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-3. rv . .IFLQ N I' i Vw IGHT 0WER C: TH5 -5 . fr, va O CHRT -1- 1965 NYY' Z, PRE-EMWENT Q fn 4: if f O 5,41 S C THE i 3 f 5 1 ,L , Q Q 5 sf l it Rene Frank Dr. Frank died March 21, 1965. Somelimes exciled, Bul always Inieresred, Concerned Abouf ihe individual Denying Your own sell You have given Noi only advice, Bur undersianding, Reason. You have given Guidance And friendship To us. Music majors know You laugh, You have birlhdays, You can be serious. Sympalhejric, Giving love Because of love For Him, Through Him. Olhers are learning You care Aboui Jrhem- In arf class, In chapel, In Sunday devoiions. In rerurn lor your Dedicaiion We dedicale This boolc To you. In Memoriam Ah! Thou Dayspring from on high, Gram rhai at Thy nexf appearing We who in The graves do lie May arise, Thy summons hearing, And reioice in our new life, Far from sfrife. Lighr us 'ro Those heavenly spheres, Sun of grace, in glory shrouded: Lead us rhrough This vale of Tears To rhe iand where days unclouded. Pures+ ioy, and perfecf peace Never cease. C. K. von Rosenrofh Karhieen Prochasica Jarnez Fozrer Nea i?e++ig Dr. Rene Franlf .-w N pw. ,, . il' 41 it ,,,,. .- .,,., 'S' 1 .-. ff . .eg mar- A -ws - 'A--Q fin., M-ful.. 1 i ' s 't ..."'i4 Q Q QIAVDBCF xc Nr-1 4 7+ Y J, 3.1- -r v 'X,y-,- !0x ' 1 ,yn Q - ,Q :- tv-1 -fdnv pw vi 'f f" - - -f ,075 .- ,- ,N XMMXA ,L ,N-VM. X H .wyfx-.-X. ,. Mxvxwfr'-'X-.Qf-..g,g6f,f.fL ' Awww Nw:-1-Sgv,Wwg.N.NQNNEW. k N5 Y X xx Nm X WN. xx-N Nwskxmxxxv- X x X CWM i x,.. Bookl Adminisfraiion Academics Bookll Sfudenf Life Spirifual Life The Ar+s A+hie+ics BooklH Seniors Juniors Sopiwomores Freshmen Nurses BookIV Adverfising No light no maiier How briqiwi. No candle, Laniern. Torch, Can begin To March ine Briglwiness of His glory. All else is Bur a Shadow. X f X S -gk Q N 1 w.,.,.x 'T .Nr Qff-'Q 'ho ccllege , .. The complefion of one year brings only a Three monlh inferyal before a new one begins-FWBC sludenfs spend lhese nineiy days doing everylhing From fixing up The college ilself lo working in a shop or deparlmenl siore or, maybe. Tor The lucky Tew- lounging in The-sun. Then There are 'rhose who fake adyanlage ol Jrhis shori span of Time To eilher caich up on needed sub- iecis or lo Take subiecls which would alleviaie The oncoming pressures of a new year. For a greal many workers The summer of IQ64 consisled ol dir? and shovels, brick and morlar in order Thai one hundred girls mighi live in 'rhe new Lexingion dorm. This is The second building lo be compleled in anlicipalion of Jrhe new Soulh Campus. Lexingfon Dorm , o f' and :hive-lx. bfck and rnorlar ' IF' I . iS . yy-A 'F 'A 1. T' Q W ' 4 .www i r , .:,":45.'9Af,Q1,.: gg E y' ff' Q: j 5 v . '- .,.,,"'. ., e 'f V pf.. - -fi. . . --ef. '1'.4..' -It - ' ,IT Th' .-f :'7.'?T'l ' 4 X ' 73- I- . 3534: . P f'ff-:- -.Fww 1'-A-2, wt- -ca- 1' - ' v .J 4:12, . , 5'd'j',,' L - -, Q A . ' pb mfr gpm 415145. '. . ..N"Q'1r..4 d .A. ,. ,. 44- W we - . '- w Q F 1 . " "J 4 ' .A 'iff' ' j v- I-Li - V -Q. ' -' ,J i ff- ,' 'Q- Q 'W T .-tt, , i I . 4 ,,1.":-vu ' f' '. ' .,,tN,,- . .g V ,4, . .U ,sr skf,.c'- 'Y' '- W' ' ' '4 , gf .,.141'j' V ' 5, Q ' - ' A , ' i e- -0-7 "' 5a.,4.1ip-ff wr-G - A i - . 4151 5-1 f .-.,.,r, 'K nf- I 1 - .. ,ef . , ...fe f,,, fs- . we-s - x . .- ' . D ..g,a:"x gf. V-4 g .- Di -, 5 A o . . -L 7' xg . 131' i ,' - 3 ' , he I ' '51 Kf- r.--, ' wif" ' .,f4 55 Q -. .1 H- Ugg, Q ,4 U' . . .'v- ' l . l l I E hh? lx , ls 'I lr ,FN ' A" i'iiZ1l'i'f fill ai' ll lla! - -mf'a'r1w'a'rr"E2' Q I 'lg ' I ' l i ' . 'ln ll A-l 3' ... - .. ii .5 ,fy gg y '. Q-'tgj'f4!ll"l'l"f he ASA b yl :lid AA ml! 4115 K., in-uve' 'T' sry. .sf Lv A 1.9: . V- ..--9 ,1 I V ., Everyone smiled on regislrafion day - Q 3, gc ,, af. DQS!! . NY' -eo or-'+r:.r ,,.:..- go 3 Lines of boiiles marlred The picnic fables . . . Auiumn came swilily and guieily and soon all were in The exciiemeni and aniicipaiion ol a new and lruiilul year. In- coming freshmen soon realized ihe days ol sun and lun were over and ihe cap ol inielleci and ihoughi was soon io be worn again. Orieniaiion week provided iesis and physical exeriion-'resis and physical exeriion-uniil all were more Than ready lor regisiralion day lo arrive and lor classes lo siari. lnduciion weelc closed wilh ihe all school picnic and veni was given lo all peni up iruslraiions. The lug ol war amongsi boih 'rhe lellows and girls didn'+ dampen anyone's spiriis bui aided ihe iasi building uniiy among all ihe FWBC siudenis. For lhe new siudenls, Monday was a day of localing lhe righi classrooms even ihough 'rhe upper classmen did iheir besi 'ro deier ihem, filing ihe class syllabus and finding The correci class card. The lirsi day ended wiih sore leei, a pile ol boolcs on a deslc yei unused buf also wiih a smile of saiis- laciion and conienlmeni. rf., fi? even ihe lug of war did lifile io dampen anyone's spirils . ., S 3. - S F. la ' xr' .f . J x 1 r ,. X A sr' '4- ,525 i. '?,L v . I Serve i . . . c asses had sTarTed, which seT The ohne of fchool well under way: however, The , ji parTi1adyeT TomaleiTs1debuT.SepTember came and and aicngi T-.FTh QcTober came The Halloween ParTy aT INT' gin Pail. The u-'ual ciobblins and spoolcs made Their cr-girarzce alcnd w-.fiTh The help oT cannibals and T.E.A.lVl. cd air and T.-:eb covered liqhTs provided The mono- Qzue ,4,fTh rnofe Than enough aTmosphere. WiTh The approach oT November came baslceTball season. army lsnq Tciurfi OT pracTice helped qeT The Team back ' erfire afTer The soTTenino oT The summer monThs. The iT dame proved The eTTorTs oT These pracTices when The nicxiaifcrg came home wiTh a vicTory. Under The illuzion oT sTars shining aT midnight Those aT- rdrg The ChrifTmas banciueT were TransporTed To a niqhT erhaps like The one where The shepherds were visiTed by l e anoee. The air was Tilled wiTh music . . . "Joy To The :rd and cin eafTh PEACE . . S, wTTh The help oTci1nn1bal' .... abfo on7 P. YCFTT i rv ....,, ,,.n!'l4""'V . ,,,.,.'--" . . under The capable leadership . .. lT's haw The sTudenT builds up Trom These basics. SomeTimes The endless pages oT noTes, diagrams and charTs seem To have no bearing on The siTuaTion aT hand. Loolning ouT The window wiTh ThoughTs oT anyThing buT The presenT class, caTching up on over-due leTTers, or perhaps sneaking in The exTra TorTy winlcs which geTTing up Tor brealcTasT snuTTed ouT all have a more inviTing Tlavor Than pay- ing aTTenTion. The educaTion program aT FWBC is geared so as To guide The sTudenT in The proper di- recTion. Being able To answer The guesTions oT The young and inguisiTive minds is The real Taslc OT Teaching. i-.: -- V, Q- There are Two levels oT educaTion Tor some aT FWBC . . . The TirsT being ThaT oT a fTudenT under The capable leadership oT The proTes- sors, and The second, ThaT oT being The Teach- er. Qne oT The besT ways To measure a cole lege educaTion is The pracTical and viTal way in which iT is puT To use. QriginaliTy and in- genuiTy are essenTial characTerisTics ThaT musT be culTivaTed during The college years so ThaT in The classroom siTuaTion real com- peTency is shown. Knowing The basic and underlying TacTors oT a subiecT is noT enough. swering the quoshons or' inquisilive minds . . . dl? , if ,,,, 4-.. , W . ,,--,,I-I 5 s-5-5 G! 4- NoT only does The library serve as a place oT sTudy, buT as a place Tor communiTy serv- ice. IT was The scene oT voTinq as elecTions Tool4 place This year. Friends Trorn around The neighborhood Took adyanTaqe oT The closeness oT The library. ln Turn The communi- Ty did The school a Tavor by sending ouT The TB mobile where The sTudenTs aT Their con- venience had X-rays Taken. A uniTy is TelT be- Tween The cornmuniTy and The school as They work ToqeTher. This is The prayer oT The school ThaT The comrnuniTy will Teel The pres- ence OT The Lord in every siTuaTion. iv 2115 .Q tinium-s Szatis sun 1 use YI E.',,'-,,,, Fwli i"'o J -sn. ,. Q -l - T-B Mgib le T. :its F,W.E.C. Campus w 1 X' 1' f 5 f T -- ' 4 Y T ' l -nh -s Q - 1. -T '54 , rl 3 5' N I .v 4 un ig -'z' -I F I 'Hi-.,. ' ' ' .. I" -js z. , , Q! sf ':.,'A,v EL., is "O L. '. iv-1" , 'X "1 f ' .X 4 nf' LAN. nw. .Ji-A 5 L Q ' gf ,Ei-fha., .. . Q-Q lil. fr TS? - - i' . ' Tiff? " -1 Helix - I 'X-.age 'S-S CJ 7 'fl' -L . :, ,I n s v , . N -' . vi 1' ' --V A " JI- b 4 L A ' zbgf .f"""' "' W - -'S Winier in all ils glillehng glory , .. Winier in all iis gliliering glory hovers over The campus, leaving a cleanness and freshness previously disrupled by ihe burning oi leaves. H's almosi like a siill piciure uniil sud- denly i+'s broughf lo life by 'rhe screech of someone dodg- ing a snowball or ihe gasp oi air lalcen by a siudeni sliding down ihe wallc. The crisp air malces each siep a bil quicker and puls new spark info everyday aciiviiies. Slcaiing and sledding rake over 'rhe fun scene. Tension is loosed by pariicipalion in an old-fashioned lace washing in ihe snow. Winier brings The holiday season and fhe excilemeni of a vacaiion-noi free oi boolcs-buf boolcs in a diiiereni aimosphere . . . home. Semesier exams also add a bil of snappy flavor lo lhe building ol 'rhe year's delighi. hovers over fha Campus , ,, .x fs 'G ' -W ..-- Y Q , ' 9 5 - ., is ii i s "Q-s-a- 1 Q Nl , in X. 5 Q qi. i ' . ii: Q v 'rj ' x H g A, Q l ,. 5 F ,, it R4 ' P+ X f. s . j ' Q ' .. 5 X ' ' . Q ' SH Q ., ' My-..+ 'Q . if . if ' x Ax' ,K +5-.N X. 3 Q , -- - i.,.,. . M. xhhx s..-Q , J, . an , - a s s assi ,, ii 1 ...i j ' ip N N ' i- i K 1 V sv. . .Q ifywl 35 ' 'Q . i t i ' .4 . -.v-,qn- Co . 1 A ff'--0. -X .nj -.5.z 'xr --i ' ."fble7 Velo' in y in irnporlence is lhe qrefplnq ol knowledge self before us. ri ,.' 'P-ia' which rnusl be souqhl oul by FC :wn Tnilielive. Sleclcs upon slaclcs cf bool? somelimes prove insur- si,.n+ab'e when frying lo locale a 'Vrly page bool nol loo well lrnowng lhere is e leelinq ol salis- "1" .-.' hen lhe boolc is found or errepi, e beller subslilule. The raw edfze if There . . . our responsi- b' ily 7' ro grasp ho'd ol il and lo ap- The quielness of sludenls in 'rhouqhl prevails over lhe library as lasl minule revisions are pul on Themes, lerm papers, or lhe daily as- siqnmenfs. There mighl be The muff' led sniclcer as someone finds amuse- menl in walcinq up a buddy who iusl happened lo be in "deeper concen- +ralion", or lhe high-pilched squeal of 'rhe boolc-carl lo inlerrupf 'rhe quielnessg however, lhe predominanl acfivily is lhal ol learning. The uielness of lhou hl , ..i, . Q Q ve 4 ' ii ftaly, 'o oer li mhz: 'F If 5 42 1 K if V4 ' 23 1 Q' !""-'MSL V I 5'--Q.. ' - ee-I-.1'.s -' 4.-f'k""""" C' SUN 'QV O 0TULAG'1'f'f'lCVY ,H ,,-f611"""' 'Q W Books and papers do nof comprise every facef of sfudenf life here af F.W.B.C. Opporfunifies for malcf ing new friendships and for sfrengfhening old ones are readily af hand for all. The bond of fellowship fhaf The Chrisfian has in Chrisf is Transferred info every area of campus life bofh academically and sos cially. Vlfhefher if be drinking a Coke, relaxing in one of fhe lounges or siffing in fhe midsf of an old- fashioned "hen or bull" session, fhere is an awareness of fhe ioy of Chrisfian friendship. lf has been said fhaf fhe snaclc shop could be fhe line of leasf resisf- ance when sfudies seem impossible. A few minufes of relaxafion can refresh fhe mind and every defail of sfudies falls info line. NU , lb lip:-cl. W,1:ling pwfienfly F .yn Line of lcasl rc-szsl ce . . . Sludies impossible . . , boards l cf F.W.B.C. give words of help and guidance. -T oT The clessroorn siTuaTion merely Tor The 4 Qclleges Tind The leclc oT cornrnunicaTion be- nd sTi.denTs deTrirnenTelg however, This is noT T. They are willing To Talne The Time To counsel oofsible. The inTorrnaliTy oT The class- earning easier. The proTeSsors Tind relaxaTion e .ez 'n for-yersaTion over a guieT cup oT coT- ioenha' fneehng in The hallway, Knowing ThaT 1 d of friendship beTween Tacully and sTudenT ' gViaT7on oT The spiriTual emphasis oT The VW' 1' d ' ' n ni Tendamenlal? "l undersfand you are changing your policy ' e maior Triad . , .' .f?'E There's no place like home Perhaps lhe real hub of campus aclivily is in each individual dorm. No mailer whal lhe hour may be lhere is somelhing going on somewhere in lhe dorm . . . s'rudy. a "hoo'renanny" lriclcery . . . somelhingl Roommales having devofions, along wilh group prayer meelings, 'rogelher wilh personal devolions play lhe inlegraling roles ol dorm lile. Each sludenl is an individual: however, all be- long lo one F.W.B.C. family. Y,Ir' ' 1 . "Ill had a hammer . . I7 'N Is if e bird? . . . ls if a plane? School spiril-Thal' eleclric sparlf lhal iqniles a crowd and sels a learn ol ha'l players on lire. Excilemerir and lerision fill lhe air as lhe boys hi+ The floor, and a hearl here and rhere slcips a half beal lasler as 'rhaf special guy plays rhe hall down 'rhe courr. Never go 'ro a game wilhouf expecf- ing To Corrie home hoarse-yell, yell, yell, unfil you can"r say ariofher word: rheri, whef '+ Ya all over, win or lose, you,can have 'rhal proud feeling +ha+ says "wa3r'+ our learn qreal Toniqhrlw l I 8 3' xt Color Tom happy!!! oes anyone have La Heonex7 ' x Jfki, if uf' V3.9 V 3' nw , iii' Y "Tie 'ha' las? phrase sloaer . . There is a ioy in serving The Lord no maTTer how menial The Taslc . . . This has been proven many Times over by F.W.B.C. Areas Tor service aT F.W.B.C. are varied. The ChrisTian Service DeparT- menT has a goal +haT everyone excluding TirsT semesTer Treshman be in some Type oT service eiTher in The church proper or some oTher aspecT oT service. Some sTu- denTs are in a gospel Team, oThers have K.Y.B. Clubs. child evangelism classes and many oTher areas. Each chapel service is recorded so ThaT Those desiring To hear a special chapel over again may. Mus? have been anolher Tacully chap l "Rewind Tl15Tl55TT5pe ,, -usa-enun- N T iii A gi fy All W f R ig :Z .Sis -.