Fort Valley High School - Vallihi Yearbook (Fort Valley, GA)

 - Class of 1949

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Fort Valley High School - Vallihi Yearbook (Fort Valley, GA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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F i Q 5 1 ? E . a is 11 ii ! e 1 1 1 2 1 F J Q m a 5 Q. E 51 E 1, 71 F 5 5 U 5 E 5 m 1 'A 5 5 3 E 1 Q B E' 5 1, EI E FI .1 EI E V 1 11 D N 71 6-.1 xx-E Qs.. K 1 my E Q Q Q Q ,P A Q ,Q f S S Q 'Sf Qwi M X s QSM New X2 N ,X 1 x L, . X, , R S . Q E x xi 2, 51- 21 nl Q Q? xii ig if-"T: Li Q - K Q- 5 rf Wi . W? ' vwwffy si Nw SZ 43-pgkgh. 2 " X H Q sax .4-""f an- ' ggg.Qsu,y.sfwi1ggi. 614 X M2490 79514 2257 374. Q W M 1295 MQW? W samba 422 1 Mm 6 M, -MP5 W in YW fr, M 44.445415 'ffm ,M 4, nw ,Mg M gy We fm W .sv Q WWW wuz' ,Z mfm, ww f ,,, WWA af M Wfwfw 41 M w W M X74 0 Qnsfaigk E X W2 'MQW Y sw M Aw 'Il vw-nwxwe-Qu """"'S""'! -'ww E i Q i 3 x E x 3 I 4 I I ll ll l ll I .ll I Ill 5 if 5 . ll :as IE ll ll , ll.. ll! ..4 L.. ii Q, W wg., IMI-'22 x ' f , Q .f Q. f is .ikigglv ,3+ if Q 1 S1 S if 5.35 Q X Ai S1 S . f Q X ff X I ,Q ,, EV. iw. v. E - Q ,x K A . if W B X ,Q M Q. N, 'awx f.. Y if Q .N' 'we x s K, , iw tluiA ' qe 1- at , Wfmff, G me SQ S .. Q. Xi .xx Ni inf W za, ' fwfwwwi WK s A w, ii Q. Q is X 32 X .sk Q SS Q E 1 c fn xiii -N, Q1 g. s ff ,tl il Fi + Q :sf 8 'S xx X. Q s 2 3 S . i s S .N h Y xt' R5 N Q .. Q: X,i Q. FURT VALLEY HIGH Q z f 4 Q If . :N 3. 5?- 4.-gigs sm., finix ISE: L , :QS 53-5 .sw . 5,353 .Y v 'iw WORK UN and PLAY z pw: f1??ifw2S??? 'NKSSY it S z f gi T fit? ,ff l i - x gf s In fi , 1 N , ,... 1 J .x,' , Mm--ix.Q--Q , -'n5ippw..,Q.5',5.f:'.1'p'w,fviwyx-'-7?-5"'5n3kfQ fr xiii! , , ,.,...,, N , 5,-. lg wannswq ff' , WLW-'QQ-wwwg-'-Q' if? T'ff'Tj . we Q , Q Q, Xfi-27355 ew . K 'Elia nf: - x l :,:., 1- - ,.,, -is 1 ,. 7 an ex-wg N, vi: W :km QE www-xm. Mwxw 5 . ..., ,gig p an ' 3 we V by ., K, mia in 4 A st, swim y.:,q .fm M X51 rgr: gn Q 5, si K: ,ah 3 Ex ., 'L wi : Q L 5 's Q 9 S , . L .f A S X 4, lv - X 1 x F" 'S h ' .N Q, x W sg, PQ iq . B. ,gmfpj , A ,Xml 5 -E X Q 2 ff 1 ' . 1 . Q f A X A A Q G Q -S',1t, :Ft m 5 xx .X gm wt ,N -. Q F' ws 3 Nm li i ,L 3 xx S W w Xi I i NSN' 3 wig f V e I 4 ,- fi, -f H ,N S2 94 if As E? Q Sx if if 3 Ee Av 12 Zi KI ggi 'i . S 'Y 52 H1 am Q WGS QZQS: 1 Q' I ,if i' J 4 wg -2 xx, , ds, .-FA my -4 x -vEK Q . -- fm- ., 1' as, . n MQ .gf 1 1 X' ,ff . 7-, ' 4, y , X , , i o 4 1 f 5 W . M. .wfzwm u wh, X .M-,.'i.g,,. - - W ,, , W N ,. SQ ' , , Q- . xifgfub s 4 . : ig 3253 31 Nagkif Y K by 1, S Mwgfw ,S , E nz, 'EST 5 is ie 8238+ Ka, ' 5 E 3-ul x :Sf J , 1 V f,g,w,. if 3 ft 55 ,Q ,., li ,Mm mx A Mm ,Q n 'som 'X .., A t,1l,,Q xii? :VEVQ , if 'UE QA M W gk , ,E YS, , 5 Q12 W , x ,ix 1-1 X "4 33' A . sz ,E J . ,R Q f ig Q - Qfg Egg i M . SQ. NSXLQS, yi 4 If, ,?'V Q :.,: EW f 'fag . 'gg if 35 5? if QE. 1 ,.,. 19 V xx A iw Y ' 1 'I ".Ei,?Qf I 5 2 , , f " Ji , , M, ' , 3 wi, 11 Z , ', -23? ,W 5 4 A , ,M , , ,fmm ,M ffm, fy ,fm W ,,.3,,72 in , , ,fine ,wg , , X WCW, , W4 ,0...,WM,.fm 'A gg ' 5 2 3 MSS. ff 4' 5.55, iii Mf'EEQf Xi Rl' fSfi'Ti'f gf ii' if? "' Y SHT 9 S A359 Qlxlg 9JFXWIff ii5S+f?D3Wwfi - I Q l S 5 ' 35 5 Zi Q E Q f l 1 156. 