Fort Valley High School - Vallihi Yearbook (Fort Valley, GA)

 - Class of 1959

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The Fm Valley Kgy Cm, 1 prcmuamy presents F3 X 4 the 1959 QLJQQXWAQ . gk 1' Y . - 0 D ,VALLJIHH 0 ,' xr , Y? TENTH ANNIVERSARY FONT Vmuley SCRHOOH Fort Valley, Ge OFFICERS CLISBY RICHARD CLYDE BOBBY GORDON ADVISERS OFFICERS DIRECTORS GEORGE HASLAM, JR. President ,D.V..Y,,,,,,,,,Y,,Y,V,,V,V,,YfV,...,V,, BOBBY JONES Senior ,Y,,-V -4V-fV, Y '--fV WALTER BOWMAN BILLY NICHOLS Vice-President ., Y ,,,, RICHARD WILSON Junior ,Y,Y...,V fff-Y,, V - EI-U5 BROWN BILL TOM JONES Secretary ,,,DD,D,D,,,,Y,,Y,Y,, Yfrryrf G ORDON SMITH Sophomore Y,,., -V --YKVO JOHN RUE ,i!l,'jl'i" Treasurer ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,..,..,.. ,,,, C LISBY CLARKE CC, , f Li, Gov. of 51h Div. DDDDDD DD,, C LYDE WILSON 5 E ',"i EY UIBB SITTING, left Io right Mike Pearson, Richard Wilson, Bobby Jones, Gordon Smith, Alan Evans, Bud Haslam. STANDING: Seaborn Moss, Donnie Hallman, Walter Bowman, Charles George, Clisby Clarke, Ernest Anderson, John Rue, Frankie Slade, Bill McGehee, Clyde Wilson, Ellis Brown. VALLHHH ANNUAL STA Fil-7' Left to right: Walter Bowman, Richard Wilson, Bobby Jones, Gordon Smith, Ellis Brown, Donnie Hallman. Editor .....,........,......,,,,..,.,....,...............,..... BOBBY JONES Sports Editor ,,...,............,................. RICHARD WlLSON Members ..........,. WALTER BOWMAN, GORDON SMlTH, ELLIS BROWN, DONNIE HALLMAN FURE CORD Every year at this time it becomes the pleasure of the Fort Valley Key Club to bring you the VALLIHI. We publish this book with the sincere hope that everyone who buys it will receive many hours of pleasure from it now, and in the future. Editor DEDHCATHUN To express our appreciation for his fine work at Fort Valley High The Key Club declicates This Tenth Edition of the VALLIHI . . . COACH NORMAN FAIRCLOTH !vSQ7i?5i?siZLi3af9fifAwig' - as UQ.s2E2Le::.-! vw -X 8 M if J W . ' 'S' ' 'MX Nw, 1 M z.,ws,, M -. , M Mwx - A 4, 1 , :K s- y Q 235, f . ,X . MA . X ,X,-X -up 4 'f ', phi: H,-Q L J' fi 5 ff 2 ke ,M gf,.2wY W A N Y is WX W W ? 'X X W J ff X 2' iff? - Q 'W , ' ,H C Q 'xl Eifwft' g 95.3 1 5 1 4191 . sA f A iid 17 S 1. 71? i iii MR. E. R. ANDERSON Superintendent SUPERLNTENDENTYS MESSAGE TO THE FORT VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR CLASS OF T959: A school yearbook is a record book of your high school activities, but pictures alone do not tell the full story of your Class. The record would not be complete without including some of your accomplishments since entering high school. Your record of good solid scholarship can best be cited by pointing to the results of the NMSOT administered at the close of your Junior year. Four hundred seventy-nine thousand f479,000l Juniors throughout the nation participated. Fifty per cent CSOWJJ of the Fort Valley Class ranked in the top tvventy-three per cent CQCSMD of the nation, and eighty per cent f8O'M,l of your Class ranked in the upper forty-seven per cent f47fXol of the national group. You have had a leading part in helping Fort Valley High School win the following: l. Sub-region football championships in T956 and l957 2. Region 3-B football championship in l958. 3. Region 3-B basketball championship in 1958. 4. State Literary championships in T957 and l958. The chances are that you will help Fort Valley High School win another championship in Basketball and a State Literary championship in 1959 be- fore you graduate. lt is wonderful to have so many achievements crowded into four years of school life, and Fort Valley High School is a better school because you Seniors have been here for four years. ww ' 3 5::,:3I::1' gpg, ya wbf f lg f ,, Q 'ZF Q fam .,, an 63? isp gig? va F' r iv ' i :5HfQ5?w1fSwms1'fav:5 K K A.,A W mug ifaimfigiililfrsmwgflfs wx 13-, wwf my M, f1g.wgQ!QUfg-2 :QM wi ..mMQ,,, 1- fmufsm . wx Gmmg 2, wwf wid-,, 4 MW: f iw Z A Qgf 1 1 f ' ,X 1 i - fm ?W,2j.1 1, f 2 ' 3 A I Y' -x 5 A! Vm ' f V , . HL A g ,. fm, .Y 'J YQ1 --f my ' 3 . MJ. QA C. E. THOMAS Agriculfure 1 i MRS GRESHAM AULTMAN It P1600 Ill ,-q. - if .2 " 1" ji wb: ' , SADYE TANNER Librarian PM v MRS CARSON Science NORMAN FAIRCLOTH Coach vm i MFW 1 Wh JOYCE LIGGINS SUE BELL Social Studies Typing PATSY THOMAS Music ELEANOR BELL Math 5 :sui- K cw ,uf ' , STAN BECKHAM ' Ba n d g g. A, K Sw-Xgg, 1 .'V' Ak. , -1 7.h-k e - " Siu ' L if :,L , f-wEf:fe5,, kg S is W it ,bw . 1? , L, - ,iw .' 75' W :Q ,,,,: " L-:ESQ 1' LW ! .ffgiif . ... f1 ,2 ,,,fNfu5.qg3, - Q- vs -Q TH ELMA WILSON Enghsh X ,A m waga K . , H ., ga, , - , - 1 11 K K: . ft, Q f , E 1 Civics Spanish . MW' LOURINE GILMORE 5 2 3 5 E fs 5 a E S X - ? 5 5 3 s - 5 2 a ai s S a 2 4 s 2 f I 1 3 E S 3 5 i -- Q MISS SHIRLEY JOHNSON Junior High - 4 ,Q V ga wimpy if af 'f ikggwiszfl. 'TIL-fi?-5 ,.-.v MRS. WH EATON Visiting Teacher CLASS SPONSORS TOP, left fo right: Miss Tommie Guess, FRESHMANp Miss Thelma Wilson, SENIOR, Mrs. Carson, SOPHO- MORE, Mrs. Mathews, JUNIOR. Q I ,ug W, W xx vw T ifi? 1 V v 4? .ff- fq ,E .sf - ff -- "9 1 1,1 2ff 5?2?f+ -Q z 5' 1 H W 'N w wf ' ,R "'NN f ' ' wlxj, - "ju 21? 55633 Wbzi l1:f1NWin:w ' A ,.fF1-fx .. T' L4 fwsifaa, WM ww 1 WALTER KAY GENE MARY JOHN SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ,.,,,,E,E,,. Vice-President Secretary ,E,,.,.EE,E,, Treasurer ,,,e. Reporter ee,,e, -,--e,,,e,GENE PEARSON ,e.,A-,,,JOHN EDWARDS , ,,.., EMARY PENDER YOUNG e,.