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,, , , ,Cf - ' fr' .214 iz f,, 135QgNggjwM'f7,.xii " '--stiff' A f' aww j2QgS3:3 EE' , Q. , is ' A, . I f I '. , .,- . . , ,' . 1 . I 51 f ' ' "-' nb :' 'ibn If 1 5 : . if gl, 1 ' S? I .1 l'f ill! sm CLASS OF 1952 E , Q,, I, 145f25g?qf f6Zg?E235 Qigggg gggggg WWW Q 1 f inf r lf ,f fi J! C1 ,Jw ff :z.r'f avi ,,, f - 5 ia: 2-"" Z 2"" 25 7 . f X: Y H I .1 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF ook -To Ei-iRls1'lAN GROWTH FORT WAYNE BIBLE COLLEGE FORT WAYNE, INDIANA MILTON WONG ..... Editor DAVE ZIIVIMERIVIAN . Assistant Editor PAUL CROCKETT . Business Manager page Iwo D0oR 'ro SPIRITUAL WCTORY The threshholds of the doors of Residence Hall are "well- worn" by the footsteps of those who so faithfully instructed, advised and guided scores of young people into the truth of God by the Holy Spirit. Through these doors open many avenues of service for those who have been trained by our Alma Mater, and have realized the great command of God to "Go into all the world and preach the Gospei to every creature." DOOR T0 hi A I FQLL sumzmoen I DOOR ,,Sg1v.AI'9.N i 51,5 I 7 AM.--fr A' ,,...,Af"" -- , y i K K , J A N A UUUK ,O ' in L iNsTRucTi0N a THE LIGHT TCWER-1952 page three page four TYPI CAL ROOM IN SCHULTZ .-- ,K ?',.- ' F, , . '4 HALL .-ix rx .4 N ,W V ,Q , Lum ' . t L ., .si i S ,,,.,,,,. xv , W 1 Q '-Q P "" ml . I , 1 31,570 x . 1 - W WIN? ' H W L sci-iul-TZ HN' Spacious and majestic, Schultz Hall contributes to campus social, intellectual, and spiritual life as a men's dormitory and a center of campus activity, Here 74 men make their college home in fellowship with Chris- tian brothers in study and in communion with God. Here also is found the library, visual aids room, book store, dark r shop. oom, and snack Li. sm-iAN'f HA Bethany Hall, too serv , es several purposes. ln the ba ment you will find three classr the ad ' ' ' se- ooms, the first fl ministrative Off' oor holds :ces of the college, and the second floor is the home of thirty-two girls. This attractive building faces Rudisill Boulevard and seems to reach out an inviting hand to strangers. lt is the scene of much activity, and almost any time of the d ' students walkin ay you will find g through its halls. 'V-an HALLWA Y OF THE ADMINISTRAT IVE OFFICES page jqiltf xxx ' -W--.. , ev, .411 FOUNDERS' MEMORIAL KITCHEN IN FOUNDERS' MEMORIAL png' xix This comparatively new building is the scene ot many activities, It holds the practice rooms, several class- rooms, the students' dining hall, and the Chapel. Each week-day morning at 9:50 you will find the students gathered for the Chapel service, which is a time of spir- itual refreshing for each student. We are thankful for this building, which is dedicated to the Lord, where we can spend many happy hours. CHAPEL IN FOUNDERS' MEMORIAL HALLWAY STUDIOS IN CLASSROOM IN DERS' MEMORIAL FOUNDERS' MEMO IAL ,M X1 Ugt' ICU? 71 PROVIDENCE HALL There is never a dull moment in this active residence for girls. From morning 'til night the ticking of type- writers, the ringing of bells, the rushing to classes, and the happy voices of sixty girls all combine in making Providence Hall a typical girls' dormitory. lt has been the scene of many spiritual victories, for from the weekly prayer meetings girls come refreshed in spirit. It has become a real second home to many girls. N r 1'3" W5 L is As you walk across the campus you will find another building which many members of the staff, faculty and their families call their home. Residence Hall is the newest building cn our campus and has proven to be a valuable addition. ln Residence l-lall students will also find the dispensary which is supervised by the registered nurses on the campus. RESIDENCE HALL page might 1 ,V- uv- ...sq -gif' mq.',r ff -dy ai I Saw' gb f ' J ' f j CONTENTS W M , ffWMf91 2 ,fWb fW ' 2 ffffw -W QV W 4 U1 3 P M WW w x+ ww 'i,, Mrs. Irene E. Smith Miss Lillian Zeller Mr. P. L. Eicher page len DEDICATION Genuine love for Christ . . . sincere devotion to the task. These great virtues characterize the lives of three members of our faculty, who will retire at the close of this semester. ' MRS, E. SMITH MISS LILLIAN ZELLER MR. P. L. EICHER The lives of these mighty servants of God have been like a fresh flowing fountain of water to young people thru the years who have entered the halls of F.W.B.C. to drink at this fountain of truth and inspiration. These Godly teachers have effectively helped design the future of scores of students thru the impulse of their de- vout faith in Christ. Their rich classroom instruction, deep spiritual insight, and cheerful counsel have won the respect, admiration, and love of hundreds of students thru their many years of diligent service. To Mrs. Smith, Miss Zeller, and Mr. Eicher, we sin- cerely dedlcate the l952 Light Tower with a prayer of thanks to God for the impact of their lives. ..