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Sli? g 2292! fiflrf. gl I K Konciuering jArou9A CAIHLSII xgl 66 77 -:A Q TH 'MQ ILIICI HT .Xa j0I't wayllf pllfl' .SJKBIIE TQWER Page Three Published by The SENIOR CLASS of the FORT WAYNE BIBLE INSTITUTE Fort Wayne 6, Indiana Volume Eighteen Gordon Neuenschwander, Editor Billy Evans, Business Manager O O O o the Christian ideals and doctrines upon which our Bible Institute is founded-to these ideals which have afforded training and inspiration throughout the past months to those Who are "Conquering through Christ", the Staff, apprecioltively, dedicates this-The Light Tower of 1949. ' W. ,. . 1 if 555155, 1,- ,' if ignlflf F" ", - Q! .1 LJ' gi l -. Vu ' : 51, yjFfr- Jlfllli 'lffjgscrf 3: . Page Four WEEK EEE! I :uv .un 1 1 uv nu 1 rw! nn IHA!! qilvrlorffl .ll W i , NI' V' I Y' J 1:56, 1 1 .'1'T 6 ' . . e,. is sv -V 5 ' 'Q .fdnlminidfra fian guifzbng Page Seven ,..4ni""" ff ig ,Au 111, LA V s "ig i G.-14 p lgrauicanfe .llaff pedicbnce .Nuff fuulvr con.4 frucfion! 4 'V-M . -5 1331? ' T ipphxf H, ,,, f . 44449 .N ues , T,-FXX ,,3. rf 1 ' avr Wg. Q,-J 1? f -ff-. -X . , as - ,'f'1'-3'v':"5" Page Nine v.. W x . ' ff. 5 3 """T'+ 1?'57w', . " 4 ,!' ' 04:3 4,,...x .A If 1 ' M u - 2 4 'I 1817 6lCll,Eg 6!6l.'552.'5 Page Ten Page Eleven Safara A. Witmer, AB., MA. PRESIDENT Bible he first phase of your lives is now complete- that of being served. From the day of birth until gra- duation you have been served by others. We who have served you during your Bible Institute days have only helped to consummate the growth and de- velopment begun in childhood by mothers and fathers. With graduation you cross the threshold to lile's goal of service. From now on your lives are to be poured out Ior others. And in the words of Him who came to serve us all, "Whosoever will be great among you, shall be your minister." - Pres. S. A. Witmer. Page Twelve lared F. Gerig, Th,B., AB., MA. DEAN Bible, Practical Theology Senior Class Advisor e are more than conquerors through Him that loved us. There is a "more than conqueror" life. It is a present tense life for "we are" more than conquer- ors. It is life springing from a person. It is through Him, the Lord Iesus Christ. There is a passion behind it for it is through Him that loved us. That love nailed Him to a cross Where He Wrought out man's redemp- tion and made possible the life of victory. There is no other Way. Let us go on "Conquering through Christ." -Dean I. F. Gerig. Page Thirteen Harvey L. Mitchell, A.B. Bible, Philosophy, Sciences School of Extension Study Mrs. lone Fitch Bertha Leitner, A.B., M.A. Mrs. E. Irene Smith, A.B. Edith Ehlke, A.B. Dean of Women Christian Education, Languages. History Secretarial Science Missions English Page Fourteen ,"'fx ' ' 1' ,sr ,Q H ,flzggfgg Q5 -'f"'f'flb 5 591 Viv 3 jill:- 1 s il "ff " 'K J 7 - - A 1 W i V5 LV E224 i ' f f ii i I, f ' A . Raymond Weaver i l , Piano, Organ A J , if I ' ' 151' 'tu 1 'f Ja -4-X-' 'fb ' Q a - arf" -' ., lx I Y JK ,' if-5, i I V' '31 , , Af' , ,ff ,, 4' v- -1, 7 1 1 ,7"3.'il+1. ,-' 1 l , - ' ,..f.P!fw.fc:2f.i' affflf si' Violet Munter, A.B. Benjamin F. Leightner Elmer T. Neuenschwander, O. Carl Brown, Languages Bible, Biblical Theology, A.B., B.D. A.B., S.T.B., M.A. - Registrar Bible, Apologetics, Bible, Evangelism, Evangelism, Christian Service Director Practical Theology Page Fifteen ZA Ffa? -vs 5, . we C. Adolph Gerber Ira Gerig. B. M. Mrs. Dorothy Sollenberger. Mrs. Marguerite S. E Musical Theory, Voice, Piano, Voice B. S. A. B. Conducting Piano, Harmony Piano , Ann Neuenschwander Secretary to the President Francis de Caussin Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Page Sixteen liver E. Steiner, Lillian Zeller Mrs. Roma Clark Mrs. Rose Lantiss , B.Sc.Ed., M.Mus. Librarian, Public Speaking Hostess Hostess :e, Brass, Theory, Chorus Page Seventeen 11-1 f,. n , H A ,A 'I I ,113 JJ ' ' f ' -' ' m. ,WN il A 4 ri 'L-453513 7,513 55 -rf' 1 1 - V - ' A ua- f ', J Q4 ls "ff ll. i U. V. Wy, . ,, , -,gg me f ' iff! ' ,. I, 1'32"f:J:vr . 'Ti-'-ff 1 ff. 1:3-ygpf Q11 ,, 14 fs Jffafnqy, Q1 A V-ATX, 1 1' 1 ar V f,e2iEa2'Q3 A.E"'LS aii'fJii,i"D rf,-. :' I V -x?:1fg5,::'i wi' M91 he ge ' ' 1k ii, ' . " ' .' I -7.1-1 v A M E , Board of Trustees Mrs. Donna Allen Jessie Clapsaddle Peter L. Eicher Bernice Dean Cook Secretary to Dean Business Manager Secretary to Business Manager li Page Eighteen Mildred Vermillion Dining Room Hostess Berdaline Gerig Amy Leightner John Oyer Ada Smith Secretary to Registrar Secretary in Founders Cook Laundress Page Nineieen IOR Mrs. Ann Applegate Vurla Birkey Irene Brown Standard Missionary Standard Bible-Music Standard Missionary Conquering jhrougl Ciriaf Ruth Daniel Laverne Steiner Earle Dickinson Mrs. Lois Dickinson Bachelor of Sacred Music Bachelor of Bible Standard Theological Standard Missionary 8z President Bible-Music Page Twcniy CLASS Ralph Castersen Wayne Caulkins Standard Bible-Music Standard Theological Vice President Esther Diller Standard Christian V Education Page Twenty-One 5 '1 ' , , , 1' r . ' f an 4 w. .Jil f fft' il June Swaback, Student Instructor . V..-34's . J Q 145, . ,,, B .,f "'t'-1-dl 'v,.f XA fe' SE IOR Jessie Eling Rita Erickson Standard Missionary Standard Bible-Muslc Dean Freed Standard Missionary e Twenty-Two CLASS Alice Ervin Bill Evans Martha Fiedler Standard Christian Advanced Theological Academic Christian Worker Education 6011 uerinr jg:-ou9A CA:-iff 7 J Ruth Gabrielson Fenton Hall Della Heath Ann Hilbert Standard Theological Standard Theological Standard Missionary Academic Church Treasurer Secretarial Page Twenty-Th ree IOR Elizabeth Hirschy Phyllis Jackson Mary Jardine Standard Christian Standard Christian Standard Church Education Education Secretarial gonquering jArougA CAri.4f Neil Wolfe Walter Johnson Maryann Keener Louis Kloizbach Standard Theological Academic Christian Standard Christian Standard Theological Worker Education Plum- Trac-my Four CLASS Dolores Johnson Marjorie Johnson Standard Bible-Music Standard Christian Education Clara Wyckoff Academic Christian ' Worker vii x V n .5 Q., Page Twentya Five E IUR William Mclver Eleanor Wann Standard Theological Standard Christian Education Gordon Neuenschwander Advanced Theological Pa'-Je Twenty-Six CLASS Arlene Tucker Donna Merrill David Nesbitt achelor of Sacred Music Standard Christian Standard Theological Education Conquering jirougk Clriif Priscilla Nickelson Lloyd Null Imogene Palmer Erva Perry Standard Christian Standard Theological Standard Christian Advanced Theological Education Education Page Twenfy-Seven SE IUR Esther Perry Russell Persons Alberta Peters Standard Missionary Standard Theological Standard Theological Chaplain ' Conquering jbough CLri4f Carol Sipp Evelyn Slusser Helen Smiih James Stilson