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3 ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 5 L' VIHIHlHIHIlINI4ll'IlHIIIbIIHHIHIIH4Wl1uIN1IH1I 1' -, T- L- f IIII , 977.202 A - X J 3 1833 00088 8600 AS F77BCO 1955 t FQRT WAV:-as EMELE COLLEGE , , tFcJFe'r NAVNE, Iv-10.9 SENIOR K L P H THE LIGHT Towerx Q C 1 'Q 'P ' .2 H 8 ' ml ' 'I Y vi! QM? f - Q 'W- A ff 'cf' ,Y 'V px Cf-W Q ff 1 tl M Q , .. Q ' 6,9 ' Cf o f , X yi, 1 " -, ' XQ 5 ffffa A v . ' f - 'X ', P X 3 0 ' -' ' ' 'V '. f W M ' Q ' V ' fl ' q X . f N aa l' V N N -.llx il 1 L V ,QQ f E 1 D ., :'gV's, 4--A'-,-5 4 ! ff I I9 ,Z h ,ll ,xt ' -," lf Ti XL' V 0. if LLL N ,qi T53 4-1 1 L' W Q' X I xflx f ' K ' . LL. v . Ziff 'L , l ix NL..q T V, I 4 .W . H , ' Z' YV . L t Leif 'MSX , g M44 f 8 ul A ' g O AY E 9 IEE E Q 3 C o 1. L. E cis., U 5 .7 K -1" ' 5 2, lfh i X L 1.955 W FORT WAYNE, BIBLE FORT WAYNE, Editor. ................... ORVILLE Ona Bu ' ess Manager. . .GORDON KLOPFBNSTBIN A SENIOR CLASS PUBLICATION Men County Public Library " Fi. Wayne, Indiana 3'...ff. "-. 'U Q- D 5 ,Q - 'f'-,grwff 5554 1sap1 1Jp1,Llf',LL:,.i7 A ' A ,l .'.- J GZWWQ Fifty years ago at the founding of Fort VVaync Bible College, the Rev. E. Ramseyer spoke of the school as "a vine of God's own planting." At this golden anniversary we are glad to claim that we are a vine of Goclls own planting. We have been rooted and grounded in the Lord and have grown up in His strength and power. As :1 vine grown upward and outward, we have kept as our objective growing up toward our Savior lesus Christ while growing out to reach barren places for Him. This is a miracle year for Fort VVayne Bible Col- lege. Evidence of Gods blessing in growth is clearly seen throughout the past Hfty years. From this vantage point we look not only in retro- spect, but we look ahead to our plans for Future growth under the guiding hand of God. It is our desire that we who have been planted in the likeness of His death may bring forth much fruit as in Hini the vine continues to grow. i it eoillk of gohleuh I. Opening Section II. Administration III. Sruderrt.Body .... . ., .. ,....l-17 ....l8-35 ....36-65 IV. Activities and Organieations 5 ..... 66-81 V. Service and Devotions . .. . .82-94 vig Adigeitisihg i ...... .95-113 vllfDiifaciofyiaiifiilfhidex 114-119 vin. Deaigaiion Pagglif.. ...l20 lil ,ni i 1 1,2 gm, -- L Tig-X .g --- " xg .- cunt 5. "N-wfMXegMJ"n-MV A ., . 1. f-11-Q, ,.-1,-A-H ,J . E. Ramseyer, 1869-1944 -,",,. -' " I ' ' ,, ' ' -I H ,V ..l.,:,V.,3t.,,..4 I SHS, , me E 'yo . I , .., u p C . ' 'ff I. 'f B P Lugiblhl 1849-1916 ommemoewfe lkeae men uulk Me fmlubn These six men, with insight into the need for interdenominational Bi- ble training, established the school known as Bethany Home in Bluffton, Ohio, for one term, and then moved it to Fort Wayne, Indiana. The first unit, the administration building, was erected late in 1904 amid sturdy oaks of virginal forest. Growth was an- ticipated and expected, until today Fort Wayne Bible College has six major buildings, and plans for addi- tional buildings in the near future. This is truly a jubilee celebration for Fort Wayne Bible College as we acknowledge Cod's blessing on the D. Y. Schultz 18615-191-8 ' 1904 ar ' 1 - 1 Q' Henry Roth, 1866-1946 1 . .X -Q., lv M 1909, 1912, 1913, 1914, 1916, William Egle, 1859-1930 Q v - 1916, .1 1 David Roth, 1859-1930 1 " . . .wx 7 J 1 . Ji' 1 1904, 1904, 1905, 1905, 1 1905, 1905, 1905, vision of our founders. Jdbloubal .Mya gym January 1 to April 1-School es- tablished in Bluffton, Ohio, by Mis- sionary Church Association July 12-Fort Wayne site selected and campus purchased with S1800 in borrowed money September 5-Ground-breaking january 3-First term in Fort Wayne with classes meetin in the City Rescue Mission, pending completion of first building February 7-Students move into first building, later named Schultz Hall February 16-Dedication May 12-Closing exercises of first term September-Organization of Mission Band. First officers: Rev. W. H. Lugibihl, President, Mrs. W. H. Lu- gibihl, Secretary May 20-Graduation of first class, 16 in number Mission work begun at 1414 S. Cal- houn First grading of courses Two-year Bible course inaugurated April 13-Alumni organization in- itiated by motion of Board member, Rev. S. S. Gerig Bible-music course added 1922, First Missionary Church built: auditorium thereafter used for large school events 1929-30, Building of Bethany Hall 1930, 1931 1932, 1935 1937, 1938, 1938 February, 25th Anniversary with dedication of Bethany Hall Name changed to Fort Wayne Bible Institute Curriculum extended from two to three years Specialized curricula developed: Theological Course, Christian Edu- cation Course, Missionary Course Acquisition of Annex School of Music established as dis- tinct division Incorporated by State of Indiana 194l:42, Building of Founders' Memorial 1945 1946: 1947, 1948, 1948, 1950, 1953, 1953, 1954, Providence Hall erected Contract made to purchase South Campus Degree courses instituted Accredited as collegiate institution by Accrediting Association of Bible Institutes and Bible Colleges Construction of Residence Hall October 2-Named Fort Wayne Bi- ble College Title acquired to South Campus Course in Missionary Nursing Serv- ice instituted Leightner Hall acquired ?!am 0f4.905 The first class in the new Fort Wayne Bible Training School had sixty-six members. Forty-seven of these students are still living. The twenty- one pictured at the right attended the 50th Anniversary celebration this year. On this occasion we honored these first students of our growing institu- tion. Estelle Abegglin Libbie Amstutz Rilla Amstutz Bertha Canfield Peter L. Eicher Idella Grabill Noah Grabill Clara Lefforge Amos Lehman Rose Lehman E. J. Leightner Lavina Leightner Walter H. Lugibihl Lydia Nofzinger Ezra Rupp E. A. Schwab Johanna Schwab Agnes Sprunger Matilda Sprunger J. E. Steiner Simon H. Stucky s,. S. -ry- ,,,, E Qqv ,, '4' . 'Nr sf P, +L, x v -. f is ' , QW W . Il A , I -" Q. , I .7 A, . , ., W1 A gn - lDlmxx 'N m,, .-,3N,, Andy' ly . A Q1 . N L X ,f 1 - I X -N ' N9 p '.'. , ' - a s.-+P 4' ' ,,-5 . 5 . , 14' . Nl' f M' A, 1. ,Q t ..-NJ 1 f , 11' I as , X. Z-gf an -Af ., 34-3 f -,, F,-4' :Q Vt- ,Ji , 1 - s .NS 11' 4? fi Bc' QW? 'L fl X' . . F 1 2 , Ill +- v I 9 Ill Ns. N. K ,x-4 5 A L vvi 4 J- vi-' --J 50 We oeklfzczfea' owl . walk a aeuba Myeeczkzl olamfaanoea Each of the six special-emphasis weeks observed this year represented a dif- ferent aspect of the college's objectives and growth. Evangelism Week, September 21-25, demonstrated participation in the evangelistic ministry with Dr. Alan Redpath, Rev. Harry Saulnier, Dr. R. R. Brown, and Rev. George Sheffer as speakers. During the week of November 9-12 Christian Education was discussed by outstanding educators, among whom were Dr. Milo Rediger, Dr. Harold Mason, and Dr. Byron L. Osborne. Christian Ministry Week, january ll-14, was highlighted with a unique series of panel discussions dealing with particular church problems. These meetings were well attended by ministers and church leaders from nearby states, as well as by local pastors and students. Dr. Paul Rees, Rev. joseph Kimball, and Dr. W. C. Mavis, well-known church leaders, addressed the meetings. Anniversary Week, Februarv 22-25, demonstrated the college,s remarkable growth since its beginning a half-century ago. Historical and educational dis- plays were presented to the public, and evening meetings were held. Visitors were entertained at Open l-louse. World-wide missionary vision was emphasized during Missions Week, March 22-25. Challenging missionary films and outstanding representatives of missionary work, Dr. Daniel H. Johnson and Dr. Eugene Nida, emphasized the Christian's privilege and responsibility to take the Cospel to all men every- where. Completing the year's special-emphasis weeks was Music and Radio Week, April 28-May 1. Discussions aimed toward more effective Christian ministry through music and through broadcasting were led by such men as Dr. Olaf Christiansen, Dr. Don Hustad, Mr. Wendell Loveless, and Mr. Edward Cord- ing. An impressive choir festival climaxed the programs. TH ANNIVERSARY ANNIVERSARY WEEK, February 22-25, saw the actual celebration of Fort Wayne Bible College's fiftieth birthday. During this gala week of celebration colorful evening services were held in which many honors were received. On Tuesday evening Rev. Jared F. Gerig Crop pictureD presented a fitting message on "The Faith of Our Founders." Wednesday, Fort Wayne Day, saw the campus put on its Sunday best with an open house in the evening. After the evening service in which the film "Bridge- builders" was shown, Dr. S. A. Witmer Csecond picturel cut the birthday cake in the presence of notable civic authorities. Historical displays bedeclced the second floor walls of Founder's Memorial, while an educational display was set up in the gymnasium. Against a colorful back- drop composed of penants from nearby colleges, on Thursday evening tribute was paid to Fort Wayne Bible College by neighboring educa- tional institutions with an appropriate address given by Dr. Thomas Moseley. Beaming gray- haired students were honored on Friday evening -these were students at Fort Wayne Bible Col- lege fifty years ago, twenty-one were present. To his surprise a service citation from the fac- ulty and staff was presented to Dr. S. A. Wit- mer by Professor Harvey Mitchell Cbottom pic- turel. The film, "A Vine of God's Own Plant- ing," reminded us of God's wonderful blessings which He is showering on our college and stu- dent body. A . -vp-7-.., .iv-av Half a century ago the First building of Fort Wayne Bible College, now known as Schultz Hall, was constructed. Originally, it served as an all- purpose building-containing dormitory rooms, library, and dining room. Now after Fifty years of growth, Schultz Hall is used primarily as the men's dormitory. It also houses the school library, science laboratory, school laundry, visual-aid room, and dark room. gg v- . . A f.