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Table of Contents Introduction............................................................................. 2 Dedication............................................................................. 8 Looking Back............................................................................ 10 Administrators, Faculty, Staff.......................................................... 24 Classes................................................................................. 39 Greeks Non-Greeks....................................................................... 81 Social Organizations....................................................................103 Special Features........................................................................121 Band............................................................................SL f....129 Athletics...............................................................................139 Student Life.......................................................................... 169 Home-coming.............................................................................193 Closing.................................................................................211 Jfawie 1984 GJ ont Q bEet) State S CoEege Q aEea QJ-1 Q o(We 36People, Buildings, Cars and Places, Always manage to CHANGE their faces, Changing colors, Changing clothes What CHANGE is next? We’ll never know! Intro Change—3Old people hate it and always resist it. Young people want it and always miss it. Some people make it and others spend it. Now don’t you wonder just what it is ... It’s CHANGE .ALLEY STATE Cl • ■!11 }• An Ml'iirut. lull K;3»t IviRlH HVf' „ 4—Intro ChangeCHANGE Throughout the years, Fort Valley State College has changed. Time demands that each of us change in order to adapt to an ever-changing society. As you look and reflect thru the 1983-84 Flame, perhaps it will serve as a reminder to each “Wildcat and Wildkitten” of the great change and strides FVSC has made, shall make and will make. c. A Intro Change—5People Individuals ... The many faces of our school. Different activities, different moods, different people. We all have two things in common, we belong here and we are F.V.S.C. ... 6—Intro ChangeLooking Back to 1982-83 Retrospect 1982-83 was a year of highs and lows for the Fort Valley State College family. In June of 1982, president Cleveland Pettigrew died. Frustrations surfaced as the search for a new president began. Perhaps, one of the many high points for the Fort Valley State College was the gaining of a journalism department. Another high point for the “valley” was its football team. The Wildcats played West Texas State in round I of the Division II playoffs. Dr. Luther Burse was selected to fulfill Fort Valley State’s vacancy as President. Dr. Burse worked in the Division of In- dustrial Arts and Technology as professor and coordinator of Graduate Studies at Cheyney State University. A new president, a different outlook, a homecoming queen who is both “A lady and an Officer,” combines to spell a brighter day for the Fort Valley State College. Looking Back 1982-83—7Dr. C.W. Pettigrew The Fort Valley State family paid tribute and dedicated the 1983-84 to Dr. Cleveland W. Pettigrew. Dr. Pettigrew died June 11, 1982; however, his labors and accomplishments will live forever. Dr. Pettigrew served as president of Fort Valley State from 1973 to 1982. His accomplishments were many. Under his administration the renovation of Founders Hall was completed, the L.R. Bywaters Building was renovated, and the east wing of Jeanes Hall was completed. Also under his administration FVSC advanced to Division II of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Additionally, new programs in the areas of Psychology, Political Science, Criminal Justice, Agricultural Economics, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering were activated under his administration. Dr. Pettigrew is greatly missed. He left behind a model worth emulating. His accomplishments at Fort Valley State will be appreciated for a life-time. Dedication 8—Dedication C.W. PettigrewTop Left: Dr. Cleveland W. Pettigrew Bottom Left: Faculty, Staff, Community Members pay respect to Dr. C.W. Pettigrew Top Right: C.W. Pettigrew family Right: Miss Vanessa McKay Left: Mr. Leon J. Lomax Bottom Right: Rev. Maceo Pettigrew, presented Dr. Walter Sullivan, a contribution to the Endowment Fund. Dedication C.W. Pettigrew—9This One’s . . . For You .. . Top: Miss FVSC 1982-83, Kathy Rana Jones, Escort, Mr. George Lewis Top Right: Miss FVSC Court, Special Attendants, Wanda Magwood and Sharon Jones. Verna Curry, 1st Attendant, Daffie Keen, 2nd Attendant Lower Right: Dr. Walter Sullivan crown’s Miss FVSC, Kathy Rana Jones Miss FVSC, Kathy R. Jones Miss Fort Valley State College for 1982-83 is Kathy Kana Jones, a native of Lin-colnton, Georgia. Miss Jones is majoring in Social Work with fut ure goals of attending graduate school and someday becoming a clinical social worker with a concentration in Mental Health. Miss Jones has been a student leader, a resident hall assistant, and an honor roll student for two years. She holds membership in the Social Work Club, Phi Alpha Theta Honor Society, the Student Center Com-mitte, Social Committee, and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Miss Verna Curry The first attendant to Mis FVSC, Miss Verna Curry, a seni majoring in Home Economics Edi cation. She is a native of Rochell GA. and the daughter of Mr. Mt Mark Curry. Verna is a member Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, In the National Dean’s List and Fo Valley Student Home Economi Association. Her present plans a to finish her undergraduate studi and attend graduate school in Loi isville. 10—Homecoming 1982-83Miss Daffie Keen The second attendant to Miss FVSC is Miss Daffie Keen, daughter of Mr. Mrs. Sammuel H. Keen of Fort Valley, GA. Daffie is a senior majoring in Marketing. Her future plan is to work in a major corporation, which will offer her an opportunity for growth and development. Daffie is a member of the Marketing Club, Phi Beta Lambda, and the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Homecoming 1982-83—11The Wildcats of Fort Valley opened the 1982-83 season on a somber note, losing to University of Tennessee Bucks, 14-6. In game two the Wildcats played up to pre-sea-son rankings defeating the Morehouse Tigers by the score of 24-0. In game four, the Wildcats continued their winning ways by defeating the hapless bears of Miles 45-0. In game three, the determined Wolverines of Morris Brown fought valiantly before succumbing to the ever powerful Wildcats of Fort Valley. Clark College was Fort Valleys next victim in game five, several Wildcats displayed their abilities as F.V.S.C. romped over Clark 29-0. 12-1983-82 FootballThe “blue death” offense defense continued to play superbly throughout the remainder of the 1982-83 season. Fort Valley received a bid to play in the NCAA Division II playoffs. The Wildcats of Fort Valley traveled to San Marcus, Texas, to play West Texas State University. Playing West Texas State, in Texas, under terrible weather conditions proved too much for the Wildcats. Unable to maintain their footing or any form of ball control Fort Valley State was defeated in round I of playoff action by West Texas State. Coaches and players to be congratulated for a job well done. 1982-83 Football—13Record Revived by Wildcats l 82-$3 was a year of change for the Wildcat . First. there was a new head coach. Jame Patrick, who brought outstanding credentials a an educator and a coach from the Georgia and Alabama school systems. Under Coach Patrick's leadership the -Cats." let it be known that good things are in store for the Wildcat fans. The Wildcat finished last season with a record of 19 wins 11 loses. The high point of the season was victory over arch rival Morris Brown and Morehouse. Perhaps the brightest point of the '82-"83 season was Anthony Roach. Roach continue to delight fans and destroy opponents. Rodney Freeman. Leonard l-awerence and Gary' Edwards give the Wildcat a front court trio with solid cipcricnce. Swing-man Tony Hall, add'a much to the Wildcats' inside-outside attack. The tK2--$3 season was a very good one and with the return of several Veteran and incoming freshman Wildcats, fan look to the '83-1M season with much enthusiasm.1982-83, Bad Year for Kittens In a sense the ’82-'83 year was a disaster-ous one for the Wildkittens. Having played in Semi-final action Division II playoff action. great things were expected from the kittens. An early season loss to rival Mercer, served warning to Wildkitten fans that '82-’83 wasn’t the year for the kittens. The Wildkittens struggled thru '8’2-’83 without being able to put a multitude of talent together. FVSC’s kittens finished the season with 14 wins and 14 loss record. Bright spot for the Wildkittens was the play of freshman guards Shoundra Crafter and Angela Thompson. In '83-'84, the Wildkittens should mold into a contender for SIAC Women crown. Returning starters Jackie Porter and Sue Grant give the kittens a solid 1-2 punch, and the wildkitten fans something to look forward to.Although many of us have our own versions of what life is all about, the time we enjoy the most is spent doing nothing ... 16-1982-83 Student Life1982-83 Student Life—17Summer Fun Summer school is usually boring for students. This year, the office of Student Affairs made giant steps to make summer school more bearable for students by showing movies, holding mid-day swimming classes, and treating them to coke and ice cream snacks. The most memorable events of summer fun were a fish fry and a bar-b-que dinner. 