Fort Stockton High School - Panther Yearbook (Fort Stockton, TX)

 - Class of 1957

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Fort Stockton High School - Panther Yearbook (Fort Stockton, TX) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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1 . o 1, ,ah xvwl . -, i fa ' z I "' ' V G 'P ' 1 A -3.--fr ' - .ft 1 V ' .H r Q P - . ' ' i 15, ,A ' 11 . -.Z D-., i, ' ' -s "'- if f'..1 6 4 ff- 47. ., . J us s an "Q ljsjia' E' in.. ,' ' Qgf 1 1 " -' xt"-'f' . 71' " 1 . .S . 1 . ,. .ul .., 5. , , f" '"- ' -I ' ' . EV: 'f "' I. L , 1 x .Jirh,,.,.,M,.l.. J V -.. vi . " A .' jf .J ' . 1 5" ' J 'J ' . ' , . -4.1 4. Q-in ' . ' 51- . L if ,lg ' . ix. ,K , .i 1 , , J . N , " . I-if ' 'M .xjffi ' .- n I if 'N-I, .F h., . 1 if? ' if-x' 'v"1',." 'ff .. if - "2 AT Ahh' .f",f' ' Q. ' L " -.. lv?-'gfwq ,-A 'Y gi-1-54-Y 4 ,T 'Vg-Y, 1 -- S .I Tw. 4 0 pi... , " . K D. -3. A .V h I., , x I Az 1 ' Xu, -. .-1' Qi."-A f I ' 'N . -?T7,f:f'l,:"'--'-9'lc ' 1 wx .M ,', ..-f ,-.2fL Av I .-T - V. - - f . J' 1 - 13 ., , ' I ' ff .,. It ' v v- W' iv A' ' ' .., M -A . . ,iv v I .4 -'A 1 v f 5' , 1 5 ' - I - ,Q - sz R X7 4 Ut f 1: N . --, -fp.: M . -mc. I V W ,Lf Q " 4? .. 'f' "' 'X i.L1F",', Q- ' Af ,v .K , 3 - ,if -jf V... 1 - my - ' - rm , '- f'. G' D J H' ' tf is- fx - , Qi A if, A , 'f' Q 4 .gg ' "W A if f 5 K? X Z . , . V .r, D '- 21 .,,,f ,.' H 1 3 ' r- -V---wr ' i ' - ' f ---V "' A ,. I WH '- IA . , ,,.. -' -,J-1 I ' . .. . I ' Y - ...-..-..-4.-2 WN ... I P21 A.. ,..,r-, ..-nav T" " ""' Bk. -.1 . .O L .. K , 1 s n .I I I Jo Fw .Gs W1 V ' ' ' ' H T." Q' "-- V' w. TW' W WTR - My fm-. 6' ' ,V I N 2' , 'W' ' ' f' H MMR! .f W W ' X IM' ' M WF'-ww, MW, W,,M,.y.5wW., H , W- 9 , MW' HQ . wmww, ,QW ,J Wk ,W , , , 2 if W A1 vi ,Q H Q 5' M W W' ' ff" ,. f ,Q W gf W A W2 M -' ' .. -f .-,N W! 1 , " M - 2 ,, ,wr , N H WWW ' W , W 'F 'W 'M W 'fwzkw 'K 3 f H W 44 Y' ' f W 'T'Iv f F M ' "Wim W W WW'W ' 2 rjf- ww W , L. .WWW W 4 M X , . . A ' , - ., V' -IP U - , ' LA .WY f , , K " "nv 'V' f 1 ' ,' , 1 X f -f J f f' H, A 1' " A' f K 111: ' - V5' :ff"Q'i' Q , ' LQ 4 j" ff t- Qgff! V ' .lr Y. f ' .A ,g 4 U, I -1,4 .J nw.-If I f 3 ."s'f Ar l'. .-'z, 'I' 1. rv ,, - 5" ,' YW Q 'I "Jr , ,,:-' V, if .I"' f 1. r' -UI V ,f,,, 5.11.5-- A I 'l 1'-"1 r rt ,,,1.!'ug I ,v I N .il , -U , , ,, K, ' . , Q31 ' -' - .gg A . ff! 1 - V -fe, .,L' - 5- .,' f -If 'IFHL'-'1Z.,' 0, ' ' - 1, , :W -.5431-L1 5, ,mg J V 4, I ,. A , , . . :1 N l ,Va -L.. l fb- i ilfj ff, ,1,.r..K, ' , . .Mr ---,. ' . : Mui 1" f- 1 if ldmf ' J 1 ,- ','-V . -H i X , - ,,Yj- V1 . 'L 'fggf---,,. . ' "V -I' 1--m.,,.1 ppp H- , .-mba v 'z..:+r. 1 .1 - A-.T -' Q 1 4 L ' '.-1-41 ---'-fxm, fp xr- .WRJ 1-iw 0 ll tri.. I ' ' I N I A A ' ' 1 Q 'ff 3 pf" ' u -ns ,irq ... 'fr .- f+?""""'x i-f'f':'N' 'di ' ..?f-A: 'ki -'- fa I ' , J: , 2 -' , ' I "YW- Qy 5 If, , 5 ' 4g . W f , , , Q1 Q 2 -3 - IQ Q 4-' -, 1 f-,J f 1 'ini L, i ,EMM I'mr:i29'H?" 3 ff? ' - , . . 1. . , ' J,-' 7 7 ge-'wr-"'fr'fMa f -v rw 1FH-if.b'2,?i:sf.-LMP-I ' 1-ww t- 1 A ,J " ' if H "Z vw' 1 rr-L, . ' - 'X -' ' wT'P.f. 1' fi 3 , . V ' M - . ' "".' N 1 7 -, v wall ,wa 1. r, - ,-- X ,,, pil' ., -' up ' -. Z , fu 1 , ,. . - g',:.j,gjp':": , ' - ff' ' 1 I :Qqjimf P V," AFL ' 3 1- ,W ww . w" g'.L,!.,f:sJ . -1-dy 1 - ,v 'A 5 11' nf 45.- -- 9 f gn-' vf 92 , -owl' v N 44 ., kifafq A 4754 , , '9 m"'5 f Q .,,.,-L, A14 ,M f fiuswi M, 'LIL' 03190-' flaw? QU' y5' ' CA .avwv I. JO U, .DJ K, . A . IVV .,g5,,,, j7'7c9'LR Raw '16 Q-wwf' b A ' M . 9 qibu CVUA1 A 'Q 224 . , A1233 "y'fjL.qqf'1,Q,11Vkx6-Jef!! 6 if' f LQ! L Qafllfaa' nj -J ff 49-494' , , Jvc - M Mi 'QQ' W 32 U 3 fwfw iii? 453 iiffififffwj 53255 il 323555 535555 isis 53 LL 55fi w5 gigs QPVH- Ugly, Jffffyfw ii? QFWX N32 5 Esffiiigw N N S Q is . . SE X Xing! WW 5 2322 mm 41 ,,m,g.,f,4,,,va ,WMM , ,gm ,L-ff: , 1 ' A 4' ,ll ' 4,i247 Q! 'f'f'!fZi' -A 'aivfwlipyazbcifcwf !9anfAer 1957 Fort Stockton High School Fort Stockton, Texas Y X' 'f t' u . V -aj J ff 1 WIHAA7, 1 ' if A' A Q , ' ,,, i' i JL., Luz -M - A Y Confenfzs CL.: u.+4JL.lJ.- fp ,CL-a ' , no Y Administration fl' , enior Class . N . 1 S ow-L 1 Junior Class xml J i i .', Sophomore Class 'f"""'l'e'7- M' W ' I Freshman Class L , i ,, , I t ' I 5 so L' l vp Organizations .D N , 71 V4 sports J QA!-CJ Q, . A 1 J LN . Personalities h E ffl 154409. - I l' I 4 I, ' Social Events 17 .' ' x ia- J Senior Eyenfs L""'!'Ll! ' td!-3 1 Y l I' 'ff Advertisements Z , ff K+ If ALJ- 'Ai-4..Jfg ' :Duron A Beverly Cleveland BUSINESS MANAGER Donna Hale bd Twauwlnnug if-WJ L,,.,,,l-'J 5-'anal Iauiyx SPONSOR Winnie Mae Johnson LITHOGRAPHY BY I Newsfoto Publishing 01,7 'NEW j 'k??0gx I Zlzfvold' M '7""": Co. UC1-J EDITOR Beverly Cleveland ASSOCIATE EDITOR Kay Carson BUSINESS MANAGER Donna Hale ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER Betty Kay Butz ARTIST Floyd Bradley PHOTOGRA PHER Bryant Wil s on ORGANIZATIONS EDITOR Mary Terrazas SPORTS EDITOR Sherrill Rolls FACULTY AND SENIOR EDITOR Sally Urias SPONSOR Mr s . Winnie Mae Johnson 2 .emu fm I 4 M-5151166 LZIHL JJLL Q-,LL inf AQ it tt ?3i1fC"Um lg Q 1 E ogy, 1fe,,,,,, - 1' TX - Lil? L 3, H A flveawel ojvstiufffp 9,11 XJ .jfs M 4+ 1 U "' , WW' ' not ls rl if l J Mm V is 6.1 ,. . orewor Uv JJ, , 'UO A . ,,L-,4." , I . I .7 I . When yoii'were'aAt?hild, you no doubt liked to play "pretend" gamels. Ofteigyw ' bf you said to a playmate "Let's pretend... . ." Even though those games QJY Q I . , gs of are in the days of long ago, you may still play 'pretend" games some X5-5, r VN times in the privacy of your own thoughts. You may pretend that you L L g are Prince Charming on your way to meet your lovely princess, or you IJQXELSO., may pretend that you are afootball hero crossing the goal line for a touch- down or aCinderel1a at the King's ball, or you may pretend that you are the proud graduate receiving your long-awaited diploma. Many of the events of the past year may have been forgotten, but by pretending with us through the pages of this book, you will remember and can relive many pleasant and humorous moments and events. So join us now, and "Let's Pretend ....... " . J i ' . F' ' cw v 1 'Si 'i 7 jak 17? MY Nil' Made tx! w s it N Q a M tiwtf' s i t ff Q 2' .3 Sf . U' n , - X my F LS. " L,-'J .J NX he R Je!! lr' ' f - g ff 5117 'mx . ff' Q X' awk ,Qt EYNIOHK - .' 1 J- vs, l 1 x ,V ' - 'J J- ,,, NJ JD S255 N is 'ff as li kk' V , X N i J NK Vlxqd Q Qf F ty .pl ,fp v 1 A ,A X gx, . ,yfgggh Wemoriam A 4 3 f . Q ',,.f1 1 ,Q sw The studends of F.S.H.S. lost a very dear friend in the'death4sfl- , of Mary Frances Reeves Walker on April 24. To all who knew G dependable. In her years at F.S.H.S. she was very active in the school activities. She was a member of the band, she was president ofher class,and she was treasurer of the Student Council. She was always ready to help and to support all of the activities. Many of the upperclassmen will remember espe- Q cially the Sophomore assembly program which she planned and directed In our memorie Mary will always be smiling and imydl .aim l Njjvft fmpw Met!-'Z WK " K ' Mawr ,C 7 5611.4 5 'ls her, Marywas a friend who was sweet, kind, aconsiderate, and N Eeahcafion -L... MRS . SA LLIE BUSTER THE SPIRIT OF ENGLISH This phrase characterizes a member of our faculty who inspires her students in advanced English classes to think, speak, and write more accurately and effectively. She is a teacher whose work will be ap- preciated rnoreland more by her students in years to come. To a dedicated teacher, Mrs. Sallie Buster, we of the Panther Staff proudly dedicate this yearbook, tr. '9 , . 3 'ur' 'XV J. 'N Congratulations to the Panther Staff for capturing the highlights of this 1956-57 school year, We have had a very good school year. This year's senior class is one of the best academically equipped classes we have ever graduated from F.S.H. S. Our faculty has done an outstanding job, and naturally I would not trade this student body for any other. It has been a real pleasure to work with all of you of Fort Stockton High. May each and everyone of you have happy and fruitful lives. BEN HARRIS Q5,,J ,away Elan! of gducafion ..m.m.--- ...-i.-.. v- 1 LEFT TO RIGHT: George Pinag Edward Winkler, asst. sec.: Raymond Holsteing J' Burney Ligon, vice-presidentg and T.W. Hillin, president. Not pictured are Malcolm Almond, Jr., secretary, and .Tack Allison. As a result of the increased enrollment and the crowded conditions in the Fort Stockton Public Schools, the board of education was very busy during the year planning a building program to relieve the crowd- ed conditions. As a result an intermediate school building is under construction. Quite a few items were added in the 'way of equipment by the board of education. A new pick-up was bought for the agricul- ture department, and new furniture and a clothes washer and drier were bought for the homemaking departrnent. Some classrooms also received new furniture. One ofthe most pleasant duties of the board for the year 1956-57 was the acceptance of another gift from W.R. Weaver who gave his work- ing interest in eight wells already owned by the school plus four ad- ditional oil wells to the school this year. The Fort Stockton lnde- pendent School now owns sixteen oil wells, all of which were given to the school by Mr. Weaver. ERNEST F. TRIPLET Tax Assessor and I 'K , x t ..' .,,..