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The PANTHER 1953 Published By----- Editor------------ Division Pages by Sponsor----------- Lithography by--- • -Ft. Stockton High School -------------Fane Downs ---------------Don O'Neal Mrs. Winnie Mae Johnson --Newsfoto Publishing Co.High School Creed I will never, knowingly, by word or deed, injure anyone's person, feeling, or property in any manner, I will always respect the religious beliefs of others as I will respect my own. I will show courtesy to other people at all times, particularly to my elders. I will abide by the laws and regulations of my school and community. I will be honest with myself and others and I will practice cleanliness of mind and body at all times.FOREWORD Well, here it is. Your 1953 Panther. You are looking at the product of months of hard work. It's no easy task for an editor and his staff to try and capture all the events of the year. However, here it is. Whether the staff succeeded in making this Panther a living record of 1953 is up to you. We think you will like it..... THE EDITOR Order of Book ORGANIZATIONS SPORTS SOCIAL EVENTS FAVORITES PERSONALITIES CLASSES SENIOR EVENTS ADVERTISEMENTSDEDICATION In gratitude for her five years of diligent work, we of the annual staff dedicate this 1953 Panther to our sponsor, Mrs. Winnie Mae Johnson.STUDENT COUNCIL Pictured above are the Student Council officers: Carol Kreidei, Secretary, Bobby Walker, President, and Walter Counts, Vice President. Pictured above is Miss Goodenough who has guided Student Council Work for three years. Bobby Dee, president, receives his pin from Mr. Huckaby, high school principal. Bobby Dee presents the Vice President's pin to Waiter Counts. Carol Kreidei receives her secretary pin.Billy, Don, Tom, apd chairman J. B. , performing their main job for the Building and Grounds Committee, raising the flag. Charlotte, Walter, Judy, and Fane try to plan an interesting assembly. Their duties are to plan the school assemblies for the year. STUDENT COUNCIL COMMITTEES Not pictured is the Entertainment Committee made up of Luann, Mary, Tommy, and Joe, whose responsibility is to plan all school parties. Robin, Carolyn, and Bill, hard at work on publicity for the Student Council. Dale is not pictured. Evelyn Ann, Clark, and Janell talk over the religious assemblies for which they are responsible.Each year the Student Council makes three or four trips to various Student Council conventions. This year the officers of the council went to theSASC Convention, held in Miami, Florida. Seniada Ureta, Fane Downs, Billy Dotson, and Bill Taylor were elected delegates to represent Ft. Stockton at the TASC Convention held in Lubbock this year. The council also went to Kermit and Big Springs for the fall and spring West Texas Forum meetings. Texans going to Florida. The sponsor and delegates for the TASC Convention in Lubbock. The sponsor and officers in Miami, Florida, attendingthe SASC Convention.1st ROW: 2nd ROW: 3rd ROW: 4th ROW: 5th ROW: 6th ROW: FORT STOCKTON PANTHER BAND Nayna Johnson, Loyce Johnson, Tommy Riggs, Joy Whitley, Beth Moore. Mildred Glenn, Betty Butz, Donna Hale, Fane Downs, Xanthus Patillo, Carolyn McCracken, Betty York, Rosemary Urias, Joan Diebitsch, Betty Brownell, Jimmie Ann Vickrey, Johnnie Mae Moore. Mr. Bell, Gwen George, Betty Vickrey, Charlotte Walker, Billy Joe Hinson, Wendell Ware, William Downs, Clara Jo Ratliff, Debie Patillo, Madonna Nelson, Alfonsa Gonzales. Lynn Rainwater, Kay Clark, Lorraine Claer, Mary West, Carla Jean Smith, Anastacio Vasquez, Don Diebitsch, Bryant Wilson, Barbara Ligon, Freddie Jean Ellis. Curtis Krehbiel, Gloria Sanchez, Betsy Mangum, Edwin George, Mary Sullivan, Nellie Elrod, Tony Tracy, Eddie Glover, Butch EzeH, Nancy Graham, Texie Beaver. Walter Counts, Herman Hoffpaiur, Barbara Hoefs, Charles Hunter, Dora Aguilera, Coy Boatner, Betty Hallford, Shirley Sullivan, Sharon Smith, Rosemary Roye, Georgeanne Smith, Sam Baker, Vicki McSpedden, Gloria Blanco, Doris Weddle, Pete Urias, Jimmy Coleman, Roy Johnson.Director - Charles Bell Drum Major - Tommy Riggs TWIRLERS Loyce Johnson Nayna Johnson Beth Moore Joy WhitleyAfter the fun is over, all hands pitch in to load the bus and head for home. Rosemary Roye, Freddie Ellis and others wait with impatience for the elevator in the Jefferson Hotel, host to the band. Texie Beaver, Vicki Mc-Spedden, Betty Hallford watch Mr, Bell make necessary room arrangements. Bandsmen take it easy after hard marching in the Cotton Bowl. BAND ACTIVITIES Many and varied activities were enjoyed by the seventy-five piece Panther Band this year. Director Charles Bell led the band to the second successful year under his direction. The high point in the year's activities was the trip to the State Fair in Dallas in October. The band participated in a mass band show in the Cotton Bowl. In addition to this trip, the band represented F. S. H. S. at Band Day in Alpine and the fair in Pecos. The band gave the annual Christmas Concert with the choir and the Spring Concert. Marching at halftime at football games, the band presented very colorful shows. Betty Hallford, William Downs, Curtis Krehbiel, Charles Hunter, Loyce Johnson, Edwin George, Beth Moore, and Mr. Bell attended the Texas Tech Band Clinic in Lubbock. Edwin George was Ft. Stockton's contribution to the All-State Band. He, Mr. and Mrs. Bell, and Doris Owen made the trip to Galveston. A new part of the Inter scholastic League, the screening contest, was held in Ft, Stockton with the Panther band as host. About 300 students participated in the screening. The solos and ensembles went to Odessa for contest. An excellent showing was made by the Ft. Stockton students at Odessa. As April neared,the Band buckled down to work for contest. Three clinics were held to help improve playing and marching. When the band went to Andrews for contest, they received two excellent and one good rating. A new system was installed in band this year-----the military system. Under this system , band students earned their rank. The system met enthusiastic approval from all concerned, . ,These students were 1st division solo and ensemble winners at the contest in Odessa. FRONT ROW: Clarinet Quartet, Coy Boatner, Nayna Johnson, Beth Moore, Loyce Johnson. BACK ROW: Edwin George, Sax Solo; William Downs, Baritone Solo; Fane Downs, Trombone