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5 x J5- rw' 3 if If I 1 , . , . 1 if v My E yn f W E R Q., FOUHTETSNTH EDTUON PUBLYSHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF THE FORT WAYNE BIBLE INSTITUTE 7 FORT VVAYNE. END. ji Qs, ,7 8 . H? fi7f.- if W 1 gyifra 1' ,. Q: Q Ji V to professor c. a. gerber, instructor in vocal music, the class of 1945 dedicates this volume of the light tower in honor of his thirty-fourth year ot service .at our almarmater. small of stature but large of heart, he has won and held our admiration through the years. his intelligent appreciation of ' good music has inspired us: his sympathetic manner and gracious understanding have kept us plodding: his ability to take ordinary voices and harmonize them into a great chorus has brought favorable commendation to our institute, above all, his supreme motive has been to leadvus to sing to the praise and glory of God. I r 1 K l w 1, W N 1 1 i I I 1 I v X 1 I r E -J V . ,,W'jf,g4,.s - . 'Q 4: V - "Y,--". JL 5 7"3!:a'14'? ' X' 5 A .nm ff: 4' :- --I 1 LA ! .5 wr? X I '..,L,:', V 3.-ff 1 .ww F! 3 nf' , , 'N rv' X ll. g T , '1 x Q if pg ."-X. R Y qw ' ff 3.1. 49' .vu - r 14" '11, X ,f .. '5' 'rv is , Ks A ' . 31 ' :1""" . . A . ' . ,- , 9- -, g' - ' 1-f527':..,f r F f - . if W' S: ' 'v Q g . 1 -.JA fifmaf- g 'Inf - .. lj' X -g'.:yl535 ,lf 1 , sf , if -SQ. ' f?'::'., ,v. . 1 'rj' . X ' -' -Lew. V f fl! "-v""41 4 , . 1 :jr TJ, ., 1 ., A 7 1 3 .J ' -,v:- . 1. A .Tex Ai-1 55 A MIRACLE IN STUNE Nothing short of a miracle has been the growth and 'development ot our school since the daye of its humble beginning as the Beth- any Home, Its buildings have been made not only of brick and mortar but also of sweat and prayers. N x , I E r P ' LXR n , JIPJ r 1, 1 J-'Fi 'NSY' 1 if 'sv . f 'r ,rg 'C 4. e5-WNKSQN fb VXA N i '. A 1 V 5 . ,Q ff ' Y zz "riff x f ' - " , X' . 4 fgrf ' ag, -UA 1.3. ' fd' gf "Sf . J.. ix"-. - . s-, ' " . , .jg 1 , . 4 1 , ,fy ' F W" J .JKA I f" 4' ' . 4 ix 1 . fi .Ns Q,,f"x as Q 'H 1' .f'. .Q X r,. ,'-'.,, 7, V ,, 1 L' . 2' , J' 1' I , 11 1, -. ,. -' . .hw - ,' ' 211, .h 4. .' A - ---"ff - fl- ,Q 'V A " ' " ' :-.e--- -" 1 ' 'Zu'-.'J'gr-.-rx.. ' x -.,., -3 ,i .,..., .ig -,.-74. . ,. ,f A , , 'R' H-' , aw aa 'in ifzfg QQ ,im 41, uf, 1 f, ',, ,. 357 '1En,,LQfi I 1 1 'Sta 5' '- ' . 17.53" ' .' "::f::.i:"1. - ' . Q U --nm '- ,l'- f ' 'Q 5-.cha V T ' '-EL: I 5161-' al' .!'Taf.--5: .1 , H . i . jr 59- Vg. jg -H Q- - :::.'1 0,7-....-.... ......,. YW. V., Y . , V --, -,rf-, -.....,,,.., - w.- ,HY ..,..,. ..... ....-i......m-a--':::'-- LAUMINISTRATIUN BUILBIN 4 , c This first school closed in 1900, but the demand for this type of training reopened it In the early nineties the vision of the B. P. Lugibihl family caused them to leave the farm and prepare for missionary service in Africa. Being unable to go to the field themselves, they desired to prepare others for the Lord's service. With this work in mind their home in Bluffton, Ohio, was enlarged and improved preparatory to opening the Bethany Bible Institute. The Institute was opened in 1895, with the late Rev. I. E. Ramseyer, the spiritual head, and Mr. and Mrs. Lugibihl, the supervisors. The opening was a step of faith, and God provided the teachers necessary at the time. A goodly number of students, after attending the twenty- week terms, were better prepared for the Mastsr's service. Many of these original students have entered into the presence of their Lord, but there still remain many who are actively engaged in the Lord's work, again in 1904, with thirty-two student enrolled. Since more waited to come later, a change in the program was made necessary. An attempt to secure a larger and more central location finally led to Fort Wayne, Indiana. Numerous sites were suggested, but the price was always prohibitive. The present site of the school was suggested as a last resort, but the little group almost feared to ask the price of this ideally situated tract of virgin forest. However, their fears were grourndless, and they succeeded in buying our campus for the very reasonable sum of S1800. This amount was borrowed and work was begun. It is perhaps significant that the first shovel of dirt was removed by a returned missionary, Rev. Isaac Hess, since about one-third of the graduates have gone to the foreign mission field. ' Although the first building was not yet completed, classes were started in Fort Wayne the following winter at the City Mission on East Columbia t Street, and the students lived i.n homes nearby. The new building, ADMIN- E ISTRATION BUILDING, was rushed to completion in Ianuary, 1905, and the l l classes of the Bible Training School were moved there. , P , 1 H 1 , Y .. 'w,wl.',' MW 'J to JIJ1 . 1 x ,X ' gxv' 1 f 2 35 'g 113 1 I x x wx 'NX xv 1 1 . . A Qliifvf' 1.1.7.- f I cf. M 1 A . M-...., -wg A4 V , 'Ll 1 - --Q' H ,-Q Mfafq-pl . N , K "wb ., f " " A . . - . :mm 74 N " " ...M . -'Y -' '- " " ' x N xg, , -'K . , 1 ' ' ' , , I ' - x -xp-1 ,L-me-1,.-. ' , 1 QL.. -T , l :ffifiizz ' f 5""'N". 7 . - H..- I V' . J.Z-,3,swQ51- ' . +--,..,xd N ..1 l . K Uv- Q--' xz. 'NN ' l 4, rgfl 15 Tl, N WI . . G ck? 3' . -Q f:l lwa A , Q- V-Q5 L -. lf 1 J -f f 'v lu.3. ...- X fY4'1'1'w ,v3'x,,i,ww .. ,.---' 17.3 . ,. M- , . , .L , "1 ,LVM Ul'U".sj,iN1"' f-F5 -14-'H 'M .-.--....-aul""' A 1 A M ,ip .. ' I V' fw,g,,l,,,4., - gv. -7. - , - . .,,, Y .l3w,..: "wi Af, v -- i ',,7!v1-f'.'l?' V. f -Nr Q-1,553 -5- , Q F ...K . . 1- . amgu u"fa,.q'. N .. .-' -' ,... . 3 -, ..i 'A .v',y'quf,?": ' - . " t, 'QA . - 5 .- , . -. , -. -M A. 4gwa.".-A - -.4 Fi ,,' ' fwv- " Q. 4. "' v, -- uf . 1-' . X -+ JJ,..- A 4 . . I . , ' ' r 7' 'X 'S' 1- ." ' 5' AQ., 'MJ , av .- :Q .r . 'lx , t 1 ., -. 1 , , A 'll' tl ut 3 'li -1 . . .. ' The an services were from its earliest years a regular part ofthe school lite. The Quiet Hours also had their beginning with the school. These features have not changed. The growth ot the school made necessary other changes, however. ln addition to the regular Bible course a Bible-Music course was soon introduced. Several years later the Mission Band commenced the support of Rev, Clayton D. Steiner, a Bible Institute grad- uate laboring in Peru, South America. The steady increase in the number of students also made necessary an expansion of facilities. In 1929 an addition was proposed that would contain dormi- tory rooms and classrooms. In 1931 this building,BET1-IANY HALL, was completed at a cost of SBU,- 000 and was dedicated to the Lord. The tirst edition of the Light Tower was published this year. Since the enrollment continued to grow, the Annex was purchased in 1937, to provide living quar- ters for five married couples. The Administration Building also was quite extensively modernized the same year. Nineteen thirty-eight saw the beginning of the School of Correspondence which filled a definite need among those who could not be in residence at the Institute. Further growth demanded more room, until in 1940 plans tor a Music Hall were submitted. Since it was soon evi- dent that the original plans for only a music hall would not meet the need, they were enlarged to include classrooms, a gymnasium, a dining room. and a chapel. This much needed building, FOUNDERS' MEMORIAL, was completed in 1942 at a cost of S1l0,000. A further addition to the curriculum was made in 1944 when a summer term was added to th daily Chapel Hour and the Weekly Mission B d ' e regular schedule. ll Progress is still being made along every line of school life and work. Again the complaint is, "Beho1d now, the place , . . is too strait for us." After the death of our beloved President, I. E. Ramseyer, many inquiries and suggestions rela- tive to a memorial were made. It seemed to be generally felt that some appropriate memorial should he undertaken. The General Committee of the Missionary Church Association felt that since many local churches, The Bible Institute, and other friends may wish to share in whatever would be done. it would be in order for such a memorial to be undertaken. A Committee appointed by the General Conference of the Missionary Church Association to draw up plans and solicit funds for this undertaking consists of Mr, S. A. Lehman of Fort Wayne: Mr. N. E. Roth of Grabill, Indiana: Mr. C. H. Muselman ol Berne, Indiana: Mr. F. W. Lagerholm of Chicago, Illinois: Rev. V. O. Harrold of Fort Wayne, Indiana: Rev. Earl Leonard of Peoria, Illinois: Rev. Q. I. Everest of South Bend, Indiana: Rev. Eli Steiner of Bluffton, Ohio: and L. Shirl Hatfield of Pandora. Ohio. To this number, the Committee is authorized to add an additional six names as it may deem wise. The committee has already added the names of Rev. I. A. Ringenberg: Mr. S. S. Gerig, Mr. Marion D. Lochner, Mr. Bert Hollopeter, all of Fort Wayne, and Mr. I. Francis Chase of Chicago, Illi- nois, It has also organized itself and elected the following officers: Mr. S. A. Lehman, Chairman: Rev. I. A. Ringenberg, Secretary: and Mr. S. S. Gerig, Treasurer. Since "Daddy" Ramseyer was in all things a very practical man and not given to expenditures for mere show, it was felt that the memorial should be in keeping with that principle. There was a 5 l'f"'l:ll'ae1 ...A fre , .ff ,f - 'L' r ? on ,Xml it , , t 'C T'-L T' lads, ,V,. .1512 v nl A rrpgr . , r A proiect that had been on "Daddy" Ramseyer's heart and to which he had directed an initial Sl,- 000.00 given him to place as he felt it was needed most. This proiect was in the form of a head- quarters building that would meet the various needs of the Bible Institute and the Missionary Church Association. The memorial proposed to meet this need is a building so arranged that the first iloor can be utilized tor ofiices. committee rooms, a book store, and probably, some apartments or rooms as space may permit. The upper floors are to be arranged into apartments and rooms suitable to the needs of the Institute and the Association. The estimated cost of this proposed new building is Sl50,000, The building will be held in trust by the Trustees of the Missionary Church Association and its use directed by a committee. two-thirds oi whose members are to be appointed by the General Committee of the Missionary Church Association and one-third by the Governing Board of the Institute. Six men have given 51000.00 each for the purchase oi a suitable lot which has been secured at a cost of S6000.00. This lot, 125 by 128 feet, is located on the southeast corner of South Wayne Avenue and Rudisill Boulevard diagonally across from the Bible Institute. In addition the students and alumni of the Bible Institute have raised in cash and subscriptions. over S4000.00. A number of other gifts have been given by interested friends. l 2. Bethany Hall 3. Founders' Memorial . Administration Building 5. First Missionary Church 6. Site of proposed Ramseyer Me- morial 4. "Mother" Ramseyer's Home 7. P. L. Eicher Home 8. The Annex 4- V QA. ., , "1 fd'- x EC 66 raining for Service and Service in Training" has been the apt and pertinent motto of the Fort Wayne Bible Institute since its establishment in 1904. Moreover. dur- ing the years of its existence it has always tried to translate this motto into actual ex- perience. This it still endeavors to do today. The accomplishment of such a practical purpose demands teachers and teaching of the highest order. It necessitates that every member of t.he Faculty must not only know the Truth experientially. but it must be enshrined in his life, as Truth was in- carnated in the life of Iesus Christ. This living exposition of the Truth continues, in and out of the class room, until Truth becomes personified in the student. Such is the divine program! Such a program would fail of accomplishment were it not for the beneticent min- istry ol the Spirit of God. He distributes spiritual gifts to saved men and women: and these individuals, in turn, are given by Him for the ministry of the Church, the Body of Christ. The gifts of the Spirit of God. however. are always potential. They are to be dis- covered within Christian personality like buried treasure. They need to be develop- ed, dedicated to God used in His service, and distributed among others. For the re- alization of this obiective the Bible Institute of Fort Wayne and its Faculty finds its fruitful field of Christian service. It was built to fill such a need. It is maintained to render such service. It is for the accomplishment of this spiritual ministry that the Fort Wayne Bible Institute and its Faculty dedicate themselves. iii .. rf " 1 -tr L X ' .11 Ill 1 iildrinimui , , , oiinsrnosi .. 