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of' pf if ', 's -N. if f- Q ,tif Y. 4 42 STUDEIIT HSSUEIHTIUII PUBLIEHTIUII FURT UJHUIIE BIBLE IULLEGE Fort lllayne, Indiana fight ffourer BETHANY HALL - Administrative Offices, Women's Dormitory, Classrooms Allen County Pubilc UbroVY ' nd ff.Wwef'nd-Q THIS IS F.W.B.C... LEIGHTNER HALL SHADY COURT HOUSE Women's Dormitory Women's Dormitory A 9 .v .655 ,L ,L 'ix - y r ' ' - 1 I ' I . 2 .,.f ,ix ' ' -, N I: , ,isis I' E Ei'e.-Y E Q, 'z 1 ML,- N : - ,N - We -2 vw. !""f HIE FOUN'DER'S MEMORIAL - School of Music, 801 WEST RUDISILL HOUSE Auditorium, Gymnasium, Dining Hall, Women's Dormitory Classrooms WH ERE WE SEARCH EOR TRUTH... SCHULTZ HALL PROVIDENCE HALL Men's Dormitory, Classrooms, School Laundry Women's Dormitory 1 l 3 '7' ,E wfk ' 4 1144 . W. -5- 7' .-, , ,. - ' QL- -' h f..1 ---i --1 ve' 0454 b , .. L THE TRUTH T0 SET US FREE Christ said, "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free." CJohn 81321. Students at Fort Wayne Bible College are searching for the truth-- God's truth to be found in the educational, spiritual, and social realms of college life. We learnthe truth by knowledge and wisdom gained through study, by our spiritual growth in Christ-likeness through our Christian ministries, and by our daily walk in Christian fellowship. It is onlywhenwe have learned the truth ourselves that we can impart it to all tribes and nations of the earth. Mrs. Alvin Bump, assistant librarian, checks out books for Ruth Moser. ' Willa 1266 Mfafzzmzfr Title Page Campus and Theme Educational Governing Board Dedication Faculty and Staff Seniors Underclassmen Spiritual Services Crossroads Music Ministry Christian Service Social Extracurricular Activities Athletics Student Association Campus Life Advertising Directory Chair man ...... Managing Editor . . Advertising Manager Circulation Manager S 5 . . . Jerry Cramer . . . Gail Horrocks Literary Editor ...... . . . . David Jacobson . . . . . Jesse Adams Alice Joy Weddle i gf , a . ? 6 -0 Qhmfm We are born to inquire after truthg It belongs to a greater power to possess it. It is not . . . hid in the bottom of the deeps, but rather elevated to an infinite height in the divine knowledge - - Montaigne . 1 Seated: Rev. Tillman Habegger, Dr. Clyde Taylor, Mr. James N. Beltz, Mr. J. Francis Chase, Rev. Carl Miller, Dr. Jared F. Gerig. Standing: Mr. Henry Amstutz, Rev. Roy Ramseyer, Rev. Robert Strubhar, Rev. John Nussbaum. Not Pictured: Rev. William Whiteman, Mr. Forrest Balsiger, Mr. Maurice M. Rupp. GOVERNING OARD J. Francis Chase, Chairman 8 DEDICATION To a man of God, friend of students, leader of men...kind, con- sideratempractical and efficient...firm but 1oving...ever calm... respected counse1or...who feels a sense of responsibility under God for us fespecially for those of us who never seem able to make it, but doJ...who considers our problems his own... To you, Dean Eicher, we dedicate the 1961 Light Tower, for in your home, on the ball field, in the classroom, and in the office, you have shown us Christ. 9 Dr. Jared F. Gerig has been travel- ing extensively this year in an effort to raise funds for our building program. He is serving in his fourth year as the president of Fort Wayne Bible College. Prior to this time Dr. Gerig served the college as a member of the govern- ing board, as a dean, and as an instruc- tor. He has also had experience as a pastor, national youth leader, editor of a periodical, member of a mission board, and president of the Missionary Church Association. In serving the Lord, he has been a great spiritual leader to all of us. Jared F. Gerig, A.B., Th.B., M.A., D.D Professor ADMINISTRATION S.. I-1 Herbert W. Byrne A.B., B.D., M.S., Ed.D. Dean of Education, Professor Cyril H. Eicher A.B., Th.B., M.A. Dean of Students Associate Professor Q Q N 3 X' 1 2 35 X y 3 T, Y xg, s 'QQ 3 xr-xx if 4 Mrs. Grant Hoatson B.S. Dean of Women Harold W. Ranes A.B., B.D., M. Th., M.A. Dean of Men Assistant Professor of Bible Miss Joy Gerig Director of Christian Service C. V. Harter Business Manager Herald J. Welty B.R.E., M.S. Registrar Instructor in Education Walter E. King Assistant to the President in Development ,,....,f x if .,--"" L ACULTY Miss Eunice J. Conrad A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of English Miss Edith Ehlke A.B., A.M. in Library Science Librarian, Associate Professor Richard M. Elmer A.B., B.D., B.M., M.A. Assistant Professor of Music Rene Frank M. M'uS., D. Mus. Professor of Music ww J w if 113, Ralph A. Gallagher A.B., Th.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of History and Science Ira A. Gerig B.M., M. Mus. Assistant Professor of Wesley L. Gerig A.B., B.D., Th.M. Assistant Professor of Bible and Theology Truman Gottschalk B.A. Instructor in Spanish Music I , l f ' ff? 'fi M. Q- e +4 if r-.: . ' L .515-::i'i:j i 1' S I Q, f I' I . 'I Oswald Morley A.B. Assistant Dean of Men Coach Instructor in Bible Robert S. Myers B.S., M.A. Instructor in Music Miss Carolyn Pocock B.M., Instructor in Music Miss Eleanor Mae Rich R.N., B.S. Instructor in Health Grant Hoatson A.B., M.A. Instructor in Radio and Journalism Director of Public Relations Walter J. Kerfoot B.S., M.MuS. Instructor in Music Weldon O. Klopfenstein Th.B. Assistant Professor of Bible and Theology Earl Stanley Leonard A.B., Th.B., M.R.E., M.A. Instructor in Education 2 if ' . -," V 4 Miss Gladys Schumacher B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor of Education Edward D. Simpson B.S., B.D., Th.M., Th.D. Associate Professor of Bible and Theology Forest Weddle A.B., M.S. Assistant Professor in Bible and Archaeology Director of Research and Guidance Miss Dorothy A. West B.A., M.A. Instructor in Speech Mrs. Frances F. Simpson A.B., M.R.E., D.R.E. Associate Professor of Religious Education Timothy M. Warner A.B., S.T.B., M.A. Instructor in Missions 8 K K. - 1 K Adolph Bley Maintenance Assistant Mrs. Myrtle Brown Cook Mrs. Alvin Bump Assistant Librarian Miss Shirley Cupp Assistant to Bookkeeper P. L. Eicher Commissary Manager Miss Martha Fiedler Dining Room Supervisor TAFF Mrs. Fern M. Gallagher Bookstore Manager Miss Adelle Isaac Secretary, Registrar's Office Mrs. Grace King Secretary, Public Relations Office Mrs. Donna Leonard Secretary, Guidance Office Miss Millie Lindsey Secretary to President Miss Donna Lutton Secretary to Dean of Students y V ,-.., ., - , - -vfys::.::.sf:g:-5:1.111 V, Q.s?35F'f:2i.Is::5i.2:i.,- 1:2 -:?si'f 5f': Wififlra-.:,.. 1 '-'iikcif ,5 -'24 V N N I ,,,,i, .- ff . - of - 1 ' Miss Jennie Miller h K 5 5- F P Cook ': 1' Qi fi? Mrs. Betty Ranes K X ' Hostess, Schultz Hall GL Y' i v - - ., , Edison Reynolds 4 " Director of Maintenance ' x, - Q 1 , 1" . ' Miss Evelyne Schmidt Bookkeeper 1 'ii f' 4 x Miss Ada Smith li" ' Laundress Mrs. Bertha Vlot Cook 'Qi ' A li'A'1.df nv '13 1-A -c' ""- V. ...- rx Dr. Lohman, the college physician, attends to a patient while Miss Rich watches. Miss Mary Ann Wagner Secretary to Dean of Education Mrs. Miriam Welty Secretary, Founders Memorial Office I6 Class Officers: Raymond Bryant, presidentg Judy Thompson, secretaryg Morris Jacobsen, chaplain, Dorothy Martin, vice-president, Ronald Krause, treasurer, Carolyn Derreth, student council repre- sentativeg and Mr. Cyril Eicher, adviser. THE SENICDR CLASS We rememberwhenwe became college students and how enjoyable, though perplexing, we found the freshman year. Then we became cocksure sophomores, anxious to hurry- scurry into our careers, yet willing to have our ambitions checked until after graduation. As juniors we saw our sophomoric knowledge diminish, and we began to find true wisdom. Leaning more and more on our Lord, we became seniors, and by May 29, 1961, we had learned to trust our Guide more completely than ever before. On that day we stepped across the threshold of graduation, ready to enter our life work for the Lord Jesus Christ and to keep on "reflecting His light." JESSE ADAMS BA. in Pastoral Training. Sunday School Teacher 3,4,55 Tract Team 1,25 Youth Director 55 Mission Worker 55 Light Tower Circulation Manager 55 Oratorio 3,4,5g Youth Conference Treasurer 45 Youth Con- ference Committee 35 Alpha Kappa Club 3,4, President 55 Class Treas- urer 1,45 Dormitory Council 3,55 A Cappella 55 Student Manager Var- sity Basketball 4,55 Intramural Sports l,2,3,4,55 Intramural Sports Leader 55 Orientation Leader 4,5. GEORGIA BLACK B.S. in Elementary Education. Child Ev a ng e 1 i s m 1,25 Sunday School Teacher 35 Junior Christian En- deavor 4,5g Dormitory Coincil 3, Vice-president 4. JUNE MAXINE BAKER B.S. in Elementary Education. Child Evangelism 25 Sunday School Tea- cher 3,45 Oratorio 15 Camera Club 4. ALICE ROSE BLODGETT B.S. in Missionary Nursing. Miss- ionary Deputation 4,55 Camera Club 45 Dormitory Council Secretary 5. ul I wx I8 X. MARY V. BELL Standard Bible Course. Sunday School Teacher 1,2,35 Child Evange- lism 25 Prayer Band Leader 25 Be- ginner's Church 1. LYNN H. BOWMAN B.A. in Speech. Sunday School Tea cher 25 Mission Speaker 3,45 Junior Church Worker 4 5 Alpha Kappa Club 3,45 Speech Club 3,45 Parliamentar ian 2. I RAYMOND BRYANT B.S. in Missions. Tract Team 25 Sunday School Teacher 35 Song Leader 45 Class Chaplain 35 Class President 4. LUELLA CATHERINE BURLEY B.A. in Bible. Missionary Deputa- tion 4. is -E 5 k T PAUL De-MERCHANT B.S. in Missions. Song Leader 1,25 Sunday School Teacher 25 YFC Club 25 Gospel Team 3,45 Class President 25 Class Vice-president 1,35 Student Council 1,35 SMF Ensemble 15 Band 1, President 25 Oratorio 25A Cappel- CAROLYN E. DERRETH B.S. in Missionary Nursing. Child Evangelism Helper 15 Hospital Visi- tation 55Counselor 55Junior Church 55Oratorio 15 Intramural Sports lg Dormitory Council 15 President 55 Student Council 55 Alpha Kappa Club 5. la 2,45 SMF Vice-president35 Youth Conference Publicity Chairman 45 Intramural Sports 1,2,3,45A1pha Kappa Club 3,4. '76 all of -a wg I9 3- 1- . 1- - 1 iff I ' rf.-1 ,Tim . V in ,pus , WESLEY F. CHRISTIAN B.A. in Bible and Theology. Song Leader 1,2,3,45 Children's Worker 2,3545 Choir Director 35 Assistant Pastor 35Band 1,25 Class President 25 Class Vice-president 35 Youth Confer enc e 35 Youth Conference Ensemble 45 Student Co.1ncil 4. 131 LARRY VAUGHN EICHER Bachelor of Sacred Music. Gospel Team 2,35 Choir Director 45 SMF Organist 1,2, Treasurer 3, Music Director 45Youth Conference Music Chairman 3, Organist 1,2545 Class Chaplain 15 Student Council 25 A Cappella 1,2,45 Oratorio 1,2,3, President 45 Music Club 1,45 Intra- mural Sports 1,2,3,45 Crossroads Ensemble 1, Organist 3,4. .Tx 4 N 1 MARY ANN ELLIS B.S. in Elementary Education. Pri- mary Church 25 Children's Meeting 45 Child Evangelism 35 Sunday School Teacher 55 Student Education Assoc- iation 5. , I 'iff Q! QI? WILLIAM DEAN GERIG B.S. in Missions. Sunday School Teacher 35 Pastor 45 SMF President 4. HANNI FEURER B.A. in Missions. Sunday School Teacher 35 Music Club 35 Speech Club 35 Oratorio 35 A Cappella 4. at. 9, MARLA ANN GUSTA FSON B.A. in Social Science. Junior Church Leader 2,35 Sunday School Teacher 45 Band 1, Secretary 25 Theta Beta 15 Dormitory President 4. 