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-M. fig - . V, pxk I l Tilt 7 A IP ,rs j fi' 1' Q. f ffl' -F ff M467 'away' 5' ' ,rikku J' 'Y' 5 I -Ma, A""'+-vs Lv ! I 1 sf ! I A People ploy on important part in your Iyfe... Top: In fhe snack shop excijremenlr is The word eller anolrher loashefball viclory for BC. Middle: Solving The puzzle of lhe card calalog is Sandy Kloplensle-In. BoHom: "Vl!ha'r olher looolfs do you have on China, Mrs. Bei'rler?" ails Ernie Seeley. 2 They he4o to develop your own unique personality . Througlnoul' 'rlwe year one could find Bruce Grambling medilaling on life's problems. Baseball is one of Hue many oullels for B.C. boys. K X . f r" .ef I ...Sf . "Lei me a1'+l'1em"cry Lenny Myers and Dlclc Fousr. Dr. Gerig leads us and guides us in our quest for completion of that puzzle . . . Geri draws u on a wealfh of knowledg Q P 'ro guucle us. Days are a!ways sfarfed wdh devotcn af Dr. Gerig's home. These are many places which ft into lyfeiv puzzle. . . Top Le'H': Wellolce House Top Righh Founders Me l B ld g Middle: Presiclenf Gerig BoH'om: Lelghlner Hall Schuliz H Befhany Hall and a piece of this puzzle is how we live and respond I0 these places. . . 4.-. 'Qu 3 . L 1 "jp mf N1 sf' j g-1, :l ' - - qQig:fFu1,,V 'ax 1 wg "!M:'fL ft,::,. ,Jaw 1 ' x ,:..,,A,J 'wwAl1,iA Y N5-Q W3 2 .'.x gc-"' ' W.:-Y , fi ,Q- gb J ,V I. ,J.,, i ff' ,,-ffgr ,.,yvv W 1 K Dr. Warner prepares anoirher rest Education is an important part of the stuclenfs lyfe at Fort Wayne Bible College. Each course guides us further along lQfe's road. .. IIIISSIUII5' Dr. Warner is alway Il g + H lp g d si 4 AsDeanofEd+ h flrrhpf p forming Hweirva 'r k Our interaction with our community and each other results in further development of sehf . . . I+ fh g d y f +h Bloodmobule. Thus year's comrnii-fee was was ano er ded by Wayne Q Ep' Chorale This year toured through Ohio and Indiana for one week. This year fhe sTuden+ associahcn sponsored Jrhe New Folk. The re- sulfs were very favorable. There were abour +wen+y-iwa hundred in airendance. fi I 2 Z' IIS.. ,wx "Concer'ro of Spring" was fhe fheme of +he annual spring banquet Flo Price was ihe gues+ and specia! music for The dinner. M xx, -3' -Q .4 Lyfeiv puzzle j?na's partial completion in aut' ability to support and participate in athletics. . . Where's the ball?" asks Don Leach. Muck Mills, and Rog Ringenberq. ayne Ambassadors Forl Wayne's Baseball ieam had Jrhe second besl season in lhe hlslory of l'he school. We musl' always praclice our 'ren- nis for Coach.. Righl Janel? H' was a rough year For Coach Morley L Finding yoursen' is a basic part of lyfeis puzzle. Fort Wayne Bible College places the student in a position to fna' himsen' . . . Anolher us a a e Snack Shop for Tom Rusl. Belhany is a good place 'ro calch p h lc Meclilalion in Jrhe chapel a+ Firsl' Ch h helps keep 'rhe sludenl + h wllh Sfudenls find Thai Max Wanner, Assisfanl Dean of Men, is always willing To lend a lislening ear, and offer lwelp. f 'l- 5 . Willing +o slware your problem is Elaine Greqorielf. There is always lime lo llwinln abou? life and ifs problems. ' - I-VJ . ' ' In f 'Irs'-ffyfgv gd. 'GLFJZ4 rp f ' .. - V , . - - -. . ,, . V , , - - . I., Q fn - ' . A lf - cp' ,' ,bl '- nvz 4 X 'lv' n 'ruf ,g 5, A 451.1311-1-.i ., 1 . 0 My f - L" r' ' " V' n' 'tsl ,. V- 1 , - . 1 " 1 " A' x ' - ' Qff- -lg.. a"- fi sf, Tig! ' j ' ' f::ri.,.N -x Af- ,. I' ' - f.,r.-45.5. V " ul..-, -V .,.-1-5 -' , L- -., l"g. mx 5 Y -xf' .K4,..'g'-. .- ,. ,v'f,, V I- N ,V - -- 'K u, f - f.. .Vi- wp . V - 1,1- ,- , , X "1..",,...,- 4173. 2: Y .ij-. , s '-17 , 1 ""-f- Av' 1 11' an z-5, ff ' 1- I V " . V ' . .r ,.. , - 11 H f-- , V .V N-'i:.'V. .1 ng f . 1 , , r A , A . W1 , f - 'V -1'-21 11 V M 1- 1.--1 - - .. 1 1 , F ' L1 ,, 1, 1 , 1-1, A ,1 lf' 5 1- , 1gf:'.+A.4"'j-f., -133 , .ff "' ' ur -3.11 J" f'S'y 11 -. . 1' . 1--'J' ' ' 1' v 17- ,f11 ,. '.' -,PF 13.59 ,g"ly"'4' ' xi -,V "..f,v , , ,I .Lf-,gf '-J5'.,.,n-11 5-'F ,A , sf! . 1,1 I V ' - . ,w . 5, , I V' M 'ft "f. .- 615- " ' .4 ','-""J ',.V. 1 H i - . 5' '1' g I 1' 'a- ' 'hi A 7 ' fi' H r V. ' tJ'i. i "I J'3'l"'. - ..'l."1 - 'f x 1-"ggi I, " 4 . 1,4 3 .Q -' '. V 6.5,-.. V'-. 'f --1, 1 . ' ,V -- flr- ,rig , '. .4 ' .,. " 1 f'f,0.-1341. . T, ' , ffgf bi Ml. ,- ,,- :O '5 9 J-V . . ' " X., t -N. N .. , ,Q " ' - .xv X -wx, .- a 1 ' V 1 Y -- 'f--11 V V A fr- V .- -- f Q --4, ' xr 1 . - 1 ,V ." rx - N .' 1 li- ll. f. I 11-1 'Y .5 I ,. A - J,-11 "' -' "' 1' . ,1 ' . -1 . J. -' ' 'f 1 .. . 4' , .h .AO z J 4 Y -115 -- -. L L ,, Q ,V ff '-,- ,J I .rw ,,u'- :'1 1. xg- 4' A ' 'Cl ' J" 1 '- " "'f'V'I.' ' f-' , . :. ' -,L ful - f 1 ,1, , FJ Z,- ' " . N. ' . 1 ' - "'.' , . 1 S L," " ,, - V- -- jf: ' 1. Ag- 13 5' 1 , ' , 5 V 1 L? ' A V M Q- 1-'. x 5, gc-X - f 3' 'V' T , jg, . pq L, 5' ,W 1 .- ' Y A ' A' o iV1 LQ 'A' 5 '-. - ' 1 " 4 'A-, . ' 1' ' lf . 115, 7 f "" ., ,J 1, ,AJ gf. , ' V -.' f ,, 1 " . " ' 1 , ,, A 1 . F v 1, 1 I, t '- V' 1n'i'l"m. 1 i 15 ' J ,ia WF "WL '. 1 W, .4 X - 4 ty"-fuk, I 1 ,- , ' 'QQ '- A 2' ', ' f- -.-1' ,fir 1 ' QW -4-' 1 .-Z, . .' '- ' -A - v I -V-Lily., . .Q X A- ' ,fr '1 ," I,-1 1 J V , X - L ,K ..',,l' lr' - 4 f " kXVa"i" -"Wu figs- U ' 1 131 '1ff , 411 - 'X 1' f W5 Y' .J 1' . 2' ,,- ns' .- ' f 1 1 159.9 ' P v 1 - 4 1.: 1- . . -.V,3-- If 1 V - -4- -fV V L., - , N ' 43.1 Y ' . ' ---1 f 1 ' , ,- . 'M .557 It V, 1' 1 , I V , f .J . w I , 1' " 1 ' :fd '5' g "5 YJ -r'-1-. 'f- ' X ff F- 1 193-w', .A5"H- -" " J v 7 N ..',f'.1 Q R. ' ' 1-.' gi , 1. , " L-' f . V' J.. ', a 1 'Q' , - 1 , ' g. 1.V: -T ' .1 V. .W 2 1 . -J -1 1 fa. . - ' X . - X V.MqV.:f 3. +f1:,f.1 1 A .1 . 2' -, 1, L V wwf- 1' 1 . If if - --1, 'XV f fn", . , .. f 1 r,f .. V - .,, .1 ' Al" -'it , 'NI-'-f 4- A Viv! Q Jw., 'lf '34-VH F 'J f f fi I 'I .' rw? 'f ' 'J 1- ", -.7 A 4 " ' Y. .- " , Aj 4 WW-,A N 4' fl' 1 - . '...O P ' 1 U ' ,gif A 31,1 . 5 1 f 5 ' 1' "' , 1 N, V I' ' , " S3 1 N- i .iT-f,"'5 I ,,,' , 1x fr I M1 5 -15 P I Q' . ,V 1 1 .2 . , " 'wi - -1 Y u A A ' 'K ' 2, ,J-W" '-- ' -"' '-,Q , ' -A , . f . , ' ' - .oA 'J I s 1 'K-H, 4 ivf- ,J . D VV, . rv 1- 'L A! Y ! h ip' 7 ' V 1 ks ' 7 ,5 Alf. U ' ' ' ' 1 f1 . 5 1 "'. ' r V 5 f tx -1 , 'iq ', xg- "' KNL, , y 1 I J, Y' J 'V f A , gy. . ,.1 3 ,Q-, . . , 1- 4.1 ' 1- f- V - '4 - - .- ' 45- 190 -D' les' " .-"' b. I 1 'B I 1' T: V '-J .A '1' A -413. .- F' fl-Q, -, 3. NK N11 , , U- -'I -f 111- D ,, . ff: 'rfvlif l .-N: V , 'J I A A .,YV,- J . -4.1 . I ,rx I A -"fist" 1-I :w'f,' " 'fill K? rs ,1' f 5 ' J" ' K4 ffl 4 1- ' . ' ' ,Y'.' if -.,"f, iff!! :,': Q 084522. wal I fv,fW1V 'f I v..v . yivlnww - Q-I j y 'Rl . . 3 'hp f'N A -Q ' 'I a ' 1 ' ln- - 1 ,' . , .' . ' ki-af-'. X-1914, .15 . -,VN-' ., A '. " ' ' Y .'.-- -W' -V - v- - - ,-4 'xg 1 - , -.1 f W1 " H J 1 1 - ,M .V 1V ' A , V. ' ,fl 1. -SN -. 4.59 1, fa R, 1 ' 4" 1 J,-i ' 4. ,vu Xf'y'.4 . V. . . I - hw , '. hy- ' mg '-3- A ,ff ' . -. 