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— — 1 — - as,Published By FORT STOCKTON HIGH SCHOOL Editor NANCY ARMISTEAD Sponsor MRS. WINNIE MAE JOHNSON Lithography By NEWSFOTO PUBLISHING COMPANY 1A Remember who? Remember where? Remember when? The Panther Staff of 1955 invites you to follow the panther through the pages of this yearbook, r e m e m b e r i n g all the wonderful events of the 1 954- '55 school year at F . S. H . S. Order Of Boot, M. ministra tion CL asses Oavorites Or pa niza tions Sports ocia f Svent s Sent or Si dvert I sements 32)J, nation This yearbook is dedicated to a group of boys who have done much to boost the school spirit of F.S.H.S. They have worked f a i t hf ul 1 y through the heat and the cold, in the spring and in the fall. They worked all afternoon, andoftenlate at night. They gave upmany of the pleasures of the fall term in order to have the best possible teamwork. They suffered hardships and disappointments. They experienced the joy of victory, the sorrow of losing. To these boys and their coaches--the Fort Stockton Panthers--we gratefully dedicate the 1955 Panther. 4s AJ IUDV:!J.G. HUCKABY Superintendent of F.S.H.S.BEN HARRIS Principal of F.S.H.S.STANDING: John Vickery, Clyde Park, Malcolm Almond, Jr., secretary. SEATED: Burney Ligon, vice-president: T. W. Hillin, president; Jack Allison. NOT PICTURED: Edward Wink- ler, assistant secretary. Of £JU cation The Board of Education has completed another busy year. Among their outstanding accomplishments are building improvements, such as: weather s t r i p p i n g at junior high, erecting additional class rooms at Butz Elementary, landscaping the campus at Comanche Elementary, and adding stage lights for the high school auditorium. 8.5acu ft DORBANDT BARTON Texas A M-B.A. Line Coach General Math DORIS BAUMGARDENER R. N. Health Coordinator SALLIE BUSTER S. W.T.T.C. -B. A. Sul Ross-M. A. English CAROL CALHOUN University of Colorado-B. S. Commerce BOB CARTER McMurry-B. S. Assistant Coach 9MORRIS CHILDERS North Texas-B.S. Audio-Visual Math OWEN COMER Baylor -B. Phy. Sul Ross -B. S. , M . A. Guidance Director MARGUERITE FRANKS Secretary DORA HAYTER Sul Ross -B. S. Algebra FRED HARRAL Texas A M-B.S. Science 10MARY ELLA JAMES Hardin-Simmons-B .S. Physical Education WINNIE MAE JOHNSON T.S.C. W.-B.S. Study Hall PAT MAYFIELD North Texas-B.S. Industrial Arts MABLE MOORHOUSE T.S.C. W.-B.S. ,M. A. Home Economics COILA FAYE MURPHY T.C.U.-B.F.A. Art 11DORIS OWEN University of Texa9-B. A. Choir EDWIN PHY Hardin-Simmons -B. A. Band BETTY QUIMBY Hardin-Simmons-B. A. TSCW-M. A. History MERRIE RYAN Dietitian EMILY SLAUGHTER North Texas-B.A. Librarian 12LARRY SKYLSTAD Har din-Simmon s-B .A. Journalism, Speech E.F. TRIPLETT Tax Assessor and Collector HOWARD TYSON North Texas-B. A, Spanish, English KENNETH WATSON Har din-Simmon s-B . S., M. E . Head Coach DEE DAVID WHITE Sul Ross-B .S., M. A. Vocational Agriculture 13BACK ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Felix Gonzales, Pablo Chavarria, Flavio Chavarria. FRONT ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Mike Ramirez, Willie Hernandez, and Mr . Dedmon, Felix is serving his sixth year in F.S.H.S.; Flavio, his four th year; Pablo, his third year; and Willie and Mike, their second year. feu if din q €n 9in eeri Pictured ABOVE is J.A. "Shorty" Dedmon. Mr. Dedmon is chief Building Engineer and is now serving his twenty-sixth year at F.S. H.S.President..........................................SUTTON ALLISON Vice-President...................................CARLA JEAN SMITH Secretary............................................ JANELL PARR Sponsor..................................MRS. BETTY ANN QUIMBY DORA AGUILERA ii ?n Married life. SUTTON ALLISON "Sapo" Anything. 16 NANCY ARMISTEAD "Nan" Reading and sleeping. PEGGIE MORGAN "Peg" Swimming.Why do they call flat-----? JAMIE AVERITT "Agits" Working for Baze for $6.00 a day. MANUEL BENAVIDES "Cookie" Looking for women. COY BOATNER "Boat" Boppin'. TOMMY BOBO "Bobo" Riding the drag. ESTHER BUENO "Gilberto" Volleyball. CLARK CARPENTER "Carp" Blondes. 17BOBBY DIEBITSCH "Debo" Going to the bushes. AMELIA GARCIA JOAN FARLEY "Shorty" Playing solitaire. FELIX GARZA The quiet SENIORS think only of school work between classes. it 911 Reading-eating-boys. "Garzita" Having a ball. Lookout, Beak! Jiggs is going to get your bottle! ! EDWIN GEORGE "Ebbie" Playing jazz. MILDRED GLENN "Millie" Dancing. DOROTHY GONZALES "Dot" Listening to the radio 18 and eating. MARY LOU GONZALES "Mary" Movies - sewing-eating.Girls, that's a demerit. "Go, Man, go." JIGGS HENLEY " Vonspiegelhower" Eating razorblades. DOUG HUCKABY "Granny" Sports. RAYMOND JASSO "Mon" Going places. MARGARET LANNOM "Maggie" Being a demon. 19 JAMES LARKIN "Sambo" Going to Angelo.JERRY LIGON " Parrot" Husslin' girls. henry McIntyre "Rico" Running my dogs. LARRY McSPEDDEN ELODIA MARTINEZ "Bud" "Lolly" Nancy. Playing the piano and swimming. ... test was awful JANET MAYES "Russell" Running around. J.B. MITCHELL "Mitch" Sports. RICHARD MITCHELL "Flat-Girls . CLEO NUNEZ "Lopy” Dancing. 20Hypnotized. Betty, Carla, and Rosa watch the ball game. EVELYN ANN OWENS "Annie” Having fun. JANELL PARR "F reckles" Sutton NOE PENA "No" Getting away from books 21 and having a good time. 1m PABLO NUNEZ "Polin" Seeing babes. FREDDIE JEAN OAKS "Ace" Living fast-loving hard. ALFRED RAMERIZ "Fren" Horseback riding.EMMA PRIMERO "848" Dancing Guys and dolls. Janell must have thought it was Sutton. RAY ROSE ROSEMARY ROYE "Rosa" Having a good time . RAYMOND SANCHEZ "Moncho" Loafing. CARLA JEAN SMITH "Smitty" Swimming. MARION SNOW " Janie" Listening to the radio and swimming.The most studious of studious math students. How did this get in here? Who invited thses characters ? Beaker likes all the SENIORS, especially the girls. JOE SULLIVAN "Hoe" Flirting with the girls. EDWARD UR IAS " Waddy" Girls. EUSTOLIA URIAS "Toni" Dancing and eating. 