--""' - in Collector MRS. DORIS BAUMGARDNER Health Co-ordinator' Hobby: Flying, Cooking, Sf Taking Movies MRS. WILLIE BLADES Librarian Hobby: Needlework aCu 'vb-1 BF' VW" ii . .4 - " ,JJIY ' MRS. SALLIE BUSTER BOB CARTER English Hobby: Sewing Track Coach, Science, 8: Math Hobby: Golf N' MORRIS CHILDERS Audio Visual, 8: Math Hobby: Golf MRS. GERTRUDE CREEL English 8: Typing Hobby: Reading MRS. MARGUERITE FRANKS Secretary Hobby: Vacationing , i W' Q' X N jafuftg P MRS. MIGNON HALL ' History Hobby: Collecting Books For Historical Reference Library FRED HARRAL Science Hobby: Woodworking 8: High Fidelity Radio -fx 14 X A , -, XM QQ HP" w X , 2, , i I 1 V- Y C ,v.,i X w-if MRS, DORA HAYTER MRS. MARY E, JAMES MRS. WINNIE MAE Algebra Physical Education JOHNSON Hobby: Photography Hobby: Woodworking 3, Study Hall Sewing Hobby: Cooking MRS. MARY HELEN JORDAN Commerce Hobby: Having A Good Time PAT MAYFIELD Industrial Arts Hobby: Hunting 8: Watching T. V. , f,u,,1.qi+1'T.l -. W V1 -' i' i H UE1i5ig.f"'H'w :Af , -' ' - :Eff 10 A .TOE MORING Drivers' Education 81 Basketball Coach Hobby: Read 8: Study Athletics MRS. COILA FAE MURPHY BRADLEY Art Hobby: Music 8: Sewing wr' " ',x' Q x I hr, ' rw ' ww, 1 -fm , W 'f-vv' in ' "cu, 1 W --H,-F 5 ,fl sn If , was K Y fr. Y tl, kj ggi y it fp-2 A My ,M W w uw ' ,w in w, ,w A Digi' uf QM M jun, :T w H wwe wx W N ""' asa w ,H -1' seal!-' .-1-fi" MARJORIE NEWSOM LARRY SKYLSTAD KENNETH ST. CLAIR Home Economics Journalism 81 Speech Band Hobby: Interior Hobby: Everything Hobby: Music Decorating Connected with Horses lfg9','Ix is:-If HOWARD TYSON Spanish 8: English Hobby: Stamp Collecting , Hunting 8: Fishing KENNETH WATSON Head Coach Hobby: Golf fi., - ir, '23 Pai ,- Q R a A' vi bi fr HQ-,, MRS. DOROTHY GORE DEE DAVID WHITE MRS. FRANCES WOOD WEDDLE Vocational Agriculture Choir Guidance Director Hobby: Teaching Boys, Hobby: Reading Hobby: Writing Poetry Hunting, 8: Fishing MRS. MERRIE RYAN Dietitian Hobby: Cooking J'.A. "SHORTY" DEDMON Chief Building Engineer ASSISTANTS Felix V. Gonzales Willie D. Hernandez David Ramirez enior.4 f ,N A X J XXX 1 XXX Xx xx xx X Jgfiyl, "And when the people saw that Arthur had pulled the sword from the anvil, they cheered and said that Arthur would be great and would have a magnificent future." X JEROME CRUMPTON Pre sident N D0 SUJLPSO NNA UE President Sec:-etiIAL vwe ry Xijjy N x ff' MRS . HALL Spons or JUDY ALLISON Tennis, 2, 3, 4gDistrict Champs Doubles, 45 Math Award, 23 Cheerleader, 3, 43 National Honor Society, 3, 4g P r e s i - dent, 43 Representative Student Council, 1,4g Homecoming Queen, 43 Miss F.S. H. S. , 43 Comanche Relays Queen, 4, R e g i o n al Champs Doubles, 4, Vale- dictorian 4, JUDY ALMOND F.H.A. Club, 15 Spanish Club, 1,23 Players' Club, Zg Pep Squad, 23 V01- leyball Team Manager, 3, 4. -6 ARMSTRONG s Favorite, lg Football, 45 All-District 2nd Z5Al1-District lst , 35 Permian Basin Znd , 33 Vice-President, 25 s President, 35 Student cil, 2, 35 Highest Rank- Bov, 45 Nat. Honor So- .4- BARKER l,Z, 35 T 8: I Club, 2. . 'rf GEORGE ATKINS Basketball Manager, Z5 Vice- President,3gTrack, 35 Foot- ball, 2, 3,45 Captain, 45 Stu- dent Council Representative, 4. V-vm S., FLOYD BRADLEY Clas s Secretary, 2.5 Dim- mit: Lone Star Boys' State, 35 Best Personality, 35 Stu- dent Senate, 35 Citizen of the Year, 35 F.T.A. Pres., 3: BigBend District F.F.A. Vice-Pres.,45 Track, 45 F. F.A. President, 45 National Honor Soc. , 4. X SAM BAKER One Act Plays, 1, 2, 3, 45 Band, 1,2,3,45 Band Cap- tain, 45 Best Actor, 35 Stu- dent Council, 2, 35 Student Council Pres. , 45 Most Rep, Boy, 3,45 District Poetry Reading, lst 3,45 Citizen of the Week, 3,4, lv ,' l 1 I I, , 1 DONNA SUE CHURCH Choir, Z, 3,45 Six-Teens, 2, 35 Players' Club, Z, 3, 45 Sec. -Treasurer of Class, 25 F.F.A. Sweetheart, 35 Dist. Best Actress, 35 Region A11- Star Cast, 35 Vice-Pres . Players' Club, 43 Science Club. Sec., 4. 15 fi , , X CAROLYN CROWELL DON DIEBITSCH Student Council, lj Band, 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Favorite, 1, 43 Basketball, 3,4g Captain of Basketball, 4g A11-District Basketball, 4g A11 Star Band, 3. 16 JEROME CRUMPTON Tennis, 1, 3, 45 Student Council Representative, Z, 33 Football, 2, 3, 43 Runner-up for class favorite, 2, 33 Golf T e am , 35 Class President, 4g President Pro tem of Stu- dentCouncil, 4g Mr. F.S.I-1. S. , 4. in W! ROSE MARY DURAN President of Spanish Club, 4 Homecoming Duchess, 4. F.H.A., 1:Ch0i1'. Choir Reporter, 49 Tumble- weed Reporter, 45 Vice- I PHILIP CLARK F.F,A,, 1, eni BETTY DYSON Cutest Girl, 33 Coman- Relays Queen 33 Lady Waiting, 4. 'ffl GONZALES A. , 13 Spanish Club, 33 1, 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club Treasurer, 4. a 5 5 've-'-vi KI MCSPEDDEN nis Team, 23 News Edi- of Tumbleweed, 3g Ex- ge Editor, 45 Band, 1,2, Drum Majorette, 43 Sec- ary Players' Club, 33 rican Legion Citizenship rd, 3g President Players , 45 Citizen of the Week. DONNA HALE Band, 1, 2, 3, 43 Managing Ed- itor of Tumbleweed, 35 Players' Club, 33 Business Manager of Panther, 45 Class Secretary, 4. BARBARA MAYBERRY Annual Staff flnglesidej, 3: Sanburr Joke Editor flngle- sidej, 3: Choir, 43 Associate Editor of Tumbleweed, 4. RUTH ANN MCATEER Drarnatics Club, 33 Student Council Rep. , 33 Band Vice- President, 3:Stage Band, 3, 45 Alternate Twirler, 4g Presi- dent of Band, 4g Band Sweet- heart, 4g Secretary Student Council, 4. THOMAS MICHNA 17 H PATSY POSEY Cla s s Secretary, 1, 3gVolleybal1, 2: Class Favorite, 35 Pep Squad, 3g Players' Club, 35 Tennis, l,2, 3, 43 District Champs Doubles, 4, Regional Champs Doubles, 4. PATRICIA PALMER F.H,A , , 1. DA VE PARKER -gd ' -IL. -f'.' -Z7 j B d 1234 an , , , , 5 Editor of Tumbleweed, 4g Natmnal Honor Society, 3, 4. J PQ'- fi LAJUANA ROYE F,H,A,, lgP1ay Exchange Ed., H.A. Sec. 4g Ba l,2,3,4. GLORIA SANCHEZ GERALD SAUL Band,13 F.H.A., 1: Spanish F.F.A. Club, l, 43 Girls' Choir, 2, 4. 51:-A 'fs' ig TOM SILLIMAN Student Council Rep. , Vice-Pres. , 33 Golf T Class Favorite , 2, Handsome, 45 1- oo 3rd Place State Edi Club, Z3 Tumble! LES SMETAK etaryF.F.A. , 33 -Pres. F.F.A. , .A""'s-mn... TAYLOR ootball Captain, 4. 2,3,4Q Track, 33 33 Class Favor- 33 Znd Team All-Dist. , SUE SIMPSON Nat. Honor Society, 3,43 Volleyball State Champs, 3,43 Most Rep. Girl, 4g D.A.R. Citizenship Award, 43 Vice- Pres,, 43 Student Council Rep., 43 Homecoming Duchess, 4. GEORGEANNE SMITH Band, 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Council 1, 2, 33 Class Favorite, 23 Dramatic s , 2,31 Declamation, 2,32 Dist. Play, 43 All- Star Cast, 43 National Honor Society, 4. , , -as fs., '23 3 a K ' CORRENE STIDHAM 1 Class Reporter, lj Band, 13 Volleyball, 4 1,22 F.H.A. Vice- N Pres, 1,3Q Choir, 4. I fix, San-9 1-...,, MARY TERRAZAS F.H.A., 1: choir. lst Dist. Typing, 33 National Honor Society, 3,41 Spanish Club Pres. , 43 Annual Staff, 43 Salutatorian, 4. RUTH ELAINE THEUS Class Secretary, 13 F.H.A. 1,2Q Choir, 2,43Spe1ling, lst, Dist., 2,3. 19 DOROTHY JEAN TURNER F.H,A, , 1, 2, 35 Volleyball, 1, 2, 3, 43 Most Athletic, 35 Players' Club, 33 All-Tour- nament, All-Regional, All- State Team, 3,4, MARY WEST F.H.A., lg Band, 1,2,3g Volleyball, 1, Z3 Tennis, 1, 2, 3:Annua1 Staff, 35 Dramatics, 2,3, 20 SALLY URIAS F.H.A. Pres. lg lst Dist. Tennis, 23 Pep Squad, 2, 35 Choir, 3,45 Citizen of the Week, 45 Choir Pres. , 43 An- nual Staff, 4g National Honor Society, 4. fr? in ,W V.. '-,A of Www A Q . --.Y 4 . LESLIE WHITWORTH Football, 1, 2, 3, 4. NOT PICTURED: Joe Hallford . its, X X . 1.51 WENDELL WARE Band, 1, 2, 3, 4. , -04' PEGGY ZUEHLKE F. H. A . , 3, Volleyball, 4. unior.4 Q' . is .0 1 ' 1 O . 1 I "'- gf' N-,-1 X If tiff il Wy P ld ' QC ' .tlvlfjxs p.5.fH!,gf,-E 'Wy A9 "A F,-09 . QQ Jai ' ff" He Would a-Wooing Go." .M 2 Q1 V X D fm jp X. ff , Mf- ' .p"Q Q'9' If ' LL ' 'X ' M' J" w frfw ' ,' -WV W, ' ,fi 3 .1 A W ' If q V +4- I , Lx fx, C J Q " WZ' 1 . 4 -f' X X ,fi 1 if f X ,fg "" 1 f 1 X K, x 9 ,' Qi I xx L f 1 X X X X-x 1 X X ' , . : , fa f 1 M ,C X I ll ,ff 0 mmf, I U X ' w X xxx f 21 f"'5 unior Cfaad NJN' Z li' f-3" "-3? 'X TONY TRA C Y QL Pre sident JA N T1 E Franklin Umca Se SIMPSON cz-etary f X '55, A' . 14 , . Q 1 ' C -- 'A ,y . ,r 1: . MRS, JORDAN H Sponsor X Ned Arcides Polly Arcides w N EP K , Annette Bagwell Joy Bowers Fred Bradley Isaura Bueno 22 I V '2- 41 W Lx, V ' . f ' X , 1:,Q'f1l15B"i ' " 5 " X 'ual N-5 i' J 'K gig vs i l M551 I X Jr' ' " zifii Tim Casner Bill Buster Betty Kay Butz Kay Carson lg P 'Q ,.-.. N-4-xv l 4' fn-uv-1 Franlin Duncan 4 f' B .N-'sr Y. Beverly Cleveland Mode sta Chave z Olivia Castelo ix 7.3 as '15 Ne, Linda Fielding Eva Flores Pat Fortenberry Lowell Gerbert 25 ' 2 1' 'K ' .D v ' xv A V ff.-in I 3 X ,pl lr , L u . w 3 P ., ,Maxx ,fn J' J A ' -'fizfziijizi -I W , A! Y U 1 , Nora Tiemann .Toe Graham 1 -H 3L.l.. I Barbara Ligon Yvonne Lannom Cas sie Irwin fir X-'fs' Bob Maples Alonzo Martinez Alan Matthews Jim Hillin Herman Hoffpauir- x-sf' David Lowell u ni or .5 Jffrp V la! or Madonna Nel Son J :v-1' 'ff' Tommy Nichols Isabel Nunez - RX R f - I Y N ' 'X-, 1 5 Xanthus Pattillo L.H. Patterson 'Wei' Amalia Ramos Ida Rodriquez HR 'rfb , ""1un ' ' f Elidia Pacheco Julia Patterson Y:-:ar .V -lil Lynn Rainwater Rodney Powell CAM - . 1?"', w ,J-I U Ruben Rodriquez Sherrill Rolls r im it Martha Shellenberger 375 z S ,- ,. A . , , . .,,,,, , . , , . . , . 1 b.rfL.-:wa f in - -f .TQ lv -me :fi :wi ws? , WH' :R . , fx- j ,. H: . K ' -fx Mg ffl 4,M,zg6fm:f,,4 M 11 Li, H. 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'g I W ,..z- I fn- !'n, David Juanita R3-Ymond Bill Allen Almendarez Aguilera Armstrong f - Yea ' -6 'ah . .tug 'W M l- fgg A -K A, .Q y -.Q i 1 ,V .- In X - 7 I ', 3- , N X ' 44 M in L ' 1 Sue Wendell Jake Betty Armstrong Averitt Barker Black .. K at i A., x if . -L N X -:U Qu. :ae - .91 JVQFZC : rg A Joe Lionel Johnny Nan Bowman Bueno Byford Calderon A 'X .J . ' 'N n 'f N . JJ, Q, of V , we . ' 1 A if-1-. il? 91 if Tony Kay Freye Jimmy Carrillo Clarke Cope Cunningham Q1-af -'17 'f-N Dale Robert Amelia Abe Dees Dennis Duarte Gonzales K i' ,x Q5 tl- ,fuer Lucy Margarita Gonzales A Gonzales Reyes Anastacio Gonzales Gamboa V 'nnn Iilarriet Richard Ronnie Caridad Hammond Harral Hopkins Jaquez v . Ji' 1 A f P I T i A l Jose Carolyn Bill Adon Jaquez Kelly King Leija l Q -ai-1 Marilyn Eva Johnny Jimmy Lethco Martinez Mayberry McAteer ix , 3o,aAomo 1 CAM t : f -, Y e I X .L .X cgv :tv -9-ev 51 A 1 k L John J. D. Dorothy Pat McGwyer McIntyre McKenzie McLeroy 1 I ' N 9 'JJ' '. 