Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN)

 - Class of 1971

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Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Cover

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. M99 W w WM Q . WM ,Za 75 VYYUW 69-U 01 www wwvm 0951 - W' f xiii? ff 3,51 WU? iii UM awfw 534 'LQ jfg,911 f fgfi ff f Wiwfv f Jfwlf lWJ, ' gif Ulf!! MMM M V 5454 L, j? Wag? M J ffkf fum W My fjfjbogibgwl ,W WE? ' Mel 'QWZKMQM WUMWW7 'W Aiijf Mfg' dlmjwfl L22 I eg LZ2!?fd!',-'C ,QQ AM ggbjywjw ,QI ' A., M'f"PS WT L 7 Mjf-ffnffgjwfa 7?7, K mf? L Mbzhwwmyjp Q23 jam: Xoogx KQKKKQTQQS V i XQNQQQQJQ R X ffilgwxfgkk W N 3. dqlxc ji QNLQ If X X QNgEEQm3 Q .MLMQ . :J SLO QJiiiSQCK C 5 tigligfiflfl ? Q K L i 5 H lblgii if 3 if QF: R175 ge if qrgzfl 5, Xi ' "', X. ?g 1 i C 7 2 f W1 LQ if DEX 1 W Qgii Lf ig' 'QS Hfffff4 ,FAN M ffm? W WMM WM! ,QWMMQW-:fin 44a,zm1,Offf,QQ.fQ.,,.Jf7 WT' aww, ,MAJ May WMMM0 TJ gyzgi Wa wand? 1 ' f a , ,dtajynfww EY M I ,- WWW bymdan Jdufwfaf QAM! ,A Q 1f, ,1Kg,, 1'0fM, Ji -2441 AJJW, Mwamvld fi 'x4!L'6A4'k' ?v0-uv 0fvLfOL fJvf34JZL fUJiJ6!, X70-MJ 14,11-f'u.,Zlu Qi JC. 2,,1,,n, 250 f N ,flag fJ,0Jlf7 ,fyyL,C,,giL, 0411 1vvng',2Jw4L4,9fyU 671, ,4v.f. ,gfaxcj-, J ,627 ,z7fm,z',- 740, ffliJ4.Jd,, of 66 ,Aa df Zlfdggyf jig Oxifmffm Ofyuol. iii! 10 mind. j,y,4Q,Jv A,QfUJ,aJ,0l, !7y4Jf 7,03 Ai' "M VXJZ4, X 01,4-Z4 C!UJUjL ,JCMQMW nw flifgiw WWMH Mike Pigott, Editor Chris Bledsoe, Assistant Editor Grant Hoatson, Advisor Sandy Hall, Advisor lv lv. u 1 s F. rx o Ez E. E. f er SE' E. Q ' T' 1 -:C 4, " ' T 1- , ., 2 ': ' f, .- a -51 ,,f:- 3 , ' Vi .rf sy-N , rs" z 4 We dedicate this 1971 Light Tower to Dr. jared 13. Gerig . . . The list is long of the progress Which Port Wayne Bible College has experienced since You have become its president. Now you have Stepped down from the presidency to serve Our school as Chancellor. But many of the Advancements you brought to us still remain: a larger Campus, beautiful new buildings, and Better facilities. And many of them we can realize Within ourselves: a higher academic standard, Wider opportunities for service, and a more fulfilling Spiritual atmosphere. You were the leader through Whom God brought inEnite blessings upon Fort Wayne Bible College. But our appreciation to you goes much further Than this. lt transcends the realm of the Group and goes to the level of the individual. For thirteen years you have not only been A capable president, but also A friend. To help us, your "brothers," to become The individuals that God wants us to be Has been your goal. For this we, our predecessors, and Our posterity, are indebted to you. M f ' ' . . fwzf ' x ,, W. 1 4 ' , S -- '1' :mi 2 'T lj qL.',,y ,ff , mi' . ' ,732 , QM Www - 4L3"""5'3., 422' -It ' f Q ,W "H .:, , 4, 1-1 -va P ,1 1 H: :gt . 1-14 Q2 , 'Shaw' 'ir JW, fp? He Ain't Heavy . . . He's M Brother. It Is a Long Hard Road But Christ Is Always There To Show Us What Brotherhood s All About. He ain't heavy . . . he's my brother . . . to many Of us this phrase represents the ideas Of love, fellowship, brotherhood And concern, but to many they are just empty words And familiar terms. The students of Fort Wayne Bible College Mean to care. Love is a product of our relationship with Christ, It isn't something you can study for or Learn overnight, it comes through a deep concern And commitment to Christ. Our fellow brothers are important, After all we are here to learn how to serve them, But why wait till we graduate? Many people Need and want our help and friendship now. We as Students need to show our concern now . . . Christ doesn't wait . . . Why should we? 7 I 1 1 ""'liHC2.'JL1i.lAli.L.. . nu- ...- "-mg, Wmwf x49 'E , V , 5275 '- . - 4.1 'ldffzigf , H .K -M WLT H! 3 5 A i' Z1 E PQ 29? Ei tr if, ia ef 5 H ' 3 A,,g "A .. ' I lr A41 dministration Fort Wayne Bible College is a heavy responsibility. And the final weight of that responsibility Goes to those who administer the affairs Of our college. It is ultimately these men and women who, Pooling their God-given abilities, Continue to Make our sehool the effective training ground It is, for the sharing Of the concept of brotherhood . . . A :pampgd 30N '1aS3aqeH J! H3 01 'H Sn I' laP"El 'V lmfd 'Paall pu '33,I9!H 'f 'U'f!ll!M 3 I ru T' an rn IP '-4 rn FJ mpmg 'Q uqof 'A 'xaguaj 'O alng qxauuayl '3 Juzuj 'f '1a3gaD 5! f 'asrqj .IP x-123 'quapgsaxd-H3139 -3 pa I5 'cl auga '1 Uvwlul S -1 CID Q '4 D- fb '-I na Ki O I' 'H O H '1 rn Ui .-- U7 Pi. ua -. GQ rc :' I C 1 P' 7 Q fb 5 ro I' E as E 5 'N U o :: E. Q. T' FU :- LJ U5 9 5 D A 'Lunx'qssnN UOU.l6 ad Calurgg 'uaslag A E' U7 -1 nw E cu ru Ei E E 5' I' 75 O UQ fb -1 C 9. :r o F' f-3 W ca K4 5 W N 5 UI Q 14 FD I' i o 3 'cs ::r' F: 5 5 Z.- 75 c cr 3 ? -I :- o B 'D W O :s E 5. B T' u: "! f I-A :s sf '1 F G B 'V 'JO ru U5 ua FD FD F1 il O SD v-1 President Gerig 1955-1971 Prom 1955 to 1971 you have served our college And the entire student body, By being a friend as well as our instructor And leader. We are thankful for the leadership and Concern you have brought to the college, and Even more important, The idea of love and brotherhood You have shown and taught us. We miss you as our President but now Welcome you as Chancellor. Involvement, leadership, concern and brotherhood Are all part of the man Iared F. Gerig. A ,ff l ' .7 K, V N , f f' , - Zvi 4,1- 'ffl M.,,,-ff J, ve Q ff' W Pres 1d ent Our school is now guided by a man 4 Who has been dedicated to the objectives A - Of our college, but who is also concerned 4 With the idea of communicating brotherhood. We now look to Dr. Timothy Wamer As our leader, " ln hopes of a new awakening on the campus OfFort Wayne Bible College. This year was a year of changes, ' K One of those changes brought Dr. Wamer Prom Dean of the college to the President. We are thankful that God has placed A man who is creative, dedicated And continues his drive for placing Fort Wayne Bible College where it should be.. .4-Hr P ef- Timothy M. Warner jared P. Gel-ig Pre5iClerlt Chancellor ff.. Ioy Gerig Ronald C. Scharfe Director of Christian Service Head Librarian 2 bfx Qfsc' Evelyne Schmidt Robert L. Weyeneth Assistant Treasurer Director of College Relations Wesley L. Gerig Acting Dean 1 f Herald I. Welty Forest Weddle Registrar Director of Research and Guidance -I , +5--,. . . f ww ' S ,-,.' A I. .... ,. ' ',f'2?' ,f .1 Willard A. Rowell Linda Mosier Viexm- L, Nantz Dean of Students Dean of Women Business Manager and Treasurer Grant C. Hoatson Cyril H. Eicher Director of Public Director of Correspon- Information dence Studies cn, - nys L I .