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5" ffifff, deff l 'Q 1 -ac. A I' 'in I . -..'1,z-,Q ., I -g ,4-. ' , 1" Af" ' ,,-1, V' 4, ' .- -. N- ' 'f1.r,,' Tflf 7947 H6197 70W R DOING Y noun- ' W I V1 presented by the SENIOR CLASS The Fort Wayne Bible Institute VOLUME 16 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - G. ROBERT MAGARY ARTIST ---- Harry B ASSISTANT EDITOR - Evangeline Witmer ASSOCIATE ARTIST - Elezzcre BUSINESS MANAGER - - RC1IphWolICrd PI-IOTOGRAPHER - - Iarzze 0e l0l Again, the Light Tower brings you a glimpse of the school year at the Fort Wayne Bible Institute. We shall always retain within our memories the warm friendships, the opportunities for study and achievement, the inspiration of our Spirit-filled faculty, the happy hours of fellowship and fun, the quiet times of prayer and worship, and the challenging calls to Christian Service which were all ours as we were in preparation for our life's ministries. This annual is sent forth with the prayer that it will find you . . . DOING HIS WILL The one desire of Christ our Lord Was His dear Fathers will, Although it meant the sacrifice That led to Calvary's Hill. We too should make our one delight The doing of His will, No matter what the cost may be, What comes of good or ill. By following lesus day by day We do His blessed willy And praying, as we onward go, His purpose we fulfill. By answering God's call in life, We can His will obey. When God tells us to go for Him, We have no right to stay. By seeking for those lost in sin, We share with Him a part. For all the lost are God's concern, The burden of His heart. So, as we follow, answer, seek, In joy and peace we'll go. ln doing His dear will each day Our lives will surely glow. -HATTIE LAUGHBAUM W 1 N i 1 I X K 4 l 4 i W X A 6 R f Y i F f I 4 2 l F 1 i Q 1 1 a I 4 I 1 4 7 I 4 1 I 1 ll i Y v 1 1 3 i 1 T A E CAMPUS SERVICE STUDENTS FACULTY LIFE DEDICATI Xxliff DONE VIH. C91 F ln admiration of her genuine love for Christ, evidenced in every class session, every conversation . . . in appreciation ot her sweet Willingness to oiier both academic and spiritual counsel to those in need . . . in realization oi the integral part which she has played in upholding the Christian standards that have made the Fort Wayne Bible Institute the Spirit blessed, educational institution that it is . . . in honor of years of devoted service loeyond the call ot duty . . . for this and rnore we sincerely dedicate to Miss Lillian M. Zeller the Light Tower of l947. is 51 I MISS LILLIAN M. ZELLER X . .X i if X Z DOUG 1 CA Gods wondrous handiwork is seen Upon the campus, Cool and qreen. The towerinq oaks cast silent shade Where frisking squirrels have often played. The buildings stand serene and fair, They seem to know God placed them there. And every hall and step-worn stair Is hallowed by His presence there. PU5 "T he earth is the Lord's, world, and and the fulness thereofg the they that dwell therein." , -Psalm 24:1 ADMINISTRATION , , . fyM..D,J ' ,- ., ..-.....-........i.-.,.,....L..,. - . - I 'I 'wx .4 .11 .1 NJ! xr' .,.f-:AM "i,..L 1 1.-.gtavt-A 'w in 'ma' 4-F' BETHANY HALL 7 6 i 2 4 - Q 4 FOUNDERS' MEMORIAL v.,, -1 1-F fa 5 , Wmffv ii iiiiii I I 'll 'E ., 1 1 W ,mm 1 mug! PX ,.vx inn ' - A f,.L.f"ff7717 , ' W ,. 1 Qf' 1 9133: 5 v' f T H- x-J" .1-Q ,Liz 97, my MII f Iilll ggi ii ii!!! ffffi rl!!! ' H K EEQQII ' LQ. ,..., T ,g.,1,LmsQl T 7 ill I , PRCVIDENCE HALL Q Wm i 5 if f fi FOUNDERS' MEMORIAL ,. ,,,,--.n1...,-. I II 4 ll 'age Haag , ff---lgf N ,,f,,,. i 3ggf, g5g5gi,5g-pa i,lll NI.------'-f IT1-H-W-vv.' "" Nl!! PRGVIDENCE HALL , r , A , 1. A -,. -af' -V X. Lv 4 Y ' 'Y Wliim Jw 4 V4.4 -WQAWMJ' " . E-.. mamma. THE ANNEX INSTITUTE HOMES 'N...., , 'f K R QLPZSEEE1 . -Lx I, ., WJ .. ,X -Q. :M ,-. x glff M fxx ' fi fl! W' 1 SPX Q Q ss mb V1 sw S aim lug 4331, R . E f i 17 S ' FF F" Eg fea LW iw Eff ig, fig ' in-f -Y-4 i s- igf 12 if f Ewa , SW- ' ,L . - M" . fit if Fi' - g E ' BA R ,if " P P ya- wg ., A ff , -A Q rf E N T! Um V Ei A Jgl:Ji Ld ' fl S- -1 is W 1 ' X H Q ' A E ?-- --S 5 XR X-Qqyfgffif - Dnovosen QAM5EYf.v. MYEMORIAL OUILDENE FOR THf'Mn5516RAv3r QHJl?HLEiQ55BO?OTZKE'EC?TN PROPOSED RAMSEYER MEMORIAL FUTURE 14-ACRE SOUTH CAMPUS U ..-n----W - -Y -,,-,M A , -1 1 .wg - ' , ,Q ' .vis " A fr x fknrlaqdx il. h Q FACULTY We thcmk Thee for our toculty, Their kindness cmd humility, Who in their wisdom and their love Seek to direct our thoughts above. They tecrch us how to choose the Way Of service for Thee day by dcry. Upon them, as they give their best, We prcxy Thy blessiriq e'-er will rest. ' liff "And thou shalt teach them fa' them the way wherein they . ,, -.,-...,.,,:,e.,,,.,,,,a.t.,....., W ' --v.,.,,.. ....,, . V Q Y S In " .E Jn 's,V.!w.g:,.,:l,M,1Hl W , A i ,V . ,f .. V F f ardinances and laws, and shalt shew nust walk, and the work that they must do." -Exodus 18:20 3 ! fy? X f , , vi-Lf' 419' vI'Z'sN v924, 1:,"AfH J ,A if . - -. ..,. -. A' Q ""1n1nn-l- t 'A-' PRESIDENT Safara A. Witmer Bible Apologetics Graduate Fort Wayne Bible In- stitute, 19225 student Indiana Uni- versity intermittently, 1926-287 AB. Taylor University, 19295 M.A. Wi- nona Lake School of Theology, 19373 instructor at Fort Vwlayne Bible In- stitute, 1924-32, pastor of First Mis- sionary Church at Fort Wayne, 1932-35, Dean of Fort Wayne Bi- ble Institute, 1935-43: Chaplain in U. S. Army 1943-455 President of F. W. B. I., 1945-. To bring the whole of life into conformity to the will of God is at once the goal of Redemption and the aim of the believer. But "doing His will" is far more than slavish duty performed in the energy of the flesh. It begins with a whole-hearted disposition to do God's will. David de- sired Solomon to serve God with a perfect heart and a willing mind. That is the only worthy and effective motivation. But how can unwilling minds be made willing? How can service become the spontaneous, voluntary out- flow of love? The answer is in the perfect obedience of Iesus Christ that culminated in the Cross. "Lo, I come to do thy will, O God .... By the which will we are sanctified, through the offer- ing of the body of Iesus Christ once for all." It is when the believer follows Christ to Calvary and be- comes identified with l-lim in death, that paths of service unfold in the power of resur- rection life. In -ur ' ' --ir'--A-' , fgmgsg ff,Ag:wg:q.?g:,T? ,xf-35115 'Bai N ' l vxza., :- Rsafwlb -' 1' vguxk, ' 5u"5,f' 1 'rf ,1Qs23,,',' ' ., ., ' JW- " wg, x . 4 .Q 1 N -nw - -...ff JM' -nl' F - J , - . f , Q," lv -- It -QQ! Yvjl ,,,',Efs-'16-i"!sf, ' , , lQjMm?5ffFj"'"Ciff':'Yf5f"'fTj3i5 W 22: fi '55, M A Y ik' f , lg .ii gfg 5? , rg, 5. ,affr K D AN 0F WOM N ,.,Qe4-f.-.M-,.,f.. lone Fitch Personal Evangelism Graduate Fort Wayne Bible Institute, 19125 graduate Nyack Missionary Training Institute, 19157 teacher in ,Winnipeg Bible Institute, Winnipeg, Canada, 1927-19297 engaged with the late Rev. E. B. Fitch in evangelistic and pastoral Work, 191749445 house director at Wheaton College, 1945-1946. Doing the Fathers will was the passion ot the Saviour's heart, those three and thirty years He spent upon this earth. He came not to do His own will, but the will of Him that sent Him. The evil, wretchedness, and ruin in the world today is the result ot man turning from Gods will to do his own will. "The redemption of Christ has no reason, no object, and no possibility ot success," says An- drew Murray, "except in restoring man to do God's Will." lt was for this lesus died. He gave His lite rather than to do His own will. He has set us an example that we should follow in His steps. To make the will of God su- preme in our lives, will often entail suffering and loss. But there is nothing to compare with the joy and happiness that comes from the knowledge that we are in the center of God's will. lt transcends all other joy and gives a serenity and calmness to life in the midst of every circum- stance be it good or bad. "Ill that He blesses is our good, And. unblest good is ill, And all is right that seems most wrong, Q ,,, 5, Ii it be His sweet wi.ll." ,- '- t if it C'f4'l5 l"t i'5f"fl' , !??3llifl.'lllME?EiM lf5lmi'l??i5illl5flliflltilfllflliflfiiiiflil'Fifi?ff?"3-.1 'ia' 5 f RE6'l57Rv4R Beniamin F. Leightner Bible Exposition Biblical Theology Graduate Fort Wayne Bible lnstitute, 19135 instructor in public schools of Ohio five years: pastoral ministry ten yearsg part- time instructor of the Fort Wayne Bible Institute, 1914519225 Dean at Fort Wayne Bible Institute, 1923-1935: full-time instructor since 1935. The will of God, what is it? lt is what He plans, what He purposes, what He desires, what He ordains. Our will is what we desire, what we purpose, what we plan, what we choose. The will of God and the will of man are not the same in character. God says, "My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways." The fact is that Gods will and mans will are di- ametrically opposed to each other. But Gods will is holy and just and good and acceptable and perfect. Inasmuch as that is the case each one cf us should surrender his own will and accept the will of God, lt is God's will that all men should hear the gospel, and that believers he louilt up in the most holy faith. It is Gods will also to accomplish these purposes through the instrumentality of saved men cmd Women. He is therefore looking for those who will fully yield themselves to do His will. For Christ to do the Fathers will involved submission, humiliation, privation, misunderstand- ing, sacrifice, suffering, and even death. lf We seek to do Gods will it may involve similar things also. But let us face the issue bravely in His name. Let us he willing to suffer persecu- tion, reproaches, the loss of our reputation, and all things, if need he, only that Gods will and purpose be accomplished through our lives. To be in the center of Gods will is to be in the place where the peace of God will he our portion: it is to he in the place cf blessing and fruitfulnessy the place of safety the place of divine approval: the place of glorious triumphg the place of perfect delight. Although it cost Christ everything t: do the Fathers will, yet He could say "I delight to do thy will. O God." y Bible Exposition Personal Evangelism HARVEY L. MITCHELL Bible Exposition Philosophy Pastoral Theology Apologetics Director of School of Extension Study BERTHA H. LEITNER Christian Education Inter-Testament History Psychology Missions E. IRENE SMITH English Literature Greek Spanish CLARENCE HUFFM-AN AB. Marion College, 1943, MA. Marion College, 19445 graduate studies in Northern Baptist Seminary, 1944-19457 instructor in Fort Wayne Bible Institute, 1945-. Graduate Fort Wayne Bible Institute, 19291 student in Indiana University Extension Di- vision and Winona Lake School of Theology, A.B. Blultton College tOhiol, 19457 pastoral ministry from 1929 to 1946, part-time in- structor Fort Vllayne Bible Institute, 1940-1941, Editor of the Missionary Worker, 1942-. f A.B. Willamette University, Salem, Oregon, 19225 graduate student at University of Ore- gon, 1925 and l931g MA. in Religious Edu- cation, 'Winona Lake School of Theology, 1938: teacher in Washington High School, Portland, Oregon, 1927-1940, Fort Wayne Bi- ble Institute, 1940-19435 Los Angeles Pacific College, 1944-l945g Pacific Bible College, 1945-1946. AB. Ohio State University, 19037 graduate Columbus Normal School, 19045 graduate student at Indiana University Extension Di- vision: teacher in Ohio high schools, 1904- 19075 high school principal one yearg on Fort Wayne Bible Institute staff since, 1926. -,, , --f - it-. , ,Q--ri , ti- .1 z' ',rp,., ' ?.. ' F ' ' ' ' , i Q -'-i7' .t.,. -.,:rf4f:tt'f1'?1itli3'fGt"l'rl'':'!':Zt.t?"ttlfif'tl-. tt- - ..! : , f-,tt A - -9 - ' 1 tv L. ww. ' f "Y" 1' ' " M. Student Nyfxclc Missiencrry Instifufeg stu Llbranan' Indiana State University Extension Dtvisicn English instructor in pub1iC sf:hoo1s .of Eowlinq Green Ohiog with Fort Wayne E11n1e Institute since Public Speaking 1923- Student at Western Iufiicr..-gun Teixfhers C31 leqeg graduate Athenaeum Euslzess 'f3i1ege Engl-1-sh 19357 graduate Fort Vifuyne Bible 1nst1t'.ite , 1937: AB. Houghton Coiieqel 19-13: qrizdg World Hlstofy ate student Lehigh Universityg teacher 1.'fi:h secretanal Sclence xqctn public sJ'1oc1s yer. ss! rrrr Yr in - - ' ' 2 ' 2 xdr' C: . ie 13' school 2 years: A11entev.'n E151-e Instifufe- 1943-1946. Studied dt Lycee d Paris, France- 3: Ecole Normdie G Parisg at 1-1:-here Ssrrule Berlin- French Tduqht French and German fcr 5 yezrs ir Russia and studied Russian and Fiish there' studied Spanish at Indiana Center :f .2 didnd University: Studied cne surnrner if Mexico Ctiy cmd. one summer -31 the EITJQLJ Interdmericdnd in S:r1ti11c, Itfezfiri- 31 '.':r1 ous times took 1e-:ture 50' ses c' the Izr bonn-9, Paris, Frcrn-:-9. A. RN. Graduate of imilsrd Film: 3:2 pitdi, Ehttclo- Red Crcss instru:t:" Home Nursing Nurses Leaqize cf 1-'sri Wsyzie, dent Bowling Green State Ilormfig student H001 0 MUSIC' Oliver E. Steiner wiigector of School of Music Voice Brass Theory Chorus Graduate Fort Wayne Bible Institute, 1926, AB. Bluffton College, 1928, public school music, 1929-377 B. Sc, Ed. Ohio State University, 19385 instructor Bob lone-s College, 1938-1944, M. Mus. Northwestern Uni- versity, 19447 teacher and Director ot School of Music ot Fort Wayne Bible Institute, 1944-. You are unquestionably living in one of the greatest eras of all time, that period which pre- cedes the glorious return of our Lord. That impression or feeling ot some tremendous cataclysmic disaster about to transpire, is shared alike by nori'Christians as well as by those who are the real followers of Christ. l-luman ingenuity and initiative, have been responsible tor many discoveries. Scientists have given their life's blood tor developments in chemistry, electricity, mechanics, etc., etc. No price seems too large in money as well as lite. Aslc yourself this question, "ls my lite all that God wants it to be?" Do Christ's Words, "Not my will, but Thine be done," challenge you to a more consecrated practical Christian lite? This World is calling for help. Millions have never heard the "Good News." May their call and the Lords call to you individually challenge you to positive action for Him. if I trlfvvfhnmlwirhnmidvxflnmvlnnmmrukilfu . 1 Qui' u r " ' 'r1':1'i1f"rv-avi" 1 1' . ' .. - 'V' 1 - ' rv-nu-w L,-,-im -- - 3' sz C. ADOLPH Theory Voice Chorus Conducting ROBERT L. P Theory Piano Organ GERBER Graduate Moody Eib1e Iristitute, 1913: stu dent of American Conservatory oi Musicg an staff at Fort Wayne Bible Instittte since 1919 FUNDSTEIN AB. Dennison University, 1929 ELI. Northwestern University, 1930: graduate studies University ot' Miami, 1217: qraduate Nyack Missionary Training Insftfuie, 1940: pupil of CCIT1 Milton Beecher Arne Cldlzera Horace 'Nhitehouse and Leo Pidzlsizyg tearhf er of piano at St. Paul and N','a:E: Institutes at Fort Vlayne Bible Instituie sirxre 1?-if. S' Student Bluffton Co11eqe, 19lE-1219 gradu- Piano ate Fort 'Wayne Bib1e 1nszitute, i:'1A gradu- ate study Northwestern Universxy summer 19425 AB. Bob Iones Co11ege 1943- pian: instructor Fort W'ayne Bibie Insiizzie 1944-. ELLEN BISHOP Studied piano at the E351 ear: Sshcr I Music with George- Baillie S.t1a11lT'9 ci Plano Paris Conservatoire and a pup' 3' s kowski and Phihppe' stud giati. gan with Charles H x-.' .lazsh .,ur:.. and radio organist 321, "asset of 'raart se1-ections and hymns' :died a:'a::: X-.'1t:2 'Walter E. Buszin formerly head :L il.: 11111515 department at Concordia College .Fx '.'