18—Summer FunFar Left: Kathy Jones Left: Mr. Alton Carson tends his BBQ grill. Above left: Students enjoy ice cream break. Far Right: Danny Tukes Above Left: Outdoor enjoyment. Left: Rodney Freeman Summer Fun—19Charm Finesse “The keys to infinite doors’’ is no understatement of fact. In our gregarious society, each individual possesses and inherent desire to belong to the group and to associate harmoniously with all whom he encounters. Thus it becomes compulsory to adapt good manners and decorum, finesse and social grace, a warm personality and the socially acceptable mores conducive to refined relations. Due largely to the effort of the Social Committee and Mr. Alton Carson, Charm Week at FVSC was a success. Theme for the 1983-84 Charm Week was “A Flight of Rare Essence.” In years past, FVSC’s charm pageant consisted of females competing for the position of Ms. Charm. However, male contestants delighted females as they competed for the position of Mr. Charm. A beautiful rendi- during talent night, tion of “Endless Love” by Trade Smarr and Jimmy Dearick Milton and Diedra Howard went on to become Ms. Stroud was a crowd pleaser Mr. Charm 1983-84. Jewels of Essence Gems of Essence Elsie Minter, 1st Attendant, Ms. Charm Dearick Milton, 1st Attendent, Mr. Charm 20-Charm Week 1982-83MS. MR. CHARM 1983-84 Tracie Smarr, Ms. Charm 1983-84 Jimmy Howard. Mr. Charm 1983-84 Ms. Mr. Charm—21 22- -1983 Student Life1983 Student Life—23Faculty Staff Some of us were students, some were faculty and staff then, but all had and still share a common goal, CHANGE For A Better FVSC. Top Left: Rev. J. Simmons and Andrew Ru-land Lower Left: Ms. Lillie Ward, Soph 1962-63 Top Right: Mrs. Delia Taylor, Miss FVSC 1962-63 Lower Right: Mr. John Bently, Freshman 1962-63 24—Faculty StaffTop left: Dr. David Eaton Lower Left: Mr. Tommy Yates, Senior 62-63 Top Right: Ms. Marion W. Smith, Junior 62-63 Lower Right: Ms. Constance Miller Faculty Staff—25FVSC President, Dr. Luther Burse mu u. i 'ak Iw.. Imt Vdfcy. c r- iiu Ni' nu».i»un I commend the flame Staff for this exemplary yearbook. II li a splendid chronicle of the memorable ond pralteurorlhy activities of the 19t3-34 ichool year or fori Valley Stale College. I note with pride, the theme of ttU year’s flame U ’Change’. II »• a highly relevant choice becouie throughout the illuitrUm hlitory of our great College there hat aheayi been a manlfeil commitment to change and Improvement. fori Valley Slate College it a product of lit founders’ detlee to honor and franiMl a legacy, but alto to change and improve a people. Today at itudenlt and the t ene )rlarie« of I heir gieal gift you mutt tee today't Chang et at opportunist to thape tomorrow. At membert of the fort Valley Stole College family, you can not avoid the teallty of your impact on the detlmiet of future generations. Therefore, you mutt not only value and under land the necessity for change at you prepare for your ultimate role in life, you muit alto embrace the telf-improvemenlt that are fundamental to a strong futunr for alt of u . l.ut ier Hur e o ru-»n wT . Above: Kickin’ OFF Homecoming ’83 Middle: Receiving contribution from Piggly Wiggly Officials. Right: Greeting Freshmen at Freshmen Orientation 26—President messageFVSC’s First Family: The Burses, Elizabeth, Luther Jr., Mrs. Mamie Burse, and Dr. Burse. Left: Receiving Contribution From Class of ’73. Above: Discussing situation with friend and game official. P'irst Family—27Administrators Faculty Staff Mrs. Linda Abrams English Mr. Clarence Adams Maintenance Services Mr. George Adams Music Miss Beverly Alexander Business Economics Mr. Donatus Amaran Business Miss Wilma Anderson Mr. Lloyd Archer Mr. William Arnold Learning Resource Center Learning Resource Center Sanitation Services Mrs. Lillie Battle Ms. Yvonne Beauford Dr. Donnie Bellamy Business Economics Agricultural Research Social Sciences Dr. Kashmiri Arora Agricultural Mrs. Antionette Bacon Business Mrs. Mary Bently Dr. Henry W. Berry Placement Office Education 28—AdministratorsAdministrators Faculty Staff Mrs. Elizabeth Brinson Learning Resource Center I Mrs. Flora Brown Agriculture Ms. Annie Carthon Mrs. Jessie Brown H.P.E. Mr. Earnest Clowers Student Personnel Dr. Aurthur Butler Dr. George Canty Mr. Alton L. Carson English Chemistry Student Personnel Dr. Leroy Combs Dr. Dorthy Conteh Dr. Isaac Crumbly Chemistry Home Economics Biology Dr. Neil Cullinan Political Science Dr. Charles Dallis Humanities Mr. Christopher Daniel Maintenance Service Mr. Wilbert Daniels Psychology Miss Beatrice Davidson Building Grounds Faculty—29Mr. Calvin Davis Mr. Larry Davis Mrs. Mildred Davis Mrs. Gwendolyn Davidson Ms. Alice Dennard Building Grounds Accounting Services learning Resource Center Financial Aid Security Mr. lister Dickerson Mr. Bobby Dickey Dr. Clinton Dixon Mrs. Victoria Dubriel Mrs. Bernice Eaton Security Humanities Biology Foreign languages learning Resource Center Miss Arita Edwards Mr. Tyronne Fletcher Mr. Eugene Fluellen Mr. Jared Fluellen Mr. George Foster English Recruitment Security Agricultural Research Mass Communication Station 30-StaffMs. Regina Gibsons Mr. Leonard Giles Mrs. Marjorie Golphin Mr. Charles Goodroe Music Institutional Advancement Security Ms. Doris Goeicr Learning Resource Center Dr. Donald Grant Humanities Ms. Ruby Grant Developmental Studies Dr. Robert Green Education Dr. Ratanlal Gupta Social Studies Dr. Jerry Hardee Mrs. NVyonnie Hardee Ms. Deloris Harris Mathematics Agriculture Maintenance Services Administrators Faculty Staff Mrs. Lula Green Developmental Studies Ms. Margaret L. Harris Mass Communications Dr. Ira Hicks Agriculture Mr. Jessie Hillsman Maintenance Services Mr. George Holland Music Administrators—31Mrs. Sharon Homer Undergraduate Programs Dr. John L. Houston Computer Sciences Mr. James Howard Mr. Getter Huggins Mr. Henry Hunt II Maintenance Service Agriculture-Research Maintenance Services Dr. Geoffery Ibim Graduate Studies Ms. Sharon Hunt Home Economics Ms. Betty Jones Learning Resource Center Dr. Sammuel Jolley Jr. Education Ms. Angel Irving Public Relations Mrs. Fannie Jackson Warehouse Supervisor Dr. James R. Jones College Physician Mr. Frank Jones Security Mr. Tommy Jackson H.P.E. Mrs. Minnie Jones Agricultural Research 32—FacultyMr . Linda Johnson Mr. George Jowers Mr. E.J. Junior, Jr. Mr . Melinda Kincy Home Economics Library Sciences Fiscal Management Student Personnel Administrators Faculty Staff Mrs. Sammie King Home Economic Mr. Herbert Lewi Business Mr. Roscell Lane Building Ground Mrs. Allene Lawson Special Studies Mr. Leon Lomax Assistant to President Mrs. Mary I omax Procurement Mr. Cinder A. Lee Building and Grounds Dr. Griff Long Guidance Counseling Mr. Franklin Lewis Maintenance Services Mr. Jack IxiPresti Accounting Staff—33Ms. Ida McCrary Learning Resource Center Mrs. Doris Lee H.P.E. Ms. Loren McRae Mr. Ralph Malone Mrs. Sylvia Malone Ms. Mattie Manson Recruitment Placement Agricultural Research Business Education Mr. U.S. Marshall Mrs. Willie Martin Mrs. Emma Mathis Mrs. Betty Miles Student Personnel Building Cleaming Services Security English Dr. Robert Miles Ms. Constance Miller Foreign Languages Education Dr. Judson Mitcham Psychology Dr. Clarence Moore Continuing Education Dr. Carol Moyses Guidance Counseling 34—AdministratorsMr. Vincent Murphy Mrs. Mary Murray Mr. Jerry Murtagh Mr. Addie Nelson Building Cleaning Services Bookstore Supervisor Political Science Agricultural Research Administrators Faculty Staff Ms. Gloria Nelson Mrs. Jessie O’Neal Mrs. Blanche Odums Mr. Jerry Oglesby Mrs. Barbara H. Palmer Business Building Grounds Security Building Grounds Foreign languages Mr. Thomas Palmer Mr. Freddie Paul Ms. Joann Penson Mrs. Rosie W. Pettis Dean of Students Security Academis Affairs Developmental Studies Ms. Eloise Pierce learning Resource Center Ms. Mary Pollard Admission Mrs. Margie Ponder President’s Office Faculty—35Mrs. Lucile Porter Ms. Edna Rumph Mr. Charlie Rumph Mr. Lember Rouse Ms. Edith Rouse Security Building Cleaning Services Building Cleaning Services Building Cleaning Services Building Cleaning Services Mrs. Martha Raines learning Resource Center Mi Developmental Studies Social Sciences Developmental Studies English Mr. Shirley Robinson Ms. Fannie Ross Mr. Robert Ross Ms. Jean Saxon Mrs. Cynthia Sellars Biology Learning Resource Center Learning Resource Center Music Counseling Center 36—StaffMr . Gloria Wright Mr. Alphonse Varner Ms. Bernice Veal Ms. Robbie Was ton Ms. Lillie Ward Home Economics Health Physical Security learning Resource Center Math Education Central Stores Cooperative Extension Ms. Manion Smith Developmental Studies Dr. Curtis Spikes Testing Services Ms. Harriet Steele Developmental Studies Mr. James Taylor Security Mrs. Delia Taylor Admissions Mr. Glenn Turner Student Personnel Mr. Robert Thompson Graduate Studies Mr. John Taylor Recruitment Administrators—37Administrators Faculty Staff Mrs. Catherine Walker Student Personnel l f Ms. Do ret ha Wilson Developmental Studies Mrs. Wellie Welburn Associate Dean Dr. Melvin Walker Agricultural Research Ms. Jeraldine Walker Mr. Gerald Walker English Dr. Richie D. White Mathematics Mrs. Jackie Whitehead Agricultural Research Dr. Suzanne Whitlock Biology Ms. Geraldine Williams learning Resource Center Mr. Willie Williams Veteran Affairs Mr. Willie B. Williams Ms. Wilsonia Williams Central Stores Student Personnel 38—Faculty3% Top Left: Bruce Mullins, Andre Green, Coach Doug Porter meet with officials. Bottom Left: Valerie Winston, Patricia Heard, Phyllis Smith, Angela Jones. Top Right: Gamma Zeta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Lower Right: Melvin Barrows. 40—SeniorsSeniors Class of 1984 Shari Allen Roberta, GA Shirley Atwater Thomaston, GA David Cason Macon, GA Fort Valley. GA Veronica Clark Atlanta, GA Nigeria Lawrence Bacon Warrenton. GA Judy Barrett Perry, GA Macon, GA Class of ’84—4142—Class of ’84 Seniors Class of 1984 Valencia Dunn Decatur, GA Valerie Harden Macon, GA Barbara Heard Atlanta, GA Norman Hicks Plains, GA Traci Basely Perry, GA Drennon Everett Perry. GA Kelvin Fluellen Fort Valley. GA Leon Hunter Whigham, GASeniors Eddie Jackson Warrcnlon, GA Dcrrell Johnson Fort Valley, GA Kim Johnson East Orange, New Jersey Class of 1984 Shirley Laseter Georgetown, GA Wanda Magwood Atlanta, GA Gail I ewis White Plains. GA Mark Meadows Warner Robins. GA Class of ’84—43Seniors Grady Miles Nashville, GA Class of 1984 Glenda Morns Anthony Myers Everlyn McGhee Albany, GA Americas. GA York, PA Norman Pearson Jacki Peterson Thomson, GA Madison. GA 44—Class of ’84Tanya Scott Tracie Smarr Savannah, GA District Height . MD Seniors Class of 1984 Phyllis Smith Boris Stephens Atlanta, GA Fort Valley, GA Reginald Stewart Columbus. GA Essie Stokes Macon. GA Leslie Terrentine Atlanta, GA Lctitia Toomcr Fort Valley, GA Class of ’84—45Seniors Class of 1984 Recardo Tripp Roberta. GA Darryl Turner Columbus, GA Cassandra Vance Savannah, GA I-awarencc Walker Valdosta, GA 46—Class of ’84Shirley Atwater, Vice President Constance Brimm, Secretary Willie Davis, President Senior Class Officers Class of 1984 Seniors—4748—Seniors Candidst t t t t t t t t I t t t t t t t t I t t t I t t t t t t Italic Albury Nassau, Bahamas Marjorie Bembry Hawkinsvillc, GA Annette