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 - Class of 1954

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Fort Ransom High School - Rockets Yearbook (Fort Ransom, ND) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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f DEDICATIO Y 19 if 7 'f f' Lfwi' ff 44 . f' N Eff Q A' q, E5.-Wh: e 'fc 'ff ,,, 2' V1 Z. I 45 fly ' l5, Ivvf Q WJ. r. My P . ' 2' 1,74 If -X fvlgv wld., l,l .F . 1 A gn auf 3 ' x W' mln' I I MQW' 33" fx ' 'P' . X414 'Inky P 'f A 73 4'i..'u! 'Q . V Toralf Henrlkson Evelyn Jorstad Sophus Severson Od1n Slattum Earl I-hghness Andrew Jacobson Erllng Henr1kson Bertrem Olson Clet1s Reveland Owen Rufsvold Ol1ver Rufsx old Anfrn Henr1kson Arthur Guttormson Roseella Lund Lloyd Holm Paul Sandange r Johanus Sandanger Vern Hmghness Mark RUfSXOld Allen Opgaard Raymond Holkestad Kenneth Larson Benhard Markuson Marx 1n Olson Gustax Opgaard DEDICA TION the men of our school whose fate lt has been o enter our natmon s armed forces and then ma rchmg away mn umform the lands of dlngoes or cumform serve the1r country rn the trme of need So people all over the World can be freed Some haxe enhsted to do then' share In the Army the Naxy Mar1nes and the Amr Wh1le others would work and patmently wa1t For thc draft to determlne then' ult1mate fate And we won t forget the women who Also Jomed the armed forces too For the effort they gave to thls worthy cause We gwe to them a hearty applause To these men and women and those who wmll be March1ng off to the mllltary Of the past the present and the future too We dedxcate th1s our annual to you RAC Cllfford Peterson Carol Lund Clar1ce Rufsvold Kermlt Rufsvold Srgmond Henr1kson Marvln Martmson Norman Nelson W1ll1am Jones Ole Henmkson Melvm Skonseng Ernest Holkestad Lyle Bjone Wrlmer Hanson Wayne Hanson Wallace Holkestad Harley Johnson Marlrn Hanson Robert Long Wrllarcl Johnson Robert Bmllxngs Elroy Peterson Vt rnon Olson Alden Rasmussen Ernrnlt Nelson Pcdcr Lrranlund Vxola Martmnson f-lcnorm Shonsc ng Erhng Shonseng Vrctor Rasmussen Jame s Collett Johnny Holke stad Carlton Opgaard Ph1l1p Nelson I-Irlmer Ronn1ng Orvrlle Johnson Telvln Slattum Allen Peterson Norvald Skonseng Duane Olson Percy Slattum Kenneth Grothe Donald Johnson Ralph Peterson Donald Carlblom Bennet Nelson R Dell Anderson Stanley Bjornher Gerald Roach E DuWayne I-hghness Stanlex Slatu m To ' T A ' , Go ' f ' ' To ' ' , To . . 4 7 . . Y! Y D ' I I I I , . . . 1 , , , I 3 ' Palmer Henrikson Gerald Anderson ' v I A A ' 4 ' A I ' 5 ' ' H x ' FACLLTY Tip I i ll ll MILTON WILL Principal SPENCER FJELD Assxstant Pnncxpal MRS. WILMA BERGER Intermedxaie Room Q ' 155 - qw MRS. SLEMER SAND Cook FACULTY The pr1nc1pal of our school th1s year 15 Mr M1lton W1ll from W1shek North Dakota Besldes havmng adm1n1st atwe dutmes he taught fwe subjects We wtsh to thank h1m for h1s patlence wxth us dur1ng the past year The Jumors and semors espec1ally w1sh to thank hun for help1ng d1rect thelr class plays Our assmstant pr1nc1pal IS Mr Spencer Fjeld from Nome North Dakota He has been w1th us for four years Th1s year he taught the three Enghsh classes mathematlcs U S H1story and Physmcal Educat1on He coached the basketball teams for the h1gh school boys and g1rls and for the grade boys and grrls Mrs Wmlma Berger taught the mtermed1ate room th1s year She has taught that room for the past three years The Jumors and semors w1sh to thank her also for her help ln dlrectlng the1r plays Mlss Beatr1ce Arne taught the prlmary room th1s year She has been here for the past three years She IS well hked by her pup1ls and by all the other students 1n school John Opgaard our Jamtor has had h1s Job here for twenty f1ve years He 1s a good fr1end of all the students and we hope he can