3 r. Pfundstein enters the Chapel, seats himself at the organ, and begins the prelude. Mr. tDocJ Steiner walks in VERY early. Mr. tPopl Gerber hurries in turning the pages of a hymn- book, sets it on the piano, walks over to the organ to give the number, and then goes to the pulpit, ready to begin the opening song. Mr. Shank walks in with a worried look. He is try- ing to figure how to get the Light Tower ready cn time. Misses White and Butz enter togeth- er, discussing the problem of preparing their meals while handling a full load of teaching. Dean CL. HJ Ringenberg walks in, his mind arranging the many announcements which must be made. Since Mr. Leightner also has an announcement to make, he seats himself on the platform this morning rather than on the back seat of the chapel. Mr. Shepley enters, deep in E 1? ri if it iii Witt tilt il-wi musings on philosophy. Even President tl. AJ Ringenberg has found time, despite numerous duties, to be with us for his bi-weekly chapel message. 'Guess they are all here. No! Here comes Mrs, Smith from a last-minute explanation with a Greek student concerning the use of the genitive absolute. And there is Miss Lehner, who has just finished ironing out a prob- lem with her Bethany Hall girls. These are our leaders. With great patience they strive to teach us Truth. Ot course they make mistakes occasionally. CWe are happy for this, for We know not how we could live in the presence of perfection.l But we must say that we have a group of capable and consecrated leaders, and we give grateful thanks to God for them. -mug. a A MESSAGE FRUM t t 1 QM., V REV. I. A. RINGENBEHG THE PRESIDENT he apostle Paul gave most time! ly and pointed exhortations to Timo- thy, his son in the faith, These exhor- tations indicated the deep desire of the Apostle for this young minister. Three of these are so inclusive that they become basic to the others. There could be no more fitting words to young people who are preparing to serve in the Gospel than these, es- pecially in days such as are upon us. Therefore, they are passed on to you as my sincerest hearts' desire for you. "Endure hardness as a good sol- dier of Iesus Christ." There is no call- ing that dare demand more of hard- ships and self-denial than the Gospel ministry, whether at home or abroad. lt will become necessary for you to stand firmly against most deceptive and insidious evils. Unless you are ready to take your stand regardless of cost, and if needs be alone, you will be ensnared and defeated by it. "Study to show thyself approved unto God." lt will need to be remembered that you have only one person to please, God, lt is He who sends you forth, cares for you: and it is to Him that you must give account. lt may seem necessary today to please certain other folks, but if in doing so you lose the approval of God, your seeming advantage will be your ruin and you will end in defeat. "Preach the word." You have only one message to carry, the Word of God. Others may in- sist on a large ministry, but you may well content yourself to be the messenger and mouthpiece of God. His Word will meet your own need for time and eternity, It alone will furnish food for the souls of your listeners. It presents the only way of sal- vation for lost souls and a lost world. lt will stand when all else fails and falls. God entrusts you with the glorious privilege of being His messenger boy, to carry His all important Word to those who perish without it. x ' S an Tlltl mm VI' 'I'IlF F001' I 2 ll Ill qi, 5 ' F-. s AIG. ...ef-I' .4-4" -um-nm f wt wl 'x'-Minn Y Y J H' 5-1 'VY U wr , y y me 1 W 1 ,ull 5, may 1 I Y I . VT REV. L. R. RINGENBERG. M. A.-Dean Fort Wayne Bible Institute Taylor University Winona Lake School of Theology Bible Exposition LEONA LEHNER-Dean of Women Fort Wayne Bible Institute Western Union College REV, B. F. LEIGHTNER-Registrar Fort Wayne Bible Institute Bible Exposition Theology LILLIAN ZELLER-Librarian Nyack Missionary Training Inst Bowling Green State Normal English Public Speaking Christian Biography HAZEL BUTZ. B. S. Fort Wayne Bible Institute Taylor University English History French Parliamentary Law E. IRENE SMITH, A. B. Columbus Normal Ohio State University English Greek Spanish ". . . teaching every man in all wisdom: that we may present every man perfect in Christ Iesus."-Col. 1:28. s. ,fi W ,uw OLIVER E. STEINER. A. B.. B. S.. M. M. Fort Wayne Bible Institute Bluffton College Ohio State University Northwestern University Voice Theory Chorus Director Instrumental Instructor C. A. GERBER Moody Bible Institute American Conservatory of Music Theory Voice Conducting R. L. PFUNDSTEIN, A. B., B. M. Denison University Northwestern University Nyack Missionary Training Inst. Piano Organ Advanced Theory FLOYD A. SHANK. A. B.. Th. B. Eastern Mennonite School Goshen College University of Chicago Old Testament Church History Bible Exposition Missions Apologetics HELEN P. WHITE, M. A. Nyack Missionary Training Inst Wheaton College New York University Christian Education Missions Psychology REV. R. SHEPLEY. A. B.. B. D. Fort Wayne Bible Institute Denison University Northern Baptist Seminary Homiletics Bible Exposition Philosophy ". . . teaching those things which concern the Lord Iesus Christ. with all confidence . . ."-Acts 28:31. oqgh' MRS. OLIVER STEINER, A, B. ALICE MOST POLHAMUS, R. N. IANE BEDSWORTH Pismo 4 lT THE FO0T I br wus cnoss Home Nursing Womerfs Physical Education Secretory Bookkeeper Ll- Ll- i .1 Cl: Z A 1 LLI C0 2 1 1 Z Z 1 Ll-I CJ Ll- Ll- LUELLA MILLER Stenoqrapher ESTHER YODER Cook ,VI -w 11 REV. PETER L. EICHER Business Manager i 1 MAHALA DILLER ADA SMITH Hosiess and Laundry Supervisor Dininq Room Supervisor MRS. I. E. RAMSEYER MRS. B. P. LUGIBIHL g X if f ' -N . ,,i, ,, K ' . ' X X , fm, ' p ,....f - F !"X dF"' I iii . xx f 3516 . -,. ,.. 9 ,,..1 , ,wrt X.:-,V . , -...I 4. s.. .,. AT TH wvtasasq 'wx - we me - -A '.,, 1 HERE AND THERE 1. Recreation Period 2. "What's cookin'?" 3. "Wha'd 1 get?" 4. What? No story? 5. "P-teverting to type?" 6. Nice day for a Walk. 7. He'll chart your course. 8. "One, two,-no, use the fourth finger." 9. Down in "Them thar hills." 10. "Good morning, Bible Institute." 11. "No more than two." 12. "Well-ah. . .' 13. "Now when 1 Was in school . . . 1" 14. No time for posing. 15. Private audition. 16. "The laborer is worthy of his hire." 17. Standing room only. 18. Doing the daily dozen, ' 1' A - is .ash -FV . , 7 J L LEU 1.0, im.. , , ...Q J" he Bible lnstitute of Fort Wayne is a means to the accomplishment of a Scriptural declared purpose. lt is a spiritual laboratory where divine promises and provisions are put to actual test and authenticated and approved in Chris- tian experience. lt is one link in a golden chain of four units. This golden chain begins and ends with God. But between its ends this chain encompasses the world and binds it to the heart of God. The intervening links in this divine chain are the faculty members and the student body of the Bible Institute. Both, undef the rninistration of the Spirit, receive and give. Truth is received in order that it may be given to others. If it is freely given by the members' of the Faculty, it is readily received by the students themselves. Accordingly, each student looks upon himself as the repository into which each faculty member is pouring the riches of his own study and experience and first-hand acquaintance with God. Consequently, each student becomes the trustee of everything he receives. And :r KD 5. E "1 U so 2 Q. U1 5. rr 1: 9. if "1 9. :v CD "1 P vv :s O E. 5 to 5 9. U1 O B CD 11 Q '4 :v SD 6' 9 5. 6' 9. 4 CD .fe'f"""11- 5: cz -E 2 -E E 2 an account of the trusteeship to God. li lln l olw CHAPEL HUUR Wflhffwvl l ttltt . , . - A 1 AB .1 ' Despite Professor Steiner's great efforts to have all students on time for Chapel, many of them still straggle in late. However, great improvement has been noted in their general punctuality. Another trouble is the students' persistence in moving farther and farther back every day: although they have been given numerous oral and written exhortations to come to the front. Perhaps the reason for this is that many students expect to sit in the very front as leaders the rest ot their lives, and desire to make the best of the days when they can sit unobtrusively in the very back of the chapel. May we here note our thanks for the labor of Professors Ringenberg and Steiner in getting the students in the Center section far enough forward to take a good picture. But, aside from the humorous vein, the students acknowl- edge the "Chapel Hour" as a time when they have been given food for thought, when they have been quickened in their souls, and when they have been drawn nearer to God. Together we thank God for it. u-Z 4 I 1 W ll W fill ll I fill I if? Q' tif. lip U li tbl lg wget my Li r is fi f' President .,........ Gerald Ringenberg Vice-President ,.... ...... I ohn Blosser Secretary .,... ,,.......... D aisy Wise Treasurer ......... ...... M arie Dean Chaplain ...... ..... L yle Steiner Class Advisor .,... .,,.... M iss Butz The Senior Class of l945, as it leaves the sacred halls of the Fort Wayne Bible institute, will not leave the memories of enriched fellowship with both God and fellow classmates. The waves of spiritual blessings and fellowship have been uplifting in the class meetings which have been held the first Thursday evening of each month. Several of these meetings have been entirely devotional with a mess- age from the Word by the chaplain, followed by praise and prayer. In oth- er meetings, a period of devotion has been followed by the class business meeting. Highlights of the senior events include the Iunior-Senior banquet, the "Senior Outing," Baccalaureate, and Commencement. Bev Torrey lohnson, founder of the "Youth for Christ Rally" in Chicago, is our Commencement speaker. A GA 1 Y . if , V, 4 sr 3 4 ? in It ...hw ',- -Q V' Qi- 4 - an ' -' .fv-H - ESL" 2' 1 I' A . ' ' f' , 'f ix-11 1--- . . V ZZ is : lv gk ' 3. z 11, 1. , , 'R' ng v .93 "3 "Wm , , if E qc' TT? ,df 1-ai f 5 as I K 1 I :f 'N I RUTH E. ALLEN 327 Rowland St. Henderson, North Carolina MISSIONARY Special Chorus Prayer Leader Student Council "An efficient student: alway the will ot the Lord.' IOHN BLOSSER 402 North Indiana Ave. Goshen, Indiana MISSIONARY Mission Band Pres. Mission Band Vice-Pres. Senior Class Vice-Pres. Gospel Team Men's Chorus Special Chorus Light Tower Cir. Mgr. s seeking "Showing iorth the graciousness ot God in simplicity MYRTES CABLE R. R. No. 2 Arcanum, Ohio MISSIONARY Student Council Prayer Leader "Her strength is in the Lord. H. LA VAUN R. AUGSBURGER R. F. D. No. 2 Bluffton, Ohio MISSIONARY Special Chorus S. S. Teacher "Quietly she achieves her THELMA BLOUGH Iones, Michigan CHRISTIAN EDUCATION Student Council Special Chorus S. S. Teacher "She walks sottly in the Lord." COYLA F. CROW B12 I'-lazelton Street Flint 3, Michigan TWO-YEAR BIBLE MUSIC Special Chorus Gospel Team The Crow calls "Cow-caw cawfee". l'I' Tllll F00'l' 0F 'I'IIIl Lltllil . .1 1 5.-:Qi 7 N. 5 V, , t I I BERNICE ELIZABETH BEST Bristol, Indiana MISSIONAHY Special Chorus S. S. Teacher Youth Conference Sec'y. Mission Band Se-c'y. goal." Mission Band Vice-Pres. "Her willingness to serve is enriched by her triendly spirit." WAYNE H. BRENNEMAN R. R. No. 4 Goshen, Indiana MISSIONARY Light Tower Editor, '45 Light Tower Bus. Mgr., '44 Men's Chorus Special Chorus Mission Band Treas. Youth Conf., Bus. Mgr. tear ot the "l'Iuh? " 'War-ye' studying Greek?" . . Oh!" tSomething nicer than Greek.J ILA TUNE CROW 812 Hazelton Street Flint 3, Michigan TWO-YEAR BIBLE MUSIC Special Chorus Gospel Team "She doesn't want to crow all her life, hut she will keep singing." GLADYS M. CHAPMAN 3973 Van Dyke Road Decker, Michigan MISSIONARY Prayer Leader "Persistent in her efforts: ate tor the lost." compassion- Q' .1 .Qr tv K . ' 505, lj' . un 5' Wlllif sg M i 5? 1 Y 5 VW' I P 1 JRH' Q ' J i I ' ... .' 