5-Xggsixja ,Fig Xl i H pl 59 f L' Xe ll 3 Q A : xv N fg X 5' K X Q X Xwgsf l een in the 1949 VALLII-II SX X, X ,X ,less i 2 fail X S 2 Xi 5 . Q QR X- ge X f wi , 1 X 5 X X g X X X .XXeifS...x X 4261- ls' Q 3 z . gi sf v X K 33- Sli VT 5 Q 'li i, Mfgg E- -s f lf Qf F XAw2 X QSSSS Yviyg ' 'EX XF sg + 'MXX A l six 5 X S X Xi V QE. 1 l aww b il px ,Xi 1, E gm 3. ' Q X 55 QQ iw QQ i-.Q ' llggblbi' X , , X. 5 xiXggQXqkX- X Q SX X XX M X 1g,XXX3xg X X xgY"E. A-2 X Q X X Kkwiwiiixk- S WX: Q X - l XPS X W 3 .QR , X X E Air was 'Si 11 X . . ,,wQTi:- 131 2iX-if Ex .X gxff-xx,-Q32 XX x ,yn 1X X- wrliyxgyx ,X J' X X ll 5 X K Eillgefbipgg l .Q X f X X X s :iw f-XXXXX X 1 - Q X g 4 + X . - ,L f X3-'NX X4 M Q.. Ag .X 5 I C 'APR ' X X l 'sf 7 ef X H Q V. X Xl, Q Q Q . X? X X X 1 X xx , J xx x ,X 5 X 2 Q Q X + ' 5A 2.1 ,K 'S 5 QXXMTTXQQ ,l i J Q X .X Si.-xiiiliws-Xi B? k U -,Qi "5 . X in X 3 .Xg A R 'R ' NSY 5 'f ,X f' " E lg f If E 'X xx Q X Q. X Q- S- gl K Nix S X 31 ? ,X X X 1 . X Q ' fp' 2 X X. s X Q, K Published by f THE KEY CLUB of Fort Valley High School K 'ff X X UV N' XA :X A .. ' ,. ' K in: . 1 .,i..fX.X -WA V' Q- ' ,I 1,,, ,lzv X X Fort Valley Georgm " -1--- ' QQ X , sz Q 5' X - w x X 'S' 1 ' Sf K HY X X X ,Xia Mx xl -xl ix-1 , + 5' f-Q ...A MX 3 hi 1 1 X. X 5, X QE , X , X ll . . PVR- X N X sf . gas: l' 171 S, X X -.i,- Q M fi,f?Ma5 Y Xm f'i3'1F C DIEDIC TIO U fail We, the Key Club of Fort Valley High School, dedicate this book, the 1949 VALLIHI to those students of Fort Valley High School who gave their lives in World War II fighting for the principles which allow us to print what we like. Victor Leroy Duke Arthur Lenord Johnson James Edward Ransome William Harry Kent John Wesley Hiley Ralph Edward Bruce Cecil Hill Howard Delkin Johnson Rowell Carl Turner 6 w 4 A ,wxhgw HT' +4 fl B331 xi im XE E Q 5 1 :sf is X sg 5122 X ...xv A. is 333 X Q S S X X 'Mx Q SE is J. Ryu wmwrfzfzfza fs vwzw 5 Q X ,NK X ,. .I , .X wi ag. '53 W , if y wx, :,:-em: fsizms: ,255 lx 5 M . I '55 x N ' 'O QNX Q S I E .fiusx 1 Y E P5 fx Q 1 ,T M 3" wg: i X .sm " Xggeww, , 4, 0 Xi .1 Q X X Q- xi X 3 X X Q fibli b X Q X Q ! fx X F X 5 f 1 1 s i ..... N ' 'P' . ,, My , . ,. Q E5Ei:f:,.s ww Q5 -. Qs 5: 4 1: 'iq ,gk E N Q.Q- x 2.25. Q 'W I -Q, by -, , :Q . Xe ,:,:... X ,E ,X ,Q 5 Q gg ig - y N.w--m....,..,.W,.b,,,,,.,, ' fi-- N7 'f Q:- , P5 -RK PF' v , . ' W x is ., . x ' f 1. ,hg,. fbyfsmv V - 9' -1 y .,.. X- WN! .sQ RN Q Qs SK x Q. Xl S hx Yi Sf.-Qi Q ix. - .w..n....wm,.....F-1 M. ,, dx... 1- qw-ww-wxXxwLh,b " 53 Mila mc ' q ' ix 3 -M2 Q' ia fb-R1 , , 14 wx ' 'imjfy B Q' x FXS W, if Xfikf Nw 1 Q ,,,,, Q3 i,4,,I'higi,,TlX '55 H F k , ,. flfki' Q, N' 'Sw fx f- ,- x ' A X- 5 5 EE, 'm,5vtf333g3kvgf Q SXNFV Mi VK ., ' ,f'xggw, x '3 g i X f - if www: f ws ' xy' J - XF, f f 'gy Sr kg Q ,MQ 33 X gm Y K... t ,.,,, . .t b S Y .i..gN,g T A f" -2:-S 5 ' . ' . ' 'H Q' ' .,. 3 -if 1' F , - " A X, "W", fy X 152' My v :T Q' ' x , 1 , .. ,gg,f,i1. ES, . 1 -'-- - gg K wx f iff x gi Jigs? .,.. Q 5 K V -f ---- -:' 'N W W - x A X wsu: Qaewn i up - .... , N-'exe-1, wg K i X "5 QQ rvmM, 35. li , 'MXN Xxsig 5 . . rsE E115 W2 A - KSFSSNR. awia Link SSS Q X..