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X E2 Ad YM QOMQDG, may WM ' 'QB iifigaww W2 Www Jii46GjLi4gif W "5 ,V W' ,PQJUPA IU ,K pg XV4,,' -v"D'6 4 Q23- fgiiisg J 5' .3 SKA X,-4 me - s 10 A L3 Es ER Qi gi X GX? 2 SBQQR H As Q 3 ix zffi W SEXRXNQQEQ 'A H1484 - t 'f TT T' 'M A 'WW N' 'W' A WMPM f- 'TT"f" ' 'Y' Y' ii' " f 'f:XM2'IA'?i5 .f s Wrlwff V 'Wi -if 1 1 - , - ' K LL,m,,, ,yyyi ' 5 ih. ' VVV m L A 7V VA it hlA if mlVV L i V f V l 1 f 'l ig l mkmk: A V V 4 ,K ,VVL m MY i 1 m VV ,mVA ,myz L 5 mm:AA iE gli i h m V k' g Zm.: ,',V 'V:1, VY'i i1 CQ? l L 9ff' f5 ll if iff . l i ke, l l 1 A E 3 . 1f V T . l 4 515 3 k F i l ! i l 1 A i f ' ' ? A 4A j i v i i l l P? ' M ' flwwbf ' giziwf - V m'A' ,K !'hw VL'VVi ' hVV 1,1 fiiQ,3frig+3.fii m:AA i ' , " . , .4 ,C l f , J Q ' h L 1 lhV J X IKX ww WB i Mai i Q l l p Wf W - M Q fiifr ifi l1 f l , l if 4i i Z1 g ,, ,,.. .,:. . W,LQ, k,k,L - 5 .. ., ,,..,k , ,, -,,.,, ., ,,.. , A T L.: 1 qzw-2,.-:wwf 5 H-xg.. ,,f,.f:,f:m::uz:fa--.--sf Y fi 6 W 7-ei :rantfarm,--,fiifiissfffmsw: L2 40',':.f:1i+aisM2f-wi 5-12 ,zfi51siiHm:n fmfif nfyg? bf? HSV in My QPKMQ MQAQ GP V I A M0 XM La ,Qgwfw f A A Ny vVffwAf JU AEN MM N QM ld WqMiwmwWMW, iWU'yY,f mx. U Fori Siookion High School Fori S+ook+on. Texas Volume XXIV T 2 L Siudeni Life .... . . . 12 Academics . . . . . . .28 Drganizaiions . . . . . . .52 Qporis ...... .... 9 O Favoriies . . . . . . 126 Album ..... . . . 148 Adveriising . . . . .212 Desideraia Go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly, and listen to others, even the dull and ignorantg they too have their story. Avoid loud and agressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitterg for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achieve- ments as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble, it is a real posses- sion in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business af- fairs, for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what vir- tue there isg many persons strive for high idealsg and everywhere life is full of heroism. I 'EYE .kres ' X "-- l Ra H M Be yourself. Especially, do not feign affection. Neither by cynical about loveg for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is perennial as the grass. . f Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully sur- rendering the things of youth. Nuture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with imaginings. Many fears are born of fa- tigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. . ,.-335, I 1: Wim- w . Emmifi , , 1 3 aa' W 5 k , A-' Q W JZ M 6 . , e I L, 1 dir- Sw 1 9 g 1 Q: , - f ig 41 6 f f 'i as g t , 3 ,, Ei , 4, V- .A gk Q 1-E , K ws Q is 53 if V?-IJ assign 'MQW ' L, MQ: W 1 was 54 -W 2 A .X Q N E! ' , V a N ,,.,?,i,. 5 ik? 415- f 1 Q , , . ' iifi Q. lg 'T ,,,J U 0-4lfz1....,........f.f""" ".: iw 'f ? ff Q" v vii n,VV R f Nw f ,i Q 8 yi? fix, I 3' 0 :lr jgv 'i I H 9 1 f,,m,,i,,,, A 9 'Qi Wy, W ,,'-, f N ,, , . 'q vs 12111 ffl? iw K EERE is 'F'- M ,sf ,ew 4? M 4 Mi SQA Q Wi K 2 1 ff" fm W A ., 3 W1 W is E I 3 Q, 4 U , V LVVV W Y 1 J .Ea Ts. 'Mg -1 'f' ry ag, 2- . mp i f ' A My Af' 47:25 ii as., wa - K Q i if H-all 3 ggi if-If ic' W, in 'M Q S ,ag , Q' ' Q Affvw-.:m V ' f W -f"wg, WJ RQ gfiing 3 ' ', ,, 21 ,L ,ge ii- J. ff ww , 31 3-mqm 'W S i,, ffm.. -gr ws w "WQ'0r, wi-...Aja Therefore be at peace with God, what- ever you conceive Him to be, and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace with your soul. With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful World. Be careful. Strive to be happy. Vu ,,l. Homecoming . . . Christmas Dance . . Spring Dance .. Favorites Dance . . Intramurals ............. Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom Emma Sue Reigns Over Successful Homecoming Homecoming was a special Weekend for FSHS students. The event is scheduled only once every 4 years. The bonfire kicked off activities Thursday night. The pep rally Friday was attended by many ex-students and a yell was led by former FSI-IS cheerleaders. Em- ma Sue Rivera was named Homecoming Queen during half-time ceremonies of the Stock- ton Odessa Ector game. Runners-up for rhe honor were Karoyn Broyles and Lali Rivera. They were escorted by Larry McCallister, Joe Garcia, and Alfredo Rodriquez. A dance was held after the game to celebrate the first district win over the Ector Eagles by a score of 6-0. N While the band in a heart-shaped formation played "Close To Youw, Em ma Sue Rivera was crowned Homecoming Queen. Mrs. H. F. Gilley was named Coming Home Queen. Slave Sale. Bonfire Begin Aoiiviiies The Student Counil's annual slave sale kicked off the week of Homecoming. The halls of FSHS were hectic for two days with female roughnecks and bearded ballerinas. Thursday,s snakedance to the bonfire rallied the student body to spirit, and the Panthers to victory Friday night. The 6-0 Homecoming victory over the Ector Eagles was the third win in a row for the Pan- thers. This was the first district win since 1967 and the first time since 1963 the Panthers have won three straight games. The only score came when a kick was blocked byjames Pogue and Terry Honaker fell on the ball in the end zone. Homecoming Ends Wifh Paniher Vicforg Winier Brings Added Aciiviiies The Christmas season was a time of activity for stu- dents. Student Council marked the beginning of the season by decorating a Christmas tree in the main hall. Another seasonal event was the Christmas Dance. Se- niors sponsored the dance to the setting of 4'An Old Fashion Christmas? . M k,,k- 5 ---11 is . it stew? I ' , f f1:i5?'5f'f?r . -- Wyse 'Wmak Snow came to FSHS as the winter progressed. For the first time, the semester ended before the holidays, turning to lighter things, students wrote their g'Letters to Santa" and began to enjoy the holi days. Lali Rivera was named Basketball Sweetheart to end the season. Dance Honors Favorifes a+ 'Boi-lom of fhe Sea' Lali Rivera and Larry McAllister Qrightj were named Mr. and Miss FSI-IS at the annual Favorite's dance. Class favorites named were Qtop rightj Terry West, Gilbert Gallegos, David Mayse, Steven Reid, Mary Beth Truesdell, Dorthy Hearn, and Pat Weathers. Jeannie Maxey was not present. Lee Welch and Jeannie Pilgrim Qabovej were among - the many dancers enjoying the sound of "Trinity.U Brent Siegmund, Teresa Lewis, Kathy Ham, and Mike Duerksen try to guess who will receive awards. Jim- my Chancellor, Steven Reid, and Pam Jamison show enthusiasm at the junior-sponsored dance. lniramurals Cause Spiriied T ii T l Winning members of the senior team are Becky Ramos. Ann Buford. Bernie Cox. and Tim Castle. This is the second year in a row this same team has won the bowl for their class. f S Intramurals included swimming. vol- leyball. basketball, ping pong, and the high school bowl. Points were given to the winners in each event and the class with the highest total won. The class win- ning has its name inscribed on 21 plaque in thc office. Seniors had the highest total. They were followed by thcjuniors. sopho- mores. and freshman. Compeiiiion Seniors Win Thejunior class placed second in total scores. Class representatives in the high school bowl were Mel Riggs, Doug May, and Mary Garcia. Karen Watson is not pictured. In this event thejuniors placed second behind the seniors. Following were the freshmen and last, the sopho- mores. Testing out his light is sophomore Bert Rainwater. Freshmen in the high school bowl were Teresa Cham- Others not pictured are Yvonne Kail, Linda Smetak, bers, Brenda D,Andrea, and Christina Gonzales. Ken- and Paul King. neth Rainwater is not pictured. S The night of the Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom has finally arrived, and senior Dorothy Hearn has spent many anx ious hours in preparation. At last her date, Mike Hook, arrives, and Dorothy meets him at the door. He presents her with a corsage, and she invites him in so he can pin it on. After she fixes Mike's boutonniere, they leave in a hurry for the big night! Meanwhile, Julie Bryce rushes with the decora- tions so she can get home and get ready for her date to the banquet and prom. Junior-Senior Banquet Is Memorable Event The '6Old South" was the setting for the banquet held in the Junior High cafeteria on the evening of May 5. Mistress of Ceremonies Wor- thie Brooks welcomed the seniors to the banquet, and A. C. Atkins gave the response. The highlight of the evening was the reading of the prophecies and wills. The prophe- cies were read by Stan Conley and Belinda Brothers, pictured with Worthie. Ann Buford and "Cap- tain" Billy Glaze read the wills. During the banquet, the "Mem- phis Mammies' bustled about, fran- tically serving. In reality they are sophomores QL-Rj Elsa Suarez, jan Luttrell, Vicki Elliott, Susan Sims, Belinda Gonzales, Vivian Tillotson, Bayta Rainwater, Genora Cum- mings, Linda Weathers, Teresa Wil- liams, and Melisse McClarney. Muff Moore and Judy May also served, but are not pictured. l Mike and Dorothy Qabovej finally made it to the prom. Captain Glaze and Mary Col- son take a break from dancing Qrightj. Go- ing strong an hour and a half after the prom began. the dancers below show no sign of physical strain. 'ijumbov pro- vided the music for the prom. "Old 9ou+h" ls Sei-ting for Jr.-Sr. Prom l Q A dropped Contact lens provides a diversion for Mike Hook, David Hoffman, and Terry Honaker Qabovej. A funky chicken? No, it'sjust Walter Cummings, showing Fran Tilton how well he can dance Qrightj. Mammies Judy May and Vicki Elliott continue their serving du- ties. Qbelowj Administration .... English Department . . . . Mathematics Department. . . Science Department ...... Social Studies Department. . . Music Department ...... journalism and Speech . . . Art ............ Spanish Department . . . Industrial Arts- . . Business......... .... .. Health and Physical Education . ICT, DE, VoE ............ Building Trades, Auto Mechanics Special Education ......... Cafeteria Staff and Custodians . Fred Gottlieb, Fort Stockton High School's principal. James Huckaby, superintendent ofthe schools takes a shows off his 'tsmilei' button. short break at his desk. Adminisiraiors Work for Siudenis Members of the Fort Stockton Independent School District Board of Trustees are left to rightgjohn Welch, Dr. George Hoffman, Wayne Merrill, Pete Terrazas. and seated are Pat Taylor, Gerald Porter, and Martin Shuster. si Mrs. Joyce Childs serves as secretary to the principal. Mrs. -lane Faullcenberry, registrar, sorts out the daily mail. Mr. Ira Lee Henslee, Assistant Principal, also serves as Student Council Sponsor. Mrs. Joe Mabe is a Teachers aide. i l as BX l v ..,,... . English Deparlmenl Bill Pearce teaches one class of English II- CP, two classes of English II-T, and one class of English I-R. Mr. Pearce also serves as tennis coach and Freshman football coach. Larry Skylstad serves as head of the English department. He teaches one class of English IV-CP and three classes of English I-T. Mrs. Sammye Waldrop teaches two classes of English IV-CP and two classes of English II-R. Mrs. Waldrop also is Pep Squad and cheerleader sponsor. L ,. -,,,.,. . Tests seem to be a necessary part of any course, and En- glish is no exception. Typing a test for her freshman class is Miss Danna Werst. K. ..f,.. U Poster are put to use in many English classes. They are used to suggest theme topics and to il- ilustrate subjects covered in class Mrs. Janet Rainwater and Mrs. Olga Steup discuss the use of poster to picture a Shakespear- : eana stage. New methods of teaching came to FSHS with new curriculum. Mrs. Mary Newton Qrightj explains to Miss Mary Ann Fuller the way she uses the new color television in her classes. Therman Conner teaches Alge- bra I and is also a member of the Athletics Dept. Mrs. Dora Hayter always has the time to explain things like Alge- bra I and II and Trig. She is also head ofthe Math Department and FSHS's National Honor Society Sponsor. Mrs. Ann Bennett explains rules of geometry to her five geometry classes. Mrs. Mickey McKenzie serves as a related math I teacher. She has two classes of regular and one class of terminal. Science is also a class taught by Mrs. McKenzie. Tommy Oehrlein teaches three classes of regular related math I and one class of terminal related math I. I-Ie is also baseball coach and JV football coach. Tom Ritchey teaches three classes of related math II and one class of terminal related math I. Assistant football coach and track coach are also part of hisjob. I-Ie was named as next year's head football coach after Jerry Gibson resigned. Fred Harrel teaches Chemistry and Physics. Gregg McKenzie teaches Biology I and II and General Physical Science. Tom Komczak teaches Biology I and is an assistant coach. Gary Gaines teaches general physical science, regular and terminal. He is also the JV football coach and the IV baseball coach. It looks like Mark Mabe enjoys Gaines' teaching. Clint Low takes a minute of rest at the end of the day after teaching four periods of Physical Science. He also serves as the golf coach. Frank Baker teaches one class of World History and three classes of American History. Hisiorg Depar+men+ v-.ffifaga .v - if "" .f "' 2. ' ' J ' Slaigglif 6522? f gs i UF 'sis U 2 g 1 2- A ' r fl fu i S 5 was so lgfirliiilfr 35 ' isliie f 'iff' E -11: ,1 Lo.oo its .s tag na '.o' f I sie! .ee " ,..,,- 2 oooo 522 E. l K.i-',L 1 fi khk' ' Y -,-if- K Qg21gg13j" g ES: - s ,V Q -. 5 ig 'F , Y .Vk. ,V 5 l sletlf A relt1 zo 451 oo ooo 9' Ml L .. s . - . ,. ,, .M . A., xlliabx ' ',,L,1oo o",- if-,mil 5- s , .,.-', ,- K- - . 'X': 'L :lv Sllf o oo 1 it K,',o . m,K-oh - A ', at . ali H - ,o,- oK'- 1 . it '- 5 ls. ri, ze' iii zji 1 '..'1' L. 1 ' ' 'SGW '4 l ' L ,---'- 11. -. - J 1: xif fu illli , . o o o o o oo ooo o7 o o ASSE ' ooooi oo ooooo 1 it 1 oo o I o oo A oo. - o o o 5 f o oooo of r oo o A o i o o l il N fi oo o 2 -kgr,i,i:::f','fi1f , Vkfkr 1 K , "1 -W John Boylcs teaches three classes of American His- tory and two classes of Government. ,H ',,-s' .,,, Allen Rogers teaches live classes of Government. Joe Primera teaches three classes of American History-T and one American history-CP. Ralph Caffey teaches four classes of American history and one class of Bible. r ,t,, ,Qi Zift , V Jerry Gibson serves as head of the athletic department. He was head football coach and taught American history and sociology Gibson resigned second semester. Mrs. h ' h ' . James Bates and Tim Castle admire the sight reading award won by the C on on C 6 Plano choir. Mr. Bates is the choir director. Music Department Martin Waldrop is an assistant to the hand. Don Hanna directs the "Pride of Pantherlandn band. directs the Junior High School band. Bates accompanies the He also 2 a M5157 764 'WW 2 ggfgw gm W s2:99f Speech Judy London teaches three Speech I classes and two Speech II classes She also 1S the cllrector of the One Act Play and sponsor of several UIL l1ter ary events Journalism Margaret Marth1lJohn1 teaches two classes of Engllsh III R Iournahsm I and .Iournahsm II She 1S the PANTHER yearbook sponsor and the TUMBLEWEED sponsor ., ,W--f, 'riawew-w 'f .. .n , M-1 H...