1 , ., ,'f- .- f.. 1 1 ' V ,'.' .' . H: 1 a L B r.'Y I ,, ai.. P in ! ' 0 4,1 'A r ,.H' "' I . .LG N V ' ,, -x 5 I WU' N'---rr ,N fy -af L 7 -'.v,.a- w-, 'T ,-,- ,V s, I 1 '- 1 '-"Vt 'F V , , 4,52--, n. Y ' . BETTA LU CRIPE 305 Chicaqo Ave. Goshen, Indiana MISSIONARY Special Chorus Gospel Team Prayer Leader MARIE ELIZABETH DEAN 1902 Chapin Street Iackson, Michiqan MISSIONARY Gospel Team Student Council Class Treasurer Special Chorus "Her countenance glows with the tri- umph ol God." DANIEL F. DYCK 3726 Shady Court Fort Wayne, Indiana THEOLOGICAL Gospel Team Student Pastor Men's Chorus Special Chorus "Unswervinq in iaith. unflinching duty, level-headed in de BESSIE FIRESTONE B04 S, Oak Street Ottowa, Ohio MISSIONARY Mission Work Gospel Team "She has had 'good never 'tiros'." cision." yearsl' "Food lor her body as well as her soul." MRS. DANIEL DYCK 3726 Shady Court Ft, Wayne, Indiana CHRISTIAN EDUCATION Gospel -Team Special Chorus S. S. Teacher I "An example ol Christian virtues man- lll iiested in home, school and church." EVON O. GABERDIEL 403 S. Main Street Spencerville, Ohio MISSIONAHY S. S. Teacher Special Chorus Prayer Leader bu' "Smiles from fyjear to lyleclrf' TREVEER A. GINTER Decatur, Indiana CHRISTIAN EDUCATION Special Chorus "Her dignity is enriched by her gentle spirit." l'I' Tllll Hl0T or' Tim irnoss N ETTIE ETHELDA DODGE H, I7. D. l Bluffton, Ohio THREE YE AR BIBLE-MUSIC Gospel Team Special Chorus S. S, Teacher Street Meeting Com. "Conscientious. consistcmt. and crea- tive in her Christian walk." VIOLET V. EGLY Monroe, Indiana CHRISTIAN EDUCATION Gospel Team Special Chorus Child Evanqelism Teacher Mission Band Comm. "She hears the bells ringing in her dreams." VELMA F. GOFF Kingsley, Michigan MISSIONARY S. S. Teacher Child Evanq. Teacher "Pain and pleasure are the threads that weave her lite into beauty for the Lord." THD L D xs.-...-, .- -Q . eg' A W 'gl JM. 'nd NM-W' Q ,512 fs, ,V - ' if 5 " 11l'f f'i' mr -x. -N-ab, W2 , pile. 'iii S-K -4 viii f' -'f W -Ti l 1 , -- --wail! ""'..YaQp. DORIS PEARL GOEHRING Box 407 Evans City, Penn. MISSIONARY Prayer Leader Special Chorus Child Evangelism Teacher Light Tower Staff "An insignificant little lady who has baked a significant number l5000l of pies." MII.DRED MARIE HIRSCHY R. F. D. 2 Berne, lndiana TWO-YEAR BIBLE MUSIC Gospel Team Special Chorus Youth Conf. Com. Mission Band Com! "Humbly and willingly she sings her Master's praises." EDGAR H. NEUENSCHWANDER. IR, Yoder, Indiana MISSIONARY Mission Band Com. Gospel Team S. S. Teacher Student Pastor Men's Chorus Special Chorus 'Taithiully discharging his duties as a true servant ol God." BETTY IEAN GREENMAN R. F. D. 1 Edinboro. Penn. MISSIONABY Gospel Team Special Chorus Ass. Prayer Leader "Faith and strength are her stepping stones to victory." HELEN MARIE KEMMERER R. F. D. No. 2 Easton, Penn. MISSIONARY Prayer Leader Special Chorus Orchestra Student Council "Breathing forth the praises ot God in every detail of her life." MRS. ELMER T. NEUENSCHWANDER 110 S. Lexington Ave. Wilmore Kentucky TWO-YEAR BIBLE-MUSIC Special Chorus Gospel Team City Mission "Sing and smile and pray that's Eleanor's way." ARTHUR E. REIFEL 9119 Columbia Ave. Cleveland B, Ohio MISSIONARY Tract Team Chairman Tract Team Prayer Leader "Seeking the lost at the uttermost cost." il' 'I'lIIl FIl0'l' R -'-,,.f Q ,..- E F It 2 . 2 5 -3- 'W . 1 e I Z i FA' ' JAMES GURLEY Goshen College Goshen, lndiana THEOLOGICAL Special Chorus Men's Chorus "A Southern gentleman, an exhorter ol the iaith." ANN GRACE KONTRA 2854 W. Eleventh St. Cleveland, Ohio MISSIONARY S. S. Teacher Prayer Leader Special Chorus Church Visitation City Mission Work "Her wealth of experience and knowl- edge draws her closer to the Lord." VERNON I. PETERSEN 3554 Hirsch St. Chicago 51, Illinois THEOLOGICAL Gospel Team Mission Band Com. Liqht Tower Staff Special Chorus Men's Chorus "A song and a smile that's really worth while." --49" ..,,..f1' -..,..-ep 1 Y RUN' . v AX . N - X. -px . N-V xx : M, ,,13. '1 4.-, w I rf' '3 xx il ,73 Q. ' vrrxx as IS . my ,f rx mi? '-'r'-'f13f Y NB a' 'Fa 4' y . X 4 N -x-"dx "M S-3' 'A x N 'V Nw' ' QFQ 'f "G ATX fi .94 F. .1 5 , 5 .fp Y ,664 MW V ,- g 1-1, lr 5' V .-. lgy l f GERALD W. RINGENBERG R, F, D. I Antwerp, Ohio THEOLOGICAL Men's Student Council Senior Class President Student Pastor Asst. Editor Lt, Tower '44 Assoc. Ed. Lt. Tower '45 Chairman Youth Cont. Com. "A lover oi the Lord Iesus Christ- and violets also." MRS. IAKE SCHIERLING 12842 Sherman Way N. Hollywood, California MISSION ARY Special Chorus Gospel Team "Her yielded life emanates the frag- rance oi the Rose of Sharon." LYLE F. STEINER Pandora, Ohio MISSIONARY Gospel Team Tract Team Prayer Leader Special Chorus Men's Chorus Chaplain Senior Class "He studies hard and soon will get his Th. B.'." ROBERT RO-SS 1817 N. Rose St. Burbank, California MISSIONARY Bus. Mor. Light Tower Tract Team Sreet Meetxnq Com . S. S. Teacher Special Chorus Men's Chorus "He qets things done-then there's time for lun." IAKE SCHIERLING 12342 Sherman Way N. Hollywood, California MISSIONARY Gospel Team Special Chorus Men's Chorus Pres, Mission Band Men's Student Council Class President, lr. Year. Physical Ed. Instructor "Compassion and burning zeal to win the lost." DAISY ANN WISE 14640 Fieldinq Detroit, Michigan TWO-YEAR BIBLE-MUSIC Special Chorus Gospel Team Senior Class SeC'Y. "A hint to the wise is sufficient." HILDA WAYRE R. F, D. 3 Urbana, Ohio TWO-YEAR BIBLE-MUSIC Special Chorus Gospel Team Junior Class Sec'y. "Were I cr hrainy-man it wouldn't be Greek to me." IT THE FO0T -+ lF THE CROSS WAUNETA MAE SHOUP 406 E, Oak St. Angola, Indiana MISSIONAHY Prayer Leader Student Council Light Tower Staff Youth Conf, Com. S. S. Teacher Orchestra "Having initiative, she accomplishes much in little time." GLORIA D. SPRECHER 2229 W. Grand Blvd. Detroit, Michiqan TWO-YEAR BIBLE-MUSIC Asst. Prayer Leader Church Worker "Ding-a-ling! Ding-cx-ling! Hero como: shh-Spreck." EULA M. WISE 14640 Fielding Detroit, Michigan TWO-YEAR BIBLE-MUSIC Special Chorus Gospel Team "Her heart is warmed with the friends she's made." 37 ANALYSIS UF ENRULLMENT School of Bible School of Arizona . California Illinois lndiana , lowa ....,, , l Michigan Music kansas ..,.,,,, 8. "' 1 beiisms 1940-41 1941-42 1942-43 1943-44 1944-45 5--' - If---1-1--.EEE ,T -. .. '- . ... -.g,... Rx... JN Q ,.. .xv ' ' w -.Q ,, C f -+ Vi.-Q ,-cfm., Chrisimcrs Banque? A if ,57- 157 176 173 187 195 19 30 36 44 47 176 206 209 231 242 lflni-ollmerii by Siales 4 Nebraska ,,,,......., 1 4 North Carolina ...... l 16 North Dakota 3 87 Ohio 47 1 Pennsylvania ..... .... . 11 7 Tennessee 1 59 -M., is if ' f T4 gg Q-T1 in 1 lv-7 ,dun ' 'Q '-- AJ-'alas 'gre if. Qaorblk I 'Z 4 'Y Ml' x o "4 1 ' H - 1 A Denominational Affiliations Baptist ,....,...,........,, ,,.... l l Berean Betormed ...., l Christian .,,,.,i,.......,.,,.,,,,.,..i,i.,. 3 Christian Congregational .,,..,,... 3 Christian and Miss. Alliance ,,,,.,, ...,,,, l 6 Christian Union ....,,,,..,,, ,,i,,,,,,, . .. 3 Church of the Brethren ,,,.,,, 2 Church of Christ ,,.,.,......,i.i l Church of God ..,... 2 Congregational ..... 3 Evangelical ,,..,... ,, 7 Evangelical Free 7,.,. l Free Methodist ...,,, l Friends ,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,, l Gospel Temple ,..,,, l lndependent ,,,,,,,,,,,,.ii.,,,,,iii, ,i,, 9 lnterdenorninational ii..,...,,.,i....i.., ,,,... 2 Mennonite Brethren in Christ .... ,, ....,,, 41 Mennonite CCentraD ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, l Mennonite Cllefenselessl ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, l Mennonite CGeneral Cont.J i..,.,,7 3 Mennonite COldD ,,,,,,,i,,,r,,,r,,,,, l Methodist .,,........,,.....i.,i..,,,i,,,,i,i,,,,i 7 Mission Covenant ..,......,,,Y.i.i,,ii,ii,,, l Missionary Church Association ,i,,,, ,,i,i. 9 5 Nazarene ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 7 Pilgrim Holiness ....,i, 5 United Brethren ..,,,,, 7 Zoller's Tabernacle ,,,..... 2 No Church Affiliation .,,,,,, 4 Pre-Institute Educational Level College Graduates ..,..,.,,,. .........i...,,,, ,,,,. l 2 Three Years College ....l ,. 4 Two Years College .,...,, is 3 . ...... 12 One Year College ....,,,,,,,,, High School Graduates ,,,,,, ,l,,, l 53 Three, Years High School ,,,,,, ,,,,, l O Two Years High School ,,,,,, .. l5 One Year High School,i .. 13 Eighth Grade ...,.,,.ir.,,,,,,,, A, IO ., A., -f 1 97 Henrietta Gets a Drink Wx t fy ta 1 5 ,- ' 3:55 ,- Bear Ye One Another's Burdens I 'Y Q Saturday Night Beauty Class. ' f , , C, .,,, 4.w,,,,,,, ,-. - .----Y--- T ,ggiift - :ZW Q i 1' N SJW' 4-. ' 2' lf X. ,-'phxf I I :X Q. , :Qi x X . . rfsigri fit - 3 'l , Y Missionary Preparation lor Cold Alaska -1-my f'. ..t ,Amen fs rs' , CV' Q!! l -.b XY? iQ.- , 53" .Ji , --Q t A- . 5 rx - 6 .,z. H X72 x - 4 , -v 9 4-ds l . . t l ,... , - , 4 ! I ,r 'ri ,t X .nr . x . .X 4 f RC was D ,Ai 1 'r .1 ,,.-v J ,' l -.9 A 'W K M, .Mg gg. "vii I4 r -. . , , g xt, ti -I . l 'X t . X ,gr Q 1 ft A Qt IK ' ' 1 U ' H D, ., 95" ,1'x.-3 :'Se9.'f 5? 1:5 Q -ol , fi-1' .-. Q Q, x I Q ' f f ' if A ..l., JJ 'I-' N N' dy, 717' -:A N .935 ' . W Ufal A fx: fn, at i -.5 l .. 'liz I L U 5- fi' 1 ,qs ,, Ll -sv - 7 A ' 1 'Y - - Q Y dye' , ,arf . , . 1 l l 1 26 i 4? "' ' s. i ' -J , -J OA: K .1 Q A 1. n l F ' i fs uf' fvb ,J 4:-'I' "' 4 4.2 CLAS BETTY BECK 326 Staunton St. Piqua, Ohio Standard Bible-Music EILEEN BOSSARD Brown City, Mich, Missionary IOHN CADDY 1025 Park Ave. Royal Oak, Mich. Standard Theological RUTH CLAY Delta, Ohio Two-Year Bible- Music IAMES GEAHLEN 208 Lincoln Ave. Swanton, Ohio Missionary IRENE HIRSCHY R. F. D, 2 Berne, Indiana Christian Education KARL KERLIN Btble Institute Ft Wayne Ind Academic Theological SDF WILLIAM BODXNE West Town R. R, 2 Dodge City, Kansas Standard Theological MARGARET BRYAN 2006 Stone St. Port l-luron, Mich. Two-Year Bible- Music MARGARET CARTER 221'2 S. Sprinq St. Sprinqtield, Ohio Christian Education EARL P. COCHRAN R. F. D. l Wauseon, Ohio Academic- Theological BETTY GOOLSBY 1422 Be-llefontaine St. Indianapolis, Ind, Two-Year Bible- Music IACOB HOSTETTLER R. F. D. 4 Goshen, Indiana Academic- Theo- logical and Mission- ary DRUSILLA LUGIBIHL F 2 Bluftton Ohio Two Year Bible- Music F : 8 ' ' P, t I . r, . R. , D, No. V -.A L ' f 2 i .. , 'x 47352 l 0 T' .' -52 . ROSEOLENE BOWER 15411 Dolphin Ave. Detroit 23. Michigan Missionary HELEN BURLEY 605 N. Behrinq St. Berne, Indiana Academic- Missionary LYNDELL C. CASH 6709 Tyrone Ave. Van Nuys, Calif. Standard Theological 1946 CHLOETTA EGLY Monroe, Indiana Christian Education ARLENE GUILLIAT 526 Woodworth St. Bad Axe, Mich, Two-Year Bible- Music MRS. DON KELLY 402715 Piqua Ave. Ft, Wayne, Ind. Missionary MARGIE McDOWELL 2609 S. Main St. Elkhart, Indiana Missionary CHARLES MCHATTON 1505 S. 12th St. Phoenix, Ariz. Standard Theological BERNICE OSER 7008 Old Trail Rd. Ft. Wayne 6, Ind. Missionary HAZEL SHOUP 406 E. Oak St. Angola, Indiana Missionary BLA MARY SIMMS 325 Shirman St. Elkhart, Indiana Christian Education BURCH SURBROOK 4026 Buell Drive Ft. Wayne 6, Ind. Academic- Theological BONITA TUCKER R. F. D. I Roanoke, Indiana Two-Year Bible- Music S DOROTHY MARKHAM 420 W. Prospect St. St. Louis, Mich. Missionary OPAL PENCE R. R. No. 3 N. Manchester, D. NEIL NEUENSCHWANDER 1909 N. Fayette St, Saginaw 62, Mtch. Standard Theological EILEEN ROTH 1211 Oakland St. Fl. Wayne, Ind. Ind. TwovYear Bible- Standard Theological Music ARWILDA DAVID F. SHOWALTER SIEMENS, IH. R. P. D. 1 730 W. Oakdale Middlebury, Ind. Drive Two-Year Bible- Music GENEVIEVE SMITH Wallace, Mich. Missionary MRS. BURCH SURBROOK 4026 Buell Drive Ft. Wayne E, Ind. Christian Education PAULINE WANNER R. F. D. I Geneva, Indiana Missionary RUTH WOLF FRED WRIGHT Ida, Michigan 2602 Maplewood Standard Theological Royal Oak, Mich. Academic- Theological Ft. Wayne, Ind. Standard Theological SOF1946 LOUIS STRAHM Ft. F. D. No. 2 Bluffton, Indiana Standard Theological KATHLEEN THOMASHESKY I737--25th Ave. Altoona, Penn. Missionary ING-MARY WECKSEL 10424 E. Outer Dr. Detroit 24, Mich. Two-Year Theological ILVA YODER R. F. D. 1 Geneva, Indiana Missionary ig, . if 4, M... ... li f p, v-J, ' t 5 mfr "2-1 - ., -Psi.: '-h'.:'1 . ',,.-'33-+,4'f, A ' ,,' "" 'fa 1 1-Q r V--s 4. '- ' '-"1" , , LW L 1 f 'S' 1 A R3 fa: CQ . 