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H, . ' sk iiisfssi- 1 . Mm . 3 X , , x Q 'Y 1 f A 4' Ns Y Q PS4 x XV, - ' ,v X 3 T 2 9. Nx x x J 9, X X wa. gqwx. -Q A .. 4 ., I " .x 2- -f M W ., Q. . 5' 1 N x , K k px 2 68-O Aaah? :PL 4. N vf'T.QX Y v -4-'i ' - 'Q 1 , S F' my ,I I L ig y :SX H Q: - X ,say V 3 2 , 5-S? ' I Q Q.-,-Q-f, ' 1 85 ,, .'!,f,:ME X ,x ., .X S iw in r A A-fr' 4 Refi: 9 .. .543 1 .Q V: -,+A 'wx ..f S , wav ,595 ..,. 5 1 MJKUA- x 1' in , . Q P Q I 1 ,ky " , , V. 51, 1: x- , ., 1 ga,- ,1 2 V -""?0 ., Z ,Q 3 'I Q M, x .. U , .ww - ,qwf-ji-ffxxf' ,. , 5 . .N . . 4 .. , 11,-.wws1:,.x3, , m VN: 1,.-, -mrs-.M , - . K ,,, 15 ,Eg X J V- M-A Q H 1 4 ' B x TI1eI96O LIGHT TOWER ci publication of THE STUDENT ASSOCIATION FORT WAYNE BIBLE COLLEGE Fort Wayng, Indiana I SCHULTZ HALL Men's Dormitory Library Classrooms School Laundry Allen Counly Public UYJYGTY Ft. WOW' lndiano 56 YEARS OF GROWTH... BETHANY HALL Administrative Offices Women's Dormitory Classrooms FOUNDER'S MEMORIAL School of Music Auditorium Gymnasium Dining Hall Classrooms NORTH CAMPUS 1905 to 1960 -- These have been good years for Fort Wayne Bible College, years of growth, develop- ment, andprogress. In 1905 there was just one building to house all facilities. Now there are six. The Administration Building, now known as Schultz Hall, was first. Bethany Hall was built in 1929 as a dormitory for women. The expansion of the music de- partment led to the erection of Founder's Memorial Hall in 1941. Growth continued during the war years, and in 1945 Providence Hall was added. Residence Hall, which furnished faculty apartments, and Leightner Hall were a c qu i r e d shortly thereafter. In 1949 the administration of- fices of the college were moved to Bethany Hall, and Schultz Hall became the dormitory for men. LEIGHTNE R HALL Women's Dormitory .gym 1 x xy? ', x Women's Dormitory Faculty Apartments SOUTH CAMPUS An attractive modern library will set the architectural pattern for the south campus development. Being conveniently located on the east side of the proposed quadrangle, the new building will be away from the noise of the streets and be ideally situated for study. It will not only enhance the south campus, but it will meet an imperative need for better and larger library services. Upon completion it will have the capacity for 80,000- 100,000 volumes. Recessed cases in the lobby to exhibit cultural curios from many lands will be another feature to lend interest and educa- tionalvalue for students and visitors. Progress in development of the new library As the growth of the school and financial resources permit, a classroom and administration build- ing, a student union building, a chapel, a home for the president, and dormi- tories for both men and women will be added. Furthermore, the need for expanded parking areas and an athletic field can be met in the spacious facilities provided by the south campus. Wav. 'hm-...N ff. xv. XJ- , , . Y ..... t Q . lil X i5:af::r:-,:',..' :V 1 ' .f::Xie::::1,g's3 - l ,mil . . - - A , ' . - .r:2': . , .-'-..1pi:j. x t K1 E f 5 .....,. xg m m, " - A N mi.: 'Iwi' t x'fe'?pf,v A. . 'mv' mixer-'szzwfwrxrfv ""' HESIMM Rssmswcz ', -,J J- I 2 . .. , ry . .. -' i V "wx Y, . ,,.. Xu , w D5 n A vm. A -1t'X':'Y ' :Q-., , . , A EIN . , xt . . ,Wsa+2:w2x-fm.-f.: av A w - X-A . , 'K N -fe'wrNe:::sa:s:as,,-if-ff: ,- ' ' ' ' 3 X . . Y . . 61 54 . 4, H PLUT PLAN FORT WAYNE B A M STRAUSS and Plot plan for South Campus fQfj"xf1 . ., V C? :fm IBLE COLLEGE s 0 u ? h c o m p u S ASSOCIATES, INC euffweini -'f 1- ,,1 .Q .. rv. H K -4. CD. The Jesus Christ, who the world" the study is this Light T o glorious Jesus fJO11Il 8:12D school life Christians light unto they 7 "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." I Psalm 1191105 0 SPIRITUAL x ll I 1 CHAPEL, DAY OF PRAYER Each day holds for the student an opportunity to draw closer to God. One of the times set aside for this is the morning chapel service. Speakers, including p a s t o r s , evangelists, missionaries, and faculty members, endeavor to give insight into God's Word and work. Some chapel services are spent in testimony periods or with programs sponsored by the various classes or school organizations. Once a month time is taken from the morning classes for an extended period of prayer and worship. All students and faculty meet in the auditorium at 8:30 to hear a message and to pray together. Then each student goes to his respective class prayer meeting, later r eturning to the auditorium for a testimony and praise service. These Days of Prayer uplift and challenge all to a more effective and powerful Christian life. Junior class at prayer Ira Gerig leading singing in chapel MN, SPIRITUAL EMPHASIS WEEK Growth in the grace and know- ledge of their Heavenly Father is the desire of all of His children. Spiritual Emphasis Week is dedicated to giving students an opportunity at the beginning of each semester to erase all habits and attitudes that may hinder their spiritual growth, and in place of these, to form new attitudes which will be an asset to their Christian living. Dr. Ford Philpot spoke during the week of services first semester and showed the pilot film of his pro- posed television series. The second semester, Dr. Merv Rosell, assisted by Strat Shufelt, vocalist, and Howa rd Skinner, organist, came to the school foraweek of combined services with the First Missionary Church of Fort Wayne. Upper, Dr. Ford Philpot Lower, Dr. Merv Rosell O sf f lf X 3 I by , SMF officers: James Clauser, ch0rister,Larry Eicher,treasurerg Paul DeMerchant,vice-president, David Stout, president, Nancy Sinn, secretary, Mr. Timothy Warner, adviser. Miss Florence Cavender speaking in a Friday night SMF service. Wivhuvesk SMF Student Mis s io na r y Fellowship, the largest student organization on the campus, is composed of the entire student body. By presenting the work and needs of various mission fields, SMF challenges hearts and lives to worldwide evangelism. SMF has a service on alternating Friday nights and meets on the other Fridays dur- ing chapel. Daily prayer meeting for the missionaries and supper devotions once a week sponsored by SMF are instrumental in propagating the missionary vision. In addition, through weekly offerings,the SMF is able to partially support three mis- sionaries: Miss Florence Cavender in South America, Mrs. Arthur Hall in Jamaica, and Mrs. Ronald Sonius in British West Africa. 1 Mrs. Ronald Sonius Miss Florence Cavender Mrs, Arthur Hall David Jacobson, the head usher, gives instructions to the other ushers: Robert Eichar, Wilbert Neuenschwander, Robert Wheat, James Kipp, John Bristol, and Edward Podlesak. Daily Prayer Band leaders: Lyn- nette Leslie, Jesse Adams, Shir- ley Beall, William Raines,Wah- netta Hamman, Mary Chapman, and Eileen Murray. H-w IIN Robert Wheat talks with Dr. Paul Smith, Missionary Conference speaker. MISSIONARY CONFERENCE Student Missionary Fellowship Ensemble: Third Row: Donald Gerig, David Klopfenstein, Philip Hatmaker, Donald Dyck. Second Row: John Steiner, Dorothy Hackney, Judy Nesseth, Shirley Murry. First Row: Director, James Clauser, Gail Horrocks, Judy Truit, Elaine Neiman. I 2 Packed with spiritual enlightenment con- cerning missions werethe days of Novem- ber 4-6. The Missionary Conference di- rected by the Student Missionary Fellow- ship presented a concentrated missionary challenge. Missionaries, including Miss riorence Cavender, Mr. Bob Beukena, Rev. Dan Dyck, Miss Agnes Sprunger, and Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Rupp, Sr., addressed classes on subjects dealing with problems faced by missionaries. A skit presented by the student missionary children, and three film showings highlighted the afternoons. Each day was climaxed by an evening service in which Dr. Paul Smith, pastor of the People's Church in Toronto, Canada, stirred hearts and lives with his timely messages. Students were challenged deeply with the question contained in the theme, "How Will They Hear ?" 4? fr Youth Conference Committee: Dave Truit, Rachel Morris, Milton Sinn, Wesley Gerig, Jesse Adams, Caroline Perry, Larry Eicher, Miss Carolyn Pocock. YQUTH CONFERENCE "WEIGHED IN THE BALANCES--and found wanting,"was'the theme of the annual Youth Conference held April 29 through May 1. Hundreds of young people flooded the campus for the activities which in- cluded an informative open house and tour of the campus, a delicious picnic on South Campus, a Saturday afternoon band concert, and an entertaining and inspiring perform- ance of the play, "A Mighty Fortress." Throughout the fun, ho w ev e r , the spiritual side of campus life was not for- gotten. Bill Zeoti, Youth for Christ Di- rector of Indianapolis, reminded students and gu e st s alike of their needs when weighed in God's balances. Youth Conference Ensemble: Third Row: Wesley Christian, David Klopfens t ein , John Steiner, Daryl Platt. Second Row: Judy Nes seth, Shirley Murry, Nancy Sinn, T. A. Strader. First Row: Mary Alice Cousins, Marilyn Dissinger, Charlotte Gerig, Elaine Neimang Director, Larry Eicher. I l l 3 Mr. Walter Kerfoot, director, discussing areas for improvement with the Oratorio chorus. I 4 Ken Mays accompanying the oratorio chorus in practice. GRATGRIO Oratorio is an outstanding organiza- tion in which all students desiring to praise God in singing may take part. This year the chorus is under the direction of Walter J. Kerfoot. Shortly before Christmas vacation, the chorus presented Handel's "Messiah," Many hearts thrilled to the message pre- sented in this great work. In the spring, "The Seven Last Words of Christ." was presented. CHRISTIAN SERVICE Service is a vital part of our Chris- tianity. As Christ told his disciples to go and proclaim the good news, even so the students at Fort Wayne Bible College are given opportunities to proclaim the good news through their Christian Service assignments. Each student may choose, his place of assignment or be given one for duty fromvarious fields of work. Types of a s sig n m e nts include Gospel teams, Sunday School teachers, youth and child- ren's workers, music workers, student pastors, Child Evangelism teachers, and mission workers. The Christian Service Department sends observation reports to churches and pastors to be filled out and returned so that the progress of the students and their work may be kept on file. GOSPEL TEAMS Couriers: Donna Banks, Wilbert Neuenschwander, Gary Griffis, Neal Rettig, Philip Hatmaker. Ambassadors: Robert Neuenschwander, Donald Gerig, Har monett e s : Janet Duthie, Ellen Trusdle, Judith David Klopfenstein, Larry Eicher, James Clauser. PEYSOHS, Pl1i11iS Rice- I6 Christian Heralds: Vincent Rupp, Larry Whetstone, Mary Kable. King's Carolersa Shirley Swallow, Dorothy Joherl, Arlene Zabel, Vivian Bush. Royal Heirs: Mary Cousins, Marilyn Dissinger, Mar- garet Shady, Ruth Landes. The Keikilanis: Hugh Gushiken, Bette Tao,Rayrnond Tabuchi, Gloria Nishihara, Stanley Kobayashi, Jane Tao, Lynette Williams. Envoys: Duane Seiple, John Steiner, Jerry Cramer, Donald Dyck, Robert Eichar. Eyangelaires: Diane Miller, Shirley Murry, Nancy Sinn, Judy Nesseth, Paul DeMerchant. I7 Sixth Row: T. A. Strader, Harvey Bliszack, .Tesse Adams, Ronald Maser, Edward Podlesak, Raymond Bryant, David Shady. Fifth Row: Donald Callison, Larry Merriman, Robert Perry, Carl Sherbeck, John Cureton, David Stout, Franklin Graber. Fourth Row: David Jacobson, Etan Pelzer, Calvin Bourn, Carolyn Onstott, Aimee Inouye, Julia Amstutz, Nancy Fetter. SUNDAY SCHQOL WGRKER YO TH WORKER I8 Third Row: Caroline Perry, Elaine Voss, Evelyn Thorn, Patricia Byall, Dorothy Nesseth, Sharon Meier, Mary Chapman. Second Row: Judy Thompson, Barbara Sprunger, Pearl Mullans, Phyllis Schofield, Maxine Baker, D ar l e n e Kr au s e , Fran Wilson. First Row: Anita Hoffman, Carol Watson, Margaret Liechty, Hanni Feurer, Lorene Neuenschwander. Standing: James Roussos, Louise Roussos, Ann Helmick, Dortha Onstott, Carol Haber, R. Mark Camp'- bell, Gary lnouye, Juuy Montei, Carol 1-tiger, Joanne Dick, Lynnette Leslie, Milton Sinn, Janice Bloomer. Seated: Donna Banks, Dorthy Rupp, Carolyn Schleh, Dolores Rashley Shirley Zimmerman, Dorothy Joherl. CHILDRENS WORKERS Standing: Duane Ford, Arlan Birkey, Howard Moser, Paul Brennan, John Bristol, Rohert Wheat, Clarence Eash. Seated: Monique Lefebvre, Phyllis Schofield, Helen Chase, Ruth Ringenherg, Martha Falb, Ann Eicher, Gretchen Gallagher. Richard Cromwell, Harold Amstutz, Harry McCrum, RaymondBryant, Ernest Hayden, Lynn Bowman, Philip Buchanan. MISSI WORKER CHILD EVA GELISM WGRKER Standing: Charlotte Gerig, Patricia Pittsenbarger, Seated: Eileen Murray, Shirley Beall, Janet Miller Virginia Steiner, Neva Hirschy, Carol Watters, Shirlee Dorothy Joherl, May Imler, Mary Alice Cousins. Burr, Fran Wilson, Maritza Hudson, Mary Ann Ellis. '20 STUDE T ASTOR '- ,fb Q ,Sir X . . gy mf? , Standing: Lowell Halbert, Donald Callison, Paul Brennan, John Trusdle, Wesley Christian, Ronald Mayforth. Seated: fy Q, Robert Liechty, Jerrold Meyer, Edward Shady. A l'.' . .,., Q A student pastor on call to a neighborhood home. 3 ,A,, ..., A 5' b ,Q ' br l - Q a'--- V.,- . ' O R E R ..'