Solo; Walter Counts and Charles Hunter accompanists. The backbone of the cornet section, Jack Henley, Curtis Kreh-biel, Don O'Neal, rest after a strenuous period of band. j, -w — • nft m i The trombone section benefitted by the arrival of two new students, Billie Barnes and Jean Dority. Four diligent Freshmen, Betty and Jimmie Ann Vickrey, Gwen George, and Sharon Smith try to sell magazine subscriptions in the annual campaign. Alejandra Franco, Rosemary Urias, Glo ria Blanco, Joan Deibitsch, Joy Whitley and Betty Hallford all senior band students, discuss graduation plans.FORT STOCKTON HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR FIRST ROW: Miss Doris Owen, Connie Ryan, Alejandra Franco, Jewel Petty, Janet Mayes, Joan Ellyson, Dulcie Ligon, and Mary Urias, SECOND ROW: Mary Gonzales, Audeen Harris, Janet Williams, Irene Crawford, Asteria Urias, Margaret Lannom, Lynda' Carson; Senaida Ureta, NOT PICTURED: Ray Brian, Mary Delia Urias, Margaret James, Barbara Romine. Pictured at right is Miss Doris Owen, director of public school music for the past two years. During this time Miss Owen has also organized and directed the elementary choir, two church choirs, and this year served as vocal director of regional screening for solos and ensembles of the Interscholastic League. The F. S. H. S. C. Choir has been very active. In addition to singing for school programs, they have entertained for various Civic Clubs.F. F. A. Members Octavio Barron S. L. Gonzales Raymond Jasso Pablo Nunez Noe Pena Robert Prado Raymond Sanchez Pete Villalba Sutton Allison Jamie A veritt Clark Carpenter Bobby Di'ebitsch Jigga Henley Doug Huckaby Jerry Ligon Henry McIntyre Larry McSpedden J. B. Mitchell Bobby Patterson Joe Sullivan Bob Spann Durland Weddle Members Lee Graham Fred Dees J. T. Walker Loye Brown Phillip Clorba Billy Cleveland Butch Ezell Buddy Gerbert Bruce Griffith Clifton Grittman Joe Hallford Robert Hill Billy Joe Hinson Darrel Martin Charlie McIntyre Charles Smetak George Shirkey George Parks Jimmie Sullivan Jimmie Tinkler Bill Vickrey LEFT TO RIGHT-FIRST ROW: Jamie Averitt, Treasurer; Janet Williams, Sweetheart; Sutton Allison, President; Loy Brown, Parliamentarian. SECOND ROW: Jerry Ligon, Historian; J. B, Mitchell, 3rd Vice-Pres. ; Jiggs Henley, Reporter; George Shirkey, Sentinal; Douglas Huckaby, 1st Vice-Pres.; THIRD ROW: Clark Carpenter, Secretary; Bobby Diebitsch, 2nd Vice-Pres . The F. F.A. has been very active this year; they attended the Pecos Fair held October 4, 1952, and they won Grand Champion Lamb, Champion of three in the cross bred, and the Champion pen of three in the fine wool division. At the El Paso Show, the outstanding lamb exhibit was won by the boys. The San Angelo Show was attended. The March of Dimes Drive was won for the second consecutive year by the boys which gave them a half a day holiday trip. Janet Williams was elected District Sweetheart at the district meeting held in Alpine, Texas. The F.F.A. Club has fed 671 lambs, 3 bucks, 6 hogs, 5 calves, and 375 broilers this year.Jamie and Sutton are busily engaged in--your guess is as good as mine. Henry gets the buttons shot off his shirt. These three pictures were taken on the half a day holiday, which the boys won in the March of Dimes drive .... Are you going hunt-ing, Jiggs? Do you enjoy feeding the chickens, Pete? .Loye, Butch, and Buddy paint the feeder that was made by the F. F. A. Club.F. H. A. -LU3 Cantrell, Carolyn Ureta, Nora Bueno, Frances Ramos, Lucy James, Margaret Sosa, Juanita Valenzuela, Mary Alice Flores, Paula Petty, Jewell Subia, Elvira Mesa, Elida Cavender, JoA nn Renteria, Aurora Bueno, Ester Martinez, Elodia Mayes, Janet Owens, Evelyn Ann A guile ra, Dora Petty, Nancy Ramirez, Emma Gonzales, Alfonsa Garcia, Amelia Gonzales, Dorothy Nunez, Cleo Urias, Eustolia Villalba, Manuela Franco, Alejandra Smith, Carla Jean Scott, Mary Barron, Elizabeth York, Betty Duran, Rosemary Almond, Judy Sanders, Phyllis Walters, Mary Roye, La Juana Pena, Manuela Knippers, Betty Jackson, Joyce Dudley, Claudine President--------------Esther Bueno Vice-President-------Daphene Palmer (not pictured) Secretary---------------Janet Mayes Sponsor-----Miss Lorraine Zetzsche The F.H. A. Club is another very active club. They attended a F, H. A. meeting held in Midland, Texas, March 7, 8, 1953. Two girls, Carolyn McCracken and Mary Scott, were the elected delegates to attend the state meeting held in San Antonio, Texas, April 30, May 1,2. The girls have served at several dinners held by the school. Palmer, Daphene McCracken, Carolyn Lancaster, Mary Ann Lannom, Margaret Gonzales, Mary Crane, Jo Beth Wells, Wilida Villalba, Oralia Gonzales, Mary Lou Ellis, Freddie Jean Glenn, Mildred Armstrong, Peggy Smith, Sharon George, Gwen Walker, Charlotte Vickrey, Betty Elrod, Nellie Calhoun, Jane _ Pattillo, Debie Claer, Lorraine Mangum, Betsy Nunez, Eulalia Vickrey, Jimmie Ann Sanchez, Gloria Graham, Nancy Ozuna,Mary Lou Urias, Mary Delia Chavarria, Josephine Hayter, Shirley Gonzales, Carmen Urias, Sally A rcides, Polly Palmer, Patricia Terrazas, Mary Subia, Alicia Cooper, Judy Zuehlke, Peggy Subia, A Ivina Alaniz, Criselda Pacheco, ElidiaSPANISH CLUB FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Joe Benevides, Felipe Chavarria, Jesus Sanchez, Jimmy Urias, Nick Gonzales. SECOND ROW: Billy Joe Hinson, Aurora Renteria, Alejandra Franco, Jack Silliman, Lynda Carson, Irene Crawford, Sharon Smith, Lon Rodriguez, Eustolia Urias, Oralia Villalba, Cleo Nunez, Ray Rose. THIRD ROW: Gloria Blanco, Mary Scott, Lorraine Claer, Debie Pattillo, Jimmie Ann Vickrey, Alberto Blanco, Betty Vickrey, Juanita Sosa, Dora Aguilera, Gloria Sanchez, Elena Sanchez, Esther Bueno. FOURTH ROW: Tommie Richardson, Sponsor; Mary Scott, Secretary; Bobby Falkner, Vice- President; Elodia Martinez, President; and Bill Taylor, Parliamentarian. NOT PICTURED: Bobby Dee Walker. DRAMATICS CLUB Cast of the play "Nine Girls", as presented by the Dramatics Club are as follows: Fane Downs, Jane Calhoun, Patsy Posey, Imogene Calhoun, Rosemary Urias, Nancy Armistead, Wilida Wells, Irene Crawford, Nancy Hillin, Carolyn Cantrell.THE TUMBLE Sponsor Cathrine Taylor, Editor The Tumbleweed is abi-monthly edition containing all the school activities and news. Miss Creola Rector has been the sponsor for the past two years. Cathrine Taylor, editor, spends