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 - Class of 1942

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666669 7, Lf ,. 'frifgvf ' .-5, ' .- - .'Y-' . - ' if 'V - ' ' V, '-.I ' ',.,-9:5 1157- Q' ',.' :Lia ' , ., l,.1-, 1 -l' , A- - .N l N Q '. ' f - --.-, ..,.,4:, -,La -5' "' - 3- W' f , " -. , ' .. 1 Ap ':uqfi,u1f!x!- 4 .wks ,-1 1,4 ' . - .s .f a .Jf -, '35 f' -1, ' , - ,,, . i.',,.1Qhf?- "ri ' "E ' "f 'V . L' w "4 ' " 'str ' ' T- f"--4-v ' -'Vp' 'f -' I-1: Y -'- ff ' wg I ' . ' . , f ':,:'.T:7'H"-' 1' - - -I: '- ' ' vw, xj-vuwv, Ji, 'v - ' . ' V if .-w,ejQ. "-e3qY'fQ' y- ,.3 Y. W- , , wr- , , . , 1 T .x - A f, 'lj ,'hf 5-Q.--lv. Q I -- V f :Ur I if tl .Y M ll Y A V Y 1.1 ,n ,, ' . , A. .smmn 1 -. .y1.1i',:, ,,e,1'f.:w5k ,. .fu u H ' ' -',- v.", ' . 1, Q- -4 - ' 'l1'f' ' ' .- -, V. - . . 2 11, ' , , .. Y - , ,, ' ' ' W ':'31L.ini:r3l4Z.1 '11rhL."'R.-'.-1.x .f111.'..-.iv-f "Ju-U Thru mn- fn .nz ,' THE "BUILDERS LIGHT TUWER I ,yum ,, . . ,'. nul""" . ,nu I" I l l . - 7 ":1 . '- W 'X A ' A L, ' .5 x , X XX H N . X , ,V 4 .5 x x x V' - '72-,Z , , xl '- Y X t -x x . N . . X. H V 'Q 5 'xx . . N. , 11' 1 K . .- n '- f- 'fo' ig., "wg - 5 ' A ' 1:25, 4- ' ' ' . ,I a an V, 9 X 1 1 Y 5 'Nm . 3 Lu, in .b X -X X -' 5' " X X H 4 .wil-as E 'N 3 .X- X 1 -f x x w Q Xx ' 'x N 'NNI N xA N-, . lf, ,. ,R Y I, . . , Q 5- -49 ' 'kv 4 , ' A-YY ,gf-fb ? ,L . rr ,v lv 5+- ' '73 .ku , LA T' 14' . , 1- .- -' -, " ,lf .Fil wr.tA? Y, X I f 'S f' '-. - 4 'gf . 'Q-gxx H 1' a P in, ' . . .s W A 1 K 1- ' K U1 y.1f3,f v VY. Y ,sal qgagvii -A-, H-g'. .Q xff- ,.. Y, X a 1' 'N' ,A A 1- A ,1 W ' J sf , f?21.- .-1.-.3 if S+' , ?2r. 1,1 Qi, ' '11,-A , l.-:,Af-:--V V mv, is.-l.L E 4: - -.Z .,,u..AX y ,X . , ,4',n.f,,, -4 4 'ls' V 'QV - ' f . W .Q Y - 3,4 s.' N I -4, . - . J 1 F. , V, 4 ,M 4- 1 1 , I .H u ' , A f . -' ,iq A . -. -' x f .- . w, T- " J 5-- ,A 1 - U ' A V' i 'J -', -. .ji 17 4 . V4 , 5..- R375 ff: N x X ,. ,H b N f 1 ,H 'N 1' , X'-., , 'W tw, it ,, -g.'??'Wrx?. ' 1,":. Ki:-T1 AQ"i11F"'5'i':3' W fQ1:'2'f" 5 -Q 1'5"-'lltf 'Z 3 . 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' ' I "'- 'S '53-41.3317 4 .' 3551 af' -2 'f'v'24-' 9- 'ig-14? f-ug gm'-:fy',, A 45 QA.. ' 4 -g.. '- 5'9" -x . 1 .if h 34q5z.g- 51... D -v--' -".".. a...l.f ' Y' 9-K,g::'. J . ', Q SE A . .age L-J:l?1f11- +-:f-R, . . 5. "v,-' ' ".f' 1 ,-'X Witt, , X vwnfz, with, ' ' IL io B P va A 9 2, Qnclicata, fhia nl vw: School With the sacrificial help of other kindred spirits, these men of God undertook to establish an interde- nominational training center in obedience to the Great Commission. Only one term was held in Bethany Home at Bluffton, Ohioifrom Ianuary lst to April lst, 1904- when a more strategic location was souqht in Fort Wayne, lndiana. Amid sturdy oaks of virqinal forest, a campus was plotted and the first complete unite-H known as the Administration Building-was erected late in 1904. That pioneer vision anticipated a qrowinq institution, for the campus area was much larqer than necessary for immediate needs. Beautiful Bethany Hall was added in 1929-30. Now Founder further realization of their God-given vision ...... s' Memorial is a '. L: . vs : A 1'Tq ' 1 if X. gf I T k ' , iiffw I ' ' 'l ' . , 5 'A'-fif :.. V 1 ' 112' X '. .Jr ga ' c. - ' - ' iii! '. Y ' 1 - 61 ., X K-... -.K-4 X 5 if?" n 0 V . K:"7 X 2 Z . -1' f'. ' x"J. - - 1 X ' f-'--- "" . 9 ' L W"'f""'W3X. e A 9 ' AQQF. - X .A 5, ku - . ,,,.. X--ff L gfffygh " . A 'Wg 3f.,. --L 1 if :ggi 'Q x-5 ' .fi b: ' fi-gf' A - , V., ,Jian k 'fy 1 .ffj ", 5-f, f'l ' Xx .- " ' f 2' Puhiyg' xi " u- -- f' . ' ' . .gi :f:5lI'f 4 QPEZQ A 'gf ' ' ' ' Q. .4 W gym.. - f' 40.6. L. ,K vue .- --5.1,-" gt xg, ,. a n -lg-If , ir 1 M -f we. ' 'f ni. :fr f X ' 1" 'X v-' I 1 - R ,1-'-xv KW.-.w?k'g-A.W-4ggg,.:,-' . - 'Q I4-4? '1 0 , x -.Rig 'vi n Fl' ' H ,H s v -rf'- h ' ' . "2 ff M -awp 'vw ' ' vp, - A , Q 1 f , fa- 1 WE, K" '-. . J , . Tff' 'V '- ' -.FWJ-xx Q ' J " X.iX.':T: QAM . A . I ..,,,v,x,s,,t. . . ,..-- EX Q 1., L """ .....,,,,,,. -ao A Q lx. , N?- xx I .222 N TMA Nx Y l ff--T M. N. AMSTUTZ i 3 A I. FRANCIS CHASE o, 1. EVEREST ' c. 1. GERIG jha, cgvaacl I. A. RINGENBERG Chairman ., N x N X 3 I New . 1..,k. lARED GERIG 5' if in SHIRL HATPIELD "'- t 5... - . t +" b The Missionary Church Association commits the operation and trust of the property of the Fort Wayne Bi- ble lnstitute to twelve Trustees, who with the President, compose the Governing Board. This corporate body is responsible for the care and improvement of properties, appointment of school personnel, and determination of courses of study. ln helping to fulfill the vision of the founders and to keep pace with the growth of the lnsti- tute, the Trustees initiated Founders' Memorial and ap- pointed the Building Committee to carry the project to a successful conclusion. The Bible Institute owes much to the able and wise leadership of its Trustees. All-whether laymen or min- istersffill responsible positions. Among the Christian laymen are a banker, a business executive, and a com- mercial artist. Among the ministers are three district superintendents, one missionary secretary, one editor, and several pastors. HJ X A WARREN S. A. Y LEHMAN MANGUS 49-F W. H. LUGIBIHL Secretary ii ARMIN REDIGER STEINER The Trustees also represent the interdenominational char- acter ot the Bible Institute, for several are ofticial representa- tives of cooperating denominations. Rev. C. E. Rediger is frorn the Detenseless Mennonite Conference: Rev. I. A. Wood and Rev. Wcrrreri Mangus each represent a District of the Men- nonite Brethren in Christy Mr. I. Francis Chase is elected to S represent the Christian and Missionary Alliance. WIIQWEELL ry as The terms ot Rev. Quinten Everest and Rev. lared Gerig have expired, but they are included in this group because they were on the Governing Board when the building project was authorized. It is interesting to note that sons of our Alma Mater are carrying the responsibilities of leadership, tor six ot the in- cumbent Trustees are graduates of the Institute. 4"'!ttQ 1 wer ri X, ,gn-'vs ,..4-:lv I 'W KW S. A. LEHMAN, Chairman S. A. WITMEB, Sec. IOI-IN BONTBAGEB O. P. EASTMAN Fort Wayne, Indiana Fort Wayne, Indiana Elkhart, Indiana Detroit, Michigan P. L. EICI-IBB, Treas. I. FRANCIS CHASE BERT I-IOLLOPETEI Fort Wayne, Indiana Chicago, Illinois Fort Wayne, Indian' The Building Committee has grown in size with the enlargement of the building project. The original plans called only for a music hall, and a committee of nine was appointed on August 24, 1937 to plan, finance, and construct the proposed building. Investigation was made of modern types of construction and tentative building plans were laid, but due to lack of finances no be- ginning could be made on construction. This delay was providential, for as time went on and school needs grew, it became evident that a much larger building was necessary. Accordingly, the Cfoverning Board authorized the larger building program on March 5, l94O and provided for the addition of six members on the Building Committee. 1 The members of the Committee, who occupy important positions in industry, business, and tie worl: of the church, have given generously of their time and means to make Founders' Me- morial a living monument to the faithfulness of Cfod. V. 4-QQ. A 1 W. H. LUC-tlBlHl. l. A. RlNGENBEFiG NOAH SCHUMACHEH EZRA STEINER ' Peoria, lllinois Fort Wayiie, lndiana Pandora, Ohio Woodburii, lndiana NOAH FilCH VILAS SCI-llNDLEFt ELAM SPRUNGER IOHN VON GUNTEN N Berne, Indiana Berne, lndiana Fort Wayne, Indiana Fort Wctyne, lndiana However, they could only carry their work to cornpletion through the prayers and giits oi niany triends, churches, and organizations, including the Central District of the Missionary Church Association: the Fellowship Circley the young people of the Missionary Church Associa- tion under the leadership ot Hev. Robert Strulohar and Mr. Oscar Eiclrier: and the student body of the lnstitute. lnvaluable aid was also given by the field men: Cyril Eicher, Clarence Gerig, lared Cferig, Eddison Hahegger, Tillman Halaegger, B. P. Le-ightner, Harvey Mitchell, Arrnin Stein- er, W'in. Uphold, Ir., and l-l. E. Vtliswell. Special field work was done by I. A. Ringenberg and l. Warren Slote. The Building Committee with gratitude to Gad for His blessing and help is pleased to receive Founders' Mernorial from the contractors and iorinally turn over the cornpleted structure to the iurisdiction oi the Trustees. lts work is thereby done. jk had 7942 Aug. Oct. Dec. lan. Mar. Aug. Sept. Mar. May Aug. Aug. Aug. Aug. 13 H 'LuDZHnd'A,j' RECORD 24, '37 Music Hall estimated to cost 325,000 approved by M. C. A. Conference. Building Committee of nine appointed. 1, '37 First meeting of Building Committee. 13, '37 Mr. LeRoy Bradley engaged as architect. 18 '40 Building Committee recommended larger building at estimated cost of 378,000 to Trustees. 5, '40 Approval given by Trustees. Southwest corner of cam- pus chosen for building site. Six members added to Build- ing Committee. 17, '40 Public campaign for funds begun at B. l. Convention rally with offering of 33,223.99 '40 and months following, need of building presented in churches. 12, '41 Cost revised upward to 385,000, exclusive of architect's 21, I 1 fees, to provide for basement under entire structure. 345,- 084.77 raised to date. '41 ln view of rising prices, inade uate funds, and immin Q . ence of war, Building Committee prayerfully considered future of undertaking. Decided with God's help to go ahead in earnest expectation that 70 per cent ot cost would be raised soon. Architect instructed to complete plans and to receive bids. 41 Bids opened. Higher than original estimates due to ten per cent rise in building costs. Architect asked to secure revised bids by elimination of west wing. 41 Contracts let for main structure without west wing. 41 Ground-breaking exercises. 