-sv the FAC LTY Eleanor Bell Mathematics Virginia Herrington Audrey Kupfer 'Q ah. of J Sc'c'rc'fary x I X . X X wx jigx I E. R. Anderson ' 5522 0 a ag . - si Supe1'infz'nden! 5 :t i zlzv yi ' James C. Stephens i 3 If ' Principal V X x 'V ki K X 3 w Physical Science i ' 5 xg 3 Sarah Lowe Commercial Subjects E. J. Hancock Q Agriculture t Eg-I5 , 1' Thelma Wilson English Sadye Tanner English, Librarian Ned L. Warren Physical Education R A Cordcr Bind Nl o Q X I, L W Frances Roberts knnette Shepard Home Economics Social Science Senior Sponsor K K ,X S 5Qw-': NR S-. mf. SENIOR OFFICERS STEWART WOOD President "Love is a queer thing, Love is dizziness, Love keeps a young man 'Kink BETTIE SUE ALLEN Secretary-Treasurew' Dynamite comes in small packagesf, 12 From tending to his businessf, BILLY CANNON Vice-President 'He doesn't know his lessons Because he hasn't concentrated, But when it comes to girls He's very educated? ,vw fl ww surf! N....f 'iw 90-B 'Q""9" aa SENIORS RILEY ANDERSON "Have you seen Beanie?" BEVERLY ANTHOINE "Her future will be as ber present, always smiling." BARBARA AULTMAN "Ola, look at fha! cute boy." EVELYN BASSETT "SlJe's narrow and fall, but gracious witloalf' BARDWELL BANKSTON "Large economy size." JOAN BARFIELD "Always griping, never safisfiedf' BETTY BECKHAM "If she will sloe will, you may depend on if. If she won't she won'i, and tloafx the end of if." GERALDINE BELFLOWER "It's quality that makes a woman, not quanfifyf, Qu' ,tw wh' iilhlhwiuibw 2.5, SENIORS ZONA BOWDEN "With a jfs! ana' a laugh all day." CHRISTINE BYRD "Her pleasant looks amz' fricmlly smilv, Make her life more worihevhilcf' JIMMY CULPEPPER ' . 5 ' lv Fm Moi so had of--look af fhccz' JAMES CUMMINGS "Lol cwory mau miml his ozvu husinms BETTY JEAN GRANT "What zlifl you say ahouf R0l7L'Yfll?,, LEONARD GILES "Why Miss Boll, wha! makos you think I h76ll'l'lI,f golf my algebra?" BETTY HARTNESS ffshf loohwl nzorle, hut she was not uzvclc at all." BETTY HERBERT HE?1gl1gl'tl in co111'c'rsalior1 from zlawu fo flush." I "Although my hraiu is no higgfr 1' an a flva, hgmf... SENIORS GEORGE HOPKINS "Give mr' zz shore and llll mow 'em flown." CLAIRE HOUSER "Well I jzzsf flwink flmfs dlL'f1ll.,, JAMES HUTTO "Wfbo docs 11of love wine, '1uo111w1, uml song, Remains a fool his zvlvolc life longf, KENNETH JOHNSON "Wfho's going lo school wlyvn fbfj' van fly?" BETTY JEAN JONES "Wall, I flo11'f cue if you flon'f lilac if." MARTIN JOYNER "Wloic'b has the loose scrvw, Marlin or the z'ur?', JACK KEMP "If silcwvf' were golzlvn, I would llc' rl n1illionair1'.', JULIAN LAWHORN "LawlJorn? Here me is." SENIURS GORDON MCDANIEL "Sfcfw11vzli1z fha! :lam loolf' againf SAMMY MATHEWS "Coma UI1, ifs not 'very far fo f lmz1sc'." ERNESTINE MITCHELL Hsllllll' for all, a grccfing glad, an ai jolly way slu' basf' RICHARD MORRELL "I a'icln'f say a fbinqf' NORRIS MULLIS "This is soma -more Hollywooflf GERALD ONWENS "How much you wanna bet?" RUNELLE PEPPERS "SHN wafvrs run df'f'jJ." JOYCE ANN REAGAN "Sonzc'wl9af quirf, somewhat shy, For flu' Iifv of 115 we flon'f know J WS' fi: annum., ish.. 'EW SENIQRS JACK ROXWLAND "Boy, you Ollgbf 'fn sm' llum' u'o111w1." ANN SAUNDERS "SIM ll!'l'l'l' milf u fnolixlv flmillgf' DOROTHY SILV EY "A wry quiv! lilllw rnuifl, Fl'il'I1dXl7iII' wiifv lm' is It vll f7lIftl'.n WRIGHT SMISSON "Hwy mark, did you xm' Hofvfls miss bis 111an?', WYNELLE SMTTPI "Ac'fi011s xjwak IUIIJUI' than zmrdxf' ANN STANLEY "Tha !'f'l'f'il'l'I' of umny df7fH'01'fIllQ xhlrvs as slu' walks fI'0lL'lI flu' ball." . W. C. WYATT "Dvxw'il1z' IIII' if you t'lIIl.'.'