.'ayr:e1 and now chairman of the 311151: iegariiieiit at Concordia Teachers Crlleae Fare? ?:re:1 111: assxiate :iernber ci 'e - 34" tion Society of Sz. l:111s ,. the societys Prcares:i':e Serie music theory. Student Instructors and Superwkors ETHEL SCHMIDT, A.B. BERDALINE GERIG JUNE SWABACK English Piano Piano L F ,, IOY GERIG RITA ERICKSON IANE BEDSWORTH Picmo Piano Physical Education ROBERT WEBER PAULINE SCHMIDT, CLIFFORD HABEGGER Physical R.N. Supervisor Founders' Education Institute Nurse Memorial Saperwlvor Faithfully he has laboured for the institute - seeing that our needs are supplied. His efficiency in the perform- ance of his duties is highly corn- rnendahle and can only be super- Bulld-IUQS and G1'011I1dS seded by his Christ-like spirit. H RUTH YOUNG During her two years' stay at Hostess of the lnstitute, she has proved her- self to be a Spirit-filled Christian Administration Building as well as a splendid hostess. Her ability to understand and counsel us and the beautiful exe ample of her walk with lrzst have helped to direct our path- ways. ADA M. SMITH Quietly she performs her duties Laundry Supervisor V -ever radiating the love of Christ. HAZEL SHOUP We appreciate her patient la- bors for her Master, as she serves Cook V Him here. BERNICE OSER l-ler efficient supervision of the . . dining room and her Christian D1mng Room Hostess , , , testimony have been an inspira- tion to us. IOHN OYER We remember him for his help- fulness in little things and for his clean-cut testimony for Christ which he lived before us. 0ff7' e Staff M. LUELLA MILLER Secretory to President and Registrar WAUNETA SHOUP Secretary to the Dean BERNICE DEAN Bookkeeper HELEN WRIGHT Secrelcxry in Founders' Memorial Office Quietly cmd unorssurninqly she performs her duties --she is Q true friend to us. Persistent in her labors for Christ cmd efficient in her wsrl: for the Dean. l-ler friendliness and lter :ez sistent tesfirneny lime win 1 confidence. life like her cial. sr .ss - -,vt - r 1-vw lie. L eaf1t.t.nl3 i Jas. Christ. l. Paintin' time at the MitcheIl's. 2. Every morning a "good moming!" 3. Shooting the breeze. 4 Busr es oh e clo ed" 5. "Did you wish to speak to me?" 6. The Commander-in-Chief. 7. The smile from the Golden West. 8 Never too busy to smile 9. Our president and the first lady. 10. "Let's take a taxi!" 11. A forlom figure. 12. Who wou1dn't be shocked' 13 Whats that over there? 14. At it again! 15. Where are we going? 16. "Are you going my way?" 17. The campus eng neer 18 A smile worthwhile. 19. "Hi-there!" 20. Out for a stroll. 21. "Oh-lor 0: milkshake!" 22, Hold-me-lite! -Mmm., M .1 5. -Q -1-1'.:::-me 2 4. y '1i,j.Qf M ,.. - 4?f"W'F H-. f , ,V W H - T, V nf ' an if " W- l T 15 "" is ......-L. 1- K. F jj-X fe 35? r. W, 4 ,au-h,u,,,, ,,.,. M , ,5 -.,,.,n--w.-Q , . Mrs. I. E. Ramseyer "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee." Isaiah 26:3 To Mrs. Ramseyer we lovingly dedicate this part ci the l947 Light Tower. We shall always remember her devotion to our school. For twenty-two years she labored untiringly with her husband, the late Rev, l. E. Ptamseyer, co-founder and former president ot the schcol. The Surf shine Makers organization oi the Missionary Church As- sociation claims Mrs. Ramseyer as their founder and present superintendent emeritus. To us she has been "Mother" as she has been a constant source ot spiritual guidance and inspiration. Her presence in our chapel hour throughout this year has been a blessing to us all. We Honor ln honor ct lvlrs. Lugibihl, wife of the late Rev. B. P. Lugibihl, co-founder ot the school, we recognize her past years ot devotion to us. For many years she served as Matron of the School, a position which included her be- ing a gracious hostess to all. Later she served as Matrcn of the Administration Building. Her service to the schcol cannot be reckoned in terms ot time, since her lite, as well, has been an example ot faith and godliness to many students in past years. We deeply appreciate her oc- casional visits on the campus and the benefits reaped from tellowshipping with this dear saint of God. Mrs. B. P. Lugibihl K ' N iw-ur 1 -5 ff1 g's-gli V. - H I ff, 1 ' 'l ' ffl- . , ?Z7ll.3fZ.i.5, f . ,, I. E. Ramseyer 7' . 11869-19441 'if f Superintendent and instructor of the Bible School b A A established by the Missionary Church Association at 1 "" Bluffton, Ohio, in 1904. Associated through the re- .. ff A - 'ff, mainder of his life with the school when it was tra:ns- ferred to Fort Wayne. Served on Executive Committee in the early years, and President from 1923 to 1944. A Wise counsellor in guiding administrative affairs, a spiritual father to many, a courageous but gentle de- fender of the faith, B. P. Luqibihl 11849-19161 Founder of Bethany Home, Bluffton, Ohio-the ante- cedent institution of the Bible lnstitute. Established in 1888 as a home for the "sick and oppressed." From 1895 to 1901 a Bible school was conducted in the home. ln 1904 Mr. Lugibihl became Business Manager of the reorganized school at Bluffton, and served in that ca- pacity When the school was transferred to Fort Wayne until his death in 1916, except for an interval of four years. A man of vision, a tireless worker, an effective soul-winner. 1 it Henry Roth 11866-19461 Cne of those six men, Who, under God, selected the site on which the larger development of the lnstitute has taken place. The father of a distinguished family, -three sons became ordained ministers and three daughters became wives of ministers. Five of these are alumni of the lnstitute. A denominational leader and minister of the Missionary Church Association, a faithful pastor, one who kept the faith. oander: D. Y. Schultz H865-l9l8l Assistant Superintendent of school organized in Bluffton, Ohio, where one term was held from lanuary 1 to April l, 1904. On Building Committee charged with constructing first building on new site in Fort Wayne in latter part of 1904. Superintendent of "Bi- ble Training School"--the name first given to our school-from 1904 until 1911. A capable teacher of the Word, a wise administrator, a respected servant of God. David Roth mass-19301 William Egle tl859-19445 Member of the committee that selected the site or Campus in Fort Wayne and member of first building committee. Gave freely of his time and energy when the Administration Building was erected and remained a loyal friend of the lnstitute throughout his life, An indefatigable worker, who served as a district superin- tendent until his eighty-fifth year. An inspiring leader with a youthful heart, a pioneer with far-reaching vision, a man of understanding and sympathy. From the vantage point of the present it is obvious i that the directing hand of an all-wise Providence guided those six men who selected from a number of the pos' sible sites the present location of the Bible Institute. Reverend David Roth was one of that number. After the decision was made, all bowed their heads amid the stately oaks to invoke God's blessing. lt has ever since been a hallowed spot. A Christian of unimpeachf able character, of deep convictions, and a kindly dis- position. STUDE X DOIMS VILL rbi F , XB I A '51 , -f-'Rom Like Timothy, the students heor Poul's loving exhortation cleor To leorn His word, to ioke reprooi, To rightly know "the Word oi Truth." They study now to siond opproved, And grounded deep-by storrns unmoved. A workrncrn He will well preporre, And choose His precious Work to shore. "Study to shew thyself needeth not to be ashamed, approved unto God, a workman that rightly dividing the word of truth." . -II Timothy 2:15 'fazf m' 11.- .f H, H ' F, J A . . , is -1-QQ? u . 'I Q 5 - ' w ' "nf Y Front Row: R. Wolford. E. Schmidt, L. On' Back Row: A. N euenschwcmder, H. L. Mitchell, E. Lehmcm SENIOR OFFICERS President ............... .Eloyd Lehman Vice President. . .Arthur N euenschwamder Secretary .. .... Ethel Schmidt Treasurer .. .... Lynford Orr Chaplain . . . ..... Ralph Wolford Advi sor . . . . . .Harvey L. Mitchell SENIOR CL R XX is xfX XXX XR XY., L. .Y D 'X in IX, 4 F 1947 Helen I. Blomquist Standard Christian Education PSALM 91:2 Girls' Chorus Special Chorus Phyllis Dickerson Standard Theological and Missionary JOHN 6:37 New Lite, '46, '47 Street Meeting Committee, '47 Lois L. Burpee Standard Missionary 5'lVOR Alma lean Craft Standard Christian Olive L. DeCCImp Standard Christian J EREMIAH 33:3 Educcmon Educcmon New Life, '45-'46 PHILIPPIANS 4:4 PSALM 3734, 5 Street Meeting Child Evangelism Messiah, '44, '45 Committee, '46-'47 Teacher, '45-'47 Holy City, '45 Light Tower Staff, '47 Church Sea, '45 Mariorie O. Dinqmcxn Standard Christian Education I JOHN 1:7 Messiah, '44 Girls' Chorus, '45 Sunday School Teacher, '44-'47 Berdaline R. Geriq Standard Bible Music PSALM 138:8a Gospel Team, '44-'47 Mission Band Committee, '45-'47 Youth Conference Committee, '46 Student Instructor fpianol, '46-'47 Child Evangelism Teacher, '46-'47 Eileen V. Gottschalk Two-Year Bible Music JOSHUA 1: 16 Gospel Team, '42 Holy City, '45 Messiah, '45, '46 Mission Band Committee, '45, '46 Girls' Chorus, '46 Sunday School Teacher, '46-'47 . 1.-.l-li. . -ii 1 Mildred E. Holcomb Academic Christian Education PHILIPPIANS 4:7 Messiah, '45 New Life, '45, '46 Child Evangelism, '46, '47 Helen V. Hyde Standard Missionary ISAIAH 41: 10 Child Evangelism, '44, '45 Messiah, '44-'46 Special Chorus, '45 Child Evangelism, Director, '45-'47 Prayer Leader, '45-'47 Hattie A. Lcxughbcxum Helen L. Lcrughbaum Standard Theological PHILIPPIANS 3:14 New Life, '45 Sunday School Teacher, '45-'47 Standard Christian Education PSALM 25:5 Child Evangelism, '45, '47 New Life, '46 Sunday School Teacher, '46 7947 Kathleen R. Inniger Standard Missionary PSALM 37:5 Messiah, '44 Gospel Team, '44-'46 Youth Conference Committee, '45, '46 Prayer Leader, '45-'46 Girls' Chorus, '46 Child Evangelism, '46-'47 Eloyd M. Lehman Standard Theological PHILIPPIANS 3: 10 Messiah, '44F'46 Holy City, '45 Men's Chorus, '46 Youth Conference Committee, '46 Senior Class President, '47 Light Tower Circula- tion Manager, '47 jucmita V. Korta Standard ltflissii-fzar J HVEBREWS 7:25 Sunday School Teacher, '44-'45 Prayer Leader, '45-'46 Child Evangelism, '45-'46 Amy L. Leightner Standard Bible Music PSALNI 91:2 Student Council, '-15 Gospel Team, '45 Messiah, '45-'47 Sunday School Teacher, '46, '47 Mission Band Committee, '47 QWDA' iw? Edna Lohr Glenn A. McHatt0n Academic Theological Standard Theological Acrs 4:13b ROMANS 8:28 Child Evangelism, Tract Team, '44 '44-'46 Prayer Leader, '47 lunior Church, '47 Virginia M. Miller Standard Missionary PSALM 32:8 Sunday School Teacher, '44-'47 Child Evangelisrn, '46, '47 Messiah, '44 Ass't. Prayer Leader, '45 Gospel Team, '45 Student instructor CArtl, '45 Light Tower Stalt, Artist, '46 Student Preacher, '46-'47 Arthur B. Neuenschwcxnder Standard Theological ROMANS 8: 28 Mission Band Committee, '44-'45 Student Council, '44345 Prayer Leader, '44-'45 Youth Conference Co'Chairman, '45 Holy City, '45 Student Pastor, '45-'46 Messiah, '46 Senior Class Vice President, '47 1947 G. Robert Magary Standard Theological PHILIPPIANS 1:21 Messiah, '44, '45 Gospel Team, '44-'46 Holy City, '45 Men's Chorus, '46 Youth Conference Committee, '46 Light Tower Adver- tising Mgr., '46 Editor-in-Chief Light Tower, '47 Elbert Neuenschwcmder Advanced Theological PHILIPPIANS 3:10-14 Gospel Team, '45-'47 Men's Chorus, '45-'47 Messiah, '45-'47 Leona R. Murkhcnn Standard Christian Education PROVERBS 3:6 New Life, '46 Lynford Orr Standard Theological GALATIANS 2: 20 Messiah, '45, '46 Student Pastor, '45-'47 Senior Class Treasurer, '47 Mission Band Committee, '47,. Margaret Packer Standard Missionary D1-:UTERONOMY 31:6, 8 New Lite, '46-'47 Ethel Mae ShaneYIe1t Standard Missionary PHILIPPIANS 1:20, 21 Sunday School Teacher, '44-'47 New Lite, '46 Ethel Schmidt Thelma B. Schmidt Lois F. Schwendener Advanced Theological Standard Bible Music Standard lfiiseionary 1sA1AH 26:3 ROMANS 11:33 I SAMUEL 12:24 Child Evangelism, '45 Gospel Tearn, '44, '46 New Lite, '45-'45 Sunday School New Lite, '45-'46 Prayer Leader Teacher, '45 Holy City, '45 Student lnstructor tlfnqlishi, '45-'47 Mission Band Coinrnittee, '47 Senior Class Sec., '47 Messiah, '47 Barbara Shoup Standard Christian Education ISAIAH 40:31 Sunday School Teacher, '44347 lVOR Girls' Chorus, '45-'47 Light Tower Staff, '47 '46347 Betty R. Sims Eugene B. Sims Standard Missionary Standard Theological GALATIANS 2:20 and Missionary Messiah, '44 PHILIPPIANS 3:10 Prayer Leader, '44, '45 Holy City, '45 Tract Tearn, '45-'47 Prayer Leader, '46 Mission Band President, '47 Youth Conference Ci- Chairman, '47 Street Meeting Cornrnittee, '47 ...Eli tif, "42- 9' Q -'Lf 'ZW 'uf 'i Ah! fit .-.K .l, of-Wt? A '. 2 i . 7, 1 I I A 4 s I t i 5 f 41' AER Olga Soroczak Standard Christian Education H COR. 5:17 Child Evangelism, '44-'46 Prayer Leader, '45 Messiah, '46 Verna Unru.h Standard Missionary I CORINTHIANS 15:58 Messiah, '45-'47 Sunday School Teacher, '46-'47 Child Evangelism, '46-'47 Student Council, '47 5'lVOK Nelvcr Steiner Royal B. Steiner Clara Lou Stucky Standard Missionary Standard Theological Standard Missionary PHILIPPIANS 3:10 MARK 11:22 PSALM 91:1 Gospel Team, '44, '45 Child Evangelism, '44, '45 Special Chorus, '44-'45 School Nurse, '44-'46 Girls' Chorus, '46-'47 Irene E. Walker Standard Christian Education PSALM 46:1 Sunday School Teacher, '44-'45 Student Preacher, '41, '42, '46, '47 Light Tower Staff Photographer, '42 Special Chorus, '46 Men's Glee Club, '46, '47 Mission Band President, '47 Robert E. Weber Standard Theological PROVERBS 3:5, 6 Sunday School Teacher, '44 Student lnstructor Cgyml, '45-'47 Tract Team, '46 New Lite, '45-'47 Williazm C. Weihl Standard Theological EXODUS 33:13-15 Tract Team, '44, '45 Light Tower Stott, '46 Student Pastor, '46, '47 , XV ' 40 DOUG vu cgi xx fr k Darrell R. Williams Ruth E. WOH Ralph Woliord Dorthy Worm1eY Standard Theological Standard Theological Standard Theological Standard Christian JOHN 10:27, 28 PSALM 91:1 PSALM 19:14 Education Tract Team, '45, '46 Prayer Leader, Messiah, '44, '46 PROVERBS 3:5,6 Youth Conference '43, '44 Student Pastor, '44-'47 Messiah, '45, '46 Committee, '46 Mission Band Committee, '46 Light Tower Adver- tising Mgr., '47 194 Messiah, '44-'46 Holy City, '45 Child Evangelism, '45-'46 Gospel Team, '46-'47 7 Youth Conference Chairman, '46 Light Tower Asst. Ad- vertising Mgr., '46 Senior Class Chaplain, '47 Light Tower Business Mgr., '47 Child Evangelism, fic Prayer Leader, '46, '47 "Do 21 fl! W17! " "And the world, with its desire, is passing away, but he who does Gods will continues for ever." l lohn 2:17. CWeymouthl These are tremendous words filled with eternal finality. Their very ccntent demands of men to choose Whom they Will serve. The world may offer the possibility of wealth, honor, farne, and power to him who will serve them: but such service demands that the servant do the will of his master and share in his master's eternal reward. But he who does God's will in believing on Christ, whom he hath sentg and in serving Him with his heart single in purpose: and his will lost in the will of God: vvill, with God, continue for ever. What the will of God may he for our class is not as important as it is that We be found "doing His Will." By the grace of God, by the leadership of the lncarnate Word, and by the en- abling of the Spirit of Christ, we the Senior Class of l947 will continue "doing His will." s .w-M JU f Seated: S. Miller, B. Parker, M. Woodward, V. Perkins Skmding: P. Erdel, H. Dunlap x 4, .r in ,al 55 6 - v' 6, 4 r "Y", of 1948 af 4' '-nr' UPPER LEFT PANEL: Max Applegate Dolores Ann Baird Standard Theological Standard Missionary Sarah Irene Brown Standard Missionary LOWER LEFT PANELS: Gladys Cate Emily Pearl Coddington Standard Christian Education Standard Christian Education Howard E. Dunlap Standard Theological LOWER RIGHT PANELS: Truman D. Gottschalk Standard Theological Margaret L. Korta Standard Missionary Marie McE1hone Standard Theological Frank Deninqer, Ir. Standard Theological Paul Erdel Standard Theological Gaylord E. Geriq Advanced Theological Paul E. Grabill Standard Theological Elizabeth M. Hirschy Standard Christian Education Esther Krueger Standard Missionary LaDonna I. Litzenberq Standard Bible Music Sarah C. Matthews Standard Christian Education Shirley L. Miller Iames H. Bell Standard Theological Iames W. Canon Standard Theological Kenneth Culver Standard Theological Helen Irene Dobie Standard Missionary Thaine E. Ford Standard Theological Geraldine R. Gerig Standard Missionary Ioan E. Haitley Standard Christian Education Charles W. Ioder Standard Theological Virginia P. Lacey Standard Missionary I-Iarry McElhone Standard Theological Donna Iean Merrill Standard Christian Education Virginia Mae Miller Standard Christian Education Standard Bible Music JUN 0RS' 1948 'lb ,JAKE Nila L. Bossard Standard Bible Music Ruth V. Dcrniel Standard Bibi- I s Donovan I. Gerig Standard Theological Eglith M. Harmon Standard Christian Edu Icyce E. Lawson Standard Eibie " A b Rita M. Miller Standard ltlissiona , 1.