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,- 1 X , ' ' x x 1 1 ,',, nn with fl' 'Q . ,- ,, - ,. - ,,.. 1 , " g- .,,,v1'4:'f' 'YJ , in ' '- , . ' KJ. ,N I , 4 1 ,V , fy. , ve ' , . . ,,, .,M'4Y,.'., . K .fv. XV'-. ,X M, I r' 5' 4 A 1" -5 ' I - ' 'W n' v ' ' , v gf. . .,f - . . 'j' 1- ' , 1 ...qtw W. . I 'r 4 i' . . V .VUL A p' ff" 'HP . ...L - x ,', bfi , . ., nn, 1- . -5 U' ffl. v,5.' . lx A I Wy.. ng, . 11.5. 1 C ' , 1' .BHK . -"lf-7" '. fi- ,v jg: . hi-.', ff? gf,-f.'f x' ' ' fi -bl . .g-' Pg . Vi.: a,l- nv. - I I 1 Q. 1 x 4 rx, I' . JV.. , . I rv' A +4 W, A . , w ' x .,4f ' .., , v , .4 1. -4 4 ,. ..n .,,, fr 1 x ' n-1 4.-' If I x u . 4 41. 4 , :Ti wi' .1 i"" ""i!'! N 1. "r-f' '-W, . . ..,- '? 1.- . , A -. f J: aw-,,',,N Wx-qv " I I ! r L .. ,xkfajff - ,- v -.4 -3 , , .N .3-us. " : - ,. ww A. s .. " 'A , ,I , ' vi - ., .4 ' ' ' . . K A ,V 1, -' V I . , it f 1 -' , J1 t',. .E - '5 -'xx .I 5 f -,DJ gf' P .' "" . if 1'1'f'? ,, '- U, -L i ',f-M' ,iw 1, ., ,, pg' .Y .,,, A., . 5' ,Win ,f.,1. Jfklf--"-'I ' up -I -.- rn ' . 4- V 4.4 V ,v 1 nu . , f ff' f-' 9 w.' '11 rx 1 . X sf f' ..- -5 f -- v I x " KN' f" ,, rd, uf u I A-'2 .nf f 'f 3 Q., w. - ..r if , , Q . l'vl A S .,, jr, N A a . N .v - ' . ,. hgm, . Ex I 54-, .o. ,.l "ls,,J IA Mg, , -1 5.7.3-Af, ,. -'-- 1,-v 1 ,I .r..f-in-1 1 dk. 's w, .Iv ' 1 W.. ' V I - 4 .1 Q41 .V ,' 1 W, .fx s- ,, Qf xv --' .l. 1 , ,ll X. . 4 y"' ,A '.' V4 V , -. , A-R-,'v' ' Q.'.' . S" ,vnu ' V-Q, l fjvig.-4,:, A , ' ,A -'Q :Law v' 1' gn 'NU ' 'fc ' . P' . 1.1 'TQ A xx V If J A UG EDITION TENTH Published by THE SENIOR I94l For'r Wayne, Ind. CLASS I904 Che light Cather INTRODUCTORY The day is drawing To a close. The shades of evening are lowering around us. The lime for worlc will soon be over. Bu? lhe remain- ing 'raslc is, oh, so greal. Around lhe world, hungry hearls are crying for lhe bread ol life, and sin-siclc souls are groaning under fheir awful bondage. ln view of These con- difions, we have chosen as our 'rheme 'rhose words 'rhal ring ou'r as a challenge 'ro Chris- lian youl'h, "Redeeming lhe lime because 'rhe days are evil." li is our earnesl desire 'rhal lhrough lhis bool: some young man or young woman may be led +o dedicale his or her life lo lhe serv- ice of lhe Masler. 2 IN APPRECIATICN mums 'Y In recoqnilion and apprecialion of his help- ful advice, his lhoughlul guidance, and his friendly inleresl in our Chrislian lives, we, The Senior Class of l94I, dedicale lhis year's Liqhl Tower lo our Dean, Rev. S. A. Wilmer. 3 LD Z O .1 D ao Z O 1- 41 Q4 I- LD Z E Q fi 4 x 4 . mhz Efiglli 'dlufuer BETHANY HALL 'Q WN DOWN RUDISILL BOULEVARD 5 Elie light Enfuer 'Y L.-Q FOSTER PARK "A 'rhing of be-aufy is a joy forever." Fosfer Park, wirh ifs swinging bridge, shady frees, and murmuring river, holds a warm spof in fhe hear? of every s+uden+ who has aflended lhe Forl' Wayne Bible ln- s+i+u+e. In years lo come, lhe hours spent 'fhere will be relived in floods of happy memories. 6 The light 'Gfniuer FORT WAYNE The beaufiful ci+y of Forf Wayne, wi+h Hs populafion of I25,000, offers fine op porfunifies +o slrudenfs who wish 'ro work Jrheir way Jrhrouqh school. The Bible lnsfifufe is sifuafed En one of fhe finesi' resiclenfial secfiens of 'rhe cijry 7 Ghz light Tulum' The Vision ofa New Auditorium-Music Hall 5? .',- , r ife-f-. Ffhfffff?.ffTT??:'.-.fieeei.'F'?? ...., ..., 411:-wife.:-rv fre.-ffTf:f?TvvT:f:fv vi f' B ' i J ii ii' , ii W 'Zap 'fi Z1 , .xr .1 ' ' gif i L of F . I , , 1 I ll c -gl j as if , L 1 4 if' 1'-21 ' ll 1,-gf Jig, - .. We are fervenfly hoping fhaf fhe dream of a new building will soon come frue. A greafer Bible lnsfifufe was a parf of fhe vision of fhe founders: for in selecfing a larger campus fhan was necessary in fheir day, fhey poinfed forward fo a greafer school in fhe fufure. Amid sfurdy oalcs of virginal foresf, fhey erecfed fhe firsf building, which served as a complefe unif for more fhan fwo decades. The second maior unif- Befhany l-lall-was added in V729-30, and 'rhe "Annex" in 1937. Now again, all rooms are occupied and larger quarfers are urgenfly needed. Buf fhrough fhe vision and loresighl of fhe founders fhere is plenfy of building room for expansion. The new hall will be a large sfrucfure fronfing Rudisill Boulevard befween Befhany l-lall and Indiana Avenue. The fronf wing will house fhe School of Music, furnished wifh sludios, classrooms, and pracfice rooms. The main parf of fhe sfrucfure will be a large hall, divided info fwo secfions, one for assembly purposes and fhe ofher for physical educafion. The new building will relieve fhe presenf conoesfion and will greafly enhance fhe physical equipmenf of fhe school. ll is spirifual vision fhal is making possible fhis advance. Through vision of a sinlc- ing world calling for capable soul-winners, Chrisfian sfewards have already given a liffle more fhan half of 'rhe esfimafed cosf of 585.000, lf is fhrough ever-living vision lhaf The building will be erecfed and fhe Bible lnsfifufe will carry forward her God- given mission. 8 Ufhe light Eufuer By The "EAITI-IEUI. GUIDANCE" OT insTrucTors whose Iives have been TuIIy consecraTed To The service oT The MasTer . . . we HACQUIRE KNOWLEDGE" QT The ScripTures and oTher sub- iecTs necessary To a well-rounded educaTion . . . Thus preparing us Tor "CI-IRISTIAN SERVICE" which we carry on wiTh qreaT ioy and blessing . . . whiIe, in The meanTirne, by parTicipaTion in "EXTRA ACTIVITIES," we develop sTronq bodies and build True ChrisTian CharacTer. 9 The light ifuiuer By +r1e"FAlTl-IFUL GUIDANCE" of inslrrucirors whose lives have been fully consecrared fo The service of Hue Masrer . . . BOOK I Trusfee Board Faculfy Adminisfrafion Workers 10 51112 'illight 'alnfner ' ' if " eheemmg be Gimme U ' MORNING 'L s 3 E W N 5 A NooN I hi: X "And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou, to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also."-II Tim. 2:2. 11 EQ Elye Eight Trainer ADMINISTRATION Rev. J. E. Ramseyer ,..,.,,.,..,..,..,.,, .... .,.. .,...,.,.... P r e siden+ Rev. S. A. Wifmer. . . .... Dean and Regis+rar Rev. P. L. Eicher.. .... Business Manager S. A. Lehman . . ..... Treasurer BOARD OF TRUSTEES Rev. J. A. Ringenberg, Chairman, I943 .,... . Rev. W. I-I. Lugibihl, Secre+ary, I94I .... Rev. J. E. Ramseyer, President l942 ..... Rev. C. J. Oerig, I943 . Rev. M. N. Amsfufz, I942 ..... Rev. J. S. Wood, I942. .. Mr. S. A. Lehman, I942 . Rev. OuinIen J. Everest I94I .... Rev. Armin Sfeiner, I943 .. Rev. Jared Oerig, I94I .. Mr. J. Francis Chase, I94I .. . Mr. Shirl I-Iaffield, I942,, . Rev. C. E. Rediger, I94I .... 12 . . . .For+ Wayne, Indiana .,....Peoria, Illinois Forf Wayne, Indiana . . . Berne, Indiana Royal Oak, Michigan . . .De+roi+, Michigan Forf Wayne, Indiana ....Goshen, Indiana .....Pandora, Ohio . . .CIeveIand, Ohio . . . Chicago, Illinois .. .. Pandora, Ohio . . . .Chicago, Illinois 'Eiga light Gunner JQSEPT-T E. RAMSEYER PresidenT Bible LecTures Redeeming The Time - Spiritually EPT-TESIANS 5:16 Time is an imporTanT TacTor in ChrisTian experience. As iT Talces years Tor an acorn To develop inTo a sTurdy oalc, so iT Takes Time Tor a Tollower oT ChrisT To rooT deep, To "grow up inTo l-lim", and To reach spiriTual manhood. T-lowever, some cle- velop more rapidly Than oThers, because They are "Tollowers oT God as dear children." Again, as iT requires seasons Tor grain and TruiT To come To The harvesTing sTage, even so iT is wiTh spiriTual TruiT bearing, and maTuriTy in The godly liTe. The TexT does noT only clearly indicaTe ThaT iT Talces Time To develop ChrisTian characTer, as expressed above, buT iT also shows The imporTance oT making The besT possible use cT The Time alloTTed To us. We musT Take advanTage oT every opporTuniTy ThaT comes To us. ln order To do This we musT, TirsT, be Tully assured ThaT we have passed The iniTial experiences in The ChrisTian liTe-The new birTh, and The bapTism wiTh The Holy SpiriTg and ThaT we are under The leadership oT The l-loly SpiriT. Then iT we obey The Tollow- ing exhorTaTions in The Word oT God, we shall be "good and TaiThTul" sTewards oT The sacred TruTh, and our Time shall be well redeemed: I. "Be ye ThereTore Tollowers oT God, as dear children: and walk in love, as ChrisT also haTh loved us." Eph. 5:I,2. 2. "And beside This, giving all diligence, add To your TaiThg" and Then The aposTle menTions seven graces ThaT we musT add and abound Therein iT we wanT To measure up To Gods sTandard Tor us. ll PeT. I:5-I I. 3. "Thou ThereTore endure hardness, as a good soldier oTJesus ChrisT," ll Tim. 2:3. 4. "By whom also we have access by TaiTh inTo This grace wherein we sTand, and rejoice in The hope oT The glory oT God. NOT only so, buT we glory in TribulaTion also." Rom. 5:23. 5. "As every man haTh received The giTT, even so minisTer The same one To an- oTher, as good sTewards oT The maniTold grace oT God." l PeT. 4:lO. 6. "CasT noT away ThereTore your conTidence, which haTh greaT recompense oT reward: Tor ye have need oT paTience, ThaT, aTTer ye have done The will oT God, ye mighT receive The promise. For yeT a liTTle while, and he ThaT shall come will come, and will noT Tarry. l-leb. IO:35-37. 13 REV. SAFARA A.WITTv1ER,A.B.,M.A. 7' i A Ehc Tfiglyt ELTIUBI' -W -- f - Dean Bible Redeeming The Time - By Mental Effort Never beTore have men loeen given To Thinlcing abouT The Time as Today. WhaT is Time? l-low is iT relaTed To ETerniTy? These are speculaTive guesTions ThaT a Tew rare minds are disposed To consider: Bergson and Spengler among The phi- losophers, BarTh and l-leim among The Theologians, and EinsTein among The scienTisTs. BuT mosT oT us are noT concerned abouT meTaphysics, and cerTainly The AposTle Paul when advising The Ephesian ChrisTians To redeem The Time was noT Thinking in Terms oT philosophy. l-le was Thinlcing oT Time as a pracTical commodiTy ThaT each one is To use To greaTesT proTiT. The original word Tor Time means "a Tixed measure." l-low suggesTivel Only a limiTed amounT is given To each. The Greek word TranslaTed "redeem" comes Trom a verb meaning "To go To The marlceT,l' ThaT is "To buy up.'l "To purchase." Time is someThing To be recovered and exploiTed, Tor in The naTural course oT evenTs iT is misused or squandered. This calls Tor us To improve every opporTuniTy Tor good. Only The opporTunisT Thinlcs success is possible wiThouT diligenTly employing his Time. All greaT men have highly valued Time. They have achieved greaTness noT necessarily by long liTe, buf by improving Their Time. MozarT died aT ThirTy-Tive, and David Brainerd Tinished his memorable worlc aT TwenTy-nine. The Tragedy among sTudenTs in This day oT "Time-saving" conveniences is The prodigal wasTe oT Time. The Tragedy oT misspenT Time is ThaT iT can never be recovered. The wanT ad ThaT some one devised is correcT: "LosT: somewhere beTween sunrise and sunseT, Two golden hours each 5eT wiTh sixTy diamond minufes. No reward is oTTered Tor They are IosT Toreverf' llof only is Time non-recoverable, buT The small amounT we have is noT exacTly lno-nn. We lfnow The hour glass is running iTs course, buT we do noT lcnow how soon The lazT parTicle will have passed Trom Time inTo eTerniTy. May