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I I .3559 N .1 J I ci' -2 3 fi 9,5 " .4- m 9' ' Q 3' KENT OF SOUTH CAMPUS 4 . Chapel 5 . Women's Dormitory 6. Men's Dormitory i I ffl gl 5 5 'C LIGI-IT TGVVER Wagsw Bible College Wmjw, Indiana if Leightner Hall Womews Dormitory Allen Counly Public Library Fi. Wayne, Indiana I yi i -Av x Schultz Hall Menls Dofmitow Women's Dormitory Residence Hall Faculty Apartments. , lj, 'T-T11 : . Q -1, xi', ,.,.1,..,., 1, x Xi. .- ' L i ' ""N-- m l in ll MR -' - -iv -"" ,Y .-I . 801 W. Rudisill Blvd. Women's Dormitory X -. ' :QI VPIIFI, V 1 .fi li l ,Y 1 p i li l f . M -5 55, ,gil M ,. 'ieffrf - I iff fi "- 'if ' A 1 Q ,h I -:,N..,' 2 'Y wi, if ' -fvilf' air' , ,,' I ' 3 il! Bethany Hall :fn ' ,ff -' 3'-1-,wwf 1.1 Administration Offices Women's Dormitory -xim- Classrooms Founder's Memorial Hall 5011001 Of Music, GYmn35iUU1 Lehman Memorial Library Dining Hall, Classrooms. Classrooms !!!!! 3 Y Administration 8-12 Faculty 13-15 Staff 16-18 Senior Class 19-27 Underclassmen 28-53 Qpwtwlz 54-69 Services 56-60 Crossroads 61 Musical Ministry 61-64 Christian Service 65-69 6-52 ociolb 70-91 Extra -curricular Activities Athletics 82-85 Student Association 86-91 Advertising 92 - 103 72-81 Directory of Addresses 104-108 Managing Editor: Eileen Clark Literary Editor: Marilyn Samrady Lay-out Editors: Toney Barcanic and Barbara Steiner Art Work: R. Gene Bertolet Advertising Manager: James Huff Circulation Manager: Norma Brandenberg 4 To a man who has shown to us by example that Christianity is not merely an ideology, but an every day walk with God. His life has challenged us all to dedicate our lives to Christ, serving Him to the best of our ability. He never ceases to inspire each student who comes in personal contact with him. To you, Wes Gerig, we dedicate the 1962 Light Towerg for we greatly appreciate your concern for each one of us. 5 EDUCATIONAL ' Bomb SEATED: Rev. Tillman Habegger, Dr. Clyde Taylor, Mr. James N. Beltz, Mr. J. Francis Chase, Rev Carl Miller, Dr. Jared F. Gerig. STANDlNG: Mr. Henry Amstutz, Rev. Roy Ramseyer, Rev. Robert Strubhar, Rev. John Nussbaum. Not Pictured: Rev. William Whiteman, Mr. Forrest Balsiger, Mr. Maurice M. Rupp. 8 Pwsrdenb Dr. Jared F. Gerig HERBERT W. BYRNE A.B., B.D., Ms., Ed.D. Dean of Education Professor Deans CYRIL I-L EICHER A.B., Th. B., M.A. Dean of Students Associate Professor HAROLD W. RANES A.B., B.D., M. Th., MA. De an of Men Assistant Professor of Bible f :r r E 13 bf-4? OSWALD MORLEY A.B. Coach Assistant Dean of Men Instructor in Bible rf' PATRICIA HOATSON B.S. De an of Women RUTH HORST B.R.E. Assistant Dean of Women EDITH EHLKE A. B., A.M. in Library Science Librarian Associate Professor JOY GERIG Director of Christian Service E005 WALTER E. KING Assistant to the President in Development FOREST WEDDLE A.B., M. S. Assistant Professor in Bible, Archaeology Director of Research and Guidance HERALD J. WELTY B.R. E., M.S. Registrar Instructor in Education C. V. HARTER Business Manager GRANT HOATSON A. B., M.A. Instructor in Radio and Journalism Director of Public Relations HARLAN WRIGHT B. S. M. Field Representative RICHARD M. ELMER Assistant Professor of Music .,., EUNICE J. CONRAD A ' A'B" MA' 2 Assistant Professor of English f- w . , IRA A. GERIG B.M., M.Mus Assistant Professor of Music WESLEY L. GERIG A.B., B.D., Th.M. Assistant Professor of Bible and Theology 13 EDWARD P. AUGSBURGER A.B., M.A., B.D., Ph.D. Instructor in Bible RALPH A. GALLACHER A.B., Th.B., MA. Assistant Professor of History and Science A.B., B.D., B.1vL, M.A. RENE FRANK M.Mus, D. Mus. Professor of Music X 1- T RUMAN GOTT SCHALKPF A. B. Instructor in Spanish f- 1,.: Q. , . Q 'F ' ' WELDON KLOPFENSTEIN Th.B. Assistant Professor of Bible and Theology ROBERT S. MY ERSY B. S., M.A. Instructor in Music FRANCES PEARSON R. N. , B.S. Instructor in General Educ ation ELEANOR MAE RICH R. N., B. S. Instructor in Health , 'Y Q " W? 4-AQ' ' .eeh 2 rr- gf ' E. STANLEY LEONARD A.B., rh.B., M.R.L, MA. Instructor in Education KENNETH R. MAYS B.S.M., M.M. Instructor in Music at '- , ?, . V 'FPa.rt Time - -- --ff--11, QA -. ,X ' A""'S ' ' "3 ' . A .Q S' X X J fi iz GLADYS SCHUMACHER B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor of Education FKA? ff? fd? EDWARD SIMPSON B.S., B.D., Th.M, Th.D. Associate Professor of Bible and Theology TIMOTHY M. WARNER A.B., S.T.B., M.A. Instructor in Missions ROBERT SHAMBAUGHX B.M.E., M.M.E., Ed.D. Instructor in Music Education FRANCES F. SIMPSON A.B., M.R.E., D.R.E. Associate Professor of Religious Education N...-U-SW " f, f A' f ' . fksx rfg. fm M- W Ir-4953 5. "ff LQ- ff ,ff ' -""' M. ELMER SODEN A. B. Instructor in Speech 'FPart Time Theda Beitler Secretary, Founder's Memorial Office Adolph Bley M Myrtle Brown Cook Joe Ann Derreth Maintenance Assistant Samuel Brandenburg Electrician and Maintenance Assistant Edna Bump 4 Assistant Librarian Q Sceretary Public Relations Office John Durst Director of Printing 16 Martha Fiedler Dining Room Supervisor P. L. Eicher Commissary Manager Fern Gallagher Bookstore 6-11 Manager 1 U -' ff' ix, 'fm , g , 1 r , . Adelle Isaac Grace King Secretary Secretary to Registra.r's Development Helen Jackson Office Office Cook Robert F. Lohman, M.D. College Physician Donna Lutton Secretary to De an of Students 17 Q5 May Imler Secretary Business Office M.illie Lindsey Secretary to President Mary Mays S ec ret ary Guidance Office Jennie Miller Cook Edison Reynolds Director of Maintenance Betty Ranes Hostess Schultz Hall Evelyne Schmidt Bookkeeper Ada Smith Laundry Supervisor Mary Ann Wagner Secretary to Dean of Education Mlflam Welty Mailing Sup ervisor 18 Class Officers: Ernest Hayden, Gilbert Williams, Stanley Kobayashi, James Clauser, Eunice Simmons. Adviser: Dean Eicher. We, the Senior Class, can look back on four years of sowing and cultivating of the seeds of truth that were implanted in our lives by the professors and the Holy Spirit. As we look to the future, we can see the harvest fields of service that have been planted and cultivated by the Holy Spirit through others. We can go forth "reaping the harvest," serving the Lord with our lives, giving our all to Him. 19 BERTIL ASKLUND B.A. in Social Science Camera Club Treasurer 2. JANICE MARIE BLOOMER Bachelor of Religious Educa- tion. Theta Beta 15 Intramural Council 3,55 Booster Club 45 Dormitory President 35 SMF Secretary 45 Dormitory Coun- cil Secretary 55 Child Evan- gelism 25 Junior Church 35 Dormitory Counselor 4,55 SS Teacher 5. TORREY GRAY BARCANIC Bachelor of Sacred Music. Music Club 3,45 Treasurer 45 Youth Conference Ensemble 3, 4, Art Chairman 45 Oratorio Chorus 3,45 A Cappella 35 Radio Ensemble 3,45 SMF En- semble 35 Minister of Music 4. ESTHER KATHRYN BOLLES B.S. in Speech. NEA Club 55 Speech Club 4,5, Secretary 45 SS Teacher 2,3,4, 5. 20 ROBERT GENE BERTOLET B.S. in Missions. Intramurals 1,2535 Booster Club 25 Light Tower Art Chairman 3,45 Basketball Manager 25 Youth Conference Art Chair- man 35 Oratorio Art Chairman 35 Gospel Team 15 Youth Leader 2,3,4. NORMA F. BRANDENBURG B.S. in Missions. Theta Beta 15 MCA Student Fellowship 1,2535 Light Tower Treasurer dc Circulation Man- ager 45 SIVIF Organist 15 Church Organist 1,2,3,45 SS Teacher 3,45 MYF Pianist 1, 2,35 Girls' Trio Director 2,3. RALPH E. BRANDENBURG B.S. in Missions. MCA Student Fellowship 1,25 3545 Treasurer 2, President 35 Dormitory Council 15 MYF President 1525 Youth Director 3,45 SS Teacher 2,3,45 Junior Church Song Leader 3,4. iris SHIRLEE ROBERTA BURR B.S. in Elementary Education. Theta Beta 15 MCA Student Fellowship 1,25 Sec. 25 Booster Club 45 SEA 45 Class Sec. 15 Dormitory Cabinet 254, V- Pres. 2545 Child Evangelism 25 SS Teacher 3,45 Counselor 45 Youth Conference Co- Chairman 35 Student Council Sec. 3, V-Pres. 45 Light Tower Circulation Manager 2. lg may LARRY EUGENE BRINCEFIELD B.A. in Bible 8cTheology. Child Evangelism 15 SS Teacher 153,45 Youth for Christ Sponsor 25 Young People's Director 4. 'Qi R. MARK CAMPBELL B.A. in Bible 8: Theology. Alpha Kappa 2,35 V. Basket- ball 152535 Intramurals 1,25354, Group Leader 25 A Cappella 1, 45 Oratorio 15 Prayer Band Leader 35 SMF Ensemble 35 Class Pres. 1525 Student As- sociation Pres. 35 Youth Con- ference Treas. 45 Dormitory Cabinet 254, Counselor 45 Mis- sion Speaker 35 Gospel Team 45 Jr. Boys' Club 1,2. DONNA JEAN BURD B.S. in Missionary Nursing. Oratorio 1, Secretary 15 Youth Leader, 15 Junior Church 4,5. LARRY DEAN CANTRELL B.A. in Pastoral Training. Alpha Kappa 3545 Dormitory Cabinet 3545 Counseling 45 Mission Speaker 3. JERRY D. CRAMER A.B. in Soc. Sci. A Cappella 1,3,45 Intramurals 1,2,3,4, Group Leader 25 Var. Basketball 1,35 Youth Con. Ensemble 1,45 SMF Ensemble 2,3545 Alpha Kappa 3,45 Stu. Coun. 1,2,3,45 Cl V-Pres. 35 Dorm. Pres. 4, Counselor 45 Youth Dir. 1,45 Gospel Team 2,3,4. JAMES ROBERT CLAUSER Bachelor of Music Edu. Band 253,55 Oratorio 2,3,4,5, Pres. 55 Intramurals 2,35 A Cappella 1,2,4,55 Cheer- leader 1,2545 St. Coun. 3,5, Parl. 55 Youth Con. Ensemble 45 SEA 3,4,55 Music Club 1, 2,3,4,55 Pi Lambda Zeta 2,3,4, Treas. 25 Crossroads Ensemble 154,55 Music Cl. Treas. 1, Pres. 2, V-Pres. 35 Cl Pres. 4, V-Pres. 55 Gospel Team 2,35 Music Dir. 4,5. ERNEST HALLAM HAYDEN B.A. in Missions. Camera Club 25 Class Chap- lain 25 Class President 45 Gospel Mission 25 Youth Spon sor 3,45 SS Teacher 4. 2. .1 N LOLA RUTH HARMON B.S. in Missionary Nursing. Camera Club 1,55 Music Club 15 Child Evangelism 5. 