-G., fr 'W' 'W 'If LOWER LEFT PANELS: Beaty W. Morris Standard Missionary Bruce Pearson Standard Theological Faythe Ringenberg Standard Missionary UPPER RIGHT PANEL: Evelyn Slusser Standard Missionary LOWER RIGHT PANELS: Iune A. Swaback Standard Bible Music Dorothy E. Welch Siandai d Christian Education pr YUM 48 Lenoze Niemann Standard Theological Barbara E. Parker Standard Christian Ed Elenore Perkins Standard Christian Ed Robert W. Quay Academic Theological Donald P. Rohrs Standard Theological Shirley K. Schray Standard Theological Gertrude Slusser Standard Missionary Delmar Stalter Standard Theological Clare M. Tosch Standard Theological Ifeten B. Wade Standard Christian Ed Evangeline Witmer Advanced Theological Ruth M. Zimmerman Standard Christian Ed ucation ucation ucahon ucation Lloyd W. Null Standard Theological I. Wade Parker Standard Theological Elna l. Persons Standard Missionary Paul Ruger Academic Theological Ann R. Schierling Standard Missionary Eunice C. Schwendener Standard Missionary Barney Snowden Academic Theological LaVerne Steiner Standard Theological Arlene B. Tucker Standard Bible Music Martha I. Wallace Standard Christian Educ Muriel 1. Woodward Standard Missionary Ruth Zellner Standard Missionary anon William T. Overhulser Academic Missionary Russell Persons Standard Theological Pauline Schmidt A Standard Christian Ed uration Letha E. Snyder Standard Missionary Lois Vollmar Standard Missionary Vemelle Yoder Bachelor of Bible 7948 JUNIHRY JU! !"'-fx, -Q--- 'l 9'- f ww .3 ,xl 1K Q'. v K- '-., ...- . V4 'VUE 'Dx SOPHOMORE ClA5S gg. s i 3 -L 2 3 I by M ,V S if 2 Seated: D. Dosh. R. Erickson, D. Iohnson Standing: G. Schwab, G. Aupperle. M. Applegate of 1949 LOWER PANELS: Lois G. Alhro Marilyn L. Amstutz Paul L. Amsiutz Marian Anderson Standard Missionary Standard Bible Music Standard Theological Sandard Exile Venus Arnold. Ir. Gordon Aupperle Cliflord Bahr Standard Missionary Academic Bible Standard Theilctai-cal Eileen Barden Helen L. Bath Charles S. Bath Ruth G. Beck Secretarial Science Standard Christian Education Standard Theological Standard T' is Vurla Birkey Belly Buchweitz Norma lean Byers Standard Bible Music Standard Bible Musi: Standard Christiar :ig LeRoy Caddy Esther M. Cain Reuben C. Cantrell Clark A. Card Academic Theological Standard Missionary Standard Theological rlcaderxic Excl Vera Carr Ralph E. Caslersen Barbara Dalley Secretarial Science Standard Bible Music Siandard Christian lfdxrcz 5 PHUMUR 5' 7949 6 aw , ifv. LOWER LEFT PANELS: Grace Dawley Eloise H. Dawson William Dean Roy Dettwiler Academic Christian Education Standard Bible Music Standard Theological Standard Bible Music lean Dick Earle S. Dickenson Esther A. Diller Standard Missionary Standard Theological Standard Christian Education Doreen Dosh Iessie Eling Rita Erickson Alice M. Ervin Standard Christian Education Standard Missionary Standard Bible Music Standard Christian Education Eunice H. Everett Catherine V. Fink Thomas Florence Standard Christian Education Standard Missionary Standard Theological Ruth I-'oor Patricia Fox Ruth A. Gabrielson Gerald Geriq Standard Bible Music Standard Bible Music Standard Missionary Standard Bible Music Mary Lou Great F. DeWitte Hall Alice Hansen Standard Christian Education Standard Theological Standard Bible Music UPPER RIGHT PANEL: Howard E. Harris Betty Iarie Hartman Della Heath Arlene E. Hewitt Standard Theological Standard Missionary Standard Missionary Standard Missionary Anna Mae Hilbert Pearl E. Hoffman Morris Iackson. Ir. Academic Bible Music Standard Missionary Standard Bible Music LOWER RIGHT PANELS: Phyllis I. Iackson Mary H. Iardine Dolores Iohnson Marjorie Iohnson Standard Christian Education Secretarial Science Standard Bible Music Standard Bible Music Roy D. Johnson I. Darrell Ioumell Maryann Keener Standard Theological Standard Theological Standard Christian Education Clarence Kirchner Louis I. Klotzbach Coleen E. Krahl Ianet A. Lawson Standard Missionary Standard Theological Standard Missionary Standard Christian Education Eunice A. Lehman Mathilda L. Liechty Agnes M. Lombard Standard Missionary Standard Bible Music Standard Christian Education 1949 5 PfIOMOR 5' 1... 'Er' X 1 5. ' 5' 1' 6 in fs- x J 'Q-' '1- 4 4 gfgii If 4 L A. ,ff .2 'I' . , -gg, Nr 'Q' ik' 1 7 ! 1 UPPER LEFT PANEL: William K. Mclver, Ir. Pauline M. McMichael Glenn H. Marks Flcrun L. Mast Standard Theological Academic Missionary Standard l.lisstc:.aty Qxnizri Tie: Donald Mikel Robert G. Moffatt Pauline Muselman Academic Bible Standard Missionary Sarrdard 211551:-na LOWER LEFT PANELS: David H. Nesbitt Priscilla Nickelson Imogene Palmer Charlot.e Paramore Standard Theological Standard Christain Education Standard Christian Edxcaficn E'a:::r2 Thetligft Dean E. Parker C. Iames Pasma Gerald Pasma Standard Theological Standard Theological Academic Eicle Marian Pasma Vernon Perkins Esther I. Perry Chester N. Reed Standard Christian Education Academic Theological Standard Missionary Saniard T?.e:.1:j.ig, Victor Reickow Frances Reinders Earl Richardson Academic Theological Standard Bible Music Standard The-Qi: LOWER RIGHT PANELS: I-lurlha I. Roach iola Iune Rouselle Gordon H. Schwab Carol lane Sipp Secretarial Science Standard Christian Education Standard Theological Standard llissgzr a Helen M. Smith Myrtle Smith Pauline M. Sousley Standard Missionary Standard Missionary Standard Eilzie Liusi: Wendall L. Sousley Cliilord I. Sprunger Dwight Steiner Amaryllis Stevenson Standard Missionary Standard Theological Siandard Bible Ilusit: Siandari Exile Lips Arthur Taylor Daniel Vaccarelli Geraldine C. Wagner Standard Theological Standard Theological Azaderni: Bible Eleanor Wann Harry E. Warner Katharine Willis Neil F. Wolfe Standard Christian Education Standard Theological Standard Christian Education Standard Thea I. Harlan Wrlgl-it Clara L. Wyckoff Louise A. Zuber Standard Bible Music Academic Missionary Acadernir Christi: Eilflflif, 5' Pfi0MOR 5' 1949 lb: 28 t W 95 Ci S-3 'Q 6- 3' FKESHMAN CMSS fl 1 STANDII TG: C. Hcrbegg X , V-1. Z, V f 1 1 ' V WM,- A I ,z , 5,561 13 'ffifwf' V, 147, J Ji ,,.: 2, """"'W, :M W Gould, R. Kemmerer SEATED: . G. Balmer of 1950 ee- , U Class 0 1950 UPPER PANELS: Miriam C. Carnes Academic Bible Music Martha I. Fiedler Cliiiord Habegqer Academic Christian Education Academic Theological Beatrice E. Lawrence Academic Bible Rachel E. Kemmerer Standard Missionary Carl Miller Academic Theological Vincent H. Seely Academic Bilolc Dorcas E. Lehman Standard Christian Education William H. Stanley Naomi M. Smith Academic Christian Education Academic Theological Samuel L. Touchton Beverly E. Want Ivis L. Wilson Academic Theological Academic Missionary Academic Chr STUDENTS WITHOUT PICTURES CLASS OF 1948-Curtis Bedsworth. Grace Bcdsworth. Mrs. Robert E. Cooley Harold E. Cra Hartoq, Evelyn L. Duff, Virginia I, Thomas. CLASS OF 1949-Norma Bedsworth. Albert Buchanan. Ir., Lois C. Cathcart. WVayne Caulkizis pin, Lowell Graf, Lois Hall, Gordon W. Hirschy, Charles H. Kauffman. Iam-es A. Ke-rby Patricia Lurella Mae Reed. Anna Smith, Wayne E. S:usley Iam-es E. Stlson. Henry D. Hewitt Academic Bible Bruce R. Seymour Academic The-cl istiari Education cqica ll L:ren:: I. Cds' C19 T9 Garnett O, Dalton, Cris c G L. Lcbdell Phylgs E 9 CLASS OF 1950-Gordon Balmer. Robert E, Cooley. Probert E. Gibbs. 'Wanda Bae Hebert XX'il'e' I l c Q S Robert K. Steirihauer, Nadine B. Welch, Charles G. Vtfirt. e,.-.w- X4 yi SPECIALS Christine Andrews. Esther Andrews, Violet Battenlnera, Lester L. Clnpp Lyla B. Crcw Geraldine leen Edqell, William B. Fisher, Geneva Graf. Mary Groqa, Alice I. Hursh M. L. Klcptezisteizi. Elizdlceth A. Lord FI'.'w'..1S Eli Oyer, Frieda Rediqer. Hazel E. Schweitzer. Alice M. vX'VGi3E'l'. 'N v POST GRADUATES-V-lane Bedsworth, Eileen Crall. Betty M. Gcolsby Edna T Heaton cry' Laci- 1... A.......a :UA S- gm. I ,ze 3 ,,. if ,F f , gf. '.. 5 ! 'i Q. 'irrwf SPECIAL AND POST GRADUATE STUDENTS UPPER PANELS: lla Iune Crow ?:st Graduate Ieaneile Lombard Cf fin' .,,.e-1,. Eileen E. Earnest T helma Frail Special Special Ioy Gerig Esther Hoover Special Special Bradley K. Sims Gerald Steiner Special Special Pearl Woodward Ervanna Yoder Special Special Carol M. Gerig Special Lucille Warner Special TOO LATE FOR CLASSIFICATION ff! 1 dnl.. , ,., Elwin Iones Iyla lean Duncan Earl McKnight Academic Theological Academic Missionary Standard Theological i948 1948 l949 SECOND SEMESTER ENTRIES UPPER PANELS: Winona Bennett Doris V. Bunch Gordon Enlield Dorm Freed Standard Christian Edu-:ation Stcxndcird Clirietisxn Education Standard Tlieeloqifci Stxnicri Harland Friend Wilma Gould Dale Harrufit Stcndfirfrl TllE'OlCtQIlC'3l St-itndarel Christiiin Education Aster-iemit? Bible Wanetcx Iones Helen Kapsulis Elmer Knowles Decm Latch St-and-ind Christian Education Acctdeniic Mission-Sify Acajerni? Tlieolcgi-:cl Sfvnizri Eleanor G. Lyon Harriet Stoddard Margaret Young Standard Missieriny Secretarial Sfiezife S' injzrd ' SECOND SEMESTER STUDENTS WITHOUT PICTURES Stanley Bower Betty Gates ltfillicini E. lohnsen Bernice Richard I. Byrne Marcus Hey Kenneth Love gba? i :mice Betty Corey lake Hostetler lvlury L. Nessler Elsie S lohn Gates lilcirqaret Hostetlei' Helen Nesbitt Helen "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints." Psalm 116115. Although Mr. Robert Pridy is now rejoicing in the presence of his Heavenly Father, his earth- ly friends miss him. Mr, Pridye"Bob" as most of us knew him-was a student-instructor at the Fort Wayne Bible Institute in the field of aercnautics. On the fifteeenth of October, his earthly work was completed as the result of an airplane crash and he responded to the voice of God to "come up higher." Before entering the Fort Wayne Bible institute in the fall of 1946, Bob had served, since 1942, in the Army Air Corps as a flight engineer aboard Br24's. Later, becoming a cadet, he had all but completed his training as a pilot, when the war ended. Honorably discharged in December, 1945, Bob gave himself enthusiastically to kingdom service as a good soldier of lesus Christ, his greatest desire being to contribute his technical skill in aviation to the training of those who were called of God to preach the gospel in the regions beyond, He continued his training and became a licensed CAA flying instructor. Acting upon his vision, Bob enrolled September the tenth at the Fort Wayne Bible institute as a student-instructor, teaching the Fundamentals of Aviation. Bob, and a few other felloW-stu- dents orgcmized a group called the "Flying Gospel Crusaders," the purpose of this group being to broadcast the gospel by the means of leaflets dropped from planes upon the towns in the vicin- ity of Fort Wayne. Bob Pridy has gone to the place prepared for him by the Lord lesus Christy but his vision to speedily send the gospel to the uttermost parts of the earth shall be carried on. May we catch that vision in the words of the Apostle Paul to the Corinthians: "Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord." X. NX 1 if sf ! ff . DONE vu. Lili y nu aff!! "A vision without a task is a dream: A task without a vision is drudgery. A vision and a task is the hope of the world." lfound in the ily-leaf of the New Testament which Bob carried with him in his flying iacketJ SE duff I L DONE WILL ciui F Xt ff? RA AICE To fields of service every week, The students go to sing or speak, And sound the wondrous Words ot lite In this sod World where death is rite. Though often weary, yet they go To teii of Christ who loved them so, Thot "other sheep" may heor His voice And in His scrvinq qrdce rejoice. "Serve the Lord before his presence with gladness: come with singing Psalm 100:2 Christian Service Department Clarence Huffman, Chairman The Christian Service Department seeks to direct the talents ot the student body in a con- structive spiritual ministry. The department sponsors and supervises a Wide range ot student ministries. The department functions that it may correlate studies in the classroom with actual expe- rience in the vineyard of Christ. Students of the Bible Institute not only are preparing to serve in the tutureg but as consecrated servants of their Lord, they are already engaged in carrying out the instructions ot Christ. The areas ot service are constantly enlarging. To the departments of previous years a new field ot labor has been tound in a weekly radio broadcast "The Voice of His Word." lt is the desire ot the Christian Service Department that the varied talents of the Bible lnstitute be used for the salvation of souls and theyedification ot believers. "To serve the present age, My calling to fulfill, O may it all my pow'rs engage To do my Masters will." -'Charles Wesley The Voice of HIS WDRD A new phase in the ministry ot the Fort Wayne Bible Institute was begun on Sun October 6, l946 in that the first broadcast of the "Voice of His Word" was presenie station WGL, broadcasting on a frequency ot 1450 kilocycles. The name was care trom a number of suggestions submitted by the students and truly describes the inte acter of the broadcast, tor it is indeed "The Voice ot His Word," Each Sunday 21: sage from the Word of God is presented by a tac ilty member: gospel music is turnisl semble composed of two gospel teams from the Institute. An additional feature each ot the relating of some Christian experience by a present or former student. Each sent torth with the prayer that it may be made a blessing to all ot its listeners result the salvation ot lost souls, the edification of saints, or in the challenging et believer ot service. SIUDEMS' MISSION BAND First Semester Committee Second Semester Committee Eugene Sims ---- President - - - Royal Steiner Darrell Williams Vice President Lyntord Orr Amy Leiqhtner Secretary Ethel Schmidt Clare Tosch Treasurer - - Paul Erdel LeRoy Caddy Chorister Harlan Wright Lois Vollniar Pianist lames Stilson lune Swahaclf: Orqantst Berdaline Geriq lated P. Geriq Faculty Advisor lared F. Geriq Missionary endeavors carry a threefold duty: pray, give, go. The Students' Mission Band seeks to meet these needs. This organization sponsors the daily missionary prayer meetings, supports Miss Leona Lehner in Ecuador, South America, and, at rneetings each Friday evening, fosters a true understanding oi missions, thereby guiding students to a life work here and abroad. One