- - Q.. - 5. YH - .-1 r-. be Y '1 if 'T A V " : ' .: 7 -4- . Q ADMINISTRATION ' ,, f' I PT5 CE, 5 M y 6 M 9 ,f 5 '- f n will i W 6 '. f W1 W !r. XP 'l' yy +1 HHH NQQwXl !g'QkQMUgQEQ X SW W M Y1 Dr Wltmer President A B M A LL D., Ph.D. Through Dr. Witmer's true greatness, marked by sincere hu- mility and trust in God, and through his scholarly presentation of the unsearchable riches of Christ, we have been drawn closer to Christ. We appreciate the influence of his testi- rnony, and we know that his heart, mind, soul, and strength are dedicated to Christ and to the school, and he has done much to further the cause ot Bible Colleges and Bible Insti- tutes throughout this country, Dean Neuenschwander Dean A.A., A.B., B.D. Mrs. Fitch, our Dean of Women, always has a kind smile and cheerful word for those she meets. Her gracious manner and her Spirit-filled life have made the college students respect and admire her. l-lis willingness "to serve rather than to be served" has made Mr. Neuenschwander an ideal Dean. Students are free to discuss problems with him or ask advice of him because of his understanding heart and quick mind, accompanied by a sense ot humor. l-lis consecrated life has been an inspiration to those who know him. Mrs. lone Fitch Dean of Women page tlzirlcwz page fourteen Mr. Harvey Mitchell A.B., M.A. Registrar We have all learned to appreciate this man with the large heart the large vision, and with the steadiness ot purpose. No matter how many dark problems come up in his busy day, Mr Mitchell always has a cheery answer. His lite truly radiates the lite of Christ, Mr. Cyril Eicher Mr. O. Carl Brown Th.B.: A.B. Assistant Treasurer Although you would think that the one who "handles the money" for a college would be someone with an unpleasing disposition, our Assistant Treasurer, Mr. Eicher, is quite the contrary. His warm personality, and his Christ cen- tered lite have made him a capable and well-liked Bible teacher. A.B., S.T.B.. M.A. Christian Service Director ' The instruction in Bible studies has inspired many ot Mr. Brown's students to dig deeper for the treasures in God's Word, As Director of Christian Serv- ice, he has a part in scattering some of these treasures to others. I To have a faculty who stress that "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge" lProv. l :7l is the precious privilege of the students of the F. W. B. C. The consistency of their actions, the inspiration of their instruction, the power of their prayers, the help of their counsel, and the extent of their vision have made indelible impressions upon our minds and hearts. Their Christ-cen- tered lives have challenged us to be used of God where He chooses. Lillian Zeller Librarian E. Irene Smith Martha Dilling A.B., M.A. English, History, Christian Education, Psychology A.B. History, Language, Apologetics Laurence Farr A.B.. B.D., M.A. Edith Ehlke Roy J. Birkey Philosophy' Bible A.B. A.B. M.A. The0'0gY English, Secretarial Bible, Missions, Speech, Science, History Anthropology Francis Sivers M.A., Pl1.B. English, History W' Wm., page jifteen Ann Hilbert Secretary to the Registrar Francis Staley Secretary to the Business Manager Ann Neuenschwancler Secretary to the President Rachel Kemmerer Dining Room Martha Fiedler Hostess in Providence Hall Gerald Gerig Youth Evangelist Imogene Palmer Secretary to the Dean Mrs, Crider Cook Supervisor Miss Miller Cook Mrs. Eva Rietdorf Cook Ada Smith Mrs. B. F. Leightner Mrs. Millikan Superintendent Hostess in Schultz Secretary in P- L- Elche' of the Laundry Hall Founders Business Manager i i nge .SI.Nlt?L'1Z I"-.5 -...Q-.