22 DONALD DEVON GERIG Bachelor of Theology. MCA Student Fellowship 2,35 President 35 Alpha Kappa 35 Intramurals 1,2535 Student Council 3,55 A Cappella 25 Play 35 Oratorio 25 Band 2,35 Class Officer 2,3,55 Youth Conference Chairman 45 SS Teacher 15 Gospel Team 2,35 Assistant Pastor 4,5. DOROTHY JEAN HACKNEY B.A. in Christian Edu. B.A. in Missions. Oratorio 15 A Cap- pella 25 SMF Ensemble 3, Sec. 55 Dorm. V-Pres. 4, Sec. 3, Counselor 45 Jr. Church 15 Gospel Team 25 SS Teacher 5. 4'f""f" E. ANN l-IELMICK B.S. in Elementary Education. SEA 2,3,4,55 Intramurals 253,45 Group Leader 253,45 Speech Choir 35 Play 35 Sunshine Makers 25 SS Teacher 3,4555 Light Tower Staff 5. 'R in mi :Jsws Shia ,F il DAVID O. KELLER Bachelor of Religious Educa- tion. Oratorio 45 Student Council 45 Choir Director 45 SS Teacher 4. NEVA ILEEN I-IIRSCHY B.S. in Elementary Education. Theta Beta 1,25 SEA 354,55 Child Evangelism 35 SS Teacher 4,5. GQ! STANLEY KOBAYASHI B.A. in Pastoral Training. Alpha Kappa 3,45 Camera Club 45 Senior Class Treasurer 45 Gospel Team 2,35 Pastoral Internship 4. 23 ROBERTA DAWN HUISMAN Standard Bible Course. Oratorio 25 Dormitory Cabinet 15 Young People's Sponsor 25 Beginner Department Superin- tendent 253. DONNA JEAN LEONARD B.S. in Music Education. Music Club 35 Camera Club 3, Secretary 45 SEA 35 Oratorio Chaplain 45 Junior Choir Di- rector 4. aug, fn- JAMES LINE B.A. in Christian Education. Alpha Kappa 2,35 Youth Worker 35 Pastor 35 SS Teacher 4. DIANE ELISE MILLER B.S. in Music Education. SEA 2,45 Cheerleader 1,25 Oratorio l,2,3,45 A Cappella 2,45 SMF Pianist 35 Play 35 Class Secretary 3,45 Dormitory Treasurer 4, Counselor 4,55 Gospel Team 1,2,3,45 Youth Work 25 Child Evangelism 1. ELLEN MARIE PEDERSEN B.S. in Music Education. Music Club l,2,3,4,5, Secre- tary 3, President 45 SEA 35 Play 35 Band 1,2,3,4,55 Class Treasurer 35 Dormitory Secre- tary 35 Gospel Team 1,25 SS Teacher 35 Choir Director 5. LYNNETTE KAY LESLIE B.S. in Elementary Education. Theta Beta 15 SEA 2,45 Youth Conference Secretary 35 Tract Team 15 Primary Fellowship Group 253,45 Junior Church 2. JUDITH KAY MONTEI Bachelor of Sacred Music. Music Club 1,2,35 Booster Club 3,45 Band 15 A Cappella 3,45 Oratorio l,2,3,45 SMF Organist 35 Dormitory Presi- dent 4, Counselor 45 Youth Group Pianist 15 Primary Church 25 Church Organist 35 Choir Director 4. 1 affix LORENE NEUENSCHWANDER B.S. in Elementary Education. Theta Beta 15 SEA 45 Oratorio 2,35 Child Evangelism 15 Youth Leadership 25 SS Teacher 35 Beginner Depart- ment Superintendent 4. 24 fx' KN ANITA PELZER B.S. in Elementary Education. Student Council Representative 25 Class Vice-President 2, Chaplain 35 Dormitory Vice- President 2,35 Counselor 45 Student Association Secretary 3, Vice-President 4. MARY JANE PERRY B.S. in Elementary Education. DARYL PLATT B.A. in Missions. Speech Club 2, Vice-President 25 Camera Club 2, Vice- President 25 Play 25 Class Treasurer 35 Student Associa- tion Treasurer 35 Light Tower Treasurer 35 Dormitory Coun- cil 35 SMF President 45 SS Teacher 2,35 Song Leader 2,35 Junior Church 35 Choir Direc- tor 4. RONALD JAMES SONIUS B.S. in Missions. SMF Men's Ensemble 25 Class Chaplain 3 Music Director 2,35 SS Super- intendent 2, Teacher 35 Presi- dent Church Mission Board 25 Gospel Team 25 Missionary Meetings 354. Band 25 Sunshine Makers 253,4- MARILYN MAE SAMRADY Bachelor of Religious Educa- tion. MCA Student Fellowship 25 Light Tower Staff 3, Literary Editor 45 SS Teacher 1,45 Primary Church 25 Recreation Leader 3. Prim ary Church 4. EUNICE MILDRED SIMMONS B.S. in Missionary Nursing. Theta Beta 15 Intramurals 15 Booster Club 4, Treasurer 45 Prayer Band 1,45 Class Secre- tary 1,45 Dormitory Dabinet Secretary 45 Pianist 15 Coun- selor 45 SS Teacher 4. 25 BARBARA JEAN SPRUNGER B.S. in Elementary Education. Theta Beta 13 SEA 2,3,4, Vice-President 2,43 Child- ren's Song Leader 2,3,43 Jun- ior Church 2,33 SS Teacher 1,2333 Primary Department Superintendent 4. JOHN TRUSDLE B.S. in Elementary Education. Class Chaplain 33 Pastor 2,3,4. MARY SUI-IM B.S. in Missions. Oratorio 43 A Cappella 43 Speaking Engagements 4. MERRELL IRVING WHEELER B.S. in Elementary Education. SEA 3,45 Youth Director 2,3343 SS Teacher 2,3,4. 26 SHIRLEY SWALLOW B.S. in Christian Education and Music. Theta Beta 13 Light Tower Staff 33 Oratorio 1,23 Gospel Team 1,23 SS Teacher 3,4. DOROTHY JOANNE WHITE B.S. in Missionary Nursing. Oratorio 13 A Cappella 13 Dormitory Treasurer 43 Prayer Band Leader 43 Pianist 43 SS Teacher 43 Counselor 4. BEULAH E. WILKIN B.S. in Elementary Education. SS Teacher 4. A GILBERT K. WILLIAMS Bachelor of Religious Educa- tion. Class Chaplain 4, Gospel Team 2,35 SS Teacher 4. NOT PICTURED: Jesse Adams Martha Brown H. Charles Elliott Helen Inniger Marie Kelley Paul Kulp Earl Messick Neal Rettig Florence Weaver ARLENE MARIE ZABEL B.S. in Speech. SEA 4,53 Youth Conference Ensemble 4,53 Pi Lambda Zeta 2,4, Secretary 3,5, Treasurer 5g Play 2,3,4, Music Club 1,2,3, 4,5, Vice-President 53 Theta Beta 1,25 A Cappella 1,45 Oratorio 1,2,35 Booster Club 4, Intramurals 35 Dormitory Cabinet 3,4,5, Vice-President 4, Counselor 4,5, Gospel Team 33 Child Evangelism 2, Junior Church Pianist 2, Junior High Youth Group Leader 4. FOREST ELDON YODER Bachelor of Theology. Alpha Kappa 3,4,5, Varsity Basketball 1,2,3,4, A Cappella 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 2, Oratorio l,2,3,4, Student Council Treasurer 3, President 45 SS Teacher 25 Youth Director 2, 3,4. 27 S Class Officers: Dwight Sholl, Ronald Morehead, Carol I-iughs, Joseph Bokel. Adviser: Dr. Frances Simpson. TMJ' The Junior class has had a busy year preparing to serve the Lord to the best of their ability through diligent study, practical service in churches through- out the community, and stimulating Christian fel- lowship. Classmates are brought together by such social activities as the Junior-Senior banquet, class parties, and the planning of displays. Spiritual growth is gained through prayer meetings, chapel programs, and fellowship. It is each Junior's goal to be ready for whatever life may bring as God's Workman, equipped for service. 28 William Beougher C arrol B1 ey Vernon Blue H. Daniel Boyll Sharon Butcher Maulyn Drssmger 4.-NN, Donald Dowdy Clarence Eash Q:-r Carol I-Iughs Gary Inouye David Eicher Hugh Gushiken Franklin Graber Mary Kable Beatrice Kranich Paul Mays Ronald Morehead 5 4 Darlene Krause Lmda Mos1er YZ' Wm and be ' SA Shrrley Murry 'j ff 'iv 'A .lfq Judith Nesseth . 4 .fgz ff Il V . If ' frrzr. -' 3 ' S M .'E,ffQ -: 1 wif' v ii? WL'- . ' .wfwfx--" ' Wilbert Neuenschwander Aviv-S Rob ert Perry Vincent Rupp, Jr. Dwight Sholl 32 fyfiivx mp' William Raines ,. ,yy 3-3 Edward Podlesak NOT PICTURED: Faye Adams Joseph Bokel Cora Caswell Duane Ford Harold Hatcher David Jacobson James Larnard Monique Lefebvre Harry McCrum Ronald Maser Eileen Vorse Lois Williamson Kae Sprunger William Williams Mary Zeiter Mae Zigler QQ, 33 N Class Officers: Tamara Johns, John Steiner, Benjamin Kulp, Milburn Nantz, Mary Esther Lupton. Adviser: Mr, Leonard. TMPWJ ' 00055 Many different courses of study are represented in the pre-junior class. As a class, spiritual fellowship was enjoyed in having charge of supper devotions and chapel, and on days of prayer sharing burdens as well as praise. Another remembered activity was planning and constructing the homecoming dis- play, which carried out the theme, "In Times Like These." It is each mernber's desire to serve Christ and become better servants of His. 34 Arlan Birkey Nancy Cash Nancy Fetter Mary George E. DeLayne I-Iirschy 35 Mary Esther Lupton 'vb Mary Mays Robert Wheat Eric Wiggin John Steiner William Wesner NOT PICTURED: Vonda Bollinger Philip Buchanan James Ebersole Tam ara Johns Eleanor Johnson James Johnson Benjamin Kulp Milburn Nana Don Rice Phillip Rice Robert Shannon Steve Sprunger Raymond Tabuchi Judith Truit 36 Alice Joy Weddle 1,51 Class Officers: Grant Osborne, George Ashley, Janet Cople Meyer Doris Niswander. Adviser: Coach Oswald Morley. TlwQop Class Socially, the Sophomore class enjoyed the many activities offered this past year. All of these events were topped off with our class party, a November hay-ride, which placed a deeper sense of fellowship within our class. Scholastically, several Sophomore classes such as Philosophy, Child Psychology, Greek, and History provided us with broader visions and an awareness of our purpose in life. Spiritually, the chapel programs, days of prayer, supper devotions, and Christian Service assignments made Christ more of a reality in each of our lives. Through all of the experiences shared, some dis- appointing and some enjoyable, we always had the cross of Christ to glory in. 37 Y, ROY George Ashley Ros em ari e Bas el Karl Bell Stephen Binkley David Berggren Heather Cameron J am es Bloom qu1St Judy Calvm Shirley Betty Elizabeth f Campbell Carolyrme Mary Cantrell Clappe Eileen Clalk Janet Copley Warren Crawfis r 1' , ' , 38 ' Rob ert Ei char Naomi Kaneshiro Sandra Lamb Karin Lantz Anita Laymon Bonme D eason T1T1'lOthy Davld Dyck Evearitt Carolyn Ewert I.: id Dolores Hake 39 .r"'f' Patricia Fowler Judlth Hall Jam es Gordon X N. Janyce Harris Glenda 3 Hebbleth waite Karen Heffner James Huff Roy Meyer Marilyn Lehmann Kathleen Line Cecelia Mc Crea Hs Charlotte Miller Doris Grant Osborne JoAnne Martin . Marv Nrswander Masterson Sandra Phillippe Kathle en Marilyn Helene Prochaska Provins Rebsamen John Ross Elmer Rupp, Jr. X l A 40 NOT PICTURED: Elaine Armstrong James Armstrong Janice Cottongim Deanna Day Sandra Dye Phillis Freeman Carolyn Harris Forrest Hayes John Kitchen Juliarm Leas John McAhren Julius Macy Ednamae Mann Marlene Maser Carmen Pusey Nancy Schleigh Kent VonGunten