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S I X PANTHER P ' J.A W .a .v ■-O ' ]rlf :.) (5 (nV 1 yU ' ' ' • Cix ] JP y f ,,ic . . , i V _g " vS " - o S -t) -o lnJiUim 1C(CiiAA t 3lWM u he. i i ii r Q! N ' .O Z C PANTHER ' 86 Forr Srockron High School Volume 61 Forr Srockron, Texas 7. aJ i rJA ; miLy oC ' - uL ' ' hL i . ;. Z..7 , A rr- Ponrhers One And Air Inside , Oo School Life 0. .. . 1[ Adminisrrorion 9 Orgonizarions 19 Acriviries 61 Fovorires 77 Sports 8 ? Seniors 147 Underdossmen .... 163 Ad ' inowledgemenrs . 188 Senior Index 189 General Index 195. cLAJ ljjt bi- -)r X n iding rhe bus. Earing in rhe cofererio. Shoring lockers. Cheering or pep rallies. Sirring in dosses. Tol-iing resrs. Wori- ing our in orhlerics. Singing in choir. Molding melodies in bond. Ordering senior rings. These ore rhe rhings which srudenrs and foculry experience rogerher as o family — o group of closely relored persons. In o sense, everyone faces rhe same challenges, wherher rhey be relored ro school, communiry, church or social ocriviries. All hove had ro deal wirh rhe srore-mondored " no-poss, no-ploy " rule as well as rhose of limired absences, srricrer worl our rimes and fewer assemblies ond pep rallies. How such chollenges hove been accepred, however, hove broughr our rhe individual rroirs which make up rhe whole of rhis school. Memories of rhe 1985-86 school year, no doubr, will pop up in rhe minds of rhis family for years ro come. Wherher rhey will be simply rhe royol blue ond whire, rhe Ponrhers, rhe Prowlers or rhe new reforms in educorion, srudenrs ond foculry olike will recall many rhings. Creoring bullerin boards full of spirir. Dressing as ghosrs ond goblins. Decoraring rhe halls. Coming ro school as Nerds. Weoring clorhes inside-our . . . -,Ai . : -aymyM ' ' Uyi — _iJj uJi ' Sharing rhe old Col e Clossic after lunch were Laura Parrersan, Hearher Johnson, and Amie Hoiron. Panrher Mascor Ann Goborioulr rrodes in her drums for a coroner. . If Jl ( oJjJl k .Ay A lje h iu )ui_ u r .: . y U ' ' The corsages were plenriful and rhe spirits were higli as Home£6ming ' 85 Warm-ups, Nerds and colors were highlighred on special days during rhe weeU. A parade, mossive bonfire and pep rallies spurred on rhe inreresr and exciremenr leading up ro rhe naming of rhe new queen ' olly Hichmon reigned over rhe courr. Senior duchesses were Ann Goborioulr, DIXCJl Xo a Rr) r)l Rll O ' ' IWopz, Diane Ford and Myro Cordovo- LUMyyVL i y ■ 11 ■ Vicki Minrer was junior duchess while Jeono Co cy represented rhe sophomores riOrnOCOmiriQ and Momco Leyvo the freshmen yicft Of ilk. il4wvL J (J The Homecoming court indudes (front row) Myro Cordovo, ■ Hdly Hickmon, Diane Ford, (bocl row) Monico Leyvo, Vid i Minrer and Jeono A j C COfuM JxAAJ r Jjjjut MxjttynL _ ao ,ynUM(llL im Wui Ld jjyu iJiJU ALd ■lujuth yrnjL IC ' J! (f-O - J- A aJjL JQueen Holl Hickman - tU itoJ ,, J Panther Power Prowler Pride Arhlerics is like one big family. Porriciponrs in each sporr core obour how rhe orhers do in rheir evenrs. The reams win rogerher and lose rogerher. They ore backed by enrhusiosric srudenrs and each orher. Senior Mike Weber sold, " A few guys jusr showed up ar a volley boll gome one nighr and jusr gor carried awoy. All rhe fans seemed ro enjoy ir, and ir picked up rhe ream. We had fun! " Whor followed was a landslide of spirir rhor pumped up rhe audience and generored rhe ream ro a win. This ormosphere of spirir ser rhe poce for rhe year, conrinuing inro rhe successive arhleric season. tAMj_ [Jill iidl , - - M v jbitcJ: jyUcr tL- iU- A ■ AJoyci ijjnL JaJll ;t ,. 9 mi ul Prowler volieyboll reom prepores srroregies for rhe upcoming gome Ponrher coproins Will Taylor and Mickey McKissock give confident loote before entering the pep roily Captain Fernie Gomez ond defensive coordinotor Coach David Crume discuss options i _ gm ggugi Spirit signs ptovided by the cheerleodets ore quickly destroyed by the Panthers. „ . Notmo Sonchez spikes the ball as Elvio Metcodo, Laura Lonnom and Glno Luce ptovlde bockup. Ar]fij ni - Jvi i xt i:Ayynjuiy i-Wi. uJcu — ddu o — cYiru dJ- aM y - - iJjM, Jto OMtyZ MOjt lom . Se Rey Corrillo learns rhoc freshman Iniriorion goes on pasr rhe firsr doy of school, even ro rhe polnr of being rhe cenrer of orrenrion or Q pep roily Totolly Awesome Srudenrs or Forr SrocKron High School worK diligenrly ro creore a spirir-filled ormosphere. Spirit helps relieve some of rhe frusrrorions of rhe new rules faced each day. Senior Diane Ford sold, " Everybody rold me rhar my senior yeor woulc be rhe besr year in high school, so I decided ro live ir up and go for rhe gusro. Ir ' s been greor so for! " " I decided ro ger crazy and proaice for my senior year, " sold Srocie Decker. Summing up rhe generol feeling of rhose v ho parricipared in special Qcriviries was Holly Hickman, senior who said, " Ir ' s a whole lor more fun ro ger involved in rhings rhan ro sir around ond warch everyone else have fun. " Freaky Friday porridpanrs include Srode Decker, Elaine Adorns, Mike Hinson, Dione Ford, Holly Hickman, ond Laura Wood. Mouskereer Lori Johnson odds ro Freoky ocriviries. On Twerp Day, Debro McCloin portrays o vdunreer fireman. SCHOOL LIFE Good Times Ar School Even Though srudenrs enjoy coming ro school, rheir fovorire porr is visiting bervi een classes. As senior Louro Wood soys, " In bervv een dosses is when you ger ro see oil your friends, rolk obour whor you did over rhe weel-iend, vv hor you plon ro do or lunch. Ir ' s jusr a real casual fun rime. " Ir is also a rime, olrhough unbel nown ro reochers, ro ger answers on homeworl-; and for resrs. In rhe halls, berween classes, is whar school is oil obour. .- Melissa Castas and Pearl Enriquez ger caughr in rhe rush between classes. j P ' Mory Munoz, Monico Leyvo, Neldo Leyvo, Elvo Hernondez and LoShown Boiley, Qfong wirh some orher freshmen, roke q rour of rfie school during pre- regisrrorion. Chiod Truesdell gers firred for his senior ring while Abel Silvas and Danny Monroya woir rheir rum. y n Mike Weber, Bryan Hook, Jovier Acosro orx) DIoke QoweB cbwn around while raking senior piCTures. Srudenrs discuss rheir weekend before rhe first bell rings. Senior Dloke Crowell leods chonrs or rhe bonfire All tried their best fo bl peok. " The bonfire was rhe biggest I have ever seen, " soid (Xosevo Foi il sponsor. S I X ADMINISTRATION Central Office 5upr. Jon Ryan Assr. Supt. John Borden The fan Srodflon Doord of Educorion consisrs of (front) Cloudie Deeler, George Sulremeier, Aniro Urios, (bo ) Dob Hoyter, Roy Morrinez, Jomes Jordan and Frank Velosco. Central Office John Dorden H.A (Pat) Connor Mory Lou Almendorez Jacquoline Dalch Edirh Fell Irmo Holguin Julie Keirh Chorlene Thomos Donno Shelley Joy Willioms Noro Horok Foye Johnson Horvey Wollen Durz Alremorive School John MenchocG Ann Skylsrad Dr. Ernest Zamora Pnncpol Mr. Charles Roberts Assistonr Principol Elidia DIonco John Blocker SuSu Dyess Alicia Enriquez Dilly Espino CeCe Gomboo Rosemary Groves Derry Hiclimon Rurh Jad-(5on Dion Parrerson Esrella Prodo Janer P ' .oinwarer Dodi Sewell Carole Sheelor Marro Turney Piosemory Vejil Jon Deckerr Lynne Deeles Ann Dennerr [ enee Druno Groce Cosillos Therman Conner Ooudio Cooper Juon Cordova Dovid Crume Mory Duorre Fernondo Espino Terri Flercher Don Ford (Xosevo Ford Feliciro Gorcio Greg Gilmon Norman Glodson Fred Horrol Goylon Horrison Teeno Hughs jQCl-ae Johnson Mori Lynne Johnson Vonce Jones Luby LeNormon Lisa Mahler Alonzo Morrinez Louise MayfiekJ Mr. Johnson is our very own v se man. Foculry Jonice McKenzie Billy Ml,:; Diono Mc.-re Joner Newron Jere Nictic- ED Overv Poul PosquQ Troci Posquo Mike Porterson Joe Primero Marrho Primero Louro Pyssen l ob R,onkin Melvin P»eynoids Connie Richardson fXurh P,obles Lorty Skylsrod Robert 5rovoll Jean Sulremeier Inez Vosquez P ey Villorreal Vicki Vorr Mary Ann Worsen Shirley Weddle Jenny Winegeorr Gormon Wisemon Korhy Woods Jerri Wyrick Rolph ZomorrippQ Foculry I Jonlroriol Cofererio Services Petro Acosto Joe Alvorez LuCQS Celoyo Morgrer Dominguez Angel Golindo Romon Goroo Emma Gonzales EvQ Iborro Feliaro (Choro) Mezo Juan Mverlo Moria Robledo Viaor Robledo Denrura Sanchez Vic Robledo. Juan Riverio, Joe Alvorez ore doing odd jobs Mr Glodson " Who pur me on rhis poge?!!?!!? " Mrs Elidio Dlonco " I ' m sorry, bur rhe counselors ore our ro lunch. ' y Mrs. Lisa Mohler rhonks God for her wonderful Mrs Rosemory Groves, orhleric seaerory " Well, rhor ' s onorher orhlere colling in sick ' srudenrs. Teachers? Mrs Ann Skylstod helps o srudenr ro ger bock on rhe righr porh, while Mr John Menchoco holds Mrs Corel Adorns shows off her ourfir for Freok-Our Doy ; ° " ir Nerd Doy? ORGANIZATIONS Auro Mechanics is o course rhor is designed ro prepare srudenrs for gainful employmenr in rrodes and occuporlons related ro Quromobile services. Srudenrs leorn skills and acquire technical knowledge rhrough classroom and iobororory experiences Afrernoon doss members ore K Dhol-sro, O Volenzueb, E Rocha, I Denovides, R Cosronedo, D, Vosquez, J ( ivero, J Quinrelo, J. Priero, V Dusromonre, J Gronodo, R. Longorio, [K Flores, A Hernandez, K, Strong, S Weinochr, S. Alcola and P. Pocheco. Mr; KerinerH Bynufii lool-S over his srudenrs ' wori ro mQl-;e sure rhey do if righr. Abel Silvos thinks he should move rhe car somewhere else because of rhe " NO PARKING " sign Morning class members ore (X Pocheco, O. Arddes, F Monroyo. A. Silvos, E lobar, M Luno, T Son Miguel ond A. Rocho Miguel Luna shov 5 his srrengrh by pushing o cor. Richard Pocheco does a lirrle paper work for doss Pride Of Ponrherlond Band Bond Is a musical organizorion serving as a labororory for srudenrs of insrrumenroi music. Ir places emphosis on rhe refinemenr of rhe basic fundamentals of performcince, borh individually and as a group. Srudenrs during marching season will porricipare in marching conresrs. Drum mojors ore Jim Moon and Shormin Lorge. Dond direaor is Ed McCulloch. Asslsronr bond direaor is Ralph Zomorippo. Bond officers include Undo Goborloulr, Jim Moon. Ella Doiza, Shormin Large, Rebecco Golindo. Johnny Fuenrez, Dorboro Browne, Miller Robison, Melisso Gonzales, Richord Smirh, Myro Cordova, and Diono Sorobio The Pride of Ponrherland Dond is composed of R. Acosro, R, Alfaro, E. Archomboulr, J. Ayolo, E, Doizo, M. Black, T Drodley, B Browne, M. Busrer, J. Corrosco, R Cosos, R Cosronedo, I Coper, M Cordova, 5, Cordovo, F, Dominguez, V Dominguez, 5- Dunn, C Flores, C, Flores, V Fronco, A Franco, C Franco, E Fronco, V Flores, C, Fuenrez, E Fuenrez, L Fuenrez, A Goborioulr, L Goborloulr, J Golindo, R, Galindo, T Golindo, L Goroa, E Garza, D Gonzoles, M Gonzales, M Gonzales, J Gronodo, M Griesser, V Guerrero, J Hozenburg, J Hernandez, E Hill, D Jacteon, L Johnson, L Kirchens, T Lone, 5 Large, A Loscono, I Leyvo, J Leyvo, M Leyvo, V Lopez, G Lujon, A Moxey, J Miles, M Miles, J Moon, 5 Norrh, P Nunez, R Nunez, E Ochoo, L Olvera, G Onriveros, R. Orono, K Ourlow, A Pocheco, M. Pocheco, E. Peno, M Peroles, J Powell, S Primero, D Romeriz, E Ramirez, L. Ramirez, L Roscon, J Royos, E Recio, D Roberrs, M Robison, L Rodorre, M Rodriguez, N Rodriguez, F Ronquillo, G Ronquillo, C Rosas, R Rosos, R Rubio, L Ruiz, S Solcido, G Son Miguel, M Son Miguel, A Sorobio, D, Sorabia, P Sheehon. D Shorr, S Shorr, R Smirh, M. Srokes, E Tavorez, J Thompson, T Thompson, G Trevino, A Uresre, A Urios, J Urios, E. Velasquez, E, Velasquez, E Velosquez, D Walker, M Wolker, J Wymore, J Yborro, J. Ybarro, R Zomorippo and P Enriques Twirlers Pride of Ponrherlond rwirlers ore Amy Maxey, Lowonda Kirchens, Koren Ourlow ond Myro Cordova, Long hours of dediccred procrice ore required be- fore rhe Pride of Pcnrheriand rwirlers roke ro rhe field during football holfrimes. The girls odd color and glirrer ro rhe shows wirh rheir enrerroining rourines which rhey spend many hours creoring rhemselves. The rwirlers also procrice and compere wirh rhe bond in conresrs during rhe foil. Koren Ourlow performs her rourine during holfrime. Flog Corps ft 0. i 1 1 1 1 Vi ' i Members of rhe Flog Corps pclude (fronr row) Connie Rosos, Rose Cosos, Lori IXomeriz, Geneve Onriveros, Geneva Lujon, Naomi Rodriguez, Tomoso Galindo,i(txick row) Frances Dominguez, Terry Lone, Evo Recio, Anno Franco, Lori Fuenrez, Prissilo Nunez, Elso Fuenrez, DeDe Romeriz, Rothel Nunez, Gracie Son Miguel, Sondra Primero, Deono Turney, Mono Dusrer, Morrho Son Miguel and Morisol Pocheco The flog line enrerroins rhe crowd or holfrimes by rwirling and rossing mulrl-colored flogs. The girls also perform during parades. Afrer marching season, rhe flog members con sroy in bond and be secrerories and rhen go on rhe spring rrip. Officers ore R.OSO Cosos, Elso Funrez ond Rochel Nunez. I Ponrher Chorale The Ponrher Chorale is rhe selecr group of rwo choral orgonizarions or Forr Srockron High School, The selecrion of srudenrs is rhrough idividuol oudirions. The 60-voice choir consisrs of srudenrs from rhree of rhe four grades offered or FSHS There ore Boys and Girls Choirs creored from rhe Ponrher Chorale as well as a pop ensemble, P,C. Rhyrhm Singers Also included In rhe ■horol program is rhe Concerr Choir which consisrs of all freshmen and new srudenrs ro rhe choral progrom, Eoch year rhe choirs ore involved in o fall concerr, o Christmas concerr, a spring concerr, UJL conresr and o spring rrip. All choirs lorriclpore in comperirion rhroughour rhe yeor. There is also a greor deal of individual comperirion in which rhe srudenrs porricipare, such os 1. 