-tiki'-'Hikx '-aff "l " M' Q., A Eunice I. Conrad Lowell E. Weitz Wesley L. Gerig Chairman, Department Chairman, Department Chairman, Department Fi of Communications of Music and Fine Arts of Biblical Studies 'fc' ., . ljx ,.1 ' Ted D. Nickel Edward D. Simpson Frargfes F- Simpson 5 -'ii i"f'1'Yi'i'i5 s ie Q Chairman, Department Chai,-man, Division of Chairman, Department of Teacher Education Christian Ministries Of Christian EdUC8ii011 lmlmumnm... 4 Department S' W' Chairmen x C qv ,X ,' t.. - VI Robert C. Strubhar Timothy M. Warner W. Forest Weddle Chairman, Department Chairman, Department Chairman, Division of of Pastoral Training of Missions Arts and Sciences . mypfffwff es. QZW,-.W-fnyfwv-f'f' f fu, W, ,uma -ew - .1 :- P ,- ..,....... ...... -Cf-' Pacult and Staff . ..,' ggi W.. 5" 'e .1 ,L ' a 1 rr 5 , 5 , I ' '--'2.1'51--g-.- ig A Us I:-' ff? It can get awfully wearisome Standing before groups of students several Hours a day, Trying to get them excited about The things they need to know for the future. We see our teachers doing this . . . Disregarding material rewards, And taking a personal interest in each One of us. Likewise we see The staff continuously giving of their Efforts in the same way. Yet, we sense that they all do this without regret, Because of their desire to spread The Brotherhood of Christ. fi ig .I -Tm . gl .ix-L Facult Marilyn C. Andersen Arlan I. Birkey Daryl W. Cartmel Donald M. Douglas Ralph A. Gallagher Assistant Professor Instructor in Greek Assistant Professor Assistant Professor, Associate Professor of Music and Bible of Missions Assistant Librarian of History and Science ...Z w l Nelson P. Gould Sandra M. Hall Gene H. Hovee Robert I. Hughes Don W. Klopfenstein Assistant Professor, Instructor in English Associate Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Director of Audio- of Bible and of Science of History Visual Aids Homiletics tn Maflefle I-ang05Ch Ioan Mayers Stephen H. Morley Associate Professor Assistant Professor Instructor in Physi- of MUSE of Psychology cal Education, Coach 4: ax ffilli -' 1, fs D. Leon Pippin lay D. Platte M, Elmer Sodgn Assistant Professor Instructor in Music Associate Professor of and Qf Speech English 18 Wayne A. Widder Assistant Professor of Christian Education Edith Ehlke Professor, Assistant in Department of Correspondence Studies Mrs. Ellen Soden Part-time lnstructor Steiner in Music Mrs. Helen L. Whittern Assistant Professor of Education E r -g.. N.. E l Q", ir' Weldon O. Mrs. Phyllis Miller Klopfenstein Instructor in Wo- Professor Emeritus men's Physical Education N, Part-Time Facult Mrs. Marguerite Part-time Instructor in Applied Music- Piano i9 Staff Sharon Beitler Assistant in the Bookstore Richard H. Baxter Assistant Director of Christian Service "-an Mrs. Ruth M. Bums Secretary to the Dean Wava Bueschlen Secretary to the Personnel Deans Mrs. Freeda M. Dafforn C0014 Director of Food Service Mrs. Cleo Degler X Orlys V. Hake Mrs. Ada Hausser Physical Plant Physical Plant Department Department XX . Mrs. Theda W. Adolph Bley Alice R. Blodgett Beitler Physical Plant College Nurse, Bookstore Manager Department Supervisor of Sheri R. Chamberlain Secretary to Director of College Relations Beverly Gilliland Faculty Secretary Barbara L. Coon Supervisor of Bethany Hall Mrs. Marilyn Grubb Secretary to Director of Christian Ser- vice Reisdence Hall Mrs. Irene Cox Cook Mrs. Alma M. Hake Receptionist- Witmer Memorial Hall I-u--a-a-g- TID 'U' Tt Vtlil f,f.s.r 'Nh Mrs. Yvonne Iohnson Physical Plant Department Mrs. Agnes Imel Adelle Isaac Cook Secretary to the Registrar V X , - X xx Mrs. lean McHatton Secretary to the Director of Admis- sions wig Q Ann Neuenschwander Secretary to the President 1' Richard H. Kile Assistant to the President in De- ferred Giving Patricia Macy Assistant in Christian Service Department Mrs. Rose Ann Nickel Director of Instruc- tional Materials Center in the Li- brary Donna M. Lutton Assistant Director of Correspondence Studies Dorothy Murray Secretary to Music Faculty Q -x S if Noah N. Oyer Physical Plant De- partment fpart tirnel Mrs. Marie Popps Harold W. Ranes Mrs. Clara Reynolds Edison D. Reynolds Mrs. Nancy L. Rich Assistant Director of Field Representative Cook Director of Physical Library Assistant Food Service, Cook 2 l Plant Q-'T Diane Kay Rodocker LaVera M. Sauder Cashier Clerk-Mailing Department Mrs. Elizabeth Max D. Wanner Walker Assistant Dean of Library Assistant Men, Supervisor of lpart timel Schultz Hall, Su- pervisor of Kampus Korner .,..,..iv..v V Q' fz 11 ff? ZW , Z! W, mug . 5--. a A .2 xvh '28 Yi...-f . We 'M 2 ..,. ,,.,, , tw- YL -, ,f , Q Mrs. Kay Mrs. Ella M. Singer Mrs. Viola Wagley Schladenhauffen Bookkeeper Bookkeeper Printer X Mrs. Miriam V. Welty Naomi Wiederkehr M,-5. Aljda Willis Secretary in Alumni Assistant to Librarian Secretary in Office of Office and College Public Information Relations Office fpart timel f H H' -f ,. fs 4, 'V A 2' DQ" 4 L' 7" . if ' . Q '44 f f , 'bp M if ,..4 22 . a,'3Q, ik .Ii Q -f at K xii! vw ' .' IVii ' ., -, aw--'Lfs -1' .' ' . N. n N ' iigi tf 4 8 v ' l is i ..-L4 x I J 3 1 'Rl ff Ill? 13 5. -x. ui 17 'T .D X if Y On the job '-Q, 14 'Xfif A T-if 23 ,,.4,.,- .1 . +21 4 -1 ,,,,,,s1 + ,,. 1 .