-W,,WALTER BOWMAN .X Qlfiff "N Y!! N JOE AULTMAN "Look Fellow . . ." Hi-Y-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Football-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Basketball-freshman, sophomore. Key Club-sophomore, iunior. Glee Club-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Quartet-sophomore, iunior, senior. Boys' Ensemble-sophomore, iunior, senior. Mixed Emsemble-iunior, senior. :MW 19 af' K , BETH BEELAND "Hi, George!" Beta Club-iunior, senior. Beta Club Secretary-junior. Tri-Hi-Y-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Tri-Hi-Y President-senior. Junior Class Secretary. Latin Club-freshman, sophomore, iunior. Glee Club-freshman, sophomore. Dramafics Club-freshman, sophomore, iunior. Valley-View News Editor-senior. Maioreiie-freshmadn, sophomore, iunior, senior. JIMMY ANDERSON "I fhoughf . . . Coach!!" ootball-freshman, sophomore, iun ior, senior. Basketball-freshman, sophomore. BILL BLASINGAME Dramatics Club-freshman. Football-freshman, sophomore. Basketball-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. WALTER BOWMAN Hi-Y-freshman, sophomore, Dramatics Club-sophomore. Key Club-senior. Annual Staff-senior. Beta Club-iunior, senior. Beta Club President-senior. Editor, Valley Views-senior. Alternate Debater-iunior. Debate Team-senior. Latin Club-freshman, sophomore, iunior. Class Reporter-iunior, senior. State Essay, First Place-iunior. iunior, senior i l l l l l l I l l l i l L i. L 20 ar A 3? A Q NEAL CHAPMAN "Everyone has ambitions, both good and bad ones." FFA-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. 4-H Club-freshman. L' , , ,, J,,-.,-,,.,...f. 7 H Y CLISBY CLARKE "Chief" Golf Team Alternate-junior. One-Act Play-sophomore, junior, senior. Hi-Y-freshman, sophomore, junior, senior. Latin Club-freshman, sophomore, junior. Dramarics Club-freshman, sophomore, junior, senior. Dramafics Club President-senior. Glee Club-freshman, sophomore, junior, senior. Boys' Quartet-freshman, sophomore, junior, senior. Boys' Ensemble-sophomore, junior, senior. Key Club-sophomore, junior, senior. Key Club Treasurer-junior, senior. Annual Staff-junior. EDITH COLLINS Dramatics Club-freshman, sophomore. Tri-Hi-Y-freshman, sophomore, junior, senior. Chairman of World Service-senior. Spanish Club-junior, senior. "My get up and go has done got up and went." Glee Club-freshman, sophomore, junior, senior. GARY CLI ETT "The Virginian" Hi-Y-freshma n, sophomore, junior, senior. Dramatics Club-sophomore. President of Freshman Class Tennis-sophomore, junior, senior. MARY CURTIS "You wouIdn'r dare, would you, ,H Don. Glee Club-freshman, sophomore, iunior. FHA-sophomore, iunior. JUNE COLLINS "Oh, you poor kids." FHA-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior Tri-Hi-Y-iunior. HOWARD DASHER 0 o 4? f XW GJ . J ' U N f :I .V VY 9 5: , nf' JACK DUKE Ili "Who said, 'LeT's make a HOT ROD!' " Beta Club-iunior, senior. Hi-Y Club-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Hi-Y Vice-President-senior. Band-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Tennis Team-sophomore, iunior, senior. Latin Club-freshman, sophomore, iunior. 0 'GV Ns' mtg x Q9 Z JACK DOLES "l had rather have a picture of a FORD than OWN a Chevrolet!" XX Q sf Football-freshman, sophomore, jun- JOHN EDWARDS "Thinking is a luxury of the necessities." Football-freshman, sophomore. Junior Class Vice-President. Senior Class Vice-President. Track-sophomore, iunior, senior. ior, senior. FFA-sophomore, iunior, senior. mind, most people stick to the ALAN EVANS "Fordorna tic" Band-freshman. Hi-Y-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Key Club-senior. Science Club-senior. Science Club Vice-President-senior. Football-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. D. HUGH FENNELL "Don't do today what you can put off until Tomorrow!" Hi-Y-sophomore, iunior, senior. Science Club-senior. Industrial Arts Club-sophomore. Tennis-junior, senior. Basketball-sophomore, iunior, senior. Basketball Manager-freshman. Football Manager-freshman. Track-sophomore. KAY GASSETT "She may LOOK quiet hard to believe!" Beta Club-junior, senior. Latin Club-sophomore. .irw 'Y 24 if O I7 6 if and naive, but if you know Kay, that's VANDY GATES "I was raised on PET!" Football-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Basketball-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Track-iunior, senior. Hi-Y-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Hi-Y Sergeant-at-Arms-junior, senior. Beta Club-iunior, senior. Beta Club Vice-President-iunior. Alternate District Typist-iunior. ANNE GRAHL FHA-freshman, sophomore, junior, senior. FHA Reporter--sophomore. FHA President-senior. Tri-Hi-Y-freshman, sophomore. Dramatics-freshman, senior. Dramatics Club Treasurerwsenior. Latin Club-freshman, sophomore, Glee Club-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Girls' Chorus-senior. iunior. , A AML' DANNY H. GREER "l ain'f never did no wrong!" Industrial Arts Club-sophomore " Roll on old world . . . and l'll catch up with you." DENA HALLMAN "When I sleep!" Maiorette - freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Head Maiorette-junior, senior. Tri-Hi-Y-freshman, sophomore, iun- ior, senior. Tri-Hi-Y Treasurer-senior. Beta Club-iunior, senior. Dramatic Club-senior. Valley Views Typist-senior. Glee Club-freshman. BEVERLY HALL Tri-Hi-Y-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Latin' Club-freshman, sophomore. FHA-sophomore. Beta Club-iunior, senior. Beta Club Vice-President-senior. Glee Club-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Girls' Trio-freshman, sophomore, iunior. Girls' Ensemble-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Girls' Solo-freshman, sophomore, iunior. POLLY HAMLIN "Yep, he's young, yep, he's greatg the best darn cop in the United States." FHA-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Tri-Hi-Y-freshman, sophomore, junior. Glee Club-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Maiorette-freshman, sophomore, iunior. Dramatics Club-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. "Never trouble trouble 'till trouble troubles you!" 1 '6 fx Z E I X X 'Nix :XZ ANNETTE HILL "l'm free at last!" FHA-sophomore, iunior, senior. Dramatics Club-iunior, senior. i, J K ., f VICTOR HOBBS EARL HOLLAND "All good things in life are free." 4-H Club-sophomore, iunior. Hi-Y-sophomore. Spanish Club-sophomore, iunior senior. Science Club-senior. "There are only three 1hings in life fha? I am sure off deafh, faxes, and commercials." Football-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. FFA-iunior, senior. 