Calvin Waugh Larry Uczen Charlotte Valentic Joan Wampole Donald Warner Duane Seiple Hallie Shields V Patricia Schultz Alan Siebert Priscilla Smith ,J Carolyn Sholl sing- 41 Richard Sp eicher Duane Steiner Lois Stubbs Erika Tetzlaff Sandra Tucker Class Officers: Samuel Peahu, David Barr, Niles Kageyama, Dunlap and Elizabeth Connor. Adviser: Dr. Edward Simpson. TlwPwshmewO0afsS The Freshman class has gone through many new, strange, and yet rewarding experiences in this their first year. They learned a very important academic lesson at the very beginning of the year. Do not procrasti- nate! ! Not only have they learned to work by themselves, but they have learned to work together. As a unit they built a homecoming display and passed out tracts at Christmas time. Also, through the daily chapel meetings, monthly days of prayer, class devotions, and private devotions, they have grown spiritually. All in all, through their many ordeals, the freshmen have developed a well-rounded college life. 42 J udith Darryl Congos Elizabeth Connor Judith Crane Ruth Del-Iabey Carolyn Ariz Jennie Acuff Harold Bloom er David Barr David Bower Carolyn Bollinger 43 Karen Bowers Joyce Bowsher Janet Brown Ray Burris Bonni e Drudg e Sar a Foote I R Q Kay Franks Judith Dunlap Rita Fruchey Richard Em erick August Enderlin Paulette Fetter Evelyn Garrison Alice Gillette Melanie Gray Mary Gudeman Ruth Haney Linda Herrick 44 Kenneth Lehman Linda Lei ghtner Deanna Lockwood Connie MCD onald Judith Hoffm an Michael I-Iirons Barbara Howard 1 S-WSQQNQI-ek: - Y N ,illf 4 53.25 -5,1 . W , ,,,- Q. x- ., Q .X .B 1 L QR. Richard Hostetl er Donna Hunsicker Ronal d Johnson Ruth Jones Nil es Kag eyama. Donna Ke arney Charles Kuni oka 1. 45 Em ily Mighells Robert Moening Stephen Morley Peggy Otto Carol Moser Christine Nelson Sarnuel Peahu Eugene Patee Lois Peterson Ruth Payne Paul Plumb Franklin Pyles Leon Raiche Beverly Ramsdell Timothy Ranes 46 NOT PICTURED: Lilah Arnstutz John Armant Elaine Axe Robert Beachey Otis Brown Roger Doriot Vera Ellert Dianne Flint Lynn Fuelling Judith Gilbert Norma Haber Bonnie Herzberg Daphne Jarrett Wayne Kerby Edward Kulb Russell McCord Charles McCracken ArLinda McNeal David Mills R. Keith Mills Teddy O'Dell Timothy Pirkle Nancy Plotner Donald Rashley Eva Rice Dale Singer Madonna Stiles Kathleen Tehan Janet Thayer Adassa Walker Bonnie Walker Joan Smith Glenda Snellbaker Sally Sonnenberg Barbara Steiner David Reichhardt Philip Richardson Barbara Rosenberry X X 47 Judith Rathbun Donna Richmond Doris Royce x Ros alynn Schaeffer Timothy Scroggins Marilyn Seiple Shirley Slack -2? K V, ' f Monica Wadewitz Daisy Strahm Paul Wagner Jane S wanson Patricia Walker Linda Thompson Nancy Tschantz Aileen Wada Herbert Walb erg Mil clre d Watkins Gilbert Joan Weber James Weinand Felicia Wells Carol Whiteman Williams, Jr. AW gf. V48 Joyce Heemer, Sandra I-Iubart, Lois Johnson, Jerry Furlong, Triceine Thompson, Patricia Craig QSTANDINGQ5 Larry Miller, Mary Mathew, Ronald Hege, Phyllis Bradburn QSEATEDJ. Not Pictured: William Emery, Richard Nesseth, and Clarence Zimmerman. The Student body welcomed thirteen new students into its midst at the beginning of the second semester. After two days suffering with entrance examinations, they were given a guided tour of the campus and a pre- view of the college social life at a Talent Night program. After the strangeness wore off, they settled down to being a part of the college family and seemed just as much at home as any of the Seniors. 49 Nwuses Eight members of our BC family are presently enrolled as nursing students at the Lutheran Hospital School of Nursing. They are kept very busy with classes, while at the same time being responsible for their share of hospital duties. They are often found on campus participating in Bible studies, social events, chapel, and SMF programs, as well as just visiting with friends. Our nurses feel that the contact they maintain with the college gives them the impetus they need to keep spiritually alert while in training. Wahnetta l-Iamman working in the lab. 50 Taking a blood count. Phillis Rice and Wahnetta Hamman exam ine a "patient." X X Her first attempt. Nurses come "home" for Bible study. "This won't hurt." , x 'H L, N4 51 U X95 Qi Meditation. f 15 2, X it John Durst Donna Akers pecmlb Carolyn Derreth Rachel Morris Alice Sprunger Naomi Wiederkehr May Imler Molly Williams SPIRITUAL SMF Officers: Daryl Platt, Dorothy Hackney, Rachel Morris, Duane Ford, QSEATEDQ, David Jacobson, Duane Steiner, Duane Seiple, QSTANDINGQ. Adviser: Mr. Timothy Warner. SMF Duane Seiple - -Pianist Donald Dowdy- -Songleader Duane Steiner- -Organist 56 Rev. Fred C. Renich Missionary Conference Speaker. The Student Missionary Fellowship is a progressive missionary society organized for the purpose of creating and stimulating interest in world-wide evangelism. Under student leadership, it meets regularly for a public service with missionaries from various parts of the world addressing these meetings. The S.M.F. also conducts daily prayer meetings with a weekly schedule t.hat embraces every mission field. It contributes to the support of two missionaries on the field, and carries on other missionary projects. This past year the S.M.F. supported two missionaries: Mrs. Arthur Hall in Jamaica, West Indies, and Miss Florence Cavender in Columbia, South America. The S.M.F. also gave 31,000 toward a bus for use at the Rupp Memorial School for Missionaries' children in Sierra Leone, West Africa. The money was presented to Rev. and Mrs. William Gerig at one of the S.M.F. services before the Gerig's left for Africa. SMF President Daryl Platt presents S1000 check to Rev. and Mrs. William Gerig to buy a Volkswagon Minibus for their work in Sierra Leone, Africa. 57 Rev. Charles A. Epperson First Semester Speaker Qp' Emphasis Week Rev. Gene M. I-lamby Second Semester Speaker Each semester at Fort Wayne Bible College is begun by a week of Spiritual Emphasis. Spiritual Emphasis Week for the first semester was held September 19-22. The speaker for the series was Rev. Charles A. Epperson, pastor of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church in Louisville, Kentucky. Rev. Epperson's goal for the week was to lead each student to total personal commitment to Christ. He wished to see each stu- dent have complete identification with God's interests experientially and extensively. Rev. Gene M. I-Iamby of Florence, Albama, was guest speaker for the second semesters Spiritual Emphasis Week between January 30 and February 2. Rev. Hamby has been a general evangelist in the Methodist Church for 34 years, and he has preached in over 60 countries and on all the continents of the world except Australia. Rev. Hamby's goals for the week were: to reach the unsaved, to reclaim the backslider, and to prepare each student for a Spirit-filled ministry. 58 Officers: R. Mark Campbell, Vonda Bollinger, Marilyn Dissinger, Ronald Maser, QSEATEDQQ James Clauser, Paul Mays, QSTANDINGJ. Advisers: Wesley Gerig, and Kenneth Mays. xx Youth Ensemble practice. Director: James Clauser. Members: Arlan Birkey, Arlene Zabel, David Dyck, Judith Nesseth, John Ross, Mary Master- son, Grant Osborne, Mary Esther Lupton, Jerry Cra- mer, Shirley Murry, John Steiner, Kathleen Line, Karin Lantz, and Torrey Barcanic. Pianist: Do- lores I-lake. Organist: , Duane Steiner. Rev. Gerald Gerig The twenty-second annual Youth Conference at Fort Wayne Bible College was held from April 27 to 29, with hundreds of young people visiting our campus. The Rev. Gerald Gerig, pastor of the Decatur Missionary Church, was the special speaker. Rev. Gerig, a graduate of Fort Wayne Bible College, has worked with Youth for Christ and traveled to both Europe and South America. With the theme "Choose Your God," young people were challenged to a definite decision for Christ and commitment to His service. The Youth Conference began with registration on Friday afternoon and a service in the evening. Satuday's activities included a con- cert by the A Cappella Choir, the showing of a challenging film, a program by the Bible College faculty and band, and an evening service. The climax of the Conference was reached on Sunday after noon with an inspiring missionary service, after which the young people once again separated with a new zeal and dedication in their hearts. 59 5 5 ...W -A Dr. Gerig gives an inspiring thought to the student body. Chapel, a tradition at Fort Wayne Bible College, meets each morning at 9:30 a.m. Thirty-five minutes is set aside each day as a time of real worship. The idea of worship governs the type of songs that are sung and the messages that are presented. The speakers, either from outside the school or our own professors, bring messages that are infor- mative or edifying. Announcements are kept to a minimum so that the atmosphere of worship is maintained. At the end of the worship service there is a time of meditation during which the organ plays softly, contributing greatly to the Worshipful atmosphere of our chapel services. Ushers: Edward Podlesak, David Reichhardt, Larry Uczen, Harold Bloomer, James Huff, and William Beougher. Students filing out of the chapel. i 60 Mr. Grant Hoatson, pro- ducer, in the control room. Every Sunday morning at 7:05 a.m. 60,000 people listen to Cross- roads over radio station WOWO. Crossroads presents Christ in today's life to this large, predominantly churched audience. lt emphasizes missions and the way in which the college prepares students for missionary work. In January of this year Crossroads celebrated its fifth anniversary. At 9:30 p.m. on January 13, 1957, the program was first heard over radio station WOWO. This is the second radio program to be pro- duced by F.W.B.C. Ensemble members: William Wesner, Torrey Barcanic, John Ross, John Steiner, David Dyck, and Arlan Birkey, QBACK ROWQ. Mary Masterson, Joan Weber, Kathleen Line, Anita Layrnon, Carol Whiteman, Kae Sprunger, and Dolores ' Hake, QFRONT ROWQ. Director: Professor lra Gerig. 