-r , 1, H1124 fl ,DW fx-z-5-v ,r randi nf' ,. SSRI." 7 The walls of Schultz could tell quite a story of the activities confined within them during the past year-Ere in the clothes dryer, Mr. Mitchell's scientific witticisms, along with the practical Christian living of many young men preparing for service for the Lord. Its sturdy walls are capable of enclosing all the varied interests of its inhabitants, and Schultz Hall re- mains an important structure on our campus. N as - RMU' ' t mf- ? E , S S i ' i 1' ' -rw if E412-4 A-,- , f .4 "WA .? 'M ,ut ln central position on the campus is the adminis- trative-dormitory building, Bethany Hall. It is always a scene of much student activity since it contains the college bookstore and post office, a girls' dormitory on the second floor, and the dean's office. 1' ff YY. -.-. -,,,,.Z7-Y, L., ,,f. re 1 .- .AA-M .h p V v- ' ..., -gnnl"" g '30 P J. .-ul i l -5- Sf : iii "'1 in Es , J I V , 'Q ' -1 the piceence of idministrative offices on its mc in Floor. Berhanv Halls functions are import- ant in the smooth, husinesskiikc operation of our school. Bethany, though active, maintains quiet dignity hx' ' . ' 1 ' ' ' ' ' ' r 1 . I .----M-------------- eff- a -?-M-m---m--.--LT--- .1 l-lub of campus activity, Founders' Me- morial is the scene of inspiring chapel services, enlightening classes, useful mu- sical instruction and practice, enjoyable meals, lively physical education activ- ities, and general good times in the stu- dent lounge and snack room. ln this past year, six weeks of special anniversary meetings have brought with them enriched memories of this build- ing. Founders' Memorial is precious to each of us for the victories won here, For the hours and days spent in prayer, for the uplifting messages given us. lt is associated with our classes, with the friendly atmosphere of the dining room, with our loudly-cheered basket- ball games. Founders' Memorial has entwined itself in our memories. sxg ., : 'l f- .5 'x . "X-. . fs'-... - X, 1 X . ' Y, . 1- ' 1 5: 4 1 4 ..., ,N ., M .N ,...., ,. . 'NP' . ,. .,. . . ' ,. .....-....., .. N -ex . i ... . , V Q- - L . ' ' .- -... ..- .., - A 'X ,....,..:.... ,. .... . ,, , 0, R M.. V . .- ..., . ., , X. -U . N -I N.: .,N.:,... ,I Q . ........-... .....m......,..., N, , M UVU' 'N k A -.-MW.. nw. M-- 3 -, -4: - .,..,. .. ...,.....-- ..,......... ..... a. r. --1 N 3 v ,,,,,,, . M- ,v .... ' . . Q ' f .5 X r : X g 'P , -, -. .. . I bi X X X Vx J, .X - N X I ' x WN 'H ' N wk NX XX X x xx x ' IQQXJX A " X X ,RF 4 . 1 , . N 4 X X x, 1 . N XX NK 'ln --r-o-llr.----19--"" ' ,.: A -1. .. . .1.... ......4.z K'.,,......,.,. fa-..,...,..,wrp.-.-K" ' ' -- , n r ,n, --F . li I .1 I . X- , - N Ve, A . ..,..,... .,, .... .,,- , . M ..... --,.... ,.., . -.. .W nf, ., NM- .3 . N, , X fly- . . W.- .. . . ., . ..,.- .-..,......, .jul p.-345:-'Q-ii V. Q +4--. -1-xwp '-w-------1--.- - .... -.......... -..,-.,... ,... ,.,.....,...,,. W -' - - R -W. - fm... .,.. .. ...... ,., . . W, dvi-I-.dur-Mvxavi 5+ Q . , X 1 , b.. ........... -....,,.,... ...v.,........... ..,...,T. :..+. 41- . - ..t..g.,..,.- ,,Q.,x?,q., v '+"'-"--'--- w w--1---H --.---1M.-......-..7,.......-...... ......,. ,,.,,,,,,,, N ,,.,x,,.. ,lr . -W 'N' ...E,..,,,,.,,,-Q5..,,.4-, M Q ......4..,..... .. .. . ..i...-............. .V N. -..,...... .....- ... - .' +- ... .-1... I K Wwfirwqmiwjgtvtl I G -.....,,.,.,...... .... .H-.......,v..,..,. ..,.,....,... . -,, ' 'M 0254- " f:f:,:-xffj: ,Q ' .- ...Q-, ,.....,4..g.:,.e-- - , :,...........x....-,.... E ..1..,.Q,, Q...s,.,,.,.5 l N ., -.-i.xw-,-aw.--.ig -v4-4 ' . 2i.'..,..g.Y,.r..N3....., . 0, .....f.... :C :S -- ix 2... S V ig -.N Q ' .....Lz.,ff:.,ff:.: dw- , rv --4 . ..'.-..-1.:f:lQ..' Q-v--N--s-Q-.IQ '- Q My f-.:- Q --sw ww. ' . -vw-'Q' X:-e vi -' 3 '4V4rk XiQI:.Iil5L2a2C.lQisLiI, 1 ..,.-.-..fw-f..wa,a- . Nfxve..-x . ba --v .figip-1.435 .....,. ..A.,..,....:,4 -'-giir-4+-hz-'gpfrri -- Sw- Fix ifi Q X X. Q - '5' 9' 3 . 'K X .Q x Q " N Q9 .. SN , Y X ...U .I N. ' ' WN. fx? tx 'FT 'YE Yr?-?r:A lx' . ' mgew-::.v.x,w-. 1 -ix5g?5Q5m:'T1-s . -gv'.'mm:xo: ' "Yu.v.b.-uve.. -'Q -. - -wwj. - k gc-ea-wwqqjxgmiw ... . ... NRL x ilwxv.-xxfeaf-I-Qc: ' . -"-WAX -1 fe: 1-wav.,-1.1 .- :- .. .g,.-., fr-E-I-7:55 5--...W-.,..x .,- ...qw +' in . x-xx'- .4 -:"-Nb X .,.s,q,.-.,.::-if , 1: 4 :Nc-:Q-: - +.c::--:N .- F F To 'bf Hb.:-J" ... . ,, ,. , ,, . .. - ' 1 ' aw TS. . h , ' ,,. .an - ' , ...Wu 2.1. Fifi?-'E-".-2-. f7cw.:.......r- -v ,gf-N., .... .W - - aiu.. ff ff, , x v Y x '77 'Q'-1 r Y,,f ff if K .1f- f A e Al?- ',.,. f- , Pr h wif' ,pig f fir ,. Q., 5 ,F-J it - i X. '-,N li f -:-N tx., V - -1 - ,-1,1 . vzqwf ff ,ff t YC 'V V f 1 , .K 5,1 Xxx .- my - .ilfy--f-XQ41 , 4, Q-,Lui 'W x if 'W "M 1 s, 'S' A J ..+ 'I xg V HWS. A ' 145 are it A i 'Q , - 'el - i fi N: Q' ' Y' i-.Yr a -Q-Q fi ,ef it is Q-,me as Leightner Hall, an imposing home bordering the campus area, was acquired this past year by Fort Wayne Bible Col- lege to house junior and senior girls. Its dignity and state- liness remain despite the vivacity and merriment usually present there. Discovering and exploring were the privi- leges of the pioneers who inhabited it in its first year as college property-and they discovered everything from a candy castle in the attic to concealed compartments in the n ,f ' :iq S. , 4 , , n z . M I 4 MI' 4 tri' ' , g 2 ,ky X Q ' X4 ' I A' "1 fl :I lr l 'dx x J K 4 ' I f Q X 'x 'nf' 5 M! in RA 6 R JWJ. l+W's-Y N. if 'v' ' LQ" .N M .W ,x':','-, .k,., X 4 F jx " 'sg , I ivgdi " X I 1 e v x. xx r' .v 1' 1. .4 WU l' "' '43 X " kt' ' -if? if Y x , -1 - 1 QL ' ,ix , , X N. - fs. X K WN . .I fp, ,XX .5 X ' . 1, Q.. N he X 4 yi y 'Q' A .f'f!' pai. sit- A XI. ,Q X Y K il jx.. oxiyx. , -f r Nm, jp. f 1 ,--'-' i 4 1 N -,l - 7 ix-XX X. s xi' '1iQLt '?:"w'S,f4.ff' 2. --fe ' " fI',:.:,:i5n51" qw' X E , ' LSX M- 'Qi A Y X -K NK V . ,...- -,hu Vx n x,.4x I I: Q ,J--55 - ' - U ' "i N W "iff ' ' . . X N.. . 5, Nd . D EBSQ -xl nag:-M 'W RQ Inns Q F 'in-'ai N i f.. x uv N " Q -.,Sa:1..1 ,R . l A gif' ., . X J.. ive ' 4 .N ". I. if 'r '- basement. A deep sense of Christian fellowship pervades the atmos- phere of Leightner Hall, and it is a Fitting memorial to the Rev. B. F. Leightncr, Former dean of the College for Whom it was named. Leiglmtner Hall, the newest evidence of col- lege growth, is an indication that Cod is still interested in "the vine." R15 xv, di -.Z 4' J fl fl! ff, 'IJ if' f , if rfb ff fl 1' fe K , Aw, --f! I ff f 1' f lf, N Yi ly' 1' in 1. . , .Je- fm i fini ff Mffbf' ,f Q J f I All N 1 f . N Fort Wayne Bible College home for faculty and staff membe si- dence Hall, most recently constructed building on the campus di- tion to being home, its attractive apartments are the scene of many rs of class preparation, prayer, and counselling for Fort Wayne Bible Col- lege men and women. The atmosphere of Residence Hall is that of calm, mature Christian living and understanding and those who live there are strong supports of our school. l Wi Q 1 Providence Hall, light and airy girls, dorm, was built in 1946 as a further indication of Port Wayfne Bible College growth. Traditionally, it has been noted for the delightful combination of gayety and spirituality which its inhabitants display to the W rest of the campus. Providence lives and pulsates every minute of the day and sometimes into the night. Who can ever forget the gab fests, the ringing laughter . . . and occasional library duty? Providence l-lall has established itself as a strong stem in this vine of Gods own planting. s NX 1 l I .fx Z2 E 1 'Q . ,.,-.,...,,..:,1...,.....-.--...v--...-,.-.-, .., . - ,.-,.n1-Y. .-,....... ,... , ZA' A' - xf ' . 5 N . .4,, . 'I gf ..,a ' Y 1 1 ,-viii, Z 'V Sv . x- 2 fi N yi 3 E i S Va Fifa: 'x -1 .AI-fn.-If -qf.-f... ,mv '45 5? qi' Nh - f V I f 93 w ,.f 231 fr f .-11 ':-- hi 'X .2 K dmmdliwlibu A . I4-,2Q?!?. -Ji., 4' -gl 1 Wt goneauhvy woman' Twelve trustees plus the president are the conse- crated Christian leaders who form the Governing Board of Fort Wayne Bible College. These men are elected by the General Conference of the Mis- sionary Church Association 'and by co-operating denominations. Their foresight and wisdom in planning and guidance enables Fort Wayne Bible College to grow scholastically, numerically, and spiritually. "7'b. Mr. L. SHIRL HATFIELD, Chairman Rev. J. Pritchard Amstutz, Massillon, Ohio Assistant Minister, St. john's Evangelical and Reformed Church Mr. J. Francis Chase, Chicago, Illinois Coninzercial Artist ReV. D. W. Donaghue, Newark, Ohio Pastor, Christian Union Church Rev. Jared F. Gerig, Fort Wayne, lndiana President, Missionary Church Association Rev. Clifford L. Grabill, Crabill, Indiana Manager, Sauder Feed Mill Mr. L. Shirl Hatfield, Pandora, Ohio President of First National Bank, Pandora, Ohio fRetiredl Rev. Ben A. Jennings, Van Nuys, California Pastor, Van Nuys Missionary Church Mr. S. A. Lehman, Fort Wayne, Indiana President of National Mill Supply Co., Inc. Dr. Milo A. Rediger, Upland, Indiana Dean, Taylor University Mr. Maurice M. Rupp, Fort Wayne, Indiana Executive Secretary, Brotherhood Mutual Life Insurance Co. Rev. Robert C. Strubhar, Sterling, Kansas District Superintendent, Mid-Western District of the Missionary Church Association Dr. Clyde W. Tayl0r, Washington, D. C. Secretary of