4-H Club-freshman, sophomore. Industrial Arts Club-sophomore.. CDid someone say GOAT?J V VIVIEN JOHNSON "Diamonds are a girl's best friend. I'm lonesome!" Tri-Hi-Y-freshman, sophomore. Latin Club-freshman, sophomore. Girls' Ensemble-freshman, sophomore. Glee Club-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. FHA-sophomore, iunior, senior. FHA Vice-President-senior. One-Act Play Prompfer-iunior. One-Act Play-senior. Typist-VALLEY VIEWS. Beta Club-iunior, senior. MARY JULIA JACKSON "Hey! What did you say his name was?" Glee Club-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. FHA-freshman, sophomore, junior, senior. Drarnatics-freshman, sophomore. BOBBY JONES "Opportunity may knock, but temptation more often rings the beIl." Key Club-sophomore, junior, senior. Key Club Directory-sophomore. Key Club Secretary-iunior. Key Club President-senior. Annual Staff-junior, senior. Editor of Annual-senior. Football-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Basketball-sophomore, iunior, senior. Tennis Team-sophomore, iunior, senior. Boys' Doubles-2nd Place in State-junior. Glee Club-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Boys' Ensemble-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior Quartet-freshman. Band-freshman. Hi-Y-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Drarnatics Club-freshman, sophomore, junior, senior. Spanish Club-iunior. District Typist-iunior. Dramatics Club-freshman, sophomore, junior, senior. Jblll llfill JULIAN JONES Hi-Y Club-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Glee Club-freshman, sophomore. Dramatics Club-sophomore, iunior. FFA-sophomore, iunior, senior. Track-iunior, senior. Football-iunior, senior. Basketball-iunior, senior. MAE DEAN JONES Latin Club-freshman. Dramatics Club-sophomore. "My hearfs like the moon, rhere's a man in it." KENNETH JONES "Have Fists-Will Fight" Football-freshman, sophomore, iun ior, senior. Industrial Arts Club-freshman sophomore, junior. Spanish Club-senior. R. DANIEL JOYNER "The world is a wonderful place to live--better than any other I know." FFA-sophomore, iunior, senior. FFA Treasurer-iunior. FFA President-senior. 4-H-freshman, sophomore. Science Club-senior. Science Club President-senior. H MOLLlE JONES "Now, listen!" One-Act Play-senior. Tri-Hi-Y-freshman, sophomore, iunior. Beta Club-iunior, senior. Beta Club Treasurer-senior. Girls' Declamation-sophomore. Glee Club-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Girls' Ensemble-iunior, senior. Dramatic Club-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. ix 4 Q W 'X , A x , ! X BOB KENKNIGHT "Just call me LUCKY." Latin Club-freshman, sophomore. Hi-Y Club-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Band-freshman, sophomore. Track-sophomore, iunior, senior. Tennis-iunior, senior. FHA Sweetheart-senior. LANEY MOORE "Look our Navy, here I come!" Basketball-sophomore, iunior, senior. Maiorette-iunior, senior. Beta Club-iunior, senior. Tri-Hi-Y-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Tri-Hi-Y Chaplain-senior. Glee Club-freshman, sophomore, junior, senior. Girls' Ensemble-freshman, iunior. Girls' Chorus-senior. Mixed Chorus-Iunior. Dramaiics Club-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Latin Club-freshman, sophomore, iunior. GARLAND NELSON JOHN CHRISTIAN LARSEN Football-freshman. Hi-Y Club-freshman, sophomore iunior, senior. I A JAMES OAKES "But Coach, I fhoughr you said . . ." Football - freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Indusirial Arts Club-freshman, sophomore, iunior. GENE PEARSON Track-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Basketball-freshman, sophomore. Treasurer of Sophomore Class. President of Senior Class. JANE PEARSON "Who sir, Me sir?-No sir, Nof I sir!!" Maiorefte-freshman, sophomore, iunior. Tri-Hi-Y-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Tri-Hi-Y Vice-President-senior. Bela Club-junior, senior. Glee Club-freshman, sophomore, junior, senior. Glee Club Secretary-freshman. Girls' Ensemble-freshman, sophomore, junior, senior. Mixed Ensemble-junior, senior. Dramafics Club-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. One-Act Play Alternate-sophomore. Latin Club-freshman, sophomore, iunior. Football-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. iv fi Wh J K X MIKE PEARSON "All great men are dyingf I feel fine." 4-H Club-freshman. 4-H Club Vice-President-freshman. Hi-Y-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Key Club-sophomore, iunior, senior. Latin Club-freshman, sophomore, junior. Beta Club-iunior, senior. Beta Club-Secretary-senior. Boys' Ensemble-iunior, senior. Glee Club-iunior, senior. Band-freshman, sophomore, iunior, MARY PEN DER "I buy MY clothes at EDWARDS'." Girls' Chorus-senior. Beta Club-iunior, senior. Tri-Hi-Y Treasurer-iunior. Spanish Club-iunior, senior. Spanish Club President-senior. Class Secretary-senior. Cheerleader-iunior, senior. Cheerleader Captain-senior. Dramatics Club-freshman, sophomore, COALSON PENDER, JR. "WI-new! I had a rough time last night. PAW was sick and I had to carry water to the liquor still all night." Football-freshman, sophomore, iun- ior. Hi-Y-freshman, sophomore. Industrial Arts Club-sophomore, iunior. FFA-senior. Glee Club-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Tri-Hi4Y-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. iunior, senior. . ., ......... .. ,..,- ,A.... . ..-.. I I 34 JIMMY RAY Senor Diego Ray "EI amigo de todo el mundo." Dramafics Club-freshman, sopho- more, junior, senior. FFA-freshman, sophomore, iunior. Football-freshman. Spanish Club-senior. X f 'fgg I f i L.. ,,, VIRGINIA PERRY "I know where l'm going and I know who's going with me." Glee Club-freshman. FHA-sophomore, iunior, senior. Parliamentarian of FHA. X :gy X.