61 ,:,1 5, 5,,,, ,. ...Az .. .fa Mr. Richard Elmer, director ACoppeU1lwClwffu BACK ROW: Judith Montei, Shirley Murry, James Clauser, Timothy Ranes, David Dyck, James Huff. MIDDLE ROW: Mary Masterson, Carol Whiteman, Joan Weber, John Armant, Stephen Morley, Roy Meyer. FRONT ROW: Mary Suhm, Kathleen Line, Mary Cantrell, Richard Nesseth. 62 During spring vacation the A Cappella Choir had the privilege of presenting Christ through song and testimony as they toured the states of Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois. Music chosen for these sacred concerts included anthems, Negro spirituals, and Easter selections. Under the direction of Mr. Richard Elmer the sessions of practice and prayer proved very profitable. Not only was the life of each choir member enriched spiritually, but the thought of making Christ predominant in the lives of others, through the ministry of song, was an added blessing. In addition to the tour, the choir presented a home concert and Bach's "Jesu, Priceless Treasure," at the Spring Concert. BACK ROW: Arlan Birkey, Grant Osborne, Donald Dowdy, Barbara Steiner, Anita Laymon. MIDDLE ROW: Leon Raiche, Judy Nesseth, Deanna Day, Karin Lantz, Dolores Hake. FRONT ROW: Larry Uczen, Connie McDonald, Kae Sprunger, Aileen Wada. 63 "And God Came," a Christmas oratorio for chorus, soprano, bass, and orchestra, by ou.r own Dr. Rene Frank, was presented for the public on December 10. The chorus was composed of students wishing to take part in the program, together with two guest soloists. Members of the Fort Wayne Philharmonic and our own faculty and music majors composed the orchestra. Mr. Richard Elmer directed. "The Annu.nciation," Part I of the Oratorio, made a special appearance on WANE-TV and radio, which provided a real witness to the city of Fort Wayne. For those of us who know Dr. Frank personally, the message of the oratorio was made more meaningful as we observed his life and testimony. Presentation of Oratorio on December 10, 1961 . Televised presentation December 21, 1961. 64 Mis Joy Gerig, director of Chris- 'Q L tian Service. Cm ' An opportunity is given for students to present the Gospel to others while they are in school. Under the direction and guidance of Miss Joy Gerig the students of Fort Wayne Bible College receive practical training in Christian work. The college is fortunate to have a full- time worker in this field, for her work makes possible the evaluation of assignments completed, and the instruction of students in praticum classes which have proven very beneficial. Due to the organizing and planning of student assignments, the community has become increas- ingly aware of the college as a source of Christian young people whom they can draw upon for service. Areas of participation are Sunday School teaching, Child Evangelism, youth work, gospel team ministry, choral directing, pastoral training, and mission and jail work. Kathleen Prochaska fills out her weekly Christian Service report. 65 Mr. Grant Osborne, leads a service at the Mission. Mr. Harry McCrum, Student Pastor. Mr. James Bloomquist leads a hungry soul to Christ at the Mission. Miss Alice Sprunger serves her Lord by play- ing the organ . Ewa, A Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Brandenburg lead a chi1dren's meeting. 67 JUN Mr. Donald Gerig, student pastor, shakes hands with his people. Gospel Teams KING'S MESSENGERS: Dwight Sholl, Ronald Morehead, Arlan Birkey, John Ross. I Niles Kageyama and Aileen Wada. GOSPEL LIGHTS: Janet Copley, Mary Masterson, Kae Sprunger. 68 ENVOYS: Marilyn Dissinger, John Steiner, Daniel Boyll, ' Jerry Cramer, Barbara Steiner. FISHERS OF MEN: Mark Campbell, David Dyck, Roy Meyer, Duane Steiner, Eliza- beth Campbell. CARILLONS: Mary Cantrell, Deanna Day, Sandra Lamb, Carolyn Ewert. LAUDAIRES: Kathleen Line, Carol Whiteman, Karin Lantz, Dolores I-lake. 59 SOCIAL Musical The A1 Zahlout family presents a concert for Alumni Home coming. The Berne-French High School Choir. 72 Guest Artist, James Buswell IV, presents a violin concert. ws 14 fv0'o1,G! 145412445 A-, K,-4 ...fa ' 14 ' , Q, 4 ma, MM W .4 ff? 0' 7 .21 1'- ji V al? cf 2.77 1229? ,. 4 . 5 xg : ss. .: ,, L - 5 , :jug .. M. . err N . fm r5'QE?!'5 .- :: 'r5f?Sf 15 4 3 55 s 31: I 1 A.. ww, 5 aff' gg ii S Q 'X Q YA if ssiig-h ,Qs Mb , 3 3 552 Q A X X X ' 2 -I rr sk S ' -' , X rx , Q -1- - -4 we . M r :Q N mir...-'.:zr:sff2: 3 " A++ Q -' 51 2 r K e 9.1 A N ss. r X X X j AS-. J X Q v Y 'fl 'Fx ' .3 N K X 3 1 X 'N sf A X" X E - s- , A x N e X s. X , Q33 - Q: XY QQ A Sfsgsf'-A' 2- HEP' - as s .S W V '-'ru-w5fw.r-s 3 ::z...f: X 2 s X x X N X 2 mu ns x x mx 'Jw N if 335 V w -9425 H N ei akyggivx s. -wsxfg 356: sw N . ' ur.. - wg,-:gi 9 :. ' A we . N f rf-is A 1 f ffs.,::-gr., p w 11, .sr-X ,mmr .X ., , L- Jamie gives Dr. Frank and Mr. Buketoff some musical pointers. "Music of Our Times" by the Big Four: Dr. Rene Frank, Mr. Ira Gerig, Mr. Richard Elmer, and Mr. Kenneth Mays. 73 John Ross tries to get a "winner." wb To develop skill in taking and developing pictures, and to know how to use different kinds of cameras, are the objectives of the Camera Club. Some of the activities included learning good composition and perspective of pictures, learning how to use all the darkroom equipment, developing colored pictures, making transparent pictures, and working with tinting and oil painting. A field trip was taken to a point of interest near Fort Wayne. Members also entered a national contest sponsored by Anscochrome, which was open to all Camera Clubs. The winners, as well as the clubs to which they belonged, received an Anscochrome slide projector. Joseph Bokel, Rachel Morris, Hallie Shields, Hugh Gushiken, Paul Kulp, and John Ross, ex- amine a picture at a club meeting. 74 "Study to show thyself ap- proved . . . "--theme of the Greek Banquet. Professor Wes Gerig, adviser. The Alpha Kappa Club derives its name from the Greek letter Alpha, denoting academic achievement, and Kappa, meaning "preaching," The two together Suggest the development of expression in expounding the Word of God. All present and former Creek students may be members. The club aims to develop an ability to understand and to use the Greek New Testament and to provide spiritual, academic, and social activity. Members enjoyed the annual Greek Banquet, which was held in February, at which Mr. Weddle showed pictures taken in Greece. An award of S125 was given to a member of the second or third year Greek class, for the best expository sermon based on the Greek text. Auplwf Kappa, Club At a meeting: Larry Uczen, Mary Zeiter, Judith Calvin, DeLayne I-lirschy, Larry Cantrell, Richard Speicher, Philip Buchanan, and Donald Gerig. Adviser: Professor "Wes" Gerig. 75 Class Editors: Mary Esther Lupton, Kae Sprunger, Marie Kelley, Larry Uczen, and Ann Helmick. PF? Eileen Clark, i Editor. "' M'. Ligld2Towofv The Light Tower shines forth on the lives of Christian young people who are preparing for the service of their Lord, picturing their social, academic, and spiritual life. This year the staff was detained for awhile due to several unforeseen events. So for five swift-moving months they have worked diligently in organizing and producing this year's annual. Long hours were spent in taking pictures, lay-out work, typing, proof- reading, and all the tasks that are required for the development of the annual. The experience gained has taught each member of the staff the value of time, organization, and above all patience. Herbert Walberg, Photographer . ' Marilyn Samrady, Literary Editor. James Huff, Adver- tising Manager. fl "TM: fi r-+t-r i i Iyn 2-W ,Ne "--, '- " 'ff A- I - ---r 1 -f , - 7 ,., ' ' ' ' ' " U Ts, A ' ":' A . H ,. , IA, y y W WNNWW ' -1-.:.::g,, wwf' a , V -..W Barbara Steiner and Torrey Y- E, Barcanic, Layout Editors. 76 Prior to their trip to Chicago, the Music Club listens to "Don Giovanni" on records. Mwswwrb Music Club membership is open to all students who are interested in music. This year's activities, among others, included various programs, and a trip to Chicago to attend Mozart's opera, "Don Giovanni." 'sf P Club members enjoy Mr. Gotts- chalk's slides on Ecuador at their first meeting. i Qpamislu Club The Spanish club was organized at the beginning of the second semester by Professor Truman Gottschalk. To arouse interest in the club, all those interested were invited to eat their lunch with the students enrolled in Spanish classes. After a short time of fellowship around the table, the meeting began in a nearby classroom. The purpose of the club is to help students become familiar with and able to use the Spanish language freely. The club also is trying to help prospective missionaries understand Spanish-speaking people better. 