-is: 1 sn. general shop. Ind uslrial Arts QLeftj John Mahoney teaches five classes of QBelowj Pat Mayfield teaches two classes of general electronics and three classes of drafting. !""l""E Alonzo Martinez l teaches five classes of art. This was the first year art classes were taught at F SHS. 5 Judith Reyna instructs five periods of Spanish I students. Spanish I sf n Howard Tyson is FSI-ISIS instructor for one class of Spanish I, three classes of Spanish II, and one class of Spanish III. D. D. Whitc shows off his new tennis shoes to Mr. Baker and Mrs. Gottlieb. Mr. White teaches Vocation- al Agriculture I, II, and Ill. He is FFA sponsor. Mrs. Kit Moore teaches I-lomemaking I and II. She also serves as FHA sponsor. FHA ssffff' uizipf S' 'ff.f:1v.j.. , f . .1fw ..a A ' aesf e ' sis: s vis as r 5 zw- - .i g , Carolyn Young appears to enjoy her Typing I and Shorthand I classes. Carol Harrel was the first semester Bookkeeping I and Business Arithmetic teacher. Ann Gottlieb checks papers from her Typing I and Typing II classes. Wesley I-Iayhurst took Mrs. Harrel's place the second semester teaching Bookkeeping I and Business Law. Floyd Coker studies his clipboard of swimming records. He is the head swimming coach for both boys and girls. Kathrina Bare serves as assistant swimming coach. She also teaches PE and health. P.E. Deparimeni Mrs. Mary Ella "Teach" James makes sure Natasha Andrews cloesn't injure her finger again. Mrs. James is the girls' P.E. teacher and coach ofthe varsity and B-team volleyball squads. Fred Welch teaches four classes of health and one class of boys' P.E. Sherry Nall serves as varsity basket ball coach and teaches four classes of boys' P.E. Veldon Fothergill is the Industrial Cooperative Train- ing QICTQ teacher. Vocaiions Deparimeni Chuck Handley is the teacher for the Distribu- tive Education QDEQ department. Mrs. Mary Helen Jordan is the Vocation Office Education QVOEQ teacher. Charles Wolfe is the Auto Mechanics teacher, Harold Starkey is FSHS Building Trades instructor Mrs. Elizabeth Mahoney and Henry Ward served as FSHS guidance counselors. ,.w"""'--... Mrs. Francis Ball, FSI-IS librarian, appears interested in assistant Gerry Conway's book. Ruth Triplett is head of the special education program. .Fi A A .,.. ,,.' Q 11.ffJfJ3.f2.: 99-2 135 Fx isaa afaa M i f 'A ftat ,Q We wr if his 5 X , , .. ' E sf' ki if 31 w iff P. Q . S Mrs. Betty Low serves as FSHS's library aide. Mrs. Martha Primera is in charge of the high sch0ol's migrant program. .3 gi i Custodians pictured above are Qleft-rightj Vic Robledo, Maria Pictured above is Cayetena Rivera. Not Robledo, and Greg Ortega. Frank Subia cleans up after a basketball game. The cafeteria staff is Qseated, left-rightj Mar- garet Dominguez, Terry Lowther, Delia Ra- mirez, Frances Arcides, and Gloria Broxon. Standing are Faye Conger, Felicitas Gonza- les, Socorro Acosta, and Bessie Gonzales. pictured are Edwardo Rivera and Chon Blanco. Beadie Garlick and Socorra Acosta busily work in the cafeteria. Student Council. . . Band . . Choir ........ Vocational Clubs .... National Honor Society Pep Squad. . . . . Tumbleweed. . . Panther .... . Spanish Club. . . Library Club . . . FTA ..... Art Club ........,. Stage and Light Crews. UIL Events. . . Council Represenis Siudeni Bodg 1 ,-,- S. 9' ' 1971-72 STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS Qbottom row I.-RjfSandra Magee, Genora Cummings, Vicki Elliot, Mary Kay Whittenburg. Qseconcl row L-Rjf-Becky Ramos, Kathy Ham, Doug May, and Mr. Henslee. Qthird row L-RQ-Gil ray Benevidcs, julie Skylstad. Walter Cummings, and Danny Taylor. Qtop row L-Rl-Jeb Burch, Joe Ben Gallegos, and Eric Mayo. . Executive officers of the Student Council and class officers and representatives were installed at the beginning of the school year. Top positions were held by Joe Ben Gallegos, Lali Rivera, K. K. Kerr, and Gilray Benavides. Insfallaiion Begins Year Council president Gilray Benavides along with Mr. Ira Lee I-Ienslee, sponsor, led the Council on various projects for the year. Some of these included decoration the Christmas tree, sponsoring dances, delivering dinners for the Community Ac- tion Council at Thanksgiving, holding elections, and sponsor- ing a scholarship for a needy senior. Council members serve as electionjudges in all school elections. Bobby Mayo, Lisa McKenzie, and james Chick relax during a lull in voting. Voting booths were used in the final election for student council members for the coming Projecis Benel'i+ School K. K. Kerr, council vice-president, and Tommy Boggus take their turn at chang- ing the sign that is placed in front of the school each da to announce activities. Y THIS IS HOW TO DO ITfSays Council sponsor Ira Lee Henslee, right, to senior representative Becky Ramos at the Student Council Forum. 536 Siudenis Ai-tend Forum Fort Stockton High School's Student Council sponsored a Student Council Forum that was attended by students from 33 schools. FSHS president Gilrey Benavides greets Stacy Fos- ter Qleftj who presided over the Forum. The Students took part in lab groups. They were entertained by Havoc, a local band after lunch. , at i QRow 1-L-RJ Linda Smetak, Sherri Yarbrough, Mary Kay Whittenburg, Janice Shaddox, Alice Maxey, Patti Fer- rante, Lisa McKenzie, Shirley Smith, Teresa Chambers, Desiree Sage. QRow 21 Mary Gail Holland, Linda Kleine, Car- men Kleine, Judy Birden, Becky Broyles, Jayne Beans, Genora Cummings, Connie Hernandez, Betty Prosise, Sandra Magee, Emma Sue Rivera, Paul King, Jeanie Maxey, Susan Sims, Karoyn Broyles, Pam Eaton, Kathy Dale, Debbie Hall, Judy Smith, Susan Bilbery. QROW 3J Claudell Long, Vicki Elliot, SuZane Randle, Lisa Gottlieb, Rosella Espino Brenda Prosise, Margie Ramirez, Lizzie Pina, Patty Funderburk, Donna Rich, Mark Hutton, Donnie Price, Danny Price, Danny Blau, Kathy Ham, Gary Wiseman, Nobel Acosta, Eric Mayo, Richard Shellenburger, Elaine Vasquez, Adan Salcido, Delma Acosta, Ruben velasquez, John Davila, Danny Taylor. CROW 4J Armondo Ramirez, Jimmy Harbour, Buster Gaston, Rhett McClarney, Beth Beattie, Steven McKenzie, Robert Weatherby, Randy Pittman, Len- ard Ledford, Del Mack Ward, Edwina Rascon, Noe Garcza, Morma Herrera, Larry Clayton, Jimmy Dan Baiza, Mario 1 Urias, Pam Burgess, George Terrazas, Esther Espino, Jimmy Welch, Donnie Lefevre, Jessie Terrazas. QROW SJ Stan Conley, Muff Moore, Kevin Smith, Sylvia Sarabia, Mrs. Gonzales, Patti Fullagar, Lance McKenzie, Joe Ben Gallegos, Gilray Benavides, David Waters, Steve Lancaster, Tony Benavides, Theresa Walker, Ronald Roller, Freda Gipson, Brenda Billings, Joe Duerksen, Mr. Hanna. Pride of Panfherland Earns UIL Qweepsiakes Award The Pantherland band was awarded the Sweepstakes Trophy after marching, sightreading, and concert competi tion. Other schools Winning the award in this district were Pecos and Monahans. In the Dallas Music Festival, the band earned a first division rating. Don Hanna, director of the band, proudly presents John Phillip Sousa Awards to Danny Taylor and Patty Ferrante. The award was presented at the annual Spring Concert. Lisa McKenzie was named band sweetheart. Q Officers for the band were Qseated, left to rightl Rhett McClarney, equipment 1r.gGi1ray Benavides, uniform lt.g Richard Shellenburger, warrant officerg Del Ward, freshman rep. Others were Danny Taylor, captaing Lissa McKen- zie, first lt.g Nobel Acosta, second lt.g Linda Kleine, woodwind lt.g Beth Beattie, brass 1t.g and Sylvia Sarabia, percus- sion lt. 'sw ,gf V5 .,.. j-Isis. Steven McKenzie, one of the drum majors, proudly shows the trophy to other band members. The group won a top rating at Marching Contest Nov. 13 in competition with other 2-AAA schools. Band Has New Look The Pride of Panrherland had a new look this year. New uniforms fea- turing ten inch royal blue fur hats were viewed for the first time at the first home football game. The uniforms may be worn eight different ways because of a detachable cape and an overlay with the new insignia on it. Su san Sims and Leonard Ledford model the new uniforms. Twirlers for the band Qleft to rightj were Kathy Ham, Vicki Elliot, Muff Moore, and Karoyn Broyles. The twirlers also had new suits of royal blue and silver. QRow lj Karen Duggan, Jeannene Woods, Carol West, Lali Rivera, Nan Kennedy, Janet Snead, Barbara Brockman, Vicky Young, Sherry Harris, Denise Blau, Gail weathefby, Jack Archer, Stephen McKenzie, Vicente Urias, Clifford Wynne, Stanley Phillips, Mark Walters. QROW ZQ Mary Jo Ottaberry, Donna Nix, Linda Nix, Cathy Combs, Patsy Strong, Jenny Yawn, Vicki Baker, Mary Ann Maxey, Peggy Glaze, Jimmy Chancellor, Stanley Cox, Jimmy Stephens johnny Stapp, Tim Castle, Mike Duerksen, Billy Glaze, Paul Duerksen. QROW 3j Roxanna Williams, Gloria Domin- guez, Cathy Burnham, Yvonna Kail, Kim Bynum, Janna Rainwater, Nida Ford, Cynthia Walker, Nancy Hughes, Di- anna Lee, Vicky Ray, Mike Schultz, Terry West, Morris Beene, David Haley, Gene McGuire, Ronald Faulkenberry, Tommy Boggus, Robert Stovall. QROW 4D Pam Jamison, Ann Buford, Tina Harris, Ann Lippert, Dianna Deerfield, Tara Cope, Bayta Rainwater, janet Chick, April Smith, Teresa Teitz, Patty Beattie, Elidia Carrillo, Marshall Smith, Rex Whitfield, Kenny Schultz, David Martinez, Octavio Escobeido, Ricky Vannoy, Tony Alvarado. ...,,, - , -- , -Q, ya 'ai ,r r I: , ae.. sig, E mg af w 5 x, is '5l'!ggi James Bates Directs the Panther f Chorale, Boys' Choir and the Girls' Ch oir. ' , A Panther Chorale Enierfains The Panther Chorale presented a Christmas concert mixing the tradi- tional and the modern carols. The group sang a portion of their program in their robes and then changed into informal attire. The singers then gathered around the Christmas Tree to sing the sounds of the season. QROW 1 backj-Billy Glaze, Mike Dueurksen, Tim Castle, Ricky Vannoy, Morris Beene, Mike Schultz, Bill Silliman, jimmy Stevens, Johnny Stapp, David Haley, Gene McGuire, Clay Dodson QROW 2j4Clifford Wynne, Paul Duerksen Stanley Phillips, Orlando Gonzales, Tony Alvarado, Terry West, Rex Whitfield, Marshall Smith, jack Archer, Ste' phen McKenzie, jimmy Chancellor QROW Zj-Mark Walters, Vicente Urias, Robert Stovall, Tommy Boggus, Ronald Faulkenberry, Kenny Schultz, Mike Hopson, Stanley Cox, Octabio Escobedo, David Martinez Qiudenis Sing in Bogs' and Girls' Choir f'll'f"!kwv Six Panther Choir mem- rrt, bers were named to the All-Region Choir. TheY traveled to Odessa to per- I as 3 X . form a concert with area t students selected for the , L choir. Students selected were Mike Duerksen, Rob- ert Stovall, Stephen Mc- Kenzie, Tim Castle, and Paul Duerksen. Seated is Nida Ford. r , i T 4 f t ' 'etel 1 ras J, , ,,,, ,fn kk iq mga wg: rr :sf -. it fx . Q' se 5 ig MQ + c if iilit ..'f N, nm1,5,-frvfxlgsagsrsffsr-K '- ili iii,r W ' t , .,,,,,., i .V ,,,, 5 gg 5 51 75.5 'I 'f : gfgfliiffliiffx,'55f?5fif51:2: If . 'f ' we . .s1i1" if - - Massa af- it .... , ' Q, i . ff X Q Tr . Y gy , t resin? i 'tri G se w age C vas e sf 'gf .v , fa- S? R5 51 -3? sf Y '2 fav il - iig5'i:::,::.:f 'cue ,5EgefS' X I at ., ' -fe ..ff Mrs. james Bates accompanies the choirs. She played while her hus- band directed the singers at the Christmas concert. ,an . Row 1 QBackj-Pam Jamison, Ann Buford, Tina Harris, Tara Cope, Bayta Rainwater, Janet Chick, Nida Ford, Cyn- thia Walker, Theresa Tietz, Patti Beattie, Elidia Carrillo. Row 2wGloria Dominguez, Roxanna Williams, Ann Lippert, Dianna Deerfield, Cathy Burnham, Yvonna Kail, Kim Bynum, Janna Rainwater, April Smith, Mary Ann Maxey, Nan cy Hughes, Patsy Strong, Diane James, Jenny Yawn, Vicky Ray, Vicki Baker, Peggy Glaze, Denise Blau, Gail Weath- erhy. Row 3-Carol West, Lali Rivera, Karren Duggan, Linda Nix, jeannene Woods, Cathy Combs, Donna Nix, Mary Jo Ottaberry, Nan Kennedy, Janet Snead, Sherry Meadows, Vicki Young, Barbara Brockman. Future Homemakers of America officers were their sponsor were Mrs. Kit Mooreg Glenna Cornett, parliamentariang Lali Rivera, historiang Brenda Combs, reporterg Mary Garcia, secretary-treasurerg Karen Watson, vice-presidentg and Mary Colson, president. Projecis Keep FHA Busg In addition to the officers, FHA members were Q1-rj Polly Newsom Connie Ybarra, Ellen Greer, and Freda Gipson. Others were Qlower rightj Sheridan Porter, Mary Col- son, Becky Herring, SuZanne Ran- dle, and Glenna Cornett. The FHA girls had several pro- jects which included restoring old toys for needy children at Christ- mas. They made candy for all the teachers on Teacher Appreciation Day. Mary Colson and Karen Watson completed their Achievement De- grees. This was the first time this degree was presented to an FSHS student under Mrs. Moore. Vocaiional Clubs Earn. Learn. and Have Fun Y ii r 1 . 4. , m.,,, 1' 'il , . 1, ' , 5 gagl '31 W Q r l H gs , ,. . R , ' , , ' 9 " Y Vki' 1 - . M X Q, s G , . ,,,, , --,, ' -Y i Jgkfgeygzii H . i Y "h- . f V , 2 if Q., if we 1 " .K-. 1 ff' r . . y , . 'ggg' . Q 1' . V' is , - " ' ' 'sf "mL"LL1 '1'2 1 23' R. L'L:-- T G B s rissr s 1 srss I . , V 1 'Lmk f W . 'li ' '22 ' iffv ,,LL -- ,,. . c L:.L , as ' -M-1 ,fix , V , f V - . ,, f--' i , , iiiEf,ilii'Mii ' " w "" ' V ,,,.' ' 1-V - 'I 'ww f ' if -viii" amd.. ,,:.:,..i, ,adm BUILDING TRADES-Members of Building Trades are shown standing in front oftheir project house. They are Danny Carillo, Remijio Rangel, Alfredo Garcia, Olivas Refugio, Rene Ramirez, Ramiro Rodriquez, Eddie Franco, Robert Gonzales, Billy Harris, Tony Walters, and Lonny Walters. Harold Starkey Qleftj is the sponsor of Building Trades. Chuck Handley is the sponsor of Distributive Education. DE's members include fl-rj Richard Martinez, Ricky Northcut, Rick Murphree, Richard Reeves, Dennis Taylor, Doug York, April Smith, Jan Griffin, Carole Large, Theresa Walker, Theresa Tietz, and Donna Rich. VOCATIONAL OFFICE EDUCATION-Seated are Marsha Hendricks, Claudia Gibbs, Lark Allison, Nelda Lloyd, Francis jones, and Rosario Ruiz. Standing are Terri Kent, Delfina Sanchez, Anna Ramirez, Evelyn Urias, Gloria Davis, Josie Arcides, and LuzElena Ruiz. Mrs. Mary Helen Jordan sponsors this club. INDUSTRIAL COOPERA- TIVE TRAINING-At right are Veldon Fother- gill, sponsor, and Steve Hawkins, president, of ICT. No group picture is available ofthe members due to the fact that their jobs prevented their assem- bling for a picture. FFA Boys Find Plenig +0 Do. buf Have Fun One of the many things FFA-ers do is raise sheep. Steve Daniel, Bruce Allen, Lewis Farnum, Jody Thiel, and Ronnie McGuire get theirs ready for show. D. D. "Peeberry" White is the sponsor of FFA. At left he of- fers Don Cisco a hand as others look on. Thoughts of Thanks- giving may be crossing the minds of the FFA boys at right as they check out their "pro- jects" drumsticks. Three-year FFA mem- ,L bers Kim jones, Steve 'P Reid, Greg Brown, Robbie Pogue, and Don Boswell proving that being an FFA-er isn't all work. E f A , .rig .. i E National Honor Society members were QRow 1, l-rj Charlsa Sherrill, Patti Fullagar, Jeannene Woods, Betty Schlegel, Lissa Ray, Fran Tilton, Helen Schlegel, Mary Kay Whittenburg, Doug Mayg QROW ZJ Mel Riggs, Denise Blau, Cherl Freeman, Karen Weathers, Judy Smith, Judy Birden, Mary Garcia, Mary Gail Holland, Marie Williamsg QROW 3J David Hoffman, Gary Wise- man, Cathy Burnham, Shirley Smith, Stan Conley, Linda Kleine, Karen Watson, Janice Shaddoxg QROW 4J Steve Conley, Ber- nie Cox, Diana Deerfield, Lisa McKenzie, Patti Ferrante, Bobby Mayo, Paul Duerkseng QROW SJ Kendal Card, Ann Buford, Becky Ramos, and Brett Starkey. NHS Honors Scholars, Leaders Each year junior and senior students with high averages plus leadership and citizenship qualities are honored with NHS mem- bership. Gfficers were Q1-rj Helen Schlegel, vice-president, Judy Smith, secretaryg Ann Buford, treasurerg and Bernie Cox, presi- dent. Sponsoring the group in such activities as the annual progres- sive dinner Were Dora Hayter, Frances Ball, Mary Ella James, Frank Baker, and Henry Ward. QROW lj Becky Herring, Glenna Cornett, jan Luttrell, Mrs. Sammye Waldrop, Tara Cope, Nida Ford, and Kathy Day. QROW Zl Nancy Doan, Brenda Lefevre, Gail Wetherby, Patti Fisher, Vicki Baker, Mary Ann Maxey, and Carole Large. QROW Sj Barbara Valenzula, Alva Arcides, Cindy Turner, Irene Adams, Sandy Sanders, Margie Wilson, Julie Bryce, and Mary Garcia. QROW 4Q -Io Ann Cambell, Janice Mosher, Linda Weathers, Tanya Frazie, Teresa Lewis, Vivi an Tillitson, Mary Beth Truesdell, and Bayta Rainwater. QROW 5j julie Skylstad, Dorita Humphry, Eileen More, Hol- ly Ward, Stephnie Smith, Janet Sneed, and Tina Harris. QROW 6j Cindy Hawkins, Debbie Ruiz, Crisann Boyles, Nata- shi Andrews, Nan Kennedy, Shari Howell, Peggy Glaze, and Brenda Prossise. QROW 71 Edna Blanco, Felicita Garcia, Ellen Greer, Polly Newson, Kim Clark, jeannene Woods, Denise Blau, and Roxanna Williams. QROW Sj Patsy Gon- zales, Suzie Alvarez, Nora Munoz, Star Rodrizuis, jesusita Franco, Elsa Suraiz, Norma Celaya, and Linda Franco. Pep Squad Helps Boosf Qpirif Pep squad girls were a large part of football season. The girls made locker signs and added spirit to the Weekly pep rallies, They attended all varsity foot- ball games to back the Panthers to victory. The group was sponsored by Mrs. Sammye Waldrop. Mike Schultz was elected club sweet- heart. Q' 0' .fr M .1 mae. ff l Alf d Roclri uez, Patti Fisher, julie Bryce, Some of the journalisml members of the Tumbleweed sta are Q-rl re o q Fran Tilton, Tim Castle, Patty Funderburk, K. K. Kerr, Lissa Ray, and