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I A ,. . :K D ..f it , C V ,KJ l 4? '4 g 1 L J, W " .f' Q31 , :A W , , J' Q .1 ,-11, 'Fx K - M' Ni 4 , 1' -, ' " A 'I'-P, -'I ,Y 'X 2 1, A , ' . , Mol Q 1 w I , QU , My K, 4 1 1 . ' - 'nr .mxunwl 1 wwf, 45. JI I. 4 'f .Y I A ,. . :K D ..f it , C V ,KJ l 4? '4 g 1 L J, W " .f' Q31 , :A W , , J' Q .1 ,-11, 'Fx K - M' Ni 4 , 1' -, ' " A 'I'-P, -'I ,Y 'X 2 1, A , ' . , Mol Q 1 w I , QU , My K, 4 1 1 . ' - 'nr .mxunwl 1 wwf, 45. JI I. 4 'f .Y -x 2 Q E n ?4 S3 1, ,, tm E 1 5 ax E 5 4 .ge P4 Q E 3 if 15 U +3 5 5 5 E 5 3. i ly. 52 P, fl 5 if: ., S! W fs wr ,Q- Bi v . 'X As i . 'x Ni 5. Q Q2 1--. .--.-- ..A. ---.-..-...-...-...- ,m ,,,.. ,---,-.--?,, .. ., A, 1, 5 a EQ ff A , .4,. gs .v , -. xfr- 50 3" A 5 U L jijfvl W, .. 1. . ' if ," Im 2 L X -T7 BIBLE INSTITUTE K7 . 932 Allen Couniy Public Library Fl. Wayne, lNCli0n0 DEDICATION "Lo, I have given thee a wise and understand- ing heart." No words could more aptly describe our Dean's most appreciated characteristic than these which were written of one who realized the necessity of Divine Wisdom in administering the duties to which he has fallen heir. For twelve years Mr. Leightner has grown in the understanding of school administration and even more in the understanding of the personal problems of the student hearts under his tutelage. A student perplexed and troubled is met in his office with the impression that the Dean has noth- ing to do that is nearly so important as the solving of this new problem. Even the stranger within our halls feels he has his own place in the Dean's hears. He is blessed with a keen sense of humor which robs him of any tendency to preachment or dry- ness. A faculty for seeing the Master's love in ev- erything brings frequent exclamations of praise to his lips in the midst of teaching. W'ith hearts of loving gratitude we dedicate this volume of the LIGHT TOWER to, Our Dean, Rev. B. F. LEIGHTNER. ,WEL 3 L I G ll 1' TOWER X Z93 FOREWORD When Christ left the earth and commanded His chosen disciples to spread the Gospel throughout the whole earth, He intended that all His follow-- ers ever afterward should devote themselves to this task. We believe we can have a part in this work in the publication of this yearbook. Since the spir- it of this commission is also the spirit of the Bible Institute, it is our aim that this yearbook should reflect the same spirit. It is the prayer of our hearts that the Holy Spirit might use it in the further- ing of Christ's kingdom on earth by speaking to the hearts of the unsaved who read it. We hope that it Will reflect the life and spirit of the school with such reality that others may be drawn to these sacred halls and that those who have been here might be stirred anew and to a more fervent service by memories of former days. Since this edi- tion of the LIGHT TOWER can only be a beacon to souls as He permits Divine Light to shine through it, we ask His blessing upon it as we present it to its readers. 'Q t1r'i S -sa, X Z932 I --X ,V ,, L,.A, T ,YW ...f THE ADMINISTRATION BUILDING 119051 It's not the wood, the bricks, or space That we students Iearn to Ioveg But it's the Vision of the Master's face, The touch from heaven above. It's not the room in which we stay, Nor the new friends that we meetg But fellowship with jesus every day That makes this place so sweet. Anton Triller. L1 G H T TOWER in 4, 5' ,,4,.2, L I G HT TOWER L X Z932 v ...- Y , fwitkrlw Mmw. ---,m,,,xemr,L.,,,, ,MN V BETHANY HALL 419303 9 Twas planned by architects of fate, And built with utmost careg 'Twas given to us by the Master Great, He heard and answered Prayer. In it the girls delight to be, And God is present constantly. Within is the sound throughout the day Of Voices of girls, who love to pray. 1 4 A Y REV. S. GRABILL, Clmirmzzn REV. C. J. GERIG, Secrelary ,......, REV. REV. M. N. AMSTUTZ ...,...... J. K. GERIG ..... MR. S. A. LEHMAN ............ REV. REV. REV. REV. REV. REV. REV. MRS. J. A. RINGENBERG ......, H. E. TROPF ......... A. B. YODER ..... L. H. ZIEMER .,...... OFFICERS J. E. RAMSEYER ....., B. F. LEIGHTNER ........ P. L. EICHER ..........,., BERTHA LUGIBIHI. .... .- SCHOOL BOARD Fort Wayne, Indiana Wfoodbu rn, Indiana Pettisville, Chio ,Woodburn Indiana Fort Wayne, Indiana Grabill Indiana Berne Indiana -- Wfakarusa Indiana Toledo, Ohio President -. .... ........ D ean Business Manager .., ..,.. , .....,. Matron L I G H T TOWER LIGHT TOWER LI L THE SEA OF LIFE I picture life as a vast sea, Witli man billowing the foam In a ship made by the pilot,s own hand Sailing forth to his beautiful Home. Many storms arise on the sea of life, Not all is fair and smooth, The waves dash high, and the winds sweep low, As the strength of the ship they prove. That beautiful port for which I sail Is dear old "Home Sweet Homef, Let us all aim for this port Lest our ship be wrecked, while we roam There are signal lights along the way To guide us through the night, So when we reach "The Shadow of Death" We will still be covered by His blessed light. Dear friend, tonight is your ship roaming Ruthlessly, on the sea of life? Or have you encountered the dangers That come by sailing in strife? Take God as your mighty Pilot I-Ie'll guide you safely through, No other pilot knows the way No other pilot is so true. Then when evening bell has tolled, And sun has set for you, Friends left behind will comfort Because your ship was sailed safely through. Helen Keller. Z 932 9 3 QQ LIGHT TGWER STAFF 58323 Editor-in-Chief .........,..., .A ,,-..... , ..,....,,, .7,.,,...,, , , OLA M. FUSEE Associate Editor ,.,,. -..,K, N ELLIE THUM Alumni Editor oooo,., ooo.. J osEPH1NE STILL Art Editor .. ......LL,L,.LL .,...LL.,..,..... . FAYE QPLIGER Photograph Editor .,..... ,LLL L ,. LANVRENCE SCHOENHALS Business Manager .,....., L,L,LLLLLLLL..LLLL,, M ARK BURGESS Circulation Manager LLLL, . ..,... LAXVRENCE SCHOENHALS Faculty Advisor ....LLLL....LL,LL.LLLLLLLLLL....L,LLLLLL,,, ...LL,L.LLLLLLL S . A. WITMER EDITORIAL Izzflzlwzce is controlling power quietly exerted, an agency, force, or ten- dency of any kind which affects, modifies, or sways. To exist is to exert influence. By no act or determination of ours can we stop this force. God said to Job, "Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Plei- ades?" We might just as well try to prevent the stars shining as to endeavor to keep our lives from affecting others. There is no such thing as a negative influence. Wfe are either a blessing or a blight to those around us. God has entrusted to us the power to draw others to, or away from Him, and we must render an account to Him as to how we use this power. Influence is two-fold, willful and unconscious. There is a willful influence exerted by many people who do all in their power to oppose God,s work, but as true children of God we ought to make a conscious effort to exert an influence which will be uplifting to man and glorifying to God. Those of the world ex- pect it of us and are looking to us to do it. Sometimes God thrusts some person into our sphere of influence that we may win him to Christ. Jesus wants us to do some kindly deed, speak some word which will win the affections of the wanderer to Him. If we have been so busy with temporal things that we are not prayed up and filled with the Spirit, we are not in a position to help needy souls. Because of our unfaithfulness some soul may go into eternity without God. We exert influence of which we are not conscious. The way we act, the things we say all cause some reaction in someone else. If we are careless in our service to God, another will be careless also. On the other hand if we are living close to God, others will long to know Him better. No doubt we would be surprised if we could know just what kind of influence we are exerting. Unless we have the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives we will not be the successful soul-winner God would have us be. Throughout the making of this yearbook our prayer has been that its in- fluence may be far-reaching. All who have helped to make this publication pos- sible have workecl with the desire that God may be honoured through the uplift received by each one who reads it. O. M. F. 5.3 4 fQ wx ? Z X f ,X I S - Q 1 "'-ll'iii ll!!-ll-P 'Ill III L I T 1 f H W E u 11 l"'ll'T Z- -ICD ...I- -IC l"'l X km C3 E3 2 3 il- JESUS WUNWON CHRIST 932 LIGHT Fort Wayne Bible Institute TQWER School Song C. A. G. C. A. GERB2'.l - -1" -l ' . -YZ 4 Il 3 j 21 234115 V El El If -' E E gig Q 2 the of G d A 1.E - ter - nal 2. We hail thee, Bi- ble 3. God bless our is Bi - ble Word 0 , In - sti - tute, In - sti-tute, Our coun - sel - or and guide sub -limeg With loy - al hearts and cour - age trueg Al - ma by Ma - ter, loved allg I I N 1 , A-J 4 l LJ- 'Q' v---- f -'- --- - Q-52:-etzz: 1 E E LF V h KE: an li ::EgE ,Z E 14--+ -xzccrr-grep . - .1 .1 L 35213-9-4-i2Ei-3-eeiff-v-3--?1?-1-f- ll- -0-as-fgef -010104-df 'TW': A pi -lot true, when bil-lows roll, A rock and ref - nge for the soul. Thy bless-ings and thy no-ble aims Our yield - ed lives shall e'er pro-clairng Firm may she stand for truth and right, E'er hold- ing forth the Word of light, a QI- -0-. P JG- "" -0- l :Zigi l,u:4:-:: If-L-E111 - Zghili :E-Li 95-E53 Ep- C P Pit V VI -V- F E alZ-Ad A-1 dz- 14 4-:J JJ -E 1 -- 3512-Eeiiwgs :ati : 5 55 2 5?3:3 :Fill Tho' heav'n and earth shall pass a- way, Thy Word, O God, shall stand for aye. at Je- sus' feet. Live on! Thy ho -ly work com-plete, Thy tro-phies lay Un -til her task on earth is done, Her bat-tles o'er, her vic-t'ries won. .Q .L as' ae Ig .- , , tg.- E,m-gl-:ge-:geese -' Wil: , 4-h IZ f I 7 T '-"1 IILTI1 QH1-if u ct--'EE VE? it TE F51 Cnoxus j :I HR -N -ll-1. - -Nl-'fi --'S-'S Iii 121: -l li- ghiiig-lazgiilzgirizgkli g:1:l:1:El!:ili2:i13 L '-Q. .ii I '- '-vVvTj- -'-0-:ji-.j:-53'fIgT- Dear Fort Wayne Bi- ble In -sti - tute, We hon - or, love, and cher-ish thee: l Q-ay ' gil "ii-E E: ' S Q.i1 'A-,1' :.Ll.,--l-4.1--LQ-- 51.-f-E E iv- -ti!-Q-eel -lZ- 4, -ll-' N ,:l.. L : i-l---'L -:: - -21--Qi: ElZigL-E I i -Bi 2:23 iIE::+-Q-gggigiigiigii We'll pro-claim re - demp-tion's sto - ry Till our Lord shall come in glo - ryg -0- -0- -0- -0- w -0- -0- -0- L, -12' -ti 'tj 'lf :':L':- , 'LJ'-4rL:':- - vi"-'li-'IT- Qg2:iT-: I li-U I lg E' I E:E1:iE:h:h:3 -rr vc :-c r- - - -rr L: C: -QU jf-'ij W id -l 'J 'Ai IJT-"N7ji.0- -ffnifi 52 fijgigag T -5:-E-1'3355-4-2-3553---g-3-ll Then u - nit - ed We'll ex- alt Him, King of kings and Lord of lords. -0- -0- -0- -0- 1. -0- -0- 74-0-110, ,g::4:gig:1 -g:i4:'.'l1..-pg L-,-1.1- 5-QI T-L ' 'gi ' ii " li ill: h ll LIGHT TOWER TO THE CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND THIRTY-TWO You are about to join those who have already gone forth from our midst, to all parts of the world, to carry the l'I.ight of Life" to those who are still in the darkness of sin. As you go, bear in mind, that you are not thrown upon your own re- sources, for we read: "God, who commanded the light to shine out of dark- ness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in tht face of Jesus Christ. But we have this treasure in earth- en vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God and not of us." God is using His consecrated children as vessels, in which He deposits thc l'Unsearchable riches of Christ." His light and life, His love and power, His grace and truth, His glory and rest, and all else that He is and possesses- for He gives Himself to us, that through us He might manifest Himself to othersg and by doing so He might bring all who will heed His tender voice, into the same relationship that we enjoy. Always bear in mind that the Great Commission, "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations," is the greatest mission entrusted to us. Then never lose sight of the great promise, "Lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world." As He said unto Abraham, so He says to us also, "I am thy shield, and thine exceeding great reward." XVhat security!! What reward!! Then with implicit conhdence in His unfailing faithfulness, carry the light and sow the "Precious seed" in whatever part of His great field He may send you, for He says, "They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him." We shall follow you in prayer. J. E. RAMSEYER. MZ LIGHT TOWER I. 1 c H 1' THE FACULTY TOWER S. A. WXITMER C. A. GERBER Hisfory and Missions ' Mum. L. ZELLER English MRS. B. G. SMITH B, G, SNIITH Lflllgllflgfi Holizilciics 84 Biblical IlIfCl'l7l't'lillfi0lI J. STAUFFER Isaiah H- KAISER M. GASKILL P10770 English Important in any institution of learning is its staff of teachers. So great is the influence exerted upon impressionable minds by men and women of this profession that Christian young people interested in obtaining Biblical knowl- edge and insight, always desire to know the excellency and attitude of the in- structors. We, who have the privilege of being at the Bible Institute, know that our teachers are aware of the opportunity which is theirs in helping to mould lives for the service of Jesus Christ. By their conduct is indicated their realization of a solemn responsibility toward God. The instructors uncover the hitherto hidden treasures of God's Word. Con- sequently, what God says has become the focus of each student's life. The foun- dation of the teaching given us is the Rock of Salvation. Emphasis has been plac- ed upon Christianity as a life in contrast to mere dead formalism. The Bible is considered the basis of Christian doctrine and God, its author, the source of spir- itual life. His Son, Jesus Christ, is lifted up as the Lamb of God who taketh away the sin of the World. Redemption complete is possible only through the Holy Spirit who is our supreme director. ' In accordance with the teaching of the Bible that we are to be the light of the world, there has been stressed the necessity of taking the Gospel to others- of giving as well as receiving. Thus spiritual stagnation is avoided and God af- forded an opportunity to pour in fresh blessings. Of vital significance is the personal interest of each faculty member in the life of every student. There has always been manifested a warm and responsive readiness to help each one of us solve his spiritual questions or other problems confronting young people. Our gratitude rises to God for the concrete example of Christian character and life exhibited in each teacher. May God continue to use them as instru- ments of light in His hand for the equipping of other laborers for the whitened harvest. R1-IODA LEHMAN. HELPERS "Fear God mm' zvorfz fJarz1."-Dariil Lirizlgsfoue. This is the motto of our faithful workers, whose lives are imbued with the presence of Him whom they serve and love with an undivided heart. Our generous Business Manager, Mr. P. L. Eicher, takes excellent care of our money. He knows the kind of food we like here at the Bible Institute. The matron, Mrs. Bertha Lugibihl, Whom all of us know as "Mother" is an ideal of a lovely saint of God, radiating Christian grace continually through patience and love. Our food is well prepared by Miss Melvinn Basinger. She is not only a good cook but a great spiritual help to us all. Miss Sophia Pauley, who has charge of the dining-room, proves to us that 'lcheerfulness in religion makes all its services come off with delight." Our President's wife, Mrs. E. Ramseyer, is never too busy to share in our trials or joys. Miss Merle Gaskill is Il calm business-like woman in her sphere as bookkeeper and English teacher. Miss Rhoda Roth, as the office girl, can be depended upon to perform her every task. Humbly and quietly, Mr. Harvey Winkler, the caretaker, Hklls his office by working tire- lessly and conscientiously from morning until night. L I G I-I T TOWER L I G H 'l' TDWER Hoi B'sLE Hou! BIBLE ff- f-5 ,ie S ii A Z 3-4 ? i- 2 Tl g 5--'- ' 2 Z: il 12,1 1 5: "-2 fi' ,-fi ?llln THE L A M P! WI? ' I X 51-'31--F in POST GRADUATES "XVrite the vision and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it." Habak- kuk did not say, as some suppose, that he may read that runzzeth. The writing was to be made plain upon the tables in order that the person who reads the information may in turn convey it to others. The most effective and diligent witnesses for our Lord Jesus Christ are those who, after being born again, by diligent study come to know the content of the divine message. The purpose of preparation is that he who reads may run, and be able to give a reason of the hope that is within him. Since the Post Graduate classes have been small, both the students and teachers have been brought into close contact. The spirit of God has hovered over us and kept our hearts open to the truth. The course in Christian Philosophy has fortified us against destructive skepticism. We often became so interested that we were loathe to leave the class room. Christian Ethics dealt with the sources and principles of the Christian ideal in contrast with the humanistic theories. The latter part of the semester was spent in applying these standards to the complex problems of life. The class in Scriptural Holiness has given us a comprehensive View of God's plan for our sanctification. Missions has been a very practical and benehcial study for acquainting us with the correct princi- ples and methods in world evangelism. Truly we can say, after studying the Post Graduates' subjects, we are able to "run" more intelligently and successfully. We praise God also for the spiritual blessings, as well as the deep- er aspiration to a higher, nobler, fuller life. Upward to heaven! nearer to God! ALICE KRONMAN MARTHA AMSTUTZ Toledo, 01-,io Berne, Indiana "Let the words of my mouth, anal "TVhfrr'f01'u Ivins aim, that He the mm'ifafi011 of my heart he ac- might sanctify the people with Hi.: cefztfzhle in thy sight, O Lord, my own hloofl, sujerm' -without the strength, and my Rr'11cr'n1z'r." Psalm gate." Heb. 13:12. 