77 , 1 , , rg ...Y Miss Schumacher, Mr. Weddle, and five SEA members enjoy refreshments. QE-A The Student Education Association is a professional organization of college and uni- versity students preparing for secondary and elementary school teaching. It is affili- ated with the state organization and is a branch of the National Education Association A variety of programs were planned for the meetings held during the year such as guest speakers, films, and panel discussions. Delegates were sent to state conventions and cabinet meetings during the fall and spring. MGA hip Ei.. Rev. Tillman Habegger, M.C.A. President, presents the challenge of Africa. The M.C.A. Student Fellowship has as its objective to promote fellowship among the M.C.A. students. They met the first Wednesday of every month for programs with special speakers, or a film. A field trip was taken to Eckrich Meat Packing Company 78 Editors: Alice Joy Weddle I and Barbara Steiner. 'K Y The outstanding accomplishment of the Student Assoication this year was the organi- zation and publication of a campus newspaper, the "Student Voice." The last paper of any kind was published in April of 1954 and was called the "Campus Echo." ln the last "Echo," was an article in memory of Oliver E. Steiner. Today his daughter, Barbara, is the assistant editor of the "Student Voice." The first paper was put out by the valiant efforts of the adviser on Dec. 15, 1961. This publication has since come out once a month. The newspaper is written, edited, typed, and published entirely by students. It is not a gossip column, but an informa- tive paper written to stimulate student interest. Phillis Freeman, Shirley Berty, and Anita Laymon give Adviser John Durst a little help in the print shop. 79 Voice Donna Leonard, Bonnie Deason, David Barr, Judith Dunlap, Vincent Rupp, Franklin Pyles, and David Bower practice for the play under the direction of Mr. Elmer Soden. Pa LambdwZetw Pi Lambda Zeta, "making words live," has as its purposes to learn more in the areas of speech, to understand speech through observation and participation, to develop com- municative skills, and to foster socialization among its members. Some of the interesting activities and programs the members enjoyed this year were by Mr. McFadden, the speech instructor from Central High Schoolg a demonstration of different types of oral interpretationg radio drama skits, including commercials, pre- sented and directed by club membersg a club partyg and visiting the Civic Theatre to attend the play, "Romanoff and Juliet." Ed Podlesak entertains the club with a reading as Martha Brown and Vincent Rupp, officersg Judith Dunlap, Carol Whiteman, Carmen Pusey, Donna Kearney, Sandra Lamb, Linda Leightner, William Beougher, and Kathleen Tehan listen. Mr. Elmer Sode n, adviser. .,-'aff' 80 Booster Club 0 rfiE"9i0a'lW'p Members of the Booster Club. "F-I-G-I-I-T TEAM F-I-G-H-T! " Along with the cheerleaders, the Booster Club was on hand to back the team with their cheers, screams, and applause. Marked by yellow derbies, blue feathers, and porn poms, the "Boosters" made a colorful scene at home games and several out-of-town games. Functions of the club included creating school spirit, directing pep rallies, and providing fanfare at the basketball games. 81 INTRAMURAL LEADERS: Charles Kunioka, Karl Bell, Stephen Binkley, James Johnson, Paul Mays, Timothy Ranes, and Richard Emerick. Coach Morley, Adviser. Under the leadership of Miss Rich and Coach Morley, six teams were formed to get the intramural sports program under way. Each team had a captain, and members were equally divided from among the student body. The teams then participated in the varied competitive sports during the school year. Trophies were awarded to the outstanding teams in each specific sport. The intramural sports system was Organized to provide wholesome recreation, encourage leadership, promote fellowship, and add to a well-rounded Christian personality. "Hit it over this way! 82 "Get that ball, John!" 1 Dolores Hake plays Cupid. Arlene Zabel sets up a strike. How to keep slim--in one easy lesson. --1 V . - L 5 ,.1:, ,...:....i.J Tf' s E o if 'C32 TEAM MENHEERS: Duane Ford, Paul Mays, William Williams, Darryl Congos, Michael Hirons, Roger Doriot, August Enderlin, Stephen Morley, Timothy Evearitt, Richard Emerick, David Berggren, Robert Moening. Coach: Mr. Oswald Morley. Vwwrtg Basketball "W'hatsoever ye do . . . do all to the glory of God." "We want a basketl' 84- The members of the Varsity Basketball team this year sought to leave a positive testimony wherever they went. Although victory cries were few, each member exerted himself to the best of his ability. Christian sportsmanship was always displayed, being but another channel through which Christ might be seen. Coach Morley and the team also made a weekend ff f Coach to the rescue trip to Chicago, where they took charge of a morn- ing worship service. On several occasions they had opportunities to stay at other colleges, thus enjoy- ing the fellowship of students there. llHeI Il s not as tough as he looks, Tim! 85 ASS 0 The Student Association is an organization which includes all the students of the college. lts purpose is to promote spiritual growth and fellowship, to assist in provid- ing a well-rounded program of extra-curricular activities, and to provide student representatives to the campus government. This year the Student Association sponsored the orientation activities for new students the bloodmobile, a Halloween party, the furnishing of magazines and records for the student lounge, an intercom system for the dispensary, the re-upholstering of the stu- dent lounge chairs, and the sending of delegates to two conventions. lts outstanding accomplishment was the organization of the campus newspaper. Student Council: James Clauser, Robert Wheat, Shirley Murry fat tablejg Darryl Congos, Vincent Rupp, Arlan Birkey, Kathleen Prochaska, Darlene Krause, QFIRST ROWQ3 Eileen Clark, Shirlee Burr, David Dyck, Jerry Cramer QSECOND ROWQ5 David Keller, Duane Steiner, Donald Gerig, John Steiner QTI-HRD ROWJ. Advisers: Mr. Leonard, Dean Eicher QBACK ROWJ. 86 7 HH! w 23 ..-15 Q mm' viii' "Can a man be alive w1th su h high blood pressure?" "Can a girl live with so little blood left?" 'Re ading the classics? " Ye "If Archie is classic." "Friday at five ? " lv! 3 "In the style of Mozart . . " ..,v,- H si :Ml - Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Hone moment, please." 89 'I' is ,',,4' ffff gf , ,jf , Dior s latest creation. Competition for Mrs. Eicher? "Are you there ? " lxk. 1 W . .- - Q M 90 He came . . . to die. The Good Tidings of Christmas. Clvdstmm Banquet "Tis' the season to be jo11y." 91 CDUR ADVERTISERS .mmiofzaf out M44 fi? Ce,,,,,,yZ3 FIRST BRETI-IREN CHURCH Congratulations Pastor Class Rev. M. E. Malles 1962 I-l-lO65 3326 S. Calhoun SOUTH WAYNE EVANGELICAL UNITED BRETHREN CHURCH To all who mourn and need comfort--to all who are weary and need rest--to all who arefriend- less and wish friendship--to all who pray and to all who do not, but ought--to all who sin and need a S a v i o u r , and to whosoever will--this church opens wide the door and in the name of Jesus, the Lord, says WELCOME. Dial-a-Prayer l-I-1238 Rev. Frank L. Engle Pastor 3500 South Wayne Avenue I-I-4136 the Christian student my is such because he hungers after Cfod and while that hunge ring shall surely be filled 1 M-'W' b.V' H ,QQ yet often the between is very hard C cc and satan edged C X KWH U ' l' -am! ' -43? to every student of Fort Wayne Bible College 'cl jg? , the FIRST MISSIONARY CHURCH says Welcome X 'G we desire to be your friend AW ' in eve1'Y Wal' A-so l 'sw ,-ig--'f iirfu U H T JU ' ' We are praying for C1od's most intimate blessing 1 1 , x Y T' . ,gj1t'llq'yUMWN c e R upon your life wx l - it and if we can help we are just across the street X ff Sly Press Toward fire Mark . . . press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. XX L - X X x KX X X XX XX XX .,--""'! Class of '64 Seniors! We are very proud as this goal we've seen you achieveg And now with heart and mind made full, your life you will commence. We're not so anxious your names to see, in news some 'morrow eveg As to hear "well done my faithful one"--as you enter Cfod's presence. Serving Him Together, The Pre-Juniors We the 1962 Light Tower Staff Wish you graduates of 1962 the best of luck, as you go forth to serve! Our Prayers go with you!!! Dear Seniors, We of the Freshman Class sincerely congratulate you upon reaching a new milestone in your life. We will be praying that you will keep our Lord and Saviour first in your lives. Just remember to keep Christ at the center of your horizon that your every thought will be His. ln I-lim, The Freshman Class xSIl, .-.-. a , 4V'E,5' i 7 f N A l UI: . 7 4 ty! Z ,ff ,ff Your Neighborhood Health Center SCHMIDT PHARMACY 4001 South Wayne Ave. HA-0620 Pharmacists: ED SCHMIDT JOHN HINTON I D D PARKWMN BARBER SHCP Wes Adams and Dave Naab H-2244 609 West Foster Parkway 5 E N Q7 2 J A :il .X GOOD FOODS AT POPULAR PRICES BANQUETS, DINNER, LUNCHEONS 1- if K Sq- 1' l VIEFJE' 4 V 3.21 eilgm - Ykxktwu-. vmxxsk 'Y as " P LQ F31 v'1'22CTZl'fiT2.YlYQXIl - .S 51" .',-. :::-::.z:r:::I".:2mH.1g':tf:::. I Z: j y 907 W. Lincoln Ave. A f g 4fQ"l f 51 S New Haven, Indiana A: YH! va, . H ' f "FFR "' i' " D HOBBY HOUSE RESTAURANTS 230 E. Wayne St. 3204 N. Anthony DOSWELI-,S MENU MEATS, INC. 2506 Broadway H-2275 301 West Main A-1183 Beautiful flowers for all occasions--- Wholesale portion-controlled meats When thinking of your menu .... Think of us. AMSTUTZ INSURANCE AGENCY SWAN CLEANERS 3109 S. Calhoun Fart Wayne, Indiana hour service--Cash 8: Carry H4151 day service-- Auto--Fire--Life Pick up 8: Delivery 15070 Safe :DI'I1V1I1g Discount Calhoun I-lOWARD'S For All Your Film, Greeting Cards Camera Supplies, and Delicious Russell Stover Candies. KAll Developing and Printing of the 1962 Light Tower Photographs, Done in Our Film Processing Laboratoryj 3 Stores Rudisill at Calhoun Northcrest Shopping Center Downtown at 112 W. Wayne cocA-COLA BOHLINGC COMPANY FORT WAYNE, INDIANA 1-iALL'S RES TA URAN TS No. 1, 1502 Bluffton H No. 3, California Road T No. 4, 4009 South Wayne H No. 5, 2005 East State E No. 6, 3005 Maumee E Gas House E Eastend Restaurant, New Haven Ave. E 9443 7015 6173 4358 2037 6248 7838 for the Finest in Food Always! Compliments of A FRIEND HARRISON HILLS BARBER SHOP 380 3 South C alhoun K- 9519 5 Chairs Appointments 8 A.M. to 3 P.M. Tuesday through Friday Stores Hours 8 A.M.