23 JUANITA SOSA "Johnny" Dancing and movies. PHIL SPEAR "Slim" Working on hotrods . MANUELA VILLALBA "Marina" Dancing.PETE VILLALBA "Wabbly” Going to dances. J.T. WALKER "Moose" Hunting. "Anybody wan'na drag?" Annie's got a fifth. WES WHITMAN " We's" Reading. BOB WILLIAMS "Beaker" Teasing the girls 24 BETTY JEAN YORK "Osiffer" Going swimming. SHARON DELANEY "Sherry" Riding around.JIIMOltSPresident.........................DON HOLT Vice-President................GWEN GEORGE Secretary...................LORRAINE CLAER Sponsor.....................CAROL CALHOUNBilly Cleveland Pete Dyson Nancy Graham V h Bruce Griffith Buddy Gerbert Only two girls and six boys ! ! Gwen George 27 Philip Clarke junior Butch Ezelljunior a ass Joe Hallford Robert Hill Don Holt Betsy Mangum 28Darrel Martin Elida Mesa Vi Nixon Aw--those glamorous Junior girls! David Nunez Billy Bob can smell a camera four blocks off. junior JJ Aurora Renteria Eulalia Nunez George Parks Charley McIntyreGloria Sanchez Aren't those English themes terrible? 30 Jim Tinkler Jimmy Sullivan Elvira Subia Abelardo Rodriquez Jesus Sanchez Danny Salmon Gerald Saul Charley Smetak La Juana SwaffordCharlotte Walker Betty Vickrey Nora Ureta junior Cfa 33 Joan Whitman Jimmy Urias Jimmie Ann Vickrey Judy Williams Billy Joe, I didn't know athletes were suppose to drink cokes? Or can they, Pete ? Theron Titus 31junior CL ass The Plane "G" gang. Please, Roy, smile like Joe is. Life isn't too bad. O-O-O-U-H, Nancy! ! !SOPHSPresident MARY REEVES Vice-President , THOMAS ARMSTRONG Secretary FLOYD BRADLEY Sponsor MABEL MOORHOUSEThis picture was posed. Judy Almond Palmenia Arcides Thomas Armstrong George Atkins Criselda Alaniz Sam Baker Texie Ann Beaver Floyd Bradley Roy Castelo Carolyn Crowell Jerome Crumpton Don Diebitsch Required reading. Rosemary Duran Betty DysonDarlene Irwin Betty Knippers Gene Lively What's the attraction? Donna Hale Shirley Hayter Billy Hewlett Nancy Hillin John Hollbrook Don Holland Alan Matthews Octavio Mesa Johnnie Mae Moore Hard workers ? ? ? Vicki McSpedden Clara Jo Ratliff 36 Victor Garcia Carmen GonzalesI Rosalee Smetak Georgeanne Smith Correne Stidham Donna, Mary, and La Juana watch the birdie. Don Stubblefield Alicia SubiaDon Taylor Mary Terrazas Terry Thorn Dorothy Turner Sally Urias Wendell Ware Donald Weddle Mary West Leslie Whitworth They posed with a cheese smile. Dr'ik CL Off; men JJ cerS President XANTHUS PATILLO Vice-President NED ARCIDES Secretary KAY CARSON Sponsor FRED HARRAL Ned Arcides Jake Barker Joy Bowers Fred Bradley 40Isaura Bueno Bill Buster Betty Kay Butz Kay Carson Tim Casner Olivia Castelo Modesta Chavez "Slurp!" Gurgled the Three Modern Musketeers! Donna Sue Church Kay Clark Beverly Cleveland Ofelia Dominguez Amelia Duarte Franklin Duncan Fred Duran Linda Fielding Eva Flores Lowell Gerbert ddie Joe Glover The Two Tough Sullivan Boys ! Josie Holbrook Cassie Irwin Erlinda Gonzales Ernesto Gonzales Ignacio Gonzales Lucy Gonzales Jim Hillin Herman Hoffpauer Jake's Not Only Cute-He's Tough! Margareta Gonzales Reyes Gonzales Joe GrahamJuan Morales Norris Mulkey J. D . McIntyre Madonna Nelson Oh, yes, I always study General Science with a smile! Julia Patterson Xanthus Patillo Chee! Just look at dose smilin' gals! Rodney Powell Lynn Rainwater Amelia Ramos Ida Rodriquez Ruben Rodriquez Bonnell Roland Sherrill Rolls 43Mary Sanchez Tom Sanchez Martha Shellenberger Betty Stubblefield Jimmy Sullivan Mary Sullivan Shirl Sullivan What does Judy have in that billfold? Josie and Jean don't seem to care anyway. Tony Tracy Alice Urias Roman must see a cutie coming! Tom Valdez Ernestina Valenzuela Betty Vick Wilbur Warnock Joyce Weathers Bryant Wilson Bertha Morena 44 Woit Pop Jar QJ £,ue(yn 0( wen 5 4647Wost -Jlttractive Qir( 48 Joan WhitmanWost ?. !pres en ta ti ue YIa n cy sdrm i stead -vs • t' 'T-:VT a, ' » •  —a ♦ entative •%Oom Siffi omore Da vori ites man eoryea nne mith •V 2 - arl ara Xi reshmen a vorltes 56 9 on $im Mi ((in NORA UR ETA Most Attractive Girl. unn er5• GWEN GEORGE Junior Girl Favorite. JEROME CRUMPTON Sophomore Boy Favorite.The Rooney Family Award for the highest scholastic average went to Joan Whitman. Wesley Whitman was awarded an American Legion scholarship medal for being the highest ranking senior. The Pioneer award for Best All Around Student went to Evelyn Ann Owens. The Pecos County State Bank Award for the highest ranking math student went to Judy Allison. She was selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, participation in school life and athletics, and citizenship. Nancy Armistead was given the American Legion Citizenship Medal.STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS: TOP ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Jerome Crumpton, Tony Tracy, Xanthus Pattillo, Jim Hillin, Don Holt, Wes Whitman, J. T. Walker. MIDDLE ROW: Eva Flores, Freddie Jean Oaks, Margaret Lannom, G e o r g e a n n e Smith, Barbara Ligon, Clark Carpenter, Tom Silliman, Roy Johnson. BOTTOM ROW: Nancy Armistead, Jimmie Lou Grant, Neita Lou Riggs, Nayna Johnson, Mary Reeves, Nora Ureta, J.B. Mitchell, Sutton Allison, and Mr. Owen Comer, Sponsor. Executive Committee Assembly Committee Favors Committee Finance CommitteeStudent douncif OFFICERS: J.T. Walker, President Clark Carpenter, Vice-President Margaret Lannom, Treasurer Jimmie Lou Grant, Secretary SPONSOR: Mr. Owen Comer SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES: Sutton Allison, Wes Whitman, J. B. Mitchell, Freddie Oaks, and Nancy Armistead. JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES: Don Holt, Dave Lamberth, Roy Johnson, Nayna Johnson, and Nora Ureta. FRESHMAN REPRESENTATIVES: Xanthus Pattillo, Jim Hillin, Eva Flores, Tony Tracy, and Barbara Ligon. SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES: Jerome Crumpton, Tom Silliman, Georgeanne Smith, Mary Reeves, and Neita Lou Riggs. 