Stanley Lee. 5 A Ricky Vannoy and David Gomez Qabovel check the assign- ment sheet to see what they must write for the next Tum- bleweed. As editor of the Tumbleweed, Mary Ann Maxey supervises all phases of the paper. Chris Choate, art editor, helps Mary Ann with the make-up of the paper. Tumbleweed Wins Top UIL Award ...ani 33 At the University Interscholastic League Press Conference, the if Tumbleweed was chosen for the Award of Distinguished Merit in Journalism. Susan Herrin was awarded the "Cream of the Crop" award by the Texas High School Press Association earlier in the year Susan Herrin and assistant editor Fran Joe Garcia, Carol West, Roberta Harris, and Ir. Tilton confer. Gonzales are journalism I staff members. Tim Castle and Mike Duerksen, staff photographers, work on film in the darkroom. The "executive staff" labove rightj is Journalism Il students Stan Cooper, Mary Ann Maxey, Chris Choate, and Kay Richey. Shelley Young lrightj keeps up on the clay's news, a requirement for Journalism. Paniher Qiaff "Pu+s I+ All Together W 1 A yearbook begins with pictures. Fran Tilton prepares to have her "mug shot" taken. Being editor is a bigjob. Chris Choate Qlower right? makes sure all copy and pictures are in order for each page. Chris also designed the cover and division pages. Shelley Young Patti Fisher and Lisa Ray Work on final pages of the PANTHER Patti was head of the academic section. Shelley helped on this section as well as on the fav- orites section and the business staff. Mrs. Margaret Marthiljohni served as sponsor for the yearbook. Photographers for the yearbook were Susan Her- rin, Tim Castle, Mike Duerksen, and Joe Ben Gal- CgOS. Seniors Helen Schlegel, Mary Ann Maxey, and Dorothy Hearn check to see if they can use any pictures from these negatives in their section. Brad Newton helps freshman edi- tors Jeannie Maxey and Carmen Kleine. Brad helped with the sports section. Others Working on the book but not pictured were Debbie Hall, Susan Sims, Kathy Day, Eric Mayo, and Gilray Benavides. I Kay Richey and Mary Kay Whitten- burg worked on the business staff. Mary Kay was also junior class editor. Danny Taylor led the business staff. Others were Vicki Baker, Vivian Til- 'T lotson, and Vincent Urias. Mary jane Fleener served as Mary Gail Holland and Fran Tilton sports editor. Her experience completed the favorites section of the as head cheerleader was annual. useful. ,l l ! iii, ,, 'X 1 fi 5 x l siial L 4.455141 Q ,y L L is ,Q 5 K f ' Arkf 2 . - a isie e t Mel Riggs leans to light his candle as he is being installed as a Spanish Club officer. Watching the ceremony are joe Primera, sponsor and officers Lupe Gonzales, Kristy Kail, Jessie Expino and Eva Garcia. Spanish Club Has a "Bueno" Year l Members relaxing after a meeting are Jessie Espino, Maria Lopez, Linda Esparza, Ester Espino, and Lupe Gonzales. Mary Ybarra and David Galvan participated in a play given by the Spanish Club this year. --', Paperback books were sold by club members to raise money to go to the convention in Arling- ton Feb. 17-19. Patty Escamilla, Rosa Carrasco, Juanita Cruz, and Mary jean Alvarado all helped with this project. Librarg Club Gains Honors Each year the library club enters a scrapbook in competition. Looking over the book that placed third are Dorothy Moore, Debbie Moore, Gerry Conway, and Ramona Harris. Debbie will serve as president of the district next year. Mrs. Frances Ball is the sponsor for the library club. Members of the FTA were QBack Row, l-rj Miss Danna Werst Qsponsorj, Alice Maxey, Linda Kliene, Betty Prosise, Steve Conley, Crisann Boyles, QFront Row, l-rj Jeanne Maxey, Patti Fullagar, Mary Kay Whittenburg, and Mary Gar- cia. FTA Has Busg Year The Sallie Buster Chapter of Future Teachers of Ameri- ca began the year by installing officers. Shown Qbot- tom rightj are Mary Garcia, presidentg Sandra Dotson, vice-presidentg Mary Kay Whittenburg, secretary-trea- surer, and Patti Fullager, parliamentarian. Standing be- hind are Judge O.D. Luttrell, installing officerg John Boyles, sponsorg and Steve Conley, historian. Members served as guides on college night and prepared a scrapbook for competition at the Dallas FTA Con- vention. KIM' 2 5 The Skefch Pad Presents "ArIo" +o Sfudenf Bodg The newly formed art club, known officially as The Sketch Pad, created Arlo G. Panther, a more- than-life-size mascot, and presented him to FSHS upon his completion in May. Helping in Arlo's cre ation are members Qabove left, clockwise from Arlo's left earl Nancy Stinson, Becky Morton, Raymond Carrasco, Lynn Bailey, Eileen Moore, and Tasha Andrews, Ann Triplett was only one of the many who could not figure out what the "big thingamajign was at first Qabovej. The finished Arlo is shown at left with club president Chris Choate and secretary Lynn Bailey. Eileen Moore served as vice-president. Alonzo Martinez was The Sketch Pad's sponsor. Light Crew members in clude QStandingj jill Star key, Cynthia Rawls, Muff Moore, Mary Gail Holland and QSittingj janet chick jan Luttrell, and Teresa Lewis. More members are Qstandingj Billy Young, Richard Bowles, Brent Chil ders, and Ray Hill- man. Sitting are jackie Birden, Deb bie Martin, and Vivi an Tillotson. 82 fe The FSHS Stage and Light crews do indeed set the stage for the various productions put on in Weaver Au- ditorium during the year. Manning spotlights and con- trol switches, and setting up props and curtains are some of the duties of the crews. Their sponsors are Lar ry Slcylstad and Mrs. Judy London. Crew chiefjohnny Stapp and Bayta Rainwater. Lighi Crew "Sets +he Q+age" I Crew Chiefjoe Ben Gallegos, Chip Brooks, and Bryan McKenzie. 1 i UIL DEBATE-Eric Mayo, Mario Urias, and Paul Pearce pre- pare for debate. The boys debaters placed first in several speech meets this year. At right are the girls debaters, Bayta Rainwater, Brenda Combs, and Mary Beth Truesdell. UIL Coniesianis Prepare for Compeiiiion il UIL JOURNALISM-Mary Ann Maxey and Fran Tilton participated in UIL Headline Writing and UIL Feature Writing. Mrs. Mar- garet Marthiljohni is their sponsor. UIL SCIENCE-Gregg McKenzie, sponsor, watches as the UIL Science par ticipants, Marie Williams, Janice Shaddox, and Gary Wiseman prepare for competition. 84 i'The Affected Young Ladiesl' was presented in UIL competition on April 6. David Hoffman, who played the role of Mascarille, was named to the All-Star Cast. The one-act play cast included QStandingj Joe Ben Gallegos, Ann Buford, Jed Arnett, Ann Ligon, Don Talley, Jeb Burch, QSeatedj johnny Stapp, Muff Moore, David Hoff- man, and Bobby Mayo. Helen Sclilegel Qriglitj participated in UIL Ready- Writing. Above with sponsor, Mrs. Judy London, are Informative and Persuasive speakers Joe Ben Gallegos, Bobby Mayo, Kathy Day, and Christina Gonzales. Lynn Bailey is not pictured. Qiudenis Place in UIL Compeiiiion UIL Spellers are Karen Watson, Mary Garcia, and Mary Kay Whittenburg. Participants in UIL Number Sense are Teresa Williams and Kenneth Rainwater, pictured above with their spon sor, Mrs. Miclcie McKenzie. Frances Jones and Carole Large Qleftj practice their shorthand for UIL competition. Mrs. Carolyn Young is their sponsor. - 1 fr-FE ig in 2 'S UIL Typists were Mary Kay Whitteriburg, Linda Kleine, and Becky Weatherby. Becky placed second in region, qualifying for the state meet. Participants in UIL Prose and Poetry were Ed Newman, Liiia Rodriguez, and Gary Wiseman. Elaine Vasquez is not pictured. 1 ? i r w Football. . . Basketball. . swimming . Track. . . . Baseball . . . Volleyball. . Tennis . . . Golf .... Cheerleaders QROW lj David Mayse, Xavier Primera, Terry Hickman, Clif Lemons, Lonnie Price, Micheal Rodriquez, Donnie Price, Robbie Pouge, Mike Hook. QROW 2D Ricky Hayter, Julio Maricon, Cecil Robertson, Terry Honaker. Mark Bell. Willie Ramirez, Paul Henderson, Dale Neagle, Andy Burger, Larry McCallister. QROW 3j A. C. Atkins, Bernie Cox, Mike Schultz, Kendal Card, Guy Petit, Pat Hook, James Pouge, Kenneth Bromley, Stan Cooper, Chuck Aaron, Weldon Blackwelder, Steve Conley. Varsifg Shows Improvemeni Although the Panthers had seven losses to three wins, the team did show improvement and promise for the coming year with several sophomores seeing action. The team was under the new leadership ofjerry Gibson. Assitant coaches were Tom Konczak, Tom Richey, and Sherry Nall. The Panthers prepared for the opening game by serimmaging Ozona and San Angelo Lake View. The defensive unit was the highlight of both outings. 2 i i Defensive Unii Shows Sirengfh The Panthers took on Crane in the opening game. At halftime the team had scored 21 points against the Cranes. However, the Crane team scored 34 points in the second half to defeat the Panthers 34-21. Larry McCallister, Who was considered to be one of the top backs in the dis- triet, was injured for the remainder of the season. Alpine defeated the Panthers in the next game 33-6. The Panthers came back to score a victory over McCarney 26-12. l i Stockton continued its Winning ways with a victory over Big Lake 6-0. The Panthers thrilled a Home- coming crowd with a district win over the Ector Eagles 6-0. This was the first district win since 1965. It was the first time since 1963 the Panthers had scored three wins in a row. Panfhers Break Records Playing their last year for the Panthers were QROW lj Don Talley, Weldon Blackwelder, Bernie Cox, Mike Schultz, Ricky Hayter, Bobby joe Hughes, Pat Hook, Terry Honaker, A. C. Atkins, Donnie Price, Terry Hickman, QROW ZQ Mario Escobedo, Leonard Childress, Dale Neagle, Clif Lemons, Lonnie Price, Kenneth Bromley, David Mayse, Mike Hook, Steve Conley, and Mike Roclriquez. 1 'A"'A "'A I i I -"" ' i ' I I " e 'KVLL ,,, . 5 , I T , f ' . l ser.. P '.-,, .'-- ' 2 '-L. i 2 I . ' I, , . ,, ,Q , , rg. ,A . Q ,. g .K . .. ,,H 1. , , . -.. , ,.,., 5: 35 Lx, is ,KE ki 5 . 8 k..VkV- 1. it .1 13. ASI E, ,R,iiZ1Vc,V,V, N xx, V,,..,, 2 .li , . P. . - 1 .'.','-L -"- r 2 "h' f .,-' - Ili 5 I , 2 E1 - --,- alma g- fl 21 45 lr it 5 -N r ' .g5::w12' aff ' i.. . . --,.,, qw- 1 .55 - is . 'S ,Q 51 In " . :.,.r-"1i.,g-i-2-Q, wx'-1f.z 1" -K. 1 .L-a:igf11gqQ.if-2 'wr M f-'-- -' ll 2f'if?lg 5 . si -K ,rf .Hi- P 2 25. . .... I 1 . g: -I - -K-' 1 ' f L. F' , 3 f lim r Q W Q ,isis ,," ,-.,A i ' , .,,-' . ,.,, ' 11 ,,"k , n I ' . ere. I 1: - v ii i ,iawif "L' " 332 al 5-is .,kf ex. . , -eg 5, K ., ,g:,..::-wggguf . ?a1g,ia.1-Qigr.: .. ...grg.r: K r.,, .5-5 5.1.1 A ,,,- , -K ef,,,w,,T,,.,,.., .,5,,- VKK,-, ,-552. -',,. .',, I- 'I ,", '---' ,'A, 1 ',.., AA,A ,r A,,. ' . Y ' ' ' 'k , """ I LLN- L,-- fV,k , L,.g I ,,,. ' . - I - . ,--' 1 1 In 7 , ' ',"' "W, ri' Six Fort Stockton players were named Honorable Mention Players by the district. They were A. C. Atkins, Ricky Hayter, Terry Honaker, Mike Hook, Kendall Card, and Bobby joe Hughes. Pat Hook Qbelowj was named as an A11- District Player . Plagers Gain Honors and Prove "BIue ls Back" Andrews was not to be denied a victory for its Homecoming game. They scored 65 points and held the Panthers scoreless. After this de- feat, the Panthers came back strong to hold the Pecos Eagles for three periods. Pecos broke through the defense to win 21-8. Five sophomores started in this game with one acting as quarterback during the second half. The "Mean Green Machine, of Monahans defeated the Panthers 36-8, and the Seminole Indians won 48-13. In the final game, the Ker- mit Yellowjackets beat the Panthers 44-O. "Blue Is Back" was the slogan for the '71 season. Even though the Panthers lost seven games, fans could see a difference in the team. The season had its bright spots. This new feeling in the team, school, and town showed that Blue was back and Blue will be back! B-Team Equals Varsiig Record ol' 3-7 459 1 l QROW lj ,loc Carrillo, Tommy Ezcll, Jr. Gonzales, Abelarclo Soto, Xavier Primera, Raphie Hernandez, David Nunez, Phillip Dunn, Mike Lemons, Brctt Price QROW Zj Morris Beene, Author Wailing, Stan Conley, Russell Priscorn. Cheto Ramos, Gregg Brown, Bart Griffin, Robert Hayhurst, Gary Brornan, Eddie Casebier, Mike Tietz QROW 32 Donnie Phcrigo, jimmy Chancelor, Milic Young, Conrado Dominquez, Doug Parks, Kenny Schultz, Octavio Escobeclo. Rudy Holguin, David Morrow, Manager Chuckie Davis QROW 41 Coach Gary Gaines, Danny Beauchamp, Robert Stovall. David Mosier, Franli Villalba, Steven Reid, Rocky Clair, David Caldwell, Bobby Bennett, Monty Broolis, And Coach Tommy Oclirlein. .ta .na an. , ..., A.. ax. Q, .-L ' QRow1j George Fabela, Tony Ybarra, Joe Reyes, john Ed Walker, Nabor Pacheco, Robert Williams, jay Munsell Virgil Wallace, Nino Flores QROW Zj Raymond Rodriquez, Raymond Nunez, Andy Rios, Sammy Fothergill. Don Sis co, David Galvan, Greg Shultz, Joe Ray Chavez, David Carrasco, Ronald McGuire, Coach Larry Braden QROW 35 Bill l Mehan, Del Mac Ward, Dubbie Wiseman, Don Turner, Rodney Posey, Jimmy Stevens, Johnny Jones, Charlie john- l son, jimmy Burch, Manager Lee Welch CROW 4j Coach Bill Pearce, Darrel Eaton, Billy Campbell. Tony Benavides. jose Ruiz, Santana Saralnia, Terry West, Eddie Havins, David Martin, Ramon Duarte, Randy Pouge, Jay Tom Hol- stien, Kevin Smith, and Coach Thurman Conner. Freshmen Compile 5-3- I Record i i l The freshmen griclsters had the best season record ofall 1 the football squads with five wins, three loses. and one tic. l l l I Panfhers Place 4+h lh Dlslrucf Varsity Basketball players are QBottom Row Left-Rightj-Richard Shellenburger, Reyes Lopez, Nobel Acosta, Alfredo Rodriquez, lTop Rowj-Luis Blanco, Steven Reid, Bert Rainwater, Charles Roberts, Eloy Salcido, Coach Sherry Nall. The Panthers started the 71-72 season with five victories. Reyes Lopez QIOQ and Luis Blanco Q12j aided the team to a 63-55 victory over Crane. They also defeated Ozona, Big Lake, Ial, Crane, and McCamey. Bert tries taking the ball from the Permian Panthers, but the home team lost the game 46-60. Eloy has the ball which adds to a victory in the Stockton Tournaments, The Pan- thers were in two other tournaments which were in Andrews where they took the consolation trophy, and in Lamesa where they recieved second place. Panthers Win 5 Disirici Games Stockton started district play with two wins-one over Pecos Q69-52Q and another over Seminole Q55-532. Eloy takes the ball from a Seminole player as the Panthers drive to a victory. In the next three games the Panthers were defeated. They were beaten by Andrews, Monahans, and Ector. Here Stockton tries to get the ball. Bert Rainwater Luis Blanco Panihers Earn Dishfioi Honors Reyes Lopez Eloy Salciclo At the close of the basketball season, four Panthers were honored by being named to the All-District team and Honorable Men- tion team. Rainwater and Blanco were listed on the first team All-District, Lopez and Salcido were given Honorable Mention by the district. JV Ends Season Wi+h I9 Vioiories Q i I The B-Team players are QBottom Row Left-Rightj-John Fallon, Richard Shellenburger, Ben Casas, Ruben Ramirez, Mike Lemons, QMgr.j Brad New- ton, QMiddle Rowj Freddie Pina David Henslee, Kendall Card, Kurt Huck- by, jay Smith, QMgr.l Mike Rodriquez, QTop Rowj Johnny Lawson, Joe Carrasco, Jesse Gonzales, joe Grando, Domingo Salcido. The team had a season record of19-13. The Coach for the team was Thurmon Conner. FRESHMAN "A"-Bottom row QL to RQ joe Ray Chavez, John Ed Walker, and Ruben Dominguez. Center row QL to Rj Santanna Sarabia, Charlie Johnson, Dubby Wiseman, and Ryamond Rodriquez. Top row QL to RQ Bob- by Holland, Kenneth Rainwater, Jed Arnett, and Coach Gaines. Freshman Teams Score IQ-I O. 7-7 Seasons FRESHMAN "B"-Bottom row QL to Rl Andy Rois, Gene McGuire, and Froilo Gon- zales. Center row QL to Rj Dondi Salcido, Raymond Duarte, Virgil Wallace, David Ivanhoe, and Trey Shaddox. Top row QL to RQ Joe David Saeny, Eddie Havins, Jeb Burch, Noe Garza, Clay Dotson, and Coach Welch. QSittingj-SuSu Mitchell, Irma Carrillo, Patti Ferrante, Lisa McKenzie, Bonnie Gonzales Kathy Roper Katherine Kerr, Diana Deerfield, Betty Schlegel, Terry Roper, and Worthie Brooks. QStand1ng Lizzie Pina Cary Alexander Meg Edwards, Teresa Wilkinson, Tara Cope, Lisa Sealey, Kim Bynum, Jeanne Pilgrim Karen Hursh Rena Vasquez Debbie Haley, Debra Gagneaux. Captains for the team were SuSu Mitchell, Dianne Deerfield, and Betty Schlegel. Floyd Coker is the head coach for the swim team. He Was as- sisted by Mrs. Katrina Bare. Girl Swimmers Place ai Regional and Qiaie Meeis W ,. I N ... g - -kky J B "'.. - fd '-if '..,,. f-irrsrwf .. Y' The Girls' Swimming team won many honors this year. Dianna Deerfield was named to the lst team All- Region while K. K. Kerr, Betty Sehlegel, and Bonnie Gonzales were named to the 2nd team. Worthie Brooks, Karen Hursh, and Terry Roper were given Honorable Mention. The relay team of Betty, K. K., Dianna, and Bonnie placed 2nd in region and 9th at state. Dianna won 2nd at region in the 50-yard freestyle and 6th at state. Worthie, Bonnie, Karen, and Terry won 2nd in region in the 400 yarcl relay. In the 100 yard breast- stroke, K. K. won 2nd at region and 12th at state. Team members placed in several other state and regional events. Swimming this year for Fort Stockton are QFront row, l-rj james Chick, Steve Hawkins, Paul Duerksen, Tim Castle, and David Hoffmang QSecond rowj Don Boswell, Leslie Sealy, Lee Campbell, Pete Skylstad, and Guy Brown, QThird row, Doug May, Leonard Ledford, Keith Posey, Ronald Faulkenberry, and Marshall Smithg QFourth rowj Stanley Lee, Billy Campbell, Larry Peterson, and Monte Brooks. In the hack are man- agers Dirk Price and Billy Glaze. Bog Swimmers Break Their Own Records The boys' swim team closed out the 1971-72 season with a record of eight wins and three losses in dual meets, defeating every team in the re- gion except Midland High. Seven four-year lettermen, the first in the team's history, were graduated this year. Tim Castle springs to a start from the block at a home meet. Coach Floyd Coker Qabovej looks pensive during some stiff com- petition during a meet. james Chick Qrightj proves his diving abil- ities to be excellent. While waiting for the gun to start the back- stroke, Paul Duerksen, Pete Skylstad, and Monte Brooks Qbelowj give some words of encouragement to their buddy in the Water. JM L ft Aikins Paces Track Team 3 , ai Q 'c a.aaaa.,, c t a,... MW' f r eww Zia . .5,,, .a.a . . Q MW R ,.:, aaaa aajaa :,,:a. ,,,, ,aa , . aaa - W.. ww . . . Fiji? sigma Wh N 'fri-.came 'Q .,,, -N, Mmmwm X1 , i f -P i i e xaaaa ' -i ,.. 