--6 P.M. Saturday 8--5 Compllments of NATIONAL MILL SUPPLY INC. 207 E. Cmumbia SOUTH WAYNE HARDWARE Hardware, Housewares, Gift Items, and Toys. 4005 S. Wayne Avenue H-3159 "Ft. Wayne's Oldest Chevrolet Dealer" C. A. GRIEGER CO. 130 E. Baker Phone A- 0225 - SALES- PART S- SERVICE We appreciate serving Fort Wayne Bible College for their laundry needs. . . TROY LAUNDRY 1709- 1'7 South Calhoun, Fort Wayne SMITH ' S SOUTHSIDE T .V . T.V., Hi-Fi and Appliances We Enjoy Serving You 3820 S. Calhoun K-0045 Property Insurance for Christian People aaomfnuoon Murunl msunmcf cu. 1615 VANCE AVENUE, DEPT. FORT WAYNE, INDIANA STORE HOURS: 8 A.M. - 6 P.M. SAT. 8 A.M. - 5 P.M. HAROLD A. HENRY SOUTH SIDE BARBER SHOP 4 CHAIRS APPOINTMENTS HONORED 8 A.M. TO 3 P.M. TUESDAY THROUGH FRIDAY Phone H-9502. 3530 S. Calhoun St Congratulations, We Welcome You to MISSIUNARY Don Gerig '62 Asst. Pastor M.C.A. Headquarters Building M.C.A. OFFERS FWBC STUDENTS SERVICE ASSIGNMENTS- 1O M.C.A. Churches in Area , Harvester Pastor's Assistant Missionary Sunday School Teaching Church Children's Church Visitation 84 Youth Work X FOREIGN MISSIONARY SERVICE- 6 Mission Fields-85 Missionaries Sierra Leone, Africag Ecuador, South America, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Haiti, West Indies, and Hawaii Bill 8: Joyce Gerig '61 Sierra Leone, Feb. '62 HOME EXTENSION PROGRAM- l21 Churches in M.C.A. 5 Districts Investment Foundation to Finance E New Churches 'P als" P1'Og1'2m IO Support PHSFOYS Fairfield Missionary Church '61 in NCW ChLu'Ch6S Fairfield, Ohio CONTACT THE HOME AND FOREIGN "Class of l962!" Consider Working with the CHURCH ASSUCIATIUN National Headquarters, 3901 South Wayne Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana Rev. Tillman Habegger, President ADDITIONAL CHANNELS OF SERVICE... SUNDAY SCHOOL. . . Building the church through the Sunday School PUBLICATIONS. . . Bookstore, "The Missionary Worker" and the BETHEL- Bible Truth Series MISSIONARY YOUTH FELLOWSHIP. . . Providing the best available advantages to youth CHILDREN'S WORK. . . Instructing children in Bible knowledge and Christian practice MEN'S MISSIONARY FELLOWSHIP. . . "PALS" program, soul winning, and the M.C.A. Invest- ment Foundation WOMZEN'S MISSIONARY SOCIETY. . . For fellowship, prayer, and promoting missions FORT WAYNE BIBLE COLLEGE. . . Founded by The Missionary Church Association more than a half-century ago OBJECTIVES. . . . The promotion of fellowship among God's people every- where. . The deepening of the spiritual life in the believer. . The cooperation of the churches in the propagation of the gospel at home and abroad. SECRETARIES FOR SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES COMPLETE DRY CLEANING SERVICE mf GOLLER'S DRY CLEANERS 608 E. Pontiac St. 4037 So. Wayne H-2102 H-3364 ,C., suNNY scl-ncK s 6 fi ,EC . ,V -S 407 W. WASHINGTON A-9119 b V Q5 -I ' A 1: is N , EE EE f z I mf' Fort Wayne's , Q 3 friendly camera shop I ' PM N XE BIBLE TRUTH BOOKSTGRE I I I BOOKS BIBLES STUDY HELPS TEACHING AIDS MUSIC THE GOSPEL TEMPLE BOQKSI-IOP 117 East Rudisill Blvd. Fort Wayne 5, Indiana Phone H-8086 Complete Line of Christian Supplies Bibles, Testaments, Devotional Books, and Magazines Sunday School Materials, Cards, 'NVQ and Church Supplies fvggtgf Sheet Music, Songbooks, and Recordings fa' V, Special Discount to F.W.B.C. Students . . . A TIMELESS PRAYER In founding The Christian and Missionary Alliance 75 years ago, Dr. Dr. A. B. Simpson prayed: "I have now, O Lord, covenanted with Thee, not for worldly honors or fame, but for everlasting life . . . Place me in what circumstances thou mayest desire . . . and be mine forever." AN AGELESS TASK . . The 1961 Council of The Alliance was told by Dr. Nathan Bailey, president: "The supreme need of our day is a company of gospel preachers and missionaries . . . who will lay aside every other consideration and go forth preaching the Word in the power of the Holy Spirit." Lv. Lv, -1, 4. .P ,P fl. 4. TO MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1962, GREETINGS AND CONGRATULATIONS We join in your prayer for Divine direction, trusting that each of you will find God's wide-opened door for an effectual ministry. Whereever you may be placed, we know that you will daily breathe the spirit of Dr. Simpson's timeless prayer with the more than 860 men and women already serving as Alliance missionaries on Z3 fields of the world. The International Headquarters of Tl-IE CHRISTIAN AND MISSIONARY ALLIANCE Acurr, JENNIE RFD 52 Spencer, Indiana ADAMS, FAYE 3714 Shady Court Ft. Wayne, Indiana ADAMS, JESSE 1015 E. llth St. Chattanooga, Tennessee AKERS, DONNA 412 W. DeWald Ft. Wayne, Indiana AMSTUTZ, LILAH 15940 Hartland St. Van Nuys, California ANDERSON, MARILYN 2730 Oliver St. Ft. Wayne, Indiana APPLEGATE, ANN RR ffl Antwerp, Ohio APPLEGATE, MAX RR ffl Antwerp, Ohio ARMSTRONG, ELAINE 18 N. Seventh St. Hamilton, Ohio ARMSTRONG, JAMES Fayette Ohio ARMANT, JOHN 26 Fairmount Road Hampstead, Maryland ARTZ, CAROLYN 1836 W. Hazelwood Phoenix 15, Arizona ASHLEY, GEORGE 1713 W. Fairmount Phoenix, Arizona ASKLUND, BERTIL 2149 Fox Ave. Ft. Wayne, Indiana AUGSBURGER, ELEANOR 2643 Indiana Aw e. Ft. Wayne, Indiana AXE, ELAINE RD W4 York, Pennsylvania BARCANIC, TORREY 7655 Farragut Chicago 31, Illinois BARR, DAVID 4423 Kiddville Belding, Michigan BAsEL,' ROSEMARIE G 6470 Fenton Road Flint, Michigan BEACI-IEY, ROBERT RR 32 Constantine, Michigan BEITLER, SHERRYL 1435 Curdes Ave. Ft. Wayne, Indiana BELL, KARL 2116 E. 37th St. Anderson, Indiana BEOUGHER, WILLIAM R ffl Lancaster, Ohio BERGGREN, M. DAVID 2213 E. Brill St. Phoenix, Arizona BERTOLET, R. GENE 2222 Hoagland St. Ft. Wayne, Indiana BERTY, SHIRLEY 334 Madison Ave. Falls Creek, Pennsylvania BINKLEY, STEPHEN R 33, Box 92, Celina, Ohio BIRKEY, ARLAN RR 52 Delavan, Illinois BLEY, CARROL 906 Illsley Dr. Ft. Wayne, Indiana BLOOMER, HAROLD RR 131, County Rd. A44 Delta, Ohio BLOOMER, JANICE RR 9541, County Rd. 54 Delta, Ohio BLOOMQUIST, JAMES RR ffl, Box 151 Harvard, Illinois BLUE, VERNON Baker Street E. Peoria, Illinois BOHLER, BETTY 1125 Wilt St. Ft. Wayne, Indiana BOHLER, EFFIE R ffl Woodburn, Indiana BOKEL, JOSEPH RD ifl Broadalbin, New York BOLLES, ESTHER 1859 Newport Road Ann Arbor, Michigan BOLLINGER, CAROLYN RR fill Shipshewana, Indiana BOLLINGER, VONDA RR F1 Shipshewana, Indiana BOWER, DAVID Rosemont Avenue Newfield, New Jersey BOWERS, KAREN 544 Prospect Avenue Lima, Ohio BOWSHER, JOYCE ANN RR 54, Box 249 Lima, Ohio BOYLL, H. DANIEL 2311 Anderson St. Bristol, Tennessee BRANDENBURG, NORMA 800 W. Rudisill Blvd. Ft. Wayne, Indiana BRANDENBURG, RALPH 800 W. Rudisill Blvd. Ft. Wayne, Indiana BRINCEFIELD, LARRY 2002 112 Drexel Ft. Wayne, Indiana BROWN, JANET 1407 E. Bristol Road Flint, Michigan BROWN, MARTHA W. First St., Box 208 Spring City, Tennessee BROWN, OTIS W. First St., Box 208 Spring City, Tennessee BUCHANAN, PHILIP 2434 112 Weisser Park Ft. Wayne, Indiana BURD, DONNA 3714 Weisscr Park Ft. Wayne, Indiana BURR, SHIRLEE 616 N.W. 30th Ct. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida BURRIS, RAY 126 Bonifant Rd. Silver Spring, Maryland BUTCHER, SHARON R W5 Columbia City, Indiana BYRD, RAMONA 4660 Warsaw Ft. Wayne, Indiana CADARET, HOWARD 4122 Avondale Ft. Wayne, Indiana CALVIN, JUDY 204 E. North West Unity, Ohio CAMERON, HEATHER Apartado 47 La Ceiba, Honduras CAMPBELL, ELIZABETH Barneveld Wisconsin CAMPBELL, R. MARK Barneveld Wisconsin CANTRELL, LARRY 548 E. Wilson Hagerstown, Maryland CANTRELL, MARY 548 E. Wilson Hagerstown, Maryland CASH, NANCY 2531 Darlene Ct. Ft. Wayne, Indiana CASWELL, CORA RR 32 Fremont, Indiana CAVAZOS, JOEL 1902 Catalpa St. Ft. 