Standard Missionary Standard Missionary Standard Missionary Standard Theological Pyle TNQ-n1yfE1qM CLASS Frieda Rediger Hurtha Roach June Swaback Standard Christian Standard Church Bachelor of Sacred Music Education Secretarial Secretary Clifford Sprunger Standard Theological Page Twenty-Nine JUNIUR CLASS OPPOSITE PAGE FIRST ROW: Paul Amstutz. Jean Andrews, Mrs. Ar- lene Arnold, Venus Arnold, Gordon Aupperle. SECOND ROW: Norman Bachand, Mrs. Dorothy Bea- son Yoder, Virgil Bixler, Betty Blosser, Albert Buchanan. THIRD ROW: LeRoy Caddy, Clark Card, Marjorie Cook, David Craig, Barbara Dalley. FOURTH ROW: Eloise Dawson, Julia Erdel, Thomas Florence, Jane Ford, Darrell Gerig. FIFTH ROW: Gerald Gerig, Alice Glasgow, Bill Harle. William Harrigan, Mrs. Ruth Harrigan. CENTER COLUMN Mary Ardis Harris, Bruce Harris, Norene Hart, Evelyn Hassee, Henry Hewitt, Pearl Hoffman. RIGHT COLUMN JoAnn Houser, Joe Jenkins, James Johnson, Helen Kapsalis, Charles Kauffman, Rachel Kemmerer, Clar- ence Kirchner, Carolyn Klopfenstein, Genevieve Kooy, Dorcas Lehman, Eunice Lehman, Eleanor Lyon. Page Thirfy-One LEFT COLUMN Peggy McClure, Marolyn Martz, Verna Miller, Fred Millikan, Edythe Molter, Don Nabinger, Bertie News- baum, Dean Parker, Eugene Ponchot, Chester Reed, Leona Reibling, Dorothy Ringenberg. CENTER COLUMN Lola Ruckman, Bertie Lou Schultz, Gordon Schwab, Violet Shupp, Myrtle Smith, Welburn Smith. OPPOSITE PAGE FIRST ROW: Malene Sola, Wendall Sousley, Ruth Stahl, Frances Staley, John Trusdle. SECOND ROW: Daniel Vaccarelli, Harry Warner, Everette Webb, Marilyn Wiederkehr, Miriam Wieder- kehr. THIRD ROW: J. Harlan Wright, Donald Yaeger, Don Young. Ruth Zook, Armour Keller. FOURTH ROW: Floran Mast, Jean Dick, Earl MC- Knight, Mrs. Colleen Smith. FIFTH ROW: Esther McCartney,. Charles Wirt, Mrs. Virginia Johnson, Roy Johnson. NOT PICTURED: Max Applegate, Loretta Crall, Clif- ford Habegger, Gordon Hirschy, Dale Jett, Iola Perkins, Wayne Shaneyfelt, Joyce Shively, Ivis Wilson. Page Thirty-Two JUNIUR CLASS Page Thirty-Th ree Harvey Ache Jr.. Waldo Baber, Gordon Balmer, Diane Banks. Ernest Belella, Mary Bennett, Edith Berryman, Marvin Bowen. Richard Brownfield. Wava Bueschlen, Faye Castersen, Nelson Chamberlin. Earl Colyer, Donna Cottrell, Velma Coy, Martha Cramer. ,5e,. '-. - h .few ' miie y Inman if E K' ,mlli 1 x +-?f PS? - , uf.. K ggui- 2... Q.. , J '5j,.- - . i .U7Tl' uv , : F a. gi, ul rv' , - . -'N 'j ' 4' "- '-'V' -V ' . - M' . .4 ., 5. 1 . N 1 . -- 1 gill il ' i ' XI m:,,"i .Y ey t gill, l I, 64.4. SQ P ff - - V: ry' 1'- 3 ' 25 fi: .it e -i g ' ff , it fJ1!1:"1i .faq se. ,. if . 1 A -p 'r af. ', . L es-F . lp' 'Lf'-. F ,J 42 B M, N: I 4197 '1T1'7l'l" i Hi 1 -fl , 1 'in f' 2'-:Nl Q fa-,516-l, 'Ll ff -f " CLA Pyge Thirty Four of 1951 William Dodwav. Mildred Ekstein, Emily Figuly, Shirley Force, Harland Friend, Dale Gerig. Zenas Gerig, Mrs. Eva Head, Dale Howard, Mary Howard, Ruth Joder, Norma Johnson. Shirley Kamberg, Marceille Keplinger, Fred Kirkpatrick, Elmer Knowles, Earl Kreamer, Margaret Laymon. Harold Lehman, Carl Mc- Hugh. Lorna McLachlin. Jacob Markey, Beverly Mays, Joanna Minthorn. Page Thirty-Five kj, Q , , P iaf'i"fl1E " fa. M M giwg 34 '7 l ,,- I ve: 4 f- ' ' : . " F Lv " , ' , AN ia " 5 . xiigini- Al. I qi ' 'Mi ' ,g fella, . 1 fly 1,-N 3-A i "WH--fl 11. ' li, iff- i fnfgiif' if ' i'f'5'f' Fa l bw, , . ' ..,l W Q LAI' " .' , 5:- QEULT, -A I ! 1" H " -U-L ' V fi ,, .if 1' ,ig rf.. 1 'N - 'f ' 5 f.r'.'1' ay., ' Agia,-iz., f' 3115. . J . PI, Page Thivw Siu CLA Ardice Mitchell, Arlene Mitchell, Clarence Nantz, Arthur Niblack. Ralph Ogden, William Pannell. Leonard Paquay, Carla Parker. Martha Perdue, Lynn Polter, Oris Reade, Edison Reynolds. Helen Rowe, LeRoy Rusher, Harry Sarver, Merrill Shaw. Nancy Shell, Janet Sipe, Roselynn Smith, Mlrs. Dolores Sousley, Lillian Sparkenbaugh, Chris- tine Steiner. Harold Sutherland, Charles Trusdle, David van Gorkom, Paul van Gorkom, Dorothy Voll- mar, Marguerite Weida, Joan Williams, Char- les Williams, Mrs. Virginia Williams, Milton Wong, Joyce Woodward, Owen Wright, War- ren Wright, Evanna Yoder, John Yoder, Grace Eberly, Helen Young, Edwin Eby, Richard Marbeiter, Wilbur Payne. NOT PICTURED: Janet Miller, Sherman Nyf- feler, Robert Skinner, Lowell Steiner, Edna Webber, Wayne Webber. 0f1951 Page Thirty-Seven 'SS- '99 Class of 1952 and r Page Thirfy- Hgh? Special Students Harold Basehore, Robert Burley, Margarete Eiler, Clifton Folsom, Wesley Gerig. Kenneth Hawkins, Carl Hiatt, Kenneth Meyer, Robert Smith, Marceil Sumney. -- goyi Tobin, Gareth Wiederkehr, Beverly Anderson, Mrs. Lillie Bodine, Dwight ri ges. Obie Bridges, Mrs. Betty Campbell, Charles Crockett, Paul Crockett, Lyndon Gilpin. Ruth Henry, Rose Marie Hudson, Edna Mertz, Duwain Meyers, Mrs. Violet Millikan. gfiyllis Neuenschwander, Daniel Tucker, Roma Wfelty, Jackie Chamberlain, Bertha assen. Gertrude Slusser CSenior-Standard Missionaryl, Betty Lou Parson, Betty Walti, Dean Latch. Eleanore Crocker, Mary Frances Fennig, Sally Hoofnagle, Clarice Jones. Violet Klopfenstein, Florence Parlee, George Rohrs, Lucille Russell. Arnold Shaver, Mrs. Margery Sheldon, Kenneth Sheldon, Doris Zurfluh. 1 ' A 'r li FPT ' T - lfeggg.-iv mr va Ubi. I fiff' 11 M H ' 5-5 4-, - ,-11' ' In, - -L "W, ..-J: . s - 'i1'.-'- ' fl Q' ' C f1i'- ' " ' 7- V N '. ,,e q , . 1 tg 'ggi SEWMTI mf- if .sf F' -' -A . 5' ,, , ,,.,,.J'J - -pf we 1 1 'f rr-"' " .u , . 1 ' " , w-'mafia ' tl if 5, :as-15, 5 4, :E lr Z2 up b':3.s1i" ' 'N ' we 'f "JI me 'min ga:,:,.f,, i .3 f:2,,45 :,.,g::-4:5 I in ,ggggil ,wi :fix -sl.,fi:,h,5,. it L"' 1.-it, lf- .5111 lg! A9433 f14"1,e fi 'Q Q : -- "'-- Page Thirty-Nine ' 2 yin' ,W ' 4 ,IV 'i ful' Q WJ? 1 It 1 ! C riafian ervice Page Forty Al Page ForfyfOne X X X fx l I 1, a ,lad , sg,-'G 9' gl 1' l L I K I s .,., 'fp Sq- -F l -L --4-l'rJ' ,, 1- P ffl Word of Life Trio Ruth Gabrielson Phyllis lackson Rachel Kemrnerer Iubilcxte Qucxrtette Marolyn Mart: Mary Howard Ioyce Woaclward Shirley Force Glad Tidings Trio Pearl l-lollrnan Priscilla Niclcelsor Irene Brown 'nv v A N V 1 'S' Q 'W D, 'Tv r ' s M- 35-5 ' Q tr Q " 7 E . 48, I 3 . i .aw , ,.,. . x 1, I , f 1 as if-. 'nl ' Q, . 5v: ,.::5,4J xl 235523-.52 CN ' 1, '- fi V. Azgg guf . , f J . - 4 F1 k a I -M K gsfggfii vas.. f x, ' 5 ffe . 5 ,z - X Wf5'2f5'. ' :bw 'WX Wflvw Wm' W-:QQ?..15f'Z12f: M ' ,I X I, 1 'jg-.-ig. .1 35. 'ff ' '- ,.4 .,- 4 "K J . 