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' u -w ' u -X' :iw rf 'Q Y,q . 4 . 1 . I . ' . x -1 - 'Y -,i 4. I I 4 - " -' V. ' I I 1 , ,r My 2' !' ai, . .f- -A - gf 4 - -ff E ' 1 - .. A - . - 'il 1' . '- xi'--xx :"" 1- . "' 8 . 5, 1 . ., .. '- Q' f ' . , . g 1' 'V "uw, " ylfiyvf w'1'4f45,Tf, - 'op K' Q 94-. . V W ft- X:-gy -1- - lvl, vm.-.y'q"" i ' -. ,.,'. V U fp' . af'-K ,wif V , . - ,' ' I-A, 1 A lr., -'- ':- - ' r . . Ji. A . I "5'f':uQf:g xfixvxigrhz-li' - ' M' 531 ' IAM " vti'-'-:Gig ,iw ,j5iLq 'QQ -a f- -4' xr. -f ":,sZ-.1 -.z --1 -- 'w'-- , . A6 'fn-if-4 F2832 '6.:?a1.Pf:fifg-Wx '- - -' gg, . L 1 ,-.H '1 ' :,:':c-'- .W-P ,w 'Tx?'.g,- -. M f- f,g ff1l-ifL,fsv-mm 'H 'Y1"',Y'-1+ ULN- " 47? - A iii- WF ' ..,,,h ":-' 1 :,w4-A" --4 .-fugpikf eil W, ' N. -'4MQ'gQt,fBffjf.5kM . ',-1 . .ff-4-:'.N'Ff2..,'T 5 " ' .+-1, Q f 1 46. Hwy ' ' ' -. 4 . H "L L. .',xA , 3 -f'-2, 5'N:" 1" ?? f's.5 wgg? :-1.A,.- 0 l H kv:-tix X?-:E rx!" I . A?,' X? . .ji f JT - - ftp Y-fg '1,t'.5"f.'eQh3 4 Q - 15 'lf-",fQ".'l f , V rffglg,-'Q-"'. i"gfa,5ff y- A g g -, n"i.,-'. . L11 t 0 N If J X tic f Q s. ltbxff 4 lf hbzvzby-JJ! L ,J r Wig . fu 1-..QLwx Q17 5 2-f Ml-5 rx "" " v . ,Q 4.-- . fu. . 1 1"li??' fa ? an 1 U ' " iwdafvfi' ' ' '11 N, : ... U4 03 I 'hxff 1 -frfxmwk . Pi, Kwhff r --4. ,Ft-ugxtlq. . ,A51 1' Sh-. rL.wYa!. 5 N., . , 1 I , l 4 .Av-r'x .C' I QL n'c4Y W N x.- 14-A.. E-j '- v '?1Qg5""r3'5- -' . "I i Xi fm 21'-'L -i.-"'f'l- -1. 3fi"w-2:33-1'--'f Q.Aft'i"1mkg'ffP'Qf.'x.. -pq. f- -1-mf V 1 -,. Wt 11' 1 ff' F 4 fin,- . hi , jr if I ll ag, ,,. ,. 1 '1 ix. s 7 ,Q . - ' -I If Xi F K! 'flu' Q I 4 1 n A 1 Q I 1 .- r 1 4 ,., f -Q THE LIGHT TOWER 1969 FORT WAYNE BIBLE COLLEGE 800 West Rudisill Boulevard Fort Wayne, Indiana 46897 Be Ye Followers of Christ . . To be like Christ . . . this is the goal of the Christian. In being a follower of Christ, we are to be guided by the pattern that He left which is found in Luke 2:52 . . . "And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man." In this verse we find the four areas.. . mental, physical, spiritual and social.. . we are to follow Christ's example. Our college X strives to develop these four areas in our life to the fullest extent. The mental area of our life is developed through our studies. The athletic program gives us the chance to develop physically. Through our Christian service ministries and our own devotions we grow in favor with God. Developing our social area of life is accomplished through many social events. The best way to be like Christ is, FOLLOW HIM Ira Gerig. . .We Dedicate This to You You have been more than, just a teacher to the students of Fort Wayne Bible College. As we observe the life which you live before us, we see a man dedicated to his job, his school, his students, and his God. We see a man who is a true follower of Christ, who is an example for any Christian. We see a man who is a master at instrumental and vocal music, and we see a man who combines genuine wit and appreciation of good music in the conducting of song services. We also see a man with ability in the area of compos- ing who is willing to share it by helping write several year choruses for our college. In the field of teaching, we see a man who can lead a large class or one individual student equally well. We see a man who has given more than fifteen years of his life to the service of God within the sphere of Fort Wayne Bible College. Because we see this in your life, because you are what you are, we dedicate this 1969 Light Tower to you, lra Gerig. mv vhs. N 'Y- NY0 BSN -af J ff af H -.,,, 1. ,,, :..-K, 4, c-'lei .- , , ,, ,. w .L N Q Y N X wx Q Z' P A-L4 .QQ Dr. Gerig, Our President Dr. Jared F. Gerig has been president of the col- lege since 1958. Since that time, he has led our college forward in the service of Christ. A dedicated man of God, Dr. Gerig uses his talents to help lead others down the road of life-long service. The role of teacher, traveler, pastor and president have lead him into a service which for years has been by the light of Jesus Christ. We have observed this man living before us the life which he tells us to live. He is not only our presi- dent, but also our leader in the fullest meaning of the word. As we learn not only facts and theories but also the "how-to" of spiritual living, we can look to our president as one who has trod the path of following Christ before us, one who knows the way and one who is more than willing to guide others. The Dean of Education Dedicated to scholarly pursuits yet also to practi- cal principles, dedicated to educational advance- ment yet also to treasured tradition, and dedi- cated to wise supervision yet to compassionate council, Dr. Timothy M. Warner is the man whom God advanced to Dean of Education of Fort Wayne Bible College less than two years ago. Besides still teaching a few missions courses and giving advice to students and teachers, Dr. Warner finds time to narrate for the band while on tour, attend almost every function of the college, serve on various committees, and administrate the various duties of his busy office. One of his educational maxims is "let the freedom Christ gives guide a student in his search for truth, for all truth originates from the Godhead and man's mind, all minds, in fact, will ultimately acknowledge this absolute." Yes, our college has an administrator who loves his work, his faculty, stafl and stu- dents, and who loves our Lord. Dr. Warner is always ready to help students x A - - 0' J S O 0 . . , ,. ..,, o i 3. C ' ' L.,-A JQ 1-1 ' 4,l. '. 'Q o -ON.. Ot" . ..s . I. , . u 4 Q ,.,' .0 f. ' Q, . 4 - - . ... 5 A ff-f5f2. T -43 I ,f f - 5 v a! .Ik , ,I ki , 1 ' -'S' 'QILLIH It S: V -4-4:11524-ffgg,-,era-:fffecffirfs 'If --.W .ff T ya X -..runners .1 -. Eqtvifi-'1'?f7?-i...:--115'-if-227i4':-'f9 N , .gifiigi-5, ,.,'-, L-if ..... vi:lgTlz,-?.,. 1-:ff X- I 1 .v-1' ' 'x-0.Fi,g1e:?Hgi'y " I ,Y ld I '- - ff- fgpf-gl. .aa-Q. 53" .V -gl" el - t Y T: 1. 1f : . '.' . 733- 151: Y, ' mn:-C Y . ,fi-g , Afg3,3"" K , fi, i f g ' 1 ws V , fri . f I N 5 El X lmuml .f ff' f I 1 4 ' . " ':'T'3 5 . 3' . U. F .U V- l . -' LV! ,, fn. V - W1 .,qq v y Hi Ei KT- in i-vZf!'W35li13l2u!, -r 1 I I :li R ' 3 1 T 3 I f ' 1 5 i ' i f -3 37325 Q l s"s"- ,Q-. il C li? K r. V ,-F in C H t Q- ,. , li V .V . www i n m- Ii if ,. ,ri--' '. ' - L l- .." -.- ' . c 1 is .....-..s......!!1l, .. 30. ii 1 , 'T - Q- W cuff' 1- -556. 5 if , ,',1i"f C ,Li llie , A T, t T, K , D A ?g.2,55-i J - ' J 'V , I 'fl-. ',..Q , -ir' P . f F ff. I! , I w A , , . L I. . x X , . f 1 "R 'QI "' ADNIINISTRATIG The administration of Fort Wayne Bible College takes the lead in guiding the student in all facets of his college life. The diligence and concern of the administrators are instrumental in helping the student develop mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually. Through the courses, extracurricular activities, and Christian Service assignments, students learn to become faithful and eflicient followers of Christ The Governing Board of Fort Wayne Bible College W. J. Bicket J. Francis Chase Paul Erdel auf' Tillman Habegger Carl Miller J. V. Nussbaum Milo Nussbaum NOT PICTURED Henry Amstutz Forrest Balsinger James N. Beltz Evan H. Bergwall Donald P. Chase Ezra P. Steiner Roy Ramseyer Clyde W. Taylor Vernon Peterson John Stucky 1 Dr. Timothy M. Warner Dean of Education The Department of Education Dr. Wamer's inspiring ideas and guiding are an asset to the school. Edith Ehlke Joy Gerig Weldon 0. Klopfenstein Head Librarian Director of Christian Service Directgr of Correspondence Studies Dr. Edward D. Simpson Dr. W. Forest Weddle Herald J. Welty Chairman. Division of Christian Chairman, Division of Arts and Registrar Ministries Sciences ll The Personal Deans Cyril H. Eicher, Dean of Students Dean Eicher sends out his daily notes. """ww4vu-15130 Donna M. Lutton, Dean of Women Willard Rowell, Dean of Men 12 Administrators of College Relations Robert Weyeneth Grant Hoatson Director of College Relations Director of Public information Harlan Wright Harold Ranes Alumni Co-ordinator Field Representative I3 Financial Administrators Victor Nantz Evelyne R. Schmid B M g A T USiI'lESS 8F18 el' 5SiS'l3l'1t I'8aSUf Q X x ' a Faculty and Staff Our faculty and staff are composed of dedicated Christians who are