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 - Class of 1952

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Fort Smith Senior High School - Bruin Yearbook (Fort Smith, AR) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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r:-Q , -r- H --:- :H - g.,,.l,.' , . . nw p. Sn, fi Q- Q.. -.. au.. .an- Q.. an A wx YJ .aww , V -1. .Lx jay.: ,.j.3.,:.L.,.,-,-f,-,- . . . . 2, ,, - - - - , . -- - - - - - - 1 ' - - -H ' J , 'f 'A ,Huw 4, ,ikzgw .:1 1'z1,.. .- .-5-. g ,, ., Y , f f,-in-fy:-Asia::sz:,azszQeQQ:2'i'z141,-1f.: ' V ' 'Jai' ' gg L -. -5'-1 5 ,M iff' s T, '- .ls 1 5 . E, x ' , ..,. . " ' f -.4 ' , f - vm. z "" 1 , . . , e.:...a-.-.-. -.-.-.f TT3f PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS or FORT SMITH SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS 1952 lf' MW Foreword Thrs 1S your yeorbook from your BRUI 1952 We have worked hord ond e pletely It rs our hope thot you W1 pleasure lookmq through Th1S B N staff of ro oved 1' cofrr H Imd Us much RUIN new Cho m the future os we hove hod prepormq rt fo you P e A I I Y Contents D1 chcatupn lampus Scenes Adtnlnlstratlon S1 nuprs Sopholnori s flrqanlzatlons Featuri s Ath lc tics Adam rtasang PQS . . I Y W . . f I K Q C C C . . Y Q L , 0 . . Juniors Y A P. ' O C l , P. ' . , . . . . , l. G 9 Dedication No other man Could be a frlend a teacher and a leader of students survrve the1r pranks and norsy h1lar1ty and come out of 1t all wrth a lmqqer srrnle than our prtncxpal R Earl Farnsworth carne to FSHS from Fort Smrth lunlor Hugh ln 1949 wrth the Class of l952 We senlors tee that Skrpper to the strarns of Pornp and Clrcumstance R Earl Farnsworth 1S always there when needed to chap eron a trlp to Fayettevllle or Pennsylvama to awe devotronals lnteresttnq and rnsplnna to be a pr1nc1pal outstandxnq among prxnclpals R Earl Farnsworth to you We dedrcate our BRUIN Page 6 is just as much a part ot our class as the boy niarchinq with us , , R EARL FARNSWORTH Pcq 7 1 z 8' ' r' 4. 5, 4- 5 ,lx Yr 4' 'X MW' jimi 'Kwai' f ' f DY' i W Q1- H. iii J l'l"vf Sv J ir J Ma' ,purv- 1119 firm SHOW southeast comer of mum buildinq V329 8 'P 1 I u veg K-... '-.. ? 1 F5 if ,yy -,-,. -- ...M .,.-. -bv- E. 539: Q ,LJ 1 EE E :tx P9 :1 ff? .4. I. lf-Y .... If. ... A . ,,. 4. " rs-wiv"-' H v, 'Nw ng v .Q1A,A A 2 iQ 4 P 'Q 'qhru "',w4' ,., V in 3' ry, xlwvlv '- NJ, 411.1 , ' 'C r, .J-H uf' f ""f' nf 31 4 f ,,- V ,xr JV ,,v .dna i,,,, .une -J N , - gg.-'4:, 1 ' 'gm' ze , '. iv "" " e .e "-R l Q- X . f ' 'IUC , .va x ", 1, ' " W - 3 e W, . - A ' ff' , e, ' - Q-fJ'If,e'gv-'V' 1--Q 'M-U-'Hi .. ' r . gt, ,5,,,,,,, an-1'-,M .V , af 'el O 1 'we u an ' rw" .,n-I ' .' . . , . knulos 9 ',s Q. In W? . J I 0, 7 J 1 ' Niuhitv - -v - ' 4' wi on 9 L9 Autumn leaves fill the crec between the main building and the stadium ,br A , up . Qt X fi s , H K 4 ,X-,. . , . 2 'QQ '77 L 5 ' X ' L - P : ' lm, A i Kg 4, 5 U2 ' V . Q 4 fir x 1 , x 4 3 i s 5 i f ? 2 is ' 1 Q , Q . ,fi I U I ! 1 1 Z L ,. 2 N--wa-Af-W , V M-qwf-W, S Y 3 ., . I 5, , , 2 i I R lll 5 ll U A3 Au-ndQ0fvvi4 4 QXST Qi ,, '32 I ,Q .Q Y Board of Education JOHN M ANDREWS In Dx THOMAS P Fo1.'rz RAYMOND F ORB 43 1---. FRANK BECKMAN SAM D TRESSLI-:R A BRUCE H SHAW 1952 Graduating Class . W' RAM Senior High School I SEY Fort Smith, Arkansas Superintendent of Schools My dear friends: The editor of the Bruin has requested me to comment briefly on your work in the high school for the past three years, and about your plans for the future. This I am delighted to do and I trust each member of the class will regard this as a personal message. Very shortly now you will cross the threshold from school lite to a new and different scene. In doing so, you will discover that our lives are divided into distinct compartments each of which is much like a room in which you remain for a time. And just as in passing from room to room in your home you carry some things with you while leaving others behind, you will leave the carefree days ot high school and assume the responsibility of adult citizens. This will be true whether you go on to college next year or enter immediately into the business world. In the troubled world you must enter, you will need all the attributes of character your teachers have stressed so emphatically and so continuously- courage, thoroughness, vision, perseverance, optimism, personal integrity, de- votion to duty, ability to get along with people, willingness to do more than is expected of you at times, just plain common honesty. The world is ever seeking and will richly reward men and women who possess these qualities. We are expecting much of you and have high hopes that you will not disap- point us. As you leave high school for the new life experience that lies ahead you may be certain that you take with you my very best wishes for success and happiness in all your future undertakings. Sincerely yours, CHRIS D. CORBIN Assistant Superintendent " . . . lt is a pleasure to send greetings and best wishes to our high school students through the pages of the 1952 Bruin, and to wish for each of you maximum success in your school career. You are now living in a period of your life that should be happy and gratifying and at the same time productive of balanced mental, physical and spiritual growth. The present has been called an age of skepticism and unbelief, an age of corruption and mistrust, an age in which morality and morale are at a low ebb. Our institutions, including the schools, are under attack and many people are prone to take a defeatist or fatalistic attitude toward life itself. This, in my opinion, should not be true. There are many things wrong with the world and with life in general, but none of these problems are beyond solution. I am enough of an optimist to believe that we are working toward better things and that your generation will solve many problems where past generations have failed. Many of the ills that plague us today could be solved through practic- ing complete honesty and integrity in every phase ot lite, and through each individual assuming full responsibility for his own actions. In America we enjoy individual freedom and we must accept the responsibility that goes with this way of life, if it is to be preserved. My hope, for each of you, is that you are taking full advantage of the opportunities that are yours for academic, vocational, and cultural achieve- ment, and that you are being inspired with a burning zeal to preserve and cherish the idealism that has made America great." GAME. Editor The Bruin Fort Smith Senior High School Dear Mike: I think that you and the other members of the graduating class of 1952 know how I feel toward you all. There are several reasons for this kindly feeling, not the least of which is the fact that We came to high school together. We-or, at least, I-have enjoyed your association for six years-each of which has been pleasant. Yours is a fine class and it is with regret that I contemplate your gradu- ation. I only hope that each one feels impelled to return now and then for a friendly visit. I think you know that you shall always be welcome, just as you have always been. May I congratulate you for the fine record you all have made and a personal word of appreciation to you for this fine book? It is deserved. It has been nice being "skipper" to you all. TRL! R. EARL FARNSWORTH O. RAY KING Boys' Advisor OPAL HORN Girls' Advisor MRS. CORA HALL GENE HARwooD GUY HIXSON MRS. EVELYN Hou' Library B. s. B. s., M. s. A. B. Social Science Commercial Speech, Dramatics VIRGINIA Hour W. E. HUNZICKER MARY HINES WILMA JIMERSON B. s. B. s. s'r. LOUIS A. B., M. A. Commercial Metals Arts Library School Spanish FRANK JONES BILL Ion KELSO MRs. RUTH LEVY MRs. ETTA MADDUX A. B., M. A. B.. s., M. s. B. s. B. s., M. s. Coach Woodworking Arts Family Relations History Page 20 Mas ELIZABETH CANTRELL I E OYD MRS Vmcn. Hrx Bookkeeper Enqmeer Cafetena Supervlsor the front office five o'cIocls in the afternoon . . . ,O mr. hunzicker in the balcony scene wonder who's on the line? miss rcrrnsey cmd her office slaves . . . . 1' wx Q 4 if Q m.,? i ii i 19' jx. 1 C 'x iss presson preaches mrs. murphy and her cmqles SENIGRS Senlor Class 0ffzcer9 ROEBUCK HOLT Presrdent Vrce Presrdent Senlor WERNETTE WILLIAMS Secretary Treasurer Connell lr 5 1s1 Row Bedford Brocchus Ccthey Chambers Cox 2nd Row Edmonds Foster Grlfhn Hunter Hurst 3rd Row Ieffcocxt Iorden Lake Linebcck Price 4th Row Show Smnh M Smlth Snedecor Page 28 ABBOTT FRANCES SUE Columbtans Pep Squad F T A Cheerleader Latm Club Student Counctl Semor Coun A ALLRED GLORIA Y H BARBER MARY Pep Squad YTeens Latm Club ADAIR SHIRLEY ALLEN PATSY A Y Columbtans tumor A Y YTQens Pep Squad Red Cross Pan Amermdn Student Counctl MlXGd Cho rus Pep Squad F T A E L Class ARMS RCNG LOIS MAE BARGER FLOYD H SGS H 9? BAILEY GERALD lumor Counctl BARLING ETTA IRENE ALLISON FREDDY ALLEN B nd BALI ARD MERL BARNSLEY LYNN 2 Y . Q. A . I .1 A ' 1 4' n I 7' I H g I 'f g F.. I I A cilp.Y. 