41 Offering of 36,00l.5l, making possible restoration of west wing. b4,jacfa,anaLj' Sept. 22, '41 Governing Board delegated purchase ot furniture to Building Committee. Sept. 29, '41 Named Founders' Memorial. Oct. 12, '41 Corner-stone laid. May 10, '42 Dedication. "Praise God from whom all blessings flow!" BUILDERS Architect: LeRoy Bradley. General Contractors: William and Herman Buesching. Heating and Plumbing: Industrial Piping and Engineering Company. Electric Wiring: McKay Electric Co. FACILITIES Chapel with 501 seats, exclusive of rostrum. Gymnasium with capacity of 700 folding chairs. Four studios. Twenty practice rooms. Three class rooms. One suite of rooms for living quarters. Two sets of shower and locker rooms. Unfinished dining department. CONSTRUCTION COSTS General construction ..,,,...,.....................................,,... Plumbing and heating ........ Electric equipment .......... Architect s fees ............... SUPPLEMENTARY COSTS Miscellaneous lapproximatel ,................ .................... Furniture and equipment .....,,..... 3 76,153.00 16,236.63 2,778.18 4,758.39 3 99,928.10 3 2,000.00 5,000.00 VIL! H1-f .-R11 Eciiifvv . 'fx 5 lv F? ii? -Q? s Ni' xxx ,xwt Kirk ,f N wr -1 wr 1 wi , X VH H 'vlW'5,f 553. 18 --1,3 sgE5: 215lf.' " Z 'J-, 5 -si r , ' ' .U S.'IlL.LgP- T L4 if- jf-, ' 9 .V!3."j'NE ETD' 'N Lc VEPVI HTH 'S' A 1 Q51-f il 'R -4 1 ha, ' " '2 . 1I'iH1JLD 234, HMWL ' ' ff? A.z5w1i1tQ Efclumr .A I. ' li" Q54 a ' fx .. ' 3 ,gfiwggg rfULEHh E , "" A " ' X M V M lj.: T"-ff! :rv r A W ,,,,:4 ., v ' '? --v' QQ 'N '1 ' HX' 5 , rw' Iii, Q E Pal: 'GA ff"Vl-'5.1"ik 1 . Y , '1 ' N 4 x N1 1 iz, j. Xi, l 1 ' 'X ' .f , X Y V , N: 1 433' L c-A-94 ..-.-, fi1AL5VmmEH 1.9 Q- f ,,I,-Y f,,,,jm,. ,N R EV. I. E. RAMSEYER President REV. S. A. WITMER, A. B., M. A. Dean Bible E xposiiion . D A ,,..,f H andy of wuz, aawlfz HAZEL BUTZ, B. S. Denim of Women English REV. B. F. LEIGI-ITNER Fort Wayne Bible Institute New Testament Prophecy Theology I-Iomiletics REV. L. R. RINGENBERG, A.B., IVI.A. Fort Wayne Bible Institute Taylor University Winona Lake School of Theology Northern Baptist T h e o I o g ic al Seminary Old Testament Church History Philosophy REV. I. WARREN SLOTE, A.M., Th.D, Loyola University Northern Baptist T h e o 1 o g i c a l Seminary Bible Public Speaking Apologetics LILLIAN ZELLER Nyack Missionary Training In- stitute Bowling Green State Normal English Librarian BERTHA LEITNER, A.B., M.A. Williamette University University of Oregon Winona Lake School of Theology Portland Bible Institute History Christian Education Personal Evangelism E. IRENE SMITH, A.B. Columbus Normal Ohio State University English Greek Spanish geo! .,,,, 'Mm C. A. GERBER Moody Bible Institute American Conservatory of Music Theory of Music Voice Women's Chorus Director RAYMOND WEAVER, B.M. Oberlin College Northwestern University American Conservatory of Music Theory of Music Piano Organ IRA GERIG Sherwood Conservatory of Music Baldwin Wallace College Theory ot Music Piano Voice Men's Chorus Director MRS. MARTHA I-IELLER Fort Wayne Bible Institute Booth Memorial Hospital, N. Y. Red Cross Instructor in First Aid GERTRUDE SCHOLL Normal School, Berlin, Paris Instructor Indiana University Ex- tension French REV. T. PLINY POTTS, A,B., B.Th., M.A. Washington and Ietterson College Pittsburgh Theological Seminary Bible W QW wwf Sf WM u ,ay 1 x .,., lx f' HIL N wig X x xxx x X x x Raw N fe xv- W X X SN X 'i11""' N A . ,QL A A ,uf x X , ,. Y ' ENNRX Q., K ,, K , ,, + '54 X- xv gf. bfgxx . ..,1,5., bug? t , w X x X Y.:1-'Q-Sim Q- XRS N- A ,H-mix ' 'A ' S544-W 4. 921'- W .M Q 'K-1 Q 'Rv , NQ..xw.-X l in 4 aw. , N ,.:1-.-,:rff:1:w, ' ' .. Ski! X ai?- - 'sa-5 xxx ,, fx, if I. - , 'Q h . V '- r , - . YQ? X Nz. j ek 3 A , "'x Agn" 5, 35331-2-" wg,52'f:-.Sri x ms N XX Q-:ar m x 75, , -fl sr 421:-2 Nxm-:3g5, j , ,VAI O " K' ' x 'YU C., Ps E -asf A' 'P ' Y 1 . - - -, JJ '. i 1511 X 451.1 3-1 'SA SENIOR! -"U-:LI ,lf - f V NORA if-xNE Bormoijn 113- 5 Two-year BihlefMusic Visitation 3l ' 'Y LQNEHN MARIE HEIN Cliristian Education Liqht Tower Stott Youth lforilerence Coin. Student Council Prayer Leader ,..uub- A16 -nr ata. D, X X I if a-n I' ' .331- , -, , r W '5 Visitation Child Evanqelisrii ' glam, 7 942 20 1-Ii LUCY EMELIA CRAW' MILDBED DANCER FORD Christian Education Acct- Acaolemic Missionary clernic Visitation Salvation Army Com RHODA RUTH HUFFORD Missionary DANIEL K. I-IIRSCHY Missionary Prayer Leader Mission Band Com. Mission Band Com. Gospel Teams Visitation Special Chorus DANIEL D. DEMMIN Theological Gospel Vlforlc Mens Chorus Chorister Mission Band Choir Director T. INAYNE IUDD Theological Vicerpresiclent Senior Class Liqht Tower Start Youth Conference Corn. Mission Band Com. Gospel Teams Special Chorus Mens Chorus !' , 1, .xsq Q T 'fra to sf I ' if V . 1, .ey -f V t Ve - L b A it ' 9, , HAZEL LUCILLE HARLE V A ' 'T K ' A Missionary 9 A Q '1 5 1 'T " it A ' Prayer Leader ' , ,FT Sunday School Teacher ,-,. 5""""1'?' Church Pianist I ""' Visitation I .Y if ff .Q .. I 2-B l .. Q , VICLET MAY LUCKS .Q C. . ra 2 Q .an :Gio Q TEEQOMCGI V Prayer Leader --Q A 'Q' A' Visitation V at-niiuilm 'gf-, """' a-nl ' ,. , TA HAROLD DINTER tviissionary .Sixiiflay School Teacher lV'Yi,lYi9I Leader Tract Team PAUL F. KREISS Theological Light Tower Start CCC. Camp Com. Pastor Visitation l' HOBEHT O. ELLIOTT Missionary Mission Band Co TH. Sunday School Teacher Prayer Leader Pastor Visitation FRED H, KREI-l Missionary Youth Conference Light Tower Start Prayer Leader Tract Team Missions Team lail Team Street Meeting Co Com. IH. CHARLES V, GLENN Missionarv Chaplain Senior Class Mission Band Com. Youth Conference Com. Missions Team Prayer Leader Student Council Tract Team BTLLY LYNN LEWIS Two-year Bible Music Gospel Teams Special Chorus Mens Chorus Mission Band Com. at--M W, ju luww ' Pawn, CLELA M. LUGBILL Christian Education Sunday School Teacher Salvation Army Corn. Womens Chorus Special Chorus W1-ff DOROTHEA S. MARTIG I1Q?"LlAN V' MCCLAID Two-year Bible Music lssloncry Wornen's Chorus Secretary and Treasurer Special Chorus of Senior Class . . Mission Band Com. Mission Band Corn. Student Council ELBERT ROY SPECKElN It Gospel Teams Theological . x Special Chorus Special Chorus Women's Chorus Y. P. Leader M, DoRTHEY SLABAUGH 22 Two-year Bible Music Gospel Teams Women's Chorus Special Chorus Student Council Mission Band Com. W in. iv DONALD F. MILLER Theological Light Tower Start Pastor Youth Conference Com. lail Team C.C.C. Camp Corn. LlLY LAVAUN SPILLERS Theological Y. P. Leader vii X A. an v .1 rj 2-QQ' , fr -.if ?3lCl-lARD REILLY Theological lx'len's Chorus iiliilvation Army Com. Gospel Teams lgfvan-ge-list ALFRED C. SHADDUCK Theological President Senior Class Light Tower Stait Student Council C.C.C. Camp Com. Men's Chorus Tract Team Q it Q A 'P Clin f 10" Y-mf DORLAND RADER RUSSETT Theoloqical Tract Team Wesleyan Methodist Com, MARY DEAN WRIGHT Missionary Visitation Special Chorus Prayer Leader Sunday School Teacher Women's Chorus ARNOLD L. SCHMIDT Two-year Theological Liqht Tower Staff C.C.C. Camp Com. Sunday School Teacher HELEN ELIZABETH ZORB Christian Education Women's Chorus Special Chorus Visitation ff ag- 'JB - ..y. MILDRED T. SCHNUR Missionary Visitation 792 Winired LaVerne Amstutz Anderson Robert l-larle Virginia Meier Royal Steiner Richard Swedberq Gwendolyn Helen David Elaine Robert Lucille Wilbur Betty Florence Maurice Chapman Christensen Clark Collins Dye Fisher Ford Gaberdiel l-labeqqer Hall luanita Esther Eudine Floyd Leona Catherine Esther Audine Franklin lones King King Klotzbach Lehner Macy Marks Mathers May UL!-'ML nf, Zi Edward Sylvia Victor Ralph Ellis Stanley leanne Wanda Leonard Murphy Nolan Poser Rinqenberq Roth Rupp Schleicher Shively Smith Thelma Paul Mildred Neva William Anne Grace Marv lane Evelyn Harriet Mildred Van Scoik Waqley Wanner Whaley Whiteman Kontra Reilly Schmidt Sweeten Staiiord 355 Ruth Margie Vera lohn William Arlene Burley Rhea Glenn Allen Baer Blocher Blosser Bodine Carpenter Clay Coleman Cornwell Dorothy Glen George George Pearl David Alice lulienne Graves l-lead l-lorn l-losbach Howell lyes Iohnson Iohnson Ham nf 244 Evelyn Robert William Dale Ruth Marian Catherine Andrew Kress McBrier Merkley Moser Neumann Norton Rich Rupp Ada George Robert Mrs. Zeo Frank Millie Dorothy Florence Wallace Smith Schaser Spoolstra Surbrook Sweeten Vermillion Williams Wilting Wright Nettie Lucille Dodge Geiger Darrell lournell Elsie Rupp Edwin Doris Zimbelman Moser . T.. Lars Thelma Ralph Elwin Robert Bernice Terveer larnes Edna Mary Eldon Iacob Blornquist Blouqh Broom Creviston Collins Dean Ginter Gurley Heaton Heyworth Hunter Hostettler Karl lrene Billie Arthur Rudolph Mina Lorraine Wauneta Betty Virqinia Earl Burch Kerlin Kimbel Patzwall Reifel Rieker Roth Seymour Shoup Smith Sprunqer Steiner Surbrook EVENING AND POST GRADUATE Melvena Basinqer Virqinia Miller Gene Steiner 26 Curtis Carlos Mrs. Elsie Bedsworth Campbell lrvine Lois Frieda Dorothy Pontius Rediqer Rothfuss Viola Mrs. S, A. Mrs. Grace Van Scoik Wilmer Yarian flaw, nl Z4 STUDENTS Dewey larnes Klinq Keller Mabel Schindler Verena Sprunqer Don Blake Elsie Gribler George Pike CORRESPONDENCE STUDENTS Rosella Rue-ben Helen Eleanor Robert Carpenter Cantrel Cassidy Foreman Finger Beatrice Benius Norris Georqe Wilbur Grove Hunsberqer Hunsberqer lones Luth Mae Lois Bernard Ivan Maeanna Renz Rinqenberq Roosa Steed Steiner lrene lmler Gerald Wyandt Arlene Greenlee Ioseph Middouqh Harold Walker 1 7 1' all Mrs. LaVerne LaVaun Darlene Eleanor Helen Alice Viola Mrs. Robert Qda Anderson Auqsburqer Barker Beckwith Alleshouse Cone Eqle Elliott Frankhouser Mrs. Dan Margaret Wallace Roy Mrs. Karl Mrs. Paul Russell Fred Hirschy Horton lones lohnson Kerlin Kreiss Miller Babel Bertha luanita Mrs. Dorlanc LaMoyle Mary Esther loseph Dorothy Ratzlait Roth Russett Short Slaloauqh Zimbelrnan Sirnonson Pickering 0 ? FIRST SEMESTER ONLY 'Flora Delle lla Rose Bette Helen 'Opal Marcus 'Catherine 'Marvel Arnstutz Breininqer Boquette Eqer Garnes Hey Irvine Klock 'Charlotte 'Cscar Arthur Maeanna Fairy 'Virginia Edna Klock Miller Templar Steiner Wilkins Simon Worthington Did not complete tirst semester. No Pictures William Collier Gerard French D. B. Lamb M. C. Kreqenow Wayland Payne Ruth Geiger W ris t Jim Jgzzwfup, vm 1 IOI-IN 1:3 The Fellowship Circle is an alumni organization composed ol Bible Institute graduates, faculty members, and former and present students who have completed one semester of work in the Institute. The purpose of the Circle is to maintain and promote the fellowship begun in the Institute and to carry a spirit of prayer for its members and the Bible Institute. Its members are scattered throughout the world as missionaries. pastors, evangelists, teachers, and lay-workers. The Circle is an active organization for it has voluntarily sponsored several projects in past years. This year, it has made substantial contributions to the erection of Founders' Memorial by prayer and liberal gifts. The following receipts will give evidence to faithfulness to their Alma Mater. The Circle set 37,000 as a tentative goal. Gifts received by March I show these gratifying figures: Cash received-334,420.58 Pledges received-S5,844.6l. Total received-Sl0,265.l9. A banquet is held also each year during Commencement Week to maintain the fellowship begun in the Bible Institute. These banquets renew old friendships and form new friend- ships. Through these personal contacts the Fellowship family is bound closer together and a spirit of prayer is fostered. ZS jim, 61310, Uzlubn, What is it? The BIBLE VISION is a bi-monthly Christian periodical published by the Fort Wayne Bible Institute. It is compiled in book form with an attractive cover designed by I. Francis Chase. 