contlnue h1s f1ne work for many years to come Last but not least 1s our cook Mrs Sand who IS spendlng her fourth year w1th us Her meals are just as dehcrous as they always have been Annual Staff Ed1tor Ass1stant Ed1tor Busmess Manager Product1on Ed1tor Sports Echtor Photograph1c Edmtor Soc1al Ed1tor Freshman Class Ed1tor Sophomore Class Ed1tor Jumor Class Edltor Semor Class Ed1tor Typ1stS Maree Lou Kornehus Jamce L1bak Carol Berger Douglas Larson Marllyn Blrklld Robert Johnson Leroy Kornelmus Raphael Henrlkson Beverly Berger Mar1lyn Olson Mav1s Anderson Denn1s Peterson Mar1lyn B1rkl1d Jamce L1bak Douglas Larson Leroy Kornelmus Raphael Henrlkson Carol Berger Advlsors Mr W1ll Mr Fjeld 5 . , . I' , . . , . ' l ! . . , . 1 J ' - , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , 1 1 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . -.6 f f SENIGRS X ANTH X ff? 1 1 ? I x f W1 0 Vi Wm wwf 3 I UZ lll llmlhl X Name LEROY A KORNELIUS lV1ce Prcsxdm ntl AMBITION None EXPRESSION How Do SONG A Woman PET PEEVE Teachf. rs WEAKNESS Gxrls SPORT Baskm lball SUBJECT Typmg Name: JANICE LIBAK QSQ-crctaryj AMBITION: Learn To Cook EXPRESSION: "Oh, NM5! SONG. "My Blum- Iivdxvx. PET PEEVE VVrx1uzg Lv1'4-ra WEAKNE55 Brown Iixvn Aud V.r1y H SPORT Bdsk--lrml. SUBJEKQ1 Bnukk x-'- pzrzmg Name MAREE LOU KORINELIUS KTreasurerJ AMBITION Interlor Decorator EXPRESSION See You SONG Blue Moon PET PEEVE Walling WEAKNESS Dancmg SPORT Skatmg SUBJECT Typxng a Wim Name DOUGLAS B LARSON Presxdem AMBITION Travel EXPRESSION Hey' SONG Aprxl In Portugal PET PEEVE Stuck bp P4 oplc WEAKINESS Nlce Cars SPORT Baseball SUBJECT PhyS1calEduCaL1o Fl Name MARIL YN J BIRKLID AMBITION Be A Good Secretary EXPRESSION None SONG Old Man Rxver PET PEEVE Show Offs WEAKNESS Movmes SPORT Basketball SUBJECT Bookkeepmg Name DENNIS J PETERSON AMBITION Farm EXPRESSION 1 Don t Know SONG A Gxrl A Glrl PET PEEVE Gabby Women WEAKNESS Blondes SPORT Basketball SUBJECT Physxcal Educatxon Senwr Class Hzstory Our semor class began xts flrst school years mn 1942 All of the semors attended country schools 1n the commun1ty surround1ng Fort Ransom for the f1rst e1ght years of school In the fall of 1950 we met at the Fort Ransom School to beg1n our four years to gether There were eleven who enrolled 1n our freshrnan year They were Joel Han son Bonme Hrghness Douglas Larson Maree Lou and Leroy Kornelxus Estelle Haar sager Joyce Peterson Thorman Paulson Marllyn B1rkl1d Denms Peterson and Jan 1ce Lmbak Dur1ng our freshman year Bonme Hlghness moved away and Joel Hanson dropped out Our membershrp was held to mne throughout our sophomore year ln our Jumor year Estelle Haarsager and Joyce Peterson left us to attend schoo 1n L1tchv1lle Lyle F1sher from Nome Jo1ned us that year Thorman Paulson and Lyle Flsher left us 1n our semor year Thorman Joxned the Mannes and Lyle attended h1s sentor year 1n Valley C1ty So we were tr1mrned down to a small number of slx sen1ors In our Jumor year we produced the play Aaron Shck From Punlun Cr1ck In the sprlng of th1s year We presented a three act comedy Here Comes Charhe Semor Class Wall The semor class of 1954 do hereby bequeath to the Jumors and teachers the followmg Maree Lou w1lls to Dolly her desk at the front of the room so she can hear what IS be Jamce w1l1s to Mav1s her ab1l1ty to play basketball and hopes she w1ll lmprove It Denms w1lls to D1ck h1s seat at the back of the room and hopes he w1ll remam there all through the school year To Carol Marllyn w1lls the ab1l1ty to keep qulet for flve m1nutes Maree Lou and Jamce w1ll to D1ck the r1ght to sk1p school and get by w1th lt To Dlck Leroy w1l1s h1s pr1v1lege of tak1ng h1s Dad's car whenever he wlshes Douglas w1lls to Ronald h1s danc1ng sk11l so he can take a certaln freshman glrl to dances Janlce