'ti' l s .6 E 5 ' ' : .jx ' 1 f r -1 I , ILP., " "I ti Mary Isidro Jose David Meija Mesa Milan Navarro ' X l J l -...,, 'FSI ' 1:7 Elaine Elodia Donna Isabel Nichols Pacheco Patterson Porras . f ,Q Kent J. B . Petra Gloria Powell Pugh Salinas Salmon .gil 'Z fi ,li Wt A ,K if f H"-wif' 4 ,' ' ' ,ff ' U 1 M .11 1' A l if ay ,. 3 lf? 1 X use 'Ziff ' ' A ' - ' ,n ',2,'N51 'AJ , ' ' I Q' ' . Q W M Eli? VJ Senaida Marielena Tom Donna Salmon Sanchez Sanchez Saul A ,M . ff. 1 Q ' r , , ' . .9 3 ' Q11 '.,""' , ' Xf' , .i -T-an y 3, -mf' 1 Q! " 'X ' A My -'fr ,af ,E ix ff 5 ' . l, Y I :VK ' V in WA Katie Bobby Rudolph Robert Shows Slover Smetak Strong A X: A " U11 R. ' A X. is ,A I xx K, lf. I' ' 1 , ,JV A A1751-fi David Mary Lucretia Mary Thrasher Tinkler Vander riff Vas uez E fl Y 11' I ' an , . ,I Nqr -, '. 1, Andre S Villalba 13, 1 Celia Eva Harvey Villalba Villalba Williams NOT PICTURED: Celestino Acosta, Elida Aguilera, Nancy Bryant, Erlinda Gonzales, Viola Granaf John A. Holbrook, Octavio Mesa, Mary Sanchez, Frances Ann Adams. TQCHOOL F.S.H.9. ll' gI'e5Al7lel'l XX-,vvk ,ill K' 9 , , A fi, .-Jgiix' Eb 1 L V g ...J . A 1 3 W j M N I '. KN W: , ' f Ign-Q Q ' Q : 1 I xv Nl lx ' 'X Lt 8 y . l Ny, K 7 H xg yff I. X X ,X i N 'V f' A 1 i X Jbjd 5-'M 6 M67 "A dillor, u dollar, A ten-o'clock scholar, What makes you come so soon' jrwhman AX ':'ff57 J X I K f n l4""' rw y 2 X 1 JIMMY REDDEN President CZM M G NGHA INGE CUNN1 i t R DEA SARA Preslden Secret X vice' ary x 4-477 MR. TYSON Paula Sponsor Mary Aguilera Aguilar ami-il ' ' -, , V N J K ,T ' N A , H NW L :. V ,Cl I Cl ,, ' '7 A he .- 5 ' 'Q 1 ' q AL i .R M , Lynda Mary Malcolm Reynaldo David Alexander Almendarez Almond Arcides Arnol .417 r Q LM , -D if Q 4. ' "4 4 .1 , ' 'V' Robert Baker ff Q... Margaret Averitt fi UD- gf' X -is NI ' yde s ,A -JJ .7 B T f v 5:.g?n Isabel Banda ,-fs 'fr' -Q, -I --L:-L' Frank Chavarria 'NTP ara Q A Jayme Barker Y-n 5 ll' x V Y N:"x ' -x-4 4 X U. Buddy B owers 4.2 Eulalia Chavez r n f 'wi Rf- m e1'1'10I1 ,49- Dominguez Sara Cunningham 1-5 Socorro Duarte ,. Lyndon Cr ump n iris-Y aa John Dunn f-5 , 15, K, xr or x 1. X wx ,, 1 J r , -. fr' ha, X59 f v X-4 flfy Nancy Baumgardner Tony Brons 'W fer fr TQA H I 1 I y fs YU if ' I at rf! Jw, J ff John Berry , rv fi? X-'aw J' f,f'i.d:Qi ,1 ",, R Mary Lee Cearlock T71 Dick Virginia Cochran Cooper " ' N N ' H V 'i f- . J X ' . -- r f' , ' nf J. . A ' 1 irr N n w 1 , 9 x f xi y V Q Joan Ginger Danielson DeAx - '- ,-. 1 ,.-ff! M v ff- ' MQ '1'- .1 -Hd" J, , , ' ,,'f'l'f2T,Bii?J,.1. W Ross Joyce Davis Dollar ' fe-'lu iii' fi fo it I' 'bdr I 'Q .J George Jesus Fielding Franco Y . Q 1 . Ben Frank Gonzales Gonzales Rag .4',, -Q- -.47 se!! M J on Virgil Hill Hillo c k 9? Sally Flores ,re '. 'WE x ,.-no . X X ny N 1 uf W5 I! NH 'Nfl' . 4U w dx .-1 V if W L, xv!! wild,-'35, . J .4-,, L' , -uv .Ag ,A 1' a:-3,.aLl.""Mf f , , ,, ,,. ,j-'i. 1' 3, Josephine Gonzale s George Holbrook Sonja Sharon Jone s Johnson Claudette Kerr F,-1: J' 'J u Lv? "' A ....' '- ' r- B rian Gilley rw 55 ll 2 ' 'fr L ,. X K r Ne al Griffith 1 l I ', in 4 1 . A. K ,-A iv . I w w. ,nl Johnny Howard Barbara Land jl'e5Al7l Q,- , -, Mildred Hill Barbara Hughes J-J rj Shar on Le e I2 i - try ea? V! N it ' ,H QL3, dfjl ' Frank Jack Augustin Nancy Phil Ligon Lowell Mesa Mitchell ' McClure Q., ,, '1 s ,V I Woodette McDouga1d Wi 'Vx 'ff web R Z' 5' Roger Neirnann 'fi A '1 lv' Charlie Parks Pascual Ramirez V, F ,- i 5. 1 1 :- I .., 5 ,'., , - W.D. McGilvray 4' if 2 . Linda. Nelson Q . Rachel Pena rv or X... A2 N Rusty Ratliff 1 K-gi maiif Melody Linda McKenzie McKenzie '23 r l , W. Lf- Cruz Nunez ' -' ' -if R Roy Pena Mauricia. Olivas Jo s ephine Pina we x'-r Jimmy Olga Re dden Rivera Flavio Lionel Rafael Jesus Rivera Rodriguez R0driguez Rodriguez '?' Irene John Bert Rodrequez Rowe Roye y "'- P A gaze A y -Q., . f K ' A r c elia Sanchez 5 ,. J. Orville Strong Mike Ureta. , flag, Q-I M X H - , il , 1 Kelly Wilson 9 . IH in 5" h I Leon Albert Schultz Simmons aw I 1 , " l, L' 9 f 144741 M in .4 Anson John Sullivan Thompson , A H-fb A, vr , .rp I , 'TM I T P13 S ' . fb " Q I Donald Rodgers Trelly Smith XX. Q L ' wo- We ' l N ' 'I V, : r 'px . 'ff " , "'L'f1JfY':' ," ,fqtj j Jl':'.,li V. YI .-W w ', 1 .. V , f rf' f Jerry Tyler fu ,, V .X 1 P 4' 5 'D Lucy Johnny Urias Urias 7-T Beverley Norman Wilson Worley Sandra West E lv l 'svn-I Edward Sanchez ' Joyce Ste rling T Ri Vernon Tye l wr-I Nan Wil me th NOT PICTURED: Ben F. Adams, Ri ard Barnett, Pinky Davis, Billy Har way, Paul McKeever, Albert Urias rganizafiond r 9 5 kv, O Rn, nh X Sh: 1 21.-gd t3 mjlrff .' , , fo pl 2,1 X o nr ': 'X " fa .XM . n ', ' 1 . " 'U tl W 5 0 u 1' I I I ff! 71:11, V ,V W I 'X ,V 7 V " ' A 'six ' x ?"X.V Yfffx D " 1 Ox 1 - gx L Q' L D. 1 -nc Q5 "LONDON BRIDGE is falling down, falling down, falling down, LONDON BRIDGE is falling d own,-" T Sfudenf gounci od? X51 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Judy Allison, Gloria Salmon, Ruthie McAteer, Beverly Cleve land, Joan Danielson, Linda McKenzie. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Dorothy Weddle sponsor: Sue Simpson, Sue Armstrong, Barbara Ligon, Sherrill Rolls, Jimmy Cunningham George Fielding, Frank Ligon. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jerome Crurnpton, George At kins, Torn Silliman, Robert Dennis, Sam Baker, Isidro Mesa, Franklin Duncan, Tony Tracy and Xanthus Pattillo. Ov OFFICERS, STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Judy Allison, historian, Tony Tracy, par- liamentariang Jerome Crumpton, president pro-tem, Mrs. Dorothy Weddle, sponsor. SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Ruthie McAteer, secretary: Sam Baker, president: Barbara Ligon, treasurer. Cfaad epreaenfafiuw 7 azw Cl SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES Sillimang Judy Allisong Jerome Crurnpton, Sherrill Rollsg Tony Tracy, presidentg Franklin Sue Simpsong George Atkins. Duncang XanthusPa.tti11o3 Beverly Cleveland. SGPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES FRESHMAN REPRESENTATIVES dro Mesag Sue Arrnstrongg Robert Denni s , George Fie1ding5Linda. McKenzieg Jimmy Redden, sidentg Gloria Salmong Jimmy Cunningham. presidentg Joan Danielsong Frank Ligon, . f"'Fa""'xf Panfkef BEVERLY CLEVELAND Editor SW! A S sociate Editor MRS. WINNIE MAE JOHNSON Sponsor DONNA HALE r Business Mgr. - Y I L 9 4 Q '4 I ,If X li, .fl W5 4 -if U " BRYANT WILSON Asst. Bus. Mgr. BETTY KAY BUTZ Asst. Bus. Mgr, KAY CARSON K1 FLOYD BRADLEY Artist 1-,, This annual is the result of many hours of Staff. The staff, under the direction of Mrs. A ' Alf swf hard work by the members of the Panther Winnie Mae Johnson, meets every Mon- day night in the high school library to plan and prepare this book for the student body. MARY TERRAZAS - Lay- out copy 'C37' LYNN RA INWA TER 42 Sports Editor SHERRILL ROLLS Lay- out copy SALLY URIAS Lay-out copy TOM SILLIMAN News Editor 30101630120 DAVE PARKER Editor ,pu- Sta BARBARA MA YB ERRY Managing LARRY SKYLSTAD Sponsor Editor GEORGE ATKINS Sports Editor VICKI MCSPEDDEN LA JUANA ROYE Feature Editor Exchange Editor " 'Ty 1 , W5 I-ee-I-A - , -24-I Z . f, A ,f - b ., V . X p X fe fn..-ff A J" f e t 1 ., ., " x , -f he Tumbleweed is given to the students free of charge every two Weeks. Much work is devoted o the paper by the members of the journalism class which meets each day to gather news of all chool activities. The staff is under the direction of Larry Skylstad. CASSIE IRWIN .TOY BOWERS , , MARY DURAN Reporter Reporter Reporter v ,-- Io., ,. 9 , 0 'i-if! J 'A H .xx C. F L, PEGGY ZUEHLKE Reporter panmer KENNETH ST. CLAIR, Director FLUTES Nancy Baumgardner Sharon Johnson Melody McKenzie Linda McKenzie Georgeanne Smith Qnot picturedj John Thompson Sandra West CLARINETS Jayme Barker Betty Kay Butz Carmen Gonzalez Josephine Gonzales Donna Hale Knot picturedj Jim Hillin Sharon Lee Barbara Ligon Phil McClure Nancy Mitchell Ruth Navarro Josephine Pina Roy Pena Lynn Rainwater Joyce Sterling Beth Thomas Knot picturedj Lum Vandergriff Bryant Wilsgn Beverley Wilson f BASS CLARINET Yvonne Lannom BASSOON Beverly Cleveland SAXOPHONES Lynda Alexander Buddy Bowers Don Diebitsch Carolyn Sue Kelly Dave Parker Mary Louise Sullivan ' V ., V ff CORNETS Malcolm Almond John Berry Tony Brons George Fielding Brian Gilley Richard Harral Joye Henley Qnot pictured, Herman Hoffpauir Ronnie Hopkins Ruth Ann McAteer Augustin Mesa FRENCH HORNS Johnny Howard Trelly Smith Vernon Tye BARITONES Bill Buster Jimmy Cunningham Jimmy McAteer E., Xanthus Pattillo Wendell Ware TROMBONES Robert Baker Skipper Blaydes Claudette Kerr Jesus Rodriguez BASSES Vernon Creech John Powers Rusty Ratliff PERCUSSION Sue Armstrong Sam Baker Joan Danielson Lowell Gerbert Harriett Hammond Vicki McSpedden Kent Powell La Juana Roye I. ff N 'H .Q Y EQ" . , 5- 7,-V . V :swf 1 W, 22:1 H- ' 3 . ' ' qs J 0?-1 1, ' ,QV ' 1 Tr 5 , ' X ... ,. J ,Q - A , fl V' 6 + Q sg, V , , K .1 all 'V N gm C 3 l 1 x 1 , fox! , 'E . 3 7 is '- :.., - 4 N w 4 VICKI MCSPEDDEN BEVERLY CLEVELAND Drum Major Majorette SUE ARMSTRONG YVONNE LANNOM Majorette Majorette ff' L 'Ii l 'ILMA .. I, .UW II" ,.., A - X N1 523 l'LQ.L L 1- 1 - W , J 0 L sf? BAND SWEETHEARQT 9:,llmHvu, ' A, if Q- 'e McAteer was chosen band sweet- t by popular vote of the band. She was ed at the half time ceremony and then ented with a bouquet! of roses and .a elet. gancl Gounci LEFT ROW, BOTTOM TO TOP: Ruthie McAteer, presi- dentg Jim Hillin, vice-presidentg Don Diebitsch, secre- tary-treasurer, RIGHT ROW, BOTTOM TO TOP: Vicki M c S p e d de n , drum majorg Bryant Wilson, librariang Sam Baker, band captain. NOT PICTURED, Jimmy Cunningham, appointed council member. BLUE 8: WHITE CITATION CORD WINNERS Six boys, Robert Baker, Xanthus Pattillo, Don Diebitsch, Herman Hoffpauir, Bryant Wilson, and Dave Parker fnotpicturedj were chosen by popular vote of the band as the best marchers of 1956-57. N N I , Clair TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Elaine Theus, Martha Shellenberger, Linda .Tune Fielding, Sher rill Ro1ls,Kay Carson,Correne Stidham,Barbara Mayberry, Joyce Weathers, Dorothy Ida Rodriguez. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Wood, sponsor, Sally Urias, Mary Terrazas, Lucy Gon zales, Olivia Castelo, Mary Lynn Aguilar, Ruth Shows, Rose Mary Duran, Palmenia Elodia Pacheco, Gloria Sanchez. BOTTOM ROW: Eva Flores, Barbara Hughes, Pat Madonna Nelson, Amelia Duarte, Pascuala Dominguez, Isabel Porras, Ernestina Valen Elidia Pacheco, and Lucy Urias. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, Sally Urias,presi- One piano solo and three vocal solos dentg Dorothy McKenzie, vice-presidentg tered at Choir Contest on March 16. Kay Mrs. Wood, directorg Donna Sue Church, son, Choir pianist, placed lst in piano secretary, andRose Mary Duran, reporter, in vocal. Dorothy McKenzie and Sherrill proudly pose with the Sweepstake trophy the placed Znd in vocal solos. Earlier in the Choir won in Odessa at Choir C onte s t on Sherrill was chosen to sing in the All S March 1 6. Choir, T i a.a11fL'?S1,l. t Q,z24,,,,, cm ein 4 T , ,i N., ggi, .WZ ANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Elaine Nichols, Ginger DeAx, Tim Casner, and Linda McKenzie. TED: Ernestina Valenzuela, Jesus Rodriguez, Pat McLeroy, Mrs. R.D. Blaydes, sponsorg Porras, Sara Cunningham, and Nan Wilmeth. NOT PICTURED: Virginia Cooper, Woodette Donna Patterson, and Wendell Ware. R.D. Blaydes, Isabel Porras, Pat McLe1-oy, and Valenzuela, pictured ready to leave for the , Convention which was held at Galveston on Feb- Linda and Sara, are you really working or 21 through 23, just trying to fool Mrs. Blaydes ? pani5A fx., TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Mejia, Senaida Salmon, Celia Villalba, Ida Rodriguez, Mar Terrazas,presidentg Eva Villalba, Lucy Gonzalez,Sally F1orez,Amelia Duarte, Reyes Gonzalez SECOND ROW: Mr. Tyson, sponsor, Flavio Rivera, Mary Lynn Aguilar, Eliclia Pacheco, Ros Mary Duran, 2nd vice-president, Elodia Pacheco, Mary Vasquez, Isabel Nunez, Palmenia Arcides Ernestina Valenzuela. THIRD ROW: Olga Rivera, Marielena Sanchez, Margaret Gonzales, Gloria Salmon, lst vice-presidentg Carmen Gonzalez, secretary-treasurerg Isabel Porras,Ruth Navarro and Caridad Jaquez. Pictured below are some of the girls enjoying the Spanish Club's Christmas party which was held on December 13. Mary Terrazas giving a talk abou Spanish Club at the Band Concert w was presented to the parents on M 5 during the Texas Public School W cience 5 i TO RIGHT: Jim Robbins, Bryant Wilson, vice-presidentg Tony Tracy, president: Richard Franklin Duncan, Sue Simpson, and Fred Harral, sponsor. NOT PIC TURED: Donna Sue secretary: Beverly Cleveland, and Floyd Bradley. 5 Working by N, Moonlight ? Quiet! Geniuses at work! Don't work too hard, Tony, 'EWG r , SLJLA. Muna H EMA ,TER Y S AMERICA .- 5 -H! , - W NVJIQIJQ., W EEE Eii W L ,QQ 3 Q 'I I, I, -J' if ' - I ' ' . I ll'l'f'7f. ci' . gsm u'11,jQ 'F V :A 35 Rl STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Marjorie Newsom, sponsor: Joyce Dollar, Pat McLeroy, Mary Le Cearlock, Rosalee Smetak, Ginger DeAx, Joyce Weathers, Sue Kelly, Irene Rodriguez, Mar Lynn Aguilar, Sonja Jones, Isabel Banda, Mary Almendarez, Mauricia Qlivas. SEATED: Joyc Sterling, Barbara Land, La Juana Roye, Eva Villalba, Mary Tinkler, Isabel Porras, Linda Nel son, and Beverley Wilson. NOT PICTURED: Juanita Almendarez, Socorro Duarte, Carida Jaquez, Ruth Navarro, Josephine Pina, Mary Vasquez, and Celia Villalba. OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Isabel Porras, treasurer, La Juana Roye, secretaryg Eva Villalba, vice-presidentg Mary Tink1er,presidentg Barbara Land, historiang Joyce MARJORIE NEWSOM S te r 1 in g , parliamentariang and Beverley Wilson, song Sponsor leader, I nnnn so Tv 1 T :, fl VL2, , .qw . 1 - J ""' I 1 't- - -' L, 1 ,m-If The F.H.A. girls have been busy attending different club meetings this year. On October 2, they attended one at Grandfalls, on March Z, the area meeting at Midland, and on April 26- 27, the state meeting at Dallas. The girls learn many things from attending these meet- ings. ' ' ..," .-Lum! s is the F.H.A. girls' display during the os County Fat Stock Show on October 11-13. girls have enjoyed many parties this school . One of the most enjoyable was the Valen- party held in the Hornemaking room. An- r was the program for the incoming eighth e girls in May, which was to explain the rent things being done in the F.H.A. Smile pretty, girls -- it's Christmas! ides enjoying themselves, the girls have L: Christmas cards to the mental hospital at Spring, and a box of gifts to the Tomassee -an School in South Carolina. The girls receive last minute instructions from Miss Newsom, sponsor, before installation of officers. Two of the girls admire the Chr is tma s decorations at the F.H.A. Christmas party' which was held in the H.E. room. flied. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jesus Franco, John Holbrook, L.H. Patterson, Alan Matthews John Hardaway, Pat Fortenberry,Rodney Powell,historianp Wilbur Warnock,Bob Maples, Pfober Dennis, secretary, Fred Bradley, vice-president, Jimmy Sullivan, parliamentarian. SECON ROW: Jose Jaquez, Charlie Smetak, vice-president, Buddy Spence, Isidro Mesa, vice-presidentg Johnny Urias, Harvey Williams, Floyd Bradley, president, Leslie Whitworth, reporter: Andres Villalba, treasurer. THIRD ROW: Charlie Parks, Julia Carrasco, Lionel Rodriguez, Rafael Rodriguez, Anastacio Gamboa, Abe Gonzales, Pete Worley, Jake Barker. FOURTH ROW: D.D. White, advisory Reynaldo Arcides, Jose Milan, Leone1Bueno, sentinelg Edward Sanchez, Eva Flores, sweetheart, Eulalia Chavez, Richard Barnett, Rudy Smetak, Cruz Nunez, and Pasqual N 4 Ramirez. Floyd Bradley, Big Bend District vice presi- dent, giving a talk about the F.F.A. at the Band Concert which was presented to the par- EVA FLORES ents on March 5 during Texas Public School Sweetheart Week' R , f V-'v' -, 'JJ L D. D. WHITE Advisor 5 ia aww. s. 1 ummer educational trip to Yellowstone National Park high- ted the F.F.A. 'S suc ce s sful year, The boys' sheep ex- ts made exceptional showings at the El Paso, Houston, and Angelo Fat Stock Shows. ey raising projects included the collection and sale of scrap Y fn , the sale of Christmas trees, and the sale of cokes at the OO gift from the Student Council helped purchase South- breeding stock. 'ia y LEFT TO RIGHT: Shirl Sul1ivan,Budd Spence, Leslie Whitworth, and Floy Bradley. Each member of the grass judging team carded high scores, but the team was nosed out of first place in team standings by a fine Im- perial team. Despite the fact that Floyd Bradley was the high individual of the con- test, this same group of boys finished second in range judging, this time to the Crockett County 4-H. nu Y d t, U V o y P. F , U , Y V ml' M" 5 H in ' 1' 'li ' l 1 ' l ,X " X M . ,- 1,5 fi" H is 9 ei' .1. Nnj A H 'Q I 1 " , ' H27 F? 't f , 4 Q... . X. A J 1-'51 -' - . ' . -A . ' -' fl , v ' - ,V 1 1, vs . r fi w w W M omancAe Springa ayefa , strong, secretary treasurer, Sam Baker, Vicki McSpedden, president, Jesus Rodriguez, Sara Cunningham, Jake Barker, Lynda Alexander, Jayme Barker, John Thompson. SECOND ROW: Larry Skylstad, sponsor: Nancy Baumgardner, Sharon Lee,Beve1-ly Cleveland, Eva Flores, Floyd TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Skipper Blaydes, Beverley Wilson, Lynn Rainwater, Sue Arm- M Bradley, Dorothy cKenzie, Sandra West, Sharon Johnson, Nora Tiemann, Woodette McDougald, Virginia Cooper. THIRD ROW: Robert Baker, Joan Danielson, Nancy Mitchell, Melody McKenzie, Nan Wilmeth, Claudette Kerr,Linda McKenzie, Joyce Dollar, and Trelly Smith. NOT PICTURED: Donna Sue Church, vice-president. Georgeanne Smith played Eliza- beth, The Queen, and Sam Baker played Es sex in the State Contest P1aY- Lynn Rainwater as The Fool and Lynda Alexa as Penelope. At the last moment Lynda becrl ill and Sue Armstrong took her place. fJ'm"' JA ' T '-- I' 'W , lf'lf.11,3.9 wwe.-l:'+ i T Donna Sue and Tony were the narrators for the Chr i s tma s pageant presented by the Play- ers' Club, Choir, and Band. is a behind-the-scenes snap of the Players' Club, The last scene of the Christmas pageant was one of the most beautiful in the pageant. The Three Kings and the Shepherds came to adore the baby Jesus. .Iygggly,C1e5g,,1,apd. sang a solo, "Sweet Little Jesus Boy" as the street scene in Bethlehem was portrayed. , 57 Eva Flores, taking a bath in public! "?'1"'h The 564, 000 Popcorn tion was won by Nan Wil Lynn Rainwater did a magnificent dance in the as sernbly. The ideal caveman! The Playersf Club banquet held on May 18 was very successful. SanT'Baker was the speaker and Vicki McSpedden, president, also gave a. short speech. 58 Officers of the Players' Club are Donng Church, vice-presidentg Vicki McSpe presidentg and Sue Armstrong, secret treasurer. L Wafiona! .flonor Sociefg TO RIGHT: FRONT ROW: Mrs. James, sponsor: Frauna Sue Simpson, treasurer: Donna Worthington: Judy Allison, president: Beverly Cleveland: Georgeanne Smith, secretary. ROW: Mrs. Weddle, sponsor: Don Taylor: Mary Terrazas: Sally Urias: Floyd Bradley: s. Hayter, sponsor. THIRD ROW: Thomas Armstrong: David Parker: Tony Tracy, vice- Lynn Rainwater. Membership in the National Honor Society requires a. scholastic average of ninety or above and a junior or senior classification. At the open house for parents, Judy Allison, president, gave a talk on , fs .1 555 w, H A::4::u,,.m SQ 1, 1? W ,HQ W the National Honor Society. The new members were installed on April 18, 1957. Membership cards were presented by Mr. Harris. 