11, Solo and Ensemble and All-Disrricr Tryours, Individual help wirh vocal technique is available ro each srudenr. In rhe posr decode, rhe Ponrher Chorole has builr o reputation of excellence rhrough U.I,L, comperirion and spring festivols. The choral irogrom has on ocrive boosrer orgonizarion ro help wirh financial morters and civic-orienred projecrs. They also give a college scholorship ro I deserving person who wishes ro conrinue his educorion The Ponrher Chorale was selected as the state ' s 4-A Honor Choir for the 1985-86 school year. The Chorale performed before rhe Texas Ausic Educators Associorion Convenrion held in San Anronio on Februory 15. This is rhe highesr honor ever besrowed upon rhe Ponrher !horole. The Chorale was selecred for rhis honor rhrough a series of oudirions held in May of 1985. Aembers of rhe Ponrher Chorole include ifronr row) D Vrero, P Volenzuelo (section leoder), H Hickmon (presidenr), D, Alvorodo, 5 Ivy, C. Yeoger, L. Doggerr (business hoirmon), C Doy, D Corillo (secnon leoder), J Turner, P Cordero, L Porrerson, (second row) R. Wilson (librorion), A DeLeon. R. Hernandez (secrerory). A, Holron (social hoirmon), C Durhom (choploin), L, Lonnom (libronan), P, Correon, C, Win, H Johnson, G Ford, 6 Cosronedo, (rhird row) J Sanchez. M Vererre, N Morrinez, M f iojas, 5. owell, G Hommond. J Dyer, S Mills, C, Moninger, W Dowers, C. Franco (librorion), N. Woldrip, (fourrh row) A Niero, P. Tolberr, D Peyes, W Truesdell, J. Fouch, P. ' olenorx , M Ainsworrh, D Dueno, D Sruorr, C. Fronco N. Salmon, (fifth row) L Mines, H Reno, L Johnson, K Durkholrer, R Tucker (secrion leoder), L Doggerr, V Minrer ibronon), E. Porks. D. Doiley, (sixrh row) A Correon, M Nix, P Cdomo. J Hill, D Ford (wardrobe rechnicbn), J Doizo (vice presidenr), J Groy, J TerrozosondL Wood (secrion ;ader). I Concert Choir Members of rhe Concerr Choir ore (fronr row) S Arenas, (X Corillo, J Urius, A Trevino, L Doizo. F Corillo, C Dueno, E Morrinez, D Vinrers, R Corillo, (second row) D Ligon, L Doiley, J Casrrejon, L Hernandez. J. Voleriano, C Elmore, D. Gonzoles, J Celoyo, C Collins, R Volenono, L Slock, (rhird row) E. Esporzo, f P iggs, J Cosios, J Sorrerwhire, [ Acosto, P Crowell, R Lopez, S Morrinez, L, Dominguez, L Nix, D Rowls, (bock row) 5 Cordenos, C Oomez, M Cosios, L Srout, 5 Corillo, M Longorio, K Lopez, M Tovor, M Morrinez and G Shorr Joe Voleriono looks excired obour The Concerr Choir is absorbed in rhe music, singing The Ponrher Chorale Rhyrhm Singers re- ceived Q firsr division or rhe regional level of Solo and Ensemble Conresr. This achieve- menr enabled rhe pop group ro travel ro Austin ro compere on rhe srare level. PC. has performed for numerous socio! and civic evenrs during rhe pasr year. The P.C. Rhyriim Singers enjoy mol-dng music along wirh drumme r, Ann Goborioulr. Amie Holron, Mike Nix, Jessie Dqizq and Roxie Hernandez listen for insrruaions. Members of rhe P.C Rhyrhm Singers are (fronr row) P Volenzuelo, H Hickman, D Alvorodo, 5. Ivy, J Hill, L Boggerr, C Day, D Corillo, (bock row) P. Hernandez, J Doizo, A Holron, C Durhom, C Franco, M Nix, C Moninger and E Porks The P.C- Rhythm Singers sing lyrics ro runes from Alabama. December Cosmetology Cosmerology is an Imporronr parr of rhe vocorionol educorion program or Fr. Srockron High School. After rwo years in rhe doss, rhe srudenrs ore eligible ro rake rhe Cosmerology Srore Board Examinorion. If rhe girls pass rhis resr, rhey receive a license which enobles rhem ro worl-; in salons and beaury shops. The second-year girls also go ro Dallas annually for o wortehop. In oddirion, all srudenrs compere in four local comperirions. The winners rhen compere in rhe disrria conresr. Firsr ploce winners from rhis odvonce ro region, and firsr place winners rhere advance ro rhe srore comperirion. Mary Hernandez pierces AAisry Vererre ' s ear. The morning cosmerology doss consisrs of Cfronr row) Mory Hernondez, Veronica Corrasco, Eliso Romirez, Sonyo Golvon, (boCk row) Parry Morales, AncHdo Rios, Moricello Armendoriz, Rosa DeAndo, Rochel Corrilb, Misry Vererre ond AArs. Grace Cosillos 1 The afternoon cosmerology doss consisrs of (front row) Elvo Piuiz, Kelly Denovides, Socorro Urios, Veronica Colomo, (bottom row) Mrs Grace Cosillas, Carmen Guevoro, Potty Fiero, Delmo Doizo, Yvonne Rodriguez and Porricio Peroles, Mr5. (5roce Cosillas checte her student ' s work. Misry Vererre applies the solution during a permonenr. Coordinored Vocorionol Academic Educotion CVAE is Q course rhar includes rrade experiences in many different fields. The srudenrs ' skills are graded in safety, indenrificorion of rools and marerials and whar rhe rools ore ro be used for. This year one of rheir projeas indudes rhe beourificorion of rhe pario. They ore bricking up areas in which greenery will be added larer on. Kevin Soier and Fronkie Hernondez sond the wood for rheir new projeo. CVAE srudenrs worl-s hard ro improve rhe porio. The morning doss consists of (fronr row) K. Soler, J. Leyvo, D. Gomez, C. Leyvo, L. Gonzoles (bo row) F. Corrosco, E. FUvero, V. Correr, M. Correz, D. Olivos, F. Hernandez, M. Itxirro, W. Quenrello ond J. Volenzuelo. ., 1 1 The ofrefnoon doss consisrs of (fronr row) H- Joques, R.. Romirez J Marl T. Horden, (bock row) M. Joerin, J. Dueno, P. 5imon, D. Cervonres, P. CHi D. Gonzoles, A Doizo, F. Mendozo, Students worK on porio improvements. Marhering And Disrriburive Educorion MDE srudenrs work half o doy and go ro school half o day in local Forr Srockron businesses. MDE reaches srudenrs ro become producrive ennployees and helps prepore rhem for eirher work or college. Cory Elmore ond Danny Diller concenrrote on devloping business skills. Mrs, Rene Bruno prepares for Q doy of classes. John Robert Gurierrez, Micl-ioel Riojoz, Lydio Hernandez, Jovier Leyvo, Abel Roscon, Mrs. Renee Bruno and Jack Bores make up one of rhe MDE dasses. The third period MDE class includes ( " back row) Susonno Gonzoles, Donny Diller, Joime Arriogo, Cory Elmore, Volenre Hernandez. John Gonzoles, (fronr row) Susan Gage, Frances Dominguez, [ osie Celoyo and Henry Armedoriz The fourth period MDE doss indudes (bock row) AArs Cenee Druno, Del Mock Posey, Ronnie MesQ. Ismoel Velasquez, T J Perkins, (fronr row) Lynn Spence, Irmo Solmon, Horvey Enriquez ond Amy O ' Connor Rosie Celoyo srudies during her third period MDE doss. VocQtIonol Agriculture Vocarionol Agriculrure (Ag) is a doss designed ro provide informorion in leadership, breeds of iivesrocK end form and ranch monagemenr. Soil and water conservation ore studied, and instruction is given in building form equipment, welding and rhe repoir of small engines and farm equipment. a f HI («l a Lance Garlick shows his lamb ar rhe Pecos Counry Livesrocis Show, Members of rhe firsr period Ag doss ore (fronr row) Alvon l3orrs. Ridiy Hondrohon, Morr Moon, Todd Gnffin, Todd Porron, Richard Spruger, (bocl row) Cruz Solozor, Cosme Gronodo, Jusrin Powell, Jock Burleson, Kirk Vorrhingron, Dennis Drown, Joe Sullivon and Jamie Hawkins Members of rhe second period Ag doss include Adon Acosra, John Dee Duloney, Quenrin 5age, Wendoll Elliorr ond Chrisropher Korn (nor picrured) T J Perl-;ins, Skeerer Duloney and Vendoll Elliorr wair ro weighr in rheir livesrock or rhe show Chad Truesdell concenrrores on the performance of his lamb. Trocy Pasquo is rhe teacher and director of the Ag program Members of the third period Ag class include (front row) Pat Yeaget, Motrhew Sullivan, Chad Truesdell, (bock row) Ty Wymore, Jacob Chovez, Lance Goriick, Skeetet Duloney ond R.onny Dominguez (nor pictuted) 39 Future HomemoHers Among rhe Ft A members ore (fronr row) Roy Fuenres, Fernie Ponce, Tony Gordo, Orlondo Villesco, Jaime Guodorromo, Joime Golindo, (bock row) Moricelo Lopez, Naomi Morrinez, Nora Gronodo, Normo Sonchez, Kelly Porker, Lericio Lujon, Lupe Tercero, Lydta Podfflo, Sondro Primera ond Evo Shipmon. Evo Shipmon co cenrrores on gerring rhe rhreod through rhe needle, while Jaime Guodorromo checks ro see if rhe porrern is going ro be bng enough. Of America FHA members include (front row, kneeling) Lori Ho . 5oro Gorcio. Ramon Villorreol, (srondng) Rodney Tucker, Juon Vizcaino, (second row) Yvonne Esquivel, Joona Mortinez, Decky Gonzales, Olgo de Hoyos, (bock row) Susan Sreworr ond Word Egglesron This program is designed to ossisr srudenrs in acquiring informorion ond undersronding of personal developmenr as ir relores ro rheir roles in rhe fomily and communiry. Srudenrs learn ro moHe rhe mosr of rheir resources, enjoy and core for children, innprove food habirs, plan ond serve meals, as well os rhe core and consrruaion of clorhing, wirh emphasis on basic sewing skills, and rhe role of rhe consumer and living in o family as a cooperarive member. Lupe Tercero puts it dl together. Future Homemahers Furure Homemokers include (front row) Shirley Plummer, Yverre Gonzoles, Lydio Podlilo, Rosorio Rodriguez, (second row) Diono Vargas, Myro Gonzoles, Yolondo Acosra, Drendo Lopez, Wondo Rodriguez, (bock row) Alma Villa, Anoldo Rios, Morrho Rojos, Morgorer Leyvo, Josephine Olivos ond Teresa Hernandez. Orher members ore Marco Pondo, Rod-(y Duchonon, Danny Gonzoles and Onofre Zunigo. Mrs. Jonice McKenzie, homemaking instructor, looks over o student ' s work. Members of rhe homemaking doss include Cfronr row) Melissa Cosios, Lucy Mockinrosh, Lorie ftomirez, Wondo Jackson, Porry Tibbirrs, (second row) Dinoroh AAonroyo, Solly Moroles, Eddie Leyvo, Moribel Doizo, Jennifer Fouch, (bock row) B,oquel Colomo, Johnny Fuenres, Frondsco Lopez, Marie Tovor, Onofre Zunigo ond Jeff Cores. f I k mm Eddie Leyvo proaices curring a porrern Morie Tovor rries her skills on rhe sewing mochine. Indusrrial Cooperorive Training is o cooperorive relorionship berween employers of rhe communiry end rhe public school ro rroln vocorionol srudenrs, Ir is for junior and senior srudenrs from 16 ro 20 years of oge The program offers on-rhe-job rroining ro srudenrs in rheir chosen occuporions by qualified rrodespeople in indusrry ICT offers classroom insrrucnon in job sofery, human relarions, job erhics, personol finance, job applicorions, resumes, inrerviews, civic responsibiliries, owning your own business, income rax, insurance and leodershp rroining. The morning doss includes Chris Solos, Angel Iborro, Jesus Olivos, Dob Webb, Shonlyn Mills, Oscar Denovides ond Joe Dennerr (nor picrured). Joe Dennett looi ' i for o new crank shofr while worl ,ing or Srod- ron Engine ond Supply, Jomes Dernol prepares for an x-roy He worto or rhe Memorial Hospirol Israel Cosrro, while worl-;ing or Mooney ' s Vererinorion Clinic, raises core of o sick horse Indusrn ' al Cooperorive Training Mr Gormon Wisemon. ICT reacher, was chosen os rhe Mosr Oursronding Cinzen of Forr Srockron in 1985 The ofrernoon class includes (fronr row) Beverly Cunningham, Joe Garcio, Shane Alko, (bock row) Danny Monroyo, Dovid Elvick. Cory Lannom and Ruby Cosos Members of rhe noon class ore (fronr row) Michael Walker, Jomes Dernol, Isroel Cosrro, (bock row) Dione Sarobio, Anno Gronodo, Morisol Pocheco ond Judy Leyvo Indusrriol Arts Chon Sorobia prepores wood for building- Henry Ramirez curs wood for o prqjeo. AAr. Luby Lenormon uses rhe overhead projector ro demonsrrore drafting techniques The Industrial Arrs program provides students with opportunities to explore various fields, including woodworking, drafting, metolworking and photography. On-hands experience is provided in each course within the deportment, with several of the offerings available on the advanced levels. Alvin Dorrs wort ' s on Hs prqjecr Ceosor Rodriguez shows l-iis sl4 in using ri-ie moctiinery. Liz Ouster ond Juonito Soro enjoy creating rlieir own designs. Library Club Ubrory Qub members include Aaron Weser, Tommy Thompson, Michelle Williams, Heorher Hayrer, Denna Walker, (bock row) Eva Shipmon, Wondo Townsend, Susan Srewarr, Lori DIad-i, Cord Porker ond Effie Hummer. The Library Club is sponsored by Mrs . Joner Roinworer. Qub members ore assigned differenr porrs of rhe library in which ro help srudenrs find books faster Themselves wirhour seeking ossisronce from rhe library sraff. Tommy Thompson and Shalo Hammond hove been honored rhis yeor as rhe disrricr Mr, and Miss Teenage Library Assodarion (TALA), group rhor only Library Club members may parridpore Mrs. Joner IXoinworer, dub sponsor, checks our o book for a srudenr. Mrs. Joner Roinworer insrolls Library Oub officers, Mktielie