'Jr 1. '- ' . . 1 al , cr. .. .f .xl Q 1 .ff ii .pf oss.c..g..c ZLL 1 'flstg fl vi' .V . 5 Y. nw' 1 f 5, VJSV P s ff- , ia M 1 1 .... 1 X Q 1' H :i I ii . "' l oufv, 'ii ' , ' 11 ' 1 ' 1 Q Y Vi 8. ala, 1 -r X 1 . ., 1 ii' .5 gl ' ., Q, -- , '51, . ,Q if . it H f or 1 f' , .4 1 1 I "1 p 4 Q ff 1 ' 1 .XY - 1 . F fa' ' 1 ,5, :ff xx-qv l ' df' -U S, .2 5 5? x Nw gh -ai" . , - . - - ' -4:37142 7 " . A' . 'tags - r.Sf?11iir."i:f?s ' . ' . . 5.11 -I . G- 551-se: f , N- s . if- .' 33.3193 Ft ,.,.-. - I l . - I 5.4! I 4' . , ,J Q if 6 .Q ra, f 3 I 1 I 'Ei .ag w , N. I. ff ff asf-fi'c N' f I .ff .QA X I 3 76 f-r Ha XX K 3' All in i - I , wh. M , 'fd' ' A .,: :ii 'fl .4 Nr v it X Jil - - 1 ' ' .X 9 X F i 1 I iv rig, f 1- x .-.rfgg .4 46 W .3 'K 4514 J. I , X wr.. l L41 A 4 , ff' . X .. 11 . 'fi- 7, GI 'fx cz' 336 5. fi P .5 --1 ' N - , ..., i - L -- 34 A .3 . J I ar 'd 6. X . gl Jy.. -uv L. LOIS AKER R. F. D. l Navarre, Ohio Theological IRENE BROWN 317 N. Eliterqiriss Sl. Bowlrnq Graf-n, O. Missionary MARY CABLE Fi. F. I" fi Arfwrrruzn, Ulu-3 Missionary DELORES BAIRD 7-103 Sncw Rd. Purnrcr, Ohio Missionary GEORGlA BRUCE Bellaire, Mich. Standard Bible- Music EMILY CODDINGTON Bos: 3l Vlyrn-i-t, Illinois Christian Education CLASS UF PHYLLIS DICKERSON 235 Snnrnnt St. Ypsilanti, Mich, Missionary LILLIE FARAH l'f'l-1 M-'rrsh Ill St Flint D, Mirflnqln Standard Bible- Music BERDALINE GERIG 3500 Indrlrnfr A vt- Fl. W-Irynw, Incl. Standard Bible- Music EVELYN DUFP Ft. Wayne, Ind. Missionary DEAN FREED l7VJtL E, Hrvely Av-f. Ellih rrl, lndrurnl Missionary BETTY GRODY SPSI5 Clfrlisliir-3 A v -51, Eff-rkley, Mich. Missionary IANICE HESSELBART RUBY HEYSN Lrndsrf-y, Ohio Standard Bible- Music 4OU South S-Econd llodqfi- Lily, Lans Missionary WANETA BOLTON 3245 S. Main St. Elkhart, Indiana Missionary LOIS BURPEE 9159 Burroughs St Ullrcz, Mrfrhiq-:rn Missionary OLIVE DECAMP R F, P. l Elnfrton, Ohio Christian Education 1947 IYLA DUNCAN Detour, Michigan Missionary Es'rr-ran GABRIELSON 101 A' r'-r'---ff-I T - .oy I U, Q Road Tie ve. :incl Hsiqll ts Chic Missionary MARCEILLE GROSS GGI Grewnlclwn Ave Ft. Wayne, Mich. Missionary VIRGINIA HILL 2423 lil. Buck-'-ye St, lfoltorrro, Indiana Missionary PHYLLIS HOLDEMAN Vandalia, Mich. Christian Education ELSIE HOOVEH 168 Park Drive Dayton, Ohio Standard Bible- Music HELEN HYDE 1230 E. Pierce St. Phoenix, Arizona Missionary KATHLEEN DORIS IONES WANITA KING INNINGER 1300 Locust St. 257 Van Buren Berne, Indiana Elkhart, Indiana Ave. Missionary Missionary Peru, Indiana Missionary IUANITA IORTA HATTIE LAUGHRAUM HELEN 215 E. Forrest Hill Pellstan, Mich. LAUGHBAUM Peoria, Illinois Standard Theological Pellston, Mich. Missionary Christian Education CLASS UF ELOYD LEHMAN 524 High St. Berne, Indiana Standard Thooloqical LEONA MARKHAM 428 N. Walnut St. Lansing, Mich. Christian Education ARTHUR NEUENSCHWANDER R. F. D. 1 Berne, Indiana Standard Theological BRUCE PEARSON 3081 Wadhoms Rd. Port Huron, Mich. Standard Thooloqical AMY LEIGHTNER Pandora, Ohio Standard libto- Music VIRGINIA MILLER R. F. D. 1 Huntertown, Ind. Missionary LYNFORD WAYLAND ORR Temperance, Michigan Standard Thooloqical HAROLD PRONG R. F. D. 4 Wauseon, Ohio Standard Theological 1947 ROBERT MAGARY IZ Madison Ave. Mt. Clemens, Mich. Standard Theological DOROTHY MOSER 418 Compromise St. Berne, Indiana Missionary MARGARET PACKER Iudson. Indiana Missionary VELMA RICE R. F. D. 3 Delta, Ohio Standard Bible- Music ' 700. 1 , u . y ww- ---fl--W - 1 t 1 . A 63' P. , Y .. S I 5 t 1 F if l 1 ai Q' 1 vi t if + 1. X QQ 1 l l m v -Ut ' 33' '..,f'4 . t Adiiiiikiiivff 1. A 15. I I I -f- x , .-.St , . 1 A i -1 x pt 1 X Ha 4 F72 10: x -..I .I I t f X 'Q P "' ,E G 13- 'fi t Nj XY 'STS 5.1 ' ' I .1 i i 2 a. , ,A O ...qv N F f N t' 1 3 -- -Q-fs , ,..,. i , J 4 W5 ' J f , ,Q-Lt , I 11 :rffif r fl 1, R 4-4 r .Af 1-1 ----en-1. -v 1 1 x 4:-fu". ' ,. 1 Of 4 nl!-, , AS' -f is is Q 'x 1 -f xv- 1 .Ju- 4 . QW x 1 .2-. 5-T' Q. 3, pig, . 4 1, ,562 fl .r'? I 1 on , 1 1 .3 tai 4 X gm, .. WMA 'i L t ..- . - W 1 ffm h , .- -Jef ' " , . -A NELVA iuzmmzns -.. 4 , Orange City. Ia. f - A Missionary . ix i 1 X , . Lf' 'Xxx 1 + ' ,mx ALICE - ' L SCHUMACHEH A . . Pandora, Ohio , - A Christian Education Qi i K X K . A 15 A , H AF QUT: 1 , X , BARBARA SHOUP 6016-f15th Street It .fun , 13, M X Detroit, Michigan x I - Q Academic-Christian , fl, O--. A Education 1 A 1 - f ,-5-I. ee . I. 5 K . -: "lf o f I , V . ,415 ,fix A '32 1' "' ff - Ar: 1: I . -g : , "L fi MARTHA TAYNOA V Swanton, Ohio v ii: I Missionary . -4....,.X, Asus'-tc? 1 i I fx 10 1299 'Q W ..a 1 ff, cg, 1 IEANETTE vr:LrMAN I 153 W. 19th st. : Holland, Mich, J 1 9 Missionary . 1 as ' 'Q - if .J ea J AGNES WEBB -- -H H. F. D. 2 bf, Sidney, Ohio 1 1 .a Christian Education BETTY WHITE 7344 DaCosta Detroit 23, Mich, Christian Education ETHEL SCHMIDT Elbing, Kansas Two-year Theological ETHEL M. SHANEYFELT 1414 Hugh Street Fort Wayne 4, Incl. Missionary OLGA SOROCZAK 400 Michigan St. Pittsburgh, Pa. Christian Education CLASS UF DINGEMAN TEULING 1634 Ie-He-rson St. Muskegon Heights 52, Michigan Standard Theological HELEN WADE 531 S. 10th St. Elkhart, Indiana Christian Education ROBERT E. WEBER 1001 W. Wayne St. Lima, Ohio Missionary CHARLOTTE WILSON 916 S. Third St Eflkhdrt, Indiana Missionary THELMA SCHMIDT Elbing, Kansas Standard Bible- Music LOIS SCHWENDENEH , 1621 N. Keystone Ave. Chicago 39, 111. Missionary CLARA LOU STUCKY Woodburn, Ind. Missionary 1947 VERNA UNRUH R. F. D. 2 Purley, Kansas Christian Education IRENE WALKER 1737 Lawndaie Ave. Chicago, Illinois Christicm Education WILLIAM WEIHL R. F. D, 3 Cass"City, Mich. Standard Theological RALPH WOLFORD R. F. D. 2 Forest, Ohio Standard Theological . .I ,X Q3 F ri- ,1 lx 1 1 Q 1 si-1 - 5 S , Y., 'x EVERETT BLOOD EMERSON EBY ROBERT ELDRIDGE 1, Highway Village 130 W. Lake St. 911 N. Seventh St. ' M 13. Peoria, 111. Petnsky, Mich. Goshen, Indiana Y if J Academic- Academic- Academic- 1 s 4 Theological Theological Theological Y , A . . fj 'A Ii' 3 1 wr fit- ' MARIAN FRITZ TRUMAN ARLINE GREENLEE A' 'tl I 125 Church street GOTTSCHALK went snnnqfteid, 1 ' - Macungie, Penn. 306 Sprunqer St. Pa. V- -f Academic- Berne, Indiana Standard Bible- Akai?-1 Theological Standard Theological Music I JM - - f t, . -1 CHARLES IODER HAROLD KLEIN GLENN MCHATTON f"" I Av Bible Institute 1041 E. Wayne St. 1505 S. 12th Sl. f 5' Ft, Wayne, lnd, Lima, Ohio Phoenix, Arizona lf, Standard Theological Academic- Academic- 1-'i -"NT -T Theological Theological 7 4: 1 J , ' Q 115' KW .ft gl 'Q ,. ,Z I-5 '7' f Q ' ,Y ,f PAULINE WILLIAM ROBERT QUAY N McM1c1-1AE1. ovsm-1ULsr:n 2520 N. Mitchell U B. 1423 S.-Union St. 924 Pearl St. St. . 5 Y: Limo, ohio Eiknnn, Indinnn Phoenix, Arizona g Academic- Academic- Academic- I Missionary Missionary Theological . ,,. , K ,, fx Q. . , .-.N , -sms? Q if ' :B -1 " I J 1:5-. l ' Q ,SN e - 'Sgt - - . A 1 . .4 , ,f ' ' fl- F 'ig LOREN RANDALL BEULAH REAMS FAYTI-IE --' 2001 Marshall St. 3350 W. Division RINGENBERG , ' if Flint 6, Michigan St. 1221 Nuttman Ave. h ' -,Sky Standard Theological Chicago 51, Ill. Ft. Wayne, Ind. ,. K Academic- Christian Education ffwi wk , -M, Yi- i' P if Theological . Q- i V4 . X I .. --r , ,' DONALD ROHRS R. F. D. 2 Hicksville, Ohio Standard Theological FRANCES SMITH 1605 Smith St.. Peoria, Illinois Two-year Bible Music EUGENE SIMS Millington, Mich. Theological and Missionary COLLEEN WHITE 916 S. Third St. Elkhart, Indiana Christian Education CAROL SMITH 508 E. Main St. Sterling, Kans. Christian Education DARRELL WILLIAMS 2000 Seventh Ave, Peoria, Illinois Standard Theological -J nX'lf'f:f .- -f- 9' "ir 'Q gg .1 M1 -hu nr w.4p an PHILIP BARWICK R. F. D. 2 Syracuse, lndiana DOYT FLEMING 241 N. leflerson St. Van Wert, Ohio WAYNE IUDD Stratton, Nebr. GRACE IEDSWORTH ESTHER CHAPMAN 2721 S. Lafayette St. Fort Wayne, lnd. ODA FRANKHOUSER R. F. D. 5 Findlay, Ohio THERESA KEIFER Fort Laramie, O. 3973 Van Dyke Rd Decker, Michigan ELWIN I ONES 2222 Curdes Ave. Ft. Wayne, Ind. MRS. GLEASON LEDYARD 415 Eastern Ave. Ashland, Ohio SPECIALS HELEN MCCLAIN Carmichael, Penn. PHYLLIS METER Swanton, Ohio STUDENTS NOT PICTURED MRS. SARAH MATHEWS Upper Sandusky, Ohio NAOMI WISE R. F. D. 3 Nappanee, lnd. VERNELLE YODER 4905 Bluffton Road Fort Wayne, Ind. - -N 'DA fi rf .At :P AQQA I A f 4 A Ls:-,t!' 1. '3 gs: ' f,'.,.l b... , N-1" adsl AFP' A . M f we "' . fe . -,Q r JUA .fww 1,1-v H 'V Q ,ASQ - ', QEAQEIS R 9. H ' . - t -- Vw ' mfm rl Q11 . . x. Q .1 .- ' i . ? , -J,V 'V' ' 5 i 3 .1 ' ff -3 ' 'l l , A -J G I ' ' le , X ' t .1 3, I 5 1 . -1 Y lll ffvZ'Z7 CLASS OF 1945 CLASS OF 1948 Llrf., F: :nl-Q: Lilnzl- Georqe Dobos K' 1.13111 Plnsll r gref::Q?1f:k blauvall lr: "Y rf Evxmr U11 ra 1 CLASJS OF 1947 Mr: Sgphxc- Iohnson Ll lfwwf- lmrwgl r:.'rn Lllllan Loman ljkz -'V 'll Fr yr. lf: ?l1ri11mBhTh0mG1S F. rfzrez livzfn 9' l G' l ALLWII. -I H111 Cllllence HIOVP- lr. 7,1.:l:ffl Hel 'frnb lflflrflflret Norman L. - n.,, , 1., ,, ,.,ll1 lf, . ...hulrjn lwxrll-ne Pi:-rce lflri. Tfldrquerlte Smlth Leo Sprunqor llormlx lean Sprunqer FIRST SEMESTER STUDENTS ONLY Alva Crevistcn Corene Fenniq Dennis Barber William Brace Donald Cole Wilbur Daniel Mrs. Opal Hazen Ray lohnson, Ir. lohn E. Land Allred Mosure Carl Selman Mrs. Dennis Barber Mrs. loseph Burkhart Allen Ebersole Kyden Floyd Evelyn Greek Mrs. Albert Hart .,e,v.r .., SPECIAL Carol Geriq Irene Geriq Frieda Guenqerich Gleason Ledyard Mrs. Bruce Pearson Mrs. Dorothy Peters Rudolph Rieker Mrs. Rudolph Rleker Virqil Snyder Doris Sprunqer Mrs. Willard Squires Evangeline Witmer Harold Zook CAROLYN MEIER Swanton, Ohio CLARA WYCKOFF 200 Kettelle St. Peoria, Illinois POST-GRADUATES Mahala Diller Virginia Meier Harold Welty Leona Lehner Florence Powers , 1 --, . . .,L-A,.......AUg.v .M-,-.-1 .ff 1. 1 ...- wg- ,774 I in ,.-A a, w , V 1 ' I V KX, - f':.f'k.Q V L: - f - ' Wy fy-, Mm ' 1' .Q'- A x 45+ '- 1 'Q '1,'sjqei' 'lyyf hkewg: - 1, ' iiifalifvrf ' SW' 1-1-Q!" R-Ki:-al-iw-fi - ,1- S11 '- 1 ,. fig ,, - 4 - ax .,.w-4-v"""""n'-Q." fsjt , . . TI I ' A x I -.Q , Q-if " ij., 7 . L'l WX' :Twig ' if ,. - 'V gg W, , Jig. - L "fax, J J 4'- fi? :Ziff k"g'K:,3 3, ' w.-Y-'?:4eQAi:' ,z-,-,Alf , , N, ' 'Hr x, . .. ' - X ..xQ.:: QQ' P! 5, .1 .,,: 4 TIT. ..?7.':lbLL V IT:-. -SQKN' 'l"'x3Fi I - .-.Q-2 H. :,f f , ,....v. .- 1':mf-' A f ' 1 1 K. :rd-mf - - :.fe:sA:vi+-1-21.-. fry U -' 2 f Inv. -:ig xg avr. w 1' ,. .- ., - w V if?S:'af::.Q1::.:.-1 ..+-:.2,1wE,S- -ffxqrsl L2-. .. ' ' 1 'U 'iii u. L Ng , :- A . N. N H f A-1.5 g,, . . Q N , 5. ,- TRU-VUES S . . xi -P .351-X :gif , -x bb r . .j ff- ,QB . .15 W . H N . . , rw . ,,.-:vxgea ,A-,mt d Y it-is . 9"??5 -, 'hfwi xr? ff t 1 .gggsfg':1': ' it Seve iillllltlmt SCH .', D . df, i 1 F V W 1 - Outing cn Xifebster Lake, fun at Foster Park. The Bible Institute campus provides an ideal situation for a Christian's summer retreat. lt has a Covering of native trees, and its buildings are Con- : structed and equipped to insure comfort even in hot summer days. The sum- l mer verdure of Rudisill Boulevard, the nearby Foster Park, and the windinq Saint Marys River are some of nature's preparations which combine with l l the spiritual purpose of the Summer School to make it a recreation for body, ' mind, and spirit. -38 A. ...J 7 --Y - '77 -fi s .,,s,,,,., ...u,,....-,,.-. ----,'---,-.-...