Committee and the assistance of the Cooke planned meals with activity for the students on campus, Attempting to have a special supper each month. the Students enjoyed dinner by candlelight. a pizza party. a sweetheart supper in February. a Sadie l-laxykinw fling. a shamrock supper in March, a birthday party and finally an all school picnic in Nlag. 36 ff 4' --,fe ,, ,Q-af, W ,i 1 . V, .W ., 0. f .Y z 55... r... - """a"".: 5' .Br 1 l I if LM ,.,. 'wan-3 rsh " 'W It's an old world recipe from my mother in Genoa. - dvr". . NX at I o . Dr. Jared and Dr. Wes make cafeteria appearances a family affair. ,Z , wb, 'fx lg. 6' QM ff L 5 Evening class begins in I5 minutes. Be There! .Ak F E i 2 QR!-.. Carolyn Culbertson presents her favorite beauit, Kevin Morton. with an appropriate corsagc for the Sadie Hawkins Supper.. 45 N . N llcltl Jay recalls the good old dtiys on the fdrm. lubovel Whos the nttticlxcr and xx ho's thc defender" LQQW U r 'Y Wendy Schwartz. Judy Brinker and Paul Roth are among many FWBC NlLldCTllS welcoming high school atudcms on campus for Youlh Conference. 1' , W W' " V I 4 "w. . 4 W ,.,,-M' "" ' L nfl f., .I , 1 f H' ' 5Tm :?9j' ' Q , V " J Q Q ,A v, ,J - , . ,g 1 x ,v '- 1 - . 1 . f ..: ' f' -. u J' " 'R ff' 4 ' .J 1:2 an - , Mr' V: 5 , JA .W 4 , L. .., 3 .- f 1 , 7, ,,,, I F ,V ' rv, 14. ' 4. ,, , "Nw-wwf ,,,.,. .,.-1 .q..-rv-spy-f "' N-...V ..........- -"" ,,,, .al-I ' ,I- .Liu 'fv- 'W 9 GG 3 99 Saturday Afternoon s Where t S At , Q' - ' r ', ..' 1? 0 .-Q - K , ' +P- V. . W, .sqm ...f "' ' A k X ' . 'iv r,. . x. U QR NYJ? 11 Z i if-f Steering Committee: Mr. Elmer Soden. Mr. Dick Baxter, and Miss Joy Gerig, Advisors: Tom Adomat, Treasurer: Doris Bowsher. Secretary: Gary Wilber, Publicity: John Charles, Program Chairman: Annette Goldsmith. Assistant Chairman: Paul Nurmi. Chairman: Byron Baker. Technical Director: and Dennis Barta, Art Chairman. Not pictured is Rick Engle, Music Chairman. """""' ' ZZ ,. P Q Eating Sunday dinner. thc committee looked forward to the last service and enjoyed the feeling of a mission accomplished. sw- wmzt i--. nlll - if-' Ad, , ' A- Mr. Larry Richards - Speaker 91' -1 ,AL " v Mix 700 excited high school students with eager-to-share FXYBC students and what do you come up with? Opportunities! To laugh. to enjoy. to share and to give of your- self. "The Weekend" will be remembered as a time when stu- dents shared with other students how to begin and build upon the Rock. Empty Seats - Time to go Home The Weekend At Thanksgiving the student body gave a Students, Bill Willis and Joe Alvarez, give blood in one of the blood drives sponsored by generous love offering. presented here Student Association. by Max Amstutz to Dr. Warner. gStudent Association Officers E Q Max Amstutz ............... President Bruce Masopust . . Vice-Pres. of Spiritual Life E Duane Cassidy . . Vice-Pres. of Scholastic Life E and Finance Mike Reed . . . . . Vice-Pres. of Social Life ? gl Judy Seawell . . ........... Secretary E E E ? Student Representatives E E 5 E George Kacena . . . Senior Class President Eh '- Chris Bledsoe . ....... Senior Class E' g Linda Blue . . . . Senior Class E E Joe Weyer .... ...... S enior Class E' 5 Ray swatkowski . . Junior Class President Q . . E John Peterson . . ...... Junior Class E 5 Paul Roth . . . . . Junior Class E T' St ' . ........ J ' Cl' - 'm E Sophomores and Freshmen 5 E 5 E Peter Strubhar . Sue Beigle .... Sue Boyer . . . Jan Nickel . . Mark Beigle . . . . . Brad Grabill . . Brad Pontius . . . Bronwyn Cartmel Bev Confer . . Bill Willis .... Sophomore Class President . . . . . . Sophomore Class . . Sophomore Class . . . . . Sophomore Class Freshman Class President . . . . . . . Freshman Class . . . . . . Freshman Class . . Freshman Class . . . Light Tower Editor . . Student Voice Editor Dean Willard Rowell . . . . Advisor Miss Joan Mayers . . . . . Advisor E E F1 As four classes with different yearly goals we have to reach out and take the arm of another. Our strength in student government comes when we forget ourselves. blend to- gether and become a team. I Will uild My Church 1 'East kgfl., 4 xt' S-. va' 'K X . . ' ,.xP..4QSo4.',. Student Missionary Fellowship l3IElElW5lf-7l'5lFfilfilE'5I'iTlEl'5I5lE'?iIE L5 . 5 SMF Officers 5 Tim Erdel ..... . . President Rita McName . . . . . Secretary ? Don Spatz ..... ....... T reasurer - Denny Magary .........,. Program gl Sue Beigle . . . . . Assistant Program gl-.i Bob Kirby ..... ......... P rayer 5 Linda Roath . . . . , . . . Publicity Q Sally Birky ............. Outreach 5 Mr. Daryl Cartmel ........ Adviser l5Elll5lil-'I1i'i'llL"'lll-"IllE'IlliJiElli'llElEllElElQl5L 44 mis ii X Exposition Hall :inf-" Fai-IE wonua T! Tm: FIELD l..L.1-i.. Missionary Conference THE STUDENT Staff Editor-in-Chief . . . Assistant Editor Sports Editor . Reporting Editor Secretary .... Ad Manager . . Circulation .. Typists . . . Photography . . Layout ..... Circulation .. Writers . . . Advisors . . . . . . Bill Willis . . . . David Beard . . . . John Frankfather . . . . Bob Allen . . Sheila Morris . . Ken Schmoyer ..... Tom Shank . . . . . Nancy Dyke Carolyn Culbertson . ..... Walt Jacoby ..... Dan Lowry Jim Keefer . . Marilyn Hoyt . . Brad Smith Janet Arnholt Wayne Allen Miss Eunice Conrad Mr. Leon Pippen fi G - nfsa.------..,.,,'s Staff present: lstandingj Brad Smith, David Beard, Dan Lowry, and Tom Shank. fseatedj Sheila Morris, Bill Willis, and .lan Arnholt. 7 R 'x Q, it X N -rf. -xr!" ' -3 .Il ,IZ K - A Q. XX Gm Staff . . . . Bev Confer Business Manag Ad Manager . Class Editors Administration Sports ..... er .......... Wayne Unangst . . . . . Joe Weyer .. ... Judy Rust Lois Johnson Susie Steiner Linda Mork . . . . Bill Lowry .. . . .lim Hulbert Christian Service .......... Photographers Deanna Cornell . . Tom Schindler. Chief Steve Ponchot Harold Moore Steve Beigle Ric Carter Advisors ..... Miss Sandy Hall Mr. Grant Hoatson Yi RN 'i , l ff in S Q 9 L .i I I . fi, ,f S J I Light Tower X- X- ,I 4 , - S L41 gi Us aczii 7 Q , .- Yi? Yifq -an i l , i l i 5 , ai G A ' we 2. tl! .i V- tl . A 'u . fT'3Q1i f.2f1.ifl mov 9, H ,,-if M V , . ,,.,. , ,, Alai' -t .1- -as,'m'+1fz?'?2y.'!ke 'eff .,,.j . V .,,, . A L Chorale voices include those of Chris Bledsoe. Sheri Egle. Debbie Rusher, Jan Arnholt. Ann Kagey, Janet Dubbs. Pam Kawasaki. Jama Sprunger. Sally Birky. Pauline Kirk. Nancy Ulm. Linda Roath, Louise Heidel- burg. Jayne Hanni. Judy Byrd. Rick Engle. Nick Miu, Rich Shupe, David Beard. Al Seawell. Tim Erdel. Jim Lantz. Kevin Eady and Gary Cline. Hi-3 6 ill " llii-Fm Representing the Music Department of Fort Wayne i Bible College. the Chorale performed in various school activities and in morning and evening services in area churches. Under the direction of Mr. Jay Platte. the group toured the states of Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio during Spring Vacation. Choosing the theme of the second coming of Jesus Christ. the members of Chorale had the opportunity to share with others the necessity of building our lives upon the valid foundation of Christ. 8 f, 5 I, 0. 4 I Q Chorale officers are: lsealcdj Louise Heidelberg. Vice-Pres.: Nick lvliu. Pub- licity Commillecz fstandingb Chris Bledsoe. Libruriung Tim Erdel. Chaplain: .lim Lantz. President: Linda Roalh, Librariung Judy Byrd, Publicity Committeeg . and Pauline Kirk, Secretary-Treasurer. . FORT WAYNE BIBLE COLLEGE AP CHORALEHHOME CONCE RT 2 2 No Admission Charge Season Ticket ---------- S 5.00 1972 The Chorale warms up before a concert: .lim Lanlz on the tongue and Tim Erdel on the fingers. J,:,j:.J.