-,, 'Qv maf- ,,f ,r Z' ,,, . . f , , . Nf V ' Q SENIQRS f W W ,A f"' ' 5 32 Wf r I ff X xg ' 'wx page eighteen Fred Kirkpatrick President Rose Marie Hudsan Secretary Class 0HiCC1'S To the '52 grad of Ft. Wayne Bible College the future is as bright as the promises of God. We go to our generation to preach the hope and joy of the gospel, but we go not alone for He is with us. We graduate from our cherished alma mater into the higher calling of His service, We trust that you who remain will soon join us in the fields of service. Motto-Christ The Light Colors-Green and Yellow Flower-Yellow Rose Harvey Ache Vice-President Rog and Dorothy Read Chaplain and Treasurer Harvey Ache Norman Bashand Harold Basehore Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Religious Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Literature Education in Bible Carol Beerbower Standard Bible Adriana Bdehder Bachelor of Religious Education page nineteen Robert Burley Eula Compton Donelda Coy Standard Bible Standard Bible Standard Bible page twenty Charles Crockett Bachelor of Arts in Bible Daisy Davis Standard Bible Dale Gerig Shirley Force Emily Figuly Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Arts in Bible in Bible in Bible Joy Gerig Standard Bible Lois Held Standard Bible page twenty-one Edna Heller John Hill Mary Howard Standard Bible Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of in Bible Sacred Music Rose Marie Hudson Bachelor of Arts in Bible Shirley Kamberg Standard Bible page twenty-two Charles Kauffman Fred Kirkpatrick Esther Lehman Bachelor of Religious Bachelor of Arts Standard Bible Education in Bible Dale Lewis Standard Bible Beth Mainhood Standard Bible page twenty-three' Virginia Miller Clarence Nantz Leonard Paquay Bachelor of Arts Standard Bible Bachelor of Arts in Bible in Bible Dorothy Read Standard Bible Roger Read Bachelor of Arts in Bible page f'lUF7Zfy-f0lL7' Zuma Roberts Abe Schierling Nancy Shell Standard Bible Standard Bible Standard Bible Robert Skinner Standard Bible Robert Smith Bachelor of Arts in Bible page Izumly-fizfe Welburn Smith Mary Caroline Steiner Marceil Sumney Bachelor of Standard Bible Bachelor of Theology Sacred Music Harold Sutherland Bachelor of Arts in Bible Roy Tobin Bachelor of Sacred Music page twenty-six Everette Webb Gareth Wiederkehr Ernest Belella Bachelor of Religious Bachelor of Arts Standard Bible Education in Bible Milton Wong Bachelor of Arts in Bible Doris Zurfluh Standard Bible page twenty-seven .w ,. 1 . K 'A X5 Sa ' a:g41i"'-.M RS VIEW "Don't get too close lmoge ner' an QS. Q Z . 32 my si "' , 5 V W 'i x l 32 1 4 Y . S - Y .. J 1 f 'Como Esta Usted?" Basil Thompson "Going home Victor?" 'z 1 Mrs. Millikan ' "Just one Moment Please." OUT fy "No n eqllipf-ne SW kitche -he-. new steam , "' will 'ig .X V M, W, , evcmfec K 5 M ,. mei - IQ' 1 6 g ! T XX - ,X z i K as M V4 . t XT' 1 Sw Martha Ann Martha Students' ,I ' not fhe nf' "Someone pulled a funny Bud is taking it all in, The hard working dish crew. New equipment page lruezzfy-cfzfglzl 5. l g : N b We -A, 5 if f ' ' "' UNDERCLASSIVIEN 7 , . . 3 ,z I A 5 , . 4 Q , l :,g W wr W , rf ' W gd N f W f ff Q 'W '! x l' H Ip ' V 'R 'wvv 55' N' M WWI 1' W m W1M page thirty JUNIORS James Berry, Jr. Bert Brooks Tom Brown Jerry Carey Jacquelyn Carl Janice Chen Beth Cornell Paul Crockett Marjalee Dull Gene Gauger Ada Ruth Gerig Helen Gray Q' f if Wk 'W' If Paul Henry Jack Hughes Faith Ishiguro Clarice Jones wanef Mccoy Ruby Mellon Robert Miner Jane: Mine! M Peggy Myers Plumb A ....,-. . Seek David Zimmerman an Owen Halfley b Duck Not Pictured Marvin Bowen George A. Miller Jack Chamberlain Patricia Lee Wilkinson Paul Essex Harry Wilson Al Luscomb Louis Klotzbach page thirty-one mga ll11'1'ly-Iwo Gilbert Anderson Ruth Baker Albert Bell Velma Beougher William Bowles Faye Casterson Evelyn Cherrie John Cherrie Eleanor Clapp Ruth Clapp Sanford Dean Dean Coursey John Dill Edith Fenby Thora Mae Fuller Leon Gerig Mildred Good Rosemary Graber Joe Grabill Evelyn Hamamoto Chester Hay James Hay Mitsuko Higa Clarence Hodges SOPHOIVIORES Galen Holcomb' Pauline Hopkins Harry Huffman Norman Keen John Kroeker Caroline Krohn Kenneth Laffin Stanley Leonard Vexnan Lorentz Ccnchita Los Banos Juanita Mellott Gladys Moore William Mueller Laverne Musselman William Myers Arlene Newcombe Bobbette Osborne Mary Lee Popps Q George Rohrs Charles Rose Bill Rowell Paul Rupel Earl Schlabach Olen Schlatter page thzrty three Laverne Shattock Mabel Shelton Bonnie Lou Shoup Mary Smart Doris Smith Gerald Stitt June Takamoto Rebecca Uresti Frank Ward Bert Wilhoit John Warren Gilbert Williams Molly Williams Tom Zehr Mary Staples Wanda Taylor Joan Clauser Joe Cooke Rebecca Shortridge Clay Sloan page thuty four FRESHMEN Noboru Ayabe Walter Bailey Robert Barkley Joseph Bear Ruth Becker Robert Bedford Ed Beihold Joan Benham Florence Birkey Junita Cassidy Barbara Cate Darel Caulkins