Wiliioms, porliomenrariQn; Tommy Thompson, presidenr,- Sholo Hammond, vice presidenr; Denna Voter, secrerory; and Heorfier Hoyrer, hisrorian. Mrs. P,osemory Vejil helps srudenrs wirh rheir selecrtons. Effie Rummer keeps order in rhe library. Norionol Honor Society The Norionol Honor Sociery is on elire group of srudenrs. The srudenrs in Norionol Honor Sociery musr moinroin on 88 overage rhroughour V rheir high school yeors as well os show good chorocrer, leodership AJir end service. This year, rhe junior y doss added 26 people ro rhe V ,j A Honor Sociery, There were 11 . rerurning seniors. The senior members of Norionol Honor Sociery include (front row) Dlol-se Crowell, president; Delio GJuintono, vice president; Misri Vord, secretory; ond Pot Cordero, treasurer, (bod row) Louro Doggett, Holly Hickman, Dovid Dennett, Mike Weber, Joon Menchoco, Morie Tovor and Zono Motfhies, Mike Weber gazes off as he thinks about his accomplishments. Miller Robison, Robbie Cord, Jimmy Childress ond Phil Neeb watch Holly Hickmon dip punch or the induction ceremony Vicki Minrer soys, " Don ' t bother me now, I ' m busy " I fj o f " The new inducrees ore (fronr row) Moyte Guerrero, Lesley Doggerr, Delmo Dueno, Vickie Corrillo, Romie Correon, Eileen IXubio, Joonn Dominguez, (middle row) Miguel Tovor, Sol Solozor, Robin Wilson, Louro Lonnom, Jill Srichler, Vidii Minrer, Sondro Shorr, Chrisrine Willioms, Mono Monroyo, Debro McLoin, Auden 5orobio, Jimmy Childress, (bock row) Robbie Cord, Miller Robinson, Jim Miles, Flovio Corrosco, Porrick Wilson, Phil Neeb ond Richord Edwords This year ' s sponsors ore Rurh Robles ond Vickie Worr, " And I ' m here wirh these people? " soys Zono Morrhies of Dovid Dennert, Holly Hickmon ond Joon Menchoco. Vocarional Office Educotional The Vocorionol Office Educorion program allows srudenrs ro receive insrrucrion and experience in occuporionol-relared fields Porriciponrs are provided wirli training sl " ;ills, including those necessary for the operation of modern office equipment, in the dossroom, as v ell as practicoi work experience in varied tr aining positions throughout the dry, Mrs. Carolyn Young is in charge of the program and in plocing the students in jobs Alicia Rodriguez oiways gets the worli done. [Severly Wornocl-; Is ready to pose for rhe camera winile Johanna Cogezueb is nor interested. Nora Salmon visits with felbw srudenrs in ryping. Mrs. Carolyn Young greets Mr. Joe Primera during VOE open hojse. YolondQ Acosro is roo busy ro roke a breok VOE members include (rop photo, fronr row) Derrho Longorio, Johonno Cobezuelo, Alicia Rodriguez, Sylvia Dominguez. (bock row) Eunice Mochuco. Louro Lujon, Michelle Gonzales. Norma Sonchez, Beverly Warnock. (borrom phoro, fronr row) Joonn Dominguez, Tomoso Golindo, Mono Monroyo, Yolondo Acosro, Noro Solmon, (bock row) Cynrhio Orrego, Sondro Morquez, Moroimo Romirez, Linda Sanchez and Eileen Piubio Louro Lujon tries ro feed one of Lindo Sanchez ' s cookies to Mono Monroyo Srudenr Council made many conrriburions ro Forr Srockron High School ideas ranged from lirrie spirit builders such as rhe Hidden Panrher and dress-up days, ro rhe building of one of rhe biggesr bonfires Fr. Srocl ron has ever seen. The Council also sponsors some of rhe mosr fun ocriviries in school. Among these ore dances, rhe slave sale and inrromurals. Your Presidenr, Jessie lioizo. Srudenr Coundl rhis year includes Crop picture, fronr row) Eddie Peno, P,idnard Smirh, Abel Gordo, Mono Peroles, (second row) Doro P,eyes, Debro McCloin, 5rode Decker, Gino Ford, l oxie Hernondez, (rhird row) ( osie Celoyo, Amy Moxey, Sfioron Veber, Soni Groy, (Ixicl row) 5qI Solozor, Mike Weber, Jusrin Srour ond David Dennerr. Above, Counselor Dilly Espino colls for o bid in a school fovorire, rhe onnuol slave sole Srocie Decker (or righr) disploys her exceprionol rolenr or menial rosks as she purs up rhe widely publicized ooiviry colendor. i Neldo LeyvQ (righr) ond Mrs- Rosevo Ford ore roking Ann GoboriQulr ' s vore or rhe Favorire ' s eleoion The Execurive 5rudenr Council officers (below lefr) ore Myro Cordova, Treasurer , Ann Gaboriouir, secrerary, Jessie Doizo, presidenr, and Dloke Crowell, vice presidenr Srudenr Council sponsors ore Mrs P.osevo Ford and Coocfi Melvin Reynolds The Tumbleweed The Tumbleweed sraff worl- hard ro record rhe hisrory of Forr Srockron High Wirh rhe cddirlon of new equipmenr, rhe sroff complerely prepored rhe paper for rhe press in rhe classroom. " The basic righr of freedom of rhe press is exrended ro rhe srudenrs rhrough work on The Tumbleweed, " said Alberr Chavez, ediror Korhi Parl er seleas o screen for moking prinrs Arrarrwria RocTio prepares rhe paper for moiling. Morlo Comey writes copy for rhe Tumbleweed. AArs. Lynne Deeles, advisor, checks copy. The Tumbleweed sroff indudes Trocy Brodley, Elvo Hernandez, Mary Munoz, Sracy f ' .Qmey, Mrs. Lynne Deeles, Dovid Bennerr, Morlo Ronney, Shormin Lorge, Alberr Chovez, Anomoria Kocho, Tim Romey. Oscor Martinez, Mil« Losdlo, Becky Word, Debbie Wornock, Mogali Sanchez and Bertha Pando . " ••e i Albeit Chavez checks a headline for srrolghrness. Srocy P,omey reseorches bockground informorton for o special doss proJeCT. Oecky Vord and Mogoli Sonchez selea rhe correct heodline sryle. Tim r omey types the copy for The Tumbleweed. The Ponrher Yearbook Recording rhe year in pictures is a responsibiliry of rhe yearbook sroff. Many hours of herd work ore required ro moke rhe yearbook ovoiloble. " I hope rhar everyone enjoys rhe annual as much OS we hove enjoyed producing ir, " said Hoily Hid man, ediror. Tl e yeorbook sroff includes (fronr row) Mrs, Lynne Deeles, adviser, Srocie Decl-ier, Dione Ford, Holly Hickmon, Mike Hinson, (middle row) Tim Romey, Louro Wood, Eloine Adams, Morrho Riojos, Ady Rodriguez, (back row) Mike Weber, DIoke Crowell, Jimmy Wyrick ond Trey Velosco Mike Weber ond DIoke Crowell work rogerher on o lay our. Ady Rodriguez odjusrs her comero before leaving for on ossignmenr. Mike Hinson rypes copy for rhe senior seoion Loura Wood types copy for rhe Aaiviries Secrion. Ediror Holly Hickmon proofreods morertol ro be submirred for publicorion. Tammy Toylor helps iedi . page pod-sers for conrenr. Shoring secrion plons ore Trey Velosco, Elaine Adorns, Sylvio Gonzales. Tim Romey, Morrho Riojos ond Jimmy Wyrick. Spanish Club The Spanish Club works on speciol projecrs rhroughour rhe year, and members also rake on onnual rrip, usuolly inro Mexico. May re Guerrero leads rhe club os presidenr, and Mrs, Rurh Robles is sponsor. I I i Nonerre Reyes ond Sylvia Flores lisren i inrenrly during a dub i meeting Eileen Piubio works on her " El Espond " during doss. Paul Corrosco worte on rronslorion. ACTIVITIES Teom members who porricipored on rhe honors level were Chrisrine Villioms. Delio Quinrono ond Miller Robison The senior students who compered on rhe scholosric level were Morie Tovor, Zona Morrhies ond Jessie Doizo. Academic Decathlon Comperlrion moved from rhe playing fields ro rhe classrooms OS rhe Academic Decorhion srudenrs from Forr Srockron demonsrrared in a " rournamenr of minds " in regional finals of rhe Texos Academic Decathlon. These srudenrs demonsrrared confidence, comperence end communicorion skills during a 10- evenr resr of subjecr marrer and poise under pressure. Teams from 16 high schools compered February 1 in El Paso for o rrip ro rhe srare finols, college scholarships, and a chance ro represenr Texas in rhe Narionol Decorhion April 3 in Los Angeles. To offer all srudenrs a chance ro porricipore, reams were composed of rwo srudenrs each wirh A, D and grade overages. Each conresronr compered in five areas. Teachers helping in rhese areas included Mrs. Corole Sheelor, inrerview; Mrs. Vickie Warr, super quiz; Miss Feliciro Garcia, language; Mrs. Inez Vosquez, morh, Mrs. Janer Rainwarer, speech, Mr. Floberr Srovall, music; Mr. Alonzo Morrinez, fine orrs; Mr. Jackie Johnson, economics; Mrs, Jean Sulremeier, lirerorure; Mrs. Marl Lynne Johnson, science; and Mr. David McMasrers, social science. The varsiry level porriciponrs were Sonyo Denovides, Myro Cordova and P.osie Celoyo Vlrs Lisa Mahler Sponsor Varsity Susan Ivy - Jr The vorsiry cheerleaders for 1985-86 ore Suson Ivy, Shorilyn Mills, Holly Hickman, Melisso Ciojas, Amie Holron and Louro Wood Cheerleaders Holly Hickman Head Cheerleader • Melissa Riojas - 5r Amie Holron - 5r " Being o vorsiry cheerleader has been an exciting experience for each one of us, " said Holly Hickman, head cheerleader. " We have learned ro work rogerher nor only OS cheerleaders bur also os friends. We enjoyed cheering and being a parr of all rhe different ac riviries. This will be a memorable experience. " Laura Wood - 5r JV Cheerleaders The J.V squad includes Pearl Enrlquez. Jeano Cacy, (Xaquel Colomo and Melinda Boiza, head cheerleoder. Pearl Enrlquez and Sobeida Denovidez salure rhe Panrhers. Freshmon Cheerleaders The freshmen cheerleaders for 1985-86 ore Monico Leyvo, Debbie Wornock, Neldo Leyvo, Monico Corrilio (heod) ond Lerido Dueno Monica Leyvo enjoys herself or o pep rally Monico Corrilio, Neldo Leyvo and Monica Leyvo show spirit or a pep roily Holly HicHmon Elected Queen Ar Homecoming The naming of rhe honnecoming queen is one of rhe nnosr exciring evenrs or Forr Srocisron High School. Holly Hickman was elected homecoming queen by rhe srudenr body. She was given a bouquer of cornorions by iosr year ' s queen, Jami Dlock, who was escorred by Dloke Crowe!!, srudenr council vice presidenr. Holly Hickman, escorred by her forher, Pere Hickman, awairs rhe announcement of her nome, Senior Myra Cordova, escorred by her forher, Tony Cordova. Senior Diane Ford, escorted by her forher. Don Ford. Senior Ann Goborioulr, escorred by her forher, Morcel Goborioulr. Jomi Dlock, 1984-85 homecoming queen, escorred by Dloke Crowell, srudenr council vice president. Holly was escorred by her forher, Pere Hickman. Her court included Myro Cordova, Diane Ford, Ann Gaborioulr and Melissa Riojaz. The duchesses induded Vichi Minrer, junior; Jeano Cocy, sophomore,- and Monica Leyvo, freshman. Holly Hickmon gers o congrorulorory hug from her friends. Junior Vickl Minrer, escorred by her friend, Dill Drown Sophomore Jeono Cocy, escorred by her forher, Dilly Cocy. Freshman Monica Leyvo, escorred by her forher, Ruben Leyvo. 69 (Clockwise from rop left) Eden fVodnquez, Mike Weber, Dryon Hook, Wayne Truesdell, Chod Durhom ond Robert Hernandez show rhe crowd what rhe Panther foorboll reom is, Mr Dilly Espino gers rhe pie In-rhe-foce by Ponrher Ann Gaborioulr during rhe homecoming pep roily. Will Taylor ond Mickey McKissQck. escorted by Ann Goborioult, teor rhe run through in the homecoming pep roily Sophomore float wins first ploce in the homecoming parade. Spirit of ' 66 lives on ot the homecoming bonfire (Clockwise, from rop lefr) 5o, is rhor whor rhe guesr cheerleoders learned or camp? Second place senior floor soys, " Wrap rhe Eagles, " Joan Menchoco presenrs her spinr in a differenr way or rhe pep roily FoorlDQil players ore ready ro give ir rheir oil or rhe bonfire Vicki Minrer, Diane Ford and Holly Hickmon woir for rhe holfrime fesriviries ro begin Dress-Up Day s Louro Lonnom, Shormin Lorge and Deena Hording show rheir spirir during dress-up doy Daby Leo Rodriguez osl-c, " You don ' r like my our- fir? " New member ro rhe Ponrher foorboll reom is Dione Ford. Dovid Dennerr soys, " WI-ior o woman! " Srudenr Council was rhe sponsor of dress-up days rhis year, and as always rhey were a big success. These dress-up days ore few ond for berween, bur when rhey arrive, ir gives srudenrs a chonce ro express rhemselves and gives rhem o break from rhe redundoncy of classes. Mrs PrisdIlQ Corrosco ond Mrs Dion Porrerson-rhe wicked wirches of rhe front office ' Par Cordero ond Jessie Doizo, before going on o dare ( eody Wrinng Mrs Jeon Sulremeier, Lisa Corral ond Dloke Crowell. Colculoror Juoniro Soro. Heorher Hoyrer, Eileen IXubio, Iro Cooper and Dob Shelron UIL Comperirors Science Cindy Fronco, Robin Wilson, Debro Mcloin. Christine Willloms, Eileen Rubio, Mr, Dilly Mills, Heorher Hoyrer, Sol Solozor, Dob Selron, Iro Cooper, ond Joe Sullivan One Ao Ploy; David Dennerr, Richord Edv ords, Sammy Aguilero, Francisco Ronquillo, Gilberr Ronquillo, (middle row) Jomes Solmon, Deeno Hording, Peggy Lobsrein, Jimmy Wyrick, Albert Chavez, (bock row) Mrs. Jerri Wyrick, Lori Woodword, Robin Wilson, Holly Hickmon, Ann Goboriouir and Linda Goborioulr. Speech Mrs Morrho Primero, Sol Solozor, Sondro Short, Robin Wilson, Moyre Guerrero ond Dovid Dennett ' fc Persuasive Speoking Mono Peoles, Timorhy Kimble ond Mrs. Claudia Cooper. Shorrhond: Joon Menchaco, Rosorio Quinrono, Mrs Mary Ducrre ond Down Allra, Universiry Inrerscholosric League (UIL) comperirion Includes areas such os per- suasive speoking, morh, colcularor, rea- dywnring, one-acr ploy, shorrhond, jour- nalism, spelling and speech. Srudenrs involved In UIL compere wirh orher srudenrs rhroughour rhe oreo for