- ii gf: 5 fx Q 4 s f F 4 3' 1 Q ew. 4, e x -x z 5 President Jared F. Gerig l-le was Gone for awhile. To sludy, To leach, To explore The land where Jesus walked. While he was gone A new class Took ils place. New laces appeared. Shovels bil earlh, And ei building grew. l-le has relurned, And he has Shared l-lis ioy. iw E222 mamma, 'W Edward Simpson, Dean of Educafion Deans . .4 . Cyril Eicher, Dean OfSfUdEV11S Xidwvyxfm I .nhl Willard Rowell, Dean of Mem Joan Meyers, Assislard Dean of Women Donna LuHon, Dean of Women S 2 rf, f . , Governing Board -.- I , ff L, -q-I J. Francis Chase James N. Belh Henry Amsfuh 4 55113 - ,fa .P .. i L3 S. 'fl llyx ,...,..J- Forresf Balsiger r . ,l 'X all i , flfwi If 1 t . A-,, V . ,, .um 1 4 -lflff-Pd F- Gem! Tillman Habegger Carl Miller NI' Q..--4 ? ,rf , 2 MSP. 6,51-if 1 Qi. if g if? if mon -l' Pelelsen 'ef Clyde W. Taylor N John Nussbaum Noi picfured: Ezra P. Sfeiner Evan H. Bergwall Donald P. Chase Edison Habegger Paul Robbins Jolm Sfuclry William F. Williams Administrative Qffices REGISTRARS OFFICE: A. Isaac. H. Welty. n I I 42- W? K .- BUSINESS OFFICE: W. Habegger, Treasuf er: C. Schuman. rw-' RESEARCH AND GUIDANCE OFFICE: H. Wrighf. F. Weddle. I II 455' DFVFLOPMFIIT OFFICF. w. King, G. Icing. STEWAPDSFIIP OFFICE: A. Tucker, R. Ross, H. Wrighf. it 5 I .... PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICFF G. Hoavson. J, Derrefh. BUSINESS OFFICE: M. BaI1Ierg J. Arm sirongg E, Schmidf, Asswan' 'Ire'Iz,ra: 'N '-'EF J. Dursf. Q13 M. Welfy. '.-.lfQs V H SFf9E'FD'ES W, Bueschlen, Secrefaw fi fx:-gf' H. Reynolds, Secfewry I n I ' , 5 F L 3 5 'a 1 I ITi ' 'I Y. 'S rf,-L V '77 5 L .f Ji Ax . '54 'fl U Y ' M v"""X 4' 7, lv" '- l 1 ' ,E L. Mosierg v ,Mzinqerg J. 'Se'-q, Y SWITCHBOARD: A. Halre, SECRETARY TO THE PRESIDENT! A. Neuenschwander. J LIBRARY STAFF: R. Elmer, N. Wiederlrelwr, R. Nickel, E. Ellmhe, L. All n. Q vxl. . .3 - JV . N vii .jf l ' ay ., A. A X, f 4 :FEA Jr Ji 1 NURSES: E. Williamson, J. Waring I i 'I' 49 ' 'l 72" I, ...E . ., MAINTENANCE: N. Oyerg O. Hakeg E. Reynolds, Dlrecwnrg W. Crawfis, A. Bley 1 iv W . Ya -Lg Z I 4 YL ,M N., Xlllixvk .. W f. BOOKSTORE' T. Bailler 24. ffl. 2. fig ' FOOD CENTER: M. Fiedler, Supervkorg M. Poppsg T. Hosleller J. Miller 'Oli KAMPUS KORNER: K. Dursl COMMISSARY: P. Eiclwer Z in-L ,'. 1 Division of Christian Ministries The impacf of fhe Division of Chrislian Minislries has been fell lor many years wherever our grad- uafes are found. Under The capable leadership of ils dedicafed lacully members, siudenis are rrained and prepared lor lhe Gospel minislries in 'rhe re- sponsibilifies and privielges of a Chrislian leader. The obieclives of lhis division include: lil helping 'rhe sludenl To form a Chrislian world-view, l2l in- iroducing Jrhe sludenl lo various melhods of sludy- ing and presenling The Bible, l3l giving Jrhe sludenl a working knowledge of Jrhe Bible and an under- slancling of Chrisiian docirine, l4 foslering Chris- lian growlh and malurily, Q5 developing, by sludy and praclice, lhose professional slcills needed lo ful- fill his calling To one of 'rhe Chrislian minislries. lol and leading ihe siudenl info an apprecialion of a lull dedicalion fo Chrisiian service. wif: " ' 2,'X . ,,,. Dr. Edward Simpson, Chairman X xx N ax N vm mf Y MN P , . , , :1':fNff!Q:-ff-sT,,H, . , 1 -, J, .- -11.41:giiiggzfg-52525 I .'iits-"'xi!lM1 bxl gfw, 's1gg.a::,.1f::g5. -' ' -, lf ' - ' ' " X 1 f 4:5 ltgjgg-: :I 25:1-j: BX? 1 , ,., I ,.,. , X X Q , I F , W ,X W xi " s- . 1 ,F M- X s -., . .. -- , -x m v ,ss QA 4, ' fm' . , ' Q. V, ' l -r K f Ox.. : Trmv Edward P- O- Carl BFOWU Jared F. Gerig Joy Geflq Wesley L. Gerig W. O. Klopfensfem Augsbufgef AB.. S-T.B,. MA ABA, ma., WMM My BD., mm. rm-s. AB.. PHD, MA., B.D.. T554 Nw... van ,l -'GN 'vm xg.. .' 'fx xi Oswald Morley Willard Rowell Frances Simpson Timolhy Warner Herald Wally AB. B.'ll'1,, BD., lvl.l'l1. FNB., M.R.E., DRE. AB. S,T.B.. MIX. B.R.E,, MS. in Bible The division of Bible offers Two programs, The BA. wilh a maior in Bible and Theology. Also lhe Slamclafd Bible Course, a 3 year course. The obieclrives ol lhis deparlmenl are: lil lo give lhe sludenl a vvorlcirig lcnowleclge ol lhe Bible: l2l lo help him achieve a doclrinal balance: l3l lo imparl lo him lhe lechnigues of elleclive Bible sluclyi l4l lo impress him wilh lhe cerilral place which Biblical sludies should occupy in his emlire Chrislian life: l5l lo develop lhe Chrislian characler ol The slu- denlr ancl lol lo give lhe sludenl molivaliori lor ad- diliomal Bible sludy on a privale basis. H- f ' 'i',o'illng7" Christian Education To know Chrisl and make l-lim known is The purpose ol lhis deparlmenl. Many melhods are learned and used wherher rhey be puppers, buzz groups, skirs, or discussion. The vocalional purpose of 'rhe deparrmenl is: 'ro prepare Chrisrian eclucalion direclors, child- ren's or youih workers: 'ro conrribule 'ro lhe pre- paralion ol pasrors and missionaries: ro provide basic insrruclion lor lhose who will be lay lead- ers in The church. "She nel only leaches vis al h lh " Dr. Frances Simpson, Chairman gli" Rev. T fhy Warner, Chairman Missions ln fhis program sfudenfs are prepared for various fields of The world. This primary purpose of prepar- ing for Chrisfian service af home and abroad is soughf for fhrough fhe following obiecfives: lll fo aid fhe sfudenf in developing a Chrisfian philosophy of missions based on New Tesfamenf feachingg l2l fo acguainf him wifh fhe hisfory and me-'rhods of mis- sions: l3l fo provide an orienfafion which will give him an undersfanding and appreciafion for non- Wesfern culfures as a basis for cross-culfural com- municafiong l4l fo insfill in him fhe realizafion of fhe necessify for indigenous church principles: and l5l fo help him develop cerfain essenfial slcills in This field. 'Take time lo pray." enlcounseling wifh q e Pastoral Training Two degrees are ollered in lhis program: Bachelor of Arfs wilh a major in Pasioral Training and Bache- lor ol Theology, The obieclives in This field are: lil helping The sludenl obiain a knowledge ol 'rhe Word ol God adeguale for his calling: l2l inslrucling in principles and melhods lor an elleciive pasloral minisiry, l3l assisling lhe sludeni in acquiring lhe personal gualilicaiions lor lhe pasloral office, l4l and developing slcills enabling lhe sludenl lo admin- isler lhe reaching, iraining, and business aciivilies of lhe church. W--S-wa sw. i .f--, U sgxvg, 1 l K ' , "E .- " . 'i 1 1 ig Qfmfgfr- 3 1' Q ' X -1 S 2 N. I K Dr. Edward Simpson, Chairman l 3 7 LL l 'Ti'- X 'V iw-ee "'-4. f Division of Arts and Sciences Classes are slruciured lo add To Jrhe general edu- caiion of all siudenis and lo ihe professional pre- paraiion of siudenis in Jrhe fields of Music, Social Science, and Teacher Educaiion. The obieciives ol ihis seciion include: lll pro- viding a core of educaiive experiences commonly conceived as general educaiion in keeping wiih The general obieclives of Jrhe college wi'rh Chrislian con- nolaiion, l2l providing a program of heallh and physical educafion for all siudenfs, l3l providing professional programs in The field of church music, social science, and speech, l4l acquainling each slu- deni wiih and deepening his appreciaiion for his culiural herilage 'rhrough a general sludy of nalural sciences, and humanilies, l5l and coniribuiing +o Jrhe developmeni of Chrisiian personalily in Jrhe sludeni awakening in him a clear sense of mission and dedi- cafion oi himself fo Jesus Chris'r in The service of mankind. Dr. Rene Franlr Chairman vu.,- John Bechielheimer Carol J. Brown Eunice Conrad Cyril Eicher Edillw Elkhe Richard Elmer B.S.. M.lvi.E. BS. PMB.. M.A. AB., 'l'l1.B.. lvi.A. PMB.. A.M. in Library AB. BD, Blvi, M A Science MS. in L.S. Ralph Gallagher Ira A. Gerig Eileen Go'Hschalk Nelson Gould Grani Hoalson Marlene Langosclw AB.. Tl1.B., M.A. B.M., M.lvluS, BS., M.Ed. AB., M.A. B.M., lviivius. Helen Macklin Ted Nickel Melvin Reynolds Elmer Soden Foresf Wecldle B.S., M.A. PLA., B.S.. M.S. A.B.. Th.B., B.S., M.A. AB. PMB., MS. -3- L ..- W , - f- -, ------- Communications Cra cf ine imgiions oi ine Deparirneni of Com- ,,f' a+:Qnfi5+i1aioiannuaiiy preseniing a play by fiL.CiEViif. The obieciiya-5 are direcied io- i ara fansiaciory pariormance in wriiien and oral i'CL.3fIQ. 5 -an We cbfaciivas in ine areas of iiiis deparimeni 'vs ya: iii aiding ine siudeni in comniunicaiinq eff Q ie:+i-yefy by voice and aciion, and f2j aiding Hue ffadani in cornnmnicaiinq cleariy and appropriaiely 'iii I 'n wriiien iorrn. 3 ai x ,asa- Miss Eunice Conrad, Chairman ri Music and Fine Arts Dr. Rene Franlr, Chairman if .A w in -::.- u, N99 "ll's a page number, noi a nofe." This depar'rmen+'s obieclives are: lll preparing sludenis lor various minislries in church music, l2l providing general educalion in music and arf, l3l encouraging crealive produclions ol good music, l4l preparing sludenls lo leach music in bolh public and Chrislian day-schools, and l5l preparing slu- denis lor graduaie sludies in This field. Each Chrislmas The Oralorio Chorus presenls l-landel's "lVlessiah". ln lhe spring ol lhe year a con- cerl lour by Jrhe Chorale is made, Jrhis year louring in lhe easl. Ralph Gallagher, C atural and Social Sciences The obiecTives included in This deparTmenT are: lil helping The sTudenT To a beTTer undersTanding OT himself: l2l helping The sTudenT appreciaTe his cul- Tural and spiriTual heriTage: l3l learning some OT The meThods and Techniques ol scienTiTic research: l4l providing general educaTion Tor all college sTudenTs in physical and biological science: l5l preparing him Tor a saTisTying liTe in The Tarnily, The comrnuniTy, and The world: lol broadening his undersTanding oT The naTural environrnenh l7l gaining insighT inTo possible soluTions oT pre-senT-day social problems, especially in The lighT oT ScripTural principles. Z "Save The bollles Tor MarTha." Physical Education The aims ol 'rhe Physical Educalion deparlmenl are: lil lo help lhe individual become more physical- ly eflicienl Jrhrouqh alhlelic aclivilies: l2l 'ro inle- qrale lhe developmenl of good heallh habils, alhlel- ic skills, alliludes, and apprecialions inlo lhe Chrisl- ian characler of 'rhe individual: l3l and lo encourage social efficiency lhrough lhe praclical applicalion of Chrislian and democralic principles in recrealion- al acliviries. Qi H W' S 'w ew uf' 'k"'S ,Q 1 ,N a J 9155 'Q ,Q . 'I l Coach Os Morley, Chairm , ' N. Archery sludenls fry 'ro imilale 'rheir 'reache K Teacher Education The purpose ol This deparlmenl is 'ro pre- pare sludenls for The professions oi leaching bolh in Chrislian day-schools and public schools. Programs ol sludy are provided lor lhis siudenl in elernenlary educalion and music educalion. Opporlunilies are provided lor The sludenls in Their lasl year of Teacher lraining 'ro aclually leach in The schools ol The Forlr Wayne area and Thus pu? 'ro prac- lice The experience which he has learned in his four years of Jrraininq. Mr. Ted Niclrel, Chairman Extension Studies isui1---gli.: T3 9:2-R' TK m t, ..v ,Q xg,,,,. A ny x A , X' ,ig 52 T Wim. P ' You did a good lol: on The lirsl part, bm , .. Alwlnl Never fliouql'iT l'd One deparTn'ienT, very oTTen leTT in The beclcqround, is TliaT oT Tlie DeparTmenT OT Exe Tension STudies. Annually scores of sTudenTs and Triends accepT Tlie responsibiliTies oT cor- respondence courses To TurTlwer Their educa- Tion, compleTe a degree, or increase Tlweir knowledge in The sTudy of Gods Word. M3211-, S 5 V+' 4 . ' 4 g 5 fi Paw xxx . Kwik ff'- 5 Lg--rj ML X Y l 1 5 K JW :Q Lg W x N .M X L J Trl 4 T. F Q, 5 Book If on Student Life Joan Weber, Secrefary. Niles Kageyama, President Dick Lovesfrand, Tre a:.rer Darryl Congos, Vicebpresidenf Seated: N. Kaqeyama, J. Weber, D. Congos. 