Von Cauvenaugh Louella Chafin Robert Chroninger Joyce Clevenger Kathleen Collins Rosene Cory Robert Crockett Keith Delane Davis Richard Davis Bruce Decker Ferman Dohm page thzrly fzuc paSe'tlzirty-six , it Donald Erickson Norma Evans .lim Fisher Joe Ford Barbara Fowler Julia Garrison Arthur Gaunt Evangeline Gibson John Gorsuch Satsuko Hadama Harold Haller Ruth Harrold Alton Havens Joe Hefner Lois Hefner Rhoda Heindselman Dick Hemenover Clarence Henderson Delbert Hewitt Harriet Himes Mayme Hodges Kimie Honda Ruth Huntington Esther lmler John lmler Ruth lnniger Clara Johnson Jeanette Kemp Rolland Kiefer Mary Alice Kirk Gordon Klopfenstein Marguerite Krohn Vernon Lehman Virginia Lehman Joyce Leonard Margaret Makino Ray Matson Beulah Minnig Serelda Moore Donna Morehead Robert Mundy Gerald Myers George Nant: John Nichols Orville Orr Victor Parson Eleanor Pascoe Joe Pitzer page thirty seven page th irly-eighi David Polding Carol Ream Mildred Regier Otto Regier Edwin Retter Eleanor Rich Beverly Rogers Florence Russell Ronald Sager Lois Schindler Wilma Schlenker Kendall Schoeff Bill Shanebecll Myrneth Shaver Joe Shilling Doris Siler Anna Ruth Snyder Billy Springfield Caroline Steiner Carol Sutton Harold Tuefel Kenneth Thompson Wanda Trempert Carol Tucker Charmaine Bergstedt Phyllis Bowersock George Brown Homer Byrd Seldon Field James Huggins Paul Keen Lester Leach Lewis Musatics William Rees Priscilla Rupp Jean Schray William Shanebeck Joy Smith Harry Spaeth Torn Spencer Bob Wagler Byron Wagoner Lonnie Randall Mary Lou Byer Delbert Hewitt Joy Smith Gladys Wunker Delores Stout Lila Sinn Colleen Smith Robert Wield Virginia Whites Edna Wichert Naomi Wiederkehr Harold Will Gaylord Williams Norma Williamson Bill Widker Dorothy Woodall Ronald Youngs page thirty-nine James Armstrong Charlene Anderson Edith Barkley James Baxter Caroline Coulon Carolyn Crego Sonya Deister Lowell Dimos Eldred Fledderjohn Robert Kalt Jack Lowe Edwin Mast Alvin Moore Donna Neuenschwander Lois Newman Carolyn Parsell William Roberts Eloise Rose Robert Taylor Ann Vorholzer Evan Wright Basil Thompson page forty SECON D SEMESTER ENTRIES X f 5, V ,, W, ' 1 sei Q me is ' L ' ss 1 . aw., H, Well attended Basketball Game BC, vs. Gospel Temple if wx . ,qi s it wet, Gaylord? W. iq, V 3 . ,, ' ' 'N X W a l BC. Cheerleaders A Scene at The Spanish Party. lt is reverse Day. "Hablas Espanol?" Vangie Gibson, Darel Caulkins Volleyball or basketball? You guess. Big boutonnieres "Jlms" ,, Q J "ls that a scale in the room?" "Thaf's if Lavern, hold his shirt." page forly-one page forly-two IN lVlElVlORlAlVl ' -if Q1 i , .5-1. jg-V A MOTHER RAIVISEYER The memory of our Mother will linger long in our memories. Who can forget that as founder of the Sunshine Makers, she endeared herself to children everywhere? And can we ever forget that she spent many hours in prayer for the Fort Wayne Bible College? Again, we shall ever remember her Spirit- filled, Christ-radiating life that made her a welcome person anywhere. We shall never forget her humble spirit that took no credit to herself. Surely she could say with the Apostle Paul, "l have fought a good fight, l have finished my course, I have kept the faith: Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness. . fl 3 : -,.., nr-'J' Z 7 ,, ECT E 1 i l t W ' M U 5 I C W L Ji, ,ff If ' , WW f57fWff'lJ l iM! 1. U, 4 0 , mmm ,fr i gk 1+ 5 W NN' W wwf' 25 'Y !MfWf'f Oliver Steiner A.B., B.Sc.Ed., M.Mus. Director of School of Music Voice, Band, Conducting, Chorus, Theory C. Adolph Gerber Conducting, Hymnology, Theory, Voice With the desire that sudents' lives be instruments highly sensitive to the touch of the Master's hand, the Music Staff strives to train students the value of the ability not only to produce but also to enjoy good music. The Music Staff emphasizes that in music God must be glorified, and special attention is given to technical skill so that nothing will distract from the glory of Christ, who is our strength and song. Rene Frank Piano, Theory page forty-four Mable Rose B.M., M.A. Piano Richard Gerig Gospel Broadcasting, Harmony, Organ, Theory THE MINISTRY QF GOSPEL TEAMS "Service in training" is a very important phase in the curriculum of Fort Wayne Bible College. Each week between 30 and 40 students close their books, put their pens and typewriters aside, and desert the campus for various weekend practical service as- signments on one of eight organized teams. Most of these teams are musical groups and