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Spiritual xIT.1.lllIiV Educational Uiuh ' Social ' iililllfl Hi ' a I 'NX In L' 1-l 1 M Judy Calvin, Editor Marlene Maser, Assistant Editor Bob Wheat, Business Manager Walter E. King, Advisor Eunice Conrad, Literary Advisor aaa Allen County Publ1cUol'UT? FT. Wayne, lfldlonu ,-f A E ovemzng oam' . Jared F. Gerig . J. Francis Chase ,..,-v . Maurice M. Rupp . James N. Beltz . Henry Amstutz . Forrest Balsig er . Tillman Hab egg er 8 . Robert C. Strubhar . Carl Miller . Vernon J. Petersen . John V. Nussbaum . Roy D. Ramseyer . Clyde W. Taylor 2 l J. Francis Chase, in your twenty-fifth year of ervice to our college and in your fifth year as Chair- Governing Board, we of Fort Wayne Bible College, is 1963 LIGHT TOWER. ents have a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation lstian attitudes you have expressed and for the faith- devotion to Christ that you have shown in working ard. luence has led our administration in abiding by al goals, therefore our college remains and will Pe as Christ-centered as it began. We recognize ir college is, results indirectly from the Governing ing through the faculty and staff and ultimately students as individuals, and the Governing Board is irected by you. Though other policies and princi- world are constantly changing, ours have never rank you, Mr. Chase, for your Christian love ex- Prvice to us, and above all, we thank God, for ch a willing servant to work for us and with us. S N ix- Bethany Hall Providence Hall "80 1 " Residence M1 1921 fl' W . ' ll ,fl ,W A bout Campus The New S. A. Lehman Memorial Library , frlf Residence ' W' Hall Q- Q3 MMI EN! The Pre sident's Home 1 l' Founders Me morial l el- ' I -f . ,f ,r fffff. M emoria m Student and teacher! Servant and executive! Humble and exalted! Patient and dynamic! Loving and exacting! Characteristics which might be considered para- doxical became a delicate blend in Dr. S. A. Witmer, former student, teacher, dean, and presi- dent of Fort Wayne Bible College. He was a con- stant and diligent student of the Word of God, world affairs, and education in general. As a teacher he was lucid in instruction and rigid in maintaining high standards. ln positions of great leadership, he was patient and loving with the weak, dynamic in drive, exacting in matters of honesty and truth, humble in service to those he led so courageously. Honored and respected among men, he now enjoys the immediate presence of the Lord to whom he was so devoted in service. Concerning his mission with the Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges, of which he was at one time president and later Executive Secretary, Mr. J. Francis Chase, chairman of the Board of Directors of the college, has said: "One could easily discern that our brother's natural gifts and vigorous mind .. X DR. S. A. WITMER With the Lord--September ll, 1962 could have placed him at enviable heights in government or law, should he have sought this course. But his dedication to the Word of God led him to practically convince this nation that the Bible college was a vital institution in the program of twentieth century contemporary education. His vision for the college is perhaps best ex- pressed in the third stanza of the Fort Wayne Bible College Alma Mater, which he wrote several years ago: God bless our Bible College! Her halls enshrine with light, Her teachers bless with courage, Her cause endue with might. God keep her sons and daughters In faithfulness and love, One day to serve the Master Eternally above. May his passing on before us challenge us to renewed endeavor to be constant as "sons and daughters in faithfulness and 1ove." ADMINISTRATICN Preszden If g Jared F. Cerig, A.B., ThB., M.A., D.D THE KEY OF KNOWLEDGE: It was Jesus who indicated the lawyers of his day by saying, "Woe unto you lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye en- tered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindred." QLuke 112521 The key of knowledge is the Bible, the Word of God. The Bible is the key which gives meaning to and throws light upon all other knowledge. It is the key which un- locks other knowledge, It is the key which unlocks the knowledge of God, of man, of salvation, of history and of destiny. How woefully lacking in any areas of knowledge without the light of the Scriptures upon it! There is a modern setting for the endictrnent of Jesus. It were as if He had spoken prophetically, for the judges, the lawyers, and the courts of our day have also taken away the key of knowledge. The Bible has been legislated out of our schools. Fort Wayne Bible College is committed to a Christ-centered, Bible-integrated philosophy of education. The Bible, the key of knowledge, is the great divinely in- spired text book which all must study. 8 Edward Simpson DEAN OF STUDENTS A,B., Th.B., M,A, Associate Professor INTERIM DEAN OF EDUCATION B,S., B.D., Th,M,, Th.D, Associate Professor of Bible and Theology Cyril H. Eicher Um Deans Ruth Horst, B.R.E. Dean of Women "33f""" Patricia Hoatson A.B. Counselor for Juruor and Senior Girls Joel Kemmerer, B.A., B.D. Dean of Men, Instructor in Bible Oswald Morley, A.B. Assistant Dean of Men, Coach, Instructor in Bible 10 Edith Ehlke, A.B., A.M. in Library Science, Librarian, Associate Professor Grant Hoatson, A.B., M.A., Instructor in Radio and Journalism, Director of Public Relations Aa'minz'51fmtz'0n Walter E. King, A.B., Assistant to the President in Develop- ment, lnstructor in Education Herald J. Welty, B.R.E., M.S., Registrar, Assistant Professor of Pastorial Training Forest Weddle, A.B., M.S., Director of Research and Guid- ance, Assistant Pro- fessor in Bible, Archaeology Harlan Wright, resentative 11 B.s.M., Field Rep- i. Joy Gerig, Director of Christian Service Harold Pollitt, Business Manager Edward P. Augsburger A.B., M.A., B,D., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Bible Ralph A. Gallagher A.B., Th.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of History and Science Faculyz Richard M, Elmer A.B., B.D., B.M., M.A. Assistant Professor of Music XI. Rene Frank M.Mus., D.Mus. Professor of Music 12 gd Eunice J. Conrad A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of English Ira A. Gerig B. M., M.Mus. Associate Professor of Music Wesley L. Gerig A.B., B.C., Th.M. Assistant Professor of Bible and Theology Robert S. Myers B.S., M.A. Instructor in Music Kenneth R. Mays B.S.M., M.M. Instructor in Music 13 Ted Nickel B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Education Melvin Reynolds A.B., Th.B., B.S. M.A. Instructor in Education Frances F. Simpson A.B. , M.R.E. , D.R.E. Associate Pro- fessor of Re- ligious Education '-K 55 755 . si: .. If . . .-., , , 1 3,3 K 1 , M. Elmer Soden A.B. Instructor in Speech Timothy M. Warner A.B., S.T.