hundred thousand souls entering Hell each twenty-tcur hours should challenge us tc pray with Titus Coan: "Lord, send me where Thou wilt, only go with :iw Lay on me any burden, only sustain me, Cut any cord but the one that binds me To Thy cause, to Thy heart," Ru. Radu-tu 'hrica if 'T VE 'CLGCK MISSIONARY PRAYER MEEHN6 Throughout the world, millions are dying without the gospel of life and love. Many have not heard the Name of lesus mentioned even once, While We have been privileged to hear it again and again. As Iesus saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion, telling His disciples: "Pray ye, therefore, the Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth labourers into His harvest." For this purpose, the students gather every afternoon at 5:00 to pray for those who have gone forth in His Name and for the souls who need Christ. PRAY-GIVE-GO Three things the Master hath to do And we who serve Him here below And long to see His kingdom come May pray or give or go. He needs them all-the Open Hand, The Willing Feet, the Praying Heart- To work together, and to weave A three-fold cord that shall not part. Not all can gog not all can give. To speed the message on its way, But young or old, or rich or poor, Or strong or weak-we all can pray! Regular Prayer Leaders Assistant Prayer Leaders LeRoy Caddy, Frank Deninger, Helen Hyde tchairmanl, Iames Bell, lla Crow, Geraldine Gerig, Betty Goolsby Edna Lehi, Ann Zchierling, Lois Schwenclener, Dorthy Virginia Lacey, Eloyd Lehman, Rita Miller, Bruce Sey- 'lfcrrrjey mour, Letha Snyder 'Y2'i,yv,..9V"' 'Q ffrjffg A ' fm 13: fflffiw. ,gf SEVENTH NNUAE YOUTH CONFERENCE The students of the Fort 'Wayne Bible Institute have been annually conducting a Youth Con- ference for the past seven years endeavoring to reach the youth of the city of Fort W'ayne and its surrounding communities for Christ. God has richly blessed these efforts by bringing many pre- cious young people to know Iesus Christ as their personal Saviour from sin and by drawing many others into a deeper fellowship with l-limi This year We were privileged to have the Bev. William K. Burgess of Flint, Michigan, ti serve as our evangelist and Mr. Blanchard Amstutz, of Taylor University, to direct the singing. Rev. Sidney Correll, of Dayton, Ohio, editor of the Missionary Digest, was the missionary speak- er. A group discussion was held in which the subject, "What Determines a Call for Christian Service," was discussed. The various gospel teams from the Institute contributed much to each service by furnishing special music. The conference this year was greatly enjoyed by all who attended, and proved to be a time when many in zlividual spiritual victories were won. OFFICERS Chairman Ralph Wolford Secretary - Kathleen lnniger Coghqirmcm - - - Eugene Sims Music Chairman - - Berdaline Gerig Chair. of Arrangements - Darrell Williams Promotional Manager - G. Robert Magary Faculty Advisors A Q layed F. Seng Treasurer - - Eloyd Lehman Clarence Huffman SIREEI MEETING A conference . . . prayer . . . decisions . . . sofne conferences with the Practical Work Commit- tee and the Weekly Saturday evening street meetings were launched. These services are spon- sored and conducted by the students of the Bible Institute. ln addition to the meetings regularly held at Transfer Corner, a new district was opened to our ministry, thereby giving us a total of three meetings each week-end. The purpose of our street meetings is to reach as many people as possible with a snappy Gospel program. God graciously poured out His blessings upon the meetings and many lost souls found Christ as their personal Saviour. Such comments as, "Best ever," "God blessed us so," and "Souls were saved," Were heard filling the halls of the school as the students returned from the meetings. We ascribe all praise and glory for the results of tht moetings to God for His benediction upon our efforts. ---h :vu V715 ' "' f:':'.' .' girl 'u:.f.f.-m.,1t:isi'!A3iI UW-1' Tiff' IRENE BYRON SANATORIUM A group of students under the guidance ot the Holy Spirit take the Gospel niess , CIC! l Y and in word to the patients ot the Irene Byron Sunatoriunt each Saturday evening. Sho are held in each ward, thereby making it possible to reach a large nurnbe The Lord has His Hand ot blessing upon the work, for their reception of our excellent. Many compliments and words of praise concerning the work are ect has an advantage in that the patients do not have to gather together to and the Word: we take it to them where they are. This work is carried on twelve students each Week-end with a possibility ofthe work beinq enlarged ing new fields ot harvest is our aim. r ot the Gospel 1 he-ard. T i hear gos by in tl appr IG Illltl x FRACT IEAM AT Every Saturday evening at eight o'clock, fifteen or sixteen men leave the Bible Institute to distribute tracts in the many night clubs and beer gardens of the city of Fort Wayne. This work is assigned by the Christian Service Committee, with the aim of presenting the Gospel to those that never attend church. This year we have somewhat enlarged our coverage, in that we now have seven routes, whereas last year there were only five. I In addition to the Tract Team, there is also a Tract Rack Team whose job it is to maintain tract racks in hotels, restaurants, and railroad stations. Through these two phases of the tract work, the members of the Team are able to distribute between 3500 and 4000 tracts weekly. The Tract Team has had some definite results, and we believe that there shall be many more, for the Lord has promised that His Word would not return unto Him void. From some of the Tract Team men we hear the following words of testimony: "l have learned much in the way of meeting people and in dealing with them about their souls, and am grateful for the experience that it has afforded me-'l-R CCISTGTSGD. "lt is a real joy to serve on the Tract Team and to give the Word of God to those whom the Devil has under his control."-L. Klotzbach. "I have enjoyed working on the Tract Team for the reason that it gives me an opportunity to witness to those who are apart from the saving grace of God."-D. Vaccarelli. "0 'hir ' . 1 '-if13315213r,i'ifii42'5ESdi5rI?tlti2Siteiilltiixilltviwl 'lfi'if"'Fi""''ft'-'15 5 EW lIFE About two years ago, someone with a love for the souls of the men, women, and children of Fort Wayne, desired to reach them with the Gospel message. To do this, a booklet ens titled, "New Life," was published, the thought being to place this booklet into every home in the city. It is printed in an attractive torrn and makes the wav of salvation plaing also it in- structs one who has been saved, on "How to live the Christian Lite." The distribution of this booklet is done by the women students ot the Institute, as a part of their practical Christian work. Only in eternity will the results be known. The seed has been sown and Gods Word shall not return unto Him void. By the close of the spring ot l947, every home in Fort Wayne will have had a copy of this "New Life" booklet-thus tul- filling the desire born in a heart filled with love for God and the salvation ot others. CHILD EVANGELISM 5302255 This year again there has been opportunity to work with the International Child Evange- lism Fellowship, reaching children for Christ. Additional opportunities have been given in the open door to recreation centers ot the city. The average total attendance tor each week is about 315 in 20 classes. The following testimonies from two of the teachers demonstrate the joy and blessing received from engaging in child evangelism: "l'm so glad that as a young child l accepted Christ. Now He has given me the priv- ilege to have a child evangelism class so that I might tell them that lesus came to save children. I am experiencing a real joy in being an instrument through which Christ can win little ones to Himself." "Child evangelism has opened my eyes to the possibilities of advancing the kingdom of Christ by saving a lite as well as a soul." SUNDAY SCHOOL IEACHERS Twenty-one young men and Women from the Institute were engaged as teachers of Sun- day School classes in various churches and missions of the Fort Wayne area during the past school year. Classes ranging from small children to adults have been taught in these church- es of many different denominations. This type ot practical work has given many opportunities for good experience and has al- so laid upon the student teachers the responsibility for those to whom they minister. The fact that several ot the Sunday School pupils to Whom the students minister have given their lives over to the Lord Iesus Christ, proves the value ot this specific ministry. These results have been reaped by the teachers of these classes for the glory of the Lord as they have continued to do His blessed Will. THE MESM H HHALLELUIAH: for the Lord God Omnipotent reignethl The kingdom of this world is become the kingdom of our Lord, and of His Christy and He shall reign for ever and ever. KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OE LORDS, HALLELUlAH." Thus reverberated the magnificent climax of Handel's oratorio, "The Messiah," presented by the special chorus of one hundred voices blended together under the direction of Professor Oliver E. Steiner, Sunday afternoon, December l5, 1946. Eleven hundred quests listened to the story of Christ in music-His prophesied coming, the event of His birth, His death, and His triumphant resurrection. The Chorus was robed in White surplices and dark suits: the auditorium was beautifully decorated with balsam and pine boughs. Four great artists added to the beauty of the presentation. They were: Evelyn Wemmer, Soprano, of Lima, Ohio, Kathryn Welty, Alto, also of Lima, Ohio: Carlton Eldridge, Tenor, of Lansing, Michigang and Ira Gerig, Bass, of Berea, Ohio. Mrs. Marguerite Steiner accompanied the chorus and soloists on the Baldwin, and Professor Robert Pfundstein on the Orgatron. --M0:+e:f:1-f-- "n'r,"'c'f"" - 7 1 -f3tvt.alf.1f,l2imf I , ,. -aa iizfiiasx gif! 1 ,i if! v I I ' vw if? 'A gl' E' Q' 'Aa' fi' ' ' . -M-wlxy. ,W,.g!x W' 'fi . Wh 'Rx bm DQ, JL M D4 ll gl Q. .,. , hdiifvw, ,V i, 5 osm e F KING'S I CAROLERS I F . V. Birkey . g A . L fs " V f 1 f ,' ifffjf J P , :ffiefilflf b ' qs 311 ' Y '-' V V 1 1 2345?-2 , ,. W: A .v' ra , 4 .. -ia, Q ' ' l. .f . Vs '9 wt: 'if' 'im :' ' KING'S MEN L. Caddy R. Query CRUSADERS TRIO F. R-einders F. Rinqenbe-rg M. Anderson . L. Litzenberq I. Swdbcxck A. Hcmsen I P s s I ' , 'P . 1 I ' QUARTET 1 .- -P D- ROIWIS V Y D. Geriq aw WST? . , . dd dd . -.Y .5 K V ' "1 jg I V K N ' . ,A , I VV 5 ' "V ik 1' V ' .. -U ' .A ,11 ig-L s F ,WN I . . A . , M , qi A 1 6 i,,,..,,,h , 45, . .Q 1 ..f.......4....z.L-.-V..... .. . ' A M .. ..,.-A-Ai .. h - ' ' TEAMS RUTH MESSENGERS R. Gaklielsdu R. Wolf H. Beck L. Vollmcrr FISHER- MEN G. Geriq D. Parker ,lf-N-f. Ibm? . ff ' w 'T 'T'W'.? ' w. K If . ki -, , AMBASSADORS QUARTET M. Icckson B. Snowden E. Dickenson E. Neuenschwcmder ,uf 'aw fir., 40 29 SALVATION HERALDS N. Bosscxrd T. Schmidt G. Geriq . Q 4- X A 1 A 1 li . ...mi Q, 43' Ki?" Y -fv ,LJ MELODY TRIO V. Con B. Morris C. Sipp 3g,.p,,-,.1, , X .. . X -'R 'QQ '. "xii-'Fri 14 l l Q 1 V t E 1 , A- - ,A . f , ntl nj CAR RIVERS These students have been assigned the responsibility of transporting gospel teams to and from their various places of service. Besides their work in maintaining their cars and supply- ing the students with safe transportation, opportunity is often given them to take part in the services, either by testifying or by delivering the Word of God. Upon returning from week-end ministries, they bear testimony to the grace and goodness of God. Two of the drivers testify: "lt has been a pleasure to drive gospel teams this year. God blessed me richly mxj gave me a greater burden for His Work through the contacts which were made. -Y Harold frail. "Gospel team work this past year has produced manifold blessings. l ani glad to refer. that through the ministry oi the gospel teams, Souls have been definitely saved and e 111'-' of Christians enriched."-Frank Deninger. -W 577 . f ffl? VUy My ff ff V 1 ffhfqfg ' f 77x71 y ff X, ,rf ,f SFUDEN PASTORS Besides carrying a regular schedule of classes, eleven men students of the Institute are "do- ing His will" by serving as student pastors in or near Fort Wayne. These men, Who regularly go torth from the lnstitute each week to teed their flocks, not only are gaining valuable expe- rience in these various pastorates, but also are enabled to do a vital work in leading men and women to a saving knowledge ot Christ and in instructing them how they may live a victorious Christian life. Those who have churches have the responsibility ot at least two Sunday services and one mid-Week meeting, besides the pastoral duties required ot every true minister of the Gospel. They well realize the meaning of the motto, "Training for service, and service in training." Our Missionary ln a thatched-rooted home with a split-bamboo iloor, 11 group of girls gather each Sunday morning in Las Palmas, Equador. The supervisor of this Work is Miss Leona Lehner, the school's Mission Band representative who is "doing His Will" in Esrneraldas, Equador. The beginning of this work was the conversion of one girl, who in turn led her mother to the Lord in their beach home under the palm trees. Besides her Sunday School class, Miss Lehner teaches childrens meetings, using flannel-graph illustrations. Her courageous spirit and her faith are manifested in several excerpts from her letters: "l praise the Lord tor all He does tor me, and tor an opportunity to serve Him." "He never tails! l do rejoice in Him and praise Him with a full heart! lt is so wonderful to Walla with Him and sweetly trust Him." '?".ni1 Miss Leona Lehner .va-,Q f L in - l.l ,. 4. .. ,ar Pfzysfbal The aim of the Women's physical education class is three-fold: relieving tense bodies that are seemingly tied up into knots as a result of long hours of desk Work: refreshing the mindg and encouraging students in the art of co-operation and team work. These ends are accomplished through a series of "build-up" exercises, planned games, and competitive sports. Occasionally a student enters the class who has never engaged in sport activities, and it is always a joy to see her eyes brighten during the heat and excitement of a com- petitive game. Sometimes she discovers latent abilities which she had never realized were hers. Good sportsmanship, team Work, and co-operation are stressed in every phase of the "gym" Work, and the fine spirit displayed by the girls in the class is ample reward for the effort put forth to accomplish these ends. Our schedule at the Bible Institute includes a program of physical fitness, for the reason that good health and strong bodies are the first essentials needed for the acquiring of alert cmd capable minds. Our beloved apostle wrote to Gaius: "I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prosperethf' It is vital to our Well-being that we maintain a good balance in our training. There- fore, twice each week, We lay aside our studies and meet in the gymnasium where we are directed in calisthenics and organized games that are enjoyed by all. Edacaflbn M., George Makcxs, Violinist IN IITU E CGNCERTS Several special events during the school year have served to make this year a profitable and interesting one. Outstanding musicians who have consecrated their talents to the Lord have presented these concerts. The first concert of the year was presented on October IO, 1946, by George Makas, violinist, of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mr. Makas, formerly a member of the lndianapolis Symphony Or- chestra, is now a teacher in the Northwestern Schools, Minneapolis. November 13, 1946, marked the second in this series of concerts. Gene lordan, marimba- phonist and Lois Hatt, accompanist were our guest artists. Both are radio artists of WMB1, Chi- cago, and appear regularly in Youth for Christ rallies. Our first concert of the second semester was on February 10, 1947. lohn M. Sergey, Rus- sian baritone, now associated with the Russian Gospel Association, was the guest soloist. The Lord is giving him a preaching, as well as singing ministry, and has used him to Win many souls for 1-lim. 1-le was formerly with the Chicago Civic Opera Company. On March 19, 1947, we were privileged to hear a sacred concert presented by the A Cappella Choir of Taylor University, Upland, Indiana. March 30, 1947 brought us the A Cappella Choir of the Grace Bible Institute, Omaha, Ne- braska, in a concert of sacred music. The final concert of the year was on Wednesday evening, April 16th. It was presented by Mr. Al Zahlout and his "singing violin," accompanied on the piano by Mrs. Zahlout. Mr. Zah- lout was formerly affiliated with the Young People's Church of the Air, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. . 