1 .9nfer4cLofa.4fic league POETRY READING AND DECLAMATION Sara Cunningham, Znd in Jr. Girls' Decla- mationg Georgeanne Smith, 2nd in Sr, Girls' Declamationg Mr. Skylstad, sponsorg Sam Baker, lst in Poetry Readingg B eve rly Cleveland, competed in Poetry Reading. NUMBER SENSE Barbara Hughes competed in this eventg Mr s . Hayter, sponsorg Nan Wilme th , 2nd in District. READY WRITERS Mrs. Sallie Buster, sponsorg Donna Hale, 3rd in District. 60 SHORTHAND Mary Terrazasg Sue Simpsong Mrs. Helen Jordan, sponsor. Sue lst in District and 4th in Regional. SPELLING Lynn Rainwater and Beverly Clevel placed 3rd as a teamg Mrs. Sallie Bu sponsor, J TYPING Mrs. Creel and Mrs. Jordan, s pons Harriet Hammond, Betty Kay Butz, Flores. ,gpm-fa A K -QNX A Mi I l f i K E x S g'.C.4,,i,- F2 ' Z""' ' ' I ' 1 , , li In qsf J' U xX N f i E Q9 by .n..,J Anas, A A U "On your marks! Gel' se-e-ei! Go!" joofgaf , ,nw I .ag , ,F ,IL - V - -, z , , ,J I , - . r , - ,, . . 1 -. - -- .-n- . . ' .- .. A -- -.--. - . ,- . ,M z ,.' .,. , ' ,. , , '1-'.. V -- 1- N M ' g-. '. -1, J' ,W-IIII ,, ,I I -v 4 U I. . W, II II II,II I I II III- .II II, II I I I , . I . '- u , ',,. f ' 1 - .V ,III f , - , ,. --.-N, ff- -... , H-""" ir s' IL, 'SVN-1 . ' 'lf T' I . 'H ' 31.1.--. ,I , I . -.,"4' "' r' 3 ' -- '-ff. x."' ":.f. 'JZLQ 'Lf-'7'.'. - .:eQ'Ii',g.-1'f,..j,f vs-sf ' 5 'ii , ' A TEAM TOP ROW: Coach Watson, Jimmy McAteer, Pat Fortenberry, Tom Silliman, Franklin DL can, Jim Hillin, Tim Casner, Julio Carrasco, Coach Moring. MIDDLE ROW: Manager Bobby Slovl Fred Bradley, Ruben Rodriquez, Red Dennis, George Atkins, Don Taylor, Frank Chavarria, T Tracy, Manager Floyd Bradley. BOTTOM ROW: Jerome Crumpton, XanthusPatti1lo, Rodney Pow Leslie Whitworth, J. D. McIntyre, Joe Graham, Ned Arcides, Lionel Rodriquez. NOT PICTUTR Celestino Acosta, Thomas Armstrong. TRI-CAPTAINS HEAD COACH George Atkins, Don Taylor, Thomas Armstrong. Kenneth WNSOU ' 4. . xx N'-. 1:--1 , J u- -'-.V -- -. 4. -. ,. . -41" , l, -,,,. A "'2'x:- Spy ,Q x 4.5. 'uw 3 gif,-in-"1-.V 'Q ,.', . V4 1 -I -. .- i .V - .' " -.Juli , .- ."f .m'.J1af,'rTi-. '-'-' . .. , -r. L kv:-F., 3 .L. "YF 'Pi' Sag: 'si-.1 .4'!'34L'f . ' . "'f AM TOP ROW: Coach Carter, Jimmy Sullivan, Bob Maples, Bert Roye, Johnny Urias, J. B. , Jesus Franco, Isidro Mesa, Joe Bowman, Junior Palmer, Charlie Parks. BOTTOM ROW: Wen- Averitt, Jose Jaquez, Billy Jake Barker, Ross Davis, Reynaldo Arcides, Pasqual Ramirez, Nor- Worley, Jose Milan, Lionel Bueno, Bill Buster, Tommy Nichols. S I Nl N 4- I I' I-x:'Ju,Iv?, 'L J A Qt -2 1 19 V M. Lg, -nf' I , .K b7:A . .L .X Mx WJ Wim - 4-- 'ur ,tvwpiff 'N I T' Q ,' i i : , l M 53' - 4 1 Q ul ?!'- s x - 'N 1 MNA 'Ji' , A v YU , J--r - ,fiwi ' q J , A , , ' w , agile J I N , " ' g lmlj ll K 1 Q U J y - ' n l 'I ' 1' wp :HI M ,A fl ir' fm N if' , . l ' ' I ,Q ii .' M llfl nu I Jill ix ieillil hllllfl' ASSISTANT COACH MANAGERS , -T06 M01'i11g Floyd Bradley, Bobby Slover 63 CELESTINO ACOSTA Soph. Guard 2 yr. Letterman GEORGE ATKINS Sr. Guard 2 yr. Letterman Honorable Men. All District For the season opener the FortStockton Pan the r s met the Sanderson Eagles. Leading 20-0 at the half, Stockton won the game with a score of 39-6. At the second football game the Panthers sur- prised the Big Lake Owls and fought them to a scoreless tie. 64 In f W , M F. F. THOMAS ARMSTRONG NED ARCIDES Sr. Tackle 3 yr. Letterman lst Team All District Znd Team A11 Area Jr. Halfback 2 yr. Letterman S. 39 Sanders on S. 0 Big Lake FRED BRADLEY Jr. Halfback l yr. Letterman Honorable Men. All District lx Coach Moring, at a pep rally, urging the boys to do their best. Eanthers scoring six ..,,.,..'.WL..., , ,TUV , W 3, -H S 11 ' W' JULIO CARRASCO TIM CASNER JEROME CRUMPTON Fresh. Tackle Jr. Halfback Sr. Quarterback 1 yr. Letterman 2 yr. Letterman 2 yr. Letterman 44 Marfa 1 3 as Alpine o V i ' RED DENNIS Soph. Quarterback ,M 1 yr. Letterman CHAVARRIA An action shot of the Alpine game. The Panthers really stopped the Fresh. Tackle Bucks. 1 yr. Letterman Panthers easily de- d the Marfa Short- s. They rolled up yards rushing and 80 ing to win 44-13. game with the Alpine - s was a runaway with s before the game was E f . The score was 38- y , . . n . ,, .L - ' ' 'um' ' .. ,t 'I ' -I - WV A. Q V ' .. - ,. FRANKLIN DUNCAN PAT FOR TENBERRY J OE GRAHAM Jr. End Jr. Guard Jr. Center 1 Yr. Letterman 1 yr. Letterman 1 yr. Letterman JIM HILLIN Iraan 7 Wink 7 JIMMY MCATEER Soph. Fullback 2 yr. Letterman Honorable Men. A11 District Jr' End A pileup during the hard-fought game with Iraan, Z yr. Letterman In the second tie of the season, the Panthers were tied 7-7 by the Iraan Braves. It was a close fought game. The homecoming g a rn e , against Wink this ye ar , was a close contest, with Stockton winning the game 12-7. 66 J,D, MCINTYRE Jr. Halfback 1 yr. Letterman ........., F.S. 0 XANTHUS PA TTILLO LIONEL RODRIQUEZ Jr. Tackle Fresh. Halfback 2. yr. Letterman 1 yr. Letterman Seminole 21 McCamey RUBEN RODRIQUEZ Jr. Halfback 3 yr. Letterman Jr- Guard the Indian-Panther game 1 yr . Letterman eir first district of the season, the ers were defeated POWELL A Seminole Indian runs around right end for substantial yardage during he first time this The Seminole In- won with a score of anthers suffered second defeat at the of the McCarney rs. The score of ame was 34-6, fn: f-' -1, A- www ,UH W' .v if ' 'f . ,. , fy ,. 4 ,w , 33-ve we it an TOM SILLIMAN Sr. End 2 yr. Letterman Honorable Men. A11 District TONY TRACY Jr. Quarterback 2 yr. Letterman DON TAYLOR Sr. Center 3 yr. Letterman Znd Team All District F.S. 25 Denver City 13 LESLIE WHITWORTH Sr. Guard 2 yr. Letterman The Panthe r s rolled to their fifth win of the sea- son When they defe a te'd the Denver City Mustangs. The score was 25-13. In the last game of the season, the Panthers were defeated 38-0 by the Crane Golden Cranes, I 68 Crane The cheerleaders lead a yell at a bonfire. A Panther executing a tackle against the opposing team ball-carrie: 1' '7 J A ,...,.. :- N hw... . I -f ' v 1 " in .,4,i3g.I r ., V - E 5 3 fy' ' w w. tk CAeerfeazler5 ! may h I F Gi mmm - .xt . uf' 'X , my X 'A I X' 1 "T L 4 in . ALLISON Sen1or Junior RRILL ROLLS W L ,. g .f V- .J 'M WY 1 PATSY POSEY Senior 7 I s fn Q N MRS. HAYTER Sponsor JANE SIMPSON Junior ff , - 'E t' 'L ' -T T 1 ga .4 Leila ff Wgwug LEFT TO RIGHT: Ned Arcides, Thomas Armstrong, Julio Carrasco, Jimmy McAteer, Ti Casner, Coach Joe Moring, Franklin Duncan, Don Diebitsch, Fred Bradley, Tony Tracy, Ruben Rodriquez, Kenneth Thomas. COACH Joe Moring Panthers 51 Panthe r s 5 3 Panthers 46 Panthers 64 Panthers 5 3 Panthers 43 Panther s 64 Panthe r s 7 8 SCORES Seminole McCamey Crane Denver City McCamey Seminole Crane Denver City PLAYERS NOT PIC TURED IT Celestino Acosta Sophomore "B" Team Frank Chavarria Freshman "B" Team Rafael Rodriquez Freshman 1 yr. Letterman Y I l' Hx- -. 5 'V r' Bw! Q . 1 f 6 'if J 'fi R, hi Y Hina- f ' e 1 ! ' A J' '34 ..r , 1'- ei , Q 2 x sa Q. in 'ft '91 -1 I w - ,-1 1 1 1 " . -y I1 1 uf ' L 'JIS Q.-K-?1s'T,Q Y "" X, -, , XT f3..:.-,'-Q. K , .. 4 -H --,J x l-,I x V I xv - 1! 1 v.,m,4af 'WTTGTI-'ff-mf--f 1-f 41-- .L 1 F-B 3: 4 ... ,,LV,., X - J-, ,' i. , A TEAM TOP ROW: Mary Mejia, Isaura Bueno, Amalia Ramos, Sue Simpson, Petra Salinas, R- Gonzalez, Manager Judy Almond, Coach James. BOTTOM ROW: Peggie Zuehlke, Joe Turner, . Simpson, Socorro Duarte . B TEAM TOP ROW: Manager Judy Almond, Isabel Banda, Freye Cope, Janett Wilson, Amalia Reyes Gonzalez, Senaida Salmon, Coach James. BOTTOM ROW: Katie Shows, Sara Cunningham, gie Zuehlke, Socorro Duarte. JUDY A LMOND Manager . MARY ELLA JAMES 9 j' ir- 'wh' : , 7 " ,- --. 5. ISAURA BUENO 1 AME RES AME RES Coach Crane Monahans Iraan Monahans Iraan '9'Crane 4'Semino1e XMCCBTHSY 'l'Denver City Crane B Monahans B Iraan B Monahans B Iraan B Crane B Seminole B McCamey B Denver City B 6 48 26 40 26 45 39 19 20 45 39 23 57 Z1 58 32. 18 29 59 They 11 4 9 15 9 10 17 16 11 13 Z1 15 15 5 13 14 11 4 B Team has not lost a game in two years. '9fDistrict Games 1 ,.-.-. , Jr. 3 yr. Letterman A11 Tourney Big Spring All Tourney Lamesa SOCORRO DUARTE Fresh, 1 yr. Letterman MARY ME J' IA Soph. 1 yr. Letterman A11 Tourney District A11 State Team .igfyjj .14 ixll f-A BIG SPRING TOURNAMENT Crane Levelland Seminole Big Spring B Big Spring A LAME Lame sa B Plainview Lamesa A Imperial AMALLA Jr. 3 yr. They 7 6 7 12 18 They 1 6 11 19 The girls won the Big Spring Tournament and placed second in Lame sa Tournament. il iz' X ' u 1 I ,L , FJ, ' I , . . A 1, 2 JANE SIMPSON Jr. 2. yr. Letterman A11 Tourney Lamesa 11 Tourney District . 11 Tourney Regional STOCKTON- DISTRICT CHAMPS SUE SIMPSON Sr, 2 yr. Letterman A11 Tourney Big Spring A11 Tourney District A11 Tourney Regional A11 State Team -N ' -- I WUI? A ix, ,,,- We They Crane 3 1 7 McCamey Z3 8 Seminole 2.0 15 STOCKTON-REGIONAL CHAMPS We They Olton 41 4 STOCKTON-STATE CHAMPS We They Post 38 9 San Saba 41 6 Cypress-Fairbanks 17 10 STATE CHAMPS JO TURNER Sr. 4 yr. Letterman A11 Tourney Big Spring A11 Tourney Regional All State Team PEGGY ZUEHLKE Sr. 2 yr. Letterman I 3064 TOP ROW: Coach Bob Carter, Ruben Rodriquez, Franklin Duncan, Tony Tracy, Joe Bowman, Carrasco, Joe Graham, Rodney Powell, Jim Hillin, Pat Fortenberry, Jimmy McAteer, Tim BOTTOM ROW: Jose Milan, Abe Gonzalez, John Rowe, Ned Arcicles, James Purser, Floyd Bill Buster, Xanthus Pattillo, Fred Bradle , Isidro Mesa, Shirl Sullivan. -J HH nl Ill Ill In my Ill my T Isidro Mesa and Tim Casner, Stockton trackmen who went to State this year. 78 Judy Allison, Queen of the Comanche was chosen by the Track team. She is turedhere with Jim Hillin and Tim two of the captains of the track team. other captain, thwgsPattil1o, is not tured. E 1 ., ,QL-,A A 'wx . 