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Missions Milton Sinn B.S.! Instructor in English 'l'Part -time 14 f I, -' kj ,f x , Lucille Allen Theda Beitler Bookkeeper Secretary, Founder's Memorial Office A x P. L, Eicher Commissary Manager Martha Fiedler Dining Room Supervisor Fern Gallagher Bookstore Manager 15 Adolph Bley Maintenance Ass't. Samuel Brandenberg Electrician Joe Ann Derreth Secretary, Public Re lations Office, Super visor of Bethany John Durst Director of Printing TL. f ii ,K K A 1. , 4, of is Helen Jackson Cook Mary Kemmerer Hostess, Schultz Hall Grace King Secretary, Develop- ment Office Verna Hendricks Cook Adelle Isaac Secretary, Registrar's Office pw. Millie Lindsey Secretary to President Dr. Robert F. Lohman College Physician Donna Lutton Secretary to Dean of Students Jennie Miller Cook Clara Reynolds Kampus Korner Supervisor Q- -Y .5-,-vo. M U G lvnl J , ,,, 5, Jzr s- "' A ,Pi figs? -we .' .H .."i .f f Pg '3' ' 3 ' X-if j.. :Aa 12 5 QA " . -L 'W ' N lg ,ax - " TEV' -fs - r a ' x' fn -N , -'TL '-fix-2' , Elaine Voss Secretary, Business Office Miriam Welty Mailing Supervisor Helen Wright U Secretary, Research and Guidance ,, , Ni Edison Reynolds Director of Maintenance Evelyne Schmidt Bookkeeper Ada Smith Housekee per 1 S. X 1 "Nickel 'S " F amzb Scenes llKinglsll , ,Mx .,,.,, , ......,,, mi "Augsberger's ncerigls n -. I A' 5,11-35525: ' r 286 "Wedd1e 's" . . and this is our Dean of Men" aculyf Snaps Do you think he loves me?" ,,Oh! n I - DL Gerig "Now once upon a time . . ." 19 Q 'Wm I M 'M ws f A my ' , 3 ' "WHY?" In His Word, Cod says . . . " "DOE-doe--DOF.--doe . . " 20 " IV "V "Cou1d we pause for lunch?" 'vi CLASSES -'va'-,,,... , 1 W. Neuenschwander, D. Sholl, R. Maser, Dean Eicher SEATED: T. Johns, K, Sprunger, J. Steiner Seniors We, the Senior class, can look back at the many doors through which we have passedg the door to registration which enrolled us, the doors to our classrooms where we were taught by dedicated professors, the door to Christian Service where we put to practice what we had learned. Now, a new door is open to us, the door to our future work which the Lord has called us to do. The prayer of our hearts is that as we serve our Lord, we may present the door of Eternal life to all mankind. 22 '63 Vemon Blue B.A, in Pastoral Training Nancy Cash B.S, in Elementary Education l X' ,,., i . 4 . , 3 x x . 3 1 , .. . , ' , ,vg- .fw ' .1 J. Q I . .3 '1 XA. Joseph Bokel B.A, in Missions Marilyn Dissinger Bachelor of Religious Education 23 Daniel Boyll B.S. in Christian Educa- tion and Music Donald Dowdy B.S, in Music Education AWK. 413' S67'lZ.07'5 David Eicher B.A. in Missions Franklin Graber Duane Ford B.A. in Pastoral Training B-A in Missions Carrol I-Iirschy B.S. in Music Education 24- Elizabeth Furman B.S. in Missionary Nursing Carol Hugh B.S. in Elementary Education Tamara Johns B.S. in Elementary Education G I Be atrlce Kranich ary nouye B.S. in Elementary B'A' m Mlsslons Education Stanley Kobayashi Bachelor of Theology 25 Helen Knapp Bachelor of Religious Education Darlene Krause B.S. in Elementary Educ at ion Monique Lefebvre B,A, in Missions' Linda Mosier Bachelor of Religious Education Ronald Maser B,A, in Social Studies Seniors B.S. in Elementary Education Wilbert Neuenschwander B.A. in Missions 26 Paul Mays B.A. in Pastoral Training Edward Podlesak B,S, in Speech 63 if Dwight Sholl Donald R. Eileen Voiso 1Ce B.A, in Pastoral Training B'S' In Mlsslons John Steiner B.S. in Elementary Education 27 3 Kae Sprunger B.S, in Missionary Nursing William Williams B S 'n S eech B.A, in Missions ' ' 1 P s -1 '. 1 ,w - .. t ,A nv Mary Zeiter B,A, in Christian Education 155 Mae Zigler B,A, in Christian Education Ican't believe it! Little Willie? Capping Memorles Belles and Be aus 28 unzbrs The Junior class is extra large this year resulting from the com- bining of the Pre-junior class with the Junior Class. We are anticipating a good year to look back upon as we see the fulfillment of some of the class activities. Among these activities are class parties, chapel services, and the reception for the Seniors. Having come this far in their college career, the Junior class is looking forward to their last days of spiritual and mental trainingg for "No man having put his hand to the plow, and looking back is fit for the kingdom of God." Luke 9:62 29 G. William Ashley Beverly Barrows If Arlan Birkey Jame s Blomquist M. David Berggren Shirley Berty Charlotte Birrkley Stephen Binkley I uniors Elizabeth Campbe 11 Mary Cantrell Judy Calvin He ather Cameron Carolynne Kay Clappe Eileen Clark Janet Copley Jerry Cramer Bonnie Deason David Dyck Phillis Freeman Rosemary Gingery Timothy Evearitt V Carolyn Ewert Nancy Fetter Patricia Fowl er 4-"W" union Dolores Hake Janyce Harris Glenda Hebbl ethwaite Karen He ffner Mary Ellen Gudeman Hugh Gushiken E. DeLayne Hirschy May Imler Karin Lantz Anita Laymon I x W Doris Niswander Sandra Phillippe J uliann Le as Kathl een Line Marlene Maser Roy Meyer zmiors Phillip Rice John Ross Elmer Rupp Richard Speicher 1 ' William Raines Helene Rebsamen Esther Spieth Duane Steiner Sandra Tucker Larry Uczen Eric Wiggin Karl Bell Calvin Waugh William Wesner Robert Wheat Rudolph Wiens .N .Iv l ll 1 3 by I LLM ly kr lvelfxw O 4 r. XJ v V 1 MMR VID- av x fvm UWM' W MMU 9 J? PVKU ZUZZOTS v, ,ru W lvl w 'W lg if rf ,Q .J v ,QV Lf M X X IU Qlduyftb Lug ab U, M hw U4 X bvldl lv WU ' f B' amor Snaps "WOW! What a guy." "It's our anniversary." M ' Xa ny L. if mv, W OW ' H ., J., ju .Xb ' AJ f I ll X L vu 1 V J . . but it's after social hours!" Yes . . . dean?" 1 L Q fr H N u L m 5 W fx v 1 uv X L MV' x W , A 4 'fy J x y . V M 'fb . Vi ALL wi if bf ,M if u J' vxgx V U ,V ,JL "I'm ready . . . if you're wil1'n" M , fi' "Man, this don't get'em." V v u J ,vb Lf UVM v n v N MAJ L Q V ,EW CHE, Wm i ff HAJ,ZL.L,,ji nugvr i ,QJQ 1 LJ if fl f iv J "What makes you think I did it?" 37 D. Congos, S. Morley, O, Morley, A. Enderlin SEATED: P. Otto, J. Weber, A, Wada, N, Kagayama Sophomores "Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you." This verse from the Gospel of John seemed to be especially fitting for the sophomore class as they passed through another year. A large percentage of the men continued in their Christian ministeries course while the larger percent of women separated into Christian Education and Ele mentary Education. Sophomore participated in the various activities of the year such as the Alumni Homecoming, Halloween party, banquets, and class projects. After another year of training,the sophomores realized that the Christian life is richer and sweeter as the years go by. Through the blessings and experiences of the year, many drew into a closer relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. 38 Joyce Bowsher Kenneth Brisco 1 -If 1 Sara Cooney Patricia Crawfis Harold Bloomer Carol Bollinger David Bower Warren Crawfis Bonnie Drudge Judith Dunlap Charles Easterday William Eme ry Melanie Gray Ruth Haney August Enderlin Paulette Fetter James Foster Rita Fmchey W, I Solbhomores f James Huff Niles Kageyama Charles Kunioka Sharon Lachrniller Judith Hoffman Richard I-Iostettler Linda Leightner JoAnne Martin Q9 MA in ,W V'!V p J ,1Wvw,0v,mJ7fWvNA'Q X015 Engng y Masterson ert Moening QQ' Mk 0fQVQf03VJ m yvwgvw Qhmw A jwwfwvf W A 9? M141-ANU KW M M, V R35 WR f ofw NQJFW ' 1 WW WW w Q5 42 tty Mu Christine Sophomores Betty Spader Karen Steiner Daisy Strahm David Swinehe art K I , 1 -'V ,ff x - M I 14 If W u JK J! "J I ' ff up ff J! Uv! p , ma AW V f i ,J of 1 ,J L 517 , J W w 'fm V ffwy' fb Xff, ffm! VM Wvjw V, fu' ,X ,A V V56 yw, !, V, V 'Ty of jjj fflijlj L ji Ljfiy wjf' Dav1d Relchhardt fwij,-f , vi V i ' u I .f fp ,, V I re Shirley Slack ff? W 9' ' f 1 9 M V L .ulu Wfdsf XA ,Wav v 5 If 'D J L A X ,AW FX Kathleen Tehan Nancy Tschantz Aileen Wada Monica Wadewitz i ai 5 Marjorie Williams Ron Yount 5 , .QA Ad assa Walker Mildred Watkins . L fl.