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THE RT PECK DINOSA 1939 PUBLISHED BY ENGLISH IV CLASS FORT PECK HIGH SCHOOL FORT PECK, MONTANA -1- . D I N O S STANFORDHALL WYHONA LE CLAIRE CLAUDIA CHRISTENSEN AUR S TAFF WILFORD CASTERLINE SAMMY SAMPSON DONA HIYELY GRACE NONNE MARGORIE ARIBTRONG DARWIN HARBICHT BILL E BETTER EDITH NORMAN MARY IRISH' BERT ELFRING VELMA WEERE RGHERT LEE HELEN HERBOLD .TAKE LESSLEY GERALD BRICK ALICE DE TIENNE VIOLA GAGN HYRTI Bmmcrm smazn nonofrmz caonpmmc Houma mme ON S FLATEV UANBTA LONG EUGENE FRYEBGER ROBEIT TRUDO ..2- The The And Our D E D I C A T I O N hands relax, head droops, eyelids close wearilyz uork is done, Shortly we awake, The heed rises, Certain truths appearg Our All All lite begins. our knowledge, our work le than must use. Our future looketh golden. This chance we had, The help we tookg To our Faculty, thanks, You who led ue forth. --Sammy Sampson -3- f if w W" 'Y f 3, , .v H ly CMS SESS w I ! N F N l 1 - 1 'ive T ' N,-.f F 0 fl ,lu I WI, fl 12, M iwmfnffy x' g "' I, I' 'Q i, f Cf '-fx 1 fdfzd S' f 7 ff ", 1 I I ,, 'fy ! :I I, ,V V' ' f A f x It A, Q ' Q X ., 7 Nfl' 'V X X X . H, I ' Xi' 'Q 655, - 'ig 3? X K Tix ,f.:iffQffW G" 5 fda! 7? . M2279 '5- "" 'Q f,,. af W ' Q '- .,., . Qkadijgfigliz 4 "Q, ' lg -' K if 4,4 -. P 14 4,15 ' 'g fsgimaifilw D if Q -gsvypffffsgnl ,N es, 21:4 4 4 xff- -Z 3 ' W 4. " - 4.- ':, cw ..,, .. . E?i44 ' 1 A S 1 es- - ' - .,,,-. I A scHooL I ,A-V-V - - -V ......Y-..,. I I F A C U L T Y S E N I 0 R C L A S S 0 F F I C EIR S VICE PRESIDENT PRESIDENT SEC-TREASURER HISTUHY OF FORT PEGK SCHOOL The Fort Peck School first opened its doors on Gctobsr 1, 1934,as an elementary school of eight grades with an enroll- ment of 215 and a faculty of nine members. The enrolment continued to increase that year until a peak of '537 was reached on January 18, 1955. During the year a total of 412 pupils were enrolled. The student bodydwas composed of pu- pils from 25 states, the District of Columbia, and the Pro- vince of Saskatchewan, Uanadag they came from schools rang- ing all the way from a one-room rural to the largest in New York City. u The first .day of the second year found the school en- larged, the ninth and tenth grades being added, and the faculty increased from nine members to twelve. The temporary school was moved from its former position in the barracks to the location of the permanent school to which two new wings had been added. The enrollment the first day was 529 of which 96 were in the ninth and tenth grades. The en- rollment continued to increase until a peak of 551 was reached on April 16, 1936. The total enrollment for the year was 471. Although it was only a two-year high school, the students and faculty, with full cooperation of the community, presented an original Christmas cantata which has been used as a- basis for succeeding programs. They established another precedent by offering an operetta, "H. M. S. Pinaforef' by Gilbert and Sullivan. This was the first year of competitive sports in the Fort Peck School.'n1e new coach, Clyde Banfield, led both the basketball and track teams to honors. No change was made in the school the third year. The en- rollment the first day was 529. 'me peak, reached March 1, 1937, las 420, and the total, 494. 'Exe students carried on the traditions established by the second-year members in that they again presented a Christmas cantata and the oper- etta, "8honita." An inexperienced track team succeeded in placing second in the district meet. The basketball team improved and for the first tim? the Fort Peck School was re- presentad in the district touxilqmnt. In the fall of '37, the eleventh and twelfth grades were added, and the faculty was increased from twelve to fourteen mowers. The enrollment the first day was 472, of which 211, were in the junior-senior high school. The peak of the year was 502. This was a gala year for extracurricular activi- ties in the Fort Peck School. ln addition to the traditional Christmas program, oparetta, and sports, the ever ambitions students put out a school paper, organized a pep club and science club, presented a play, and edited an annual. The Junior Class sponsored a junior-senior banquet and prom on lay 6. Baccalaureate and Cormmncement were held May ZZ and 25 respectively. Several school dances were scattered throughout the year. 'me basketball team had a most suc- cessful season, and the track team had improved so much that Coach Banfield took five members to the Havre Divisional Track Beet. .4 HISTORY GF FORT PECK SCHOOL fGOn'bIlnuQd? The fifth year of school opened on September 6, 1958, with an enrollment of 457. Iteontinued to increase until October 18, when it reached 486, this being the peak. Tae env rollment then decreased slowly, due to the transfer of ens- ployees, mobil at the present time 458 are enrolled. At the opening of school the total enrollment of grades 9 to 12 was X59 'Eds9F 5?Ri9mP??,50z IQUQBQQ Q Peak of 143, E35 -45 .cbd premiums rss. me emu enfdr1ment for the 'cue entire school, is 525. The number of faculty members still remains 14. , ' Un Hey 5 the senior class was honored at e banquet and prom sponsored by the junior class. In addition to the oper- ette and Christmas program the school presented e Music Fes- tival, May 12. On Hay 21 and 25, respectivelygshe baccalau- reate and commencement exercises were presenteckfwo new clubs were organized, namely, the"Mode1 Bui1ders'and"Camera C'1ub'. The senior class edited a very successful DHEDGE and DINO- SAUR.Goech Bsntield and his tracksters entered the'Big Four' Track Meet at Culbertson. 'me basketball boys ended a suc- cessful season by winning third place in the district tourn- emnt this spring. on- HISTORY OF FACULTY First Bow, Left to Bight: Miss '1brvik,Hrs. J'enes,Miss Booth, Miss Reed, Miss Mountjoy, Mrs. Briksen, Mrs. Danielson Second Row, Left to Right: Hr. Pjersted, lr. Banfield, Miss Reymer, Miss Floren, Mrs. Stanton, Hr. Nelson, Mr. Welker Those not in picture: Mrs. I-lsughey, Mrs. Noyes GRADE-SCHOOL FACULTY Opal Mountjoy--First grade Inez Haughey--Fourth grade Ruby Stanton--First grade Esther Janes--Fifth grade Alice Booth--Second grade Bile Walker--Sixth grade Edith Floren--Third grade e HIGH-SCHOOL FACULTY Loyd O. Fjerstad -- C1954-1989 at Fort Peek! Superintendent of Fort Peck School Algebra e Graduated from University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. T. Clyde Banrield 6- D955-1959 at Port Peck! Senior class advisor end coach. Solid geometry, chemistry, biology, general science, and physics. A Graduated from University of Montana, Missoula, Montana ..5- H GH SCHOOL FACULTY fdontinuedl ' Elizabeth T. Reymer -- C1957-1959 at Fort Peck! Junior class advisor. American history, shorthand I, typing I, English Ile Graduated from College of St. Teresa, Winona, Minn. Attended University of Hawaii, Honolulu, Haraii. , A. Olivia Torvik -- 11958-1959 at Fort Peck! Sophomore class advisor. Q English I, III, French I, II, music ln Junior High, glee clubs and mixed chorus. Graduated from Concordia college, Moorhead, Minnesota. Attended University of Montana, Missoula, Mont. Esther Erlksen -- 11958-1959 at Fort Peck! Freshman class advisor. English IV, social studies, lorld history, American problems, DRE GE staff advisor, annual staff advieor,office prac- tice. Graduated from Jamestown College, JBEBBCOID, N. Dak.Attended University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. Gloria Noyes -- Lsubstitute for Mrs. Eriksenl Freshman class advisors English IV, social studies, world history, Am rican problems, DREDGE staff advisor, annual staff advisor. Graduated from University of Montana, Missoula, Mont. At- tended University ot Oregon, Eugene, Ore. Houard Nelson -v C1938-1959 at Fort Peck! Eighth grade advisor, Plane geometry, algebra, science and mathematics in the Junior High school, and physical education. Graduated from Albany College, Albany, Oregon. Attended the University ef Montana, Missoula, lont. Helen Reed -- 11938-1939 at Fort Peck! Seventh grade advisor. English, social studies, and art in the Junior. High school. . Graduated from College ot St. Catherine, St. Paul, ldnn. Attended the University of Montana, Missoula, Mont. -5- SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Pnaiems--enum-a nan Vice President-lhrjorte Armstrong Secretary Qzeasurere-Edith Mmm Bless Flower: Chu Ehlers: Glrnetionj A 1 Nl , 1 Blue and Silver Glass Hotto Knowledge is Power Stanford mil-- 'Lst us, then, be what we are, and speak what we think and in all things Ieep ourselves loyal to truth, and the sacred profes- sions of friendship" IMI! years at Port Peck DREDGE staff-U57-'58g Annua1.sta1't--H37-'58g Glass Play--'56g Science G1ub-- 'Mg Camera 61ub"58gBasket- ball--'38s Speaker at Banquet and Comencement--'59 lhrgorie Armstrong., 'You have friends And kindred, and a thousand pleasant hopes That fill your heart with happiness! Tao years at Glasgow High School, Glasgow, bntana Two years at Port Peck Pep Club--'57-'58g Glee Club--'37-'38g Annual staff- '37-'58g DREDGE staf!--'5'7- '58g Science Glub--'57g Gperetta--'57-'38g Class Play--'38g Gamers Glub--'58g Mixed Chorus--'38 Edith N0rmen-- ' 'Were half the power, that fills the world with terror llere half the wealth, bestowed on oampa and courts, Given to redeem the human mind from error, There were no need for arsenals nor forts! Four years at Fort Peek Class Play--'36: Glee Club--'!5'7-'58gGperetta--'57-'58 Annual staff--'57-'38g Pep Club--'37-'58gDREDGE staff --"57g Science Glub-- 'Mg Mixed Chorus--'38g Class Play--'38 -7. SEN 1012 GLASS 1939 DETIENNE - K xraig 1. .N 2 , QAM- rr!- 12 , sk.-, ' 5'-,MY lf' Q., 1 ' Q45 ai'15L',..j HARBICHT LESSLEY .it N 1 Q'1'2,, i SAUPSON ff Q ' LJ X nv' I -'P' 1 I! V ., :1'-ff ' A I 'A " , . ' J S43 ' ,- . ' :- GERALD emcx CASTERLINE cuoarsmue - cumsrznseu ' N 1 v , 1 -1. , , 4. ' Q If 'U' o O O O O 1 V - ELFRING FLATEN FRYBERGER GAGNON K . It it ' A ' I v A 1 HERBOLD HIRELY Le cuune LEE A it a . 1 11112: X , '12 .mf 1 ' rm Q LONG Mc KEERER nouns RENO 1' V ...f , j . Q. 5, b A 'Q r,, N Q ,t iL,L,Y, , I . Ms - - ISK ' ' ' Nm ff ' .f , swsen vnuoo vcenss 'RIGHT sxnron CLASS A nl-sz now, Left to Righto Gerald Brick,- 'Cover the embers, And put out the lightg Toll comes with the morning, And rest with the n1ght.' Four years st Fort Pack Track--'55-'56-'avgelee Club--'55-'56g0rehestrs--'Beg 'Clase Play--'3?: Annual Stat!--'58 lilford 0aater1ine-- 'Like the new moon thy life appears 4 little strip or silver light And widening outsard into night The shadowy disk ot future yesre.' Two years at Glasgow High School, Glaegos, Mont. One year at Mohawk Union High School, larcola, Ore. One year at Fort Peck Basketball--'58g Class Play--'58, Annual Start--'58 Dorothi 0horpen1ng-- 'In Life's delight and Death's di nay, . In storm and sunshine, night and day, Il health, in sickness, ln decay, l Here and hereafter I am thlnel' Four years at Fort Peck Glas Club--'55-'36-'37-'38g0peretta--'55-'36-'57-'38, Class Play-.'36-'38, Pep Club--'59-'58, Science Club --S573 Camera Club.-'58, BRIDGE staff--'585 Annual Staff--'38, One-Act Play--'58, Accompaniet--'58 Claudia Christensen-- 'All things rejoice in youth and love The fulness of their first de11ght.' One year at B yant High School, Salt Lake City, Utah. One year et Glasgow High School, Glasgow, Mont. Two years at Fort Peck Class Play--'56g Glas Glub--'38, Operetta--'38, Mixed Chorus--'58, Librarian--'383 Annual Staff--'38gDREDGE Staff--'58, Pep Club--'58 -9- Second Row, Lett to Right Alice De Tienne-- 'All dear recollections Pressed in my heart, like flowers within a book.' Four years at Fort Peck Orchestra--'353 Class Play--'36g Pep Club--'57g Glee Club--'37g Operetta--'8?g One-Act Play--'585 Annual Staff--'38 Herbert Elfring-Q 'Deeds are better things than words are, Actions mightier than hoastlngo' Two years at Glasgow High School, Glasgow, lent. Two years at Fort Peck Annual Staff--'38 Myrtle Flaten-Q 'Not enjoyment, and not sorrow, Is our destined end or wayg But to act, that each tomorrow Find us farther than todayo' Four years at Fort Peck Librarian--'35g Annual Staff--'58 Eugene Fryberger-- 4 'Strange ia the heart of man, with its quick,mysterious instinctst' A Three years at Glasgow High School, Glasgow, M at. One year at Fort Peek Basketball--'58geWrestling--'S8g Annual Staff--'38 Viola Ygggnon-- 'For the structure that we raise, Time is with materials filledg Our to-days and yesterdays Are the blocks with which we bu1ld.' One year at Jordan High School, Jordan, Mont. Three years at Fort Peck Glee Club--'57-'38g Operetta--'37-'38g Mixed Chorus --'58: Annual Staff--'58 -9- 'mura now, Left no aight Darwin Harbieht-0 "Honor to those whose words or deeds 'Ihus help us in our daily needs, And by their overflow Ihiae us from that is low!" Four years at Fort Peck Annual Staff--'57-'BB5 ESE staffn '57gSc1enoe Club --'57g Camera Club-'585 'hack--'58 Helen Herboldu 'nxrougx every fiber of my brain, every nerve, through every vein, I feel the electric, thrill, the touch Gi' life, that seems almost too much! Four years at Fort Peet: Gperetta-N '55g DREIIBE staff--'37-'S8gOne-Act Play-B75 Pep club-"'5B5 Glee Club--'38g Camera Glub-'58gAn- nual Staff--'58g Mixed Qzorus--'38 Done Hively-- 'ln this false world, I6 do not always know Who are our friends and who are our enemies. We all have enemies, and all need friends! Four gears at Fort Peck Glee Club--'55g Gperetta-H555 Pep Club---'58g Blass Play-438: Annual Staff--'38 Wynona la Claire-- "Don't cross the bridge till you come to it Is a preverb old and of excellent uit." 'Bu-ee years at Kingsland High School, Kingsland, Tex. Sne year at Fort Peck Pep- Club--'58g Annual, Steiff--'58g DREDGB'Stmf1'--'38 when Lee-- 'Happy art thou, as if every day thou hadst picked up a horeshoef Pour years at Fort Peck Glee Club--'35g C-lass Play--'36-'57-'58s Genera Club -'385 Annual Staff-'58 -10+ rom-an rm, Left as Right James I.ess1ey-- 'All common things, each day"s events, That with the hour begin and end, Our pleasures and our diseontenta, Are rounds by which We may ascend." !our years at Ibrt Peck Baskstballu 'SL '56-D ' 57a '58fg Glas Club-+ '55, '56- ' 57 -'583 Gperatta--'35-'36-J57Q'58g'Hack--'55-'57-'36g Mixed Ghorus--'58: Annual Staffs:-'38 Ehneta long-- 'Iote is sunshine, hate is shadoug Lite is checkered: shade and aunsfhineg Rule by love! One ysar at Poplar High School, Poplar, Montana Three years at Fort Pbck Librarians- ' 56g mmuml Staffv- 'B William EcKesverr-0 'Zhou hast a stout hsaxt and strong hands. 