.'U ev 3 'X ' 6 . . Front row: Ioseph Akins. Carrol Patterson. Franklin Fennell. Evelyn Murray, Beth Hatcher. Ann Wheeless. George Ann Harris. Anne Monk. Loretta Walton. Second row: Wynelle White. Martha Ann Douglas. Iune Cape. Betty McDearmid. lane Wilson: secretary, Barbara Tyner. Third row: Iimmy Hobbs. Gene Bartlett. Ralph Johnson, Nick Strickland. Harris Dyes, Rachel Hester. Mae Jackson. Fourth row: Frank Murray, Murray Law. Rudy Mills: vice-president. Donnie Young: Alva Giles. Ward Sheppard, Clayton Smisson. lFiith rowl Hugh Iones, Billy Miller, Billy Dent. Herbert Hiley, Bob Almon. Ellis Scarbrouqh, Donald Mason. Back row: Ioe Hopkins. president: Ralph Champion. Larry Sandelur, Billy English. Not in picture: Ieannette Iackson: treasurer. Iames Bozeman: Mary Ann Tidwell. UNIGRS We Q X s Front row, left to right: Iamie Sanders. Iuanita Murphy, Frances English, Carolyn Bozeman, lean Lawhorn, Martha Gibson. Betty Smith, Peggy Bradshaw. Second row: Ted Ioyner, Burt Collins, Oliver Snapp. Ernest Murray. Edwin Wilder, Betty Padgett, Betty Smith. Frankie Goodrum. Third row: Iames Iones, Ted Hartness, Iimmy Cripps, Wesley Bariield, Richard Aultman, Marvin Whiting, Bobby Mason. Quida Collins, lack Davis, Iimmy Thomson, Hugh Hatchet, I. B. Cliett, Leroy Mathews. Betty Teese. Jimmy Stephens, Helen Smith. Back row: Ierry Bryant. Marvin Giles. Prentice Mullis. Dothan Bass, Edward Jones. Vernon Bow- den. Cecil Martin, Ioe Crutchfield. Virginia Schofill. Charles Parham. FRESHIVIE STH GRADE GUNS Front row, left to right: Katherine Fagin, Nita Young, Ruth English, Ethfelyn Ioyner, Alice Akins. Laverne Mide dlehrooks, Ann Dasher. Ioyce Lemon. Second row: Pansy Tidwell, Betty Mason, lane Doles. Georgia Walton, Helen Rainey, Beth Mathews. Virginia Leaptrot. Third row: Reba Sutton, Mariana Walton, Harriet Iackson. Helen Hannon. Betty Wheeless. Sylvia Scarbrough. Etta Hiley. Fourth row: Ioyce Dyer, Peggy Sullivan. Mary Alice Andrews, Elizabth Smith, Miriam Slappey. Shirley Shipp, Frances Patterson. Back row: Mary Ellen McGrotha, Zadie Lawhorn, Margaret Hatcher, Mary Mathews, lean Saunders, Mabel Parks. Patricia BOYS Front row. lelt to right: Royce Collins, Bobby Harper, Glenn Glaze, Gail Thomson, Frank Vinson, Ralph Fuller. Second row: Daniel Fennell, Larry Dyes, Emmet Mathews, Billy Arnold, Harold Parker. Ioel Hobbs. Third row: Freddie Barnes, Virgil Reagan, Dicky Watkins, Roy Moody, Pat Swan, Roger Butler, Billy Lancaster. Vivian Mathews, Pete Stubbs, William Crutchfield. Anthoine, Elaine Smith. Q: x 4 ,lf '53 it' if 33-A 'ir 1 ,fx Y H Y 1 is ix? NIXIUAL STAFF STEXVART WOOD ELLIS SCARBROUGH Edifor-in-Chief GENE BARTLETT Sllf7Sl'I'f17fi0l1 Edifor GEORGE HOPKINS Asxisfani RALPH JOHNSON SAMMY MATHEWS Afffsffmf Aclwrfisirfg Edifor BETTIE SUE ALLE MARTIN JOYNER, RICHARD MORRELL N JACK KEMP JOAN BARFIELD AXSlXfdIIfS ZGNA BOXVDEN DQNNIE YQUNG BETTY BECKHAM COW EMG' ANN SAUNDERS JOE HOPKINS Tybifff Axxislanf The annual staff, hard at work, was Z1 familiar scene for a while nt F.V.H.S., but it was worth it. KEY CL B O F F I C E R S STEXVART WOOD, Prvsidf-nf GEORGE HOPKINS, Vim'-Pr'r'si4lr'nf DONNIE YOUNG, Sffrvfury-Trr'as1zrrr Back row, lelt to right: Ellis Scarbrough. Ralph Iohnson. Second row: Iack Kemp. Martin Ioyner, Richard Morrell, Ioe Hopkins. Front row: Sammy Mathews. Donnie Young, Stewart Wood. Gene Bartlett. Seated: George Hopkins. 'QE WW AHHWW Z I dl I ,f ,,.,.,, W W, ru Q W x... 