1 -M - W. , 4 1' Ha , - W' 'Q -2 1 2 'f Vg. ,V-af, -t 2 -r., 'V' vw' 'fa 11 , .. Ing :-, -V V3 N . N! 11V , M .uf f. 1 W ,I :my y Yi- N ,lY.?f - RI ,1 .,.- ,lx 1' d 1 1g -' 7 "l Rl -'-. YV , . -H' F ' - .-C' 1 g .-1 1 - ' - - 1 " .." ' ' t. x - l'N',,:,-f' 1 " "sp ,, " I 1? 5 ' Y . A "AA, Q" 1411 if "ig, -1 5 5 I ,Y ' .x ' ' "Y-." N, 'f 1-R, A.. A xg.:p.",.f' , ,' ,.' .. ". ,Q 21' , V' , J, '.v ' ' ,I I ,, -X. , q'L Il ' .V 'Q ST' "' ,fQV,,f?w . 5 1 Q27 If ', 'T 1. if gpm 5.51 " '. 1 1.. . k Nui - Gy' . 4 Q- ,i- -..r4. f,i.Z,,, , .f 1 Y N 'lf V -'V' f' V I ' - ' f' 4 -I - 1 '--.':. 2. ' '1 1,1 " Y 1 ' 5- ' 1' t , , -1.. . w f ',j,W, ,V V' ro ' ,L-1' ' , 6' -X ' 0 . , L ., V K ,V - -.5 .. A 1 V 1,1 . 1 , r u V . I I. . .dnt fd ' I Y V in 4: i I 5 1 .' S I '1 1. 'QV A '-' 1 1 V . 1 J , N,-,NV Q.. ,"' 'f "V . , , 1 . SQ?,,g,', A ., .L K 1 W in A f 6 Q cf W1 M , A- 4 14. 0 .1 wx '. ' . . ' 4 , 4' ' - . ' - ,Q ', ,A 24. . V- ' ,:11.-,,.- V. -,.ff" ":'.-. 1 , 1' 11" 'JF . 1, - 1 " ' - , f 1-1' ff .,., .-' ,,,.,,' u Lf' " . '4' - 1-1" ,k 54, ' . .' ' A' "ff M U A I , V , I - - , . ,, K rr 1 ': -,JW - ' A N I - A y I ,, ff . .. ,VW ,. 1 P M , ., ,.,,. -J , Z , N 1, f Y .1 ...J A Y ' , H. 1 ,'.., V ...I .fu l K- ,,, V- ---.-,. .1.4 n T, .---l gr. L .,,J,.Ml 'I U A " E. A , L . , .-. :J Y -Yxwf. b '.'.,f u. rv: - .. if - ' - ' I' -H X 5. ' - , Ai. ' ' .D .-'L'1 fi 'C . 'Aft i1' lg 1 ' . ' K X ft" 1 V A ', 'a 1 1, '.-i.-' ' 'LQ E ' .',,, Y f 1 , V' s 'W ..,4.. u.f'4" ' . ' J' Y S Involvement in Academies . One of the essentials ofthe Christian faith is involvement involvement with familv, involvement with friends, and involvement with God. Fort Wayne Bible College 53-X offers an opporttinitv it EFA' for students to get involved l 'Q s with books and teachers anal U to prepare themselves for involvement in life. 1 A"'-:-Q. I fi'-Xw ' lu..-A Noi' Picfured WILLIAM J. BICKET JAMES JOHNSON JOHN NUSSBAUM MILO NUSSBAUM JOHN STUCKY I8 HENRY AMSTUTZ FORREST BALSIGER JAMES BELTZ EVAN BERGWALL DONALD CHASE J. FRANCIS CHASE TILLMAN I-IABEGGER CARL MILLER VERNON PETERSON ROY RAMSEYER EZRA STEINER CLYDE TAYLOR The board members meef Io discuss college policy. Administrators ,I fa? MRS. FREEDA DAFFORN Direclor of Food Service GRANT C. HOATSON Direcror' of Public lnlormafion ,T-' vicrora L. NANTZ Business Manager and Treasurer Qf ta N HAROLD W. RANES P F'eld Rep ese 'r 1' ,.qn I F fl 5 IVe nr-""' EDISON D. REYNO Direclor of Physical P LDS lanf Administrators F' ROBERT L. WEYENETH Direcior of College Relarions J. HARLAN WRIGHT Alumni Coorclinalor Field Represenlaiive EVELYNE R. SCHMIDT Assisfanf Treasurer FOREST WEDDLE Direcfor of Research and Guidance Mr. Weyenelh and his secrerary, Sheryl Chamber- lain, work 'ro beHer college relalions. Deans fs 'i lf 'I l , I 1 i Max Wanner fills an impor+an+ job as Assislanl Dean of Men. CYRIL EICHER Dean ol Sluclenls Miss Lullon ancl Dean Rowell have an imporlanl assel in secrelary Bev Gilliland. 1 DONNA M. LUTTON Dean of Women Deans 'iqqn' WILLARD ROWELL Dean of Men Dean Warner ounsels will: Chris William- SOD. One of +l1e imporlranl' jobs of a dean is counseling. l-lere Max Wan ner counsels willw Doug Barcalow. TIMOTHY M. WARNER Dean of Educalion Faculty sm W we 01' ic F ggmllxfff Organ ll.. Wm 0mefS a SI Pxano One of The mosf Hresome iobs a+ colfege is reqisfrahon. The members of fhe muslc deparfmemk are involved Jroqefher in Jrhis fob. The feculfy members spenf Time geffinq +0 know Him .An Division of Christian Ministries Dr. and Mrs. Gerlg gain slrengllw for llwe clay. Bev Gilliland is involved In secrelarial dulles. Af x xlkk, V 'V .. M A- ' i- H. , fm ":1.'lb" 3"'- - 'Qtr X sux in Dr. Warner helps Nancy Goodman sign up for her nex courses. 'fr .7 -- Dr. Wes Gerig speaks io Hue senior class. + semes+er's EDWARD D. SIMPSON Chairman, Division of Chrisfian Minisiries JOY M. GERIG Direcior ofCinris+iar1 Service, lnsirucior 5 ", WESLEY L. GERIG Associale Professor, Chairman, Deparlmenl' of Biblical Sludies GENE l-l. l-lOVEE Assislanl Professor ol: Bible and l-lomilelics Mrs. l'lalfe gives us all ilwe riglwl conneciions. Mrs. Niclcel collecis lo'ls of lines lor overdue boolcs. Dr. Ed Simpson discusses freely wiib siudenis during one of his Bible classes. -,..r.a.Sv"" Dr. Frances Simpson sifs in on a sophomore class meering. Mr. Nanfz gefs his daily exercise. J' -'cgi K s. 751- Ke-.wr 'Q' ' WELDON O. KLOPFENSTEIN Assocrafe Professor, Drrecfor ofEx+er1sYon Srudies FRANCES F. SIMPSON Professor, Chairman, Deparrmenr of Chrisrian Educafion ...ui Miss Mayers begins preparaiion for her psychology classes for The nexi day. ROBERT C. STRUBHAR Assisiani Professor, Chairman, Depari- men? of Pasiorai Training TIMOTHY M. WARNER Associaie Professor, Chairman, Depari- menj' of Missions Miss Gerig 'iaiics wiih a sfudeni aboui Ciirisiian service. Barb Coon makes cerfain 'rlwaf we gel plenly of work ro clo. HERALD J. WELTY Assislanf Professor, Regislrar WAYNE A. WIDDER lnslruclor In Chrislian Educalion J. Harlan Wrighl keeps alumni in louclw willw all The happenings af FWBC. 1115 i l . 29 ivision 0 Arts and Sciences is Mr. Leon Pippin is involved in giving his class a good educaiion. Miss Andersen helps Lyneife Schafiner wifin her organ lesson. FOREST WEDDLE Associafe Professor, Chairman, Division of Ar+s and Sciences MARILYN ANDERSEN lnsfruclror in Music JAMES BAXTER Pari-Time lnsfrucfor in Teacher 5 Q Educahon EUNICE J. CONRAD Q ,,, ...- Associafe Professor, Chairman, Deparfrnenf of Cornmunicafions Mr. Gallagher speaks wi'rh Ofha Aden during reqisfrarion week. pf i'x fr" EDITH EHLKE Associaie Professor Head Librarian RALPH A. V 1 , k , "fr, o- M.. .....,....-....,. ., ' Mrs. Vilena Carey s'rirs up somefhing for lunch. GALLAGI-I ER Associafe Professor, Chairman, Deparfmenf of Narural and Social Sciences MRS. BERTHA GARRETT Par?