3 fr" X - ' , " 'iff I f ' - Y- -1-:aw-rf-p1Cm,v.g '96 - g Ng - ,I ' 5 w f sssf, - : 1: Q! .:: G- 1' 3 ' W 2 '13 S52 'df' 3 , twist'-si k f ug ,J .,,5,,-W-.amfr.:s Y ge at I, J v ., g'?fffzf ' 3? -. gl Page Forfy Thr:-P Foriy Pioneer Girls S. Kamberg, M. Fiedler, E. Dill- er, R. Smith, L. McLachlin, J. Eling. Child Evangelism Row 1: J. Andrews, D. Ringen- berg, D. Johnson, C. Steiner. H. Kapsalis, M. Wiederkehr, R Harrigan, J. Ford, V. Birkey, Row 2: E. Hirschy, E. Berryman, R. Welty, V. Coy, H. Young, W. Beuschlen. I. Brown. E. Lehman, V. Williams, S. Hoofnagle. Row 3: M. Sola, G. Kooy, E. Lyon, I. Perkins. M. Weida, M Jardine. H. Rowe, P. McClure R. Hudson.. P. Nickelson, E. Wann Row 4: L. Reibling, L. Crall, E Perry, K. Meyer, T. Florence, E Webb, E. Kreamer, A. Buchanan W. Harrigan, R. Erickson. L Ruckman, E. Figuly. Sunday School Teachers Row 1: D. Sousley, L. Crall, E Yoder, V. Shupp, D. Ringenberg V. Williams, E. Wann. Row 2: D. Hall W. Sousley, E Kreamer, I. Perkins, E. Slusser H. Roach, C. Kirchner, C. Wil- liams. Row 3: R. Johnson, R. Brown- field, E. Webb. E. Dickinson, H Sarver, D. Vaccarelli. EQ, V , ,1,. , m iz, , X. , 5 tw, D, . :iff 4.2 .- 1 I ' ' Y 'ffff-'M W .1 X77 f - w A ' X -'-k 2 2351235335 ' ' X 'W , ' gy. V , xx' N. lf , N 4 252' 'X 'w 1 2533 ' 12? . x f f 'wig M f' Maj ' ' V A5 'M . '-sw L yrfi wgiiiiifxa h -- '2 'Qi:3S5'f5Qf?,g,'2"'5oii 'Kim '3fI3.'5'ff'.Nf' 115:-1: 'ilk' .5721-,'.',,Q.S k 'wmv U '- as W' ' ' xx! '4-, fy ' an Q - ,v i " X ' , ,jx V . lg' f g L X A .,.. . Q, 1 ' b ' X fi ,W 9, ' . 5 Q Q QQ ,X uw k y 1. nw . uwfse U.-mX2bl.,w,,,, gy f x 1 W e Sz: 0. S v - my K :Q ' Q1 4' :given , I ,., f -X .Q THE MESSIAH 99.1196 Director: Prof. Oliver Steiner: Pianist: Prof. IraGerig: Organist: Prof, Raymond Weaver: Soloistsr Loewina Lohmann, Soprano: Thelma Schmidt, Alto: Donald Ford. Tenor: Harlan Wright. Bass. YO R SUNRISE CHAPEL .., Left, Eugene Ponchot in the control room. Center, Your Sunrise Chapel Speakers, Pres. S. A. Witmer Dean J. F. Gerig. Mrs. Ione Fitch, Mr. E. T. Neuenschwander. Right, Men's Radio Ensemble. Page Forty-Six GIRLS ' GLEE C ME S GLEE CL UB Professor Oliver E. Steiner, Director. Page Forfy-Seven y-46 A 1.-vfps gayw- 1 ? X bfi? ...Q j lgryqg i ggi?-t, J, A . rw . 'Q x - V ' iff -55... ,T 1,,:': I, 'A -lf r ,,,. Page Forty-Eight I , ,.. ,,.- uf W" 4-,N Mir. ws- ' V .-ff", 'S WW Y ,WU "W fu., f W Q Page Forfy-Nine wx N5 alas... -. ' -aft! .fl L Christ for Fort Wayne"-a partial View of the audience at one of the services At tive o'clock each after- noon students leave their studies tor a half hour prayer service. The 'Five o'clock Prayer Meeting" is a source of real blessing. Many needs have been met, and many students have been called of the Lord to definite fields of service in this daily prayer service. Pictured here are the first and second semester Five acloclt Prayer Meeting lead- ers. Pace F"9w,- Every Friday evening at 7:30 the students gath- er in the chapel for the Weekly Students' Mission Band service. This is the climax of a week's activ- ities. The services are primarily missionary and have proved to be instru- mental in Winning many battles tor the Lord. For several years the Students' Mission Band has supported a mission- ary, Miss Leona Lehner, Who is working with the natives ol Ecuador. This year another missionary, Mr, loseph Shisler, is also being supported. Mr. Shisler is in Africa. .We are thankful unto God for the opportunity ot sup- porting these mission- aries while they bring the Gospel to those hun- gry souls in these parts of the world. MISSIO BA Wendall Sousley, President F11St Semester David Nesbitt President Second Semester. Page Fifty-One 3? l-E404 .pa- - lull lllxlxifggn 121,55 1 2 iliiliiglililllii fiiiii U r,.3 gn, S 'R A i' iw- K if """"lf..f 0 5 M 'ff-MPX, A" , j Wg t-gk '92 wil 5-+ + , 5. i. R. -.L ,I .If -wx 1- ' Z Participants in the Senior Recitals. Standing: Lois Dickinson, Dolores Johnson Seated: Vurla Birkey, Rita Erickson. Ralph Castersen, practicing for his Senior Recital. Recital bv Prof. Ira Gerig, instructor of piano and voice. Pigs- F Hf T ww The Annual Fellowship Circle Banquet The manger scene at the Christmas Banquet Pres. S. A. Witmer, Christmas Banquet speaker Page Fiffy-Three - ,-T jgfgrgrx wr ,Q Athletics at B. I.: basketball and softball. SPORTS Left, Girls' Volleyballg Center. B. Pannell and R. Kemmerer, Phys. Ed. Instructors: Right, Shuffle board. Plqv: Fifty Fou' Editor Gordon Neuenschwander Assistant Editor Eleanor Wann Business Manager Billy Evans Secretaries Hurtha Roach Ann Hilbert Art Editors Vurla Birkey Eleanor Lyon Sales Managers Laverne Steiner Carol Sipp Neil Wolfe Photography Richard Brownfield June Swaback Faculty Advisor Elmer T. Neuenschwander THE LIGHT T0 ER STAFF Student Council: J. Harlan Wright, President Camera Club: Richard Brmvnficlrl, President. Pnqe FHM-Sir The Inner View Staff: Alberta Peters, Editor. The Bible Vision Staff: Pres. S. A. Witmer, Editor. Page Fifty-Seven if- emeln erin? Row 1: I. Duncan, P. Muselman, F. Ringenberg, S. Sr-hray. P. Erdel, C. Egly. E. Witmer. D. den Hartog, M. MCE1h0ne. 1948 Qiwlmfea Row 2: Pres. Witmer, S. Matthews, L. Snyder, J. Lawson.. R. Daniel. N. Bossard, A. Tucker. L. Litzenberg, E. Harmon, V. Thomas, G. Cate, Dean Gerig. Row 3: J. Bell. D. Gerig, H. Dunlap, R. Zimmerman, P. Schmidt. J. Swaback. E. Coddington. J. Haifley, G. Gerig, B. Parker. Row 42 F. Denninger, K. Culver, E. Krueger, D. Welch, V fVIl11er.R. Zollner. I. Dobie. T. Gottschalk, P. Grabill, D. Shoemaker. Row 5: L. Steiner, T. Ford, P. Rager, H. McE1hone, J. Camm, D. Rohrs, C. Beds- worth, W. Parker, R. Quay, D. Stalter. Page F-iHyfEigh7 ..N-...,.... L if j,.l if jk? 66llfl'L8l"4 First breakfast bell? I must be smooth! Class notes or otherwise? "G o o d afternoon? T h e Bible lnstttutef' ls that "sian" language? Get that date? Readinf rit1n', and 7 "Pass the applesaucef' fikx W 435 ,my ..........-..1i7-- gg--ann.-an-.--v Sea Hes on the Way! A gentleman always. Here We go! The music Will be lovely. All alone! lt'S been a Wonderful evening! "-.-.-.,and then what?" The end of the day. -.H . ,A A- f X! r 1 i 5, Y 2 v. ,. Wg? U 'S' 5+-AQ. wi , .RY ,422 gy? Q1 La V '?? .1 ku. '55 -Q, .J - '11 GT Wi'-vm -..I "v1Avu5f-:JIM fmlxlf In Mm .ur wmh' .fffr-,fun A mum nf. " 3' 42.1 Q13 if -14, - " ,sf i X . ,af L x , Q. ,f. . Qv-'M' ' -'xy ix 'i A. Q- .,, 5" 1 A B .91 " ' Z 'ablav MM 5, t rx f fif' f --Hes-3 1 A M .1 - .3 s . 5, gf 5 ,.,- ,..g..-psig' U , 'Y z f N? 1 X 3 Q, 'G " lf. Q ,Q 41 ,U ga 1 S 1 V t ' iv Ha N ,xg 4 .. H52 3553? ,,, - V Hn "3 ..E,,5: , gin 5 W 0,4 V " if ' ' ' L ff if Q.. 1 1 I ? 