'W Y 'YWJAVN M V . , 1 Nw ' at WT Mater W , 553335 im.. Q5-ik' K1 Front row, lelt to right: Oliver Snapp, Iimmy Hobbs, Bob Almon, Iames Bozeman, Herbert Hiley. Iack Kemp. Second row: Hugh Iones, Franklin Fennell, Donald Mason, Prentice Mullis, Edwin Wilder, Frank Murray, Iames Cummings. Third row: Billy Miller, Edward Iones, Harold Parker. Billy English. Billy Dent, Virgil Ragan. Gordon McDaniel, Riley Anderson. E FH OFFICERS I JEANETTE JACKSON Pl'!'Sfllt'l1f MARTHA ANN DOUGLAS Vim'-Pr1'sizI'f'11i BETTY TEECE Svvrcfary JANE WILSON T was Il rf' 1' FF O F F I C E R S MURRAY LANV lirvxidwzf CHARLES CRUTCHFIELD Vim'-Prz'siJ1'r1l JAMES BOZEMAN S0r'rc'iar-1' FRANKLIN FENNELI Trc'axurz'r Front row, left to right: Betty McDearmid, Barbara Aultman, lane Doles, Virginia Leaptrot, Ioyce Lemon, Alice Akins, Pansy Tidwell. Second row: Ruth English, Quida Collins, Mary Ellen McHrotha, Ioyce Dyes, Peggy Sullivan, Georgia Walton, Elaine Smith. Betty Teese, Ethelyn Ioyner, Frankie Goodrum, Laverne Middlebrooks, Ernestine Mitchell, Martha Ann Douglas, lane Wilson, George Ann Harris, Helen Harmon. Mariana Walton, Nita Murphy. Peggy Bradshaw. Ian-nie Sanders, Claire Houser, Rachel Hester. Mae Iackson, Patricia Anthoine. 'Miriam Slappey. Betty Smith. Iune Cape, Carolyn Bozeman. DRAMATIC CLUB OFFICERS STEXVART XVOOD Pl'l'Xftll'lIf DUNN IE YOUNG lyiu'-l'l'4'Xirf1'llf BARBARA AULTMAN Sl'l'l'l'flI!'vY BETH H ATCl'l ER TI'4'tI.Ylll't'f Front row: Katherine Fagan, Ann Stanle , Claire Houser. Barbara Aultman Zo Betty Hartness, Betty McDearmid, y , na Bowden. Betty Herbert, Evelyn Bassett. Second row: Nita Young. Betty Beckham, Ann Saunders. Bettie Sue Allen. Beth Mathews, George Ann Harris, Martha Gibson, Betty Smith. Third row: Nick Strickland, Frances Patterson. Ioan Bartield, Etta Hiley. Betty Teece, Sylvia Scarbrough. Beth Hatcher, Iune Cape. Fourth row: Shirley Shipp. lean Saunders. Mary Mathews, Marvin Whittinq. Richard Aultman. Fifth row: George Hopkins, Stewart Wood, Donnie Young. Margaret Hatcher. Gordon McDaniel, Rich- ard Morrell. Burton Collins. Iimmy Cripps, Riley Anderson. W. C. Wyatt. O F F l C E R S BETTIE SUE ALLEN l'rc'xi111'11f BARBARA AULTMAN Vin'-l'1'r'xiJz'11f BETH HATCHER Sl't'l'!'fl1l'-Q' ANNE MONK Trraxlrwr STEWART WOOIJ Prc'xiJf'11I DONNIE YOUNG Vin'-1'f'r'.viJf'11f SAMMY MATHEXVS Sl'l'l'l'ftll'J' ELLlS SCA RBROUGH Trvaxllrvr HI-Y AND TRI-HI-Y CLUBS E I CHEERLEADERS Left to right: lane Wilson, Frances English, Beth Mathews, Ioan Barfield, Claire Houser, Mary Math- ews, Betty Beckham. and Bettie Sue Allen. FOOTBALL Coach i TEAM Kneeling, leit to right: Norris Mullis. Billy Cannon, Donnie Young. Donald Mason. Bob Almon, Martin Ioyner Ellis Scarbrough Iulian Lawhorn, Bobby Mason, Iimmy Thompson. Second row: Iames Hutto, Ioe Hopkins. Sammy Mathews, Murray Law Billy Dent, Cecil Martin. Gerald Owens. Iimmy Hobbs, Riley Anders on, Gordon McDaniel. Eugene Tidwell, Coach Ned Warren Back row: Nick Strickland. Stewart Wood. Charles Crutchlield, Richard Aultman, Alva Giles, Iames Bozeman, Prentice Mullis Gene Bartlett, Wright Smisson, Ernest Murray, Richard Morrell. Coach Ned Warren: Right End. Icunes Hullo: Right Tackle, Kenneth Iohnson: Right Guard. Donald Mason: Center. Iullan Law- - G d M ti Io ner: Left Tackle Iimmy Hobbs- Left End, Gordon McDaniel: Quarterback. Billy Cannon: Right hom. Left uar. arn y . . Halibaclr. Donnie Young: Fullback, Murray Law: Left Haliback, Norris Mullls. 1948 RECORD' Fort Valley Manchester Fort Valley Sandersville 9 Fort Valley Louisville Fort Valley Eastman 6 Fort Valley McRae Fort Valley Tennille 0 Fort Valley Hawkinsville Fort Valley Soperton 0 Fort Valley Wrens Fort Valley Wrightsville 6 Play OE Games FORT VALLEY 7 - CAMILLA 7 QWon by Fort Valley on Penetrationsj FORT VALLEY 25 - GORDON LEE 14 The Green Wave, playing its second year of football, crashed through to the State Class C championship amassing a total of 322 points to their opponents' 42. 