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' 1 sn .. , ,wiwerff,'V X f' 1 3 E 9 Kb . Q Q ' . xifj' BX A ff S ' , , .-5, . .. I -v x' ' 1 M' f ff , X 1, ,fn Q ' , X Q ., ,Ht Q ,Q 'Q R i , W , N My A ' A7 3 i' 1 ! N f lil f M ' 1 Q .H ,3 3' , I '- 1 Q r T-L K I A 1 uw. ' if i liliwm ie . Y! fi xfxl 1' 1 f", f i PRESENTING 'V THE ANCHOR W OF 1966 5-:Gly ' Q A fm? J x ffm' T Q . O 0 O 1 'T PX K Ax 'PV 3 4'-f5"g,x-SNQ xo AGI! , Oo Bi . kQ5Q --- FORT SCOTT BIBLE SCHOOL . FORT SCOTYQ KANSAS THE ANNUAL STAFF L TO R Miss Knita Lee, Advisory David Reynolds, Layout Editor, Eunice Simmons, Art Editor, Gloria Mason Editor, Nathan Wright, Business Managerg Patricia Witt, Typist. . As the years swiftly pass, you may look back to this school term ,as a time when suddenly you were aware of a gleam of knowledge breaking through the darkness of ignorance. To preserve a record of 5- 1 these moments and the countless other ex- periences that have taken place during this year, this annual strives to capture the leadership, activities and character of Fort Scott Bible School. 17 YE Ill if , ,gi d 3,1 Q JR' is , X , ,. ,a .E ,IZ .gk .Q WH . 5, 5 B. 5 in 1, A - fX1 2 sg 32 5 ., A is ii ggi X? Rig' sf WE. zxiiima 'fy-5:,,E,ig113,1 ik X Y f'iXx2 ., Q f eptrixte a,fxm.,xy, fs. t . Km ,tiarg-1011 Lw Vi'...,x' f3X"1? i XX!. , 11 .. X. R Riff'-Q'm'1xe'sH114f, mi Lmxxkgi yum Mi 3-Xilxmxig Nm F ' 'Au or tue", ui, :M 1 'M WW if igfm Q:,f,1:, m.Wgx1 ww- 1:x'U5' HX U1 Kit, 5 XXX S311 '13 Q, x:,Li'C 1 1 4. Y U11 6 QC 2 . Rx or the hge . Dow etif, 111 9. clap mf mfoegte ., ent . 41- . 'Une oi XQPNST '51, tb? ug wbx 11,0 dun e iilanag, efleaeed pete V kind-mx t 10 px. X315 Ls., 'Liss ig? 'KX 'NRA ri tra' tw e ' o Wxtb adxil ofdfu . "' -1153 'Lei' 'a it 'ii Lad TDK ahynxuxs X 'L oi 461 Xu ' .'V6-QQ, J 0 - rfya, 11 Q was e .who Wxtb the Qi vg, 1 A Humor , to '23-f 'Mini 15,111 ,,.,Q eqlv. I kflliik' Env, V ' -XYXB ., 11114 xuikii 9 XX G1 :Sci O R SCHOOL PRESIDENT A D WIFE MR. AND MRS. OMER F. WITT We are glad to have Mr. Omer Witt as our president. He and his wife are dedicated to seeing God's cause go forward. Their vital interest in yolmg people and sincere desire to help them make Mr. and Mrs. Witt dear to our hearts. OUR PRINCIPAL A D FAMILY MR. AND MRS. PAGE, QARMA, BRENDA, AND COURTNEY -a A spirit of willing helpfulness has the opinion of most of the students. We been the beacon light in Mr. Page's are honored to have this inspiring, ded- eleven years as our principal. As a icated family as a part of Fort Scott friend or principal he can't be beat in Bible School. . Q. 5 J 4 7. Wi- . 1. .5 Y 1... .. . . Tvvi. I I I PUBLIC RELA TIO S DIRECTOR FW- 1 DAVID H. MAUCK BOARD OF EDUCA TIO E. C. Witt, L. B. Query, Wayne McCol1ough, Omer Witt, john I. Page, Harrison Green, David Mauck, Victor L. Mason, NOT SHOWN: John Page, Elmer Judy, Sr. ,uf 6 3 I 1 1: if -5 ,Y V A V A f' 'L a xi L? a .I n I s X' L'2. o ' X?-u..x A x , A ,Uk 1:,gQkXg ww Qx ,L mM ,N Q W ,ll , . W if 1f.Q?f-Qflffiil ' 'W ilk 'wwx ma i LFXX WV-fA'K '-AX Xih'.:s..XX M x Maj? iG,'HE,x: JH 'w.'imX'Xx' . X x, ik? ZXXWT, NYJ1x 'Xl.:Y 'Lu Xxxzxkiiz, Y..x f1x,. V' Q k Xjgfif? Y? Q "Xfi'1f 'sm 1 'TV YY-xX Xlf',, C... Q id 1i :1T Y 'E-1' . ik ff,-:5R 'S.f4 '1Y'L 017 EXW can Yiiflac viz K. Q., X w'xX'xx z.f.,"'i'.x: 'ci fegjfqwh, 1 11, fir' 'YF,zx W 2-.xycyza ,UQ ,gl v 3 qi N3 C1952 QLZBXN ' Qfxig, ggjihqg 17,1 , 'Lti'.gX.C,XX 1 . Ywxw XXQNW ', QXXQBXOYYX io 501109. O CXXY OCX! ' Qffp oi. 3 . To x x1-zXe1Xfg.e gjffjxg, an 'FO SUB- ,U 5, , fi 0 f,,?f,'N Q U15 'ave Kami, g,x,+m.cb , educate , 'ang , en ie Xg,rxow'JXc6Q,e 0 X1 xiii 'LX1m. others rms. wc-uc.1 educate I 'One uni, 001 ecixo the QQ can 'ict g XCCX?