honors In rhe respecrive divisions. Locally, rhe F5HS porriclponrs also meer frequenrly ro discuss rheir plans ond brush up on rheir skills for rhe nexr comperirion. The disrricr meer rhis year wos held in April in Snyder. Journolism. Mario Tim Romey. Mrs. Romey, Albert Chovez, Srocey Romey, Lynne Deeles ond Oscor Morrlnez Number Sense: Heather Hoyrer and Dob Shelton Spelling: Susan Lippe, Lori Fuentez and Stan Ferguson. incrnnm Senior members of rhe Norionol Honor 5ociery show onorher .side of rhieir chorocrer Bryon Hook ond Joe Dennerr creore on illusion " Eor your hearr our, Modonno, " said Morrhew Sullivan FAVORITES Mr. And Miss Forr Srockron High Mickey McKissodi hiolly i id imon The rirles of Mr. and Miss FSHS are among rhe highesr honors besrowed on o senior boy ond girl. Mr. FSHS is Mickey McKis sock He has been ocrive in arhlerics In foorboll he was c rwo-yeor lerrerman and gor second-reom All-Disrricr his senior year He was also o ream coproin rhar same year. Recenrly, he signed wirh rhe Universiry of Texas or El Paso for a foor ball scholorshio. Our Miss FSHS, Holly Hickman, has olso been ocrive in exrrocurriculor ocrivines and academics os well She is a member of rhe Nononal Honor Sociery She also W05 cheerleader for four years ond served as head cheerleoder her senior yeor Miss Hickmon also was picked Mosr Oursronding borh her junior ond senior- yeors She is presidenr of rhe Panrher Chorole ond o member of rhe PC Rhyrhm Singers Most Likely To Succeed Delia Quinrono Jessie DqIzo Mickey McKissock Holly Hickman Desr Personoliry Ann Gaboriauir Joey TerrozQS Mosr Arhleric Diane Ford Ronnie Mesa Tracy Lamberr Junior Fovorire Lesley Doggerr Senior Fovorire Amie Holron Sophomore Fovorires Todd Templeron Melindo Dolzo Rene Rosos Terri U eber Curesr Couple Chris Wirt Susan Ivy Desr Dressed Roy Velasquez MonlCQ Ligon Most Deouriful Most i Handsome Joan Menchoca Rene Valehono Curesr Girl Doy Mike l-iinson m 4 i Rf-7!- -ir-. 1 il ' " V M L ' i id K HH H w ■ l i " - ' " ' .- M Winiesr Naomi Marnnez Richard Edwards This year morKed on unusual year for rhe Favorires Dance. This is rhe firsr year in re cenr hisrory rhar rhere were no nominarions in some caregories. Such was rhe case in rhe Junior ond Senior Boy Class Favorires Srudenr Council sponsors Coach Melvin Reynolds and Mrs. Rosevo Ford, olong wirh Bloke Crowell and Jessie Boizo, onnounced rhe favorires or rhe donee mw- y Debro M( refreshmenr roble fVonnie Meso ond his porrner ore enjoying o slow done Dillie Rawls, Suson Ivy, Todd Templeron ond Chris Wirr are discussing rhe ev SPORTS Vorsiry Foorboll " The Ponrher vorsiry foorboll ream is one of rhe hordesr working foorboll reoms ever, " sold Cooch John Blocker . " They also hod heorrs bigger rhon Forr Srockron despire rhe losing srreok. " Coach Blocker olso srored rhar Mike Weber, Will Toylor, i ' -- ' Mickey McKissock ond Fernie Gomez hove greor oppor- runiry ro go on ro ploy college foorboll. " The coaches work exrremely hord and were fun ro work wirh, " he said. The Ponrhers ' overall record was 2-8, while rhe disrncr record was 0-7. 51, 7a ' 751 sr: 23 M4pCM ai aa 3i ' ao la .as 3 The varsity foorboll ream includes (borrom row) Joe Dennerr, Javier Acosra, Chad Durhom, Richard Edwords, Ceasar Sorobia, Ronnie Meso, Jimmy Morrinez, Tony Gorcia, Eddie Leyva, Dryon Hook, Armondo Rocho, James Dernol, (second row) Coach Fernondo Espino, Orlando Viilesca, James Solmon, Fernie Gomez, Woyne Truesdell, Jusrin Srour. Aldo Pocheco, Dan Gonzales, Robert Monsovais, George Voleriano, Miguel Tovar, Leo Rodriguez, Abel Urios, Henry Ramirez, Sammy Romirez, Cooch John Blocker, (back row) Coach Gaylon Hornson, Coach Melvin Reynolds, Lance Gorlick, Cooch Paul Posquo, Paul Volenzuelo, Eden Rodriguez, Mike Weber, Drod Lauderdale, Robert Hetnondez, Joe Posquo, Mickey McKissock, Will Taylor, Patrick Yeoger, Jessie Doiza, Gilly Trevino, Daniel Sorobia, Trainer Greg Gilmam, Cooch David Crume and Cooch Jere Nichols rhe varsity coaching stoff indudes Dovid Crume, Gaylon Harrison, Jere Nichols, Heod Coach John Blocker, Fernando Espino, Paul osquo and Melvin Reynolds The Trainers ond manogers indude Sommy Ramirez, Ricky Garza, James Garza, Heod Trainer Greg Gilmon, Srephen Capers, Trey Velosco, Noncy Lopez and Potticio Romirez Jovier Acosro Jessie Doizo Jomes Dernol Chod Durhom Mchord Edwords Tony Gorcio Lance Gorlick Fernie Gomez Donny Gonzoles Robert Hernandez M (v( Dryon Hook Drod Louderdole Eddie Leyvo Jimmy Marrinez Mickey McKissock Ronnie Mesa Aldo Pocheco Joe Posquo Henry Romirez Armando Rocho 1 M 0S f Eden Rodriquez Leo IXodnquez Jomes Solmon Cesor Sorobio Doniel SorobiQ Jusrin Srour Will Toylor Miguel Tovor Gillie Trevino Wayne Truesdell Abel Unas Paul Volenzuelo George Volericno Romon Voleriono Orlando Villesco Mike Weber Par Yeoger Lance Garlick adjusrs his knee brace during o gome. Wayne Truesdell. wirh rhe help of his blockers, eyes upfield for more yordoge. 93 m p ■ IM pi l v l •m § .ir jtf . | j„ Jomes Solmon helps George Voleriono work o cromp our of his leg during a foorboll gome. Tony Gorcio escapes o would-be rod ler for some exrro yordoge. Javier Acosra is rhe firsr ro breok rhrough rhe run- rhrough before rhe second holf of o foorboll gome. Hi STADIUM K iMiiiiiiirirwfi The Junior Vorsiry ream includes (bottom row) Ramon Valerrano, Chris Wirr, Dovid Alvarodo, Chad Truesdeil, John VonVoll enburg. Den Rivero, Gobino Gomez, Ron Griffin, Eddie Hill, (second row) Luke Collins, Jorrerr Hill, Monuel Sorobio, AllDerr DeLeon, Sl eerer Duloney, Miguel Leyvo, Mike Seoly, Nunie Rubio, Noel Valero, Poul Sheehon, (back row) Jimmy Robledo, Dee Sewell, Norhon Waldnp, John Duloney, Mike Nix, Heorh Reno, Jeff Cores, Michoel Gonzales, Gabriel Corrillo and Scorr McGuire Junior Vorsiry Foorboll " The 1985 J.V foorboll season proved ro be very success- ful and rewording, " sold Cooch Paul Posquo, " There were many bright spots, and some young rolenr stepped forward and did on oursronding job borh offen- sively and defensively, " The J.V foorboll record was 6-3 wirh rheir only losses going ro Pecos rwo rimes and Lokeview once, " he added. The cooch said rhar " wirh a good spring off-season program, several of rhe young men will be filling starring positions for the varsity next foil! " Dee Sewell poses for rhe phorographer during rhe annual foorboll Press Day. i m " x Chad Truesdell (84), Mike Nix (44) help Jorrerr Hill (64) rockie the boll carrier . 1 -i sTTfi IF r Ponrher Junior Vorsiry defense prepores ro orrack rhe opposirion- rhe freshmen foorboll ream includes (fronr row) J Cosronedo, P. Acosro. C Alvorodo, D Dorrs. E Ochoo, J Bondo, A Trevino, 5 Moroles, T Porton, C Yeoger, ) Dunn, E Momnez, T Griffin, (second row) J Dunn, M Molina, A. Romirez, A. Vizcaino, P. Lopez, D Drown, J. Sullivan, J Corrosco, S Puckerr, M, Block, O 3ai20, J Colomo, J McCulloch, A Dorrs, (rhird row) Cooch Rey Villorreol, S Dominguez, D Polmo, J Voleriono. P, Voleriono, H Snyder, J Snyder, E Sonrono, fourth row) C Hernandez, 5. Gray, P.- Fuenrez, 5 Pool, H Volenzuelo, C Fuenrez, M Child. E, Velasquez, E Velasquez, C. Cosos, F. Pivero, M. Woshingron, A Dlvero, J Hernandez and Cooch Mike Porrerson Freshmon Football " The freshmon ream hod an excellenr season, and rhey ployed wirh dererminorion, " said Cooch Mike Porrerson. " I om very proud of rhenn. " The cooch sold he is lool-;ing forward ro seeing rhem nexr yeor os strong Junior Vorsiry players. The reonn posred a 5-3 seoson. Coach Honk Hernondez discusses srroregies during a rime-our. The freshmen foorboll cooches include P.ey Villorreol, Mike Porrerson ond Honk Hernondez The vorsiry Prowlers include (kneeling) Lindo Sonchez, Ady Rodriguez, (bock row) Coach Connie Richardson, Trocy LomberT, Abby Niero, Roxie Hernondez, Laura Lonnom, Gino Luce, Elvia Mercodo, Normo Sanchez, Norma Sanchez, Kim Payne and Morisa Chovorrio. Vorsiry Volleyboll " The 1985 Prowlers were o comperirive ream rhor rreored rhe fans ro many thrilling marches, " said Cooch Connie Richardson. " Adversiry never shool ' ; rhe Prowlers, as rime after time they fought back, never giving in to the temptation of taking the easy way out. They found that being a winner is not only expressed by a season record. " With this attitude and the fact that they showed steady improvemenr throughour the season, we believe that good things are on the horizon for Prowler volleyball, " she said. Coach Terri Fletcher assumed rhe position of interim varsity coach during the obsence of Coach Richardson, who was recuperaring from major surgery during most of the season. Coach Robin Rankin moved up to help with the JV, while Coach Vance Jones was in charge of rhe freshmen. Cooch Connie Richardson Coach Terri Rercher Morisso ChovorriQ Roxie Hernondez Tracy Lomberr Loura Lonnom Gino Luce ' :kT ' Gino Luce successfully spikes rhe boll Abby Niero prepares for o return os Gino Luce srorions herself ro assist if needed. Moriso QnavorriQ (12) and Louro Lannom (10) leod rlie varsiry voileyboll ream rj-irough o spirit sign mode ond held by the cheerleaders, including Laura Wood, Amie Holton, Holly Hickman, Ann GoboriQuIr and Melisso Riojoz, The crowd says. " In your face! " as Kim Poyne Trocy Lomberr jumps up ro meer rhe boll, goes up ro block. Cooches give a pep rolk as rhe Prowlers lisren. The junior vorsiry reom Includes (fronr row) Doro Reyes, Cynrhio Villolbo, Sylvia Arenos, Sylvia Gonzales, (middle row) Delilah Venegos, Laurie Mines, Normo Gordo, Connir Ramirez, Rochel Nunez, Nonerre Reyes, (bock row) Lori Fuenrez (manager), Nora Solmon, Srocie Ded er, Beverly Wornock, Virginio Fronco. Julie Peno, Susono Cruz, Louro Lujan ond Cooch Terri Fletcher, Junior Vorsiry Volleyboll " This year ' s junior vorsiry Prov ler volleyball reom con be described os fighrers, " sold Cooch Terri Flercher. " These girls foughr scroppy borrles ogoinsr rough reoms and nnore rimes rhon nor came bock ogoinsr rhe odds for vicrories, " She added rhor rhe girls " won boll gomes nor wirh heighr ond owesome power bur wirh heorr ond desire and rhe belief rhor rhey were winners. These girls hove o very brighr orhleric furure, and many morches will be won nexr year by rhis driving force. " Dynamire comes in small packages, ond rhe Prowler vorsi- ry will be one very explosive ream nexr yeor ond seosons ro come, " she sold. Sracie Decker praoices serring rhe boll while Virginia Fronco (12) owairs her rurn. Normo (Chez) Sanchez goes up ogoinsr on opponent as Louro Lujon ond Srocie Decker move in ro cover Srocie Decider spil es rhe laoil os Nonerre [Xeyes and Louro Lujon vi ' orch in owe. The freshman volleyball ream is mode up of (fronr row) Anno Franco, LoShown Bailey, Candy Elmore, Heorher Hayrer, Lerry Doizo, Monico Leyvo, Maribel Doizo, (middle row) Mogoli Sanchez, Lomar Hernandez, Ello Doizo, Priscillo Nunez, Lerry Dominguez, Connie Dueno, Debra Evons, Neldo Leyvo, Mory Munoz, Veronica Gorcio, (bock row) P.eglno Riggs, Cooch P.obin Ronl-iin, Terri Weber, Lericio Dueno, Julie Sorrerwhire, Monico Carrillo, Liso Nix, Decky Word, Debbie Wornock, Melisso Lumbreroz, Irmo f odriguez and Jockie Hughes. Freshmon Volleyball " The freshman volleyball ream had on excellent season, " sold Coach Vance Jones. " The mosr favorire win vi os rhe Crone Tourney, v ' here v e won first ploce. " The ream received second place or Dig Spring. " This yeor ' s ream will give rhe vorsiry reom nexr year some good ployers, " Jones sold. Mory Munoz bumps rhe boil as Lomor Hernondez, Liso Nix, Jackie Hughes and Anno Fronco woir ro 104 ossisr her Liso Nix spll-(es rhe boll Neldo LeyvQ sends rhe ball bock while Heorher Hoyrer prepores ro assist Regino Riggs bumps rhe boll while Irmo ' PvOdriguez, LoShown Doiley, Terri Weber and Monica Leyva bock her up V r ._ H Members of rhe swim ream ore (fronr row) Jodye Thompson, Denno Hording, Peggy Lobsrein, Louro Lobsrein, Oillie Row , (middle row) Adrian Arades, Robbie Card, Sruan Levererr, Derek Roberrs, Mart Moon, (bod row) Coodi Robin Ronkin, Sran Ferguson, Jose Cosrrejon, Miller Robison ond Joson Porker Blue Wove Swim Team " The Blue Wove boys ' and girls ' swimming reams have had rremendous spirir rhis yeor. They have endured demanding worKours roroling over 10 miles o v eel-;, " said Coach Robin Ranl in. " Through if oil, rhe boys and girls have emerged os winners, dedicored ro becoming rhe besr swimmers rhar rhey con. " The swimming ream played hosr or rhe Coker-Rorory Inviro- rionol ro 9 orher reoms and rhis year hosred rhe Disrricr 2- AAAA Swimming Championships Feb. 21-27. Cooch Robin Rankin smiles as he prepores rhe reom for rhe nexr meer Elaine Adoms Adrion Arodes IXobbie Card Jose Casrrejon Sron Ferguson Denna Harding Jarretr Hill Sruarr Leveretr Louro Lobstein Peggy Lobsrem Morr Moon Som Norrh Joson Parker Mike Pnrchord Dillie r ,awls Derek Roberts Miller Robinson Michelle Srokes Jodye Thompson Delmo Urero John VanVolkingburg " Come wirh me. my love, ro rhe seo, rhe sea of love ' jQson Porl-;er