-ilil.....J.Q ., 'jg...-l.4,g.l ,,...,i, l I' 13 l -L.-J ...J Jill: ru- V . N I f si K' Fi, E' F . 50 Student Education Association lpha Kappa J? Officers: Nancy Stubblefield, Treasurer: Sandy Schlitter, Secretaryg Rita McName, Vice-Presidentg and Marian Enders, President. Mr. Ted Nickel is the Advisor, ,r l' , Officers: Bob Ransom, Vice-Presidentg Mr. Arlan Birkey, Advisor: Denny Magary. President: Marcia Birkcy. Sec.-Treas. Hirst semeslerjg Sue Boyer, Sec.-Treas. lsecond semesterj. Officers: Diann Grandlienard, Treasurer: U -Y N. S if Swlfl-X X dw 9' A sy X ik 5 , J . .,., .. X X Q li. s . , gpg: h. xg . xx 4 X JESXN XR X .x - .-., is Paul Roth Vlee President Yvonne Schwab. Secretaryg and Neil Myrie, President. Mr. Robert Strubhar lb the Advisor. MA Fellowshi ..-.-.,-. S1 '- . X . Cfficers: Arlene Tolson, President: Ron Eade, Vice-President and Bev Confer. Secretary. Mr. Daryl Cartmel is the Advisor. P 10. 19 Christian Service ,, Z". 52 'MLW 121' 1 0 2-Zi 'Q 96 X 1'- s. 1-. 2 -Y. ' x N . Q 3 -Ji" x f' VF,',,, ,F-nk A x Involved in everyday life. Being among people as Christ was. Meeting each week with a Campus Life club. Discussing problems. Sharing with a friend. Telling an inner-city child about Jesus. Traveling in 11 singing group. Experiencing life in the Incarnute Christ. "Upon This Rock." we build our lives. Q - . . . .55 P F- V tu' ' ' . .A ,I -. ' A. .-4 - . -.?,. v bfi 1 W. w s A . " . ,Q ,M . x .,,,s,,5:Xi..c - , K . - ' h- - N 1 N Q 41 W -I -- -X eiishpydr Af ,im ' tgirl ' t' . xx. r s J' 1 S . . , . 4 'sl N . - V I.--- :F lx -.R . N "K, -A: I 1, Ms XX li i, 2 -Lx Y yn' i " ,.. ,. wx I- -' ' . 2 si 'N W f " W .-3... -'h.'w"+. X- ' if sv '- - - -. , . ' ' 1 -' ' tw" ff Q-I -vs 15. .E,,.---352+ 'Lu i X -sg .1 C ' -F1 ' --h :, K M . 'VA - ' 'sax . " ' 'A Ex 11" 1 i 1 U tgp. .Jwf N.. X i,gFg1J " 1 T... 31. ik ' ' . ,,A,':'Nb' G." Atl, N 'L i N . 'Q 4 ' v 'Lf .-asv-Q - 'H' A A - .- L Is- UK Tas w. fa 1, -,y -513 x 'V '44 Vs' As Director of Christian Service. Joy Gerig schedules singing groups and works with Youth Conference. Christian Service ffice ze- 'X I i . , , , 1 i it 9 'X 5 . 1 5 t "What you need is a C. S. Assignment," explains Assistant Director, Dick Barter to Dee Cornell, Sue Strunk works as assistant. passing out C. S. car keys too. E S 52 Judy Seawell continues typing as secretary for the C. S. Depart- ment. Marilyn Hoyt uses her ability as pianist for the group, 4 1 The Reflections ,Qu , AN . X .K fqflx fall' WS X5 xi dresses too, L. .4-L, ..L. .- ...4 -.....1..'.. Y .4--L Q . 'gory Pr 51-I vii --Q,,, fx. cd ' IR Q- Murilyn Hoyt. Pam litiixasalxi. Kathy Lee. und Janet Duhbs make up the singing group called the Reflections, Known as the shortest group with all of the girls being only around five feet tall. Singing for others gives them joy as they rellect Christ. Below: Pam catches up on sleep .ts the group travels on weekends. fx S5 5' .. 1, is '1,.,f I 1 l ..1. -1 .f' , ,4 f,,X My I 1, if I.-by A Infvplaa-K-5 - -fl v,. NIL, ,c fa- Above: Al Seawell practices on his guitar. Left: Four girlsg Louise Heidelberg, Cathy Painter, Bev Raider. and Sheri Egle, with four guys: Gary Cline. Al Seawell, Nick Miu. and Denny Magary find out what it is to get involved. The Common Good present Christ through Music. we ,Z 'Y v A each member which wouldn't have happened otherwise. I often won- dered how so many completely different types of people could get together." Seeing others come to Christ and talking about Him. even through contemporary music. strengthens thefaith. Left: Cathy Painter waits before going on stage at Youth.Conference. Traveling throughout Nebraska. Iowa, and other parts of the United States gives the opportunity to share Christ while rapping with kids in coffee houses, and affords the time to know each one in the group. As Sheri Egle relates, "l've built a unique relationship with ,lay Platte keeps busy guiding the groups. The Right Decision find Strength. ' 'f' -Q., t N- "wp- 5 is .1 r ' ,I Q t . 'A -ss-'fr'-M U rgafx M Above: The group at the park. Left: Ron Eade instructs Debbie Greenawalt. is J- IX li! .av ,-uo s Above: ln the practice room the Right Decision get it together. 'via .-v, 'vs -y-. if XY . 4 1 6 I sg, f ' iw l V 3. B! of '-+- 3 Depending on God to give strength re- quires yielding everything to Him. Debbie Greenawalt shares. "We as a group hate learned that we must totally be yielded to Him. voice and all. so that He can yyork through us. I remember especially one long weekend we spent in Cleveland. Ohio. We sang at three different churches and tyyo banquets. We were very tired by Sunday and our voices seemed to be giving out. To add to the problem Yvonne had cut her finger with a razor blade the morning yye left to go. As yye presented ourselyes to God in prayer. He really supplied strength." As Ron Eade states. . . ne witnessed Jesus Christ working in others helping them to make the Right Decision." 57 Singing Collegians Reach-out To People. Right: Jane Hanni. Rod Boze, and Dave Hamrick share their lives as part of the Collegians. Knowing people 1 begins with finding out about their way of life and problems. It is not easy to be interested in others after traveling and having been with people all day 0 9 aff 3? : J QF 1 Q ' A rea no l to ttt, X On stage after a concert, Rich Schupc iajoincd by part of the audience. 58 'Q S. Denny Doud enjoys being a Collegian too. "Sharing ourselves is such an important part of Christianity." This is what Collegians found out as they ministered in high schools and coffee houses. to all types of people. Christ becomes real to people as they find He relates to each of us in everyday life. Jesus came to all people, not just the brilliant. the glamorous. or the "neat" people of today. Finding out that others have problems. bridges the gap and helps build relationships. We as Christians must share ourselves to share Christ in a real way. Below: Collegians consist of girls from left to right' Judy Caddy. Judy Byrd, Jane Hanni. Sue Bristol. Maridel Carrie, Liz Chapman. Nancy Ulm, and Connie Cannerg and guys from left to right: Rich Schupe. Denny Doud. Brad Pontius. .lay Platte lDirectorl. Nlarlft Beigle. Nick Lee. Rick Engle, Rod Boze. Tim Leever. and Dave Hamriclt, ll kinds of People . . . .4'.. .A .- . 1. XSS. ' 17" A Campus paper throw. Life "RIOT" takes place in the spring as high school kids release energy in a news- ,...-ann! Above: Dee Cornell tries to stay on top of things as her Campus Life club partieipates in the bathtub fill. Right: One race. of the staff, Dave Thrush. gets the 60 "High school kids are open, honest. and frank. In turn they want the staff to be that way too. It's a real challenge to talk over problems and present Christ as the solution. electric chair when his club loses the refrigerator Campus Life on the move. Dekalb County Youth for Christ Director. AI Black looks on, uiz Teams, Childrens Church, and Youth Groups . Christian Service can be almost anything since Christ doesn't remain in church when the door closes Sunday. Among the different general C.S. assignments are Good-News clubs, quiz teams. church youth groups, choirs to direct. childrens church, and most recent is the Gospel Temple coffee house coun- seling. The versatility of assign- ments offers a choice of an area which will relate to a chosen career. The age group is limitless, whether to counsel high school or college age, to tell stories to a third grader, to check a junior-age boy on mem- ory verses. or to lead a song can be the decision. In a Good-News club Bonnie Larrison and Louise Hooley find the inner-city different and challenging. "The problems come when deciding how to disci- pline. At home all the children hear is yelled at them in anger. Being firm, but loving without getting angry is hard. But the trouble is worth it when a little Black girl runs up and hugs you and desper- ately wants your love." 