every sTudenl' who leaves The sacred halls oT The Bible lnsTiTuTe REDEEM his Time. May noT one be an unfforThy, 5loThTul servanT. Wrrlk 1-irwurrzxlmrlly. rm! Us fools, llllf as u'1'.s1'. rwlwvriirzg the flillll'.l 14 GIFT: Tlliglit Cainer Tm' i 'T T MARTHA W. AMSTUTZ i 1 Dean oT Women I-losTess 1 Redeeming The Time-In Every-Day Duties Time musT be oT greaT value To our CreaTor, Tor l-le only gives us one momenT aT a Time. You have read oT redeeming The Time in The spiriTual and The inTellecTual: now leT us Think oT redeeming The Time in The secular. Redeeming The Time in The secular brings blessings in The spiriTual and in The inTellecTual. "Know The True value oT Time: snaTch, seize, and enjoy every momenT oT iT. No idlenessq no laziness: no procrasTina- Tion-never puT oTi Till To-morrow whaT you can do To-day." "Time is lenT To us by God. IT is precious, passing, shorT, and uncerTain." We cannoT be Too diligenT, IT we consider ThaT we are accounTable as To how we use iT. l-lealTh, wealTh, knowledge, and Triendships may be regained, buT vanished hours can never be recalled. LeT us noT give any momenT wiThouT receiving iT in value. We should so discipline our ways ThaT every move oT The hand, every sTep oT The TooT, every word of The Tongue, and every ThoughT oT The mind will be OT some value To us or To our Tellow men. "As every Thread oT gold is valuable, so is every momenT oT Time." Time is money aT The Bible lnsTiTuTe as well as elsewhere. As money is being spenT Tor our liTe equip- menT, we oughT To give our "uTmosT Tor l-lis highesT." Time is whaT we need, buT alas! how do we use IT? l-low oTTen do we lose Time by expecTaTion, lack of disTribuTion, or laclc oT deTerminaTion. The suresT way oT using The precious TragmenTs oT Time is by a well-arranged schedule. "The more we do, The more we can dog The more busy we are, The more leisure we have." The way we spend our Time is an index To our characTer. By redeeming The Time we become dependable, puncTual, aTTenTive, and cooperaTive. ETTiciency and Thorough- ness are also necessary spolces in The wheel oT Time. "Our yesTerdays Tollow usp They consTiTuTe our liTe, and They give characTer and Torce and meaning To our presenT deeds." 15 Eiga 355111 quiver REV. BENJAMIN F. LEIGHTNER Eorl Wayne Bible lnsfilule Bible, Theology, Homilerics, Philosophy, Chrislian Educafion E. IRENE SMITH, A.B. Columbus Normal Ohio Slale Universiiy Language REV. LOYAL R. RINGENBERG, A.B., M.A. Eorl Wayne Bible lnslilule Taylor Universify Winona Lalne School of Theology Norlhern Bapiisl Seminary Bible, Church l-lislory, Missions Ethics, Philosophy LTLLIAN MAE ZELLER Nyaclc Missionary Training lnsiilule Bowling Green Stale Normal English, Expression, Chrisfian Biography 1 16 The flight Uluiuer C. ADOLPH GERBER Moody Bible lnslilule American Conservalory of Music Theory of Music, Voice, Women's Chorus Direclor RUTH BIXEL, PMB., B.S.M., Mfx. Blulllon College Ohio Slale Universiiy Theory ol Music, Piano, Organ IRA GEMS Sherwood Conservaiory of Music Baldwin Wallace College Theory of Music, Piano, Voice, Direclor of Men's Chorus BERTI-IA LEITNER, A.B., MA. Williamelle Universily Universily of Oregon Winona Lake School of Theology Porlland Bible lnsliiule l-lisiory, Apologefics, Missions Chrislian Educalion 17 .0 -il Cfhe light Quinn REV. HARVEY MITCHELL For? Wayne Bible lnslilule Winona Lalce School of Theology Indiana Universily Exfension Bible HAZEL BUTZ, BS. Norflwern Slale Teaclmeis College Taylor Universily l-lislory REV. PETER L. ElCHER Business Manager MRS. JOSEPH E. RAMSEYER 18 DOROTHY RUTH FUSS Cook JANE Y. BEDSWORTH Secrefary, Bookkeeper ....,.f X ' 459-mf Ghz Eight EUf11I.'lf 'ffl 1 MRS. H. K. POLHAMUS, R.N. Home Hygiene MRS. BERTHA LUGIBIHL MELVINA BASINGER Hosfess, Dining Room Supervisor 19 'WR'-Q' 'Fx Clie light Waiver When Dorofhy rings +he dinner gong, You iusf cannolr s+ay hungry long. When Bible I lefs ou+ al noon, He makes his way for home righl soon. As you'll imagine by +he looks, Miss Leilner knows wha+'s in fhe books Nor a speck of dir+ is found, When Molher Lugibihl's around. Kepl by l-lis love, safe in l-lis fold, Our spirifs never shall grow old. l like The spring wi+h flowers gay, If drives 'rhe cares'of life away. Gel ready, Elkhart here we come Unless old Lizzie's on The bum. Though she's been wilh us buf a year, She, fo our hear+s, has been made dear More precious far fhan gems or gold, Are words of wisdom from Jrhe old. Ellie light 'Lfuiuer FACULTY BRIEFS REV. J. E. "DADDY" RAMSEYER "Sweefer as fhe days go by." In spife of his age if is nof unusual fo see him ouf in fhe back yard of his home raking leaves or making garden. His is a life of acfivify. REV. HARVEY MITCHELL By fhe fime he cares for his family, meefs fhe demands of his pasforafe, and col- lecfs jokes for Bible I class, we suspecf fhaf our brillianf young professor from Grabill keeps himself busy. REV. P. L. IUNCLE PETEI EICHER "We marvel af his rugged endurance." When nof busy frying fo balance fhe budgef "Uncle Fefe" likes fo parficipafe in afhlefics wifh fhe boys. And, believe me, he presenfs some sfiff compefifion. REV. L. R. RINGENBERG "Hasfe makes wasfef' His chief ioy is lecfuringjo sfudenfs on fhe arf of rearing a family. MISS BERTHA LEITNER ix "Admired by all fdr her.deep spirifu- aIify." , X In ' Her chief inferesf: missions. Her hobby: preparing long examinafions. MISS MARTHA AMSTUTZ Her abilify is fo find dusfg her habif is finding dusfg her pef word is "Dusf." "Flashing smile, fwinkling eye Sweef disposifion, fhaf's why!" MISS LILLIAN ZELLER "EaifhfuI, consfanf, firm and frue." Her deep Chrisfian life is fhe resulf of much medifafion upon fhe Word, and a close walk wifh fhe Lord. Z1 DEAN WITM ER Abilify-Laughing af sfale iokes. I-Iabif-Playing wifh his glasses. Delighf-Confounding fhe sfudenfs wifh his words. Eavorife food-M ush. Pef word-Nol MRS. SMITH "Behind a sfurdy schoolroom desk The Greek professor sfandsf' She also "sfands" when The winds blow- fhe wind of fhe English VI sfudenfs re- cifing Monday morning af 8:00. MELVINA BASINGER -"She lives fo help ofhersf' She has proved such a fine nurse, we boys almosf enioy being ill. REV. B.- E. LEIGHTNER 'Chapfer and verse, please." An undersfanding counsellor in maffers of life and docfrin-e. MISS DOROTHY ROTHFUSS We know Dorofhy is proud of her work affer digging up such a good felephone salufafion, "Culinary Deparfmenfug and whyi nof? Where could we gef a beffer cook? l MR.'.IRA eeizie Teaching music, learning funny sfories, meefing obligafions af Elkharf. Whaf a busy life! MR. C. A. GERBER Chief occupafion: Telling sfories. Pef phrase: "Tha'r reminds me of . . . Pef peeve: Singing off key. Biggesf difficulfy: Being seen. MISS BIXEL "Jusf a finy bil of sunshine." We wonder how so much music confained in so small a person. can be Che light Cainer . . . we "ACQUlRE KlNlOWLEDC5E" of llwe Scriplures and ollwer subiecls necessary lo a well-rounded eclucalion . BOOK II Seniors Class of '44 Class of '42 Special and Evening Class of '43 22 'mhz light Waiver 4 4 ' ' 9 Y eheemmg he mme ENROLLMENT i N X 7 C A N! W I 5 X X J' Y- K grdfix rg v ' f Q f s in GRADUATION 'I ""1 J 5545. '-"- -.1f 56 c'Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman. that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."-11 Tim. 2:15. 23 Of' V , 'che ifegxp enum Ziyi WW fi 5,35 ifilii Wlfgwwf' Adviser: Rev. S. A. Wifmer. lvloffoz "Aflame for Chrisf." Colors: Red and whife. Flower: American Beaufy Rose. CLASS OFFICERS AHameforChHH "Lef your lighf so shine before men, fhaf fhey may see your good works, and glorify your Fafher which is in heaven." These words of our Masfer are words which we as l-lis followers should heed in fhese dark and sinful days. We, fhe Class of '4l, feel we have been highly privileged fo spend fhese years of preparafion in fhe Bible lnsfifufe. They have been years of learning af fhe feef of Jesus, which have resulfed in fhe molding of our Chrisfian lives. We have chosen as our class moffo, "Aflame for Christ" Never before in The hisfory of mankind has fhe need arisen for Gods children fo be on fire as if has in fhese lasf days. As fhe Aposfle Paul was ready fo preach fhe Gospel fo fhose af Rome, so we are ready fo face a war-forn, envy-filled world wifh fhe Message of Life. Chrisf has puf lighf info us as l-lis children, and l-le does nof infend fhaf lighf fo be hid. God requires of us nofhing less fhan habifual holiness. Candles are nof Iif fo be looked af, buf fhaf somefhing else may be seen by fhem. Even so, we as followers of Chrisf are given lighf fhaf we mighf go forfh fo radiafe 'rhe Lord Jesus fo losf humanify. If is our dufy and ufmosf desire fo be aflame for Chrisf as we leave school. His nof enough fo be Chrisfian only fo ourselves: we musf be so before God and men. May God granl' all members of fhe Class of '4l hearfs aflame wifh fhe love of Chris? as fhey are fhrusf info fhe midsf of a cold and indifferenf world. If we are nof warming fhe world wifh our lighf, fhe world will be freezing us. Only as we are kepf on fire for Chrisf will we be usable maferial in fhe Masfer's harvesf field. "Aflame for Chrisf' is fhe hearf desire of each member of our class-may our hearf's desire always be a realifyl 24 'vp s The Flight anim if :fir S E N IO R S fy P: sw DONALD Mcl INITOSI-I-Wesleyville, Pennsylvania. Theological Course-"For Io me +o live is Christ and To die is gain." Phil. I:2 I. Presidenr of Senior Class: Chairman Youlh Conference: Sunday School Teaching: Wesleyan Mefhodisf Mission Cornrniiree: Gospel Team: Evangelisl: Pasror. BLANCI-IARD AMSTUTZ-Royal Oak, Michigan. "Bu'r if our gospel be hid, if is hid 'ro 'rhem Ihai' are lost" II Cor. 4:3. Theological Course. Vice-Presidenl Senior Class: Men's Chorus: Special Chorus: Gospel Team. ELINOR RICE-Wauseon, Ohio. "And 'rhe worlc of righreousness shall be peace: and 'rhe eiclecf of righfeousness quiefness, and assurance 'For ever." Isaiah 32:I7. Two Year Bible-Music Course. Secreiary Senior Class: Assislani School Secretary: Sunday School Teaching. HOWARD STEI N-Sidney, Ohio. "Bu+ now in Chrisr Jesus ye who somefimes were far off are made nigh by The blood of Christ" Eph. 2:I3. Theological Course. Presidenf Mission Band: Treasurer Senior Class: Prayer Leader: Jail Team: Men's Chorus: Special Chorus: Gospel Team. ORLAN GOLDEN-Nappanee. Indiana. "BuI wha'r Ihings were gain 'ro me, Ihose I counfed loss for Christ" Phil. 317. Theological Course. Chaplain Senior Class: Presidenl' Mission Band: Circularion Manager I94I "I.igh+ Tower": Treasurer Mission Band: Gospel Team: Paslor: Siudenl Cabinei Member. 