speak- ers, who travel to churches to hold services and help out in special meetings. Churches of all sizes and many denominations week- ly provide teams with valuable training as well as re- ceive blessings through team ministries. They travel to churches in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan, and during vacations they penetrate Pennsylvania, Mary- land, and west into Iowa, Kansas, and Oklahoma. page forty-five 41,2 , ,spy . S' Q ,mai-of , ez N ef,,,,,g, - iw f HWMXXQ RQ V 'vw-W R N Www , - W: X -' ,wtm4451T"" Q. Q, ,swwfam , , ni, uv. .SJ 1 ,S 'X n L , ie as . f-,-'A.f- -i THE GOSPEL IVIESSENGERS Donelda Coy, Mayme Hodges, Dorothy Read, Roger Read, Clarence Hodges -1 I IT1 cw 7U Ze 0 ITI -4 73 O -1 I ITI I l'I'1 70 D2- I" Q U7 ,O c: De 70 -1 FT1 -4 4 rx. CE. 2. DJ r- FD I2 2: 35 o 5 HD' Om 'gm mo. Q ID 4 0 3 cm rn -1 I' FD VJ. E. I' no DJ FW 9- UU o U' 5: 53 U3 Z: o U3 0-1 -. C DP N4 N 0' fn L- o FD 'U :oi N fD -1 ,Aw li1 '44 mga: forty-six 'ii '2 ii , ,D I Q " 3' he '- 11 5 5, TROM BONE DUET Charles Trusdale Lonnie Randall Eddie Widmarkfpianist INSTRUMENTALISTS Gaylord Williams Harry Spaeth Paul Leightner Frank Ward page jorly-seven ll l THE KINGS CAROLERS Barbara Cate Ruth Baker Marclel Sumney Joan Clauser THE GLAD TIDINGS TRIO Edna Heller Mary Lee Popps Zuma Roberts Velma Beougher V- V. 3,1-A t 'f' .. e x 4 : .1 y 1 X 1 E , r ill 5 l fx ' 1-B L , WM I s , 1 S : Q ,, 5 E S 1 , , vl . Z ,l - 2 4 5 fi A H 5 ,z .V i X- 7' A W 5 5 X .g ,ef Q , page forty-eight ,Q ,NT-L. .7 Q 1 'xl :f ' 1f5,k A If 'wat , ' Q . - X, 1. ., .Y Tl-IE JOY TRIO Carolyn Steiner Florence Birkey, Ruth lnniger, Joyce Leonard SPEAK E RS Grant Shattuck Tom Brown N HAWAIIAN TEAM Gaylord Williams Gilbert Williams Molly Williams Setsuko Hadama Ruth Hunnington June Takamoto Evelyn Hamamofo aa? ' as , so-i 1 we D: THE CRUSADERS Leon Gerig, Tom Zehr, George Rohrs, Milton Wong Joe Grabill, Pianist page forty-nine THE SCHOOL OF MUSIC The F.W.B.C. School of Music not only teaches students to appreciate fine music, but also en- courages those with musical abilities to develop their talents. The value of music in Christian service cannot be overemphasized for those who are going into the world to spread the Gospel. One of the outstanding recitals this year was presented by Mr. Raymond McAfee, Minister of Music at the Christian Missionary Alliance Church in Chicago. l-lis exceptional talent and his testimony in song were a blessing to all -who heard him. The Messiah Chorus l page hjly The A Cappella Choir This year the A Cappella Choir, under the direction of Prof. Oliver Steiner, made a tour through parts of the East, including Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Vir- ginia, and Indiana. They gave their testi- mony through song in as many as twenty churches. Three of the numbers used by the choir were composed by Prof. Rene Frank, distinguished composer and teacher of music. In addition to the tour, the choir gave a thirty-minute concert over the Mutual Broadcasting system, as one' of the Col- lege Choir Series Broadcasts. pager' H fl v-rn BARBARA CATE MARJALEE DU LL R DIO .... From l7 radio stations in the United States and Hawaii, and by short wave around the world from HCJB in Quito, Ecuador, "Sunrise Chapel" continues to provide inspiration and spiritual blessing to countless numbers of people. Broadcast in Ft. Wayne on WKJG, Monday through Friday from 7:30 to 7 145 A. M., the program tea- tures the hymns of the Chapel Singers, together with soloists or small groups, and the sunrise meditations of Dr. Witmer. Besides its spiritual ministry, "Sunrise Chapel" provides excel- lent training for young people interested in radio as a channel for Christian service . . . a powerful means for reaching the largest number of people in the shortest amount of time. SU RI E CH PEL DICK GERIG Director of Sunrise Chapel DR. WITMER CHAPEL TRIO LOREN MILLIKAN LOU GERIG fangf' fiflvftln S f 'W' STUDENT PASTORS THE TRACT TEAM Nl' A f X ,ff gk XE y gk f J, x in V127 flflgl' flllj'-fu These two groups form a vital part of the practical work which the students are en- couraged to do. The student pastors have churches in the city and neighboring towns, while the members of the track team go out on Saturday and Sunday evenings to do personal work among those who do not go to church. X5 R NS Qa s N,...1tE "1 ,LF uf ggi -'z :,I:' SAIC f, II75,lB ACTIVITIES II WI f 0 IIIIIIIII , w1WI,nQYII'I' IPI' 'III W IMI 'IxI'XIIVII'Nk IM QgIM R