-16.5 in such subx . sxiqot Aux x 4. S9 . vu 1 Q, 'W Quai' oiphpe z t Cuscmhnyusf, , e . 'XXDXC oi bexrga Q K-'YZKX' 'L -X or ' CHQ if . -WMV1-t9 . . cz b 1 if on oi OUR FAC LTT FACULTY MEETING MR . LELAND TR US S ELL Bible S'- ff? aw 'F' MISS ANITA LEE V .Q 3 World Geography '-1 - 43am Q! Z wrkxyii A ' H 4 ,.,,.f .,, 9f1Qff1K 4 ' J x,,. " g y L i 23,2 Q "" ' if 1 QL-1 5 N WW XX l2511EDb'I9'?O TQ x 3 Z R U Q L aa L MISS LOIS QUERY MR. OLIVER HODGES MISS NADENE I-IAZELWOOD Writing Geometry Librarian MR. 1,4 LE ADAMS Band NJ MR. JOHN PAGE Speech MR. JACK SWEARINGEN MRS. ROBERTA PECK Art Elementary Math ' S Q A ' FF if -W?" ,, Y-vt-.F v-'-vr- "-1--1 FA CUL TY OLIVER HODGES B. S. SHN 1. PAGE, A.B. M, Ed, ' . S. Biology Speech Science ' Algebra Constitution DALE ADAMS, E. s. Health English 1, II, SIII JE ... , 5, K , .2 me . .... AA, . Us A V, K 1,3 ,A .. .,. . ., LELAND TRU SSELL, NADENE HAZELWOOD B. A. Librarian English IV Certificate of Th eology Bible Spanish ,-.QE I ff- E .- f , ,MAS K f f ANITA LEE, B. S. World Geography American History Typing I G II ROBERTA PECK, B. S. Grades 4,5, G 6 JACK SWEARINGEN, B. s. LOIS QUERY, B. sq Grades 7 S 8 Grades 1, 2, X 10 ! ai aim 12 if E, 25551. il is Jef, ,L 5' sf 315 -as ea? iYfQid'Hf3,aH 3933 'D Qieilgiifff Q QCQGX Qi has 'S 5 Qgfiigiixgiiii imifxuaiafi ,, Q Qettax he. e Q EYGQ- fl Nkbafzzo GXYO-1 ibm iw H gr Q Y '31 Q 1'O5gx QRQQ i Xfzxixt YD .ii M xxx Q il xWgi: fu '253'Lf3,Q5 'B-e. i -3.,LiU2gj'QdkL HQ Twdwxi ' TWD? 1 O 3, Q. .1 .. M Cup' ,.--"WJ ga xw. Y Xw'3Ql5.fQh 1 XTX?-Y f'g3.,iM3i3v ' h into E 'W 5' VXXQ kxiqej ET? b X 'S I I L P I I' .nada SE IOR CLASS OF 1966 JOHN EASTWOOD President DARLENE BAILEY S WANDA MC CULLICK WAYNE MCCULLICK Treasurer 12 DIANNA LINGLE NATHAN WRIGHT LOREN HEATHMAN Vice -President GLORIA MASON Secretary . " .... I do not ask to see the distant Class Motto. sceneg one step enough for me. " john Henry Newman Class Colors: Go1dSWhite Class Flower.. Yellow Chrysanthemum 13 HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OFFICERS SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Eunice Simmons, Vice-President Gwen Judy, See. and Treas, J. V. Greathouse, President Mr. Oliver Hodges, Sponsor JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Terry Chance, Vice-President Miss Anita Lee, Sponsor David Reynolds, President Linda Sewell, See. and Treas. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: Debbie Leonard, See. and Treas Dorothy Wright, President David Helton, Vice-President Mr. Dale Adams, Sponsor 14 L' f 5 A W W Egg my Hn wfxxmg ine: E.. all 1i? m imM3 c:qL1:,11z1t f'3 tifjmg 2,155 d G: ff' S ww Il IS gill!! oadlyf ISODI 6 Se 9 3 ble Q P JLINIO R , to my mio: by 1 ma hat as, 61' 'i C 01' S asf part. of fn. 1. An ignorax Ifxember of a. secret 56 and advo e foreign--born I Q JU 10125 Linda Farmer Kenneth Peterson Betty Gates jim Conner Leonard Lingle Linda Sewell David Reynolds Karin Hansen Wanita T ate Pat Witt Terry Chance 1? v s I ' ' .ff 1 ' V H 1 rg A sf' .., v EJ .w ..,, 5 Y ' k ' gvflf-EEEZEETC1 gpw..-ar ' ,PWM , rn ai' 5- K K? 'le SL Y cizv 123-X I l of ,, - . ' 61 ' H Yr? ifl if n s res or w ,,,., , l , was 1 X' k 1 .W 2 am 'L ii nk X1i..x, , S31 if " 2 M Xi., 3 sn ' ,ijg W ii Ks al , ii in 'KR 1 E if fx W QQEXSZMVQ N-"sl wi-g'i,g - 4 My QMKQQTX Q3 i'E1w'f..:i'3iQfj . "mg if WEQHXHX mix "im 0 Lfgypfp -3441.1-- g zefifrm jun Krsna. 'L . Lo f tem dale B'g,69', 'Wie Qi, the Q3 Qi ucv, Komen 'CK Q , oh,oLo,s, Sve-2 Qch olofsmo 1, b1,XO9oQX1exg 0 3 Age kf1Xos9QXQncaX or Ogg'-,,C,ay, , vatw GX? , sped nb, 9, fm 1 'nf -4 .C .CY ts, wpmtsue 'mba-,xi smudge: 6,hM4 Nixdcii X OMQRES K-XR oi the 0 E 69515395 1 Y ...F nt 8 'CXGiSv .., Of 1 ,M . .. 