2nd row: B, Steiner, J. Wagner, L. Wardle, D. Flint, H. Welty. 3rd row: J. Mortemore, L. Harmon, D. Lovestrand, P. Douglass, J. Welty. Student Association Government, Integration, Coordination-channeling the expression ot student opinion and promoting better relations between administration, taculty and students-this is your Student Association. Social lite was promoted through the annual Halloween Party and Christmas Carol- ing. The Spring Banquet rose to new heights ot excellence and excitement with "Maies- tic Moonlightn in the grand ballroom ot the Van Orman Hotel. Spiritual lite was emphasized with a series ot Association sponsored chapels through- out the year highlighting practical topics such as witnessing, prayer, and home lite. These, and other areas ot importance and concern to students, are the concern ot your Student Association. Tourists even lcnow we're here. if I? Seafed: M. Canfrell, M. Gray, A. H-abegger, x'4.,',-, m 1' W ' :fG'WS.1'l . v 8 --,-.Q-wmv... I 8- Q . .,.. ,Li S. Laclwmiller, M, Richards. Sianding: J. Plaiie, --J 1.411 A A lp, x'a Seawd: -' 5e'h Sfanding: J Noble, J, Ale-candor, D. PavMclc, B. Moeninq. J. Be-Hz, M. Elmorfg-, M. Watkins. .-'R' I., . ML., ? .a ..,- :,- "' ,-"" S. X A .V .J 5 x f wi. VL . Ain. ,N Light Tower Lighl Tower . . . nol ius'r anolrher boolc buf a new experience in life. ll was a group of people sfarling ou'r To record lhe experiences of anofher school year. I+ was edilors appoinled, phoiography assign- menls made, business men confacfed, long hours and deadlines 'ro be n'1ei.As snowdrilfs piled higher and +he final deadline drew nearer, if was a few mishaps and caiaslrophies loo. l.igh+ Tower . . .a blending of personalihes 'ro pub- lish a unique boolc. big. --sex A Q 2' 'Q ':3:: I ' Bb SieEdl BI' ara ein r, i o Pafricia H J ousden, Assistant pw. Jim Well y, Business Manag Student Voice Expansion and irue expression of 'rhe voice of ihe 5+i.den+ body were Jrhe key nofes of 'rhis year's schoof paper which was under ihe ediiorship of War- ren E"io+. Poiilricai aliqnmenr in The elecrion: candid ednorlais on scholarship, on spirifual life and sfudenf arnrudesq and a feaiure charm column provided pari of ihe 'rhrosf which made fhe Siudenjr Voice more deiiqhfiui inferesiinq and irnporfani Than ever be- fore. M. Richards, B. .1 v. Parke E 3 r, P, Dic iw -yi f lcenson, J. Du rsf. F Pj, .fa fr Warren Ellioi, Ed ifo 1,- I 7 1.1, Row l: E. Kilmer, K. Fa b, ll, Grace Row R. Hollowell. J. Mnrlc-rnzre, P. Lfqan. Row L Alpha Kappa Academic achievemenl and accurale preaching ol lhe Word ol God provide 'rhe obiecllves ol Greek Club. Once-a-monlh meelinqs buzz wilh discussion as quesl spealcers or Third year sludenls presenl exposilions from lhe Greek lexl. Again lhe year was hiqhliqhled wilh a banquel in February, a sermon conlesf lor second year sludenls. and a rneelinq in 'rhe home ol Dr. Jared Gerig. xx Sealed: M. Pelrrul, K. Falb. J, Alexander. Slanding: D. Swinehearl, W. Geriq, D. Slansell. D. Ertwn, L. Vfa lc- Row 4: M Pelridl, J l 1 Firsf row: L, Moore. M. Milche-ll, D. Srrahrn. Second row: O. Brown, J. Mahia, S. Hodge, M. Schaser. Embajadores Para Cristo A shrinlcing world has made language a direcf communicalion of culfure ...Thus a need lor lhe sludy of Spanish. Spanish Club is comprised ol s'ruden'rs who are enrolled in Spanish classes or who have a knowledge of' 'rhe Spanish language. Hs primary pur- pose is 'ro provide opporrunify for praciical use of rhe Spanish language and 'ro acguainr srudenls wilh The culiure and needs of Spanish-spealcing peoples. A visil ro a Spanish Church, missionary speakers, films on Spanish counlriec and a Spanish meal were learured evenfs during lhe school year. Circle K Row l: P. Logan, E. Maslin, D. Rowell. Row 2: M. Wanner, J. Moser, D. Erovm. Ro 3 E. Augsburger, J. Alexander, D. Rashley. Row 4: N. Kloizbach, C. llordgren, D. P D. Reichhardl. A unique campus service organizarion lor college men, sponsored by Soulh Forl Wayne Kiwanis, Circle K provides a means lor The same Type ol leadership in a college communily which service clubs are giving in Jrhe business and professional world. Following rhe Kiwanis mollo "We Build" lhe club compleied such proiecls as providing frees lor The landscaping ol Jrhe new dorrng bringing lhe Bloodmobile on campus: and llhe mosr popularl providing escorrs lor girls going home al nighl. J. Alexander, D. Barr, F. Pyles. Row I: B, Nichols, L, Balmer, L, l-lealh. Row 2: R. Cook, S. Sl, John, J. Codner, J. Forms Row 3: K, Sholl. D. Loveslrand, J. Moser. Pi Lambda Zeta Speech, bolh arl and communicalion, is siuclied and praciiced by mem- bers ol Speech Club. This club is under 'rhe clireciiori ol Mr. Elmer Soden. Inlereslinq aciivilries of The year were a debafe cluririq eleclion lime be- lween sluolenis of Conservalive and Liberal persuasion and a chapel pre- senlaliori of lhe Chrislmas Slory. , ,xx .-,,- X. l 1 1- Hs-allw J, Fomdedl, J. Codrver, E. Sorlen. I r1"" V. he :T iii' R 'lf Music i 6 . .1 Club Row l: G. Snelllnalcer, R. Franlc, B. Slain-ar. M. Milclwell. Row 2: L, Mason, J. Weber. M. Wadewilz, M, Elmore. Row 3: J. Moser, J, Snider, J. Plalfe, Music . . . one cannol imagine life willwoul il. Meelinq eaclw monllw in various homes and on campus, Music Club is open lo anyone who enioys and appreciales good music. ln slriving lo promole good music llwe club has organized a molel qroup and several members allended an opera. l 1 l "Boris Godounovn, on line Indiana Universily campus. J. Plalle, P. Housden, M. Wadewilz, M. Elmore, Dr. Frank. bl. , C. s A 1 l li is si l ls' Q . .. 59 . t l Student Education Association S t d D E rt. Standing: S. Sonnenberg, T. Nickel, S. Geriq. Eort Wayne Bible College is not contined to its buildings. This is proven once again by our Student Education Association which is a branch ot the National Education Association and attiliated with the state organization: this club is comprised ot students who are enrolled in teacher-education courses and those who plan to do any teaching at home or in the mission tield. Gathering each month tor a party at State School, tilms. discussions, or tietd trips, SEA provides a good opportunity tor practical experience in the tield ot education. McA G Fellowship Q ...L 1I x'f l-"i izj I 5 l 'S 'S I . i P. Logan, A, Habefzger M, M1 M W1 Sludenls belonging lo lhe Missionary Church Associelion meel each monlh lor lhe purpose ol disseminaling inlormalion regarding The M.C.A. worlc al home and abroad: slimuleling inlercession lor ils per- sonnel, funds and growlhg and encouraging such sludenls lo enler service under lhe M.C.A. Among lhe aclivilies enjoyed by club members were a picnic and banguel. Row l: J. Hewill, A. Hebegqer, M. Mitchell Row 2: S. Sonnenberg, S, Gerig, N, Gmce Row 3: O. Brown, S, Heller, R. Haney, C, Vollmar. Row 4: D. Brown J Moser, P. Logan, M Wann ' "f ig Q Row I: L. l-lerlv, A. Radcliffe, M. Kalmle. Row 2: R. l-larlley, M. Emery, B. Rapp. M. Phillips. Row 3: -' - S NN'1"w5, N. l-hlclvar S, Carr. Row 4: J.'Morlemore. D. Congos, R. Hollowa CMA Fellowship 4 l lnwuif-xmuyymgw. of L 554, ' 1xs"'x ,,.,x,,w..- x.... M l 'VUNAWPJ xiuwga: ' W , .Wwl,4...q X .... XX il lik: .-Q -, y. Composed ol sludenls belonging 'fo llwe Clwrlslian and Missionary Alliance, llwis organlzallon meels regularly lor lellowslwlp and inlormallon regarding flue denorninalional program and rnlnlslry al Home and abroad ealedz S. Clrconler, S, Wal'ere. Slancling: B. Rapp, R, l-lollowell. if 4- ' f ' " -.. . . ' .-T711 S, 1-rs wi:-ra xx ' ' "Y-, - , . . Q Q ...HM ., ,, , .. i 7 ii is Aliftiii iii-L? ki' iii. 2 1 . ,, . , 7? , . ..,.,, .u r,-, f' ' 1 - I ' 4. V iirfih- .' u fx-,, ' Q 'f, : ' vsi 'f u 'iff ,, u , X Dwi 'Aww' I . 'J l I I WL ' r, I I A ,L l I " I E 'l f',l'4 I I 4 1 ' l r' H if D 5 , -ii-. 1 ,lfig WA- vrlfi wwf- c41::.:.z::..4a lS 5 S iff OU 9YT1E U I Alumni-Parent Da Affer an opening message in SMF by one of flue firsf graduafes of Jamaica llueological Seminary, Alumni-Parenf Day confinued wiflu flue fradifional erecfing of displays by flue classes, flue Alumni-Sfudenf Baslcefball game, and climaxed wiflu flue debuf of flue missions drama, "Conguesf in Burma." Parenfs of freslumen explored flueir collegian's room for flue firsf fime, marveled af luis neafness lfluey didn'f clueclc inside flue closefl and clapped enfluusiasfically wluen ffue newesf ones on campus won flue display fropluy. Alumni came fo inspecf flue new dorm and fo see flue effecf flueir "Living Endowmenf" was luaving on flueir alma mafer. Tlue increasing imporfance and accepfance of Alumni-Parenf Day was reflecfed in beffer programing, displays and increased affendance. N ' A , . . V 'Li A --Y I mr , ' -,sa 1-fu., .-,M ' " 'li gf. "" ..f' ,,- . . .':tSf-f' - if exffffw' . ' 'T . 1 . in rw '4 fur DA pl y c y f flu :Sf dy'ng flue Word fo Serve flue World. Winning Frolu D pl y . 1 , , --up -.. 1 ,. ,ff-w sh , , 4 K by r ...-,gf - '-x.- ,- 4 -149355 49' 00", 4. f"A+ --X 5, -ff - O r' A 4 " 'V No ' s . . v Z7 kr r 1 5 3 . JK,-5 'W' , Q ' L. 2 ll '-.,g..,,,,.. ... -v-0 1 j U WWE 4 f E . 4. lg- '23 c I-'ff' N 4 f 'N 57. X - J- "lx:-can ' N vQ4'- 1 x '? E gi q,, X x,'f!'Qj'. 1 - . . x ' ' ' - v ' ' on Spiritual Life ha pel Some mornings do noT sTarT righT. Typing up an essignmenT Takes longer Than expecTed, devoTions are abbreyieT- ed and a guiz is sprung unawares. In The cenTer oT The days sTorm The sTudenT Tinds The calm which his soul has desired in The opening oT The Chapel organ med- iTaTion. WiTh a momenT oT prayer, The singing oT a hymn, a message Trom Gods Word, The True reeIiTy is Tound, and wiTh iT The sTrengTh Tor The reeliTy oT The day. Spiritual Emphasis lr oooperelion wilh The Grealer Forl Wayne Area Ford Philpol Crusade, lhe Bible College ztoefded Hs iredilional spiriluel emphasis weelc F he Fall. Joining lhe lhousands al lhe Coli- 'efnl Hoe College sludenls sang in The Choir. -1' filer lhe oreaohlng ol God! Word, and Nr ff,1 '3T1ff'l'hlPfiLlF6fZ eller lhe rneeling. Di Han Vlelsln, chaplain el Whealon Cole eye mai :calmed ipeelcer el spirilual emphasis Cl,l'."'2I Ve ,ecard iennesfer. Bringing a series 1: new pfiaolfal 'TiE",'HCjQZ lrom The boolc ol PHl'pplans, Dr. Vfelfh rnosfed and inspired The "Fe cafnouz To 5 Closer wall wilh Chrisl. Dr. Eva n Welsh gi X 1' y, wi .., x.u In on f B. Cook, K Si J Dunlap R, Walsh, Student Missionaries Seelcing io expand 'rheir field of Chrisiian Service and To give badly needed aid and assisiance 'ro rnisv sionaries several Bible College slue denls have spenl recenf monfhs give ing volunleer mission service in olher counlries. Mary Belh Cochran wenl 'ro France on a gospel learn: Karen Sieiner flew souih To Peru as a secre- lary, Ron Walsh io l-laiii io assisi in agriculiural work, Judy Dunlap flew To Jamaica 'ro leach C.E., Roberla Coolc laugh? good news clubs on The Canadian coasf. This fall Grani Os- borne speni ihree monihs in Palcislan wiih TEAM. Cu Gsbarne, B, Cochran QS' J. Alexander, B. Winferegg, K. Brisco, J. Dunlap. Uzinq +ne Teffers of our SMF, "Send Me For+h" was +he fnerne of Hue Slmdenf Vfkifcnary Fdewgnip HMS year. One of 'Pe n7qnUgn+s of HMS year was a visi'r 5 in' 'Wiz Cmendar, one of The mission- afez We SMF sepporfs. Every ofner Frif day nignf, Hne SMF presenfed Hue mis- "'e',' inawenge En a new and pradrical Hqf. CAAI 4'f'jxJ4r Student Missionar Fellowship WTTFC J B vrnq. J J, PMQH- B4 S143-Iner, Rev, T Nm U s....,,,N 4 gear- 'W .7 i 5' Y ing af-" s A Gene Spielrerman Lou Finney Bar Missionary Conference The unique minisiry of ihe Openi Air Campaigners was ihe obiecf of Jrhis year's Missionary Conference. Lou Fin- ney, John Barrier and Gene Spiekerman shared ihe various messages and prac- 'rical workshops in rela+ed classes on such ropics as "Comprehensive Follow-up" and "How +o hold a Crowd". Taking siudenis wiih 'them The Team heid open air services ai Souih Side High and in rhe neighborhood for chii- dren. en Air Services af S-:wh Side H 69 i -QI T45 HEADS 5 Ltcnnnll.-r l- Flip, L, Ellis, C lfuhnlii-, J. Alexander, C. Mitchell. Christian Ministries Retreat "Musical Aires" was the theme ot the I964-65 Christian Ministries Retreat, held at St. Marys, Ohio in the camp ground ot the Evangelical United Breth- ren. The program teatured panel discus- sions, outdoor activities, banquet, sing, spiration, devotional thoughts by Dr. E. Simpson, and enlightening messages each day by Rev. Timothy Warner. x ,- -n Sadr?-n lseafedl M Masfomon B Mc1eninf1.A Wfidri. Youth Conference Y flw Conference Ensemble YOUTH CONFERENCE COMIVHTTEEZ S. Penland, J Seng, D, Pfirrnalfi-C, G. l'larcf'cl, J, Vfelly, E, 'QS X . Again fliis year flie campus was in- yaclecl by liundrecls of young people from various sfafes, affending flie 25+lw Annual Youflw Conference. Wifli flue flfeme "Running flue Race," flue confer' ence feafured 'Bill Panell, alumnus of Forf Wayne Bible College and sfaff eyangelisf for Youfli for Clirisf Inferna- fional. Tlwe Conference foolc place flue lasf weekend in April. Bra-as En-zernlalo H35 ..