1 As It Happened SEPTEMBER 14-15 15 16 21-24 23 26 27 29 OCTOBER 8 ll 13 21 25 26 27 29-31 Piqe Six ty Six Registration Daze. Rev. J. H. Woodward challenges us to make up our minds by taking the "Pathway to Blessing" for the "Secret of Success" in the opening service of the year. Ball games! Horseshoes! Stunts! Wieners! It's a picnic at Foster Park! "Even though I can't grow hair on the top of my head, I'm not going to nurture it un- der my nosef' Famous words of Rev. W. O. Klopfenstein, Momense, Illinois, in the op- ening service of a series of chapel messages. Night and day for four days, from Genesis to Revelation. The people of Fort Wayne hear the Bible read from the Courthouse Square prior to the Christ for Fort Wayne meetings. B.I. helps to canvass the city to invite all to Christ for Fort Wayne at the Quimby Audi- torium, Sept. 26-Oct. 17. Rev. Robert Treat, former student, reports on mission work in Alaska. Dr. Jesse Hendley, evangelist for Christ for Fort Wayne, is our chapel speaker. Rev. Jesse Ringenberg, soon to return to India, bids us farewell during chapel. Day of Prayer-Dr. Carl L. Howland, edi- tor of "The Free Methodist", takes us to the "Prayer Meeting of the Transfiguration". We welcome Rev. J. A. van Gorkom into our chapel service again. Miss Mary Waldo presents the work of the Pioneer Girls. Pres. Witmer announces that B. I. is now fully accredited in the Accrediting Associa- tion of Bible-Institutes and Bible Colleges. "Come, now. You aren't always that seri- ous!" Pictures by Paglow for the LIGHT TOWER. "The gob1ins'l1 get you if you don't watch out!" Ghosts and corn galore at the Hal- lowe'en social. We go "Forward with Christ" at the 1948 Youth Conference. We will not soon for- get our speakers-Rev. G. Edward Davis, Louisville. Kv.. and Dr. Thomas Moseley of Nyack, N. Y.: our musicians-Gerald Gerig, song leader: Prof. Ira Gerig, pianist: and June Swaback, organist. As I t Happened NOVEMBER 3 12 15 16 17 22-23 25 29 DECEMBER 9 ll 12 13 14 15 16 17 18-Jan. 3 JANUARY 3 5 7 ll 20 21 26 27 28 31 Horrors! Do I look like that? Paglow thinks so. The proof proves it. Rev. George Poole, former director of Fort Wayne Youth for Christ, brings us a glimpse of missionary work in South America. Baskets full of leaves. Muscles full of aches. All for the B. I. beauty-Jour Campus. Anyone can draw, according to Francis Chase. Believe it or not. Bon Voyage to Hazel Shoup, our former cook, on her way to Africa to feed the hun- gry with the Bread of Life. Rev. Norman G. Grubb pays a return visit and leaves us with a deeper desire to do more for our Lord. Thanks be to God! How matchless are His gifts. Scarlatti, Schumann, Brahms, Chasins, Rachmaninoff, and Debussy keep Prof. Ira Gerig busy and us happy during his recital. No more excuse for poor pictures. The Camera Club comes to B. 1. WKJG presents the B. I. Chorus in excerpts from "The Messiah". Wionde1'ful! Counsellor! The Mighty God! The Everlasting Father! The Prince of Peace! 'tThe Messiah" again echoes through B. 1. Sh-h-h-h-h. sister! Santa is coming to the Fireside tonight. There's a new Chevvy in our garage, CThe school's, we mean? Turkey and Christmas trees and rain are featured at the Christmas Banquet. The1'e's a song in the air at Christmas time. Bethany girls serenade the inmates of the Ad Building. CThe fellows respond? Vacation finally begins! Peace and quiet reign at dear old B. I. The clatter resumes. Vacation has ended. "I may not have much theology in my head, but, Praise the Lord, I've plenty of dox- ology in my heart," quotes Alberta Peters in her chapel message. David Clark takes us on a trip to the Do- minican Republic during Mission Band. The atom bomb explodes during chapel. Dr. Harold Retzinger presents his film- illustrated lecture. Hymnspiration chapel led by Prof. Steiner. Going.. going, gone! One unclaimed pillow case! You can buy almost anything at the laundry auction. The Juniors show the All-Stars how to play basketball. Tonight at 7:30-an airplane view of Eu- rope with Clifford Lewis and his camera. Time to begin on that new leaf. Registra- tion time again. The ABC's of Fire Drilling are presented. Page Sixty-Seven V11 .asc .in 'QA-.- FEBRUARY 1- 1 l-l 15 16 22 25 28 29 MARCH 0 -I T ll 12 16 APRIL l 13 18 MAY ll, 13 27 29 30 31 JUNE 1 1 3 V 1 wlflffilt As It Happened Fire! Fire! Pour on water! Oh, it's just a drill. For you I pine, Valentine. and also balsam. How can so many homely people make a pretty picture? That's Paglow's problem with the group pictures. Sing and smile and play, for that's the only way to have a Student Recital. Happy Birthday. dear George! "I wish that telephone would stop ringing," says Big Fred Ingersoll of the Calvary Mis- sion. Chicago. tDon't tell him it's the bell for classl. A correspondence . . . A proposal . . , Twenty-five years of happiness. Happy Anniversary, Witmers'. Absolutely nothing happened. What's cheap? What's unique? What's swell? The 1949 LIGHT TOWER, of course, Big Sale on. Clifford Lewis returns to take us to Alaska during Mission Band. Extra! Extra! Monday blues disappear when "The Inner View" comes into view. "Take off your bib!" challenges Rev. Eddie Habegger as he brings the Day of Prayer message. "There goes the enlarger. And there's the paper cutter . . . say .. . they must be moving in the darkroom equipment." Dr. John Wesley Bready of Toronto. Cana- da. talks about John Wesley. To-day is tired...Wouldn't you be, too, after a March of 31 days? Easter Vacation begins . . . ... and ends. . .Short! wasn't it? The Senior Music Specialists display their techniques. Finally, the exams. Baccalaureate. The Wiswell speech contestants present "The Book of All Nations". .. It is hard to foretell what will happen On this night. . . Senior Night. Annually there's a Musical Concert, and this is it. Should auld acquaintance be forgot? Not when there's a Fellowship Circle Banquet! Caps and Gowns and Diplomas! Com- mencement Day is here. STUDENT DIRECTOR Y Harvey Ache, Jr., 116 South Brook St., Allentown, Pa. Esta Aerni, 150 Cherry St., Bluffton, Ohio. Marilyn L. Amstutz, 1100 Ensley Ave., Auburn, Ind. Paul L. Amstutz, Wealthy Street, Berne, Indiana. Roger Amstutz, 318 East Water Street, Berne, Indiana. Beverly Anderson, 92 Highcroft Road, Toronto, Canada. Jean Andrews, Route No. 5, Celina, Ohio. Max Applegate, Sunshine Dr., Lima Rd., Fort Wayne, Indiana. Mrs. Max Applegate, Sunshine Dr., Lima Rd., Fort Wayne, Indiana. Virginia Applegate, 3121 South Webster St., Fort Wayne, Indiana. Arlene Arnold, 914 Rivermet, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Venus Arnold, Jr., 914 Rivermet, Fort Wiayne, Indiana. Gordon Aupperle, 4365 Lakewood, Detroit, Mich- igan. Mrs. Louise Baber, Route No. 8, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Waldo E. Baber, Route No. 8, Fort Wayne, Indi- ana. Norman R. Bachand, 299 South Carter Rd., Mid- land, Michigan. Mrs. Norman Bachand, 299 South Carter Rd., Midland, Michigan. Gordon Balmer, St. Charles, Michigan. Diane Banks, West Liberty, Ohio. Mrs. Florence Basehore, 616 W. Nuttman, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Harold E. Basehore, 616 W. Nuttman, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Mary Bennett, 208 Franklin Street, Swanton, Ohio. James E. Berry, 2219 Rehm Avenue, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Edith MI Berryman, 2 Spring