- .f Seniors ...S For us our life at Fort Wayne Bible College ls over, but our lives for serving Christ are just beginning. Our final chapter here Has closed . . . and now the world is ours. It is only ours for a little while . . . just enough time to tell the world all about love. Joe Wenger Chuck Rife President Vice-President Nancy Neuenschwander Secretary Russ Betz Stan Liechty Treasurer Chaplain x 'v ' M Otto Ray Aamodt Wes Adell Wendell Amstutz Marybelle Arnholt Doug Barcalow Pam Barcalow Karen Bixler Dan Blake A N I Donna Blum Ioyce Bomer Marilyn Cameron Philip Cook Deloris Dissinger sb' Sunny Edwards Larry Falor Alice Gartside 27 yrs: x C .L ,.. Lowena Gerig jane Giroux Kathy Hughes Ric Huls Tony Lloyd Peggy Merillat 'il' Doris Meyers '2 1-iurie Nelson Ron Grubb Phyllis johnson ffzzwifa-Q " 6 f iw-f:.,...w M. :ff ,Z.Qw:f:,,-'- 1 f 4 ,M ..,. if ff Q Yr, ,,, f.-,rw " -.f 41.9747 1 My f 23-11,1-G., lA, A 4 - Qff I fl f fl .g ff , 1 fgvllviz Dave Miller Peggy Nesseth 28 Bonnie Hartill Susie Laymon Gaye Morand Norman Okasako Lois Hiebert Iudy Leismer Iames Mott Marty Orndorff Q 'V 4? 3 I? lane Parker Paul Patton Pat Pazdziora Tom Peters Mike Pigott 5 -,r,. E 'IZ' J K , Linda Pottschmidt Kathy Querubin Randy Ramsey Rod Rich Donna Rickert Chuck Rogers Larry Salsburey Inez Sassaman Bonilynn Short Dan Sindlinger is fm Linda Stewart Linda Stonum Sharon Streid Ric Victorsen Paul Wagner 29 - I mn r jan Walker Cheryl Warner Sam Williams Lily Yakich Emma. 5 t l 5? qw.-,V 4 git Y crcrztmff 21. .W -'fit GM X, ,wg 1. M 1 , Z It's Hard to Say Good-bye to Something That Has Been Such a Vital Part of Your Life for the Last Pour Years . . . H .V wx-, ,.:....,. :- NPR' :M , H ,ii'5'iQis3f 'ESS 1: use . E Q xv 'Mil n 1 , ' ,5'I'I'E ..,., M -:..QL.iiIJR1"' .M .,,-. .ce ifam 2. 4--.IH Agri + ' , -"'.fQ'f,IfQ'f?f9'. ' M2232 ' Q -.I Ziufk f- W' .sefw ef if., ' sms 1 f if 'filz ,2'f1iv- ww 'mief' 3,534 'fifwfif . fu, 1:1 -. ' ,e,,5.f,,,,- 1,4 .125,:wifs"1 'yy-1 wffi? 5 V-nw.. w A gimzrngifzgfgl H, ' 55, 1 qw ' :,,:5igg,ag z2 I:.',':'5:'2g"3s1f1' 31.77" lfim nm' .:31. fm, Q fw22:fae?1n - S:-by iff' :.,1?a4f1gz1 A 4 -,srusgzm iw .izilfif ma 21 Wig? J 12-W i iw 41:7?I3i?g2Q gsiglifi SQ- :m 'i'Si?'. -,qfwf I' ' 5'2ifg:iQg32Q5i M1553-55, 1555 jg fzfgfivgigf " 312i-2,1-mifzfi 51221:-Er' z-v f Q.32f:l'5-5 ki? K5 Ts .1. N 4. af' LK Fw 1 -P. W' 6961 QW' 61344. .h fg e - Q'."'5' ff' U ' U . . Q. X . ix -S . E S' wewq Q . KR l 44 W 4' -. ..-lf.: ri. ffiliinfg, lj ' W -'-- 1 ri fi . . -q. 2 Qf 45 as ., .- "'s-iff-p330?7'5"'. - ', x 1 If , ASQ? 4 Q fl F' iff" .Ki - 'f , ,, N v N' Vw. we -. . "'l":L 'wffq 'Q ' V .iff F rr I1 We the senior class Of Fort Wayne Bible College Wish to thank all of those Who have helped To make our years here Vital, meaningful and rewarding Years of growth. RESPONSIBILITY: Our response to 1-ns Ability. xg. lr .m , J- , .-., ,44,!2i' - , V -'gs .M Q-yr f. ,-1 ff ..f uvawk Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities This year Fort Wayne Bible College Was honored by naming eight students To the publication of the 1971 edition of "Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities." Marybelle Arnholt James Mott Russell Betz Nancy Neuenschwander Sheryl Ewert Katherine Querubin David Miller Cheryl Warner Congratulations 4 1 I 1 Juniors .l Each year we spend at Fort Wayne Bible College, we learn more about what it means to serve others. Fel- lowship and love are just part of the goal of Port Wayne Bible College. The years come and go . . . and with them comes the knowledge of understanding, love, and concern we need for others-The Christian joy of serving . . . is our final goal. Y s, rf 1 51 L .- Ronald Reynolds George Kacena ..,. 5,0- 12 -1. 1 gf., . ' ffzwzj Z 1 1 Tom Rader Cindy King Q Al Havens ,7 3 2 ,f' 4 W, ff i T ir is tw 'D I Dick Alejandro Max Amstutz Cheryl Armstrong Eugene Baker Karen Barnes Ellen Beitler Ianice Berglund Virginia Black Connie Blakeslee Chris Ble7joe ' 'VVV-4 , fda-46 M, A but ' 71,1511 QkQlM,,,4f, - QI' Linda Blue Danny Boone Marcos Botas Rod Boze Sue Bristol Martha Buss 37 l L 4-. cf" ip, Judy Caddy Duane Cassidy Liz Chapman john Charles Wilma Charles Linda Chroninger Rosalyn Chroninger Dave Clay Bob Corey Linda Craig Connie Davis Deloris Dissinger Vikki Eady --l A ,rn K 38 Marian Enders Sheryl Ewert Dave Ewald Judy Fleck Renee FOX Delbefl Giff0l'Cl '4 51' f 5" if as , I aw ww X r ' l Ask hi, 1. ,,,.,, . "" Q., rr fu' SQ g1.15,?,N. im NN if vw . ei if Q 4 Q in- Annette Coldsmith Vicki Glamlillg 'VS Sylvia Greenhood Rick Haberkamp EXP ' If V ' Ov 2 .ix-ik .A ' t L4 , -4 ?' Ruby H31-ing Art Hauser Louise Heidelberg -cr 'ff lacque Helm Nancy Helm Judith Iust Paul Keidel Ianet Kesler Helen Kidd Wayne King Ron Koopman Sue Kubota john Lemmon Deborah Levan ' ,ig Rose Mary Lombard Bill Malick Bruce Masopust Ric Mathew john Mitchell , VU5 , 'of' ' 'Q-'fl C, 1 -u X 4 I Stan Myers Sherry Niccum Jerry Noble Bob Peters Donna Pottschmidt Dan Ralph :Vg 1' ' Y .-'1L J Q 'i?- . ' P- ..- -.-.rp Robert Ransom Iudy Rust Frances Rust 4-1 Virginia Shaffer Tom Shank Dennis Shields C' N J: 1 Paul Shisler Steve Smart Steve Sommer DOH Spalz Karen Stickle WEIYUQ 5'-'lliVan 41 GN ,sg Paulette Thome Arlene Tolson as Sue Ursini Ralph Walker Pam Webb Kim West Z 5 4 Ki 'C' joe Weyer Bonnie Wilson 42 Bob Wilson Deryll Zurcher Steve Zurcher i A Year to Go . . . and Many Things Yet Uncovered. 'f Yea 4-X Sophomore in f.r' if We are in a strange position . . . two years spent finding truth and two to go. Yet, with each day of our lives at Fort Wayne Bible College, we see what has to be done . . . We see the needs and frustrations of others. We see what part of our earthly job is . . . sharing God through fellowship and brotherhood with others. Dennis Magary President "He ain't heavy. he's my proconsul." Ray Swatkowski Linda Rvafh Vice President Secfefafb' Dave Reynolds Brad Smith Treasurer Chaplain X gi 'ii wg X . ' X Q if Eqfiiisi T. .X . Tom Adomat Barb Albitz Bob Allen Ianet Arnholt Edna Batchelor Judy Berglund C- Q--v kxi. I Steve Bertolet Lynda Birt Tim Bond Connie BUfkh0lCl9l' Paul Came' Maxine C3l'P9me' T- - Dede Cl1l'0l1l.nget Dale Clapper Dawn Criswell Carolyn Culbertson ii? 31:3 L L K l. .z ' vide. R" 'S ca' 1777 Chuck Dunlap Nancy Dyke Kevin Eady Prank East Tim Erdel Miriam Ewald 1 Mary Frogge Ginny Gillespie Sue Gauntt Lorraine Grandlienard eff-11' 2 L Mary Griffin Sanford Hashimoto Patii Hebner Carol Heckathom JoAnn Hein Lad Heisten fx.. Iohn Herberich Wanda Hinkel Larry Hobbs Cindy Howard Walter Jacoby Dave Keef 91 F l jim Keifer Bob Kirby Kathy Kirchenbauer Roberta Koehler Q... lim Lantz Nancy Learn Kathy Lee Elouise Logan Charlene Lombard Iohn McCurdy Glenna McHahon Ian McKnight Rita McName Diana Mason 49 --.Q 'il 154' . 