5 +I ,QW Y' 'S ,L f 5 f51'f"' , S OPH OM ORE Larry Gilpin Steve Sauer J. V. Greathouse dn Becky Doenges James Bro HX Gwen Judy . . Ronnie Leonard Eumce Slmmons R alph R eyn olds Rebecca Tate Darrell Bailey Leonard Query . . james Helton Lonme Wltt 18 q dx , ' L-'af' ff z , 5 1 I K "w t , :QV Q I SEQ L 5 S!! 2 y . -X Q 5 x 1 " 'glff Erfsxgz 0 Er e, ,J Q 'Q ymm QM-f, is E w? li, ?fl 5 , an 1 5 Ass Sw , ,W wi gm! E, g , K 5 m 2 ,W Q I ff, x ENE B! ii ,L A, 5 is 'Y f 2-X . hx. v I my 'X ff? vias. 1, iai2ig5'Liai?4Q5' 45,1184 ., Cf suing? Ygxifxfxfg ' 0 010,198 Begxgi an . qt .3 QQ coxlmf in 15 ak mf goxilg f"fg,OXf1g' 1 fQ',X"tC0 A WX xxx-Q , ff , 3002 A H X f H X493 1 sie 1 at 09 Eyfxvii' -'11-'9' fi X L 3 X fxjxxf FRESHMEN X x W YY'?""' 1 xm, xnxx 4 N M pf , ff .. .,--fi ' V 4, , fx: 'Z FRESHME David Helton Debbie Leonard Gavlen Bland 'SSW' P atty T ate Susie Willard Colleen Bailey Priscilla Hudson Doris Harris Mari on Nichols 20 Dorothy Wright in ? , a , l1,i.,M R afix iii Q Q1 i?,Qf zNf 2lY fv A in '.4v' H'TA' iff? f'Yv'l' Ti 'S113,xMZ:n9'e Ji "i'W3 'f'5'5'm fw,,,i Jx3ii Xf1TK, 'Ni iii? 7. ,- . H-gray 'QM A ff g QQ xifszrx iii:-if fic-'ml M' , --ln. 1' M' 'W5 Xif?iXtQTi1: 1 ' ,TQ 5 f2,l.Q,m-Qf3'f "Q na' ' mix QQ5fz1v1Wf'ffx N ' + f5,gC,'sl NL M xx. C V viXbf ,OF Xe:+ox0K1'H?'Q ' - if A Q, Wt oif0X-'Xie gum .- ' 0 'fx f l i'E5f wibfz Q3fffX 1 sgnqh GX f. Y9QXQ,? CQKQQQ "1'if01Tf:k XY! 'L Q 'C Q ale NOOQ 'KX GR DES 2-3X Q09 -Q- T736 N tx it , H , X H .L Ax K 5 in 1, S.. 'rf'S,fX,, R 4 I fa., ku, 'Q 1,fzfA. ,, Q, g dau any Q 4 ax'lK""x'M .VM yiwk Vxh, XO 225 N x ' 1--W V a X 'X 'X 11,5 - 1, :V 'rx ,gg aagxfw . QR- 431' M..w"" .!bi3,:iB,: ..f ' QSM? vm x Q56 fa ., 52303 '1'1.Cf'f" Km- X 5 Qi fx ax" K. U31. Q, Q' X0 4 fi 59 X, . 1 M xxx an KM SCCQQK X65 6 ot E giglfkp 'fl 'U. S-1015. QXYWV3' 'Q 'i,.3,51KxCx X53 La ' n nfxxgx xfx fx Qui . 3 .' , , . X 5 PF EI GH TH X 1 5- . A I A 'll Qt' A .V .,, ,Q J Ri .,.M,' f Xa J slsr as , 1 A . . an ii 5 wx 4 Ja ! J , Lynn Chadwick Janice Judy Roger Mason Laddie Hudson Leola McCullick Bobby Reynolds We rf -gy f Danny Witt V A Martha Gates I ll 1 ' 195 P4 5 Q 9? Jr 'W z June Bailey Kenny Sewell V . " . , F f 9' iw J 3 1: N!-Jil f xl Q L f alfa riff- lf J ml. Janice Gilbert Charles Marsh FXXXA W, 5:,:x k 'xx 1 W 3 lim Holland N, 6X V? . , Brenda Wilsonx .X3 K-fgsfvfl f-JN. JS' ,nr ,Maur ,, -wh FW " xx J J if Jrr J , J LaDonna Coleman John Pruitt 'WISH 22 ML..,1',. 0 , Q i' , V , M, , 4 ' Q' V VL.' V ww , ' W1 wwf, A i lf i "W ' xg ' QV Wg- V gs 5, 11 Ji 4 , Mk ,J M fy. E ,E . 4 -ri-'L A1-R . xii. ,,, ,f 4, ,ffl IFS' 4 ark NX Q cv W SH X! . .. i 'V 5 1 , ,ix it , ii " .pg Y v. ' M f N a X Debbie McCullough S EE' V E E' 'T Rita Bailey Larrel Witt Billy Pruitt , if ,I J X K E Juanita Mar, f Yvonne Skiriiller 3' 3 'Brenda Page E S 5 Kay Holland f h ' l Marjorie Mauck ' S eu Troxe rl Marilyn Mauck Patricia Payne Kim Kindhart Patricia Estes G L- 1 Charlotte Wright eorge mg e 23 N SL, l A K ' naw- Ef ,M .12 we 1:-rs eff P x L I F I I J- I a r SIXTH va Q Y-.,,-?-W... FIFTH Craig Chadwick Barry Holland h f fli i in I V if 'x 52 ? , ii , Dale Lmgle Kristine Hanson g 7i ' re f Kgmabvf 'Q' A , fb 'l' V' 5' Wi be T Av' 4 - sf 6 4 Lswei In :Q 7 fi' 11, ' Q M Messick iil'9?7 if .. ,. fix. in A Q ' . A i , , 5 ,Ss V - ' .. HCV A, N gf 2? Q - M 13 X 9 C '5 f Patricia Peterson . -I "- " - We A -- ' J' Maul n B ant - A --rf Randy K. Bland V FV - M A e X, X ,. I ' .,.: , i M i, i , V' ffff ,,.,. . H A4f??A.ig, I K we . - ,X L. 3 f: ewgrf, i-.1ff!Wffo',g. 1 2 -y .,A-: ,,..: i 5 ,., , ,if mixes:sik'222szsss:2ff,z:2g . , is ,ff f i iiii 1 iiii iff? N X' if . ,l l Q 241 Fred Klndhaft W, Gates A 'br QV K., if 2 . Deborah Coleman , , L Wi' ' 4 'fa ' ', ' ,353 r ' ,: W A ,, - . , H "1 .ia 5., Q, .. ' ' " .T , ' 'ff' w. 1.1. 