61wpSITTING DOWN: LEFT TO RIGHT: Debbie Patillo, Nancy Armistead, Janell Parr, Lorraine Clair, Floyd Bradly, Thomas Armstrong, Evelyn Ann Owens. STANDING UP: LEFT TO RIGHT: Sutton Allison, Joan Whitman, Clark Carpenter, and Sponsor, Mrs. Johnson. 63yin nua (Staff "Look here, there's one mistake already." MRS. JOHNSON Sponsor There must be something pretty interesting behind that typewriter.DumUew'eJ Staff SEATED: Manuel Benavidez, Betty York, Janet Mayes, Jimmie Lou Grant, Clara Jean Smith, Evelyn Ann Owens, Joe Sullivan. STANDING: RayRose, Mr. Skylstad; Sponsor, La Juana Swafford, and Tommy Bobo. PANTHERS ARE STILL ROLLING Stockton Beats Marta Panther's Spirit Wins ANNUAL STOCK SHOW HUGE SUCCESS POSEY, GRIFFITH, WIN CHAMPION AWARDS Four Oil Leases Given to F. S. H. S. Fire Causes $20,000 Damage To Auditorium 65Hopes High As Thinlies Began fo Train Volleyball Season Opens January 17 School Burglarized By Nayna Johnson Peeping Thru the Keyhole Richard Mitchell Wins Best Actor Award English, Speech, and Journalism Delegates Attend Odessa Meet Band Jackets Ordered Stockton Is Successful In District MeetBetty Kay Blitz Mary Sullivan Donna Hale Jesus Sanchez Edwin George Jimmy Urias Carmen Gonzales L.inda June Fielding Drum Major Roy Johnson Rosemary Roye walks a proud Carla Jean Smith off the field after being crowned Band Queen at the Stockton - Marfa Football Game. Yvonne Lannom Danny Salmon Edward Urias Roy Johnson Tony Tracy Don Holt Xanthus Patillo Clara Jo Ratliff Bill Buster Eddie Glover Sam Baker Sherril Rolls Betty York John Passow Don Diebitsch Lowell Gerbert Jerome Crumpton 67Pant it er andJim Hillin Gwen George Billy Joe Hinson Bryant Wilson LaWanda Ramsey Joan Whitman Barbara Ligon Don Holland Nayna Johnson Vicki McSpedden Lynn Rainwater Lorraine Claer Herman Huffpower Mary West Raymond Sanchez Wes Whitman Beverly Bob Cleveland Mary Reeves Kay Clarke Carla Jean Smith Madonna Nelson Georgeanne Smith Kay Carson Wendell Ware LaJuana Roye 70TOP ROW: Nancy Armistead, Margaret Lannom, Charlotte Walker, Betsy Mangum, Jimmy Ann Vickery, Jean Lewis, Nancy Graham, Janell Parr, Shirley Hayter, Martha Shellenburger. MIDDLE ROW: Eva Flores, Mary Terrazas, Elodia Urias, Donna Sue Church, Ernestina Valenzuela, Mary Lou Gonzales, Rosemary Duran, Freddie Oaks, Ida Rodriquez, Betty Vickery. BOTTOM ROW: Alvina Subia, Elodia Martinez, Eustolia Urias, Gloria Sanchez, Vi Nixon, Elodia Pacheo, Alvira Subia, Elida Pacheco, Alacia Subia, Phyllis Sanders. The F.S.H.S. Choir giving the Student Body another fine performance. 713.3. 4. Advisor; MR. D.D. WHITE Under Mr. White's guidance the F.F.A. has become very well known. Buddy Gerbert with his fine South-down. TOP ROW: Bob Maples, Norris Mulkey, Leslie Whitworth, Ignacio Gonzalez, Dickie Aguilera. THIRD ROW: Ned Arcides, Ruben Rodriquez, Earnesto Gonzalez, Roman Montaez, Ramond Jasso. SECOND ROW: Pablo Nunez, Shirl S u 11 i va n, Wilbur Warnock, Jimmy S u 11 i v a n, Jim Hillin. BOTTOM ROW: Joe Graham, J. D. Mclntire, Rodney Powell, Fred Bradley, and Billy Jake Barker. The pictures on the left and directly above were taken during the F. F. A. summer trip. They went to Yellowstone National Park. The pictures were taken at Fishing Bridge, Wyoming. As the pictures show, the boys are handy with a rod and reel. The boys worked hard to finance the trip and they enjoyed the trip fully, with the knowledge gained from being among God's wonderful outdoors. Everyone is looking forward to the next trip. 72TOP ROW: Jimmy Sullivan, Jerry Ligon, George Parks, Buddy Gerbert, Gerald Saul. THIRD ROW: Larry McSpedden, Tom Bobo, Ray Rose, Clark Carpenter, Jamie Averitt. SECOND ROW: Juan Moralez, Noe Pena, Don Stubblefield, Billy He wlett, IDougHuckaby. BOTTOM ROW: L.H. Patterson, Donald Weddle, Mr. White, Floyd Bradley, and Dan Allen. Sweetheart NAYNA JOHNSON 73 President, GEORGE PARKS Three hard working sheep men Mr. White at the Banquet.TOP ROW: Judy Peacock, La Juana Roye, Vicki McSpedden, Nancy Hillin, Georgeanne Smith, Amalia Ramos, Juanita Sosa, Manuella Pena, ElodiaUrias, Ida Rodriquez, Rosie Urias. THIRD ROW: Jean Lewis, Reyes Gonzalez, Joy Bowers, Cassie Irwin, Sally Urias, Isaura Bueno, Mary Terrazas, Joyce Weathers, Alice Urias, Josie H o 1 b r o o k, Amelia Duant. SECOND ROW: Correne Stidham, Dorothy Turner, Mary West, Clara Ratliff, Elodia Martinez, Mary Lou Gonzalez, Brenda Sullivan, Olivia Cas-telo, Gloria Sanchez, ElidaMesa, Francis Bueno, Manuella Villalba. FIRST ROW: Ernestina Valenzuela, Earlinda Gonzales, Betty Stubblefield, Judy Allison, Betty Vick, Carolyn Crowell, Alvina Subia, Elodia Pacheco, Bertha Moreno, Carmen Gonzalez, Judy Almond, Darlene Irwin, Peggy Zuehlke, and Sponsor Mabel Moorehouse. Sponsor: MISS MABEL MOORHOUSE President: DARLENE IRWIN Vice-President: NANCY HILLIN Secretary: GEORGEANNE SMITH Favorite: DARLENE IRWIN 74TOP ROW: Roy Johnson, Jamie Averitt, Carla Jean Smith, Joe Sullivan, S p o n s o r-Larry Skylstad, Franklin Duncan, Tony Tracy, and Thomas Armstrong. THIRD ROW: Betty York, Wes Whitman, Tommy Bobo, Clark Carpenter, Tim Casner, Xanthus Pattillo, David Lowell, and Nancy Armistead. SECOND ROW: Lorraine Claer, Edwin George, Judy Peacock, Jean Lewis, Nancy Hillin, Georgeanne Smith, Joan Farley, Donna Sue Church, Eva Flores, Wilbur Warnock, BeverlyBob Cleveland, and Gwen George. FRONT ROW: Billy Jake Barker, Mary West, Clara Jo Ratliff, La Juana Roye, Brenda Sullivan, Linda June Fielding, Betty Kay Butz, Mary Lou Gonzales, Joy Bowers, Rosemary Roye, Kay Clarke, and Judy Almond. C ommanc L S, 'prints Mr. Larry Skylstad, is now serving his first year at F.S.H.S. He is the sponsor of the Players Club and had made many needed improvements on the auditorium when it burned. There were several successful plays directed by him this year and we know that he will be a great asset to F. S. H. S. 75I A flash fire ignited curtains and stage scenery in the Ft. S t o c k t o n H i g h School Auditorium. The fire spread into the ceiling and caused between$15, 000 and$20, 000 damage. A short in an electric sanding machine being used on the stage was apparently the cause of the damage. The large concert Grand piano was stored in an adjoining room and escaped destruction. The small piano, which was on the stage, was completely destroyed . 