- f'if'Q'f' Third Row: John Wommer, Paul Brennan, Etan Pelzer, Merriman, William Shoot, Sherril Holden. First Row: William Beougher, Ronald Morehead, Kenneth Mays. Nancy Warstler , Shirley Beall, Phyllis Schofield, Second Row: Elaine Neiman, Phillis Rice, Larry Ednamae Mann, Rachel Morris, Kathryn Krasula. 21 CROSSROADS Robert Liechty and Grant Hoatson recording a Crossroads program. Grant Hoatson interviewing Miss Elhke. "Crossroads" is a program geared to help young people "Walk in the di- rection pointed out by God." It is pro- duced by Grant Hoatson and features special music by the student ensemble under the direction of Paul Robbins. Various interviews with students, teachers, staff members, and special guests, plus a devotional message by Dr. Jared F. Gerig constitute the usual program. "Crossroads" is broadcast over radio station WOWO each Sunday morning at 7:05. Crossroads Ensemble: Third Row: Vernon Blue, Paul Brennan, David Klopfe n stein. Second Row: David Stout, Judy Nesseth, Shirley Murry, Nancy Sinn, An- thony Kneuss. First Row: Ruth Landes, Ellen Trus- dle, Margaret Liechty, Paul Robbins. 22 SOCIAL "But if we walk in the light, as he is in the ii light, we have fellowship one with another..." I John 1:7 :E i- STUDENT ASSGCIATION Paul Brennan examining desk lamps for the new Student Association office. Student Council: First row: Paul Brennan, Barbara Mc- Cord, Arlan Birkey, Lynette Williams, Donna Banks, Ed Terui. Second row: Vincent Rupp, Jerry Cramer, Donald Gerig, James Clauser, Anita Hoffman, Etan Pelzer. Third row: Harold W. Ranes, Mrs. Grant Hoatson, Cyril I-I. Eicher, faculty advisers. Student government at Fort Wayne Bible College functions through the Student Association with its executive committee, the Student Council, and five standing com- mittees. Some of the main purpos es of the Association are to foster spiritual growth and fellowship, to assist in providing a well- rounded program of extra-curricular ac- tivities, and to provide students opportuni- ties to participate in campus government. Each year the Association undertakes a project for the improvement of the college facilities. Activities include planning for the three student body banquets, presenting student-conducted chapel s e r v i c e s , co- ordinating intramural sports, assisting in the orientation program for new students, and appointing membersto the Light Tower staff. As a special project over Christmas vacation, the Student Council refurnished the former Light Tower room, making it an office for the use of the Association, the SMF, and the Light Tower Staff. Don Gerig makes the students feel at home on his ranch during the Christ- mas Roundup. r .33 .151 Nurses masquerade as doctors at the Halloween party. 1 tx , Dave Eicher takes care that the calf enjoys the Christmas Roundup also. Jim Clauser flinches as Dave Hopfenstein and Don Gerig fight for her hand in marriage. ! Nm O' is ' 'Q g:,:, i 5 ,,., Kr. M. C.'s at the Talent Show have a family squabble. ' " ..-,+"m faculty adviser. Many times, on the verge of despair, the Light Tower staff read this mot- to, "He who labors diligently need never despair, for most things are accom- plished by diligence and labor."--Menander These hours of labor and near desperation are now merely memories. To facilitate the production this year, work was distributed to a larger number of students than in previous years. Aspirit ofco-operation prevailed, which made the responsibility much lighter for each staff member. The help of the Delmar representative, Mr. Maclyn MacKay,was invalua- ble in the planning and preparation of this yearbook. is vw' ..g.'x ,Na 'B Layout assistants: Alice Joy Weddle and Shirlee Burr, circulation manager, A112111 Bi1'k9Y' Clarence Eash, advertising manager. F X, Etan Pelzer, chairman, Mr. Harold W. Ranes, .5 ,. LIGHT X ,XE ' 4 TOWER "'5-1: Mr. Harvey L. Mitchell, faculty adviser: Gretchen Gallagher, managing editor. 'Q Literary staff: Gail Horrocksg Vincent Rupp, Class editors: Rachel Morris, junior: Ka- editorg Cora Vee Caswell. thryn Krasula, senior, Diane Miller, pre- juniorg Shirley Beall, senior, Shirley Mur- ry, sophomore: Phillis Rice, freshmen. J W-my fa nfl., .Portrait Committee: Sherril Holden, Shir- photographic Staff: Ronald Davis, Joe BO- ley Swallow, Patricia Higgins. kel, Ernest Hayden. Ayr: 27 ALPHA KAPPA CLUB Alpha Kappa Officers: James Key, vice-presidentg Nancy Barlow. secretary-treasurer, Robert Liechty, president, Mr.Wesley Gerig, faculty adviser The Greek letter Alpha, signifying aca- demic achievement, and Kappa, standing for "preaching," suggest development of ex- pression in expoundingthe W o r d of God. Membership in the Alpha Kappa Club is open to all students enrolled in Greek courses at the college. Two ofthe club's main objectives are to develop ability in using the original lan- guage inthe preparation of expository ser- mons andto provide a vehicle of academic, social, and spiritual fellowship. The club meets once a month to discuss some passage of the Greek New Testament. One project ofthe club is a 325.00 award to a second or third year Greek student for the best expository sermon based on the Greek text. A discussion of a Greek passage. USIC CLUB Music Club Officers: James Clauser, Vice-presidentg Dr. Rene Frank, adviserg Ellen Pedersen, secretaryg William Shoot, pres- ident. Not Pictured: Robert Neuenschwander, treasurer. Music Club membership is open to all in- terested students. Inpursuing its purpose, the club has attempted to present several types ofprograms, each planned to show a different phase of the vast field of music. Some of the club's activities have included a lecture preview of Miss Carolyn Pocock's recitalg a question and answer period with Miss Carolyn Pocock speaking to the Music Club. Rudy Atwood, pianist of the Old Fashioned Revival Hourg anda report on the National Church Music Fellowship convention. The Music Club contributes to the development of Well-rounded personalities by encour- aging a deeper understanding and enjoyment of music through its activities. Dr. Rene Frank giving a demonstration at one of the monthly meetings . 4 r ,+- ,.f. .fr , , V , Q-ax :QV Q A x..-xl -. M 'ff ' f Q M v"""MK Camera Club Officers: Gretchen Gallagher, secre- tary, Daryl Platt, vice-pre- s i d e nt, Harvey Bliszack, president, Edward Podle- Sak, treasurer, Mr.Forest Weddle, faculty adviser. CAMERA CLUB Click! Another picture for the Cam- era Club contest! Camera Club is design- ed to acquaint interested students with va- rious phases of photography so that the knowledge attained might oe used to por- tray the needs and promote the interests of Christian service. Its monthly meetings, which feature special speakers, entertaining and in- structive films, and talks by the mem- bers, keep the club busy. Practical ex- perience is gained through the actual o- peration of cameras and other photogra- phic and projection equipment. Photographic c o nt e s t s with various themes and spring field trips to points of interest in the area are the highlights of the club's year. Center left, Harvey Bliszack showing afilm at the October meeting. Lower left, Camera Club on an outing to Franke Park. PiLambda Zeta Officers: Miss Dorothy West, faculty adviserg Milton Sinn, presi- dentg Arlene Zabel, secre- taryg Steve Sprunger, treas- urerg Peter Osborn, vice- president PI LAMBDA ZETA "Speech isa mirror of the soul: as a man speaks, so is he."--Pub- lius Syrus. This mirror of the soul must be clear, reflecting the image distinct- ly. In order that their speech may be like a good mirror, the members of Pi Lambda Zeta in their monthly meetings study methods of speaking such as creative drama and debate. They gain practic al experience through p r e s e nt in g the college Christmas program and aiding the production of the play, "A Mighty Fortress." Pi Lambda Zeta, with its atmosphere of fellowship, helps each member increase confidence in himself and helps him to under- stand more fully the intimate re- lationship of speechto his life work. The Oral Interpretation class works on a read ing for the Speech Club Christmas program. Virginia Steiner, Elaine Neiman, Edward Podlesak, Charlotte Gerig, Nancy Freer, James Clauser, Carrol Bley, Ellen Pedersen, Mary Kable, lVIr. Robert Myers, Donald Gerig, Mr. Wesley Gerig, Wahnetta I-Iamman, Gretchen Gallagher, and Larry Merriman. BAD Music, whether it be vocal or instru- mental, is enjoyed by almost everyone. As the choir satisfies one's wish for vocal music, so the band fulfills the desire for instrumental music. 32 In the dignity of the Youth Conference concert or in the excitement-filled air of a basketball game, the band, under the leadership of Robert Myers, inspires the audiences on these occasions. Supporting and encouraging the basketball team the band plays at a home game. VARSITY BASKETBALL "T-E-A-M, Yea Team!" This cry rings out as another victory is posted for the Fort Wayne Bible College Ambassa- dors. Many of the games were nip-and- tuck affairs with the victor undetermined until the final buzzer sounded. The squad worked hard for Coach Morley, and with this hard work and his leadership, the team represented the Bible College and Jesus Christ well. Besides their active testimony on the court, the squad had the unusual opportunity of sing- ing and giving their testimonies at half- time and of conducting services off the court. Standing T A Strader, Vernon Blue, Vernon Haller, David Klopfenstein, Larry Whetstone Donald Dyck Duane Ford Robert Shannon, manager. Sitting: Dwight Sholl, Robert Eichar, Paul Brennan captain Oswald Morley, coach, R. Mark Campbell, George Wiggin, Philip Buchanan Not pictured Ronald Krause, Phillip Rice, Jesse Adams, manager. ""'T: D ' "T- Two points for Whetstone. "GOI Fight! Win!"ye1lthe cheerleaders. At left: Wa h n e t t a Hamman, Carolyn Hankey, Mae Ziglerg at right: Nancy Schleigh, Darlene Krause, Vincent Rupp, Jr. Almost, Mark boy, almost. Dave Klopfenstein fakes out his man. Hey Don! Where's Purdue Extension? The team is in the huddlel The coach is at the head! Yea, Phil, Don, Dwight, Larry, Ron! J-u-In-pl .,.x QL W ---A--X ..