- , -Aw ,,,,, ,-in U V Ivy -A-Y 1 E t1 Regular courses ot the Bible Institute curriculum are taught in tour and eight units. Classes are held mainly in the iorenoons, leaving the afternoons ! L t and evenings for study, rest, employment, or recreation. Students of the regu- l I I lar school year, new students, ministers, and others who desire better prepara- I I tion tor serving Christ are among those who attend. i The smaller attendance ot the Summer School makes possible a close I I fellowship with other students and with instructors. Attendance at one or more t of the terms thus has the possibility ot spiritual enrichment and contact with l P eternal realities, which may be a blessed memorial tor time and eternity, I I Students: Lois Vollmar. One of Our Teachers- Students: Myrtes Ccxble. Lillian Horton, Miss Butz, Lois Vollmctr, Velma ll Betty Haas, Bob Stcxdler. Rice, Helen Kemmerer, l Eleanor Wcxltman. l 1 f 4 - - 3' t A L if . ll 'A ..::,A,feQ,tx::PY"' t i l 1 l -v ,,,xv- here are two ways of looking at the cross of lesus Christ. lf we stand before it, facing ity the world is excluded from our gaze, and sorrow overwhelms us. lf we stand at the cross with the world as our object of vision, Christian service is the inevit- able result. The first attitude is cornmiserationg the second is consecration. The blessings received in consecration to lesus Christ motivate Christian service at the Fort Wayne Bible institute. Its student body sees the world as a gigantic har- vest field, whitened unto harvest. It beholds the people of the earth as sheep without a shepherd. It notes the lack of laborers and the absence of under-shepherds, And im- mediately the individual response is, "Here am lg send me!" The Spaniards stamped on their coins"Ne Plus Ultra"-"nothing beyond." How- ever, after the discovery of America this motto became "Plus Ultra"-"more beyond." The students of the Bible Institute believe this is true in a spiritual sense, and they with other consecrated young people are attempting the seemingly impossible task of taking the whole Bible to the Whole world. 0F Tllll FIIIISS Milo iii T H .t'I'l'l'IIIl Moi MISSIONS "Vision without work is visionary: work without vision is mercenary: but vision and work is missionary," Deep in the heart of the founders of the Bible Institute was the vision of lost souls both at home and abroad. Having the vision, they began to work in behalf of the great missionary enterprise. They labored in prayer and in training young people for Chris- tian service. The Great Commission is the only commission. The Church has no other busi- ness. The world-field is the only field. Missions play a great part in our school curriculum because our leaders recognize that the first work and the chief work of the whole Church is to give the Gospel to the whole world. "The world is redeemed, but it does not know it." And it never will know until the Church publishes the good news everywhere through its living witnesses. Christ will never change His plan. He will wait until His followers fulfill His ex- pectations. The horizon of the students is widened to the whole world of human need through the Friday evening Mission Band service, the Missionary Prayer Meetings, and the missionary courses offered in the curriculum. In the Mission Band services returned missionaries from all parts of the world present a real challenge to us of the vast need of ambassadors for Christ. Millions of lost souls, lost because all have sinned, are still waiting in heathen darkness for someone to bring them the Light of the Gospel. As the students are praying in the Missionary Prayer Meetings, God is working in other parts of the earth. News reaching us of answers to prayer encourages us to be fervent in prayer. Students pray for the lost, bear one another's burdens, and pray the Lord of the harvest that He will send forth laborers into His harvest. The courses offered in missions acquaint the student with the indi- vidual fields, the work accomplished, the outstanding problems and needs of each field, missionary administration and support, as well as the quali- fications of missionaries. Many former students have already obeyed Christ's command in preaching the Gospel: and at present many others, as missionary candidates, are awaiting the door to open. The need is great. Students are continually responding by saying, "Thy call I will x E iT TIIH l'00T obey." "Why should we hear twice before all have heard once?" ve- -. .v.. . 1 yzgg "'.w?igj fin .- . on 5 fl ' .2 .fi sl fad' -1... REGULARS SITTING: Myrtes Cable, Gladys Chapman, Charles Joder, Wauneta Shoup lLeadert, Dean Freed, Evan Ga- berdiel, and Ruth Allen. Na picture: Artl-ur Neuensshwander. ALTERNATES STANDING: Helen Kemmerer, Betty Grody, Margaret Carter, Iarnes Geahlen, Thelna Schmidt, Betta Lu Cripe, and Kathleen Thomashesky. We as leaders of the Five G'clock Missionary Prayer Meeting, present the needs of the mission fields throughout the world each week. On Monday evening our burden is Mexico, Central and South America, and the West Indies. The need in Africa and Madagascar is our concern on Tuesday evening. On Welnesday we pray for India, Burma, Ceylon, and the little known countries of Afghanistan, Nepal, and Baluchistan. The great fields of China, lapan, French Indo-China, Tibet, Korea, Manchuria, and Mongolia are called to our attention on Thursday. On Friday we concern ourselves with Europe, the Near East, and the lews. The needs of Alaska, Labrador, Canada, and the Tract Team are presented on Saturday. On Sunday we remember the Nether- lands East Indies, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Malay, Pacific Islands, and the schools Gospel teams that are ministering throughout the Tri-State area. 5 0'BL0BKl3EI1lUQlYERMEETING In every hour full sixty minutes, And what if He, our Lord and Master, Four and twenty hours each day: When he walked life's toilsome road, And yet, no time for intercession I-lad spent I-lis hours in earthly pleasure, For the lost along life's way? None to lift a brother's load? Suppose the Cross our Christ evaded, Dare we recline so idly dreaming Willing not to pay the cost: While the minutes pass away? Oh think, my friend, what we would No! The lost must hear of Iesusg suffer- We must pray and pray and pray. Guilty, helpless, hopeless, lost. Nettie Dodge 1, -rv -- -g,,,fw' . .Q R I . 'T' E , i . X rj- :Si l H 2 INDIA Q .,- -:1e4,.-.-.---N--- -7 W- -.. ..:-.e- -- - I . First Semester Officers lack Scliierlinq , . ,..., , ..,.,, ,, President lolin Blasser ..,. , ,,... Vice-President Betty Best .. ..,,. ,,...,.. , , Secretary Neil Neuenscliwander ..,., Treasurer Edgar Neuenscliwander Cliarister Eileen Rath . ..,, , , ,... Pianist Carolyn Meier Orqanist Second Semester Officers lalin Blasser ....,..,.YY..,,.........,,........ President Betty Best , ,,,, ,.,,,, V ice-President Violet Eqly .,.w....,...,...,,,.,..,,,,.,....... Secretary Artliur Neuenscliwander Treasurer Charles Mcrlatton .,,,....,.i.. ...... C horister Berdaline Geriq ..... Lyndell Cash r...... Pianist Orqanist DENTS' MISSION BAND Each Friday evening the students of the Bible lnstitute gather in the Chapel for the weekly meeting of the Students' Mission Band. An offering for missions is taken in each service, and all of the money thus received goes to help those who are taking the Gos- pel to those in need. ln View of helping many of our own graduates who are candidates for the mission field, this year's Mission Band has set its goal at 51500. Of course the high light of each service is the missionary message from one who has seen the need firsthand. As we heard these stirring messages from the fields of labor, We are moved to pray the "Missionary Prayer": "Lord, send us a vision of souls in need, Regardless of color or race or creed, Or whether the surface be polished or rough: lf outside Thy kingdom, that is enough- Enough for Thy servant, Whose duty is plain, To bring them to Christ and His kingdom again. lt matters but little how sunken they be, Their lives are transfigured, when Iesus they see. So send us the vision and give us the grace To bring in the lost to the light of Thy face." -anonymous. AT THE l00T , gif . T 7 ,' ,.1-If' V . X I 0F THE C3083 l GOSPEL TEAMS The Gospel teams have become a distinct part oi the Bible institute. One can scarcely think oi the institute without thinking of the Gospel teams that represent the school. At the beginning ot each school year, when most of the teams are iormed, the students are enthusiastic to enter this special work. Members oi the Gospel teams have wonderful opportunities to serve the Lord and to gain invaluable experience in appearing before audiences. Ten Gospel teams have been engaged practically every Sunday during the school year. There have been occasions when the demands for Gospel teams have exceeded the supply. Long-distant trips have been curtailed somewhat because oi the gasoline and tire situation: but, nevertheless, trips were made to points as tar distant as Detroit, Saginaw, and Battle Creek, Michigang Hamilton and Toledo, Ghiog Elkhart, Indiana, and Chicago, lllinois. The teams have aided in revival services in many ditierent denominationsg they have assisted in Youth Conferen- ces: and they have taken complete charge oi worship services. Most important of all is the fact that they have invariably returned to the school with reports of victory. For the many souls who have been saved and sanctified through the ministry of these teams, we give all glory to God. 13 Coyla Crowe-Second Soprano Eula Wiseflfirst Soprano Daisy Vifise-First Alto lla Crow-Second Alto AT THE FUUT lb? ,Q .9 163 .: 4: , JJ, ' gf, - V ,ff z 2 1 . 452 ' ...N . A .- L ,' N lock Scbierlinq-First Tenor 4 L' Vernon Petersen-Second : ,, ., I, Tenor Donolcl Rohrs-W-Boss Wayne IuddwBorilone 5 Lo or T n n xmes- MEN QUBRIET Q -JL-il G Oliver E, Steiner-First Trombone Loren Rcrndcrllelfirst Trumpet lobn CCIdClY--SSCO1'1Cl Trumpel Neil NeuenscbwonderfSecond Trombone E r X, , lg E f 3 11" -5. X F " gf 5-Q f fa- 5' if n -j -, J 4 . A -jk tv- : ' fi L 'ef 1' I , .n J "J: X """ .1 I F 1 Robert Quay-flfirst Tenor ll Chorles Mcllotton-Second B Y , Tenor l Robert Moqory-Baritone 'E ! ll l r Lyle Steiner--Boss l - I I i ofrnfcnnss 1 Tlrelrna Schmidt-Second Sorpano Nelva Pteinclers-eAlto Eleanor Waltman f-First Soprano Alice Schumacher-First Soprano Marqaret Bryan---Second Soprano Marie D-eanfAlto Mildred l-llrsclrry-First Soprano Betta Lu CripefSeCond Soprano Kathleen lnniqer--Alto AT THE FUUT Ruth Schierlinq!First Soprano Chloetta Eqley-Second Soprano Violei Eqly-Alto Hilda Warye-Second Soprano Betty Beck-Alto Mary Cable4First Soprano Carolyn Meier-Second Soprano Amy Leiqhtner-Alto ' Phyllis Meier-First Soprano 5,4 Nh:--1' -var -um. Qi 1 'l"I -I 1 I"l"l E 1 I C!! CID 5 H' I A , :T ,bg 'Flu T7 , - . 2 1 1 L4 A Q Q fit ' - a ,X . , I V L- r k H-wi, .. .. ,Jin X1 LJ L 'J Q, Ll One of the high lights ot the Christmas season was the rendition of l-landel's iarnous oratorio, "The Messiah," by the Special Chorus on December l7 in Founders Memorial. This chorus of one hundred two voices was under the direction oi Professor Oliver Steiner with Mrs. Steiner at the piano and Professor Robert Pfundstein at the console ot the organ. The soloists were: Sopranoffl-'lorence Habegger, Cleveland, Ohiop Alto-WDorothy Lugibihl Lehman, Baltimore, Maryland: Tenor'-'Edward Burkhalter, Wlieaton, Illinois: Bass 'Wilsoii lones, Chi- cago, lllinois. -'at lb' Every Monday and -Wednesday at seven-thirty the mem- bers of the chorus found their way into the chapel for some real work on this great oratorio. The hours spent in intensive rehearsing for the presentation of "The Messiah" were truly worthwhile and blessed. Much time was spent in drilling for the correct tone quality and enunciation. Training received both educationally and spiritually in rehearsing tor the rendi- tion of this marvelous oratorio will be valued throughout the coming years. The prayer and aim oi this chorus is that its members might sing to the best of their ability the inatchless Word oi God into the hearts of others, and through this means be made a blessing to those who hear them. iiinnnC""""'1'f"""' " n-1" ' iiiw ,.-X if V! Fl Ln! Hut' ll! HV ll . H QD it I The orchestra, under the instruction ot Professor Steiner, is composed of from ten to twelve students of the Institute who play during the song services oi our Mission Band. This group inspires the students to sing with greater zeal. The members of the orchestra enjoy serving the Lord in this way with the tal- ents which He has given them to use. This is not an organized group but is composed of any who have instruments and are willing to play. They must sacrifice a little time since they meet every Friday afternoon for practice. However, playing each week in this way gives valuable experience, especial- ly to those of the brass section as it gives them practice in transposing. The orchestra is a blessing to those who play as well as to those who listen, -Z f- , i- '-r - ij 7, N ,p , 4 l , VN! r me iii fre fr' - is tif tim if, if L.