76The new stage lights installed only last fall were completely destroyed. But the dimmer board was saved. Damage was estimated at $2,000. This unsightly accident hampered much activity in the school as well as the community. The fire put an end to all plans for the Senior Play as well as other various speech activities. 772V a ma tics This picture was taken from a scene in the Halloween Play. It was entitled "The Intruder." Pictured from left to right are Sam Baker, Gwen George, Kay Clarke, Carla Jean Smith, Nancy Hillin and David Lowell. Above is pictured the cast of "The Long Retreat." Coy Boatner and Donna Sue Church are the tense looking actors. A Sunny Morning" was the title of the one-act play which went o district. Unfortunately, this was to be the last acting on cheF.S.H.S. Auditorium. The play won s e c o n d in district and Richard Mitchell received the best acting award for his part. From left to right are Tony Tracy, Richard Mitchell, Carla Jean Smith, and Donna Sue Church. This scene is from another of the Halloween one-act plays. It is entitled "Brother Bill." Mary West and Edwin George were the only two in the cast. 78Wes Whitman and Floyd Bradley took first place in Spelling at the district meet in Al{5ine. Evelyn Ann Owens and Janet Mayes went to Regional at Lubbock in Journalsim. 79 _________________— •J eayue Richard Mitchell and Georgeanne Smith represented F.S.H.S. in Senior Declamation. Georgeanne won f i r s t and Richard third. Richard won the Best Actor award in the one-act play. Beverly Bob Cleveland and Xanthus Patillo went to Alpine for Junior Declamation. Beverly won second and Xanthus won fourth.cJCeatfue F.S.H.S. 's besttypists who went to Alpine for the District 7-A Literary Events: Clara Jo Ratliff, Betsy Mangum, and Joan Whitman are the three proud girls. Betsy, however, was the only one to place. Pic tur ed to the left are the ready-writers. Both qualified by Janell Parr winning first and Nancy Armistead taking third. Janell went on to win second in the Regional Meet at Lubbock. The following week she went to Austin for the state meet. "Poetry Reading" is the Literary Event in which Judy Almond and Tony Tracycarried the Ft. Stock-ton banner. Tony placed second and Judy third. 80Manager TOMMY BOBO L Assistant Coach DORBANDT BARTON Head Coach KENNETH WATSON Assistant Coach BOBBY CARTER LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Carter, Coach Barton, B. Williams, T. Armstrong, C. McIntyre, H. McIntyre, R. Rose, M. Benevides, J. Henly, D. Huckaby, B. Diebitsch. BOTTOM ROW: J. Averitt, S. Allison, R. Mitchell, R. Castelo, L. Whitworth, J. Crumpton, D. Aguilera, B. Hinson, G. Atkins. 82Manager TONY TRACY Tri -Captain DOUG HUCKABY Tri-Captain SUTTON ALLISON Tri-Captain J.B. MITCHELL LEFT TO RIGHT: L. McSpedden, J. Ligon, W. Whitman, P. Villalba, D. Holt, G. Parks, R. Rodriquez, J. Walker, B. Cleveland, Coach Watson. BOTTOM ROW: D. Taylor, D. D i e b i t s c h, F. Duran, D. Holland, X. Pattillo, T. Silliman, N. Pena, J. Sullivan, P. Dyson. 83Panthers stop Wink for short gain in 20 to 0 win in Homecoming game. RAYMUNDO AGUILERA Freshman Left Halfback "B" Team SUTTON ALLISON Seni or-Tri-Captain Left Halfback 3 Year Letterman All District Honorable Mention All State THOMAS ARMSTRONG Sophomore Fallback 1 Year Letterman 84 JAMIE AVERITT Senior Left Guard 1 Year Letterman GEORGE ATKINS Sophomore Right Guard 1 Year LettermanMANUEL BENAVIDES Senior Left Tackle 3 Year Letterman All-District ROY CASTELO Sophomore Left End 2 Year Letterman DON DIEBITSCH Sophomore Right Halfback "B" Team Letterman 85p A N T H E R S 25 Mitchell stops runner as Parks plays off blocker P E C O S 18 FRED DURAN F reshman Quarterback "B" Team BILLY JOE HINSON Junior Right Halfback "BM Team JIGGS HENLEY Senior Left Tackle 2 Years Letterman Honorable Mention PETE DYSON Junior Left Halfback 1 Year Letterman DON HOLLAND Sophomore Quarterback "B" Team 86Allison gains as ;ARLEY McINTYRE Junior Left End 1 Year Letterman DON HOLT Junior Left End 1 Year Letterman Honorable Mention ligon Right 3 Year I All-District HENRY McINTYRE Senior Left Tackle 1 Year Letterman Honorable Mention DOUG HUCKABY Senior -Captain Quarterback 3 Year Letterman All-District All-State-Second Te;J.B. MITCHELL Senior -Captain Fallback 3 Year Letterman All-District Second Team XANTHUS PATTILLO F reshman Right Tackle "B" TeamRUBEN RODRIQUEZ Freshman Right Halfback 1 Year Letterman JIMMY SULLIVAN Junior Right End 2 Year Letterman All-District 89DON TAYLOR Sophomore Right Guard 1 Year Letterman PETE VILLALBA Senior Right Tackle "B" Team J.T. WALKER Senior Fullback 1 Year Letterman Watson and Barton plan strategy. WES WHITMAN Senior Left End 1 Year Letterman LESLIE WHITWORTH Sophomore Right Tackle "B" Team BOBBY WILLIAMS Senior Right End 1 Year Letterman 90"A”SQUAD LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Watson, Bobby Diebitsch, Doug Huckaby, Pete Villalba, J.T. Walker, Sutton Allison, Fred Duran, and Don Taylor. SCORES Panthers 44 Ker mit 42 Panthers 28 McCamey 49 Panthers 49 Wink 32 Panther