-'I in W5 LUCY RAY slsfi S Nixf f'7 :ki 5 xx1I"' J s W? ' f sf CAROL SANDERS "Stupid Cupid." FHA-sophomore, iunior, senior. FHA Secretary-senior. FHA Degree Chairman-junior. Dramatics Club-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Tri-Hi-Y-freshman, sophomore. Beta Club-iunior, senior. Glee Club-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Girls' Ensemble-freshman, sophomore. Maiorette-freshman, sophomore, iunior. Latin Club-freshman, sophomore, iunior. GAILE SMITH "Look Mom, I finally made it!" FHA-sophomore, iunior. 4-H Club-freshman. Tri-Hi-Y-freshman. Glee Club-freshman, sophomore, iunior. NELSON SCHOFILL "Let's go to Americus tonight." Industrial Arts Club-sophomore iunior. Football - freshman, sophomore iunior, senior. GORDON SMITH "I can resist everything except temptation Hi-Y-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior Hi-Y Vice-Presiclent-sophomore. Hi-Y Secretary-junior. Beta Club-iunior, senior. Key Club-junior, senior. Key Club Secretary-senior. Annual Staff-senior. School Paper Staff-senior. Sophomore Class President. Junior Class President. Dramatics Club-iunior, senior. Glee Club-sophomore, iunior. JERRY THARPE "No comment." CHARLOTTE THAMES "Let no man despise thy youth, but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity." Beta Club-junior, senior. Dramatics Club-freshman, junior, senior. Spanish Club-sophomore, iunior, senior. Latin Club-freshman, sophomore, iunior. DAR American History Award-iunior. WOW American History Award-iunior. Voice of Democracy Contest-junior. American Legion Auxiliary Girls' State-iunior. JAN ETTE WELLS 11 Keep smiling. It makes everyone wonder what you've been up to." Tri-Hi-Y-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Beta Club-iunior, senior. Glee Club-freshman, sophomore. Band-freshman. Dramatics Club-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Latin Club-freshman, sophomore, iunior. Tennis Team-sophomore, iunior, senior. Basketball-iunior, senior. Typist for "Valley Views"-senior. dw' ' Q ll fx 'Q f iw' 'xv -4 ,. ' 'NM , rw i A ' Eg it CLYDE WILSON Hi-Y-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Key Club-iunior, senior. Band-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. One-Act Play-iunior, senior. BILLIE WALKER Always happy-never sad Sometimes naughty-never bad." Beta Club-iunior, senior. Dramatics Club-junior, sopho- more, senior. Glee Club-freshman, sophomore Iunior. Tri-Hi-Y-f r e s h m a n, sophomore iunior, senior. Valley Views Staff-senior. District Typist-junior. Key Club, Lieutenant Governor of Fifth Division-senior. Latin Club-freshman. Boys' Declamation-junior. Boys' Solo-sophomore, iunior, senior. Quartet-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Beta Club-senior. Annual Staff-junior. Junior Class Treasurer. mlb' swf Dramatics Club-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Dramatics Club Vice President-senior. EDWARD WOODARD "Bur Miss Thelma, I didn't think we had any homework for to- day!" Football - freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Track-freshman, sophomore, iun- ior, senior. Hi-Y-freshman, sophomore. Industrial Arts-iunior, sophomore. Basketball-sophomore. RICHARD WILSON "Miss Thelma, what did you say do?" Hi-Y-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Hi-Y Chaplain-iunior, senior. Football-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Basketball-junior, senior. Golf Team-iunior, senior. Track-junior, senior. Latin Club-sophomore, iunior. Key Club-sophomore, iunior, senior. Key Club Vice-President-senior. Annual Staff-iunior, senior. Sports Editor Annual Staff-iunior, senior. Glee Club-freshman. Band-freshman. Dramatics Club-freshman, sophomore, junior, senior. 1 nn QQ!! em ef .sing EIA? It 'xx-. KAY YOUNG "I can'f do iff I just can't do it!" Beta Club-iunior, senior. Spanish Club-iunior. Spanish Club Vice-President-iunior. Tri-Hi-Y-freshman, sophomore, Iunior, senior. Tri-Hi-Y Secretary-senior. Latin Club-freshman, sophomore, iunior. Glee Club-freshman, sophomore, iunior, senior. Dramatics Club-freshman, sophomore, senior. Cheerleader-junior, senior. Senior Class Treasurer. 4 1, 'W ,-.Q xx Qual, Q .fn H 4. 'L' 1 s' .5 ,fb 1, ,S auf? ,K mf' .- Qtxw rR afwmh.0QQg 4' 9,53 14' YM? 5' H x "'m,3' 'g4X9. T7 f VXA qw' NIR ' .yu V45 9?-'ig' I 3,3 TK I' ak M ,N'. W MI: YES: il 59 N Q 1 4 951 lie 1 ,sv .gs Vw' I ,,,. 'av' .5 .,, , ,., .FM ' 1 K 3.555 'Y-LQ' ' A f:, P,-Y Y , . K ' 35... rv k.+ Q?i 'mf A' -m,M fw wg., I ,. -. ,. W5 ,five . WIT .f 1- mv' , bf 3. Q qS.,q,"I dim b m !f'+,ggrf 4 if T12 J QQQ A. 2 155 Q 1 wig! A Www QQ f :Ml f -as xg Q, f S. Y A , is-X J, Af N . is "Nu L4 ' , W. wr? 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BILL WILLIAMS 7 NI I 7 ee Ii .V 1 ' r ax Q9 Ei- J Q 'ix I I f AQ' .-QQ: I WIFIQEEYQ A-1, fi- gba' Ernest Anderson Becky Ayers Rachel Banksfon Carolyn Barnes Kay Barr Ellis Belflower Sara Ruth Bloodworth Larry Borders Janice Bowden Jimmy Bradshaw Ellis Brown Harold Cummings Roy Dent Elaine Dominy Douglas Dooley Cherry Dupree Virginia Faircloth Hubert Fuller Ann Garrett Betty Gregory Jimmy Haga Donnie Hallman Jean Hancock Jimmy Hanner Helen Harbuck Kay Hardeman Bud Haslam Edwina Haslam Martha Hudson Gale Hutto Elaine Kaloostian Reggie Kocher Ray Mathews Bill McGehee Lamar Midollebrooks Laverne Moncrief Ellen Outler Earl Patterson Lynn Pearson Mike. Schofill Ralph Segars Billie Shultz Frankie Slade Ray Smith Gary Stephens Ernest Swords Carol Teece Jayne Tomlinson Russell Welch Janice Whitaker Bill Williams Terry Womack Janet Wade Jo Ann George Norman Hodges Ronny Bradshaw Dan Scarborough 1' I xx Q 1. x, 'if' I' 5 A4 , x Y . 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K AY MOODY Treasurer ,.,., ,.... . ,.KAYE MATHEWS Reporter ,,,,,, ,,.,,,..,. G AYLE VINING QIQTI 'T-if N L Qs. 12 ,: 2 ,. M izfgiw w -was Wm k,5f:,fs?5 ' 51' 12 . , , .1 S J at . QSYL TUQQ., . ifcfziy I f . is 'X K' , - '-H.'f2f1Q'.' ML, if-sen, 7 M WW Qi.. X Q, 'H -im " wi, ww My ,.