Bruddy Bartow, GA Jeffrey Bergman Valdosta, GA Denise Chester Lumpkin, GA Justine Atkins Fort Valley. GA Gus Benton Atlanta. GA Herman Brookins Bartow. GA Quitin Burnes Dixie. GA Joe Combs Macon. GA Juniors —►------------- Vernon Baldwin Rembert, SC Yolanda Blackmon Macon, GA Vivian Broomfield Vidalia, GA Anthony Burnette Macon, GA John Bamson Nigeria Sean Blyden Nassau, Bahamas Stephanie Beard Augusta, GA Deloris Booze Macon. GA William Brown III Tampa. FL Jerry G.Q. Burton Montezuma, GA Sherman Bryant Hinesville, GA Valerie Chaneyfield i ouisville, GA i i 1 I I I I 1 I 1 I 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 i I 1 I i 1 I I I I 50—Juniors------------ Juniors----- James Carey Macon, GA Napoleon Curtis Atlanta. GA Marcus Daniels Jones County Dianna Davis Atlanta, GA Karl Dawkins Nassau, Bahamas Latrese Davis Atlanta, GA James Dzosike I mo State Nigeria Carol Dunning Macon, GA Angela Everette Peter Eyan Folkston, GA Nigeria Reginald Glenn Macon, GA Andrea Green Fort Valley. GA Christopher Dewberry Griffin, GA Mark Edwards Eastman, GA Rhonda Hamilton Thomason, GA Cedric Dollar Fort Valley. GA Howard Gainer Marianna, FL Barbara Hall Atlanta, GA Elaine Hall Atlanta. GA I Juniors—51I t t t 1 t t t t t t t t t t t t t ! t t t t t t t t t t ------ ------Juniors ------------- Phyllis Harper Argentina Harris Macon. GA Columbus, GA Avery Harris Atlanta. GA Marvin Hall Camilla. GA Barbara Harmon Reynolds. GA Bernard Heflin Jacksonville. FL Pamela Heflin Jacksonville, FI. Samuel Henderson Atlanta. GA Rudolph Holloway Fort Valley, GA Sandersville. GA Greg Hull Mary Jackson Athens. GA Norwood, GA Patrice Jackson Griffin, GA Annie Johnson Fort Valley. GA Cecil Howell Fort Bailey. GA Patricia Jackson Fort Valley. GA Earnest Jones Twin City. GA James Hill Sumter. SC Diane Hudson Atlanta. GA Sharon Hill Fort Valley. GA Kirk Huggins Fort Valley. GA 1 i i 1 I I I 1 I 1 1 1 i i I I 1 1 I 1 1 I I 1 1 1 J 1 1 52—Juniors Faye Jones I.incolnton, GA Isaac Law-son Valdosta. GA Wendell McBurrows Rochelle. GA Johnny Jordon Dawson, GA Terri Leslie Atlanta, GA Averil McCrary Fort Valley. GA Ronnie Jordan Montezuma, GA Geraldine Lloyd Fort Valley. GA Jerome Kemp Fort Valley, GA Ronda Marablc Dixie, GA Burette King Macon. GA Geneva Mathis Forsyth, GA Constance McDouglad Butler, GA Linda Miles Nashville. GA 1 1 1 i I I i I I 1 1 i I 1 i I 1 i 1 i 1 1 1 Juniors—53t t t t t t t t t t 1 t t t I t t I t t t t t t t t t t t Deborah Moore Millen, GA Gerald Nicholson Wrens, GA Marcella Paige Perry, GA Bridget Phelps White Plains, GA Andra Reid Griffin, GA Michael Moore Fort Valley. GA Johnson Obamehinti Nigeria Rene Perry Atlanta, GA Jackie Ponder Lumpkin. GA Larry Rogers Cuthbert, GA Juniors Linda Morgan Macon, GA Paula Odums Fort Valley. GA Sherry Perry Cairo, GA Darryl Presley Sumter, SC Felicia Scott Atlanta, GA Elizabeth Mossac Griffin, GA Samuel Okere Nigeria Wayne Perry Macon, GA Wanda Rainey Atlanta. GA Charlitha Smith Macon, GA Nathanial Myers III Augusta. GA Dianne Owens Moultrie, GA Christopher Reese Montezuma. GA David Smith Newnan, GA 54—Juniors-----► — — Juniors Valeria Wright Valdosta, GA Zita Wright Macon. GA Juniors—5556 SOPHOMOEESOPHOMOEESOPHOMOEESOI Caroline Adams Quitman, GA Doretha Anderson Atlanta, GA Ronald Anderson Athens, GA Sharon Arnold Caroline Barrett Andre Bass Columbus. GA Roderick Bateman Atlanta, GA Willie Blalock Griffin, GA Dexter Blasingame Lagrange, GA Kim Bohannon Anthony Bryant D ryk Burkes Arthur Clark Thomasville. GA Thomasville, GA Warner Robins. GA Crystal Clark Atlanta, GA Karen Clark McRae. GA Joseph Coglin Phyllis Coker Charles Coleman Almay, GA Macon, GA Augusta, GA Nedra Clemens Atlanta, GA Ervin Gowers Wes Coggins Macon, GA Fort Valley, GA 58—SophomoresIOMORESOPHOMORESOPHOMORESOPH 0 IN Willie Collier Cathie Colvin Shounda Crafton Gwendolyn Crawl Michael Curry Montezuma. GA McRae. GA Fort Valley. GA Atlanta, GA Warrenton, GA Brenda Curtis Valerie Daniely Lawrencine Delaney Walter Denton Zebulon. GA Fort Valley. GA Nassau, Bahamas Macon. GA Daphne Douglas Jeanette Evans Atlanta, GA Hogansville, GA Bridget te Fletcher Barnsville, GA Vickie Fluellen Fort Valley, GA James Habersham Perry, GA Tony Hall Augusta, GA Dorothy Grogan Baxley, GA Trent Harris Macon, GA Kirkland Hart Donald Hatcher Ronald Hatcher Atlanta. GA Fort Valley, GA Fort Valley, GA Sophomores—593PH0M0RES0PH0M0RES0PH0M0RES01 Darryl Holmes Warner Robins, GA Deborah Holton Ellaville, GA Amelia Howard Macon, GA Doris Howard Midville, GA Janet Howard Fort Valley. GA Constance Hunter Whigham, GA Blaise Iwuogo Isu Imo State, Nigeria Hazel Jackson Perry, GA I Jimmy Howard Atlanta. GA Wanda Howard Griffin, GA Eric Jenkins Atlanta. GA Deborah Jester Jackson, GA Barbara Johnson Warner Robins, GA Charlie Johnson Wrens, GA Linda Johnson Fort Valley. GA 60—SophomoresIOMORESOPHOMORESOPHOMORESOPH 0 IS Olivia Johnson Cairo, GA Patricia Johnson Nassau, Bahamas Angela Jones George Jones Dorothy Keen Macon. GA Cartersville, GA Fort Valley, GA Christopher Kunney Loy Renee Lester Rcidsvillc, GA Columbus. GA Columbus. GA Wanda Lester Byronville, GA Mary Lindsey Fort Valley. GA Sharon Livatl Reynolds, GA Angela McKinney Warner Robins, GA Rosalyn Massey Miami. FL Eric Mathis Fort Valley. GA Jacob McPhee Nassau, Bahamas Derrick Milton Columbus, GA Heidi Miller Fort Valley, GA Pamela Miller Fort Valley. GA Sheila Miller Miami, FL Victor Matthews Traci McKenzie Brunswick, GA Warner Robins, GA Sophomores—61SOPHOMORESOPHOMORESOPHOMORESOI Anthony Moody Kenneth Morris Linda Mountain Deloris Nelson Angelia Newton Athens, GA Rome, GA Sandersville, GA Ideal, GA Waynesboro, GA Anthony Norman Lincolnton, GA Ronnie O’Neil Dublin, GA Paige Thomaston, GA Lisa Parker I eonard Patterson Atlanta, GA Macon, GA Karen Pender Marsha Phillips Shardon Pittman Nassau, Bahamas Decatur, GA Dawson, GA Derrick Preer Stephanie Pride Brian Prince Columbus. GA Griffin, GA Augusta, GA Oscar Ragin Fort Valley, GA Dietrich Reid Griffin, GA Constance Reeves McRae, GA Milton Reeves Roberta, GA Vondra Rhodes Atlanta, GA 62—SophomoresIOMORESOPHOMORESOPHOMORESOPHOM Jerry Robinson Cairo, GA Maurice Rogers Valdosta. GA Lillian Sands Westpoint, GA Michael Scott Hawkinsville, GA Tawanna Scott Commerce, GA Willie Scrivins Miami, FL Jasper Sessions Atlanta. GA Mary Sherod Louisville, GA Bernard Smith Macon, GA Juanzetta Smith Fitzgerald, GA Cheryl Snead Carolyn Stanley Mike Stevenson Macon, GA Atlanta, GA Brunswick, GA Diedra Stroud Larry Sutton Angela Thompson Athens. GA Warner Robins. GA Savannah, GA Ix nnie Thompson Gary, IN Donald Towns Vienna, GA Hollis Towns Fort Valley. GA James Tolcs Fort Valley. GA Valerie Walker Macon, GA Sophomores—63SOPHOMORESOPHOMORESOPHOMORESOI Emily Wallace Wayne West Atlanta. GA Fort Valley. GA Steve Whipple Lyvonn White Toomsboro, GA Lumpkin. GA Mary Whatley Barnesville. GA Thomas Widemon East Point, GA Alta Williams Fort Valley. GA Tracy Williams Atlanta. GA Wylene Williams Fort Valley. GA Angela Willis Sharon Wilson Griffin, GA Tifton. GA Sherece Williams Vidalia. GA Lisa Woolfork David Wright Tony Yates Craig York Cynthia Calhoun Montezuma, GA Wrens. GA Fort Valley, GA Montezuma. GA Camilla, GA 64—Sophomores65 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS gMlJfH Deryk Burkes—Treasurer Regina Reese—President Deborah Holton—Asst. Secretary Jerry Robinson—Secretary Anthony Bryant—Vice-President 66FRESHMANFRESHMANFRESHMANF David Adams Fort Valley, GA Veronica Alford Newnan. GA Cedric Bacon Warrenton. GA David Barnes Sparta. GA Ronnie Bell Savannah. GA Cheryl Brown Cuthbert, GA Brenda Addison W'higham, GA Donna Ages Fort Valley, GA David Allison Savannah, GA Lewicinda Baker Macon, GA Kim Barksdale Atlanta. GA Michelle Barton Cordcle, GA Cynthia Beauford Lumpkin, GA Johnny Bently Thomaston, GA Shyronna Billingslea Atlanta. GA George Brown Columbus, GA Kim Brown Atlanta. GA Cheryl Aker Calhoun, GA Verna Allred Fort Valley. GA Tammy Beavers Cartersville, GA Regina Blackmon Molena, GA I Titus Andrews Sparta, GA Casandra Barnes Atlanta. GA Tracey Beckham Atlanta. GA Gary Brooks Atlanta, GA Leroy Brown Blakely. GA 68—FreshmenSHMANFRESHMANFRESHMANFRE Mark Brown Columbus, GA Keith Browning Social Circle. GA Ronnie Brown Dixie, GA Willie Brown Marshallville. GA James Byrom Montezuma, GA Donovan Butler Connecticut Allison Burke Atlanta, GA Jams Cain Atlanta. GA Glen Carrey Macon. GA Gavin Byron Atlanta. GA Sona Brown Alapaha, GA DJuana Burke Atlanta. GA Darryl Carter Atlanta. GA Veronica Carter Philadelphia. PA Sabrina Chaney Unadilla. GA Felecia Childs Vienna. GA Wendy Clark Cordele, GA Tangye Clink Athens, GA Victoria Cook Augusta, GA Valerie Combs Adrienne Colbert Macon, GA Atlanta. GA Elaine Changler Reynolds, GA Carlene Cottle Macon, GA Teresa Colbert Griffin, GA Willie Brown Fort Valley. GA Billy Burks Millcdgeville, GA Chris Carter Reidsville, GA Cynthia Cheeley Warrenton, GA Carla Cooper Milledge%'ille. GA Holly Collier Atlanta, GA Freshmen—69FRESHMANFRESHMANFRESHMANF Lyda Cramati Baxley. GA Ashok Das Atlanta, GA Stephen Days Mt. Vernon Marsha Dixon Ixmisville. GA Joanne Elam Lincolnton. GA Charles Felton Atlanta, GA Ricky Dean Reynolds, GA Ricky Dorsey Atlanta. GA Wanda Elder Carrollton. GA Devin Field Baxley, GA Karen Culpepper Decatur, GA Timothy Davis Atlanta. GA Verlisia Dennard Dawson, GA Teddy Drakes Eastman. GA Kelvin Evans Norwood, GA Theodore Fitts Augusta. GA Sharon Curtis Zebulon, GA Timothy Davis Atlanta, GA Lisa Daniel Atlanta. GA Ted Day Dayton, Ohio Tawana Denson Thomaston, GA Della Dixon Atlanta. GA Sharon Easier Columbus, GA Audrey Ezell Fort Valley, GA Carolyn Flcmister Meansville, GA Stanley Fletcher Ncwnan, GA Isaac Edmonds Moultrie, GA Mark Fair Atlanta. GA 70—FreshmenSHMANFRESHMANFRESHMANFRES Thomas Fortune Gable. SC William Garnigan Carte rsville, GA Godfrey Gray Atlanta. GA Ernestine Frazier Brunswick. GA Victoria Gibson Griffin, GA Cynthia Goodman Fitzgerald. GA Chevon Griner Atlanta. GA Hendrietta Fulks Ellaville. GA Wyvonia Gillespie Perry. GA Kenneth Grable Macon. GA Linda Green Swainsboro, GA Jimmy Hall. Jr. Vidalia, GA Donnell Harwick Byromville. GA Richard Hall Milledgeville, GA Bobby Harris Macon. GA Larry Hallis Atlanta. GA Michele Harris Atlanta. GA Wyonita Garner Warner Robins, GA Glendora Glover Ft. Gaines. GA Tammy Grady Atlanta. GA Terray Green Macon. GA Stephanie Hampton Atlanta. GA Maureen Hart Phoenix. AZ Toni Garnigan Cartersville, GA Lesley Glover Robins. AFB, GA Eric Gray Atlanta. GA Darrin Greene Miami, FL Valerie Hardway Barnesville, GA Fred