'li I 1 I Joy Merriam Cary Miller Neal Miller ' r Pam Miller Ruth Mitoff Nick Miu john Moody Shelia Morris Jeanne Moser Neil Myrie lim Nash Glenda Newman Paul Nurmi ludy Oser Dick Park Michael Pennington Linda Perry Iohn Petersen Iohn Pickett 50 q-6 Q- . 1 Mary Ann Rasay Mike Reed Victor Reffey Tim Reside Sharon Rice MYIOI1 Rifhardson Donna Rohrs Paul Roth Debby Rusher Sandy Schlitter Ken Schmoyer Ken Schultz Gordon Schumacher Bill Shady Randy Smith Margaret Stamm Tim Steiner Nancy Stubblelield vt ' Wayne Unangst Sarah Whiteford Gary Wilber Bill Willis Lawanda Windom Karen Young 51 Es Q X WW E WERY N ..., ...L .145 -V .avfs - aux ' '- J 5X ',e,s- V ,:Eg,4. w Freshman afgv I 4 One of the many stops along the road of brotherhood is learning to share and feel the needs of others. As freshmen, we are just beginning to learn of our responsibility . . . our response to others. So we have come to Fort Wayne Bible College to find the answers . . . answers we will need to share . . . answers we will need to show others the brotherhood of Christ. 53 , L N A 3411 E' I j ' .J Eg Q 1 I f f f., 3 fi I . . " f '-u.,,!51i 44 ,ml j I 1 , 1 R 11 v- 1 I gf Q J 4 nj ,' 1 1 I 4 xg fa ii, M 'J 'N 5 President Vice-President Pete Strubhar Dennis Yoder Secretary Bev Confer ,Q I mx ' Q . J" .ff 5 A In LG Treasurer I im Hulbert Rick Engle f ia 0 'W ' 1--J 5351? i Chattie Barnes Dennis Barla Sue Bartlett Steve Beigle Sl-le Beigle Derek 59115011 15' C' Marcia Birkey Sally Birky Sheryl Bixler Kathie Black 43,6 4- Ronda Bolich Darrell Bowditch Doris Bowsher Sue Boyer Larry Bowles Ron Brackeen 55 ri f! I if ,K - .F ws M 'Q I' 1 X V 5 , 4' , r X1 lean Brecher Pam Brewer f, Q 21 l", 'f K.. ,, Q rg fm,-f , l ' I , A ,.,.,-- 'Uv- A "W"-L ' " v ., Becky Brown Candy Brown Robert Brown Linette Browmewell Lowell BUFFUS Sue C3PP9len Rachel CEIPW Rick Caffe' q, ' fa 41 . '-"' . :. Diane Chattin Irene Chilcote Darwin Clappe Jeff Cox Diane Craig Shen-ill Cressnlan 56 wx-Y'-MXSQM --vlxku' Debi Davis Gerald Davis jackie Douras Ron Eade Dick Ehresman Linda Eubank , ,N -we Q .,. A .FL .., :T- . A lim Evilsizor Bonnie Ewald Diane Fenner Tom Foltz Mary Fraser Rudy Frauhiger I Sharon Glqyd james Graham Joyce Graham Diann Grancllienard Dave Creenhood Rachel Grimes Barb Hahn Roberta Hall 57 6 -tv jayne Hanni Pam Hennessee Iohn Hessler I alle Hibschman .- I - .- , ' 1 5 Dianna Hinton Seong Hong Donna Hood Randy Jackson ...N 'W' Tix ,W Q x s 5 wg' joe Iohnson Pam Kawasaki Ric Keefer Priscilla Keidel Kathy Kent Debbie Klingensmith f I'-s Q... Becky' Vfffhfl Nick Lee Cindy Lempke Marcia Livingston Barbara Logan Susan Love 58 fl?" ' 1 Karleen Lubbg Gregg McCain Marcia McCurdy Rick McDowell Ross Mahan Terri Moeller , '75 QQ' Debby Morrison Phil Morlensen Kevin Morton .lefy Nelson lan Nickel Mflvdie OPP9fm3n ..l .2 4,1 w 1 Gary Oser l X 1 A v Carol Park 59 -vs ar- Atv NWN' Dan Parker C21r0lyn PHXSOI1 left Pelis Gus Peter Doyle Peyton Lois Peyton f 1 3 I F-x - Tami fl:-Brxdxdj Daniel Phenicie Bev Rader Tim Reese Nancy Remington Dave Richmond I 9311 Ries Q3 , T xm C2943 Kathy R0l'lrb8Cl'l Ruth Rohrs Iudy Rowell Dave Rupp Dan Salsburey Sharon Samples fix "'7 'Q Linda Sqhgfreik Tom Schindler Yvonne Schwab Charmaine Siekmann Dianne Smith Andrea SPN-'nge' 60 os my 5, " L- . .X ... I . . . K , 4 nfl X -. 1' "' . 5, ,Z ,f I" W ', Za, Sara Stahly Lois Stauffer Susie Steiner layne Stephens Terry Steury Dennis Stiles li. N"5Nmw IYX- DXCNQG-X915 YVOIIDG 5l0ll9l' Ed Strahn Carol Taylor Sharon Torry Brenda Warstler Chuck Wells 0? A 5 V' Ieff Wenger Randy Whitsel Terry Whitten Anne Wiederkehr Abfaham Willi2mS 501133 WilS0I1 'Wx 1, X1 Greg Woodall Susan Zich 6 l g .,f F::4z7?i37q:::-H . , iw, I , ,ht- l Campus Life I .gm . 9. H. -, E l 5 ' A-gf l 4 isl- '!f""H'TV"'..,' 'Z ' ' l All that Hows out comes from within. If we want to fill Our neighborhood and our world With sincere love and compassion, that love Must first be nurtured in our own Environment. As we experience brotherhood within The campus, we become more ready and willing To share it on the outside. This is what campus life at Fort Wayne Bible College is all about: An experience in sharing with our brothers. - -WT' Y 4 H, , 1, 4, 1 . 2 ' ' V :A X . as W' 9 7' f , eil, W Q 4 gf ' . 1 V 7 , 'Q "vi, -AEM sf? v i ' A, I 'M-.1 " 19 2 i if , I Q , Ay A . , Q .qfjgyffil ,T,,,M' me? K ' 4 , ' 'f "PWD V f "'5ff.,'42f7-f.h.7:, 2 V, ..., . N ff' gg '1 fwdwfbifdg if V, K , 35, 1 ' - '31 W 4 ', ff , , ,, .,.,, 1 , ,mlm if 4 :La 2' J, "gh, ,Q f -.fa 'Q ' ills E 2 4' j .3 JZX, I - , ,ei Q .f-.Wah ,L ,ZH 1 fi? V 5 '15 1 ' , 9 Wy, Z , 3 - ,l:'jf4,!Zv 29 Q74-V-fi ' Q , ' 2 L 1, 41"-,711 - ', ' if rf ' g f l 1-m,,,,, f fga, ,, re-. xx - W-M Q 4 1 -- ' 1, V x gi i z. -fe f' 4? vy.- A , U ,1 i -nv - ff' . 'nn .I A as ,r A . lifjijii 4, , 'gtg Q' 4 -a 'ffu .X-ii fy, S. if f - , r 7 vi I V X ' Ak i' V X Q, 5. V . I V W., ,Ax W Ai- , gui H r Some Are Changes Some Are Memories Others Remain as Reminder: 64 of Our Goa? Z "4 J v of ' X a 2 f , .,- X I 1 1 ..-L-f-""' X 4 . X A,- N Q 1 4.....,, ',f.-.-1 F" 5 -1 My 1' , ' ' H 7- -1, 1 ., ,a,,.,.-f X-- Our Last Look at Providence Dorm P A ot, Now It's a Short Walk Across the Street . . . Our Campus Grows with Us. :is- vw 4.5-4 JAM 9f"'271 V,-RA. Q, ., M 5 ffm' r A f ' A- f 'J' ,A 'rf f fy J 1 K C. i , +11 3 , Qi, -T Jelfi' Y, . , 1 aft N' f ffl' ' 2 V ' Ts. 1 W J', ,., "5-4 ' ' 1 b v" U Y '.. Y his lk WIP' 'i-.Q -..,, 3, U ,X 'W -i..,s,,- 'r gif, - Xiu I +,, Y - 54 'f: 7.4-22 Li- ,: .. T111 ' gn-3 47 5-N A- - T--1:-1 Lb:-- - 4.