-Hme lnsirucior in Teacher Educafion Mr. Welfy, Miss Isaac, and Mr. Naniz work ai' regisfra Hon. --......,.,...... .lim Teachers can have fun foo. Dr. Wes Gerig chefs wifh sfudenfs during e Greek Club meefinq. IRA A. GERIG Associare Professor, Chairman. Deparimenr of Music and Fihe Aris NELSON F. GOULD ii! Assisianf Professor, Direcior of Audio-Visual Aids D. RAY HARRISON Parr-iime lnsfrucror in Missions GRANT C. i-ioATsoN L Assis'ran+ Professor DUN W. KLOPFENSTEIN lnsfrucfor in Hisfory MARLENE LANGOSCH Assisfranf Professor of Music HELEN MACKLIN Assisfanf Professor of Physical Educaffion JOAN MAYERS lnsfrucfor In Psychology Mr. Don Klopfensfein answers quesfions affer class. A, as .wr TED D. NICKEL Assis+an+ Professor. Chairman. Deparfmem' of Teacher Educafion D. LEON PIPPIN lns+ruc'ror in Speech and English MRS. ELLEN SNYDER Direcfor of Developmenial Reading THOMAS K. ZEHR Parf-Time lnsfrucfor in Music STEPHEN H. MORLEY lnsfrucior in Physical Educafion, Coach MRS. MARGARET ARTOUX Secrelary Io Business Manager SAUNDRA KAY BARN HARDT Cashier-Bookkeeper MRS. THEDA BEITLER Booksfore Manager ALICE R. BLODGETT College Nurse Supervisor of Residence Hall SAMUEL O. BRANDENBER6 Physical Plan? Deparrmenl WAVA BUESCHLEN Secrelary Io Dean of Sludenls MRS. RUTH BURNS Secrefary Io 'rI'1e Dean MRS. VI LENA CAREY Cook MRS. MARTHA CARN EY Cook SHERYL R. CHAMBERLAIN Secrelary Io Direcror of College Relalions BARBARA L. COON Direcfpr of Sludenr Ernploymenl Supervisor oIBeII1any Hall MRS. IRENE COX Cook MARILYN DISSINGER Secrefary Io Direclor oICI1risIian Service MRS. FRANCES ELLIS Cook Miss Ann Neuenscliwander is involved in all ine aclivuhes of llwe Presiden'r's office. ADELLE ISAAC Secreiary +o Regisirar JUDIE KANE Secreiary io Librarian MRS. ALBERTA LUCAS Clerk-Mailing Depl: LINDA L. MOSIER Assisfanf in Chrisfian Educaiion Deparimenl' ANN NEUENSCHWANDER Secreia ry To Presidenl' MRS. JENEEN ORNELAS Secreiary 'ro Direcfor of Public lnformaiion NOAH N. OYER Physical Planl' MRS. MARIE POPPS Assisianf Direcior of Food Service KAY SCHLADENHAUEFEN Prinier BEVERLY GILLILAND Secrefary fo Dean of Men and Dean of Women MRS. ALMA HAKE Receplionisl in Founders Office ORLYS V. HAKE Physical Plan? TREVA HOSTETLER Food Service .esafxf s Q- 'wif E., Mrs Alberla Lucas helps us gel our mail on MAX D. WANNER Assisfaml Dean of Men Supervisor of ScI1ulI'z MRS. MIRIAM WELTY Secrelary +o Alumni Coorclinalor ADOLPI-I BLEY Physical Planl IPar'r-limel MRS. JANE I-IOLLENBERO Libra ry Assislanl' MRS. ROSE ANN NICKEL Library Assislanl MRS. ELIZABETH WALKER Library AssisI'ariI' MRS. BETTY STEINER Supervisor of Lexinglon Hall MRS. CAROL SUSKO Secrelary Io Office of Regisfrar MRS. PATRICIA SYNDRAM Assis+an+ 'ro Direclor of Clirislian Service MRS. VIOLA WAGLEY Bookkeeper 1-5 Yvx Involvement in Christian Service . We have many students involved in Christian service assignments and in gospel teams. It has been an exciting year including many tours, to as far away as Jamaica. Royal Heirs From lefi' +0 right Connie Quaclcenbush, Jane Giroux, Pa++i Bagley, Marybelle Arnholf. Gospel Liles From lefi' 'ro righfz Beverly Myers, Ginger League, Linda ReHer. Yi ! .il K in gsmen From lef+ +o righi: Tom Lehman, Sieve Zurcher, Jim Langham, Bill Sleiner, Kalhy Bishop. The many gospel leanns oi 'rhe Chris- iian Service Deparlmenr have lraveled +o churches in Indiana, Ohio and lvlichioan io sing and Jresiiiy oi lheir love lor Chrisl. Laud -A i res From lePr +o righ+: Judy Seawell, Louise Heidelberg, Marilyn Plalie, Donna Blum. l 4l Ambassadors ier. Sallie Carr. Ron Heidelberg. Melody-Aires From lefi' fo righf: Karen Beulcema, Marlha Phillips, Barb Kilmer. Seal'- ed: Sheryl Ewerr. From leH- +o righf: Phil Smi+h, Mar- sha Ringenberg, Shirley Carpen- l ..-li.-I The Collegians fraveled around The midwesf and To Jamaica lhis year io spread Jrhe gospel Through song. This summer They will Jralce a nafionwide four from California 'ro The easr coasi. From lefl' +0 righf: Terry Myers, Reg Converse, Jay Plalie, Jerry Noble, Doug Barcalow, David Miller, Jerry Rupp, Diclc Armsfrong, Larry Salsburey, Pamela Carey, Sue Laymon, Carol Rolh, Shirley Merlz, Sandy Klop- fensiein, Jackie Weber, Lowena Gerig, Gaye Morand, Peggy Sudenga, Miss Joy Gerig. The drama Jrroupe performed 'rhe play He Came Seeing in many churches, and loured +0 Canada. From lefi' 'lo righfz Mike Pigolf, Terry Shulfz, Randy Walker, Perer Torry, and Maryellen Scherreilc. Q , 'A . xi 44 Collegians bow for - 2' "' prayer before Jrheir performance. E The Preparation or Christian Service Assignments Bev Meyers finds relief from 'rbe beciric pace ser by gospel ieams. -.AQL Involvement in Activities . . Fort Womfvittze Bible College ojfers inonv activities for tlze developineizt of the total mental. and spiritual. ina'ivio'uol.' social. plzvvszeol. Far Leff: As fair workers plan Their boofhs, Donna Blum exclaims, "ls Thaf a cow?" Many sfudenfs began monThs in advance To come up wiTh ideas such as milking This paper mache cow. Middle Leffz STudenTs were amazed aT The dirT in Schulfz I-lall as They fulfilled Their cleaning dufies Friday morning. Middle Righf: "Well, l used To know how This worked," sfuffered Roger Ringenberg, Treasurer of YouTh Conference, as he prepares Befhany Lounge for regisfrafion. Far Righf: "Welcome To YouTh Conference," was expressed To every- one of The 649 conferees as They moved swifTly Through The regisTra- Tion line. LU? With Youth "Miss Gerig, does This go here?" asks Dick FousT, Chairman of YouTh Conference. Miss Gerig, an advisor of Youfh Conference, assisfs in sfraighfen- ing ouf many defails involved in The success of YouTh Conference. l , D I M Each sfeering commiffee member has fhe responsibilify of direcfing a cerfain porfion of Youfh Conference week- end. Fronf Row: Jackie Weber, Music Chairman: Jan Larlcins, Co-Chairman: Linda Carlson, Program Chair- man: Diclc Fousf, Chairman: Roger Ringenberg, Treas- urer: and Lynn Doerschulc, Arf Chairman. N S "Life wifh a Purpose and Life wifh a Goal" wriffen by Jerry Noble was sung by Collegians while fhe conferees learned if. Conference '68 Follc singing rounded ouf Friday eve- ning fun. I O Bob Sfone. direcfor of VCY in Defroif, Mich. and spealc- er for fhe weekend, fallcs fo fhe conferees on fheir per- sonal relafionship wifh Chrisf. 47 ex"'Y 'Of his "Are you sure you don'+ need more?" cyl ,nu "Ouch, why do you have +o Jrhrow if so herd?" "Say whaf you mean and mean whaf you say Youth 'XI'-ia: anyone Seen my +rfcycle?" "The Hme is Now Young America In Music-a major parf of FWBC life. "Boy, Hwaf ofher piece loolfs more deWc:ious." Conference 368 On Sunday pa+rioHsm rang +hrouqhou'r +he chapel as CoHegIans sang ou+ wI+h "America" Now wha+ do we do wiH1H'1em?" ,-If 1 Nw What In The World Is Going On?' Missionary Conference Speaking air lvlissionar Con- ference Jrhis year was +iie Rev. Kenn W. Opperman, minisier ai ihe Avenue Road Church, Toronlo, Canada. He had op- porluniiy 'ro Talk personally wiih siudenis as well as speak- ing in 'rhe services on "The Bi- ble Basis of Missions". "Whaf in The world is going on?" was ihe iopig of a panel discussion by Rev. Berlsche, Rev. Opperman, and Dr. Warner. They answered quesiions from siudenis concerning missions and The missionary. In lralking abou? his coffee house rninisiry Rev. Opperrnan said 'rhai if he did noir see a change in a hippie's life alier he had made a decision for Chris+ Jrhen he has found lhai he had noi' had a real experience wiih Chrisl. Spiritual Emphasis First Semester "The kids here are ianiasiic. You have here on +his campus ihe poieniial +o shake 'rhis world." These are Jrhe words oi Dr. John l-l. Boswell, execuiive direcior of Jrhe Sacra- menio Valley Youih for Chrisi. Dr. Boswell was Jrhe speaker for Jrhe iirsir semesier Spir- iiual Emphasis Week, Sepiember 26-29. According io Dr. Boswell Jrhe