'Nhat is its aim? The BIBLE VISION 'seeks to reflect the light of the Bible on us and our times in articles of interest and benefit to all Christian people. Each issue contains timely editorials on the happenings of our day as well as prophetic sketches that carry enlightening thoughts on present day events. In addition to these points of interest, the publication includes messages and articles from leading pastors and teachers. On its pages one will also find poems and concise paragraphs of God-inspired truth. A brief section of each issue is given to alumni news and letters from former graduates as well as happenings around the Institute. Who compiles it? The contents of the BIBLE VISION are compiled by an editorial start comprised of S. A. Witmer, Editor: B. F. Leightner, Bertha Leitner, and Melvena Basinger, Assistant Editors. Articles are also received from cone tributing editors and Bible teachers. Who should read it? The BIBLE VISION should be read by every supporter and friend of the Bible Institute. Every issue brings word of Gods gracious hand of blessing upon His work in and through the Institute. If you are not al- ready a subscriber to this worthy Christian magazine, we would urge you to send your name, address and 50c at once to the Bible Vision, Bible Institute, Fort Wayne, Indiana, for a one year's subscription. funn ' The Student Council has now been functioning for two years. lt was first organized in the fall cf 1941 to aid both the faculty and the student body. The men and women are each represented by their own council which has five members, one from the first year students, one from the second year students, two from the seniors, and one member appointed by the faculty. The councils work in cooperation with the respective Deans-Mr. Witrner and Miss Butz. They serve to promote the general welfare of school life and to maintain true Christian ideals in dormitory life. Through periodic meetings, they also provide a point of helpful contact for faculty and students. Their respective representatives meet in an atmosphere of Christian brotherhood to discuss and to solve problems of common concern. By this cccperation a closer harmony has been achieved and a sense of responsibility for our Alma Mater fostered. ' 4'-1, ll f I , it tliaii I , 1 11,1 , v 1: : vi :omg 'v 0' ,'f"',, f, 1 W , . W ...H -' -. l 4 Y ' KV" ,Vi ' ,Y A V- 'Y' W 1 F' - .. I' . . ' 4 11 , Z -, I, 3 gg , , , an ,. f 4 gs-sr . I lr 'I len. 1. QM' V in 1 f 'ff ' 4 ' -'YU 'lf . .- "f-1. 'Q , lv-f"'f""-9 , 'b MQ! 7 A L, cf. 'X-,fl-L G. wail' .gb ..I 9 'Q 044611 --. . as-.e z-'ff'-4--4,1241-9:t','H P5 ' ' wwf- . ass.-:. -1.4 I I: .I 'fit :Viz .JI-II??L I .5 ,. 1I..T,n':gQ I ISE IL. . I ff-'zf I ?-5121: SSQIEAQEJ4. I if? I 'f f -,:.I"wi3. 'sg-QI-f-" '..gI-fl. -fahi'-f.-?'i'WT-er-ife,nia -4.1 41 5 sgkg'-:,..lff-'HPI--41 -43? ' 1' '-swf:-f.'.l:.: -ji?f? "'2Nf75?v3"f5.. -.ff-SAL I. '.:?w:,?G2-- tl' -. y W I' pg- efzgafvqf-'.i: -i.,gLZ-gg-7f,LigaLl'9iiiSQ'11 - '23'1g:: 'M ga-'Y j,f:fu-Flkgg' if -Q.'.'.g1,g.25ft:?:i21-' ko 'T'lf?eTrE3i2- 5 Isley- 521.3-G54 'W . va' " ff 1 ., I , I r..,.- 'Ki .. . - .nQ'.... '!.'a-.- .. - X, , - 4 V ff gf!! .- w.s,t-'wt 1f.3.-'IF53,arsQh,-- , - yt? .- ---,I,.i 512.1--'Q5 - ' - 2. ef- 15 II'5.f?I72..1-5r.aff?ffggI-?1g'5,":,,3-'Aff-QE' -I I I - Q .gf ,-sf- .3-:,:If.I-Qfggygq -E :fit . -. -' JL '.f-1?j."Qf,1Qif,'.'53II'oEr,f:'ni.:g:jf'I5II1,'II'f..:g1-4,5 gfgf Ig- - .. --Lz M et- -"1 '1 f ,I.s.-f-tag. -- -..'I-331'-2,.:.rl'fI-an-me -tl-nf 7132 -ff'---ze - -.I ' ' H- . ll-'E' 2' ff- 2, f',a 7 ' -arf-5-"i L' 5 'fi' 4 :iv ."'f-:5h:l27'-f G51 ' 'KLA III. FOUNDATION: , ',. T-I '- A. lm Qs: 7, 51 .1 ' I Il -I 1 I . 3. . -I 1 I 'gf' LIZQ-9.1 f.gX,?I?:gg15T-f'Qgigjg:,,g o '-. --cjhig-gQI -5-E155-2L.fII5 '51 lb 'FF ,. . t - I . u r-'S . 2' P'l-w'e11t:Q35fs,1i?4-A - .ip .ISII II Other foundation can no man lay than that is u1crid,lwhgGhgI1s leans CliQs1q?,.vE.3Q-3gqI-ESFBI +I. I ,iz -1. . I-,QI I I II I I I ,, - ,,I,:II 1 I' 4 35.1 ag--vsp' any," je - rI I it is , "' :.'I ll Corinthians 3:lll. Then, leaving the principles of-th1s,Ii,oundaliIon, I goE"gQIqL3,III,3sIgfg:Jtj3,3.?g 1I:I2zI-II ,:. ,I r II II II I V I I I QI 1 'Ii-Iv., - -I.I-I:,"fg.'Q".x?,.IIQif'w,1,fjq:f-Eljjr -,Q If ,I Ik: III- , . Ii: I. I.4Ij, - ,I ,I I,YgI. 336-fn'-2 . building unto perfection lHebrews 6:ll. No better-logic was--ever IQIIBIBI dslihda Sgifkkfe- . '27 C jf I -1 QI tf-:r s "L ' ' L , A. vw uamxfazfae -. i f' 1 - -5 - -- in this conclusion. revealed by the Holy Spiritg f For with such aI2lot1ndgli6tyi'.th,Ex'e-F IQ E271-its 55" -,I,:'Q'gf"r'f-"f1'g'!1b.-T' . F552-.I Ziff -'14 V. I , , I I ' I -if -. -'f.v?-h-i'if2.',r:- X331-.1525 ii,3j' if:1i-JN-'Ifsm 'i,4...f5,'1s.,r ,I I . Ig is every provision for a perfect building. Without 1t,Iflaws 1nIIthe-strqblfure 4 -'f' g4fI.,-- .I f - -II II5I,,..'1.5-,IIIf-.xg C' ' If- '. I I I I , . - ' i -, 1 iw'-'I 1- sg- rr. - " '- -1"-tv.: ' ' E ,II 5 bf it early deterioration are inevitable. The house built upon the-sand'hasgfaf,lg1terhtgI11n34J aII3E5.I5.-IIf,fI.1 .,I,If.5 as I N I, I I -. I - . ' I I -IIg,.1-II'j,II .- -'ILIIIIII ,I QQ.: ggi?-v:v5,I,IIIIn 1' - fri: If .If L 1 :fl F doing when the floods beat upon xt. But the-one bunlt upon'-a' ,rock .7 .. ,'sE9:..3gff,ZI.ff- ' r mt.-' . . . .. 4 ' , . V '. 7 4- ". .- '13-ff-ff".3115--Yi-5'ft7' f:fi7-,JY - 324' ,"" 1" 17' 'Q"'? 51, LI. I 5 storms. If the foundation IS accorded durability in materialgdepth fI:-II,I,.:.T-if ' . -i I . . . . - W - - '--ff: is I. A Eag- and skill in workmanship, then the winds may beat 'upon ,lhQffbll1!,dlIjQ T: -'g 4t?igf:'3II rib'-rf, rams descend and floods dash against thewalls, yet the chqnfEgE:I-Fa,Qi,hfdBtI1g'og-. ftygfgf-lg,e.g QI-- I,.I .II :II 'Ia I II ,.i4 A 42. II 1, .4 :e:IIIIIiIZfI,-13 fgf-,I-?5IlsLgIp'IfI?I.-Ii fi I.I x If I I ,.,I- --I -I.., endurance. As the workers were pouring cement-,I and lnsettxhgy-reer3fQYt:egirMIs'.1:-'QIIQI -- , l- . . . . V . ici--'ay :--f:Qf"-vr1:.-.- - - '51-"f f, f IPf,35 into the foundation of the new building, they were carefuljthdjfrgo ' g I--jf' . wp 'H I - , I I -' I-'a,-Iggy-I'-1-5 'pc .'::'gIsg1 iff" I 'I -,Ty ig W Ii-,I left on any side or corner. As a result, Founders. MemorialIstmdsiasI.ai1zI 3l'fIIST?-'-f'i'fzf?f'rS.if.i.-izlfz. lie. 1:1 f' 52 -'- I I I I I I . I , A "2 -rl' f. 'I-.57 ifIix'35Is'2J"!b'fZf'y..f " -'. I rf: to God-given ability and conscrentlousness-beautiful and- durcrblgn-gL5"'g.':ff,zI3jEIfgi 'f'4p?'2SIj1iEIj-153: I J - -'l - :S 1 If . . , . - 1 .ll 1 L H 1 i 'f'a1ff.2."5iE1 J. .' if V '1"f3-R 1-if-'23 .1 fi- 5' Even so, without Chn one s l 1 eventually 'and ir1Ievl!al5lyI5l'ie'-wxeclltidg Eg if I jlfg LJIIIIQ -'ft 'bk V. I I' ' ' 'S I I I I ' ' 4 .1-IZ. 'N--'ig'-'I-I'.h-.'.i Fa, '.gn5 ' I- . In.: 1If3II'j1-I II iifggiig ' rn the storm. But 1f one gms le s Christ-deep,3strong1I2znc:l!'I'etetnt'il?it1i.1-5' I 554' Q ttf? '- . . . " Y ' '. f Qssfw--1:2 712'13-'fiif-:E,.?4Lill5'f51fv Q73 :Fit- glygqz f ,I ' the foundation of his he will no ger be moved ,hither Gnd-,slhljherfby 'fheg '--.:'-'gag3::f.gZ2gIf3.'f??CI31-1sq I:3I',f?I4'.15-"1 wc Eff va, ' in A' E . . . . . ' , . . - ' -543. ,Xu f fx fi-ff-.",'fL'5 --ITFL: f I-I 1" "f"'-'fm' I, ,QI-5 fag vicissxtude - life, ill be art of that kingdom vv4IhlCh'CQ11n01 be' moved, Tig -i ..-I Q 'LIEIII' 'li--f.l"Q.I:'gEj7 -I f - 1- . . . . - P ' I . ff- -24 1-fivxw-.f Q . u -Y if X . a lello : wi saints the -household ni Qodi- stone-Yin f1-ffQ?sbi?g'II,1-xiifix -1 . ' '-: X 1- 1 N1-'N I I I I I I ' ,T ',- -I 'fIQ3. 7 3---x"45 7 52-"3 'ff-I-'-2' Eff", it -i3f1:5'5'f' , .1 ,, 5 1- 'JIVYJZ-" I'ffI It :I s te ,- e oun tion 1 rrst significant step: Heg is -the. lfokkgiupon ww.. hi - I I II A I I W.. .I 1 1, f ,f.,,jf-....,f'- 1 -M I f .., 414-5 7. -'-ei3I'?QI1gIII3IkI5g'g -N I hic st 1 must bui t, ior We are laborers together Hun: 'ye are' tg ' Ei-, ff 5 . ' ffl ?-N . , . . , - I , ' . l - 7.-fi P f-'jf V 4' ff! "'3"'i:-:fi Vit' 1 "-7f:":-1"i"r:s-7'-' ,EIIIQI ods f - ndry, ye are Gods building. ' I II .1 QI 1- ' if 1 f'II'3I-I:g.1IgI-Q-213555. T' I .I " .I --5,5 a ' - , H2 51:--L' I -if '-ff1Iv..I-QI.. I I 4 , ,, I51r":,.."-II-'I Iigfi. ' I. 2 I - 5 I ' - gQI'Yig1EQfgIQ?i.'t'Egif r ' r . , - ,-: 14 f - -1 - mf.. af'- ' -"live -f5K5f'.ai',v. s?.-- , 11' - 1 1-M12 2 I - X' K. -IT: ,Q ... . . ' I 7 llf- ' -'1J':-vvqtfi' 3 'Ilia-I' ,FI I iff:9y.ff'FL'fi,'t, - 'T Q Ig. ' 'fl RJ vzjrfwfr:-.5frfi1?'. Z2 s-WL ' fs .f 'V A 2 '.9-"-"fm".1h'1.B15H'3l. "l'..'-v.'7'rF'--' xr, 5 I ,,?'g': 1 . I tI,.--f3-,,-z5Iv-?IIEIEBZfs1f-- Xhgaoq' J'- ' x Tv-I 1 . gf 'Q gg r It I III jf: I- LIIF'-nfl-f.. g . ij, -3 -4.5. 'QIQ-Zff 5 , wg- ' -I ,1.-ffg,'13LQ1I'51gI?'