-,.l 'i B- Lf .Z e::,E,,," - 'Lg-ff'- 1:4 -,1 eg:-A Ml EL? gi-in -- CT ' L-. gig: 3- ,,.. mf' ffwifzn ,f fl' f- 1 zgnnvpvrvif Z 8 A NEW 'REATUREA 411 4 ""vf'?'0s 4'gk,04LS ff' f 4 i Bl Christian Service We see so many inhumanities In the world around us . . . we ache To do something about them. More than this, We see so many people chained to sin, Headed for an eternal existence in darkness. We want to stop the inhumanities and The ignorance . . . this is why we are here at Port Wayne Bible College . . . This is what we've dedicated our lives to. And while We're here, we're beginning to pattern our lives In a practical and vital way. We are leaming to make Our contribution to the brotherhood . . . 69 Port Wayne Bible College Department of Christian Service joy Gerig Assistant Director Secretary Dick Baxter Marilyn Grubb Assistant Assistant I y Pl Pat Macy 0 Gospel Teams f::vr New Realm Trio Lily Yakich, Paulette Thome, Sally Birky, Di- ane Chattin l l ,P Fort Wayne Bible College Presents the Singing Collegians ROW 1: Nick Lee, Denny Doud, Iayne Hanni, Ierry Nelson ROW 2: Tom Adomat, Mike Sherrow, Cheryl Wamer, Dan Salsbury ROW 3 Sharon Torry, Bev Rader, Iudy Caddy, Sarah Whiteford, Rick Engle ROW 4: Nancy Waits, Garold Davis, Pam Kawasaki, Nick Miu 72 Nil ecuredhmgmd 3 Efforfs QT offhe 1lflMHS U.UB goffofilaqne ,991 W 5,51 's if S5 'fu' Activities He ain't heavy . . . he's my brother . . . We want to communicate the love of Christ To our brothers in every way possible. The problem Has always been: How do we relate Christ to people on the Practical, everyday, nitty-gritty level? We learn in the classroom and in Christian service work to communicate Verbally, but how do we show Christ's love in Our everyday actions? This is where the activities and organizations come in . . . More and more each year, they are training us To be relevant Communicators of Christ to our brothers. Fort Wayne Bible College Homecoming 1971 Th Homecoming Court left to right: Steve Beigle, Bev Confer, Ioe Reiniche, Linda Blue, C e Rogers, Kathy Querubin, Marty Orndorff, Queen, Myron Richardson, Iudy Seawell, Lemmon, Kay Wright, Ray Swatkowski G' A 9542 EJ 2 Y. i A Beautiful Queen . . . and a Beautiful Moment for All. Band n XE- 'Nl STANDING: Ierry Nelson, Cindy King, Mike Sherrow. MIDDLE ROW: Ruby Haring, Connie Burkholder, Kathy Rohrbach, Linda Burke, Dottie Murray, Martha Buss, lim Hulbert, Gerald Davis, Denny Doud, Myron Richardson, Sue Love, Dave Richmond, jeff Pelis, loan Mayers, Doris Bowsher, Tim Bond, Dr. Wes Gerig, Ric Engle. FRONT ROW: Sharon Beitler, Ioyce Graham, Inez Sassa- man, Cheryl McDonald, Sara Stahly, Mrs. Ellen Soden, Carry Adams, Steve Sommer, Linda Craig, Lois Stauffer. Each year a group of students try out for musical groups known as the Port Wayne Bible College Band, Women's Chorus, Chorale, and the Brass and Chamber Ensembles. The members of these groups represent the school throughout the year in the Port Wayne area and during a tour in the early spring. Each member is part of a special group . . . a group representing our school and our Lord. They perform with their voices and instruments while they share with their hearts. They care about their brothers . . . They care about sharing . . . sharing their gifts and talents with others. 78 The Women's Chorus 1243 f 6 -I Q Y 5- 'I-Q we . . . -- , ' Ac., , , S D rf .3 . Y' .A A q r x I 'f 1 '-1, L 1-f i Q A :A 'M' If- 2 l N '-. t :. ,Q iw iw' BACK ROW: Diane Craig, Linda Blue, Karen Young, Donna Rickert, Helen Kidd, Rita Mc- Name, lean Brecher, Ioan Heatwole, jackie Douras, Sue Ursini, Carolyn Paxson. MIDDLE ROW: Ruth Rohrs, Bev Confer, Yvonne Schwab, Sherrill Cressman, Nancy Dyke, Nancy VVaits, Kathy Kirchenbauer, Donna Hood, lean Ries, Diana Mason. FRONT ROW: Yvonne Stoller, Nancy Learn, IoAnn Hein, Pat Hebner, Cindy King, Sharon Streid, Inez Sassaman, Mary Criliin, Sue Boyer. 79 The Port Wayne Bible College Chorale I .1 ,- I iii ROW 1: Vicki Gramling, Lois Stauffer, Tim Reese, Sharon Gloyd, Denny Stiles, Roberta Hall, Bob Corey, Marcia Livingston, John Petersen, Linda Roath, Esther Cressman, Donna Christman ROW Z: janet Arnholt, Lily Yakich, lim Lantz, Irene Chilcote, Duane Cassidy, Linda Scherreik, Kevin Morton, Marcia Birkey, Tim Steiner, Cheryl Warner ROW 3: Iudy Cady, Greg McCain, Connie Burkholder, Kevin Eady, Susie Laymon, john Charles, jane Giroux, Paul Shisler, Lowena Gerig ROW 4: ludy Seawell, Paul Roth, Nick Miu, Sally Birkey, Tom Adomat, Chris Bledsoe, John Lemmon, Bev Rader y lxrx W lv ei W My FJZJVQ ' fp Vygjjglf ri WQ ry,'X Cfk Jfglwaj Jr jlgfgyisf t WM 80 5 NgxA,Xi ' .Q 3 33 ,V SE! ei 12. Vs E Student Association Officers President Doug Barcalow Vice-President Wes Adell Secretary Ellen Beitler Treasurer joe Weyer Student Association Representatives Senior Class junior Class Sophomore Class Freshman Class Light Tower Editor Student Voice Editor 9 111 P jane Giroux Marty Orndorff Pat Pazdziora Linda Chroninger Bob Ransom Bruce Masopust Tim Bond Rita McName Myron Richardson Sally Birkey Rick McDowell Mike Pigott Bob Ransom Dean Willard Rowell Miss loan Mayers SEHBE Annnriaiinn The Messiah Second Semester Speaker: Dr. David Breese 82 Spiritual Emphasis The Messiah Is a Rich, Sacred Event Performed ' Every Year. 4 s som' WAYNE BIBMQCD C01-I.PGEjV iitubsnr MISSIONARY rsnnoviiiuir Xi! T 1st ROW: Marybelle Arnholt, Publicityg john Charles, Assistant Pro- gramg Linda Stewart, Secretaryp 2nd ROW: Dave Miller, Presidentp Al Havens, Prayer Chairmanp Tim Erdel, Treasurer: Chuck Rife, Programp Dan Sindlinger, Outreach. Rick Canon . . . Mission Boards . . . Penny Talents . . . Special Music . . . Mormons . . . International Student Reception . . . Cricket . . . Truck Project . . . Christian Service Corps . . Turtles . . . Inner City Work . . . Skits Eurafricamaisaus . . . all of these and many others combined with the student body to make SMP 70-71. 83 ..-D 'N M cw xxx - X . ,. . K it N N .... XXX ff 4 ,J -.Q Director D. Leon Pippin Technical Director M. Elmer Soden Student Director Mike Pigott Characters Judah Ben-Hur Tirzah Miriam Amrah Messala Captain Simonides Esther Iras Balthazar Sheik Ilderim Quintus Arrius Dennis Magary Marty Orndorff Virginia Black Sue Bristol Dennis Yoder Dave Reynolds Iim Hulbert Brenda Warstler Sally Birky Steve Bowers Mike Pigott Kevin Eady Festus Dan Parker Drusilla Sue Bartlett Maid Ruby Haring Thord Dave Reynolds Irmin Dan Parker Ruth Kathie Black Anna Charlene Lombard Martha Karen Barnes Extras a Roman soldier Paul VanVleet Mary Bronwyn Cartmel a pirate Dave Reynolds children lim Hughes, Iohn Hughes, Todd Hoatson, jennifer Cartmel, Brett Pippin, Greg Pippin, Kirk Hoatson Stage Manager Kathy Parke .