Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN)

 - Class of 1940

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Fort Wayne Bible College - Light Tower Yearbook (Fort Wayne, IN) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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ef- . .. F1 ... V, 'T N "Lt T'-ff' Q- v t..,V ' , ,, ' - VV 'hi - , - ff' "' 411, 4 -. M. . -fx -. ,, 44 f-,Vi ' xv-V ' FQ-2 A - L J E' " . -i J, ' 1 . ' K.. ' V . ' , . .jj Z , ' QR. Rf' 1 - . V-r VVV , V V V, V. ,VV', VV AQ VV. Lf .... -MV ,V. .N:,.,, VV, V,.VVVVVV.V? ,qpxgln V 1 " - " 'N' . ' bf" 'J' ' ' 1 T' ' w -', -1' .- . 'Y X . Nl ' ' VA VA . 2 . ' 'A V., . 'V VV N -'- - . ..... uv' -. . .- V V V .V fx r - - 1 -I. .4 A : pd! .X A ' -- w ' 3 .fffxk . ' . . I- X ' -,"" ' ' , uw--r ' 'V . . . .. .' . L: - Q ., QQ" "'.- . , L' ' ., ,.V 1 ' -: , , , -+ 4.ysfj-,- 4 1 N Vi! -' 'f '- "."'.gm. . ... .-'-- H, . V V, V .V V .. - V,V,. -. -' . ,,2.- 4 - . N'-1-fy fV'- L ' --V1 . if ,s..V- Q... . .V1,V..4L ,V V .V :. ,- V .V .V V .,,- ,V .4.- V. ., ' - . - -V . .fV. V . , VV ' X ' W1 .. ' "H: - rl " Aw' X ,Q " ' ' ""fq"'7-VN' y '- A 5. H 4r ' ' 'L . x w V .f 4-., . fu' 'VV' I f -. XV '4 '. ,VV V V V V V V44 . NV VV,-.,VV V. .V I -x 4 -.V . ' V. .' '-,X 'LY ' "v- :L L' " : ' Y, . 1. V - 'j .V..A ..'. ,VV w V . '. V! N- V -at . '- -41 4' -.L 1' - ,V-1 V . .- . V VV . . V w v ' A ff Q 3 :A 'JH .' . -1' .Q V ff?" V ' 'V . 1L"'1:-.- V . .V V . , - .. . .S 95 . . ,,.V: V V4-.V VV HP: - . , . , .' . , . . V . , . . f VV. V , V . Al- V . V I ' .,-.'- ' ' -lg. gmt, ' .?'z,:'. L J, N ' A -. ' ' .., " ' 1-" ' -Q. .. V. V V-5 .wr 4- . ,V,,- . L .. e ,.f,,,.4, ,Q M VV .. - 'V .. 4 . - '.r',, .V - ' r.,V Xq :V V. .V f'l'.g,T " ' ' ' 4 f ' . '44 ' 4 ' 4 . ' x .H r A . . . 1 , .f.. . , . V, V- 'v .. ' ,-V,' ,' V,,j' - . . V VV V. JVVVVVVV V .H Wy.. V ., . .1 - V: gr , - 'V- ' V - , V . .. V, I . 'L . 5--. V V ,VV V.,V. .V V VV 'V V ., VT. ,5 ' 4 . -:V , T. ' I " 'V .. , ,-.. , ' VV V . , , .V VVV V. VVVVV. VVVV. V V V. V P' ,-, . . - .. ,, VV 4 : VV T I si .' 14 xx' Vl ' 'A " V ' 1 ' ' '. '.""' - WZ, Qs L-Q , - s'gVx:.- . " , -. , V R- . V,.V , V,-V , if - "' V -V , v - .' ' ' ... ,L .-.x yV,.-. ,V f VV V VV V- -' ' ' v- JV V . - . ,4 -4 -f 5, ,V-V ,,. J V..V V, V ,, ' . V .f N- - '- at ' K .' -'. xl 4 " 7 mfr Q. ' - 7- . , 1-4, V..4 11- .V V ' ' - H f "N-T 1--1 ' ". 4 .3 .w, .4 - - . . - .M-f Q4 2 A V' ' 'TL .'-- I' .lf V N" ',"' n "' 'fi' "Ti . , Q -. - . V4.1 - , ,f V, 1' ' V V. V V V V .Ve VV . . f .M , 4, . V' -. " MN' Q" " ""'5"'- ' 5' mV ' L4 1 V' VV .1V' P' ' I V . ly .J,-'nf .' "Vx" V1 'Ln ' A' 4- . , . V , V -, V L A- VV . . V ,. ,VVVV f 4 . .-f' A. -4... , :.,1,.VV-4 5 , V '- ". -a1,r'. -H.. ' - .1 -A - . . ' , f- , - -L V V x ' 1.--f ' 'f 1 ' ' ' I 4-' "lu ' 4. - . .1 W . HW V,-- -4 . f ,. -V f- V., .. '. . . .f-V - , - . ,fu-,V,VV. ,., V ,ylw -4 .-VV. V I , F" 1, L. . P 7' . - . " L w. - -'Lu ',. . . V..,-f- V .. ...V V . A, f--1 V - 1 . f ,- UV V- V. .. Vf. V r..f .' V, V - -4 4. 1 4 1 f- - - . 't 'x.4 - K . . 1 - -V ..-'Vi , . IVKVVQLV 1 AV . Q.. V 4 .- ' .V- V V V ,. .. ,, , V 7, V- .. .7 4 -, --41-N - - M . . . -.1 ', 1.4. 4-. 'ff H I ' ' . . f . - w. V .- --. ' . '- 4 N- .. .., . ,. v -,wju ', A .4 . ' ' - VA' '., ' '. A. V , L V . - .V .,. V . W.. ' ": 4- . . 4- V ' -,. .-VV.. , - V.,f . - .5-Vg.. 3-. 4 V uVV..VV ei V ' . . '. . I., A V .V. -. V aku, -:V ,VV - .- A ,V- .Vw-V ., -V V V ' "' f '- Y '. ' Afv. .L' '.""' ' 4 - . ,-2 .f- .101 V ' fa" " 4 ' - . -,' ,," -' 4 .- fV "'- . 1 ...H .Wm .. 4. V4 . ' V ' ' , . VV - . r. V . . .- . . W." '. 12. . 1, ,4.1 . ' ' Q- ,- -r"'f' 1 ' 4 ., V IVV: 4' , VV VV. J V'.-f .. .J.,, ' g-i-VVV.V, V ,V,VV.V V 'wi' J V,,4 V . , , . V . ' - . 4 -- 4' ul! " '14 - v ' . V-V' ' " -: .fy 031.4 f. '. ' . vu- . .NL . 1, :.'fs-gg- K-V' .- 3 ' V- Aff W- 1- "'1-ig.-.".'?"X " .--.,A'.aw :L 'G.'1'f-VV.f'- . Vg.. .. ., 4 .. .. ., . ., . 4. , 4 . 4 I. . -. - - N, -. . , , . . . Vg ,q,. VIN., V L , . V', V - V, fn fs' Q. 'ygfl' - VV EU: 5.5. 'N AV, . " ' - ff Q ' 4 Q"-L ' "- HJ A',",i " 5 r J' - ' ' , '...'.?'Z -- 4- n' - Q y.1".r V . V- . .V.., .,,.1,g In V. . ., V .- .4. -5 . ,x ,ff . Jn., . ,. . -, ,V .1 ' --. V.. . '.VVl.' .. .vVVVV V VAX:-A . T ' " J"'--'. ....""'.,4. L 7 - " " , .V . ...VV -U... V , - -4 -.f 'I-.V... If-,VV - 2. rc4.xV.- ?' V V V51.-45, V..' QQ.: , , ' ,f., V..-4 I- -.V FV.. '5 'L fini, ' ff'-V' .v- ef- . .. F1 ... V, 'T N "Lt T'-ff' Q- v t..,V ' , ,, ' - VV 'hi - , - ff' "' 411, 4 -. M. . -fx -. ,, 44 f-,Vi ' xv-V ' FQ-2 A - L J E' " . -i J, ' 1 . ' K.. ' V . ' , . .jj Z , ' QR. Rf' 1 - . V-r VVV , V V V, V. ,VV', VV AQ VV. Lf .... -MV ,V. .N:,.,, VV, V,.VVVVVV.V? ,qpxgln V 1 " - " 'N' . ' bf" 'J' ' ' 1 T' ' w -', -1' .- . 'Y X . Nl ' ' VA VA . 2 . ' 'A V., . 'V VV N -'- - . ..... uv' -. . .- V V V .V fx r - - 1 -I. .4 A : pd! .X A ' -- w ' 3 .fffxk . ' . . I- X ' -,"" ' ' , uw--r ' 'V . . . .. .' . L: - Q ., QQ" "'.- . , L' ' ., ,.V 1 ' -: , , , -+ 4.ysfj-,- 4 1 N Vi! -' 'f '- "."'.gm. . ... .-'-- H, . V V, V .V V .. - V,V,. -. -' . ,,2.- 4 - . N'-1-fy fV'- L ' --V1 . if ,s..V- Q... . .V1,V..4L ,V V .V :. ,- V .V .V V .,,- ,V .4.- V. ., ' - . - -V . .fV. V . , VV ' X ' W1 .. ' "H: - rl " Aw' X ,Q " ' ' ""fq"'7-VN' y '- A 5. 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V 4 .- ' .V- V V V ,. .. ,, , V 7, V- .. .7 4 -, --41-N - - M . . . -.1 ', 1.4. 4-. 'ff H I ' ' . . f . - w. V .- --. ' . '- 4 N- .. .., . ,. v -,wju ', A .4 . ' ' - VA' '., ' '. A. V , L V . - .V .,. V . W.. ' ": 4- . . 4- V ' -,. .-VV.. , - V.,f . - .5-Vg.. 3-. 4 V uVV..VV ei V ' . . '. . I., A V .V. -. V aku, -:V ,VV - .- A ,V- .Vw-V ., -V V V ' "' f '- Y '. ' Afv. .L' '.""' ' 4 - . ,-2 .f- .101 V ' fa" " 4 ' - . -,' ,," -' 4 .- fV "'- . 1 ...H .Wm .. 4. V4 . ' V ' ' , . VV - . r. V . . .- . . W." '. 12. . 1, ,4.1 . ' ' Q- ,- -r"'f' 1 ' 4 ., V IVV: 4' , VV VV. J V'.-f .. .J.,, ' g-i-VVV.V, V ,V,VV.V V 'wi' J V,,4 V . , , . V . ' - . 4 -- 4' ul! " '14 - v ' . V-V' ' " -: .fy 031.4 f. '. ' . vu- . .NL . 1, :.'fs-gg- K-V' .- 3 ' V- Aff W- 1- "'1-ig.-.".'?"X " .--.,A'.aw :L 'G.'1'f-VV.f'- . Vg.. .. ., 4 .. .. ., . ., . 4. , 4 . 4 I. . -. - - N, -. . , , . . . Vg ,q,. VIN., V L , . V', V - V, fn fs' Q. 'ygfl' - VV EU: 5.5. 'N AV, . " ' - ff Q ' 4 Q"-L ' "- HJ A',",i " 5 r J' - ' ' , '...'.?'Z -- 4- n' - Q y.1".r V . V- . .V.., .,,.1,g In V. . ., V .- .4. -5 . ,x ,ff . Jn., . ,. . -, ,V .1 ' --. V.. . '.VVl.' .. .vVVVV V VAX:-A . T ' " J"'--'. ....""'.,4. L 7 - " " , .V . ...VV -U... V , - -4 -.f 'I-.V... If-,VV - 2. rc4.xV.- ?' V V V51.-45, V..' QQ.: , , ' ,f., V..-4 I- -.V FV.. '5 'L fini, ' ff'-V' .v- WW NINTI-I EDITION Published By THE SENIOR CLASS l940 Fori' Wayne, Ind. WWI 'Y EST. l904 THE LIGHT TDWER W The Forf Wayne Bible lnslilule was born in lhe hearls of lhose who have seen 'rhe vaslness of fhe harvest lhose who have sighed because of lhe falling shadows which declare +he shorlness of rhe harvesl day, lhose who have wep+ over lhe scarcily ol laborers. lf was esrablished +0 declare 'rhis vision of a world-wide harvesl field +o young people and fo prepare lhem 'ro be efleclive reapers. H has conlinued lrue +o i+s early vision, and 'roday young people are leaving ils halls lo reap ini lhe harvesl field. 'iThe harvesl lruly is plenleous, but the laborers are fewg pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth laborers into His harvest." Malt. 9:37. 38. 'J 4 - THE LIGHT TCIWER 'TQIKN M 5 e mrs? I S C O P E BOOK I ADMINISTRATION School Board Faculfy Adminisfrafion Workers BOOK II CLASSES Seniors Class of '43 Class of '41 Special and Evening Class of '42 Correspondence Slude-nfs BOOK III ACTIVITIES Sfafl Praclical Work Missions Gleanings Clioruses Sfalislics BOOK IV FEATURES Alumni Calendar School Life I-lumor Personalily Index Ads 3 m aff Y-, THE LIGHT TDWER I K r- 5. M yew- 'I Z! Q ,Q C In her work of child evangelism, she has been fadh ful in sowing flwe seed, in caring for The blade, and in reaping fhe ripened harvest We fherefore dedicafe Jrhis nin+h edifion of flwe Lighf Tower fo Mrs. J. E. Ramseyer. 4 THE LlGHTTClWER-f- DEDICATICDN 5 -THE LIGHT TDWER f 4 3, ' F ers ' I gy , " ""1'j'jff-'N ' -+1 ' Tk 'rv ' ' "-1 + , -1- '.,-v- - ::..f .f . .Q- Q's,f fm '- - X ef-I gk L, 'fi' Wig ' vid' ' A ., P 91" 3 -. .fy . I 3 w 1 , X ,Qi Q K wx ht.. ,.Q . Q QQ., , ,N 4 is ji- Q Q .ig-'-Q jgfi A'-ff' , WST 1, ,Q 'H QQ ,basl .7s,h fff? '13, - --8 Qf. -Q Q .QQQQ., 5 NSF?--1 -N I . -W ffigf, ' . -'f jfs - - i ' -cr if A .V f. 1if as ' Is:J"f'-'Z 51 ' ,,.fi'f f 31 Q . T' wi' 'P 2 ' .' Q 5251? I "5 I- ' ' i-'V ' 47- "g'" ""'!' ,- ffl -7,557 fr f 1 :Ms -., ...3 ff- -3 .4 Ai' ' I 'Q sggfgrf-, px: . --eff - v . ." T+QiE 1 'q f .+':. R ni . igg. 'K :Q ,- ,Q 5 'T-,.,.Q3fJ-if fy!-' I ' 1:-"..a -QQ, . - rg .b,.p.s Q .. Q g- ANN Q,x.,.Q HI, , .,, 5 . yn - Q., . Q 'K X I N , 1 1 - QLQ-a5g,f'-f',- ,QQQQZQHQQQQQ +I --,, Q43 iyw QQ Q, ':'1fsiS"fu.if -is ,K " ' A f' -1 .. if if-z -fs? . sz-1 'I-1.3 A 7'f1'5vf, -'.?'I7'-T132 If, L- 'Q of Q-'-1 . -sw K. 4:-,Q .A-Q '-fi' f:gg,4. "'Q Q , Q W2-,Q - wr- vr r- - fy "Q - Q, ' -- -KV af' N Us- ,II f ,.'vh"'F"f vs. , .11 i' if' 1 P'..:w v' 15-1 Q'-g""',Sx ,Qu Qi-. ' X . ,fl ,I .QEWH . 4 : . 'G Q ' L, '-.:f - F" as ' ' ,w 'f ,. ' -. ' I. - -- N 'f.,-in I. -I -I 'img 2 - I 1 , I 19,3 QQ Q. Q QQ Q Q9 QQ x 1 4 QQXQ-Q Q ,. ' Q Q Q -I If I.. IE . I 5 5x"v.i'-Atl' " ' - -. if 7' ."' . ,315 ' N1 5 I4 -:L c 5.-1-if 4- 'f - ' g ' .' , - fy ' , - gf-,lrf , - as 3- .E - gl V, ,g In 5 K, A QE Y, 5,-Q E. -, 1 X 1' 'W-Sggsyffa ,xr r' '- 3. , ggi '-A i 1- . 'ff-'1 -1. J' - - V. 1 Vi '-1 'lgf "' -'.-any -Skywarn" s, vnw.-4a.q.vS..