?'f7'h'I If 7 ' ' II .I. - is up wssf-'emi HN f -.5-re 's2ifS-CI4'ii1-.fixes - --f " l i If -523-I fa'-iilr?5f1f1fZIIg ff ORDAINED AND COMMANDED BY CHRIST ln Matthew 9:35438 is recorded an incident in the earthly life of Christ describing what is involved in the Great Commission to the Church. lesus looked and saw the multitudes, not so extraordinary in itself, for we too have seen multitudes. 'We have seen thou- scnds milling about us dailyg our newspapers show pictures of people from every part of our country: missionaries from almost every field cn the globe have shown us slides of the natives in these foreign lands. Vife have seen the multitudes. lt is Christ's reaction to what He saw in the people that interests us. Something filled His heart with compassion. He did nct rejoice in their frivolities, their sensuous delights, their selfishly gained successes, or their vain pleasures. His heart strained to the breaking-point and His eyes burned with tears because He saw them as "scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd," as a ripened harvest. What have we seen in the multitudes? Do the people of Africa represent an interesting species of primi- tive life, the Latin Americans as people dwelling in adventurous circumstances, the South Sea Islanders as people to be envied for their romantic setting, or does the sight of these people arouse ct vision of men doomed to a Godless eternity, victims of Satan's devices, subjects of God's terrible wrath? Christ saw in the plenteous harvest an opportunity to glorify God, to accomplish His willy but one cog was missing in the machinery, retarding everything-"THE LABOURERS ARE FEW." lesus, being the Christ, offers one simple solution that needs no addition nor subtraction-"PRAY ye therefore the Lord of harvest, that He will send forth labourers into His harvest." This one element envelops the whole of the Great Commission. PRAY, pray as Christ prayed, with pure-hearted sincerity, every desire focused upon the accomplishment of the request. With such earnestness, Gcd's altar would be piled high, with financial gifts to send forth labourers, with young lives yielding to the call of God. This is our task. How we have attempted to fullfill it for His praise and glory is shown on the next few pages. jtudcnfa' ' 'ndgand Friday evening will always be remembered as one ot the high lights in student life. The purpose ot the Mission Band is to acquaint students with the tremendous need of a world lying in bonds of sin, and to impress upon ea:h student his responsibility to help bring Christ to those who have never heard. To accomplish this purpose, God has sent missionary speakers to us who have personally observed the conditions of many lands. Through these men and women ot God we have learned how deep and hopeless is the sin and despair ot the pagan world. We have learned too how great is the power of Christ to set men tree. Many of us have caught the vision of lost souls "having no hope, and Without God in the world," and these services have been an incentive to increase our determination in fulfilling the Great Commission. :DK 'Y' vs -si Y C . . p . MONDAY: Mexico, Central America, South America, West lndies. TUESDAY: Africa, Madagascar. WEDNESDAY: lndia, Ceylon, Afghanistan, Ne- pal, Baluchistan, Burma, THURSDAY: China, Iapan, French Indo-China, Tibet, Korea, Manchuria, Mongolia. FRlDAY: Europe, the lews, the Near East. SATURDAY: Home Mission, Alaska, Labrador, Canada, Tract Team. ' SUNDAY: Gospel Teams, Netherland East lndies, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Malay, Pacific lslands. t "Pray ye therefore the Lord oi the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest." Here is the command of the Master calling Christians everywhere to prayer. This is not a matter of personal opinion or impulse, but a commandment which demand: obedience from all who hear and know his voice. ln obedience and love to Christ, many oi the students have gathered in the chapel at 5:00 P.M. to cry unto God to send forth la- bourers into all the world. Because this is tie will of God, we know that He has heard us, and that the blessings released in this ministry are positive indications of still greater results in the Muttermost part of the earth." , Jw Kxtl ldolzld, 'l7111Mion.4, Jmm For the first time in its history, the Institute has organized a gospel team to preach missions. The team is made up of young men who have been called of God for missionary work. Their central theme is based upon the Great Commission, Matthew 28:l8-20. First, the Great Commission is given as the one task of the church in this present age, and then a series of interesting maps is shown depicting the need of the world. 'lhis is followed up by a challenge to pray, to give, and to GO as God lays it upon the heart of each in- dividual. maumm, 4PmwdLcaL ln order that each one of us may more fully realize his responsibility in World evangelization and that he may have a clearer conception of tne present world need, the History of Missions class has undertaken the publication of a monthly paper. It is the aim of the class through this paper to en- courage continual and fervent prayer and sacrificial giving for missions, and even to lead some to the uttermost part of the wcrld. To the left is a picture of the periodical staff. ON THE FIELD-REV. CLAYTON STEINER Many miles to the south of our school, in Peru, South America, is Rev. Clayton Steiner, our missionary representative bringing the gcspel message to lost souls. lt has been our delightful privilege, as the Students' Mission Band, to aid in supporting him financially for a number of years. Since his support was assumed the cost of maintenance has risen: accordingly, this year we tool: on the in- crease of one hundred and thirty-five dollars in his allowance. With Mr. Steiner personally representing our missionary effort, it has been our responsibility to hold him up before the throne of grace continuously that God may sustain him and use him to bring many precious souls into the kingdom. May God bless his work among the Peruvians, and richly reward him with a bountiful har' vest to the glory of the Father. TAKING NEW GROUND FOR CHRIST The year l942 marks a new step in the missionary effort of the Students' Mission Band. Recognizing Gods increased blessing upon us in late years, the Mission Band, which has for some time been aiding in the support of Rev. Clayton Steiner in South Ameri- ca, was led to realize that God desired to do a further work through us. After much prayer, the student body, led by the Holy Spirit and with faith in the promises of God, decided to increase our mis- sionary effcrt in reaching the millions for whom Christ died by sending forth another missionary in addition to assuming the full support of Clayton Steiner. Such a step involved the raising of fourteen hundred dollars--more than twice the budget of the pre- ceeding year. Such a sum seemed beyond our means, but being reminded by the Lord that our part was but to trust and obey, we launched out at the beginning of this school year with this goal in view. lt is with joy in our hearts and a song of praise upon our lips to the faithfulness of God that we announce the near completion of our budget. The end of the first semester found the Mission Band with more than one hundred dollars over the first semesters obligation, and God is graciously meeting the need in this the second semester. Soon another messenger of the cross shall be heralding the glad tidings of Christ lesus to those who now sit in darkness and the shadow of death, bound by chains of sin and superstition. Surely the Lord hath done great things for us: whereof we are glad. 9711211112111 Band Wvtm. FIRST SEMESTER The purpose of the Mission Band services is to promote mis- sionary interests and to broaden the vision of those who are called for foreign service. Some students have made a deeper consecra- tion and others have received definite calls for the mission field. Mrs. Pearl Dobson from China presented some of the major and minor difficulties of being a missionary. Miss lean Pound, also from China, spoke on "Being in the Will of the Lord." Rev. R. S. Roseberry of French West Africa, challenged us to thorough conse- cration. Rev. Thomas Moseley, President and Dean of the Nyack Missionary Training lnstitute and former missionary on the Kansu- Tibetan border, addressed us regarding the reception of the Holy Spirit. Mr. Iames Reed, a Methodist layman, who has traveled ex- tensively in Latin America investigating the missionary work of several societies, showed us by stereoptican slides the missionary progress of these fields, and challenged us with the tremendous opportunity of the present hour. Mr. Y. Chandler, from China, gave an unusual message on Scriptural missionary methods and their effectiveness. Mr. Chandler said that China's heart's door is still open, but it is closed from without. Rev. Theodore G. Ziemer of Siam tThailandi gave several examples of the eagerness of some native Christians to receive and to propagate the gospel. Rev. T. l. Bach, General Director of the Scandinavian Alliance Mission, in his message on the necessity of being indwelt by the Holy Spirit, said, "We will make it hard for sinners to continue to live in sing we will make it easier for Christians to live by our contacts for Christ, if we are filled with the Holy Spirit." Other speakers for the semester were Rev. Q. I. Everest: Rev. Kenneth Hawkins of the Fort Wayne Rescue Mission: Rev. Ioseph H. Smithp Miss Emma A. Harlamert from Chile: Miss Amelia Bertsche of French Equatorial Africa, the Student Mission Team, Miss Effie Peck of French Equatorial Africa: and Rev. Arthur Bloomfield. SECOND SEMESTER Rev. Floyd Bowman who has labored under the Christian and Missionary Alliance in French West Africa related incidents of the transforming power of the gospel and of the special guidance of the Spirit given to converts. Mrs. R. S. Roseberry, also a missionary to West Africa, gave her testimony concerning her call to the mission field. She emphasized God's faithfulness to the yielded life in that He supplies every need. Mrs. Tamer Sterling, thirteen years a missionary to India, brought us a timely message on the value of reading and memorizing