19:14. L I G H T TOWER 33523 s12N1oRs NIOTTO-"To do Thy will, O God." Hebrews 10:7. COLOR-Orchid, green. FLOWER-Tea rose, sweet pea. CLASS POEIVI To Do THY WILL, O Goo To do Thy Will, O God, I pray, As on life's journey day by day, I seek to live so men may see Not, me, but Christ, who lives in me. While others fold their arms in ease, Neglecting those across the seas, May I proclaim the Word of Life To those so deep in sin and strife. And if my Work be here at home Or out across the ocean's foam, I Want my life in Jesus hid, To do Whatever He shall bid. O God, in Thee I find sweet joy, That naught on earth can e'er destroyg Help me along life's narrow Way To do Thy will from day to day. CYRIL EICHLR. X "TO DO THY XVILL, O GOD" LIGHT We, the Class of 1932, have chosen this as our motto because it is the purpose and desire of our hearts. Our wills have been yielded to God and we are ready to do anything, go anywhere, and be anything He would desire. "Wi1l', means the faculty of the mind by which one chooses or determines, or it means de- sire. In the will of God we have the highest expression of His perfection. Creation owes its be- ing and beauty to it-it is the manifestation of God's will. For this man was created with a free will in order that he might have the power to choose of his own accord to do Godis will. But lo! man sinned by doing his own will rather than God's. jesus came to this world to bring us back to doing God's will. He gave Himself a sacrifice to win for us the power to live and do the will of God. "Lo, I come to do Thy will, O God." These words uttered through the Holy Spirit by one of His prophets long before Christys birth are the key to His life on earth. Wfherever He went this inspired Him--the will of the Father was to be accomplished in Him and by Him. He has given to us the power to consecrate ourselves entirely to God's will. If we are to follow Christ we must speak His words as ours, "I seek not my own will but the will of the Fatherf, The only business of our lives should be to learn and to do the will ol' God. He wants ro make it known to us. He desires that we work out His will through our wills. Our wills are to be merged in Christ's, voluntarily brought into accord with His, so that we do glad- ly and heartily the things He would have us do. Our prayer should be "Our wills are ours to make them thinef' The divine will settles everything of duty. When we know surely what our Master would have us do there is no longer the question as to what we should do. All we have to do is to obey. When Jesus told Peter to let down the nets, he replied unhesitatingly, "At thy word, I will." We must be prompt in our obedience to God's will. His word must be supreme authority for us. The best human wisdom is fallible and may easily be mistaken. Even those who love us mayferr in the counsel they give. Our God never errs in judgment. He is never mistaken in His decision as to what we ought to do. We are sure His commands are both right and wise. It may seem to us that the course which He asks us to take can lead only to disaster, but He knows best. We may always safely say, "At thy word, I will." We need never question. Who are we that we could know better than God what is best for us? God's way does not always lie in the sunshine. We may find ourselves facing obstacles and difficulties but still be in His way. He leads us many times away from the path we would have taken. He may ask us to do some lowly task when we think we could do more good and make more out of our lives if we could get out into a wider sphere and have greater things to do. But let us remember that the way to be ready for the call to a wider field is to a little more than fill the place in which we are now serving. No matter how small the place v'e fill, it is a glorious thing to do God's will. We must surrender our preference and accept His. God's will may not call us always to activity. Sometimes they serve Him best "who only stand and waitf' One writes, "No time of seeming inactivity is laid upon us by God without a just reason." We have only one thing to do-to yield to His plan. It may mean the setting aside of cherished plans, the giving up of things that are dearest to us, a life of pain and suffering but in any case it is ours to obey with- out question. God's will for us is found in His Word, which is said to be a lamp unto our feet, not a great sun shining high in the heavens, illuminating a hemisphere, but a little lantern that we may carry and hold so its light shall fall on the road on which we are walking. It will not lighten a whole mile for us at a time but will make the next step clear and so on until we have gone the last mile of the way. A SENIOR- TOWER LIGHT TOWER Tl-IE CLASS OF l93Z Surely we, the class of '32 do praise the Lord for His bountiful grace manifested toward us in the short time we have been privileged to spend here at the good old Bible Institute. As we draw near the close of our School year we look back with regret upon the many minutes and hours wasted-time which could have been much more prohtably spent in prayer to our Heavenly Father or in the reading of His Word. How many times have we failed to take advantage of the opportunities for service which have been presented to us! And yet, our hearts are made to rejoice when We think of all the Lord has done for us. Our hearts go out in gratitude to Him who has set us free from the clutches and snares of the Evil One. He gave His all for us. He suffered and died on Calvary for us that we might have life through His blood. We never will be able to repay Him for all He has done for us, but the least we can do is to surrender ourselves entirely to Him. He alone can make out of these worthless lives channels of blessing, carrying the blessed XVord of Life and Light to many who are groping blindly in heathen darkness. Space does not permit us to recount separately the many different experiences of the mem- bers of the class. Some in early youth, although not out in sin like others, felt the need, cona fessed their sins, and with simple child-like faith, accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their own personal Savior. ' Several more, in spite of a background of sound teaching and godly example, resolved to "enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season". Finally, like the prodigal son, they came to themselves and returned to the Father, who forgave and abundantly pardoned them. One of our number was considered the "black sheep" of his family and wandered far away from the Lord, but the Good Shepherd, who gave His life for His sheep, brought him back to the fold. After several years in college, during which time what little faith he had was shatter- ed, he found himself at the Bible Institute, the last place on earth he expected to be. Needless to say, it was not long until he was gloriously saved. How wonderful to note the grace of God as manifested in his life! Another proved that a person can be a church member and at the same time a Hbootleggerl' and the vilest of sinners. After repeated attempts to reform himself, he gave it up as a hopeless task and called upon God for mercy. His life was immediately transformed. Old things had passed awayg behold, all things had become new. Still others were drawn to the Lord by observing the lives of faithful Christians. A desire to be like them led to a deep hunger which could only be satisfied in Jesus, the Bread of Life. Oh, that our lives might be so filled with the love of God that others might be drawn to Him and Hnd peace and rest! God has indeed been good to us in giving us an opportunity of coming to a place where we may better prepare ourselves for His service. Sacrifices have had to be made, and the future has not always looked bright and rosy, but He has always been true to His promise, "I will never leave thee nor forsake thee." While receiving these many blessings from the hand of the Lord, we are not unmindful of our duty to those who have not been so fortunate as we. In obedience to the "Go ye into all the world", over half the class are looking toward the far-distant harvest fields of the world. Several have been called to evangelistic work here in the homeland, while the remaining ones are ready to go anywhere He leads. As the true commencement of life's service begins and the time draws near when we shall be separated from one another, may we as a class press forward in our Master's service, spread- ing the glad tidings wherever we go, until that glad day when we shall see Him face to face and hear His "Child, well done". "Unto Him that loved us and washed us from our sins in His own blood and hath made us kings and priests unto God and His Fatherg to Him be glory and d0111i1'1l0l1 f0l' CWI' and ever- Amenj' CYRIL EICHER. X ex xx x X 195.2 SENIORS CLASS OFFICERS CYRIL EICHER-President Fort Wayne, Indiana "Faithful is he that ealleth you who also will do it."- I Thess. 5:24. JOHN NUSSBAUM-Vice President Berne, Indiana "Bat watch thou in all things endure ajlictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy min- istry."--II Tim. 4:5. FAYE OPLIGER-Secretary Berne, Indiana "The Lord is my strength and in y shield g my heart trust- ed in him, and I am helped : therefore my heart greatly re- joicethg and with my song will I praise him."-Psa. 28:7. LAWRENCE R. SCHOENHALS- Brown City, Michigan Treasurer "The Lord will perfect that which eoncerneth me: thy mercy, O Lord, eizdureth for- ever: forsake not the work of I thine own hands."--Ps. 138:8. 4 I I. I GI-I T TOWER L I G, H T TOWER EDISON HABEGGER--Chaplain Berne, Indiana "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salva- tion to every one that believ- ethg to the jew jirst, and also to the Greek."-Rom. 1:16. ELIZABETH BAKER Lima, Ohio "O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and lznozvledge of God! how uu- searchahle are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!"-Rom. 11:38. VIVIAN M. BRUNER Fort Wayne, Indiana "But the puffs of the just is as the shining light, that shin- cth more and more unto the perfect day?-Prov. 4:18. MARK J. BURGESS Brown City, Michigan "That in all things he might have the PY?-677li7ZCl1CC.,,'-COI. 1 Z 1 8 . 2932 S. MARJORIE DEDELS Kitchener, Ontario "He that dwelleth in the se- cret place of the nzost High shall abide under the shadow of the Alnzightyf'-Ps. 91:1. OLA FUSEE Stratford, Ontario "Fear thou not, for I ani with thee: he not dismayed, for I arn thy God, I will strengthen thee, yea I will help thee, yea I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness."-Isa. 41:10. MARY E. HOKE New Carlisle, Ohio "I ani the Lord thy God whifh teaeheth thee to profit, which Ieadeth thee by the way that thou shouldest go."-Isa. 48:17. HELEN KLINGENS-MITH Cleveland, Ohio "Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."- Matt. 11:28. RHODA LEHMAN Fort Wayne, Indiana "But seek ye yirst the king- dom of God, and his righteous- ness, and all these things shall he added unto you."-Matt. 6:33. LIGHT TOWER I. I G H T TDWER CLINTON MOSER Berne, Indiana "Being confident of this very thing, that He which hath he- gun a good work in you will perform it untzi the day of fe- sus Christf,-Phil. 1:6. LLEWEI.LY.A NOLSPIEIM Renfrew, Pennsylvania "I know whom I have he- liered and anz persuaded that he is ahle to keep that which I have eomniitteri unto hi in against that day."-II Tim. 1:12. HARCLD XV. SANDERSON Gary, Indiana "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with Gorl, and the W'orzt was God." John 1:1. MARION JONSWALD SANDERSON Gary, Indiana "For ye know the grace of our Lord jesus Christ, that, though he was rich, yet for your salzes he became poor, that ye through his poverty might he rich."-II Cor. 8:9. RUSSELL SLOAT H Elkhart, Indiana I "Pray yevtherefore the Lora' I I of the harvest that he will send forth labourers into his har- vest."-Matt. 9: 3 8. Z932 Z932 PAUL D. STEINER Pandora, Ohio "That I may know hinz, and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of his suf- ferings, being made conform- ahle unto his aleathf'-Phil. 3:10. JOSEPHINE STILL Detroit, Michigan "Anal say to Archippus, Take heed to the ministry which thou hast received in the Lord, that thou fulfil it."- Col. 4: 17. MABEL I. SWARTZ Kitchener, Ontario "For ye are rlead and your life is hid with Christ in God." Col. 3:3. LAVINIA WILLIAMS Fort Nvayne, Indiana "ln all thy ways acknowl- edge him, and he shall flirect thy paths."-Prov. 3:6. MABEL WITTXVER Berne, Indiana "I am crncifiea' with Christ, nevertheless I liveg yet not I, but Christ liveth in meg and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of Goal, who loved ine, and gave himself for nie."-Gal. 2:20. LIGHT TOWER ,,w,,.,. THE. JUNIORS I "Semi the Iiglrf, Ibn' blrsserl Gospel light, Let it shine from shore to sbore. Sem! the Iigbf, the blessed Gospel light, Le! if sbine forever more." With this thought in mind our class of forty-seven Juniors came to Fort Wfayne in the fall of 1931. Everyone of us h:1d been called out of darkness into the marvelous light of God. Then because we realized the need of preparation to fit into God's great plan, we came to the Bible Institute. The new environment occasioned a feeling of strangeness which was soon replaced by joy- fulness and thanksgiving to God for the privilege of attending the school. We joined in the spirit of Christian fellowship which was so vitally sensed. Before long all strangeness had left and we felt at ease. Those who had not given everything over to God eventually yielded all to Him and came into the experience of the fulness of His blessing. The first days of school can be vividly recalled. Registration was completed and our new places of abode arranged by the evening of September 16. Mrs. Lugibihl and Mrs. Ramseyer with the other workers made us feel welcome. Outside of some Bible stories and a few Scripture passages our knowledge of Godis Word was very meager. Our Erst lessons and all following ones directed our attention to the vast resources of His unsearchable riches. Praise God! He is faithful! XVhen we are open for light He gives it to us. He has illuminated the Scriptures until His Word is much more precious to us now than ever before. Some passages have become real gems because they have been translated into our own experiences. On Friday evening at the first Mission Band Service, we listened to a message from a man of God. Thereafter our zeal for these services was kept kindled to a glow. Through definite revelations of the Lord's will our determination to go all the way with Him was continually strengthened. Some of us soon came to recognize the unwritten as well as the written rules. It was some time before we could understand that all were for our good. In the future we shall appreciate them more and will praise God for the lessons in obedience than are more acceptable than sac- rifice. To live with others unto edification requires a wholehearted cooperation springing from a glad heart of love. In preparing to do any work for the Lord a harmonious spirit must be cultivated. The practical work assignments made during the first week of school were somewhat new to us, but we knew that l'They that do know their God shall be strong and' do exploitsf' Since He has implanted svithin- us a love for the lost, our desire is to see the wandering ones confess their sins to Jesus and be washed in His blood. We, having presented our bodies a living sacrifice to God, are willing to be used in any way He sees best. We'll trust Him though we cannot see the path through which He leads us. "God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform." Testimonies of the indivdual members of the class have verified this many times. We have learned His will through yield- ing to Him. We have experienced His constant blessing by walking in the light of His Word. Watching others develop spiritually and rejoice in the Lord has encouraged our hearts and created Within us a hunger for more of God. "Blessed are they that do hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled." May God abundantly bless each member of the Class of 1933 and keep him in the narrow Way until Jesus comes. ' "Now unto Him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before thc presence of His glory with exceeding joy, to the only wise God our Savior, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and forever." IDA LOCKLIN- ZL932 JUNIOR CLASS Back Row flcffi fo rigbfj-Harold Mongerson, Eugene Gerber, Arthur Merri- man, Jesse Neuenschwander, Mrs. Ruth Neuenschwander, Donald Schindler, Anton Trillet, Eldon Mitchell, Frank Foster, Bert johnson. Fourth Row-Mahala Diller, Doris Vernier, Lillian Zimmerman, Nellie Thum, Gertrude Lemanski, Myra Martin, William Koehnlein, Edgar Schade, Homer Matteson. Third Row-Nora Vella Keene, Ruby Betzner, Esther Basinger, Faith Hyatt, Florence Thomas, Marie Neumann, Verda Gerig, Ivan Hodgson, Leonard Dwyer. Second Row-Vera Baumgartner, Ruth Eisenman, Mary Kroschell, Eleanor Naylor, Vivian Aitkins, Luella Miller. From' Row-Palma Mathisen, Alice Norquist, Helen Keller, Lynwood Kurth, Lucille Lehman, Elizabeth Wise, Ida Locklin, Lucille Vnrns. MYRA MARTIN R. N., Student Teacher of First Aid. L I G H T TOWER I. I G H T TOWER PREPARATORY STUDENTS In obedience to the call of God and through varied providential leadings, there was brought together a group of Fifteen students to the Bible Institute in September, 1931. Coming from many different backgroundsg some from the noise and bustle of the city, others from behind the plow handles of God's green out-of-doors, we are reminded afresh that God is no respecter of persons. Cur common purpose in assembling here is to receive a training adequate for our life's work. The classes of that Brst day left us rather bewildered, but continual concentration brought us out all right on examination day. Since that first day we truly thank God for our