Street, Fremont, Ohio. Vurla Birkey, Delavan, Illinois. Virgil Bixler, Elkton, Michigan. Betty Blosser, 402 North Indiana Ave., Goshen. Indiana. Mrs. Lillie Bodine, 1914 Marshall, Flint 6, Mich- igan. Robert Bollinger, Ligonier, Indiana. Marvin F. Bowen, 1816 E. Creighton Avenue, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Mrs. Marvin F. Bowen, 1816 E. Creighton Avenue, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Dwight Bridges, Route No. 7, Decatur Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Obie Bridges, Route- No. 1, Lima Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana. S. Irene Brown, 317 North Enterprise, Bowling Green, Ohio. Maxine L. Brown, 433 Huffman Street, Fort Wayne. Indiana. Mrs. Richard Brownfield, 3702 S. Fairfield, Fort Wayne 6, Indiana. Richard C. Brownfield, 3702 S. Fairfield, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Violet R. Browning, 10255 E. Pontiac, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Albert Buchanan, Jr., Route No. 2, Evans City, Pa. Wava M. Bueschlen, Bay Port, Michigan. Vera Burkholder, 150 Cherry Street, Bluffton, Ohio. Agnes Burley, 605 N. Behring Street, Berne, Indi- ana. Robert T. Burley, 605 N. Behring Street, Berne. Indiana. LeRoy Caddy, 1025 Park Avenue, Royal Oak, Michigan. Mrs. Betty Campbell, 501 Elm Rd., Route No. 7, Spokane, Washington. slag? A. Card, 4610-88th Street, Elmhurst, New or . Faye L. Castersen, 2167 Portola Way, Sacramento, California. Ralph E. Castersen, Cohassett Route, Chico, Cali- fornia. Mrs. JoAnn Caulkins, West Unity, Ohio. Wayne Caulkins, West Unity, Ohio. Jackie Chamberlain, Camden, Michigan. Nelson M. Chamberlin, 320 West First Street, Royal Oak, Michigan. Mrs. Margaret Clapp. 2402 St. Marys Avenue, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Jessie I. Clapsaddle., 1210 Boise Avenue, Boise. Idaho. Laurabel Clark, 3820 South Wayne, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Bertha A. Classen, Meade, Kansas. Earl E. Colyer, 2007-16th Avenue, Altoona, Pa. Marjorie Cook, 600 North Sandusky St., Bellevue, Ohio. Donna Mae Cottrell. Route No. 1, Elizabethtown. Indiana. Velma V. Coy. Route No. 2. Reading, Michigan. David R. Craig. Route No. 2. Clyde, Ohio. Loretta Crall. 130 Sharon Avenue, Battle Creek. Michigan. Martha J. Cramer, 8283 North Main, Findlay, Ohio. Eleanor A. Crocker, 1108 E. Market Street, Lima, Ohio. Charles M. Crockett, Route No. 1, McClure, Ohio. Paul F. Crockett. Route No. 1, McClure, Ohio. Barbara Dalley, 203 Forrest Court, Jackson, Mich- vgan. Ruth V. Daniel. 2422 N. Franklin, Flint, Michigan. Eloise H. Dawson. Warren., Ohio. Bernice Dean, 3811 Indiana Avenue, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Gerrit Den Hartog, Box 165, Orange City. Iowa. Jean Dick, 8124 N. Keating, Skokie, Illinois. Earle S. Dickinson, 1118 W. Jefferson, Fort Wayne. Indiana. Mrs. Lois Dickinson, 1118 W. Jefferson, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Esther A. Diller, 14661 I-Iart Street, Van Nuys, California. Marjorie Dingman. 3732 New Haven Avenue, Fort Wayne, Indiana. William Dodway, 3811 Indiana Avenue, Fort Wayne. Indiana. Grace M. Eberly, 229 Beech Street, Wauseon, Ohio. Edwin L. Eby, 275 South Elkton Road, Elkton, Michigan. Mrs. Marie E. Eby, '275 South Elkton Road, Elk- ton. Michigan. ' Margarete E. Eiler, 108 North Bourland, Peoria, Illinois. , Mildred A. Ekstein, 1317 Dayton, Street, Hamil- ton, Ohio. , Jessie Eling, 917 First Street, Grand Rapids, Michigan. I Julia Erdel, Route No. 11. Lafayette, Indiana. Rita Erickson. 1742 N. Albany, Chicago, Illinois. Alice Ervin, 621 Race Street, Logansport, Indiana. Billy E. Evans, 304 Monroe Street, Middletown, Ohio. Mary Frances Fennig, Route No. 5, Celina, Ohio. Martha J. Fiedler, 522 West Broadway, Newton, Kansas. Emily Figuly, 3410 Sackett Avenue, Cleveland 9, Ohio. Thomas L. Florence, Route No. 1 Box 142b, Sum- merfield, N. C. Clifton E. Folsom, Box 304, West Liberty, Ohio. Shirley Force, 820--12th Street, Altoona, Pa. Leona Jane Ford, Rosewood, Ohio. Dean Freed, 1706 E. Hively, Elkhart, Indiana. Gerard J. French, Route No. 2, Blissfield, Mich- igan. Mrs. Madeline French, Route No. 2, Blissfield, Michigan. Harland Friend, Route No. 2, Continental, Ohio. Ruth Gabrielson. 1012 Yellowstone Road, Cleve- land, Ohio. John H. Gates, 3265 E. Wayne, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Mrs. Betty Gerig, 3820 S. Wayne Avenue, Fort Wayne. Indiana. Dale E. Gerig, Route No. 2, Auburn, Indiana. Darrell Gerig. 31-1 East Ninth St., Auburn, Indi- ana. Gerald Gerig, 3506 Indiana Avenue, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Geraldine Gerig, 3506 Indiana Avenue. Fort Wayne. Indiana. Joy Gerig. Route No. 3.. Auburn, Indiana. Wesley L. Gerig, 931 Pasadena Drive. Fort Wayne, Indiana. Zenas Gerig. Route No. 2, Auburn, Indiana. Lyndon Gilpin, 7318 Beaty Avenue, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Alice Glasgow 703 East Hatch Street. Sturgis. Michigan. Clifford Habegger. 3811 Indiana Ave., Fort Wayne Indiana. Lowell Hainline. 3-ll-l South Harrison, Fort Wayne, Indiana. F. DeWitte Hall. Route No. 1. Box 25, Sinks Grove. West Virginia. Bill Harle, Route No. 2, Marks Road, Columbia Station, Ohio. Mrs. Ruth Harrigan, 609 Baxter Avenue, Louis- ville, Kentucky. William Harrigan, 609 Baxter Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky. William B. Harris, 6480 Monroe Street, Sylvania, Ohio. Mary Ardis Harris, Star Route, Entiat, Washing- ton. Norene Hart, 319 Kirk Street, Dodge City. Kansas Evelyn M. Hassee, 1046 Bellemade Avenue, Evansville, Indiana. Kenneth T. Hawkins, 406 Sprunger Street. Berne, Indiana. Mrs. Eva Head 2504 Dumesnil Street. Louisville, Kentucky. Della Heath, Jasonville, Indiana. Ruth H. Henry. Route No. 1, Lucerne, Indiana. Robert L. Herdman, 226 E. Washington, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Henry D. Hewitt, Elkton, Michigan. Carl L. Hiatt, Route No. 1, Yorktown, Indiana. Anna M. Hilbert, 45 S. E. Locust Street, Fleet- wood, Pa. Elizabeth Hirschy, 568 E. Water Street, Berne, Indiana. Gordon Hirschy, 568 E. Water Street, Berne, Indi- ana. gelarl E. Hoffman, Route No. 1, Box 77, Barberton io. Clarence Holcomb, 2427 Hensch, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Galen Holcomb, 2427 Hensch, Fort Wayne, Indi- ana. Sally L Hoofnagle, 1200 Fifth Street, Dodge City Kansas. gale D. Howard, 332 Elm Street, Wadsworth io. Mary Howard, 109 Illinois Avenue. Peoria, Illi- nois. Rose Marie Hudson, 2001 North Delaware, Indian- aoolis 2. Indiana. Phyllis J. Jackson, Route No. 1. Sturgis, Michigan. Mary H. Jardine, 68 Gertrude Avenue, Youngs- town. Ohio. Bavlor Jenkins. Box 127. Gallatin, Texas. Dale Jett. Brentwood. Arkansas. Charles W. Joder, 734 Putnam. Fort Wayne, Indi- ana. Ruth E. Joder, 3820 South Wnyne. Fort Wayne, Indiana. Dolores Johnson, 2213 N. Kostner Avenue, Chic- ago. Illinois. James Johnson, 1604 Smith Street. Peoria 6, Illinois. Marjorie Johnson, Yoder, Indiana. Norma J. Johnson. Route No. 4, Albion. Indiana. Roy D. Johnson, 211956 St. Marys Avenue, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Mrs. Virginia Johnson, 211955 St. Marys Avenue, Fort Wayne, Indiana. 