-img? gf- ., . W. .. 3,. .Sx , 5, W - IA. z if W INK' is Q, if Y fe? tg Q 4, ....,: ,. 2 .. in f ,l'f'i , . DH. , , .V z - A -HRH? ' , , if 4 "f,.4K:gsHSiEfi 4, sw ,.,. Q Ak,, , ., V if ,bmw ,K - Q 1 ie. 53 , . .,M, I ,,,., W ,,5, LQ fi-gi -TQ N: F1 Aff, 'V X 2 m 'A ,fa-'f 5 n .. -' if 5 4 . ,lib 5 9'-, - ,J Q 1 .V Q .N 5 f ,Q , 5' , L, 'gf No 5' M -4. yi, W 4 ,fuakis 5 'sim 4, , . M ,ff ir is Qu " Q :Vim ff"k9nn W nv 5 n , 5 ag 'Wf:n:'ua:i- :ff,,xMnm,.vf li W. ,wmwwwwmn-M, 1, .4 mwmw., ,, wwmm www-W . V71 'i. K, -51' W 1, f P V. f: .j .fig 7.5 ' ' Sl .. mi X !' Wf' wx X 1 9, f X., -f hwiw . K ' '- IJ A J Q2 , Y 1 'ss' 1' mr" X ff A is 28" ? 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S W v DAVID JOYCE LINDA TOMMY IFRIESIHIMAN CLASS OFFICERS President DD,,DD O I ,DD,,DD, ,DLINDA COLQUITT' Vice-President D,,,D, D,,,D,,,D, T ONIMY GARWOOD Secretary ,,,D,,7D ,D,,,D,,D,,, , DAVID JOYNER Treasurer , e,,,,,,v JOYCE KEPHART 33?-gf We W is fi? sig 8 X, xx gm., if Q ,.,,,qti A A we f- wg, . 3.5. I 1:1 K M e, fa " 2. We :QI5 ,sf i'-Qfi 1: , NLM: ,fb QSM ,W W. K , W s 'WP QF, 1 'Uri H., N V L mi ,.f-' 5 , ' ya, M5 , ., 5 'I' Q Q 74,5 4? gs ww Q 5fT 2i,i7fiig5IYf- . W ww f-flfxiw - N fiiiffsrywvl - '- f 1 '- nw - ,if g 4, , k 1 , If ' a s , if mlm,-' 3-z.g5f,:2jgzfrvg. J .. 'ff A, X 'W' jf ? M - gs- w e I 5-4 3 ,. fs ,Q-w.,, A fx gif Bi' M VP fi gf - 'im' -- iw 2 X 71-s':2?f5ffyg Z1 ,z f . MSU . 1 ww - .,,,..f,,,, ,,,,,. o ,Mm .H ., , ,Q yzkzersszeffl V ' --'f' -,' 1521? 4 5 . Q 1 3 Q I 53593 x 3 , a , S 1 D , X 1 1,2 3 gf ' A- gm Q W im . ,L , , A :M V ' I " j ZQ524f V R 3114 a as .fy 5 .. . ,: V. -,F-I . ., 5 ., . .v Ae 3, lm: 25:74 f -4 " M.: X 5 1 2 X 'gr , , , Vx' M, M1352 ,f ,, W if ,f,g,.,, 43? , Z fa r 5 Q K, xi '53 W H MEM f' 'if 2 wr' X 4 1 rl ' 'A" ' ,Q r l f E lg r l L L r l l l l k l 58 l.........a.., Jimmy Lawhorne Ann Lee Georgia Mae Lee Edgar McEarchern Dorotha McGrofha Bobby McKinney Billy Joe Moore Gloria Moore Roger Nelson Julee Outler John Pearson Eddie Robinefte Joe Ruffo John Rutherford Pat Smith ff' Dave Hardeman Wanda Harmon Sandra Hiley Raymond Hill Connie Hodge Carole Hutto Dolly Jo Jackson Marcus Jackson David Joyner Glenndolyn Kenlinight Joyce Kepharl Thomas Knudson Barbara Lacey Billy Lacey Johnny Langston Stanley Wellons Eloise Whittington Deena Wilson Charles Vinson Sonny Harris Ray Pearson SOPHOMORES Marvin Lavender James Ross Jimmy Varner Gayle Vining Margie Sorrow Judy Sullivan Joel Taylor Jack Tharpe Nim Tharpe Rusty Tomlinson Genie Tribble Janice Tucker Tom Turner Anne Wade Johnny Walker William Walker Warren Wall Adiel Ware Sandra Welch W :dag Q. . I Q 'KR ,, 1 s 4 Lab Work Jumor Hugh Girls play softball as we see famous Anderson Fleld in if 3 fgzffa 0 L3v:5115,. M L Q , ,IL ,iq , -.-, ,-,. H .,-..,::. .j5::fgf5::'::I':,'Q 1 :. 17E:S'NgEf . 2 1-7 14:55 73 E? E gfjfv ,::??i.S?i!'iw L ' ' 'ii' if ' " mn If , , 'N 1. wb Y 'ggw Q X. my 'ev-.WE - .3.1,,g:i.,.,,xF ,gy Wi rg. 9' W re ag 1 Q N V , Y KH A . X Q , J 1 Q 55 4 Q! 3 k Vx W N. .xx A Q J, ' f'f'. fxA xt I Q Sax N K Ax - 'v.1. . 8 " x X , X ' X Q X C" -cunt f 4. Q. -1. A .v3..,., 'hx Q In Mg, my 243 'Q-x4'igfi5'n,w " Hg K ' A lxf L 1- 42? f X ,fsf- J .J V f 2 My '11 AUM A . i , ,Al yr W ,,f.f'9SF!'w-A'f7'f.f'ffxyfifQ'5Q J An, . 5 A W5 Q J , 3 ,W3 f,?iM,F: all . , ,af fe ,qv 3 mi, ,. B L,,. :':,3E.. 19,5 Q ,J ,f 1.4 xi is B lEllGlHlT FIRST ROW, left to right: Joanne Jackson, Malinda Barnett, Janice Hallman, Mary Frances Bowers, Acey Bryant, John Rumph, Francis Carson, Larry Hallman, Rodney Kaloostian, Buddy Stembridge, Christine Jones, Clara Moncrief. SECOND: Walter Moye, Dewey Dixon, Emory Hill, Billy Johnson, Vassai Rackley, Cleo Sammons, Anne Bland, Betty Carole Williams, Nancy Connell, Lena Mae Shelley, Agnes Marshall, Jane Jackson, Claudia Thurmond. THIRD: Alvin Walton, Clark Peterman, Donald Sizemore, Richard Lawhorn, Arlin Little, Jimmy Giles, Ann Crutchfield, Dena Sanders, Gwendan Holland, Royetta Batchelor, Margie Rowland, Shirley Arrowsmith, Shirley Chapman. TOP ROW: Leila Mae Royal. 62 ETGTHIT FIRST ROW, left to right: Grace Mathews, Ruby Lee Jones, Karen Cutrell, Patrica Sams, Faye Barfield, Miriam Smith, Sunnie Bryant, Katherine Tyler, Ann Perry, Virginia Hudson. SECOND: Billy Holcomb, Otis Bowman, Ray Campbell, Marcus Hickson, Thomas Garret, Ronnie Hallman, Tommy Bridges, James Hamlin, Charles Goodrum, Linda Fuller. THIRD: Jerry McKinnon, Phyllis Chapman, Ann Cleveland, Gayle Peek, Sherry Wells, Phil Mullis, Ronnie McDaniel, Joe Pearson, Matt Rue, Nancy Holly, Pat Pearson. FOURTH: Jerry Smith, Miss Gladys Hall, Laverne Turner, Gail Bloodworth, Dee Burnett, Ann Evans, Carolyn Patterson, Herbie Smith, Tee Faircloth, Tony Murdock, Ralph Hill, Robert Cummings. SEVEN MAN BOTTOM ROW, left to right: Phillip Brown, Timmie Wheeless, David Thomson, Patsy Connell, Janice Kephart, Linda Bailey, Tempie Jones, Hulda Wood, Patricia Maye. SECOND: Bob Ruffo, Wayne Rowell, Buddy Brown, Billy Wilder, Sandra Knight, Jewell Brown, Barbara Jones, Jane Anthoine, Patricia Clarke. THIRD: Wayne Bloodworth, Terrell Chapman, Mrs. Avera, Terry Whitehead, Charles Collier, James Gordon, Brenda Murphy, Donna Hunnicutt, Brenda Westmoreland. SEVEN MEN FIRST ROW, left to right: Pat Dent, JoAnn Lee, Phyllis Walker, Ruth Knudson, Diane Jackson, Faye Rowell, Christine Whittington, Nancy Taylor, Carol Gassett. SECOND: James Bryant, Henry Turner, Kenneth Vinson, John Lee, Charlie Tribble, Douglas Hall, Bill Moss, Wendall Carter, Jewell Joyner. THIRD: Jimmy Walker, Dan Harrelson, Phil Walker, Jimmy Stephens, Gregory NeSmith, Ronnie H. Murray, Calvin Collier, Jake Haslam. FOURTH: Miss S. Johnson, Thomas Greathouse, Douglas Swords, Albert Pattishall. fAbsent: Brenda Ayers, Yvonne Adamsl. SEDVEN FIRST ROW, left to right: Autry Little, Tommy Rackley, Phillip Fountain, Barbara Gibson, Betty Milton, Patsy George, Diane Matthews, Anne Gordon, Ellen Anderson, Felix Pyles. SECOND: Felton Spinks, Jimmy Adams, Tommy Tucker, Rose Marie Walton, Lynn Ruffo, Betty Wynne, Judith Railey, Coretta Holcomb, Geraldine Shurley, Margie McKinney. THIRD: Mrs. Tomlinson, Renay McCollum, Charles Sorrow, Tom Haslam, Jody Hardeman, Joe Ann Johnson, Joyce Brown, Jerina McKinney, Carol Smith, Dennis Joiner. ,, 5 J J 1 lssa , S , 9 AMYMQXV. V? - A if A., .Sf I A X jaw .rf H S l 4 H Q--an-L Dues-www -m1n-,,myec.