committed to the task of being followers of Jesus Christ. We can see in the lives of all our faculty and staff a sincere desire to live up to guidelines given by God in his Word. They conscientiously take an interest in all of their students. We feel justifiably proud of our faculty and staff and the services they render. Christian Ministries B-.J Dr. Edward D. Simpson Chairman of Christian Ministries as-"'f Mr, Arlan Burkey Dr. Wesley L. Gerig Dr. Gene H. Hovee instructor of Greek and Bible Chairman of Biblical Studies Assistant Professor of Bible Department and Homiletics I6 Dr. Frances Simpson Mr. Wayne Widder Chairman, Christian Education Instructor, Christian Education Dr. Timothy Warner Dr. Daryl Cartmel Mr. Robert C. Strubnar Chairman of Missions Assistant Professor, Missions Chairman, Department of Department Department Pastoral Training i Q X E X f r Arts and Sciences Dr. Forest Weddle Chairman, Division of Arts and Sciences ,av- . J 'E' Miss Eunice Conrad Mr, Elmer Soden Mr. Leon Pippin Chairman, Department of Assistant Professor, Speech Instructor, Speech and English Communications I8 LL 1.4 Mr. Ira Gerig Miss Marilyn Anderson Chairman, Department of lrISfI'UCi0r, Music Music and Fine Arts J I i P"'5 5' bfx MV- Earl Cunningham 1 Miss Marlene Langoscn Mr. Jay Platte Assisfanl Pl'0fGSS0l'. MUSIC Assistant Professor, Music Instructor, Music and Christian Service f Mrs. Eloise Guy Mrs. Olga Mittelstadt Mr. Tullio Tutrinoli Instructor, Music Instructor, Music ,439 Mrs. Ellen Soden Instructor, Art and Music 20 4-N Q14 Mr. Ralph Gallagher Dr. Robert Hughes Chairman, Department of Assistant Professor, Science Natural-Social Science eb' Mr. Don Klopfensteun Mass Joan Mayers Assistant Professor, History Instructor, Psychology 21 Mr. Stephen Morley Mrs. Helen Macklin Instructor, Physical Education, ASSiSf8l1f PY0f6SS0l'. Physical Coach Education 'V' V " T - v X J ' .nn My i aft 4 W 22 i' Mr, Ted Nickel Chairman, Department of Teacher Education Mrs. Fern Friedley Mr, Nelson Gould MF- Glenn MCHattOr1 Director, Developmental Director, Audio-Visual Aids ll1Sfl'UCi0f. Elementary Reading Education 23 Staff Margaret Artoux Secretary, Business Office .-1:12 2 I V, 4. ' Q 'ff' Q ai, f.,'f:vyffM 1.12: , 4w2z12W' m-ff ,. .-an-.,1,. ,Mhz f. , -W f ,. ,ff 1 ' ' l 1211" 'ff , - ow "fa - - WZ? 'av A F v fy' ,,w ',Jw,.., , " f iff'-ii K 'r fxf " me 4 4-4 Kenneth M. Birky Physical Plant Department ,J MM' Samuel O. Brandenberg Physical Plant Department Sandra K. Ba rnhardt Cashier and Bookkeeper V ' L5 ' 19 ff , ,MM 1 N If fd f A H, 7 12.1 6 L , A., .. I x , Q , in I W1 .E 1' lg, i I ' I X , ,.- H gf 1 .1 g K4 " 1 Adolph Bley Physical Plant Department Wava Bueschlen Secretary, Dean of Students' Office 24 "MW Theda Beitler Bookstore Manager TX, Alice R. Blodgett Nurse, Supervisor, Residence Hall 'War Ruth Burns Secretary, Dean's Office Sheryl Ll Chamberlain Martha Carney Cook Secretary, College Relations Ofhce lrene Cox Cook Director of Food Service Freeda Dafforn 'E in we ti Marilyn Dissinger Secretary, Director of Christian Beverly Gilliland Secretary, Dean of Men, Women Service X , A ' X Y , , ig? lf S S Orlys V. Hake Ada M, Haussen Physical Plant Department Physical Plant Department 25 E Barbara L. Coon Director, Student Employment Cleo Degler Cook Alma Hake Receptionist, Founders Ofhce Donna Herrick Secretary, Director of Public information Agnes lmel Cook Ellie Keen Secretary, Business Manager's Dllice Ann Neuenschwander Secretary, President's Office Marie Po pps Assistant Director of Food Serv- ice .445 Adelle Isaac Secretary, Registrar Jean McHatton Assistant Secretary, Registrar's Ollice Rose Ann Nickel Library Assistant Clara Reynolds Cook 26 Judie Kane Library Assistant Linda Mosier Assistant in Christian Educa- tion Department LN f 52- , Noah H. Oyer Physical Plant Department Edison D. Reynolds Physical Plant Department Jean M. Ross Secretary, Head Librarian Ella Singer Secretary, Business Ofice if-. Y Patricia Syndram Assistant, Director of Christian Service Elizabeth Walker Library Assistant Lavera M. Sauder Clerk, Mailing Room Pat Sommers Cook, Supervisor, Bethany Hall Vernon Van Note Instructor, Catalog Librarian Max D, Wanner Assistant Dean of Meng Super- visor of Schultz 27 qu-v , Kay Schladenhauffen Printer Elizabeth Steiner Supervisor, Lexington Dormi- tory 6716, ,M Viola Wagley Bookkeeper 5X Miriam Welty Secretary, Alumni Coordinator 34 at 7, , ,MX A 6 ,, an L! 1 Q . .lim W fgffhbbi 1 ' im' .,,,.,, J v W 17' A in JI f V 4 432' F Q 4 ? 44 .Q ' 'Q Q f 0 ".J'z,'1"Tf 2 f 5 'A www. 2 '.. ,M 3.12 W. 41' x ' A Nwmwmwmvwahww 'wvwnwmw-M,m,.., 9 aliv y---1 4-Q. B. 4. 2 .ll 1 Q2 gil aft, A - ,, 5- j . - , .. 1' A" 7 . EXW x The senior class of Fort Wayne Bible College owes . ' much to efficient leadership. Through the years, they ' ' have been guided into truth by the Q' goal that a man can reach , ' to be a follower of Christ. dedicated administrators and instructors of the college. But during these years of study, there has ' also come a growing consciousness of spiritual e. 4 g -' guidance from the greatest Leader of all. X 1 Now that school is over, we must go forth to the highest ljvw-ui 49" ii was Dick Kelsey Garold Quick Helen Mclntosh Presiderli Vice-President Secretary Class Ollicers . . . 1969 Carl Sovine Warren Hiebert Treasurer Chaplain 30 if M24 Jerilyn Weaver applies all she ever learned in Home Economics. Kathleen Anderson Elementary Education , nf x L. X1 4 Marilyn Avery Sharon Beitler Barbara Bopp Elementary Education 8. Missions Missions Christian Education 31 Naomi Buckles Larry Clements Barbara Cgrrie Elementary Education Elementary Education Missionary Nursing Warren Crawlis Glen Crosier Standard Bible Christian Education my Joyce Edgar Richard Foust Constance Fox Elementary Education Pastoral Training Christian Education 32 -5 . iv- Geneveive Fruchey John Garner Janet Gerig Missionary Nursing Pastoral Training Elementary Education Olive Giflord Gary Green Missionary Nursing Elementary Education St Missions Rhoda Hartley Donovan Houdeshell Herbert Hughes Elementary Education 8- Missions Missions Christian Education 8. Missions 33 Patricia Hutchison Steven Jacob Lillian Kaspersen Christian Education Pastoral Training Christian Education and Missions f QBVX George Keifer Belinda Keith Pl'e'59miH3fy Elementary Education Sandra Kelsey Nancy Kyrk Donald Leach Christian Education Music Pastoral Training 34 -nag 1 X I , Q ci-7 Shirley Lee Carol McAfee Paula McAfee Elementary Education Elementary Education Elementary Education 1 Q D , I x. . A,. Q -I f Shirley Mertz Terry Miller Music Education Christian Education 8. Missions Jeray Moser Michael Moser Cynthia Myers Christian Education Missions Elementary Education 8. Missions 35 Leonard Myers Rosemary Niswander Jay Platte Pastoral Training Missionary Nursing Music Education Nancy Richardson Margaret Riegel Elementary Education 81 Missions Christian Education 8- Music Roger Ringenberg Linda Rost Kay Schumacher Pastoral Training Elementary Education Missionary NUl'SinB 36 Barbara Senkel Lillian Sintay Elizabeth Snyder Elementary Education and Missions Elementary Education Elementary Education 'BQ Q I Shifleb' Slieicher John Strubhar Elementary Education Pre-Seminary Sandra Strubhar Linda Trail Peggy Vorholzer Elementary Education Elementary Education Elementary Education 37 fb Curr' John Walfaih Anita Warner Jerilyn Weaver Elementary Education Christian Education Missions Jacqueline Weber Chris Williamson Daniel Willis Music Missions MiSSi0nS W- E Nancy Worden Philip Yntema Juanita Young Elementary Education 81 Missions Pre-Seminary Music 38 Who's Who in American Colleges. A Larry Clements Jay Platte Nancy Kyrk Shirley Mertz Roger Ringenberg John Strubhar Sandra Strubhar Jacqueline Weber Jerilyn Weaver 39 ANDERSON, KATHLEEN SEA-3,4. AVERY, MARILYN SEA, CSMA Club-3, Booster Club-2. BEITLER, SHARON Yearbook-4, MCA Club-3,4, Band-1. BOPP, BARBARA MC Club-3,4. BUCKELS, NAOMI CLEMENTS, LARRY Student Council Rep.