many long hours interviewing, writing editorials, and meeting the deadlines. Janet Williams, Tommy Riggs, Cathrine Taylor, and Miss Rector, Sponsor, were representatives to the T. H. S. P. A. Convention at Denton, Texas, December 4, 5, 6. The Staff poses by the school jitney.WEED Janet Williams - Photographer Tommy Riggs, Exchange Editor Bobby Falkner, Sports Editor Dulcie Ligon, Business Mgr. Reporters, Loye Brown, Fred Dees, Rosemary Urias, Jan CunninghamMrs. Johnson and Fane talk over plans for the '53 Panther. Time is growing short for Joy, Beth, Carolyn and Fane, d e 1 e g a t e s to the and Jan as they Ponder the senior sec - THSPA in Denton. tlon- fan and Sutton look happy over the sports section. ANNUAL Sponsor----------- Mrs. Winnie Mae Johnson Editor--------------------------Fane'Downs Associate Editor-----------------Bill Taylor Assistant Business Manager-------Dinah Park Copy Editor-----------------Bobby Dee Walker Layout Editor--------------------Joy Whitley Sports---------------------------J. T. Walker Jan Cunningham Sutton AllisonDinah, Bill, and Carolyn enjoy their work. Janell and Wilida plan the class sections. STAFF Photographers Janell Parr Beth Moore Art Carolyn Cantrell Robin Johnson Wilida Wells Robin and Bobby Dee with looks of consternation try to arrive at brilliant caption and layout.INTERSCHOLASTIC Pictured above are the cast and director of the one-act play. BACK ROW: Creola Rector and Carolyn Cantrell. FRONT ROW: Dulcie Ligon, Tommy Riggs, and Joan Ellyson. Not Pictured: Walter Counts. The one-act play, a cutting from "The Heiress",placed second at the District Meet in Monahans. Carolyn Cantrell and Tommy Riggs were two of the six chosen for the All-Star Cast. Fane Downs represented Ft. Stockton at district in ready-writing. She went to Regional for Journalism in which she placed first. Fane represented region eight in Journalism at the State Meet in Austin. Pictured above are the declaimers. Left to Right:Georgeanne Smith, Nancy Armistead, J. T. Walker, Miss Rector, Clara Jo Ratliff, and Carla Jean Smith, Georgeanne placed third in Jr. girls declamations at district.LEAGUE Jan Cunningham and Beth Moore went to the District Meet for shorthand. Irene Crawford, Carol Kreidel, and Bobby Dee Walker represented Ft. Stockton High School in typing at Monahans. Bill Taylor and Lynda Carson went to Monahans for the District Contest and won first place in team spelling. Lynda won first in individual spelling. Pictured above are Carol Kreidel, Lynda Carson, Bill Taylor, and Mrs. Buster, who coached spelling.THESPIANS Vice-President Connie Ryan Secretary Wilida Wells Nancy Armistead Imogene Calhoun Carolyn Cantrell Walter Counts President Tommy Riggs Sponsor Creola Rector MEMBERS Irene Crawford Jan Cunningham Fane Downs Joan Elly son Betty Hallford Treasurer Beth Moore Pledge Director Charles Hunter Dulcie Ligon Bobbie Jean Rose Carla Jean Smith Rosemary Urias Pictured to the right is the cast as a whole, with the exception of Maria. Pictured to the left are Joan and Tommy during a tense moment. Pictured above is Dulcie Ligon as she appeared while portraying the maid, Maria. The Thespian Troop had its first try at Experimental theater when it sponsored the arena production of "The Heiress.11 This play celebrated International Theater Month established by UNESCO and American National Theater and Academy. "The Heiress", an ambitious high school production, was presented in the girls' gym with the audience seated on four sides. The cast was as follows: Maria-----------------------Dulcie Ligon Dr. Sloper------------------Tommy Riggs Lavinia Penniman-------Carolyn Cantrell Cathrine Sloper---------------------Joan Ellyson Elizabeth Almond-------Nancy Armistead Arthur Townsend------Coy Boatner Marion Almond ------Carla Jean Smith Morris Townsend---------Walter Counts Mrs. Montgomery----------------Betty HallfordTOP ROW, L. TO R. : 2nd ROW, L. TO R. : 1st ROW., L. TO R. : Coach Ford, G. Gonzales, L. Graham, B. Diebitsch, J. Henley, L. McSpedden, B. Spann, G. Shirkey, J. Ligon, D. Huckaby, Coach Watson, B. Dotson, J. Huckaby, J. Sullivan, B. Gonzales, J. Mitchell, J. Sullivan, D. Taylor, D. Parr, F. Vasquez, M. Benevides, R. Oakes H. Knippers, K. Harper, D. O'Neal, J. Averitt, S. Allison, K. Ezell, B. Williams, R. Almanza, F. Henley. FOOT HEAD COACH Bill Ford ASSISTANT COACH Kenneth Watson Panthers 20 Del Rio 18 Panthers 33 Eldorado 6 Panthers 37 Sanderson 12 Panthe rs 33 Marfa 12 Panthers 0 Alpine 27 Panthers 7 Wink 47 Panthers 47 Big Lake 19 Panthers 22 McCamey 19 Panthers 0 Iraan 21 Panthers 20 Crane 20 BALL Roland Oakes, Mgr. Billy Dotson, Mgr.MANUEL BENEVIDES Center Sophomore 1 Year Letterman KURT EZELL F ullback Junior BONNY GONZALES Left Guard J unior 2 Year LettermanGEORGE GONZALES Halfback Junior 3 Year Letterman JACK HENLEY Right Tackle Senior 3 Year Letterman All District '52 T ackle KENNETH HARPER Right End Junior 2 Year Letterman jHt« k m ™ ™ ™ LEE GRAHAM Left Tackle Junior 2 Year Letterman DOUGLAS HUCKABY Quarterback Sophomore 1 Year LettermanJERRY LIGON LARRY McSPEDDEN Center Sophomore 1 Year Letterman ip Right Tackle Sophomore 1 Year Letterman J. B. Mitchell Halfback Sophomore 1 Year LettermanBOB SPANN Left Tackle Junior 1 Year LettermanJUNIOR FOOTBALL BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Roy Costelo, Thomas Armstrong, Delbert Harris, Coach Ken Carley, Sammy Purifoy, Ronny Worley, Bob Maples. FRONT ROW , LEFT TO RIGHT: Eddy Bland, George Parks, Donald Taylor, Gene Lively, George Atkins, Donald Diebitsch, Buddy Gerbert, Bill Gravell. JUNIOR CHEERLEADERS Judy Allison, Neita Lou Riggs, Charlotte Walker, Nancy Graham,CHEERLEADERS JAN CUNNINGHAM Senior Stunt given by the cheerleaders before the Eldorado game. 30NNIE COLEMAN JANET WILL,LAMS Senior EUANN DYCHE unior Junior Janet, Connie, Jan and Luann. Not Pictured, Miss Rector, sponsor.BASKETBALL Monahans Ft. Stockton 47 Grandfalls 38 Ft. Stockton 35 Crane 65 Ft. Stockton 39 Roscoe 47 Eden Ft. Stockton 60 Melvin 32 Ft. Stockton 46 Talpa 35 Ft. Stockton 2 Ballinger 0 Ft. Stockton 49 Abilene 47 Ozona Ft. Stockton 57 Menard 58 Ft. Stockton 47 Carrizo Springs 55 BACK ROW, L. TO R. : Coach Bill Ford, Bobby Dee Walker, Jerry Romine, Doug Huckaby, Lee Graham, Larry McSpedden, Walter Counts, Bob Spann, Keith Decker, Bobby Diebitsch, Dale Burleson, Jim Huckaby, Coach Kenneth Watson. FRONT