--,gg X . Nw- fel 'X-s-W: sis Pg 'I-1-K ir- N2 Wt . " +1-aw" X?-2 o QSQZ., -- Miss Gerig l Experience is The beef +eacher"-ihe saying ooef. The Chriglian Service deparrrnenl under lhe direcrion ol Miss Gerig gives each siuclenl rhe op- cirlmily lo learn lhrough experience lhe lhings 'hey learn in rhe classroorn. The siuclenis serve The iinfnsnirv lhrough ihis deparimenl in various ways tech as Srale School reachers. Sunday School leach- er? Chicl Evangelism, Pasioral lnlerns, Mission worlc, and ire Gcfpel ieam rninislry. Christian Service Miss Dis O-...g I B-'Tr':rJ. 'Q Y' 'M' ffeizz 1 Reporling Ch l S J-Ar-'x , U9 if ya - -V4, . vw I' 1 fs? AMBASSADORS: D. Bibersie-in, D, Brown, P, Logan, J, Plaffe ,c Fi .Q-X 5 ,A 4- If xxxw VJ! ,V :ff 1 fm' X , ll .- K .' 1 ' X ' .Q N. ,5 Gospel Teams ff- L9 N X-ff" ' NW J' 1 ' 4 in J? ' I TO' ' 3 ' . , - ' " riff ' - N 1 - . 11+ f' , f" , - ' '- N "A W ..A 5' " X ' bg I , . - 3 , Q 1 ' X 5 . V 1 5 Y ,: . ,, gms : ,si 141 ' ai:-'E MELODY MESSENGERS: M. Rklwards, C, Peek, B. G:-Ndafwfk, P4 May, dl' HARMON-NRES: L. Hencssoo, N. Tschanfz, L. HQUGSSPO, M. Elmore' 45.9 Q rw-,, W Y 4' vi I H1 HI'-'L--rg D, Gzbfrrnf AMA TEAM: EL, COOL, J. Moffer. E Sirdwan, M bfflwjr '-'Vx B If THE MNTCHELL TPEO: Mer, L36 Cxflp 'iss TSX xc: . ' , 5 1,55 ."'. F KAR X, .P f A' ' : -53 t , . l. , wr--v X Ht 3 - ' . Q +1-f 'A R -if '5tT4QQ n fr - . x ,A vw 5 X , W,- 1 5 J X , R A x N J A xxx! Q A " X. SN Y , 1 Q ,QYQYY5-Xmx Q' ' 5 A A A 1 N A A 'wx ,,.+"'r g' .V X EVANS-ELANRES! L. Perldns, S. Carr, J. S:!mr":'v:1v3r ., Q .7 V-q.px,QLpQ.L. , X, G fx" ' 1 Lf! '1'l.'sq 2 'A , .A- 3 U 1 5 n 'UC idx '-v 1 I N v s an I x ,,f X 4505? E 'fi Vi rs - -.fsfcfd 4 V our ,ch rw -,,,.,. k V .. r - rs.-.rn Ljex .3 Th or eni A X TS-SD Ox ,rs X. F orsary and March, Chorale is a Conlinuum oi -anefday and Friday rehearsals ar I:45 plus a CDO-a lime oi seciionals alier loclc-up in ihe vale is Tour. Brrnipy and smoorh rides rhrough gl, feep, hours oi "BaHleship," relaxed fel- 'nore f eep. as bring promise of meals prepared by new oorlanily lor service-singing praises To Him. iopaled Tour ol The World's Fair. Foriy-four File choir sweafers blending voices for a spe- xarfa and Jersey. Long days filled wirh a 2 i:rd'n. session ar RCA siudios. T re :fn es a cerlain nniryflhrough The language of 1 rhroaan l-lirn. John Bechielheimer, Direcfor .Q Fronf row: F 5.2 9 Wills,-.-1-fl, N, Tcchaniz, R. I-highs, S. Lachmillr:-r, L. Wahlie, G. Snellbaler, M. Wanner, S. Carr, J. Moser, -l. Waring 'ir L. F-'ir F' 'Slit-'ner. M, Watkins, Second row: C. Peek, M. Milchell, S. Geri , D. Brown, B. Sfeiner, S. Liechf . L, Mason, J. Snider, M. Canfrell. D rr wil' Q Y 5 L .. F. Hal:-t-gger. Third row: G. Parry, J. D. Plalfe, P. Mays, D. Pavliclr, M. Maslerson, E. Cecil, A. Dissinger. D. Osborne, S. Johnson. T Fourfh row: J. Eichcr, S. Morley, B. Goldsrniih, R. Heidelberg, D. Wallrling, J. Ross, N. Holovar, V. Rice. J. Weber, B. Emery, M. Sholl. Band When someone menlions lhe word "band" lo a child, +hough+s of a parade or circus immedialely come inlo his mind. When someone meniions The word "band" a+ FWBC. 'rhoughis ol a baslceiball game or ol a chapel service during finals week immediaiely iump inro mind. Under Jrhe capable direcfion of Miss Marlene Lanqosch, lhe band has prac- ficed diliqenlly ihrouqhoul lhe school year. Somerimes fhe slrains of Bach chorales and rhe convenrional marches can be heard coming from rhe chapel aller lunch. Ofher days 'rhe band divides info ensembles for pracrice on chamber music and works for smaller groups. New inslrumenrs have been added. New members, new dire-c+or-all srriving ro malce sound +ha+'s resonani, ariiculare-praising l-lim roqelher. .H Jul He enioys leaching. Women's Chorus The arrival ol second semesler al FWBC brouglil info being a new musical organizalion-Women's Clworus. This group. which is open lo any girl who enioys singing, was composed of 20 girls lrom various classes. Under rlie direclion ol Mr. Jolin Beclwlellieimer, llwe group nas underlalcen llwe proiecl ol buying new music folders lor llwe Music Deparimenl. Money was raised for Jrliis proiecl by a car wasli and dues paid by flue girls. We enioy singing. C- C1 x F mr Cec- z4,g Pericrrnance Comes alter many rn-:rilhs oi pracfice, 0 t i One oi ihe ioys oi +he Chrislrnas Season Thai ihe people oi lhe com- munily loolc forward lo ihe mosl is The annual preseniaiion ol l-landel's "Messiah" Presenied on lhe Sunday allrernoon oi December 8lh, a IOO voice Oralorio Chorus and orcheslra wirh soloisis Doris Brailhwaile, so- prano: Lois Tarr. coniralloy Carier Cody. 'renor and Ralph Appelman, bariione, were direcied by John Bechlelheimer. Aiier preparing for many monihs lhe choir presenfed again 'rhe old iayoriles Thai send us away ioyiully singing in our hearls "The Glory ol Jrhe Lord" and "l-lalleluiahf' Ohfo Siafe Univerwy WO'DdWRDd Qmnfef Beri Zamkochian, Orqa nie? Artist Series i.,,s.-Q., 'S-...f" Herbert Philbriclr, lecturer Student Recitals ',!.-M: ' 'wif Q.. ,ff ,f, f Mary Masierson, Voice Barbara Sfeiner, Finn Y N4 I on Athletics Basketball 'I'-,l LZ! ForT Wayne Bible College experienced Their greaTesT season This year, compiling a I4-9 record. l-ligl'1lighTs OT The year were a Trip inTo CincinnaTi and KenTuclcy during semesTer breal-, a six-game winning sTrealc, ancl The champion- ship Trophy of The Lincoln ChrisTian College lnviTaTional Tournament The lvlorleymen spiriT ThroughouT The year, and wiTh some lucl could have made The record more im- pressive. Losing Tour men, Three ol Them sTarTers, nexT year loolzs lile a rebuilding year. l-lowever, wiTh worlc and deTermi- naTion, The '65-'66 ediTion oT The Ambassadors may be greaTer Than ever, Bc nd Lovey. fl, A Wx? . I v' .X-""""' V ..- gn., ,gs .. J V ., 'ff' all f Q T' lillii T A The Ambassadors opened The season wiTh a home game againsT The Preachers oT LINCOLN CHRISTIAN. The BC. men were handed a sound deTeaT, 75-94, as They could noT geT sTarTed. Talcing To The road, BC. Tound The Tormula Tor vic3Tory aT BETHEL. The lvlorleymen wallced OTT wiTh Their TirsT win on BeThel's Tloor since Coach Morley Tool: over The helm. HighlighTs oT The game were Diclc l.oversTrand's 33 poinTs, The Tloor leadership oT Bob Moening, and The all-around Teamworlc. Revenge is sweeTl ATTer Three Trouncings in The pasT Two years aT The hands OT GRACE, The Ambassadors Turned The Tables. Playing on The Lancers' home Tloor, The BC. Tive led mosT oT The way, Traveling To TRINITY, The cagers' Two-game winning sTrealc was ended in a rough, sloppy game. Noel KloTzbaCh was injured wiTh The loss OT Two TeeTh. IT symbolized The boys' TrusTraTion abouT The game, as noThing wenT righT. FighTing an uphill baTTle all The way, BC. Tinally losT 55-bl. Playing CONCORDIA Tor The TirsT Time, The lvlorleymen deTeaTed The Saxons 68-63. Playing one OT Their besT games oT The season, ForT Wayne led all The way. Dick LovesTrand Turned in 5 greaT deTensive game, holding 7-TooT Ron RenT- ner To iusT six poinTs. Again, Team play was The lcey To vicTory. AlThough down by 46-34 aT halTTime, The Ambassadors came back To Tie MALONE, and Torced The game inTo overTime. Bob lvloening Then shoT B.C. inTo a six poinT lead, buT The Team was unable To hold iT and losT Their Third game oT The year, 83-85. Traveling To OAKLAND CITY, The cagers did noT experi- ence SouThern hospiTaliTy, as was proven by The lO2-64 score. The lasT game before ChrisTmas saw ForT Wayne suTTer iTs Third loss in a row T79-94l aT The hands oT HUNTINGTON. L L A long sTreTch. su-'O2E:, 1 X VN 'X ,TNQ Ring around The rosy. .. X., X., - X ., -. :fs K X ilii 1 ,,. .w -- - 1 sv- . -1 VY - Qs' J. ,ll xg..- N ' - - C . 1 1 gx,Q ' x Z k , x, ii WTVN. f .M 1 i - 'i44' ll 'ggi' 4 . . 's V34 20' T X x is r ex N-- 4. ...4,L sf- l G is as l l V ff Fr , .. . T i 3 T 4 .3-N. T A Fronf row: V ', He' T' r .ribs-zh, J. Wolfy, D. Congos. B, Moening. J. Dunlap, D, Eawigr, Back row: Cgggh O, Morley, R, Meyer, 5. Morley, , r f "i f l r E W'ni-tr-:gg, D, Osborne. Noi piclured: F' l-lc-off, el Diircf J Noble. X-rg :rage sled I ?'1'S Coming baclr from fhe Chrisfmas Vacafion early, fhe baslcefball fearn foolc fo The pracfice floor fo do somefhing abouf a fhree-game losing sfring, Facing a GRACE fearn benf on revenge, fhe boys played a greaf game. again ,howing well developed fearn efforf, and displaying a new "zone press" which worlced effecfively. The Ambas- sadors led mosf of fhe way, and refused fo fold under The Lancers' final fhrusf, preserving a 95-89 vicfory. The Saxons of CONCORDIA were ouf for revenge, and played a good garne. The big difference was fhe effecfive- ness of 7 foof Ron Renfner, who displayed a renewed desire: he confrolled The boards, scored well, and held Dick Lovesfrand fo a career low of one poinf. This was fhe worsf garne of fhe year, final score being 57-84. Bouncing baclc from ConCordia's beafing wifh new inspira- fion, Ff. Wayne defeafed HUNTINGTON 89-81. The B.C. boys hif a fremendous clip, especially in The firsf half againsf Q h, he go? The Tip, i- my-av N. . was-nga I-lunTingTon's zone deifense, Toriiing Them inTo a man-Tofman defense. Darryl Congos pTayed The game oT his career hiTTirig 29 poims, many Trom 25 TeeT oiiT, This game proved To be an in5piraTion To The Pxmba-siadorz, and sTarTei:T Them on a six-game winning sTre-ali. OTQT rival BETHEL wa? The ned Toe To Tah To The BC ba2leTbaTl machine. The game was dose and exi:iTing al? The way. The highTighT C-T The game was The due! beTween EverriT VVaTTei'house oT BeThe' and Did LovesTraniT Lomei. Came oiiT on Top, as he conTroTTed The boards ard sierea weil, Again balanced Scoring was evidenced as a geo? Tormula Tora 92-83 vidory. During The sernesTer breah our boys Tool a Trip inT: Ohio and Ke-nTuQTy. The TirsT game was pTayeCT aT CIN- CINNATI SEMINARY wiTh The Morfeymen coming awiix 89 FWBC Opponenl 97 . -i Ii'll 67 92 fo 75 73 bIQNflxlfXi?N . .I -W Qn'i'r.5in .... .. 94 ,,Se'hif ,..4.... .., 65 .Sf .. 74 .,.v' n .. bl . 1 1 ,..4.., , .. 63 ..'x'f"'Q- 'i.e'linel 85 ..l9+-iwiC'ly ....,. IU? .H n win . 94 ..,fi'.ie ,... .. 89 ,,,.CnnC:rdia .. .. 84 ..hlfl'nwlon .. Sl ....Belnel..,..... H83 ....C"i'nnali ...9I ....l4enluCly Chlislian . ... 83 .. ..., Sl. Ffanifis ,..... 75 f ... .... lillin Universily .... .... 73 ., ,.., I?-we Poly ....... ,.,. 99 ,. .... Midland ........ ... 84 M ,,,, rim IM-iiimei .... . ios .. ..,. Swing Arbor .....,........... ... 97 Lincoln College Tournamenl' ... .,,. Cincinnali Seminary .............. ... 78 ... .... Lincoln Chrislian lffhampionshipl .... .... 73 .... lnnily ...............,........ 74 N FX Shool Bryce He W:-nl fhal way. wilh a lhrilling viclory. Down by seven poinls wilh 2:02 lo play, Forl Wayne we-nl inlo a press. Darryl Conqos made lhe score 9Of9I wilh 50 seconds Iell, A lump shol by Sleve Morley pol lhe BC, men ahead 92-9l, Diclc Loyeslrand linished lhe scoring wilh a lree lhrow, giving lhe boys a 93-91 win. Conlinuinq lheir semesler lrip, lhe learn won ils lourlh game in a row, bealinq lhe Kniqhls ol KENTUCKY CHRIS- 3 I, TIAN 92-83. Down by seven al lhe hall, lhe Ambassadors onlscored lhe Kniqhls I7-IO al lhe slarl ol lhe second hail and wenl ahead lor good al 52f5I. Playing SAINT FRANCIS ol Forl Wayne lor lhe lirsl lime in hislory, lhe Ambassadors lurned back lhe Trouba- dours 87-75, Showing lhe ellecls ol lhe long semesler lrip and all niqhl ride lrom Kenluclry Chrislian, BC. led by only lhree poinls al lhe hall. In second hall lhe Bible live pulled inlo a sale lead, only lo see Sl, Francis pull lo wilhin Iwo poinls al- 70-68, FI. Wayne lhen sprinled lo a cornlorlable lead, and won qoinq away, . .av 'W Q Jawa' ...,V .,.4A if y 5 M . y 1 Nwumwss hx lg as xxx , Ei ' W . wi i, 5, , Fifi: cs Le-ls Vile il easy, Forr Wayne ran lheir winning slreali lo six games, wilh a convincing 9773 win over TIFFIN UNIVERSITY. The Arn' bassadors led all lhe way, and were never in serious Irouble, Carrying fheir winning slreal- info lhe game wilh ROSE POLY, FI, Wayne saw il end 8789. BC. had a rough lirzi hall, and was on The shorl end ol a 37-49 halilime score. Nor willing lo see lhefr slring ol viclories end wilhoul a lighl, Coach lvlorley's boys roared bacl-, and wenl in ironl 70-68, However, Rose Poly scored lhe nexl eighl poinls, loo rnucl' Ior lhe Ambassadors ici overcome. Torn Curlif. led Ro-ze Poly wilh 27 poinls, while all live ol lhe slarlers scored in double figures for Forl Wayne, led by Sieve lvlorleyls 24 poinls. Leading all lhe way The Varsily fashioned a IOLS4' viclory over MIDLAND COLLEGE ol: Ashland, Ohio. The Ambassadors were in conlrol all ihe way, allhough lhey had some anxious rnornenls in The second hali. Sieve Morley led Ihe allack wilh 33, lollowed by Diclf Lovesirand wilh 22, Darryl Congos and Bob Moening wilh I7 each. Midland was led by Lee and Blaclfburn, wirh 22 each. Y'l . 