Fort Stockton High School - Panther Yearbook (Fort Stockton, TX)

 - Class of 1956

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gawk ff? H, M 133:66 1 if Q0 Q32 Ng-iii'-A QQ? Mfg Admwfdf 4-ik W ,f AX'9Y.- is Q5 '1 SKK N N 3 fm? '46 MW ' fig? hnnlalaf 2 wgqigwm UWM jg? fig? 2273 0 Q gil WWW ii MQ 4,11 vww3.' iii g AMN Jfnlligigiifwxm Wai 5 MFE ' g5iRE2QW ff5g1ffw 15 WEN 5 if 5fJ35 ?4w WM Q- Ewigxxxsgf Si Qgfaf, iff? A WSSSWS fififffwffvffifffftfffdffy S E55 SESS ffywyififv Qf"fM1ff'Yf I 1, f , ,,,,f,-:uv-, 1'w'-'+"""'7" Q E U .M Flhfqrl I y :il jm 777 I , ' fgjgwwjfffiw 4'fZ17f.fa',1'f.2g'L,.J4I'f:'1dJL 1252425 fm u1zj,J,,L W4 6 Wi fwhirmr fwtqfwdfwxafkiu !'1jm.Q,4,6uo flfvlwy 'WQQ-'W wt AAL if ,OL AMJQD QW? . JUN' A QM WM7fZ'6 MW! Q iii? ffWZ75?WW7P?jM Ei MW Jsffiff 15 3 3 M? . My 5 gt Zjjjwffuf, WW gh 5? ' . 555533 JWZZW MW, fa F5 M W ML . QQ if M MW '5 Q' W 'HA-Q,,jA'qI4pNLQql Qf,,i,?jf90vf? , Q,ZE.,y -.Q wr F, M, 333 'E HM . .C A C of .-'21 1' 1'-In ug 1 H.' f I- -V fd V' , 1 51 r 'M N V - l I 5: PHHTHER 1956 Fort Stockton, Texas Contents - Administration Senior Class Junior Class Sophomore Class Freshman Class Sports Personalities Organizations Social Events Senior Events Advertisements ij! 1 4 .1 :ggi as 1 af I-1,4 Nb., ..-I 11 .5 S, sf .N 1 x -i X Ei? 'VX +.-K -xx -S NIH . - 'iill S s. gr- in--f I 4 3-:Q ' 7' . '-rut. Dear Student, You will always r ememb e r and love the school song. As freshmen school may not have meant very much to you. Sophomores wish that they w e r e seniors, Juniors begin to think that they soon will be "Mighty Seniors. " Seniors begin to feel sad over the fa ct they are about to graduate and leave all of their friends at dear F. S,H, S, As you come closer to leaving Fort Stockton High School, all the good times that school represents will mean more to you. Though you will leave F. S. H. S.' as a student, you will always remember the days spent here--the happy events and the sad moments. As you go through this yearbook and review the year, treasure it forever because th e s e are some of the happiest days of your life--your School Days of 1955-'56. Sincerely yours, Joan Whitman Editor P, S. Lest we forget-- Live for dear old Stockton, Fight for colors true, Floating high above us We will promise--white and blue-- To reverence and honor you, Loyal and together, we our best must do, Live for clear old Stockton-- She lives for you. ui 'i X' gf if In 1951 two students entered Fort Stockton Public Schools and very quickly made a place for themselves. In the summer of '55, when polio was raging everywhere, the s e two students were victims . Today they are making abrave fight against this dread disease. They typifya wonderful example of the cour- age it takes to m ak'e the best of what one has and what one is. In sincere admiration of your mag- nificent effort and courage, we dedicate to you, Philip and Kay Clarke, this 1955-'56 Panther, DEDICHTIUH N6 Z IN13' TRATIUN 5 Xiff... " ,f- ,I +5 of Heo-Y 9fb 1272 0168-2.70-171-2-73 ,,17.:'-277' .2-79' a4?0'1e'P3- 15,51-.1?6 -a.C?7- .QSPP-.191 3.93-gl ?o"' 197 -3.99 'Joe M60 Lafwwiwkwwwwy F' f-1 Z1 f-s . gli? 54' 0 Q WWW Z 3 fbR L. qi ...- L.,- 0 N 'E 1 ,,,, . S... r ,R IIA s m 5 Y f .Xi J. G. HUCKABY Superintendent of F. S. Mr. Huckaby, ourbiggest boss, is never too busy to drive that extra mile to find the best teachers, to seek means to improve our phys ic al needs, or to strive to make our s c hool a pleasanter place in which to 1 e a r n through instruction and experience . At all times he goes "all out" to further the interests of our school. i IA if X3 Q-ar Qui? H.S. J., v Nv- i R X K 5 'T' -r--1 gn-.. ... Y' - BEN HARRIS Principal of F. S. H. S, "Uncle Ben," as he is affectionately called, is amost affable man. He is the one behind our student body: always pushing us on to greater heights in scholastic and extra- curricular activities by correcting us when we are wrong, yet defending us and praising us when defense is necessary and praise is appropriate. -.L K ig' fx .'X. f H 'A' - -LLL ....,.,., ' 'Q' 'uv--.4 ' 0-sm-.4 i"'- -.-...., -2 ' u .1 W Q Q," 4' Q ' ' .Y ' 4 Si , ' . ,V J' Xl- 5 ,Q BUHRU UF EDUIJHTIUH STANDING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Raymond Holstein, Clyde Park, Edward Winkler, assistant secretary: Jack Allison. SEATED: Burney Ligon, Vice-Presidentg T, W. Hillin, Presidentg Malcolm Almond, Secretary. IH be ,IHEIHUHIHHI --4. XJ! Jig " Q.. ,. -QA L H s. ki' V-U 1, Yagi W Y , . 1. A I f"T The Board of Education, the school and community suffered a great loss in the passing of John Vickr ey. There are many words with whi c h to describe Mr. Vickrey but the most fitting description' is "he was a good man." He was never too busy or too interested in personal affairs to say a pleasant w or d to all who came in contact with him. His sudden passing was a great loss to all. '97 DORIS BAUMGARDENER R , N, Health Coordinator IQ MARGUERITE FRANKS 43' ' Secretary ach evidently isn't 'ted in the program inter- BOB CARTER Mc Marry-B.S. Track Coach 81 Science al MORRIS CHILDERS North Texas-B, S, Audio-Visual Sz Math SALLIE BUSTER 5. W. T. T. C. -B. A Sul Ross-M,A. English fi ffff?s7?fif 13: h. . ...V . ' Y - Q W. K sy, Mrs. Ha.1l's favorite pas- time--w o r kin g on maps. She joined our fa c ulty at mid-term to replace Mrs. Quimby. l WILLIE BLAYDES FRED HARRAL Georgetown-B, L. Texas A 8: M-B. S. ' San Marcos-A, B. Science I N.T, S,C. -L. S. in B.S. 6 4 J DORA HAYTER Sul Ross-B. S. xx ,' -- Algebra ff-,-",, . a M l' 1 lg A 4 v ' I ya ,X P hex' . W ff 1 ' , . . ,. . I . .X - Mr. Skylstad, I hoEe you're portraying Richard III. 4 ,. -.,.1f 2' ' r 7. ."nnY , . lx '51 'I-""n-I-4 COILA FAYE MURPHY T. C. U. -B. S. , M. A. Art WINNIE MAE JOHNSON T. S. C. W. Study Hall B. s. L fi Q f E, 1 .li W-il. .E ,S ,ix Why, Peeberry, how cute! 'E ' f"'Y I 1 1 Commerce MARY HELEN JORDON s.H.s. T. c. -B, BNA, PAT MAYFIELD North Texas B. S. Industrial Arts MARY ELLA JAMES JOE MORING P Hardin-simmons-B, s, DANIEL BAKER if Physical Education B. S. in Ed. V Drivers Ed. and Basketball Coach Why coach, I didn 't know you could sing. MARJORIE NEWSOM University of Tennessee-B. A. T. S. C. W. -M. A. Home Economics E. F, TRIPLETT Tax assessor and Collector KENNETH ST. CLAIR N. T. S. T. C. 1 B, A. -M. A. -M. M. E, Band LARRY SKYLSTAD Hardin -Simmons B. A. Journalism, Speech W, .V .R uncle Ben? KJ IG: BETTY QUIMBY HOWARD TYSON Hardin -Simmons -B. A, N. T. S. T. C. TSCW-M. A. B. A, History Spanish, English U-h-h, what'd ou sa DOROTHY WEDDLE W. T. S. T, C. B. S. -M. of Ed. Guidance Director 'S 'I JEAN WALLACE Trinity Univer sity Choir V ,fa -B. M. Why so sad, Mr. Tyson? KENNE TH WA TSON Hardin-Simmons-B, S, , M, E, Head Coach bt- ?i... f ...Q DEE DAVID WHITE . Sul Ross-B,S. -J K O 5 Vocational Agriculture 4 ' J A IHB. UEUIIIUH HHIJ HIS STHFF BACK ROW5 LEFT TO RIGHT: Felix Gonzales Pablo Chavarria, Flavio Chavarria. FRONT ROWg LEFT TO RIGHT: Mike Ramirez ' Willie Hernandez, and Mr. Dedmon. x, R do A X52 l -By These are the men who look afte r the physica needs of our school. -5'f'2VI'U RJ' f 2 I o L ,....f"'7x. 0" ,f The. W5 , -I-he mi 3K3 ,Nuff C453 QQ 552 V fp 62355 Q X f 5 ff' Cb ff! SEIIIUH CLHSS IILHSS OFFICERS President ..... . . .PETE DYSON Vice-President . . . .BETSY MANGUM Secretary .... . . GWEN GEORGE Sponsor. . . ........ . .MRS, QUIMBY va, " , 3,J1. ' - " Nfm 'T What's so funny, Tink? FRANCES BUENO PETE DYSON "Perfidia" "Lonesome Lover - "Now Abe and I ---- " Bo " - Y , "He11's Be11s" X ' 3' GWEN GEORGE "Lonely One" "Oh, Piddle!" I don't think you are going to get much studying done, Pete JU' , .-nl' Y GERBERT ttes and whiskey and wild women. " 2 MILDRED GLENN "Everybody Loves a Saturday night. " "Oh, we11." ver gets there the firstest, the fast- -J v -6 NANCY GRAHAM "Love and Marriage "Let's go to the post ll office. gets the mostest. " r BRUCE GRIFFITH "Cause You're So Sweet" "A-a-a-W-W 'il' B, x0 PM-' X .X . fi JOE HALLFORD "In The Mood" "Aw, Heck!" BILLY .TOE HINSON Don't get too close, Charlotte, it may blind you! "Let's Have A Party' "Oh, Yeah?" NANCY HILLIN "Baby, Let's Play House" "Well, feature that." MARY SUE HARDAWAY "Sweet and Gentle" "Real1y?" DON HOLT "Somebody Goofed. " "Boy, I'm really mad this time. " JOHNSON the Blue s " NAYNA JOHNSON "Young at Heart" "I Was Just Crushed!" -A ,ne Dave's pulling aNapo1eon on us. , DAVE LAMBERTH "The Wild One" "Yep, Yep, Yep" BETSY MANGUM "Dungaree Do "Aw, Shute" Surely this isn't Pete and Billy Joe working! -4 4,vN Wow, dig the toughies W. CHARLIE MCINTYRE "I'm an Old Cowhand" "Huh ? " lu...-i My aren't we ahappylooking group. But then, S enior s are always happy. DARREL MARTIN "I'm A Man." "Do Unto Others As You Think They are Going to Do Unto You, But Do It First . " kd Cheese, you beautiful dolls. LT' JOHN OLLIN MacDONALD "My Friend" HNOPEII ELIDA MESA "Honey Bunch" "Oh, Gee" inf sl DAVID NUNEZ "Dark Eyes" "Reet" CLEO NUNEZ "Pepper-Hot Baby" "Oh, No! !" DRGE PARKS ink, Drink, Drink! v, Can It!" ' 7 R 'A 7 ML' 'ing PATTILLO Rose of Texas" , ia, R E Aw, Dave, leave the poor little "Soph. " alone. x -J NOE PENA I "Razz1e, Da.zzle" Q-9 'Hs "Wee Wee Mademois elle" A crew from the wild and woolly west. AURORA RENTERIA "Rock and Roll Waltz "I Guess So." 'Raef' Surely you aren't planning to study, Buddy. CLARA JO RATLIFF "Fujiama Mama" "Gie -Gie! " 5 NJ tl N-I , AI," 'wth fri A5131 . vhs ', - 'Q J . - ' E J: 1 QRS, iii Ml,-T' iv 1 s ,?'1-.f1- Going somewhere, Francis ? ABLARDO RODRIQUEZ "Daddy-O" "Simon Esa" ,ff L 5- ' 1 , "in , ' S ff' limi ' Q Q, "Wai 7, - z . i I N 53' U -'pn ' Discussing the boys no doubt. ELVIRA SUBIA "Harbor Lights' "So What?" JESUS SANCHEZ '1 .3 "99 Years" --as "La Sharp" "' JIMMY SULLIVAN "Eat, Drink and Be Merry" DANNY SALMON "Aw, Cut it Out!" "The Bandit" "Imperih1" L ,xi My, don't we look industrious. NORA URETA "Earth Angel" "'I'errors ! " JIMMY URIAS "B1ue Suede Shoes" "Who Cares ?" Betty, what are you do- ing at the stock pens ? EUSTOLIA URIAS "Poor People of Pans "AttaCk! "' Next record, please. .LEW -1' CHARLOTTE WALKD BETTY VICKREY tr , Qty! -9- J- ' r hu-7 Y D D 3 ' W "2 D Earth F, R N V I Egad! What a pair! NowI know why all the teachers go crazy, "An Occasional Man" "'s Make the Drag A "Song of the Dreamer" "Much Grass." -Q-ru. PETE VILLALBA "Black Denim Trousers" "Say's Who?" JIMMIE ANN VICKREY "Pamper Me" "Let's go get a coke." Urn JOAN WHITMAN "Sweet Brown-Eyed Baby." "I'l1 Beat You." -7UN1v2q,y 3:9 f ff fx LVA 5+ 4 ' Al S , ,xfx . rl':lCil..,0EC-lg ,QQ F513 film W gf uzs 'SKS JUHIUR ULHSS H A T QE 1 1- 5 2 ' Judy Allison x? . ,ttf i BLHSS UFFICEHS Ml' 1. il ., 3 Li 5 v 3.' 