abiliiry oi io- day's Jreen io ihink enables him io "ge+ down io business wiih God" and experience The realiiy and praciicaliiy of Jrrue Chrisiian liv- ing and wiinessing. l-le ieli +ha'r ihis pariric- ularly applied io ihe Bible College campus. libs Second Semester Sofi spoken and easy going Rev. Don- ald A. Miller, pasiror of l-lope Congrega- iional Church oi Si. Louis, was gues+ speaker for second semesier Spirirual Emphasis Week beginning January 30. Mr. Miller siudied ai Taylor Unkersifx and ai Winona Lake School oi Theology. l-le is also a graduafe oi Ns ack N"ssf:n- ary College. Aiier compleiing his college iraning. Mr. Miller served pasioraies in New York and for ihe pasf iwelxe years in Syracuse, New York. " ,A H111 Ihe Chrzslzan I Shepherd ,S S tepsv "Time alone io lind oui more aboul yourself and God" was a ireguenl cornmenl made as sludenis re- 'rurned from CMR This year. "ln lhe Shepherd's S+eps" under lhe leadership ol Lois l-laycoclc proved io be a lime oi learning lo follow lhe Shepherd. Singing and game Time preceded by devoiions and discus- sion groups filled rnosi of Sarurday morning. Bill Slreiner, Dick Arrnsirong, and Dan Hanes lead Jrhe group in some folk songs ailer lunch. fRigh+1 S tudenl Missionary F ellowshzp 'Qi Top Righf: Presideni Ernesi Geeiay oiiiciaies ai ihe lasl S.M.F. meeiing of Jrhe year. Top Lefh S.M.F. Sleering Commiiiee meeis io form an S.M.F. service. Leif 'ro righl' D. Houdeshell. E. Geefay, Dr. Warner. J. l-lamilron, D. Silva, B. Ornelas. K. Conrad. Above: Dave Gould and Kim Wesi spoilighi missionary news around 'ihe world. Righf: Pres. Geefay presenis a summer missionary scholarship To Marilyn Weaver. Sludenl Missionary Fellowship +his year has aliempled io iniorm siudenls oi 'rhe growing needs of missions around +he world. This Jrask has been accomplished ihrough inlormaiive pamphleis, bi-weelc ly meeiings, and weelcly prayer meelings. The Siudeni Missionary Fellowship proi- ecr lhis year was 'rhe suppori oi rhe Ben Cai Orphanage. Since The opening lasl Augusi under Jrhe auspices oi a na+ional branch ol ihe Chrisrian and Missionary Alliance. Ben Car Orphanage oiiers hope lo Jrhiriy-nine young viciims oi ihe war in Vieinam. S3 Soulheasiern, Weslern and Hawaiian Disiricf, Froni' Row: N. Olcasalco, D. Silva, J. Tsulcamolo, K. Querubin, S. Hashi molo, S. Williams. Second Row: S. Smarr, L. Robinson, A. Garfsicle, J. Dodd, S. Schierling, Mr. Habegger. Third Row: Mr. Fansler, B. Whileman, N. Dailey, R. Scanflin, Mr. Weliy. Graaf Lalces and Easiern Disiricl, Fron'l' Row: C. Vollmar, S. Landri+h, J. Gi- roux, D. Hebner, L. Sonnenberq. Sec- ond Row: M. Selvidge, J. Reichow, Mr. Fansler, Mr. Welfy, F. Rogers, C. Schrader. Third Row: M. Moser, J. Ebv, J. Barczi, J. Weber, M. Reiqal. Fourfh Row: C. Pirlqle, J. Noble, W. Sfeiner, D. Huffman, C. Zienqenlus. 54 M. C.A. Campus Club Ceniral Disfriclr, Froni' Row: J. Kenser, D. Whiielord, C. Fox, L. Trail, P. Jacob, P. McAfee, C. Weaver, J. Weav- er, S. Brown, C. Warner. Second Row: D. Wehnes, L. Gerig, J. Logan, S. Beifler, Mr. Eansler, Mr. Welfy, S. Breiner, M. Rinqenberg, S. Laymon, B. Schindler, F. Dunham. Third Row: L. Hanni, M. Fox, R. Minnich, J. Head, J. Annsiulz, P. Johnson, J. Gerig, M. Fosier, K. Bishop, S. Klopfenslein, S. Smirh, J. Courfney, M. Nel- son, N. Oerzel, S. Miller, A. Bledsoe, L. Gaslcill. Fourfh Row: D. Benne+, G. Allen, F. Schelrn, H. Gerig, R. Perry, R. Miller, L. Chapman, P. Sprunqer, K. Conrad, M. Ross, J. Heclc, S. Jacob, R. Bomer, D. Brown, G. Moser, W. Sprunqer. Fiffh Row: G. Price, T. Lehman, L. LeHeer, M. Wilson, G. Quick, B. Armslrong, D. Leach, B. Sfein- er, M. Livingsfon, J. Wenger, D. Gould, W. Hieberr, F. Meisenheimer. S. Ross, T. Myers, L. Salsburey. Campus Church Clubs E.lv1.C. Fron+ Row: S. Slreid, 6. Fruchey, Mr. Rowell, reilf. l.. ReHer.Tl1ird Row: D. Hanes. J. Rupp W Arn L. Beclcer, N. Neuensclwwander, J. Campbell. Second SlUlZ. D. Klflq. J- Smllll. Torn TUCRGV. VV. lflUll. l-l l-lfde Row: J. Kroclfer, J. l-lill, J. Moser, S. Wlwlrrern, P. Vance lv1.Yorgey, E. Cecil, C. Cecil. J. Rowell, C. Olslol, C. Geible, D. Dissinqer, lvl. Sclwerl C.U. Fronl' Row: J. Slirn, W. Synclram, Mr. Wid cler, B. Myers, Rev Dunla R. Baxler Mics Con . p, , - - racl. Second Row: J. McQulnn, E. Greqorlell, C. Barrelr, K. Anderson, V. Miller, lvl. Arnlwoll L. Slonum, R. Nlswander, B. Sams, V. Gramlinql, J lvlcName, l-l. lnrnan, R. Slmll. Third Row: B. Gram llnq 'l' R 'l R Vlqa re lxl MN B Bl' , . ua. . U MC. 2 'S. .-O9- maker, D. Wesl, C. Zeille. J. Sexall. G. Crcsler R. Grubb, B Bellenline, L. Dcrlol. i 'a. 'N - 1 l i 1 '? ill' ' i ls 4 I l f 'Plz Q .7 5 l XX 1 . f 'T 'Rf ?' ' ,4'cf" Student Association . .x 4,24 ts.: 1335 fi- W' ' fry I 'ig df ,gf-4 i , , V fiwfhy Q vt K Otticiating the Student Association attairs this year were Dan Hanes, Treasurer: Shirley Car- penter, Secretary: Richard Bagshaw, Vice-pres- ident7 and Gordon Smith, President. fRigl'1tl "l-low many hours do you spend in study on your courses?" was a question posed this panel ot honor students in a Student As- sociation chapel. lRigh+l i.. I Above: Donating blood was one ot Student Association's proi- ects this year and many students gave their blood when the Red Crocs arri-fed. Right: Advicing the Student Council this year were Mr. Soden and Dean Eicher. 56 Q-.... -...........a.. 'Z . 1 A Student Education Association S.E.A. Officers: G. Harrold. P. Goldsmifh, D. Luqinbill, S. Eiclwer, and Mr. Nickel. I ff 1- Froni' Row: D. Pe+i'r, S. Eicher, P. Goldsmirh, A. Afee. D. Luqinbill, J, S+'irn, S. Speicher, D Enbom, B. Sams. C. Weaver, J. Edgar, P. Meril- docker, D. Rickerf, Mr. Nrckel. lain Second Row: 6. Harrold, C. Kuhnle, C. Mc- Ayha Kappa Aciing in official posiiions for Jrhe Alpha Kappa Club fhis year were Gerald Peierson, Dr. Wes Gerig, Jerilyn Weaver, and Gary East The club explores inleresiing subiec+s periraining 'ro Jrhe Greek language and fhe Bible. 1 , h 251 . A gf, f, f f y 1 7 ,Z 4 9 , ff 1 I 14 v R 0 'ff I K Z I 1 V 7 5- ' Q' Firsi year Greek s+uden+s: Froni' Row: J." Ellis, C. Fox, J. Beal. Second Row: D. I-lanes, , J. Langham, D. Simon, J. Rupp, H. Hyde, l and J. Oxenrider. Second year Greek sludenis, Froni' Row: G. Peirerson, P. Ynlema, J. Weaver, L. Myers. Second Row: G. East J. Sirubhar, J. Noble, B. Syndram, and R. Kelsey. Third year Greek siudenls, Fronf Row: G. Keifer, S. Carr. Second Row: Dr. Wes Geriq, M. S+einer, R. Miller, T. Lehman, G. Smiih, and R. Bagshaw. Froni' Row: S. Sfreid. D. Beck, B. Mancinelli. L. McAdoo. Name, P. Webb, A. Garfside, G. Scouien, L. Ralph, C. N. Grogg. Second Row: D. Riclcerh D. Haughf, J. Mc- Scl'1rader,G.Fruclwey, K.S+ewar+, R. Harffey. Women is Recreation R Association i l Leff: "No one can keep me away from W.R.A." , Righf: Connie Fox swings a+ a ball as a W.R.A. soffball game progresses. - -. . -. ,, ,.. , i fy 4 U, I 9 nr, H 2' X I ,' I 3 Q IE f I - .. .Q 5 ' A51 1,232 .Ji L igak n N A Q! . h Alll ' N iv- -3-4,121 xl - , , - ' A ""'A , - 2 1 X QI, X ' LLM jx A j wi ' ' -SEM ' A U -. r "1 -.. ', :' pie Wv,.,ow1xI:.gx5?e,vv: 433 N ,V 1, ,ht . ,-or "- ' 4 '- ,' - , ,X ,5 ' ' . IQKQ7' - Light Tower The Lighf Tower had a good year. I+ was mixed wirh hard work and long nighfs. i Lois Haycoclc, Ediior. ' ,,f.,.,f . ,vw-'ff' .' 