29 9 Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley BUYS' BASKETS LL 44, , --,,.-,Byron 7 42..,,.,,,,,,,.,-,.GriHin 21 37 Joe Brown 29 57,,.,,,...--O'Keefe 24 41 ...,,Grady 28 37 - W. Griflln 22 20 -..Perry 18 Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Valley 55.,,.,- ,,,,,, -Byron 11 Valley 32,,,,,,,Montezuma 31 Valley 41,-,,.-.-,-R. E. Lee 17 Valley 44-,,.,,,. Hawkinsville Valley 22-,-. ,---Lanier 37 Valley 32,-.., ,,,.,Perry 41 Valley 34a,,... ,,,, Albany 31 Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Valley 34,- a,,a Montezuma Valley 55-.- . . .. - ,. Albany Valley S2,,,.. -.-.Roberta Valley 54W ,,,,, R. E. Lee Valley 40 -3 -..--. Roosevelt Valley 66W , Hawkinsville Valley 19a..- aaaaaaa Lanier Valley 47 .Y -w-.--Coehran TOURNAMENT Valley 81-, ,,,Buena Vista Valley 44,...,, ..-Dodge Hi Valley 35 -,,,..,.,.. Perry Valley 4S,, aa-, Cuthbert Valley 39-. . .. ,,..-Perry First row. left to right: Richard Aultmcm, I. B. Cliett, Iames Hutto, Norris Mullis. Second row: Stewart Wood. Ellis Sccrrbrough, Iames Bozeman. Ned Warren. coach: Billy Cannon, Donnie Young. Wright Smisson. Third row: luck Davis, Iimmy Thomson, Nick Strtck land, Ioe Hopkins. Fourth row: Gene Burlett. Gordon McDaniel. Ted loyner. Bock row: lack Rowland. 30 Fort Valley 2 2 Fort Valley 20LLLL Fort Valley 35 ,.., Fort Valley 24LLLL Fort Valley 40 GIRLS' BASKETS LL LLLL-Byron 27 LLLLGriHin 19 LLLRoberta 36 LLLLGrlllln 20 LLLL LLLLLLByron 24 Fort Valley 29 LLLL ..,, M ontezuma 8 Fort Valley 37LLL Fort Valley 30LLL Fort Valley 34LLLL L- ,.... R. E. Lee 23 LL LL., Hawkinsville 15 LLLLLAlbany 17 Fort Valley 47 ,,,, LLLMontezuma 13 Fort Valley 32 ,LLLAlbany 27 Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Fort Valley 29 L L , L LLLRoberta 22 Valley 27LLL L LLLL R. E. Lee 54 Valley 37LLL LLLL Hawkinsville 19 Valley 2 8LLLL LL ,LCocl1ran 3 5 TOURNAMENT Valley 37LLLL .LLLLLEastman 22 Valley 37LLLL LL. Hawkinsville 22 Valley 25LLL-. LLLL- LLLAmericus Valley 39 -L L, LL LLI-Iawklinsville 24 fn B 'nr fa Kneeling. left to right: Iamie Sanders, Betty Teese, Barbara Tyner, Ioan Bariield. Edwina Anthoine. Betty McDearmid. Sit- ting: Mrs. Morton Morse. coach: Ann Wheeless. Virginia Schofill. Beth Hatcher, Loretta Walton. Barbara Aultman, Carolyn Bozeman. 71-acl: Front row, lleft to rightl: Charles Crutchfield, James Bozeman, Sammy Mathews, Donnie Young, Stewart Wood, Nick Strick- land, Wright Smisson, Jack Rowland. Back row: Eugene Tidwell, Murray Law, Donald Mason, Joe Hopkins, Ellis Scar- borough, Bobby Mason, Jack Schindeler, Jimmy Thomson, Leonard Giles, Ned Warren, Coach. Fort Valleyis Greenie track team captured its first Third District track championship in the history of the school. Fort Valley took the meet with a total of 61 points over Fitzgerald's 572. Perry was third with 37 points and Cuthbert fourth with 28. For the Green Wave Roland and Bozeman took second and third in the mile run. Strickland and Thomson captured first and second in the 880. Law and Wood came through for a first and second also in the 440. Ellis Scarborough finished fourth in the 220. In the High Hurdles Mathews and Hopkins came in second and fourth. XVood and Mason took first and fourth in the Low Hurdles. Hutto placed second in the shot put. Law was fourth in the discus throw. In broad jump