expresses his full enrhusiosm for being or a swim meer Orlando VillescQ rokes his marl . before leoving rhe blod ' S I obbie Cord worl- s on his burrerfly Technique during worl-sour The girls ' reloy ream receives rhird ploce in rhe 400-free relay during rhe Coker Invirorional Elaine Adorns and Derek Roberrs work hord ro lower rheir rimes before rhe meer, The boys ' swim ream shows off rhe rhird ploce trophy rhey won during rhe Coker Invirorional. Vorsiry Tennis Members of rhe vorsiry tennis ream ore (front row) Glno Hammond, Noomi Morrinez, Jonirh Groy, Debbie Gordo, Sylvia Gonzales, Rachel Nunez, (bock rov ) Cooch Rey Villorreol, Mike Hinson, DIoke Crowell, Eden Rodriguez, Chris Doy ond Abel Gorcio. This vorsiry rennis ream finished rhird losr year ofrer rying rhe firsr and second ploce reams. This year ' s ream goal was ro reach rhe regional rournamenr, " Individually, we hove several promising prospecrs in borh boys and girls comperirion, " said Coach Rey Villorreol. Early in rhe season he said rhor " Mil e Hinson rerurns afrer a banner year in doubles rhor sow him go ro rhe srore meer. He has o srrong possibiliry of going ro rhe srore meer rhis year in singles. " Jonirh Gray and Naomi Morrinez ore condidores in girls doubles, and Rachel Nunez is o good possibiliry in girls ' singles. The ourlook, in general, is good. Experience is locking, bur rhey ore a hard-working reom, " he said. Heod rennis cooch is Rey Villorreol i Mike Hinson Eden Rodriguez Abel Garcia DIake Crowell end Mike Hinson show rheir differenr opinions on college choices during a bus ride to a tennis march Mike Hinson shows his ability ot hitting bockhond volleys. Noomi Morrinez Rachel Nunez Jonirh Gray Noomi Morrinez hirs o ground stroke Junior Vorsiry Tennis Members of rhe junior vorsiry rennis reom ore (fronr row) Oiorlie Rores, Joner Turner. Amy Moxey, Ronnie Mines, (bocl row) Cooch Rey Villorreol, Richard Smirh, Lesley Boggerr, Lauro Ruiz, Roberr Alforo and Cooch Terri Rercher Cooch TerrI Fletcher smiles or rhe J,V, reom ' s performonce. Varsity Doskerboll o -CI The 1985-1986 vorsiry boys boskerball ream gor off wirh o rremendous " This year ' s ream hod o herd-working orrirude and improved every gome, " sold head boskerball coach, Melvin Reynolds. The ream will return four srorrers next year. Coach Reynolds added rhor one of his players, Phillip Arcides, may ploy in junior college. Among rhe reams rhe Ponrhers defeated were Sweetwater, archrival Monohons and Lokeview. Cooch Reynolds also said Dig Spring will be a strong contender in the district, but that ' " 87 will be rhe year of the cat!! " Sophomore Todd Temleron owoirs o poss while Omar Calderon guards rhe opponent. f% • The 1985 6 vorsiry boys boskerboll ream consisrs of (front row) Ptiillip Arcides, Omor Colderon, f omon Voleriono, Ronnie Meso, Mike Seoly, (bock row) Cooch Reynolds, James Dernol. Jesse Doizo, Todd Templeron, IXodney Tucker ond Mike Nix Phillip Arddes is about to receive o poss ike Nix attempts to block o shot. Phillip Arades Omar Colderon Joime Guodoromo Todd Templeron (Rodney Tucker Romon Valeriano Sophomore Mike Nix reaches for rhe boll The 1985-86 JV boskerboll ream consists of (front tow) Geotge Volenzuelo, Ronnie Cotrillo, Joviet Sanchez, Albert DeLeon, Leon Johnson Jimmy Martinez Freddie Corillo, (bo row) Coadi Fernando Espino, Dovid Stewart, George Voleriano, Norhon Ni oldrip, Dee Sewell, Noel Vlilorreol ond Gabriel Corrlllo. Junior Varsity Dosi erboil The JV boys boskerboll ream was on improved reom. JV coQch Fernando Espino soid rhor the House Dill 72 gor some of rheir key players. There are also furure vorsiry boskerboll prospecrs in rhis year ' s JV ream. The cooch said rhe ream will hove ro work horder nexr year because of rhe onnouncemenr of Dig Springs ' orrivol inro 2-AAAA disrricr. George Voleriano hustles with the ball. Sophomore Dee Sewell prepares for o shot. Norhon Woldrip jumps for rhe boll The 1985-86 freshman boskerboll ream Includes (fronr row) Fronki Gronodo, 5reven Dominguez, Juoquin, Dondo, Gabriel Tovorez, Ismoel Flores, Ray Carrillo, Armando Trevino, (bock row) Coach Honk Hernandez, Joe Voleriano, Juon Urias, Coesor Fuenrez, Ernesro Velosquez, Orlondo Doizo, Pere Momnez. Rene Voleriano ond -James Garcio, manager. Freshman Doys Doskerboll The freshman boskerboll ream hod on impressive record w [)n 8 v ins ond 4 losses. Head Coach Honk Hernandez soid rhar rhis year ' s reom will be srrong os o JV reom. One of rhe key ployers for rhe freshmen v os Ernesro Velasquez, he odded. Ernesro Velasquez shoors the boll while Armando Trevino looks on. Vorsiry Prowlers " The Prowlers vorsiry bosKerboll ream experienced o seo- son of peoks and valleys, " said Coach Don Ford. " The reom worl-ied diligently rhroughour rhe year and consisrenrly pur forth good efforr in rhe games. The Prowlers ployed well defensively bur had difficulty moinroining consisrency offen- sively. " Highlighrs of rhe year included Consolanon Championships or Crane and Monohans, rwo impressive wins over Odessa High and on excinng double overrime win over Monahons in disrhct ploy Sweetwater, afrer being store runner-up lasr year, repeated as districr champion. Groduonng seniors include Misti Word, Norma Sanchez and Diane Ford. " A good group of lettet winners return which makes the future look brighr for rhe Prowlers, " Coach Ford added. Dione Ford, Misri Word and Deeno Sloon receive srraregies from Cooch Ford. The vorsiry Prov ier boskerboil reom includes (fronr row) D Drov ne, S Cordovo, A. Rodriguez, (middle row), L. Sanchez, G, Ford, D. Ford, M Word L Lonnom (bock row), Cooch C Richardson, V Minrer, M Ligon, G Luce. N Sonchez, J Srichler, D Sloon R. Hernandez and Cooch D. Ford. Laura Lonnom Monica Ligon Gino Luce Vicl i Minter Norma Sanchez Coach Don Ford Cooch Connie Richardson Diane Ford Gina Ford Roxie Hernandez Gino Ford holds rhe ball os long as she con while she has rhe cenrer of orrenrion Deeno Sloan (32), Monico Ligon (31) and Gino Ford (12) prepare ro work on rhe press Norma Sonchez pur leaps rhe opposirion ro pur rhe ball in rhe hoop for rwo easy poinrs Vicki Minrer concenrrotes on her free rhrow while Gina Ford worches Norma Sonchez (35), Gine Luce (25) ond Laura Lannom (14) comremplore rheir nexr moves os Jill Srichler (21) shoors rhe boll Junior Vorsiry Prowlers The junior vorsiry Prowlers boskerbcll ream hod a very successful season, os evidenced by rhe overoll record of 19 wins ond four losses. In disrricr play, rhey defeated every ream or leasr once, concluding rhe disrricr season wirh 11 wins and 3 losses. The ream was composed of one junior, five sophomores and six freshmen. " Ir may very well hove been rhis blend of leodership and experience, combined wirh yourh- ful enthusiasm and exciremenr, rhor led ro rhe ream ' s success, " soid Coach Connie Richardson. " The furure of rhe Prowler baskerball program bote brighr indeed! " Terri Veber scores even Though rhree Snyder Tigers ore oround her. The junior vorsiry Prowlers indude Cfronr row), A. Cunningham, D. Parades, M. Sonchez, (middle row), D. Browne, P. Dennerr, 5. Crowell, N Sanchez, T. Weber, S. Cordovo, (back row), Cooch C. Richordson, L. Sanchez, L. Nix, L. Slock, D. Dailey, K. Payne, D. Ligon, A. P odriguez and Cooch D. Ford. Prowler Pride LISQ Nix (24) shoors, while Decl y Ligon (34) gers ready to rebound jusr m cose she should miss Norma Sonchez shoors while D ' Anne Doiley (32), Lisa Nix (24) and Srocie Crowell (15) worch wirh onridporion. Freshmen Prowlers " Alrhough rhe freshmen Prowler bosKerball ream finished rhe season wirh o 3-14 record, rhey played herd and showed greor innprovemenr, " said Cooch Vance Jones. He also menrioned rhar " young lodies wirh lirrle or no experience gor a lor of playing rime. They pulled rogerher os o ream, and mony of rhe girls will go on ro ploy on rhe junior vorsiry and varsiry level in rhe furure. " Suson Sreworr ond Ello Doizo good The freshmon bosketboll reom Indudes (fronr row) H. Hoyrer, M. Munoz, J. Hughes, D. Winters, L. Doezo, (middle row) A. Franco, E Hernondez, E, Doizo, IX. Riggs, P. Crowell, (bo row) L. Dominguez, P. Nunez, L, Srour and 5. Sreworr. Prowler Power Mary Fronds Munoz says, " Here, you roke rhe boll I don ' t want ir " Dona Winrers, Eivo Hernondez, Jockie Hughes and Lerrle Bolzo ploy rough, aggressive defense " f f f ' Pole vQulrers Dryon Hook and Mike Weber engoge in o pop-up drill. 1 The 1985-86 vorslry boys ' rracM ream has o lor of experience, rerurning many seniors ro irs ream, They olso rerurn Ronnie Mesa and Juon Viscoino, half of rhe mile relay rhor wenr ro region losr year. Viscoino also wenr ro region in rhe 400 merer dash Even rhough rhe ream is small, members hove greor expecrorions and goals ser for rhem Coach Mike Parrerson is assisred by Cooch Goylon Harrison, The 1985-86 vorsiry boys rrocl-i reom includes (l-(neeling) Dryon Hool-;, Gilbert Mora, Johnny Rios, Morrin Davis, l ichard Edwards, Dovid Alvorado, (standing) Cooch Goylon Morrison, f.onnie Meso, Juan Viscoino, Ismael Velasquez, Jonnes Salmon, Mickey McKissock, Will Taylor, Michoel Gonzales, Roberr Hernondez and Cooch Mil« Porterson. Richard Edwards Robert Hernandez Oryon Hook Mickey McKissack James Solmon Will Taylor Ismcel Velasquez Juan Vizcaino Morrin Davis Ronnie Meso Dovid Alvorodo Mike Gonzles Gilberr Mora Johnny Rios Richard Edwards (righr), trains hard for the upcoming Comanche Relays, and Cooch Goylan Harrison (for right) ptepores rhe starring blocks for the days workout Members of the 1985-86 JV rrock reom indude (kneeling) Juon Urios, Rene Rosos, Rene Voleriono, Chris Alvarodo, (sronding) Coach Goylon Morrison, Michoel Iborro, Ruben Quinrelo, Ceosor Fuenrez, Ernesro Velasquez, Jacob Hernandez, Edgar Sonrona and Coach Mike Porrerson. Junior Vorsiry Track The boys 1985-86 JV rrock reom is composed enrirely of freshmen. Even though rhey locked in experience, rhey were nor locking in rolenr. Their firsr resr rhis yeor v os or home wirh rhe Comonche Relays. Juan Urios srores off in disbelief or whor Cooch Porrerson is reiiing him, while Edgar Sonrono and Ernesro Velasquez look on. Prowler Track " anricipore o good season, " said Coach Vance Jones of rhe Prowler rrock ream which carries rhe morro, " Life in rhe Fasr Lone. " He said he feir rhe ream would do well, porriculorly or rhe inviro- rional meers, " I feel like we ' ll be one of rhe rop rhree in rhe disrricr, " rhe coach said. " Ve hove a lor of experience coming bock, " t mm ' " CoQcl Vance Jones checl-(s rimes on Susan Ivy and Belia Daiza f - ■-■ ' imms The girls ' rrock ream consisrs of (fronr row) Delia Doizo, Peorl Enriquez, Misry Ward, Gino Ford, Deanna Carrillo, Trocy Lomberr, Joney Celoyo, Aniro Leyvo, (second row) monoger Cory Collins, Marco Shelley, LoShown Bailey, Anno Fronco, Suson Ivy, Srocy Crowell, Mary Munoz, Jockie Hughes, Condy Elmore, Anno Celoyo, monoger Moribel Doizo, (bock row) Hildo Villorreol, Melisso Lumbreroz, Julie Sorrerwhire, Virginio Fronco, Liz Esporzo, Becky Ligon, Laurel Srour, Monico Ligon, Delio Quinrono, Lericio Dueno and Coach Vance Jones. Delio Quinrono, Deonne Corrillo ond Morco Slielley get reody ro run. LoShown Ooiley Delio Doiza LericiQ Dueno Deanno Corrillo Anno Celoyo Joney Cetoyo Sracy Crowell Candy Elmore Peorl Enrquez Liz Esporzo Gino Ford Anno Franco Virginio Fronco Jockie Hughes Suson Ivy Trocy Lomberr Aniro LeyvQ Decky Ligon Monica Ligon Melisso Lumbreraz Mary Munoz Delio Quinrono Julie Sorrerwhire Marco Shelley Lourel Srour t? Coach Don Ford end Cooch Vance Jones seem ro be pleased wirh rhe hard work rhe girls ore purring our Gina Ford owoirs rhe boron. Trocey Lomberr heads for rhe baron exchange areo Monico Ligon sronds reody for rhe hand-off Golf Rocky Duthoii ' ji I Connie DLiem-i Per Cordero Srephon Drennon James Dyer Jomie Howkins Lori Johnson Debra McLom Dovin Menchoco Vicki Minrer Rob Neol Phil Neeb William Sadler Poul Simons Joey Terrazas Casey Yeoger Roe Zomanppo Ciring improvemenrs and support, Coach Ed Lee Renfro soid he was proud of rhe efforrs of rhe Ponrher golf ream, " The boys have parridpared very well in disrncr meers, " he said. " They were very comperirive and showed lors of improvemenrs over lasr year. " Coach Renfro also said he was " proud of rhe way rhe girls porricipared, and I am very oppreciorive of rheir supporr and efforrs. " He nored, in oddirion, rhor rhe firsr-year srudenrs showed obiliry. Ed Lee Renfro, is coach of rhe Ponrher golf reom Debro McLoin rees off as Lori Johnson and P,ae Zomorippo add up rhe scores of rhe lasr hole Casey Yeoger hirs rhe ball down rhe fairway during procnce or rhe Pecos Counry Municipol Golf Course .J Lori Johnson follows fhrough wirh her swing, James Dyer barely misses his purr. f ob Neol worches his reammores proCTice, Jomie Howkins concenrrores before reeing off Phil Neeb purrs on rhe green of rhe lOrh hole Roe Zomorippa drows bock as she rees off Vorsiry Doseball " The 1986 version of Ponrher baseball should