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 - Class of 1944

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x'-mf.. Bfxrffst -if 44' Vx' , Hgfyur W.-QQ f N4 vrp., UJ,:'J '. H, i,.M, "L Qfrff "uv "' V 1J,.L.'.Q"'7-, -7. :I .-P, 'ifmnawiknisiirfff 4,fg:vgfm"i9'f+wQrg'. q..m.awmf n- ,pp Q .W 'iw 41,-5,5 n',U'f t ,1.9r.'fjU' - 3 '12 " .V- I v A ',- . 'Aww . ' 1, v , Iliff' 2' '--if-ft, UM gr A. . WLM X ... 'fx 9' -' fl 35' ':,S,,,Q-g'ff,-- h :QM K M155 9-'W' " N155-.-.T A -WWW-fr' 'hx 5 ,.3-. R+",-'w'r ' 1 '- 5a'.1uTta5-gF'.1'f.-an 'M !,:'W"f' V-11 1: b ny, H 1'-15 ' ,s,,V f " J . Qi., ,g Eff .. . 4 w Wd A . A , -.. h...4,..,-un .....f.w.. 1- 1-zz, - . -lg,.'4i+:.'fh 1 . . , 1 . 4 .. , ,, . ,. gisigeiggtx 1, nk' f. yg-'gf,g?"J.f'.:f'fk' ' WJ- jk!! Y' ' 4 U - ' 1 '21 ' 1. 1-'L .,L,4"vf'.'s L. .qi , '1 ','..x 1 , M, np, R 4 ' Q, Q .xy.L-1 '-+,':':i ,f 0 -. , ..v " 4 9 ,f'..!.-.Ll 1 "jj ' Wai-Q ,N ' "W ,,1v3,' N ga, A r 4:-DV W ima. r ., nf? .- Qg MJ? -Zum! ' ,rf V.,-m:,q'd ,. .. nsim v 1..- ru a 1 1 c 4 x'-mf.. Bfxrffst -if 44' Vx' , Hgfyur W.-QQ f N4 vrp., UJ,:'J '. H, i,.M, "L Qfrff "uv "' V 1J,.L.'.Q"'7-, -7. :I .-P, 'ifmnawiknisiirfff 4,fg:vgfm"i9'f+wQrg'. q..m.awmf n- ,pp Q .W 'iw 41,-5,5 n',U'f t ,1.9r.'fjU' - 3 '12 " .V- I v A ',- . 'Aww . ' 1, v , Iliff' 2' '--if-ft, UM gr A. . WLM X ... 'fx 9' -' fl 35' ':,S,,,Q-g'ff,-- h :QM K M155 9-'W' " N155-.-.T A -WWW-fr' 'hx 5 ,.3-. R+",-'w'r ' 1 '- 5a'.1uTta5-gF'.1'f.-an 'M !,:'W"f' V-11 1: b ny, H 1'-15 ' ,s,,V f " J . Qi., ,g Eff .. . 4 w Wd A . A , -.. h...4,..,-un .....f.w.. 1- 1-zz, - . -lg,.'4i+:.'fh 1 . . , 1 . 4 .. , ,, . ,. gisigeiggtx 1, nk' f. yg-'gf,g?"J.f'.:f'fk' ' WJ- jk!! Y' ' 4 U - ' 1 '21 ' 1. 1-'L .,L,4"vf'.'s L. .qi , '1 ','..x 1 , M, np, R 4 ' Q, Q .xy.L-1 '-+,':':i ,f 0 -. , ..v " 4 9 ,f'..!.-.Ll 1 "jj ' Wai-Q ,N ' "W ,,1v3,' N ga, A r 4:-DV W ima. r ., nf? .- Qg MJ? -Zum! ' ,rf V.,-m:,q'd ,. .. nsim v 1..- ru a 1 1 c 4 ' ,. ZW I 1944 --sl 1' TBA. e.:--A J' ,, . W x:-f 7 ' P I I I, I' P ww 'A -up 5217 BMW F giii HHHM 'RY' rx-jJf"' s LQ 4 i .I r A fykflff , .' J N Y, -. AJ I f f1'A ' . TA' Q 'ff V 'Mia-f-f, P: 1 -' ' fy--.. fag. '1.--- 1 ' ,211 ".- ' - , ' 'Q fi: ' , , Q' - 54, xr- -1. .I .M - vs 3" " - ,. g , 1, ..- , .F i"',3'f.,',a if . ,,," -P, . ,wh 'f fa' , , -F: lj' W1 sq, 'r . Y -'. ' V , r .152 .sf L :Lf 3: V ,ga ' 'ff . ,c. jf"'f'jf. ',,.:h, fsfff ,iv 2 55' 7 , W ' -I-'fm A ,.'. T " -' ff. gi., N32 in I - ' l ,A "-gba!!-V , I., . ' I.., 1'-at , H-,, 1 ,- L-f l, U ' N , Aff.--4. yn" Pew' V1 'K ". .' 4' ," 5 wuz' - vi? -7 if 1 T f. f X- . -V W- ,2 ' ,. - ' , A 4 'Q --ww' ' . .. 1' .1 35 . f .' , 4 , 'Nw if ' ., -K, 1 ,. ' 3 " .h 4 - ' 1- , C l fu., 1464 4, ' 4 5 ' . fr 5 , ,, - r Wu 9' " g I 2 Av W 1' H , 1 ' ' 5 , , 3. 4 ' ' ., ' r-2' 51 v V . r fl, fn ,iq ,T-A NNW ,.-M v -iz' ,- " w lvl -1 9 ' " .. 4, - 'fa 4 , 7' I . t HN, 4 ."' gl' f x f 'A ' 1 -L',' 'Ht I -I' ,5 1" ' 'antnwra Al' I -.3 5 - ,-,,x'1'N'.f'-, ' '.-..,. , ' S3133 '-1 'gr X V, 1: In THE IIIIHI IIIWHI UI 1944 THIRTEENTH EDITION PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF THE FORT WAYNE BIBLE INSTITUTE FORT WAYNE. IND. fffwfw ,gas 'ro lru me In memory of the late Rev. I. E, Ramseyer, President of the Fort Wayne Bible Institute from its in- ception, the Class of 1944 dedicates this volume of the "Light Tower". "Daddy" Ramseyer, as he was familiarly called, early in lite had "out-reachings and a yearning in his being which he did not understand." However these were soon quenched at the Fountain of Life, from whence he continued daily to draw life-giving draughts. Thus was he imbued with perennial freshness, which kept him alert to things that make life rich and radiant. He was at once a mystic and a minister. Out of the hours spent in solitude, communing with God, he brought forth treasures from the Word which he generously shared with us in chapel. Shall we ever forget his serious and thoughtful exhortations to us to exemplify the Gospel? He was a pioneer, hewing a home for his widowed mother out ot the wilderness of northern Mich- igan and laying the foundation of a church and school tor God in Indiana. As a leader he had a keen and happy appreciation of the work of his contemporaries. Freely he contributed to their enrichment: freely he received, always tolerant of others' opinions, yet uncom- promising. There was not a vestige of resentment toward those who disagreed with or opposed him. God had given him a revelation. To this he was true to the end. Friends who recognized his monumental work offered to confer upon him the degree of Doctor of Divinity, but in characteristic humility he refused this earthly honor. In the heavenly kingdom he has now received the Master's, "Well done." HLVJL113111511101LE About 1920 About 1924 1929 1941 ., ,--' xii 4 ,..f-if ..Y.. 4 ---W T---, K " ' 3 " X , , , , Y -,, . , About 1895 About 1898 Bethany Home. Blufiton, Ohio, 1904 In later life L-,fi .Y-e4-A'f""-f ""A'k'fe.-,-N 7 - "1-H -., N-x J, Y, ,, ,F -"' '-' - 41- W ---f-,.-f"""?i"' 'Y " ' XQ - ,ff "He climbed the steep ascen! to heaven f E Through peril, toil. and pain: 3 J is O God, io us may grace be given . gk 2 . To iollow in his train." A 0, 6 X, eeei he i ,175 eff' i' .,.Z- he familiar sign, "Fort Wayne Bible Institute," marks the approach to a site of activity and beauty in an exclusive residential district in the southwest side oi the city of Fort Wayne. In this residential district is our campus. Many large and stately trees, which remind us of the virgin forest which once stood on this plot, shade our three attractive buildings, and add much to this spot ot beauty. The Ad- ministration Building, Bethany Hall, and Founders' Memor- ial, the recent "miracle building," together form adequate and convenient facilities tor the busy school life of the Bible Institute students. The beautiful homes, the thriving industries, and the location as the hub of the industrial Middle-West make Fort Wayne not only an attractive place, but also a place of opportunity for all. g xr-n tg, O 3 -. Qfnu me 3333 3322? mi 1 X fl f IV I. 1 ,R X . fi, Ss X I ,-5 1 . 1 ' K 'QM' ' X x '. V X .. 1 NN , i M X w I Q v. , t x .-. - 1 -f' 2 Wu, , ' -, 1 X fi fl.. "Q Y X ,A , X .. . , 4 lf, ,. .f v In . , L' Nlf ' ,, V' N., ,A W' ,- vu. if i-Sr" , ,-A X .1 f X, I ' , .1 F5 ...S 1"-1-Sm 'w 1 ms' ,U , -S5-if -. 1 - ..,, ,, QQ -e ,4-' 4 ,. ,, , . . A, . ,. . 'S Q4 f e-K 931. 'AN 1 -- - , -zvaxlff-2 A - .W , N "' .. , XJR ,V .Q- A , I 1 f ' 131: ,. 1: ' P-.-: :J 1- - T-aswg f. I' Q ' '53 . wwe: ,, ' X , , H v N Hjzzyf. :,-mf. g ' .N .,,4q" if 1 . .-, ,LESS-f 4 .fy 6.5 rf' - 'M- A795 .,fEx-1, 51 - :gmw-n ,, . -N. 4 . ww. Sf' ,- fa ,v If uw '- x.. 235' -T ' . Q Q 1 QRS 8 X 1 4 S K Y x., .f 1 ., fm X awf:Qrfsf1ff'f ' . N K V- .X .1-.Swv ,.Qy:4jq.5'.gg.X-., ., .i'1001',1 f- 1.-. ,....:. , ,141 xx x F X qgfz-wx x .u K s u f Q M ll 41 S K1 nu-XL ,,,- fu. Reception Room g Sk , xv t -.ff P-395: 'fu Q .gn ,- , V . 4 nf-A- - ., Q.. A , , Q. . 1 W L f' -. ' ' 4 - :gwf.15gffse1?Q5m- vi, , 352. ' ' 'xflsxfu CTCCK'Y7"' lifiimiw .u"iW'1 f,",., , Erecue-cn M123 , A .ai,w, Q . E"fo'm.1,1i.'Tw:fg' ' " sizwdezmils mocmimmq CHCISSETOCFUS' if f -4,11 L ,. o,-Q r CIC LICG LFLOOLETLS , F1 -fun ..... x. V L- 'J v1-::,uO.-.S . -- A . ,.,.,...4,,,, V ...v'---,.: ., -.:'VTS1LiCiS3L11'. , - -fm -Af 'T-H513 'R-if im: Q'-5' 'Ol - M--. .---.-,L - ..x.J-.L-,M 1..- L,m,L-.v - ..., Wzrvrx -.,,. , .N-.M ,.., ,, ..S,-N5T 375553: 311 -: 1 ' -rg 5557 5 2 ,Liv- asi Qzmstcnce A .QM . . .bl NYY fx' I Mtg? SYS .5 if vii- ,Z ,,.