ROW, L, TOR.: Bobby Falkner, Darwin Parr, Sutton Allison, Kenneth Harper.Ft. Stockton 43 Ft. Stockton 69 Ft. Stockton 42 Ft. Stockton 55 Ft. Stockton 52 Ft. Stockton 79 Ft. Stockton 55 Ft. Stockton 49 Ft, Stockton 57 Ft. Stockton 38 Ft. Stockton 56 Ft. Stockton 63 Ft. Stockton 45 Ft. Stockton 58 Ft. Stockton 80 Ft. Stockton 50 Ft. Stockton 65 Marathon 27 McCamey 46 Crane 45 Sanderson 35 Sanderson 26 McCamey 51 Marfa 70 Big Lake 68 McCamey 44 Alpine 47 Crane 58 Wink 50 Marfa 48 Big Lake 50 Iraan 50 Iraan 40 Wink 38 WALTER COUNTS Senior 2 Year Letterman Captain BOBBY DIEBITSCH Sophomore 1 Year Letterman BOBBY DEE WALKER Junior 2 Year Letterman All Tourney Eden '53 LARRY McSPEDDEN Sophomore 1 Year LettermanDARWIN PARR Senior 3 Year Letterman All Tourney in Ozona and Eden '53 SUTTON ALLISON Sophomore B Team JIM HUCKABY Senior 2 Year Letterman BOB SPANN Junior 2 Year Letterman DALE BURLESON Junior B TEAMKEITH DECKER Junior B Team LEE GRAHAM J unior B Team KENNETH HARPER J unior B Team DOUGEAS HUCKABY Sophomore B Team BOBBY FALKNER J unior B Team JERRY ROMINE Junior B TeamVOLLEYBALL L. TOR., FIRST ROW: Amelia Garcia, Elena Sanchez, Nora Ureta, Asteria Urias. SECOND ROW: Connie Ryan, Manager, Luann Dyche, Evelyn Ann Owens, Joan Diebitsch, Esther Bueno, Gloria Blanco, Mrs. James, Coach. Tourneys Imperial Odessa 2nd place Grandfalls, 1st place Big Spring District Tourney at Monahans 3rd place Ft. Stockton 17 Crane 23 Ft. Stockton 33 Grandfalls 22 Ft. Stockton 19 Imperial 21 Ft. Stockton 32 Pecos 7 Ft. Stockton 37 Grandfalls 9 r Ft. Stockton 48 Balmorhea 9 Ft. Stockton 31 Imperial 17 Ft. Stockton 23 Crane 17 ; Ft. Stockton 32 Pecos 10 Esther Bueno 2 year letterman All-tourney Imperial '53 All-tourney Grandfalls '53 All-tourney Odessa '53 All-tourney Big Spring '53 All-District '53 Gloria Blanco 4 year letterman. All-tourney Imperial '53 All-tourney Grandfalls '53 All-tourney Odessa '53 Co-Captain '53FRANCES BUENO B String EUANN DYCHE All Tourney Grandfalls '53 1 Year Letterman MARGARET COX B String JOAN DIEBITSCH 1 Year Letterman NANCY HILL,IN B StringELIDA MESA B String ELENA SANCHEZ 1 Year Letterman EVELYN OWENS 1 Year Letterman NORA URETA 1 Year Letterman All Tourney Big Springs '53 All District '53 PATSY POSEY B String ASTERIA URIAS 4 Year Letterman Co-Captain '53"B" TEAM L. TO R., FIRST ROW: Elena Sanchez, Frances Bueno. SECOND ROW: Connie Ryan, Manager; Amelia Garcia, Patsy Posey, Nancy Hillin, Margaret Cox, Elidia Mesa, Mrs. James, Coach. JUNIOR TEAM L. TO R. : FIRST ROW: Mary Walters, Neita Lou Riggs, Judy Allison, Mary Reeves, Clara Jo Ratliff. SECOND ROW: Mrs. James, Coach; Margaret Cox, Patsy Posey, Nancy Hillin, George-anne Smith, Mary West, Connie Ryan, Manager.TRACK BACK ROW, L. TO R. : Coach Bill Ford, Keith Decker, broad jump, discus, 440, Larry McSped-den, 880, George Shirkey, shot put, discuss, Lee Graham, Coach Ken Corley. SECOND ROW, L. TO R. : Jerry Romine, Roland Oakes, high and low hurdles, high jump, Bobby Diebitsch, 220, 100, 440 relay, Joe Sullivan, mile relay, 440 relay, low hurdles, J. B. Mitchell, 440 relay, 100, 220, FIRST ROW, L. TO R. : Manuel Benevides, Mgr., Kurt Ezell, mile relay, 440 relay, broad jump, Sutton Allison, mile relay, Bobby Dee Walker, mile relay, 440, Jim Huckaby, high jump, Kenneth Harper, pole vault. NOT PICTURED: Darwin Parr, pole vault, broad jump. Sprinters: Bobby Dee Walker, Roland Oakes, Kurt Ezell, J. B. Mitchell, Joe Sullivan, and Bobby Diebitsch.Field and Distance men, Parr, Romine, Shirkey, McSpedden, Graham, Decker, Allison, Huckaby, Harper. The outstanding track and field meet of West Texas was the ninth annual Comanche Relay which was March 7 in Ft. Stockton. J. B. Mitchell won 3rd place in the 100 yard dash, Darwin Parr was 2nd in the broad jump, with Bobby Diebitsch a close 4th in the 220 yard dash. The track team took 6th place’when they competed against 12 teams in the Dzona Relays on March 21. Jerry Romine was first in the pole vault with darwin Parr taking second in the same event. Jerry Romine also placed 4th in the shot put. Kurt Ezell, Joe Sullivan, Bobby Walker, and Bobby Diebitsch , composing the 440 relay team, finished 3rd. Roland Oakes won 3rd in the high hurdles with Joe Sullivan taking 4th place in the low hurdles. Ft. Stockton, competing with 14 other west Texas schools, placed 6th in the Permian Basin Track Meet in Kermit. Romine tied for 3rd in pole vault, Huckaby placed 2nd in high jump, Sullivan won 3rd in low hurdles, Decker placed 4th in broad jump, and the 440 yard relay team placed 3rd. The relay team was composed of Ezell, Walker, Mitchell, and Dietitsch. In District meet Ft. Stockton track team placed 5th in a field of 8 teams. Sullivan finished 3rd in low hurdles, Oakes was 4th in high hurdles, Parr finished 4th in pole vault, and Huckaby took 4th place in high jump. The 440 yard relay team, composed of Ezell, Sullivan, Diebitsch, and Walker, won 3rd place. Another relay team composed of Ezell, Sullivan, Allison, and Walker took third place in the mile relayJim high jumping at the Comanche relays Joe Sullivan broad jumping at the Comanche relays Kurt Ezell broad jumping at the Comanche relaysTENNIS SENIOR TENNIS TEAM BACK ROW: W. Counts, B. Falkner H Knippers, D. Parr, Coach Watson. FRONT ROW: F. Downs, B. Hallford, D. Ligon, L. Johnson. The Tennis teams represented the high school in the district meet in the district meet in Monahans this year. Betty and Dulcie, senior girls doubles, won district and the right to go to Lubbock for the regional meet in which they were runners up. Mary and Patsy, junior girls doubles, also won district. JUNIOR TENNIS TEAM BACK ROW: D. Stubblefield, J. Crompton, T. Armstrong, B. Mc- Kenzie, Floyd Bradley, Coach Watson. FRONT ROW: N. Hillin, P. Posey, M. West, O.J. Ratliff.Darwin Parr and Howard Knippers, Senior boys doubles. Walter Counts, senior boys singles. Coach Kenneth Watson Fane Downs, Senior girls singles. Betty Hallford and Dulcie Ligon, senior girls' doubles Won 2nd Place at Regional.Patsy Posey and Mary West, junior girls’ doubles. Jerome Crumpton, junior boys’ singles. Thomas Armstrong and Billy McKenzie, junior boys’ doubles. Floyd Bradley, junior boys’ singles.BASEBALL BACK ROW, L. TOR.: Jerry Romine, Walter Counts, Darwin Parr, Bill Vickrey. SECOND ROW, L. TO R. : Howard Knippers, John Smith, Bobby Patterson, Richard Mitchell. FIRST