I II I T W II T The Student Council A problem without a solution leads to frustration. Student government doesn't have all the answers to student problems but it is one of the most practical democratic, and Christian-like ways to seek a solution or explanation for them. The cooperation and interest of all the members have resulted in some outstanding student-conducted chapel services and a growing objective interest in stu- dent government. A progressive student body needs a progressive and sound student government. is 19 8 - asf, .4 w "2 Child Evangelism Teachers A child won to Christ means a lite saved from sin and ruin, and a life of service for the Master. Mindful of this. and of Christ's words, i'Feed My Lambs." student activity reaches into this needy field. Students conduct 24 weekly Bible clubs for school age boys and girls in the city of Fort Wayne. Many of these teachers reach children who have never attended Sunday School and thus have the opportunity of telling the "Good News" to these little ones who are so precious in His sight. CLARICE JONES Student Director page fifty-suuclz we Each afternoon as the 4 255 bell rings the familiar greet- ing, 'Going to prayer meeting?", is heard. The stu- dents set aside thirty minutes every day to pray for missionaries at home and abroad. Prayer requests for these meetings are obtained from the missionaries themselves, periodicals, and the students. Through these sacred gatherings, the Lord helps not only the missionaries, but also calls many students to serve on ' the mission field as these burdens are laid upon their Sunday School Teachers hem' Prayer Leaders page iffy-eight Mission Band FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS Abe Schierling .....,.,,.,,,,,,,. President Gareth Wiederkehr.,Vice-President Adriana Boender ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Secretary John Cherrie ,.,.,A.,, ,,,,,,,. T reasurer Donelda Coy ,..,...A, ,.,..A.,, P ianist Eddie Widmark ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, O rganist Tom Zehr A,,A.A,,,,A.A.,.,A,..,.. Chorister Dean Neuenschwander .,....,. Advisor SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS Gilbert Williams ,,,.,,,...i.,, President Harvey Ache .,,,.,.,,.,, Vice-President Dorothy Read .... .,,,.,.,,.. S ecretary Dean Coursey .,..s ........ T reasurer Joe Grabill ..,...... ...,...., P ianist Marjalee Dull ,,,.,,,,,,, .,,,,,, O rganist Leon Gerig .....,......,....,....,, Chorister Dean, Neuenschwander ........ Advisor FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS A Page fifty-nine The Youth Conference The 1951 Youth Conference sparked by in- spirational music, challenging testimonies, and stirring messages was the largest ever held at Fort Wayne Bible College. Messages by the Rev. Leonard Ravenhill of Manchester, England and Thomis l-laire of Lisburn, Ireland resulted in a great harvest of lives for Christ. An annual affair, the Youth Conference gave evidence of careful planning and excellent co- operation from the student body. The ONLY answer!! 1 . A . , N- v a ur of em nyW3Y! To0k io , 4 ' 0 :Q Ever sad?? -4: 3 ,f I S 49 'A' 3 D MA ,, B+ ff' 2 Consecrated Channel ""' JQ . 5 Nohce the Bf0""'e ' FalI?? Must spring fake H a fh e M-"'11e? For HIS glory alone i -'E 0 page sixty-one l.....- FRANK WARD Editor A CAMPUS ECHO STAFF Editor-in-Chief Frank Ward Managing Editor Mary Lee Popp Business Manager Tom Brown News Editor Doris Siler Feature Editor Florence Birkey Art Editor Orville Orr Reporters Eugene Gauger James Fisher Eleanor Pascoe Carol Ream Kathleen Collin Dot Woodall S S Conchita Los Banos Margaret Makino Typists Zuma Roberts Doris Stiles Beulah Minnig Faculty Advisor Mr. Harvey Mitche jmgr' .Q ix I 31- I ri '0 l Campus Echo . Sure is fun. The Campus Echo has four main objectives as the school news- paper. They are: to further Christian fellowshipg to promote a wholesome school spiritg to provide a medium through which the students may express opin- ions and gain journalistic experi- enceg and, finally, to publish news which is of general inter- est to the students. In accom- plishing these objectives, the Campus Echo unites with vari- ous extra-curricular activities in developing and promoting a more harmonious school life. Working hard? THE STAFF . . Light Tower Assembling the Light Tower ln presenting your Light Tower of 1952, we should like to portray pic- torially how the Fort Wayne Bible College is helping each student to grow "in