teachers, who by "line upon line and precept upon preceptl' have taught us knowledge that will help us in our future work for the Lord. In this Preparatory Course we, as its students, will never forget rhe special emphasis placed upon the important subject of English. From one angle the Course calls attention to the study of reading the Scriptures in public, from another the way to overcome faulty spelling and con- veyance of thought. On the Grammar road by our grit and determination, we often ascend one hill of difficulty, only to find a steeper one looming up ahead of us. Nearing the goal by steady progress comes our themes both oral and written from which we have derived much help in more effective speech and writing. To balance this course of English there is a course in Synthetic Bible. This class is a real source of inspiration and gives to us a panoramic vi:w of the Bible. As we look back on the yesterdays we truly thank God for His Holy Spirit who has guided us in all our studies. For the tomorrows in the Bible Institute we anticipate higher realms of grace, for, according to the wise man, "Better is the end of a thing than the beginning." GEORGE HILL. Buck lion-Trueman Griffin, George Condit, George Hill, Wfilford Gingrich. Crnfer R010-Hormie Halsey, Carl Buehle, Dorothy Dekker, Wilma Lehman, Esther Yoder, n Luella Birkey. Front Ron'-Helen Arnold, Mrs. Emma Buehle, Luella Landrey, Doris Frogge, Frieda Wahli. X X f xx- f X SPECIAL TUDEN S I-'GBT H111 My Iigfaf slmll we see light." The Bible Institute offers to entrants an opportunity of choosing a special course of study. The subiects may be selected from the Bible, Music and Preparatory courses. Each year among the applicants are those who find it necessary to arrange courses apart from the graduate courses. For those whose education has been limited, the Preparatory course is advisable and also required for entry into the Junior class. However, because of lack of time and various other reasons, some find it profitable to resort to a special and rather compact line of study. Another class of special students are those entering late in the year. They select a special group of subjects until the following semester, when the regular courses may be pur- sucd. There are also residents of the city who Find it impossible to attend day classes but grasp the opportunity of attending evening sessions. The advantages of special courses are manifold. The privilege of taking any subject offers the opportunity of mingling with all the students and teachers. The spiritual uplift received thereby is of priceless value. Our object as special students is the gaining of that knowledge and training for service so necessary to answer the call of our Master. His supreme sacrifice on Calvary has given to this helpless world a Gospel of good news. As recipients of His grace, having been transformed by His power we are commanded to carry the good news of salvation to all nations. This commis- sion carries with it a tremendous responsibility. It is certain that the future happiness and wel- fare of men's souls depends on our faithfulness. We are debtors to all men. In the light of these facts, let us ask God to help us keep our eyes ever fixed on the eternal goal and always glorify Christ by winning many a wayward one to Him. The day is far spent and the night is at hand, so we must hasten to do the bidding of our King. MELVIN KELLER. Back Ron'-Mrs. Helen Dwyer, Palma Mathisen, Mildred Leightner, Gertrude Neat, Esther Smith. From' Ron'-Ericus Foor, Russell NY'ittmer, Albert Gerstenberger, Blanchard Leightner, Melvin Keller, Paul Kennedy. TOWER LIGHT .W-Nw TOWER 1 a 5 I 4? , X 4, , pf K f , 4 X X Wi ff, 7 X- L' - -- "--'-- - ,f f . X an , ff' 17 I x ,Vx 9 ,fly X ZX' vs. 2 ax N f Xi W 1 ' X 5 ' V K f 'L f , Fl , 1 1 ,G f 1 ,, . 1 5 ff - X X hwlll l 'l 12 Y fy-"NX : ABU' J -' A Nl N IX f , , '5.,-41,1 2 5 -' X 1 Xvxmlxxk XX , 4 I Amd? , llql' T I , Nx XR Y H MMV, X Q H 9, A ffw . N 1671. .,,,A.,, L- S1 , ' X ,xxwhlullxwwkgz I' " . N .-U ' NNW IWWQZV K I S H 5 -2 I- 2 2 K,-1 'uh 5 2 -3 I' xv., aww 5 3 Q- ff Z 2 X 2 5 S EIA 5 -z ' 5: If to Xss 5 4' 5 S Li 77 v X Z X I L 'WA f ff W nga X. f 'MMI X f x f . lQIH'm" lf'lj 1H" . , Q,-,W I 5 W., . M 2 v L1 W9 - LIGHT TOWER I.. I G ll T TOWER SPECIAL LECTURES "Lord, I bear of sbozwri of blessing Thou rzrf scaffvring full and freeg Showers the fbrisfy lima' refreshing, Let some drops now fall on me." This prayer from our hearts as students has not been unanswered, for God has poured out His Spirit and met our longing heart cry for refreshings from the throne above. Men who knew God came our way in the fulness of the blessing and in the richness of His grace. They were used as channels through which God poured out His Spirit upon us. The lectures by Rev. Forman Lincicome, Gary, Ind., were used of the Lord to establish and ground our hearts in the faith. The morning addresses for the chapel hour included the dif- ferences, dangers, difficulties, and development of the Christian life after sanctification. Many Christians have cast away their confidence in the Lord because they knew not how to meet the enemy when he assailed them. Some are hindered in growth after sanctification because of fail- ure to take into consideration differences in personality. The Bible speaks of four kinds of perfection, absolute which applies to God, angelic which angels enjoy, the perfection Adam and Eve possessed, and Christian perfection. Difhculties are often removed when we realize that we are not exempt from mistakes which come from the head. As we walk in the spirit we are free from the condemnation of sin. Wfe have both moun- tain top and valley experiences, but looking to Jesus we are kept well balanced. Satan works in the realm of feelings, but God works in the realm of faith. Rev. Jacob Hygerna, formerly a teacher in the school, was with us in December. The anointing of the Lord was upon him as he gave out of the fulness of his heart and richness of his experience very helpful and encouraging messages from the gospel as recorded by John. Jesus had perfect confidence in the law of sacrifice for fruitfulness and give himself willingly. When our lives are yielded to God then the divine life reproduced in us is filled with fruitfulness. ln every step Jesus took, He was revealing God. Rev. Paul Thomas, former President of the Colorado Springs Bible School, was with us at the beginning of the second term. His experience as a Christian educator enabled him to appre- ciate our difficulties and problems. His sermons were used by the Holy Spirit to reveal and bring to light things that were hidden or forgotten, which needed to be forgiven and removed before God could pour out His blessing upon us. ln order to have real revivals, which must be- gin in God's people, all hindrances need to be removed. More Holy Ghost prayer meetings will bring more Holy Ghost revivals. Every prayer in the Spirit will have an answer, but most Christians know little of a Spirit-filled life. The abiding of the Holy Ghost is the answer to every problem of lite, and is the secret of victory. ln his closing message he presented the need of workers, not only across the ocean but within our own borders. Our hearts burned within us. "Lord of harvest, send us forth as reap- ers,', was the answer to the call. John T. Morris, Baltimore, Maryland, an ex-lawyer whom rhe Lord saved and called to preach the go-spel, spoke to us during the chapel periods of the two weeks he was in the city engaged in a revival campaign. "Faith', was the theme of the addresses. The foundation of our faith rests in the resurrection of jesus Christ. Faith is farsighted and is able to take from God. Real faith works. "There is often a big difference between the view men want of Jesus and the view He wants them to have of Him." This is a statement from Rev. Paul Rees of Detroit, Michigan, who was with us from April -1-th to 6th, 1932. The two siftings of Peter was the theme of the second message. On Tuesday evening Mr. Rees based his sermon on Christls message to the church of Ephesus, 'I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love." The Wednesday evening discourse, the last of the series, was on the will of God and our relation thereto, MARY HOKE. L I G I-IT TDWER LIGHT TOWER , STUDENTS MISSION BAND The Mission Band is a student organization to promote an active interest in missionary conditions and to arouse holy zeal that will result in earnest intercession, the giving of money, and sacrificing of self. The meetings, held in the chapel of the Administration Building every Friday night, are in charge of student officers. At nearly every meeting the room has been filled with students and interested friends. In thesc services there is a spiritual vigor which is uplifting and an en- thusiasm Which is contagious. The speakers are evangelists, Christian workers, or returned mis- sionaries. Representatives from India, China, Africa, Mexico, and South America have poured out their hearts to us in earnest plea for those in the darkness of heathendom. On three occa- sions the missionary need was made especially vivid by stereopticon views. These services have been an impetus in the broadening of our vision. Lives have been deep- ened spiritually, hearts have been gripped to intercede for the lost, and some have heard God's call to follow Him to dark corners of the earth. Our selfish desires have faded away in view of the need of the lands across the seas. While in preparation and training for the Lordis work, we have a representative in Peru, Clayton D. Steiner, supported by our prayers and offerings. He, with his wife, has spent three years of faithful labor under the Christian Missionary Alliance Board. They are now on furlough. With eagerness have we listened to both Mr. and Mrs. Steiner tell of Godls workings among the hinterland Indians at Cahuaoanas and the people of the mountain towns. We were made to re- joice and marvel at the dealings of the Holy Spirit, in those hearts veiled by ignorance, super- stition, and the very power of darkness. Praise God! the Light penetrates these benighted hearts and dispels the awful darkness and sin. Mr. Steiner and his family are expecting to sail again for Peru in early June. Let us follow them in prayer. Because of our indebtedness to God and responsibility to our needy fellowmen, we ought to give out the light of the Gospel which God let shine upon us. Jesus left this challenging command: "Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creaturef' Dare we be heedless to these words while the Christless multitudes are perishing? Today there are more heathen than at the beginning of modern missions. "Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light." Jesus said, UI am the Light" .... "Now are ye light." Let us send out the light. God keep us faithful! May the following sentiments-be experiential: "Stir me, O stir me, Lord, I care not how: But stir my heart in passion for the world: Stir me to give, to go, but most to pray, Stir till the blood-red banner be unfurled O'er lands that still in heathen darkness lie, O'er deserts where no Cross is lifted high. "Stir me, O stir me Lord, till all my heart Is filled with strong compassion for these souls, Till thy compelling 'must' drives me to prayer: Till Thy constraining love reaches to the poles. Far North and South, in burning deep desire: Till East and West are caught in love's great fire. "Stir me, O Lord! Thy heart was stirred By love's intensest fire, till Thou didst give Thine only Son, Thy best-beloved One, E'en to the dreadful Cross that I might live: Stir me to give myself so back to Thee That Thou can'st give Thyself again through me. n LIGHT 'l'0WER L I G H T TOWER Z932 GOSPEL TEAMS "The C'1lfl'!1lIl'0 of Hay words gizfefb liglltf' This portion from Godls own Word has been verified again and again, not only in the dark heathen lands of Africa, India, and China, but right here in this so-called Christian land of ours. It has been the gracious privilege by means of song and testimony for some of the students to carry the "good news" of salvation and to watch the work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of those who were "dead in trespasses and sins." Every effort is repaid many times over by seeing faces which were sad and downcast light up with the joy of the newly found peace. The primary interest of these teams has always been-and we hope it will always be-the advancement of Christ's kingdom through the salvation of souls. The endeavor is to link up the spiritual fervor and enthusiasm of the students with the needs of churches. Our regularly organized groups this year are six in number, two ladies' quartettes, three male quartettes, and a brass quartette. From the members of these groups other combinations are formed, such as solos, duets, and trios. Besides the singers, a few of the students are asso- ciated with the teams in the capacity of speakers. This year the teams have engaged in services as far away as Peoria, Tllinoisg Detroitg Milwau' keeg Clevelandg Port Huron, Michigan: Elkhart, Indianag and New Carlisle, Ohio. The scope of the teams' influence is broadened by the marvel of radio. Some of the quar- tcttes or their individual members have been privileged to participate in numerous broadcasts over WOWO through the courtesy of the Gospel Temple and the First Missionary Church of Fort Wayne. Churches of some twenty denominations, besides several city missions and tabernacles were served during the year. Oftentimes a team was called upon to assist in jail services and shop meetings, which are in charge of the City Rescue Mission. and the local Y. M. C. A. A visit to the city jail makes us appreciate the work of grace in our own hearts and gives us- a keener de- sire to spread the Gospel light. Each team is placed under the careful instruction of a talented coach who arranges system- atic practice and emphasizes correct interpretation. The administration of the Gospel teams is largely in charge of Rev. S. A. Witmer. He issues the assignments and adiusts the personnel of the teams to meet the requirements of the soliciting church. The Lord is to be praised for His marvelous protection over the teams. No trip is ever begun without first invoking God's blessing and guidance. There is no doubt that He has heard and answered, for never, since Gospel team work began, has there been a single fatality though thousands of miles have been traversed. Prayer is undoubtedly the most vital factor in successful Gospel team work. Perhaps the most interesting and most helpful part of many of the trips has been the time spent in prayer in behalf of the services. There follows in part the interesting, though a little unusual, experience of one of the quar- tettes in the early part of the year, which fitted them for a greater service later: "The church was cold, literally and spiritually, and the people were few. We were told they would be fewer in the evening. It was hard to sing that morning and harder to preach. After the service the students were conscious of a need of prayer, and so shortly after din- ner they slipped off to a secluded spot and gathered about a log. The Holy Spirit was faithfully present and soon confessions were made one by one and Bible promises were searched out to fit each special need. The report continues: Promises just flooded our hearts wirh a hunger to talk with God about it all. First, our own souls were revived and then, real intercession for the church began. Oh, how God blessed us there! The church was nearly full that night. Song and testimony went forth with joyous liberty. The Holy Ghost was there in convicting power and ...... the message of salvation went forth to the people." LAWRENCE SCHOENHALS- XX X 2. 