-3, Honor Society Committee-3,4, Play-3. CORRIE, BARBARA CRAWFIS, WARREN CROSIER, GLEN EDGAR, JOYCE Girl's volleyball, basketball 8. softball, Women's Chorus-4, SMF Endsemble-3, Band, Student Advisor-3, CSLMA social chairman, Youth Conference Prayer Committee. FOUST, DICK Youth Conference Chairman-3, Youth Conference Art Com- mittee Chairman-2, Voice Staff-4, Play-1, Missionary Con- ference Music, Gospel Team-1,2. FOX, CONNIE Student Advisor-2, SMF Secretary-4, Play-3,4, Yearbook 4, Greek Club-3,4. FRUCHEY, GENEVIEVE WRA-3,4. GARNER, JOHN Student Council-4, Greek Club-2,3, Yearbook-2. GERIG, JANET SEA, MC Club-3,4. GIFFORD, OLIVE GREEN, GARY Student Council-3, Circle K, Vice-President-2,3,4, CSIMA Vice-President, SEA Vice-President, Tennis-3 yrs., Jr-Sr Ban- quet Committee, Head Usher, Student Advisor, Youth Con- ference. HARTLEY, RHODA WRA President-3,4,5, Yearbook-3,4, Student Voice, Cheer- leader, Christmas Program Committee. HIEBERT, WARREN Class Chaplin-4, Student Council-1, SMF Treasurer. HOUDESHELL, DONOVAN Greek Club-2,3. HUGHS, HERB HUTCHISON, PATRICIA Play-3, Christian Ministries Retreat-2, Spring Banquet-2, 3, Yearbook-2, Christmas Banquet Chairman-4. JACOB, STEVE Greek Club-2,3,4. KASPERSEN, LILLIAN Girl's Softball team, Spring Banquet Chairman-4, Dorm Cabinet Treasurer. KEIFER, GEORGE Student Council-4, SMF Outreach Chairman-3, Missionary Conference Committee-3, Student Voice-3. KEITH, BELINDA SEA. KELSEY, RICHARD Class Chaplain-2, Class President-4, Yearbook-2. KELSEY, SANDRA KYRK, NANCY Class Treasurer-1, Student Council-3, Music Club- Treasurer-3, President-4, Student Advisor-3, Cheerleader -1, Orchestra-4. LEACH, DONALD Greek Club-2,3, Basketball-2,3,4, MC Club-2,3,4, President -2, Youth Conference-2,3, Student Advisor-2,3. LEE, SHIRLEY SEA. McAFEE, CAROL Student Advisor-4, Youth Conference Play-3. McAFEE, PAULA Singing Collegians-2, Youth Conference-3,4, SEA-2,3,4, Student Athletic Association-4. McINTOSH, HELEN Class Secretary-4, Student Voice, Speech Club-1, Student Advisor-4. MERTZ, SHIRLEY Singing Collegians-1,2,3, Chorale-3, Band-3, SEA-4, Oratorio-2,3,4, Student Advisor-4, Music Club-3, Women's Chorus-1. MILLER, TERRY MOSER, JERAY Youth Conference-4, Gospel Team-1, Chairman Missionary Conference-4. MOSER, MIKE Head Usher-3. MYERS, CYNTHIA MYERS, LEONARD Greek Club-2,3,4. NISWANDER, ROSEMARY Class Treasurer-3, Student Association Sec.-45 Intramurals -3, EMC Club-3,4g Jr-Sr. Banquet-3. PLATTE, JAY Chorale-1,2, Director-5,6g Oratorio-1,3, Conductor-5,69 Band-1-4, Singing Collegians-3-6, Music Club-1,25 Gospel Team-2,35 Youth Conference-2,3,4,6. QUICK, GAROLD Class Vice-President, 4. RICHARDSON, NANCY SEA-4. RIEGEL, MARGARET Women's Chorus-2,3,4g Music Club-4. RINGENBERG, ROGER Student Council-1, Class President-2, Student Association --Vice Pres-45 Youth Conference-3,45 MC Club-3,4g Basket- ball-1,2,3,4g Baseball-2,3,4g Chairman Athletic Committee -4. ROST, LINDA Chorale, Student Advisor-4, SEA-1. SCHUMACHER, KAY Student Advisor-4. SENKEL, BARBARA SINTAY, LILLIAN SEA-2,3,4g C8tMA Club-2. SNYDER, ELIZABETH Cheerleader-1, SEA-2. SOVINE, CARL Class Treasurer-4: President, C8-MA Club-4. SPEICHER, SHIRLEY SEA-1,2,3,4g Play-1,2. STRUBHAR, JOHN Youth Conference Treasurer, Vice-President MC Club, Greek Club-2,3,4g Basketball-1,2,3. STRUBHAR, SANDRA Vice-President SEA-3. TRAIL, LINDA Youth Conference-4, Jr-Sr Banquet-3g MC Club-1,2,3,4g Secretary-2. VORHOLZER, PEGGY WALRATH, JOHN SEA. WARNER, ANITA Student Advisor-4. WEAVER, JERILYN Student Council-49 Speech Club-1,2, President-2, Greek Club-2,3,4, Sec.-3, Yearbook-3,45 Play-1,2,4. WEBER, JACQUELINE Singing Collegians-2,3,4g Class Secretary, Youth Conference. WILLIAMSON, CHRIS WILLIS, DAN WORDEN, NANCY YNTEMA, PHILIP Class Treasurer-2, Student Council-3,45 Chairman Spring Banquet-35 Student Association Parliamentarian-4. YOUNG, JUANITA Music Club-3,45 Band-4. NOT PICTURED ADEN, OTI-IA BOWERS. DENNIS DIETRICH. JUDY EIVIERY, MARLENE HEIDELBERG. RONALD HULL. WILTON LIVINGSTON, GILBERT NESSETH, RICHARD PARKER. ELEANOR ROSS, JANE SHAUGHNESSY, RHETT SMITH, MARY SOLOMON, OLIE The Senior Review Ends w':...f-.1 F Juniors Our lives as Fort Wayne Bible College students are almost at an end. Three years of following Him are behind us. We have watched, listened, practiced and learned. The past three years have shaped our lives through the influences of classes, informal discussions, chapel, and Christian Services assignments Next year will draw our time of discipleship and learning to a close and will open the door of apostleship which is a time of being sent forth to teach others. We are looking forward to next year as being the highlight of our college career. The Junior Dfiicers 1969 Class i , , ,, , .. ,. 15: Q ' -- f f---:ala 3 A 0 3 - Y . a CHRIST PRE-Eminem 56355733 fi?i1iEI-F1 - .5195 E1fff17l'EE. ,:-1,1.-'L--T-:LQ g:::.:4::1,L?.E 1904 if it wg if?-i M, - ,MM ...P Bruce Whiteman President 'E . 46" f -.filffe if f 4 , gf L , 1 " f .ffff i i Jack Oxenrider Jim Langham Bill Sieinel' Vice-President Chaplain TFBBSUYGY 44 Not pictured Pat Rice Secretary WGS Adell Will Alejandro Jane Amstutz Mary Andrea Richard Armstrong Q Terry Baer 9' Q..-fr Mabel Bahler Richard Baxter Robert Beachey Janice Beal The Junior Class Has Its Reign . . . 45 6- Gayle Beitler Russell Betz 52.5 .ff , " 1' ng Karen Bixler Donna Blum Richard Bomer Rosita Bower Patricia Brading N 2 Pamela Carey Eunice Christy Reginald Converse Norman Dailey Arletta Enbom William Enslen cf' X i Martha Foster 46 ,,.,1 l Judy Gaerle Doris Giflord Maxine Goll Dan Hanes Walter Hartley 64' Diana Hebner Charles Hirschy David Hobbs Donald Huflman Connie Hughes 55 Kathleen Hughes Harry Hyde Peggy Johnson Eunice Keifer Jerry Krwblei Linda Kuhnle Sara Lehman Stan Liechty Judy Livingston Tony Lloyd 47 t"' Michael Mills Sharon Osborne Patricia Macy Peggy Merillat Sharon Miller My Gaye Morand Beverly Myers Norman Okasako Marty Orndorfl Co',,, Hg-711 Thomas Peters Dan Pettit Linda Pottschmidt Connie Quackenbush l Roger Reeck Linda Reiter Donna Rickert Marsha Ringenberg Thomas Rust Mary Ellen Scherreik Steve Schierling Diane Rodocker Charles Rogers Janice Rowell Jefald RUPP Larry Salsburey Betty Sams Marla Schierling 6 Bonilyn Short 49 Inez Sassaman Lynette Schallner v .Q- You heard me, l'm a leaf collector. Dan Sindlinger Philip Smith Sandy Smith Ruth Snyder Linda Sonnenberg Dawn Sprik Rod Stone l Social hours or collateral? Take your pick. 50 Peter Torry Delia Wattles if-.. 5 B i Z Randall Walker 3 ff N ,,. Cheryl Weaver Oops, wrong dormitory. Lk Joe Weyer Dixie White Dianna Whiteford 'Di Samuel Williams Sheryl Willis Judy Young Not Pictured William Ballentine Carol Barrett Ruth Bixler William Byers Kenneth Conrad Karen Emerick Richard Huls James Johnson Linda Johnson Marsha Kuhnle Stanley Liechty William Light Robert McCubbin Luanne McMiIIen Fred Meisenheimer Ray Miller Sharon Mills Judith Murray Clyde Nordgren Philip Paine Eugene Patee 51 Steven Ross Ralph Scantlin Roger Sherman Darrel Simon Jay Tucker 1 n I W , +- 41 F 1 'I ?, I 4 I Sophomores Two Years ago we came to Fort Wayne Bible College. looking for the answers. For some of us the answers to purpose, vocation, and commitment have been madeg but for others, the decisions still lie ahead. No matter what our aims, or desire, we are challenged to be like Him. Still learning and following, we look to Him, as our example. The Sophomore Class 1969 As a Sophomore class we feel very unified toward our main objective, following Christ. Knowing our purpose for being here at Fort Wayne Bible College, we look forward to the time we can serve Christ as mature Christians. Douglas Barcalow William Malick Katherine Querubin Steven Smart Wendell Amstutz President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Chaplain The Sophomore class has the final fling of initiation. 54 rx! I I' Katherine Asbury Rebecca Balman Joyce Barczi Doreen Beck Daniel Blake Coni Breon Sylvia Brown Marilynn Cameron Duane Cassidy 1-'1' Michael Collins Philip Cook Gloria Cox Stanley Diehl Deloris Dissinger 55 FYGHCGS Dunham RiCl'l8I'd Emel'iCk Sheflll Eweff Lawrence Faylor Judith Fleck EQ Peggy Fox Alice Garlside Lowena Gerig Susan Gingrich Jane Giroux What do you mean Kim West was hatched? David Gould Vicki Gramling Ronald Grubb .f flg? 'X 1' 2 K y 1 ' f I I A I 4 , of ,ff ' CW X f , ,, f' ' , Q 4, f a," X 1 f A Bonita Hartill 56 Diana Haught Arthur Hauser ,.--I 'x rf' Dx ' L . 