the Word of God. Miss Martha Moennich, world traveler and missionary, spoke on pioneer experiences in the jungles of South America. She ex- plained that the difficulty of telling the story to a tribe which has never heard of Christ requires divine creativeness because their vocabulary has no words with which to express the truth. Mr. Charles Stamm, missionary to French West Africa, showed the field in pictures. The contrast between the countenance of the born-again Christian with that of the heathen, is most striking. Rev. George Constance, who has spent one term in Colombia, South America, gave us a stirring message, saying that the damning sin of Romanism is that it keeps the Word of God from the people. He gave the challenge of carrying the gospel to the great unevan- gelized area of the Amazon, which must be reached before its people become sealed in the ritual of Romanism. Dr. I. C. Massee of Winona Lake, Indiana, spoke on the subjects "Going forward for Christ" and "Modern Petting Parties." He stated the fact that in every man's life there is a supreme moment when he will make a choice and that everything will hinge on that choice. He also said in regard to social living that the standards which we have accepted are those which become the unwritten law of our country. He illustrated dangers of loose living and then gave the challenge of a return to "Victorian" standards. Because of the immediate printing of the Light Tower we are unable to complete the list of this semester's speakers. fljvuth, "American Youth for Christ" was the vision of a group during the early part of the second semester of 1940, which developed into a cityewide youth conference. During October 31 and November l and 2 the students of the Fort Wayne Bible Institute sponsored the second annual youth conference. The aim of the conference is to bring our Living Christ to the lost youth of our city. ln preparaf tion for this event, many sought the Lord in after-dinner prayer meetings and in a twenty-four hour cycle of prayer for His blessing that the aim might be realized. The conference committee consisted of seven students with Mr. Paul Wagley as chairman, and two faculty advisors, Messrs. S. A. Vlfitrner and Ira Gerig. Most of the churches were contacted several times before the conference eventuated. About a week before the conference, two church delegates from several churches in the city attended a banquet held in the Bible Institute dining hall. Messrs, S. A. Witmer and Donald Miller addressed the group. Special vocal selections were furnished by a male quartet and Mr. Daniel Demmin. Dr. R. R. Brown of Omaha, Nebraska, radio evangelist and pastor of the Omaha Gospel Tabernacle, was the invited confer- ence speaker. The Grenacliers Ouartet of Iackson, Michigan, with Miss Helen Griggs as their talented accompanist, furnished the special musical selections. Mr. Harold Goodall, the chorister, taught the congregation choruses. We shall not soon forget Mr. Helsley singing "Ship Ahoy." All the sessions were well represented by the churches of the city. The first conference session was opened on Friday evening with Mr. Paul Wagley as chairman. Dr. R. R. Brown delivered a fungus forceful message on Ephesians 6:13, "And having done all, to stand," using the characters Esther and Daniel, Dr. Brown pointed out that in an hour of great crisis, both came to their positions of responsibility in royal houses. What we need in America is not a crusader's spirit, but rather men and women who will make others conscious of their need of God. Saturday on a cold, windy afternoon, happy Christian young people paraded through the downtown district. ln the auditorium after the parade Miss Guendolyn Chapman, Mr. Alfred Shadduck, and Mr. Donald Miller spoke on the Bible as a Holy Book. Dr. Brown delivered his second message, "Never Man Spalce Like This Man." lesus did not come to show us the way to liveg He came to show us the way to life. A trumpet trio provided several selec- tions. Dr. Browns third message was on the story of Samson, "And he wist not that the Spirit of God was departed from him" Cludges l7:2OD. Sunday afternoon and evening sessions were climaxed with blessings. The Meier trio, Miss Dorthey Slabaugh, and Miss Elsie Ueberschar gave vocal selections. An interesting feature was added to the Sunday afternoon session, the opening of a question box with Miss Hazel Butz, Rev. Harvey Mitchell, and Dr. I. Warren Slote giving helpful impromptu answers. The two messages for Sunday were: "Youth in a Changing World" Cl Chronicles l2:32ly and "The Man Everybody Ought to Know" fMatthew 82273. Christ was exalted in our conference. Our prayer is that each year the conference will grow in influence, with many lost young people in Fort Wayne finding our Risen Savior. SPEAKER: CONFERENCE COMMITTEE: GRENADIERS OUARTET: Dr. R. R. Brown of Omaha, Ne- braska Rev. Paul Waqley, Chairman Fred Kreh, Co-chairman LaVern Marie Hein, Secretary Charles Glenn, Treasurer Wayne Iudd, Manager of Ar- ranqements Donald Miller, Promotion Mari- aqer Daniel Demmin, Manaqer of Music Faculty advisors: S. A. Witmer, Dean lra Geriq, Instructor Neil Crapo, Second Bass Sheldon Helsley, First Bass lunior Kubish, First Tenor Harold Goodall, Second Tenor Helen Griqqs, Accompariist B . Building- Stone, steel, clay! Building- Day by day. Foundation, deep and strong: Walls, straight and true, Windows, open wide, Sunshine, light, within. Building- Piece by piece, Building- Strong, fine, complete. Building that time cannot decayp Building that shall never sway: Building to live, to work, to play, Building for completeness in "that day." Building- Spirit, soul, clay. Building- Night and day. Foundation, Christ our Lord. He the Head and Cornerstone, Light from Him, and grace and truth, For purity and iruitfulness, Building- At His ieetl Building for time, eternityg Building that none can ever swayp Building to live, to work, to pray. Building from iaith to victory! Helen Zorb I watched them tearing a building down, A gang of men in a busy town: With a ho heave ho, and a lusty yell, They struck a beam and a side-wall tell. I said to the foreman, are these men skilled? Are they men you'd use it you had to build? He gave me a laugh and said, no indeed, lust common labor is all I need. We can wreck in a day or two, What it would take a year to do. I said to my self as l went my way Which ot these roles am l trying to play? Am I a builder who works with care Shaping my lite by rule and square? Am I moulding my lite by a well-made plan Patiently doing the best I can? Or, am I a wrecker who walks the town, Content with the business of tearing down? Edgar Guest ldv ' fluzfum, l will sing unto the Lord, because l-le hath dealt boun Psalm l3:6 tifully with us." This being our text for the year, we as members of the Worri- en's Chorus, by the help of the Lord, have endeavored to pro- claim l-lis praises in song, to all who have heard us, under the efficient leadership of our director, Professor C. A. Gerber. Our school motto "Training for Service and Service in Training" offers us a great challenge in this def partment, for souls are given the way of salvation in God-inspired songs. This year we travelled extensively in lndiana and Ohio. We trust that many hearts were uplifted because of our efforts to exalt Christ in our concerts, God has blessed us greatly throughout the year and therefore to l-lim alone shall be the praise. ' fhvfuu, "Sing ye to the Lord, for he hath triumphed gloriously." Ex. 15:21 I-leralding the "tidings of great joy" through song and tes- timony is the paramount purpose of the Mens Chorus. Testi- monies from many listeners prove that this group has been made a channel of blessing wherever it has rendered con- Certs. The Chorus, under the direction of Professor lra Gerig always lool-as forward with anticipation to the annual spring tour. This year a six-day itinerary carried the Chorus into Churches of various denom- inations in lndiana and lllinois. Our hearts were gladdened to see needy souls encouraged and strengthened during these Concerts. We trust that we have left behind a trail of mended hearts and rejoicing souls f--all to the glory and honor of our adorable Lord. o , Chofum, O come, let us sinq unto the Lord." Psalm 95:l. The Lord has put a sonq in the hearts of l-lis redeemed ones. loy- fully, therefore, they sinq of His redeeming love. Salvation is the theme of their songs. The School of Music is one of the major departments of the Fort Wayne Bible lnstitute. One of the organizations of this department is a choir of men and women, commonly known as the "special chorus." Their voices are beautifully blended in sonqs of praise to God. Under the direc- tion of Professor C. A. Gerber, accompanied by Pro- fessor Geriq at the piano and Professor Weaver at the organ, the chorus has brought inspira- tion to many listeners. The mixed chorus takes active part in commencement week activities. -7211, nf, ,9nA,I:.mL J wrmlz, Gospel Team work is real work. That is, it is not merely experience in view of a ministry after school days. Year by year concrete records of actual accomplishments in service have been made. The totals over a ten-year period amount to proportions which indicate that the Bible Institute has been an effective evangelizing agency within outlying communities from Fort Wayne, While spiritual influence cannot always be calculated mathematically the following facts may be regarded as a token of what has been accomplished. Annual Average 1940-41 Total Services 235 319 2,350 Songs Sung 779.6 l, 127 7,796 Addresses 91 155 910 Testimonies 329.4 520 3,294 Conversions 78.6 l5l 783 Aggregate Mileage 4,254 I5 73,435 425,415 PASTORS' APPRECIATION Through the years the ministry of the teams has made a place of friendship for the Institute in the hearts of many pastors and congregations of more than a score of denominations. It is the policy of Gospel Teams to adapt their work to each situation: they build with the pastorsy each team trip is intended to be a permanent spiritual contribution to the church visited. The gratitude of the churches as expressed in their letters is an encouragement which may well be given a place of permanent record in this volume. "Thanks for past courtesy and cooperation in supplying Gospel Teams. My impression and observation from students of B. I. is that you are remaining firm in apostolic Christianity. The great need today in the churches is for a return to experiential Chris- tianity."