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4. D01 OPQLUOI' Calm and secure are they who by the grace of God have cast an upward look and through eyes of faith have caught the gleam of the Eternal Light. The endless pitch and toss of a world in sin causes only a more steadfast gaze and deeper longing for their Rock of salvation. Surely the darkening of the night around us serves only to increase the brilliance of the glory of God. Time cannot dim that Light. Eternity shall reveal its essence when the darkness has been forever put away. The LIGHT TOWER stands symbolically not only for Christ, but also as a figure of His earthly counterparts, the "cities set on hills," which shine over the valleys and can never be hid-. .gt .. -'nam 4 w' N , ' .N W '- 3:3 Law' f Q? ,X EX -. I . ai K ,w S 3- ' je I 1 Q 5 LE cou K I Vx 500012. SESX0 13? XZAIIV, CHEF S Q4 CX, BUSINFSS lu C0191 4 puImLi5L'e0l IM the Wff-' FORT WAYNE BIBLE COLLEGE ' ' ' ' ' ' FORT WAYNE, INDIANA LB C' its 1 WAYNE B an OE EOR v1OM 1 i - EN ANU E DEVELOPS MEN Ab , a A I y QM oLLEG l t . A YK E C i 'i it 'NTORT WAYNE BIBL "' 1 ' , . .P , X ,fJ'4Q'wil, f.'. , ff' ' - - FEQETMEN AND WOMEN OF FORT WAYNE BIBLE l- , Q - WA YNE B1 kj' fi .L ','y J' . ' "ful "v'i,f ff Lallfxfft i A if - a i - GE PREPAR .1 fj,,-M .. 'gif ,izu 1 ' A fl' - -f 1.5 ' , qi 5 s 0 97 n L5 felafs 3487112 Walking in an unknown, danger-wrapped land is perilous and often terrorizing. The Christian pilgrim in this world, however, is exhorted to walk without anxiety, and even joyfully. The true saint is not a mere goal-seeker, but is one who walks enthu- siastically here, though his journey may take him through the whole gamut of physical experience. It is his privilege to "walk as in the day" though darkness enshroud him, for the promise of God assures that one step ahead shall be illumined. Fort Wayne Bible College, under God, has served as a spiritual training ground in which the feet of many young Christians have been shod with the gospel of peace. The brief years of study arm the youthful soldier for the war of faith which is to come. The graduation ceremony sends him forth not only equipped for the battle, but accustomed to the cadence of Christ as he has learned to follow "in His steps." 32 P33 O DESXGNXN X059 v1 WO A NE THE HOME FRONT ' TO SERVE ON QMEN Vg, sw. AK, 3, . N 4 , "3"", 'jr ml' -S W fs? wi 5 gf lim... LEGE STRENGTHEN THE MQRALE ii IL, SER VE OF OUR OWN NATION THE L ORD A RO UND THE WQRLD u C0l'Ltel'lt5 Dedication - - - 6 City of Fort Wayne - - 8 Campus - - - - 11 Administration - - 21 Classes - 35 Organizations - 65 Music - 77 Devotions - 83 Service - - 89 Activities - - 97 Advertising - - - - 105 be D DEDICATIQ A line Christian gentleman who has stabilized our walk by exhorting us to "plod steadily," and who has led us into the deeper truths of God's Word is Rev. Elmer T. Neuenschwander. Mr. Neuenschwanders sympathetic and sincere interest in each student has endeared him to the student body. All who know him have been challenged by his consistent Christian life. His keen understanding and clear-sighted wisdom invite students to seek counsel of him. As advisor of the senior Class, he has evidenced a youthful, co-operative spirit. In all school activities, he has given his loyal support. With all best wishes for his future, we respectfully dedicate the nineteen fifty-four LIGHT TOWER to Rev. Elmer T. Neuenschwander, our beloved dean and friend. p fi . if K ' at ' 1 F ff . N' .t- A ,,,g,, Mist L Q. kj., l . . , .2 n ,Fa sy .. 'HYVV' he YMOYOQZY ein The Dean p n . , . n Lana 5 ummzf mfg . . . FCDRT WAY E Having recently been given the title of "the happiest city in America," the city of Fort Wayne is likewise nationally known as "the summit city" of the "Hoosier State" of Indiana. It is located near the center of the great middle west, with the larger cities of Chicago, Detroit, Toledo, Cincinnati, Co- lumbus and Indianapolis all less than 200 miles distant. With a population of 137,000 and a num- ber of diversified industries and cultural ac- tivities affording many opportunities, Fort Wayne has been ranked by national periodi- cals as a superior, well-balanced city. Its many beautiful buildings, parks, and histori- cal landmarks provide interesting sights for the thousands of people who travel daily through the city' on the several state and federal highways running through the city. I 1 7 The statue of General Anthony Wayne. C27 The new Allen County War Memorial Coliseum. C35 The grave of Sammy Morris, converted Kru boy. 147 Downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana. C53 The new Parkview Memorial Hospital. Foster Park along the Aerial view of Fort Wayne, Indiana St. Mary's River. Lakeside Gardens C13 23 H3 43 C53 C63 9 O 6 FGRT WAY E BIBLE CCDLLEGE Schultz Hall. Bethany Hall. Founders' Memorial. Residence Hall. Shop. Providence Hall. ln an exclusive residential district in the southwest part of the city of Fort Wttyne is the spacious Bible college campus. The north section embraces four acres and the south, fourteen. Removed from the noise and soot of industrial areas, the college has an ideal environment for school life. lts stately oaks and elms that survive from virgin forest add beauty and charm to a spot that is sacred to many an alumnus. . . . CCLl'l'll0lfL6 CLPQCI, . . . C73 C83 C93 C103 C113 C123 Annex. Headquarters, Missionary Church Association. First Missionary Church. Ramseyer Home Staff Apartments. South Campus. CAMPUS 40 , nl ' ana! teaCn fhe way fh A f f M 5, ou 5 a f go: .gwi fguiole fA K n o 77 22 ull lnlne e 8. IZJMQ 32:8 xx . A .4 -A hurt F' '--.X ' - 1. .- a 1 uw x IW M N A ,.,' B41 N 4' tm X ef NHT T1 .ok . A 'fe " f' 1 X Q 1 Q Q 5 ,""iy,5 -'I -. ' 'Q '- 5 - . K T3 3. Q, 4 Q lux' 4 -U f-,-3q"f P 4 K H 722 V Q i"f-4 . " 1 . I the . . ,xg :, N .: I -- In 'AMX RY 5 t Q- ' ,, . uf.-.g'-,AT .A 5 H w xg Y N-mi I - N A .va , H A 5 Q " ' -JM' 5 N ' N - Y ,X rw, ,v,:,.. Y "Q - wx, - I . 5 if - V , 4 5 h .. ,.1j:,+..,,q. Q it , . 1 Q., ,f 4 ,M A26 in N' A V ' 'SA " ""' - , k 1 . Q UN-N i 1 A i 'v 0 , - ,-,-.QE 73. M 1,1 v I R M 5, K , 5 ixg ' Ns' ' A DIE 'Q i,',, ,, , -.lf f 1 an QL- 1, Q .. V ,-.4-I E . ,Q -5' "M- A ' - -7 Q 53'-4", if I "i ' . ".,. 9: M N my Q?.,-.- Y A i QQ' 'V YY I , A If N ' 1 Q . , A ., ,K i - . :QR g ,R tg E ig. A . 5 .5 if V . X A I: 3 A k , 'gf f fy. I Qu. f l ' 5 ' 1 1 Y , 'xx Z 2 in .-'- 'f5'A if 4 ,, , itniigga. .. , F - 1 - - 2 2 H A 1 iw i , 3 Q . If: ' Q x s U .N ' TI - I , 1 ,V - 'TF V ,Q ff ' I ' " v x' ' A5 Y Q N t L , , ,-Z gf, , .Al ,R '15-I L M A . 1 M ' g ' 'K . N ' . W I V f' tw ' M A .4 J Q w- My , ' 1 ,.. QP... , an-. Pkyhfih? , 4 A-Q xl 'I' 1 A I lil x f v A typical boy's dormitory room. g ,S I The new science A if l , laboratory. The library. sm One of the classrooms. The reception room. The laundry. The visual-aid room. The clark room ,' 1 ,Eur WW-U lg Bethany Hall. r dormitory ro The reception one Of The One of the CIHSSIOOITIS- administration offices. ,ga A typical a'rl's Om. IOOITL Bethany Cornerstone? The ford Bethany speaks to the Christian of joy, peace, and love. Blessed Bethany was the place where jesus often went after d ' ' a ay of physical and spiritual toil among the children of men B h . et any Hall bears the name well, for it is a place of daily fellowshi among the girls h P W o have made it their home. The noise of their exuberance ofte ' n rings down from the second floor to intermingle with the quiet, efficient air of rhe adminisrrarion offices on the first floor. The bookstore and mail b - oxes are daily meeting- places for the entire student body as they crowd in to get the latest from home. The College The mulrigraph Bookstore. fprintingj room. 'lbw WSU? W' gf fd A typical girls dormitory room. The reception room. lorouiclence cya! Providence Hall, nestled long and low in the rear of the campus is the newer of the two girls' dormi- tories. In 1946, to accommodate a larger enrollment of girl students, the thirty-room structure was built, Affectionately known as Cardboard Castle to its in- habitants. it is the scene of much high-spirited laugh- ter and friendly camaraderie. At other times, when prayer groups meet, a holy hush falls upon it, as the prayers of Gods children ascend to heaven. Several modifications were made in Providence Hall last year, among them, the enlarging and re- modeling of the reception room. Surely the good providence of God has furnished the college with buildings such as this as they have been needed. 'M 1' I sm, 11 ,I .it "- si S 7 Q 301111, QP5 2171, 0I"LCl, The largest and most utilitarian of the buildings on campus is Founders' Memorial. It is around this center that most of the campus life revolves. Here it is that knowledge is poured out in the classrooms, technical skills in music are developed in the numerous practice roomsg and physical tone is main- tained and surplus energy is consumed in the continually- developing gymnasium. Each day hundreds of meals are cooked in the modern kitchen for the hungry students passing through the cafeteria. After meals, leisure time is spent in the commodious student lounge, which was completed last year. Most important is the daily searching, nourishing, and strengthening of soul which the students and faculty receive in the chapel, as they draw aside from all their enfolding activities to worship God. The dining room. The new student lout One of the music studios. The central office. One of the classrooms. ,Q .Q av w 3 '44 J3 -tb f ,,.z , f .. , 45 f' ' 14-fffb. 5' f Q ff' sg! , "",:f'ff'f:i s i Q A 5- jf , 5 '22 ' j f ' ,. 'V' -52 , .gfifgj ,4Tf,,, , Q '1.r.Z4 A 1 ,4 Yr: : ,- 0 -4 'lik EE- A , ,I 1 44, ., yo 3, f-1222551 'E The college dispensary. A typical faculty apartment. Residence Hall. mai ence cya! Residence Hall, the attractively de- signed, beige-colored apartment building for the stall members, is the newest build- ing on the campus. The quiet appearing, modest structure seems to suggest the very nature of our instructors -as they spend long periods of time inspecting assignments and preparing for the daily lessons. This building is the witness to the lives of those who have made them- selves accountable to God for the instruc- tion of the students. In the southeast corner the school nurse cares for the physical difficulties of the students, attempting to keep them always at their highest efficiency. .ft The Staff Apartment- SOI W. Rudisill. 60! eg? l9Cl,l'tl'l'lel'l fif Because of an increased press for accommo- dations for married students, several apartments located within a convenient area to the school were purchased two years ago. These low-rent rooms are a great aid to those students who have the double financial burden of going to college and supporting a family. Several of th ment across the-boulevard fr e staif members live in the apart- om the college. 521 Kinsmoor. 2419 South Hanna. 626 East Creighton. The Annex- 3726 Shady Court. 19 i lg N gg- . ,, gig - -4 ' wtf: , 5 ,f ' , ' .. 'xr ' X 'I' -4 - -Wm . ' 5.3 "AJ, ' eg A -. 1 . 511 V-'ii -0' The . ' A JW 1 . "1 yt-'I e, . ' 'dere -M s .. Q.. ,.u glisqs. 1. Y .-,exft QR ,J g3aQaaGSQQe?3aiHa-i2mf fvaeQkas!srfa55f"saaaa. Aw gif, -aiu: ,ii p at ,. V- 3i:..j'gl I, s'.51,k , , s wget, "1 i..'s5'V " 55,5 -4.152-f I 1 1 if 'fi.g,zx: -,--vii-as 1 Nun-'51 -:,w--.- ,. 5 qigmx fgiylkrg. l-. .. .fi,.., Q , -ff -' w - . 'Q' .' i 5 s wm3e?ari" - 'sea- ' ct, I' If 1-- mg. :ff F old Glory flies high ak -over the campus. Q ' 9 fits f 1 ,V , , . L 5. ' Uncle Pete'sy South Campus. ,SJ0bLfA 66l,l'YlI0lfl,5 Prior to World War II, a vision i greater things for the college came to tl man who is now its president. Dr. Wi mer saw the opportunities possible if tl college owned the fourteen acre plot 4 ground south of the campus. He mac arrangements with the owner of the lat to allow Fort Wayne Bible College to l the first to buy it when it was offered fi sale. Not until after the war was the b. made, and the payments were complete in 1955. A development program is now unde Way. The Hrst plant to be built will be multi-unit structure. One wing will hou: the administration offices, and anothi section will be for a large, complete 1 brary. Classrooms and a laboratory wi be included in other sections. It is providential that this very larg tract of ground in such a desirable loc: tion should be left open for the colleg God has indeed set us in a large place. ' 513521 . .5 7, P. L. Exchers ...E 6 I ADMINISTRATEGN 40 .3 Q T9 Laue faugLf flzee in flue- way of wiaclomg .9 Lacie An! fkee in fke rigkf l9l1fLff, H !9rouerL5 4: f f 1 L Q1 W. ...,.,.,,-,-N The thirteen members who form the Gov- -! erning Board of Fort Wayne Bible College are elected either directly by the General Conference of the Missionary Church Asso- ciation, or by co-operating denominations which are invited to elect representatives to the Board. These men have helped to make Fort Wayne Bible College the progressive Mr Shirl Hatfield Cbmrmtm institution it is today. Realizing the responsibility of their posi- tion, these men are all dependent upon God for His guidance in making Fort Wayne Bible College an even more effective place for Christian young people to train for world wide ministries. A Board meeting. A i Front-row, left to right: Dr. Clyde Taylor, Dr. S. A. Witmer, Mr. Shirl Hatfield, Rev. jared F. Gerig. Middle row,'left to right: Dr. Milo Rediger, Rev. Robert Strubhar, Mr. C. T. Michaud. Back row, left to right: Rev. Ben ie-inngngi, C. H. Musselman, Rev. D. W. Donaghue, Rev. J. Pritchard Amstutz. Not pictured: Mr. J. Francis Chase, r. . . e mari. ouerning Marc! fav' Safara A. Witmer, AB., M.A., Ph.D., LLD. reziiclenf The desire to see Fort Wayne Bible Col- lege develop in every aspect worthy of its Christ-centered foundation has been the mo- tivating force behind President Safara A. Witmer. He has sought constantly to im- prove the educational opportunities, and at the same time to hold the spiritual standards high. Keen foresight and