25. Elie Tfiglgf 'Uniuer LEORA ALTHOFF-Aurora, Indiana. "He hafh saved us, and called us wirh an holy calling, noi according Io our works, buf according ro His own purpose and grace, which was given us in Chrisl Jesus before The world began." II Tim. IZ9. Missionary Course. Sunday School Teaching. AGNES BURLEY-Berne, Indiana. "Ye have nof chosen me, buf I have chosen you, and ordained you, fhal ye should go and bring forfh fruii, and 'rhal your fruii should remain." John l5:I6. Chrislian Educalion Course. Mission Band Secrefaryf Pholograph Edilor l94l "Ligh+ Tower": Young PeopIe's Leader: Sunday School Teaching. RUTH CAMP-Via Mombasa, Easf Africa. "Thai I may lcnow Him, and The power ol His resurreciion, and Ihe fellowship ol His sunerings, being made conformable unfo His de-a+h." Phil. 3:IO. Missionary Course. CHARLES IMLER-Wa+erloo, Indiana. "Now Thanks be unlo God, which always causelh us Io Triumph in Chrisl, and rnalceih manifesf Ihe savour of His knowledge by us in every place." Il Cor. 2:I4. Theological Course. Sfreef Meefing Commilieeg Business Manager l94l "Ligh+ Tower": Gospel Team: Pasfor. IRMA J UDD-Slrailon, Nebraslca. "I the Lord have called 'rhee . . . " Isaiah 42:6. Missionary and Chrisfian Educafion Course. Mission Band Secre+ary: Women's Chorus: Special Chorus: Gospel Team: Bible Vision Siafi. 26 ' ,V f4iJ5fQM ,ffl rffjm MARY KEI NRATI-I-BeaverTon, Michigan. "Ye have noT chosen me, buT I have chosen you, and ordained you, ThaT ye should go and bring TorTh TruiT, and ThaT your TruiT should remain." John I5:I6. Missionary Course. Vice-PresidenT Mission Band: Prayer-Band Leader: STudenT CabineT Member. ANNA LAUGI-IBAUM-PellsTon, Michigan. "Behold, I send an Angel before Thee, To keep Thee in The way, and To bring Thee inTo The place which I have prepared." Ex. 23:20. Theological Course. AssisTanT EdiTor I94I "LighT Tower": Prayer Leader: Sunday School Teaching: I-lome VisiTaTion: STudenT CabineT Member: SecreTary of YouTh Conference. EVELYN NEUENSCI-IVVANDER-McPherson, Kansas. "DelighT ThyselT also in The Lord: and I-le shall give Thee The desires oT Thine hearT." Psalm 37:4. Two-year Bible-Music Course. AssociaTe EdiTor I94I "LighT Tower": VVomen's Chorus: Special Chorus: Gospel Team: Mission Band PianisT: Mission Band OrganisT. KATI-IRINE PAULUS-ElIcharT, Indiana. "My grace is suTTicienT Tor Thee: Tor my sTrengTh is made perTecT in weakness. MosT gladly The-reTore will I raTher glory in my inTirmiTies, ThaT The power oT ChrisT may resT upon me." ll Cor. I2:9. Theological and ChrisTian EducaTion Course. Sunday School Teaching: ChiIdren's Worlc: Home VisiTaTion: Wesleyan MeThodisT Mission CommiTTee. FLORENCE POWERS-ForT Wayne, Indiana. "ThaT in all Things I-le mighT have The preeminencef' Col. I:I8. ChrisTian EducaTion Course. Women's Chorus: Sunday School Teaching: I-lome VisiTaTion. 27 'ff' f rw, V ' rl' f" If . I. Mrwx' r' 'N fill - -- i Janis,-J -Wgf x J - lr, Q,lge fliglyf ,Qlnfueg ,ffl If . ,I .I I N Ab. l y H T b l . r 6,1 u y Q oi 1 -'iff Ljvcffl .. 'J MNQJDWI' yvfj V f bf I ' . GER , 1 . ALDINE Rom-efsbili, indians. i ' - 5' ' "Por He is failhlul Thai promised." Hebrews lO:23. I 4 , u. M Two4Year Bible-Music Course. ' f If Mission Band Pianisl: Gospel Team: Women's Chorus: Special Choifus, ALICE SCHRECKENBERG-Peoria, Illinois. ' i I HEL FLO PLO "Thar I may know Him, and Ihe power of His resurreclion, and The fellowship of His sufferings, be-ing made conformable unlo His dealhf' Phil. 3:IO. Chrislian Educarion Course. ' Assislanr Mission Band Chorisler: Special Chorus: Women's Chorus: Gospel Team: Choir Direcror: Sunday School Teaching, EN SCH UMACH ER-Pandora, Ohio. "The Lord is my lighl and my salvalion: whom shall I fear? The Lord is The slrenglh of my life: of whom shall I be afraid?" Psalm 2721. Three-Year Bibleahflusic Course. Womens Chorus: Special Chorus: Gospel Team. RENCE THOMPSOE7CIairlon, Pennsylvania. "I will say of The Lord, He is my refuge and my lforlress: my God: in Him will Ilruslf' Psalm 9l:2. y Four-Year Bible-Academic. M 4 Sunday School Teaching. RA LEE TINSLEY-Arlinglon, Indiana. "Call unfo me. and I will answer Thee, and shew Thee greal and miqhiy lhings, which 'rhou lcnowesl noi." Jeremiah 33:3. Two-Year Bible-Music Course. Gospel Team: Women's Chorus. 28 T 5132 light Cainer X , .ll :A .-A' '- A r K I . l ., JJ ,I gy uf' JV X- 4, ELSIE UEBERSCHAR-Cleveland, Ohio. "He leadelh me in +he palhs ol righleousness for His name's sake." Psalm 23:3. Theological Course. I Gospel Team: Womens Chorus: Special Chorus VIOLA VAN SCOIK--Goshen, lndiana. "Behold, l say unio you, liil up your eyes, and look on Jrhe fields: for lhey are while already +o harvest" John 4:35. Chrislian Educaiion Course. Sunday School Teaching: Home Visilalrion. CLAYTON WEIKER-Clyde, Ohio. "The Lord is my rock, and my Torlress, and my deliverer: my God, my slrenglh, in whom I will +rus+: my louckler, and The horn of my salvarion, and my high lower." Psalm. l8:2. Theological Course. Gospel Team: Men's Chorus: Special Chorus. ROBERT WELCH-Toledo, Ohio. "Bu+ God forbid +ha+ l should glory, save in +he cross of our Lord Jesus Christ by whom The world is crucified unlo me, and l unfo 'rhe world." Gal. 6:l4. Theological Course. Pho+ograph Edilor l94l "Ligh+ Tower": Jail Team: CCC Work: Home Visilalion: Gospel Team. ROY WHITTUM-Tusfin, Michigan. "O ihe deplrh of +he riches bolh of +he wisdom and knowledge of God! how un- searchable are His iudgmenis and His ways pas+ finding ou'rl" Romans I l:33. Edilor I94l "Ligh+ Tower": Associale Eolilor l94O "Ligh+ Tower": Vice-Presidenl Mission Band: Sunday School Teaching: Gospel Team: Youfh Conference Com- miflee: Wesleyan Meihodisi Mission CommiHee. 29 Elie Flight 'dlntuer ' ni-1 ' CI SENIOR Preacher -H choir diredor : eI'Iec+ive Ieam work. "I am boss on Ihe crew. buf I'm Agnes To you." "A book in 'rhe hand is worfh Iwo in The room." Jus+ Iwo pals. "Shine, shine, shine." "I+ was his fault nof mine." "Noi real-, were iusf pracficingf' "My hear+ lies in Africa." "Oh! There goes 'rhe sIree+ car." qv-0 30 Jia. ll. -- 'fc-M? f ""K.f .ZLJ Q9-2-L, f7ff:r.,i-ws.. AC., -"g1L.:,'ac,x. ' , - -4 , Lil-re Wight Uufuer ,J K ' 4 "3" 'Af-'L 7 LU' SIDE L I G H T S She may loe "Rice," buf nof puffed up "I'm going higher some day." Oppor+uni+y was knocking. "l never bear aloouf The bushf "The Lord is my Lighf and my He's beginning io see fhe Iigh+ "We bear Jrhe meadow larksf' "Where are you going, my pref l ff l lvr, U ,lf j Q l lim 'Al Jlflf l' ufl" 'J J ,ff rl llfw l lwcf li ha VJ, Ei lj ki 1 ii My Kfg N N. i r J . F' i ' 1 if-E ' -ff ily: iight Ufuhier ll li i' ,J 1, ' tliv E y ll rl . ,ull il ll X P, FJ J P17 ' G'1f,',gJN u ilf I .4 ,J 1 . 1'l '- . I-fd ' l gwarvr . I -.V QP Bom E IV 3' r's.4i. F103 l the '3'CJf'.. THC PC yrufh-fern. Firgl Pon: Stella Au-gsburqcr, Rullw Berger, Nora Jane Bolender, Rullw Buclcloli, l-lazelBu1z, David Clarlc, Lucy Crawford, Mildred Dancer. Second Pow: Daniel Dcrnmin, Harold Dinfer, Daniel Dyclr, Edna Dyclc, Roborl Ellioll, Charles Glenn. Marina Grenzclfmcii, Hazel Harle. Third Pon: LaVern Hein, Pullw Hullord, Helen lmler, Cailwerine lrvine, Wayne Judd, Don Kelly, . Anne Graco lfonlra, Paul lfrcizs. If Fourllr Pwr: Fred Ifroli, Vifrlol Luclru, Clela Luqbill, Lillian McClaid, Callnerine Macy, Roqer Malsbary, '5 Dorcrilrefi Mfirlig, Donald Miller. x if xl Fililw Pwr: Mfiry .lane Pcilly, Piclrard Reilly, Dorland Russell, Arnold Sclwmidl, Evelyn Sclwmidf, Roberi rr, 7, ' Sclirnidf, Mildred Sclwnur, Miriam Sclrunraclncr. fl If 'l -l ,' ,l' Sinn Po.-,-: Dorilwof Slabauqlw, Elbcrl Speclrien, Lavoun Spillers, Evelyn Sfrafmeir, Alfred Shadduck, . 'Y N--' I' , Mary Doon Wrirqlrl, Helen Zorlo. , IIQU 'E , H. ,I , vydfffj I' IH' i iw if I 'EIU' ' I f' N 1 'Q 'J 's ', s ya ,- r 32 I Q! ,cy f, N-ip' V P E nf wr J' X. Ellyn 353111 Enfucr - CLASS OF '43 Firsl Row: lvan Aqin, Winfred Arnsfufz, Laverne Anderson, l-le-len Chrislensen, Elaine Collins, Roberf Collins, Dorolhy Crosby, Gwendolyn Chapman. Second Row: William Collier, Wendell Doerfler, Belly Driskell, Roberl Dye, l-lelene Elliofl, Lucille Fisher. Wilbur Ford, Florence l-labeggar. Third Row: Maurice Hall, Roberl' l-larle, Edwin Henning, George l-lorn, Juanila Jones, Eudene King, Floyd Klolzbach, Billy Lewis. Fourlh Row: D. B. Lamb, Eslher Marlcs, Audine Marhers, Rulhl Neumann, Sylvia Nolan, Viclor Poser, Ralph Rinqenberg, Ellis Rolh. Fifth Row: Ada Smifh, Leonard Srnirh, Mildred Slallford, Royal Sleiner, Richard Swedberg, l-larriel Sweelen, Leslie Sylvesfer, Thelma Van Scoilr. Sixlh Row: Millie Vermillion, Paul Waqley, Mildred Wanner, Neva Whaley, William Whiteman, Leona Lehner, Edward Murphy. Wiihoul Piclurez Florence Willing. 33 er. .ff 1-QL, J fi ,ly J,,,- .4 'vi .fu . if, . .-ff J ' ,129 'ir .ILYJ ,, ,J ,PJ ILLAI ,M 'Mi f J -L fy ,A ,. "-N fl.. V., L1 If l W.-'M ,yi ,9- U 11' f yfJ4l ,fl 1 1 1 . S 'TY 'ff Q, Ely? light Eminem- CLASS OF '44 -- EVENING -- SPECIAL Frrf Pwr, Lar. Bkrrf-qurzr Berffr Brrquetfp, Arlrfrre Carprerrror, Girard French, Opal Gernes, Marcus Hr,-,' P'3ErgrTfNl1CB'r'1" Pafrrcla Marrfmer S11-card Pwr: Wrrrrrlrrr Morliey, Dare Mfrser, Fred Faber. Arrrwr Pelfer, Andrew Rupp, John Rupp. Fh, Edna Wcrrrrrrnfrforr. Trrrrfi Prrf- Efifrrrr Zrrrrbrirrrrrfnrr, Elfffmrrrrr Befjrwrih, Efflr, Blr3rrrr:r, B-iffy Gaberdrrrr, HC-ward Gray, Bemis HU' rr r wr Pr' , Jwrrrrfrrv Warrfxto lon Pr mfr Pr hAqr,rr4N Ifrrrrk Fri-fi Nicrorf, Alrnr- Purryr, Sffmlr-y Pupp, Muay Mf1rr4f1re1 Srurley, Arrrrur Tr fr r ,-yr IA,,rrr rr Tfrfr-wig, lrrfrfa VVAIUQV. FW' L' Brin frrjrr Crrrrif. BEd',1,rr',r1Er Prim, Hr,-frfmrl Arrinc- Hfrf-L, .lf1r'rrcrL. V-1-Her, Jfrurrplw KUNG, Vrrr rr Prr r rr'-r-r 1 r'1f-r, Pfrrrrrrfgrgn WrTrrrr':r. f'f"r R F-i'rr-- Ifrrm Lrrfrrrfrrr, Vrrqmra Meir'-r, Wrllf1rd Squrrpz, Harry Srrrirlrrr, Lfawrrj-nfe Shrrrrrg, fwr-rw f"rrx3rrr' Br-'Lf Vrcfrrfy F'-'fulirf-rr Cfrnrrelr, Mu. F'r3uP,rr'n Cfmrrc-U, LC-one Ehrfrurrmrr, Ircnc: Gmrq, E'r1Vr'Y'!1'VrrrPf,, I 34 The Tcfiiglqt Ulfuiuer OUR IDAILY PRAYER STir me, O sTir me, Lord, I care noT how, BuT sTir my hearT in passion Tor The world: STir me To give, To go, buT mosT To pray: DMZWV K STir 'Til The blood-red banner be unTurIed . of 4 Iands ThaT sTill in heaThe.n darlcnesls lie, - 'er eserTs where no cross is liTTed high. I, fdbqv W M r ,O sTir me, Lord, 'Til all my hearT MW oy? ls Ti ed wiTh a sTrong compassion Tor These souls, Z Il! . 'Til Thy compelling "musT" drives me To prayer: M Wy ' il n Training love reach To The poles, d SouTh in burning deed desire: -ff" 'Til EasT and WesT are caughT in Iove's greaT Tire. STir me, O Lordl Thy hearT was sTirred By love's inTensesT Tire, 'Til Thou didsT give Thine only Son. Thy besT beloved One, E'en To The dreadTul cross ThaT I mighT live: STir me To give myselT back To Thee ThaT Thou c:ansT give Thyself again Through me. STir me, O sTir me, Lord: Tor I can see Thy glorious Triumph day begin To brealcg The dawn already gilds The EasTern sky O Church oT ChrisT, awalcel awake! O sTir us, Lord, as heralds oT The day! The nighT is pasT, our King is on I-Iis way! --SelecTed. 35 The iight Tulum' . . . fhus preparing us for "Ci-HQISTIAN SERVICE which we carry on wirn qrear joy and blessing . . BOOK III Yourh Conference Pracrical Work Missions Sfaff Cnoruses 36 'mhz qcllighi 'Qfufnzr 46 ' ' ' 9 7 zheemmg be mme 1: -1 LI. T T :t- N E X 5 ' PRACTICE i X M i l ' N53 l r . 4 Q f - - E X ,fe 'fn I ACHIEVEMIANT Z-1' 4. Ki,.,l,7j,f gf ' 2: . ': l iii If A-1 "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded yon."-Matt. 28: 19-20. 