Hammonds Atlanta. GA Freshmen—71FRESHMANFRESHFRESHMANFRESI Brian Henderson Macon. GA Valeric Hill Fort Valley. GA Shirley Henderson Millen, GA Terry Hollingshed Fort Valley, GA William Hicks Miami, FL Kim Holly Rome, GA Dorevia Hill Fort Valley. GA Dennis Holsey Sparta, GA Paula Hill Fort Valley. GA Pamela Howard Warner Robins, GA Allison Hunter Atlanta. GA Jonathan Jackson Perry, GA Walter Jackson Columbus. GA Jonathan Johnson Savannah, GA Casey Hunter Whigham, GA Kawana Jackson Warner Robins, GA Wanda Jackson Covington, GA Lillie Johnson Ellcnwood. GA Debra Jackson Buena Vista, GA Kenneth Jackson Quitman. GA Freddie Jenkins Ocilla. GA Linda Johnson Fort Valley. GA Jerry Jackson Fitzgerald. GA Jaquona Jackson Atlanta, GA Shawnda Jackson Athens, GA Jan Johnson East Elmhurs, NY Maurico Jackson Desota. GA Narisa Johnson Augusta. GA Jackie Jolly Fort Valley. GA 72—Freshmen4ANFRESHMANFRESHMANFRESHM Cheryl Jones Arlington. GA Thelonious Jones Augusta, GA Mark King Athens, GA David Jones Atlanta, GA Willie Jones Waynesboro, GA Miriam King Macon, GA Jacquelyn Jones Columbia, SC Leroy Jones Atlanta, GA Ralph Jones Atlanta, GA Danny Kelly Warner Robins, GA Vincent King Monroe, GA Debra Kelly Miami, PL Janice Lang Savannah, GA Vera Kelly Atlanta, GA Anita Lassiter Perry. GA Renee Latimore Dublin, GA Gina Lewis East Point. GA Raymond Lynch Columbus, GA Connie I.eary Montezuma, GA Felicia Lewis Augusta, GA Cassandra Machett Miami, FL Sammie Lewis Keisha Long Byromville, GA Lithonia, GA Polly Mackey Evonne Mahoney Glenwood, GA Washington. GA Debra Lewis Sparta. GA Phyllis Ix ng Atlanta, GA Steven Marshall Fort Valley, GA Freshmen—73FRESHMANFRESHMANFRESHMANF] Felecia Martin Montezuma. GA Terrance Mathis Reynolds, GA Monica Moore Atlanta, GA Hope Meadow Warner Robins, GA Percittia Merrit Fairburn, GA Latonya McCrary Atlanta. GA Angela McGee Fort Valley. GA Scottie McWilliams Pinehurst, GA Cassandra Pearson Columbus. GA Wavne Nelson Unadilla. GA Stanley Pearson Columbus. GA Litton McGhee Atlanta. GA Clifford O’Connor Miami. FL Anthony Perkins East Point. GA Reginald Mathis Fort Valley, GA Rodney Miles Dawson, GA Reginald Mathis Atlanta. GA Linsey Mobley Quitman. GA Constance McClure Columbus. GA Angelia McKenzie Swainsboro. GA Jimmy Oglesby Fort Valley. GA Freddie Phillips Miami. PL Wallace McCrary. Jr. Lawrenceville, GA Willie McClendon Mt. Vernon Gwenever Ogletree West Point, GA Todd Phillips Vidalia. GA 74—FreshmenSHMANFRESHMANFRESHMANFRES Christine Pitts Macon, GA Charles Randall Atlanta. GA Phyllis Ponder Griffing. GA Pamela Redding Perry, GA Johnny Riley Mesena, GA Edith Robinson Warner Robins, GA Twanna Royal Cordele, GA Rodrick Riley Augusta. GA Rosemary Robinson Atlanta. GA Debra Russell Atlanta. GA Leisa Slaughter Columbus. GA Denise Smalley Augusta. GA Fredrick Porter Macon, GA Kent Render Atlanta, GA Phyllis Roberta Atlanta. GA Tarence Robinson Miami, FL Jerry- Saunders Atlanta, GA Christopher Smith Shondrille Porter Warner Robins, GA Lacrymasa Rainey College Park. GA Mae Francis Render Gay. GA Sharon Roberts Miami, FL Faye Roundtree Augusta. GA Tonia Scott Adaisville. GA Debra Smith Macon, GA Lisa Rilar Perry. GA Terry Roberts Mayfield. GA Veronica Rouse Fort Valley Robert Shufford Augusta, GA Grover Smith Atlanta. GA Freshmen—75freshmanfreshmanfreshmanf: Letitia Smith Covington, GA Judson Spencer Columbus. GA Vonetta Thomas Dublin, GA Quita Tukes Atlanta, GA Rita Walker Eastman, GA ■Joann Walton Columbus. GA Melody Smith Miami, PL William Spooney Gray, GA Lisa Thompson Columbus, GA Paula Turner Atlanta, GA Terry Walker Fort Valley. GA Tamlar Walton Augusta, GA Melvin Smith Louisville, GA Darryl Stewart Temple. TX Sherry Thornhill East Point, GA Dianne Veal Gordon. GA Charles Wallace Warthen, GA Leroy Warner Atlanta, GA Shelia Smith Atlanta, GA Sharon Stovall Atlanta, GA Belinda Tripplet Philadelphia. PA Debra Walker Perry, GA Jeffery Wallace Athens, GA Kelley Washington Atlanta, GA Victoria Smith Griffin, GA Elvis Thomas Cuthbert, GA Kim Tukes Atlanta. GA Malcolm Walker Warner Robins, GA Tyre Waller Eatonton, GA Nelson Wheeler Atlanta, GA 76—Freshmen1SHMANFRESHMANFRESHMANFRES David Whitfield Brunswick, GA Anthony Williams Camilla. GA Earleane Williams Fort Valley. GA Dewanda Williams Decatur. GA Fredine Williams Augusta, GA Lasandrc Williams Miller, GA Darren Winters Byronville, GA Richard Williams Atlanta, GA Asa Woodard Thomaston, GA Tina Wright Columbus, GA Utiva Wynn Fort Valley. GA Robin Young Atlanta. GA Edmund Journey Montezuma, GA Freshmen—77Orientation A Plus for Incoming Freshmen Most Freshmen want an answer to one question “What can I expect at college?” Though there’s no clear answer to the above question. Student Affairs and the Counseling Center tries to make incoming students transition to college life a smooth one. This is done by selecting upper classmen to serve as student orientation leaders. Student leaders aid incoming students by helping at registin-tion and conducting tours of the campus so that new students can acquaint themselves with the college facilities. Incoming students are assigned to advisors who are usually instructors in their particular area of study. These advisors usually advise students throughout their college life. Incoming students have the oppor- tunity to meet the President and department heads at the President’s reception for incoming freshmen. Further adjustment can be accomplished thur the counseling center which also sets up tutorial session for new students and upperclassmen experiencing difficulties. Freshmen orientation provides better understanding of college life for incoming students. 78—Freshmen OrientationFreshmen Orientation—79freshman class officersreeks non Greeks Greeks non Greeks Greeks n CHANGE One of the changes that Greeks and Non-Greeks have made is the design of their pledgees’ uniforms. Uniforms for potential new members have changed drastically since the 1950’s 60’s. Greeks Non-Greeks—81Students, whether Greek or Non-Greek, are sure to amass a lifetime of memories and experience innumerable changes during their years at FVSC. 82—Greeks Non-GreeksALPHA KAPPA ALPHA Alpha Kappa Alpha, the first Greek Letter Sorority organized in America by Black women, was founded at Howard University in 1908. It has grown from one undergraduate chapter to a national organization with three international chapters and nearly eighty-five thousand members. The aims of Alpha Kappa Alpha are Sisterhood, Scholarship, Construction, and Leadership. With these aims in mind, the sorority implements programs that serve all mankind with special consideration for the Black community. At Fort Valley State College, the aims of the society are carried out by the Alpha Beta Chapter which was founded in 1943. Deborah Moore, Yolanda Morris, Shirley Laseter, Sherri Gillis, Sherry Perry, Terri Gillis, Brenda Williams, Vivian Walker, Dianne Owens, Derrell Johnson. (Middle) Greeks Non-Greeks—83Delta Sigma Theta Valerie Wright, Cassandra Vance, Gail Lewis, Jacqueline Peterson. Essie Stokes. Kasaundra Byrd, Angela Jones, Justine Askins, Joscelvn Varlack, Leslie Terrentine, Sandra McWilliams, Vivian Edwards. Tanya Scott. Valerie Winston On January 13, 1913, Delta Sigma Theta was founded on the campus of Howard University. This was the beginning of a sorority which stressed public service as well as academic excellence and cultural enrichment. The Eta Chapter was founded in 1947, on the Fort Valley State College Campus. Since its inception, the chapter has been responsible for a number of projects to benefit the community and the college. The Deltas of FVSC are presently involved in Nursing Home Projects, Cancer Drives, and Voter Registration. 84—Greeks Non-GreeksSigma Gamma Rho Paula M. King, Peggy Manning Sigma Gamma Rho, Inc., was founded November 12,1922 on the campus of Butler University in Indiana. The sorority was formed on the concept of Greater Service, Greater Progress. It holds membership in the National Pan-Hellenic Council, the National Council of Black Women, the NAACP, the National Urban League, and is a contributor to the United Negro College Fund. The Zeta Pi Chapter was chartered on April 14, 1975, at Fort Valley State College. It seeks to uphold the founding concept through the services it provides.ZETA PHI BETA Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc., an organization with over 300 undergraduate chapters, originated on the campus of Howard University, January 16, 1920. It is an organization dedicated to Scholarship, Service, and Sisterly Love. Zeta Phi Beta and its brot her fraternity, Phi Beta Sigma, are the first and only Black Constitutional Greek-letter sister and brother organizations. Delta Beta Chapter was founded at Fort Valley State College on April 14, 1946. Finer Womanhood Week is one of many activities sponsored by Delta Beta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta. Barbara Collins, Judy Barrett, and Vanessa McKay (Sitting) Judy Barrett. Barbara Collins. Juanita Elam, and Constance Brimm 86—(Ireeks Non-ClreeksALPHA PHI ALPHA Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity was founded at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, December 4, 1906. The Gamma Zeta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha was founded on the Fort Valley State College Campus on November 14, 1946. Since then, Gamma Zeta Chapter has striven for and successfully accomplished its aims of manly deeds, scholarship, and love for all mankind. Contributions of Gamma Zeta to the college and community are numerous. Though proud of its achievements, Alpha does not dwell on the past, it moves progressively toward the future. Standing: Avery Harris, Ulysses Pickard, David Lowe, Jason Graddick. Kneeling: Johnny Foster, Ronnie Walker, Clarence Gooch. Greeks Non-Greeks- 8The Gamma Zeta Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi was founded on the campus of Fort Valley State College on May 21,1948. The guiding principle of the fraternity is that service in the public interest and for the development of st rong leadership while achieving in every field of human endeavor is a must. It is through efforts to uphold that principle that the men of Kappa Alpha Psi are able to maintain a high degree of excellence in service to the community and the college. If there is a friend to be made or a task to be done, the men of Gamma Zeta will accept the challenge of service to mankind. KAPPA ALPHA PSI Row 1: Grady Miles, Kirk Huggins. Donald Hatcher. Jeffrey Stargell. Jerome Kemp. Row 2: Andre Green. Chris London, Isaiah Coley, Gerald Nicholson. Milton Myers, Kevin Parker. Thomas White. Row 3: Wayne West, Fernandez Meadows. Norman Johnson, Melvin Barrow, and Darryl Turner. 