3 '- " ' ,-. ,, ' . S tudenl Voice ,.:Fs- Marsha Kuhnle, 'rhe faifhfui fypisf Anoiher long niqifr for Cindy Winn. Music X Club a Jil A All . ff - ' ii f 4 Gfficialing Music Club affairs 'this year were Sharon Osborne, Juanila Young, Doilie Murray, and Nancy Kyrlc. Their proiecl +his year was 'ro raise enough money Through a series of fhree films +o buy rhe school a new cello. Many Music Club members aclively parlicipafe in music groups ol ihe school. lBelow and Righ+1 63 Messiah GuesT soloisTs Tor FWBC's annual presenTaTion oT l-landel's Messiah, on Sunday, December IO, I967, were Thomas Zehr, Tenor, AniTa Lamos, alTo, and Pauline Tweed, soprano. lNoT picTured is James Clauser, bariTone.l The eighTy voice OraTorio Cho- rus and eighTeen piece OrchesTra was conducTed by lvlr. Jay D. PlaTTe. Mr. Jay D. PlaTTe, direcTor oT The Chorale, The Ora- Torio Chorus and The Singing Collegians, is a senior sTudying Toward The Bachelor oT Music EducaTion de- gree. Coming Trom Indianapolis, lvlr. PlaTTe Traveled To Europe and ATrica wiTh a YouTh Tor ChrisT Teen Team beTore coming To ForT Wayne Bible College. T-le was a member oT The Ambassadors QuarTeT during his Tresh- man and sophomore years, Traveling Trom coasT To coasT during The summer oT I965. Two years ago he became direcTor oT The Singing Collegians who recenTly repre- senTed The college aT The 8Th lnTernaTional Congress oT YouTh Tor ChrisT in Jamaica. Mr. PlaTTe has composed or arranged a number oT hymns and gospel songs. Women 's Chorus Fronf Row: N. Kyrlc, J. Courrney, C. Manross, J. Hill, V. Grambling. Second Row: Miss Andersen, B. Harlill, L. Sclwallner, B. Carey, J. Zimmer, V. Miller. Third Row: K. Bishop, L. Yalcicln, S. Os- Chorale .h.-- v 1' ,, 1 rv fx 1 . A --.1 . 4- 4, ,- borne, P. Goldsmilli, D. Riclcerl. Fourlh Row: R. Sprunqer, P. Brading, J. Barczi, S. Thompson, M. Riegel. Fronf Row: D. Miller, C. Quaclcenbusb. K. Wesf, M. Arnlmolf, T. Sclwulfz, D. Hanes, J. Eby. D. Arm- sironq. Second Row: R. Mallwew, J. Halce, J Woodward, S. Landrillw, S. Carr, P. Sudenga, P Smillw, S. Springfield. Third Row: D. Barcalow, D Blum, T. Lehman, G. Morand. C. Warner, S. Car- penfer, M. Rinqenberg, P. Shisler, S. Layrnon, L. Salsburey. Four+l1 Row: J. Lemmon, S. Merit, B. Wbileman, J. Weber, L. Heidelberg, J. Noble. J. Seawell, R. Heidelberg. Band Fron+ Row: C. Quackenbush, P. Hulchison, D. Mur- ray, P. Sudenga, J. Silvis, S. Rader, L. Heidelberg Mrs. Soden. Second Row: l.. McAdoo, J. Sfubble field, K. Hughes, P. Vulgarnore, S. Sommer, P. Car- ey, M. Ringenberg, L. Chapman. Third Row: S. , Runyon, P. Merillalr, G. Morand, S. Merlrz, Miss An- - dersen, J. Plahle, B. Sheldon, Miss Mayers, P. Sprunger, C. Zeigenlus, R. Heidelberg. Miss Marlene Langosch, Assislanl Professor ol Music and Band Direcror, received lhe B.Mus. degree al PWBC, and lhe M.Mus. degree from Indiana Universily. She has conlinued sludy lo- ward lhe docrorare. She recenlly composed a Requiem in honor of Jrhe lare Dr. Rene Frank which premiered al lhe college lasl spring. Miss Langosch has performed wilh symphony orches- lras, conducled inslrumenral and chorale groups and laughl al Grace Bible lnslirule and Biola College before ioining Jrhe lacully of Forlr Wayne Bible College in l964. Brass Ensemble Froni' Row: L. Chapman, M. Ringenberg, J. Silvis, S. Rader, LGDQOSH. G. MOSGF, MiSS MGYGVS. P- SDVUHQGF. L. Heidelberg. Second Row: P. Carey, S. Sommer, Miss Chamber Ensemble Seafedz Miss Andersen. Leff +o Rig!-i+: M. Rirwgemberq, N. Kyrk, Mrs, Mifieieiadi A Sesiar, Miss Larigosch, C. Peek. F art Wayne Bible Callege Debate Team Chuck Hirschy wins again, a d g Wes Adel! drives his poinf across. . ,.V,, : M, A ,. A , 3 1 lv Q Involvement in Athletics Physical Abilitv Q Mental Alertness Spiritual Vitalitv. . . a Christian athlete I ex? 111+- Sock if 'ro 'eml I know I can hi? 'rhis one! I.. Noi' so hard! Tennis requires the best you can give 4 f J ,y .. ---af' -. T' , 4 --' - x F --- - , W Qi5"il2f?!5f-'R ' F f ' ' . - ' ' . 5.3 "' ' '- f " 'f'!Qf,XlXl"1'fY"3fXfXf - ,V -f ' ' 7-'we lQ'fseQX7 fwwskf-sffYfYv. Rf f -' N --W 'Y ffxbfwf' 7 K , iq - tv., Lfs,.y'gg,g , .'f29Q5g?b FEV , Q29 ?y?Q1fn-fxrfblvwf ha M v ,Ya 1 3-13512 E' iifaasi T51 sf ' -wagers"-w'fz'Qf sm -qw ,. r H .sw 4? ? N' ' 'f . a ' 1 W 4 , 9 sf.,+'j 9' , ' N -1 ' ' -' ff'-,f Y A i s-if .- 525. ' s Sv '-15' RQ ',.k,lv'f,' 5 - '12 '-.Q -9 .'. ' ' -: - , f' If -1 'x -' ' ' V. ' .-ff f--P .brxq ,Q 43, t 3 -' 5 ' ' I -- i . ,gl -':'T?5g'3s1Q:"N gi xx 1 Q- -T' ia- ' ' Adv yrxgqfgl' ' .N :1c'1355?5g'xf"sPsf' A- fxQy:,..f.: V Y, Neff' ,,,CQ:'?S3, 5-QEQE'-1,1-'.,1g,,H ,V- ,AIYY-Bf' ,- wh- 7' f? f :?"5v5NffFf5:s-Pr sf: 1.7 iff., . K-Qiriiabz rv -ffm '-fsflawgg ' " ' 3,77 iss is3"f24 ' 7 N' s -af- .. , i 4 -asf. cf -gs.. . , ' t'x,yi ?1- :, 14 gf" 14.4 'W' 1'-M ' f V- n -wir.-:. 4 f ' Qstf, - fff .51-2 .: . .., a, . L' Q- :,-'4 .f '-jg, f ' 'fa Q' 7 " .i:iv+ef:.-V, sQ11-ffiilii' A fm-" 1 .- ' w il-3. 1, - L - -FS'-ff-:f.,. - , ,.-an -', ,fE12-Pim a f ' A.. " - 2 " ' - -'i"'r.-f .rdf-v tli4JFff55Vf'13'4?5"5?4' Q, ' fiyhi,fsiQ12l1'?f?g':'S??T3v?'ii?::ffff' Nfl - 07 -Li-:' , 1'f'rf'l'7'A-i'-.-",f?l i 4 sq 1 1 ---32 i - . "":Ill-a ." "',"Q-f'-14.5f':'-'Efrg' f?1.g'k.':.2?1 '-Z?-P257-.14-'82L?7, N --a '4e-?'f.'f",E'I".?fs ' -,.5WEf4r5?f"H-i25.- .sazflbf-2 -, iw -' -f:'9rw-as-:.:Le-'wel-.e...1 ,.a1.,,'1L--,, -, -1., We fry harder? Back Row: Sieve Schierling, Mark Ross, Coach Moriey, Jim No- ble, Sieve Ross. Fronf Row: Torn Rush Gary Green, Dave Gould, Dane Silva. Tennis Schedule S+. Francis Beihel I-luniinqion Goshen Beihel S+. Francis Spring Arbor l-iuniinqion 5 2 2 5 O 7 O 9 O 7 3 4 O 9 O 7 C. Opp Baseball Highlights '- li -LL Q' " 'hu my iii' . X Al X e an l Sy x Back Row: Lenny Myers, Bill Maliclc, Bob Shoemaker, Will Aleianclro, Andy Huffman, Carl Zieqenlus, Olie Solomon, Ran- dy Waller. Froni' Row: Coach Morley, Norman Olcasalco, Sieve Smart Roger Ringenberg, Kim West Diclc Aleiandro Larry Wilson. Baseball Concordia Indiana Ex. Spring Arbor Spring Arbor Sl. Francis Sl. Francis Belliel Bellnel Indiana Ex. Taylor l-le plays beller llian he looks! H' was a greal game Fans' S - Pom Candid I hope he doesn'+ sfep in my chewing gum. Why doesnur anyone ever wan? To play us'7 -jx-f " "' " ?T,T'm """j.j1?'-1. H 5 :"1::::5'4f1'E , ' fm 7533'5?F:Zfri . . ., ' 4 , js,-:,?..: 4 ui .1 A ' 'i rilrl' xl L Q A J . , 1 H t , , . r. " ' Y- M . X- 5 , :QT.3i,.ae,w ... ' V If ' - ' V A ' A J 4 '-- N-Q af :- . 