-4' SES ' 'x " ' 25311 ev God-given privilege and responsibility has been intrusted to human instru- ments whom we call the faculty oi the Bible Institute. They have been chosen to labor with Christ in preparing young people to work with Him. They know that the foundational require- ment ot workers is that they be of the same heart and spirit as the One with whom they labor. So the first concern ot the instructors is that the students, it they have not already experienced the spiritual birth by which they receive the heart and mind of Christ. be led into a personal relationship with Him. Though the faculty recognize that the hearts of workers must be prepared, they also see the necessity ol training the minds of the workers. They must be taught how to study the Scriptures, how to store the Word in their hearts, and how to apply the Truth. Their service can be rendered more ettective by leading them into other branches of study which facilitate their understanding ct the Word. sharpen their insight into human nature, and improve their impartation of the Gospel to others. Preparing the heart and the mind oi students tor expression in Christian service is the design ot the faculty under the anointing and guidance of the Holy Spirit. fum 'A 3 155 ICO? HIS S l ' il y Q: Vir tue EUVIHNINH HUHHII Rev. Rev Bev Bev Mr. Hev liev. Mr. Mr. Rev Rev Rev Rev I. A. Hingenberg, Chairman, 1946 Fork Wayne, Indiana W. H. Lugibihl, Secretary, 1944 ,, Peoria, Illinois I. E. Ramseyer, Presidenl, lDeceasedI Fcrl Wayne, Indiana M. N. Amstutz, 1945 , , I. Francis Chase, 1944 , . Warren F. Manges, 1944 , C. I, Geriq, 1946 Shirl Hatfield, 1945 S. A. Lehman, 1945 C. E. Rediger, 1944 Armin Steiner, 1946 H. P. Wiswell, 1944 Iohn Tuckey, 1945 Royal Oak, Michigan Fort Chicago, Illinois Elkhart, Indiana Berne, Indiana Pandora, Ohio Wavne, Indiana Chicago, Illinois Grabill, Indiana Butler, Indiana Yale, Michigan dis Too nkm 2, 3 ,I elf me Chaplain SAFARA A. WITMER A.B., M.A. .,,nvN,, Our Dean, now serving in the United States Army. N As the class of 1944 leaves the sacred halls ot the Institute. one wishes that the number might be multiplied a hundred times. tor the need of competent workmen now and in the days ahead is unparalled. Our generation needs to know the Scriptural interpretation of the pres- ent judgment oi God upon the nations, and prophets are needed to summon men to repent- a.nce. For years the path ol history-it Iesus tarries-will be strewn by the social wreckage of the present catastrophe. and workmen are needed to reconstruct broken homes and blighted lives. Great areas of impoverishment in Europe and Asia call for the ministry of Good Samari- tans. Sympathetic and understanding pastors will have an important work in helping millions of service men readiust themselves to civilian lite and rehabilitating them spiritually. Re-open- ed mission iields will call for a world-wide advance oi gospel propagation. May God equip you to meet this challenge with a mighty baptism of zeal and love. As the last group of students to be inspired by the living example of our beloved leader, "Daddy" Ramseyer, will you take the torch of holy devotion from his hands and tight the good tight of faith? REV. L. R. HINGENBERG, A.B., M.A. Acting Demi Fit' Vfiyiifi Bible iiistiiuiie T :x"Qi Uziiveisity ilziigiiiigi Like Sciioijii of The-oloqy Bible Exp"-gsiiioii Missions Ethics HAZEL BUTZ, B. S. Devin of Vifomeii Tfzyifr University Eiiqiisii History REV. B. F. LEIGHTNER Acting Registrar Fort Vliiiyiie Bibie Instituto IVA-,' Tfisfiiiiiieiii Pug uiecy Tiianioqy Cliurcii Supeivisiori -.,...-7.-. ,,,, . ..-Qu 43 '-----ur .Qi WORKERS TOGETHER WITH HIM I , .vin srvl'-" ...ein .V ,,..,-1' -,Q Q LILLIAN ZELLERfLihrQ1rigrn Nyoclc Missionary Trciininq lnstiiule Bowling Green Stole Nornicrl English Public Speolzinq Chrisiion Biography C. A. GERBER Moody Bible lnstiiute Arnericon Conservcitory of Music Theory Voice Chorus Director E. IRENE SMITH, A.B. Colurnbus Norrnol Ohio Stole University English 3 uXm Q Greel: Q I Spanish 3 I Xu 2 ' Q Q ' A R Vim ms FORT WAYNE BIBLE INSTITUTE ,ilk R. L. PFUNDSTEIN, A.B., B.M. , , Y . Lfe1:.i5:1:1 Umvarsny I:,T'E,'.'."ff9!Z'1 U:11'.1?Is1iy II','i1"Qi Has.: r,1z',' TrQ11umq hxitiiulf P. mg QIu1A1I1 .5.ii'.' :Irie '1 Tifiry HELEN P. WHITE, A.B., M.A. Ilygzfik Misgigrmry' Trcxiniwg lldstituie YJVI L 112. Lffgfllegw ' YL: UI,1'f--41:31 i'g.rL.'1n:1. KMTWI-'I Mi.-:mia 1 I. PRITCHARD AMSTUTZ, A.B. XS F11 U'!1y:A-1 BLR fr- Ixstilwta Q ' 5' A: ",l.ei3f- 3 XA 5 'EJEI Tf'if'1Il.'I1Z . 3 E . '1f.l1!','fA Hlrfufry ig B.: . - E:-ig, ,.'A my Pr : 'AQ'1l I7 :Li Sug'-1I'.ugg,r WORKERS TOGETHER WITH HIM PART-TIME I STRUCHIRS MRS. I. PRITCHARD AMSTUTZ, A.B. REV. R. SHEPLEY, A.B., M.A. Women's Physical Education Homiieiics Bible Exposiiiori DOROTHY BALL, R.N. Prcxciiccxl First Aid Nursing IOHN L. VERWEIRE instrumemui instrucior MRS. CARL PARLEE PMG REV. H. E. WISWELL, A.B. Homiieiics e i i i ii I is ' i i LUELLA MILLER Stenoqrapher IANE BEDSWORTH Secretary Bookkeeper MRS. GLEN HEAD Hostess and BERNICE DEAN Mcrtron-Bethany Hall Laundry Supervisor MRS. I. E. RAMSEYER MRS. B. P. LUGIBIHL Dining Room Supervisor ESTHER YODER Cook CHRIS NICKERT Furncxcemcm REV. PETER L, EICHER Business Manager --If Q, V L. W , j , I , -x , -f ' . - 4 ,, z . I K f:"i?, A ' ," 54 'P 'si "..' A' 11 .- l. ' f 'fT-Q:.'- ' . 4 ,'4r"4ffi?f" 5319. uf -,YU ,Q- :,. -,-3. ,3- -' 44.1. -.x.'-1: -,.,. Q,-11 - : . sgk--1-Q i "'f'E'2?Q:fS.I-. l '1 A j I 3 3 l Q, i 7 x ' rf .1 r- ' 1 , R 3 , X is .. 1 x S fx swf X5 . 3 X Q , 5 N A I ' 5.74 " Q f X xxgx ix '. 'NK ' X R., 532.71 I1 25255. f - z- A 34 S K D f' M ' ' xn 'X-N , X X W w ? x X Q X J' X 3 9 X IN 4 3 1 D X X x xx 54 , NY x V 59 a xa- X fo K ' 40' 5 +645 K N. N 3 1- . 1- gfl,-K .1 Q k HHUK IWU rue workers with God are oi His choosing, His ordination, and His com- mission. "Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring icrth fruit." From many states. many denominations, and many stations in life, He has called together young men and women to prepare themselves for various ministries. Like Paul, these students wish to give no offence in anything that the ministry be not blamed: but they desire in all things to approve themselves as the ministers of God. By gaining knowledge ot the Word of Truth through study, by learning to release the power of God through prayer, by girding on the armor of righteousness,-students are seeking to equip themselves for wcrk that will bring to them God's approval. After two, three, or four years of concentrated application in these respects thirty-six seniors are soon to engage in active Christian service. They are awaiting His commission to go into the ministry of His bidding. Q5 TO ANSSI Q, o uXm E 3 if 91 is 7 HHH ff .X ig I , . ., - ,N M. f N 359- 'f ff " fx ,W -,, 1 -.. -:A X N' V ., X ' X , 1' Q 1 XA - , , Nl- . , V ' 1r?3?1W1." , .RK -w , ,bl Q E 'Vi Q' I 0 Y th ' 3' i . 3 - 5' .Xu . r I 'Tr x K L K L if 54 f :ww 'Q gm 3? SlNIHIlS... GEORGE W. SCHASER Standard Theological "His quietness is mingled with devotion and humor." :sq 1. Class President The Senior Class had its first class meeting of the year on the fourth day of October, nineteen hundred and forty-three. As class officers, the following were elected for the year: President, George Schaser: Vice President, Glenn Cornwell: Secretary, Doris Moser: Treas- urer, Burley Clay: and Chaplain, Harold Warner. Rev. Leightner was chosen as the class advisor. Class meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month with the class chaplain leading a period of devotions which is followed by the class business meeting. Highlights of the year include the "Senior Outing Day," which is a day of recreation and fellowship among the seniors and the advisor in a scenic location near the school. The Iunior-Senior Banquet is also a.n annual event when the Iunior Class entertains the Senior Class. This banquet is attended by all faculty members and students. As a practical gift to the school and a remembrance from the class of 1944, a fine ad- dition of new books has been presented to the school library. S l N IM 0 VERA L. BLOCHER 0 IOHN L. BONTRAGER 9 BURLEY N. CLAY Missionary Two-year Theological Standard Theological 311' E Pl EL Y I"-ilti, Eli' ::' I- ':.z:.: .V .:t.z, 115311111 Ohio "Some people say lttl , "Quiet, humble, "Cheex'lully he walks in the but write much." and devoted." Saviour's presence." 