determination have combined in Dr. Witmer, resulting in not only visionary future possibilities of the Collegeg but also in the drive which accom- plishes the steady development necessary now. We have learned to appreciate his friend- liness and his confidence in the student body. Though he is often pressed with his various duties, he retains a personal interest in the welfare of the individual student. God has been gracious in providing Dr. Witmer as our guide while in college, We are assured that with Gods blessing upon our president, Fort Wayne Bible College shall continue to train many for the service of the King. Dr. and Mrs. Witmer Dr. Witmer: A good sport. Dr. Wilmer: A consecrated minister la ,. Lloyd E. Roth, B. Ed., MA. eau of glclucafion With a quiet hand Lloyd Roth controls college class schedules. It is his thoughtful arrangements that provide the well-balanced relationship between class periods and out- side study. Because of this balance many of the students are able to obtain outside jobs which fit conveniently into their schedules. His unassuming manner has influenced the lives of many of the students as an ex- ample of Christian graciousness. His very life is typical of the Bible's command that we esteem our brother higher than ourselves. The pleasure he receives from fellowship with the students is evident from his fre- quent participation in the game of deck tennis. "l'm all set to play." Harvey L. Mitchell, A.B., M.A. Regidfrar A quick smile and a ready word charac- terize Harvey Mitchell, the school registrar. Young people interested in attending Fort Wayne Bible College are pleasantly warmed by this man with just that necessary word to settle the many anxieties which seem to land on new-arrivals' shoulders. His cheerful word has often helped to brighten what may have started as a dreary day. Professor Mitchell's classroom lectures are livened by his ability to make words live, and common 'things are made uncommonly easy to remember by his language Wizardry. The humility of his prayers testifies to his knowledge of the power of God. He has been an example of the Bible's admonition to bear one another's burdens. Tell us, we'll laugh, too. . Bak! 0 .S?uJellt5 Elmer T. Neuenschwander, A.A., A.B., B.D. Elmer Neuenschwanders varied interests make him one of the busiest men on campus. His insight in dealing with the problems of the students has averted many oncoming diffi- culties, and helped to establish their feet in the Way. His ability to organize has made him a favorite as a student advisor. Wrong car, sir 01117. of l Timothy Warner has been "an example of the believer" to the students, even as Paul the apostle exhorted another Timothy cen- turies before. His knowledge of the characteristics of young men has made him extremely helpful in his capacity as Dean of Men. Brother Warner's skillful teach- ing of Greek has eased some of the more difficult problems of that study. edll 0 0111 ell With confidence the young women on campus go to their dean, Ruth Sondregger, for dis- creet counseling. Her unwaver- ing faith in God and wholesome life is inspiring to those around her. She meets the freshmen women each year, giving them a sense of belonging in a very short time. With concern and expectancy, she sees senior wo- men leave Fort Wayne Bible College to take their place in the King's service. Thats our dean! Timothy Warner, A.B,, S.T.B. Too bad, no 'lonely hearts' column. d Ruth Son regger 2 R ., , -N Y if Tis X ' S "', Cyril H. Eicher, A.B., Th.B. Partorizl Trninin g, Director of C briitian Service The calm Bible-grounded step of Cyril Eicher has guided many a less experienced Christian over the treach- erous path of sociology. His steady ef- ficiency and beautiful humility have taught not only the letter of Truth, but the Spirit as well. His work in the Christian Service Department has aided in establishing recognition of the opportunities of Bible College training in many churches. Richard E. omg, AB. Director of Radio and Pnlvlic Reliztionf A loyal "Light Tower" fan. To say that Richard Geri believes in accomplishin tasks in an orderly and ef licient fashion is an under statement to those who hav become acquainted with hi brisk, sure manner. Mr C1erig's handling of the pro motion aspect of the Colleg and precision in directing th daily "Sunrise Chapel" pro grams demonstrates his vita belief in whole-hearted serv ice to God. Weldon O. Klopfenstein, Th.B. Theology, Bible, Director of the S cbool of Extension A wealth of experience in the I.ord's work, and a storehouse of illustrations have made W. O. Klopfenstein's class- room instruction very practical to the student about to begin a life of Chris- tian service. His enthusiastic approval to the study of the Word of God is inspiring, as i-s his love to hear the name of the Lord lifted in praise. Surprised? jack of all trades. l' ' i i K it .il in. .I l i Q r A stout Scottish heart set on fire by the Spirit of God has made Morrow Cook an inspiration both in and out of the classroom. The wee professor looms large when he speaks of the opportuni- ties for God's children to go forth and do exploits for Him. His warm, vigorous manner, and firm trust in the power of God have turned many a spiritual battle into victory for the believer. Clean it well. William Morrow Cook, M.A. Bible jalfllky This key did fit. Hazel M. Yewey, A.B., M.S. Evzglirb and Hirlory A life wholly surrendered to God and the instruction of His children is the impression gained from our association with Miss Hazel Yewey, The years of labor for the Lord have developed an even, pleasant disposition which wields an influence on the lives of those who know her. Her thorough method of teaching has helped to clarify much that is obscure in history. O. Carl Brown, A.B., S.T.B., M.A. Director of Minion: In careful, measured phrases, Carl Brown teaches his students to search for individual discoveries of the embedded truths in God's Word. The burden for missionary endeavor has made Mr. Brown valuable for the in- struction of future missionaries, and indeed, his very life is suggestive of the Christian's joy in "pressing on the upward way." 27 Oliver E. Steiner, A.B., B.S., M.Mus. Director of line School of Music Oliver Steiner's gifted direction of the music department of the College is largely responsible for its high rec- ognition. This devoted servant has been an example in his diligent service to God. The performances of the Mes- Martha I. johnson, A.B., M.R.E. Englirb and Child Care Her tender heart and sin- cere interest in the personal' problems of those whom she teaches have endeared Miss Martha johnson to the stu- dents. The great burden she has for the physical and spir- itual needs of little children has been a definite influence I l upon many at the College tor seek Gods direction in chil- dren's work. She has instilled a greater appreciation for the Bible through her literary in- struction. What's up, Doc? siah Chorus and the A Cappella Choir are only two of the good things we enjoy which he has developed. Ira Gerig, B.M., M.Mus. Piano, Organ Ira Gerig has been gifted with a marvelous ability to make endless vari- ations of even the simplest tune. Lis- tening to these different renderings is a source of constant blessing and de- light. His recognition of the important position of the great old hymns in the church today has helped to form more reverent worship services in the plans of future pastors. , V . Olds' 88 or 98? iv ff- ' A new English literature book. Sie tl lx if I l i i l l Her earnest sincerity and desire for students to study the lives of the great saints have benefited those who have studied under Miss Edith Ehlke. The College library is kept in meticulous order be- cause of her capable super- vision. Willingness to help, and humility in service have characterized her service to the Lord. The library's the other way, -R Edith Ehlke, AB. l.ilmzria11 Under the meticulous instruction of Rene Frank, the hner points of music have been engraved in the minds of his students. The testimony of his God-delivered life is an inspiration to all who hear it. His deep reverence for the l.ord is noticeable in the works he has composed for choral and instru- mental rendering. The excellency of his work is highly regarded by secular musicians as superior creative compo- sitions. Faster, the compositions burning! Ctlfuhg vi Ji. A A suitcase would help. .wav K1 .if Betty Stanley, BS., MA. Piano, Voice, Theory Betty Stanley's first year on campus as instructor of piano and voice has proved fruitful. She has imprinted on many students' minds the importance and beauty of classical music in our modern world. Her ability to teach is accentuated by her genuine love for God. Vital interest in each individual student, and willingness to share prob- lems make her a true asset to Fort Wayne Bible College. Arthur H. Ditmer Bzuineff Manager -4-nf V W5 im 4. -Q" new j A ' 3 5 S -, 3 6 , 5 S, I f Q Frances Staley Bookkeeper Coulll it be lunch time? Ann Neuenschwander Secretary to the Prefident Imogene Palmer Serretary to the Dean LIM1 ? r S5053 Let's obey the law, Imogene. QRS? V 171.6 Siu!! Ulm SL!! 'S Q ax Xxx 'X 4 ,f 1 Q5 rf , ,- ,X CX 4 .1 ., . X W-A v' W1 i-. - r .1 'V ' ,h ' L 1' - ' " X 1 . ' ' Ijrzlivi. 1 0 'X Q In 1 V , .,,. 1 i lui, I dare you, Ann. ff ,f Mary Howard Ann Hilbert Seffefdfy Secretary to the Regixlmr Wrap rt well, Mary. Mary Wulliman Secretary N ot Pictured .' Carl D. Light Director of Financial Promotion 31 Martha Fiedler Dining Department Superoiror Celina Klopfenstein C ook Day's work is done. Helen Jackson Jennie Miller C ook C o ok M-M-M-Martha Spinning Jennie ' - ,Q Look under "M" for Miller ! ff we Always busy! t Vfhafs his name, Ada? - a Ada Srnirh Lamzdren spring, a young man's I fancies turn. Feeling just "sew-sew." Kenneth Hutchins Superintendent of Harvey Winkler Lavina Leightner Bmldmgf and Gfowfdf Maihfgmmge Man H often of Schzzlzz Hall Ch P NA ra. - QV, V 'l,hv" Daisy Davis Receptionirt in Founderr' Memorial , 5? 5 , . ,sr ff W Y '2 -'X " Sf? if ,gag 25. iiiil Sl sal , 4 .. gn x. . 3 553:33 " f 1 ff - p ERTJQE I , 91:5 .: , , 1 Anna Lou Boehr, R.N. School Nzzrre Nice smile for someon 34 el E. R. Horton, M.D. School Physician 31,8 .Siu What happened Daisy? When a person consecrates his life to God, he makes it possible for the Lord to direct his life in ways that will both profit him and others. The walks of our faculty and staff members have been widely varied. Some have been privileged to study and become prohcient in various fields. We praise the Lord that these skills have been utilized for His glory. You're fine, how am I7 'Q , I My 5gl9Leela 5ouncJ wilncjom anal clbcrefi 40. fllen 5611A fgou wa!L in flzy way Aakfy, J L f ,, fool Muff ,mf 6f.,m6L." Proverb, 3521, 23 on, CLASSES , .A Q .5 .ini Left to right: J. Cooke, Vice-President, 1 Grabill Presi dent, J. Leonard, Secretaryg E. T. Neuenschwander Advisor J Warren, Chplaing D. Zimmerman, Treasurer, D. Conner, Athletic Manager Not Pictured: Robert Miller, Student Council Representative O Breathing stops are sometimes reached on the Christians passage to the City of Light. So it is that MOTTO: following the difficult climb of his senior year, the ffln Hi! Slepiu student stops to review his path of instruction. Gentle slopes of fellowship and blessing are seen, and sight of his triumphal passage through the treach- COLORS- erous crags of Satanic resistance proves with powerful ' , assurance his security in Christ. As Israel's children Blue and Szltfer . . . . raised their stone of Ebenezer, so the senior recognizes the Stone of Help who has brought him up and strengthened him onbhis way. FLOWER: . Far more glorious is the view of the turning senior PM Camdflon as he looks up the rocky way before him. A single twist obscures the path, but he sees the footprint of Another who has passed th at way. 3 if , f f,,:ff""t AHJEFJOH JOJPPA 3 gear Fort Wayne, Indiana F0rn,Wayne, Indiana Bachelor of Arif in Bible Smndard Bible GILBERT ANDERSON, Transfer, Indiana University Extension: Assistant Pastor 3, 4: Band 1: Choir Director 2: Chorister 1. 2. 3: Church Visitation 3: Light Tower 4: Messiah 1, 2, 3, 4: Mission Worker 2: Sunday School Class 2: Gospel Broadcasting 1, 2, 3. 4. IOSEPH BEAR, Transfer: Grace Theological Seminary iCollegiate Divisionl: Assistant Pastor 4: Street Meeting 2: Tract Team 3. ALBERT BELL. Assistant Pastor 4: Child Evangelism Class 1, 2. 3: Prayer Band Leader 2, 3. VELMA BEOUGHEH. Graduate: Lancaster-Fairfield Hospital School oi Nursing: A Cappella Choir 1: Child Evangelism Class 2: Gospel Team 2: Prayer Band Leader 1. 2, 3: School Nurse 1. 2. MARY BIRKEY. Graduate Lock Haven Normal School, Missionary Training Institute: Missionary to Belgian Congo 41929-1952l: Mission Band 4: Sunday School Class 4. ,WLM Ziff' McClure, Ohio lirrflrclnr nf Arif in llL!lYla gemlgkfl' lnncuster, Ohio may gray Buvbelor of Science in Miuionary Fort WaYnef Indlam Bible Nfrffing Bachelor of Arty in Bible am. ,- ?3 ii xy-,QC i:L5iiE332 433.-"?J1 f T, 551' "1 1-r if ' -1' Q2 ,QQ fe-vt -15-r -"'?3i 46 16 gif? if fm Mgr f' I ,., . .,.-'r x .gg ,f ,,, , . .5-Z? 9 C af-L':l7"'. 'T..- ' 5553 - : 565' ' way-1 . .- - . 51.10, I at' :vc-. :qw ,- . ...' ' if le, ,fri if 'S ' 'Sta .1. ,aii5151'fiv:sw . A ,' ,Lgijc "F .f . J"-gilt? 'L5"t'Sf?i1:: ' 'Y' lt rim: 'V-f'llb.1""' " 41'1i".- ,., Af' " . , .-A " lr' -is-gg V: . Anna Ollllu Al' WOLPIJ E CAl'0ning2l' Enid, Oklahoma Fort Wayne, Indiana Bachelor of Science in Mifriomzry Stazzdurzl Bible Nzmfing ANNA LOU BOEHR, Transfer: Grace Bible Institute, Bethel Deaconess Hospital School oi Nursing: Campus Echo 4: Messiah 4: St. Paul Oratorio 4: Sunday School Class 4, ROBERT CHRONINGER, Assistant Pastor 3: Child Evangelism Class l: Church Visitation 2: Sunday School Class 1, 2, 3. IOYCE CLEVENGER, A Cappella Choir l, 2, 3: Gospel Team 1, 2: Messiah 1, 2. 