20 GRETCHEN GALLAGHER B.S. in Music Education. Sunday School Chorister 1,25 Gospel Team 1,25 Church Pianist 2,55 Sunday School Teacher 55 Youth Worker 45 Music Club 2,4,55 Camera Club 1,5, Secretary 2,45 Booster Club 55 Band 2,45 Librarian 55 Oratorio 4,55 A Cappella 55 Light Tower Staff 2, Managing Editor 45 Theta Beta 1,2. if 'S . .rife- ': .,-',,,4 . 5, CRYSTEL HAFER B.S. in Elementary Education. Sun day School Teacher 25 Church Nur sery Attendant 25 Nazarene Caravan Guide 15 Student Education Associa tion 1. PATRICIA MAE HARTUNG B.A. in Missions. Chi1dren's Mission Worker 1,2535 Sunday School Tea- cher 25 Camera Club 2,35 Alpha Kappa Club 3, Secretary-treasurer 4. 16- .5 GAIL ILENE HORROCKS B.A. in Christian Education. Gospel Team 25 Sunday School Teacher 45 Oratorio 2,3,45 A Cappella 25SMF Ensemble35 Dormitory President 35 Light Tower Staff 3, Managing Editor 45 Prayer Band Leader 45 Orienta- tion Leader 3,4. YVONNE JOHNSON it MORRIS J ACOBSEN B.A. in Missions. Missionary Depu- tation 55 Class Chaplain 55 Alpha Kappa Vice-president 5. DOROTHY J OHERL B.S. in Elementary Education. Junior Church Leader 1,25 Child Evange- lism 35 Gospel Team 45 Junior Church Pianist 45 Sunshine Makers 55 SMF Ensemble 35 Youth Confer- ence Ensemble 35A Cappella 35 Oratorio 1,3,45 Light Tower Staff 5. B.S. in Missionary Nursing. MYF Officer 3,45 Sunday School Teacher 55 Church Choir 55 Oratorio 15 Theta Beta 15 Intramural Sports 1. 2 1 lv- Sar- in...-. ai' JAMES KEY B.A. in Social Science. Assistant Pastor 35 Sunday School Teacher 45 Alpha Kappa Club 3,4. J ga" M :Q I 'a if K-ifut RONALD W. KRAUSE B.S. in Elementary Education. Gos- pel Team 1,2,35 Mission Worker 1, 25 Music Director 1,2,3,4,55 Sunday School Teacher 25 Youth Worker 3, 45 Class Treasurer 55 A Cappella 15 Oratorio 25 Band 1,2535 Youth Con- ference 15 SMF Ensemble 35 Class Athletic Director 15 Varsity Basket- ball l,2,3,45 Student Education Ass- ociation 4,55 Intramural Sports 1, 2,3,4,5. ff? A. GAIL MAZARAKI B.A. in Christian Education. Junior Church 55 Light Tower Staff 5. CAROL KATHLEEN Mc FARLAND B.S. in Missionary Nursing. Gospel Team 1,55 Oratorio 1,55 A Cappella 55 Intramural Sports 15 Dormitory Council Secretary 5. ETHAN P. MAZARAK1 B.A. in Missions. Junior Church 4. DOROTHY LEE MARTIN B.S. in Missionary Nursing. Gospel Team 1,55 Intramural imorts 1,55 Class Vice-pr esident 55 Student Council 55 Oratorio 55 A Cappella 5. SHARON FAITH MEIER S t a n da r d Bible Course. Sunday School Teacher 25 Beginner's Church Leader 35 Do r m itory Council 25 Theta Beta 1. Q43 22 -fRY.,.f7 , OSS isa. ' l .. JANET SUE MILLER B.S. in Missionary Nursing. Child Evangelism 1,43 Bible Study Group Leader 53 Theta Beta 1. RUTH L. MOSER B.S. in Missionary Nursing. Child Evangelism 13 "Know Your Bible" RACHEL CHRISTINE MORRIS B.A. in Christian Education. Gospel Team 2,43 Church Music 23 Junior Church 33 Music Club 13 Theta Beta Secr etary 13 Band 13 Dormitory Council l,23Vice-president 33 Light Tower Class Editor 233,43 Assistant Art Editor 33 Youth Conference Secretary 33 SMF Publicity Director 4. SHARON NANTZ B.S. in Elementary Education. Sun- day School Teacher 3,43 Child Evan- gelism 1,23 Christian Education Committee 53 Sunday School Depart- ment Superintendent 53 Primary Church 33 Theta Beta 1,23 Student Education Association 5. Club Counselor 53 Sunday School Pianist 53 A Cappella 13 Dormitory Council 13 Oratorio 1,5. t 'ati ' 23 ,,n--4-' HOWARD L. MOSER B.S. in Missions. Tract Team 1,33 "Know Your Bible" Club Counselor 43 Youth Sponsor 4,55 Dormitory Council 13Class Treasurer 33 Class President 43 Prayer Band Leader 3. ELAINE A. NEIMAN B.S. in Music Education. Gospel Team 1,2333 Choir Director 4,53 Theta Beta l,23Oratorio 2,4,5, Vice- president 33 Easter Oratorio Soloist 43 ACappella 2,3,4, Soloist 2,33 Youth Confer enc e Ensemble 2,4, Music Chairman 53 SMF Ensemble 1,2,3,43 Booster Club 53 Crossroads Ensemble 2,33 Band 2,3,4,5. DORTHA LENNAE ONSTOTT B.A. in Christian Education. Pri- mary Church T e a c h e r 35 Junior Church Director 45 Sunday School Teacher 45 Counselor 45 Dormitory President 45 Booster Club 45 Ora- torio 35 Alpha Kappa Club 3,4. CAROLINE ELAINE PERRY B.A. in Missions. Gospel Team 1: Sunday School Teacher 2,3,45 Class Treasurer 15 Class Secretary 2,35 Oratorio 25 Intramural Sports Lead- er 35 Youth Conference Co-chair- man 3. f X DOLORES RASHLEY B.S. in Elementary Education, Junior Church Dir ector 1,25 Junior En- deavor 45 Beginner's Church 3,45 Student Education Association 4,55 Theta Beta l,2,3. ORVILLE ROACH B.A. in Social Science. Sunday School Teacher 1,2,3,4, Youth Director 25 Alpha Kappa Club 3,45 Light Tower Class Editor 4. 24 LOWELL VINCENT PETERSON B.A. in Bible and Theology. Sunday School Teacher 35 Mission Workei 4,55 Dormitory Council 35 Intramura Sports 4,55 Camera Club 5. 'sf fi DOROTHY RUPP B.S. in Elementary Education. Gos- pel Team 1,25 Sunday School Tea- cher 45 Primary Church Leader 45 Child Evangelism 35 A Cappella 1, 2,35 Oratorio 1,35 Youth Conference En s e mb l e 35 SMF Ensemble 2,35 Crossroads Ensemble 35 Class Sec- retary 25 Light Tower Staff 35 Dor- mitory Council 2,3 5 Theta Beta 2. PHYLLIS JEAN SCHOLFIELD B.S. in Christian Education and Music. Gospel Team 23 Sunday DAVID R. SHADY B.S. in Missions. Boy's Club 13 Sky Pilots 23 Sunday School Teacher 33 Church Missionary Board President 43 Intramural Sports Leader 33111- tramural Sports 1,2,3,43 SMF Vice- president 43 Dormitory Council 4. School Teacher 3, Department Superintendent 43 Church Pianist 1, 3,43 Youth Worker 3,4Q Oratorio 1, 3,43 Music Club 1,25 Theta Beta 1, 23 Play Prompter 2. NANCY SINN B.S. in Missionary Nursing. Gospel Team 3,4,5Q Counselor 53 Dormitory Council 3,53 SMF Secretary 4, En- semble 53Youth Conference Ensem- ble 43 Crossroads Ensemble 4,55 JUDY ANN THOMPSON B.A. in Christian Education. Sunday School Teacher 3,4. Child Evange- lism 43 Alpha Kappa Club 3,4Q Ora- torio 3g Class Secretary 4. School Play 4g A Cappella 53 Booster Club 5. w2r-4,'4.'1-tl.- :A 1 1. '1l:l 25 WILLIAM E. SHOOT Bachelor of Sacred Music. Youth Work lg Assistant to Minister of Music 13 Organist 2,3,4,5Q Music Club Treasurer 2, Vice-president 3, President 4. DAVID F. TRUIT B a c h e 1 o r of Religious Education. YFC Co-ordinator lg President of Youth Group lg Youth Worker 33 Beginner Department Superintendent 4s Youth Interne 53 Gospel Team 23 Cheerleader 1,2333 A Cappella 2,33 Class Treasurer 3g Oratorio 13 Youth Conference Chairman 43 SMF En- semble 1,2Q Crossroads Ensemble 3. Q- EVELYN WALLER B.S. in Missionary Nursing. Child Evangelism lg Junior Church Direc- tor 53 Theta Beta ls Dormitory President 5. X iq . A .3 W i. A ' 'G' X QQ... ELAINE VOSS B.A. in Missions. Tract Team 13 Sunday School Teacher 2,3343 Intra mural Sports Leader 33 SMF Pub licity Director 33 Secretary 4. 4 , NM' 4 GERALD C. WELSH Standard Bible Course. Assistant Pastor 13233343 Varsity Basketball 13 Intramural Sports l,2,3,4. Iwo- 'FED CAROL WATTERS B.S. in Missionary Nursing. Child Evangelism 43Junior Church Assis- tant 5g Dormitory Co.1ncil53 Light A Tower Nurses' Editor 5. 'L I, NOT PICTURED: Ronald I-lodgin Pearl Mullans Charles Williams CAROL ANN WATSON B.S. in Elementary Education. Sun- day School Teacher 1,2,4,5Q Child Evangelism 2,33 Beginner Church 13 Sunshine Makers lg Young Peop1e's Leader 53 Visitation 53 Theta Beta 1,23 Prayer Band Leader 2,33 Ora- torio l,3,43 Light Tower Staff 13 Youth Conference Co-chairman 33 Intramural Sports 2. I' 4, SHIRLEY ZIMMERMAN B.A. in Missions. Gospel Team 13 Sunday School Teacher 23 Junior Church 3,4,53 Theta Beta 1,23 Band 13 Oratorio 13 Dormitory Council 2,3Q Light Tower Staff 3. 'I 1 Class Officers: Jim Clauser, presidentg Neal Rettig, student council representativeg Diane Miller, secretaryg Dr. Edward Simpson, faculty adviserg and Jerry Cramer, vice-president. THE JU ICR CLASS Class parties, chapel services, special lectures, and the reception for the seniors kept the junior class busy. Besides thesein-school activities, many of the juniors, being groun- ded in the things of God, held positions of responsibility in the churches of the city. Having come this far in their college career, the junior class looked forward to their last days of spiritual and mental trainingg for "No man having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God."--Luke 9:62. no 41? QV 3,1 ' f QI' lg? . A ' . 1 w., cikegsgixirt-'.: W. 4 A 1:1 Sl? Tj H4235 ' V is lt f " V '1 4 3' -sv -"" Vx., Z Torrey Barcanic Ralph Brandenburg Jerry Cramer , A 1 'nl' . gn? al 1" 14:1 , 933: . - 4s"'r- if . ' 11' - " ff nudg- ga 4312 r f: .4 Ili'-r xx I ' 'I Q Janice Bloomer Larry Brincefield Donald Gerig 4,f"7 28 Q, V'- i 1 x 1 s -- A X. Q Esther Bolles R. Mark Campbell Dorothy Hackney '-f Norma Brandenburg James Clauser Ernest Hayden E ' QQ., . 7- Q-...Q -N -if Rf " 13 E. Ann Helmick Paul Kulp Daryl Platt Anita Hoffman Kathleen Jacobsen Stanley Kobayashi Diane Miller Judith MOI1t6i Ellen Pedersen Neal Rettig Donald Rice Marilyn Samrady 29 l wx Off' 4 t' Gale Sherman Steve Sprunger John Trusdle Arlene Zabel Y ,Y v mm Mark Campbell inspects the junior display for Alumni Day. -..... ""' SHALL RILIGN "WF THE JUNIOR CLASS Faye Adams R. Gene Bertolet Larry Cadaret Clarence Eash Charles Elliott Harold Hatcher Marie Kelley James Line Ronald Maser Earl Messick Shirley Swallow Edwin Terui . f -N5 x La 1. ' :SSS-'13'.mi fi 63' YNW Q A if 1 5 -V fg':S'vc', ,U ,, Qljxlgf gl Z a iiggif. t' 1 312.1 r ., ay, gm Tv: Aa ri, 3135? .ifirgifix r 2 slain 1325 ? Q 'Y M, qj x gi g j ' g VESA 3f'U ,S?,ig ff, Q jg tail-,fl 5 Class Officers: Bob Wheat, presidentg Gary Inouye, treasurerg Carol Hughs, secretaryg Ron Sonius, chaplaing Martha Brown, vice-presidentg Mr. Stanley Leonard, faculty adviser. THE PRE-JUNIQR C ASS Future schoolteachers comprised the larger part of the pre-junior class, since the majority of students in a five- year program are education majors. The desireto become top Christian teachers led to uni- fied group work on the projects the class undertook. Fellow- 31 ship was greatest early in the year when the pre-juniors constructed an elaborate homecoming display--a sign of artificial red and white roses, which read, "Jesus, Rose of Sharon." Other activities gave the relatively small class added opportunity to serve Christ through group work. 5 se- XX ,fs 3 P? it Martha Brown Gary Inouye Monique Lefebvre L N Shirlee Burr Nancy Fetter David Jacobson Mary Kable Lynnette Leslie Elaine Maggart :fx vx Us ips-5 7 32 Sv' 5- Carol Hughs Darlene Krause Shirley Murry bx iv' in X vm., Q' its-as. 1 bug... 5+- YU Judy Nesseth Lorene Neuenschwander Robert Neuenschwander Mary Jane Perry Edward Podlesak Vincent Rupp James Shockney Barbara Sprunger Robert Wheat Merrell Wheeler Y NOT PICTURED: I c Ann Applegate ' Virginia Cadaret 'if'-"f" Neva Hirschy 'r K Eileen Vorse Lois Williamson 4 . Sf" Nye We . 