88—Greeks Non-GreeksPHI BETA SIGMA Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., is an international organization of college and professional men, founded in 1914 at Howard University. It has its principles of Brotherhood. Scholarship, and Service. As one of eight Black Greek-letter Organizations, Phi Beta Sigma has a membership of over 65,000 with chapters throughout the continental United States, Switzerland and Africa. The fraternity’s conception of Brotherhood coincides with that of the great Indian philosopher. Sir Aurobindo, who defines brotherhood as “equal freedom of self development on a common aim, a common life, a unity of mind and feeling, founded upon the recognition of this inner spiritual unity.” Kneeling: Anthony Bryant. Row 2: Lawrence Walker, Lawrence Bacon, Eddie Jackson, Frank Smith, Vernon Smith. Row 3: Leon Troutman, Leon Hunter, Willie Williams, Norman Hicks, Eric Hughey. Greeks Non-G reeks—89OMEGA PSI PHI Wavne Pope. Allen King, Ronald Atkinson, John Ezell, Randall Bighatn, Boris Stevens, Reginald Bigham, Jeffery Mobley, Marvin Hall. John Ores, Moses Everrett, Wendell McBurrows. Omega Psi Phi is the pride of an institution of men, dedicated and solemnly-pledged to the four cardinal principles of Manhood, Scholarship, Perserverance, and Uplift. As elusive as the bird in flight, and as visible and tangible as the idea of brotherhood itself, the spirit of Omega came to Fort Valley State in the fall of 1946. Established nationally in 1911, the Omega spirit has become a mystical thing, half human and semi-sacred, having been made so by the enormous souls who lent their ideals, percept ions, and hopes to an idea and made of it something refined, something which breathes and stirs, something which alters and illuminates human history. As the finest spirit of democratic living, Upsilon Sigma Chapter has always placed transcendent accent on individual achievements, concurring with Carlyle that history is but an account of the illustrious lives which animate it. Similarly, the spirit of Omega in its magnitude and beauty defies description. 90 (Ireeks Non-Greeks✓ ALPHA SIGMA MU The International Federation of Alpha Sigma Mu Fraternity was established in the state of New Jersey on July 30, 1969, under Title Fifteen of the Revised Statues of the state of New Jersey. The purpose of this fraternity is to help veterans become familiar with and adjust to college life. It has both active and honorary members. It was primarily because of the efforts of Fred Gibson that Phi Chapter of Alpha Sigma Mu was chartered at FVSC on July 14, 1971. The fraternity promotes the aims of the college and contributes significantly to the enrichment of campus life for all students. Warner Williams, Ernest Hamsley, Danny Tukes, Eugene Coleman. Jerome Mobley, Isaac Blue, Grady Story. Greeks Non-Greeks- 91ALPHA PHI OMEGA The Phi Zeta Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity was established on the campus of Fort Valley State College, June 16, 1969. The purpose of this fraternity is to promote Leadership, Friendship, and Service. The men of Alpha Phi Omega, who are often called “brothers of the rising sun,” strive to reach higher grounds and to help others attain their goals through hard work in both college and community affairs. Eddie King, Samuel Williams, Carl McGhee, Lonnie Bartley, Alvin Houston. 92—Greeks Non-GreeksIMPERIAL BACHELORS The Imperial Bachelors Organization was founded at Georgia College in Milledgeville, Georgia. The founding fathers were Allen Abraham, Ervin Anderson, John Hal-lands, and Jeffery Thrope. The Fort Valley State Chapter was chartered October 21, 1982. The organization abides by the principles of Fellowship, Scholarship, Character, and Unity. The major projects of the organization are Voters Registration, Food Baskets for the needy, and Toys for Tots. Row 1: Randall Little, Kerry Stroud. Jeff Finch. Row 2: Reginald Bigham. Anthony Horne, Gary Edwards, Anthony Webb. Kenneth Eure. Row 3: Sammuel McKinnon, Ronald Atkinson. Isaac Lawson, Gregory McGrady, Scott Butler. Sean Blyden. Greeks Non-Greeks—93ESQUIRE XIII SOSOCOOC X 3COOOC SOC X COOCOC OOCOCCOCOCO Sitting: Cecil Howell, Jeffery Williams, Cedric Randolph. Darryl Lambert, Broderick Bateman, Amobi Nwafor. Standing: Bryan Turner, Kirkland Hart, Marcus Dewberry, Randy Jackson, Loy Lee. Esquire XIII began as a club on November 4, 1955, at Virginia State University. Dr. James C. Nelson spearheaded its inception. On February 6, 1978, Esquire XIII became a nationally chartered fraternity. Since that time, nineteen chapters of the fraternity have been established nationwide. The Fort Valley State Chapter of the organization was established in September, 1966. In accordance with its national aims, the chapter dedicates itself to campus and community services. It proposes to foster social relationships to encourage scholarship, and to develop a cultural conscience on the campus and in the community. The men of Esquire XIII mold their lives by the fraternity’s motto: “Be Ye Always A Gentleman.” 94—Greeks Non-GreeksVOGUE XIII SORORITY Yolanda Blackmon, Gwendolyn Taylor, Latrese Davis, Sylvia Marshall, Tracy Tolston, Victoria Dorsey, Wanda Rainey. When Vogue XIII Sorority began on the campus of Voorhees College on October 12,1955, Ms. Noretta Hay was the President and there were sixteen chapter members. Fort Valley State College’s Chapter of the sorority was founded in 1968 by William Dugus. Greeks Non-Greeks—95Greeks non Greeks Greeks non Greeks Greek Tear down, build up, Renovate, transform. Modify, Deviate. As times passes All things must change; And along with change Comes improvement. From their beginning in the past These organizations have withstood The test of time And the ravages of change. 96—Greeks Non-GreeksGreeks Non-Greeks—9798—Greeks Non-GreeksGreeks—99100—GreeksGreeks at Fort Valley State College sponsor many service projects, canned food drives, R.I.F. voter registration, S.A.A.D., Meals on Wheels, and visiting the convalescent homes in the Peach county area. Dedicated to the ideas of those noble souls who were our founders. Greeks—101WHO’S WHO AMONG AMERICAN COLLEGES UNIVERSITIES Bottom Row: Dianne Owens, Paul Etim, Sally Diony, Darryl Turner, Gail Lewis, Lawerence Bacon, Jr., Judy Barrett. Middle Row: Mildred Wildgoose, Patricia Jones, Earnest Hansley, Shirley Atwarter, Ronald Atkinson, Rhonda Colvin, Shawn Hollimon. Top Row: Bruce Mullen, Angela Jones, Valerie Winston, Ira Foster, Veronica Clark. Kevin Parker, Ronda Marable, Angela Jordon, Boris Stephens. 102—Who’s WhoOrganizations—103Alpha Kappa Mu Dianne Owens, Eric Hughey, Ronda Colvin, Kirk Huggin and Sandra McWilliams Boyd Hall Darryl Starks, Bruce Mullens, Walter Brown 104—OrganizationsChristian Fellowship Society Sitting: Larry Daniels Row 2: Alfred Bassey, Mary Lindsey, Mary Jackson, Johnson Obamehinti, Kenneth Martin Row 3: Stephanie Logan, Judy Davis, Franklin McCary, Zachary Lindsey, Patrick Hanna Sitting: Judy Davis, Mary Lindsey Row 2: Alfred Bassey, Kenneth Martin, Zachary Lindsey, Patrick Hanna Davidson Hall Sharon Stovall, Lorette Johnson, Felicia Childs, Debra Russell Organizations—105Debate Team Herman Brookins, Thelonious Jones, Shirley Atwater, Wanda Mag wood, Casey Flagg Josie Hall Elsie Minter, Sharon Floyd, Alveta Stubbs, Barbara Harmon 106—OrganizationsHealth Physical Education Norman Hart, Emmitt Jordan, Hugh Early, Robert Tigner, Deborah Moore. Patti Johnson, Grady Miles, Quintin Hayes, Milton Myers Organizations—107Young Men’s Council Andre Bass, John Leonard, Elvis Haslem, Michael Scott, Elliot Mizell 108—OrganizationsYoung Women’s Council Row 1: Agoree Turner, Marjorie Bembry, Cathie Calvin, Veronica Clark Row 2: Adriene Colbert, Earlene Paige, Janice Miller, Faye Hunter, Faye Cosby Row 3: Gwen Lamar, Lisa Slaughter, Sarah Hooks, Cynthia Hirs Row 4: Phyllis Smith, Brenda Addson, Annette Braddy, Erica Bridges Gwen Lamar, Phyllis Smith, Agoree Turner, Veronica Clark, Erica Bridges Organizations—109Political Science Calvin McDonald, Willie Davis, Boniface Anuebunwa, Mr. Jerry Mortagh, Advisor. 110—OrganizationsScience Club Row 1: Dorothy Keen, Shelia Ashley, Gwyn Lester Row 2: Linda D. Mountain Row 3: Karl Dawkins, Charles Hosley, Deva McDaniels, Dr. Melinda Davis and Dr. Issac Crumbly, Advisors Organizations—111Miss ROTC Jackie Peterson Top: Miss ROTC escorted by Reginald Warren and Jeffrey Finch Bottom: ROTC’s Drill Team 112—ROTCAt Fort Valley State College, ROTC is becoming a way of life for an increasing number of students. Students have found the ROTC subsistence allowance to be an excellence hedge against increased college tuitions. ROTC develops students leadership and management ability to their fullest potential. top: FVSC’s drill team in action, middle: cadets enjoying dinner, bottom: Members of the drill team, pose for Flame staff photographers. ROTC—113ROTC Officers row 1: Cynthia Hires, Telisa Perry, Valorie Hardin, Barbara Wooten, Jackie Peterson, Patricia Wilder, Pamela McGhee, Gwen Taylor, Reginald Warren, Glenn Ross. row 2: Ronald Atkinson, Ejnor Allen, Ricardo Tripp, John Ezell, Gary Lucas, Casey Flagg, Andre Fletcher, Willie Williams, Yolander Robinson middle: Precision practiced by FVSC’s Drill unit, bottom: Color Guard in action. 