3: St. Paul Oratorio 3: Student Council 3: Sunrise Chapel 3. DON CONNOR, Transfer: Kansas City Bible Col- lege: Basketball 4: Church Visitation 4: Sunday School Class 4: Class Officer 4. IOSEPH COOKE, Church Visitation 3, 4: Class Oliicer 4: Student Pastor 3, 4: Sunday School Class 2, 3, 4. Oylfe 6A2U2Il9'2l' 3071 COHIIPI' 90.59114 Cooke L' Oh' ima, 10 Evansville, Indiana Stazzdard Bible-Mzuic Buvbelor of Arif in Bible Brzvbelor 0 Fort Wayne, Indiana ffl .12 ' e fl!! Bzbl .4 5 grlifa gang? Pennville, Indiana Reistcrstown, Maryland Bafbelnr of Arif in Bible Baubelor of Arif in Bible SANFORD DEAN, Student Pastor 3, 4: Sunday School Class 2, 3, 4. EDITH FENBY. Transfer: Western Maryland College: A Cappella Choir 3: Camera Club 3, 4: Gospel Team 4: Light Tower 4: Messiah 3, 4: Mission Band 4: St. Paul Oratorio 4: Theta Beta 4: Pioneer Girls' Guide 2, 3: Iunior Church Leader 4. EARL FULLER, Assistant Pastor 4: Gospel Team Speaker 4: Hospital Visitation l, 2, 3, 4: Mission Worker 1, 2, 3, 4: Street Meeting l: Sunday School Class Z, 3, 4. IOAN GERIG. A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, 4: Gospel Team 1, 2, 3: Messiah 1, 2, 3, 4: Mission Band 2: St. Paul Oratorio 4: Sunrise Chapel 1, 2, 3: Youth Conference 1, 2: Theta Beta 4. LEON GERIG, A Cappella Choir l, 2, 3, 4: Band 1, 2: Basketball 3, 4: Camera Club l, 2: Choir Director 4: Chorister 4: Class Oilicer 3: Crusader Harmonies Broadcast 3: Gospel Team 1, 2: Light Tower 4: Messiah l, 2, 3, 4: Mission Band 2: St. Paul Oratorio 4: Student Council 3: Sunday School Class 4: Sunrise Chapel 1, 2, 3: Youth Conference 4. 611,17 Salk: Newton, Kansas Standard Bible' oan erig Fort Wayne, Indiana Slandara' Bible-Marie :K fl A Xxx f '-Q alison erig Fort Wayne, Indiana Bachelor of Arts in Bible 69:5 dir ww. H aifff if Qi' ,f-31 M3252 4' F 'deer - . fifssfqwf so : - - nag 5,- , 'Hog'-fLf'ijjqJ"3aq,,, D X 4 V I, 4 ,. . .pf ' l if! S wif? ,- ,. C- '- ' 2131 eff xr.i:-.ff+I- fi . ' if. "'Q'v-,fn'4.,',- ,f?lQi'f'53'l'.,J..'-1'-ggiga -' .wt ' f'wf5?7li7-S5 'C 354 X ., .-.Q5.f'Tjfife?3,Lj"i .X K A 4fi'F'2P:'ff51-fb f-if 1 ,lj :gf-a.Z,4,::,4 ,I A V ig-""' ' I -5-,,:ff'i1':,L-Z-:QT .uf U- in-QQ? V , jp-uman ollacbafb joe Fort Wayne, Indiana Grabill, Indiana Bacbelor of Art! in Bible Bachelor of Arif in Bible TRUMAN GOTTSCHALK, Mission Band: Campus Echo 4. IOE GRABILL, A Cappella Choir l. 2. 3, 4: Assistant Pastor 4: Basketball 3, 4: Camera Club 4: Campus Echo: Choir Director 4: Class Officer 3. 4: Crusader Harmonies Broadcast 3: Gospel Team 1, 2, 3: Messiah l, 2, 3. 4: Mission Band 1. Z, 3, 4: St. Paul Oratorio 4: Student Council 4: Sunday School Class 4: Sunrise Chapel 1, 2, 3, 4: Youth Conference 2, 3, 4. EVELYN HAMAMOTO, A Cappella Choir l: Child Evangelism Class 3. 4: Gospel Team 1. 2, 3, 4: Messiah 1. IAIVEES HAY, Campus Echo 3: Church Visitation 3: Student Pastor 3: Sunday School Class 1, Z. HARRIET HIMES. A Cappella Choir 1: Child Evan- gelism Class 3: Gospel Team 1, 2: Light Tower 3: Messiah Z: Mission Band 3. guefyn .ilamamofo mea .Nay ,Narrief ..MmeJ Kalaheo, Kauai, Hawaii Fort Wayne, Indiana Shipshewana, Indiana Bachelor of Religion! Education Standard Bible Standard Bible pauzne .llo,abinJ ,Harry .Huffman Williamson, Iowa Fort Wayne, Indiana Bacbelor of Ari: in Bible Bacbelof of Art! in Bible PAULINE HOPKINS. Light Tower 2, 3: Messiah 1, Z. 3: Prayer Band Leader 1. Z, 4: Sunday School Class 1. 2. 3, 4: Youth Conference 3. HARRY HUFFMAN. Church Visitation l, 2. 3, 4: Hospital Visitation 1. 2. 3, 4: Student Pastor 1, 2, 3, 4. IOYCE LEONARD, A Cappella Choir 3: Child Evangelism Class 3: Class Officer 3: Gospel Team 1: Messiah 1, 3: Sunrise Chapel Z: Youth Conference 3. STANLEY LEONARD. A Cappella Choir 3: Assistant Pastor 3: Basketball 3. 4: Chorister 3, 4: Hospital Visitation 2: Messiah 1. 2, 3. 4: Mission Band 3: Prayer Band Leader 2: Student Council 4: Sunday School Class 3. 4: Sunrise Chapel 4: Tract Team 1: Youth Conference 3. ROSINE LONG. A Cappella Choir 1, 3: Child Evangelism Class 3: Gospel Team 1. 2. 3: Messiah 1, 2, 3: St. Paul Oratorio 3: Sunday School Class 1. ogre 98,-onaral ganna? ollzonanl lgoaine Jong Swanton, Ohio Swanton, Ohio Lima, Ohio Standard Bible Bacbelor of Arn in Bible Standard Bible f i E V, lgudy Wake lgolerf Wiffr Fort Wayne, Indiana York, Pennsylvania Standard Bible Bachelor of Religzour Educatzon RUBY McKEE. Child Evangelism Class 1: Hospital Visitation Z: Prayer Band Leader I: Sunday School Class 2, 3, 4: Children's Worker 2, 3. ROBERT MILLER. Transfer: Southland Bible Institute: A Cappella Choir 1, 4: Band 1: Choir Director 1. Z, 3, 4: Chorister I, 2, 3, 4: Class Officer 42 Gospel Team 1, 3: Gospel Team Speaker 3: Messiah 1, 2. 3, 4: St. Paul Oratorio 4: Student Council 4: Sunday School Class 2: Sunrise Chapel 1, 2. 3: Youth Conference 3. WILLIAM MUELLER. As- sistant Pastor 4: Child Evangelism Class 2: Gospel Team Speaker 3: Messiah 2, 3, 4: Mission Band 3: Student Council 3. 4: Youth Conference 4. LOUIS MUSATICS, Assistant Pastor 2, 3: Church Visitation 1, 2, 3: Messiah 1: Sunday School Class l, 2, 3. WILLIAM MYERS, Child Evangelism Class 2: Church Visitation 1, 2, 3: Student Pastor 1, 2, 3: Sunday School Class 1, 2. mfgam Wuefgr ollouiqi Wuaalica wfgam Wgerd Parma, Ohio Owendale, Michigan Columbus Grove Ohio Bachelor of Arty in Bible Chrirtian Workerr Academic Sirwddfd Bible 4' i, lQa4rlz Ogden mary alba popps Peoria, Illinois West Liberty, Ohio Bacbelor of Theology Bacbelor of Sacred Marie RALPH OGDEN, Men's Chorus 1: Chorister Z, 5: Gospel Team 1, 3, 4: Messiah 1, 2, 3, 4. 5. Mission Band 4: Street Meeting 1: Student Council 4, 5: Sunrise Chapel 5: Youth Conlerence 4. MARY LEE POPPS, A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, 4: Campus Echo Z: Class Officer 3: Gospel Team 2, 4: Messiah 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Council 4: Sunrise Chapel 3, 4: Youth Conference 2: Theta Beta 4. CHESTER REED. Assistant Pastor 3. MILDRED REGIER, Child Evangelism Class 2, 3: Messiah 1. 2, 3: Prayer Band Leader 3: St. Paul Oratorio 3. OTTO REGIER. Messiah 1, 2, 3: Mission Worker 2, 3: Prayer Band Leader 3: Street Meeting 2, 3. Cdedfer lgeecl Wifdred mgier Offo lgegier North Webster, Indiana Elbing, Kansas Elbing, Kansas Standard Bible Standard Bible Standard Bible 'N-N. f r may :is 533 I' fn., 'f 7' We as 'HV 41 W-929 ,C sw? ff "I . mv" fm:'f'Y: ,. ., 'lSfsi1'r11:-"' g:1ivG'..7 ":f':g3g:Cf1:" , w, Fwy'-r'F5"e"' 9 HAYQS-2 ' .- 4-ll? , .V ,,.. .. .. ,w S -, 'uv , . -x-qs: L., A v' 1-ff.. -. --ef-3' if S .. ,cgi , fre,-,Tyr I ' :"-"ffl 'f5'if3' iff' ,' .rsh , . J .fu- . 'Pie'--2 'vi-W-f ..-gb,-17' 4 'V - ---1 rv- N.:-iv' .. , uzgihkik . ,:!,..' 15.1-Lk, r, jagfhe lgohrzi pau! lgupef Fort Wayne, Indiana Fort Wayne, Indiana Bachelor of Art: in Bible Bachelor of Art: in Bible FAYTHE ROHRS, Gospel Team 1, 2: Iunior Chu.rch Leader 3: Light Tower 3: Messiah 1. 2, 3: Prayer Band Leader 3: Sunday School Class 3: Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3. PAUL RUPEI.. Assistant Pastor 3, 4: Camera Club 2: Child Evangelism Class 2, 3: Church Visitation 1, 2, 3, 4: Hospital Visitation 2, 3. 4: Street Meeting 3: Sunday School Class 1. 2, 3, 4: Tract Team l. OLEN SCHI.A'l"l'ER, Camera Club 3: Messiah l, 2, 3. 4: Mission Worker 3: Prayer Band Leader 1, 2, 3: Street Meeting 2. 3: Sunday School Class 3, 4. ROBERT SCHBOCK. Church Visitation 2, 3, 4: Student Pastor 2, 3, 4: Sunday School Class 1, 4. LEVENE SHATTUCK, Assistant Pastor 2. 3, 4: Church Visitation 2, 3, 4: Mission Worker 1: Tract Team 1. l G SCAIGHBI' Rlleff SCAIOCL JLUEIIB Q Khamgaon, India Linn Grove, Indiana Shepherd, Michigan Bachelor of Arty in Bible Standard Bible Smndafd Bible 'i 'F 1 Cfay Sivan eneuieue Smifh Belleville, West Virginia Wallace, Michigan Bachelor of Arts in Bihle Bachelor of Arty in Bihle Ja- CLAY SLOAN, Assistant Pastor 4: Hospital Visitation 2: Mission Worker 3: Sunday School Class 3, 4: Tract Team 2. GENEVIEVE SMITH. Transfer: Seattle Pacific College: Camera Club 4: Campus Echo 4: Child Evangelism Class 4: Prayer Band Leader 4, GERALD S'I'lTT. Transfer: St. Paul Bible Institute: Camera Club 1, 2: Choir Director 1: Chorister l, 3: Church Visitation 3: Messiah 3: Mission Worker 1. 3: Sunday School Class 1, 3. LOIS STUCKY. Transfer: Ball State Teachers Col- lege: Child Evangelism Class 3: Iunior Church Leader 4: Light Tower 4: Messiah 3: Mission Band 4: Theta Beta 4. CHARLES TRUSDLE. Transfer: Bowling Green State University: A Cappella Choir 2: Chorister 4' Gospel Team 2: Messiah 1, 2, 3, 4: St. Paul Oratorio 4: Street Meeting 4. gem .Slill Fort Wayne, Indiana Bachelor of Theology olivia .sluchy ghargza jruadk Warren, Indiana Bachelor of Religioar Education Clyde, Ohio Bachelor of Sacred Maria 4 .-Ei:f?iiE7t fill .- 1-i1ilE?1-'f5iaa:E:"i' -1' Y u fi , Z:-!:5?s'iT it 322'- ., -'A .1 K' ' fr, ' 4' lags- H r . X., rl!! . qrfxri. " 3' , ff ,fa fc fi -'P :APP is -1 It ' 1 fir ff 1 't AT '1 f 3' L ,DX 55,6 -s J' gt, L: f 1 ck 1 5, wfq, r -.-.g c. , pay Jurnbaugh Fort Wayne, Indiana Peoria, Illinois Bachelor of Art! in Bible Standard Bible RAY TURNBAUGH, A Cappella Choir 1: Band 1, 2, 3: Choir Director Z: Chorister 1. 3, 4: Evan- gelist 4, Gospel Team 4: Gospel Team Speaker 4: Light Tower 1, 3, 4: Messiah 1, 3, 4: Mission Band 3, 4: Prayer Band Leader 1: Student Council 4: Sunrise Chapel 1: Youth Conference 3. IOHN WARREN. Campus Echo 3: Class Officer 3: Light Tower 3: Student Council 2: Student Pastor 2: Sunday School Class 1, 2, 3. EDWARD WIDMARK. A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, 5: Camera Club 5: Campus Echo 3: Child Evangelism Class 2: Choir Director 5: Class Officer 4: Crusader Harmonies Broadcast 4: Gospel Team 1. Z, 3: Messiah Z, 3, 4, 5: Mission Band 1, 2: St. Paul Oratorio 5: Sunrise Chapel 3, 4, 5: Tower of Light 5: Youth Conference 3. IESSIE YODER. Child Evangelism Class 1, 2, 4: Prayer Band Leader 3: Sunday School Class 3: Pioneer Girls' Guide 3. THOMAS ZEHR. A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 4: Band 1: Camera Club 1, 2: Choir Director 4: Chorister 1: Class Officer 3: Crusader Harmonies Broadcast 3: Gospel Team 1, 2: Light Tower 2: Messiah 1. 2. 3, 4: Mission Band 2: St. Paul Oratorio 4: Student Council 3: Sunrise Chapel 1, 2, 3: Youth Conference 2, 4. Cgclwan! Ilflbalmarh eaaie yoder jhomaa .fcifh Zhr Lima, Ohio Fort Wayne, Indiana Berne, Indiana Bachelor of Sacred Mafic Bachelor of Religion! Education Bachelor of Art: in Bible Y eg, .af get x 2 1 Y-'2emc"gi" Q2 ' lf V35 ff. EXW V i5i1fE1Qi P U ,b .w., A k,A, , A , , is ' A K fr lf A . . -,V . 4. ,Q 'fi J is rim Etfi-Ss? lipw3Man or beast?i it Q Q, K Not Pictured: Claris Wfhamr LVLJ Zlnlneflllall Decatur, Indiana Bachelor of Arn in Bible DAVID Z N. Assistant Pastor 5: Campus Echo 1, 2: Child Evangelism Class 2. 3: Class Officer 5: Gospel Team 4: Light Tower 3: Messiah 1. 2, 3, 4: Mission Band 5: Student Council 3: Sunday School Class 5: Youth Conference 4. CHARLES WILLIAMS. A Cappella Choir 2: Basket- ball 4: Camera Club 3. 4: Child Evangelism Class 1: Class Officer 4: Light Tower 4: Messiah 1, 2: Student Pastor 4, 5: Sunday School Class 1: Tract Team 2, 3. .. , 9 " ::.:" . W.. 3:1 gps, ,3,,,w,,gfg E. . 5 ' X, :I I' li 'W . ' . Q: m 'if"'P'L,f i - . --ga, f " " rt, K ' W ' 1 '-tg' - r Ti, 1 3,5 ,f ,,. 95,5 .- Q X. , 5 ' we 'Ib '- . - A fgqydief, t,:,,r y H' ' -'N-sgifu ' sffgefy if in V,-is Ng-0 'nts ' 'A V X C 'I ls everything there, Truman? the Eddie. f wif Dodge City, Kansas , Bachelor Of Tbe0l0gy V,,,,,t....-v ...,-I ' ' 'ff Q.. M. . 4. Buff:-' .,. 1 ' wr A X, , Left to right: T. Warner, Advisorg J. Carey lf! If g, Treasurerg G. Nantz, Presidentg B. Schmidt, Secre- ' f ' 'ri' taryg R. Wagler, Chaplaing N. Ayabe, Student Coun- t cil Representative. Not pictured: D. Erickson, Vice- Presidentg j. McManus, Athletic Manager. ' 6 FLOWER1 MOTTOZ Red Carnation " All Thing: Through Cbrirf' COLORS: Red and White Ethel A urelio Nobo ru Ayabe zliiff r Walter Bailey Derrell Brown Luella Burley jerry Carey Juanita Cassady Uilfbiifa Late C Darel Caulkins james Didier Donald Erickson Mary Fetter Mary Chrisman Kathleen Collins Keith Delune Dius Harriet Fields M, - i tX -. ,Xl Y!! janet Ford Arthur Gaunt Darrell Gerig Mildred Good Rosemary brlber D Hin' eff Delbert Hevcirz Harold Hiller Violet Hxller Ruth Harrold Alton Hgvins Joseph Hefner Lois Hefner Yoshina Higa Mayme Hodges Galen Holcomb v P H ngton Sa Wg die Hunziker Ruth Inniger Robert Kal: Esther Kemmerer Frederick Kleirxhen 1 N 1 L L " Gordon Klopfenstein lemme Kremer 5 ,. D l , x ' ,V N I h es . john Kroeker Conchiza Los Banos jack Mdianui in Marguerite Krchn Hg:-iii Lehrgn. Yxgr. C' Y ...r 4 Mr..r.1.. D :ig M :sie .S S YN :T-, 5 - is E lx 11 , E "'+- S -V2 2- 1 L ..":-- s5..- , fi .-v ii .2- 'x3 1 +- ""'i -3 E , - , -5 12 ' R Gerald Myers George Nmtz Donrm Neuenxhwander r' Orville Orr joseph Pitzer Lonnie Randall William Roberts Donald Rohrs Carolyn Rowell Willard Rowell Rolland Sager Earl Schlabach Beulah Mae Schmidt Kendall Schoeff Myrneth Shaver . F : vi.-x:Xf5aa!safS. 'Q , . -f, -if e ' 1 ' X 'Yi ' .- 2 1' -' 1 A. si: R 1- , :gg-Mr :fb ' -y:Qifzs.f .Jn Y , lklggxfip joe Shilling Harry Spaeth Billy Springfield Ann Styers Basil Thompson Donna Umbaugh Robert Wagler Dorothy Wzrlton joann Weddle Robert Weild Edna Wichert Naomi Wciderkehr Bert Wilhoit Gaylord Williams Phyllis Wittwer Dorothy Woodhill Ronald Youngs Not Piclured: Robert Barkley James Baxter Dean Coursey Clarence Henderson John Imler Lois Newnam Vera Parsell Milton Ryerson Mildred Wanner Patricia Wilkinson - N N ,wma I Left to right: B. Wirker, Student Council ' Representativeg M. Wagler, Secretaryg N. Grabill, Presidenrg J. Leever, Vice Presidentg R. Taylor, Ttea- 1 surer and Athletic Managerg R. Dye, Chaplain. Not Pictured: M. Cook, Advisor. i I 1 I I I SOFA Olflfl 0l"e5 4 MOTTO: COLORS: ' "Forward Every Buckzwmi Never" Purple and White Lorraine Baer Thomas Branks Oline Brooks Elizabeth Bruner john Burke john Butler , My if ifliif X I yy ,LA anti, Clifton Callahan ' 1- t an M , , . 