'Q' ,- " E . Q , . 6 , A . ,T-.. . . ..' , ., ,V X , ,ion 'itll' i 1 w , l 2 N 5' l if , ' 1 I ,A V i 'Q A fn- -1 A ' xx ' XL "Preparing for a Christian Service assignment becomes worth- while when that small hand reaches up to be held by mine and she wants to know more about Jesus." Kathy Welker and Wayne Unangst hold childrens church at Christian Union and find that even Beginners ask deep questions. Bob Allen's Junior age Sunday school class of boys is a challenge to reveal Christ. l 2 l l I 1? oe Weyer conducts a quiz team at First Missionary Church. fir rf Above: Glen Prine and Paula Cole along with Larry Bowles have a Junior-age childrens church. 'I .4 'il ' ri' - ii? Q 'ffzztzra .' 'w . ff. 2 ' -4 4,1,:' . ... 'QQ ' 'V 5 ll'lC.'lWl'f. Above: Paulatells s t 61 Administration Faculty and Staff ii of ' :X A s . K Q xp 53 "5 J' " ' H' 1 l if Y , h. .Q '. x xx Y. f, ,, v '- M- X NN K 'Milf X X xi Xx 'Xxx I . - .-X -. X ,s. , XX X rw , ,. . xr. A- EN ,... , .... .Q-ivy X v N ? 5 K Xt . . X T x S , 1-gig: Q xx. ,, -4.74 '. .JQQ t:3!,.V, se 2' .,. R. V, 'Q 1- ' Q31 " ' Liv. .., ,Q Nfmi, - , .. M, l - 'K -1- V' ,- , '-T' tjfa-, JI. --. i af xr .., J V - J . 9-1 ffbza A-H L , Ar' K5 ,,,- I . ..,: tl5C3dCIiShlP, d t I . Mk, N, , ,,,. ,,.,.- . - gg-Hfkflla-84,115 .?,,,u43,:f5g:g,A- A .3,,...fI l N G- ' fglamzatnon an 'asus an'ce. ,JSM 'ffji"5',.,p.- fi .-, , , ,,- 'I fs,-'-f 1--.f-V G1Vll'lglh2iI we mlght recexve. V.-'fr' wg. "A-. -' - , , , . . 'AL v-C' 2' .x .gIQ'EiZ:4'?13"-if 'A' --g - 1. Bearmg loads so we can learn. ::se ,-,:ff.+J-1Lf-kr' - - A 354 :...l,,,g'-,L.,3,. 4-A, L,-ox. ge. , A Servmg Chrlst. -2- ?:'N'-fr:1wZ-frI4w f'- '-X-'n.i""""" "im - Built A-.1049 4591-1i,f.,i5g:5Kvb.,,"-Q 'A . 'tvs L. -N . ' i-'f::-.f'Ifx...Y!1j' -Q "Lg 1."" Helpmg us to buxld - '4:"7'f"' A' fl-dig- v.. ' ', if ' Q' Upon this rock. llfislufh-fs' f- fyfs? xi LV- QA" Lv Q : Q- 5 T I-f -..'-Xgy .."v' -' xx XRS' I 'sv 'P' 11' no --.Til r f-' . Y ' I 63 The Governing Board Chancellor Dr. Jared F. Gerig Dr. Jared F. Gerig has served Fort Wayne Bible College during the past year as its first Chancellor. In l97l he traveled over 40.000 miles from Florida to Hawaii and from Texas to Canada. He met with over 300 alumni presenting the college through a slide presentation. Another part of his job is contacting major donors. Dr. Gerig is our Ambassador- at-large. The position of Chancellor holds no administrative authority and is held on a year-to-year basis. Dr. Gerig will officially retire from this post on July l. 1972. Y'-van. :vw Members of the boardg Virgil W. Amstutz Forrest Balsiger William J. Bicket Mark Burgess Donald P. Chase J. Francis Chase Howard Dunlap Dale O. Ferrier lChairmanJ Kenneth E. Geiger Tillman Habegger Burl A. Keener Foster Kopfenstein Virgil R. Lougheed Stanley L. Miller George D. Murphy Harold D. Palmer Vernon J. Peterson Roy D. Ramseyer Gale Rickner, Jr. Paul Robbins Ezra P. Steiner lSecretaryl Clyde W. Taylor Robert A. Thompson Roger Vorholzer Mr. Dale O. Ferrier. Chairman of the Board presides at the spring business meeting. Dr, Jared Gerig. left. talks with associates at the dinner which followed the spring board meeting. P gi. .,.. , ,. V. The Governing Board of Fort Wayne Bible College is responsible for policy decisions, lts members are the trustees of the property and the financial interests of the college. They also approve fund-raising activities and hire the President. Another responsibility is to approve faculty and administrative appointments, Two-thirds of the members are elected by the general conference of the Missionary Church. One-third of the members are appointed by the board and ratified by the general board of the Missionary Church. Three ex-officio mem- bers are the President of the Alumni Associ- ation. the President of the Missionary Church and the President of Fort Wayne Bible College. V - was 5' 1.5" 4,51 ESQQIEL, NY ,qs 'lr Mr, Dale Ferrier. top left, Nfr. Xirgil XX, Amsiuiz, bottom left. and Nlr Tillman Habegger and Dr. Kenneth E. Geiger. above enjoy an indoor picnic after the spring board meeting, 1 F5 nauguration - 19 1 Dr. Timothy M. Warner - President l f l 'V , I.. The following is a portion of "Facing the Issues" delivered by Dr. Timothy Warner at his inauguration. "One of the strengths of the American system of higher education has been its diversity. We have not had a government department of education with standard cur- riculums and tests. On the contrary. all varieties of schools have existed from those based on the classical English university to the technical and agricultural schools, from church colleges to state universities. This has had the wholesome effect of keep- ing many needed emphases alive which might have been lost in a controlled system. Our nation would certainly be the loser if current pressures to conformity rob us of the variety of educational options open to us and prevent schools from being dis- mf, tinctivef' The family of Dr. Warner awaits the inauguration cere monies. On October 8, l97l, in Founders Memorial Audi- Mr. Dale Ferrier congratulates President Warner. torium, Dr. Timothy M. Warner became the fourth President of Fort Wayne Bible College. Dr. Warner holds the Bachelor of Arts degree from Taylor Univer- sity. the Bachelor of Sacred Theology degree from New York University and the Doctor of Education degree from Indiana University. Before beginning his service at Fort Wayne Bible College. Dr. Warner was assistant pastor in New York City and served as U. S. Army Chaplain's assistant during the second World War. He first joined the faculty as Dean of Men in I953. The following year he was promoted to Dean of Students. In 1956 he accepted an appointment as a missionary to Sierra Leone. West Africa where he served until re- turning to the college in 1959. Since then he has become Chairman of the Department of Missions. Dean of the College, and now President of Fort Wayne Bible College. Dr. Warner works intently at a less glamorous aspect of the Presidentsiob. dministration F YI WOM UPON M1051 Dr. Timothy M. Warner Dr. Jared F. Gerig President Chancellor ti vt- A2 YDRK UPON MA55, nm Mg 1 , f -tg EAI rsuruzs may ws. ll pf C C S ' C C C C IUT If WE WQM, ilpgee .5 ,:. f S. it Herald J.Welty Dr.W. Forest Weddle Registrar Director of Research MUUE THEN 'WYTH PHIN 1 Q .tit and Guidance EAI Of COD ANU THE t 1 iv. .NC-HAVE ON THOSE TA. Q liLl. BPli,l"Z'. tw- iffy V. SQA. WITMERC Mtwioiztixt- ifimz. I Xl, , ,. V' 'L A , , .2 f.',,f,a.,.a1f'4'22.,A. Ronald C. Scharfe Willard A. Rowell Head Librarian Dean of Students 68 .a i M 1 Evelyne Schmidt Robert L. Weyeneth Grant C. Hoatson ASSISIHHI TYCHSUYCI Director of College Director of Public Relations, Business Information Manager. Treasurer Dr. Wesley L. Gerig Acting Dean Joy Gerig Director of Christian Service I , Linda Mosier Dean of Women Vi Cyril H. Eicher Director of Correspondence Studies X . .,. 