-0-M ":f.'s.?.... I 9 , C-f?"1x'ff Q . "" 5""' , ' , QQ', .Q s-5 NJ4: CQ, Q 4-JEQQQT 11. gQ ' Q Q . Q I ' -- f ' ',Q' :,x':f1 1e. 'fs'1?s'5""-'EV N 'BN J 'fx 'JL-J " ' - h U ' ' :iff .,,. , f, ,'-..r. . wxiwml. fb-,..-hx " 4 " ' If I ' ., ,:.?,QQ QQ?QiQQQQQQ QQQ. QQAJQQ Q qv. , tl MQ. 4 ADMINISTRATION BUILDING 6 THE LIGHT TCIWER BETHANY HALL 3zf'5a-mf Fr n u:'5Q'--v I I I I I I I I I I I . THE LIGHT TOWER ' .iq nf if 'E K' OUR CHURCH INSTITUTE SIGN I I I BETI-IANY RECEPTION I-IALL 8 OUR PRESIDENTS HOME THE LIGHT TCIWER i l ORGATRON i 9 LIBRARY V . I ! I I 1 i -Ad , ... ..J ADMINISTRATICJN Wi QW hhh h h h 4 Qgakhffgegfw of 31523 at b'JgQWQhg2 ? wg. W A IUQQQ f l ' Q h'Q lV Ranma 4 ' f 559959 1 M 'Z5G ' 'L' ?Qk-Q' 0..- : Qiih ggxx 9zM.D',g mg 346,55 ..-,.g1- fy- I h h d d h hh ld hine hand: for h k h h h ll h h h h h he both shall l 1 blk JE I 4 Y I I n THE LIGHT TDWER SCHOOL BOARD Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Mr. Rev . W. I-I. Luqibihl, Secre+ary, I94I .,.., . J. E. Rannseyer, President I942 A .O J. Gerig, I94O ,. .Iv'I. N. Arnsfufz, I939. ,, . J. S. Wood, I939 ,.. S. A. Lehrnan, I939., . . Ouinren Everest I94O ..,. Rev. Armin Sfeiner, I94O ,..,. Rev. Jared Oeriq, I94I ,,.. Mr. Mr. Rev. J. Francis Chase, l94I .... ShirI I-Ia'rIieId, I939 .,.,. C. E. Rediger, I9-4I ..,., . . . .ArchboId, Ohio ..,..,Peoria, IIIinois Form' Wayne, Indiana ,..,..Berne, Indiana Royal Oak, Michigan . . .De+roiI', Michigan Fori' Wayne, Indiana ....Goshen, Indiana .....Pandora, Ohio .. . .CIeveIand, Ohio ,...Chicago, IIIinois , . . . Pandora, Ohio . . . .Chicago, IIIinois ADMINISTRATION I2 A. WITMER Dean and Regisfrar E. RAMSEYER Presideni' A. LEI-IMAN Treasurer L. EICI-IER Business Manager THE LIGHT TDWER JOSEPH E. RAMSEYER Presidenf Bible Lecfures The Challenge for The Harvest ln Maffhew nine, we read: "When he saw fhe mulfifudes . . . fainfed and scaf- feredf'-He said unfo His disciples, "The harvesf fruly is plenfeousf' Luke has if: "The harvesf fruly is greaff' I wanf fo menfion fhree of fhe greaf fhings in fhis significanf ufferance of our Lord Jesus Chrisf: Firsf: The Greafness of fhe l.ord's harvesf field. No land, no race, no individual is oufside of fhe scope of His field. ln fhe house of Cornelius, fhe aposfle Pefer voiced fhis greaf frufh in fhe following language: "Cf a frufh I perceive fhaf God is no re- specfer of persons: buf in every nafion he fhaf fearefh Him, and workefh righfeousness is accepfed of Him." Second: The Greafness of fhe need-or fhe presenf sfafus of fhe harvesf. Alfhough considerable has been done in fhe pasf cenfury by many missionary sociefies, and precious fruif has been gafhered, much more golden grain has perished fhan has been garnered during fhe same period. Moreover, fhe populafion in unevangelized lands has sfeadily increased so fhaf fhere are more heafhen foday fhan ever before in human hisfory. Third: The Greafness of our l.ord's compassion. He says: "For fhe Son of man is come fo seek and fo save fhaf which was losf." And, again we hear Him say, "Ofher sheep I have . . . fhem also l musf bring." His greaf hearf of undying love is reaching ouf for fhe millions in fhe hearf of Africa, in fhe inferior of India, China, Soufh America, and fhe ofher secfions of His field as much foday as if did for fhe mulfifudes fhaf were before Him when He said, "Truly fhe harvesf is greaff' His mafchless love for fhe perishing has nof abafed. The appeal for help will grip us all fhe more when we consider fhe awful facf fhaf fhe heafhen living now musf hear fhe message in fheir day, or fheir opporfunify is forever gone. O how much golden grain is losf every day! "Truly fhe harvesf is plenfeousf' I 3 H .. Y WTHELIGHTTDWER Dean Bible, Missions The Concern Tor The Harvest There are Three elemenTs in concern Tor The l-larvesT. The TirsT is spirifual vision. This is To see men as They are-losT. wiThouT God, dead in Trespasses and sins. This is The realism ThaT Taces Trankly The TesTering sore oT The world's simculness and accepTs iT as a TacT. "l.iTT up your eyes, and look on The Tields," were The challenging words oT ChrisT To l-lis disciples. T-le wanTed Them To see whaT l-le saw-The mulTiTudes shepherd- less and perishing. l-le saw below The superTicial exTerior oT social dressing and culTure To The desperaTe need wiThin. Alexander R. l-lay expressed The essenTial need oT heaThendom Thus: "Some see in heaThen lands The smiles, The sunshine brighT, The colors gay: 'Tis buT The world's surTace show, A mask To hide disease and deaTh." The nexT elernenT is sympaTheTic inTeresT. IT is The response oT love To need. When our Lord saw The mulTiTudes, "He was moved wiTh compassion on Them." WiTh pene- TraTing vision, ChrisT perceived Their need, buT iT was much more Than cold scienTiTic insighT oT human misery, iT was undersTanding coupled wiTh compassion. Vision uniTed wiTh love To produce sympaThy. An evangelisT who Traveled widely made This observaTion of The church, "There is no burden!" WhaT a Tragedy in The presence oT appalling world need! Our peril is noT ignorance, buT lack oT compassion. The sufferings oT an enTire world pour upon us Through radio and press. The calls upon our sympaThies become greaTer Than our capaciTy To respond. We seek reTuge in a proTecTive covering oT a convenTional smile and a Tormal condolence. To preserve The naTuralness and sponTaneiT oT love we would pray. "More love To Thee, O ChrisT, more love To Thee." Then wiTh a Tuller measure oT His love inTusing us, we may have The sympaThy oT bleeding hearTs. The Third elemenT is a sense oT urgency. ChrisT said, "Say noT ye, There are yeT Tour rnonlhz, and Then comeTh The harvesT? Behold, l say unTo you, l.iTT up your eyes, and look on The Tields: Tor They are whiTe already unTo harvesT." Ripeness will noT always lasT: unless The harvesT is garnered iT will be irreTrievably losT. Time moves on and The presenT opporTuniTy waiTs Tor no rnan's inacTion. Reapers are needed NOW! I4 REV. SAFARA A. WITMER, A.B., M A THE LIGHT 'rciwzn The Commission Tor The Harvest ". . . ThaT he will send TorTh laborers inTo his harvesT." "Go Ye ThereTore and Teach all naTions." TvlaTThew 28:I9. The greaT commission should bear direcTly upon The liTe purpose oT every disciple oT The Lord. The command oT ChrisT, "Go and Teach all naTions," iT iT means anyThing To us Today, spells duTy, noT only To Those called To be leaders buT To every ChrisTian. WiTh l-lis commission To go we may go TorTh Tearlessly. ln ACTS l:8 we are deTiniTely commissioned To a world-wide TesTimony, "even unTo The uTTermosT parT oT The earTh." The early ChrisTians undersTood Their MasTer's mean- ing. When They were scaTTered abroad, They carried ouT The insTrucTions oT Their risen Lord. When ChrisT says "Go", every one musT move. "Go ye unTo all The world, and preach The Gospel To every creaTure." Mark 26:I5. This is our direcT responsibiliTy and obligaTion To The individual. IT is l-lis will Ton every ChrisTian. And were l-le here Today in The Tace oT The millions who have never heard l-lis name, l-lis mosT urgenT plea To you and To me would be This: "Go and Tell oThers." The lasT greaT command oT The One whom we love and serve was NGO". And yeT nineTeen cenTuries have passed by, and The world is s+iII unevangelized. They perish, perish Tor wanT oT The gospel lighT. Shall we go and Tell oThers? "WiTh God The com- mission has in iT all The glory oT The impossible, The advenTure oT leading a Torlorn hope To cerTain vicToryg The glory oT apparenT deTeaT and The real vicTory aT The end." lT we would gloriTy God, leT us do The work l-le has given us To do. LeT us say wiTh lgnaTieu Loyola, who had a passion Tor ChrisT: "Teach us, good Lord, To serve Thee as Thou deservesTg To give and noT To counT The cosT3 To TighT and noT To ask Tor any reward save ThaT oT knowing ThaT we do Thy will." T! MARTHA W. AMSTUTZ Dean oT Women l-losTess, FirsT Aid Deaconefs Course I 5 'THE LIGHT TCIWER lag, .1 REV. BENJAMIN E. LEIGI-ITNER REV. PAUL UPDIKE, A.B. Bible, Biblical and Pasloral Theology, Chrisfian Educafion, I-lislory Homllellcs Manchesler College For? Wayne Bible lnslilule Chicago Universny E. IRENE SMITH, A.B. LILLIAN MAE ZELLER Language, I-Iisfory English, Expression Columbus Normal Nyack Missionary Training lnsfifule Ohio Slale Universify Bowling Green Srafe Normal I 6 THE LIGHTTDWER " -e ele- C. ADOLPH GERBER RAYMOND M. WEAVER Theory ol Music, Voice Theory ol Music, Piano, Organ Moody Bible lnslilulre Oberlin College Norlhweslern Universily DOROTHY LUGIBH-ll., BA. IRA GERIG Women's Chorus Vcice Plano Bradley pOlYleCl'mlC lmlllule Sherwood Conservalory ol Music Whealon College '39 Cleveland Bible College 213- is ' 1 I I Y 7 'TTHE LIGHT TDWERL '-f -f--- -- '- J-A f REV. LOYAL R. RWGENBERG, REV. EARL B. FLETCHER AB" M'A' Olcl Teslamenf Bible, Church Hlslory , , Direclor of School Correspondence Sprmq Arbor Semmary Valley Cily Slale Normal Gfeemfllle College Taylor UnlVe'5llY Eorl Wayne Bible lnslilule Winona Lalfe School of Correspondence 'AR' S- A. LEHMAN REV. PETER L. ElCl-lER Treasurer Business Manager I 8 MELVINA E. BASINGER I-losfess, Dining Room DOROTHY ROTI-I FUSS Cook THE LIGHT TUWER --V JANE Y. BEDSWORTI-I Supervusor Secrehary, Bookkeeper MRS. BERT!-IA LUGIBIHL I 9 CLASSES BOOK ll Senlors Class of 443 Class ol '41 Special and Evening Class of '42 Correspondence S+uden'rs 20 W N "He which .soweth sparingly shall reap also .sparinglyg and he which .sowezh bountifully shall reap also bountifullyf' II Cor. 9:6. 