37 ee Chr flight Tniuer Y O U T l"l H' ii-ry 5 i A Pay Whiffurn, Anna Laughbaum, Don lvlclnfosh, David Clarlc CONFERENCE COMMITTEE Donald lvlclnfosh ,,. ..,.. Chairman Roy Whiffum ,,,Co-Chairman Anna Laughbaum ,, ,..Secrefary David Clark . ,., r ,,. ....,......,.......,.,...,.,......,.. ,Treasurer During fhe early parf of The second semesfer of I94O, God began fo speak fo differenf individuals of our school abouf fhe need of fhe youfh of Forf Wayne. As God confinued fo speak, our Dean began lo worlc. Affer much prayer and counsel, il' was decided 'rhaf fhe sludenfs would sponsor a cily-wide youfh conference. A com- nnilfee consisfing of six sfudenfs, fhree represenfafives from differenf churches of The cily, and lwo advisers from our faculfy was appoinled. This comrniffee was in charge of maling plans for fhe firsf annual cify-wide youfh conference. As much prayer was zenl up fo fhe fhrone of grace, we feel confidenf fhaf Gods hand was in 'rhe origin of fhiz irnporfanf movemenf, The sole aim of fhe conference was fo presenl fo The youfh of Forl Wayne fhe Gospel of Jesus Chrisf. 39 Ghz light waiver CONFERENCE GcTober I8, l9, and 20 will long be remembered by The sTudenTs as a Time oT greaT spiriTual reTreshing, Tor iT was on These days ThaT The TirsT annual ciTy-wide youTh conTerence, a sTudenT proiecT, was held. The aim oT The conTerence was To reap a harvesT of young people Tor ChrisT. Our slogan was "American YouTh For ChrisT." All oT The services were held in The AudiTorium oT The CenTral l-ligh School. Dr. L. R. lvlarsTon, naTionally known speaker, auThor, psychologisT, and Teacher, Tormerly presidenT oT Greenville College, now a bishop oT The Free lv1eThodisT Church, was our speaker. l-lis God-given messages were indeed inspiraTional and very helpTul. A num- ber oT young people made deTiniTe decisions To Tollow The Lord as a resulT oT' Gods blessing Through Dr. lvlarsTon's messages. Mr. Cyril Reid, a young people's song leader Trom WheaTon College, was in charge oT The music. Special music was rendered aT each service. The PlymouTh Congrega- Tional Church Junior Choir sang on Friday nighT. On SaTurday nighT, The ForT Wayne Gospel Temple Band Turnished The special music. We were privileged by The oTficials of The ciTy To have a parade Through The business secTion oT The ciTy on SaTurday aTTernoon. WhaT a TesTimony To see 250 young ChrisTians parading Through The ciTy singing "Onward ChrisTian Soldiers!" Following The parade, There was an inspiraTional service in which Three young people spoke. Sunday aTTernoon, Tour discussion groups were held under The leadership oT very capable leaders. Following These discussions, Dr. lvlarsTon gave a shorT message. Sun- day evening as he gave his lasT message on The Theme, "Fields Already WhiTe," hearTs were moved To leT God have Tull sway. Dr. MarsTon's closing address was a climax To Three days oT spiriTual blessing To The youTh oT our ciTy. We TrusT ThaT each year These youTh comcerences will increase in Their inTluence, reaching even greaTer numbers oT young people and winning Them To The Saviour. 39 Elie Tliglgf Iniurr MISSION BAND Slandin 1: lima Judd, Charles Glenn, Roy Whilluhn, Dan Dernmin, Orlan Golden, I-loward Slein, Billy Mar, lei'-fafn Pfzikerl Ellicil, Geraldine Path. Sealed: Dorfhev Slabaugh, Slella Augsburqc-r, A :ni-.. Burli-, E.ei,n Irleu-Qnscriwarder. OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Grlan Golden Presidenl. .. ., ,, ..l-loward Slein Roy Whillum . Vice Rreside-nl , .,. Mary Keinralh Irma Judd Secrelary . Agnes Burley Charles Glenn Treasurer.. . ..., Roberl Elliol Dan Dernmin . Chorisler. ,. ,..,.., I,., B illy Lewis Slella Augsburger .,Pianisl., . .... .Geraldine Rolh Dorlhey Slabaugh .Organisr . . .,.. Evelyn Neuenschwander OUR THEME SONG We are a lailhlul gleaning band And labor al our Lord's command, Unyielding, loyal, lried and lrue Eor lol lhe reapers are bul few, Behold lhe waving harvesl field Abundanl wifh a golden yield: And hear lhe Lord of harvesl say To all: "Go reap for me lo-day." Chorus: To lhe harvesl lield away, For The Masler calle+h: There iz worlc for all 'ro-day, Ere 'rhe darkness fallerh, Swiflly do lhe rnornenls ily, I-'larvesl days are going by, Going, Going, Going, Going by. 40 mhz light 'iiuiuer OUR MISSIONARY REV. CLAYTON STEINER Laboring in Peru, Soufh America "The missionary spirif is fhe endeavor fo carry ouf Chrisfs lasf command, 'Go ye info all fhe world and preach fhe Gospel' "-C. l. Birkey. "The human need is even greafer foday, for 'rhere are more Pagans foday fhan when Carey leff for India."-S. A. Wifmer. "Even as fhe law of gravify musf be considered in fhe physical world, so musf faifh be considered in fhe spirifual realm."--Paul Updike. " 'Lighf obeyed bringefh lighfg Lighf reiecfed bringefh night' "-Mrs. l-linkey. "The heafhen know nofhing buf hunger: fhey are fhe ones who appreciafe mosffi -Lulu lrvine. "No one fhaf feels called fo fhe mission field should feel wobbly af fhe knees lin fhese fimeslf'-Rev. Brooks. "They fhaf would have fhis faifh las recorded in Hebrews Ill musf be prepared fo be sfrangely osfracizedf' "One smell you won'f gef on our fields, and fhaf is fhe smell of modernism."- Rev. T. J. Bach. "Never be afraid of a hard frip, buf be afraid of nof being filled wifh fhe I-loly Spirit"-T. J. Bach. "Too much cannof be made of anyfhing if fhe vision is clear, and Gods currenf is on."-C. L. Eicher. "God willing, may we have more men who will obey when fhe urge comes."-C. L. Eicher. X "Whaf makes fhe Soufh American people whaf fhey are? Their religion, for rnen's laws are based on fheir concepfion of God."-Rev. Monfgomery. 41 fha light ffuiuv.-1' f MUSIC "QQ Someone has said, "Music is The link ThaT connecTs The soul oT man wiTh God." This is seen ThroughouT The ScripTures: menTion oT music is made as early as The TourTh chapTer oT Genesis. In connecTion wiTh The children oT Israel crossing The Red Sea, we have The song oT Moses. Whenever Israel won a vicTory, she ceIebraTed' wiTh music and song, The Song oT Deborah and Barak being an example oT This. Music was used Tor worship: iT was used aT TesTiviTies. I-Ieaven iTseIT will be Tilled wiTh music. "And I heard a voice Trom heaven as The voice oT many waTers, and as The voice of a greaT Thunder: and I heard The voice oT harpers harping wiTh Their harpsf' Rev. l4:2. Music changes mans emoTions. The saying, "Music sooThes The savage breasT," is True. When The evil spiriT came upon Saul, he asked Tor David To play The harp. The music Trom The harp caused The evil spiriT To Tlee, and all was well wiTh Saul. Saul is no diTTerenT Trom men Today. Men's hearTs are savage: They are Troubled and sad. In The IighT oT This, music is oT greaT imporTance in ChrisTian service. Our school meeTs This need, oTTering one of The mosT compIeTe courses in music. The course includes piano, organ, voice, harmony, composiTion, hymnology, Theory, sighf singing, conducTing, normal Training, and group singing. Many sTudenTs have gone TorTh To bless The world wiTh music. ' 42 ifllqe flight Cainer n , 4 4 , ' ru r ,w 1 l'E L i r r 1.1 f U' ll I " ll I , I . I 5 1 f Sfanding: Mildred Slarlord, Dorofhea Marlig, Geraldine Rorh, Fred Rabel, Dan Demmin, Roberr Dye, Prof. Gerber, Miss Bixel, Prof. Gerig, Billy Lewis, Clyde Collins, Sranley Rupp, Elbert Speclcien, Dorlhey Slabaugh, Slella Augsburger. Seared: Pafricia Mahoney, Florence l-labeggar, Thelma Van Scoilc, Helen Schumacher, Belly Gabercliel, Belle Lea Drislcell, Irma Judd, Alice Rupp, Evelyn Neuen- schwander, Miriam Schumacher. SPECIAL CHORUS "Praise ye the Lord: for it is good to sing praises unto our Goin- Psalm 1471. Every Thursday evening from 7:30 lo 9:00 o'cloclc, a group ol srudenrs galher in rhe chapel ro sing anrhems of praise ro our blessed Lord and Saviour, Jesus Chrisr. We reioice because rhe Lord has given us a new song ro sing. The chorus is under rhe direcrion of Professor C. A. Gerber, and accompanied by Miss Bixel. We receive greal' spirirual benefir as well as Jrrainingg for all our classics are Scriprures pur 'lo music, relling of God's goodness and grearness. The one purpose of our chorus is +o bring glory and honor 'ro rhe Lord Jesus Chrisr and +o wilness of l-lis redeeming grace in our lives. Our prayer is 'rhar our organizalion will ever remain a shining lighr, radiaring l-lis glory. 43 - Elie Tfiglgt Culver: xg, Leif 'ro Righl: Florence l-labeggar, Lillian McClaid, Thelma Van Scoilc, Geraldine Rolh, Edna Worlhinglon, Dorolhea Marlig, l-lelen Schumacher, Miss Bixel, Millie Vermillion, Prof. Gerber, Juanila Jones, Flora Lee Tinsley, Belle Lea Drislfell, lrma Judd, Marlha Grenzebach, Elsie Ueberschar, Alice Rupp, Dorrhey Slabaugh. THE WOMENS CHORUS "Sing unlo Iliff Lorrl zrilli f,lUlllz'SgIil71il1!Q..i Ps. 1Kl7:7. The prayer of each member of lhe Womenis Chorus has been lhaf our singing be praise unlo The Lord and spirifual inspirafion fo lisfening hearls. This group of sixleen young women, direcled by Professor C. A. Gerber, and accompanied by Miss Rufh Bixel, enjoyed The high privilege of wifnessing Tor Chrisl and represenfing +he Bible lnslilufe during a len-day 'four of lndiana, lllinois, and Michigan. Several concerfs were also given in nearby churches during lhe spring monlhs. Very precious lo our hearfs were lhe devofional periods which we had on The bu: during our four, and The prayer meefings before each service, in which God prepared us for joyful singing from wilhin. God graciously mel us. To l-'lim be honor and glory. 44 Che light Trainer rfwr i k . A 1 'K .J""" Leif To Righr: Clayfon Weilcer, Fred Rabel, William Whileman, Daniel Demmin, Wendell Doeriler, Roberl Dye, Roberl lvlcBrier, Clyde Collins, Lars Blornquisl, Prof. Ira Gerig, Palph Ringenberg, Wayne Judd, Howard Slein, l.aVerne Anderson, Billy Lewis, Richard Reilly, Richard Swedberg, Blanchard Amsrulz. MEN'S CHORUS icSliI1gf0I'fl1 Ilze honor of His name: lllflkt? His praise gIOI'i0llS.,i-PSHIIII 66:1 To lhe group of lwenfy-rwo men who compose 'rhe men's chorus, lhis organiza- rion has proved lo be a source of blessing and lhe means of expressing ro orhers far and wide Jrhe devorion which rhey bear for lheir Masler. The highlighl of lhe year 'lor lhe chorus is lhe spring four, an evenl which carries rhe organizarion info various paris of rhe counrry, and inro churches of various de- nominarions. This year a chosen group of sixreen young men, under 'rhe capable direcrion of Professor lra Gerig, presenred a series of sacred concerrs Through 'rhe slrares of Ohio and Pennsylvania, wirnessing lhrough song and Jreslrimony lo Jrhe re- deeming and sancrifying power of rhe Lord Jesus Chrisr. The chorus has endeavored in all ils services ro give a program nor 'For enler- rainmenr alone, buf for Jrhe spiriiual edificarion of irs hearers. We rrusl' many have found spirirual help 'rhrough Jrhe minisrralions of rhe chorus. 