-dll' X" Port Wayne Bible College Presents a Three Act Comedy JENNY KISSED ME B6 Father Moynihan Michael Saunders Mrs. Deazy Ienny Shirley Harry Io Mary Sister Mary Owen Parkside Mr. Parkside A School Girl Director Technical Director Stage Manager 87 Mike Pigott Don Spatz Virginia Black lean Ries lean I-Iibschman Pam Miller Eloise Logan Sue Bartlett Kathy Black Dave Reynolds Steve Wright Charlene Rashley D. Leon Pippin M. Elmer Soden james Hulbert the -n'4 13655 691557 Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Business Manager Advertising Manager Assistant Business Manager Academics Editor Activities Editor Chief Photographer Sports Editor Class Section Freshman Editor Assistant Freshman Editor Sophomore Editor Assistant Sophomore Editor Iunior Editor Senior Editor Journalists: Advisors Mike Pigott Chris Bledsoe Wayne Unangst Duane Cassidy Tim Steiner Bev Confer Pat Hebner Ken Schultz Mike Pigott Susie Steiner Bonita Wilson Steve Bertolet Mary Ann Rasay Chris Bledsoe Mike Pigott Brenda Havens Mike Pigott Mr. Grant Hoatson Miss Sandy Hall xl 'gifryfg i- 1 Lx f ' .,,- V J .3 7 g me Il? A 'Q -1... ,VS ,sf 124' ' 'vis 4-.-. x K iii , Q bs.- ' .I ,., ,., ,gil r n.,.' . .'. .4 -.-if'-J 4 -ga. e . -M: ...-Q - J Youth Conference '71 . 3. A A Speaker J' Bill McKee if A A Fun Filled Week-end for Hundreds of Teenagers . . . a Time for Sharing, and Fellowship for Us. A Time for Searching, ' , 7' 92 A Time for Hope and Truth . . . a Time of Finding Christ WEB if Graduation at Port Wayne Bible College It Began with Baccalaureate, Sunday, May 30, 1971 Dr. Edward Simpson Delivered the Sermon, Speaking to the ' Seniors, He Charged Us to Become God's Minutemen. 5 At Last the Waiting Was over, the Senior Class of '71 Was Graduating. I """'f.?MQ,2,i, 1 M ,zu V .... iw' --2 'af W i A"X""' Q ,.Qt'?5'uv ' N. ' , V. A. .. - 'R h , 5 E I ,M m . 4 1 j . A 2 , ' A i i 1 . f rg . ,, 1 5 - ., .-: V e f 4- ' ' 'K x is . . i X I I 1 Sir Nw W x 3 v P Pg I , -L, 'Q it 4 :Ml-' hwx. mi" 2 Q 2 2 1.1 an 98 J f I Q, f l s X? If j fyljfl 11,1 , , 1 ,, I , ,V 1 t f, . i' f , , f ,f I 4 ' f 4 . 1 V, 4, , Y f , 4 ,Y . A E 1 , 1 , , f 1 , w ' , V- f , I N ,uyg ,f xx! ,Q f I ,,,f,,, 'kr Af J, ' 1 , , f- V ' 1 , f ff ff ,ffff , 5 1 1, ff! rf, -- if V, if-:gf I !!f,'k!,,f! ,fel , f'ff f , Y- ,, , . 3 fff, ff, .J .' f f 7 ,f f 1,1 L! !j,.J4 1-lf! 7.7 , ,f X f' f' 1 ' Athletics 'W' X 4, , , Q! . -' ri., e ' A AH 9 if-gmmwf, si 91- S- 'Nd-.'v,' ,X in ,,. .... -of V gf- ' " A , -- 35- in E i- 1 ' K A .Q ir g 'JyJ", , . , S YW,,,'- "I v g, .. -,Q V Ji .',,,-- Nowhere as in the field of athletics is the need for brotherhood felt more! The Falcons have shown us a supreme example of Sportsmanship and team effort this year. Together with a drive to win, a fine coach, and the added ingredient of Christian brotherhood, the Falcons showed others what can be done with Christ on your side. 99 ,J ,f,, ,. ..,,, f X 1, jf '. - .Jef J 1 5 "', ,.. 9. - 'I ga... 5' 19 - I vu-'W 'Wigs ti uf at Q P IV':Q 9. f.i'!' gf 4 ZS. .... ,, . , 1, mf 4 4 Q.: qf....,. fx, 'Z 1 , ,, ..,- 1' WH V " 1 4 .is Q The Crowd Behind the Scenes 4 ok, , L A, t A f' ,. - L x ,.-,,, . - 4 A Q- A' ,i-7,1-o The Team Behind the Team Coach Steve Morley Assistant Coach Ken Conrad IO5 af, L -.W V f,.,.,y ...Y W , X E Y :':, 'x-:H .Lf'.fl'5R fu- , s A Y , 1-321: W , I , . :Q 2 V.-fbuu L -. f :.f.1-,- .f , 1 W Q fi? .Maya I" " - J ...,.. ,.. , 4 1 www 'i7,.'Qf7 1. M, f Z" 'Sq 4 ' IO6 The Falcons Go All the Way! ALL THE WAY TO THE NCCAA TCNJRDMXNHHWT QQ ' 'yi i If ' .. . V! 'lc"'i'- Left to Right: Coach Morley, Weyer, Strubhar, Erdel, Lemmon, Nash, Masopust, Haber- kamp, Reed, Frost, Schumacher, Coach Conrad. 1970-71 FALCON BASKETBALL NAME UNIFORM I ERDEL, TIM HOME-AWAY POS HT. WT Fort Wayne, Ind., Soph. 24-25 F 6-1 175 FROST, DOUG Thousand Oaks, Cal., Pr. 22-23 G 6-o 155 I HABERKAMP, RICK New Knoxville, O., Ir. 20-21 G-F 6-1 150 LEMMON, IOHN Jackson, Mich., Sr. 42-43 P 6-5 200 O MASOPUST, BRUCE Cicero, Ill., Ir. 34-35 C 6-4 185 NASH, JIM Flint, Mich., Soph. 50-51 C 6-6 180 I REED, MIKE Fredericktown, O., Soph. 40-41 F 6-2 190 STRUBHAR, PETE Fort Wayne, Ind., Fr. 44-45 G-F 6-2 180 'Captain 0 Letterman Trainer: Gordon Schumacher Manager: Ioe Weyer 108 Season Record Us 88 55 53 62 62 84 76 73 67 72 80 75 63 104 74 75 131 73 91 62 96 77 91 77 75 85 52 Season Record Kentucky Christian Lincoln Christian Cincinnati Bible Maranatha Bible St. Paul Bible Faith Baptist Faith Baptist Bethel Cincinnati Bible Lincoln Christian Grand Rapids Bible Bethel Michigan Christian Grace Bible College Indiana University-Kokomo Grand Rapids Baptist Great Lakes Bible Grand Rapids Bible Michigan Christian Marion Detroit Bible College Owosso College Grand Rapids Baptist Detroit Bible College' Michigan Christian' 'Conference Tournament Bethel CollegeT T NCCAA District Tournament Azusa Pacifici INCCAA Tournament at is 50 4 -W - vi' A Them 58 57 48 61 57 60 57 80 66 98 65 93 69 70 97 89 86 72 66 60 84 54 79 70 73 71 67 T 3 , 5 3 E Left to Right: Brenda Warstler, Carla Painter, Bonilynn Short, Sharon Samples, Linda Chroninger, Sue Boyer, Candy Brown. Falcon Cheerleaders li .,f-....-...1.-...- ' 5 , Q ..............v.- S Falcon Baseball M as 'W f ' fa , in 42:1 QQ 4 ia f' - igif t f M' ' www 'W ".,. Q , .-,, A W,V, 6 J "'l ll fl 1 zll Season Record Them Goshen 12 Goshen 17 Indiana-Purdue 24 Grace Bible College 10 Grand Rapids Baptist 8 Grand Rapids Baptist 9 Grace College 14 Grace College 13 Bethel 8 Bethel 12 Grand Rapids Baptist 12 Grace Bible College 13 Grace Bible College 13 Michigan Christian 19 Michigan Christian 16 Detroit Bible College 13 Michigan Christian 10 Michigan Christian 14 Detroit Bible College 10 Detroit Bible College 4 W W 1 ff' , M mx, 'HW V ,--.- 'fq'Sp. -N i ,A . . ,, b ,Q ...xl ' D I ,, . Q nigh 5 ' , . '15 .sw 1'1- ' , xl 'Ei -.' ' -. X L+- ' ' , Ak . 