Affairs of The National Association of Evangelicals A If ' I WI SAFARA A. WITMER, AB., M.A., Ph.D., L.L.D. DR. S. A. WITMER, President of Fort WHy116 Bilale College, is perhaps the most ardent advo- cate of growth and development for the school. He maintains strong objectives of educational pro- motion along with spiritual advancement. Dr. Witmer has spearheaded many plans which have gained further recognition for our school. He is not content to be only a driving force in the collegeg he also maintains a deep interest in the student body as individuals. Dr. Witmer provides a faithful example in his gracious dignity, his challenging chapel mes' sages and classes, and his sincere concern for us and for our college as we grow together. LLOYD E. ROTH DEAN or EDUCATION Years of experience in public education have prepared Lloyd Roth for his position as Dean of Education. ln addition to skill- fully juggling class schedules and plan- ning for the college's academic expansionQ he teaches several important courses. His quiet devotion to the Lord and his con- sistent kindliness are a blessing to all of us. HARVEY L. MITCHELL REGISTRAR Harvey Mitchell has the unusual op- portunity of working with people he never met. As registrar, his friendly let- ters encourage prospective students in their plans to attend Fort Wayne Bible College. When new students arrive they find that Mr. Mitchell's cheery smile and greeting soon put them at ease. In the classroom, Professor Mitchell skillfully presents what might otherwise be a dull subject in an interesting and catchy way. His sincere devotion to Christ rounds out his fine personality which God is using greatly in the building of His king- dom. 1 'Q' 'T""'!9 - TIMOTHY WARNER DEAN or STUDENTS Experience in Christian living has given Timothy Warner the ability to deal with the problems of stu- dents in their academic, social, and spiritual growth. He handles with skill various issues confronting the entire student body as well as dealing with individual needs. Well known to the young men of the College is "The Dean's Office" where those coveted S.P.'s are issued. Dean Warner's practical, prayerful Christian life is an example to all. W. MORROW COOK DEAN or MEN W. Morrow Cook's deep spiritual life is an inspira- tion to all who know him. As the young men of the College go to him with their problems they are sure that he will be able to help and advise them. ln the classroom, his instructive Bible lectures challenge us all to live a deeper life with Christ. RUTH SONDRECCER DEAN OF WOMEN To the young women of Fort Wayne Bible College, Miss Ruth Sondregger is an excellent counsellor and spiritual guide. Her friendly smile and pleasant Chris- tian disposition make her a gracious social leader, as well as a capable advisor for the varied situations prev- alent in Bible college life. Miss Sondregger's life illus- trates her unwavering faith. .4 s 5 S... -wiki o, i , is ' ' . -.QQ-N fag., 0 CYRIL I-I. EICHER Pastoral Training, Director of Christian Service O. CARL BROWN Director of Missions EDITH EHLKE Librarian 1 1 N -Y .vs " - fx-.gym A.. RICHARD E. GERIG RENE FRANK Piano, Theorg Director of Radio and Public Relathms IRA Gemc Piano, Organ 1 is S i 'K an JARED GERIG Bible FREDERICK JACKISCH Organ MARTHA I. IOHNSON English and Child Care S. ' Mmoemm F. GERTRUDE SCHOLL Spanish BETTY M. STANLEY A Cappella, Introductory Music, Radio and Voice 405, FOREST WEDDLE Bible HAzEL M. YEWEY English and History 'f'5':"A3 Lo.F,NQAX'Xl1B.x- ,533 'GS'-X -' K- 'A-'bbik Xa .S - . -' fgfgggqlsfig. Tfisiszt. 3.I2lg': N-N :J ' KQV N ' QMWZOZZQWQ if A solemn spirit prevailed on the campus this year as we felt deeply the loss of our beloved Dean of Students, ELMER T. NEUENSCHWANDER, whose death resulted from a stroke of lightning on August 18, 1954. He will always be remembered as a true friend of each student and as a humble man wholly dedicated to the service of Christ. Dean NEUENSCHWANDER,S life was a clear commentary on one of his favorite verses, Galatians A .4 2:20. We consider it a great privilege to have been permitted to read this living epistle of Ggd . 1 . X ' ? I WW ARTHUR DITMER Business Manager HAROLD M. CURDY Financial Promotion LAVINA LEIGHTNEH Hostess of Schultz Hall KENNETH I-IuTcH1Ns Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds E. R. I-IORTON, MD. School Physician MARY ULRICH School Nurse ADA SMITH Laundress Lois Srucxv 1 I Receptionist Music Department Sec. HL . Dr 3 Nl My WW MARTHA FIEDLER Dining Department Supervisor JENNIE MILLER Cook HELEN JACKSON Cook CELINA KLOPFENSTEIN Cook 1 I -1' ks-5 ANN NEUENSCHWANDER Secretary to the President FRANCES STALEY 1 ' Bookkeeper Y ? ROMA CLARK E Secretary to the Dean 1 ANN I-IILBERT ' M Secretary to the Registrar RUTH HARROLD Secretary WW N . . .- -:- 'I ir gf ,- - 1' v..f':f,- -V Q 4, -,w,7g.f? 5 i-if -: ,- Cgf ci--3i.r3,i,,y G ia .1 .fi ,Y ,-:ni , 'lip' -7k,1,,i..s.',l:i.,fv-. ,- P-3Jl!,il'ff:i:gmgftfi -I 5'9'. ,,9- 1 1 , 'f " I f 1' if A -i s f ' .A Y ' f . 1" 5 " i f .0 4' ,ef ,. 1 '. f " uf .Qi 4 . ' al .goal Wayne ffiik gofkye , b,bb 'X GROUP I. THEOLOGICAL AND PRE-SEMINARY CURRICULA The programs in Group I are designed for those who are preparing for the gpspel ministry. All are terminal except the pre-seminary programs, whic includes substantially more general education. 1. BACHELOR OF ARTS CFour-year program with a major in Bible and TheologyD A Bible and Theology are the field of concentration. General education requirements: English and speech, 16 hours, social sciences, 12 hours, psychology, 3 hours, health, 4 hours, language, 14 hours, natural science, 6 hours, music, 3 hours, philosophy, 3 hours. A minor is taken in one of the following departments: Pastoral Training, Missions, Christian Educa- tion, Sacred Music, Social Studies. 2. BACHELOR OF ARTS CFour-year pre-seminary programD Designed to prepare students for seminary work. Includes 80 hours of general education, 30 hours of Bible and theology, two years of N. T. Greek, and a related major sequence in the social studies. 3. YBACHELOR OF THEOLOGY CFive-year p1'ogfamD Designed to prepare candidates for the pastoral ministry. Includes 60 hours of general education, 35 hours of Bible and theology, two years of N. T. Greek, and a minor in Pastoral Training. 4. STANDARD BIBLE Counsn CThree-year diploma programj Major in Bible and theology. The minor may be in Pastoral Training, or Christian Education, or Sacred Music. - - ' EFS" ' gigs., .,,. -5 -112.- W .9 Q1 I KEN isis. GROUP II. MISSIONARY PROGRAMS 0 l. BACHELOR OF SCIENCE CFour-year program with a major in MissionsD Designed for preparation of missionary candidates. Em- braces general education, a major in Bible and theology, and a major in missions, including 13 hours in Descriptive Lin- guistics. 2. BACHELOR OF SCIENCE CFive-year program in Mission- ary Nursing Ser12iceD Includes two years of work in Bible and missions and three years of standard nurses training in co-operation' with the nearby Lutheran I-Iospital. GROUP III. EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS 1. BACHELOR OF ARTS CFour-year program with a major in Christian Educatiord Includes 30 hours of Bible and theology, basic courses in general education, 24 hours in Christian education, and two years of language study. 2. BACHELOR OF RELIGIOUS EDUCATION CFour-year pro- gramj Includes general education, a major in Bible and theology, and a major in Christian education. 3. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION CTwo yearsD Pending the development of the re-gular four-year program for elementary teaching, the college offers the first two years with relevance to public schools, Christian dav schools and elementary schools in foreign lands. GROUP IV. MUSIC PROGRAMS 1. BACHELOR OF SACRED MUSIC CFour yearsj Field of concentration in sacred music with majors in voice, piano, Organ, and music theory and composition. 2. STANDARD BIBLE-MUSIC COURSE CThree-year diploma programj Majors in voice, piano, organ, or music theory and compo sition combined with general education and Bible 3. BACHELOR OF SCIENCE CFour-year program in Music Educationl Designed for teaching music in secondary schools. 4. BACHELOR OF MUSIC EDUCATION CFour and one-half year programD Provides preparation for teaching music in Christian clay schools, elementary and secondary schools. o I+ ' in-.4 511 Q . xr Those that he planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God. Psalms 92: 13. WW ? I 1 I 0 3 I 'll A 1 R 'ss u :,,2:.., , MJ' , E P55 0 5 o QW E iffsf , s X 1- J - hr- 2 'I F if lpwlmzf :WW i . --.,-.L-,gp-. ...- Au Ns -ulfv 1 . X H , X ,1 x laden! Elected representatives of the stu- dent body form the Student Council of Fort Wayne Bible College. The Council is an active organization pre- senting student views on various matters of concern to administration and student body. A special project in which the en- tire student body participates is planned each year by the Council for the purpose of improving the school's facilities. This year one-thousand dollars was raised to purchase new books for our library. RIGHT: lack McManus pre- sented the first book of our student project to Dr. S. A. Witmer and Miss Elhke who is the college librarian. Left: Jack McManus, President of the Council talks with Vice-President, Beulah Mae Schmidt ' -QQ" 1 ' A Gracie James Robert Adkins Amstutz Anstett Colors: Blue and White Motto: "Christian students toda ', n s 5 1, Chrlstlan leaders tomorrow. . Name: Redskins 'W' fi' 'X ' M, LEFT TO RIGHT: Wayne Tanaka, Athletic Director, Clark Schlabach, Student Council Rep- resentative, Miss Yewey, Advisory Pat McCune, Secretaryg Joe Cunningham, Chaplaing Jim Stehl, Treasurerg Ben Williams, President, Darrel Hensley, Vice-President, Lois Beattie, Co-director of Athletics. 