1 1,7 2 A . ,x 'T L T L -,AF s I f' . 'il . , A fm . 1 , . -3. , Eff ,H 4 ,- ,Rx N I , w. .,. K S1 . ii: T S ' , I. 4 'X , x President .... . . THOMAS ARMSTRONG Vice -President . . .... GEORGE ATKINS Secretary .... . . . PATSY POSEY Sponsor , . . . . MR. MAYFIELD Judy Alm ond Thomas Arms tr ong r'6 ww nas Mme- 1 ., -J 2 A-fkiY1B Sam Baker Wow! What a good looking crew? ? Y Cleveland Jerome Crumpton Studious , aren' t they. -K :L - :-H' '. v -L'1?It.- V, A 5-'af ff.. Joe Benavides .f. 1 Wilma Caldwell Don Diebitsch -hr: Lo, e A f, -do gs-1 -5. . . 710, 'S PVP Rosemary Duran Betty Dyson l g,0 1538 , 'Ns Y. Kipp. Jo, lowering the boom on Dar, with Peggy and Betty to back her, 'VR 'TP PQ' Carmen Gonzales Carmen and Elida swooning over the star s. 1 , f F,',",,".4L'-3 .sg -, . of Nick Gonzale s Donna Hale 5hi1'1eY HaYte1' Billy Hewlett 14' A N. x- , . J Q e if 5 -3: W ,fx..,-.:.w .. , W: N 'rm VE , .. ,W W -6 I lene Irwin Ruthie McAteer Vicki McSpedden ,,, um uf df-0' The sexy babes of the Junior class. l Check that cheese. Moore Pacheco Patricia Palmer X J Xiresi -A Q3 Energetic isn't he ? Where does he get 11 that pep? ,ff he -'-e JN Q -g t , s " x , 'I -f . 5' J M we E 5:5 Ye' QQ, L. H. Patterson 3? Q eil xlxd Vidal Porras Patsy Posey I . fe Pretty good act anyway Come on Pat, 1et's give with the grin. Correne Looks as if someone is in for a ducking. LaJuana Roye Gloria Sanchez. E H f"s fi F Mary Reeves Nieta Lou Riggs Gerald Saul ! 1' ' 3 ' w l.,-nw! V 1. -Mau, -V -ft. V210 4-41 .QQZ"7 aiflzf ,'M fl- 'li',l,, W Silliman Charles Smetak Only two boys and four girls. How do they rate so many? QD. St1dham Subia. Brenda Sullivan af. 0 'wb X' 'fini Q ,AD , . f-0 s I Georg eanne Smith They're monkeys! They're elephants! No! It's Nieta and Judy??!?'? Don Taylor l. if --gi' 1 , J 'Ti' w-.-Tr' 111, Mary Terrazas Dorothy Turner Sally Urias Wendell Ware .21 The babes in history are " ' plentiful. fWhat a laugh., X4 Too late to worry about those demerits now, boys. Mary West Leslie Whitworth Peggy Zuehlke ?-I-. ,qfm -Q3 -v"'T 3. iv. X JUPHUMUIQFJ Q 1 E.-ra-ff' 1 1 Q f fb A -1' Cfo. CX55 V .if-1.1 Q17 AS? gi X751 'L SUPHUITIUHE BLHSS I ix NX UUISS UHICEHS iii 'JV -bfi l Raymundo Aguilera Dan Allen President . . . FRANKLIN DUNCAN Vice-President . . . . . NED ARCIDES Secretary .... . .DONNA SUE CHURCH Sponsor ....... . . HAYTER rf Q, X A ' - w , N, Ak ,, r. x , f 1 , f 0-1 "wh Xl, V' ,,, . tj, . ' -X ' .AD AV.. Y- v ," " ' 51-44 -- ' ' u 4 - ' ' .ja .X Q A v, V I ,Ty , , 1 1 ' J A rl I W j A - H151 I , I 's "rf Q A' w 'N We 'A 'EP 1 In ' V W ,f'. M, y r, , ,V ' 4. i A -I ' 2, , 1 -' '-1 W J, 3 ,jv .' 1 , .X g . Lx . ,.1 u , I 1 A , L+ vf J! ,f 15 Q A - 'H ,- fx lx wp , . . V ,N V 1 -1 , 4 e, 1 0 5 'T' A A? ,- , ' -fy 1 ' n js QL W Polly Arcides Ned Arcides ' Jake Barker , Texie Ann Beaver 499 i'4""!Y X-,J Joy Bowe f -ol "ITV I 'f' 5' ig those cra Isaura Bueno Bill Buster Betty Kay Butz -z-z-y smiles. 'fi I 'I I ' A J .1 ll ' Roy Costelo N..,..,. 'if fy! 3 ,Ik ,jf Kay Carson Tim Casner Modesta Chavez Donna Sue Church 3 pfwfz QS Olivia Costelo xi-1? 'r sn? 7 Q. '. ,iff ,. 59 O KILQV-wmv Franklin and Madonna caught in the act. Beverly Cleveland Amelia Duarte Franklin Duncan f . ti X ,if -,Lv ,LJ5 -n ' Q Lowell Gerbert Eddie Joe Glover Erlinda Gonzales You had better believe it, Sherrill. Jim I-Iillin Fw- Herman I-Ioffpouir Bob Maples Not Pictured: John Hardaway Reyes Gonzale s Joe Graham 3 4 :fl Linda Fielding Eva Flores Pat Fortenberry It's no wonder Tony gets so ma demerits! Lucy Gonzales '? '-0-'61 I? 6 W w w 1 .4 X Barbara Ligon Our future English teachers? Alan Matthew Octavio Mesa Norris Mulkey 4' 'f" 'P .' .v . Q Z i W , -.4 ' -W" - -K: y l ' i l -' ' - "l'ui',:g'1:,R1,"1'f'g ' ,. s:,L l l n 16 on W , Manuela Pena ' ""' I thought this was an English class. Amalie Ramos Ida Rodriquez. Ruben Rodriquez Julia Patterson Xanthus Pattillo Rodney Powell Lynn Rainwater Madonna Nelson Isabel Nunez John Passow Don't let them fool you. It's only an act. 1-un Kent Powell Q are A . . , Sherrill Rolls Mary Sanchez Tom Sanchez Relax while you can, boys. Phyllis Sander s Martha Shellenberger 'l ITT Rosalee Smetak Buddy Spence Alvina. Subia V 'IA 1 W 1 V? -J Xu- ,, ,.4, 2 ' 'N "MA taflfrufi Ruth Shows J -S Y ' , wi, 1. I , 'I Sit down, Beverly, this is no irne for a speech. Mary Sullivan Shirl Sullivan Tony Tracy L And here we stand Alice Urias Elodia Urias Rosie Urias Q, .-4.351 E1-ne stina Valenzuela Betty Vick You're wasting your breathg they aren't even listening. Those sophisticated Sophomore babes! .147 'N'-I JK UD' X-Xl X W1lbur Warnock Joyce Weather Ye"-F5 5,1- 0-V YQ if TTD' - K-J' ,- x . N. So Herman 1 lo st his head. Donald Weddle Bryant Wilson Rosemarie Beaubien 9 : ll! fb? M 6 E i r, YOULNQX I 4' Fogxxs 152 wi A T Tj..':i K J Q fijyd FRESHIHHH RCLHSS Pre s ident fr. vs Vice -Pre s ident Secretary Sponsor M510 ULHSS UFFICEHS SUE ARMSTRONG GLORIA SALMON . .NANCY BRYANT . .HOWARD TYSON Da.v1d Allen Juanita Almendarez ff?- ig...- - F ' Bill Armstrong Sue Armstrong Wendell Averitt :L- -K-f ,..:- ...... ,vm Q 1,..,, N""?' J V'-1' -fr. -:Y.."",, ' ' 1 v i 4 A typical Saturday night dance ? Bobby Copeland Jimmy Cunningham Bettye Jo Davis Pinky Davis Dale Dees David Dennett Robert Dennis Frank Dominguez ff' Pat Bailey Betty Black Nancy Bryant Lionel Bueno Billie Cahoon Nan Calderon Tony Carrillo ff' A i Nasario Celaya Angela Chavez What' s the attraction , girls - -a boy ? x. ,I -' g 0 , . - i "' - , -J .1,,- , -l -. f A .. i y -. ,i.Ml:..,.1 . Y Juanita Chavez Freye Cope , 3-, VAL X I V 1,2 A-" - . -- , -.-F ,uf .1 . 3--n., . . al, 1' 'Zh' g --v . . I .1 .L ,::'l1wn.1Qf.," Margaret Casas 1? John Dunn Virginia Evans Anastacio Garnboa Anita Garcia Q N Ii - , .. ,.,. ,Q .. .3 J ,nl f Abe Gonzales Adan Gonzales Margarita Gonzales ' Viola Granado The great Liberache, WendellAver- itt, and Mario Lanza, Dorothy Mc- Kenzie, salute their grateful audi- ence. ggm Q- -. 41,2 - J i + if :nh I V, ' HI In I., " ' E ?5?'fr? H V TI-Ai: 135 543' E? ME- ' Iri- ..: A ' E, W, Hallford nt . . Q K , f Harriet Hammond 'J ' '-A l ' ' i X' . ' , . Eva' 1 H ' f --el-fn' - .-- - on fl!-'lf 5? '3 l T1 1 5123, "" Hnxw, ,. wx 'V , - J V it 4' "H ." V :. 1 A-P' , , N wi ' ' " tfmn- V 1 ,.'! e'iz'H X i -1 r 2 if ft if ,I ' lfiLg,", N. . -,f X' "" fs A 1 W r ..- - A 15, R., FH wr " :W"'f' nw ' 4 1 -l - A rr: .A 4 Richard I-Iarral ji ' as I : Viola Hayter "A K' ' V' A A Freye is monopolizing the boys. Joye Henley Ronnie Hopkins Mary Ellen Howard Marilyn Lethco Betty Lukins Jimmy McAteer W.D. McGilv1-ay John McGwyer Saul. Linda Riddell Bert Roye Petra Salinas Gloria Salmon Senaida. Salmon Marielana Sanchez Donna Jean Saul Katie Shows From the fashion show of the Freshman assembl Bert Roye and Donna Je an 3 . YS Dorothy McKenzie Patricia McLeroy Maria Mejia Isidera Mesa Jose Milan Elodia Pacheco Donna Patterson Isabel Porras , L M Pose This is what happens in Mr. Sfcyl t Lgta ipoweuy S tad' s speech class. -ll f Y' 1,1-xii. John Powers J. B. Pugh 6 . A hw xi Bobby Slover Rudolph Smetak Sherri Stice Sharon Strong T fri y frm' ' 4 Raymond Strong Robert Strong Mary Tinkler v-1 Shirley Turner v -f Xbf The great A1 Jolson, .hmmy 1 Cunningham, sings again. Future botanists studying the com plexity of twigs. Mary Vasquez Bobby Vaughn Andres Villalba Celia Villalba Eva Villalba Faye Watson Jerry Woodford Carl Young Q K Qi'-Tr" B- 4 E -I H U Q-fl H0-KK,+FeGb01MA7frg I, 1 f 1 efrsv yllllll 5 " 1 , QI V XV Y K "gf1-J E5 X 5 fJffXfNf ,X X W ik MJ V XD J 1 f , N gf .r T x ,JU is Iii! fy cs? e 2 r '- . In 3 ..,. H ,wx --, .,,. T , ,rf g1."9f:' . , Wx. ,, M, 4. J, 724' 'il'-Ltohlgl. 'I ' i ' -1 FUUTBHH TOP ROW: Coach Watson, Jake Barker, George Parks, Charlie McIntyre, Jimmy McAteer, Norr Mulkey, Tom Silliman, Tim Casner, .Tim Hillin, Xanthus Pattillo, Don Holt, and Coach Moring. MI DLE ROW: Manager Bud Gerbert, Bobby Vaughn, George Atkins, John I-Iardaway, Vidal Porras, Jo Passow, Tony Tracy, Roy Castelo, Leslie Whitworth, Pete Dyson, Don Taylor, Celestine Acosta, a Manager Billy Bob Cleveland. BOTTOM ROW: Ruben Rodriquez, Billy Joe Hinson, Jerome C r um ton, Raymond Aguilera, Ned Arcides, Abelardo Rodriquez, Don Diebitsch, Bill Buster, Shii-1Sul1i Rodney Powell, .Toe Graham, and Thomas Armstrong. F. S. O Crane 33 F, S, 26 Stanton 20 3. F, S. 0 Pecos 52 F, S, 13 Iraan 0 F. S. ' 14 wink 45 F. S. 24 Fabens 7 F. S. 13 Sanderson 7 F, S, 26 Marfa 19 ,N F. S. 12 Big Lake 34 - , F. S, 0 McCamey 46 , ,git ' 1 A .' 'b ,I E. 1 W HEAD QQACH ASSISTANT COACH Kenneth watson Joe Moring HardinfSimmons University Daniel Baker College ,,.,,snnq. Friday September 16. The Ft. Stockton Panthers opened their 1955 football s eas on in Crane against the Golden Cranes. The Cranes had won a previous game before the Panther tilt. After battling to a scoreless standoff through almost all of the first half, Crane got the scoring underway with only two minutes left in the first half. Adams of Crane drove across from the six yard line, but the conversion fa ile d. Crane, therefore, went into the lead at the half 6-0. The Cranes roared for two touchdowns in each of the remaining two quarters. The Pan- thers, however, were unable to push across the goal. The final score was Crane 33-Ft. Stockton 0. Pete Dyson George Parks -Y K, A Don Holt ' 'V 5 Jimi?" ' agua' 'I ' I: K l " 15' 5. A 'fig l 4512 - ' -S nw" 'T 'I r . -, nqplgg , ' f X -i f-+C.,-1 e- , f .h T V . 4 A P C . ,.- 4. if as -" l .f A ' W ' 77 f,., , " 4 s ' v f '-Jr' . "it . -z .N ' ,- Q11 fn .-7 T .,, I mu, i.- ' '- '-his I. ' W. F ,, - " fl' :nw ...Q-, ' ., ,I 'f,',f- gd' V ,"'- fb: VJ, -' 5 ., A f ' din -- .2 'M'-1 , i- - . . , ',f'fg'--N I, 1: .- ...fy jwle an . .g sr fi e f ' -- -a-f.-- 1 1 :g ,, - nz-1: - if s,, :2gitr- 1 -1 :fra TEL, Sfffhifffe g'w1:33f4 ilfh't'3lf'l.h2is'f5Q"4 :fide 'Q' 1-.1-sms.. 4, -M222 fw-lil? 5 f-11.3 Li2ii?f'vs , mf' 4 ffl :l,F"5.-.-:hh '-Z' a' uhm ' "q':'fnio 5: '1':-3.3 "'-.' . .:' .4 " ' l' Aff," L7 X-,uh 'F KfAfg"532'Q""-'f'.'!" 'ff'-ff' A 591 '1-.w'3":, -Q-1 'i"'f"?S2 , fir: ' "?'F1jr-gg,,ij'1-gig. gg-IQ .5Tf3gLfQ4'5Q., ' "151'v9gui .ur -jf? Qi-i .' 