4 !. Merle Haynes Jacqueline Helm A LP w l'II take it lying down. Louise Heidleberg Patricia Hink Cv Brooks Jackson Phyllis Johnson Thomas Jonker Norma Kern Wayne King 6 , as J 427, Sandra Klopfenstein Marilyn Kolaiser Susan Laymon Ginger League 57 ff' Judith Leismer John Lemmon Sharon Loder Edwin Lund fu. A Bruce Masopust Richard Mathew Jean McName David Miller Christine Manrose Beverly Miller :4 j J 5 B L, , Vicki Miller James Mott Terry Myers Rex Nace Juliet, Juliet, I'm up here. L 4-fr Marjorie Nelson Nancy Neuenschwander 'f E7 Jerry Noble Michael Osborn Paul Patton Patrick Pazdziora Robert Peters IV' ae gif .1-jf' Jane Phelps Michael Pigott Craig Pirkle Susan Rader Randolph Ramsey '1" B' Charlene Rashley Gayla Reynolds Charles Rife Mark Ross Priscilla Rumpf .59 5 I K , i 'FX Stanley Runyon Cheryl Schlitter Janet Schmidt -1 A. Q V-I V17 1. Who put mustard on my fries???? i J I Richard Schwartz Judy Seawell Paul Shisler Joyce Silvis Steven Sommer Scottie Springfield Linda Stewart Janet Stirn 4 ii' Janet Stubbelield Linda Stonum Sharon Streid Cynthia Unruh Richard Victorsen - g go Cheryl Warner Pamela Webb Joseph Wenger Karen Wiederkehr D6I1niS Williams Larry wilson Judy Winkler Ja mes Woodward Lily Yakich Carlton Zeigenfus Steven Zurcher Not Pictured Marybelle Arnholt Kenneth Birky Jerry Blanchard Anna Bledsoe Danny Boone Andrew Broom Barbara Burke Doris Cecil Junne Ellis Jeanette Enslen Harold Gerig Ronald Habig Joseph Harr Alvin Havens Gayle Hewes Ronald Johnson Karen Lightcap Phmp Ruch Fred Littrell Jean McCubbin Jack Noethlick Charles Rogers Robert Rogers Fred Schelm John Shields Wayne Sprunger Michelle Steinmetz David West -qi-"""-if YJ. X 1 4 1 1 I , 1 i I A 1 1 ' 1 4 i 1 1 i 1 i E 1 1 1 s ,ae 'F Freshmen .K A large group of students began their academic campaign at Fort Wayne Bible College in the early fall of this year. Without a doubt, , they have converted their enthusiasm into every area of their . f H activities. Growing spiritually and developing lasting relationships has been ' accomplished by these . ' students in a very short time. We look to these ' youths as promises not yet fulfilled ' as an assurance to ' the future of the Church. Following Christ has likewise s ' . been adopted as their battle cry. We welcome you, 7' I Freshman class. We welcome you to the army camp of the Lord The Freshman Class Begins . . . .Q ar. .Gia 6 Timothy Reside Stephen Wright Avis Morris Susan Ursini John Charles President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Chaplain if Lyle Ahrens Dick AlBjandI'0 Lloyd Arashiro Cheryl Aupperle Delbert Allen Max Amstutz 64 X. V i X Nfl Eugene Baker Linda Ballentine Andrea Barnes Marcille Beck Ellen Beitler Janice Berglund Lynda Birt Linda Black Connie Blakeslee Linda Blue Q I2 X Rodney Boze Cheryl Bruner Rebecca Bryan Rebecca Buskirk Martha Buss Judith Caddy Robert Callender Wendy Campbell June Catlin Elizabeth Chapman 65 N Linda Chroninger Rosalyn Chroninger Ronald Chronister Evelyn Classen David Clay X .,u , ,, .,, f F I Naneiie COFINOI' Robert Corey Linda Craig Dawn Criswell Patricia Cunningham 1 if fx Russell Dailey Connie Davis James Denny Debbie Deter Rosemary Drabenstat GL' Charles Dunlap Doris Dyck Vicki Eady Frank East Carolyn Easterly 66 I l Susan Ellis Marian Enders David Ewald Max Felger I-Ori Ferfirl B1 'SEQ P , I Tim Fleming Renee Fox Janet Garner Rebecca Gerig Delbert Gifford , s 1 i Gena Gilstrap Donald Givens Annette Goldsmith Steven Goldsmith StePhef1 Gvifschalk l William Greenhood Rick Haberkamp Ruth Habrial Nancy Hahn Richard Hannah 67 w F A 1- Roger Harding Ruby Haring Frances Hay Phillip Herrick i fa "1 Ric Hirons Cynthia Howard Rick Hollinger LYNN Jacobs 3. L- Katy Jacobus Rex John Freshmen guys sometimes get out of hand. 68 Joanne Hewitt Joyce Jacobson Nicholas Jarosz Linda Johnson Bruce Jones Nancy Joslin 5 5 l George Kacena James Keifer Helen Kidd Phyllis Kilmer Cynthia King Martha Koch Roberta Koehler Sally Kowalsky Shirley Kubota R0bel't Lewis Lester Liechty John Lim Cheryl Logan Rose Mary Lombard Claudia McClure 69 John McCurdy Lydia Mann Jeannie Metzger Sherry Myers Sandy McNett Brenda McSorIey David Masterton William Maxwell I think it's a broken leg! John Mitchell Ruth Mitoff Alice Morris Dennis Morrison , Q7 1 Y , Stanley Myefg Bonnie Niblack Sherry Niccum Richard Park 70 Q44 .4 it -- L--X Y? Barbara Penn Claudia Penn Linda Perry Donna Pottgchmidt Beniamin QUGYI-lbirl 'ia S.- fig. ,1 Thomas Rader Robert Ransom Nancy Reichert Ronald Reynolds Freida Rogers ,. A Joy Rowell Douglas Rupp Judy Rl-'Sf Norma Sassaman Gordon Schumacker Gwendolyn Schwartz Gail Scutillo The friend to every Freshman Shultzie, Max Wanner works the lighting backstage. S 5, ,l X '. " o 41 ,"'F vs, .4 -ATX, N, . G 5 'mil 5 , 'S , , 4 . Virginia Shaffer Thomas Shank Elaine Shisler Bonilynn Short Rebecca Simmon Martin Smith Randall Smith David Snowdon Judith Snyder Margaret Stamm S W " 'v Kay Stemen AA A ia.. Miss Mayers faces the challenge of another day with her seven-thirty Freshman Psych. class. 72 Wayne Sullivan Brenda Swartz Martin Taylor Lynda Thomas is O 0 Roy Thompson Bonnie Thorpe Judith Tietjen Joanne Tucci Marsha Unruh 6- Patricia Vance Karen Vorhes Larry Wallace Rebecca Whitby Michael Wilson Rgben wilson Karen Young Deryll Zurcher 73 Bonnie Wilson Not Pictured James Brian Stephen Cannaday Bruce Cripe Bud Hirons Mary Johnson Kathy Jordan Gary Keeling Paul Keidel Thomas King James McDowell Janice Martin Ricky Matthews Donald Myers Mary Osburn Lois Rupp Rex Schrolucke Stephen Topping Marvin Van Buren Ralph Walker Larry Wallace Stephen Weymouth Charles Zimmers Gwendolyn Schwartz Campus Life A building is made up of many materials, and each part is essential for the construction of the whole. As students at Fort Wayne Bible College we are individual members of the Household of God and are here to find our place in His blueprint. The main objective in our education i is not for the approval of man, but is for a higher reward... the stamp of approval from the Master Builder. we are the foundatlon Bethany Hall, the central building in north campus, houses of the Household of G0d- our administrative offices, bookstore, post oflice, print shop and a girI's dorm. Founders Memorial Building houses our chapel, dining hall, gymnasium, music studios and practice rooms, student lounge and classrooms. The Whlte House known as 801 IS home for eught freshman gurls and our Dean of Women. ,ff-:X U55 l. li: Lelghtner Hall was purchased un 1954 and smce that time has been a resldence for twenty four upperclassmen gurls One staff apartment IS Included In the bulldlng along wlth A as Lexington dormitory graces the far side of south campus with her beautiful limestone and marble construction. lt houses 100 upperclass women as well as two apartments, and provides recreation area for all students. The library was the tirst building Several groups take advantage of the large study areas in the library for meetings. 76 X I p al, fx ' A: ri . A ' F 1, Nw '- Y Q , 'NX vs .milf ' V . .4 rf 1- .4 3 ill" . .. .. ' rected on south campus. WC fffir . .: 35- 71? ' ':'5l , 'Z 'i 'la it A E N, J 'J' 'L f ' 1'-1, ,Jia :gil K,- ... 4441? 4,1 5-1 .I N. .r- Q-l .. .1 .. ' Q 54 .. I -,ini I .- , : I-27153-W: L rg',,-: ' "J - .- I: , , '.1",f:Sg T1 if af? '-. .j,"'- I -" I. 'Vi 'KI ' 'f HZ u- nl ., - in f, 4J --- r x . fig The first Missionary Church graciously allows the school the use of several classrooms as well as occasionally opening its sanctuary for our chapel periods. ,nw ,, a.-4. f . ,P 5' hw Xe. ? L X., use Wiebke House, a pioneer homestead house on South Campus was completely modernized in 1966 and houses sixteen men under an honor system. Providence Hall was built in 1945 and is exclusively a dormitory, housing fifty-five freshmen women and four upperclass counselors. Shultz, constructed in 1904, houses eighty men. It also includes an apartment, student lounges, a science laboratory, and the Kampus Korner snack shop. These three are just a representative of the dorms to be found on Fort Wayne Bible College Campus. The Campus Castles 1 The Victorian relic that outlasted Queen Victoria. X K L' 2 i, vp, A --,., Q ,li ,i 'Va ill! Ill Nj f Outs The Kampus Korner, or the "KK" as it is known to the in-crowd, is one of the best places on campus to which the study-weary student can escape to drown his sorrows in a chocolate sprite or a cherry- root beer milk shake. The Kampus Korner also has eaves-dropped on soft sentimental conversation as well as an occasional rollicking songfest around the old piano. It fully deserves the title "The Hang- Out." Another "Hang-Out" is the book- store, also known as BeitIer's Bar- gain Basement. Mrs. Beitler knows many of the students by name and works hard to oller a wide range of school supplies, candy, cards, and paraphernalia. The back of the bookstore also houses the mail- boxes and students have found out that Mrs. Beitler is willing to occasionally play postmaster and deliver to the proper box a certain "private letter." The Hang vnu I x - .