be exciring, " said Coach Jere Nichols " We hove a senior ream basically and good deprh or each posirion. Wirh rhe mixrure of senior leadership and underclassmen deprh, rhis year ' s ream should hove rhe mgredlenrs ro challenge for a play-off spor, " The coach added rhar " rhe overall baseball progrom hos a good foundarion, and many pro- ducrive years should be in rhe furure " Coochi Jere Nichols goes rhrough losr-minure derails before o gome. Thie Fort Stockron Ponrher boseboll ream reodies for rhe firsr gome. B % Members of rhe vorsiry boseboll reom ore (kneeling) Ovidio Volenzuelo, Henry f omirez, Tony Gorcio, Eddie Leyvo, Daniel Sorobio, Fernie Gomez, Omar Colderon, Poul Volenzuelo, Freddie Robledo, (Xoberr Fronco, (sronding) Cooch Honk Hernondez, Israel Lopez, Den Rivera, Govino Gomez, Gillie Trevino. Freddie Sonchez, Mike Nix, Ramon Valeriono, Chad Durhom, Joe Cepedo, Jose Villo and Coach Jere Nichols, Mike Nix Throws rhe ball bock ro rhe pircher The Ponrhers recheck rheir equipmenr before game rime. Tony Gorcio Fernie Gomez Govino Gomez Eddie Leyvo Mike Nix Leno Rios Den Rivero Freddie Sondiez % -l f ' V ' V P Gillie Trevino (Xomon Volenono Paul Volenzuelo Jose Dillo Eddie Leyvo rokes o few swings during barring proaice. Jjt S iSk tik ' ® k - nbers of rhe JV baseball ream are (fronr row) Joe Voleriano, Armondo Trevino, Pere Morrinez, Jooquin Donda, Srephen Dominguez, Johnny Cepedo, GorzQ, Freddie Corrillo. Joel Fiero, (back row) Coach Honk Hernandez, Alex Romirez, Vioor Dominguez, Fernle Rivero, Jimmy Robledo, 5ommy ales, Jorge Leyvo, Dennis Drown, Orlondo Arcides and Cooch Jere Nichols Junior Vorsiry Doseboll Cooch Greg Gilmon conremplores calling rhe firsr gome of rhe season In rhe dugour, Panrhers woir for rheir rurns or bar. I X SENIORS Senior ' 36 . . . Enough Sold Senior officers include (fronr row) Par Cordero, vice pre Rosie Celeyo, Jusrin Srour, David Dennerr and Roxie He lenr, Milie Webe andez represent Javier Acosra Sergio Alcolo Dowr Ail-io Jaime Arriogo Louro Doggerr Jessie DaizQ Sonya Denavides David Dennerr Barbara Browne Rocky Duchonon Omar Calderon Sreve Canru Alma Carrosco Deono Corillo ( ochel Corillo Cose Cqsqs Piosie Celoyo Pionnie Chandler Moriso Chovorrio Alberr Chovez Glenn Cobb ftaye Lynn Cobb h Myro Cordos Liso Corr l i Dlol« Crowell Joe Dennerr Danny Diller Frances Dominc Mchord Edward Word Egglesron Cory Elmore Harvey Enrique; 5eon Epperson PiOberi Franco Johnny Fuenies Else Fuentez Ann Gobonoult Suzon Goge R,Qul Golindc U M ' Sammy Gonzoles Susonno Gonzoles Yvetre Gonzoles Jaime Guodarromo Albert Hernandez Glorio Hernandez Robert Hernandez Roxie Hernondez Valenre Hernandez Holly Hickman Mike Hinson Amie Holton ■ Trocy Lamberr Cory Lonnom Shormin Large Eddie Leyva Judy Leyvo Dorboro Mogollones Zono Morrhies Mickey McKlssock Joan MenchQco Elvio Mercodo Abigail Niero Jesus Olivos Giorio Orriz Angelica Pocheco Celio Pocheco Morisol Pocheco Rene Pocheco :• - ' It - ■ " •- Lidia PodillQ Evererr Porks Kimberly Porks Joe Posquo Anno Peroles Veronica Peroles Fernando Ponce Dell Mock Posey Jusrin Powell Jose Priero Morrin Priero Delia Quintono Joe Quinrello Tim Romey Henry Romirez 5Qmmy Romirez Evo Redo Doro Reyes Melisso RiojQz Anoldo Rios Freddy Robledo Anomono Rocho Louro Rodorre ( i Corlos Rodrigue Eden Rodriguez Leo Rodriguez Froncisco Ronquiii Gilberr Ronquillo Elvo Ruiz William Sadler Quenrin Sage James Solmon i Norma Sonchez Doniel Sorobio Diono Sorobio Adon Silvos Soul 5ilvos Flora Sorelo Kevin 5rronc Ellzoberh Tovore: Misn Word Milie Weber UNDERCLASSMEN Efrom Acosro Adon Aguirre Dovid Allen Anno Alvorodo Adrian Arades Orlando Arddes Henry Armendariz Moriceta Armendariz Lesley Ooggerr Cesilio Doizo A A n The Junior doss officers ore (fronr row) Sol Salazar. represenrorive, Sracie Ded-ier, represenrorive; (bocW row) Delmo Urero, represenrorive; Undo Goboriaulr, president, Debro McLoin, vice president; Deverly Wornock, secretory, and (not pictured) Abel Gordo, representative. Juniors Delmo DoiZQ Jock Dares Carol Denovidis Isreol Oenovides Oscor DInovides James Dernal Marsha Dowers Willie Dowers Delmo Oueno Kim Durkholrer Liz Dusrer Johonno Cobezuelo Srephen Capers Bobbie Cord Rovio Carrosco Veronica Carrosco Romie Correon Gabriol Corrilto Vid ;i Corrillo Ruby Cosos Poulo Cosronedo Chunky Cosrro Jeff Cores Anno Ceioyo Jimmy Childress Dovid Cobb Dobby Conrreros Oeverly Cunningham Marrin Dovis Roso Deondo Srocle Decker OlQQ De HoyQS Donold Dennerr Jo Ann Dominguez Sylvia Dominguez Skeerer Duloney Chod Durhom David Elvick Jr Fronco Carol Fronco Loli Franco Virginio Fronco Linda Goborioir Pvomono Golindo Tomoso Golindo Aliao Piodriguez ond Nancy Lopez flirr v irh rhe comero berween dosses. Abel Garcia Jocob Garcia Joe Gorcio P.icky Garcia Lance Gorlick Govino Gomez Decliy Gonzales Frank Gonzales Jack Gonzoles Jolnnny Gonzales Michelle Gonzales Melisso Gonzoles Jo Ann Gronodo Ron Griffin Moyre Guerrero Carmen Guevera John Gurierriz Todd Hardin Korrina Hortley Javier Hernondez Mary Hernandez Laurie Hines Susan Ivey Linda Sanchez Selino Sanchez Auden Sorabio Sondro Short Abel Silvos Lynn Spence David Sreworr Kimbefly Johnson Lofi Johnson Timothy Kimble Enc Knng Terry Lone Orod Louderdole Jose Leyvo Morgonro Leyvo Oerro Longorio Drendo Lopez Frondsco Lopez Isreol Lopez Noncy Lopez Miguel Luno Eunice Monchuco Morio Yborro Krisri Moninger Debro McLoin Ronnie Meso Cymonrho Mc ocken Jim Miles Shorylin vMlls Vicki Minrer Roben Monsivios Fronsisco Monroyo Morio Monroyo Jim Moon Miki Moon Potry Moroles Rob Ned Phil Neeb Rochel Nunez Anthony Orrego Aldo Pocheco Jason Porlier Melissa Porros Porricia Perales Eric Pereo T J Perkins Porricia Ramirez Nonerre Reyes Ben Rivera Fernondo Rivero Miller Robinson Armando Rocha Ady Rodriguez Alice Rodriguez Auden Rodriguez Rosario Rodriguez Yvonne Rodriguez Kimberly Johnson arremprs ro ger rhe ariswers by herself while Tony Venegos gers help from rhe person behind him. Crisen P.omero Lorenzo Romero EliSQ Romirez Moroimo Ramirez Michelle Srokes Connie Rosos Noomi Ruiz Eileen Rubio Chris Solos Nora 5olmon Pere Salmon Motrhew Sullivan Tammie Sullivan Tommy Taylor Jodye Thompson Tommy Thompson Eric Tobor Rebekka Tolberr Gilly Trevino Chad Truesdell Wayne Truesdell Delma Urero Abel Urios Joe Volenzuelo Jose Volenzi-ielo George Valeriono Diono Vorgos Dill Vasquez Trey Velosco Tony Venegos Misry Vererre Scorr Vickrey R,Qmon Villorreol Orlondo Villesco Carmen Vizcorro Beverly Wornock Christine Willioms Porrick Wilson Robin Wilson Jimmy Wyricl-; Porrick Yeoger Roe ZomorippQ Tony Venegos works on Q compurer ossignmenr. Adon Acosra Dero Acosro Roberr Acosro Shone AIko Dovid Alvorodo Michelle Ainsworth Qpriono Amoro Foblon Aguirre 5ylvia Arenas D ' Anne Doiley The Sophomore doss officers ore (fronr row) Noomi Morrinez, represenrorive; Gino Ford, represenrorive, Amy Moxey, vice presidenr (rop row) Shoron Weber, secrerory; Soni Groy, presidenr; Romon Voleriono, represenrorive, and Richard Smirh, represenrorive. Sophomores Delia DaizQ Melindo Doiza Marrho Denavidez Sobeido Denovidez Potricio Dennert Pere Dhokra Alvin Dorrs Jeane Cocy Undo Corrosco Paul Corrosco Angie Corrion Freddy Corrillo Nancy Corrillo IXonnie Corrillo Johnny Cosrro Joe Cepedo Johnny Cepedo Deniro Cervonrez Luke Collins Joe Roy Forhree Roquel Cobmo Srephonie Cordovo Srocy Crowell Chris Day Alberr Deleon Aledo Deaver John Dulaney James Dyer Clint Edwords Froncee Edwords Wendel Ellior Tomoro Epperson Pearl Enriquez Melon© Esporzo Yvonne Esquivel Quifxjo Fell Sronley Ferguson Cecilo Flores Ricky Flores SylvkD Ann Flores Gino Ford Gndy Fronco Dorrhy Fronco Edward Fronco Sylvia Franco Lorisso Fuenrez Undo Golindo Debbie Gordo George Gordo Grade Gordo Deni Gomez Michoel Gonzoles Sylvia Gonzoles Wolly Gonzales Duke Gronodo Jonith Groy Soni Groy Gino Hommond Shoio Hammond Abno Hoynes Troy Hardin Danny Harding Deeno Harding Jomie Howkins Jimmy Hernondez Theresa Hernondez (Xosie Hernandez Jorrerr Hill Arocely Hinqjos Nikki Jockson Heather Johnson Leon Johnson Lisso A Johnson Lisa L Johnson Anira Leyvo Carlos LeyvQ Miguel Leyva Jorge Leyvo Monico Ligon Maricello Lopez Irmo Morrinez Jimmy Morrinez Oscor Morrinez Naomi Morrinez Qlberr Mara Soroh Morhison Amy Maxey Cortos McGinnis Scorr McGuirre Vern Mehan Motr Moon Donoro Monroyo Kelii Neeb Mike Nix Josiphero Olivos Lisa Orfego R,osie Orriz Koren Ourlow Alfredo Pocheco Derrho Pondo Louro Porrerson Kim Payne Decky Perales Shirley Plummer James Porras Piosorio GHjintono Jessie QuinrelQ Connie Romirez Esmeroldo Ramirez FranWe Ramirez Hoyde Romirez Oralia Ramirez Oscor Ramirez Richord Ramirez Heorh Reno Leno Rios Johnny f ios Efroin Rivera Shown Pvoberfs Jimmy (Xobledo Connie (Rodriguez Rodolpho Rodriguez Wondo Rodriguez Willie Rodriguez YvonfTe Rodriguez Freddy Sanchez Anito Leyvo purs her head down for o rest ofrer a long hour of studying. Louro Senders Sheldon Sanders Sondro Sanchez Manuel Sorobio Michoel Sealy Dee Sewell Paul Sheehon Deeno Sloon Riichord Smirh Juoniro Soro T. R. Sporta Todd Templeron Chrisry Tibbirrs Porry Tibbirs CorissQ Turner Joner Turner George Volenzuelo Romon Voleriorx) Noel Valero John VonVolWnburg Nunie Rubio CynthlQ Villolba Norhon Woldrip Sharon Weber Chris Virr Lori Woodward Ty Wymore The freshman class officers are (fronr) Mario Perales, represenrarive; Eddie Pena, represenrorive; (bocK) Monica Corriilo, presidenr; Neldo Leyva, vice president; Paige Crowell, represenrorive; and (nor picrured) Janie Ceioyo, secrerory; end Lerry Dominguez, represenrorive. Freshmen Ruben Acosro Roberr Alforo Curris Allen Chris Alvorodo Tina Arddes Adeto Armendoriz Javier Ayolo Romon Daizo Lerry Ooezo LaShovi n Dailey EIIq OoizQ Moribel Doizo Orlando Doizo Juoquin Dondo Lori DIod ' i Moris Clock Fronkie Donhom Dilly Dorrs Tracy Drodley Dennis Drown Junior Drown Connie Dueno John Dueno Lerido Dueno Jock Durteson Mono Dusrer Juoniro Campos Fidel Corrosco James Corrosco Moricelo Corrosco Monica Corrilb Corios Cosos Jose Cosrerjon Jonie Celeya Mike Child 5corr Childress Corrle Collins Iro Cooper Paige Crowell Amy Cunningham Enrique Deondo LeiTy Dominguez Sreven Dominguez Stephen Drennon Jesse Dunn Sean Dunn Candy Elmore Liz Esporzo Maribel Esquivel Debra Evens Joel Fierro Charlie Flores Ann Franco Cesar Fuenrez IXeynaldo Fuenrez Mike GamboQ Jomes Garcra Soro Gordo Veronica Gordo Corol Gomez Dobby Gonzales Corl Gonzales David Gonzoles Fronkie Gronodo Nora Gronodo Todd Griffin Scort Gray PJcky Handrohon Heorher Hoyrer Dillie Henderson Lomor Hernondez Petro Herrero Ronnie Nines Jackie Hughes Joque King Chris Korn MoniCQ Leyvo Neldo Leyvo Moggie Longorio Vicror Lopez Genevo Lujon Lorido LuJon Dorino Lujon Melisso Lumbreroz Lucy MocKinrosh Aidee Modrid Eddie Morrinez Freddy Morrinez Jo Ann Morrinez Pere Morrinez Sommy Morrinez Jeremy McCollom Dovin Menchoco Morr Miles Morio Molino Minervo Monsivois Solly Moroles Enid Moroles Jovier Moroles Monny Moroles Socorro Moroles Mory Munoz LqIo Novorrete Liso Nix Sam Norrh Prisdilo Nunez Junior Ochoo Angel Olvero Genevo Onriveros Javier Onriveros Monuel Onriveros Aroceli Pacheco Daniel Palmo Phil Porker Joe Porte Decky Ligon, Julie Sorrerv hire, Cosey Yeoger, Poige Crowell and Liso Nix hove fun on Freoky Friday, Eddie Peno Mono Peroles Scorr Pool Cloudie Posodo Arturo Priero Sondro Primero Mike Prirchord 5onny Puckert Dee Dee Ramirez Maribel Ramirez Liso (Xoscon Dillie Rowls Joe Royos Regino Riggs Robert Rocha Cesar Rodriguez Irmo Rodriguez Mark Rodriguez Romoldo Solos Cruz Solozor Grade Son Miguel MorrhQ Son Miguel Mogdi Sonchez Edirh Sanchez Refugio Sonchez Sonio Sonchez Edgar Sonrono Acencion Sarabio Julie Sorrerwhire Morco Shelley Dob Shelron EvQ Shipmon Dovid Shorr Grerro Short Paul Simons Louri Slock Suson Stewart Trod Stone Lourel Stout Joe Sullivon Gabriel Tavorez Rurh Tavorez LoShown Doiley, Stephen Dominguez, Elva I Hernondez, Louri Slock, I Liso Nix and Dona Winters rake port in pre- registrarion. 