9... If Nx 909 97 Ioyce Amer: Delmar Caulkins Ann Eiclxer Phyllis Goin Georgia Black Gerald Cavender Ellen Elliot Alice Gushiken Io Anna Brewer June Cavender Shirley Elwood Darlene Haller - Donna Bruce Joseph Cunningham Jewel Freeman Ioan Hankey 41 Nancy Bruner JOY Easterling Bruce Gerig Ruby Hanson X w-I9 wr' 4""Y ..4... 4- -4- . sv 'Q N. ' Marilyn Hara Alva Herron Shirley Jewell William Krohn YD , N0 's ?'? if -:sv . X NS. :"? ,X Mary Heindselman Esther Hofsterrer Darola Kemery Lois Lauby 42 l. 1 . --P lilf 3 1 Eleanor Hellstein Lillian Hughes Elisabeth Kimmer Lloyd Lee f 1 l 'E-'fl '5- -4? :uv Darrell Hensley Ronald Hughs Jerry Klingenberg A. Anne Leland Charlene Herr Carolyn Huntoon Carol Koch Shirley Lorentzen 2 ?"'l': Oo LL., L, Harold Edna McKnight Manyan Alan Mettler Patricia Pier Alice Sheldon Sally Maxwell Sandra Mosier Paul Robbins Darlene Smith ff" -ss". ,.3.-tl w :- . xy 'Q R .A- 33' aw James Stehl Gary Temple Cecilia Whiteforcl Patsy Ann Wolfe .+L 2 5 1 .IH 'Sf' jonathan Steiner Doris Thompson Bemard Williams Jean Wrightson W- : , , J I Shirley Willis STCUYY Sudrnarm Beverly Eleanor Truax Vondran Roland William Wilson Wilson janet julia Ynterna Yoder I, ,Q 'A Wayne Tanaka Ruth Welty Patricia Wit: Betty Ziegler Lois Beattie 7 if 5 ""'P 'E'- Anna Fennig May Iha janet Kunioka Ann Nishihara C ofil ig. ,KW il" hr I Cgifig Sally Kinoshita Rochelle Leichty Carmen Steininger 1 5 5 1 X. 'B bu. ". I '5- ,. il Mildred Bradford Good Gordon William Takalco 'I Koehnlein Kolgame Barbara David' l Lord t VA NMCI-Ewen Walter 'Q Jeannlihe Steinkralpl Widmark l 4. ww! , , Q l l W' , . V - I i I j X t ,, ij ' 1 1 K 4 X J r 4? K K 1 J VX , QWFN""---- Q, ks X S s B. Vernon Babcock 1? W F. Emaline Kenneth Brock Cave Colors: Green and White Motto: "Forward with Christ." Name: Gophers 'inv- 1. Te :: ..., I v ii r'Q' X . 'Nl' swf -Q. F ? Q Q 4 'P X g .i1i4.4:.- ' D V ' Q wh ssl' 9 X 4 William Curry Ronald Davis LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty Linkous, Secretary, Ken Powell, Treasurer, Harvey Lescalleet, Stu- dent Council Representativeg Bert Jackson, Presidentg Vernon Babcock, Athletic Directorg Gaius Steiner, Vice-President. Not pictured: Abraham Williams, Chaplaing Bill Enright, Class Promoter, Mr. Cook, Advisor. S . A 14? -of' 3 'vfb Q-1-fl' Xi' r' , it Q S - -is K Y 3 8' , L William Vir 'nia gl Enright Foglesong Pat Herbert Hopkins jackson Clifford David Lake Lang .,nli9 5 tw-P Harold Former Thomas Johnson Harvey Lescalleet 47 Ardon Gerig Edwin Jones Betty Linko US inf' i m ,,Q 'fy 1. r ',4g',., N.,- . 3' -Q , , Sn' v g l uI'lfi:L+S' ' ig I X . Thomas McGranor John Price Betty Io Settlemire Robert Mason Alvin Sauter Madelyn Shives 48 Elvin Myers Glen Schade Barbara Sites .Cl Henry Smith Gaius Steiner Benjamin Williams is James Sowers Delma Stricklin Ethel Williams 315 Betty Stahl Vance Swope Gladys Williams 49 ul Richard Stehl Abraham Williams gohn urcher Colors: Purple and White Elizabeth Baird Thomas Branks Oline Brooks Motto: Name: LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Mitchell, Advisor, John Burke, Treasurer, Harriet Fields Secretary Bob Taylor, Athletic Director, Frank Warren, Chaplaing Noel Grabill, President Jim Leever Student Council Representative: Tom Branks, Vice-President. ull 22 Q, 'Q '13 fa:-,, X Betty Bruner Patricia Corey Keith Douglas Davis John Burke Carolyn Crego Marlene Devlin . I-N 'iv' fo 15 I xv-I rf, ' 154111 J 3 'Lt ', 'ff U' , Cx A. 7 LA . JZ, J f?"'f fl ' Fl vi", J JJ, .1 , , f .,. J' V " J ' X " W J , V V- J" . sl ,S I 1 J I ' .ffl Jfs' .' " ,Av ,W w.f,v ff , M, , J ,A - 1417 y,, 1" f." ' A 4 ky-I' . I L., ,,- , gf" .1 x MX ft ir I f I J, .A MD ."g John Butler Geraldine Daugherty Carl Ervin iylfy 51 A. Clifton Callahan Emogene Davis Theodore Etling WE-' -4 -1-if bs... 'vu- sv 't' Harriet Fields Noel Crabill Delbert Hewitt LJ Eileen Ma Fliginger Gzigrielson M M L I-rlgler Hal-Jdsyme Shirley C. Robert Hirschy Kalt 52 Arthur Gaunt Larry Hatter Esther Kemmerer G- I elggrhy Elaine Lehman Holland McCune QP' w-..., Dorothy Kincaid Jerry Lehman Ann McGrady 'Of Xa. Sv nil Gene King Vemon Lehman Elaine Maris 53 K N James Leever R. Morrieson Lord Thomas Mohr ad. '7 -an 1 lx G' 1, uf ':'f',', Y1,l1'- .M 1' . X C. L Donna Morehead Elaine Perry Melva Rousselle N-us' Robert Mundy Robert Ramseyer Maxine Scheffler 5 4 Gerald Meyers Arlene Riegel Lysle Schmidt N Joyce Novess William Roberts Ronald Sonius 5 X Q i ,an Audrey Sparks Harry Tam Dorothy Walton pq Billy Springfield Robert Taylor Frank Warren Miriam Sprunger Charles Tibbs Gaylord Williams Magda-10119 Barbara Steiner Srreirmatter Charlotte Gilberto Tucker Vargas William Phyllis Witker Wittwer ETHEL AURELIO Colors: Purple and gold Academic Christ-ian Workers Child Evangelism 1, 3 Flower? Aster Sunday School Class 2 Motto: "Looking unto Jesus" Name: Eagles 44? LEFT TO RIGHT: Harry Spaeth, Student Council Representadveg George Nantz, Chaplaing Darel Caulkins, Treasurerg Donna Harvey, Secretaryg Ruth Huntington, Vice-Presidentg Donald Erickson, Athletic Directory John Cherrie, Presidentg Dean Warner, Advisor. is NOBORU AYABE Bachelor of Arts in Bible A Cappella 1, 2, 3, 4 Choir Director 4 Chorister 2 Gospel Team I, 3 Light Tower 4 Messiah 1 Mission Band 3 Oratorio 3 DERRELL DEWALNE BROWN Bachelor of Arts in Bible Assistant Pastor 3 Child Evangelism 2 Light Tower 4 Music Director 3, 4 Sunday School Teacher 3 Vmlrlv ,onlinr 2 JAMES L. BAXTER Bachelor of Arts in Bible A Cappella 4 Child Evangelism 2 Church Choir 4 Gospel Team 1 M.C.A. Boy's Club 3 M.Y.F. Work 3, 4 Sunday School Teacher 4 Sunrise Chapel 4 JERRY D. CAREY Bachelor of Arts in Bible A Cappella 2 Assistant Pastor 4 Campus Echo l Iunior Class Treasurer 3 Light Tower 2, 3 Mission Band 3 Sunday School Teacher 3 Sunday School and Youth Worker 4 Sunshine Mission 2 Tract Team l, 2 Vnuth Conference 2 gx 'Yoh if.-F A 4 A 9 ggi-- ' ,v ALBERT CHARLES BELL Bachelor of Theology Assistant Pastor 4 Child Evangelism 1, 2 Church Visitation 5 Prayer Band Leader 2, 3, 5 MARY MAE CAREY Standard Bible Bihle Club 3 Church Pianist 3 Girls' Trio 2 Sunrise Chapel 2 ,..:-Il' , .,"" ' - fm.. . " ' ,ef A ' . ' X ,'.,'S"i I Q dl' 1" '- -eF'q 145- -W dive? 'EQ 1" AI ' 1' ui .1.5'3:, Eff 43 ii-n ok -.Q .... ,. .I .X .v , sf. bww. ' 4 1- Mp, f., , ew , .1 , ,H li "' Q 'Q will , V 1 f ' . u,.gf8.. if V" 5 GK ' X -SW: 2 I 4 JOHN IRVIN NICHOLS Bachelor of Arts in Bible Assistant Pastor 4 Mission Band President 4 Tract Team 2 Youth Director 3, 4 LONNIE D. RANDALL Bachelor of Arts in Bible A Cappella Choir 1 Varsity Basketball Team 3, 4 Class Officer 2 Messiah l, 2 Mission Band 2 Quartet 2 Radio 3 Student Council 2 Student Pastor 3, 4 Trombone Duet 1 Youth Conference 1, 2 ORVILLE OTTIE ORB Bachelor of Arts in Bible Camera Club 2 Campus Echo 1, 3 Cheer Leader 2, 3 Child Evangelism 2, 3 Light Tower 2, 3, 4 St. Paul Oratorio 3 Student Council 4 Sunday School Teacher 4 CAROLYN STEINER ROWELL Bachelor of Religious Education A Cappella Choir 1, 2 Child Evangelism 2, 4 Gospel Team l Iunior Church Pianist 4 Messiah 1, 2, 3 Youth Director 3 63 3' josEPH H. Prrzisn, ju. Bachelor of Arts in Bible Assistant Pastor 4 Quartet l, 2 Radio 1 Sunday School Teacher 3 Youth Conference 1 Youth Leader 4 WILLARD A. HOWELL Bachelor of Theology A Cappella Choir 2, 3 Assistant Pastor 3, 4, 5 Child Evangelism 2 Messiah 1, 2, 3, 4 Mission Band 4 Sunday School Teacher 3 Youth Director 4 T , J .ai .Q BASIL EDWARD S. THOMPSON Bachelor of Arts in Bible Gospel Team 1, 2, 3 Prayer Band Leader 1 NAOMI ANN WIEDERKEHR Bachelor of Religious Education ghild Evangelism 2, 3 tunday School Teacher 4 I J., X, .- I I M v x RONALD ROBERT WAGLER Bachelor of Arts in Bible A Cappella 2 Assistant Pastor 4 Class Officer 3 Gospel Team 2 Light Tower 3 Quartet 3 Radio 1, 2 Youth Conference 4 Youth Director 3 BERTRIN HARVEY Wruion- Bachelor of Arts in Bible Child Evangelism 1, 2, 3, 4 Christian Ed. Instructor 2, 3, 4 Church Organist 1, 2, 3, 4 Messiah 2, 3, 4 Messiah Organist 1 Radio Broadcasting 1, 2, 3, 4 Visitation 1, 2, 3, 4 65 EDNA RUTH WICHERT Standard Bible St. Paul Oratorio 2 Sunday School Teacher 2, 3 RONALD G. YOUNGS Bachelor of Arts in Bible Assistant Pastor 4 Tract Team 2 Youth Director 3 nv..,........- ...- ' ' .213 . V Mr-- T Inf -X fl And jesus increased in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and man. WW Luke 2:52 Jfchwba and Wwfzyanzgalibna W! 5 f - WN im tudent's Mission Band Each Friday evening the students of Fort Wayne Bible College meet in the chapel for a time of inspiration and bless- ing. As various missionaries and other out- standing speakers present the need for the gospel in all parts of the world, the Mission Band service has been influential in leading many students to dedicate their lives to the Lord for missionary service. As well as promoting the cause of missions among our own students, this organization assists in supporting missionaries in South America and Africa and in sponsoring "Sunrise Chapel" on various missionary radio stations. The Students' Mission Band is an indispensable part of the growth of Fort Wayne Bible College. WA 1 9 -6 n'!f ip N T'- Vf -'. ' X 1 I I I K , Ps.. ,Q 1 .- L 3. 5 1' ,l Ex 21' E 1. 