- Q f, 46,141 ' az M H ,11 hh fiA?""" -Q 2 ,R H , , Q. fig. fr ..-' sk i 1, .ww ef If .- QQS' ' 2 ii- f I " iss ra Til- f Q ME-If fi, .. Q, - C Q ' . x, 4 . ff' .' Q , w, . Q ' Q i 'ZW :A '- I Q ,S 1: ' g i 2 M Q g' lfQiV1g,g f X B. ,nun if i if , f.i ,, f' giigfgfg 153 ,f F ' ssh 1 , x 1 J 4 M NAM! M W, va -K. W. wr ff i a It y E 2 3 ,p N ,404 , - . 1- W N555 Sy ' M BETA QLUB SITTING, left to right: Lynn Pearson, Derry Gregory, Martha Huclson, Mary Pender, Jean Doles, Kay Moody, Beverly Hall, Walter Bowman, Mollie Jones, Mike Pearson, Frances Snapp, Janette Wells, Cherry Dupree, Dena Hallman, Laney Moore, Jane Pearson, Rachel Bankston. STANDING: Bill McGehee, Gordon Smith, Bud Haslam, Jack Duke, Janice Bowden, Nancy Dyes, Susan Lowe, Nancy Atkinson, Carol Sanders, Vivien Johnson, Kay Gassett, Billie Walker, Carol Teece, Jayne Tomlinson, Ellis Brown, Kay Young, Vandy Gates, Charlotte Thames, Donnie Hallman, Miss Jane Brantley, Clyde Wilson, David Nathans, Virginia Faircloth, Edwina Haslam, Zayne Barr, Gayle Vining, Ann Saywell, Kaye Mathews, Beth Beeland, Kay Hardeman. President ,,,,,,,, I ,,,,, WALTER BOWMAN Treasurer ,,,,,, ,..,.,,,, M OLLIE JONES Vice-President ,,,, ,,,,,,,, B EVERLY HALL Reporter ,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ANN SAYWELL Secretary ,. ,,A,,, MIKE PEARSON Sponsor ,,,,, ,,,,, M ISS JANE BRANTLEY OFFICERS Left to right: Mike Pearson, Miss Brantley, Walter Bowman, Beverly Hall, Mollie Jones. att: aww ,O IDRAMATIICS CLUB FIRST ROW, lett to right: Edith Collins, Kay Young, Mary Pender, Anne Grahl, Zayne Barr, Vivien Johnson, Carol Sanders, Martha Hudson, Judy Maddox, Charlotte Thames, Ann Saywell. SECOND: Beth Cleve- land, Ann Lee, Carole Hutto, Nancy Atkinson, Martha Lou North, Ann Wade, Martha Seay, Marlene Murray, Annette Hill, Kay Hardeman, Lynn Pearson, Janette Wells. THIRD: Janice Whitaker, Jean Hancock, Becky Ayers, Lou Gassett, Kay Barr, Ellen Outler, Betty Gregory, Sara Bloodworth, Janet Wade, Linda Haslam, Kay Moody. FOURTH: Sandra Hiley, Lavona Collins, Genie Tribble, Helen Harbuck, Deena Wilson, Ruth Gassett, Kaye Mathews, Laney Moore, Jane Pearson, Billie Walker. STANDING: Ernest Anderson, Tom Turner, Jean Doles, Cherry Dupree, Dena Hallman, Edwina Haslam, Glendolyn KenKnight, Rachel Bankston, Gordon Smith, Richard Wilson, Clisby Clarke, Clyde Wilson, Bobby Turner, Victor Hobbs, Hugh Barr, Bobby Jones. President ,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,, CLISBY CLARKE Treasurer , YYYYYVYYYVY ANNE GRAHL Vice-President , CLYDE WILSON Reporter YYYV ::::--:::::::: If AYE MATHEW5 Secretary ,,,,,,,,,,, , KAY HARDEMAN Coach ,:,,,,, ,,,,,,, M ISS NORIVIA BUYER OFFICERS 'N 'TA LEE CLUB FIRST ROW, left to right: Ann Lee, Genie Tribble, Linda Haslam, Ann Wade, Barbara Lacey, Judy Maddox, Martha Seay, Lou Gasset, Judy Sullivan, Julee Outler, Ellen Outler, Laney Moore, Carol Teece, Ann Doles, Sandra Greer, Nancy Matthews, Cornelia Monk, Dolly Jackson, Lanelle Railey, Martha Lou North. SECOND: Sandra Hiley, Patricia Borders, Deena Wilson, Janice Tucker, Bobbie Bowden, Mollie Jones, Vivien Johnson, Carol Sanders, Beth Cleveland, Lavona Collins, Sandra Bunch, Ann Saywell, THIRD: Kaye Matthews, Nancy At- kinson, Lynn Pearson, Jean Doles, Margaret Kephart, Zayne Barr, Anne Grahl, Mary Pender, Edith Collins, Kay Young, Edwina Haslam, Frances Snapp, Marlene Murray, Ruth Gasset, Frankie McDaniel, Rachel Bankston, Jane Pearson, Kay Barr, Janet Wade. FOURTH: Beverly Hall, Kay Hardeman, Virginia Faircloth, Bud Haslam, Clisby Clarke, Bobby Jones, Joe Aultman, Mike Pearson, Ellis Brown, Bill McGehee, Donnie Hallman, Hugh Barr, Clyde Wilson, Warren Wall, Roger Nelson, Tom Turner, John Pearson, Cherry Dupree, Kay Moody. Director MISS PALSY THOMAS 1,4 gr. r ,g.. earl-Q1 :X f 2. - . 1 .1 "1- Q ilix . D, 'B r Sf f,,'w,f,, 3-:lf-nk ll. l - X, ' X' 1 SQIIIISZZNCIE CLUB KNEELING left To rlght Lorxng Teefer, Davld Andel Gary Stephens Douglas Dooley Terry Womack Frankie Slade Bobby Turner STANDING: Charles George John Rue Hugh Fennell Mr Parks Janxce Whutaker Gale Hutfo Alan Evans Vnctor Hobbs, Russell Welch, President , ,,,, , Vlce-President ,, Secretary-Treasurer Reporter Y,,, Y,,,,,,Y Adviser ,,,,,, .VYVVV SITTING left to rxghf Gale Hu11o, Nlr. Parks Jamce Whxtaker STANDING Alan Evans Dan Joyner h,,,.: , W W. . X - , V, , .. me-r'l,-a.W K A -fl-M W W-- H3-'f " if -t"f"'f.rk"",- X .mmky . W-Mme ee- nn? . ...f.WeW---W-Wifi: ',:i,g.-...N mare.. .. ,. .L K 4 M ,,.....s.. ,M A.., .M .,.., .R ,awww WMM L., .ua- ,A mmm. Mrs- 5 - ' N W, f ff--MM' r ,M NM, .. ..s,..,wNmi M,,,,.,,,,W,,a:am-A--v ,gg-ul .V A of-114. .vox .F art., ,wg Q, WNW. L 'H -af-M ,.,,........,..-L ,,,,,,,,..' ....4......m.w -.aammu 7 Q wumqamaaan was mm, .L ,, Lf. f 'mm ,ahumsgawuuuwamm-.w' y e fa-gqepuwssnuumnfwif an w,v.g-iqeanumw-Sw -be ,aa-maui!-la-wk N, insnmnnw 4 in gn. .,,,, k , WM 4 . V- -1-f,gL.:t': Mmr,..!'? Q-.1 awaam-K .5 .. wave.