wisdom, and in stature, and in favor with God and man." Each activity is directed toward gloritying Christ our Saviour and toward the fulfilling of Christ's command to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every crea- ture. Also it is our sincere wish that in years to come your 1952 Light Tower will bring back many happy memories both to our students and to each of our alumnus. Relaxing for a short moment. - THE STAFF . MILT WONG Editor ll lllll sl THE LIGHT TOWER STAFF Editor-in-Chief Milton Wong Assistant Editor Dave Zimmerman Art Editor Jerry Carey Assistant Art Editor Mayme Hodges Business Manager Paul Crockett Photographer Bill Bowles Copy Editor Ruth Inniger Circulation Manager Rose Marie Hudson Assistant Cir, Mgr, Pauline Hopkins Assistant Cir, Mgr. Tom Zehr Secretary Shirley Force Secretary Adah Ruth Gerig Advertising Manager Roger Read fmgf' .vixly-111 Vw: THE CHRISTIAN LIFE SERIES Sunday School Literature Oifers True to the Bible expositions for every age group in the Sunday School The adults enjoy our most advanced quarterly, the BIBLE EXPOSITOR 66 ILLUIVIINATOR. The heart of the tiny tot may be reached by giving the Gospel to them through the TINY TOT FLANNELGRAPI-I FIGURES. V Send for sample copies Address ' UN1oN GosPEL PRESS BOX 6059 CLEVELAND 1, OHIO Congratulations! Class of 'SZI May God ever lead and abundantly bless you as you now leave these hallowed class rooms and join Fort Wayneis illustrious alumni in life and service at home and abroad. 3312 THE FOREIGN DEPARTMENT The Christian and Missionary Alliance 260 W. 44th Street New York 18, N. Y. Investment In Life Giving to Fort Wayne Bible College to educate youth for Christian service is the best possible investment. The values of a Christian education do not decline with stock market nor deteriorate with time. They multiply in number as one Spirit-filled evangel is used to bring others into the lcingdom. The investment is in lives that yield dividends that are eternal. Fort Wayne Bible College deserves the support of Christian people. Its Bible-centered curriculum and Christ-centerd program meet the most important need of youth by providing FAITH. Hav- ing accepted the responsibility of educating young people for places of service, it feels obligated to provide the most competent teachers and adequate facilities. The College merits the confidence of wise stewardship. It is carefully managed and furnishes its patrons with comprehensive re- ports of its educational and financial operations. It has an A-I record of financial stability and integrity. The College invites support through contributions, annuity gifts, and bequests for the following needs: 1. To supplement income for current operations. By giving 510.00 or more per year for this need, donors be- come members of the Patrons' Council. 2. To provide funds for major improvements and expansion. 3. To provide scholarships for deserving students. Correspondence concerning support of the College may be addressed to the President. Inquiries concerning courses may be addressed to the Registrar. Fort Wayne Bible College 800 West Rudisill Boulevard FORT WAYNE 6 INDIANA 352 Akgeig FORT WAYNE BIBLE COLLEGE Xl Lf Congratulations An ACC'edi'eC' to the Class of 752 is now available in New York City Christian College Education Shelton College grants the B.A. in English, Philosophy, Social Studies, Greek, God bless you as you go forth to serve Semitics' Hebmw and Koini Christ. B.R.E. in Christian Education and Bible Th.B. in Theology Shelton provides high college standards on a sound Bible- believing basis free from denominational bias and all entangling alliances with modemism. Strong theological ff The and pre-theological departments. MISSIONARY CHURCH 90" IN Write for catalog Rev. Ben A. Jennings, Pastor SHELTON COLLEGE 1515 North Human Avenue Dr. Oliver Buswell, -Ir., President Chicago 51, Illinois 340 West 55th sms New York 19, N. Y. MARION CGLLEGE MARION, INDIANA Offers The A.B. with a variety of majors. The B.S. in Education for high school and elementary teach- CFS. "The Five Year Th.B." which includes the AB. with a re- ligion major. Many opportunities for student aid. A catalogue on request. Wm. F. Mcconn, President Z ff' 'rl w l H il ll il k H CONGRATULATIONS Q To You, our Graduates i ll l l N au and the Class of '52 if pp mu is -r..5H5,..