'I I Q.t.,j B. .A. A..:E..A. A ' I' I AM ' F. T. A. Y.g F. B. L, A.p Future Tlradesmen gf Arkanl Bel Canto'Glee Clubp A. Y, E. H. A.g Erench Club . I Q s A Q if 1 1 ' . , x, A I . x. ,Ax ' BEDFORD SALLY Se-mor COUHC11 Student Coun sus C1 Pep Squad F T A Y Pan Amerlcon F B L A BAUGH IIMMY Future Tradesmen of Arkan BENNETT BOBBY BURRELL BIEKER IRENE Student Counctl A Y lass BISSELL JOYCE BLACK RAYMOND Pep Squad French Club F H A BELL BOBBY l Golf BEEN MARY RUTH lrls Glee C ub BIRDWELL C DEE Sock and Buskln Audubon Club Lutm Club MlX9d Cho r s A Y BIGGS MARY SUE Bel Cdntc Gee Club 0 BOEN BIRTIE BELL BLANSETT GUYITH e Squad F H A A Y YTeens L A Student Councll Of tlce Girl F T A BONDS lOl-IN YOUNG F Club French Club Ath letxcs BREWER ANNA CHRISTINE xdent Em Rose Sophomore Councll Y Teen Columbxons Student Councxl B R U I N Mixed Chorus BROWN BILL Student Councxl BOYD Sl-IARL BRANNON BERTHA MAE Pep Squud E A an Mlxed Chorus Am ur S .xdent Counctl A Class BROADHURST ANN French Club lunlor Councll H BROWNING LADEEN Glrls Glee Club of5 BROCCHUS MARY ANN Pep Squad Senlor Councll Student Council YTeens F T A Iumor Red Cross Of txce G1rls BRUIN BULL PEGGY MARIE G1rls Glee Club Mxxed Cho rus BREE LOVE CARRIE u B BROOKS I-IELEN LOUISE BURKE WANDA LOUISE B L A Pep Squad ixce Gxrls ,GP Z is - -, 4 1 V V ' , - X I . fi 77, P 7 r , . A , D , 5 5 - . 'f p . B. L. .7 P ' . Lo'in Cl by A. Y.p F. . L. A. ' e 'Any 1' , ' 7 F. T. A.: . Y. 9 6 Pep Squddg F, B. I.. A., Pres- A. Y.: Pep Squodp Lcttin Clubg F. B. L. Alp Pon Americcnp Lo'in ClubA "1 -I :I ' : F. . A. V I I ' : - : ,- I ' I i I A 5 V - F. . Y. ,7 5 Of- . n ' 9 Q I .i 3 BURRIS IEHHY CHARLES CATHEY ETHELYN RUTH Sophomore Courlcxl A Y Iumor Council Columblans Semor Councrl S uderxt Coun cl Pep Squad Sock and Buskm F B L A Arkansas Gxrls Slate Governor Cheer leader Hall of F me CLAY CAROLYN Glee Club lVl1X9d Chorus F T A Pep Squad Athen 1ar1s YTeens F B Student Councll CAMPBELL BETTY lUNE F T A Pep Squad CHAMBERS MARILYN A Semor Councxl Glee Club Studen Councrl Sock and Buskm Pe Squfrd A Y YTe-ens F T A G1l'lS Stare rench Clw b La m C urn Grwzly Slaff Class COBB PATSY Band Sock and Buskm CARNEY R B CASTILLOW IANTCE L Pep Squad F B L A HITVVOOD ERNIE CLIRISMAN BILL of5 B nd Explc er D051 66 COLE IOIHNI COLEMAN CA'-TOLEA Mlxed Chorus F H A Stu dent Councl COLEMAN PATRICIA ANNE Sock ond Buskrn A Y Em Rose presrdent Pep Squad Student Councll Athemons Sophomore Councrl BRUIN Lotxn Club Debate Club COPELAND IOYCE A Y A COTTON CAROLE A Y Student Councll Pep Squad Loln Club L A Offlce Glrl COLLEY MYRTLE SUE Fu ure Trodesm n of Arkdn scxs lass CORKINS PAT A Y Pep Squad Future Trodesm n of Arkcxns s COX TOMMY Pan American presrdent Key Club Grrzzzly Stuff edltor Student Councll Senior Coun C11 Sophomore Councrl E plorer Post 66 Arkonsos Boys Stce Ush rs Hull of Fame CONE IO ANN COOK HENRY DON FuureT d mn cf Arkn 5.15 of 95 CORLEY MARGARET ANN B L A Em Rose CRA VVFORD IIMMY CRN'SI-I SHIRLEY Pep Squad CROWDER BETTY IEWELINE Grrls Glee Club Future Trodesmen of Arkansas if CROXTON LORENE FAYE CRYSLER MARLIN CURRY IOHN Future Tradesmen I Arkon A Y Sophomore Counc1l sus lunler Ccun 11 DANIELS IOHN RICHARD DANLEY CHAI EES DAVIS DLNSFORD Bond Student Councll A Y Future Trczdesmen of Arkcxnsos Class of 52 DAVIS SARA VIRGINIA DIME DOROTHY MARIE DIXON LEE H A Y F I-I A Y Mlxed Chorus Teens Bel Canto Gtee Club Em Rose Scxen e Club Sock ondBusk1n F H A F T A Pep Squad ALTON IO Pep Squad DAVIS PATTY IO Bond DUNKUM IOAN A Y PepSquc1cl F B L A Cclumlezcms Lcxtm lub Stu cl nt Councll Iumor Councxl F T A Sophomore Counc1l EDDS HELEN E EDGINGTON LAURA HOPE ELKINS ROY D Future Tradesmen of Arkan sas ERWIN EUGENE DEBS Student Councxl Future Tradesmen of Arkan sas Class ELLIS PATSY Pep Squad A Y ESSMAN RICHARD ALLEN Mixed Chorus Baseball Boys Glee Club A Y Sock and Buskm EDMONDS IACK Key Club Student Councxl Explorer Post 66 Ushers Sen lor Councxl of5 ENGEL MONTA LORRAINE F H A Pep Squad A Y EVANS BILL GLEN EDWARDS MARLENE Pep Squad Sophomore Coun ctl Student Councxl F T A A Y Pan Amencan ENGLES GERALDINE Y F B L A T Squad EVANS RAY EDWIN A Y Mxxed Chorus EVANS RAYMOND Audubon Club MOV19 Oper ators FOSTER BILL A Y Semor Councrl Future Tradesmen of Arkansas State presxdent FRIEDMAN IAY FRED A Y Latm Club 21 FEATHERSTON NONA BESS T FOWLER GLEN PRESTON Band lass FRYE GINGER A Y Cheerleader YTeens presxdent Sock and Buskm Office GIIIS Student Councll Pep Squad presidentg F. B. L. A.,g Athenians' BRUIN- Homecoming Oueen- Hall of Fame :ISI-IER IOHN FRANKLIN Future Trcxdesmen of Arkan sas FOWLER IO ANN Pep Squad F B L A 0 GAESSLER SUE Pep Squad Student Councll FORD BOB Key Club presldent Band Boys State FREEMAN GARY A Y presldent Sock and Buskxn Latm Club F Club Athleucs Sophcmore Coun Cl Iumor Councll Debate Club I-lull of Fame GIBSON BILLY IOE I I :gg GLOSSON DOROTHY LEE RAVES WILLIAM F GROESBECK LORETTA I Sock and Buskm Pep Squad Club Student Council GODSEY SABRA U Pep Squad F B L A Mlxed C orus F H A Pan m erlcan Grrls Glee Club lass GRIFFIN ROBERT M Key Club Lt Gov of Mo Ark District Student Ccuncll Iumor Councll Band Drum Mcnor Latm Club Ushers Club Debate Club Boys State Explorer Post 66 lun 1or Red Cross HARR CLYDE LOUIS IR Student Council Iumor Red GOODIN DOROTHY Future Trctdesrnen of Arkan sas of5 GRIFFIN RICHARD BRUCE Sock and Buskm Future Tradesmen of Arkansas Sen lor Councll HARRISON IIMMY IOE A Y Future Tradesmen I GORDON IEANNE MARIE A GROBER VIVIAN C F B L A Mxxed Chorus Gxrls Glee Club Iumor En se-mb e Offtce Gtrls HAR MAN LAURA BELLE Mxxed Chorus Latxn Club A Q' MQW UN 3. If I -' I A Q 1 . A ' ' . . F.B.L.2x.,F.H.A., .Y. l't 7 , , .5 A - 9 ': A : I 4: I' I . .7 I Q ' A I 5 ' i Mixed Chorusgg A. Y.g Latin Crossg Athletics: F Club Arkansas Y.g Debate Club L I If , I I Qs 1 tt I l S 5 3 ' 5 5 S f ,. l 7 ' 1 f 4 ' 1 . he X I . I N HARWOOD IOYCE F B L A Student Counc1l HEFNER PETER ALAN Lclun Club French Club Boys Glee Club HENDERSON LINNAH Pep Squad A Y Student Councxl Pan Amencqn Iun lor Red Cross Lcxtln Club Sophomore Council I-IATFIELD BARBARA IOAN HATFIELD BOB Pep Squad HEGMANN MARGARET A HELBLING HENRY Class of 5 HENDRICKS GERALD I I-IENLEY TRUDY A Y F H A YT Squad F B L A HAYNES LARRY BRUCE Future Trcxdesmen of Arkqn sos HELMS FRANK W Future Trcldesmen of Arkon sus I-IERRICK LLOYD F eens p Band Pep Band HICKS KENNETH IAMES HOLT IOHN A III French Club pres1dent Stu dent Councll BRUIN A letxcs A Y Ushers Explor er Post 66 Semol Councll Key Club Boys State HORTON BARBARA RAE Pan American French Club F T A HIGDON IOHN RAYMOND Future Tradesmen of Arkan sas Class HOLT RUBY RUTH Student Council Pep Squad lunlor Council Glee Club Pan Amencan Em Rose Atheman HOUSE BURL TOMMY Latxn Club A Y Explorer Post 66 HILL CHARLIE BOB HOLLEY MABEL SUE Debate Club Pan Amerlcan L A YTeens e of5 HONOMICHL LOUELLA Future Tradesmen of Arkan s F T A Pep Squad A HOUSER IERRY ANN Y A Pep Squad YTeens Glee Club Offlce G1r1s Squad HORNE WILLIAM LAVENUE F Club Football Student Man aqer Athlet1cs A Y HOWARD MIRIAM GENE Future Tradesmen of Arkan sas 6 HUNTER NANCY IANE Student Body vxce presxdent A A Y Iumor e Cross F B L A G1rIs State Sophomore Councrl Sock and Buskm Semor Councxl Pep Squad Pan Amerxcan Co Iumbxans Student Councll Cheerleader Hall of Fame IACOBS ANN LOUISE Pep Squad Student Council F T A A Y Pan Amen can Columblans IEFFREY PEGGY ANNE Columbxans Student COUHC11 Pep Squad A Y F H A I-IURST MARILYN SUE IRELAND MARGARET ANN Senxor Councll F B L Band F I-I A Offxce G1rIs IAMESON CLIFTON R Future Tradesmen of Arkan sas Class IENKINS ALICE Mxxed Chorus .nil IARMAN IEAN A Y Pep Squad Iumor Red Cross F T A YTeens Pan Amerlcan Athenian 0 IOI-INSON BETTY LYON F I-I A Pep Squad Student Councll F B L A IVEY FRANK BRUCE Future Tradesmen of Arkan sas IEFFCOAT ROBERT D Future Tradesmen of Arkan sas Semor Councll Student Council IOI-INSON FREDA F I-I A Pep Squad Student COUHCII F B L A 'Q , 'r,r 532 Z K X Y I 4 . if Q t X f 1 , 'Q r ' If I A r n F It V? 5 I 4 A I .V '9 X 4 : 4. ' Itrer I Q I I Ak ,A,,, V . ig l I ,I I 1' .2 2 .' , ' i l I l - ' 7 ' I 'Q . . . A.: 5 .I . . I - F. T. .7 . .5 I ' R d ' ' f 9 I I I 5 1 3 S 5 -r I g I 4 to 'QS f X , i flu lOl-INSON VERLE LOU e Squad F H A ens F B L A A KELLEY EVA MARIE Future Tradesmert of Arkan sas KINKLEY SUE CAROL F B L A Pep Squad A Y Student Councrl .1 IOINER WANDA LOU Pep Squad YTeer1s Em Rose A Y Student COLlHC1l BRUIN Athemans C lass KESNER MARY BELLE Mixed Chorus F B I. A KISSINGER LAVONNE H Future Tradesmen of Arkan sas P IONES IOHN PAUL Key Club F Club of5 KIMES TOMMY KNOX BOBBY WAYNE Future Tradesmen ot Arkart sas .........M .. IORDEN IIMMY Latm Club Sophomore Court C11 Semor Courtcrl Key Club Ushers GY1ZZlY Start Debate Club presrdent KING CLAUD KROPP PHOEBE IOHANNA Pep Squad LACK MARTHA LEE NORA LOU A Y Pep Squad Pan Am erlcan Ofhce Grrls F H A F B L A Iumor Councrl Grxzzly Staff BRUIN LINEBACK CAROLYN Pep Squadg F. B. L. A.g Ath- enians president' Student Councilg Senior Council' Of- fice Girls LAKE JIMMY DWIGHT Future Tradesmen of Arkan sas Semor COUHC11 LILLY MELBA A Y Latin Club Mlxed Cho rus Em Rose Pep Squad F T A Student Councxl Class f ' 6: 1 - , I , .1- V : if f 2155, ' LASATER BARBARA LAU FRANKIE CAROLYN Pep Squad Pep Squad Pan American Y ens A Y F L A Office Gxrls LINAM ALICE EVELYN LINDSEY NADINIE B L 0 LITTLE DOROTHY Lain Clubp F. T. Squad' F. B. L. A. LOTHERY, NANCY IEAN Pep Pep Squadp Sophomore Coun '- . H. . LOUGI-I MYRNA SUE Teens BRUIN MANCHEGO EARLINE P Mlxed Chorus MARTIN IACKIE DON Future Trctdesmen of Arkon sas LYNCH IOE ROBERT MADDEN MITZI IEAN Latin Club F Club Student A Councll Boys State Boys Nu Pe Squad F H A hon Key Club A Y Ath eltxcs Holl of Fume Class of 52 MANESS HELEN VIRGINIA MANN MARLISS Student Councll Pep Squad Student Councll MARTIN MARIORIE Glrls Glee Club Sophomore Councxl Ofhce G1rls MATLOCK M LOUISE F B L A Student Councxl MADDOX NOEL MARTIN FRED E Sock and Buskm French Club Explorer Post 66 McBRIDE VELDA RUTH Scxence Club . 1 L ' 5 in . 1' I J ' 0 V . g . 'f J Pep sduqd, F. H. A., Y- ' Q' 1 . . F. T. AQF. B. L. A.. .Y., sock and Busking omaofs 5 J 7 - P 3 . , . Q I e I Vg ,. - A . 