0 ALICE THEADORA CONE 0 CHARLES GLENN O GERARD I. FRENCH Two-year Bible-Muslc Standard Theological 17 Tkf".71' 7 'L fx' Standard Theological Bh55f1"Hf f' .--,:.: nz r ll TY' HK' lvlifgliifgim "She likes 'em strong rlmiilx, ,fill "A unique character, deter- ancl 'burley'." , " ' d t h G d' b t" WORKERS TOGETHER WITH HIM 'gm' Www Q nut!" . -'ang 0 DOROTHY E. GRAVES 0 FLORENCE I-IABEGGER 9 GLEN D. HEAD Standard Bible-Music Missionary Missionary P: F i ' E ff- . Lxiivily, Miss. 11.211111 :..z: "Hedheads are frequently "The social always "The God of Elijah solves seen, and heard iust as often." includes Sadie." my problems, too." O EDNA I. HEATON Q DAVID L. IVES IUANITA M JONES Missionary Academic Standard Bible-Music r ' 2, C, fi, Rum.--111 11: rm. ,gm M'55'Onc'Y l'l'1iil1'ylv mill F011 V, :yiwf lg lwli 111 1" 'ff' Ili:-1- fl "A woman of few words," "Singing I qo along V" I' "V '- I 'Il' ' lil ' d." "Aims are reat-il ou ie s roa CI Y can reach them." FORT WAYNE BIBLE INSTITUTE R1 l l 'Q 09? -.ix E x-..,....qp l x l i i 1 i r -n a,. . .Q Q ESTHER N. KING Two-Year Bible-Music -.., -,.x.,,.,, f-,,, .-f-1 fa.. ..,. T' If fl Glu' "A sonq ior her Master, and smiles for her lriends." 0 DOROTHY LEHMAN Two-Year Bible-Music 1 iff 'llfl Trfzii ,. ',': 1.1-, limi nn "Wha1's music wiihoul correct rhythm?" 0 EUDENE E. KING Missionary Flcirifxqfiii, Illinois "Not lhe girl who has il, but who qels il." 0 LORETTA LUGBILL Two-Year Bible-Music Firflibold, Ohio "Sing and play takes cares away." 0 EVELYN KRESS Missionary R F. D l Troy, Ohio "Who ever lhouqhi oi his- lory as cx mystery." 0 ESTHER MAHAFFEY Missionary lO53O Remington Ave. Clfeve-land, Ohio "Psycholcqically minded with a philosophical view." mst if 9191- 'W' 0 ROBERT MCBRIER Theological Academic -117 N, Ninth Street Goshen, Indmrifx "Smiling Bob with a burning zeal and a passion lor the lost." 0 WILLIAM MEHKLEY Standard Theological 732 Tunnff-ll Street, Put Huron, Mitfhxq in "Quietly studies to mind his own business." 0 PHYLLIS IOAN MEIER 0 VIRGINIA GRACE MEIER Two-Year Bible-Music Sv-lfuiton, Ohm "Useful because of her musical ability." Two-Year Bible-Music ilvwxzltoxi, films "Greek-oh.. that's nothing," 0 DORIS E. MOSER 0 ELMER T. Missionary W5 E-:mt M-im St Burns, Inilifmrl "Humorous and wise is the girl with brown eyes." NEUENSCHWANDER Two-Year Theological ll,,, S4 lkifzplv, MwPl1t-x1-.-Hn, Hans up "His stately character is shown by his walk and his talk FORT WAYNE BIBLE INSTITUTE mal' 1--49 rin 115' g. ' 0 RUTH E. NEUMANN 0 MARIAN E. NORTON Missionary Standard Theological V f, :I , 1 1:7 1114111 Nfavvlvfrli I M--mf-1, Oilllv "Words may be few but "Slowly but surelv she her smile is in view." is pressing toward her high ambitions." 0 MINA ROTH O ANDREW M. RUPP Missionary Missionary 1' -.vit 7341 111 'v'J'n1:ztwxr, Chic '11 ',-' unit' f, 'Nr Rumi Rout-- "Very frank is our "To serve his Lord practical Swiss." acceptably is his highest aspiration." 0 ROBERT L. ROHRS Missionary Hicksville, Ohio H. R. NO ff "Earnest, industrious. composed, and contemplative." 0 GEORGE W. SCHASER Standard Theological l-1301 1'l,1rwin Avenue Clsvwlfmcl, Ohio "His quietness is mingled with devotion and humor." 'ov J? Two-Year Bible-Music SL xt' d Il'-, Pfmizzylv-mi-1 "Have you anything to eat?" 0 MILDRED SMITH Two-Year Bible-Music Aiilwmry lufli mi Eos: .llll i E R lilly -1 "II may be hard but she never qives up." Two-Year Theological llliovn1:-:, Ari:-in-'1 Box INN, R Fi lil-3 D "Need and artist singer, or childxen's teacher-see Miriam." 0 FRANCIS E. SWEETEN Standard Theological ?lf'Iil N11 lil, Ftief-I "He diligently studies the Word." t'-:mail 11, ll' lcrse-3' ve Q . :Ji Y O IEANNE M. SCHLEICHER 0 MIHIAM E. SCHUMACHER Q ADA MAE SMITI-T Christian Education Academic Flon, nl, Htl: FI Yi llt , "Ofc-o-o-! How can that be? 6 HAROLD I. WARNER Two-Yecr Theological "ll, I' Pl' 1:3 i:i' F1 1:01, tit, H1-ll "He meets lile with a and is laithiul in his devotion to God." smile FORT WAYNE BIBLE INSTITUTE MYSIS Ill 1 lll1llMll Census 1940-41 1941-42 School ot Bible 157 176 School ot Music 19 30 Total 176 206 Enrollment by States Arizona .. ,,,,. 5 Mississippi ,. California .,,. ,,,,. 4 North Dakota lllinois ., .,l, , 7 New lersey . 1942-43 173 36 209 Ohio ,....,,.,....,... Pennsylvania Tennessee Wisconsin Denominationcrl Affiliations indiana ,.,, ,,,,, 8 3 lowa ,.,l. ..,li l Kansas ,,,,, ..... 3 Michigan ,,,.,, ....l 5 4 African M. E. 1 Baptist l 1 Brethren 3 Brethren in Christ 3 Christian 2 Christian and Miss. Alliance 18 Christian Congregational 1 Community Church 2 Congregational 3 Episcopal l Evangelical 9 Free Methodist 1 Friends 1 Liberal U. B. 2 Lutheran 2 Mennonite Mennonite Mennonite Mennonite 1943-44 187 44 231 Brethren in Christ CCentrall fConterencel tDetenselessl Methodist Episcopal Methodist Protestant Missionary Church Association Mission Covenant Nazarene Pilgrim Holiness Radical U. B. Tabernacles and Incl. Churches Wesleyan Methodist No church Total affiliation WALTER M. DEAN THE SLEEP Oi all the thoughts of God that are Borne inward unto souls afar. Along the Psalmist's music deep. Now tell me it that any is. For gift or grace, surpassing this- "He giveth His beloved. sleep"? And, friends. dear friends,-when it shall be That this low breath is gone from me. And round my bier ye come to weep, Let One, most loving of you all, Say, "Not a tear must o'er him tall! He giveth His beloved. sleep." Elizabeth Barrett Browning Walter Dean enrolled as a freshman theological student at the Bible Institute on Sep- tember 8. 1943. Twenty days later he was summoned to his Heavenly Home after a brief illness of six days. Although known by the Institute Family for only these few days, Walter had already endeared himself to his instructors and fellow students. Though his stay was brief, he made an incalculable contribution by Walter was the son ot Mrs. Vee Dean and oi Iackson. Michigan. His earthly life came to Walter received Christ as his personal Saviour his example of true Christian iaith. the late Winfield S. Dean, He was a native an end at the age of 18 years and 28 days. at the age oi eleven and from that time had eagerly anticipated attending the Bible Institute. One of his sisters, Marie. is a second-year student at the Institute. A memorial service was held tor Walter in Founders' Memorial Auditorium during the chapel hour on September 29. President I. E. Hamseyer gave a 9,5 TO very helpful message for the occasion. During the days of Walter's illness ' much prayer was offered for him. He himself trusted his case implicitly to the hand of his God. However. God has had a deeper lesson for us all to learn than could have been taught by granting our desire. Ill I iq R61 ' 2 0 SZAXGW s ' QIT G LGVAUN AUGSBURGER THELMA BLOUGH E-i FI I RUTH CADDY COYLA CROW DANIEL DYCK HELLEN BARNES H Ii I 2:1211 I 5.1-I WILLIAM BODINE T".