w1lls to Carlo her cool temper so she w1ll not fly off the handle when she IS be 1ng teased about a certaln V F To Mav1s Mar1lyn w1lls the pr1v1lege of not havmng to stay out of school to work Jamce and Maree Lou w1ll to the whole Jumor class the remarkable talent of rardmg the refrlgerator wmthout gettlng caught To the Jumors Douglas w1lls the rlght to borrow paper 1nk penc1ls or any other supphes from everyone 1n the room The sen1ors w1ll to Mr W1ll the pr1v1lege of tak1ng a day off from school whenever the Occaslon permlts To Mr Fjeld the semor class w1l1s the1r 324 hand drawn hand colored and hand la beled maps wlth the hope that he w11l spend as much tmme wlth them as they did ll I C ! . V 1 D . Y - 1 y 1 . . I 1 v I ' . . , . . . ' ' Il ' ' ' ll , . ' ' ll ' ll , . I O , 1 ing said without saying "huh. " , . , . . . s , . . . , . . , . 1 . , , . . . , . . . - , , - - Prophecy It lS now tht yta 1070 and our vvtll known bum Mr Stmon has just returned from a cru1se around the world He was telltng me about the sentors of 1994 Pl-llLADELPHlA I-le told me Martlyn Btrkhd ts workmng wmth Ltberace and they haye gm en sex eral ptano concerts throughout the world They have an hour T V show eyery Thursday eyemng VALLEY CITY Satd he ran aeros Mrs Arthur Kolrud the former Jamce Ltbakj operattng the1r lumber yard It seemed Ardy was away on a bustness tr1p and he left her tn charge They hayc two Chtl dren a boy Ole and a gtrl Gerry Wondc r why those names? 'P 'P MINNEAPOLIS He told me he attended a basketball game between the M1nne apohs Lakers and the Natmonal All Star and found the coach of the Lakers to be none other than Douglas Larson Douglas told me he and h1s wtfe fthe former Maree Lou Korneltusl have Just fxnlshed Lonstructtng a sports arena themselves wh1ch 15 very beautmful DETROIT Wh1le shopptng for a car he chanced to meet LeRoy Korneltus Leroy told htm he had just tnyented a ear that would turn Corners at the push of a button so he won t mlss any more corners lmke he used to when he was tn htgh school Thms car w1l1 carry twelye or thmrteen people lmke noth1ng NEW YORK CITY He satd Pete s Famous Redut 1ng Saloon located tn the heart of Ntw York C1ty ts operated by nont other than Denms Peter son Ht ts sttll stngle out has thoughts of marrtagc on hts mtnd Samd h gtrl was a form r Ltsbon gtrl and 1 now tmploytd tn New York Cxtx L l that futsht s L J tht SLIIIOTS of 193-1 12 ' f A -x v- V 1, r ' ' A E . y , , . T , ,, . AH , ,Y v V ' A . 5 F . . J . , C . X . , 'A .- ' 4 J L , , , , ..... , . 3 I - , . y . . . H , . . . ' VY I X' ll ' - , 1 ' . ' r u ' - , 2 ' ' ' ul ' 1 ' ' t e e 1 s ' - 'f A 4 I. Wal, 1 - ll x . . , . . . . , . . . Q 9 W . J KEN i Ili' iX "i.!i'E Y JU 1011 ff' Qggzzs. . , ,...:::--' lqg. Ill' Qq.lH li'i'a ll.!:.ll: ' glial: .-llllllff ' 2:':::'- 2:25:15- 'I gun IIUIHAIQH IIWIIVIIII f-X 1, A Q, Q ,-. IV I f E K ,E 3 4 ., 'W' ' , X -7! W, fi s. , XY X5lSl+g?:fy f si 1 ' ' ' Rx x. 1 il ' A X515 f'f ll ll I' SX .. I :- ll IU- l 1 I A 'ii , A .L-4 I I lg 4 l,p .. I' 4 ill IQ , E ' es H I 1? f 't- i X! N X V, 4' Q, xg.. ..- X17 J Q CAROL BERGER RONALD FALK GENEVIEVE STRANDER 'EN K' 'ig A M RICHARD HENRIKSON MAVIS ANDERSON RAPHAE1., HENRIKSOIN ,Iumor Class Hzstory We the jumor class of 1954 hereby announee the large membershlp of our class Carol Berger Mans Anderson Ronald Falk Raphael I-Ienr1kson Rxchard Hennkson and Genev1exe Strander The class off1cers are Raphael I-Ienr1kson Pres1dent Ronald Falk V1ce Presldent On December 11 17 1033 we ga L our glass play A PAIR OF COUNTRY KIDS vnth tha he lp of thc followumg sophonaorrs Marllxn Olsor Robert Johnson Vernex btrandn and KLnnctl'1Olsor Thr dxre to s were Mr M1llon W11l and Mrs W11ma Berg make up Mrs Kcnneth Rufsx old Max 14 we gaxe thc Jumor Se nor Banquet The sophomore and freshman gn-1s were waltlc SSL S The subjec s taknn thms yea wr re Englxsh III A a o B Bookkeepnng 'Iypuu r1t1ng G1 ogbraphx and I-hs orx 14 f. 4. 