1 aa' t H H 1.. aria? - -:ni:g,p,K...w. ,.., . 2 f. -,,, x,.1 . w .. - . a sa. . a ..,i . f K' I . .io ...H+ 1 L ai 5-mtg i We '5-vase R A e aaaa - - A "-' f , '-,- , . ' i .N,,. ,E .,,, 9 ' ' . ' ".,' ,gm H . J - ,- 1 . , .' ! ,, n is . aaa .., . 1 " . 'LQ ' Q at g ., . cz I. ' ,V , ff i g ' Q I A I ,if .1 C' ifazjf:-f r ' 2 ' ga - " A ' -. "" '13 4 R ' " 4- . 1. ,--ff -is . p a ' I f:42i'f5f, 'a if-"'.i,5- 52 ft. I f - H f i aa a aaa 2 . f . T aaa . ' A 4 ' if K T " V, : ,. ifll ' ,.,,. 'A ,--- fi Z. 1- if Verma? " .. .,, 1 Y .are.,,..rgf,g5a:g:, is - .. 1 ' ,W 5 M. V , .H , ,, r mu ., H-,V , .. 3.3335 ,,.,,,,. g..,.3g,.,.,. .,,. .,,,...,... -- . ...xt , at X if, H A ' afisir-Slii.ze5f5fi'T,,+r . . H VVI- f 'C a',' - 1 ! 1 ' 'L" 1 ':.. ' i Y ,." '-,k A V r . ,f , I ,'a,. ' -f Ng.. sag- . 1 is - avfgsgs- ,Z .4 ty, f ' rv i f A 3' .5 ' ing, ' V if " f ' , fi . E5 W"- - ' , I - A' '- A -r W. . A' - ' if ' aaaa , i , , . , . T. T . . . 3 s. X The 71-72 Track Team were QRow 1, left to rightj Tommy Boggus, Octavio Carrillo, Jerry Englert, Robert Stovall, Billy Huelster, Robert Hayhurst, Mike Tietz, Bart Griffen, Mario Escobedo, QROW Zj Coach Tommy Konzak, joe Ruiz, Mario Lopez, Paul Dominquez, Jimmy Bennett, Joe Carrasco, Gilbert Gallegos, Author Whaley, A. C. Atkins, Coach Richey. set many records for the team. Mario was one of the six finalists in the district meet, and A. C. was third in district. Other seniors on the team were Alfredo Rodriquez, Jimmy Benett, and Mike Duerksen. Mike was unable to finish the season due to injury in early season. Shown here running the 240 is Mario Escobedo. He and A. C. Atkins Qa seniorj Each year Fort Stockton hosts the Comanche Relays. It is the first track meet of the year. There are about a hundred teams to attend the relays. It is sponsored by the Jaycees. Waiting for their events at the Comanche Relays are fstanding Paul Dominguez and Morris Beene. Kneeling is Gilbert Gallegos. lil! gif Panther Baseballers for the '72 season were-QROW lj Manuel Ortega, Brent Siegmund, Mike Lemons, Cliff Lemons, Xavier Primera, Abelardo Soto, QRow 25 Kurt Huckaby, Kenny Schultz, Joe Granado, Raphie Hernandez, Bobby joe Hughes, joe Martin Nunez, QROW 3D Coach Jimenez, Ramon Vasquez, Kendall Card, jr. Gonzales, Luis Blanco, Mike Schultz, and Coach Tommy Oehrlein. Watch the ball Terry, not the camera! Terry Hickman, senior, is a second baseman for the Panthers. The coach for the baseball team is Coach Tommy Oehrlein, Here he is showing the team the correct way of holding the bat. Mike Schultz, one of the pitchers for the Panther Team, was in- jured and unable to play until around mid- season. Taking his place was Luis Blanco. ..,,, -f: .x Warming up is an important part of any sport, and baseball is no exception. Praciice Makes Perfecil Bobby Joe Hughes Qleftj and Cliff Lemons Qrightj take their turns at bat. Both are senior members of the team. Y I K W ..,...,,,.,,.., W, . , ' ' L i 5 2 . , Rv E 1 3 KQV A 1 X ' "f a r I I fffwwefr is 'flff if . . fff, f ' :' V , .ffflf H k k, ,V ' ' 1' 'ffl' 3 - f " - ' 'fi' .MV ..,, A - ,V , -f 1- of 5 "" 1' U "" -I l A ' --f'-- , - , 1 , gif 41 4 gf! 5, as 4 " 52 222 i .,...,, E kkpp' ,.,i f - , H an , yv ,, - -' ::""Q 3'-?ff"'ii' " ' " If ' Q25 T51 "', ,if ' k.f"L , -, wk m The baseball season brought many hours of practice to FSHS I W hamnglmmll A Ek ll' W, Q players. Bobbyjoe Hughes and 8""P"CH as ,ms . 3 K A - , I Y l f' f If fm, "" , I 1, V 'livin :V ".51f.,fl-f:1f15S'lE,-ff!1,fff4f22f?' 'Al f S I 1, . M, as at wr N va 1.2 I I "'W K 'aff Xavier Primera Work on Catching ' ' r - I ' 'S "" ff si:':fi f . 'f- '- " . s - sss hhh shhshs f S ' 5 shsh at ,rlz the bau- S S. if hssshh rarli os.' , h-,' j iff s,,,,.: ,,hs, , ' ,fa t -1"- J 1 "-s '-" a s ssssof' r s y, jf' sss . R s... me l I s - as "s' . s S sshshs . hsss 4 ssshsssh sssh S N hssssss hhsss sss '.-' f 4 'sss ss-s 'msA in ,SIE L'Vrk, thi! rkL,k. ,y , - --., .. Vkky -, 'Nga-5, H kVr., 1 J Y .',' 1 5 ,.,, b 2 ,,, . , y, V J.V. Mee+s SMH' Compe+i+ion Junior Varsity baseball team members were QROW lj Andy Rios, George Fabela, Steve Laclas, Phillip Garrison, David Nunez Qmgrj, Charley Johnson, QROW Zj Raymond Nunez, Roy Hoffpaiur, Frailo Gonzales, Rudy Holguin, John Ed Walker, Steve Bobbitt, Arvey Garcia, Mike Young, QROW Sj Robert De Ando, Danny Beauchamp, David Saenz, David Haley, Kenny Schultz, Grant Bloom, Marshall Smith, Bill Mehan, Clay Dodson, and Coach Gary Gaines. Paniherel-tes Place Qnd in Region DISTRICT CHAMPS-Members of the winning team are Qfront rowl Patty Beattie, Emma Sue Rivera, Eva Garcia Qback rowj Elidia Carrillo, mgr., Becky Ramos, Beth Beattie, Connie Hernandez, Eva Terrazas and Coach James QTeachl The Pantherettes won the district championship with a 9-1 record. They traveled to Region where they placed second after defeating Perryton. Sny- der defeated the team in the final round of regional play. A11 eyes are on the ball while Eva Garcia sets it up. Connie Hernandez is ready for the re- lay as Patty Beattie and Emma Sue Rivera are ready for anything. Time-out for a little coaching from Teach. Connie, Teach, Beth, Becky, and Evita huddle for tips. YEA! WE WON-The varsity volleyball squad congratulates each other after winning district. Patty Beattie, Rosella Espino Q45j Emma Sue Rivera Q21j Becky Ramos Q13j are very happy girls. The team was defeated in the final round of regional play. Varsiig Girls Gain l Individual Honors At the close of the regional tournament, four Pantherettes were named to district honors. Becky Ramos Qrightj repeated as a district spiker. She was also named All-State Spiker her junior year. Eva Garcia was listed on the second team all-dis- trict team as a set-up. Eva Terrazas also won all-district honors. Connie Hernandez made the first team as a set. ?5:SnQ5ggigg.:gLL.r: ,, H . si. vw 5. K. ,um R 8 Q 55 . ! f A Q Q Q Q 1 1 QQ W ' 2 A I z ig 2 iii x '22 ww Q Q83 123533 2 Q Ex m X e S X Q L, 2 524 1 z 6 . s Y 6 f'?'f'U ' ff z , , 1' ge , wwwwfff-w'f-ww"--sfffffw-e',,.,.ffw1::a.V,-My-'W' f, -gn M ,,,. ,.W,,,g,?Q4,? aw W, , v f L ff!! U V2 .. We 5 v V i Wm, W ,w,Q.. , y,.v ,Q W "" ' " ' .,., ,, 5 ' lf 'EEC wzwf-,, av, ,gh 1,-sf Eva Garcia Connie Hernandez Lower Lefty Eva Terrazas ..,.i"' I ' A gi Q Q - f Q .L F? - rj 'm i " --"' 3 ,t i W' sl-. . 1 if 'f ' W"e f I e ' f f. . P e , E " 1 ' 'SE .. e Y "-- L1 -. 'Q 2 NW' VOLLEYBALL "Bw TEAM-Qsittingj-Rachael Gomez, Patsy Gonzales, Josie Arcides, Yvonna Kail, Debbie Hall, Laura Villalba. Qkneelingj-Janice Shaddox, Nancy Doan, Lissa Ray, Sherry Meadows, Cynthia Walker, Holley Bur- ger, and Margie Pacheco. Qstandingj-Elidia Carrillo Qmgnj, Anna Minjarez, Annabelle Pena, Susie Alvarez, Alice Maxey, Bettie Reid, Donna Sanders, Rosella Espino, and Coach QTeachj-Iames. Junior Varsiig Posi 9-3 Record Warming up before a game are Cynthia Walker and Holly Burger. FRESHMAN TEAM-Qsittingj-Kathy Chamblee, Corky Duran, Carmen Kleine, Natasha Andrews, Pam Henderson, Cindy Hawkins, and Sandy Sanders Qkneelingj-Elsa Ybarra, Ester Espino, Barbara Valenzuela, Patty Escamilla, Ren Vasquez, Dorothy Moore and Brenda Shellenberger Qstandingj-Pam Jamison, Coach Katrina Bare, Irene Adams, Julia Arcides, Angie Duarte, Margie Ramirez, Lilia Morales, Estrella Rodriquez. Freshman Girls Gain Experience Entering competition as a freshman brought new experiences. Although these girls did not score a win, they learned the values of team spirit, discipline, and the pressure of competition. Mrs. Katrina Bare Freshman Coach 3 BOYS TENNIS TEAM-QL,R sittingj-Mark Mabe, Kenneth Rainwater, Lynn Swain, Paul Pearce Qstandingj-Coach Bill Pearce, Chuck Davis, Jeb Burch, junior Waters, Danny Taylor, Bert Rainwater, Gary Swain, Rudolfo Dominguez Ruclolfo Dominguez takes a breather in the Dis- trict Tennis Tournament held here. Siudlenis Reach Semi-Finals of Disirici Tennis Meei FS netters Danny Taylor, Patti Fullagar, Vicki Elliott. Muff Moore, and Carolyn Williams advanced to the semifinals in the District 2-AAA tournament held here April 7-8. Kenneth Rainwater placed second in the tourney in junior boys' singles, andthe team ofMark Mabe and Lynn Swain came in second in junior boys doubles. Muff Moore Qleftj shows the way to serve properly. GIRL'S TENNIS TEAM-Qsitting L,Rj-Cherl Freeman, Patty Freeman, Patty Fullagar, Vickie Elliot, cincly Truncr, Susan Sims, and Janet Chick. Qstancling L,Rj-Coach Bill Pearce, Polly Newsom, Linda Hall, Jana Rainwater, Sandra Magee, Carolyn Williams, Betty Prosise, and Lisa Gottlieb. VARSITY LINKSTERS QL-RJ Bernie Cox, Coach Clint Low, Eddie Havins Russ Huckaby and Tommy Clifton . . U . Golfers Place Third nn Dnslrucl This makes the second year in a row that the FSHS golfers have come home from district with a third place. Bernie Cox, medalist this year for the Panther team, fin- ished with a total of 134 strokes and repeated on the All-Dis- trict team. Seven new records were set during the season including a record set at the Andrews Invitational by Tommy Clifton, Russ Huckaby, Mark Walters, Bernie, and Walter Cummings with a five-man team low ball of 65. Varsity golfer Walter Cummings Qrightj takes a swing at the ball. 122 , 'Fish' Take District Ti+Ie Obviously bubble gum cloesn't affect the swing of freshman Mark Walters. Walters set a new individual round of 74 in district at Pecos. He also set a new two-day individual total of 148 at the Andrews Invitational. The freshman golfers finished the season at the top of their district. They won the district title in Seminole. B-TEAM GOLFERS4-QL,Rj David Shuster, Pat Hook, Dirk Ellyson, Roy Nunez Qsittingj-Ricky Young The varsity cheerleaders for 1971-1972 are QStandingj Lissa Ray, Carol West, head cheerleader Mary Jane Fleener, Cathy Burnham, and Lali Rivera. Sitting is mascot Mary jo Ottaberryf S an Leading the Freshman teams to victory are Irene Adams, Alva Arcides, Cindy Haw- kins, and Julie Skylstad Cheerleaders Encourage Spirit iw-u WR rx., A cheerleader isjust what it says it is, a cheer leader. That's just what these girls did at the football and basketball games and, ofcourse, the pep rallies. They are also the ones who thought up the ideas of black eyes, pig tails, ties and even the ice cream party. Oh, and dorft forget silent day. Remember these were to build the spirit and show our team we were behind them all the way. Cheerleaders are spirit builders and plain "People- pepper-uppers." Cheering for the junior Varsity are QStandingj Tara Cope and Nida Ford, and Qlineelingj Tanya Frazee, Teresa Lewis, and jan Luttrell. 126 Mr. and Miss FSI-IS ......... Most Beautiful and Most Handsome Most Outstanding ...... Most Likely to Succeed. . . Best Dressed . . Cutest . . . Wittiest . . . Most Athletic ............... Choir, Band, Basketball Sweethearts Senior Favorites ............. Junior Favorites .... Sophomore Favorites . . Freshmen Favorites . . . Academic Awards . . Mr. and Miss ZSHS larry ,flficdzllisfcrf-L'zzH Rivera Cue of Lali's jobs as secretary of Student Council was keep- ing and reading the minutes of every meeting. Larry was active in the ICT program and seemed to enjoy his work at the Post Office. Mas! Keautzful and Mast Jffzrzdsvmc Smfmz Sue Kivcra-Mike Schultz 1 Mos! Outsfmairzg Hanky Wmfherby-,411 Atkins ,Most likely to Succeed J-lclerz Schlcgel- Walter Gummings Wiffics! 1 , Warfhie lfraoks-6harlie jalzrzson Dianna Deerfield ,411-leegien ,411-State ,411-American Mes! ,llfhlefie 136 Marie Sseebede M'h FSHSp g y hbkbu d 11 y bh kdf bll d h p p h ufectlzmrfs Vi 552 , KISSES OF CONGRATULATIONS Lisa McKenzie receives a kiss from Danny Taylor after being named band sweetheart. Tim Castle takes his turn to kiss Mary Ann Maxey, choir sweetheart. Lali holds her roses proudly after being named bas- ketball sweetheart. Scwivr ?zzwrifc's Dorothy J-learn-Daw!! ,Mayse 'K junirfr Zzvvrifcs Pa! Walthers-Steve Kelli Svphvmorc Qawrifes Gilbert Gullegas-,flflary Beth Zrucsdcll Qreslzmzzu Zzzfarifcs jcanie Many- Zfcrry Wes! ,411-Arauud Girl k Hoy Becky Ramos and Bernie Cox were chosen for this award because of their display of scholar- ship and leadership throughout high school. Gow! Kitizcn Award David Mayse received the American Legion Citizenship Award. He was selected by the vote of the faculty. J-faaar Graduates Nalaaa E' '44 -, pigs . These sixteen seniors maintained a 90 or above average through out their four years of high school to be named Honor Graduates. From left to right they are: QSeatedQ Lisa McKenzie, Dorothy Hearn, Kristy Kail, Judy Smith, Karen Weathers, Patti Ferrante, Helen Schlegel, and Lupe Gonzales, QStandingj Steve Conley, Paul Duerksen, Bernie Cox, Ann Buford, Becky Ramos, Steve Hawkins, Tim Castle and David Hoffman. These students were given their awards at an assembly that honored other students for the highest in each subject. l W ,Math Awards i Seated: Suzie Alvarez, R.M II-T: Linda Smetak, Algebra IIVCPQ Helen Schlegel, An- alysis-CP: Kim Clark, RM I-R. Standing: Kenneth Rainwater, Algebra I-CP: Becky Ramos, G-CP: Robert Stoner, RM IAT. Svcial Studies Seated: Becky Ramos, Gov.-CP Kristy Kail, Bible: Karen Wat- son, AH-CP: and Sheridan Por- ter, AH-R: Standing: Pete Mara tinez, Gov.-T: Billy Young, WH: Weldon Boggus, Economics and Sociology: and Stan Cooper, Gov.