-::., R .. ' Y: . X- ,.,, V v. . GLADYS CHAPMAN 'R ' Y ::. Uyiz' FDI ,-- fy 1, f.f1E.:g::. ILA CROW "I, P2133 ' VIOLET EGLEY BETTY BEST R R, I Ij11:,lwl, Imlmrm WAYNE H. BRENNEMAN RR4 Gmzkwxx, Incimux ROBERT COLLINS I":1.mI HU 'I IM mm, IjIwIx1x.: xr' MARIE E. DEAN lx-4U'K'I1'51'n Qt Izvlz fri, L11-'11, BESSIE FIRESTONE En-I-I Inmfme Cv 'J' ..,. Ind LAHS BLOMQUIST W-111-xcf-, Iv11vI11qcm HELEN BURLEY DOS N, B--hrmq St Eievlxw, Indlxln-1 ELWIN CREVISTON R.R 5 W' 115-iw, Indi m I IOYCE DQWITT L1-I? S V:-rmom Fhwywi O-IIL, IVIINII EVON GABERDIEL -IU3 Soulh M-31-n 51.11169-1'.'xII,J, uhm IOHN H. BLOSSER -102 N. Ixxdmnq Ax Goshen, Indxtmll MYRTES CABLE R R. Ax-Jtzmmx, Ohio BETTA LU CRIPE 301. C111-H1110 Gwalxeu, Indx-um NETTIE E. DODGE R. R. 1 Elulitmn, Uhxo VELMA GOFF Km-qsley, T.'I1oII1c1,1xI 6 sv, -.-,i Q.,-0 ...J 'T .A '37 .O -C ""? 'sf -fav- 3 K e J'fQ -J.. 1 ,.,y h I.. QL IVA , - -.1 f-y .ef PW' 1 'fs I I I I 1 I , . ri AVI, TERVEER GINTER D-Pcutur Indlunfl MILDRED HIRSCHY R, R, 2 Earns-, Indian-1 D. NEIL NEUENSCHWANDER 1909 N. Fayetle St. Sfminnw, W. S, Mich. IAKE SCHIERLING 12842 Sherman Wlly N. Hollywood, Cmlxf. LYLE STEINER Pflndsrcr, Ohio ,, Z If , fb Q , - 11f"""', hav, V rf" 4.51" ""' Pfm l lfzff-"R -ff DORIS GOEHRING Evans Clly P12nnsylvcm111 PEARL HOWELL 203 Hnmilxett SI. Charles, Mich. VERNON PETERSEN 355-4 Hlrsch St. Clnliuqo 51, 111 WAUNETA SHOUP 406 East 0131: St, Angola, Iudxanl ELEANOR WALTMAN 15113 Patton Dell-311, Mxchlqun IEAN GREENMAN Eclmboz 0, Pe-n1'15y1'Jf::111i1 IOHN IONES 5975 Sisley,-cl Av'- Detmxt, M1011 ARTHUR REIFEL 11213 Ashbuxy Ave. Clevelilnul 15, 0111131 MARY SLABAUGH R R, 1 Em-J GIG-Du, lnd HILDA WARYE R, R 3 Urbana, Ohm MELVIN GROSSMAN P1712 Wbbr 4151 51, C1f-vel-ind, C1110 HELEN KEMMERER -4lJ"'l'- 111 Hfxlgtf-cd bl. Alllamg-v.'11, Ffx GERALD RINGENBERG R. R 1 Antwerp, 01110 GLORIA SPRECHER 12220 W Gd Blvd Tletxplt, lvllqlllq-ul DAISY WISE 1-115-10 Fxeldmq St, Lwetmlt, lvlxchxqun IAMES L. GURLEY R R IZ Ilyerzlsmjf, T-91151 DOROTHY MARKHAM -UC V! 15'r0sgief1 St, St 114115, Mn-11 BOB ROSS lbl7 1-1 Ruse Rxlrlmnlz C1111 IRA GENE STEINER 335 VV, Eranmnq FR, Vvfuyue, 1nd EULA WISE l-li--IO Fxeldmq S1 Seiten, Mxchlqun ROBERT mano 1' MARY CABLE BETTY CONE MRS. MARCUS HEY PHYLLIS IONES x w' I 1' ' ' f 0 - 1 J J LAVERA AMSTUTZ l.-' 1 ui, IOHN CADDY 11 ,.,1 VU. -1, 1, .. ,.. 1 .:. ESTHERBELLE EASTOI IRENE HIRSCHY J 1 LQDONNA BARLOW H 1-I ' 1 1'.': 1.111 MARGARET CARTER 1 1 R' 1.1 1" 55111111 Yi, 1 1111 CHLOETTA EGLY v, 1 ., . GLENDORA HOLDEMAN BETTY BECK Vu li!1xx1:11mx1 Sl, EILEEN BOSSARD B11-wn mjxiy M11 1114-111 11.1-11, willf- LYNDELL C. CASH RUTH CLAY - 711: Ty: 11' Avy- R R .1 X' zu Nwy1., V 1111 1'e1I-1, 61110 DOYT FLEMING L EUAMES GEAHLEN C- . J , XY. ir-121-1:1111 ., QU 1,1111-111 Avo ' V :rx 1-'H-xt, 41111, J Sv: xmuu, Qlnw ' ROSEMARY HONDERICH IACOB HOSTETTLER FI 14, '1' LV! +1 I-.'.' V131-,111 R R -1 E 'r' 1:.x.::.z -1 :. 111-Z1.::.: I-1111119111 G11-11' 11, 1nd1,1r'.x KARL KERLIN CLAUDIA LARSON MRS. KATHRYN MILDRED LICHTY 1-11 11. 11: 1:13-1 1 f P. rx 1 LEDYAFD Primm 1 1' it 111 111.11 mx .1 1'l:1:,-, 111 A11x11,xnd Qlklw lwlni ROSEOLENE BOWER 15411 D011-11111 Ave- fwatron, Much, E. PAUL COCHRAN R R. 1 XAfuL1se'orx, Ohm LEON HENRY Lf-wislown 1-Mx1nsy1v1,1 nm ERMA JEAN IAQUES R R 4 Sxqlu-ixw, M1.'11. PETE LUNATI 1175 1v,1v1::,f,,1'1 Ave. 1x'141-111g-1112, Tvnn MARGIE McDOWELL X109 S Main Elkhart, Indmnz OPAL PENCE R. R. 3 N 1V1.11r1c119s1er, Ind AHWILDA SI-IOWALTER 314 B151 Li111:o1n G11fehe1'1, 111d1,11'1-1 LOUIS STRAHM R.R.C B1111111Jr1, 1r1d1-311161 PAULINE WANNER R R, 1 G-anevl, 1nd1.3r1 .1 CHARLES E. MCI-IATTON C, ,,, - IDOQ b1,f11'11 1.111 b' P1135-mx, A112311 GRACE RABAUSCI-I 1316 N. C'-i11111,b111 C111C11q1.,1' 1111111115 DAVID SIEMENS E712 Tyr1w11f' Aw'-2, Van 11L1y:, C1111 IEAN SUITER R. R. 11 1-11l15bL-ro, 01110 RUTH WOLF Id: 111113111-g 1111 1 X 1 GLENN MARKS F1 H, 1 1Q11'1f-5, 1.11-311111-'111 THEODORE REMEIN 11,1 M11'1114,11,11'1 MARY N. SIMMS 7.15 311131111111 S' P11111-111, 11'1C1111.: DINGEMAN TUELING 11.34 I.-f:e1f'1f:1 P2 11111511-L gqfn H1'1,111ti. 1x111'11. FRED WRIGHT L'blQlff 1111-111: 1 ew1:1Q11.1 R,-3'.11 C1111 11,1111 X..- b BERNICE OSEH 71115 Lili TI 111 RCI F1 W z','1.", 1:1111 BETTY SALSBURY 731 It 1,1111 1:1 011111-.'1, 1.1111- GENEVIEVE SMITH 111-1111 1.1111111111 KATHLEEN THOMASHESKY 1737 11111 A1I1,1i:.1, 111111:y1 ILVA YODER R. R 1 Garfvx 1111L11g:.1 BILLIE PATZWALL 'JI H :If E1-V' 1.." f.f.1g3.,:z1. ELAINE SCHEIFELE 1 L7 1 111-1 1I111111.1:g1. 1.11 AHTEL STEWART 11"-121 P Hd'- 1'- 111 111, f.11v!1.. IOYCE WAKLEY 1 1 flzzkv' H 1 :Krug 12 11.1. LOIS AKER "r ' 1.::.': 1 lf 1---11. 1. -. hi MARIE BURLEY 'f ,. if-1:11111 :It L. .. v. ,z KENNETH H. I-IUMBLES . 1. r.1."S' .1 ..1. ., .. .,.x.I1.l1 ARTHUR B. NEUENSCHWANDER FI Fi 1 ::.v, 111.11 ::gi BARNEY SNOWDEN l'i1 ii::: H1 . V 1 11151 -Jhi ROSE LYNN ANDERSON H R 1 Iii! 151 1X11:z..::.iiifv, 1.1ivh MRS. CLARA CARPENTER Jn, S-,N jid S: flfwiliiii 1-1 i:i:..i. ELVIN IONES iw.i.i.1. Aw. in xv iw., ii..11i.H.i RUDOLPH RIEKER Hu-ii 1"i'h U11-'miii PAULINE STEWART ,LI 1-'N -lvh St 11.1. :ul I-, 1.Ii.1i1f3::i ALICE BAILEY -i ii.- Iiicii-.mix PHYLLIS DICKERSON ,JJ buriiimt SI Yi-asihiiiti, Mivh. THER ESA KEIF ER 11.111 1.ifiiiiuiH 4111111 BARBARA SHOUP win 11:11 t-r lwtioit Mich WALLACE TURNBULL .'l1 W 7th bt. 1'hiiI 3, Nlicliiciiiri GENEVIEVE BERNATH 11'-51111 Ohio ETHEL M. DORSHIIVIER 30 Ppmi Avemi-9 Collingswood, N. 1. HAROLD KLEIN 1041 W, Wiiyiie -1 Liiiiii, 01110 EUGENE SIMS 1V1i1iv'iqloii, Mich, R R. 1 Q GERALDINE, WAGNER Iiisinei Ivlnikiiqfiii EVERETT E. BLOOD Highway Village E. Peoria, Illinois MILDRED E. HOLCOMB 129 N. Gorham lcickson, Michigan GLEASON LEDYARD Ashcmd Ohio CAROL SMITH 1100 Piixlmwood Ave, Delta, Ohio AGNES WEBB R.R.2 Sidney. Ohio R fi.. .ff ,...og N, 'N-H? 'rv-,I ' . iz? fin -.4 -H W-ur Ili ---v ...Q ug rw' 4: sg 'RS 19 AD wk., , Ave-. MARY APPLEGATE GRACE BEDSWORTH ELIZABETH BONTRAGER ROY BAUMGARTNER SAMUEL FOWLER R. R. I J7lTl S. Lrlirlymlw R. R, fi Flfm rr! rn .TFL Su Icrrrrfi-sn-x'r Antwflrp, Ohio IW Wcrynrl, Ind, IT-rofrmr, Indruxrrri Illlnrlum Lmrrr, 01110 MRS. GERARD FRENCH CAROL GERIG CHARLES GLENN ALETHA HARROLD MARCUS HEY Blrssiwld E":F:F NV',xyn1f- Av-Q I6-1 S, RQ -"A,A nd Sr EUS Zfvrvrrrrgn Ohm CHQ' Mrclmq-rn Fx Wdyne, Indr-Jnrfr Ihfvvrirrr, Irrclmrm Ft W1',':r+9, Indr rn I Ohm DOROTHY HIRSCHY MRS. ROBERT Mc BRIER, CAROLYN MEIER VIRGINIA MILLER SYLVIA L. NOLAN R. R, 2 Ir. Skvmxtfgrrx R R I R, R, Q Berne, Indiana 417 North Qfh Sr Ohm Hurrzezr4.rwn, Ind Ivirrrtfm, Ill Grlshran, Indrlnl GEORGE PIKE LOIS RINGENBERG MARY RINGENBERG HAROLD WALKER VERNELLE YODER R. R, if 3506 Indicnfr Ave. R. R. 1 P O Box I-I-I TOUR Eiufit-Jn Rd UU .,'I, r, Mr 1',' Inq-in I-Tri INr1yne,InCh-,xrr-I Antwerp, Ohm Mrllrnrd, M1-'11 F! Wayne Indunrx STUDENTS NOT PICTURED CLASS OF 1945 Herbert R. Mfmrr Mflvrs. G-nd Ira RHI-'I-H Ir, Bldg-11 I-IQuer1:fcIr'.-Jrrnder Rox-.'Px'm Shorb M15 If-1 w.f- ylx Glixvxr' Me-rvm Rurp Clrr-Qrwjv Grledu Ioriflry Irrw Sexlar CLASS OF 1946 SPECIAL STUDENTS NIS. If rrl Ifflrlrn Mn, Ewrch Surbrzik Pre-di Ne-ISDH Nlmrrrjwrxe Avey Mrs, I-.vlrn Lelqh Mn. Br-rrtrr-'Q Taylor Eurvh- Surbrcok Mrs Rrfiiwe-riir Bvfri-Iirrmrr Georirk- l,,uCr15 N43--fl Trrylfrr Mrs LAHS Elomquxst Oscxr Ir-'lrller MIL Iv-In Vrfelty CLASS OF 1947 Fr-,rnltlrn Erwecl-:hull 5-lrs I,rL1xrk'r:I1e Ixhller Isrxb-'-119 Brier Mrs Ivrm-Ss Lfrzsldy' Ilcrrrrrfr Murr-911 O L-1-Roy Bennf-It Edna Virrfkxson Mrs, Lora Myers POST-GRADUATES Dxxr-ff Brrchhe-Id Curl Ivuslrl Gul Price Robert Elhoft Wxllx-rm Brzci Heli-rr Inohl fred Rall'-I Piul Rupp,- Llllun Lohmxn Nr? Robert Ellr,-f Frredl Flvfirqez Elerlld N'fe3"' vw as 1 v ix 1. K x www.