114—ROTC S' Drama Club Player’s Guild Row 1: Renee Crummell Row 2: Linda Davis, Eyvone McCloud Row 3: Kenneth Grable, Chris Gamble, Oscar Ragan Vine in the Wilderness FVSC’s Drama Club presented several plays on Campus. By popular demand the “Players Guild” represented the play “Wine in the Wilderness” "Wine in the Wilderness” showcased the action talents of all it’s members, memorable performances were turned in by Larry Carter. The performance of this play was so popular among students that it was presented twice during the school year. Organizations—115116-Drama ClubDrama Club—117118—DramaWhat Makes You Sure It Was Me? There is a saying, “no two people are alike.” Is is true? Students at FVSC were asked how did they tell identical twins apart. Most said “that one is either a little taller, has a distinguishing feature that allows close observer to tell them apart.” Flame Staff Photographers found the job a little harder. Reignald Randall Bingham Reginald and Randall say that they are alike basically. Sport wise, both enjoy the playing of basketball, while watching football is a pasttime for both. On the mat ter of becoming a fraternity brother, both pledged Omega Psi Phi in the Spring of 1982. Raggae is the only music, according to Reginald and Randall. Reginald loves to sing, while Randall would rather listen. Reginald and Randall are from Dublin, GA. Twins—119Donald Ronald Hatcher Ronald Donald Born and raised in Fort Valley, G A, i Ronald and Donald choose to attend 1 FVSC because of academics as well as economical reasons. Born under the j sign of Leo, they are alike in almost all 1 their quantities. As freshmen, both were a part of FVSC cheering stuntmen. Both are members of Kappa Alpha Psi, however Donald pledged in the spring of ’83, while Ronald pledged in the Fall of ’84. Ronald Donald’s hobbies include art, music, swimming, dancing and playing ten 120-Twins§penal §pttxnl Special Features—121Raphael Steals The Show The 1983 Homecoming attraction featured the “Jonzun Crew” and Raphael. However, due to technical difficulties, the Jonzun Crew arrived late and Raphael had to babysit the audience. Performing several hit singles by various recording artists, Raphael was the overall favorite during the attraction When the Junzun Crew finally arrived, they stunned the audience with their colorful, space outfits and punk-funk music. The most memorable selection the band played was “Space Cowboy.” Both Raphael and the Jonzun Crew performed admirably and ended homecoming 1983 with a bang! 122—Special FeaturesWomen In Dialogue Mrs. Jean Young, wife of Andrew Young, mayor of Atlanta, led a panel of Feminist who discussed issues ranging from politics to human rights. Mrs. Young headed a list of outstanding that included women from all around the world. The topic discussed by feminist dealt with the rights of women, both human and political rights in American as well as in foreign nations. Special Features—123Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration On Friday, January 13, 1984 the Fort Valley State College family held a program in tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The guest speaker for the hour was the famous comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory. Mr. Gregory spoke about “The Dream" and how we should keep the Dream alive. He also emphasized the important roles blacks play in today’s economic system. The program was very enjoyable and educational for all who attended. 124—Special FeaturesDick Gregory Immediately following the program, Dick Gregory is shown here along with Mrs. Mamie Burse and Mr. Thomas Dorch at a press conference. Mr. Gregory entertained many questions on current events asked by television, newspapers and radio reporters. Special Features—125126—Special FeaturesPresidential Candidate speaks To Fort Valley State Reverend Jesse Jackson Reverend Jesse Jackson, democratic hopeful for the presidency, spoke to nearly 1,500 member of the FVSC family. Reverend Jackson deliverd a powerful message stating that the time is now for a black man to occupy the White House. Reverend Jackson reminded the audience that registration of all would help insure a victory. Reverend Jackson visited the campus at the request of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity. Rainbow Coalition Political Platform ... A Coalition of hope ... For all Americans. Special Features—127Regional Director, Community Relations Department of Justice Speaks at FVSC Mr. Ozell Sutton Mr. Ozell Sutton, Regional Director. Southeast Region, Community Relation Service, U.S. Department of Justice, spoke to the FVSC family concerning blacks and their abilities to advance in the 1980’s. Mr. Sutton is General President of Alpha Phi Alpha. He has been recognized nationally for leadership standing as well as his professional stature. Ebony magazine list him among the 100 Most Influential Blacks in America. Mr. Sutton educational background include a B.A. degree from Philander Smith College, a cert ificate of training in Human Relations from Fisk University. Mr. Sutton is certified in conflict resolution in Washington, DC and in medication and dispute settlement from the National Center for Dispute Settlement of the American Arbitration Association in New York. Senate Resolution 283 Senator McKenzie Declare January 17, 1984 as FVSC Senate Resolution 283, commended FVSC for being one of two land grant colleges in the state and since its foundings the college has developed a comprehensive curriculum that includes the liberal arts and sciences and selected Senator McKenzie, Governor Joe Frank Harris, Dr. Luther Burse vocational and technology fields. Senate Resolution 283 further states, now, therefore, be it resolved by the General Assembly of Georgia that Fort Valley State College is commended for its successful accomplishments of its basic responsibility for educational instruction and community service and its enthusiastically supported in its future challenges and pursuit of excellence. 128—Special FeaturesBand—129130—Marching Band The Fort Valley State College Marching Wildcats Band The FVSC marching Wildcats, again this year did an exciting show during football game half-time. The front line was highlighted by those appealing and entertaining, dancing dolls, who were led this year by Wanda Rainey, of Atlanta, Ga. The percussion section was led by Averil McCrary, of Fort Valley, while the flag team, adorned in blue gold colors was led by Justine Atkins, of Fort Valley. The dazzling twirlers were led by Barbara Heard, of Atlanta. Under the directorship of Leonard Giles, FVSC’s marching band reached heights unparalleled. Mr. Giles forces thrilled audiences with their performances. The marching Wildcats were indeed at the top when it comes to performing various hits on the chart. The music repertoire for FVSC included pop and rock. Marching Band 31 Halftime highlights the marching “Blue Machine”. y 12—Marching BandMarching Band—133134—Marching BandMarching Band—135 136—Cheerleaders LEADERSShelia Smith, Amelia Davis, Stephanie Anderson, Stephanie Hampton, Angela McKinney, Vondra Rhodes, Carolyn Flemister, Melissa Smith, Lockie Rainey Cheerleaders—137138—CheerleadersOn the Road, At home We Support Our Wildcats FVSC’s student body supports athletic program tremendously. Students traveled to game to support the cats. Though transportation. sometimes arrived late. Wildcats fan still supported the Cats. Student traveled to Alabama. Florida. Tennessee and various location throughout the State of Georgia showing support to Fort Valley State College's Athletic Teams. The Pep Club made sure that where ever Fort Valley State College’s athletic teams competed, they could look in the stands and see their fans cheering them on. 140Top Left: Team members pause during action. Left: Tuquan Taylor, prepares to take a swing against Mercer’s Bears. Top Right: Marcus Daniel connects in practice. Right: Vaughn Carey poses for camera. Bottom: Wildcats hard at work. 142—Baseball• • • Take a Hit F.V.S.C.’s baseball team had hard time winning during 1982-83 season. Due largely to inexperienced player, the cats managed to finish the season one game above the .500 mark. Considering their inexperience, the Wildcats did as well as could be expected. The 1982-83 baseball Wildcats were built on young talent that showed signs of future brilliance. There were also few individuals who stood out. Experienced and skilled athletes like Vaughn Carey, Marcus Daniel, Alonzo Jones, Terry Haynes, and Tuquan Taylor became the leaders of the club. These five helped pull FVSC through when the going got rough. Experienced players should make the winning difference in the 1983-84 season. Baseball—143Baseball standing: Glenn Ross, Sherman Bryant, Jeff Stargell, Marcus Daniel, Fernando Meadows, Vaughn Carey, Ronny Foster, Willie Smith, Alonzo Jones, sitting: Avery Harris, Jerry Haynes, Tuquan Taylor, Jimmy Barnes, Coach Marshall, Rendwick Lee, Dwight Markus, Rod Rudledge, Chris Hill, Michael Curry. 144—BaseballImpressive Seniors Lead Experienced Team Experience may very well be the best one word description of the 1983-84 Wildcat cagers. Seniors, Gary Edwards, Rodney Freeman, Freddie Gibson, Leonard Lawerence and Anthony Roach, lead a well balanced Wildcat attack. Senior leadership proved to be very strong. Throughout the season, they controlled many of their games by good ball handling and precision shooting. The attitude, knowledge, and skill seen in the Wildcat seniors is an accumulation from past work and training. Strong rebounding by Edwards and Lawerence, along with shot blocking specialist Freeman, the touch of Roach and the passing of Gibson gave Wildcat fans something to remember. Kneeling: Anthony Koach. Freddie Gibson Standing: Leonard Lawrence, Rodney Freeman, Gary Edwards Basketball—14542—Anthony Webb, 22—Edgar McKibben, 32—Norman Hart, 44—Shardon Pittman, 50—Leonard Lawrence, 52—Tony Hall, 4— Anthony Roach, 10—Willie Kelly, 12—Charles Davis, 33—Walter Adkins, 21—Calvert Smith, 40—Gary Edwards, 30—Donald Towns, 25—Rodney Freeman 146—BasketballBasketball—147Although the Wildcats varsity basketball record of 16 wins and 12 losses was a let down, their winning percentage could have been much better with a few breaks. Fort Valley fans saw plenty of excitement as the Wildcats were participants in 2 overtime games, with 4 games being settled by a basket or less. However, margins of victory and defeat became wider as the Wildcats seemed determined not to utilize their potential. Highlights of the teams season was victories over Benedict 129-66 and Delta State 71-66. Enroute to the SIAC tournament, the Wildcats manhandled Savannah State 94-76, destroyed Albany 104-81, and defeated Tuskegee 52-42. After splitting games with Atlanta schools, Clark, Moorehouse, and Morris Brown, the Wildcats began honing their offensive defensive skills for the SIAC tournament. Led in scoring by guards, Willie Kelly and Anthony Roach, the Wildcats should challenge for the SIAC’s crown. Defensively the cats are led by shot blocker, Rodney Freeman, with Gary Edwards and Leonard Lawerence handling the board work. Freddie Gibson gave the Cats an added dimension in scoring and passing. Leonard Lawerence scores against Albany. Above Opposite: Anthony Roach fires his deadly jumper. Wildcat fans bid far-well to the likes of Edwards, Freeman, Lawerence, Gibson, and Roach a tandem of dynamic senior talent. Freshman sensation Willie Kelly, along with Shardon Pittman, and Tony Hall should produce more excitement in 1984-85 for the Wildcat fans. Keepin’ An Eye On The Clock 148—Basketball Freshman sensation Willie Kelly splits the seam as he drives for two points against Savannah State. The Wildcats and Tigers exchanged the lead in the game all night long. When there were just 15 seconds left to play, the Wildcats finally took the lead for the last time. It took a technical foul on the Tigers after taking one timeout too many to ice the game for Fort Valley.Basketball—149Record Shattering Performances Roger Howard, a native of Richland and a product of Tri County High School, sets, then shatters his own marks at FVSC. Roger’s college career started in the Fall of 1980 at For Valley State. In his first year at Fort Valley State he was awarded Most Valuable Runner for the Wildcats. Last year (1983) during the SI AC Conference meet in Albany, Ga., where he established three school records in the 10,000 meter (33.01), the 1,500 meter (4.02.19) and the 5,000 meter (16.16). Roger’s plans to become a professional may be recognized, if he keeps up his blistering pace. Roger returns to FVSC in 1983-84 to began his senior season where he will compete in Cross Country as well as track. 