35" ' i ,E r fl '-.4 .."" ,ff Miss FLORENCE CAVENDER, one of our missionaries, stands with two young Colombian friends. Truth illustrated could well be the theme of Mr. CARL STEELE, guest artist at Mission Band. at-v"" .QV Q 'C'-Q l 4 X' mu1rmH'l"""'l"l ' nw in 'll , oglylllll' .4 'a "Tu ., 1 2 is 5, f .Q Q. -4 .Q ,Pf 4. . -f H a, ,. K X xi 'N N , xv. t Q er 0454. Rx- T Q Xu, 'Q -'sv 1. CX X Professor O. Carl Brown displays Curios which he brought back from his trip to Ecuador, South America, where he helped in language work among the Cayapa Indians. Students' Mission Band sponsored the project. FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS! George Nana, vice-president, Keith Douglas Davis, treasurerg Lois Hefner, secretary, Audrey Sparks, pianist, Dean Wamer, advisor, Earl Schlabach, president, Jack McManus, chorister. NOT PICTURED: Charlotte Tucker, organist. SECOND SEMESTEE OEPICERS: Marguerite Krohn, pianist, Arlene Riegel, organist, john Burke, chorister, Keith Delane Davis, vice-president, Jack Nichols, presidentg Dean Warner, advisor, Conchita Los Banos, secretary, Bob Ramseyer, treasurer. I I m 5 x. My Mbbiuigu N i san' :rv Riwox E NSW inet see?-'P-SCE Co H QOUT MMM QMZWZWZCQ Rev. HLIBERT MITCHELL "Mn Missions of Y. F. C." "Heralding the King" was the theme for our 1954 Youth Conference. Each fall for one week end the campus is turned into a meeting place for hundreds of young people. Rev. Hubert Mitchell, "Mi: Missions of Youth for Christ," was the fea- tured speaker this year. Challenging services, up- lifting music, interesting forums, and good fellow- ship are the order for the week end. su mon I- 1 1 1 E 1 1 1 F J 1 1 1 ,ff- 1 1 n 5 N .vc-vm, 2- " K nw-Q . I ORVILLE Ona editor GORDON KLOPFENSTEIN' Business manager 1 Busrzvzss sl-APP: Gordon Klopfe agen Dgnna Harve ginia L EDITORIAL STAFF: Betty Linkous, Yoshina Higa, Audrey Sparks, john Burke, Gaius Steinerg Orville Orr, editor. nstein, man- y, Derrell BroWn, Wr- e man, Robert Mundy, John Burke Velma Mollan, Conchira Los Banos, Ma guez-ite Krohn. 1-. '21 EDWUR Members of this years Light Tower staff w1ll always think of our school as a vine of Gods own plantmg We ve suffered growing pains burned midnight oil laughed and crled t gether and enjoyed every bit of our work We hope the fruit of our labors the 1955 Lwht God s planting Am' STAPF Noboru Ayabe editor Bruce Geng Gaylord Williams asszstants PHOTOGRAPHY STAPF Gaius Stemer Don Enckson chazrman 'Fig "S if F-3- xx? 1 y. LITERARY STAFP Kathleen Collins, ed- itor, Tom Branks, Lois Hefner, Betty Lmkous, Elame Perry, Alvin Sauter, Geraldine Daugherty. Q . l y . , . . W ' lf ' Y , - n 1 at - H - ' Y y . . .Y . O- i , . . 7 .D Tower, may prove a vital part of this vine of , . . 1 , . 1 f 4 3 Y ' 1 1 I I l I . , . A cj A V l LITERARY I V ohodfzlea + The School of Sacred Music strives for high standards that are essentially spiritual and expressive of Christian experience and faith. The purpose of the School of Music is to prepare young people for musical ministries. In addition to class work students have oppor- tunities for practical musical per- formances. Applied music stu- dents present recitals which train them in platform decorum. The highlight of the music major's college career in his senior recital. BARBARA CATH Climaxing her four years of study at Fort Wa ne Bible College, Barbara Cate presents an inspiring Senior recital, pro am. An ac- complished musician, Barbaras ministry has been a illessin to us and we know that her life will be greatly used to bring Sory to her Lo1'd's name. sl. Student recitalist performing Two-piano recital 'Q-'I .1 5 l lf 9:2 .1 bm .-nf ,.,, ---v-7 LAW'-ml,-x I T if afhefla M Miss STANLEY capable dzrectof Under the capable direction of Miss Betty Stanley the Al I. A Cappella choir ministers musically in full rich tonal qualities typical of unaccompanied harmony. The con- tributions of the choir are deeply appreciated in Ft. Wayne and throughout the areas of the annual tours. I i Q Choir oEicers 2 I i 1 ! Q . Q Q zz SQ Choir xehehfgal av A CBP? The A Cappella Choir each year conducts extensive concert tours presenting programs in many Eastern and Midwestern states. Not only are their concerts spiritu- ally enrichening to the audiences but they prove to be a great spiritual benefit to the choir members. 5 A X AX X . X 5 -,.::'f:' - i 0971000 lu Oy , ella Student-organized and directed, the Camera Club is an active organization to acquaint students with photographic techniques and equipment. Each year the club sponsors picture-taking Held tripsg the pictures are then processed by the stu- dents and entered in club contests. The Camera Club helps prepare students today for service to- morrow. Theta Beta is a cultural organization for girls. Or- ganized last year, this society has moved forward with many of the girls participating. Theta Beta started the year right for many of the students with a frank discussion with a guest speaker about some of our problems. One meeting is scheduled Theta Beta officers for each semester. Theta Beta proves itself a valu- able organization of our school. ""'-'5!?na1x Lively competition in the intramural basketball tournament adds its zest to the college fellowship. The triumphant Iunior Dragons captured the champion's cup with an unmarred winning record. Y ...-..-:Le.-............-,-,L-,,....--- ...--,,:r...-1. .,. ., -7 gi., Q 'P Don Erickson, center lgnlefwo lklfg was eoxoeicax swam F W. B. C. vs- Gtac Th Lester Me1senhe1mer, forward Bin Enright, center f 1" Jack McManus, guard and co-captain we we J X ,. Q ,A- Tom McCranor, guard Noel Grablll, forward ca captazn 5 jon GRABILL, coach 3' "' - , 'Gs I I. kr . Z X 'Ku lu- :: su", H the ban 0 ' rx Our Cfrcapw Inter-collegiate basketball had its third season in Fort Wayne Bible College this year. Four games were played, two each with Crace Theological Seminary and Taylor University B tearn. Chris- tian sportsmanship was the highlight of each game. The Fort Wayne Bible College "Ambas- sadors" carried out their mission of helping estab- lish Christian relationships with these sister schools. Vemon Babcock, forward Lonnie Randall, guard Larry Harter, guard Cliff Callahan, forward Gaius Steiner, forward Bob Taylor, guard fi B -A --.. -1',"?' ,'1ns-f-- L ,- J . -.f . L Ak. 'Q -4363. 2 'I - Xe. .x . ,, . Q, ..Lwu...Q':.. Q' A I 5 A7 s Q 'gin' ,i 1 , I -:11-iii.. ' w,3mal'iQ1s5k.5..e, . " gi 3 ,J-:.5 Q ., ,gf--25 W ',x-Tv 1:2-Q ' g A' . ' 4' ll. iw ' - . x.,1,-,, . ,iv X- ' -Q "W ' ,Ca . 1 ' ' - 5' O K, s ,Q .L a -. 3, 'K 'W - --f w!g!F2fVQ'5 an fr , . ugh, -A vw, ' G! 5'7+fff23s' JQ, 1 a A A 'Ai gr Q, ,U 1. gx Q 85 QB' "H ,fi ' A' Q.. vlfi vffv 435' 1- " 5' xii. if ,ZX fi X 43. 4,1-rf' N J Q fi 1--v if .' :' i- " i i ,. e . f 5 I A' X Yi' xX 34.4 1 'N ii? Rev. and Mrs. W. Morrow Cook, Campus Crusade leaders Prayer is one of the most important daily exer- cises of students at Fort VVayne Bible College. Public prayer meetings are held daily for mis- sion fields, uieelzly in the dormitories. a day of prayer nzoiztlzly for the student bodyg there are also especially-organized student and faculty prayer meetings. As the campus engages in prayer in private and unitedly we know there is spiritual growth at Fort Way'ne Bible College. ? .d X I - a i 1 . 2 Child Evangelism teachers serve in weekly classes 5 ojakzak Wm fa Zane! AFRICA Q . ' 1 PRAYER BAND LEADERS EUROPE NEAR and FAR EAST 1 6Sx0N4Q Z-ifa' vanyefhm What could be more important than leading a child to Christ? When a child is born again, you not only have won a soul for the Lord, but you have won an entire life to serve I-lim. This training in Child Evangel- ism will help students in whatever Held they plan to enter-children are everywhere-chil dren who need to know about the Lord Jesus. At present, there are twenty-five stu- dents teaching classes in Child Evangelism, and approximately the same number helping with classes. , Sf 4-5 Miss Loursxs KrMMEr.r., Fort Wajfnte Child Evangelism director NORTH and Souru AMERICA ISLANDS of the SEA wig Y 4? ,Q I 3 'ac' X ' l. Upper: Student Sunday school teachers Lower: Student pastors - ? A "WM Y Nl ,nn ,V ...r QV' Q fl Q- Youth workers gh mi Q ofzkefm Christian service assignments offer opportunities for growth. Many students are assigned to work in churches in the Fort VVayne area as pastors or as- sistant pastors, youth workers, Sunday school teach- ers, and musicians. Each week practical work is done in the churches and valuable lessons are learned for use in future service. ag ,N Church musical assistants 3 - F AA "WM Rev. CYRIL I-I. Excuan, Director of Christian service fs l ,f"'iN ' 'N 'vi . i Y my ggowaf Jeama O' Grace Notes Trio Missionaires Trio Gospelaires Trio M 5 A 'lf ai us. '52- I xg- r I r 1 l P !"'S f Q, Nj ?' ' 'fi 1,3 'A King's Men Quartet Leo Lani Quintet X Gospel Heralds Quartet i e""s i li Q L 'T .fx - ,Q " ' C' X,- tv 1- A -ea Gospel teams are a direct outlet for musical ministry in nearby churches as they travel from week to week sing- ing the glorious gospel of Christ. Through their dedicated talents, these teams seek to win men to Christ, to inspire youth to further knowledge of His Word, and to bring the mis- sionary burden of the college to the church. .4 "W an che W RICHARD E GERIG director-producer "Sunrise Chapelf' daily radio broadcast of Port Wayne Bible College, is currently broadcast on twenty-two stations in the United States, Hawaii, and bv long and short wave from Africa. The Chapel Singers ensemble presents daily music for the broadcast and Dr. VVitmer delivers a searching message each morning. "Sunrise Chapel" provides a spiritual and promotional growth outlet for Fort VVavne Bible College. af' EARL SCHLABACH, announcer IRA GERJG ARLENE R1EcEL, pianist organist 1 .1 1 Dr. S. A. WITMER, speaker Cha? ex Sin?