-. 1 Z3 ,fx 9 P4 "rw infix IE , I Q , X L3-X17 f 4- 4 1 H 1 1 -:-5e':1.' I. .. cl, ' 'E if 9, ' 1 rv if if j X - .... . " ,, 9 li ' v. . f y 3.5" A ' X ' :,,5g'- .. .V Nw-lea, , . -1 . A 'V 1 5 E 'i"""l , , ., "" A :Q 'Y 'Y Siiqiiizt , 1 4.1. 5.1 Ike We ' Q ? H . - .413 '---us, Intramural Council: Coach Morley, T. A. Strader, Janice Bloomer, Jerry Cramer, John Wommer, Ann Helmick, David Shady, Caroline Perry, Mark Campbell, Elaine Voss, Judy Nesseth, Martha Brown. I TRAMUR L SPORTS .lu Spartans vs. Olympians Under the auspices of the Ath- letic Committee, a more complete and successful intramural program was inaugurated this year at Fort Wayne Bible College. All students were placed on six teams, men and women competing separately in most activities. Two leaders, a fellow and a girl, were chosen for each team. These twelve students and two faculty members, Coach Morley and Miss Eleanor Rich, composed the Intra- mural Council, which gave specific direction to the year's program. Football, basketball, vollyball, soft- ball, and a number of individual sports were the activities included in the schedule. Lancers Cossacks t w Jack Connor s Berne Mennonite Men's Chorus 38 Carol Brice CEUEST ARTIST SERIE 1 T'-'Fa'-A iff - ' .QeIif1.Qf, A 3 , YQ EDUCATIQN 0 s X "Then I saw that wisdom excelleth folly, as far as light excelleth darkness." 0 Ecclesiastes 2:13 0 A GQVERNING BOARD J. Francis Chase, Chairman Seated: Rev. Tillman Habegger, Dr. Clyde Taylor, Mr. James N. Beltz, Mr. J. Francis Chase, Rev. Carl Miller, Dr. Jared F. Gerig. Standing: Mr. Henry Amstutz, Rev. Roy Ramseyer, Rev. Robert Strubhar, Rev.JohnNussbaumgNotPictured: Rev. William Whiteman, Mr.Forrest Balsiger, Mr. Mau- rice M. Rupp. Jared F. Gerig, A. B., Th. B., M.A., D.D. Center right, Dr. Gerig and Mrs. Gerig at home. Lower left, President Gerig with his secretary, Miss Mildred Lindsey. Lower right, Dr. Gerig at his desk. ai .oooo i 'X ,... PRESIDENT Dr. Jared F. Gerig, 1929 graduate from the then Fort Wayne Bible Institute, is serv- ing his third year as President of Fort Wayne Bible College. Varied experience has developed a keen leadership ability. He has served on the Governing Board of the college, acted as the Dean of the College, and taught. He has also pastored churches and held the position of president of the Missionary ChurchAssociation. Morethanhis admin- istrative and promotional leadership, it is Dr. Gerig's spiritual guidance which en- dears him to Fort Wayne Bible College. r 'L fi if -,f. ,WM 'fl I eral' if "'fi7?:j.f if 1. Q af' 1 i ,, kg Ting? '-I 'sift " Y- ' i V , E 1 4 41 Herbert W. Byrne Walter E. King A.B., B.D., M.S., Ed. D. Assistant to the President Dean of Education in Development ADMINISTRATIO 3 i ' X Harvey L. Mitchell C, V, Harte!- A-B-, M-A- Business Manager Registrar Professor of General Education Z Mrs. Hoatson, right, and Janice Bloomer, Bethany Hall president, left, plan dormitory activities. DEANS Cyril H. Eicher A.B., Th. B., M.A. Dean of Students Assistant Professor of Pastoral Training Mrs. Grant Hoatson B.S. 1 Dean of Women Harold W. Hanes A.B., B.D., M. Th., M.A. Dean of Men Assistant Professor of Bible 43 FACULTY Miss Eunice J. Conrad A. B., M. A. Instructor in English dun, ir is? ' 1 P lair.. .H kd f x 1 a. qi ,- ' t -is '11 g sireffle.. Miss Edith Ehlke Rene Frank Ralph A. Gallagher A.B., A.M. in Library Science M. Mus., D, Mus. A.B., Th. B., M.A. Librarian, Assistant Professor Professor of Music ASSiStHH'f PI'Of9SS0I' Of Director of School of Music History 1 , "P Essen 1 P Ira A. Gerig B. M., M. Mus. Assistant Professor of Piano 44 Wesley L. Gerig A. B., B. D., Th. M. Instructor in Bible and Theology Grant Hoatson A. B., M. A. Instructor in Radio and Journalism Director of Promotion Walter J. Kerfoot B.Sc.E., M. M. Instructor in Music Mr. Mitchell discusses Q Prensa, an Argentine newspaper, with the first year Spanish class. Weldon O. Klopfenstein Darrel W. Kraft O. H. Morley Th.B. B.A..M.A. A.B. Assistant Professor of Bible Instructor in Education and Speech Instructor in Physical Education Coach f Y f Assistant Dean of Men Robert Myers Miss Carolyn Irocock B.S., M.A. B- M-, M- Instructor in Brass Instruments IUSUW-1Ct0I' U1 Piano, Organ, and Theory 45 1 Miss Eleanor Mae Rich Dr. Edward Simpson is explaining a drawing on the R. N., B. S. blackboard in one of his Old Testament classes. Instructor in Health Miss Gladys Schumacher Edward D. Simpson MIS- Frances F- Simpson B. A., M. A. B.s., 13.11, Th.M., Th.D. A-B-,M-R-E-, D-R-D Assistant Professor Associate Professor of ASSOQI-ate PI'0f9SSQI' Of of Education Bible and Theology Chrwtian Educatlon , 1 ""'4av , , r"-' : .fn--1 . . Timothy Warner Forest Weddle Miss Dorothy A. West A.B. S.T.B. M.A. A.B. M.S. B.A., M.A. Instructor in Missions Assistant Proiessor of Bible Instructor in Speech Q6 STAFF fu. X , x x Miss Martha Fiedler ,K Dining Room Supervisor . :Q ' . X 'x E, 52 ui ' . ,it ,. 'PM g lv Mrs. Fern M. Gallagher Q Bookstore Manager 'ss ., , . '.,,,, ,- Adolph Bley l Maintenance Helper Vg s oy Gerig A Secretary X Mrs. Mildred Gerig C? g Secretary, Founders ' y l, Memorial Office Mrs. Myrtle Brovsm V E ' Cook QQ . Miss Adelle Isaac A g l" X' Secretary, Registrar's 1 ' C Office so if ff "x, --' - Mrs. Helen Jackson . ' Cook 'T ' 1 .X 55 ch ' ' '25, F' if V, gxlq ' Mrs. Alvin Bump l ' ,, ,,, . P' Assistant Librarian .. Q. p w ' Miss Shirley Cupp Mrs. Gallagher sorting mail ' Assistant to Bookkeeper , . I P. L. Eicher Commissary Manager ' 'FFM Miss Evelyne Schmidt working on the financial records. .e f ? Miss Jennie Miller Cook Mrs. Betty Ranes Hostess, Schultz Hall Miss Evelyne Schmidt Bookkeeper gas 54 - "s T., Q Q, V Mrs. Grace King Secretary, Promotion Office Mrs. Celina Klopfenstein Ei. "' zz, f 9 C001f X .. .. . , X ..f,..i . . :, Y x X . tt W K ii? Q X 3 x X 't A 1 ' A X ix - Vgf fdf f rig? L dr QQ- -'Q-s:,:.is3r W-3. gb Y T. 1, .Ay 2 3.1111 GSS Q K X 'fm' : . -.uf fsi Q""' 48 11: Q,- ss if' 461 f 4- .. My X . . 1 W t1..X 3 ',..e ,A 1 ' Q s il :IQ if mi ei M Mrs. Orene Kraft Secretary Miss Mildred Lichty Miss Ada S .urn Printing Room Operator John Zurcher Miss Millie Lindsey Director of Maintenance Secretary to President Miss Donna Lutton Secretary to Dean of Students I 5- .1-N 53138 b , .x X -r .f .S vm 1 ?fj.,"SS4?' ' 'un .aw V ,S tv sw an vhs f , I . ff xx I f 9 'G X ui G w 2 W .1 SENIQRS In the light of the hidden horizons that lie before the Senior Class, what greater consolation could be theirs than to know that they are "Anchored in Christ ? " As ardent students, they have taken the hammer of the Word of God and have driven their anchor of faith deeper into the solid rock, Jesus Christ. As they embark upon the sea of life, no doubt the raging storms of time will strain the cable of love that binds them to the Rock, but, as this cable remains strong, they stay fastened to the Rock which cannot be moved. HARVEY W. BLISZACK Psalm 13818 B. A. in Bible and Theology Youth Director 2, Sunday School Teacher 3, 4, Gospel Team Driver lg Camera Club President 3,4, Camera Club Treasurer 2, Dormitory President 4. JULIA AMSTUTZ Psalm 23:1 B. S. in Elementary Education Child Evangelism Teacher 1,25 Sunday School Teacher 3,4,5, MCA Stud ents Fellowship Secretary 2, MCA Students Fellowship Vice President 3, Oratoric 2, Prayer Band Leader 3, Theta Beta 3, Theta Beta Vice President 4. DONNA MAE BANKS Matthew 9:36 B.S. in Missions Child Evangelism 2, Tract Team and Mission Work 3, Sunday School Teacher 3, Pianist 2, 3, Junior Church 4, Oratorio 4, Youth Con- ference S e c r e t a r y 3, Student Association Vice President 4, Prayer Band Leader 2,3,4, Theta Beta 2,3. PAUL BRENNAN Proverbs 3:5,6 B. A. in Missions Gospel Team 1,2,3,4, Choir Director 3,45 Youth Worker 3,4, Assistant Pastor 4, Sunday School Teacher 4, Class President 1, Class Athletic Director 2, Intramural Sports 1,2, 3,4, Varsity Basketball l,2,3,4, Oratorio 1,4, A Cappella President 2, A Cappella 1,2, Youth Conference Ensemble 1,2,3, SMF Ensemble l,2,3, Crossroads Ensemble 1,2, 3,45 SMF Vice President 3, Prayer Band Leader 3, Student Council 1, Dormitory Cabinet 1,23 Dormitory Vice Pr esident 3, Alpha Kappa 3,4 , Light Tower Staff 2, Student Association President 4. W3""rn' ,nf Az -S sn... SHIRLEY ANNE BEALL Isaiah 26:3 B. S. in Missionary Nursing Child Evangelism 4,55 Pianist 4,55 Sunday School Teacher 4,55 Tract Team 4,55 Visi- tation 4,55 Light Tower Staff 55 ,Dormitory Cabinet 55 Prayer Band Leader 4,55 Youth Conference Committee 4,55 Theta Beta 4. T. A. STRADER I Corinthians 10:13 Bachelor of Religious Education Youth Director 1,55 Gospel Team 2,3,45 Sun- day School Teacher 55 A Cappella 1,3,45 A Cappella Treasurer 45 Oratorio 1,2,35 Youth Conference Ensemble 1,55 Varsity Basketball 1,45 Intramural Basketball 2,3,55 Intramural Football 4,55 Greek Club 3,45 M.C.A. Student'S Fellowship 2,3,4,5. i'f"""w JOHN C. CURETON John 3:16 B. S. in Elementary Education Sunday School Teacher 2,3,4,55 Youth Worker 2,3.4,5: Ass 't Sunday School Superintendent 5. NANCY BARLUW Philippians 3:10 B. A. in Bible and Theology Sunday School Teacher 2,35 Song Leader for Junior Church 1,2,3,45 Sunday School Superin- tendent 45 Oratorio 1,3,45 Alpha Kappa Club Secretary-treasurer 354. JERRY MEYER John 5:24 Bachelor of Religious Education Sunday School Teacher 1,2,35 Assistant Pas- tor 2,35 Church Missionary Board President 2,35 Student Pastor 45 Freshman Class Vice President5 Sophomore Class Chaplain. DOROTHY ANN BEIGHLE Isaiah 41:10 Bachelor of Religious Education Young People's work 1,2,3,45 Sunday School Teacher 45 Speech Club 35 Speech Choir 3. J ANICE BURR Philippians 1:20 B. S. in Elementary Education Child Evangelism lg Youth Worker 2,43 Sun- day School Teacher 4g A Cappella 1,2,3g A Cappella Vice President 4g Student Council 43 Dormitory Cabinet 2 g Dormitory President 53 Theta Beta 1,2,3g Light Tower 25 Oratorio 1,2,4g Crossroads ensemble 4. JIM HARBURN I Thessalonians 5:16 B. A. in Social Studies Tract Team 2g Christian Service Driver 3,45 Camera Club Officer 25 Youth Conference Art 2,3. 'Mya-r HELEN JANE CHASE Romans 12:1 B. S. in Elementary Education Sunday School Class l,2,4g Junior Church 4 Recreation Director 5QOI'atOI'lO1,2,4,5QII1fI'2I.- mural Volleyball 2,51 Theta Beta 2. DORTHY MARIE DAVIS Matthew 7:7-8 B. S. in Elementary Education Child Evangelism Helper lg Child Evangelism Teacher 2g Junior Church Helper and Teacher 1,2,3,4g Sunday School Helper 2,3,4g Theta Beta 3. CLASS OFFICERS Top row: Kenneth Mays, treasurerg Etan Pelzer, vice presidentg Dean Eicher, faculty adviser. Bottom row: Ronald Mayforth, presidentg Barbara McCord, Student Association repre- sentativeg Carolyn Derreth, secre- taryg Robert Liechty, chaplain. its Y .1i'E'1E'ZiEL1WESY:SrfEx5E'k ' ' 5l2f9FfI' 4?E' 095' NANCY ELLEN DAVIS II Corinthians 3:5 B. S. in Elementary Education Gospel Team 1,2,3,45 A Cappella l,2,3,4, Dormitory President 45 Student Association 3. ANN EICHER Psalm 34:1 B. S. in Elementary Education Child Ev ang elis m 25 Children's Church 35 Sunday School Teacher 45 Children's Worker 55 Student Council Secretary 35 Junior Class Secretary 35 Light Tower Staff 35 Youth Con- ference Committee. 'H 71 . . . . Q. Q gym, X! X SSE, Q' 59:95. -1 . -mr s" iq . --if W-:SS ' iw: I have 5 .:ffF.fefa:.eag:t.:ggiw. 1 ....-,ffiz-.q,f--5:33.1 3. . . 3' f?'23E'1 ':' Q :, - z . 