-f ' L . ' 1 , , , U- 1 M L,-by .4 Q .1' , S0lI9 h0m0res,MQw N f. ,WJ J A ,Lil mme LN ,MWC :ij PJ! ,VLVI 1' , Q 'J L if ' 1 1 v 5 I 1 1 u' VL - n yr ' V, f. . it ., . L 1 , , L L ai JJ, LL If w it ffl L 1 lu L My CJ nj LW f L V v fu IL ll JI, Joan WeberJk1tL X 'Vg DLL IU Any? ly ' , 1 Felicia weus ,V gb ' H+' 9' Q2 W of NYU J lj U ff r ' V 1 -C' 'S li "' idfuf . ,DJ . V 3 .A T fl!! 4, I U L q ' ' ' L' 1 , r ' 1 JJ-f' 'Lf' I f'lLL!' ,LLV LLL ' ffl L r If .13 Raul' ya' fl- A, . IV if ivy VL "'-V W 'QV in If U 'll LL 1 wc L P1 P' 2 li ' ' -fly H' U l04V1.fa'ffl fs ' jxcit' Ak ilu' ' X ,Yah 'J ti gdb lf gif Ldv Volfifbldx in wed - C, n.-413019 -N ,fs . 2 Left to right: J. Hastings, R. Spencer, B. Winteregg, R. Vorholzer, B. Zeirner, Dr. E Simpson, and J. Welty. F reshmen "Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord of host." Zechariah 4:6 We, as the Freshman Class, are just starting out on the road of higher education and we realize this is not an easy road. We are confident that of ourselves we can never successfully travel this road, but we know that through Christ all things are possible. Our prayer this year, is that our lives may be filled and motivated by the Holy Spirit and that I-Ie may have pre-eminence in every phase of our lives, so that we may truly say, " . . . Not I, but Christ . . ." 45 Jo e Adams Diane Allen David Biberstein Janette Cash J o Armstrong Betty Ayres Sh erryl Beitler Barbara Benedict F reslzmen Mary Beth Cochran Frank Conteh Roberta Cook Ellen Corey A- Marvin Claassen Donna Clark Arlene Dissing er Barbara Coon -QR 'nik Mari an Egan Elizabeth Ellis -ik Vivian Gre ar Mary Haber Shirley Flick James Frater Allen Friend Ruth Gifford Freshmen Ronald He ge Lawrence Heidelberg Ed Helzerman Joleen Herman Us Kathleen Hamilton James Hastings Jane Hose Patricia Housden Roger Hughs Ronald Johnson Darlene Koser Carolyn Krey S arah Johnson Glenda Jones Carl Kessler John Kingrey F reshmen Margaret Logan Fred McGinley Evelyn McKean Pat McAfee S. , fm! J Lois Kuhl Paul Legg Phillip Michael Malcolm Miller -cf C arolyn Mitchell M ary Mitch ell Marda Osmun Robert Parker Roger Morehead Linda Moughler Richard Nesseth Dave Osborne Freshmen Paul Plumb Rich ard Pric e William Ragle Sharon Reed Sue Penland Sherrill Perry 'QW W0 ' Qixr xf KM H Wim? Nx xv xvgxvkk S N Nb 'iv 4 ,Q "? we M 4 ,- X X v xxx X Philip Rich ardson Sh aro n Rob erts x X Q' QM ifgw cs v. 5 s. - we x Carolyn Ross Sue Saylor John Shields Marlene Sholl M arion Schaser Darrel Schi erling Kathleen Schw eb el Sharon Sherman Q F reshmen ,4 J63 fx F- F 2 x Judith Skinner Karen Smith Roger Spencer Aletha Straight Lillian Sintay C arol Skinner Ruthann Van Maaren Roger Vonholzer Marilyn Myer Sharon Steiner N Max Wanner Juanita Wells Joanne Wagner Patricia Walker Ronald Walsh Freshmen Bryce Wint eregg Roy Wolfe James Welty Robert Wilson UK Charles Yingling Beth Ziem er ' Q new ' Lf' 2 ,nh ni?-'-' 0, as as fa Wahnetta Hamman, Claudia Bell, Lilah Amstutz, Ruth Payne, Emily Mighells, Lois Peterson, Joan Warnpole, Donna Richmond, Karen Bowers, Carol Whiteman, and Elizabeth Conner. Less than a mile from the campus of F.W.B.C., a team of twenty-one Bible College students are presently enrolled in the Lutheran Hospital School of Nursing. Having completed one year on campus, they will spend the next three years at the hospital, returning to the campus for a final year of study in Bible and missions. This five year program com- bines Bible, missionary training, and nursing to well prepare the students for future service. The ory Practice 58 H7565 There's a time for PO Pr-wing ytvw H- ' ",:- 5 if f playing . I 59 V. , rv, working If lx , 2 F? 3 Q5 . ws , f "Do you think she'11 like this one?" Slz0j2119z'ng Downtown "Just look at that price tag ! " "O-o-o, I just love it!" "These are too pretty to carry in the rain!" 60 ACTIVITIES One organization to which all the students of the college belong is the Student Association. The student government functions through this important committee. The officers are elected by the student body, and its purpose is to promote fellowship, scholarship, leadership, and spiritual life within the college, to coordinate stu- dent activities, to further a close and harmonious rela- tionship between students and college personnel, and in- spire loyalty to the college and the principles for which it stands. Sorne activities which it sponsors include the Bloodrnobile, Freshman Orientation, magazines for the lounge and publication of the school paper. A C ouncil Meeting OFFICERS: Paul Mays, Pres., Roy Meyer Treas., Marilyn Dissinger, V. Pres Mae Zigler, Sec., Dean Eicher, Dr. Augsburger Advisors. Around the T.V. 62 Student Association Around the Hi-Fi 1 V, ,,,.,... . Dave Reichardt "hits the books." Q7 ' it " M xv ws 'Y' ' X "' 'A ' J W, X ,X., ,, I ' N T-an rigs- -ff:.3'?- ,, . ' OFFICERS: Mr. Wes Gerig, Advisorg Mae Zigler, Sec.5 Stan Kobayashi, Pres.g Not pictured, Elmer Rupp, V. Pres. Academic achievement and preaching which compose the name "Alpha-Kappa," suggests the development of expression in expounding the Word of God. A11 present and former Greek students may be rnernbers. The club aims to develop an ability to understand and to use the Greek New Testament and to provide spiritual, academic, and social activity. An annual cash award is given by the club to the member pre- paring the best expository sermon. A club meeting "I think it's a nominative plural 63 Examining curios Sllyanislz Club A new year for the Spanish Club brought a new advisor, Mrs. Truman Gottschalk, instruc- tor in Spanish. Embajadores Para Cristo, or the Ambassadors for Christ, learn the Spanish language along with the culture. Officers for the past year were Helene Rebsamen, Pres., Jim Armstrong, V. Pres., and Dave Eicher, Sec Treas. Rev. Bob Savage, of HCJB, addresses a club meeting In a drama class At a meeting P2 Lambda Zeta he speech organization strives to give students a deeper T understanding and appreciation of religious drama and the many facets of speech. Interesting visits to see other plays and visiting speakers highlighted the year. Speech Club officers included Bud Williams, Pres., Linda Leightner, V. Pres., Kathy Tehan, Sec., and Mr. Soden, Advisor. I Club members touring M.C.A. ' Headquarters. MCA OFFICERS: N. Kageyama, H. Gushiken, Mr. Welty, P. Fowler, A. Wada, Rev. Habegger. Promoting fellowship among the MCA students is the main ob- jective of the MCA Student Fellowship. The monthly meetings are aimed at gaining interest and insight in the denomination. This is accomplished through speakers, generally MCA staff members, who present various aspects of the association's organization. Featured this past year, was MCA I-Ieadquarter's Ch.ristmas Banquet to which the MCA students were invited. M.C.A. Pastors' Institute 65 ... 4 seaf- OFFICERS: Mary Masterson, V. Pres.5 Dr. Frank, Advisorg Larry Uczen, Pres.5 Barbara Steiner, Sec.g and Dolores Hake, Treas. Larry Uczen opens a club meeting. Music Club Music lovers especially enjoy this club open to all who are interested. Musical and artistic ex- pressions of the obj ectives of the college are rnet through regular meetings where programs are in- structional, recreational, and devotional. Special speakers and outstanding musicians throughout the year made this club very active and interesting. Club Members 66 SEA Members Student Ea'ucatz'0n Ass0cz'atz'0n This professional organization, a branch of the NEA and affiliated with the state organization, is comprised of students who are enrolled in teacher-education courses and those who plan to do any teaching at home or on the mission field. Special speakers and programs help stimulate interest in the teaching profession. 