'sf C' Eunice J. Conrad Dr. Wesley L. Gerig Ted D. Nickel Chairman. Department Chairman. Department Chairman. Department ofCommunications of Biblical Studies of Teacher Education .lay D. Platte Robert C. Strubhar Dr. Timothy M. Warner Second Semester Acting Chairman. Department Chairman. Department Chairman. Department of Pastoral Training of Missions of Music and Fine Arts wr 'Q-:xr fs i epartment Chairmen Dr. W. Forest Weddle Dr. Lowell E. Weitz Wesley R. Willis Chairman. Division of First Semester Acting Chairman. Department Arts and Sciences Chairman. Department of Christian Education of Music and Fine Arts 69 Faculty Marilyn C. Anderson Aflan J. Bi-rkey Part-time Instructor Instructor lfl Greek in Music and Bible D y Q l Daryl W. Cartmel Edith Ehlke Assistant Professor Professor, Assistant of Missions in Department of Correspondence Studies Ira A. Gerig Nelson F. Gould Professor of Music Assistant Professor, Director of Audio- Visual Aids Sandra M. Hall Gene H. Hovee Robert J. Hughes Don W. Klopfenstein Instructor in English Associate Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor of Bible and Homiletics of Science of History Weldon O. Klopfenstein Professor Emeritus ,fx D. Leon Pippin Assistant Professor of Speech and English Mrs. Marguerite Steiner Part-time Instructor in Applied Music-Piano Wayne A. Widder Assistant Professor of Christian Education Staff we vu.. 'S Jean Barenthin Richard Baxter Bookkeeper Assistant Director of Christian Service Wava Bueschlen Secretary to the Personnel Deans Mrs. Ruth M. Burns Secretary to the Dean V' ,, , f G'-:ERN 1 .','f945,, , 1 35' 4 t Q. .- r if , ,f ff rf-A i f F li ' I Mrs. Freeda Dafforn Mrs. Cleo Degler Assistant Director of Food Service Department Food Service D-'Y' 3-x Mrs Alma Hake Switchboard Operator at Wilmer Charles E. Belknap Director of Admissions ll. ---r Alice R. Blodgett College Nurse ef Q Bafbafti l.. Coon Mfg. Irene CQX SUPCVVISOI' 0fBelhaf1y Food Service Department Hall and Assistant to Personnel Deans ff iz if f? Arletta Fagon Secretary to Music Faculty and Receptionist in Founder's Office First Semester Orlys V. Hake Physical Plant Department Mrs. Ada Hausser Robert H. Henschen Physical Plant Assistant to the Presi Department dent in Estate Planninv Mrs. Jodi Hovee Director of Food Service Joseph W. Johnson Physical Plant Department . i is .J ., . Lf. . . " ll. I fa:-5139.11 ' - f gif, Mrs. Ruth E. Mickley Cashier Mrs. Marie N. Popps Food Service Department Mrs. Agnes Imel Adelle Isaac Food Service Secretari to the Department Registrar A X' ,Q N Richard H. Kile Donna M. Lutton Mrs. .lean Tw'lcHatton Assistant to the Presi- Assistant Director of' Secretary to Director dent in Deferred Giving Correspondence Studies of Admissions Ann Neuenschwander Secretary to the President Mrs. Barbara Lou Putt Secretary to Director ofCollege Relations Mrs. Rose Ann Nickel I Director, lnstructionttl spondence Department Nlateritil Center Mrs. CIaraANiblack Secretttrx in Corre' Nlrs, Nunct L. Rich Edison D. Rey nolds V A Director of Physical Libr-try Assistant Plant , Diane Kay Rodocker Cashier. First Semester Mrs. Sue Strunk Secretary to Director ofChristian Service .mn LaVera M. Sauder Clerks--Mailing Depart- ment, Director of Stu- dent Employment Mrs. Elizabeth Walker Library Assistant Mrs. Kay Schladenhauflen Printer Max Wanner Assistant Dean of Men Supervisor of Schultz Hall, Supervisor of Evelyne R. Schmidt Assistant Treasurer Mrs. Miriam Welty Secretary in Alumni Office 'Fe ML, Naomi Wiederkehr Assistant to the Librarian Mrs. Alida Willis Secretary in Office of Public Information any L 9 'Q Bff' .S-' i . P f E s Mg -ly L 'Q13 Seniors g. ,f 7' , ,man , ' V .J - 5595, 'f 1 , :si ' L- MM, 1 I i fa ' 1 ,Q f'lf?1 rf' lf, .f I.: 5" l'f DI M, "' 11 ., ryan- ,ip Tl AJS.: ee sf: ff? 'x Qu ,,.., , IPX. m lu V - , YQ ., it A WK R-X., lx fx ,, A Liiflifff X f"" "-wg JL.. fu' ad' --J Reading collateral by the ions. Working after a day of classes. Grabbing some sleep wherever you find it. Being with friends whenever possible. Looking forward to the Spring for graduation Finding God's direction for the next year. This is L1 Senior's life. Clare 3 5,2 5 - 5 ag l: , 15 4183 Sf ,- lb k , . 1 - . Y' L Q i K fi 2 jx i a 2 :E 31 4.3. 2 35 5 From left to right officers are George Kacena, Presidentg Treasurer: and Judy Caddy, Secretary Duane Cassrdy, Vice Presxdgnx 4 f Wiatr- 1' . - ,,, ... , 1 ,, , ......-.... ..................-.:::::.-:::: ,,...u... .... The Class of 1972 'O .ix M. I, Y. I I .XR . . t".lH3. I l Dick E. Alejandro Max Amstutz Eugene Baker Karen L. Barnes Elmsford, N.Y. Berne, Indiana Fort Wayne. Indiana Roscommon. Michigan B.A. Pre-Seminary B.A. Pre-Seminary B.A. Pastoral Training B.S. Elementary Education -N 'fm t 10' S"'P Ellen L, Beitler Virginia L. Black Constance Blakeslee Anna Christine Bledsoe Berne, Indiana Thornville. Ohio Waterford, Pennsylvania East Peoria. Illinois B.S. Elementary Education B.S. Elementary Education B.S. Christian Educationf Music B.S. Elementary Education and Missions 4-:mf Linda L. Blue Judy I. Brinker Susan E. Bristol Martha Ellen Buss East Peoria, IlliI10iSA Rock Island. Illinois Ames. Iona Doier. Ohio B.S. ElCmCrll11fyEdUC1ill0H B.S. Missionary Nursing B.S. Elementary Education B.S. Christian Education and NIlsslOf1s -R' Judith Dawn Caddy Potsdam, Ohio B.S. Elementary Education Linda L. Chroninger Westerville, Ohio B.S. Elementary Education '46 Marian F. Enders Allegan. Michigan B.S. Elementary Education ana. I V'-ff' 'Th 'UQ Duane E, Cassidy Elizabeth Chapman Wilma J. Charles Plainfield. lndiana FOrI Wayne. Indiana Hamlin, Kansas BA. Pre-Seminary Associate of Arts Degree B,S, Elementary Education '72 Rosalyn Chroninger Robert D. Corey Linda D. Craig Westerville. Ohi0 Sumner, Washington Clyde, Ohio B,S, Elementary Education B.S. Christian Education B.A. Missions and Music ,ag ik Q- David R, Ewald Sheryl A. Ewert Renee L. Fox Jackson. Michigan Hutchinson, Kansas Berne, Indiana B.S. Pastoral Training B.S. Elementary Education B.S. Elementary Education and Missions ...E Judy Rust points out that a good visual is of utmost importance to a C.E. major. Annette Goldsmith Vicki Sue Gramlina Rick Haberkamp Rubx L Haring Wauseon Ohio Liberty Center Ohio New Knoxville, Ohio Heaford Junction VN isconsin B S Christian Education Bachelor of Music Education B S Christian Education B S Elementarx Education and Missions Arthur A Hauser Terry Hawk Louise Heidlberg Connie L Hu hes Laingsburz Michigan Fort Wayne Indiana Jefferson. Ohio NN aierlx Ohio B A Pre Seminary B A Pastoral Training Bdul1Cl0r Of Music Education B 5 Element-Ari Education X7 Paul R. Keidel Elbing. Kansas Christian Education it '.X Ci Jane Ann Krom Shirley Sue Kubota John McCurdy Bruce Joseph Magopugt Roann. Indiana Koloa Kuai, Hawaii Fort Wayne, Indiana Cicero, Illinois B.S. Christian Education B.S. Elementary Education Standard Bible Diploma B.S. Christian Education swf-f Richard G. Mathew Sherry A, Niccum Richard J. Park Robert L. Peters Fort Wayne, Indiana Wabash, Indiana Lima. Ohio Lima. Ohio BS. Christian Education B.S. Elementary Education BA. Pre-Seminary B.A. Christian Education :Zyr- Donna E, Pottschmidt Thomas C. Rader Robert Ransom Ronald E. Reynolds Greenwood. Indiana Pekin, Illinois Mooresvillc, Indiana Decatur, lndiana BS. Christian Education B.A. Pastoral Training