2 I THE LIGHT TCIWER Adviser-Rev. S. A. Wifmer. Moffo-"Laborers Togefher wifh God." Colors-Gold and Brown. Flower-Johanna Hill Rose. CLASS TESTIMONY "I am crucified wifh Chrisff neverfheless l live: yef nof I, buf Chrisf livefh in me." These words of fhe greaf aposfle comprise The fesfimony of each member of fhe senior class. As a resulf of fhe new life wifh Chrisf, we have heard fhe call of fhe Masfer and praise Him fhaf we have been counfed worfhy fo be ambassadors for our Saviour. These pasf years of sfudy have nof only enabled us fo beffer undersfand fhe Word of God, buf fhey have been years in which our faifh has been confirmed, and our fe-ef firmly esfablished on fhe Rock of Ages. This period of developmenf has nof been an end in ifself, buf is only a means fo fhe end of an unreservedi response fo fhe com- mand fo wifness of fhe Accomplishmenf on fhe Cross. The Class of I94O has chosen ifs moffo from I Corinfhians 3:9-"Laborers To- gefher wifh God." Human insfrumenfalifies are used fhrough which God will worlc ouf His efernal plan. We are Gods helpers who worlc wifh God fo perform Gods work. Real efficiency is solely dependenf upon God. The wisdom, fhe sfrengfh for labor musf come from Him. Realizing fhe privileges and also fhe responsibilifies of being His co-laborers, we go forfh frusfing implicifly and acknowledging Him as fhe One who musf be all and in all. Wifh hearfs bowed fo do His bidding, if is our prayer fhaf we mighf earnesfly sing wifh fhe hymn wrifer fhe worcls of consecrafed submission, "We'll work fill Jesus comes." "LABORERS TOGETHER WITH GOD," I Cor. 3:9 Say nof ye, "Four monfhs fhen Harvesf" For behold, I say fo you, "Liff your eyes unfo fhe fields, Even now fhere's much fo do," The harvesf now is plenfeous, Buf fhe laborers are few Have you fold fhe Lord of Harvesf Thaf He can depend on you? He is looking now for reapers Who fheir all fo Him will yield, Reapers who will gladly fell Him, "l'Il go worlc in any field." His command fo all is "Go ye- Tell fo all my love and grace." He has promised, "Lo, I'm wifh you." Go fo every fribe and race.' As we enfer on our labors, l.ord of Harvesf, granf fhaf we May in fhe fields before us, All be laborers wifh Thee. -FRIEDA M. LUG-IBILL. 22 THE LIGHT TCIWER SENIORS YLORD LEHMAN Pandora. Ohio heological Course residenl Senior Class holograph Editor l940 en's Chorus pecial Chorus ospel Team Thai l May Know Him Tow EI' Phil 3:lO. DORIS SEGER Michigan Center Bible-Music Course Michigan Vice-Presidenl Senior Class Assislanl Ed ilor l94O "Lighf Tower" Could not graduate because of illness. "The Lord will perfecl That which concernefh n'e." Psa. l38:8. E RIEDA lvl. LUGIBILL Blulllori, Ohio Bible-Music Course Secrelary Senior Class Associafe Editor l94O "Lighf Tower" Gospel Team Women's Chorus Special Chorus "Failhful is l-le fha? callelh you, who also will do if." I Thess. 5:24. 23 HERALD WELTY Bluiillon, Ohio Theological Course Treasurer Senior Class Treasurer Mission Band Men's Chorus Special Chorus "Holding forlh lhe Word of life, lhal I may re- ioice in lhe day of Christ" Phil. 2:l6. KENT WELTY - Blufllon, Ohio Theological Course Chaplain Senior Class Presidenl Mission Band Edilor l94O "Lighl Tower" "l press foward Ihe mark ' ,,,Y,g ..,,? TH E LIGHT TOWER Q ANNA P. ADAMS S-'fi"'jr', Ohm. E nIf2fMus-3 Course .' 're' S Crzzs ,1ilC'1' isr-:I Ter' -, . , 3 J J , 3 gcoo courageg lor the Lord V nwq, f I 'r '- s vi- Vee wivhersoever thou goesrf' , :xi .-f Lama I.9. ETHEL E. ADAMS S.-wanton, Ohio Azadcrnic Missionary Course "Sc 'rar we rnay boldly sayl The Lord is rny helper, and I will nov fear what rnen shall do unlo me." Heb, l3I6, ALFRED CLOUGI-I Bazile Mills, Nebraska Theological Course President Mission Band Gospel Tearn Men's Chorus Special Chorus "For I Inow whom I have believed, and am persuaded that He is able lo keep lhal which I have committed unto Him againsl lhaf day." II Ti rn, l:l2. LYDIA M. FIEDLER Newlon, Kansas Chrislian Educalion Course Sunday School Teaching Wornen's Chorus Special Chorus "Jesus Chris? fhc same forever." Heb. l3:8. yeslerday and today, and 24 WTHE LIGHT TOWER 'S2'l""' NAOMI RUTH FRANKLIN Gary, Indiana Bible-Music Course Circulalion Manager Special Chorus Wornen'5 Chorus Gospel Team 1940 "Lighl' Tower" "For fhe Lord thy God, He if is 'rhal dolh go wilh lheeg He will not fail thee, nor forsake ihee." Deuf. 3l :6. EUNICE GERIG Auburn, lndiana Chrislian Educafion Course Special Chorus Visilalion Work "My soul wail lhou only upon God, for my ex- peclalion is from Him." Ps. 6Z:5. LOIS G-ERIG Auburn. Indiana Missionary Course Vice-President Mission Visilalion Work Special Chorus Sunday School Work "My presence shall go in-W, Band with lhee and I will give fhee rest." Ex. 33:l4. RAYMOND F. HEIN 25 Delroil, Michigan Theological Course Business Manager l940 "Lighf Tower Treasurer Mission Band Traci Team Jail Team Sunday School Work "l will guide lhee wilh mine eye," THE LIGHT TClWERg,Q, , LOIS E. I-IIPSCI-IY Evans Ciiy, Pa. Missionary Course Wo"'3'i'S Chorus Sliiijial Chorus G-osrel Tea'-0 Sunjay School Teaching "Fear thou nolg for I am wiih Thee: be no? dis! mayed, for I arn Thy God." Isaiah 4I:I0. ESTI-IER G. MQCARTNEY Grabill, Indiana Theological Course Sunday School Teaching Young P:ople's Work "Call mio me, and l will answer Thee, and show IFE? great and rnighly Things, which fhou know- es? noi." Jer, 333. HELEN MOUGI-'ILER Buller, Indiana Christian Educafion Course Sunday School Teaching Special Chorus Children! Work Prayer Leader "Cornn'iif thy way unlo Ihe Lordg irusl also in Hirng and He shall bring if Io pass." Ps. 37:5. ERNIENE W. OSBORN Ellcharf, Indiana Theological Course Vice-Presidenl Mission Band Associaie Edilor I94O "l.ighl Tower" Won-nen's Chorus Special Chorus Gospel Team "Thy Word have I hid in mine hearf, noi sin aqainsl I'hee." Ps. lI9:lI. 26 that I might THE LIGHTTDWER -- ee HARRIET ALPHA PIPER l-liclcsville, Ohio Bible-Music Course Pianist Mission Band Gospel Tearn Special Chorus Women's Chorus "As lhe hear? panlelh afler The wafer brooks, so panlelh my soul afler rhee, O God." Ps. 42:I. BERNINA RUPP Toledo, Ohio Missionary Course Gospel Team Special Chorus Women's Chorus Sunday School Teaching "I will which Thou shall go: . i mine eye. Ps. 32:B. insfrucl thee and leach lhee in the way l will guide lhee will-i CLARENCE DANIEL RUTSCHMAN Elbinq, Kansas Missionary Course Men'S ChoruS Special Chorus Jail Team Trac? Team Sunday School Teaching "Nor my will buf Thine be done." Lu. 22:42. MARY L. SCHUTZ Bremen, Indiana Chrislian Education Course Secrelary Mission Band Women's Chorus Visifalion Work Prayer Leader "The Lord is good, a slronghold in lhe day of froubleg and He knowelh them fhal lrusl in l-lim." Nahum l:7. Post-graduate: Mrs. Alfred Clough. 27 SENIOR f 7 28 THE LIGHT TCIWER 29 THE LIGHT TCIWER CLASS OF '41 30 Blanchard Amslulz Agnes Burley Jaclc Cools Francis de Caussm Orlan Golden Hazel l-larle Charles lmler Bessie lson lrrna Judd Mary Keinrafh Viola Kroclcenloerger Anna Laughbaum Don Mclnfosh Edna Neuenscl-:wander Evelyn Neuenschwander Kafherine Paulus Florence Powers Eleanor Rice Geraldine Rolh Marjorie Rynearson Alice Schreclrenberg Helen Schumacher Lavaun Spillers Howard Slein Florence Thompson Elsie Ueberschar Viola Van Scoil: Mary Weilcer Roberl Welch Roy Whiflum Wilhoul picfure: Howard Lawrence Ivan Agin Leora Alflofl Sfella Augsburqer Eleanor Beclcwifh Rufh Berger Arlene Blosser Nora Bolender lla Rose Breininger Ru+h Buclcloh Marjorie Chamberlain Gerfrude Claridge Lucy Crawford Mildred Dancer Daniel Deinmin Harold Dinfer Daniel Dyck Roberf Ellior Charles Glenn Marfha Grenzebach Edna Heafon LaVern Hein Helen Huffman Rufh Huliford Helen Imler Wayne Judd Donald Kelly Eleanor Kendall Anne Grace Konfra Fred Kreh Paul Kreiss Violef Luclcs Clela Lugbill Lillian McClaid Roger Malsbary Donald Miller Floyd Miller Vida Nussbaum Mary Jane Reilly Richard Reilly Dorland Russe+f Roberf Schmidl Mildred Schnur Alfred Shadduclc Dorolhy Slabaugh Elberl Speclcien Waller Sfewarr Evelyne Sfrafmeier Max Swarfzell Dorofhy Swedberg Arfhur Templar Olin Ulrey Claylon Weiker Mary Deen Wrighf Helen Zorb Wirhoul picruresz Lela Cavanaugh Arfhur Herberf THE LIEHTTDWER - CLASS OF '42 3 I CLASS CDF '43 ,, D U ,,,, ,A Class of '43 i'iX'lL'rfi:. V Ellis Adams LaVerne Anderson Q, Q. Q V A 1 .. Curfis Bedsworlh J I L i Y -Y 1 June Colvin , ' ' ' J, David Clark U ' , ,K Mrs. Roberl Elliol ' l 5' Mack Fehman l al. .. Allhea Gifford Bemis Hunsberqer Calherine lrvine t 01 Marvel Kloclc his 'is F I 6. Rulh Mclnlosh ' ' T' , 2 ' Andine Malhers Q Sylvia Nolan .. ax , Millie Vermillion .4 X ' ' rt? A Paul Wagley Roberl Young SPECIAL AND EVENING Special and Evening Mrs. Florence Bowers Ellie Bremer Bealrice Grove Marie Hearn Mrs. Charles lmler Wallace Jones Roy Johnson Mrs. Donald Kelly Mrs. Paul Kreiss Dorofhy Lugibihl Calherine Macy l-luqh Miller Chris Niclrerl Slanley Rupp Joseph Simonson Evelyne Schmidl Ada Smith Mildred Slaflord Gene Sleiner Miriam Sleiner June Thomas Flora Lee Tinsley Laura Verslell Marqaref Wells Kalhleen Wilmer Edna Mae Worlhingfon Lucille Yocum Joseph Koble James Keller Wilhouf plclures: Mrs. Roger Malsbary Mrs. Milo Rediqar Arline Hool: fm . Rosalind Molin 32 THE LIGHT TDWER SCHCDOL OF CORRESPGNDENCE Through Jrhe correspondence courses, which are under +he direciion of 'rhe Rev. L., R. Ringenberg, B.I. has a minislry of Ieaching Ihar reaches beyond Jrhe classroom. A+ Ihe presenl Ihirly-Five Inine+een women and sixleen menl from eighf diFFeren'r slales are enrolled for credi+ in Ihe school of correspondence. Besides Ihese one hundred and eighl manuals have been sold since Ihe beginning of Jrhis school year Io Those Jralcing non-credir work. Those enrolled in Ihe School of Correspondence are as follows: Indiana: Wilma L. Amos, NfVinFrid Amslulz, I-Ielen Burley, Irene Gerig, Florence I-Iabeggar, Irene I-Iirschy, Marjrha I-Iirschy, Iris I-Iulchison, Clinlon Leighfner, Franklin May, Sylvia Nolan, Kalherine Paulus, Ira Gene Sleiner, Richard While. Michigan: M. N. Amsrurz, Prilchard Amsrurz, Leo Brown, Gerard Jay French, Ivan Sfeed, Mrs. I-Ielen Whilfemore, Rurh Windquisl. Pennsylvania: Elsie Belle Busch, Eleanor Foreman, Arlene E. Greenlee, Donald Mclnfosh. Illinois: Marlha Grenzebach, George Willis Jones, Eudine King. Ohio: Lorena I-Iochslerfler, Mark E. Lulman, Arlhur Slienlce. Wisconsin: Rosella Carpenter, Floyd Klolzbach. Kansas: Pauline Schmidf. Arizona: Miriam Schumacher. VVXWE 1 , n -. H-5'-1-ss. , sw Irene I-Iirschy, Mar+ha I-Iirschy, Florence I-labegger, Helen Burley, Berne. Indiana. Miriam Schumacher, Phoeniz, Arizona. Rosella Carpenfer, Darlinqlon, Wisc. Q A Arlene E. Greenlee, Wes? Springfield, Pa. Eudine King, Flanagan. III. George Willis Jones, Peoria, III. Eleanor Foreman. Ellwood Cily, Pa. 33 Rufh Windquisf, Big Rapids, Michigan. ACTIVITIES BOOK III S+aILI Pradrical Work Missions Gleenings Choruses Sfafisfics 34 funn , ff. a ,zg 5'!'3f""1'i -.,,,-M 28,1 X K W. l- M- , 1 if 5 af vu 75 ,Ki W. A '-iff'-f-'fe ,L , A ' 44 .4 ff . e . ' sf W-' 41' . Y My 554.1 W4-.v ,.