52Q""' ' I Y'E"iI'JwY'?':-.552-'35 ij: T ,-"'Qf5ffy2Eg'fl gi. 1- ' ' f 'V 1 'Y .,zZsra.e A ' , fm "J at - - Lu M, K ' .I U by fm- , , H- ' , -Y . Ivgfa T ,- V 1- '-"T 4av"" it pv"if 'S Pete Dyson picking up yardage around right end in the Stanton game mr-+-1 'mil fl Dickie Aguilera Celistino Acosta Ned A1-Cides Thomas Ar Soph. Squadman Freshman Letterman Soph. Letterman Jr. 2Year All-Dist. Znd T Friday September 23. The Panthers shone this night by defeating the Stanton Buffaloes. It was the first home game for the Panthers. The field was muddy and slick, due to rain during the first part of the first quarter. Two fumbles cost the Panthers 13 points in the first quarter. Jimmy Butcher, 190 pound fullback for the Buffaloes, made both of the first quarter touchdowns. The Panthers made tracks in the second quarter with a 54 yard pass play from Jim McAteer to George Parks. The half ended with Stanton on the long end of a 13-7 score. McAteer scored ona sneak play in the third quarter. But the point after touchdown failed. McIntyre and Dyson scored in the last quarter. The final score was Stanton 20-Ft. Stockton 26. ' , M r. , ' N . . ..,., 4 2 , . .X . . .D I .X K Q. .. .L I. ., . .T',,,, Y lx J.,-. I X- lx. N. W, V 54 R 1 ' in: X V he KLNM iv xl, avbxx aux yy-, lv ,lf'f.ffs, QQ 5 I I X 1 t A I -N .6 it K .l X V . .X A-m Iqy, h .3 x -X. - l N. -Xing :UQ.:,hvx'Y-4:51 ,Q .M Q' , . K I. , . U .. . . I KL . -msg. 3 E . X -v .I X- i - -- x i rs., 'U.wQ'143,Y 1 Y . lui'-1.3af.u' ,Di A.-3 X , x, , xl. -, X2 WV! . X. -V . ' X X- ' 'X X QE- l -s lv Vx ' x ix L .'x'-X i ' J:J1'1A:.'ifW . - ' K X l . U ' '--.-Mix ' vii Don Taylor and Don Holt move in to finish off a Crane Golden Crane 111-1'l.U.. .MFL- args ,511 .lm -' 1 f- an K -its 1. . 5. .'f z-fe' ij!-f fr N Atkins Billy Jake Barker Bill Buster Roy Castelo tterman Soph. Squadman Soph. Squadman Jr. 3 Year Letterman Friday September 30. On this fateful day the Panthers journeyed to Pecos to engage the high flying Eagles. The Panthers found the Pecos squadjust too hot to handle. Pecos scored twice in each quarter. The Panthers played a clean game with good sportsmanship as one of the games outstanding features. The final score was Pecos 52-Ft. Stockton O. 'Yr jg fl c-4: , K 5 . Panther Dyson makes an Iraan Brave bite the dust. .4 I Tim Casner Jerome Crumpton Don Diebitsch Pete Dyson Soph, Letterman Jr. Letterman Jr. Squadman Sr. 2Year All-Dist. Mention Saturday October 8. -The Panthers were victorious in their homecoming game against the Iraan Braves. In addition to keeping the honor of never losing a homecoming tilt, the Pan- thers racked up their first Dist. 5-A win. With only one minute remaining in the final half, Charley McIntyre broke over right tack- le and went 75 yards behind good blocking for the score. The extra point was go od and the Panthers held a 7-0 half-time advantage. The next score came in the third quarte r with Abe1a.rdoRodriquez going around left end for three yards. The final s c or e was Iraan 0-Ft. Stockton 13. f 1 . . 2 ' 7 . Tony tries to close out a Stanton Buffalo as Chas. moves in. 8? H' Graham Jim I-Iillin Billy .Toe Hinson Don Holt man All-District Honorable Mention Friday October 14. The Panthers evened their season and Dist. 5-A r e c or d at 1-1 by losing to the Wink Wildcats. The game was played in Wink. Every team has a "bad night" and this was surely the black day for the Panthers. Fumbles cost dearly and Wink racked up 26 points in the first 6 minutes. The Panthers then came to life and held the Wil dcat s the rest of the half. Midway in the second quarter Pete Dyson broke over left ta ckl e and went 46 yards to pay dirt. The score at the intermission found the Panthers behind 26-7. The Wildcats managed two tallies in the third quarter while limiting the Panthers to one. Wink scored one more in the last quarter. The final score was Wink 45-Ft. Stockton 14. Squadman Soph. Letterman Sr. Letterman Sr. 2 Year Letter- mm George Parks fending off a potential Golden Crane tackler. 1 .:,.,:,g, ,liz 45 It Jimmy McAteer Charley McIntyre Norris Mulkey John Passow Freshman Letterman Sr. 2 Year Letterman Soph. Letterman Soph. Letterman Friday October 21. The Panthers got back into the win column by defeating the Fabens Wildcats by the tune of 24-7. This was the Panthers third Dist. 5-A game and put their dis- trict mark at 2-1. The Panthers scored an even six points in each quarter a gain st the fa- vored Wildcat eleven. Although the Panthers were underdogs, they got off to a good sta r t and never let up. The game featured a hard charging line and hard running backs. McAteer got things underway in the first quarter by romping 28 yards for the fir st TD, The extra point, as all the others, failed. Dyson scored in the second frame with a 31 yard scarnper. Dyson also put six points on the scoreboard in the third quarter. Inthe last quar- ter McAteer went the distance with a 36 yard run. Fabens scored in the last qua rte r on a pass. The final score was Fabens 7-Ft. Stockton 24. 4 3,44 J QR V V - I ' . ,b.F4" Q. xVN4 ix .K ra :Agri - , h ' - h, 1 41 '. .Xf5"." ' -., -. .n N .us x- - - Fumble! ! Hurry while Jimmy holds that Iraan Brave. . U Mini- ,' Y Q - ' I,, I' 3 , , ..,fJ, --:,v-5 we f ff mi e Parks Xanthus Pattillo Vidal Porras Rodney Powell Year Letter- Soph. Letterman Jr. Squadman Soph. Squadman All -Dist. Honorable Mention Friday October 28. A fired up bunch of Sanderson Eagles played a terrific game of ball in the mountain-side Eagle Stadium be for e yielding to the superior speed and power of the Panthers. The Panther s came out on the long end of the 13-7 score. It put the Panther Dist. 5-A record at 3-1 and kept them in contention with McCarney for the crown. Fumbles were a big factor in the game, as were penalties. Each team fumbled and lost the ball three times. A San d e r s on fumble came at a crucial point late in the game which halted a drive and put the Panthers on their final burst to victory. Sanderson scored in the first quarter with a pass. The s e cond quarter was only about six minutes long. The final score was Sanderson 7-Ft. Stockton 13. ,L 1-'Q pgs!!-. F Ili w 1 Hold on! ! Armstrong and Taylor are trying to get there! ! 'D 8. -r-Q,-W .L .W Abelardo Rodriquez Ruben Rodriquez Tom Silliman Shirt Sullivan Sr. Letterman Soph. Z Year Jr. Letterman Soph. Squadman Letterman Friday November 4. The Panthers came out on the long end of a Z6-19 score with the Marfa Shorthorns. It fixed the Panthers Dist. 5-A rec- ord at 4-1. Mclntyre scored in the first quarter. The Shorthorns also scored in the second quarter. McIntyre, however, scored with his second TD of the evening. In the third qua r te r McA'teer madea Panther TD. The final score was Marfa 19-Ft. Stockton 26. Friday November 11. The Panther'sdreamsf fir st place were rudely interrupted with a 34- defeat at the hands of the Big Lake Owls. T Owls scored twice in the first quarter while t Panthers got only one. The Owl s scored on more in the second quarter. The Owls we just too much as the Panthers yielded two mo touchdowns in the last half with only one of th own to match it. The final score was Big La 34-Ft. Stockton 12. 2- Y' l P .WN V S 'Lf R., -1-wt f - I 1. I "Sig: It 1 I . - P 3 .-". -- - - - ' ,w 'vw , r ,L . ' . ' was ' ,-- 'C . ., 'Ji' -- ' , Q., ., k. ., Y an A McCamey Badger is brought down hard by some fighting Panthers ,K 5 i my-5 Tony Tracy Bobby Vaughn Leslie Whitworth Year Letterman Soph. Letterman Freshman Squadman Jr. Letterman 2nd Team Friday November 18. The final game for the 1955 Panther football team was played a- gainst the Dist. 5-A Champions, McCamey. The McCamey Badgers managed just one TD in each of the first two quarters. The Panthers fought the Badgers to almost a standstill the first half. The highly touted Badgers went to the dressing room at the half with a mere 14 point lead. The lid blew off in the third quarter for any hopes the Panthers might have had for an up- set. The Badgers scored four times in the third quarter. Then the Panther football ma- chine settled down and held the Badgers to only one TD in the last quarter. The final score was McCamey 46-Ft. Stockton 0. 5 pxzxg 1- L suxxaxui 1:4154 , : .,,-.-. ,-,,Y1,,, ,,,., ,V ' ., , ,I 7 , F-.nw Q VWAWS ' 8 41-54- -gp 4 BHSHETBHLL TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ned Arcides, Abelardo Rodriquez, Pete Dyson, Celestino Ac os ta., Ruben Rodriguez, Don Diebitsch, John Passow, Franklin Duncan, Jesus Franco, Torn Sill iman , Tim Casner, Gordon Whitworth, Bob Vaughn, Jimmy McAteer, Thomas Armstrong, Coach Moring. STOCKTON DISTRICT RE C O R D 19 5 6 Team Stockton Opponent McCa.rney . . . 61 . . . 68 Wink . . . . 35 . . 48 Iraan . . . 54 . . 72 Big Lake . . 41 . . 71 Maria . . . 70 . . 55 Sanderson . . . 49 . . 48 Fabens . . . 61 . . 39 Fabens . . . 34 . . 2.7 McCamey . . . 52 . . 58 lraan . . . 54 . . 53 Big Lake . . 45 . . 51 Maria. . . 57 . . 68 Wink . . . 59 . . 63 Sanderson. . . 48 . . 47 for Up and at 'ern Duncan ---- ---! WWE-- PETE DYSON Senior 1 yr. Letterman Guard ABELARDO RODRIQUEZ Senior 1 yr . Letterman Forward DON DIEBITSCH Junior 1 yr. Letterman Guard af Q no LW -1---A-v - ' -I'L I 051099 I L Heavy, heavy hangs over your head! 1 w l. , RUBEN RODRIQUEZ Sophomore 1 yr. Letterman Forward JIMMY MCATEER Freshman .1 yr. Letterman Forward T ig FRA NKLIN DUNCAN Sophomore 1 yr. Letterman . Center KW , , ' '41 Q! -ef 3 ?'i""l"U' ""'-- 1 Vp Q -X ,f I U vi M, A Vlhf..-. .-fu-A' Will he make FI'-4 I lt . ...'? NED ARCIDES dl GORDON WHITWORT Sophomore "B" Team Forward JESUS FRANCO Eighth Grade "B" Team Center Freshman "B" Team' Forward What a graceful leap. Are you studying ballet, Pete? BOBBY VAUGHN Freshman "B" Team Guard CELESTINO ACOSTA Freshman "B" Team Forward JOHN PASSOW Sophomore "B" Team Forward VULLEUBHLL TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Frances Bueno E11da Mesa Jo Turner Peggy Zuhelke Sue son, Nora Ureta, Isura Bueno, O11v1a Costelo Judy Almond Mary Ella. James Not Plctu Amalie Ramos. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Marla MeJ1a, Petra Ur1as Joy Bowers Marllyn Lethco Petra. Salinas, Elida Mesa., Manager. - Jhylj' 3 1 A Coach RS. MARY ELLA JAMES NORA URETA Senior 4 Year Letterman All-Tourney Imperial, A11-TourneyGrandi'al.1s Manager JUDY ALMOND Sue, Jo, and Nora proudly display the trophy the team received for win- ning the Big Spring Tourney. .TO TURNER Junior 3 Year Letterman A11 Tourney Imperial A11 Tourney Grandfalls ISAURA BUENO Sophomore 2 Year Letterman All Tourney Big Spring Don't get tangled up, way up there! if - LLJ- f ' r. "'- ' no S : ' g - nil I- 1 1 1 "L" 1 ul 1 2 3 1 1 1 1 ' S 3 F '- V I ,. 