67 OFFICERS: Jack Ross, V. Pres.3 Mel Nantz, Pres.5 Peg Otto, Sec.g Carolyn Bollinger Treas.g Mr. Nickle, Advisor. Judy C alvin, Lzlglzt Tower Editor Only members of a yearbook staff can know the heartaches that go with putting an annual together . . . the late hours, the loss of film and pictures, the many discarded layouts and the dreaded deadlines. But we, the staff, hope that our fellow students and college family share in the joys of the finished 1963 Light Tower. It is our desire that this edition will be a "key" for unlocking the many memories ex- perienced this past year. Marlene Maser, Assistant Editor, Judy Calvin, Bob Wheat, Business Manager. Mr. King and Miss Conrad, Advisors 68 Steve Morley, Bill Raines, Kae Sprunger, Anita Laymon, Larry Uczen, Division Editors. Jack Ross, Rodger Morehead, Assistant Photographers Bill Raines, Advertising Manager, Bob Wheat, Paul Plumb, Treasurer. si Larry Uczen, Bonnie Deason, Anita Laymon, Shirley Berty, Dave Bower, Heather Cameron, Steve Morley, Sandy Tucker, Kae Sprunger, Elmer Rupp, Literary Staff. Joe Bokel, Photographer K 7,,,, , Marilyn Dissinger, Typist, Madonna Stiles, Copy, Phil Richardson, Layout. 69 Barbara Steiner, Editor, Anita Laymon, Assistant Editor. Student Voice A welcome sight in students' mailboxes each month is the "Student Voice," our college news- paper now in its second year. The latest in campus news is heralded from its pages, covering spiritual, sports, and social ac- tivities around FWBC campus and her ever growing family. John Durst, "Student Voice" advisor, has been working closely with editors Barb Stiener and Anita Laymon, seeing that the joumalistic abilities of the staff are developed fully. :.-:- f-22222, - fee. "" fs- 3 . f, John Durst, Advisor, and . Barbara D Steiner. ' ,.......-.4 Sharon Steiner, Marian Egan, Kathy Line, 3 2' Typists. ,E Shirley Berty, Dave Bower, Feature and N Sports Editors. 70 The Honorable E. Ross Adair Reeelozfion Scenes ,U Guest A rtists and Faculgf Recitals Mrs. Olga Mittelstadt and Kenneth Mays From Beam 1 "Boy! The price they charge for roses these days." " 1 "I hope he doesn't bring roses." VV 3 mf' A. 'li , , . , . . ,S i . ., ,I .Q-, -, 1 L.. -, , 3, '51 N 1 . 3:45 . ,N WJ. NW' - "Only 4 months, 19 days, 21 hours, 39 minutes and 11 second to go . . . " to Bells "Something old, something new, Something borrowed something blue . . . " 74 "Which Kid has the kilt?" "You can always tell a HALO girl l ,.. ' . . 0 ' I n . 1 ' .' U ' U I I Ha!!0we'en "Tell that baby in the second row that we found her mother. ll "Me? Miss Ugly? " Caroling 75 "Who's cold? Just give me HOT ch-ch-chocolate." That's right, we only want ONE pint. Communizgf A ia' He doesn't know it, but there's a hole in that "I know, but what's that GALLON JUG for?" X4 bottle ! "Forget the donutsg I'11 take the S25 ! " Fellowshzlb W ix 'QI In teamwork L KY .,-.-1-at At the mailbox. N r Darrel Schierling Bryce Winteregg Steve Morley V R I TBA KEY-BALL The B.C. Ambassadors are the largest gospel team representing the school each year. Playing a seventeen game schedule with schools from four states, provides the team with a large field for service and a Christian witness. In addition, several church services are conducted annually by the team while on week end trips. Though game victories may not be as frequent as desired, the satisfaction of a job well done and pleasing to the Lord more than compensates. At present, basketball is the only inter- collegiate sport, however, in the next two years tennis, track and field plus several other sports may be added to the expanded program. Paul Mays Dave Osborne Bob Mgening 78 Bud Williams Duane Ford n ' 1 ., 1 be Bill Emery Ron Cottongim 1 X r r 1 r A 'A E x Coach Morley Ken Brisco, Dave Bower, and Jim Welty Dave Berggren Phil Buchanan 79 .N With His help "You play for whom?" Pre-game devotions "What do you mean, a seven foot center?" "Get that tip." "A sure two." 80 Te am We They Oakland City 65 112 Grace 4 5 114 Moody 97 86 Midland 97 8 1 Griffin 89 106 Spring Arbor 70 80 Bethel 97 87 Trinity 72 89 Spring Arbor 61 6 9 Oakland City 71 107 Lincoln 60 66 Great Lakes 112 76 Bethel 66 75 Mgody Trinity 67 91 Lincoln 85 87 Griffin 82 114 Summit C onference Two for Phil "Poetry in Motion." "One--two--three four." a Five girls representing three of the classes, constitute the cheerleading squad for the season '62-'63. In addition to leading the Booster Club and directing the cheering at all home games, the girls traveled to Chicago, Peoria, Spring Arbor, and other "away" games to support the team in strange surroundings. "We're with you, team." Mary Beth Cochran, Darlene Koser, Mae Zigler, Darlene Krause, Joanne Wagner, Rita Fruchey. w A 'Yea team?" SEE? Q 1' 7485 Wayne , 'md College V V J EZEHT QM No basketball team is complete without its cheering section, and the Ambassadors have, if not: the largest, one of the most enthusiastic cheering groups. Led by the cheerleaders, this group attends all home games en masse and cheers the team on to victory. In addition, the group, which is com- prised of fifty members plus the cheerleaders and an advisor, Miss Martha Fiedler, attends several away games to give the team a boost in unfriendly surroundings. Truly the basketball team is aided in abundant measure by the enthusiasm and faithfulness of their Booster Club. EB "Who plugged up the chimney?" Spirited competition and fair play describe the intramural program this year. An expanded program of team and individual sports does much to help prepare each student for his future service. Each student is a member of one of the four intramural the Spartans, Olym- pians, Athenians and Lancers, and each victory and team participant adds to the point total for his team. In addition, a class basketball tour- nament is held each spring, which adds to the excitement and enjoyment of the intramural program. ff '4 -' f ' A X 4: S v .A ' .,. f . ..':. - f--va af:-"1"-5.7: .mf-,r 2- V'-34:1 -. rfzwfp' """' ""' Mr- - V View Iv411z'rH .Liana . 1 if-2 'ff-1: 1 ef-41' af ' ' ' 5 ' "wsu H" ' .'lfAl755ii- if F q 4 . '. eff "-' 2 'V V - -1. rm:-,w:.-.5'-mm1:1-'5.455'a,'..:-is-we-:g-E.. ii",-1.-.z::.:. L3 1 fr-1 ':s'f:'- ,A '.'2-.':i--1-L5-,f'1:-iffff'.ar:3'a3'2?:"Y?f9W'?'Z-E:'1:i1f:T"':"M"4"''2f?"?:f:11:"?1- 55'4',,:-:Izzy-g,a+,.....:,,1x,21:3 'fi,,ep-'mf-ig.l'1:3tf Q,.q-ff... . ' -:uf-f1.jV,:.-33-gage: F- cg.nf2k-'Lf-f:f-::':5,.3 ' Q .-3:V3:,,55:,.-,15,-1:-5,-1,5353592-155 a,,:,.. .- ,.:-,lay-.Vgw'f+f.y, ,V - M- .1-V: V, .-,1, ' fs I. Y-as . ,, ,f . . ' 'FY"Z'Wf!.e-"lr V' if ' -:V 1 few -ze '-ff-5 fm- f fgfgg it ww' " 1:9 if X V ., . A .4 n, fxff as 9 SA WM :R-.-+1-1-?f'.V, Z L L. . afzf Div-3 - 'AS ' .-'f--5V.,:f.,,,t :-'ff-'-1-Tr-3,2 3-' , 3 X , A t it ' 1 'ff f'5f..---QE . .l Q, Q , HK. . f -'M Nat ,.., -111. .xl Q. 4 1 ee .rw ya 55 My-.: M. VV' L + l if ' 4 W- v 'V- '- Q .- ff Ulf 5 H 4 Lf rf r " "" ' ' ' 'fiff' --Q f " 1 Q A 6 f M I Q N 41 ,Jsv . "'1f:z,Qaj,..T,.. '- If lx I, ,gg ,. ' 'ff ,fs '- 1 . , it 2 fame may V '- Q, ' ' 2 ,. .Ad . 4 fm- s if ,1 . ,, M, , 1--5 65, ,, I 4 .4 2' 2 4 4+ J A, w 5 ,ff e .fi A 'AQW 3 1 S XJTKBI Q . , ff 4, ca- W, xd,.'-- 1 , , Lv.-Q' ' ,g,J',Zfp',q1f"'I':: . -. a' Q23 5-JZ' ' , .um 1 --n:.'f-.xe..'.- Q-V-:. V 2-wi-:ff,rf1'r, -1 -fi-I ,.-4,V,Zf- fs.-+:,:. 2Q':,:12,1' ::1a-g --F ,:g-- JSE!