52 SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHING "These lbings frurb and rxbortf' The students of the Bible Institute, especially those who have Sunday School classes to teach, look forward to the one day of the week when they can meet with their scholars. Sunday morning about nine o'clock the signal bell sounds, announcing that the school bus is ready to leave. Some students go in the bus, others go in automobiles or take the street car, while still others walk to their places of appointment. XVe praise God that He has considered us worthy of carrying the blessed news of salvation and of teaching the Word which gives light and life. NVe teach the truth as it is presented in God's Word, and much prayer goes up to the throne of grace. Never does a group of teachers leave the campus without Hrst looking to God for His protection and the guidance of His Holy Spirit. In addition to teaching classes in the churches of and near the city, students of the Institute have been used of God in conducting Sunday Schools in missions. Through the children attend- ing these classes the light of the Gospel has brightened many homes where the Word of God was little known. Parents who might never have been saved have been brought to know Jesus through their little ones' carrying home some precious truth taught them. A Sunday School is conducted by a group of sixteen students at the County Children's Home. Classes are taught in each department of this institution, and worship and prayer serv- ices are held at the close of the lesson study. In this way we reach over a hundred children whose hearts are yet tender and responsive to the truth. Many have been lcd to seek and End the joy of sins forgiven. We as teachers realize that it means not only a soul saved but a life saved when one of these little ones finds God. Wfe long that all may find the Saviour before they get out into the highways and byways of sin and become ensnared by the Devil. That God will call some of these children to be missionaries or preachers, we are convinced. The de- sire to do such work has been expressed by some of those who have found that it is sweet to serve Jesus. One boy who was saved about a year ago has been a real missionary among the children of the Home. Many of those who know him have testified to the fact that he is a "real Chris- tian". God has proved His power to save and to keep in the lives of these girls and boys. Jesus said, "Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not." LUELLA MILLER. STREET MEETINGS "Anil Ibn Lord mill ufzfo fbe serzfanf, Go out into fbc highways aml bezlges: and camflel fbrm I0 come in." One aim of the Institute is to give to its students service in training and training in service. On Saturday evenings, the weather permitting, street meetings are conducted by the student body at the city court house square. Herein is afforded the opportunity for each one to witness for his Lord. These informal services are usually fruitful. One student is appointed as leader, to direct the proceedings of the meeting. Those who play instruments furnish the accompaniment while the rest join in the singing of Gospel songs until a crowd has gathered. Opportunity is then given for students to give testimonies of how God saved them. At intervals special quartette or duet numbers are sung. The leader then follows with a lively sermonette and a plea for in- dividuals to forsake and confess their sins and turn to God. Those who wish personal help are urged to make it known by an uplifted hand. The service is then closed by a brief prayer, and those who manifest a need are dealt with by individual students. Among those who receive bright experiences of pardon for sin are aged salesman, fathers and mothers, young people, and even the tattered, dirty-faced newsboys. Jesus died for them all. There will be many tears of joy in glory because of souls who found the Savior on the street corner in these student services. EDISON HABEGGER. LIGHT TOWER LIGHT TOWER X HALF DAYS OF PRAYER "He went ..... apart fo pray." What an impressive view is disclosed to us as we see Jesus putting the cares and burdens of this world aside while He goes apart to pray. He came to do His Father's will, wherefore He must needs spend time with Him. In spite of the people thronging about and seeking His help, Jesus withdraws to be with His Father. "Alone with God, the world forbidden Alone with God, Oh blessed retreatg Alone with God and in Him hidden To hold with Him communion sweetf' If Christ, the holy Son of God, needed the strength derived from such fellowship, how much more do we. For this reason one day in every month is set apart during which all classes are dis- missed so that both faculty and students may gather in the chapel to spend the forenoon in prayer. The purpose of these special half days of prayer is to intercede for others, and to press on into greater realms of God's grace and love. Sometimes students come into the service feeling rather down-hearted and out of victory but go out more than conquerors for having been in touch with Him. Others come with burdens almost too heavy to bear, but after laying them at His feet, they too go on their way with victory, and rejoicing. Many are the petitions which are carried to the throne of grace in these prayer services, including those for the salvation of never dying souls, the sanctification of believers, and the healing of those who are afflicted in body. Neither do we forget to pray for those who have gone out ahead of us and are now giving their lives to Him in service both here and in the foreign lands, The joys and blessings bestowed upon the Bible Institute family during these heart-stirring and heart-searching times are such that can only be obtained when we get quiet before God in meditation and prayer. After these few short years of training have quickly passed by, and time Ends us out in the world occupied with the task which He has given us to do, let us ever remember frequently to put all earthly cares aside and fgo apartj to spend the day in prayer and communion with our Lord. RUTH NEUENSCHXVANDER. THE FIVE O'CLOCK PRAYER MEETING "Prayer 'mowr fbc' band tba! mover flue lllIil'67'Sl'.u While God's children are on their knees in believing prayer, He is doing that which they are asking. Jesus assured us that "all things whatsoever ye ask in prayer, belierilzg, ye shall receivef' The Bible Institute places special emphasis upon prayer. No true service can evolve without it. The students, therefore, apart from the scheduled devotional periods, spend the half hour before supper in intercessory prayer. The girls meet in Bethany Hall and the boys in the Administration building for these five o'clock sessions. The schedule is arranged so that all parts of the world are reached. Each leader is appointed monthly for one night of the week. From missionary magazines or through direct correspondence, he learns of answers to prayer, and of the new needs to be met. These he pre- sents to the group. The requests for prayer vary. Some are for the physical needs of the missionaries and native workers, others for the abating of political disturbances, which hinder gospel work. The greatest of all, however, are the pleas for the salvation of the lost and dying, so many of whom have never heard even the name of jesus. "Neither is there salvation in any otherg for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved." That we pray much is the urgent plea of all foreign workers who come to us. They can tell when the Christians at home are uplifting them to the throne of grace. What a responsibil- ity is ours through prayer when we realize what a vast portion of the world is yet without the Salvation of God. HELEN KELLER. PILLARS OF WISDOM "My people are rlesfroyml for lack of k11ou'ledge.,' God said this when the children of Israel forgot to teach His law to- their children, and the destruction of both children and parents resulted. The purpose of the Bible Institute is to present the knowledge of the Truth to the students in such a manner that they in turn may present the Living Word to a perishing world. The Preparatory course furnishes a foundation for students who have not yet be-- come established in the fundamentals of Grammar, Orthography, and Rhetoric. English, studied with the Bible, is far from obnoxious, and precious truths are built into the foundation. Most students of today, however, have completed a high school education before they come to the Bible Institute, and training begins at once with Synthetic Bible, and Bible History and Geography. Blessing follows blessing as one goes to "In the Beginning God," and follows His grace and power, book by book, through the Law, Poetry, Prophecy, Gospels, Epistles, down to the great Revelation. General History furnishes the background for Church History and reveals how, in the past, unknown to men, God has worked out His will through them. We learn not only the important historical events but the greater truth that no matter how dark the hour, how great the apostasy, God has always had a company of His own who kept alive the true faith. The child of the church has always been missions, and a survey of their progress is studied in "History of Missions." The Divine commission is so kept in the foreground that the study- ing of statistics and learning of historical dates does not become burdensome. The modernistic trend of the unsaved world impels us to search for the basis of our bc- liefs and the proof char the Bible is the divinely inspired Revelation. These proofs may be found in the study of Christian Evidences. One may also study the origin and extent of the Canon and the preservation of its prin- cipal manuscripts and versions. This study, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit settles once and for all the doubts and puzzling questions of the student's mind. The Bible itself is taught under the following divisions: Old Testament History and Proph- ecy, Gospel and Acts, Church Epistles, Pastoral and General Epistles, Poetical Books and the Apocalypse. This year we have feasted on the riches of the Revelation, Colossians, Isaiah, and the Epistles to the Corinthians. Since the New Testament was written originally in Greek a clearer interpretation of the Wford is obtained by a study of this language. For those who are to labor in the lands afar, French and Spanish are also taught. How to lead souls to Christg how to do the pastor's work out of, as well as in the pulpit, and how to teach children are problems discussed in the Service Courses. The art of conveying the truth is acquired in Public Speaking and Homiletics. Music is the aroma of glory and in order to attune us while we are yet here requires Rudi- mcnts of Music fNotationj and General Chorus. In the Bible Music Course Sight-Reading, Con- ducting, Harmony, Composition, Voice, Piano, and Teacher's Training are required. This year a course in First Aid has been given which includes the study of Anatomy and Physiology: First Aid Proper and the diseases peculiar to each mission field. The "Cream of All" according to one student, is the Post Graduate Course. Scriptural Holiness or Biblical Sanctification and Biblical Interpretation are studied. Missionary Principles and Practices is a subject of profitable consequence. Non-Christian Religions offer conclusive evidence that religions without Christ utterly fail to provide a personal Saviour who alone can satisfy the human heart. Christian Ethics, with its application of the ideal to present problems is also included. The schedule, being exclusive as well as inclusive, promises to a world without Christ, a well developed Christian, "Roasted and built up in Him and stablished in the faith." MYRA MARTIN. L I G H T TOWER LIGHT TOWER g X Z932. Q' -Linz mgluliin nur " Y i f Lei The, ,nw-cv li-11,15 lt ig " C 5 , - -- f b vvx -I nhl!! ' Luis X I N A -2 - Q Vikk IQ? Hkikfllllifdnl zgjj Emi l Q. -Y - ' Y- Y ' -+ ' ' .L-. J Y Send X qxeam gf.. b , A27 " " 'A' I - 2 ,'--5' "H --- , 5 5'-' 15 ? M 5 --Z . - F 1-L fi QQ- if . F . ,, 1 w :M 5 :Li rrqgfuiqqz, Q- ' ' 1' ' Y ' " JC?-ff' i ij-:"+ ,4-'ii Til- L KA LAM in A Q W" Y ' ,. - ,- 5' .,, .gf 1- Q Q X A S C N 314 - 5 ,Q .Af X ,X - L x X- X K -3, ,- ' Q, x K M Q C fi L,- A,-ZLL, ' 2 , EM 52 kx C Cxkb Q. cqcqrftag-frmgggsgf 1Kiwi-r-'ggggggrcEgg1'f'cccLfccc4cL4 Qi +5521 a1:3'5a,2s5'fi? 25595 52535 in ig?-KQSQBB ESga.:fz52f2.5S:12 T'i:5?i'.sEff'?L YP 1 -- TI-IE. LIGHTED LAMP "Arise, xlrinr, for lby ligfal is come." "The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light, they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined." In many instances light and life have been used as synonymous terms, and often, in human experience, light and darkness have been a matter of life and death. The story is told of a trapper who in making his rounds one night accidentally fell into one of his own traps, the jaws of which clutched one of his arms. Wfhile thus held prisoner, he was attacked by panthers. XVith his one free hand he quickly gathered together some dry leaves and moss, and by kindling a small fire, he held the animals at bay until he was Finally able to disengage himself from the steel grasp. Light meant life to him in his extremity. Satan holds the sinner in his cruel grip, but as the trapper put his hope in the light of the fire, just so the sinner must look in faith to Christ for salvation. 'In him was lifcg and the life was the light of men." Even vegetation is dependent upon sunlight for the sustenance of life. As the sunflower turns to the sun for natural life and light, the human soul likewise must turn to the Sun of Righteousness for spiritual life and light. Israel, beset by serpents in the wilderness, found life in a look. The World, beset by sin, will be given spiritual life only by looking to Christ. The mariner depends upon light to direct him over the trackless ocean. With his sextant he seeks guidance from the great celestial lights, for they are the only means by which he can determine his position at sea. His safety depends upon the accuracy of this delicate instrument: therefore, he handles it with care. The sun, moon, and stars are no fear in placing his entire confidence in them, but he must be ment aright. The light house service is also an indispensable lights serve to warn him against shoal waters, dangerous reefs, others mark the entrance to harbors and guide him safely to his Humanity is embarked upon the sea of time, and is drifting always trustworthy so he has sure that he reads his instru- aid to the navigator. Some and treacherous rocks, while haven. swiftly to the shores of eter- nity. The world would be without hope were it not for Him who said, "I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." Those who turn to the Light as the navigator turns to the heavenly lights, are saved from eternal destruction. Faith must be exercised by both navigator and sinner before either can receive help. Faith is an indispensable element in religion. "But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him." Christ is more trustworthy than the sun, moon, and stars. "That was the TRUE light which lighteth every man that cometh into the world." The light house is a type of the true church. God leaves His redeemed ones in the world to warn the unsaved and to point them to the refuge which is Christ. "Ye are the light of the world." In james 5:20 we are told that the supreme task of the church is to turn the sinner from the error of his way. Satan would have every soul believe that sin is only a light matter, that there is plenty of time to' prepare for eternity, but God's Word teaches that "the soul that sinneth, it shall die". It warns too that "Now is the accepted time, now is the day of salvation." Conversion, then is the turning from darkness unto light. By so doing, the sinner is brought into the way that leads to life eternal. As long as the soul follows the light he need have no fear, for the Lord is His light and salvation. Christ has made ample provision for every man to enter into this light. None need despair. The promise is to all who will follow, to all who will look to Christ. K'For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light." "If we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin." LEONARD Dwvisn. L I G HT TOWER LIGHT TOWER' - TI-IE FILLED LAMP All obstacles were diffused by grace. The abundance of it made afflictions change from stumbling-blocks to stepping stones, sorrowing to rejoicing, poverty to wealth, fear to trust, and life to life abounding. "Where sin did abound, grace did much more abound." Saved by grace and dwelling in the secret place of the most High, leads us to the convic- tion of the apostle: "For I am persuaded that neither earth, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesusf, For "I am crucified with Christg nevertheless I live, yet not I, but Christ liveth in mc: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me." Hid away with Christ in God, we are protected by the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, and the shield of faith which is able to "quench all the fiery dartsi' of the enemy. Abiding under the shadow of the Almighty and covered there with His hand, nothing can harm us, The Victor abides. Cainality is gone. Self is crucified. The death of the old man allows the resurrection of the new, and the sinful Adamic nature gives way to holiness of heart. "Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God." There is a way called "The way of holiness, the unclean shall not pass over it. XVho shall ascend into the hill of the Lord? or who shall stand in His holy place? He that hath clean hands, and a pure heartg who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully. He shall receive the blessing from the Lord, and righteousness from the God of His salvation." The blessing will continue to flow as long as there is an unobstructed channel kept con- stantly open by our all being laid upon the altar. Yielding our all to Him brings His all to us. "I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God .... For this is the will of God, even your sanctiiication, that ye should abstain from fornicationg that every one of you should know how to possess his vessel in sanctiiication and honour .... For God hath not called us unto uncleanness. but unto holiness." To be carnal necessitates the continued confession, "that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not, but what I hate, that I do." What a discontented state it is in which for a Christian to dwell-happy one day and discouraged the next, always desiring but never achieving, weakening to yield instead of strengthening to stand. But God, through the power of the Holy Ghost, graciously appeals to deliver us even from the tendency that makes us want to sin. Hallelujah! "If We walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all sin," and sin shall no longer have dominion. Having our conscience purged, therefore, from evil works and cleansed from all sin, by the baptism with the Holy Ghost, we become vessels "unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the Master's use, and prepared unto every good work .... Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stcd- fast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord" and that "God is able to make all grace abound toward youg that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work." Thus we are "enriched in every thing to all bountifulness, which causeth through us thanksgiving to God" through whose unspeakable gift: "is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption." "Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ, and maketh manifest the savour of His knowledge by us in every place." Filled with all grace and peace because He who is "the author and finisher of our faith" abides within, our very beings vibrate with the experience that "Joys are flowing like a river, since the Comforter has come." NF-U-IE THUM- TI-IE LIFE-GIVING LIGHT Up jumped he for the first time, not only in years but in a life-time, for he had been an imbecile from birth. No doubt his mother had wheeled him about while he was yet a lad, but now that she had gone, he was placed in the hands of charity. There he remained but there he did not rest. Discouraged by the many unavailing attempts to reach upward or push forward, he lay hungering for light. By three o'clock one afternoon, in keeping with daily routine, the cripple had been carried to the temple and laid at the gate. Who should come along that day but Peter and John! The opportunity was not to be lost. Seeing them about to enter the sacred enclosure, he asked for alms. Peter, hearing the voice, looked, and looked again, focusing his gaze upon the suppliant form. His heart was moved. "Look on us," said Peter. Expectantly the humble petitioner gave heed. Surely his request was to bear fruit! But lo, unexpected depression melted his courage when he heard the strong man say, "Silver and gold have I none." The apostles had no money, neither did the lame man, but here was a need to be met. Dis- appointed, yet harboring hope, the disabled one looked with an eager and anticipating eye upon the disciples. Surely he would receive something. Those godly men knew how to give. "Such as I have, give I thee," said Peter. "In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk." "And he took him by the right hand, and lifted him up: and immediately his feet and ankle bones received strength. And he leaped up, stood, and walked, and entered with them into the temple, walking, and leaping, and praising God. And all the people saw him Walking and praising God, and they knew it was he which sat for alms at the Beautiful gate of the temple and they were filled with wonder and amazement at that which had happened unto him." Of the quickly gathering multitude, Peter asked,-"Why marvel ye at this? or why look ye so earnestly on us, as though by our own power or holiness we had made this man to walk? "Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean," said a leper, falling at His feet. "And Jesus, moved with compassion, put forth his hand, and touched him." In his answer we have expressed our Lord's never changing, "I WILL, be thou clean." How repeatedly His will was materialized into actual experience and how often the multitude granted His request, "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." Though sometimes great crowds surrounded Jesus, He never turned one away. Those that followed, He received and "spake unto them of the kingdom of God, and healed them that had need of healing." By looking unto Him, the blind were made to sec, the deaf were made to hear, the dumb to speak. The demoniacs were relieved of oppression and all the diseased were made well. It is this jesus with a heart so full of compassion for all the needy in body, mind, and soul, that was crucified on Calvary. There He paid the debt we owed. His offering was once and for all. He has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows. He was beaten with stripes, smitten, afilicted, "despised and rejected of men, a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief." Every need is met completely in the One who "Himself took our infirmities, and bare our sicknessesf' Christ knows how to sympathize because He has been through all suffering. His atonement covers not only sin, but the effects of sin-pain, physical agony and distress. He hung upon the cross that the curse with all its ramifications might be removed from us. just as when He dwelt on earth among men, so now His heart goes out to those who will come to Him, for He is unchanged by the lapse of time. "We have not a high priest that can not be touched with the feeling of our infirmities, but was in all points tempted like as we throne of grace that we may obtain wounded for our transgressions, He was upon him, and with his stripes are, yet without sin. Let us therefore come boldly unto the mercy and find grace to help in time of need," for "He was was bruised for our iniquitiesg the chastisement of our peace we are healed." A STUDENI. LIGHT TOWER LIGHT TOWER TI-IE. INEXTINGUISHABLE LIGHT "Looking for that blessed hope." Dark indeed were the days in Israel when the prophets had ceased to speak and their be- loved nation was passing into the hands of one nation after another. The prophets had said that a Deliverer was coming, but when would God send Him? Had God forgotten the afflictions of His people? Didn't He care? How they needed Him now! Alexander's great kingdom broke up and God's people passed into the hands of first one and then the other of the Northern and Southern kingdoms. Terrible massacres overtook them. Those who were true to the faith suf- fered and died with those who no longer worshipped God from the heart. That little faithful group was true, because God through the prophets had said that the Deliverer was coming, and they believed it. He was to be the "Root and Stem" of Jesse, the government was to be upon His shoulders, He was to be The Prince of Peace, The Counsellor, The Mighty God, and His rule was to be a rule of peace, prosperity, and joy. To those who believed Godls Word these promises brought hope even in the midst of terribly dark surroundings, for they knew that God was faithful, and that the Light who was to lighten the Gentiles would appear. Generation after generation appeared and passed on, but still He did not come. The heav- ens were silent. God was not speaking to His people. However, "in the fulness of time" to shep- herds in the fields God made announcement that a Savior 'who was Christ the Lord was born in Bethlehem of Judaea. The wise men of the east saw and followed a guiding star to the place where the Babe lay. Hope sprang into their hearts and light came into their expectant faces at the thought of God's visiting His people again. They hurried to the place over which the star rested, and finding there the Child and His mother, they cast their presents at His feet and wor- shipped Him. Some days later Simeon, a devout man of God living in Jerusalem, came into the temple in the Spirit and when he took the Baby in his arms he asked God to let him die, for he had seen the Salvation of the Lord. Twelve years slipped away and again this Child was seen in the temple, where He made the learned men of the nation marvel at His knowledge of the things of God. Eighteen more years passed in which time nothing was heard of this young Man living at Nazareth, so far as the na- tion was concerned. The local district saw Him merely as the carpenter helping his father about the shop. At the age of thirty John the Baptist was seen preaching in the wilderness, and the heart of his message was, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at handl' and again, "but He that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire." The whole country was startled at the message of this young preacher, and they demanded that he tell them who he was. He replied that he was the "voice of one crying in the wilderness, make straight the way of the Lord." Every class of peo- ple came out to hear him, and many repented of their sins and, believing on Him whom john said was to come, were baptized. As John continued his ministry this Man of Nazareth also came to him to be baptized. The ceremony was performed, the Spirit descended in the form of a dove, and a voice from heaven gave witness that the one being baptized was God's Son. A little while later John witnessed to the same by saying, "Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the World." Many people after hearing these testimonies and seeing the miracles perform- ed accepted Him as the One whom God had promised to send-The Messiah. During the three years of His ministry which followed His baptism He touched thousands of lives, ministering to the salvation for both soul and body. The common people flocked to Him, and "heard Him gladly." He declared Himself to be the Son of God. The demons and evil spir- its gave the same testimony. Peter affirmed Him to be "the Christ, the Son of the living God." But the hypocritical ecclesiastics of the day, having a lop-sided knowledge of the Scripture, be- cause their hearts had been darkened through sin, rejected Him as Israel's Deliverer. The self- righteous mob said, "Away with this man, erucify Him." With their hands already stained by the blood of many of the prophets in Israel, who had reproved them for their sins, they took X the Son "outside the gate" and crucified Him. There the crowd of enemies and friends saw Him bruised and killed that we might have life and have it more abundantly. For those who accepted Him as Israel's King, the days following His death were full of darkness and sorrow. But after three days Mary Magdalene announced to Peter and John that their Lord had arisen and that she had seen Him. Light and hope again sprang up in the hearts of His followers. Their joy abounded when they were privileged to see Him with their own eyes and more than once after His resurrection He appeared to His disciples and once to above Hve hundred followers. At the close of the forty days after His resurrection He led His disciples out to the Mount of Olivet, where, after giving some brief instructions, He was caught away in a cloud and ascended into heaven. Oh, how the loss of His presence must have been keenly felt by those who loved Him! But before there was much time to calculate their loss, appearing close by were two men in white raiment, who told them that this same Jesus who was taken up from them into heaven would so come in like manner as they had seen Him go. Witli joy and gladness in their hearts because of so great a Master whom they hoped soon to see again, they went back to Jerusalem to continue in the temple praising and blessing God until the "Promise of the Father," about whom Jesus had spoken to them, should be given. After the blessed Holy Spirit came, He made the things which Jesus had spoken to His own real to them. Now with hearts filled with His love and no longer slaves to carnal desires, doubts, and misgivings, they went everywhere under the direction of the Spirit to tell the world that they had a risen Christ, and that men in all places should repent and believe on Him in preparation for His return to rule and judge. After re- ceiving a vision of Jesus the great apostle to the Gentiles soon joined the ranks of this new faith. As a result of his marvelous experience, he went through Asia Minor, Greece, and Italy herald- ing the news that we have a death-conquering, all-suificient Christ who is able and willing to save, keep, and supply every need: and who is going to return to catch away those who have believed on Him and who are loving Him and one another as He had given them commandment. This great Gospel Light which spread so rapidly from that wonderful beginning has come down to us through these nineteen hundred and thirty-two years-sometimes burning brightly and again dimly. Every false cult conceivable has arisen to deny its claims, but the most pro- found transformations have been accomplished in every land where it has gone. In these many years which have passed since our Lord said He was coming again, the most aggressive parts of the ever-dividing church have been groups which have expectantly looked for that promised re- turn in their day. Many, both in the church and outside, have scoffed and ridiculed the thought of His per- sonal return, but, glory to God, He is coming again. NVe who love Him know it is true, because He said so in His Word. Today the whole world is in a chaotic condition with men's hearts actually "failing them for fear" as they look at those things which are coming upon the earth. We are in the midst of a world depression out of which are arising deplorable social conditions everywhere. Lawlessness is rampant in our own America despite our many laws and executive forces. Money is in the hands of the few at the expense of the many who are Without work, proper food, and living conveniences-a condition which James said would be prevalent in the last days. Uames 5:1-61. The church, because she has been unwilling to live the separated life and to pay the price to have power with God and man, has fallen away in apostasy as Paul prophesied in II Thess. 2:3. Because she has no Holy Ghost zeal and love she has no vision, and as a consequence, she is forc- ed to retrench on every front. She no longer has a heart belief that the Lord is going to return soon. In this condition she will be caught in the midnight hour when the cry is given, "Go ye out to meet Him" having no oil in her lamp, only to have the door of the marriage hall closed bc- fore the empty vessels can be filled. Oh! the loss of having failed to obey the commands, "Be filled with the Spirit" and "watch and pray." Daniel said that in the last days many would run to and fro and knowledge would be in- creased. Wfe have seen these prophecies fulfilled in our day as at no other time in the history of I. I G ll T TDWER I. I G ll T TOWER the world. Our Lord said the last days would be characterized by wars and rumors of wars, rel- atives delivering each other up to death, and earthquakes in divers places. QMatt. 24.1 One has but to look at our daily newspapers to see that these things are being fulfilled as never before. One wonders how it can be true with all of our police protection and internation- al peace pacts, but the prophet Paul said that in an era of so-called peace and safety, then sud- den destruction would come. The prophets said there would be a revival of the Roman empire, and the world in our day has been amazed at the work Mussolini has done in Italy in the last ten years, and marvels more at his statements of the proposed future for that nation. Again, Amos, the prophet, said the jews would finally gather in their own land never again to be dis- persedg and Isaiah as well as the other prophets witnessed to the same thing. Today we are watch- ing the Zionist movement as it is aiding the jews in getting back to their own country and en- couraging all the nations of the world to help them get there. God, in His great plan, which will be especially wonderful for His own people in the future, is permitting some sections of the world to carry out anti-Jewish plans which are encouraging the Jews to flee to their own home. Ten years ago there were about eighty thousand Jews in Palestine, while today there are over one hundred and seventy-five thousand. Jerusalem is being rebuilt, and the country as a whole is taking on the characteristics of a national revival. More has been done by the people who belong in that land toward reviving the nation than at any other time since the destruction of Jerusalem in seventy A. D. Oh, church of the triumphant, all-sufficient Christ, in view of many signs of His soon ap- pearing, let us purify ourselves even as He is pure, and go out in the power of the Holy Ghost to proclaim to a suffering world the matchless news that our Christ is a mighty Savior who is able and willing to deliver from the guilt, the power, the effects, and the very presence of sin! EDGAR SCHADE. V Y Y A LIGHT UNTO OUR PATH "Thy Word is a lamp 1l71f0 my feet, and a light unto my path." The word 'Bible' comes from the Greek word 'biblio'. The Bible is the Word of God. We know it is inspired for we read in II Tim. 3:16, "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness." It is made up of the Old and New Testaments. In the Old Testament the New is concealed and in the New the Old is revealed. These two testaments are made up of sixty-six books, the authors of which ranged from herdsmen and fishermen to royal poets and disciplined scholars. They lived in different countries and in different periods of time. The range of composition is also great, there being history, law, prophecy, poetry, epic and lyric, proverb, parable, epistle and sermon. But all these are beautifully combined into the Book of books. The scarlet line of re- demption runs through the whole, making it a unit. It begins with God and ends with man. In Ps. 118:8, which is the middle verse, we see God and man brought together. Christ is the key to this whole Book. Without Him all would be chaos, with Him all is kosmos, beauty and order. God's great plan of redemption is revealed in the Scriptures. These wonderful words have the power of bringing spiritual life into man's soul. They meet the needs of every one, rich and poor, great and small. Though the oldest book in the world, the Bible is the most up-to-date book. Men, kings and emperors have tried to do away with it, but it still stands. It is perfect, lacking nothing. Not one jot or one tittle of it shall fail until all be fulfilled. "O Word gf God incal-nate, "We praise Thee for the radiance, O Wisdom from on high, That from the hallowed page, O Truth unchanged, unchanging, A lamp to guide our footsteps, O Light of our dark sky! Shines on from age to age." OLA FUsEE. X THE LIGHT WHICH SHINES FARTHEST SHINES BRIGHTEST AT HOME "Shall ut' whose souls are lighted with wisdom from on high, Shall uv fo men beilzghlerl fhe lamp of life deny? Salvation! O salzalimz! The joyful sounrl proclaim Till earfh's remofcst nafion has learned Messiah's name." I We all realize that crossing the- ocean to a foreign field will not make us missionaries. If we cannot Win men and women to Christ at home and if we are ashamed of the Gospel when we are among unbelievers here, we cannot expect to preach and witness fearlessly in China, India, Afri- ca or any other foreign country. Let us depart from the glamour of romance that is usually thrown on missionary work and get down to realities. Of course, we as students of the Fort Wayne Bible Institute are expecting to use, in some way, the training we are now acquiring. But are we making use of it now? Are we concerned