'i ,' L1 . I' , "K V A Q y V W, . 1 , Y A, -MV, Jimmy Mc, ,up and over. nnual Comanche Relays were held here rch 2, 1957. First place was won by ws with 36 ll2 points. Stockton was in ace with 11 points. District Track Meet eld here on April 4. Crane won first . Stocktonites who won first places were llows: Tim Casner--lst, 2.20 yard and ard dashes: Isidro Mesa--lst, mile rung quez, Arcides, Bradley, Casner--lst, ard relay, gional in Lubbock on April 12-13, Tim r and Isidro Mesa qualified for State . on first in the 220 and Isidro won second mileg however , they did not place at 'CA Wwllni MILE RELAY TEAM LEFT TO RIGHT: Rodney Powell, Pat F o r t e nb e r r y , Ruben Rodriquez, Jim Hillin, 'V "Mi .. f -I LY 212- -f"" J' ' ' 5"' .1 - ' . A -- ' ' ' "' SPRINT RELAY TEAM LEFT TO RIGHT: Ned A r cide s , Tim Casner, Tony Tracy, Jim McAteer, Ruben Rodriquiz, Bill B us te r . NOT PICTURED: 91 ofhq. blurs are runners . HURDLERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Joe Graham, Ned Arcides, Franklin Duncan, fired Bradley, Shirl Sullivan. 79 1 UD ennizi . F sr ' y ' at F . . ' -,. . 1 -7,-' y p' u'f.f- ', A J ,Q ' gif ' ' - ' -' ' v E , -3' ' .I ' ' H. L 1 TOP ROW: Lowell Gerbert, Kent Powell, John Thompson, Kelly Wilson, George Fielding, Blaydes, Jimmy Redden, Coach Howard Tyson. BOTTOM ROW: Jerome Crumpton, Claudette Sandra West, Lynda Alexander, Patsy Posey, Judy Allison, Brian Gilley. The Fort Stockton players this year were as follows: Senior Division: Cassie Irwin, Girls' Singlesg Brian Gil- ley, Boys' Singlesg Patsy Posey and Judy Allison, Girls' Doublesg Jerome Crurnpton and Tom Silliman, Boys' Doubles. Junior Division: Sandra West, Girls' Singlesg George Fielding, Boys' Singles: Lynda Alexander and Claudette Kerr, Girls' Doubles: Phil McClure and Kelly Wilson, Boys' Doubles. Fort Stockton entered two t o ur n am e nt s this year, in Odessa and in Alpine. In the District play in Crane on March 30, Judy Allison and Patsy Posey won the Girls' Doubles. In the Junior play Lynda Alexander and Claudette Kerr won the Girls' Doubles and George Fielding won the Boys' Singles. In overall team points Fort Stockton ,wa s second to Crane. Judy Allison and Patsy Posey won the Girls' Doubles at Regional in Lubbock on April 13. The girls went on to State, where they were defeated in the semi-finals. 80 1 ., gc. . ,. ,. 11' 44' w ". ' . Judy A l l i s on and Patsy Posey, Stockton Senior Girls' Doubles Tennis who were regional champs this year. 3 ' . lf ,df -1, I , F 3 I W W wma 6 wx .Wim vi "NN N L ,, SENIOR PLAYERS TO RIGHT: Kent Powell, Lowell Gerbert, Brian Gilley, Jerome Crmnpton, Patsy Posey, Judy Coach Tyson. NOT PICTURED: Torn Sillirnan, Cassie Irwin, W JUNIOR PLAYERS TO RIGHT: Claudette Kerr, Sandra West, Lynda Alexander, John Thompson, Kelly Wilson, Fielding, Skipper Blaydes, Jimmy Redden, Coach Tyson. 81 Hut 1--Hut 2--Hut 3 This band is lined up and is rarin' to go! What poise--what uniforms--What? ? Twirlers ? ? ? Back to the showers after a tough game. -f ' ' ' -.' r' ma' 'Qu P' Y W' r Q w f L V 1 .- 1 V r 1 8 F , ,,.",x f .. ,v Us , - 1' '- -pf .,.,1 4.,-, These are cheerleaders ? ? ? FIGHT! ! ALL-GIRL FOOTBALL GAME The All-Girls' Football Game, November 15, 1956, caused much ment for all. The game--Seniors 8: mores vs. Juniors 8: Freshmen--was plete with boy cheerleaders cho s en the s tude nt body, boy twirlers Mr. St. Clair, and an all-boy ban by drum major Sam Baker. The cha leaders were .Take Barker, Ered Bra and John Hardaway--Junior 8: F r e sh team, and Jerome Crumpton, Floyd ley, and Robert Dennis--Senior 8: So more team. The Twirler s were Ji McAteer, Jim Hillin, and Xanthus tillo. The football girls were suited o the regular boy's uniforms--blue vs. The Senior--Sophomore team was co by Ken Watson while the Junior-Fres team was coached by Bob Carter. bruised girls put on a good show that enjoyed by about 500 people although the Junio r-Fres team fought, the Senior-S more team was triumphant. nf enionahfies if ,ff R J X? "Mirror, ml th ll Whois th f t f Il ' ' 1 ,,., V , .pg - . . ,- ,, ,I A 1 ,mr 6 V fx V Y I v xi ' - f ' I '. r I H ,i"""'f'-' f -. l Z -Q gm 4 . 4. , 3 J Ju 11, Jdgijon F f 'iii R 4 ,f W f Q 5 'P QI! Wa- 9' WW MSW? I n 0: ' V Qdwagjjifj W W C.. ,,,f gm ,. Sue .141-nkdfnong ' ,,-H' Nw" A 'J J -m n. , bv H, W, ,,, Z.. H 1 -+w!f"" " V, ' Q 1 limi: H 1 m, -- xv, 'I 5, 'iw " , I . V' 41. 4 . Z V 5, L ta 5'-fs-J flm .5-.4 WSJ: Alia lv + 1 .jfy,f'Lp, Q If 0 'W ,-11 - j my V ff" WL Woutjirvi VA 5 Q91 If ' .n',,.,u I I if .v I --V .gf- ! n 4 . ,f'v 4 "1 aa! ummm p , . . v film r .1 ., , r. u If . 1 1..- He X' -la' if 1 '54 'I A ' X 5 ". N 'x i fn' x L ""w fda? Mfqfk telic me ffl arnecoming ueen yuJy .xdfhaon 'S-if pufgie Wg ,Rx K 7776-fdleer Ii " xx, XX Y . Q My '75 .V5 L wo' 95 ,H w, N ' " " fig? WM M N N u EDI! . EIJIMCA " H N tm 'br' :r,:1W.,H , F. .. , ww. w W W. I ., ' fn . .I ,f mL is kv CW nw' ll Ai ,fi 1 M-A RP, H W 'wff' V W nw M -. H fx. w w Sm! L, gd ..x..,, A u naw 1 ,.. . if-. , 5 J' odor S4 errfff lam fy., A ' 1. Rv , 32 X I .J sv ' l . 1. .. J. I dt , lt X 9 A , .. . 1 .il Q 3 W A ' ' V x NX, . 3, V. J X ', Q 1 " ' .5 X X ju-5 'pf . ' X,hp V, '-3 ' - X " 1 . y '53 . - t , -. , ' Q 1, ' f ' .i1"-'.' . -. , ' ' . 'W' 1- .'fM'f?f..' ' ' " .1 ' T' 'r: 1i 11-1-U . W' 'x."?. - + " .-',L" I 1 l.,wJ1' P'at ,g ' -by I 'wsu .. 335511. Mf:-I - ' 1 ' ..1 ' '-H1 -I. J , . ?Ef':-Egg ' .41 ,U i .F fu-?T+:":. .:!'i4." ' .1 ,.,. - A.. +A", 1'-L., 1 V.: Y' A ,JAM will kg.. lytlbmz .1131 . ,Y f., Y-. H 3 l Q lr .-B. V , M, V , ...Y 57- ..-..iI.m,,F-7--rr-i?jfl.Y nz.. - i .r r 16,401 Eennii fm., H, 'f maj, of 11" 9 C f -'uw SW X .ma .. , WX., , H 'L ., . -4,. fimw- , rypiqgj: w M bb :Wo lr W War, CIA:-iafina peyea ' 'Nfl' HA .M W ' a .1 , 'V . 1' 'l. W , 0 Wm! GMM lf!! " '4 'im l'll -I wb ,v 19 fl Fzf x "Xu, AX- -bi, 5 N E LK." J .nx ' 'HN 'Nl MHA? Iv '- " 'Q !'1""?Q' Tw Ek, W ' UU' V l g?1nj.,'fEt5-Lb Ml I . Jw: ,Vw U 1,1 . -'uw I- mn W. ,- mr .' Q' ww 1' L. -W , cop 0' QW on Md' U l fwVQ:,, - W TN N1 :MJ ,. J," Jaw, 11. Hx w, -- , '9jf'M.1 , "V ' Jw M 'W' M q '1'.':"'f.T "Q"M1u' M 'I lf' "l'J'!,Q' 1 ',"Y.r""'5' " - ww. :vu fair .Lrg- Sara Cunningdam Gfizena of fAe weeg The citizens of the week are chosen each week by the faculty on the basis of their will- ingness to cooperate with teachers and other students and such qualities as courteousness, friendliness, consideration of others, and neatness of dress. 4 1 T SIXQWEEKS: sam Baker, Judy A1- , Floyd Bradley, Beverly Cleveland, e Crumpton, Sue Simpson, Don Tay- Mary Terrazas, Tim Casner, Jane SDH. SIX-WEEKS: Wendell Ware, Betty Joe Bowman, Barbara Hughes, arnock, Nan Wilmeth, Thomas Judy Almond, Robert Baker, Bar- Land, Herman Hoffpauir, Julia Patter- NOT PICTURED: John Thompson , Bueno. SIX-WEEKS: Xanthus Pattillo, Mo- Chavez, Frank Ligon, Nancy Mitchell, Blaydes, Donna Jean Saul, Lynn er, Beth Thomas, Ned A r c i d e s , Dollar, Jimmy Cunningham, Sher- olls. Lu SECOND SIX-WEEKS: Wendell A v e r i t t , Vicki McSpedden, Fred B r a dl e y , Mary Tinkler, Thomas Armstrong, Kay Carson, Linden Crump, Ruthie McAteer, Sally Urias, J.B. Pugh, Freye Cope. NOT PICTURED: Jack Lowell. FOURTH SIX-WEEKS: Franklin Dunc an , Dale Dees, Jim Hillin, Eva Flores, Isidro Mesa, Dorothy McKenzie, Alan Matthews, Sara Cunningham, George Fielding, Linda McKenzie, John Rowe. N T PICTURED: Joan Danielson. 3 .,f'..4'il, , SIXTH SIX-WEEKS: Ginger DeAx, Carmen Gonzalez, Kathy Hodges, Sharon Lee, Sue Armstrong, Kay Clarke, Jimmy McAteer, Philip Clarke, David Navarro, Neal Griffith, Albert Simmons, Phil McClure, 97 l- L The Rooney Fami1yAWard for the high- est scholastic average went to Barbara Hughes. She also received the Magno Usui Study Club Award for the highest English average. This is the first year for this award. ,a '-1' ---an-4m.l,... ..t N' H l M ix ,N Y , M. ,, - ff' -.,. , f. y w I in M F, , , QW , y lr W lx w N W V, 1, I. "1 " x . u ,H 1 , 1 ho,. , W w ' '1' - JN Yr X v L: , The awardfor the Best All-Around Girl given by the Pecos Theater, given for the first time this year, went to Sue Simpson. She also received the D.A. R. Citizenship Award. The American Legion C i ti z en s hi p Award went to Sam Baker. WA. The American Legion scholar medal for being the highest ran senior went to Judy Allison. The Pioneer Award for the Best Around Boy Student went to Tho Armstrong. f The Pecos County State Bank A for the highest ranking math s tu went to Linden Crump. .A- I The Butz P. T.A. Scholarship Award went to Mary Terrazas. 98 ,fd ,AAN Sofia f guen td ff A ffl XX O X x hey spent a happy evening .... I d d d b .fdu fu m n ea uea Too windy for you, girls? Here we are at the swimming pool pavilion and it is Septem- ber 22, 1956, time for the Autumn Leaves Dance. The dancing area is surrounded by a picket fence entwined with autumn branches. R e fr e shment s of cookies and punch are being served, so let's hurry and join the fun, Cochai! lounge E YFTMEL Floyd, you and Sam quit that cutting up! Ready for a cocktail ? ""'Lw 1 ' -t. f so 1 a 6 7 Here it is Nov. 19, 1956, and my, doesn't ' nice. There is the cashier in pink and black to at the door. Now let's give our coats to the girl, dressed in her traditional short red skirt. A chimney lantern on each table and the bartender make-believe bar really put us in the Cocktail mood. M-rn-m-In the cocktails lpunchj and co really hit the spot. This is really a sophisticated buncl Red and all those girls? H' ',, ' 'vw Leaving already? omecoming 2 J omecoming Queen Judy Allison with her ladies-in-waiting, Betty Dyson and Sue Simpson. uchess Rosemary Duran is not pictured. These girls were chosenby popular vote ofthe body. A was held on the weekend of October 19, 1957. Registration was held Friday in the girls' gym, and an assembly for the Exes was held that afternoon in the audi- Billy Moody was the Master of Ceremonies. Friday night the football team played spirited game for a 12-7 victory over Wink. At half time the Homecoming Queen, her ss, and ladies-in-waiting were announced and presented on the football field by Mr. , Mr. Huckaby, Mr, Harral, and Mr. Tyson. The Queen then reigned throughout the of the game, After the game, all were invited' to a dance at the Country Club. brought an end to another year of Homecoming. 