6? If ll A ' . p- ,ff-"" MCCURDY BETTY ANN MCCORMICK DOROTHY LEE P Squad F B L A Y A Teens A Y Mixed Chorus MCGREW BILLIE IOYCE MCGUIRE ROBERT ALLEN Future Tradesmen of Arkan SGS Class METHENY TERRELL MILAM LARRY Grrzzly Staff BRUIN Iumor Future Tradesmen of Arkan Councrl Explorer Post 66 sas French Club A Y Debate Club McDOWELL DICK MCFARLAND BILLY IOE MCLANE IAMES ROBERT MEIER IANEY Student Councxl F B L A Student Councxl MILLARD IULIA MILLER SHIRLEY Gzrls Glee Club Future Pep Squad Tradesmen of Arkansas W, -mme? MINYARD GAYLE Athemans Pep Squad F B L A Ofhce GITIS MOORE IIMMY NELSON Debate Band MUNFORD PEGGY FAYE Pep Squad A Y F I-I A T MONK DELLA MAE Future Tradesmen of Arkan sas Class MORRIS BETTY e Squad F H A F IGUS NEAL PEGGY LOU French Club GYIZZIY Staff f MOON IIMMIE LEE Future Trczdesmen of Arkon sas 0 MORRIS LUCIE GRACE Student COUDC11 Pep Squad ODUM CHARLOTTE MOORE BOB F ure Tradesmen of Arkan sas M JLHOLLAN PAIGE E Band presldent Student So k and Buskm Key Club Internauonal Trustee OTTS MARILYN I f i 5 'ii F ' i f f X f ' :A P p I 5 . . ,: . B. ' 'g 7 , I r I L. A.: Student Councilg Athen- Y-Teensy F. H. A. Ccuncily Orctorsp Ushersg F..A.l A,Y, I I I I . 5. I . V. I, fl I A I r V '11 I A ,J X , U OWEN IERRY PATTERSON IAMES D Sock cmd Buskm PHILLIPS MA RCIA Pep Squad French Club A Y Iunxor Councll Sopho more Councll F B L A I PALMER BOB EDDIE PARK STERLIN HOLMES PARKER BOBBY LAVERNE Explorer Post 66 A Y Band Debate Club F Club Alh19ilCS IUHIOY Scxence Club Councxl Sophomo e Councxl Student Council PAXTON BEN PEDDY IO ANN PEOI-'LES ROBERT E Class PHILPOTT OWEN LESTER Band 0 PITCOCK BETTY IO Pep Squad Offlce Gxrls lumbmcms Future Trddesmen of Arkcm sus Athletxcs PLUNKETT HAZEL IRENE P1 , Q .J L 4 he f uw Li, N 5? 5 'ls .M x . ve 5 6 Q bl Mixed 'Chorus t I 5 . .g gl U ' : f 9 I' 1 U : - I 1 , 1 ' ' : CO- I A 5 , A A ' 'S' POAG ANNA CAROLYN POGUE BETTY LEE Pep Squad F B L A Offxce POLA CELIA Sock and Buskm Y Teens Glrls Pep Squad Pan Amerrcan YFH Class of 5 PRISCO WANDA MILLER PRYOR WILLIAM KERNAN PUTMAN ELIZABETH B Key Club F Club Oraiors French Club Latln Club Mlxed Chorus RAINWATER BILL RAINWATER DOROTI-'EA L RAINWATEB IO ANN A nd F B L nd F B L PRICE SUE F B L A Y'I'eens At en lans Glrls Glee Club Iunror Counc1l Senxor Councxl Pep Squad Mxxed Chorus Ofilce Gxrls RAIL RUTH PAULINE Gxrls Glee Club Mrxed Cho rus Pep Squad A Y REDDICK PATSY if P 2 sr SQ, Y REDDING ANNA IEAN REED SHIRLEY IUNE REEVES GRACE Mlxed Chorus L sin.. REYNOLDS WAYNE ERWIN Mxxed Chorus RILEY LOIS IOANN ROBBINS DORIS EVELYN ROBBINS MARVIN ODELL ROBERTS BOBBIE LEE Gxrls Glee Club Mxxed Cho e Squad F B L A F Club Explorer Post 66 I-I A rus Offlce Glrls F B L A H A ROBERTS DORIS ELLEN YTeens C lass of 5 ROEBUCK DANNY ROGERS CHARLES ROOP NORMA SUE Student Councxl Key Club Pep Squad Athenicms Y Semor clcxss presxdent F Teens BRUIN Grlzzly Stuff Club Mxxed Chorus Ushers Sophomore Councxl Iumor Councxl Semor Councll Iun lor clcss vxce presxdent Ath Ietxcs Hall of Fame Q i VE.V . 1 I I if , x , I L, 1 I I g 3 5 "f , 5 lr "' I IN, 45' L 1 1 , Q: f xx E A 7 "44 fl I' I ff - ' F. Bf . A. ' ' ' - ' I- . pp ', ,,,, ,la ,' F. .A.g, .Y. Q Q. ' 0 SSDI ROSE TEDDY WARREN ROSS ANN MARTIN Future Trodesmen of Pep Squad Sock and Buskm sos A Y BRUIN F H A Iun cr Red Cross YTe-en Colum blclns RUSH SHIRLEY ANN SALLEE BOB F B L A GIVIS Glee Club Bond Class of SANDLIN MARY WALKER SAVAGE WALTER GENE L SCHWEBKE IULIA MHOON Mlxed Chorus Pon Amerxccn SCHOLZE NANCY GAIL Nzxed Chorus A Y SAXTON BILLY RAY Fu ure Trczdesmen of Arkon sus SELIG RUTH ANN Pep Squad Gxrls Glee Club SCHOEPPY TACK Bcmd Semor COUHC11 SELLERS EVERETT Athleucs 5' 16445 IQWHQW SHAVER CHARLES E SMITH DONA SUE Future Tradesmen of Arkan sas SNEDECOR FRANCES Columbxans presldent Pep Squad Pan Amencan Soph omore Councxl Iunror Coun cxl Semor Councll Sock and Buskm Iumor Red Cross A 'W SHAW MIKE Iunlor Red Cross Councxl presxdent Key Club Soph Councrl Iumor class presxdent Semor Coun C11 Student Councll BRUIN EDITOR Key Club Governor Mo Ark Dtstnct Ushers Sock and Buskm Boys State De bate Club Hall of Fame SMITH DOUG BRUIN Sophomore Counczl Iumor Councll Semor Councll Stu dent Council Sock and Bus km Ushers Head Usher lumor Red Cross Latm Club Pan Amencan Debate Club SPEER MELANIE Pep Squad Pan Amen an Columbman Sophomore Coun cl Iumor Councxl Student Counc1l Sock and Busktn SHIPLEY CARLENE YTeens Pep Squad F B A A m Rose SCIGHCE Club SMITH MARTHA CAROLYN Pep Squad Mxxed Chorus Athemans Em Rose Semor Councll Student Council Y Teens Sock and Buskm A STATON MARCELLE F B L A G1rls Glee Club Student Counc1l OIIICG Glrls A Y 5 Ll SHOEMAKER EUGENE Mxxed Chorus A Y Future Tradesmen of Arkansas SMITH ZONA Pep Squad YTeens Mlxed Chorus Ofhce Glrls F H A STORMES BILL Future Tradesmen of Arkan sas Student Council STROUD IOAN Band Pep Squad SUMMERS DIXIE LEE Pep Squad A Y THORNTON BOB Boys Glee Club STUMPEF GENE ARNOLD F Club Key Club Athletxcs STUTZ MARYELLA Student Councll Mlxed Chorus Class of 52 SYKES BOBBY IOE THORWARTI-I IO LANE Pan Amerlcan Sophomore Councxl Gul Glee Club Student Councll lumor Red Cross presxdent Pep Squad Sock and Busk1n Arkansas G1rls State BRUIN Colum b1anS TANKERSLY REBA PAYE I-I A A TILLEY SUE Pep Squad M1XSd Chorus STUTZ MARY LOU Tl-IETEORD NAOMI WILLIE TILTON WILMA SUE Pep Squad ' 1 5 Q- 6 A A 5 3 ,K I . I 4 9 '3 . . ' P. . ,, '. Y. ' TINSLEY IOHN RUSH WALKER BOB SGS WELTON IUDY ANN Pep Squad French Club Student Council Offlce Gxrls F H A TURNER CHARLES EDWARD Student Body Presxdeni Key Club Ushers Mxxed Chorus A Y Pan Amerlcan Hall of Fame WALLIS IEAN Lam Club F T A TURNER IAMES Band WARD WILMA KATHRYNE lass of 52 WERNETTE SALLY Pep Squad Sock and Buskxn Semor Councll Arkansas Gxrls State Assoc1ate Iustxce Hall of Fame Em Rose AYDGHIGHS WERSKY LORENE ANN L A Ofhce ITS A Y VANCIL GAYLE Pe SquadFHA AY WELCH KERMIT LEE WEST lUANlTA MAE Future Tradesmen of Arkan sas , Z 4 . K , 6 l x f ff' 1 5 2 h ' 7 I P I : . . .: . . Future Tradesmen of Arkan- Pep Squadg A. Y.: YfTeensg F, B, A.: A. Y. Band: llflixed Chorus ll 5 . . . 9 ':A I I: :I I F.B. .5 ' G'lg I - A A L . , in V l - fl 1 A A '-ff? Q .- A s 1 WHITE BARBARA LEE WHITE DAVE Class of WIDMER IAMES VVILOOX LE ROY Future Tradebmen of Arkan Fwure Tradesmen of Ark T1 sas sas WILLIAMS SARAH LOU WOLFE IEANIE F H A A Y Studen' Councll Pep Squad Sack and Buskrn E H A Y'I'eens WHIIE WILMA LUCILLE WI-IITSETT LOIS ONETA A Y L 917 WILKES BOB S udent Oouncr Future Tradesmen of Arkansas WRIGHT IERRY EDWARD Iumc Ccuncrl S'udent Coun cl Boys Saie Key Club F Club Ath etrcs 'WLLIAMS ANN S udem Ccuncrl Pan Amerr can Sophomore Councll lun lor Red Cross Oolumbrans Pep Squad G1YlS Glee Club Cheerleader Sock and Bus Olfrce Grrls Semor Councrl YANDELL IOI-IN REID Bcwd ' . . ' FEB. . Af Q kin: F. B. L, A. Latin Clubg ' : ' : . if A ' 1 I :A :Q A H . ' f "" ,"i',f 'wr' , YOCUM, CHARLES LEON A. Y. ZYLSTRA, CHARLOTTE L Girls' Glee Club Mixed Chorus: A. Y SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS-Sealed: Sally Wernette, secretary Ann Williams, treasurer: Miss Wilma Iimerson, sponsor. Standinq: Iohn Holt vice- presidentg Danny Roebuck, president, Tommy Cox, reporter. JUNWRS 1 Junior Class Ufficers KUYKENDALL YOUNG SHINE Presldent Vice P esrde t Secretary Junlor Councal "' X i 1stRow Carson Barber Broadway Bruce Bucher 2nd Row Colhns Eadre Goths Glbson Gordon 3rd Row Gossett Grrffm Hall Hutsell Moms 4th Row Raqon Reed E Reed Stewart Walker La 6 lst Row Adams Alford Allen Anderson Armstrong Atwell Barber Barnsley 2nd Row Basmqer Bates Beall Beattre Becraft Beecham Bell Bennet 3rd Row B1lello Brrd Bounds Brasher Brashrer Brewer Brewster Brrdqes 4th How Broadway G Brown H Brown I Brown L Brown Bruce Brurnley lllll0I'8 lst Row: Buchanan Bucher Bull Burke Callaway Campbell Carney Carson 2nd Row:Ca.rter Caster Cherry Choate Clapp Cline Coleman Colley l x 4 z IS 1 l s- , I in Le n 2 i 1 ,J 6 lst Row Coots Colhns Collyar Copeland Corbm Corley Cox Cralq 2nd Row Crow Curtls Dalton Darter E Dav1s V Davrs DeHart Dodd 3rd Row Dolan Dunkm Ead1e Efurd Ethndge Fmch Fmmqan Flanaqcm 4th Row Flerrunq C Fletcher N Fletcher Garrett Gatt1s D Gxbson I G1bSOn Gllson lllll0I'8 lst Row Glover Gomes Gordon Gosnell Gossett B Gray P Gray Greenfxeld 2nd Row Groves Gmffm Gr1ff1ths Haddock G Hall N Hall V Hall Hatton I ' 2 5. Q. 1 3 G 7 it 4' 1 if ,., 1 3, t Q K - t , lf gy Q 6 Q Q '. 16, , k' Eat 1 L lr 0 . ' i 1 . 1 1 Y - A - 1 T ' rv -A 1 i 5 A I . 6 g ' .1 ii 5 I 6 X as lb g g P eq , t ,Q 1 A ,C A . ' A 'i ' ' 0- Q. 0 ' 4 . .ia lst Row: Haynes, Hays, Hefley, Henderson, Hicks, Hidy, Higdon, Hill 2nd Row: Hillhouse, Hinton, Hixson, Holland, Huckelbury Hunter Huffman Hutsell lin l0I'8 lst Row Iaggars Iames Ieffcoat D Iohnson I Iohnson M Iohnson B Iohn son Iohnston 2nd Row Iones Keith Kelley Ketchum Kirnes King K1zz1ar Knight 3rd Row Knod Krock Kuykendall LaBorde Lane Langdon Lester Llewellyn 4th Row Louderrnan Magruder Mann Marquis Martln Mason McAl1ster McCleod is ,J-J is C... E252 lst Row McDan1el McE1haney MCGIHUIS McGraw McGu1re MCKGHZ19 Mc Kmnon McMahon 2nd Row Meadows Means C Meek T Meek Mexster Mlddle-brook G M111er L Mlller 3rd Row T Mlller Tommy M1l1er M1tCh911 Mood Moorman MOITIS Moit Murdock 4th Row Muston Nowhn OBar Oldham Ohver Onqer Orsbun Payne lllll0l'.S' lst Row Pearson Phxlhps Pxckens Pxqg Pmnell Posey Presson Quaxle 2nd Row Quarry Raqon Ra11ey Ramey Rapp E Reed D Reed Hexsz 3 vu 1 'IQ 0 537k 4 'dh Es- y 1 A ,M ,Q A 5 4 y Q Y 1' s 11 , 5 5 - K ' ' I x - Q i L Q y fig gf k .T ' f f ff M 6 aff A 2. 7 U Q . g M L . A.,. M , , , 1 2 , if W M M? I , ff 7 . 