ROW, L. TO R. : Jim Huckaby, Billy Dotson, Jack Silliman, Ray Rose. F.S. H. S. 3 F.S. H. S. 2 F.S. H. S. 12 F.S. H. S. 6 F.S. H. S. 2 F.S. H. S. 0 F.S. H. S. 0 F.S. H. S. 10 F. S. H. S. 1 F.S. H. S. 8 Alpine 15 Pecos 14 Kermit 4 Wink 12 Alpine 13 Pecos 5 Sanderson 10 Kermit 6 Wink 5 Sanderson 11 Coach Homer Smith Coach Kenneth CarleyRunning for your health, Howard? BILL- VICKREY Left Field Catch it, Jim! Catch it! DARWIN PARR Short stop JIM HUCKABY CatcherWALTER COUNTS First Base Run! Ray, Run!' JERRY ROMINE Third Base RAY ROSE Second Base JOHN ALLEN SMITH OutfieldJACK SIL,LIMAN Outfield Slug it, Billy! BILLY DOTSON Outfield Not Pictured: Roland Oaks Outfield RICHARD MITCHELL Catcher BOBBY PATTERSON OutfieldSADIE HAWKINSYOUTH CENTER Ah - the boys are here! Sharpie! Behind the eight-ball! Raise ya, ten! Playing shuffleboard ?CHRISTMAS DANCE Nonchalant Tommy; happy Beth; infuriated Charles; contented Joan. To the dreamy music of the Sul Ross Modernaires about ninety-five couples danced at the Christmas Dance, December 20, 1952. The recreation hall at Gibbs Field was decorated as "White Christmas" something not often seen in West Texas. The door represented a giant Christmas package leading into the hall. There was a large inset of greenery inside the door. The coats were checked at the right. The hugh Christmas tree was in the center of the hall. The orchestra stand was decorated with greenery. Cookies and lime sherbert punch were the refreshments. The Junior class was in charge of getting the refreshments. The publicity for the dance was done by the Eighth Grade. Coats were checked and taken care of by the Freshmen. The favors, Rudolph the "Red Nosed" reindeer were made by the Sophomores, The Senior class decorated the hall. Irene looks content. Arthur Murray Wootten gives Carol a few tips.JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET George happily welcomes Seniors to annual fete. Max Hall made a very amusing and interesting speech to the Juniors and Seniors. Pictured at the left are Janet and Fred: To the right are Joy and Kenneth dancing to the music of Dixie Williams’ Orchestra at the dancing following the banquet. JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM Luann and Bill. Alicia, cutting the rug. "Dreamland" theme was carried out very effectively by the Seniors at the Annual Prom. On the walls were silver stars and moons. The ceiling was decorated like the sky withbig clouds covered with pink, blue, and yellow angel hair. The pillars were silver with blue lights. The orchestra stand was a huge swan with pink, blue . yellow, orchid and white umbrellas over it. exas Western " Varsitonions" playing ke mad. Bill and Bobby Jean.SPRING FESTIVAL Welcome to the May Festival! Luann leads the Bunny Hop. Socially minded eighth graders take time out. Everybody Schottische! Miss Zeztche and J. T. Johnson, sponsored the May Festival.Joy and Ken enjoy dancing whether by juke box or orchestra. Ummmmmm! Good Cookies ? Beth and Charles give it a whirl . GRADUATION PARTY After Commencement the Seniors and quite a few other students had a party at Mrs. Jud Crawford’s . Refreshments, dancing, cards, and conversation were offered as entertainment. Look at the birdie, Joan! Cheater !MOST POPULAR BO Y BILLY DOTSONMOST POPULAR GIRL LUANN DYCHEMOST REPRESENTATIVE BOY BOBBY DEE WALKERMOST REPRESENTATIVE GIRL JAN CUNNINGHAMBEST LOOKING BOY JERRY ROMINECUTEST GIRL EVELYN ANN OWENSEMMA RAMERIZ Cutest Girl FANE DOWNS Most Representative Girl R U N N BILL, VICKREY WALTER COUNTS Most Representative Boy JANET WILLIAMS BONNY GONZALES Most Popular Girl Most Popular Boy1 1 E. W. "Ike" Smith Superintendent of F. S. H. S.J. G. Huckaby Principal of F. S. H. S.T.W. Hillin Dee Walker Moyft Russel BOARD OF EDUCATION The School Board made the hearts of a 11 the students glad when they sold the old landmark.. ..." the Bread Truck" and bought a beautiful new station wagon which is used for school sponsored trips. The School Board took another forward step when a bond election was held and bonds voted for a new elementary school. The old Comanche Elementary will hold 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. A new elementary for the first five grades is now being built in the west part of town. Not pictured J. Burney Ligon Bill McKenzie Clyde ParkDORIS BAUMGARDNER R. N. Hendrick Memorial Health Co-ordinator MARTIN BAZE B. S. West Texas Science CHARLES BELL B. S. West Texas Band Mrs. Buster and Mr. Greenan compare notes on Llano and Boston CELIA GOODENOUGH SALLIE BUSTER KENNETH CARLEY MORRIS CHILDERS B. A. . M. E. B. A. . M. A. B. S. B. S. T exas San Marcos North Texas North Texas University English Social Science Math Guidance DirectorWINNIE MAE JOHNSON B. S. T. S. C. W. Study Hall JOSEPH GREENAN B. A. . M. A. Baylor History PAT MAYFIELD B. S. North Texas Manual Training Who done it, Mr. Baze? r MARY E. JAMES B. A. Hardin Simmons Physical Ed. DORIS OWEN B. S. Texas University ChoirEMILY SLAUGHTER B. A. North Texas Librarian KENNETH WATSON DEE DAVID WHITE LORAINE ZETZSCHE B. S. B. S.. M. A. B. S. Hardin Simmons Sam Houston T. S. C. W. ERNEST F. TRIPLETT Math Agriculture Home Economics Business ManagerCAFETERIA Shown at the left is Mrs. Merry Ryan, Manager, who is in charge of the preparation and serving of meals for approximately 210 school students and faculty members each noon. The Cafeteria serves as a banquet place for various community organizations such as: Cub Scout, Football, P. T. A. , Chamber of Commerce, and the District 5-A Executive Committee. BUILDING ENGINEERS Pictured at the extreme right is J. A. "Shorty" Dedmon, Chief Building Engineer, serving his 24th year in F. S. H. S. He is the first at school each morning and the last to leave in the evening. His assistants are; BACK ROW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Flabio Chavarria, Simon Franco, Pablo Chavarria, Felix Gonzales, FRONT ROW: Roman Franco, Pedro Ramirez, Albert Gonzales.EIGHTH GRADE FAVORITES NANCY HILLIN THOMAS ARMSTRONGEIGHTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS President------ Vice-President Secretary ---- Sponsor-------- Georgeanna Smith -----Nancy Hillin ----Tom Silliman ------Gilbert RayCriselda Alaniz Judy Allison Thomas Armstrong Judy Almond Palcmia Arcides gt Duane Arnold George Atkins °°n tit y ' Bltj, Of r Or J°e, r- ' C o, ePPer , Sam Baker I Floyd Bradly Peggy Zuehike Texie Ann Beaver Roy Castelo Betty Brownell Vera CavenderJudy Cooper Jerome CrumptonPatricia Palmer L. H. Patterson Manuela Pena Patsy Posey Sammy Purifoy Mary Reeves Clara Jo Ratliff Phyllis Sanders Dorita Ruth Shockey Tom Silliman Rosalie SmetakGeorgcanne Smith Don Stubblefield Alicia Subia Alvina Subia Gene Wyche Sally UriasFRESHMAN FAVORITES NAYNA JOHNSON WILLIAM DOWNSFRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Sponsor---------------------Emily Slaughter President------_ — « — — — — — — — Nayna Johnson Vice-Pres.