24 fs X' X 4' an 04 Y 52 an we KX , ig. e, yjwvg HS e A . X X C S r 1 i 4-4 ' ' Sf! X, y., ar: :. Q, Y, '45 Al A M HTUB Ruth Bardales jerry Estes . Y W1 1 y 'K Vene a Hanson james Marsh Kathy Bland Karen Bland Mike Judy Lois Trussell jimmy Harris Carma Page Nancy McCoy Ronny Query Grace Gates Rodney Sauer Bobby Womac A k FOURTH 6 155 Marilyn Peterson 3153 X rm ,G I2 - K gs df Q is I ,x ' ' fz..g I fx ,,, jf? 'K La F 4 G , .4 1 A I if Q Q f 111 Q rg 4' ' I is 1' Q , . , ,Vg 4537? 1 -s - of Deborah Gates ,S .W IR Y 25 k f ,. 1 . L, Wm 1 Q Q 4. th l THIRD Robert Leonard Janice Payne N 1 'nm' David Conner E., i f ., - ' .1 A fl . gzf E L r x A ' , f g In '- .Lg 5, jim: :M ,i'l"E,J ' ' A kj gy. A ,ra Af, 7 -wi 'MM' .fda I '4 sf V ,ng Marg fet Mol-Ienry Darrellglffi-uitt Kent Davis Carol Cole man 11, Debra Worthington Jerry McCul1ick 26 Karla Bland Leslie Judy Rhonda Troxel , ., 1..A,,..r - f X31 sims fi 'A V Valerra Yockey ' Rodney Peterson f ' W f 5 Q 'V 'T 'Y-if 5 , V 'l f' A 'H , if 41" 5 X W' Q Shirley MCHe13f'y ' j ' ,. 'AW il' 5 Twyla R9'?iW'On , 1 , ee o f? K4 2, r ,A if ..:f.z.i. Fairy 1' e X .3 , . 53' x , ,,,f f john Bryant '? f - I Ar., -- Diane Gates if r t : L r I' I k I to "ff y r" ' e , "" Er Cindy Baker 3 Curtis Worthington , ,-'df ' ' ' + . T A p s ,Vs F ty.y W if K L Q it A, ,SY Afsiiuy-ff . 5 w , ' f . 3 S - :" t e 5 Ax ryy Z .', " t john Harris A A it fr N Vicky Whitey 1 Avl L s y VSVIV , f ix .az " ' rx Y K . T , is V , Beverly Eastwood A ., z--- H joseph Trussell ':- 3 ' ,wwf V Q A. 'im X ' K xi .K Af X gy' h ,wire -Gif H my e , ' Q :,- , wg- nifty' I ,., H nw ' A A - .L MQ w 27 .ww ,. 1 "Hr . V kxixw: Graff" in M i-W, wma 'PW-Us Mwapwrf- 'swf' wk' 5 zxxrfrfmctfio-pg, '2Aig'iX x, W, ,,, X '2-. A 'U as . Q. 'Valli . I 'Qi 'Q' E aw, . ' sgjijvyx 5, Lita, . W' "Y1'.Ew'L1C. 1, x l '1.aJL,x, 'XY 1 QE T Q QM 'mf kafllfxl 1, 1 11' rsh it :aww lcafr, ir. 01' lb 4426231 :mp erxilsig af :mpg buffs 98,5063 " iz im: KN QD . Shot Q cc, e, . fn cocaine 1' card ot, 'P i 6. No' to G m-qu Qbw bmidmg er foe basto1'w.l' AQ? clover Kea 6. oi or It.. 1, the treiod or no extend the eww- H5 1 ' Qmgmto Lkhl A aathef SCH QQL LIFE ww 0 cafvaiyiy wma.. See exif 1. A h 9. A weapo b A Stxcl goki, hqc , P111 asssocxe Sgppot ted 5 by 9, dub . 9 I, , , the a v ' A V i Y A welcome addition this year to the panorama of the painted by the student Council and their sponsors, Fort Scott Bible School was a new flag pole and two Mr. Adams and Mr. Swearingen. They alsolpur- new flags. Patrons who brought this before the stu- chased the needed rope. After the project was com dent council contributed the flags and erected the pleted, there was a flag raising ceremony. flag pole. A pole was obtained from Elmer Judy and FELDDAT ATKGGB Gwen , at bat Wanita, at bat Proud of our trophy The Winning team Larry, our third baseman SNAPSHOTS Big kids at play Q 2 Typing II class Lois and Yvonne sang at our chapel Having 21 little fun Easter egg hunters GRAD UA T10 Baccalaureate Speaker: Victor Mason Eighth Grade Graduation Class, LOW'ERfl to r: Martha Gates, june Bailey, Leola McCullick, Brenda Wilson, Janice judy, LaDonna Coleman, Janice Gilbert, UPPER: james Holland, john Pruitt, Charles Marsh, Kenneth Sewell, Roger Mason, Danny Witt, Robert Reynolds. A . Commencement Speaker: I. C. Holland Senior Graduation Class, L TO R: Loren Heathman, Wanda McCullick, john Eastwood, Diane Lingle, Nathan Wrlght, Gloria Mason, Wayne McCullick, Darlene Bailey. HON ORAR T STUDENTS Nathan