-R. l 144 l 5uglislL journalism, It Speech Awards Seated: Pam Eaton, English II-R: Nancy Hughes, English I-R, Kathleen Chamblee, English l'TQ Bayta Rainwater, English Il-CP, Mary Garcia, English IH-CP: Debbie Ruiz, and Susan Herrin, Journalism I. Standing: Pete Martinez, English III-T: Kenneth Rainwater, English I-CPQ Karoyn Broyles, Dramagjulie Slcylstacl, Speech, Mary Ann Maxey, journalism Ilg David Mayse, English IV-R3 and Tim Castle, English IV-CP. .7m!uslriaL Business Sd., and ,Music Awards Seated: Frances Jones, Shorthand: Becky Weatherby, Typ. I:-Ieannene Woods, Bkkggjudy Smith, Typ. Hg Patti Ferrante, Band: Standing: David Mayse, Bus. Arith.: Gilray Benavides, Art Ig Paul Duerksen, Choir: Llewellyn I-Iolzer, Gen. Drafting: Larry Petersen, Gen. Elec.: and Pete Gonzales, Gen. Shop. Zauguags Awards Seated: David Abbott, Health Ed., Freda Gipson, Health Ed.: Karisa Hughes, Sp. II: and Augustine Velas- quez, Sp. I-S: Standing: Mel Riggs, Sp. IV: Kenneth Rain- water, Sp. I: and Francisco de la Garza, Sp. II-S. Science .Awards Seated: Becky Ramos, Physics: Karen Watson, Chemistry: and Linda Smetak, Biology-CP. Stand- ing: Kenneth Rainwater, Phy. Science CP: Manuel Pacheco, Phy. Science-T: Sammy Fothergill, Phy. Science R: and Robert I-Iayhurst, Biology-R. Vamtiamz! .Awards Seated: Teresa Williams, HM-II: Brenda D'Andrea, I-IM-Ig Rhonda Simmons, DE Mercedes Irigoyen, Lab: Rosa Diaz, Cooperative. Standing: Weldon Boggus, ICT: Greg Brown, AG.II: Allen Ainsworth, Auto Mech: jerry Englert, Building Tradesgjay Tom Holsein, AG. Ig and D. A. Harral, AG. II. I 147 148 Seniors . . . Baccalaureate Juniors . . . Sophomores Freshmen . and Commencement Seniors Are ihe Spirii of '72 Chuck Aaron Nobel Acosta Allen Ainsworth Wanda Alfaro Lark Allison No Achievements Basketball l,2,3,4, No Achievements FHA lg DE 3,4 Terrell: FHA lg French Submitted mgr. 33 Band l,2,3,4, Submitted Club lg DECA 3,4g Speech 2nd Lt. 4, Club Pres. 45 Ft. Stockton VOE 4. Huckleberry Tim and his buddies, Pat and Bernie, maybe had too much senior spirit? Orlando Almcndarez Mary Alvarez Virginia Alvarez A. C. Atkins Joe Baeza Baseball 2 No Achievements FHA l: Pep Squad l,2, Football l,2,3,4, All- No Achievements Submitted 33 OEA 3,4 Dis. Hon. Ment. 4g Submitted Track l,2,3,4g Class Pres. 43 Most Outstand- ing 49 Spanish Club 2 Vicki Baker Corsicana: Student Council sec. 1, rep. 2g FHA 1g Band lg A Cap- pella Choir 1: Good Citizen 1 Fort Stockton: A Cappella Choir 2,3, Panther Chorale 4g FTA 3g Annual Staff 4: Honor Banquet 4 Patty Beattie A Cappella Choir 1,Z,3, Panther Chorale 4g FHA 1: Volleyball 1,2, 3,4g Pep Squad 23 Honor Banquet 4 Beckie Beckmann Honor Banquet 1,4g Pep Squad 1,2,4, Sergeant at Arms 45 Swim Team 1,2, mgr. 43 DECA 4 Mark Bell Midland: Football 1 Fort Stockton: Track 1,2,3g DECA Vice-Pres. 4 Mary Jane wants to strangle the Eagle and Michael wants to burn it, but Bernie just Wants the Eagle destroyed Gilray Benavides Student Council rep. 1, Pres. 4g Class Pres. 3g Tennis 1,2,35 Band Jim Bennett 1,2,3,4, All-Region 45 Lt. 49 Year- Track 2,3 book Staff 2,33 Tumbleweed Staff 35 Honor Banquet 4 l 151 Weldon Blackwelder Luis Blanco Weldon Boggus Don Boswell Football 1 2 4 Basket Basketball 1 2 3 4 All Football 1,2,3g Track Swimming 1,2,3,4g FFA ball 1 Ag Vice Pres District 4 Baseball 3 4 1,23 Basketball lg 3 Pres 4 Speech Team 1,35 UIL History 23 ICT Sergeant at Arms 4g Honor Banquet 4 Semors Wm Honors I We won' Happy seniors Mike Walter Becky and A. C., pose at the Favorites Dance after winning some ofthe top honors. 2,4 Kenneth Bromley Football 1,2,4g Basket- ba111gDECA 3,4 Guy Brown Swim Team 1,2,3,4 Karoyn Broyles Homecoming Duchess 4: One-Act Play 1,2,3g All-Star Cast 1,3g Stu- dent Council Rep. 15 Class Favorite lg Band 1,2,3,4g Twirler 3,4 Julie Bryce Class Favorite 2g Best- Dressed 33 B-Team Cheerleader 2g Pep Squad 2,3,4g Pres 4g Band 1g Swim Team Manager 2g DECA Of- ficer 3 Brenda Brockman Imperialg Volleyball lg FHA 1,2q Fort Stockton: Volley- ball 3 Ann Buford Honor Banquet 1,2,3,45 NHS 3,45 Treas. 45 High School Bowl 1,2,3,45 A Capella Choir 35 Panther I Chorale 45 Solo and En- Maffm BHCHO semble 3,45 Mixed Ensem- No Achievements Sub- ble 39 UIL 0ne,ACt play muted 1,45 Speech Team 1,35 UIL Typing 25 Annual Staff 3,45 Pep Squad 1,2,35 Tennis Team 3g Journalism Award 35 American History Award 35 Honor Graduate Andy Burger No Achievements Sub- mitted Elidia Carrillo Volleyball 1,2,35 Manager 45 Choir 1,2,35 Panther Chorale 45 Tumbleweed Staff 35 Spanish Club 2 Tim Castle Swim Team 1,2,3,45 Cap- tain 4g Honor Banquet 1,2,4g High School Bowl 2,3,45 Class Pres 25 A Cap- pella Choir 2,35 Panther Chorale 45 Pres 45 All- Region 45 Mixed Ensemble 253,45 Solo and Ensemble 3,45 UIL One-Act Play 35 Speech Team 35 Annual Staff 3,45 Tumbleweed Staff 4 Emma Sue, Karoyn, and Lali, homecoming queen nomi- LUCY CQISYH Ronnie Flhadwick . . No Achievements Sub- No Achievements Sub- nees, smile at the thought of being named queen. mitted mitted Mike provides the beat for Havoc, a local rock band. Lunch-Time Enieriainmenf Amparo Chavarria No Achievements Submitted Leonard Childress Wink: Football 1,25 Track 2,35 Class Pres 15 Band 1,2,35 De- bate 35 District De- bate 35 Choir 1,2,35 Fort Stockton: Football 45 Choir 45 Baseball 45 Best- Dressed 45 Honor Banquet 4 Talenied Stan Cooper Tumbleweed staff 3,45 Honor Banquet 4 Steve Conley Football 1,2,3,45 Bas- ketball 1,25 FTA 3,45 NHS 3,45 Geometry Award 35 American History Award 35 VOE 45 Honor Gra- duate5 Honor Banquet 1,2,3,45 High School Bowl 1,2 Tom Clifton Phylis Clark Golf 4 No Achievements Submitted Chris Choate Honor Banquet 3,45 Year book Staff 1,2,3,45 Editor 45 Tumbleweed Staff 3 4 Quill and Scroll 45 Tennis 35 Art Club 45 Pres. 4 Provided bg Seniors Bernie Cox Football 1,2,3,4g Bas- ketball 1gTrack lg Golf 1',2,3,4g All-District 3,4g Honor Banquet 1,2,3,4g NHS 3,4g Pres. 4: High School Bowl 1,2,3,4: Spanish II Award 3g UTL Debate 13 Honor Graduateg Valedictorian Tonya Cribbs No Achievements Sub- mitted Walter Cummings Golf 2 3 4 Student Council Rep 4g Most Likely To Succeed 4g UIL One Act Play 35 Honor Banquet 13 Light Crew 1 Tim is the rhythm guitarist for Havoc. Other members not pic- tured are seniors Paul Duerksen, lead guitarist, and Steve Hawkins, bass. Rosa Diaz Edward Duarte Roy Duarte Pep Squad 1,2,3g FHA No Achievements No Achievements Sub- 13 VOE 3,49 Honor Submitted mitted Banquet 4 Mike Duerksen Track 1,2,4g A Capella Choir 2,35 Panther Chorale 4g Reporter 4g All-Region Choir 43 Class Vice-Pres. 13 Band lg Tumbleweed Staff 4g Yearbook Staff 4 Paul Duerksen Swim Team 1,2,3,4g A Capella Choir 2,33 Pan- ther Chorale 4q All- Region 4g Honor Banquet 4 Humor Prevails ,p9Y'm And here she is-Jan, the grand champion gum blower of the senior class! 156 Joyce Dunn No Achievements Submitted jo Ann Espino Pep Squad l,2,3g Spanish Club 1,4 Bill Everett No Achievements Submitted Cindy Falkner No Achievements Submitted Patti Ferrante Band 1,2 ,3,4g All-Re- gion 1,2,3,4g All-Area 3,4gAl1-State 3,4g Hon- or Banquet 1,2,4g NHS 3,43 Drum Major 33 Swim Team 1,2,4g UIL Spelling 1g UIL Typing 4g Honor Graduate Jessie Espino Basketball Manager 2 3 4 Spanish Club 1 2 3 4 Pres. 4 Mary jane Fleener Freshman Cheerleader: B-Team Cheerleader 2: Varsity 8a Head Cheer- leader 4: Student Coun- cil 4: Pep S uad1,2,3: Annual Sta?f1,2,4: Tumbleweed Staff 3: Tennis 3 johnny Flores No Achievements Sub- mitted Joe Ben Gallegos Track 2: Band 1,2,3,4: All-District 3,4g Drum Major 4: Student Coun- cil Rep. 3: Treas. 4: Light Crew 1,2,3,4g Speech Team 3,43 An- nual Staff 3g Tumble- weed staff 3 Eva Garcia Volleyball 1,2,3,4: Spanish Club 3,45 Honor Banquet 4 That Duerlcsen charm has caught Lisa as she finds Paul irresistible jolly Garcia Lou Ann Gaston Billy Glaze Larry J. Gonzales Larry V Gonzales Pep Squad 1 Spanish A Capella Choir 1,2 Football 23 Swim Team Pecos: Basketball 1: Baseball 1 2 3 Captain 3 Club 2 4 Reporter 4 Manager 4: Class Favor- Baseball 1: Band 13 Manager 4 FFA 1 2 Choir 3 4 Tumble ite 3: A Capella Choir Fort Stockton: Bas- weed Staff 3 1,2,3g Panther Chorale ketball 2: Track 2: 4 Baseball Manager 2: Spanish Club 2: VICA 3,4 Senior Poriraiis Are Special Lupc Gonzales Manuel Gonzales Robert Greer jan Griffin Billy Harris Spanish Club 4: Re- No Achievements Sub- DECA 31 Track 4 Marfa: Band 1,21 FTA No Achievements Sub- porter 4: Honor mitted 1,21 Spanish 1,21 mitted Banquet 4 Fort Stockton: Pep Squad 3,41 DECA 4 Tina, Connie and Dorothy fill out order blanks for senior portraits. Ramona Harris Tina Harris Library Club 1,2,3,4: A Capella Choir 3: Pan- Vice-Pres 3: President ther Chorale 41 Solo 4: District Secretary: and Ensemble 4: Betty Choir 1,41 VICA 3,41 Crocker Homemaker District VICA Award 4 Steve Hawkins Swim Team 1,2,3,4: Captain 41 UTL Num- ber Sense 1,2: Honor Banquet 1,4:J.V. Golf 21 Speech Team 3,41 Annual Staff 31 Sul Ross History Con- test 3: VICA President 4 Buddy Hayman Band 1,21 DECA 4 Ricky Hayter Football 1,2,3,4: Hon. Mention All-District 41 Basketball 1: FFA 1,2,3 Secretary 25 Honor Ban- quet 4 1 Connie Hernandez Band l,2,3,4g All-Region l,2,3,4g Volleyball B-Team lg Volleyball Varsity 2,3,4g All-District 2g UIL Spelling 23 UIL Typing 3 Terry Hickman Football l,2,3,4g Basketbal lg Baseball B-Team 25 Base- ball Varsity 3,4 David Hoffman Swim Team l,2,3,45 Cap- tain 3,43 Class Favorite 23 Student Council Rep. 3g Speech Team 3: Honor Banquet l,2,3,4g Light Crew 4g Chemistry Award Dorothy Hearn Band lg Honor Banquet l,3,4g Swim Team Manager 2,3,4g UIL One-Act Play 3g Tumbleweed Staff 3g An- nual Staff 43 Senior Girl Favorite 1 Marsha Hendricks Band lg Volleyball lg OEA 3,4g OEA Contest 3g OEA Historian 3?One'ACt PHY 49Au'Staf "Smile pretty at the birdie,', the photographer tells Jan as he Cast 4g Honor Graduate takes her picture. Llewellen Holzer No Achievements Sub- mitted Terry Honaker Football l,2,3,4g All-Dis- trict Hon. Mention 4g FFA 1,4 Mike Hook Pat Hook Carl Houck Russ Huckaby janet Johnson Football 1,2,3,4g All- Football 1,2,3,4g All- No Achievements Sub- Golf 2,3,4 No Achievements Sub District Hon. Mention District 4gA1l-West mitted mitted 4g Track 1,2g A Cap- Texas 45 Golf 2,3,4g pella Choir 1,2 FFA 3 Kristy Kail Terri Kent Brad Kincaid Freddie Lane NHS 3,43 Honor Ban- Band 1 g OEA 3g No Achievements Sub- No Achievements Sub- quet 1,25 UIL History VOE 3,4 mitted mitted Contest 3g Spanish Club 1,2,3,4g Spanish Award 33 Girls Choir 4g Honor Graduate . Sensors Take I+ Easg David, Clif, Walter, Larry, and David demonstrate a favorite senior pastime-relaxing. Guy and Tim listen closely as Paul cracks his latest joke during a swim meet break. Carole Large Stanley Lee Clif Lemons Ann Ligon Freshman Cheer- Swim Team 1,2,3,4g Football 1,4g Baseball Swim Team 1,2g Manager leaclerg Pep Squad 1,2, Tumbleweed Staff4 1,2,3,4 3g FTA 1,2,3g Band 1,2g 3,49 Honor Banquet One-Act Play 2,3,4g Light 3,4g Girls Choir 3g Crew lg Speech Team DECA 4 1,2,3,4g Student Council Rep. 33 UIL Typing 3g Annual Staff 3g VOE Reporter 4 Claudell Long Maria Lopez Reyes Lopez Penny Marable Pete Martinez Band 1,2,3,4g All- FHA 1g Spanish Club Basketball 1,2,3,4g All- Band 1gChoir 2,35 VICA 3,4g Honor Banquet Region 1,3,4g Volley- 3,43 OEA 3,4 District 4 DECA 3 4 ball 1gFl-IA 13 DECA 4 Seniors Are Leaders in Sporis Luis, All-District, concentrates on making his lay-up shot perfect. Mary Ann Maxey Freshman Cheerleader: B-Tearr Cheerleader 2: Pep Squad l,2, 3,4: UIL Ready Writing 1,33 UTL journalism 4: A Capella Choir l,2,3: Panther Chorale 4: Solo and Ensemble 3: Tum- bleweed Staff 3: Editor 4: An- nual Staff 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Honor Banquet 4 David Mayse Ely: Football l,2: Basketball l: Track lg Baseball lg Band l,2g Student Council Rep. 2 Fort Stockton: Football 3,4: VICA 3: Honor Banquet 4: Senior Boy Favorite Larry McCallister Football 1,2,3,4: Basketball l,2,3: Track l,2: Most Athle- tic 3: ICT 4: Mr. FSHS 4 Rhett McClarney Band l,2,3,4: All-Region 2,3: Lieutenent 4: Honor Banquet 4 Bryan McKenzie Basketball 1: Track 1: Light Crew l,3,4: Golf 3: FFA Pres- sident 25 Student Council Rep 2 Lisa McKeanzie Band 1,2,3,4: Solo and Ensemble l,2,3,4q NHS 3, 4g Student Council Rep. 45 Swim Team 1,2,4g Ho- nor Banquet 1,2,3,4g Honor Graduate ' Nicky Milan ' No Achievements Sub- mitted Su Su Mitchell Band 13 Swimming 1,2,3,4g Captain 4g Diving 2,3,4g Student Council Rep. 2g Honor Banquet 4 Rocky Morrow Band 1,25 Tumbleweed Staff 3: DECA 4 1 1. gi 2 Q f Q 2 "Man do I feel sorry for him!" Mike thinks with a grin as he eyes his next strike out victim. Rick Murphee Robert Myers Dale Neagle Ricky Northcut JV Swim Team 2g No Achievements Sub- Football 1,2,3,4g Base- FFA 1,2,3g DECA 4 DECA 4 mitted ball 1,2,3,4g FFA 1,2,3,4 163 Study? Who Me? You've got to be kidding! Terry cracks a smile at the thought of studying while Steve looks to see what's going on. Seniors Musi Qiudg. S+udg Mary -lo Ottaberry johnny Oyervides Clayton Parker Mary Faye Pena Guy Pettit Freshman Cheerleader: UIL Spelling 11A Ca- No Achievements Sub- Volleyball 1: Choir 3.4 Football 1.2: Track 1,21 Pep Squad l,2,3: Pan- pella Choir 1,2,3: Mixed mitted VICA 3: Vice-Pres. 3: ther 4: Chorale 4 Ensemble 1.2,3: UIL DECA 4: President 4 Solo and Ensemble 3 Larry Pittman james Pogue Dirk Price Donnie Price Lonnie Price Baseball 1: Band 1,2: Honor Banquet 4 Football 1,2: Swim Band 1,2,3,4: Football Band 1,2: Football 3,4 Choir 3,4: A Capella Team Manager 4 4: All-Region Band 4 Choir 3 164 1 Becky Ramos Band 1,2,3: All-District 1, 2: All-Region 3: Volleyball 1,2,3,4: All-District 2.3: All-State 3: NHS 3,41 Ho- nor Graduate: Salutatorian: Most Athletic Girl 2.3: UIL Typing 3: Spanish Club 4: Student Council Rep. 4: Chemistry Award 3: Typ- ing I 3: Honor Banquet 1.2.3,4: High School Bowl 3.4 Hilda Rascon FHA 1,2: Honor Banquet l,2,4: Tumbleweed Staff 3: Pep Squad 3: NHS 3: Choir 4 Donna Rich Band 1,2,3,4: DECA 4 Anna Ramirez VOE 3.4: Treasurer 4 Ricardo Ramirez No Achievements Sub- mitted ..,-W Stanley cracks the books as he tries to convince his teachers he's really studying. Kay Richey FHA l:Annual staff 2,3,4: Asst. Business Editor 4: Library Club 3: Tumbleweed Feature Editor 4 Emma Sue Rivera Volleyball l,2,3,4g Band 1,2,3,4:All-Rc' gion 4: Homecoming Queen 4: Most Beautiful 4 165 Larry laughs at the idea of finding himself in the Air Force. Lali Rivera Student Council Class Pres. 13 Rep. 33 Secretary 4g Choir l,2,3,43 Re- orter 3' Mixed Ensemble 3' A Ca el- P Q y P la 33 Panther Chorale 43 Secretary 43 Pep Squad 1,2,3,43 Secretary 23 Vice-Pres. 33 FHA 3,43 President 3g Historian 43 Cheerleader 1,2,43 Var- sity 43 Miss FSHS 4g One Act Play 33 jr. Class Favorite 33 Basketball Sweetheart 4 Cecil Robertson Voc. Ag. 1,2,33 Vice-Pres. 43 Voc. Ag. Award 33 Football 2 Alfredo Rodriquez Spanish Club 1,23 Track 133,43 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Tumbleweed Staff 43 Annual Staff 4 Lilia E. Rodriguez Spanish Club 3,43 OEA 3,43 Presi- dent 4 Michael Rodriquez Alpine: FFA 1,23 Band 1,23 Track 1 2g Football 1,23 FSHS: Track 3g Basketball Manager 3,4 Ramiro Rodriquez No Achievements Submitted Ronald Roller Ruben Rosas Carol Rose Luz Elena Ruiz Bay City: Band 1,2,3g No Achievements Sub- No Achievements Sub- FHA 13 VOE 3,4 FTA 1,2,3g VICA Weld- mitted mitted ing Club President 4 FSHS: Band4 Rosario Ruiz Eloy Salcido Darrell Sanders Sylvia Sarabia FHA lg VOE 3,4 Track lg Football lg No Achievements Sub- Band 1,2,3,4g Lt. 4g Class Basketball 1,2,3,4g All- mitted Secretary 3g PTSA Rep. 3 District Honorable Mention 4 I8 Yr. Olds E nfer fhe Ad uli World Exercising her newly gained right, Mary Ann prepares to vote for the first time. Helen Schlegel UIL Spelling 1 g Ready- Writing 3,4g World His- tory Contest 2g Crisco Award Zg FHA Parlia- mentarian 2g Pep Squad 2,3,4g Honor Banquet 1,2,3,4g Annual Staff 2, 4g NHS 3,43 Vice-Pres. 45 Algebra ll Award 3g Mechanical Drawing Award 3g Girls Swim Team Manager 3,4g Girl Most likely to Succeed 4: Honor Graduate Mike Schultz Football 1,41 Baseball 1,2,3,4g Honorable Mention All-District 3g A Capella Choir 2,35 Panther Chorale 4: PYSA Rep. 4g Pep Squad Beau 4: Most Handsome 4g Honor Banquet 4 Rhonda Simmons Tulia: Basketball 1 FSHS: Pep Squad 2: Choir 2,33 DECA 3,41 Honor Banquet 4 A ril Smith P UIL Spelling lg A Capella Choir 1,2,3g Panther Cho- rale 4g Speech Team 31 Pep Squad 1,2,3g DECA 4 Judy Smith Band 1,2,3,4g Solo 84 Ensemble 1,3g FHA 1g NHS 3,4g Secretary 4g Bookkeeping Award 3g Honor Banquet 1 ,2,3,4g Honor Graduate Brett Starkey NHS 3 johnny Stapp Light Crew 1,2,3,4g Chief4g Track 1g Speech Team 3g One- Act Play 3,4g Panther Chorale 4 Don Talley Del Rio: ROTC Drill Team 1,25 American History Contest FSHS: Football 4: One-Act Play 43 Honor Banquet 4 Danny Taylor Tennis 1,2,3,4g Band 1, 2,3,4: All-Region 3,43 Captain 4g Stage Band 3,4: Honor Ban uet 1, 4g Business Stafcll 3,4g Manager 45 Best Dressed Boy 35 Student Council Rep. 4: Cutest Boy 4 Dennis Taylor Basketball 1,2,3g An- nual Staff 3g DECA 4 Eva Terrazas Spanish Club 1,23 FHA Qrs. Express Themselves 1g Honor Banquet 1g Pep Squad 35 Volley- ball 1,2,3,4g All-Dis- trict 3 l Teresa Tietz Estella Valenzuela Cipriano Velasquez Delma Villaba Theresa Walker