-. ,. at-L. V,.. W. ,i M ,V , ,mmi ., ti 'lFRll:lFlllI:-Y FIRST ROW, left to right: Dena Hallman, Laney Moore, Kay Young, Jane Pearson, Beth Beeland, Martha Seay, Glendolyn KenKnight, Deena Wilson, Ruth Gassett. SECOND: Frankie McDaniel, Helen Harbuck, Kay Barr, Judy Maddox, Carol Teece, Billie Walker, Frances Doles, Sandra Bunch, Kay Hardeman, Lynn Pearson, Elaine Martha North. FOURTH: Julee Outler, Judy Sullivan, Ellen Beth Cleveland, Carole Hutto, Beverly Hall, FIFTH: Betty Mary Pender, Edith Collins, Janette Wells, Cherry Dupree, Mrs. Carson. President ........., .,,,, B ETH BEELAND Vice-President ...,.. .... A JANE PEARSON Secretary . . , ,.,, KAY YOUNG Snapp, Kay Moody, Linda Haslam. THIRD: Jean Kaloostian, Ann Lee, Lou Gassett, Nancy Atkinson, Outler, Linda Colquitt, Genie Tribble, Ann Wade, Ruth Edwards, Kaye Mathews, Margaret Kephart, Mascot, Edwina Haslam, Ann Saywell, Gale Hutto, Treasurer ,,,, DENA HALLMAN Reporter ,,,,,, ,,,,, K AY HARDEMAN Chaplain ,,,,. ,,,,, L ANEY MOORE Adviser ,, ,,,. MRS. CARSON OFFICERS IHIIISY SITTING, left to right: Jack Duke, Bob Wells, Gordon Mullis, Joe Rufto, Dave Hardeman, Ed Mathews, Billy Holly, Ed Duke, Hugh Fennell. STANDING: Clyde Wilson, Mr. Richard Parks, Walter Bowman, MikefPearson, Bob KenKnight, Joe Aultman, Bill McGehee, Gordon Smith, Bud Haslam, Clisby Clarke. THIRD: Gary Cliett, Alan Evans, Julian Jones, Vandy Gates, Richard Wilson, Bobby Jones, Ellis Brown. President ,, ,, ,,,,, ,,,... B ILL MCGEHEE Treasurer ,..., .,,, C LYDE WILSON Vice-President ,, ,, ,,,, JACK DUKE Chaplain ,,,,., ,,,, R ICHARD WILSON Secretary ,,,,,, , ,,,,, BUD HASLAM Sponsor ,,s,,., ,ss,.,,,, M R. PARKS Sergeants-ar-Arms ...ALAN EVANS, VANDY GATES OFFICERS KNEELING, left to right: Jack Duke, Bud Haslam, Richard Wilson, Clyde Wilson. STANDING: Bill McGehee, Mr. Parks, Vandy Gates, Alan Evans. lF'.H.A. IL, FIRST ROW, left to right: Virginia Faircloth, Judy Maddox, Kay Moody, Frances Snapp, Helen Harbuck, BOB KENKNIGHT, Anne Grahl, Zayne Barr, Vivien Johnson, Carol Sanders, Martha Hudson. SECOND: Lavona Collins, Glenda Brown, Margie Sorrows, Patricia Borders, Patricia Smith, Carol Hallman, Carolyn Tilson, Nancy Mathews, Anne Doles, Marlene Murray, Annette Hill. THIRD: Frankie McDaniel, Margaret Kephart, Jean Doles, Deena Wilson, Linda Haslam, Julee Outler, Judy Sullivan, Carole Hutto, Nancy Atkinson, Martha North, Connie Hodge, Barbara Lacey, Miss Guess. FOURTH: Jackie Taylor, Joann George, Ann Lee, Bobbi Bowden, Sandra Greer, Janice Tucker, Linda Cheek, Wanda Harmor, Janet Wade, Sara Bloodworth, Betty Gregory, Kay Hallman. FIFTH: Linda Colquitt, Beth Cleveland, Genie Tribble, Lydia Britt, Glendolyn KenKnight, Ruth Gassett, Ruby Bloodworth, Gladys Gassett, Lou Gassett, Dolly Jackson, Sandra Bunch, Cornelia Monk, Billie Shultz. SIXTH: Sandra Hiley, Mary Julia Jackson, Janice Whitaker, Jean Hancock, Becky Ayers, Janice Bowden, Jayne Tomlinson, Ellen Outler, Kay Barr, Gale Hutto. President ,,,,,,,,, N Y YVYVV ,YVV V W ANNE GRAHL Parliamentarian ,.,,,,, ,,,, J UDY MADDOX Vice-Pregidem ,,,,, YKYYAY V IVIEN JOHNSON Reporter ,,,,.,,,,,...,, ,..,, K AY MOODY Secretary ,.,,.,,,,, ,,,,,,, Y CARQL SANDERS Sponsor ,.,,,,.. W H ..,,,, MISS GUESS Treasurer ,,,,.,, ,,,, V IRGINIA FAIRCI-OTH Sweetheart ,,.. ,,,, B OB KENKNIGHT Historian ., ,,.,,,..,,,,,...,...,....,...,,, MARTHA HUDSON Chairman of Committees ,,,...,,,,,, FRANCES SNAPP HELEN HARBUCK ZAYNE BARR OFFICERS FOFOAO CLUB KNEELING, letf to right: Dan Joyner, Millard Peterman, Larry Borders, John Rutherford, Johnny Langston, Jimmy Holland, Franklin Adams. STANDING: Mr. C. E. Thomas, Ernest Swords, Neal Chapman, Earl Holland Coalson Pender, Jack Doles, Julian Jones, Ronnie Hortman, Maxwell Duke, John Holcomb. President ,,,, Vice-President Secretary . ,,Y,,, , Adviser ,,,,,, RM i FA I DAN JOYNER ,, ,, JACK DOLES , ERNEST SWORDS MR, C, E. THOMAS OP Treasurer ,, Reporter Parliamentarian Sentinel ,,,,,,, OFFICERS EARL HOLLAND LARRY BORDERS JOHN HOLCOMB FRANKLIN ADAMS CTIRCU O ESPANO FIRST ROW, left to right: Gale Hutto, Elaine Kaloostian, Charlotte Thames, Janice Bowden, Betty Gregory Mary Pender, Edith Collins, Elaine Dominy, Carolyn Tilson. SECOND ROW: Kenneth Jones, Victor Hobbs Jimmy Ray, Billie Shultz, Jayne Tomlinson, Miss Gilmore. OFFICERS Presidente ,,,,v.,..,, YYYYYYYYYYYYYY,,Y,,,vV,,,, M ARY PENDER Vice-Presidente ,,,,, JAYNE TOMLINSON Secretario ,Y,Y,,,,, ,,,, B ETTY GREGORY Tesorero M,o, ,,,,, B ll.l.lE SHULTZ Adviser ,,,,,, W, ,... MISS GILMORE STANDING, left to right: Betty Gregory, Billie Shultz, Jayne Tomlinson, Miss Gilmore. KNEEL- ING: Elaine Kaloostian, Mary Pender. F K H H Ii If 'l 11 5 2 4 M PR. . 'Sf LH -35 FIRST ROW, left to right: Felix Powers, Audrey Little, Acey Byrant, Emory Hill, John Rumph Billy Holcomb. SECOND ROW: Leena Mae Shelly, Linda Fuller, Linda Cheek, Wanda Harmon, John Rutherford THIRD ROW: David Andel, Dorothy McGrotha, Sandra Welch, Margie Sorrows, Patricia Smith Patricia Borders. FOURTH ROW: Mr. R. P. Swan, Charles Vinson, Billy Joyner, Larry Borders, Jimmy Haga Olin Little. TOP ROW: Robert Cummings, David Bramblette, Charles Goodrum. OFFICERS President .,,,,,,,,, .....,...,.,,, J IMMY HAGA Vice-President .... PATRICIA BORDERS Adviser .,,,,,,,,,,..,. ,,,,...,,,,,, R . P. SWAN Secretary-Treasurer a,,,, WANDA HARMON Mr. Swan Haga Borders Harmon liiulquuusvu- l 111' li? Hgaskg aa 5 0 se f T X 1 3 S 2 3 , X 51 Q3 ,fe Sz .Qs sf ,L if ,, U - ,um 2 ., V Q ' --w,-L -1: 3, , 1 X-I . M- ,- -wff:g2f1,:,1w1 .l-wkmwgg-fp-mi Mfaifmgv 7, WQ.f5fg5mMef.pQ4mQwf if , ,,,1aw,. H Ning, M an at :nf V f L A ga Q, f V- , , . , Q Lf as - if f ':Y Q ul, . , .ff-.,AN, ' ' A r ,gf mx , pf L. K . , , , , A- XI, M ' x ' W 15 .Q e-' " xTQ'x 3' 5 1 x Q' 1' 5 me Q 5' fe: L 'kv 5 QQ E T -,, . 