1 ' x I - 1 l,, A '. , X' ... I v.- . .0- Q 'Av I I I . ' ' , A ' 1 I 7- 3 I . 1 I I I ' Q ' 1 ' , ' 9 , ' - I 5 Carol Berger, Secretary-Treasurer. f- NJ , v- uv - '41 I 1 N D F r x 1 x ' A 1 L ' lr A, I , tv 1 ' 2 e .. - ' lc: r 'f A . ' M . M 1 -rg - , . - . ' , ' . v ' 1 ' - z ' 'A . ' A ' ' ,it ' 2 ' 'i r X ' , ' ' 114 , ' , " a ' ' , , , , .y t , ' K X g-fn -fa K j7il'aa 466 52 x 7134.1 MQ wk X .. at I 1 ' f 5 4-W if .I-5455 ' 3, X A l:::-- I 2 A As N V! 1 I f Q Qt f 1' X Q' tw, .p' ' :HI GARY SAND X a Rx? VERNY STRANDER 'Vx +- KN X ANSON ax: MARILYN OLSON ROBERT JOH SOPHOMORE ln 1065 l1g,ht aophonmorgs ents red lhL Furl Ran som Hxgh Slhool Thn members aro Mdrxlyn Olson Vcrnx Strdndgr Myrna Han:-on Shxrleg, Carlblom Robert Johnson Gary Sand Kcnngth Olson and Ernn st Boroszun Erm st Borobzuk droppc d out m DL s 1 mln r A l an as doo 1I Robnrl .loxn ll Bon bpkrzlarx bhxrlmy Cdrlhlorn dndlrmdnxlrer Garx Sa ld Durmg thy xear uk took he zollowmg sobjaus Cltxzynah p Englxsr lla anti llb ganerdl sin nm nmathmnmnlub and 0 untxmons .1 5 bnllool par ll xnqr hono 'ha trlblund Dur L, har :vu A o mr hlx vv tlbu 1.1 all look ng urwaru to ul., 051 L r our jumor e 16 V14 ir in. NSON -159' SHIRLE Y CARLBLOM I., 4, .1 KLNTNL l H Ol..bON . . Y .V x I -. ' ' s - ff A I 3, , . ,,, , .' .f' .'i'. 1 xt .Ax k Wg I .' Q, 'Q : . ,jf.1.5g, 5 V s- -, ulll " ' l -,. . yy I 1, ' I VI N" v K KI, X- ,QX .f . XY - y - x .1 i 1 V ' , , ,Z , . I1 - X l - - m v 1 . X , , , , lx v 1 Y 1 X E xx . . , 1 Tl A nlfss offm wr rc: Pr--1 Nr , A l - I , , , .. 1 V . , - Q ' - ' 1 , 1 . ' ' . Q f' - -. Wm- pl '. 1- thm- fxr I ly of xc I' -' ll. r oz' , - " 'R ' xnj the da5 thuy mx. h lil u r 4 111111-in-ra! . 5111. 'I' - '1 1 nod Ihv !:'v.1!r1xcrti '-vrx -N-.ull UNH- lxrlxv Q-rzjoxl-cf wxl,1rL'1z.Lg with our V-f . hut: Mr E'N'1lQLl:.cilN'lr lfjrlfi. 'E..: pas mar WV -Arn 'Z v' ' x be 1' I Y-tl.4-r .V lx ll. l . Y al' A x I 41 It fl, K - MY' ll, .' 1 v V -V A - 15 CAROLE BLRKLID E LaVONNE JACOBSON Qs '1 DORRAINE W ARD FRESHMAN The irc shman Class f1rst sons 5 fd of mme membgrs Thu. were 1..aNonnL Ja: omson Caroll B1 k.l1d B erly Be gf Dordmnc Ward Milford Rufsxold Elrox H44 sager Irvmng Rus old Donald Tornnu raw s ard Ardell Rasmsxssen Later Donald Tommerans and A d ll Rasmusser dropped ox.. of lx Llds The sopromo es 'ook greal plpds re xn 1n1t1at ng s Al hosmgln we rough 1 was joyable pa lx F hee emng T .awk yov sophorforrs' Our subjnrrs the 1 rst serresu cons1sted of cmtmzlnsh p Enghsh la rnathvmdtu s an g,,LnL ral szlcnce l the simon :mas ter Englxsr ld and Q 11121 nsh1p wx rm rL plan ed by Eng,,l1sh lb and Orlcnlallons Wc .ill wlnl lo thank the L .lm he rs for lhbll' ass sun m the past yn.-xr 0 Q 1 Q, r- Y I BEVERLY BERGER 17 5 MELFORD RUFSVOLD fv N-...A R X Nl- A IRVING RUFSVOLD 'UN ,..f xfft E LROY I-LAARSAGER "' In - X. -I 'A : ' f ' ' , v .-, - Q r , ev ' rffr, f - 'S Z R' , A A ' bl ' A Y x, I ia 1-D X . A .l x A ih " , ' r e .. 3' 1'- s . -1 cf ' 23 ' A 'V ' 'A Q A Q 1 L2 . 1 . ' A ' tl 'f T. Y ' v' i tough dgrzng the day, we were gxren an en- ' d 1 - - ' E s . n f - d s ' - - , V Q . if . . ' ' n Q- 1' 1 Q ,V E - ,,. Q3 N 7 A . 5 ' 'E 'V , , v,'v .. xi, . N'-.1 f ,?" I Az Q -- x ' fi' l . 4 . 