Wright, valedictorian, receives award from Mr. Page, principal, as Mr. Omer Witt, President, looks on. Honorary Award Winners from each class: Dorris Harris, Freshman, Eunice Simmons, Sophmore5 David Reynolds, junior, Darlene Bailey, Senior. il -.Iii el .. EC :jf CHORUS: L. to R. CBACK ROW, S. Willard, P. Tate, D. Lingle, N. Wright, M. Nichols, T. Chance, K. Hansen, G. Judy, D. Leonard, B. Tate, ISECOND ROXVD G. lvlason, C. Bailey, I. Helton, D. Helton, L. Query. I. V. Greathouse, L. Witt, D. W1'ight, P. VVitt, L. Sewell, QFIRST ROYVQ B. Cates fpiunistj, D. Bailey, B. Doenges, D. Harris. L. Farmer, P. Hudson. W. McCullick, W. Tate, E. Siininons, Mr. Adams fdirectorj BAND: L. to R. QBACK ROWJI. Eastwood, L. Query, B. Tate, E. Simmons, G. Judy, C. Marsh, P. Hudson, P. Witt, W. Tate, Mr. Adams fdirectorj, N. Wright, L. Hudson, G. Mason, L. Witt, QFIRST ROW, B. Page, B. Reynolds, D. McCollough, P. Estes, K. Messick, L. Witt, R. Mason, J. Holland, T. Chance A little pilgrim writing a letter to England. Things to be thankful for. y i I .yt 4 x 3 xi , 1 ,L The combined junior high and high school choruses that sang at our Thanksgiving and Easter Rallies. Janice Gilbert. illustrates a song by the upper grade American "Indians" at Thanksgiving. room in the Thanksgiving Rally. 30 V , '14 Af, Q Miss Query displays a chalk drawing that was drawn by Mr. Earl Marsh. We have been favored with several musical numbers by our Teacher's trio in Chapel this year. i A , 2 gs ., is 31 CHA PEL Five "Old Testament men" who were guests in one of Mr. Swearingen's ch apel services. 'A missonary with some American "Bolivia.ns. " ,i H OLIDA T CEN ES Is Cupid at work??? Christmas cheer A gift for everyone x s IS he if? SPOOKS! ! !! 32 4.14, , 5 , s 'W' I X S APSHUTS Miss Lee presents David Reynolds the award that he won at a yearbook workshop in Chanute, Kansas. The freshmen girls pause in their "work" for the seniors during "Freshmen Initiation Week. " The freshman boys during Our new Bus has made school life more enjoyable. Initiation week. rntxw.. it 2 X. V if? E ,Q 5 -gag E xi ,Jw Yiw- ,,, J" 5 , , S 3 Sf -1 Tig We 35" ' ik if wig.-... QW "'5L. ax' 5:1 Xjxii ki ,ik Mx.-M551 . .. W an 1 fa K 's QV? iw.. ,R 3 V it I M.Q:.5Jf My Q ,,x371.,i-U.-. , ,v 3 tw ix ,af Ki u.,w Q5 Q .QW Q xp 5 ff-QV 'X H,'J-Y ' aww' 2 A in A ,i Y Q fs-9 if fx ,xi aff' , Y iff 1"-s 1 " 'Q ' ' M XV' A 3 f E,XK"X,,x12wX X0, O- if X gn :M V J W Ti iv Q, ,,. E mama fx A K, Q rf 'L we QMX if xp.. R Xi 5 , AV 9 gi if ,, i, if ' A - Xia 3' V'-?",, ,...a"' HX'q QW .w..-AL q,c'X vX'..P V A K. -Q ORGANIZATIONS 4 'M 'L M Y I M 2. " V gk f Q2 X3 h V, Q if W hw Q-xr-,H Q mh 'mn M, X iM X R' ivwd f QlA L XX 1 WX' aj. XXX N ' Z ' 2 1 'K A H5 xg-fa N A. 4 ,ici L. TOR. B. Page, B. Wilson, P. Witt, G. Iudy, D. Adams, N. Wright, I. Swearingen, L. Heathman, D. Reynolds, E. Simmons, P. Hudson, D. Harris STUDENT CO UNCIL The co-sponsors oversee the painting of the flag I.. TO R. Nathan Wright, Presg Mr. jack Swearin- pole by some industrious Student Council mem- gen, co-sponsorg Gwen Judy, Sec. -treas. 5 David Reynolds, V. -P. 5 Mr. Dale Adams, co - sponsor. bers. ,,.eia:1P " N... I .ui ? ' 1, If is 'TQ D nDe'fi'6 if ig 3' Y I if -is 'K ,sf 4 x Q, K . . A' ' Viin wi 7.5,,. ' ,---N'-M12 'A y A R if . . 3' K r ff -. , . W .PXP A 1' f.-'S 'K 35 INTER ATIO AL RELA TION CL UB OFFICERS: Betty Gates, Treas. 5 Kenneth Peterson, Vice-Presidentg Linda Sewell, Pres- identg Pat Witt, Sec. 3 Miss Anita Lee, Spon- sor THE GUILD OF THALIA OFFICERS: Loren Heathman, Treas. 3 Terry Chance, Presidentg Mr. John Page, Sponsorg Wanda Mc:Cu11ick, Sec. 5 Linda Farmer, Vice-President. 