-45,155 A ff ' ,ff'V2::2' ,., 5,2 4-1 ,z 15. s.,z,:2,:-'1-:,:afe,J '-iff--E, 5gfqf?,4tZz- 'i -12211, fa r, ' ' '1.,leif.E"'1'?'f" 84 Ill-I1 t it again." X-sf "It's my ball." "Don't just st:-md there, do something." v, "Let them do the work." "Block that spike." 85 "Look at the birdie." "Don't swallow it, Ro nil Study in concentration. "Where's your partner, Karl?" "Who forgot to rake the leaves?" 86 Wim: SPIRITUAL PIANIST: D. Hake. SOLOISTS: K. Line and R Vorholzer. S.M.F. TRIO: K. Line, B. Steiner and S. Steiner. SONG-LEADER: D . Boyll. S.M.F. QUARTET: D. 511011, J- Steiner, V- ORGANIST: D. swine: Blue, and J. Ross. 88 SMF OFFICERS: Kae Sprunger, Secretaryg Ar- lan Birkey, Vice President, David Dyck, Treas- urer, Jerry Cramer, President SMF. Timothy Warner. PUBLICITY: Eileen Clark 11' Student Missionary Fellowship seeks to promote interest in and Lmderstand- ing of world missions. Through speak- ers from different phases of missionary activity, students receive the challenge of the lost in weekly scheduled meet- ings. This ye ar Miss Florence Cavender and Mrs. Arthur Hall received support from the S.M.F. As other projects for missions, S250 was contributed toward transistor radios which, after being pre- tuned to HCJB, were distributed to the people of South America. The 35,100 pledged by S.M.E. members also aided in the buying of library books for Ja- maica Theological Seminary and the building of a dormitory at Sierra Leone, West Africa. 7 . .. ivy. is lee? USHERS: Jim Frater, Phil Douglas, Larry Heidelberg, Bryce Wintergg, Ron Yount, Marvin Classeen, John Kingrey, Clyde Nordgren, Jim Mortemore. Rev. Robert S avage. M z's5z'0na0f Conjkrence Mr. Peter F. Gunther "Communicating the Gospe1" was the theme of the 4th annual missionary conference sponsored by S.M.F. Featured this year were the Rev. Robert Savage, vice-president of the World Radio Missionary Fellowship which sponsored radio station HCJB--"The Voice of the Andes"--Quito, Ecuadorg and Mr. Peter F . Gunther, assistant director of the Moody Literature Mission, chairman of Evangelical Literature Overseas, and a member of the board of Literature Evangelical Para Americana Latina. The confer- ence proved to be both informative and inspiring. Decisions as to missionary service were made and lives were dedicated to God's will. 90 p .gnuwlww-15 Rev. Harold Walker I The first week of each semester is devoted to Spiritual Emphasis Week at Fort Wayne Bible College. The speaker for the first semester was to be Dr. R. R. Brown, but circurnstances pre- vented his being here. The faculty presented the messages during this time. At these servi- ces the college verse for the year was introduced as found in Joshua 3:5: "Sa.nctify yourselves: for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you." Rev. Harold Walker delivered inspiring mes- sages in the second semester services. He at- tended F.W.B.C. and is currently on the Youth Crusades staff of Youth for Christ International. Rev. Walker challenged the students to a per- sonal revival. It is the prayer of all that the de- cisions made here be evident in our future walk with Christ. Sl19z'rz'tual Emphaszs APN Faculty Speakers: Mr. Wesley Gerig, Dr. Jared Gerig, Mr. Timothy Warner, Mr. Weldon Klopfenstein, Dr. Edward Simp- son. 91 Youth Rev. William J. Carey Con erence "Exploring Inner Space," the theme for the twenty-third annual youth con- ference, challenged hundreds of young people as they came to F.W.B.C. April 26--28. The speaker, the Rev. William J. Carey of the Alliance Church, Bryan, Ohio, has done outstanding work with young people during his fourteen years of pastoral experience. Rev. Carey had four years active military service in W.W. II and served in military intelli- gence during the Korean War. His ex- tensive travels including forty-eight states and eleven foreign countries were highlighted this year by a trip to Cen- tral America. Rev. Carey's stunmers have been spent mainly in conference work and youth camps, as a counsellor and evangelist. Starting Friday afternoon with regis- tration, the conference program inclu- ded services each eveningg the play, "Passing of the Third Floor Back," pre- sented by the college drama depart- mentg a program featuring the Youth Conference band and Blanchard DeMer- Chant, student magiciang and several films. The conference came to a climax Sunday afternoon when many young people made definite decisions for Christ. The week-end was truly one of exploring, and for many--discovery! 1 F ' STANDING: K. Mays, I Advisorg B. Ashley, , Publicityg V. Blue, Chairrnang W. Gerig, l Advisor. SEATED: D. I Steiner, Musicg B. Campbell, Secretaryg S . Butcher, Vice- Chairrnang D. Sholl, Treasurer. ENSEMBLE MEMBERS D. Boyll, Director R. Meyer D. Dyck A. Birkey D. Schierling M. Masterson R. Vorholzer J. Cramer J. Weber B. Steiner J. Steiner M. Dissinger R. Hage K. Lantz S. Steiner B. Mullet K. Line It takes a. lot of'! "Exploring nner Spacey Pi a.nist, D. Hake 93 ,fg Miss Joy Gerig, Director of Christian Service, and her two secretaries, Mae Zigler and Marilyn Dissinger. Clmstzcm Servzce The Christian Service Department, under the direction of Miss Joy Gerig, gives students an opportunity to serve Christ and train in Christian work. The students receive practical experi- ence while serving the community in areas such as Child Evangelism, Gospel team ministry, pastoral training, mission work, choral directing, Sunday School teaching, and state school work. Even counsellors need counsel- lingg they get it at monthly prac- ticum classes. Miss Ruth Horst and Mrs. Pat I-Ioatson, leaders. 94 N 5 F rom in S ongle ading Practicum . in Child Evangelism in Chi1dren's Church '4 in Sunday School at the Mission 1 in Choir Direction To Practice 95 KING'S MEN F. McGinley D. Beberstein G. Nicholson R. Wilson S.M.F. TRIO K. Line B. Steiner S. Steiner D. Hake ROYAL HEIRS M. Masterson M. Sholl J. Calvin GOSPEL LIGHTS E. Corey P. Mayo S . Lachmiller IA 'x x. X X, N. HARMONETTES S . Penland G . Mitchell D. Allen E. Ellis Gospel Teams HAWAIIAN TEAM N. Kageyama A. Wada. Chapel Each day at 9:30, students and faculty alike spend time in worship, prayer, and inspiration. Speakers at Chapel come from various vocations and interests, yet all have one message centered in Christ. Chapel hour is a time of spiritual strengthening and Christian growth. Pray er Arlan Birkey, Leader At 5:00 each weekday eve- ning, many students here at Fort Wayne Bible College join in prayer for those serving Christ in other parts of the world. Prayer Groups 98 Now remember "i" before "e" except-after "c." Christian M in z'strz'e5 Retreat STANDING: S. Berty, D. Spicher, P. Richardson, W. Gerig, E. Simpson, L. Uczen, M. Gudeman, L. Mosier. SEATED: P. Fowler, F. Simpson, Mary Zeiter, Chairman of Retreat Committee. 99 Who made the seating arrangement for this panel? It X ' e Ms S ' "Pressing on!" Wes Gerig, speaker g . Mr. Richard Elmer directs rehearsal of the oratorio chorus. ff - Umtorio 5 Highlighting the Christmas season was the performance, De- S' ' cember 9, of Ha.ndel's stirring oratorio, "The Messiah." Comple- menting the oratorio chorus, under the direction of Mr. Richard ' " ' Elmer, were several interested persons from the Fort Wayne area. ' Unique in this performance was the use of instruments of the original score, including the harpsichord played by Dr. Rene - Frank. Soloists were: Mrs. Mary Wright, soprano, Mrs. Marga.ret 1, X Weber, contraltog Mr. John Bechtelheimer, tenorg and Mr. Ira ' Gerig, bass. 1 Q. ,B Chrzstmas Chapel 1 ff, Original Christmas carols were presented by an ensemble di- xxx rected by Don Dowdy. ' f J l YQJ ij J TRUMPET TRIO: W. Gerig r,.f,q! .