9 -1 Aa-?' gp, so .F 'Q -.a S . E 1' ig .I . - fd'-'I r V 'sv T fl U f .- 3 .L-,E-2' , f--Kee .. iis - ' sr . " . 'GS-10-ff'-. of ' J .: .,V 7 "Hi" Q.. The Ambassadors nexT showed The eTTecTs oT a Two week layoTT as They Traveled To TIFFIN Tor a reTurn engagemenT. They held a Ten-poinT lead aT haITTirne only To see iT vanish in The second halT. Ahead aT 95-93, The men Trom BC. were Torced inTo overTime in The Tinal Three seconds oT reguIaTion Time. In The exTra session The lead changed hands several Times beTore Darryl Congos puT ForT Wayne ahead. The Tinal score was IO7-IO5. A comebacl. Tell shorT aT SPRING ARBOR. Trailing by I5 poinTs wiTh less Than Tour minuTes, B.C. employed Their press. Though eTTecTive, iT was noT suTTicienT and They losl 92-97. ATTer drawing a TirsT,round bye, I:orT Wayne advanced To The championship game oT The Lincoln ChrisTian College TournamenT by deTeaTing CINCINNATI SEMINARY 96-78. In The opening game oT The season LINCOLN CHRISTIAN beaT ForT Wayne 94-75, WiTh This very much in mind, The Ambassadors were deTermined To play Their besT game oT The year, and They did. Showing greaT desire and Team' worIf, They worled inTo a 36-34 haITTime lead. The TirsT haIT saw a well-played game, as BC. made Tew errors. In The second half, a Tiredeup Lincoln pushed inTo a nine poinT lead, wiTh Tess Than Tour minuTes To go. Going inTo a l I I "'1C"1Vl chi-c-ang Tor I3 C 9 2 I "---.,- 1 X, R Q I.- fm? X . -fs1Q'6ff' I lr ' ffl'-T uf' ,, I y I I .. - ,. ' ,"+-19:51 u 'qi , 52'--SQ..-g - A -gf ' a -cf - Afvqxr n. VISITORS press, The Ambassadors chopped away aT The lead. The Crucial baslfeTs Came Trom all oT The eTarTrnq Tlye. Bryce WInTereqq sewed up The qame Tor BC, wITh Two Tree Throws, maldnq iT 75-7I. Lincoln ecored a lasT second baaleT malinq The Tinal score 75-73. ForT Wayne Bible College had ITS TTrsT channplonshlp Team. BC. ended The '64-'65 season wTTh a 73474 de-TeaT aT The hands oT TRINITY college. DeTlnlTely noT The Team ThaT won The Lincoln Tournament The Ambassadors showed The eTTecT oT a lonq weele-nd, Down by eleven poInTs wTTh 4:32 To qo, ForT Wayne employed The Tall courT press, and almo-aT pulled OUT The ylcTory. The game saw The end oT playing careers Tor Darryl Conqos, Roy Meyer. Bob Ivloenlnq, and STeye Morley. y 4+ ., U . T41 ,Aj .- If 1 3,5 'Th ."Q5',. Q' -'if.-fefe, N iw' , E :saggy ,af -if" as 'sw.'3fi, -f-'TTETG Grab VJ In' vb! I. -L I I 93 I M. 'R .f 'FQ .fs Q F'-' ' I I -- un- - s in iii F sf row: flaw J Di' els Second row: J Noble B l-.'laen'ri3, S Morley. Noi picfured: J. Morfemorc- Tennis Pariicipaiing in iniercollegiare iennis for only ilie second year. Forl Wayne Bible College experienced a losing season. A group oi ireslirnen rnalce 'flue piciure briglnier lor nexllalll-lowever,il1ere rnusi be an increase ol inieresi sliown if BC. is io succeed in iliis sporr. A new inlercollegiale spori was siarled iliis fall ai Forl Wayne Bible College. Cross Counlry was added 'ro Tlie expanding sporis program. Tlne learn liad only one rnafcli and los'r io S+. Francis in a very inieresiing nieel. Tlniz sporl sliould prove io be inleresiing in iufure years. I is X ' if ii . Lei me fouch if! Intramurals The infrarnural program 'rhis year has given fhe individual an oppor+uni+y 'ro parricipare in many aThle+ic evenlrs. All siudenfs are assigned ro four iniramural 'reams The Aihenians won +he foofball championship To climax an excifing sea- son. Each feam mounfs up poinfs on each eveni which are applied af 'rhe end of 'rhe year 'foward fhe frophy which is awarded ihe over-all winner. Every cowboy needs a P L lk.-if L Sl, X ff A X Q w K1QWgiMzm2fUzNwW Xfx K Nfk5KQyLVX9 WN K: ZW YifEs5QOfZfff xffbf J GQ-,."','i' Book III 1:49 CWIQERS- Row I: D, Flin? Smdenl Councilg A. Wada, Treasurerq K. Sleiner, Secrelaryg Row 2: J. Ross, Chaplain: P. Douglass, ' oe" Csxs' E, NV. Emery Prefdenfg D, Parmelee, Vice,Presidanlg J. Blomquigl, Sludenl Council. Seniors This was il. The year you anlicipaled. And now il's almosr over. lvlosl of you came as green freshmen and erlered wilh enlhusiasm info every aclivily. The ignoranl volunleer. Then you were sophomores. Ewen flnough Classes became a maior Concern, you slill had lime lor baslcelball, for snowball lighis, lor dared, Sion yo., were iuniors, worlcing your way ihrough upper division courses on your way lo lhal lasl yea' walihing lhe grads in June wilh The lhoughl, "we're nex'r." Tre :umrner oafned and you came back as lhe "wheels" No longer was lhere a class above you. You 's 1? Cisilbri. as Campus leaders, wenl Through second semesier wilh hopes of noi having lo lalce fha rnorl unusual "Senior Day" in hislory, and realized lhal The lirsl snowfall, The lirsl diy would he your lasl ones on campus. . f .'i' win Mperia-nee lhe lhrill ol candlelight rice, and old shoes. Some will slruggle A gfnlaf cl a new language lo fell black shiny laces ol Someone who loves lhem. Bur all ii' f'.' Tr days al FWBCidays when you became "endowed wilh a vision." JOHN CHARLES ARMANT .......... Chridian Educoiiori, Miszionc: Ticosir I, 2: Transier: Moody Bible Iniiimi DAVID LAWRENCE BARQR . Missions: Clans Pri-sid-i-nr lg Cirglr-.IK Flay I, 2, 3, Came-rn Ciub I7 YFC 3, DAVID M. BERGGREN .... Hampsfead, Maryiand uis I, 2, V, I3F"'2ICI"'FI 21 In'rirn',raI3 Belding, Michigan 3 4 Pr-fdnni 4' ghd"-ri' fxriiygii 4' Phoenix, Arizona Bachelor of Theciogyz Irzirafnuraia I, 2, 3, 4, 53 Bari-fA'baII 2, 3 4: Piay 43 Pasiofs Assisiani' 5. CHARLOTTE KAY BINKLEY ............ Lima, Ohio Elemoniary Educavian: Booz?-er Ciub I, 2, YFC 3. BONNIE LORRAINE BLISZACK .. Sf. Ciaire Shores, Michigan Elerncniary Educaiionr Oraiorio Ig Speech Club I, 2: SEA 3, 4, Lighi Tower 3, Piay 2, Dorm Presideni 3 JAMES ALLEN BLOMQUIST ........., For+ Wayne, Indiana Pasforai Training: Oraiorio I, 23 Choraie 2, Troiiiurer 23 InIranwraIs I, 2, 3, 4, Baskeiball I3 Gozpel Team 4 JANET LINN BLOMQUIST .......... For+ Wayne, Indiana Eharneniary Educfiiion: Oraiorio I, 2, SEA 2, 3, 4, 5: Che-i3rIc-aciinq I' Ligh' Tower 3, Ciass Tmfizureir I. Dorm Pre,-den? 3, Giizpel Team 2 4 KATHLEEN LINE BLOOMER .......... Royal Oak, Michigan Eicrnf-ni-ary Educaiioni Music CILIQ 2, 32 SEA 3, 4, 5:Chi:ir.1If1- 2 3, 4 Yami Coriierence Ensff-rnbie I, 2, 3, 43 Gospel Team I, 2, 3, 4. KENNETH NOLAN BRISCO ........,... Lockport New York Missions: Basl-eibail 2, 3: Spanish Ciub 2, 3, Inirarnurais 2, 3: CMA 3, 4: SMF Treasurer 3: SMF Presidf-nr 43 Transfer' Nyack Missionary Coliege, ' all X vu 1' W4 6 . O -Y, 26- WN' I ,asm e -9, '23 ff 43 7 W, ,P 435 , 4 -V .wi X i ,Lx q 4.4 Name .4-If -E, ,fx c"""' M!! f' -1113 P .SB , N99 'Til 'Y' BEVQERLY SUE BRUBAKER ..... 1 ...... 4. For+ Wayne, Indiana Mr,.I.n1ry Nurnnq. Trans- I-r. Mindy Bible lns'1Iu Ie. CYNTHIANN BYERLY .. ........ .. Irwin, Pennsylvania MX, 'n Vx Numing. MARY DIAN CANTRELL ............ Hagersfown, Maryland Elemcnlary Educalionz Muaic Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4: SEA 3, 4, 53 Ch l I 2 3 4 5 Lgh T r 4 5 O a 3 I 2 4 '-me . ' ' Cx-.E I r 'Om CAROLYNNE KAY CLAPPE ................ Bryan, Ohio Ele-monrary Educalion: Band I. 2: Speech Club I, 3, 41 Dorm V. Presidenl ' A 4 3, 4: SEA I, 2, 3: Lrqhl Tower 3, Play I, 3, 43 CM DARRYL DEAN CONGOS ................ Painesville, Ohio Chriglian Educalicrn, Mrssionsz Sfudenr Council 2, 3, 4, V. Presidenl 3 Claas Treasurer 3g Eaalrslball I, 2, 33 CMA 3, 41'OraIorialg Chorale 4: Alpha Kappa 2, 3: Youlh Conlerence Ensemble BARBARA ANN BEERS CONSTABLE ........ Barrie, Canada Bachelar of Sacred MusEc: Music Club 4: Transfer: Moody Bible lnslilufe PEGGY ANNETTE CRAFT ,.....,....... .... B afavia, Ohio Elcrnrfrnlary Educalionz SEA I3 Crraduafei Easlern Srare Teachers College, Richmond Ifcnlucly. PATRICIA .ARMENIA CRAWFIS ........ Washingion, Penn. Missions' Muzrc Club Ig Orixcrzqr 2' lnlrarnurals I. JOAN LEE DeMERCHANT ...... .... Miszfcrnary Nursing A Royal Oalr, Michigan Q , PHILIP ARNOLD DOUGLASS ....,... Van Nuys, California Social Science: Asaizirrnl Paglor 45 CMA 3, Prosidc-nl 33 Sfudc-nf Council 45 Class V, Priiraidcnl 33 Alplia Kappa 23 SME En'-'-rnblu 43 Trinzlort Simpson Bible Collif-qc-. BONNIE E. DRUDGE .... Silver Lalre, Indiana Baclwelcir ol Rf-ligiouz Educilfnn. JUDITH KAY DUNLAP ......... .. Forl' Wayne, Indiana Clnrisfign Educvion, Mizgiiinsz Class Treasurer I, SMF Secrc-'ary 43 Dorm Presidenl 4: Spec-cb Club lg Play I, 3. WILLIAM CHARLES EMERY ........ .. Bellville, New Jersey Missions: Baslelbfill 27 Cliornlo 4, Spanish Club 3: V. Prozidcnl 3: Claz-2. Presidenl 43 Tl'flI'lEri'Q'TI Nyaclf, Mizzioniry College. TIMOTHY CEDRIC EVEARITT .............. Toledo, Ohio Mrss:i:n5: Basbelbiill 2: lnlramurnls 2, 3: Alplia Vappa 23 V, Prezidc-nl Dorm 3: Presidenl SMF 45 Tranzler: Nyaclr Missionary Colle-gg, DIANNE ROSE FLINT ...................... Gray, Maine Els-menlnry Educafion: Sludeni Council 4g Dorm V. Prezidenl 3: SEA I, 2, 3, 4, Presiden? 4, lnlrarnurals 2. RITA KAY FRUCHEY .................. Reading, Michigan Elementary Educ iiion: Clic-erleader 2, 3, 4: SEA 2, 3, 4. ROSEMARY SUE GINGERY ................ Woosler, Ohio Elf,-nv-nlir Educalion, Miursionsg SEA 3, 4, 52 lnirarnurfils 4' Dc-rni Swim' Y iary 4: Trnnaiif-r: Eluillon College, Bluiilon, Ohio, MELANIE FRANCES GRAY ............., Youngslown, Ohio Elenie-nlifiry Educalionz SEA I, 2, 3, 43 Bossier Club I, 2, 3: Treasurer 2, Presideni 31 Liqlnl Towijir 4. .NS- -..w ,vm-v I -.JN-. --5 X '. .f 1 "Env-4 22 fy? an fir 9 . 5?-v,,X TN U WZTTV' ,Z-an , ,Lg F ' wif' if ' 31 t--'Y we RUM '. ,gl D W I , Q me f '-I Xf"-I" f 'l'!lls...... I Il: I , Mir 'Iii .bv- 10 X .-f f, A. RUTH HANEY .....,........... U .... ,. Jackson, Michigan Elernenlary Educalion: SEA I, 2, 3, 4: MCA I, 2, 3', 47 Oraiorio I. ELIZABETH L. HARRISON ............ Mallorylown, Onlario MiSSiOnary Nursing: Graclualc: Kinqslon General Hospilal School ol Nursing I476. Transfer: Moody Bible Inslilule, HENRY ALBERT HEMOND ............ Brisfol, Conneclicul' Bachelor ol Religious E-:IuC.iIion: Transfer: Moody Bible lnslilule and The Uniycrsily ol I-Iarllord RICHARD LEMAR HOSTETLER ........ Forl' Wayne, Indiana Chri-zlian Eclucalion, Missions: MCA I, 21 Alpha Kappa 21 Circle-K 2 SHARON ANN LACHMILLER .............. Toledo, Ohio Mission: Oralorio 4, 5, Cheerleader 4, Chorale 4, 53 CMA 4, 41 Gospel Tearn 33 Intramurals 3, 45 Liqhl Tower 5: Transfer: Bob Jones Universily JULIANN LEAS .................. Columbia Cily, Indiana Chrislian Educalion, Missions: Boosler Club 3: Slude-nl Council 33 Sludenl' Associaiion Secrelary 4, CHARLES R. McCRAKEN .... Cleveland, Ohio Pasloral Training: Alpha Kappa 2, 3. JO ANNE WANDA MARTIN ............ Jackson, Michigan Elemenlary Educalion: Speech Club I, 2, 3, 4, Secrelary 45 Boosler Club I, 2, 3, Presidenl 35 Treasurer 45 Play 3. HAROLD DAVID MASON .................. Zion. llllnols Bachelor of Religious Eduqaliong Inlrarnurals I, 25 Transfer: Moody Bible lnsfilule. l 'Q-...,,, "' Y MARY LOIS MASTERSON .,..,......... BIufffon, Indiana I3a:hQIor fi Mimi: Ed,c1I n' IvI',3i:: CI:.b I, 2, 3 4, 9 V Pri:-ffdfi-1' 3' MCA I, 2, 3, 4, 5 Trf-Inari-r 5 Sacrf-Har, 2 Criirufr- I Y 4 5- Pay Q Y-QINI1 Crvrrifi-r-'-rico En L',f'- rr'rLfIf- 2 3, 4, 53 GG'pOI Team 2 3 ROY EUGENE MEYER ,.............. ....... , . Lima, Ohio Pazioral Trarnfnq, Mr-,zr'rrr3: Hi',,I-"bj1II I, 2, 3 4, 5, AIpI1 Ifippi 2, 3, 41 ChoraIe I, 2, 3, 4, Pr.-,idi-rf 2, YQLNII Cinirarcrci- Er imLrIf- 3 4 SMF Erw2QmbI'3 2 3 53 Ora'--' r I 2, CIaw Prodi-n' 2 3 EMI- F' f"r,iq'g"cn Pr-Biden' 4 Trvj'1f,.rQr3,G- gp'-IT.g:im I, 2, 4 STEPHEN HOWARD MORLEY ........ Fori Wayne, Indiana PasIriraI Training: CIafa Pri-srdenf 2, 3, Char-'iIr? I, 2, 3, 4, Pri-zidirni 4, V. Presidenf 2, Baslcibali I, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4, Imramurals I, 2, 3, 43 SMF En9ambIo 2, 4: B'izeb'iII 4, AIpIwa Ifappw 2, 3, Liqhi Tower 2, 4, DANIEL RAY PARMELEE ................ Lansing, Michigan Pa3'9r3I Tm ninqg Each?-r Qi TI'-QCIC'qy: Chiirale 52 CIHQG V, I3rf?:IdenI 51 Gospal Tom 4, Trar11Iwr: M 'ridy I3'I3Ir? Iniirmfe, SANDRA KAY PHILLIPPE ................ Anderson, Indiana CI'1rIsIian Educafion, Music: Grtspel Team Ig Oraiorio I, 3, 4: CI'roraIe 4: Dorm Presidcni 3: Transfer: TriyI0r UnivQr5iIy. FRANKLIN ARTHLIR PYLES ............. Sf. Louis, Missouri Chrisiian Educahcng CrrcIQ-K 3, 43 YFC 3, 4, Drama Gozpel Team 4: PIay , I, 2, 3. 