'Emu canst supply thy l8Bfi8Q' One year at Sidney High School, Sidney, Montana Three years at Iibrt Pbck Vice President of Boys"Athletie Gluhw '56s Basketball --'56-'37,-f'585 Glas Clubs' '57-958g Operetta--'37-'SBQ DREDG! Staffs- '57-'wg Science 2lub-- '575 'lx-ack--'58g lnnual Start--'57-'SSQ Glass Play--'37-'58 Grace Houma- 'Ue have not wings, we cannot song But we have feet to scale and climb By slot degrees, by more and more, 'Hrs cloudy summits of our time! ' One year at Culbertson H191 School, Gulbortson, lbnt. Three years at Port Peck Glass Play--'56g Rap Qlub-'57-N583 EDGE Staff-'37 -'SEQ Annual Staff--'37-'58 Homer Banc-- 'Hy feelings and my thoughts fend ever on, and rest not in the present." Pour years at Port: Peck Wrestling-w '38g Annual Staff-vw '58 -j1- Fifth Row, Left to Right Sammy Sampson-Q 'No endeavor is in vain, Its reward is in the doing And the rapture of pursuing Is the prize the vanquished gain.' One year Helens High School, Helena, Mont. One year at Glasgow High School, Glasgow, Mont. Three years at Fort Peck Glee Club--'55-'37-'58, Track--'35-'3?3 DREDGE Staff --'57-'58, Operetts--'37-'58, Annual Staff--'37-'585 Science Club--'37gCamera Club--'58gOne-Act Play--'58g Mixed Chorus--'58 Blanche Ssuber-- 'So long as you are innocent, fear nothing. No one can harm you!' Four years at Fort Peck Glee Club--'55-'37gOperette--'35-'57gClass Play--'36, Pep Club--'57-'38g Annual Staff--'58 Robert Trudo-w 'The heights by great mon reached and kept Were not attained by sudden flight.' One year at Wolf Point High School, Wolf Point, Mont. Une year at Kalispell High School, Kalispell, Mont. Two years at Fort Peck Glee Club--'37-'58, Operetts--'37-'38g Mixed Chorus -M0585 Basketball-l'38g One-Act Play--'38 Velma Weeres-N 'Whenever a noble deed is wrought. Whene'er is spoken e noble thought, Our hearts, in glad surprise, To higher levels rise.' Four years at Fort Peck Class P1ay"55, Pep Club--'583 DREDGE Staff--'58, Ln- nual Staff--'58 Mary Wright-- 'We may build more splendid habitations, Fill our rooms with paintings and with sculptures, But we cannot Buy with gold, the old associations.' Four years at Fort Peck Glee Club--'55-'36-'57-'383 Science Club--'57, Psp Club--'37-'38, Operetta--'37-'58g Annual Staff--'58 -12.. John Harris-f-Q Graduating 'in ebstentianl 'Be noble in every thought And in every deed! Let not the illusion of thy senses Betray thee to deadly offeneeso' One year at Seattle High School, Seattle, Wash. One year at Nashua High School, Nashua, Mont. One-half year at Norfolk High School, Norfolk, Va Two and one-half years at Fort Peck Claes Play-'37 ..13- mnrsroarorncussn On ye Sth dey ot September, :ln that, the yeer or our Lord 1958, did Ye Seniors congregate end unite under the leadership of Master Stanford Bell, president, Mistress Margorie Armstrong,uv1ee president, end Mistress Edith Norman, secretary end sole poaaeseor of Ye Benkroll. In this manner, all accounted for, did Ye Cleese embark on its trip to the Ends of Ends. Ye stoogee admitted to ye breiny assemblage were: Iynone Le Claire, Ye! Ye! Oleudie, Christensen, Yo! Yo! end Iilford Geeterline, Ymphk Da ye Sth dey of April, ye classes acknowledge a pley 'He Ain't Ilene Right By Nell' consisting or Ye Mistress Edith Norman, Mistress Dorothy chorpening, Mistress ilergorie Armstrong, Master 'lilliem Meleever, Master 'lilrord C8Bt81'11I1Q Mistress Done Hively, and luster Robert Lee. Ye Olde Seege- meneger end Gene:-el Prompter, Mistress Helen Hex-bold. Then to a meeting to choose a motto, which duly chosen was 'Knowledge is power' and colors, Royal Blue and Silver, Lby ye worthy Master Fryhergex-9, and flower, Ye Carnation. On ye 5th dey of llsy, Ye Cleese enjoyed e Iood Ieet with Ye Prone following to obliterate ye retiring vexing dey. Then to churehe, ye twenty-first, to heere e greet parcel of ye p good advice. And on ye twenty-fifth, Ye Cleese were graduated in ye olde eeaemblyo 6 L A S S W I L L le, the senior class of Fort Peek High, on this 19th day of lay, in the year of 1959, mindful of the uncertainty of this life, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, and not acting under the influence of fraud, do hereby make and declare this to he our last and final will and testament,de- airing that it be carried out on the day of our departure,1n the manner and form following: To Ure Lt Bt Fjerstad, we bequeath our greatest apprecia- tion of his guidance and understanding throughout our stay at Fort Peck High. To the faculty, we leave our thanks for their attempts to impart knowledge to us. To the juniors, we leave our superior knowledge and senior dignityo To the sophomores, our congratulations for their brotherly love toward the 'freshiss'o To the 'treshies', I0 grant our sympathies for the tour years ahead of them. le,the class or o59,do appoint the following as the right- ful heirs and benefactors of this, our last will and testa- meuto I, Hargorie Armstrong, will my pleasing personality to Dolores Sohloeser. I, Gerald B lok, will my black mustache to Robert Brubakera I, Wilford Gasterline, bequeath my public speaking ability to Bheeter Eide. I, Dorothy Chorpenlng, will my dramatic ability to Shirley He Kenzie, I,C1audia Ghr1etensen,leave my petite slendernesa to Haney Boysun. I, Alice De Tienne, will my physical strength to Cletus Beatty. I,Herbert Elfring, bequeath my persistent chattering to Ray Johnson. I, Myrtle Fleten, leave my secretarial ability to Lorraine E-'ioko I,Eugeue Fryberger,w1l1 my dashing manner to LeRoy Dunstert I,Viola Gagnon, will my superior knowledge of chemistry to Iary Jo Sparks. ' I, Stanford Hall, will my eagle eye for women to Howard Bowers, I, Darwin Bsrbicht,w1ll my reputation for being 'slippery' to Keays Carpenter. elbw CLASS WILL KCONTINUEDJ I, Helen Berbold, leave my perpetual giggling and baby voice to Lois Newbury. I, Dona Hively, will my 'free speech' to Clara Schmitt. I, 'Nona Le Claire, leave my auburn hair to Margie Wikum. I, Robert Lee, will my undiscovered talents to Clifford Eide. I, James lessley, will my golden curls to Bill Atkinson. I, Weneta Long, leave my stature to Pearl Franson. I, William MoKeever, will my baby stare to Roy Temple. I, Grace Nonne, leave my Wpep' to Betty Wells. I,Edith Norman, bequeath my effective blushing to Virginia McKenzieQ I, Homer Reno, bequeath my cave-man style to Dale Coryell. I, Samuel Sampson, will my height to Russell Fhrmero I, Blanche Sauber, leave my bashfulness to Marguerite Geesink and Marjorie Booth. Robert Trudo, will my pestering to La Verne Crossen. Mary Wright, leave my red jacket to Dolores Coryell. I, Velma Weeres, leave my blonde locks to Anne Schmitt. I, John Harris, will my intelligent remarks to Chauncey Dalton. In I, -16- CLASS PROPHECY Time: 1950 Place: This troubled world I,Jimmy Lessley, now aged 30, wish to write down my exper- ience on the night of June 29,l950.0n that date after an ex- tremely heavy meal which my butler brought up to me, I lay down upon the couch. The combination of green pickles and whipped cream brought troubled dreams to my repose.It seemed that I was in a vehicle which transferred me from place to place with great rapidity.I was carried to a great orthope- dic hospital where Marjorie Armstrong,a great brain special- ist, was in the operating room, performing a delicate opera- tion on Dru Darwin Harbicht,the great paleontologist,who was injured by the falling of a great dinosaur which he was re- constructingo Dr. Armstrong was aided by Viola Gagnon, a blood specialist, and Claudia Christensen, an anesthetisto I was then carried to the battle-front of a savage civil war in Germany. At a small telegraph station in the midst of a bomb-barded area was Stanford Hall, war correspondent for the AlBOGl8t6d Press, sending back a full report of the hero- ism of General Robert Lee's volunteer batallion from the