150—Cross CountryCross Country Elvis Haslem, : Gary Lucas. Roger Howard, Robin Hurt is, Wayfte Wrigjit, Eric Jen fos, Andre-Hass. During the 1983 season. Fort Valley State’s Cross Country team finished fourth in the SIAC. Entering their second season of competition, the Wildcats placed high expectations on their returning senior letterman, Roger Howard. Howard proved his ability, but the teams success was limited. Coach Glenn Turner noted that “in- experience and youth” contributed to F.V.S.C. low standing. Gary Lucas, Andre Bass, Elvis Has-lem, Eric Jenkins, Tony Lamar, Wayne Wright, and Robin Harris participated in six competitions, the highlight of which was a nineth place finish by Roger Howard in a field of 160 runners. Cross Country—151 • .152—Making a ChampionThe Making Of A Champion Wildcat Football 83 Weight lifting and running—a must in preparing for an upcoming season. Players strive to further develop their athletic abilities using F.V.S.C.’s strenuous off season program. Careful attention is given to “stretching” muscles before practice begins. Amid the heat, i(X)-125 players, are hopeful to become a part of the “fighting Wildcats”. Human endurance is tested to the limits as, blocking sleds are blocked, tackled, and leaped as offensive and defensive lineman develop their quickness. Many passes are thrown, caught and dropped as running-backs and receivers develop a sense of timing necessary for the “passing game.” After two-a-day drills, attention is then turned to re-develop a team that was SIAC Champions in 1982-83. Running, weight training and many hours of hard practice are trademarks of the Champion Blue Death Machine. Making a Champion—153YEAR OF THE CHAMPION . - F. Lamar. K. Beasley. J. Towns, A. Verner, D. Porter, J. Rhodes. L. 'y Ingram, R. Parrish, U.S. Marshall Optimism was the general feeling when the Wildcats gathered in mid-August to begin practice for the 1983 season. 1983-84 was a season of elation for the Wildcats who had racked up a 9-2 record and won the division for the fourth year in a row. 156—Football ’83The season began September 10, against the Florida A M Rattlers of Tallahassee, Florida. There were critics who did not believe that the Wildcats should have been on the same field with the Rattlers but all of that changed at kick-off. kick-off. The Fort Valley fans watched anxiously remembering the 1982 season as the Wildcats dominated the first ten minutes of the game picking up two first downs before being forced to punt. The Wildcats scored first with a 31 yard field goal by freshman Kevin Oliver. The Rattlers came back and took a 7-3 lead. During the third quarter the Wildcats scored bringing them closer, 21-10. The Rattlers went on to win the game 35-10. Football -83—157In the first home game before a crowd of incoming freshmen, the Wildcats were victorious over the Morehouse Tigers of Atlanta 30-0. In the third game of the season the Wildcats maul the Clark College Panthers of Atlanta 40-15. The fourth game of the season with Miles College was cancelled. The fifth game of the season, the Fort Valley Wildcats spoil homecoming for Alabama A M winning 31-29. The sixth game of the season against Tuskegee Institute was a thriller as the Wildcats won 33-6. The seventh game and also homecoming was joyous as the Wildcats beat Savannah State 41-12. The eight game was away in Kentucky as the Wildcats beat the Kentucky State Thoroughbreds 34-6. The ninth and final game of the season was against arch rival Albany State. The Wildcats played Albany on their home field and slaughter the Rams 21-7. The 1983 season was a season to be well remember all who came up against the FORT VALLEY STATE WILDCATS! 158—Football ’83 In the final analysis, triumph, best depicts, the ten week crusade by the 1983-84 Wildcats football squad. Having a winning season was a dream that soon became a reality. At the ending of the season’s journey the Wildcats took a breath of relief until the next season. Football ’83—159160—FootballWildkittens Row 1: (standing) Shandra Spear, Coach Jessie Brown, Veronica Rawls, Lora Nobles, Gladys Grace Row 2: (kneeling) Phyllis Roberts, Lisa Riley, Carla Cooper Row 3: (sitting) Lisa Davis, Angela Thompson, Shandra Crafter Row 4: (top) Sue Grant, Vanessa Gibson, Jackie Porter, Celestine King Asst. Coach Lonnie Bartley, gives instruction, Angela Thompson applies defense against an MBC player. Wild Kittens—161A year of transition and a year of youth trademarked the ’83-’84 Wildkittens season. From last years’ dismal 13-13, the kittens climbed to a 17-8 final season record. Freshmen sensations Carla Cooper, Laura Nobles, Lisa Riley, and Phyllis Roberts, enthusiasm was a definite factor this season. Senior letter-men, Vanessa Gibson, Sue Grant, Celestine King and Jackie Porter all turned in a fine final season. 162—Wild KittensThe Wildkittens were picked and finished 3rd in conference standings. Late during mid-season an injury to Sue Grant all but destroyed the Kittens hopes of winning a division crown for retiring Coach Jessie Brown. Senior Jackie Porter responded to Sue Grant injury by playing good basketball for the “kittens.” In the SIAC tournament, the Wildkittens defeated Morris Brown, escaped Albany State, before facing the lady Bulldogs of Alabama A M in the Championship game. Wild Kittens—163164—Wild Kittens BasketballAfter Eleven Seasons Wildkittens Coach, Jessie Brown Resigns Coach Jessie Brown resigned as Wildkittens head coach effective at end of the 1983-84 basketball season. Coach Brown stated that “personal reasons was a factor effecting her resignations.” During Coach Brown’s tenure, the Wildkittens complied a record of 155 wins and 100 losses. Coach Brown in eleven years has coached several All-American. During the late 1970’s the kittens were known for their running and gunning style of play. Coach Brown’s most successful years as the Kittens mentor was 1982. During 1982 the Wildkittens won the North Central NCAA Division II Regional. Coach Brown’s honor’s include GAIW Conference Coach of the Year 1978-79, Coach of the Year 1979-80, SIAC Coach of the year 1978-79. I Wild Kittens—165Wildcat Track Coach Glen Turner did not know what to expect from the Fort Valley State College Track team. Drawing from a pool of talent, Turner’s thinclads showed signs of future brilliance. In running event, Roger Howard excelled in the 10,000 meter, 1,500 meters and 5,000 meter runs. Roger set school record in each of the events, while Calvin Duncan closed out his career as a javelin discus thrower at FVSC among the SI AC finest. The Wildcat thinclads team finished 4th in last years SIAC competition. Elvis Haslem, Gary Lucas, Roger Howard, Coach Glenn Turner, Wayne Wright, Eric Jenkins and Andre’ Bass 166—Wildcat TrackWildkitten Track Top Left Photo: Coach Doris L. Marshal, Rosa Reynolds, Barbara Harmon, Wanda Burney. Top Right Photo: Angela Kendricks Left Middle Photo: Row 1: Barbara Harmon, Row 2: Rosa Reynolds, Wanda Burney Row 3: Vanessa McKay, Celes-tine King, Angela Kendricks Wildcat Track—167Tennis Men’s Team: Milton Myers, John Dingle, Grady Miles, Issac Edmonds, Derky Burkes. Women’s Team: (standing) Shawanda Jackson, Kasaundra Byrd, Sharron Easley, (kneeling) Jennifer Massey, Derci Hylton, Cathleen Ponder. Below: John Dingle, Up in the air about his game. Far left: Lockie Raines, Returns a serve. Right: Dr. Curtis Martin, Coach 168—TennisStudent Life—169There is nothing like friend ... to share ; smile ... A friend who shares ... in life' up’s and down’s.There are times when I sit ... by my window ... In the evening sun... Or sit quietly ... eyes closed reflecting upon the day. Reflections—171Fort Valley State, SIAC Champions For performing as champions during the 1983 football season, the Student Government Association, along with the End-Zoners Club and Student Affairs honored the schools marching band, cheerleaders, pep club and football team. Above: Tuquan Taylor, Kelvin Parker, Coach Porter, Andre Green. Top left: Kelvin Parker accept player of the year award from Mr. Dan Dixon, of Radio Station VVXKO. Members of the student body, faculty, along with the city’s mayor, C.W. Peterson, joined with President Bruse and S.G.A. President Forrest Hunter to honor the Wildcats. Trophies were presented to Coach Porter, Mr. Leonard Giles and Mrs. Cynthia Sellars, for a job well done. 172—ChampionsTop Right: Mrs. Cynthia Sellars accepts award for cheering squad. Alxwe: Mr. Leonard Giles and Ejnor Allen accepting award for F.V.S.C.’s marching band. Individual trophies were received by Kelvin Parker and Tuquan Taylor. Parker was selected by the local radio station WXKO as player of the year, while Taylor was honored for being named to several All-American teams. Fort Valley’s marching band drew praise from loyal Wildcat fans. Under the direction of Mr. Leonard Giles, the marching band soared to new heights. Half-time performance consisted of tunes like Billie Jean and Beat-It. Excellent athletics, a tireless cheering squad and a much improved band made 1983-84 season one to be remembered. Champions—173Changes ... People come and People go. Forming the fibers of our lives. Friends, acquaintances, or strangers, Each Changes us in their unique way. Change—175Studying with Friends Many feel that studying can only be done thru total isolation from all distractions. Flame