4, Alpha Iappa I, 2, DAVID ARTHUR REICHHARDT .......... Camden, Michigan Missions: Alpha Kappa 2, 3: Cirde-K 3, 43 TrfirrzI'er: TrI,SiaIo COIIQ-ge. SHIRLEY JEAN RICE ...,.......... .,.. D eiroii, Michigan EI'9rrI9nI'sry Educafisn: SEA 2, 3: Tranfior' Dc-'rorf BIEIQ C-vIIe-go, JOHN WESLEY ROSS ...........,.. DewiHviIIe, New YorIr EIemenIary Educnfionz Grgrzpd Team I, 3, SEA I, 2, 4, V. Pre-sidQnI I, Pre-sidenf 23 Camera Club I, 2, 3, V, Prcsidem I, Presidenf 2, 3: ChoraIe 3, 47 SMF EnsE'mI3If2 43 Y-nmh Comic-rirncn EnsamI:rIe I, 2, 3: Transier: I-Iouqhron CQIIQQQ, ' 4- IU' "w Ns... 4,-59 if K I vw' Axiifaiii I I ,JJ ,155- 'ww- Q"","b . nl-'11 I V P' 5 .' N 1 A ' It R I 4 f . X A, 4? s iggj f gzsg. I '. :LI L-RQ. M.,- 'M ' ' Y in ,,v. , N-E' x F r 1 . Sw. Y ry, 'gm , r' - ,gli 5 1 I 1 re., - V A .gf- 'l . i 'rv' ,Z ,4 .IX C in ',l mga, Aj x . X f of I: i Law 'x i 71 A .S. . '.. ff? gi, ' 'S 'x 5' Zhi i rr ' .Y .bk f'f9S ,O I. '. If lf.- r -- ' i -Ni Q ' 1 ll' if - 5, -is i ill' ' 5. i. f' N7 Tr. lla? - 'Z Q:- "" xi.- Q .. 1 03 N 1 fi' -K " "ISSN :"'I""'::nT' 'Q":4::-K, 5::i"T" A 'wgx J. ,C ., 'R 1 'I-A7 .3 . as . 1' x ,X ,. ,F 1 '1f".?"' 3 4 . LUKE ABRAHAM SCHOWALTER .......... Newfon, Kansas Clirislian Educafion, Music: Infrarnurals'3p Transfer: Moody Bible Insfifufe. DUANE CARLYLE SEIPLE .,.............. Rockford, Ohio Music Educalion: Gospel Team I, 23 SMF Pianisf I, 2: Oraforio I. PHILLIS LEONE SHOLL .............. Forf Wayne, Indiana Missionary Nursing: Oraforio I3 Gospel Team I3 Band I: Liglif Tower I. MARY JO SPEICHER ..,............... Bloomfield, Indiana Missionary Nursing: Transfer: Indiana Sfale College, JAMES DAVID STANSELL ..,............... Midland, Texas Missions: Alplia Kappa 2, Presidenf 23 Liqlwf Tower I, 2: Transfer: Moody Bible lnsfifufe. BARBARA SUE STEINER .............. Forf Wayne, Indiana Baclielor of Sacred Music: Sfuclenf Voice I, 2. Edifor 2: Liqlwf Tower I, 3, 4, Associafe Editor 3, Edifor 45 Inframurals 2: Youlh Conference Ensemble 2, 3, Orgnnisf 43 Cfiapel Organisf 2. 3, 4: SMF organisf 4, Sfudenf Council 4: Oraforio I, 2, 3, 45 Cliorale I, 2, 3, 4, Secrefary 3: Music Club I, 2, 3, 4, Secrefary 2, V. Presidenf3:Alpl1a Kappa 3: Gospel Team I, 2, 3. KAREN JO STEINER ........,............. Woosfer, OI1io Clnrisfian Educafion, Missions: Cliorale 2, 4: Class Secrefary 4: Boosier Club 2, 33 Transfer: Blufffon College. DAISY ETTA STRAHM .................... Berne, Indiana Elf-rnervary Educafion: SEA I, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 4, DAVID L. SWINEHEART .......... Columbia Cify, Indiana Pazforal Training: Sfudenf Council 3, Alplia Kappa 2, 3: Speech Club 2: Transfer: I-lunlinqfon College. ma- -- , , .. - 4...,N-- - r' N r. f - A f I' 'c 4 4 'N r- Q KAREN SWINEHEART .............. Columbia Cily, Indiana EIemenIary Educalionz Light Tawer I, 2, Assizlani ECIIIU 23 SEA 3, 4, Pri-sidenl 4: Dorm Preziclen' 4' Trfinsicrz I-Iuniinqicin C-II-sae, NANCY LOUISE TSCHANTZ ........ Soufh Whifley, Indiana Music Eclucalion: Oraforio I. 2, 3, 4: Chorale 3, 4' Iviuxic Club I, 2, 43 Dorm Secrehary 2 Pre'-:iCIenI 4, AILEEN SUMIE WADA .......... ..., L awai, Kauai, Hawaii Elemenlary Educalionf SEA I, 2, 3, MCA I, 2, 3. 41 Boosicr Club I2 Chorale If Ciass Treasurer 2, 4, SIudcnI Council 3: Gospel Terirn 2, 3. JEAN MARILYN WALKER .......,........ Columbus, Ohio Missionary Nurginqz Spanigh Club 5: Graduafez MI. Carmel School OI Nursing I9597 Ohio Siaif- Univi,-rsily. JEANNE VIVIAN WARIN6 ..,... Cenfral Square, New York Missionary Nursing: ChoraIe 5. 6, Cvraduaiez Albany Medical Cenier Hos- piial I963. DONALD D. WARNER Forf Wayne, Indiana PasIoraI Training, MILDRED V. WATKINS .............. Royal Oak, Michigan Elemenlary EcIui:a'ion: SEA 3, 41 Liqhf Tci-.wer 3, 4, Clam Edifcr 4' Chorale 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Orarorio 3, 4. CALVIN LEWIS WAUGH .... .. Charifon, Iowa Pasioral Traininq: Alpha Ifappa 2, 3. JOAN SUE WEBER ...................... Wauseon, Ohio ChrisIian EcIuca+i-an: Choraie I, 2, 3, Youih Conference Ensemble I, 2, 3: Boosier Club I3 Alpha Kappa 2, 3: Ciazs SecreIary 2. Vice Presidenf 33 SMF Secrelary 3: Sludenr Associaiion Secrerary 47 Dorm Presidenl 4. an Vx uf 51 'NMS 4r",'X 11" ir 'C'- ,Ci Lp' Cn! f. "i'f3'fj'v r 4 , rw' icuii. fip. We W X- in- 4-,...f ff-- irifwb v.. Str CLASS OFFICERS: J. Marierngre, Swdenl Council: D, Sclwierling, Treasurer: R. Huqlis. Presidenlg C. ML-Lell V Q-Pragidenw J, W.agner, Sfudenl Council: P, Mayo, Secrelary: R. Elmer, Advisor: D, L' CP I W lf Sl cl 3 .-,fJ,J'i Juniors ablaing -. e y, udenl Coon i. ire 59+ Year. Wlven all lnas been said and done lliere is seldom any gueslion llial llwe Junior Year ,fn Tre Year. Perlnaps il began willw a ieeling of irusiraiion, yei mixed willi ilne iruslrafion was liope- "'Q'LLi1Li3rl'+3FlvJO years oi sludying a beginning rniglwl be made in learning. L 1 il niion llial you can read l Corinlliians in Greelc, play an organ ioccala by memory. or wriie f :iam-r wilbCar'ripbelllsiOrl'r1c3i? No. il is nor an illusion, If is irue, and if is also lrue Tlwal The 'V lf' yfrli. . ff a ff, ff f . . Alllwoizglw llie dullness oi rouline somelinnes sriiles, purposes are brigliler, and '5'ilV1ll'lf'JiLJl. , Bei W ' n- ffmiel cornrnillees, planning ilwe secrel Junior-Senior Banguel, playing slariing po- ! ELA, ' bii'l'elba'l season ever-llwe year will end wifli a fired sigh oi relief, buf will always idfearny figli oi noslalgia. John Anderson Rosemarie Basel Winnella, Illinois Flinl, lviiclniqan Carol Beerbower Ferl Wayne, Indiana Slwerryl Bei+Ier Ferl Wayne, Indiana Felicia Bell Forl Wayne, Indiana David Biberslein Berne, Indiana Joyce Collins Webslerville, Vermonl Palricia Craig Forl Wayne, Indiana Arlene Dissinger Auburn, Indiana . brigliler purposes John Dursl Janel C. Eiclwer Elizabellw Ellis Richard Epps Karen Eflinger Ronald Fields Susan M. Fischer Carolyn, Harris Ronald Hege Fori Wayne, Indiana Ferl Wayne, Indiana Ferl Wayne, Indiana ,Ferl Wayne, Indiana Ernmaus, Pennsylvania .Ferl Gay, Wesl Virginia Wliealon, Illinois Harnillon, Oliio Fori Wayne, Indiana N- 'X , -r Z, K O6- 1.4 a. 's fvs -rf QT-" . 5 4V X f i Y . ,s , - .X gl, v J psf? 1 , ,f , s QE. 5 ' lf' VUN I I 'fi if ,, I , E X ., 3 x , f I .. 1, ,Sym .avass ln ,.,-, Q- ,g i i 'ar 0- - '-A ' . F R " ' ls- ,Y -2 - . I N -y,, Q ' , ,.A' .- I'R55'a f.. If? ' rfqsssiffiq. if N r ':-Q:.rk1,:'4 Y-1-1f"x':,.-. - s QS2e'Ffe:fa 1: , 1: -.-r-f'-"Y --f.,-.-s . Y -'--D-555512: ' Agia, QNX . W ,,,..1Q.i,+ N.. I - xx , , .1-115 ish' '9' i ii . : KRW x Q. :A Y ., ' Q54 ,ff is r gy ef .' 'fvcf 'E' is. 5 I E551 fx 1 liklf? ,QE icibxs! . .. .NX . A 3 N.. V ., -1 .-Q 'M 1 rv 1 f X, fr . .., 111 an Xb Z3 " 'T' I x SX , Xi is IO7 A , 4' 1 fl of 3 is F? Q , , Q 1 'fx fvivs -L..-W . K Q "Sire .- l ik v "' V . x 0- NY 'vid' W:-5 K ,R L Ph- gi E' f"1 -vi ir, 21,3 mix IU! .3 f .J Q, Vg M-, i A my .. ,. rn ilu-, X-.Jr i 1' Q - , O i 4 Qs' ...f 'fp vi w.... . Y i, lar, f , i . .vc 1--.firm Larry Heidelberg Joleen Herman Pai Housclen Roger Hughs Winifred Humphrey Willie Hun+er Sarah Johnson Niles Kageyama Judifh Kane +he dullness Charles Kuniolca Rulh Landes Margarel Logan Jefferson, Ohio Brimlield, Illinois Aliquippa, Pennsylvania Buclclin, Kansas Canlon, Ohio Phoenix, Arizona Peoria, Illinois Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii Erie, Pennsylvania of rouline Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii Anderson, lndiana Corry, Pennsylvania 1:5 rl.. Dick Lovesfrancl Minneapolis, lvlinnesola Joyce Luplon Russell McCord Dodge Cily, Kansas Chillicolhe, Ohio John Mahia lvlalalhia, Kenya, E. Africa Pairicia Mayo Beverly MelloH' Toledo, Ohio Yorlc, Pennsylvania IO8 y Helmu+ Michelson Emily Mighells Carolyn Mifhchell Roberf Moening James Morfemore BeHy Mullei Marilyn Myer . David Osborne Roberf Parker Carolyn Pope , Donald Rashley Judifh Reavis ,, , Marilyn Richards . Carolyn Ross , Louise SaclceH , Darrel Schierling . Marlene Sholl , ,...,,, ,.,. . Deiroil, Michigan Randolph, New Yorlc Toledo, Ohio Lima, Ohio Toledo, Ohio , Nappanee, Indiana Newarlc, Ohio , Fr. Wxayne, Indiana . Sheridan, Indiana Juniors Flinl, Michigan Della, Ohio . Beloil, Wisconsin , Beulah Beach, Ohio , , Dewiifville, New Yorlc ,, , Farrndale, Ohio , FI. Wayne, Indiana , Edqerfon, Ohio Glenda Snellbalrer Manchesler, Pennsylvania K .V 'Q an . 1 - . '19 'Lb 'afar 'Q QQ I .r i Q--1' 'QQ Qt?" ifis 1 vc:-' 'L-. 'T -er" YI Iii J I Qu-1 'Q'- 1 an - he J ew .1 . 4"-in 0,........ rm ""' 41 X if .Y 1 xv l.: ,Q ,.,J -n , ,"9 xre- 6 141 .f'iiiN:, afifl ?'i'gi.Q fe-Er" . . , wwf' '!fN Fi 4, Sally Sonnenberg Alefha Sfaighf Lois Sfeiner Royal Oalc, Michigan Forl Wayne, Indiana , Fori Wayne, Indiana 011 Ni Monica Wadewifz For? Wayne, Indiana Joanne Wagner , , , Berea, Ohio Adassa Walker Sf. Ann, Jamaica, B.W.I. One fnOl'e year E any Ronald Walsh Newark, Ohio ii' I i I N Joan Wampole ,,Gwynedd, Pennsylvania -lf Max Wanner , Geneva, Indiana X I I I: James Welly , . Forl Wayne, Indiana I Mariorie Williams ,, Forl Wayne, Indiana i Bryce Winferegg Berne, Indiana L 'GLU 'ar fm -A 4. f Bu Y-Y 's if I' o 1 f 'f-ifgyg W ' -..5, ,' ' " . A 1-,.4 n 4 . In pg: - Q,- 4' ' - - ' '1 :': ', -93 'Q :W P V X ' xx , Cx '4 ','P",,1' -' 1 L ' .W 4 . ' p" ., . ,. ,, ,. -129 nfs: 'Q' ' ,rv ,Q . M' I. 1 .qi -Qt., V. I .:..,5,A"'q .:- f , fix QS" ,I ,,.' 4' A :wk ,.4N. xi ' 7. .si " " -'N ' ' ' b " -9-pi--'Pt- f y ' ,Q H' ' Y ,-. V 5 X in 0-, f Q . 5 x 'WIA' kit. 1 nl The long hard pull, Time for fhnuqhf . .. FQ Anaiyzlng the -game -. 'hh If qnwiw-..u fs if 4" if - " V, Qs 7':9bXy. CLASS OFHCERS: Sealed: C. Sfaben, Secrefaryg P. Meyer, Treasurer: L. Wardle, S, A. Represenla- ' Standing: XV Eye P":1s'Jf" W Eliioi S A, Reprn3en'a"ye: R. Vorholzen, Vice Presideniq L. cnpisw. Sophomores Shjflifj fre rapids in rhe mainsrream of college life, sophomores hang on 'rhrough year Jrwo. Talcing pefirfird Greek. Chrisrian educarion, music. and missions courses, ihe realizaiion soon comes rhaf you 't 'iwger lhe Jrimid freshman who needs help in eniering deep wafer. edfre rushes in lile a flood. and you are sure rhar if giyen Two more years ir will all be mas- . dine in, plunge deep, and when if is done a hauniing suspicion lurks in rhe recesses oi your ' ir y ihaiiow wafer has been explored-Thai afler coming ihis lar 'rhe realizaiion is aboui io P' -',' fe 'i more ro lcnow ihan can ever be lcnown-ihai meihods and paiierns are laugh? only 'i ce , 1 i1 Ci eifninared. Er "se ' dawn is hor yer, and rhe idealism remains. Majors are chosen, changed, and changed ii". FWJ' afz made. brolcen, and renewed again. The year ol coniinuing brings greaier securiiy J 'i Q 51 K5 Wwe more io golu Linda Baker Morris Beal Sue Breiner David Brown Warren Burns Billie Bulls Phyllis Chapman Marvin Claassen Judilh Codner Della, Qhio Gray, Maine lzairiield, GIWIO ,Forl Wayne, Indiana , Forl Wayne, Indiana , Greenville, Ohio Racine, Wisconsin ,, , Ifasl Peoria, Illinois Long Bollom, Ohio . . a year of conrinuing Barbara Coon Donna Crafl' Blanchard De Pamela Dickinson Judilh Dodd Mary Ann Dralte Peggy Du Pree Joan Dufhie Gene Eclcerley , , Peoria, Illinois Lalfewood, Ohio Merchanl' Royal Oalc, Michigan For? Wayne, Indiana , , Phoenix, Arizona Greenville, Ohio Bureau. Illinois Warren, Michigan Wabash, Indiana nr" Tam- 1"" 1 bf N , 'T . ,i ' i-at--' I "vw: ' 1 Q x I' Q"- df' NJ -AM' ,,, ,Q .W r!"' 'S' ex f .- Qs.. V,- . :iam 5 Parma, Ohio , ..,..., Miami, Florida Belleville, New Jersey ....For'r Wayne, Indiana .. ,.,, . Zion, Illinois ,. .Palos I-Ieighls, Illinois Jean Fornsfedi' ,,., ,. Beloil, Wisconsin Jim Frafer Fremonf, Ohio Leona Froese H, Insla, Olclahoma greaier securiiy ,. ,,,. Geneva, Indiana , Ellcharl, Indiana , ,Forl Wayne, Indiana , ,..Wauseon, Ohio Chula Visla, California ,A ,, ,,,, Spencerville, Ohio ,,..For'f VVayne, Indiana Forl Wayne, Indiana ..,,.......,.ExceIsior, Minnesola II4 l I Nancy Hardy Gary Harrold Linda Healh Ron Heidelberg Linda Hennessee Lois Hennessee Richard Hixon Rob Hallowell NoreHa Holovar , Reading, Michigan Forl Way'ne, Indiana Chardon, Ohio Jeiierson, Ohio Ml. Pleasanl, Iowa Mi, Pleasani, Iowa Oualcerlown, Pennsylvania Indianapolis, Indiana Bovard, Pennsylvania . . Sophomores Dan Hood Connie Hoplrins Bill Hull Slan lnniger Barbara Kilmer Barbara Kifson Carol Kuhnle , Joe Lamplon Phill Logan Linda Long Roseville, Michigan Carry, Pennsylvania I-loll, Florida Berne, Indiana Wadsworlh, Ohio Daylon, Ohio Greenville, Ohio Newark, Ohio Royal Oalc, Michigan New Haven, Indiana 1 IX 4' qu wx, ,- ,,' ..4'v X, af' I 'Je fa. If' L fh- 'X fu' 1 i ip, 1 . . G? ' u N .5-Y' we-,. fix If fed A52 08, -fm" q,... 