--.mann ' x u -X . K . . 5 -I V lilrll! gl xxgalb - ... .... if 'A H: 1 ,insult 1' y fl B1 l n ...,, , Christian Service One of the most important aspects of the Christian faith is reaching people. Because of this, the Fort Wayne Bible College has a Christian Service Department designed to reach people for Christ and also to give young students an opportunity to serve the Lord in local churches. Students are given preparation so that they can present a positive witness of Jesus Christ and encourage others to become followers of Him. 81 Gospel Teams Kingsmen Quartet Left to right: Steve Zurcher, Deryll Zurcher, Jim Lang ham, Bill Steiner, SEATED: John Charles. VII '47 N ew Life Trio Blue, Elizabeth Chapman, Joy Rowell. Left to right: Vicki Gramling, Linda Conquerors Quartet Left to right: Linda Thomas, Arletz En- bom, Diane Hebner, Bruce Jones and John Lemmon. Youth for Christ l'lASABEUERlDEA 'T' some see lm yourself Wendell Amstuz helps Paul McAfee on a YFC problem 83 Spiritual Emphasis Week and Missionary Conference Fort Wayne Bible College begins each semester with a week of spiritual emphasis. This year, the speaker scheduled for the week in September was unable to come, so the Lord blessed us through Dr. Gerig and other members of the faculty. The January semester opened with a missionary conference, "Communicating the Gospel," featuring Dr. Philip Armstrong, one of the founders of the Far Eastern Gospel Crusade. '81-...,.' l i l 84 -Q- -sa' xx- XY J Cartoonist Vaughn Shumaker presents his image of Uncle Sam. Fort Wayne Bible College schedules a varied and well-chosen series of guest-artist concerts and lectures each year. The program is designed to strengthen cultural interest and knowledge in the student. Also open to the public, members of the Fort Wayne community often attend. The year of 1968-69 included such presentations as: Vaughn Shumaker, cartoonist and lecturerg Raymond MacAfee, baritone, Charles Forbes Taylor, "The Story of Jesus", Won Mo Kim, violinist. Fort Wayne Bible College Presents lt's Guest Artist Lecture Series Raymond MacAfee, baritone singer, gave a concert of classical and contemporary opera. 85 .fxxx at. . fu I 'TQ I ' zff294wlz,1ef,f H1 ' ' ' ' fad V ,, lf ,i ':5'1,f5fZ:QQ?ifJ1 f,y'2f-"22gfvj ' T,,,5lff 3 7 Cf Q 1 1 Zfwff,4A,f4efAAfffM,:4,4'fmawfyryawfzfff1a:,z,4mmw' I I 1 v s i 'I 9 1 i , K no 4 A ff f! .' f 4 1 W "ilk 1' M, V, Ay ,, ,,.,, ,Xi 1 Mrk ,ff f 4- is - f'W1'!Qjg. Activities In all of our lives, time is an important element. As followers of Christ, we learn to spend our time rewardingly in His service. Fort Wayne Bible College oilers a large area of extra-curricular activities that strive to build character as well as give students an outlet for their many hidden talents. Faculty, staff and students all work cooperatively to perform to the best of their abilities.. . abilities that the Master has given. 87 It Could Change Your Life lt Could Change Your Life, became the theme for the 29th annual Youth Conference held the last weekend in April of 1969. Bill Gothard, Director of the Institute in Basic Youth Conflicts in LaGrange, Illinois, spoke to some 800 teens during the weekend. This year's steer- ing committee consisted of: Dick Baxter, Chairman, Cheryle Warner, Asst. Chairman, Linda Trail, Program, Jeray Moser, Secretary, Dick Armstrong, Treasurer, Jay Platte, Music, Jan Rowell, Publicity, Jan Stubblefield, Art, with Elmer Soden, Joy Gerig, Wayne Widder as advisors. -Q , 'f-'Q I UQ:-4' 1, IIEQ ,ku- Dick Baxter, Chairman of Youth Conference, Filibusters the Summit Meetings. Youth Conference '69 Christ shines through in all things. 89 ,.. , ,...f. .Z ",.',i-fz:1f3, fyj Q, sf? 4 M frees C Youth Conference .,,, ff' ,,: 'Y",, ,' We " 4"Z'4 "ff 1 Features Bill Gothard xzff 'f I v--..,. "' ' I . Af , ' C 1 Z ffl " . ' 4, ,xf-' 0 . ' 4: s I ll 111 .iii f 9, JL n' ' 4:-1 an -L.-' 4 Representing the group this year were: Marybelle Arnholt, Reg Converse, Dave Clay, Ed Haynes, Dave Miller, Jerry Noble, Pam Carey. 5119 Ellis. Lorrie Feffifl.. Louise Heidelberg, Sue Ron Reynolds, Larry Salsburey, and Bruce Whiteman. Thank Layman, Marsha Rigenberg, Judy Seawall, Doug Barclow, you Collegiansforajobwell done. The Singing Collegians The Singing Collegians represented it the Christian Service Department of Fort Wayne Bible College, but even more sig- ,X i N nificantly they represented the Christ of whom , they sang. This year presented 4 an even bigger challenge in the Collegians ministry, a Christmas television special. . if Talent seems to be a go word for 5 1 C this group, and more and more people are begin- f' ning to realize it. Doors have been ' opened to the group to perform in high schools, e banquets, youth assemblies and V ',,,.q, churches, all across the country. Directed by ' ' V A Jay Platte, the group is made up of Q11 both men and women who have W r T an unique blend, a blend which sings forth the message of Christ. , if 92 That's what happens when we make mistakes! 115111115 f',.Ifx I told you, Jay-it only has three strings. miim ,f L I hope Ira Gerig likes his Etch-a-Sketch! 93 iw in The Chorale From left to right: J. Giroux, L. Mann, M. Beck, J. Rowell, M. Arnholt. L. Heidelberg, B. Corey, R. Boze. FOURTH ROW: E. Haynes R Huls SECOND ROW: B. Gerig, D. Blum, C. Warner, J. Cady, V. Eady, J. Sea- R. Thompson, D. Gillord, J. Lemon, B. Cripe. wall. THIRD ROW: D. Miller, L. Salsburey, M. Ringenberg, D. Dyck, 94 Storming across the midwest and parts of the East, the Blue and Gold chorale presented the good news like Sherman's troops, only with angelic voices. The Chorale toured parts of the eastcoast this year, making a grand stop at Washington, D.C. Performing well, and repre- senting Christ equally well, this group has truly learned to depend on Christ for guidance and inspiration. The Band 'I ' 1:7-hi I- fv' Q' 'I ,Y,, 2 , '-1 af ,f , .l :. -. if '- if , f 355' J The Fort Wayne Bible College band participated in many outside activities. The entire band went on an extended tour this spring. The brass ensemble also played in many of the local churches, and gained the opportunity of wit- nessing to many of their great Saviour. Band members included: Ruby Haring, Jan Stubbletield, Barbara Penn, Claudia Penn, Connie Quacken- bush, Ric Matthew, Susan Rader, Joyce Silvis, and Elizabeth Chapman. SECOND ROW: Kathy Hughes, Linda Bellentine, Peggy Merillat, Bob Lewis, Steve Sommer, Linda Craig, Judy Tietjen, Wesley Gerig, and Max Amstutz. THIRD ROW: Paul Vul- gamore, Juanita Young, Stan Runyon, Martha Buss, Gaye Morand, Cheryl Bruner, Sharon Os- borne, Marilyn Anderson, Bob Peters, Joan Mayers, Bruce Braun, David Clay, and Larry Sals- burey. The Women's Chorus Psalm 98 was chosen to be the inspiration of the women's chorus for this year. Mem- bers included Virginia Schafler, Linda Craig, Linda Retter, Maxine Golf, Sharon Streid, Cindy King, Inez Sassaman, Becky Baskirk, Lynette Schaliner, Gloria Cox, Wendy Campbell, Peggy Merillat, Janet Zimmer, Claudette Bennett, Sharon Miller, Chris Bledsoe, Lily Yakich, Sharon Osborne, Ellen Beitler, Priscilla Rumpf, Karen Bix- Ier, Linda Blue, Pat Brading, Joyce Barczi, Connie Blakesleee, Margaret Reigel, Sue Ursini. s,J Q1 lst ROW Llnda Craig Judy Tletjen Rlc Matthew Susan 2nd ROW Max Amstuz Steve Sommer Wesley Geirg, Bob The Chamber Ensemble FRONT ROW1 Monica Wade- witz, Marilyn Anderson, Claudia Penn, Marlene Lan- gosch. SECOND ROW Olga Mittelstadt. Nancy Kyrk. Bob Peters, Tom Peters. 