45 'Lflge light Cainer G O S P E L Top Leffz Fred Pabel, Roberl Dye, Blanchard Amslulz, George Horn Top Pigld: Pmberf Dye, Richard Reilly, Blanchard Arnsfulz. Lower Lelf: Evelyn Sclwmfdl, Marvel Kloclm, Rufh Hufzlord. ower Piglwf: Roberl McBrier, Richard Swedberg, Billy Lewis. o 46 The flight Guitar: 1 3 'P ,aff " 1' r ' ,.f V .RL1 ,,fwyW,v-1 ,. Vi ii' n TEAy gl 3 N if i Q . is Top Lellz Florence l-labegger, Elsie Ueberscliar. Evelyn Neuensclnwander, Dorllney Slabauglw A K Top Riglnl: Juanifa Jones. Belly Gaberdiel, Belle Driskell, Marllria G-renzebach. Lower Leif: D. B. Lamb, Wendell Doerfler, Wayne Judd, Clyde Collins. J 3.3 Lower Right: Lillian McClaid, Helen Schumacher, Flora Lee Tinsley, Irma Judd. VL ' 47 . ,iz A PRACTICAL WORK GROUPS . ?g L. gunday School Teachers Prayer Leaders ' 3 3 ' fm 'IT T +T ' ' X an eam Q ' Eg 53 2 Qin QhildEvangl + CCC C pr I l , ' A 3 Elk 49 The light Gainers THE GOSPEL TRACT TEAM The Gospel TracT Team has a minisTry which is sadly negIecTed by The average ChrisTian: yeT one ThaT has been used oT The Lord To reach many men who have Tallen inTo SaTan's cruel snare. Every SaTurday nighT we gaTher To ask The Lord's blessing: Then we go ouT Two by Two, even as The Lord Jesus ChrisT senT ouT The sevenTy. While passing ouT TracTs, we have oTTen given our personal TesTimonies, and explained The way oT SaIvaTion by grace more Tully. ls iT worTh while? WonderTuIly so, Tor "So shall my word be ThaT goeTh TorTh ouT oT my mouThq iT shall noT reTurn unTo me void, buT iT shall accomplish ThaT which I please, and iT shall prosper in The Thing whereTo I senT iT." Isaiah 55:l I. . C. C. CAMP "Training Tor service, and service in Training" is a moTTo applicable To innumerable and varied Training schools. The spiriTuaI eye paraphrases and reads, "Preparing To work wiTh ChrisT, and working wiTh ChrisT while preparing." The C.C.C. Camp aTTords an avenue Tor Training. Weekly The Word is TaughT, and in response six young men have proTessed conversion. In The camp, educaTion, naTionalTy, and Training mean IiTTIe. These boys are looking Tor sinceriTy. IT is our Task To awaken in These hearTs a concern Tor Their eTernaI esTaTe, We pray and work To The end ThaT more oT These boys-men oT Tomorrow-mighT come To know, Through experience, The lvlasTer Char- acTer Builder, our Lord. WESLEYAN MISSION As The servanTs oT Jesus ChrisT, we counT iT a greaT privilege To enTer every door oT opporTuniTy ThaT opens Tor service. One oT These doors is The Wesleyan MeThodisT Mission. Some oT us Teach Sunday school classesg and oThers minisTer in The evening services, which are enTireIy in charge of The sTudenTs. We have noT seen The work grow rapidly, buT we praise God Tor T-Iis TaiThTulness in blessing The work wiTh The saIvaTion oT souls. In This place we have Tound real joy in serving ChrisT. SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHING We sTudenTs who are privileged To Teach Sunday school classes in various churches of The ciTy Trom Sunday To Sunday Teel ThaT The pracTicaI work To which we have been assigned is a minisTry Tull oT much opporTuniTy and responsibiIiTy. The Teaching meThods, oT course, vary according To The age grouping of The respecTive classes, buT as children and young people oT high school age consTiTuTe The greaTesT maioriTy of The classes, we Tind ThaT The visual meThod oT Teaching by obiecT lessons makes The lesson inTeresTing and sTamps spiriTuaI TruThs more indelibly on young hearTs. IT is our aim To be TaiThTuI in giving ouT, in The besT possible way, The pure, unaduITeraTed Worcl oT God, and Thereby lay a ToundaTion Tor belief in ChrisT Tor The unsaved and aT The same Time ground ChrisTians more Tirmly in The TaiTh. 49 Che Tllight mlflfllkl' SUPPER DEVGTIONS Each evening, our meal is closed wiTh a period of fellowship boTh in praise and prayer. The devoTions vary each nighT. SdmeTimes we form a circle of fellowship around The walls of The dining room and Tell of The vicTories recenTly won. Then There is offen a period of inTercession when needs are prayed for. The sTudenTs love To sing praises To Their Redeemer, and many Times our devoTions are spenT in singing The old Gospel hymns which renew our faiTh and encourage us onward. AT diTferenT Times we are privileged To have guesTs or former sTudenTs wiTh us, and They conTribuTe hearTily To our devoTions. We are ThankTul for These few momenTs each evening when our hearTs are sfirred anew To serve and TrusT The living God. 5:00 PRAYER MEETING Each evening from five To five-ThirTy sTudenTs gaTher in The chapel for a missionary prayer meeTing. We Take a diTferenT porTion of The world each day and are informed by prayer leaders as To The needs of each parT of The world. We pray for our heaThen friends who dwell in darkness wiThouT Chrisf, for The missions and missionaries who are Trying To reach Them wiTh The Gospel, as well as for special needs on The mission fields of The world. Will you join us in The fellowship of prayer ThaT ChrisT's GreaT Commis- sion will be compleTed during This generaTion? HOME VISITATION WORK lT is a ioy To be co-laborers wiTh The Lord in home visiTaTion work in The communiTy of The Wesleyan MeThodisT Mission. Our group goes ouT once every Two weeks. Every Time a door is opened, iT is a new opporTuniTy To wiTness for The Lord and To seek To win a losT soul Tor Jesus. An inviTaTion To The service is our means of approach. Our souls have been blessed, by The Tesfimonies of The few ChrisTians we meeT-buT also saddened by The darkness of sin. We have noT seen many visible resulTs To encourage us: buT we conTinue cheerfully in our work, confidenT ThaT The Lord will reward us according To our faiThfulness. JAIL TEAM We, who are on The jail Team, praise The Lord for The privilege we have To carry To These men in prison The Gospel of Jesus Chrisf. The Lord has blessed The eTforTs puT forTh aT The counfyf iail, and many needy souls have been won for Jesus Chrisf. Many of These men can only come To one service, buT we are Thankful Tor The privilege of sowing The seed. Many Gospels of John and TracTs are given To These prisoners, and we TrusT God will quicken l-lis Word unfo The salvaTion of These men. 50 mhz 'flight Cainer THE LIGHT TOWER STAFF Ediror-in-chief .... Assisranr Edilor. Associare Ediror. , Associale Edifor .. Associafe Ediror. . . Business Manager.. Assisranr Business Manager. . . Circularion Manager ....... Arr Ediror. .. ... Arr Edifor .,..,.... Phorograph Edilor. . Phofograph Ediror.. Phofograph Ediror. . Assisranr Phofograph Faculry Adviser ..,,, Ediror. . 51 .. ..... Roy Whillum ..Anna Laughbaum ............Fred Kreh Evelyn Neuenschwander . , . . . . . .Charles Glenn . . . .Charles lmler . . , .Alfred Shadducli ..,..Orlan Golden . . . . . . .Donald Miller ....Miriam Schumacher . . . . .Roberf Welch .. . .Agnes Burley . . . .Leslie Sylvesrer .,.......Royal Sfeiner ...Rev. B. F. Leighrner The flight Eniuer . . . wI'1iIe in II1e meonfime by par+icipaIion in "EXTRA ACTIVITIES we develop sfrong bodies and build Jrrue Chrisfian characfer . . BOOK IV School Life Chapel Quofafions Characferisfic Quofafions CaIender Alumni Adverfisemenfs 52 The light Ulnfuer " eheeming be Time" 42:-. in -:i,:,1 - - . Q" INTRODUCTION A7 '3- BENEDICTION .,L.,9 Q Agfa? 2 12.1- 5? "And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord fesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by Him."-Colossians 3:17. 53 N alle fiiglgt Tablet 'lv- , -.5 4'!l1HJ b 'I' 1- :LL --f- . -, , - -..W ,z-Jn V '-,xx 1" '- psf ,-4, v' ww.. "1 "w .' JL-f' i .- . F. -4 fl - . ,, . A - W 1 ' ' al., N1 ' . 1 'rv uf . ,L N -1 I :- f p QL A HQ ' , 1 T 1 w g? -.---., ffl-M vw N, -,V - ' .. . - , - . x .. . -V 4, ., t Ai if V nl, -zz., X ' A ,i .Q unit, U V E -qq At, ug - I , ggy. ' 1 , A - uk., " , X i , .Ti V :Ki , -' r V 'sf 1 LP fn X 11. 1 ui I g. -. .4 X-L.. 'i -.wa ' '-.-.,,r ' ' 5.,:'6i3i :Z y T' 1:1 5 11 ' ad . - 'P -9 1 nn ' - .51 1' - - 9 f 9 u p , . ,rf br-4 i 5. "" ' .u -, 1 54 5112 light 'dfniuer 55 ' , -. , Q':AAW b ,1:' . ",1'A, 7' , 5 ff Elge light muiucr 56 'Glflqe 'light waiver CHARACTERISTICS QUOTATIONS IVAN AGIN-"Blushing is lhe color ol virluef' GRACE AINSLEE-"Trying lo wallc in lhe sleps ol lhe Saviour. LEORA ALTHOEE-"ln her very guielness, lhere is charm." BLANCHARD AMS-TUTZ-"Laugh and lhe world laughs wilh you." WINFRED AMSTUTZ-"And I oll have heard defended-'Lillle said is soonesl mended.' " LA VERNE ANDERSON-"You musl wake and call me early." STELLA AUGSBURGER-"My lalenl-music: my goal-I-lis glory." ELEANOR BECKWITH-"God's ways, lhough seemingly myslerious, are always basl." CURTIS BEDSWORTH-"I lind perlecl salislaclion in lhe ccnlor ol His will." RUTH BERGER-"The world gives me aliving, bull musl give il a lilef' LARS BLOIVIOUIST-"GIadness ol hearl is lhe lile ol man, and ioylulness ol man prolongelh his days." NORA JANE BOLENDER-"Wherever He may guide me, No wanl shall lurn me back." BETTE BOOUETTE-"Lel my lile burn oul lor Chrisl who has redeemed my soul." EFFIE BREIVIER-"ll speech were gold, I'd be a billionaire." RUTH BUCKLOH-"A bil ol sunshine in a world ol shadows." AGNES BURLEY-"There is no subslilule lor lhorough-going, sincere earneslnessf' HAZEL BUTZ-"The lullness ol God's Spiril dwells wilhin." RUTH CAMP-"Where Alric's sunny lounlains roll down lheir golden sands- How could I ever slay here, wilh my hearl in lhal lair land?" REUBEN CANTRELL, MRS. REUBEN CANTRELL-"We are pressing on lo viclory lhorugh Chrislf' ARLENE CARPENTER-"Who sweeps a room as lor lhy Laws, lvlalces lhal and lhe aclion line." GWENDOLYN CHAPMAN-"The gualily ol mercy is nol slrained-il blesses him who gives and him who lakes." HELEN CHRISTENSEN-"You can smile when you can'l say a word." DAVID CLARK-"ll was lor lhe good ol my counlry lhal I should be abroad." WILLIAM COLLIER-"The winds are nol always lavorable, bul lhe Pilcl, lhe lvlan ol Galilee, has never lorsalcenf' CLYDE COLLINS-"ln lhe lexicon ol youlh is no such word as 'lail'."i' ELAINE COLLINS-"I am a parl ol all lhal I have mel." LUCY CRAWFORD-"I would be lrue, lor lhere are lhose who lrusl me." ELWIN CREVISTON-"Keep lacing loward lhe sunshine and lhe shadows lall behind you. DOROTHY CROSBY-"ln her smile lhere is lriendliness: in her voice lhere is charm." IVIILDRED DANCER-"Lead me in Thy lrulh and leach me." DANIEL DEMIVIIN-"He has pul a song in my moulh, even praises lo my God." HAROLD DINTER-"To lhine own sell be lrue-lhou can'sl nol lhen Ioe lalse lo any man. WENDELL DOERFLER-"There are lwo sides lo every queslion-my side and lhe wrong side." BETTE LEA DRISKELL-"The only way lo have a lriend is lo be one." 57 The flight 'alufuer DANIEL DYCK-"NecessiTy lcnows no law excepT To conquer." EDNA DYCK-"Her ways are ways oT pIeasanTness, and all her paThs are peace." ROBERT DYE-"IT is such a comTorT To drop The Tangles oT IiTe inTo Gods hands and leave Them There." LEONA EHRESMAN-"Simply TrusTing in The Saviour." HELENE ELLIOT-"Be Triendly and you will never wanT Triendsf' ROBERT ELLIOT-"Did all This wasTe paper come Trom your room . , . Y" TYRE EEHMAN-"SelT-conTidence is The TirsT requisiTe To greaT underTaIcings." LUCILLE FISHER-"She is never alone who is in The company oT noble ThoughTs." WILBUR FORD-"I love noT Tood The less, buT God more." GIRARD FRENCH-"I am under The spouT where The glory runs ouT." BETTY GABERDIEL--"He saTeIy leads my soul along, His loving kindness is so sTrong." OPAL GARNES-"The happiness of your life depends upon The qualiTy oT your ThoughTs." IRENE GERIG-"I wanT my liTe To counT Tor Him." CHARLES GLENN-"Souls are in The darlc: love Them, weep over Them, spare no means To reach Them." ORLAN GOLDEN-"ConsisTenT as The day is long." X HOWARD GRAY-"Ready o'er souls To yearn." MARTHA GRENZEBACH-"To succeed you rnusT earnesTIy desire, and This desire musT shorTen Thy sleep." FLORENCE HABEGGER-"Hosanna in The highesTl Hosanna Torever more!" MAURICE HALL-"DiscreTion oT speech is more Than eloquence." HAZEL HARLE-"LeT The Redeemer's name be sung, Through every land, by every Tongue." ROBERT HARLE-"Lead me To The Roclc ThaT is higher Than I." EDNA HEATON-"His presence Tills The waiTing hearT wiTh joy." LA VERN HEIN-"Endued wiTh sancTiTy of reason." EDWIN HENNING-"I would be an eTTicienT salesman Tor The IvlasTer." MARCUS HEY-"They conquer who believe They can." ARLINE HOOK-"l'm pressing on The upward way." GEORGE HORN-"He who laughs lasT, laughs besT." RUTH HUEEORD-"The hand ThaT haTh made you TairhaTl'1 made you good." BEMIS HUNSBERGER-"WhaTsoever Thy hand TindeTh To do, do iT wiTh Thy mighT." CHARLES IMLER-"Go ahead! Laugh aT my expanse." HELEN IMLER-"The Lord is my Shepherd: I shall noT wanT." CATHERINE IRVINE-"God has a plan Tor every IiTe, and Tinding ThaT plan assures success. ' ROY JOHNSON-"Always on Time excepT when IaTe." ' JUANITA JONES-"Happy and Trom all care I'm Tree-Why aren'T They all con- TenTed Iilce me?" WALLACE JONES-"A charge To lceep I have, a God To gloriTy." 