'L ' Q ,mf if GRADE SCHCCL 2 24' 11.1 ,Wx 0. D E:-,fag-gf. ,9 1 ' Wif'QHQNf E255 Il VI jg 7 0 63 ff- Q Sep --1 X - - - 1 L A ig? W CW 'A w 5' I ' ' ' 1 1..eROY LARSON f LAWRENCE ANDERSON VIRGII.. OLSON I 3 1. V1 HOL M C Y NTHIA BJONE 8th raders 7th raders Z0 'vx ,, , LELAND HANSON J LORRAINE ANDERSON EVELYN SANDHEI MARY LL BJONE if vb 1 f 'V :S "' Ox Y K ,xi X 4 j J .ark jf' 2, .K 'I at Os L , "U fc .1 , ,Q I is I lr K xx .il fv: xkx q V' 4 A -sl IC -x 6 'N rf A , Qx 5413533 f -f X , '. sv ' ' , xl- PF ARI ' . V- V 456 .4 A., E51 fl 1'-,.,-ifiu ALLEN GROTHE CAROL KORNELIUS ROGER HENRIKSON 'Til S.. 5th Graders RUSSEL FAI-'K DIANE ANDERSON 1 1 JEAN KORNELIUS DEAN CARLBLOM W? Ci Q K J !x1'h llil lx ICI 'Y 4 RICHARD LARSON PEGGY BJONE ROGER STRANDER 2 1 fi A- 6' 1 ' I -,, ?"" V M., I , , L : F f fd ' ,,. V viii '1 I 1' " 'R " " , I ' . . 1 . - 4 E" V R -v , ,E 1, A Q A ' 'x - gf L N?-f ' fa X I 'K . . '-38'-'Q' . A t r A X 4 h G ade R ' gx 'X ' I K '53, Il ' ' 4' S' V E' Ax ix , . E f r gs A vc 4 N Q CL fb I V I ' 'X .gt - 'R navl- Q av 1 I x I '-- A -sq, A 1" Q mu A J N P Pnmary Room There are nineteen pupils in our room this year Clyde and Dale Gimbel from the Han- son School joined us last fall After Christmas vacation Gerald I-lovelson from Fargo has been with us We have five first graders James Carlblom Darwin Erickson Judy Holm Gene Pe terson and Gerald Hovelson We have six second graders Gwendolyn Berger Gary Falk Dale Gimbel Jon Hendricks Jean Hendrickson and Bruce Iverson We have sev en third graders Dennis Carlblom Leland Carlblom Clyde Gimbel Kathleen Holm Lawrence Larson James Sand and Marjorie Sandhei We have just one fourth grader who is Helen Berger The grades again gave the Christmas Program at the standing Rock Church This year we had the help of the High 'School Glee Club which sang two songs The pageant we pre sented was "Still Shines The Star" with a beautiful stage setting During the year we joined the Junior Red Cross filled two Gift Boxes and donated to the March of Dimes Fund The third and fourth graders competed with the fifth graders for the Spelling Contest We learned the County Chorus songs and Marjorie sang a solo for our special number at the Music Festival This has been a busy year for our Y C L Last fall We took part in the Pep Rally e later completed our Scrapbook of the five projects Ours was chosen as one of the best three for the county These three Scrapbooks will be displayed in Bismarck at the state Y C L Convention We feel pretty proud to think that even if we aren't very big we can compete with the older members and still have our work recognized We took part in the County Y C L Convention and received an "Efficiency Award" for our Y C L work We helped entertain the P T A in November w1th a drill and Dialogs We made cor We have enjoyed a very busy and most interesting school year Intermedlate Room This year there are twenty pupils in our room so we out grew the room we had occu pied for several years and moved back to our original room in the southeast corner of the building occupied formerly by the primary department We had a very peppy cheerleading team this year consisting of Evelyn Sandhei Marvel Bjone and Carol Kornelius They looked very attractive in their green skirts white T Shirts and green neck kerch1efs They cheered for the girls' games at all the home games and went out of Two out of our room played sub on the boys town to several games made the high school basketball team as subs LeRoy Larson team and Cynthia Bjone played on the Freshman and Sophomore team Our boys grade tory over Rariton For a money making moxic THE GOOD EA dy at school and at the project our Y C L together with the primary r RTI-I and raffled off a hassock During the year various school actix ities We are sorry to see the fine eighth graders Cynthia Bjone Lorraine Roy Larson Leland Hanson and Law rence Anderson leaxe our room looking forward to the time whtn vu will join ther in high school This tlass has thc dist nction of haxing a sat of twins in tht tlass Lawrence 'Z team played a number of games and ended the season with a vic oom showed the we have sold can Anderson Le but we are all eighth grade and Lorraine C l D : , 1 l l 1 1 ' , . ' 1 , 1 l 1 l 1 . ' ' - ' 3 I , , A 1 , Y l ' l I I . ' j I sages for our Mothers at Christmas and are preparing Mothers Day gifts and a program. I , - - , . 