5' - ' QF' . X-N, fx T, A' . ,, ,..p- E "4-': f. 4 ,f - ' zz'-f,,.. .,,1:.,, ,AV f 1 , . 4 xx Q "": 9-..'rL, , :,t.-, .JS-Z .Fx A 'gj.f':p, 1 : L.. f- A ,..., H ' L -"A " fs' I . ' ':.-,1 ",:a- Jw, . -I-gj I. 'sy' , - V 41 ,.,1,,,g .,-A ' -f f. , ,uf-'-u. 451310 F ' A . -Qlzrg-J' ' ' "wil -of ' 51:9-6" 4'f'g:i" ' 'Q-4,,1f1,, H--ogrfh . 4 V . - -.glvgg 11.114 1 ,f?!. ' '-'1,'f"' -'J" '9 ' - f. .3 47 -.. ' """"M j ' A -"5 ' ' 1 .,' ::?i- ' Q ' ' L, W fn- a- ,Mg "1 - A , ,ywffv .-, ,Jn .- , . 4 .by y 5 . rv -A -' nf' ,Msg 1-42' mf f- I , 1 1 . I 54,9-fff " ' . f,-f" r' - "" h A "mv - - 2 '- - . - 53,4 V A,.f , -ly , 329321--.V, A A Z- ,:...t',.11,. J,-vi!5g"f'f',f',wnf:"" f 454' 1 ' ,4f ,A. '91 ' ' geefmf-,..: 2-1-2.4.11-' - -war-1 . ' -"iii-24 I 13' , . .,, - ,- 154.4-14' irifw 4,5-1,b.2f" '1 -ef'- Baslcefball . .. a no confacjr spori' . . . 'x l Some pineapples are really fasll A, Z1 fif, J I I ,' iii? I s' Iv- -Q . -- J af, -Q .-1.-f' .fu I 5 'Tv' rg 'Q . .-f.,. .E'.h.5.' -, -- ... f, Hey Fellows! My He is cauglnll E V 6 I I' Wlwo's go? 'rlwe ball? O Fl 8 P I Cl S Basketball K 76 On, on io vicroryl Our 'ream did a real good job This year and is IooIc ing forward Io anoiher greai year. Now wha? do I do? Schedule Spring Arbor 65 99 BeIheI 89 IO4 Triniiy 77 89 S+. Francis 73 IO2 Ind. Tech 68 92 Spring Arbor 68 79 Concordia 53 73 Sr. Francis 58 7I I-Iunringfon 52 85 Ind. Tech 6l I I5 Goshen 56 88 Grace 65 IO5 OIiveI 74 77 Concordia 75 78 Grand Rapids Baplrisr 94 92 1 Tiifen 73 87 I.incoIn Chrisfian 77 9l Cincinnafi 92 80 I-Iuniingion 9I IO9' SI. Francis IO8 I36 ,I , , i f -ff in . , . Hi . 1: J ,.4q',:,IA Q :-if '.'.'.f, -,ar-V, '.-'Pailf '.f-'f,i"1".L fr ' - '. Deep Concenirafion qv, Hawaiians fry harder! This is easy - I if ww' . . ,, .. - ns-' SL... . 5 1 l',-we Ill Two To one, Hwey needed more! 1 - 2 ,.,,.--- . N., 'ang -- . if -SQPE I-ie does if again 77 They Dia' cz Fine Job il rx 42,5140 Z Baclc Row: Coaclw Morley, Bill Balleniine, Sieve Sclwierling, Dave Gould, Sieve Ross, Roger Ringenberg, Sammy Williams mgrs. Jim Woodvfard, Kim Wesi. Froni' Row: Tom Rusi, Ken Conrad, Miclcy Mills, Don Leach, Mark Ross, Bob Ornelas Jolwn Sirublwar. Come on, le+'s falce Jrurns! 6 ' . l 5 'N'-9-. Q Fasler Jrhan a sleaminq locomollve Only len yards le-H for a field goal. Team ! G0 .f Dawn Sprik, Pa+ Goldsmifh, SCOHE Springfield, Gayle Hughs, Sharon Horace. Fight! . -,iq -7 ,. ,, , . :M , ,,,N..- 1 . , ,,Z,454gg.1g4f4-,AJ ,film '.1:, ,lv 'L .1' Win I 'ma I nvalvernent in Activities . This has been a busy year for all "B. C. U students. S0 far this year we have been involved in . . . M usical Concerts We were involved wilh lhe preparalion and followup for Jrhe New Follc. The Women's Philharmonic Slrlnq Quarlel wllh Jucly Hakes. C hristmas Banquet xv? 423 Pi. ur-5,-, Many of us alrfended 'rhe Chridmas Dinner held here in our Cafeferia Then we wen? 'ro Hue Chapel for an enferfaining program. Spring Banquet Many of our faculry were There also. fi' kg -, We were involved in our Spring Banquer ar Hwe CuHer's Chalet Dr. Warner 'fold many funny s'I'orIes Thai' nighr. L The Servant in the House This was Forl Wayne Bible Colleges firsl allempr a+ lhearer in rhe round and il was a huge success. Exlra chairs had lo be sel up lo accommodale Jrhe large crowcl. We even go? a favorable review In The News-Senhnel. This is a scene In lhe play berween Torn Leh- man and Karen Goins. From leff +o right Joe Wenger. Michael Piqorl, Larry Clemenrs IS Student Recital Phyllis Bush gives her last recital at F.W.B.C. S ecial Service This year IOO students showed up at the First Missionary Church to give blood to the Red Cross. This is Betty Mancinelli giving her pint ot blood. Social Lyfe Rui Well, il looks as if we have slumloled on some ol The fellows sludyinq cliliqenlly in Karnpus Kor ner. Somehow il cloes nol appear lo loe sinking in. Xi Whalever is going on behind lhe doors al Lexinglon musl' loe inlereslinq. Does someone have a new looy- friend? When social activities are over there is still plenty to do. I-I willing Jr In lp I+ g if Hon + Q 88 J Remember T his? The coffee hour Taiks in The Snack Shop. 1, , - 1. . fr I" 'LL . 4 - " r- ' ' .'N xx. , ' , , 'wx -1 ' , X Lf. 1 Q- - rw .gi I I 1 ,1 ,fa cv gg X' - . ',..-- H , JI" Pg, 1. 'Aff' f,"g 4, .V l Q . , , Q ,q- 47 xi 5 ff- R YQQG ki. 3 'Yr' 'Q' 'Va , . x X .Q . A 1 -1- - 'g x' 7. N ,' F- ,.., ,,., ' " "gh 'A :J 0 :JN - I Those wonderful sfudenf council meefings af 6:30 in Jrhe morning. -ap The annual Dr. Wes. 4,494 "Are llwere any more prelzels lef+?" aslcs Doug Barcalow. ordeal of giving blood. Good luclc nexl year Our surging Ambassadors came Jrlmrouglw wilh a good season. . x4f5,.. P-af' 5. i ' 'l , .ef A , . .jJ '-,... iivii Involved With the Seniors. . . Our ultimate goal has been achieved JON ALEXANDER LINDA CARLSON ERNIE GEEFAY WHO.S "A wise man will hear, ancl will WHO increase learning: and a man IN of unclersfanding sI1aII a'H'ain AMERICAN COLLEGES un'ro wise counseIs:" Proverbs I:5 JUDY HAMILTON LOIS HAYCOCK GORDON SMITH tv- ALEXANDER, JON BAGSHAW, RICHARD BECKER, LYNN BREINER, SUSAN F1-, Wayne, Ind, Wiclnila, Kans. FI. Wayne, Ind. Fair'Field,Ol1io B,A, Bible and Theology BA. Pre-Seminary B.S. Missions B.A. CE.-Missions Av BROWN, DAVID BUSH, PHYLLIS CARLSON, LINDA Jerernie, I-Iaili FI. Wayne, Ind. Carmel, Ind. B.A. Pre-Seminary B.M.E. BA. CE.-Missions Righf: Do you always read ,Q u I ow im ps'cIe d n, J' 7 CARPENTER, SHIRLEY 5 4 Bowling Green, Ohio BRE, I-ul CARR, SARAH CECIL, CHERYL CECIL, EARL CHAPMAN, PHYLIS Columbus,Ql'1?o F12 Wayne, Ind. E+. Wayne, Ind. F1'.Wayne, Ind. B.A. Missions B.S. CE.-Missions BA. P.T. B.R.E. DILLER, RAYMON Pandora, Ohio B.A, P.T. GEEFAY, ERNEST Hevo Jef, Macao Bfz Mfzionz '-..,,,,f DODD. JUDY Phoenix, Ariz. B.S. CE.-Missions Right If you say so Doc. Wes! 1 EAST, PAT F1'.Wayne, Ind B.S. El. Ed. 'Vx lf 42777 Q. ','w"Y HAMILTON, JUDY HARMON, H. LES HARROLD, GARY HAYCOCK, LOIS Sanbgrnl N,Y, FT. Wayne, Ind. FT. Wayne, Ind. Gary, Ind. B.S. CE.-Missions BA. P.T. B.S. El, Ed.-Missions B.R.E. 10X 'milf N., INMAN, HELEN JONES, JANET KH-MER. BARBARA Chillic:oH'me,OI'1io P+, Wayne, Ind. W65SN"'Gffh, CHO BS. EY. Ed. B.S. C.E.-Missions BA. Mff57C'5 OU R PRES! DENT! KITSON, BARBARA Day+on, Ohio B.S. El. Ed.-Missions iuglzrfm - -A KUHNLE, CAROL LARKINS, JANICE LEHMAN. THOMAS LOGAN. JANICE Greenville, Ohio Lansing, Mich. FT. Wayne, Incl. Fi- Wayne. ind. B.S. El. Ed.-Missions B.S. C.E.-Missions BA. Pre-Seminary B-A. MiSSiOnS '59- LUGINBILL, DOLORES MASLIN. CAROLYN MCGUIRE. BARBARA Blmfiion, Ohio E+. Wayne, Ind. S+. Ann, Mo. B.S. Ei. Ed, B.S. EI. Ed. B.S. C.E.