-A Methodist pastor in Columbia City, Indiana. "We have surely appreciated B. I. help during our revival and again todayflqally Day. There were six or seven definite victories during the meeting."-A Fort Wayne pastor. "We appreciate the team very much. The girls' singing proved an unusual blessing to us and the boys worked in their tes- timonies nicely. Would like to have them back."-A pastor of Perrysburg, Ohio. "Words cannot express our appreciation for the Gospel Teams that we have had from your school. They have built our churches and blessed them abundantly. Each team that I have had fellowship with is only better."-A United Brethren pastor in Bloomville, Ohio. Many more testimonies of like character could be given from pastors throughout the Middle West. Z 1' ,fr S 'US 'Y'- 'S -15 -, S W5 we 'eu -., x.. ff.. 'mf, X I .Q,'a,. sf s , x 1,4 291 wrl"':.s. -4 -U , x4 -. A-12.0 4. .5-, Q y4'A5 .gf K' haul' QW, g f ., 'f 1 -e 1-A 'ffl . ' fifzwcefff- l l 'iN,iis5fws..- 'Si5ri" i:- ,Tiff 3-ri. J-H3-1-fn-' Y-is '3'1-T.- '-.-51 ll '- . '- "f'3f- if-,.'lf.l.?f9-3iQ,'i2-.'v5Lfii'ff-3355 .gf Til" T. X! 1 s A v, g W 4 ' A 'vsiifg 55225 gs . Q L--Q ii-1?'f'g5kff'1 -4- ."Qitif' :f5t5?if'."' ' ""' ' - -, 1123-grg, tT'iT,':1131ff.fE-ugix fm.-gifgffy Quai?-Q sf, 23. 'fs-:iii2:3.:':L1.w1 -V " delhi' ' - -,rt . .iff 1 . . E -, 2. C: ,F "Lift-rw-.V,r g,' -F4 -fl: '-rg-:S -- . , , " ' , 'T' I., ,.,g', gg". .-"T-4-fil, - 1 1 4. 3 , .ef ' ,--ll IV. CORNERSTONE: . 45- .lf,fl.fflfV15-jY,5f15T'?Jg2lf1Ef1-,Zig47. ":j'f.,,f5jc.g "H-rg.-Qs' ' ,'1Q,.- SPN!-Fifwrs-1-3 Ji'-21 -' -1. l Y ,xi ,IIA -.M lx Z.,-, eg fa . 5 :Rfk I. :i . . . V2 f 1-f. rf 2' X -- U: n if-f -ff ff- -' - 2' ' 1' '-'-.S-'-5212. '-- - '-tit - ' Q rf Tafiiii' T- tg-: mms as-Z. N .-. -ff: -'Teh-x:'1..-,-.'f .1 - - 3. . . . . - . X 1 ' - T: ' '- 1"-' -. 7-fb:-?3?t,P.1-'X':'w1'1?f..w- , Y f , -"N-1-1 ,A 'f:...' '11-' .- li 53 f, The cornerstone is so placed in a building as. to be -a-supportnupoim -Wh1CHgmQ?gs,' 1-Jisahgfg-QQ,-55'g,:352.swi!, 7 ' 3, "da"sf-,-W - 3- - , ' - ' -' .aww '- - 217. 3- :2 :f l '- . :-. f ..- '.:'-1. 4-" T"2"f - 4 -f . . . " 1 . : . '. 1, -- - - 1'-113:21 -1 -' - +-. -- . 'V ,Pail -. .- xi - , superstructure is raised. and a connecting medium. binding,-tqgetherfrts',pagts.5I1tqYf4,f?frfEf2Cl2?fN?SQ,j?5, - it, if QE-,i:7.g5f,f? .ff "1 Q , t ., 1I1"5FIk'T lla 'iff -'1flQ'-f311'T-QE?-v""5?35't"f"fqs'3ff -.1 lf. - Rf! 4 is. therefore, of fundamental importance. In Athe fbuildinq 'ol'f3-the.-gliduseholdlpl5',f,Qggfgg3fi.'guE.iLfS5iZ ,,r '." M' '31,-ififrf 1' V- -, L N . . 1 ,VV Y 1 . :,y t 1.17 A iggtmzt .- RT, Msg... i ' .1155 4,--1 ,H R 'g 1: I 1-f fj w? iaith, Iesus Christ Himself is the chief Cornerstoneu-Thus supporteclgfvthe, 1- , l ' " F" ' ,. " ff. 'K-""'Vf"-31 :'l'l'54:7":--l?'f:..l':-.3'.i3ifffl7 "ESQ '.-si 1.51, 3..:1,.'14'-'f5fi-.':- -L if N - Hell cannot prevail against it. Words oi wisdom will 'silence-.the 'eiiernylgNQQQS-ii1??g'f5EQ,?sgf",L2 -, 'fig -gsggg,-Aix? '-1' lv . , .l L . TV t I W is -h XV :,r'l.Zg?E'rK.RFx11 K 'xj',5x--- 4 ,Ag 51- in Y T. V- . vllfnihjzeaji- -,ost il g g- ., . the Cornerstone is the Wisdom ol the habitation. Righteousness fgE..'.55All5if:r.i A 'i'-1-:,.'1,l-fig .Y-' if r' .' , . . . , l ,. - ' -Y 2 Q-Q:fi'i rf'iP1.Li ' fr 1--:J-525.3 'E .'- ,I 3 FQ.: SH iniquity oi Hell, for the Cornerstone is made unto .the household ,Righteoushesfyfg f . " .. 'ii mf f 1' - -wiv., in Q , - t. ,i 15 gi.-Z. 5- -Q-V-,f' 1.5 3-5-gg'VV3.V?-53143 55- iw Hg, ,Q,,4gAj',,,rd,fvi'..x--s?.:.,i,:Y'Q., ,Q V, M 1,5 ii Sanctiiication will confound the demons of discouraqement, lorgfflliriskigs-'tlxhigij 1' . A' I I . V , '-'1:'.:'6il3'-T5f:E4xi?"??:."-,liJiri-Qzrnv-:A3,':1Ai3l3.bm1:Q 'if A , - , .:.3u?:-Ww.'1 .-,Z .1 W Purity and Power of the household. Redemption will Vresist. ,Satan'sfiel'fQff 'T Gig! fi'-H'l:f5fr5Zn'Qf:ixY.?f?'i?E3"'- if , 1- 'f"'e3f'T'f -F-75 , 4 VH .3-A - 1 ,J,t,-V. .. .. 1,15 ,iii g.q,gW,- ,, -l'l..m.,1r , -,,-- l ?wf-2-ffai.1'e.sfg. . . . . 5 - i 15 ' I fr' V- xtgigfqm pc .i trieve the divinely purchased possession, ior the Head of thelfvcornergghgxpalaql .-,'g-gegiffg-gg-fi? 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We have been more than repaid for our etiorts by the testimonies ot rnen who have found freedom in Christ lesus, "But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound" lRomans 51203. jcluwl J ' Christ said, "Suiter the little children to come unto me." ln obeying Him, some of our students are teaching Sunday School classes in various churches. By frequently using illustrations, and object lessons the Bible stories are brought to the children. Reports of conversions signify Gods approval on this work. I l hdci ,ll "I asked Jesus to save me last week," coming from a happy and confident tot of five, is one of many reasons for the Monday afternoon child evangelism class. Not only are these little ones. whom our Lord highly exalts, being born into His kingdom, but they are studying His Word, and from the babe of three to the oldest member, are hiding it in their hearts, that they may glorify Him both now and in years to come. fluhma, Haan, Every Monday night in a booth of the dimly-lighted Oriental Gar- den we each attempt to help a Chinese boy to read and to speak English more perfectly. ln the spotlight at one end of the res- taurant sits a fat Chinese idol. Shortly over a year ago our two boys were in homes where such idols were worshipped and now we are privileged to teach them from the New Testament. 6 ' Qu? - - . V Y I K ,'?' ' .14 ii. 11: A E " P 1 ,, xk 4 -4 -1 If -nl I "--Q., , L-- ' DS if -2.41 1 P E ,ya F 53 xi f i W ,Q V' K K A X , J' P-'a+-f . T fi J iff 213011 -A 4.-f 4 nl. x ig R mug. ,pr 5,311 1 I ,,A, I 1 H '- I-v - ' . 1- .4vAcf.,. 1 .1 A' , I 4 v X I 1 s Allen, Ruth Elizabeth East Lumberton, N. C. Alleshouse, Helen Lela 509 West Washington Fort Wayne, Indiana Amstutz, Flora Della Louise l323 Stophlet Street Fort Wayne, Indiana Amstutz, Wintred Virgil Grabill, Indiana Anderson, Mrs. La Verne 3726 Shady Court Port Wayne, Indiana Anderson, La Verne 3726 Shady Court Fort Wayne, Indiana Augsburger, La Vaun Ruth Rural Route 2 Blutiton, Ohio Baer, Margie Dean 309 Sciota Street Peoria Heights, Illinois Barker, Darlene Evelyn 609 W. Washington Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana Basinger, Melvena Elizabeth Bible Institute Fort Wayne, Indiana Beckwith, Eleanor Ieanne Luther, Michigan mmffm, 794 1. 1942 Bedsworth, Curtis Carson 3722 Shady Court Fort Wayne, Indiana Blocher, Vera Lucille 129 Garfield Avenue Elkhart, Indiana Blomquist, Lars R. R.R. 2, CXO David Sunclen Belvidere, Illinois Blosser, Iohn Henry 402 N. Indiana Ave. Goshen, Indiana Blough, Thelma Irene Iones, Michigan Bodine, William Chester lUO3 Avenue C Dodge City, Kansas Bolender, Nora lane 725 E. 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Graves, Dorothy Eileen Rural Route 1-A Liberty, Miss. Gurley, Iames Lafayette Rural Route 2 Dyersburg, Tenn. Habegger, Florence Gertrude 665 W. Van Buren Street Berne, Indiana Hall, Maurice Rural Route 3 Howe, Indiana Harle, Hazel Lucille 3427 Fortune Avenue Parma 1Cleve1andl, Ohio Harle, Robert Louis 3427 Fortune Avenue Parma CClevelandl, Ohio Head, Glen Donald Walworth, Wisconsin Heaton, Edna Isabelle 16 Penn Street Bellefonte, Penna. Hein, La Vern Marie 12361 Hamburg Avenue Detroit, Michigan Heyworth, Mary 3006 Natchez Avenue Cleveland, Ohio Hirschy, Mrs. Daniel 221 Van Buren Street Evans City, Penna. Hirschy, Daniel Keith 221 Van Buren Street Evans City, Penna. King, Esther Naomi Horn, George Arthur 3rd Air Base Sqdn. Selfridge Field, Mich. Horton, Margaret Ann 117 Harrison Street Swanton, Ohio Hosloach, George Iohn 2024 N. Bond Saginaw, Michigan Hostettler, Iacob Rural Route 4 Goshen, Indiana Howell, Pearl Mae 203 Hanchett Street St. Charles, Michigan Hultord, Rhoda Ruth Rural Route 2 Liberty Center, Ohio Hunter, Eldon Loyd 112 South 12th Saginaw, Michigan Imler, Irene Marie Waterloo, Indiana Irvine, Mrs, Elsie Rural Route 4 Fort Wayne, Indiana Ives, David Livingstone 517 Locust Street Reading, Penna. Iohnson, Alice Merlyne 14861 Fordham Avenue Detroit, Michigan Qbmctolzq, Iohnson, Iulienne Mavis 708 Davenport Saginaw, Michigan Iohnson, Roy 201 South Broadway Spencerville, Ohio Iones, Iuanita Mae 105 West Burgess Mt. Vernon, Ohio lournell, I. Darrel Rural Route 4 Salem, Indiana Iudd, Theron Wayne Stratton, Nebraska Keller, Iames T. Rural Route 4 Fort Wayne, Indiana Kerlin, Mrs. Maud Bernice 3726 Shady Court Fort Wayne, Indiana Kerlin, Karl Le Roy 3726 Shady Court Fort Wayne, Indiana Kimbel, Irene Henrietta 1320 Marquette St. S. W. Grand Rapids, Michigan West Unity, Ohio King, Eudene Evelyn Flanagan, Illinois Kling, Dewey Irvin 4301 South Lafayette Fort Wayne, Indiana Klotzbach, Floyd Frank 410 McComb Street Fort Atkinson, Wisc. Kregenow, M. C. 3406 West 44th Street Cleveland, Ohio Kreh, Fred I-I. 14801 Trinity Detroit, Michigan Kreiss, Mrs. Paul 3726 Shady Court Fort Wayne, Indiana Kreiss, Paul 3726 Shady Court Fort Wayne, Indiana Kress, Evelyn Rural Route 1 Troy, Ohio Irvine, Catherine Rural Route 4 Fort Wayne, Indiana Klock, Charlotte Adell Yuloa, Wisconsin Klock, Iune Marvel Yuloa Wisconsin 1 Kontra, Anne Grace 2854 West llth Street Cleveland, Ohio Miller, Oscar Ir. Fort Wayne, Indiana Hey, Marcus Neution Ohio City, Ohio Payne, Wayland Gray Perrington, Michigan Lamb, Daniel Barnabus Box 116 Artesia, Mississippi Lehner, Leona Linton, North Dakota Lewis, Billy Lynn Rural Route 1 Venedocia, Ohio Lucks, Violet 12357 Wade Avenue Detroit, Michigan Lugbill, Clela May 501 South Defiance St. Archbold, Ohio McBrier, Robert L., Ir. 417 North Ninth Street Goshen, Indiana McClaid, Lillian Virginia New I-Iampshire, Ohio Macy, Catherine Rural Route 1 Arlington, Indiana Marks, Esther Louise