-' Q. ill... LJ! "Take Christ as your Saviour, He died for youg Live Christ among others, He'll keep you true: Give Christ your best service Loyal and true: Take Christ, Live Christ, Give Christ, And the best will come back to you." This theme chorus opened the Fifth Annual Fort Wayne Youth Conference which was held on October 20, 21, 22, l944. Several interesting features high lighted this year's Con- ference which was the biggest and best in the history of this organization. The evangelist for the Conference was Rev. Quinton I. Everest, pastor of "Your Worship Hour" radio pro- gram and of the River Park Gospel Center of South Bend, Indiana. Since Mr. Everest grirduired irorn the Bible lnstitute and has a large radio ministry at the present time, he was well aualiiied to understand the spiritual problems of young people today. His forceful, Yygirit-auicl-cened messages led many to seek the Lord in saving and sanctifying power. L - 4 .4 1754:-S.- "Q ..,. ...- cf' W ' N Rev. Daniel Demin of Iackson, Michigan was the evangelistic song leader. ll I , X -,ft Through his direction a spirit of praise was felt in all of the song services. He A ,, QA'-.H., ' 'f' i ,,.,, , X, f t was assisted in the music by the Gospel teams from the Institute. t tr t .l One of the new features this year was the Saturday morning discussion ,-. - Jw.- . ww . . ffl? Vlflll' "ll"42'lfl"3' classes concerning timely questions bearing on the Christian life and ministry. ill-I JU' llibm' The four discussion classes were led by three local pastors, Dr. G. I. Long, Rev. L. H. Roebuck, Rev. Tilman Amstutz, and a member of the Institute faculty, Prof. Oliver Steiner. A missionary emphasis was also added to the Conference when Rev. Charles P. Culver, missionary and world traveler, gave a challenging message Saturday afternoon. His vivid presentation of the need inspired many to consecrate themselves wholly for missionary service wherever the Lord leads them. Many young people went out from these meetings to fulfill the motto of the Confer- ence: "American Youth for Christ". fsmf C f.. ..... . it . . w .ft C Pb N25 1... .fa it-VN: ttf--X, :- 4 '1- fk ft ff, t.ttft,.ti tl" "t til l'lttlt . tv:"t't tt t 5 E -Sf I STREET MEETING . . V , t Under the direction ot the Street Meeting Committee, evangelistic ser- vices are held each Saturday and Sunday night during the fall and spring months at Transfer Corner in downtown Fort Wayne. Christ is presented to those who stop and listen as the message is amplified by means of a public address system which sounds out above the noise of passing streetcars and automobiles. A large number of students take part in the services which are composed of group songs, personal testimonies, instru- mental and vocal numbers, and a short appealing message from the Word of God. Tracts distributed during each service on the im- ,...........,.............,..-. sl mediate corners have brought opportunities to many Y- 5 ,FAN-AN 1 . .HKMN students for a word of witnessing for Christ, An aver- ,f ,.,.. it I I age of two thousand tracts were passed out at each T7 EQL3' jj V! l service this year. E CX -.f.! T .lyl , i The committee has secured a new public address -fxfifl-Xtjix v 'lf ' 7 1 system and a new microphone which is designed es- .mmf - T" v l pecially for such work. God has blessed with the sale lylflylljltlytg vation ot many souls. For these souls we are thankful, and we give l-lim all the glory for them. 7 . Misfits Q bil' aaqz.....gMLw , rw H . A " A "Q P' m tit lil l in i ' if ht: ti ul' qw' ii.. Lg qw t-5. L::f i t "Be ye doers of the Word and not hearers only" has had its practical aspect in the efforts of the Child Evangelism Fellowship. It has been the privilege of some of our young ladies to participate in the work of this nationally and internationally known organization as it has had opportunity to open doors in the city of Fort Wayne. Prior to the formation of class- es, several of the students made a systematic canvass of an assigned territory with the pur- pose of securing homes in which the classes could meet, and to interest parents in sending their children to the Child Evangelism classes. Our teachers meet approximately seventy-five children per week, many of whom may be numbered as a 'iharvest of Souls." They enter enthusiastically into the singing of l Gospel songs and each week store in their minds and hearts memory verses from God's Word. Our prospects for continued ministry in this field are encouraging. May we continue to pray that the field white unto harvest with the souls of little children may have an in- creasing number of reapers. f 1 I 1 . I 1 5 I i Sfuzmdzzz-1' G15-nn M.'H1'1orx, W . Rudy Rid:-'rr Htrild Pruj, : I V.'LQlx::t. Pi-inte, Eu:-39 Pair' son, Huh wi H zzen, Vflllmm N Qvrxhulsf-r, E-,merry Sums, r' Q Ffffedt Lynd-Eli Cish, Ar' f 1 Lx: E'-.Leia-' '.'.'11I:C1n1 Wexhl. ' " N 1. 3 Z,,.,J v' I 1 1 Z! , I L 4 1' 1 1 , , , . X , 5, ,A X. Lynfird Orr, Diyi Fl-571:11r1:1, I Cer :ld Rxzugenber g, Fillph Q Q Vfiffixrd, Iimxel Dyck - I 1 3 l i 4, 1 1 7 X W 1 1 ' W N w 1 l , I , 5 f W N , , I W f'1r,d1:.1 H :rid Kb ua, Q ' :mes G-i-1h1s'n,LxI11e I' zr zh, if'i'g'7r ZIAfuensChv11ndQr, If-"x-2 Iodfz-2, Fred 'Nr1':h!, , '1':r.1fW H721 Zvi-r1i'! L N HL'-fi, f 1 fsfff, I ma 4 W A ': eff w w- :'A:f'1' bf-"7 'f'.'h1'f, Err- xrz fhfvlf, Tffwxyv'-f"1 ' 'Rini rfuwlyn Kuff, I','l': L 1 -YJ T -ini' 1' ' X TR ST SU ACT TEAM Every Saturday evening during the winter months the Tract Team meets for medita- tion and prayer before undertaking the work of the evening. This Team, chosen from the fellows of the institute, distribute Gospel tracts in the beer gardens, bowling alleys, and shoe-shining parlors of Fort Wayne. In this manner of presenting the Word, the members of the Team are privileged to give out an average of three thousand tracts each Saturday evening. These tracts are provided by the voluntary donations of the ln- stitute, faculty, and students. Two fellows follow each of the five routes, distributing the tracts in over a hundred taverns throughout the city. In addition to distributing the tracts, the fellows deal personally with those who express interest in the Gospel. God has said that His Word will not return unto Him void, and He has honored this promise through the salvation of a number of souls. UDENT PASTURS During the past year several students have been going out from the Bible Institute as student pastors. Many churches, representing seven denominations, have been serv- ed regularly in this way. The student pastors are a busy lot for they must carry on their regular school work in addition to ministering to the spiritual needs of their flocks. Despite their many duties, they are happy because they have learned to trust the Lord for their recurring needs. This practical training, which carries out the motto of the ln- stitute, will surely stand them in good stead in the future years of their ministry for God. NDAY SCHUUL TEACHERS Eighteen students as regular Sunday school teachers have also been carrying out the motto of the Bible Institute, "Training for Service and Service in Training." Nine churches of six denominations have had a real need met in the teaching ot their class- es. In addition to these "regulars" numerous students have substituted at various times during the year when the assigned teachers have been unable to take their class' es. The students in these classes range in age from the energetic youngster to the old saint, rooted and grounded in the Word. The school rejoices in the good Work done by these teachers. Especially do we rejoice in the young lives that will be devoted to the Master for life because of this faithful service. I 5 i l ,n 4",rmT : E The qirls and fellows each gather in the gymnasium twice a week for the proverbial "daily dozen." After an opening word of prayer the students strug- gle through a brief period of calisthenics, followed by any of a Variety of com- petitive qames. The Apostle Paul says in l Timothy 4:8 that "bodily exercise is profitable for a little" CH. VJ, and the students endeavor to gain as much profit from qyrn' classes as possible, D ex '. .F 'fl'-r i 'M 'T Q T it U sn-1 t a t is -,-,f f"T bi - 1 -98. f--U HERE AND THERE .maxi -..HL ar- ' wN,P' Y . 1" X , ' , M E Q. uf.-Sf . ,.- ., W " 54 " 5 "1Qfk rw E- X ' gzmsf. . .farffrsmerib , asf ' : - Y 4 zQQEQQgSI.,S ,,gf. .. ,f ' A SQ mfg. ' ww 1 A , :+. Say , . a ENS? , HX ,.,. .wuz-s W E V - .. A .XX M", ,T 'pic .. . ., ,..W.,, SK, ,"4V5iNikvkj' ' ' ,rf-rrxgis: ' " "ff SENT ? Bi. 0. 11" K 4 1 1 g F24 fzjlif 'V ' . , -. , I ' 1 . 'Mx 'J 'QE' f if Y0lllt LIGHT 'l'0WElt HPAFF The Light Tower is the official, annual publication of each graduating class ot the Fort Wayne Bible Institute. The purpose for publishing The Light Tower is to present the members of the Senior Class as well as the other students and the members of the faculty to the wide circle of Christian people interested in the Bible Institute, to give a true represen- tation in writing and pictures of the spirit and life of the school, and to exalt Christ in such a way as to challenge many youth to enter the great work of world evangelism. Though The Light Tower is published by the Senior Class, many of the assistant officers on the Staff are Iuniors. In fact, a member of the Iunior Class, Mr. Dingeman Teuling, has very efficiently filled the office of production and art editor and de- serves much of the credit for the attractiveness of this year- book. The Light Tower Staff has been a busy lot. Some people have wondered why a light burned in the southeast basement room of Founders Memorial until very late during many winter nights. A peep in the door would have frequently revealed Wayne Brenneman, Dingeman Teuling, Gerald Ringenberg, and sometimes other members of the Staff hard at work in the midst of stacks of manuscripts, piles of photographs, and tables covered with layouts and designs. However, sometimes their more immediate task was to take care of several quarts of ice cream. The smell of rubber cement, the chatter of a typewriter, and the discussions over technical points in punctuation rais- ed by Mr. Shank helped to characterize the atmosphere of the Light Tower room. Although the production of this annual re- quired much hard work, the Staff thoroughly enjoyed it. With the prayer that through its efforts the Christ of the Cross may be exalted and that souls may find in Him all their needs supplied, the Staff presents The Light Tower of 1945. FLOYD A. SHANK DINGEMAN Faculty TEULING Advxsor Art cmd Produ-itxon Editor I e - f"" . N ,-. ,01- , 43' ' I - Q ,nav , , .wa--1--' . -I , ., 1 0 WAYNE H. BRENNEMAN Hdttorfirw yhmt A 'GR -0' -5.1- 1 is I GERALD RINGENBERG Asst, 3. I.'11'1-I 1' -Q! ROBERT ROSS E-1131: L 1, ,iii 43 '--1 'b .Sf X Ei., '-9' Aix 9' ESTHIR VERNON DRVID F. WAUNETA DORIS JOHN GABHIZLSON PETERSEN SIEMENS lf. SHOUP GOEHRING BLOSSER Photoqruphy Edxtors Assistant Secretary Cu-'ulution M-nrxxcevrs Editor FEL Copienxsaingenb-arf! I B- chinq- Eauo,3uXiQz'T?Js2 ,SXHPCRZU Shepleil The You 92351-,ivan Lemmon 0 . Christian Y hiygome in e oi I Guan white 'ihaellggus Educ Helen sisvallgz 1 Undethe 5' I ,Thee goof? Sees ll Wmnef olilfhciiuvlw' 5' A' As BMW def 1 gene? glgneifglginhi WW! er ' - ' 'Dhe Ehllellowshlp ana Abfodilluexio WML Home VISIU The official publication of the Bible Institute is a bimonthly magazine, The Bible Vision. This publication presents articles of general Christian interest and the news of the Fellowship Circle which is composed of all the students who have spent at least one semester in the Bible Institute. The object of this Circle is to maintain and stimulate the fellowship which is begun in the Institute, to promote prayer in behalf of every member and the school at present, and to encourage each one as a true representative of Christ. One way in which the the ed is by holding the Fellowship Ban This eagerly ant' ' accomplishment of se ends ' quet, one of the high lights of the latter icipated event affords opportunity for renewin ships and cementing of new ones. In additi the Circle has assumed plan is realiz- part of the scho l g old friend- on to the promotion of fellowship, the gigantic task of informing all its members of the s for the erection ot the loseph E. Ramseyer Memorial. Many of the pledges received may be attributed to these indefatigable efforts. work the Bible Institute owes a vote of thanks. o year. For this IT THL THE IKUSS X 1 . ' FUUT UF I --.... -.