-,.w1Q,,' U3 9, A H U'sQff N35-A2 figifvgfpix :JZ N W, W 1 w A236- 'M .W -,5,a,, 4 , QW 1, , em And let us not be weary m well domg or m due season wa shall reap, if we .V . 1 , , 4.9 THE LIGHT TDWER A The Harvest and The Tempest Deep in The shadow oT slumber, one nighT I Iay on my bed, And dreamed I sTood on a mounTain, wiTh valleys before me spread. The valleys were wide, and yellow wiTh beauTiTul waving grain. And a cloud hung black in The disTance, loaded wiTh TempesT and rain. Looking, I saw in The valley laborers-buT, oh, so Tewg I knew The gaThering TempesT would break beTore They were Through. AIThough They were all so busy, bending Themselves To The work: They saw The sTorm was approaching and knew ThaT They dared noT shirk. Then near The TooT oT The mounTain, I happened To Turn my eyes. And There sTood a Man whose visage was brighTer Than sunseT skies! I-le spoke-in such Tones oT sorrow, iT caused my hearT To bleed: "Behold, how whiTe is The harvesT--wiTh reapers so Tew indeed." "Why are The workers noT many?" I ThoughT To myseIT-and Then I glanced abouT me and noTiced The mounTains were Tull oT men: Men who were laughing and joking, playing some sorT' oT a game: NOT seeing how ripe The harvesT, or heeding The sTorm ThaT came. Soon I could sTand iT no longer. "LisTen!" I shouTed amain. "The TempesT shall soon be rushing over The beauTiTuI grain! Why wasTe your Time in Trolic? Look aT The gaThering cloud!" BuT one oT Them quickly answered, "You're one oT This idle crowd!" Then came The crash of The TempesT, The rushing wind, and The rain, Came howling over The valleys, ruining The yellow grain! The heavens were rocked Trom Thunder, The lighTnings spIiT The skies Till we who sTood on The mounTain covered our blinded eyes! Above The crash oT The TempesT The voice oT The STranger broke: "BehoId, The ruin oT The harvesT-This is The heaThen!" I-Ie spoke. "The sTorm ThaT so wildly rages is Gods greaT JudgmenT Day!" And I woke, and wepT in repenTance as There on my bed I lay. Calling on God in The heavens, wiTh conTriTe spinrif I prayed: "O Lord, I will be a worker! Too long, Too long have I played! Because OT The ripened harvesT, I give you my hearT and my arm: l'Il spend my sTrengTh in The valleys To save The grain from The sTorm!" -LON R. WOODRUM. 36 THE LIGHT TCIWER THE Edilor-in-Chief. .. Assislanjr Edilor. . Associare Edilor. . . Associale Edilor. .. Associale Edilor. . Business Manager Assislanl' Business Manager.. Circulalion Manager. .. Arf Edilor ,...... Arl' Edilor .,...,. Plwolograplw Edilor. , . Pholograplw Edilor Pnolograpli Edilor Facully Adviser. . LIGHT TOWER STAFF 37 .....Kenl Welly . . .Doris Seger ...Frieda Lugibill . .Erniene Osborn ...Roy Whiflum .. .Raymond l-lein Blanchard Amslulrz ....Naorni Franlclin . . .Donald Miller ..Geraldine Roflw Francis de Caussin ..GayIord Lehman ,......Errna Judd .Rem Paul Updike eee f1'i-is Liswrruwsn Sian-Jing: Raymond l-lein, Harrier Piper, Evelyn Neuenschwander, Waller Slewari, Herald Welty. Sealed: Viola Kroclrenberqer, Erniene Osborn, Ken? Welfy, Allred Clough, Lois Gerig, Mary Shulz. I OFFICERS Firs+ Semes+er Second Semes+er Kenlr Welly. . . , Presideni . .. .... Alfred Clough Erniene Osborn , ., Vice-Presidenf . . . Lois Geriq Viola Kroclcenberger Secrefary . .,Mary Shuiz Raymond l-lein Treasurer , , l-lerald Welly Chorisier , . . . , Wal+er S+ewar+ Harrier Piper Pianisl . ,, Evelyn Neuenschwander MISSICN BAND Our Mission Band, perhaps The mosf soul-inspiring oi our inslilule orqanizafions, by ils weelcly Friday evening services never leis our missionary vision grow dim. ln lheso services we lislen lo rhe hearf-srirring messages from lhe mission fields of 'rhe world. These messages have been ins+rumen+al in helping many a young person fo surrender +o his Masier and io find Gods will lor his life. The Mission Band is also a praciical orqanizarion in Thai il supplies a channel for efpression as well as for impression. This channel of expression has a Two-Told aspeci. Probably The maior aspeci is 'rhai of supporling 'rhe Rev. Claylon Sfeiner in Peru, Souih America. The olher aspect noi so well lcnown bul probably even more imporlani, is Thai ol iniercession from five 'ro five-'rhiriy every weelc-day evening for a world-wide missionary enierprise. Thus The Mission Band affords us a world-wide channel of ex- pression, bui which is especially direcied To Souih America. 38 THE LIGHT TOWER OUR MISSIONARY - -Y Y -W-A-W4 ,wr - -,v SOUTH AMERICA Top picfure: A iungle village. Cenfral picfures' Rev Clayion Sfeiner and 'Family sludenls and 'r h li h . . , eac ers o l e Shorr Term Bible School. lnca lndians carrying liquor confainers. The liquor is used for religious feasfs. Second picfure: An alfar of sacrifice for human vicfims. Boffom picfure: A drunlsard changed by grace. 39 THE LIGHT TOWER LOOK ON ff-fi ff! X X W : li I is Q- :XNS .X l. 1 F C I I " ' LEM g I, F .Ag I , ' Om ' ' V' . VN- N' 1 94 1, s f , rl- I v " J K- 1 la A:-4 f'Nf H I ,rv-fl O ' g -'gf 27 , , . A I, . V 'T 4- I . . 'I JA x f- , I . , L. ., l bt A .I , h i lin: ,- -.,,. Q I 40 INDIA A Clwrislmas program. A happy Chrisfian family. An Indian pasior, Muggamao Jelaii. Hari, an orplwan boy. FRENCH-INDO CHINA lfinerafing on eleplwanf bacli. A buffalo head guarding flue vil- Iage. A 'tribe iusl beginning To hear the gospel. CHINA A priesl worshipping in an idol Temple. Leland Wong, a converfed naval olilicer. The ofher two are idols in flue Forbidden Cify in Pekin, China. AFRICA A group of piqmy hunrers. An African village. An African chief wiih his wives BORNEO A Papuam in war dress. A Dyack Chrisfian elder. Y .. Wv. THE LIGHT TUWER .-.. --w ,Wir ..: , Y .. L-35' ' iff? mir ron: Mary Schulz Harrie! Piper, Edna Neuenschwander, Martha Grenzebach, Ei- ,n-3 J "', df lfvnwi Judd, Mary Weller, Anna Adams. gwiin-il Crt-im. Seger E-fel,n Neuenschwander, Mrs. C. Imler, Naomi Franklin, Elsie Uebera ' if L-i . H wpo, Miriam Sleiner, Clela Luqbill. Fira? Mi ir: Vermillion, Geraldine Roth, Lillian McClaid, Laura Versfell, Sie-lla Augsburqer. Ffigzfi Lufiilgiill. V Lf: lgirgfiry Lugibihl. WOMENS CHORUS "lr is a good lhing To sing praises unfo our God." Psalm l47:I. One could fell by iheir singing Thai lhis was The Conviciion of each member ol lhe Vifomerrs Chorus. This chorus was Composed ol fwenly-six members who sang under lric' Caoable direction of Miss Lugibihl. During fhe year fhe Chorus gave several con- cerlz in lho vicinily ol lhe school and pariicipaled in several radio broadcasls. From lhiz group gifleen were chosen lo represenl Chrisl and lhe school on a len' rlaf Choruz lour lhrough Indiana, Missouri, and Illinois. Much lime was spenl in re- hearsing and prayer Thar lhe girls mighl be lheir besl for Chrisl and lhal l-le mighl be made precious 'ro sin-burdened hearls. 42 THE LIGHT TCIWER MEN'S CHORUS A group of fourreen young men under Jrhe direclion of Professor Ira Gerig were privileged To go on a concerl Tour, April I2-2 I, Jrhroughoul norlhern Ohio and Indiana and easrern Michigan. The chorus also held week-end meelings. The one purpose of The chorus is +o bring glory and honor To Jrhe Lord Jesus Chrisr and To wirness of The redeeming grace and The sanclifying power of Almighly God. Pradrice and preparalrion? Yes, if look much of il, buf whal a ioy +o labor for fhe Masrer. Our +heme song was "There's a New Name Wri++en Down in Glory." We Jrrusl Jrhal many names were wriflen down as a resull of our four. Top row: Clarence Rulschman, Daniel Dyck, Gaylord Lehman, Dorland Russe++. Second Row: Herald Welfy, Francis de Caussin, Wayne Judd, Alfred Shadduck, Howard Slein, Jack Cook, Blanchard Amsfufz. Firsl row: Charles Glenn, Richard Reilly, Daniel Demrnin, Claylon Weiker, Waller Sfewarf, David Clark, LaVerne Anderson. Roberl' Schmidt Max Swarfzel. Direclorz Professor Gerig. 