Rural Route I lones, Michigan Qbmcffmy. Martig, Dorothea Salome 413 Chester Street Peoria, Illinois Mathers, Audine Ruth 1136 West 30th Street Erie, Penna. May, Franklin 1709 Bayer Avenue Fort Wayne, Indiana Meier, Virginia Grace Rural Route I Swanton, Ohio Merkley, William Seltridge Field Mt. Clemens, Mich. Meyer, Virginia Eleanor 2809 South Hanna Street Fort Wayne, Indiana Miller, Donald Fredrick 2134 Kilpatrick Avenue Erie, Penna. Miller, Russell Martin 213 Queen Street Goshen, Indiana Miller, Virginia Maxine Rural Route 1 Huntertown, Indiana Moser, Dale Edgar Rural Route I Berne, Indiana Moser, Doris Eilene 555 East Main Berne, Indiana Murphy, Edward loseph 4521-168th Street Flushing, L. I., N. Y. Neumann, Ruth Eleanor 720 Isabella Court Clinton, Iowa Nolan, Sylvia Liona 312 West Moneta Peoria Hts., Illinois Norton, Marian Elizabeth 1444 Nowlen Street Mentor, Ohio Patzwall, Billie Marcello 713 Hall Street Flint, Michigan Pickering, Dorothy Irene 323 E. Union Street Allentown, Penna. Pontius, Lois Martha 1112 Cass Street Fort Wayne, Indiana Poser, Victor 3435 Park Drive Parma lCleveland1, Ohio Rabel, Fred Edward 2014 Whitmore Avenue Fort Wayne, Indiana Ratzlaii, Bertha Box 274 Minneola, Kansas Reitel, Arthur Earl, lr. York Road No. 1 Berea, Ohio Reilly, Mary lane 3712 Fourth Street Detroit, Michigan Reilly, Richard S. 3712 Fourth Street Detroit, Michigan Rich, Catherine Isabelle 104 Duane Street Clyde, Ohio Rieker, Rudolph Heil, North Dakota Ringenberg, Ralph E. Rural Route 1 Antwerp, Ohio Roth, Ellis Rural Route 1 Grabill, Indiana Roth, luanita Ilene 2250 Mahoning Rd. N. E Canton, Ohio Roth, Mina 2247 South 74th Street West Dallas, Wisconsin Rothtuss, Dorothy Bible Institute Fort Wayne, Indiana Rupp, Andrew Monroe Rural Route 1 Wauseon, Ohio Rupp, Elsie Mae Rt. 9, Box 2000 Phoenix, Arizona Rupp, Stanley I. Elmira, Ohio Qbmctoluj, Russett, Mrs. Dorland 517 East Main Berne, Indiana Russett, Dorland Rader 517 East Main Berne, Indiana Schaser, George William 14301 Darwin Avenue Cleveland, Ohio Schindler, Mabel 106 Fourth Street Vandercook Lake, Iackson, Mich. Schleicher, leanne Mae East Grant Street Slatedale, Penna. 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Berne, Indiana Sprunger, Virginia lane 4112 Fairfield Avenue Fort Wayne, Indiana Stafford, Laura Mildred Rural Route 1 Carthage, Indiana Steiner, Earl Franklin Box 361 Pandora, Ohio Steiner, Ira Gene 505 West Charles Street Muncie, Indiana Steiner, Maeanna W. 250 College Avenue Bluiiton, Ohio Steiner, Royal Becker 3109 Lafayette Fort Wayne, Indiana Stratmeier, Evelyn Lavonda Woodburn, Indiana Surbrook, Mrs. Burch Croswell, Michigan Surlorook, Burch Croswell, Michigan Swedberg, Richard Blackduck, Minn. Sweeten, Harriet Elizabeth 3320 Mickle Street Camden, N. I. Qbmciolul, Sweeten, Frank Eugene 3320 Mickle Street Camden, N. I. Templar, Arthur Eugene 4230 South Fairfield Fort Wayne, Indiana Van Scoik, Thelma A. Rural Route 3 Goshen, Indiana Van Scoik, Viola Rural Route 3 Goshen, Indiana Vermillion, Millie Ann 237 Harrison Avenue Lima, Ohio Wagley, Paul Edward 506 South Williams Street Nappanee, Indiana Wanner, Mildred Lucile Rural Route l Geneva, Indiana Whaley, Neva Mae Rural Route l Cadillac, Michigan Whiteman, William Leonard 12809 Imperial Avenue Cleveland, Ohio Williams, Dorothy lane 829 Fairview Avenue Lima, Ohio Wilting, Florence Ellen Rural Route l North Olmsted, Ohio Witmer, Mrs. Safara A. 4112 Arlington Avenue Fort Wayne, Indiana Wilkins, Fairy Myrtle 73 Fruitridge Street Pontiac, Michigan Worthington, Edna Mae 409 East Second Street Flint, Michigan Wright, Mary Deen 2209 West Orrnsby Louisville, Kentucky Wright, Wallace Roland, 501 Mary Street Saginaw, Michigan Wyandt, Gerald Vinton 142 Blaine Van Wert, Ohio Yarian, Mrs. Grace Leona 4611 Beaver Avenue Fort Wayne, Indiana Zirnbelman, Mrs. Edwin 3726 Shady Court Fort Wayne, Indiana Zimbelman, Edwin 3726 Shady Court Fort Wayne, Indiana Zorb, Helen Elizabeth 115 Brown Avenue Butler, Pe-nna 4 fx-x ,F-'Q A .gfx , an VV, 4, ,X , X Q .- f s '. 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Maygtheqalivingq stones' Qi' at A , .YYSVSSTCL if 'PP' . , - A I L " :fri-:'f2Q'f1?t,""' 4355-' the oly temple be chisled and refined until like this'coxnplet'ed2,rnysic-fbuildinqi ite? 255- '-1 V I ?fiifTffiiii'Qf5.:sQw.-a t '52 T -. clearly given by God Himself, each tits his appointed place, xnadegby-Him 1 fgr 7 yet together with Him building for eternity. V - 5 ,. 1, . af my-Q. .- Kp ..5-ipjjmwgg'-Q, ' - - " f 3' . u 1V,:,Z:'jp'.gi,-:Aff-i "" 5 '-1 Y .har V. -,.r 4+ 4. ,,,-. . .A ,N , ,,-S-V, 1 .fft2g1f','f-:ek -w3?1s- - -' 2:1-J-.::f'?QeEi:-il' -f f Vw fi?9'L+3f'F'i5i'effX421'i'Ff5"?'if-"A 1 ' -QQ3"itF.i12tiJ'.1ilk' 'fx ' ij, 14 A"-'QQIQTQQ Q, .aff . . ' S2411 J 'ss-w""iL5iffb5"g7P,xQ. - .bf ' 7' '-T I. ' 4 -' 1. yy' , -L v jew -ilk '--f3.4qg34Lf. f i1,'.,Gp'-V YR ,D e:,,,,f , ,1- ,il .- ff' fx. .Fw-:I'24". 19' 2'-.' . ,. 1: -rr .- ' f15g1Ji?3,3i:3i - 44:-'ifig E 'Qi" 'i7' KD 5-' I3 4-F u: cn C1 ii OD IDC 35 CQ- IDS gf, mn 4-A 5-1 O I.I.. w I INNN .JN NNI. NL 'NN' ,UT NNN' -All E, NNNN T NE? NNN 'N ' 2 III IW" PHD" NNIII. IIII N . eN.I.L wh. TNG ullg FNNIQ '5 aiial. N N N N N NNN-N WP NMNN-N frnNuN ,gb Ll N N N N N PN S-NINNN NN NNI -2 NNI UNT NNN'L ,Ui NNN N' I-N17wa+hI-.1 O7 .I Q I 9333 3 fdiu Im mm NNNNNT III NNI 'H I- -I I I-I IININ IIII 'KNNLN 5 aaNN. ,IIII NIIN' VIWIQ 153 m- E M MI 'Nim- NNT? 'NN' NN 'NNN NIV IL N'NfN'NN IIIII 3 IIIII ,.III ITIU u N Tritt EAS 'NN' N-NWN .N-N-L NNNNN E N 'Nu' Ulu' I' IIIII I -WI II" PM NNNNI 'NNN ' III II" NN NN HI. WTI NNIIN - - ' 5 1 ' I NIII, .IIN NN" -MI IIII E ,III'I IIIII IIII' INII INNIN 1. E , ilIl 1.41 I-I - NI "NN Q TNT' NNN' Er? NIN'IN'a 'NNTNI' H414 P MJ NNN' Malw- MLI MN --I fy :I-NI I II fw II NNLL 5 wN-NZNTN IIII: I N N in -an QI14, -vpn 1114 N IT .. Nun 'Nh -I: .NN IN TTHND S Www +NlLl N T'I'll TTU! WILL IINNN V1 I'IiI.I QNLI NN 5 NN NN NN NNN' 'E J., TIT! QILL ITU., .L IIIII h IIII IIII' IIII ,,N LH-U NNRYE NN NIA MIN N N I TIIUNIQ 2 111.1 TTIT 3 lnI.1 .nh E N P+rN r+n,T Tru- nu IN 'U N 'I-I :I 3614 mill TNITL uNNJ I V1 .YI NN III WI "I NNNNNN III IIIN II' III' IN TN- il Q N I'N' . 'I I I , I ,H If N ' IW H 1:3 m -Imam 2 N1 NNT? TINA . ,Id NIE IH I- NIM IIS IIB NAI IA IDI E LJ NINN NIU UHCII -IIIII HII FNNII ml IIII Nd N .J J September- 1O. Registration day. Rev. Q. l. Everest begins three days of services. 11. First day of school. 12. Rev. Q. 1. Everest addresses first Mission Band service. 15. Our get-acquainted picnic is held at Foster Park. October- l. Rev. Ioseph Smith, a saintly gentleman, blesses our hearts with his messages. 3. Monthly Day of prayer. Rev. loseph Smith again speaks. 12. The laying of the cornerstone of Founders' Memorial. 20. Dormitory girls come to the conclusion that it is impossible to balance a bucket of water at the end of a broom. tAt least not while Miss Butz is in the roorn.l 23. Youth delegates of Fort Wayne churches have an opportunity to taste Miss Rothfuss' good cooking. 24. Dr. Slote tests the integrity of the chapel platform. 30. Boys protect new building from vandals. 31. Opening service of the Youth Conference. Novemberf 1. David Ives falls to the floor during supper time in his efforts to tease David Clark. Youth parade through downtown district witnessing for Christ. 2. Closing service of Youth Conference: Dr. R. R. Brown ecalts Christ in his messages. 4. The day when heavy weight boys need help in carrying baskets of leaves. 7. Dr. G. L. Robinson lectures on "Walks about lerusalemf' 25. Seniors cringe under stiff Church History exam,-that isn't any way to win friends and influence people, Mr. Ringen- berg. 27. Students enjoy a second Thanksgiving dinnerAUnc1e Pete is a Republican. December- 8. Students listen to radio to hear, "War is declared!" 9. Mission students begin study of Iapan. 10, Cn this day of prayer, many victories were won. 14. Students enjoy the first fall of snow. The cook prepares snow cream for laundry crew. 17. Christmas banquet. Students go caroling. 19. Revelation of silent sisters at Christmas fireside meeting. 23. Going home for vacation. Ianuary- 2. 5. 18. 23. 24. 27. 31. February 2. 11. 27. March- 8. 7. 8. 10. 14. 16. 21. Aprilf 2 20 May- 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 24. 28. Three-fourths of the students returned! Most of the family now down to "brass tacksp" no, "blue texts." Students held an afternoon service in chapel. Registration of students. Roy Iohnson, Mrs. Dorland Russett and LaVern Hein give welcoming speeches to comfort new homesick students Special services with Rev. William McArthur. Mr. Witmer's birthday. Laundry crew pays him tribute by singing and giving candy and a report card to him. Senior chapel messages begin. Missionary Martha Moennick challenges student body with her messages. Violet Lucks went through several commentaries, but found nothing. lnoculationsfpampered arms, aches, and stomach disorders. Many empty places for breakfast. Dr. 1. C. Massee speaks to many boys and fewer girls on-"How to Make Marriage a Success!" Monthly day of prayer. Burley Clay was one among many who received a "shot" from a nurse and became "sore" about it. Daddy Ramseyer gives his first message since his return from an evangelistic tour. Students happy to receive last shot. Easter vacation begins. Mens and Women's Chorus begin tours. First concert in new building. Addresses by Dr. Robert Lee Stuart. Bishop Leslie Ray Marston, speaker for the day during dedicatory week. Dr. Clarence Bensan, Executive Secretary of the Evangelical Teacher Training Association. Messages by Rev. L. H. Ziemer. Concert by our music faculty and guest artists. Dedication of Founders' Memorial. Baccalaureate service. Commencement. Thirty seniors leave our halls. Dr. V. R. Edman gives address. The MISSIONARY HOUR over siotion VVCDWO 1190 Kiiocycies N EACH SUNDAY X 1 I C11 V 1'--f A- ff ' 1 12530 The First Missionary 1' Church 1 RUDISILL AT SOUTH WAYNE music ond the , GOSPEL MESSAGE 1 51 1 1 I1 1 1 11 'I L C1 C, W. T. Tune in to hedr the 1 Q1 Q1 '11 11 d 1 L 1 --f - ' 1111 SCHEDULE OF SERVICES SUNDAY 1 9:30 Sunddy School W 10:30 Morning 'Worship 1 12:30 The Missionary