1 - s ' ' , . , . . I 2 r A ' - ' 1 v ' " ' J . y . 2 3 U Y. . , i . . A . . - 1 ' i ' N , , V' ' , V ,,, , - ' n L.. I . '-Q? .,, 5 01 f QNI' - . 9 L' , y ' 1 N..,3 gf! ,. , ire llg ' ag-il F 5 nt" m nexus!!! -H inn' 1 ' P' A .... 1 x, .' I' A L Q L.: ,Cf 1 ix ,jyiinx fb 'vm ' I JI? ,mums 5,8295 ' , ' vfr 1. Uh f IMISEL DILNIN S CARLBLOM JAMES SAND LAWRENCE LARSON '15 .K 1 ON I gy i '-1 'in- W 11. .,..wIr MARJORIE SANDHE1 LELAND CARLBLOM KATHLEEN HOLM " Q F1235 HELEN BERGER 23 . V. N Q X- A k S A f ,ia XV K' ,H V A y f , "-' f " B K 'A . J js 3rd Grade 4th Grade 'Y , if BRU CE IVE RSON K DALE GIMBEL Q 11 -nn Wt' lbw? GENE PETERSON DARVN HN ERICKSON 2nd Grade will '-whos """ 35 iF'f?E JEAN HENRICKSON GARY FALK 67 TP 'UNI' +1 GWENDOLYN BERGER JON HENDRICKS 115 han! 'bw JUDY HOLM JAM:-:s CARLBLOM Ist Grade Z4 GERALD HOKELSOYN . . .. V 1, , 5 1L. Q -':. , 'V W, HG fn v I AL E-A 7. 2 Ex , . Egfih- "'gf . X ' -.avi 7 q 'A',,g 1.1 ,. at . 1 4 ' ' 9' , 1 1 K . , 6 , 1 2 ' 'S i sz. - w VM- .. - ' X ' xx 5 1 , ' - li" - ' A 'ffUf E E vii 'if 'a 4..- 1 A- "' ,1' e N ' I . 1' . i ufh 2"' 2 fx j ATHLETIC nu .UJ-P WJ S ,r ' 'll My .5 I f Ni Z ff Q 9 Q - ' '--1. b ' - H xx 0 .7 . . 11 ' ' X-0 0 f .V XX , o " I - x- I' 1' " 'hr' llq ll .4 -'O 2' , 17. .' C9 -fl QQ "S'.'. bl . ri. .Eli 'sr K 'I Q ,s :f I -14 xx X X xx wx xx Y , V j Sports Report The Fort Ransom I-hgh School and Grades both had basketball teams thls past year We all had a lot of fun play1ng Even though we d1dn't wm state we stlll had a very good t1me The gmrls played 1n two tournaments one was a Chr1stmas Invltatxonal at Hast1ngs they played two games and got beat by Nome 40 23 and also by Duzkey 39 24 The g1r1s got beat 1n the Dlstrmct Tournament at Berlln by Hast1ngs 46 23 The boys also played ln a D1str1ct Tournament held at Nome and they got beat by Nome 56 27 Hasungs also beat them 36 15 The grades had a basketball team th1s year for the fmrst t1me and dld very good 1n thelr fmrst year The school's pr1de and Joy IS 1ts cheerleaders they were M1ckey Olson Doralne Ward and Carol Berger Thelr favorlte cheer was "You Gotta Flght You Gotta Flght Team F1ght You Gotta W1n You Gotta W1n Team Wxn You Gotta Beat You Gotta Beat Team Beat You Gotta F1ght You Gotta Wm You Gotta Beat Qopponentj beat Qopponentl beat beat beat Qopponent J The captaln of the boys' team was Douglas Larson the g1rls' captaln was Jamce Llbak The boys' hlghest scorer was LeRoy Kornehus wlth 68 polnts average of 6 Z per game The glrls' h1ghest scorer was Janlce L1bak w1th 189 polnts average of 15 8 per game A Ll-IEERLEADERS 26 I7 f QI l '29 1 12 ACTIVITIES X Q LDIN Q Q . WI yx LY? ' QN 6 'MXN . N.. A Z 1 , IY Ig E!" f ray!! ij! ffm! .Gif , 5 ff 7 45? J 's !l Baccalaureate Barealaureate services were conducted by Rev. bandanger in honor of the Senior Class, May 23, 1954, at 8:00 p. m. in the Standing Rock Church, the class attended as a body with their advisors, Mr. Milton Will and Mr. Spencer Field. FRADUA TION Corrirnencemt nt s Q es we re c ax 1954 at 8 00 p rn in the Standing oe Chureh Their class motto EVER CLIMBING The graduation sptakt r was Mr Donald I-loland of Lisbon They marched in two by two dressed in caps and gowns Mr T K Berger presented the diplomas to the seniors and Mrs Wilma Berger pre sented the eighth grade diplomas ,Iunwr Semor Banquet The Junior Senior Banquet was held May 14 l954 in the Young People s Hall at The freshman and sophomore girls acted as waitresses The Junior mothers prepared the dinner The hall was decorated western style