7.4, " r ' ' rf: , S -- V tea- - v' v fi ., . ' 'f -4- f 12" 4. , . - ,tr 1 :A ' Q Y?-f,,i V,,,.'1r-- - fwfr ,.4 95 fl 4- 1 j Q'-lu' 31-" ,f . - Qt . 'I' w - m SUE SIMPSON Junior Z Year Letterman Imperi 1 Year Letterman Stockb A11 Tourney Big Spring All Tourney Lamesa JANE SIMPSCN Sophomore ear Letterman Imperial. -ear Letterman Stockton FRANCES BUENO Senior 3 Year Letterman Man! Was that a sneaky f. Hx I 2' v.'.,QnHn - Jill PEGGY ZUEHLKE Junior 1 Year Letterman '-'.V""'. xiii?" e im- ELIDA MESA Senior "B" Team w N OLIVIA COSTELLO Sophomore "B" Team Give those girls a. pep talk, Teacher. Sf! MARIA MEJIA Freshman "B" Team B ig Lake 2 Fabens Mc Carney We They Hobbs 47 De uve r City Imperial MIN, STOCKTON WINS DISTRICT PLAY We S TO CKTON WINS REGIONA L PLAY Jo Turner and Nora. Ureta Made the A11-Regional Team STOCKTON WINS STA TE PLAY We 60 Union Hill of Betty 21 Big Spring 36 Girls who made the All State Team are as follows: .Io Turner Nora Ureta Jane Simpson Isaura Bueno Nora Ureta and Frances Bueno were chosen the co-captains for the year. H Q 41. - f up N . 5 10 58 4 32 7 Z9 13 Z3 12 'rug' J V' JTTIGQA' ' , ' ' -' fi- '--"'f'- ." '.'-'.-my 'U 'ff ' W" Y' ' 4 5- "4'- lil' 2 'im .ffm 'JAN 14, - ". " 7-rg.. , --2. f ' 4, , , 7 , -lf, Q-. - 'aug .:j. .LJ .. - ' -..,. , . , 1" Q . VJ,-. 1, 4144 .TC Q-5' ,vw -54 "'-,,,j-72. - "lf, ' " - f A-'19 ' - 1 wb ' .' J' 0 " W "IZ -' ' . - -' YA 3'-149-H " 1' - '--' 19:1-vc: , .,L1,i:. ifi,-1'E..'?.'...-"Ste-:::.f"-, THHUH TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT: David Holt, Ruben Rodriquez, Jimmy McAteer, Tim C a. s ner, Don Holt, John Passow, Jim Hillin, Pete Dyson, Coach Carter. BOTTOM: Leslie Whitworth, Gordon Whit- worth, Pat Fortenber ry, Shirl Sullivan, Don Taylor, Bill Buster, Ned Arcides, Thomas Arm- strong. MILE RELAY TEAM John Passow, Don Holt, Ruben Rodriquez, Pat Fortenberry, Jim I-Iillin. I "71:Z-'-4-5 . . ..-a ' -3-5' .5- r 35 ,A - n " 3, 1. 1 ..'."': Q, ',..., ,, f,, T" EJ, 1, 'i . r 5:5-jfifaqf-F 4 1 ' +L-:U5 19' .lf f ' 5 W5 z ,z 1 -. Q,1,f.:, . 4 -. uw-. .Al -e-- ,f .5,, .15 ,bf , H. . . r 'fri ,L : V135 ....,E.,.1 'thi' E1 V 1? --I A- , - ....,.. M. f ,I 'i"'?f,' , '34 7" V'?"ndm7 4' -L' l1'4"4ifi'! .-F 1'- '. 'I A L . 1 f. sr 1 " . ,, L ' X '-,-,,.4L ,bf '-- ' .- "I-I Y AM x '- 'lp 'E A. --- I t ,w . ' L , X 5 I 1 v W ern 1 ' Y "" . R , ,4 5 ":J N :-- i U s-V gg It K , 4 , r .1 I n -I , bt an V Q U' ' lv xx J' W X V Y . 1 .S 5 5.1, A V L 5' - , I ff 1 'W 1 ' - ' .- N. A-K ' ' 4 ' ' A. r . Q- t rf, 4 r ,I , . I' .V . h ' '-.7 D' , ' V.. J . 'zlfllff ',..A 1 - may .' f. "" J ,, . n -dh in A - , Y D I lj, U U A V ' .. y I 4, -V ' T: 'Tr ,- 'fxl-" y " f L -7 ,-f,4..- J- ' ., fgg--:"'5f .I ' ','Q, , , ' 13... J U --6-f '4-' ' ' AQ ' 1' A- , an - s ' v v 3.51 V T Ay ,qi fri 1 . f V 1 BETTY DYSON E1 e c t e d unanimously by the 1956 Track Squad as the first Queen of the Comanche Relays . - I X 1' 440-YARD RELAY TEAM Don Holt, Tim Casner, Tony The 440-yard relay team won sixth place at TYBCY, Ruben P-Odriquez te meet. Don Holt also came in sixth in the -yard dash. Pete Dyson came in third in the e run with his best time of the year, 4:32. 5. . -U' "r-l-4P"5f 51'-Piss: . ' a ' .., t ' ' 3 4'55i,-xii . , -Y-Qiif. 1 R .3 11,15 .1 " , 2 ff? sl , J ty t ll ' Cgkf U' 'rg ,' 1 1 L 0 it 'area fa-N 1 l ' L' 3.552 ' , :-- 'Lt' 219554 Don Holt came in first at the Comanche Relays The llth Annual Comanche Relays was held on March 3, 1956. The Junction Eagles and Andrews Mustangs tied for top honors with 28 points apiece, while Stockton placed 5th with 14 points. Don Holt won the 2.20 and 100-yard dashes. Pete Dyson won 2nd in the mile race while the 440 -yard relay took 4th. The captains of the track team, Pete Dyson and Don Holt, have presented the Queen of the Comanche Relays, Betty Dyson, with a bouquet of red roses. The boys are both s enior s and have done outstanding work in sports. limi , S l I I I : , T X HW Ty-,-,V-, A , H ' " H ka! Ili K1 - li! ' ' lp I -I ll' U I l ' L . U .2 I ' Y Y.,,. -S .. , ,, , Y A V M -1 X i - - 7 V - J .. ., .. . ,, , . , .X 4 'lx V livx tv' .i..-Rin! ...s -,-4, .,,4,L.4.. ...Ls 44442. . Q A ' as . " " i' 'A I -r il 1 :V , ii u r 1" f . Y.-f. ,gg ' 3 . .Q I r.. I ', r. U JS . I ,,.-v..'I . V -.. .1 LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Tyson, David Thrasher, Judy Allison, Mary West, Patsy Posey Faye Watson, Donna Saul, Bob Maples, Jerome Crumpton. 1956 TEHHIS TEHIH SENIOR GIRLS' SINGLES 8: DOUBLES Judy Allison, Mary West, Patsy Posey . gf-.V , ' 4.-5' C, a' Z A A iglgl lf tfgf 'fy - ,yfy W 43? ,,ifw f M' QW 4, off P ogy R isis? W . 'L i n B 4 " 'IW I' V K an W 'E 51' , H4 I li KX Patsy Posey and Mary W e S t, senior girls' double team, w e r e the only rn e mb e r s of the tennis squad to win a first place in the district meet which was held here on April 9 8:10. This win entitled these girls to represent F.S. H. S. at the regional meet in Odessa where they won second place and were eliminated from the State meet by Pyote. In district meet the tennis teams won second place. Faye Watson lst-Jr. girls single. Donna Saul and Cassie Irwin-lst. place-Jr. girls doubles. The teams ente re d two tournament s: Alpine and Marfa. They brought home the team trophy from the M ar fa tournament. Jerome Crumpton and Bob Maples x 3 , w-Wh as --A -.94 . eff 1t"?.-md Q rl I '1W GQUC57, wife gif wie jg -'gjffgv ?'Yf1'xgd'xv taxi 9 , V .2 'I ' s . -. i"W , V t, ki? . -,f 4 ,J ' 4. , 1 sg N 5 - it ., ..L...L.l4? '-" g j ' . all , Donna Saul, Faye Watson, David Thrasher -' . . ie,l i 5 I I F . .4 Vi R :'l 4 y , F l Y f. F, H t at L' Wim' if it 'ifeiu 1 e iq' - if. ,A F 'ff' . c , , fin if Franklin Duncan not pictured on first L ' ,' Q ' " page plays Sr. boys singles. --mq-vQ"'1 ,X W K , 4, x . c as an , - '. , sh x K.. xx X X ,sf -N' -N .' N., . N ,. .,-,,: ... 0 i ,iq -rsr -N is . x N I r og'rg.S'vzv'AL1'TI'E' -5' I ' , , J' ,A Us ft MJ GM if VN l X jllggxr...-1 fglifgif Q-'F W3 WW Q WW IHUSI PUPULHR GIRL Juan lllhitman 5 ,f Q 111' .im '1 h ."fQ!H-. F . V nv ag..-v es age ,JZ x wx NU C , , wwf" L: ' 2 :i L., L-: 1 A, 3 wg a 3 V-A .HF if egzjgxzw. V .Y ,. .,.. A i ':-'VI 'LQ' .V .1 LQ ' V 11, E 'ff 7Qi,.v .. 1 ' Ah' V I Q . V- V,. ,, , .1521 V,fV My rj . V J- L' -fi ? ' .Y ,.x. - ,-1' . :.. .1 ,Aw . .., , -I .-4,11-F,!:V, ,. Ave! - ' , Vgz. P 'V J s:'.,,, ff A" iffwt' -L'-f".-,J':gf' T --2 A-Es-I' 1 -1: ' wg -V .L--VI,-rh yd---y K , Ji ffffu-.3-LV 3 7 X-.V. .' .,:j'f,44ftq.tVl. -ml I-11' .J-LT f.:-', , , , 1, . W, V.,.1.r, 1 F1 A - - .-J? 21.1 1 :L -Q W ,. 1 .--V ..V--:M --. V ,. Wm' r W, .V V .T ,N - xy Q' -sgKj-1-13-:bfi U , ' yqiii ' 'N - 1 1 V f fu w 7 ': V, 4,-T' 1 ' lt V-Lys 0 ,QIGHQ V11 v' 1 , VV Q 5 - f V V 5,12 V- - 3, 31 W fQ'Qf'1 vi -ig 1 1 if X ' . V V Y. V",""e -V VL'-V- 3. sw 1 T, ' , ' , Y - A I 2' Y 2. -3 EWEQEL fsfaffggggigggsz 4 - --'fm , A -V ,,,,,,.- ' w- v - v 'aff wwf ,, ., , . .2k, V . ' sf. 'J 'if Q-' L Z -, L, . A Q, ,ln v ,1,m,wxx 1342.- f ' . W l Q : . , -1 '. , ifefnf, -. ., . .- fix, fl- , f BEST LUUHIH6 BU!! Dave Lamberih , .... , '1i'.E'l E554 ..-, SMF , 15:23 ' rid: I' Elm' H: 'Q QQ. 1 H w w A v .- y - x. Q 5. 3. J J , -'UTTVTT ?fF"'?t" 'f:iZTf4i'Ti7?jj27-1ifuTf5i'i-'--vg-T:-j 4 J' ' V wb :,. '14 Q'-: L. ,- - ' 4. lu 1 4 -10" i -. 1tM51""FiiEiFa ' ' "Cf .. ' -me 'sg-' -V .-,,, . .jr ' if I -.1 'Q I 'N-fb.- ' ' S Ma P. A - '43 gt ' . , gg -'--' 1- 1-' .-V4- ' fi my . gr. - '- , gtk WJ . ,Lg , 0 ., . . Ni , Q., 1 ' , ,f ft .-:Lyn ' WE NHL af' Mh- P x , . I. 9 4 A f AAML ,D 3,8 , 4 'V N x L 1 'X H , ,wx . ,, . . W .--HV 1 1 .Im NW.: 4 .W 'fifii kj- 'y iw- ' LrU.1-.f- ' . X- .QW N 1 u W vw 7 XV - w I V- '. . N ' 1 .1 TEA! ' A -rm L as ,1 I HEPHESEH Sam Baker r -Z 1 , f-'J Z fi, , ' 1., f ,ff IHUST HTHLETIB BIIU Hhlardo Hudriquez SEHIUR FHVUHITES Hancu Graham Billu Joe Hinsnn g,a1 ang I 1 0 .vw 'x A r U3 1 6? ' VH s- in Qqr, A7135-pas! ,:.. :55?if5fl'W N 0 I ki ,Q gn, 99,1 QV' Jig 73 GQ ,X 1,9 V ilk FH'VllR'lT.ES frank IH Duncan P' aj- -.W f---V 'N f in WT.,-..,. 4-3" 'Y HHTIUHHL HUHUH SUUIETU Charter Members of the newly organized Fort Stockton Chapter of the National Honor Society of Secondary Schools were installed by the Wink Chapter at special ceremonies held April 26, 1956, in the h'igh school auditorium. v l For membership in the Society, students must be of Junior or Senior classification and must maintain a scholastic average of 90 or above. Organizing committee and C ha r t e r bers: Mrs. James, Mrs. Weddle, I-Iayter, Dave Parker, Mary Terra Georgeanne Smith, Nancy Hillin, Sue son, Mary Sue Hardaway, Donna Hale, Holt, Paula Greer, Betsy Mangum, J Allison, Debie Pattillo, Joan Whitman, Dave Lamberth. Officers of the Society are:Dave Lamberth, Presidentg Joan Whitman, Secretaryg Mary Sue Hardaway, Treasurerg Don Holt, Vice- President. I Members were i n s ta l 1 e d at a candlelight ceremony by the Wink Chapter. Following installation, Fort St o c kt o n Wink members were guests at a tea by the Department. CITIZENS UF THE IUEEH The citizens of the week are chosen each week by the faculty on the bas is of their willingness to cooperate with teachers and other students and such qualitie s as courteousness, friendliness, consideration of others, and neatness of dress. H FIRST SIX-WEEKS: Sam Baker, Sue Arm- strong, B ryant Wilson, Gwen George, Georgeanne Smith, Norris Mulke y, Judy Almond, Joan Whitman. Not pictured: Lynn Rainwater, Dave Lamberth. THIF SIX-WEEKS: Judy Allison, Thomas Armstrong, Kay Carson, Don Taylor, Tom illiman, Donna Hale, Darrel Martin, harlotte Walker, E.W. Hallford. Not ictured: Clara Jo Ratliff, Tony Trac , cy Hillin. SIX tt Ka B , Mary errazas, Wendell Ware, Mary Tinkler, t Dennis, Sue Simpson, Tim Casner, Posey, W.D. McGi1vary, Sherrill Rolls. Not pictured: Don Holt, Sam Baker. J 'u S E COND SIX-WEEKS: Eva Flores, Roy Johnson, Vicki McSpedden, Jim T inkl e r, Debie Pattillo, Jimmy McAteer, Mary Sue Hardaway, Tim Casner, Nora Ureta, Frank- lin Duncan, Wendell Averitt. Notpictured: Donna Sue Church. FOURTH SIX-WEEKS: Ned Arcides, Nancy Bryant, Ruthie McAteer, Bill Bus ter, Sharon Strong, Ruben R o d r i que z, Bettye Davis, Herman Hof5g,aL1li,r,,,-, pictured: Abelardo Rodriquez,QBeverly C ' SIXTH SIX-WEEKS: David Thrasher, Betsy Mangum, Ned Arcides, Mary Sue Hardaway, Vicki McSpedden. Not pictured: Madonna Nelson, Lowell Gerbert, Don Taylor, Paula Greer, Jac queline Budd, David Lowell, Isrido Mesa. The Rooney Family Award for 'the highest scholastic average went to Lynn Rainwater. Lynn also r e c e i v e d the Pecos County State Bank Award for the highest ranking math student. U - ,ii 1 Joan Whitman was awarded t American Legion scholar ship medal f being the highest ranking senior. S also received the D. A. R. Citizensb Award. The Pioneer Award for for Best All-Around Stu- dent went to Don Holt. Vicki McSpedden wasgiven the American Legion Citizenship A w a r d. He was selected on the- basis of scholarship, lead- e r s h i p, participation in school life and athletics, and citizenship. Debie Pattillo r e c e i v e d the T County Council Scholarship for a dent planning to teach and the Ex dent Association Scholarship. U . ,ff .5 3 Q 'Qi NW Tl by TTWVX ffl- W L27 j Lib , . I ' . 