53 The Tfigllt Cainer IRMA JUDD-"A smile cosfs nofhing, and if buys whaf a million cannot" WAYNE JUDD-"Absence makes fhe hearf grow fonderf' MARY KEINRATH-"I have loved my friends as I do virfuef' JAMES KELLER-"In every acfion, may I please my Masferf' DON KELLY-"Preaching should nof be a profession or frade buf a passion BETTE KIENE-"I've found fhe Eriend fhaf never fails." EUDENE KING-"In honor preferring one anofherf' MARVEL KLOCK-"There's no friend fo me like Jesus." FLOYD KLOTZBACH-"Sincerify does nof mean sancfimonious solemnifyf' JOSEPH KOBLE-"I am nof my own: I belong fo Jesus." ANNE GRACE KONTRA-"I would nof live in fhe lowlands when fhe hills are calling me. ' ERED KREH-Hlnfenfions are good: accomplishmenfs are befferf' PAUL KREISS-"In business and in Chrisfian service I would be faifhful 'ro my dufyf' MRS. PAUL KREISS-"Theres no place like home." VIOLA KROCKENBERGER-"My purpose-fo make Chrisf fhe cenfer of my business life." D. B. LAMB-"I know fhe Lord has laid His hand on me." ANNA LAUGHBAUM-"And sfill fhey gazed, and srill fhe wonder grew, Thaf one small head could carry all she knew." JOHN LAYMON-"Hope is a beffer companion fhan fear." LEONA LEHNER-"God firsf, ofhers second, self Iasff' BILLY LEWIS-"Life is real: life is earnesf. And fhe grave is nof ifs goal." VIOLET LUCKS-"Work fascinafes me: I can sif and look af if for hours." CLELA LUGBILL-"In quiefness and confidence shall be your sfrengfhf' ROBERT MCBRIER-In fhe middle of fhe nighf-"Ring oufl wild bells." LILLIAN McCLAID-"Take my voice and Ief me sing, Always, only, for my King." DONALD MCINTOSH-"When I survey fhe wondrous cross . . RUTH MCKINNEY-"Our youfh we can have buf foday: We may always find fime fo grow old." CATHERINE MACY-"A life changed by Chrisf will easily conform fo fhe sfraighf- edge of God's Word." PATRICIA MAHONEY-"Thy modesfy is a candle fo fhy merif." ROGER MALSBARY-"An ounce of enfhusiasm is worfh a pound of knowledge." ESTHER MARKS-"How sweef if is fo labor for fhe Lord." DOROTHEA MARTIG-"Don'f be a carbon copy: make your own impression!" AUDINE MATHERS-"A cheerful hearf is accompanied by a happy counfenance " WILLIAM MERKLEY-"Thy Word is a Iighf unfo my fe-ef." VIRGINIA MEYER-"For Thou wilf Iighf my candle." DONALD MILLER--"Whaf a piece of work is man-fhe beaufy of fhis world." T59 The light 'alfuiner DALE MOSER-"Smoolh runs lhe wafer where +he brook is deep." EDWARD MURPHY-"I will meer you in fhe morning, Jus? inside 'rhe Easlern Gale." RUTH NEUMANN-"My Shepherd is beside me, And nolhing can I lack." EVELYN NEUENSCHWANDER-"Till dealh do us part" CHRIS NICKERT-"Show me Thy will, O God, lhal I may walk in il." SYLVIA NOLAN-"Rich she was of holy lhoughl and work." KAY PAULUS-"When we cannol be conscious of lhe Lord's presence, we can be confidem' of il." VICTOR POSER-"Living lor Jesus wherever I am, Doing each duly in His holy name." FLORENCE POWERS-"She is-bul words are wanl lo say whal. Bul whal a sludenl should be, she is lhalf' ERED RABEL-"I will praise lhe name of God wilh a song." ARTHUR REIEEL-"ll: we can'+ be singers, we can be bringersf' MARY JANE REILLY-"Il is beller 'ro be small and shine lhan lo be large and casl a shadow." RICHARD REILLY-"A lown lhal boasls inhabilanls like me, Can have no lack ol good socielyf' ELINOR RICE-"There is no wisdom like lranknessf' RALPH RINOENBERG-"How much beller il is To gel wisdom 'rhan gold!" ELLIS ROTH-"The lrue measure of Iile is nor what we gel our of life, bul whal we pul inlo il." GERALDINE ROTH--"A maiden demure, bul wise is she." ALICE RUPP-"Our besl is lhe leasl' we should offer God." ANDREW RUPP-"Joy is unallainable aparl from communion wilh God." JOHN RUPP-"Lives of greal men all remind us, We can make our lives sublime." STANLEY RUPP-"Wha'r shall I render lo my God for all His gills lo me?" DORLAND RUSSETT-"My lies are like vows-very binding." ARNOLD SCHMIDT-"The Chrislian ol all people should have slrong conviclions and high purposes." EVELYN SCHMIDT-"Onward 'ro lhe prize before us, Soon His beauly we'lI behold." ROBERT SCHMIDT-"The worsl of me is known, and I can say lhal I am beller Than 'rhe 'lame I bear." ' MILDRED SCHNUR-"Chisl can become as real lo lhe human hearl as lhe Iile we live and The brealh we brealhef' ALICE SCHRECKENBERG-"I make use ol all my 'Golden' opporluniliesf' HELEN SCHUMACHER-"Sing and lhe world sings wi'rh you." MIRIAM SCHUMACHER-"There is a proper dignily 'ro be observed in lhe per- formance of every acl ol life." ALFRED SHADDUCK-"He prayelh well who Iovelh well." DORTHEY SLABAUGH-"Thar I may know in ebbless flow, The perfecl peace of full and pure allegiance." ADA SMITH-"Ferven+ in spiril, serving lhe Lord." LEONARD SMITH-"The grealesl achievemenl of lhis life is preparalion lor lhe life which is 'ro come." HARRY SNOKE-"Living in lhe sunshine of His love." ELBERT SPECKIEN-"I will medilale also of all Thy work and lalk of Thy doings." 50 mhz 'light illuiuer LOVAUN SPILLERS-"I have my convicTions, and I am willing To deTend Them." WILLARD SQUIRES-"All my hope is in The Lord, in The promise oT His Word." MILDRED STAFFORD-"FaiTh can vicTor be in every Trying hour." HOWARD STEIN-"A good name is raTher To be chosen Than greaT riches." ROYAL STEINER-"The same God ThaT solved The problems oT Eliiah can solve mine." EVELYN STRATMEIER-"ln This world, in whaTsoe'er my sTaTe, IT is The Lord on whom I waiT." LAWRENCE STRONG-"One is never Too old To be a sTudenT." MARY M. STUCKY-"CharacTer is noT a giTT, buT an achievement" RICHARD SWEDBERG-"IT's noT The way The wind blows: iT's The way you seT your sails." HARRIET SWEETEN-"Only a sweeT and virTuous soul, Like second Timber, never gives. LESLIE SYLVESTER-"I'll Take camp meeTings all The year 'round." ARTHUR TEMPLAR-"The secreT oT success is consTancy oT purpose." MARION THOMAS-"I like my meals well-seasoned wiTh humor." FLORENCE THOMPSON-"Live pure, speak True, righT wrong, Tollow The King: Else whereTore born?" FLORA LEE TINSLEY-"IT is boTh The privilege and duTy oT every ChrisTian To ex- empIiTy The ChrisT liTe." ELSIE UEBERSCHAR-"l'II sing iT and Tell iT wherever I go-I wanT all To hear iT, I wanT all To know." THELMA VAN SCOIK-"He is my sTrengTh Trom day To day, wiThouT Him I would Tall." VIOLA VAN SCOIK-"O, send ouT Thy IighT and Thy TruThg leT Them lead me." MILLIE VERMILLION-"Never leT your sTudying inTerTere wiTh doing good Tor oThers.' PAUL WAGLEY-"l dare noT look To The righT or leTT-I musT press Torward." MILDRED WANNER-"As God leads me will I go, Nor choose my way." IRMA WARNER-"WhaT Time I am aTraid, I will TrusT in Thee." CLAYTON WEIKER-"I am called To be holy-To be a sainT." ROBERT WELCH-"OuT oT The liTe oT school inTo The school oT liTe." NEVA WHALEY-"A blush is beauTiTul, buT someTimes uncomTorTable." REYNOLDS WHITE-"The enTrance oT Thy words giveTh lighT." WILLIAM WHITEMAN-"IT I can keep, one hearT Trom breaking, I shall noT live in vain. ROY WHITTUM-"He speaks as one who Ted on poeTry." FLORENCE WILTING-"lT's The seT oT The soul ThaT deTermines The goal and noT The sTorm nor The sTriTe." KATHLEEN WITMER-"Music is a chain ThaT links The soul wiTh God." EDNA WORTHINGTON-"Singing iT my way is clear: praying if The paTh is drear." MARY DEEN WRIGHT-"ThaT I may dwell in The house oT The Lord all The days OT my liTe." ROBERT YOUNG-"To know ThaT Jesus never Tails is su'lTicienT guaranTee againsT all problems oT Tomorrow." EDWIN ZIMBELMAN-"Oh, ThaT nighT ThaT God goT ahold oT me." HELEN ZORB-"I am living on The mounTain underneaTh a cloudless sky." 61 The light Uuiuer SENTENCE SERMONETTES "CounT The cosT, young people, and Then by The grace oT God go Torwardl" MISS DIRKSON. Our mosT imporTanT calling is To be sainTs." "Jesus didn'T come To regulaTe sin: He came To desTroy iT." EDISON HABEG-GAR. "Perhaps some oT you are The answer To somebody's prayer." REV. J. H. WOODWARD. I. 1 Wherever you see Two exTremes in Theology The TruTh is usually in beTween.' "The capaciTy in which The Holy SpiriT comes To a person depends upon The capaciTy To receive Him." "Where TaiTh demands acTion and you do noT acT, your claim oT TaiTh is Talse-." "IT man had noT been able To sin, he could never be holy." V DR. JOHN PAUL. "God is never ahead oT Time, never behind Time: buT l-le is always on Time." REV. J. E. RAMSEYER. "ChrisT is The highesT among The mighTy, and The mighTiesT among The holy." "There is no hope Tor a person who doesn'T learn ThaT he doesn'T know." "The lowesT rung in The ladder OT Gods grace is higher Than The highesT in The world." "There are some holiness people who have a loT oT holes in Their holiness." h "You may noT have vicTory over everyThing, buT you can have vicTory in every- T ing." i "We hang on Tor dear life-To noThing." "Jonah Tound himselT inside The whale: buT There is one encouraging Thing, he Tound a mourners bench." REV. J. S. WOOD. "Fear God and you need noT Tear anyone else." "There is no room Tor deTeaT in The ChrisTian's liTe." "Missions are The moral equivalenT oT war." "There is power in The SpiriT To overcome The body." REV. JOHN DAVEY. "There is noT a Thing in Theology ThaT is dry excepT To a sTupid mind." DR. TURBEVILLE. 