B.A. Pre-Seminary BA, Pastoral Training The Senior rip- ur Last Class Fling N I sl Q "I V, '15, is E k"4iL..Q, I L-f,f1f5r:ff l, I as 5. U Judy Ann Rust Thomas Joseph Rust Cheryl Schlitter Gwendolyn Schwartz Elida, Ohio Elida, Ohio Monona, Iowa Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.S. Christian Education B.S. Christian Education B.S. Elementary Education B.S. Missionary Nursing and Missions , sy' ' if Mary Secrist Thomas L. Shank Michael O. Sherrow Margaret A, Stamm Belleville, Ohio Fort Wayne, Indiana Lynn. Indiana Archbold. Ohio B.S, Christian Education B.A. Pre-Seminary Bachelor of Music Education B.S. Christian Education QQ Karen Sue Sticl-qle Arlene F. Tolson Akron. Ohio Fort Way ne. Indiana BS, Elementary Education B.S.Cl1l'lStiJI'l Education After hours of Slrangfs Theology. Dick Park decides to put .1 little Life in his day. .qs , ,IS E yr! -Q.:-nv Susan M. Ursini Ralph L. Walker Fort Lauderdale. Florida Walkerton, Indiana B.S. Elcmentarx Education B.S. Pastoral Training ALM Xu, ca! Norman Joseph Weyer ROIDCFI W. WilSOl'1 Pinellas Park. Florida Fort Wayne. Indiana BA, N1i55i0n5 B.S. Pastoral Training Ni, 211:331- X. x I Terry L. Zolman Steven K. Zurcher Fort Way nc, Indiana Berne. Indiana BS. Minions BA. Missions trim 5 in 'Nw' t 1 Ellen L.Be1 ler R b C C Max W. Ams u z ,life .fs ff rn l Who's Who American Colleges and Universities J KI Rb LR M Ursini T L Z l 8 raduation Paul Roth and Wayne Unangsi. lwo junior class officers. carried the flags and lcd members of the faeully and graduating seniors to the chapel for graduaiionueremonics. E56 f X l ' fl 2 f i Terry. how do you know thejuniors are going to crash this thing? 4? -sag Tom Rader tries to prove that graduation is not an entirely solemn occasion. -ff! III? .13- L 2' 5515 'ff C A , L... 'M rw T M. :Fe T wk Za? . -A l 'bn A- :.'.-Ki' -e wsu.. 5 1' - - REI "" ' ' "-' Graduation had L1 different meaning for exeryone, For some it meant they could finally' get married. for some it meant going to another school. for the faculty it meant they could once again shots the seniors the proper may to march. and for everyone it meant ti fond goodbye to Fort Way ne Bible College. 59 Juniors v .3 ' 1 90 -., Involving themselves in activities at Fort Wayne Bible College Providing high officers and leaders inthe student body: Youth Conference Chairman Several S.Nl.F. leaders SA. Social Life Vice-President Financing class projects: Junior-Senior Banquet Support of an orphan Studying due to heavy class loads Building of the Kingdom of God through C.S. assignments Preparing themselves for Gods service in future years. I 1--A .4""- Class Officers 2 Nick Miu and Nancy Ulm enjoy Youth Conference as well as Lheguests did. 92 Ray Swatkowski Bill Willis . . Patty Canner . Wayne Unangst Bob Kirby . . . Arlan Birkey . . . President Vice President . . Secretary . . Treasurer . Chaplain . . Advisor Clarence Reed escorted Lawanda Windom at the Homecoming Queen Coronation. "US 'Gr """P Tom Adomal Barb Albitz Lorraine Amstulz Flint. Michigan Emmaus. Pennsylvania Fort Wayne. Indiana l . .55 'J Kathy Lee was escorted by Tim Erdel at Home- Jan Arnholt I Steve Bertolel Bonnie Beryyager coming Columbus.Indl21nH Pekin. Illinois Hanover. Pennsylvania ,LU .mi Qs--, ar.-'N' iv-Q F' Lynda Blfl A Tim Bond Danny Boone Marcos Botas Doug Bon ne FortWaynC.lnd1HnH Bradford, Pennsylvania Wabash. Indiana Waipahu. Hawaii Fort Way ne. Indiana L1 Jill Boyd Rod Boze Ann Brown Gary Broun Panty Canner Q Ashland. Ohio Roanoke. Indiana Bippus. Indiana Bippus. Indiana Cfd-ll' L-llw. lndldnll 93 K-nhl' Chamberlin, John Ch2iflC5 - D062 Chl'0Flif1g?l' Dawn Criswell Carolyn Culbertson Socunderabad. India Millersville. Pennsylvania Westerville. Ohio Lockpgri, New York Grecngpringg, Ohig Connie Davis Lois DiCkCnS0f1 V Stan Diehl Arnold Doi Chuck Dunlap Osceola. lowa Huntington. Indiana Fort Wayne. Indiana Honolulu. Hawaii Jackson, Michigan I 5 i i i l Wu 'ffl' Nancy Dyke Kevin Eady Vikki Eady Philadelphia. Penn. Akron, Ohio Akron. Ohio I if, 'mi fi XY fi? 'Wav' 1 ""' 4 Tim Erdel Mary Frogge Del Gifford Denny Magary helps the Juniors pass out balloons in Fort Way ne. Indiana Roseville. Michigan Wooster. Ohio Senior Chapel, Ginnie Gillespie Dave Gould Mary Griffin Jackson, Michigan Fort Wayne, Indiana Clyde, Ohio Sanford Hashimoto Carol Heckalhorn Ladd Heisten Pauline paints her room as a part of remodelin Aiea, Hawaii Forest, Ohio Worth, Illinois her mom, :N-1' wav" ""'ln Nancy Helm Cynthia Howard Lynn Jacobs I Walt Jacoby Lois Johnson Decater, Indiana Allentown. Pennsylvania Fort Wayne. Indiana Fori Way ne. Indiana N ak1n1a.NK ashingion is lrvk 1 --Y if A X , Mary Johnson Anne Kagey Janet Kesler Eunice lieiler ,lim lxsiier Aurora, Indiana Sl,J0r3.II'IdlLlI'lL1 Elida. Ohio Piqua. Ohio LeI'na.Ol11c L 16 Pauline Kerk Cindy King Wayne King Bob Kirby Kathy Kirkenbauer Clayton, New Jersey Casstown. Ohio Waynesboro, Virginia Flint. Michigan Anderson, Indiana Dick Kirk Roberta Koehler Brockton. Massachusetts Chesterton. Indiana Linda Roath, as an orientation leader, gets to meet freshman. Nancy Learn Debbie Levan Kathy Lee Fort Wayne. Indiana Reading, Pennsylvania Fort Wayne, Indiana many of the new .,. .,.,.,........,.. ,.,. . . f Off, ,agp 1 4,5,LZ9,, Bob Lewis Elouise Logan Warrensville Heights, Ohio Corry, Pennsylvania Rosemary Lombard Dan Lowry Bronson, Michigan Hagerstown, Maryland 9 Vs Nw 6 S g,.z .Al ii -- it . J I -ax i 1 ' Ron Luginbill Cheryl Macdonald Denny Magary Berne, Indiana Scottsdale, Arizona Groveland, Illinoi, Jan Martin U Glenna NIcHatton Columbus. Indiana Fort Way ne. Indiana X . 9 ,Ian McKnight Rita McName Neal Miller Flint, Michigan Wapekoneta, Ohio Fort Wayne. Indiana KN Wav" .J Pam Miller Nick Miu Kevin Morton A ' Pauline helps Leightner with the planting of Stemwood, Illinois Mansfield. Ohio Fort Madison, Iowa tulips last fall to help beautify the campus, Jeanne Moser Neil Myrie Paul Nurmi Dam O'C0rlrl0r Judi OW' Berne. Indiana Kingston. Jamaica Flint. Michigan Hudson. Nliihig-In FOVI WJ? nf- lndl-ini 7 Linda Perry John Peterson V John Pickett Mike Reed - Vic Reffey Lynn, Indiana Fort Wayne, Indiana Marion, Indiana Fredricktown, Ohio Bluffton, Indiana -1 -Q 17' EV Dave Reynolds John Richwine Linda Roath Paul Roth Debbie Rusher Fort Wayne. Indiana Neptune City, New JCYSCY Lombard, Illinois Fort Wayne, Indiana Decatur, Indiana LK ig.-.a he-I ik , Ken Schmoyer Ruth Schierling Sandy Schlitter Gordon Schumacher Ken Schultz Macungie, Pennsylvania Waynedale, Indiana Monona, Iowa Pandora, Ohio Chicago, Illinois Q., " 'V Judy Seawell Bill Shady Steve Smart Brad Smith Donna Smith Morristown, Indiana McClure, Ohio Phoenix, Arizona Fort Wayne, Indiana Fort Wayne, Indiana .Jr 5.4 A ' 1 1 I 2? Steve Sommers Don Spatz Wayne Sprunger Tim Steiner Marily n Stoller Berne, Indiana Adamstown, Pennsylvania Berne, Indiana Wooster, Ohio New Haven. Indiana .S f' Wrggp iii' -uw 'rev Paul Strunk Nancy Stubblefield Ray Swatkowskiy Wayne Unangst V Nancy l.'lm Huntington Station Coatesville, Indiana Oak Lawn. Illinois Allentown, PSHHSYIVHUILI BUIICF. Indiana New York 5-an Bill Willis Mike Wilson Lawanda Windom Kay Wright Fort Wayne, Indiana Fort Wayne. Indiana Fort Wayne. Indiana Winterst ille. Ohio -.51 Darryl Zurcher Fort Wayne, Indiana Graduating in Associate of Arts degree Joy Peters Rwkland. Maine Nash. an . .219 Bonnie Zurcher Fort Way ne. Indiana Also graduating in the ,-XA, degree was Kliriam Euald 99 Sophomores ' ur.