4 y 0' iw Z , y 3 5 64.5 I, 1.-5 ', !V,,4' K. - W 1 I 0 A I - 5 . Q -.f I wk 9 F A 2 , 3 0- ig gl X 9 T ' fr ,bf lst Row Vaughn Wakeheld Walden M Walker R Walker Watson Webb Weber 2nd Row Weldon Wells D Wh1te R Whne E Wh1te Wlllfes B Wllson M Wllson llIll0I'S lst Row Rrchards R1ppy F' Ross R Ross Rusert Ruth Sabrn Sebourn 2nd Row Sharp Shme Sh1pley S1mpson S1ne Srmth Smlthson Speaker 3rd Row Spradhnq Sryqley Stanheld Stankewltz Stanley I Stewari R Stewart Stover 4th Row Stutts Swain Swrnk Taylor A Thomas G Thomas Thompson Tyler A -:MX l Ist Row: S. Wilson, Wolfe, Wood, F. Woodruff, S. Woodruff 2nd Row: Ycxies, G. Young, M. Younq, Zeis 0 llIll0I'-S' the future belongs to those who prepare for it 63 x Sophomore Class Ufflcers ,A I DOOLEY TILLEY WINNER KELTNER President V ce President Secretary Treasurer Sophomore Councll lst Row' Barbour, Bmns, Duncan, Farms, Farnsworth 2nd Row. Fry, Hale, Hays, Henley, Hxller 3rd Row Lerrnng, Llttle, McNulty, Moreton, Moorman 4th Row Stuettqen, Whrte, W111mon Page 64 6 Sophomores lst Bow Alstatt Arnold G Bachelor L Bachelor Ba1ley Barbour Barker Barlmq 2nd Bow Barnes Been Bell Belt Benbrook B1nns Bland Blue 3rd Bow Bond Booker Boone Boswell Boswlnkle Bounds Bowen Bremer 4th Bow Brewer Bnckey Brldqes B Brown V Brown Bur Butler Caldwell 5th Row Clay Condren Coleman Coll1er Combs Cook Cooper Corley Sth Bow Cousms Cowan Cra1g Cravens Cuddeback Curry CUIl1S Danley i-'lr Q34 A342 .. Davls Denn1s Dlckson D1lls Drme Dooly Douglas D Duncan M Duncan Edwards Enqland Pant Farnsworth Farrls Pltzqerald TY Fuller Fullerton Garnrnlll Gardner C Garrett N Garrett G1lbert GIVGDS Goff Goldsborouqh Gothard Graham Graves Hale Harnll Harrold Hart Hatfleld Hawthorne Hays Hedrlck Henderson Henley M H1 R H111 H1ller Hoque Hon Hooprnan Horne Hunter Hurst Sophomores Sophomores lst Row Inqle Iackson Iohnson G Iones Gordon Iones Kelly Keltner Kersh 2nd Row Ketchum Krnq Krnkley Khne Knox Kruqh Kruskopp Lancaster 3rd Row Laslter Lemma L1etzke Lrttle Loy Loyd Luce Ludrnqton 4th Row Lunney Manmnq McBr1de I McBr1de MCC1G1U MCQ,Ubb1D MCCur ley MCGUIIS Sth Row McLal1en MCN-ew McNulty Meadows Meeks Melster Meltzer Mlsee 6th Row M1tCh91I Moon P Moon Moore Moorman Moreton Murray R Murray if 3' I 5 1 4 lst Row Myers Nally Neal Nelrns Nlchols Northurn Novmsky Ogden 2nd Row Cverby Parrnley Pearson Perlcrns Prtts Pogue Prescott Prrce 3rd Row Randolph Ray Reed N Reed Reynolds C Reynolds Rrce Rrchards 4th Row C Robertson S Robertson V Robertson Roblnson Rogers I Rogers Russell P Russell Sth Row R Russell W Russell Sallee Sanders Satterfxeld Schrrudt Scholze Secrest 6th Row Selxg Shaver Shelby Srngleton Sklnner Slates Srmth Speer ophomores Sophomores 1-2tRow StG1'1f11l Stewart R Stewori Stuettczen Swclfford Swcnm Thetford Thompson 2nd How Tllley Todd Trcmthom Treat Vcrllery Vorney VIIGS Vmcent 3rd Row Word Wersky West Whxte S Wh1te Wh1tecotto1'1 Whlttle Wxdmer 4th Row W1ll1cxms W111mor1 Wmner Wmtory Wortz Wmqht Yondell 0' anything to get out oi spanish mr. Cassidy inspects his prize winning door . . . IGHGANIZATIONS Athletics-IOHN HOLT Advertising-DOUG SMITH Organizations-PAT COLEMAN Senior Class--Io LAYNE THORWARTH UUd9IC1USSH19H'-MARY ANN BROCCI-IUS Uhr- , 1 iw W Wm i 5... 'J' The SDODSOI-PAULINE POYNOR F90fUI9S-NORMA ROOP Typist-GINGER FR YE ig ,..' The AIUSISWMYRNA SUE LOUGH, WANDA IOINER, ANN Ross 4,-Y gf ROOP Treasurer .ar lst Row: 2nd Row: 3rd Row 4th Row: 5th Flow Allen, Alstatt, Barber, Blue, Boen, Brocchus, Caldwell Chambers, Clay, Cowan, Dixon, England, Gosnell, Hall : l. Henley, T. Henley, Hauser, Iarman, B. Iohnscn, V. Iohnson Iolner Ketchum, Beverly Ketchum, Lau, Lough, Manning, McCormick McNulty : Morris, Murray, Nally, Pola, Price, Roberts, Ross Bth Row: Sebcurri, Secrest, Shipley, M. Smith, Z. Smith, Wallis Whitecotion 7th Row : Wilson, Wolfe, Yandell la F Club STUMPFF LYNCH ROEBUCK Pres1dent Vrce-President Secretary 2nd Row Pryor Rcnley Heed Robbms Wllson Wrlqht Em-Rose Fellowshlp COLEMAN HOLT Presrdent Vzce-President Sec t WERN ETTE GRIFFIN re ary Treasurer E J lst Flow Alford, Brewer, Bnckey, Corley, Dixon, Dodd, Fletcher, Gray 2nd Row Groves Hole, M Hlll, R H111, Hillhouse, Huckleberry, Icqqurs, Ioxner 3nd Row Lllly, Plckens, Roop, Shme, Shtpley, Smith, Thomas, White 66 QQ A f Q I : l C, ' 5 V B A A P C 1 1" A , C 5 , i t 1 it , 5' . 5 S ' C g . W x 3 I , , x E , 4 4 i i W 'Q , lst Row: Bonds, Freeman, Hart, Horn, Iones, Lester, Miller, Parker C f K ri it r , 'H 2 5 Q Tl 1 7 v , 1 ,f , Q l Q ig I f , o :u 1 6 Q 4 , Al I 6 A J Audubon Club BEALL HENDERSON BUCHER Presxdent V1cePres1dent Secretary Treasurer lst Row Caldwell England Evans Graham Hiller Keltner Miller 2nd Row Pearson Randolph Rogers Stewart Whittle Willmon ture Teachers of Amerwa LITTLE HUNTER CAMPBELL SMITH Presxdent V1ce Pres1dent Secretary Treasurer 6- 6 f Q lst Row: Abbott Adair B, Barber M. Barber Bedford Boyd Brewster Brocchus 2nd Row: Chambers Davis Dixon Dunkum Edwards Enqles Fletcher Hall 3rd Row: Horton Houser Iacobs Iames Iarman Lau Lilly Madden 4th Row: Mitchel Munford Slates Wallis A Pan Amerlcan lllub COX SPEER THORWABTH ADAIR Presrdent Vrce Presrdent Secretary Treasurer Y lst Row 2nd Bow 3rd Flow 4th Row 5th Row Sth Row 7th Row E gn I lv O Armstrong Bedford Bell Bllello Bond Boyd Brocchus Brown Calloway Corley Cuddeback Dooly Edwards Fuller Grbson Godsey Gossett Groves Hall Hawthorne Henderson Henley H111 Haque Holt Horton Hunter Iacobs Iarmar' Keltner Kmkly Kmqht Kruqh Lau Lee McGraw Mcl.allen Mlller Moon Murray Nally Novmsky Payne Pola Rxchards Schwebke Shelby Slo es Smtth Snedecor Stuettqen Ttlley Turner Walker W1ll1GmS Page 77 l , , f A V 5 , ' y gf , ., , 4 C Q - I., 69 C ' " '- A 5 W ' - x, Q My dl l, il 2 2 y . 1 B ,- '- "f B Q1 5 5 at B by ? 5 if tg . 1 li n 1 n - Q 1 6 I g . I . , Q, Q, ' 'K ' Q y 5' J Q A g I as . VV ,. , , ig .7 S Q r - ll -at tl M li B B 5 O' I , I .NX I in ll QL Y I - , A x . ' ' A hmx ,' I , s 3 s 3 y v 3, y he sn- lst Row 2nd Row 3rd Row 4th Row 5th Row 6th Row 7th Row Latin Club KROCK WILLIAMS COLEMAN HEFNER Presrdeni Vrce-President Secretary Treasurer FY 2 CQ CQ Viv wr 1 had Abbott Armstronq B Barber M Barber Bxlello Bxrdwell Blue Breedlove Brew Bndqes Broadhurst Brooks Brown Chambers Cherry Collrer Cotton Lousms Cravens Curry Davrs Dlxon Dunkum Pant Flet her Freeman Friedman Grtffm I Grxiim Groesbeck Hamxl Hartman Hays Henderson L Henderson S Hen derson House jorden Kmq Kuykendall Lxttle Lrlly Lynch Murray Northum Phllhps Putman Raqon Randolph Reed Rlce Russell Shme Shxpley Slates Smith Speer Thomas Wakefteld Wallxs Wolfe Woodruff Young Page 78 6 V Q v l ' L 9 5 ' . x l 4a ' i l I , ' G ld J N U af. B l B Y t W E S ' I '- Ii' .. I Q cv- g S Gr , V , A 'A 1 v 1 If 5 A X is " H tl 1 1 6 'yr e 0 " F X, . D 5 gg :MM I . if K t s ' Q f' L 'sf Q lr . an , S ' 3 L 4. Sf' ' L ' 'Q vs r ls Q IA Q' 'NP S exp- 1 I , a' I i K A 3, , K s -V 'lk Q A r K ,L 3 .- 3 AL 1 5 A Y Q VL rg, T 11 Q 'V ,, 6 'Z i NJ i t Q I - 9 2 ft if ' , f Athenian Club 4 PRICE Secretary SMITH V1cePresrdent LINEBACK President J MINYARD Treasurer lst Row Bounds Bruce Clay Coleman Frye Hall Hlxson Holt 2nd Row Iarman Iomer Mitchell Morris Hoop Sine Wernette Socls and Busle ln Q MULHOLLAN COLEMAN WERNETTE President Vice- Presrdent Secretary Treasurer L 1 lst Row: Birdwell, Cathey, Chambers, Cobb, Corley, Dixon, Essman, Freeman 2nd Row: Frye, Griffin, Groesbeck, Hunter, Kuykendall, Maddux, Martin, Mxddlebrook 3rd Row: Patterson, Pola, Ross, Shaw, Shine, Shipley, Smith. M- Smllh 4th Row: Snedecor, Speer, Thorwarth, Williams, Wolfe O 6 1 ' I Debate Club ey ? sg IORDEN FREEMAN Presrdent Secretary - lst 'low Loleman B Grxffm I Grxffm Hartman Khne 2nd Row MCKGHZIG Metheny Park Shaw Smlth French Club HOLT CHAMB RS PUTMAN Presrdent Secreta Treasurer 1stRow Barnsley Blssell Bonds Broadhurs! Brown Davis Haynes Hefner Horion 2nd Row Iames Krock LaBorde Magruder Martin Meek Metheny Neal Phxlhps 3rd Row Ross Secrest Thomas Weber Welton Wmtory Zeus 5 I Q I S Q Iii Q G- 3 f R K A 1' , - A g it ' , A 'b 4- Sf J ffl Q' I Q , - 5. 1 . Q gg ., 1 M - 1 W H if ' I x ' 5 G Q ' 5 3 i at ' v Q 4 . 43 Q t W asm 5 rl ' AQ 'i s 'VN Q 1 ' 4 . ,, Q Q , .1 A 1 . x Y el v 3 M. - 1 fi K' A ,f f - Future Homemakers of America Q5-.H Q I 'S is IOHNSON BREWSTER HIXON VANCII. Presrdent Vlce Presrdent Secretary Treasurer Q3 M129 lst Row 2nd Row 3rd Row 4th Row 5th Row Sth Bow 7th Row 5 Allen Allred Barker Barnsley I Bell P Bell Bmns Btssell Blansett Boone Bounds Brashler Broadhurst Brown Caldwell Carter Coleman M Coleman M Colher R Collrer Condren B Davts S Davls D Dtme M Dlme Dlxon Duncan Engle Etlerldqe Farms, Fltzqerald Gaessler, Garrett, Glover Godsey l Gordon, S Gordon Gothard Graham, Hale Hall V Hall Hatfreld, Hatton, I Henley, T Henley Hlqdon Q Q r I as .. u. , YO 5. ,i or G 4 Q, - G 'Q ' . it , K' , Q vi ,, " A 6 ' .- .. Q , . ul . my Y L '11 K K ' x A X. B x V . . l , , 2 ' t ' f 1' Q ls. -' V I l , A X Z fl ' ' 'H -P' ,if , '- Q 2 4 K J ' 5. V, -Q 1' fr wa .14 t A 1 1 1. 1 t 11 2 Y I gf 5 F 5 Y 1 C 1, L at 5 O 'I - C' Future Ilomemaleers of America lst Row 2nd Row 3rd Row 4th Row 5th Row Sth Row 7th Row 8th Row 9. 'WS Hlll lnqle lreland lelfrey F lohnson V Iohnson La Borde- Lane Lee Llttle Lothery Lough Madden Mann Manning McBr1de MfCurdy McNulty Meek Meltzer Mltchell Moon Noorman B Marns l. MOYTIS Munford Muston Polo Presson Reed Reynolds Robbms Roberts Robertson Ross Russell Selma Shaver Shxpley Sme P Smxth Z Smxth Speaker Stanley Tankersley Thompson Vallery Wakefleld Ward Welton Wersky Whlte Wolxe Wortz 1 k l as 9 -sl - A Q .,, V -6 4 Q Mk t l ,mv f is li , lk? it ' 5 1 , X , Ji A V , b A :., f Q, Q 1 X 5 ' 5 , wb . r he x ,Ps R A , , 6' 5 0- R Q C-K i 4 if , S- Q Q va. X ' . , ' Q ,. 