-L , L tf'j,vcffYd-V ffm rv "'fyL' J V HW' - A ' fi' 7 ' , " ff ' , A 1 ff , A .' v'g-L-Qaaafaffx ' 'fff X f.'ff1V7fL . L if mx, . he cf, avi "'Ff L" 'V . . f Lf C 3 g ,V 1 ,C .J efN,tlQ,0, 'f QQ? If ,Q Zttgfgqyia ,f1fv6Lf1 pldff L ,.,,.1,,, L , L G . Nicholson D. Dyck J AQ cu E3 Q -f- A Cappella Choir Spring Vacation found the members of the A Cappella Choir and their director, Mr. Richard Ehner, touring Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana. Witnessing in song of Christ's saving grace, they presented the stirring "Con- version Portion" of Mendelssohn's "St. Paul." As they sang, the impact of the words of Paul's great spiritual experience was felt not only by the audiences, but by the choir. Returning to the college the choir shared the blessings of the tour with the home audience. The complete ora- torio was presented at the Spring Concert with the com- bined efforts of the oratorio chorus and the A Cappella Choir. 101 vi M LU' 'x X ,KN AXNVQ xdux 1 . X , I x , , U Q, W Nw Lv HN Y 'Practice makes perfect." if" MNT!! m 49 Snaps eq A, arrrgom .X-IN ' -1 JU " To God's glory." fx 9,1 'xx I If I I A! I N Y if O fl' Xl! ,uf J f Rv U J jk! xg' "A bird's eye vliewf' 102 X ll N UL M e - ye nj 'KM 00:2 U R 0 Vg V LE, W -x It Q xxx , NA YV I! E ' ILL' NNW Q 1 U , ' V ,wa Of 2 W u 1 X iv W K 1 ' WV p X 'LQ url A V U Nl I 6' L I 1 5 I M VERNON BLUE R . in Pastoral Training ' Galatian 2:20 I tramurals 1,25 Basketball 13 Crossroads ensemble 1,25 Youth Conference Chairman 4. JOE BOKEL B.A. in Missions Galatians 2:20 DeiVry Technical Institute. Light yfwer Photographer 1,2,3,43 Cam- 0 ne a Club President 2,33 Secretary- Af Treasurer 45 Class Vice-President 35 Associate Pastor 45 A Cappella Choir 23 Oratorio 2. W H. DANIEL BOYLL X B.S. in C.E. -Music pb' Psalm 32:8 Oratorio 33 Band 35 Gospel Team 35 VYouth Director 33 SMF Music Di- J, rector 43 Youth Conference Ensem- ble Director 45 Minister of Music 4. NANCY F. CASH QMRSJ Elementary Education Psalm 29:11 Multnomoh School of the Bible Prairie Bible Institute. MARILYN DISSINGER Bachelor of Religious Education Matthew 6:33 A Cappella 23 Oratorio 1,2,3,45 Gospel Team 1,2,3j Intramurals 1, 25 Youth Conference Ensemble 1, 43 Youth Conference Co-Chairman 33 Class Secretary 23 Student Council Vice-President 45 Dormi- tory President 3. DONALD DOWDY B.S. in Music Educ ation Philippians 4:19 William Jennings Bryan College. Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Music Club 1, 2,3,43 Treasurer 2, President 33 Oratorio Chorus 1,2,33 A Cappella 2,35 SMF Ensemble 1,25 SMF Music Director 35 Minister of Music 1,25 3,43 Speech Club 2, Vice-President Senior A c1fz'vz'tz'e5 25 Light Tower Staff 25 Sophomore Class Chaplain3 SEA 1. DAVID EICHER B.A. in Missions Matthew 28:19, 20 Light Tower Photographer 15 Cam- era Club 13 Spanish Club Secre- tary-Treasurer 1. DUANE FORD B.A. in Missions Proverbs 3:5, 6 Graduate of DeVry Technical Insti- tute. Basketball l,2,3,43 Intramural 1,2,3,4Q Vice-President 23 Student Council 23 Treasurer SMF 3s Head Usher 23 Alpha Kappa 3,4. FRANKLIN J. GRABER B.A. in Pastoral Training Proverbs 14:26, 27 Intramural football 1,25 Intramu.ral basketball 1,2,3,4. NOEL G. GRABILL Bachelor of Religious Educ ation Matthew 10:25 Varsity Basketball 1,2,3,4Q Co- Captain3 Class President 2,35 Sm- dent Council 1,25 Gospel Tea.m 13 A Cappella 15 Oratorio 2. HAROLD HATCI-IER Bachelor of Sacred Music James 4: 14 Bob Jones, Taylor University, Marion College. Youth For Christ. BONNIE LOU HENDERSON B.S. in Music Education Romans 3:21, 22 A Cappella Choir 1,2,35 Oratorio 1,2,33 Girls Trio 1,2,3. CARROL L. HIRSCHY B.S. in Music Education Philippians 1:6 Band 1,2,3,4j SEA 4,55 Music Club 35 Camera Club 33 Church Orga.nist 3,4,5j Oratorio 23 Junior Choir 53 Youth Leader 4,55 Mission 1. GARY INOUYE B.S. in Christian Education 103 Jeremiah 33:3 Intramurals 1,25 Camera Club 2,35 SEA 2,3543 Class Treasurer 3. DAVID JACOBSON B.S. in Missions Revelations 3:11 Ca.mera Club 1,2,33 SlvfF Vice- President 43 Light Tower Staff 3. TAMARA ANN JOHNS B.S. in Elementary Education I John 3:2 Child Evangelism 25 Booster Club Secretary-Treasurer 23 Class Treas- urer 33 Class Secretary 45 Oratorio 13 Play 23 Intramurals 1,2. ELEANOR B. JOHNSON B.S. in Elementary Education Isaiah 43:1-8 Huntington College, Los Angeles, Harbor Junior College3 College of the Ozarks5 Graduate of Fort Wayne Bible College. HELEN ELIZABETH KNAPP Bachelor of Religious Educ ation Proverbs 3:5, 6 Graduate of Moody Bible Institute5 Bryan College5 Marshall University. STANLEY KOBAYASHI Bachelor of Theology Proverbs 3:5, 6 Alpha Kappa 152,35 President 43 Class Chaplain 33 Gospel Team 2, 3. BEATRICE KRANICH B.A. in Missions Philippians 2:13 Vice-President of Spanish Club 25 Child Evangelism 13 Junior Church Leader 1. DARLENE J ULLA KRAUSE B.S. in Elementary Education Isaiah 41:10 Cheerleader 1,2,3,45 Captain 35 SEA Member 1,2,3,4j Student Council Representative. MONIQUE LEFEBVRE B.A. in Missions Romans 4:20, 21 Dorm Cabinet 2,45 Vice-President of 801, 35 Intramural Leader 25 Al- phaKappa5 Counselor 4. ELEANOR LYON B.A. in Elementary Education Psalm 46:10 Ashland College5 Wheaton College5 Arizona State College5 University of Arizona5 University of Cali- fomia5 Upland College5 Phoenix College5 Long Beach City College. RONALD MASER B. B.S. in Elementary Education B.A. in Social Studies Philippians 1:6 Band 15 Mission Work 15 Prayer Band Leader 25 Dorm Cabinet Of- ficer 25 Dorm President 35 Class President 45 Intramurals 45 Youth Conference Treasurer 45 Youth Conference Chairman 55 Senior Class Vice-President 36. PAUL MAYS B.A. in Pastoral Training Mark 8:35-36 Purdue-Scholarship5 Basketball 2 ,3, 45 Captain 3,45 Student Associa- tion President 45 M.C.A. Student Fellowship 1,2,3,4, President 35 Youth Conference Publicity Chair- man 3. LINDA MOSIER Bachelor of Religious Education Philippians 4:13 Band 15 Intramural Leader 2,35 Dorm President 45 Counselor 4. SHIRLEY MURRY B.S. in Elementary Education Cross Roads Ensemble 45 Trio 1,2, 35 A Cappella 153,45 Student Coun- cil Sec. 45 Providence Hall Pres. 45 Counselor 3,45 SEA5 Youth Confer- ence Ensemble 3,4. JUDY NESSETI-I B.S. in Elementary Education Proverbs 3:5, 6 A Cappella 1,3545 Trio 1,2,35 Dorm Cabinet 25 Crossroads 2,3,45 SMF Ensemble 2,35 Youth Confer- ence Ensemble 2,45 Play 25 SEA Secretary 35 Dorm President 3,45 Counselor 3,45 Co-chairman of Junior-Senior Banquet 4. WILBERT NEUENSCHWANDER B.A. in Missions Proverbs 3:6 Oratorio 15 Dorm Cabinet 15 Gos- pel Team 15 Alpha Kappa 2,3,45 Camera Club 1,25 Intramurals 1,25 Class President 45 Class Chaplain 1,3. DONALD L. RICE B.A. in Pastoral Training Philippians 4:13 VINCENT RUPP, JR. B.S. in Speech I Corinthians 15:58 Light Tower Staff 15 Class Editor 2, Literary Editor 35 Gospel Team 1, 25 Dorm Counsellor 45 Dorm Cabi- net 45 Student Council5 Social Life Committee 25 Election-Nominating Committee Chairman 45 Vice- President 25 Representative at NAE Sponsored anti-communism Confer- ence 45 Speech Club 25 President 35 Vice-President 45 Cheerleader 25 B-and 15 A Cappella 35 Play 2,45 Stage Manager 35 SNAE 2,3,4,55 ISTA 2,3,4,55 Speech Assn. of America 2,3,4,55 MCA Youth Fel- lowship 1,2,3,45 Speech Recital 3,5. DWIGHT SI-IOLL B.A. in Missions