1 'f' 'FF'--'-T f 'HL' 1'- HOWARD A. HAWKINS Matthew 11:28 B. S. in Elementary Education Youth Worker 1,25 Sunday School Teacher 1 25354. CAROLYN ELIZABETH DERRETH Isaiah 41:13 B. S. in Missionary Nursing Child Evangelism 15 Hospital Visitation 55 Oratorio 15 Dormitory Council 15 Class Sec- retary 55 Mission Worker 1. ROBERT LIECHTY, JR. Luke 21:15 Bachelor of Theology Sunday School Teacher 1,2,4,55 Gospel Team Speaker 35 Ass't Pastor 4,55 Youth Director 4,55 Oratorio 1,25 Varsity Basketball 15 Class President 25 A Cappella 35Dormitory Cabinet 1,25 SMF Ensemble 15 Intramural Sports 2,3, 4,55 Prayer Band Leader 15Youth Conference Treasurer 35 Youth Conference Chairman 45 Class Chaplain 55 Alpha Kappa 3,45 Alpha Kappa President 55 Light Tower Staff 25 Student Council 25 MCA Student Fellowship 4,55 "Crossroads" Radio Technician 3,4,5. MARGARET ANN LIECHTY Hebrews 10:36 B. S. in Elementary Education Child Evangelism Helper 15 Child Evangelism T e a c h e r 25 Gospel Team 35 Sunday School Nursery Department Superintendent 4,55 Or atorio 15 Prayer Band Leader 25 Theta Beta 2,35 SMF Ensemble 35Junior Class Sec- retary 45 Radio Ensemble 55 Pi Gamma 4,5. SHARON A. MAYFORTH Isaiah 40:31 Bachelor of Music Education Gospel Team 2,35 Music Director 45 A Cappella 2,35 Oratorio 1,3545 Cheer Leader 1,2535 Radio Ensemble 3,45 SMF Ensemble 1,2535 Youth Conference Ensemble 2,35 Theta Beta 25 Music Club 152. RONALD E. MAYFORTH Psalm 119:105 B. A. in Social Studies Gospel Team 1,2,35 Student Pastor 45 Intra- mural Sports 153,45 Varsity Basketball 25 Dor mitory Council Member 25 Sophomore Class Vice President5Student Council 25 SMF Chorister 25 Junior Class Presidentg Senior Class President5 A Cappella 1,2535 SMF En- semble 15 Oratorio 3. M N. X GRETCHEN IRENE GALLAGHER Psalm 18:2 B. A. in Social Studies Gospel Team 1,25 Youth Worker 45 Church Music Worker 152,45 Theta Beta 1,25 Music Club 2,45 Camera Club 15 Camera Club Sec- retary 2,45 Light Tower Photographic Editor 25 Light Tower Managing Editor 45 Oratorio 45 Band 254. KENNETH ROBERT MAYS Psalm 37:4 Gospel Team 1,2535 Church Music Director 45 Sunday School Teacher 45 Band 15 Youth Con- ference Pianist 1,2,35 Youth Conference Music Chairman 35 Oratorio 15 Choir Accompanist 25 Oratorio Accompanist 45 SMF Pianist 15 Music Club Treasurer 15 Music Club Presi- dent 25 Senior Class Treasurer. if Tj? 'inw- EDWIN R. TERUI Matthew 6:33 B. A. in Pastoral Training Gospel Team 152,35 Student Association Treasurer 45 Youth Conference Treasurer 35 SMF Song Director 35 A Cappella 35 Alpha Kappa 3,45 Intramural Sports 1,2,3,4. RENEE KEIKILANI FAGARANG Romans 8:28 B. S. in Elementary Education Child Ev a ng el i s m 2, Ass't. Sunday School Teacher 3,4,5 Intermediate Youth Fellowship Leader 55 Pianist 3,45 Camera Club Secretary 35 Intramural Sports 1. MAY ROSE IMLER Psalm 27:1 B. S. in Missions Junior Church Leader 25 Gir1's Club Leader 35 Child Evangelism 45 Oratorio l,3,4: Camera Club 1,25 Theta Beta 2. JOHN F. WOMMER Psalm 27:14 B. A. in Missions Gospel Team 2,4,55 Music Director 4,55 Stu- dent Pastor 35 Intramural Sports 2,3,4,55 Intramural Team Leader 55 Student Manager of Basketball Team 35 Dormitory Cabinet 35 Light Tower Advertising Manager 45 Senior Class Graduation Committee Chairman 4,5. hx N r :. , y 1 I ' A scene from the Thanksgiving chapel service presented by the class. f-an-f 3 1. JULIUS PAVKOV Romans 8:28 B. S. in Elementary Education Tract Team 15 Sunday School Teacher 2,3545 Release Time Bible Teacher 15 Alpha Kappa Club 2,b, BERNADINE AMSTUTZ ZURCHER Jeremiah 33:3 B. A. in Christian Education Sunday School Teacher 1,25 Chi1dren's Worker 3,45 Pianist 2,45 Oratorio 35 Student Council 3. BARBARA ELAINE MCCORD Psalm 12138 B. S. in Missionary Nursing Gospel Team 15 Sunday School Teacher 55 Church Pianist 55 A Cappella 1,55 Student Association 5. ETAN PELZER Psalm 139:23-24 B. A. in Social Studies Tract Team 1,25 Youth Wor ker 25 Sunday School Teacher 3,45 Music Director 3,45 Student Association 2,45 Student Association Treasurer 35 Light Tower Treasurer 35 Senior Class Vice President5 Light Tower Chairman 45 Alpha Kappa 3,45 Youth Conference Com- mittee 25 Oratorio 3,45 Intramural Basketball l,2,3,45 Intramural Volleyball 1,2,3,45 Intra- mural Football 3,45 Intramural Softball 3,4. LOUISE M. ROUSSOS Isaiah 4:10 B. A. in Bible and Theology Child Evangelism 25 Junior Church 35 Mission Worker 4' Primar Church 5- Oratorio 2' A 5 y 1 y Cappella 25 Light Tower Staff 25 Dormitory Cabinet 15 Alpha Kappa Secretary-Treasurer 3. JAMES THEODORE ROUSSOS Romans 1:16 ' B. A. in Bible and Theology Gospel Team Speaker 2,35 Mission Worker 35 Primary Church Worker 45 Intramural Volley- ball 1,2,35 Alpha Kappa President 3. 99" --n... EILEEN H. MURRAY Psalm 37:5 Bachelor of Religious Education B. S. in Missions Sunday School Teacher 1,2535 Child Evange- lism 45 Prayer Band Leader 4. DOROTHY NESSETH Psalm 37:5 B. S. in Elementary Education Sunday School Teacher 2,4555 Sunshine Makers 4,55 Youth Worker 35 Primary Church 35 Oratorio 25 Dormitory President 3,45 Light Tower Staff 25 Light Tower Art Editor 45 Theta Beta 45 Junior Class Secretary 4. ELAINE ONSTOTT I Thessalonians 5:24 B. S. in Christian Education Hospital Visitation 4. MARGARET LOUISE RICHARDS Colossians 1:10 B. S. in Missionary Nursing Hospital Visitation 5: Theta Beta lg Camera Club lg Oratorio l,2. 5 EDWARD P. SHADY Revelation 11:15 B.A. in Pastoral Training Ass't Pastor 2g Young P e o ple s 3: Student Pastor 4: Camera Club lg Alpha Kappa 3,4. CAROLYN JOYCE ONSTOTT Philippians 2:13 B. A. in Christian Education Sunday School Teacher 4. ff-. eq-A Qian-ff CARL H. SHERBECK Ephesians 3:20 B. S. in Missions Sponsor of Youth Group 3,43 Sunday School Teacher 3. NANCY C. SINN Psalm 91:1 B. S. in Missionary Nursing Gospel Team 4,53 Crossroads Ensemble 5g Youth Conference Ensemble 5: SMF Secretary 5 g Dormitory Cabinet 4. EVELYN D. THORN Galations 2:20 B. S. in Elementary Education Sunday School Teacher 1,2,3,4,55 Child Evan- gelism 25 Dormitory President 25 Dormitory Cabinet Member 2,3,45 Student Association 25 Band 1,25 Oratorio 2. NIILTON J. SINN John 17:17 B. S. in Speech Gospel Team 1,2,35 Mission Worker 25 Sunday School Teacher 35Youth Director 45Assistant Editor of "Victorious" 45 Junior Church 55 Alpha Kappa Club 35 Light Tower Literary Editor 45 A Cappella 35lntramural Sports 152, 35 Dormitory Cabinet 35 Prayer Band Leader 35 Oratorio 15 Band 1,25 MCA Students Fellow- ship 35 Pi Lambda Zeta President 4,55 Youth Conference Publicity Director 5. QNVV' F i 1 SHARON ZERBY II Chronicles 32:8 B. S. in Christian Education Sunday School Teacher 3,4,55 Child Evange- lism 45 Youth Worker 3,4,55 Choir 55 Oratorio 55 Speech Choir 5. DAVID STOUT Philippians 1:21 B. S. in Missions Bachelor of Religious Education Gospel Team 1,25 Music Director 35 Child Evangelism Teacher 2,35 Sunday School Tea- cher 45 'Intramural Sports 1,2,3,45 Oratorio 15 A Cappella 25 SMF Ensemble l,2,35 SMF Treasurer 35 SMF President 45 Prayer Band Leader 35 Crossroads Ensemble 3,45 Youth Conference Ensemble 2,35 Band 15 Children's Worker 3. NANCY WARSTLER Romans 11:33a B. S. in Music Gospel Team Pianist 2,35 Choir Director 45 A Cappella 1,2535 Oratorio 1,3,45 Music Club 1,2,3,4. SHELBA JEAN YODER Philippians 1:6 B. S. in Elementary Education Sunday School Teacher 2,35 Church Piani-st and Organist 45 Children's Worker 55 Music Club 2,35 Theta Beta l,2,45 Theta Beta Treas- urer 35 Student Council Secretary 45 Dormitory Cabinet 4. r W' t-,. PATRICIA ANNE HIGGINS Psalm 32:8 Bachelor of Religious Education Sunday School Teacher 2,33 Primary Church Leader 43 Child Evangelism Helper 1, Camera Club 2, Dormitory Cabinet Secretary 15 Light Tower Staff 4. ELIZABETH A, SIMPSON Proverbs 29:18 B. S. in Elementary Education Librarian 3,43 Sunday School Teacher 3. Q Shirley Beall, Edward Shady, and T. A. Strader measuring for caps and gowns. NX ..,,, VERNON HALLER Philippians 4:13 B. A. in-Missions Tract Team 1,2,Youth Director 3,4,5g Sunday School Teacher 5, Varsity Basketball 1,2,3,4, 5, Intr a mu r al Sports: Dormitory Cabinet Member. PATRICIA MAE BYALL Psalm 16:11 B. S. in Elementary Education Young Peop1e's Leader 1,2,3g Sunday School Teacher 1,2,3,4g Theta Beta 2,3. KATHRYN MARIE KRASULA Psalm 19:14 B. S. in Elementary Education Music Dir ector 1,45 Gospel Team 25 Youth Worker 35 Child Evangelism 45 A Cappella 1,3,45 Oratorio 1,2,45 Youth Conference En- semble 25 Theta Beta treasurer and president 152,35 Light Tower 55 Dormitory President 5. DONALD D. CALLISON Matthew 5:16 B. S. in Missions Sunday School Teacher 1,2,3,45 Youth Director 3,45 Assistant Pastor 4, Church Mission Board President 4, Sunday School Superintendent 45 Choir 1. fist- Q. 9 x. 5 Nancy Warstler, Robert Liechty, and Sharon Mayforth look at the announcements and name card styles chosen by the graduation com- mittee. 5 Y X 22 AIMEE INOUYL Philippians 3:13,14 B. S. in Elementary Education Child Evangelism 25 Sunday School Teacher 3,4 JOANNE DICK Nahum 1:7 B. S. in Elementary Education Young People's Christian Education Director 35 Superintendent of Beginner and Primary Church 25 Child Evangelism Helper 1,45 Assis- tant Sunday School Teacher 25 Junior Church Teacher 45 Beginner Church Teacher 55 Theta. Beta 152,35 Theta Beta Vice-President 4. 5 . i -... its .-.h Howard Hawkins, Barbara McCord, Ken Mays, and Nancy Warstler in the Senior class chapel program. MARY ROBBINS Psalm 37 :4,5 B. S. in Missionary Nursing Child Evangelism Helper 15 Junior Church Leader 55 Theta Beta 1. PAUL ROBBINS Matthew 6:33 B.S. in Missions and Bachelor of Sacred Music Gospel Team 2,3,4,5g Sunrise Chapel 2g Crossroads Ensemble 45 Church Music Di- rector 63 Music Clubg Student Association 5g A Cappella 1,2,3,4g SMF Music Director 5g Oratorio 1,2,31 Youth Conference 2,3,4, 53 Band 2,3. l n VERNON LEE LEHMAN NOT PICTURED3 Philippians 4:19 Mary Hauer B. S. in Elementary Education C- RObSI'f K2-lt Sunday School Teacher 25 Mission Worker 2, Edna MBHYEU1 45 Youth Leader 3. Ari' V rg , qlffi gpg? JUNIQRS Each Junior has a goal--to be ready for whatever life mav bring as God's work- man, equipp ed for service. Fifty class- mates are united through such social activi- ties as the Junior-Senior banquet, class parties, and selling concessions at basket- ball games. Through stirring prayer meetings, chapelprograms, and fellowship, each Junior could add to his spiritual storehouse, . ,E X receiving more light toward perfection of his goal. Together, the class has tried to live worthy of their motto, "Reflecting His Light." During times of work, study, and wor- ship, the Juniors have become more and more aware of the responsibility soon to he theirs--to finish their training, perfectly prepared as God's servants. Jesse Adams June Maxine Baker Janice Bloomer Lynn Bowman Raymond Bryant 61 1 .- ....'Q"? ' , ., 1 - -f-:X 5- asia w. .,..-,- X , , . -,,tq,., Qq,:.x..'-1 -V :',I.-f"?f?' "' "tif ig ,552 ' w, r ug ffiirfigflr' 3 955if2'ff'rZ Ni n A Q3 r 'lv X Bw 1' T '35 , hir, Y ri, ,, 4 wr, J.: xiii im. S" in Q nn, l , A G QQ E .N 'X moan, Ns... Wesley Christian Paul De Merchant Larry Eicher Mary Ann Ellis Hanni Feurer Marilyn Grubb Marla Gustafson Dorothy Hackney Crystel Hafer Patricia Hartung Ronald Hodgin Gail Horrocks VV Q i TN ew? A ,iz 11:34 Si wx 1 I Dorothy Joherl Janet Miller '-va... lf' Rachel Morris -.f-,..A . ., ' , 31 "': , at . - v '3 u r. 'Ns' R 1 . K s Howard Moser Elaine Neiman Dortha Onstott 4 sb' V 4,..- Y, I it K WWVMYYKT il ' ' Qs ' ' A , A L lil, f gi' ' F .sw , ,ta -.-. - 2 335 ,X 1, . - Af? wfwwma f'egQiE Fil" . L12 1221 ,5+,:.gsQ4.1:4v Q,-. ,4 gg, 1,-"Qxq.H'31., 1 ft' .ifkz vw 41,Ll:s,.:.:-W-2152. -x ,XA ml A a - -4 O' -.