-...-,1, - LUWSHI CIRCLE M BIBLE I "Resolved that Roman Catholicism is a serious menace to Evangelical Protestantism in the Americas" was the proposition of a debate sponsored jointly by the Girls' and Men's Student Councils. The Councils have sponsored three or tour other meetings dur- ing the school year for the girls and fellows separately, These Councils are composed of five members each, one for each chosen by the faculty, and the other tour elected by their respective student groups. The programs presented by the two Councils have as their purpose the promotion of closer fellowship and deeper devotion to Cod in our school life. it 'i 5 E 5 I Q. Q 4 CHJUUR Q. ,ew -f: E-" TF IIN! 1 'Q su :JS C-. . YY .-v .5- "':aw?-983955584 1 . :vii '. 1' 1. Kerlm "Kutt1n' Kcpersf' Dietitian: Will ihis do? Cook: Yes, more stew. Cooking up steam. In this corner- "Munqler" Meier. None better for she the "Best," Is it O. K, Cash? Don't stand iheref IUOV9 ll. It's not all the-ir's. He waxes brighter and briqhter. Have you heard the latest . . . dope!! "Louie qets his ears trimmed. After each meal . . . this!! A place for every- thing. It takes a "Wise" one to iron lshe takes pastoral theology tool. We're called to preach, not to scrub, I I ' E .9 I , ,1 lm z fi ,Z wil. -r-:: ' Ita., .. '.r' lv..- 'L ...,, Lf .1-as ,ns -, - 4 -4411255 www., :mek ,Q ET W x -'fs M .SB L -V , W - .353 E. ,A as ,N ---wwf MT.. 'ti .. 5: '54 .' '55 3 .-go 'L in Q S53 f fi ff., few ii'-1 .fi Z1 ri VK' 'Pi is 5. LJ VJ .L MJ lt it fi li. 51,1 if .- ff' , - ' --H. V--.M ,- W - f.-.C .f--.-wife:-4'----.--. ..,.-. ..--.-, ,, ., , , ,, . , , , H," ,. ru ,At . , 'ji' .' '. ,t ,M x H 5 7 -2 't Z-'V' l5't1 ' 1' 1 X ,N tt Hit" vt ,lvl 1 - J 'H 21521-H,f nv-wt X , . " . .2 1, .K .' . ...' '. r af s YN 19' f r' . I.-I ., I ., g 3 ' 11 .l- l gig "' X h f ' 'FK ffl V .5 , g,..,. . aff" ' x , . ...divx 5--3, K El l :SN mv if A V. '. -2233. .by 211 ll I IQ -. ix xl -5 X. -1 V" v 1 f I . Mr. and Mm. Daniel Dyck Donald and Da-rid. 1. Mr. and Mm. Pludy Rimlzni cmd larry. 3. "lungle" lc-dm al B. I. 4. Mr. and Mrs. Gleason Lad yard fThe helqhl of 7. Mr. and Mrs. Karl Korlln. Dolly and Naomi. B. Teach lhom while lhoy're young. 9. Beulah, irom tho South coman North. l0. "Hey, Ledyclrd, are you in hypocrigyj lhara?" 5. Mr. and Mrs. Druca Pierson . -ll. Hold il up u litlla longs: Bcnbarc and Be-mrly. boys. G, Aha! dust in tho qirl'u voom. l2. Sh-h-lx. let hlm sleep. l 1 I ,V . K r MQW ig. ' -1. 1-,m ,K , . ,,,-. . . . V.. 21 F F311-' 3 ' Ii . .Q JA . - 1 gr CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 5, Tues. tConfusionl Registration day. 7, Thurs. The new students are welcomed and introduc- ed to the Faculty and workers in a get-acquainted service in the chapel. 8 Fri. First Mission Band service is held with Rev. Clay- ton Steiner, our former missionary, as speaker. 9 Sat. Annual get-acquainted picnic at Foster Park. The pear tpairl cannery is making progress. ll, Mon. First chorus practice with Prof. O-liver Steiner. l3, Wed. Assigned to first tables for the year. 15, Fri. The Mission Band sees pictures of Rev. Paul Bil- heirner's missionary travels in Mexico. l6, Sat. Tueling arrives two weeks late Cas usuall. 18, Mon. Girls of upper classes choose student-council 1 1 members. 2l,2l, Thur. First Senior Class meetingg Choose class of- ficers. 22, Fri. Iames Geahlen, Gladys Chapman, Anne Grace Kontra, and Miss Mahala Diller tell in Mission Band of their work in Kentucky the past summer. 29, Fri. Many victories are won on our first monthly Day of Prayer. Mrs, Hazel Schwendener, the mother of one of our students, brings us a message from War- torn China in the evening Mission Band. OCTOBER 6, Fri, Mrs. Emma Eckvall brings a message in Mission Band concerning conditions among Chinese children, 8, Sun. Students make announcements of the Youth Conference in city churches. ll, Wed. First Bow-Tie Day-Siemens wins with a seven- teen-inch bow. Girls are vexed greatly. l2, Thur. The girls try a comeback with pigtails and gay ribbons. The fellows graciously treat them to red suckers at supper time. 13, Fri. Rev. R. P. Clark, missionary to South America, tells us tonight of the grip which Catholicism has on this field. 17, Tues. Campus Day-result, a clean campus. l8, Wed. Stiff Church History test,f"only a quiz," Shank. 20, Fri. Youth Conference starts with Rev. Q. I. Everest, evangelist, and Rev. Dan Demin, song leader. 21, Sat! Discussion groups meet this forenoon. 22, Sun. Singspiration service this afternoon featuring a colored quartet. Youth Conference closes tonight. 23, Mon. Tired and sleepy students attend Day of Prayer in behalf of missions. 24, Tues. Mrs. Ramseyer gives chapel message and tells the "children" how to "shine" like Georgia did. W. 3. I ..- '- it 3 !-ttf Q -in - I 1 1 . I -E , ,,,0 ' 'X "L, 5 1 t . - .1 f ,i 3-it 1- t' , t "if ka? -K-.1 VA 5"-sQ!'f9 ' ?"'5 ,- l " ' jf-.ffwwiwww t P3 t TTT -xi t i bl Ly, I' t is F n X1 X1 All 600. Wim 4- lf. i Wed. Rev. P, L. Eicher brings a chapel message on "Faith" and sings a solo. Thur. Tonight the girls have their first fireside meet- ing in the dining hall, and names of silent sisters are given out. Fellows have a missionary lecture in the library along with a treat of ice cream-to compete with the girls' meeting. Fri. Prof. Steiner conducts a hymn sing in Chapel. Rev. "Dick" Siemens presents pictures of his Work in South America in Mission Band. Mon. Rev. W. G. Weston begins series of Chapel messages while conducting evangelistic meetings across the street, Thurs. Second Campus Day this season,--results, more than just a clean campus. NOVEMBER Mon. Last year's graduate, Saddie Habagger, enter- tains us at supper time by singing, "When I Come to the End of My Way." Thur. ln Daniel Class Mr. Leightner tells the class that Zedekiah will be studied after the book of Daniel is completed, Mrs. Surbrook thinks seriously and final- ly catches on in embarrassment. Fri. Mission Band is dismissed in order that we may hear the Westons across the street. "Brave Bill" breaks the formality of the service by having Bob Margary take an unknown part in a quartet. Tues. President I. A, Ringenberg once again has the chapel service, and he continues his series of mess- ages on the Beatitudes. Students rejoice at the news this forenoon of the coming Thanksgiving vacation. Fri. Students at Mission Band get a hearty laugh from Rev. Fred Iorder's appeal to "Come to Africa: we have everything there." Sat. We are pleasantly surprised to find hamburgers in the kitchen for supper and a seat with our best "friend" in the candle-lighted dining hall. Mon. Rev. Harold Walker gives chapel message on "Sins of the Tongue." Tues. A blind evangelist speaks in Chapel. Students sing "Happy Birthday" to Prof. Steiner in music class and at the dinner table. Wed. Since Thanskgiving vacation starts at noon to- day, some of the teachers load us down with three examinations in the forenoon. Dr. N. C. Beskin, con- verted Iewish rabbi, holds the attention of the chapel audience. Mon. Two-thirds of students return to school to rest up from a strenuous Thanksgiving vacation and too much turkey. Tues. Remainder of the students straggle in from ex- tended vacations. Wed. New arrangement is started in the dining hall -change tables every week: no more trips to kitch- en to wait on tables. Thur. Monthly Day of Prayer. DECEMBER Fri. Rev. and Mrs. W. H. Oldfield bring us another message from suffering China. Mon. Wayne Iudd goes "skipping" through the sky to take a picture of B. I. Tues. Prof. Shank helps Miss Lehner to quote Gala- tians 2:20 during the supper devotions. Wed. Mr. Leightner, is absent for several days: con- sequently he burdens his classes with tests. Fri. Mission Band dismissed to join with First Mission' ary Church in Missionary Convention. Sun. Many Gospel teams have a dangerous trip back to Fort Wayne because of the year's worst blizzard. Mon. Gleason Ledyard and Edgar Neuenschwander build an igloo back of Bethany Hall. Tues. Ledyard's igloo makes the headlines in to- night's News-Sentinel and other newspapers of the country. Wed. Fugitive alarm clocks cry out for help from be- hind upper-hall doors during dinner. Mr. Shank takes them into shelter after dinner. tOwners may call for same at his of'fice.l Thur. Girls have their Christmas fireside party in the recreation hall while the boys meet in the library for a fellowship meeting of Communion and Foot-wash- ing. Fri. Rev. Walter Arnold brings us a message tonight from Africa. Sun. Prof. Steiner swings his baton for the last time this year as the B. I. chorus presents the "Messiah" to a full house. Mon. Seniors take over the chapel period, giving sales talks on "The Light Tower," editor of which is Wayne "Brainyman." Students in girls' dormitory pray until late hours in the night for a revival. Wed. Revival is greatly felt in chapel with confes- sions, blessings and victories announced. In the evening a big Christmas turkey dinner is serv- followed by a program and caroling. Thur. Christmas vacation begins. IANUARY. 1945 Wed. Vacation ends at 9:00 A. M. and classes begin. Some are snow-bound and cannot get back. Fri. ln chapel, after the Mission Band president makes an announcement which is not heard by the faculty, Dean Ringenberg replies, "l think when we're speaking from the floor, we should remember we are not speaking through cr microscope." Rev. David Rupp, Ir. C385 speaks in Mission Band about his first term in Africa, Mon, Mr. Adam Lutzweiler plays the marimbaphone in Chapel. Tues. Rev. Iohn Woodhouse gives in Chapel a vivid description of the prodigal son as an "Adventurous Play Boy." '35 ' A 1. ,S l s 1 ll IU, Wed. Halls in dormitory are quiet because students are cramming for semester's final tests. ll, Thur. Final examinations. Enough said. 12, Fri. Lois Schwendener, Charles Ioder, David Siemens, Ir., students whose parents are missionaries, relate their experiences encountered in the mission field. 16, Tues. Exams over. Day of Prayer for open doors to mission fields. 18, Thur. Registration day brings problems and decisions. 19, Fri. First day of new classes, new students, new rooms, and new work! 24-26 Chaplain S. A. Witmer speaks in special opening services each evening and in Chapel. 31, Wed. Rev. Paul Hartford gives a chapel message for "Flying Missionaries." FEBRUARY g 2, Fri. Rev. Elmore Eicher from India speaks in Mission Band service. 3. Sat. Eleanor Waltman and Elmer Neuenschwander C447 are married in a lovely church wedding across the street. 7, Wed. Church History class gets a new revelation, Ana- baptist was Iohn the Baptists wife. 8, Thur. Open House! Girls and fellows get the tops of their doors dusted. Later we gather in the recreation hall for singing and refreshments. 9, Fri. Another "B. l." graduate, Rev. Waldo Schindler, brings a stirring message from Gaboon, South Africa. 14, Wed. Colonel Dodgeson, a "B. I." graduate and now chief Chaplain of the AAF in the European theater, speaks in Chapel. Many girls have a satisfied feeling tonight because of the heart-shaped boxes of candy they received today. 16, Fri. Mrs. I. C. Wengatz presents the need of Liberia, Africa, in tonight's Mission Band service. 21, Wed. Rev. Shepley treats the Light Tower Staff' with 4Oc worth of ice cream in hope of receiving a free copy of "The Light Tower." lEditor's note: Other fac- ulty members please notice.l 23, Fri. William tnot lenningsl Bryan speaks during our monthly Day of Prayer. Miss Edna Pape C385 speaks in Mission Band tonight. MARCH 29, Thur. Spring vacation begins today. MAY 20, Sun. Baccalaureate Service. 22, Tue. Presentation of "The Holy City" by Special Chorus. 24, Thur. Commencement. IULY 8. Sun. Long awaited proofs arrive, 9, Mon. Teuling, Ringenberg, QS. Ross assemble from tri-state area and work late into the night correcting proofs. V 4-Y-. A--L..