43 THE LIGHT TDWER SPECIAL CHORUS One aTTernoon as I was resTing, I dreamed I was in I-leaven. IT was sTrange-I didn'T see any angels or any palaces, buT I heard voices-beauTiTul voices singing praises To The King. When I awoke, I discovered ThaT The Special Chorus had been pracTicing. They were working diIigenTly in preparaTion Tor The annual spring concerT given during CommencemenT Week, under The capable direcTion oT ProTessor C. A. Gerber wiTh The accompanimenT oT ProTessors Weaver and Gerig. This chorus is composed oT a group oT selecTed voices and meeTs each Tuesday aTTernoon Tor rehearsal. The TirsT hour is spenT in parT pracTice, when The Tour parTs oT The chorus pracTice individually: The second hour, The Tour parTs are combined. Pro- Tessor Gerber concenTraTes his eTTorTs To blend The hearTs as well as The voices in order To oTTer praises more beauTiTulIy. LeTT To right: Top row: Marvel Kloclr, Evelyne SchmidT, June Thomas, Miriam STeiner, June Colvin, LaVerne Anderson, Clarence RuTschman, DoroThy Slabaugh, Flora Lee Tinsley, S+eIIa Augsburger, Anna Adams. Third row: Edna I-Iealon, Mariorie Chamberlain, Nora Bolender, Lois Gerig, Helen lmler, Max Swarfzel, STanIey Rupp, I-Ierald WelTy, Vida Nussbaum. RuTh Berger, Dorofhy Swedberg, Alice Schreclzenberg. Second row: Eunice Gerig, Naomi Franlrlin, Mary WrighT, RuTh MclnTosh, Daniel Dyck, Elberl' Speclrien, WaITer STewarT, Mary Weilrer, Ada SrniTh, Clela Lugbill, Bernina Rupp. FirsT row: Lillian McClaid, I-Iarrief Piper, Doris Seger, Laura VersTelT, Professor Gerig, Professor Weaver lpianisTl, ProTessor Gerber ldirecTorl, Richard I-TolzworTh, DoroThy Lugibihl, Eleanor Kendall, MargareT Wells. Frieda Lugibill. 44 ef THE LIGHT 'ri:nwER a an MISSIONARY HOUR WOWO in ForT Wayne is lndiana's mosT powerTul broadcasTing sTaTion, and, Trom iTs beginning, iT has given a generous place To religious programs. The Bible ln- sTiTuTe has The disTincTion oT having broadcasT The TirsT religious service over WOWO in l926. Since ThaT Time The school has given occasional programs. ln The laTTer par? OT I939, The Bible lnsTiTuTe was inviTed To become a ioinT sponsor OT The Missionary Hour, which has been conducTed by The Firslr Missionary Church of ForT Wayne For The pasT Ten years. The lnsTiTuTe has since been broadcasTing on alTernaTe Sundays Trom l2:3O To l:OO P.M. Choral groups Trom The sTudenT body and The Alumni Chorus have Turnished The musicg members oT The TaculTy have given The addresses. A number oT commenTs have been received TesTiTying To spiriTual blessing received Through This minisTry. 4-5 lTHE LIGHTTDW 'Qi' sq' 451 N ,,,-11 1 Dorit. S-3 f Laura Vf-rpfelf, Hain- Ucbcrschar M C 1 Ir of Hvriei VI5.--11, .mall Plfvcd Clough. Gaylord Lehman, Daniel Dem min, Blundmrd Amzfuiz. 'Ngiuv Swffm, Ja-an nr r on, Demfl ' If Dyck, Clayion Welker. 46 ERE, H' ER il- , H THE LIGHT TDW :mg in r Herbert Walfer Sfewari, Ciayion Weilaer, Howard Lawrence, Ari u Lillian McClaid, Edna Neuensclnwancler, Ser- Miriam Sfeiner, Naomi Franklin, Lois Hirschy aldine Roilw. Erniene Osborn, Anna Adams. Frieda Lugibill. 47 lfeeee --,THE l.lGH'r'rc1wEn TRACT TEAM "So shall my Word be ThaT goeTh ouT oT My mouTh: iT shall noT reTurn unTo Me void buT iT shall accomplish ThaT which I please, and iT shall prosper in The Thing whereTo I senT iT." llsaiah 55:l Il. WiTh This promise oT Gods Word ringing in our hearTs, we go TorTh on SaTurday evenings To give TorTh The gospel oT ChrisT which is The power oT God unTo salvaTion. Our Lord wonderfully blesses us as we go TorTh, and we praise I-lim Tor The resulTs ThaT we have seen. We have been privileged To lead souls To Cal- vary, The one TacT ThaT has been indelibly impressed upon our minds is ThaT we know ThaT God wonderTully blesses even The smaIIesT passages Trom l-lis own Word-noT our word, buT I-Iis Word. We have seen more Than ever beTore The wonderTul minisTry oT gospel TracTs, a marvelous minisTry ThaT is all Too oTTen despised by ChrisTians. YeT wiTh Gods promise oT Isaiah 55:l I, we have grown conTidenT of The eTTecTive minisTry OT good gospel TracTs. When we Think oT The TacT ThaT Hudson Taylor, Tounder OT The China lnland Mission, was born To ChrisT Through a gospel TracT, should noT we, as ChrisTians, use This wonderTul TracT minisTry in winning more souls Tor ChrisT? WESLEYAN MISSION WORK During The TirsT parT oT The school year a door oT minisTry was opened To The sTu- denTs when Rev. Ulrich asked Tor help in his work aT The Wesleyan MeThodisT Mission. The labor here has been blessed oT God. The Sunday School, in which some oT The sTudenTs TaughT, grew Trom an aTTendance oT I7 To nearly 50. The Sunday evening services, which were under The supervision oT a commiTTee of Tour young men wiTh Mr. Ringenberg as Their adviser, were crowned wiTh many spiriTual vicTories. Besides Taking parT in These Two services, Two groups made weekly visiTs in The surrounding communiTy. Truly The mission has been a well OT waTer in an arid neighborhood. SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHING We who have had The privilege of Teaching Sunday School classes are Thank- Tul ThaT God has commiTTed unTo us such a TrusT. AIThough everyone oT us cannoT re- porT some deTiniTe decisions Tor ChrisT, we are conTidenT ThaT God will give The in- crease. I-Towever, mosT of us can reporT an increase in aTTendance. ObiecT lessons, chalk drawings, and sTory Telling were The mosT common meThods oT Teaching used. ScripTure memorizing has proven To be very proTiTabIe. Our prayer is ThaT God will use our humble eTTorTs To bring many precious souls unTo I-lim ThaT loveTh us, and loosed us Trom our sins by I-lis blood. JAIL TEAM "And I, iT I be liTTed up Trom The earTh, will draw all men unTo Me." John l2:32. Members oT The Jail Team are glad To TesTiTy To The magniTude oT The word all. GreaT blessings have been received aT every service, and many weary hearTs have Tound resT wiTh Jesus. Criminals oT every Type, Thieves, drunkards, adulTerers, mur- derers, all have meT God aT The jail chapel alTar. One man, charged wiTh manslaughTer, gave his hearT To God and was so Tilled wiTh The ioy oT SalvaTion ThaT on one occasion aTTer The' prisoners were reTurned To Their cell-blocks, he Took The TesTamenT ThaT had been given him and conTinued To hold a prayer meeTing Tor The prisoners long aTTer The school workers had leTT. Truly, This is a minisTry of joy. 48 PRACTICAL WORK Prayer Leaders Sunday School Teachers Jail Team Mission Commiiiee A Visiiafion Group Traci Team 49 THE LIGHT TDWER GLEANINGS "We are never loo poor lo pray and never lo weak lo win." "You may coasl a ways wilhoul being connecled lo lhe source ol power, bul you will never make lhe nexl grade." REV. DAVIS, Goodwill Organizalion. "You musl learn lo live syslemalically il you would gel lhe mosl lrom your Chrislian lilef' MARK BURGESS. "We are living in a dangerous age, bul we can go lorward on lhe Lord's side." ROBERT STRUBI-IAR. "God does nol expecl lhe unusual ol us, bul I-Ie does expecl all lhere is ol us." "Be linal wilh God. When you have a delinile experience wilh God, never go back lo il and wonder il il was real. Drive a slake lhere andl go on." MISS GRACE DEAN. Conlession plus lailh equals regeneralionf' "Consecralion plus lailh equals complele salislaclionf' "You will nol gel lo lirsl base wilhoul ambiliong bul sellish ambilion may wreck your inlluence and damn your soul." REV. C. B. COX. God isn'l asking you lo lry, I-le is asking you lo lrusl." "Somelimes il lakes a shallering and breaking belore we are willing lo surrender lhese lives ol ours lo God." DR. JOHN ZOLLER. "Our work is nol lo make lhis world beller lo live in. bul lo make people ready lo live in a beller world." DR. A. I. BROWN. "When Salan lempls a man, he lries lo bring oul lhe worslg when God lesls us, I-Ie brings oul lhe besl in us." "Disciple means a laughl one, a lrained one, a lclose upl lollowerf' REV. BOURNS. "Il is lhe rellexion ol God in us lhal olhers see." CHIEF WHITEFEATI-IER. "Jesus lounded lhe worlds grealesl empire-penless, penniless, swordless. ll is easier lo believe il was superhuman lhan naluralf' "ll you have a burning leslimony, no one can deny il." DR. BULGIN. "The world is power mad. As a church we have lailed lo realize our need ol inner power." MR. CARTER. "ll is a dangerous lhing lo lollow Jesus alar ollf' ' REV. MILO REDIGER. "Communism has won more converls in I8 years lhan Chrislianily has in I8 cen- JIMMY GIBSON. "The lwenlielh cenlury belongs in a very peculiar way lo 'lundamenlalismf' DAN GILBERT. luries, and il was done by lpersonal workersl individuals." 50 THE LIGHT TCIWER CUR WEEKLY REPORTS show us fhal' during rhe lirsf semesfcr of lhe currenl school year our hands have noi' been idle. Some praclical service s+a+is+ics are as follows: Gospel Team Trips ...,, Services conducred. . . . Services addressed .,.s S. S. Classes Jraughr ..,. Special songs rendered, , . l-lomes visired ,,,. l-lospifal calls .,... Tracls dislribured. . . . . . Persons deall wi+h individually, ,. Persons professing conversion, . . 5 I I 3 FEATURES BOOK IV Alumni Calendar School Life l-lumor Personality Index Ads 52 W ru, . H i:-,. A , .xt P, 1 x .- V-T. fy i' K X ,A - . , , A ,,, M , f v wx. mf? K ..' .sg 69, , Q 1 A Y, Ax' 5, ' .-'11 -e y A ' ,Lai .ini Xx xg LWB. 'nn' : 1 . 1' E Z --.'a...4., fi, S owa, SW... z ff .3-. ' -'W' vm-f A wa 6 vt-V 1 ' . 5 "xg Q fi if ' , ,yr 4, I A ' ' M .rg 7 A' . f ' K - x '. , 1 f R 4 ' ' H x - ' - ,f JY". '. ' , 7' -'- V' X '- -Q-4,33 . W ,. 7.2 , x f - " sy ' ip li ti I fx a:h12"'Am':'5k f- . , N .A as - 1 A g - X ggi I A ,L-.1 .lp D D .al gl J -m 1 A ' 1 an ne- " N, -Vw wwf , v-ffl A- Q- Q arm, F-mn:-Mg' . 1 Q S' 'Vind he that reapeth receiveth wages, and gathereth fruit unto life eternal: that both he that soweth and he that reapeth may rejoice togetherf' fno. 4:36. 