185 Armondo Trevino Alvino Uresre Juon UriQs Jenny Urios Jimmy Volenzuelo Joe Albert Voleriono Rene Voleriono Adon Vorgos Ernesro Velosquez Josue Villa Jose VillonuevQ Priscillo Villesco Deonno Wolker Debbie Vornod-s Terrj Weber Michelle Willioms Korhy Wilson Dono Winrers Decky Word Julie Wymore Casey Yeoger Gino Ford waits for the 186 punch line. A chnowledgements We would like ro rhonk rhe following people for rheir help in making rhe 1985-86 Ponrher Yearbook; Forr Srockron Pioneer Sid Templeron FSHS: Coaches Teachers Secretaries Counselors Srudenr Services Juan Rivera A Special Thanks ro Mrs. Lynne Deeles Ron Deeles Shown Deeles Shannon Deeles Parents of rhe Yearbook Staff Cory Elmore Adrian Arcides Photojournalism Classes Tumbleweed Staff Advisor Mrs. Lynne Deeles Editor-in-Chief Holly Hickman Photography Editor Stocie Decker Layout Editor Diane Ford Copy Editor Dioke Crowell Organizorions Ediror Ady Rodriguez Assistant Martha Rojas Sports Ediror Trey Veiosco Senior Mike Hinson Faculty Elaine Adoms Campaign Manager Mike Weber Activities Laura Wood Favorites Tammy Toylor Classes Tim Romey Dryan Hook Index Jimmy Wyrick SENIOR INDEX A ACOSTA, JAVIER FoorbQll-4, Tennis 1- 3; American Legion Doys Srore 3; Annerlcon Legion Doys Srore Senoror 3, Who ' s Who Among American High School Srudenrs 3 pp. 7, 91, 92, 94, 148 ALCALA, SERGIO-p 148. ALKA DAWN p 148. AQUILERA, SAMMY-p. 74. ARWAGA, JAIME-p. 37, 149. D DAGGEH, LAURA- Tennis 1-2; Pan- rher Chorale 1-4; P.C. Rhyrhm Singers 4, P.C. Librarian 3; PC. Business Mon- oger 4, Norional Honor Soclery 3-4; Norional Marhemarics Award 4; Ele- mentary Analysis Award 3; All-Re- gion Choir 3-4. pp. 27, 31, 50, 149, 162. DAIZA, JESSIE-Ponrher Chorale 1-4; Academic Decorhlon 3-4; RYLA Re- cipienr 3, Junior Favorire 3, Foorboll 1- 4; Furure Citizen of Forr Srockron A- PC. Rhyrhm Singers 4; Ponrher Cho- rale Vice-Pres. 4; Srudenr Council 1-4; Srudenr Body Pres. 4; Srudenr Body Vice-Pres. 3; Class VIce-Pres. 1-2. Most Lukely To Succeed 4. pp. 27, 30, 31, 54, 55, 62, 73, 91, 92, 115, 116, 149. DENAVIDES, MARGIE- p. 149. DENAVIDES, SONYA- Mosr Oursrond- ing Member In Choir 2; President of Girl ' s Choir 2; Ponrher Chorole 3; Aco- demlc Decorhlon A, Track 1; Dosker- boll 1-3; Volleyball 1-2; VOE 3-4; Jour- nalism 1. pp. 63, 149. DENNEH, DAVID- One-Act Play 1-4; Honoroble Mention 1,3; All-Srar Casr 2; Besr Actor 3; JV Tennis 1-2; UIL Prose 3-4; Disrrlct Finollsr 3; Student Council 4; National Honor Society 3-4; Honor Banquet 1,3; Tumbleweed Stoff 4. pp 50, 51, 54, 56, 72, 74, 148, 149, 152 BROWNE, BARDARA-Bond 1-4; State 2, Athletics 1-4; Basketball 1-2, Volley- ball 1, Dosketboll Manager 3-4; Offi- cer in Bond 4, C-R English Award 2; Besr Personality Nominee 4. pp. 23, 122, 126, 149. BUCHANAN, ROCKY-Golf 1-4; Bosket- ball; Golf Lettermon 1-4. pp. 42, 138, 149. C CALDERON, OMAR-pp. 114, 115, 116, 143, 144, 149. CANTU, STEVE-p. 149. CARRA5CO, ALMA-p. 149. CARILLO, DEANA-Volleyboll 1-2; Track 1-4; Track District Champs 3; Ponther Chorale 1-4; P.C. Rhyrhm Singers 2-4; Solo ond Ensemble 2-4; State Solo and Ensemble 3-4; Home- coming Dutchess 2. pp. 27, 131, 135, 136, 149. CARILLO, RACHEL-p. 32, 150. CASAS, ROSE-Journollsm 1; Home- making 1; Bond 2-4; Concerr Band Merit Award Winner 2; VOE 3-4; Coop 3-4; Treasurer 4; Flog Corps Lieut. 4. pp. 23, 25, 54, 150. CASTANEDA, RACHEL- Bond 1-4; State Marching Conresr 2; English Award 3. pp. 20, 23, 150. CELAYA, ROSIE-Volleyboll 1-2; Pon- ther Chorale 1-4; PC. Rhythm Singers 3-4; Srudenr Coundl 1-4; President 3; Class Fovorite 2; Wittiest Girl 3; ME 3; DECA secrerory 4. pp. 37, 63, 148, 150. CHANDLER, RONNIE-Ag. 1,3,4; Biscuits 3; Photography 4, FFA Chopter Re- porter, p. 150. CHAVARRIA, MARISSA- Volleyball 1- 4; Boskerboll 1-3; Track 1-2; Spanish Club 3; Who ' s Who Among Ameri- can High School Students 3. pp. 98, 99, 100, 146, 150. CHAVEZ, ALDERT-Tumbleweed Edi- tor 4; One-Acr Ploy 3-4. pp. 56, 57, 74, 75, 150. COBB, GLENN-p. 150. COBB RAYE LYNN-p. 150. COLOMO, VERONICA-p. 33. CORDERO, PAT-Vorslty Golf 1-4; Hon- or Banquet 1-2; Excellence In Music Award 2; Lorenzo de Zovolo Youth Legislative Session (LDZ) 2; Notional Honor Soclery 3; Who ' s Who Among American High School Students 3; Boys State 3; Rotary Youth Leader- ship Award 3; Notional Honor Soclery Treasurer 4; Senior Class Vice-Pres. 4; All Districr Choir 4; Presidential Achievement Award TAAy U 4. pp. 27, 50, 73, 138, 148, 150. CORDOVA, MYRA-Bond 1-4; Track Manager 1; Basketball Manager 1-2, Junior Represenrorive 3; Execurive Srudenr Council Treosurer 4; Twirler 4; Homecoming Duchess 4; Division 1 Solo and Ensemble 3; Symphonic Bond 2-4; Decorhlon Team A- OEA Reporter A, SEcrerory, Treasurer 4. pp. Ix, 23, 24, 55, 63, 68, 86, 150. CORRAL, USA FHA 3, OEA 3-4; UIL 4 pp. 150, 174. CROWELL, DLAKE-Tennis 1-4; Coproin 3-4; Srudenr Council 2-4; Norionol Honor Sociery 3-4; President 4; Desr Dressed Doy 2-3, Yeorbools Sroff 4; Copy Editor 4. pp. 7, 8, 50, 55, 58, 68, 74, 110, 111, 151, 162. D DENNEH, JOE-p. 44, 76, 91, 151. DILLER, DANNY-lndustriol Arts 1-2; Liglir Crew 2; DECA 3-4; State Repre- sentorive. pp. 36, 37, 151. DOMINGUEZ, FRANCES-pp. 25, 37, 151. EDWARDS, RICHARD- Wittiest Doy 4. pp. 3, 51, 74, 91, 92, 131, 132, 151. EGGLESTON, WARD LEE-Footbcll 1-2; Bond 1-2; Track 1; All-Region Bond 1; FHA 4. pp. 41, 151. ELMORE, CORY-Swimming 1; DE 3-4; Photo Journalism 4. pp. 36, 37, 151. ENRIQUEZ, HARVEY-pp. 37, 151. EPPERSON, SEAN-p. 151 ESQUIVEL, ANGELICA-p. 151 F FIERO, PATTY-p, 33. FORD, DIAhJE-Volleyboll 1; Basketball 1-4; All District Honorable Mention 3-4; Captain 4; Varsity Tennis 1-3; Bond 1- 2; Panther Choral 3-4; Officer 4, Yearbook Layout Editor 4, Home- coming Ducess 4; Most Athletic 4. pp. iv, viii, 2, 27, 58, 59, 68, 71, 72, 122, 123, 124, 151, 162. FOUCH, JENNIFER-Concert Choir 1-2; Panther Chorol 3-4; Boskerboll 1-3; Volleyball 1-2; FHA 4. pp. 27, 43, 151. FRANCO, ROBERT-Footboil 1-2; Bos- ketboll 1-2; DECA 3-4; Stote Represen- tative, p. 151. FUENTEZ, JOHNNY-Bond 1-4; All Re- gion Bond 4; Pre Area Bond 4, Offi- cer 3-4; Student Trainer 1-2; FHA 4; FHA Officer 4. pp. 23, 43, 152. FUENTEZ, ELSA-pp. 23, 55, 152. G GABORIAULT, ANN-Bond 1-4; Student Council Secretory 1-2; Executive Sec- retary 3-4; Homecoming Duchess 1,4; Percussion Lieutenant 4, One Act Play 4; PC. Rhythm Singers Drum- mer 4; Varsity Cheerleader Mascot 4; Best Personality 4. pp. iii, 23, 30, 55, 64, 68, 69, 70, 74, 100, 152. GAGE, SUSAN-p. 137, 152. GALINDO, RAUL-p. 28, GALINDO, REBECCA-p. 28, 152, GALVAN, SONYA-p. 32, 153. GAMBOA, AUCE NSIO-p. 153. GARCIA, LORINA-Bond 1-4; Marching 2. pp. 23, 152 VIL GOMEZ, FERNIE-pp. vii, 91, 92, 143, 144, 153 GOMEZ, GLORIA-Band-Concerr 1-2; Symphonic 3; State GLORIA-Bond- Concert 1-2; Symphonic 3; State Morching Contest 2, Pride Of Ponth- erlond Marching Bond 1-3; Photogra- phy 4. PP. 153, 159. GONZALES, DANNY-Footboll 1-4; All- District 4. PP. 91, 92, 153, GONZALES, RUBEN-pb. 153. GONZALES, SAMMY-FootbQil 1-2; General Drafting Av ord 2, Physical Science Av ord 2; Technicol Drafting Award 3; One-Act Ploy 3-4; Pg. 154. GONZALES, SUSANNA-pg. 36, 154. GONZALES, YVEnE-Bosketboll 1-2; FHA 4; FHA Historian 4. pg, 42, 154, GUADARRAMA, JAlME-pg, 40, 116, 154, H GARCIA, TONY-pp, 40, 91, 92, 94, 143, 144, 153. HERNANDEZ, ALBERT-p, 154, HERNANDEZ, GLORIA-p 154. HERNANDEZ, ROBERT-p. 70, 91, 92, 154, 131, 132 HERNANDEZ, ROXIE-Volleyball 3-4; Basketball 3-4; Panther Chorale 2-4; P.C. Rhythm Singers 4, Choir Librarian 3; Choir Secretary 4, TMEA 4, All- Region Choir 3; Student Council 4. pp. 27, 54, 98, 99, 148, 154, 122, 30, 31. HERNANDEZ, VALENTE-Footboll 1-2; DECA 1-2; DECA Treasurer 4. p. 154, 37, 123. HICKMAN, HOLLYTennis 1, Honor Donquer 1-3, Cheerleoder 1-4, Head (Cheerleader 1,2,4; Norionol Honor So- ciery 3-4; Desr Personollry 3; Mosr Oursronding 3,4, Yearbook Editor 4- DIuebonner Girls Srore 3; Hugh O ' Drion Yourh Foundorion 3, US. Academy of Achlevemenr Sciencr Aword 1, Honnecoming Queen A, Duchess 3; Ponrher Chorale 1-4; Li- bronon 3; President 4; Most Out- standing Member of the Panther Chorale 2,3; All-Pvegion Choir 4; PC. Rhythm Singers 3,4, DAP, Good Citi- zen 4; Miss FSHS 4, pp. iv, viii, 27, 50, 51, 57, 59, 65, 68, 69, 71, 100, 154, 74, 79, 31. HINSON MIKE-Tennis 1-4; Coptoin 3,4; District P,unner-Up 2, Regional Quolifi- er 2; District Chomp 3; Regional Chomp 3; Store Qualifier 3; Cutest Boy 4. pp. viii, 58, 110, 111, 154, 162. HOLTON, AMIE-Chorole 1-4; Officer 4; All-Region Choir 3,4; Pre-Areo Choir 4; Social Chairman 4; P.C. Rhythm Singers 4; Cheerleader A, Swimming 1; Favorite 4; TMEA 4; Musical 2. pp. iii, 27, 30, 31, 65, 100, 154. HOOK, DRYAN-Footbol! 1-4; Trock 1-4; Football Honorable Mention Defen- sive End 4; Yearbook 4. pp. 7, 70, 76, 91, 92, 130, 131, 132, 153, 155, 162. IBARRA ANGEL-p. 155. K J KITCHENS, LA WANDA-Band 1-4; Sym- phonic Bond 2-4; Twirler A, Flogs 3; Homemaking Officer 3; Austin State Marching Contest 2. pp. 23, 24, 155. L LAMBERT, TRACY-Trock 1-3; Basket- ball 3; Volleyboll 1-4; Cheerleader 1; All-District Volleyball 3,4; Most Athle- tic Girl 4; Regional Qualifier Sprint Re- lay 3. pp. 98, 99, 100, 135, 166, 137, 155 LANNOM, CARY-pp. 45, 155. LARGE, SHARMIN-AII-region Bond 1-3; Pre-Areo Bond 3; Symphonic Bond 1- 4; Drum Major 4; UIL Solo And En- semble Contest 2-4; Honor Banquet 3; Newspaper Staff 4. pp. 22, 23, 56, 72, 155. LEYVA, EDDIE-pp. 91, 92, 143, 144, 155. LEYVA, JUDY-pp. 23, 45, 155. LONGORIA, REY-p. 155. LOPEZ, LINDA-p. 155. LUCE, GINA-Volleyball 1-4; Basketball 1-4; All-District Second Team Volley- boll 4; Track 3. pp. vii, 98, 99, 122, 123, 125, 155. JACKSON, DARRELL-Bond 1-4; Division I Morching Contest 1-4; State March- ing Contest 2; Bond Outstanding Ser- vice Award 3; Symphonic Bond 3-4. pp. 23, 155. Reporter 2; Academic Decathlon 3- 4; Notional Honor Sodety 3-4; 4-H 1-4; Outstanding 4-Her 4; 4-H Gold Star 4; UIL One Act Ploy 3; Honorable Men- tion-Zone 3; Honoroble Mention-Dis- trict 3; Who ' s Who Among Americon High School Students 4; Spanish Club 3; Spanish Club Treasurer 3. pp. 50, 62, 256. MC KISSACK, MICKEY-Mr. FSHS 4; Most Outstanding Boy A, Football 1-4; Cop- toin 4. pp. vii, 70, 79, 91, 92, 131, 122, 156. MENCHACA, JOAN-Notionol Honor Society 3-4; Most Beautiful 4; Class Favorite 1; Student Council 1-3; Pres. 1- 2; Vice-Pres. 3; Volleyball 2. pp. 50, 51, 71, 75, 156. MERCADO, ELVIA-Volleyball 1-4; Bas- ketball 1-2; VOE Coop Vice-Pres. 4, VOE-LAB 3. pp. vii, 97, 99, 156. M MAGALLANES, BARBARA-VOE Histo- rian 4. p. 156. MAHHIES, ZANA-FFA 1-2; Rodeo Club N NAVARETTE, CRISTINA-Cheerleader 2; Panther Chorale 4; Tennis Man- ager 2. NIETO, ABIGAIL-Volleyball 1-4; Choir 1,2,4; Swimming 2; Track 1-2; Best Dressed 3. pp. 97, 99, 100, 156. O OLIVAS, JESUS-p. 156. ORTIZ, GLORIA-p. 156. ORONA, RICHARD-Bond 1-4; All-Re- gion 1-3; Pre-Areo Qualifier 2-3; I Divi- sion Texas State Solo and Ensemble 2. p. 23. Q PACHECO, ANGELICA-pp. 23, 91 92 156. PACHECO, CELIA-p, 156. PACHECO, MARISOL-Volleyboll 1; Dos- kerboll 1, Division I Marching 2-3; Srore Marching Conresr 2, Concert Bond 1- 2; Synnphonic Bond 3-4, Flog Corps 3- 4; Inrro-Algebro Aword 2-4, Honor Donquer 2-3, ICT 3-4; ICT Pres. 4. pp. 23, 25, 45, 156 PACHECO, RENE-pp. 21, 156. PADILLA, UDIA-p 157. PARKS, EVERETT-Choir 1-4; PC. Rhyrhm Singers 3-4; Choir Officer 4; Who ' s Who Among American High School Srudenrs 3. pp. 27, 131, 157. PARKS, KIMDERLY-p. 157. PASQUA, JOE-Foorboll 1-4; FFA 1-4; Golf 1-3; FFA Pres. 3; Doys Srare Dele- gare 3; Who ' s Who In High School 3. pp. 91, 92, 157. PERALES, ANNA-p. 157. PERALES, VERONICA-p. 157. PLUMMER, EFFIE-p. 157. PONCE, FERNIE-pp. 40, 157. POSEY, DELL MACK-Golf 2-3; Track Manager 1, p. 37, 157 POWELL, JUSTIN-pp. 23, 38, 15 7. PRIETO, JOSE-p. 157. PRIETO, MARTIN-p, 157. QUINTANA, DELIA-Vorsiry Track 4. Academic Decorhlon 3-4; Norionol Honor Society 3-4; Vice-Presidenr 4, Spanish Club 4; Future Homemakers of America 2; Reporter 2; Honor Banquet 1-4; English lA Award 1; American History Award 1; Biology Award 1; Homemoking Award 1-2; Physical Science Award 2; Typing Award 2, English HA Award 2, Ge- ometry Award 2, Chemistry Award 3; Spanish Award 3; Algebra II Award-3; Typing II Award 2, World History Award 3; College Bowl 2-1; UIL Typing 2. pp. 50, 62, 135, 136 158 QUINTELLA, JOE-Pg. 158. R RAMEY, TIM-Tumbleweed Staff 3-4; Ponther Staff 4. UIL 4. pp. 56, 57, 58, 59, 75, 158 RAMIREZ, HENRY-Footboll 1-4; Bosker- ball 1-3; Baseball 4; Track 1-2; All Dis- trict 2-3; Player of the Week 3; Class Favorite 2. pp. 46, 91, 92, 143, 158. RAMERIZ, SAMMY-Footboll and Bas- ketball manager 2-4. pp. 91, 158. RECIO, EVA-FHA 1-2; Flog Corp 2-4; OEA Coop 4. pp. 23, 25, 158. VOE Secretory 4, Volleyball 1-2. pp. iv, 65, 100, 158 RIOS, ANALDA-pp. 32, 42, 158 ROBLEDO, FREDDY-p. 143, 158. ROCHA, ANAMARIA-p. 56, 158. ROCHA, ARMANDO-pp 21, 91, 92. RODARTE, LAURA-pp. 23, 158. RODRIGUEZ, CARLOS-DECA 3-4; p. 159. RODRIGUEZ, EDEN-pp. 70, 91, 93, 110, 111, 159. RODRIGUEZ, LEO-pp. 71, 91, 93, 159. RONQUILLO, FRANCISCO-Bond 1-4; One Act Ploy 3-4; Light Crew 3-4; Spanish Club 3; Student Council 1; UIL Science 2, UIL Colculater 1. p. 74, 159. RONQUILLO, GILBERT-Bond 1-4; Vice- President 2; UIL Science 2-3; UIL Calcu- lator 2-3; Solo Ensemble (Medal) 2; Science Contest (medal) 2-3; Science Award (merit) 2-3; Moth Award (merit) 2; UIL One Act Play 3-4: Span- ish Qub 3; Science Club 2-3; UIL One Act Play Merit Award 3. p. 74, 159. RUIZ, ELVA-FHA 1,3; Journalism 1; Pep Squad 2; Spanish 3; Cosmetology 4. p. 159. 5 REYB, DORA-VolleybQll 1-2, Basket- ball 1; Wittiest Girl 1; Student Council 3- SADLER, WILUAM-p. 138, 159. 4; OEA President 3-4; Panther Cho- rale 2-4. pp. 27, 54, 148, 158. SAGE, QUENTIN-FFA 4. pp. 38, 159. RIOJAS, MICHEAL-p. 27, 36. SALMON, JAMES-Footboll 1-4; One Act Ploy 2-4; Track 2-4; Honorable RIOJAS, MELISSA-Cheerleoder 1-4; Stu- Mention 2. pp. 74, 91, 93, 94, 131, dent Council 1-3; Class Favorite 3; 132, 159. SANCHEZ, NORMA-DoskerbQll 14; Volleyball 14; Choir 1-2; FHA Presi- denr 4. pp. vii, 40, 98, 99, 122, 123, 124, 125, 160. SARADIA, DANIEL-Foorboll 1-4; Dose boll 1-4; Morkering Educorion 0-4; President 4 pp. 91, 93, 150. 