1:3 1, f i fl i J t is 'H 'f Ifzf. -- --gw,..gK,1 it :eq 3 Z.2Q1'w'ei 'Z Evelyn Cherrie l -N3 f, nf S if X y 4 4 Wi . I ll f- Eff 'Q li' - ir , Carolyn Crego Geraldine Daugherty Keith Douglas Davis Bruce Decker Robert Dye Ted Etling james Fisher Ardon Geri Noel Grabill Floyd Greiner Mary Haller Thomas Johnson FY' 55 Edwin Jones Dorothy Kincaid Gene King Gordon Kleiner MHFY I-Hllby James I-CSVCI Jerry Lehman Vernon Lehman Rolland McCune Thomas McGranor Ann McGrady Thomas Mohr I Qt I 'pf' A V if .. . r , ' 9 A Q. , , ..J i 5, g il r v Ks .,qii . If Robert Mundy Elvin Myers Kun Ori Elaine Perry Robert Ramseyer R Q Arlene Riegel Harold Rhoads Marilyn Ringenberg Richard Roberts Ronald Hurry Tam Sonius Paul Tassell Victor Simes Miriam Sprunger Robert Taylor Charles Tibbs 'mx ' 'J 7. X P , :js 'V nk . . A 1 XA 99 l i, ','A j' , 1 -, I QW 'Fl ' , ,i -X A, 3 , -' ,JM 'mit' ig: V fy Not Pifmrefl: '- ,. - , Harold Barger x, ,. Q X Ed Beiholcl Earl Hopkins Jack Houser john Maxwell Alvin Moore Carolyn Parsell Darrell Sandison George Yarian 57 it VN xg , M 5 Charlotte Tucker Marlene Wagler William Witker N ot Pictured: Berry Crouch Doris Goldsmith Ruth Mettert Benjamin Miller Paul Simerman Maurice Si mrnons Dale Warwick Gilbert Whirsel 5 8 Left to right : G. Schade, Chaplaing W. En right, Vice-Presidentg J. Madden, Secretaryg A. Wil liams, Presidentg I. Gerig, Advisorg B. Jackson, Stu dent Council Representative and Athletic Manager, G. Steiner, Treasurer. gl"e5Al'l'l8l'l MOTTO: COLORS: "Forward with C brim" C ri mmn and White james Amsturz Harold Ayabe Vernon Babcock : Elizabeth Baird Q fi Robert Baldwin Ross Briggs Emaline Brock Lorraine Brown Kenneth Cave 'atricia Corey David Davis imogene Davis lonald Davis William Enright Iarl Ervin Eileen Fliginger -Iarold Fortner viary Gabrielson Donna Gibson Donald Goldsmith Ienry Harmon ffary L nne Harris Y Donald Harvey Darrell Hensley hirley Hirschy 'atricia Hopkins ierbert Jackson -loward jenkins ean Kerby Q, N li 6? li 'Q ,3 fiziisa ax :ik Q, 'E A X V.. I I 8 1 li -V I H 1 . so X 3 X 'A r 1 ' X , xr. R f if x 7 fi 2 was I ii xi l . l 4 , . x f m fi? X A K Q'- -, 3' , .5 0 . n viii. ,if ix x 1 K jildilf' :fg g 1 is 5. 'en ,X 6' ' A K c, fe' Gerald Kreh Arno Kroeker David Lang Elaine Lehman Harvey Lescalleet Rochelle Liechty Betty Linkous Barbara McCord Charles McGhee Elaine Maris Ed Morgan Julianne Mosier Wayne Mosirnan Ann Nishihara Joyce Novess Martha Overmeyg Olive Perkins Kenneth Powell 11 4 I john Price Angela Proffitt A rig Connie Puckett ill Robert Rapson Lal Sarah Roush :gl Melva Roussellefll Keith Rugman 1 I f ! lvin Sauter 'len Schztde lnrgaret Schnde larke Schlrtbuch thel Schlatter :try jo Settlemire ndclyn Shives zcr Showers can Shumakcr rdene Smith tmes Sowers udrey Sparks stty Stehl iclmrd Stehl aius Steiner Iagdnlene Steiner lenry Stout arbara Srreirmatter Velma Stricklin Villis Sudman ance Swope 'asako Tengan ilberto Vargas rank Warren :annine Widmark 1 fgf NN wr ,x t 3 B X 1 A N 'Rf , . K H il -. aa' : r ' , , 4 N ot Pirlzzred: Marlene Amstutz Casto Ball Sarah Barger John Berg Frederick Brubaker John Cherrie Virginia Charles Luther Christie 1 Gil. ' 1 A ' ri r af., Q "Sf - 1 - if 5 55535 fi ' -A.: , E. 62 ,, " .4 X 5 n 5 V' x K K K-e Q j J L K: J is XX -E Q "1 -gi N 1' A W ,. ga.-a N A Q6 l ff i EL l X A Z N . iq Y 'gk laecia! .gjfuclenfd Mary Ann Coursey Maxine Dafforn Oscar Eicher Martha Felger Marilyn Fox Margie Grable :,'- 4- , MQ, 'S .f A is x,4:' us f li ' ' x r 1. X 5 Joan Hankey Barbara Lung Leon Hanley Carl McCartney Rhoda Heindselman Eunice McCartney Edwin Kennedy Daisy Maxwell Calvin Klopfenstein Beulah Minnig Janice'Korns Delbert Randall Joanne Randall Evelyn Rhoads Zuma Roberts Delores Rupel Sylvia Saum Doris Schlatter Abraham Willia Ben Williams Ethel Williams Gladys William: John Zurcher Iris Scholer Floridene Snyder Wanda Stout Edwin Weaver Marjorie Wood J. Harlan Wrighi Mary Wulliman Julia Yoder , Ruth Zollner A Carol Amstutz Norma Evans Arlene Gerig Joyce Gerig Marion Haffner Larry Harter Sumiko Iha William Koehnlf Viola Koster Joyce Madden Jeanette Pirzer James Trusdle Sue Yamamoto'-ig Bernadine Zurclil goof of Wurding joining hands with the Lutheran Hospital, FWBC originated n five-year program leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in Missionary Nursing Service. Preparation for the relief of physical difficulties and the souls' needs on the mission field is made possible by the co- operating institutions. M3 ' Barbara Lung K1 C' ' if ff wsggr.. -' X .M .1,'tfU1.fg!i2g Lutheran Hospital, Fort Wayne, Indiana 'basl ai Barbara Lung carries out her duties The nurses are always busy The nurses quarters N g The DEW UUYSGS IOUUSC 1 - e ,- '. ,5J:fF,:.f.6 , . X V A A ., ,. . 5 e - Y i. ff ra as '. ' 2 if '5 , 1555 aw - 1 N-1 ' 9 -', -, .. milf 2 1. Q., Sv' 3,5 3 . A 5,412 1 YQ- -. ,f s rjfgcji: : ,fi i f ' Qffhiffrf' E . fg 45' Af' '-tiff i , - , 3' , if .. we ' 5:- , ,qt-mg"f-ygff ltfo v -,5 1- H , 7"',iif", Y ? 1 f"1,.if'iQ f" ' 21g ,. 5 " 'U' gf 'T j fff' .',.f'Q 1 is 5 AQ tzqqsgb,-'9"M ii i 4 lx" Ni. ' . 45?-ifitfgli 'l P 4 A 'I f Qiivifiii .gat f at , M if ' is ' 2-3 2 Eli A he -Q 1 ' 1. . . V ie" M p gg it is N . , " at ' 77 .- , ' wr-A.,ta-+. 5, 65 sf - ni 5 ,A V.. , ,Q ' ,Ya V. V5 Q 1, If - Z 3 3.41 43:74 ,i U ORGANIZATIONS 4 'Q 44 4. I. . .. Igor 34014 arf my rocL auf! my forfreaag flmerefore for my namezi 5aLe Lac! me ana! guicle me," piafmri 31:3 4 Y 11 Left to right' J CI . . evenger, Secretaryg G N . antz, Treasurerg M. Popps, Vice Presidentg E. Neuenschwander Advisor R. Sondregger, Advisorg S.,I.eonard President. A very unique project of the council was that of signing a petition to be sent to U. S. Con- gressmen voicing the opinion of the student body in favor of passing the legislative bill re- garding the statehood of Hawaii. Left to right: S. Leonard, Student Council Presidentg A. Nishiharag N. Ayabej H. Tamg R. Huntingtong A. Williamsg S. Ihag Evelyn Hamarnoto. 1 The Student Council .gluclenf Counci The students' views in the operation of the college are presented by the Student Council, a body chosen by various student groups as representatives of their interests. The splendid attitude in encouraging an active stand by the Council has produced gratifying results in material improvements and in college relationships. of the administration profecf - f 953 The beneiits of last year's Student Council Project Day have been enjoyed in the 1953- '5-4 year as students have made use of their luxurious new lounge in Founders' Memorial. "7 "5 -:,,!', . ,, . X" W "f . A- ' -. . Av-11, . -5 Q ws .6331 Q-mswg-if g W N 't-t-x5f,fg1.- W uw-- sf Q T . Game tables provide lounge recreation. '5'n.f'l's- , R5' " . an 1 !w W' A Lounge suites provide relaxation. Drapes and folding doors add beauty in the lounge. The new student lounge. project - I954 New chapel hymnals, platform furni- ture, and drapery for the large chapel windows are the results of the '54 Stu- dent Project Day. Cooperation of the students in obtaining work and in do- nating money for this endeavor is a dem- onstration of their interest in the im- provement projects of the Student Coun- cil The beauty and warmth of our daily worship services in the chapel have been enhanced by the splendid additions pur- chased through this year's project. 67 68 .szwlenfzi l irmion lbyancl The proclamation of the Gospel to every tribe and nation was the final mission given to the disciples by our Lord. The Students' Mission Band has as its first goal the presentation of the world's need of the knowledge of the saving grace of jesus Christ. Dis- tinctive needs of many sections of the world's harvest field are represented weekly by some of God's choice servants as they speak in the Mission Band services. Through these meetings God has been pleased to speak to us, drawing many into the remotest corners to witness for Him. Not only does Mission Band reveal avenues for individual future service, but at present it is sup- porting Miss Florence Cavender, missionary to Co- lombia, South America, and joe Shisler in Sierra Leone, Africa. Sunrise Chapel is heard several times a month around the world over radio station HC-IB, Quito, Ecuador, through the support of Mission Band. :E-siifvfifvttvsv. I if -X? '61 1llf,"e.'e iv :fun THLJW, K' 'X -I J "' .,,'.ff"f:.E2'G2. Tw' A ' RQGS ' 'if- -12 a3'E""1' A 53' Lawn 1 ,,,u1f- -"V,!',ai.k-grae-21 4,41 -Q Q' f if tl af.. e+::f"'f1-as +4 Q ff 'L' jf Fvizfff' 15-,Lin 1 av? 1,4-,bk av 1 D 'S- E LJ? Q1 A TEXT ' an A -f3a3:4't"f"7F 'lffaif-Q af-Y M, -ls..e""" 4 ff ifgfle, f-fi av' -51' 1. D 'E' 2 .f 'df r. 5 sl wh, QA 31115: 3,619 +4 Alfalfa' WORKERS WITH GOD fr r G0 YE ,tp .rf - ' .' . - 9 , 1 Q .M xi 3, ' A . . - , . ., 1, - .4 , li :QL r 'fl' q - ' -: - , Q It - .fffig .. AJ. H .af - , ' . 11.355-.'s7i'.35-51 f w., .ig L- " A "haf 'f:.4i43zf ' . . 'A "".' . f" 'r :P 4 " .f 'fy-.Hrrh . - af- . F":- ,. 1 v---wg 115. ' 33' -yay M., H, P- H5 kg.. ,,kr,n. 4. . ,gy-. .gf . ri. 4 4 -' qw:-wiglk,-f , Wa H'-4.7 ' , .-"-',,- - ns. u.- ' 2-'VFW' .' L ,ztafzfs -ta., . - 13,3 -'T 9' 1' . , .ff -' 5 U. 5- , - f. . MN- , 8 . .,, . .Q--1, wb, '35r'.,,n V an ' fr - -. .. - -, .- - f. , -' . - - -- 'eg ty "fs+11lL-53, 1 " f , .-'1-L99 .5 'ple' Sifgigg-zu.. 32937. f"',l.p s "- . 41. . .,.- . . - 3, ., Q-7, '. I: iz-ffl, T 4:-T315 Tiff- 1, ' .4 XT - ':. - 4 , -- ' , . .. f 4 - R5 , - ' ' . 38? . '5-5:4 ' -3.-i'.:'24'1 , --7 1" "R-' "Q :PSE- f' 151' 55 i ..". ' . ,fr 'gs' i qs-1 - , rf' -1. . .515-X . . 4. sz. .- e at .aff-ff My 4 ' , .- .3 ' F " -, ur .4 f, ' U, " J, .9- ' Y Z ' "- 1 ', J' lf' ' . - - -1 ' VLH -Xe.. 5 ' 4 . A T " tif . 'V -- - . 1 1. fc' - :L- ZA , ' I . '17 j iffy.. , .P . I b ' ,L ,yi -1' aff' '.-ua, . -ex. ,.-5.9 , ' 5 f e' - . 'pf-,f . 1 f . - :LMS N35 1 ' iv n . .-'f' Second semester officers. Left to right: N. Ayabe, Choristerg B. Cate, Organistg D. Zimmerman, Presidentg E. Fenby, Secretaryg T. Branks, Trea- surerg E. T. Neuenschwander, Ad- visor. First semester oflicers. Left to right: H. Himes, Vice-Presidentg L. Stucky, Secretaryg R. Turnbaugh, Presidentg R. Inniger, Organistg A. Riegel, Pianistg B. Rowell, Treasurerg J. Grbill, Choristerg E. T. Neuen- schwander, Advisor. ,Ioan and Leon Gerig furnish a special. ,lack McManus leads the singing. .ggfllllfffl .SJFFILPIZS H. Witrren Modricker, Arabia and Italian So maliland N. E. Africa. Dr. Hugh McClure, Sierre Leone, West Africa. Mary Kinerath, Colombia, South America. Charles Searle, Scotland. Oliver E. Steiner, Japan. Luella Burley, India. .qu J. A. Huffman, jerusalem and the Holy Land. gl. F. Gerig, Latin America. Dwight Niswander, Hawaii. Bernard Kruse, E. Europe. Miss Florence Cavender, another Mission Band supported missionary, travels through the dark regions of Colombia, South America. She fights not only the dark paganism of the native, but the increasing antagonism of other religious forces. Wission diana! Wm5JionarieJ Translation work, training of il- literate natives, and the handling of missionary finances are only a part of the work done by joe Shisler in Sierre Leone, Africa among the Koranko tribe. The Students' Mis- sion Band has taken on the respon- sibility of his entire field support. Missionary Curios on display. Students greet Miss Cavender. Radio station HCJB of Quito, Ecua- dor beams the "Sunrise Chapel" gospel message to the farthest reaches of the globe at least four times monthly. Not only does this broadcast bring the word of salvation to thousands, but testimonials are received of the cheer it brings to the hearts of missionaries far from their beloved homeland. You l v 70 Ollfk COILLFQIQCQ "Aflame for Cbrirt my Saviour, A flame for Cbrirt my Lord." A challenge to Spirit-Bred living was given at the '53 Youth Conference. The inspiration of Christian music, and the piercing conviction of the Holy Spirit through the Word, convinced many high school visitors of the necessity of complete surrender. Salvation and consecration were the call words of the convention. Bill Mueller, Chairman 254 ig x Qui?-1 Mayme Hodges, 6' Co-Chairman Qt, W 'U 411 d, I- man, 'lreasurerg B. Mueller, Chairmang M. Cook, Advisor. Not pictured: Mayme Hodges, Co-Chair- mang G. Holcomb, Business Manager. 'X l iz: i xv-f - --- - ' -------- --c-- ., N ex, Registration 'W-'31 d of the Lord to be Mr. and Mrs. Barth were use flaming evangels in our 1953 Youth Conference. ' ' ted with the needs of Rev. Barth is well acquain h ' t re re- youth today an sentative to Germany. zeal and missionary vision were d has been Youth for C ris p His evangelical manifested in his messages. The music of Mrs. Barth was a real blessing to all who attended the Conference. Mrs. Barth is a well- known Gospel singer having had her voice recorded many times for Singspiration. Platform Backdrop T e Crusaders sing. Leon Gerig, Youth Conference Chorister N-., 72 Idaho Six days every week, the Fort Wayne Bible College Broadcasting Service ministers to countless listeners through the airwaves of radio. This unique ministry has pointed many young people to the college for train- ing for Christian service. Too, it has extended the ministry of Fort Wayne Bible College. Recognized as an important means for Christian service, radio provides students an excellent opportunity to receive practical training and inst ' ' ' ' procedures. ruction in radio production Dr. S. A. Witmer, speaker Ira Gerig, pianist Charlotte Tucker, vibra-harpist as us 0 0' Barbara Cate, organist we-4 X l 's rr an-'lima A Richard Gerig, director and producer "Sunrise Chapel" Staff unriae Ckalaef E e ort Wayne area begin the day with renewed inspiration because they have come to ex ach morning thousands in th F pect a blessing from "Sunrise' Ch l" ape . At home, enroute to work, and in the shops: the sweet gospel story is voiced through their radiosg in song and devotional messages. speci ic spiritual needs of widely diversified audience are being met is give when testimonials are received from prison inmate as well as from housewives and business men. Folk in foreign countries also have an opportunity to hea 1 "Sunrise Chapel" as it is broadcast fr om HCJB, and from the Hawaiian networks. Assurance that the 'f' I -4 Miss Stanley ensemble director Radio Officers. Left to right: R. . Ogden, Presidentg C. Tucker, Social Chairmang E. Kemmerer, Co-Social Chairmang V. Mollan, Secretaryg M. pnnnc Virp Prncirlpnr- 'T' Rranlre The A Cappella Choir, Mr. Steiner, director. jeguia ion The college produced its first television program this past year as part of a special Lenten series scheduled by WKJG-TV in Fort Wayne. The program featured 'the A Cappella Choir, the Crusaders' Quartet, and a brief presentation of the Easter story. Four television scenes Stan Leonard, I n - + control operator. X . 