Choir 1,2,3g A Capella Pep Squad 1,2,3,4g No Achievements Sub- No Achievements Sub- FHA 1gVolleyball 1 2 2g Panther Chorale 4g FHA 15 Spanish Club 1, mitted mitted Band 1,2,3,4g Stage Band Volleyball 1gFHA1g 2,3,4g VOE 3,4 3,4g DECA 4 DECA 4 Lonnie Walters No Achievements Sub- mitted Becky Weatherby FFA Sweetheart lg lst Runner-Up at State lg Student Council Rep. lg Class Secretary 4g Swim Team Manager lg Band lg Rep lg Honor Banquet l,4g Speech Team lg One-Act Play 33 UIL Spelling 33 UlL Typing 4g Most Out- standing 4g DAR Good Citizen 4 "I think your tassel is on the wrong side," julie warns Alfredo. Doug York No Achievements Sub- mitted jenny Yawn Lafayett, La.: Voley- ball lg GRA lg Girls Prep Choir l FSHS' Pe S uacl 2 3 - P fl , i 43 Honor Banquet 2,4g A Capella Choir 3g Pan- ther Chorale 4g OEA 4 Karen Weathers Abilene: Pan American Club 2: NJHS 1: FSHS: FHA 31 NHS 3, 4: Honor Banquet 3,4: UIL History Contest 3: PTSA Rep. 4g Honor Graduate Rexanna Williams Choir 2,3,4q A Capella 3g Panther Chorale 4g Pep Squad 2,3,4g Solo 81 Ensembleg Honor Banquet 4 Scott Wilson No Achievements Sub- mitted The End of ihe Beginning for Seniors '72 The Senior Class of 1972 stands together the last time at Graduation. they race to turn in their robes. Finally' After 12 years of hard work, it fi- nally pays off for Leonard. "I beat ya! I beat ya!,' Terry yells at David and Mike as Serving asjunior class officers were Kathy Ham, Mary Kay Whittenburg, Lissa Ray, Monte Brooks, Worthie Brooks, and Brent Siegmund. Kathy, Mary Kay, Monte, and Lesley Sealey are representatives. Worthie is president, Brent is vice-president, and Lissa is secretary. Lesley is not pictured. Juniors Show Leadership Qualifies Delma Acosta jesus Alfaro jack Archer Josie Arcides Lynn Bailey David Barnett Donald Bassham Beth Beattie Donna Bell Susan Bilberry Judy Birden Pam Birdwell Denise Blau Rhonda Brimer Monte Brooks Worthie Brooks Gary Broman Belinda Brothers Greg Brown Becky Broyles Karen Burnett Cathy Burnham Kendall Card Jackie Carr Jeff Carr Elizabeth Celaya Manuel Celaya Mary Celaya Ernie Cervantes Pauline Chavarria Larry Clayton Mary Colson Stan Conley Janice Cook Gloria Cordero Stanley Cox Juanita Cruz Kathy Dale Gloria Davis Diana Deerfield Steve Deibert Nancy Doan Juan Dominguez Lupe Dominguez Ricardo Dominguez Rodolfo Dominguez Sandra Dotson Betty Schlegel, Diana Deerfield, and Terry Roper were winning representatives of their class on the Girls' Swim Team. They won these trophies at a meet hosted by FSI-IS. 7 'Tve got spirit, you get some," junior cheerleader Lissa Ray ing school spirit at athletic events. 4 i I Juniors Serve as School Leaders Pam Eaton Jerry Englert Mario Escobedo Resella Espino Patsy Evans Richard Paulkenberry Patti Fisher Erlinda Franco Cherl Freeman Patti Fuilagar Patty Funderburk Jaime Galvan Joe Garcia Mary Garcia Suzie Garvin says. Lissa was one of the three junior cheerleaders direct- Arthur Garza Marcos Garza Claudia Gibbs Dayid Gomez Rosario Gomez Henry Gonzales Robert Gonzales Yldefonso Gonzales Joe Granado Kathy Ham jimmy Harbour Roberta Harris Sherry Harris Paul Henderson David Henslee Susan Herrin Shauna Hodges Mary Gail Holland Randall Holzer Mike Hopson Mercedes Irigoyen Frances jones Kim Jones K. K. Kerr Juniors Prepare v For Senior Year Albert Kinsey Linda Kleine Brenda Lefevre Mike Lemons Irma Leyva Ann Lippert Nelda Lloyd George Luera Richard Martinez Ubaldo Martinez Alice Maxey Doug May Bobby Mayo Stephen McKenzie Maria Monsivais Debbie Moore David Mosher Cheryl Nix Donna Nix Andi Northcut Amelia Ortega Doug Parks Larry Peterson Donnie Pherigo Darrell Phillips Stanley Phillips Amy Pickett Robbie Pogue Xavier Primera Rosie Ramirez Lissa Ray Richard Reeves Stephen Reid Edna Renteria Luis Reyes Mel Riggs Charles Roberts Felix Rodriquez Terry Roper Bea uig Henry Ward is not really a beast. As class sponsor, he was a great help in planning Junior activities. Fran Til- ton talks with Mr. Ward about and +he Beasi scheduling the Favorites Dance on the Activities Calendar. 5 -f of 2 Denise Blau and Steve McKenzie make music at the choir's Christmas concert. Make Your Own Kind of Music jimmy Rose Diana Ruiz Domingo Salcido Harvey Sanders Janette Sanders Betty Schlegel Lesley Sealy Janice Shaddox Richard Shellenburger Charlsa Sherrill Brent Siegmund Foster Simmons Pete Skylstad Shirley Smith Albelardo Soto Eddie Stephens Jesse Terrazas Kim Tibbets Mike Tietz Fran Tilton Ann Triplett Mark Tyree Alfonso Urias Evelyn Urias Vicente Urias Ricky Vannoy Elaine Vasquez Ramon Vasquez Laura Villalba Robbie Walters Karen Watson Juniors Celebraie Arrival of a Parrgl The class of ,73 was the first to have a variety of rings to choose from. In the early falljuniors met in an assembly to select ring styles and to place orders from the L. G. Balfour Co. Finally the rings arrived and approximate ly 130 elatedjuniors received their rings at an informal party held in the high school cafeteria January 21. Senior Rings Wiih Gail Weatherby Pat Weathers Carol West Mary Kay Whittenburg Marie Williams Carl Wilson Gary Wiseman jeannene Woods Clifford Wynne Lonnie Yawn Shelley Young Vicki Young "Ladder, how dare you insult me like that!" Whois the Clown? Smiling faces are Bobby Mayo, Mary Gail Holland, Fran Tilton, David Mosher, Brent Siegmund, Teresa Lewis, Kathy Ham, and Mike Duerksen. Juniors Do Their Thing! Is this what you call a sure shot? "Kendall, so help me, if you get one bit closer. . . ! , f""" 11, V The Junior Class has their own monkeys! Jr. Gonzales, see no evilgjoe Garcia, hear no evilg David Gomez, speak no evil. Robert Stovall, Eric Mayo, Vicki Elliott. Genora Cum- mings, and Rosa Carrasco led the sophomore class in many activities. Other class officers not present were Tommy Boggus, representative to the Student Council, and Mary Beth Truesdell. PTSA representative. Robert is a PTSA representative, and Erie is a Council representaf tive. Vicki and Rosa are Council representatives. Serving as class president was Genora Cummings. Qophomores Serve as Leaders Ronnie Ables Jessie Acosta Ray Acosta Roy Acosta Freddie Almodova Suzie Alvarez Boyd Andrews Britt Archer Steven Barnett Scott Beard Danny Beauchamp Morris Beene Monte Bell Bobby Bennett Jackie Birden Phillip Blacliwelder Edna Blanco Dan Brandon Tommy Boggus Barbara Brockman Greg Brown Holly Burger Pam Burgess Senida Calderon David Caldwell joe Carrasco Rosa Carrasco Danny Carrillo Irma Carrillo Joe Carrillo Rodolfo Carrillo Ben Casas Eddie Casebier Rita Casey Armondo Castro Norma Celaya Ylonda Chester janet Chick Rocky Clare Bert Rainwater, sophomore, is one of the top Panther scorers. Karen Clayton Gary Clemons Debbie Claie Brenda Combs Margaret Conway Kathy Cook Tara Cope Glenna Cornett Genora Cummings John Davila Chuck Davis Kathy Day Sophomores Are Compeiiiors Francisco de la Garza Judy Doan Abel Dominguez Gloria Dominguez Rosella Duarte Karen Duggan Phillip Dunn Wayne Elkins Vicki Elliot Dana Ellzey Octavio Escobedo Patti Esparza Lane Evertte Tommy Ezell John Fallon Ronald Faulkenberry Nida Ford Eddie Franco Jesusita Franco Linda Franco Tanya F razee Roy Galindo Gilbert Gallegos Yolanda Galvan Alfredo Garcia Felicita Garcia Saul Garcia Buster Gaston Peggy Glaze Jimmy Gomez Rachel Gomez Belinda Gonzales Bonnie Gonzales James Gonzales Jessie Gonzales Orlando Gonzales Rudy Gonzales Loy Green Ellen Greer William Greer Bart Griffin Cynthia Haley David Haley Debbie Hall Terri Handley Pauline Haney Da Harral Dale Harris Robert Hayhurst Kathy Hayman Kay Henderson Rapliie Hernandez Becky Herring Ray Hillman Qophomores Prepare for Their Fuiures Rudy Holguin Shari Howell Billy Huelster Carresa Hughes Karen Hursh Pat Ishum Emily jackson Reba Jackson Thomas Jackson Yvonna Kail Danny Keith Nan Kennedy Paul King Margaret Kinsey Stephen Lancaster Ray Lavano johnny Lawson Leonard Ledford Donna Lennox Teresa Lewis Pedro Lomas Christina Lopez Vicky Lopez joel Luera Jan Luttrell Becky Marable Alberta Martinez Daniel Martinez Lupe Martinez Judy May Erie Mayo Jeannie Mayse Melissa McClarney Carol Medina Ronnie Mills Ann Minjares Rene Minj ares Eileen Moore Muff Moore Elsa Morales Gilbert Gallegos was named sophomore favorite at the Favorites Dance. This is the second year in a row he has been the favorite of his class. There HAS to be a reason. Are Halfway There Elizabeth Morris David Morrow Elvira Martinez Jesus Montzevias Nora Munuz Janis Mosher David Nunez Joe Martin Nunez Benny Odom Refugio Olivas Margie Pacheco Io Ann Parks Will Parks Anabelle Pena Steve Perez Kathy Pilgrim Robert Pileado Freddie Pina Jacquelyn Pistole Sheridan Porter Brett Price Russell Prieskorn Brenda Prosise Bayta Rainwater Bert Rainwater Esteban Ramirez Olga Ramirez Rene Ramirez Ruben Ramirez Rudy Ramos Su Zane Randle Edwina Rascon Cynthia Rawls Vicki Ray Rocky Reed Elvira Reyes Sophomores Parhclpafe Planning strategy in the swimming in tramurals are Karen Hursh Vivian Tillotson, Muff Moore Judy May and Linda Weathers. The sophomore class placed 2nd IH the event. Kathy Roper Delrna Rubio Debbie Ruiz Freddie Sanchez Donna Sanders Kenny Schultz jackie Sharp Leslie Shuttleworth Susan Sims Linda Smetak Marshall Smith Yolanda Sosas Sophomore Muff Moore was chosen Best Dressed by the student body. S as-f ,- .F f ra? Edwina Rascon takes advantage of the library nights to work on a re- search paper. This is the first year the library has stayed open one night a week for student use. Elsa Suarez Gary Swain Glen Thompson Dane Tibbets Vivian Tillotson Mary Beth Truesdell Herby Turman Cindy Turner Jill Starkey Nangy Stinson Robert Stovall Patsy Strong Mario Urias ,Q Sylvia Vargus 'Lil Q , , . J.-1 1,,,.v .. km, .1 Q vim. .. .. Q ' 'lm , new --I-i '. ,,..1 w-A.. ww-M f- , , e-f if A E .3 .-.,. ..,- Nw- v XL 4? 5 3 5 ww 'B Q F N Xxx Eur 5 ggi , 1 8 R? X :ii of 3 X f . f X 3 a R 1 Q QQ! 3 Ma B 1 5 ,mmf L- 4 w wf -- uv my ,sm in M DON'T ARGUE WITH AN UPPER- CLASSMAN-Sandra MaGee and Ju- Julie Skylstad debate ovei: where the plates go with sophomores Vicki Elliot and Genora Cummings. eiardelia Velasquez Lorina Valasquez Ruben Velasquez Arthur Waley Cynthia Walker Regina Walters Tony Walters Hollyce Ward james Waters Linda Weathers B-Team Cheerleaders-QL-R, top rowj Tanya Frazee and Teresa Lewisg QL-R, second rowj Tara Cope and Jan Luttrellg and middle Nida Ford. i Charles Weaver Rex Whitfield Donald Wilkinson Sondra Williams 196 John Fallon was only one ofthe sophomore class members that par- ticipated in athletic events. Aihleiic Evenis lnferesi Sophs Teresa Williams Darla Wilson Pam York Mike Young SGW? B-team cheerleaders were Nida Ford, Tara Cope, Jan Lut- trell, Tanya Frazee, and Teresa Lewis. Clay Dodson Qstanding left was elected as freshman class pres ident Jeb Burch represented the class on the Student Council along with Julie Skylstad Mark Walters and Sandra Magee are also representatives but are not pictured Freshmen Begun Learning Experuence juan Acosta Irene Adams Cathy Albin Manuel Alcala Bruce Allen Cytha Archer Alicia Alvarado Mary Alvarado Tony Alvarado Cary Alexander Tasha Andrews Alva Arcides Casey Arcides Julia Arcides Rudy Arcides Jed Arnett Jimmy Baiza Joe Bassham Jayne Bean Laura Bell Tony Benavides Mary Helen Blanco Danny Blau Grant Bloom Steve Bobbin Richard Bowles Crisann Boyles Brenda Broman Chip Brooks Teresa Brown Freshmen were interested in their futures even though they were just beginning their high school years. Crisann Boyles and Jeanne Maxey acted as guides on College Night but took advantage of early- arriving Angelo State University representatives to ask questions about college. C h. - ,. - ,,,:k :-. 7 Yu, 1 ' h. h. k 'wg C p .,.. gif A .1 C an E ,IV i egg iz l er l 5 - f e rsa i s is i . A i A f - eles , ',. seis . 's. l l y -:-' T: C h , ' '- . W i- ' i liil f 1 E ' Q i:L , L f' -j j -' g li "Y' ' B "1' , ze- "N - , .AW " 'Q 'f,' kki' 'kkf 4 W,,, I .kk', k-" QT W'kk Each year the freshmen class has the duty of building a bonfire before the homecoming game. The bonfire was the beginning of a successful weekend. The Panthers defeated the Ector Eagles. Class Accepis Responsibililies Mario Bueno Jeb Burch Randy Burleson John Butz Kim Bynum Roland Byrd Billy Campbell Carolyn Campbell Lee Campbell David Carrasco Raymundo Carrasco Richard Carrasco Raymond Casas Teresa Chambers Kathy Chamblee Jimmy Chancellor joe Ray Chavez james Chick Brent Childers Suzie Childs Samye Clare Kim Clark Sherry Clifton Cathy Combs Gerry Conway Brenda D,Andrea Robert DeAnde Eva Denette Clay Dodson Emelia Dominguez Ruben Dominguez Angie Duarte Esmeralda Duarte Ramon Duarte joe Duerksen Danny Dunn Gary Dunn Corky Duran Carol Eaton Darrell Eaton Raising the flag each day has always been the responsibility of the freshmen boys. This year's flag-raisers are Chip Brooks, Charles Bowles, and Brent Childers. Meg Edwards Dirke Ellyson Frank Esparza Linda Esparza Ester Esparza Patty Escamilla Elaine Everett George Fabella Lewis Farnum Paul Figaroa Nino Flores Sammy Fothergill Roland Freeman Debra Franco Debra Gagneaux ,, K David Galvan Aldred Garcia Aldric Garcia Arvey Garcia Rosie Garcia Phillip Garrison Noe Garza Freda Gipson Laquetta Godwin Josie Gomez Christy Gonz ale s Frilio Gonzales Isabel Gonzales Patsy Gonzales Pete Gonzales Happiness ls Being a Freshman! Being a Freshman isn't so bad. just look at julie Skylstad and Cindy Hawkins smiling brightly. After all they have just attended the Style Show put on by the PTSA. Terry West is poised to strike Could his potential victim be a sen1or? Lisa Gottlieb John Greer Mary Gulihur Linda Hall Debbie Haley Debbie Hardy Reba Harris Eddie Havins Cindy Hawkins Pam Henderson Oscar Hermosillo Norma Herrera Roy Hoffpauir Bobby Holland Jay Holstein The high school office is always a busy place. Pam Jamison finally gets to the front of the line during registration. Underclassmen Adjust +o School Rush l i Dwayne Hope Susan Hubbard Nancy Hughes Dorida Humphreys Mark Hutton David Ivahoe Pam Jamison Linda Jenkins Allen Johnson Charlie Johnson Steve johnson Johnny Jones Carmen Kliene james Ledford I Donnie Lefevre Freshman Student Council members Clay Dodson, Sandra Magee, julie Skylstad, and Mark Walters took a break from the Student Council Forum to enjoy lunch. The forum brought students to FSHS from 33 West Texas schools. I Joe Leyva Io Ann Longoria Yolanda Longoria Bernice Lopez Connie Lopez Mario Lopez Monica Lopez Ricardo Lopez joe Alex Lopez Mark Mabe Sandra Magee David Martin Debbie Martin Jeannie Maxey Gene McGuire 206 4 I l s I Ronnie McGuire Lance McKenzie Bill Mehan Milton Miller Dorothy Moore Lilia Morales James Moreno jesus Moreno Becky Morton Jay Munsell Polly Newson Brad Newton james Nieto Raymond Nunez Linda Nix Freshmen Back Aihleiic Teams Roy Rafael Ramona Sandra Juanita Manuel Nunez OliVaS OHVHS Olivas Ontiveras Ortega These Freshmen were chosen by their class as representatives for their 1972-1973 sophomore year. They are: QL to RJ Robert Weatherby, Kenneth Rainwater, Carmen Kliene, and Jeanne Maxey. Manual Pacheco Nabor Pacheco Paul Pearce Agripina Pena juan Pena Kim Peterson Jeanne Pilgrim Liza Pena Randy Pittman Randy Pogue Keith Posey Rodney Posey Betty Prosise Janna Rainwater Kenneth Rainwater Freshmen Are Voters Freshmen Are Underclassmen Armando Ramirez Gracie Ramirez Margie Ramirez Cheto Ramos joel Rascon Suzie Ray joe Reyes Andy Rios Tingo Rivera Estrella Rodriquez Freddie Rodriquez Raymond Rodriquez Robert Rodriquez Teresa Rodriquez Ben Rojo jose Ruiz joe David Saenze Desiree Sage Adon Salcido Olga Sanchez Brenda Sanders Sandy Sanders Humberto safabia Santana Sarabia Greg Schultz Lisa Sealy Trey Shaddox Cynthia Sharp Brenda Shellenburger David Shuster Don Sisco Julie Skylstad Kevin Smith Stephanie Smith Janet Sneed Virginia Soto Desmond Stanford jimmy Stevens Robert Stoner Abel Subia Lynn Swain Jody Thiel George Terrazas Dan Turner Gail Tyre Barbara Valenzuela Ramona Valenzuela Rena Vasquez Augie Velasquez Lewis Velasquez Oscar Velasquez Teresa Vick Being a Freshman i ' " 'kh' Q,-mf--sf 'we' wzewasfggggg ' ls an Experience John Ed Walker Virgil Wallace Del Mack Ward Mark Walters David Waters Junior Waters Robert Weatherby Gary Weddle Jimmy Welch Lee Welch Terry West Laydell Westermann Debra Westmoreland Melanie Whittenburg Teresa Wilkerson Carolyn Williams Robert Williams James Wilson jerry Wilson Margie Wilson Dubby Wiseman Sherry Yarbrough Connie Ybarra Elsa Ybarra Homer Yharra Tony Ybarra Ricky Young w A t 213 THE FRIENDLY IST NATIONAL BANK OF FORT STOCKTON A FULL SERVICE BANK AS YOUR FULL SERVICE BANKER WE ARE ABLE TO SERVE ALL YOUR BANKING NEEDS coNGRATULAT1oNs sEN1oRs WINKLER S YOUR QUALITY DEPARTMENT STORE ai, ffm, M It takes real quaI1ty to please a good taste IH clothes wh1ch IS Why 1972 s best dressed boy Leonard Chrldress buys h1s clothes at Wrnkler s He knows that at W1nkIer s he can get the best clothes for the best prrce Wrnkler s has been servmg Fort Stockton and the Pug Bend area for 59 years 112N Ma1n 3362552 CONGRATULATIONS Fort Stockton Sen1ors CHOATE LAND AND CATTLE COMPANY Cec1I C Choate Managmg Partner 336 5669 OPEN 24 HOURS MECHANIC ON DUTY JAKE LAURENCE ENCO SERVICE 310 W D1ck1nson 336 2878 Ft Stockton Texas 79735 Road Serv1ce P1ck up and Dehvery 7 7 7 X 9 7 I gf' . , . , , ' 7 if H E7 , ' a ' . if . ' ' 1:r'f 7' f "" I sars I rrss - , - .T I - v -6 . 