- 1 ,JV ...ish -s.. HHH HIiViHiISiHS IN APPRECIATION We, the Light Tower Staff, wish to extend our thanks to the advertisers, engraver, and printer for their Co-operation in producing this Annual. Words of Wisdom Faith links our helplessness with Gods Almiqhtinessf' "Daddy" Ramseyer Prayer is a thing we talk too much about and do too little ot." Rev. I. A. Rinqenberq lt is not our job to harmonize the Bible but to see its harmony." S. Cr. Shetler lt is much better to live for Christ than to wish you had." lt takes two years for a child to learn to talk and the next nine years to learn to keep quiet." Miss Diller You don't have to have your name in 'Who's Who,' to know whats what." Rev. Don Kelly There is many a slip between the call and the ship." Mrs. Ioder Christianity has not been tried and found wanting but found difficult and not tried." C. W. Chesterton Aqe for council, youth for conquest." Rev. Orlan Golden To see God we must take our eyes oft the world." 'lf there is no cross, there can be no crown." - -W +V A. -. .. The Bible Institute May Be Brought To You BY The Gospel Teams which go from the Bible Institute to churches for Sunday ministries, Student Speakers who go out accompanying teams or simply to fill pulpits. Members of the Faculty who preach, give Bible studies, conduct youth services, or minister on other special occasions. The School of Extension Study offering courses in Bible, English, and Personal Evangelism. Direct inquiries tor further information to: THE DEAN FORT WAYNE BIBLE INSTITUTE Fort Wayne 6. Indiana I I F I I I I I :ia NYACK y -V-YQ '57 SPECIALIZES IN ,jtjq I3 , in , 5 5' I t I ',, uint X X4 l in.,'ME,,igN F TI-xEoLoGY I : I 35245, I MISSIONS I '- ' - - , gil, MUSIC :'4Q,q, sg t N, If T--up-'QQI1 CHRISTIAN EDUCATION Q51-J -gm E ggs , ,- '." . If 'itiifiiikgfifln A 'M' .- f I , -f , q X. Hgiflg, N 1 ,. " b cl f , I. f ' Additional Courses y Correspon ence I , RI at np F f 'aww 'Q' qs LY! VYVV Y - I - Write Dr. Thomas Moseley l 3 ZfnIf:I55E'f Q ff M rnlzvuwfgxl ggi-r5:qAV rgrcrv r ru., "V Milf: CEi'?'7"'! rrfff E hai zrrzi, Etna rc: E V 5 rrr T .i m THE MISSIONARY TRAINING I Qi 3,1 I lf INSTITUTE 1 IN I 4, Nyack on the Hudson . . . New York "The school that prepares today-for the work of tomorrow," i I i --A - -'-s: .--...iv-.- , Aa.-. .isazlnwwfnnum K- E 4-.-in - Y 6. 1 7 IHI Hllll WAYNE Illllll I Slllllll Established 1904 Fundamental - Spiritual - Cultural "Training for Service and Service in Training" AlMffTo train men and women for Christian work at home and abroad through Bible-centered courses of study combined with a supervised program of devotional, practical, manual, and social activities. LOCATlON4On a beautiful campus in a restricted residential area of Fort Wayneethe "Tri-State City" at the hub of the industrial Middle-West. FEATURES-Thoroughly evangelical and conservative in faith. Wide range of Bible courses. Direct method of study. Inter-denominational, with four denominations on Governing Board, seven on faculty, twenty-six in stu- dent body of two hundred. Trained and experienced personnel. DEPAFtTMENTSiSchool of Bible: Majors in Theology, Missions, Christian Education. School of Music: Majors in Voice, Piano, Organ. School of Correspondence: Courses in Bible and Personal Evangelism. FACILITIES-Modern dormitories, library, chapel, auditorium, class rooms, gymnasium, music hall with studios and practice rooms. ADMISSIGNSSPA opening of semesters in first part of September and latter part of Ianuary. Only applicants of approved Christian character ad- mitted. Catalogs and information given upon request. BIBLE INSTITUTE Rudisill at South Wayne Fort Wayne 6, Indiana HALL MARKET and Locker Service 4009 South Wayne Ave. FORT WAYNE, INDIANA "THE GOSPEL IN PICTURE AND SONG" DINGEMAN TEULING CHALK - ARTIST Available for Evangelistic Campaiqns and special services. For information Write 1634 Ieflerson St. Muskegon Heights, Mich. Institute Students Always Welcome At Missionary Churches CURDES AVE.-2401 Curdes Ave. Rev. Tillman AmstutzfPastor HARVESTER--Cor. Harvester CS Fleet wood Rev. M. E. Ramseyer-pastor NORTHSIDE-Lillian Street Rev. Daniel Dyckfpastor HOLTON AVE.-Cor. Holton :Sf Bax ter Rev. Don Kelly-pastor 1945 FIFTEENTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE "MISSIONARY HOUR" OVGT W. O. W. O. 1190 Kilocycles Institute students Q invited to make this their Church Home THE FIRST MISSIONARY CHURCH AND CHURCH SCHOOL RUDISILL AT S. WAYNE FORT WAYNE, INDIANA -' ' ' .aiwwii f 1 Phone A-2463 I I I I Y I L , I REALIZE REAL 03 36 EYES. . .WEAR Sx twf., I 51' Qi---L.-Lfzfiff E E- , 1 GETTLE'S GLASSES ,W -tif I I GLASSES BY SPECIALISTS I .4 " ' IN EACH DEPARTMENT The Golden Rule Optical Store 805-807 Calhoun Street Phones A-6480-6489 Fort Wayne, Indiana The .National Mill Supply Co. FACTORY, MILL, ELECTRICAL, PLUMBING AND HEATING SUPPLIES AUTO- MOTIVE EOUIPMENT, RADIOS, PAINT, OIL, ELECTRIC RANGES AND REERIGERATORS 207-209-211-215 East Columbia Street Phone A-2331 Fort Wayne, Indiana K WE1ssER C P A R K - :I . .4 Mi Bo Co ' P .. ..k.-- 3 --.. B ,.Q',. .:,:,,.,,:..,:,. ' , . . . C H U R C H Q , : b .-:- : -1:-:S -:-:1 :::,-Q I EI ll . . :,, 5 ' ' A .I fl. V ' Corner of Warsaw and 15,5 :.,3 ..:4... ---5.5.51-l.'i l: ' IIl :" "X "f 2:':' ":' ron wayne. indium :-: I r "1i2.'.FQiT- 5 III' EZEZIIII' - .Y - . M -.,, M. :,-.:, .,g., V V, Pastor' . . , .'-52535534-M .W -W' ,...,,,. - ' . .. . . RADIO BROADCAST REGULAR SERVICES THE SL1f1CiClY SCl01OOl ....,.......,,,. A. 5 Worship Service .... AA.A... 10:30 A. M. - 7 Oqfrggyi' M' fW O W O-- 1190 KC' Evangelistic Service ....,,., 7:30 P. M. A CHURCH WHERE ALL ARE WELCOME THE WESTERN DISTRICT - MISSIONARY CHURCH ASSOCIATION - Churches in Arizona and California The district is planning a strong advance into the larger cities of the great West for the es- tablishment of new churches. There is a need for looth money and men, men with strong vis- ion, undying zeal, and aclventuresome faith. The challenge of a larger association of churches in the west through which Gods worldwide purpose shall be accomplished confronts us on every hand. The help of all in every way is needed immediately. Rev. Edison Habegger, Sup't. District Headquarters 14712 Friar Street Van Nuys, California Rev. Cornelius Vlot, Sec'y. Rev, Iared F. Gerig, Treas. 14349 Emelita Street 908 East McKinley St. Van Nuys, California Phoenix, Arizona 5 4 1g Q A- --- AN ERWIN PURIRAIT FOR OVER THIRTY YEARS THE PHOTOGRAPH YOUR FRIENDS PREFER E R W I N S T U D I O GERALD COFFMAN owner 1031 S. Calhoun St. A-5335 FORT WAYNE, INDIANA COMPLIMENTS OF TROY FAMILY WASHINGS EXTRA CARE NO EXTRA COST Phone H-1315 Fort Wayne, Indiana FINEST WATCH AND IEWELRY REPAIRING Cousins, Inc. 808 Calhoun Street COMPLETE STOCK OF LEATHER Iames Reynolds, Repair Manager All work fully guaranteed BIBLES PLAQUES-CARDS-STATIONERY RELIGIOUS BOOKS And Commentaries The Missionary Worker, a l6 paqe serni-monthly periodical ot deeply spiritual, inspirational and interest- inq reading matter. S100 per year. MISSIONARY CHURCH ASS'N. Publication Department Bible lnstitute Bldg. Fort Wayne 6, Indiana l 2 t'6?zt HiT t E mi ,E J li it F v E: I E H I SUNSHINE MILK ...isl BOTTLED SUNSHINE HOMOGENIZED SUNSHINE DAIRY wa fe- -A etgm Qs ki" M Q6 ax D fifff- N-,E 'XX' - ,I . . . For dependable quality Buy LITTLE ELF FOODS Your family will th ll t th d licious flavor of these t f d rt O e e Study llfdet tft' 'th dpdbtqlty ct tt k ft k ct qoo ness . . . C0 -13 Q D Q -Q, M iam? Elf CORN NDN-aL-v?' f I ' ,JVM Ai? ufrlg ' 'L 4, AT Youa ,V q. INDEPENDENT - g, cnocsns Jw4H ASK F OR: !t V. 0. Compliments REALTY of SERVICE CLIPPINGER STUDIOS Portrcrit-Commercial Wedding Pictures Our Specialty 306 Citizens Trust Blclq. A-4454 123 W. Washington A-5416 Wherever you qo, T E N T S Whcxtever you clo, All Sizes We wont you to know, We-'re thinking of you. ' A W N I N G S And Water-proof Covers W O L F T E N T A N D vEsEY's FLOWERS A W N I N G C Ot. Beautiful Flowers Fort Wayne Ind Phone A0180 y XJ fi i 4' -"V ,ff my '-, wp, , ,i .lx -5. ' 1 7 pen-Q,,i 1, -If ff. t .E , Q ,,. Jus. . .I .,.' -: . "-.-X.. Y cllllllltuu, 5lTlll"'lllll llmu 'mill MQ umboldl' , Glflbernacle tllhlltllilnglilltlilll llll II u n u H " 1515 North Homan Ave - Chicago. 51. Illinois MEMBER OF THE MISSIONARY CHURCH ASSOCIATION Cliurcli Services Radio Broadcasts Sunday Scliool 9:30 A, M.: Morninq Family Altar: Daily except Sunday, Service, 10:45 A. Mg Younq People, 9:30 A. M.-10:00 A. M., over WAIT 70238 P. M., Evangelistic Service, 7:30 820 Kilo. Back Home Hour: Sunday, A. Mg Wednesday, mid-week prayer 10:00 P. M.-Il:00 P, M., over WGES and praise service, 8:00 P. M. 1390 Kilo. PRESENTING THE LIVING WORD TO A DYING WORLD "We Declafe A Whole Chris' Christian S. S. Literature for a Whole World" A full line of Quarterlies and Sunday School Papers BAPTIST TEMPLE fO11OWif1Q1he Int. Uniform Lesson Topics l Sample Pack on Application Also "The Bible Expositor 6 Illuminator" An Advance Bible Study Quarterly Sample Lesson on Application UNION GOSPEL PRESS Vtfarsaw, Indiana Hggimgld Sheplgyi Mjnigjgf Box CleVe1Und, 7 gnzcr- il Compliments ot IANITOR'S SUPPLY CO BROTHERHOOD MUTUAL Life Insurance Co. HOME OFFICE- FORT WAYNE. INDIANA LEGAL RESERVE NONAASSESSABLE Our Motto "Bear ye one another's burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ. Galatians 6:2 HUTSON'tS PHARMACY Your Neiqhborhood Druq Store 4001 South Wayne Ave. Phone H5130 GOSHEN COLLEGE GOSHEN, INDIANA Evangelical Biblical Strong Pre-Professional Courses Teachinq, Medicine, Engineering, Commerce, Dentistry, Business, Secretarial Degrees: Two-year- Associate in Arts Associate in Arts in Bible Four-Yearf Bachelor ot Arts Bachelor of Science in Education Eive-Year-- Bachelor of Science in Education Combined Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology A SMALL CHRISTIAN COLLEGE with a POWERFUL CHRISTIAN WITNESS Emest E. Miller, Ph. D., President coMPL1MENTs coMPuMENTs or or D. O. MCCOMB SLICKS 61 S O N S FAMILY WASHING CO. FUNERAL DIRECTORS AMBULANCE SERVICE 3201 S. Clinton St. Fort Wayne, Indiana - COMPLIMENTS OF HIMELSTEIN BROS.. Inc. 'WHOLESALE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES l35 East Columbia Phone A-7131 C 0 N S E R V E VITAL ELECTRICITY Wasted electricity is wasted coal, oil, and gas, You can help by pre- paring menus that call for cooking at low temperatures, and by keep- ing surface units clean. Above all, don't overcook. C I T Y L I G H T 308 E. Berry St. Pt. Wayne, Incl. -. L- .Y-.-,.-. . ........- ....... BOULEVARD SERVICE STATION 443 W. Rudisill COMPLETE CAR SERVICE DON COLLIER, Manager ORPHEUM DRY CLEANERS Fort VVayne's Leading Dry Cleaners Phone Plant A-2373 3205 New Haven Ave. MOON PRINTING CO. Floyd H. Weber 631 Broadway New Haven, lnd. Phone 2213 K O E R B E R ' S IEWELERS SINCE 1855 B18 Calhoun Street s Ar T I-1 W A L B O R N ' S SINCLAIR SERVICE GASW-OILfLUBRlCATlON Washing, Simonizing, Tire and Battery Service FAIRFIELD AT NUTTMAN Phone H-5134 DEPENDABLE DRY CLEANING S W I S S DRY CLEANERS PhoneA-4246 TAYLOR UNIVERSITY ln lOOth Year-First Semester Opens September ll, l945 "An Eftective Christian College" Co-educational lnterdenominational Accredited by the BV'-'iid ol Education ot the Stwte of Indiana. Trams public school teachers. Accredited lor the training of veterans under the G l Bll . . I . Taylor believes and teaches the world Brble and emphasizes Chrlst'5 worldwide program of evangelism For catalog and information about Service Grants and Scholarships, write ROBERT LEE STUART, President Upland, Indiana E OUR PATRONS AUTO REBUILDING COMPANY INC. THE GOODYEAR STORE BISHOP'S PRINT SHOP RANDALL INVESTMENT COMPANY FORT WAYNE LUMBER COMPANY DR. E. P. SANBORN KROGER GROCERY CO. D. DEAN RHOADS. Photography W'- V, I i 'I I 1 I 2- W ff JE . M fm? .9m:. N lk A A -- L SCHOOL ANNUAL DIVISION ROCHELLE, ILLINOIS 1-ui--In .-S 1' jx. . V.,-, n.-1, ,,.4 If :ILL U" PW " ff 'J W' 51 . :Ft 5.55 :Q ga. . F' 'xv V "QP fi 4, E2 S? J if 61. ix Q 4 5 if Q .LY ffa ' in 15 Y .1 Af' .-I if -F 44 S -3 03 52 27 1, ii' ju A 4 -1 4 I9 Q. ',, ,. -,, Z f. ' ,", x-I 4 i: w-kw:-'N,T"Q-'ffWNl?.- 63, W w ,1 . 1 1 + v 4' wx' ,.ua'Af1-'rs-. d'far'w Affn ,--1 Aw .src fwl, x WM ' Q---" '

Suggestions in the Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) collection:

Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


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Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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