'Y Earl Schlabach, announcer. CA Ora K 60116214 Each Saturday afternoon nt 5:15 11 turn of the knob to Radio Station WGL brings the stately strains of "A Mighty Fortress is our God". This music is provided by the trained voices of the Fort Wayfne Bible College A Cappella Choir. Selections by the music faculty are often included on the program. After 15 minutes of inspiring numbers, the choir closes with the college alma mater and the voice of the announcer urges everyone to tune in next week, 5, A I. 5 . Elaine Perry, Orville Orr, Chaggigibbs, assistant editor. art editor. CLl'l'Ll0bl,5 6640 With the peculiar bravado of the jour- nalist, members of this years Campus Echo stuff went about the hulls with ears open and pencils sharpened. The origin of ri journalism class effected the resur- rection of the college paper, and it was a constant delight to fend the enlighten- ing accounts of things as they were, and as they were to be. The Campus Echo staff Mr. Mitchell and Luella Burley, Bob Kalt and Ed Jones Miss Johnson, advisors. ' ' ' ' fearure editor The multilith crew circulation managers 74 Standing: Tom Branks and Angela Proffitt, literary edi- tors. Seated: Beulah Schmidt and Donna Harvey, secre- taries. ind, , i. in Bob Waqler assistant edi- - - ' . Leon Geri: business mana Y r a d torg ohn Warren at d t . " . he n J ' I e X Of Ray Tutnbaugh, editor. The Light Tower stat? Genevieve Smith, 301,064 The yearly task of producing a Light Tower which will be not only novel, but spiritually uplifting and worthy of representing the high standards of the college, is a rewarding experi- ence. Long hours over pictures, hgures, and layouts are forgotten in the hope and expect- ancy of the pleasure the finished product will bring to its readers. In years to come, some will again open its covers reflectively, and glancing through it, will recall the happy days and years spent in this place of blessing. Harriet Himes and Bggylioehnlein' Earl Schlabach and Mr. Gerig and Lois Stucky, circula- D. 'li Rlzinby' Gilbert Anderson, Miss Johnson, ' 'C O CHS' advertising editors. advisors. UO!! H'lal'l3gC1'S. jim Trusdle, photographers il " The Camera Club CLl'l'l2l"CL Familiarizing students who may use photography in Christian work with the techniques of photography and photographic equipment is the chief purpose of the Camera Club. Each year several photo contests high-light the Camera Club activi- ties, as the members develop and print their own work in a moder- ately equipped dark room. A first-prize photo. Theta Beta, meaning, "Daughters of the King," is an organization begun this year for the young women of the college. It is not a sorority or secret clubg it is com- posed of members who are in- terested in promoting social poise among college women. Formal teas are held and guest speakers are in- vited to the evening sessions. Al- ready this society has proved to be an asset to the social and spiritual life of our campus. Theta Beta olilicers. Left to right:D. Neuen- .hwander, Vice-President, E. Fenby, Treasurer' vi Popps, President, R. Sondregger, Advisorg 1. atucky, Secretary. 76 l 1 i l l l 4 40 4 ., .0 .Q .4 C :i!wlo!J up my goingfn in fhg l9dfA fAaf my foofalelm 56,0 nof. H Rafm, m5 57 MUSIC MUSIC l7ACUl.TY. Standing, Miss Stanley .ml Mr Gerig. Seated, Mr, Steiner and Nr. liranlt. uedf .xdriifsfa From time to time during the year we have been privileged to have in our chapel special musical concerts by talented artists. The past year, the Serenaders' Quartet of Chicago gave a delightful concert, with songs of a sacred, classical, and varied nature. The inclusion of this good music in the college program has been beneficial to us, for from these glimpses of quality we have been challenged to develop our own talents more skillfully and acceptably to serve the Lord. 78 The Serenaders' Quartet 'Q I. 6 1 1 Left to right: T, Zehr, Vice- Presidentg J. Leonard, Secretaryg J. Grabill, Presidentg M. Popps, Chap- laing B. Miller, Chaplaing N. Ayabe Treasurer. April 8- Berne, Ind. Boonville, Ind. Fulton, Ky. Humboldt, Tenn. Ridgley, Tenn. Philadelphia, Miss. f95-fl gioir jour Prattville, Ala. Ozark, Ala. Pensacola, Fla. Coder, Ala. Deer Park, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Speed, Ind. u Princeton, Ind. Evansville, Ind. Martinsville, Ind. Indianapolis, Ind, Connersville, Ind. Fort Wayne, Ind. -April 25 The A Cappella Choir. Inset: Mr. Oliver Steinerhdirector. .14 Calolaefa Choir Soul-stirring experiences have been ours as we have listened to the strong, organ-like tones flowing from the A Cappella Choir. The moving inspiration effected through hearing this group seems almost to be an echo of the great heavenly chorus. A trip through the Southland was taken this year by the choir. Southern hospitality was enjoyed as the Gospel was taken in song to the churches, and in life to the guest homes on the tour. Q90 79 H enior mcifazi The School of Sacred Music trains its students to meet the increasing demand for capable evangelical musicians. Talent in the musical field is developed while the student's spiritual life is enriched through the study of Gods Word. Before the student of music leaves FWBC he has one great opportunity to display those God-given talents he has been perfecting in his years of study. The Senior Re- citals are the high points of the performers' college days, and are also thoroughly enjoyable occasions for the student body. 4 gi l 4 1 I 5 I 'E Joan gerig joan has studied music at the college for the past three years, climaxing her study under Prof. Rene Frank. Although she pre- sented a piano recital, she is as well an accomplished soprano soloist. Music is a natural talent to joan, and seems to come easily to her. A graduate of South Side High School in Fort Wayne, her music ability is well-known around this areag she has ap- peared in many high school and college musicals. Along with her husband, joan in- tends to go on singing and playing for the glory of God. Jllwanl 'IMJMML Eddie, as he is known to his fellow- students, has been very active in music circles around school each of the four years he has been here. He lives and talks music, and is an unusual feat in senior recitals, he presented two half-recitals-one a voice and the other a piano recital. Eddie has studied: under Prof. Frank, too, and just recently, was given national recognition by Christian' Etude, which published one of his' compositions and a brief sketch of his life. His recital included one of his own arrange- ments of a well-known hymn. His music. ability has proved a great blessing to ours school and surely, as Eddie continues to: walk in the Christian way of life, and to' use his talent for the Lord he loves, hen will be an inspiration to others as well. ogce CAUPl1gf?l' Another three-year student whose aim 5 to sing for the glory of God is .loyce Ilevenger. gloyce studied voice under Prof. iteiner and presented her recital in early pring. Singing in various Gospel teams nd other musical organizations, her life ras been a real challenge to many as she ias given her talent to the Lord to use where He sees best. We know God will se her mightily as she continues to sing orth His praises. CAH FAJ jflljtlng Charles has had more music preparation ian most people realize. Previous to coming 3 Fort Wtlyrie Bible College, he studied 5 Bowling Green University in Ohio and layed in the Toledo Symphony orchestra. le has been a member of the Messiah rchestra for the past two years here at ie college. Charles gave a unique recital iis year, a trombone program. He also ad the opportunity of presenting the same icital in his home town of Clyde, Ohio, revious to his school appearance. People verywhere admire him for his ease in laying his instrument. and we likewise imire him for consecrating his talents to ie Lord jesus Christ. fjary OIL? p0lJ,JJ Mary Lee was the only organ recitalist ais year. Although she has had the mis- Jrtune of having to change teachers many imes, she has accomplished great skill in iusic. Her life has been a testimony of Sods grace and an example of what God an do with that which is given over to lim. A writer of music, Mary Lee has com- vosed several choruses, two having been .sed for Mission Band and Youth Con- erence theme choruses. God will use her s she finds her place in His harvest field, nd continues to walk "in His steps". ,ot L.-4 82 G JM' x . Left to right: E. Widmark, Presidentg R. lnniger, Secretaryg B. Witker, Treasurer. Not pictured: M, Hodges, Vice-President. Left to tightt Mrs. R. Shambaugh, Mt. O. Steiner, and Mr. I. Gerit: confer to make arrangements for the annual presentation of the Messiah. "LH, G fi The Messiah Chorus, Mr. Oliver Steiner, director. Soloist Ralph Neilson, tenorg Vivian Buetner, sopranog Dorotl Lugibihl Lehman, contraltog Henry Simminger, Baritone. e5:5iaA 6A0ru,5 Having a part in the presentation of Handel's zlflerriab is one of the most thrilling and meaning- ful experiences in the students life. Highly re- garded by the critics, the colleges spiritual ren- dering of this great masterpiece has been enjoyed by thousands through the years. Those who leave continue to remember the reverberating "Halle- lujah Chorus" as it has rung through the chapel. ,i ! DEVCDTICDNS A 0 . " 6p0llJeI' of Lef, fi waya Le eafagglieal 9 2 ? E: l9,mfL5 4:2 6 Crm Daily in the chapel the living soul of the college is strengthened through the Word of Truth Th . ere the Spirits welcome voice calls His child aside to sit at the feet of jesus. From the busy step of study and service we enter, leaving the weight of care at the door, for this is a place of rest. A morning chapel service 1953- U54 CAHIJPXSQQHAEFJ A few of the many outstanding chapel speakers this year who encouraged us to "walk in the way" were: Rev. F. Gerig, Dr. Frank Laubach, Bishop C. F. Derstine, Dr. William Ward Ayer, Rev. Edison Hae- begger, Dr. john A. Hoffman, Dr. A. C. Snead, Rev. Robert C. Strubhar, Rev. Harold Walker, Rev. Forest Weddle, Rev. T. W. Wilson, and Rev. H. E. Doyle. Bishop C. F. Derstine Rev. J. F. Gerig .ggairifua f gmpiaaia .S?1eaLerJ Spiritual Emphasis Week of the fall semester was led by Tom Haire, the praying Irish plumber, whose strong exhortation to "ASK" that "IT" might be given gave new determination to many to pay greater atten- tion to their prayer lives. Dr. A. W. Tozer's deep spiritual teaching revealed the snares which keep the Christian from his most effective service. The second semester Spiritual Emphasis Week was note- worthy for its enlightening effect upon the students' understanding of spiritual hin' drances. -we-quiz you J T111 fx' -.rn Cx . YJ. tf .ff-in , . M, ... . , x. .gn ,., J v- . -, fig, pu A typical devotional scene Pra Fa g el' yer at the beginning of class One of the spiritual strength and stability is the Christians prayer time. In an atmosphere of prayer the student develo s ' p into a warrior capable of withstanding Satan's furies. great srorehouses of ' ' Morning and evening in the quiet of the dormitories the Lord is called upon. Before each class session His blessing is sought. Special prayer groups representing specific burdens meet at various times to intercede those in need. for ll Ca IHIJMJ CVILJLIJQ , Originuted for the express purpose of raying Gods continued blessing upon the impus, the members of- this small band lny side all other Saturday evening calls to ather and pray for college needs. Infor- iality and freedom characterize the whole rder of this weekly meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Cook, Crusade leaders. A time of meditation A scene in "Campus Crusade" rx Prayer in the dorm Prayer before meals iw Prayer before a team trip 7 , 4 '-af if 'inn l Prayer band leaders 5 Uzfocl ,Qrayer guna! Missionaries in many countries of the world have come to rely upon the faithful intercession of the college students in their Five O'Clock Prayer Band Meetings. Room 4 of Founders' Memorial is daily the scene of much earnest petition for those who have been pitted against the powers of darkness throughout the earth. Q. I. J .. SERVICE 40 .Q .14 mana Learf rleuiaefln Lia ay5: Auf LU ' fke ogorol cbrecfefk Lid dfelamv E pl'0U2 ,La ,a ! 06,96 ianld Integrating evangelization with college pub- licity is the Christian Service Department. The Gospel reams go from week to week into the churches bearing the glorious riches of Christ, and seeking to extend the cause of the college, that of preparing young people for Christian Service. Both in their musical ministry and the preached Word these messengers strive to glorify Christ, to edify Christians, and to bring sinners IO ICPCUIHHCC. THE JOYBELLS' TRIO. Left to right: L. Heifnerg M. Hodgesg B. McCord. THE HAWAIIAN TRIO. Left to tight: C. Los Banosg R. Hunt- ingtong E. Hamamoto. My X. be QNX V M ., s'4Ng, . gg-...K xv. Nest ' W a?'f.Q'52.E XE. , " me " , - ..-M gf -..Q . i , 'T f I ' . flf. . ' , 51" ff'v5Qf?'A f Af. 3 Vi K p , V1 , X .95 ..., - .V , 3 3 T 4 ' ,, K . " . se. fi? ' I A A 5 kg? 1 ,gf K , Neff , 5 I' 1 X A ' ' .M .. X. + . Eg' X Q xt lx y rt- yy Y 'K 'ei X mx 'I H'- lj, ,, ' 2 is -L' , ' V Jug 24- gi K ggi w e y,.., N thi 1 I I THE FISHERMEN 90 ' THE GOSPEL HARMONETTES' QUARTET. Left to TRIO. Lelt to right: M. Ringenbergg right: J. Leeverg G. L. Baerg A. Gerigg A. Riegel, pianist. Sfhfldel B- Enfighfl B- Weild. Q X 1 'W "' . F i A nu-YH, 3?