-v A4 .f , H f 5 ' Q 5 5 - ,gtg V.: ,V ,Q K -I , J-ff ' K 4 . H , 1, I A7- 5 L: 1 f ,, ':V,Qjff,,: f, 1 yl ix 1 , vi, xlh -,JM 100 ,Fx , L, 3, f' . ,,,, x14 is Vu P f + N- 1 . 'y if 56 Gif Q2 fe' ., , . 1- , Q.,-,y I ,.,"gIiifiiy5i' 953' 7' , , J v ' 2'3" :vga 1 K'YPEC'1'??T "S: 1 ., Uv W V f ' Fw if W0 W I . W ' 3 YVV, n 4 ,""'J, , I is In 'T w 'j -' -4 "' CE 'ffm ' -sae ' 'eps f J-J -1. bw - ?' I 2 KX P' P9 'J ,gg 5 . we Q -5, y W . A T ' ' fy ' , to g . it 1, . 1 if ' . X-5, K lp .4 ff f J N, f A 11' I r , A '-" 'f M... x- To our foundation. we build a setond lex el We return to see the is hfs. hows and xx hen s We're learning by . .. Being servers on the campus. in the church .. .inthe eommunitx Beginning to grasp the alpha and omega of Greek Becoming acquainted with the word "Collateral'i We're fearful. yet happy: confused. yet confident. For we know that we are resting and leaning on the Firm Foundation. gi :Qi R. 'riff f si-k:,-' fn ' gf . , , ui. 'i J Did the cafeteria improve that much in one year. Denny? 102 Like most busy Sophomores, Rick Engle eatsontherun. Class Officers Class officers are Sharon Samples, Dave Greenhood, Vice-President: Tom Treasurer: Dr. G. Hovee, Advisor: Pete President: and Larry Bowles, Chaplain. Sue Beigle represented the Sophomo as their Homecoming Attendant. Secretary Schindler Strubhar re Class ur, D Ps-x 545 Sue Beigle V Marcia Birkey Sheryl Bixler South Lyon, Michigan Pekin, Illinois La Porte, Indiana Q, .fy-r . C ml, Steve Bowers . Larry Bowles Doris Bowsher Fort Wayne. lndlunu Edon. Ohio Spenceri ille. Ohio Bob Allen Dennis Barla Birmingham, Michigan Cleveland. Ohio Doris Bowsher finds time to help faculty and students as Faculty Secretary. David Beard A Steve Beigle Fort Wayne. Indldnd South l.5on.Nlich1gun I, Nlurciu Birkey nukes sure Sally Birlq lot right for dress reheursul, 103 104 iz 2 it 5 Sue Boyer Becky Brown Wadsworth. Ohio Lincoln, Nebraska 5 2 Z It S ll 2 ii iii 2 i f f I Aj if Candy Brown Sue Bufnfkld V Sometimes the only thing you can do is give in. Right, Ron? Thousand Oaks. Wapakoneta, Ohio California an-4 ,tg-1-ril lifts' ' OZ Sue Cappelen Rachael Capra Diane Chattin y Winthrop Harbor. Illinois Mt. Vernon, New York New Tripoli, Pennsylvania ga! Y .lim Clappe Byran. Ohio tkv M' E Dale Clapper Fort Wayne. Indiana Bev, Confer Dennis Doud Jackie Douras Ossian. Indiana Monticello. lndiana Detroit. Michigan A' Ron Eade Stan Eash Dick Ehresman Rick Engle Jim Evilsizor Grapeville, Pennsylvania Montgomery, Michigan Woodburn. Indiana Lynn. Indiana Sturgis. Michigan 7' wo- Tom Foltz - Rudy Frauhiger Doug Frost Marilyn Gilpin Diann Grandlienard Wapakoneta, Ohio Bluffton, Indiana Thouand Oaks, Burbank, Illinois Celina. Ohig California "3 u,, - g 'sg li A 3 Dave Greenhood Steve Gregory Greg Griffin Barbara Hahn A Linda Hamler Peoria, Illinois Thousand Oaks. Ft. Wayne. Indiana Bowling Green, Ohio Pompton Lakes. California NCI' -Ifl'5'5? .141 Qi I Jayne Hanni .loan Heatwole Abbie Herring John Hessler ,lane Hibsehman Celina, Ohio Delphos. Ohio Oregon City. Oregon Manistique. Michigan Sy raeuse. Indiana 105 106 Nick Jarosz Pam Kawaski Kathy Kem Fort Wayne, Indiana Kencohe, Hawaii Jackson, Michigan Daydreaming or discovery seems to be on Pam Debbie Klingensmith Jim -Lantz 4 Nick Lee Kawaskis mind. Greensburg, Peitisville, Ohio Ansonia, Ohio Pennsylvania Ds Q 'W 1 'vs-,g Barbara Logan Sue Love Matthews Matthew Marcia McCurdy Rick McDowell Corry. Pennsylvania Fort Wayne. Indiana India Hicksville. Ohio Ottawa, Ohio Dave Moore Debby Morrison Winchester, Indiana Speneerville, Ohio aff" 4, i i f 1 I V-'vi .ul x ' Q Phil Mortensen .Iery Nelson Fort Wayne, Indiana Mooreland. Indiana 'cf R tx . ik ,f .lan Nickel Gary Oser Fort Wayne, Indiana Fort Wayne, Indiana Q 1, ,ua t 9 R 1 -1 Qlliloine. , Egg carton baskets and Kiddy Lit. projects. Collateral readings and Bibli- cal research. These are a few of Jan's favorite things! 'Fl 5,8 'WS '91 wo.: S.. I uf, N-is l EI, I Mike Pennington Doyle Peyton Lois Peyton Steve Ponehot Bev Rader Fort Wayne, Indiana Mansfield, Ohio Mansfield, Ohio York, Pennsylvania Findlay. Ohio ignq Ruth Rohrs Honolulu. Hawaii Barbara Runyion Huntington.lnd1.1n.i IO7 108 Sharon Samples Norma Sassaman Tom Schindler Yvonne Schwab Karen Smith Lakewood, Ohio Rogeville, Michigan Berne, Indiana Brown City. Michigan Fostoria, Ohio Andrea Sprunger Lois Stauffer Terry Steury Yvonne Stoller Pete Strubhar Berne, Indiana Smithville, Tennessee Berne, Indiana Fort Wayne, Indiana Fort Wayne, Indiana Sharon Torry Q John Weaver Anne Wiederkehr Gary Wilbur Bonnie Wilson A Hamilton. Ontario. Bryan, Ohio Berne, Indiana Fort Meyers, Florida Green Bay. Wisconsin Canada Dennis Yoder Susan Zich New Paris, Indiana Fort Wayne, Indiana ' - 5 V,-5 ,,',.,,,e ' . I 1-,:i2,-giikgte V - fmalilfy .' 7' : 1 -I U W 1 :xiig ff Mig-'E , V yi, H V1 -4 E T .Ah-. raduates in Associative Arts Y , 4. BW ' 'ini' D? .I Y: ...F X ,, gi, lv 4 ,,,' r o eff rg ,nfs h A 5, I ' vi x Q X'-Q f' 2. , "':,:i -Guia Sall Birky Sheila Morris mlb-' -D Y . . Morton, Illll'lOlS Wabash, Indiana Carla Painter Delaware. Ohio -lftg Judy Shisler Denver, Colorado 1 Carla Painter takes her of Arts graduates. place with other Associate tt? iii vnu- .- wifi:- P- is F if if .f iii" gj5fi'f:?4f"' l , "nt sig Kg-gwg-ts. .f z if J'9f'fk Q ' s mi ff: -if-sf-1-si A War. . ,f,.g-ff, , i?,i,v,1.:5 r.f:,.S3xN.. 15: ' sq 'rw rfmtftr--f Ne. Si" . ,. 4r:rqiigB'ja5 .l 1 .J ..l V i V 'iff Sfiii? K ' figs, rfii Z 'UNI I:-V31 if- pw'- l 109 Freshmen 5 Val 115, QQ ii 2 f ' if .lm 110 f"WT L 'Y-- 'fy ,1 ,M 4 .,.. A. , F' fs 'iii IJ. -nr "il u '4 -'f' gqv -cs, 4 ': f:'f"'i-ifff ,v .4 ' A 'ex' g,,g.A'.e vw' ,Y 'X a ' . o 4 fl T' J I- L 6 J I r' B A 4 1' 10- .411 Yr'-J" To face danger. Trouble or pain In spite of fear. To persist in the fuee of opposition To keep firm the determination. To carry out L1 purpose. These abilities belong to the Freshman whose foundation is THE ROCK 151 fi I if 11 N, ,r f 9' sf ' ,ml 122. gg, .M wi? my M Z ,,.1 Top Left: Linda Signing out. Top Right: Cathy Painter and Brad Pontius, Freshmen homecoming repre- sentativcs, Bottom Leftt Class Officers: fStandingJ Pres. Mark Beigle. Treas. Steve Gilpin. Sec, Sheri Egle. fKneeIingp V. Pres, Brad Pontius, Chap. Steve Gerig. Bottom Right: Class ix over? 112 ...................-.....-.. Royden Ackerman Daniel Allen ' Joe Alvarez Elizabeth Anderson Barry Bartells Fort Wayne, Indiana Van Wert, Ohio Van Wert, Ohio Evergreen Park, Illinois Fort Way ne. Indiana Robert Baison Jr, Thousand Oaks. California 'lf ,- Mark Beigle Delores Benge .Ion Birt Pam Brewer James Brian -1 Steve Bricker S. Lyon, Michigan Fairborn, Ohio Fort Wayne, Indiana Bryan, Ohio Scott, Ohio Fort Wayne. Indiana Brenda Britton h Cheryl Brown Robert Brydges Sandra Buckles Bill Burleson Royal Oak, Michigan Trenton, Michigan Fort Wayne, Indiana Fort Wayne, Indiana Riverdale, Illinois Judith Byrd l Diane Callant William Campbell Connie Canner Maridell Carey Richmond, Indiana Fort Wayne, Indiana Clinton, Ohio Cedar Lake, Indiana Fort Wayne, Indiana in 4-vs RN: , L. Bronwyn Cartmel Deborah Cash George Cecil Garry Cline Paula Cole, Fort Wayne, Indiana Ravenna, Ohio Fort Wayne, Indiana Fort Wayne, Indiana Grand Rapids. Michigan Low ell Burrus Roann, Indiana 1' Richard Carter Erie. Pennsylvania Oven Cornelius Dugger.lndi.ari.1 113 Deanna Cornell Francine Crider Dave Crooks - Douglas Dafoe Roger Dillenger Sue Dowling Auburn, Indiana Van Wert, Ohio Sunnyvale, California Rochester, Michigan Kokomo, Indiana Jackson, Michigan 4 , va-v-Y Bonnie Draper Janet Dubs Douglas Eckert Hyattsville, Maryland Hanover, Pennsylvania Scottsdale, Arizona Sheryl Egle Marcia Emerick Jack Field Stratton, Nebraska Ray, Indiana Round Lake, Illinois Wir--"" 114 Martha Fox John Frankfather Camby, Indiana Kimmell, Indiana Richard Genther Steve Gerig East Detroit, Michigan Kingston, Jamacia 41 Ni..