41- ' - 'A ' ., 4 " J V, -' 1 A Q-1. ,ffgagh . - .1-', - - lu V- , , f , ,hu , "fin ff , , + 1 ,M A f , , AQ143 . 1 ,-, lit 4 N Parting Shots 1:05. 953, ' YRS as ,'. Q pI."5 And Another Year Ends . . . for All of Us U-vu, .i E NN SNK 4040 5vlxooei P-eeoclxetee eoc-ooi 'age-5 woo no gdxqx we xeex xexxoxoixoo, we xedowixoo beeoe Croix-a's oeqve 'co Xeedfko oveoqe QeoQXe ood iexlowixodwe We-5. "1 rxexeiowe, 'xi em men be 'xo Cwksx, he Ks a new oveawxe: oXd wfmgs are passed ew ew, beYKoXd eXHY1'x0QS ave become new f' XX Cohmwans 6111 eogeixebo c,wee6esfoXe0l- Xogxoeox Qtogiewe , 'oXe04- Xxxexemxe, xeeoxdxoge, eve 'Ne QKBKSX ok we 'xo oookioox X OK Q0 New eq exxe ee, me, see eQe we '61 woegv Xeedevacim 6 eeqveoe qciwixexix Qeevlxoq, eoqegeqee Q0 Svlxooei P-seoclxexee x1eNxN'0eKe Nao We go ' ex, me YNeXQ we eooo ' 0 New-. 0 409 5139-969- Qxeelxdeox o qfxeo e beeoe Ciou A 'xo ,New Cxxixexxe Yo! 40ote'xo'io1q0o'Cxoo dfxx ', 'Yew Exixooex Psesodxexes 'XQJVJ Wooxeqoe 6 00040 , Sew! 4 00+ 'W'LO'N Q 11 AMX PEI?SI'C0lA COMPLIM ENTS of INDUSTRIAL FUEL OILS, INC. 909 Wells St. Fort Wayne, Ind. 46808 AVALON MISSIONARY CHURCH 1500 Lower Huntington Road Eort Wayne, Indiana CONGRATULATIONS for your continued growth in our Community! HUSER-PAUL CO. INC. 18.37 South Calhoun St. Fort Wayne, Indiana Wholesale Candy Distributor CHRISTIAN LITERATURE FOUNDATION 256 N, Longview Dayton, Ohio 45432 The New Life Testament--unique translation- vocabulary of B50 words-available at 1X2 bookstore prices. Retail 56.95. Our price 5350! 6097: savings when ordering 16 or more! These testaments good for children, poor literates, old people llarge typej, Sunday School awards, etc. Retail 56.95.-Our price 5350! CURDES AVENUE MISSIONARY CHURCH ' . . invites you to attend and gives you the opportunity to serve. Curdes and Carew, N.E, Fort Wayne, Indiana Pastor: Harold E. Xoung C. H. ELECK Distributor Wholesale Candies, etc. Box 85 Phone 627-2931 Crabill, Indiana 46741 SCHMIDT PHARMACY ED. SCHMIDT, R. PH. 4001 SOUTH WAX NE AYENLE PHONE 7-15-0571 FORT WAX NE. IND, "YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD HEALTH CENTER PORT WAYNE BIBLE COLLEGE BOOSTERS Mr. Sz Mrs. Virgil Amstutz 417 Dearborn Berne, Indiana 46711 Mr. Joe Pitzer 119551 1901 Lower Huntington Road Fort Wayne, Indiana 46809 Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Hartung R. No. 2 Woodburn, Indiana 46797 Mrs. Harvey E. Preston 119271 1831 N. Cambridge, Apt. 502 Milwaukee, Wis. 53202 Mabel Hygema Ummel 119241 R. 4 Box 316A Elkhart, Indiana 46514 Rev. I. E. Greahlen 119461 601 N. Main Nappanee, Indiana 46550 Mr. Edison E. Welty 4010 Arlington Avenue Fort Wayne, Indiana 46807 Rev. Quinton I. Everest 52845 Swanson Drive South Bend, Indiana 46635 Mrs. Helen Laughbaum Hanna 119471 North Monroe Street Kinmundy, Illinois 62854 Marsha Ringenberg 9902 Hosler Road Grabill, Indiana 46741 Elda Amstutz 255 112 Sprunger St. Berne, Indiana 46711 Dr. A. J. Harms 119141 1075 W. Orange Grove Ave. Pomona, California 91768 Rev. Welburn Smith 119521 B.P. 10, San Republic of Mali, West Africa Steve Sr Char Binkley 119641 6013 So. Bend Drive Fort Wayne, Indiana Mrs. Violet Repp 119501 2307 Reynoldston Lane Dallas, Texas 75232 Erdine M. Krueger 1322 Owen Road Toledo, Ohio 43616 Rev. Helmut A. Michelson 119651 Box 67 Corn, Oklahoma 73024 Gertrude Schoepflin 119231 13251 Ardmore Detroit, Michigan 48227 Rev. Geo. C. 8: Julia I. Agin 119381 Honor Congregational Church Honor, Michigan 49640 Rev. Allen C. Amstutz 119283 403 Rose Street LaPorte, Indiana 46350 Mrs. Luella Stilburn Landrey 119343 1473 Markham Drive Harvey, Illinois 60426 Rev. 8: Mrs. Clarence Gerig 119263 1938 Embassy Drive Fort Wayne, Indiana 46806 Miss Josephine Danforth 119383 96 Marigold Avenue Buffalo, New York 14215 Mrs. Ervin Bley 119563 Palisade Nebraska 69040 Rev. 8: Mrs. W. M. Heller 259 Darlene Street York, Pennsylvania 17402 Mrs. Norman Hirschy 119143 221 Van Buren Evans City, Pennsylvania 16033 Louise Miller 2963 Shawnee Road Lima, Ohio 45806 Miss Edith Squires 3019 1X2 Bowser Port Wayne, Indiana 46806 Rev. Tillman Habegger 119293 3901 South Wayne Avenue Fort Wayne, Indiana 46807 L. C. Stock 814 No. Wabash Ave. Kokomo, Indiana 46901 Rev. 8: Mrs. Paul Erdel 119483 220 West Fleming Avenue Fort Wayne, Indiana 46807 Vernon Haller 119603 1623 Vasquer Circle Colorado Springs, Col. 80915 Eunice Haller 119623 1623 Vasquer Circle Colorado Springs, Col. 80915 Florence T. Habegger Azusa Pacific College Azusa, California 91702 Rev. Sr Mrs. Roy D. Ramseyer 119393 6825 Varna Avenue Van Nuys, California 91405 Dr. H. Dale Mitchell 119303 Exec. Dir. Nazarene Commun. Comm Kansas City, Missouri 64131 Kansas Chapter, PWBC Alumni Assn 607 Park Road Newton, Kansas 67114 Rev. Norman A. Hall 119163 25 Wanser Place Amityville, New York 11701 Mrs. Adah Z. Hall 119183 25 Wanser Place Amityville, New York 11701 Helen Zorb Box 671 Greenville, Pennsylvania 16125 Alvin D. Oyer 119213 45002 Malulani Street Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744 GOSPEL TEMPLE BOOKSTORE Complete Line of Christian Supplies: 'Bibles Testaments, Devotional Books, and Magazines 'Sunday School Materials, Cards and Church Supplies 'Sheet Music, Songbooks, and Recordings 'Wedding Supplies Special Discount to FWBC Students 117 East Rudisill Blvd., Fort Wayne Phone 744-8986 Hill BROTHERHOOD MUTUAL lFirel INSURANCE COMPANY 1615 Vance Avenue o 483-3112 Fort Wayne, Indiana 46805 Home - Business - Farm - Church "Your Care is Our Policy" HARVESTER AVENUE MISSIONARY CHURCH 3331 Harvester Ave. lat Fleetwoodj extends a sincere invitation to students of the Fort Wayne Bible College Rev. Oscar A. Eicher, Pastor is N exft? fc' SUNDAY: 9:30 AM-Sunday School 10:30 AM-Worship Hour 6:30 PM-Training Hour 7: 15 PM-Evangelistic Service WEDNESDAY: 7:15 PM-PRAYER MEETING RADIO: "TOWER OF STRENGTH"-WFWR 1090 kc Every Saturday, 8:30 AM f W ACADEMICALLY -Q, CREATIVE Committed to Pastoral Ministries EVANGELICAI. AND ECUMENICAI.