-ll A U ., ,Q -,K 4,15 -. Il few 75 sw' CLASS OFFICERS: Dr. Edward Simpson, faculty adviser Jesse Adams, treasurer Caroline Perry, secretary Raymond Bryant, chaplain Howard Moser, president Wesley Christian, Student Association representative Paul DeMerchant, vice president 63 Q2t'T""', i Juniors selling refreshments at a basketball game. i o 1 Q X as X L , ,, ,Y , an-::f"f-' Peter Osborn Caroline Perry Dolores Rashley Neal Rettig Orville Roach Dorthy Rupp Marilyn Samrady Phyllis Schofield David Shady William Shoot Judy Thompson Elaine Voss Carol Watson Carol Watters Fran Wilson Shirley Zimmerman James Key David Truit NOT PICTURED: Faye Adams Ronald Davis H. Charles Elliott Yvonne Johnson Ronald Krause Sharon Nantz Lowell Peterson Ruth Ringenberg Ruth Shillingsburg N 'yavf vw... -Y ."iF""ff' ,gif P ,, Q 'J 'cv , 'K+ K we :QSO N 9, A - " re' - .." - gil? , :gn Mt 'K 'A l W 1 f it it lg Y, Y . .V 3,,Y,.,,x-1, - " v V X 1 fm IN WX I 1 We .N "" Q ' my wj, xml 2 2 . 4 ,W A - . ' : 1 J' ' K 'u ' 3 7 139' if X , l .. f M' Q X .1.w , Y .,.. ,.,-,..,,4 gy is vt W "7II"": ifr- d""""Vi ia, WWE If 7- - Q ,, . is A its ig? i Q ll Tfrsxfmf'-, E siiilfi-F? ' 2' nkxxxxqg R x , .. x .V xx xlxkhzxx , 'QI' 1 ,va -15 X ,ff'fx' 1" R 7 :U :X 'MIJYIQY X 9 1 :ll fifty gm PRE JUNIORS "Brethren,I count not myself to have apprehended, but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before. I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ J esus."--Philippians 3:13-14 The Pre-junior class has chosen this verse as the guide for the year. Their chapel program, in the fall, emphasized some of the practical out-workings of the verse. Well remembered also are the wonderful times spent together on days of prayer, on Christian service assignments, in intramural sports, and at class parties. ny., . S,-an W c,'Yrs'3, -. "NQ- ' s. N t 1 gif. 6... ' h .fy x Q , S V x v Q? I c X , X Q N A 'N XX X X Q, . ,'-! Miss Dorothy West, Anita Hoffman, and Ann Hel- mick prepare for the Pre-junior chapel service. NOT PICTURED: Marie Kelley 1553. as-M ,Q 3' 'UN r i b 'gp vgrm-f , 'A 1-1 . ,di .. ,- '.,,v, , ,. 1 ' sk ' f 4 . E , 95"-Q 'Ox gi. If , Diane Miller Ellen Pedersen Mary Jane Perry Arlene Zabel CLASS OFFICERS: 1VIiss Dorothy West, faculty adviser Ronald Maser, president James Clauser, Student Association representative Diane Miller, secretary Donald Gerig, vice president Ellen Pederson, treasurer Anita Hoffman, chaplain OPHQMQRE 'lr-f--v' Q.-:rv Life is worth living. To the fifty-seven sopho- mores, living signifies Jesus Christ. This truth is exemplified in the class motto, "For Me to Live Is Christ." Mark Campbell served as President of the class of 1962 for the second consecutive year. Under his leadership the class was capably directed through its numerous activities. The class presented food certificates to needy families ot the area at the Christmas and Easter seasons in keeping with the spirit of giving: "For God loveth a cheerful giver." Through all aspects of college life--academic, social and spiritual--the sophomores have proved to themselves that the Christ-centered life is worth living. M . , i X X 555.8 . N X X 5 A' - .J 'Q-::.. ::: Q . X . X . i Q im. g1::':r:-.1:r. 'Q - "fy ' N 'X 'E 'iiflis isiieiirfg x .' X WW QS X 3 S2552 'C :rw-' Marisa. , f wgfgw , fgifiillfss. "' ' " Xxx Q psy sux Q-it 'S f W 'H x "- ,.q:f'l, " ' I .5 X John Allan Ralph Brandenburg Martha Brown Shirlee Burr R. Mark Campbell Mary Chapman Violet Yvonne Chong Jerry Cramer Clarence Eash James Fassler Nancy Fetter Franklin Graber A t , KSA-'Dx Hugh Gushiken ,, .4,- Carol Haber Maritza Hudson Gary Inouye X M 4 n N..- Mix I in dx .ne -I L.. QV. 4 - X Q-1-.-V.-:--my . 'Y' g: ,-:.:,1,v:.:-Q44-'. . . ai """f Lv in A fav N 1, x 0. .Q 5: N ix 5 'Q Vx 'Q KX 63 Y X s E Q X 3. Q David Jacobson Mary Louise Kable Stanley Kobayashi Darlene Krause we K- M 2.53 CLASS OFFICERS: Steve Sprunger, treasurer Ernest Hayden, chaplain Vincent Rupp, Jr., vice president R. Mark Campbell, presiden' Shirley Murry, secretary Jerry Cramer, Student Association representative Mr. O. H. Morley, faculty adviser 40" 'ff"'T"' " "I r Ef'V'f'il1Z:X1iEi' W. V wi :-'1t, 'Sg ,AA ., Z Mix, as we Eg . z,:Q1. X .M 2 .. , . so , x QQQX QE X , s NN X We XX r XX ww xx x we Nm ' v E X' r . R .. K ' wi X X X W 3. Su ' -Mi " , 4 ew ,f eg 'Q ,, 3 J ii if x 4 A X Q' 3 X . X XQQ' W QN Qs.- ww.. 70 xx. ,am :be ,f I 1- N,- W... Sf X . ,:, .,:,55:gg.g:,1::., f.,,1 ggi-'gy -' 1,1 . :+:-s- -- 1-x-g.r1g1 1 2 I :Elf- 'Y-.' if 1 N Q , f f' lb Xi 5:5 T, ,.,. , ew . S 'UQ .. A,-sverg, xx Q'- X . 42 ' ea .aexw X X fx X x X 1 4 Q ' Pm PA N 1- U.--eq S N Y P AN r Q f fir SSX QR?""' Monique Lefebvre Norma Lehman Lynnette Leslie James Line June May Sharon Meier Larry Merriman Judith Montei Ronald Morehead Shirley Murry Judy Nesseth Lorene Neuenschwander Robert Neuenschwander Colleen Perdue Daryl Platt Edward Podlesak Maynard Ringenburg Vincent Rupp, Jr. Carol Schuman Barbara Sprunger Steve Sprunger Virginia Steiner Shirley Swallow Bette Tao John Trusdle William Von Gunten Gerald Welsh Robert Wheat NOT PICTURED: Elias Bazzini Robert Bertolet Larry Brincefield Ernest Hayden Neva Hirschy James Larnard Robert Onstott Merrell Wheeler 5 3 ig". ' if-, ' X .- if 'filiflx I if FRE HME "O for a thousand tongues to sing My great Redeemer's praise.." Even though the Freshman class does not have one-thousand tongues, they can use their one-hundred tongues to glorify Christ. These tongues tell of the Lord's guidance and presence during their first year at Fort Wayne Bible College. The class members have found their subjects interesting and challenging. Ir. addition to their aca- demic preparation, they have enjoyed participating in a well-rounded schedule of activities, which include intramural sports, class and school parties, gospel teams, and clubs. Through their fellowship and study they hope to fulfill their class motto by becoming "More than con- querers." :isis .sees-p. -X . .. ,- Vx-as N is X 1 U , ' f"'f-N -H A - fl- ' gg, bb.. - . f Q K' 5 -1-. 1531 . . - .gif ,M V A V - sf , ,- +f11fxifWfl"'ff E QR , ::-,,, ' 3 BK X x ,mx s X 72 x i X XX 1-:cfs X. -1 i ,h 'Q X lg " - 2. ' as r N 41-.4 , l b ,a--a - , X N. .5-as .ia we 4,9 1, .. ..,.,. ,- N 33210 'Qi S, r jiqfl f,,...:-T., Donna Akers Rosemarie Basel William Beougher Arlan Birkey Sarah Blair Vernon Blue Joseph Bokel Jr. Vonda Bollinger Calvin Bourn John Bristol Vivian Bush Sharon Butcher Cora Vee Caswell Corrine Chamberlain Franklin Cordier Mary Alice Cousins Richard Cromwell Martha Louise DeCamp Marilyn Dissinger Sandra Drawant Janet Duthie Donald Dyck Robert Eichar Judy Flick Duane Ford Nancy Freer Mary George Charlotte Gerig James Gordon Gary Griffis Helen Gunckel Wahnetta Hamman . .5-.-, .,x, UWA? U46 ',.az as -6 ,r -v s A " sb F f'- . N, X .,.. H ,... ie-:V . N, Y 7 4 16- We 1 , r w N, ' wx , N S? ggi., . .X.,N,,g,- 'N' , ' .mgssrwgp .X n.:bi5gX1:5aS-1' M XX fs, me X ox X QQ Y' Q ch X X X X My X N X x Q XXX I Q A X X x 11" x 'H- Carolyn Hankey Karen Heffner Ruth Henessee Sherril Holden James Johnson Danez Jurey James Kipp David Klopfenst Anthony Kneuss Beatrice Kranich Benjamin Kurp Ruth Landes Kenneth Lehman Eclnamae Mann John Morgret Tamara Morley Wilbert Neuenschwander Gloria Nishihara Janice Oleson Robert Perry ein Judith Persons Patricia Pittsenbarger Janet Puvogel William Raines Judith Reavis Marilyn Reichard Phillis Rice Phillip Rice CLASS OFFICERS: top row: Raymond Tabuchi, treasurer John Bristol, president Arlan Birkey, vice president Bottom row: Wilbert Neuenschwander, chaplain Gloria Nishihara, secretary Lynette Williams, Student Association representative -P ft I ef . vb W Wx 'M' -wwf" 3 I ri. -f N . f if .I , ?a 0 ff Wt Wu? yy 1? 2 3 ,555 H 7 Exec X 1 Z-gm x 'oft -gzgiiv ' 'f-'S f' ' 'ea f if 5.1514 ' , -, :W S 'ff FU, z v W x gawk m 'I fri., 75 x 'Q 2 QP' :N 3 Hag win:- . X 5-E. . Mr' Q"'f"" AS- Freshman class carolers at the County Home X x 9 . dw? N ..- y ' .,,.:. , ":2:f'x . kxgwr' , 5 . :Q up gi.. Q gi' '54 .-,Q -Mm: ,1 , . .- '96-r "' w. iii Mary Robinson Carolyn Schleh Nancy Schleigh Duane Seiple Margaret Shady Robert Shannon Dwight Sholl Marilyn Spears John Steiner Virginia Sumser Raymond Tabuchi Jane Tao Judith Truit Ellen Trusdle Charlotte Valentic Sharon Vetterhoffer Bonnie Waters Alice Joy Weddle Larry Whetstone Lynette Williams NOT PICTURED: Carol Alger Philip Buchanan Nancy Cash James Ebersole Lowell Halbert William Hamilton Philip Hatmaker Clayton Irmeger Harry McCrurn Janet Plivelich James Shockney Leonard Spacht Calvin Waugh George Wiggin jr J s. ..-Q. pa Nw- .A gi A-X ,- ' 1 N J. v S X C i a ,.-- '-' . , Q .1-4,- Y' eit AAZ. N up I .:,:t, . A LS.. Helen Wolfe Mae Zigler Y I, ,, -A :- il, A.1.n.l::1,., -, t . if ' EQ: R152 B.. A 3.33-: Q1 ': - -:fit . ' , -5 '. .,- F57'--::2:5s-::5::-5152:5:Q:!:g::r-wewas-. :-51 ,- :a: E -H 15 2' -if rr ,ga L M- ,ah ,. X1 fi .V SECOND SEMESTER STUDENTS SX . '-fl ' , . :' '25 ' -F5 - '33 ,-af' -R55-1: 41 " S il- .g. . "-- zuiezrzt w swsfr-111--11:21-1 :er ' : f-wmwf:-3+ i rea: V ..1vsr4'1ve- N - ' ' :sfiffg sfggfi "ll" if-'ff ' . l . , Sc. " Elaine Armstrong Russell Barkley Larry Cadaret Ruth Couture Joyce Gerig William Gerig Earl Messick Lorraine Wingrove STUDENTS NOT PICTURED Gladys Agler, Lois Aldrich, Elsie Amstutz, Eugene Babbitt, 1Caro1 Beerbower, Carrol Bley, Grace Brown, Karen Brovsm, Carol Bryant, Florence Cavender, Oren Campbell, Arthur Cash, Tom Churchill, Philip Cook, Donald Dowdy, HEDECCB Ellis, Martha Falb, Sharlene Flueckiger, Richard Forbes, Mary Gabrielson, Donna Garnier, Larry Gaskill, Homer Gause, Mary Geahlen, Virginia Geimer, Sharon Gernhardt, Harry Gilpin, Ismael Gonzalez, Janet Gushiken, James Hall, Darline Haller, Othella Hammon, Robert Hartung, Helen Inniger, Irene Irmscher, Gordon Klopfenstein, Dolores Langston, Mary Lauer, Helen Levy, Barbara Love, Donald Love, Don McCord, Elaine Maggart, Herbert 78 Martin, James Martin, Paul Mays, Alverna Messick, Ben Miller,Delmer Ray Miller, Fabina Miller, Henry lVIiller, Larene Mitchell, Cora Ann Moore, Arthur Moser, Linda Mosier, Pearl Mullans, Gloria Panoch, Mary Pavkov, Carolyn Petrucelle, Keith Piper, Irene Powell, Carmen Pusey, George Pusey, Juanita Ranes, Roger Schladenhauffen, Barbara S h e r b e c k, Elzer Showers, Laura Slater, Lilah Steiner, E1anaStephanek, Evelyn Strahsburg, Willis Sudmann, Roberta Thayer, Harold Veach, Larry Veach, Hector Villa, Harold Votaw, David Walker, F1orenceWeaver, Lois William- son, Beulah Wilkin, Dorothy Winders, Will Winders, David Wyckoff, Alan Yoder, Forest Yoder, Mary Zeiter. Nancy Sinn prepares Ar1anBirkery to give blood dur- ing the visit of the Bloodmobile unit. L we f ,M K NURSES 1 One of the newest programs at Fort Wayne Bible College is the missionary nursing course operated ir' co-operation with the Lutheran Hospital. Ayear of study is taken here at the college, then three years of training at the hospital. The final year the student returns to the college for additional training in Bible and missions. At the present time there are nine students on campus who have completed their nurses training. These are: Grace Shillingsburg, Ruth Ringenburg, Carolyn Derreth, Margaret Richards, Mary Robbins, Yvonne Johnson, Nancy Sinn, Shirley Beall, and Janet Miller. ln training are eleven Students from the college: Janet Cochran, Claudia Bell, first year, Eunice Simmons, Donna Grubb, Patricia Rice, Lola Harmon, Kathy Huffman, second year, Donna Burd, Elizabeth Furman, Karen Fouts, Rebecca Liechty, third year. Several of the nurses on campus Shirley Beall Carolyn Derreth Yvonne Johnson Janet Miller Grace Shillingsburg Bernard and Benjamin Williams 4 .4 3, Senior class night The processional Dr. Z. T. Johnson, commencement speaker X 705 f CAMPUS LIFE Just be glad you're not on the bottom. Breakfast in bed. Light Tower photographers working in the darkroom. See no evil, speak no evil, Brusha, brusha, brusha. 