Strickland finished third. Mathews took fourth in the pole vault. Fort Valleyis two relay teams came in third and fourth. In the relays were Scarborough, Law, Strickland, and Woodg Crutch- field, Mason, Young and Smisson, re band. under the direction Mr. R. A. Corder, provided th the school and fans with rch enjoyment throughout the ar. BAD Maiorettes. left to right: Anne Monk, Betty Beckham. Claire Houser. Frances English. Clarinetsz Ioel Hobbs, Margaret Hatcher. Sara Wheeler. George Hopkins. Beth Mathews. Bobby Snapp. lean Saunders. Sinclair Frederick. Evelyn Bassett, Iimmy Thomson, Reba Reagan. Gordon McDaniel. Alto Clarinet: Iimmy Cripps. Flute: loyce Ann Reagan. Piccolo: Sammy Mathews. Trumpets: W. L. Iohnson. Betsy Green, Gail Thomson, Ralph Bassett. Buddy Wilson, Oliver Snapp. Larry Dyes. Ralph Iohnson. Horns: Glenn Glaze. Marvin Whiting. Trombones: Richard Aultman. Billy Cannon. Saxophones: Cecil Martin, Rudolph Mills, Leighton Shepard. Riley Anderson. Bass: Ioe Hopkins. Drums: Barbara Aultman. Iimmy Culpepper. Cymbals: Betty Hartness. 33 L Compliments of M. F. HATCHER Consignee 'Ir THE TEXAS CCMPANY O I THE Compliments of Avera Drug Co. Fort Vullel' The Rexel: sfefe Oil Company - MANUFACTURERS 'A' i' i' Cotton Seed Products Compliments of d GI: Armstrong F .. em 'lm Department Store g if 1 if 34- McCORD IMPLEMENT AND MOTOR COMPANY Soles ond Service For FARMALL TRACTORS MCCORMICK FARM IMPLEMENTS INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS Martin Outboard Motors Meyers Water Pumps Firestone Tires OLDSMOBILE "The customer is the most important thing in our business." Phone 4OI -2 Fort Valley 35 Say lt With Flowers , From Compliments of Adelaide Kell . FLQRIST Harris H. Hater Fort Valley ' Phone 70 Woolfolk Chemical Works Ltd. Manufacturers FARM AND ORCHARD CHEMICALS Fort Valley, Georgia i' Compliments of A. J. EVANS Marketing Agency, Inc. Dealers In Georgia Farm Products ir 36 After school have a Coke f 1125 419 BOTTLED UNDER Au1HoRnTY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY FORT VALLEY COCA COLA BOTTLING CO 31 Sf' Y --- --------------- 1 --- ---- ------------- - ----- 1 1 You are Always Welcome at Mathews : - - " Wheeler's Pharmacy, Tire 81 Appliance Inc. l, "Walgreen Agency" Philip Mathews, Owner Phone 393 General Electric Appliances L ::x:ii::x: B. F. Goodrich Tires , and Accessories Compliments of Youngstown Kitchens 81 Zenith Radios : Fort Valley "We Service What We Sell" RCIdi0 81 AppllCIl1C6 Co Phone 450 ' Khoury's Department Store "' LADIES' READY-To-WEAR 1 MILLINERY AND SHOES W ', Compliments of MAIN STREET i D. N. Herbert Compliments of ' I 1 JEWELER Perdue s 5c 81 l0c Stores 1 Fort Valley Warner Robins 1 4 Montezuma Roberta complements of 4' - Georgia Basket 81 COmP'ime""S of Lumber Company Fort Valley Buu.olNG SUPPLIES Cqndy Kitchen PHONE 40-J - I Compliments of Webb Funeral Home if COMPLIMENTS and BEST WISHES from 'Ir CRES SANDIC' 39 I Compliments of Christopher's, Inc. Furniture, Radios, Rugs Refrigerators O Compliments of H. V. Kell Co. Wholesale Grocers Grijin Fort Valley Compliments of Edwards Clothing Co. Compliments of Rush Lumber 81 Supply Co. Phone 33 Building Materials for Everyone in the Home. Points ond Floor Finishings Compliments of Fort Valley Motor Co. Authorized FORD Dealers Soles Service Fort Valley, Goergio Compliments of Wright and Solomon, Inc. Merchandise Brokers Peaches Pecans 'Q Compliments of Georgia Grocery