4 'X Dancing was enjoyed by all. Catching flies, Judy and Linda? 641-iafmaa ance Everyone enjoyed the dancing. What Prince Charming wasn't proud to take his favorite princess to the most important all school dance of the year- -the Christmas Dance,he1d on Decem- ber 22, 1956. The guests were greeted at the door to the North Pole by a seven foot snow man. To the left were found Santa's helpers frolicking gaily about his workshop,whi1e the Odessa College Orchestra sent dreamy music through the icicle-and snow-be de cke d hall. Even the most skeptical believed there really was a Santa after all who were present r e c e iv e d a stocking full of cookies and a cup of punch, WWW 'L+ fy Nftftwiggm I Sue and Sam pose in front of the Snowman . Couples enjoying the music of the Odessa College Orchestra. Why so serious? What'cha lookin' at, Jimmy? Who has on the hat W F' .4 SaJie ,2L!awLina ance Sadie Hawkins Dance was held in the clothes-line bedecked girls' gym on a typical dog patch night. couples danced in the atmosphere of two hay filled stalls and an authentic hill-billy still. Refresh- ts included corn pone cookies and mountain cider. - typical night in Dogpatch. Friendly, isn't he? Caught in the act! ! wezftefll GIICE ndap old paint! ! This is a cry you might have heard had you been at the Western Dance on January 1957 at the Rural Community House. All the local cowboys were there dressed in their fancy tern attire, and the cowgals were following close behind in their colorful squaw dresses. The chuck on gang served good old ranch fare of cokes, sandwiches, potato chips, and cookies to the hungry nglers. 'ffbelieve 8 W01'd of if! A teacher? ? ? Look at the solernn faces. . auorifea ance "You gotta have heart, all you really need is heart." could very well have been the theme of the Favorites' D held at the Community Hall on February 16, 1957. The was decorated with red and white crepe paper and red he were hanging on the walls. A red glow from above fe everyone as he entered. Red punch and heartshaped coo' which were served, really set the mood. A huge redl stood at one end of the hall, and it was there that the F ites were announced and presented by Coach Carter ang Mayfield. This wasn't posed, was it? ? X. --in ix 1. fe:- "fn 1957 All-School Favorites Class Favorites SDCL .NOP Why all the socks? That's simple--it's a Sock Hop held in the Girls' Gym on March 22, 1957. dance was differentfrom mostbecause all the couples danced in matching socks. To revive the after a mad dancing spree, cookies and punch were served. 104 Look at all the shining knees. Look at the birdie! Wendell leaving you? ? unior- enior anquef Scene from Jr. -Sr. Banquet. He's actually working. Franklin reading the Prophecy. 1 H SPRING- TIME GARDENS Junior-Senior banquet was held in the Comanche Room at Taylor's Cafe. After everyone had eaten, Y Tracy, the Junior president, welcomed the Seniors. Following this, Jerome Crumpton, Senior ident, delivered the response. Reverend Robert Hooks, the speaker, spoke on "Preparing For Mar- e. " The prophecy was read by Franklin Duncan, and Don Diebitsch read the will. The menu featured ato juice cocktail, tossed salad, turkey, cranberry sauce, green beans, baked potato, hot rolls, e Cobbler, and iced tea. A bouquet of garden flowers centered the head table. The dance, held fthe banquet at the large Community House, featured a flower covered-bridge at the door, arching imaginary water. A "rock wall" decorated with figurines encircled the walls. White picket fences lined with fresh roses surrounded the bandstand and tables. The banquet and dance were enjoyed l, including a few worn-out Juniors who decorated until 6:00. '-s-1-...Z fl, XR, .. U ,af Another will--another laugh. Where's Thomas, Kay? ? Not to-o-o-o crowded, is it? ? 105 V , l Wm 1 wx ' Mn ,w u X wx ' 1 U l l unior- enior rom With a colorful "Streets of Paris" theme and a grand march to set the ball in motion, the Seniors 1 sented the annual Junior-Senior Prom, Friday, May 10, 1957, in the large Community House. Colm striped awnings over the tables gave a sidewalk cafe effect, and flower carts scattered about the added to the effect. A spotlighted Eiffel Tower with a fountain in front was a highlight in the dec "French" paintings were scattered about the walls. Punch and cookies were served by three " waiters, and the music was furnished by the Sul Ross Collegians. A typical scene at the Prom. Flowers, flowers, everywhere. The end of another Jdfhgporfs gan Q u ef Well, the last social event of the year has just slipped into "dreamland." The All-Sports sponsored by the Quarterback Club, was held in the large Community House Friday, May 17, The feature decoration of the banquet was a large blue "S" with gold footballs, basketballs, vo tennis rackets fincluding Sue Simpson's good onej, and track shoes around the bottom of it. Cooper,Bay1or line coach, was the chief speaker of the evening, but Nolan Conner got his say breaths. The music for the dance after the banquet was furnished by RCA. I. fir" v vw: X, il W ua mums y I - N . , W ,. It must have been funny! Seniors receiving certificates. Coach Cooper. 106 V 7 4 NWI ,gl l 'N X- lm - 1 llMI enior uenf5 J ffl x "Old King Cole was o merry old soul, A merry old soul was he." 1957 gi-acJuafe.4 C A W, xx Nfflgj A.. K FOURTH ROW: Floyd Bradley, Leslie Whitworth, Don Taylor, Thomas Armstrong, Dave Par Thomas Michna, Jerome Crumpton, Gerald Saul, Sam Baker. THIRD ROW: Peggy Zuehlke, El Theus, Sally Urias, Eddie Barker, George Atkins, Tom Silliman, Don Diebitsch, Charles Smetak, Hallford. SECOND ROW: Pat Palmer, LaJ'uana Roye, Donna Sue Church, Wendell Ware, Patsy Po Jo Turner, Mary West Watters, Mary Terrazas, Georgeanne Smith, Vicki McSpedden, Sue Simp FIRST ROW: Gloria Sanchez, Barbara Mayberry, Carolyn Crowell, Betty Dyson, Judy Allison, Ph Clarke, Donna Hale Worthington, Ruthie McAteer, Judy Almond, Carmen Gonzales, Rosemary Du D' KMJA if S , J 1 f l f:""r gjg., J 3 ,X 108 w J H My v.:,-n-mr W THIRD HIGHEST VALEDIC TORIAN thomas arrnstrong judy allison SA LUTA TORIAN mary terrazas FO'RT STOCKTON HIGH SCHOOL BACCALAURE1-STE SERVICE SUNDAY, MAY NINETEENTH, 1957 Processional .... HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM 8:15 o'clock P R O G RA M --------..---- Kay Carson ' ' -1 Invocatlon W- ..... ---- The Lord's Prayer The Rev. George Bastian ------------------------ Albert Hay Malotte Sam Baker W IX Scripture Reading .... .... The Rev. Robert S. Hooks Sermon -- Benediction .... Recessional ---- ---- Mr. 'Milton R. Pogue The Rev. George Bastian ---- Kay Carson 4ii FO'RT STOCKTON HIGH SCHOOL K FORTY-THIRD ANNUAL COMMENCEMENT Processional ..-- Invocation ...... PROGRAM High School Band -..-- The Rev. Robert Hooks Salutatory Address --- ----- I'11 Walk With God No True Education --"1E2Qi'sfQ1IJ0i'E:iLiQ ' Without God .... ..... HE .......................... .... Valedictory Address Scholastic Awards - --- Mary Terrazas Douglas McLean Thomas Armstrong High School Band --- Judy Allison ------ Ben Harris - 'Mr. Jack Allison Awarding of Diplomas --- ------ Mr. Malcolm Almond Benediction -- ..... The Rev. Robert Hooks Recessional .... --- High School Band w ,. ' i in i, w H . W ll V J ,ii X, ,ww H 1 , " 'i it , .H V ,. Au H Vi I elll0l' Clif AS I RECALLS IT .... 'Bout twenty-nine pretendin' cowboys f"Dudes" to youl lit for Prude Guest Ranch at 'bout six o'c1ock, Monday, May sixth. When they got thar, some o' the braver 'uns lit astr dle o' the meanest, orneriest burros ever to come out o' Wild West. While half o' the group saddled up and rode over to Davis, the rest tangled up in vicious games of ho: ' and ping-pong. Dinner was et on a cliff overlookin' Fort Davis. Aft the other half o' the seniors rode the bronc 0 s back to ranch. Followin' supper the young cowpokes enjoyed dancin' n' pong. Upon returnin' home n' countin' noses, the hardened riders found but one casualty. Seems "Scar-Face" was upseated from her trusty mount and suffered a head as a result. La .M , 1' M.m,f'? ,x.,,..p 1 W fl.. K , -- ta- g i..,I,2' ' r. 1' I T' 175-'TYAQVA 1"f-TIA W f, J 'E' 33:1-.1f' ,'mE3,, hi , in ,, .... , ., . N N' 'w.' VV .J ,WC gay Lg , -. ,N M 1 N.: X . Q H 1 . A - . 'lvv J 1 v W , , , ,wh H M M Q- n , 111' 'X W mg., H1351 Q , ' w -T W i Y'V.Q ,- -N gm., , , XX , Q V W 'auf 'H' 1,f'y"1 f .. 'A'-'W-21 , ....,...n if "1.:n-uvlunrnwtsi TL..-uuuun . "!i'15,fNa QW :Effi Q,"-2 A 'Trl I , s, , 35594 gil r H Y Mugbag -'i w ws x ,u -v A gif-.4:v4!U'f 'fm 1 I 1 A I ,N , W 'n g GRADUATION PARTY fljfflrl The cats scramble to get "I'm Stickin' With You," in the picture. A says camera-shy Sam. "Smiley" fElvisj finally ' learned to dance, K ,fp Whit is mature, but JIM Goof sucks her thumb. Z ' I ., I wr ' lnguji- '-L Y--Jijifpuhx N' ,jf E'-aaa V Debo entertains a very Betty and Carolyn rasslin' at . , attentive audience. the Senior Breakfast. Wanted: Some music that The three champion Came we can dance to. Hogs of the night' Thomas an' Eddy just relaxin' for a while. f' P, , rm, - , r l.i. ff Y ,ff , 'N Jfifl I gf .xdcluerfifsem en fa rf? llt,sii'LE. -gels-ff S wig: 5-5 fx l V? xnxx l . 