as the theme was The Last Roundup After dinner the following program was gixen A violin solo by Mrs Sigmund Henrik son a piano solo by Bexerly Berger Maree Lou Kornelius read the Senior Class Vlill and Carol Berger read the Junior Class Prophee3 The Glee Club lte awas a it J b n ir ii 1 1 is e ll tor rls leo sing in 1 in rnunitx 1 April s xx Q 4 s in usit e t io.: 4 it 1 gi g o s ngs at it stixal in n 1 x it ian s ianis r x ergti rtiti Jr wi O t Z8 I 1 r ,- wrvi '- 'f hild M f' 27, , 0: , . A : f 1 R 'k ' , ll ll .4 1 A ' . C l ' - I , , ' 2' 6:00 p.m, 2 4 ' ' , . H , .. it . y J i ' - 'I Ag "k'll1l' " ' o:'gfni'.'d fer oysa dg ls tl'sy'a' 'le K Berger istli' d' 'vt 'llliere are iliirtevn gi 'w' i ' j ' the girls' glee ulub and six 'Joys the boys' glee tlub, Tlit-se groups have taken part inthe various programs held in the t oni- ' 1. Ox ' lard tlit- glee i-lub' 'ent to Walip -ton wh Are the girl' took part a m ' afvstival lield ai the Svl fl if St' -new Thi frls san' tw' so 1' tl - Ie: " 5 d rett-ixed a rati g of ' ext 1-lit-nt, ' N- var to tl' le lxlr- Bg11'irq-y',li11glIl1r' p qt. Bt-we ll B if-. to l A r tint- wc k ' th D th lubs. Sw XP SCHGGL FUN iv 5 Q + - of, If x y 7 if bmw Mfgqw km NSN -fl ' X I X-G: xl ff! fi 'ff -X fly!! fn, X ' ff!" X M X ffl ff f ff K' , X X J .1 v-un-,, "WWF, lmtlatwn 42, 53,0 lf iff" f 1' ' Q -1 " W ,,,,.,,..,,.......-- .,, . . i ag ,- wma ww!-" lgyg-jP'kj,:T 'Z -, ff: ,z-'-1. 3, QQ, ,f M. At,Lt0gr'L1 phs Autographs Stat e pr lr Z ll out A bi Trl ' xg 1 Wie 4, fs g f X if ..-Z5 l , I ' f - e S Ws, . ADVERTISING E5 lg' fa-7 -A I 3 X 9 PEOPLES ENDERLIN STA TE BANK 61 Years Of Contmnuous Servlce W1thout A Smgle Loss To Any Depos1tor General Bankmng Safety Deposmt Boxes See U For Insurance Of A11 Kmnds We lnute You To Call On Us Whenever We Can Be Of Seruee Member of Federal Deposmt Insurance Corporauon Phone 3151 4,-1 "Q ENDERLIN xf NORTH DAKOTA COMPLIMENTS OF FARMERS STATE BANK 0 Llsbon EVERY BANK AND INSURANCE SERVICE LISBOIN NOR11-1 DAKOF A I . - Y 3 I I . 3 X . , A ,Rusq X rx 47 ...,... 1 nun: X 5, I ' 1 ...N -- Q """ f 1 ' n n' C , . KATHRYN FARMERS MUTUAL ELEVATOR COMPANY INCORPORATED Crain-Seed -Flour-Coal Grain Treating-Seed Treating Bulk Oil Station-Tires-Tubes-Batteries FARMERS' UNION PRODUCTS Organlzed 1909 Phone 19 M W Ward Manager KATHRYN NORTH DAKOTA YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNT IS WELCOME AT THE CITIZENS STA TE BANK Member of Federal Deposmt Insurance Corporahon Phone 4494 'Vai f ENDERLIN NORTH DAKOTA w v ae f 2 ? Bills Paid By Check Remain Paid HANSON MOTORS Chrysler Plymouth G M C Trucks Massey Harms Alhs Chalmers New Holland Farmland Crosley Apphances - TRUCKS Phone 65 LISBON NORTH DAKOTA Red Uwl Agency Food Store Processmg For Home 8: Comrnermal Freezers Custom Cur1ng Slaughterxng Processmg Franc1s Englmn Propuetor Phone 95 LITCHVILLE NORTH DAKOTA COMPLIMENTS TRI STATE PRLNTERS i w I K I ' i , E l OF MGTOR INN Mobilgas-Firestone Tires-Sales And Service Mobilqas Minneapolis Moline-Gehlforge Harvesters Dodge Cars - Trucks Enderlin, ANDERSON S GROCERY Groceries Emergency Drugs Confections We Pay Cash For Farm Produce' Geary Anderson Prop Fort Ransom h .f'.f North Dakota North Dakota TED S SERVICE Gas Oil Greasing General Repair Tires Batteries Accessories For The Best In Service Call 13 R Fort Ransom GILBERT IMPLEMENT CO INC McCormick Farm Equipment 'Qg Oldsmobile Automobiles W Sales Service Lisbon North Dakota North Dakota Phone 282 I I I I , . 