UCS national guardo Their heroi m had been immortalized on film by Sammy Sampson, ace news reel reporter who barely escaped with his lifeo The next scene in my wanderings takes me to Schofield Bar- racks in Hawaii to the home of Commander General McKeever, head of the army 'post, and his charming wife, the former Dorothy Chorpening, who gave up a brilliant com ercial car- eers General and Mrso McKeever were being honored by the presence of Captain Trudo and Lto Brick, who had recently been posted in Hawaiio Again the scene changed and I was carried to Washington DQ CQ where a conference was being held in the White Houses The topic of general discussion was whether or not the farmers were receiving just pay for their cropso The farmers' side was presented by Homer Reno, Senator from Montana. Sitting at another desk was Dona Hively with e shorthand pad on her knee, rapidly taking down everything that was being said. In an adjoining office of the Secretary of State sat Velma Weeres pounding a typewritere -17- CLASS PROPH CY Qcontinuedl Suddenly I found myself in the industrial section of New York. In a secluded place I sau a dress shop bearing the name of Wynona Le Glairec On entering I perceived Alice Dee Tienne abosrbed in fitting a dress on the former Helen Bsrbold, who is nov the wife of a famous doctoro My magic vehicle then transported me to the slum district of the city where an accident had occurred, which injured two street urchineo Immediately upon the scene appeared Myrtle Flateng who by this time had become a distinguished Social Service Workero Two walleknown nurses were called and Blanche Sauber and Edith Norman appearede Then I was taken to a transcontinental airport where I saw Grace Nonne, a stewardesa, assisting Mary Wright ' into the planet Mary had become a welleknown art designerclnside I also saw Waneta Long, who was traveling to San Francisco where she will superintend and orphans' homer A loud knocking on the door disturbed my dreans and I IBB brought back, back to realityc The butler announced Wilford Casterline. It appeared that Wilford had been studying dies sal engineering quite intensely the last few years and had some project in mind that he wanted me to backs How strange it seemed, that even in my dreams, I should a- gain see all my classmates of old Fort Peck Bight Q18- I JUNIOR CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS FRESHMAN CLASS EIGHTH GRADE SEVENTH GRADE INTERMEDIATE SECTION JUNIOR C1183 Gloss Offi eerg Pnaiaent-weary .ro Sparks ' Viee President--Hoy Temple , A Secretary and Treeeurear--Pearl Henson First Row Left to, Ri 2 Clara Schmitt, Lois Nexbury, Anna Schmitt, dey Boysun, Virginia Mo Kenzie, Pearl Franson, Betty Wells, llsry .To Sparks, Shirley Mc Kenzie, Mies Reymer rfiqicgggnd Row, Lett to High: Robert Brubaker, Chauncey Dalton, .uirguerite Geesink, Lorraine Brick, Dolores coryell, Margie Wikzumw Murgorie Booth, Dolores Sohlosser, Roy '1'emplepLs Roy Dunster ' Qingrd RQ!-L Letgjg Righty' Keeys Carpenter, chester Eide,Bill Atkinson, Rey Johnson, Houard Bowers, Cletua Beatty, Clifford Ride, Dale Coryell, Russell Fume: Those not in pictures La Verne Grosaen Five years ago, twenty'-fshree boys and girleztrudged to the school Qto the seventh grade! in the barracks, number 5211, 01' those twenty-three pupils, there are now six left who help to make up the junior class which has e present enrolle- ment of twenty-hineo The juniors, with Miss Elizabeth Rayner as their sponsor, Mary .To Sparks, president, Roy Temple, vice president, end I-'earl Frenson, secretary and treasurer, have had an active part in the school activities., Howard Bouere placed third in the discus throw at the Big Four track and field meet held et Culbertson., Russell Famer, Howard Bowers, and LB- Verne Crossen are on the 'first string' of the basketball team., Seven numbers of the class---Dolores Sehloeser, Mers- jorie Booth, Boy Temple, Lois Neebury, Bill Atkinson, and Marguerite Geesinkw-M-sang in the Glee club and helped to put operetta 'Pickles' across., Lois Newbury, the class re- porter wee president of the sophomore claee with Mary Jo Sparks, vice-president, and Francis Roney, secretary and treasurer, On November 25, 1938, following the Opheim-Fort Peek basketball game the juniors gave e dence. The pert of the entertainment which received the most applause was a eprinx dance., This burlesque las presented by Roy Temple, Chauncey Ihlton, Le Boy Duneter, Le Verne croeeen, Rey Zfohne een, end Robert Brubaker., However, the highlight or the term 'ees the hzreditionel banquet, given in honor o! the senior dense-with aviation ee its theme, and the promenade which need the spring motito The Juniors, the 'dignified' seniors of tomorrow, feel that in carrying out their various olaea duties, they have established en excellent precedent for the class that will followo -lg Q SOPHOMORE CLASS , President--Patricia Corey Vice President--Francis Brooks Secretary and Treasurer--Nancy Buntin First,RowlrLeft to dightg Shirley Carr, Barbara Christensen, Christine Crowley, llc Cook, Mildred Larson, Eileen Galloway Carol Jinks, Nancy Buntin, Miss Torvik,.Darrel Rosell Second Row, Lett to Right: Alvin Hueth, Edward Wright,Edward Richardson, Harold Shannon, Eugene Gilstrep, Elwood Chapman, Bruce lngals, Francis Brooks, Bill Archambault, Joe Wikum Third Howl Left to Hight3Boyd Neustal,Dale Pawlewski,leonard Mc Kay, Frieda Janzen, Birnice Long, Myra Dunn, Adeline Nelson, Ned Temple, Wendy Rytter, Harold Eareland Those net in picture: Patricia Corey, Margaret Morgan On September seventeenth, the sophomore class of Fort Peck High School held its first class meeting,electing the follow- ing officers: president, Patricia Coreyg vice president, Francis Brooksg secretary and treasurer,Nancy Buntin.At this meeting the class made plans for class meetings to be car- ried on weekly during the year. Cn September twenty-third,the sophomore class were hosts at an all-school dance, which featured as a program, sev- eral novelty dances including WThe Big Apple', and 'The l m- beth Walk.' After defeating several upper classmen, Francis Brooks nent to Culbertson as Fort Peck's representative for Javelin throwing. Taking leads in the operetta 'Pickles1 were Francis Brooks and Buddy Wright, while starring in'The Eligible Mr. Bangs,' and WThe Narrow Squeak! were Patricia Corey and Buddy Wright The attendance of the class, beginning the year, numbered 54. Now it is 51. Those having left during the year, are: Robert Kingston, Robert Harris, Betty Spooner, Louise Rogers and Myra Dunn. Those who entered are Darrel Resell and Joe Wikum. -20- FRBSHHAH CLASS President--Raymond Roscoe Vice Presidente-James Naughton Secretary and Treasurer--Dolores Fryberger Egret Hou, Left to Right: Alden Rongsted, Lloyd rransen, Elton Ahlgren, Charles Fairchild Second Rel Left to Right: Viola Boberts,Hulda Rittal,Marvel Worthington, Tblores Fryberger, M sg Noyes, Donald Clarke Third Roi, Left to Right: Lewis Armstrong, Janes Naughton, ifliian senden, Kathleen Mc cr-ea, setty wnue, Lila Hennick, Ile Hankins, Barbara Flood, Roberta Harbicht, Ethel Cook, Lois Campbell, Hazel Gandrud fourth Bog, Left to Rlghtz Albert eardsley, ,John Kalisn, Donald oshm, Clifford Kallem, John Unfred, Glenn Wheatley, John Hoham, Robert Buchanan, Harlan Scott, Gerald satty, Raymond Roscoe, George Gillis glgth Bos, Left to Rtghtg Jerry Mc Cann, Earl Sutton, Albert Jansen, Eugene Allison, Ray ond Sampson, Those not