53 if 1, ,4 'f, THE LIGHT TClWER:. FROM 1909 4-wi lf-5 'li Tru wwf M15 Df1ryIQQ.,Incf1 l909, nurse- in Fm? Wayne, Ind.: Samuel C. Wilmer, l9IO, Grabill, Inxg M154 Mlnnin- Hill, lflll, Mlggifwnnry tn Chimp Pav. Norman I-lirsclwy. l9I2, Baplisl paslor, f ,rj CM, P41 pf,-1 Bpnlrfrnin Hflwr, IQI3, Bfipllnf pasfor, lrvl5l0r,MlCl1, 21-ffnvi vl1,j Fha, Avllmr Allflvfl lqlfg, lvllzzlfrrmry pcixlffr, Blnlllon, Ol1lvIj PGV. -lrllVv1nr1 Alnwlull. l lf Ml fry, 1, lfdivlg llflgll Mlm. Sdlflrne Salwuq, WIS, Publig Sclmnl Teaclwcl, Berne, Ind. ll 'M nl Pf,ll',f.',lmy, lw,l1vf,4l1f,ov,q Mr., P. M. Afnula, l9I9, Missionnvy lo Cuba. Twfl ff PM Efmnue-l Smullfif, I'?2O, Colpeffeur and working in Tennessee mnunlains F fwllmlll lag ltfvpl Min Myrle Gfmlfll, W23, Secrelfary al Gospel Temple, For? Wayne, Ind.: lr FH J, l. E. L4-Jbf IWI4 Mlzzlflnarf pfaalffr, Ven Nuys, Calif.: Rev. Daniel Remseyer, l92l, ml pdglov, BU! Cllf, Miglng Rev, Weldon Klopfensfein, l922, Bapllsf paslor, Momence, III. 54 or 'S x- xi MN - - -THE LIGHTTCIWER TO 1939 Top row: Rev. Paui Urnmei, I924. Missionary fo Africa, Rev, Armin Sie-iner, I926, Missionary pasior, Pandora, Olniog Rev. Aian Amsiuiz. I927, Missionary pasfor, Angola. Ind., Rev. Ivan Hodgson. I933, Meiiiodisi pasior, Giadwin, Micin. Second row: Rev. Quiniin Everest I928, Merinoniie Breinren in Ciirisi pasior, Gosiien, ind., ifopi Rev. Jared Geriq, 1929, Missionary pasror. Cieveiand, Oiiiog Rev. Foresr Kuiin, I93O, Missionary pasior, Fiini, Midi.: iboirorni Mr, Harold Broweii, I925, Civii Engineer, London, Oni, Canada: Miss Eiizabefii Kunselman, 1936, Meihociisi pasior, Wasininqion, Pa.: Rev. George Condii, I934, Missionary pasior, Sferlinq, Kansas: Rev, Beri Eiciier, I93I, Missionary io india. KW Boiiorn row: Mr. Vifgii Gerber, i935,Teaci'1ing music, Cambridge, Mass., Miss Joyce Kraii, i937, woricinq for Easiiawn Missionary Ciiurqiw, Derroii. Micing Mr. David Rupp, i93B, Missionary fo Africa: Rev. John Nusbaum, l932. Missionary Aliiance pasfor, Cieveland, Ohio: Mr. Roy Rarnseyer, I939, choir direcior of Firsi Bapiisr Ciiurcii of Saginaw, Micii. G' IE-f 55 v , THE LIGHT TDWER'7" l l l THE BIBLE OUR Q VISION sc:HooL W PERIQDICAL . -iff!" "5 . WI no 1 'fEflS'fE"E l msmure A - zz, 4' --"'-"' r'r'j5'1j5'i,',i3. """ A. Wilmer, Edilor B. F. Leiglwlner, Assislanl Eclilor Loyal Rinqenberg, Circulafion Manager Melvena Basinger, Eclilor of Fellowship Circle John Greenfield, Confribulinq Edilor A. W. Tozer, Conlribufinq- Edilor 56 Ready for service Affer Ihe service In service Geffing an assignmenf I-Iome a+ Iasf Ready Io Ieave THE LIGHT TCIWER SERVICE IN TRAINING as 57 mi il'-S THE LIGHT TDWER ' 7 'T' AT THE One oT The greaTesT blessing B.l. oTTers us is Through The channel OT iTs devoTional periods. NOT only are we given sTaTed periods during which To pray buT we are urged To pray. From early morning To laTe nighT There are periods during which we meeT God. These periods are noT a dead TormaliTy, buT a source OT living hope. These are noT Times oT drudgeryi we come To One we love. The TirsT period is aT 6:25 AM. We, who have learned To love The Lord, realize we musT meeT l-lim in The morning iT we wanT l-lim wiTh us Through The day. Knowing our helplessness and weakness, we seek l-lim aT This early hour and cry unTo l-lim Tor sTrengTh and power To carry us Through The day. There is praise in our hearTs Tor The Tew minuTes we pause each morning To have our hearTs Tilled anew wiTh l-lis blessed l-loly SpiriT. In The evening we derive much joy Trom The Tive o'clock prayer service. We Teel keenly The presence oT The Lord as prayer ascends To The Throne oT Grace in behalf OT Those messengers who are carrying The blood-sTained banner in The Toreign Tields. Those sTudenTs who are inTensely inTeresTed in missions volunTarily gaTher in The chapel Tor These inspiring momenTs wiTh Their Maker. We have wiTnessed The realiT oT rayer because oT Gods having meT The needs oT Those whom we conTinuall holdiup Eeifore l-lim. l-le has reached To The uTTer-mosT parT oT The world in Tulfilling The desires oT our hearTs. The words oT The song wriTer very ably describe The scene depicTed here: "SweeT hour oT prayer, sweeT hour oT prayer, ThaT calls me Trom a world oT care, And bids me aT The FaTher's Throne, Make all my wanTs and wishes known." ATTer each evening meal we have a devoTional period. This is The Time oT The day ThaT The sTudenTs give praise and TesTimony To Their blessed Redeemer. Our requesTs are made known, and Then we all ioin in prayer. OTTen we gaTher around The piano and sing hearT-sTirring hymns. Many Times God has senT in some of l-Tis choice servanTs who have been a blessing To us in The evening devoTions. We will never cease To praise God Tor These seasons oT Tellowship. lT is here ThaT we have learned To share each oTher's burdens as we approached The Throne oT Grace. Each evening, aTTer we leave The devoTional period in The dining room, various groups meef volunTarily Tor a season oT prayer. These periods of prayer have proved a greaT help before going inTo The sTudies oT The evening. OTTen God has wonderTully meT us. AT This Time loved ones are held up beTore The Lord. STudenTs who have grown discouraged have had Their hearTs rekindled wiTh The Tlame oT The l-loly SpiriT. Surely as one leaves These prayer groups, he Teels equipped To masTer The sTudies oT The evening. Once a monTh a halT day is seT aside Tor hearT searching and prayer. Much OT This Time is spenT in inTercession in behalf oT The needy world in which we live. WiTh boldness we approach The Throne oT grace because OT The inviTaTion oT our FaTher. FaiTh mounTs up in requesTs, peTiTions, and praise To The AlmighTy. Burdens are rolled away and are shouldered by The GreaT Burden Bearer. AT no Time in The school year is Gods vicTorious presence so wonderTully maniTesTed and TelT. Where There has been Tailure and shorT-comings, The Lord has been quick To Torgive, and has puT a new deTerminaTion inTo our hearTs To serve l-lim beTTer. Praise be To God Tor The devoTional liTe aT The Bible lnsTiTuTe. 58 DI5voTIoNs BIBLE INSTITUTE OUR MARRIED COUPLES ' 5-I f fn de Caussin Templar Kreiss Clough lmler Malsbary Elliol Kelly 59 ROW ONE: Uncle Chris, our clean-up man. We hope fhey arerfl burned. "Did you dusl lhose baseboards, Al? ROW TWO: Service wi'rh a smile. "They don? seem lo dry very leaf." ROW THREE: Welch oull I+ will cosl you a dime. Our 'rin pan band. 60 TH E LI I3 HT TDWER ,, THE LIGHT TCIWER Fgida M, vwlssgr by 45,1 r L 'Z"?w V 4" ga 1 Iii? " ROW ONE: Open house-Oh, oh, you missed some dusT. JusT learning To Tly, l-lerald? ROW TWO: "More leaves over There, 'Pop'?" JusT a Triendly game. ATTer The big snow. ROW THREE: ATTeridinner relaxaTion. JusT rolling along. ROW FOUR: Happy birThday, Mr. WiTmer. Graceful, ThaT's The word. WhaT's in The box? You guess. 61 fu , THE LIGHT TDWER1, 7,,,,,, 7, L... H Q91 Brofhers and sisfers Qur dean of women Prayer group A Gideon Room mares Winrer beaury Apoloqefics More brolrhers 62 ' Chief Whife Fearher Guess who? The priesr and rhe fabernade Church Hisrory and sisrers A happy quarfer 0. THE LIGHT TOWER PERSONALITY INDEX ANNA ADAMS-Deeply spirifual, wifh an unexpecfed sense of humor. ELLIS ADAMS-Nof so much by his falk as by his walk he glorifies his Lord. ETI-IEL ADAMS-She is persevering and devofedly serves her Lord. IVAN AGIN-A defermined lad whose blush is more amusing fhan his jokes. LEORA ALTI-IGFF-I-ler quief and frue Chrisfian life has won our confidence. BLANCI-IARD AIVISTUTZ-Always faifhful fo his Saviour. A friend valued and loved by all. LAVERNE ANDERSON-Serious and sincere is our sociable Swede. STELLA AUGSBURGER-She believes in fhe old adage fhaf "pracfice makes perfecff' ELEANOR BECKWITI-I-Eaifhful in service, devofed in spirif. CURTIS BEDSVVORTI-I-A big boy wifh a big hearf. RUTI-I BERGER-A dark, Winsome lass wifh a love for music. ARLENE BLOSSER-She fairly bubbles over wifh cheer and good will. NORA BOLENDER-I-Ier sfafely characfer is shown by her walk and her falk. ILA ROSE BREININGER-Sprifely and ambifious, she makes her momenfs counf. EFEIE BREMER-Amiable, "effievescenf," kind hearfed and frue. RUTI-I BUCKLOI-I-One aim-souls for fhe Lord. AGNES BURLEY-A sfeady, persisfenf, and dependable servanf of fhe Lord. LELA CAVANAUGI-I-I-ler life is hid wifh Chrisf in God. MARJORIE Cl-IAIVIBERLAIN-A pefife, charming young lady who loves her Lord. GERTRUDE CLARIDGE-Vivacious, original, wifh a hearf of gold-"our Gerfief' DAVID CLARK-A friend fo all, loyal fo fhe "King," and faifhful fo Chrisf. ALFRED CLOUGI-I-A life devofed and mofivafed by a grafeful love fo I-lim. JUNE COLVIN-A big-hearfed, sincere Chrisfian. JACK COOK-I-Ie sfill has a smile even fhough he gives if fo everyone. LUCY CRAWFORD-A dependable, unassuming Chrisfian. MILDRED DANCER-Quiefly pressing heavenward. FRANCIS de CAUSSIN-Janifor, phofographer. preacher-he likes variefy. DANIEL DEMMIN-Making melody in his hearf and wifh his voice. I-IAROLD DINTER-A fruly Chrisfian genflemang he makes his momenfs counf for Chrisf. DANIEL DYCK-Nof ashamed of his Saviour's gospel and daunfless in making if known. 