s 53 Iraan 42 Panthers 35 Marfa 58 Panther s 55 Sanderson 37 Panthers 51 F abens 47 Panthers 53 F abens 48 Panther s 47 McCamey 76 Panther s 63 Wink 51 Panthers 39 Big Lake 64 Panther s 41 Big Lake 62 Panthers 49 Iraan 68 Panthers 50 Marfa 69 Panthers 36 Sanderson 56 Won 7 Lost 8 District Games Coach Watson Coach Barton 92 PQ "B"SQUAD STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Barton, Wes Whitman, Manuel Benevides, Thomas Armstrong, Don f)iebitsch, Ruben Rodriquez, KNEELING: LEFT TO RIGHT: Pete Dyson, Floyd Bradly, Billy Joe Hinson, Abelardo Rodriquez, TOURNAMENT SCORES Monahans Panthers 30 Wink 26 Panthers 38 Ker mit 40 Panthers 48 Pecos 59 Andrews Panthers 34 Crane 44 Panthers 36 Ker mit 42 Eden Panthers 53 Leakey 44 Panthers 54 Junction 62 Manager DON TAYLOR Manager GEORGE ATKINS 93Doug and Larry prepare to capture a rebound. SUTTON ALLISON Senior 2 yr. Letterman Guard BOBBY DIEBITSCH Senior 3 yr. Letterman Center-Forward DOUG HUCKABY 94 Senior 1 yr. Letterman Forward Allison prepares to flip the ball to Huckaby as Diebitsch and Walker look on. J.T. WALKER Senior 1 Yr. Letter man Guard PETE VILLALBA Senior 1 Yr. Letterman F or ward FORT STOCKTON PUBLIC LIBRARY fred duran F reshman 1 Yr. Letterman 95 GuardThe boys huddle with Coach Watson for information. MANUEL BENAVIDES Senior "B" Team F orward PETE DYSON Junior "B" Team RUBEN RODRIQUEZ F reshman "B" Team Guard 96 CenterWES WHITMAN Senior "B" Team F orward ABELARDO RODRIQUEZ Junior "B" Team BILLY JOE HINSON Junior "B" Team F orward 97 F orwardLarry takes a shot. FLOYD BRADLY Sophomore "B" Team Guard 98 THOMAS ARMSTRONG Sophomore "B" Team F orwardRIGHT TO LEFT: Mrs. James, Olivia Castelo, Elida Mesa, Isaura Bueno, Jo Turner, Amalia Ramos, Esther Bueno, Evel yn Ann Owens, Nancy Hillin, Nora Ureta, F r a n c e s Bueno, Amelia Garcia, Mgr. Betty Knippers. VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENTS TOURNAMENTS (cont'd) Imperial Tourney Second Place District Tourney Second Place Stockton 31 Monahans 9 Stockton 25 Crane 16 Stockton 35 Big Spring 18 Stockton 16 Alpine 18 Stockton 18 Imperial 23 Odessa Tourney Second Place GAME SCORES Stockton 30 Snyder 6 Stockton 14 Monahans 12 Stockton 24 Crane 13 Stockton 12 Seminole 10 Stockton 25 McCamey 9 Stockton 8 Lamesa 11 Stockton 21 Imperial 23 Big Spring Tourney Second Place Stockton 21 Imperial 23 Stockton 43 Forsan 7 Stockton 29 Crane 12 Stockton 51 Snyder 6 Stockton 27 Pecos 16 Stockton 32 Lamesa 5 Stockton 28 Pecos 17 Stockton 19 Imperial 22 Grandfalls Tourney First Place Stockton 28 Imperial 21 Stockton 23 Alpine 18 Stockton 29 Pecos 18 99AMELIA GARCIA Senior 4 Year Letterman All Tourney Imperial All Tourney Grandfalls Esther, killing Nora's set-up.ESTHER BUENO Senior 4 Year Letterman All Tourney Imperial Most Outstanding Player Odessa Most Outstanding Spiker Big Spring All Tourney Grandfalls All District EVELYN ANN OWENS Senior 3 Year Letterman All District Are you jumping for the ball or the rafter, Amelia?JO TURNER Sophomore 2 Year LettermanAMELIA RAMOS ISAURA RAMOS PEGGY ZUEHLKE F reshman 1 Year Letterman Freshman I Year Letterman Sophomore B Team JOY BOWERS Freshman B Team OLIVIA COSTELO Freshman B Team ELIDA MESA Junior B TeamFRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: J.D. McIntyre, J. Allison, M. Terrazas, M. West, S. Urias, P. Posey, C. Ratliff. SECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Tyson, F. Bradly, J. Crumpton, T. Silliman, F. Duncan, R. Rose, B. Maples, Coach Harral. Iraan 0 Crane 3 F.S.H.S. 5 matches Alpine 3 F.S. H.S. 5 matches Alpine 3--------------F.S.H.S, 4 matches Crane 4--------------F.S.H.S. 4 matches District-------------F.S.H.S. won district in two divisions and second in one. LEFT TO RIGHT: Gene Lively (alt.), Jerome Crumpton, Ray Rose, Tom Silliman, Doug Huck-aby. Fort Stockton won District with a low total of 392 against Crane and Alpine. Ray Rose won medalists honor with 89. Jerome was next with 91. 104BACK ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: T. Armstrong, B. Diebitsch, 3 yr. letterman; D. Holt, 2 yr. letterman; G. Atkins, M. Benavides, 1 yr. letterman; D. Huckaby, 1 yr. letterman; N. Pena, 2 yr. letterman; J. Ligon, 1 yr. letterman; L. McSpedden, 2 yr. 1 etterman, FRONT ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Barton, J. Mitchell, 3 yr. letterman; J. Sulli- van, 2 yr. letterman; J. Walker, 1 yr. letterman; S. Allison, 3 yr. letterman;P. Dyson, 2 yr. letterman; Manager D. Diebitsch, Coach Carter, Coach Watson. TRACK MEETS Comanche Relays Panthers---23 1 2----------3rd Canyon Reef Relays Panthers---9-------tie for 6th Monahans Relays Panthers---45---------------1st West Texas Relays Panthers---7------- tie for 5th Permian Basin Relays Panthers---30---------------2nd District Meet Panthers---72---------------1st Regional Meet Panthers---16---------------2nd State Meet Panthers----34-------------1st 105LEFT TO RIGHT: Jimmy Sullivan, Hurdles; Don Holt, Mile Relay; J. B. Mitchell, Sprints Relay; Bob Diebitsch, Sprints 440 Relays; Doug Huckaby, Sprints 440 Relays; Sutton Allison, Sprints 440 Relays. LEFT TO RIGHT: J. T. Walker, Quarter; Pete Dyson, Pole Vault;; Jimmy Sullivan, Broad Jump High Jump; Doug Huckaby, Broad Jump; Manuel Benavides, Shot Discus; Jerry Ligon, Discus. LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry McSpedden, Mile; Noe Pena, 880; George Atkins, 880; Pete Dyson, Mile. LEFT TO RIGHT: Ruben Rodriquez, Sprint c 440 Relay; Tim Casner, Sprints 440 Relay; Ned Arcides, 440 Relay; Norris Mulkey, Weights; Xanthus Pattillo, Weights; Julio Carrasco, Weights; F r e d Duran, 440 Relay. 106They're off! ? ? ? ? 