Co. FANCY AND STAPLE GROCERIES Compliments of Triangle Service Station Compliments of Williams Motor Co PONTIAC GMC TRUCKS Compliments of Young 81 Bowden's Market Dealers in Fresh Meats and Poultry Compliments of Poole's Feed Store Compliments of Carither's Furniture Stores I Compliments of Odorless Cleaners Compliments of Blue Bird Body Co. Furnishing safer school bus transportation for Georgia schools since 1927. :I 4' Go To 'k , 1 I , i J o H N s o N s Compliments of ', for L E J , ' Hosiery ' ' ones ', 1+ Underwear 4 ' 1 Men and Boy's Clothing I 4 Women's Latest Fashions it 1: 1 Compliments of Compliments of I I 1 Fort Valley Laundry Tommy s Cleaners ' ' . j 5 81 Dry Cleaning 4 I i 'P F Compliments of tl 1, Compliments of l.. Stephens 81 SOI1 ', Plumbing 81 Heating 1, ' HARDWARE 479-J 1. " ,xxxs :J L 4-2 compliments of Shepard Insurance 81 Realty Company Compliments of Compliments of LAY'S POTATO Frosted Malt Y I The Choo-Choo Hot Dogs W. D. Tharpe R. C. Tharpe I1 ir BANK OF FORT VALLEY Capitol, Surplus, 81 Profits S200,000.00 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 55,000 Maximum Insurance for Each Depositor A A Good Bank Serving a Good Community ir 43 gl 9 ,,,,,,,,vv--.,..----- -----., ,.... 31 .,,,,,,,,v.,,....... Anthoine Machine Works Established l885 Machine Works and Garage Full Stock Pipe Fittings, Plumbing Supplies Compliments Compliments of ' of Pieuch Theatre The People's Bank Fort Valley, Georgia Fort Valley, Georgia 3 9 :::::::::::::- :: Q- --v- 7 Greene Motor Company CHEVROLET First for Quality at Lowest Cost Phone 26 Fort Valley, Georgia Wrecker Service Day and Night C 44 Photographs in this Annual mode by MAJESTIC STUDIOS "HOME OF FINE PHOTOGRAPHY" Wedding Portraits Commercial Photography Individual or Group Pictures CAMERAS - FILM PHONE 49-J PHOTO SUPPLIES Fort Vol ey, Georgia . J. F. Duke 81 Sons Compliments of The Atlantic Company I Allis-Chalmers Farm Machinery l Building Supplies Compliments of Moss Oaks Lodge 3M Miles South of Perry, Georgia GOOD FOOD 4, -----AAA----------- .s Compliments of VinsOn's Dairy O Grade A Pasteurized Milk 45 ::::: ::::-:::3-:::::: Compliments of NEW PERRY HOTEL OUR THANKS to you Advertisers, without whose aid this book would never have been published. THE VALLIH I STAFF ,,,,,,,,,, it xx,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ee,e,,e,,,e, Compnmems Glaze-Badley Motor Co of :E Willys-Overland Jeep Chester Wilson Agency K"i'e"F"'e' Genera, ,mr unce I: seiee end Service Economy Gas and Appliance Co. Butane-Propane Gas and Appliances Fred W. Shepard Local Representative 4-6 5 Offering THE FINEST In Silver, China, and Giftware llilaller lllltoinnqii ln undertaking the editing of this annual The Key Club of Fort Valley High School has made an unprecedented progressive step toward making our school a better and more enjoyable institution. We have worked hard and long to give you, the students of Fort Valley High School, a permanent reminder of what this year has meant to all of us. We, the staff of the Vallihi, hope you will like it and will overlook our numerous amateurish errors. We hope we have given you students a starting point and that this will merely be the first of many volumes of the Vallihi. STEWART WOOD Editor f, 'Ir Compliments of THE STEAK HOUSE if 47 5' ANNUALS nlsrlwcwlox Q sven gon - j' youu ' J f 5 5 ,f if Dovalur. G00l'QiZl V1 iw

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