5 ARABIA, DIANA- Volleyball 1; Dosker- ball 1, VOE 3; ICT 4, Band 1-4; Division I Marching 2-3; Store Marching Con- resr 2, Concerr Bond 1; Symphonic Bond 2-4; ICT Secrerory 4, Bond Offi- cer 3; Bond President 4. pp. 23, 45, 160. SILVAS, ADAN-p. 160. SILVAS, SAUL-p. 160. SOTELO, FLORA-Bosketboll 1-3; Bond 1; p. 160. STOUT, JUSTIN-Foorboll 1-4; One Acr Ploy 3; Srudenr Council 4; indusrriol Arts Club 1; Track 3. pp. 54, 91, 93, 148, 160. STRONG, KEVIN-pp. 20, 160. T Academic Decathlon 3-4; Honor Ban- quet 1-2; Trigonometry Aword 3; Fu- ture Homemoker of Americo Mem- ber 4; Notional Honor Society 3-4; Concerr Choir 4. pp. 29, 43, 50, 62, 160. TUCKER, RODNEY-Foorball 1; Bosket- boll 1,2,4; Track 1; Golf 3; Student Council 1; Panther Chorale 1-4; All Re- gion Choir 3-4. pp. 27, 41, 114, 115, 161, 162. TAVAREZ, EUZABETH-Bond 1-4; Bas- ketball 1. pp. 23, 160. TAYLOR, WILL-Foorboll 1-4; All Disrricr 4; Captain 4; Trock 4. pp. vii, 70, 91, 93, 131, 132, 160. TERRAZAS, JOEY-Golf 1-4; All District Golf 3; Boys State Alternore 3; All Region- All Areo Choir 4; All Srore Try-Outs (Choir) 4; Who ' s Who Among American High School Stu- dents 3; Choir 1-4. pp. 27, 138, 160, 162. TOVAR, MARIE-UIL Typing 2; Texas U URIAS, SOCORRO-Journolism 1; FHA 2; Cosmetology 3-4; VIC A, Cosme- tology, Chapter Secretary 4. pp. 33, 161. USCILKA, PETE-p. 161. V WALKER, MIKE-ICT Vice-Pres. 4; Band 1-4; ICT 3-4; State Marching Contest 2. pp. 23, 45, 161. WARD, MISTI-Volleyboll 1, Boskerboll 1-4; Captain 4; Track 1-4; Bond 1-3; Regionol and Pre-Areo 1-2; Srote Solo 1-3; Honor Bonquet 1-2; Notionol Hon- or Society 3-4; NHS Secrerory 4. pp. 50, 122, 123, 124, 135, 136, 161. WEBER, MIKE-Foorboll 1-4; Defensive Bock Honorable Mention 4; Notional Honor Sociery 3-4; NHS Execurive Council 4; Cutest Boy 3; Senior Class Pres. 4; Drafting Award 2; Yeorbook Staff 4; Yearbook Compoign Man- ager 4. pp. 7, 50, 54, 58, 70, 91, 93, 130, 148, 161, 162. WEINACHT, SCOn-pp. 20, 161. WOOD, LAURA-Cheerleoder 104; Tennis 1-3; Yearbook 4; Ponrher Cho- role 1-4; Social Chairman 3; Secrion Leader 4. pp viii, 27, 58, 59, 65, 100, 161. VALENZUELA, OVIDIO-p. 20, 143. 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W GENERAL INDEX General Index Acosro, Adon 08, 172 Acosra, Dero 172 Acosro, Efron 164 Acosro, Roberr 23, 97, 172 Acosro, Ruben 29, 179 Acosro, Yolondo 42, 53 Adorns, Eloine 58, 59, 107, 108, 109 Ainsworrh, Michelle 27, 172 Aguirre, Adon 164 Aguirre, Fobion 172 Alcolo, Sergio 20 AIko, Shone 20 Alforo, Roberr 23, 113, 179 AIKo, Shone 45, 172 Allen, Curris 179 Allen, Dovid 164 Alvorodo, Anno 164 Aivorodo, Chris 97, 133, 179 Alvorodo, Dovid 27, 31, 95, 131, 132, 172 Amoro, Opriono 172 Archombouir, Eric 23 Arcides, Adrion 106, 107, 164 Arcides, Orlondo 21, 145, 164 Arcides, Phillip 115, 116, 117 Arcides, Tino 179 Arenos, Silvio 29, 102 Armendoriz, Adelo 179 Armendoriz, Henry 17, 164 Armendoriz, Morcello 32, 164 Ayolo, Javier 23, 179 D Doggerr, Lesley 27, 51, 113, 164 Doiley, D ' Anne 27, 126, 127, 172 Doiley, Lo Shown 5, 29, 104, 105, 135, 136, 179, 185 Doezo, Arnnondo 35 Doizo, Delio 134, 135, 136, 173 Doizo, Cesilio 164 Doizo, Delrmo 33, 165 Boizo, Ello 23, 104, 128, 180 Boizo, Lerry 27, 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134, 135, 137, 167 J Jocteon, Nikki 175 Jacteon, Wanda 43 Joques, Hecror 35 Joerin, Mark 35 Johnson, Hearher ill, 27, 175 Johnson, Kimberly 168, 169 Johnson, Leon 118, 175 Johnson, Lisso A. 175 Johnson, Lisa L. 175 Johnson, Lori viii, 23, 138, 139, 140, 168 K Kimble, Timorhy 75, 168 King, Jaque 182 Korn, Chris 182 Kring, Eric 168 L Lone, Terry 25, 168 Lonnom, Laura vii, 27, 51, 72, 99, 100, 122, 123, 124, 125 Lascono, Abel 23 Lauderdale, Drod 91, 92, 168 Levererr, Sruarr 106, 107, 108 Leyvo, Anira 135, 137, 175, 177 Leyvo, Corlos 34, 175 Leyvo, Eddie 43 Leyvo, Isooc 23 Leyvo, Javier 36 Leyvo, Jorge 145 Leyvo, Jose 34, 168 Leyvo, Morgorier 168 Leyvo, Miguel 23, 42, 95, 175 Leyvo, Monica iv, 5, 66, 69, 104, 105, 182 Leyvo, Neldo 5, 55, 66, 104, 105, 179, 182 Ligon, Becky 29, 127, 135, 137, 183 Ligon, Monica 122, 123, 124, 135, 137, 175 Lobsrein, Laura 106, 106 Lobsrein, Peggy 74, 106 Longorio, Derro 52, 168 Longorio, Magi 29, 182 Longorio, R. 20 Lopez, Drendo 168 Lopez, Francisco 43, 168 Lopez, Israel 143, 168 Lopez, Keirh 4, 29 Lopez, Moricelo 40, 175 Lopez, Noncy 91, 168 Lopez, P. 97 Lopez, Rose 29 Lopez, Vicror 23, 182 Losollo, Mike 56 Lujon, Forino 182 Lujan, Geneva 23, 25, 182 Lujon, Laricio 182 Lujon, Laura 53, 102, 103 Lumbreroz, Melissa 104, 135, 137, 182 Luna, Miguel 21, 168 M Mochuco, Eunice 53, 168 Mockinrosh, Lucy 43, 182 Madrid, Aidee 182 Moninger, Krisri 27, 31, 168 Morquez, Sondro 53 Morrinez, Eddie 29, 97, 182 Morrinez, Freddie 181 Morrinez, Jimmy 35, 91, 92, 118, 175 Morrinez, Joono 41, 182 Morrinez, M. 29 Morrinez, Naomi 27, 40, 110, 112, 175 Morrinez, Oscar 56, 75, 175 Morrinez, Irma 175 Morrinez, Pere 120, 121, 145, 181 Morrinez, Sammy 29, 182 More, Gilberr 35, 131, 132, 175 Morhison, Soroh 175 Moxey, Amy 23, 24, 54, 131, 175 McCloin, Debro 51, 74, 87, 138, 139, 164, 168 McCrocken, Cymonrho 168 McCulloch, Jeremy 97, 182 McGinnis, Corlos 175 McGuire, Scorr 95, 175 Mehon, Vern 175 Menchoco, Dovin 138, 181 Mendozo, Federico 35 Mesa, Ronnie 37, 87, 91, 92, 115, 116, 131, 132, 168 Miles, Jim 23, 51, 168 Miles, Morrhew 23, 182 Mills, Shorilyn 27, 44, 64, 168 Minrer, Vicki iv, 27, 5-, 51, 69, 71, 122, 123, 125, 138, 168 Molina, Mono 97, 182 Monsivois, Roberr 91, 168 Monslvois, Minerva 181 Monroya, Danny 5, 45 Monroyo, Dinorah 43, 176 Monroya, Fronscisco 21, 168 Monroyo, Morio 51, 53, 168 Moon, Jim 22, 23, 168 Moon, Marr 38, 106, 107, 176 Moon, Mikki 6, 168 Morales, Enid 182 Moroles, Javier 182 Moroles, Monuel 3, 182 Morales, Parry 32, 168 Morales, Sommy 43, 142, 182 Moroles, Socorro 4, 97, 183 Munoz, Mary 4, 56, 104, 128, 129, 135, 136, 183 N Novarrere, Lolo 183 Neol, Rob 138, 140, 168 Neeb, Kelli 176 Neeb, Phil 50, 51, 138, 141, 169 Nix, Lisa 29, 104, 105, 126, 127, 183, 185 Nix, Mike 27, 30, 31, 85, 96, 115, 116, 143, 144, 176 Norrh, Som 23, 107, 183 Nunez, Priscillo 23, 25, 104, 128, 183 Nunez, Rachel 23, 25, 102, 110, 112, 169 O Ochoo, Eligio 23, 97 Ochoo, Junior 188 O ' Connor, Amy 37 Olives, Daniel 34 OlivQS, Jesus 44 Olivos, Josefino 42, 176 Olives, Reyneldo 35 Olvere, Angel 97, 183 Olvere, Use 23 Onriveros, Javier 103 Onriveros, Manuel 183 Onriveros, Geneva 23, 25, 183 Orrege, Anrhony 169 Orrega, Cynrhia 53 Orrego, Use 176 Orriz, Rosie 176 Ourlev , Keren 23, 24, 176 PucKerr, Sonny 97, 184 Q P Pecheco, Aldo 169 Pecheco, Alfredo 176 Pecheco, Areceli 183 Pecheco, Richerd 20 Pedilla, Lydio 40, 42 Polma, Daniel 97, 183 Pondo, Derrho 56, 176 Pondo, Marco 42 Parades, Dinah 126 Porker, Cerol 48 PerUer, Jeson 3, 106, 107, 108, 169 Parker, Korhi 56 Porker, Kelly 40 Porker, Phil 183 Porte, Joe 183 Perros, Melisse 169 Perrerson, Leuro iii, 27, 176 Porron, Todd 38, 97 Payne, Kim 98, 99, 100, 126, 176 Pene, Eddie 54, 179, 184 Pene, Julie 102 Peroles, Becky 176 Pereles, Merle 54, 75, 179, 184 Peroles, Pamela 33, 169 Peree, Eric 169 Perkins, T.J. 37, 38, 169 Plummer, Effie 48 Plummer, Shirley 42, 176 Pool, Scorr 97, 184 Perros, Jomes 176 Posada, Cleudie 184 Priero, Arruro 184 Priero, J. 20 Primere, Sondro 23, 25, 40, 184 Prirchord, Mike 107, 184 Quinrello, Ruben 34, 133 Quinrono, Roserio 75, 176 Quinrelo, Jesus 20, 176 R Romero, Lorenzo 170 Romey, Merle 56, 75 Romey, Srecey 56, 57, 75 Remirez, Alex 97, 145 Ramirez, Connie 102, 176 Remirez, DeeDee 23, 25, 184 Remirez, Eliso 32, 170 Ramirez, Esmeralda 176 Remirez, Frenkie 176 Remirez, Hoyde 176 Ramirez, Lori 23, 25, 43 Romirez, Meribel 184 Remirez, Moroime 53, 170 Ramirez, Orolio 176 Ramirez, Oscar 176 Remirez, Perricie 169 Romirez, Richerd 35, 176 Roscon, Abel 36 Rescon, Use 3, 23, 184 Rewls, Dillie 29, 87, 106, 107, 184 Reyes, Joe 23, 184 Reno, Heerh 95, 176 Reyes, Nenerre 60, 102, 103, 169 Rieser, Aeron 48 Riggs, Regine 29, 104, 128, 184 Riojos, Morrho 58 Rios, Leno 144, 176 Rios, Johnny 131, 132, 177 Rivera, Den 95, 143, 144, 169 Rivera, Efrein 34, 177 Rivera, Fernando 97, 145, 169 Rivera, Jesus 20 Roberrs, Derek 23, 106, 107, 109 Roberrs, Shown 177 Robison, Miller 23, 50, 106, 51, 62, 106, 107, 109, 169 Robledo, Jimmy 95, 145, 177 Roche, Armando 169 Rocho, Efroin 20 Roche, Roberr 184 Rodriguez, Ady 58, 98, 99, 122, 126, 169 Rodriguez, Alice 52, 53, 169 Rodriguez, Auden 169 Rodriguez, Ceosor 46 Rodriguez, Cesor 184 Rodriguez, Connie 177 Rodriguez, Irmo 104, 105, 184 Rodriguez, Mark 184 Rodriguez, Noomi 25 Rodriguez, Rodolpho 177 Rodriguez, Roserio 42, 169 Rodriguez, Wondo 42. 177 Rodriguez, Willie 177 Rodriguez, Yvonne 33, 169 Rodriguez, Yvonne 177 Rojos, Morrho 42, 59 Romero, Crisen 170 Roses, Connie 25, 170 Roses, Rene 23, 133 Ruble, Eileen 51, 53, 60, 74, 170 Rubio, Reul 23, 95, 178 Ruiz, Elvo 33 Ruiz, Leuro 23, 113 Ruiz, Noomi 170 5 Solos, Romoldo 184 Solezer, Cruz 38, 184 Solozor, Sol 54, 57, 74, 164 Salcido, Sergio 23 Soler, Kevin 34 Sells, Chris 44, 170 Salmon, Irmo 37 Seoly, Mike 95, 115, 178 Sev ell, Dee 95, 118, 119, 178 Sheehon, Paul 23, 95, 178 Shelley, Morco 135, 137, 185 Shelron, Dob 74, 75, 185 Shipmen, Eve 40, 48, 185 Shorr, Devid 23, 185 Shorr, Grerro 29, 185 Shorr, Sondro 23, 51, 74, 167 SilvQs, Abel 5, 21, 167 Simons, Paul 35, 138, 185 Slock, Lourie 29, 126, 185 Sloen, Deeno 146, 178, 122, 123, 124, 178 Smirh, Richerd 23, 54, 113, 178 Snyder, Hugo 97 Snyder, Jose 97 Sore, Jueniro 47, 74, 178 Sperte, T.R. 178 Spence, Lynn 07, 167 Spruger, Richard 38 Srewarr, David 27, 118, 167 Srewarr, Susan 41, 48, 185 128, 185 Snchler, Jill 51, 122, 120, 125 Srokes, Michele 20, 107, 170 Salmon, Nora 27, 52, 53, 102, 146, 170 Salmon, Pere 170 Sanchez, Edirh 185 Sanchez, Freddy 140, 144, 177 Sonchez, Javier 27, 118 Sanchez, Linda 53, 98, W, 122, 126, 167 Sanchez, Magoli 56, 57, 104, 126, 185 Sanchez, Norma 50, 98, 99, 100, 126, 127 Sanchez, Refugio 185 Sanchez, Sandra 178 Sanchez, Selina 167 Sanchez, Sonio 185 Sanders, Laura 178 Sanders, Sheldon 178 Son Miguel, Grade 20, 25, 184 San Miguel, Morrho 23, 25, 185 Son Miguel, Tony 21 Sanrana, Edgar 97, 100, 185 Sorobia, Acencion 185 Sorobia, Auden 23, 26, 51, 111, 167 Sarabio, Ceosor 91, 93 Sorobia, Chon 46 Sorobia, Manuel 95, 178 Sarrerwhire, Julie 3, 29, 104, 135, 107, 180, 185 Srone, Trod 185 Srour, Laurel 29, 120, 100, 107, 185 Sullivan, Joe 08, 74, 97, 185 Sullivan, Morrhew 08, 76, 170 Sullivan, Tammie 170 T Tovorez, Gabriel 120, 185 Tovorez, Rurh 185 Taylor, Tommy 59, 170 Tercero, Lupe 40, 41 Templeron, Todd 87, 114, 115, 116, 178 Tibbirrs, Chrisry 178 Tibirrs, Porry 40, 178 Thompson, Jodye 20, 26, 106, 107, 170 Thompson, Tommy 20, 48, 49, 170 Tobor, Eric 21, 170 Tolberr, Rebecca 27, 170 Tovor, Miguel 51, 91, 90 Townsend, Wanda 48 Trevino, Armando 27, 97, 120, 121, 145, 186 Trevino, Gillie 20, 91, 90, 140, 144, 170 Truesdell, Chad 5, 09, 95, 96, 170 Turesdell, Voyne 27, 70, 91, 90 , 170 Turner, Joner 27, 178 Turney, Deono 25, 110 U Urios, Abel 20, 91, 90, 171 Urios, Jenny 20, 186 Urios, Joey Urios, Juan 27, 100, 100, 186 Uresre, Alvino 20, 186 Urero, Delmo 27, 107, 108, 164, 171 V Volenzuelo, George 118, 178 Voleriono, George 91, 90, 94, 118, 171 Voleriono, Joe 29, 04, 86, 97, 171, 186 Voleriono, Ramon 27, 90, 95, 115, 116, 117, 140, 144, 178 Voleriono, Rene 97, 120, 100, 186 Valero, Noel 95, 178 Von Volkinburg, John 95, 107, 178 Volenzuelo, Joe 120, 145, 171 Volenzuelo, Jose 171 Volenzuelo, Jimmy 186 Vargas, Adon 186 Vargas, Diana 42, 171 Velosquez, Ernesro 20, 97, 120, 100, 186 Velosquez, Ismoel 07, 101, 102 Vosquez, Dill 20, 171 Velosco, Trey 58, 59, 91, 171 Venegos, Tony 171 Velasquez, Evon 20, 97 Venegos, Delilah 102 Vererre, Misry 27, 02, 00, 171 Vickrey, Scorr 171 Villorreol, George 118 Villorreol, Hildo 105, 107 Villarreol, Ramon 41, 171 Villesco, Orlando 40, 91, 90, 109, 171 Vizcorro, Carmen 171 Villo, Alma 42 Villa, Jose 140, 144 Villalbo, Cynrhio 102, 178 Vizcoino, Arruro 97 Volenzuelo, Henry 97 W Woldrip, Norhon 95, 119, 178 Walker, Denno 20, 48, 49, 186 Wornock, Beverly 52, 50, 102, 164, 171 Wornock, Debbie 56, 66, 104, 186 Washington, Monley 97 Webb, Bobby 44 Weber, Shoron 54, 178 Weber, Terri 104, 105, 126, 186 Williams, Chrisrine 51, 62, 74, 171 Williams, Michelle 48, 49, 186 Wilson, Robin 27, 51, 74, 171 Winters, Dona 29, 128, 129, 185, 186 Wirr, Chris 27, 87, 95, 175 Woodward, Lori 74, 178 Word, Becky 56, 57, 104, 186 Worrhingron, Kirk 08 Wymore, Julie 20, 186 Wymore, Ty 08, 178 Wyrick, Jimmy 58, 59, 74, 171 Y Yborro, Jose 20 Ybarro, Mario 168 Yeoger, Casey 27, 97, 108, 109, 180, 186 Yeoger, Par 08, 92, 90, 171 Z Zomorippo, Roe 6, 20, 108, 109, 141, 171 PSTENS 5 f. you « , of- hik r - ■ V V " . .- T) -i , - ,v " N c 3 " " % ' , ' -o ' , a " - " ' A J] ' hi - fVl -l ai r " 1 ' 0 » : )i " )! i (iUy ) n4 Ahsa)L lC ' ,- I! £ J Q s - uy_ --li . ..- .. .!L{ W ' MjSl Va i 0j lex gup

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