1 ll W ' 5 ll., A l , - - if A V. K Y 'L fi 3 9' , i , lx I V 'X Future Buslness Leaders of Amerzea xl lst Row 2nd Row 3rd Row 4th Row 5th Row Sth Row 7th Row 8th Row BREWER PRICE Presrdent V1cePres1dent Secretary Treasurer W J -it Q-.-..,,,.. Abbott Adair Barker Beall Bedford Bleker Blansett Boyd Breedlove Brocchus Burke Castlllow Clay Copeland Corley 'otton Dunkum Enqles Fowler Frye Godsey Grober Gordon Hall Harwood Henley Holley Houser Hunter F Iohnson B Iohnson Kesner Kmkley Lau Lee Llnam Lmeback Llttle Madden Matlock McCormick McCurdy Mler Mlller Mmyard Morrrs Phzlllps Pcque D Ramwater I Rarnwater Reed Rlley Robbms Rush Shlpley Smrth Staton Walker Ward Wernsky Whltsett WllllGmS Page 83 Q C , " S ' if l . Q , , -Q ,X X i I ifk' B , y Vg 1 V A B B B 141 r B X ' te 0 X V B ! 1 Qt - 1 ' i l ' l A ' 1 t .Y ls -I 5 n , Q f ' e I K' Q v 4 ,-J ' A A ' +"N 4l5S , 2 'S " V '1 11 1 B B B, s 6 ll " Y ' 3 -Fi i B or ly to 4 y Q B it 'S C 1 x. ' . A . Vixg Qi 9 I U 3 U it 3 W s f 4- M V l Pep Squad D1 FRYE SNEDECOR CATHEY HUNTER en re d nt Secretary Treasurer 4 3 1--1" Inu Ji ie! L L Q 22 Q lst Row 2nd Row 3rd Row 4th Row 5th Row Sth Row 7th Row 8th Bow Abbott Adaxr Alford Allen Armstrong Arnold Barley B Barber M Barber Barker, Bedford, Bell, Benbrook, Bllello Blnns Blssell Bland, Blansett Booker, Boswell, Bounds, Shlrley Bounds Boyd, Brewer Brewster Brxckey Broadhurst Brocchus, Bruce S Burke W Burke Caldwell, Campbell Castlllow, Chambers Cherry Clay, Coleman, Colller, Collyar Condren, Cooper, Corkxns, Cormsn Cotton Cravens Crow, Curry, Dalton, Davls, Dlckson Dllls Dlxon, Dodd Duncan, Dunkum Edwards Ell1s,Enqland,Enqel Enqles Farrls Frtzqerald Fletcher, N Fletcher Fowler Gaessler Gamrn1ll,G1bson Godsey, Gomes Gossett Page 84 ' ,l tl 4 15 Hg Q' yt 9 -' sv T 1 " I ., . Q 1- Q r Av' ' , ,X C J 2 ' , f ' F 1 4 1 X 1, ' 9- , 0 sq, p ' P gl. l' ' L F -Q, 5 lf r gt V 'K ' - Q' I I V Qty A K wg, 4 k I ,E 1 3 A i A . 1 - 2 y A I Z 5 i if 5 , f vi " 1 P "- xy Q i F K Q' X Y 5 , ' ' T LQ Q Q ,,,. , f e A .L I V v r Q - 3 , xi X ll t ,JW Q, Q 0 -A 5 F 6, Q , x V .24 5 I A Q ' P f ' , I A s I 2 l In I . r, 1,Q 6 F , Q, F il , , t if I sf , i' A " ' i Q lr - 5 s ' ' ' 7 A . A A A , , 5 Pep Squad if lst Row 2nd Row 3rd Row ow ow Row Row 8th ow 59' Graham Gray Groesbeck Groves Hale Ha11 N Ha11 Ham11 Hatf1e1d KW! 1 I C Hatfxeld Haynes Hays Henderson K Henderson S Henderson I Henley T Hen ley H111 R H111 Hxxson Holley Holt Honomxchl Hauser Iacobs Iaqqers Iames Iarman Ieffrey B Iohnson F Iohnson V Iohnson Iomer K1nk1ey S Kmkley Kmqht Kropp Kuykendall Lasater Lau Lee Lemmq L111y Lmeback A L11t1e D L1tt1e Lothery Lough Madden Mann Mannmq McBr1de McCorm1ck McGraw McNulty Meek Meltzer M111er Mrnyard Mxtchell G M1'che11 Moon Moore Mary Moorman Mazxe Moorman Morrxs L Mons Munford Novmsky Orxqer Payne Page 85 i ' 3 'l 5 as , 11 1 f ' , Q Q 6 It B , Q fl 3 f 1 fr ' i . 2 1 1 fe - ny 6 .I ' 1 .97 1 1 A U1 2 , ' nfl ' 1 We 1 A ' - "nd 1 -X 1 4. , 7: ' ,X L 1 6 V 1 .1 Q 4 1 1 . u 1 fx y 1 f 1 1 11 f y f 5 9 9 5 'L a N , . A+' I '3' A xi A X Wi: I - .nf ul ffm 1 1 3 5 1 5 5 ' J? 1 1 A 'X 'fx' 9 'A .W X N 1 ' Z1 4thR Z. h I, I, . A ,I . ,I . 1 , 'I , ' I , . ' , ' 5th R 2 , , , , , ' , ' , ' , . ' Sth : , ' , , , , , ' , ' , ' , 7th 3 , , , ' , ' , ' , . X , , R : , ' , ', . ', . ' , ' . Pep Squad N is lst Row 2nd r 8th Row ow OW OW OW OW OW Pearson Perkms M Phxlhps S Plullrps Pxckens Pltcock Pogue Pola Prescott R Prrce S Pnce Ragon Raxl Rapp Reed S Reed Reynolds Rzce I R1chards S Rxchards Robbms C Robertson S Robertson Roop A R055 R Ross Sallee Sebourne Secrest Selxg Shaver C Shmley S Shrpley Sme Smgleton I Slates S Slates M Smxth Z Smxth B Speer Speaker M Speer Srygley Stuettgen Stewart Stroud Summers Tllley Trlton Thompson Fhorwarth Vallery Vancxl Wakefreld Walker Wallls Welton Wernette E Whxte H Whxte Whltecotton Wxldes Wxllrams Winner Wmtory Wolfe Wortz Yandell Young M Young Page 86 ' A P ' . 1 5 Q K Q- ,R L 8 ' A A Q. 5 5 .9 ' ' 5 Q is fa se R ' 2 , V Q E .I 2 an S S , ' ' i e S 'l f i pier ae 5 M B Y W s X Q Q 1 ' 1' all f if A ' 1 A 2 A' . A ! K A' 5 t . l Q 5' W . I 1,5 4 'W .rf . ' Q- A 5 A 5 ff M SE e Q Q ' 'GQ I 1 , K X 3dR U: .. 'I I , I. ' ',I '11, .,' I, . I , , , 4th R : I I, , ' , , . ' . . . ' , ' , ' , . 5th R : . , . ' , . ' , . , . , , , 6th R : , , ' , ' . A ' . , ', ' 7th R : , ' , , . . ' , . ' , ' , ' , ' ' R : , ' , , , . . . Junior Red Cross '14 , 1 H Q. KUYKENDALL BROCCHUS Presxdent Secretary Davms Gnffm Henderson Hunter Hall lst Row Adalr Curry 2nd Row Iarman Ross Secrest Shaw Smxth 3r d Row Snedecor Thorwarth W1l1lGmS Columlnans SNEDECOR SPEER T Preszdent V1cePres1dent Secretary Treasurer Q 1? C ns Dxckson Dunkum Gibson lst Row Abbott Armstrong Barker Brewer Brewster Cathey rave 2nd Row Haynes Henderson Hunter Ietfrey Knxqht Kuykendall Payne Phillrps Pitcock Reed 3rd Row Rice Rlchards Ross Shine Speer Walker Wilhams Young 'i 5 3, . ' f l ? it I l W W A I ' -I f' t Q K -A 1 I 3 Y A 4 A w 0 , V , . . ,Jig 4 Q 1 W ' HORWARTH Adair f ,nf 3- yr fs S ii , Vi' 27' " 1 1 A" Q t 3' S 5 8 ' S I' A , S ' x, r H ' it t 4 QA ' 'g - ' f 0 . 'J' i f VL 4. M" j i 1 ,X . X,. i Tr ' -, 1,1Q . 0 v 3 , V lr 5 - Ushers ii -' 71? f ' e' d SMITH Head Usher gets 1st Row Cox Edmonds Grxffm Graves Holt Iorden 2nd Row Lunney Mulhollan Roebuck Shaw Turner 0ffwe Glrls Q!! P 'Elf AL., w lst Row: Barker Benbrook Blunsett Brocchus Burke Cotton Frye 2nd Row: Grober Houser Hurst Lee Leminq Lineback Madden 3rd Row: Mann Minyard Pitcock Pogue Price Riley Smith 4th Row: Stcrton Welton Wersky Williams in Y lst Row 2nd Row 3rd Row uill and Scroll " ,s l ii lst Row Chambers Cox Iorden Lee 2nd Row McGuire Neal Hoop Key Club l ORDEN COX Secretary Treasurer FORD EDMONDS Preszdent V1cePres1dent Adams Carson Eadxe Farnsworvh Gams Gray Gflffln Holt Iones Krock Lester Lynch Mxller Mulhollan Pryor Ralley Roebuck Shaw Stumpff Thomas Turner Wxllmon Wrxght Llewellyn C an I Gi 5 . , a' l 4, . l Q g K C K 1 A K + l A Q. i lil 1 y K A G QA' rw , 3 C ' x ' - , 1 l ax l . I. . .-. Science Club SHIPLEY PALMER HENDERSON Presxdent V1cePres1dent Secretary Treasurer 1stRow Beall Caldwell Lanqdon Dxxon Krock 2nd Row McBr1de Randolph Whlttle Zels Grlzzly Staff COX Ednor lst Row: Iorden, Roop, Lee, Chambers Znd Row: Meiheny, McGuire, Neal lst Row 2nd Flow 3rd Row 4th Row Row Bow Row 8th Row Allled Youth 1. FREEMAN CATHEY HUNTER DIXON Presrdent V1cePres1dent Secretary Treasurer I Abbott Adarr Allen Allred Barley M Barber B Barber Barker Barlmq Barnes Bedford Bell Benbroolc Bennett Bmns Brrd Brrdwell Brssell Bland Blue Boen Booker Bounds Boyd Breedlove Brewster Brrckey Brrdqes Broadhurst H Brown I Brown L Brown Caldwell Campbell Carter Chambers Coleman Collrer Condren Copeland Corley Corlclns Cotton Cousms Cowan I Curry S Curry Curtrs D Davrs V Davrs Dlckson Dxrne Dodd Duncan Dunkum Edmonds Edwards Ellxs Enqle Enqles England Essman Etherrdqe Evans F nt Farrrs Fletcher Foster Frerdman Frye Fuller Page 91 Q 1' . ,f f , f 3 V Q I ' 'QQ x . , . L , A I sly, cf' - ' . . A if lr F , 9 k Q-.f - ' Qi 4 .4 sl D x th 1 M -,bn V331 4 K X ,lat 1 ,gl .qw M' B C' , Y Q ' ' 'L 5 , 'AQ , il' gl f 5 Vp' J A 5- 6 4 E to 3 l E Q ri . Af" .Q l ev, 6 A 1 ' , , B , ' K x F' Y I 1 f J 5 B , , , ' t , Wg J Y , 4' ,V , A' f , V, V7 3 'f -A cl 7 WA A f tu ,I X, V 1 t L .. 5 7 ,.. f 4 Sth 2 . , . , ', . ', . ', ' , ' , , 7th : , I, , ', , , , , ' 5 Allled Youth Isy F' MAJ ll lst Row 2nd Row 3rd Row 4th Row ow ow ow Bth ow Gammlll Gxbson S Gordon Greenfield I Gordon Gosnell Grqhqm Gray Gnffm Groesbeck Groves P Groves Hale Hall N Hall Hamrml Harrrson Hartman K Henderson I. Henderson T Henley I Henley Hlcks H111 HIXOU Holt Honomrchl Horne House Houser Hurst Iacobs Iames Iarman lefiry B lohnson V lohnson lohnston loxner lones Kmkley Krzzalr Kuykendall La Borde Lanqdon Lau Lee Lermnq Lrlly Lrttle Luddmqton Lynch Madden Manmnq McBr1de McCorm1ck McCurdy McCurley McGraw MCGUIYS Means Meek Metheny Mrddle-brook Mlller Moon Munford Murdock Murray Nally Neal Page 92 A ' Y , ' L if I Q, V ' , 4 N T l ' V ,xv Z Wy n G 1 M 6 WS 5' - l ' 5 . it .l 4 M ll 4 .2 I A ' E' Q 5 0 9 1 ., .. . ' J i A , t , ' x ll G Q G N i 4 ea 5 ' 1: "' 3 2 Q f ' I .i of v F, Q I F I 1 2+ 4 ., H z .nfl il V X V ,. 1 K 2 1 it W by l , ? f - I 1 Y. ,vt S ' , , L . 4 3 V .gf , 'ws It Alf, ,. H l M. .11 l ' l '- f ' . sq f' QQ, l 6,42 Q 8' ' 6 -- ' ', YS' 2' A ' A ' 'U w 5 3.- 5thR . I , I ,l , I ',I I l, , GthR : , , ' , ' , ' , ' , , , ' fth R : ' , ' ,,,, ' , , , R : ' , ' , ,,,, ', K 50. lst Plow: 2nd Row: r Row Row: ww: fh K uv: Nw: Si: Pzw: Allled Youth of -sgg 4.51 5' L.q..n n Li Qs ' 2 Q 6 Norrhum, Nowlin, Novinsky Oldham, Palmer Pearson, Pickens, Phillips, Poque Pola, Hail, Hailey, Rainwater, Randolph, Reed, Rice, Fifhzrcls, Rc' erts Reber son, A, Ross P., Ross, Russell R. Hussell, Sanders, Saxon, Sebourn Secrest Selig, Shaver, Shelby, Shipley, S, Shipley, Shoemaker, Scholze, Srycgley, Simpson Singleton, I. Slates, S., Smi h, Z. Smith, Snedeccr, Slat ankesley, ."rne., Julle j, ' n-i, alcefie , allis, ' 'at on, cr , . ersxy , Sewar., Sum.. e ' Qrsky, , f. ' VJ. ' hip, ' '1.i.ecct,cn, "lso., ' '1nn,r, .' n" ' fc e 'fcoclrufn Yan all, Yates, Yocum, Zeis, Zylstra Page 93 Future T radesmen of Arkansas STORMES LAKE Preszdent Vrce-President H 22 'ips I lst Row 2nd Row 3rd Row 4th Row 5th Row Sth Row 7th Row J Barqer Bauqh Chxtwood Cl1ne Colley Cone Coots Corkms Crowder Chrysler Davls Edqmgton Elkms Eubanks Featherston Fxsher Foster Goodwm Gfllfln Harrrson Haynes Helms Hldqon Honomlchl Howard Ivey Iameson Ieffcoat Kellev Kxssmqer Knox Martm Mason McDan1els MCGUIYG Meadows Merster Mrlan Mlllard Monk Moon Moore Peoples Pmnell Ouarle Reed Ross Rose Saxton Sharp Shoemaker Smrth Stankewxtz Stewart R Stewart Thompson Walker R Walker West Wldmer Wllcox Wrlkes Page 94 Q6 5 Q n 3 3 2 5 X l ' T' ,fr at ' I ' 5 1 ' t ,. 