5- N. X N, 9 u f- fm? t Q 9' , .. ' iizlikx 9 V : ff S" 1 fill?" 1'- H -1a::.:.2 hear no evil. ANOTHER PALMER HOUSE Designed and built by HAROLD PALMER ....... CONTRACTOR DESIGNER AND BUILDER "Building by the Golden Rule" 815 Huestis Avenue Fort Wayne, Indiana Phone H-46172 Compliments of HAGERMAN CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION "Builders of the New Library" 403 Strauss Bldg. E- 4511 INGEBORG'S FRISOR SALONG Hours - 8:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Monday thru Friday Sat. 8:30 to 12 noon Phone K-3305 617 W. Foster Parkway Fort Wayne, Ind. WAYNEDALE LUMBER AND SUPPLY COMPANY Plywood - Sash Sz Doors - Roofing Custom Millwork Phone S-4102 3300 Lower Huntington Rd. Fort Wayne, Ind. HOLTON AVENUE MISSIONARY CHURCH . T Phone K-2752 t 1422 Baxter Street iN . " ' I' Fort Wayne, Ind. N3 7 GOUTY'S SERVICENTER, INC. "Complete Automotive Service" 3500 S. Broadway HA-3147 Ft. Wayne's Oldest Chevrolet Dealer C. A. GRIEGER CO. 130 E. Baker Phone A- 0225 -SALES- PARTS-SERVICE Phone A-3400 808 Calhoun St. COUSINS "Quality Jewelers" 'Expert watch and jewelry repairing" A. James Reynolds Fort Wayne, Mgr. Repair Dept. Indiana A. M. STRAUSS AND ASSOCIATES, INC. Strauss Building A-4207 Architect for New FWBC Library BIBLE TRUTH BOCKSTORE BOOKS BIBLES STUDY HELPS I TEACHING AIDS MUSIC DOSWELL'S 301 West Main A-1183 Beautiful flowers for all occasions-- MENU MEATS, INC. 2506 Broadway HA-2275 Wholesale portion-controlled meats When thinking of your menu .... Think of us. Neighborhood custom A-'53 DRINK ' 5 5 " Y f f I , it , f - X ' ....... .... I .... .... . ..,.., .7 f We appreciate serving Fort Wayne Bible College for their laundry needs . . . TROY LAUNDRY 1709-17 South Calhoun, Fort Wayne Compliments of E. H. PURCELL 84 CO., INC. MASTER. EXTE RMINATORS 4122 Wells Street T-7696 Fort W'-vne, Indiana BROADVIEW FLORISTS 8. GREENHOUSES 5801 Winchester Road HA-3346 For Flowers Greenhouse-fresh COLLIER'S ENCYCLOPEDIA Preference in Reference Summer job placement for college students honored. Compliments of FORT WAYNE TRAVEL SERVICE CLEARY AND KELSEY, INC 206 Central Building A-8153 Fort Wayne, Indiana E-2702 We 1 i " -MSI? ai T117-, -A,-" sv ,, ..srg.' 1 H 9""A Fiifktieii www' f 2 fm DPS Ssnfgiifj.. Sgfiflffffg m f 1, ' f:?g,::-L w Egan? n5"w,f':w4 nigifzf .Hb nf". fab: 1' Q X. aff Sm Q-Am To the mm and women of FAN. B. C. wha met the standards, fuifilied the academic ments and attained that measum af mem which may be M uired by the scifi afq0n5s,Rr ' " of PUIFOSBQORJ apprvpriaiinqnzf idcds um! fur ibn bancfi of Socieiy, fha eunobf' afmmkinimd ii! fyi oflind '--'ioyouwepa??his Uibiitofmw' ur prayers for your success follow you' Sift. Your Neighborhood Health Center SCHMIDT PHARMACY 4001 South Wayne Ave. HA-0620 Pharmacists: ED SCHMIDT JOHN HINTON WALT'S BARBER SHOP "We specialize in flat-tops. " 2011 South Broadway LIECHTY OPTOMETRISTS 805 South Calhoun Street--Fort Wayne 2, Indiana Main Floor GETTLE Building HOURS: Daily 3:00 to 5:3C DR. PALMER E. LIECHTY wed. 12:00 to 8:45 - DR. J. F. INGLE sat. 9:00 to 5:30 Walter Graber, Manager DR. E. J. O'CONNOR For Appointment A-6480 BROTHERHOOD MUTUAL INSURANCE CO. H 1615 Vance Ave. Fort Wayne, Ind. "Bear ye one another's burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ." -Gal. 6:2 PROPERTY INSURANCE FOR CHRISTIANS Non-Smokers only! Rated A+. We insure churches, Christian schools, dwellings, household contents, farms and mercan- tile--Never a court claim Christian agents wanted: Midwest states. TOWNSEND DRY CLEANERS "We treat your clothes as though they were our oWn." 924 E. Creighton Ave. Phone HA-3202 HOBBY RANCH HOUSE Finest for all occasions Delicious Kentucky Fried Chicken Family style eating Complete carry-out service 3204 North Anthony Ph. E-2091 For an evening out, C. Eash, N. Eicher, V. Bollinger, and R. Maser know there's no finer place than the Hobby Ranch House. 86 did yon llrnow that in 1921, the David C. Cook Publishing Company had already been communicating 47 years with the Snnday-school teachers of the United States and Canada . . . providing them with the newest and best materials for teaching the Word of God! Just as telephone communication has advanced and improved since 1921 . . .so has the David C. Cook Publishing Company ad- vanced and improved its literature. We have pioneered and devel- oped full-color illustrations and picture stories as effective teach- ing aids, pupil-centered program materials, time-saving and prac- tical teacher helps, and excellent printing reproduction. In 1960, we are communicating with more than 60,000 Sunday schools in the United States and Canada . . . providing evangeli- cally sound Bible-teaching, life-related literature in attractive and usable form . . .so that the Word of God might better be taught to toniorrow's members of His church, today. Write for free samples of our Sunday-school literature . . . or ask for them from your Christian bookstore. DAVID C. CO , ELGIN, ILl. OK PUBLISHING CO. it "H K CONGRATULATIONS -l,f-""" : Mlssmninv ! s National Headquarters W' W West Rudisill at South Wayne " Fort Wayne 6, Indiana SERVING THE WORLD AT HOME AND ABROAD. . . FOREIGN DEPARTMENT. . . Rev. C. I. Birkey, Secretary . Supporting a staff of 100 missionaries in 20 countries. . The principle of pioneering in unevangelized fields and establishing indigenous churches. . Publicizing world-wide missions and enlisting prayers, funds, and personnel through "World Mission's Rallies" HOME DEPARTMENT. . . Rev. C. R. Gerig, Secretary . Establishing and building a strong testimony in the local church. . Evangelizing the lost through a constant spirit of revival. . Entering new fields through a strong extension program. CLASS- OF 1960! " HURCH ASSUCIATIUN Rev. Tillman Habegger, President ADDITIONAL CHANNELS OF' SERVICE. . . . . SUNDAY SCHOOL . . . Building the church through the Sunday School PUBLICATIONS . . . Bookstore, "The Missionary Worker" and the Bethel Bible Truth Series MISSIONARY YOUTH FELLOWSHIP Providing the best available ad- vantages to youth CHILDREN'S WORK . . . Instructing children in Bible knowledge and Christian practice MEN'S MISSIONARY FELLOWSHIP. "PALS" program, soul winning and the M. C. A. Investment Foundation WOMEN'S MISSIONARY SOCIETY . For fellowship, prayer, and pro- moting missions FORT WAYNE BIBLE COLLEGE. . Founded by the Missionary Church Association more than a half-century ago OBJECTIVES .... The promotion of fellowship among God's people everywhere. . The deepening of the spiritual life in the believer. . The cooperation of the churches in the propagation of the gospel at home and abroad. FIRST BRETHREN CHURCH We preach Christ crucified, risen, and coming again 3326 South Calhoun HA-1065 Rev. M. E. Malles Pastor SOUTH WAYNE EVANGELICAL UNITED BRETHREN CHURCH To all who mourn aw.: need comfort-to all who are weary and need rest--to all who are friendless and wish friendship-to all who pray and to all who do mot, but ought-to all who sin am-d need a Saviour, and to whosoever will-this church opens wide 'the drm' and in the name af Jes-us, the Lord, says WELCOME. Rev. Frank L. Engle Pastor 3500 South Wayne Avenue HA-1065 .Z ff' ' 1' ,ff f ' -Jf,,f' THE GOSPEL TEMPLE BOOKSHOP 117 East Rudisill Blvd Fort Wayne 5, Indiana COMPLETE LINE OF CHRISTIAN SUPPLIES Bibles, Testaments, Devotional Books, and Magazines Sunday School Materials, Cards, and Church Supplies Sheet Music, Songbooks, and Recordings Special Discount to F. W. B. C. Students BY THE GRACE OF GOD YOlI OF THE GRADUATING CLASS OF I960 HAVE REACHED A MILESTONE OF ACHIEVEMENTX I I-XFND WE CONGRATULATE YOU ON IT xx ' X YOU CONTINUE TO COMMIT THE WAY OF YOUR L Z UNTO HIM X IFE ONLY ETERNITY CAN TELL. ITS WORTH xx ' 'N MAY THE LORD RICHLY BLESS YOU xx ,-. I K, X F X fxx ' w X ff I X I Im ,ffff A312 X-f.:-. THE FIRST MISSIONARY CHURCH X i,,-1- 3 SERVICES INCLUDE SUNDAY SCHOOL 9 30 X I SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP HOUR IO 30 x SUNDAY YOUTH FELLOWSHIP HOUR 6 I5 x SUNDAY EVENING EVANGELISTIC SERVICE 7 OO X WEDNESDAY MIDWEEK SERVICE 7 30 X ALSO LISTEN TO THE MISSIONARY HOUR SUNDAY MORNINGS AT 7 30 OVER WOWO X K REV CORNELIUS VLOT ,-: PASTOR THOMAS K ZEHR '- ASSOCIATE PASTOR MARY HODGIN x DIRECTOR OF YOUTH Congratulations, Seniors! CURDES AVENUE MCA STUDENTS FELLOWSHIP MISSIONARY CHURCH, Seeking to the inform MYFers I "Fort Waynss I l ' 55, jx at 1-'WBC of the vision and Frienduest Church" 'A Q convictions of the Mission- 2401 Cufdes Avenue :S73!a,dm. . ary Church Association . . Rev' William H' COX I "L ' Pastor I . 1 ,..,. Listen to f f ? l f f' TOWER OF STRENGTH E 'tr WGL 1250 kc. 6:30 P.M. ' 'j fe Every Saturday I .2 ' 53555, R 1- 4- -WN ,I EN: ev. Oscar A. Richer A 1 L+! il .. Pastor ' 'A' 'P' " ' ,A HARVESTER AVENUE MISSIONARY CHURCH 3331 HARVESTER AT FLEETWOOD FORT WAYNE, INDIANA PHONE A-8352 ADAMS, FAYE 3714 Shady Court Fort Wayne, Indiana ADAMS, JESSE, 11, 13, 18 36, 37, 61, 63 1015 E.11th St. Chattanooga, Tennessee AGLER, GLADYS 4220 S. Calhoun Fort Wayne, Indiana AKERS, DONNA, 29, 72 412 W. Dewald St. Fort Wayne, Indiana ALDRICH, LOIS 2129 Owaissa Way Fort Wayne, Indiana ALGER, CAROL, 19 6066 River Road Flushing, Michigan ALLAN, JOHN, 68 Bad Axe, Michigan AMSTUTZ, HAROLD, 20 523 Kinsmoor Fort Wayne, Indiana AMSTUTZ, JULIA, 18, 49 Route 32 Berne, Indiana ARMSTRONG, ELAINE, 78 18 N. Seventh Hamilton, Ohio BABBITT, EUGENE 5416 Archwood Lane Fort Wayne, Indiana BAKER, JUNE M., 18,61 945 Harris Avenue Bucyrus, Ohio BANKS, DONNA, 16, 19, 24, 49 915 Delaware St. Montpelier, Ohio BARKLEY, RUSSELL, 78 4121 Holten Avenue Fort Wayne, Indiana BARLOW, NANCY, 28, 50, 725 Third St. Elizabeth, Pennsylvania BASEL, ROSEMARIE, 72 G 6470 Fenton Road Flint, Michigan BAZZINI, ELIAS 3203 Sandpoint Road Fort Wayne, Indiana BEALL, SHIRLEY, 11,2O, 27, 50, 58, 74 Clarksburg, Maryland BEERBOWER, CAROL 2309 Engle Road Fort Wayne, Indiana 81 21, BEIGHLE, DOROTHY, 31, 50, 54 R 81 Winchester, Ohio BEOUGHER, WILLIAM, 21, 72, 76 Route 91 Lancaster, Ohio BERTOLET, ROBERT 106 First St. East Peoria, Ill. BIRKEY, ARLAN, 19, 24, ze, 72, 75, 79 14, 76, RR 152 Delavan, Illinois BLAIR, SARAH, 72 710 Church St. Loudon, Tennessee BLEY, CARROL, 32,33 906 Illsley Drive Fort Wayne, Indiana BLISZACK, HARVEY 18, 30, 36, 37, 49 Port Austin, Michigan BLOOMER, JANICE, 19, 36, 61 RR ill Delta, Ohio BLUE, VERNON, 22, 34, 37, 72 Baker St. East Peoria, Ill. BOKEL, JOSEPH, JR. 23, 27, 33, 72 R 441 Broadalbin, N. Y. BOLLINGER, VONDA, 72, 86 Shipshewana, Indiana BOURN, CALVIN, 19, 72 1200 Rogers St. Si. Paul, Minnesota LYNN BOWMAN, 20, 28, Crystal River, Florida 61 BRANDENBURG, RALPH, sa 4006 E. Maple Grove Fort Wayne, Indiana BRENNAN PAUL 5, 19, 21 22, 24, 34,,35, 49, 1148 E. second sc. Ottawa, Ohio BRINCEFIELD, LARRY RR 37 Fort Wayne, Indiana BRISTOL, JOHN, 11, 72, 75, 76 307 Pingree St. Royal Oak, Michigan BROWN, GRACE 336 E. Tipton Huntington, Indiana BROWN, KAREN RR 85 Huntington, Indiana BROWN, MARTHA, 36, W. First St. Box 208 Spring City, Tennessee BRYANT, CAROL Arcola, Indiana BRYANT, RAYMOND, 1 61, 63 Numa, Iowa 19, ee 9, 20 BUCHANAN, PHILIP, 20, 34, 35 Box 26 Bourneville, Ohio BURR, JANICE, 51 19866 E. Ida Lane Grosse Point, Michigan DIRECTORY AND I DEX DE S BURR, SHIRLEE, 20, 26, 68 19866 E. Ida Lane Grosse Point, Michigan BUSH, VIVIAN, 17, 72, 76 215 W. Center St. Alma, Michigan BUTCHER, SHARON, '12, RR 25 Columbia City, Indiana BYALL, PATRICIA, 18, RR 45 Columbia City, Indiana CADARET, H. LARRY, 7 20902 Hunt Club Harper Woods, Michigan CALLISON, DONALD, 18, 4225 South Wayne Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana 76 58 21, 59 CAMPBELL, R. MARK, 19, 28, 34, 