5? Senior- Recitals Each year, those seniors who graduate as Music majors give a final performance at Fort Wayne Bible College, known as a senior recital. E i Grace and talent enhanced the performance Jackie Weber Their Last Chance Juanita Young, contralto, gave an excellent recital. t 0 P e r m r the Student Body.. For These Seniors . . . Life as a Music Major Is Over at Last . . but Using Their Talents Has Just Begun i if si Fort Wayne Bible College ommunications Department Presents . . . M U Cast in order of appearance Claudia Procula .........A.... Connie Fox Gurtha ..,...,. .... S teve Goldsmith Aurelian ....,,,, ..... J ohn Charles Pontius Pilate .... A A A David Snowdon Marius ..,,.,.. ...., C hip Smith Longinus .,,. Dan Blake Annas ....,..,. .... G reg Griffin Theocritus ,..... ..... M ike Pigott Nesta r.....,....., ..... G ayle Beitler Mary Magdalene ..... Jerilyn Weaver Caiphas .....l.s......,..., John McCurdy Joseph ...........,.,.,..... Randy Smith Production Staff Stage Manager .ls.s.s.,..,... Pat Brading Costumes ..,,,,.......... Bonnie Niblack Marsha Unruh Make-Up .... .... A ndrea Barnes Lighting ,.... . . . Cheryl Weaver Sound ...... .... B ruce Jones Properties ..s.s.... A A A Kathy Miller Director .......A.A.., A... L eon Pippin Production Design ,.A.. . . . Elmer Soden Student Director ..A. .... K athy Miller IOO i 11 Q.. ff L ICQ 1 '4-Q 'E The Case I T Against Eve The Cast Eve Ken Billy Juror 1 Juror 2 Juror 3 Juror 4 Juror 5 Juror 6 Recorder Gayle Beitler Greg Pippin Don Pippin Dave Snowdon Dave Ewald Mike Pigott Sharon Osborne Dixie White ,, Jan Beal Randy Walker A One Act Comedy The Cast Marc , A Brenda ..,.., . Mrs. Ryder Joe Yardly , Ruth Yardly Giles . , . , . Chip Smith , . Connie Fox Jerilyn Weaver . Joe Wenger . . Pat Brading Dave Snowdon The Woodshed Christmas 'Round the World, as this year's Christmas banquet was called, was a great success. Students, faculty, and guests attended in such great numbers that they filled both the cafeteria and gymnasium areas. Bruce Cripe, master of ceremonies, immediately captured everyone's attention when he bent over double to reach the microphone. Chairman Pat Hutchison planned skits of Christmas in other lands for our entertainment. The Annual Christmas Dinner Joy Rowell did a line job with her presentation of "I Wonder As I Wander." PAN AM to HON' I "What's the matter, Weiner? Is Dan monopolizing the conv . With Spring Came a Memorable Floriental Springtime L X.-I X XMLJ! Ground Breaking on South Campus March 14, 1969 marked the day of our dedication service for the new classroom-administrative building, which has been dedicated after S. A. Whitmer. .ln LM 7 I -si-"P-V 'F qi --Q 'im-if?-+Pi5 ' fire ,,,,,,4t ::'l, :fQlih"g'i'f .if an as.-QQ, .3 ,,- .-:M gif l Blu. , iw' X I .F Student Missionary The Student Missionary Fellowship at Fort Wayne Bible College prepares us not only for fellow- ship, but for service as well. A year of well planned, sometimes dillerent, sometimes mod, and sometimes lively. To each member of SMF . . . following Christ is stressed in service . . . Fellowship service to others, our brothers . . .the world. Jack Oxenrider, Acting President Connie Fox, Secretary l08 Harry Hyde, Treasurer l L THE STUD Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Sports Editor Feature Editor Copy Readers Layouts Proofreader Typists Photographer Exchange Circulation Reporters , ll! . Ken Conrad Kathy Querubin Tom Rust Marybelle Arnholt Fran Dunham Peggy Fox Jane Giroux Dee Dissinger Joe Wenger Maryellen Scherreik Marsha Kuhnle Diana Hebner Bruce Jones Judy Tsukamoto , Denny Williams D. Baxter, S. Diehl J. Giroux. C. Bledsoe L. Retter, P. Keidel W. Amstutz, D. Barcalow B. Malick, L. Myers N. Okasako, B. Ransom S. Williams i loo L... VIEW Editor-in-Chief .A., Assistant Editor ,.,, Advertising Manager Journalist-Typists AA Academic Editor A A A Sports Editor ..,,, Senior Section A A A Junior Section .4,.. Business Manager ,,,, A A A A A A A Mike Pigott A A Jerilyn Weaver A A Cheryl Weaver A A A A Sheryl Ewart Dianna Whiteford Connie Fox Dee Wattles Connie Hughes AA Cheryl Weaver Norman Okasako AA Jerilyn Weaver A A A A A Pat Brading E , A Lynette Schailner A A A A A Mike Pigott Brenda McSorely Becky Simmons AI Havens Randy Walker Bruce Jones Brenda McSorely Mike Pigott Jackie Helm - 1 Sophomore Section .,,A A A 1 Freshman Section A HMM? , Photographers A A A 2? MMnnnnq Layouts A A A Art Work ..AAAA.A....A.. A A 'Vw A., e A A A A A Mike Pigott Light Tower '69 The Q Grant Hoatson, our Advisor. Q" up VA A in AZ' lf"'ff l ff WI .,ia,n.,,1 V, 'V , brfff The Student Government Association ?fii SGA Oflicers of 19695 left to right: Roger Rlngenbu Niswander, Secretaryg Dan Hanes, President: Peter Torry, Treasure We Look to Them for Leadership.. rg: Vice-Pres if j, stef They Look to u-mvn R Class Representatives The 3322 Junior Class The Freshman Class The Senior Class Left to right: Phil Yntema, Jerilyn Weaver, John Garner The Sophomore Class Left to right: Alice Gartside, Janet Stirn, Joe Wenger The Final Step of Following Him at Fort Wayne Bible College GRADUATION 1969 The Beginning of a Life Serving Him... HHH illiiiiiiiliililiiiil .-.4 ...Q .1-4 -.-4 .. 4. ..... -..- -an -vu ,-Q vw.. Q- rv.- -... ..... ..,. .... .1 ,., .N .-. ... ... I .. ,... .. .N -v. ,-.. .... .. . .N I... . Z2 l ... , -.. .... .o- l " .... lv.. ..- .. -... - 4 .- .- - .- u 11 an -- .- E vo L.- C vu Ps -au -4 Q. in I: It Began with Baccalaureate fgnuunlv Commencement Speaker Dr. Warren Wiersbe ,?" I. ...And Ended with nz Graduation uf 1 1 I ! 1 H '7755fST'-fl Q ATHLETICS Our athletes here at school have truly worked hard this year, and although they won few prizes, they did win approval for their hard work and persistence. But none of their work would have been effective if they had not followed the directions of their coach. ln just such a way we too must follow the instructions of our Leader if we are to win the incorruptible prize that will not fade away. FALCDNS fa IN ACTIO psi 4 QW-K ,1- H9 5 gg. 0 Basketball 8 Left to right, FRONT: T. Rust, R. Haberkamp, B. Cripe, D. Leach, K. Conrad, G. Knoblet BACK: J. Denny-Manager, S. Williams, C. Smith, R. Ringenburg, R. Hirons, Coach Morley, K. West- Manager. ls this hot potato or catch? The part of the game that comes hard. I 20 Season Results FWBC Opponent Their Score Concordia Senior College St. Francis College Indiana Institute of Technology St. Francis College Bethel College Cincinnati Bible College Indiana Institute of Technology Marion College Goshen College Grace College Huntington College Indiana Northern University Lincoln Christian College Olivet Nazarene College Spring Arbor College Indiana Northern University Huntington College Bethel College St. Francis College Concordia Senior College Spring Arbor College Kentucky Christian College Lincoln Christian College Cincinnati Bible Seminary 111 87 110 90 82 78 112 84 120 106 106 94 89 114 102 89 73 88 119 89 132 104 90 98 l2l Bruce Cripe makes his move Outgoing Athletes Ken gets set to score again. To each man . . . his own sport, to each man it was a game, a challenge. The team, the school, and the opponents are always proud of those players who have'helped to reach the goal . . . winning. Each of these players has won in his own right, and each has had a triumphal mo- ment. . . a moment of victory. Winning the game was not always accom- plished . . . but winning for Christ was always their victory. Don makes a linal attempt to score. Roger always looks like a tiger. if 'C Q52 4, HJJIMQ' it 1' 'p J 7' 549553 N., li E Concentration before the windup. The Coach A Somebody has to plan ahead. Coach and team need warming up before the game. 'VI ' " Q-'ef' " Av' 7,7 ' ,,. --- 3, A- l . :.-1 - 4, .J 3-"-V. .. f V JV.: il. F 5 V ,U - V , V I' f' 5: 1 'Q I .- ' ff eff sl.. -.. f . 4 t h c For the coach, getting the team in shape is 'v only half the job. A steady stream of pa- tience, guidance, playing, and pain are all N ,Q parts of the job. Any team can be good . . . A V -H J, but what distinquishes the good teams from . I the great teams is the coach. 1,455 ' "', , 'T .Qllisg ,',', C A- Behind the scene action, joy, and sorrow ' '.-f.f.5,iIg.':Y are all part of the man . . . Steve Morley . . . 