-v.wmw.ww -. k dwg ik ,hu ,Q 'Y' a f ' ' A '- I ww: 5.417251 - jim 5: x .313 ,.--- S was 'Nz Q 93-1. 5 X XC, N V Aww ' x x x N xx .N x xt N -- 1 Christian workman is not molded in a day: he is the product of time and experience under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. But in the wise economy oi God, the work- man may render acceptable and valuable service while that very service equips him for future ministry. A modern educator says it thus: "We learn to do by doing." And so the ioundation of Christian experience plus the knowledge of God's Word are still insufficient equip- ment. The prospective worker must learn to translate grace and knowledge into wise and iruitiul ministry. He has as his goal the salvation of men, and he finds many avenues through which he may help to achieve that goal. He may preach, pray. teach, testify, sing, play an instrument, give of his substance, distribute tracts, visit homes, or make personal contacts lor the Lord. Thereiore, in the two or three year training period at the Bible Institute, the students are at work in the Church, in the Sunday School, in youth groups, in child evan- gelism classes, in the Christian Service Center, and on the street. Together with Christ, they are seeking to become workmen approved by God. QXGX 3 5 Vim 9 IVHSSIUNS Christ's command, "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature", is a basis for the active part the Bible Institute takes in the program of missions, The Fri- day evening Mission Band Service, the Missionary Prayer Meetings, and the courses offer- ed in the curriculum contribute richly toward giving each student a clear vision of God's program by which the gospel may be carried to every creature. Through the courses offer- ed in missions, the student becomes acquainted with the history oi missionary endeavor, the practical problems which workers must lace on the field at home and abroad, along with the consideration of the personal equipment of the missionary himself. It is a solemn conviction that the gospel is for all, and that without salvation men perish. All have sinned: it is therefore necessary for all to hear of Iesus' great love if they are to have eternal lile. 5 lllllllllll PH llll Mllll I3 Each evening at 5:00 o'clock the students meet, and in united prayer bring the lost of every land to the Father. It is the calling oi God to every Christian to live a liie of intercession. By claiming the promise of Psalm 2:8, "Ask of Me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine in- heritance and the uttermost parts of the 1 earth for thy possession," the prayer l warriors who ioin in this thirty minutes N of prayer will someday come reioicing ' and bringing their sheaves with them. Only eternity will reveal what is accom- Y plished in these meetings. MISSIII ARY Pltttttlt ltAIlHtS OUR BURDEN . . . MONDAY: Mexico, Central America, South America, West lndies. TUESDAY: Africa, Madagascar. WEDNESDAY: lndia, Ceylon, Afghanistan, Nepal, Baluchistan, Burma. THURSDAY: China, Iapan, French lndoAChina, Tibet, Korea, Manchuria, Mongolia. FRIDAY: Europe, the Near East, the lews. SATURDAY: Home Missions, Alaska, Labrador, Canada, Tract Teani. SUNDAY: Gospel Teams, Netherlands East lndies, Philippines, Australia, New Zea land, Malay, Pacific lslands. REGULAR PRAYER LEADERS 'San in 'Q pt Ci q. Lyl, Steiner, Betta Lu Cripe, Gladys Chapman, Kathleen Thomasheslcy D d S Sitting: Ruth W ll D C l g H l ll G R l h il Dans ASSISTANT PRAYER LEADERS Back row: M Hilda Wa ar rye qie McDowell, Vera Elocher, Wayne Brenneinfin, Front row: Iuanita lanes lean Greenman Genevieve Eernzth Ruth Clay. Stllllt TS, Q! '-u Standrnq: Wayne Brertneman. treasurer: Lyndell Cash. organist: George Schaser, chorister. Srtting: Loretta Lugbrll. pranrst: Glen Head, president: Harold Warner, vice-president: Doris Moser, secretary. First Semester Speakers w-lr '. 7 E ff-'f." . 1.Q'lr.ryt,:rr Steirrer . . .. . . South America 'ser t. Q4 YN'rgry'rrft Brerrrrerrzdrr, Mrs. Edqrgrr Neuerrschwonder, l.,rverf'r Arristrrtz, rjrud W'Qlt1I'l9lf,I Shoup . .. .. . Kentucky t..1f.'t. l Rev, P. L. Erolrer , ..... Indio t.t't. ffl Mrs. Trrrrrrrr VVrrqlrt Stfrrlrrrrg . . . . . .. lrrdio Qtft. lb Mrs. F. Le-+1 Iettrres . .. Iopdrr, Korea, ond Chino Opt. LH Rev, C. E. Eryhltrr .. ,..... Cerrtrdl America l' " i View rrrfl Mrs. C, Srryrjler .... .. China iQ Buyse . .. Belqiorr Congo l H lf? Fira. 'rrfl Mrs. Prgrrrl Urrrmfl . ..,. .. . .... ,. AfriCCr ff .VJ H frrzcl Mrs. lSmrrrfj1!r .... .. .. .. India 'g Mr. Virerater Mfgrser' .. Solem Qrphcmcrqe lvl Ire-rrr Wrtrrrrfr' .. ., U. S. Army tm.. l-S Flew, rQ'lr1rerrf3fr Moore .. South America UNHEEDED lffitlz lrefrrtu tlrnrt rrre brol-:err They Crre Sedrchtrrq for truth, Arrd lrurilerred withrrr, Will their Cries qo unheard? Anhu' E' RMI The rrrtlltrgrrrs me dying Con the Church just stcmd by '."'!E.o are lost in their sm. And deny them the Word? SSIII BA S . xi, ,f Standing: Ieanne Schleicher. organist: Vernon Petersen, chorister: Iohn Blosser, treasurer: Mildred Hirschy, pianist. Sitting: Doris Moser, vice-president: Burley Clay, president: Evelyn Kress, secretary. Second Semester Speakers Ian, 2lfDr, Mosley . . . , ., . . . Tibet Feb. 4-Mrs. Floyd Bowman .,.. . , Africa Feb. ll'--Rev. Paul Allen . .. Palestine and Persia Feb. l8fl:tev. R. P. Ditrner ,,,,l . . lndia Mar. 3 -Rev. Elmore Eicher ,..,, . . . . lndia Mar. lflflvlrs. Bauman ,,,, Coluriibia, South Ariieriiia Mar. l7fRev. C. l, Glittenberq .. . .. China Mar. 24-Rev, Eberhardt . . Rescue Missions Mar. 31--Rev. Newton ,,,,,, China Apr, l4 Rev. Ralph Freid Palestine May Sfldev. Iohn Weqatz . Africa May l2-Missions Class .. . South Arneri-ga Must they still pray to false Are God's people too busy Their Cries niust be answere Gods and worship in fear, To have much Concern? Frorn Heaven above! While the Ghurchf-like these ls there no inore desire God help us to take thein idols-- Over lost souls to yearn? The Gospel ot Love. Seem not to hear? lllUlH till Hill Ill Standing: Glen Head. promotional mcnaqer: Virginia Meier, music chairman: Elmer Ne-uenschwander, treasurer: Gerald Rinqenberq, chairman ol arrangements. Sitting: Wauneta Shoup, secretary: Miss Butz, Mr. Hinqenberg, luculty advisors: Andrew Rupp, Chairman. No Picture: Florence Hclbeqqclr, co-chairman. The Fourth Annuail Youth Conference, sponsored by the students ol the lzrstitute rind held on October 22, 23, ond 24, will ctlwoys stond in the memories ot rxll VJIICV tittended os cinother vivid evidence thot God mightily ctnswers proyer. 'lzif l?l"'3'Ilii'l tor the Conference was the Rev. lctmes Gibson, o young evctnf 3-'hat from Pt. Thoinos, lffentuclty. The Christ-centered, dynomic rnessctges ol "tue lrish flvtrngelistn, os he is culled, were cr greot source ol encouragement, 'xsrn ztiun, find spiritufxl help to dll who heord them. Mr, Gibson is on example ,f ',-.' Efzt God cfitn do with o young mon who is surrendered to l-lim. At the 2-3 tturilizy ftlternoon service, Mr. Gibson gove his lite story, lt was interesting, Lnqi Qrznrg, rtnfi chollenging to heatr ol his boyhood dctys in lrelond, how he come ' " Uztit-sd Strites, his conversion, his school drtys, his iilling with the Holy Llgirit, find his tniriistry lor Christ. 