-fi He Ig 60559 ' 1 "I 3 f' " fm- I w ,. f. 4 J 1 1 l -R 4 x I K' GALEN HOLCOMB, control operator ,-if' sr , 5 M in it ia 9 Ni ii fi sl finial 920092 On Saturday evenings members of the tract team meet for prayerg then thev go out on the streets of Fort Wayne to proclaim through gospel literature the news of salvation through Christ. As there are often opportunities for individual witnessing and dealing, many people have been personally led to Christ by tract team members. I Q Fulfilling Christ's command to proclaim the gospel to every creature, the mis- sion workers and street-meeting team work among the thronging crowds in downtown Fort Wayfne, preach- ing and dealing with people individually. Through these mediums, sin-sick souls are reached with the healing power of the gospel and often lives are transformed as those dealt with accept Christ as Savior. The success of these ministries is another illustration of the spiritual growth of Port Wayfne Bible College. i. ? .4 rn F ff 55 Wonyeafulwgbm WMM Q! 1955! WW M.Y.F. Students at FWBC 154-'55 J W Jffabaionafzy yo 6 QW M W' gem zllenh : Don Rohrs ..... Ray Turnbaugh G. Robert Magary Bill Mueller ...... Jerry Peaster .... Charles Boswell . National Supterintenalent . . . .......... Eastern District . . . . . .Central District . . . . .Mid-South District . . . . .Midwest District . . . . .Western District W! 'hfl-f ' YJ .. .- Malik , "2 . I EVERGREEN MOBILE PARK Designed for Christian Students STUDY ROOM FOR STUDENT USE - PLAYGROUND LAUNDRY FACILITIES - COMPLETELY MODERN .ir ,gnhzrmafion wife fo: E EVERGREEN MOBILE PARK . 6902 Elzey Drive, Fort Wayne, Indiana R. S. si MQ STUDIO STATE RD. 1, NORTH BLUFFTON, INDIANA Portraiture Weddings Commercial Color STUDIO HOURS Daily ...... 8:00-5:30 Wed. ...... 12100-5:00 sat. ....... 8:00-9:00 P.M. Evenings by Appointment lim Reed -- Bill Star -- Bob 1VIcFarren Your Yea TL le Photographers AUTO REBUILDING CO., INC. 2316 S. Calhoun Fort Wayne, Ind Painting Repairing Towing Service Body and Fender Upholstering Front End Rebuilding Glass Installation Wheel Alignment Frame Straightening and Balancing W 1 , A nike' Reg, Pat. Off. in Bottles FORT WAYNE COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS, INC. 1 ' 'Mzasfc when and where you want it l v SEE Us Fon EsTEY's 8: Busuon r 'I J ri ri FOLDING ORGANS 'IJ I ri ri I ALSO 'I E L: E E Agent for Smith-gorona i Portable Typewrnters i Call us Collect I or Hfrite Q Ph- 4403 E. C. DILGART l Clyde, ohio I L L ' S T R 0 Y Greenhouse-Fresh L A U N D R Y Distinctly Designed Safe laundering since 1876 1709-17 So. Calhoun Street at GREENHOUSES """"e ""3'5 H-3346 City-Wide Deliveries 7 . 4. X A I ,W TIT: 1 1 lv! Ella f fY"i" l D xffwvl fojcv' to the clcwo of '55 Q9 POW! 44 fi the Qhurch cacrooo the goulevaral -,xX F. MAKE THIS YOUR CHURCH HOME WHILE IN BIBLE COLLEGE SUNDAY 8:30 A.M. - Tune in "The Missionary Hour" on WOWO 9:30 A.M. - Sunday School 6:00 P.M. - Fellowship Hour 10:30 A.M. -Worship Service 7:00 P.M. -Evangelistic Service WEDNESDAY 7:30 P.M. - Mid-week Service MINISTEPIS Rev. Conmzuus VLo'r THOMAS K, Zn:-in Completing 50 years C1905-19552 of Gospel Testimony in Fort Wayne M A Z f A Q . DISTINCTIVE DRY CLEANERS IIECIDMEIIWS ! SCHMIDT PHARMACY ED SCHMIDT, R.PH. 4001 S. Wayfne Ave. - Phone H0626 UD Q IL IE M m E I Fort Wayne, Indiana I I u . 4037 South Wayne 1 out lffezghfothoocf 608 East Pontiac I -hleafth eentet ' ' A-2102 H-3364 I Brotherhood Mutual Life Insurance Company 4' ' f PROTECTION LEGAL RESERVE M? NON-ASSESSABLE 1 ey 'Q -1 1 HOME OFFICE FORT WAYNE, IND. Sifcunnf PROTECTION AND SECURITY FOR LOVED ONES "Bear ye one mz0tl1er's Imrdens, and so f14lf?II the Imv of Christ" Cal. 6:2 HARRISON HILL BARBER SHOP 3803 SO. CALHOUN FORT VVAYNE, INDIANA FIVE BARBERS we Specialize in Children ,J .Haircuts . nam Z Calling you to . . . Pray . . . Believe . . Come . . 'I955 YOUTH CONFERENCE . 'Ale Jlwgif 0 y I CONFERENCE E ,girl AM, ff? gif October 28-30, 1955 To the class of 1955 S I "I will instruct thee anal teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye." S X X From the class of 1957 1 Tw F' . I 'T I f ACROSS I THE STREET I J A TRUTH BUUKSTURE in A Q LI A ' Q.: TO SERVE YOU BIBLE TRUTH PUBLISHER'S 3901 SOUTH WAYNE AVE. FORT WAYNE, INDIANA PHONE H-1357 CONGRATULATIONS! R . SENIORS OF 1955 S "But watch thou in all things . . . make full proof of thy ministry." II Timothy 4:5 OUR MISSIONARIES Rev. Dale Moser, Mrs. Dale Moser, Rev. Kenneth Rupp, Mrs. Kenneth Rupp, Mrs. Paul Erdel, Miss Pauline Wanner OUR STUDENTS Rosemary Graber, Patricia McCune, Roland McCune WEST MISSIONARY CHURCH Berne, Indiana G. Robert Magary, Pastor A WA I Congratulations to the Class of '55 M. Y. F. FIRST MISSIONARY CHURCH Berne, Indiana Pres. IOHN Zuncrnsn, jr. Pastor Rev. 1. 1. KLOPFENSTEIN OUR STUDENTS James Amstutz Shirley Steury Ester Bailey Phyllis Witwer Walter Bailey Julia Yoder Mary Carey Bernadine Zurcher Ruth Inniger Gordon Klopfenstein John Zurcher, Jr. ongrafufafiond fo lflze Cfafid 0 55 MAY GOD BLESS YOU IN YOUR FUTURE EFFORTS "Life shines only as it faces a cross ' ' QD D LREZMFTY SEEWHCE FIRST BRETHREN CHURCH 3326 S. CALHOUN St. Rev. MARK E. MALLES, Pastor PRESENTING: 342 E004 342 No.4 sfo 34. r?A....,1 JJ... NORTH MOUNT ZION CONGREGATIONAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH gowyfcalwfwhbfno fo fha ghao of 4955! Our Students MISS JUANITA CASSADY MISS DONNA JEAN MOREHEAD f f'xV-Jf'X-. we mddionarg GALWCA Mociafion THE WHOLE GOSPEL FOR THE WHOLE MAN IN THE WHOLE WORLD Main Offices 3901 South Wayne Avenue Fort Wayne 6, Indiana Sponsoring Denomination of Fort Wayne Bible College CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORSQ ,Sincm Congmfufaffom, Harvester Avenue .sgmimf Missionary Church A8352 PASTOSSV' OSCAR A' Elem WEISSER PARK MISSIUNARY CHURCH "Tower of Strength" 6:30 P.M. Sat. WGL - 1250 K.C. PAUL E. BRBNNEMAN, Pastor 714 fjl-ienaffy MAA-ome lo N 2901 Warsaw Fort Wayne ' X Harvester at Fleetwood Indiana lfwlg . 1 fwfr . .li ' H . 'Q 3'2" 2 , I ago! J am avoid you ahaay mem molto Me wed ofyike wmlaf U sw: Aziz Y X xy 5 i F 3 g. ' ? These things have I spok unto you, that in me ye might have PEACE In the world y shall have tribulation, BUT be of good cheerg I have overcome the WORLD. -Www 'WZ ,E llf Congratulations SjIE5jINIflM,DmQ from the E LIXFJ QllTllIl1INlHINDlIR GEIILQASS 4 Z WI CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '55 EAST LAWN MISSIONARY CHURCH GEORGE C. AGIN, Pastor Our Present Students Dean Coursey Violet Haller Marilyn Hara Frank Warren CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '55! Saving and serving our watchword shall beg Living for others and living for Theeg Help us, dear Lord, to be true to our trust Serving the Master and saving the lost. Serving a Master so good and so true, Finding some service in all that we dog Seeking His glory and doing His willg Waiting or working but serving Him still. -A. B. S. May God's richest blessings Rest upon your lives and work. THE CHRISTIAN AND MISSIONARY ALLIANCE National Headquarters 260 West 44th Street New York 36, N. Y. 7 i 5. I A " M ongrafufafiond, C4656 0 We welcome students to browse in our complete department of reference works. You will find a full line of Commentaries and Bibles Mail Orders Handled Pfdmpdy - VVrite for Free Catalog spedidz Discount to Bible College smddmd LISTEN TO t'774.,,mf, of WMfaf,'.,,.,'f WGL-sat, ll:OO AM. Fi-dm Your Friends and zxiefgzdzfdfd at the GCIDSEQEE TECIIQEE QDQJIESSBHQD? M9552-5 DAVID C. COOK CATALOG Dear Friend: l As a church Worker you'll Find David C. Cookis new catalog a source of inspiration and help in selecting church and Sunday-school supplies and Bible-study courses. CQ To get your free copy, write to David C. Cook Publishing Company l 850 North Grove Elgin Illinois ' i I I f 1 I 4 ,4--.-..-1---P I 1 if amz Ike uhm . . We fue fke branched U ,Herein isyy Fatlzmi giori ed, that X Q X ve bear mfuclfz fruitg . . . so 5111111 ve be my disciples . . uontimw ye in my love . . . I john 15: 5, 8, 9. oi A -iff! Qi xX 1 Olgr prayers for GoLi's richest blessing ulion you, the graduating class of 1955 THE FRESHMAN CLASS M CHURCH MEMBER'S LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY CRev.D IOSEPH K. AKE, President C I 1 Q fo XjV1NG IN mf Q55 C717 Q xc Lf fe 8' - -- 'YA G f I O f C X 4 HOME SCHOOL 665 N. Behring Fort Wayne Bible College Berne, Indiana IQHN ZURCHERY JR Box 221 Ph. 2-2635 AGENT Fort Wayne 6, Indiana Tl? HTH WHS KSIERHST QILZEBSS GDT H9955 COMPLIMENTS OF , Compllmenfs of Ge, Ce, MURPHYS ""o'lQiKQfff2f"o" A I "W Congratulations, Senior Class DOSWELL'S Quality Flowers "Beautiful Flowers for All Occasions" 300 W. MAIN St. FORT WAYNE, INDIANA I POPULAR PLACE POPULAR PRICES il .K Q l g A I r I .1 vii- F, ' 'L ,, d XA ti X All X ' l 'lr l FORT WAYNE'S FINEST A FOR Q BANQUETS, CLASS ACTIVITIES, WEDDINGS p IE Any size group 4-400 people 2 N FAMILY-STYLE EATING N Ham, Chicken, Ribs, Fried Shrimp, all you can eat of- E ll potato salad, baked beans, cole slaw, cottage cheese, rye to bread, rolls, butter and choice of drink. Q 1 51.40 PER PERSON 0 Complete service for picnics, parties, and carry-out meals 9 Foods of quality with taste that's different 'illlalllly Ranch fllleuse N. Anthony at Crescent Ave. Ample Parking l Cqngratulations, to Class of '55 of Fort Wayne Bible College llllfliolleaalle qnuita ancll clfeqetabllea BERSTEIN BROTHERS 207 East Superior Street Fort Wayne, Indiana Waynedale Cleaners 2517 Lower Huntington Road Waynedale You can place your confidence in our advertisers Q , I X 'WA CONGRATULATIONS FORT WAYNE'S E. H. Puncnu. AND co., mc. FRIENDLY CAMERA SHOP EXTERMINATORS , 1 SUNNY SCHlCK'S Sanltanans - Consultants 407 W. Washington Phone 1004 Cass - Fort Wayne - E-4169 EIT f ADAMS COUNTY TRAILER SALES, INC. 3 1 T Your Courteous, Christian Trailer Dealer PAUL STRICKLER Highways 27-33 KATHRYN STRICKLER President Decatur, Ind. Sec.