-------------------Sharon Smith Secretary-------- Betty VickreyFRESHMAN CLASS uorraine Claer Phillip Clarke limmy Coleman William Downs Mell Elrod Charles Ezell Gwen George Joe Gerber Ignacio Gonzales Nick Gonzales Roberta Goodson Nancy Graham Bruce Griffith Clifton Grittman Margaret James Exercising their lungs-as usual. Nayna Johnson Roy Johnson Joe Hallford Alan Hassenflu Robert HillOF '53 Joe Benevides Frances Bueno Jane Calhoun Carolyn Cantrell Felipe Chavarria Margaret Plays "Kitten On The Keys". Emily Slaughter is seen happily giving a demerit.FRESHMAN CLASS George Parks Debie Pattillo Jewell Petty Lucy Ramos Aurora Renteria Abelardo Rodrique: Lon Rodriquez Danny Salmon Gloria Sanchez Jesus Sanchez Charles Smetak Sharon Smith Elvira Subia Jimmy Sullivan Jim Tinkler J immy Urias Mary Alice Valenzula Agustin Velasquez Jimmie Ann Vickrey Betty VickreyOF "53 Billy Joe Hinson Betsy Mangum Darrell Martin Charlie McIntyre Elida Mesa The masculine half of the Freshman class Buddy and Jimmy. Kenneth is just for decoration. What’s so funny?FRESHMAN CLASS '53SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Sponsor-------- President------ Vice-President Secretary ----- Morris Childers ----Jerry Ligon ----Janell Parr ----Jiggs HenleySOPHO Octavio Barron Manuel Benavides Coy Boatner Gab session Nucus and Dad. Nancy Armistead Peggy Armstrong Jamie AverittMORES What’s so interesting Margaret and Betty? W inf red Elrod Amelia Garcia Felix Garza Jo Beth Crane A 1 ' 1 Mildred Glenn Dorothy Gonzales Mary Lou Gonzales Gals and Guys.|Q Ramond Jasso Richard Mitchell JLarry McSpedden J. B. Mitchell Smile, Girls. Carolyn, Jack, Larry, "Can You See Now?" Nancy Petty Robert Prado Kenneth Johnson Emma Ramirez Ray Rose Rosemary RoyeJulia Ann Weaver Bobby Williams Not Pictured Henry McIntyre Robert Primero Betty Jean York Five ways to stop a clock.JUNIOR FAVORITES CAROL KREIDEL BILL TAYLORJUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President------------------- George Shirkey Vice-Pres.-------------------------------Lee Graham Secretary----------------Harla Jean Palmer Sponsor--------------------Dee David White“Peeberry” gives a dunking invitation. Lynda Dell Carson Connie Coleman Irene Crawford Keith DeckerLuann Dyche Kurt Ezell Bobby Falkner Paula Flores Rudy Garcia What ? Juniors ! Glamour Girls ! Edwin George Bonny Gonzales Eliseo Gonzales (not pictured) Mary Gonzales Lee GrahamKenneth Harper Howard Johnson Carol Kreidel Hallway Loafers ! Robin Johnson Don O'Neal Harla Jean Palmer Dinah Park Leona Patrick Shirkey And Harper, Thinking It Over. Delvyne McSpeddenBobby Patterson Gwen Powell Angel Rodriquez Going somewhere, girls? George Shirkey John Allen Smith Jerry Romine Connie Ryan Falkner and Burleson getting ready for a game of tennis. Elena Sanchez Mary ScottIrene convincing Mr. Greenen that she’s right. Anastacio Vasquez Bob Spann Shirley Sullivan Bill Taylor Mary Delia Urias Felix Vasquez Shirley and her Aurora Villalba mystery man. Bobby Dee Walker Dock Walters Durland WeddleSENIOR FAVORITES JOAN ELLYSON ROLAND OAKSPresident--------------------Betty Hallford Vice-Pres.------------------ Joan Ellyson Secretary ------------------ Beth Moore Sponsor --------------- Tommie Richardson SENIOR CLASS OFFICERSGLORIA BLANCO Volleyball 50-'53 Band '49-’53 Spanish Club 50-'53 Chorus '49-'53 IMOGENECALHOUN Sec. Jr. Class '52 Duchess Jr. Class '52 Thespian Club 51 - S 3 Halloween Play '52-'53 it WALTER COUNTS Vice Pres. Student Council 52-'53 Basketball 52'-'53 Band '49-'53 District Typing Champ JAN CUNNINGHAM Volleyball ’50-'51 Annual Staff '5l-'53 Cheerleader 'Sl-'53 Most Representative Girl '52-'53 JOAN DIEBITSCH Band 49-’53 Volleyball 'SO-'Si Dramatics 51-'53 F. H. A. (49-'50 FRED DEES Football 51 - '52 Tumbleweed '52-'53 Historian of F. F. A. 51- '52 BILLY DOTSON Band 51-'53 Student Council FANE DOWNS Band '49-’53, Pres. ’S3 Student Council '53 Valedictorian '52-’53 Annual Staff '51-’53 Editor '53 JOAN ELLYSON One Act Play '53 Senior Favorite '53 Freshman Duchess '50 Senior Vice Pres. '53 ALEJANDRA FRANCO Sec. Spanish Club '51 - '52 Band '49-'53 Chorus '49-'53 F. H. A. '51 -'53 BETTY HALLFORD Band '48-'53 Student Council '50- '52 Pres. Sr. Class '53 Tennis Dist. Jr. Dbls. . Sr. Dbls, Sr. Singles 4 AUDEEN HARRIS JACK HENLEY Chorus '52-'53 Band '49-’S3 Football '50-'53 Baseball 52- 'S3 Sophmore Pres. PEGGY HILL F. H. A. '49-'50 JIM HUCKABY Football Capt. 50- '51 Basketball S2- 93 Baseball '5l-'53 Salutatorian '53 LOYCE JOHNSON Band Sweetheart '52-'53 Sr. Single Tennis-Crane '50-'5l Majorette '51-'52 Cutest Girl '52-'53 Crane -Cutest Girl '50 CHARLES HUNTER Thespians '51 -'53 Band '49-'53 One-Act Play 52 HOWARD KNIPPERS Baseball '49 -'53 Football '49 -'53 Tennis '49 -'53 Basketball '49-'52 Curtis Krchbiel Band '49-'53 DONNIE LAWRENCE Student Council '52 DULC1E LIGON Pres. Jr. Class '52 Tennis—Diet. Jr. Dbls. Sophomore Duchess Sec. Freshman Class BETH MOORE Band '48-'53 Annual Staff '52-'53 Majorette '53 Senior Sec.ALICIA NUNEZ Volley Ball '51-’52 Band '51-'52 Chorus '51-'52 Spanish Club '51-'52 ROLAND OAKS Sr. Boy Favorite Football 49- 51 Alice Track '50-'5l Alice Basketball '49-'51 Alice Football '51 -'52 Corpus Christi Track 51 - 52 Track 52- '53 F. S. H. S. THERESA PARKS DARWIN PARR F. H. A. Club 49 — 51 Football '50-'53 Captain Basketball 50-'53 Tennis '49-'52 Baseball '51-'53 MANUEL PENA GENEVA PATTERSON F. H. A. 49-'50 TOMMY RIGGS All-Star Cast At State One Act Play Drum-Major Band Best Actor, Dist. •49 One Act Play Best Actor Reg. '51 One Act Play Mt. JEAN ROSE Student Council ’49-'50, ’51-’52 RAY SCHRIER Annual Staff '52 Quill . Scroll '52 Chorus '52-'53 EL1DIA SCOTT Spanish Club 49-’51 Chorus ,49-'50-,51 -'52 CATHERINE TAYLOR F. H. A. 49-'5l Tumbleweed Editor 53.SENAiDA URETA Span. Club '49- 50 Volley Ball ’49-’50 Student Council 52-'53 Chorua '49-'53 ASTERLA URIAS Volleyball '50-'53 Span. Club '49-'51 Chorua '49-'53 ROSE MARY URIAS Band '50- 53 Spaniah Club ’49-'5l "Nine Girla" '52 Chorua '50-'51 PETE URIAS Football '51 Baaeball '50-'52 Band '49-'52 ARTHUR WATTERS BILL VICKREY Football '50-'52 Baaeball '50-'53 Student Council '52 Freshman Duke GERALDINE WEDDLE Jr. Vice-President F. H. A. 50-'51 JOY WHITLEY Band Majorette '50-'5 Annual Staff '52-'53 Dramatica '52 Senior Play 53 W1L1DA WELLS Band '50-'52 Theapiana '51'-53 Dram. Club V-Prea. One Act Play '52 (Regional Winner) JOHN A. SMITH Band '49-'52 Baaeball '53 Vampire Bat '52 Football '51-'52 JANET WILLIAMS Student Council '50-'51 Freshman President Dramatica Club-Prca. '51-'52 Cheerleader 51 -'53 PAT YORK F. H. A. Club Tumbleweed '52The Senior Kid Party, held January 10, 1953, was given by the Senior room mothers. Games and refreshments were enjoyed by a large group of the seniors Joan Diebitsch and Charles Hunter were given prizes of a showbook for cutest costumes. Dulcie Ligon and Betty Hallford enjoy going back to their childhood. Children .love to consume calories - these are no exception. The Senior Hot Dog Party was held November 17, 1952 at the small community hall. Below are a few of the many seniors who attended the partv The girls waste no time in getting rid of the delicious hot dogs prepared by the room mothers.Beth and Joy try to fool the public as they make an attempt to read. ffl Although Jim is trying, he doesn’t hold Bill’s interest very well. Dulcie, Fane, Wilida act natural at the Hobo Party. The Big Four love to look at their Senior rings. I'll bet Jack can see perfect now that he wears glasses. Something must have startled Gloria, do you suppose it was the camera? Roland and Howard give a big Ipana smile for their photographers. Book who's here again! look at Ray’s long-awaited gift. She doesn’t look happy, does she?themselves by dancing together. Wilida and Billy enjoy a dance together. Billy tries to hold back a smile as their picture is taken. John and Curtis hold a secret conversation together. Curtis seems I to be very interested. Tommy demonstrates one of his dramatic smiles. Audeen and Imogene enjoy eating after . a hard morning of school. Alejandra, Alfonsa, and Elidia decide to take it easy through the noon hour. Alfonsa and Elidia seem to be distracted. r 1 !______J Alicia enjoys the short intermission between periods. Theresa and Geneva hold a loud conversation.who wouldn't? This happy contented- looking couple is Janet and Fred. Catherine, Jan, Fane, Dulcie Joan, and Gerry relax and enjoy themselves at a Senior party. Arthur is rather surprised to be caught in the act of studying Didn't anyone ever teach you to sit in a chair, Charles ? enjoy the spotlight. The three happy Seniors, Jan, Joy, and Irma. Seniada, Rosemary, and Asteria seem to be enjoying the Tumbleweed.SENIOR DAY In spite of a terrific dust storm which darkened the air, the seniors of 1952-53 left April 29, at 5:00 a. m. for Carlsbad, New Mexico to celebrate their annual Senior Day. The class visited the caverns, and later enjoyed dinner and a movie in Carlsbad. Tothe left is Howard, Jim,Irma, and Bill, resting after going through the caverns. To the right, Jack, Jan, Gerry, Joan, Joy, Jean, and Darwin pause for a picture before eating in Carlsbad. These happy seniors are being entertained at the annual breakfast given by the women of the Baptist Church. The welcome was given by Mrs. Russell Payne, and the response by Betty Hallford. Rev. Levi Price of the Monahans Baptist Church was the sneaker. The favors were diplomas with the p r o g r am printed on them. Traditional breakfast fare was enjoyed by thirty-five Seniors.SENIOR PLAY The seniors of 1953 presented as their senior play, "Take Care of My Little Girl". The three act comedy was given May 22, 1953 in the high school auditorium. The play depicted the sorority life at college, Liz Ericson came to college with the "Queens or Bust attitude". After she was in the Queens for a while, she realized that it wasn't all it was supposed to be. She left the sorority and went to live with her real friends in the dorm. Miss Creola Rector was the director of the production. Charles Hunter was technical dir ector, and Betty Hallford worked as prompter. P L A Y S C E N E S Liz---------- Casey ------- Dallas----- Mrs. Bellows Marge-------- Merry-------- Adelaide----- Becky ------- Joe---------- Chad--------- Sam---------- Expressman-- Thelma------- Grace-------- Alice-------- Polly ......- Marie-------- Mrs. Apple — Marilyn------ June--------- THE CAST ________--------------------Dulcie Ligon _____________________________Fane Downs -------------------------Imogene Calhoun ------------------------- Joan Ellyson - _______________________ Rosemary Urias _____________________________ Joy Whitley __________________________-Janet Williams --------------------------Jan Cunningham _________________________John Allen Smith _____________________________Bill Vickrey _____________________________Darwin Parr — ------------------------ Fred Dees __________________________ Asteria Urias ______________________________Beth Moore -------------------------- Loyce Johnson ---------------------------- Jean Rose ____________________________Senaida Ureta _________________________Alejandra F ranco .............................Wilida Wells ____________________________Joan Djebitch12 YEAR SENIORS BACK ROW, L. RO R. : Betty Hallford, Jack Henley, Rosemary Urias, Senaida Ureta. MIDDLE ROW: Dulcie Ligon, Cathrine Taylor, Asteria Urias, Alicia Nunez, FRONT ROW: Janet Williams, Joan Ellyson , Wilida Wells, Beth Moore, NOT PICTURED: Gloria Blanco, Jan Cunningham, Theresa Parks, Geneva Patterson, Elidia Scott. )ulcie Ligon, Joan Illyson, Senaida freta, and Janet illiams sing "Have ’hine Own Way, .ord. " BACCALAUREATE In the Reverand Bastian's sermon he compared life to apiece of iron showing the possibilities each individual has.LAST ROW, L, TO R. : Billy Dotson, Walter Counts, Fane Downs, Joan Diebitsch, Roland Oakes, Arthur Watters, THIRD ROW, L. TOR.: Curtis Krehbiel, Jack Henley, Fred Dees, Janet Williams, Cathrine Taylor, Alejandra Franco, Bill Vickrey, Howard Knippers, John Smith. SECOND ROW, L. TO R. : Darwin Parr, Jan Cunningham, Bobbie Jean Rose, Joy Whitley, Gloria Blanco, Asteria Urias, Senaida