II Peter 3:9 Basketball 1,2,35 Camera Club 1,25 Gospel Team 35 Class President 35 Class Treasurer 45 Youth Confer- ence Treasurer 45 Spanish Club 35 Intramurals 1,2,3,45 Leader 35 SMF Quartet 45 Dorm Council 3. KAE LINNET SPRUNGER B.S. in Missionary Nursing Romans 12:1 104 Ball State Teachers College5 Ball Memorial School of Nursing5 Ora- torio 3,45 A Cappella 35 Dorm President 35 Light Tower Staff 3,45 SMF Secretary 45 Student Council Representative 45 Gospel Team 35 Booster Club 35 Cross Roads En- semble 3. JOHN STEINER B.S. in Elementary Education Romans 8:37 Student Council 2,3,45 Quartet 1, 2,35 SMF Ensemble 15 SMF Quar- tet 45 YCE 153,45 Class Vice- President 3. ERIC E. WIGGIN, JR. Bachelor of Religious Education Galatians 2:20 New Brunswick Bible Institute5 In- tramurals 4. W. A. WILLIAMS B.S. Speech Philippians 3:9, 10 Bethany Fellowship Bible and Mis- sionary Training Institute5 Speech Club 2,35 President 35 Intramurals 253,45 Student Council 3,45 School Play 45 Basketball 3,4. MARY LOUISE ZEITER B.A. in Christian Education Colossians 1:28b-29 Huntington College5 Student Coun- sellor 2,3,45 Dorm President 3,45 Alpha Kappa 2,3,4, Secretary- Treasurer 35 CM Retreat Chairman 3, General Chairman 45 Christmas Banquet Chairman 45 Orator"m 1,2, 3,4. MAE E. ZIGLER B.A. in Christian Education Zechariah 4:6 Cheerleader 1,2,3,45 Play 25 Dorm Treasurer 25 Intramural Leader 3,45 Dorm Vice-President 35 S.A. Sec- retary 45 Alpha Kappa Sec. -Treas. 4. ' :IE -4, A., , .,...- -3. f 41 'w a ' 4 . :e ' '4 1: I I D I ' o ,,w . B ,. .Asxy ' . ' v ' '-4 lltlrufi-F ill? 2 x ' ' ' '15, za .- ,H C I I , Y Rf L . 7 ,i inx ' we 4 ' 1 WY' ' 01- F? X O wi 1 M nfl. - , ly. Jax 'IP iliif , 1 ' f V, A 2 7' 5 is ,,, vu ' I t I1 5 :sr L aff, wr as 43,91 .3 5 , Il, mi , gigs' 9 "Mil gf AD ERTISING .. ,Sin .. A J 5.-L l j '! . ' "9 . , . 1 X We-,hx , fda Y A .:.:, -I-z'mr,g x : i aiivhvur X X 'r U v 1 T A Q. -.wg--E , K 2 -A Y 'fs R I x I. 1 'A -V 1 M a I , , t r ,UM K TNF.. 3 . L ' x.. X' -1 Txx, I ' 'f' K V' f f A 1 5,1 "1 2 . N , 'Y xml, 2 X :F?fQi5Q?wf' ff- T n l'2,i,f: ' f 'T V V- 'E X T , V 5 . 1 ' ff' W NN .- Lead on, O King Exetnzd N The day oi nlaich has corneg Henceiofih in iieTds oi conquest 5 '5X'1aXXbe oui home. s mation J Thy tent Thsongh days oi Qiep Thy gi ace has nude us suong, And now , O King Ltemah NN e hit out batde song. Z' Lead on, O T4-ing, Lteinah We iohow , noi whh Seals-, Yo: gmaness hieahs Tihe ynoining XNY1e1e'e1 Thy iace apgeaisg Thy cioss is Mixed o' ex us-, We Qoniney in its Tight The ciown awaits the conquestg Lead on, O G06 oi xnighx. -f' - f' ,A Z et us for TEUP at Once a and posse 55 it. L Mf- are able. --Num , - 13.3 ' 0 Congratulations, Seniors! ! Let your light so shine before men, ' I X that they may see your good works, 1- 1 and glorify your Father which is in heaven. y ggi S13 Matthew 5:16 Class qv 65 f fb fc'-" I 317- fi: -F 5E?E2.l- 'i ii-WF -APC1' ,Lwgffgsgiiliig L X I I D X 1 1 .v f' Llffl t 1 to 'is,,lefe5.QfozHift all to ,-,f51":'A I . Y Many Thanks to Our Fine Publisher: THE BARBER AMEMCAN YEARBOOK COMPANY SHCP Wes Adams and Dave Naab H-2244 609 West Foster Parkway Hannibal Missourl SOUTH WAYNE EVANGELICAL UNITED BRETHREN CHURCH To all who mourn and need comfort--to all who are weary and need rest--to all who arefriend- less and wish friendship--to all who pray and to all who do not, but ought--to all who sin and need a S a v io u r , and to whosoever will--this church opens wide the door and in the name of Jesus, the Lord, says WELCOME. Dial-a-Prayer 1-I-1238 Rev. Frank L. Engle Pastor 3500 South Wayne Avenue 1-I-4136 FIRST BRE THREN CHURCH Rev. M. E. Malles Congratulations Class of 1963 Pastor H- 1065 3326 S. Calhoun Listen to a a TOWER OF STRENGTH WGL 1250 kc. 6:30 P.M. W Jas, Every Saturday ,if "A Light Shining in a Dark C Place" Q "You Are Always K 3 ' W e 1 c om e ' ' Rev. Oscar A. Hehe: Pastor HARVESTER MISSIONAR2' CHURCH 3331 Harvester at Fleetwood--Fort Wayne,1ndiana--Phone A-8352 :3'n'i,!fH7 , C' 'rf' 1 ffl, C Qilm te h 11211112 QI nf 'q 1 'Ff'--- if I- .'7',. I I I 1 2' H f i I I' ,-53 11 L.. E. Tucxzn. MINISTER it I ' Ii I I Il QI" I ' 52: . . 5. , - gi Bulldlng for a Greater Tomorrow i s E ' tr , , , with YOUTH in Mind .E 2502 FAIRFIELD AVENUE Opportunity for Christian Service FORT WAYNE, INDIANA IMMANUEL BAPTIST CHURCH For other Rev. W. T. Younger, Foundation PaS'COI' can no man lay than that is laid which is .- U, 4202 Hessan Castle Jesus Christ. - I R Call H-8855 HOLTONAVE. MISSIONARY CHURCH fl? N- 1422 Baxter Street Phone: K-2752 Rev. Norman Rettig, Pastor "A Church with a Warm and Friendly Spirit" FIRST BAP TIST CHURCH 2323 South Fairfield Telephone: K-6204 The Church that Cares . . . Sunday School- -Worship- -Mid- week Fellowship Rev. Phillip Philbrook, B.D., Pastor Phone: K- 8 67 3 CURDES AVENUE MISSIONARY CHURCH "Fort Wayne's Friendliest Church" 2X . 2401 Curdes Avenue Rev. William H. Cox Pastor WEISER PARK UNITED MISSIONARY CHURCH Rev. Paul Brennernan, Pastor 2901 Warsaw Fort Wayne Invites You to Attend . . . Sunday School Morning Worship Youth Fellowship Evangelistic Service Midweek Prayer Meeting HIGHLAND BETHEL EVANGELICAL MENNONITE CHURCH "Where There Is Opportunity for Christian Service." Located at 4300 N. Clinton St. Harry McCrurn: Pastor BIBLE TRUTH BOOKSTORE BOOKS BIBLES STUDY HEL PS TEACHING AIDS MUSIC Whenever Possible . . Worship with Us Sunday Services 9:30 a.rn. Sunday School 10:35 a.m. Worship Service 6: 15 p.rn. Fellowship Hour 7:00 p.rn. Evangelistic Hour Midweek Service 7:30 p.m. Wednesday Broadcasting a.rn. Sunday--WOWO Radio FIRST MISSIONART CHURCH 7:30 Thomas K. Zehr, Associate Pastor Mrs. Virginia Roth Christian Education Director Rev. Cornelius Vlot, Pastor "Let us take this glorious gospel for ourselves, and then C55 give it to all within our reach and thus prove that it is indeed X - the whole gospel for the whole man and the whole world." , --Dr. A. B. Simpson, 41843-19191 I TO THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1963, GREETINGS AND CONGRATULATIONS We Join with You in Your Prayer for God's Guidance in the Life Work You Will Soon Be Undertaking. The International Headquarters of THE CHRISTIAN AND MISSIONART ALLIANCE The Home, Foreign, Finance and Education Departments: The Office of The Alliance Witnessg The Publications Committee 260 West 44th Street New York 36, New York In Canada: 1634 Bayview Avenue, Toronto 17, Ontario. AN INVITATION TO CONSIDER DENVER For your graduate training for Christian service, we invite you to give serious thought to the Conservative Baptist Theological Seminary of Denver. Now in its thirteenth year, this growing school offers such advan- tages as a low faculty-student ratio, an expanding li- brary, and a trained faculty. Recent evidence of the Seminary's steady advance is apparent in two areas: acceptance into Associate Membership in the American Association of Theological Schools, and the purchase of a 31-apartment married students' residence. Continue your training in a school which emphasizes Biblical studies, missions, and Baptist distinctives. CON SER VA TI VE BAPTIST THE OLOGI CAL SEMINART I 1500 East Tenth Avenue Denver 18, Colorado Madsen MeIT101'i-31 H9-11 Vernon C. Grounds, President Earl S. Kalland, Dean qwlm 11-'G THE MISSIONARY ii CHURCH X ASSOCIATION .4, 3111 National Headquarte rs 3901 South Wayne Avenue Fort Wayne, Indiana M.C .A. Headquarters Building The founders of The Missionary Church Association, which had its beginning in 1898, were impelled by a threefold vision: 1. That of carrying the Gospel of Jesus Christ into all the World to the end that men might be savedg Z. That of a home constituency in the United States which would support and give stability to the foreign missionary programg 3. That of a school to train ministers and missionaries for both the home and foreign programs. Fort Wayne Bible College fNevv South Campus--Now being developedj ln fulfillment of this vision, the M.C .A. founded F.W.B.C . in 1904 and together they have grown to a place of world-wide influence in helping to fulfill the Great Commission of Christ. The M.C .A. has extended its training program on a college level to Jamaica in the West Indies, by opening the Jamaica Theological Seminary in 1960, offering a four- year course of study leading to a degree in Theology. Jamaica Theological Seminary THE M. CA. CUN GRA TULA TES THE CLASS OF 1963 and Welcomes You to the M.C .A. Ministry. CHANNELS OF SERVICE . . FOREIGN MISSIONARY SERVICE . . . 