Hour 6:30 Young Peop1e's Groups 1 i 7:30 Evdnqeiisiic Service WEDNESDAY 7:30 Mid-week Prdyer Meet- 1 ing 1 I COME-Bring your friends to the N friendiy Church. The First Missionory Church ond Sundoy School FORT WAYNE, INDIANA TI-IE EOBT WAYNE BIBLE INSTITUTE "Training for Service and Service in Training." DEPARTMENTS-School of Bible: Majors in Theology, Missions, Christian Educa- Bible-centered courses of study com- tion. AIM-To train men and women for Christian work at home and abroad through LOCATI bined with a supervised program of devotional, practical, manual, and social activities. ON-On a beautiful campus in a restricted residential area ot Fort Waynefthe "Tri-State City" at the hub oi the industrial Middle-West. FEATURES-Thoroughly evangelical and con- servative in faith. Wide range of Bible courses. Direct methods of study. Inter-denominational, with tour denominations on Governing Board, seven on faculty, twenty-six in stu- dent body ot two hundred. Trained and experienced personnel. School of Music: Majors in Voice, Piano, Organ. School of Correspondence: Courses in Bible and Personal Evangelism. FACILITIES--M o d e r n dormitories, library, chapel, auditorium, class rooms, gym- nasium, music hall with studios and practice rooms. ADMISSIONS-At opening ot semesters in first part ot September and latter part of Ianuary. Qnly applications of ap- proved Christian character admitted. Catalogs and information given upon request. RUM is W BIBLE INSTITUTE CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Compliments of CURTIS BEDSWORTH NATIONAL MILL SUPPLY CO. 38th DUPONT Anniversary Distributors We Wholesale in Factory, Mill. Electrical, Plumbing and Heating Supplies Gibson Refrigerators and Ranges Apex Washing Machines Pemco Electric Water Heaters AUTOMOTIVE EQUIPMENT. RADIOS PAINT AND OIL Congoleum Gold Seal and Sealex Linoleum Phone A-ZSIL 207-217 E. Columbia St. Fort Wayne, Ind Compliments of A FRIEND Phone A-2463 SUPER-PAK PACKAGE Hill SUNSHINE MILK BABYBRAND MILK If I I I II II I - H IGI BOTTLED SUNSHINE l I H E A L T H HOMOGENIZED . C q t I t C g I I I IM S s ff E I .g. SUNSHINE DAIRY BABYBRAND DAIRY Phone H-1381 Phcne H-1124 II I i FINEST WATCH AND IEWELRY REPAIRING All Iumes Work Reynolds WHY ana CALHOUN STREET RQPGU Guaranteed MCIDCIQGI' Complete Stock of Leather Bands CHRISTIAN LIFE SERIES Sunday School Literature following the INT. UNIFORM LEssoN Topics HELPS FOR ALL DEPARTMENTS Sample pack on application by Sunday School Officials Address UNION GOSPEL PRESS Box 6059 Cleveland, Ohio Church 6: Sunday-School Supplies Bibles beginning at 600 Testaments beginning at lOc7 Translations by Weymoutli, by Iohn Wesley, by Moffat: Twentieth Century New Testamentp 5-volume Commen- tary by Adam Clarkg 5-volume Commentary by Matthew l-lenryp one-volume Commentary by Iamiesonfaussett- Brown. Religious Fiction by best known authorsp Best known Missionary Books: Sunday-School Libraries 2005 discountg Bethel Series Sunday-School Literature. Plaks, Religious Pictures, Communion Sets, Collection Plates and Basketsg Fluorescent Pulpit Lamps. Offering Envelopes. Write for Catalog. A tithe of our income given to Missions BETHEL PUBLISHING CO. l8l9 So. Main St. Elkhart, lndiana Hutson's Pharmacy YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD DRUG STORE -We deliver- 4001 South Wayne Ave. Phone H-5130 A CLEAN SHOP I-'OR PARTICULAR PEOPLE FERGUSON BARBERS CHRISTIAN BAHBERS WHOLESALE MEATS AND PROVISIONS WE SERVE HOTELS. RESTAURANTS. AND INSTITUTIONS. Downtown i229 Calhoun Street LJ DRYD iElNG Lt" I OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CLOTHES FOR SPRING 524.50 529.50 RICHMAN BROTHERS 9l8 So. Calhoun CONGRATULATIONS. GRADUATES HARRISON HILL DRUG STORE tone H-4286 or H-5ll9 Prescription Specialists It's easier. smarter. to .... COOK ELECTRICALLY C Be wise finsist on cook X ina this modern low-cost I Way. Enioy betteretastinq more - nourishing meals T Electric cookinq rates in Fort Wayne now are the Y lowest in history. 308 East Berry Street Phone A-7441 Compliments of and fnqrhwdnq nmpalfzy Henry Frey Iohn F. Kline 219 East Berry Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana 114091 Er e tx X X ,lg a n POWER PLANTS-AUTOMATIC SPRINKLER SYSTEM Heating and Ventilating - Sanitary Plumbing Piping Systems for Sewage Disposal and Filtration Plants st El F WZ W2 QB FOODS I are especially noted for 'V their hiqh quality and X tasty goodness. Every f I canned and packaged K product has been care- ! fully selected from the J seasons choicest crops, and packed at the peak of its Qoodness . . . prices are always economical. I I A . 5 I 4 .Y -it-it-it . 4 - -tm-tt,-It , ORNW " I1 w 7 , ..'-1-. ? 1 W L. yi y. ' 'sn'-Q15 ' - 'I ElF ,wif A 4,.x-,Mfg-.VA ' AT YOUR INDEPENDENT GROCERS ITTL L L E E F Coffee is HHN Hit Ei :rid iiitsllovr, this :j' it Lift if 1 tif' it lt 1 tftrie-: XX . , , . , I L 5 N 1 F r XA y e un 1 t 1 t i ls 1 r T P I ,Q ,, f If A UFF , f 1 i 1 Eli 'C- t .1..,-t,- .ttt -,,.t-.,.t-t,.- .t,, - .ttt -t.,-t,,-,,.- O X F O R D Bibles and Testaments at "THE BOOK ROOM" Sunday School Supplies Books MISSIONARY CHURCH ASSOCIATION Publication Department Fort Wayne. Indiana REALIZE REAL EYES .... WEAR GETTLE'S GLASSES EYES EXAMINED - LENSES GROUND - GLASSES MADE IN ONE TO THREE HOURS BY SPECIALISTS IN EACH DEPARTMENT THE GOLDEN RULE OPTICAL STORE 835-807 Calhoun Street Fort Wayne Indlana Phone A-B480 - A-6489 Mirrors Restyled J Q N E S an M Q S S and Resilvered ENTERPRISE ART GLASS COMPANY Engineering Building Products Licensed Engineers I ass-39 EAST WAYNE STREET I I 1 FORT WAYNE, INDIANA 225 swndqrd Building Phone A-9488 'EIE'f'E Fort Wayne, Indiana I Ashphalt Tile Floors-Wood Block Floors Crawford Overhead Type Door FURNISHED 6. INSTALLED We furnished: Milcor Metal Trim Wooster Treads G Nosings BY B hl h B 6 ' It e em .ms lusts ARC-CON BUILDING SPECIALTIES CO. Richmond Fire Doors Fiat Toilet Partitions ll23 S. Clinton St. Fort Wayne. Indiana W g TRANSIT-MIX CONCRETE OF GUARANTEED QUALITY AND STRENGTH - nr W I Maximum Service and Minimum Cost X i -Y -A Crushed Stone Sand I I F 77 7777 YI, I I 0NE'IN'HAND 'II-IE ERIE MATERIALS co. I A N E C K T I E S Phones: H-4302 and I-I-4340 Port Wayne n I SELF-TYING ' ' , , Courtesy NO PINS. HOOKS. GADGETS of McKAY ELECTRIC COMPANY Q ELECTRIC CONTRACTOR FOR FOUNDERS' MEMORIAL R 4405 Tacoma Fort Wayne BIBLE INSTITUTE phone H4101 F in nav BRADLEY .fgfcftifecf for FQUNDERS' MEMCDRIAL t t t 1 1 Tetephcmei A-6363 Q 225 East Benny Street Fart Wayne, Indiana Compliments ol BUE SCHING and BUE SCHING General Contractors -for- FCDUNDERS' MEMORIAL William Bueschinq Herman Buesch q Fort Wayne, Ind' AUTGGRAPI-IS CLASS PORTRAITS BY MASTERSON STUDIO AUTOGRAPHS xii ii a mzfury, Pl15llEATlUH Leader Engraving and Printing Company Photographer Masierson Studio .m-Iggy' -. 1' -- ' 'gp-1, ,L P " '14, ' - V ,MV - o-.- N. . . ' . 'CO' - J ,,. -u - A 1 . . , 4 .W .5 I. , 1 , iq fl ' . J'-u - Q .'l" - ,yy ig::'f",-L-. ff, , J. ,A , ,, . ' 1 W ' 'f'Uf', M- n. ,J 1 fl i.'.w.Q-,t lamb 1 55,15 i..L..'4i.. - 1 .rn H, Y I .f. J- ,f-"-,:?Er4 r ..Q....,, We ff' -1-TA 'lu .A '--"H -'.l"-'Tl-,...s',e.1 A .' W! J 4. :Sf .vyzfif ',1 , B 4 , , IL f , ,ve-as . X ' r -, 4 4, , .1 I Af -. , V-1 ',.-ff '- En - : ..1 . ,Y A.,., . ,, '.-rr . ' ' V, ' --K 4 -, , ' ' H :'1 f .'1,"fg' " f' ,. 41.4 .Y .,, ,,. . .- 1-L 'XLQ -'P : m-Jr i- ' A: 'Y 72 w H ' ' f .ul 8 gf! Tn .1-is . .. Q - slidtu, In - --uv xg .'4.'-A -1-.'--1-. , .,.,..- , ,. ,J wk- .4 - i' Q kg., .. , Q ,. . -1 5 ..,g'vZV. '-. 'P'-L' ffP,,1' jg .P-T L J .jjf.g',Z: 1'-'f,'g,W Q, X45 'f-459+ 'i"'i' ,i ' , 1 "5 f'o1 .4-1 'f r--.J '- P' 'Y'-3"N'.n-x7 'Y 70.7 v .1 . , VY" -' -"ff E' ' qpmniiwf. X -5' M, 5-52' ff., 5. . ,paj-. .-1--fl-',' 2" ',.qg'1. ,".y l. I JN . fa, '-mg, '- ' s .Q - - fs N ogg ,," , .g. fn- 1- . ' 'ji' L ' ..: l'Z1-'gq."g I I 9 . l J 4 1 . ' ' Q 2 ' 5 4-Q-gun" ' Liz' . . .'rf2"". '57 rv .fqf inf? 4. 2. . 7- . Q., 'V J4153j.-,,f,.- .. J ,- a'1'.' 'fill I 'E Qjfqg ' A' 'tg' 'V' ll . -. 'qw H V, ' .,- , . m n-1 - N ' 34... ,Dali XA x..,.,r 55' ' "L ,::',',: 'A 1: :f-nw, f ETX-.." 'WH , tl 1355,-5.2. . .f. 1.,z,L5,.gw- ,e3.,,L,m,3w, ' " ' ' 1: -f !".', fi, "'1':, ,.,.' 1 fziivilwg 'iff-1 f ' ,P -fgfat ,.. 1 'N ' if- ' .M f-4.1M 1- 1-' -- 2,Sg,.. ., if hr. M, A+. , .14 ,'.!,, 4 '3:1f4,.g, ,, , 14 3 .N ,'f"f...g .-f,-V g ,--:i?Mg.- ,,.,.f : aq-1.5 ""f:-'f.'-V"-..'--f -" 2.1-'sf Mmm :E-1+."'f'wq4' , -ff'.x --51, ' -- ' V N973 la ' 'W 'z5'i'l' "gm 'L f ' ."li,3' 2. 'f:'-"Ze ff, 1 - ,:fLf.,Yq., "fjpr Lg'-l",f I - ,J ,f,47, Wg? ' ' "Eg,-.?l",.7 W jf T' ,Qt " "3"'e"a "U ' 5 '- A Jxitrigw " .1 ,.. if , X " 91. ' -:fe ""f5?rfi 'f L - "f4if:B,:fg?f.i::t1lnn4 ,A , , , N. QM be ' , '. EJJQQI , , 1,.-v-. X. .--, 'I ' v I 'A Q, r 'L 'wg I. A4- 1 I x..h1x1 . - .-.1 , ,wx-. ' I' .5 .fvl I XIII . ,pw'l,fg.fL+IW 'QM 1.4 :IO 1, V. -1 .ai .Igg - Q-, I ,n, I,I 1 I 1' , - ' '- gv' , 1 x f 1 'hi' v". "L, ,xi - . A -1. -, I- , - I , Q I"-" fv5Ifr"1F" ""'1: " r'T""'f 'W "" "1-'fe-' -1U': .ff,wv:f1Ti'M'sln..- ' .. .,I,. , Mgr.. , I .If I- .,IIIIIII,.I-f II E ""' ' 7 "ig V' "r '-'.z':'l'rkf.+I ,L "I, 7 : T .. . '-f kv hh. ff gp. 1 .T f '- '-5 ph I f ...tap-5. . I L+ 'if . . f. V. " 'mlm " ' 413.5-:Iqif .-'q, LP, II I . 'I:- TEE' ' ' I -I5 55.7 f -' 7 .I. I - -'. my Q:-af r ,' I' I I' " ' i , - ' gr-.IN ti. . .- 1, -., I ,- II .. ,V .I , , --I.g3,.,II-I. i1-'45 ,Q 5 ZGEJ' , ,nfl I--5 -A--' FN fffnf 5 .f.l :Q li -' S6"i1 trim Jlaff '."'.1'j . . if f5q:.:::.- . - . 1 -L -" A "' fl S Q 1 I ' if in M.-,Q-. .6-... '1 15.01 ' , . I . -f'--1.5 ,-' i, ", ' ,' 'ff-'fi' V-1"' . , , .. VI. I 51.07, : , , . .-W If ', 251. 'f',i" .1 I , , If'I'I" .I -5-I,4IIQ'Iv RH-'JA F 'I-.' .'.'v 4. . ' , I' 11-3 1, II .-g-if-04:f',f . ,I,,- . ,I Q -' 5. .-:il C'f'Y"71?.!'. .- - v .4 ', 7 A 'G V g.IIII I :..j ..qjI4g. 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Suggestions in the Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) collection:

Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


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Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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