'llf f. ltoy Plltriislffyer, itftstor ol the North Street Bible Church in loci:- 5 xl1'l1'j'll'l, find rr grtitiltirile ol the Fort Vlfrtyne Bible lnslilute, Wos the song ' it 1. T111 hvffly, l'l'fIlS+'lL1l song services os well cts the special songs by Mr. it lffzx, hrxrzin f,'- yf:-r lifted us into thi- ltotfvftiilies. "AMERICAN YOUTH FOR CHRIST" SPHIIAI CHIIRUS The Speciul Clrerus rmrrrrwsefi mf irfty-fxrrrr verses, urrder Tire filTf4','f1"LI1 A Pr f Gerber with Prof. Prrmdsleirr r,1l 1110 rgerrsele or the orqfrrr cmd Mrs. Prrrlee '11 Ur rrrrr received qreut spiriturirl iwerrefit ws they rifrervirred selectiorrzs irryrnr tH.e OT',1If,rIr1,1-T rf M rr delssorm, Hrirrrdel, Hfryfirr, rirrrri Utlrer sir r." red Q'1r,r:i1sifi's rrr vrew Oi Ire frrrrgurrf Srirrrrwr rr r Not only are vcrlrred time ed111f'.rt1r3rr,11 lerrefrts derived frrgzrr Tfrir i', trfrxrrirrq, rrt rr the opperturrities Qt liwerrlq rrrrerde fir Hess 1 tr: iire rrlrirrry thus rerrilreii tirrgrrqg Trrr istry ever the Crir firrrci in Ccfrrcerts. "Cnr prayer is M1111 TMS rirrqurrrztflirfjrrr rr1'ry ever be the rrreuxrrs cr lrftrrrq E15 1 Christ who said, 'und I, ii I be lified uri, x f.." 111 .ilrerw -1111 rrrerz urrte rrrlzf, rzrrrl trgrr 11 1 marry souls to Him me we ex-,rlt Hrs Nerrr., in 15011-g." Puff. C. A. Gerber. "SING YE PRAISES UNTO THE LO ' nuxvuunisu. X '11 5-, Q , if ,I R 2. --ev? GOSPEL COURIERS Loretta Luqbill Archbold, Ohio Lois Rinqenberq Fort Wayne, Indiana Mildred Hirschy Berne, Indiana MUSICAL HERALDS Elaine Scheifeie Kalamazoo, Michigan Marie Dean Iackson, Michigan Mary Slabauqh Nappanee, Indiana MELODY MESSENGERS Violet V. Eqly Monroe, Indiana Chloetta E. Eqly Monroe, Indiana Ruth E. Caddy Royal Oak, Michigan MEIEIR TRIO Carolyn Patricia Meier Swanton, Qhio Phyllis loan Meier , i Swanton, Ohio is Virginia Grace Meier Swanton, Qhio KING'S MELODISTS, Eleanor 'Waltman Detroit, Michigan Esther King Toledo, Ohio loyce DeWitt Royal Oak, Michigan WISE-CROW SISTEHS' QUARTET Coyla Crow Elini, Michigan Daisy Wise Detroit, Michigan lla Crow Elini, Michigan Eula Wise Detroit, Michigan , My fi pf' KINGS MEN QUARTET 29 1 lake Schierling tif Van Nuys, Caliiorniaflg' Vernon Petersen ' "ff ' Chicago, Illinois lfql. Elmer Ne-uenschwander ,A McPherson, Kansas 1 lohn Blosser jf NJ Goshen, Indiana itll.,-'J E 'Pw- 'Nbr fm 5 1217 1' 'i'.'1Y -Q" S r YZ? if-'rf THE GOSPEL IN PICTURE AND SONG Dinqemcm Teuling, Chalk Artist Muskegon, Michigan qx YI' ARIZONA TRIO Alice Cone Phoenix, Arizona Charles Mcl-latton Phoenix, Arizona Miriam Schumacher Phoenix, Arizona HARMONY FOUR Helen Barnes Tiftin, Ohio Nettie Dodge Bluffton, Ohio Glendora Holclernan Goshen, lndiana Betta Lu Cripe Goshen, Indiana TRUMPETEERS Pete Lunati Memphis, Tennessee Iohn Caddy Royal Oak, Michiqan Neil Neuenschwander Saginaw, Michiqan Vincent Schumacher Pandora, Ohio STUDENT PASTORS At tlie Frcinklort Missioririry ffliureli, Prfnili- tort, lnd., tntf- Ltllrlfr-s Avenue lVliss1oritiry Lflnircli, Fort Vtfriyne, lnd., tlie Poiieto Briti- tist Cliurtgli, Poiioto, lnd, tlie tfeclfirville fQf,,rri- munity lilltllltjll, Cedtirville, Ind., rind Lil tlie Adrion lVleiii'ior'iitv'4 t,'lnirf.:l'i, Adricni, IVlicgli,, iliurelies pristorerl tty students rfirtiirefl in order from lelt to riiiilitl we minister tis skier'- lierds ol lloclzs, STREET MEETING COMMITTEE During tlie wiiirm wee-lzs ol tlie Ffill -'ind Spring, we pltin tiie street rneetinqs wlnuti ore lield downtown in tlie eoiirtliotise squfiie every Stittirdtiy niiiiltt, Witli ttie use til o piililie -iddress system, intiny souls fire reo-:lied tliroiiqli songs, testirnonit-f-s, rind messages from Gods Word. LRACT TEAM Every Sotnrdiiy niqlit we distribute necirly J,Ul,Jl.1 trticts in ttie stiloons i,tnd on tlie streets ot Fort Wayne. Tlns yetir it lids been our oy to see rilwotit 15 persons turn from sin ond -iicwivferit Iesus tflirist EIS Srivionr, SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHERS lt is not erionqli to continually tdlze in lznovvf ledge. ln vorious Sunddy Seliools soottered tlirotiqliout ttie City, We enjoy giving out to otliers precious trutlis from Gods Weirnil. CHI' ISTIAN SERVICE CENTER l din one of nidny soldier boys wlio receives spirituol lielrii lrom tliis service Center loetited in tne business district of Port Wciyne ond under tire direction ol Mr. ond Mrs, Andrew Spoolstrd. l especially enioy meeting ond tolkinq witli tlie students ol tlie Bible lnsti' tute wlio minister liere. HX B 3 cya. ,29- lIl3HT Elmer Neuenscliwander Gerald Rinqenbera , , Dinqeman Teulinq ,, . Miriam Schumacher Loretta Luabill Andrew Rupp , ,, , , 'Wayne Brenneman Burley Clay M1na lztotli .A .,,,,. , Rev. B. E. Leiqhtner , IIIWER Stl ,, Editor-inrcliiet .. Assistant Editor Art Editor Assistant Art Editor , , , Secretary , Business Manager Y Business Manager Circulation Manaqer Circulation Manager . Faculty Advisor X-C o Kr , Q is X it S: Qt dbx Q .Q A ix Vx XX NM X lil x EX Q uw C X A Y tt i ig Q ti by I t rw tix S EX XS- 'A xxfk r t + Na 9, OX ,fi ? 7 6, 6 1 xiiiigt it - - lt L9 The Student Council o represehtotive group ot students Chosen from the x-:o:i1e1i's drtd meris dormitories tor the purpose ot promoting the qerierol wellore ot school lite cmd to ruoiritoiu true Christioh ideols in dormitory lite, This is occom- plisiped through working in cooperation with the respective Deoris in orrcmqiriq peri- .:di: rueetiriqs lor the dormitory groups. lri these me-etiriqs, :ussed drtd proqroms preseuted, V 1 Z . l 'nn' Current problems ore dis- IHI IHIIIWSHIP llllll CII EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Rev. Warren E. Manges '24 .,,, ., ,,,,,,, ,, .. , President Rev, L, R. Ftingenberg .. , ., Faculty Representative Iane Y. Bedsworth '39 .,A. .I , Treasurer Luella Miller '33 I, Corresponding Secretary Mrs. Effie Smith . Faculty Representative Dorothy Ball '36 , , Recording Secretary The Fellowship Circle is the alumni organization of the Bible Institute whose purpose it is to maintain and promote the fellowship which was begun during student days, and to carry a spirit of prayer for its members and the Bible Institute. Today its members are scattered throughout the regions of the world, min' istering in various capacities: some in mission fields, some as pastors, and others in the armed forces of our country. An annual meeting of the Fellowship Circle is held at the Institute dur- ing cornrnencernent week, which gives opportunity for renewal of friend- ships and the formation of new ones. The Circle has had a large part in the financial contributions toward the erection of each new building on the campus and is now laying plans for another project as a memorial to Rev. I. If. Ftamseyer, late president of the Institute. MY JIIB 5- ., ,QQ xxx ' 1 I 1 1 111 1 11: V111 11 N1 111111 1 1111" 11 '111l1'1 11 1 11 1 I 1 1'1 11111 1 1 1 1 1 H l'1 1 fl 11111 1 111111 11 ' ll' 111 11 11, 111 1111. 1 rl11 x19 HESIIIE T FAMIHES ' J Q Nix 'lm A X was S -in v ng-Y Q 5 X1 Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Reiker Mr. und Mrs. Karl Kerlin and Jerry Belly and Naomi Mr. and Mrs. Gleason Ledycxrd Mr. cxnr Mrs. Burch Surbrook and David Mr. and Mrs. Robert McBrier Mrs. Clcxra Ccxrpenler Delores cmd Clark The Annex is -ap as-. .6 .J It , pil fi A Wed Thu. Fri. Sal, Tue. Vlfed. Fri. Mon. Wed Thu. Fri. Mon, Tue. Wed. Thu. E H H It Dear olc' Blfs nice quiet rest was auiclzly aiousv-d by an influx of trunks, baqqaqe, and scholastic' piirsuers. Confusion fthe keynote ol the first day ot school. Missionary party spoke in Chapel and opening services in the church across the street. Everyone -gets acquainted at the picnic in Poster Pirrlz. Daddy Raniseyer spol-ze in chapel about Gods plan and provision for us. ln chapel Rev. Frank Holzwarth practiced what he preached about "good terniinal facilities". Our own missionary, Rev. Clayton Steiner, brought the rnessaqe in the first Mission Band of this year. Miss Zeller qave her chapel inessaqe on, "Branches in Christ". We learned of Epaphras lroni Rev. Robert Struhbar in chapel. "He loved us not because of what is in us, but because ol what l-le could put into us," said Daddy Rarnseyer in chapel. Student lientucltian missionaries relate "hilltop" exper- iences in Mission Band. First Chapel period qiven over to testimonies and praise. "God appeals to our Wills, not our einotions, at the beqinnina and throughout hte," Daddy Rarnseyer. Mernorial service for our youna fellow-student, Vfalter Dean, who was loved by all students who had so recently come to know hini. ln chapel Daddy Raniseyer ernphasized that Christ had to come down to where we are that He rniqht bring us to God. t i..g,.. .05 l'l'. , 5- 1 1 EK Fri. Sat. Sun. Mon. Fri. Wed. Fri. Wed. 23, 24 Fri. Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. OCTOBER Gur new teacher, Miss White, spoke on Psalm 23 in chapel. Students seek to do on Saturday what they couldn't get done during the week. Bl. representatives scattered about countryside in the Kings service. First Day of Prayer was day of spiritual feasting especially for new students. 9:OU P.M. the Senior class was organized. "The xerays are for the doctorsp l-lis promises are for us," said Mrs. Tamar 'Wright Sterling as she told of God's healing after her accident. The largest Greek class in history of B.l. is confronted with their first test. "Shining" Knives for lesusf' was chapel message by Mother Ramseyer. ln her chapel message, Mother Lugibihl said, "l am more glad as l grow older, that l was saved when l was young". The proverbial campus day became a reality. God's Spirit brought many seeking hearts through to victory during the 3-day Youth Conference. NOVEMBER A few students helped Uncle Pete clean up the east lawn, and they each received four ice cream bars to the envy of the others. "Mend your speech, lest it mar your fortune," intro- duced the Bible Institute English Reformation. "Obedience is the secret of the Godly life"-Daddy Ramseyer in chapel. "Go, So, Lo,- the Missionary Commission, Compassion, Comfort," Ftev. Tyler in chapel. Mrs. Alexander dramatically gave a bit on China in after-supper devotions. Tue Thu. Sat. Fri. Tue. Th u Fri. Fri. Thu Fri. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. ln 5100 prayer meeting, Rev. Tyler described vividly the awful degradation of women in Africa. Thanksgiving Day at school with prayer period in forenoon, and a very appropriate banquet and prof gram in evening. Rev. Wm. McArthur kept the dining room in hearty laughter during his afterfsupper speech. DECEMBER Prof. Pfundstein at the piano and Mr. Lyndell Cash at the organ brought Christmas meditations in chapel. Daddy Ramseyer brought out in his chapel message that "our salvation is wrapped up in a Personff Lui-te 2:25-33. Daddy Ramseyers last chapel message to us: "lt is not a matter of understanding the mystery of the inf Carnation of lesus Christ, but we are to enter in." During this Day of Prayer iust before we left for Christmas vacation, Daddy Ramseyer, in a few words, exhorted us according to ll Cor. 2:14-l5, to diffuse the fragrance of Christ after spending time alone with Him in absorbing His truths. NooneVacation begins! IANUARY Gur Dean, Chaplain S. A, Witrrier, spol-ze in chapel. In Mission Band, Chaplain Witrner gave us an insight into rules and discipline in the lives of the army chaplains. 4:00 P.M.f "f-lurrahl Exams are overl" Rev. Edison Habeggar brought stirring messages in both morning and evening services of the Day of Prayer. Registration Day with all its rush, waiting, changes, books, rooms, baggage, and no rest! The usual Saturday tempo accelerated to "vivace". Jr .te Q4 Men. -3 Tue. s Tfzu l tue. we Vlad .. vt' 18, Fri. me -u Tue. 'AS W ed. 29 Tue. Q, Ti.u. 3, Fri. 5 X'-f ed ll, Tue. ' X l f rr ,, J New glasses, new scliedule, new aspirations. News reffivej at lireaktast tliat our beloved 'Daddy' lidd qcrie Horne. Tiiouaii we feel deeply tlie loss ot our Daddy" Rani seyer, liis lite and testiniony as reviewed today, iii- spired us to deeper consecration in tlie Lord. FEBRUARY 'Arid tlie walls tell down flat,"--Mrs. Mary Potts in chapel. Dean Hinqenloerq introduced tlie new teactier, Rev. Siiepley. Col. Royal Steiner, a tornier student, Cliallenqed us to give wliat we ltave to tlie Lord and He will use it. The larqe Greek ll class Ctwo boysl, recited tliouqti tlieir teaclier was absent. Younq people troin Potsdam, Qliio, M.B.C. Cliurcli, visited us today. More visitors, today troin Eli-iliart, Indiana. "Fine" visit unexpeotedl Mr. Richard Holzwortli sanq in cliapel and also told ot liis experiences in visitinq tlie arrny Camps. MARCH "Tire Vford ct God is a qreat bool-1 ot literature"- Mrs, Sniitifs Ciiapel riiessaqe. "Bio Fred" lriqersoll inspired us in chapel by some ot his experieiices in City Mission worlz. APRIL Efister variation beains. Student: return troiii vaoation lor ttie "Horne Stretclif' MAY B'7f""'Il'1lllf" ite Fellowsttiri Circle Baiiqtiet. Qi, Thu. CCrrtrnencenierit. C911 .xdlalarecia fion We, the Light Tower Start, wish to extend our thanks to the advertisers, enqrtiiver and printer tor their Cooperation in gtrtiiducinq this Annual. QT S' vi - li. " .i, l 1 X tl Conserve Vitctl ELECTRICITY NVt:stefi elfidiifity is wtisted coal, oil, mind qtis. You can help by i'ii'ey'i',i1iiiq nieniis that Ciiill for Cooli- inq at low teiiigieratures, and by keeping siiriiiice units Clean. Above ill, don't overtook. i,S1Q1"l2 EISEHT BIBLES Plaques, Cards. and Stationery TESTAMENTS, BOOKS AND COMMENTARIES The Missionary Worker, ci l5 page seini-monthly periodicdl ol deeply spiritual, inspirational and interest- ing retiidinq matter. 351.00 per year. Missionary Church Assn. Publication Depcirtinent Bible Institute Bldg., Fort Wayne, Indiana J ' , I , px . , kj K f 'tj ' , If I VV' ' - " I I If It ' I i 1' A y I c. T' gy I t ,C ' Lf Offerihq A j THE Leading to FORTWAYNE ,f' Bible-centered BIBLE Home and Foreign ,Education INSTITUTE Christian Service sn. X woe Its Distinctive Instruction - Direct Bible study is the ideal to which Bible Institute instructors are coirnnitted. Not the perpetuation of a school of tmsiicilzt not the inculcation of ecclesiastical prejudice, not merely the ac- 1fi"ti,1ii3e by youth of the conclusions of their teachers enone of these are 'flxilrle otitis in our classrooms. The open Bible, the teaching ministry the Hcly Spirit, the student in the center of the task, and the teacher at Q in-'i ti amd-i-, to counsel, to inspire, and to correctfffthese are character' gl Eilile study at the Port Wayne Bible Institute. Its Distinctive Personal Results f-The fruits of this ideal are inestimable. I' 1: ia B1lQli:al and Spirit-wrought convictions on the one hand. On the W I Vgglis the tendency which special viewpoints have of developing I - .cbI'ies, slnbboleths, and cults. The function of the Bible Institute, ers-igrf Ls to train ministers to be uninipeded, full-orbed witnesses of the in fl Viffgiwj spolcen by God to rrian, Its Distinctive Results in Service Bible Institute students find their I in the fields of Christian service at home and abroad. Of the last I.1iI1 graduates, all but three or four have reqular appointnients in 3. ist 1.1, zitirzsionaries, evanaelists, or educators. One hundred twentyftwo Bal- liitsutiile students have become foreign missionaries and several :ein ire: fill it istoral and other posts of service at honie. li I t lo to rec cl q tle ourses lecdinq fr urlier in rniai n jar in i c 1 ' . irzfitiatimi in Theology, Christian