1 is ' ' ewlglggjgfff-1 if our coach. Coach Morley is always lending a helping hand. are-'il 3- All right Men! lt's upto you! I 23 Varsity Falcon to right: Avis Morris, Bev Myers-Captain, Debbie Detar, Bonnie Niblack I l Junior-Varsity Cheerleaders Tension, tension, tension. v-N---mi' Practice can be fun, but it depends on who is up or down. Crumb, that's my last gold ribbon 125 T Intramuii 1 Even the Girls Got into the Swing of Fitness . .. i ! i , 1 i 1 1 i , i i i 1 i , The Olympians Took Honors with a 6-O Record in Football and 8-0 Record in Basketball ,., nw Baseball TRU? Q kilglga, A ' 7 ' ea... . , , 1 - -' -' f . " - i ,, f , A ,. .. -V , if '- ni .- Tw ' I 4 3. I 4 A 3 -. ,f4iv.E, 'X' ' ""-" 1 ' " f A. -'X ' f' -,,, , ,,. ,, , . . , . -' -f -, , , 'M W 1, 3 Q,,1f,f.y.q,. . A, , ,. , , f- w ..-4 , , J I, f x' ,?'?' -- 'ifw . A , 3 ,,J'f:, ,ff v W . I- 4' . , , .uf 3 4 , -f' A , '. r 1.14-"a df ' ' " 214'- - ...L 4 4: 4 if fff " Wff,-,, ww... I 14, , "5"""1.'7'y" , r " , 4 ,,,,,..b,,,'h ,Y .-V. I , ..-- ,J 4- 4: !'.'g.r, It's hard work getting a ball diamond in shape! i'f3:'g:55te ,,3-IM1 M W.: A .mm ' 011. ' . '-, Rf: jzywl N91 "'.g,:: 'N A , l 71' ' ,415 , N ff 'N W , 'jp ff:-ff . , wh 1 -,. .fd V4 . I, 1 .V '1 s I fo' Q ..,f, l..' fn.. A415 -4 bg' 15 v 'Wfq gl -n ,. -si 'Q '1 LV? ,.. .5- x - Kn.. , - in -.'. '., ' dwif 1 J- -ML-V'.h h 1 .Lv-kfn P Lets hear it for our team! rf' Lf QW'-. School Spirit Kept Them Going 130 Season Results FWBC Opponents Their Score 7 St. Francis College 3 2 Spring Arbor College 22 3 Spring Arbor College 13 6 Olivet Nazarene College 9 2 Indiana-Purdue Regional Campus 8 5 Concordia Senior College 15 7 Indiana-Purdue Regional Campus 8 0 Bethel College 6 6 Bethel College 12 5 Marion College 6 8 Marion College 4 0 Goshen College 12 7 Goshen College 10 1 Bethel College 6 8 Bethel College 2 Won 3 Lost 15 shi, l Rl 4' ' .-.f ' 1 'I l . ., I , 'L llf 131 -1-'FT ' . , I ' if-K sw pr Z- Ns. af-1. L I L '4Ql'll4'dnv" M"-...M , , .,, 2 . . Wiz , ji, W f33mmmw!n'x Q1 Hn -A A 1 54 0.1, ' 'fp ,yn ,, ,fb . ' .z 'f,.f,.,f , ,-.' ,- .ff Af' n"' ,.-, .Q Y ,V I, ,,', ' f..,lpf' vff gffvjzf-,fair fy- ff , , 'Mr-afff.1",g , fr- f ,- ' ':v Q 1 ,.," 'gn X : , ,, Q1 ' 1, ,.,, f- - Q A Q, 5 M , ,W ff .- , 1 ' U - "w:.,f, ' ,, 'f-,s U, ' . ',,,,,, ' qi wh 4zw??YHZf 1 ' ' f 1 .1 t, f, QL- ,ff 1 fvfvw A - -.... 3, ff fb.-xg, QyX"Q'::Kf.'0 ,. "'f"v' 4' - ., , - ' my 2, ' vgfizz, 4?,',7,Q1av'4l4"' .ybfs ",,',,aL 1' X, ' 31,.,V,.,A,5fg.N,.w-gm? -1-., .':. my U 5 Q .vyinifgf f , '- -.,4. ,lr '3 ,,M,,-5 " V1 j' ,Ay 4a - ,, b gf' J- .ihiigfq QU .V 2, , ' f:"1 ' ,f f wa? 4" --GF'-fl fd, ' " Q Yff,"g12,7ffi?" f ' zfihl ' 'Q 9 ,cfm 'V -4 -,.' I 11" ' , , -' . , . ? E? 'L' 1. , . 7 ' -f i. fi? ,-"?fJ'g3:'- , .4i-:-4'?fr:?- .f ' V' A " ' , A H ff ,-g ' .5.51' A. , . 3 I' - ag' " 'I ' . , .wwf 1:42 , ' , H ' , .. '4 , , V' -5- 'Q' ' ,I Q ' 4? -4 L ,111 ,f, ' ,qt ,"'R4w2,',:. . '- .aw :V N 1 . --,"f lffzt 4'-14 " .. ' M ' 1 1? ,',, , 7-735-1 1' . . 1 ' , ,i ., -4q,34afqvg-I-'ig , A 1, ,T ' ire " f ,D E fi ,Q f j f , Z.. vu- :ff 6 1-i ffy , .5'g1'cff 'vp Has This Ever Happened to You? 1 4 xl' , -f "1 Eh! ,j III alll HU gm 9 I S LL :L l. .llll ah an I A n U :H X . Ill lllll Ill Llll lllll . nl 5 ' I LN' '- "1 3156: ffl' all u I Vg .aku , A Y ' . f as ' ft?-'Q' w ., A. ,thing tin "' 'Bidi Vi li: 'UI ENIOR ' f' ?, - kia? rf if V fw ifg, I 1 S A ,A 'I 'gif ae! 3 U 5, , Wmvxg X Q! 1. H1 V Y ' ' F I Q. f XX' X ,nl L:-, ml Sq rs f ,Q .. . ff T e- ' ' ,ff . E il - X ll! . I I gl . f- g,,wfyfgyXx ff If-' X 'x Vf' 4 - 9 f'-- u x -5 ' M 'K 'Ai ' V.,- 0 E ' ' ' ff ' f K Q ,ff If . , . ff 2 f 5: I 0 ,ff if m 'Z iff E -5 Q- N, UF 1969 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS . But remerhberto FOLLOW HIIVI who says, "I vvill instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye." CPsalm 32:83 After your commencement season, you reach ahother crossroads in Iifeg . .. THE CLASS OF 1970 ni 1 E of 'W SAND POINT GREENHOUSE INC. SAME LOCATION 50 YEARS "EVERYTHING IN FLOWERS" 4322 DEFOREST AVE. Ft. Wayne, Ind. Phone: 747-4133 A FINE DRIVE AND DINE Compliments of INDUSTRIAL FUEL OILS, INC. BIG BUSTER Good Luck. Seniors 1502 Bluffton Road Phone: 747-0594 CCaterIng ServIceI 744-0767 ZW mx! 5474 74. 74. The Missionary Church National Headquarters: 3901 South Wayne Avenue Fort Wayne, Indiana 46807 I Dr. Kenneth E. Geiger PRESIDENT Rev. Tillman Habegger VICE-PRESIDENT The Christian and Missionary Alliance ...The Sajieiency of Christ GREETINGS TO THE CLASS OF 1969 The Officers ana' the International Headquarters of THE CHRISTIAN AND MISSIONARY ALLIANCE 260 West 44th Street New York, N.Y. 10036 In Canada: 1699A Bayview Ave., Toronto 17, Ontario Congratulations Class of 1969 tial me PAUL ERDEL, President Fort Wayne Bible College ALUMNI ASSOCIATION AVALON MISSIONARY CHURCH Home Church to Many FWBC Students BOLYARD'S SERVICE C ' ' 1 ,I f- O N ,x G R Rev, AT William U Whiteman, I-A Pastor ,- in T 1410 Lower Huntington Road Compliments of . .. TRULOCK MEN'S WEAR Southgate Mala Friendly, Dependable Service 456-8181 STEWART W TR Lubrication-OiI-Wash-Tires- ' ULOCK Batteries-Mechanical DAVE BOLYARD, Proprietor-Phone 744-5153 3101 Fairfield, Fort Wayne, Indiana DESIGNERS 81 CRAFTSIVIEN of Stained and Faceted Glass. Marble, and Mosaic F R: I s , FUNERAL HOME o 32533355 in L NWI COMMERCIAL L 1-.Wgj 5 A , , I Buimiwos ix 2I',.i-Q , 'mg it 'A Stained glass in artistic religious l ' - creations or for unusual and striking - lf effects in commercial construction: U5 all types available to you through 'Htl'-V 2423 Fairfield Ave. me services of our staff of skilled ...Hu stained glass craftsmen. rvg Since 1911 Ambulance Service Staff artists qualified to design and execute the most Phone 744-2334 delicate assignment. MEMBER OF STAINED GLASS ASSOC. OF AMERICA CITY GLASS SPECIALTY, INC. Dept. E. 2124 S. Calhoun, Ft. Wayne, Ind. HARVESTER MISSIONARY CHURCH Oscar A. Eicher, Pastor Where . .YOU Are Always Welcome." Listen to: "Tower of Strength" W I at W lf' ' U P Q' A, i I N t -. so i SAlD,YOU'RE WASTING Youk Time ND HE SMD BEING A MISSIONARY ATHE WORLD' You'vE GOT THREE DE- ' GREES AND ENOUGH POTENTIAL TO BE PRES' IDENT. WHAT SCOPE I5 ti-if-:RE in Missions s,,,,,,,,, EOR A MAN LIKE YOUQ K- J QVERYETRUE FOLLOWER OF CHRIST I-IAS A W RESPONSIBILITY TO MISSIONS. FOR COUNSEL ON THE PART YOU CAN PLAY IN AFRICIMWRITE: Sudan Interior Mission cANoioArE secnermzv know E. .ieffsrzsou Ave.,wm:AtoN, ILL. 6OI87 J Every Saturday on- WFWR 1090 kc 8:30 A.M. WIVV Puerto Rico 8:30 P.lVl. Sunday 3331 Harvester at Fleetwood, Fort Wayne, Ind Phones Church: 742-8352 Parsonage: 427-8363 lVlr, Ferguson holds citations and awards for outstanding creative ability in the art of hairstylingg is listed in Who's Who of Hairstylingg is advisor to leading hairpiece manu- facturers: and is teacher and demon- strator at national and European conventions, seminars, and contests. FERGUSON'S BARBER SHOP 5907 Old Decator Road The Type of Service You Enjoy-Results You Appreciate Three Barbers to Serve You Specializing in All Regular Barber Services . . . plus. . . lVlen's hair pieces Coloring Hair analysis with lVlicro-Gram Test and Scientific Scalp Treatments Hair straightening and waving Appointments: 447-2614 Special Purchasing Service For: if Students if Ministers if Churches -lr Cameras and Photographic Equipment if Ta pe Recorders and Accessories -if Small Appliances tTypewriters Waynedale LUMBER 8. SUPPLY co. 3300 Lower Huntington Road Fort Wayne, Indiana 46809 Phone 747-4102 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1969 : Eastlawn Missionary Church I A ' Detroit, Michigan nl I I ffl Our Present Student: 'sf ' Cheryl Aupperle T' " I, " ,A , .n ln all things, everywhere, Christ Pre-eminent" A .gli I Rev. D. Dean Coursey for Zi: 4 Hu '4' -I' PASTOR PICTURE YOURSELF TEACHING IN A CHRISTIAN HIGH SCHOOL WITH A PLUS+ + + 'Markoma Bible Academy is more than an academic filling station. It is a laboratory for life. Here are some of the plus factors whic e p mou will develop. h h l ld the character out of which Christian leadership WORK PROGRAM . . . ACADEMIC PROGRAM . . . Versatile, Productive Subiects approached with a Christian Teaches Responsibility and philosophy Cooperation Secular suhiects related to the "Whole SOCIAL PROGRAM . . . Man" Biblical viewpoint. Supervised Dorm Life considered a RELIGIOUS LIFE . . . A Ourown Sunday School and Worship Ser- vices each Lord's Day. I A campus chaplain to give guidance and counsel. ministry p Students share in social and spiritual affairs through els. EVANGELICAL MENNONITE CHURCHES Headquarters-7237 Leo Road Fort Wayne, Indiana 46805 CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF 1969 And Prays For God's Blessings on the Plans of The Fort Wayne Bible College Best Wishes, Seniors C. H. FLECK Wholesale Candies, Distributor Grabill, Indiana THE CU RDES AVENUE MISSIONARY CHURCH .Invites you to attend and gives you the opportunity to serve." Curdes and Carew, N. E. Fort Wayne, Ind. Pastor Bliss Steiner Compliments of MEN U MEATS 2506 Broadway Fort Wayne, Indiana The DEAF A largely overlooked mission field-at home and abroad. Why not include them in your Prayer, Church-meeting, Sunday School and Missionary outreaches? ew 32222 ... LQ I ., .. . ,., ,ewwwia 4 in 5: ga UEE4 ga ga Q1 55 E59 .K AMERICAN ALPHABET USED BY THE DEAF Compliments of The CAri6fian middion for lea! .xdfricand P.0. Box 1452 Defroit, Michigan 48231 IF lT'S WORTH PAINTING lT'S WORTH QUALITY --iff 24? D g In ...... ---'- -A'I'- I Available at HAFFNER PAINT CO. N. Clinton at Spy Run Fort Wayne, Indiana Phone 483-0511 Congratulations Seniors! 