'Wayne, Indiana CLAPPE, CAROLYNNE 851 S. Walnut St. Bryan, Ohio CLARK, EI.LEEN 7 West Avenue Kingston 8, Jamaica CLAUSER, JAMES 4001 Kimmel Drive Ft. Wayne, Indiana CONGOS, DARRYL RD 131, R 954608 Painesville, Ohio CONNOR, ELIZABETH 3633 Anuhea St. Honolulu, Hawaii COPLEY, JANET RR fifl New London, Ohio COTTONGIM, JANICE RR Q32 Clayton, Indiana CRAMER, JERRY R 65, N. 11 Mi. Road Midland, Michigan CRANE, JUDITH 789 Chippewa Mt. Clemens, Michigan CRAWFIS, WARREN R A43 Owosso, Michigan DAY, DEANNA 1600 Morgan Tr. Beloit, Wisconsin DEASON, BONNIE 22020 Francis St. Clair Shores, Michigan DEHABEY, RUTH RR 93 Ft. Wayne, Indiana DERRETI-I, CAROLYN 438 Arcadia Ct. Ft. Wayne, Indiana DERRET1-I, JOE ANN 438 Arcadia Ct. Ft. Wayne, Indiana DISSINGER, MARILYN RR 42 Auburn, Indiana DORIOT, ROGER RR 32 Fayette, Ohio DOWDY, DONALD 131 E. 55th P1. Gary, Indiana DRUDGE, BONNIE 3714 Shady Court Ft. Wayne, Indiana DUNLAP, JUDITH 6110 S. Clahoun Ft. Wayne, Indiana DURST, JOHN R 9542 Butler, Indiana DYCK, DAVID 3506 Indiana Ft. Wayne, Indiana DYE, SANDRA 5227 W. Mahark Peoria, Illinois EAGLESON, WILLLAM 3229 Getz Rd. Ft. Wayne, Indiana EASH, CLARENCE 1209 Crescent Ave. Ft. Wayne, Indiana EBERSOLE, JAMES 7207 Beatty St. Ft. Wayne, Indiana EBERSOLE, SHARON 5214 Bowser Ave. Ft. Wayne, Indiana EICHAR, ROBERT RR iif4, Box 300 Celina, Ohio EICHER, DAVID 906 Illsley Dr. Ft. Wayne, Indiana ELLERT, VERA 5212 E. State Ft. Wayne, Indiana ELLIOTT, HOMER CHARLES 6810 Bluffton Road Ft. Wayne, Indiana EMERICK, RICHARD RR 31 Ray, Indiana ENDERLIN, AUGUST 5415 S. Hanna Ft. Wayne, Indiana EVEARITT, TIMOTHY 5215 Clover Lane Toledo, Ohio EWERT CAROLYN 615 E. Broadway Newton, Kansas FETTER, NANCY 4019 Harding Hwy. Lima, Ohio FETTER, PAULETTE 4019 Harding Hwy. Lima, Ohio FLINT, DIANNE Dry Mills Gray, Maine FOOTE, MARGARET 603 W. Packard Ft. Wayne, Indiana FOOTE, SARA 603 W. Packard Ft. Wayne, Indiana FORBES, RICHARD 507 S. Martha St. Angola, Indiana FORBES, VELMA 507 S. Martha St. Angola, Indiana FORD, DUANE 4030 S. Wayne Ave. Ft. Wayne, Indiana FOWLER, PATRICIA 2311 Denison Ave. Cleveland, Ohio FRANKS, KAY 115 7th Ave., Juniata Altoona, Pennsylvania FREEMAN, PHILLIS 20980 Newman Trenton, New Jersey FRUCHEY, RITA RR 32 Reading, Michigan FUELLING, LYNN Monroeville Indiana GARRISON, EVELYN 807 Homewood Dr. Indianapolis, Indiana GAW,GERALD 1140 Rivermet Ft. Wayne, Indiana GEORGE, MARY 3929 S. Wayne Ft. Wayne, Indiana GERIG, BETTY 7611 Kingsway Dr. Ft. Wayne, Indiana GERIG, DONALD 4030 S. Wayne Ft. Wayne, Indiana GERNI-IARDT, ROBERT 2530 Deerwood Dr. Ft. Wayne, Indiana GILBERT, JUDITH 33422 Shiawassee Farmington, Michigan GILLETTE, ALICE 5810 Woodheath Ft. Wayne, Indiana GORDON, JAMES RR 32 Payne, Ohio GRABER, FRANKLIN R 1952 Bluffton, Indiana GRAY, MELANIE 522 W. Earle Ave. Youngstown, Ohio GUDEMAN, MARY 4718 Stellhorn Rd. Ft. Wayne, Indiana GUSHIKEN, HUGH P.O. Box 672 Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii I-IABER, NORMA 14059 Eastburn Detroit, Michigan HACKNEY, DOROTHY 48 N. 5th Ave. Fruitport, Michigan HAKE, DOLORES RR 52 Bdon, Ohio HALL, JUDITH 102 Oakdale, RR 32 Yorktown, Indiana HALLER, DAR.LINE 1102 W. Berry Ft. Wayne, Indiana HAMMON, OTHELLA 2005 Graham Dr. Ft. Wayne, Indiana HANEY, ALMA 722 Loomis Jackson, Michigan HARMON, LOLA 441 W. Branning Ft. Wayne, Indiana HARRIS, CAROLYN 455 Bingham Hamilton, Ohio HARRIS, JANYCE 815 Graceland Ave. Barberton, Ohio HATCHER, HAROLD 11631 Meyer Road Detroit 27, Michigan 323 E Creighton Ave Ft Wayne, Indiana HAYES FORREST 2812 112 Gay St. Ft. Wayne, Indiana HEBBLETHWAITE, GL Box 282 Edon, Ohio HEFFNER, KAREN 318 S. Washington Van Wert, Ohio HELMICK, EDNA ANN 914 Sixth St. Modesto, California HERRICK, LINDA 513 Sl Pleasant Royal Oak, Michigan HERZBERG, BONNIE 426 W. Washington Royal Oak, Michigan HAYDEN, ERNEST EN DA HIRONS, MICHAEL 209 Maplewood Muncie, Indiana HIRSCHY, E. DELAYNE RR ffl Colon, Michigan HIRSCHY, NEVA 568 E. Water St. Berne, Indiana HODGIN, MARYLEE 4713 Fairfield Ft. Wayne, Indiana HOFFMAN, JUDITH RR ffl West Unity, Ohio HONTZ, CLAIRE 4225 Avondale Ft. Wayne, Indiana HOSTETLER, RICHARD 2205 Choctimar Trail Ft. Wayne, Indiana HOWARD, BARBARA 611 De Villen, Royal Oak, Michigan HOWEY, WILLIAM 12242 Leo Road Ft. Wayne, Indiana HUFF, JAMES 794 Louise Ave. Hamilton, Ohio HUGHS, CAROL Bucklin Kansas HUISMAN, ROBERTA 521 Kinsmoor Ave. Ft. Wayne, Indiana HUNSICKER, DONNA RD 32 Schwenksville, Pennsylvania IMLER, AMY 2515 Carew Ft. Wayne, Indiana INNIGER, HELEN RR ffl Monroe, Indiana INOUYE, GARY P.O. Box 24 Kalaheo, Kauai, Hawaii JACOBSON, DAVID 536 Kinsmoor Ft. Wayne, Indiana JARRETT, DAPHNE 19 Park Ave., St. Ann's Jamaica, W.I. JOHNS, TAMARA 6810 Bluffton Road Ft. Wayne, Indiana JOHNSON, ELEANOR 428 E. Arnold Bluffton, Indiana JOHNSON, JAMES 306 Mary St. Union City, Michigan JOHNSON, RONALD 1308 Park Ave. Ft. Wayne, Indiana JONES, RUTH 813 East 11 Mile Road Royal Oak, Michigan KABLE, MARY R f'f3, Box 443 Celina, Ohio Bay KAGEYAMA, NILES Koloa Kauai, Hawaii KANESHIRO, NAOMI P.O. Box 578 Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii KEARNEY, DONNA RFD 42 East Hampton, Connecticut KELLER, DAVID 24497 Mulberry St. Southfield, Michigan KELLEY, MARIE 3714 Shady Court Ft. Wayne, Indiana KERBY, WAYNE 1511 Silver Lane Hamilton, Ohio KITCHEN, JOHN 1919 lllsley Drive Ft. Wayne, Indiana KLOPFENSTEIN, JOHN 902 W. Rudisill Blvd. Ft. Wayne, Indiana KOBAYASHI, STANLEY Box 687 Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii KRANICH, BEATRICE 211 Pine Rochester, Michigan KRAUSE, DARLENE 2044 McLean Flint, Michigan KULP, BENJAMIN 5415 S. Hanna St. Ft. Wayne, Indiana KULP, EDWARD P.O. Box 10 Frankfort, Indiana KULP, PAUL P.O. Box 10 Frankfort, Indiana KUNIOKA, CHARLES P.O. Box 102 Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii LAMB, SANDRA Remus Michigan LANTZ, KARIN Box 12 ' Pettisville, Ohio LARNARD, JAMES 203 E. Brookfield East Lansing, Michigan LAYMON, ANITA RR ffl, Box 38 Acton, Indiana LEAS, JULIANN RR H2 Columbia City, Indiana LEFEBVRE, MONIQUE 15397 Pomona Dr. Detroit, Michigan LEHMAN, KENNETH 4026 Buell Dr. Ft. Wayne, Indiana LE!-LMANN, MARILYN 605 Van Buren, Berne, ,Indiana LEIGHTNER, LINDA 304 S. High St. Pandora, Ohio LEONARD, DONNA 3811 Indiana Ave. Ft. Wayne, Indiana LESLIE, LYNNETTE 524 E. Scott St. Grand Ledge, Michigan LIGHT, WILLIAM 5816 Remington Ft. Wayne, Indiana LINE, JAMES 3208 Thompson Ft. Wayne, Indiana LINE, KATHLEEN 627 S. Connecticut Royal Oak, Michigan LOCKWOOD, DEANNA R 01, Box 186 Pittsford, Michigan LUPTON, MARY 2008 Hart Dodge City, Kansas MCAHREN, JOHN 1222 W. Madison Decatur, Indiana MCCORD, RUSSELL Box 26 Bourneville, Ohio MCCRACKEN, CHARLES 7515 Bluffton Road Ft. Wayne, Indiana MCCREA, CECELIA RR 52 Pioneer, Ohio MCCRUM, HARRY ffl St. Joe, Indiana MCDONALD, CONNIE 618 Locust Lane Brownsburg, Indiana MCNEAL, ARLINDA 4714 Gaywood Ft. Wayne, Indiana MACY, JULIUS 307 Market St. Columbia City, Indiana MANN, EDNAMAE 4806 Eichorn Ave. Cleveland, Ohio MARTIN, JOANNE 1009 N. Waterloo Jackson, Michigan MASER, MARLENE 801 E. State Blvd. Ft. Wayne, Indiana MASER, RONALD 800 W. Rudisill Blvd. Ft. Wayne, Indiana MASTERSON, MARY R H4 Bluffton, Indiana MAYS, MARY 726 Oakdale Ft. Wayne, Indiana MAYS, PAUL 742 Davis St. Ft. Wayne, Indiana MEYER, ROY RR 35, Box 57 Lima, Ohio MIGHELLS, EMILY RFD fill Randolph, New York MILLER, CHARLOTTE 2153 Shawnee Blvd. Lima, Ohio MILLER, DIANE 8817 Merlin Dr. Houston 24, Texas MILLER, LARRY 2424 Bellevue Drive Ft. Wayne, Indiana MILLS, DAVID 8060 Senator, Detroit 9, Michigan MILLS, R. KEITH 933 Illsley Drive Ft. Wayne, Indiana MITCHEL, DOLORES RR fffl Monroe, Indiana MOENING, ROBERT 131 N. Locust St. Ottawa, Ohio MONTEI, JUDITH R H4 Caro, Michigan MOREHEAD, RONALD R 32 Continental, Ohio MORLEY, STEPHEN 3811 Indiana Ft. Wayne, Indiana MORRIS, RACHEL R 38, Box 193 Defiance, Ohio MOSER, CAROL 1100 Ensley Auburn, Indiana MOSIER, LINDA R 93 Columbia City, Indiana MURRY, SHIRLEY R WI, Box 267 Wauseon, Ohio NANTZ, MILBURN 800 W. Rudisill Blvd. Ft. Wayne, Indiana NELSON, CHRISTINE 25388 Graham Detroit, Michigan NESSETH, JUDY Battle Creek, Michigan NEUENSCHWANDER O RR ffl Berne, Indiana NEUENSCHWANDER, RR ffl Columbus Grove, Ohio NISWANDER, DORIS RR 42 Columbus Grove, Ohio O'DELL, TEDDY 701 Lawton St. Bicknell, Indiana OSBORNE, GRANT 4502 Kenilworth Ft. Wayne, Indiana OTTO, PEGGY 1006 N. Cedar St. Lansing, Michigan PATEE, EUGENE 314 E. Ninth St. Auburn, Indiana 901 W. Michigan , L WIL RENE BERT PAYNE, RUTH 7201 Mississippi St. Crown Point, Indiana PEAHU, SAMUEL Lihue Kauai, Hawaii PEDERSEN, ELLEN 3406 N. Osage Chicago, Illinois PELZER, ANITA 1605 S. Euclid Sioux Falls, S. Dakota PERRY, MARY JANE 523 Kinsmoor Ft. Wayne, Indiana PERRY, ROBERT 523 Kinsmoor Ft. Wayne, Indiana PERSONS, JUDY 1125 Wilt St. Ft. Wayne, Indiana PETERSON LOIS 6810 Bluffton Road Ft. Wayne, Indiana PHILLIPPE, SANDRA 2114 W. Eighth sz. Anderson, Indiana PIRKLE, TIMOTHY 1322 Catalpa Berkley, Michigan PLATT, DARYL 5280 Marshall Arvada, Colorado PLOTNER, NANCY R 1942 Pittsfield, Maine PLUNIB, PAUL 3838 Wrenwood Road Toledo, Ohio PODLESAK, EDWARD 4117 Vernon Ave. Brookfield, Illinois PROCI-IASKA, KATHLEEN '70 Haakon Moller Fox River Grove, Illinois PROVINS, MARILYN 763 Lincoln Place Boulder, Colorado PUSEY, CARMEN 18 Leaneral St. Kingston 2, Jamaica, W.I. PYLES, FRANKLIN 8330 Lucas Hunt St. Louis, Missouri RAICHE, LEON RFD West Rutland, Vermont RAINES, WILLLAM 689 Hayes Ave. Hagerstown, Maryland RAMSDELL, BEVERLY R i9f2 Clayton, Michigan RANES, PAUL TIMOTHY 800 W. Rudisill Blvd. Ft. Wayne, Indiana RASHLEY, DONALD RR 32 Delta, Ohio RATI-IBUN, JUDITH 747 Chidester Glen Ellyn, Illinois REBSAMEN, HELENE 15-02 146 Place Whitestone 57, New York REICI-II-IARDT, DAVID 1010 Cambria Road Camden, Michigan RETTIG, JANICE 1126 W. Lexington Ft. Wayne, Indiana RETTIG, NEAL 1126 W. Lexington Ft. Wayne, Indiana RICE, DONALD 3203 Sand Point Road Ft. Wayne, Indiana RICE, EVA 3203 Sand Point Road Ft. Wayne, Indiana RICE, PHILLIP R W5 Princeton, Illinois RICHARDSON, PHILIP 11061 Swinton Ave. Granada Hills, California RICHMOND, DONNA 7290 Dixie Highway Fairfield, Ohio ROBBINS, SHARON 2502 S. Harrison Ft. Wayne, Indiana ROSENBERRY, BARBARA RR 62 Butler, Indiana ROSS, JOHN Box 67 Grand Valley, Pennsylvania ROYCE, DORIS 162 Clarendon Ave. West Rutland, Vermont RUPP, ELMER, JR. Werner Street Wemersville, Pennsylvania RUPP, VINCENT, JR. 204 Lincoln Ave. Swanton, Ohio SAMRADY, MARILYN 144 E. Hamilton Allentown, Pennsylvania SCHAEFFER, ROSALYNN RR 42 Fremont, Indiana SCHLEIGH, NANCY 232, Box 131 Chillicothe, Illinois SCI-IULTZ, PATRICIA 240 N. Franklin St. Washington, Pennsylvania SCHUMAN, CAROL 21223 Hunt Club Harper Woods, Michigan SCROGGINS, TIMOTHY 240 W. Harrison Lombard, Illinois SEIPLE, DUANE Rockford Ohio SEIPLE, MARILYN 801 West Front Rockford, Ohio SHAFF ER, THOMAS Box ee Grabill, Indiana SHANNON, ROBERT 719 S. Division Whitehall, Michigan SHIELDS, HALLIE 705 Saratoga Ave. Lima, Ohio SHOLL, CAROLYN RR H2 Edgerton, Ohio