- 'urn-w-f I 14 'Fev- Lauri Gervasi Don Gibson David Gifford Flint, Michigan Ducansville, Pennsylvania Wooster, Ohio org., '? 4' 'f Steven Gilpin . Paul Grahill Daniel Granger Dan Gray Debra Grecnmiall Diana Gregor Fort Wayne, Indiana Fort Wayne, Indiana Elkhart, Indiana Bryan, Ohio Emmaus. Pennsylvania Lisle. Illinois -vw- .pf 'w 4' Patricia GulhA Patricia Haas Esrhcr Hgbriul Marcia Hninline Clyde Hale Eureka, Illinois Zion. Illinois En1n1uus.PennsyIxania Berea. Ohio L-IPOYWY In Jr, Xl.1rg.1rsIH.1lquxNi d1.1n.1 For1II.1ync.l:di.ina 115 fu 4? 3 ,f1,Ai, ' , l ' -f, Kl- Allan Hamman David Hamrick Rita Hartung Diane Henderschott Cathyrine Herdman Judith Herman Fort Wayne, Indiana Decatur, Indiana Midland, Michigan Chicago, Illinois Findlay, Ohio York, Pennsylvania 116 Ronald Holland Ruth Hollenberg Greg Hooley Louise Hooley Robin Hughes Marilyn Hoyt Orlcam. Indiana Fort Wayne. Indiana New Parish, Indiana Ligonier, Indiana New Haven, Indiana Swanton, Ohio 'Uh 50" ,V s.: Greg Hullinger Gordon Jacobs Ursala Jarosz Lima, Ohio Fort Wayne, Indiana Fort Wayne, Indiana 66' ' iv s.,,,. , ,ix l f Wayne Johnson Dennis Jones Terry Jones Berkley, Michigan Bluffton, Ohio Spencerville, Ohio William Kaufman Robert Kelly Stanley Kistler Fort Wayne, Indiana Indianapolis, Indiana Ossian, Indiana f-4.-' t:."' elif Todd Kumm Bonnie Larrison Debbie Lee GrCg0l'y LCC h Roger Lee Richard Leaver South Bend, Indiana Cromwell, Indiana Fort Wayne. Indiana Fl. Wayne, Indiana Zion. Illinois Los Alamos. News Mexico 41' Y , x gf Themis Linger Michele Lloyd Rebecca Lloyd William Lou ry Judiih Mahaffey Ross Mahan Ravenna. Ohio Akron. Ohio Bloomfield Hills. Mich, Remington. Indiana Chesterton. Indiana Lake Orion. Michigan 117 Gregory Mann Richard Mathews Susan McCray Leslie McLouth Leslie McMullen Harry Metzger Fort Wayne, Indiana Fort Wayne, Indiana Fort Wayne. Indiana Adrian, Michigan Fort Wayne, Indiana Bronson, Michigan Harold Moore Karen Moore Linda Mork Helen Muller Duane Nayrocker Waldo, Ohio Laotto, Indiana Suring, Wisconsin Aiea, Hawaii Wabash, Indiana 118 i .I-.I ff., Suv' Cathy Painter Delaware, Ohio X141 Qi .uf I 334'-1 Cs E ' Darrell Parks l Marsha Partee Shirley Pearman Janet Peters Amy' Phillips Janet Pollman Fort Wayne, Indiana Defiance, Ohio Fort Wayne, Indiana Pleasantville, Ohio Northville. Michigan New Haven, Indiana ,rn -ug Brenda Ponchot Bradly Pontius Glen Prine Timothy Reynolds Renee Riegel Gary Riley York, Pennsylvania Van Wert, Ohio Delphos, Ohio Fort Wayne, Indiana Clyde, Ohio Colorado Springs. Colo gn, ,Q 4113 A Russell4Riley h Dorcas Ringenberg Lydia Rungee Danny Rupp Margaret Rupp Sarah Rupp Zanesville, Ohio Woodburn, Indiana Ossian, Indiana Archbolcl, Ohio Fayette. Ohio Berne. Indiana - 1:1 ' 'fr' ,. 31 ' 3' "' " 'vi 'V' 4 i . . P' I - t N- 4, N - y l . I . 1 .li Kenneth Sartin Patsy Schierling Darla Schuck Robert Schwartz Terry Scrogham V Ruth Scull W V V Engleside, Illinois Waynedale, Indiana Elysburg, Pennsylvania Bluffton. Indiana Morgantoxi n. Indiana 1000 Oaks. Laniorni, +4 'Tan Nav """ N Alva Seawell Sharon Shank Cathy Shelton David Shoemaker Richard Shupe Clmirnuine Sieltniann Morristown, Indiana Ottawa, Ohio Monticello, Indiana Fort Way ne, Indiana Fort XX ay ne. Indiana I"I.1l'TTIl1Cfl,OIllC u I 1 Q .-Q 015 4, iv' Jeanette Sintay Darla Smith Lois Sousley H Marcia J. Spitz Jama Sprunger Janice Spurrier Monaco, Pennsylvania Fort Wayne, Indiana Kalaheo, Hawaii Chicago, Illinois Berne. Indiana Pontiac, Michigan f . 5 1 . V , J -1 3 . .ii r g 120 ,,,,.......,,,, ,,,,.,,, ,,,. -. ,.........,... ........................... -- ...V--........................ x s -fr , i ' N -. , fy.. ,N x , , Kay Steininger James Stepp ROCl1CSlCI', Indiana Auburn, Indiana i 1 'QV' 2 V37 -.....-f Roseann Vucelich I Alice Walker Jeannette, Pennsylvania F01-twaynev Indiana -'Nap N-ni-sr Douglas Walker. Phyllis Warner Kathy Welker Fort Wayne. Indiana Findlay, Ohio Van Wert, Ohio ral Jeff Wenger h Cora Werling Duane Whisman Washington, Illinois Ottawa, Ohio Fort Wayne, Indiana you Nita White - Terry Whitten, James Wilson Kenneth Yoho Susan Yoho Carol Zehr Detroit, Michigan Pontiac, Michigan Phoenix. Arizona Philadelphia, Penna. Philadelphia, Penna, Berne. Indiana -it 121 Fort 21 ne Blble College oosters 84 Mrs 'Vlarlx Brr 84 Mrs Charles Dlehl 84 Mrs Allen Hmlsel 84 Mrs Allen lsemmerer Mlss Esther Laub 84 Mrs Lee Erss lsenton Gert Nfllss Pattt lslndt 84 Mrs Geor e lsemmerer 84 Mrs D wld Weaver 84 Mrs Jullus Samradw Mrs Arlene Howard Mr Cgl Mrs J EdwardW1ll1ams J Edward WlllldlllS Famllx Vlr 84 Mrs PaulZ1e enfus Mr 84 Mrs Nelson Sterner Cpl lsenneth A Howard Nfllss Lune Snxder Rex 84 Mrs Dale E Germ Mr 84 Mrs Artl Markley Llnda Unan st Lester Unan st Wawne Unan st Mr Charles Unan st Mrs Helen Unan st 84 Mrs Rlehard Stern 84 Mrs Rlehard Mun ora Rev 84 Mrs Ed arH Munwan 84 Mrs Charles E Belknap 84 Mrs Russell Stemer 8. Mrs Thomas Stelner 84 Mrs Carmon D Oxenrlder A Friend ofthe College A Former Student Mr 84 Mrs Charles H Weaver Mrs Ellz ibeth Logan Mr 84 Mrs Joel Alsdorl Mr Patrlek BUCLCFI Q Mr. 11 ' ' 'ght . 's ' 4 Mr. . ' 5 ' ' ' ' g Mr. ' ' ' ' ' gr Mr. 3. ' ' gg Mr. ' . 1 A.',' .. ' g' Mr. ' ' 'g Mr. " ' ' l ',',' f ' " Mr. " ' ' g Mr. ' g ' . g' . Mr. 84 Mrs. Richard Laros Mr. 84 Mrs. Grant C. Hoatson Mr. z ' ' Mr. ' ' I ' ' Mr. 1 ' 5 ' ' 1' Mr. 1 'Y ' Mr 8L Mrs W1ll1s Outcalt Rev 8a Mrs VrrQ1lN Brxler .lay Brxler Carolyn M Lowry Mr 8a Mrs Leonard E Lowry LeRoy Roath .Ir L1ndaJ Roath Mr 81 Mrs Verlm Moser Mrss .loan Moser Rev 8a Mrs Gareth Wrederlsehrs Rev 8: Mrs C Edwm Prosser Denny Barta Mr 8c Mrs Ted D Nlckel Fl9l'llll"l0 Falcons Rev 8a Mrs Wrllard Rowell Mr 84 Mrs Rodney Rnch Mr 8L Mrs RonaldC Scharfe Mrs Ellzabeth Walker N3Om1WlCdCTkChT Mark 8L Kay Klmepeter Cheryl E Macdonald Mlss Evelyne Schmidt 8: Mrs Terrx Cramer 84 Mrs Harold DeBord 8L Mrs Harvey Pace Rex 84 Mrs G T Gardner Mrs lsatherme Pustax 8. Famrlx Mrs Mars.aretHarr1son Mrs Lucllle Mlserlran Mr Paul Mlserllan Mr 84 Mrs Ralph McCartney 8. Famllx Dad Yoder Mr 8: Mrs Roland Llmes 8a Famllx Mr and Mrs Al Au ust 81 Famrlx Rev 81 Mrs Henry Smlth 8. Famllx Mrs Mary Salsburex Mrs Thelma Hexd Mr 84 Mrs Dale X oder 8. Famllx 8L Mrs Dave McLaren 8. Famrlx 8a Mrs Mel Saunders 8. F imllx 8L Mrs lsenneth Butler Mr 8. Mrs lsenneth XX ax 9. Famllx Dave 84 Bex tRaderJ Rex nolds Mrs Norma Beattx . . ' 5' . ' Mr. 1 ' f ' Mr. ' 4' ' X Mr. Vilas Schindler Mr. 8a Mrs. Carl B. Rader . . . Mr. '. ' 1 A ' - Av . ' Mr. 3. ' 5 ' 1 '- ' ' ' Mr. . 