1 ff t 4 m,,ti?3Lfittf1zitu.irzmm1?fe,l w -rr i f : it -ur :G-.rr .f':,. .'iTl"'-" :if ' A-r , ,' Gene Iordcm, Mcxrifzibruphonist Lois Hutt. Pianist Iohn Sergey. Baritone LIFE United in Him, we have fellowship sweet, And waiting together at Jesus' blest feet, ln some time of prayer, or in some chapel hour, How good to be melted by Gods gracious power! In tasks of the day, in deep sorrow or song, The pain shared is lessenedg the joy, shared, prolongedg So blest by His Spirit, with hearts tuned above, How pleasant to swell thus in brotherly love! Sl r ff X X A A Behold, how go fi. for brethren to X X ' . o -"?' ':.:f" "2" 73' "WM -Tx ' 'P' 'w'1f'5" ' :3'f' ?',Y-7i,'f nK wacz ' -vw' I-1-1' . - a-w :v if .:??ffTf'-f?'?7f757I7'-Qff',- 9 - f ww -- - -V' 5 . 1. Y- Rfb. - . - , c .fU1!l.1a-2-.,--f1'1- - ' K ' 1' -4 - f HW., 1 . A ff- ' ' N- "9?'4"---rw ,, X t-1,,-X .. , f., , j ,. , .. 'V c --r--an---uhhh--Af-f ' X X Y 'L v -A t F W, and how pleasant it is dwell together in unity." ' -Psalm 1331. -J 1. Poor Molly-another flat! 2. A new set ot triplets! 3. Good ol' Michigan-here we come! 4, Their smiles are worth a million. 5. Who are you waiting for. Carol? 5. The bashiul bachelors-or are they? 7. Don and Max, the hard-working l?J farm- ers. 8. Aren't we cute? 9. Rachel cmd Eunice leave to distribute "New Life." 10. Four "providential" girls. 11. Not a care in the world! 12. "We are the girls from the Institute." 13. I wonder who they are looking at. 14. The Woodward sisters from Iowa. 15. Beautiful-like a picture! 16. Once upon a Sunday afternoon . . . 17. Me iirst! 18. Going somewhere? 19. Oh. oh, do you have an S. P.? 20. The King's Men on business for the King. 21. All dressed up and no place to go. 22. Where shall I run next? 23. The aiter-dinner recessional. 24. "Waiting to be ted!" 25. "We live at Campermcm's." ' - ff . . 'v...v.1. fu-.ww 1 fm.,-wmv. .tt 1 4. .- ,w-n.,mrw- nm.-unnnmnwnrvvcaurvmmnrvrnuvnmzmrnnnuianzuu 1. "Don't take my picture!" Z. The Williams family. 3. Frankie and Perkie-what a pose! 4. We love that tree! 5, Darrell and Chuck-the Peoria boys. 6. Nona and Bill Weihl at home. 7. You're it! 8. " .... cmd don't tall in the river!" S. Michigan Ioy at Fireside. 10. We're having lun . . . 11. Time for another fish story, Art! 12. Thelma. the mop-shaker. 13. Hello, clown there: 14. Helen and Ierry. 15. Lois, another mop-shaker. 18. Our sleeping beauty: 17. Bill and Dan out lor an S. P. LSunday Promenadei. 18. Watch out, Paul! 19, The Clarence Fairs before leaving for India. 20. Are those crackers fresh? 21. Bringing home the pota- toes. 22. Ioyce and 1.aDonna studying hardly. 23. Eileen and Anna iust back from church. 24. Martha likes 'em cold. 25. The in- laws. 26. Marie and Mac-the stenogs. 27. The Baths from Kansas. 28. Thelma-caught in the act. 29. Glenn. the Arizona artist. evangelist. 30. Mrs. Hinkey goes to mail a letter. 31. Waiting lor a push? 32. Who's the other rake tor. Morris? 1. They look sludious anyway! 2. Our illustrious Senior class president! 3. Whafs news, Pauline? 4. Transcribirxg ai WGI.. 5. Ah, clean clothes tomorrow! 6. "Let's swing the bridge!" 7. "Hey, Shirley, when do we eai?" 8. Mm-m-m. thai apple looks good! 9. What's new in the air? 10. Would you like a practice room? ll. . . but if you fall in, fits! take your shoes oil!" 12. Engaging in praciical personal work. iz IN, . r l:T:'fP.!.T"'1'f, 135' " 3"'ir.vv' 1 1 rf f-"fir 1..:miL'.4.. ,l,u.,im.m'imm. EVENTS OF TH EYEAR... 'sy Nglixyw 0 Q5 ' .I """4. C 'MW' ' 5 WT! w. f K. 'Wm 538, :MMM Www? Al WUI Oi L IM 'Q99t Boil: imlvhstt Fukui way! cams! H C NHRINQLI O Sli ii I. X.- - N n,- ...- Ji' V V. is of " I, .H fn 1 - ' I 'x 1. The Weihls standing still. 2. Kinda windy, isn't it, Gladys? 3. "Where the elite meet to eat!" 4. Take it easy on that tree. girls! 5. Sammie-that south'n bo' from Georgia. 6. Max. Gordo-A, and Walt sort tracts for air distribution. 7. The mechanic of the family. 8. Iust back from momng service. 9. They're from M chigan! 10. Well? 11. We get along fine! 12. Roger-the radio main. 13. Mac, Marie, and the snowball! 14. Once again we ea.! 15. Miss Ehlke and Mother Ramseyer. 16. Russ encounters some competition. 17. The Neuenschwanders. 18. Going somewhere. Gordon? 19. What did you get on your test. Marian? 20. Muriel and Vurla peruse the Word. 21. Are you finished or iust starting? W" ""i""1TT "i' " """, 'mf' ' 'fi"""'lf.TT ..:4ia,fJz:2 19.1.45 .f H133 filhifiihst-I ' I a I . . . OUHEXG' Iii.. W - -- .- , Front Row: F. Hall, V. Seely. R. Dettwiler, C. Kirchner. C. Card. G. Marks. E. Knowles. Second Row: G. Geriq. W. Sousley T. Florence, C. Kauffman. C. WLM, G. Schwab, D. Nesbitt, R. Castersen. H. Hewitt. Third Row: R. Steiner, W. Stanley. G. Steiner. R. Mofiatt, E. Cain. P. Schmidt, W. Mclver, D. Vaccarelli. Fourth Row: L. Klotzbach, H. Wamer, H. McElhone, H. Crall. I. Pasmcz H. Wright, G. Pasmcx. S. Touchton. D. Iournall. R. Steinhcxuer, R. Iohnson. Not Pictured: C. Bedsworth, C. Fair. W. Fisher, W. Iohn- son. K. Love, E. McKnight. B. Seymour, R. Cooley. G. Dalton. I. Kirby. on ,. ,,,,--A .. 1:4 ' 'LT . 'Wh '1. ,ay -T' V+ .nF..a ' A is 'Y L.. 5-2. EX- Ea" 'Y Fr 1' I D 75" 4' J "" He. J 9 -.Jin 4' WW-.. ali! Tx, The daily irek. 5. Grace and Perkie stop for a piciure. Waiting for number four? . I Darrell and Mrs. Williams. 6' The refreshing pause' "It iust ain't so!!" 7. There's where the "bear" hid! v4lMv4 MATIFR Fort Wayne Bible Institute School Song allg Q C. A. G. C. A. GERBER -QT - Z --, 1: I at 1' - 3 - gf "+ 22413: jijiflili jd"-f:'T-2 +1-L "4-f?l- -4-:- ,-l-I.- V- -i-,,- ti- ,,- 2-121,723 Wgjgggiji Q, k I B.. 1. E - ter- nal is the Word of God, A coun-sel - or and guide sub-limeg 2. We hail thee, Bi - ble In - sti -tute, With loy - al hearts and cour - age true: 3. God bless our Bi- ble In - sti -tute, Our Al - ma Ma-ter, loved by I L P -4- J-4- '-,- -f--:- p--.- -.-1-.- -, ,- Qiietii 1-'QI-CZ -I:-3Q-"-TI- --I-I-li "Z, 'ii 574- f- E If T- +-- f- +- +-- -i if---S - : -I4 - '- f- w- v-f -1- -7-- - h - - - J . - -' - - -1 x 55755 Eiiafieii i-5-if-E5 2,2251-25 s 2557 Q 44- -o-g:- , 5 -lf!-'--0+-I - e - --f-!- 0 21+- - ' 'r A pi -lot true, when bil-lows roll, A rock and ref - uge for the soul. Thy bless-ings and thy no-ble aims Our yield - ed lives shall e'er pro-claim Firm may she stand for truth and right, E'er hold - ing, forth the Word of light, l I I p n 1 21- -9-. P 1 11- -0- I 93215 Lu.-E-E5 in-P FEE QE-E' T55 , -"Qi': tl: V - " ' - eel'-hi l' " ' -Qi j-A-3--ik --5 - -J -1- -.l J -I HL T - ij: -1 - - 1 -'-1--F 1'.-.l- -gli - 'i-:f' 5211 +':jQ:f:iEiW:-21,-ii '91 ":Ts L- ' S T21 1 Tho' heav'n and earth shall pass a - way, Thy Word, O God, shall stand for aye. Live on! Thy ho -ly work corn-plete, Thy tro-phies lay at Je- sus' feet. Un -til her task on earth is done, Her bat-tlekder. her Vic-t'ries won. -o-- 4- -0- l ,1-. -Q 1- -r I 1-t 17 'LT Q--, EM- ,1-ggi-1-1 ---1--, Qglipi llilili jiggillig- '53'-Eg1!.:f5- lI'l"' -211 'Q Lf 1- -p C P: ei - ' e fi- Q--Q CHORUS flgyglzzj-3-' ijiilii:-i :F-Lig-Q, Q - Z : Z i i --C-,flflff lilillil- lilfqii , -2-urge:---L 2--,.--Y -- l'7::Y,',YB:'73f Dear Fort Wayne Bi - ble In -sti - tute, We hon - or, love, and cher-ish thee: Q7 - - 5-' -1: .-,- ,- --- "-- -- F ' 211- - 'Q L- '41 -If YHIZQTQ we-El X fr- ee H -- -A----e --- u 4--H - -12 ,. , l -1 ' e- -4 :J 31: 'l -FL-:1 iii -l"f"11l' -1-f id" TWA? - - 'I-i- - - :-"- I - EQ-2--5 u i ygg,-2-,QQ Q- -l-4-ji! siygyll-gr-f We'll pro-claim re- demp-tion's sto- ry Till our Lord shall come in glo ry: Q IL-I--:gg -5? . :Ei-tg-ii: 152- 1- '51-fs: -5- ta il: ,?- Feleflil I his -1 aft ir its-Z Ti- -I 'felt If li-'v-P--'---P - r-4-Y -YW " ' 'W' '- - - ,---1: - -- - -- r- - - - - l- - '- --.l--.l-.J J -.' , -. - 4'-f --'ff '1 , Wljfijjvwvj, 1 7 ,- Y 1 -1 - - I Q 512 il- 1--Zi! p""!j-'J-s ,Z--'il E K TS I- 'si S -,--' -, ,-,- -,,' -L-L I ,I - , - - I - Then u - nit - ed we'll ex- alt Him, King of kings and Lord of lords. 0 "' "' Q I " " Q . "1 "i . -1--1-5--F 5:1 -,'-1' 'QQ -5,--Lg 13-1' '- in Wi: QglilTi-Li-4- T ' : ii ': ss: fy-L: -:Q I 1- 4' Prefs ' e sf' - --ig s so ..- 'Eg'-4 Cu CALENDAR SEPTEMBER Tuesday. Registration Day for returning students and preliminary English Examinations for new students. Wednesday. Registration for new students. First of four Spiritual Emphasis Services with Rev, Dwight L. Ferguson as evangelist. Thursday. Organization of classes. All-school picnic in the afternoon at Foster Park for getting students acquainted. After lively games, plenty of good food, and a short inspiring devotional period, we returned to the school for the evening Spiritual Emphasis service, Friday. Regular schedule of classes begins. First Mission Band service with Evangelist Ferguson speak- ing. Saturday. First street meeting of season held up- town on Transfer corner, followed by a second meet- ing in the colored section on Hanna Street. The Lord was present at both places, and definite victo- ries were won for Him. Friday. Mark l. Goodger, Highway Bible Evangelist, challenged us to witness for Christ regardless of where we are. Monday, Fellowship gathering for all students, facul- ty, workers, and their families. A good time of games, devotions, and refreshments, was en,oyed. OCTOBER Sunday. First broadcast of "The Voice of His Word," our new radio program, over Farnsworth WGL. Monday. Mr. and Mrs, Williams, members of our For the past several years they have been connected with the Simpson Bible Institute, Seattle, Washington, of which Mr. Williams is the founder and former president. Mr. Williams brought the chapel ines- sage, speaking on Romans l3:ll, giving us varied experiences out of a life of deep and rich living for the Lord. Wednesday. Many students were found out "star gazing" to see the beautiful shooting stars. Many of the girls were found missing, and after much search- ing, Mrs. Fitch found them up on the roof of Bethany Hall. She was very much alarmed, and was heard to exclaim, "Why, girls, don't you know this is study hours!" Finally, everyone was accounted for excep: one. After much calling, Lois Burpee came to the top of the ladder which leads to the roof, but her problem was still not solved, she had learned how to climb up ladders, but still had not learned the technique of coming down! Thursday, First concert of the year with George Makas, violinist, of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Friday. ln Church History class, Dean Gerig was asked whether or not it was necessary to remember many dates for the approaching exam. His signifi- cant reply brought a round of laughter from the stu- dents when he said, "When I was in school, l never had any trouble remembering dates: my d,f- ficulty was remembering what happened on theml " Rev. Roland Hudson, who spent twenty-two faculty over 30 years ago, were present in chapel. months in India and Burma as a Chaplain, broughf . . -..,i:t-. tint- .. t-ttui:i,J. t.'.t..i.x.-.:iuu'im.rrm.r:.n,ifr.nn-mixvunna Ulm' 3l .ff- lu N 'r Chi, xi-. ...v .... -,ww-.-.K - ' 0:15. 5l ,L "f 1-5- 3 'in 'Z i..!Qi?-'Q 351017 "nl ""'e S 1 J FQ it ee. tf T C f, f' 'exam X Dec. 9 TIM!" Q, , l 5 lt3 ' L4 r s-. '77 .7, .5, 1946 - 1947 cr challenging message to the Mission Band, portray- ing the spiritual need in these countries. Tuesday. Flev. Walter Dick of Newton, Kansas, Ei:- ecutive Secretary oi the General Conference of Men- nonrtes, brought the chapel message on Hebrews l2: we received the shock- at Meyers Field, whirl. Pridy, student flying in- Professor Huffman. for Bob Pridy in the l-4, During the supper hour ing news of the plane Crash resulted in the death of Bob structor, and serious injury of Thursday. Memorial service chapel. Seventh Annual Youth Friday. First service of the fqnterenie with Rev, Vtfillianx K. Burgess of Flint, M.-'h.gan, as the evangelist, and Mr. Blanchard Am- s".1tz of Taylor University as song evangelist. Saturday. Youth Conte-ren-ae Continues with discus- sion groups, missionary challenge in the afternoon by Rev, Sidney Correll, of Dayton Ohio, and evan- gelistic service in the evening, Sunday. God continued to pour ou: His blessings up on us in the final services of the Youth Conference. Tuesday. The Matthew Exam first hour was toc strenuous for Shirley Miller, for she dozed right int: the second period, When Hermeneutics class opened their session singing, "Every Promise in the Book is ltfinef' Shirley, awakened from her sleep, and greatly startled, lumped to her feet, deposited her Matthew paper with the l-lerenteneuti-:s instructor, and dashed spectacularly from room Sl Friday. Chapel speaker for the morning was Rev. B. 78 .U ol l C' L, l. Helm, a retired Baptist Negr: gtreafer. s .,-. was ll Timothy 2:15. Miss Elda Amstutz oi India told The fission Eana of some of the spiritual victartes tha' have beef. won there that we mrgirt retoiceg but she aisg ' us of the great need that we 'nigh' pray ana :W lilonday. Campus Dayi A: ZOO P. If sfaalezts az 'eL:'1e's :tained t.oett1er 'o rents' -1- the Ill-"P fave: from the canipus. By 3:20 F. i.I. the caripas '. '- leaf-free Wt and all entcyed an eutaccr suprer f:l- lowed by the singing of choruses and 1-.'ellQ:'.'e:i hymns. Mfednesday. Chapel service was in rharae 11 33. Superintendent of Buildings and Grcunas lfr, Fatiee for tle purpose cf instrurtzng us in gripe: przeei-ares in case oi fire, Clark Card naving been a iirriez fireman, demonstrated how 'F use 'saritus Tyne: 5 fire extinguishers. Thursday. Ghosts invade the iibraryl ' '.t,' :naer ',', r they were? NOVEMBER Friday. Rev. Virgil Kirkpafrtr'-' s,...1 .. ie-2' years in Atrica, aadresseal 'E f.f1ss::n San: ' Proverbs l-2:l2 and lsaiah 55:8 as a Lasrs ' message, Friday. Prev. G, A. faqehscn reurnea nzissziziarjt from China, held the attenticn :Q everycrze as :15 i: how 'ne L:rd helped and pr:te:t-ea hi: anim, time ot internment by 'he lapanese liar: War ll. ll, Monday. Mr. Huffman returned to school to resume his teaching duties. We praised the Lord with him for the miraculous healing of his body. l3, Wednesday. Concert by Gene Iordon, Marimbaphonv ist, and Lois l-latt, Pianist, both radio artists from WMBI, Chicago. lE, Monday, Mrs. Bulgin, wife of Dr. E. I. Bulgin of Cali- fornia, spoke to us in chapel on l Corinthians l2:4. 