8 4 , ,, , t , 1 .Wi A Q1 W , ,E A V Q X X 'S' . Yi ' 5, 7 -A Q g I nl A .- . 5 I 5 ' 5 X? . ,, . t . 1 A 3 1 sf Q t ,I .Et . , X W 1 at g W W X W C f g , sf? X K t ,X .4 C C f f ttf j ,- V ' g s A x V .V Vt 4. I ., g l i 5 xx t it Z, . C r A ul 9 R Q W2 - ' sr 'fs gi A A f A 3 ' 1 , 5 - 3 - L . "4 , W 2 El kit "l' ' A 4 W W ' vi D fb 4 lr W lv' f ll' e 1 .K IQ 3 , " r 072 ff 7 Q '- Y ' tt f 'L I 2 - A f 1 " .4 l V l g . , E f Yrs tl 2. V . f . '12 R R 13' A f ' ' 4 A, , . 3 3. N-f W to , , W 1 , zz ' '- S 6 G- A 6-1 3: ef A ii f g is J' Student Connell ls cw 2nd Row I Q Row Flow' Row Row Rc N RCN in I gr Q69 Abbot' Adarr Bedford Beecham Bennet Bmns Brewer Brccchus Brown Brrdges Brumly Caldwell Coleman Condren Co ton Ccx Douglas Edwards Fletcher Frye Gaessler Gordon Greenfreld Grrffrn Groves Hafreld Holt Huckelberry Iaqqars Iacobs Ieffcoat Ieffrey Icmer Kmkty Kmqnt Kuykendall Lrly Mann Maness McLane M1'ler Mcrrrs L Mcrrls lv' ollan Nowlrn Parker Ross Russell Shaw Sme Speer Sewar Stc ms Sutz W tscn Welton Wmte Wrlr ms N11 mon Nolte Yandell Grrttrn Hrqdon I-'rqdon Page 95 Q '59 'N GRIZZLY BAND 1 -4 kv .W , .ff J Mi., f V as i . . f if V ,Q ,,f ,if igs?? y' ' A 153, ,. A! l wif, 2 I .lr if iw xiii: ,F '- 1451 f QQ' '. if 3-1 2 ?2?'W' 'Q . -. 4, f, +1 .wmv ,e ff it Nh A f ,K JH 'aff'fEE ' ' xv, rr . 33:2 V51 .. , if 71 ,Q if Q 'Wg ,f.ff'M , 74 'r VEWW V ' 'fwix 35 an t 7655511 id? SEQ? ,V 3:55 y - 2 ,Q U, My , , t S 2 Q ' X T ,ik -. 1 , VJ ,, K 14 .1J2'Ww4i. Wm , A 1 . W ,K ,V Ku ' ,gf A A 2 if QVZM' " M Y,,, if Awww . f l, :Sy f 3+ 'gs N? W f., A QQ, m 5'-an W ,,.f..- sg ,M. "ff '12- ff ,i E . -r Q- 5 '5 me 4' 1 4. ,- an-Q a-rv.. 'ww -4. H. 55+ i 1 W ik 2 ' 'fl Q LM ga' X K Q X E ti I l I7 S ,wi 1 I '1 1 High Woodwinds , Wx pri , -Q I il 1 i 5 4 A Qf xv? r,f Wy fc! i xg . X ,'1,:i- Q3 E J M . I 6. W Q 9' I ,. S 7 xx 5 .mm-Wm , mm-. ,..,. fzfggf , 5? L Q iw x 4? gif I 1 1 9 . S X' ff z ta s Q -v., 15 3? v. x M .A 3 z S x M4 5 3 X mn wg 'Ann yi 2 5 ix faafiii 33nv 5f"i w Q fw in v.-W ,Ki QQVE, Mixed Chorus 67' ?"' 4 .Y W 3, 5, fs' 4 X ' 'G - 5 fi f, L- M M Ai A ji .1 2 5. A ' ew, 72 , Q ek? 'gf W1 v' B' Y Q W 2? 1' 9 , an Q Girls Glee Club Q 3 . V30 ,K 4? ,J shi, if z "1 f' , , Iv- ,. Glrls Glen Club 'W ff! vi 5 gf if 'Q' 1 W 3, fi W ? f Rf V Q 2 if f H 5 R 1-q gin 1-nn 15 'iffy ggvdw-wwf mm 4 M 5 "" r 'I 1 ' .- qna HQ S, N 1 14 -f I .nw!" V macular Y J ,Wm f if ,fm . if 5, m'fr,fff 4 3129 1' , 'F' . J, z efliiflg TH ,f iii! 5? Q iii I 5 FE TUBE UN 0 .Q HSL TNTYPES TAKEN so x HERE . 4 M gas? 32 -45 A -QUE? X7 5 l wi i tj i Q tl , 2 ETHELYN CATHEY - Governor of Arkansas Girls' State, Mayor for a Day, Cheerleader, Homecorniriq Maid, Sock and Buskinite - this is Ethelyn. Q mt-rmnvg ' eismrmivw-M f- - mm-yu, 2 fl 1 Hall of Fame MIKE SHAW-Mike served as Bruin editor, and during his junior year was chosen Governor of the Mo- Ark District of the Key Club f' F Q11 5 .md Hall of Fame SALLY WERNETTE - Because she was DAR Good Citizen, Arkansas Girls' State Delegate, Senior Class Secretory, and cm active Sock and Buskin member, Sully was named to the Bruin Hall of Fotrne. Hall of Fame DANNY ROEBUCK - The Senior Class had a good year under the leadership of Danny, who also dis- tinguished himself as a member of the FSHS Big Six championship bas- ket ball team. I 39 'xAi li' L i NANCY HUNTER - Capably serv- ing as first semester student body vice - president, cheerleader, cmd homecoming maid makes Nancy a girl not easily forgotten by the Class Hall of Fame GINGER FRYE - A peppy head cheerleader, homecominq queen, pep squad president, and Y-Teen state secretary was Ginger Frye. G Q Z i IOE LYNCH-loe, a popular football and track star, was chosen to attend both Arkansas Boys' State and Boys' Nation, and was named on the na- tional hiqh school All-American foot- ball squad of l95l. Hall of Fame TOMMY COX-The position of Griz- zly editor hold Tornrny's attention as did his active interest in the Key Club. 3 4 4 CHARLES TURNER - Holding the gavel of the study body president for first semester and distinguished him- sell as a Fort Smith vocalist, Charles leaves as an outstanding senior. X30 ,M 4 ,A if "-'lv-s,.,,, K M I J 1' as , MOST ATHLETIC Linnuh Henderson Iohn Paul Iones BEST LOOKING Mike Shaw Ginger Frye MOST TALENTED Charles Turner Frcmces Snedecor Page 114 'langu- 2, gg ig W Hr Q - 5, ,M Y :v.gfj: ,'., ,Q 4 Braun Calendar SEPTEMBER School opens Ginger Frye elected head cheerleader assistants Sue Abbott Ethelyn Cathey Georgia Hall Esther Huckleberry Nancy Hunter Ann Williams Pat Yandell and Marilyn Young Football season opens Fort Smith 19 Van Buren O Earthbound Universe assembly by Ken Striclefadden Assembly by Erman Gray marimba art1st Student body offlcers Charles Turner president and Nancy Hunter v1ce president installed OCTOBER First issue of Grizzly Tommy Cox editor Mike Shaw named Brum editor Flrst devotional assembly Assembly Graham Young wild game photographer 14 21 TWIP season' 25 Get Acquamted Day sponsored by Colurnbians 3U Smging Marines Assembly NOVEMBER 1 High School Press Meeting at University of Arkansas 2 Homecoming with Queen Ginger Frye maids Ethelyn Cathey Sue Abbott Esther Huckleberry and Nancy Hunter Hot Springs wins 21 19 8 10 Student Council Conventlon at Shreveport Loulsrana l4 Sally Wernette named DAR Good Citizen 15 17 Allled Youth convention at Buck H111 Falls Pennsylvania 16 17 Future Teachers of Amerlca meeting at Little Rock 21 Thanksgiving assembly 22 25 Thanksgiving holidays 30 Sock and Buskin play Berkeley Square by Iohn L Balderston DECEMBER First basketball game FortSm1th 47 Siloam Sprrngs 20 Paul Leonard birdman musician presents assembly Christmas Band Concert 18 Allied Youth Christmas Party O 11 . 13 ' 5 ' - , 14 I : '. - y - . 24 ' ' . 25 , ' ' . 27 ' , ' , , ' - 3 ' ' ' 7 , ' . 5 ' ' . 9 , , ' . 26 District AEA Meeting -r No school! 4 ' I ' - 1 ' ' - . 5 , ' ' ' . ll ' . 20 Chrxstrnas assembly and beqmnmq of hohdays Y Teen Chrrstmas formal 29 GI1ZZl1GS w1n Hohday tournament at Hot Sprmgs IANUARY School resumed alter hohdays Gmqer Frye elected student body presrdent Martha Smrth vxce pres1dent Last day of D1str1ct Band Cl1n1c at Fayettev1lle Norma Roop Ethelyn Cathey and Mrss Nora Brown recelve Lron O11 awards Last day of hrst semester Key Club wh1te elephant auct1on Report cards FEBRUARY All School Sock Hop by outaoma ofhcers Charles Turner and Nancy Hunter Quxll and Scroll lnstallatron Banquet Sxnqmq Valentmes by the Muced Chorus PTA Founders Day MARCH Assembly by Scothsh Duo Typhord shots ouch' Gomq to College program by Assembly by loseph Elllott 27 28 AEA meetmq APRIL lO Good Frrday Devotronal ll 14 Sprmq Vacahon 15 Tyreu Audubon lecturer 25 Assembly by Orvrlle Roberts MAY 9 l2 Semors to New Orleans Baccalaureate Semor Banquet and Dance Senror Day No school 30 Commencement Tulsa Umverslty Page 117 2 ' . l8 ' ' , 19 ' ' ' ' ' 23 , , ' 25 . ' . 28 " ' " ' . 3U . 2 - , . l4 ' ' ' ' , . 27 ' . 4 ' . l7 ' - . l9 ' t ' 26 ' . 25 1 . 27 ' . 28 ' . 29 . Prophecy---1962 Dear Mr Farnsworth You w1ll remember that 1n 195152 there was some controversy as to whlch class was the most talented I was a sophomore at that t1me cmd a l1ttle unw1se I cons1dered my class 'best Sxnce that t1me however I have come a long way I am now 1n New York C1ty sweeplng floors at Rad1o Cxty Wander1ng through the stud1os of MBS CMulhollan Broadcastmg SystemD I came upon Dee Bmrdwell a nat1onally known newscaster Immedlatelv follow1ng Dees program Lee DIXOH starred on the Torchy Hour before her engagement at Martha Sm1th s I.1ttle Cas1no Senator Tom Cox was there to speak for h1s candldate Harry S Other features were Pat Coleman as B O Soaps Own Aunt Peony Lynn Barnsley and Melan1e Speer ln PICIIIO Playboreds Ann W1ll1ams Best Dressed Woman of 1962 was 1nterv1ewed on Ieanne Wolfe s Women Know Best B111 Lane was guest speaker on The Evrls of Marnage In the televxslon stud1o I found Sh1rley Ada1r Dune Summers and Mary Ann Brocchus plannrng the1r fash1on program w1th models Carolyn Clay Carole Cotton and Marc1a Ph1ll1ps When a f1re broke out 1n one corner of the bu1ld1ng I1mmy Iorden and h1S f1re department quxckly ext1ngu1shed the blaze Covenng the 1nc1dent for the1r respectlve papers the St LOUIS Post D1spatch and the New York T1mes were Norma Boop and Mar1lyn Chambers Cause of the fxre was not determ1ned but rumor has 1t that xt was somethmg about Pa1ge Ethelyn and Berkeley At the censor s desk was Bob Gr1ff1n attend1ng consc1ent1ously to h1s task In another stud1o was d1Sk Jockey Bob Parker sp1nn1ng records of old classmates B1chard Essman Danny Roebuck and Sonny Herr1ck Wh1le round1ng a corner I ran 1nto Betty Iohnson of the Homernakers Homely Hour and she offered to take me to lunch We went to Bond s Chop House where we rubbed elbows w1th such celebr1t1es as Dorls Robbms and Betty Io P1tcock Hollywood actresses and Ruth Ann Sel1g Hollywood column ISI Metheny s Smoke Smoke Smoke That C1garette c1garettes were placed on each table and we ordered steaks from the famous cattle ranch of Dav1d Fry Ioyce Copeland served the meal Bob Ford Governor of Arkansas was attendlng a governors convent1on ln the CIIY Henry Helbllng