-Missions .,, V 2 f 1 Z OI-ihhhhhhh Rich!! f... ' A' I A ff MILLER, CLARICE New Yori, PLY. BA. Minions , MOSER, GERALD NOBLE, JAMES PERRY, ROBERT PETERSON, DAWN Craigviiie, Incl. Parma, Ohio Grabill, ind. Fi. Wayne, Ind. B.M.E. B.A. P.T. B.R.E. BS. Missionary Nursing PETERSON, GERALD PHILLIPS, MARTHA ROBINSON. I-'NDA Fi. Wayne, incl. Corning, N.Y. Omdfd- Cdiii- B.A. Missions B.S. Missions BA. CE- 1 Do I really have 'io do i+, Dad? '.,, ROTH, JUDY Aivordfon. Ohio B.S. El. Ed. A- ff - ui- .1 -H 1: .u,nu, , , - I, T' RUPP, JEAN ANN SACKETT, LOUISE SEVALL' JQN SMITH, GORDON Wausegnl I:aI'VTId5Ie, Wayne' B.S. El. Ed. B,S, EI. Ed, B-RE' B.A. Social Science b'X W'f'.I.'L"!" SYNDRAM, WILLIAM TAYLOR, DARLENE THOMPSON, SUZANNE FI. Wayne, Ind. Wasninqion, D.C. S+. Paul, Minn. B.A. P.T. B.S. EI. Ed. B.S. Missionary Nursing If you miss 'rI1e mifi' 'rhere is always The mou1'I1. VAN SKYOCK, MARVINA FI. Wayne, Ind. B.S. EI. Ed,-Missions 98 'S VOLLMAR. CONSTANCE WALRATH. JOHN WEAVER, MARILYN WEHNES, DORIS E. Defroif. Mich- Syracuse, N.Y. Bryan, Ohio Wasliinglon, Ill. B.R.E. B.S. El. Ecl. B.S. Missionary Nursing B.R.E. ' - 1 1 i R 1 l 1 1 ' 4 7 A ' Above: Ray Diller, Jan Logan, Bill Syndram, Linda WINN, LUCINDA Robinson. Gary Pelerson. Eilllgegcitlll' Below: lnferesling class meeling, huh? The Senior Class Confucius e The fhinlcer Rlghf. She lisfens in class! ,ff JA 'Mg .Z 7253. A sw J! . .fl F -Q" 'f . ,J, .,, 2 - , , 1 1 . I . -1-.I Q N .4 - 'K if -...rf Q CW r ' HQ QS , ' s.?l1aas24f!w45 '- L . ' ' 'iizxazzwlg 11' 1 nr f ,Q 1. .1 'x 6. .-,Ji .af Qtr . 'v- is af' -Gs 3 J , ..-. , X ,A -A W. pk. , --1 Q 'nf ' 2.- lll THE SENIOR CLASS ADVISOR . . . Dr. Wes He has helped Jrhe class wifh many of Hs impor'ran+ decisions. He has also provided lois of fun and laughs. As seniors we will never forgel The lun Thai we had wilh hirn on Senior Snealc Day. THANK YOU, DR. WESI 554 a N ge rf' 'f 3 V-- THE BACCALAUREATE SPEAKER . . . The Rev. Roberf C. Sfubhar The Senior Class had The honor 'ro elec'r him as Baccalaureafe speak- er. He is a man whom we ali know and like. 1' 1-1 The Commencemen+ speaker . . . DR. CARL HENRY We as a class feel very Hon- ored +0 have Dr. Henry speak ro us on one of 'rhe mosr im- por+an+ days of our iives. I04 , 2 kv. Involved in Classes We all hope - to attain the goal of graduation. 4 4 -Q 1599? 1 'YE is 'ig ,M 'L Q S X-. ' .ff - '-'- ,"?ff 55' Jra Kelsey Sec Bob Ornelas Chaplain, Gary Eas+L I fi? " . , 1, ,-' Q .J f I '-3 auf- af yn 1 " .S ,Q " X i 1 .-sr-fx" OA 1' iv, Q U W , 43 38' ' 4 1 if Ggry Greefm ' Q - X . ,M ' , I '..'-:fe-f , Q niors "Tag Day7 l happen +o hlce Hr' Shnrley Merlz plays ro prepare us for chapel Nancy Goodman Gary Green Tim Hammerly Dan Hanes Rhoda Harlley Russell Havens Diana Hebner Sharon Horace Andy Huffman Herb Huqhs Willon Hull Pal' Hulchison Judy Johnson Lilian Kasoerse George Keller Ballnda lfelrh Richard Kelsey Sandra lfeliey Marsha lfuhnle llancy lffrlf lO8 Juniors Don Leach Mike Livingslon Paula McAfee Helen Mcconeghy Helen Mclnlosh Peggy Merillai' Shirley Merrz Ray Miller Terry Miller Mick Mills Jeray Moser Mike Moser Leonard Meyers Bob Ornelas Sharon Osborne Jay Plarre Connie Quackenbush Garold Quick Linda Rerrer Marqare1'Riegel Marsha Kuhnle cleans +he snack shop. "YOU name il: I'Il feed ill" W jay-t 4 , -gg Juniors Marsha Ringenberg Roger Rinqenberg Sreve Ross Linda Ros? Berry Sams l.yneHe Schaffner Kay Schumacher Par Shaughnessy Deena SmI'rh Phil Smffh Carl Sovine Tamra Sovine Shirley Spefcher S+an Sreiner Rod Sfone John Srrubhar Ano+her of Mrs O Lear s cows7 Look ouf Gar ' Marvln Suslto Linda Trail Tommy Tucker Peg Vorlwofzer Paul Vulgamore Jerifyn Weaver Jaclde Mfeber Dafma NV?-'fefc I Barbara NN?Va-v1 Chris VVEV'a"'sc Dan NN?"'s Nancy VVcrderu Ph?!Yn1eMa JL:a'wH'a Yong Chalk 46 L. 6 Ja'1e+ZEm"'er Sophomore C lass Ojfcers Pa rlia menla ry Procedure? gf, Bill Sfeiner, Treasurer Bill BaIIen'I'ine, Chaplain Harry Hyde, Vice Presldenl Jane Ams'Iu'Iz. Secre+ary Dane Silva, Presiclenl' Incl picfuredl S ophomores STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Wayne Sfeiner Sieve Schierling Pe+er Torry , I 1 I Amslulz. Jane Baer, Terry Bahler. Mabel Baxler, Richard Beal, Janice Beachey, Roberl' Beilrler, Gayle Beulcema, Karen cf! nvolved .51 'Z' if, Bixler, Karen Blum, Donna Carey. Pamela Clough. Keilh Collins, Michael Conrad, Kennelh Courlney. Judy Doerschulc, Lynn bf 1"' Enbom. Arle'ra Farr, Nellie Fosfer. Mar'rl1a Gerig, Lowe-na Goldsmi+h, Pa'rsy Gramling, Bruce Greenhood, Jayne Gregorieff, E!aine Ano'H1er nohce from 'rhe Dean Bruce'7 Anoilwer lively class meefing? 'I Dear Marla... Johnson, Peggy Keiler, Eunice Klopfenslein, Sandra Krorn, Jane Larson, Linda Lee. Shirley Lehman, Marjorie Lieclwfy, Sara Nell This display, consfrucled by 'rhe Sophomore class under 'rhe direc 'rion of Carl l-lomps+ead, was ex hibilred al' The Chrisl' Child Fesli val held al 'rhe Coliseum in De cember. Many of our class mem bers were involved in presenling Chrisf 'ro Jrhose who slopped 'ro view il. "Li++le Charlie." five years old, is rhe youngesf member of fhe Soph- omore class. S ophomores Reichow. Joanne Rickerf, Donna Rodocker, Diane Rogers. Cha ries Roih, Carol Rowell, Janice Rupp, Jerald Rust Thomas SackeH, Lois Saisburey, Larry Scherreilc, Maryellen Schuifz, Theresa Secrisf, Mary Segraves, Nancy Selviclge, Marla Simon, Darrel Smi'rl1,Sanclra Sonnenloerg, Linda Spence, Clweryle Sprilc, Dawn Sprunger, Rullw Sfeiner, Wayne Sfeiner, William Suclenga, Peggy F1 - l Cauglwf . . . Q: I "Us ,gif ow 11-'V Torry, Peler 1124 Yorgey, Marlc Wallcer, Randall Group S+UdY7 Warner, Anila Willis, Sharyl Wilson. Larry Waffles, Delia Weaver, Cheryl Williams, Samuel NOT PICTURED Ballenline, William Barrell, Toni Barron, Barbara Coolc, Philip Dunlap, Jerry G-aerle, Judilh Geible, Connie Goff, Maxine Hobbs, David Kuhnle, Linda Langham, James McAfee, Carol Murray, Judilh Oda, William Ornclorll, Marfha Pelfil, Dan Robles. Abel Scanllin, Ralph Schierlinq, Slephen Shellon, Bruce Sherman, Roger Silva, Dane Sommers, Pally While, Dixie vf 14 of y., -v-v. any-M I 14. ma -'T' Kim Wesi' Mike PigoH Cheryl Warner Presidenf Vice Presideni' Secrefary ifx QR. ' Carol Schrader Tom Jonker Treasurer Chaplain Freshman Class Ofcers Y' Q 4. 5 41.3. s 53 ., sd Freshmen I22 Daniel Blalce Chris Bledsoe Michael Brincefield Sylvia Brown Marilyn Cameron Janelle Campbell Diclc Alejandro Glenn Allen Wendell Amsfulz Rebecca Anderson Linda Anlonilc Marybelle Arnlwoll' Kailwerine Asbury PaHi Bagley Donna Bagslwaw Douglas Barcalow Doreen Beck Barbara Bell ClaudeHe BenneH David BenneH' Kenneill Birlcy Kalhleen Biihop leaving Providence. Rebecca Carey Paul Carr Leslie Chapman Calrhie Cranford Linda Demaline Carol Demian Slanley Diehl' Deloris Dissinger Leslie Dorioi Fran Dunham Jeanne Eby William Enslem Shervl Ewerl' Cynfhia Feighi' Jncliih Fleclc Peggy Fox Freshmen -ff' Alice Gariside 6 4-'I' Lawrence Gaslcill Harold Gerig 4.x X Jane Giroux 11" Karen Coins l23 Freshmen i x Y l ,fx fm x C' l ? 