'Qi 2 .Q N- . Dennis Louwerse Cornwall, Pennsylvania Blulflon, Ohio Porf Wayne, Indiana Chicago, Illinois Toledo, Ohio Blulllon, Ohio Jerry Moser Craiqville, Indiana Joan Moller Bryan, Ohio John MoH'er Genoa, Ohio Sophomores ff 7 Dorolhy Murray Cleveland, Ohio 05" Oh Pal' Myer Newarlc, io Dave Myers Forl Wayne, Indiana Cynlhia Nagel Ellwood Cily, Pennsylvania Bernice Nichols Union Cily, Pennsylvania Marcla Osmun Pilrlslord, Michigan Marfha Parker Della, Ohio Gaul Parry Younqslown, Ohio Connie Peel! Porl Wayne, Indiana Merlon Pelrrul I-loll, Michigan Shiela Price Berne, Indiana 'Ei if 77' Ann Radcliffe Ravenna, Ohio 1 11" Nancy Richardson Mooresville, Indiana ,iw N -PF. XY -1 E , i, O, W O 75" 5 Marilyn Robinson Jackson, Michigan rx' 'a i, N' Carol Sabin Willingboro, New Jersey xy ,xgilrx Q, Marion Schaser Refa Secrisf Keifh Sholl Pal Thislle Wiclclifle, Ohio , Belleville, Ohio , Edgerlon, Ohio Payneile, Wisconsin . learning more Marvina Van Sylcocl: Forl Wayne, Indiana Connie Vollmar Roger Vorholzer Easl Derroil, Michigan Forf Wayne, Indiana 'W d,Nf'9 's H 'Ss M ' i M Q we X 5 L 'sr- '-,gf 'Dx .'.-e X E 4 FW- sl .X K 1 ' ,, . N X in 1' i s Fred Wafer , Camas Valley, Oregon ' Mary Wagner Clyde. Ohio 'A Larry Wahlie H , Lima, Ohio as ,,, 4' DeeAnn Wallrling , , , l-larnpslead, Maryland X 'P' f Yi., Sharon Waller Elmore, Ohio i : A X 'W Lincla Warclle ., ,,Washing'ron, Pennsylvania 'A Rufh Yoakam . , Cenferburg, Ohio i ' i ' Ewa f -- , Q if X KR. Q i s 3 'PIX :QB r l-., EEN 1145. s.:-Mig' e w an- - X P M iv. ski' -.S 'HX X X ' asf- '4""" ,Q uvnbldxb. ,wmv-ww' CLASS OFElCERS Sealed: G. Easf, vice-presidenlq G. Smifh, lreasurerg J. Weber, secrefary. Shand- ing: L l-lafmcn swden' czui-ic'l: D, Pavliclf president V. Rice, chaplain: E. Simpson, advisor. Freshmen Seolemberl Take a lraini bus, or come wilh parenls +o arrive scared. exciled, curious and whirl Through cfehfalion lwe had a whole week-musl we lake a course?l, lhinlqing lhoughls of home, high school, and Pew girls. Sidyirg, wriling, lalcing work calls, volunleering for This iob and Jrhal, winning The lirsl alumni dis- :, ay hfcply ior lhe freshman class in years, and lhen-lhal lirsl OI. exam. Shockl Crfiflmas comes wilh lhe smashing "Sleighbell Safari." Vacalion means visifs wilh high school riefdr cimcarino moles and slories wilh olher "collegians." Emer "Q-Cid femeiler as old hands al Jrhe college game and work wilh lhe Jrouch ol an old pro. lvlayl Nail iff red year. Uoperclassmen lalmosll. Easier social rules! Jon Alexander AA Nolan Allen A A Linda Amsiufz A Marcia Anderson AA A Gail Andrews A Marilyn Avery Richard BabbiH' A AA Lois Baer A AA AA Karen Baker . exciiemenf Diann Ballenger Sharon Beifler A Charles Bell Judy Belfz Carol Berry AA AA A Rose Binlcley AA Marilyn Blaclr A Nancy Bowen AA AAAAAA A A Harnilion, Ohio AVenIura, California Soulh Whifley, Indiana A Tampa, Florida AA AA Parma, Ohio Grand Rapids, Michigan For? Wayne, Indiana AA AA AA Galion, Ohio A A A Roseburg, Oregon of ihe unknown Chillicofhe, Ohio Fori Wayne, Indiana A Alviedina, Tennessee Fori Wayne, Indiana AA Woosier, Ohio Celina, Ohio Moscow, Pennsylvania Des Plaines, IIIinois Dale Burroughs AA AAAAA AAAAA R oyal Oak, Michigan Pairicia Burfon .,., , 9 Linda Carlson ,, Shirley Carpenfer ,.,,,. Sarah Carr ,,,,,,,, Shirley Carfer ., Cecil , ,,r,,,. A Grace Clark ,,,, Thomas Cline Loralei Cooper ,,.,,, promise Linda Crawford Jay Daniels Lucius Desir ,, , , Jerry Dunlap Gary Easl , ....,, Joyce Edgar 5 Cheryl Evans ,,,,,, A Larry Falor ,.,A,, , V Frances Fliclr , ,,,, A Madison, Wisconsin Carmel, Indiana .Bowling Green, Ohio Columbus, Ohio Carnby, Indiana For? Wayne, Indiana ,Forl Wayne, Indiana ,Forf Wayne, Indiana .I-Iamillon, Ohio of fhe new A ,,,,,,,, ,, Forl Wayne, Indiana ., . .. Lima, Ohio ,,Por'r-au-Prince, I-Iaifi ,,ForI Wayne, Indiana AThousa nd Oaks, California Wauseon, Ohio Marion, Iowa ..MusIcegon, Michigan ,MooresviIIe, Indiana Shelia Fraser I New Brunswick, Canada Nancy Goodman Forl Lauderdale, Florida Gary Green . William Greenhood Juanifa Gwinn ,,,,, Thomas Hadwin Max Haines , ,, , Carolyn Hall , ,,,,, , Timofhy Hall . Judy Hamilfon Carol Hardy , Les Harmon .. Judifh Harper ,,,, Phil Harris , , ,,,, Rhoda Harfley Elizabelh Harfman , Lois Haycoclc ,,,,,,,,, Conlon, Ohio . 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Freshmen I:IinI, Michigan Erie, Pennsylvania JarnesIown, New Yorlf CheImsIord, Massachugeffs Forf Weiyne, Indiana Mary Sfewarf FinIeyyiIIe, Pennaylyania William Snydram ForI Wayne, Indiana Maxine Thorpe Jackson, Michigan Kenneih Trouiman Forf Wayne, Indiana IS .9 '-E X E ' .s Keilh Vincenf ,, .Forl Wayne, Indiana ' John Walrafh . ,,., , Syracuse, New Yorlc Timolhy Warren , , Peoria, Illinois Jacqueline Weber , Wauseon, Ohio Doris Wehnes A , , Washinqfon, Illinois Gerald Williams Colorado Springs, Colorado Freshmen .Forl Wayne, Indiana ,, Conlinenlal, Ohio . , Belvidere, Illinois Frewsburg, New Yorlc Fredericlc, Maryland Judy Zimmerman Geneva, Indiana 'Tn : 1 . . I 'E-fr-"ffl vli ,, , 3!. LIFSSS ' N on ,. F-11-vC4 T 'W fl I Carol Whi+eman Noi ptmred: Lois Pe+erson Lilah Amsfuh Karen Bowers Rufh Payne Donna Richmond 90: xiii .- Qi V 'qi 'Q use 'r'.?" li., fr .'- Y' m .D Lffxf I 105 f 2:59 QW 1 eff' 41" -21 ', 'fi XX , J ' J 1 . .-if' " ,1 w e A Diane Allen Donna Clark Linda Moughler Belh Zeimer Dianna Hilfy Dawn Marsh Carol Skinner Jean Weaver Book IM E XCQJTF' 1.300 C11 IIl't'I1t'N af Hmm' .Will.I1ISSI0l1C1I'IC'SO'UCV8l'C15 T'jkf1 1 . I J, 4 'I The ALLIANCE Has II Plate 0fb'e1'zfz'cef0i1' YOU! D GREETINGS AND CONGRATULATIONS to flu? Class 61965 From flu'O17irv1's ami fha' I7Zfl'I'72flfl.UlZllIHl'GlI11ll0l'fl'I'S of THE CHRISTIAN AND MISSIONARY ALLIANCE TIIE IIOME, FOREIGN, FINANCE AND EDl'CA'I'ION DEPARTINIENTSQ TIIE OI-'I-'ICE OF TIIE ALLIANCE XI ITNESSQ TIIE PUBLICATIONS COINIMITTEE. Q60 XVI-N A V t Htl Stn-vt NI-W Horlq 36, New Iorli I I IIl C.ln.u I 34 BJQIIUXX' Au-nuc, Tum nto 17, Ontario Our Missionaries Mrs, Paul Erdel Mildred Wanner Wilbur Wanner Kennelh Rupp Armin C. Sieiner Pasior CONGRATULATIONS! Class of I965 . . Be ye sledfasf, unmoveable, always aboundinq in Ilie worlc oIII1e Lord . . ." I Corin'rI'1ians I5:58 WEST MISSIONARY CHURCH Berne, Indiana Our S+ucIen'I's Judy Zimmerman Lois Sieiner Max Wanner Jerry D. Cramer Assisfanf Whenever Possble . . . Worship Wilh Us I F 9 Sunday Services 9:30 A.M. Sunday School I0:35 A.M. Worship Service 6:l5 P.M. Fellowship Hour 7:00 P.M. Evangelisiic Hour Midweek Service 7:30 P.M. Wednesday Radio Program 7:30 A.M. Sundays on WOWO "The Missionary Hour" FIRST MISSIONARY CHURCH Thomas K. Zehr, Minisfer of Music and Visifalion Augusl' C. Enderlin, Minisfer of Chrisiian Educafion 2 if ',',, I. . 'va -I fast- .fi-A "I 1-as J' we " V " 1 -3 Rev. Cornelius Vlof, Pasior . L ., , iv W , T -... omvs was H , Ucixnirk. ,GE YW - .-f nf----,' - .. rsh,-f--.-I' -' -V , 'gtg' Cf- N X' -'iff-3' A. 4 u ., ' ,T if-, 'P 1 - Li- -,A '. ... 1 . - 5 ..f- .- Wgsgisket-.,A4A5i..t:5,f::3i AMSTUTZ INSURANCE AGENCY 3I09 S. Calhoun 744-2335 Au+o-Fire-Life I5'f,, Safe Driving Discoum' We appreciafe serving Fori Wayne Bible College for Iheir laundry needs . . . TROY LAUNDRY l709 Soulh Calhoun HIGHLAND BETHEL EVANGELICAL MENNONITE CHURCH "Where Bible Sludenrs are lnviled Io Serve" "Where Chrisl is Exallecl, Ihe Bible Ialcen as inspired, infallible, and final auihorily lor lailh and praclicen 3800 Norlh Clinion E. G. Sfeiner, Pasfor FIRST THE BAPTIST THIRD CHURCH STREEI CHURCH Parma, Ohio Preaching Services Every Unifed Brefhren in Chrisf i.Ord'S Day Rev. Reuben F. Zurcher, Pasfor "A Posilive Minisfry "A Church Exiencling lor a Chrisf +0 lhe People" Bewildered Age" Third S+. af Schilling 7840 Sfafe Road Forf Wayne, Indiana Parma, Ohio 44I34 Phone 743-2645 BEST WISI-IES to the Class of 965 .....'f.4f.. l TOOLLTTODIETW caifrifwfsRauwiucc l509 Dividend FORT WAYNE, INDIANA HARRISON HILL BARBER SHOP 3803 Sou'rh Calhoun 745-95I9 Five Chairs Appoin'rmen+s 8 a.m. +0 3 p.m. Tuesday Through Friday S'Iore Hours 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Safurday 8-5 FUN ERAL HOME CHALFANT-PERRY C0mP'ime"+S of - MORELL MEN'S WEAR Soufhgafe Plaza 745-878I JOHN J. MORELL STEWART W. TRULOCK 2423 Fairfield Ave. Our Besl Wishes PIONEER ICE CREAM Since I9II Ambulance Service 3232 S. Lafayevre Phone 744-2334 744-4 I 4 I S+. Locaied al' 'rhe Corner of Calhoun and Rudisill Blvd. R wh NATIONA BANK Q gay, Q ..., I Inf.: MILLER'S SERVICE STATION "BEST WISHES" Phone: 744-9792 745-8048 AT HOME X Nf1T10N,4L L HEINJQUARTERS M 3901 SOUTH WAYNE FORT WAYNE. IND X P-SSBUA f 1 . ku' -i Wit - Rf' f, , v-...A,nH ' f ' H2119 ' ' ."" ,iv PASTORS AND CHRISTIAN CWORKERS ARE NEEDED IN A VITAL CHURCH BUILDING PROGRAM Q , n'T'l'l'l'l'l'1u, .3 1 ,! ! E TL 4 441-L ..aL,,..' 5, ,f I , -eh , - if MENU. . .. .N,.,, ...H 1' -up ' L ,Q I -7, an c ef- Q X ' f-5, .5 N Ch I1 R Hy B I+ N L , 7 ' Y - M A .g.A.tQ:n.5:3 U Y ,slam , - fx...- J W AND ABROAD 1 f llijvf-1. OPPORTUNITIES g g-f:I BQ r A 'ui' '+L' fu- wx-,, i 'ff FUR SERlf ICE Zi ,S N IN 32 FIELDS -. 1, FOR THE CLASS OF '65 ig:.3xfQrg,,g f., I-V 5 f I 'AIA' U , I! :M Q 7 A ' ', , :7 K l A, -v' 1, I 53:-A ,' N X 'Sf ""15!'2 . , , . ' A P '4f'LEf+fff, ' f y ' 'T 'r n' 'Mimi' MHA ' sv LOOK ON THE FIELDS I ""'F"" -i?"'lf'9'E- .WT - TWH? J Q" ' Q'-9-I V475 ' A E- Q' A 'f i I 5. I '5- r ,w.LA, -.f-"HF kg, E 'pt xg! A A X A ' P.. ' ' 1 ig, - ' YE-'f I if l , E F I 'M' K. I ,Y--.Y ,,-ff Y Va A f' I' 1. A 9. 1' f , VILLAGE EVANGELISM K Lf' rrp' EQ-kf' '--X5 W" 5. fi - " ..' -..- , 5 V ,. , - .fx I pw RIVER EVANGELISM S 1" 3 ,. r L' l 9' . .N l.. TEACHING EVANGELISM MEDICAL EVANGEUSM 5 FERGUSON'S BARBER SHOP CAMERA SHOP 5907 Old Decafor Rd. Phone: 74-4-4572 The Type of Service You Enjoy-Resulfs You Appreciafe F m Two Barbers +o Serve You The Sfore Wi+h a Solid Chrisiian Background. Mr. Ferguson is an ordained minis'I'er. Mrs. Ferguson is a licensed song evangelisf. Afler 27 years in fhe pasforafe, healfh problems hindered confinuous service of +his kind. We became busy pinch hiffers, and 'ro supplemen+ our income we s+ar+ed fhis business. The Lord and His people have been good fo us and we are lhankful. Special discounfs +o s'ruden+s and all Chrisrian workers. Lowesf prices guaranieed on qualiiy i+ems: All Pholographic Equipmenl' - Tape Recorders - Radios - TV - Leading Brand Type- wri+ers. We Specialize in Equipping Missionaries. Two daughrers married Forr Wayne Bible College graduafes and are busy in fhe Lords work, Our son is also an ordained minisler. You may come and see us anyiime -and we aim ro do you good. Remember This verse-Psalrrf 84:ll Congra+ula+ions Class of '65 . . . and Many Thanks for All Your Help and lnspiralion Through Anofher Year 1 1 .,.. Sunday School 9:30 A.M. "' f ' -' 'Q Temple Vlcrory Hour Morning Worship l0:40 A.M. I 'I' fi TUGS- 7:00 P-M- nwarm me Head.. 745 PM. V iff I EIA IA' l Listen daily... AHer Church Fellowship 9:00 P.M. eil ' fl 55" flll g v gg. UTemPle Time.. i V -. -- "1"a"s' 6:45 .A.M.. WKJG Q' F f -r--A-M 'e-e- Q nsao Kc. The Church Wi+h a Large Missionary Hear? THE FORT WAYNE GOSPEL TEMPLE-Affiliated With the C. 81 M. A Il7 E. Rudisill Blvd. Phone: 744-4236 Compliments Complimenfs of A of FRIEND FRIENDS 1. X 1 1?I'lS Jmwzs Rpbl 5 - E YOUR . - ' OPPORTUNITY .- Q ssnve CHRIST .. " PUBLICATIONS -. . E angeI'cal Mennon' Youth Contact Congratulations Class ot I965 From the Congregations ot the EVANGELICAL I MENNONITE CHURCH, INC. Headquarters: 3I0O Addison Fort Wayne, Ind. SOCIETIES MEN S FELLOWSHIP Ad entu es prog am for ne churches HARVEY A. DRIVER, Executive Secretary Chr'st'an Ser 'ce Foundat'on - . REV. WM. T. PAULEY, National Director ot LADIES MISSIONARY SOCIETY . . . Christian Education MISSI zs 9 mics D RPIDAQ K Moav Af FII hp cpC de 0 ? o + 1' L ai O IL .55 ua of Haig si 1 E.2n'I 5 oozm 'uf Om 3 0 ff' 1, " 3 P1 1 V7- as 5 O O 1' C arg T 1- Z ,EU'C'U' TO -.f': 5 Q: .IE g ,D M 'C C E22 52 W if C' O' " .:,. Engng, I Jo :lei a'1wm?-'arg 1 U-'E -1 2 02013 UE 4 a aff I' o'c V' 1055, JN Q3 ga. Z -I CL Thev I Ile 3 'Sf O V I' Y W II YI I jN43'!1ff5f'. - J 5 V .-as , P' 'TTC' si N c Q Q. . -1 Ls.. W .1 -f Fi - l acyl.: xi N, I Qi I iw SS: I-'55 IK'- Q Q,-.... T tip- K! H mm - fs-.-A J gg A . ,W , ""'4- ' 'E gni.,5:,...:-ua: CLARK'S SERVICE CENTER I 3430 S. Fairfield Ave. To a Fine Colleqeee-Good Service" GENE H. CLARK-PHONE 744-963I Mechanic on Duty Wheel Alignment and Front-end Worlc PARKWAY BARBER SHOP WES ADAMS ALVIN STRAHN 744-0885 609 W. Foster Pk. "A Cenlury of AVALON MISSIONARY CHURCH 5efviCe i0 I l Home church +o many FWBC sludenls God and Man" - - V 1865-1965 es--1-fi, V B c -' CO Rev. I THE SALVATION ARMY Truman R Goflschallz, -r A T Belmonl' Oulposl Paslor U L Ci+-:del COFPS 5522 McClellan 'gif' T R A I725 5. Calhoun Sl- Capl. and Mrs. E. Johnson E Tl 744-8805 Commanding Officer 7l20 Premier Drive ON BIBLE TRUTH BOOKSTORE ACROSS THE CORNER FROM THE COLLEGE ' Books ' Bibles ' Study Helps ' Teaching Aids ' Music HARVESTER MISSIONARY CHURCH RL Where . . YOU Are Always Welcome." X Lislen lo: "Tower of Slreng+h" Every Salurclay on ill WGL l25O kc 6:30 P.M. 4 VEH Haifi 9:30 A.M. 333l Harvesler al' Fleelwoocl, Forl Wayne, Indiana Phones Church: 742-8352 Parsonage: 427-8363 I xx. Z 5 Z Z .xxx I7 . ..