22, Friday. Rev. lohn Aeby, pastor of the First Brethren Church, brought us a message in chapel on "What God Wants us to Know." Mrs, Paul Ummel, for many years a missionary in Nigeria, Africa, was the Mission Band speaker. She showed us pictures which helped us to see the need of those who have never heard the gospel. 27, iftfednesday, Thanksgiving vacation at last! DECEMBER 2, Monday. Thanksgiving vacation ended, everyone re- turned to his studies refreshed t?l in body as well as in spirit. 'J J, Tuesday. Dr. l. Wesley Bready, authority on the life of lohn Wesley and his revival movements, delivered a profound lecture entitled, "This Freedom Whencef' He is also the author of a book by the same name. 6. Friday. Rev. Norman Camp, noted composer of hymns, brought the chapel message on ll Peter l:l-ll. Rev. and Mrs. Gordon l-l. Smith, missionaries in French-Indo China, presented their missionary mes- sage to us in the form of a skit. r. Saturday. The Kings Men left for Ontario, Canada, with Dean Gerig. 9, Monday. First announcement concerning the l94'7 Light Tower was made in chapel. "No, this bool: does not claim to be a stupendous, colossal, gigantic. brefzth-taking, super globnoxious LIGHT TOWERT' Advanced student recital at 8:30 P. M. 13. 15. 16, 18, 6. 17. 23. 24 Friday. Dr. l. Elwin Wright, Secretary of the National Association ot Evangelicals, spoke in chapel inform- ing us of the great needsfmaterial, physical, and spiritual-ot war-torn Europe. Sunday, Presentation of Hande-l's Oratorio, "The Messiah," by the special chorus under the direction of Professor Oliver E. Steiner. After the concert the chorus members presented Professors Steiner and Pfundstein with "weighty" gifts. Monday. Annual Girls' Fireside Meeting. Wednesday. Christmas banquet given for all stu- dents, faculty, workers, and their families. After the banquet many of the students went caroling, bringing cheer and joy to many shut-ins. IANUARY Monday. Returning from vacation we found the city of Fort Wayne buried beneath a heavy covering of ice. Friday. Rev. Stuart G. Billings, of the Victory Sky Pi- lots, Inc., told us of the ministry which this organization has. The students of the Mission Band were challenged with the proposition of doing missionary work by means of airplane. Thursday. Ianuary Day of Prayer. Dean Gerig spoke to us on "The Crisis of Self Condemnation." At 5:30 P. M., instead of going to supper, sixteen of the fellows invaded The Dinette in order to secure an ad for the Light Tower. We got the ad! Friday. Registration day for the second semester. Registration continued all day long as there were ap- proximately 340 students to be signed up, 30 of whom were new students. ln the Mission Band service, Rev, Lester lohnson, from Zulu and Basutoland, Africa, spoke on the subject, ,- '.- . c- - wr vi -w-1:5 -'11-. H1 Hllt.,ltll1l.,fvif. I' .y4, an 'nlfgg 5 .. ,., ri. Koh , fi ' 'H M fn- 'ei - its 7.117 I ,V I r lv vi I1 w Rl. 4- A n 3 4' eff ' , XX Y 5 I ff lf' 4 X iff -54712 ' . ff' 2 if 2, 3 QW gf V 5 1 i iz MTIW T1 3 Tm. .rf Ttu....? T ' .,.e:e. - . - 2- .. ig .ff . , g- ' 'hifi ' ' '5"fe"7.:c-nr. . . r ' f' Wi . .- r .1 tv' . " W if' 'f4f5':".u . 1 'T' V '14 1' 1 45,91 ,.,:'JiZ, . ' A . ,H '2Qg.'v' .1 rw. ' . Y if , ... 1 I is jk .4 " -. y NV , ...,w..-Q.- I I x,,,vf,f3,.Lg,g3gg,1 g tiliaiq '- 3 .... . .K ' 'N ' Y. . 2" ' :.' ,t . Q Q- - ' f ' . r Y V ga 4: ft 'in ' f I ' 1 ' ' . 7-wrrg ' - . ,. . tis . f. ...- f ..'. Q 'rt' ,L as . , .. A if-N '-f:e9'lt135,:g.,,g'ff ' , " yr 'r' H, . .. N l- 'Z af"6'-48" as - X. , 1.5 -'Nik wi' , , .g4f,:'i"y,,,g.,e.3..,.p 'fr 4- A. .-,113 r,.:qi:::g:? 9- ' ,Q V, '9 -. Q v -:..r,3,- if ,L ...req N 'X - .. .,, -,--,.-rt.,-1 . -.. Ii'.., , R V ,!rru.:rrLt.l.-.:Ai . A '19 . ' -r "ls a Special Call Necessary," or "ls the Mission Need the Call?" Monday. During the chapel period the new students were introduced and welcomed into the school, each giving a word of testimony. Tuesday. First of four Spiritual Emphasis Services, opening the second semester with Rev. H. Gilbert Williams as the special speaker. Rev. Williams is a member of the Board of Trustees of Houghton College, Houghton, New York. FEBRUARY Tuesday. Dr. William E. Troup, pastor of the Goss Memorial Evangelical and Reformed Church, Akron, Ohio, addressed the chapel. He told us that God is not so much concerned about eloquence as He is about faithfulness. Thursday, Rev. L. R. Ringenberg, former dean of the Institute, addressed the students in the chapel hour, giving a short summary of the opportunites he had for witnessing while on a recent War Relief Emergency trip to Poland, Monday, First concert of the second semester. Iohn M. Sergey, Russian baritone, now associated with the Russian Gospel Association, was the guest soloist. Monday. Rev. and Mrs. lames Gibson began a series of evangelistic services at the First Missionary Church. Wednesday. Rev. Orlan Golden, pastor of the Weis- ser Park M. B. C Church and President of the Bible Institute Fellowship Circle, brough tthe chapel mes- sage, giving opportunity at the close for the new students to become members of this alumni organ- ization. MARCH Monday. Rev. lirn Begay, a Navaho Indian from northern Arizona, was the chapel speaker. He gave 4 STORM a personal testimony of what the Lord really rr.ear. to him, basing it on Romans 6:23. Tuesday. Board of Trustees meet for their business meeting. We had steak and pie for dinner? Wednesday. First official announcement niaae ,-. ,-,fi cerning the purchase of an additional fourteen acres southwest of the present campus. This will be THE' new future south campus of the Fort 'Wayne Evce Institute. tRefer to page 13 for picturel At 8:30 P. M. the A Cappella Choir of Taylor versity presented a sacred concert. Friday. The Men's and Women's Choiuses left .i, Uni their annual 10-day Spring Concert tours. The Vfzrn GYIIS Chorus went as far east as New York, while Men's Chorus travelled as far west as Nebraska. Miss Shimotori, a Iapanese-American, was the sion Band speaker. Sunday. At 2:30 F. M. the A Cappella choir ct the i'ilS 'I-A Grace Bible Institute, Omaha, Nebraska, presented 3 sacred concert in the Founders' Memorial Auditorium APRIL Tuesday, April fools day!! But no fo'-'ir Light Tower went to press. 'Mihai a reiiefl sta the Editor. MAY We Anticipate: iv- Sunday, 7:30 R M. The Baccalaureate Servire Rev. Harvey L. Mitchell, Senior Class Advisor livering the address. Monday, 7:30 P, M. The Senior Class Pregrant' word from the graduates. Tuesday, 8:00 F. lvl. Annual Bible lnsitute by the combined glee clubs. Wednesday, 6:00 F. M. The annual . . .Pi - - v FELLOWSHIP CIRCLE BANQUET The Fellowship Circle is the name of the alumni organization cf the Fort 'Wayne Bible ln- stitute. lt was originally organized and is still being carried on for the purpose of maintaining and promoting the fellowship which was begun in the lnstituteg of fostering a spirit of prayer on behalf of one another and of the lnstitutey of encouraging every member of the Fellowship Circle to be a true representative of the institute, to be active in distributing its literature and in soliciting new studentsg and to assist the institute in every proper way. The annual meeting of the Fellowship Circle is during commencement week, usually the eyes ning preceding the day of commencement. At this meeting reports are received from the various officers and committeesg officers are elected for the ensuing year: and other such business neces- sary for the maintenance and extension of the work is also conducted. The meeting is usually in the form of a fellowship banquet and is immensely enjoyed by all. 29, Thursday, 10:30 A. M. The great day of . 1 ff ' - --or A 1 6 5 v 0 0 0 COMMENCEMENT Enshrined within the heart of every Senior is the sacred memory ot commencement -first, the processional . . . then the address by Dr. Harold C. Mason, of the Northern Baptist Theological Seminary . . . the presentation of the diplomas . . .a feeling of overwhelming responsibility toward God and the school . . . and then the recessional. As the last strains ot the organ are sounded, the Seniors leave the Institute to engage in service tor their Master. Now, after several years of intensive preparation, they are going torth to serve as ministers, missionaries, teachers, Chris.ian worlcerseeeach one in his own tieldf feach one "doing His Will." 3 '5- we 4 . Seated: G. Cate4Se cretary I. F. Geriq-Faculty Advisor " R. Wolford-B W'here's the .picture that fits here?" E. QA-if 91- I ENN usiness Manager ROBERT MAGARY Editor-in-Chief 1947 Standing: D. Williams-Advertising Manager I. Canon-Photographer E. ' Lehmann eC1rcu1atin in 1 ,.,,. -V: I H q Manager 5 Perkins. H. McE1hone Associate Artists 1 v.,' , ,4..' ,.,,,K P Y ight owe Staff Between the covers of the Light Tower of 1947 is testimony of long hours of editing, re-editing, planning, cutting, fitting-a testimony of just plain hard work. Dummy layouts, snapshots, rulers, rubber cement, flash bulbs, etc., etc., all had their part to play in the formation of THE year book. Yes, the long hours spent in preparing the book for publication oftimes grew wearisome and tedi- ousg but they were well Worthwhile. We sighed a sigh of relief when the book was finally finish- ed, but then anxiously looked forward to its return from the printers-a brand new i947 Light Tower! Now that it is off the press, we, the staff, send it forth with the prayer that it may be made a blessing to all who peruse its contents. lt has been published, not only for the sake of presenting to the public an inner glimpse into the daily life of the Bible lnstitute students, but also that its contents may effect, within the reader, a desire to know Christ experientially. We pray that this i947 Light Tower may interest all to a greater degree to be found "Doing His Will." U I O O inf Front Row: P. Muselman. G. Cate. E. Perkins Second Row: E. Witmer. H. Wade, A. Craft, T. Schmidt Third How: G. H. Maqury, I. Canon. H. McE1hone Back How: P. Grabill. D. Williams, R. Wolford. L. Orr. I. F. Gerig, E. Lehman 1947 LIGHT TOWER Editorial Staff Business Staif G. Robert Magccry-Editor-in-Chief Evangeline Witmer-Assistant Editor Iames Canon-Photographer Helen Wade-Assistant Photographer Ralph Wolford'--Business Manager Lynford Orr-eAssistant Business Manager Darrell Williams-ekclvertising Manager Hqriy McElh0ne-Asgogigte A1-1 Ediigr Paul Grabill-W-Associate Advertising Manager Elenore Perkins-Associate Aft Editor Eloyd LehmaneCirculation Manager Gladys Cate-Secretary Pauline Muselman-Typist lared F. Gerig-Faculty Advisor Alma Craftfikssistaiit Circulation Manager Thelma Schmidt-Asst. Circulation Manager Appreciation To those who have untiringly offered us their services, in order that this volume of the "Light Tower" might be published for the honor and glory of God, We extend these few words of sincere appreciation. Without their splendid efforts, the 1947 Light Tower would have remained but a figment of the imagination-a mere idea, void of actuality. Therefore, as the 1947 staff, we wish to express our gratitude to several of these men: to Mr. Virgil fBudD Montague, of the Fort Vtfayne Engraving Company, for his assistance and suggestions in the laying out of the book: to Mr. Eugene Hancock of Rogers Studio, for his patient co-operation in phoe tographyg to Mr. C. H. Muselman, of the Economy Printing Concern, for his splendid efforts in making the covers and printing the booksg and to Mr. Wal- ter W. Neuman, of the Neuman Studio, for his aid in the field of commercial photography. To these we say a hearty, "Thank you." dvertising To the iollowing who have Schools and Colleges Columbia Bible College Fort Wayne Bible Institute Goshen College Marion College Taylor University Churches. Associations and Districts Christian and Missionary Alliance Curdes Avenue Missionary Church First Brethren Church First Missionary Church, Berne, Ind. advertised in our 1947 Light Tower we express our sincere appreciation CLASSIFIED DIRECTORY First Missionary Church, Cleveland, Ohio First Missionary Church, Fort Wayne, Ind. Harvester Missionary Church Hollywood Missionary Church Fort Wayne-Shopping Center of Auto Rebuilding Co. Bishops Print Shop Bradley, LeRoy, Architect Brotherhood Mutual Bursley's Calhoun Press Central Dairy City Light Clauser, Miller and Turner Coca-Cola Cousins Iewelers Dinette, The Elmer Smith Cleaners Fisher Bros. Paper Co. Fort Wayne Engraving Co, Golden Rule Optical Store Goodyear Store Grabill Hardware, Grabill Hall's Market Hap Halls Service Himelstein Bros. Hutson's Pharmacy Ianitors Supply Kelley Flying Service Koerber's Maumee Paint and Supply McComb, D. O., and Sons National Mill Supply Pioneer lce Cream Pure Sealed Dairy Holton Avenue Missionary Church Humbolt Park Gospel Tabernacle, Chicago, Mid-Western District, Missionary Church Missionary Church Association Mt, Olive Missionary Church, Peoria lll. Northside Missionary Church Weisser Park M. B. C. Church Western District, Missionary Church Assc Christian Publishers and Book Stores Bethel Publishing Co. Economy Printing Concern Gospel Temple Book Shop M. C. A. Publication Dept. Sunday School Times Union Gospel Press Northem Indiana Rogers Studio Slick's Laundry Steiner, Royal, Leciurir in F Summit City Press Sunshine Dairy Superior Coal Swiss Dry Cleaners Tom Berry Music Troy Dry Cleaning Troy Laundry Vesey's Vt'alborn's Service NN'-:tlt Tent :nj .l.'.'::in: I: Zimmerman Vfreclzing Yard lll. Ass n iizt Sr: GREETI from the GS WE TER DISTRICT of the MISSIONARY CHURCH ASSOCIATION REV. EDISON HABECCER District Superintendent , t CIAES ANNOUNCEMENT THE FORT WAYNE BIBLE INSTITUTE is pleased to announce the inauguration of a new department- the College of Theology and Bible-at the beginning of the Fall Semester, September 9, l947. ffourses in School of Bible and School of Music will Continue to be offered as heretoforej Tl-IE COLLEGE OF THEOLOGY AND BIBLE offers the following courses leading to Baccalaureate Degrees: I. BACHELOR OF TI-IEOLOGY. Three years of Theology and Bible for students having at least 60 hours of credits from a liberal arts college. II. BACHELOR OF BIBLE. A four-year Course for high school graduates combining standard work in Bible and Theology with college English, Philosophy, Psychology, and Soci- ology. III. BACHELOR OF RELIGIOUS EDUCATION. A four-year Course for high school graduates with a major in Bible and a minor in Christian Education. A. 1 - . BIBLE INSTITUTE TH E K FORT WAYNE I sag-E: - 'E' in :- . fix f I9o4 Free descriptive catalog sent upon request. Address: THE FORT WAYNE BIBLE INSTITUTE 3820 South Wayne Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana Bringing Christ to the World ag- By means oi O ESTABLISHING CHURCHES O TRAINING CHRISTIAN WORKERS O HOME AND FOREIGN MISSIONS O THE PRINTED PAGE THE MISSIONARY CHURCH ASSOCIATION Rudisill at South Wayne Fort Wayne, Indiana WEISSER PARK M. B. C. Y ' f 5 2 . 5 3 A --.V I N -I 'V nj' Corner of T . q 1 Vvbv -A AAVA.,v. A Warsaw and . . .. . . ... . ...... l . 1il i ... ... . . v . gg , 5 Bom Street fi Q: 3 1, j V'AV f Ft. Wayne, H33 D gi L' Indiana iz' :':': .. ' Rev. ofian " 1 ' '1-I:I:1:'.':f:f:2:1:2:2:2:2:- 2E"'Z'12112fi:ii:if:22:1:1:':2:-11:1:212515Z-ski:Vf2I1515:3:.1:ax:3:':5:1iii5Efi1f125vf1f:1 .1:32225:if:5:513-2:1EfSff1f1f1-E1EI:E-i:E- 1 z 1. 1:1 , 1 g'.1:1.j.,. . 5, ,,3-g:i:r1i1'flofii5ff:f37?:'f?f5fl11ff.5i?:577ff35ffF2?Qi1gf5QgQ2fEfTifi ,.f ' ':" .'A"' Golden -AQ.' :iij Aifi ? :o'j T I Pastor RADIO BROADCAST Regular Services The Sunday School Hour Sunday School ....,..,,...,.,.,, 9330 A, M, 7:30-8:00 A. M. Sundays Worship Service ,,,,,,,,,....,,, 10530 A, M, Over WOWO, 1190 kilocycles Evangelistic Service ,,.,.,,. 