35, 36, 68, G9 Barneveld, Wisconsin CASH, ARTHUR 1406 S. Hanna St. Fort Wayne, Indiana CASH, NANCY 1406 S, Hanna St. For' Wavne, Indiana CASWELL, CoRA VEB, 27, 73 RR 82 Fremont, Indiana CAVENDER, FLORENCE, 10, 11 Apdo Aereo 1141 Medellin, Colombia South America CHAMBERLAIN, CORRIN 302 W. 11 Mile Rd. Royal Oak, Michigan rx, 73 CHAPMAN, MARY, 11, is, ea RR 47 Chillicothe, Ohio CHASE, HELEN, 19, 51 147 Will Cook Rd. Rockport, Illinois CHONG, V, YVON'NE, 68 107 a Constant Spring Rd. Kingston 10. Jamaica CHRISTIAN, WESLEY, 13, 62, 63, 80 4018 Buell Dr. Fort Wayne, Indiana CHUMLEY, DUANE 433 W. Branning St. Fort Wayne, Indiana CHURCHILL, TOM 305 Southfair Ct. Fort Wayne, Indiana CLAUSER, JAMES, 1, 10, 12, 16, 24, 25, 29, 32, 33, 66, 67 3934 Fairfield Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana 21, COUSINS, MARY ALICE, 13, 14 17, 20, 73 12832 E. 29th Ave. E. Gary, Indiana COUTURE, RUTH, 78 8257 Adler Rd. Lambertville, ltuchigan BUTLER, LYLE Grabill, Indiana CORDIER, FRANKLIN, 73 RR 81 Celina, Ohio CRAMER, JERRY, 17, 24, 36, 68, 69, 71 RR 165 Midland, Michigan CROMWELL, RICHARD, 2, 20 73, 81 '710 Stoneleigh Rd. Baltimore, Maryland CURETON, JOHN, 18, 50 2915 S. Lafayette St. Fort Wayne, Indiana DAVIS, DOROTHY, 51 RR 441, Box 134 Swanton, Ohio DAVIS, NANCY, 52 3203 Sandpoint Rd. Fort Wayne, Indiana DAVIS, RONALD, 2 3203 Sandpoint Rd. Fort Wayne, Indiana DE CAMP, M. LOUISE, 73 333 South Chestnut St. Van Wert, Ohio DE MERCHANT, PAUL, 5, 10, 17, 37, 62, 63 223 N. Alexander St. Royal Oak, Michigan DERRETH CAROLYN, 51, 52, 79 2502 1X2 South Wayne St. Fort Wayne, Indiana DICK, THELMA JOAN, 19, 200 Elmwood St. Delta. Ohio DISSINGER, MARILYN, 13 73 RR 82 Auburn, Indiana DOWDY, DONALD 131 E. 55th Place Gary, Indiana DRAWANT, SANDARA 73, 24 Fairview Ave. Battle Creek, Michigan DUTHIE, JANET, 16, 73 Hale, Michigan DYCK, DONALD, 12, 17 34, 35, 73 258 Sprunger St. Berne, Indiana EASH, CLARENCE, 19, 26, 45, 68, 86 RFD Ligionier, Indiana EBERSOLE, JAMES RR 34 Sterling, Illinois EICHAR, ROBERT, 11, 17, 34, 36, 37,73 Box 300, RR 94 Celina. Ohio EICHER, ANN, 19, 52 518 lu. Ainsmoor Fort Wayne, Indiana EICHER, LARRY, 10, 13, 14, 16, 62 1140 Sheridan Ct. Fort Wayne, Indiana 5 76 ELLIOTT, HUMER CHAS. 7455 Beecher Rd. Flint, Michigan ELLIS, MARY ANN, 9, zo, 62 140 2 Alaba ma Lafayette, Indiana ELLIS, REBECCA 438 E. Masterson Fort Wayne, Indiana FAGARANG, RENEE, 53 Lehue, Hawaii FALB, MARTHA, 19 3711 Arlington Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana FASSLER, JAMES, 28, 68 Vandervoort, Arkansas FETTER, NANCY, 18, 68 4019 E. Harding Highway Lima, Ohio FEURER, HANNI, 8, 18, 25, 29, 62 L Mr. Kirchoff Nillow Lane L.inwood, Michigan FLICK, JUDY, 14, 73, 76 35 Deerpath Road Crownpoint, Indiana FLUECKIGER, SHARLENE 4030 Tacoma. Fort Wayne, Indiana FORBES, RICHARD 507 S. Martha St. Angola, Indiana FORD, DUANE, 19, 23, 25, 34, 73 Box 65 Deerwood, Minnesota FREER, NANCY, 32, 33, 73 629 S. 9th Ave. Lagrange, Illinois GALLAGHER, GRETCHEN, 19. 27, 29, 30, 32, 33, 53 1105 W. Packard St. Fort Wayne, Indiana GARNIER, DONNA 11064 Pipeline Pomona, California GASKILL, LARRY RR 41 Berne, Indiana GAUSE, HOMER 2145 Fairfield Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana GEAHLEN, MARY 703 Congress Van Wert, Ohio GEIMER, VIRGINIA Pleasant Mills, Indiana GEORGE, MARY, 73 3929 South Wayne Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana GERIG, CHARLOTTE, 13, 20, 29, 32, 33, 73 Box 63 ffrahill. Indiana GERIG, DONALD, 12, 16, 24, 25, 28, 32, 33, 36, 37, 66, 67 703 North Sterling St. Peoria, Illinois GERIG, JOYCE, I6 801 West Rudisill Fort Wayne, Indiana GERIG, WILLIAM, 78 801 West Rudisill Fort Wayne, Indiana GERNHARDT, SHARON 4305 S. W. Anthony Dr. Fort Wayne, Indiana GILPIN, HARRY RR 42 New Carlisle, Indiana GONZALEZ, ISMAEL 722 1X2 W. De Wald Fort Wayne, Indiana GORDON, JAMES, 29, 73 RR if 2 Payne, Ohio GRABER, FRANKLIN, 18, 36, 37, 68 RR A1 Geneva, Indiana GRIFFIS, GARY, 16, 36, 37, 73 727 Hartzell Rd. New Haven, Indiana GRUBB, MARILYN, 22, 62 Box 587 Winona Lake, Indiana GUNCKEL, HELEN, 73 610 Washington Ave. Greenville, Ohio GUSHIKEN, HUGH, 17, 69 P. O. Box 672 Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii GUSHIKEN, JANET K. P. O. Boz 672 Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii GUSTAESON, MARLA, 45, sz 2433 11th Ave. So. Minneapolis 4, Minn. HABER, CAROL, 19, 69 14059 Eastburn Detroit 5, Michigan HACKNEY, DOROTHY, 8, iz 25, 45, 62 48 N. 5th Ave. Fruitport, Michigan HAFER, CRYSTEL, 8, 62 Box 51 Allen, Michigan HALBERT, LOWELL, 21 1830 7th Ave. Huntington, West Virginia HALL, JAMES 3402 New Haven Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana HALLER, DARLINE Bucklin, Kansas HALLER, MARY Bucklin, Kansas HALLER, vERNoN, 34, 35, 37, 58 Bucklin, Kansas HAMILTON, WILLIAM, 76 211 N. Alexander Royal Oak, Michigan WAHNETTA, HAMMAN, 11, 14, 32, 35, 73, is Sidell, Illinois HAMMON, OTHELLA 3203 L. Huntington Rd. Fort Wayne, Indiana HANKEY, CAROLYN, 30, 35, 74 RR ffl Butler, Indiana HARBURN, JAMES, 51 203 Labian Dr. Flushing, Michigan HARTER, GORDON, 66 2502 Poinsette Dr. Fort Wavne, Indiana HARTUNG, ROBERT 2519 Sherman St. Fort Wayne, Indiana HARTUNG, PATRICIA, 62 2519 Sherman St. Fort Wayne, Indiana HATMAKER, PHILIP, 12, 16, 36 1015 W. Drayton Ferndale 20, Michigan HAwioNs, HOWARD, 52, so 2707 Witchwood Dr. Fort Wayne, Indiana HAYDEN, ERNEST, zo, 27, 30, 69 703 Benninghaus Rd. Baltimore 12, Md. HEFFNER, KAREN, 74, 76 308 S. Washington Van Wert, Ohio HELMICK, EDNA ANN, 19 25, 31, 36, 66, 67 914 6th St. Modesto, California HENESSEE, RUTH, 74, 76 RR 464 Mount Pleasant, Iowa HIGGINS, PATRICIA, 27, 54, 58 RR 442 New Tripoli, Pennsylvania I-IIRSCI-IY, NEVA, 20 568 E. Water St. Berne, Indiana HODGIN, RONALD, 62, 83 4013 S. Wayne Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana HOFFMAN, ANITA, 18, 24, 66, 67 RR ffl, Bok 110 1' Spring Lake, Michigan HOLDEN, SHERRIL, 21, 27, 74, 76, 83 201 Keystone Ave. Sayre, Pennsylvania HORROCKS, GAIL, 12, 27, 62 127 Powell Rd. Springfield, Penn. HUDSON, MARITZA, 20, 29, 69 1941 Dewey Ave. Evanston, Illinois IMLER, MAY, 20, 54 2515 Carew St. Fort Wayne, Indiana INNIGER, HELEN RR 41 Monroe, Indiana INOUYE, AIMEE, is, 59 Kaiaheo, Kauai, Hawaii INOUYE, GARY, 19, 69 P. O. Box 24 Kalaheo, Kauai, Hawaii IRMEGER, CLAYTON RR 41 Pekin, Illinois IRMSCHER, IRENE 3623 Reed St. Fort Wayne, Indiana JACOBSON, DAVID, 11, 18, 28, G9 1407 Main St. Worcester, Massachusetts JOHERL, DOROTHY, 8, 17, 19, 20, 63 11902 Hamlen Ave. Cleveland 20, Ohio JOHNSON, JAMES, 37, 74 RR Jil Union City, Michigan JOHNSON, YVONNE, 79 438 Arcadia Ct. Fort Wayne, Indiana JUREY, DANEZ, 74 14756 Collinson E. Detroit, Michigan KABLE, MARY, 17, 32, 33, 69 RR 43, Box 164 Celina, Ohio KALT, C. ROBERT 440 112 W. De Wald Fort Wayne, Indiana KELLEY, MARIE RR 466 Hillsboro, Ohio KEY, JAMES, 28. 65 927 Nuttman St. Fort Wayne, Indiana KIPP, JAMES, 11, 31, 37, 74 517 N. Edgeworth Royal Oak, Michigan KLOPFENSTEIN, DAVID, 12, 13, 16, 22, 25, 34, 35, 74 379 Sprunger St. Berne, Indiana KLOPFENSTEIN, GORDON 15003 Illinois Rd. Fort Wayne, Indiana KNEUSS, ANTHONY, 14, 22, 74 817 W. Logan St. Celina, Ohio KOBAYASHI, STANLEY, 17, 69 P. O. Box 687 Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii KRANICH, BEATRICE, 74 211 Pine St. Rochester, Michigan KRASULA, KATHRYN, 21, 27, 59 RR 445, Box 385 Swanton, Ohio KRAUSE, DARLENE, 18, 30, 35 69 2044 an St. Flint, iigan Q3 KRAUSE, RONALD, 35 3103 1X2 Hoagland St. Fort Wayne, Indiana KULP, BENJAMIN, 74 P. O. Box 10 Frankfort, Indiana LANDES, RUTH, 17, 22, 74 815 Alexandria Anderson, Indiana LANGSTON, DOLORES 447 Downing Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana LARNARD, JAMES, 36,37 203 E. Brookfield Dr. East Lansing, Michigan LAUER, MARY 3714 Shady Court Fort Wayne, Indiana LEFEBVRE, MONTQUE, 19, 15397 Pomona Dr. Detroit, Michigan LEHMAN, KENNETH, 74 4026 Buell Dr. Fort Wayne, Indiana LEHMAN, NORMA, 70 RR ill Berne, Indiana LEHMAN. VERNON, 60 3011 Hanna St. Fort Wayne, Indiana LESLIE, LYNNETTE, 11, 19, 70 524 E. Scott St. Grand Ledge, Michigan LEVY, HEI-EN RR tl Uniondale, Indiana LIECHTY, MARGARET, 18, 22, 52 800 W. Rudisill Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana LIECHTY, ROBERT, 21, 22, 28, 51, 52, 59 800 W. Rudisill Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana LINE, JAMES, 37, 70 627 S. Connecticut St. Royal Oak, Michigan LOVE, BARBARA 3122 Oliver Fort Wayne, Indiana LOVE, DONALD 3122 Oliver Fort Wayne, Indiana MC CORD, BARBARA, 55, 60 17650 Kinlock Detroit 4, Michigan 24, McCORD, G. DON RR 41 Ossian, Indiana McCRUM, HARRY, 20 715 Cottage Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana MAGGART, ELAINE 129 W. Creighton St. Fort Wayne, Indiana MANN, EDNAMAE, 21, 74 4806 Eichorn Cleveland 2, Ohio 70 51 MANYAN, EDNA Kingston, Jamaica, BWI MARTIN, HERBERT RR 41 Ossian, Indiana MARTIN, JAMES 1621 Roosevelt Dr. Fort Wayne, Indiana MASER, RONALD, 18, 66, 87, 86 RR 41, Box 42 Au Gres, Michigan MATTERN, JON ftR 43 Wabash, Indiana MAY, JUNE, 70 825 N. Altadena Royal Oak, Michigan MAYFORTH, RONALD, 21, 36, 37, 51, 53 294 Eastern Ave. Benton Harbor, Michigan MAYFORTH, SHARON, 31, 53, 59 294 Eastern Ave. Benton Harbor, Michigan MAYS, KENNETH, 14, 21, 51, 53, 54, 60 742 Davis St. Fort Wayne, Indiana MAYS, PAUL, 36 742 Davis St. Fort Wayne, Indiana MEIER, SHARON, 18, 70 34 E. Road Louisville, Ohio MERRIMAN, LARRY, I8, 21, 32, 33, 70, 71, 81 RR 41 Monroe, Indiana MESSICK, ALVERNA Harrison, Ohio MESSICK, EARL, 78 Harrison, Ohio MEYER, JERROLD, 21, 36, 37, 50 RR ffl Grover Hill, Ohio MILLER, BEN 4107 N. Drive Fort Wayne, Indiana NIILLER, DELMER RAY 316 Antwerp Dr. Hicksville, Ohio MILLER, DIANE, 17, 27, 67 29 Emmalon Ave. White Plain, New York MILLER, FABIANA RR W2 Bluffton, Indiana MILLER, HENRY 215 Twillo Run New Haven, Indiana MILLER, JANET, 20, 63, 79 RR 42 Gallon, Ohio MITCHELL, LARENE 620 Oakdale Dr. Fort Wayne, Indiana MONTEI, JUDITH, 19, 25, 29, 70 RR 44 Caro, Michigan MOORE, CORA AN'N 3309 S. Clinton Fort Wayne, Indiana MOREHEAD, RONALD, 21, 70 RR 142 Continental, Ohio MORGRET, JOHN, av, '74 1127 W. Brice St. Lima, Ohio MORLEY, TAMARA, 74 3811 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana MORRIS, RACHEL, 13, 21, 27, 45, 63, 81 RR 48 Defiance, Ohio MOSER, ARTHUR 5707 Decatur Rd. Fort Wayne, Indiana MOSER, nowiuio, 1, 19, es 1100 Ensley Auburn, Indiana MOSIER, LINDA RR 33 Columbia City, Indiana MULLANS, PEARL, I8 2450 Randall Rd. Fort Wayne, Indiana MURRAY, EILEEN, 11, 20, 55 1710 Seward Ave. Bronx 72, New York 1 MUERY, SHIRLEY, 7, 12, ia, 17, 22, 27, 69, vo, ai, RR 41 Wauseon, Ohio NANTZ, SHARON 1102 Putnam Fort Wayne, Indiana NEIMAN, ELAINE, 12, 13, 21, 29, 32, 63 519 5th St. Altoona, Pennsylvania NESSETH, JUDY, 3, 7, 12.13, 17, 22, se, vo, 71, B1 911 W. Michigan St. Battle Creek, Michigan NESSETH, DOROTHY, 18, 55 Madison, South Dakota NEUENSCHWANDER, LORENE, 18, 70 756 W. Center St. Berne, Indiana NEUENSCHWANDER, ROBERT, 16, 29, 70, 71 3413 W. Pierce Chicago, Illinois NEUENSCHWANDER, W'I 11, 16, 25, 74, 75 756 W. Center St. Berne, Indiana LBERT, NISHIHARA, GLORIA, 17, 74, 75, 76 P. O. Box 24 Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii OLESON, JANICE, 74 3852 15th St. Moline, Illinois ONSTOTT, BARBARA 916 Dayton St. Fort Wayne, Indiana ONSTOTT, CAROLYN, 18, 31, 56 Butte, Montana ONSTOTT, DORTHA 19, 63, 76 407 Shelton St. Chadron, Nebraska ONSTOTT, Chadron, ELAINE, se Nebraska ROBERT ONSTOTT, 916 Dayton St. Fort Wayne, Indiana OSBORN, PETER, 31, 64 61551 Gratiot Richmond, Michigan PAVKOV, JULIUS, 54 RR 451 McKean, Pennsylvania PAVKOV, MARY RR +1 McKean, Pennsylvania PANOCK, GLORIA 4001 Fairfield Fort Wayne, Indiana PEDERSEN, ELLEN, za, 25, 29, 32, 67 3406 N. Osage