5 s g . ' 4 1 n N , . f I I l r K .QI 5 ,I i 4 I N E 3 9 Y Y 1 t l Class Officers: Duane I . f I v J I Ford, vice-president, Don Dowdy, chaplaing Dr. Frances Simpson, faculty ad- viserg Marilyn Dissinger, secretaryg Jim Kipp, treasurerg Arlan Birkey, president. As soldiers of Christ, the motto, "More than Conquerors. and sword on a shield, served sophomore class chose the Among the activities of the sophomore class this year " Their emblem, a cross wasthepresentationofa chapel program. Musical numbers, to remind them of some of readings, and slides of well-known paintings of Christ illus- the necessities ofa Christian life--the shield of faith and the trated the greatest theme of all ages, "The Love of God." , sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. 34 . be-A Donna Akers Joseph Bokel Larry Cantrell Duane Ford Q'--v xi: iv-fr' 4:5- 2 Claudia Bell William Beougher Arlan Birkey Vernon Blue Vonda Bollinger John Bristol Philip Buchanan Sharon Butcher THE SCDPHCDMCDRE C ASS Cora Caswell Mary George Marilyn Dissinger Harry Gilpin .avr 35 Donald Dowdy Donald Dyck James Gordon Hugh Gushiken 'Q 5-X in--1. iz if 'UV' 'f .zen J in V. and N X, 3 . 3 1 : -S IX nb T 3 Philip Hatrnaker David Klopfenstein Tamara Morley William Raines X 1' S Z, G 24 5 f Q T ' . Q , N f :V if x 1 -Q 3- 42: . 1 Y X N, l Ruth Henessee De-Layne Hirschy Roberta Huisman James Johnson Beatrice Kranich Ruth Landes Mary Lupton Paul Mays Linda Mosier Wilbert Neuenschwander Janice Olson Marilyn Reichard ' bf W"- -v 1 X X ' 5. 'M kv- ,X 1-- I -4 41. Lois Robbins ,iaqflv 36 Louise Sackett Yv- Robert Perry Robert Shannon ' x 1 , ' ..., Ts My fi X Kiwi -A X fx ' " X fe Q C- X J 4' N M " ,. :1 ": .I 'X 1 my ' 11' W" 51 Q 7 . . ' AQ is :SLM gg- ,A X ,z , xg 1 b 1 . ,xg A A AM 5 Q5 my 32.-N Q. . ,. hi? E .V K R .K it, 5' " f 3- - Y in Q US. 1- fear. 2, 13.2-' - S S- " ,A 'Z A , 1 ' g t im? W npr- ...--f Dwight Sholl John Steiner Virginia Sumser Raymond Tahuchi Jane Tao Judith Truit Charlotte Valentic Alice Joy Weddle William Wesner Helen Wolfe Mary Zeiter Mae Zigler THE SOPHOMORE CLASS NOT PIC TUR ED Nancy Cash Charles Davis James Ebersole James Fassler Frank Graber Lowell Halbert Carolyn Hankey Forrest Hayes Sherril Holden Harry McCrum Gloria Nishihara Judith Persons Mary Lupton and Don Dowdy realize there is more to college life than studies. Phillip Rice Beulah Wilkin .V 52' V iyrf 'G W ' 4' ' . , " 15 2 si", ' 'if it ' 64, Y I .'3iT' -4 Q. Class Officers: Mr.Oswa1d Morley, faculty adviserg Judy Baker, student council representative, Alan Siebert, chaplain, Peggy Allen, vice-presidentg Phil Gerber, treasurerg Betty Campbell, secretary, and David Dyck, president. THE FRESHMAN CLASS Through their first year, the freshman class faced many new situations and experiences which they had to learn to handleg but needs were met and victories were won for Christ. The first activity the freshmen participated in was the all-school picnic, where they were given a chance to meet many students and were challenged through a devotional period conducted by Mr. Stanley Leonard. Otherprojects such as the homecoming displaythey erected and the chapel program they presented helped them develop interest in academic, social, and spiritual things. ,LF -.e Q ,.,. . X3 E as , Peggy Allen Judy Baker Shirley Berty Nancy Brown ,'-YQ.. :sr 'Q .dw ,CJ fi 5- V lb' ,.. 4.,.. ' V '- Q- t all f .t ax.: 125- 51 saw- -A. : iz. 'flfna ,l .-., f , . 1.:,.f::f -,zz-wr, , 3. . fr s-.-5.11, ' W V. as '??'l E ffpcfqf- 555231 .f A.. . -f ,,-42. -. ' -- 4' -. S D' ..---.4 if Carolyn Amstutz Elaine Armstrong LaMonte Armstrong George Ashley Ruth Baughman Karl Bell David Berggren Eleanor Berry THE FRESHMAN C ASS Stephen Binkley Joyce Butts -A Us au.,- James Blomquist Cynthiann Byerly Georges Bretz Nancy Brooks Heather Cameron Elizabeth Campbell . C xt3?Tiif2f' H ' X A L ' . '-gj. -' ",': xiii, W fig W , 1 X. 39 1'-" T7 Mary Cantrell Warren Crawfis Sandra Dye Patricia Fowler 11' 'Q , if" in Carolyn Clappe Deanna Day Richard Dyke Phillis Freeman A N U . 5 nn'6f1"". V to . vi X gv X x Eileen Clark Judy Day Sharon Ebersole .Q . Philip Gerber ' I' K .43 ' N A a V l 44 1 'F Y Q' sl, ! 40 Sarah Cooney Bonnie Deason Wendell Eicher Gary Griffis ss 1' 'r ,f x C il Janet Copley David Dyck Carolyn Ewert Dolores Hake J W7 YET' , A, J ,Q , I ofa Y 5' are a 15" .L gs, 5fX sr QM' TYR: ,Il Judith Hall Pauline Harnden Carolyn Harris Janyce Harris Glenda Hebblethwaite Karen Heffner Kathryn Hoak Claire Hontz Frances Horton Naomi Kaneshiro Naomi Kerlin John Kitchen Joyce Kleinhen Ronald Kolibob Karin Lantz Anita Laymon Juliann Leas Anna Mae Lehman Marilyn Lehmann Kathleen Line if ,tg M "" eq. 3 ia . ,f 2 . .- I.: e ,. .?f'i:t an "'- f ' 'Q-wwf: ' . f'-1:1 "5'.5..1,-'nit' av. fl", "A 'Qs 5'5"-I 4l A ..- A . -Q. -rf:-I ' T WN- . , , Af--1 t 'P 3-' '- . I, 4 :!i,1. ,gy ..- H- 4 , M, . L 5-2.5 " SN' Judith Lumsden Mary Masterson Vivian Mead Grant Osborne 127' tn.. 4 Dorilda Lyman John McAhren Roy Meyer Judith Parson 6- ,lqgl X f 4 s L +--+ '- .Nair 'CICS' pl -...goal .an - J Alan Magnuson Jo Ann Martin Marlene Maser Cecelia McCrea Charlotte McDonald Robert McQueen Charlotte Miller Norma Moser Doris Niswander John Pierce Virginia Potts Richard Price T5 b it 42 Q. .k -3 4 wp ? ...V- Kathleen Prochaska Snaron Robbins Betty Smith Dale Stout at 1. W s Y Q' 'Ne 4 , S- x ,- Carmen Pusey Dilasie Ramlal Helene Rebsamen Eva Rice Carol Schifferly Patricia Schultz Duane Seiple Alan Siebert Priscilla Smith Ruth Stauffer Duane Steiner Margaret Steiner Lois Stubbs B. Joy Sutton i :Ss . gf fm I . ON 0 ' if We 43 Glen Terui Erika Tetzlaff V,-.-' , .V ',. 6 V g 1 Q' 1 1' Ruth Whitworth George Wiggin Lorraine Wingrove Sandra Tucker Lawrence Uczen Calvin Waugh Donald Zimmerman Sharon Zimmerman W. Sharon Zimmerman THE FRESHMAN CLASS NOT PICTURED: Larry Born Calvin Bourn Dale Burks Maurice Marquart Cooperation is the keynote to success! URSES . M , M av, 1, r- 1- r- ,":i ' ' ,. .,.-l. i tg -G E . ,ww f is 1, ar , f ,,T,, V X H61 X , X Janet Cochran Mary Alice Cousins Nurses receive training at Lutheran Hospital 6 KI? , . 55: 5- , 5' i 'E '- ,f 'ta I V ,- X . if X X 4' X S ft I l A Judy Flick Donna Grubb Wahnetta Hamman Patricia Rice Phillis Rice 'Y Donna Grubb and Pat Rice assist a young patient. "...Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."--Matthew 25:40. Thirteen of our women students have given practical meaning to this verse this past year in the field of nursing. These registered nurses, studying for their degree of Bach- elor of Science in Missionary Nursing, were engaged either full- or part-time in the various phases of the nursing pro- fession. Donna Burd, Carolyn Derreth, Carol McFarland, Elizabeth Furman, Dorothy Martin, Ruth Moser. Nancv Sinn. Evelyn Waller, and Carol Watters 'worked as staff nurses Margaret Shady Eunice Simmons at the Lutheran Hospital, Joyce Gerig worked as an obstetric nurse at St. Joseph Hospital, Yvonne Johnson worked as an office nurse for Dr. Taylor, Janet Miller worked as a psy- chiatric nurse at the Fort Wayne State Schoolg and Alice Blodgett, a missionary on furlough from Sierra Leone, Africa, was busy doing duputation work. Ten students from our college were in training at Lu- theran Hospital: Mary Alice Cousins, Judy Flick, Wahnetta Hamman, Phillis Rice, Margaret Shady, first year, Janet Cochran, second yeargDonna Grubb, Lola Harmon, Patricia Rice, Eunice Simmons, third year. Rosemarie Basel David Eicher Lynn Fuelling Kathleen Hamilton Barbara Howard Ednamae Mann Ronald Morehead lx V SECOND SEMESTER STUDENTS ON Q Nancy Schleigh Dorothy White William Williams NU ' 131 Ai. Q. Zelda Pierson Paul Ranes David Rupp Joyce Sarver ,, xf SPECIAL TUDENTS i S gl. ,X ,. 4 'Q' f -, gr. S ' . lx l Albert Bell Mary Gudeman Gilbert Hoefakker if Karen Messick Ronald Miller Florence Weaver James Kipp Donna Leonard Alverna Messick Raise F.W.B.C. students express their support at the convention of the National Sunday School Association in St. Louis. 47 --4' ,,,...--rw -an ,,,,.,. .A- ggwfiflldf fkfi-w.1?..-A....,, "SN .-It 'a1""' Aw- 1:55 - '- 'T A 1- ' '-Wu H. 51' fx., . f : ,..-- NNN ,, .L- ,L...,..,--f f r Q.-Lzayuuf A 1. 'ill-'W U, , .M Get but the truth once uttered, and 't is like A star new-born, that drops into its place And which, once circling in its placid round, Not all the tumult of the earth can shake. --James Russell Lowell Missionary Conference - Dr. Dick Hillis, speakerg Mr. Norman Nelson, vocalist. Reaching the lost is the goalpromoted by the Student Missionary Fellowship, whose membership includes the entire student body. SMF presents a chapel service every other Friday morning and a challenging evening service onalternating Friday nights. During the first week in November, SMF sponsored the annual Missionary Conference with Dr. Dick Hillis of Orient Crusades as the principle speaker. Dr. Hillis was assisted by the Reverend Norman Nelson, a very capable vocalist using his talents to further the gospelin the Philippine Islands. The con- ference proved to be a time of real spiritual blessing and illumination. SMF also p a rt ia lly supports three missionaries with weekly o f f e r i n g s and pledges from s t u d e nts: Miss Florence Cavender in South America, Mrs. Arthur Hall in Jamaica, and Mrs. Ronald Sonius in British West Africa. bil f"'r Prayer Band Leaders: Jim Johnson Kathryn Hoak, Mark Campbell Char lotte Miller, and Warren Crawfis SMF Male E n s e mb l e : Ronald Sonius, Donald Dowdy, Donald Dyck, Jerry Cra- mer, Dale Burks, David Dyck, Duane Steiner, Grant Osborne, Torrey Barcanic, Robert Neu ens c hwander , and Larry Eicher, director. SMF Officers: Dave Shady, vice-presidentg Larry Eicher, choristerg Elaine Voss, sec- retaryg Mr. Timothy Warner, adviser, Rachel Morris,pub1icity directorg Bill Gerig, presi- dentg and Robert Wheat, treasurer. SMF Ushers: Robert Shannon, Larry Cantrell, Duane Ford, head usher, Will- iam Beougher, and Donald Zimmerman. ii SPIRITUAL EMPHASIS WEEK Upper, The Rev. Gordon Wishart Lower, Dr. J. A. Bandy ' a 'X gun , .sin-x neo "If