5 . I I C '7 STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Xanthus Pattillo, Tony Tracy, Franklin Duncan, Sherrill Rolls, Rob Dennis, Beverly Cleveland, Sam Baker, Ruthie McAteer, Thomas Armstrong, Jerome Crumpto Billy Joe Hinson, Joan Whitman, Pete Dyson, Don Holt, Sue Armstrong, Dorot McKenzie, and Isidero Mesa. SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Weddle, SponsorgGwen George, Hi toriang Tom Sillirnan, Vice-P1-esidentgNayna Johnson, PresidentgMary Reeves, Treasuz-ergGeorgean Smith, Parliamentariang and Nora Ureta, Secretary. STUDENT CUUHUIL MRS. DOROTHY WEDDLE Sponsor 'ts LEFT TO RIGHT: Gwen George, I-listoriang Mrs. Dorothy Weddle, Sponsorg Georgeanne Parliamentariang SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Nora Ureta, Secretaryg Tom Silliman, Vice- Nayna Johnson, Presidentg and Mary Reeves, Treasurer. STUDENT CUUHIIIL UFHCERS MR. KENNETH ST. CLAIR Co-Sponsor M33 , 'H i I E I .1 l, Q 5 SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES Billy Joe Hinson, .Ioan Whitman, Gwen George, Don Holt. i' JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES Ruth McAteer, Sam Baker, Je ro Crumpton, Georgeanne Smith. CLHSS REPRESEHTHTIVES SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES Beverly C 1 e v e land, Sherrill R o 1 1 s, Tony Tracy, Xanthus Pattillo . FRESHMAN REPRESENTATIV Isidro Mesa, Dorothy'McKenzie, -1 riet Hammond, Robert Dennis. 0- fi Mrs. Winnie Mae Johnson, Sponsor PHHTHEH STHFF C7 is nv" LEFT TO RIGHT: Debie Pattillo, Mary West, Joan Whitman, Gwen George, Nancy Hillin Jo Ratliff, STANDING JFEFT ,TO RIGHT: Beverly Cleveland, Mrs. Winnie Mae John s on Rainwater .13 ,5fL,5ff2f,,-39" LJ, ,q,1,1,njE1,x:1.A-Q JOAN WHITMAN Editor DEBIE PATTILLO Business Manager Bevenly wistfully wishing for a "brain-storm. " No, Nancy, it's this way. And Clara Jo calls this Work- ing? Girls, this is no laughing ter! The Thinker. ...W-,, . . are AU" V 'u1v1 rms: 11 xisix,-. - ' - " 1 2 11 .1 3 1 7 as 9 I0 1' 1 1.1151017111 212223 25 282930 A 11, Q11.,--fM.sw.. 11.1 4' ,1- 'Q 1 HU ,, 443 P? 646 Xxx -JW ., we 'R ---111551 w' ki Xf'9K"",l'g1'3fj 1 . ,7 -- 2, ' iff-,-r,..xi3i1.e' - 32 " , ' R R ' 1 R izw RF 11 le. mfr ." , - Y J - 1 . 4' ' S911 'Q LEFT TO RIGHT: Vicki McSpedden, ne ws editorg Jo Turner, sports editorg Nancy Hillin, exchange editor: Larry Skylsted, s pon s org Donna Hale, associate editorg Dave Lamberth, editorg Darlene Irwin, feature editorg and Joe Hallford, reporter. TUHIBLELUEED STHFF That Tumbleweed staff hard at work. LARRY SKYLSTAD Sponsor X v , 1,1 clk- 8 l .. 94 In-1' N., A 1 l'.' I U4 '-5 . fe 1' or 1 R1 r T'.'uil0 War . Donna. and Dave attend- Darlene checking the ing to serious business ? gossip box. Toifxrbrim 4 Srgfm.. Nancy getting the ex- change papers. Looks like Jo is get- Vicki assigning the ting .a "hot tip" on stories. tomorrow's game. Yi x 3 'f"'a- ..4 . -X. -.AZ UHUIR ,fl I .,, ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dorothy McKenzie, Sherrill Rolls, Kay Carson, Jimmy Ann V i ckr e y, Fielding, Martha Shellenberger, Betsy Mangum, Nancy Graham, Phyllis Sanders, Betty Lukins, Lry Duran. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Charlotte Walker, Juanita Chavez, Eva Flores, Terrazas, Ruth Shows, Donna Sue Church, Sally Urias, Ida Rodriguez, Mary Sue Har daway , y Gonzales, Miss Jean Wallace, sponsor. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Eustolia Urias, Ernes- Valenzuela, Elodia Pacheco, Elivera Subia., Pat Bailey, Alvina Subia, Anita Garcia., Isobel Porras, ia Pacheco, Alicia Subia, and Nellie Pena. The F. S. H. S. Choir, under the direction of Miss Jean Wallace, attended Region V111 Choral Contest in Odessa, March 17, 1956. The Choir placed second in Conc e rt Music Division and third in the Sight Reading Division. The Choir has also sung at a nurnbe r of assemblies this school year. v I MISS JEAN WALLACE Sponsor VBHHD u, . , - I ---A--gV'?f.-3-.a.,,.,., , V.. . L . .f ... n. ' M , V 1 -Q?QL?::'fTzf:z'.r:r. 1.1155 JL ' 4 f . wn1Lfsi', J' 7" ,,. ff,-.,. 1 .- .,-? -,,. , ff ',,r. tsrygfg-..VVgVg Q. ,,, - - , ix -5.14 ,VH ""F f 1-' U , ..:.f-- 'gss4,qa.- -A--4-1-srl. ,ff- xr' ' 'Aa-sQw:'i.' ,,., 2 Q -Q , " ""f' .1 ,,. 526 3-' " .113 -'1c.1. V 'f -4 ,. ,.--. J' . V. ' ' 'i t 2 f 'fl .5 -hw-' ' L:,.5f ' 'r 15?-159 Vg ' -. . V' ' 4, I 5, -, . ' . .- .. -I., - .- ,- fi ,,k.,,'-xi6?b:,5qix.+f 5g,,,.9.-rpg,-gi, J' -,-:.V-. ,-xx 1 H 1 . . , . L'-'E' .. 4 111. .,.f2-Idigi .,, zulu,-s 52qV,gw"u?L-1-V . "" ' ' - ., V , ' V 1 rev.-.'-1-I '-1 ' ., V' '53 -f1ff'--'-5-'Frm-.2q!klvu.ffxl'.Af.:.V- 163, '. I V .-1. V ' . 1 V., - . " 'Vifg 1- -' 1- ,. .1-rv-zz sl V14-,a.,.t 'V' 'ir:3+:!1fi1,-eff: -innfigf'-5-rf' 1, 5-gfcg .y. . " 'f - --, V J - w e '- its . 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F cQ.,4.2:5tf,j'.AQ'h13i1:-iggig img: 13.55 imlx-. , . ' , I-5. . , , ,V tl-...J . . v 5-,w b.,:.f4V-' ' ,t - gg" . , '5 '. 4' 35:54 , ' J,-1' V --'pf , V,j 3 ',.-- 1. y- :,.:t- - .,f' ,- - ,.- , , wr' Hiixvt- :..- ,:- fi N . '. Quik,-ff? . Ere.--V, is-Y -,.,1 542-gt A-V - M, . .V -' ' ,, , F'-L - ""4 'Q " fills ' "' .V".'Q. ,J"f.,Q -- lil' 'I' W?" .I .. '. .--- 'A - N 4' ' ' 'N . w fi' ' f- . 1" ' '- 4'i', 1- Af. .' 1.4 ' ' " 'iii ,--fl" 5:01 - ' ',' . , , 9 . f 411 4 .. fr-V' V , 4 "iff - ,f -Vi'-a ' .. df. - fc... VQWTAJ 5' -in "LV: vw?" 5 ' V' P m 4 f:-, " V 3.-r ,- . :A ,, - 1 ,QE .3:aVg5.7.VV ,4 - -us,-:f51i.'g,Q,g -4 ggi 5,-,-43, .f,, - JY- I xy, A . V. M1:J,,:i5. . T 5'?fV1-..1 ' 2 ..:l1:ff:S?'iQ'- Inf 12' 'sri' -'+!V "lf V' 'T Y 1'1-,Z..- , 'v .. ,C "+21'-:- -xg. -'. r-' V 'U , 'f 1.134 -..r- . 1 V -V 4- Y" V-1E'r'.' ' - '- ' W- NA -,nf ,1:.V-' 4. wi ' ' -IV '.1-1'f'?-"gg,-'A WA. ' ' L53 ---- 1 . " 5, "" - nn- 1 F-. x ij .- ,.f-I -' I . ',, ,-, 'L,'.V'.1y-U51 'XFN-w 4 J V .mf '44 VA V V -' V x ' hw-:Q -L' ,- 4 . ' ,ri ,, . 'L "-'ni L V VZMVH 'im ., -. ,125 ' -, Q!-L ,, . W . V iifx' .:11"f rf -, A"fif'1?'5V1'i1if':'W-in .-feast 'f V 1 '1.- 4 ' V -.,,zV .X - 1. V , - ,-I ,.:.z.:5'fQ-L f f':gg,dW,j 'j5.-.l11,'15r1j 1'-7 ,mr 1 'VN E K -A-an ,fr , - Liu.:.V,1,?.5I'b!lQ55V5- it :i,4.ijQQ2'11 '-:1gg,g:..,55.fghm1fuqa-5 ' , 4 ' .. . - --fff y i' , -'sswmliisafkirt Fai ' . ' I ,fin ' I , '-,-a-r L. ,Lx-agp-, 7, ' 1555 "- 'QQ-u . .Q N I ' 1-'x " t '- -1 '- -.-- ..- . I ' ' V" - "Ph - :lc-'J' -',lT1.'l'h:'71f:' " if "Z - ' 'R " ' 'f 2-7-'.".: - " '. Q -if-'.' 2 ., -V - Vf-..wVf'.:-"- ff - ' . 92-2 ,V bu,..VV1-, -'.f2.V,V:f- . W ' - - -' .. ' A : , ' .:-:Re-r V -. " ' Y-'g el..-g.1-'L-'. - ,, .. ff . A 'fr 4.V,,fa'ssq5gQ-gs'14f:fQ15e7 'wk-.,3?e,1f'-vm L -,+L..s'fQ,:g1,Vifawf-,V:K13f'E2f?rf3!FTg--QV . , V .wugb ,V,'-f.j-'.- 'Y '2ff2??Q?"'53'i7'?:1y3 A fffggf'-igjy.-.Lf-:k,i!Q, 'ftilf'-, .4 .vg,IL-'I .. . , - -.1aV-'IL J-f .gif-5fj.5fg'gf ,esga1zw'2z'. ,451 vy. 'Q 'V TT " 'L :1,1,.,7..j,,7,f4AL,Q'2gg,i mira! ,Fi -.-Eid, EE' V' if ,r ' ,, - , . Y ' if.'s2,e2. . A .f'ffL.?1wz.?'Z1?. -mga -. 1 -1.35-1 - . F H l ' ,v Fort Stockton High School Bantl v . R JOAN WHITMAN, Band Sweetheart 4 I- m The Panther Band attended Contest in Odessa, Texas, on April 14, 1956. The Band won a first in Concert and a second in sight-reading. Earlier in the year, December 3, the Band entered a marching contest also in Odessa, and returned home with a second place. KENNETH S T. CLAIR Director -iv ,ao-9 -X, x ,J , W fix TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim Hillin, Yvonne Lannom, Bryant Wil s on, Beverly Wilson, Lynn Rainwater. SECOND ROW: Gwen George, Barbara Ligon, Joan Whitman, Betty Kay Butz, Nayna Johnson, Beverly Cleveland, Rachal Pena. THIRD ROW: Josephine Gonzales, Sharon Lee, Josephine Pina, S he r ri Stice, D onna Hale, S hi rl e y Turner. FOURTH ROW: Carmen Gonzales, Ray Pina, Phillip McClure, and Nancy Mitchell. P ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Herman Hoffpauir, E, W. I-lallford, Johnny Howard, Bill Buster, Joye iley. SECOND ROW: MalcolmAlmond, Ronnie Hopkins, Gloria Sanchez, Ruthie McAteer, Carl lug, John Berry, Jimmy Urias, THIRD ROW: Trelly Smith, Richard Harral, George Fielding, lan Gilley, Raymond Terrazas, and Augustin Mesa. ' ff '7 'Nat TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Tony Tracy, Georgeanne Smith, B uddy Bowers, Mary Sullivan, Danny Salmon, Eddie Joe Glover, Don Diebitsch. FRONT ROW: Sharon Johnson, Linda McKenzie, Melody McKenzie, Joan Danielson, Bettye Davis, Lowell Gerbert. 1 5 1 TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: MaryReeves, Sue Armstrong, LaJuanaRoye, Vicki McSpedden, Sam Baker. FRONT ROW: Don Holt, Clara Jo Ratliff, Mary West, and Jesus Sanchez. ' TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: John Powers, Rusty Ratliff, Vernon Creech, Roy Johnson. SECOND ROW: Xanthus Pattillo, Jimmy McAteer, Wendell Ware, Jimmy Cunningham. THIRD ROW: John Passow, Robert Baker, Jesus Rodriquez, Skipper Blaydes, and Claudette Kerr. 13 ' I A 'fix ' cr Q 7 H , BAND OFFICERS I Y P . Zn .. wiv, ' 'mi .,l . 'if' D I ROY JOHNSON -State Bandg Drum Major CLARA JO RATLIFF ajoretteg First Division aton Triog First Division aton Solo. i Li cl C f R fix G A 1 O 1 K . 3 -A X559 ! P, ' I BEVERLY CLEVELAND Majoretteg First Division Baton Trio: Second Division Baton Solo. NAYNA JOHNSON Majoretteg First Division Baton Trio: Second Division Baton Solo. v x W? va- 5 Imax VICKIMCSPEDDEN 10" g ' " A np ii R ' 2?