Chicago, Illinois PELZER, ETAN, 14, 18, 21, 24, 26, 36, 37, 51, 55 2628 Willa Dr. St. Joseph, Michigan PERDUE, COLLEEN, 303 Birch St. Shelton, Washington 70 PERRY, CAROLINE, 13, 18, 25, 33, 36, 63, 64 Columbia, South America PERRY, MARY, 67 646 112 W. Creighton Fort Wayne, Indiana PERRY, ROBERT, 18, 74 646 1X2 W. Creighton Fort Wayne, Indiana PERSONS, JUDITH, 16, 75 Box 77 Woodburn, Indiana PETERSON, LOWELL Gibbon, Minnesota PETRUCELLE, CAROLYN 406 Division Huntington, Indiana PIPER, KEITH RR W2 New Haven, Indiana PITTSENBARGER, PATRIL, 20, 75 217 S. Main St. New Bremen, Ohio PLATT, DARYL, 13, ao, 70 5280 Marshall St. Arvada, Colorado IA, PLIVELICH, JANET 2121 Coy St. Ferndale, Michigan PODLESAK, EDWARD, 11, 18, 25, 30, 31, 32, 70 4117 Vernon Brookfield, Illinois POWELL, IRENE 229 W. Maple Grove Fort Wayne, Indiana PUSEY, CARMEN 18 Leaneral Kingston 2, Jamaica PUSEY, GEORGE 18 Leaneral Kingston 2, Jamaica PUVOGEL, JANET, 75 14050 Sherwood Oak Park 37 Michigan RAINES, WILLIAM, 11, 75 689 Hays Ave. Baltimore, Maryland RANES, JUANITA 300 W. Rudisill Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana RASHLEY, DOLORES, 3, 19, 64 RR 42 Delta, Ohio REAVIS, JUDITH, 75, 76 RR 34 Beloit, Wisconsin REICHARD, MARILYN, 7 Box 350, Girlhaven Holidaysburg, Pa. RETTIG, NEAL, 16, 36, 37, 45, 64 750 Loomis St. Jackson, Michigan RICE, PHILLIP, 35, 75 RR 445 Princeton, Illinois RICE, PHILLIS, 16, 21, 23, 27, 36, 75 RR 35 Princeton, Illinois RICHARDS, MARGARET, 2204 23rd St. S. W. Akron 14, Ohio 5, 76 56 RINGENBERG, MAYNARD, 70 3901 S. Wayne Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana RINGENBERG, RUTH, 19 3711 Arlington Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana Roma, ORVILLE, 64 2825 1X2 Broadway Fort Wayne, Indiana ROBBINS, MARY, 60 2711 Broadway Fort Wayne, Indiana ROBBINS, PAUL, 22, 60 2711 Broadway Fort Wayne, Indiana ROBINSON, MARY, 76 2250 N. Keystone Indianapolis, Indiana ROUSSOS, JAMES, 19, 55 Boi-L210 Pandora, Ohio ROUSSOS, LOUISE, 19, 55 Box 210 Pandora, Ohio RUPP, DORTHY, 19, 64 RR 442 Bryan, Ohio RUPP, VINCENT, JR., 17, 24, 27, 35, 69, 70 Box 17 Pettisville, Ohio SAMRADY, MARILYN, 65 144 E. Hamilton Allentown, Pa. SCHLADENHAUFFEN, ROGER 1004 S. Main St. Bluffton, Indiana SCHLEH, CAROLYN, 19, 76 183 McLean Dr. Manassas, Virginia SCHOFIELD, PHYLLIS, 18, 19, 21, 29, 65 2211 Prairie St. Elkhart, Indiana SCHLEIGH, NANCY, 35, 76 RR 32, Box 131 Chillicothe, Illinois SCHUMAN, CAROL, 7u 21223 Hunt Club Harper Woods, Michigan DUANE SEIPLE, 17, 29, 76 801 W. Front St. Rockford, Ohio SHADY, DAVID, 18, 36, 37, 65 Jackson Center, Ohio SHADY, EDWARD, 21, 36, 56, 58 Jackson Center, Ohio SHADY, MARGARET, 17, 76 Jackson Center, Ohio SHANNON, ROBERT, 34, 36, 76 RR Box 101 Eau Claire, Michigan SHERBECK, BARBARA Shiocton, Wisconsin SHERBECK, CARL, 18, 56 Shiocton, Wisconsin SHILLINGSBURG, GRACE, 79 2502 1X2 S. Wayne Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana SHOCKNEY, JAMES 4836 S. Hanna St. Fort Wayne, Indiana SI-IOLL, DWIGHT, 34, 35, 65 RR 41 Edgerton, Ohio SHOOT, WILLIAM, 21, 29, 65 1021 Curdes Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana SHOWERS, ELZER 626 W. Creighton Fort Wayne, Indiana SIMPSON, ELIZABETH, 58 928 Emmons Lincoln Park, Michigan SINN, MILTON, 13, 19, 31, 54, 57 122 1X2 E. Leith Fort Wayne, Indiana SINN, NANCY, 7, 10, 13, 17, 22, 54, 56, 79, 81 300 S. Alp St. Bay City, Michigan SLATER, LAURA 5820 Winchester Rd. Fort Wayne, Indiana SPACHT, LEONARD, 76 RR 33 Wapakoneta, Ohio SPEARS, MARILYN Hedrick, Iowa SPRUNGER, BARBARA, 18 RR 37, Wayne Trace Rd. Fort Wayne, Indiana SPRUNGER, STEVE, 28, 31, 69, 71 RR 32 Berne, Indiana STEINER, JOHN, 12, 13, I4, 17, 76, 77 309 E. McKinley Phoenix, Arizona STEINER, LILAH 3506 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana STEINER, VIRGINIA, 20, 29, 32, 71 691 Dickerson Detroit 15, M.ichigan STEPHANEK, ELANA 3204 Hanna Fort Wayne, Indiana STOUT, DAVID, 7, 10, 18, 22, 57 RR 42 Mooresville, Indiana STRADER, T. A., 3, 13, 18, 34, 36, 50, 58 413 E. Lincoln Royal Oak, Michigan STRAHSBURG, EVELYN 708 W. Foster Pkwy Fort Wayne, Indiana SUDMANN, WILLIS 736 Houston Dr. New Haven, Indiana SUMSER, VIRGINIA, 77 707 Broadway Harrison, Ohio SWALLOW, SHIRLEY, 17, 27, 71 807 Roosevelt St. Lima, Ohio TABUCHI, RAYMOND, 17, 75, 77 Box 33 Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii TAO, BETTE, 17, 71 Box 55 Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii TAO, JANE, 17, 77 Box 147 Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii TERUI, EDWIN, 24, 37, 53 Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii TI-LAYER, ROBERTA Lupton, Michigan THOMPSON, JUDITH, 18, 65, 76 1245 S. 57th St. Milwaukee 14, Wisconsin THORN, EVELYN, 18, 57 Milo, Iowa TRUTT, DAVID, 13, 65 2423 Fairfield Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana FRUIT, JUDITH, 12, 77 3346 N. Elms Flushing, Michigan TRUSDLE, ELLEN, 16, 22, 76, 77 RR as Clyde, ohio TRUSDLE, JOHN, 21, 71 Box 292 Bluffton, Indiana VALENTIC, CHARLOTTE, 77 Box 350 Holidaysburg, Pa. VEACH, HAROLD RR 411 Warren, Indiana VEACH, LARRY RR 41 Warren, Indiana VETTERHOFFER, SHARON, 7 124 S. Lawndale Morton, Illinois VILLA, HECTOR 2527 Fox Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana VON GUNTEN, WILLIAM, 71 RR 76 Decatur, Indiana VOSS, ELAINE, 18, 36, 45, 65 RR 52, Box 446 Davenport, Iowa VOTOW, HAROLD Pioneer , Ohio WALKER, DAVID 1404 Oneida St. Fort Wayne, Indiana WALTER, LEWIS R.F.D. Auburn, Indiana WARSTLER, NANCY, 21, 29, 30, 54, 57, 59,60 RR 42 Auburn, Indiana WATERS, BONNIE. 77 RR51 Spencerville. Indiana WATSON, CAROL, 18, 65 1126 W. Lexington Fort Wayne. Indiana WATTERS, CAROL, 8. 20, 65 2350 11th St. Akron 14. Ohio WAUGH, CALVIN 2510 Sheridan Rd. Fort Wayne, Indiana WEAVER, FLORENCE 115 1X2 Taber St. Fort Wayne, Indiana WEDDLE, ALICE JOY, 26, 77 4018 Avondale Fort Wayne, Indiana WELSH, GERALD, 71 1308 1X2 Huestis Fort Wayne, Indiana WHEAT, ROBERT, 11, 12. 19, 37, '71 5906 Atwell Toledo, Ohio WHEELER, MERRELL 1503 Paulding Rd. Fort Wayne, Indiana WHETSTONE, LARRY, 17, 34, 35. 36, 37, 77 305 E. Lima St. Wapakoneta. Ohio WIGGIN, GEORGE, 34, 36, 37 Albion, Maine WILKIN, BEULAH Convoy, Ohio BELTZ, JAMES N., 40 5344 Gardenview Fort Wayne, Indiana BLEY, ADOLPH, 47 906 Illsley Drive Fort Wayne, Indiana BROWN, MRS. MYRTLE, 47 3933 South Wayne Fort Wayne, Indiana BUMP, MRS. ALVIN, 47 315 Florence Fort Wayne, Indiana BYRNE, DR. HERBERT W., 8, 42 3811 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana CONRAD, EUNICE, 44 441 West Branning Fort Wayne, Indiana CUPP, SHIRLEY, 47 3710 Goshen Rd. Fort Wayne, Indiana EHLKE, EDITH, 22, 44 3811 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana EICHER, CYRIL H., 24, 43, 51 1140 Sheridan Court Fort Wayne, Indiana EICHER, P. L., 47 719 W. Rudisill Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana FIEDLER, MARTHA, 47 1114 W. Rudisill Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana FRANK, DR. RENE, 29, 44 937 Illsley Drive Fort Wayne, Indiana GALLAGHER, RALPH, 23, 44 1105 W. Packard Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana GALLAGHER, MRS. FERN M., 47 1105 W. Packard Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana 96 WILLIAMS, LYNETTE, 17, 24, 75, 77 Box 209 Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii WILLIAMSON, LOIS Lanny. ohio WILSON, FRAN, 18, 20, 65 RRS4 Coldwater, Michigan WINDERS, DOROTHY 7311 John St. Fort Wayne. Indiana WINDERS, WILL 73ll'John St. Fort Wayne, Indiana WINGROVE, LORRAINE, 78 RR161, Box 25 Connellsville, Pa. GERIG, IRA, 44 7611 Kingsway Rd. Fort Wayne, Indiana GERIG, DR. JARED, 8, 40, 41 801 W. Rudisill Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana GERIG, MRS. MILDRED, 41, 47 801 W. Rudisill Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana GERIG, JOY, 47 Bethany Hall, College Fort Wayne, Indiana GERIG, WESLEY L., 13, 28, 32, 33, 44 4030 South Wayne Fort Wayne, Indiana HARTER, C. V., 43 2502 Poinsette Fort Wayne, Indiana HOATSON, GRANT, 22, 44 3811 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana HOATSON, MRS. GRANT, 24, 43 3811 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana ISAAC, ADELLE, 47 4030 Tacoma Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana JACKSON, MRS. HELEN, 47 409 W. Masterson Fort Wayne, Indiana KERFOOT, WALTER J., 14, 45 806 Kensington Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana KING, WALTER E., 5, 42 2815 Dexter Drive Fort Wayne, Indiana KING, MRS. GRACE E., 48 2815 Dexter Drive Fort Wayne, Indiana WOLFE, HELEN, 76, 77 504 Peoria Ave. Dixon. Illinois WOMMER, JOHN, 21, 36, 37. 54 1357 Wildwood Rd. Toledo 14, Ohio WYCKOFF. DAVID 3021 W. Farmington Rd. Peoria, Illinois YODER, ALAN 785 Lehman St. Berne, Indiana YODER. FOREST Box 146 Woodburn, Indiana YODER, SHELBA JEAN, 1, 57 9042 Schwartz St. Fort Wayne, Indiana KLOPFENSTEIN, W. O., 45, 7 902 W. Rudisill Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana KLOPFENSTEIN, MRS. CELINA, 48 902 W. Rudisill Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana KRAFT, DARREL W., 45 3811 Indiana Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana KRAFT, MRS. ORENE, 48 3811 Indiana Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana LICHTY, MILDRED, 48 3811 Indiana Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana LINDSEY, NIILLIE, 41, 48 4015 Tacoma Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana LUTTON, DONNA, 48 Providence Hall, College Fort Wayne, Indiana MILLER, JENNIE, 48 324 W. Creighton Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana MITCHELL, HARVEY L 5, 27, 42, 45 620 W, Oakdale Drive Fort Wayne, Indiana 'r MORLEY, O. H., 3, 34, 35, 36, 45, 69 3811 Indiana Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana ivrvi-:Rs, ROBERT, az, sa, 45 305 Arcadia Ct. Fort Wayne, Indiana POCOCK, CAROLYN, 13, 29, 45 129 W. Creighton Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana RANES, HAROLD W., 24, 26, 43 Schultz Hall, College Fort Wayne, Indiana ZABEL, ARLENE, 17, 31, 67 ' 7501 W. Foster Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana ZEITER, MARY RR42 Montpelier, Ohio ZERBY, SHARON, 25, 57 507 Greenlawn Fort Wayne. Indiana ZIGLER, MAE, 29. 35, 77 RRW4 Frederick, Maryland ZIMMERMAN, SHIRLEY, 19, 45, 65 RR441, Box 69 Geneva, Indiana ZURCHER, BERNADINE, 54 3811 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana RANES, MRS. BETTY, 48 Schultz Hall, College Fort Wayne, Indiana TICH, ELEANOR, 46 2511 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana SCHIVIIDT, EVELYNE, 48 3811 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana SCHUMACHER, GLADYS, 46 3811 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana - SIMPSON, DR. EDWARD D. 25, 46, 63 3151 Meda Pass Fort Wayne, Indiana SIMPSON, DR. FRANCES F., 46 3515 Meda Pass Fort Wayne, Indiana SMITH, ADA, 48 4034 Tacoma Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana WARNER, TIMOTHY, 10, 46 3811 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana WEDDLE, FOREST, 30, 46 4018 Avondale Fort Wayne, Indiana WEST, DOROTHY A., 31, 46, 67 3811 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana ZURCHER, JOHN, 5, 48 3811 Indiana Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana Q Q.-if , , , I ,S -f, . Q ,S - Q . S ' X, , . 5 5: -1: -Z'2E45f-l4J-- fi W? 1495742 1 V , 'A 5,m.f:' ,rug ., A .111-7i'f'f,r gwf' jim" A A , I . 4 ,... I I 'W' , , V , ,,,Z.fv 1.-g,..,f, . 2 .' .' . -:.,- A mx- , uf. , , ,, ,414 ' " -aw ' 4, 'z fi " ' 1' ' , ,.... .xt ,. , dw H, . ' sk iiisfssi- 1 . 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Suggestions in the Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) collection:

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