about our next door neighbor? We need to search our hearts to see whether or not our light is shining everywhere we go, in every word we say, in every deed we do. Jesus said, "I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." John said, "God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all." The Psalmist said, "The Lord is my light and my salvation." We know, therefore, that our light is Jesus, shining through us. If we are without success in our work for Him there must be some- thing in our lives veiling the light. Let us ask God to reveal thc cause by searching our hearts and then humble ourselves in earnest penitence beseeching Him to apply the cleansing blood. Perhaps we are not in connection with the power house. One Thursday night during an exposition class, the electric power was intercepted, thus necessitating the use of a flashlight. This was of no use without the battery, neither was the electric light without the dynamo. If we expect to shine brightly in His service, we need first to receive the power by waiting on Him. Vfc must then keep in continual vital contact with Him. Mr. Ramseyer says, "Nothing is so beautiful to God as che upturned faces of His blood-washed children." and "People that are spiritual are prayerful and people that are prayerful are spiritual." We need to experience the fulfillment of the promise, "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, and they shall walk and not faintf, If our lives are to count for Jesus we must take Him at His Word. Simple active faith is necessary to keep us close to Him. A life "hid with Christ in God" cannot do otherwise than exert a godly influence. "Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteous- ness ..,.. He staggered not at the promises of God through unbelief, but was strong in faith giving glory to God, and being fully persuaded that what He had promised He was able also to perform." I Faithful Abraham was qualified to be a friend of God because he fulfilled his part of the Lord's promise that "if ye do whatsoever I command you, ye are my friend." This type of friend- ship demands obedience which intuitii ely generates faith-a faith that believes God to do the seemingly impossible. One of the fruits of Abraham's believing is manifested in the successful intercession for his nephew, Lot. To be real intercessors, therefore, requires that we, like him, be a friend of God. Then upon our hearts can be thrust a burden which He, who bore all for us, can trust us to pray through. By letting your light shine before men, your family and friends at home will knew that you are out and out for God. When Andrew found the Savior, he, "first findeth his own brother Simon Peter .... and brought him to Jesus." The Samaritan woman at the well left her water- pot and went into the city to tell her friends that she had found the Christ. The apostles were told to witness in Jerusalem, at homey in all Judaea, the neighborhoodg in Samaria, the hostile community, and then to the uttermost part of the earth. We need to be witnesses Wherever we are. Then God can trust His light to go out, through us, to the whole world. VIVIAN BRUNER. LIGHT TOWER LIGHT TOWER X FIRESIDE LIGHTS "I looked on my right hand, and beheld, but there was 110 one that would' know me: refuge failed meg no -man careflg for my soulf, This is a vivid picture of the world today, a lonesome place where selfishness and greed dominate, making every citizen cry out in despair. "No man careth for my soul." God, how- ever, has established places of retreat throughout the land where His missionaries and pilgrims may stop to refresh their spirits, and where His wee lambs, students, may come to feed their souls, strengthen their characters, and develop their minds for the task before them. Truly, such a retreat is the Bible Institute, a place filled with the glow and warmth of fel- lowship and with the radiance of divine light. There are special occasions when this is felt in a definite Way. At Bethany Hall the last Saturday evening of each month, the girls gather around the cozy fireside. The time is usually spent in testimony, prayer, and singing, after which a few words are spoken by some of God's sainted women. The Saturday before Thanksgiving, Mrs. Ramseyer related her happiest Thanksgiving, another evening Mrs. Morris, wife of Evangelist john Morris, spoke of the necessity of a full consecration for success in God's work. One Satur- day afternoon we sat tailor-fashion on the rugs around the fireside while Miss Beyerle gave us a helpful talk. She testified to her call to Tibet, and showed us the material usually employed in Kindergarten work, but which she found helpful in teaching object lessons to the women there. Saturday and Sunday, there being no worship in the chapel, Mr. Ramseyer conducts a short season of devotion in the dining room. These messages are rich in spiritual truth, well-seasoned with grace, and very practical. We are made to sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. The warmth of Christian love lifts our hearts to praise and thanksgiving followed by united prayer for others. Perhaps the most gratifying is the Monday evening service in the dining room. We students have the privilege of forming a circle by pushing our chairs against the wall. True fellowship ensues, our hearts being united by thc joy and strength of divine love. The teacher in charge encourages freedom in the Lord and liberty in testimony and song. Mr. Leightner usually has a season of lively testimonies refreshed by his keen comments, revealing his understanding of the student heart. Mr. Smith, to the delight of the students, invariably asks Miss Keyser to preside at the piano, and the boys to distribute hymn books. The good old songs are usually solicited. Occasionally our souls are drawn heavenward by listening to Mr. Dwyer's violin solos. Some- times the quartettes sing their Gospel songs. One evening Mr. Witmer suggested that we spend ten minutes concentrating on the ac- tual cost of salvation rather than on temporal blessings. Our hearts were incited to gratitude as the students quoted Scripture verses witnessing to the price Jesus paid for us This circle of friendship will keep growing till with Jesus we shall be glorified. In the new heavenly home the glories of Christ's love will melt our hearts into a perfect and eternal fellow- ship. "That unchangeable home is for you and for me, Where Jesus of Nazareth stands, The King of all kingdoms forever is He, And He holdeth our crowns in His hands. "O how sweet it will be in that beautiful land, So free from all sorrow and paing With songs on our lips and with harps in our hands, To meet one another again!" ALICE KRONNIAN. CAPTURED GLEAIVIS God doesn't prop us upg He gives us strength to stand.-M. Amstutz. Impression minus expression equals depression.-Forman Lincicome. God refuses to be a side issue in any man's life.-F. L. Prepare for the future by living in the present.-Jacob Hygema. Time is money in the financial world. Time is knowledge in the literary world. Time is strength in the physical world. Time IS usefulness in the practical world. Time is spirituality in the spiritual world.-J. H. Heaven is gained by faithg rewards are gained by works.-C. Moser. True greatness can do the humble thing without humiliating itself.-Chapel. Little faith has small capacityg implicit faith gets everything.-Chapel. He preaches the best sermon who lives the best life.-Chapel. Faith and obedience are like twins and love makes it triplets.-J. E. Ramseyer. It takes the Word of God to make a man of God.-L. Zeller. Never be afraid of the truth no matter what it is.-S. A. Witmer. Temptation is the occasion of sin, not the cause.-B. G. Smith. Every great man is a child of the storm.-Chapel. "Fear not" appears 365 times in the Bible. One for each day.-Joshua Stauffer. Work as though everything depended on you. Pray as though everything depended on God. -Chapel. Christ should be the center and circumference of our lives.-J. E. R. Don't touch the glory. Leave it aloneg it belongs to Himf-J. S. God wants us to want a thing bad enough to be grateful for it when we get it.-B. F. Leightner. Too often we want to be a diamond on the linger of God instead of clay in the Master's hand.-Chapel. The supreme act of humanity is to surrender to divinity.-C. H. Stalker. Dolng right is the outgrowth of being right.-F. L. Complaining is a desire for self-gratification.-Mrs. T. W. Robertson. Prayer is the breath of the soul.-J. E. R. If we had more Holy Ghost prayer-meetings we would have more Holy Ghost revivals.- Paul Thomas. When hope has fled love still endures.--P. T. Join the Praise Committee.-Chapel. L I G HT TOWER I. I G H T TOWER Z932 FLASI-IES OF LIGHT VIVIAN AITKENS-Expecting everything from Him for He is her expectation. MARTHA AMSTUTZ-"She openeth her mouth with wisdom, and in her tongue is the law of kindness." HELEN ARNOLD--"A heart unspotted is not easily dauntedf' ELIZABETH BAKER-As serene, deep, and refreshing as a lake, reflecting the image of the Savior. ESTHER BASINGER-One thought, one aim, her heart her life does fill-to do His will. VERA BAUMGARTNER-As sweet and musical as bright Apollo's lute. RUBY BETZNER--"And as within the little rose, you find the richest dyes, V And in a little grain of gold much price and value lies So in this 'dear sweet maid' there's a taste of Paradisef, LUELLA BIRKEY-Her life a constant walk with the Saviorg her passion--souls. VIVIAN BRUNNER-With sunshine in her heart, Her modest smile and gentle speech Bespeak the Masterls grace and art. KARL BUEHLE-"His stature small, his soul was tall, his heart was truly great." MRS. EMMA BUEHLE-"Selig sind die Sanftmuetigenf' "The ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price." MARK BURGESS--"Mark, the perfect man" is an earnest, conscientious, zealous, and demon- strative preacher, possessing a keen sense of humor, coupled with a strong determination to go through with God. ,IOSIE BEATY-"It is a friendly heart that has plenty of friends." GEORGE CONDIT-The preacher with a heart as big as himself, a lover of candy, flowers, and young people. MAR-IORIE DEDELS-"Those who have steeped their lives in prayer can every anguish calm- ly bear.', "Plain Margea'-our patient, humble, Canadian lass. DOROTHY DEKKER-"God giveth grace to the humble." MAHALA DILLER-She is proof against that word "failure". The only failure she fears is the failure in cleaving to the purpose she secs to be best. LEONARD DVVYER-Intellectuality, musical ability and scientific inclination blended and dominated by the heart of a truc artist. MRS. HELEN DWYER-The spice of humor flavors any task and "a merry heart doeth good like medicine." CYRIL EICHER-A life where pleasing personality joins hands with talent and dependability, and all is laid in consecration at His feet. RUTH EISENMAN-A sweet, attractive kind of grace, Beams from out her smiling face. ERICUS FOOR--There is nothing so becomes a man, as modest stillness and humility. FRANK FOSTER--"Every man, however wise, needs the advice of some sagacious friend in the affairs of life." DORA FROGGE-"Sense shines with a double lustre when it is set in humility." OLA FUSEE-"Fine art is that in which the hand, the head and the heart go together," Xi X' I, s EUGENE GERBER-Eugene, thy name means noble birth. Still life's real worth may not be yours save by good deeds and mental powers. Li'-, GLADYS GERBER-Her cheerful wit and friendly smile make strangers friends and friend- ships sure. VERDA GERIG-'KSilver and gold are not the only coin, virtue, too, passes current all over the world." ALBERT GERSTENBERGER-"Men of the noblest dispositions think themselves happiest when others share their happiness with them." WILFORD GINGRICH-His all to the Lord is given, he doesn't say much in the noisy crowd, but his life breathes the fragrance of heaven. TRUEMAN GRIFFIN-My last call will be, "When they ring those golden bells for you and me. EDISON HABEGGER-"Man is the excellency of the creature. The saint is the excellency of the man." HORMIE HALSEY-Always singing with a heart atlame, a valiant soldier in jesus' name. GEORGE HILL-A loyal scion of King George in whose bosom the love of the King of Kings burns with a fervent, steady heat. IVAN HODGSON-"Ir is not talking but Walking that will bring us to heaven." MARY HOKE--A steady, practical girl, "fitting in" any place where she is needed. She speaks, sings or prays all to the glory of God. FAITH HYATT-"Faith laughs at impossibilities and cries, 'It shall be done.' " PAUL HOLDERMAN-The actions of a man are like the index of a book: that point out what is most remarkable in him. BERT JOHNSON-Unseliish and noble actions will be the most radiant pages in his biography. NORA VELLA KEENE-To hear His voice, to do His will is her desireg for her heart is all aglow with heavenly fire. HELEN KELLER-"The love of heaven makes one heavenly." MELVIN KELLER-"Temperance and purity, modesty and humility, a gracious temper and calmness of spirit.', PAUL KENNEDY-His originality is to say and do common things in an uncommon way. HELEN KLINGENSMITH-Her chief hobby, diversion and recreation is reading. "She stretch- eth out her hand to the poor, yea, she reacheth forth her hands to the needy." IDA KNEUSS-She believes in not only being good but in being good for something. WILLIAM KOEHNLEIN-"An able man shows his spirit by gentle words and resolute actionsf' ALICE KRONMAN-Very frank, straight-forward, with kindness unexcelled. The renowned dietitian from Denmark. MARY KROSSCHELI.-"Good nature is the beauty of the mind and like personal beauty, wins almost without anything else." LYNWOOD KURTH-"Her modest answer and graceful air, Show her wise and good as she is fair." LUELLA LANDREY--Idle words-noneg but a smile for everyone. L I G I-I T TDWER L I G H T TOWER x. X 'fs' xxx If' X X x tx X LUCILE LEHMAN--"For no one knows the best that life can give, Until by dying he has learn- ed to live." ' MARCELLA LEHMAN-She has a pleasant smile, is gentle in manner and kind in speech. RHODA LEHMAN-Her smile announces her goodness and sweetness, and is brightened by her spiritual vivacity. NVILMA LEHMAN-Cheerful, modest, sincere and of firm resolve. Those who know her best prize her friendship. BLANCHARD LEIGHTNER-"The most manifest sign of wisdom is continued chcerfulnessf' MILDRED LEIGHTNER-"A loving heart is the beginning of knowledge." GERTRUDE LAMENSKI-"Only action gives to life its strength as only moderation gives it its charm." IDA LOCKLIN-Her life is hid with Christ in God. PALMA MATHISEN-"A perfect woman, nobly planned to warn, to comfort, and command." MYRA MARTIN-The reason firm, the temperate will, Endurance, foresight, strength and skill. HOMER MATTESON-In Homer we find a sunny disposition, an infectious good nature and a decided purpose in life. "Matt" possesses the rare ability of mixing his studies and activ- ities in just the right proportion to get the most out of both and not neglect either. ARTHUR MERRIMAN-A slow, deliberate artistic boy, who in the Lord doth find his joy. LUELLA MILLER-"God takes a text and preaches patience." "In everything give thanks." ELDON MITCHELL-Someone says, "Boys will be boysg" he forgot to add, "Boys will be men." HAROLD MONGERSON-"Approved valor is made precious by natural courtesy." CLINTON MOSER-Deliberate with action, acting with decision, yielding with graciousncss and opposing with firmness. "Known as the preacher with one message." ELEANOR NAYLOR-Ever level, ever true, to the task she has to do. JESSE NEUENSCHVVANDER-He does not waste his youth in idle dalliance, But, as a Mes- senger, doth hold his place in Christ's own ranks. MRS. RUTH NEUENSCHVVANDER-"Her eyes speak with an eloquence of truthfulness sur- passing speech." MARIE NEUMANN-L"A maiden never boldg of spirit so still and quiet, that her motion blushed at herself." LLEWELLYA NOLSHEIM-Her heart continually overflows with love and concern for oth- ers, because in her life Jesus reigns supreme. ALICE NORQUIST-A quiet, reserved blonde whose heart is in tune with God and her car in tune with music. JOHN NUSSBAUM-"Heaven will be the endless portion of every man who has heaven in his soul." GERTRUDE NEAT-"A beautiful and chaste woman is the perfect workmanship of God, the true glory of angels, the rare miracle of earth, and the sole wonder of the world." FAYE OPLIGER-Tender-hearted, :1 compassionate disposition, generous and unselfish. MAY PORTMAN-"The grandest of operations, both in nature and grace, are the most silent and imperceptiblef' HAROLD SANDERSON-He has a purpose in life, and having it throws into his work such strength of mind and muscle as God has given him. MRS. MARION SANDERSON-Her character is as a quiet stream that moves in gentle ca- dence to fulfill her life's fair destiny. EDGAR SCHADE-"Truth from his lips prevailed with double sway, and fools who came to scolf remained to pray." DONALD SCHINDLER--"True worth is in being, not seeming, in doing each day that goes by some little good-not in dreaming of great things to do by and by." LAWRENCE SCHOENHALS-A trumpet player from the "wilds" of Michigan, using his talents to the glory of God. RUSSELL SLOAT-Our faithful librarian, who is a sincere Christian and diligent scholar of whom someone has said, "He is the most dignified boy in school." ESTHER SMITH-"A kind heart 15 a fountain of gladness, making everything in its vicinity to freshen into smiles." PAUL STEINER-He, like Philip of old, loves to enter the Ethiopian's carriage and open to him the Scriptures. ,IOSEPHINE STILL-All her actions Lake their hue from the complexion of her heart as land- scapes their variety from the light. GEORGE STOTLAR-"The heart of a good man is a sanctuary of God in this world." MABEL SWARTZ-Faith, determination, emotion and stability of character are beautifully blended in her unique personality. FLORENCE THOMAS-Spreading