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Marolyn Martz, 424 South State Street, Big Rapids, Michigan. Floran L. Mast, Route No. 3, Goshen, Indiana. Beverly Mays, 742 Davis Street, Fort Wayne 7. Indiana. Shirley Melhorn, Box 248, North Canton, Ohio. Donna J. Merrill, 22 S. High Street, Carsonville, s r Michigan. - Edna Mertz, 1415 High Street, Fort Wayne, Indi- ana. Kenneth D. Meyer, Route No. 3, Bluffton, Indiana Duwain E. Meyers, 6503 Old Trail Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Janet M. Miller, Leesburg, Illinois. Verna May Miller, Stratton, Nebraska. Fred Millikan, 719 West Rudisill, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Mrs. Violet Millikan, 719 West Rudisill, Fort Wayne. Indiana. Joanna E. Minthorn, 612 S. W. Second Street, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Ardice M. Mitchell, 3525 South Harrison, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Arlene A. Mitchell, 3525 South Harrison, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Edythe Molter, 1213 Newport Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Beatrice L. Morton, 4325 Arlington Avenue, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Patricia L. Mumma, 121 West Creighton, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Don Nabinger, 281 Front Street, Binghamton, New York. Clarence Nantz, Jr., Route No. 4, Salem, Indiana. Mrs. David Nesbitt, Route No. 1, Box 370, Royal Oak, Michigan. David Nesbitt, Route No. 1, Box 370, Royal Oak, Michigan. Gordon Neuenschwander, Berne, Indiana. Phyllis Neuenschwander, Grabill, Indiana. Robert L. Neuenschwander, Route No. 4, Defiance Ohio. Bertie L. Newsbaum, 5576 Berkley Drive, Route No. 2, Pontiac, Michigan. Arthur E. Niblack, 611 Smith Street, Peoria, Illi- nois. Priscilla Nickelson, 815 Peacock Road, Richmond, Indiana. Lloyd W. Null, Route No. 2, Decatur, Indiana. Sherman W. Nyffeler, Route No. 6, Decatur, Indiana. Ralph Odgen, 1007 Ann Street, Peoria, Illinois. Imogene Palmer Gen. Delivery, Eaton Rapids, Michigan. William Pannell, 208 North Park Street, Sturgis, Michigan. Leonard F. Paquay, 1803 Canova Avenue, Cleve- land 9, Ohio. Carla J. Parker, 5569 Savoy Drive, Pontiac 2, Michigan. Dean Parker, Planada, California. Florence Parlee, 3820 Arlington, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Betty Lou Parson, Route No. 1, Swanton, Ohio. Wilbur D. Payne, 3726 Shady Court, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Mrs. Wilbur D. Payne 3726 Shady Court, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Martha J. Perdue, Ashley, Indiana. Iola Perkins, 512 French Street, Adrian, Michigan. Erva Perry, Surrey, North Dakota. Mrs. Esther I. Perry, 338 Deaton Street, States- ville, North Carolina. Russell Persons, Monroe. Indiana. Alberta J. Peters. Box 135, Elida, Ohio. Lynn L. Polter, West Unity, Ohio. Eugene Ponchot, Route No. 13, Box 211, Cincin- nati, Ohio. Oris Reade, 202 East Hatch. Sturgis, Michigan. Frieda Rediger, 1337 W. Latham, Phoenix, Arizona. Chester M. Reed, North Webster, Indiana. Leona Reibling, Elkton, Michigan. Mrs. Gay Reighter, 2606 Oliver Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Edison D. Reynolds, Berne, Indiana. Dorothy Ringenberg 122114 Nuttman Avenue, Fort W7ayne. Indiana. Hurtha J. Roach, 7305 Voerner, Center Line, Michigan. George A. Rohrs. Route No. 2, Hicksville, Ohio. Helen L. Rowe, Route No. 1, Leesburg, Indiana. Lola Ruckman, Route No. 7, Columbia City, Indi- ana. LeRoy Rusher, 4517 South Monroe, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Lucille C. Russell, Alamota, Kansas. Harry Sarver, Route No. 1, Sewickley, Pa. Thelma B. Schmidt, Route No. 3, Newton, Kansas. Paul Schoff, 2626 Lynn Avenue, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Bertie Lou Schultz Elkton, Michigan. Gordon Schwab, Route No. 1, Rawson, Ohio. Ethel M. Shaneyfelt, 1414 Hugh Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana. S. Wayne Shaneyfelt, 3430 Harvester Avenue, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Mrs. Neva Sharrow, 731 Cottage Avenue, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Arnold C. Shaver, Box 91, Dunbar, West Virginia. Merrill Shaw, Route No. 7, Huntington lndiana. Kenneth Sheldon, 6745 Murray, Cincinnati, Ohio. Mrs. Margery Sheldon, 6745 Murray, Cincinnati, Ohio. Nancy C. Shell, 223 West Coover Street, Mech- anicsburg, Pa. Joyce Shively, Churubusco, Indiana. Violet Shupp, 1183 S. Central Avenue, Lima, Ohio Janet D. Sipe. 511 West Second Street, Hummels- town, Pa. Carol J. Sipp, 313 Sherman, Hamilton, Ohio. Robert Skinner, 645 Greenlawn, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Evelyn Slusser, Route No. 1, Delphi, Indiana. Gertrude Slusser, Route No. 1, Delphi. Indiana . Helen M. Smith, 1403 Springfield Road, E. Peoria, Illinois. Myrtle Smith, Wallace, Michigan. Robert L. Smith, 207 E. Forrest Avenue, Peoria, Illinois. Mrs. Colleen Smith, 207 E. Forrest Avenue, Peoria, Illinois. Roselynn Smith, 1309 East Market Street, War- saw, Indiana. Mrs. Ruby Smith, 1019 McKee, Fort Wayne, Indi- ana. Welburn Smith, Route No. 2, Wadsworth, Ohio. Robert A. Snyder, 87 Norton Avenue. N.. New- ark, Ohio. Malene Sola, 2043 N. Whipple Street, Chicago 47, Illinois. Mrs. Delores Sousley, Route No. 2, Mishawaka, Indiana. Wendall L. Sousley, Route No. 2, Mishawaka, Indiana. Lillian L. Sparkenbaugh, 312 Mercer Street, Turtle Creek, Pa. Lois P. Spencer, 306 West Lexington, Elkhart, Indiana. Clifford J. Sprunger, South Fulton Street. Berne, Indiana. Ruth Stahl, 1744 N. Keystone Avenue, Chicago- 3. Illinois. , Frances E. Staley, 17414 Wood Avenue, Melvin- dale, Michigan. Christine Steiner, Grabill, Indiana. Laverne Steiner, Route No. 1. Berne, Indiana. Lowell H. Steiner, Marshallville, Ohio. James E. Stilson, 87 Park Avenue, Binghamton, New York. Marceil J. Sumney, Grabill, Indiana. . Harold Sutherland, Route No. 1, Metamora, Mich- n. :IF-iilne A. Swaback, 1512 N. Keystone Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. , Roy F. Tobin, 311 West Street, Three Rivers, Michigan. Y Charles W. Trusdle, Route No. 2, Clyde, Ohio. John Trusdle, Route No. 2, Clyde, Ohio. Arlene V. Tucker, 203 Wabash, Bluffton, Indiana. Daniel Tucker, 203 Wabash, Bluffton, Indiana.. - Daniel Vaccarelli, 6443 Rosemoor Street, Pitts- burg 17, Pa. , David Van Gorkom, Box 615, Muscatine, Iowa. Paul Van Gorkom, Box 615, Muscatine, Iowa.