was there represent1ng h1s new a1rplane company Helb- l1ng s Bulld It Yourself Model Planes Doug Sm1th FBI agent was 1nterv1ew1ng some blond IH a mmk Ierry Ann Houser buyer for one of Fort Sm1th s most exclus1ve shops was 1n New York on a busmess tr1p Profess1ona1 basketball player Iohn Paul Iones Wlfh h1s trarner B111 Horn took a qulet slde table and a b1g healthy steak Peter Hefner and Noel Maddox ed1tors of C oll1ers were sol1c1t1ng sub scnptxons to the same Returmng to my Job at the stud1os 1 grasped my broom and not1ced a label readmg lean Iarman Brooms of Ouallty The Class of 1952 is a good class Confessed by a. 1952 Sophomore Page 118 , . , , . , ., 1 II 1 1 Il , , I , . I ' - ' I . Square" 1 1 1 1 1 I , , . I I I - I Ill 1 Il 1 , , , I I I I I I ' I I 1 , 1 ' I 1 I , . Wall We the Semor Class of l952 belng of farrly sound mlnd and body do hereby bequeath our treasures to those deserv1ng or needy Bllly Colllns and Wayne Cox are the proud holders of a lease for two of Byrds superror booths from hmmy lorden and Floyd Barger Quretly and effxclently Marllyn Hurst leaves such mannerlsms to Ieanne Shme and Nancy Weber Irene Breker awards the sweetest smrle lh1S stde of Moffett to Darlynne McNulty Mary lule left Ann Ann leaves Randall Thelr parnt brushes and Just a b1t of therr great art1st1c talents Wanda Iomer Myrna Sue Lough and llmmy Harrrson leave to Dana G1bSOH and Phllllp Wofford And Chrrstme Brewer prtches those h1gh notes to Darrellyn Hon The recrprent of Tommy Coxs ed1tor1al fury 1S Don MCGUIIG Cel1a Pola ass1gns brother Iohn the care of the French poodle Charlotte Zylstra leaves her last place on every rorlbook to Laura Frances Snedecor and Loretta Groesbeck endow Patsy Ba1ley and Shxrley fuller wrth all therr grace and talent PeqQY Neal gtves her proofreadlng pencrl to Io Ann Brown loe Lynch Bob Grrffln and Gene btumpff relegate their cheerleader tltle to those w1th the dexterrty Ethelyn Cathey bequeaths her pol1t1cal pettrcoats to Ann Kuykendall Carale Manmng IS the log1cal he-1r of Ben Paxton s wrt Nora Lou Lee releases Terryl to no one Charles Turner rmparts h1s masculrne charm to Wayne Parmley Kermtt Welch leaves h1s hunttng tales to anyone who may be able to 1mprov1se better ones Lourse Matlock Trudy Henley Ruthle Holt Iudy Welton Reba Faye Tank ersley and Lols Whrtsett were so wrapped up rn weddlng plans they forgot to make a w1ll Btlly Pryor would endow h1s typlng sk1ll to someone but he Just dldnt get any Gmger Frye places her bounce to the ounce rn the hands of Sally Shrp 9Y Hay mg used all the Hadrcol left hmm by last years Brum edrtors Mlke Shaw leaves nothmg Betty Pogue leaves the name to Betty Pogue Gary Freeman leaves a few mches he doesnt need to Ierry RGISZ who could use them well leaves her brg feet to but she re fuses to have her name prlnted lohn Holt w1lls rhe terror of a parental eye IH school to Iusun Farnsworth What Io Layne Thorwarth has to leave nobody would want Page H9 O 1 1 1 . . 1 1 1 1 .. 1 .. . 1 1 -- . 1 .. N . 1 1 . . . . 1 . 1 . 1 1 1 1 ' . . 1 . . . 1 1 . 11, . 1 . 1 , . . . 1 . l l 'aw Zigi 3 . . . who let them breathe? .... everybody tries to get into the act .... 4' Nl r Q' morris conquers henley . . . key club Sweethearts . read for yourself . . . Page 120 . . . an unusual sight . . . holley, lough . . . . 'win ,txt i YWK5 XT the mqht before the mormng after louqh, brewer, morris, joiner hol 9Y is it really coke?? .... johnson . . four of a kind . . . thorwarth, soeer, hunter, williams . . . chambers and the leq wJ ATH Coaching Staff ' ,, ,I 1 ,..,..1-f I 1 Frank Iones Head football coach and athlet1c d1rector Gene Harwood Track tenn1s golf cmd football coach Clarence Ace Parker Basketball and baseball coach Iohn Thomson Track coach lack Bell Football coach Ever smce the beqmnmg of Fort Sm1th I-hgh athlehcs has been a source of pleasure and honor to students and faculty of th1s school A w1nn1ng team IS not always necessary because w1n or lose the student body of FSI-IS w1ll always be behrnd our sports program School sp1r1t and sportsmansh1p d1splayed th1s year have been outstandxng Let us hope that th1s year has only begun development 1n that f1eld Athletxc endeavors of 1951 52 w1ll by no means be forgotten Although we drdnt brmg home many troph1es there were new records set that w1ll long remaln promment among the achrevements of th1s year Our well rounded athletxc program headed by an excellent coach1ng staff w1ll make the years to come lnterestmq to follow So come on Gr1zzl1es lets keep h1qh the standards you have so glor1 ously set Page 124 I I I u u . , . . I . . . - . 1 . . . I I I . . 1 . . 1 I ' Fort Srnrth Fort Srnlth Fort Srnlth Fort Srnrth Fort Smrth Fort Smrth Fort Srnlth Fort Smrth Fort Srnrth Fort Smrth Fort Srnlth CHRISTMAS Fort Srnlth 35 Fort Srnlth 30 Fort Srmth 43 Fort ort Fort Fort Fort ort For Fort For Fort Srnrth Srnlth Srnrth Smtth Srrnth Srnlth Srnrth Srnlth Srn1tl'1 Srnrth In The Record FOOTBALL Von Buren E1 Doroolo Prne Bluff Borrtlesvrlle L1tt1e Rock Sprlngdole North Lrttle Rock Sprrngfreld Muskogee Tulsa Srloom Sprrngs S E H1ghCOk1o Lrttle Rock No Lrttle Rock Von Buren E1 Doroxdo E1 Dorodo Foyettevrlle Plne Bluff Prne Bluff Conway TOURNAMENT Prne Bluff lessevrlle Von Buren C1tyD BASKETBALL Fort Srnrth Fort Srnrth Fort Srnrth Fort Smtth Fort Srnxth Fort Srnrth Fort Srnlth Fort Srnlth Fort Srnrth Fort Srnrth CHAMPS l-1ttle Rock Von Buren No Llttle Rock Leechvrlle lonesboro Foyettevllle Hot Sprrngs Muskogee Muskogee Conway BIGSIX TOURNAMENT Fort Srnrth 36 Pme Bluff 26 Page 125 ' .,.ee,ee.e.. 19 ------. eeeeeeeee -- O F ' ,,.,..L - eee, 27 ----- --- eeeee ---- 21 ' LALLLLLLLLL. 6 ' -- - -------------- 27 ' ...L - ,,,,,e. 19 ' - eeeeve ---- 27 ' LLLL -------- 12 ' eeeeeeeeee ------- 45 F ' .....,,,,,,, 38 ' - ,e.,,L,LLLL,LL- 12 t ' eeLee,e.e,.. 13 ' eee,,Y.e.. 33 ' eeeeee...... 21 ' ' eeee,,ee..,...e, 16 t ' Leeeeevee , --- O .,.......L., LLLL - 40 ' .eee.,eevee. 14 ...................e, 32 Fort Smith ......eeee,e 19 Hot Springs ee,e.e,Y,eee.e,, 21 ' .-47 ' ' --,-----20 ' --33 ' --- ' --45 . . ' . ' 36 ' --29 --- ' --31 ' Leeeee - eoevo 29 ' --42 . ' ' --43 . ' ...vw, -- 35 ' --35 ' --- ' --49 --------. L.,, 22 ' --41 ,--- ' --49 . ..Lo,LeLLL,LL 37 ' --43 ' -- ' --34 ,.,,LLLLLLL, 21 ' --44 ' -- ' --28 ' ---------- 38 ' --39 --- ' --42 ' --------- ----30 ' --39 ' --- ' --45 ' ------------- 25 ' --52 ----- ' --47 -------------- 30 ' -- ' ------------- 25 ' -- ' ---- ' -- ' ---------.--- 24 Grizzly Footbllll Squad lst Row 2nd Row 41h Row 5th Row Freeman Bonds Todd Harr Wrxqhl Slurnpff Parker Pryor Nye Gd! H Swaln I Swaxn Meek Lea ure Blankenslnp Mxller Rarley Reed Overstreet Mcrrzs Hawk Russell Oqden Brown Cnappell chmldl Pau Shelby Daley Smnh Harwood Bell Henson Barbour lones STUDENT MANAGERS Blll Horne Marvln Robklns Page 126 K 3rd Row: Cousins, Lancaster, Parrnley, Haque, Dctson, Dennis, Kelly, Fullerton, Lunney, Goodlce ff ' , N u Q ,ev ,I 'Sex I Q: 49 xi as 24, I ni.. . ,' fn. . A qt. 8 'XX ' s ' ,F I I 8 V x ' 4 5 KL V Inf. na Hb 1 3 - -fir? f. ' , 5 W Ari z' Y 41,1 4 'ff 15 www, .M S 5, 3, : Yin 'Rx Q., '57 My 5 fy k. fig v AQ, rf 5. C 5' 17 A qw.-an 5 'aw Q 1 -1 L4-1 A Nav W ni.. Y .11-1 X., Q 2 Wayne Psrmley Guard mrf e-exs Fulbcck Sophomore .im r 4 - iw 4 S f I , 4' 1f ffffffff+ffff' an A V A A X ,', ,W ME M U4 SIWMFZK ., 'Www 45 rf' ' 'K I+ f fgwvgqcfff, , I s 3 x 1 , 4.11, , -' ' 1312 if 225' s i 4 QWTKL, AM: ,y J?- ff 'f""'c wgp- .. 'Q' Z r .F 1 T' Rf f 1' e ,W 'Si' Qf 1, if w,u D w W ar Qi.. Wi' 2 V', V4 ,V- ' j c a t' f' f A f ., fn ,zgpvff 'J 'A 'll 1 vm.. lst Row Senqel G Iones I Iones Lester Barbour MCGUITG 2nd Row Halley W1lson Gattls Schomber Roebuck Mlller Coach Parker Thts IS a basketball team not easrly forgotten by the students of Fort Sm1th Hlqh nor by the people ot Fort Sm1th a team remembered not only as a hard workmq team but a clean playmg team The Gnzzhes 1952 record of seasonal play excelled that of all DTGVIOUS Fort Smrth teams wrth 20 w1ns and only 5 losses Droppmq only one game durmq Bug Srx season play they emerged champ1ons of the Blq SIX Conference These boys are a team that upheld rts State Champlonshrp t1tle as only champlons could do Then record IS one to recall wrth pr1de Yes the 1952 Gnzzlly basketball team truly earned a place xn the sports annals of Fort Smtth Hugh School ig Six Champions - 1 v t - I A V - 1 I f I I f , ' . . . r . , . r '35 ,4 :H A eg Kg ' f' if x K. xy. v X li is .Q 5 9 fy 'lui tf', ,y 1 Q' -pa if 1 ri ,, si 4 '1 vfm mf-F ,Q ,v,..,.v- qw- Wm.. V.. VM 4 '? 'EW iw- -if f ix? 3 ,V 'Y gg ,ff 4 4' 3' 'gl H 11, W gg, M515 -jx y K- .Q .5,..,Q.43a:..,.,'1f-W , A f , -' 3 f A 53,2 V ' ' : iq ' rw ,511-1'51i1 xx ' y ' f ,em-J. " fQ.'i5fLy f ' 'vf':'7'., .1 'hggw : . , f, fm. . ', ,M . . ,, -4, '55- ' .A - ' af ww, , H ',:.,..,'- ' . ,,.f f, ,Hgw F' fy. T, L' N mi' , r mm M' -' ., . NN , W , V ,, ,g,1,.. ., , , ' K , MQW, , 1, I-an , fy, ,yi ? . 1 ,V 4 , ,gm ,M , ,, .L A g,gQ4I ,. I , I. V Q ,V Am ww . ,Q , I 3, , yi wg, hmf - G I .,g:,.' Vx 1 1 M '- , , A ,WW , ,awww mwah' Www-M +1m..f, 9 3 .ink if lvl . . . second place float, senior class . . first place float, Y-Teens . . IU Smut, . "mfr 'S .f if ff" X Ill Ilomeconung--I 51 .1 . 5 1 vv , X 22 , gb A Q ea Q is A X, .4 ff I Y ,uf 'P I V V 4 s . ,EM '-jf 5, 3 2 , M 1 '33 1. fl 'WS Ak aw! H 459:32 Mag. , M1 Y' 3 J, 1 l!1,, , , M ,Q,lQ,ff- , W Q I if vi W 91 -.fy is 1 , l U Q u 7' .ji wa ' - f . . f.'