the Gospel with a soprano voice entirely dedicated to God's service. NELLIE THUM-"Of all the earthly music, that which reaches farthest into Heaven is the beating of a truly loving heart." ANTON TRILI,ET-"Wise men never talk to make timeg they talk to save it." MARGARET UHRICH-"What sweet delight a quiet life affords!" LUCILLE VARNS-"The hope of heaven under troubles is like wind and sails to the soul." DORIS VERNIER-"Our worth is determined by the good deeds we do, rather than by the fine emotions we feel." FRIEDA WAHLI-Peace and happiness His love doth bring, makes her heart rejoice and sing. LAVINIA WILLIAMS-"There's nothing ill can dwell in such a temple." ELIZABETH WISE-W'ords fail to do justice to the virtues of this modest maiden. By her pluck, grit and unfailing kindness she has won for herself many lasting friends. RUSSELL YVITMER-A happy lad growing in grace and knowledge of Jesus, beaming like a cherub when he sings, making his hearcrs hungry for God. MABEL XVITTWER-Sincere in her devotions, true to her call, her heart set on India, and loved by all. ESTHER YODER-Her heart is established with grace. Her determination is to press on in the will of God, regardless of circumstances. LILLIAN ZIMMERMAN-She radiates the sunshine from het own appreciative heart. L I G H T TOWER L I G H T TOWER THE FELLOWSHIP CIRCLE IN TI-IE YESTERDAYS At the meeting of the Board of the Fort Wayne Bible Training School on April 13th and 14th, 1916, a committee consisting of Messrs. J. E. Lauby, H. C. Thiessen, and B. F. Leightner, was appointed to organize an association for the purpose of maintaining and promoting the fel- lowship of students and workers of the school, both past and present, to deepen the interest in the progress of the school, etc., -" thus reads the oificious record of the birth of this devoted handmaiden, the Fellowship Circle. However, the minutes do not indicate in whose mind the vision was conceived, nor do the terse "motions made, seconded, and passed" give but a skeleton account of its subsequent activities. A record of that kind would need to include the experiences of a missionary on a lonely post receiving the FELLOWSHIP CIRCLE BULLETIN from the hand of a native carrier. Ere long he would be seen sitting in silent reverie, a flood of sacred associations crowding into the center of consciousness, and pent-up emotions unrelieved by swallowing! But to return to the dry record-the organization committee duly met and, assisted by Rev. C. XV. Oyer and Rev. H. Allen, drew up a constitution, effected a temporary organiza- tion, and provided for the first annual meeting, which was held May 18, 1916, at 7:30 P. M. In the first meeting of the Circle "fifteen minutes were spent in testimonies that warmed every student's heart," the keynote of which was "Boosting the Bible Training School." Rev. -I. H. Allen pictured the Fellowship Circle as a dependable and useful ally in promoting the work of the B. T. S. The two dominant purposes of the organization were maintaining and fostering the fellowship, and lending aid to the Institute in training lives for Christian service. Certainly the brief history of the organization reflects credit to thc foresight and vision of its founders. In respect to the first objective, fellowship has been fostered through periodicals and meetings. At first circular letters were issued by the Corresponding Secretary, keeping all in- formed of the activities of members. In 1921 the circular letter was succeeded by the FELLOW- SHIP CIRCLE BULLETIN largely through the efforts of Miss Salome Schug. Apart from the innumerable and imperceptible influences exerted by individuals in the in- terest of the Institute, there have been substantial and tangible helps undertaken in several di- rections. Many worthy students have been given help in meeting their financial obligations. The Circle regularly raised from one hundred to three hundred dollars yearly for this purpose. A number of contributions were appropriated for special needs such as the outfit for an outgoing missionary or the immediate living needs of a retired teacher. In 1925 the Fellowship Circle un- dertook the purchase of a bus for the Practical Work Department, which cost approximately S900.00. A few years later she gave even more generously toward the erection of Bethany Hall. Her share of this splendid addition, which cost a accurate figures are not available, it is quite certain A few months after organization was effected that time there have been 583 new members added, on the honor roll of those who have gone on before. little over S60,000, was S8,000, and while that she raised her quota. there were 162 members on thc roll. Since making a total of 745, eighteen of these are Their fellowship with us is not broken, only interrupted, and they, no doubt, are anticipating the happy reunion when we shall all enjoy "blessed fellowship forever." Certainly there will be no missing member in the circle if all live out our motto: "That ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ." The task of keeping contact with the members of this globe-encircling organization is by no means an easy one. Addresses change, names change, and interests change-but the laborious task of keeping a correct mailing list goes on forever. The following have served in the capacity of Corresponding Secretary or Editor: Miss Ida Rogers, Mrs. John Clasper, Miss Dcrsic Quince, Miss Salome Schug, Mrs. Franklin Chant, Mrs. Melvin Rich, Rev. W. O. Iilopfenstein, Rev. Chris. Gerig, Rev. Armin Steiner, and Miss Myrle Gaskill. The following have served successively as Presidents: John E. Lauby, Ezra Roth, H. E. Tropf, B. F. Leightner, Menno N. Amstutz, J. Frank Glock, Elton Roth, William Hygema, C. J. Gerig, Emanuel Becker, W. O. Klopfenstein, and your servant, S. A. WITMER. ' 2 X. S I-IGNOR ROLL "They may rest from their Iaboursg and their works do follow Amstutz, Mrs. Menno Qjessie Pritchardj-Pastor's Wife. Bixel, Susie-Mission worker-Minnesota. Bowen, Nellie--died in Chi Kong Shan, China. Gerig, Samuel-Pastor. Neufeld, Mrs. fwilhelmine Boehnkej. Oyer, Albert-Pastor. Patterson, Howard-Missionary worker to Indians. Ramseyer, Nancy-died in India in 1924. Roberts, Mrs. Charles A. QI-ilorcnce Suterj-died in Hunan Prov. in 1920. Salyer, Hattie-died in China. Sandercock, Mrs. J, H. Schrag, jonathan J.-Missionary to China. Sharp, Mrs. George QMary E. Amstutzj-Missionary to Africa. Siemens, Mrs. David CVerna Bixlerj. Steiner, Edison-died in Rio de janerio in 1922. Zimmerman, Ed.-Missionary to Indians. FOREIGN MISSIONARIES AFRICA "The people that walked in darfuzexs have sem a great ligbtf' Amstutz, Edna-East Central Africa-1919. Becker, Alvin-Congo Beige-1921. Birkey, Clarence--French Congo-1923. Bowman, Floyd-French Africa-1927. Bracy, Hannah-Northern Rhodesia-1920. Funk, Cornelius-British E. Africa. Goosen, Helen-East Africa-1910. Haller, Archie-Congo Belg?1922. Haller, Herbert-Congo Belge-1924. Herr, Walter-Congo-1909, returned, California. Klint, Clara C.-French W. Africa-1920. Klopfenstein, Henry-1915. Ma Caw, Mrs. Alex-Congo Belgc. Main, Grace--Congo Beige-1914. Millar, Thomas-Nigeria-1921. Miller, Jonas E.-Congo-1928. Person, A. I Rich, Melvin-Nigeria-1927, returned, ill health. Rich, Mrs. Melvin-Nigeria-1928, returned, ill health of husband. Richert, Emma-Congo Bulge-1922, returned, ill health. Sharp, George A.-Sierra Leone-1906, returned. Smoots, Affie-Congo Belge-1909. Sprunger, Agnes-Congo-1909. Sandercock, Henry-Nigeria-1917, retired, pastor. Stouder, Irene-Nigeria-1924. them." L I G I-I T TOWER L I G H T TOWER Sutton, Sutton, Ummel, Ummel Ummel Ummel, Omar-Congo-1918. Mrs. Omar QI..aura Beckerj-Congo-1919. Joseph-Nigeria-19 2 2 . Mrs. joseph QMabel Hygemaj-Nigeria-1924. Paul-Nigeria-1924. Mrs. Paul QPhoebe Brennemanj-Nigeria-1928. AFGAN "A light that shinelh in a dark place." Bowman, Clyde-1926. Bowman, Mrs. Clydb-1926. BURMA "Christ shall give thee light." Haberling, Eleanor-1918. CHINA "Gail is the Lord, whrh hath shezved ux light." Applegate, Amy-Hanan-1920, returned. Baltzer, Peter P.--North China-1912. Baltzer, Mrs. Peter P. QLydia Meyersj-North China-1911. Barrel, Loyal+North China-1925. Bartel, Mrs. Paul flna K. Birkeyj-1923. Baucher, Mae. Baumgartner, Fannie-Central China-1907. Beyerle, Edith A.-Kansu Prov.-1911, returned, ill health. Boehr, Peter-1907. DeGarmo, Mary-1909. Hilty, Elizabeth-Central China-1904. Hilty, Minnie-Central China-1911. Hinkey, Mrs. Philip-South China. Kiehn, Mrs Peter CSusie Baltzery-North China. Lahrenz, Abraham-1911. Lundgren, Ruby-1919. Roberts, Charles A.-Central China-1914. Roth, Ezra-1918, returned, Pastor. Roth, Mrs. Ezra fHelen Siemensj-1918, returned. Schmidt, John J.-North China-1906. Steiner, Frank-Hainan, 1906. Steiner, Mrs. Frank QMadalene Huebscherj-1911. Tung, Shu Doh-North China-1926. Tung, Mrs. Shu Doh fMary Leej-North China-1926. CUBA "The light shineth in darkness." Acosta, Mrs. Primitivo Mario QLuella E. Benzj-1919. X HAWAII "To turn them from zlnrkiiess to light." Oyer, Alvin-1921. Oyer, William-1919. INDIA "Arise, Shine, for thy liglit is mmf." Amstutz, Elda-1921. Amstutz, Tilman-Berar-1917. Cox, Mrs. H. H. CBarbara Eicherj-1906, retired. Eicher, Peter L.-1905, returned, ill health of wife. Eicher, Mrs. Peter L. QMary Ruppj-1905, retufned, ill health. Eicher, Ruth V.-1924. Kliewer, Gerhard-1918, returned, ill health, Pastor of Missionary Church, Port Wayne, Ind. Kliewer, Mrs. Gerhard lViola Weltyj-1919, returned, ill health of husband. Masters, Emery-193 0. Ringenberg, Jesse-1920. Schlatter, Olen G.-1920. Siegel, Bert B.-1921. Siegel, Mrs. Bert B. QEsther V. Rothj-1922. Wright, Tamar E.-1916. LATIN AMERICA "To gin' ligbt to them tlmt .vit in zlarkr11'xx." Beckhart, Ada-Chile-1926. Figg, Edna-Ecuador-1926. I I-Iausser, Sylvan-Venezuela-19 2 Z. Hausser, Mrs. Sylvan fEunice Dillerj. Rupp, Elsie. Steiner, Clayton-Peru-1920. Lewis, Viva Mae-Mexico---1925. WORKERS IN THE HOMELAND "Ye xliiuc as lights in the worlilg holding forth the :coral of Life." Albro, Arthur-Pastor of Missionary Church, Elkton, Michigan-1916. Albro, Mrs. Arthur fDaisy Rothj-Pastor's wife, Elkton, Michigan-1916. Albright, Amstutz Amstutz, Amstutz, Amstutz Frank-Pastor at Oak Grove, Indiana-1928. Allen-Pastor of Union Church, Delphos, Ohio-1927. Jesse M.-Grocer and preacher, Berne, Indiana-1914. Sylvia--City Mission worker, Fort Wayne, Indiana-1917. Menno N.-Pastor of Missionary Church, Pettisville, Ohio-1914. Baker, William-Pastor, Councilville. Pennsylvania-1927. Barth, Mrs. Frank-City Mission worker, Los Angeles, California. Beard, G.-Baptist Minister, Cambridge, Ohio-1912. Becker, Emanuel-Pastor of Defenseless Mennonite Church, Berne, Indiana. Becker, Mrs. Emanuel-Pastor's wife, Berne, Indiana. Birkey, Roy-Returned Missionary under appointment to Chinn-1923. L I G ll T TOWER L I G HT TOWER l Birkey, Mrs. Roy QElizabetl1 Klopfcnsteinj -Missionary under appointment to China-1926. Bowen, Minnie 1.-Bible teacher, Hickman, kentucky-lyll. Broeker, Louis H.-Baptist Pastor, Chicago, Illinois-1918. Brooks, Spencer--Pastor, Covington, Kentucky--1927. Burkholder, Lydia-City Mission worker, Chicago, Illinois-1921. Canen, Irvin-Pastor, retired because of ill health, Elkhart, Indiana-1927. Canen, Mrs. Irvin QLaura Lehmanj-1'astor's wire, lilkhart, lndiana-19.18. Clasper, john-Baptist Pastor, Rochester, Michigan-1917. Clasper, Mrs. john QAnna Rothy-Pastors wife, Rochester, Michigan-1915. Clauser, Homer K.-Missionary enroute to Africa-1929. Chant, Franklin 1'.-btudent rastor at Marion, indiana-19.43. Chant, Mrs. F. P. QLillian Rothj-l'astor's W1IC, Marion, lncliana-1923. Crowe, Mrs. Burl QAimee Vernonj-1'astor's wire, Lafayette, indiana-1927. Dammann, Arvilla-Under appointment to Philippines-1926. Dirstein, Anna-'In charge ot Missionary rest home, Minico Beach, Ont., Canada-1918. Dirstein, Emma-In charge of Missionary rest home, Mmico Beach, Ont., Canada-1 Dodgson, Arthur btanley-Pastor of Baptist k.il1L11'Cl'l, N. Dakota-1921. Dodgson, Mrs. A. S. Stanley Qliuth Rothj-1'astor's wife-1921. Dowler, james-Minister of M. li. Church, Coleraine, Minnesota-1916. Dowler, Mrs. James QBernice Chaffeej-1Jastor's wife, L,oleraine, Minnesota-1916. Eicher, Benjamin L.-Baptist Pastor, Alpena, Michigan-1913. Everest, Quintin-Pastor of M. B. C. Church, Elkhart, Indiana-1928. Everest, Mrs. Quintin QMae Yoderj-i'.1stor's wife, Elkhart, lndiana-1928. Fitch, Mrs. E. B. Qlone Reynoldsj-Pastor's wife, Wfinnipeg, Manitoba, Canada-1912. Gaskill, Myrtlc+1nstructor at Bible Institute--1923. Gantschy, Alfred H.-Preacher, l-1ay's Center, Nebraska-1909. Gantschy, Mrs. A. H. Qliatherine Scheideggerj -Pastor's wife, Hay's Center, Nebraska Gerber, Katherine-Mission worker, Fairview, Ohio--1926. Gerig, Clarence-Pastor of Missionary Church, Angola, Indiana-1926. Gerig, Mrs. Clarence Qldella Neuenschwanderj-Pastor's wife, Angola, Indiana-1926 Gerig, Chris.-Pastor of Missionary Church, Woodburn, Indiana-1926. Gerig, Jared F.-Pastor of Missionary Church, Cleveland, Ohio-1929. Gerig, Mrs. Jared F. QMildred Eicherj--1'astor's wife, Cleveland, Ohio--1928. Glock, Frank-Pastor of Missionary Church, Groveland, Illinois-1920. Glock, Mrs. F.-Pastor's wife, Groveland, Illinois-1920. Grabill, Clifford L.-Pastor of Missionary Church, Bluffton, Ohio-1929. Grabill, Mrs. Clifford L. QArvada Wullimanj-Pastor's wife, Bluffton, Ohio-1929. Grabill, Jacob-Pastor of M. B. C. Church, Elkhart, Indiana-1925. Grabill, Mrs. Jacob-Pastor's wife, Elkhart, Indiana-1921. Greider, Joseph-Pastor of Missionary Church, Phoenix, Arizona---1917. Greider, Mrs. Joseph-Pastor's wife, Phoenix, Arizona-1917. Guiff, Susie-Mission worker, Jackson, Michigan-1927. Guy, Williams-Pastor, Levering, Michigan-1928. Guy, Mrs. Williams-Pastor's wife, Levering, Michigan-1928. Hubegger, Tilman-Pastor of Missionary Church, Detroit, Michigan-1929. Hager, Albert-Pastor of Missionary Church, Archbold, Ohio-1922. 918 1910 Hall, Norman A.-Pastor of M. E. Church, Patchogue, N. Y.-1916. Harms, John A.-Instructor at Northern Baptist University, Chicago, Illinois-1914. Harrold, Mrs. Odell QNaomi Rothj-Pastor's wife, Grabill, Indiana-1929. Hartzcl, Mary-Worker in Orphan's Home, Defiance, Ohio-1922. Hirschy, Norman-Baptist Minister, Evans City, Pennsylvania-1912. I-Iirschy, Mrs. Norman fEstl1er Sprungerj-Pastor's wife, Evans City, Pennsylvania-1914. Hallifield, Mrs. Uean Reidj-Evangelist's wife, Montgomery, Alabama-1927. Hooven, Mary S.-In charge of Alliance Church, Columbus, Ohio-1914. Hostetter, George M.-Instructor in Bible School, Hcsston, Kansas-1911. Houston, James H.-Pastor of Baptist Church, Quinten, Oklahoma-1918. Howland, Mary L.-Mission worker, Texas-1929. Hygema, William-Pastor of M. B. C. Church, Pottsdam, Ohio-1924. Kinser, Zearle A.-Pastor of Christian Church, Hickman, California-1913. Kinser, Mrs. Zearle A. QEtl1el Moorej-Pastor's wife, Hickman, California-1914. Klopfenstein, joseph-Evangelist, Missionary under appointment to Africa, Grabill, Ind.-1926 Klopfenstein, Mrs. Joseph QMary Clauserj-Missionary under appointment to Africa, Grabill, Indiana-1926. Klopfenstein, Weldon O.-Pastor of Baptist Church, Buda, Illinois-1920. Kuhnle, Ernest-Pastor, Detroit, Michigan. Kuhnle, Mrs. Ernest fMary Perkinsj-Pastor's wife, Detroit, Michigan-1918. Lamb, Walter T.-Pastor of Pentecostal Church, Saskatchewan, Canada-1916. Lamb, Mrs. Walter T. fFlorence Schlatterj-Pastor's wife, Saskatchewan, Canada-1916, Lauby, john E.-Pastor of Missionary Church, Van Nuys, California-1914. Lehman, Sylvan S.-Pastor of Mennonite Church, East Freedom Pennsylvania-1929. Leonard, Earl-Baptist Pastor, New Braintree, Massachusetts-1927. Leonard, Mrs. Earl-Pastor's wife, New Braintree, Massachusetts-1926. Leightner, Benjamin F.-Dean of Bible Institute, Fort Wfayne, Indiana-1913. Lewis, Viva-Missionary Alliance-1925. Locker, Anton-Missionary to Hopi Indians. Locker, Mrs. Anton QMartha Kienitzj-Missionary to Hopi Indians, Arizona-1910. Mangcs, Warren-Pastor of M. B. C. Church, Nappanee, Indiana-1924. Mangcs, Mrs. W'arren-Pastor's wife, Nappanee, Indiana-1924. Marker, Harvey-Pastor of M. B. C. Mission, Altoona, Pennsylvania-1925. Marker, Mrs. Harvey-Pastor's wife, Altoona, Pennsylvania-1925. Martins, Mrs. Bennard-M. B. C. Mission, Minneapolis, Minnesota-1928. Mitchell, Harvey L.-Pastor of Missionary Church, Sterling, Kansas-1929. Mitchell, Mrs. Harvey L.-Pastor's wife, Sterling, Kansas-1929. Moon, Mrs. Rober Halden QSara Steinerj-Pastor's wife, Oakland, California-1916. Moser, Rachel-Evangelistic singer, Berne, Indiana-1921. Nlusselman, Hattie M.-Missionary in Kentucky-1929. Neuenschwander, Cassie-Mission work, Chicago, Illinois. Oyer, Harold-Baptist Pastor, XVestern, Nebraska. Oyer, Mary, B.-Mission work, Fresno, California-1918. Parlee, Carl-Evangelistic singer, Gospel Temple, Fort Wayne, Indiana-1929. Parlee, Mrs. Carl-Evangelistic singer, Fort Wayne-1921. Pauley, Sophia-Housekeeper at Bible Institute, Fort Wayne, Indiana-1918. L I G H T TOWER L I G H T TOWER Plunkett, Dallas R.-Pastor of Alliance Church, Lafayette, Georgia--1917. Preston, Mrs. Harvey QDessie Meyerj-Pastor's wife, Long Beach, California-1927. Recliger, Ruth-Mission worker. Peoria, Illinois-1920. Regier, John R.-Pastor of U. B. Church, Oakdale, California-1909. Regier, Mrs. John R. CAddie Rothj-Pastor's wife, Oakdale, California-1909. Ringenburg, Loyal-Pastor of Missionary Church, Auburn, Indiana-1928. Roth, Aaron L.-Baptist Pastor, Buda, Illinois-1920. Roth, Mrs. A. L. CLillian Schumacherl-Pastor's wife, Buda, Illinois--1920. Roth, Elton M.-Instructor in Music, Los Angeles, California-1914. Roth, Henry-Pastor of Presbyterian Church-Lafayette, Georgia-1917. Sando, Clifford-Pastor of M. B. C. Church, Harriet, Ohio-1928. Schindler, Waldo-Pastor of Missionary Church, Bucklin, Kansas-1929. Schindler, Mrs. Waldo fCeeil Davisonj--Pastor's wife, Bucklin, Kansas-1929. Sehlatter, Mrs. William Qjosephine Rothj-Pastor's wife, Stryker, Ohio-1923. Schlink, Harold-Baptist Pastor. Schlink, Mrs. Harold fLenora Lcightnerj-Pastor's wife. Schlenker, John A.