4 . . , CUNNINGHAM S Furmture Carpet Applrances 336 3160 Fort Stockton Texas KFST RADIO PIK PAK Your Sound Crtrzen jrm Hawkms Owner Mgr 419 Drckrnson Blvd Marathon Hrghway 336 2228 PANTRY FOOD APACHE FOOD STORE STORE 7 Days a Week Convenlence and Economy 1502 west Drckmson 336 3350 Open 7 Days a Week Sherman Hammond Owner 1700 N Front 336 8777 600 N Nelson WALLACE LUMBER COMPANY Home of the House Doctor Lumber Parnts Fenclng Tools Hardware 336 3641 fn: IRE 7 336-2892 FOODWAY J M RABON DICKINSON BLVD STQCKTQN MARY BETH S Mary Beth s has a large selecuon of candles and rs an excluswe Hallmark Dealer PRESCRIPTION SERVICE BY B111 I-hnson B111 O Bamon MARY BETH DODSON 101 Maln N Nlalll 1 ' "E PECOS COUNTY STATE BANK B kByM11 C k gA C ftyDp LARGE ENOUGH TO SERVE YOU SMALL ENOUGH TO KNOW YOU 915 336 3331 500 N MAIN DOWNTOWN tyR Drive in Service an a' hec in ccount Trave1er's hecks Savings Accounts Loans for all Busine Sa e e osit B Communi Snack Bar . - PAT TAYLOR DRILLING COMPANY Boostmg The Panthers All The Way 285 North 336 5144 THE GIFT SHOP V1llage Shoppmg Center Unusual G1ftS for all Occaslons West Drckrnson Blvd THE SPARE RIB Home of DCl1C1OUS Home Cooked Barbecue WHITE S Home of Greater Values Neal Cantrell Owner Abel Gut1errez Manager 216 N Marn 336 2641 714 Fonr STOCKTON ,,..,.PlONEE Consulted Da1ly In Our 65th Year of SCFVICC Frank K Baker Edltor and Publlsher PIONEER OFFICE SUPPLY Off1CC Outfrtters West of the Pecos We have an excellent selectlon ofbooks on the Blg Bend Country and the Great Southwest they make superb g1ftS Jay Chancellor Mgr 404 N Nlaln 336 5221 Red 81 Cate Butler 401 W. D1ck1nson Blvd 336 5097 , 3 3 - - - I - 'I S ' H ' ..'v. 1 'T' rf - --r I J . 1 If -'B 'T 5. ' 77 Published Twice Weeklyg ' s - - ! - - CC ' ' 79 - K - - - - , . HOME ICE CO Block Ice or Crushed Ice 508 W 5th 336 3600 W M Townsend Manager BOATMAN'S FOOD MARKET Quahty Foods Lowest Prrces Open Seven Days a Week 117 W D1ck1nson 336 2702 THE PAINT MART V1S1t or Call Us For All Your Parntrng and Remodehng Needs 616 W Dlckrnson 336 3575 Where Cash Buys More Than Credlt Ever W111 joe R Urras Mgr 103 N Mam 336 2301 POWELL PLUMBING HEATING AIR CONDITIONING Backmg the Panthers AII the Way F1sh Powell Owner 403 W D1ck1nson 336 3608 THE SWEET SHOPPE Pastrles Cookles Doughnuts Rolls Fr1ed Ples Cream Pres Cakes for all Occasrons Mrs C B Powell Owner 403 W Drckrnson 336 3608 THE PIZZA VILLA Spaghetu and P1zza Here and to Go Ted and Bette Bla1r SANITARY BARBER SHOP In the Vrllage Shopprng Center james Ivy and I E Cunnlngham 1201 W D1ck1nson 336 5682 Owners C. R. ANTI-IQNYIS RADIATOR- MAGNETO SERVICE 1012 E D1ck1nson Box 1 Ft Stockton Texas R R Garcla Owner FRALEY BUTANE CO. TEXGAS SPEEDY TWO WAY RADIO SERVICE GENE DAY OWNER 1800 W DICRIHSOH 336 2267 C8fM T V and Stereo Sale and Servlce 200 N Maln 336 3239 EL RANCHO MOTEL LOCATED on U S HWYS 290 67 285 East BOBBY 85 LILLIE HARRIS 336 2251 LOREAN S DRESS SHOP Wrth Young Edwardlan Arne1Ie ofCaI1f Tootlque ofCaI1f PEGGY HUNDLEY D6SlgIl y0lll' OWII rlllg And have it ln just 6 weeks' Cho ce of 18 stone colors S L tal or a cot nder stone AQ? fnestqualty fnest ftm h Compa e-and de yours today ex Q HAVINS JEWELERS SNEAD DRUG INC WALGREEN AGENCY Your AII Weather Pharmacy CONGRATULATIONS 700 W Drckrnson 336 2201 RAINWATER MOTOR COMPANY QUALITY AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR Unlroyal Tlres Mlchehn 800 N Rooney 336 3632 . ' I 903 - . , s . -.- 5 7 7 - I I I 1 - - - - 7 . . O O ' ni I m S U 'f ' iamond tops Tit WHERE FASHION S START Flamous Gold Lance class rings l i -.i S ans EW,L-:g.- ..,, r or r . ..... I ::: , Q ..,. Q-Sis ' - f ff g ' - - - - - - - - O if 77 GENE CUMMINGS OIL CO CHEVRON OIL PRODUCTS CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS' 404 Rarlroad Ave 336 2351 MELODY SHOP ZNGEATQSQLE D1str1ct Manager Whrrlpool Products The Frankhn L1fe Insurance Co Sprlngfreld Ill RCA Color TV Record Players Stereo Radros Tape Recorders P O Box 961 Bus1ness 336 3440 114 W Second Resldence 336 3139 Mr and Mrs Leshe Pr1ce Fort Stockton Texas jlmmy Black R Ph 336 3349 YUCCA TRAILER APOTHECARY PARK SHOP PRESCRIPTIONS AND DRUGS FOR PARTICULAR PEOPLE FAST FREE DELIVE Y R Mrs James Felts 1103 W Drckmson 336 3349 336 2697 MEHAN TRANSPORT 24 HOUR SERVICE Transport K1ll Truck Radlo Equrped Br1newater Freshwater M1xed Mud Salt water D1sposa1 1802 W. Sth 336 3840 O O THE STEAK HOUSE On Hlghways 290 285 67 Flne Steaks That L1ve up to our Name 336 5154 RAILSBACK S RESTAURANT 701 W D1ck1nson 336 2863 Lem and Dorls Rarlsback ASSOCIATE Store FORT STOCKTON INSURANCE AGENCY Nhke YOLII' Walhng Insurance SP6C1aI1S'C General Insurance Real Estate Llfe Insurance 901 W D1ck1nson Blvd P O BOX 1269 336 3384 Fort Stockton Texas 79735 SARAH S CAFE Authent1c We So11c1t Prrvate Partres 106 S Nelson 336 2489 Ft Stockton Texas d d d Home OI-vifnlel iI.1aCO5:1erate By S P 0 R I S W E A R Y 206 N Mam 336 3652 W I lll0 6:1629 GIBSON S YOUR FAMILY DISCOUNT CENTER Where You Always Get the Best for Less 1700 W D1Ck1HSOH Blvd 336 5372 WINDY s CLEANERS C G MORRISON 8: 336 2701 Nelson at Fourth St SILVER SADDLE LODGE 336 3311 803 E D1ck1nson Where you get those l1ttle thmgs for less M R Hopson Mngr 116 N Mam 336 3221 EMEMBER T0 BUY THE 1973 PANTHER' The PANTHER staff 7 O O igyour Tai1Or,, SANDS Fmest lodgmg Wlth frlendly Personahzed SSIVICC Where H1ghWaYS 285 and 290 meet Fort Stockton Texas For room reservat1ons call 336 2274 Located adjacent to the Sands Motel IS the SANDS RESTAURANT Whlch offers you the f1nest of foods For Fort Stockton s most Iuxurlous Living Visit the SANDS APARTMENTS or cz-1.11336-2274 Aaron, Chuck 92,150 Acosta, Nobel 58,60,98,150 Ainsworth, Allen 150,147 Alfaro, Wanda 150 Allison, Lark 68,150 Almendarez, Orlando 150 Alvarez, Ma.ry 150 Alvarez, Virginia 150 Atkins, A. C. 92,95,108,131, 150,152 Baeza,joe150 Baker, Vicki 62,65,72,151 Beattie, Patti 62,65,114,115, 116,151 Beckmann, Beckie 151 Bell, Mark 92,151,233 Benavides, Gilray 54,55,57,58, 60,151,146 Bennett, Jim 108,151 Blackwelder, Weldon 92,94, 152 Blanco, Luis 98,101,111,152, 162 Boggus, Weldon 144,147,152 Boswell, Don 106,152,70 Brockman, Brenda 152 Bromley, Kenneth 92,94,152 Brown,Guy 106,152,161 Broyles, Ka.royn14,58,61, 145,152,153 Bryce,julie 24,72,74,152, 170 Bueno, Martin 153 Buford, Ann 22,25,62,65,68 153,143 Burger, Andy 92,153 Carrillo, Elidia 62,65,114,118 153 Castle, Tim 22,40,62,64,74, 75,106,137,143,145,153, 155,161,150 Celeya, Lucy 153 Chadwick, Ronnie 153 Chavarria, Amparo 154 Childress, Leonard 94,133. 154,171,215 Choate, Chris 74,75,76,81, 154 Clark, Phyliss 154 Clifton,Tom 122,154 Conley, Steve 71,80,92,94, 154,143 Cooper, Stan 74,92,154,144 Cox, Bernie 22,71 ,92,94, 122,142,143,151,155, 150 Cribbs, Tonya 155 Cummings, Walter 27,44,122, 132,152,155,160,152 Diaz, Rosa 147,155 Duarte, Edward 155 Duarte, Roy 155 Duerksen, Mike 21,62,64,74, 152,154,156,161,182 Duerksen, Paul 62,64,71, 106,107,143,146,156,157, 161 Dunn,joyce 156 Espino,jessie 78,156 Espino,jo Ann 156 Everett, Bill 156 Falkner,Cindy156 Ferrante, Patti 58,104,143, 146,156 Fleener, Mary jane 77,124 151,157 Flores,johnny 157 Gallcgosuloe Ben 54,55,58, 80,85,86,157 Garcia, Eva 78,114,115,116, 117,157 Garcia, jolly 157 Gaston, Lou Ann 157 Glaze, Billy 25,26,62,64,106, Senior Index 157 Gonzales, Larry j. 157 Gonzales, Larry V. 157 Gonzales, Lupe 78,143,158 Gonzales, Manuel 158 Greer, Robert 158 Griffin,jan 67,158,159,156 Harris, Billy 67,158 Harris, Tina 62,65,72,158 Hawkins, Steve 68,106,143, 158,164 Hayman, Buddy 158 Hearn, Dorothy 20,24,26,77, 138,143,158,159 Hernadez, Connie 58,114,115, 116,117,158,159 Hendricks, Marsha 68,159 Hickman, Terry 92,94,111, 159,164 Hayter, Ricky 94,95,158 Hoffman, David 27,71,85,106 143,159,160,171 Ho1zer,L1ewe1len 146,159 Honaker, Terry 27,92,94,95, 159,171 Hook, Mike 24,26,27,92,94, 95,16O,171,150 Hook, Pat 92,94,95,123,160 Houck, Carl 160 Huckaby, Russ 122,160 johnsonhlanet 160 Kail, Kristi 78,143,144,160 Kent,Terri 68,160 Kincaid, Brad 160 Lane, Freddie 160 Large, Carole 67,72,87,101 Lee, Stanley 74,106,161,165 Lemons, Clit'92,94,111,112, 160,161 Ligon, Ann 85,161 Long, Claudell 58,161 Lopez, Maria 78,101,161 Lopez, Reyes 98,161 Marable, Penny 161 Martinez, Pete 144,145,161 Maxey, Mary Ann 62,65,72, 74,75,84,77,137,145,162, 167 Mayse, David 20,92,94,138, 142,145,146,160,162 McClarney, Rhett 58,60,162 McKenzie, Bryan 83,162 McKenzie, Lisa 56,58,59,6O, 71,104,143,137,157,163 Milan, Nicky 163 Mitchell, SuSu 104,163 Morrow, Rocky 163 Murphec, Rick 67,163 Myers, Robert 163 Neagle, Dale 92,94,163 Northcut, Ricky 67,163 Ottaberry, Mary jo 62,65,124, 164 Oyervides,johnny 164 Parker, Clayton 164 Pena, Mary Faye 164 Pettit, Guy 92,164 Pittman, Larry 164 Pogue,-Iamcs 92,164 Price, Dirk 106,164 Price, Donnie 58,92,164 Price, Lonnie 92,94,164 Ramirez, Anna 165,68 Ramirez, Ricardo 165 Ramirez, Willie 92 Ramos, Becky 22,54,57,71, 114,115,116,142,143,144, 147,165 McCa11ister, Larry 14,20,92, 128,160,162,166,127 Rascon, Hilda 165 Rich, Donna 58,165,67 Richey, Kay 75,77,165 Rivera, Emma 14,15,114,115, 116,130,l53,165 Rivera, Lali 14,19,20,55,58, 62,65,66,124,128,127, 137,153,166 Robertson, Cecil 92,166 Rodriquez, Lilia 88,166 Rodriquez, Mike 92,94,102, 151,166 Rodriquez, Ramiro 166 Rodriquez, Alfredo 14,74,98, 166,170 Roller, Ronald 59,166 Rosas, Ruben 166 Rose, Carol 166 Ruiz LuzBlena 68,166 Ruiz, Rosario 68,166 Salcido,E1oy 98,99,100,101, 166 Sanchez, Delfina 68 Sanders, Darrell 166 Sarabia, Sylvia 58,60,166 Schlegel, Helen 71,85,77,132, 143,144,168 Schultz, Mike 62,64,73,92, 111,130,163,168,152 Si1liman,Bil164 Simmons, Rhonda 147,168 Smith, April 62,65,67,168 Smith,Judy 58,143,146,168 Stapp,johnny 62,64,83,85, 168 Starkey, Britt 71 ,168 Talley, Don 85,169 Taylor, Danny 54,58,59,60, 120,134,137,169 Taylor, Dennis 67,169 Terrazas, Eva 114,116,117, 169 Tietz, Teresa 62,65,67,169 Vanzuela, Estclla 169 Velasquez, Cipriano 169 Villalba, Delma 169 Walker, Theresa 59,67,169 Walters, Lonnie 67,170 Weatherby, Becky 88,131, 146,152,170 Weathers, Karen 71,170,143 Williams, Roxanna 62,65,72, 170 Wilson, Scott 170 Yawn,jenny 62,69,170 York, Doug 67,170 Junior Index Acosta, Delma 58,172 Alfaro,jesus172 Archer,jack 62,64,172 Arcides,josie118,172,68 Bailey, Lynn 81,172 Barnett, David 172 Bassham, Donald 172 Beattie, Beth 58,60,114,115, 172 Bell, Donna 172 Bilberry, Susan 58,172 Billings, Brenda 59 Birden, Judy 58,71,173 Birdwell, Pam 173 Blau, Denise 62,6 5,71,72,173 179 Brimer, Rhonda 173 Brooks, Monte 96,106,107, 172,173 Brooks, Worthie 25,104,105, 135,172,173 Brown, Greg 96,7O,147,173 Broman, Gary 96,173 Brothers, Belinda 25,173 Broyles, Becky 58,173 Burnett, Karen 173 Burnham 62,65,71,124,173 Card, Kendall 71,92,95,102, 111,173,183 Carr, jackie 173 Carr,jeff 173 Celaya, Elizabeth 173 Celaya, Manuel 173 Celaya, Mary 173 Cervantes, Ernie 173 Chancellorulimmy 62,64 Chavarria, Pauline 173 Clayton, Larry 58,173 Colson, Mary Edna 26,156,173 Conley, Stan 25,58,96,174 Cordero, Gloria 174 Cook,janice174 Cox, Stanley 62,64,174 Cruz,juanita 79,174 Dale, Kathy 58,174 Davis, Gloria 68,174 Deerfield, Dianna 62,64,71, 104,105,174,136 Delbert, Steve 174 Doan, Nancy 72,118,174 Dominguez, juan 174 Dominguez, Lupe 174 Dominguez, Ricardo 174 Dominguez, Rodolfo 130,174 Dotson, Sandra 80,174 Eaton, Pam 145,175 Y Englert,-Ierry 108,l47,W5 Escobedo, Mario 94,108,136, 175 Espino, Rosella 58,116,118, 175 Evans, Patsy 175 Faulkenberry, Richard 175 Fisher, Patti 72,74,76,175 Franco, Erlinda 175 Freeman, Cherl 71,121,175 Fullagar, Patti 58,71,121,175 Funderburk,Patt 58,74,175 Galvan, Raymond,175 Ga.rcia,Joe 14,75,175,183 Garcia, Mary 23,66,71,72,8O, 85,145,175 Garvin, Susie 175 Garza, Marcos 176 Garza, Arthur 176 Gibbs, Claudia 68,176 Gomez, David 74,176,183 Gomez, Rosario 176 Gonzales, Henry 176 Gonzales, Robert 176 Gonzales, Yldefonso 75,96, 111,176,183 Granado,joe 102,111,176 Ham, Kathy 21,54,58,61,172, 176,182 Ha.rbour,jimmy 58,176 Harris, Roberta 75,176 Harris, Sherry 62,118,176 Henderson, Paul 176 Henslee, David 102,176 Herrin, Susan 75,145,176 Hodges, Shauna 176 Holland, Mary Gail 58,71,8 2, 77,176,182 Hopson, Mike 64,176 Hughes, Bobby joe 94,94,111, 113,112 Irigoyen, Mercedes 147,176 jones, Kim 70,176 jones, Frances 87,68,146,176 Kerr, K. K. 55,56,74,104,l05, 176 Kinsey, Albert 177 Kliene, Linda 58,60,71,80,88, 177 Lefevre, Brenda 72,177 Lemons, Mike 96,102,111,177 Lloyd, Nelda 68,177 Leyva, Irma 177 Lippert, Anne 62,65,177 Luera, George 177 Martinez, Ubaldo 177 Martimez, Richard 67,177 May, Doug 23,54,71,106,177 Maxey, Alice 58,8O,118,177 Mayo, Bobby 56,71,85,86, 177,182 Monsivias, Maria 177 McKenzie, Stephen 58,60,62, 64,177,179 Moore, Debbie 79,177 Mosher, David 96,177,182 Nix, Cheryl 177 Nix, Donna 62,177 Northcut, Ande 177 Ortega, Amelia 177 Parks, Doug 96,177 Peterson, Larry 106,146,177 Pherigo, Donnie 96,177 Phillips, Darrell 178 Phillips, Stanley 62,64,178 Pickett, Amy 178 Pogue, Robbie 70,92,178 Primera, Xavior 92,111,113, 178 Ramirez, Rosie 178 Ra Lissa 71 74 118,124,134, Yi , 1 76,172,178 Reid, Stephen 20,21,70,96,98 139 Renteria, Edna 178 Reeves, Richard 67 Reyes, Luis 178 Riggs, Mel 23,71,7s,146,178 Roberts, Charles 98,178 Rodriquez, Felix 178 Roper, Terry 104,105,174, 178 Rose,Jimmy 179 Ruiz, Diana 179 Salcido, Domingo 102,179 Sanders, janette 179 Sanders, Harvey 179 Schlegel, Betty 71,104,105, 174,179 Sealy, Lesley 106,179 Shaddox, Janice 58,71,84, 118,179 Sherrill, Charlsa 71,179 Shellenberger, Richard 58,60, 98,102,179 Siegmund, Brent 21,111,172, 179,182 Simmons, Foster 179 Smith, Shirley 58,71,179 Soto, Abelardo 96,111,179 Stephens, Eddie 180 Skylstad, Pete 106,107,179 Terrazas,jesse 58,180 Tibbets, Kim 180 Tilton, Fran 27,71,84,178, 180,182,77 Triplett, Ann 81,180 Tyree, Mark 180 Urias, Evelyn 68,1 80 Urias, Alfonso 180 Urias, Vicente 63,64,180 Vannoy, Ricky 62,64,74,180 Vasquez, Elaine 58,180 Vasquez, Ramon 111,180 viilalba, Laura 118,180 Walters, Robbie 180 Watson, Karen 66,71,85,180, 144,147 Weatherby, Gail 62,65,72,181 Weathers, Pat 20,139,181 West, Carol 62,65,75,124,181 Whittenburg, Mary Kay 54,58, 71,77,80,86,88,172,181 Williams, Marie 71,84,181 Wilson, Carl 181 Wiseman, Gary 58,71,84,88, 181, Woods, jeannene 62,65,71,72, 146,181 Wynne, Clif 62,64,181 Yawn, Lonnie 181 Young, Shelley 75,75,181 Young, Vicki 62,65,181 Reid, Bettie 118 Qophonmwel Ables, Ronnie 184 Acosta, jesse 184 Acosta, Ray 184 Acosta, Roy 184 Almodova, Freddie 184 Alvarez, Susie 72,118,184, 144 Andrews, Boyd 184 Archer, Britt 184 Barnett, Steven 184 Beard, Scottie 184 Beauchamp, Danny 96,113 Beene, Morris 62,96,184,109 Bell, Monte 184 Bennett, Bobby 96,184 Birden, Jackie 82,184 Blackwelder, Phillip 185 Blanco, Edna 72,185 Boggus, Tommy 56,62,64. 