36 '42 Q K mm, x Q ZW' SLT? X 4 ,ya Q F, 4 A f2 1 X 1 i'i255L5 1. R352 Q sggafi XX Eff 'aw ix ,Niifm fw:.i,zafxX2dss1. xxx 1: A is ixtififi 'xy 6 Te Lf" 5f5QjiiIa?if E5 O 'A' ' 855 , 'x .F wk J . in Qs V 1: Q S 2"2 1"l3 i? X A ,x . w 1 Q-S Rs i Qx Wxst QNX, 1. if if 1 Y ikfxkx 'm ,Q Q Q , X I ,R 'A A V' 'Y - U .Q ia , M, at in -A is . 3 5 if H 'Q "vi'Exg X211 'Q' Y.-3,3 Q1 XX'xX,1,,,xx' 2 E ,H b N , 1 V N? Q, 3 V ' 'L1XYXL,. Y gisf 3 in 'Q I he frxfmm X YC45 XN11? SKZLE 1 Qggijffxiilxiii CQ., , ff 2 1 Ef4ge2iix'aX exwtmet Q11 va ff " to umcx ease bu, svn ' nag H A ,F de , x N S3 if W OB-xi. 'H-ofnfpqtce , tra. Y that XXBJSQEOY ' Xuew e W QB, if ni 'bcixvxt 'Wu an xuc, Q " -fmgaged po - ff xc 3, A DVERTISING Hxll-51...-f- if ctxfll-: i -H U X 1 1'-I 3-. X9 Xx an Gif! T0-TiXOi X CEBKC 'LYXBJL 'QT 0 cd X0 the oi Q mc. U BOOSTERS We want to thank the following persons for giving Sl or more to help finance this yearbook. The top three winners of the booster contest were Roger Mason, Darrell Peck, and Yvonne Skinner. We appreciate their cooperation and school spirit. Dale Adams Mrs. Walter Albright Dr. William Aldis David E. Allen Della Armstrong Dewey Arnold Lois Arnold Mildred Ashford Mick Atha Eddie Babbitt Hazel Bailey Sue Bailey Earl Baker Mrs. R. L. Baker Van Baker Steven Banks Mrs. Steven Banks Augusto Bardales Lois Bard ales Maritza Bard ales Rene Bardales Ruth Bardales Chester Barker Ray Baynes Lucy Beaty Ruby Becco Lucille Belcher Mattie Bell Lulu Bentley Edwin Besson Mary Besson Bruce Eldon Bise Clifford Bland Elton Bland Ewing Bland Gerald Bland Gladys Bland Junior Bland Len W. Bland Mrs. Len W. Bland Leola Bland Leona Bland Lester Bland Minnie Bland Orville Bland Randall K. Bland Virginia Bland Wilma Bland Leroy Blankenship Fred Bloesser Myrtle Braden George Breen ' Charles Brennan Mabel Bridges Myrtle Brobst Dr. James Brodnax Lee Brotherton Mrs. Lee Brotherton Maggie Brower James Brown Mrs. James Brown Vern J. Bryan Charlotte Btmn Bobby Burrow Carl Burrow Roy Burrow Harvey Cain Mrs. Vernice Cain Mrs. Glen Callow Margaret Carl Mrs. Edward Carter Clemit Casey Curm Casey. -' Wanda Casey Mrs. Whorton Casey Mrs. Wayne Cash "Cry--Baby" the Cat "Formal" the Cat A. B. Chance Mrs. A. B. Chance Terry Chance Harvey Clark Mazie Clark Ed Clarkson Curtis R. Clayton Mrs. Fred Clary Mrs. C. E. Cleveland Earl Clayburn Carol Coleman James Coleman Joyce Coleman Michael Coleman Goldie Collins Marion Collins Mrs. Marion Collins' Charles Conner Mrs. Jim Conner Lon Conrad Robert Crain James Cullor Mrs. Albert Dainty Ancel Dalton Bert Darnell Doug Darnell Fyrne Darnell Mrs. Edith Dauben Arlene Davis Tony Davis J. L. Dearing Bill DeCoudres Myrtle Dennis Mrs. T. A. Dill Becky Doenges - Bill Doenges Brad Doenges Buddy Do enges Conrad Doenges Elizabeth Doenges Robbie Doenges Robert Doenges Mrs. Robert Doenges William Doenges Mrs. William Doenges Mrs. Burnard Doty Mrs. Frank Doty Mrs. Ida Durkee Beverly Eastwood Cliffton Eastwood John C. Eastwood Mrs. Dora Edgar Bill Ellerman Oscar Ellerman Zepha Ellerman Dr. Alice M. Elliott E. A. Elliott Mrs. E. A. Elliott E. E. Elliott Mrs. E. E. Elliott Dr. S. H. Elliott ' Mrs. Doris Ellis Lucy Endicott Larry Englund Lester Englund Karl Englund Jack Eshelbrenner Glora Faye Estes Jerry Estes Lowell Estes Patricia ESteS Ray Estes Terry Dale Estes H. L. Farmer Marie Farris Thayne Fast Curtis Joy Fetterhoff Lena Fetterhoff G. W. Fetters Minnie Fitzgerald Mrs. Gene Floyd Charley Flager Mrs. Calvin Ford Glen Fowler David Freeman M. W. Fwenster Jauqulline Galloway Delorse Gammon Sherry Garrett Esther Garrison Owen Gates Randy Gates Mrs. W. L. Gates, Sr Ellen Geneva Autna Gilbert Durl Gilbert Mrs. Durl Gilbert Goldie Gilbert