1 , , - I 1 . , . L. -:fx J - -il. U, A :ln ii.i'. '- . . - 'Qi ll :-f - ' r RAWES MOTOR COMPANY Chevrolet-Phone 56-Buick 6 Minneapolis Moline-Phone 28-New Idea Lisbon, North Dakota I NORTH LA MOURE STORE 9 Grocemes Meats Confectlons Farm Produce 4' Meat Lockers Gas O11 4Isq,o'f' Ben Osterberg Owner H1 Way ffl Ln""' ENDERLIN IMPLEMENT COMPANY John Deere Sales And Serv1Ce Phone 4101 ounurv :ARM EQUIPMENT Enderhn North Dakota LISBON HATCHERY AND PRODUCE Quahty Chmcks That Pax Bred To Lue And Lay F01 Your Ponltrx Needs And bupphes 'S Set Us L1SbOn North Dakota 'S ' ' 'E - 'Es ' ' ' x G A f f , 4 67,6 , 4 1 . I, 4 I . I' -ggi-nib' To The Semors Congratulauons 8: Best W1shes To The Undergraduates Your Commumty Has I-hgh Hopes For You LITCHVILLE STATE BANK f""w L1tchv1lle 1 J North Dakota Lltchvllle T I STRINDEN COMPANY Our Own Hardware John Deere Implements Sales Servmce North Dakota Ende rl1n FARMERS CO OP ELEVATOR Dealers ln Cvra1ns Seed Salt M1nerals Custom C:r1nd1ng 8x Mlxmng Seed Treatlng Phone 3361 Nor th Dakota L1sbon J N JOHNSON SEED COMPANY We Buy 8: Sell Farm Seeds Phone 68 North Dakota Z D X sr 1 Q. RW ! 1 x . . y f ,F , X- D n Ne 1 S - u 1 , 1 I Y ' , " H I 3 7 1 I l , , 7 AL GILBERTSON SERVICE McCorrn1ck Deenng Sales Seruce wwmuulmnc Farm Machumery Repau' Paxntmng Goodyear T11-es Enderhn North Dakota MARTINSON S GARAGE AND BLACKSMITH SHOP Fort Ransom North Dakota LISBON MOTOR SALES INC Farm Equlprnent John Deere M A Satre Pres1dent M O Borke Sec:'y Treas Phone 82 Lrsbon, North Dakota LISBON CREAMERY 8: ICE CREAM STORE "We Appremate Your Patronageu L1sbon, North Dakota - U Dia122o1 Complmments FRAM S PHARMACY Founta1n Se rv1ce LISBON HARDWARE O S Trom Propr1etor Phone 17 L1sbon N D L1sbon LOZIER S BEN FRANKLIN FUNERAL HOME STORE Ambulance Se rvlc e Phone 19 L sbon N D L1sbon N D Complmments E N NELSON ELEVATOR Your Frmendly Local Dealer VOGUES CLEANERS Phone 2.2 Lmsbon N D Lmsbon BJERKE 8: NYGAARD DINTY MOORES HARDWARE Lunche s Meals Hardware Bottle Gas Serv1ce Home Made Pastry Our Own Hardware Open Sundays Phone 242.4 Enderhn N D Llsbon N D of ' , . . ' , N.D. I I ' U I 1 o , of ' , . . ' , N. D. ll ll THE KOFFEE KUP Meals Lunches Home Made P 5 5 Plorenee Urban k Proprmetor Lwlsbon Lmchxmlle ARVES AND NELSON Hardware 8: Implements OPDAHL MOTORS Phmllmps oo Gas Sales Se rvmce Phone 39 J C MILLER ELEVATOR Graln Seed Feed Fuel lnternauoual Ham Q su r L1tchv1lle Lltchvllle DAHL S FAIRWAY STORE ELLIOT FARMERS SUPPLY COMPANY Ordear1L Dahl Propmetor Gram Seed Feed Coal Lurnbe r Ga s ohne Lltchx 1lle N D Elhot PATRONI ZE YOUR ADVERTISERS Phone ZQFZ . - x A - . . ,, ,,, a tr' - ' -A . ' , . ' , N.D. ' " , I - T "T . . , , , A - vm x ' A , N. D. ' ' , I . , - - - ! 0 I Y BOOSTERS FT RANSOM LISBON Knutson s Taxcrn Maack s Standard Seruce Larson s Fammly Band M Bootcry Gene S Recreatton Bohlkcn Hardwarc 81 Furnmtulc Olson s Store Coast to Coast Storc ElmcrAndcrson Dr A L Pushor Mol' s Super Valu NOME McNally Studxo Albmght Grocery Purdon L1lyqu1st Agjcncy Vaught Brothers Implement Hclmer s Jewelry M1DH1G'S Beauty Shop Grmndcn Varlety Holt Motors KATHRYN Ltsbon T1re And Scrv1ce Stauon B111 S Bakery Semc Theater Parks1dc Grocery 81 Garagc Fountatn lnn LITCHVILLE Johnson Cafe Grand Cafe E NDERLIN I ., v , v ' . A 1 ' , V , ' . ., V A LY Lisbon Cash Supply gl Lumber - l ' ya ' A A ' . . U ' X N I ,

Suggestions in the Fort Ransom High School - Rockets Yearbook (Fort Ransom, ND) collection:

Fort Ransom High School - Rockets Yearbook (Fort Ransom, ND) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 11

1954, pg 11

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1954, pg 48

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Fort Ransom High School - Rockets Yearbook (Fort Ransom, ND) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 9

1954, pg 9

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1954, pg 23

Fort Ransom High School - Rockets Yearbook (Fort Ransom, ND) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 7

1954, pg 7

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