in picture: Jalmsr Wikum, Virginia Ingram, Ruby Dilbeck, Albert Landi . When school assembled in September, l938,there were fifty- two freshmen, This was the largest class in they school. Twenty-five of these students entered from surrounding pros ject townso Class officers were chosen, Raymond Roscoe was elected presidentg James Naughton, vice presidentg and Dolores Frye berger, secretary and treasursrg with Esther Eriksen the ad- visero With the illness of Mwst Eriksen in April Gloria Noyes took over the duties, At the beginning of the basketball season a few of the freshl n boys turned ont, Jimmy Naughton and Levis Armstrong made the first stringo At this time the Pep Club was organs ized and five of the freshman girls joinedo Dolores Fryber- ger was elected one of the cheer leaderso January 20, the freshman class sponsored a school danceo Lively entertainment was presented by members of the class. At the beginning of the second semester Miss Torvik be- gan teaching freshman English formerly taught by Miss Rey- mer. The freshmen contributed talent to the operetta,'Tdcklss2 and the play, 'The Eligible M . Bangs', with Eugene Allison portraying lr. Bangso Hany freshman boys turned out for track, and many entered in the interclass eontestse The only freshman placing was Eugene Allison who place first in the 280 yard dash, So at the close of the freshman year all hope to meet a- gain as sophomores next fallo -21- EIGHTH GRADE President--Corrin Mc Cann Vice President--Merle Campbell Secretary and Treasurer--Rose Marie Burger First Ros, Left to Right: Bobby Nelson, Gilbert Nonne, Patricia Jensen, Corrin Mc Cann, Shirley Nixon, Evelyn llller, Margery Anderson,Clarice Clutter,Patric1a 0'Handley, ledge Anderson, Richard Cook, Gorden Metz, M . Nelson Second Row, Left to Right: Richard Brostrack, Rose M rie B rger, Betty Armstrong, Dolores Hart,lerle Campbell,Mildred Richmond, Betty Junge,Myrna Rennick,larie Pewlouski, Melha Vincent, Shirley Jnnge, Ernest Grant Third Row, Left to Right: Jake Arndt, Bill Mc Millan, Robert Jensen, Dudley Hedge, Robert Dunn, Bernard Carr, Kenneth Nelson, layne Schlosser, Norman Davidson, Clifton Mc Kenzie, T. S, Bryant, Bill Caldwell SEVENTH FADE Presidente-Marion Christensen Secretary and Treasurer--Frank Vorell yirst Ros, Left to Rights Kenneth Backlund,B1lly Lee, Jimmie Schlosser, Eldon Malcolm, Bay Morrison, Bobby Saksaugh, Stanley Negrych, Robert Camper, Darrel Henderson, Charles Hartford Second Row, Left to Right: Joanne Geesink, Dorothy Dewey, Billie Jeanne Fargher, June Riley, Lois Cunningham, Marion Christensen, Mae Louise Lies, Phyllis 0'Bandley,Patsy B yant las Mc Mdllan, Iona Chouinard Third Row, Left to Right: Bill Lieton, Bobby Arndt, Kathryn Acridge, Lorie Jean Hall, Colleen Churchill, Beverley Daly, Gladys Schorzmen, Jane Ann Thompson, Edith B yant, Richard liddler, Clifford Blomberg -g2- r if 1 is i QLQQ NQZAQ mms 6 .7' gf.'J:S:52, 'eff X I 1 NIM ' J ,r 1 f f, 4 Wg-: Qbf Q01 T7 5 A f ',.,x A., 1 I f . 1 Uk, -. ,M f"?'--. I gg f Lg f , fiizfigw Mi , 4 Y . E XASK f 4! Y 24, mn :i,'1l.:tigs -,ks VI! , f I , 8 Il . ,Jkt iv! Hgh " f2""'fif fa' msn wi ' 1gimf - ' Q fgfaiff- 11. 1 I '41 " f' 2 f' 'fm Hur ' W 1 I . Lf, f lm, I N A X Y I .IJA ff fi,-.a XL, yK1P1LlRUl.U X l J i 1 5 1 f',g Qfffs k fwftlllf lJ",LA:,x A 'ff ' XX ' I 1 f ' 1 I I - X Y 1 ,fff ffffww 4' XJWN K f- ' 1 A ' ' "EW " db ' f ' Q:-.J K X '-'J QI? f 'L 3 gary J U , , Ufedge Staff Annual Staff Girls Glee Club Boys Glee Club - , ,. ' ' Photography Club Model Builders Club THE DREDGE STAFF Editor--Stanford Hall Assistant Editor--Marjorie Armstrong First Row, Left to Right: Claudia Christensen, Christine Crowley, Dorothy Chorpening, Grace Nonne, Dona Hively, Betty Lee Armstrong, hlice De Tienne, Nancy Buntin Second Row, Left to Rightg Wynona Le Claire, Lois Newbury, Stanford Hall, Helen Herbold, Marjorie Armstrong, Velma Weeres Third Row, Left to Right: Robert Lee, Sammy Sampson, William McKeever i 4 Daemon HISTORY On November eighth,l957, THE DREDGE appeared for the first time in Fort Peck High School. Our policy always has been to inform, reform, teach and uphold the tradition of truth and honesty. Free speech is s great blessing which should not oe abused, and we have endeavored to respect this ideals The first volume consisted of eight issues, the first three of which were edited by Sa my Sampson---the concluding five by Rae Jeanne Berube. Starting on September fourteenth,1938, a body of students elected Stanford Hall editor of the new volume which, at last,totaled fifteen issues, A revision of tit1e,design and illustration, adding new features to the contents, and a new method of printing, were the notable changes which helped to bring new information to its readers. The staff is to be complimented for its perseverance and coordinance in bringing about greater ease of operations. -25- ANNUAL STAFF First Ron, Left to Right: Dorothy Chorpening,Alice De Tienne Wynona Le Claire, Blanche Sauber, Edith Norman, Grace Nonne, Dona, Hively, Claudia Christensen, Mary Nright,Marjorie Armstrong. Second Row Left to Right: Gerald Brick, James Less1ey,He1en Herbold, Velma Weeres, Waneta Long, Myrtis Flaten, Viola Gagnon, Stanford Hall, Bill Casteriineo Third Row, Left To Righjg Darwin Harbicht, Herbert Elfring, Robert Lee, obert Trudo, Bill MoKeever, H mer Reno, Eugene Fryberger, Sammy Sampsono ANNUAL HISTORY 'Under the combined efforts of the Senior Class and the supervision of Mrs. Eriksen and Mreo Noyes, work was begun on the Fort Peck yearbook on April twentieth, 1939, Last year's yearbook featured the administration of Fort Peck dam as its themea The na e THE BOOSTER was taken as the title to correspond with this themeo As the project has become noted also for its excellent fossil beds, the theme became prehistoric in nature, and the appropriate title THE DINOSAUR choseno ...M.. GIRIS' GLEE CLUB President--Lois Newbury Vice President--Claudia Christensen Secretary and Treasurer--Margaret Morgan Librarian--Helen Herbold glrst How, Left to Bight: Hulda Rittal, Christine Crowley, Dolores Fryberger, Claudia Christensen, Edith Norman, Mary Wright, Barbara Flood, Miss Torvik Second Roy,-gett to Right: Marjorie Armstrong,Lois Newbury, Roberta Barbicht, Marguerite Geesink, Ilo Cook, Dorothy Chorpening, largorle Booth, Dolores Schlosser Third Row, Left to Right: Lila Rennick,Adel1ne Helaon,Belen Herbold, Myra Dunn, Eileen Galloway Those not in picture: Virginia Ingram, Margaret Bergen The Girls' Glee Club, under the able directorship of Miss Olivia Torvik,has been one of the most active organizations in the school for this year, The operetta, "Pickles", was presented in collaboration with the Boys' Glee Club. The girls performed in the Christmas program, and also a group from both clubs performed at baccalaureate and at the commencement program. Corothy Chorpening is the only girl who has been in the club since its organization in '55. Q25' BOYS' GLE3 CLUB President--lilliam Mc Keever Vice President--Darell Resell Secretary and Treasurer--Roy Temple Librarian--Mies Torvik First Bon, Lett to Right: Aecompanistg Dorothy chorpening, Jerry Mc Cann, Eugene Gi1strap,Frencis Brooke,Ellood Sha man George Gillis, Edward Wright, Donald Clarke, Miss Torvik Second Row, Left tp Ri611t: Harold Hereland,.Tohn Unfredpnendy Rytter, John Hoham, Roy Temple, Harlan Scott, Ned Temple, Raymond Sampson, Bruce Ingels Third Roi, Left to Right: Eugene Allison, Jalmer Wikum, B111 Atkinson, Se