Mrs. Perry Gilbert Wesley A. Gilpin Mrs. Marie Givens Catherine Glynn Ruth Goldsberry Rosa Goodrick Albert Goodwin Boyd Goodwin Evelyn Goodwin Joyce Goodwin Leola Goodwin Leslie Goodwin Mabel Goodwin Viola Gossen Carol Gragg Lilliam Gragg Mrs. Gragg Helen Graham "My Grandma" Darrell Green G. H. Green Kevin Green Lorene Green Rose Ann Green Tracy Green Mrs. Ben Greenfield David ggeenlease C. E. ruver Mrs. C. E. Gruver Jack M. Gunsaullus Myrle Gunsaullus Carolyn Hall Cherie Hall Judy Hall Virgie Hall Bertha Hamilton Lena Hamilton Noby Hamilton Audrey Hamrick Mrs. Charles Hanes George Hanson Mrs. George Hanson Tom Hardison George Hardy Jacqueline E. Hardy Russell Hardy May Hare Martha Harper Jeff Harris Marie Harris Mrs. Paul Harris Bob Hawkins Mrs. Bob Hawkins Mrs. Frank Haynes Nadene Hazelwood Loren Heathman Stephen He athman Patty Helton Mrs. Rex Hensley Alden Hess Howard Hess Joe D. Hess B. M. A. Melissa Hess Huldah Hodges Oliver Hodges Leonard Hodo Mrs. Leonard Hodo Martin D. Hohulin I. C. Holland Mrs. Harvey Hollis Katherine Holmes Jana Sue Holt Max Holt Rosa K. Holt Charlene Hood Mrs. Homer Hood Lois Hood Rev. Onos E. Hood Roger Hood Sharon Hood Gary C. Horn Mrs. Lee R. House Alice Howard Claudia Hubbard Jo ann Hubbard Jesse R. Hughes Mary Hula Dolly Hull David Hunt J. R. Huxall Elaine Jenkins Joyce Elaine Jenkins Mrs. Edna Jennings Charles Jewsberry, Jr. Mrs. Charles Jewsber FY, Calvin Johnson Donal Johnson Jim Jones Mrs. Marie Jones Charles Richard Judy Clarence G. Judy Elmer Judy, Jr. Elmer Judy, Sr. Mrs. Elmer Judy, Sr. Felicia Ann Judy Gwen Judy Janice Judy Lee Ella Judy I Leslie Judy Mike Judy lvKe11Yu Mark Kelso Marla Kelso Don Kerrick Doug Kinney Evelyn Kovacic Juan Kutkoviez Alfred Lager John Lancellotti Charles Large Brenda LaRose Da Vonna LaRose Margaret Lee Mrs. Omar Lee Rev. Omar Lee Bob Leffler Barbara Leonard Bobbie Leonard Cletis Leonard Craig Leon Leonard Irene Leonard Tena Leonard Dr. A. W. Lichenberg Charles Lines Vada Lines George E. Lingle Mrs. J. D. Little George Logan C. P. Long Mlrs. John F. Lotterer Mrs. Bob Madden Carl Marsh Mrs. Carl Marsh Mrs. Cliffton Marsh Donald W. Marsh Oliver Marsh Otto Marsh Bonnie Lynn Marsh all Mrs. William Marten Mrs. E. W. Martin Charles Mason Gloria Mason Roger Mason Victor L. Mason Victor L. Mason James D. Massa Madeline E. Matthes C. V. Mauck Mrs. C. V. Mauck David Mauck Larry Mauck Marjorie Mauck Bess Mays Uri Mays Daisy Maze ' Mrs. Patrick E. McCann Bertha McCarthy Olive McCaslin Lois McClanahin Wayne McCollough Mrs. Wayne Mc Collough Bernice McCullick Charles McCullick George McCullick John McCullick Leo McCullick Lorena McCullick Wanda McCu1lick Wayne McCullick Bob McCutchen Bradley B. McElroy B OOSTERS Vernie McHenry Virginia McHenry Ella Mclver Ronald V. McKinzie Mrs. Loren McNeley Madeline McNeley Frank Meeker Robert Dwight Menefee Floyd Messick Ina Messick Karren Messick Maxine Messick Harry L. Miller Mildred Monday Linda Moore Joy Morlan Mrs. Della Morris George Morrow John Morrow R. E. Mulhall Leroy Murrell Shirley Murrell Carl Myers Dick Myers Mrs. Herbert Myers Lowell Myers Maude Myers Lyle N. Myrick Clarissa Neely Mrs. Herman Newberry Julia A. Newberry Arch Nicholes Mary Noel Mamie Norcutt Naomi Norcutt Mrs. Ercel Nordyke Edna Rae Norman Brenda Page Carma Page Courtney Page John Page John l. Page Pat Page Paul Page Pauline Page Rodney Page Sue Page Virginia Page Bob Palmer Mrs. Will Palmer Clarence Parsley Loneta Parsley Lola Payne Cynthia Peck Darrell Peck Jackie Peck Leonard Peck Mary Peck Rachael Peck Roberta M. Peck Virgil Peck Walter Peck Wayne Peck , Mrs. Raymond Pellett Mrs. Sadie Pellett n Dan Pence ' Ben Pennington John Peterson 