Staff Photographers were able to photograph student studying together. Some will argue the value of the studying with others. Viewing these students brings to mind an old saying, “two heads are better than one.” 176—Student LifeFood Festival a Success One of the many activities sponsored by FVSC Home Economics Department is the annual food festival. The food festival is an event in which students are allowed to taste a variety of food prepared by the Home Economics majors. Another event that FVSC students look forward to attending is the “Farm-City Day”, cosponsored by the Home Economics and Cooperative extension program. Among the purposes of the program were showing how research done at the college has practical applications for small farmers, and introducing farmers to new ideas and the possible benefits of producing new commodities. This year’s program focused on two commodities: Catfish and the Sweet Potato. Participants were also able to enjoy one of the popular traditional activities of the Sweet Potato Harvest Festival. They tasted a wide variety of sweet potato dishes ranging from sweet potato punch to bread and cakes, the traditional sweet potato pie and sweet potato greens. Food Festival—177178—Student LifeEven though FVSC students find time for extracurricular activities, their primary purpose in attending FVSC is to attain some form of higher education. Studying becomes an integral part of the existence of most students. FVSC students develop uncanny habits when it comes time to study. Steroes, televisions and visitors all play a part in students study habits. Some students prefer to study in their dorm rooms, while other preferred the library’s all night study facility. Most students prefer to study during the evening or late evening, leaving the afternoon for more pleasurable activities. Some students found the need for outside help, provided thru FVSC Counseling Center’s tutorial program. Which improved the study habits of a large majority of the participants. The tedious process of learning can only be successful through proper study habits. However, what works for one person will not necessarily work for another. Therefore each Wildcat must eventually create his own pattern and methods of learning to graduate and succeed in the future. Opposite page: Milton Reeves Top: Vickie Gibson Bottom: Norman Pearson leads discussion in student study group. Student Life—179AR CAVALIER CAVALIER PAGEANT Among the many new programs of entertainment during the 1983-84 school year, the AKA Cavalier Pageant was one to remember. This pageant consisted of gentlemen who were selected as AKA sweethearts and volunteered to participate. They were judged on their modeling skills in three categories: casual, formal, and beach wear. In the top photo, the ladies of AKA entertained the audience with their stepping techniques. In the middle, the three finalists wait patiently on the judges’ decision. On the bottom, contestants Darrien Creary and Rick Dorsey model their outfits while in the last photo Angela McKinney stuns the audience with her singing. The winner of the pageant was Darrien Creary. UJ (J7 180—CavalierMany of us are accustomed to seeing women in pageants but in the the 1980’s male strippers have started an increase in the number of pageants for men. The Cavalier pageant proved to be a successful event and will continue in the years to come. In the top row, Ted Day and Jeffery Hill demonstrate their modeling techniques while Maria Stephens dances during intermission. On the middle row the audience gets a last look at Andra Reid and Capt. McNeil-Jordan served as Mistress of Ceremonies. On the bottom row Kent Render models his version of the “preppy look,” and all the contestants are serenaded by Traci Ease-ly at the piano. Cavalier—181Gong Show The Social Committee and the Upsilon Sigma Chapter of Omega Psi Phi presented its annual Gong Show. Twenty-five contestants competed for cash prizes. Talents from free style dancing to poetry recital were performed. Along the way, several contestants were gonged. Crowd pleasers Linda Spooney and the Que Five received standing ovations. 182—Gong ShowTop: Freddie Gibson, Ronnie Foster. Middle: Omega’s Que Five. Bottom: Unknown Comics, Dr. Canty, talent judge. Top: A member of the Que Five signs autographs off stage. Left: First place winner Linda Spooney. Right: Second place winner Mike and Friend. Gong Show—183“The things taught in schools and colleges are not an education, but the means of an education.” R.W. Emerson. 184—Student LifeStudent Life- 185 Students tapping into unlimited resources of the mind.186-Student LifeSmiles Have you ever taken the time to examine the phenomenon of smiling? It requires little effort, but can create immeasurable warmth within one’s soul. Flame Staff photographers were able to catch these smiles. Perhaps they will serve to brighten your days now and in years to come. Smiles—187188—SmilesSmiles—189Creativity: Goal of the 1983-84 Flame Staff This year the Flame staff worked together to create an excellent yearbook under the leadership of Mr. Alton L. Carson. The Flame staff, realizing that we could not cover every event, tried to cover events that were the most significant. Our theme CHANGE, is based in part on a new president, Dr. Luther Burse. Change as a theme became more of a reality as students have to deal with securing an education in the 1980’s. Sarah Hooks Layouts 190—Flame Staff(this page) Photo 1: Venus McGruder Typist, Layouts Photo 2: Lawrencine Delaney Layouts Photo 3: Jerry Burton Typist Photo 4: Demetris Anderson Layouts, Photography (opposite page) Photo 1: Mr. Alton L. Carson Advisor Photo 2: Lawrencine Delaney Photography Photo 3: Robert Stevens Layouts Photo 4: Chris Reese Photography Photo 5: Cheryl Stewart Co-Editor, copy, layouts, photography Photo 6: Donnie Stewart Copy, layouts Flame Staff—191192—Flame Staff•«p Homecoming ’83 Top Left; Lampados and their Line Queen. Bottom Left; Charlitha Smith performs during halftime of homecoming game. Top Right: Tuqwan Taylor presents Miss Football, Sherrie Holley, with football. Bottom Right: Second attendant to Miss Fort Valley State College, Letitia Toomer, and escort Leonard Lawrence. Homecoming ’83—193FE VFREach year FVSC kicks off homecoming with a bang, featuring performances by cheerleaders, and speeches by different faculty and staff personnel. The highlight of this year’s kick-off was the impersonation of Savannah State Cheerleaders and Homecoming Court. Homecoming ’83—195Miss FVSC and Her Court Angela Jones, Joscelyn Varlack, Miss Fort Valley State College, Letitia Toomer 196—Miss FVSC and CourtJoscelyn Varlack, Miss Fort Valley State College, 1983-’84 is a native of Columbus, Georgia, and a graduate of Hardaway High School. Miss Varlack is active in the Fort Valley State ROTC Department. In the fall of 1982, she became the only female to hold the rank of Battalion Commander, which is the highest rank a Cadet can hold. Joscelyn is also a member of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. The first attendant to Miss FVSC is Letitia Toomer, daughter of Ms. Gladys Toomer of Fort Valley, Georgia. She is majoring in Agricultural Economics and is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Angela Jones, the second attendant to Miss FVSC, is the daughter of Ms. Yvonne Jones of Fort Valley, Georgia. Angela is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and is majoring in Agricultural Economics. Far Left: Joscelyn Denise Varlack. Miss Fort Valley State, 1983-84 Left: Letitia Toomer, 1st Attendant to Miss FVSC Bottom Left: Angela Jones, 2nd Attendant to Miss FVSC Bottom Right: Miss FVSC with Court and Special Attendants: Joscelyn Varlack. Dianne Owens, Angela Jones, Letitia Toomer, Constance Brimm. Miss FVSC and Court—197The Wake FVSC continues its proud tradition with the ’83 Wake. Faculty members students showed their acting abilities in a mock funeral service for Savannah State’s Tigers. Faculty members as well as students provided hilarious reasons for the death of the Tigers. 198—Homecoming ’83Homecoming ’83—199A Dynasty 200—Miss FVSC and EscortOf Elegance Coronation is one of the major events of homecoming week. The music, the lights, the glamour, and elegance, make the coronation ceremony one that each queen will always remember and cherish. Attendants Queens—201202—Homecoming ’83The All Night Dance During homecoming, one of the most successful events is the All Night Dance. Each year the Student Center is packed to capacity with FVSC students and guests from the visiting schools. Flame Staffers captured some students from FVSC and Savannah State as they danced the night away. Homecoming ’83—203204—Homecoming ’83 Homecoming ’83—205Below: Ervin Street, Ejnor Allen. Right: Joscelyn Varlack, Miss FVSC. Bottom: Miss FVSC and Escort David Cason. 206—Homecoming ’83 Escorts play an important role in the activities surrounding the Coronation. Leon Allen dances with Keith Jones, Alpha Sigma Mu’s Queen. Escorts Rufus Jones and Michael Randle take time to pose for Flame Staffer. Homecoming ’83— 207Homecoming ’83 That homecoming ’83 had arrived was evidenced by the many roadside bar-b-que stands and the return of many FVSC Alumni and Friends. There were many exciting moments, the most memorable of which was the Wildcat Victory over the Savannah State Tigers. Homecoming ’83 was indeed a special time for FVSC and the community. 208—Homecoming ’83Homecoming ’83—209210—Homecoming ’83Alma Mater Fort Valley State! Fort Valley State! Our lives to thee we dedicate. Our souls we blend to sing thy name Eternal praise we do proclaim. Faithful and true, Fort Valley State, We at thy call, forever wait, We lift our hearts in thankfulness, For loyalty and thoroughness. —William H. Pipes We love to hear thy sweet name called Thou art the dearest school of all. Our hearts to thee will e‘re belong Thou art so steadfast, brave and strong, We love thee so. Fort Valley State! Our loyalty we dedicate, Thy name forever we proclaim. —Odessa Hardison McNair '54PH 212—ChangeA year filled with changes, sometimes we studied, hoping to make it thru another day. Clothed ourselves in costumes, packed our cars and moved on. We took the time to make new friends. Discussed ways in which to interest the opposite sex. Had our one great moment on stage. Finally, we took the time, reflected upon the year and smiled about all of the changes along the way. Change—213r art

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