my Sampson, Bill Mc Keever, Robert Trudo, James Lessley The Boys' Glee Club, also under the directorship of Misa Torvik, has taken part in many or the school ectivities.They performed on various occasions during the yeer,commence ent, baccalaureate, and assemblies. The full operetta, 'Picklee', eau both clubs participating. James Leseley is the only member who has remained since the dey or its organization in 'Zoo CAMERA CLUB g:Lreg Row3 1'0f'5f Eugene Gi1strap,,Vl'rancis Brooks, Helen Herbold, ihrtjerie Armstrong, Dorothy Chorpening, Edward Wright Qefzond Row,-Left iq Right: Darwin Harbichm Robert Bucisenax, Howard Bowers, Sammy Sampson, Stanford Ball, Robert Lee The Camera Club, under the leadership of 15:33 To Clyde E nfield, was organizeg in the fall ef '58 for the younger camera fiends of Fart Yecko Lectures were held the first part of the year. The different phases of photography were studied., The meetings were held on Mondays, usually the seo- ond and fourth. N -27- MODEL B ILDERS CLUB President--Robert Brubaker Vice President--Donald Clarke Secretary--Le Roy Duneter Treasurer--Richard Erostrack jiret Row! Left to Right: Kenneth Backlund, Richard Middler, Clifford Blomberg, Charles 5tevenson,Dona1d C1arke,Mr.Ne1son Second RO?bvLQftA jaofgighbg Dale Pawlowski, Dudley Hedge, Kenneth iielewn, Boyd Neustal, Edward Wright, Billy Mc Millan Row, Left to Righti: Leonard Mc Kay, Richard Brostrack, Le Hoy' Dunster, Robert Brubaker, Bruce Ingals. The Model Builders Club was organized during the latter part of January, 19259. It was formed with the idea of bring- ing together the junior craftsmen of the school. The club designed and made the decorations for the prom and banquet. Mr., Howard E. Nelson is the adviser, -28- 5475 Il' p-ith" 40' F ZMQTUV UTUES5 ,wr-,Q M-f f ,f 'f NZM fi EW. 1 . H fail 4' 'f,. 1lfUt!:Gi'!imml-5i.fx M '?-?ffzf,X - F '. ' 1385 'V.. , XJAX-or va.-A lggfmeim I .w....Jv-Mu. x X " --f -'it -u-A , V F-L-xxu' X lx' s xg? , T5 ' X LQ I ix I E 'Q fx A IM K xi-1 SKETBALL TE AM TRACK TEAM l 0PER'ETTA CAST FFP CLIIB IH Pnuunvsecmou ,R O BASKETBALL Basketball prospects for the season of '59 were unusually bright when approximately thirty athletes responded to Gooch T. Clyde Banfield's initial call for practice. Included in this squad were four first-string veterans from the '38 quiz? tet who formed the nucleus of the team that lost only two district games throughout the season. after thefirst flurry in the scramble for postions the squad was cut to twenty, and later a final reduction to e- leven wa made, those surviving the last cut, earning their coveted FP. The Bnnfield Basketeers opened the season suspiciousl.y by smashing their three-year old jinx with the Opheim VikinGS in convincing style. Highlights of the season were the Brockton, Nashua, Wolf Point, and Malta games, every one of which played before 8 packed gymnasium of wildly-cheering spectators.In the second Brockton contest the Indian warriors trailed all the nay,to come from behind only in the last quarter as they sank six- teen out of seventeen free throws. The Nashua game at Nashua featured a spirited rally by the Porcupines which Costerlinq substitute Beaver Center, halted with a bee-utiful bucket from the middle of the floor with seconds to go,as Fort Peck came out on the long end, Z5-30. The followiny night the Blue-and White Bombers evened the score with the Wolf Point Wolverines as they countered from the field and the gift line to win 27-24. The Malta set-to was one of the fastest ever witnessed on the Recreation Hall floor, as the shifty Mustangs fought the Peck Passers tooth-and-nail to keep the outcome in doubt up to the final gun, the decision going to the home five by a Sl-30 margin. The tournament was a Qremorseful one for the apparently championship-bound Fort Peck aggregation, as they were un- ceremoniously bumped off in the semi-finals by a distinctly hot Wolf Point team. They came back with a bang,however,to easily overpower a hapless Malta five, 41-50. First Bowl Left to Right: Lewis Armstrong, Russel Farmen Eugene Fryberger, Stanford Hall, La Verne Crosse . Bach Rout Left to Bight: Robert Trudo, Bill McKeever, Jimmy Lessley, Wilford Casterline, Howard Bowers, Mr. T. Clyde Banfield. ' -29... BASKETBALL SCHED LE The games and their results: Fbrt Peck 28:f:Qo9oooiSohefeooev ooao accuses opheim4oooooool4 -ofn?onQoe1lo so aoaoathereoovu ooooBr0CktOneoaouo42 oagvooo onothere onnq oooeopheimooooancnle Y can o ooohereoov uoouwhit9W8tSr 014 aogoosoo ooathere opon oocuwolf Point asa auuguoouo ooothereaovo nsooNaShHanoa. 030 ua? oacc 0 fishers... aaeowolf Pointaooozs N Ulf. ..0 relDQO 0oooHin.sda1encaaon26 W von 0 oaohereuuo oaooN8Shuao oaonoo o22 N obo coothere nuan ooqoclasgow ooaoo ooza W ... ..,th6r8..-. o.o.Fr8Z8?o.n .go24 ' .... ..,here,.o ... G1asgol..o....20 n ooo ooohereaoo anoosaconoonnouoeslg ' .... ....Brock on....o.29 ' can oaothereeoaq uno Saa oaonuooosoll I' '.. ...here0U0 UlCo ta00OS0.0..29 0 ' vlan onehereaaa ooooH1nSdal9oooooo18 '.,...53..... ooohereono a o .o.oFrazer,0..g...2? ' 511 opponents Q 430 . TUURNAMENT Fort Peck oaco ooaoo ooo ooo Frazerauoo 0030 0011200009 6 qoouwolr POinteoo938 ouquuosoou use U A ooooHin8dB1eaooooo25 N .Bo . 9UQo taD0oQ0.,UU5o -30- TRACK Fort Peck's track accompdishments for the year 1959 were rather meager, due to lack of the usual District f3 meet,men cf veteran standing lost from the '58 season, and the fetal occurence of the Juniors' Promenade on the eve of the annual Big Four Track and Field Meet, Traveling to the Culbertson tourney,the lads coached by T. Clyde Banfield,garnered the sum total of two points. Bowers made his best heave of the year to win a close third in the discusg Allison came in third on a 220-heatg and the relay team of Allison, Rytter, Kallem, and McKeever,took second in the 880. With only two seniors on the squad, and several promising freshman showing distinct possibilities, prospects of a successful season in 1940 are exceptionally bright. first Row, Leftgto Rights Wendy Rytter, John Hoham, James Leseley, Russel Farmer, Francis Brooks ack Row, Left to Right: Clifford Kallem, Eugene All1son,RHy Johnson, Howard Bowers, Bill Mc Keever, Darwin Harbicht PEP CLUB The Pep Club, under the leadership of Miss Rayner, was re- organized in the fall of '58 to encourage all school activi- tieso With money from forget-me-not sales and candy sales, satin jackets were purchased for the basketball teamo Sweat- ers and emblems in the traditional royal blue and white were bought to complete the Pep Club outfits. Several assemblies were given to arouse interest in the basketball games bring- ing the attendance to the highest peak on record. First Ros Yell Leaders: Mary Jo Sparks, Dolores Fryberger SOCOHG ROI, Le ,to Rlght: Marjorie Armstrong, Dorothy Chorpening, Marguerite Geesink, Hazel Gandrud, Margie Wikum, Virginia Mc Kenzie, Pearl Franson, Lois Newbury,Bstty Wells, ,Christine Crowley, Alice De Tienne, Claudia Christensen, Marjorie Rasmussen, Edith Norman, Blanche Sauber, Dona Bively, Grace Nonne, Wynonc Le Claire Third Bos, Left to Right: Miss Bey er, Eileen Galloway, Lois Campbell, Velma Weeres, Dolores Coryell, Margaret Morgan, Helen Herbold, Marjory Booth, Dolores Schlosser, Betty White, Lorraine Brick, Lillian Bawden QS1- 'PICKLES' A Musical Play by Wilson and Crane Directed by Miss Olivia Tbrvik e Accompanist, Dorothy Chorpening Cast Hans Hier, Proprietor of the Inn . .......... ..eaEdward lright Louisa, a waitress .....,................ ...Evangeline McHenry Captain Kinski, Chief of Detective Bureau0....q.B ll Mcxeever Bumbski, K1nski's faithful sleuth.o.......o...qRaymond Roscoe 9 ' B lleuth-e a 0 Q 0 ceoae 5 o a o 0 0John Jo Jennison Jones, Advertising Erpert..,. ...oNed Temple Jigo, A Hungarian Gypsy.....,.....QoQ0. oeQ0Robert Trudo Illona, AGypsyg1r1.e..,Q.M..e...- ' .v.ooQMary Wright Arthur Crefont, American Artiet.Qo .0 o.,o, o..aFrancie Brooke June Pennington, Heirese..o ..... 9.. .QQ0 .....,.eegLo1s Newbury Jonas Ho Pennington, Proprietor of 'Peter Piper Pickles'e.o.. Roy Temple Lady Vivian Ielancy, English widowo oe...0Q ot.Qtl rjor1e Booth Waiters .... . ..a,Q c0e.9QO.0ao,QQDoneld Clark and James Spooner 'Messenger00DOI0l500001inQ00000000000060-J'J000BlGOBerald Peddler..0.0 .e,QGharles Craft P chorus Ramona Aaby, Marjorie Armstrong, B111 Atkinson,Howard Bowers, Robert B abaker, Shirley Carr, Eliood Chapmann, Claudia Christensen, Ethel Cook, La Verne Crossen, Christine Crowley, Myra Dunn, Le Roy Dunster, Russell Farmer, Barbara Flood, Delores Fryberger, Eugene Fryberger, Viola Gagnon, Eileen Galloway, Hazel Gandrud, George Gillis, Eugene Gilstrap, Roberta Harbicht, Harold Hareland, Ila ankins, Bob Harris, Helen erbold, Virginia Ingram,Eunice Ingvalaon, Ray Johnson, Jimmie Leesley, Bernice Balcom, Margaret Morgan, Jimmy Naughton, Alberta Nelson, Adeline Nelson, Edith Korman, Patsi Parke, Lila Renniek, Louise Rogers, Harry Rogers, Raymond Sampson, Dolores Schloeeer, Harlan Scott, Betty Spooner, John Unfred, Grace Ieeres .QSZQ BANQUET The junior class of Fort Peck High School honored the senior class Friday night at 7:50 at a banquet held in the dining room of the Employees Hotel. Eighty-one attended the banquet, which included juniors and seniors, faculty mem- bers and special guests. The decorations carried out the theme of the Army Aviation Corps in blue and silver, the senior class colors. L The banquet was opened by Mary Jo Sparks, junior class president, who officiated as toastmistress. Musical selec- tions of the program included 'In the Still of the Nizht' by the mixed chorus under the direction of Miss Olivia Torvik, a musical reading by Lois Newbury and singing by a quartet composed of Marjorie Booth, Lois Newbury, Virginia McKenzie and Dolores Schlosser. Speeches for 'the evening were carried out in the avia- tion motif with T. C. Banfield's talk entitled 'Instrument Panel', L. O. Fjerstad's 'Blind Flying',Lieut.S.G. Spring's, 'Contact', L.D.McDona1d's, 'Air Pockets', and Major Clark Kittrell'8 'HBPPY Landings, Stanford Hall, senior president, gave the senior respnse. PRCM Following the banquet the guests adjourned to the Recre- ation Hall for the promenade sponsored by the junior class under the direction of Miss Elizabeth Reymer.The Grand Manm was led by the junior class president, Mary Jo Sparks, and her partner followed by Stanford Hall, senior class presi- dent, and his partner. The hall was colorfully .decorated in the spring motif with greens on the walls, streamers, and hanging flower baskets. -33- DRAMATICS The primary and intermediate grades presented their Christ- mas program December 20, at the Recreation Hall. An operetta was presented by the primary classes and a 'Fort Peck Christmas Annualn by the intermediate department. The high school program, which consisted of a pageant and songs, was given December 19, at the Recreation Hall. Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs furnished the musical numbers and mem, bers of the student body took part in the pageant. Two oneeact plays were presented by the high school Thursday evening,February 16. The east forUA Narrow Squeak' included Robert Trudo, Alice De Tienne, Edward Wright, and Ray JohnsonoThe characters for 'The Eligible Mrs Bangsn were Patricia Corey, Dorothy Chorpening, Samy Sampson,and Eugene Scno Senior Play r April 6, the seniors presented a one-act play entitled'He Ain't Done Right by Nellu. The east included Bill MCKeever, Dorothy Chorpening, Bill Casterline, Edith Norman, Marjorie Armstrong, Robert Lee, and Dons Hivelys -54-A STUDENT PATROL First Row, Left to night: Raymond Roscoe, James Naughton, Roy Temple Second Row, Left to Right: Cletus Beatty, Bruce Ingalls The student patrol or fort Peck High School, backed by the Fort Peck Police Department, nes been n wonderful help in promoting safety for the students of tue school or Fort Peck. The ooys that put the signs up and take them down at the schedyled tnme are: Roy Temple, RaYHDHi Roscoe, Jimmy Naughton, Cletus Beatty, and Bruce Ingalls. Cletus Beatty puts the signs up in the morning and Raymond Roscoe and Jimmy Naughton take them down. Roy Temple and Bruce Ingalls put t-em up at noon and Cletus and Bruce take them down. Raymond Roscoe and Jimmy Naughton put them upst 2:55 P.M. and Roy Temple takes them down. All or the boys have done this work during the present school term. Hoy Temple has been in charge for the last ive yearsg The boys are rewarded by the Fort Peck Theatre with a pass good for one show a week. -55- x. . G , Q? FEATURES f r' I?-3' 14-Q .aff I. , 7542: ,f ' fgalqi y .V 5575 , ,P '.33f'24ag'3,5-bam ,,4a..,q xy is 1+ i Y fi . XX fy 412 :M Wa? . N ', N f Y." Q' Q Q M 'HI gifS fMi' i X X N f k Sf 1 X W Yi! . 155-,. X ' 97 x -A , 0'N LEFTHING - RIGHTHING F ' 1 HOOL TRAFFIC PATROL INSIDE LIGHTS ON A SENIOR MEETING Mr. Hall: 'Can I have your attention, p1ease?' Mr. Brick: N urs, how much is it worth?' Mr. Hall: Wwe are here to discuss the possibilities of a I picnic.' Miss Hivelyt 'Yes, yes, go onan Mr. Hella' 'How about Sunday?' Miss Herbold: 'Aw, cripesl It sin't a you get outta school.' v school picnic unless Miss Chorpening: 'I don't think we realize the gravity of the situation.' Miss Flaten: 'We ought to serve refreshments at these meet- ings.' Mr. Lessleys Cweking up suddenly! 'Did someone say refresh- ments?' Mr. Cssterlines 'You should have been Saturday. I saw ------ :N Miss Nonno: Wwhere can one park one's at the Wheeler Inn gum-Qu Miss Sauber: 'Where you usually do--under the deskfn M . Sampson: KTo Mr. Cssterlinel 'What glg'ya s-a-a-a-y?' M . Elfring: 'Picnic is the subject on hand.n Miss Christensen: 'Yes, remember to bring enough food for the ants.n Mr. Reno: WI'11 bring a mstoh.W Miss Norman: '---for the ants? Then we'1l have to feed the uncles tool' Miss Long: WI wonder what time it is?' Miss De Tienne: ILooking at her wrist then Miss leeres: Mr. Fryberger: Mro Lee: 'Sh-h-h McKeever is going to M . McKeever: Miss Gagnon: Mr. Barbicht: sdd----- --------- -it's 9: 'My5how time f1ies.' 'I think this is where watch! '4:30 A.M. ---- 15.' I c ms in.' speak.n - ---------- see!' 'In my opinion ---------- 'Has anybody a-fingernail fi1e?' WE-e-k, the barometer has fa11en!' Miss Ee Claire: 'It's time for the bell isn't it, or don't you think so?' Mr. Trudo: Wwell, yes and noi' Miss Wright: 'I move we adjourn.' Miss Armstrong: 'We11, darn me, she beat me to itt' M . Hall: 'O. K., the eyes have it. Thanks for the splendid cooperation in coping with the situation.n Mr. Benfields 'If any lady would like I'l1 bring my car tomorrowl' -35- s ride home at noon LAST SQUAWK COLLAR N0.2 COLLAR NOQ1 I' 8 G, O O NJ aa no by F4 I -P w , vs zz: oo o fsvia P1 0 o n gh s rgza sen g1w':I2 ::3IW'A1O 01 ISlS'? :I 43-3 ugggihbfglaa .4-1 E5aass,s2aa52eE bi 0 +P Q 'UWM 2:25 .2 5:0200 I5-feb Dr-4 gin-4-1-.-1 bn S S0 r-IE B F-4 sgassihs aossia t 6-4 ER -I' agzg zz. gagsw Fwd? 