-!.xi5J" f- ff., I XY iff fun A Q I QAOQ x' '.l f' 'c EA D " .QQ 'if' N 9 c7o L' 4' Q w v f?!'in'i-10 5 '1 0 .J .7 F.f.H. iiiiiihj HIIIIIII lllllllfly Hllilm lliiiiii IIIIIIIIIIIII - -- - --Ev -e-we-H xr-,k nriii' .fx -., FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Nick Gonzales, Raymond Aquilera, Isidera Mesa, Andres Villal Buddy Gerbert, Sentinelg George Parks, Gerald Saul, Jim Hillin, Parliamentaz-iangDonna Sue Sweetheartg Pat Fortenberry, Historian, Frank Dominguez, Alan Matthews, Pete Villalba, John brook, Robert Dennis, Reporter: D.D. White, Advisor. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: R ud ol Smetakg Tony Carrillo, Mike Ureta, Abe Gonzales, Bob Maples, Bobby Slover, Charlie Smetak, S retaryg Ned Arcides, Third Vice-pres. 3 Joe Milan, Leo Buenog Ruben Rodriguez, Theron Titus, I-Iallford. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim Tinkler, First Vice-pres.: Billy Bob Cleveland, Pre Buddy Spence, Shirl Sullivan, Leslie Whitworth, Wilbur Warnock, Joe Graham, Sec ond Vice-Pre J, D. McIntyre, Rodney Powell, John Hardaway, and Anastacio Garnboa. NOT PICTURED: L. H. terson, Treasurer. 'D DONNA S. CHURCH D.D. WHITE Sweetheart Advisor fev- BILL CLEVELAND ' President 3--5' ' lil Q... - .42..1.:.1A: - ' A '1"4p 'f',7'Il ' w -50 1 " Ni' ul QL 5 I Fm 5.4 for the life of a teacher! The F. F. A. b oys went to the El Paso Fat Stock Show and Rodeo in February, 1956. Shirl Sullivan won fifth place in the Cross-bred Lamb Division. Charlie Smetak placed ninth in this division. Rudolph Srnetak gota seventh place in the Fine Wool Division. At Christmas the F, F. A, Dept. sold Christ- mas trees W hic h they had cut and hauled from a local ranch. The money went for other F. F. A. projects and trips. . 3 'lf- y could pass for a tree in- Come on J. D. Scrape the ground, ctor, eh Buddy ? In March, 1956, "Peebe1-ry" White, the F. F. A. s pon s or, took a group of boys to the Houston Stock Show. The boys did very well in their class of over 250 entries. Robert Dennis placed second in the Fine Wool Division. Isidera Mesa placed third, while Jose Milan gota thirty- third in the same division. X F, S.H. S. is very proud of the F. F. A. Depart- ment this year and hope th e y continue to do so well in future years. For Sale: One F.F. A. Christmas tree. F.H.H. L- f za "0 New 906' LEFT TO RIGHT: Lucy Gongales, Eva Villalba, Song Leader: Sherri Stice, Pa r 1 ia m e nta r ia ng N Calderon, Treasurer: Madonna Nelson, President: Bettye Davis, Secretaryg Isabel Por ra s, Shar Strong, Reporter. MADONNA NELSON President .gr ff... MA JORIE NEWSOM Sponsor -ro' , Q9 -2' 1- me E 7 Elf, R 'fw- " 271 X '5eZ,,,, 5' look are sporting. And they made too. at the lovely new hats the 1 I What charming hostesses. N N Miss Marjorie Newsom tookBettye Jo Davis and Sherri Stice to the State F. H.A. Con vention held in Fort Worth, Te xa s, on A pri Z0-21. The Homemaking girls have had a bfus y year. They e xhib it e d frozen fruit at Pecos County livestock show. Theyhave fed the School Board and have had numerous parties. .1-v1""Qf Is this brown-nosing the school board ? No snitching, girls I 1 ,W . v'l TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marilyn Lethco, Nancy Hillin, Georgeanne Smith, Mildred Glenn. OND ROW: Sue Armstrong, Patsy Posey, Vicki McSpedden, Secretaryg Eva Flore s. THIRD R Lynn Rainwater, Franklin Duncan, Dorothy McKenzie, Clara Jo Ratliff, Donna Sue Church, Joye ley, Sam Baker, P1-esidentg Roy Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Mary West, Jo Turner, R uthiqe McAte Dale Dees. FIFTH ROW: Xanthus Pattillo, Eddie Joe Glover, Tony Tracy, Donna Hale, Harriet! Ha mond, Nancy Bryant, David Lowell, Billy Jake Barker, Larry Skylstad, sponsor. SIXTI-TIROW: Ju Allison, Vice-Presidentg Beverly Cleveland. UUHIHHUHE SPRINGS PLHUERS' CLUB SAM BAKER President LARRY SKYLSTAD ' Sponsor The Shakespearian a c t o r s endure torture of g r e a s e paint and c o 1d am. et! Professional at work. The players club and Mr. Lar r y Skylstad, sponsor, decided to attempt something different this ye a rin plays. They de c id e d to present three Shakespearian plays and then take one to district contest. This proved to be an excellent idea. They pre sented: "The witches scene from MacBeth"g "Love scene from King Henry V"3 and "Othello." "Othello" was taken to dis- trict conte st in Big Lake, March 23, 1956, The play won first there and Sam Baker received Best Actor: Donna. Sue Church, Best Actress: and Sue Armstrong was pla c e d on the All-Star Cast. "Othello" went to regional conte st in Od e s s a, April 2.0, 1956. The play won alter- nate there. Sam Bake r and Donna Sue Church got on the All-Star Cast. We are very proud of the cast and all others responsible for "Othello" and its bringing home honors. A witch in preparation. ASQPP' Sam Baker Othello, Donna Sue Church, D e sde monag Tony Tracy, Cassiog Sue Armstrong Emilia Lynn Rainwater, Iago: Eddie Joe Glover, Montinogand Frank- f 1 1 .-, 'll 4' - 1 A , . . 5 . lin Duncan, as Gratiano in Othello. - qu: 'Q 5. 'Q Donna Sue and Sam as Desdemona and Othello. Nancy Bryant, Znd witchg Eva Flo- res, Hecateg Dale Dees, 3rd witch: Georgeanne Smith, Alic eg Bev Dorothy McKenzie, lst witch in the Cleveland, Katherineg Tony Tr Witches scene from Macbeth. as King Henry V in King Henry dw t if-- A Tis, xr, SHURTHHHD Mrs. Mary Helen Jordan, sponsor, Frances Bueno: and Elida Mesa. Elida won a Second in dis tr ic t contest in Alpine, April 13, 1956. TUPIH6 Mary Helen Jo rdan, Sponsor, Mary r azasg and David Lowell. Mary won t in district c onte s t in Alpine, April l956. v gy: PUETHU HEHUIIIG HHIJ DEBLHHIHTIUH Dale Dees, Jr. Girls Declamationg Beverly Cleveland, Girls Poetry Readingg George- anne Smith, Sr. Girls Declamationg Sam Baker, Boys Poetry Reading: and Larry Skylstad. Beverly placed Second in G i r 1 s Poetry Readingg Ge or g eanne, Second in Sr. Girls Declamationgand Sam won a First in Boys Poetry Reading in district contest. 7,1 Klux: " HEHDU UJHITEHS Mrs. Sallie Buster, Sponsor, Debie Pattillo and Joan Whitman. B oth the girls turned in very good papers at the district meet inA1pine, April 13, 1956. SPELUHG Lynn Rainwater, Mrs. Sallie Buster, Sponsor, and Beverly Bob Cleve- land. These students represented F. S. H, S, in district contest. 1---.L--J, PEP SUUHIJ Q fM55.5,5 s,?'ff?2t2 'T in T A Y J 1' . .al ' ' ' 17 fr-T .."W.i'il ' A 7 ,ST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lucy Gonzales, Amalia Ramos, Eva Villalba, Nellie Pena, Ida Rod- ez, Chawa Bueno, Elidia Mesa, Aurora Renteria, Elidia Pacheco, Polly Arcides,Reyes Gonzales, lia Durte, Elodia Pacheco, Alyina Subia, Ernestina Valenzuela. SECOND ROW: Marguerita Gon- s, Mary Vasquez, Betsy Mangum, Jimmie Ann Vickrey, Sally Urias, Mary T e r r a za s, Frances eno, Erlinda Gonzales, Elvira Subia, Rosie U1-ias, Nan Calderon, Eva Flores, Nora U1-eta, Patsy aey, Marilyn Lethco. THIRD ROW: Kay Carson, Linda Fielding, Donna Sue Church, Dorothy Mc- Lzie, Sherrill Rolls, Isobel Porras, Marielena Sanchez, Alicia Subia, Ruth Shows, Betty Vick, Judy ond, Katie Shows, Nancy Bryant, Freye Cope, Betty Vickrey. CHEERLEADERS LEFT TORIGHT: ta Riggs, Charlotte Walker, Nancy Graham, and Judy Allison. I made the touchdown? ? ? MRS. DORA HAYTER 9- El Sponsor ,. ',-'Tw l H 50'- -0' -. 'T T2 ...QP .c N: .H , K I fi?1V 59: .135 , CHARLOTTE WALKER - Senior THE 19 55 - 19 5 6 CHEERLEADERS NEI TA LOU RIGGS Junior f' 'R' Wfffffil iff' .."f-.'.- ' U - A . A .71..hb'-4, A A. 4.-"' ' .I .v.,, f ,5. f - -1 M -Q34 -H52-eil. ' ww' Q I -.-u.. -5 5. nr-. ,AJ x -i" s bf? ,--'fa'5.r.1j1 Y NANCY GRAHAM Senior JUDY ALLISON Junior 4-:R , 1 v A i. , , M. I4 X 1 fa -ff-Q ,'.:! t 2 X 'ii 5- L ' JUCIAL 25'V'Ezv'7'.r f,, f V ' f1i,TQ' M046 as , OP TMS J R K3 my X V gi, Q V' WH X ,VJWXN Aj., 5 Nj Fiji Q5 'xx Just another family affair! UHIEIITHL GHHUEH Wh t. b ? S . .1 f The Student body entered into the social whirl with a dance on Septern - ber 10 at' the Comanche Spr ing s Pavilion which was transformed in- to an Oriental Garden. F a. v o r s were autograph cards with Oriental G a r d e n s printed on them. Decorations consisted of Chine se lanterns, redandwhite roses, crepe paper streamers hanging fr om the ceiling and rails. Music was furnished by the "Night Owls" a s t u d e n t orchestra from Ozona. High. They were very entertaining. Refreshments were p un c h and cookies. a swrong oys ca e o the girls. ZW S f',..f-- If 'xi Ain 't love grand 'P een Nayna Johnson, escorted by Superintendent Huckaby, reigned over the Homecoming ceremonies. tured also are Duche s s e s: Nancy Graham and e s cor t Fred Harral, and Nora Ureta and escort ,ncipal Harris. Last year's Queen, Ester Bueno, and escort Tyson are pictured at extreme right, The third Annual Homecoming for F, S, H, S, was held October 8, 1956. The fIlI'St activity of the day WHS the I'CgiSll1'aflOI1 and infgrmal Coffee in thg girls' gym, The exes re greeted by the president, Mrs. Homer Walker. After the registration the exes held an assembly lpgtled "Now and Then" in the auditorium. Many of the exes took part in the assembly whichpr ov ed e very entertaining. T-he night's activity was highlighted with a football game by one of the old rivals, Iraan. The Pan- :rs were victorious over the Braves by the score of 13-0. The day ended with an Open House and an informal dance. The Open House was held at the Small mrnunity House. There were displays of past experiences of the exes. The danc e was held at the uth Center which ended the festivities of the day. Hlllllfllllflllllli Nancy Jones serves tea at the Open House. Why the startled look, Patsy? sf 'X-1, l Che ck that Diebitsch. Boy, what a crew! Il-v-au-.