185,108 Brandon, Daniel 185 Brockman, Barbara 62,65,185 Brown, Greg 185 Buene, Rachel Burger, Holly 118,185 Burgess, Pam 58,185 Burleson, Mike Calderon, Senaida 185 Caldwell, David 185 Carrasco, Rosa 184,185 Carrasco, Joe 102,185,108 Carrillo, Danny 185,67 Carrillo, Irma 104,185 Carrillo, joe 96,185 Carrillo, Rodolfo 185 Casas, Ben 102,185 Casebeer, Eddie 96,185 Casey, Rita 185 Castro, Armando 185 Celaya, Norma 185 Chester, Yolanda 185 Chick,Janet 62,65,82,121, 185 Clace, Rocky 96,185 Clayton, Karen 186 Clemons, Gary 186 Cline, Debbie 186 Combs, Brenda 66,84,186 Conway, Margaret 186 Cook, Kathy 186 Cope, Tara 62,65,72,104,125, 186,196,197 Cornett, Glanna 66,72,186 Cummings, Genora 25,54,58, 184,186,195 Davila, John 58,186 Davis, Chuck 96,120,186 Day, Kathy 72,86,186 De la Garza, Francisco 187, 146 Doan,judy187 Dominguez, Abel 187 Dominguez, Gloria 62,65,187 Duarte, Roselia 187 Duggan, Karen 62,65,187 Dunn, Phillip 96,187 Elkins, Wayne 187 i Elliott, Vicki 25,27,54,58,61, 121,1s4,187,195 Ellzey, Dana 187 Escabedo, Octavio 62,64,96, 187 Esparza, Patty 187 Everett, Lane 187 Ezell, Tommy 96,187 Fallon, John 102,187,197 Faulkenberry, Ronald 62,64, 106,187 ndex Ford, Nida 62,e4,65,7z,125, 187,196,197 Franco, Eddie 187,67 Franco, Jesusita 187 Franco, Linda 72,187 Frazee, Tanya 72,125,187, 196,197 Galindo, Roy 187 Gallegos, Gilbert 20,140,187, 190,109,108 Galvan, Yolanda 187 Garcia, Alfredo 187,67 Garcia, Felecita 72,187 Garcia, Saul 187 Gaston, Buster 58,187 Glaze, Peggy 62,65,187 Gomez, Jimmie 187 Gomez, Rachel 118,188 Gonzales, Belinda 25,188 Gonzales, Bonnie 104,105, 188 Gonzales, Claudel Gonzales, James 188 Gonzales, Jesse 102,188 Gonzales, John Gonzales, Orlando 64,188 Gonzales, Rudy 188 Greer, Ellen 72,188 Green, Loy 188 Greer, William 188 Griffin, Bart 96,188 Haley, Cynthia 188 Haley, David 62,64,l13,188 Hall, Debbie 118,188 Handley, Terry 188 Haney, Pauline 188 Harral, Da 188,147 Harris, Dale 188 Hayhursf, Robert 96,188,108 147 Hayman, Kathy 188 Henderson, Kay 188 Hernandez, Ralphie 96,1 11, 188 Herring, Becky 66,72,188 Hillman, Ray 82,188 Holguin, Rudy 96,113,189 Howell, Shari 72,189 Huckaby, Kurt 102,111,189 Huelster, Billy 189,108 Hughes, Karisa 189,146 Hursh, Karen 104,189,192 Isham, Pat 189 Jackson, Emily 189 Jackson, Reba 189 Johnson, Thomas 189 Kail, Yvonna 62,65,118,189 Keith, Danny 189 Kennedy, Nan 62,65,118,189 King, Paul 58,189 Kinsey, Margaret 189 Lancaster, Stephen 58,189 Lane, Amanda Lascano, Rey 189 Lawson, Johnny 102,189 Ledford, Leonard 61,58,106, 189 Lennox, Donna 189 Lewis, Teresa 21,72,82,125, 182,189,196,197 Lomas, Pedro 189 Lopez, Christina 189 Lopez, Vicki 189 Luera, Joel 189 Luttrell, Jan 25,72,82,125, 190,196,197 Marable, Becky 190 Martinez, Alberta 190 Martinez, Daniel 64,190 Martinez, Elvira 191 Martinez, Lupe 190 May,judy 27,25,190,192 Mayo, Eric 54,58,84,184,190 Mayse, Jeannie 190 McClarney, Mellisse 25,190 Medina, Carol 190 Mills, Ronnie 190 Minjares, Anna 118,190 Minjarez, Rene 190 Moore, Eileen 71,190.81 Moore, Muff 61,58,82,85,121, 133,190,192,l93 Monsivais, Jesus 19 1 Morales, Elsa 1fJ Morris, Elizabeth 191 Morrow, David 96,191 Mosher, Janis 72,191 Newman, Ed 88 Nunez, David 96,113,191 Nunez,Joe Martin 111,191 Odom, Benny 191 Olivas, Refugio 191 Pacheco, Margie 118,191 Parks, Jo Ann 72,191 Parks, Will 191 Pena, Annabelle 118,191 Perez, Steve 191 Pil im, Kathy 191 Pilgdo, Robert 191 Pistole, Jacqueline 191 Porter, Sheridan 66,191,144 Price, Brett 96,192 Prieskorn, Russell 96,192 Prosise, Brenda 58,72,192 Rainwater, Bayta 25,62,65,72, 84,192,145 Rainwater, Bert 23,98,99, 101,120,186,192 Ramirez, Olga 192 Ramirez, Esteban 192 Ramirez, Rene 192 Ramirez, Ruben 102,192 Ramirez, Steven Ramos, Rudy 192 Randle, SuZane 58,86,192 Rangel, Ramijio 67 Rascon, Edwina 58,192,194 Rawls, Cynthia 82,192 Ray, Vickie 62,65,192 Reed, Rocky 192 Reyes, Elvira 192 Rodriguez, Miguel Roper, Kathy 104,193 Rubio, Delma 193 Ruiz, Debbie 193,145 Sanchez, Freddie 193 Sanders, Donna 1 18,193 Schultz, Kenny 62,64,96,111, 113,193 Sharp,Jackie 193 Shuttleworth, Leslie 193 Sims, Susan 25,61,58,121,193 Smetak, Linda 58,193,144, 147 Smith, Marshall 62,64,106, 113,193 Sosa, Yolanda 193 Starkey, Jill 82,194 Stinson, Nancy 81,194 Stovall, Robert 62,64,96,184, 194,108 Strong, Patsy 62,65,194 Suarez, Elsa 25,194 Swain, Gary 120,194 Thompson, Glenn 194 Tibbetts, Dane 194 Tillotson, Vivian 72,82,192, 194 Truesdell, Mary Beth 20,72, 84,140,194 Turman, Herby 194 Turner, Cindy 72,121,194 Tyre, Daniel Urias, Mario 58,84,195 Vargas, Sylvia 195 Velasquez, Cordelia 195 Velasquez, Lorina 195 Velasquez, Ruben 58,195 Villalba, Frank Walker, Cynthai 62,65,118, 195 Walters, Regina 195 Walters, Tony 195,67 Ward, Hollyce 72,195 Waters, James 195 Weathers, Linda 72,25,192, 195 Weaver, Charles 196 Whaley, Arthur 96,195,108 Whitfield, Rex 62,64,196 Wilkinson, Donald Williams, Sondra Williams, Teresa 25,197,147 Wilson, Darla 197 Ybarra, Lupe York, Pam 197 Young, Billy 82,144 Young, Mike 96,113,197 reshman Index Acosta, Juan 198 Adams, Irene 72,119,12 5,198 Albin, Kathy 198 Alcala, Manuel 198 Allen, Bruce 69,198 Archer, Cytha 198 Alvarado, Tony 62,64,198 Xlvarado, Mary 198 Alvarado, Alicia 198 Alenander, Cary 104,198 Andrews, Natacha 72,81,119,198 198 Arcides, Alva 72,125,198 Arcides, Casey 198 Arcides, Julia 119,198 Arcides, Rudy 198 Arnett, Jed 85,103,199 Baiza, Jimmy 58,199 Bassham, Joe 199 Bean, Jayne 58,199 Bell, Laura 199 Benevides, Tony 58,97,199 Blau, Danny 58,199 Bloom, Grant 113,199 Bobbitt, Steve 199 Bowles, Charles 82,199,202 Boyles, Crisann 72,80,199 Broman, Brenda 199 Brooks, Chip 83,199,202 Brown, Teresa 199 Bueno, Mario 200 Burch,Jeb 85,97,54,103,120, 198,200 Burleson, Randy 200 Butz, John 200 Bynum, Kim 62,65,104,200 Byrd, Roland 200 Campbell, Billy 97,106,200 Campbell, Carolyn 200 Campbell, Lee 106,200 Carrasco, David 97,200 Carrasco, Raymundo 81,200 Carrasco, Richard 200 Casas, Raymond 200 Chambers, Teresa 23,58,200 Chamblee, Kathy 119,145,200 Chancellor, Jimmy 21,96,201 Chavez, Joe Ray 97,103,201 Chick, James 56,106,107,201 Childers, Brent 82,201,202 Childs, Suzie 201 Clare, Samye 201 Clark, Kim 72,201,144 Clifton, Sherry 201 Combs, Cathy 26,65,201 Conway, Gerry 201 D'Andrea 23,147,201 DeAnda, Robert 113,21 0 Denette, Eva 201 Dominguez, Emelia 201 Dodson, Clay 64,103,1 13,198, 201,206 Dominguez, Ruben 103,201 Duarte, Angle 119,201 Duarte, Esmeralda 201 Duarte, Ramon 97,103,201 Duerksen, Joe 59,201 Dunn, Danny 201 Dunn, Gary 201 Duran, Corky 119,201 Eaton, Carol 201 Eaton, Darrell 97,201 228 1 Edwards, Meg 104,202 Ellyson, Dirk 123,202 Escamilla, Patty 77,119,202 Esparza, Frank 202 Esparza, Linda 78,202 Espino, Esther 78,119,202 Everett, Elaine 202 Fabela, George 97,113,202 Farnum, Lewis 69,202 Figarona, Raul 202 Flores, Nino 97,202 Fothergill, Sammy 97,147,202 Franco, Debra 202 Freeman, Roland 202 Gagneaux, Debra 202,104 Galvan, David 78,97,203 Garcia, Aldred 203 Garcia, Arvey 203,113 Garcia, Rosalinda 203 Garrison, Phillip 113,203 Garza, Noe 58,103,203 Gipson, Freda 59,66,146,203 Godwin, Laquita 203 Gomez, Josie 203 Gonzales, Christina 23,86,203 Gonzales, Frolio 103,113,203 Gonzales, Isabel 203 Gonzales, Patsy 118,203 Gonzales, Pete 146,203 Gottlieb, Lisa 58,121,204 Greer, John 204 Guliher, Mary 204 Hall, Linda 121,204 Haley, Debbie 104,204 Hardy, Debbie 204 Harris, Reba 204 Havins, Eddie 97,103,122,204 Hawkins, Cindy 72,119,125, 203,204 Henderson, Pam 119,204 Hermosillo, Oscar 204 Herrera, Norma 204 Hoffpauir, Roy 204 Holland, Bobby 103,204 Holstein, Jay 97,147,204 Hope, Dwayne 205 Hubbard, Susan 205 Hughes, Nancy 62,65,145,205 Humphries, Dorita 72,205 Hutton, Mark 58,205 Ivanhoe, David 103,205 Jamison, Pam 21,62,65,119,205 205 Jenkins, Linda 205 Johnson, Allen 205 Johnson, Charles 97,103,113, 135,205 Johnson, Steven 205 Jones, Johnny 97,205 Kleine, Carmen 58,77,119,205,208 205,208 Ledford, James 205 Lefevre, Donnie 58,205 Leyva, Joe 206 Longaria, JoAnn 206 Longaria, Yolanda 206 Lopez, Bernice 206 Lopez, Connie 206 Lopez, Mario 108,206 Lopez, Monica 206 Lopez, Ricardo 206 Lujan, Joe 206 Mabe, Mark 120,206 Magee, Sandra 54,58,121,195, 206 Martin, David 62,64,97,206 Martin, Debbie 82,206 Maxey,Jeannie 58,77,80,141, 199,206,208 McGuire, Gene 62,64,103,206 McGuire, Ronnie 69,97,207 McKenzie, Lance 58,207 Mehan, Bill 97,113,207 Miller, Milton 207 Moore, Dorothy 119,207 Morales, Lilia 119,207 Moreno, James 207 Moreno, Jesus 207 Morton, Becky 81,207 Munsell, Jay 97,207 Newsom, Polly 66,72,121,207 Newton, Brad 77,102,207 Nieto, James 207 Nix, Linda 62,135,207 Nunez, Raymundo 97,113,207 Nunez, Roy 123,207 Olivas, Rafael 207 Olivas, Ramona 207 Olivas, Sandra 207 Ontivaras, Juanita 207 Ortega, Manuel 207 Pacheco, Manuel 147,208 Pacheco, Nabor 97,208 Pearce, Paul 84,120,208 Pena, Agripina 208 Pena, Juan 208 Peterson, Kim 208 Pilgrim, Jeanne 20,104,208 Pina, Liza 58,104,208 Pittman, Randy 58,208 Pogue, Randy 97,208 Posey, Keith 106,208 Posey, Rodney 97,208 Prosise, Betty 58,80,121,208 Rainwater,Janna 62,65,121, 208 Rainwater, Kenneth 87,103, 120,144,145,146.147,208 Ramirez, Armando 58,209 Ramirez, Gracia 38,209 Ramirez, Margarita 58,119,209 Ramos, Chito 209 Rascon, Joel 209 Ray, Suzie 209 Reyes, Joe 97,209 Rios, Andy 97,113,209 Rivera, Tingo 209 Rodriquez, Star 72,119,209 Rodriquez, Freddy 209 Rodriquez, Ramon 97,103,209 Rodriquez, Robert 209 Rodriquez, Teresa 209 Rojo, Ben 209 Ruiz, Jose 97,108,209 Saenz, Joe 103,113,209 Sage, Desirea 58,209 Salcido, Adan 58,103,209 Sanchez, Olga 209 Sanders, Brenda 209 Sanders, Sandy 72,119,209 Sarabia, Humberto 209 Sarabia, Santana 97,103,209 Schultz, Greg 97,209 Sealy, Lisa 104,210 Shaddox, Trey 103,210 Sharp, Cynthia 210 Shellenberger, Brenda 119,210 Shuster, David 123,210 Sisco, Don 97,210 Smith, Kevin 97,210 Skylstad,-Julie 54,72,125,145 195,198,203,206,210 Smith, Stephanie 72,210 Sneed, Janet 62,65,72,210 Soto, Virginia 210 Stanford, Desmond 210 Stephens, Jimmy 62,64,97, 210 Stoner, Robert 144,210 Subia, Abel 210 Swain, Lynn 120,210 Terrazas, George 58,210 Thiel, Jody 69,210 Turner, Dan 97,210 Tyree, Gail 210 Valenzuela, Barbara 72,119, 210 Valenzuela, Ramona 210 Vasquez, Rena 104,119,210 Velasquez, Augie 210 Velasquez, Lewis 210 Valasquez, Oscar 210 Vick, Teresa 210 Walker,John 97,103,113,211 Wallace, Virgil 97,103,211 Ward, DelMack 58,60,97,211 Walters, Mark 62,64,206,211 Waters, John 58,211 Waters,Junior 120,211 Weatherby, Robert 58,208, 211 Weddle, Gary 211 Welch, Jimmy 58,211 Welch, Lee 20,97,211 West, Terry 20,62,64,97,141, 204,211 Westermann, Laydell 211 Westmoreland, Debra 211 Whittenburg, Melanie 211 Wilkinson, Teresa 87,104,211 Williams, Carolyn 121,211 Williams, Robert 97,211 Wilson, James 211 Wilson, Jerry 211 Wilson, Margie 72,211 Wiseman, Dubby 97,103,211 Yarbrough, Sheri 58,211 Ybarra, Connie 66,211 Ybarra, Elsa 119,211 Ybarra, Homer 211 Ybarra, Tony 97,211 Young, Ricky 123,211 Teachers Index Baker, Frank 38,44 Ball, Frances 50,79 Bare, Katrina 46,104,119 Bates,James 40,6-2,65 Bennett, Ann 35 Boyles,John 38,80 Braden, Larry 97 Caffey, Ralph 39 Coker, Floyd 46,104,107 Conner, Therman 34,97,102 Fothergill, Veldon 48,68 Fuller, Mary Ann 32 Gaines, Gary 37,96,103 Gibson,Jerry 39,92 Gottlieb, Ann 44,45 Handley, Chuck 48,67 Hanna, Don 58,59,40 Harral, Carol 45 Harral, Fred 36 Hayter, Dora 34 James, Mary Ella 47,114,115 118 Jordan, Mary Helen 48 Konczak, Tom 36,92,108 London, Judy 84,141 Low, Clint 37,122 Mahoney, John 42 Martinez, Alonzo 42,81 Marthiljohni, Margaret 41,76 Mayfield, Pat 42 McKenzie, Greg 36,84 McKenzie, Mickie 35,87 Moore, Kit 44,66 Nall, Sherry 92,98,47 Newton, Mary 33 Oehrlein, Tommy 35,96,111 Pearce, Bill 97,32,120,121 Primera,Joe 39,78 Primera, Martha 50 Rainwater,Janet 33 Reyna,Jucly 43 Richey, Tom 35,92,108 Rogers, Allan 38 Skylstad, Larry 32 Starkey, Harold 49,67 Steup, Olga 33 Tripletr, Ruth 50 Tyson, Howard 43 Waldrop, Sammye 32,72 Welch, Fred 47,103 Werst, Danna 33,80 White, D. D. 44,69 Wolfe, Charles 49 Young, Carolyn 45,87 Gottlieb, Fred 30 Henslee, Ira Lee 54,55,57,31 Childs, Joyce 31 Faulkenberry, Jean 31 Low, Betty 50 Mabe, Jo 31 Mahoney, Elizabeth 49 Ward, Henry 49,178 i Ads Index Page 214 Page 215 Page 21 6 Page 217 Page 218 page 2 19 Page 220 -First National Bank -Winkler's Choate Land 81 Cattle jake Laurence Enco Service -Cunningham's KF ST Radio Pik-Pak Food Store Pantry Food Store Apache Food Store Wallace Lumber Co. -Stockton Pharmacy Mary Beth's -Pecos County State Bank -Foodway Pat Taylor Drilling Co. White Auto Fort Stockton PIONEER Pioneer Office Supply The Gift Shop The Spare Rib -Home Ice Co, Boatman's Food Market The Paint Mart Powell Plumbing C. R. Anthony's The Sweet Shoppe Ads Index Page 221 Page 222 Page 223 Page 224 Page 225 Pizza Villa Sanitary Barber Shop -Radiator Magneto Service Fraley Butane Service C 81 M TV Lorean's Rainwater Motor Co. Havins Jewelry El Rancho Motel -Gene Cummings Oil Melody Shop G. P. Crone Apothecary Shop Yucca Trailer Park Mehan Transport -The Steak House Fort Stockton Insurance Agency Sarah's Cafe Paulinels Western Auto Railsback's -Gibson's Windy's Cleaners C. G. Morisson 86 Co. Silver Saddle Lodge -Sands Motel A Word of Thanks ON BEHALF OF THE PANTHER STAFF, We Would like to take an opportunity to thank the following individuals: The FORT STOCKTON PIONEER, especially Phil Chamberlain, without whose assistance many of the pictures in the PANTHER, as well as the TUMBLE- WEED, could not have appeared. Fred Falkner, for the fine full color and large group photography he did for us. Mrs. Jean Faulkenberry, for keeping our financial rec- ords and for assistance on the Panther Staff. The businessmen of Fort Stockton, for advertising on our pages. Finally, the student body of Fort Stockton High School, the faculty, administration, and staff, for being so cooperative with us in the task of making a yearbook. Wax? gf..-,jj JJ' lx H X X C4405-' Zak. In Memorg of Mark Bell On May 4, 1972, George Mark Bell lost his life in a motorcycle accident His many friends, especially his fellow seniors, will never forget his happy laugh and cheerful personality, and his friendship that he ex- tended to all. , 233 5 1 E 5 r E i S 5 i 1 2 E fl 5 A 1 4 4 1 I W 234 4 Dedicaiion The PANTHER Staff would like to take this opportunity to dedicate the 1972 edition of the PANTHER to the student body, the faculty, and the administration, without whose help, needless to say, this book would not have been possible. yu ns mann:-mamma mwmww w-Iv:-fm ysffzi:-1 -wwfefww Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remem- ber what peace there may he in silence. As far as possible Without surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearlyg and listen to others, even the dull and ignorantg they too have their story. ZW m vwwl Wwe ,MM awww www? wills Avoid loud ind aggressive persons, they are vex- ations to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitterg for always there will be greater and lesser persons than your- self. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however hum bleg it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of life. Exercise caution in your business affairsg for the World is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there isg many persons strive for high idealsg and everywhere life is full of heroism. Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about loveg for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment, it is perennial as the grass. Take kindly the counsel ofthe years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nuture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune, But do not distress yourself with imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome dis- cipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the starsg you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the uni- verse is unfolding as it should. l if My y ,Un ff i fill V a 1 I A: qfxfj A AWQ to ,V it al A f W Q 1 N X . If Wig All? P Jw fl 93 Vffw J i , 1 ' u ,X 5 Miami? f ,JN N M7 ,4 ik 4 5 li ff if ll If fflm K 'E woe' Qs M 'T px WK fm ni Sw fl A A 239 L, ll' V Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you con- ceive Him to be, and whatever your labors and as- pirations, in the noisy confusion oflife, keep peace with your soul. with all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happy- ! 9255822 san angela, texas if fn 4l l 9+ , ' U,wf wQf K 5 . . Zi i l i O4 'L W vb l i i l ' YK 9 vfMYY 4 g, Q Ywvmb X 1 . i +BS5i, XlM+0WQ 1 wiv w, 2:-f',,1,2z,',,1,' f:f':rx, fx . .. -,xr Lv 'mi-t, 1,-:ga y .,,, , W ..,VV M fi, . f- f ,5,-WH,-,,,wp,.., Vg, -ffm 1 3 , fw:+f,w-fy U . ,M kL,,f ,I f-w.-wk.. -5 Q,A. ,,gW,,f..,., fi-w ' -V L: - fl ,-12- iffiiliivzm' wzwxf-s.f1:1wgk 'fff vlfszzgai- 'GY' -, f,ff-mem:islam, isfixesgqsiws-wK',,-feffew-v,1,,.111 -, 5-1.--fin-:Uv1:1121 , '7"iZl': , , ,..,, N, ,,,. . . , ,.,. , ,,kL, ,,.W, . , .,1,, ,. 3, x, ,Ik,,:,.W, 537' ,L -:K- gemgsgsaifvgviizisi.2'lli',Jf Lrxf, .,'Lifzg:wqg:t3Qjf2f: ':1,f,j:g-MC, L .. ,- W, -ff-. ,. 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