1 ' 123 1211 Mr. Kenneth R. Gault Christian 84 Missionary Alliance Church Findlay. Ohio Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Huffman 8L Family g A I First Missionary Church A Berne, Indiana Mr. 8a Mrs. George McCordy 84 Family First Baptist Church Mr. Dennis Watson Smithville, Tennessee Mr gl Mrs Robert CO C Emmanuel United Methodist Church ' ' p Allentown Pennsylvania -C9 MVS- Elifl Elide Christian SL Missionary Alliance Church Byran Ohio Cobbs Corners 4 Christian 8: Missionary Alliance Spring Creek Pennsylvania The Christian gl Missionarv Alliance Church Allentown Missionary Church Jeannette. Pennsylvania Allentown. Pennsylvania ni R 'W xt - F' i,pLff:Q2-4' X, I IF IT'S WORTH PAINTING I T ' S WO RT H i Q U A L I TY '4"'t5fhf . f ' ILLER'S SERVICE CENTER Located at the Corner Available at of Calhoun and Rudisill Blvd. HAFFNER PAINT CO N. Clinton at Spy Run Fort Wayne, Indiana Phone 483-0511 ' --BEST or wisnesr Phone: 7-I-I-9792 7-I5-30-IS "FORT WAYNE'S FASTEST GROWING SUNDAY SCHOOL" 2901 North Clinton Street Port Wayne, Indiana 46805 Phone 483-0561 SCHEDULE OF SERVICES L .ARY 9:45 a.m,-Sunday School' 7:30 p.m.-Bible Study 11 O0 a rn Worship Service Saturday: 6:00 p.m.-Bible Study 7:00 p.m.-Prayer Service Providing FREE transportation through 25 Bus Routes. T -Childrens Crusade , 7:00 p,rn.-Evangelistic Service 'TTA' fl ' 4 V 1-if 'nts i IYQ 11 PAUL E PAINO PASTOR 'W JL l' ,aj . Al-:iii T I . lv," . V -V Q 5 . .k - by L., f -f,.,' 'QE' JH ,,,,AJ 'Qi' ' - - la. ' . ,W 'I ,, 4 ' -1 , , h A V A V A . - 4 , f I K . ' ' i, I , - , ' A N" ii i N , . , ,C , . . I - - e 1 ,1 - "'-L 41, : I 3 . .awe H103 f "-S' Eillizuill - - S ' 1- AFI 5 'tl 'iz Tiilliiill-fri ' 'iii - ,A - , I-1 - e' -- ' - 1 I I- . 4 It A 't se f- . 4. YC' ff s --. , -, Q 1: . ,,. .4 - y Y v -,f, 1-w fe - '-- ' . .. . - - . - Y" ' 1 ,f .Q 9.4 ,4 - 0 - -3- 41 V ' 1 A I -' ' E- jr 7 l pe ,W --30 P J - ,,-4 , Ur' mug-, ., , . I , 9 - . fx -- :..::. -- :Q ia.. , -2 -'.-, -- fa at ' - S .1 ta f S ,Q--- . - , I. -I. ' A I X- f A.-,,:-4 f- LL' ' fs, ia S ,. 1 - ' -"' . ' Y 1 ,M .4 ' -I.-.,:4"1:v 'P --,s N- 'T ' - f , .V '-' - ' ' A -- .. ' f ,li 'S - 'C 126 THE MISSIONARY CHURCH Q 3316 m F, , IN. , ug Nygms: W - ' 7 'IWW Q'W fe" "" ' V :MII 4 ' 'W ' .1 ' IPI.:-if-"',,i'w5N ---V-- - ' '- IQ ,QA X .. ""P3'lIw f-,,, ' I ll' ' ' :rz,w1:1 fl kgs 4 , ,gi I I 4- . A 'V ' 'i"y3 cf glfwi " , 'EV' fr, , ,Hg 4 gg rf ' x- -N, , :V , , If lf, ', . ' 2 . 'ia 1' ' 1, -' 1 I in-, -41' fm ,. ' f il " fwfr ' 5' 2 I' A ., Atty X , .429-aafflrqggf 1 Ain, df .1 , 5 , i D 1 4! -It .N " E. , Q ,-,,,,4 L if Ln I X. , z 1 ' today S I I world ,, Tr ! ilgwa f ' ya , . V. g - ,' ,nf +A' . 1 I I kv' Q W . ASW! I L 1 .s- y, CONGRATULATES THE SENIORS NEEDS AND SUPPORTS HIGHER CHRISTIAN EDUCATION CHALLENGES YOUTH FOR DEDICATED SERVICE TAKES SERIOUSLY THE GREAT COMMISSION IS A "MISSIONARY" CHURCH WITH A WORLD-WIDE MINISTRY GAVE BIRTH TO FORT WAYNE BIBLE COLLEGE AND IS PROUD TO HAVE THE SCHOOL AS ONE OF HER EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS International Headquarters The Missionary Church 3901 South Wayne Avenue Fort Wayne, Indiana 46807 I so GO0DjqEAl! 'l'l RES f' Compliments ol' Waynedale Lumber and Supply Company 3300 Lower Huntington Road I-'t. Way ne. Indiunu -16809 Telephone 7-I7--IIUZ Compliments ol Industrial Fuel Oil Inc. 909 Wells Street Ft. Wayne. lndiunu -16808 THANK YOU for lzelpiizg us our first year as your bookstore Y el . Main OUice 1819 South Main Elkhart, Ind. 46514 Bookstores at Elkhart Bible College, Ft. Wayric Bethel College. Misliawaka THE UN AW SMVMIIY Lxfiv MG 'Q-1' MEETING 9 A 0 Q Q ronitvs NEEDS 4 My OPPORTUNITIES FOR SERVICE "' Evangelisfs "' Teachers "' Nurses-Doclors "' Musicians "' Social Worlcers 'I' Counselors 'I' Senior Ci'I'izens I725 Soul'I1 Calhoun Forl Wayne, Ind. 46804 1 l 128 F el lowsh I p Bi ble C h u rch PHH- MORTENSEN 2708 S. CALHOUN BOB BRYDGES PASTOR ASSISTANT PASTOR FT. WAYNE, INDIANA 46807 ORDER OF SERVICES Church Phone: l219l - 456-6800 9:30 a.m. Sunday School Church Mailing: Box 7324 CHURCH VERSE 10:45 a.m. Morning Worship Fellowship Home: 120 W. Pontiac I JOHN 1:3 7:00 p.m. Evening Service Fellowship Phone: l21 91 - 456-6607 7:00 p.m. Wednesday Prayer Service Pastor's Home Phone: l219l - 456-7271 Nursery Assistence Available At All Services UMINISTERING TO THE NEEDS OF ALL FAITHS, OF ALL RACES, THROUGH ONE BOOK, BY ONE SAVIOR Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a Workman who does not need to be ashamed, handling accurately the Word of Truth. II Timothy 2:15 Student Senate '71 - 972 Dear Seniors, 'f "Wh Take with you words, strong Words that have Take with Words Pure as Take And "I",I,, 'Al , 1 1 129 CONGRATULATIGNS SENIORS CLASS GF '74 CONGRATULATICNS SENIORS CLASS GF '75 CHALFANT-PERRY FUNERAL HOME 2423 Fairfield Ave, Since 191 l Ambulance Service Phone 744-2334 Compliments of Menu Meats 2401 Covington Road Fort Wayne, Indiana Sand Point Greenhouse Inc. SAME LOCATION 50 YEARS "EVERYTHING IN FLOWERS" 4322 DEFOREST AVE. Fort Wayne. Ind. Phone: 747-4l33 BOLYARDIS SERVICE Your Neighborhood Health Center SCHMIDT PHARMACY Friendly, Dependable Service Lubrication A Oil Wash A Tires A Batteries Mechanical DAVE BOLYARD, Proprietor Phone 744-5153 3l0l Fairfield. Fort Wayne, Indiana 400l South Wayne 745-0571 -..., . .41 E2 Believing that life is only at its best through trusting faith in Christ the Saviour, we are here to serve you in any and every way that will be helpful to your spiritual growth. Stbrzl Qnyne Qcwpef cygmlvfe 117 E.RudisiII Blvd., Fort Wayne, Indiana 46806 CHURCH PHONE: 219--744-4236 P01-L? K CuJv1i.a,, Pcustfn Pehuv. Ccruftiaa, Vo-uih Pafstm, SUNDAY SERVICES 9:30 a.m.-Sunday School ON THE AIR-WFWRAIOQO AM fMorning Worshipf I l-12 a.m. 'A' A class for every age! 'A' Room for you! ir Colorful take-home papers! Wednesda,t'A7:00 to 8:30p.m, 'A' Splendid teachers! FAMILY NITE! 'A' A growing group! 'A' Nursery thru Adult 10:55 a.m.-Morning Worship 'A' Bible study. choirs. programs 7:00 p.m.eEvening Service of Song 'A' Pioneer Girls' and Boys' Brigade "The book store where the most Bible Colle Bibles Modern Speech Bibles Song Books Recording Tapes Commentaries Plaques Pictures Gift Items Rap Materials Books Books Books Wedding Announcements Jewelry Stationery Greetings Church Supplies Novelties T e I I I Phone: C1937-14 8086 Parking: . . .across the street back of the Temple ge people enjoy browsing" Generous discounts to FWBC people Tillman F. .-Xnistmf filinister of Pubizgziiwi G B G O k 0 p l I7 East Rudisill Boulevard 'F TU H+' LVUFIL our opportunity for God! Write for free literature concerning a variety of opportunities for serving Christ in a life-time career Alliance personnel now at work in forty nations! THE CHRISTIAN AND MISSIONARY ALLIANCE Qintern atlonai Headquartersi 260 West 44th Street New York, N. Y. 10036 PIZZA CONGRATULATIONS TO "THE GRADUATES 1972" MAY THE LORD BLESS YOUR EVERY EF- ICE. THANK YOU FOR YOUR FELLOWSHIP IN WORSHIP AND SERVICE. fgzf Sunday Services 8:l5 and 10:30 a.m. Morning Worship 9:30a.m. Sunday School 6:00 p.m. Pre-Service Chapel Prayers 6:30 p.m. Musicale 7:00 p.m. Evening Worship Wednesday - Family Night Programs 7:30 p.m. Broadcasting "The Missionary Hour" Sunday 7:30 a.m. Radio Station WOWO -A Dr. Kenn W. Opperman. Minister Rev. J. Mark Klinepeter, Associate Minister irst Missionary Church FORT FOR HIM IN YOUR CHOSEN FIELD OF SERV 5 Epilogue If I Continuously moving life. Day by day. life. As traveling with Christian to the Eternal City The life of our college, the life of individuals. Having laid the foundation, Establishing the school. becoming followers of Christ, Let us now prove what we know to be true. Let us build Q Upon this Rock. WALSWORTH 136 Nlarceline, N10 L S A 4' 1 l 'wfv B t . L .. f I ' 3 1 O ' A 9 ,iw ,. 'ZW 5 ,- fa-z if zfifgggi LQ .F 1, WA Q Pu 1' 9 -4a

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