Education, Missions, I5 1 'ret Music, write THE FURT WAYNE BIBLE INSTITUTE Dept. LT Fcrt Wayne 6, Indiana THE NEST lVflSSlfftNAHY Cfl'lUR1i'H Rudisill at South Wt:1yr're IN REIVIEIVIBRANCE Uur beloved Presiderrt of the lvfissioriary Church Assocratior ,L the Rev, l. E. Ptariiseyer, was a rrrerrrber. of our church. Hrs presence and prayers were always a berredictiori iii our services. lrr tlg horrregoihg of our sairrted brother we feel we have sustiuriegi great loss, but what has been our loss has beeri 2rea'rrerr's gal Brother Ramseyer was a rriaii who wallzed with God, Truly, h was a spiritefilled sairrt, reflectirrg the image of the Lord lesu Christ. l-lis sourid Courisel arid earrrest prayers were tlza sourf of uritold blessing to us. l-le was a good soldier of lesus Curie He fought the good fight of faithl He was true to tis cailrrig. H was humble, faithful, fruitful, arid derverrdable all because th grace of God was iri his life, Lasting irrrpressioiis :rave been :triad upori our hearts by this holy mari who was full of the Holy Giros By the help of the Lord, we are deterrriiried to lieer' true to th vision of our Pounder arid President. THE FIRST MISSIONARY CHURCH AND SUNDAY SCHOOL FORT WAYNE, INDIANA The Missionary Hour over WOWO 9 ft I-t ,L t . G' t COMPLIMENTS QF GERDING'S PHARMACY 3414 Fairfield Ave. SWISS Dry Cleaners Phone A-4246 THERE MUST BE A HEASQN why Bob lone-s College has had an 1:1:re mse Qi fifty per cent ih Sli' l'LYllll1r9Ill 111 the last two years, THERE IS A REASQNI Bsb Dry Cleaners lC'IlE15 College has high educatiouf szl stizxdkmrds and 11 stands without Ort W!xYI1rE'q Lpkwlum , for the "Qld-time religion" I 'I I V md the lixkilsolute authority of the Dry lflefgxxlelrs Bllflff. For detailed information write Phone Plliml DR. IR. A-2373 3205 New Haven Ave Bob Iones College Cleveland, Tenn. SUNSHINE MILK .....iST BOTTLED SUNSHINE HOMOGENIZED "Congratulations Seniors" SUNSHINE DAIRY Phone H-1381 FINEST WATCH AND IEWELRY COMPLIMENTS OP REPAIRING Cousins, Inc. S L IC K S 808 Cdhoun Shea' FAMILY WASHING co COMPLETE STOCK OF LEATHER BANDS 3201 S. Clinton St. Icxmes Reynolds, Repair Manager All work fully q1.1c1IarIte-ed Fort Wayne, Indiqnq NYACK .. I Q-Yr. 4 ibII'm..gE,J'!.. A ' , I. Q " iigfifffbk, ISIS- I Swlffizsf I SPECIALIZES IN ,,gf,'ft': ' - ,I S viz., S. S ln . - If - fg',e,'TS-J THEOLOGY E f A -,LA I ' A MISSIONS I I MUSIC iflieiffr'ESESIZTQIIQSEi'Qiff3f,3551eE if 5 'I 3 LESS 5.2,-3 iv. 1,245 ,L S 'Jil' I' CHRISTIAN EDUCATION 13? Fi. ,MA-, CD4--,MA Wm, W ,, Additional Courses by Correspondence WRITE DR. THOMAS MOSELEY THE MISSIONARY TRAINING INSTITUTE - NYACK ON THE HUDSON . . . NEW YORK - "The School that prepares today - for the work of tomorrow." H U T SO N' S Pharmacy Your Neigborhood Christian S. S. Literature A full line of Quarterlies and Sunday School Papers followinq the Int. Uniform Lesson Topics Sample Pack on Application Also "The Bible Expositor 6: Illuminator" Drug Store An Advanced Bible Study Quarterly Sample Lesson on Application Address: 4001 south wayne Ave. Union Gospel Press Phone H-5130 Box 680 Cleveland, Ohio GOSHEN COLLEGE Gosi-11-:N, INDIANA Evangelical Biblical Strong Pre-Professional Courses Teaching, lviedicine, Enaineerinq, Coiririierce, Dentistry, Business, Secretarial Degrees: Two-Year Associate in Arts Associate in Arts in Bible FourfYear Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science in Educaf tion Five'Year Bachelor of Science in Niirsina Corriloiried Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor oi Theology A SMALL CHRISTIAN COLLEGE with a POWERFUL CHRISTIAN WITNESS Ernest E. Miller, Ph.D., President COIVIPLIMENTS OF D. O. MCCOMB 6. SONS FUNERAL DIRECTORS AMBULANCE SERVICE CQMPLIMENTS OF Tents All Sizes Awnings HOLTON AVENUE And WC"er'p'o0f Covers MISSIONARY CHURCH Wolf Tent cmd Awning Company V. 0. HAEQLD pastcr 214-216 E. Columbia Sireet Fort Wayne, Ind. Phone A-0180 Little Elf Food P1'OduCiS WHOLESOME - DELICIOUS - AND ALWAYS DEPENDABLE : 'W U s Y's 5 N B R LE Qzkhy NCI 5 f VZ -A umffilj fi," X, mm: Quan' fK.1',,' curves I l K NT EE -gl J - .Ip X gf F1 .ski ! K1 L. ? If X ' , L Ig-J! Its extra rich flavor cmd N deli-glltful fragrance will Q XD U, 3 Contribute to your full 2 -K Ei? -' J ""?'9E5-for ' enjoyment of every scit- R V isfyinq Cup, AT YOUR INDEPENDENT GROCERS Phone A-2463 SUPER-PAK PACKAGE FUEL REALIZE REAL , h ff - no jilx SSX, I ,J ' :jig o EYES . . . WEAR SFX :EF --.W 1 ff f, xN r' ffl' , f E U GETTLE'S GLASSES F22 f -4541 Q. ,., 1' GLASSES BY SPECIALISTS Xt-jp Sift IN EAFH DEPARTMENT , A , S, Y The Golden Rule Optical Store 805-807 Calhoun Street Phones A-6480-6489 Fort Wayne. Ind' BROTHERHOOD MUTUAL Life Insurance Company HOME OFFICE-FORT WAYNE, INDIANA LE HL YF H VP NON AQ I ABLE i Our Motto I B I igu 1 :I t H11 I I f I t C l l I "CONGRATULATIONS, COMPLIMENTS S E NIO R S" OE Compliments of IANITORIS CENTRAL DAIRY SUPPLYCO- The National Mill Supply Co. FACTORY, MILL, ELECTRICAL, PLUMBING AND HEATING SUPPLIES, AUTOMOTIVE EOUIPMENT, RADIOS, PAINT, OIL, ELECTRIC RANGES AND REERIGERATORS 207-209-211-215 East Columbia Street Phone A-2331 Fort Wayne, Indiana COMPLIMENTS OE TROY FAMILY WASHINGS EXTRA CARE NO EXTRA COST Phone H-1315 Fort Wayne, Indiana Wherever you go, Whatever you do, We Want you to know, We're thinking of you. VESEY'S FLOWERS "Beautiful Flowers" COMPLIMENTS OF CLYDE MOON A Good Printer SUITS SLACKS 524.50 - 29.50 54.50 - 7.50 RICHMAN BROTHERS 918 Calhoun St. TAYLOR UNIVERSITY UPLAND, INDIANA 'Q ' , ln 99th Year---First Sein. Opens DEPENDABLE DRY CLEANING uclnln Ianni: September 5, l944 "An Effective Christian College" Coeeducational lnterdenorninational Accredited by the Board of Education ot the State of lndiana. Taylors latch string hangs out to Ft. Wciyrie Bible Institute students. For Catalog and information about Service Grants and Scholarships write ROBERT LEE STUART, President Upland, Indiana lgorfraif ana! Commercial! lolzofografa if For the second consecutive year it has been my privilege to produce the photographic work for the LIGHT TOWER. Working in coordination with your Light Tower Stott. my only goal has been perfection. Your individual patronage has been appreciated. You will receive the same personal attention on tuture orders which it was our privilege to provide in your Light Tower work. For picture needs- REMEMBER THE RHOADS STUDIO 4014 S. Webster St. Fort Wayne, Ind. Phone H-24242 OUR AUTO REBUILDING COMPAN INC. BISHOP'S. PRINT SHOP FORT WAYNE LUMBER COM PAN Y PATRONS Y KOERBER'S IEWELERS KROGER GROCERY AND BAKING CO. DR. E. P. SANBORN THE GOODYEAR STORE T -6-L-fir" ,. ' 3571 IEEADER n -' A and 9fw. School Annual Divisio Laverqne I. Lounsbury, D i ' vf"1"1' ' rf" 2:-V' 1 vwafffll .n W2 ,gg-,f:Qg2?hif1lgv::gf--qv'y,14r-,if ML fs f Nw ' ' . :fri -p,4315Mn,s , . .mg I, 'J ' f .J 11 1 Q -21 ww--3. -an r f' mf- 1 .. 5-fu - ' A ' ,- " ,W 'Z--w., A '. wo'-Hg.r.'. 's,74., 'I j:v.Q1"'rg,J?' '.-..s--f-- 'f-wi fi- ' "f-L'kMK"- fff-.a-222 A ',ylfv4s'?'9-ff: . , -1 ."',,l.J .,'1,E' .,1,l'fi1',f1J7Q , ' D YHIZ4 Www-'f "wa'1f?"'293Ll!1?W"":" 51555 .Mqp4,wWJmmwmwwwwwwmMwvfw': 'if' Y' an fa,QQ5,iPfI97'i:f+Wmgi4.ff "NL'?f','Qf :za , . ', 1' :ga 1 wr:-1 fwj--.1 .. -ng: 1.-31:21 H," "' yxyfdp. Q-1,621 4' K if 1 Q ':'Xvf3-iff'-5 Q Ijvaigj-Lvl' .4 ww fm' Q. A' WWW -. - lr -V kr- 11, 3- Y.--.2f.4,.g si , Q, 4: 51,5-sk: A J? 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Suggestions in the Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) collection:

Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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