- U' ul You must work the worlcs of Him l that sent you, while it is clay. 3: L w lil I The Missionary Youth Fellowship i l l And Congregation ,, 5 , of lu I H l H Mt. Clive MISSIOU-afy Church H+ i Peoria, Illinois A Rev. Kloffenstein, Pastor ll - -1 - 1-i,4--- --Q-iz A ' Q 1 1 Welcome GOSHEN COLLEGE Fort Wayne Bible Institute Graduates College of Liberal Arts Biblical Seminary Accredited by Undergraduate and North Central Association Graduate Degrees Regents of the University Collegiate School of Nursing of the State of New York Accredited by American Medical Association Indiana State Board of Accredited for Training Nurses' Registration and Secondary and Elementary Teachers Nursing Education EVANGELICAL SOUNDLY BIBLICAL ' FRIENDLY Wnte for Catalog and Other Information Ernest E. Miller, Ph.D., President Goshen College, Goshen, Indiana You Are Always Welcome At The GRABILL MISSIONARY CHURCH GRABILL, INDIANA Rev. A. C. Steiner, Paslo T Congratulations to the Class of '52 Our Students: HARVEY ACHE CHARLES KAUFFMAN Allentown Missionary Church Allentown. Pa. Edwin S. Stetser, Pastor CONGRATULATIONS .SENIORS OF '52 God bless you as you go forth to serve Him Harvester Missionary Church CARL PARLEE, Minister Fort Wayne, Indiana Church and Sunday School supplies H 1 and equipment. Religious items. - ' ri ' l ' 5 Ch stian workers supplies. Tl! 7'll ll'00lfN7'0Il?E To do the best worlc, the Christian worker needs the best in equipment and i in supplies. , To each graduate we wish the hest in Phone: Harrison 1357 Christian service. Bible Truth Publishers igiiffwfylllfnfnliliiue FIRST MISSIGNARY CHURCH extends a sincere and hearty invitation to students of the FCRT WAYNE BIBLE CGLLEGE Worship with us whenever possible CSi'-l"n'c!a'g 8:30 a. m. Radio Missionary Hour !lfWeC!f'leSdCl5! 9:30 a. m. Sunday School 10:30 a. m. Worship Service 7230 P- m- PfaYef 6:30 p. m. Young People's Fellowship Meeting 7:30 p. m. Evangelistic Service 'egg-,:9yy,,,v,,:-..,.,.Nw L .:f.......g?I' . , as ,, . . , I A 'A , V ,.hA. H: ,::,.Vf ZAI . .,,,.,.., , ,, . , ..,. M ..., , ,,V. ,,.. ,QV . , .:.,V,,,,V,,:,.,: 4 V 5 5 .3 -a :-:'.1uwx-:ca-:,.,q.."' ' ' 5362+,,',.'.,'J5J"'1'fE'f?f"'4""' , ' ' -f " 'f3'W":+4":c"re6vI N-T, .' :,.,,.4,:,,,. ,, f ,, . V - Wy,-yw:,:gg,,gg5H , ,. 'nge - u W, 'r rf: 2 ig: 5.:5:5.,:.., ' 1. . .V X 51:- ,H ', 'f' "":1i1r?g1mf 1 , ' 225 ,33 ' :.zz2rZr': 2 3'1" 5' wg- '2fV:"'1L - gg.,-L VE:-V 5-:gg 16:12.-..,p"j.1 . -' , ' 1 A .. ,. Mr,m,,,,,,, ,Q ,. iqgp., .. V. .s a. , ,... ...ww -ww.1::rezf,-:V ser' fw.:i.A:t: '1r:--..:.a:,.-wr:. 1.-1'-::1-1.4-1 :- 'ga'-N2w::::1.,:'-,:r 5 1- 'aff-zezmqfag-:. -P1 21-s5:gQfQs.,: ,A.,.g.5.:-'1.,g:4g.5gc -- we 1:25555-e.: Q .:- '- . , . - H -.ur-:::::.,.4.-:-:m1,-:- --A , Q ,W nf..,,,.-,.Q.,1..:isg,a-,I ,M Congratulations to The Class of 1952 Your aim IS our aim Your goal is our goal Together we fight the good battle of Faith until He comes. ONARY CHURCH FIRST MISSI 2077 East Bristol Road FLINT 8, MICHIGAN Our Missionaries Rev. and Mrs. Wayne Judd , lGraduates in Classes of '42 and '45J Our Students PAUL KEENE ALTIN HAVINS JAMES ARMSTRONG SERELDA MOORE ARL KERLIN, CLASS OF '46 OUR PASTOR, K - gig, fx9 5gl' ' P 4 WE WELCOME YOU TO OUR 1952 YUUTH CUNFERENCE October 31- November 1-2 o Pray Now o Get Your Reservations in Early o Prepare Now o Good Music o Heart-Stirring Messages Fort Wayne Bible College f Ft. Wayne 6, Indiana iS ' 'lr' F H H N---42.3- ll H Headquarters Building Id SET FOR THE SPREAD OF THE GOSPEL BY . . . 0 EVANGELISM ' 0 ESTABLISHED CHURCHES 0 CHRISTIAN EDUCATION o I-lOlVlE'AND FOREIGN MISSIONS 0 THE PRINTED PAGE 3901 South Wayne Avenue Fort Wayne, Indiana T 1 I V 1 1 i V Vf- A-T Y TIT V 6 Y IT ' 1- in I I . 0 0 , Congratu ations to . Q 1. The Graduating Class of 1952 I upon their achievement of another goal in the preparation for a high and holy Mi calling. ,F 2. The Light Tower Staff F for work well done. i 3. Dr. S. A. Witmer and the Faculty 'H for high-calibre, spiritual instruction as their contribution in fitting laborers for ' the fields ripe into harvest. NH I 4. Fort Wayne Bible College i for presenting this graduating class and more than two-score other classes of A well-trained, Spirit-filled soul winners to labor in the Lorclis harvest. H THE FIRST MISSIONARY CHURCH rl fA Church with a Globe-Circling Vision! ,H H Pritchard Amstutz, Minister Tl BERNE, INDIANA H Q f f T If -1 T-IYYL J- Jil E -Y, ,,,. 'Y 5.1-1- f , ' :Y L r . ' F 4 E 5- F I' ,, ' rf S 4 L.- , ' .,iA A. .14 ...g'4. 0 ,. V' o B J - " 0 lm v- , I , u v. 1 ff r, YV ur, , AU 5 ' -4

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