7:30 P. M. A CHURCH WHERE ALL ARE WELCOME l I I l l Compliments of CCMPLIMENTS of CAlHOUN PRESS 337 E. Main St., FORT WAYNE, INDIANA Phone - - A-4250 Clauser, Miller 8. Turner STANDARD SERVICE I-l-6250 Phones Calhoun at Rudisill I-I-5265 FT. WAYNE, IND. dl' vl' X' SCIENTIFIC TUNE-UP ' EXPERT LUBRICATION CAR WASHING I I I ESE DEPENDABII E f E 0 DRY CLEANING 0 I Iewelers Since 1865 phone H-1135 818 CALHOUN STREET I I I I I Compliments Of HYOUR SATISFACTION WILL BE OLR SUCCESSU WOLF TENT AND AWNING ' ZIMMERMAN ' WRECKING YARD COMPANY ELECTRIC and ACETYLENE WELDING 107-117 E- Superior YARD PHONE RES. PHONE phone A-0180 Leo. 2593 2595 Jesse Zimmerman Crabill, Indiana I I I I HALL MARKET and LUCKER SERVICE 4009 So. Wayne Ave. FORT WAYNE, INDIANA ibff 1' I-E Elf Zh n fi le QUALITY - I X X! l.lT'l'l.f T EXE? V 4'?-S ivEEJ?SiiJE5rSe55aZ2e5,itt1E 105553 ff R, 2 enjoyhhcielit aio ai? milail. T V 5 S 6' f BURSLEY'S I T' FRESH X If-T' COFFEE R a ur nex cu 8: co- iigglffgiigggegliggtfg T M, 1 FOOD DISTRIBUTORS fying ' ' I I I I Congratulations- Of COD BLESS YOU AS YOU CO INTO THE WHITE HARVEST FIELDS. ElMER SMITH -- PSALM l26:6 O O "YOUR CLEANER" Firsl Brelhren 3326 South Calhoun so The Church with a Bible-Teaching Ministry" i RECORDS - MUSIC Q BAND INSTRUMENTS Music COMPANY, mf. R '1 ' A"A AQ A'q' 1 FORT WAYNE 2, INDIANA I l I SERVICE of TIRES - BATTERIES BISHOP'S PRINT SHOP LUBRICA T1oN C . R'-ldisill at Fairfield H4 W. Packard Phone H-1240 l I I BROTHERHOQD MUTUAL Li e Insurance Company v om HOME OFFICE g g FORT WAYNE, IND. LEGAL RESERVE nlnw NON-ASSESSABLE PRCDTECTION AND SECURITY PCR LOVED CDNES u 1 . .. . . an ' Bear ye one another 5 burdens and so julfzl the lan' of Chrlsi. Gal. 6:2 The First Missionary Church ex- tends to the students of the Fort Wayne Bible Institute a cordial invitation to make this their church home while in school. Your ministries in our church have been greatly appreciated and your presence in our serv- ices has been a great spiritual contribution. We desire that our church may add that spiritual touch to your school life which will make it enjoyable and worthwhile. R1-:v. CLAYTON STEINER, Min zste r THE MISSIONARY HOUR OVEP WOWO Each Sunday Morning at 8:30 The First Missionary Church AND SUNDAY scHooL Rudisill at So. Wayne FORT WAYNE, INDIANA ::::.',::::: :.+::,,,,"-' 0-' fs.,-Q,-.'.-,-,.-.Q-,,0,0,,vA,-H7 I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I A I a Ag 5 1 5 I I I I I I I ll- ------- ---- ---A AA"""' I BEQEEAZQGQ I -- I I Ill I .- Q Q Q 'S fun bn s '. " T u' "A'A'T ' In 9 fl An'-1 9 5 I: 'S I I ,., I ' u v iu f- 1' K I Y l K m E 3gCOAL---FUEL OIL' S' 'HEATING EQUIPMENT 2 I ,2,l.,9,.,.,.,.,.,.,.!II.,E,L,L.,QW.,...,...5.I.,5..f.AE,l I 1 I I I I I S S S lr, - ,,., :.-:: - -:::::v-4-::::::,::v-:::..-4-.-:.-.'-.,-",,,,-.Q-.,,,,j QOSHEIIIIJLLEGE Superior Educational Opporlunities Amid Ideal Surroundings CHRISTIAN I-I1CHER EDUCATION WITH lVlISSIONARY EMPHASIS Cooperative Christian Living Wholesome Recreation Inter-Racial Fellowship President ERNEST R. MILLER GOSI-IEN, INDIANA Compliments of The DINETIE 3014 So. Way'ne GOOD EA TS .... SANDWICHES, SoUPs, FRENCH FRIES I-IOME-MADE PIE, ICE CREAM, ETC. COIVIPLIMENTS OF Bethel Publishing Company I8I9 South Main Street ELKI-IART, INDIANA COMPLETE SL'PPL1Es FOR THE CHURCH AND SUNDAY SCHOOL , Bu-EDUEmnNAL SQUND Education CHRISTIAN CDLLEGE .. .through 100 years, including Chris- gfZ?,f,"Z,Z2jf,,,, tian teachers, Evangelical doctrine, spiritual influence and fellowship. Courses leading to A. B. and B. S. degrees, also Music, Science, Pre- professional and Pre-nursing. Write for Free Catalog. Address Dean, Soc. , 101516 yggz I dl Upland, Indiana. S U N S I-I I N E M I L K is BGTTLED SUNSHINE I-IOMOGENIZED "Com-grcltulcitions, Seniors" Q Q SUNSHINE DAIRY l I I Compliments of COmDliTD9TlTS Of Auto Rebuilding Company T R 0 Y AUTO TOPS TRIMMING LAUNDRY CO BODY AND FENDER REPAIRINC. 2312 So. Calhoun St. H"3'5 Telephone H-3383 n, I l I . fa MISS ONARY CHURCH Berne, Indiana OUR MISSION ARIES: REV. TILLMAN AMSTUTZ, India Miss ELDA AMSTUTZ, India MISS AGNES SPRUNGER, Africa Miss FANNIE SCHINDLER, Africa Miss MARY DEGARMO, China Miss LUELLA BURLEY, India REV. WALDO SCHINDLER, Africa C. I-I. WIEDERKEHR, Minister I I l lectric-ity COMPLIMENTS is one vital of item of modern living that is going Himelslein Bros., Inc d ' . own m Wholesale Frults price! and Chl? ht Vegetables ALSO COMPLETE LINE OF 308 E. Berry st. FROZEN FOODS A-744' 135 E. Columbia St. Phone A-7131 I l I l l o DELICIOUS X 0 0 HEALTHFUL I W ,Wagga " 1 5 o REFRESHING E . Aki K cgffkif X , V PIONEER ICE CREAM C0. Compliments of SlICK'S Family Washing Co WALBORN'S SINCLAIR SERVICE Gors - Gil - Lubrication WASHING, SIMONIZING AND TIRE AND BATTERY SERVICE FAIRFIELD AT NUTTMAN Phone I-I-5134 . Make Him Knonmn Columbia Bible College 3201 S. Clinton St. GRADUATE and FORT WAYNE, INDIANA UNDERGRADUATE COURSES ROBERT IVICQUILKIN, President Columbia, So. Carolina I n u l "To Know Him and to COMPLIMENTS OF K e I I e y Flying Service 15 Q . JAMES E. KELLEY MANAGER O PRIVATE INSTRUCTION 0 CHARTER SERVICE I APPROVED FLIGHT TRAINING SCHOOL MYERS AIRPORT Ph. H-9560 FORT WAYNE, INDIANA A CATALOG ON REQUEST 1 . 1 WILLIAM F. IVICCONN President IVIARION, INDIANA MARION C0llEGE A VITAL CHRISTIAN COLLEGE o Q o Wesleyanic in Biblical interpretation. Approved under G. I. Bill. F.P.H.A. trailer camp for married veterans. Approved by Federal Works Agency for new library and classroom build- Ing. 30 states and Canada-28 denomina- tions represented in present record enrollment. Liberal Arts, Fine Arts, Teacher Training, Divinity school, and Pre- professional courses. University and seminary trained fac- ulty, reasonable rates, delinite Chris- tian atmosphere, wholesome com- munity environment, large oppor- tunities for self help. I I l l F C OMPLIMEN TS OF FIRST MISSIONARY SUMMIT CITY PRESS F. R. ANDERSON. Prop. CHURCH COMMERCIAL PRINTING Cleveland, Ohio ANNOUNCEMENTS REV. FLOYD KLOTZBACH, WEDDING INVITATIONS Pa-SIOT Dial A-6I 73 I I34 S. Calhoun I fl l l Compliments OI FISHER BROS. PAPER COMPANY FORT WAYNE, IND. Compliments of COMPLIMENTS HUTSON'S ot PHARMACY D. 0. Mctomb and Sons Your Neighborhood Drug Store 6 FUNERAL DIRECTORS AMBULANCE SERVICE 4001 South Wayne Ave. PHONE I-I-5130 THE AIIQNM. M II SUPPLY CG. FACTORY, MILL, ELECTRICAL. PLUMBING and HEATING SUPPLIES, AUTOMOTIVE EQUIPMENT, RADIOS. PAINT and OIL CONGOLEUM GOLD SEAL and NAIRN LINOLELIM 207-I7 East Columbia Street PHONE A-2331 - FORT WAYNE 2, INDIAN.-X CHRIS T-C EN TERED TEACHING HELPS LITERATURE EGR ALL DEPARTMENTS WRITE EOR SAMPLES Union Gospel Press GRABlll HAR WARE 9 ' Westinghouse Appliances ' Hoover Cleaners cf ' Speed Queen Washers ' Perfection Oil Stoves ' Duo-Nubian Heaters ' ' ' Dri-Gas Roper Ranges S ' Duo-Therm Oil Heaters Company GE NERAL LINE OF HARDWARE Grabill. Ind. May Every Slep Bring You Grealer Joy As you travel along life's way, in the course of the years to come, we wish the best of everything to you and yours. You have chosen your schooling wise- lyg your secular knowledge is directed by the knowledge of Gocl's Word and by the indwelling of the l'loly Spirit. Your success is certain, if you always make l-lis precepts your guide, and l-lis will your way. Departmental- ized: ' Sunday School 9 Prayer Meeting ' Youth Services Striving for: ' Spiritual Worship ' Vital Evangelism ' Action in Missions ' Ministerial Recruits Our Motto: "Salvation for the sinner. work for the Christian." MT. 0lIVE MISSIONARY CHURCH and Sunday School REV. J. J. KLoPFENsTE1N, Pastor WALDO Dmxs, Youth Director Webster' and lVlcBean Streets, PEORIA, ILLINOIS NATIONALLY KNOWN PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS SPECIALISTS in COMMUNION - CONFIRMATION GRADUATION - WEDDING PORTRAITS STUDIO HOURS I D '1 10-6 We fl al y ROGERS M9 Fri. 10-9 STUDIO Phone A-6113 EUGENE HANCOCK. '08 E' Washington Mffr an FORT WAYNE 2, INDIANA THE MID-WESTERN DISTRICT of the MISSIONARY CHURCH ASSOCIATION Wishes for the CLASS OF FORTY-SEVEN A WORLD-WIDE ' CHRIST-CENTERED ' SPIRIT-ENERGIZED MINISTRY REV. CLARENCE R. CIERIC, District Supl. II9 North Seventh St., STERLING, KANSAS HF flU,?f17!l7'l0lY170fll!I'iW!f 1 52331 TI-IE STORE OF PERFECT DIAMONDS Watches by ' Elgin ' Gruen ' Bulova ' Benrus ' Longine EXPERT WATCH REPAIRINC JAMES REYNOLDS, Repair Manager REALIZE X i 5 NNN, WM? WEAR I ,. nf- 1 X 'E 1,7 'M-'taxa E . A M' f I REAL Nsifewa 1. 55' E1 GETTLES E-:ein , x so rg! - EYES j Ns- f GLASSES THE GOLDEN RULE OPTICAL STORE 805-807 Calhoun St. - - - Phones A-6480-6489 -l l l Presenting the Gospel u I I 1 C l P t f Compliments of PAT-ESTINE All Slides were taken by M ' Royal B. Steiner, persorall n PURE SEALED in A Phil 4:19 MR ROYAL B Permanent address QIQEINER ' 3109 La.fa.yette.St.. Ft. VVa.yne. Indiana. "If your Church is big enough for Christ, it is big enough for us." 1 I I l I For! Wayne Bible Inslilule Sludenls ARE ALWAYS WELCCME At These NORTHSIDE HARVESTER 736 Lillian Street ' Cor. Harvester and Fleetwood REV. C. B. VOLLMAR. Pastor REV. CARL PARLEE. Pastor 1007 Third Street 3820 Arlington Avenue A-80024 HQLLYWQQD H-6242 Lima Road REV. YVILLIAM BODINE. Pastor -1013 South VVayne CURDES AVENUE H55643 HOLTON AVENUE 2401 Curdes Avenue Cor. Holton and Baxter REV. JOHN CADDY. Pastor ' REV. XV. H. LUGIBIHI.. Pasto 302652 LGYOS' 3727 Shadycourt A-68382 H373-1 suimiv pktcugol .IMES CHRISTIAN I OURN AL Sunday School Lessons are treated in such a way that the busy teacher will find it pos- sible to conduct a satisfactory class for all ages. Just look at these helps. International Uniform Lessons MAIN LESSON EXPOSITION, by Dr. Harry A. Ironside IUNIORS, by Ruth E. Dow PRIMARY. by Ethel S, Low LITTLE JETTS and TALKS TO BOYS and GIRLS. by Wade C. Smith QUESTIONS and ANSWERS, by J. C. Macaulay FROM THE PLATFORM, by J. E. Harris FAMILY WORSHIP, by Ernest M. Wadsworth, D.D. ILLUSTRATION ROUND TABLE and LESSON CARTOON Evangelical International Lessons MAIN LESSON EXPOSITION. by Tom M. Olson JUNIORS. by Vivian D. Gunderson PRIMARY, by Opal Leonore Gibbs QUESTIONS and ANSWERS, by Marian Bishop Bower FOR TEEN-AGE YOUNG FOLKS, by Beatrice E, Borchardt ILLUSTRATION ROUND TABLE For Inspiration and General Informati-on About once each month Ernest Gordon unearths unusual bits of news gathered from around the world. Occasional articles on recent archaeological discoveries by Dr. Joseph P. Free. Notes on Open Letters answer puzzling and hard questions. Christian Endeavor Topics thoroughly expounded by John W. Lane, Jr. Other Extremely Important Articles. Armual rate, 32.253 in clubs of 5 or more, 31.75 each subscriptiim. Special Short-Term Offer-24 Weeks for SL00 SUNDAY SCHOOL TIMES COMPANY 325 North Thirteenth Street Philadelphia 5. Pa. Compliments oi Q Refreshing Lunch BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY of the Coca-Cola Co. by COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS OF FT. WAYNE DOYLE ANDERSON, Owner and Manager l COIVIPLIIVIENTS or CENTRAL DAIRY The Goodyear Store SWISS DRY CLEANERS LE ROY BRADLEY Architect PHONE A-4246 THE BEST IN CHRISTIAN LITERATURE GOSPEL TEMPLE BOOK SHOP Ruclisill at Calhoun . Our Aim HPRESENTINC CHRIST THRU PRINTED PACE" YOU ARE ALWAYS Compliments of MAUMEE Painl 8. Supply Lo. COLOR HEADQUARTERS AND UNFINISI-IED FURNITURE WELCOME at the 227 E. BERRY PHONE A-Il7I Gospel Temple Book Shop I I I u T I , "The Missionary Church ln Chicago" M'- Tune in "Big Family Altar Broadcast" 'SLS' 5 ':. . - , -. E-:fi . .Riff "fi :Q at over Q fs' .,:, WAIT - 820 Kilocycles E -Q ' 9:30 A. IVI. - Sundays O P L g L E 'Q REV. ROBERT C. STRUBHAR LESS' I I qi 1- 1 Pastor HUMBOLDT PARK GOSPEL TABERNACLE l5l5 North I-Ioman Avenue CHICAGO 51, ILLINOIS CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF '47 AND GOD BLESS YOU! AS YOU NOW CO FORTH TO LABOR WITH THOSE ILLUSTRIOUS FORT WAYNE ALUMNI WHO HAVE MADE SO FINE A RECORD IN THE I-IOMELANDSWI AND ON MANY FOREIGN FIELDS. O 9 0 The Foreign Department THE CHRISTIAN AND MISSIONARY ALLIANCE 260 West 44th Street New York 18, N. Y. BIBLES PLAQUES - CARDS - STATIONERY RELIGIOUS BOOKS COMMENTARIES Wherever you go, . A Whatever you do, ,WJ Sggiffgidsk We Want you to know, wi w,wwS9'ifi yfyu . We're thinking of you. it 12251 sf -f 91- 4 Y ,ff fl 1- XX' K K1 AI I ' 1 "' ' A .. . ff-tvi ' I 3 If tlrgzff .4j"' .-'ef' ff' 4 ' VESEY'S FLOWERS Ti-is IVIISSIONARY WORKER, a 16-page semi-month- ly periodical of deeply spiritual. inspirHtiOnal ' t 1 and in eres ing reading matter. 51.00 per year. Missionary Church Association -.Beautiful Flowery PUBLICATION DEPARTMENT Bible Institute Bldg. Fort 'Wayne 6, Indiana r 5 :MQ F?."'5f?'9 Vg 56" The Engravings in this Book were mgole by THE FORT WAYNE ENGRAVING COMPANY 120 West Superior Street FORT WAYNE 1, INDIANA .,-.,-.,-.,,,.,-,,4-. Engravers for better High School cmd College Anhuotls for over thirty-five yegrs The 1947 lighi Tower Wofs printed by the Economy Printing Concern Printing and Binding BERNE - - - INDIANA We specialize in the printing of High School Annuals ond other Year Books CENSUS OF STUDENT BODY DEN OMINATIONS REPRESENTED Baptist Friends Christian Independent Fundamental Christian and Missionary Alliance Interdenominational Christian Congregational Mennonite Brethren in Christ Christian Fundamental Methodist Christian Union Church of the Brethren Missionary Church Association Nazarene Church of Christ Pentecostal Church of God Pilgrim Holiness Conference Mennonite Presbyterian Defenseless Mennonite Reformed Disciples of Christ Salvation Army Evangelical United Brethren Tabernacles Evangelical and Reformed United Brethren Free Methodist Wesleyan Methodist ENROLLMENT BY STATES Arizona .... . . 6 Michigan . . . . . Arkansas . . . . . l Nebraska . . . . . California . . . . 7 New lersey . . . Georgia . . . . . l New York . . . . . . Illinois .... .... 3 2 North Carolina .... . . Indiana . . . .... l24 North Dakota . . . . . Iowa .... . . 4 Ohio ......... . . . . Kansas .... . . 9 Pennsylvania . . . . . Kentucky . . . . . 2 Washington . . . . Louisiana . . . . . l West Virginia . . . Total enrollment of resident students ,... .... 3 5-1 Albro. Lois G. 413 E. First St. Royal Oak, Michigan Amstutz, Marilyn L. 1100 Ensley Ave. Aubum, Indiana Amstutz. Paul L. Wealthy Street Berne, Indiana Anderson. Marian 114 Widenham St. Peoria, Illinois Andrews, Christine E. E09 Short St, Decatur. Indiana Andrews. Esther F08 Short St. Decatur, Indiana Applegate. Max Antwerp, Ohio Arnold. Venus. Ir. Sheridan, Michigan Aupperle. Gordon 4365 Lakewood Detroit, Michigan Bahr. Clifford Morton. North Dakota Baird, Dolores Ann 7403 Snow Rd. Parma, Ohio Balmer, Gordon 22180 Adams Farmington, Michigan Barden, Eileen 1024 26th St. South Bend, Indiana Bath, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dodge City, Kansas Battenherg. Violet R. 2145 Fairfield Ave. Fort W'ayne, Indiana Beck, Ruth G. 326 Staunton St. Piqua, Ohio Bedsworth. Curtis 1032 W. Washington Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana Bedsworth, Grace 1032 W. Washington Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana Bedsworth, lane 1032 W, Washington Blvd. Fort Vfayne, Indiana Bedsworth, Norma 1032 VV. Washington Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana Bell, Iames H. 2315 Selzer Ave. Cleveland 9, Ohio Bennett, Winona Box 294 Attica. Ohio Birkey, Vurla Delavan, Illinois STUDENT DIRECTORY Blomquist. Helen I. 451 W. Williams Street Fort Wayne, Indiana Bossard, Nila L. Brown City, Michigan Bower, Stanley 15411 Dolphin Ave. Detroit, Michigan Brown. Irene 317 N. Enterprise Bowling Green, Ohio Buchanan. Albert. Ir. R. 2 Evans City, Pennsylvania Buchweitz. Betty 3403 W. Beach Chicago, Illinois Bunch, Doris V. R. l Lakeville, Indiana Burpee, Lois L. 9159 Burr St. Utica, Michigan Byers, Norma lean R. l Claridon, Ohio Byrne, Richard I. 6336 Colfax Lincoln 7, Nebraska Caddy. LeRoy 1025 Park Ave. Royal Oak, Michigan Cain, Esther M. 68 Ioe Ave. New Miami, Hamilton, Ohio Ccmon. Iames W. 4225 Lakewood Detroit, Michigan Cantrell. Reuben C. Grabill, Indiana Card. Clark A. 46-10 88th St. Elmhurst, New York Comes. Miriam C. 5838 Lotusdale Drive Cleveland, Ohio Carr, Vera R. 2, Box 79 Glendale, Arizona Castersen, Ralph E. Koloa, Kauai Hawaii Cate, Gladys R. 2 South Haven, Michigan Cathcart. Lois C. Climax, Pennsylvania Caulkins, Wayne West Unity, Ohio Clapp. Lester L. 2402 St. Marys Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana Coddington, Emily P. Wyanet, Illinois Cooley. Mr. cmd Mrs. Robert E. 1261 Paris, N. E. Grand Rapids, Michigan Corey, Betty 730 W. Vtfayne Fort Wayne, Indiana Craft, Alma lean 1021 Glenwood Rd. Mt. Clemens, Michigan Crall, Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. 