SHOLL, DWIGHT RR ff2 Edgerton, Ohio SHOWERS, ELZER 626 W. Creighton Ft. Wayne, Indiana SIEBERT, ALAN Box 88 Henderson, Nebraska SIMMONS, EUNICE 5732 39th Ave. Hyattsville, Maryland SINGER, DALE 115 W. Harrison Mooresville, Indiana SLACK, SHIRLEY 34615 Glen Wayne, Michigan SMITH, CAROLYN 2375 S. Columbine Denver 10, Colorado SMITH, PRISCILLA 1236 Grand Blvd. Hamilton, Ohio SMUCKER, JOHN 1303 St. Mary's Ave. Ft. Wayne, Indiana SNELLBAKER, GLENDA 223 N. Main St. Manchester, Pennsylvania SONIUS, RONALD 3901 S. Wayne Ft. Wayne, Indiana SONIUS, V. PAULINE 3901 S. Wayne Ft. Wayne, Indiana SONNENBERG, SALLY 308 N. Alexander Royal Oak, Michigan SPEICHER, RICHARD RD W2 Bernville, Pennsylvania SPRUNGER, ALICE RR 1141 Berne, Indiana SPRUNGER, BARBARA Wayne Trace Road, RR 37 Ft. Wayne, Indiana SPRUNGER, KAE RR 32 Berne, Indiana SPRUNGER, STEVE RR 32 Berne, Indiana STEINER, BARBARA 543 Kinsmoor Ft. Wayne, Indiana STEINER, DUANE 4811 N. 15th Ave. Phoenix, Arizona STEINER, JOHN 1424 W. Jefferson Ft. Wayne, Indiana STILES, MADONNA RR 31 Mooresville, Indiana STRAHM, DAISY R ffl Berne, Indiana STRAHSBURG, EVELYN 708 W. Foster, Pkwy. Ft. Wayne, Indiana STUBBS, LOIS 1011 McKinley Sr. Phoenix, Arizona SUHM, MARY 9750 E. 26th Ave. Portage, Indiana SWALLOW, SHIRLEY 807 Roosevelt Lima, Ohio SWANSON, DONNA JANE Kingman Alberta, Canada TABUCHI, RAYMOND Box 33 Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii TEHAN, KATHLEEN 912 Thornton Dayton, Kentucky TETZLAFF, ERIKA 3833 Second Ave. So. Minneapolis, Minnesota THAYER, JANET Lupton Michigan THOMPSON, JUDY 6129 A.W. Lapham Milwaukee 14, Wisconsin THOMPSON, LINDA 6129 A.W. Lapham St. Milwaukee 14, Wisconsin TREECE, MARY 4005 Buell Drive Ft. Wayne, Indiana TRUIT, JUDITH 3346 N. Elms Road Flushing, Michigan TRUSDLE, JOHN R 44 Bluffton, Indiana TSCHANTZ, NANCY RR lil South Whitley, Indiana TUCKER, SANDRA Box ff3 Groveland, Illinois UCZEN, LARRY 3420 W. Pierce Chicago, Illinois VALIENTIC, CHARLOTTE Greenwood Hights, Apt. 20B Connellsville, Pennsylvania VON GUNTEN, KENT RR W2 Woodburn, Indiana VORSE, EILEEN Box 13 Platea, Pennsylvania WADA, AILEEN P. O. Box 77 Lawai, Kauai, Hawaii WADEWITZ, MONICA 2434 Bellevue Dr. Ft. Wayne, Indiana WAGNER, PAUL 128 Meadow Lane Clyde, Ohio WALBERG, HERBERT RR ffl Garden Prairie, Illinois WALKER, ADASSA Discovery Bay St. Ann, Jamaica, W.I. WALKER, BONNIE 323 Park Place Junaita, Pennsylvania WALKER, PATRICLA 1514 Garden Club Ft. Wayne, Indiana WAMPOLE, JOAN DeKalb Pike Gwynedd, Pennsylvania WARNER, DONALD 7112 Decatur Road Ft. Wayne, Indiana WATERFIELD, JANE 4243 Old Mill Road Ft. Wayne, Indiana WATKINS, MILDRED 720 E. Third St. Royal Oak, Michigan WAUGH, CALVIN 2510 Sheridan Road Ft. Wayne, Indiana WEAVER, FLORENCE 3001 Drexel Ave. Ft. Wayne, Indiana WEBER, JOAN R 55, Box 128 Wauseon, Ohio WEDDLE, ALICE JOY 4018 Avondale Ft. Wayne, Indiana WEINAND, JAMES 24223 Hayes E. Detroit, Michigan WELLS, FELICIA 616 Cleveland Ave. Hamilton, Ohio WESNER, WILLLAM 2720 Niles Ave. St. Joseph, Michigan WHEAT, ROBERT 5926 Atwell Toledo, Ohio WHEELER, MERRELL 1503 Paulding Road Ft. Wayne, Indiana WHITE, ANITA 2007 Crescent Ft. Wayne, Indiana WHITE, DOROTHY 106 Summit Hampstead, Maryland WHITE, JAMES 24 Willougby Ft. Wayne, Indiana WHITEMAN, CAROL 3944 Balfour Detroit, Michigan WIEDERKEI-IR, NAOMI 379 Sprunger Berne, Indiana WIGGIN, ERIC RFD A41 Albion, Maine WILKIN, BEULAH RR 92 Convoy, Ohio WILL, HAROLD P.O. Box 3 Clarksburg, Indiana WII..LIAMS, BERNARD 2806 Adams St. Ft. Wayne, Indiana WILLIAMS, GILBERT 2806 Adams St. Ft. Wayne, Indiana WILLIAMS, GILBERT, JR 2806 Adams St. Ft. Wayne, Indiana WI.LLIAMS, MOLLY 2806 Adams St. Ft. Wayne, Indiana WILLIAMS, WILLLAM 3507 Iroquois Ct. Ft. Wayne, Indiana WILLIAMSON, LOIS 1113 Tennessee Ft. Wayne, Indiana WINDERS, DOROTHY 7311 John Ft. Wayne, Indiana WINTEREGG, BRYCE 260 E. Franklin Berne, Indiana WOLFE, HELEN 504 Peoria Dixon, Illinois WOLFE, ROY 3919 S. Wayne Ft. Wayne, Indiana YODER, FOREST Woodburn Indiana YOUNGER, WILLIAM T. 2916 Dexter Ft. Wayne, Indiana ZABEL, ARLENE 7501 W. Foster Chicago 31, Illinois ZEITER, MARY RFD 32 Montpelier, Ohio ZIGLER, MAE RD 44 Frederick, Maryland ZIMMERMAN, NANCY 3714 Shady Ct. Ft. Wayne, Indiana ZIMMERMAN, SHARON 3714 Shady Ct. Ft. Wayne, Indiana BRADBURN, Pl-IYLLIS R.R. 63 Huntington, Indiana CRAIG, PATRICIA ANN 3301 Englewood Dr. Indianapolis, Indiana EMERY, WILLIAM CHARLES 658 Division St. Defiance, Ohio FURLONG, JERRY ENCIL 2226 S. Lafayette Fort Wayne, Indiana HEEMER, JOYCE MARIE AUGSBURGER, EDWARD 2643 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana BEITLER, MRS. THEDA 1435 Curdes Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana BELTZ, JAMES N. 5344 Gardenview Fort Wayne, Indiana BLEY, ADOLPH 906 Illsley Drive Fort Wayne, Indiana BRANDENBURG, SAM 4006 E. Maple Grove Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana BROWN, MRS. MYRTLE 3714 Shady Court Fort Wayne, Indiana BUMP, MRS. ALVIN 815 Florence Fort Wayne, Indiana BYRNE, DR. HERBERT W. 3811 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana CONRAD, EUNICE 441 West Branning Fort Wayne, Indiana DERRETH, JOE ANN 438 Arcadia Court Fort Wayne, Indiana DURST, JOHN J. 522 West Packard Fort Wayne, Indiana EHLKE, EDITH 3811 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana EICHER, CYRIL H. 1140 Sheridan Court Fort Wayne, Indiana EICHER., P. L. 719 W. Rudisill Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana ELMER, RICHARD 3811 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana FIEDLER, MARTHA 300 W. Rudisill Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana FRANK, DR. RENE 937 Illsley Drive Fort Wayne, Indiana GALLAGHER, RALPH 1105 West Packard Fort Wayne, Indiana CALLAGHER, MRS. FERN 1105 West Packard Fort Wayne, Indiana GERIG, IRA 7611 Kingsway Drive Fort Wayne, Indiana GERIG, DR. JARED 33057 Edgegrove Fraser, Michigan HEGE, RONALD DEAN 4414 Winter St., Fort Wayne, Indiana HUBART, SANDRA R.R. F3 Angola, Indiana JOHNSON, LOIS IRENE 211 s. Main sr., Crookston, Minn. MATHEW, MARY ELIZABETH R.R. 32 M9166 827 W. Rudisill Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana GERIG, JOY 3722 Shady Court Fort Wayne, Indiana GERIG, WESLEY L. 4030 S. Wayne Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana GOTTSCHALK, TRUMAN 726 Oakdale Fort Wayne, Indiana HARTER, C. V. 2502 Poinsette Fort Wayne, Indiana HOATSON, GRANT 3811 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana HOATSON, MRS. PATRICIA 3811 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana HORST, RUTH Providence Hall, College Fort Wayne, Indiana IMLER, MAY 2515 Carew St. Fort Wayne, Indiana ISAAC, ADELLE 3722 Shady Court Fort Wayne, Indiana JACKSON, MRS. HELEN 409 West Masterson Fort Wayne, Indiana KING, WALTER E. 2815 Dexter Drive Fort Wayne, Indiana KING, MRS. GRACE 2815 Dexter Drive Fort Wayne, Indiana KLOPFENSTEIN, W. O. 902 W. Rudisill Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana KLOPFENST EIN, MRS. CELINA 902 W. Rudisill Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana LEONARD, E. STANIEY 3811 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana LINDSEY, MILLIE 801 W. Rudisill Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana LUTTON, DONNA 3722 Shady Court Fort Wayne, Indiana MAYS, KENNETH R. 726 112 Oakdale Fort Wayne, Indiana MAYS, MRS. MARY ELLEN 726 112 Oakdale Fort Wayne, Indiana MILLER, JBXINIE 324 W. Creighton Ave. 108 Ohio City, Ohio MILLER, LARRY L. 2424 Belleview Dr. Fort Wayne, Indiana NESSETH, RICHARD DUANE 911 W. Michigan Ave., Battle Creek, Mich. THOMPSON, TRICEINE N. 2037 Ashland Rd. Mansfield, Ohio ZIMMERMAN, CLARENCE E. 1815 College Ave. Huntington, Indiana Fort Wayne, Indiana MORLEY, O. H. 3811 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana MYERS, ROBERT s. 328 West Oakdale Fort Wayne, Indiana PEARSON, FRAN Bethany Hall, College Fort Wayne, Indiana RANES, HAROLD W. Schultz Hall, College Fort Wayne, Indiana RANES, MRS. BETTY Schultz Hall, College Fort Wayne, Indiana REYNOLDS, EDISON 1010 Illsley Drive Fort Wayne, Indiana RICH, ELEANOR 3811 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana SCHMIDT, EVELYNE 3811 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana SCHUMACHER, GLADYS 3722 Shady Court Fort Wayne, Indiana SHAMBAUGH, DR. ROBER'l 2409 Terrace Road Fort Wayne, Indiana SIMPSON, DR. EDWARD D. 3515 Meda Pass Fort Wayne, Indiana SIMPSON, DR. FRANCES 3515 Meda Pass Fort Wayne, Indiana SMITH, ADA 4034 Tacoma Fort Wayne, Indiana SODEN, M. ELMER 522 W. Packard Fort Wayne, Indiana WAGNER, MARY ANN 708 W. Foster Pkwy. Fort Wayne, Indiana WARNER, TIMOTHY 3920 Tacoma Fort Wayne, Indiana WEDDLE, FOREST 4018 Avondale Fort Wayne, Indiana WELTY, HERALD J. 4010 S. Wayne Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana WELTY, MRS. MIRIAM 4010 S. Wayne Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana WRIGHT, J. HARLAN 545 Kinnaird St. Fort Wayne, Indiana ral .... .J Vi P 'Q' ml -lk ' Q.. .,u I O X w N 1 l N . A l 5 rw l I N W , , , , 1-Lg fr -.,. V 4115, fv-1'.'.f- V. E. 1 2. .-1.1 -".'. I I 4 . : ' I I N. i i W 1 L U9 , 1 s 1 5 P Nl w 1 1 4 'gn-1' Qs. Win MASTER PLAN FOR DEVEL4 1. S.A. Lehman Memorial Library fconstructed and occupied 19605 2. Education-Administration Building 3. Student -Union Building I I .3559 N .1 J I ci' -2 3 fi 9,5 " .4- m 9' ' Q 3' KENT OF SOUTH CAMPUS 4 . Chapel 5 . Women's Dormitory 6. Men's Dormitory i I ffl gl 5 5 'C

Suggestions in the Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) collection:

Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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