-is g .V 'ff " -vii, , is 'H .Q ., 'f ' 'f: . ' Y' M A- .mfg L .A I-A I- .L riqkilqgs. ,Z ,f . isa, 1, tzmffw. ft. ' faire Ye. . s,,i.,.. V -I .jF:ffu?'?-fig , - ' 7 X .t.,, wwxag, xi ik f nf 1 , . 323,15 6 ' A if Q t Mr. Eicher director of Christian Service Mary Hovs ard, secretary. THE GOSPEL MESSENGERS' QUARTET. Left to right: Kaltg B. Robertsg A. Sauter, pianistg 1. Fisherg E. jones. THE ROE AL HEIRS TRIO Left to right M Schatle, Pianist N Wagler1E lxemmer ery B. Schmidt .I 3 W THE VICTORY TRIO: Left to righri M. Steiner, pianistg J. Kerbyg R. Longg L. Harris. I THE INTERNATIONAL QUARTET Left to riilhr N. Ayabeg H. Tamg B. Thompson, pianistg G. will Iiamsg G. Vargas. GOSPEL TEAM SPEAKERS: Basil Thompson and Charles Tibbs. TI-IE GOSPEL COUR- IERS' QUARTET. Left to ' right: R. Soniusg B. Tay- lorg B. Witkerg R. Turn! baugh. THE ECHOETTES TRIO: Left to ' right: AI. Eordg Widmzirkg E. Lchmang D. Stricklin, pianist. r GN KC' i .-.,.. 4 wr. TRUMPET TRIO Lcfr to righri T. -Iohnsong E, Grcinur W. Nosiman mf' 1 CZ? W1 i.. GIRLS' TRIO: Riegcl, pianistg D, ousg A. Sparks. Q Left um right: A. Moorehcadg -Q B. Link- GOSPEL TEAM DRIVERS. J. Didier and Harold Lehman. 91 A g05l9e gan! .gory Sermon preparation begins early in the week Prayer is necessary Preparation 259: Pfaffife makes P6ff5Cf Saturday means motor tune up for a team trip Hoosier scenery is Arrival at the church H "E'?'f Fellowship in the is--45-, homes is wonderful The team ministers in the church W.. 0 ,fit ,nn- Dave Zimmerman, student pastor in action janet .lam f 'thful ersistence of this small band The ai p has been rewarded by God in the salvation of many souls. Many of these are men whose lives had been shipwrecked by the power of Satan working through liquor. Each Satur- ' ' lar e d ni ht the Gospel is given to ri g 'T'-Y 8 number of passers-by in downtown Fort Wayne. Tom McGranor and Elzer Showers pass out tracts 23" 1-"EPs Student pastors .S?uc!enf paafora "Serving while training" is xi workable motto which this group of students practices while studying for the ministry. The busy dual-life of leading a flock while fulfilling h lolistic demands of the college keeps t e sci 1 these student pastors on their toes both spiritually and physically. The tract team Miss Kimmel, director A child evangelism class Child Evangelism teachers and helpers guange idm The child evangelism program of the college is a most challenging and worthwhile ministry. Both men and women students go to different homes and churches for one- hour classes each afternoon of the week. Children of all faiths and races heartily join in the singing of salvation choruses and listen to the Bible stories told by the teachers. The zeal of the student teachers creates interest in the hearts and minds of the children, making evangelism classes a most fruitful way in which to win hundreds of Fort Wayne's children to the Lord. C. Los Banos teaches her class Sunday School teachers .S2Lll'lJCly Shoo! Valuable experience and ri deeper know- ledge of Gods Word are only two of the many blessings received by those students who on Sunday morning find themselves teaching a Sunday school class. In many in-" stances, their ministry has been rewarded Ruth Harrold teaches a class of beginners. by the salvation of one or more members of the class. John Warren teaches at Holton Avenue Missionary Church UMW inidfriezi As the Christian follows in the steps of the Master, he is led into various fields of service. The students at Fort Wayne Bible College are greatly privi- leged to be able to serve the Lord in various ministries and in that way gain experience that will aid them in later years. Hospital visitation, mission work, and church choirs are only a few of the ministries encouraged by the Christian Service department. Joyce Leonard and Mary Chrisman doing hospital visitation The Tower of Light Radio staff 96 X Mission workers ! ACTIVITIES .0 Q Q' I' M 6 gig!! af! Ulay5 dCLl'l0lllALlge .M ann! .Ne APEC! I9atL5. n E proverb 3:6 O E tts i ggriclgeduifolerri 7, Uprooted class sessions, costume and camera- jammed chapel, and pancake make-up were the order of the day as teachers and students co- operated with the directors in producing our college documentary drama UBRIDGEBUILD- ERS". Using students and professors as actors, the film illustrates the direction of God in lead- ing a young man into FWBC. Here he is pre- pared for future service, and is called to labor in Sierra Leone, Africa. Byron Skalman cameraman for Missions Visualized Inc ' " ' "fl I 3 "A 9 x ' r ls? ' -fl . i , X it 96 J . , x , N uh 1,3 ' . . is Five scenes from "BridQebuilders." IZreWNsc-,xX 66 a n 77 . .7 L5 gafkerzng .syzorm """4nn.,,....., xxx mn: sc, "'L'--. 5 A remarkable demonstration of God's exact- .. 'Q , in I FEW ness in answering according to our faith was Q- BIMWIIIL revealed at the showing of Bob Pierce's mis- l ' F952 41.1. sionary film, "THIS GATHERING STORM". 'ik The Students' Mission Band presented the film ' 1 f 5 " -5 at Fort Wayne's Allen County Memorial Coli- 't Y . seum to approximately 8,000 people, the exact one of the billboard Sign: number prayed for by the students. Substantial Hnancial aid was given for the ' ' ' D . Pierce crippled is working. areas of the Orient in which r W r Memorial Coliseum , .M The Allen County a 4110 H 4 Q ,. 1 Bob Pierce. 2-f lf ' ,,,.-ff' qu' V-- ,, QA, auf ,uf Q V nf .h J A .. A A f . ' If ' ' '. , , Three scenes from , ' "This Gathering Storm , t : W. ,. ' 1. ' 1 ' 7. in-Q 1 ' f " L-it. T5 4 The crowd who viewed "This Gathering Storm in the coliseum 'urn' 'Eff'-I .017 -. L . ' ' V . ' 1 -v., -1 A n,. . H4 'N' .-gh." .'.:.Q'4' I Y' ' JL' E N 1 I l 1 sglltfalllufa .SQOPB D Class spirit has been aided by participation in intramural sports. The junior Eagles walked off with the victors cup in this years basketball tournament. 1 The hotly contested tournament of the newly-instituted game of deck tennis finally evolved A ' X in champions for the girls and the fellows. P l 1 V55 Nice shot, Lee! --.A The Junior Eagles tbasketball champs, .S,ft1llJl19J VV. L. Pct. junior Eagles 6 O 1,000 5 .500 -i Senior Bobcats 3 Sophomore Tigers Z 3 35 Freshman Dragons l 5 .l6' Deck tennis ,loe Grabill and Lorraine Brown. deck tennis hamps. 101 pax Cgnfer- Cofdgiafe Z?a5LefLa! Celebrating their second undefeated sea- son, the FWBC "Ambassadors" this year claimed two victories each over Moody Bible Institute and Purdue Extension. The high- scoring cagers romped successfully to uphold their winning tradition. Christian fellowship was shared with Moody, and the testimony of true Christian sportsmanship was left with the Purdue team. The Hrst five under the net. Left to right: J. Grabillg J. McManusg L. Randall, N. Grabillg D. Erickson. THE AMBASSADORS' Standing, left to right: L. Gerigg D. Connerg G. Steinerg Coach Neuenschwanderg Manager Branksg J. McManusg L. Hatter. Kneeling, left to right: J. Grabill S. Leonard, D. Ericksong L. Randall, N. Grabill. Good 'nuff, Noel! 102 Nice one, Lonnie! Bloody, Purdue, Purdue Bloody: J. Baxter E Hopkms J Lehman D Strrcklm L Hams S Iha fm ff' N Z L , A M Gm PPIS I T7 Z ffl X ." . ji--VT " IWW wif If 'D E K W WX 3,77 THERE IS YOU SEE NO STOP SIGN SO PLEASE DONT STOP HERE, BUT, CHECK OUR ADVERTISERS WIKI! J Iii FOR ALL YOU NEED X THIS YEAR VL Q -Q CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF I954 ,Q our Courfeoua, Cllridian jraikr mecca ADAMS IIUUNTY THAILEH SALES, INC NEW AND USED MOBILE HOMES TRAILER PARTS AND REPAIRS HI-WAYS 27-33 PHONE: 3-3031 DECATUR, INDIANA pau! .ggricgkr ..KafLryn ,Spb-icAlZr preside,-.1 Secre1aryvTreasurer DRINK Congrafugcfiong .S7en1'ol-A., I I Cbiaf wi!! Lac! you l0Z HARVESTER MISSIUNAHY CHURCH In Bottles Fort Wayne Coca CoIa BottIing Works, Inc. 0 Pastor - Rev. Oscar Eicher 0 Ass't Pasiar -Joe Grabill RAIDO: "Tower of Strength" 5:00 P.M. SGI. WGL OUR STUDENTS: WILLIS SUDMAN, RHODA HEINDSELMAN HARVESTER AT FLEETWOOD ' 1 TRINITY GOSPEL CHURCH 1320 East Rudisill BIvd. Rev. Gordon Goodman, Pastor Sunday School ,....,..........,. 9:30 A.M. Morning Worship ..............,,.. I0:30 A.M. Christian Workers Meeting 6:45 P.M. Evangelistic Service ,......................,.. ...., 7 :30 P.M. Prayer Meeting, Wednesday ....,...,....,...... 7:30 PM. S'ngspiration: 3rd Sunday of each month ,am MIAMI IAIIIIIIIII IIIIIIS. IIIICIIIII, IIIIIC. I430 Oxford Sfreef, Phone H-3379 Fort Woyne, Ind. u?!0lll' 3102011 j00J Cell tel' H 106 Q Brotherhood Mutual Lite Insurance Company Home Office ,.'-. A 'nov' Fort Wayne, Ind. ,J TEC ,pn 1 PYLO qi Ina! inn: Legal Reserve ' Non-Assessable . fl ,ll SY-Cuaxapaln PROTECTION AND SECURITY FOR LOVED ONES "Bear ye one another's burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ." Gal. 6:2 CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF '54! We are all debtors to our race. God holds us bound to one another. The gifts and blessings ot His grace Were given thee to give thy brother. We owe to every child of sin One chance, at least, for hope of heaven O by the love that brought us in, Let help and hope to them be given. A B S May God's richest blessings rest upon your lives and work! THE CHRISTIAN AND MISSIUNAHY ALLIANCE Foreign Department 260 West 44th Street New York 36, N. Y. 1 JN 'QRS us Sunday scheol teachers sq: v- 'Nl 5 Qs . Twill? fwldllll ,gee-U in run 3 Yes whether you are worlnng wrth pre school youngsters or conductrng an adult Brble class you ll Gnd a Cook lesson quarterly designed especially for your teaehlng needs Teach Ing rs easter as the class rs taken step by step through a com plete Blble lesson every Sunday You save literally hours of plannrng and preparatron each week make possrhle rn spmng more appealing class sessrons Cool: lesion Helps Include lesson significance attention alds Scripture text everyday dflpllC8ll0Il of Brlzle stories group E snnetes M367 mfr' X .vcgx XXXKQQLJ A " iuxtrsvxs-' r prepare better lessons rn less trme' wr dlscusslon plans and other mterestlng actlvltres and sugges txons You ll be thankful for the tame and elTort saved an you ll experrence the wonderful satisfaction of knowing that your Influence as a teacher rs supported by the fir est Chrrstran teaehrng methods and materials available anywhere SEE FOR YOURSELF! Send laday for Free Sample Caplesl Just check age groups desxred You ll recerve promptly a hand some kxt wlth the current xssues of Cook Lesson Helps the popular quarterlres whrch are enthuslastrcally endorsed by teachers pastors and superlntendents of every Protestant denommatron' FRE DAVID G G00 Fug EWstTtTie"'c eMrAnv 836 LY N Grove Ave Elgm llllnols Please send lj Begmner Primary Send to Address Cnty Poslllon In Church D Please send Free Copy ol 1953 Catalog sw Z'z".,L..... Reiss. r..1.4t7.fs a Free Samples of Quurlerlres checked below Junror Sensor Hugh Junior Hugh U Adult lj Mlxeel Age lj Weekhes Slate MH Fm Q F : X fa r V xg? , frm r ,I il L ' 5 ',,,. . eg f g gelgrjllirfee--r-- rt.r.. gwrqglr ii. of lx ll'l X rfgfbii .. ii ,.,r. lx'-Ui ' 'T 5 A l at l .ill ill . fn V 5 - 1 QE?1ie f '5 r -. T A .A 1 X, K 1 ,. ei 1 A " 'Jr' r "' gl: ' i ,e . ' ,E X' ,,,y, C - I e p Aer-annum urssou mes f C. ,,, I J .,.. 1 ..,, ,,T.,.,. , e eee.e 1 e,,,,, ,,,.,,1as,s., E - l .I I ' : 1 E u D - . I I E 1 E 1 I . gs ses-s 'ssss'sseeeess so sessseeseseesesseesesessesssesessseesesssses E esssseseessssss sssses-'-ss E ssssessssssssses ' essssssseesessseesssssss 57''l'l3""l"'H'''UfffffffffffiffffffQfffffQfQfffffffiffffffffffffffQfQfffffff ,,,.,.,, ffffffffffffffffffffffffflfffffffffffiffQ. 3 M r 5. ref 4"'t'l es? 108 1 DISTINCTIVE DRY CLEANING gongrafufafioni fo fAe 644.13 017795-Y by THE MISSIUNAHY CHURCH G GRABILL, INDIANA Our Studenisz 4037 South Woyne ARI-ENE GERIG 608 Eos? Pontiac JOE GRABILL A-2IO2 H-3364 NOEL GRABILL Complimems of SUNDAY SERVICES: Church School ....,................... A.M. Morning Worship ...,..... ..... I 0:00 A.M. 503 MAXINE DRIVE Evening Service ........ ...... 7 :30 P.M. T e Holywoocl Missionary Church Sfudenfs Are Always Welcome! Grove Drive WELCOMlSTTnIscf-351 Sgwool ,.,....,. ....., 9 130 A.M. Vernon J- Pemfsen Worship Service ..,.... .,.... 'I 0:30 A.M, Pggfof M,Y.F. and Prayer Gr p ....... 7:00 P.M. Evening Slserllicectggi ......., Par ...... 7:30 P.M, 3 HOUSES WHERE YOU EAT WELL WITHIN YOUR I BUDGET: YOUR HOUSE AND THE 60052522 fEMW7TM56' V GOOD CHRISTIAN ATMOSPHERE I HOME STYLE FOODS x W .I WITH QUALITY AND DISTINCTION S if COUNTRY FRIED CHICKEN 230 EOS' Wayne S" STEAKS, cHoPS AND SEA FOODS -,TM HSM, , I pw 'TTI OUR OWN BAKED P'E5f I KES, BREAKFAST ROLLS, N, DONUTS AND COOKIES I 216 Eos? Jefferson St. may,-, ,f W 'I' Haissxwfx 9 QVHYQHQNFHXH S Fundamenfal in Docfrine Balanced in Program Missionary in Spirif Thorough in Training Progressive in Vision THE MISSIH AHY IIHHHIIH ASSHCIATIH , 1 1 1 BEST WISHES TO THE 1954 SENIOR CLASS FLANNELGRAPH LESSQNS especially prepared for the NAHHHHL Mlll SUPPLY, HHS. "W TOT" age Wholesale Distributor jim ogmw hm, on ,Le topic, M given Ly tle fntefnatienef uniform 1904-so years of progress- 1954 .lfeeeene Commiffee. glee, reack tie Learn ef finy lege une! greg. tlfeeegl Me eye-gale. Send for a sample of fhe - Flannelgraph Figures 81 Teachers Manual T r'r1 Addmssi L .... ,.,,.,.,,.,.. .,4.,..4.....,.. sis . UNIIJN EUSPEL Pmzss twin- "4" Box 609 CLEVELAND 1, OHIO a new cooperative program offering complete NURSES TRAINING with BIBLE COLLEGE EDUCATION jorf wayne Cofige am! fl., ofufgeran .itloalaifaf Leads to RN and BS degree Learn to be a skilled nurse Fan Wayne Bible College is Now . . . a five-year program of study for Christian Ufcfedited GS U wllegivfe if1S'i'U'i0" girls who want to be nurses. Two years are taken by the Accrediting Association of Bible Institutes and Bible Colleges, and its credits are validated by Indiana University, at Fort Wayne Bible College in basic general edu- cation, Bible, and missionary courses. Three years are taken at the Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne, ,he New York Sme Board of only a few blocks from the college campus, with Ed,,c,,,io,,, and owe, a complete, standard nursing course. A Christian educational qgencieg, program for Christian service. FUHT WAY E BIBLE EULLEHE 800 WEST RUDISILL BOULEVARD FORT WAYNE 6, INDIANA Z Compliments of Congra fu fa fiond ,O ,ye GTM of 5, INDUSTRIAL PIPING 81 ENGINEERING CO. EASTLAWN MISSIUNAHY 1340 Grunt Sm, Fort Wayne, Indiana Henry Frey, Owner DETROIT, MICHIGAN Congratulations Class of '54 from GEORGE C. AGIN IHIIIUS IIIS BIIIIIIIII SIIIIP 0 . . 