'Y . A, ,p f x XXX,- X fglzyafff 'fL,,.,.Z X-ff Wguizv LX - 4.5 .LD "He offered them fo Jack in exchange for the cow, and the silly boy could not conceal his pleasure at what he supposed so great an offer." O U2 'E -n U2 U r-4 5 we-. Z I 1-v-TS' U3 'H s 0 K 9, 1 vw 2 E N H 2' Q W .E 2? L, E M CIO! 21 Z1 25 0 A 2 ' gs, :Mag 2 1 rn '4 rw-mm.-amuwn 3 an -'I V5 P 5 0 2 Q S2 "' 5 Q ur ' U' gc O . no rx N 2 Q 8 1:3 s' O 5. V' Q S 5, 3 Q 3 A 5 2 "' 2 Z 2 E Q 1 E Z 1, " .f -' B lly Mitchell lfy d t f ll b th t FORT STOCKTON, TEXAS T rt its Congratulations Graduates To Protect Your Future - Start A Bank Account Now! You Will Find A Friendly Institution At - THE PECOS CCUNTY STATE BANK FORT sTooKToN, TEXAS A Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of C. G. MORRISOI LOUISE COMPANY EDWARDS 'it "Fashions For "Where you 'find those littl Milady,, things for little prices" 415 North Main if Phone 162 Fort Stockton Phone 350 LOUISE H. EDWARDS Fort Stockton, Texas All through the years I ve watched with cheers The progress of your education I've provided good light For your studies at night From the start to your graduation' Congratulations! ng E As you leave your school days There'1l be dozens of ways I can help with your chosen vocation So, for us, it's not goodbye 'Cause in the future I'11 try To continue my cooperation! O YOUR ELECTRIC SERVANT 118 175 CQ Q QI x!,A, 4 9 U Rkf 3 COMMUNITY PUBLIC SERVICE CUNNINGHAM SUPPLY CO. Furniture O Hardware Frigidaire Appliances QUALITY ALWAYS 0 SERVICE ANYTIME Ph 6 MARTHA'S FLOWERS "S y 'f " h FI " West Seco d St t Phon 274 7 5 gyeaflefd "YOUR FRIENDLY TAILORH W. S. WOOD. Ow Phone 54 - Bo 'II93 F rt St kt T as POWELL BUTANE INC. BUTANE AND APPLIANCES E F IF hIP II P Ph 409 Ph 2851 Ft St kt B I h Congratulations '57 Graduates FORT STOCKTON'S MOST COMPLETE DEPARTMENT STORE N. WINKLER AND SONS I,.,,M f I Ilxx N r"-- XX OUR SMILING FACULTY 4 .-.N Egan, 'I' H E WALLACE LUMBER CO. T R A D I N G Fort Stockton P 0 S T I GROCERY AND 3 MARKETS' "We may Dozo But never close." Highway 290 120 ' Ph. 29 For Building Needs 7 X' Wallace Leads C. D. BURLEY LUMBER CO. LUMBER and BUILDING MATERIALS PAINT and WALL P RANCH SUPPLIES Box 337 Phone 282 FORT STOCKTON Congratulations Seniors ! I From DEE WALKER'S Gulf Service n the highway - Ph. 85 FORT STOCKTON, TEXAS BURTON-LINGO COMPANY Building Material and Supplies Fort Stockton, Texas CALL US DAY OR NIGHT 'I85 CU LLIGAN WATER CONDITIONING COMPANY Distilled and Vito Water ik FREE DELIVERYO wir Marvin E. White 1001 North Main Street Fort Stockton, Texas. Phone 24 FIND YOURSELF ,wvxxgigxli M NW A ul Q!! Complimenfs of your INTERNATIONAL dealer I.ENI SMITH MACHINERY COMPANY Egg If 7 QuDlvg1, I 5 STOCKTON AUTO PARTS Standard Replacement Parts "lb at ten-dirty 6 7 ' " 1 I ff our by four- .:'4 In .qw flfR -i"' H U B B S ' "I"I ' DRIVE-IN ":"" 5 'idhf' I X CLEAN ERS Z if Webcam, if FINE CODY and J ,EXDERT S I I I I 6 I Slll'lIllllICNBES'g3 .M - F cf ! IW' 7 A1- CHUCK WAGON DRIVE-INN SLAVE DAYS , 'rx THE PANTHER BAND C pl f of THOMPSONfS RESTAURANT HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT THE FRIENDLY AND DEPENDABLE SERVICE AT TOMMIEI WILSON'S HUMBLE STATION? TERRAZAS FURNITURE COMPANY P O B 664 417 N. Main FORT STOCKTON, TEXAS CITY BARBER SHOP A T JOHNSON GENE WHITACRE These ore our innocent Freshmen??? ZZ'-f-A RIGGINS JEWEL BOX 204 North Main Fort Stockton, Texas CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS from ASSOCIATION OF INSURANCE AGENTS OF FORT STOCKTON Fort Stockton Insurance Agency- Boatmcm and Mitchell Agency Fred Jones Agency This is undoubtedly the Icxziest school!! . 141, 1, ,, -, , - I , I.. . V . , ,V , I: H , I -4 PECOS THEATER ' GRAND THEATER TRAIL DRIVE IN THEATER BERRY Oll AND BUTANE COMPANY VM' W I r , , Phillips Phillips "66" Distributors Phone 366 FORT STOCKTON TEXAS WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Home owned by H. H. Phone 32 .1 , -..-,- 23 .Tit -Q-..-L cnv CLEANERS gag uwe feature an S A DRY SHEEN cleaning" 301 West Dickinson Phone 880 F ts kt T STOCKTON FOOD MARKET Phone 47 0' THE MELODY SHOP 908 West Dickinson Boulevard ll24-Hou rll Phone 68 TRUCK 51'Qp RCA 8. ZENITH Raclio and , , Television Service 301 East Dickinson I T G t .... A - Shvffnt' 49 FLOWERS 'M A' for all occasions "Pop" ASHMORE'S R' GRocERY - THE Fl0WER SHOP ,,,,,,,LL,,,,,,,,m, can Us day or night K-f d B-H M Phone 833 cHEvRoN STATION is ' mm ATLAS TIRES . BA?Q2,ES BOATMAN'S FOOD MARK 120 West Dickins Ph 1050 . F l' Sl' kt T 6 WO0DY'S DENNISON'S TEXACO SERVICE ,V COSDEN PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Wholesale - retail FIRESTQNE TIRES hone -no 209 E. Dickinson 516 West Dickinson Phone 84 Fon Sfoddonl Texas Fort Stockton, Texas EZELL SlNCl.AlR SERVICE OPEN 24 HOURS HOTEL SPRINGHIRST A N D Pick-up and Delivery - Rood Service Ph-M891 COFFEE SHOP 607 West Dickinson Blvd. Fon stgcvktpnl Texas In downtown Fort Stockton, Texas A-T' Congratulations Seniors I P LEWIS DRESS SHOP READY-TO-WEAR Ladies, Misses, and Children b The Drug Store in Fort Stockton GIFTS hone 59 Fort Stockton, Tex N. Main St' Ph on e X " P 49" BAZE RADIO AND TV SLAUGHTER'S JEWELRY Sales 'md 5e'V"e - - - - - 'l9Vllel"Y ADMIRAL AND SYLVANIA TV . . . . . Engraving . . . . . Watch Repair Phone 335 111 N. Main 127 "BEST OF LUCK TO THE SENIORS" O BEN FRANKLIN STORE BLACK'S DRUGS "John Ed's That Is - Your Prescription Druggist' COMPLETE FOUNTAIN SERVICE 700 W. Dickinson Blvd. Ph. 406 Fort Stockton, Texas Congratulations Seniors I ' Qvyvlq I ' ty .xx . 47 xl X I In ' 'fi P ,ui l if J vnfw sf Mfr MI -EE ,I ,L " " fvliff, E HAMMOND WELDING SHOP -i A H? E 'fl Shop and Field Welding ' E Phone 644 Fort Stockton, Texas Sf DAIRY MAI D PHONE 20 compliments Compliments of of c H I LD E R's T E XA C O WHITE AUTO 2,1 STORE 300 East Dickinson Blvd. PFIESTER MOTOR Complimenfs of C 0 M P A N Y ELECTRIC SERVICE sl-lop DODGE - PLYMOUTH - DODGE mucxs YW' GENERAL ELECTRIC DEALER P. O. Box 5 Fort Stockton, Texas 128 Phone 'IO I-NI CHEVROLET co CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE Nl A R Y l 0 U P I E S H 0 P ODESSA, TEXAS FT srocIc1oN TEXAS PHONE 824 I I E 4 THE FINEST G A I- l E M 0 R E DAIRY Pnonucrs IN D R U G S wEs1 TEXAS Fort Stockton Phone 1 G A N D Y ' S CREANIERY Compliments Solemn DUNCAN s. MANGUM ZZETSM, Baccalaureate John Deere Farm Equipment Soles - Farm Supply- Service rom STOCKTQN, TEXAS Scenes from 1956 Homecoming S J ' J K , 1 rv W H -:J wx v ., , in it .. w . " M in ill il! ...' " .M as .A ' an ' .ui 'z 'ci ui '. ' ,.v U" . in M, ' LMYMNJ, M X M Uu- . V ,.., ., lx w. It , if th' w .N . Q ,f. 'il pa ,. ' i -J., .J , N L N W ' I . I SCOMPLIMENTS OF Ex's ASSOCIATION , . 'T """T Y I ,4,.f.,,,,.,,4, 3-1M1- VV:-war ' . Aw, cw7f10y1eZf'Qzf,f,f1QQ H QMM yu, MW dfycdfffifd, Ido , JMO .pjfla ff, WMP fm WZ' fy A i , 1'-Q 97,244 'gaj' Ly-Q.. fTvff4w?,zf, , ,WM Q.. . ,Q Mu? Q-N-A.Ji""-3,.,VQ'. DWMDXZLW- 7 Z 1 yr "MMM in 2 7 WMWZ2 :MM pfwibiumaiqwdjvg Zf' 7f,w4,.J.+fJ2Wh - H lQ,o.afU ,59vw,L'9,u,Lafn17 gy 252535 mv? W3wW1,5,if5JK' 3 QW- s.x.w.m ::fwMfUf4WW Wm' hx ifiivwfelwfwjdjzwd' QW RE N ff+1IffL"ww""W I RY Tvs wwwff-M410 WMQWW , Q SEQ X 'MMU .- QUXX Title Page School Picture Staff Members Foreword In Memoriam Dedication A DMINIS TRA TION Division Page Mr. Huckaby Mr. Harris Board of Education Faculty Members SENIORS Division Page Officers Senior Class JUNIORS Division Page Officers Junior Clas s SOPHOMORES Division Page Officers Sophomore Class FRESHMEN Division Page Officers Fre shman Class ORGANIZATIONS Division Page Student Council Panther Staff Tumbleweed Staff Band Choir Library Club Spanish Club Science Club F . H. A . F. F. A . Players' Club National Honor Society Interscholastic League SPORTS Division Page Football Cheerleaders .gn-JBA' Basketball Volleyball Track Tennis All-Girl Football Game PERSONALITIES Division Page Miss F.S. H. S. Mr. F.S.H.S. Most Representative Girl Most Representative Boy Cute st Girl Best Looking Boy Most Athletic Girl Most Athletic Boy Homecoming Queen Senior Favorites Junior Favorites Sophomore Favorites Freshman Favorites Citizens of the Week Who's Who SOCIAL EVENTS Division Page Autumn Leaves Cocktail Lounge Homecoming Christmas Dance Sadie Hawkins Western Dance Favorites' Dance Sock Hop Junior-Senior Banquet Senior Prom A11 Sports Banquet SENIOR EVENTS Division Page Senior Class Honor Graduates Baccalaureate Service Commencement Senior Day Senior Assembly Graduation Party ADVERTISEMENTS Division Page Ads Autographs Index - jf? cQ74ZZff' , fo 1114 , , Z , J J LOL. SQ, Qgmx QZM H1 , .1 H ,. I Q a , , fw. ' ' " Q 4 ' . -.v ' 4' A J.. yvgf .1-Q "- V H. ,nr .lp 1 ' 14 f' z-,. un. , - .,,jff fa, 4 7 -. ' ff 11- f' n ' a V 13,071 V r r I ksg'2,..,h.. . 'iii I . ,P 7 ku. A A ll K. .- - ' , - '. - lri.3fE".-K 5 QI' - ff ' - 1 ' I.: mn. , mv. , . , , !'- L 5 ' 'lr l , 0, W x . , . , In 1 lv! ' l E u. I , 'A' A ,. 'Q P . if , fc J 5 I f Q I -'. A 5 Z . ,Jfgepi '. I ,Ak -:J Q' 'X fa , if - T ff 43 1 5 v . L4 Tv' A - ' W' Y Q - . ...E ' , ' ' 4, M' -1' 5 my n XM... W, ,,.,,,.,1n 0 ' ,,.4wuKh1-uv-rw I 4 j' V 4 ' 1' if 1, I 1 I L AH Y Ml 5 xiii-FC - 5 ' u .HJ in-'A '37 rw sm ' '1 I S Q ' -1--'-W-'Q' -K, - . "" if " 'V' ' M V . ..,,.. A a......- A, , 19-aw,-A, .ff lk a S' fi f""" - ' ' A i . -. Mir X - E. :MI J L dw - . -- i ,A wwf, .Mg Lf. 2 V4 ,. fa M.,- H KM-, "'ge"'n-.-v..,,,,',' -- - -. " "V -,ITA -. ff,.,-wr, ' Y 1 ' '1' infix -5 " ' . HQ:-11?-gf. :f-.',.. A Diff "1 'IQ i' V f 4- 'J V, ,Q ig. g ' H A, V YQ 1' - ,QQ TWA K v- t, ' f ' , U ig :Q 4 .N L E , + . fu ' Y- ii X. ff, Z wtf i , . ' 'via H , , , "f f f fv. 5 '- - V ' 75,5 XF: if f- K' ff? L, V5 . '.-I :fi :al ' .5 A V 'J' V h ' -0. , .1-1 - -f - : - Z' A " 'I -F K., 1,1 e-' H -' f, -05.0 .V ,i , Y. .. 457,75 ggmq '

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