-.,,,,, Let's give with the cheese. CLUB F.S.H.S. The second dance of the year held on November the 18th, at Country Club. Wow! What a. da "Club F, S,H. S." in silver gl 'lter greeted students as theyarri at the front entrance. The inter of the lounge had been transfor into a night club atmosphere w small tables covered with red, bl and white checked cloths and cent ed with hurricane lamps holding candles. The refreshment table, fr which cookies and lime float w s e rv e d, was covered with a wh lace cloth. The soft music wa s furnis by a record player that put eve one in the r ight mood for danci The way to a. boy's heart ----- eats. SX . u FN-. wc, . . W A few Exes took in the t's a ghost. No! 1t's Nancy ind Jim. dance at the Christmas season. IIHHISTIHHS DHHIE Well, guys and gals, the long awaited dance finally rolled ar ound. nd what a success! Nearly everybody was there. The dance was held at the Large C ommunity house featuring hristrnas on the Range." The band stand was an old fashioned cedar st Corral complete with saddle and tumble weeds. The traditional ristmas tree stood in the center of the dimly litroom ---- in one cor- Ir stood a snowman made of tumbleweeds surrounded by Lechegia. The refreshments consisted of punch and cookies. Everyone enjoyed dancing to the music of the "Sul Ross Mod e r n- qest ll SHUIE HHLIIHIHS UHHIIE Hey! Another successful dance to mark off the calendar. The girls re really on their toes this year. fCould be they all need a man., It ms like all the boys had dates for Sadie Hawkins night. The dance was held at the High School gym at 8:00 on Janua ry Zl. e gym was decorated in the usual Sadie Hawkins style. To enter the everyone had to crawl through an opening into an outhouse and then through the door of the outhouse. There was a clothe sline hung m one side to the other, a pig pen in one corner, a red fence toblock the bleechers with tumbleweeds scattered along it, and some hay in center of the room. The music was furnished by a record player. Refreshments consisted of cookies and lpunch. The refreshments le had a center piece which was a dogpatch scene. Ther e was the se, clothesline, and the outhouse a short distance from the house. Pictures are missing due to circumstances beyond our control. s 1 f 9 cf 'Y 1 ' f .gm , tm , :nga A 'im fl. . Look at the bird. ' .1 Jr' Pop Childers is really on the ball. Wow, what a sponsor! Let's all join hands and Paul Jon Looks as if everyone is Jommg in e fun. FHVUHITES UHHCE The favorites dan c e was held in the girls' gym on February ll, 1956 at 9:30 P.M. The teachers as well as the students had a bang -up good time. A Valentine motif was carried out in the decorations, where tables 'were c ov e re d wi th red and white crepe p ap e r and red hearts. In the center of the r oom there was a styrofoam stair- case whi ch had F, S.H, S. on the top stair. The streamers that swirled from the ceiling met at the c ente r of the room over the staircase. Suspense was high until 11:00 P. M. when the favorites were announced. The runners-up stood at one end of the gym to con- gratulate the favorites, as their identity was revealed. The music was furnished by several different ban ds. K On a. record player of course.J The refreshments were punch and cookies. Students dancing to the strains of RCA. QRecord player 5 Franklin, Billy Joe, and Sam with their partners are shown cutting a Ji rug. QHaJ ,.,- jf' If e -o I '71 I ,, -'-if5"'l"'f 'T xf, i 12' 'J ' UIESTERH IJHIIUE Yippeee! Hooray! Yes, you gussed it. The Western dance was held on Saturday night, Ma r ch 17, 56 at the Girls' Gym. There were few in number but everyone had a rip-roarin' good time. The gym was decorated in a wild west fashion. There was a corral in the center of the gym com- Lte with hay, saddles, and ropes with F. S, H, S, entwined b etwe e n them. There were tabl e s and irs placed at one end of the gym for the convenience of those attending. The boys and girl s added the excitement of the dance by dressing in a western fa shion. All the 'boys wore Levi's, we ster n irts, and some wore hats and boots. The girls all wore squaw dresses with moccasins and scarfs. The music was furnished by several of the best western bands that could be found anywher e lon cordsl. . ' A To take the place of the usual refreshment table, an intermission was declared at which time all : Cowboys and gals adjourned to the "O1d Corral" fDixie Dog, for refreshments oftheir own choosing. 1 Q -fx. JUHIUH-SENIOR BHHUUET Well, kids, to the Jrs. and Srs. one of the big events of the year has passed. The Jr. -Sr. Banqx with the theme of "Rapsody in Blue" was held on April 27, 1956, in the Large Community House, The speaker was District Attorney Connell Ashley, whose topic was "Success. " Toastmaster Principal B en Harris. The invocation was given by Superintendent J. G, Huckabyg welcome, Tho Armstrong, Jr. class Pre sident: and the response by Sr. class President, Pete Dyson. J e ro A Crumpton gave the Prophecy and Dave Lamberth the Sr. class Will. The menu featured melon balls and ginger ale cocktail, barbecued turkey, parsley potatoes, pe hot rolls, individual strawberry parfait pie, and ice tea. The banquet tables, covered with white clot were centered with arrangements of roses and iris. Boy and girl dolls in formal dress standing un small white arches, completed the decorations. The walls were decorated with boy and girl silhouettes and blue musical notes sprinkledwith silv glitter. The focal point was a flowing fountain and flower garden complete with white garden furnitur A small fence around the four walls was entwined with ivy and flowers. Lapel favors of silhouettes a couple in evening attire were given to each guest. The orchestra, from Odessa Jr. College, played music that put everyone in the mood for dancir The banquet was a huge success and we should say hats off to the Junior class of '56! A y ffl 'flistqt li .1 SEHIUH PHUITI Say, Guys and Dolls, the last of the events are quickly whirling past. On May 11, 1956, the Senior lom was held in the,large C ommunity Hall. Slowly the Seniors are marking off the last and most nderful events of the year. Soon there will be nothing left but the memories of the past. At the front entrance of the Hall was a large pink champagne glass with the following inscription in ltter--Senior Prom, May ll, 1956. This set the theme for the annual Senior Prom honoring members the Junior Class and Faculty. In the c ente r of the hall was a white tree decorated with pink balloons and large pink butterdies. the walls were pink elephants, butterflies, and black top hats on a back g r ound of pink and white epe paper. The focal point was the bar directly in front of the entrance where real bubbles were lrning from a large pink champagne glass. Between dances, guests were seated at small quartet tables covered with pink and white crepe paper' d centered with hurricane lamps encircled with pink angel hair. The Senior Mothers served pink punch in champagne glasses and dainty assorted sandwiches in pink d white, from a table covered with apink and white cloth andcentered with arrangement of pink roses. Seniors and their guests danced to strains of music furnished by the Sul Ross Modernaires. 'FFA f S t H11 SPUHTS BHHUUE1 Well, fellow schoolmates, the last social event of the year has just rolled past. The banquet was under the sponsorship of the Quarterback Club and was held in the Large Comm nity Hall on Friday, May 18, 1956. , The volleyball team was especially recognized by master of ceremony Nola n Conner and by gu speaker Sammy Baugh, who spoke on the Advantages of Sports in the high school programs. Nine seniors received certificates showing the sports activities they lettered in d uring their h school career and the number of years in which they participated in the sport. The s eni or s were follows: Pete Dyson Don Holt George Parks Frances Bueno Charlie Mclntyre Abelardo Rodriquez Billy Joe Hinson Elida Mesa Nora Ureta The tables were decorated with sports figures, trophies, and blue and white crepe paper. About 150 attended the banquet which will become an annual affair. Dancing was enjoyed after the banquet was over. .L.l., 'HV F? In , 4. "F-4 .rnffvfe E'VE'N"I'J' F3 f 3 lg" I X 2 i! +0 , M o rn e, N xr FQ.:':.-:io I ij? L ' XXMU Ni W Zjevwewbxoe 4 3 2 A QQ N W A, Xigly Q XZ SA 5630 J sfnmn class UF 1955 M TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mildred Glenn, Debie Pattillo, Nancy Hillin, Nanch Graham Billy Joe Hinson, Charley McIntyre, Jimmy Tinkler, Bruce Griffith, Don Holt. FIFTH ROW: Ratliff, Betsy Mangum, Jimmie Ann Vickery, Jesus Sanchez, Dave Lamberth, Ge orge Parks, Villalba. FOURTH ROW: Nora Ureta, Pete Dyson, Charlotte Walker, Betty Vickrey, J oa n Noe Pena. THIRD ROW: Theron Titus, Abelardo Rodriquez, David Nunez, Elvira Subia, Franc Bueno, Danny Salmon. SECOND ROW: Elida Mesa, Jimmy Urias, Mary Sue Hardaway, Cleo Nun Aurora Renteria, Eustolia Urias. FIRST ROW: Buddy Gei-bert, Gwen George, Darrel Martin, Johnson, Roy Johnson. 41---L '-XIV EN JOAN ELIZABETH WHITMAN DONALD DaVAULT HOLT Valedictorian Salutatorian Speech topic at Commencement Speech topic at Commencement "Victorious We Ride" "Why, 'Commencement'?" Two Year Average 96. 59 Two Year Average 96.15 G DEBIE BEE PATTILLO Third Ranking Student Speech topic at Commencement "The Importance of Commencement" Two Year Average 95. oe Future professors--Pete, Dave, Bruce, and Buddy! The Rev. Hooks, pastor of the Chris - tian Church Qc e nte rl delivered the sermon on "If I were you." The girls anxiously await FORT STOCKTON HIGH SCHOOL BACCALAUREATE SERVICE SUNDAY, MAY TWENTIETH, 1956 Processional --- Invocation Special Music - Scripture Reading Special Music - Sermon Benediction . Recessional , ,-- HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM 8:15 o'clock P R O G RAM ---- Kay Ca --- The Rev. Lloyd Hu --------.. The Six T The Rev. George Bas ---- Senior EHSCI --- The Rev. Robert H The Rev. Lloyd Hu ---- Kay C time to march in. A11 ready to march in. FORT STOCKTON HIGH SCHOOL COMMENCEMENT Hurrah! We finally made it, believe it PROGRAM Ornot- essional --- cation tatory .... nk On Me" ......... -- -- e Importance of Commencement" ments to Remeber" -- -edictory ......... olastic Awards ...... sentation of Diplomas ..... arding of Diplomas --- nediction - -- 'essional -- . l The waiting line. ....--..