.sa- ., J ,, ,r f, 1' ,naw Q 1 A 2.55.7 I . K WGWWW Iames Llewellyn, Ioe Lynch over the hurdles Tennis Wayne Claude Seated: Ogden Parrnley, Billy Pryor Kinq, Donald Hawk Dave Phillips, Iames 5 Ierry Wright cmd the shot Gary Freeman cmd shot put Ts -'IS' ,Y ,fm My , ,QQ M my if.: , , 5 2 I ef v f, ' " ff' , w 1 , xlif.-' M X . ,.,, ,,, ' 5,-gy , ,. ' I V ,, M V ,. , M ,, V , I V 4 3 f ' Q , if ,ff Sock and Baskin . . . . thorwcxrth, hunter, snedeccr . . . . wemette ccxthey mulhollcm , . . . rcmdolph, Corley, essmcm . . . . Berkeley Square sroer budwell mulhollcm Wolfe swear blrdwell Nofe ess on wemette moddox Coleman mulhollon fthe-y show wlllloms sfmlh huntor Corley shxpley ,7 S E e -41 ' ew l on s edecor mcxrtm ho hors kuyken J l qr Us lc srmh rlcho S A PARTING TRIBUTE TO OUR SCHOOL Words and MUSIC by loan Brtdqes Now ts the trme that we must part From our classmates all so dear Out tn the world we shall make our mark Though never torqettznq our school days here Alone but together through all lands ot weather Each one IS a lmk rn he Cham And now rts Good bye Fort Smrth Senlor Hrqh Our loyalty remams Nor can we serve you ever We must qo on through ltte 9 hard school Leamrnq thm one rule thats so true All lcnowledae does not come from books or teachers Wherever we ao thzs we ll tmd And now It s Good bye, dear old Senlor l-lrgh Our loyalty remams , . . . 4 , L . Vxfe cannot give you all our lives, A , t ' '- .. ' : gm . Q' mm' -Q-. 'Visa gps' -0 ' ,. 'Q Q 'Q 1 ? . 2 i ? N mf fl MWKM, A, ' 1'L Y Q 1 f I 1 . X In 'I r ' --n ..,, . NJ"3 X 'Wifi-Q v 'Z My .. o- ."" ' MVS M14,,.,w, W tu -5' X ,I . w 1 4 p Q' 3' 0' KX 'R ADVERTISING 'Q 1 "f 2 1 if I 1' If fs-is ' ' 5' A ., . f u' L, 5 . , rw, ,W .,,. , A, .t.,,,,... XA ti 'Hz , 1 0 E Q ' . -gy, ,. - ei Y , A A ' ' F a - 55. I M2 Q ' s ' 5 ,. 1 4: 5 M Whufbikf' W Ff' 5 'W .iilzglflbf fi X ' Y , , 4 J iff' X53 . ,. fs , , J ' A K , hh E - W? gr ,,f.,,,,3w,M, ,K ,W H ,z ff , , W? vr-V543 2 Q J 9 24 M P i 3? 311 5 i 1 S. 81 Q. CLCTHIERS Porta Bros. Drive-In 16th ond Rogers REAL ITALIAN SPAGHETTI DELICIOUS TGASTED SANDWICHES RAJAH SALAD gm' 'fi Fl NHME YUU EFIN TRUST " .QS .JEWELERSf 722 Gorrison Ave. 620 Dickson St. Telephone 6065 Telephone 2871 FORT SMITH FAYETTEVILLE -ARKANSAS- l Fox 6: Turner V vf N.. I Just one of the reasons why our Fort Snmth Sensor Hugh School Band IS one ot the top bands ln Arkansas ws DYKE BBIIS Estabhshed 1870 Manufacturers Wholesalers Bulldung Maternals Glass for Every Purpose Plate Glass Window Glass Structural Glass Mirrors Store Fronts Paints Roofing lnsulatlon Bunlder s Hardware CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS AND GOOD LUCK TWIN CITY LINES R A Young Jr Sec: Gen Mgr InerGc1nn Supt CONGRATULATIONS SENIORSI Roberts' Jewelry R. A. Young, Sr., Pres. MORROW 81 SON 8I7 Gorrnson Avenue Fort Smith Arkonsos SCHOOL BOOKS AND SUPPLIES CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS We Wash You Every Success In Life Whl VENETIAN BLINDS ALUMINUM SCREEN ATTIC FANS ALFOL INSULATION FLOOR FURNACES WEATHER STRIPPING ALUMINUM WINDOWS I434 North Greenwood Phone 5004 DocIcI's Venetian Blind Service CONGRATULATIONS PATRICK S SHOES STORE viii? I l 1 ' V ai' If, 1 , S V , H, 51119521 fgij, 2sji1f3!'5 ' ' likxvg- Q 5.'1'gIg' If 4 J Q1 5 V - 1. ' , 9 ' ." S S ' I I RY- . A fl, S fu 'W22' fi S fm' "vw.' -- I , 1 .I C' ,' ...ts ,, I . '59 h 4 ., ,, t MQ .Q ." "Q, -Q. , 2 if 2 '12 Q "gf 'kgkgqf igifit ' 'gf - '-S" Qt., . -N i2fI.?..lf.A.5 f Aw 15,12 . ,I ily' El -sw. , P F8212 kVlJn:iX1,5: 1 J ' - '- "A ' S 7 . -' . ,, -f" . 5' f - Q- Q I 1 I S 2" I "'ff..'e.hLr'I!fiffi f' ARKA SAS MOTOR FREIGHT DODGE PLYMOUTH Dodge "Job Rated" Trucks Ross Motor Company 500 Q02 Towson Ax enue CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS B Y R D S AC1 oss From the H1gh School CONGRATULATION Sc l0c 25c INC 724 Garrlson Phone 7688 B B GIBSON DIH14137 4138 Fort Smuth Economy Drug Co SQFVICG Wlth Courtesy Grand and Greenwood Fort Smlth Ark Excluslxe Dealer fox HOUSE of BAUER Confectlons S . . I - McCRORY'S V N OI OKLAHOMA GAS AND ELECTRIC COMPANY 93' 03 Bulldmg with Folth TK cmd gomg Forward FINANCING HOMES IS OUR BUSINESS First Federal Savings 6: Loan Association OF FORT SMITH Zig W CONGRATULATIONS SENIORSI John Kerwln Company 707 Garrlson LUGGAGE LEATHER GOODS SPORTING GOODS Pratt 81 Lambert PAINTS AND VARNISHES NANCY WARREN WALLPAPER Grober Crane Company 1110 Garnson Phone 2 6463 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! W 0 0 L W 0 R T H ' S For Your Lunch and Snacks Come to Paint - Wallpaper - Specialists CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS' Fort Smnth Funeral Durectors Putman Funeral Home 815 North B Street Phone 5107 Edwards Funeral Home North 12 ond B Streets Phone 6126 Fentress Mortuary Service 1805 North A Street Phone 6178 I . C O CONGRATULATIONS Merchants National Bank INTERESTED CALVERT MCBRIDE is indeed interested in the publicotion of yeorbooks becouse Fort Smith s most solid give the people of Fort Smith the some service thot CAL VERT MCBRIDE ho given them in the post For Good Printing See Calvert McBride Printing Co North 8th ond A Streets Phone 6Ol4 1 . printing ogency wonts to see the publishers groduote to From the Store Thot Hos Been Serving You Through All Your Yeors ond Hopes To Keep Serving You Congratulations' KBESS 56 YEARS OF CGNTINUOUS SERVICE ENGLAND MOTOIl C0 ,AJMAOH QZBML, School Supplies - 5c, lOc, ond 25c Store - Office Supplies Aj Q wskign nh L L C 3 RP". ' -4-.1 lNf:'.'5""' I P2 5 . I, K' ,122 'nl um ? -,,. L - 5 Z Ti .. A ual ' . SMITH CIIEVRIILET CUMPANY CHEVROLET. . .CADILLAC Soles ond Service MILLEITS JEWELRY CONGRATULATIONS! PACKARD LUMBER COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS! M c C A N N ' S D' t' t' G'ft f A11 O ' CHINA AND CRYSTAL Congrotulotlons h t SENIORS f 1952 FREEMAN S FLOWERS BEST WISHES ELMORES RECORD SHOP H yF1d F B or Clear Thmkmg and etter pomkloc Slxes and Elghts l-leolth Drlhk ALSO G M C TRUCKS ACEE Properly Pasteurlzed Mllk 200 S th 7th St MILK IN PURE PAK CONTAINERS Chrysler Plymouth Dontsgwareod Say H o I sum HENRY HAYS INC Shipley Baking Company SALES SERVICE S les and S " - - Williams Motor Company t ' 1 I 0 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS THE GOLDMAN HOTEL Fart Smith s Largest Hotel England England CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS' JC C 52,640 P 175 Bill John GOOD LUCK, SENIORS Congrotulotions, Seniors YOUR FRIENDLY l" Hesta nd Motor Company STUDEBAKER TRUCKS CARS CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES To the Groduotes of l952 A complete l1ne of Graduauon G1fts F1ne Jewelry D1amonds Lad1eS and Gentlemen s Watches made by Leadmg Watchmakers Hamxlton Gruen Elg1n and Benrus Your Credit ls Good At Funk s No Interest No Carrymg Charges John Funk Jewelr Compan Leadmg Jewelers m Fort Smuh for Over Seventy Four Years Pq 167 l v 1 1 , . . .. , , , . . . I C , . . - . GB COMPLIMENTS Apple Machinery Ind. Supply Company W. D JEFFERY CONS C0 INC O O I 9 O Phone 2-2928 4201 Towson -Q'1m '6' DeSoto M Q B Plymouth We count our friends ond g' J 1 customers In the thousands J 1 Q 55 lib '11-V 'N For This Reoson KZ My fJ Q9 xy Q Theres double msurance 1n buymg E Q qua11ty furn1ture from a ,. J V store you can depend on Q Q ey? 4 ef M' CQ? " X f elaoble C f-mmf Since 1901 I Y. 5 9 SO when you thmk of furmture, th1nk of Eads Bros, the home of wlder assortments featurlng the best ln styhng, workmanshlp and materlals Attractxve prlces, too' Ends Bros. Furniture Company 410 416 Gorrlson Avenue s 'MX he ' 1 h e V 'yn g . I ,., " ' H ' 'e1e'e W ff I a 0 . P lr ,, ' DA 'Ll' v 46 11' 'ja 1 .-. '- 1 1' ff . Xl Q 1. F 02: 1 I , . , , 7 1 T155 'f . 'Xf' 1 , -4-SL 2' 9 ' 0 5 Lk h Q 1 'ff e 1' , Q , - f Q: 9 T0 xg? " 5 ff A L ,,1 1 N HR , Q5 1 I 4 N ', pf . ,,. ' X' f 41- ,fd .F I 'gli 4 X 6009 if , Q3 181 w wk W CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS CHAS. HUMMEL SHEET METAL SHOP Best Wishes Sensors Good Luck Sensors KFSA Broadcashng Stahon Midwest Hardware and supply AMERICAN BROADCASTING SYSTEM SOUTHWESTERN HOUSE 92 R g s Pho e 3126 PHONE 4616 P 171 1 1 AM-FM 924 Garriso 0 0 er n qs Best of Luck Congratulations Palace Drug Store Tuffle DW95 603 Garrlgon 1101 GaI'!'1SOI'l Congratulations Sensors' M ,i in P R I N C E S Newsstand Prescmptlons F111ed PRINCE DRUG STORE 1112 Towson Avenue . . I . ,Q ., 3-5' 'V l W' , ' ll I V 111.- ..- K1 R ,, ,X . me 'WA ' VX I 4- M 'Y V M . N , 'U .Rai A , ,ww in 1 " f .Q .' 1 - . , -- .. BEST ar LUCK SENIQRS' J C PENNEY C0 Steel Work Our Spec alty Depe dab l ty ls Our Reputatuon FORT SMITH STRUCTURAL STEEL CO. 600 622 Wheeler Avenue O Q Q Manufacturers of Fart Smith Trailers' i - rm i i ' WISE RADIO SERVICE 912 Towson Fort Smnth Arkansas We Servlce All Makes of Home or Car Radios Phone 3632 --QIIHQT Conq ratulatuons SENIORS Class of 52 from your FRIENDLY CBS STATION IN FORT SMITH Brlnglng You the Best In Radio James P Walker I23O Station Manager KFPW on the Dual 232l North Albert Pike Road CONGRATULATIONS! SENIORS OLDEST NATIONAL BANK IN THE STATE Fort Smith, Arkansas ' ' 5 A I' .I - X v , .. M' ""' " A . . . r 1 . . . . . . . . , From: Fort Smith's Most Complete Depo rtment Store Completely Modern And Aur Condltnoned Ph 2 2021 909 lylqihrrison SINCEREST BEST WISHES TODAY AND ALWAYS' THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HUNT'S' Bargain Basement Men s Store Appliance Store On Garruson and Rogers ll I - Department Store - Photo Shop - fqffm v iq We Pay 445 will' 'Q ,,.4r Ai J "? 5 Q3 QQL 1 'J gui? k nu- 'J 'g?x3i535i ':v'?" ' A- 51 1 , fi 'fi 5 , U 1 .-:f f:f5:fff24 : s , A . , .A 'A ' rf . W ! X-. .-J f. if -ws- F, 3 gpf if

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