you can't tell people at home about the Lord Jesus,thenwe don't need you on the mission field." This is just one of the many startling statements that the Reverend Gordon Wishart of Ottawa, Canada, made during the first semester Spiritual Emphasis Week. As he told the reasons for the failure of several missionary candidates, many students realizedthat the seeds of those very same failures had already taken root in their own lives 5 many made re- newed dedications to the Lord and to His work. Dr. J. A. Bandy of the Toccoa Falls Bible College, Toccoa Falls, Georgia, delivered inspiring messages during the second semester services. May the decisions made during these weeks live on in our hearts and provide future inspiration to go on with the Lord. YOUTH CONFERENCE LOOKING FORWAR The college campus came alive with activity as crowds of young people arrived to attendthe annual Youth Con- ference, April28through 30. This year those who attended heard messages and special music based on the theme, "Looking Forward." The principle speaker, Dr. Richard H. Harvey,was chosen for his work with youth and for his notable service as one of the founders of Youth for Christ International. Dr. Harvey's ministry during this exciting week-end stirred the hearts of students as well as guests. Dr. Richard Harvey Donald Gerig, Chairman Upper, YOUTH CONFERENCE COMMITTEE: Mr. Wesley Gerig, Elaine Neiman, Donald Gerig, Ronald Maser, Lynnette Leslie, Miss Carolyn Pocock, Paul DeMerchant, and Shirley Burr. Lower, YOUTH CONFERENCE ENSEMZBLE: Men, left to right: Torrey Barcanic, Robert Shannon, Arlan Birkey, Steve Sprunger, James Clauser. Women, left to right: Elaine Neiman, directory Kathleen Line, Judy Day, Ruth Landes, Elaine Armstrong, and Arlene Zabel. 5 A '- - 1.1 he Students checking off their numbers as they enter A chapel. . I ,, CHAPEL "Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you." Chapel is the time we set aside daily amidst busy schedules to draw nigh unto God. Some chapel speakers include local pastors, evangelists, representatives from various Christian organizations, missionaries, and faculty members. Some chapel services are spent in testimony periods,andX others are sponsored by various classes and school organizations. Once a month, the entire morning is devoted to an extended chapel period of prayer and worship called "Day of Prayer." At this time many hearts are uplifted, and all of us are encouraged and challenged to be more effective in our Christian life and witness. The Rev. Dean A. Dalton and the Rev. DeLos Holmes, Gospel Light Publications representatives, discuss last- minute details before chapel begins. CRGSSROADS "Hail, Fort Wayne Bible College..." The Alma Mater announces Crossroads, a twenty-five minute program broadcast on radio station WOWO every Sunday morning at 7:05. Each program consists of musical numbers by the Crossroads Ensemble, directed by Ira Gerig: inter- views of students, faculty, and special guests, a special musical presentation by some group other than the ensemble, and a short talk by a professor of the college. During the summer, Crossroads featured Dr. Edward Simpson with an outstanding series of studies on the Sunday School lessons. It is the prayer of those on the staff of Crossroads that someone may come face to face with Christ because they have heard His word on this program. Stanley Leonard and Grant Hoatson record a faculty interview. Upper left, Technicians Bill Gerig and Grant Hoatson stand by as a Crossroads program is about to begin. Upper right, Larry Eicher, organist. Lower, CROSSROADS ENSEMBLE: Men, left to right: William Gerig, Vernon Blue, Robert Neuenschwander, James Clauser, Philip Hat- maker, Mr. Ira Gerig, director. Women, left to right, Ruth Landes, Anita Laymon, Shirley Murry, Judy Nesseth, Nancy Sinn, and Sharon Robbins. Dolores Hake, accompanist ORATORIO During the month of December, the Oratorio chorus presented Handel's "Messiah." Any student desiring to sing praises unto God may take part in this organization. Officers are elected by students of the chorus. The chorus, composed of eighty voicesg the twenty-two piece orchestrag and the guest soloists were under the direction of Mr. Richard Elmer, a new addition to the college faculty. Mr. Woodward Henry, TenorgMiss Harriet Whonsetler, sopranog Mrs. Margaret Weber, con- traltog and Dr. Ralph Appelman, bass, were the soloists for the presentation. Mr, Elmer directing one of the many Q1-atorio Oratorio Officers: Wendell Eicher, librariang Duane rehearsals. Steiner, librariang Peggy Allen, secretaryg Larry Eicher, presidentgMiss Carolyn Pocock, accompanist. 'i ' F -nv ' Following the presentation the chorus and soloists enjoy singing Christmas carols while pictures are being taken. it .l..L.+,xQ!l'-X Hg ,Q A -1- 25 V ' I' 77 .. Q1 Fourth Row: Robert Wheat, Robert Shannon, Jerry Cramer, Torrey Barcanic, Larry Eicher, Clauser. Third Row: Peggy Allen, Deanna Day, Ruth Henessee, Hanni Feurer, Robert Neuenschwan- Zabel, Shirley Murry. Second Row: Kathleen Line, Carol Hughs, Dolores Hake, Elaine Armstrong, in Lantz, Gretchen Gallagher, Diane Miller. First Row: Heather Cameron, Sharon Robbins, Carol Dorothy Martin, Carolyn Ewert, Elaine Neiman, Betty Smith, Judith Truit, Mary Lupton. ' QAPPELLA , cHolR X Q Mr. Richard Elmer, director 7 Q1 1 , , I , Roy ' . fl ss g ff l -I ' Ieyer Arlan Birkey, Joseph Bokel, David Dyck, Duane Steiner, Grant Osborne, Vincent Rupp, James er John Pierce, Wendell Eicher, Donald Dowdy, Jesse Adams, Judy Nesseth, Judith Montei, Arlene Iary Masterson, Naomi Kerlin, Vivian Mead, Dorothy Hackney, Elizabeth Campbell, Nancy Sinn, Kar- IcFarland, Ellen Pedersen, Marilyn Dissinger, Eleanor Berry, Mary Cantrell, Anna Mae Lehman, The A Cappella Choir is open for mem- bership to those students who qualify through a personal interview and tryout with the di- rector. This year, for the first time, there were several alternates who participated in all concerts in the Fort Wayne area, they were especially needed in the Spring Con- cert which required a gr e ate r number of members than the tour required. The purpose of the choir is "to pre- sent the glories of God in song and word," it provides the students with the opportuni- ties to bear a Christian witness, to minis- ter to the needs of men through sacred mus- ic, and to represent the Bible College to in- terested churches. During Easter vacation the choir toured Ohio, Pennsylvania, Mary1and,and Washing- ton, D.C., and climaxed the trip with the home concert on April 9. The Spring Con- cert featured the contata, "Rejoice Beloved Christians" fBuxtehudeJ. The choir als o performed during the Youth Conference and the graduation exer- cises. CHRISTIAN SERVICE "Training for Service and Service in Training" has been one of the prime goals of Fort Wayne Bible College since its founding. This year greater emphasis was given to this motto as the Christian Service Department was reorganized under the leadership of Miss Joy Gerig. An introductory class in Christian service was instituted, various practical classes were held to aid the student in his assignment, and new forms were drawn up for the purpose of reportingthe Christian service activities of each student. Observation and evaluation of the student's work was made as far as possible. Students were given practical experience in every phase of Sunday School teaching, Child Evange- lism, youth work, gospel team ministry, and choral directing, also included were pastoral, mission, and jail work. SUNDAY SCHOOL WORKERS Third Row: William Raines, James Fassler, Ronald Morehead, Daryl Platt. Second Row: Jesse Adams, Shirlee Burr, Elaine Voss, Gail Horrocks. First Row: Louise Sackett, Neva Hirschy, Lorene Neuenschwander, Sharon Butcher. I William Shoot, Elaine Maggart, William Beougher, Gretchen Gallagher, James Clauser, Mary Kable, Duane Steiner, Grant Osborne, Shirley Swallow, Gary Gritfis, Betty Smith, Joseph Bokel, Duane Seiple, Taarrv Eicher, Phyllis Scholfield, Daryl Platt, Elaine Neiman, Donald Dowdv. HLIRCH MUSIC WGRKERS HILDREN'S WORKERS Standing: Crystel Haier, Carol Hughs, Louise Sackett, Ethan Mazaraki, Esther Bolles, Sherril Hol- den, Barbara Sprunger, Daryl Platt, Lynnette Leslie, Dortha Onstott, Carolyn Derreth, Duane Ford, Marilyn Reichard, Linda Mosier. Seated: Gail Mazaraki, Carol Watters, Carolyn Perry, Phyllis Scholfield, Evelyn Waller, Dorothy Joherl, Helen Wolfe. LJ 61 I GOSPEL TEAMS Three Notes of Praise: Carol McFarland, Dorothy Martin, Rachel Morris. Evangelaires: Diane Miller, Judy Nesseth, Shirley Murry, Nancy Sinn. Envoys: John Steiner, Jerry Cramer, Donald Dyck Paul DeMerchant, Robert Neuenschwander. Keiklanis: Gary Inouye, Hugh Gus hiken, Gloria Nishihara, Edwin Terui, Jane Tao, Raymond Tabuchi, Naomi K a n e s h i r o , Glen Terui, Stanley Kobayashig Eleanor Berry, pianist. Grace Notes: Elaine Armstrong, Marilyn Dissinger, Mary Lupton. 62 Standing: Janice Bloomer, Mary Zeiter, Anita Hoffman, Dortha Onstott, Judy Nesseth, Arlene Zabel, Shirley Murry, Janice Oleson. Seated: Sharon Butcher, Dorothy Hackney, Virginia Sumser, Diane Miller, Carolyn Derreth, Nancy Sinn. i vw 4 inf: ' 1 D V "fig 'r - ,,, Q., Diane Miller, Virginia Sumser, and Sharon Butcher are given some counseling helps by Mrs. Hoatson. ' : . L41 COLINSELORS Eleanor Berry is counseled by Dortha On Stott. 63 11.4 1:7 C37 'Nan K w Q.,-'X N, gtk A 5, xx' . I X Judy Thompson, Vincent Rupp Anita Hoffman, Beatrice Kr ' h Ph , anic , ilip Hatmaker, Lorraine Win- grove. HILD EVA GELISM WCDRKER YGUTH WORKERS Standing: Robert Shannon, Robert Wheat, William Raines, Joseph Bokel, Grant Osborne, Neal Rettig, Ronald Maser. Seated: Edward Podlesak, Phyllis Scholfield, Arlene Zabel, Vonda Bollinger, Jesse Adams. 4'5- sw 64 David Jacobson, James Shockney, James Line. TUDE MISSO Jesse Adams, A1-lan Birkey, James Johnson, Cantrell, Elizabeth Campbell. T PASTORS WCDRKERS Mark Campbell, Lynn Bowman, D 1: uane Steiner, Larry 65 P foam! 525 ff Think truly, and thy thoughts ' Shall the world's famine feed. Speak truly, and each word of thine Shall be a fruitful seed. Live truly, and thy life shall be A great and noble creed. - - Horatius Bonar Pi Lambda Zeta, "making words come alive," was organized in the fall of 1958 for the following purposes: to relate speech to the life's work of each member, to promote speech and drama to the student body, to provide fellowship for those interested in speech, and to provide experience in speak- ing for the participating members. Membership is open to anyone who mani- PI LAMBDA ZETA Mr. Bill Harold answers questions regarding the Fort Wayne Civic Play House. fests a strong interest. Pi Lambda Zeta attempts to make the meetings educational in various speech areas without putting a burden of preparation upon individual mem- bers. This year two of the activities included a speaker, Mr. Bill Harold, from the Fort Wayne Civic Play House and a visit to Grace Theological Seminary to hear and see a Bible- character impersonator. Pi Lambda Zeta Officers: Vincent Rupp, president, Joyce Butts, secretary-treasurer, Miss Dorothy West, adviser, Donald Dowdy, vice-president. Not Pictured: Bonnie Deason, parliamentarian. 