----- Panther Band The Rev. John F. Iorio -------- Don Holt --- High School Chorus ----- Debie Pattillo --- High School Chorus ---- Joan Whitman ------ Mr. Ben Harris ---- Mr. James G. Huckaby ----- Mr. T. W. Hillin The Rev. John F. Iorio --- Panther Band Mr. Hillin presenting his daughter, Nancy, a diploma. all The last long mile! SEHIUH UH!! The Senior Class left early Tuesday m or ning, d Davis Mountains. They arrived about 9:30 and heade horses and trading back and forth several times, it w for everyone. Some of the less adventurous ones did everything worked out fine. After a two-hour ride over rough mountain trails, However, they perked up when they saw the delicious the bus, and everyone enjoyed a meal of hamburgers, though Betty Vic After dinner made thereturn by riding all the got their horses The kids that rode back to the house on the bus en the horsemen. When the Seniors were thoroughly blistered and e joyed an evening meal of Bar-B-Q, potato salad, con time everyone had finished eating, it was raining--so were not ready to start the homeward trip hoped it wo proved to be only a downpour of short duration. The Seniors--a tired, blistered, and sore but hap were glad to hit the sack and to dream of other senior krey wanted to give her horse, Dagge , most of the horsemen wanted to rid trip on horseback. Nayna, Charlie, way over to Fort Davis. A couple of out of a slow walk. ay 8, for a day at the Pr ude Guest Ranchinr straight for the corrals. After saddling r as discovered that there were not enough hors not want to tackle the ten mile ride, though, the not-so-happy crew reached their destinati- food awaiting them. The tenderfeet came out beans, potato salad, and iced tea. It seems r, her meal since he needed it worse than she e the bus backg however, some ofthe tougher or Mary Sue, and Dave decided to show everyone the other Seniors were so tir e d that they nev joyed swimming and ping-pong while waiting 1 xhausted from their various activities, they 1 gealed salad, iced tea, and doughnuts. By mething rare for West Texas. Those Seniorsvs. uld rain enough to strand the busg howe ver, py group--arrived home about nine o'clock. Th events yet to come. X . CS - S xy l T Q. .5 uese girls are some of the salesmenand copy riters. Euan is showing Mr. Childers wher e the old gs are kept. ' K, HIIGHTU SEHIURS THHE UVEH H F S T So often people, even Mighty Seniors, say "If I could run things my way .... " The Seniors had an opportunity to try their way by taking over the radio station on Thursday, May 10. They did their own selling and wrote their own copy. Thebusinesj- men may not have gotten their money's worth, but the Seniors had fan making the sales and writing the copy. The S145 that the Seniors made from their sales ne a r ly c o ve r e d their expenses for the year. The librarians are trying to find records in a record library that is never in order. Dave is the chief announcer and he is a very good one. ' xi.-l Q g rf- LL Q L Thi, Q F W I fi 'U In the year 1944 on a bright September m a group of eager little boys and girls entered doors of Fort Stockton public schools fo r beginning of twelve ye ar s of learning and Through these years this group students left and others c ame in. the twelve years these twenty-one ceived th e i r schooling in Fort Stockton. ROW: Buddy Gerbert, Charlie George Parks, Jim Tinkler. FOURTH TWELVE-YEAR SENIORS c Bruce Griffith, Pete Villalba, Noe Pena. THIRD ROW: y , , Hinson, Jesus Sanchez, Jimmy Urias. SECOND ROW: Eustolia Urias, Aurora Renteria, Elvira David Nuez. FIRST ROW: Jimmie Ann Vickrey, Nora Ureta, Charlotte Walker, Debie Pattillo Mesa. a-Sv .I .aan..,..x., : Pete's bound to beat Buddy with that face! Mrs. Johnson brings Mrs. Quimby up to date on Senior News since she moved. A U' 'Z Dann Salmon DarrelMartin Bill Jo PHHTU HHEH GHHDUHTIUH Our Mothers can relax now after four years of giving parties for the high school set. Joan, Charlotte, Nancy, and Jimmie Ann have one last gossip session. 1 U VFR TI5'E'MFIV' 71: l. af, - 41-f , l ..,- J AP lM0N5"5x MQNSLS, 1 V u H I ,OV . ,5 N my J Congratulations Graduates To Protect Your Future - Start A Bank Account Now! You Will Find A Friendly Institution At - THE PECOS COUNTY STATE BANK Form' STOCKTON, TEXAS A Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 5...- ""' 5 Congratulations '56 Graduates i' FORT STOCKTON'S MOST COMPLETE DEPARTMENT STORE if N. WINKLER AND SONS Y B A d To Bet e G d The Portable Typewriter WESTERN AUTO QFETICE ASSOCIATE STORE Select From A Royal - Smith - Corona H d by R i gt - Underwood H. H T ucy, Jr. .From A T H E F 0 R T Phone 32 sTocK1oN PIONEER 214 North Nelson Street Congratulations S X -,MQ-QL W MAX HALL HARDWARE XX E X fin ' . ein. D I X I E DOG FORT srocxror-4 TEXAS Gene ond Louise Whitworth Phone 99 PARK's TEXACO SERVICE Sl.AUGHTER'S JEWELRY """"we"7 FIRESTONE TIRES ' ' ' ' ' Engraving 516 West Dickinson Ph. 84 ' ' ' ' ' watch Repair Fort Stockton, Tex Congratulations Seniors LEWIS DRESS SHOP "In at ten-dirty Out by four-thirty." READY-TO-WEAR H U B B S 'E Ladies, Miiisgigd Children 107 N. Main St. Phone 36 "" Us STOCKTON PHARMACY The Drug Store in Fort Stockton Phone 59 Fort Stockton, Te "BEST OF LUCK TO THE SENlORS" O BEN FRANKLIN STORE Fort Stockton, Texu L-M CHEVROLET CO. L VIONS SUNDRIES 91 CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE CljlEEV-li-OLE'L"' GALLEMORE I .1"..-V'- D R U G S FT STOCKTON TEXAS PHONE 824 Fort ockton Phone 1 I 0, Y wa T Y lg y . X X bh dy Q ,NX mn hdhyb A X Y In y Or colleg, years Remember . . . they succeed Wlmmw think they can! f e X iff-W E f T ' ' l t 'c company PUBLIC SERVICE , , -le elffffff Your frzendly e ec rz providing dependab service for better lwing' Xdf Wmzvienfey , S Congratulations Seniors WILSON-VICKERY DEPARTMENT , STORE "The Store Friendly Service" so this is what Chas. coll stuclyi g QUALITY CLOTHING FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Phone 200 I D n T. and Joe G. roll Beve ly Ih WO0DY'S SERVICE STATION Cosclen Petroleum Products Wholesale-retail Phone 110' 209 E. Dicki ' FORT STOCKTON TEXAS CUNNINGHAM SUPPLY CO Furniture ' Hardware QUALITY ALWAYS - SERVICE ANYTIME Phone 6 W YIWWWQS' "Pop" ASHMORE'S Gnocsnv Rik ALL F000 NEEDS .mf- , N144 g of Xf 5 I STOCKTON AUTO PARTS I BERRY on AND ?wf BUTANE COMPANY ENIUIQE1 FORT STOCKTON INSURANCE AGENCY 1. H. H. Butz Walter Butz W. W. Vickery 113 S. Main PIIOHG 133 FORT STOCKTON TEXAS 'phillips Phillips "66" Distributors Phone 366 FORT STOCKTON, TEXAS -f--4... t ii l i, 'X Jr PECOS THEATER Fort Stockton, Texas GRAND THEATRE TRAIL DRIVE-IN THEATRE c. G. MORRISON CULLIGAN WALLACE LUMBER CO CQMP ANY SOFT WATER Fort Stockton SERVICE ' 'iii' Distilled and Ozurka KQWIICIC you find wan, those little things .53 for FREE DELIVERY little prices" if W Marvin E. White 1000 N. Main Ft. Stockton For Building Needs allclce L ads Phgne 24 e CAMPBELL BE ELECTRIC WISE T H E AND . SHEET METAL gg? T R A DIN G SHCP ' ' ' if MANGUM sc P 057 Your NORGE deal r . . . GROCERY 'E' your JOHN DEERE Also. . . dealer AND :Manson for AND all farm equipment MARKET nuMoN1 I W 'We may Doze ,hm 650 Fort Stockton, Texas Bu' """"'s"" Ft. Stockton Ph. Highway 290 Ph. 297 BEST WISHES SENIORS May You Always Be Tops - From Tops in Eats TAYLOR'S CAFE . V - V W 1 L -- ,,.... -W V,.. .... ,I-W U -.. v V Q f -- 1 ff:x'2r'.L W" -' --- f' ' - ' Compliments of you INTERNATIONAL Congratulot ons Sen ors d I mnvmm DRIVE I Eff: MIR 1-1,4 adam eaer ' 'Nia f LEM SMITH If i T ' . , I ., r X! T ' Z' Lqffkfl' , ui . 'Ii' . ,ri 1 0... ,. . . E T W ,Q E... I V -1:1 Q. 'Alu I' 11131 '. A, Q O I "4 " fl' I' D U 1 E MACHINERY COMPANY 3, DA'RY MAID PHONE 20 CITY CLEANERS c00K's Uwe feature CHEVRON STATION DRY.Sl-IEEN ATLAS TIRES . ,, AND Cleaning- BATTERIES 301 West Dickinson Phone 880 120 West Dickinson Phone 1050 Fort Stockton, Texas Fort Stockton, Texas HURRY TO Compliments of Congratulations F 0 Seniors ! ! From STOCKTON ,K , Fashzons P T PE 8 For Miladyu S U P P DEE WALKER'S New and Used Pipe 415 Nqrth Main Phone 162 Service Oil Well, Water Well, Pipe Iine supplies Phone 8884 Fort Stockton LOUISE H. EDWARDS On the highway - Ph. 8 FORT STOCKTON, TEXAS 5 BAZE RADIO AND TV CONGRATULATIONS S E N I 0 R S ! Sales and Service ADMIRAL AND SYLVANIA TV ' Ph ass 111 N M ,ku WEST-TEX Compliments PORTRAIT STUDIO of ik Sp nghirstH I I 105 E F s Ph 390 INSEY AND BUTZ ' 'F H T WHITE AUTO STORE Cvmplimenfs I 72? of home owoed by ELECTRIC SERVICE SHOP Joe R. Alexander your iff HOME OF GREATER VALUES GENERAL ELECTRIC DEALER Ph 'IO GREEN THUMB GARDEN SUPPLY if 21 N Main Phone 388 HSI' Id T POWELL BUTANE INC. BUTANE AND APPLIANCES E F IF hl P II P Ph 409 Ph 2851 FI' Sf Id B I h CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS FRED JONES INSURANCE AGENCY Fred Jones o Nancy Jones Phone 466 vid? E JQEISSQ , W wi I I i .iii SENORS THE BETTER FOOD MARKE W.R.Binion 'I C5 ALWAYS 66" RAMIREZ 8. TERRAZAS P f. FURNITURE COMPANY SUMETHING I P o. Box 664 417 N. Main AT F " S' "' T DIXIE CAFE PFIESTER HOTEL SPRINGHIRST M O T O R A N D C O M P A N Y C O F F E E S H O P DODGE AND PLYMOUTH Ph 150 In downtown Fort Stockton, Texos T G t - HAVE You HEARD ABOUT THE F L O W E R S for all occasions THE FLOWER SHOP C'a11 Us Day or Night Kit and Bill Moore FRIENDLY AND DEPENDABLE SERVICE AT TOMMIE WILSON'S H UMBLE STATION? or Jn Complimenfsof wa See the ' C S H STOCKTON FOOD MKT. I Phone 47 C K E H sLAcK's DRUGS N 0 U 'John Ed's That ls - Your Prescription Druggisi' S E commers FouNrA:N senvnce oo w. Dickinson mva. Ph. 406 Fo" 5"'Ck'o"' Texas Compliments of the Ft. Stockton EX's Association Scenes from the Third Annual Homecoming - ' 1-,,,fLL,, ' Title Page School Picture Foreword Dedication ADMINISTRATION Division Page Mr. Huckaby Mr. Harris Board of Education Faculty Members SENIORS Division Page Officer s Senior Clas s JUNIORS Division Page Officers Junior Class SOPHOMORES Division Pag e Officers Sophomore Clas s FRESHMEN Division Page Officers Freshman Clas s SPORTS Division Page Football Basketball Volleyball Track Tennis PERSONALITIES Division Page Most Popular Girl Most Pupular Boy Cutest Girl Best Looking Boy Most Representative Girl Most Representative Boy Most Athletic Girl Most Athletic Boy Senior Favorites Junior Favorites Sophomore Favorites Freshman Favorites National Honor Society Citizens ofthe Week IHDEX Who's Who ORGANIZATIONS Division Page Student Council Panther Staff Tumbleweed Staff Choir Band F, F, A. F,H, A. Players Club Interscholastic League Pep Squad SOCIAL EVENTS Division Page Oriental Gardens Homecoming Club F. S. H. S. Christmas Dance Sadie Hawkins Favorites Dance Western Dance Junior -Senior Banquet Senior Prom All Sports Banquet SENIOR EVENTS Division Page Senior Class Top Three Seniors Baccalaureate Service Commencement Senior Day K. F. S. T. Twelve-Year Seniors Graduation Party ADVERTISEMENTS Division Page Ads Index 90 93 95 98 102. 104 106 109 111 132 1 9 M WW ' Wyffw QQWW W W AW w-F - - IQJMW 771547, AQQOA QAM511 rw- an-e A ai' MMT L4 M'fZ'u" Neg' 0A-L04-x6f ywliingaldy Zfyzazi 90 WQM1 ' .Q GMMZZ QVMN wwf - 1 XM i Q W7 P"sx,WA,M Q of f-M fM? 8Q5ff4w 'WMM X he fg4mgQ35HfgQffgN, M 555,115 3 Q Q26 fi? xawgifqbi? 'S' ,YZYQ Siiiix 52 Zfilllifzw iffffffwik? fffflfiffffffff F I MJWM WWW 53332 ffJW7Z7Ti, ' Mfgffif n, , 1 i I--5 ,1'74fff4H 62 P N iv . . , 1 , .44 , f - ,I jI'V1l:"L' k- I ,A-rj --f' ' rv. ' , 1 ' - vw 'J 4, 1 , ' ,Q Q.. , V . w' 5!j.6.5L1 . 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