'hakapgoss g?FEN5gF5??F?FF U 9 'UPN-4 z cfs 0 O 9-6010-P Fl Q 'Pl F.F4F4og4D H306 Q 'UE 5 5' .Qid Hsggdg 'H-D 0 O9-1 0 Qiiiiifaigifgig O r-ISDH H-81153.21 'UU- L4..r..s'4-vmgdi-an our-lb: -P540 his-1-1000 a-A-.-:Or-4 o-v 9-H H v.n 5g4.n h.n o Egssamnnh gsghb ooonmmbg m 55 't don you shew, oh, Verletta WNbnie' 0115 YU c1a1ra, w Le I, u Q a o-o E no 0 Fl n 45 I F4 M 0 v-4 S .E U 3 F., 'Genera Robert o 3 no 5 5 E E I 8 pl +3 0 0 5 I W Pa A 3'-5 0 r-I V2 ll .3 E 'FC n 0 m 43 s 3 UO 0 0 HJ bu r-4 r-I -8 03 E S 5 F 0 +1 0 5 5 O l-'I 1! A my shorthand! lhere's Dot? S011 -my wr tha Bla rie Ia ar Mn I got C6 811 I 0 Sq-it F400 'HD-r-5 55535 Stl E r-I m H22 -GU asm IP Sag M50 Eszsa cg.-49' TEE 'fmw gawk 'fl Bg'9 w g'3 o ' 015-54 Hg sssgg r-CIP-P fiiif F-1 '4' Q FI 2535 ,E 3 2 2.2 B DDO um 131823 I! I E H it .3 U4-7 H5550 g anger m5g.a 6'282 25952 m 3 a Gee! Elizabeth 2 FS -.-4 fd E z +5 ii E SENIOR CLASS CATHLOGUE Shortest...... . ........... ....Alice De Tienne Average heigltooooooeoeoooouonoooo Largest head lwith nothing in itJ..... ooo THl1est......... .......Sammy Sampson 5 feet,6 3f4 in. ...Marjorie Armstrong Smallest head fno room for anything in itJ..Wynona Le Claire Youngest girl--Dorothy Chorpening---16 yrs 1 mo days Youngest boy--Bill Mc Keever-- ------ 17 yrs days Oldest girl--Waneta Long ------ Q ----- 19 yrs. 11 mo days Oldest boy--Bill Caster1ine-- ------- 20 yrs l mo days Average age of girls ---------------- 17 yrs. 5 mo days Average age of boys ----------------- 18 yrs 4 me days Average age of class ---- -- ------- --17 yrs 5 me days Number that have attended since the Sth grade...... ...9 Number that have attended since the 9th grade.... ...6 Number that have attended since the 10th grade.... ...6 Number that have attended since the llth grade .... ...4 Number that entered in the senier year,, ..... .. ....3 Oli!! DOOIO 0000009 UOOUD DOOGJOUIOIUOOUO dll! 00001028 Number eligible to receive diplomas .... .o.l2 boyeg 15 girls Number not eligible to receive dip1omas.., l boysg O girls Computed to May 26, 1939 John Harris graduating in Nabstentian. -35-- WE WONDER Mary Wright? Marjorie's Armstrong? Waneta Long? Jerry a Brick? Robert always in e Lee? Edith e Norman? Marjorie as big as a Booth? Keays a Carpenter? Russel a Farmer? Homer has ever been to Reno? Wilford can Cesterline? Mary Joe Sparks? Roy lives in a Temple Betty drinks from Wells? Ethel can Cook? Charles was a Fairchild? Barbara has been in a Flood? Raymond carries a Roscoe? Harlan is a Scott? Earle is Sutton or standin'? Vera can Whittle? John is a Hoham and nothing but Shirley rides in a Carr? Carrol is e Jenks? Francie runs in Brooks? -39- a ham? SENIOR SENIOR CLASS To close our books and take a rest But Our But The But Same day our friends will prate and But Is often our intents no one's books are ever closed And rest is Heaven sent. past now holds our high school days And thoughts and friends so dear. as we climb to greater heighths Our memories are near. dignity of Youth is We strive to be so now we don a velvet The dignity of age. great. sage. cloak boast Of groups that they have known. we can say, ig! greatest is My senior class back home.' --Sammy Sampson -40- 'lu or 1 JUNIOR THE REEZES BLOW , Gently through my window came A breeze that stirred the ppges, A tome of romance and history Of a love of the Middle Ages. Chasing through it, page by page The breeze unfurled a story, ind now I know how Helen of Troy Aeheived her feme and glory. Though years ago through ages old These people once existed, Their life is here for all to see Pow lives and loves were twisted. The breeze fades to a whisper In volume and in chill, I close the book and lay it down But Helen lives on still. --Dolores Coryell -41- SOPHOMORE IREMNER When you try so hard to think But your mind just has to wander, I feel myself joyously sink Into thoughts of what's out yonder. Far away pastures are always greenest Or so the saying goes, I know with me I like the farthest best When I sink into a glad repose. I never seem to get much doneg In fact I'm awfully slow, But just the some it's lots of fun To sit and dream--or don't you know? --P. E. Corey -42- 5 FRES MAN HUM! Hcme isn't just a place to eat and to sleep Nor is it a place your belongings to keep. It's not just a place to be mpty all day Where the family and friends all stay away, But home is a place for love and for joy A place where each one, each girl and each boy Gan welcome his friends with heart warm and happy, That is the way home ought to be. --Barbara Flood -45- BIRTH or A SENIOR On October 1, 1954, the Fort Peck School opened its doors to the students of Fort Peck and the surrounding townsg the enrollment was 215 and a faculty of nine members. The enrollment steadily increased and reached the peak on January 18, 1935 with a total of 337. The main school build- ing, located in the townsite, was not large .enough to accomodate all the pupilsg therefore, three barracks in the 52 block were used as class rooms for grades 4-8 inclusive. The eighth grade is of prime interest not only because it was the highest grade when school opened, out because several of that class are still in the midst and are finish- ing their high school course here. The eighth grade teachers, Marguirite Hannen, the class advisor, and Grace Donlan, have positions in other schools. Miss Hannan left two years after the school was established here and Miss Donlan stayed for three years. The eighth grade graduation took place in the Recreation Hall on June 14, 1935, and since that time twenty-four out of the thirty-two students have separated and moved to dif- ferent parts of U. S. Those who are still attending school in Fort Peck, and are among those who graduate, this year, are: Stanford Hall, Helen Herbold, Dona Hively, James Lessley, Blanche Sauber, Velma Weeres, and Mary Wright. Boyd Neustsl attended school here during the eighth grade and after his freshman year left school, to return this year as a sophomore. Dorothy Chorpening, who also started here in the eighth grade, left before the end of the term and went to Washington. She returned the next year and entered as a freshman. Those students who left Fort Peck are attending school at the following places: Bill Williams, Seattle,. Wash.g Bill Foulke, Boise, ldahog Allan McConnell, Millington, Tenn.g Le Roy Baker, Joplin, Mont.: Betty Carey, Los Angeles, Calif.g Verna McDowell, Grand Coulee, Wash.g Nancy Hardin, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, Dan Mathieon, VlCtOP,MOHtoQJ88B Hughes, West Point, N. Y.g Howard Farmer, Nashua, Mont.g Winifred Himili, Scobey, Mont., Elsie Funk, Glasgow, Mont.g Sarah Mae Ellinger, Glasgow, Mont,g Rae Jean Berube, Froid,Hont.gHomer Gorder, Glasgow, Mont.g Meredith Geer, Nashua, Mont.g Warren Chouinard, Glasgow, Mont., Morris Sekehaug, Glasgow, Mont. First Row,-Left to Right: Morris Sakshaug, Le Roy Baker, Warren Ghouinard, Dona Hively, Betty Carey, Roselle Heck, Nancy Hardin, Meredith Geer, Jean Hnghes,Dan Hathison,Lester Fuhrman, Boyd Neuetal Gecondghow, Left to Right: Billy Foulke, Allan Mc Connell, Mary Wright, Sarah me Ellinger, Bertha Hoff, Rae Jeanne Berube, Helen Herbold,Verna Mc Dowell,Ruth Townsend,Stanford Hall, Homer Gorder, Mies Donlan Third Bow, Left to Right: Mr. Fjerstad, Howard Farmer, Bill Williams, Winifred Himili, Velma Weeres, Alice Erv1n,Lucille Fetzer, Elsie Funk, James Lessley, Raymond Arneson ..44- AMSCHIPGS AMKWVPQS .

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