- Millie Vermillion, 628 East Market, Lima, Ohio. Dorothy L. Vollmar, 2519 Sherman Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana. , , Betty J. Walti, 728 South Pine Street, Lima, Ohlo. Eleanor Wann, Harlan, Indiana. Harry E. Warner, 1902 Chapin Street, Jackson, Michigan. Marion L. Warner,. 541 Benton Street, Rochester, New York. Everette Lee Webb, 3032 Southern Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky. Edna Webber, 198 Grandview Avenue, Wads- worth, Ohio. . Kenneth W. Webber, 198 Grandview Ave., Wads- worth, Ohio. l . Marguerite A. Weida, 226 South Richmond Street, Fl t d, P . Rdeg1:iWll?felty,a 511 South Main Street, Bluffton, Ohio. Martha L. Whittern, 2108 Hoagland Avenue, Fort Wayne. Indiana. '- Gareth L. Wiederkehr, 217 High Street, Berne, Indiana. Marilyn Wiederkehr. 1334 S. Reese Avenue, Lima, Ohio. Miriam Wiederkehr, 1334 S. Reese Avenue, Lima, Ohio. Mrs. Treva Wiederkehr, 217 High Street, Berne, Indiana. Charles E. VVilliams. Lewis Addition, Dodge City. Kansas. .Ioan Williams, 808 Dingledine Avenue, Lima, Ohio. Mrs. Virginia Williams, Lewis Addition. Dodge City. Kansas. Ivis L. Wilson. 2215 E. Michigan Street, Indiana- polis, Indiana. Myron D. Wilson. 316 West Sixth Street, Misha- waka. Indiana. Charles G. Wirt, Beaverton, Michigan. Neil F. Wolfe, Kimmell. Indiana. Milton Wong. Kawai, Hawaii. Joyce A. Woodward, 3811 Indiana Avenue, Fort Wayne. Indiana, J. Harlan Wright, 2063 Pauline, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Morton M. Wright, 1309 Stophlet, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Owen K. Wright. 901 Catalpa Avenue, Lima, Ohio. Warren Wright, Route No. 1, Sewickley, Pa. Clara L. Wyckoff, 433 S. Park Avenue, Peoria, Illinois. Donald W. Yaeger, 428 Fairmont, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Mrs. Frances Yaeger, 428 Fairmont, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Mrs. Dorothy B. Yoder, 528 West Patterson Ave- nue. Bellefontaine, Ohio. Evanna M. Yoder, 1525 Tecumseh Avenue. Fort Wayne. Indiana. D John F. Yoder, Route No. 1, Geneva. Indiana. Vernelle Yoder, 1525 Tecumseh, Fort Wayne, Indiana. I Don Young, 307 W. Maple Street, Clyde, Ohio. Helen F. Young, Elkton, Michigan. l Ruth C. Zook, Route No. 2, Wlest Liberty, Ohio. Doris M. 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A Sterling, Kansas 7 ongrafufafionzi, eniom 0 Cuffs blessing to you in '6Conquerin.g through Christ" Harvester Nlissionary Church, Carl Parlec, Minister, Fort Wayiie, Indiana Page Seventy Two GOD'S RICHEST RLESSING TO YOU IN HIS SERVICE "Freely ye have received, freely give" CMatt. 10:85 YOUR FOLLOWERS IN HIS SERVICE The Junior Class CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF 1949! We Wish You GODSPEED - in your mission of - 64 . . Ondiueflng ZAPOUQA CAVZIM9, Class of ,SL ,52 P S Th F ort Wayne Bible Institute "Training for Service and Service in Training" I. COLLEGE OF BIBLE 1. Bachelor of Theology ---- A five-year program that com bines two years of liberal arts with three years of theo- logical work. 2. Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Literature ---- Besides con- centration in the field of Bible. this four-year program includes basic courses in the arts and sciences and ap- plied work in one of the following: Pastoral Theology. Missions, Christian Education, Church Secretarial Sci- ence. and Music. 3. Bachelor of Religious Education. ---- A four-year pro- gram with a major in both Christian Education and Bible. 4. Three-year Diploma Courses in Theology, Christian Edu- cation, Missions, and Church Secretarial Science. II. SCHOOL OF SACRED MUSIC l. Bachelor of Sacred Music ---- with applied majors in organ, piano, or voice. 2. Standard Bible-Music Course - - - A three-year program leading to a diploma. HI. SCHOOL OF EXTENSION STUDY Subjects in Bible, Doctrine, Personal Envangelism, Church History, etc. may be taken through this home study depart- ment. Accredited member of the Accrediting Association of Bible Institutes and Bible Colleges, collegiate division. Approved by Veterans Administration for training of vet- ?,,i e d P bl' L 16 d 346. ff 5 rans un er u ic aws an A64-QA Listed by the U. S. Department of Iustice for the training af foreign students. FORT WAYNE l BIBLE INSTITUTE cf Page Seventy-Fo Q7 CONGRATULATIONSH4-9'ers GOD BLESS YOU AS YOU SHARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY OF GATHERING THE RIPENED HARVEST! Special Congratulations to graduates Carol Sipp and Billy Evans CALVARY CHURCH MEMBER OF THE MISSIONARY CHURCH ASSOCIATION 7th and High Streets Hamilton, Ohio Roy D. Ramseyer, Pastor Organized 1939 Joined M. C. A. 1944 Dial 1450 -- Sunday 10:30 A. M. -- "The Calvary Hour" Making Christ Known SAVIOR SANCTIFIER H E A L E R COMING KING The Missionary Church Association Fort Wayne, Indiana P S Y F COXGRATULATIONS SENIORS! "Conquering through Christ" Hollywood Missionary Church Max F,. Applegate. llinister Curdes Ave. Missionary Church John Caddy. Minister Northside Missionary Church C. B. Vollmar. Minister Congratulations Class of '49 ,Way Coffs Choices! Blessing be yours as you labor faithfully for Him. FIRST MISSIONARY CHURCH Cleveland. Ohio Floyd F. Klotzbach Pastor NYE CONGRATULATE You. the Graduating Class of 1949, for the achievement of another milestone in your preparation for Christian serviceg The Light Tower Staff for a job well doneg Your Faculty and Administration. which compares favor- ably to that of any Christian College in the land. for their scholar- ly. yet spiritual contribution to your Christian education and future success in the Lord's vineyard! The First Missionary Church Berne, Indiana J. Pritchard Amstutz, Minister P S S VM, ,:' ff-X . x. J 5 , t ' is r. m.-J uf' N -t W"'+f.' --A fu'-ff 419+ I-, H' U H f-1,3 -. 1 QQ' N -Wt 'mf' '82, H' r fT' A 4... R-if 5 K ir, A' ' QV! fi: I A . ' A affix. ii?-' iv' M30 1 X, fm. gig so as '- ,- .. if , , .1 , 7 I , ,Q :A 16 5, My ,J QE it yy' ,?' 53 A5-EL-e1iLi:,g:t,,":-A - ' r P X it we 'mx V- - gf" 'ff E' --'ff ' it -N " ' 'F 'lf ii fi? file 1 'l ki'f25Tji'i'Ei: -rf f:ii7E5Q ,ip I- . . M4 '--5.-" P . rl! " it Em 'ii 1 .-Uv. '- K E get .es 5 EQ. 6212? fgi'?'fi+ii!i':fS X- ' . 1 , , Q' 'Leaf N' V ' 1 f .- ,, . , r t' '1 f , i ,. A523 335:-fi.. ffijg 152' 3 E :ag-':' , , 1 f , T ,fi ...gil QL It I? 1. Eg .igimiiu if I 2 fp. -1 f"T H+sE3l .1' I I T . . .2 'i f'-'4"?"fie 'ifefizawz f I frff' .1-QSi125'2f'r l f' 1.3 ' "' 5' Fw-'Q'-gg ie - -' .- !25s.:5'y,,x fm," I I - g2' 1r- vii. 'r:':i?ft2,:' - if 14 1'-32-fire?-. 5422535-Giza 3124 'fs' N- 'sk I TW g""'f'E'ff?!'?3il5.e:Jfr -3 ' s -e'-r ,-it ?-c.1.:rr u,y ffE' , I E' 1 ', 1-- - gf.- J. s g-,,. ': t' ea -J 1, -4- Ain.. -T Lf ff. ' - s'?2f:f,. 