63 THE LIGHT TEIWER HELENE ELLIOT-A 'riny girl, a big hearf, and one goal-fo do His will. ROBERT ELLIOT-His home, Defroifq his goal, Africa: his specialfy, solos. MACK FEHMAN-An example of Gods marvelous grace. LYDIA EIEDLER-One of Gods undersfanding and sympafhefic sainfs. NAOMI FRANKLIN-A life fhaf is bubbling over wifh ioy in giving if back fo Chrisf. EUNICE OERIG-She believes in, and pracfices, pracfical Chrisfianify. LOIS GERK5-A gem among Gods chosen ones. ALTHEA GIEEORD-Her mosf oufsfanding characferisfic is her abilify fo be guief. CHARLES GLENN-A diligenf sorvanf of God wifh a sunny disposifion. ORLAN GOLDEN-Clean cuf, sfraighf forward, sfeady, consisfenf, quiefly radiafing Chrisf. MARTHA GRENZEBACH-Her deep spirifualify coupled wifh her mofherliness makes us all love her. BEATRlCE GROVE-"Through sunshine or rain, frial and pain, I am fhine, Oh God." HAZEL HARLE-A consecrafed life wifh God firsf, always. MARIE HEARN-Her hearf is in fune wilh God: her ear, wifh music. EDNA HEATON-Diminufive, wifh an unexpecfed mafure voice and sweef smile. LAVERNE HEIN-A wee person chuclc full of wif and common sense, RAYMOND HEIN-His infellecf exceeds his heighf, buf his frue wallc exceeds fhem bofh. ARTHUR HERBERT-He holds his posf: an exhorfer of fhe faifh. LOIS HIRSCHY-Deeply spirifual wifh a carload of common sense HELEN HUFFMAN-The beaufy of Chrisf is seen in her life. RUTH HUFFORD-To make her acquainfance is fo have a jolly friend. BEMIS HUNSBERGER-We are sure God will reward his passion for souls. HELEN IMLER-A sfurdy, dependable, sweef Chrisfian girl. MRS. C. lMLER-Defermined fo be of help fo her husband in his minisfry. CHARLES IMLER-His is a rare combinafion of iovialify and deep spirifualify. CATHERINE lRVlNE-We can sfill hear fhe echoes of her xylophone. BESSIE ISON-Chrisf, firsf, Jack second, herself lasf. ROY JOHNSON-A courfeous Chrisfian genfleman and a real prayer warrior WALLACE JONES-"Wally's" life is a frue reflecfion of fhe Chrisf life. IRMA JUDO-Our faifhful librarian, a sincere Chrisfian, radiafing fhe love of Jesus. 64 THE LIGHT TCIWER WAYNE JUDD-A sunny smile-the retlection ot a Christ-like spirit. MARY KEINRATH-Lovable and dependable, showing torth the truits ot the Spirit MRS. DONKELLY-Jolly and sweet, Don's devotee. DON KELLY-A zealous, young, Irish pastor with practical experience. ELEANOR KENDALL-She witnesses tor Christ with smile and song. MARVEL KLOCK-Lite sparkles trom beneath her demure manner, she is whole- heartedly tollowing her Master. ANNE GRACE KONTRA-Patient in trial: never allowing attlictions to deprive her ot her cheertul disposition. ERED KREH-An intelligent "Detroiter" who loves the Lord. MRS. PAUL KREISS-She loves company-the more the merrier. PAUL KREISS-A sincere store manager who is taithtul to God's calling. VIOLA KROCKENBERGER-She is ettective and unassuming in her labors tor the Lord. ANNA LAUGHBAUM-Cheertul, industrious-our budding English instructor. HOWARD LAWRENCE-His musical ability makes "Pinky" a usetul servant tor the Lord. GAYLORD LEHMAN-A student possessing honesty and sound iudgment in living tor Christ. VIOLET LUCKS-"Singing l go along lite's road." CLELA LUGBILL-"What sweet delight a quiet lite attordsl' DOROTHY LUGIBIHL-A charming personality and a Christ-like spirit that is always willing to serve her Master. ERIEDA LUGlBlLL-We love that charming sense ot humor combined with a steady sense ot right. ESTHER MCCARTNEY-"Faith laughs at impossibilities and cries it shall be done." LILLIAN MCCLAID-Her cheery smile has won many triends. DON MCINTOSH-Straight trom the shoulder and animated by a desire to magnity his Master. RUTH MCINTOSH-A devout "Erianite" who makes others share her happiness. CATHERINE MACY-A quiet girl with a pleasing personality, radiating the spirit ot Christ. ROGER MALSBARY-Optimistic and cheertulq our Jewish-Irish preacher. AUDINE MATHERS-Ouiet, serene, eager to learn more ot Him. DON MILLER-Conscientious and witty, with an unshakable taith. FLOYD MILLER-Conservative, steady, and a willing worker. HUGH MlLLER-He may be small, but he is a mighty soldier tor the Lord Jesus Christ HELEN MOUGHLER-A sweet Christian who is caretul to say something kind about everyone. EDNA NEUENSCHWANDER-Able and willing to do the Lord's will. 65 THE LIGHT TEIWER EVELYN NEUENSCHWANDER-A likeable, refined, and falenfed girl wifh an un- usual sense of humor. CHRIS NICKERT-We love "Uncle Chris" for his beaufiful Chrisf-like characfer. SYLVIA NOLAN-Merry, fwinkling eyes bespeaking fhe ioy of Chrisf wifhin. VIDA NUSSBAUM-The quief, friendly kind of girl one likes fo meef. ERNIENE OSBORN--Tender-hearfed, womanly, one of I-Iis mosf precious iewels. KATHERINE PAULUS-An inspirafion fo a happy Chrisfian life. HARRIET PIPER-Sparkling, musical, sysfemafic, and deeply desirous of being in Gods will. FLORENCE POWERS-Infellecfual powers of her own yef subiecf fo fhe higher Power. MARY JANE REILLY-Sprifely, elfin, always busy abouf her Fafher's business. RICHARD REILLY-The golden nofes of his cornef rise in praise fo God. ELINOR RICE-Assisfanf cook-and a good one, foo. GERALDINE ROTH-There is charm in her quief poise: we admire her arfisfic abilify. BERNINA RUPP-True fo her name: she is missionary minded. STANLEY RUPP-Kind-hearledness, fhoughffulness, and diligence are among his sferling qualifies. DORLAND RUSSETT-Swiffly growing "in fhe knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ" CLARENCE RUTSCHMAN-His enfhusiasm for missions is confagious. MARJORIE RYNEARSON-Frank in speech, fearless in manner, firm in fesfimony. EVELYNE SCHMIDT-A willing Chrisfian worker: keen, quief, and consisfenf. ROBERT SCHMIDT-A real spirif of energy now furned info a channel of blessing. MILDRED SCHNUR-Ouief, sfeady, a burden bearer for Chrisf. ALICE SCHRECKENBERG-"Schreckie"-a capable leader. HELEN SCHUMACHER-Charming, and unaware of her many falenfs. MARY SCH UTZ-She finds her sfrengfh in her falks wifh God. I DORIS SEOER-Gracious, devofed, vivacious, and sweef-fhe kind of girl you like fo meef. ALFRED SHADDUCK-His serious and pleasing personalify is devofed fo fhe Masfer. JOE SIMONSON-Considerafe in his dealings wifh ofhersg failhful in his devofion fo God. DOROTHY SLABAUGH-Her love for her Redeemer is deeper fhan her voice. ADA SMITH-Serious, conscienfious, friendly-our cookie baker. ELBERT SPECKIEN-Of him can be said, he loves his Saviour. LAVAUN SPILLERS-An unassuming manner, a husky voice, and a hearf overflowing LAVAUN SPILLERS-"An unassuming manner, a husky voice, and a hearl' overflowing wifh love for her lvlasfer. 66 THE LIGHT TDWER MlLDRED STAEEORD-A guief and modesf girl who is faifhfully serving her Masfer. HOWARD STEIN-Purpose in view-abilify fo affain. GENE STEINER-A quief disposifion, buf a hearf fruly on fire for his Redeemer. MIRIAM STEINER-Very sweef and friendly: we admire l-lerald's choice. WALTER STEWART-His expressions read "why worry?" EVELYN STRATMEIER-A felephone operafor-parf fime: buf in fouch wifh God- always. MAX SWARTZEL-Eervenf in spirif, serving fhe Lord. DOROTHY SWEDBERG-The possessor of a consfanl radianf smile. One of fhe "Three Muskefeersf' ARTHUR TEM PLAR-An uncompromising wifness wifh an earnesf desire fo lead ofhers fo Chrisf. FLORENCE THOMPSON-Her life is as gold fried in fhe fire. JUNE THOMAS-An energefic individual, radiafing fhe love of God in her very being. FLORA LEE TINSLEY-"Ouainf of speech-deeply spirifual-our liffle Ouaker Maid." ELSIE UEBERSCHAR-Her inferesf cenfers in music and in a close fellowship wifh her Lord. OLIN ULREY-Never in a hurry buf always on fime fo serve his Masfer. VIOLA VANSCOIK-She meefs life wilh a smile, and cheerfully performs her dufies. MILLIE VERMlLLlON-A grey-eyed, chuckling, happy Chrisfian lass. LAURA VERSEELT-The girl from New York full of vim, vigor, and vifalify for fhe Lord. PAUL WAGLEY-Palienfly following fhe pafh of obedience. CLAYTON WEIKER-Our blond fenor is a good afhlefe, fireman, and soldier of fhe Cross. MARY WEIKER-Mischievous, fun-loving, and neaf, plus ambifion and a fesfimony for Chrisf. ROBERT WELCH-Eirm in his convicfions-his acfions speak louder fhan his words. MARGARET WELLS-The virfues of a Chrisfian life consfifufe her lesfimony. HERALD WELTY-Persisfenf in his efforfs fo follow Chrisf. Consisfenf in his life. KENT WELTY-Laboring earnesfly fo please God rafher fhan man. ROY WHITTUM-Unruffled and cheerfully he walks in fhe Saviour's presence. EDNA MAE WORTHINGTON-Always ready fo give a reason for fhe hope fhaf lies wifhin her. MARY DEAN WRIGHT-A charming liffle soufhern girl in fhe eyes of every one. KATHLEEN WITMER-Her unusual falenl' is enioyed by all. LUCILLE YOCUM-Has buf one desire-fo burn ouf for The Lord. ROBERT YOUNG-Ouiefly, sfeadily preparing himself for fhe service of fhe King. HELEN ZORB-Helen has endeared herself fo us by her friendliness. 67 THE LIGHT TDWER ' THE CHRONICLERS Sepfember- I2-New sfudenfs regisfer. I3-Regisfrafion day for old sfudenfs. I5-Our firsf picnic af Fosfer Parlc. I6-Rev. l-lodgens from Asbury College, spoke in Mission Band. I8-Chapel seafs assigned. 22-Dr. Pace gave us a sermon on an acorn. 27-"Eddie" l-labegger spoke in Chapel. Ocfober- 4-Volley ball players ran over 'lime and gof run in by 'rhe Dean. 6-Fannie Schindler spoke in Mission Band. 9-Day of prayer. I2-A number of fhe sfudenfs wenf fo Roscoe and Welcome's wedding. I3-Rev. Vlof spoke in Mission Band. 23-A hike ending af Fosfer Park. The boys ran affer Bunny wifh a bunny. 25-The Bulgins showed a movie of B.l. life wifh Miss Zeller as heroine. November- 3-Biornsfad gave a sacred concerf af fhe Firsf Missionary Church. IO-Violef had a birfhday parfy wifhouf having a birfhday. I5-Campus Day. The Junior Prof. found himself fied fo a free. I7-Day of Prayer. I8-Girls in Fireside drew names for fheir "Silenf Sisfersf' 2 I-Dr. Zoller spoke in Chapel. 22-Thanksgiving vacafion. 27-Back again fo our boolcs and pianos. December- I-ln Mission Band we were shown some inferesfing picfures of life in Tibef. IO-Firsl' B.l. broadcasf over 'rhe Missionary Hour. Il-Today Mr. Leighfner's Gospel class developed wrifer's crarnp. I5-Chrisfmas Fireside-we meef our "Silen'r Sis+ers." . I7-The Wigdon colored quarfef sang af our Sunday affernoon hymn sing. I8-Befhany Hall was serenaded. I9-Chrisfmas banquef-fried chicken wifh all 'rhe frimmings, afferwards a program 20-We all go carolling. 21-Sfudenf recifal in fhe Chapel Then home for fhe Holidays. 68 THE LIGHT TDWER THE CHRONICLERS January- 2-Vacalion is over, now i+'s lime fo work. I I-The Dean gave an illuslrafed lecfure on "As+ronomy and fhe Bible." I2-Our Mission Band speaker failed +o arrive so Mrs. Bulgin spoke insiead. I6-Rev. Aughinbaugh broughl a miniarure Tabernacle and leclured on ils sig' nificance. 