62 Elsie light Ufuiuer Words of Wisdom Trom Dr. Turbeville "We geT more inspiraTion Trom our sermons when we puT more perspiraTion inTo Them." "You can never know The beauTy oT a rose unTil you know in your hearT, The Rose oT Sharon." "The GreaTesT TruTh in The universe-'God is lovel' " "You cannoT explain any greaT Thing." "The man who cannoT speak ouT oT experience abouT The Things oT ChrisTianiTy had beTTer keep quieT." "No man is TiT To speak in The name oT ChrisT iT he is aTraid To speak whaT he believes." "IT you Try To live more religion Than you have, you are going To have a hard Time." "IT ChrisT is small enough Tor our heads, l-le is Too small Tor our hearTs." All greaT Things in This world have in Them an elemenT oT mysTery." "WhaT ChrisT said is oT no parTicular imporTance To us aparT Trom whaT T-Te did." "You cannoT puT The principles oT ChrisT inTo liTe unTil you have Them in your hearT." "IT you ever accomplish anyThing in liTe, iT will cosT you someThing." IT you can Talk abouT anyThing else, you can Talk abouT ChrisT iT he dwells wiThin. You can'T love and noT Talk abouT iT." "No man is good unTil he is Gods. IT a man does noT have God, he is bad." "No person loves you unless he is drasTic in his demands upon your liTe." "Love demands gualiTy." "Your ChrisTian experience can be no higher Than your concepTion oT DeiTy." "The same love ThaT would liTT you iT you accepT iT, will sink you inTo The awTul quagmire oT eTernal ruin and despair iT you reiecT iT." "IT our ChrisT is small enough To be comprehended by These liTTle minds oT ours, T-le can never solve problems any deeper Than ThaT." "Theology is proTound, and a liTTle man can'T sTudy iT." "Jesus ChrisT can Take The mosT simple language and give us The mosT sublime TruThs ThaT human minds can wr'esTle wiTh." 63 mhz flight Unfuer ALUMNI TESTIMONIES I909-DERSIE QUINCE-" 'He is faifhful ThaT promised'-Heb. IO:23. I praise The Lord for Jesus, His Word, and His promises. For every problem There has been a promise? and when faiThfuI in claiming Them, He has been faiThful in proving Them. Praise The Lord for such a wonderful Savior!" l9IO-SAMUEL C. WITMER-"I am praising God more now Than ever ThaT He permiTTed me To sfudy His word in The InsTiTuTe under Teachers ThaT believed and TaughT The whole Bible." I9I I-MENNO S. HIRSCHY-"Praise God for The blessings received aT The Bible InsTiTuTe and for The fellowship wiTh cIassmaTes represenTing varied walks of life: missionaries, pasTors, docTor, nurses, auThors, home mission workers, and Those in secular work. 'ThaT I may lcnow Him' lour moTTol is precious as we live and move in a world of Trouble and Turmoil." I9I2-NORMAN HIRSCHY-"Those were Three blessed years aT Bible InsTiTuTe. TwenTy-nine years have passed since Then-years of Trial, Tesfing, Triumph. OT The Word we Then sTudied and since have sTudied and proclaimed: we can say wiTh Joshua I23:l4l, 'NOT one Thing haTh failed Thereoff His grace is sTilI sufficient Praise His precious name!" ' I9I3-MRS. SAMUEL SCHUIVIACHER lNee Lillie RoThl-"The days ThaT I spenT aT The Bible InsTiTuTe were very precious days, and have meanT much To me ever since. I praise God for a school ThaT sTilI Teaches The whole Word of God. May The Lord conTinue To bless This dear old Bible InsTiTuTe." I9I4-JOHN E. LAUBY-"I always shall have a warm spoT in my hearT for The ForT Wayne Bible lnsTiTuTe. The spiriTual aTmosphere and The fundamenTaI Teaching of The Word puT a foundaTion under my feeT ThaT abides To This day. May The lnsTiTuTe confinue To Teach The 'faiTh ThaT was once for all delivered To The sainTs' coupled wiTh Holy GhosT experiences: and iT will go on 'conquering and To conquer'." I9I5-W. VANCLIEF YAGGY-"GreeTings in The name of our unchanging and TaiThfuI Lord. IT is hard To realize ThaT TwenTy-six years have passed by since The class of I9 I 5 IasT Trod The halls of The InsTiTuTe. Our class was one of The smalIesT To graduaTe, and our ranks have been Thinned fifTy percenf down Through The years by The promoTion of Three of our number To His presence." I9l6-ARTHUR F. ALLBRO-"The ForT Wayne Bible InsTiTuTe was The answer To my spiriTual need aT The Time I enrolled. IT was The spiriTual aTmosphere ThaT burned inTo my spiriTual fiber The sTabiIizing qualifies so necessary for The esTabIishmenT of my spiriTual life. Friendships made in This aTmosphere have proved deeper and more enduring Than all oThers. May This aTmosphere ever pervade her halls." I9I7-JOHN C. CLASPER-"The Three years lI9I4-I9I7l spenT in The B.T.S. were mosT profiTabIe. I enioyed The fine spiriTual aTmosphere and ChrisTian fellowship. The fundamenTal Teaching of Gods Word, and The pracTicaI service were such as To help fiT me for over TwenTy years of service in Two pasToraTes." I9I8-MISS SOPHIA PAULEY-"I will never regreT The Time I spenT aT The Bible InsTiTuTe. IT was There ThaT I became seTTled in my ChrisTian experience and sTrengThened in my faiTh life. I praise God for The abundanT provision He has made for all who will come To Him." 64 mhz light 'Ufufner I9I9-MRS. P. M. ACGSTA-lNee E. Luella Benzl-"I shall never cease To Thank my Heavenly FaTher for The Three precious years which I-Ie permiffed me To spend aT The Bible InsTiTuTe. They were noT only years filled wiTh sfudy and work, buf years filled wifh greafer experiences and ofa deeper and closer fellowship wiTh Jesus, my Saviour." l92O-RUTI-I REDIGER-"Our moTTo 'Jehovah-nissi'. So far as I can learn, Thir- Teen of The fiffeen are now engaged in parT or Tull Time Chrisfian work. Five are carry- ing The Gospel To darkened hearfs in India, China, Africa, and Soufh America. The resT are spreading The Gospel in The homeland. Praise God!" I92l-DANIEL E. RAMSEYER-"TwenTy shorT years have slipped by since we Ieff The Bible Training School-now The Bible InsTiTuTe. We spenT Ten years in The Lord's service in Nebraska, one year in Wisconsin, and are sTarTing our fiffh year in The Wesf BapTisT Church of Bay CiTy, Michigan. The Gospel is sTiII The power of God. IT has marvelously Transformed lives and homes here, for which we praise The Lord." l923-ROY J. BIRKEY-"JusT whaT B. I. has meanT To me during eighfeen years of service, boTh aT home and abroad, would be difficulf for me To say, because iT be- came a parT of me. I do noT hesifafe To hearfily recommend iT as The mosT accepfable place for youTh To prepare for Chrisfian service." I925-MARION E. GROSI-I-"Praise God for answering prayer and fulfilling I-Iis promises. Conference has iusT assigned me To The I-IarrieTT M. B. C. Church, near I-Iillsboro, Ohio. This is a small counTry church in a difficulf buf needy field. BuT God is able To finish To I-lis glory whaT I-Ie has begun. Pray for me." I926-MYRTLE E. WISI-IART-"For The fifTeen blessed and fruifful years which have sped by since my graduafion, I fervenTIy praise God. The Lord has become increasingly real To me, leading me from vicTor unTo vicTory in my evangelisfic work. My earnesf desire, 'To be always abounding in The work of The Lord'." I927-J. J. KLOPFENSTEIN-"Our word of praise, since our graduafion, is 'Greaf is Thy faiThfuIness'. As we have soughT, These fourfeen years, To work in our appoinfed corner of I-Iis greaT vineyard, in pasToraTes and evangelisfic services, we have offen proved The exceeding greafness of I-Iis promises and faiThfuIness." I928-Q. J. EVEREST-"In The firsT LighT Tower publicafion by our class of l928, I inserfed The verse, 'I can do all Things Through Chrisf which sTrengTheneTh me'. During These Thirfeen years of pasToraI, evangeIisTic and radio minisfry, God has definiTeIy verified I-Iis word. We are ioyful in our King." l929-TILLMAN I-IABEGGAR-"I shall always look back To The Bible InsTiTuTe wiTh a noTe of praise and Thanksgiving To God for The clear Tesfimony of The InsTiTuTe. The foundafion of Chrisfian docfrines received There and The Teaching and pracfice of prayer in The InsTiTuTe have helped me To lead many souls info a clear experience of salvafion, sancTificaTion, and healing for The body, and To make known The blessed hope of The near reTurn of our Lord." I93O-MRS. LOYAL RINGENBERG-"AT presenT I have The happy and high calling of being a mofher To Lenore and William Carey. The Lord supplies The sTrengTh as I give 'all-ouT-aid' To my husband who confends for The faiTh aT The InsTiTuTe. We are happy To be 'workers TogeTher wiTh I-Iim'." 65 Che light Filufuer I93I-H. E. WISWELL-Since graduafing from B. I. lI93Il, fhe Lord has been so gracious in His care, guidance and grace fhaf a fesfimony of so few words can buf sound a nofe of hearf-felf fhanksgiving. Buf fo sum if all up info one sfafemenf, I am glad fo exclaim wifh fhe poef: 'Greaf is Thy faifhfulness'." I932-CYRIL H. EICHER-"I am deeply grafeful fo fhe Lord for fhe spirifual help and encouragemenf I received while affending fhe Forf Wayne Bible Insfifufe. I look back with fond memories fo The fimes of fellowship, insfrucfion, and service during fhose years. Thank God for an insfifufion which is sfill frue fo Gods unchanging Word." I'-733-NELLIE E. THUM-"Upon enfering Bible School, I was fold I could know iusf as definifely when God sancfified me as when He saved me. Somefhing wifhin held me back. I soughf fhe Lord fo Ief me die, kill me dead, and break fhe chains on fhe inside. He did if. Bless His name!" I935-RANDALL lvl. RICE-" 'Hifherfo hafh fhe Lord helped us.' We praise fhe Lord for His unfailing faifhfulnessz He has remarkably answered prayer: He has oufsfandingly manifesfed loving kindness and fender mercies: He has given grace for every frialg He is a presenf living realify: and fhe fufure is as brighf as His promises." I936-ROBERT C. STRUBHAR-"The joy of my life is fo serve fhe Lord. For His grace and goodness fo me, I praise Him. I have found Him fo be a mighfy Con- queror, who never losf a baffle: a faifhful Guide, who knows fhe way, and a frusfworfhy Friend, who never befrays my confidencesf' I937-HOWARD G. EICHER-"The words describing our day are 'Wars and wickedness' wifh all fheir accompanimenfs. The masses are spirifually unenlighfened, Chrisf reiecfors. I fhank God for fhe minisfry and mission of fhe Bible Insfifufe, indeed a 'Tower of Lighf'. The many who have passed her halls of Bible fraining are forfunafe, and fhe days ahead afford us greaf opporfunify fo be lights in a darkening world."- Romans I:l6. I938-KENNETH GEIGER-"God has cerfainly been good during The few years since fhe Class of '38 graduafed from fhe Bible Insfifufe. Reporfs of blessing and vicfory and usefulness have come from every member of fhe class. We feel fhaf God has a place for every one of us in His service and by 'rhe grace of God shall go on serving Him unfil He shall call us home." I939-NORMAN C. MOSER-"The Lord has done greaf fhings for me whereof I am glad. I praise Him for saving and keeping me. and for calling me info His service. I praise Him, foo, for courage fo 'press foward fhe mark for fhe prize of fhe high call- ing of God in Chrisf Jesus'." l94O-KENT WELTY-" 'Praise 'rhe Lord, O my SouI'. We have much reason fo rejoice in God. He has been a Designer who has our lives mapped ouf, a Guide who has faughf our feef which pafh fo fread, and a Fafher who has opened His sforehouse. Bless His holy name." 66 The light Uifnfuer SCHOOL CALENDAR Seplember- IO-Regislralion day for new sludenls. I I-Regislralion day for old sludenls. I2-Firsl day of school. I4-Our firsl school picnic al Fosler Park. I5-Van Scoik's firsl a++emp+ af pie baking. Resull-indigeslion. 26-Two of Violel Luck's house coals appeared al girls dorm rneeling, Violel in one, and Bob Elliol in +he olher. 27-A new vision of Africa presenfed by Alberl l-lelzer a+ Mission Band. Oclober- 4-Mission Band Service was presenled by sludenrs who were engaged in full lime service during lhe summer monlhs. 5-Rulh, l'he daughler of Professor lPopl Gerber, and Wilbur Eicher, son of Rev. P. L. Eicher, were uniled in marriage in The Firsf Missionary Church. 