68 Alpha Kappa Club Officers: Jesse Adams, presidentg Pat Hartung, secretary-treasurer: Mr. Wesley Gerig, faculty adviser. Not pictured: Morris Jacobsen, vice-president. LPHA K The Greek letter alpha denotes academic achievement, the kappa stands for preachinggthe two letters together de- note the development of expression in ex- pounding the Word of God, and it is from themthat theAlpha Kappa Club derives its name. Its two objectives are to develop an ability to understand and to use the Greek New Testament and to provide spiritual, academic, and social activity. fa. PPA CLUB At each meeting a member presented a New Testament passage from the Greek. At the Christmas party the club had an en- joyable evening playing games which re- quired the use of Greek words. A Greek banquet was held in February. As an an- nual project the club presented an award of S25for the best Greek exposition of the year. Alpha Kappa Club Members: Mr. Wesley Gerig, Jesse Adams, Arlan Birkey, Larry Cantrell, James Fassler, Dortha Onstott, Judy Thompson, Monique Lefebvre, Patricia Hartung, Robert Wheat, Paul DeMerchant. 'lik' Music Club Officers: Mary Kable, secretary: Ellen Pedersen, president: Dr. Rene Frank, faculty adviser: William Shoot, vice-president: Donald Dowdy, treasurer. MUSIC CLUB The Music Club can boast of having some of the most talented students as its members. Membership is not restricted and is open to all students that are music lovers and like good fun and fellowship. Meetings are monthly and are held in faculty homes aswell as on campus. Some of the club's activities included a pre- sentation of types of music found on the mission field, a Valentine'Party, and a field trip to the Conn Music instrument factory. Jim Clauser captivates the interest of Music Club members. 70 1, -411 el, .gl Camera Club excursion. "Look at the birdief' Camera Club was organized for the pur- The Camera Club sponsored an after- pose of glorifying God through photography- - noonfield trip to the Bluffton Game Reserve, by the study of techniques, the development darkroom work in Shultz Hall, and its annual of skills, and the study of ways to use them all-day field trip. A new development for for the Lord. the Camera Club this year was the process- ing and printing of colored film. Camera Club Officers: Mr. Forest Wedd1e,faculty adviserg Carolyn Hankey, secretaryg Joseph Bokel, presidentg Raymond Tabuchi, treasurer. Not Pictured: Larry Cadaret, vice-president. 35475 71 ul' 50 YU N.. LIGHT TOWER f , 'L..'x..-, N Gail Horrocksgnanaging editorg Miss Eu- nice Conrad, faculty adviser. lip: J Hr. 15:93 -' ' V -HGV Literary staff: Gail Mazarakig Donald Photographers: Joseph Bokel, Warren Dowdyg Alice Joy Weddle, editor. Crawfis. - l ff., N-.,. ' X 1 Layout assistants: Alice Joy Weddle, Vin- Typists: Dorothy Joherl, Marilyn Samrady cent Rupp. 72 O .N x Portrait committee: Marilyn Samrady, Judith Truit. linux Class editors: R a c h el Morris, seniorg Georges Bretz, freshmang Carol Watters, nurseg Orville Roach, senior, Cora Cas- well, s op h o rn o r e 5 Vincent Rupp, pre- junior. For over seven months the Light Tower staff worked feverishly on organizing and publishing the yearbook. The first month brought forth the theme "The Truth Shall Set You Free," then ideas for pictures and copy began to form. The staff bus ied themselves with match- ing photos and names, and photographers hurried about taking those pictures that are Worth a thousand words. The editor learned the true meaning of frustration as problems arose and the hours till deadline rushed onward. Finally, amid the sighs of the staff, the last page of the 1961 Light Tower was completed and rushed to the post office to be sent to the publisher. A X ,.-N Artist: Gene Be rtolet. Jesse Adams, circulation manager, David Jacobson, advertising manager. 1 x , 'lbs Mr. Harold Ranes, faculty adviserg Jerry Cramer, chairman. A BA D ,M w fc, Mr. Robert Myers, director Tg 1 Second Row: Sandra Tucker, Elaine Neiman, Mary Masterson, Edward Podlesak, Ellen Pedersen Carrol Bley, David Dyck, William Gerig, Dale Stout, Mary Kable. First Row: Doris Niswander, Vi- vian Mead, Gretchen Gallagher, Carolyn Clappe, David Jacobson, Wendell Eicher. K f- 74 Bands are almost an American tradition, and so the Bible College looks with pride upon the group of zestful musicians who form our band. Under the capable direction of Mr. Robert Myers, the college band gave enthusiastic support at pep rallies and basket- ball games and presented a concert during the spring. Of course every band has to have rehearsals and this band was no exception. Every- one practiced hard and inevitably . . members laughed heartily when blunders were made. 1:- 75 The intramural program at F.W.B.C. has been helpful this past year in the fol- lowing ways: in giving opportunities for recreational activities organized on a com- petitive basis, in creatingan atmosphere of socialactivities in the realm of recreation, in developing Christian character through competition and cooperation, and in helping the students to make proper use of leisure 'T-r 'r f"5 1' l time. I The student body was divided into six i ,f groups, each group had a captain and co- 7' lx' "" ' 4 captain who were responsible for the I ' 'ui , 1 , ,V 1 participation of their own groups in the i '- in I rf' program. This group of leaders with - fd :.AJ,,, Coach Morleyand Miss Rich composed the 41" ,,l U " V I, ', 4 4 Intramural Council. V . ' '-f'5'LQ!f ,':,li.4f'Yf' Some of the sports included in this g ' A' .,?'..,, lfffjhi year's program were: tennis, golf, bad- N "gm-gfagf 1 4' minton, football, basketball, softball, table " f-.:. A-a ' ?,',,- f4ffi"Q v tennis, volleyball, track, and swimming. Cossacks vs. Trojans Intramural Council: Jesse Adams, Ann Helmick, Steve Sprnmger, Monique Lefebvre, Paul Mays, May Zigler, Joseph Bokel, Marla Gustafson, James Johnson, Linda Mosier, Donald Dyck, Martha Brown, Coach Morley. l Q ' r I 1 . - L 6 j ' xv NJ-:.n.'M2 : - y -2 : 'y fix-' '.' 1 K v 'Q wgV.xfaf':x.. if GYM, ffx :Ba Hy . j IRAN 411 .pr . .te ,,-' nj" - - ., - v P-9" i wa' . fi - f O' ' . , Y 's L.-4' "",n.5 f -ww. 'M' '- T .1.,x, ., , .r 55 +.w,,' Y, -4 13:-5 J., -'Cu ,Q JKJY Q l . v w- .-ff . . M , 'iz . N-- .I iymll.. I ., l ax-,L . Rh' tif- v. ,. -r .- D ll 'gil' S, 5' gl .ff i U, ' 1 - -v ' 'fl 4-5 -' . . ' . x V 055: . X , 1 1 Y' 1,-, . P. - ' Qsilvg' I , 8 Q' lx 3 F M. I 1, v , EMA 'Nf'y-f"f f 5 4--A .. ba Q 5 ..-Q ,, .., 1 s. N .X A .A -, ,.',. ,, wr.-,---.J .s - X' f Q' 41."vm'qf'f',""X- Q5--'amiga 1 4 ' X'-:Cv ,- Q. ' 4, 'fr ,.f2Sx' W Olympians vs. Lancers Carolyn Clappe, Margaret Steiner, JoAnn Martin, Mary Zeiter. 5 James Kipp, Grant Osborne, Jane Tao, Gloria Nishihara, Mary Lupton, Mary Zeiter, Karen Heffner. 1 Olympians vs. Trojans Upper left: "Hit it over this way," says Tim Ranes. Upper right: Come on, Don, get it in. Center left: Get that jump, Dave. Center: No help from the opposition. Center right: Two points for Meyer? Lower left: Hey, Dale, this is no time for ballet. i f-5: J 5 fs 3 Aim I l , Standing: Oswald Morley, Coach, Jerry Cramer, Manager: Philip Buchanan, Dale Burks, Roy Meyer, TimothyRanes, Jesse Adams, Manager. Kneeling: John McAhren, Paul Mays, Donald Dyck, David Berggren, Mark Campbell, David Klopfenstein, James Blomquist. VARSITY BASKETBALL Under the leadership of Coach Morley, the team worked very hard this year, and they were steadfast in their Christian testimony on the basketball court. N4 Darlene Krause, Jim Clauser, Mae Zigler, Janet Copley, and Sharon Butcher lead the crowd in a rousing cheer for the team. Not Pictured: Cecelia Gee, at the moment it looks bad. McCrea. .,.i,.,, 1 2 2? , 9, 1 S L I NN, S 1 79 N5 ' ' '1X', J Booster ClubOfficers: SteveSprunger, president: Monique Lefebvre, vice-president: Tamara Morley, secretary-treasurer: Miss Eleanor Rich and Mr. Oswald Morley, faculty advisers. BOOSTER CLUB The Booster Club was organized this year to create and maintain school spirit and to encourage attendance at basketball games. Membership is limited to fifty people who are received through ap- plication on a first-come, first-serve basis. The club's activities have included nine pep ralliesg three send-offsg a bus trip to Bethel College, Mishawaka, Indiana g the entertainment of the Bethel pep clubg the purchase of hose for the basketball teamg and the advertising for all of the games. The Booster Club has proven to be a real asset to our sports program this year. BOOSTER CLUB MEMBERS 'ii' 5" CAMPUS CLEANUP 4 S XA, , . 'Q , 5 3 s if E xls' Stude nt Council: Standing: Mr. Harold Ranes, Sharon Butcher, Jerry Cramer, Neal Rettig, Mark Campbell, Daryl Platt, Carolyn Derreth, Duane Ford, Mr. Cyril Eicher. Seated: Virginia Cadaret, Peggy Allen, Judy Baker, Martha Brown, Dorothy Martin, Shirlee Burr, Anita Hoffman, Mrs. Grant Hoatson. STUDENT ASSOCIATION Every member of the student body be- longs to the Student Association which was set up to foster spiritual growth and fellow- ship, to assist in providing a well-rounded program of extra-curricular activities, and to provide student representatives to the campus government. Its main responsibil- ities include the promotion of student activi- ties and the representation of student opin- ion tothe faculty. The executive committee is composed of the president, vice -presi- dent, secretary, and treasurer, who are elected by the student body, plus two rep- resentatives elected from each class. This year the Student Association spon- sored a campus cleanup, the blood mobile, the Christmas and Spring Banquets, a Hal- loween party, a special we lc ome to the guests on Alumni Day, and the furnishing of magazines for the student lounges. Its out- standing accomplishment was the organiza- tion of the Booster Club. . 