-Treas. ZEIGLER SHADE AND VENETIAN CO. A 1829 Fairfield Ave. H-ssio F. C. UNDERHILL A KlRscHuuAurv VERTICAL BLI NDS VENETIAN BLINDS T 7 Window Shades Wood Shades Bamboo Folding Doors l J ' X A 'WA T Phone E-1885 505 Penn Avenue FINE PIANO TUNING A-9119 Fort Wayne Bible College looks ahead . . . with a growing program of Christian education designed to meet increasing enrollments with strong Bible-centered courses folkye of walk Bachelor of Arts in Bible Bachelor of Religious Education Bachelor of Theology Bachelor of Science in Missionarv Nursing Service Zhao! ofafhwzk' Bachelor of Sacred Music Bachelor of Music Education Bachelor of Science in Music Education Write for Catalog FORT WAYNE BIBLE CoLLEcE FORT WAYNE 6, INDIANA 349 students . 28 denominations . 23 states . 4 countries M Qzbecfow med ,qualms Adkins, Gracie-40 940 E. Columbus Martinsville, Ind. Amstutz, James-40 Berne, Ind. Anstett, Robert-40 1014 Irving Ave. Royal Oak, Mich. Arnett, Joyce-41, 86 R.R. 5 Union City, Ind. Asklund, Bertil 116 Sigsbee Ave. Albertson, Long Island, N. Y. Aurelio, Ethel-56, 86 2449 S. VVoodstock St. Philadelphia, Pa. Ayabe, Harold-50, 78, 86 Lawai, Kauai, Hawaii Ayabe, Noboru-57, 73, 82, 89 P.O. Box 9 Lawai, Kauai, Hawaii Babcock, Vernon-46, 76, 81, 91 Hoytville, Ohio Bailey, Esther R.R. 2 Berne, Ind. Bailey, VValter-50, 89 R.R. 2, Berne, Ind. Baird, Elizabeth-50, 86-87 31548 Van Born Rd. Wayne, Mich. Ball, Casto 1111 Elwood Ave. Ft. Wayne, Ind. Baxter, James-57, 86, 88-89 312 W. Fleming Ft. Wayne, Ind. Beattie, Lois-40-45 9664 Columbia Detroit, Mich. Beck, Darold 2419 S. Hanna Ft. VVayne, Incl. Beihold, Ed. Decatur, Ind. Bell, Albert-57, 86-87 McClure, Ohio Bell, Marion 521 Kinsmoor Ave. Ft. Wayne, Ind. Bewley, Jane R.R. 10 Tillman Rd. Ft. Wayne, Ind. Bewley, Jean R.R. 10 Tillman Rd. Ft. Wayne, Ind. Black, Georgia-41, 86 Route 1 Woodburn, Iowa Bradley, June-77 2901 Radcliff Dr. Ft. Wayne, Ind. Branks, Thomas-50, 70, 73, 77, 88, 89 2920 Philip Ave. Detroit, Mich. Brewer, Io Anna-41 740 E. Kibby St. Lima, Ohio Brock, Emaline-46, 86 1949 Erie Toledo 11, Ohio Brooks, Oline-50, 86 424 Sarby Ave. Battle Creek, Mich. Brown, Derrell-57, 72, 89 Trenton, Nebraska Bruce, Donna-41, 88-89 312 Lakeview Ave. Battle Creek, Mich, Bruner, Betty- 51, 90 6630 Frith Rd. Smith's Creek, Mich. Bruner, Nancy-41, 77, 90 6630 Frith Rd. Smith's Creek, Mich. Brunson, Thelma R.R. 1 Hoagland, Ind. Burke, Frank Hampstead, Md. Burke, John-50, 51, 69, 70, 72, 79, 88, 89 506 Compromise St. Berne, Ind. Butler, John-51, 70, 88-89 124 Hatterman Bartonville, Ill. Callahan, Clifton-51, 79, 81, 86-87, 88-89 2034 Mayview Ave. Cleveland 9, Ohio Carey, Jerry-57 536 Kinsmoor Ft. Wayne, Ind. Carey, Mary Mae-57 536 Kinsmoor Ft. VVayne, Ind. Carney, Martha R.R. 1 Ossian, Ind. Carroll, Robert Waukomis, Okla. Cassady, Juanita-58, 88-89 R.R. 2 Continental, Ohio Cate. Barbara-58, 74, 75 11167 Engleman Ave. Detroit, Mich. Caulkins, Delmar-41 Indianola, Iowa Caulkins, Darel-56, 58, 70, Alvordton, Ohio Cave, Kenneth-8, 46, 86 528 Handy Dr. Bay City, Mich. Cavender, Gerald-41 Leiters Ford, Ind. Cavender, June-41 Leiters Ford, Ind. Cavender, Virginia 2129 Hanna Ft. Wayne, Ind. 76 Cherrie, john-39, 56, 58, 88-89 204 Claremont E. Peoria, 111. Clarke, Laurabele Ft. Wayne, Incl. Cole, Gail 215 N. Marshall Ave. Marshall, Mich. Collins, Kathleen-15, 58, 73, 78 1317 Dayton Hamilton, Ohio Corey, Patricia-51 735 E. Elm St. Lima, Ohio 88-89 WI Coursey, Dean 3476 Three Mile Drive Detroit, Mich. Coursey, Mary Ann 3476 Three Mile Drive Detroit, Mich. Crego, Carolyn-39, 51, 78, 86, 90 273 VVi1son St. Newark, Ohio Cunningham, Joseph-40, 41 R.R. 1 Rushville, Ohio Curry, William-88-89 10 Underwood Ave. Greenville, S. C. Daugherty, Geraldine-51, 211 S. Cedar St. Newark, Ohio Davis, Emogene- 51, 86 2128 Fifth St. Akron, Ohio 73, 85, 88-89 Davis. Keith Delane-58, 69, 88-89 R.R. 1 Pontiac, Ill. Davis, Keith Douglas-51, 69, 88-89 Gladwin, Mich. Davis, Ronald-46 62 Bandoni San Lorenzo, Calif. Decker, Bruce Harrisonville, Pa. Deister, Sophia 2606 East Drive Ft. Wayne, lnd. Derrenberger, Dexter Lexington, Ohio Devlin, Marlene-51 3930 Evergreen Rd. Pittsburgh, Pa. Dye, Robert, jr. Founders Memorial 800 W. Rud Sill Blvd. Ft. Wayne, Ind. Dye, Robert Sr.-88-89, 94 1619 W. High St. Springfield, Ohio Easterling, joy-41 12850 Ziegler St. VVyandotte, Mich. Egle, Don Stratton, Nebraska Eicher, Ann-41, 86-87 4714 N. Spaulding Chicago 25, 111. Eicher, Marilynn 3626 Felician Ft. Wayne, Ind. Eicher, Oscar 3626 Felician St. Ft. VVayne, Ind. Elliott, Ellen-41 R. R. 1, Box 188 Windsor, Colorado Elwood, Shirley-41 R.R. 5 New Castle, Ind. Enright, William-46, 47, 1237 Seneca Pl. Peoria 4, Ill. Erickson, Donald-56, 59, 575 N. Hill Pasadena, Calif. Erickson, Dorothy-59 575 N. Hill Pasadena, Calif. Ervin, Carl-51 6395 Bucyrus Cleveland 9, Ohio 70, 74, 77, 80, 88-89 73, 80, 88-89 Etling, Ted-51, 70, 77, 79, 93 R.R. 1 Attawa, Ohio Fennig, Anna-45 366 Baltimore St. Berne, Ind. Ferrier, Dale-77 3742 S. Barr St. Ft. Wayne, lnd. Fields. Harriet-50, 52 R.R. 3 Connersville, Ind. Fliginger, Eileen-52, 77, 90 Trivoli, lll. Foglesong, Virginia-47, 86 Hitchcock, South Dakota Fortner, Harold-47, 78 209 Hunt St. jackson, Tenn. Fox, Marilyn R.R. 1 Berne, Ind. Freeman, Jewel-41 501 Frazier River Rouge, Mich. Fultz, Mary R. 14, Illinois Rd. Ft. Wayne, Ind. Gabrielson, Mary-52, 77, 90 1012 Yellowstone Road Cleveland, Ohio Galindo, Helen 318 9th Ave. New York, N. Y. Gaunt, Arthur-52 7002 Ideal Ave. Ft. Wayne, 1nd. Gelo, Janet R.R. 4 Spencerville, Ohio Gerig, Ardon-47, 89 R.R. 2 Auburn, lnd. Gerig, Bruce-41, 73, 77, 91 4025 S. Wayne Ave. Ft. Wayne, Ind. Gerig, Darrell-59, 70 R.R. 2 Auburn, Ind. Gerig, Joyce-15, 45, 77 314 E. 9th St. Auburn, Ind. Goin, Phyllis-41, 82 2406 W. 28th St. Anderson, Ind. Good, Mildred-45 R.R. 4 Wabash, Ind. Gordon, Bradford-45 3681 North River Rd. Port Huron, Mich. Graber, Rosemary-59 Route 1 Geneva, Indiana Grabill, Noel-39, 50, 51, 71, 76, 79, 80, Grabill, lnd. Gushiken, Alice-41, 91 Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii Haffner, Marian Doster, Mich. Haller, Darline-41, 86 Bucklin, Kansas Haller, Harold-59, 77, 88-89 Bucklih, Kansas Haller, Mary-51, 86 Bucklin, Kansas Haller, Violet-59, 78, 86 21003 La Salle Ave. Detroit, Mich. Hankey, Ioan-41, 77 R.R. 1 Butler, Ind. Hanna, Katherine-77, 90 1110 Military Dodge City, Kansas Hansen, Charles 151 Washington Ave. Clyde, Ohio Hansen, Lila 151 Washington Ave. Clyde, Ohio 88-89 M ad. Z 'lf I Hanson. Ruby-41 Finksburg. Md. Hara, llarilvn-42 4138 Coplin Ave. Den-oir, Mich. Harmon. Henry Charlton, Iorva Harris, llarv Lvnn-51 440 E. Mark St. Marion. Ohio Harrold. Ruth-33. 60 3712 Arlington Ft. Yvavne, Ind. Harter. Larry-51, 79. 81. 89 2502 Poinsette Dr. Ft. 1Ya5'ne. Ind. Harvey. Donna-15. J6. 60. 72. 3604 Upshur St. Brentwood, lid. Harvey, Jack 507 S. Indiana Auburn, Ind. Hefner. janet R.R. 2 Lima. Ohio Hefner. joseph-60 RR. 2 Lima. Ohio Hefner. Lois-60. 69. 70. 73. 85 HR. 2 Lima. Ohio Heindselman, Blary Lois-42 1121 Yhrest Packard Fr. Xiiavne. Ind. Heindselman, Rhoda 1121 YV. Packard Ft. XY:-5-ne. Ind. Hellstein. Eleanor-42. 75. 90 15811 Hevden Detroit. Mich. Henslev, Darrell-40, 42 406 N. 21 Xetvark. Ohio Herr. Charlene-42. 86 Route 1 Pandora. Ohio Herron. Alva-42 Kingston. ,lamaim Hewitt. Delbert-52. 78, 91 2022 E. South St. jackson. Mich. Higa. Yoshiua-60, 72. 88-89 Box 22 Lavvai, Kauai, Hawaii Hirschy, Shirley-52 568 E. Hfater St. Berne, Ind. Hofstetter, Esther-42, 78, 86 RR. 2 Bluffton, Ohio Holcomb, Galen-93 R. 14. Sutton Dr. FL Wlavne, Ind. Hopkins, Ann VVillia.mson, Iowa Hopkins, Pat-47, 78 Williamson. Iowa Hughes, Lillian-12. 42. 66 Clintwood, Va. Hughs, Ronald-42 RR. 1 Bucklin, Kansas S2, 89 Huntington, Ruth-56, 60, 71, 86, 90 8371 S. YN. 281111 St. Miami, Pla. Huntoon, Carolyn-42 305 2211421 St. jackson, llich. Iha, llay-45, 91 P.O. Box 142 Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii Imager, Rudi-61, 71, 75, 76, 77, 86 366 Hendricks Berne, Ind. Jackson, Herbert-39, 46, 47, 94 6720 Lansing Ave. Jackson, lhlich. James, Marjorie 936 Vvilliam St. Huntington, Ind. Jewell, Shirley-42, 78 709 N. 19th Ave. Humboldt, Tenn. johnson, Thomas-47, 70, 76, 93 Box 212 Cai-uthers, Calif. Ions, Edwin-47, 91, 93 8065 hlettetal Detroit, Mich. f Kalt, Robert-52, 86-87, 91 443 Garfield Ave. Newark, Ohio Kemery, Darola-42 1-1-12 Ewing St. Ft. VVayne, Ind. Kemmerer, Esther-52, 70, 76, 93 402175 Halstead St. Allentown, Pa. Kerby, Jam-53, 76, 90 96 Highland Ave. New Xliami Hamilton, Ohio Kimmer, Elisabeth-42, 86 R.F.D. 1 941 VV. Erie St. Albion, Blich. Kinmicl, Dorothy-53 R. 1, Box SA Brookville, Ohio King, Gene-53 370 VV. National Dr. Newark, Ohio Kinoshita. Sally-45, 91 P.O. Box 97 Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii gleinhen. G. Fredrick-61 . 7 Defiance, Ohio Klingenberg, jerry-42 R.F.D. 1 Princeton, I11. Klopfenstein, Gordon-61, 72 379 Sprunger, Berne, Ind. Koch, Carol-42, 86, 88-89 RR. 1 Vllest Unity, Ohio Koehnlein, VVil1iam-45, 78, 89, 118 VV. 11th St. Connersville, Incl. Kokarne, Takako-45, 91 P.O. BOX 111 Kalahed, Kauai, Hawaii Kreh, Gerald Owendale, Blich. Kroeker, John Route 2 Fowler, Kansas 9 Krohn, Marguerite-15, 61, 69, 72, 7: 82 86 Elkton, Nlich. Krohn, VVi1liam-42 Elkton, Mich. Kunioka, Janet-45, 91 P.O. BOX 119 Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii Lake, Clifford-47 193 Washington Ave. East Patterson, N. I. Lang, David-47, 94 1250 Manistique Detroit, liich. Lauby, Lois-42, 78, 86 Pandora, Ohio Lee, Lloyd-42 N. Washington St. Van VVert, Ohio Leever, James-39, 50, '53, 70, 76, 77 88 89 18419 Burgess Detroit 19, Mich. Leever, Richard 18419 Burgs Detroit 19, Mich. Lehman, Elaine-53, 93 900 Alben Sr. Lima, Ohio Lehman, Harold-61 900 Alben Sr. Lima, Ohio Lehman, jerry-53, 66, 79, 88-89 617 High sr. Beme, Ind. Lehman, Vernon-53, 79 3011 So. Hanna St. FL Yvayne, Lnd. Lehman, Virginia-39, 61, 72, 900 Alben Sr. Lima, Ohio Leland, A. Anne-42 2516 Hoagland Ave. Ft. Yvayne, Ind. Leonard, Donna-62, 75, 76 1010 Drexel Ft. Yvayne, Lnd. Leonard, Earl Stanley-62, 70 1010 Drexel Ft. VV vn Ind. 3, ei Lescalleet, Harvey-39, 46, 47 177 jefferson Sr. Newark, Ohio Leichty, Rochelle-15, 45, 77 365 YV. Yvater St. Berne, Ind. Linkous. Berry-46, 47, 72. 