85 missionaries on 5 mission fields--Sierra Leone, West Africa, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Haiti, West Indiesg and Ecuador, South America. HOME EXTENSION PROGRAM . . . l2O Churches in 6 Districts--Great Lakes, Central, Mid-South, Mid- western, Western, and Hawaiian Mission. SUNDAY SCHOOL . . . Training S.S. leaders through a National Leadership Training Pro- gramg building the church through the Sunday school. PUBLICATIONS . . . Bible Truth Book Store, THE MISSIONARY WORKER, and the BETHEL-Bible Truth Series. MISSIONARY YOUTH FELLOWSHIP . . . Providing the best available advantages to youth through the National Office and District Youth Camps. ' CHILDREN'S WORK . . . Instructing children in Bible knowledge and Christian practice through the Sunshine Makers program. MEN'S MISSIONARY FELLOWSHIP . . . "PALS" program to support pastors in new churches, soul winning, and the M.C .A. Investrnent Foundation. WOMEN'S MISSIONARY SOCIETY . . . Operating a Missionary Supply Centerg promoting missionsg prayer and fellowship. Contact M.C .A. Officers for Service Opportunities. Rev. Tillman Habegger Rev. Clarence R. Gerig Rev. Clarence I. Birkey President Home Secretary Foreign Secretary FORT WA T NE GOSPEL TEMPLE "The Church with a Missionary Vision" Extends to You a Warm Welcome to Attend Their: Sunday School ....... 9:30 A.M, Youth Fellowship ..... 6:00 P.M. Morning Worship .... 10:30 A.M, Evangelistic Service . . . 7:15 P.M. Rev . Prayer Service Tues. . .7:15 P.M. .. ,-.,., - , z.,Xx Y- .. ,K 'R Carl R. Bennett, Pastor H-4236 GOSPEL TEMPLE BOOKSHOP 117 East Rudisill Blvd. Fort Wayne 5, Indiana Phone H-8086 Complete Line of Christian Supplies Bibles, Testaments, Devotional Books, and Magazines Sunday School Materials, Cards, and Church Supplies Sheet Music, Songbooks, and Recordings Special Discount to F.W.B.C. Students The Salvation Army "With Heart to C-od and Hands to Man. Citadel Corps 1702 S. Calhoun St. Belrnount Outpost 5512 McC1e11en St. Captain and Mrs. Edward Johnson- Comrnanding Officers Property Insurance for Christian People NON-SMOKERS ONLY! . my' R xy X ' ' I jj, T 'fx Ad. X 1 ' ', snonmmuon, HIITULLU IPQSIIRANCEICU. I E 1615 wmcs Avenue, ogvlr. Y 1' .1 - - .Q Hom yvAvNs,glNoc7iNA 4. L' 1-' . 1 "V ' A L -' y' . ' ull -L L- AMSTUTZ INSURANC E AGENCY 3109 S. Calhoun Fort Wayne Indiana r , Auto- -Fire - - Life D 1570 Safe Driving Discount I ,6- l -I L I. wk ' ,g ls!! U i . ' L. I VL :V I M ' . L -t ' Cornplirnentrsl f lf, I J L .1 lg K L -' Q' U I J L I jk! ' '- IU V' V V n ki Y of 1 .3 L 3 ,A J Lf I fl Lf V I I 1 I L " 03 .L A FRIEND' lt 1 X- " " . . ,L Cob f - II,-.,,7' 5 I s HARRISON HILLS BARBER SHOP 3803 South Calhoun K-9519 5 Chairs Appointments 8 A.M. to 3 P.M. Tuesday through Friday V Stores Hours 8 A.M.--6 P.M. A Saturday 8--5 STORE HOURS: 8 A.M. - 6 P.M. SAT. 8 A.M. - 5 P.M. HAROLD A. HENRY SOUTH SIDE BARBER SHOP 4 CHAIRS APPOINTMENTS HONORED 8 A.M. TO 3 P.M. TUESDAY THROUGH FRIDAY O Phone H-9502 3530 S. Calh un St. INGEBORC1 'S BEAUTY SALON 617 W. Foster Parkway Phone K-3305 Perrnanents, Tinting, and Manicures Open Evenings by Appointrnent Only. SWAN CLEANERS BRIDGES REAL ESTATE COMPANY HOUR DELIVERY DAY SERVICE Cash and Carry l4l5 Broadway Avenue Pick-up and Delivery Wishes You I-I-4371 3034 S. Calhoun St. Happiness in All You Do! Best Wishes We appreciate serving Fort Wayne Bible College for their laundry needs. . . TROY LAUNDRY of 1709-17 South Calhoun, Fort Wayne A FRIEND Save the ll-Arn ' ll Townsend Dry Cleaners Way fum 429 924 E. CREIGHTON AVE. Paid OH savings H 3202 'We treat your clothes as though they were our own. " I Clinton at Rudisill I-I-Z 145 GOLLER'S DRI' CLEANERS Complete Dry Cleaning Service for All Your Dry Cleaning Needs E- POI'1tlaC St. SO, Wayne H-2102 H-3364 SOUTH WAYNE HARDW Ft. Wayne's Oldest Chevrolet Dealer" Ha rdwa re, Hous ewa re s C. A. GRIEGER CO. Gift Items, Toys, and ARE 7 130 E. Baker Lawn Supplies. Phone A-0225 -SALES-PARTS-SERVICE 4005 S. Wayne Avenue H-3159 SMITH'S SOUTHSIDE T.V. Compliments of T.V., Hi-Pi and Applian NATIONAL MILL SUPPLY INC. 207 E. Columbia CCS 'Ll We Enjoy Serving Yo K 3820 S. Calhoun -0045 Enjoy that REFRESHING NEW FEELING! COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF FORT WAYNE, INDIANA 1631 East Pontiac Street 1 I ll If Il Fort Wayne Indiana Phone H- 33 66 HO WARD'S For All Your Film, Greeting Cards Camera Supplies, and Delicious Russell Stover Candies. IAII Developing and Printing of the 1962 Light Tower Photograp Done in Our Film Processing Laboratory.I 3 Stores Rudisill at Calhoun Northcrest Shopping Cent Downtown at 112 W. Wayne hs, 61' Your Neighborhood Health Center SCHMIDTPHARMA CT 4001 South Wayne Ave. HA-0620 Pharmacists: ED SC HMIDT JOHN HINTON ' S UNN 2' SCHICKJS 407 W. WASHINGTON A-9119 Fort Wayne' s friendly camera shop CHA LFANT-PERRY FUNERAL HOME 2423-27 Fairfield Ave. Since 1911 Phone H-2334 MILLER'S SER VICE S TA TI ON In 1-' Located at the Corner of Calhoun Street 8: Rudisill Blvd. l BEST WISHES FROM' GRACE BRETHREN CHURCH 4619 Stellhorn Road Rev. Glen E. Crabb FAIRHAVEN MENNONITE 3101 Taylor Rev. Arthur Cash FIRST CHRISTIAN UNION 6110 S. Calhoun Street Rev. Howard Dunlap AVALON IVIISSIONARY 7120 Premiere Drive Rev. Trurnan Gottschalk BROOKSIDE EVANGELICAL MENNONITE 7302 St. .Toe Road Rev. Willard Rowell WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH 419 E. Leith St. Rev. Melvin Shoemaker HOLLYWOOD IVIISSIONARY 2005 Graham Road Rev. Othella Hammon GREAT NORTHERN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 119 W. Rudisill Blvd. MARRIED TUDE T Shootmg for baskets Q 'He would have to loose a contac K I . .---- leg. Q !,:4: A ' A A . ., 1ens!u ' . 5 ff 1. ..., sg Q K, ' sw: - V Q lg ., . I' . 1 V- .11-12 "" , fy. -. W - 'QA - V ' s V e, -' X 4, , j 1 f -,n f -- . Qt ey lk ---'- V - R W ?.'xT?e?a,x -.357 ::- if ' - 3113? 'gk Q' X Q' Q ' N An evening of babysitting. 120 t Xiffffc, yw, Z ,, 4,5 iff " - 6 W 4LL,fWV cifffmi al 04.425, ACPWLQ f'9"C2w'e' L - n'M4fc'L A cz K , M . ffl ?,',. ' ' g QLIZQW 44 ful' ff? !DfZ'LfLl:f,27J. if fi-L,g4,Q., ZZLKAWXA QM-Gszi 411 1 f , , f-Q11 1 ,e Aff W 4 ff-if 'f Qcggcfq., QQj"ff 9f-f-Q1 u"f"-4' ww-f-fC f Qfgxum' 4?-M I WU C , -Joavye Q3 :SSL f N' 51 Ill' '17 ,NX , V 'H , l , if .N Hal Q w fan If v ,. yx ,,. N A V W 's I L s . I K . K V I L In U, 'f . ., J 4'!' 'lt' 'J X 11 J I Pu 1

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