-Christian worker, Peoria, Illinois-1929. Schatt, Ora-Mission work, Peoples, Ohio-1926. Schatt, Mrs. Ora fLaura Nittroverj-Mission work, Peoples, Ohio-1925. Sharp, Lee Bishop-Pastor of M. E. Church, Joiletville, Indiana-1915. Sharp, Mrs. Lee Bishop fMetta Hirschyj-Pastor's wife, Joiletville, Indiana-1915. Shepley, Reginald-Student Pastor, Chicago, Illinois-1919. Squires, Edith-Home worker, Fort Wayne-1922. Stauffer, Emanuel-Home Missionary and Colporteur, Fort Wayne, Indiana-1920. Stauffer, W. Paul-Pastor of Missionary Church, Prairie Grove, Indiana-1916. Stauffer, Mrs. Paul QLillian Amstutzj-Pastor,s wife, Prairie Grove, Indiana-1916. Steiner, Armin-Pastor, Pandora, Ohio-1926. Steiner, Mrs. Armin-Pastor's wife, Pandora, Ohio-1926. Strayer, Mrs. Peter fjosephine Gerigj-Minister's Wife, Maumee, Ohio-1913. Suter, Robert Leroy-Y. M. C. A. Los Angeles, California. Stoekman, Otto-Pastor of M. B. C. Church, New Carlisle, Ohio-1926. Stockman, Mrs. Otto fOlive Wrightj-Pastor's Wife, New Carlisle, Ohio-1926. Thicssen, Henry C.-Dallas, Texas. Thiessen, Mrs. H. C.-Dallas, Texas. Thompson, Mrs. Paul CMadeline Rinteoulj-Pastor's wife. Tropf, Henry-Pastor of Missionary Church, Berne, Indiana-1916. Tropf, Mrs. Henry CClara Steinerj-Pastor's wife, Berne, Indiana-1917. Wagler, Mrs. Elmer C. CMarguerite Ogdenj-Mountain work, Kentucky-1928. Webber, Eleanor-Evangelistic singer, Detroit, Michigan-1929. Wiederkehr, Clarence-Pastor of Missionary Church, Clyde, Ohio-1923. Wieland, Paul A.-Baptist Pastor, Louisville, Kentucky-1920. Wishart, Mrs. Gordon fMyrtle Bradleyj-Evangelist's wife, Toronto, Canada. Witmer, Safara A.-Instructor at Bible Institute, Fort Wfayne, Indiana-1922. XVitmer, Mrs. S. A. QEdirh McLeanj-Instructor's Wife, Fort Wayne, Indiana-1923. Woodford, Mrs. fNorma Greenfieldj-Missionary in Mountains of Virginia-1911. X. Yaggy, NValter V.--Pastor of Alliance Church, Columbus, Ohio-1919. Yaggy, Mrs. Wfaitcr V. fVivian Ellisj-Pastor's wife, Columbus, Ohio-1915. Yoss, Sophia-Mission work, Fort Wfayne, Indiana-1926. Zchr, Ernest-Mission work, Berne, Indiana-1926. Zimmerman, Clarence-Pastor of Missionary Church, Roseville, Michigan-1928. Zimmerman, Mrs. Clarence fFlora Eglej-Pastor's wife, Roseville, Michigan-1929 CLASS OF l930 Amstutz, Martha Wfilma-P. G. Student at Bible Institute, Fort Wayne, Baggs, Dale H.-Worker at Gospel Temple, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Banks, Bessie I..--Nurse's Training, Battle Creek, Michigan. Banninga, Esther-Mission worker, Logansport, Indiana. Basinger, Melvina E.-Cook at Bible Institute, Fort Wfayne, Indiana. Birkey, Juliaetta F.-Employee at Peoria, Illinois. Cox, Earl W.-New Carlisle, Ohio. Davis, Berneta Gladys-Sunday School Mission, Lima, Ohio. Froese, A. M.-Pastor of Missionary Chapel at Yoder, Indiana. Furman, Clarence H.-Employee at Hicksville, Ohio. Grummons, R. Norine-Evangelistic singer, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Hardin, Norma-Missionary Work in Texas. Hostcttler, H. Donovan-Student at Wheaton, Illinois. Hutchison, Mrs. Elmer fVirginia Lundwaldj-Missionary to Africa. Kuhn, Forest-Evangelist, Under appointment to Africa. Laun, May-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Meshberzer, Pearl I..-Berne, Indiana. Mitchell, H. Dale-M. B. C. Pastor at West Union, Indiana. Mitchell, Anna Eva-Clyde, Ohio. Morris, Ruth Esther-Employee at Fort Xvayne, Indiana. Mundy, Edna Geraldine-East Liverpool, Ohio. Niswander, Mardell-Mission work, Brooklyn, New York. Nussbaum, Caroline-Employee at Fort Wayne, Indiana. Oyer, Albert Joseph--Gospel Messengers, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Roth, Rhoda-Oihce work at Bible Institute, Port Wayne, Indiana. Shaddick, May A.-Regina, Saskatchewan. Smith, Doris-Lima, Ohio. Steiner, Eli G.-Pastor at Bluffton, Ohio. Tuttle, Wildan R.-Evangelist, Omaha, Nebraska. Tuttle, Mrs. XVildan R.-Evangelist's wife, Omaha, Nebraska. Van Dyke, Harriette Ann-Special student, Bible Institute, Fort Wayne. Van't Hooft, Frieda I..-Piano teacher, Muskegon. Michigan. Zimmerman, Norman-Evangelistic singer, Piqua, Ohio. Zimmerman, Mrs. Norman-Evangelistic singer, Piqua, Ohio. CLASS OF 1931 Ackerman, Elsie-Missionary in Kentucky. Auzshureer. Frances-Missionnrv work in Kentucky. Burley, Luella C.-Sunday School mission Worker, Fort Wfayne, Indiana. Indiana I. I G I-I T TOWER Eicher, Bert C.--Missionary to India, under appointment, Chicago, Illinois. Eicher, Mrs. Bert C. fArtimese Churchj-Missionary to India, under appointment, Chicago, Ill. Giencke, Clarence G.--Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Gratz, Catherine-Employee, Bluffton, Ohio. Habegger, Arveda--Employee, Fort W'ayne, Indiana. Holdeman, Grace-Bristol, Indiana. Howard, M. Marguerite-Mission work, Brooklyn, New York. jacob, Alfred R.-Home Missionary, Midland, Michigan. Lehman, Jasper D.-Mission work, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Mullican, Nettie-Evangelistic singer, Bay Minette, Alabama. Miller, Orville E.-Employee at Fort Wayne, Indiana. Ncuenschwander, Gladys-Berne Indiana. Schmallenberger, Fanny-City mission worker, Peoria, Illinois. Steiner, Marguerite-Piano teacher and mission worker, Pandora, Ohio. Vinkcmulder, Emma-Sunday School mission work, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Wiswell, Harold-Evangelist, Pontiac, Michigan. Zuercher, William J.--Mission work, Columbus, Ohio. UNDERGRADUATES "Thr rlarklwxx is fmxxl, nml ffm frur liglff now .Yb1Ill'fl7.H Ackerman, Adam H.-Student Pastor, Marion, Ohio. Ackerman, Mrs. Adam QMary Ann Kopfensteinj-Pastor's wife, Marion, Ohio. Amstutz, Hiram-Pastor of Missionary Church, Denair, California. Amstutz, Mrs. Hiram-Pastor's wife, Dcnair, California. Amstutz, W. J.-Pastor, Swanton, Ohio. Amstutz, Mrs. Menno fRilla Klopfenstcinj-Pastor's wife, Pettisville, Ohio. Bair, Raymond-Pastor of Church of God, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Baker, William-Pastor at St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin. Bantz, W.-Pastor of Church of Brethren. Berglund, G. W.-Christian worker, Brooklyn, New York. Bethel, Ellsworth--Pastor and evangelist, New York City. Birkey, Lillian-Mission work, Oskask, Wisconsin. Birkey, S. D.-Pastor, Arcadia, California. Birkey, Mrs. S. D.-Pastor's wife, Arcadia, California. Christen, J.-Pastor of M. E. Church, Sterling, Nebraska. Christenson, Rudolf. Christenson, Mrs. Rudolf. Dye, Marion L.-Evangelist, Detroit, Michigan. Dynes, William-Pastor, Winona, Ontario, Canada. Eglc, Chris.--Pastor of Community Church, Hamlet, Nebraska. Egle, Mrs. Chris. CAnna Scheideggerj-Hamlet, Nebraska. Eicher, Mrs. B. L. QViolet Scheifelej-Pastor's wife, Alpena, Michigan. X X Z932 Fliginger, Chris.-Pastor of Missionary Church, Sterling, Kansas. Pliginger, Mrs. Chris.-Pastor's wife, Sterling, Kansas. Fliginger, Jacob-Minister, Peoria, Illinois. Fliginger, J.-Morton, Illinois. Grabill, Mrs. Jacob CSadie Bantragerj-Pastor's wife, Elkhart, Indiana. Grabill, Mrs. S. QIdella Millerj-Pastor's wife, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Gerber, Mrs. Adolph-B. I. Music Instructor's wife, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Gerig, Mrs. Chris. QRose Kliewcrj-Pastor's wife, Woodburn, Indiana. Gerig, Ezra-City Mission, Portland, Oregon. Haas, John-Christian Worker, Fort Myers, Florida. Habegger, Edwin O.--Evangelical Pastor, Bippus, Indiana. Habegger, Mrs. Tilman-Pastor's wife, Detroit, Michigan. Hall, Mrs. Norman A. fAda Moserj-Pastor's wife, Patchogue, New York. Harrold, Odell-Methodist Protestant Pastor, Harlan, Indiana. Houston, Mrs. James-Pastor,s wife, Quinten, Oklahoma. Huber, H. S.-M. B. C. Pastor. Hyatt, Mary Louise-M. B. C. Home Mission Work, Piqua, Ohio. Hygema. Mrs. William+Pastor's wife, Pottsdam, Ohio. Jackson, Bess-Mission work, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Jacob, Mrs. Alfred fOlla Grovej-Pastor's wife, Midland, Michigan. Ianzen, John-Asst. Pastor of Baptist Church, Springer, New Mexico Janzen, Mrs. Alexander fLina Kroekerj-Mission work, Montana. Kesselrinz, Matilda--In charge of Independent Church, Brooklyn, New York. Kimble, Russell-Pastor of Methodist Church, Magnetic Springs, Ohio. Kimble, Mrs. Russell-Pastor's wife, Magnetic Springs, Ohio. Klopfenstein, Solomon-Pastor of Missionary Church, Hollywood, Indiana. Klopfenstein, Mrs. W. O. fSelina Amstutzj-Pastor's wife, Buda, Illinois. Lauby, Mrs. John E.-Pastor's wife, Van Nuys, California. Lehman, Judith-Missionary to Jews, Chicago, Illinois. Leightner, Mrs. B. F. fLevina Steinerj-Dean's wife of B. I., Fort Wayne, Indiana. Lugibihl, Walter-Pastor of Missionary Church, Peoria, Illinois. Lundwald, Margareth-Missionary to Canada. McKnight, F.-Pastor. Oyer, John-Christian worker, San Benito, Texas. Petette, Duane?Pastor at New Bremen, Indiana. Pfund, Esther-Church Missionary, Lima, Ohio. Powell, Margareth-M. B. C. Mission worker, Piqua, Ohio. Pugh, C. A.-Baptist Pastor. Ramseyer, Daniel E.-Alliance Pastor, Butte, Montana. Regier, Mary J.-Teacher, Hillsboro College, Kansas. Richards, Charles-Pastor. Ripper, Loraine-Evangelistic singer, Colorado. L I G HT TOWER l , I. I G H 'I' TOWER Ripper, Maybelle-Evangelistic singer, Colorado. Rohns, john-Pastor of Alliance Church-Hicksville, Ohio. Roth, LouiswSalvation Army worker, Cleveland, Ohio. Schindler, Simon-Pastor of Missionary Church, Jackson, Michigan. Schindler, Mrs. Simon Qlzlorence Zieglerj-Pastor's wife, Jackson, Michigan. Schlatter, William-Pastor of Baptist Church, Stryker, Ohio. Schmidt, Mrs. Andrew A. QEmilie Kliewerj-Pastor's wife, Elbing, Kansas. Schwab, Emil-Missionary to Indians, Hoopa, California. Schwab, Mrs. Emil QLetitia Jacksonj-Missionary to Indians, I-Ioopa, California. Schweitzer, Aaron-Pastor of Missionary Church, Dodge City, Kansas. Schweitzer, Mrs. Aaron-Pastor's wife, Dodge City, Kansas. Seitz, Edward-Asst. Pastor, Catarina, Texas. Seitz, Mrs. Edward QMildred Banndollarj-Catarina, Texas. Smith, Abraham A.-Mission work, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Smith, E.-Retired Missionary, Salem, Oregon. Smith, Harol-M. B. C. Mission, Springfield, Ohio. Smith, Mrs. Harol QGolda I-Iughesj-Mission work, Springfield, Ohio. Sommer, Lester-Pastor of Missionary Church, Maples, Indiana. Sommer, Mrs. Lester-Pastor's wife, Maples, Indiana. Spenser, Harold. Spencer, Mrs. Harold QIrma Gormanj. Steiner, Eli-Pastor of Defenseless Mennonite Church, Bluffton, Ohio. Stucky, Obed W.-Mission work, Detroit, Michigan. Switzer, Joseph-Pastor of Missionary Church, Nickerson, Kansas. Uhrich, James-Pastor of Wesleyan Church, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Wanner, Barbara-Home Missionary, Berne, Indiana. Wanner, Martha-Home Missionary, Berne, Indiana. Weatherby, Mrs. J. T. QTina Goosenj-Scranton, Pennsylvania, Qwife of Wiederkehr, Mrs. Clarence CRuth Gerigj-Pastor's wife, Clyde, Ohio. Wiedman, Lillian-Helper at Gospel Temple, Fort Wayne. Yarian, Earl-Evangelist, Huntington, Indiana. Yauch, William-Presbyterian Pastor. Mission worker, . X Z932 HEADQUARTERS for Bibles, Testaments, Books, Mottoes Complete line of Sunday School literature. The Missionary Vforkcr-organ of the Missionary Church Association. Full gospel Quarterly for Young Peoplels Societies. SIIIIIPIUS on reqursf Missionary Church Association, Publishing Department, Bible Institute Building, Fort Wayne, Ind. BETHEL PUBLISHING COMPANY Bibles and Testaments. Sound reli- gious books. Safe Sunday School literature. Church and Sunday School Supplies BETHEL PUBLISHING CGMPANY The house of Good Goods and Pronzpi Service ELKHART, INDIANA Wfriiv for our new frrcf Cnfnlogzlf COMPLIMENTS of the asiersonls Jiudio i Portrait and Commercial Photographers 1904 Broadway Ft. Wayne, Ind. L I G HT TOWER L I G H T TOWER THE FORT WAYNE BIBLE INSTITUTE OUR CREED The Fort lvltlfllf Bible Imlllufz' ix rlvfirzifvlj' crizrzzziiffml lo fbi' l'UlISl'I'1'lIffl't' nml !'I'lHIgl'Iil'!ll il1fr'r'prc'laHons of Ihr grain! ll0l'1'l'iII!'X of flat' Cfvrisfiau fnilb: The divine inspiration and consequent authority of the whole canonical Scriptures. The Trinity of the Godhead-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The fall of man, his consequent moral depravity and the need of regeneration. The incarnation of Jesus Christ to reveal the Father and to make atonement for the sins of the whole world through His substitutionary death. Personal salvation by repentance toward God and faith in jesus Christ. The baptism with the Holy Spirit as a definite, crisis experience subsequent to conversion for purity in life and power in service. The imminent, premillennial, second coming of Jesus Christ our lord. The resurrection of the body, both in the case of the just and the unjust. The eternal life of the saved and the eternal punishment of the lost. While fbi' Bible lzisfiflzfz' slamlx firmly for flwxf' lI'IllLl!X, if ronxiilrrx lbv ipirif of equal imllorfanct' I0 1110 letter. If lays ns much xfrexx on fbc' Clirixlmu clmracfvr of ffm lIII'55l'I7gl'l' ax upon fbe orffaoilox f'O7'VfFfIlf'XF of his nzfxxngr. Tlvrxr fzzzziluznrzzfals are field fo be fxxenfiul: Whole-hearted love toward God and man. Christian fellowship among believers. Scriptural separation from the world. Victory through thc indwclling Christ. Unswerving loyalty to Christ as Lord. Consecration for rugged, sacrificial service. Zealous witnessing for Christ. The leadership of the Holy Spirit for the believer and the church. A living, working faith in the promises of God for spiritual, physical, and temporal needs. C'01'7'ESP0l7f1,C'IICC' is i11Lf'i1'e:l Address inquiries to the Registrar, Bible Institute, Fort Wayne, Indiana X X Z 9 3 2 To save your soul is your spiritual duty. To save your teeth is an earthly duty. The contribution to happy days. DR. E. P. SANDBORN, Fairfield and Kinsmoor SUNDAY SCHOOL LITERATURE following the International Uniform Lesson Topics Wfe count all the Sunday School Quarterlies Scriptural, and the Pa- pers instructive to children through- OLIII. Sfnzzplv pack of our full lim' svn! on npplimfiolz. Fort Wayne, Indiana ADDRESS: UNION GOSPEL PRESS Phone H2371 Box 680 Cleveland, O. ZEREALEYE z ii: U! E ,. XX , 7 -: ' -" - 7 I V, -- sp L I 'EY WF 'iff ' -:Fl lf' if - X35 .fi 'D - Xl ' V' 'Si' . , xx. xp' x h S- - Nw.,-, 4 VVear Qelllefs Guaranleed Glasses Eyes examined, lenses r u d l' d g o n , g asses ma e in one to three hours by specialists in each department. THE GOLDEN RULE OPTICAL STORE 1021-23 Calhoun Street Fort Wayne, Indiana I.. I G HT TOWER ucrrr 'rownn COURSES OFFERED Bible Institute UTRAINING EOR SERVICE AND SERVICE IN TRAININGU CHRISTIAN WORKERS COURSE-THREE YEARS For students who have had at least two years of high school with the neces- sary prerequisites in English and History. 96 hours required for graduation, 45 of which are in English Bible. 22 hours of electives. These may be selected in view of particular kinds of Christian service such as missionary, pastoral, or deaconess work. BIBLE COURSE-TWO YEARS This course is designed for advanced students-high school graduates with the proper prerequisites in English and History, and college students. 64 hours required for graduation. ACADEMIC-BIBLE COURSE-F OUR YEARS For students who have not had high school education. 128 credits required for graduation. 45 hours of Bible. 28 hours of English, extending through three years. 6 hours of General History. This course combines needed high school work with the Christian Worker's Course. BIBLE-MUSIC COURSE-TWO YEARS For students who wish to specialize in music. 64 credits required for gradu- ation. Students may major in voice or piano. Two private lessons per week are required. SPECIAL NON-GRADUATE COURSES Students who do not wish to take the regular graduate courses may arrange special courses of study in keeping with their previous training and future needs. THE BIBLE IS THE CENTER OF THE CURRICULUM Catalogs mailed upon request Address inquiries to Registrar, Bible Institute, Fort Wayne, Indiana Z932 ECONOMY PRINTING CONCERN 7-Jroducers Of Fine Printing O Prinlers and Publishers BERNE - - - INDIANA nonz- l frownn .Any ...V ,N A.: , . .1 .gn V- -' " w,,. Ae ,ku , s.v,, ,, vg,,- . : N gr ' A "'1:. " K-. r, .V ' p Q '??"'- -Q '- Sybil 5 1. ,-,fy ,r Vim -- .59 'fb ,-Li: vi -.-1 ' . 1 Q 561Wfs " " -n 1, M fi, 4 r I' f 1 5 vf5'4 mn X' ,H K 51' I' 'J- ' . . , 9 , 'Q x-,N Q X 1 k""1"' I 1 XM f 'Lea-uf ' . A .- an I , . ol, 1 1 1 1 K, Y 4 Q v I ' l Q ,u . .f 1 f I V-.yy my :vez 'ul ' r I li l V' f 7 H 1' U 1 , -1,1 , v " 'ffff-': v xG"'15'3vm5x V X ' 1 r i I mf, 'J QU, 1 W . 1 '1- J- -.11-.N mf 1923 4' I ' v--fi: Y 1 .E N I Er.: .43 , -fr 'x .- .,,,. I ,D , . L .gx x ,, -'fr r ' fu E -. u.. ,1 ' , f I Nfl -,..b.Y V , wiv ,- 4, f ' .1 A g .- v, , . , , ,.g. 0 , K -. QL. , ,Q f. '- u 'fg 1 ': f 4 F' V, , :.' ' ,Y . ' n ll-Ff'f7'L4 ,-., -. - ,j,.k,N ' ST-,ff fs :'.,,' - Jr, V. ,V-laugh! .'-,f:4- ,, ,.4,e, '.- H .-C17 E." ' vgsyg .'A 1:-11.1, 4 ' x - 4 ,lr-pgs,-. V,,f' , Q':r- - . .AL Q. . 4' vv. v '. 3 V .Z Q .1 V ,Vx-1'1" V I., ,'1 . X K V,--,,--ff-rn,-P, ' K -? w"F1f.f f13,'Qgy:3A.31i '.l ij , ' ' M l,'A5,1.' " ' Yn U,., '.',."':" - ,. ",g'f'lQ,L,?' .X ,, , .,A,n . :"?'.E-F3 nz I fl . , s W . 1 '1- J- -.11-.N mf 1923 4' I ' v--fi: Y 1 .E N I Er.: .43 , -fr 'x .- .,,,. I ,D , . L .gx x ,, -'fr r ' fu E -. u.. ,1 ' , f I Nfl -,..b.Y V , wiv ,- 4, f ' .1 A g .- v, , . , , ,.g. 0 , K -. QL. , ,Q f. '- u 'fg 1 ': f 4 F' V, , :.' ' ,Y . ' n ll-Ff'f7'L4 ,-., -. - ,j,.k,N ' ST-,ff fs :'.,,' - Jr, V. ,V-laugh! .'-,f:4- ,, ,.4,e, '.- H .-C17 E." ' vgsyg .'A 1:-11.1, 4 ' x - 4 ,lr-pgs,-. V,,f' , Q':r- - . .AL Q. . 4' vv. v '. 3 V .Z Q .1 V ,Vx-1'1" V I., ,'1 . X K V,--,,--ff-rn,-P, ' K -? w"F1f.f f13,'Qgy:3A.31i '.l ij , ' ' M l,'A5,1.' " ' Yn U,., '.',."':" - ,. ",g'f'lQ,L,?' .X ,, , .,A,n . :"?'.E-F3 nz I fl . , s

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