107 Noe Pena finishing an 880. Doug trying to make like a bird. MILERELAY. Picturedfrom LEFT TO RIGHT are: Don Holt, J.B. Mitchell, Jimmy Sullivan, J.T. Walker, and Sutton Allison.s T A T E 440 YD. RELAY TEAM This team placed first in the U. I.L. State meet held in Austin. They equalled the class A state record of 43.0 held by Brenham. J.B. MITCHELL J.B. anchors the 440 relay team to victory. He also placed fourth in the 100 yd. dash and fifth in the 220 yd. dash. Manager Manuel Benevides with the first place cup and plaque. BOBBY DIEBITSCH Bobby shown here placing third in the 100 yd. dash. He also placed fourth in the 220 yd. dash and ran the first leg of the 440 relay team. 108 eta m it " DOUG HUCKABY Doug starts preliminary 100 yd. dash. He placed fifth in the broad jump with a leap of 21' 7 1 2". He ran third leg on the relay team. The proud team and coaches with their trophies.EVENTS MNCE- 2.00, STAG.OR DRAGHomecoming Queen of 1953-'54, Freddie Jean Oaks, crowns the queen for 1954-'55, Esther Bueno. Esther was escorted on to the field by Mr. Huckaby. Mr. Phy escorted Freddie Jean. The duchesses Janell Parr and Margaret Lannom were escorted by Mr. Harris and Mr. Comer. JJomecomin 9 1954-1955 Queen Esther and Duchesses Janell and Margaret view the game between Stockton and Wink. Stock-ton won over Wink by the score of 20 to 0. This was the first time Stockton had beaten Wink in twenty years. The exes had the assembly for that week. The a s s e mb 1 y was broadcast over the radio. Exes Margaret Rachal, Mrs. Harry Carpenter, and Billy Dunn register. Duchesses Janelland Margaret dancing with their escorts Sutton and L. B. Don't we look sweet? The real crazy cats bopping! ! ! Homecoming was October 22. One hundred and thirty-five exes registered in the girls gym. Mrs. Myrtle Mendel was the oldest ex to register. Mrs. Malcolm Almond from the class of 1914 came from Long Beach, California. The football game thatf oil owed should have been enjoyed by all Panther fans because the Panthers won over Wink for the first time in twenty years by the score of 20-0. All in all, the second annual homecoming went over in a big way. IllWere these students of F.S.H.S.? Yes, they were going to the Annual Sadie Hawkins Dance, January 8, 1955 which was in the old gym transformed into "Dogpatch. " We were honored with such characters as "Marrying Sam, " "Mammy Yokum, " "Wolf Gal, " "Lil Abner, " and Daisy Mae."The Favorite Dance, in honor of the newly elected favorites, was held on February 12, 1955, in the small gym. The Favorites were announced and recognized. The gym was decorated with red and white hearts and with a large arch covered in small hearts in the center of the gym. Favorites from left to right are Barbara Ligon, Freshman Girl Favorite; Tom Silliman and Georgeanne Smith, Sophomore Boy and Girl Favorite; Gwen George and Charlotte Walker, tie for Junior Girl Favorite; Clark Carpenter and Carla Jean Smith, Senior Boy and Girl Favorite; Doug Huckaby, Most Athletic Boy; Nancy Armistead, Most Representative Girl; Larry McSpedden and Joan Whitman, Most Attractive Boy and Girl. Not pictured are Jim Hillin, Freshman Boy Favorite; Pete Dyson, Junior Boy Favorite; Bobby Diebitsch and Evelyn Ann Owens, Most Popular Boy and Girl; and Wes Whitman, Most Representative Boy. W O N D E R L A N D The Winter Wonderland Dance was held on January 22, 1955 in the Girls' gym. The dance room was artistically decorated with a giant snowman centered in a frozen pond and a number of snow scenes were on the walls. Tables and chairs were scattered about the room as an addition of comfort for the students. Music was furnished by a number of top bands (on record). 113Sdrawkcab keew (Backwards Week) was from March 1 5 to March 19. Tuesday, the fifteenth was declared Western Day and Wednesday was Backwards Day. All the kids looked rather funny with their clothes on the wrong way. The boys especially looked odd with their Levis on backward. Thursday we got to wear just plain ole clothes! Oh, but Friday topped it all. That was kid day. The above picture was taken on kid day. Saturday night was the dance that ended Backwards Week. It was at the Rural Community House. Everyone that went seemed to have a wonderful time. The sponsors were Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hayter and Mr. and Mrs. Pat Mayfield. (f3aclzvuard u n ior- Sen ior d3a nc uet The Junior Class of Fort Stockton High School requests the pleasure of your company at the Junior-Senior Banquet on Friday, April 29 at seven o'clock High School Cafeteria This was the invitation received by Senior s, sponsors, the school board members, the superintendent, and the principal. The theme of the banquet was Oriental Gardens. The banquet tables were decorated accordingly. The center pieces were Oriental, and favors were coolie hats. The menu cover had a Chinese girl on the front, and the menu also followed the theme. The guest speaker, Kenneth Spencer from Crane, talked about politics. He stressed seeing evil, hearing evil, and doing something constructive concerning it. The dance after the banquet was held at the Youth Center which had been transformed into an Oriental garden with Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling and blue fish and dragons decorating the walls. There was an arch over the west door with trees and butterflies around it. Beside the door was a well. Wrought-iron lawn furniture was placed around the garden. chard read- Joan reading the prophecy g the Will. Guest speaker- Kenneth Spencer. Seniors, Margaret, Janet, Clark, Too tired to dance ? and Jiggs, pose for a picture. Juniors and Seniors dancing to the music of Dixie Wil-liams' Orchestra.c . _jen lor Pron, Nancy and Larry are enjoying a dance to the music of Dixie Williams. The dance floor at the Country Club is crowded as the Juniors and Seniors "cut a rug." The Senior Prom had a Maypole and Ivy theme, and was held at the FortStockton Country Club. Dixie Williams'Orchestra provided the music. The "Green Room, " as itwas called, was decorated with pale green, pink, and brown streamers. May-poles in front of each window bore the numbers "55" in silver. The refreshment table was covered with a full green organdy cloth and held yellow roses. On the patio were tables decorated with ivy and roses, Cookies and punch were served. Outside, the boys and their dates re lax during intermission. A b e 1 a r d o and Frances are giving a mambo exhibition. 