23-Girls have a farewell parly for l-lelen Moughler. 24-Chief Whi+efea+her sfarfed a series of meefings al fhe Firsf Missionary Church. 25-Regisfrafion Day. New sludenls galore. 31-Day of Prayer. The Dean was honor gues+ a+ a surprise birlhday parly. February- 2-Chief Whilefealher came a+ 3:45 +o direcf Women's Chorus and wondered why all 1'he girls weren'+ present 3-Who pu? The dummy in Mar+ha Grenzebachs room? 4-Women's Chorus sang 'rwo numbers in lhe "Chiefs" concer+. 7-P.C.C.C. Club ended. One member celebraled a+ 3:I5 A.M. I3-Mr. Ringenberg forgof To go fo Jeremiah Class. I4-Open house. We wonder if many had indigesfion afferward. 27-Prof. Weaver came 'ro class wi+h a black eye. 28-Cafeferia supper wi+h a program following. March- I-Discussed eliguelfe problems af girl's Fireside meeiing. 7-Day of Prayer. 20-Home for spring vacafion. 26-Back +o our sfudies again. 29-Prof. N. B. Vandall sang in Chapel. 3l-Falher Leo Francis, a converled priest Jralked in evening devofions. April- 3-Noon prayer for fhe Youfh Rally. I I-Men's Chorus goes on lheir Jrour. I2-Women's Chorus sfarfs. I5-Day of Prayer. 2I-Men's Chorus back from four. 22-Women's Chorus relurn from lheir four. 24-Campus Day. May- l2-Girl's Chorus broadcast 2I-Final exams begin. 24-Senior nighf. 26-Baccalaureale-Mr. Flefcher speaker. 27-Annual Concert 28-Fellowship Circle Dinner. 29-Gracluahon-Paul Rees speaker. 69 - 7 -A-THE LIGHT TCIWER OUR CONTRIBUTORS 1939-1940 70 THE LIGHT TOWER FADS CR FUNDAMENTALS IN EDUCATION? In spite oT modern advances in pedagogy and the boasted superiorities ot our age, there are some time-Tested principles in Christian education that still hold good. To These the Bible Institute adheres. I. Human reason is inadequate: faith is a necessary response To Truth: "Trust in The Lord with all Thine heart: and lean not unTo Thine own under- standing." lprov. 3:5l. 2. An effective education begins with a knowledge of God: "The Tear oT The Lord is The beginning ot wisdom: and The knowledge oT The I-Ioly One is understanding." lProv. 9:IOl. 3. There are no short-cuts To a Thorough education: hard work is The only route To success: "Give attendance To reading . . . To doctrine. . . . Be diligent in These Things: give ThyseIT wholly to Them." ll Tim. 4:I3-ISI. 4. Jesus Christ as The Wisdom of God alone gives meaning To IiTe and being: "I am The way, and The Truth, and The lite." lJohn I4:6l. 5. A worthy education is much more Than The acquisition of facts: it yields character values and issues in service: "But The wisdom That is Trom above is Tirst pure, Then peaceable . . . Tull ot mercy and good Truits, without variance, without hypocrisy." lJames 3:I7l. 6. A Truly ChrisTian education is The most valued possession that all youth may have: "For The gaining ot iT is better Than The gaining ot silver, and The profit ThereoT Than Tine gold." lProv. 3:I4l. "I count all Things to be loss Tor The excellency oT The knowledge oT Christ Jesus my Lord." lPhil. 3:8l. 7. Divine approval is The only acceptable aim: "Study To shew ThyselT approved unto God." III Tim. 2:I5l. The Fort Wayne Bible Institute Courses Leading to Graduation in Theology, Christian Education, Missions, and Sacred Music. Write tor Descriptive Literature To The Bible Institute, Fort Wayne, Indiana. 7 I THE LIGHT TDWER ' BIBLES---TESTAMENTS BOOKS THE OXFORD "ULTRATHIN" BIBLE MISSIONARY CHURCH ASSOCIATION Publlshing Departmcntff--Bible Institute BuiIClingfFOrt Wayrie, Indiana SOUIRREL VISITS CHURCH HISTORY CLASS Lillle Jimmie Squirrel nonclwalanlly comes in flue open window of Room 2 ancl sils on lhe sill. Mr. Ringenberg dryly remarks, "He doesn"r lcnow llial he has lo regisfer To gel in lhis class." OR WAS IT? Mr. Wilmer in Apologelics Class inferrogales, "Wl1al was llwe oulslanding llwing abouf +l'1e presenlalion of fhe Alexandrian manuscripf 'ro King James of England?" Herald Welfyz "King James died." THE NATIONAL MILL SUPPLY CO. FACTORY, MILL, ELECTRICAL, PLUMBING AND HEATING SUPPLIES, AUTOMOTIVE EQUIPMENT, RADIOS, PAINT, OIL, ELECTRIC RANGES AND REFRIGERATORS 207-200-211-213 EAST COLUMBIA STREET Plwonc- A2551 Fort Vvayne, Indiana 72 THE LIGHT TDWER- HUTSON'S PHARMACY YoUR NEIGHBORHOOD DRUG SToRE WE DELIVER 4001 South Way1Ie Avenue Phone H5130 INSURANCE OLD LINE-LEGAL RESERVE+-NONfASSESSABLE DIVIDEND SAVINGS zufyz UP-DIRECT CoMPANY SERVICE EMPLOYERS MUTUAL FoRT WAYNE BRANCH--1230 LINCOLN TOWER EINER R. BURGET A163-I3 NORMAN A BOERGER Then Jrhere was Dorland Russe++ who asked Ihe Dean if he Could go +o Berne +o 'rake care of his bees. We guess he go+ 'rhe "honey"-bu+ The bees froze. For an inlereshng lec+ure on "A Young Man's Thoughts in Ihe Spring" you should hear Max Swartzell Talking in his sleep. PUBLISHERS OF CHRISTIAN AND EVANGELICAL LITERATURE WRITE FOR OUR NEW ILLUSTRATED CATALOG OF OVER 1350 ITEMS. ALSO OUR TRACT LIST OF MORE THAN 225 TITLES. THE BIBLE INSTITUTE COLPORTAGE ASS,N 343,845 N01-III WQIIS Sem CHICAGO, ILLINOIS TO SAVE YOUR SOUL IS YOUR SPIRITUAL DUTY TO SAVE YOUR TEETH IS AN EARTI-ILY DUTY The Contribution to Happy Days DR. E. P. SANEORN Fairfield and Kinsmoor Phone Hf'l371 FORT WAYNE, IND. REALIZE REAL EYES - - - - - - WEAR GETTLES GLASSES Eyes Examined-Lenses Ground-Glasses made in One to Three Hours by SPECIALISTS IN EACH DEPARTMENT THE GOLDEN RULE OPTICAL STORE 809807 Calhoun Street Phones Af6480f6439 FORT WAYNE, IND. 7? SUNSHINE MILK BOTTLED SUNSHINE HOMOGENIZED "CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORSH SUNSHINE DAIRY 74 THE LIGHT TDWER It's easier, smarter, to . . . Cook Electrically Be wise --- inslst on cooking this modern lowfcost way. Enjoy hcttcr- tzistmg, more TlULll'lSl1lIlgIIlCillS. Elec' t'ic cooking rates 111 Fort WIIYIWC ' are the lowest in history. 308 EAST BERRY STREET f - f PHONE A8416 The Dean, wilh a searching look, asked: "Who could I have lo pass our The Slu denl Manuals lo 'the new sludemrs? Oh, yes, lvlr. lvlelnlosh, you would be an appropri: ale personf Lauqhler-red lace. One evening Clarence slood walchinq lhe lasl beaulilul rays of lhe sun lade inlo murky darkness. A queslion arose in his mind-"where had lhe sun gone?" l-le lhoughl and lhoughl lor some lime and lhen il finally dawned on him. Kroger Congratulates the Graduates of the BIBLE INSTITUTE AND WE KNOW YOU WILL CONGRATULATE US WHEN YOU HAVE TRIED KROGEPCS CLOCK BREAD THE MIRACLE VALUE! BETTER! RICHER! FRESHER! SOLD ONLY BY KROGER STORES 75 ,,,: L 7 ,,,, , THE LIGHTTDWER.: -- ff- SUPERIOR COAL CO. CGAL--COKE--FUEL OIL IRON FIREMAN COAL STOKERS 919 Wells Street Fort Wayne, Indiana A S K P o R LITTLE ELF Dependable Food Products. Always Delicious. Always Economical LITTLE ELF , 1:1 COFFEE I TEA CANNED Fooos M I BREAKFAST , - mug 1 A Eoons - CR , PEANUT BUTTER "E, .' ,.r:- HIP IQUFFEE ' if ETC. XT ---ff BURSLEY 'E5 CD., Wholesale Distributors 76 THE LIGHTTEIWER -- COMPLIMENTS OE DR, WYNEKEN Y O U R D E N T I S T A6349 617 Wd5'1TC Pharmacy CCNCRATULATICNS, GRADUATES! HARRISON HILL DRUG STORE Phone H4286 or H5119 PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS PRAYER FOR WORKERS Yes, pray for lhe fields are whileg The sunlighl sinks in lhe weslg Shadows are lying long and low, And one by one 'rhe reapers go l-lome, home lo resl. Nobly lhey foiled, and well, Bearing +he burden and heal, Joy for lhe sheaves lhey galhered in! Joy lor lhe bursl ol lheir harvesl hymn. All glad and sweell Yel pray 'rhal lhe Mas'rer's eye May fall on lhe vacanl place, lvlay loolc on The siclcle lying slill, And give il +0 one who loves l-lis will, Called by His grace. -Anon. BETHEL PUBLISHING QOMPANY BIBLES, RELIGIOUS ECCKS, MOTTOES, CREETINC CARDS, REWARDS, CHURCH AND SUNDAY SCHCCL SUPPLIES 1819 South Mm Street ELKHART, INDIANA A CLEAN SHOP FOR PARTICULAR PEOPLE FERGUSON BARBERS QFour Christian Bafbefsp DOWNTOWN 1229 CALHOUN STREET 77 all 451 rt 212 THE Lamar-4T Tmwzn 5 'W i COIVIPLIIVIENTS N E 0 X T E R x A T R fx A R C E 0 S Phono T H4515 Ft. Waylie FINEST WATCH AND JEVUELRY REPAIRING :Xll ,laimca Ylflllf Rlgyrifvlds M CALHOUN STREET MLEJZZY RAPID SHOE REBUILDING PRESTON AKE S-W3 Eurlicltl AYCIILIL FORT XNAYNE, INDIANA OPPOSITE POST OFFICE H A T S R U G S F U R S :WMU DEPENDABLE Q I I A DRY CLEANING Plwm- H I l 31 15418-ll Calhoun St. Christian Literature for Sunday Schools L3ll.ll'ICl'llCS .md P.1pcrs Ffllluwiiig thc INTERNATIONAL UNIFORM LESSON TOPICS XX lull mmuplr park lllklllkllllu mu' llym-ml ffalmlug will lu' NL'I1l.nI1 ilppllxf-llldrli Sumlay Srlmul Official. UNION GOSPEL PRESS BOX falls! CLEVELAND, OHIO 78 THE LIGHT TDWER sian NJ IEIIGIIAVIIIGS in were prepared Ayfie l:0llT IIIAYIIIE EIIGIIAVIIIG C0 HIPAIIY E N G RAVE R S ILLUSTRATOPS ELECTROTYPERS 0 FORT IUAYII E, IIID THIS ANNUAL PRINTED BY CALHOUN PRESS PRINTERS AND PUBLISHERS 7 EAST MAIN STREET FORT WAYNE INDIANA BARNER'S STUDIO PORTRAITS and COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHS KODAK FINISHING - PHOTO SUPPLIES - PICTURE FRAMING OF ALL KINDS 2426 South Calhoun Street Fort Wayxx II1d1d.I'1H 79 THE LIGHT TOWER AUTGGRAPHS "' .VY ' 121. ,. ,..:. " . 1 A r 1-,.. - -,V .v..,r. f...,'-v - f---P... 'H 'fl r 4- cf, . 1 3, .f. .- r 2- 45' " L1 2. -V 1" -X Q ..-1-' :- .. f:.Q l.. Un.. ' ,.1Y, ,. .J L. .V .Q -' " .V-A t., .,, ..-, - ..4 . 9. ' - . . Z .--.f'3, .ik -5.,-, We F' I .-lf. .-,iff :-' -f .,. 5..--, ,. TP' ' LIN f '-f -, ga . ...,4. Q, -'Ch N , W- .H --n , ,rl I.. 'G 14. , . . . .. Y . ,' "3 5 'A 'X ' -f?i.,Jl 1"-1 , wi . N. fl-J. .g 3, ,U .L .D 4.7-1-A -- .. 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