- A - 1 A FINE DRIVE AND DINE FIRST BRETHERN CHURCH 3326 S. Calhoun 744-I065 Rev. M. E. MaIIers, Pasfor Congra+uIa+ions Seniors BIG BUSTER Your Neighborhood HeaI+h Cenrer SCHMIDT PHARMACY 4O0I Soufh Wayne 745-057I Pharmacisfs ED SCHMIDT JOHN HINTON Good Luck, Seniors M nsoz Blufffon Road ' ' W Phone: 456-2231 'MII I'ii"ii"'i'if" ' 1 -Qfff"' ICa'rering ServiceI I 2 . "'-'ez ' 4,11 . I 744-0767 ' 4' :fr M I - - l, - . .Y -as g ? " 1 - I ef - I Q N, B R x ...., -- . il' 3" Congratulations Seniors of '65 "' i s From: Bob Hockborth I- .. S." W I -1+ N v- X lun-Ssfgg X hal "WE CATER BROADVIEW FLORISTS 81 GREENHOUSES Phone: 747-3 I46 TO ALL OCCASIONS" . x,,,,... 58OI Wincbesler Road, Forl Wayne, Indiana DESIGNERS 81 CRAFTSMEN of Srained and Facefed Glass, Marble, and Mosaic FOR: CHURCHES l ' SCHOOLS L I, v COMMERCIAL L- ,if-.., '- - BUILDINGS I, , 'E' Nl fi ,J . , I IUIII- K- Sfained glass in arlisfic religious creafions or for unusual and slrilc- ing effecls in commercial con- sfrucfiong all Iypes available Io you 1 +I1rougI1 'I'I'le services of our slaff A of slrilled sfained glass craffsmen. I I7 SI'af'F arlisls qualified 'Io design and execule Ihe mosl' delicafe assignmenl. MEMBER OF STAINED GLASS ASSOC. OF AMERICA CITY GLASS SPECIALTY, INC. Depl. E, 2I24 S. Calhoun, FI. Wayne, Indl ' A BOLYARD'S SERVICE III ,. I ..- I V H' ISIS' -Gi .am -M Friendly, Dependable Service Lubrica'rion-OiI-WasI1-Tires- Balferies-Meclwanical DAVE BOLYARD, Propriefor-Pl'Ione 744-5l53 3IOI Fairfield, For+ Wayne, Indiana .-.ok X, Y .1 1 :, ' ' lk X - Vjfgiiilxixxi,-f FORMERLY BROTHERHOOD MUTUAL LIFE .v, . , I . l ,Xe in y, 11 -3' 'fy T 5 --. A -11. 'UIIHI Illl i T Mr im.. 4. ,F-.V 4, ' Q .n . ' l lr ,nr I TA in ,. f Q - "i"'X.T 'X . V V X SERVING SINCE 1939 gl N LL J ii .Q I 'A f' ' V i Y Bll.lT'l..lPl.. 5iCl..ll:!l1'Y INSURANCE COMPANY Y ' . l ...,i:i' ,::1,' '. ix 'gil fzfiiij Hmx -iffvf , l?'N"'1+:-2-'1' -, Congrafulalions Seniors! CURDES AVENUE P' EMF F ' .. MISSIONARY CHURCH OF VAN NUYS i' ,A , fnglll i'-" MISSIONARY CHURCH l4339 Hamlin s+ree+ Van Nuys, California . . . invlles you To offend and gives REV' BEN A' JENNINGS' Fado' you flue opporlunily lo serve." Curcles and Carew, N.E. Forf Wayne, Ind. Paslor William H. Cox, 24l3 Curdes Ave. Einiigo 1' With . fel Q' Qlie fwfzzl Q ,f .ill BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY '7 hen you want 01 ine portrait... wffW"m to record forever with charm and dignity the important events of your life,Come to the Photograph Studio ot your Official Photographer... WoLF 86 DESSAUER THE SWANTON Q. MISSIONARY CHURCH Congwfulufions Church S+. af Lincoln Ave. CIGSS of '65 Swanfon, Ohio Placing Chris+ Firsf VINCENT M. RUPP, Pasior 204 Lincoln Ave., Swanfon, O. 43558 826-5586, Area Code 4l9 l Q 4- I is . "-f- T v '...'.i- t uk .2?f'tf.f.-ri 1 N I fi: fig X Q , JJ: , N iffe, 8 ' if ,I A .H . ' , G l . I " 1 . 2"e?n2.M...m,f My ?psl....l..l..l..Ls. 17 5 5 ,QL 18 -X7 K ""'4" ' ', Q QQ Congra'rula'rions Seniors! NORTHSIDE MISSIONARY CHURCH GEORGE, w. NANTZ, Pasfor Q 5+ d 1, Ch I M Cracken or u en S: ar QS C Phyllis Mays BIG-BOY drive-ins We Are Yours! You belong lo llie growing family ol loyal Forl Wayne Bible College alumni, buf rlie Alumni Associarion belongs 'ro you. We Are In Your Service! To keep inlormed aboul ollwer classmales You will receive a lree lilelime subscriplion lo llie Alumni Views To aid in localing ollier alumni You may receive direclories or may wrile lo llwe ollice lor special assislance al any lime. To lielp lind a place of service You may use Jrlie services of llie Alumni Placemenl Bureau. To losler lellowsliip You are inviled lo Alumni Day, Spring Banguel, Area Alumni Club meelings and ollier special occasions. We Are In Your Hearts! Pray lor your classmales, llwe lacully, slaii and sludenls lo come. Speak a word in season aboul Jrlie line rraining young people looking forward lo Clirislian service will receive ai Forr Wayne Bible College. Keep informed aboul liappenings on campus and visil ollen. Help in every way possible lo liold lwigli Jrlie banner oi llwe Cross and llie lionor ol your Alma Maier. You Are In Our Hearts! Tlwose wlio lwave lrained you, lauglil you and counseled willi you will nol soon lorgel you. Tlieir grealesl desire is your liiglwesi aclwievemenl and success in all llie Clwrisl calls you lo do. 0 :Zigi Paul Robbins Alumni Associalion Presidenl GOUTY SERVICECENTER, INC. We. XX 77 Complefe Aulomohve Service L Shell Oil Produds Ag-f' ,I GOSPEL TEMPLE BOOKSTORE Complele Line of Chrislian Supplies Bibles, Tes+amen+s, Devoiional Boolcs, and Magazines Sunday School Maferials, Cards and Church Supplies Sheel Music, Songbooks, and Recordings Special Discounl' fo FWBC II7 Eas+ Rudlslll Blvd Forl' Wayne, Indiana 46807, Ph. 744-8086 HUMBOLT PARK GOSPEL TABERNACLE l5I5 N Homan Avenue Chicago, Illinois 6065l Congralulahons Seniors You are Always Welcome in Chicago J C NEUENSCHWANDER, Paslor Siore Hours: 8 ANI' i 6 RM' This space provided for The aufoqraph of Sa+. 8 A.M.-5 P.M. . Iavorife p son: cour'resy of your CIRCLE K HAROLD A. HENRY SOUTH SIDE BARBER SHOP 5 Chairs Appoin+men+s Honored 8 A.M. - 3 P.M. Tuesday Ihrough Friday Phone: 744-9502 3530 S. Calhoun Sf. aff Hill A I iufuirlizllii Best WiSI'l6S to in - I From mm.-'MI I SEVEN-up IQQQQQ I BO'l'I'LING COMPANY 3I07 Brooklyn Avenue Forf Wayne, Indiana x I Phone: 745-5477 .x 7'llP YUIIR TIIIRST AWAY .Af GOLLER'S DRY CLEAN ERS ompIe+e Dry CIeaning Service for AII Your Dry Cleaning Needs. 608 E. Pon+iac S+. 745-9666 4037 S. Wayne S+. 744-3364 Z fx, dd PML 1 N... WALK WORTHY 5 1966 mlqhf, nor by ,. my zpirif, aaI+h fv- 1fi1 or Fczfz. H i1l3-13:1 Jech. 4:6b 3.-.-4? EUNERATULATIIJNE, EENIEIRE A5 you LUUK FUTMARID TD THE FUTURE, REMEMBERH. . . .AND HE SHALL UTHMI PNHE U LURD, LET us N Yearbook Patrons Rev. and Mrs. Tillman Habegger 4006 Souih Wayne Avenue Forl Wayne, Indiana Mr. Noah Luginbill 9 I3 Wes? Main S+ree+ Berne, Indiana Rev. and Mrs. Clarence Gerig M.C.A. Home Deparfmeni Forl Wayne, Indiana Mr. and Mrs. William WeHer Anlwerp, Ohio Besl' Wishes Wishing You Gods Besl Mr. and Mrs. Russell Sfeiner Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Lehman 2323 Engle Road Fori Wayne, Indiana Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Falb 4902 Roberla Foif Wayne, Indiana Mr. and Mrs. Roberi' L. Aeschleman 8819 Foriunia Way Fori Wayne, Indiana Rev. and Mrs. Herald J. Wel+y 4OIO Souih Wayne Avenue Fifi Wayne, Indiana Mr. and Mrs. Roger Lachmiller 4I22 Rohr Drive , . To edo, Ohzo Mrs. Elsie Rodefer 22l4 Chase Sireel Toledo, Ohio Mr. and Mrs. William Bridges I869 SW I7 Sireei Miami, Florida Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Elmore I868 SW I7 Sireel Miami, Florida Rev. and Mrs. D. Porier I3lO NW 9OIh Sfreei Miami, Florida Mr. and Mrs. 'TI-was. Horfon 662l SW 63rd "eel Souih Miami, FQ' la Mrs. Oliver Sieiner 543 Kinsmoor Forl Wayne, Indiana Elvina Sleiner Pandora, Ohio Mrs. Walfer Meigs Il3O Woodbine SE. VVarren, Ohio Helen Burley 543 Kinsmoor Fori Wayne, Indiana Besi Wishes Graduaies F.W.B.C. Boolcsiore Mrs. L. O. Beifler Larry Uczen Chicago, Illinois Congraiulalionsl Keiih Shell and Granf Osborne World Travelers Wilma Allen Veniura, California Miss Eva Sipp 236 Cleveland Avenue Hamillon, Ohio Miss Marie Sipp 236 Cleveland Avenue I-Iamillon, Ohio Mrs. M. Wailcins 720 E. Third Slreei Royal Oak, Michigan Mr. and Mrs. Jason Gerig 906 Oalcdale Fori Wayne, Indiana Marion Anderson Fori Wayne Screen and Weaihersirip Co. 3933 Arlinglon Forl Wayne. Indiana Mr. and Mrs. Harley Goldsmifh Rouie 3 Wauseon, Ohio Anifa and Jay Mooers, New York Mrs. Harrold PoIIiH 3ol6 Soulh Hanna Slreef For? Wayne, Indiana Mr. and Mrs. Safara Shanebeclc QI8 Maxine Drive For? Wayne, Indiana Rev. and Mrs. Norman Reffig I422 Baxler Forl Wayne, Indiana Mr. and Mrs. Ted Nickel and family 3937 Tacoma Forl Wayne, Indiana Mr. ancl Mrs. Thomas K. Zehr 4030 Arlinglon Forl Wayne, Indiana May G-od's Richesl Blessing Be Upon You Mr. and Mrs. G. Harris Hugh T. Gushilren 2725If2 Broadway Forl Wayne, Indiana Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wada P. O. Box 77 Lawai, Kauai, Hawaii Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Line 627 S. Conneclicul Royal Oalc, Michigan Virgil Bloomer Conslruclion Company Rouie I Della, Ohio Mr. and Mrs. Merle Roclre 54I7 Cloverbroolc Drive Forl Wayne, Indiana Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Wifmer 39l8 Arlinglori Forl Wayne, Indiana Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ways 47I9 Leesburg Road Forl Wayne, Indiana Mrs. Morris Rupp I3l05 Ravine Trail Roure 6, Timbercresl Forl Wayne, Indiana Rev. and Mrs. Floyd Klofzbach 5650.Win+on Road Fairfield, Qhio Miss Agnes Burley 808If2 Kinsrnoor Forl Wayne, Indiana Sledman Sludio 743-2520 Forl Wayne, Indiana Mr. and Mrs. Harrold Palmer 8505 Trier Road Forl Wayne, Indiana Mr. and Mrs. Earl Schumacher Oallawn Court Easl Peoria, Illinoii, Mr. and Mrs. Don Geniis IOI02 Winchesler Road Forl Wayne, Indiana Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord Conrad 333 Kinnard Forl Wayne, Indiana Trusiing You Will Alway Seelr His Divine Guidance Mr. and Mrs. Clair C. Molz Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Fierlce I2947 Oali Parlf Avenue Palos Heighls, Illinois Mr. and Mrs. V. D. Loveslrancl 6820 Aulo Club Road Bloominglon, Minnesola Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Pyles 8330 Lucas-Hunl SI. Louis, Missouri Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Hood 263I4 Barnes Roseville, Michigan Mr. and Mrs. John Dursl' 800 W. Rudisill Blvd. Forl Wayne, Indiana Mr. and Mrs. H. Sonnenberg 308 N. Alexander Royal Oal, Michigan Mr. and Mrs. Jim Baxler 7229 Linda Drive Forl Wayne, Indiana Mr. and Mrs. Bud Baxler 2530 Madiord Drive For? Wyane. Indiana Mr. and Mrs. John G. Wagner 476 Pearl Slreel Berea, Ohio Mr. and Mrs. John Laymon SOI Kinsmoor Forl Wayne, Indiana Yearbook Patrons Mr. and Mrs. Ira Gerig 'all lines-aa. Drfye FQ" NX afe Ina ana Mr. and Mrs. David Murray -1Oll Cxpruss Avenue Cexelano 9, Qhio Sleiner Molor Sales Pandora, Cho Mr. and Mrs. Clare Gray Eff Wfeif Earle Yoi naslown, Ohio Mr. and Mrs. Ed Sleiner Pandora, Ohio Rev. and Mrs. Reuben Canlrell 866 Fredericlc I-laoerelown Maryland Mr. and Mrs. Glenn D. Maslerson Rome 4 Blulllon, Indiana Rev. and Mrs. A. E. Plalle 450I Crillenden Indianapolis, Indiana Lenox Federaled Church RFD 53 Jellerson, Ohio Rev. Guy Bulera, Paslor Mr. and Mrs. Masashi Kageyama l4o'cia, Kauai, Hawaii Mr. and Mrs. Rudv Meyer Rafe 5 Lrna, Ohio Miss Ada Waldvogel Miss Wanda Weber Rosie 5, Ez, l28 Wfi..'e:' Ohio Mrs. Lenora Hull Dore I HCI' F ir ia Dr. and Mrs. Rene Frank 737 llgey' Dr fe Fzrl Wafe, l'dia'a Mrs. Emily Heidelberg PFD 9552 Jeflerztf, Ono Mr. and Mrs. Harry Von Gunlen 520i Fairfield Forl Wayne, Indiana Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Weber Roule 5, Box l28 Wauseon. Ohio Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Mason 29l4 Norlh Moreland Indianapolis, Indiana Rev. and Mrs. Abe Schierling Daialoon Dominican Republic Servidores de Chrislo Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Hull 9925 Thiele Road Forl Wayne, Indiana Carl and Rosina Parlee 673I Lawnwood Drive Forl Wayne, Indiana Miss Gladys Schumacher 3626 Soulh Wayne Avenue Forl Wayne, Indiana Mr. and Mrs. Ira Gene Sleiner 338 W. Branning Forl Wayne, Indiana Miss Elda Gerber 32I Kinsmoor Forl Wayne, Indiana Miss Eleanor Lyon 37l4 Shady Courl Forl Wayne, Indiana Miss Evelyn Slrahsburg 708 W. Fosler Parlcway Forl Wayne, Indiana Mr. and Mrs, James Clauser 3839 Sleepy Hollow Lane Forl Wayne, Indiana Mr. and Mrs. Roy R. Coon 2806 Wesl Garden Slreel Peoria, Illinois Miss Joy Gerig Direclor ol Chrislian Service Forl Wayne Bible College Homer Gladslone McKeilhan, Jr. Shenandoah Conservalory Winchesler, Virginia Acknowledgements Mr. Walfer E. Kinq Miss Eunice Conrad Mr. Grenf Hoaison Mr. Rober+ Ross Mr. Dale S+edrnen of Sfedrnan Sfudios Miss Coleen Gun! of Pnofo-Reflex Ernie Geefay The Phofoqrepners All Hwose wiioi'ieiped...ancil'1elped Epilogue Somelimes When lhe snow was above our lcnees And lhlnlnlnq was slow, And lhe hours grew long, We wonclerecl Why . . . When piclures didn? lurn oul, And lhe bills came, Ancl nolhing had any orcler lOr semblance of order We wondered Why . . . And lhen when we'cl look up. And see lhe slarry slay, And 'rhinlc ol lhe sunrise lo come, We'ol realize lhal 'rhere was Someone Who Carecl. There was Someone who conlained So much radiance Thal all olher llghl was Merely a shadow. Who could we loolc lo Bul l-lim. lhe eclilors rs I -q-71 .- TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The Worlds Best Yearbooks Are Taylovvmadeh .ia V . 4 - 1

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