116 Jle SeniorS f- articipate As the past five years have gone by, F.S.H.S. has watched these Seniors of 1955 progress. Begir ning in the eighth grade, they have become essential characters in sports, clubs, social events, assetr blies and school spirit. Pictured below is only a small percentage of leaders representing this class ar school. Amelia Janell and Nancye . —senior CL ClSS 1955 TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: J.B. Mitchell, James Larkin, Phil Spears, Larry McSpedden, Wesley Whitman, Joe Sullivan, Jerry Ligon, Bobby Diebitsch, Tommy Bobo, Doug Huekaby. THIRD ROW: Richard M i t c h e 11, Sutton Allison, Raymond Sanchez, Edwin George, Clark Carpenter, J. T. Walker, Manuel Benavides, Ray Rose, Edward Urias, Raymond Jasso, Jiggs Henley. SECOND ROW: Nancy Armi-stead, Janell Parr, Marion Snow, Joan Farley, Esther Bueno, Juanita Sosa, Evelyn Ann Owens, Betty York, Carla Jean S m i t h, Janet Mayes. FIRS TROW: Pablo Nunez, Jimmie Lou Grant, Freddie Jean Oaks, Elodia Martinez, Mary Lou Gonzales, Margaret Lannom, Amelia Garcia, Dorothy Gonzales, Peggy Morgan, Emma Ram-eriz Primera, Rosemary Roye, Jamie Averitt. 119Diplomas were awarded Friday night, May 27, to 39 members of the Fort Stockton High School graduating class at P ant he r Stadium. Jack Allison, member of the board of t r u s t e e s of Fort Stockton Schools and father of Sutton Allison, member of the class, presented the diplomas. Also, on the program for the evening were the speeches made by honor graduates, the presentation of various scholarship awards, and the music furnished by the high school band, choir, and senior girls' trio. Pictured above are the seniors of 1955 who have attended twelve years in Fort Stockton Public Schools: TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jiggs Henley, Larry M c S p e d d e n, Joe Sullivan, Doug Huckaby, Clark Carpenter, Jerry Ligon. SECOND ROW: Edward Urias, J. T. Walker, Manuel Benavides.- Sutton Allison, J.B. Mitchell. THIRD ROW: Nancy Armistead, Esther Bueno, Carla Jean Smith, Evelyn Ann Owens, Margaret Lannom, Janet Mayes. BOTTOM ROW: Pablo Nunez, Elodia Martinez, Amelia Garcia, Dorothy Gonzales, Emma Rameriz Primera.The seniors prepare to march onto Panther Stadium field for the Baccalaureate Service. It was held Sunday evening, May 22, with the Rev. R. Gage Lloyd, alumnus of F.S.H.S., as the speaker. As the Fort Stockton High School Choir sang the school song, the Seniors marched across the stage and received their diplomas. Janell and Carla serve The Seniors honored their parents at an informal reception Friday night after Commencement exercises at the Country Club. Frosted punch was served from a table holding dolls dressed as graduates andcenteredwith foam letters spelling out "Seniors." 121122 Janell and Sutton Annie and BobbyIt was early Tuesday morning when the seniors met at the home of Mrs. Harry Carpenter to begin their Senior Day with a breakfast. Guests were seated at small tables in the Carpenter's back yard where they were served. Hostesses for the breakfast were Mrs. Harry Carpenter Mrs. J.G. Huckaby, Mrs. E.B. Ligon, and Mrs. A. A. Rose. After eating a delicious breakfast, the seniors left for the Baker ranch near Bakersfield. The first event of the day was horseback riding following by swimming and games. The seniors also enjoyed two delicious outdoor meals--a luncheon and a barbecue in the evening. Hosts at the ranch party were Mrs. J. T. Baker, Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Walker, and Mr. and Mrs. Farris Baker. Mrs. Bill Quimby attended as the class sponsor. Mr. Walker, Mrs. Farris Baker, Mrs. Bill Quimby, and Mrs. Walker relax following the noon meal.Mrs. Payne was the toastmaster at the breakfast. SENIOR BREAKFAST Fort Stockton Hign School Seniors were guests at the annual Baptist Breakfast given in Fellowship Hall in the church. Speaker was Reverend George Bastian, master of ceremonies was Mrs. R.R. Payne, and special music was provided by a high school girls' trio. SENIOR PICNIC The Women's Society Christian Service of the Methodist Church honored the seniors with an outdoor picnic on Wednesday, April 4, at the Methodist Church Patio. Thirty-six seniors and their sponsors, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Quimby, enjoyed a delicious chicken supper. No jokes! ! The W.S.C.S.$ e n i o r P a r t i e s An all night party was held at the Rural Community House on June 20, 1955. A delicious fried chicken supper was served before an evening of swimming, treasure hunting, bingo and dancing. Several senior mothers were hostesses at the party. Carla and Larry are comparing bingo cards. Maybe one of them will get lucky and bingo soon. Man! What a b u nc h of pirates ! Lulu must be the captive. A chuck wagon supper was given by the B. E. Mitchells and the John Oates in honor of J.B. After a supper including roast and beans, the seniors and their dates enjoyed ranch games. 