5:f-g-E211 :5'14l:EQ'1'g4,:--- ' i' ' 'if 523ii2ffQ.Q'T-riT"f"f--gg' ' l 5" ::5 " 31121511 L '.S-'lin'-?:' '-311, if A K e g:QQ1. S5 ii:" The Sunday School addition which was recently dedicated, now provides room and conveniences for various departments of the church. The addition which consists of thirty-three rooms will be used by the Sunday School, the Summer Bible School, the Youth Fellowship Groups, and the Ladies Miss- ionary Circle. The church office and a radio studio is also found in the new building. We solicit the prayerful interest of our many friends as we continue the work of spreading the Gospel message. Rev. Clayton Steiner, Minister THE MISSIONARY HOUR over W O W O Now In Its Nineteenth Year The First Missionary Church and Sunday School Rudisill at South Wayne FORT WAYNE, INDIANA Page Seventy-Seven f , .. ' - -,:rr:g5:::gI,'iQrS5-:Qs Qg5:gg5:5:5:5:5E555E:E:r:':4-'-' . . 3-1 if ' . ,i52iff2f2 2 :5s5a1'1i.:ss2ssif-' - 'W giiifli "" ": , Q . YQ ' ,, .,.. - . . ancldten comed fine niglzf The Sunshine of this '6day" of grace casts a shadow across the sun-dial of this dispensation. The time ? lt's much later than many people realize. lt must soon he night time . . . when man can work no more. There is so much work to do, yet so little time in which to do it! We wish to remind each of you -- both student body and faculty members -- that our earne-t prayers and best wishes accompany you as preparations are made for the spiritual harvest ahead. W. 0 ive idziionary glzurch Wfebster and lVIcBean Street in Peoria. Illinois Page Seventya Eight ESTEY ORGANS FOR PARTICULAR PEOPLE Goshen College For Mission Fields - For Home Work I- COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS I . Member of North Central Association Wherever Music I5 Warned of Colleges and Secondary Schools . High Scholastic Standards Evangeli- P k d f Sh t ' organs ac e or lpmen cal Christian Foundation Strong Pre-Professional Emphasis Teaching, Medicine, Dentistry, Nurs- E. Dilgart ing, Engineering, Agriculture, FOI'- , estry Phone 4403 Clyde. Ohio II. BIBLICAL SEMINARY - Graduate and Undergraduate Soundly Evangelical Prepares for Ministry, Missions. Gen- eral Christian Service . M I Course Includes Practical Work in with Compliments Sunday Schools, Missions, Boys and Girls Clubs, Visitation Affords Opportunity to Live and Study The First Missionary Church 'nth Foreign Siudems Grabill, Indiana Armin C. Steiner, Minister E1'U95t Miller, President Goshen, Indiana 'F S 'The Missionary Church a .' . -as In Chicago" t.t - 1 I Th M Q 1 G 9530189 'GChr1st .Iesus 1 "" I :-: 5" 1' Xa .Q'3f, " -.,, I The Q73 x . ' E " .. ,555 RL S an Lys tq. his 5 ' baY10u". . I it rr ' ' ' r' banctifier 'WE A 2 :'f Ea 'rigs ' , QQ-K a-'E 'f', 19 4.1---"f"' Healer lice- Q' L L... at Coming Kingv Humboldt Park Gospel Tabernacle 1515 N. I-Ioman Ave. Chicago 51, Illinois REV. GEORGE HEWITT, Pastor Page Seventy-Nine y These doors open to Liberal Arts, Fine Arts, Teacher Train- ing, Theological and Pre-Pro- fessional courses. Wholesome environment, good communi- ty. opportunities for self-help. A constantly growing student body. A Catalogue on request. , l 7"Tl . . t - ' .Marion College U .. Q 'f ' ' l W 1 h .QKUW4 'Y Marion. lndiana and M0llE ' ' .. S MJMUREX I' S i.. L X ll TO TAYLOR UNIVERSITY-seeking education at its best, in wholesome, Christian surroundings. l' In knowledge, in grace, in poise, in devotion, in a total -U4 college sltuauon conducive to the best. o serve a needy world, as ministers, teachers, doctors, T ii lawyers, dentists, social workers, missionaries. Nfl, 4 Taylor University is distinctly christian. Appealing to 5 , Q- faculty and students who desire a clean living environ- ' ' X ment in which to learn and to enjoy ALL of their college ffl 'I ,X life. Fully Accredited. Wrile Drun, Box 00for Free Cnlalog. TAYLOR UNIVERSITY UPLAND, INDIANA Page Eighty F 0 'H K I J 1 9X 3 Af ' H: . ,N :H 45 11 fl , 11,1 M XM 3 1-XX? L,X11.--1151.16 ,X,,. ,,.,XX,, 1 , fi ' 11, .1111lZ, 1 X-11, ,"l.'f':1.A',j,"' 15, ' 11."l'1', 1q111,1, ' 4 'W .3111513.41W1'41c!11Fa11'11:1113-f'.f1'111"11'11f1'511.1f11l111f,'1 '91, 1.-s',1,,11 XX, 1 11,1111 1 X, 1X,X 1 11112232 A 1, AX. X I 1 1 4 Whig: ,5 4 19. . 1 I 1-1.1, XX ,, 1 1 434' '9 'I A 11111 1f1',f'-,' 5 1'5-g1V1'Q711:f1' 13'f111.1,11S111,'f.,v',1 ,,,1Q1'rf. 11 "1 1 1 X, ,X:X,Mr?Xn1X1, X 1 VXX',1X.',1X' 715, X1 U1XX'1,11X'XX'., 1 ,QX 1 1 111, ,,X41,,1 ., , ,111JX,-1,,11-1,11 ,X1XXX X ,, X 1 ' ' 'I 1x1 ' 1 11. , 1-1 11 115 1-1 X:1X,1-311f1,1 11X 1,15 134.-1:11.Xg.X 1' ,M,,,1 X X ,,,XX, XX XX ..QS'11?1f.fjg14g:i15r1f2"fT5 11,51 11 'Qf1t1f1Q.1111,,1,-1.1a-'6111af1a11,111X-,WX ,,, , , 11..'1f111111111:1 11:11 "1 +l"'- "'X'1 1 " 1111211-211321 1 . .1 B X1,'gQf,f1f 11,15p1f:5f'1151119L1X'M.1X,1'1g,,gf.f.'14, " Ma , 1 3 ,LSU 151 HX ,,, 1 ' "M 1i""i1T ,.1'111"2n1" -13: '1'111HKi1',13-.L'11b1 ' N51 'W '11 '1 1 1 1 1,51 - zX1.1.XXXXh,,X,K.XX 1,11LQXyX.XX,XX11Q13 1 11,111 X,X ,X X X1 11'1 1-, 1, , , , , X ,:Q1fX1,1. :7X1,,X,XXAXX,X.,11 , 1X XX, XX X 1 1.X, X,- , 1X , ,1. X,1,X X,,11X NX: XXX... 5XXXX,,1,,.,,5-. 1 .11,'.,,1, XX M 1 - 111.115, 1 1 1 ,1 :mm,.1,1,11F11,111-11-1l'Qir2131SA.11,111.41QM,11-,111-1,1 11' -1 111 ,, 11 - M 1.1 -4-v1 1.1 111 131 1,1-1-if 11H'1!'211-1-h111q1,11'-Y 1' M111 11:.',':. 3 1 1, 1, . 1 1, ' ,1- 1 ' 1,,11ud!1u11F,115111-,+141,1f1',1"y'11'.t,a1I,111.1"f1121,11 -' L 2 " - 111-1111 11 I' 11.1 1 1711111 1 -UA' '1I1111111'1 111-1..'f-1'e,111F 111111111911 W'1'1.111'1:1 -111.11111 1' 1111 1 1 'i1- , 11 ' ' 1- 1 1v11'5,11"1'11-v,l1"'c-111111 1' T211 .1 'uk ::1, 1 : 1'111111:111-111 1, 1 1 1' 1, 1:15111 1-11111111-1115 1, 1 11" 1,1 1 . 1. 1, 1, 1,11 11, 1 1. -.W , , 1 .1, 1,1 ,1111 .11 1.1f11ff111,11', x1 - 1 1.1.1 1 1 1 .1,X.11 1 1 11 111,111 j11,.- , 1 ,X1 ,:-117 M 11 1 1 1"711"' "1 f' ' - 1' " -1' U -","I1'- 1. 1 "' l "'?!'1' ' -X1 1 , ,1- -,, , 1, a,. .1 11 , 11,1 1 1, 1, ,, ,1 , X1X1X ,1 .711 X1-. 1X1 11 1 , -,X , .X,X1 1 X, ,X 1 1 ,X1X1X1,, 1 .1 1 1 ,1 1 11, 1 1 1 1 1 ,. 1 '?,j,1x 9 1 X ,, , 1X ,1 XX , . 1 11,X, 11 X 1111 11,1 , , 11 1, 1, , X X, X 111 1 gXi X X ,, , 1 MX ,1 I ,1' 1.X, 1' 11 11X 11 ,X1, .X 1 , 1 1 X 1 -1 Xp ,11-11 1' ' 1' 1 ' 1 ' 1 ffff ,,' 1 X 1 X1 1 11 1 1 1 1 ' ,. 1' '1'1 ' 1 1,1 1 1 1 1 5' .1 1 1 Y" ' 1 1 1' 4 K 1 1,., X 1 ., ll' X 11 . 1 1 1u'1 l 1 ' ' 1 X ' 1 1 .1 1 . 1 .1 X 1 , .,, , X 'L ,1'1, 9 " 1. 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'fn' ' 4 I o ' ' 1 W Q , i Q 'I .W . sv ' ,p-df? s . U 0 egzfrul' F. f! 5 -gn 1-'Tabu' " JQAQ. I 'nr x KH - V 1' ' ' " -In' -'I ' H' 1 o f - : .H x P11 I Q. ? . HP " . r L 1' I '. .LJ Ulu ' f.M'i.- ' nh Af . 1 C 'J' rs if 'H f'f'i"' ww 'VZ YfGZ1f"' X," v W 1 ' -IL ' , ,a,- A,'NIl: lgA:"W1 1 Vx ,'4' S MJ 'l 4 . ' W A avg, '- -,ma k f , +141 4 . in A, Q, 1 -. ' . -W 4. 4 ,, 4 .Y . if " Wi. . W I, ' 41 f .-I.. 4 - 4 'ge f -' .iff ' jg ,vf , K' :-. J L. '9 1E,S,.kQ. W k 9 xg, ' J .

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