Ureta, Rosemary Urias, Geraldine Weddle, Imogene Calhoun, Jim Huckaby. FIRST ROW, L. TO R. : Loyce Johnson, Theresa Parks, Geneva Patterson, Elidia Scott, Alicia Nunez, Betty Hallford, Tommy Riggs, Beth Moore, Joan Ellyson, Wilida Wells, Dulcie Ligon, Ray Schrier Brian. NOT PICTURED ARE: Pete Urias and Pat York. FANE DOWNS Valedictorian Speech topic at Commencement "It's Up to You" JIM HUCKABY Salutatorian Speech topic at Commencement "Lighten Life with Leisure. " JAN CUNNINGHAM 3rd ranking student Speech topic at Commencement "You and Society"Congratulations Graduates To Protect Your Future - Start A Bank Account Now! You Will Find A Friendly Institution At— THE PECOS COUNTY STATE BANK FT. STOCKTON, TEXAS A Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance CorporationCompliments of Ellyson Guarantee Abstract Co. Fred Ellyson, Mgr. SAY IT WITH FLOWERS Weslerman Flower Shop 409 N. Jackson St. Phone 40 BURTON LINGO CO. LUMBER - BUILDING MATERIAL J. A. BURLESON, Mgr. Phone 185 Congratulations Seniors T R MOTOR CO. Sales and Service Ft. Stockton, Texas Phone 299 West Texas Equipment Co. Higher Quality and Superior Service At Less Cost Trucks - Tractors Farm Machinery-Sales and Service si™ The Finest Souvenir Beautiful Portrait MOSLEY PHOTO SHOP FORT STOCKTON, TEXAS Magnolia Petroleum Co. Wholesale Bob Yarbrough Woody's Service Station COSDEN Petroleum Products Wholesale and Retail FT. STOCKTON, TEXAS Phone 110 Box 91Ft. Stockton Pipe Supply New and Used Pipe and Oil Well, Water Well, and Pipe Line Supplies Congratulations Seniors Porter's Texaco Service Phone 9506 Improve Your Work With a New Portable! ROYAL-UNDERWOOD SMITH-CORONA—REMINGTON Yours for Small Cash Payments and Convenient Monthly Terms FORT STOCKTON PIONEER CUNNINGHAM SUPPLY CO. FURNITURE HARDWARE Phone 53 Phone 6 QUALITY ALWAYS SERVICE ANYTIME Pe pA apptecwk ( joUICKlR ttRVlCt A ft V 8 B CLffldffiS Slaughter’s {JewelryCongratulations Seniors DEE WALKER Quiff SetuMce. On the Highway Phone 85 FORT STOCKTON, TEXAS PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED STOCKTON PHARMACY “The” Drug Store in Fort Stockton Phone 59 Ft. Stockton, Texas PERFECT wi Margaret Brian Antiques Rodgers Bldg. i PRESCRIPTIONS SUNDRIES Gallemore Drugs Ft. Stockton Phone 1Compliments of Good Luck To All The Good Boys and Girls in the 1953 Class. Wallace Lumber Company The Home of Quality MAURINE and JONES TAYLOR Building Materials TAYLOR CAFE Fort Stockton, Texas Compliments of Compliments of Al's Chicken House The Trans-Pecos Feed Co. Purina Feeds-Stock Supplies Fort Stockton, Texas Phone 624 Compliments of Richardson Motor Co. Lem Smith Machinery Co. Phone 164 Your International and De Soto-Plymouth Dealer V k yrTpi 7 CALL A PLUMBER M N PLUMBING McAlpine and Newton mmmmCOOKIN' at Crawford's Dining Room CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS from Gandy’s Fine Dairy Products TMJANDY’Sf? FRED ELLIS — Distributor Congratulations Compliments of DIXIE CAFE • Graduates! Phone 9538 Pecos County Sheriff's Posse Wm. Cameron Company A Complete Building Service W. J. WALLER, Local Manager FORT STOCKTON, TEXASPFIESTER MOTOR CO. Dodge - Plymouth Sales and Service Phone 150 Fort Stockton, Texas Congratulations, Graduates! May your future be bright as my electric light And your progress both rapid and steady You’ve got what it takes All you need is the breaks When I can help you, just plug in. I’m Reddy! REDDY KILOWATT Community Public Service CompanyOWEN HARDWARE iim PHONE 15 FORT STOCKTON, TEXAS Hillin Ranch Supply Aermotor Windmills Pipe Fencing Farm and Ranch Hardware FORT STOCKTON, TEXAS Culligan Soft Water Service Distilled and Ozarka Water FREE DELIVERY Marvin E. White 408 N. Main Fort Stockton, Texas 0 15 Kefr perafor S S TRANSPORT Butane for Every Need Phone 409 Fish PowellG. R. Terrazas Congratulations Seniors Dry Goods Store Box 1093 118 W. First St. FORT STOCKTON, TEXAS Fori Stockton Co-Op Gin Association Phone 146 AT FORT STOCKTON, TEXAS Chuck Wagon Drive-Inn | BLACK'S DRUGS jeitwfraj PHONE 406 OF HIGHEST QUALITY “Your Prescription Druggist” JEWEL BOX Complete Fountain Service Phone 111 . ' J Fort Stockton, Texas LOREN HILLGER Texaco Service Firestone Tires y • • v,Jt. :' 3 Phone 84 k - ■ '.i FORT STOCKTON, TEXAS Congratulations Seniors TIP TOP BEAUTY SHOP Fort Stockton LEWIS DRESS SHOP Ready-to-Wear — Gifts PHONE 36 Congratulations Seniors CITY CLEANERS 301 Dickinson Blvd. Phone 880 FORT STOCKTON, TEXAS f-OA AW OCCASION, MARTHA'S FLOWERS Phone 274 Congratulations Seniors Baker Disiributing Co. Phone 337 Fort Stockton D W MOTOR CO. LANDERS AND PARK Authorized Lincoln and Mercury Dealer “Make Your Next Car A Mercury” SALES and SERVICE CARPENTER MOTOR CO. Complete Automotive Service Phones: 824 - 825 - 826 Nite Phone 272-WE rv IOR5 Dr. E. A. Robertson RANCHERS7 WOOL and MOHAIR ASS7N. Wool-Feed-Mohair Fort Stockton Rankin C. D. Burley Lumber Co. Lumber and Building Materials Paint and Wall Paper Ranch Supplies STOCKTON AUTO PARTS STANDARD REPLACEMENT PARTS FORT STOCKTON, TEXAS CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS TOMMIE WILSON AUTHORIZED DEALER w H IT E tuto Stone THE HOME OF GREATER VALUES MR. AND MRS. □. H. AKE, Owners 421 N. MAIN BT. FORT STOCKTON, TEXAS Phones 640 — 1046-W SERVICE Call 997LEE ELECTRIC SERVICE SEIMORS “It’s Fun to Shop at Morrison’s” PHONE 4000 Phone 10 Forf Stockton C. G. Morrison Company SUNSHINE LAUNDRY THE SHINE THAT GETS THEM CLEAN FRED A. SMITH Fort Stockton, Texas Compliments of the HORACE SMITH OFFICE Horace Smith Mrs. Garland Casebier J. H. Dyche Elliot Waldron Abstract BERRY OIL Company and (Formerly Stockton Abstract Company) PHONE 137 BUTANE COMPANY Phillips 66 Distributors Congratulations Seniors Hallford's Courts FORT STOCKTON, TEXAS Phone 9536 Fort Stockton ' FOR Better Cleaning and Pressing Try . . . WINTER'S CLEANERS WINDY WOOD, Mgr. Phone 54 Service is our Motto Rainwaler Motor Co. YOUR WILLIS DEALER Congratulations Seniors RED BLUFF STATION PHONE 64 Dr. James Kincannon Congratulations '53 Graduates FORT STOCKTON’S MOST COMPLETE DEPARTMENT STORE N. WINKLER and SONS VTH|NG |N Ft. Stockton App| needs lance Co. phone 121 Congratulations Seniors Campbell Electric CITY BARBER SHOP Johnson and Whitaker THE TRADING POST Grocery and Market “We May Doze But Never Close” Highway 290 Phone 297V :.'A-

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