125Congratulations Graduates To Protect Your Future—Start A Bank Account Now! You Will Find A Friendly Institution At— THE PECOS COUNTY STATE BANK Fort Stockton, Texas A Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 126Congratulations Seniors WILSON-VICKERY DEPARTMENT STORE “The Store of Friendly Service” ☆ QUALITY CLOTHING FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY ☆ PHONE 200 127®"POP" ASHMORE'S GROCERY FOR ALL FOOD NEEDS BURTON LINGO CO. Lumber — Building — Materials J. A. BURLESON, Manager Phone 833 Phone 185 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE — ★ — FORT STOCKTON INSURANCE AGENCY Home Owned by H. H. TRACY, JR. 113 S. Main Phone 183 FORT STOCKTON, TEXAS H. H. Butz Walter H. Butz W. W. Vickery always SOMETHING COOKIN’ Cunningham Supply Co. FURNITURE - HARDWARE AT Phone 53 Phone 6 DIXIE CAFE Quality Always Service Anytime 128TAYLOR'S CAFE Highway 290 Phone 859 FORT STOCKTON, TEXAS RANCHERS WOOL THE Compliments of AND TRADING Your International MOHAIR POST ASSOCIATION and ★ GROCERY MARKET De Soto - Plymouth Warehouses: ☆ Dealer Rankin and "We May Doze Fort Stockton But Never Close" LEM SMITH ★ ☆ MACHINERY FORT STOCKTON, TEXAS HIGHWAY 290 PHONE 297 COMPANY 129Congratulations ’55 Graduates FORT STOCKTON’S MOST COMPLETE DEPARTMENT STORE ♦ N. WINKLER AND SONS WHITE AUTO STORE COMPLIMENTS OF home owned by JOE R. ALEXANDER Electric Service Shop Y our G. E. DEALER Home of Greater Values OUR SPECIALTY 3IUCKT0N PHARMACY JheDrU« S o- in Fort Stockton Phone 59 Fort Stockto Phone 10 STOCKTON AUTO PARTS Standard Replacement Parts 130PECOS THEATER Fort Stockton, Texas GRAND THEATER TRAIL DRIVE-IN THEATER From THE BETTER FOOD MARKET W. R. Binion George Shumate C. G. MORRISON COMPANY Your Variety Store PHONE 350 Gallemore Drugs Fort Stockton Phone 1 131Shop at Slocklon Food Market Phone 47 gEMBPip FINE FOOOI EXPERTS 7 at CHUCK WAGON DRIVE-INN OWEN FURNITURE CO. Appliances — Floor Coverings — Gifts PHONE 15 Fort Stockton, Texas 132Compliments of the Ex-Students Association of FSHS. Your Best Aid To Better Grades The Portable Typewriter OFFICt Qi LA Select From PURINA PRODUCTS for Cattle, Horses, Hogs, Sheep, Poultry, Pets. Stock and Poultry Remedies CUSTOM MIXING Dry or with Molasses Royal-Smith Corona Remington-Underwood From THE FORT STOCKTON PIONEER Phone 624 TRANS-PECOS FEED CO. 5th and Railroad Ave. 214 N. Nelson Street 133Compliments of A L C H I C K E N H O U s E Fort Stockton, Texas CULLIGAN SOFT WATER SERVICE Distilled and Ozarka Water FREE DELIVERY Marvin E. White 1000 N. Main-Ft. Stockton, Texas Compliments of LOUISE EDWARDS Personalized And Distinctive Styling FORT STOCKTON, TEXAS Phone 162 415 N. Main BEST OF LUCK SENIORS’ 1 BEN FRANKLIN STORE Fort Stockton, Texas WOODY'S SERVICE STATION Cosden Petroleum Products Wholesale—Retail Phone 110 209 E. Dickinson FORT STOCKTON, TEXAS HEYII EVERYBODY!! Have you heard about the FRIENDLY and DEPENDABLE SERVICE at TOMMIE WILSON'S HUMBLE STATION?? CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS Fred Jones Insurance Agency NANCY JONES FRED JONES 135 "In at ten-dirty PERFECT Out by four-thirty." A SLAUGHTER'S JEWELRY .... Jewelry .... Engraving .... Watch Repair HUBBS DRIVE-IN CLEANERS WINDY'S CLEANERS GENE'S CHEVRON SA 11 Service Station fl WE “Efficient Service M with a smile ” u Phone 54 K PHONE 731 601 W. Dickinson Boulevard Fort Stockton, Texas BERRY OIL AND BUTANE COMPANY C. D. BURLEY LUMBER CO. Lumber and Building Materials Paint and Wall Paper Ranch Supplies Box 337 Fort Stockton, Texas Terms 30 Days Phone 282 PARK'S TEXACO SERVICE Phillips “66” Distributors 'S' Phone 366 FIRESTONE TIRES FORT STOCKTON, TEXAS 516 West Dickinson Phone 84 FORT STOCKTON, TEXAS 136Wallace Lumber Co. Fort Stockton, Texas For Building Needs Wallace Leads WEST TEXAS EQUIPMENT COMPANY Higher Quality and Superior Service at less cost Tractors— Farm Machinery Pumps—Sales Service VIRGIL I. CHURCH Phone 2 "SERVICE" is our Motto. Rainwater Motor Company Fort Stockton, Texas Your WILLYS Dealer Congratulations Seniors DAIRY MAID Phone 20 LEWIS DRESS SHOP 107 N. Main Phone 36 EVERT W. DEES Dirt Contractor Equipment and Stock Hauling Route 1 FORT STOCKTON, TEXAS Phone 7009-j-l Congratulations Seniors! CITY CLEANERS 301 Dickinson Blvd. Phone 880 FORT STOCKTON, TEXAS 137BLACK'S DRUGS TRANS PECOS EQUIPMENT PHONE 406 MINNEAPOLIS MOLINE DEALER "Your Prescription Druggist" Farm Machinery • Pump Motors Complete Fountain Service FORT STOCKTON, TEXAS PHONE 412 PFIESTER POWELL MOTOR BUTANE COMPANY INC. Phone 409 Phone 2851 DODGE Fort Stockton Balmorheo PLYMOUTH BUTANE AND APPLIANCES Phone 150 E. F. (Fish) Powell, President L-M CHEVROLET CO. [■Mat CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE BUICK Fort Stockton Phone 824 138 s$utofyraph 139FACULTY Faculty Division Mr. Huckaby Mr. Harris School Board Faculty Members Building Engineers FAVORITES Favorites Division Most Popular Girl Most Popular Boy Most Attractive Girl Most Attractive Boy Most Representative Girl Most Representative Boy Most Athletic Boy Senior Favorites Junior Favorites Sophomore Favorites Freshmen Favorites Runners-Up Who's Who FRESHM EN Freshmen Division Freshmen Class JUNIORS Junior Division Junior Class ORGANIZATIONS Organizations Division Student Council Annual Staff Tumbleweed Band Choir F. F. A. F. H. A. Dramatics Interscholastic League SENIORS Senior Division Senior Class SENIOR EVENTS Senior Division Senior Participation Senior Class High Students Graduation Baccalaureate Baby Pictures Who's Whose Senior Day Senior Parties 124 5 z. Graduation 125 o 7 SOCIAL EVENTS 8 Social Division 109 9-13 Homecoming 110-111 14 Sadie Hawkins 112 Favorites 113 Backwards Week 114 45 Junior-Senior Banquet 115 46 Prom 116 47 48 SOPHOMORES 49 Sophomore Division 33 50 Sophomore Class u» i 00 51 52 SPORTS 53 Sports Division 81 54 Football 82-90 55 Cheerleaders 91 56 Basketball 92-98 57 Volleyball 99-103 58 Tennis 104 Track 105-108 30 40-44 25 26-32 59 60-62 63-64 65-66 67-70 71 72-73 74 75-78 79-80 15 16-24 117 118 119 120 120 121 122 123 140

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