'fs l24 David Gould ViclciGrarnliV1q Nancy Groqq Marvin Grubb 4-" Bill lvlaliclc, Ron Grubb and Wendell Amsluli "bug" Diclc Aleiandro aboul his food. Lynn Hanni Bonila Har'l'ill Sanford Hashimolo Diana Hauqhl Rulh Havens Joyce Head Louise Heidelberg Joseph Held Jacque Helm Ted Helman Gayle Hewes Jeanne Hill H. Kay Hunler Calvin lmholf Phyllis Johnson Marilyn Kolaiser Judy Krocker Barbara Lance Clweryle Landrifh Susan Laymon Ginger League Judy Leismer Larry Lelrfeer Sharon Loder Jennifer Lucas BeHe Mancinelli Chrisine Manross Linda McAdoo Jean McName Margarer Mecusker David Miller Rebecca Minnich James Mori' Donald Myers Terry Myers Freshmen 125 Y Freshmen X '::5.'.'I .-1 '.x.'.'. '.' . wmv . 1 .v ..' '.. Rex Nace argorue Nelson Nancy Neuenschwander Jerry Noble Parriclc Pazclziora Craig Pirlcle Marilyn Plalle Jackie Poser George Price Karherine Querubin Lydia Ralph Charlene Rashley I26 2 215 Jennifer Rayle Carol Reichard Gayla Reynolds lvlarlc Ross 'K Priscilla Rumph Slanley Runyon Fred Schelm Brenda Schindler ,-ni V ' r -, -' 'X.' 'vi' , . Afrer Chapel, Sleve Smart Kalhy Querubin and Gayla Reynolds 1' qu'- leave Founders lo finish +l1e resl' of llieir morning classes. Grace Scoulen Judy Seawell Billy Sergenf Paul Slwisler Rober+Sl1oemalcer RullwSl1ull Joyce Silvis Sleven Smarl' Larry Smillw Sleven Sommer Scoli Springfield Ann Sprunger Palriclc Sprunqer Wayne Sprunqer Linda Slewarl Freshmen ,Z Q57 0 in l27 Freshmen 5 I G.. WZ?- I28 Janei Srirn Pairicia Sione Linda Sfonum Sharon Sireid Janei' Srubblefield Pa+ Vance Pam Webb Joseph Wenger Bruce Wlwifeman Sranley Wl1iHern Dennie Williams Mike Wilson Jim Woodward Lilv Yaliiclw Rebecca Yaney Qtr: Lf Vs Special Students Richard Fisher ' Joanne Clemenfs 'I Dwlghfl-1aHer Jonafhan Kanagy -'fl Linda Myers 1 Judy Young S+udy Work Fun I r l wg 'Pj CONGRATULATIONS srzruons from theclass of 69 Smmruqmfa Mass That all men might know Him keep the Lord always bef m ri ht hand, I shall no FIRST MISSIONARY CHURCH Inviles you +o make Ihis your "Church Home away from Home" Ch fan Ar les Building recenlly compleredg also. proposed I' ary Q3 REV. CORNELIUS VLOT Pasfor THOMAS K. ZEHR Associafe Pasfor GAROLD R. QUICK Diredor of Chris+ian Educaiion PASTOR VLOT SUNDAY SERVICES 9:30 AM. Sunday School I0:35 A.Iv1. Worship Service 6:00 P.Iv1. Training I-Iour 7:00 P.M. Evening Worship MIDWEEK SERVICE 7:30 PM. Wednesday RADIO PROGRAM 7:30 A.M. Sundays on WOWO "The Missionary Hour" Your Neighborhood Health Center 400I Souih Wayne 745-057I AVALON MISSIONARY CHURCH Home Church +o Many FWBC S'ruden+s C "SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! Reiruman ON f G GoHschaIIr, 5 R Pas+or I A, NORTHSIDE MISSIONARY CHURCH "' U L 736 Lillian Avenue il A For+ Wayne, Indiana 46808 ' ' T 'I I 20 Premier Drive O N :az 5 Pasior: George W. Nanh CONGRATULATIONS 'ro this year's graduates Irythof II ID I g d V' uw 2 f True - fo - the - Bible liferaiure since 1866 ENN, STANDARD . I PUBLISHING 5-J Vincinnati, U. -15231 S U .-Xlhanubra. Calif. 915111 mstutz nsurance gency 3131215 LIFE - BUSINESS ' PERSONAL 'SSERVAER 3109 So th C Iho n Street o Fort Wayne, Indiana 46807 Ph 744 335 PLEASURE hings gg better Wlth an OKC BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY' hen you want a fine portrait w"'Q4fa To Record Forever Wi+h Charm and Dignify 'rhe Impor'ran+ Evenfs of Your Life, Come +0 'rhe Phorograph Sfuclio of Your Official Phorographer woLF a. DESSAUER Complimenis of INDUSTRIAL FUEL OILS, INC. OPPORTUNITIES FOR SERVICE 'I' Evangelis'I's 'I' Teachers 'I' Nurses-Doc+ors 'I' Musicians 'I' Social Workers 'I' Counselors 'I' Senior Ci+izens I725 Soufh Calhoun Fori Wayne, Incl. 46804 xx " F I8 N HARVESTER MISSIONARY CHURCH Where ". . . YOU Are Always Welcome." Lisfen Io: "Tower of S+reng+h" Every Safurclay on WGL I250 Icc 6:30 P.M. .4 VEH Haifi 9:30 A.M. 333I Harves+er a+ FIee+wood, Forf Wayne, Indiana Phones Church: 742-8352 Parsonage: 427-8363 Il.,-.w F-. V, .. , mi WAYMDALE lunamiuvnvm H 0 II .-. -,,...,,,4 4' T' muwonx- Lunnu-mmm Z" Phone :E :ill ' ' Q g-,., ' il 747-4102 'iifb P 'TZ . . MATERIAL OF MERIT . . . 3300 Lower Huntington Rood Fort Wayne, Incliono Congrafulalions Io +he class of I968 from SWANTON MISSIONARY CHURCH 135 Foreign Missions Literature Education Child Evangelism Churoh Extension Personal Evangelism ' 33 '- Q Seniofi . . . 'www .,f.jS:k-Q I ' ' J., f, , , . i'!f' 5+ 'L In MCA Hea d quarters 3901 Suuth Wayne Wayne, Indiarm l38 The Officers and fhe Infernafional Headquarfers of THE CHRISTIAN AND MISSIONARY ALLIANCE NEW YORK, N. Y. 10036 260 WEST 44th STREET THE CURDES AVENUE MISSIONARY CHURCH Complimenfs of . . . mvnfes 'you +o afferro and glves you MENU MEA-I-S Hwe opporfunfry +o serve. 2506 Broadway Curdes and Carew, N.E. For1'Wayne, Incl. Fed Wayne' Indiana Pasfor Bliss Sfeiner '-4:7 -L-,':A'L gl 7 A' K Located of The "BEST Corner OF of WISHESH Calhoun and Phone: 744-9792 Rudisill Blvd. 745-8048 MIllER'S SERVICE STATION XX A 1 Books ancl Bibles J, ., BIBLE TRUTH BOOK STORE f' , I ll' - Ig 1' 1 Q Music I ,,,, B' JI I sys I lin ill ' A T I A Teaching ft -f. Aids . -0 .I s ' X 7 to 5 x , mf Ja Across the Street From the College We're thankful for your help I grea in this t task ...Q ... Psalms 37:45 Congrotu ations Class of I968 JAMES JOHNSON, President Fort Wayne Bible College ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Thou Wilt Shew Me The Path of Life: ln Thy Presence ls Fulness of Joyg At Thy Right Hand There Are Pleasures Forevermore Psalms I T If fp ly l f 1 "7" .7 r a:f:f':lgri' I l 1 Iiiliffa-QP , M hm 11707 ' Tv 'Q , f lfv M 'Q Noam.: 9 536-2 P AV J P . o , X T A N Congratulations Seniors From the Class of '7l 9 r a I' u I o 1' i SENIORSY From The Sophomore Class L A N Q so I SAID, Coon. IT, MAN. WHAT MAKES You THINK Youwze RESPONSIBLE For SAW NG THE woman? J , J I ax ' CongraI'uIaI'ions I967! u p THE CONFERENCE OF EVANGELICAL MENNONITE CHURCHES 'llll Our Service OpporIuni'I'ies Are Open 'Io You. II 5 AND HE smo, MARK I61I5. 3I00 Addison Ave., Fori' Wayne, Ind. HARVEY R. DRIVER, Exec.-Secrefary WILLIAM T. PAULEY, Direcfor of CI1ris+ian Educafion EVEQY TRUE FOLLOWER OF CHRLST HAS A RESPONSIBILITY TO MISSIONS. FOR COUNSEL ON THE PART YOU CAN PLAY IN AFRICA, WRITE: SUDAN INTERIOR MISSION CANDIDATE SECRETARY IOI7 EAST JEFFERSON Ave., WNEATON, ILL. BOIB7 L J GOUTY'S SERVICENTER 3500 Broadway 744-3 I47 I42 4 ,, , ui, 1 I I 1 HL I 5 -a TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The WorId's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" .-.- I IY 1 1 vi 1 1' J W ,. ll N K, .. In . , 0 A -rl uk, 'L 1 nl" H' I' 4.- 'PJ- .N A ' 'fum' ' 4 5' 1:4-,ff gr'-1 ul s An, W., - . Sabi'--fre -V 2 Z 1 s . E I sl fi 1 Si f 'Aukj is-YF! iv A I .. SL, Q, YQ, if f 'fin Il -M. fig - . V, pxk I l Tilt 7 A IP ,rs j fi' 1' Q. f ffl' -F ff M467 'away' 5' ' ,rikku J' 'Y' 5 I -Ma, A""'+-vs Lv

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