7-Kay's alarm clock ran down. Resull-lale breakfast hungry sludenls. 8-Monrhly day ol prayer. IO-An organ recilal presenled by Miss Rulh Bixel. I8-Opening session of Jrhe Cily-wide Youlh Conference. 24-Who spilled Jrhe ginger in The pumpkin pies? 25-The sludenl body enjoyed 'rhe Mission Band address given by our Dean. November- 4-Monlhly day of prayer. r 8-Jacob Sheelz enlerlained us wilh his saxaphone. Unusual Mission Band-A broadcasl from HCJB, Quilo, Ecuador. l I-Dean Wi+mer's chapel message on War Propaganda. I2-Mr. lmler, in chapel, gave us a review of his persecufions. I4-Mr. J. Francis Chase from Chicago illuslraled lhe Jrechnical use of arls. I6-Belhany l-lall residenls had a Fireside Meefing and drew names for lheir silenl sisfers. 20-Thanksgiving vacalion. 23-Special supper prepared by Alfred Shadduck and l-larriel Sweelen. 27-Shadduck spilled lhe spaghelli. December- 6-Mrs. Rhoda l-linkey, who served forly years in China, was our Mission Band speaker. 9-Monlhly day of prayer. "Eddie" l-labeggar was our speaker. I2-Open-house and Reci+al for public and sludenls. ' I3-Never will 'rhe school forgel "LiHle Mose and Zeke." Lulu Irvines was The speaker. I8-Chrisfmas banquel followed by carroling. 20-Chrislmas vacalion. 67 The 'pliglpiinfuer SCHOCDL CALENDAR January- 2-Baclc 'ro boolcs and slales. I7-Inspiring Mission Band Service wifh Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ummel. I8-Four girls enjoyed rhe hamburgers and hor coffee parry ar l2:3O P. M. in room +hir+y-one. 20-The beginning of a four-day lribularion period. lExams.l 23-During 'rhe firsl porrion of our monlhly day of prayer, Dr. Zoller and lhe "Amer- ica Back To God Quarreru were wifh us. 24-Regisrrafionz many new laces appear. 2 7-Classes resu med. 30- Februa 7, 20- Rev. J. S. Wood's rimely message To young men and women confemplafing marriage. ry- Miss Berrschi, a rerurn missionary from Africa spolce in Mission Band. -John Davey, a nafive of Ausrralia, showed piclures of lhe Wesr Indies in lhe Firsl Missionary Church. V Sfuden'r's Reciral in The chapel. 25-Anne Graces birfhday parry. 28 March 5 Mrs. Tomar Wrighr Slerling, a sfudenl in l9I6, was one of our mosf inspiring Mission Band speakers. -Womens Chorus sang in 'lhe Firsl Missionary Church. I4-We will never forgel' Brorher Bach's Mission Band message. Ray Weaver played I9- 20- 2 I -Spring vacafion. 27- 29- organ numbers. Mon+hly day of prayer. Men's chorus leff +he cify af I:3O P. M. Women's Chorus lei? The ciry ar 5:30 P. M. Baclc fo school. Shadduclc sfepped in rhe dishpan. 3l-The Men's and Women's Choruses refurned 'rhis A. M. Don and Evelyn announced Their engagement April- 7-Miss McConnel and her group had charge of lhe chapel service. 9-Campus clean-up day: weiners, beans, leaves, and couples. I I-The girls of Belhany l-lall enioyed fheir las+ Fireside Meefing. May- 25-Baccalaureale-Rcv. S. A. Wifmer. speaker. 26 27 -Annual Sfudenf Recifal. Fellowship Circle Dinner. 28-Gradualion-Rev. Clyde Meredilh, speaker. 68 The light Unfun- OUR CONTRIBUTORS Virgil Montague Don Mclntosh Orlan Golden Fred Nickert Girard French Charles lmler Roger Malsbary Roy Johnson Dale Moser Floyd Klotzbach Billy Lewis LaVerne Anderson 1940-1941 59 Howard Stein Evelyn Neuenschwander Paul Kreiss Roy Whittum 'Che 'light Univer- The Fort Wayne Bible Institute A GROWING INSTITUTION In Enrollment Average for first decade ,......... .....,. 5 7 Average for second decade e...,., ..,.... 7 5 Average for third decade ,e..,... ....... 1 15 Average for past seven years ...,, ....... 1 58 Present residence enrollment ...,..,. ..,.... 1 76 Present total registration ........ .... 'Z '22 In Curriculum The catalog of 190906 described a curriculum of ten subjects. Now the Institute is divided into three departments, each having its own cirf riculum: School of Bible .,...... ......,. 6 3 courses School of Music ..............,.,..... ........ 1 7 courses School of Correspondence ,...,,......,...,,....,,....,.........,........... ....... 9 courses Plans are now being made to add a Bible college course. In Physical Equipment Site purchased -and Administration Building erected in 1904 with present evaluation of .........,,,.....................,.,...,i..................,..,...........,,........,..,........ 575,000 Bethany Hall erected 192960 ....... ...... 6 0,000 Annex purchased in 1937 ...i..,...s,........,.........................,...........,.......,... 5,000 Present plans call for an Auditoriumflvlusic Hall estimated to cost .............. 85,000 The Bible Institute aims to meet the increasing demand for thoroughly trained Christian workers from societies and denominations at home and abroad. It is pledged to the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Address inquiries to the Registrar Bible Institute, Fort Wayne, Ind. 70 'Che 'ifliglgt 'dfufuer Phone A-2463 SUPER-PAK PACKAGE FUEL 4 l APIEIEETS LITTLE ELF brings you many quality foods- wby not enjoy them all? Be sure of quality before you buy. Look for Little Elf. It pays. BURSLEY 86 COMPANY, y , 9 D iffs CANNED FOCDS- COFFEE-TEA- PACKAGED FOCDS DELICACIES IN GLASS. Wholesale Distributors 71 Elie light 'Quinn' ONE-IN-HAND E KTIE - READY TIED - NO NO PINS GADGETS Dorland R. Russett BIBLE INSTITUTE A THREEFOLD MINISTRY In ll'lll'ClZ you may have a part The Bible Institute Colportage Association of Chicago was founded in 1894 by Dwight L. Moody tu circulate the simple gospel message by means of: PUBLISHING hooks, Scripture portions and tracts. IEIULIINII and Fureignl to the extent of more than 7lNl titles and editions. SELLING through the usual trade channels but particularly through Christian book missionaries. GIVING literature to Christian workers in prisons. hospitals. CCC camps, mountain and pioneer districts of America. Latin Anierica, Africa, India. etc. Fur full IIlll'fl'Cll1f1l'S ivrile to The Bible Institute Colportage Association 841-a N. Wells St. Chicago, Ill. SUNDAY SCHOOL LITERATURE for Pupils of All Ages The "Christian Life Series" treats on the INT. UNIFORM LESSON TOPICS True to the Fundamentals of the Christian Faith! Verse by Verse Exposition! Simply expounded within the range of all! .Snmplv rnpivs on upplirnlian UNION GOSPEL PRESS-Box 6059, Cleveland, Ohio Ghz light Eniuer HUTSON'S PHARMACY YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD DRUG STORE WE DELIVER 4001 South Wayne Avenue Phone H3130 On January ThirTy-TirsT When in The door The seniors bursT There saT The Dean in sTockEnq TeeT, And he was quiTe dumbTounded. His TeeT wenT up: he dropped his ching And Turned around wiTh silly grin. The seniors aT The open door Were shouTing, "Happy BirThday." BELIEVE IT OR NOT ln her eagerness To enTer chapel Tor Church T-TisTory Class one morning, Deen Tell ouTside The door and sTreTched a ligamenT in her TooT. F A dmTTcl:TEado NX'orkmaB El p Plate Glass Publne L bl OLD LINE-LEGAL RESERVE-NONQASSESSABLE DIVIDEND SAVINGS ZUZ UP--DIRECT COMPANY SERVICE EMPLOYERS MUTUALS FORT WAYNE BRANCH-1:3u LINCOLN Toxx'ER EINER R. BURGET A-6343 NORMAN A. BOERGER REALIZE REAL EYES ---- ----WEAR GETTLE'S GLASSES Eyes Examined-Lenses GroundfG1asses made in One to Three Hours by SPECIALISTS IN EACH DEPARTMENT THE GOLDEN RULE OPTICAL STORE 805-807 Calhoun Street Phone A-648OfAf6489 FORT WAYNE, INDIANA 73 Elie ifiglii El1l1TPl' N E COMPLIMENTS 0 PQ E R x A T R C A Q c E o s T H4515 Pom WAYNE Phone Finest Watch and Jewelry Repairing All blames COUSIN , INC. Fully Repair LiLl.lI'.lllICCLl N118 CALHOUN STREET Nlzmagcr Mr. Leiqhlner in l-lomilelics class: "The eyes play an important parl in expressing lo your audience your feelings. There passes from eye to eye that look which pierces lhe inmosl soul, lcindling the passions and melting lo tenderness. What did you say, Miss Ueberscharff' Qld sludenl lo Sadie l-lahegqar on lirsl day oi school: "Well, Sadie, l hope To see more ol you lrom now on." Sadie: 'lm sorry, but lhis ia all lhere is oi nie." i W 4-iv' i Q W It's easier, smarter, to . . . XC Cook Electrically lic wise insist on cooking this modern low'cosL way. Enjoy better' Listing,imirenmii'1sl1lngmc11ls.Elcc' lil' cooking rzitcs in Furl WRIYIWC n w .irc the lowest in history. FH!-L EAST BERRY S'l'RlfET ' 1 1 PHONE A174141 74 Glyn 355111 Cfuiucr THE NATIONAL MILL SUPPLY CO. FACTORY, MILL, ELECTRICAL, PLUMBING AND HEATING SUPPLIES, AUTOMOTIVE EQUIPMENT, RADIOS, PAINT, OIL, ELECTRIC RANGES AND REERIGERATORS 207'2U9'2II'215 EAST COLUMBIA STREET Phone A2331 Fort Vsfuync, Indiana BIBLES---TESTAMENTS BOOKS THE OXFORD "ULTRATHIN" BIBLE MISSIONARY CHURCH ASSOCIATION Publication DepartmentfBible Institute Buildingflsort Wayiie, Indiana Mr. Leiqlwtner calls on Miss Ueberschar to recite. Miss Ueberscl'1ar:"l'm sorry, bui I am unprepared for a change." "Compliments of a Friencly' 75 Elgc light 'Eufuer mt. Q Q T -ww GI I DRY CLEANING ' G O O D Y E A R OPPOSITE POST OFFICE A CLEAN SHOP FOR PARTICULAR PEOPLE FERGUSON BARBERS Christian B .ln' hers DOXVNTOXVN 1229 CALHOUN STREET CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES! HARRISON HILL DRUG STORE Phone I-I'42S6 mir I-I-il lv PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS In l-lebrews class, TirsT semesTer. Tv1r.WiTrner: "l-lerefs a simple guesTion ThaT anyone should be able To answer. Miss l.ucks?ll In an aTTer-supper prayer meeTing in BeThany l-lall when The girls TelT more lilce giggling Than being serious, lvlarTha Grenzebach, The senior member OT The group, guieTly commanded: "Well, girls, leT's eiTher geT quieT or expand." A GIFT TO YOU Vfu inxr Qi uivy --l our .1 cs fl.i .iliir lor mu. XII ninnncr nl' RELIGIOUS SUPPLIES. l I l L I I 1, y 1 A splfndid vzirlcty ul I'l.iqm-N. Mutlrvcs, Bihlu-. Religious Fiction, Sunday Scluml RcwzirdS, ctc,, chi licnln-I Swiss Siiimdnv Scliiiiil Lilcrzitllrca Fiiiidziincmul, Spiritual. A TITHE OF OUR INCOME GOES TO MISSIONS BETHEL PUBLISHING COMPANY ELK HART ---- INDIANA 76 Uh 7V5H'G,'f1 all .ILL 'MII COMPLIMENTS GF CENTRAL DAIRY 77 Elge light Efuiurr were prepared Ayiie FORI' IIIAYIIE IEIIGRAVIIIG C0 H1 PAH Y O E N G RAVE R S ILLU STRATOFZS ELECTROTYPERS I5I?I ISIZI l5n6nAvln6S in III II FORT IIIXYIIE, IIID THIS ANNUAL PRINTED BY CALHOUN PRESS PRINTERS AND PUBLISHERS 7 EAST MAIN STREET FORT WAYNE, INDIANA BARNER'S STUDIO PORTRAITS md COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHS IxUDAIx FINISHINI PHOTO SIIPPLIES Sf PICTURE FRAMING UF ALL KINDS Fort WzIy11c, Indizma 78 In 'Q .ff 'F I' J 1. 1 A ' r s I ba O 4 Q s 0 - ' P O D 0 5 r. 4- H- 1 ,1,, f, M5 ,I 4 Wy, .H ,. .1 , K +9431 . 3' .4 4. ., nfl '-if ,KJ -. 4 ,- .x,- 'ls .,-'Ml :pf 1.. , Y, lp, 1 ' 'u nl urn' , ,v ' A 'I J . ,.,., i.f:.1,'. V' uni W ' , fin: 35 UT' 1 , . 5115214 ' ,- .F-.U LL., . ,. ,U x, 5, ' ' 'llgfgf .s .- .M1,3', mx - .M,m"g,' , ,N " :,: ' ' ' lffw - N V ,- ".".i:'l - .1 ill' -N 1,7 L va-1 ,1 f"' qx. 1 I 'E' F X x ' 3. , . 4 1 o I 6 I I .v , x A ' n I QQ, t I , x r f 1 M1 f 'Ivy' Q , ' , 1 , .-, Q H M55 .wx 1 '1 A151 1191 g,.,11,-1 41-4 X- 11 .V .1 1 1 1 1 'L U, MF V11 '11 X1 11,111 11.L3...1 11f1 - ",1,.1' .1111 1 K 1 11' mi .11 JM' 111 , ' .-1, . 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