2 T ' ' T -"-lhlll-I-an-I" 4 Grabill Missionary Church Box 96 Grabill, Indiana Donald Gerig. Pastor Phone 627-2327 Compliments of SOUTH WAYNE HARDWARE 4005 South wayne Fofiwayne, indiana 40807 USINCERE CONGRATULATIONS SENIORSV' NORTHSIDE MISSIONARY CHURCH 736 Lillian Avenue Fort Wayne, Indiana 46808 THE UNIFORM SHOP 134 East Wayne St. Fort Wayne. Indiana Phone 422-8622 Congratulationsto the SENIOR CLASS Rev. 8. Mrs. John Caddy FIRST 5461906 ISSIONARY CHURCH 902 E, McKinley Street Phoenix, Arizona N?" Q'-L -L it ' in -'T L Located --BEST at the QF Corner WISI-IES" of Calhoun Phone: 744-9792 and 745-8048 Rudisill Blvd. ,772 , , , J MILLER'S SERVICE STATION CONGRATULATIONS to this year's graduates We wish for you o minis- try that will be long ond ever fruitful. Pleose count on us to serve you in every woy ot our command as you serve Christ. 'THU' f True-to-the-Bible I terature since 1866 SN, STANDARD , PUBLISHING SJ Viiiciiiiiati, ll. 45231 S U Alhambra, Calif. 9181114 4 kk 4 FIRST MISSIONARY CHURCH Across the street warmly welcomes you SUNDAY SERVICES 9:3Oa.m. Sunday School 1O:35a.rn. Worship Service 6:00 p.rn. Fellowship Hour 7:00 pm. Evangelistic Hour MIDWEEK SERVICE 7:30 pm. Wednesday RADIO PROGRAM 7:3Oa.rn. Sundays on WOWO "The Missionary Hour" OPPORTUNITIES FOR SERVICE 'I' Evangelisfs I' Teachers 'I' Nurses-Dociors 'I' Musicians 'I' Social Workers 'I' Counselors 'I' Senior Cifizens I725 South Calhoun Fort Wayne. Ind. 46804 ,fx- THE THIRD STREET I 1 CHURCH ?II is IIII IIII 1 I Il lm I M! -I iii UNITED BRETHREN IQM LZ., llfif i i -ll , 1 ""' , ' f IN CHRIST ,Y Ns 'l V ..4 First Brethren Church 3326 S. Calhoun opposite Stadium "The eternal Word," our prime attraction. Rev. M. L. Myers. Pastor Your Neighborhood Health Center Schmidt Pharmacy 4001 South Wayne 745-0571 HAMBURGE 4410 Bluffton Road 1200 West California 2545 west Jefferson 2909 East stare Blvd. l 4610 Coldwater Road 7640 South Anthony l ' Ns When you want a fine portrait To Record Forever With Charm and Dignity the Important Events of Your Life, Come to the Photograph Studio of Your Official Photographer... WOLF 81 DESSAUER FH' ffll Best wishes to FWBC SEVEN-UP BOTTLING COMPANY 3107 Brooklyn Avenue . Fort Wayne, Indiana Phone: 747-0576 7'llP Y IIB TIIIRST AWAY gt! Books and Bibles Across the Street From the College BIBLE TRUTH BUOKSTORE A xv iff 5111? oe. gf fy iv u . ffl 'ffl fl ,B T 'YQ.'W ' Fr F' or -7 ITT55' Teaching Aids 7 Music Best Wishes From Your Friend at W' EAM Q, I as '42,- .Q.lEEfIC1Q.IH' FEDEIQAL ' J' Q 41, 5? 'Was AND' Clinton at Rudisill fAcross from Searsj Compliments of KINGS MIRACLE MART 1850 Bluffton Road Fort Wayne, Indiana I New Haven Missionary Church 'v Sincere Wishes ' -' Q In , ,,,1:: - new .nr ,- . 1, ,. ,. I. , .i"'if, 'I A I Hi Froma znlhsr., ,' L: ,,,,,,-, I-.gwff - W Q' 1, - , . , -'lx E Q if f. ' . ,, A gt, -I'-ggg L ' 25-'-", ,.1-fgki' I " . . '1 :A""-wr". ip. 1" "Y -177: 7::i1T6:Qti5fI'I':?l.If, 1' ' "' ' K' -- Ami:- I I ' il-4 l f Thi - : f- J ' WE- it VV-:pl , -. .. ..,e 4: 3L.i 14 24' .f1:.ffr':"-"'g: A R ri", f 1 npr' 'R '--in---MW ' If ' I - I' 'If'.'LlT'.':s . Friend -I y 'e ' V -'- fx- 'ir-If--1 ,' 1 'Q' "1 - 'irr- I 1' EIICUXIIQ EMU Il,-' i.,,5L,,J:L N ffl 11. 4 CONGRATULATIONS Class of 1969 74a S 'zq Educ!! 204 LINCOLN AVENUE SWANTON. OHIO 43558 Pastor Vincent M. Rupp me C Cl' Wlth QISC fmf' QI G' ll Ilii F5435 t i .Z K BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY GOSPEL TEMPLE Congratulations Seniors Complete Line of Christian Supplies: Ada 0Bibles, Testaments, Devotional Books, and Magazines 'Sunday School Materials, Cards and Church Supplies 'Sheet Music, Songbooks, and Recordings .weddmsuppiies Mr. 8. Mrs. George Artoux 3327 McKinnie Avenue Fort Wayne, Indiana 46806 Special Discount to FWBC Students Dr. T. M. Hayes 117 East Rudisill Blvd., Fort Wayne 7130 Caihoun Fort Wayne, Ind. Phone 744-8986 ' Academically crealive Gvod Luck henlngicalln hihlical Se n i 0 rg Service crlenied Christian Ministries: Inner-City, Town and Country, Missions WRITE FOR CATALOG Ashland Theclngical Seminary GOLLER'S DRY CLEANERS Complete Dry Cleaning Service for All Your Dry Cleaning Needs. fl 4037 S. Wayne St. 'S 744-3364-745-9666 mstutz nsurcince gency LIFE - BUSINESS - PERSONAL ISSERVIEEI 3109 South Calhoun Street 0 Fort Wayne, Indiana 46807 0 Phone 744-2335 PLEASURE Goutv sERvicEcENTER :Nc iS'i A GOUTY at 3500 Broadway Phone: 744-3147 Complete Automotive Service Shell Oil Products Goodyear Tires S 3 LUCKY STEER STEAK HOUSES l 1 6721 Bluffton Road Choice of Seven nu, o'l 99C to 51.98 DELIGHTFUL FAMILY ATMOSPHERE Sunday thru Thursday ...llll..,.....,,.......,........... 11A.M.to9P.IVl. Friday and Saturday ........ ..... 1 1 A.M. to 11 P.M COG OS THE CLASS OF '72 The End MIKE PIGOTT EDITOR-IN-CHIEF 156 .mmm vu-n ..H""-.- f,ase: ..y-in fr.: -L M -V , :. W, , ,, 4,1-A . ' ,, I rl- , lv FPA, - -u 'I - -.I ' 1- a -of 4 'ii ,b b :F ...ll is L, fl 5"'f ' ' ' -7-' f ,ll -4- ,f 1 Y lk, ll-fue ,f : A L A 41 I 'lv V" -, -.. .14 : T- ', N 'H F1 i!.',,,'.? I uv., --I4 ll 'I 1 Q L I ' l -:L Q . I . I ' . ' - ' 1- rj ' 4 A W. . I X A ' 4 ..,. E , A . . A U ,' Qr- Q ' ' ' Vila' Tl-FI. "II 'life ' Aj? FJ 44 NL xwlw' . Y- .'r,, -l--Q I I Im, gt 'II' N! , W H V H to 'h v M W r H' 'lp-. , A , 41, . .-Al . Im ix -N U VJ, ,,u. U sw 'w -. 41 1-My ,A in I v, , , NL My . H V ,, v , ,.,' L NL, v ' , VJ!'U! v I lf' I ' ' 'fr' fin- 1'7.'3+IM K Q , . . ft A' U ui 1. .r .. ow. , t -Q - l 1' V, ,, -- 4, . .,. V .. , 1-I lnvlyw' .5 Wi 5 , , I --'- 1. , .sl " 1 I , . i. 'W' I J 1 1 Vg,- I 5 ov N U Hi 1..-qw 1 1, A. WY ,U I I ,QI 'QL 3 'B LG' f U46 K I As -,:" - ' , , ., ,, ., QA. q.. ,,,. H, 1, NA. t x.,-.5gt .,,6f U C fy:,5 5 , .--if - -.ply ' ,.4 ,.,f. 2 - . f . 5 V., If-... 4 . N ..' . . rp , A .5 -'Q 1.: . X - . I ,f:tQvQJln.'3g.fWig,- .. '.,,,C,y1eyf 'g-M. , . , Jn ' .. - sf'-fy 4'-.-.Q .-,'-.v ' '-- ff A-, V ri. A ' 5 s M -- . .. .. 1- . ML' -'- N. -. - 1- f-Q. ' -4: -. ... .n 1 . Q :f -ff-'-:xv 4 '11 .. . . - llgvffx . 4 'JT - - ,- 1. .lv .,-.,.- -fr S-M' ' . 31? , . 0 1-qv, I f ,, ' ' '-4 --S - v f fp ' ' viz.. .- ff . Li fy 1 aw.-N rw -- .--1 ..- 'f . if 1' - '- . .. 1 ' 1L""' 1 A ' T. . f 'I 'f-' " -. J -' Ln?" an f ' ' 7 - s' V fir.-l 4 --iv ,VJ A , . . 7,1 udp- .v ,I - ' I .Z Lf I . . " H " ' 5'Q'fiLl.'.. ' " +f'74f1xrff,.eq-' 1' .- : ' '. P ' I' 5 I' ' 4' l -'Tw -"wk " ' A V", . ' ' " U".f f". ' Gift' ' L' 1 I V ' K" ,W " ' ,."' I r NK ' Q- ' 1, gn XID r J ' ' ff' 4 .' 1'-4 1 'Vw' J. -v ' M- 5 1' 'Nav' I 3 v' , ""' - .. sf . 1 F fa' F" ' 0 -. . f' .- H3 . - ff' ' M.. 1 ' 1. 2:4 Q S. - fp 3 . ' fm ...u f .,.:,,q.. 'N 1 ' 0-.Ii il . . 'J -,'t,.,z Q- in ','yf',.-15, ::1..,1, .3 F, ' ,,, v X'-, A 1, ' ' ' - 5: '.' ' 7...' X' "' -1,6 Jug' V-'J f ' bw" . c '5 QI!-.. Y 335 - A., " . fx ,.-35, -.fin 1 -1:f',.'1',' ,., 35. is ' - ,arf '- .' 0, , I - , . . , v' ' 1 ', 1 - --' , "rt ' ' JJ" .. .4-'FM-A 9' ' sfx ,' ., ' -, -3' ..- . .--. 41' -an -'f. '- .1 -8- 3 f 1 "-- ' .. - 1 " .. : ' l," '- . . ' :fit ' "n w . - ,-.J 14,-5. A' 8. .4"3 ' . ,J 'A . 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Suggestions in the Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) collection:

Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


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