1 - ' XNW x X N f ef X E H i Bill Wesner and Joyce Butts render a duet at I ' ' . the Talent Show. 1 Abh' ' ' H N , ,. J un W Seated at the guest table is Miss West, mistress of ceremonies, at the Christmas Banquet. gfiiiffii ' K 'L Dottie Hackney and Jan Bloomer "baby talk" to each other at the Talent Show. A group of carolers at the Christmas Banquet. B3 W Beauty and the beast. Jim Clauser rakes with his radius. Two tired misses on the way home "I Just got back from Mars." from the Sunday School Convention. Shakespeare or Bugs Bunny? Jf r., J O Y i Z' . Get that bongo beat' e v at fwu Nou m1 mane LIFE "I know he's in there I" 3 '-. , 5 A 1,v WE EXPRES F.W.B.C. COLLEGE GROUPS Junior Class Pre-junior Class Sophomore Class Freshman Class MCA Students ADVERTISING S OUR SINCERE APPRECIATION TO THE FOLLOWING WHOSE ADS APPEAR IN THIS SECTION CHURCHES AND ASSOCIATIONS Christian and Missionary Alliance First Brethren Church First Missionary Church Missionary Church Association Fellowship South Wayne E. U. B. Church CHRISTIAN BOOKSTORES Bible Truth Bookstore Gospel Temple Bookshop FORT WAYNE -- SHOPPING CENTER OF NORTHERN INDIANA Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Co. Coca Cola Bottling Doswell's Florists Goller' s Dry Cleaners C. A. Grieger Co. Hagerman Constru Hall's Restaurants Hobby House Restaurants Menu Meats, Inc . Minear Electric Co. National Mill Supply, Inc. Rolf Coal and Fuel Oil Corp. Sunny Schick's Schmidt Pharmacy South Side Barber Shop A. M. Strauss and Associates, Inc Troy Laundry Waynedale Liunber and Supply Co. Co. ction Corp. HAll'S RESTAURANTS No. 1, 1502 Bluffton H-9443 No. 2, 1502 Bluffton H-4267 No. 3, California Road T-7015 No. 4, 4009 South Wayne Ave. H-6173 No. 5, 2005 East State E-4358 No. 6, 3005 Maumee E-2037 Guest House E-6248 Hot Food Delivery, 1502 Bluffton Rd. H-4267 Eastend Restaurant, New Haven Ave. E-7838 for the finest in food always . . . 86 "Ft. Wayne's Oldest Chevrolet Dealer" C. A. GRIEGER CO. 130 E. Baker Phone A-0225 - SALES- PARTS- SERVICE A. M. STRAUSS AND ASSOCIATES, INC. Strauss Building A-4207 Architect for New FWBC Library STORE HOURS: 8 A.M. - 6 P.M. SAT. 8 A.M. - 5 P.M. HAROLD A. HENRY SOUTH SIDE BARBER SHOP 4 CHAIRS APPOINTMENTS HONORED 8 A.M. TO 3 P.M. COMPLETE DRY CLEANING SERVICE GOLLER'S DRY CLEANERS TUESDAY THROUGH FRIDAY 608 E. Pontiac St. 4037 So. Wayne PHONE H-9502 3604 s. CALHOUN ST H4102 H4364 Compliments of 407 W. WASHINGTON A-9119 NATIONAL MILL SUPPLY INC. Fort Wayne' s friendly camera shop 207 E. Columbia Wiring by MINEAR ELECTRIC COMPANY THE MC A STUDENT FELLOWSHIP .. . Seeking to inform MYFers at FWBC of the vision and convictions of the Missionary Church Association . . . Sincerely wishes God's best to the graduating Class of 1961 million limes n rlqy ia' . I -I y DRINK K C13 'STL III fl- ' IL it T . 'I "" - I 'iiesi Q DOSWELL'S 301 West Main A-1183 Beautiful flowers for all occasions--- We appreciate serving Fort Wayne Bible College for their laundry needs. . . TROY LAUNDRY 1709- 17 South Calhoun, Fort Wayne MENU MEATS, INC. 2506 Broadway HA-2275 Wholesale portion-controlled meats When thinking of your menu. . . Think of us. R0 I-,F HEADQUARTERS Qual: fy 1-'QR Caalcfuel FIRE PLACE Oil FUELS ROLF COAL 8. FUEL OIL CORP. 1702 FAIRFIELD AVE. CALL H-2151 Compliments of HAGERMAN CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION "Builders of the New Library" 403 Strauss Bldg. E-4511 BROTHERHOOD MUTUAL INSURANCE CO. l615 Vance Ave. Fort Wayne, 5 A Bear ye one another's bur- ' dens and so fulfill the law " of Christ."--Gal. 6:2 PROPERTY INSURANCE FOR CHRISTIANS Non-Smokers only! Rated A+. We insure churches, Christian schools, dwellings, household contents, farms and mercantile--Never a court claim. Christian agents wanted: Midwest states. 2 ' ' ' -5' -S12 Illdlafla. ...-..g..L H a" 4- 5 j. WAYNEDALE LUMBER AND SUPPLY COMPANY LUMBER Plywood - Sash Sz Doors - Roofing Custom Millwork Phone S-4102 3300 Lower Huntington Rd. Fort Wayne, Ind. Your Neighborhood Health Center SCHMIDT PHARMACY 4001 South Wayne Ave. HA-0620 Pharmacists: ED SC HIMIDT JOHN HINTON GOOD FOODS AT POPULAR PRICES :L BANQUETS, DINNER, LUNCHEONS eg 2 " . f f ' vlxxuixx xmxxsx .. """" 52 230 E. Wayne St. ' A ff:-:zf1:-f:1 '-'--e 4 3204.N. Anthony 907 W. Lincoln Ave. New Haven, Indiana HOBBY HOUSE RESTAURANTS FIRST MISSIONARY CHURCH Xl Rev. Cornelius Vlot Pastor SUNDAY SERVICES Sunday School . Worship Service Fellowship Hour . Evangelistic Service 9:30 a.m. 10:30 a.m 6:15 p.m. 'moo p.m MIDWEEK SERVICE 7:30 p.m. Wednesday BROADCASTING 7:30 a.m. Sunday - W.O.W.O. Thomas K. Zehr Associate Pastor Mrs. Ronald Hodgin Director of Youth S9 BIBLE TRUTH BOOKSTORE g 1 x BOOKS BIBLES STUDY HELPS TEACHING AIDS MUSIC GOSPEL TEMPLE BOOKSHOP 117 East Rudisill Blvd. Fort Wayne 5, Indiana COMPLETE LINE OF CHRISTIAN SUPPLIES Bibles, Testaments, Devotional Books, ,f ns ,nn ,.-n. and Magazines ,.. ,rm I Sunday School Materials, Cards, and Church ,- 1? Supplies Sheet Music, Songbooks, and Recordings Special Discount to F.W.B.C. Students ff 90 .rn . -.M , 'L' DS 5 B SSQSIQIHI fkfvf' LE 1' Y SOUTH WAYNE EVANGELICAL UNITED BIIETHREN CHURCH. To all who mourn and need comfort--to all who f are weary and need rest--to all who arefriend- A www less and wish friendship--to all who pray and I -1-S x to all who do not, but ought--to all who sin and 'W J . 5' I I need a S a v i ou r , and to whosoever will--this V ' 1' Q'- church opens wide the door and in the name of i' " J IAQ- 1 Jesus, the Lord, says WELCOME. -3 , , -I "EI JI I Rev. Frank L. Engle - :I 'ji ll Pastor , ' :::.5f I l,l,1 Nuff-'--'r'-"" ' , A E 3500 South Wayne Avenue HA-4136 ' ' .4-f"""""" r I n s 1 B R ET H RE N c H u R c H , . 1,5 2. . V .' Q.- s i .WIT We preach ,ir 'fi y V, Rev. M.E. Malles Christ -- Pastor crucified, risen, 1.1YY-53' I . ' Ile 2 xl a and coming again , A I , P A .'.i" L., ky ca 3326 south Calhoun HA-1065 V p ,M-4-F-,ll CONGRATU LATIONS C L A S S O F '61 There's a wide and open door In the whole wide world to-dayg God is working everywhere, Let us work while still we may. Walls are falling all around, God is marching on before, Let us follow where He leads Into every open door. --A.B.S. May God's richest blessings rest upon your lives and work. THE CHRISTIAN AND MISSIONARY ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERS 260'W. 44th Street, New York 36, N.Y. 91 -11-5 Q In -if CONGRATULATIONS 1 , - WE WELCOME You 'rc U O MISSIUNARY National Headquarters West Rudisill at South Wayne SERVING THE WORLD AT HOME AND ABROAD. . . FOREIGN DEPARTIVIENT. . . Rev. C. I. Birkey, Secretary . Supporting a staff of 100 missionaries in 20 countries. . The principle of pioneering in unevangelized fields and establishing indi- genous churches. . Publicizing world-wide missions and enlisting prayers, funds, and per- sonnel through "World Mission's Rallies" HOME DEPARTMENT. . . Reb. C. R. Gerig, Secretary . Establishing and building a strong testimony in the local church. . Evangelizing the lost through a constant spirit of revival. . Entering new fields through a strong extension program. SEE THE PRESIDENT OR ONE OF THE DEPARTMENTAL 92 1 "CLASS OF 1961!" CONSIDER WORKING WITH THE CHURCH ASSUCIATIUN Rev. Tillman Habegger, President ADDITIONAL CHANNELS OF SERVICE .... SUNDAY SCHOOL. . . Building the church through the Sunday School PUBLICATIONS. . . Bookstore, "The Missionary Worker" and the BETHEL- Bible Truth Series MISSIONARY YOUTH FELLOWSHIP. . . Providing the best available advantages to youth CHILDREN'S WORK. . . Instructing children in Bible knowledge and Christian practice MEN'S MISSIONARY FELLOWSHIP. . . "PALS" program, soul winning, and the M.C.A. Invest- ment Foundation WO1VIEN'S MISSIONARY SOCIETY. . . For fellowship, prayer, and promoting missions FORT WAYNE BIBLE COLLEGE. . . Founded by The Missionary Church Association more than a half -century ago OBJECTIVES. . . . The promotion of fellowship among God's people every- where. . The deepening of the spiritual life in the believer. . The cooperation of the churches in the propagation of the gospel at home and abroad. SECRETARIES FOR SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES 93 ,,.-3 Y.: 'Q Ns- Q.. F 51 ADAMS, FAYE 3714 Shady Ct. Fort Wayne, Indiana ADAMS, .n-:sss mis E. mn sz. Ch3.tt31'l00g3, TBIIIIESBEE AKERS, DONNA 412 W. DeWald St. Fort Wayne, Indiana ALLEN, PEGGY 53 Brinkerhoff Ave. Mansfield, Ohlo AMSTUTZ, CAROLYN 521 S. 13th St. Decatur, Indiana ANDERSON, MARILYN 2730 Oliver St. Fort Wayne, Indiana APPLEGATE, ANN RR 111 Antwerp, Ohio ARMSTRONG, ELAINE 18 N. Seventh St. Hamllton, Ohio ARMSTRONG, JA MES RR Fayette, Ohio ASHLEY, WILLIAM 1713 W. Fairmount Phoenix, Arizona BAHLER, MABEL 3301 1 2 S. Lafayette Fort Wayne, Indiana BAKER, J. MAXINE 945 Harris Ave. Bucyrus, Ohlo BAKER, JUDITH RFD 02 South Whitley, Indiana BARCANIC, TORREY 7655 Farragut Chicago, Illinois BASEL, ROSEMARIE G 6470 Fenton Rd. Flint, Michigan BAUGHMAN, RUTH 218 E. Maln St. Frontier, Michigan BELL ALBERT 2611 Broadway Fort Wayne, Indiana BELL. CLAUDIA 2116 E. 37th St. Anderson. Indiana BELL, KARL 2708 W. 25th St. Anderson, Indiana BELL, MARY 2611 Broadway Fort Wayne, Indiana BENJA MIN, V ELMA STUDE T DIRECTORY 308 E. Main St. Montpelier, Ohio BEOUGHER, WILLIAM RR 01 Lancaster, Ohio BERGGREN, M. DAVID 2213 E. Brill St. Phoenix, Arizona BERRY, ELEANOR RD 01 Elmer, New Jersey BERTOLET, R. GENE 414 1,f2 W. Creighton Fort Wayne, Indiana BERTY, SHIRLEY 334 Madison Ave. Falls Creek, Penna. BINKLEY, STEPHEN RR 03, Box 92 Celina, Ohio BIRKEY, ARLAN RR 102 Delavan, Illinois BLA CK, GEORGIA RR 411 Woodburn, Iowa BLEY, CARROL 906 Illsley Dr. Fort Wayne, Indiana BLODGETT, ALICE 412 Hall St. Charlotte, Michigan BLOMQUIST, JAMES RR 111, Box 151 Harvard, Illinois BLOOMER, JANICE RR an Delta, ohio BLUE, VERNON Baker Street East Peoria, Illinois BODINE, WILLIAM 1206 Orchard Fort Wayne, Indiana BOKEL, JOSEPH RD 41 Broadalbln, New York BOLLES, ESTHER 228 Emmand Elmira Heights, New York BOLLINGER, VONDA RR 01 Shipshewana, Indiana BORN, LARRY RR 04 Columbia Clty, Indiana BOURN, CALVIN 825 1f'2 Cottage Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana BOWMAN, LYNN General Delivery Crystal River, Florida Bowsnsn, Jovcs an 44, sox 249 Lima, omo BRA NDENBURG, NORMA 800 W. Rudlsill Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana BRANDENBURG, RALPH 800 W. Rudisill Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana BRETZ, GEORGE 225 S. Greenfield Waukesha, Wisconsin BRINCEFIELD, LARRY 7002 Wayne Trace Fort Wayne, Indiana BRISTOL, JOHN 307 Ptngree Royal Oak, Michigan BROOKS, NANCY RR 461, Box 391 Gibsonia, Pennsylvania BROWN, MARTHA W. First St., Box 208 Spring City, Tennessee BROWN, NANCY 2037 Green Creek Rd. Muskegon, Michigan BRYANT, RAYMOND 1209 Crescent Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana BUCHANAN, PHILIP RR 81 Lyndon, Ohio BURD, DONNA 2716 1X2 S. Wayne Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana BURKS, DALE RR 82 Marino, unnois BURLEY, LUELLA 3901 S. Wayne Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana BURR, SHIRLEE 19866 E. Ida Lane Grosse Point, Michigan BUTCHER, SHARON RR 455 Columbia City, Indiana BUTTS, JOYCE 427 W. Wiley Ave. Buffton, Indiana BYERLY, CYNTHIANN 16 Webster Ave. Irwin, Pennsylvania BYRD, RAMONA 4660 Warsaw St. Fort Wayne, Indiana CA DA RET, HOWARD 1126 W. Lexington St. Fort Wayne, Indiana 96 CADARET, VIRGINIA 1126 W. Lexington St. Fort Wayne, Indiana CALLISON, DONALD 4225 S. Wayne St. Fort Wayne, Indiana CAMERON, HEATHER Apartado 47, La Cuba Honduras, C. A. CAMPBELL, ELIZABETH Barneveld, Wisconsin CAMPBELL, ROBERT M. Barneveld, Wisconsin CANTRELL, LARRY 548 E. Wilson Blvd. Hagerstown, Maryland CANTRELL, MARY 548 E. Wilson Blvd. Hagerstown, Maryland CASH, NANCY 2531 Darlene Ct. Fort Wayne, Indiana CASWELL, CORA RR 32 Fremont, Indiana CHRISTIAN, WESLEY 4018 Buell Dr. Fort Wayne, Indiana CLAPPE, CAROLYNNE 851 S. Walnut St. Bryan, Ohio CLARK, EILEEN 7 West Ave. Kingston, Jamaica CLARK, ESTHER 1233 Clark St. Fort Wayne, Indiana CLAUSER, JAMES 3934 Fairfield Fort Wayne, Indiana COONEY, SARA RR 32 Camden, Michigan COPLEY, JANET RFD ill New London, Ohio CORDIER, FRANKLIN 670 N. Sugar St. Celina, Ohio CRAMER, JERRY RR 445 Midland, Michigan CRAWFIS, WARREN RR 113 Owosso, Michigan oavis, crmnnss RFD an De Graff, ohm DAY, DEANNA 1600 Morgan Terrace Beloit, Wisconsin DAY, JUDITH 307 W. Marietta Peoria Heights, Illinois DEASON, BONNIE 22020 Francis St. Clair Shores, Michigan DeMERCH.ANT, PAUL 223 N. Alexander Royal Oak, Michigan DERRETH, CAROLYN 2017 Druid Park Dr. Baltimore, Maryland DISSIINGER, MARILYN RR 112 Auburn, Indiana DOWDY, DONALD 131 E. 55th Place Gary, Indiana DYCK, DAVID 266 Van Buren Berne, Indiana DYCK, DONALD 266 Van Buren Berne, Indiana DYE, CORAL 604 Pierce Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana DYE, SANDRA 5603 Northcliif Cleveland, Ohio DYKE, RICHARD 6125 W. 54th St. Parma, Ohio EASH, CLARENCE 933 Illsley Dr. Fort Wayne, Indiana EBERSOLE, JAMES 1503 Paulding Rd. Fort Wayne, Indiana EBERSOLE, SHARON 5214 Bowser St. Fort Wayne, Indiana EICHER, DAVID 906 Illsley Dr. Fort Wayne, Indiana EICHER, LARRY 1140 Sheridan Ct. Fort Wayne, Indiana EICHER, WENDELL 1140 Sheridan Ct. Fort Wayne, Indiana ELLIOTT, H. CHARLES 6810 Bluffton Rd. Fort Wayne, Indiana ELLIS, MARY 1402 Alabama Lafayette, Indiana EWERT, CAROLYN Broadway Newton, Kansas FALB, MARTHA 3711 Arlington Fort Wayne, Indiana FASSLER, JA MES Vandervoort, Arkansas FETTER, NANCY 4019 Harding Highway Lima, Ohio FEURER, HANNI cfo A. Kirchoff Willowlane Linwood, Michigan FORBES, RICHARD 507 S. Martha St. Angola, Indiana FORD, DUA NE Deerwood, Minnesota FORRESTER, RICHARD RR 455 Columbia City, Indiana FOWLER, PATRICIA 2311 Denison Ave. Cleveland, Ohio FREEMAN, PHILLIS 20980 Newman Trenton, Michigan FUELLING, LYNN Box 157 Monroeville, Indiana FURMAN ELIZABETH 2716 1X2 S. Wayne Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana GALLAGHER, GRETCHEN 1105 W. Packard Fort Wayne, Indiana GEORGE, MARY 3929 S. Wayne Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana GERBER, PHILIP RR 431 Berne, Indiana GERIG, BETTY 7611 Kingsway Dr. Fort Wayne, Indiana GERIG, CHARLOTTE Grabill, Indiana GERIG, DONALD Box 1537 Yoder, Indiana GERIG, JOYCE 800 W. Rudisill Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana GERIG, WILLIAM 800 W. Rudisill Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana GIGIOUS, HARRY 116 S. Sherman St. Warsaw, Indiana GILPIN, HARRY Evergreen Trailer Ct. Fort Wayne, Indiana GORDON, JAMES RR 42 Payne, Ohio GOTTSCHALK, EILEEN 730 Oakdale Dr. Fort Wayne, Indiana GRABER, CAROLYN RR 41 Geneva, Indiana GRABER, FRANK 3147 Broadway Fort Wayne, Indiana GRABER, LINDA 3147 Broadway Fort Wayne, Indiana GREENE, DOLORES 901 1X2 E. Lewis St. Fort Wayne, Indiana GRIFFIS, EILEEN 6910 Lincoln Hwy. E. Fort Wayne, Indiana GRIFFIS, GARY 6910 Lincoln Hwy. E. Fort Wayne, Indiana GUDEMAN, MARY 4718 Stellhorn Rd. Fort Wayne, Indiana GUSHIKEN, HUGH P. 0. Box 672, Koloa Kauai, Hawaii GUSTAFSON, MARLA 2433 11th Ave. S. Minneapolis, Minnesota HACKNEY, DOROTHY 48 N. Fifth Ave. Fruitport, Michigan HAFER, CRYSTEL RR 41 Allen, Michigan HAKE, DOLORES RR 42 Edon, Ohio HALBERT, LOWELL 2940 1X2 Broadway Fort Wayne, Indiana HALBERT, RUTH 2940 1,f'2 Broadway Fort Wayne, Indiana HALL, JUDITH RR 41, Box 133 Yorktown, Indiana HAMILTON, KATHLEEN 211 N. Alexander Royal Oak, Michigan I-IAMMON, OTHELLA RR 415, Grove Dr. Fort Wayne, Indiana HANKEY, CA ROLYN RR ffl Butler, Indiana HARNDEN, PAULINE 89 W. Madge Hazel Park, Michigan HARRIS, CAROLYN 455 Bingham Hamilton, Ohio HARRIS, JANYCE 815 Graceland Ave. Barberton, Ohio HARTUNG, PATRICIA 2519 Sherman St. Fort Wayne, Indiana HATCHER, HAROLD 2502 Harrison Fort Wayne, Indiana HATMAKER, PHILIP 1015 W. Drayton St. Ferndale 20, Michigan HAYDEN, ERNEST 2047 1f2 Fairfield St. Fort Wayne, Indiana HAYES, FORREST 2812 1.12 Gay St. Fort Wayne, Indiana HEBBLETHWAITE, GLE NDA Box 282 Edon, Ohio HEFFNER, KAREN 308 S. Washington St. Van Wert, Ohio HELMICK, EDNA 914 Sixth St. Modesto, California HENNESSEE, RUTH RR 154 Mt. Pleasant, Iowa HIERHOLZER, KATHR 622 N. Main St. Celina, Ohio HIRSCHY, ELDON D. RR 441 Colon, Michigan HIRSCHY, NEVA 568 E. Water St. Berne, Indiana HOAK, KATHRYN 1481 Falahee Rd. Jackson, Michigan HODGIN, RONALD 4713 Fairfield St. Fort Wayne, Indiana YN HOEFAIGCER, GILBERT JR. 2510 Sheridan Rd. Fort Wayne, Indiana HOFFMAN, ANITA RR 441, Box 110 F Spring Lake, Michigan HOLDEN, SHERRIL 201 N. Keystone Sayre, Pennsylvania 97 HONTZ, CLAIRE RR 461 Kimmell, Indiana HORROCKS, GAIL 127 Powell Rd. Springfield, Pennsylvania HORTON, FRANCES 326 N. Fifth St. Hamilton, Ohio HOWARD, BARBARA 611 De Villen Royal Oak, Michigan HUGHS, CAROL Bucklin, Kansas HUISMAN, ROBERTA 521 Kinsmoor Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana INNIGER, HELEN RR 421 Monroe, Indiana INOUYE, GARY P. O. Box 24, Kalaheo Kauai, Hawaii JACOBSEN, KATHLEEN 366 Hendricks Berne, Indiana JA COBSEN, MORRIS 5821 Cree Vancouver 15, B. C. JA COBSON, DAVID 3919 N. 39th St. Milwaukee, Wisconsin JOHERL, DOROTHY 11902 Hamlen Cleveland 20, Ohio JOHNS, GORDON 3811 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana JOHNSON, ELEANOR 428 E. Arnold St. Bluffton, Indiana JOHNSON, GILFORD 3115 Dexter Dr. Fort Wayne, Indiana JOHNSON, JA MES 306 Mary St. Union City, Michigan JOHNSON, YVONNE 438 Arcadia Ct. Fort Wayne, Indiana KABLE, MARY RR 443 Celina, Ohio KANESHIRO, NAOMI P. O. Box 758, Koloa Kauai, Hawaii KELLEY, MARIE RR 36 Hillsboro, Ohio KERLIN, NAOMI 2425 N. Chestnut Colorado Springs, Colo. KEY, JAMES 927 Nuttman St. Fort Wayne, Indiana KIPP, JAMES 517 N. Edgeworth St. Royal Oak, Michigan KITCHEN, JOHN RR tl Rome City, Indiana KLEINHEN, JOYCE RR 91 Ney, Ohio KLOPFENST EIN, DA VID 379 Sprunger St. Berne, Indiana KNEUSS, ANTHONY 817 W. Logan St. Celina, Ohio KOBAYASHI, STANLEY P. O. Box 687, Koloa Kauai, Hawaii KOLIBOB, RONALD 608 Coralie Hamilton, Ohio KRA FT, ORENE 311 Alexander St. Plymouth, Ohio KRANICH, BEATRICE 211 Pine St. Rochester, Michigan KRAUSE, DARLENE 2044 McLean St. Flint, Michigan KRAUSE, RONALD 2044 McLean St. Flint, Michigan KULP, PAUL P. O. Box 10 Frankfort, Indiana LANDES, RUTH 815 Alexandria Ave. Anderson, Indiana LANTZ, KARIN Box 12 Pettisville, Ohio LARNARD, JAMES 203 E. Brookfield East Lansing, Michigan LAYMON, ANITA RR 91, Box 38 Acton, Indiana LEAS, JULIANN RR 92 Columbia City, Indiana LEFEBVRE, MONIQUE 15392 Pomona Ave. Detroit, Michigan LEHMAN, ANNA 900 Albert St. Lima, Ohio LEHMANN, MARILYN 605 Van Buren St. Berne, Indiana LESLIE, LYNNETTE 524 E. Scott Grand Ledge, Michigan LINE, JAMES 4030 S. Wayne Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana LINE, JUNE 4030 S. Wayne Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana LINE, KATHLEEN 627 S. Connecticut Royal Oak, Michigan LUMSDEN, JUDY Box 114 Ridgeway, Wisconsin LUPTON, MARY 2008 Hart St. Dodge City, Kansas LYMAN, DORILDA 320 W. 11 Mile Rd. Royal Oak, Michigan MAGGART, ELAINE 4161 2 Agnes St. Fort Wayne, Indiana MAGNUSON, ALAN 204 Harrison Valparaiso, Indiana MANN, EDNAMAE 4806 Eichorn Ave. Cleveland, Ohio MARQUART, MAURICE 423 E. Suttenfield Fort Wayne, Indiana MARTIN, DOROTHY 1009 N. Waterloo Jackson, Michigan MARTIN, HERBERT RR 81 Ossian, Indiana MARTIN, JO ANNE 1009 N. Waterloo Jackson, Michigan MASER, MARLENE Born Road Au Gres, Michigan MASER, RONALD RR ill Au Gres, Michigan MASTERSON, MARY RR N4 Bluffton, Indiana MAYS, PAUL 742 Davis St. Fort Wayne. Indiana MAZARAKI, A. GAIL 2752 Ninth St. Wyandotte, Michigan MAZARAKI, ETI-IAN 2752 Ninth St. Wyandotte, Michigan MCAHREN, JOHN 1222 W. Madison Decatur, Indiana MCCRACKEN, HOWARD 401 S. Washington Van Wert, Ohio MCCREA, CECELIA RR 42 Pioneer, Ohio MCCRUM, HARRY RR itl St. Joe, Indiana McDONALD, CHARLOTTE RR 33 Albion, Indiana MCFARLAND, CAROL 1902 Cora St. Wyandotte, Michigan MCQUEEN, ROBERT 5415 S. Hanna St. Fort Wayne, Indiana MEAD, VIVIAN R 931 Clay St. Scranton 10, Penna. MEIER, SHARON RD 91 Louisville, Ohio MESSICK, ALVERNA 4122 Avondale Dr. Fort Wayne, Indiana MESSICK, EARL 4122 Avondale Dr. Fort Wayne, Indiana MESSICK, KAREN 4122 Avondale Dr. Fort Wayne, Indiana MEYER, ROY 2315 Shawnee Blvd. Lima, Ohio MILLER, CHARLOTTE 2153 Shawnee Blvd. Lima, Ohio MILLER, DIANE 29 Emmalon Ave. White Plains, New York MILLER, FABIANA RR 32 Bluffton, Ohio MILLER, HENRY 215 Twillo Run New Haven, Indiana MILLER, JANET RR M2 Galion, Ohio MILLER, MAURICE RR R2 Edon, Ohio MILLER, RONALD -110 1 2 Empire St. Montpelier, Ohio MONTEI, JUDITH RR 44 Caro, Michigan MOREHEAD, RONALD RR 42 Continental, Ohio MORLEY, TA MARA 3811 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana MORRIS, RACHEL RR 88, Box 193 Defiance, Ohio MOSER, HOWARD 4030 S. Wayne Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana MOSER, NORMA 327 N. Central Ave. Lima, Ohio MOSER, RUTH 4030 S. Wayne Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana MOSIER, LIN'DA RR 83 Columbia City, Indiana MOWERY, RALPH 2212 Roy St. Fort Wayne, Indiana MULLANS, PEARL 2450 Randall Dr. Fort Wayne, Indiana MURRY, SHIRLEY RR 81 Wauseon, Ohio NANTZ, MILBURN 1102 Putnam St. Fort Wayne, Indiana NANTZ, SHARON 1102 Putnam St. Fort Wayne, Indiana NEIMAN, ELAINE 915 Fifth St., Juniata Altoona, Pennsylvania NESSETH, JUDY 911 W. Michigan Battle Creek, Michigan NEUENSCHWANDER, LORENE RR 01 Berne, Indiana NEUENSCHWANDER, ROBERT 3413 W. Pierce Sl. Chicago, Illinois NEUENSCHWANDER, WILBERT RR 81 Berne, Indiana NISHH-IARA, GLORIA P. O. Box 24, Koloa Kauai, Hawaii NISWANDER, DORIS ANN RR Q2 Columbus Grove, Ohio 98 OECHSLE, AUDREY 234 Lincoln Hwy. W. New Haven, Indiana OLESON, JANICE 39 22 15 B Moline Illinois ONSTOTT, DORTHA 3215 Hannibal Butte, Montana OSBORNE, GRANT 4502 Kenilworth Fort Wayne, Indiana PARSON, JUDITH Box 165 St. Francisville, Ill. PEDERSEN, ELLEN 