0 5' d ' while at the VIOLET JEAN HALLER K Bible College DEAN COURSEY FRANK WARREN Gene Steiner - Manager 1224 So. CALHOUN STREET FORT WAYNE, INDIANA CO GR TULATIONSII CLASS OF 1954 May you always be alert to the leading of the Spirit of Gocl that you may thereby be used to "turn many to righteousness." OUR MISSIONARIES Solid ,xgmerita -xgfrlca REV. DALE MOSER REV. KENNETH RUPP MRS. DALE MOSER MRS KENNETH RUPP MRS PAUL ERDEL MISS PAULINE WANNER OUR STUDENTS ROSEMARY GRABER ROLLAND McCUNE WEST MISSION ARY CHURCH BERNE, INDIANA WHA: me A1 ig: -R Lf: 1.g,'yXl, ? 1 , WJ.. 1 your ghurch Lame f ' 'I' iXlQif,1'm i A9 , Y in iii lf' ' ,f'- , X ' ,'l','u' whigf in co ege 'ii ' i ', I 'VVV If il S' A Ti C ffzfffs N f 'Riff' g 4, 1 r X, If 1' ,' ,, L :Q ig . 1 'l ,gr 'i N1 xx i by X at 1 S! -V I 'E A 1 'f ,, Q v,,5'l?2" my f,. XX my 5- 'pf' K . 'E . : fi : I 1' ,fc 3, 2" . Qs . 4 . A 1 -5 ' j :V Li. l, '1 Mp: .- . S uf a 1 ' ,-uv if in 4 , IN W . H '-fr if ff, J N rn... F 'W 4 1 -J gr- ' W 1 7 ' if ' A 'cy 9 t Ai I N S f ii ,Q 'f v vir ' , Ki N" f' wr h' , r ie -f K A 9 A, - 5 V Tv., ' AV' "A Church Where ,f f -,'. ' lf .uf- ,x l Chrisfian Fellowship E ' gigfyigjjvi in-A J Prevails and Dedicafecl N : ow ,jii,leccg.1 I fo fhe Task QQ "'1 i'V5"3" 5' ti of Winning Men gi , : ,,., .1 "' fo Christ" SERVICES SUNDAY 8:30 A.M. -Tune In "The Missionary Hour" on WOWO MINISTERS 9:30 A.M.- Sunday School Cornelius Vlof 10:30 A.M. - Worship I 6:00 P.M.-Young Peoples' Groups John F' Wllson 7:00 P.M.- Evangelistic Meeting WEDNESDAY 7:30 P.M. - Prayer Service FIRST MISSIO RY CHURCH Calling you to . . . 1954 YOUTH CONFERENCE A call to pray A call to believe A call to come RESERVE OCTOBER 1517 1954 AS A ROYAL WEEKEND OF muslc If1SpIl'CI'l'IOFl challenge FORT WAYNE BIBLE COLLEGE c I s CI CONGRATULATIONS CLASS or 54 ongmlu Mons emo' GSS 301 W Mann Sf Fort Wayne Ind Your Flower Phone A 'l T83 Telegraph Flornsts World Wnde Servuce Beauhful Flowers for All Occasions ' ' HUMBOLDT PARK GOSPEL TABERNACLE Your Missionary Church Comphmenls of m Chrcago N " I' I A N fl .D 1515 North Homan Avenue C3400 Westl Chucago 54 Illmols af . . . ' 9 l Quahfy jaufem ll - - ' - - ll 1 I Q :Haan ISSIU S - lv lssmory Y In X Qs purPOSe 's Q, UQTH -. , -, Tour respbnsibility - Hgwai SEQ, .. 1, vision 5 Hiwag T' f I T' 44, HA' If -351525 Ewa - . , :' TJ' I ' .. , ""x'. 1suz,,os ' 4 MYF STUDENTS - FORT WAYNE BIBLE COLLEGE - '53-54 Eastern District Pres. - Rev. Geo. Agin Midwestern District Pres. - Eugene Gcuger Central District Pres. - Rev. G. R. Magary Western District Pres. - Charles Boswell Rev. Don Rohrs- National MYF Superintendent 3901 South Wayne Avenue Fort Wayne 65 Indiana 116 Summlt Clty Press CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS F R ANDERSON P Moy God richly bless Commercrol Prmfmg and use you as you Spec olIzIng IH follow WeddIng lnvI1cItIons 81 Announcements ln HIs Sfeps Phone Anthony 6173 511 E Jefferson St 1111 SWMIHIN MISSIUNARY CHURCH Swonfon OhIo COAL 5101458 cm, 1' V A KIND and SIZE of FUEL for EVERY HEATING NEED Nexi Tme You Buy Try IVIAIIMH 11111111 l'll1l llll H W B A 2384 600 Coombs Street . . , rop. ' I i . . . . I I ll ' ll 0 O N S OL 1- 1 QUALITY I Il - REV. BURLEY N. CLAY I l Q . . ouss, Owner HALL DRIVE-IN ongrafufafiond fo flue KZCLJI5 of MAY GOD BLESS YOU IN YOUR FUTURE EFFORTS "Life shines only as it faces a cross HARROLD REALTY SERVICE CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF T954 From Your Friends and Neighbors at the EUSPEL TE PLE BUUKSHUP TT7 East Rudisill Boulevard Phone H-2308 ff l usrm to "moments of Wei'fafion"-WGL-SGT. 11:00 AM. -k We welcome students to browse in our complete department of reference works. You will find a full line of Commentaries and Bibles. 'k Mail Orders Handled Promptly - Write for Free Catalog Special Discount to Bible College Students AUTO REBUILDING CO., INC. 2316 S. Calhoun For? Wayne, Ind. TOWING SERVICE BODY and FENDER REPAIRING PAINTING UPHOLSTERING GLASS INSTALLATION FRAME STRAIGHTENING FRONT END REBUILDING WHEEL ALIGNMENT and BALANCING TABERNACLE BOOK SHOP Complele line of Religious Supplies 2155 Fanrflelcl Ave, Fort Wayne, Ind FAITH Dnredor Pastor F W Battenberg ELMHURST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 2951 Sandponnt Road A Hearfy Welcome Awarfs You Rev Vlrgll G Meyer Pastor H0738 HARRISON Hlll BARBER SHOP 3803 So. Calhoun Forf Wayne, Ind. FIVE BARBERS W IQQCIG lZ2 lll KL! Jfell J all'Cllf:i PROJECT the GOSPEL awdoo - 41,4 ,, 9-r ,,0 I 10 D lOps9oO0Bl" If sl off 9'-Y oo' 9l ob 46 0 1,7 G1 S 8 9: ,046 01-B of pro? k Q W 5 :woo 0 40 15,947 r Q V I fe ,, fb o fic, 9 Q Oc 0 o fo on IQ U 06 Q 9 A J' r M D: GQ f 6 0 2 U 4, 01 C I e'7f '70 '71 61- f , 'I e If 0 ef e, Sf oo 81- fo 9 o 1 of " 01- 11 11, 'O' 0' "c S '90 fo A 9 0 Of 'be fe of I I 11 1 e o 1- 4, 1, 4- 0 0 o 98834-1 "bb "ore-9e,,,e ,'f-,f 'GJ boo 91,,:"o'D 0 Q 1 0 J 01 gy O f -V 5- 9 'bo' 1,, or oe of 01109 ode of e Det! f llmstrx ps shdes oc motxon pxcture rentals 'f projectors and screens flannelgxaph recordmgs BIBLE TRUTH BOOKSTORE 3901 South Wayne Ave Fort Wayne, Ind I I 3 ,ifsldf-0,6 for 09,60 o Of, e 1- of o, 00' ' 08 'oe I '60 6 bf 0 O' K' 0 " e of 4915, fe"'5o6 ef o Of " oo 'be age 11,, o ofJf1c,o"o, r U '7 9 . I U l ' , . . e If 7 Q Il . ll u u . I ,Z . ll' 0 9 eo ' , ' V .r 'b Q 0 P 0 1 'I-61. , A F ,, .o f f 46 '11 ' r,- 0 04- . - ,E :go , 6, 0,8 0 ere Q I I 1. 0 f1 Q f ,- + 1, 0, C6 4 - N . 00 0 ' .5-6" 'jeg' -no fa 'o do W of . 4, Q O0 Q. ' " I e '06 F 11, lb 2 'O J. 4' oqb 9 'yo -e o- Q IQQQS '72 - 'C I 50001 ' ,I 'eo .6 -E, 'o fb ' 0' ,5 . foweS 'P 00 'T ' 9 ' of " ' 'de 00: - 4-lb' I- 47' , 1, 1- 0 'b re 3 ' ' 'TCI x6 s,.'Sp,f'.,.e 2,9 . 4, e 4- - '71 . 1' 4 6 G - 6, 11, G - 9 e l oo, . sive Q C 9 , flogn' ' . . . f' " ,' Q fe 1- I. '00 " 1, lgo ed. 29 'ff 'fo FRED MYERS PIANO CO. 301 W. Jefferson WURLITZER ORGANS I The voice of worship 0 Choice ofthe artist Also the finest in pianos A-3105 SCHMIDT PHARMACY Ed Schmidt, R. Ph. 4001 S. Wayne Ave.-Phone H-0626 Fort Wayne, Indiana .your 77ei9ALorAooJ ci!ea0L .SF9ec1'aA'Jf'l Safe laundering since 1876 TROY IMMANUEL BAPTIST IIHUIIIIH Oliver and McKee Streets Carl W. Brown, PASTOR I Come . . . ILALSN . . . ?fl!0r.tAf,9 F.W.B.C. Students Are Always Welcome 1709-17 so. Calhoun sneer Sm., W. ccr,.,,,., ?F.'fYffFff ,...,,,...,..,... 9.30 A.M. Morning Worship ., ...,,... ..... I 0:35 A.M. PI'lOne Evening Service ...,............... 7:30 P.M. Prayer Meeting, Wednesday 7:30 P.M. 7 J .Sin ferr' Con 3 ra lu Aa I I on J, Sen Ions WIISSIII PARK MISSIUNAIIY IIHIIRIIH Paul E. Brenneman, Pastor 2901 WARSAW FORT WAYNE Mlllfll-IIIIPII IIIAIIIII PARK Designed for Christian Students Study Room for Student Use Playground - Laundry Facilities Completely Modern gor cgnformafion wrife fo: MILLER-RUPEL TRAILER PARK 6906 Elzey Drive Fort Wayne, Indiana BROADVIEW FLORISTS 81 GREENHOUSES gl'Q?l'lA0uJ2 gl'0JL Distinctly Designed H-3346 City Wide Deliv CAlll'fAl7lefYlAOI'J 1 OE!! Cglljufflllfe C0l7l,9aIly fRev.1 Joseph K. Ake, President Uvmc tn C, 6-09x X C L X V"-Q4 Q91 i C bo X X 4' Tenth FIoor, Consolidated Bldg., Indian p I' I diana A MUTUAL IAT COSU, LEGAL RESERVE COMPANY L fe, Accide t H lth d H pt I t l for Church M b CI gy d L y d h ld f h h b Ag t J h Z h .I B I d 2 SUNSHINE MISSION OF FORT WAYNE, INC. 1231 So. Calhoun Street .xdcfiuified N ghtly Service ................. 7 45 P M Women's Work Salvage Sta 44.4 sr., 6 Days .......................,........ 9:30 AM 530 PM Bibles Book R d Novelties Sunday School Suppl "He that winneth souls is wise." Proverbs 11:30 COMPLIMENTS of agnchana .yofef Fort Wayne, Indiana DEERWOUD .ine goof llll lllllllllllll lillllllllll IZIIMPANI Fort Wayne, Indiana we girdf g'efAren 64141164 3326 South Calhoun Street, Fort Wayne 6, Ind. JAMES D. HAMMER, Pastor Fd farm: IEglt UL l9reacA CANAL Crucineai lgaen, Coming .Again FOR 26 YEARS . . DEPENDABLE INSURANCE SERVICE Insurance Surety Bonds FRANK W. KING 1405-10 Lincoln Tower A-1328 Q To the Class of 1954 . . . The Steps of Christ . . He made Himselt ot no reputation . . . He took upon Him the form of a servant . He humbled Himself . . . He became obedient unto death . . . God bless you as you follow IN HIS STEPS From the Class of 1955 . . R gre, Qgiicxj ' --Ve 4 if qi- md- g Step hp Step i Child of my love, fear not the unknown morrow, Dread not the new demand life of thee Thy ignorance doth hold no cause for sorrow Since what thou knowest not is known to Me. Thou canst not see today, the hidden meaning V' 'U Of my command, but th , e lightf,Qull gain Walk on in faith, upon My eaningfft 'n And as thou goest '3'i ' be madefplain. ,. T Q? .- One step thou seest - t wlgo forward boldly, One step is far enough for faith to see, Take that, and thy next duty be told thee, For step by step thy leading thee. Hvxv l Stand not in , y ad counting, peril s e to disobey Thou s T on all obstacles surmounting the Strong One will open the way. Wherefore to the task assigned thee, promise, needing nothing more just Where'er the future find thee journeying, I go before. 'As thou goest, step by step I will open up the way before thee. Proverbs 4:12 Hebrew 9 anno 756 The LORD is my LIGHT and my Sulvcutionp whom shall I fear? Psalms 21:2 VV' no :il fa! iw to: fa Q 'N Q . E f., ' T3 Tfij ,A QZLFCVQ1 Q, fi' " , f X VX 3 Q W 4 I if' lv! Klip!! ? HI: sm "AQ f vnn ff -5, 1 C0 GR T SSE l0R FRE HMA CLASS X rpherts associates X llIHllliRAPHY PHINIINII X X X X X X X 1145 FAI X X X FORT wAYN X X X X X X O poftfaztufe Iffkrlabng .simiafm ROGERS' STUDIOS I08 East Washington Fort Wayne, Indiana ahanaffy Jowwn l9.,ffm,z ,nm STUDIO HOURS Daily 'I000 AM to 600 PM Wednesday 1200 Noon to 830 PM No Sunday Hours JOSEPH CIMINI Manager Photographer 0lfU" LCLCC MCLPLOOL pA0f0gl'Cl,l9 2 TYPESETTING FOR THIS Yearbook p od ced by Typographic 50fYlC6 Company E Bake St Telepho e E2208 F WAYNE HUTCHISON DALE E SIMS C O es For even hereunto were ye called befazzfe Cbrztt alto .ru ered or ur leawng ur an ex ample that ye rbould follow Hu Jtepr C l'l0lllL6!gel7leIll5 The hours spent together In preparmg the Lord s fanthfulness m guldmg us step by step and to the fact that Chr1st1ans can be co laborers for H1s glory To you the 1954 LIGHT TOWER Staff for your untrrmg efforts I truly thank you To you who have purchased th1s book We the 1954 LIGHT TOWER Staff trust that you WIII enloy leafing through nts pages and that they w11I prove a blessmg to you and msplre you to follow m H15 steps RAY TURNBAUGH Edztor "W . . -A . H O I f' ' U ,4 A . . I I 'I06 , r reef n - ' ' 1954 LIGHT TOWER are a testimony of the A o- wn r . 1 . I h ' ff f , ' - ' .S?uc!enf .jbirecfory Amstutz, Carol Beihold, Thomas E. Cm-ey, len-y Route 1, Decatur, Indiana 1009 N, Cross, Geneva, IndIC1I'1CI Robinson, Illinois Amstutz, Iames Bell, Albert Cassady, Iuanita 716 N. Bearing St., McClure, Ohio Route 2, Berne, Indiana Continental, Ohio Amstutz, Marlene Beouqher, Velma Cate, Barbara 765 W. Franklin St.. Route 5, 11167 Engleman, Berne, Indiana Lancaster, Ohio Center Line, Michigan Anderson, Gilbert Berg, Iohn Caulkins, Darel 801 Grace Ave.. Route 1, Alvordton, Ohio Ft. Wayne, Indiana Blisslield, Michigan Aurelio, Ethel Birkey, Mary Cave, Kenneth 2449 S. Woodstock St., 3901 S. Wayne, 528 Handy Drive, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Ft. Wayne. Indiana Bay City, Michigan Ayabe. Harold Boehr, Anna Lou Charles, Virginia P.O. Box 9, Enid, Oklahoma 137 E. DeWa1d, Lawai, Kauai, Hawaii Ft. Wayne, Indiana Ayabe, Noboru Branks, Tom Cherrie. Iohn P.O. Box 9. 