-Faculty and students, representing twenty Five denominations, hold a high view ofthe authority of Scripture PSYCHOLOGICAL AND COUNSELING PROGRAM Related with Cleveland Psychiatric Institute Accredited by American Associutio . i I! I . 3 i . I rAs1'onAl. l of Theological Schools ' it Located -' gi EL' V "BEST A :: : :W--e:,.-as or Come' do 53 "1 it ' -PH WISHES" Calhoun ,mi I -L , fi 'ff' " T-ET' in-gg? a l f h a?-'ggi Phone: 744-9792 and 7' -L 'ff T 745-8048 Rudisill Blvd. :.'Yj:,"a 1 'M ' A '-'--A A, MILLER'S SERVICE STATION WAYNEDALE LUMBER 8: SUPPLY COMPANY Custom Millwork-Sash 8: Doors-Roofing-LUMBER-Plywood- Insulation-Builders Supplies Phone 747-4102. 3300 LOWER HUNTINGTON ROAD PORT WAYNE, INDIANA 46809 W ,Q i "'1 4 I H "'111z 2 1- L, LUCKY STEER STEAK HOUSES 6721 Bluffton Road Choice of Seven 99C to 51.98 DELIGHTPUL FAMILY ATMOSPHERE Sunday thru Thursday .............. 11 A.M. to 9 P.M. Friday and Saturday . . . .... 11 A.M. to 11 P.M. vgnere III IIIB warm WIII mas vnu serve ,M 1' 'H ...- hw!! THE CHRISTIAN and MISSIONARY ALLIANCE 1,400 Churches at Home 900 Missionaries Overseas QINTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERSD 260 W. 44th Street, New York, N.Y. 10036 IN CANADA: 125 PANIN ROAD, BURLINGTON, ONTARIO "FORT WAYNE'S FASTEST GROWING Sunday: C BIIIII-RY TE PLE SUNDAY SCHOOL" 2901 North Clinton Street Fort Wayne, Indiana 46805 SCHEDULE OF SERVICES 9:45 a.m.-Sunday School' 11:00 a.m, Worship Service -Childrens Crusade 7:00 p.m.-Evangelistic Service Providing FREE transportation through 25 Bus Routes. Phone 483-0561 Thursday: 7:30 p.m.-Bible Study Saturday: 6:00 p.m.-Bible Study 7:00 p.m.-Prayer Service 'CI' - dl ,Q v -N11 . Q PAUL E. PAINO, PASTOR IQ O I - N , V 'fl IL' gg, . 5 N., r - rr- -ff Q. - " ' ' ' S f yt " . --eff -:wi - 'YQ:ElC"' i -r-1: pf-pg, :M ' ',z if '- . ..'- - I :f,,- R if ,',, 'F W. .' , 'if 5 ,, A . , 2 1, V-1 GI F: I, 1, - jf- at .SJ 5 ,L " " ,.i:...+:-v Vg , f--'ff' 5 ::"g'-M., ' f 'W Im' ,mf-" i 4 j ' fa ' ,." v'. I. U , ' ', ,- qi .,, fn? ,J ,I . -7Q,v ,ww - , , i - 1 A 1 ,Ai A, , A wg , ff,, .,: X Ind ' 'v.,f"' R f.. -W. S I 'O' ',,-"4 4 , - ., ' If' - -' T. . 'X V: --' l 7 TIRES GO0D2qEAll THE CENTRAL DISTRICT MISSIONARY CHURCH EXTENDS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1971 Rev. Clarence R. Gerig District Superintendent 1938 Embassy Drive Fort Wayne, Indiana 46806 l219l 447-2.415 OPPORTUNITIES FOR SERVICE 'l' Evangelis+s "' Teachers 'l' Nurses-Doclors "' Musicians "' Social Workers 'l' Counselors "' Senior Cifizens I725 Soulln Calhoun Forl' Wayne, Ind. 46804 The DEAF A largely overlooked mission field - at home and abroad, Why not include Them in your Prayer, Church-meeting, Sunday School and Missionary omreaclies? A B Hwang QWQQQEQE iiwiwgie fl . 2 5 4 .5 5 I B 9 In AMERICAN AI PHABET L SID BN THE DF NIE Complimenvs of the CAri.4fian 7l,l'JJi0l1 for Qraf.f'Jfr1'Ct1I1J PO. Box I-552 De M I-ng 45231 Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined That By ActofCcngrese, the above warning must be piaced on all cigarettes manufactured tcreale in the United States on or after Ncvember1,i97O. US. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, EDUCATiON,ANDVVEl.FAFiE Public Heaitn Service This space contributed as a public Ser ice Cigarette Smoking is Dangerous to YOUF Heaith- l THE M SSIO RY CHURCH 4 T215 :sl 2-1' In. gayafa 0 H ml I ' " WN X ' jf if .N ' 3 ' L " t"""'p ' , I ,.'if,-5,3 -'f' 4 A Q35 "' , , 7 .. V .. in V. ,5.?Zm?::.jv5ij,'MyrgiifylJ 0 -Q 195 I-fm , I, M A 4. ff 5 ' 43? - , 4 i""1'2-Z? I' ,ff I ff ' I f 5 " 'Z!rs:f'7-t 24? .- X f 7 , ,4 1 '4 ..',,'s I WW 32, ir ey, ',y7g9.W,.if-D . ' . I ' ' . x, In I' 1 , M- - www, 2' , ,W-52 , ' v 5. 4 , , 'lf , It ,,,. awp ,' "" I ' "4 Q U- 'I It 5" - 45 ' ,ggi ge I B1 6' ii xx fr I X 1 7" ,.r"fj f 3 I if 9 ,4 ww , , iff, 4 ? , -. 'Z,M,,,,L. .,.-,,Lf- f ff ,IGS K . fill -11: -..,, Y '- , W , f. A Wu- ifffdsif K 1 ' 'I I r' ff' ' ir 'iii 2 Lf If N ,f , ,, ,,,, nw- W!! f Wazfklf f7fl yWf M iff! f WW J I today's world 4 ff fx I W' I y f WWW ff! fwwwf f W W W Wu-I Mr' ., g lax' J 4 , -, Z :Iv I' n, ' " .1 E V- .0 m L 3'?7,"f7 ' ,wi .5 'ia fzfzrw , 1 :nmwf A V -f , . , -"' , ,Q . ,,,,,m5,4,4.. , 4 m, -, ' ' 4 ' f f , '..5,, - V , g 1' o v Q .L V., j I Q ee! 46' 1 K , , V: S ..' I 1- - vi A ' asf ., In H 5 M I Q CONGRATULATES THE SENIORS NEEDS AND SUPPORTS HIGHER CHRISTIAN EDUCATION CHALLENGES YOUTH FOR DEDICATED SERVICE TAKES SERIOUSLY THE GREAT COMMISSION IS A "MISSIONARY" CHURCH WITH A WORLD-WIDE MINISTRY GAVE BIRTH TO FORT WAYNE BIBLE COLLEGE AND IS PROUD TO HAVE THE SCHOOL AS ONE OF HER EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS International Headquarters The Missionary Church 3901 South Wayne Avenue Port Wayne, Indiana 46807 CONGRATULATIONS FROM Sunday Services 8:15 a.m. and 10:35 a.m. Worship 30 a.m. Sunday School 9: 6: O0 p.m. Youth Fellowship 6: 30 p.m. Pre-Service Musicale 7: OO p.m. Evangelism Midweek Fellowship of Prayer and Praise Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. Broadcasting "The Missionary Hour" Sunday at 7:30 a.m. Radio Station WOWO Kenn W. Opperrnan Minister FIRST M SSIONARY CHURCH "THE CHURCH ACROSS THE BOULEVARD" -fs Y c 5. s i tsss Thomas K. Zehr Ira A. Gerig Associate Minister Organist Dr. Opperman 05 V U QUQSSQ Q6 WEZWKUQQ Q3 Wm 0 QQ ww WWE Q gf ? IQUQQQQWDQNQ ZF Q my Q QJQEWQQQ V E QWQQQW WV? Qi? Q6 T3 0 Q0 wg li' QFHCEUVQ E T E WSW? SQQQQAQE Y? W NW W S E SF N '?lwt CEAAAT6 555375 Q'-F2113 CONGRATULATIONS 5 Ld' 'Hwis be your' con+u'nuecl goal: ICQ fn Jowmw. class of '72 n ir-i Epilogue Life holds many roads and many stops, For some the stops are short, For others they are long. One of those stops for us has been Fort Wayne Bible College We can never be the same again, Nor can we ever go back to what we were. We have learned to share, We have learned to care, And now we have reached the crossroad The road leading us all to the Brotherhood of Christ. The Editor, Mike Pigott l32 QKEQ E552 as ig? fx 135523 byffwffwwwy W 132524 M V yWN,1f+v0 fb MM: W-v3,gjgQ4 6 W N MEMSV SJW Qxfxfyvgs My CQCPQQA5 ,f ,ff QW! Jw WSJ wwf- UU E , QQ QP mv .w, v vim QMA ogyjfjwmfx 3 Wi? MWf5fw 2 I 4. 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