'Mrs. John Peterson Junior Peterson Mrs. George Piercey Bob Pressly Ruth Pressly Eunic e IVIE'Elroy Floyd McElroy R aymond Mc Gee Barba ' David Pryor W. L. Potter 40 Bill Pollock Lila Pulliam Clinton Purtle Glenda Purtle Janice Purtle John Purtle Ronald Purtle Alta Jane Query L. B. Query Lois Query Philip Query Randall Scott Query Dan Rahl Ernest Ramage Jake Ray - Elmer Reeder Mrs. Elmer Reeder Mrs. Miles Reedus Bertha Reeves Bobby Reynolds Mary Lou Reynolds Mrs. Myrtle Reynolds Ralph Reynolds Jr. Randy Reynolds Rhonda Reynplds Rodney Reynolds Vg W. R. Reynolds Mrs. W. R. Reynolds Murl Rice Lorene Rich Dr. L. W. Richardson Harry Rigby Walace Riley Rhonda Rippee Floyd Roberds Floyd Robison Mrs. Margaret L. Rogers Hazel L. Rowtou .V Oran Runyan Goldie Ryan Henry Ryan H. R. Salsberry Mrs. H. R. Salsberry Mrs. C. D. Sample Wayne Sams ' Dr. Robert H. Sanders Mrs. Robert. H. Sanders Beverly Sauer Charles Sauer Fern Sauer Pauline Sauer Rodney Sauer - Stephen Sauer Wanda Sauer Donna Sawyer A. L. Scakett Orville Schilling Mrs. Virgil Schilling George Schuman Fred L. Schwartz Mrs. Rex Scoles Rev. Rex Scoles . Kenny Sewell . Doreen Shepherd Ray Shepherd Dennis Sherwin Mrs. ,Donald Shoemaker Eunice Simmons Mrs. Ralph Singmastei Reese Singmaster Roy Singmaster Yvonne Skinner Robert Smith Wanda Smith Ann Sneed Jack Sneed James Ray Snodgrass Pauline Spangler Susan Stapleton Jerry Stoughton Jack L. Struble Joyce Struble Lillian Swank Patricia Swank 'Jack Swearingen Ian Wayne Tate Omar Leo Tate, Jr. Robert Tate Mrs. Robert Tate Vickie Sue Taylor Zella Taylor Mrs. Dorothy Thigpin Bud Thomas Mrs John Thomas Mrs Ralph Thomas Mrs Mrs Bill Mary Thurman Jesse Tolin Toohey T and H Tropicals Leland Trussell C. M. Turner Mrs. C. M. Turner Ernie Walker Mrs. Albert Waring Mae Webster Mrs. Goldie Weddle Charles Welch Mrs. Charles Welch Joker Welch Edward Wheeler Edna Whitaker Levi Whita.ker Mrs. Levi Whitaker Ralph Whiteside Virgie Wiggans Tom Wigger E. E. Wilkerson Robert Wilkerson Carrie Williams Sam Williams Greg Williard Brenda Wilson Karen Sue Wilson Leo Wilson Wilma Witherspoon Barry Witt Betty Witt Brad Witt Cleo Witt Danny Witt Dwain Witt Elmer Witt Garsone Witt Leslie Witt Mrs. Lester Witt Lura Witt Omer F. Witt Virgie Witt Kenny Wolfe Mary Wolfe Sue Wolfe Hazel Woody Betty Worthington Bob Wright Mrs. C. L. Wright Conrad Wright Gary Wright Kenneth Wright Mrs. Noble Wright Alberta Yeakel iw W' " WWMBW E Y . , , lx w 'v 4-:U ,L,a.'4mim2Yrw1'w..x',, ' , ,, f - "'W"'1':fW'- M- - v- - W., , W .,,M..,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,w,m,,WW,mA,.W . .EMM-If - Wm. -1 'W ' L ,5f.:f.:fm hs-4,-w-Q 'wa-f. 4., G mr - H u , f f , K 5552? TWT' A ' J Jiwvlrf, ,z ,V ' , I zvwi -'fi K-.1 ' . , 2 ja" '-:r,:L' w ' V we-0-V1-.y ' ,MQ-sv ..- 14 J,

Suggestions in the Fort Scott Bible School - Anchor Yearbook (Fort Scott, KS) collection:

Fort Scott Bible School - Anchor Yearbook (Fort Scott, KS) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Fort Scott Bible School - Anchor Yearbook (Fort Scott, KS) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 27

1966, pg 27

Fort Scott Bible School - Anchor Yearbook (Fort Scott, KS) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 6

1966, pg 6

Fort Scott Bible School - Anchor Yearbook (Fort Scott, KS) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 23

1966, pg 23

Fort Scott Bible School - Anchor Yearbook (Fort Scott, KS) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 45

1966, pg 45

Fort Scott Bible School - Anchor Yearbook (Fort Scott, KS) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 43

1966, pg 43

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