2920 Philip Ave., 31l5Vz S. Wayne, Lawai, Kauai, Hawaii Detroit, Michigan Ft. Wayne, Indiana Babcock, Vemon Briggs, Ross Cherrie. Evelyn Hoytville. Ohio 134 S. Roosevelt Drive, 3115Vz S. Wayne. North Pekin, Illinois Ft, Wayne, Indiana Baer, Lorraine Brock, F. Emaline Chrismau. Mary 204 Clarke Ave., 1949 Erie St., 666 N. Ieiferson, Peoria. Illinois Toledo, Ohio Berne, Indiana Bailey, Walter Brooks, Oline Christie. Luther Route 2, 424 Surby Ave., R.R. 9. Berne. Indiana Battle Creek, Michigan Ft. Wayne, Indiana Baird, Elizabeth Brown, Derrell Chroninger, Robert 31548 Van Born, 4105 Tacoma, 7112 Decatur Road. Wayne, Michigan Ft. Wayne, Indiana Ft. Wayne. Indiana Baldwin, Robert Brown, Lorraine Clevenger, Ioyce Route 2, 1833 Roosevelt Ave., Route 3, Plainwell. Michigan Indianapolis, Indiana Lirna, Ohio Ball, Casto Brubaker, Frederick Collins, Kathleen 1111 Elmwood Ave., 4920 Mt. Vemon Park, 1317 Dayton St.. Ft. Wayne, Indiana Ft. Wayne, Indiana Hamilton. Ohio Barger. Harold Bruner, Elizabeth Conner. Donald Corunna, Indiana 6630 Frith Rd., 505 E. Delaware. Smiths Creek, Michigan Evansville. Indiana Barger. Sarah Burke, Iohn Cooke. Ioseph Corunna. Indiana 506 Compromise St., 3726 Shady Court. Berne. Indiana Ft. Wflvne. llldifmd Barkley, Robert Burley. Luella Corey, Patricia 85212 W. DeWald St., 3901 S. Wayne, 735 E. Elm St., Pt. Wayne, Indiana Ft. Wayne, Indiana Lima. Ohio Baxter, Iames Butler, Iohn Coursey. Dean 312 W. Fleming Ave., 124 I-Iatterrnan Ave., 15039 Fordham, Ft. Wayne, Indiana Barbonville, Indiana Detroit, Michigan Bear, Ioe Callahan, Clifton Coursey, Mary Ann 7112 Decatur Rd., 2034 Mayfield Ave., 15039 Fordham, Ft, Wayne. Indiana Cleveland 9, Ohio Detroit. Michigan Crego. Carolyn 273 Carolyn St.. Newark, Ohio Crouch, Betty 909 S. Ninth St.. Hamilton. Ohio Dallorn. Maxine 430 W. State St.. Ft. Wayne, Indiana Daugherty. Geraldine 211 S. Cedar St.. Newark, Ohio Davis, Emogene 2128 Filth St.. Akron, Ohio Davis. Keith DeI.ane Route 1. Pontiac, Illinois Davis. Keith Douglas Gladwin, Michigan Davis. Ronald 14216 N. Bright. P,O. Box 636. Whittier. California Dean, Sanford Pennville, Indiana Decker. Bruce Harrisonville, Pennsylv Didier, Iames 3577 U.S. 23. Bay City. Michigan Dye, Robert 1006 W. 4th St.. Ft. Wayne. Indiana Eicher, Oscar 3901 S. Wayne, Ft. Wayne, Indiana Enright. William 1237 Seneca Place. Peoria 4. Illinois Erickson, Donald 575 N. Hill. Pasadena, California Ervin. Carl 6395 Bucyrus. Cleveland 9. Ohio Evans, Norma Upper Sandusky. Ohio Felqer. Martha Route 5. Ft. Wayne. Indiana Fenby. Edith Reistertown, Maryland Petter. Mary Route 2. Route 30 S., Lima. Ohio Fields. Harriet Route 3. Connersville, Indiana Fisher, Iames Box 328. Kevil, Kentucky Fliginger, Eileen Trivoli. Illinois Ford. Ianet 1319 Reese Ave.. Lima. Ohio Fortner. Harold Fox. 209 Hunt St.. Iackson, Tennessee Marilyn Route I. Berne, Indiana Fuller, Earl 522 W. Broadway. Newton, Kansas Gabrielson. Mary 1012 Yellowstone Road. Cleveland. Ohio Gaunt. Arthur 1203 Lake. Ft. Wavne, Indiana Geriq. Ardon Route 2. Auburn, Indiana Gerig. Darrell 6810 Bluffton Road. Pt. Wayne. Indiana Gerig, Arlene Grabill, Indiana Geriq, Ioan 3933 S. Wayne. Ft. Wayne, Indiana Geriq, Ioyce 314 E. 9th St.. Auburn. Indiana Geriq. Leon 3933 S. Wayne. Ft. Wayne, Indiana Gibson. Donna Box 385. Matthews, Indiana Goldsmith, Donald 900 Shawnee, Road. Lima, Ohio Goldsmith, Doris 900 Shawnee Road. Lima, Ohio Good. Mildred Route 4. Wabash, Indiana Gcttschalk. Truman 1211 Oakland St.. Ft. Wayne, Indiana Graber, Rosemary Route 1. Geneva, Indiana Grabill, Ioe Grabill, Indiana Grabill, Noel Grabill, Indiana Grable. Margie 3419 Hoagland. Ft. Wayne. Indiana Greiner. Floyd Route 1. Morton, Illinois I-lallner. Marian Route 1. Doster. Michigan Haller. Harold Bucklin. Kansas Hailer. Mary Bucklin. Kansas Haller, Violet 21003 LaSalle. East Detroit. Michigan Hamamoto. Evelyn Kalaheo, Kauai, Hawaii Hankey. Ioan Route 3. Butler, Indiana Hanley. Leon 3711 S. Harrison. Ft. Wayne, Indiana Harmon. Henry 7112 Decatur Road. Ft. Wayne. Indiana Harris, Mary Lynne 440 E. Mark St.. Marion. Indiana Harrold, Ruth 2842 Fox. Ft. Wayne, Indiana Harter. Larry 2502 Poinsette Drive, Ft. Wayne, Indiana Harvey, Donna 3604 Upshur St., Brentwood, Maryland Harvey. Donald 1641 Rumsey Ave., Ft. Wayne, Indiana Havins, Alton Shaiter, California Hay, Iames 3726 Shady Court, Ft. Wayne. Indiana I2 2 Hefner. Ioe Route 2. Lima, Ohio Hefner. Lois Route 2. Lima, Ohio Heindselman. Rhoda 1121 W. Packard Ave., Ft. Wayne, Indiana Henderson. Clarence Humeston. Iowa Hensley. Darrell 24 Linden. Newark, Ohio Hewitt. Delbert 2022 E. South St.. Iackson, Michigan Higa, Yoshino Box 22. Lawai, Kauai, Hawaii Himes, Harriett Shipshewana, Indiana Hirschy, Shirley 568 E. Water St.. Berne, Indiana Hodges. Mayme 8065 Mettetal. Detroit, Michigan Hodges, Ruth Susan Route 1. Hillsdale, Michigan Holcomb. Galen Box 84. Hicksville, Ohio Hopkins, Earl Williamson, Iowa Hopkins. Pat Williamson. Iowa Hopkins. Pauline Williamson, Iowa Houser, lack 443 Eihart St.. Ft. Wavne. Indiana Howard, Mary 2903 Gale. Peoria 5. Illinois Huttman. Harry lBl3 Gruber Ave., Ft. Wayne, Indiana Huntington. Ruth Box 226. Kilauea. Kauai, Hawaii Hunziker. Sadie 121 Main St.. Bellevue, Illinois Iha, Sumiko P.O. Box 142. Koloa, Kauai. Hawaii Imler. lohn 3109 S. Harrison. Ft. Wayne. Indiana lnninqer. Ruth 366 Hendricks St.. Berne. Indiana Iackson. Herbert 748 Kennedy. Iackson. Michigan Ienkins. Howard Route 2, Grass Lake, Michigan Iohnson. Tom 785 West Holt. Pomona, Califomia Iones. Edwin 8065 Mettetal. Detroit, Michigan Kalt. C. Robert 597 Edgmont Road. Newark, Ohio Kemmerer, Esther 402112 N. Halstead St.. Allentown, Pennsylvania Kennedy. Edwin Route 2. Delta. Ohio Kerby. M. lean 96 Highland Ave.. New Miami. Hamilton, Ohio Kincaid. Dorothy 12 Carrollton Ave.. Dayton, Ohio King, Gene 23 Pound St.. Newark, Ohio Kleinhen. G. Frederick Route 7. Deliance, Ohio Kleiner. Gordon Route I, Clare, Michigan Kloplenstein. Calvin Route 2. Grabill, Indiana Klopfenstein. Gordon 379 Sprunger, Beme, Indiana Koebnlein, William 118 W. llth St.. Connersville, Indiana Koms. Ianice Markle, Indiana Koster. Viola 516 Greenwood, Ft. Wayne. Indiana Kreamer. Ioann Z1 Tyler St., Toledo 12, Ohio Kreh. Gerald Route 10. Ft. Wayne. Indiana Kroeker. Arno Fowler. Kansas Kroeker. Iohn Route 2. Fowler, Kansas Krohn. Marguerite Elkton, Michigan Lang. David 1250 Manistique. Detroit 15, Michigan Lauby. Mary Box 953. Pandora, Ohio Leever. Iarnes 18410 Burgess. Detroit, Michigan Lehman. Elaine 900 Alben St.. Lima, Ohio Lehman. Harold 900 Albert St.. Lima, Ohio Lehman. Ierry 617 High St.. Berne. Indiana Lehman. Vemon 3011 S. Hanna St.. Ft. Wayne. Indiana Lehman. Virginia 900 Albert St.. Lima, Ohio Leonard. E. Stanley 115 Harrison Ave.. Swanton. Ohio Leonard. Ioyce 115 Harrison St., Swanton. Ohio Lescalleet. Harvey 177 Ietterson St.. Newark, Ohio Liechty. Rochelle 365 W. Water St.. Berne, Indiana Linkous. Betty Pylesville, Maryland Long. Rosine 735 E. Elm, Lima, Ohio Los Banos. Conchita Box 72. Kalaheo, Kaua i. Hawaii Lung. Barbara Route 3. Butler, Indiana McCartney. Carl 6810 Bluffton Road. Ft. Wayne, Indiana McCartney, Eunice B810 Bluffton Road. Ft. Wayne, Indiana McCord, Barbara 14406 Lamphere. Detroit, Michigan McCune, Holland Route 1, Berne, Indiana McGhee, Charles 115 Kitchell Ave.. Olney. Illinois McGrady, Ann 96 S. Manning St.. Hillsdale, Michigan McGranor. Tom 78 Mound Court, Newark, Ohio McKee, Ruby 214 E. DeWa1d St.. Ft. Wayne, Indiana McManus, lack 303 E. Louisiana. Evansville, Indiana Madden, Ioyce LaPaz. Indiana Maris, Elaine Route 2. Stratton. Nebraska Maxwell. Daisy 2305 Smith St., Ft. Wayne, Indiana Maxwell, Iohn 2305 Smith St.. Ft. Wayne, Indiana Mettert, Ruth R.R. 2, Auburn. Indiana Miller. Beniamin Goshen, Indiana Miller. C. Robert 27 N. Royal St., York, Pennsylvania Minniq. Beulah 3901 S. Wayne. Ft. Wayne, Indiana Mohr, Tom Box 62 Waterloo. Indiana Mollan, Velma 705 Minnie St.. Port Huron, Michigan Moore. Alvin 3422 Chestnut St.. Ft. Wayne, Indiana Morehead. Donna Continental, Ohio Morgan, Edward 626 W. Creighton St.. Ft. Wayne, Indiana Mosier, Julianne R.R. 1. Duane St.. Clyde. Ohio Mosiman, Wayne Route 2, Valley Center. Kansas Mueller, William 5811 Bradley Ave.. Panna. Ohio Mundy. Robert 415 South 12th St.. New Castle. Indiana Musatics, Louis Route 2. Owendale, Michigan Myers, Elvin Route 2, Box 274. Altoona, Pennsylvania Myers, Gerald Route 3. Winchester, Indiana Myers. William Route 3. Columbus Grove, Ohio Nantz. George Route 4, Salem, Indiana Neuenschwander, Donna 1922 E. Pontiac Blvd.. Ft. Wayne, Indiana Newman, Lois Route 2, Fremont, Indiana Nishihara, Ann P.O. Box 24, Koloa, Kauai. Hawaii Nichols, Iohn Route I. Plainwell, Michigan Novess, Ioyce 1711 Princeton Ave.. Kalamazoo, Michigan Ogden, Ralph 1007 Ann St.. Peoria. Illinois Ori, Kan Osaka, Iapan Orr. Orville 20 Hancock, Newark. Ohio Overmyer, Martha Monterey, Indiana Parsell. Carolyn Route Z. Forest, Ohio Parsell. Vera Route 2, Forest, Ohio Perkins, Olive 208 North Park St.. Sturgis, Michigan Perry. Elaine Route 1, Plainwell, Michigan Pitzer, Ieanette 3305 Harvester Ave.. Ft. Wayne, Indiana Pitzer, loseph 6752 Columbia Road. Cleveland, Ohio Popps, Mary Lee West Liberty, Ohio Powell, Kenneth 1417 Peoria Ave.. Peoria, Illinois Price. Iohn Upperco. Maryland Proffitt. Angela 621 Monks St.. West Plains, Missouri Puckett, Connie Rover Route. West Plains. Missouri Ramseyer. Robert 210 N. Wenona. Bay City, Michigan Randall, Delbert Wauneta, Nebraska Randall, Lonnie 62612 West Creighton, Ft. Wayne, Indiana Randall. Ioan 628112 West Creighton. Ft. Wavne, Indiana Rapson. Robert 125 Grafton St.. Bad Axe, Michigan Reed, Chester North Webster. Indiana Reqier. Mildred Box 104. Elbing, Kansas Regier, Otto Box 104. Elbing, Kansas , 1 2 Rhoads. Evelyn 6810 Bluffton Rd., Ft. Wayne, Indiana Rhoads. Harold 303 Palmwood St.. Delta, Ohio Riegel, Arlene Route 1. Clyde. Ohio Ringenberq. Marilyn Grabill, Indiana Roberts. Richard 3771 Columbus. Detroit, Michigan Roberts, William Route 2. Box 43. Swanton, Ohio Roberts. Zuma Swanton. Ohio Rohrs. Donald 3901 S, Wayne. Ft. Wayne, Indiana Rohrs. Faythe 3901 S. Wayne. Ft. Wayne, Indiana Roush. Sarah 140 Dover St.. Dayton 10. Ohio Rousselle. Melva Culbertson, Nebraska Rowell. Carolyn 536 Kinsmoor, Ft. Wayne. Indiana Rowell. Willard 536 Kinsmoor, Ft. Wavne, Indiana Rugman. Keith R.R.3. Aubum, Indiana Rupel, Delores 6906 Elzey, Ft. Wayne, Indiana Rupel. Paul 6906 Elzey. Ft. Wayne, Indiana Ryerson. Milton Route 4. Bryan, Ohio Sager, Rolland Hillsdale, Michigan Sandison. Darrell 704 W. IennY St.. Bay City. Michigan Saum. Sylvia Box 159. Scott. Ohio Sauter. Alvin Carson, North Dakota Schade. Glen 1403 Upton Ave.. Mt. Pleasant, Michigan Schazie. Margaret 1709 W. Lyons Ave.. Mt. Pleasant, Michigan Schlabach. Clarke Elkton, Michigan Schlabach. Earl Elkton, Michigan Schlatter. Doris 801 Grace. Ft. Wayne, Indiana Schlatter. Ethel Mission House. Khamgaon MP, India Schlatter. Olen 801 Grace. Ft. Wayne, Indiana Scholer. Iris 1529 California Ave., Ft. Wayne, Indiana Schmidt. Beulah Route 3. Newton. Kansas Schoefi. Kendall 232316 S. Hanna. Ft. Wayne, Indiana Schrock. Robert Linn Grove, Indiana Settlemire. Betty Io Route 4, Wapakoneta. Ohio Shattuck, Levene Route 2. Shepherd, Michigan Shaver. Myrneth Box 33. Beechwood, Michigan Shilling. Ioe 602 E. Iackson St.. Kokomo, Indiana Shives. Madelyn Needmore, Pennsylvania Showers. Elzer Route 6. Marion. Ohio Shumaker. Dean Route 1. Degraff, Ohio Simerman. Paul 1101 Franklin Ave.. Ft. Wayne, Indiana Simes. Victor 656Vz Fair. Sidney. Ohio Simmons. Maurice Route 1. Columbia City. Indiana Sloan. Clay Belleville. West Virginia 1307 E. Wilson. Smith. Ardene Peoria, Illinois Smith. Genevieve Route 2. Wallace. Michigan Snyder. Floridene B30 W. Berry St., Ft. Wayne. Indiana Sonius. Ronald 4101 Avondale Drive. Ft. Wayne, Indiana Sowers. Iames 732 E. Henry St.. Wooster. Ohio Spaeth. Harry 3034 N. 7th St.. Philadelphia 33, Pennsylvania Sparks, Audrey Charing Cross. Ontario, Canada Springfield. Billy Route 2. Sulligent. Alabama Sprunqer. Miriam South Fulton St., Berne. Indiana Stehl. Betty Union City. Tennessee Stehl. Richard Union City, Tennessee Steiner. Gaius 2081 E. Bristol Road. Flint, Michigan Steiner. Magdalene 3506 Indiana Ave.. Ft. Wayne, Indiana Stitt. Gerald 413 E. Sherwood Terrace. Ft. Wayne, Indiana Stout. Henry 6810 Bluffton Road. Ft. Wayne, Indiana Stout. Wanda 5810 Bluffton Road. Ft. Wayne. Indiana Streitmatter. Barbara 216 W. Lake. Peoria Heights, Illinois Stricklin. Delma Waqler. R. Robert Williams. Ethel 102 Stout, Route 1. Anahoa. Kauai, Hawaii Pontiac, Michigan Washington, Illinois Stucky. Lois Walton. Dorothy Williams, Gaylord Warren. Indiana 710 St. Iohns Ave., Anahola, Kauai, Hawaii Lima, Ohio Styers. Ann Warren. Frank Williams. Gladys P.O. Box 630. 1605 Calvert St.. Anahola, Kauai, Hawaii Altoona, Pennsylvania Detroit, Michigan Sudmann, Willis Warren, Iohn Witker, William 535 Adams St., 616 Knoll Crest. Route 2. Box 254, New Haven, Indiana Peoria. Illinois Swanton. Ohio Swope, Vance Warwick. Dale Wood, Mariorie Needmore. Pennsylvania 2527 E. Adams St., Denver, Indiana Phoenix. Arizona Tam. Harry Weaver. Edwin Woodall, Dorothy 3160 Lincoln Ave., Wakarusa. Indiana 500 E, Sth St., Honolulu. Hawaii Hutchinson, Kansas Tassell, Paul Weddle. loann Wright, I. Harlan 3848 Crary Drive, 4018 Avondale, 1100 Ensley Ave., Toledo. Ohio Ft. Wayne. Indiana Aubum, Indiana Taylor. Robert Weili, Bob Wulliman, Mary Route 1. 405 Main St., 1211 Michigan Ave., Secor. Illinois Vestal, New York Ft. Wayne. Indiana Tenqan, Masako Whitsel. Gilbert. Ir. Yamamoto, Sue 1741 Kam 4 Road, Route 1. Eleele, Kauai. Hawaii Honolulu, Hawaii Lafayette, Indiana Thompson, Basil Wichert, Edna Yarian, George 120 Omara Road H.W.T, Route 4. 4611 Beaver Ave., Iamaica, B,W.I. Clare, Michigan Ft. Wayne, Indiana Tibbs. Charles Widmark, leannine Yoder, Iessie 1082-A Woodland. 813 Oak St.. 2661 West Ave., S.W.. Cleveland, Ohio Lima, Ohio Grand Rapids, Michigan Trusdle, Charles Widmarlr. Edward Yoder. lulia Route 2, 813 Oak St., Route 2. ' Clyde, Ohio Lima, Ohio Berne, Indiana Trusdle. lames Wiederkehr. Naomi Youngs. Ronald Route 2. 234 W. Moneta, 304 Grant, Clyde, Ohio Peoria Heights. Illinois Plainwell, Michigan Tucker, Charlotte Wilhoit. Bert Zehr, Thomas 730 Summit Blvd., 4325 S. Hanna St., B17 W. Main St.. W. Palm Beach, Florida Ft. Wayne. Indiana Berne, Indiana Turnbaugh. Ray Wilkinson, Patricia Zimmerman, David 4018 Buell Drive, 824 Belmont Drive, Route 6. Ft. Wayne, Indiana Ft. Wayne, Indiana Decatur. Indiana Umbauqh. Donna Williams. Abraham Zollner. Ruth Route 1, Anahola. Kauai, Hawaii 1308 Avondale Ave.. Lima, Ohio Toledo 7, Ohio Vargas. Gilberto Williams. Ben Zurcher. Bemadine Calle 40 No. 43A-93, Medellin, Box, 8, Anahola. 606 N. Jefferson. Colombia, South America Kauai, Hawaii Beme, Indiana Wagler. Marlene Williams. Charles Zurcher. Iohn Route 1, Route 1, 606 N. Ieiferson, Washington, Illinois Lewis Addition, Beme, Indiana Dodge City. Kansas A. WXTME-R ii 2. Hah Fort Wayne X Col Kege' Her haHs en shrme P -f -5-'gf-:.-fr-5 . , S -O' 1 Had 3. God Ness ou e 4- 4- AQ -0- -0- r 5 lf gf ,J-, fix- -O' X Our her With ZGBK for Xoy a ser vxce Her teac -e H r cause en due wxth xnxght -F -F 6- ff-4 I 'Ji' .,f,f 2,1- ,, ,lf l .Z Our Where youth re cewe the vm exon mor G d daugh ers Xn iaxth iuX ness an ove 1,2-if KL!! , 15451 J xs truth must. be un iude . fi ifj,,f"Z P' Cvpyrlght, 1952. by Ft Wayne Bxbh Coheg ,. 41.15. .. f 4 wh. ?'W1H',' '- Mu . I - rfV'Q: J .i ,em-e A f'1"4"V Fam.. 1- . 4 ,I I, mn el' ,wr ' 5'.f'f'5 n A ' 1 I K 1: t1.yAv14:'gF, 1 ! X . ' rw' ' . A we 'U .,.m , A a Q h, Ti , . .f r'af ' , . . r A' X 'AW .A A , il I , . V 4 ' 1 x u If 1.1 -, fi ' 4 '3 f ' 1 Q ai , 1 J 1 'V 1 U ,r V :1 mi .5 D ., 5,5 t 75 I li . mg' F ,gi 'If T if my .W QM lx- 5 'm Lf .1 Ik X 1 fi? :W wi A 4, ,W 31 ,A if Bi -'F 'U A 4 , 1' W, I 1. Q1 .?' 1 rig! fl "1 '4 4 1 55 , , . r ' 'TA 5 I L.,

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