73. Pylesville, llaryland Lord. Barbara-45 Mandeville, Iamaim Lord, Blorrieson-53 Mandeville, Iamaim Lorentzen. Shirley-86 1211 Linden Glendale, Califomia 76, 77, 86. 88-89 77. 86-87, 90 Los Banos, Conchira-62. 69. 72. 90 Box 72 Kalaheo, Kauai, Hawaii Lumm, Arthur 862 N. Miami St. YVahash, Ind. McCarty, Carrol-78 320 Oak Sr. Mt. Pleasant, Blich. McCune. Patricia-40. 43, 66, R.R. 1 Geneva, Ind. McCime, Rolland-53. 79. 82 R.R. 1 Beme, Ind. McEwen, David-45 Box 294 Glilld Rapids, Ohio McGrady, Ann-53 96 S. llanning St. Hillsdale. Mich. McGranor, Thomas-47, 80 78 Llound Court Newark, Ohio McKnight, Harold-43 42 S. Torrence St. Dayton, Ohio 86 McManus, Jack-38, 39. 62, 69, 80 303 E. Louisiana Evansville, Lnd. Manley, Patricia 502 Empire St. hlontpelier, Ohio liianyan, Edna-43 8 Howard Ave. Whit, Tn., Iamaim, B.YV.I. Maris, Elaine-15, 53, 88-89 R.R. 2 Waimeta, Nellasha Mason, Robert-47, 78, 88-89, 18590 San jose Birmingham, Mich. 94 Maxwell, John Lafayette, Ind. Nlaxwell. Sallv-43 1628 E. Muncie. Harvard Ave. Ind. May. Joanne-43 825 N. Alzadena Royal Oak. Mich. Meisenheimer. Lester-43. 80 R.R. 1 1.Va1nuL Ill. Mettert. James R.R. 2 Auburn, Ind. Menert, Ruth R.R. 2 Auburn. Ind. Mettler. Alan-43. 7' 813 Hope Sr. Lima, Ohio Miller. 2419 S. Hanna Fr. VVa5-ne. Ind. Miller, Marv R.R. 1 Ossian. Ind. Miller. Vugmia 1637 SL Blarvs Ave. Fr. VVayne. Ind. Minier. Richard-43 3614 Bowser Ave Fr. Hap-ne. Ind. Mitchell. Larene 620 Oakdale Dr. Ft, Mayne. Lnd. Mohr. Thomas-53. 88-89 807 Poplar SL. Fr. XVa5-ne Lucl. Mollan. Velma-62. '2. -6. 77 705 Minnie SL Port Huron. Mich. Morehead. Donna-54 Continental. Ohio Xlorgan. Edward 1514 YV. Genesee Saginaw, Mich. Mosier, Sandra-43 628 E. Duane Sr. Clyde. Ohio Mulkins. Pearl 2450 Randall Rd. FL XYa5-ne. Ind. Mundi. Robert-54. '72. 91 415 So. 12th SL New Cacile. Ind. BLYEIS. Elvin-47. 91 R.D. 2. Box 274 Altoona. Pa. lives. Gmld-54 R.R. 3 Winchester. Lnd. S6-S' xml. George-39. 56. ez. 69. 71. ssfse R. R. 4 Salem. Ind. Xeucnschwander. Phyllis-43 3413 YV. Piercr Ave. Chicago, Ill. Nichole John-63. 69. 88-89 R.R. 1 Plainwell, Siich. Ann-11. 45. 78. 86 Box 24 Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii Novess. Joyce-54, 86 3910 Canterbury Dr. Kalamazoo, Mich. Nushamn. Delmar St. Joe. Ind. Orr. Orville-63. 72 189 Decrow Ave. Newark, Ohio Palma, Hugh-43, 86-87 Llandeville, B.YV.I. 1 . Perry, Elaine-54, 73, 86-87 R. 1 Plainwell, Mich. Pier, Patricia-43, 66 Hampstead, Maryland Pitzer, Joseph-63 6752 Columbia Rd. Cleveland, Ohio Popps, Mary Lee VVest Liberty, Ohio Powell, Kenneth-46, 47, 86, 89 1417 Peoria Ave. Peoria, 111. Price, john-47 Box 158 Upperco, Maryland Puckett, Connie-94 Rover Route VVest Plains, Missouri Pusker, Marjorie-43 3112 Luna Ave. San Diego 17, Calif. Ramseyer, Robert-8, 54, 69. 701 VV. Midland Bay City, Mich. Randall, Lonnie-81 Collison Ave. Detroit, Mich. Raycroft, Ray 109 E. Madison St. Goshen, Ind. 86, 89 Riegel, Arlene-54, 69, 74, 75, 93 R.R. 1 Clyde, Ohio Ries, Robert R.R. 1 Venedocia, Ohio Robbins, Paul-43-77 209 E. Third St. Peru, Ind. Roberts, William-54, 73, 79, 93 R.R. 2, Box 43 Swanton, Ohio Rodeheffer, Mary-43, 86 21266 VV. 9 Mile Detroit 19, Mich. Rohrs, Donald 3901 So. Wayne Ft. VVayne, Ind. Roth, Beverly-43 Grabill, Ind. Rousselle, Melva-54, 88-89 3122 N. Lincoln Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Rowe, Ruth Hudson, Ind. Rowell, Carolyn-63, 86 421 E. Center St. Eureka, 111. Rowell, Willard-63, 88-89 421 E. Center St. Eureka, Ill. Rulla, Herman-94 Palisade, Nebraska Sauter, Alvin, 47, 73, 75, 91 Box 424 Carson, North Dakota Schade, Glen-47, 70, 89, 93 Box 106 Mt. Pleasant, Mich. Scheffler, Maxine-54, 86 6615 Lapeer Rd. Goodells, Mich. Scheib, Guy 4606 Beaver Ft. Wayne, Ind. Schlabach, Clarke-39, 40, 47, 7.8 Elkton, Mich. Schlabach. Earl-39, 64, 69, Elkton, Mich. Schlabach, Nelda Elkton, Mich. Schladenhauffen, Roger 351 Green St. New Haven, Ind. 92 Y Y l- Schlatter, Olan-89 626Vz W. Crei hton Ft. VVayne, Inc? Schmidt, Beulah Mae-15, R.R. 3 Newton, Kansas Schmidt, Lysle-54 1019 W. Logan St. Celina, Ohio Schoeff, Kendall-64 2323 S. Hanna Ft. Wayne, Ind. Scholer, Iris R.R. 6 Portland, Ind. Settlemire, Betty Io-47 R.R. 4 Wapakoneta, Ohio Shaver, Myrneth-11, 64, 8 Box 33 Beechwood, Mich. Sheldon, Alice-43 R.D. 1 Springboro, Pa. Shives, Madelyn-47 Needmore, Pa. Showers, Elzer R.F.D. 1 Cardington, Ohio Shumaker, Beverly R.R. 1 DeGraff, Ohio Shumaker, Dean R.R. 1 DeGraff, Ohio Simes, Victor 6362 Fair Ave. Sidney, Ohio Simmons, Maurile R.R. 1 Columbia City, 1nd. Sites, Barbara-47, 86 R.R. 1 Yorktown, Ind. Smith, Ardene-47, 76, 78, 1307 Wilson Peoria, 111. Smith, Barbara-43, 77 1610 Smith Peoria, Ill. Smith, Darlene-43 Bucklin, Ohio Smith, Henry-49, 94 Levering, Mich. Snoke, 1da-43 1058 Grover Ave. Glendale, Calif. Sonius, Ronald-54, 89 4101 Avondale Dr. Ft. Wayne, Ind. 38, 39, 62, 70, 88-89, 93 2, 88-89 88-89 Sowers, James-49, 78, 86-87, 89 732 E. Henry St. Wooster, Ohio Spaeth, Harry-39, 56, 64, 3034 N. 7th St. Philadelphia 33, Pa. Sparks, Audrey-55, 69, 70, Charing Cross, Ontario Springfield, Billy-55, as-89 Woodburn, Ind. Sprunger, Miriam-55 So. Fulton St. Berne, Ind. Stehl, Betty-49 Box 12 Gleason, Tenn. Stehl, james-40, 44 R.R. 4 Union City, Tenn. Stehl, Richard-49 R.R. 4 Union City, Tenn. 73, 78, 86-87, 88-89, 94 72, 75, 77, 93 Steiner, Gaius-46, 49, 72, 73, 78, 81 2081 E. Bristol Rd. Flint, Mich. .,. h Steiner, jonathan-44 t R.D. 5 Wooster, Ohio Steiner, Magdalene-55, 76, 88-89, 93 3506 Indiana Ft. Wayne, Ind. Steininger, Carmen-45, 75, 86 Box 76 Grabill, Ind. Steinkraus, Walter-45 205 N. Mt. Vernon Prescott, Ariz. Steury, Shirley-44, 75, 88-89 706 N. Jefferson Berne, Ind. Streitmatter, Barbara-55, 86 4931 Richland Ave., VonAchen Knolls Chillicothe, Ill. Weber, Grace R.R. 1 Edgerton, Ohio VVecld1e, Joann 4018 Avondale Ft. Wayne, Ind. Welty, Herald 210 So. 4th Decatur, Ind. VVelty, Ruth-44 4010 Arlington Ave. Ft. Wayne, Ind. Whiteford, Cecilia-44, 75 723 Symes Royal Oak, Mich. VVickert, Edna-65, 88-89 R.R. 4 Clare, Mich, Stricklin, Delma-49, 70, 86-87, 90 102 Stout Pontiac, Mich. Styers, Ann-64, 86 P.O. Box 630 Altoona, Pa. Sudmann, Willis-44 2063 Pauline St. Ft. Wayne, Ind. Suman, Floyd R.R. 6 Decatur, Ind. Suman, Harold Willshire, Ohio Swope, Vance-49, 89 Needmore, Pa. Tam, 1-larry-55, 77, 91 1117-A 2nd Ave. Honolulu, Hawaii Widmark, Jeannine-45, 77, 93 813 Oak St. Lima, Ohio Wiederkehr, Naomi-65, 88-89 234 W. Monera Peoria Heights, 111. Wilhoit, Bert-65, 75, 86, 88-89 4325 S. Hanna St. Ft. Wayne, lnd. Tanaka, Wayne-40, 44, 78 P.O. Box 48 Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii Taylor, Robert-50, 55, 79, 81, 93 R.R. 1 Walnut, Ill. Taylor, Valiere Columbia City, Ind. Temple, Gary-44 R.R. 4 Union City, Ind. Thompson, Basil-9, 65 12 Omara Rd. Half Way Tree, Jamaica Thompson, Doris-44, 77 P.O. Box 630 Altoona, Pa. Tibbs, Charles-55 10821-A Woodland Ave. Cleveland, Ohio Truax, Beverly-44, 76 Needmore, Pa. Tucker, Charlotte-55, 69 730 Summit Blvd. W. Palm Beach, Fla. Ulrich, Mary Roanoke, 111. Vargas, Gilberto-55 1232 W. Wayne Ft. Wayne, Ind. Vondran, Eleanor-44 214 Woodley Ave. R.R. 3 Findley, Ohio Wagler, Robert-39, 65, 71, 88-89 R.R. 1 Washington, I11. Walton, Dorothy-55, 77, 88-89 710 St. Johns Ave. Lima, Ohio Wanner, Mildred R.R. 1 Geneva, Ind. Warren, Frank-50, 55, 86, 89 2311 Puritan Ave. Detroit, Mich. VVil1iams, Abraham-46, 49 P.O. Box 8 Anahola, Kauai, T.H. Vvilliams, Benjamin-39, 40, 49 P.O. Box 8 Anahola, Kauai, T.H. Williams, Bernard-44 P.O. Box 8 Anahola, Kauai, T.H. Williams. Ethel-49 P.O. BOX 8 Anahola, Kauai, T.H. Williams, Gaylord, 55, 73, 79, 93 P.O. Box 8 Anahola, Kauai, T.H. Williams, Gladys-49 P.O. Box 8 Anahola, Kauai, T.H. Wilson, Roland-44 3320 Mapledale Ave. Cleveland, Ohio Wilson, William R.R. 4 Coldwater, Mich. Witker, VVi1liam-44, 55, 77, 88-89 R.F.D. 2 Swanton, Ohio Witt, Patricia-44 R.R. 3 Auburn, Ind. Wittwer, Phyllis-55 Berne, Ind. Wolfe, Patsy Ann-44 2609 Oak Grove Toledo, Ohio Wrightson, jean-44 2511 Strathmore Ave. Baltimore 14, Maryland Yarian, George Ir. 4611 Beaver Ave. Ft. Wayfne, Incl. Yntema, janet-44 3572 Somerset Dr. Detroit, Mich. Yoder, julia-44 R.R. 2 Berne, Ind. Youngs, Ronald-65 304 Grant St. Plainwell, Mich. Ziegler, Betty-44, 77 Fawn Grove, Pa. Zurcher, Bernadine 665 N. Behring Berne Ind Zurcher, John-49 88 89 665 N. Behring ' 1 A Berne, Ind. "wi 1 Nix' 1- 5 1 ,ff 'K fs ft! f sf 1 , 5. . 35 N571 ' 1 Y it f 2' 11 c Bang ,Rui- fx 3 1 t-iff 14' Q11 1,1 lv' 't' -:EH 1,6 R+? 174.3 1 : fd 5:23 f Fai 1 U . Q 1 l I I Aa jf, l X Planted by Spirit-filled men Rooter! in the faith, Nourislzerl and refreshed by riches of the IVord of God, BT!'l1ZCIZI1Zt2 out into various parts of the world, F.IV.B.C. continues, "Fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God." VVE, THE STAFF OE THE 1955 LIGHT TOXVER, DEDICATE THIS BOOK TO THE PERPETUATION OF THIS VISION. Z A , 4 M ,ff Yunooxs WMYKCYJAAKEKSF or ounun ,Qin W .v ,tl .x 1 'wif .-3 .v ,- ,- 'H V ' - n "li

Suggestions in the Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) collection:

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