3406 N. Osage Chicago, Illinois PERRY, CAROLINE Columbia, South A merica PERRY, MARY 523 Kinsmore Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana PERRY ROBERT 523 Kinsmore Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana PERSONS, JUDY Union Street Woodburn, Indiana PETERSON, LOWELL Gibbon Minnesota PIERCE, JOHN 8245 Tindall Rd. Davisburg, Michigan PIERSON, ZELDA RR Q4 Greenville, Ohio PLATT, DARYL 5280 Marshall Arvada, Colorado PODLESAK, EDWARD 4117 Vernon Ave. Brookfield, Illinois POTTS, VIRGINIA Box '11 St. Francisville, Ill. PRICE, RICHARD RFD 441 Kennedy, New York PRISER, FLOYD 3126 Wells St. Fort Wayne, Indiana PROCI-IASKA, KATHLE 1102 Martinique Dallas 23, Texas PUSEY, CARMEN 18 Leaneral Kingston 2, Jamaica R.AINES, WILLIAM EN 689 I-Iayes Hagerstown, Maryland RAMLAL, DILASIE 506 W, Water St. Berne, Indiana RANES, PAUL TIMOTHY 800 W. Rudisill Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana RASHLEY, DOLORES RR 82 Delta, Ohio REBSAMEN, HELENE 15-02 146 Place Whitestone, New York REICHARD, MARILYN P. O. Box 350 I-Iollidaysburg, Perma. RETTIG, NEAL 750 Loomis St. Jackson, Michigan RICE, DONALD 3203 Sand Point Rd. Fort Wayne, Indiana RICE, EVA 3203 Sand Point Rd. Fort Wayne, Indiana RICE, PHILLIP RR 95 Princeton, Illinois RICKNER, JOHN RR 142 Grabill, Indiana ROA CH, oRv1LLE 2825 1f'2 Broadway Fort Wayne, Indiana ROBBINS, LOIS 613 W. Locust St. Bloomington, Illinois ROBBINS, SHARON RR 95 Huntington, Indiana RUPP, DAVID C. 3906 Evergreen Waynedale, Indiana RUPP, DOROTHY RFD 92 Bryan, Ohio RUPP, ELMER E. JR. Wermer St. Wernersville, Perma. RUPP, VINCENT JR. 204 Lincoln St. Swanton, Ohio SA CKETT, LOUISE Box 10 Farmdale, Ohio SAMRADY, MARILYN 144 E. Hamilton St. Allentown, Pennsylvania SARVER, JOYCE RR 88, Box 668 Battle Creek, Michigan SCHIFFERLY, CAROL RR 41, Box 72 Bluffton, Ohio SCHLEIGH, NANCY RR 82, Box 131 Chillicothe, Illinois SCHOLFIELD, PHYLLIS 2211 Prairie St. Elkhart, Indiana SCHULTZ, PATRICIA 240 N. Franklin St. Washington, Pennsylvania SEIPLE, DUANE Rockford, Ohio SHADY, DAVID Jackson Center, Ohio S1-IAFFER, THOMAS RR 42 Grabill, Indiana S1-IANNON, ROBERT 719 S. Division St. Whitehall, Michigan SHERMAN, GALE 227 W. Creighton St. Fort Wayne, Indiana SHOCKNEY, JAMES 4836 S. Hanna Fort Wayne, Indiana SHOLL, DWIGHT RR 41 Edgerton, Ohio SHOOT, WILLIAM 1217 Charlotte Fort Wayne, Indiana SIEBERT, ALAN P. O. Box 88 Henderson, Nebraska SINN, NANCY 300 S. Alp St. Bay City, Michigan SKINNER, ROBERT 2444 Sandpoint Rd. Fort Wayne, Indiana SMITH, BETTY 4294 W. 28th St. Cleveland 9, Ohio SMITH, COLLEEN 916 Boggs Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana SMITH, PRISCILLA 1236 Grand Blvd. Hamilton, Ohio SMUTS, ELIZABETH 430 N. Lexington Fort Wayne, Indiana SONIUS, PAULINE 3901 S. Wayne Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana SONIUS, RONALD 3901 S. Wayne Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana SPRUNGER, BARBARA RR 47, Wayne Trace Fort Wayne, Indiana SPRUNGER, RUTH 816 W. Superior St. Fort Wayne, Indiana SPRUNGER, STEVE RR 82 Berne, Indiana STALEY, LOIS 6801 S. Calhoun St. Fort Wayne, Indiana STAUFFER, RUTH 809 Snow St. Smithville, Tennessee STEINER, BARBARA 543 Kinsmoor Fort Wayne, Indiana STEINER, DUANE 1538 W. Amelia St. Phoenix, Arizona STEINER, JOHN 908 E. McKinley Phoenix, Arizona STEINER, MARGARET 13518 W. Albain Petersburg, Michigan STOUT, DALE 702 N. Walnut St. La Grange, Indiana STUBBS, LOIS 1011 E. McKinley Phoenix, Arizona SUMSER, VIRGINIA 707 Broadway Harrison, Ohio SUTTON, BEATRICE 8214 Yager Rd. Smith's Creek, Michigan SWALLOW, SHIRLEY 807 Roosevelt Lima, Ohio TABUCHI, RAYMOND P. O. Box 33, Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii TAO, JANE P. O. Box 147, Koloa Kauai, Hawaii TERUI, EDWIN 4815 S. Monroe St. Fort Wayne, Indiana TERUI, GLEN 4915 S. Monroe St. Fort Wayne, Indiana TETZLAFF, ERIKA 3833 Second Ave., S. Minneapolis, Minnesota THOMPSON, JUDY 1245 S. 57th St. Milwaukee, Wisconsin TRUIT, DA VE 804 Kinnaird Fort Wayne, Indiana TRUIT, JUDY 3346 N. Elms St. Flushing, Michigan TRUSDLE, ELLEN RR 42 Clyde, Ohio TRUSDLE, JOHN RR 444 Bluffton, Indiana TUCKER, SANDRA Box 83 Groveland, Illinois UCZEN, LARRY 3420 W. Pierce St. Chicago, Illinois VALENTIC, CHARLOTTE Greenwood Heights Apt. 20 B Connellsville, Pennsylvania VORSE, EILEEN Box 13 Platea, Pennsylvania VOSS, ELAINE RR 442, Box 446 Davenport, Iowa 99 WADEWITZ, MONICA 2434 Bellevue Dr. Fort Wayne, Indiana WALLER, EVELYN 14656 Faircrest Detroit 5, Michigan WARSTLER, NANCY 4201 S. Clinton Fort Wayne, Indiana WATSON, CAROL 616 Gilbert Jackson, Michigan WATTERS, CAROL 2350 11th St. Akron 14, Ohio WAUGH, CALVIN 2510 Sheridan Rd. Fort Wayne, Indiana WEAVER, FLORENCE 3001 Drexel Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana WEDDLE, ALICE 4018 Avondale Dr. Fort Wayne, Indiana WEIKEL, JAMES 5430 Maumee Rd. Fort Wayne, Indiana WELSH, GERALD 1308 1,42 Huestis Fort Wayne, Indiana WESNER, WILLIAM 2720 Niles Ave. St. Joseph, Michigan WHEAT, ROBERT 5906 Atwell Toledo, Ohio WHEELER, MERRELL 1503 Paulding Rd. Fort Wayne, Indiana WHITWORTH, RUTH 1021 Schiller Ave. Louisville, Kentucky WHITE, DOROTHY 106 Summit Ave. Hampstead, Marylanf WIGGIN, GEORGE Albion, Maine WILKIN, BEULAH RR 42 Convoy, Ohio WILL, HAROLD P. O. Box 3 Clarksburg, Indiana WILLIAMS, CHARLES RR 42 Churubusco, Indiana WILLIAMS, WILLIAM 1311 Maple St. Murphysboro, Illinois WILLIAMSON, LOIS Latty, Ohio WINDERS, DOROTHY 7311 John St. Fort Wayne, Indiana WINDERS, WILL '7311 John St. Fort Wayne, Indiana WINGROVE, LORRAINE RD 461, Box 25 Connellsville, Penna. WOLFE, HELEN 504 Peoria St. Dixon, Illinois YODER, FOREST Woodburn, Indiana ZABEL, ARLENE 7501 W. Foster Chicago, Illinois ZEITER, MARY RFD 82 Montpelier, Ohio ZIGLER, MAE RD 84 Frederick, Maryland ZIMMERMAN, DONALD 630 S. Main St. Bluffton, Ohio ZIMMERMAN, SHARON K RR 41 Geneva, Indiana ZIMMERMAN, SHIRLEY RR 441 iBox 69 , Geneva, Indiana ZIMMERMA N, W. SHARON 218 N. Fifth St. Sterling, Kansas FACULTY A D TAFF BELTZ, JAMES N. 5344 Gardenview Fort Wayne, Indiana BLEY, ADOLPH 906 Illsley Dr. Fort Wayne, Indiana BROWN, MRS. MYRTLE 3933 S. Wayne Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana BUMP, MRS. ALVIN 815 Florence Fort Wayne, Indiana BYRNE, DR. HERBERT W. 3811 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana CONRAD, EUNICE 441 W. Branning Fort Wayne, Indiana CUPP, SHIRLEY 3710 Goshen Rd. Fort Wayne, Indiana EHLKE, EDITH 3811 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana EICHER, CYRIL H. 1140 Sheridan Ct. Fort Wayne, Indiana EICHER, P. L. 719 W. Rudisill Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana ELMER, RICHARD 3811 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana FIEDLER, MARTHA 800 W. Rudisill Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana FRANK, DR. RENE 937 Illsley Dr. Fort Wayne, Indiana GALLAGHER, MRS. FERN M. 1105 W. Packard Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana GALLAGI-IER, RALPH 1105 W. Packard Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana GERIG, IRA 7611 Kingsway Dr. Fort Wayne, Indiana GERIG, DR. JARED 827 W. Rudisill Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana GERIG, JOY Bethany Hall, College Fort Wayne, Indiana GERIG, WESLEY L. 4030 S. Wayne Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana GOTTSCHALK, TRUMAN 730 Oakdale Fort Wayne, Indiana HARTER, C. V. 2502 Poinsette Fort Wayne, Indiana HOATSON, GRANT 3811 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana HOATSON, MRS. GRANT 3811 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana ISAAC, ADELLE 4030 Tacoma Fort Wayne, Indiana JACKSON, MRS. HELEN 409 W. Masterson Fort Wayne, Indiana KERFOOT, WALTER J. 806 Kensington Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana KING, MRS. GRACE E. 2815 Dexter Dr. Fort Wayne, Indiana KING, WALTER E. 2815 Dexter Dr. Fort Wayne, Indiana KLOPFENSTEIN, MRS. C 902 W. Rudisill Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana KLOPFENSTEIN, W. O. 902 W. Rudisill Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana LEONARD, MRS. DONNA 3811 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana LEONARD, E. STANLEY 3811 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana LINDSEY, MILLIE 801 W. Rudisill Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana LUTTON, DONNA Providence Hall, College Fort Wayne, Indiana MILLER, JENNIE 324 W. Creighton Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana MORLEY, o. H. 3811 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana IOO ELINA MYERS, ROBERT S. 328 W. Oakdale Fort Wayne, Indiana POCOCK, CAROLYN 3811 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana RANES, MRS. BETTY Schultz Hall, College Fort Wayne, Indiana RANES, HAROLD W. Schultz Hall, College Fort Wayne, Indiana REYNOLDS, EDISON 1010 Illsley Dr. Fort Wayne, Indiana RICH, ELEANOR 3811 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana SCHMIDT, EVELYNE 3811 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana SCHUMACHER, GLAD 543 Kinsmoor Fort Wayne, Indiana YS SIMPSON, DR. EDWARD D 3515 Meda Pass Fort Wayne, Indiana SIMPSON, DR. FRANCES F 3515 Meda Pass Fort Wayne, Indiana SMITH, ADA 4034 Tacoma Fort Wayne, Indiana vLoT, MRS. BERTHA 711 W. Rudisill Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana WAGNER, MARY ANN 708 West Foster Pkwy. Fort Wayne, Indiana WARNER, TIMOTHY 3811 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana WEDDLE, FOREST 4018 Avondale Dr. Fort Wayne, Indiana WELTY, HERALD J. 4010 S. Wayne Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana WEST, DOROTHY A. 801 W. Rudisill Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana qw...-zz llllllf QUALIVV Ill VIAIIOOI Pl I fill - P , a P! ' L' If 0' I Jw.,-3:6 " I 'I ' . A 1 ' 2' H I' W, .-L! r ,I , -ff A .V. , I A 'fl r 1 -xi v' -Vuq, . yt , 1 J "'. ' '. if t' sbs Ci .A -Q! KE Q .swing 4fg5is,ws:.'QL 1 N. xg, ,' af 1 -5 , 5 A , . Ig ' VX "- ff' ' ' - "0 .KL . tu QT. 1. ta D L-Z-is 'Q. x Q.,',Ll . !i,L.-,IL J' Q 1.1 I lhgrs-'L' - . " li . 9'-'55 fi?-F 'Qi "' ','1. .J ' gi , -A, :.r'- 'xi 4,5 ' . ' - rm: . O r.' 'Kuff ' ' I AL ' 1.'1', Y l NNE! AZ: . - VUE Lg 453,22 . .0 n , .. f Q '-f - cf ' Y. 'LQ'g, ' x- ' 14 -",.,'.d.- 'f A ww,-'33.f'q,. . .I .4 Q ,G I .-N, .' V"-L' .I LW ', . x '. 156.11 - X 5' Q ' 'H .ai fl., 46 . -, 4 bxx - i. ,'-' 4 ,Epub '. 1 Ho, A v 'a,. - . aw- S N of' pf if ', 's -N. if f- Q ,tif Y. 4 42

Suggestions in the Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) collection:

Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


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Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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