130 Sharon Ave. Battle Creek, Michigan Crist, Lorenzo I. 1403 I-Iurd St. Fort Wayne 5, Indiana Crow. lla I. 3919 S. Calhoun St. I-'ort Wayne, Indiana Crow. Lyle B. 3919 S. Calhoun St. Fort Wayne, Indiana Culver. Kenneth Box 5 Bippus, Indiana Dalley. Barbara 808 Hague Ave. Iockson, Michigan Dalian. Garnett O. R. 7 Hamilton, Ohio Daniel, Ruth V. 2-122 N. Franklin Ave. Flint, Michigan Dawley, Grace 5829 Summit St. Sylvania, Ohio Dawson, Eloise H. M. C. 28, Fairview Ave. Warren, Ohio Dean. William Brown City, Michigan DeCamp. Olive L. R, l Bluffton, Ohio DenHartog. Mr. and Mrs. 3933 South Wayne Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana Deninger. Frank, Ir. R. 1 Palatine, Illinois Dettwiler. Roy 130 W. Lake St. Petoskey, Michigan Dick. lean 4644 North-AHazel Chicago, Illinois Dickenson, Earle S. 532 Marlin Ave. Royal Oak, Michigan Dickerson. Phyllis F. 235 Summit St. Ypsilanti, Michigan Diller, Esther A. 14661 Hart St. Van Nuys, California Dingman. Mariorie O. 3226 McCormick Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana Dobie. Irene Santa Fe, Ohio Gerrit Dosh, Doreen 83 S. Elba Rd. Lapeer, Michigan Duff, Evelyn L. 1032 W. Washington Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana Duncan. Iyla I. Detour, Michigan Dunlap, Howard E. Craigville, Indiana Eamest, Eileen E. Uniondale, Indiana Edgell. Colleen 616 N. Seventh St. Decatur, Indiana Elinq, Iessie 917 First St. Grand Rapids, Michigan Enfield, Gordon 803 E. Osborne South Bend 18, Indiana Erdel, Paul R. 11 Lafayette, Indiana Erickson, Rita 1742 N. Albany Chicago, Illinois Ervin, Alice M. 621 Race St. Logansport, Indiana Everett, Eunice R. 1 Lakeville, Indiana Fair, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence R. R. 2 Athens, Ohio Fiedler, Martha I. 522 W. Broadway Newton, Kansas Fink, Catherine V. 115 W. Sheen Ave. East Peoria, Illinois Fisher, William B. Constantine, Michigan Florence, Thomas L. R. 1, Box 142 B Summerfield, North Carolina Foor, Ruth R. 3 Frankfort, Indiana Ford, Thaine E. R. 5 Fort Wayne, Indiana Fox, Patricia 3175 Wilson St. Marlette, Michigan Frail, Thelma Temperance, Michigan Freed, Dean 1706 E. Hively Ave. Elkhart, Indiana Friend, Harland R. 2 Continental, Ohio Gabrielson, Ruth A. 1012 Yellowstone Rd. Cleveland, Ohio Gates, Mr. and Mrs, Iohn 312 W. Paris Ave. Peoria Heights, Illinois Gerig, Berdaline R. 3506 Indiana Fort Wayne, Indiana Geriq, Carol M. 3933 S. Wayne Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana Geriq, Donovan I. 119 N. Seventh St. Sterling, Kansas Gerig, Gaylord E. Woodburn, Indiana Gerig, Gerald 3506 Indiana Fort Wayne, Indiana Gerig, Geraldine R, 3506 Indiana Fort Wayne, Indiana Geriq, Ioy R. 3 Auburn, Indiana Gibbs, Robert E. 1236 Wade St. Indianapolis, Indiana Gilpin, Orton C. 7318 Beaty Ave. 'Naynedale Port Wayne, Indiana Goolsby, Betty M. 1422 Bellefontaine St. Indianapolis, Indiana Gottschalk, Mr. and Mrs. Truman D. 1211 Oakland St. Fort Wayne, Indiana Gould, Wilma 436 N. 7th St. Hamilton, Ohio Grabill, Paul E. Grabill, Indiana Graf, Mr. and Mrs. Lowell 3726 Shady Court Fort Wayne, Indiana Greaf, Mary Lou R. 6 Portland, Indiana Gregg, Mary 502 N. Main St. Churubusco, Indiana Habeqqer, Clifford Bible Institute Fort Wayne, Indiana Haifley, Ioan E. Box 44 Grabill, Indiana Hall, F. De Witte R. 1, Box 25 Sinks Grove, West Virginia Hall, Lois I-Ialls Gap, Kentucky Hansen, Alice 2230 N. Mulligan Chicago, Illinois Harmon, Edith M. Inez, Kentucky Harris, Bruce 1605 Denison Ave. Cleveland, Ohio Harris, Howard E. 214 Austin Ave. Royal Oak, Michigan Harruff, Dale Box 737 Spence-rville, Cliio Hartman, Betty lane R. 1 Curtice, Ohio Heath, Della R. 1 Iasonville, Indiana Heaton, Edna I. 4022 Tacoma Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana Herbert, Wanda Rae Box 413 Lake Charles, Louisiana Hesselbart, Ianice M. Lindsey, Ohio Hewitt, Arlene E. R. 1 Elkton, Michigan Hewitt, Henry D. R. 1, Box 6 Elkton, Michigan Hey, Marcus 1711 E. Creighton Fort Wayne, Indiana Hilbert, Anna Mae 45 S. E. Locust St. Fleetwood, Pennsylvania Hirschy, Elizabeth M. 568 E. Water St. Berne, Indiana Hirschy. Gordon W. 568 E. Water St. Berne, Indiana Hoffman, Pearl E. R. 1, Box 77 Barberton, Ohio Holcomb, Mildred E, 129 N. Gorham Iackson, Michigan Hoover, Esther 168 Park Drive Dayton, Ohio Hostetler, Mr. and Mrs. Ia Decatur. Indiana Hursh, Alice I. Auburn, Indiana Hyde, Helen V. Bible Institute Fort Vtfayne, Indiana lnniqer, Kathleen R. 366 Hendricks St. Berne. Indiana Iackson. Morris. Ir. R. 1 Sturgis, Michigan Jackson, Phyllis I. R. 1 Sturgis Michigan Iardine, Mary H. 160 Clare-ncedale Ave. Youngstown Ohio Ioder, Charles W. Bible Institute Fort l'Vayne Indiana Iohnson, Dolores 2213 N. Kostner Ave. Chicago, Illinois ke Iohnson, Mariorie Yoder, Indiana Iohnson, Roy D. 20200 Purling Brook Farmington, Michgian Iohnson, Walter Bible Institute Fort Wayne, Indiana Iohnson, William E. 1826 Catalpa St. Fort Wayne, Indiana Iones, Elvin 2222 Curdes Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana Iones, Waneta Easton, Illinois Ioumell, I. Darrell R. 4 Salem, Indiana Kapsalis, Helen 1824 N. Kimball Chicago 47, Illinois Kauffman, Charles H. 305 N. Camp Scott Fort Wayne, Indiana Keener, Maryann R. I, Wood Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana Kemmerer. Rachel E. R. 2 Easton, Pennsylvania Kerby, Iames A. 96 Highland Hamilton, Ohio Kirchner, Clarence 350 Fourth Ave. Freedom. Pennsylvania Klopienstein, M. L. Grabill, Indiana Klotzbach, Louis I. Klemme, Iowa Knowles, Elmer Box 725 Bucklin. Kansas Korta, Juanita V. 215 E. Forest Hill Peoria, Illinois Korta. Margaret L. 215 E. Forest Hill Peoria, Illinois Krahl, Coleen E. 207 E, Forest Hill Peoria, Illinois Krueger, Esther 5571 Giddings Chicago, Illinois Lacey, Virginia P. R. 3, Gudled Rd. Painesville, Ohio Latch, Dean 3525 W. 62nd PI. Chicago 29, Illinois Laughbaum, Hattie A. Pellston, Michigan Laughbaum. Helen L. Paltstori, I-flichigan Lawrence, Beatrice E. 2384 Professor Ave. Cleveland, Ohio Lawson, Ianet A. Harborcreek, Pennsylvania Lawson, Ioyce E. 909 Sedgwick St. Port Huron, Michigan Le Grande, Lorraine 8340 South 85th Court Oak Lawn, Illinois Lehman, Dorcas E. 1161 Sterling Ave. Orrville, Ohio Lehman, Eloyd M. 524 High St. Berne, Indiana Lehman, Eunice A. 1161 Sterling Ave. Orrville, Ohio Leightner, Amy L. Pandora, Ohio Liechty, Mathilda L. 217 Center St. Berne, Indiana Litzenberg, LaDonna I. Woodburn, Indiana Lobdell, Patricia I.. R. R. Ouincy, Michigan Lohr, Edna R. 1 Hemlock, Michigan Lombard, Aqnes M. R. 3, Box 187 Petoskey, Michigan Lombard, Ieanette R. 3, Box 187 Petoskey, Michigan Lord, Elizabeth A. 2013 Alabama Fort Wayne, Indiana Love, Kenneth 313 N. Arlington Kalamazoo, Michigan Luqibihl, Drusilla R. 2 Bluffton, Ohio Lyon. Eleanore G. 925 Chestnut St. Ashland, Ohio Mcl-Ilhone, Mr. and Mrs. 2520 N. Mitchell Phoenix, Arizona McHatton, Glenn A. 1505 South 12th St. Phoenix, Arizona Mclver, Wm. K.. Ir. R. 2, Leo Road Fort Wayne, Indiana McKnight. Earl 111 Vandegrift Dr. Dayton, Ohio McMichael, Pauline M. 320 E. Fourth St. Lima, Ohio Maqary, G. Robert 12 Madison Ave, Mt. Clemens, Michigan Markham, Leona R. 428 N. Walnut St. Lansing, Michigan Harry Marks, Glenn H. R. 1 Iones, Michigan Mast, Floran L. R. 3 Goshen, Indiana Matthews, Sarah C. Upper Sandusky, Ohio Merrill. Donna I. Carsonvile, Michigan Messler, Mary L. 2612 S. Hannah Fort Wayne, Indiana Mikel, Donald Nappanee, Indiana Miller. Carl R. 1 Scott, Ohio Miller, Rita M. Wauneta, Nebraska Miller, Shirley L. Bible Institute Fort Wayne, Indiana Miller. Virginia Mae Bently Rd., R. 2 Bluffton, Ohio Miller, Virginia Maxine Huntertown, Indiana Moffatt, Robert G. 465 Prospect St. East Orange, New Iersey Morris, Betty W. R. 2 Muncie, Indiana Morrison, Phyllis 512 Short Si. Decatur, Indiana Muselman, Pauline 517 East Main Berne, Indiana Nesbitt, Mr. and Mrs. David H R. 1, Box 370 Royal Oak, Michigan Neuenschwander, Arthur R. 1 Berne, Indiana Neuenschwander. Elbert 266 Van Buren Berne, Indiana Nickelson, Prisilla 815 Peacock Rd. Richmond, Indiana Niemann, Lenore 4501 Brooklyn Ave. Cleveland, Ohio Null. Lloyd W. R. I Wakarusa, Indiana Orr, Lyriiord Temperance, Michigan Oser, Bernice Bible Institute Fort Wayne, Indiana Overhulser, William T. 924 Pearl St. Elkhart. Indiana Oyer, Eli 429 W. Brackenridge Fon Wayne 2, Indiana Packer. Margaret ludson, Indiana Pagett, Phyllis E. 580 Hall Road, R. 1 Mt. Clemens, Michigan Palmer. Imogene Gen. Del. Eaton Rapids, Michigan Paramore. Charlotte 11575 Hartsook St. North Hollywood, California Parker. Barbara E. Box 44 Denair, California Parker. Dean E. West Fork, Arkansas Parker, I. Wade Denair, California Pasma. C. Iames 501 College N. E. Grand Rapids, Michigan Pasma. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald 501 College Ave. N, E, Grand Rapids, Michigan Pearson. Bruce Harlan, Indiana Perkins. Elenore R. 1 Bluffton, Indiana Perkins, Vernon R. 1 Bluffton, Indiana Perry. Esther l. R. 7, Box 292-A Statesville, North Carolina Persons. Mr. and Mrs. Russell 3919 South Calhoun Fort Wayne, Indiana Peters. Alberta Box 135 Elida, Ohio Quay. Robert W. 2520 N. Mitchell Phoenix, Arizona Roger, Paul Bible Institute Fort Wayne, Indiana Rediqer. Frieda 701 Russell Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana Reed. Chester N. North Webster, Indiana Reed. Lurella Mae 2872 Lincolnway East Mishawaka, Indiana Reickow. Victor 135 W. Wilkins lackson. Michigan Relnders. Frances Plover, Iowa Richardson. Earl 1622 Scott Ave. Port Huron, Michigan Ringenberg. Faythe 1221 Nuttman Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana Roach. Hurtha I. 7305 Uoerner Center Line, Michigan Rohrs. Donald Hicksville, Ohio Rouselle. Iola I. Wauneta, Nebraska Schierlinq. Ann R. 12842 Sherman Way North Hollywood, California Schmidt. Ethel F. R. 3 Newton, Kansas Schmidt. Pauline Elbing, Kansas Schmidt. Thelma B. R. 3 Newton, Kansas Schray. Shirley K. 2806 Natchez Ave. Cleveland, Ohio Schwab. Gordon H. R. 1 Bawson, Ohio Schweitzer, Hazel E. 719 W. Ftudisill Blvd. Fort Wayne 6, Indiana Schwendener. Eunice C. 1824 N. Kimball Ave. Chicago, Illinois Schwendener. Lois F. 1824 N, Kimball Ave. Chicago, Illinois Seely. Vincent H. Box 76 Reading, Michigan Seymour. Bruce R. 542 Gaynor St. Belvidere, Illinois Shaneyielt. Ethel Mae 1414 Hughes St. Fort Wayne, Indiana Shoup. Barbara Bible Institute Fort Wayne, Indiana Showalter. Arwilda 314 East Lincoln Ave. Goshen, Indiana Sims. Bradley K. R. 1 Millington, Michigan Sims. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene R. 3815 Oakshire Ave. Berkley, Michigan Sipp. Carol I. 313 Sherman I-Iamilton, Ohio Slusser. Evelyn R. 1 Delphi, Indiana Slusser. Gertrude R. 1 Delphi, Indiana Smith. Anna 332 McCornbs Ave. South Bend, Indiana Smith. Helen M. 1403 Springfield Rd, East Peoria, Illinois Smith. Myrtle Wallace, Michigan Smith, Naomi M. 716 W. First St. De-lphos, Ohio Snowden. Barney 1701 Spring Boad Cleveland 9, Ohio Snyder. Letha E. 151 Butter Rd. 'Nest Milton, Ohio Soroczak. Olga 400 Michigan St. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Sousley. Pauline M. R. 2 Mishawalca, Indiana Sousley. Wayne E. B. 2 Mishawaka, Indiana Sousley. Wendall L. B. 2, Early Bd. Mishawalca, Indiana Sprunger, Clifford I. South Fulton St. Berne, Indiana Staley. Frances 17414 Wood Ave. Melvindale, Michigan Stalter. Delmar Trivola, Illinois Stanley. William H. 325 Brotherson Place Apt. 277 Peoria, Illinois Steiner. Dwight Pandcra, Ohio Steiner, Gerald Pandora, Ohio Steiner. I.aVerne R. 1 Berne, Indiana Steiner. Mr. and Mrs. Royal B 3109 Lafayette Fort Wayne, Indiana Steinhauer. Mr. and Mrs. Robert K 3726 Shady Court Fort VVayne, Indiana Stevenson. Amaryllis Box 251 lilarlette, Michigan Stilson. Iames E. 87 Park Ave. Binghamton, New Yorl: Stoddard. Harriet 606 Marlin Ave. Royal Oak, Michigan Stucky. Clara Lou X'X'ooclburn Indiana Swaback, Iune A. 1512 North K-eysiczi Chicago Illinois Taylor. Arthur 1412 Nkfells St. Part Huron, Michigan Thomas. Virginia l. R. -1 Portland, Indiana Tosch. Clare M. 15341 Pet: Read Capac, ltlichigazi Touchton. Samuel L. 743 Confederate S. E. Atlanta, Georgia Tucker, Arlene B. 1017 W. Market St. Bluffton, Indiana Unruh, Vema L. R. 5 Newton, Kansas Vaccarelli. Daniel 6443 Rose-moor St. Pittsburgh 17, Pennsylvania Vollmar. Lois 1007 Third St. Fort Wayne, Indiana Wade. Helen B. 531 S. 10th St. Elkhart, Indiana Wagner. Geraldine C. Iasper, Michigan Walker. Irene E. 1649 Springfield Ave. Chicago, Illinois Wallace. Martha I. 107 N, Forbes St. Iackson, Michigan Wann. Eleanor Harlan, Indiana Want. Beverly E. R. 2, Box 132-D Oakdale, California Warner, Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. 1902 Chapin St. Iackson, Michigan Weber. Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. 3726 Shady Court Fort Wayne, Indiana Weihl. William C. Cass City, Michigan Welch. Dorothy E. 243 N. Lawne Ave. Bluffton, Ohio Welch. Nadine B. 618 E. Lewis St. Fort Wayne, Indiana Williams, Darrell R. 2000 7th Avenue Peoria, Illinois Willis. Katharine Zanesville, Ohio Wilson. Ivis L. 2215 E. Michigan St. Indianapolis, Indiana Wirt. Charles G. Beaverton, Michigan Witmer. Evangeline 4112 Arlington Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana Wolf, Ruth E. Ida, Michigan Wolfe. Neil F. Kimmell, Indiana Q1 ' Aff DOING HIS wlu. C hui Wolford. Ralph R. 2 Forest, Ohio Woodward, Muriel I. Orange City, Iowa Woodward, Pearle Orange City, Iowa Wormley. Dorthy Pemberville, Ohio Wright, Mr. and Mrs. I. Harlan 503 Laura Ave. Peoria, Illinois Wyckoff. Clara I.. 200 Kettelle St. Peoria, Illinois Yoder. Ervanna 1525 Tecumseh Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana Yoder, Vemelle R. 1 Geneva, Indiana Young, Margaret R. 1 New Brighton, Pennsylvania Zimmerman. Ruth M. Box 53 Grabill, Indiana Zollner, Esther Ruth 1038 Avondale Ave. Toledo, Ohio Zuber, Louise A. Box l7l Elida, Ohio r"'z-'61, vfffff . I, wi' fd' . J' ll,+ .mf 1, ,'Y'n' ,.. , ' . 4 ..,'f ,,, .' , A . -,. . , T' Y "- " ,. ,' . . .X ' ul . . - - , -. -' 4- . ' R H - - ' ' gl . .4.:...' 243.4-i-R Y u 3 i K 5 L, v-'Q TN Xl xx '51 T , ,ug :gif 'i.1 ' 1 Q X FQ 'diff f f Y 1 W, K XX Xxx 1 1 ,f 1,--is ' ' 1 , I M 14 1 , f x 3,4- - 11 H my . an 1 "', At qi. "" Ti If yin!! .1 .1 4 J V ff 1 1' + A.,-v ,M- ! -4 ,A '- ' 'r V",'3, rf-4' J --rnf' 'vu A P s ig Y -110-M' " NM-4' 'aiu ' . ua' .... -V! - ,. ,. 12. I K xi -it 4 .- ,- ii. 'M' 42", - sa., -A .sw .' N I 'Y wx M, ,, y. P ,... , A'a '.ll Q ' .. , , ,- Vwvvfii ' I . ,lf 'U - 4 ' 'L X- 7,1 . V'.'. l ' '- , -, 1- q,5gx'5?FP'-T4-""'iJ.lwE44W?f'q - K" f. 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Suggestions in the Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) collection:

Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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