5 Lx sw 0 ' .4 .Q x - Q li is 3- df? H :fx wx K ve' . ' 'C fa wi., K 2 ,- Q K, 41 x X Q- Y Q ,t 3 fear' , 21 a 3, 'ik 4- J f 2 at an Lax S A x .J yi it A am 'Y' if ff , , . ,,h. i sf.,mff1,r,WWf 1 M I ' 5- was 55' 68 fi 5 O fills? C 1? P J Q, 5 FOOTBALL SQUAD TOP ROW, left to right: Coach Faircloth, Julian Jones, Gene Pearson, Jack Doles, Richard Wilson, Vandy Gates, Alan Evans, Price Tucker, Bill McGehee, Bobby Jones, Donnie Hallman, Coach Sims. SECOND: Manager Dan Harrison, Ernest Anderson, Edward Woodard, Earl Holland, James Oakes, Jimmy Anderson, Joe Aultman, Kenneth Jones, Nelson Schofill, Bud Haslam, Jimmy Anderson, Manager Tommy Tucker. THIRD: David Nathan, Adiel Ware, Milton Pender, Chuch Schofill, Mike Schofill, Jimmy Bradshaw, Billy Joyner, Gordon Mullis, Charles Collins, Robert Batchelor, John Holcomb. COACH SIMS COACH FAIRCLOTH sist ttss if yj ,zur ' 355 saf74 S9415 l, 1 IU1 5, W, WM SE HURS Left to right: Jack Doles, Jimmy Anderson, Nelson Schotill, Kenneth Jones, Joe Aultman, Alan Evans, James Oakes, Earl Holland, Edward Woodard. Over Center, Bobby Jones. Backs, Richard Wilson, Vandy Gates. CGene Pearson, back, absent from picture.J 3 top blockers and 3 fine runners 'WT 'WW' ,Mwwnwww -Wing' YW Md' 'WW Am 1 no 'iq"'V" aj' Senior linemen form blocking pocket for quarterback. R 4, X Y A K 4i X ix Cll THEN S llnnll UTS Wilson finds turf hard. rt L if 55 sl' ....'--- . , L - F' QQ fx 1 ,, ,g fig, 'A , ffm hs , , 4 'AQ I , ' Q' 5 .Q R K Q -' . . Q Q -5 Q: K' ,.wQ i gf 9' 'F .Q 'W 'f -f K ,, 55 K V if H ng SWS 27 9 A ah, A 9-,k Q K S. 'Irv 'S 'A' if -ggfir. 945' W as f WA fmbw Wal 'Hi xx ,gm gif f. +5 2 M 114 ng 7 ' " . ,SL ,. ef 1 iv wsifil. WT f 1 f v LA.-'iff' ,- :f ,, 7 " 95 . 1 2: ., "si ' , . if Kiln? I . ' 45.-fs :,, ',. gf ,,,, -,: " ,'!l: V 9772. - ' K S I , V ' , .I fif . 1:5 ' ,,i If 'mi Hx 2'-'H ' W. " W . kmgf: 5 :H 3 x 5 i X W gr 22? Ry ,A-Q R Big Vandy Gates drives over for lone TD in Dublin game. Valley Hapeville 7, SEASON'S RECORD O Valley .,See.Se.,,,...e 2O Willingham 7 Valley ,,,,,, ,,,,,, , 28 Jackson ,,,,,,,,..,, .,,,,,,, 6 Valley SeSS...S. .... O Hawkinsville ,,,, ,,,,,,,, l 3 Valley eeeeeeee,...aeae 32 Forsyth .,ee.,.e. ...,, 6 Valley .,,,, .,.,,,. 2 8 Manchester , ,,a,. ..., , O Valley ,,,,,,,,, ..,, 7 Dublin ,,,,,,,,, ,.,,, 0 Valley ....,.......v,.. 28 Americus ......,. ,,,,, O Valley aaaaaa aaaa.aa 2 5 Hogansville ..,.,,,.. ,.... 6 Valley ......,.aea.a,e. 14 Warner Robins ,,,.,, ..,,, 7 Valley Valley .Aa...,,........ Valley REGIONAL CHAMPS Villa Rica 9 NORTH GEORGIA PLAYOFF 6 Morgan County ,,,,,,,,,,,, l2 it if 7? Total-241 Opponents Total-66 BOYS9 BASKETBALL SQUAD KNEELING, left to right: Bobby Jones, Ernest Anderson, Bud'Haslam, Hugh Fennell, Bill Blasingame, Richard Wilson. STANDING: Coach Sims, Ray Pearson, David Nathan, Julian Jones, Vandy Gates, Donnie Hallman, Jimmy Haga, Bill McGehee, Coach Faircloih. BOBBY JONES Guard Capfain RICHARD WILSON Forward VANDY GATES Center DONNIE HALLMAN Cenier JULIAN JONES Forward BILL McGEHEE Guard BUD HASLAM Guard .S 3 E 2, 1, as ,W ,J 2 sv. Q 5 ,, gg ms -M, 1 Q Milf 3:85 an K 'f Y as ME., asf Q -M 33 as .f im 2. .. V I 5 , gain ,,.. .,.,,57 -aff, ' na. . 'X' . iii f . , . Af. ,gf 3: 35 YUKA0 .XA 3, ki, 9 '22 S 4 5 ,jg ISK .gf Y 'I:l I W 5? fa 5' F 'W' ,. K . ,. I K i KK"L Lys 1 . 5 , X .1 ,. , f 91-e Q ' 3' ' L Q x i ,ew -is is . IN ' 'ff' was - wlfasisn- .m1,f, K, 'Milf -I -, Q, , ,,,m,fi:A 3 3 19-. 1. , , .. , , M . a 'fmsliif f" ' L A ,..,. Q- X fy' If , Q -2 L- :wig 53 . :,, . I , ,.., , , f 5 1, K o 4' ' - Y 1 4 ' s " ' ,, A 1 W sr ,frtxmqm , F 4 fi , . O if A S Qs' 5 C.- 5 is? I 0 A' : v :ax 6 ' T' 5 iw M.. '25 TENNIS TEAM GIRLS' SINGLES and ALTERNATE Virgjnia Faircloth Gale Huffo GIRLS' DOUBLES and TENNIS COACH Janette Wells Cherry Dupree Mr. Parks v ,Q 88 . BOYS' SINGLES Jack Duke BOYS' DOUBLES Gary Clietf Bobby Jones Gary and Bobby-Won Second Place Tn Sfate, 1958 f W . M -mi. 9533 -'T 'Q ' 'A W Mwwwmhag W -2, Wf. 7 ,ay A ' ia is if F22 if 5 ,P , , 5 .,,: E E ' T f P4 wmzlmx f i my . Nw s,.,,.f,,.h3x,s,,,,s - H, -:Mfg -,QQ My in Essen K :unix Ek 'WT -Q23 -rr 495- l,.,..1.a 1 7- L1- . W I' J, . + Q. fs iff n 'A 1.11 - 'f + L f ,A , y A-.Lb 1' 15 F 353' F U up. I 1 w g N ix a, K if. l ll llfi HAS? MN :lei Ml ,l5Lll1'1 FRONT ROW: Deena Wilson, Jean Doles, Jane Pearson, Lynn Pearson, Rachel Bankslon, Kaye Mathews. SECOND: Beth Cleveland, Anne Grahl, Beverly Hall, Judy Maddox, Janice Bowden. THlRD: Ruth Gasseff, Cherry Dupree, Julee Outler, Frances Snapp, Ann Saywell. FOURTH: Zayne Barr, Kay Hardeman, Ellen Outler, Laney Moore, Virginia Fairclofh, Mollie Jones. l BOYS9 EfXSfl9llNllfl5LE FRONT ROW: Bill McGehee, Joe Aulfman, Clyde Wilson. SECOND: Mike Pearson, Ellis Brown, Donnie Hallman, Bobby Jones. THIRD: Bud Haslarn, Clisby Clarke, John Rue, John Pearson. A w-mwlmanslqi 'lim .viii 'ld ,mgm X3 -Q 3 if .7 1. 0 Q, K fm- Qgwmf 75232 7 - E E393 BAND TOP ROW, left to right: Larry Borders, Tommy Rackley, Ellis Brown, Gary Stephens, Patricia Borders. MIDDLE ROW: Linda Fuller, David Thompson, Eddie Robinette, Ann Bland, Stanley Wellons, Linda Colquitt, Virginia Hudson, Ed Duke, Jake Haslam, Kay Hallman, Seaborn Moss, Clyde Wilson. FRONT ROW: Marcus Hickson, Glendolyn KenKnight, Carolyn Barnes, Connie Hodge, Bill Moss, Marlene Murray, Jody Hardeman, Jack Duke, Royetta Batchelor, Gail Bloodworth, Phillip Fountain. CNot in picture-Kay Hardeman, Wendell Carteri. rx if ff iB f E a fi ffm 7 ggi iw A i , ,W b , tri K ,..... 7- ' is f W W M ,L s,t, xt' S MAJORETTES Left to right: Mollie Jones, Ann Saywell, Beth Beeland, Kay Hardeman, Head Maiorette Dena Hallman, Laney Moore, Gayle Vining, Cherry Dupree, Betty Ruth Edwards. I .ggi in A S I ci H elf, lfflkl., laflk U I-51 Left to right Kaye Mathews, Mary Pender, Capfaing Kay Young, Frances Snapp, Kay Moody, Lynn Pearson. xl" 2 wa.. ,mi- 2223211 H - www A if ww vw- X WN .1 9 V fy lv w e- ' 3, i u he + S ., ff S 5 K 511 WH V Aflly I- . "Z -52I?EL'Li' x fxzezilu - A l S ' ' ,. . e' K ,,,,. g K 2 '5Tf:::'f . -fs --324-A Tiwfff 'V Az' 5 Si- 'W " ,QM K fi -im V, Y is ii' .vi . .W X N92 .Y L"f"f x , , M . 'sf , , .h Q- ,X .,.,. N X f a , , dx? 5 Ig, 1- - ,.,,,, :lf .. , ' Ez " 3 X? 1 wwf- ,. -. . Vw Q J 5 ww 1' "" 'Ha 4: sw 'Y' MQW, K 'M ,gf 1 f -1, my ,ggi A' 5 H' W, fm if if I .. k fflsiws , Ig gy: , , ,WZ " V, 2 f, - . -- f :IV 5 I 5 5, f , . 55 Mi , k i, -, -F' V 'A wi ' y 24 .Q-V5.1 , ff,. ,f,:wq, 5,31 ,fi 2, - 3 if Aon,-f. 5 gm l 57 2

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